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Keino Rutherford

Los Angeles, United States

Keino Rutherford is a healthcare professional located in Los Angeles, California with a passion for fitness. Keino Rutherford grew up in the Bahamas, where he fell in love with swimming and became a competitive swimmer at a young age. This led to Keino earning a place on the Bahamas National swim team from 1985 to 1991. Of all of the places Keino has swam over the years, his favorite is located in Freeport, Bahamas at the Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association annual marathon. While Keino has a love and respect for all exercise, he recognizes that swimming is perfect for our bodies due to its combination of being low impact while providing a great cardio workout. Keino currently works as a hospitalist with Epic Medical Group, a group that includes Sherman Oaks Hospital, Encino Hospital Medical Center and Chino Valley Medical Center. At Sherman Oaks and Encino, Keino works as a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician while he serves as the Chief Hospitalist at Chino Valley.


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