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Contents July 2013 Volume 3 Number 4

Features 32 Bust a Mood!

Discover what particular situations cause bad moods in your children and three strategies for helping them put on a happy face.

36 Double the Birthday Fun

Pairing parties with siblings and friends is a growing trend. Learn how to pull it off on your child’s next birthday and discover some great dual party themes.

38 2013 Birthday Party Planner

Find everything you need to plan your child’s next birthday party in our extensive local guide!


46 Summer Safety Slip-Ups

While summertime brings lots of fun, it also brings an increased risk for childhood accidents. Learn common mistakes parents make and how to avoid them.

2 From MOM of the Month 4 Living With Children John Rosemond, Ph.D.


Kids Health

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Mike Little, D.O.

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Paige Gardner Smith

35 The FlyLady Marla Cilley

Hallet DeMouy (15) daughter of Ashley and Jeff DeMouy and grandaughter to Mr. and Mrs. G. Hallet McDonough. Curran Nicholas (14), daughter of Danielle and Shane Nicholas and grandaughter to Mr. & Mrs. William A. Chambers and Mr. & Mrs. John A. Nicholas. Bailey Gardner (14), daughter of Mike and Becky Gardner and grandaughter to Jim and Karen MacDonald.



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

From Mobile Bay’s MOM of the Month... It’s SUMMERTIME! Summer beckons with a variety of camps, family vacations to the beach, daily outings to the pool, the Exploreum, baseball parks and the ever popular Vacation Bible Schools. Even local movie theaters play to the freedom of summer offering up extra helpings of popcorn and G-rated shows at afternoon matinees. Have you ever wondered how your child’s teacher spends the precious few weeks of summer? While I love my classroom of children, I very much look forward to the summer break with my three biological children. As the song describes, there are no “lazy days of summer” for me! I am on the road to Spring Hill Swim Club, the library, my son’s trumpet lessons, and a myriad of dental and doctor check-ups that teachers save for vacation time. I spend my summer catching up on my personal life! But even reporting to the school district headquarters for education meetings in the middle of summer is a different experience and more relaxed than attending the September to May meetings. Summertime distributes an aura all its own and from lawyer to accountant to personal trainer to drug store clerk, the hazy, crazy and not so lazy days of summer cause us all to smile in anticipation. I love cutting hydrangeas from my own yard and sharing with others. I love the afternoon showers that help to water the grass. Most of all, don’t you love the longer hours of daylight? Runners and cyclists can pace themselves in the cool of sunset after 8 p.m., a school night’s bedtime in the fall. Formal dinners become summer suppers in most Mobile homes. Patios turn into kitchens for food prep and family meals. One of my favorite parts of a summer day is a trip to bountiful curb markets and fruit stands, including the Thursday afternoon fresh market at University and Old Shell and also Cathedral Square on Saturday mornings. We have time in the summer to get to know each other better and even share Facebook travel reports across the miles from friend to friend and mom to mom. Professionals dress down on casual Fridays, local businesses have summer hours, and the trek headed east down Government backs up from the tunnel toward Broad Street. That’s our Mobile in the summer and we love it! Is the special feel of summer due in part to the laid back holiday when we celebrate America’s birthday with food and fireworks? My grandfather claimed the Fourth of July as his favorite holiday of the year and I understand why. It is a day of play, culinary treats and family gatherings. There are no gifts to wrap and red, white and blue flags are easy to put up and take down. Bathing suits, shorts, tank tops and flip flops rule the dress code. Even in sweltering temps and Southern humidity, the days of summer are special. This laid back excitement makes July the perfect time of year for Mobile Bay Parents to feature its annual Birthday Party Issue! Every year we get an issue complete with feature stories on planning parties to a full directory of local party resources including where to order cakes, invitations, entertainment and even places to party! It is a great issue to hold on to all year as you plan your child’s special day. Whatever your summer plan includes, be it birthday parties, long vacations or cooking out with friends, be safe and enjoy all the wonder that summertime brings you!

Kendall Hurley (Pictured with her oldest daughter, Rachel, at her recent graduation)


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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Living With Children

By John Rosemond

Should We Make Our Child Join Gifted Classes? Q: Our 9-year-old

daughter is going to the fourth grade next school year. She loves school and has always done very well. She recently took a series of tests and we’ve learned that she qualifies for the gifted and talented program. When we told her, she became very upset and told us she doesn’t want to accept the promotion. We tried to explain the advantages, but she just became more upset. She says none of her friends are in the gifted program and she doesn’t want to be there either. The school counselor says we should not let her make the decision. What should we do?

A: In most cases, and especially at the

elementary level, the programs in question are examples of what are known as “pullout” programs. The children in GT programs attend regular classes and are then pulled out of class three to five times a week for enrichments of various sorts. I am unable to find any compelling research to the effect that these programs result in long-term intellectual or academic advantage. Their ultimate benefit, therefore, is questionable. When my daughter, Amy, was in the fifth grade, she qualified as a GT student. My wife and I sat down with her, explained the short list of pros and cons, and allowed her to make the decision. She told us exactly what your daughter told you: her friends were not in the program; therefore, she didn’t want to be there either. The school was disappointed, but they got over it, and Amy went on to be an honors student at the University of North Carolina. I speculate that your daughter doesn’t want the attention that would come from being pulled out of class by the GT teacher. She is concerned that her “special” status might not sit well with her friends. Unfortunately, her anxiety is probably warranted. Since the efficacy of such programs has not been demonstrated, since they are obviously not necessary to a successful life, however one might measure that, I’d say let your daughter make the decision.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


“But what if she later regrets it?” Good. Then she has to deal with the issue of personal responsibility, and she is not too young to have to do so. It is controlled exercises in decision-making of exactly this sort that cause children to become more far-sighted and weigh pros and cons rather than simply making decisions on the basis of feelings and impulses. Regardless of outcome, being allowed to make decisions and learn from the mistakes that are inevitable to that process is an important part of growing up. In the emotional sense, it is the very thing of growing up.


Our sons are in the fifth and sixth grades at a private school that just held a father-daughter dance. Now the school has announced a mother-son dance so as not to leave out the boys. I really don’t want to attend this. It’s just not my thing. One of our boys says he doesn’t really want to go. The other one says he’d like to go, but doesn’t mind if I don’t want to. What are your thoughts?


This sounds like politically correct silliness to me. Boys, generally speaking, don’t want to be “equal” to girls. This continues into adulthood, where one finds that men don’t mind women having social clubs and business organizations that are genderexclusive. I think a mother-son dance is benign, but if you don’t want to participate, then don’t. If your boys had strong feelings about attending, and most of their friends were going to be there, I’d recommend that you grin and bear it. Be prepared, however, for the boys to all want to get together on one side of the room and talk about boy stuff. As an alternative, consider creating your own mother-son experience. Take your boys out to a nice restaurant and teach them proper etiquette, for example. The world is sorely lacking in young men who know to pull out chairs and open doors for women.

Family psychologist John Rosemond answers parents’ questions on his website at

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This is the day to begin all days. So Infirmary Health provides more. More room in our birthing suites. More hospitals and clinics around the bay. More for your family’s health that first day and in all the days to come.

More, devoted to your care. Thomas Hospital - North Baldwin Infirmary - Mobile Infirmary





Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

bits & pieces Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament

The 2013 Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament is designed to bring families together and encourage sportsmanship. The tournament takes place on Saturday, July 13. RMYAT is for children 15 years and younger and it typically attracts more than 1500 young anglers. The one-day event features 31 categories with prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in all categories. One Master Angler is awarded. All participants receive a Zeigler hot dog, a Coca Cola, a Blue Bell ice cream, and a certificate. Winners will receive Mobile Bay Bears tickets. All proceeds benefit the Mobile Jaycees Children's Christmas Shopping Tour. Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament Tickets are $3 per angler. Please visit our website to find out more information

Kids' Kruise & Dauphin Island Sea Lab at Bellingrath Gardens

"Oliver!" Coming July 19 to Playhouse-in-the-Park

Join us for our annual lunch cruise on the Fowl River just for kids on July 17th! Dauphin Island Sea Lab will be here with their Touch Table! Bring the kids, order your bag lunch and enjoy a fun filled cruise on Fowl River. 11:00 - 1:00 Reservations required. Kid's Kruise Gardens Admission - Members $16 for adults, $11 for children 5-12 & $6 for children 4 and under. Non-members $28 for adults, $17.50 for children 5-12 & $6 for children 4 and under. Call 251.973.2217 X 110 for reservations or visit for more information.

The Playhouse-in-the-Park will be showing the Broadway musical "Oliver!" from July 19-August 11 on the weekends. Based on the Dickens novel, it will engage the audience with its pathos and drama, while delighting everyone with its outstanding musical numbers. Dickens' characters are brought to life-perhaps larger than life-with all their facets glowing in this production. For more information, please visit www. .

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City of Mobile to Celebrate July 4th Fireworks

The City of Mobile will celebrate July 4th at Battleship Park featuring the Mobile Pops. The fireworks display will start at 9 p.m. with the Pops beginning at 7 p.m. Battleship Park opens at 8 a.m. Field Parking will open at 4 p.m. The cost to park will be $2 before 5 p.m. and $5 after. Once inside the Park, concession and restroom facilities will be available. No grills or alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Register Now for Beyond Ordinary Marriage Conference

First Baptist North Mobile will host the Beyond Ordinary Marriage Conference with Justin and Trisha Davis on August 9th and 10th. Pre-registration is now open. Tickets will be $35 a couple and will include childcare upon reservation. For more information please visit or contact Angela Rachel at the church office, 679-3266. You may also visit the conference website at where you will find their amazing story.

Great Open Jump 2013 Benefits Autism Speaks

Join us for our Annual Great Open Jump benefiting Autism Speaks on Wednesday, July 24th from 6-8 p.m. Event is open to the public. Playtime is free with a donation to Autism Speaks. Socks are required. Parents stay and play free! This event takes place at Pump It Up at 741-A Hillcrest Road. Please call (251) 342-3940 for more information. Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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Girl Scouts Give Back

The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is the largest girl-led business in the country, teaching girls five essential skills, such as goal setting, decision-making, money management, public speaking and business ethics. In southern Alabama alone, Girl Scouts sold more than 960,000 packages of cookies. With Girl Scout Cookie Program earnings, girls fund important community projects locally or go on educational trips as a troop. Girl Scouts in southern Alabama did more than just sell cookies this year -- they donated them, too! Surprisingly, there are cases of cookies that never get purchased. When this happens, each troop can choose to donate the left over cookies to a special project called Cookie Share. This year, over 3,200 packages of Girl Scouts cookies were shipped to the men and women serving in the military, and another 7,200 packages were donated to local churches, hospitals, food banks and food pantries. Troop leader Vicki Nobles, from Troop 8170 in Daphne, said, “The girls love to sell and donate cookies. They have donated cookies to the veterans in the past, but have been working with the Prodisee Pantry all year and decided to donate cookies there.” The troops participate in the Cookie Share program annually when the Girl Scout Cookie sale is over and use their decision-making skills to decide which organization best aligns with the needs they would like to meet.

Young Women’s Civic Club Awards Scholarship to Trail Maid

On June 2nd, we held our annual awards luncheon where the Young Women's Civic Club of Mobile awarded Katie Grafton, an Azalea Trail Maid from the 2012-2013 court, the Kaitlin Marie Overstreet Memorial Scholarship. Begun in 2006, the Kaitlin Marie Overstreet Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 is awarded to one Azalea Trail Maid based on an essay about an experience that has changed their lives. The scholarship was created to honor Kaitlin Marie Overstreet, a Trail Maid who was a distinguished role model from her Azalea Trail Maid class, who lost her life. Pictured from left to right on the back row are Rachel Williams, Ashley Guy, and Cassie Holder. In the middle row, from left to right, are Sarah Richardson, Lisa Harrell, Janet Grafton, Brittany Holder, Ellis Passmore, and Bethany Andrews. In the front row from left to right, is Katie Grafton and Becky McNatt.


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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

bits & pieces Mrs. Alabama Helps Cancer Patients Look Good…Feel Better

Tara Hooper, wife, mother of 2 and recently crowned Mrs. Alabama United States 2013 is excited to start working on her platform, the Look Good Feel Better program. Look Good…Feel Better® is a free public service program designed to help women cancer patients learn how to cope with the appearance side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, by teaching them techniques to help restore their appearance and selfesteem through the use of make-up, wigs, scarves and other accessories. The classes are free and open to women who are currently undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnosis (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other forms of treatment). Registration is required. Only program participants may attend the workshop. Several classes are being offered in Mobile. Pre-registration is required. To register call 1-800-227-2345. Monday, July 15th, 10:30 a.m. Mobile Infirmary – Rotary Dining Room; Monday, August 12th, 5:30. For more information visit www. or call the American Cancer Society (800) 227-2345.

100 Memberships for 100 Families Membership Drive

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center and the Mobile Housing Board are on a mission to provide 100 families with a one- year membership to the Exploreum. These memberships help make science more accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to afford the year-round educational experience. A tax-deductible gift of $100 for the 100 Families Membership Drive will grant one family a standard membership to the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center. “Our mission is to inspire curiosity and ingenuity through active exploration of the sciences and making the science center available to more Mobile families fulfills that mission,” said Gretchen Jaspering, executive director of the Exploreum. As an alternative option to help with the success of the drive, Exploreum visitors can round up their total box office purchases to an even number or make a donation towards a full membership. For more information on how you can help, visit

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Drama Camp Productions & Sunny Side Theater Present Summer Shows!

All shows take place at the Moorer Center for Performing Arts at St. Luke's High School at 1400 University Boulevard. Admission is by donation only! Headin' for The Hills tells the tale of two rootin' tootin' feudin' western families and the love-struck teens caught in the crossfire. Don't miss our return to the wild, wild west in this hilarious comedy! Thursday, June 27 at 7 p.m. and Friday, June 28 at 10 a.m. Comic Book Artist features an artistic youth whose drawings leap to life -- the heroes and the villains! Now it is up to the pen-drawn superheroes to save the day! Thursday, July 11 at 7 p.m. and Friday, July 12 at 10 a.m. Princess Who? takes us back to the times of knights and damsels in distress. The kingdom is rocked by the lack of a princess, and now it is up to the royals to figure out who is the real one! Thursday, July 25 at 7 p.m. and Friday, July 26 at 10 a.m. Call Owner/Director Chris Paragone at 251-510-1808 for more information.


Let’s Rock in the Backcountry Trail at Orange Beach’s Gulf State Park

The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail has recently opened its most dynamic addition, a Boulder Park, catering to “all ages” and “all abilities” with three boulder sizes to explore the art of climbing. Discover the new park next to the Pavilion and Butterfly Garden on Catman. Plan a day trip with your family and enjoy this Island treasure; six tree-lined trails provide canopies of shade in areas across six distinct ecosystems, totaling 11 miles of natural beauty. Catch a glimpse of native wildlife, bike the amazing trails, pack a picnic lunch and stroll to the lake, or simply enjoy watching the kids discover the butterfly garden and challenge themselves on the exciting boulders. Take a virtual tour of the Gulf State Park trail system at or Like Us on Facebook at Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail and receive up to date news, sightings and events. Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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Cheers to Children

Justin Bieber’s Mom Visits Mobile Area

Café 615 will host a benefit for the Child Advocacy Center on Monday, July 22nd from 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m at Café 615. Sponsors include: Adams Plumbing & Drain, Moore Law Firm, Norton Lilly International, Sirius Technical Services, Williams Financial Group, Wendell Quimby, and 99.9 Lite Mix Radio. The event will feature samplings of Café 615 signature dishes and wines to taste, along with a select live and silent auction. Music will be provided by the Bonus Brothers. Ticket cost is $35 each and are available at Café 615 and the CAC for $35 each. Please call 432-1101 for more information.

New York Times bestselling author Pattie Mallette will visit Mobile as part of her national book tour, in support of the teen edition of Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. Set to engage and empower teens, Mallette will meet with fans and sign copies of the latest memoir release at Page & Palette, 32 South Section St., in Fairhope, on Sunday, July 14, at 2 pm.



Donation-only Restaurant Opens Two New Locations

In an effort to better serve the Mobile community, Ransom Café, a multi-location, donation-only restaurant, has opened two new locations in addition to its existing three. The new locations, St. John's Cathedral and First Baptist Church of Theodore, serve the communities of Prichard and Theodore. Ransom Café already has a location in Midtown at First Christian Church and two in West Mobile, at the Hangar and Christ United Methodist Church. “Our goal is not only to provide nutritious, affordable meals to people who may not otherwise be able to afford them, but also to minister to people's spiritual needs, regardless of their economic status,” said Matt Armbruster, who started Ransom Café with his wife Tara in 2010. Ransom Café's menu features fresh ingredients and usually includes the option of either slices of pizza or a sandwich with salad or sea salt chips and soup. A drink and dessert is also included with every meal. “Anyone can eat at the restaurant, and there is no set cost for the meals — but it's not a soup kitchen,” Armbruster said. “If someone can’t afford to donate monetarily, then they can donate their time, products or produce to be used in the preparation of the meals.” Ransom Café also provides resources like cooking classes, community outreach projects, a community garden, backyard Bible clubs and other mission opportunities. For more information about volunteering, future dates for cooking classes or other opportunities, visit or contact Matt and Tara Armbruster at

Protect your family. Prepare for their future. Allison H Horner, Agent 6353 Cottage Hill Road, Suite F Bus: 251-666-1616 Fax: 251-666-6919

I can help with both. Stop by for your free State Farm Insurance and Financial Review . Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION. ®



State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Kids Heal h

Sponsored by Children’s Medical Group

Potty Training

Last month’s article dealt with constipation and how it can affect potty training. It seemed only appropriate to actually cover potty training this month. How many of you have friends whose children potty trained at 18 months? Seems pretty unfair, doesn’t it? There are plenty of societal pressures for children to potty train by the age of 2. I am here to tell you that it is not the norm for children to potty train at 18 months. In fact, most children are not completely trained (dry during the day and night) until they are 4 ½ years old. Most pediatricians begin to broach the subject of potty training at the 18 month or 2 year old visit. This is usually the time when children begin to show signs of readiness. What are the signs of readiness? For starters, a child must be able to pull down his pants and sit in a controlled fashion on the potty chair. A child must have his feet firmly on the floor or stool so that he isn’t trying to balance on the potty. He must be able to follow gentle commands from mom or dad. Some kids may even go to mom or dad and indicate they have wet or stooled their diaper. A child may even show interest in watching mom, dad or an older sibling go potty. But most importantly, the child must show interest in sitting on the chair itself. For some kids, the potty chair is a new toy when it comes out of the box; they are happy to sit on it. For others, it can be an intimidating object and they resist going near it. If it comes with “sounds of flushing” or other audible built-ins, it can make the potty chair fun to play with or it can potentially scare kids

away (the chair is “alive”). Only you know your child best and it is based on your observations as to whether or not it is time to introduce the potty chair. So your child is a little over two and seems to be interested in what you are doing in the bathroom. You’ve cracked out the new potty chair and have placed it in the bathroom, bedroom or even the living room. As I have said to many parents, it doesn’t matter whether a child sits with pants on or off; if he sits for 15 seconds then loses interest, he should be verbally praised, given a sticker for his chart, whatever! You want him to associate good things happening when he sits on the potty, especially if he is very reluctant to sit in the first place. Have books available for distraction; be prepared to sing songs, etc., all in an effort to help a child feel comfortable on the potty. This is a good time to talk about control. You have no control over your child’s bladder or bowels. You cannot and should not force your child to sit on the potty. Furthermore, if a child sits, doesn’t do anything, and then proceeds to wet his diaper, you cannot scold or punish him. This will only increase the anxiety level for you and your child and he may become more reluctant to sit in the future. In this scenario, which is very common, just a gentle reminder is all that is necessary: “Oh, you had an accident? That’s okay; just make sure you tell mama when you have to go potty. Remember, tee tee and poo poo go in the potty. We’ll try again next time.”

When is next time? Starting out, I recommend trying to time those early potty attempts with sleep cycles and meals. If your child happens to be dry in the morning, then that is a prime time to sit. Most kids have a natural urge to empty the bladder or bowels after main meals, so use that to your advantage. This is especially true when you are working on stooling. Be prepared to wildly celebrate when that first drop of urine goes in the potty. Continue to do the same every time your child successfully uses the potty to provide that positive reinforcement. As parents we all devise our tricks to make pottying fun. For some kids, making bubbles in the water becomes a game. For others, especially boys who want to stand while urinating, hitting a sticker on the back of the bowl can be exciting. Just remember, only positive reinforcement from mom and dad, and everyone will survive potty training. Mike Little, D.O. is Board Certified with the American Board of Pediatrics since 2005. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 2005. Mike is married to Dixie, his high school sweetheart, and has two children, Carolyn (12) and Nathan (8). Dr. Little practices medicine at the Airport Boulevard office of Children’s Medical Group.

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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First Communion at St. Ignatius School


First Communion was held at St. Ignatius May 5 during the 10:00 a.m. Mass. Many thanks to all the Teachers, Catechists and Priests who helped prepare these students for this wonderful day. Back row left to right: Jill Ackerman, Brittany DeFalco, Gary Blackburn, Fr. Bry Shields, Fr. Stephen Hellman, Michelle Bouchet and Ashley Bledsoe.



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St. Luke Students Compete at Spring Festival

Each year the K3-8th grade students at St. Luke's spend Spring Festival competing with each other on either a red or blue team. Eighth grade students are elected team captains and enjoy urging their teammates on in the competitions throughout the day. Events include egg-toss, sack races, hula hoop relays, stilt walking, races, water balloon toss and the day culminates with the much anticipated tug of war! Students in grades 5-8 compete in light weight, middle weight and heavy weight tug of war competitions and while only 1 team can come away the winner...EVERYONE enjoys the mud pit! Pictured are red and blue team captains. Front row: Carly Salter, Ellie Pierce, Olivia Fisher and Chase Swearingen. Back row: Alex Hamilton, Carson Hamner, Kamryn Stewart and Reed Hardy. Pictured are Caityn Smith, Hunter Patterson and other members of the blue team as they are encouraged by their team captains and the crowd.

St. Dominic Third Graders Visit Zoo

The St. Dominic Catholic School third grade students enjoyed their trip to the Gulf Shores Zoo. The students enjoyed observing and feeding the animals. They learned about different animal habitats and even got to pet a snake! Seeing Chuckie, the giant alligator, was the highlight of the trip. Here Katie Ann Hites and Caroline Stratas take time to feed a deer.



St. Ignatius Students Learn Fundamentals of Tennis from College Players

College Tennis players from Southeastern schools were in town for a tournament and volunteered over several days at St. Ignatius School. They taught the students fundamentals of tennis and allowed each grade level two days of tennis fun. Many of the players are pictured here with the 3rd grade students at St. Ignatius.

St. Mary Catholic School Little Field Day

In the spirit of tradition, St. Mary Catholic School held its annual Field Day on April 22. Students in preschool through eighth grade participated in crazy games including obstacle courses, water events, balloon toss, long jump, relays, basketball free throws, parachute games, and the all-time favorite tug-o-war! Pictured are kindergarten students taking a well-deserved lunch break. Left to right are: Chloe Reece, Mallory Jones, Anna Catherine Thompson, Mary Caroline Harrison, and Joseph McCarron. Visit


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Local Catholic Schools Participate in Battle of the Books

Six catholic schools participated in this year’s Battle of the Books hosted by Corpus Christi. The schools participating were: Corpus Christi, Little Flower, St. Dominic, St. Ignatius, St. Mary and St. Pius X. The competition focuses on questions pertaining to 28 books the participants have read in preparation for the event. After 8 rounds of matches St. Dominic prevailed as the champions and St. Pius X was runner up. Pictured here are members of the six teams.

Corpus Christi Catholic School Presents “Peter Pan”

Corpus Christi Catholic School presented the classic production of “Peter Pan,” which is based loosely on the original play by James Matthew Barrie, on May 3 The lead actors in the play include (pictured front to back): Andrew Montgomery as Nana, Emily LaCoste as Wendy Darling, Courtney Calagaz as Peter Pan, Jessica Montgomery as Michael Darling, Amanda Montgomery as John Darling, Emma Pitts as Tinkerbell and Brant LaCoste as Captain Hook. The play is directed by Mrs. Martha Hightower.

th S


Congratulation to the McGill-Toolen Class of 2013!

S Pl

St. Mary Summer Enrichment to be Held in July

St. Ignatius Holds Last Field Day

St. Ignatius would not let the rain get in the way of a fantastic field day. Pictured are the 8th grade students at their last St. Ignatius Field Day. Fear the Deer. Go Impalas!

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


St. Mary Catholic School will hold its annual Enrichment Series July 22 through July 26. The program runs for one week, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. The Cost is $150 per child with a $50 deposit required. The program is staffed by highly qualified instructors including Reading/Math Intervention Teachers, and certified Reading and Math Teachers. Technology based Interactive learning that engages students will be implemented. Guided Reading and Writing instruction and literacy work stations targeting skill development to include comprehension and fluency will be addressed. Guided Math instruction will include reinforcement of computation, strategies for problem solving, and test taking skills using manipulatives in work stations. Students may bring a snack and beverage daily. For additional information, please contact Kathryn Beagle or Linda Thornton, 433-9904, lthornton@stmarymobile. org . St. Mary Catholic School is located at 107 N. Lafayette Street in Mobile’s Old Dauphin Way Historic District. Advertising: 251-304-1200

pe d



ic y n d ily s ng, tts k.

St. Dominic Preschool Class Visits Wharf of Wonder

The Preschool class at St. Dominic Catholic School visited the Wharf of Wonder at the Gulf Coast Exploreum. Here Brianna Seiter is using a periscope to get a better view of the ocean.

Covenant Christian School Student Wins First Place at State for Art

District 1 First Place Visual Arts Achievement Award winner Drew Russ, from Covenant Christian School, was also recently awarded First Place for his glass fusion piece at the state level!

The Zoo Visits St. Pius X

Local vets, Dr. John Bentley and Dr. Angela Grech, brought their annual petting zoo to St. Pius X. The zoo included ducklings, bunnies, puppies, and kittens. Pictured here is Harris Jacobs (1st), holding a kitten.



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Corpus Christi Catholic School Building the Body of Christ, One Student at a Time


Corpus Christi Catholic School provides students in K3 through eighth grade an outstanding education. Established in 1958 by Corpus Christi Parish, the school is committed to providing opportunities to grow in faith, achieve academic success, and learn to serve others. Registering now for the 2013-2014 school year. For additional information or to schedule a tour, please contact the school office at 251-342-5474.



Corpus Christi Catholic School




6300 McKenna Drive, Mobile, AL 36608


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Lighthouse Baptist Academy Kindergarten Graduates Take the Stage

Lighthouse Baptist Academy's Kindergarten program was on display on Thursday, May 9. LBA features 4 kindergarten classes ranging from K2 - K5 with over 80 students between them. All of the children took part in a program that displayed many skills that they had learned throughout the year. The K5 students performed a special play, "Noah's Ark," that was written and directed by Mrs. Kindra Crumly. Eighteen K5 students received a certificate and graduated into first grade.

UMS-Wright Students Named Rotary Players of the Year


Three UMS-Wright students were selected as 2013 Mobile Sunrise Rotary Players of the Year. Bronson Wessinger (tennis), McKenzie Courtney (tennis), and Carrie Crook (soccer) are pictured here with UMS-Wright Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Terry Curtis.

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Corpus Christi School Inducts NJHS Members

Corpus Christi Catholic School inducted the newest members of the National Junior Honor Society on May 7th. Pictured are front to back, left to right: 1st Row: Matthew Taylor, Findlay Maier, Matthew Gillis, Lauren Dennis, Matthew Glover; 2nd Row: Mary Coye Ward, Millie Martorana, Cara Colletti, Carson Kuhr; 3rd Row: Caroline Hamilton, Sydney Behm, Lindsey Mecom; 4th Row: Danielle Flores, Josie Jalkh, Megan DeVoe, Devyn Roh; 5th Row: Maggie Maxime, Hannah Daoust, Payton Arguello; 6th Row: Allie Bryant, Courtney Langham, Brooke Threkeld, Gracie Skelton, Olivia Still; 7th Row: Spencer Hadley and Matthew Jalkh.

McGill-Toolen Valedictorians and Salutatorian

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School President Fr. Bry Sheilds and Principal Michelle Haas congratulate our co-valedictorians, Morgan Davis and Kevin Kusch and our Salutatorian, Carmen Carlos.

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Faith Academy SGA Wins Award at Convention in Montgomery

On May 6, members of Faith Academy’s SGA traveled to Montgomery to the Alabama Independent School Association’s Annual SGA State Convention at Faulkner University. A month prior, the group submitted their scrapbook of the year’s activities as well as required paperwork for consideration of Best SGA. The scrapbook was judged based on involvement, photographs, attractiveness and organization. Consideration for Best SGA was based on submission of a scrapbook, involvement in school activities, involvement in community service, and submittal of minutes of the group’s monthly meetings. When awards were announced, Faith won the “Best Scrapbook” with an award of a plaque and check, as well as runner-up as the Best SGA in the state. Advisers of the group are Shelley Mitchell and Kristin Howard. Kaitlynn Chapman, Jacob Mitchell, Courtney Reed, Sarah Barnes, Carson Tillman, Adrianne Wright, Paityn Collier, Kayla Torres, Molly Ward, Madee Thompson, Anna Breland, Mrs. Kristin Howard (co-adviser), Peyton Jemison and Mady Braswell show Faith’s awards at the AISA State SGA Convention.

St. Luke’s Fundraiser Collects Money for Chairs

The fifth grade students at St. Luke's sponsored a fundraiser called Change 4 Chairs, and collected donations of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters (and bills of course) to purchase new stackable chairs for the schools Japonica Campus. The fifth graders then met with their Senior Big Brothers and Big Sisters to enjoy a "graduation lunch" and roll the change that was collected. The fifth graders raised a total of $775. Pictured is Senior Amy Cowling with fifth grade students Deva Winter, Elizabeth Roebuck. Lindsey Claire Pugh, Olivia Watts, Kristi Kadel and Anne Bennett Hammons.







Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

S St. Dominic Students Win Holocaust Art and Writing Contest

St. Dominic Catholic School Middle School students participated in an Art and Writing contest sponsored by the Gulf Coast Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education. Students participated in art, poetry and prose categories. Attending the Yom Hashoah service and pictured with Mrs. Cathy Wertz, Middle School Religion and Social Studies teacher are: (front row, l – r) Kendall Waltman – 1st place Poetry and Lindsey Oberkirch – 1st place Prose, (back row, l –r) Catherine Cumpton – 2nd place Art and William Blake – Honorable Mention Art. Other winners from St. Dominic Catholic School included Brittany Tolbert – Honorable Mention Art, Jillian Lami – Honorable Mention Art, Daniel Petro – 3rd place Poetry, Caroline Forbes – Honorable Mention Poetry and Ben Lord – Honorable Mention Prose.

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St. Mary Catholic School Spanish Classes Celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

St. Mary Catholic School Spanish classes under the direction of Spanish teacher, Cecelia Purvis, celebrated Cinco de Mayo with artistic Pinatas! Students were asked to create their own Pinatas and fill them with their favorite candy. The students held a celebration on Monday, May 7 where they celebrated this festive holiday and burst their creations! Pictured left to right front row: Elliot Mount, grade 3; Christopher Bryan, grade 4; Ulysses Holbert, grade 4; Dyson Crooker, grade 4. Back row: Ashlyn Smith, grade 3; Skyler Bumper, grade 4; Lucy O'Neill, grade 4; and PulmAssoc WhtFlwr ad 5/8/13McMillon, 10:40 AM Page McKenzie grade 4. 1

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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Corpus Christi Catholic School Presents Keep the Faith Awards

Corpus Christi Catholic School is pleased to announce the winners of the newly created “Keep the Faith” Award. This award was established by the Colletti family memory of Andre Colletti, who died last June while battling leukemia. The recipients of the award are 8th grade students who live their lives as Andre did, visibly sharing their faith through action and service, and who plan to attend McGill-Toolen High School. This year’s winners are Courtney Calagaz and David Finnorn. Pictured left to right: Jason Colletti, Courtney Calagaz, David Finnorn and Lorie Colletti.

St. Pius X Jump Rope Team

Each year St. Pius X School fields a Jump Rope Team that travels around the county demonstrating their talents on behalf of the American Heart Association. The team promotes healthy living and exercise. Pictured here are members of the team giving a demonstration at a public school. They are, from left to right: Anna Naman, Olivia Kelly, Madison Rowland, Cassidy Wilson, Kaleigh Jones and Crystal Gayle.



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

St. Ignatius Pro Life Ambassadors

St. Ignatius 8th Grade Pro Life Ambassadors pose for a picture with Mother Olga. Left to right: Matthew Duffy, Thomas Immel, Luke Nicholas, Mother Olga, Hallet DeMouy, Katie Dunne and Annie Beth Immel. These Pro Life Ambassadors will attend McGill Toolen Catholic High School in the fall.

New SGA Officers Ready to Take Charge at Faith

As the school year is nearing its end, a group of students at Faith Academy are already making plans for next school year. The 2013-2014 SGA officers have big shoes to fill as the current year was overwhelmingly blessed with large donations to Ronald McDonald House, providing boxes of food for 63 families, as well as local church food pantries, donations to St. Jude, sponsoring Miss Ram Pageant, and the list goes on and on. The new officers are busy planning next year’s homecoming week activities, choosing charities to benefit, and some new activities to make it even better than before. The new officers are: Mady Braswell and Kaitlynn Chapman -Presidents, Sarah Barnes and Anna Breland -Vice Presidents, Paityn Collier, Allyssa Litton, and Adrianne Wright -Secretary/Treasurer, Carson Tillman-Historian, and Courtney Reed- Chaplain.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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McGill-Toolen Underclassmen Presented Awards at Ceremony

The outstanding underclassmen were presented their awards by Mrs. Michelle Haas, Principal, and Fr. Bry Sheilds, President of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School at our underclassman awards ceremony. Front: Margaret Ollinger, 9th grade, Emma Harrell, 10th grade and Paige Elliott 11th grade. Back: Drake Wakefield, 10th grade, Collin Phillips, 11th grade, and Chris McDonald, 9th grade.

McDavid-Jones Too Good for Drugs

Members of the Citronelle United Methodist Church came to McDavid-Jones every Thursday for the last eight weeks and taught lessons on “Too Good for Drugs.” The program discussed “Gateway Drugs” such as tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. The students have workbooks that were purchased by the church. Each week students are given different treats at the end of the lessons they have received pencils, pens, rulers, bracelets, book bags and t-shirts. This is the third year that the church as presented this program to our students. On April 11th , the school celebrated the end of the study. Shane Stringer, Citronelle Police Chief, came and talked to the students about “Choices” that they were going to be faced with in the coming years. He discussed how one bad choice could change their lives forever. Mr. Rick Pickern and his drug dog Rambo also visited the school. Mr. Pickern talked to the students about the dangers of drugs and how important it was to make the right choices. He told them that “good people made bad choices everyday” and that those choices changed their lives, as well as, their families forever. Rambo was a hit with the students! We would like to thank the following people Pam Roberts, Wanetta Black, Larry Yonge, Rosemary Williams, Tina Poffenbarger, and Amy Merritt for coming each week and the church for all you do for our students.



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Arkema Presents Awards to 1st-4th Graders

Arkema Awards were held on Monday, May 13th for First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades. T-Shirts were given to students who maintained “A”, “AB” Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Accelerated Reader. Everyone received a Pride Award. Trophies were given to the top three readers they were Conner Everett, First Place, Joshua Gardner, Second Place and Blake Turner Third Place. These students were in Third Grade. Arkema employees Judy Smith, Assistant Human Resources, Dwayne Christian, Accountant and Bruce Weaver, Purchasing presented the awards to the students.


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UMS-Wright Azalea Trail Queen for ’13-‘14

UMS-Wright Azalea Trail Maids Ann Claire Carnahan and Parker Butler helped the Class of 2013 celebrate at graduation. Ann Claire was selected as the Azalea Trail Queen for the 2013-2014 year.

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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Causey Middle School Student Wins Third Place in Essay Contest

Thomas Eugene, "Trent" Webb III, a fourteen-year-old student as Causey Middle School was awarded third place by the Mobile Bar Association for his essay “Realizing the Dream: Equality for All” during the Annual Law Day luncheon held at The Battle House Hotel held May 24. He was accompanied by his mother Mrs. Caroline Webb and his Social Studies teacher from Causey Middle School Mr. Rod E. Stockdale. Trent is a model student who is involved in many clubs, volunteer programs, and community projects. He volunteers his time regularly at Mobile Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. He has helped with various other community projects such as the Annual Christmas Adopt a Child program at Shear Impressions Salon in Mobile, and he has also volunteered his time in the Prayers for Shannon Graham Hodgkin s Lymphoma Cancer Drive. Trent is an avid soccer player who has played for Clark Shaw Magnet School, Mobile Ultimate Soccer Club, Mobile United Soccer Club, and Jack Kickken Soccer. Trent has won many awards and achievements. He was nominated as the class representative for Student Council by his peers. Additionally, Trent has been named Character Kid many times, and has received countless special recognition notices by his teachers for his outstanding academics and civic mindedness. Trent was named Mr. Tanner Williams, and he is a member of the National Junior Honor Society. Trent said he is looking forward to his high school experience at Baker with enthusiasm and great expectation. Trent long-term goal is to attend undergraduate school at Auburn University and Law School at Cumberland School of Law at Samford. Visit Early Childhood and Lower School Campus Middle and Upper School Campus

251-666-2991 3975 Japonica Lane 1400 University Blvd. S.

St. Luke’s accepts all qualified applicants without regard to gender, race, religion, national or ethnic origin.


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

St. Pius X School student attended the Bay Bears Game against the Braves, on Wednesday, April 24. Despite the rain, the Bay Bears prevailed and everyone had a great time at the ball park.

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Lighthouse Honors Dedication and Hard Work

Every year, the students of the Jr. and Sr. High at Lighthouse Baptist Academy are honored at a special Youth Awards Banquet for their dedication and achievement in many different areas including: athletics, academics, and spiritual focus. Almost every student received an award of some kind. Our varsity girls’ volleyball team was honored for its championship season in the Gulf Coast Christian Conference. The girls won first place in both the conference and the conference tournament.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013



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St. Luke’s Seniors Pass Through Gates

The first Senior graduating class at St. Luke's Episcopal School completed a tradition begun four years ago when they, as a freshman class, entered the campus on the first day of school trough the school's center gate. That gate remained locked until their Graduation on May 19th at which time they opened the gates, and exited, as a class. The Class of 2013 is pictures on the steps after passing through the gates.

St. Dominic Students Run in Memory of Boston Marathon Tragedy

St. Dominic Catholic School students in Grade K – 8 participated in a “Patriot Run” in memory of the Boston Marathon tragedy. The event, which opened with a prayer and continued with each class running a one mile relay, was organized by the PE department. Here Jake Boucher, Jillian Roza, and Kennedy Bridges, all grade 3 students, run their lap in the relay.

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SAT 10AM-9PM • 228-641-3936 For more info, pricing or directions: Visit


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

St. Mary Catholic School Takes Sea Lab Field Trip

St. Mary Catholic School seventh graders under the direction of Middle School Science Teacher, Tina Kaufman, took a last field trip of the school year to Dauphin Island's Sea Lab. During the trip, the seventh grade classes took a tour of Dauphin Island Sea Lab; learned about the deep ocean and created an ROV underwater Robot; and boarded a Research Vessel for a two hour research tour. Plenty of marine life, dolphins, seagulls and pelicans greeted the students on the tour. Pictured are some of the students on board the research vessel as they sort through some of the finds caught in the shrimp net: left to right are: Gus Grow; Anna Arensberg; Catherine Repoll; Johnathon Rodgers; Mattie Naman; Ashlyn Blankenship; Luke Miller; Kayla Ericksen; Alan Andrews; Grace Jensen; and Desi Tobias.

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Corpus Christi School Speech Contest Winners

On April 12, Corpus Christi Catholic School hosted our annual speech contest sponsored by the Modern Woodsmen of America. This year's theme is "A Person Who Has Overcome." The winners were: 1st Place - Rachel Brooks, 2nd Place - Cara Colletti and 3rd Place - Carson Kuhr (pictured left to right: Cara Colletti, Rachel Brooks and Carson Kuhr).

Corpus Christi School Wins Big at State Technology Fair

Congratulations to the members of the Corpus Christi Catholic School computer club who went to the state technology fair sponsored by The Alabama Council for Technology in Education. The fair was held in Montgomery on April 27. We brought 12 projects that won either 1st or 2nd at regionals and, of these projects, five won at state The winning projects are: David Aguirre won 1st in Programming, Michael Jones won 1st in Hardware/Robotics, Griffin Bond and Andrew Heller won 3rd in General Applications, and Abby Allen won 1st in General Applications and 2nd in Video Production.

St. Mary Catholic School May Crowning

St. Mary Catholic School students held the annual Crowning of Mary on Friday, May 3. After a beautiful Mass celebrated by St. Mary Pastor, Rev. Msgr. G. Warren Wall, all of the students processed back into the church to beautiful music by St. Mary's Middle School choir carrying spring flowers for the Blessed Mother. This long time tradition includes the crowning of Mary by the youngest eight grade student who this year is Sarah Pham.

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St. Luke’s Golf and Baseball Teams Win State Championships

St. Luke's Episcopal School won 2 State Championships in just one week and became the only school in Alabama to win 2 State Championships in its first year with Senior athletes. The Boys Golf Team won the school's first State Championship in Muscle Shoals, clinching the title by 25 strokes. Wesley Hunter won the State Individual Competition (-3) and Payton Massey finished in second place (even). Daniel McCormick finished in a tie for 9th, Spencer Arnold and Drew Mathers finished in a tie for 13th. Two days later the Baseball Team defeated the 3 year defending champs Shoals Christian in a 2 game sweep and won the school's 2nd State Championship! Senior Justin Ware was named the Class 1A Series MVP. These two wins closed out an amazing year of athletics for the Wildcats!

St. Dominic Students Win Battle of the Books

St. Dominic Catholic School students participated in the “Battle of the Books” competition. The team of (l –r) Olivia Vives, Ryan Haik, Alecia Wells and Elizabeth Baldwin read books and then competed by answering trivia questions. St. Dominic Catholic School was the overall winner of the competition.

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

St. Ignatius School’s May Crowning

The May Crowning is a special day for our 8th Grade girls and our Kindergarten students. Pictured from left to right: Annah Robinson, Riley Bennett, Bailey Gardner, Elizabeth Olander, Katie Adams and Rose Gordon. The 8th Grade representatives are picked by the entire 8th grade class. We were honored to have all these students represent our school on May 1.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of Lighthouse Baptist Academy

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On Thursday, May 23, 9 seniors and 14 8th graders graduated from their respective grades at Lighthouse Baptist Academy. The seniors finished their time at LBA and will be greatly missed. Many of them will be continuing their education through college at several Bible colleges and secular universities in the area and around the country. The salutatorian for the Class of '13 was Lauren Dillard. The valedictorian for the Class of '13 was Kelly Wiggins.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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McGill-Toolen Senior Receives Athlete of the Year Award for the State McGill-Toolen Senior Carmen Carlos receives the Larry D. Striplin, Jr. Scholar-Athlete of the Year for the State of Alabama at the 28th annual Bryant-Jordan Student Athlete Awards Banquet . Carlos, who has won 17 individual state track and cross country championships and helped win two other firsts in relay events, is the most decorated distance runner in AHSAA state history. The salutatorian of the McGill-Toolen Class of 2013, she is an AP Scholar of honor with a 4.27 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and a 33 on her ACT college entrance exam, a member of the National Honor Society, made the President’s List for each quarter, and earned four academic letters.


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UMS-Wright National Merit Scholars

Congratulations to the UMS-Wright seniors who were selected as 2013 National Merit Scholars - Carl Madden, Mollie Maples, Ankit Shah, and Bronson Wessinger. And congratulations to seniors Carrie Crook and Tori Mitchell who were selected as 2013 National Achievement Scholars.

McGill-Toolen National Merit Finalists

McGill-Toolen would like to congratulate our National Merit Finalists: Allen Davis, Morgan Davis, Conrad Collins and Kevin Kusch.

Please email School News to by the 10th of the month.



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Q. I’m 27 and married, and we have two kids. I make $90,000 a year, but we have $80,000 in consumer debt—$48,000 of which is in car loans. The rest is credit card debt. My wife’s parents have offered to let us move in with them so we can get out of debt faster. Do you think this is a good idea? A.

If I were in your situation, I would not move in with the in-laws. You’ve got an absurd amount of money wrapped up in those cars. I’d sell the stupid things, start living on a budget and paying down debt, and keep my dignity. In my mind there are only two scenarios where you’d even consider taking the in-laws up on their offer. One is where they’re absolutely wonderful people and you have a great, non-toxic relationship with them, where everyone involved knows their boundaries. Even then, I’d only consider this if it were for a very short, agreed-upon amount of time.

The second scenario would be if moving in with the in-laws were the only way to accomplish your goal. And you don’t pass that test. You guys can get out of debt pretty quickly if you’ll just lose these ridiculous cars! Think about it. If you had two little paid-for beaters, your lives would be so much different. You could even save a little money on the side while you were paying down debt and buy a better car as soon as the debt was gone. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty big on maintaining dignity. You might love your cars so much that you’re unwilling to make the sacrifice. Not me. The money going into your automobiles is insane, and that’s your biggest problem!

Q. What do you think about the HARP program, and what exactly is it? A. The Home Affordable Refinance

Program is designed for people who have made their payments on time but are

underwater on their mortgages. Being “underwater” means they owe more on their homes than the homes are worth. So basically it gives them the opportunity to refinance their home loans. The HARP program is the only part of the Making Home Affordable program that actually worked. And to be honest, it has worked well. In contrast, the recent Home Loan Modification program is a piece of junk and all about political posturing. About 93 percent of the people who applied for a home loan modification didn’t get one. It was just another case of the government pretending to do something. I’d advise looking into the HARP program if you’ve got a good credit history and you’re underwater on your current home. Lots of HARP program applications are being approved, and the deals are closing. That’s what really matters when you find yourself in a situation like this.

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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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A Page in a Book

by Paige Gardner Smith

Imaginative Answers for Kids Children are simply the best at coming up with the answers they want, getting the results they desire using nothing but their imaginations. Their imaginative powers are unbounded by the conventions and boundaries that tend to hamper our free-thinking as we age. A child’s unlimited optimism in the face of obstacles shows in their artwork, their play and even in their responses to questions. Ask any three-year-old how they would to get to a far-away place like China, and their imagination is likely to produce an answer as simple as “I’d just go”. The following titles highlight the power of imagination to transport us, to find our answers and to get us where we want to be.

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Dream Friends

by You Byun (Nancy Paulsen / Penguin Books for Young Readers) Melody has the best dream friend ever. When she sleeps, she and her enormous white catlike friend can fly, dance and play hide-and-seek; they can do anything they imagine together. But during the day, Melody has trouble summoning her dream-friend to keep her company in her new school, where she has yet to make a friend. Using the power of her imagination, she closes her eyes and practices a dance she learned from her dream friend. When a real voice chimes in “Is that a new game?,” she opens her eyes to see another little girl who’d like to learn the dance. Supporting the idea that dreams are the inspiration for action, Dream Friends is a brilliantly illustrated window into the beautiful resource that is a child’s imagination.

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Tiger in My Soup

by Kashmira Sheth, Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbler (Peachtree) When a young boy is left in the care of his teen sister, all he wants her to do is read his book about tigers with him. But she’s got her ear-buds in, groovin’ in her own world, and doesn’t want to take the time to read with him. After all she’s only supposed to make his lunch. But when she puts his bowl of alphabet soup in front of him, he suddenly spies a tiger in his soup! The tiger steams and swirls out of his bowl and his ordinary lunch quickly becomes a fight for his life (and lunch). His battle with the tiger draws his sister’s help as spoons drop and soup gets cold. Will this play for attention get him the book time he’s seeking with his sister? For the kid whose imagination roars for recognition, Tiger in My Soup is the recipe for required reading.

The Amazing Hamweenie

by Patty Bowman (Philomel / Penguin) Hamweenie is a cat…who is also a star waiting to be born. In his mind, he’s a famous magician-acrobat-entertainer who is destined for fame and the adulation of children worldwide. He imagines himself in the spotlight center-stage, under the big top and with his name writ large across the sky as “The Amazing Hamweenie”. But his dreams are hampered at every turn by his caregiver, a little girl who loves him with baths and costumes (balanced with treats and hugs). Convinced he is being alternately drowned and poisoned, Hamweenie bides his time looking for every opportunity to escape and find his destiny. But readers will find that his imagination is his best vehicle for escape – because his real captivity is the best life ever. This is a delightful title both for its droll humor and highly detailed artwork! Find more A Page in a Book recommendations at



Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Presents Le Beautillion Militaire

The Mobile Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc., presented the 33rd Beautillion Militaire on Saturday, May 11 at the Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center. The 2013 Le Beautillion Militaire Class is comprised of 32 senior high school young men. The year-long program provides personal development, community service, team building, leadership and educational activities for the young men. The goal of the program is to recognize and encourage young men to obtain higher levels of personal achievement, selfconfidence, and pride. The program is a fundraiser for the Mobile Jack and Jill Chapter. BEAU LEO E. BOLLER attends McGill Toolen Catholic High School and plans to attend The University of South Alabama. BEAU MONTIEL JONES FLUKER, III attends Mattie T. Blount High School and plans to enlist in the United States Air Force. BEAU KEENA LEWAYNE MILES attends W.P. Davidson High School and plans to attend Auburn University. BEAU JAYLEN KIRVATH HACKETT attends W. P. Davidson High School and plans to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. BEAU JALON DAVID ROBINSON attends C.F. Vigor High School and plans to enlist in the Army National Guard. BEAU JOHNNY FLOYD MONCRIEF III attends W. P. Davidson High School and plans to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. BEAU CHRISTIAN RANDLE attends John L. LeFlore High School and plans to attend Alabama State University. BEAU HAROLD JAMES, JR. attends Baker High School and plans to attend Alabama A &M University. BEAU CHANCEY BARHAM attends Baker High School. BEAU JEFFREY LEWIS STANLEY attends McGill Toolen Catholic High School and plans to attend The University of South Alabama. BEAU VICTOR MCCANTS, JR. attends Baker High School and plans to attend Alabama State University. BEAU LAMARCUS GABRIEL JONES attends Faith Academy and plans to attend the University of Alabama BEAU COLLIER




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KENNETH EDWARDS attends McGill Toolen Catholic High School and plans to attend The University of Southern Mississippi. BEAU AUSTYN REESE MCMILLIAN attends Murphy High School and plans to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. BEAU STEVEN DOUGLAS DINKINS, JR. attends W.P. Davidson High School and plans to attend Jackson State University. BEAU DEMARCUS MARKEL BURKE attends Baker High School and plans to attend The University of South Alabama. BEAU BLAIR SYDNEY MALONE attends W.P. Davidson High School and plans to attend The University of Montevallo. BEAU JAILUN RAMUN WILEY attends W.P. Davidson High School and plans to attend Faulkner State. BEAU CAMERON A. DAVIS attends John L. LeFlore High School and plans to attend Alabama A & M University. BEAU RICHARD EDWARDS attends Westlake High School. BEAU AARON MICHAEL BRYANT attends Saint Luke’s Episcopal School and plans to attend Marion Military Institute. BEAU GEORGE MORRIS WILLIAMS, III attends UMS Wright Preparatory School and plans to attend the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. BEAU ALEX BENJAMIN COLE WILLIAMS attends John L. LeFlore High School and plans to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham. BEAU WILSON EDWARD BELL attends Mattie T. Blount High School and plans to attend Florida State University. BEAU ANTONIO MICHAEL HOLMES attends W.P. Davidson High School and plans to attend The University of Alabama at Birmingham. BEAU ALAN WILSON GREEN attends St. Stanislaus College Preparatory High School, Bay St. Louis, MS and plans to attend Alabama A & M University. BEAU EDWARD ALEJANDRO LOWMAN attends Murphy High School and plans to attend Auburn University. BEAU SHANNON CHRISTOPHER TUCKER attends John L. LeFlore High School and plans to attend Alabama State. BEAU QUINTERRIS JACOBIA TOPPINGS attends Mattie T. Blount High School and plans to attend Alabama State University. BEAU JEREMI DOMINIQUE TILLMAN attends Mattie T. Blount High School and plans to enlist in the United States Army. BEAU JONATHAN BAKARI JOHNSON attends Cottage Hill Christian Academy and plans to attend Tuskegee University. Visit









AT LIGHTHOUSE BAPTIST ACADEMY Distinctively Christian. Academically excellent. Call the school office for more info & details about registering for the 2013-2014 school year.


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Bust a Mood



ne Re de gu wh bit Bu mo rea

3 Strategies to Calm Beastly Moods by Michele Ranard, M.Ed. ”Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.” --Bill Watterson We all have moods. In childhood, there are those unicorn, rainbow, cotton candy, smiley ones, and there are the beastly ones. Meltdown mahem at Macy’s. Bedtime blow-ups. Tantrums over tuna. Adolescents are also famous for occasionally getting their panties in a bunch...ahem. Behind every spirited child in distress is a parent secretly wishing to be sedated. Okay, the last part may just be me, but sometimes the moods of our children shift so swiftly and fiercely from cheer to rage, we’re left dazed and confused. Kids don’t grow out of bad moods like they do shoes. So let’s explore some common ‘very bad mood’ triggers and tips for how to avoid them. Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Why Terrible Horrible Moods Happen to Good Children

*Exhaustion. Hello? Sleep deprivation makes children of all ages emotionally weird and less resilient. Teens especially must get enough shut eye!

*Changes in routine. All parents get this intellectually, yet still we are caught off guard when our kids react to change with distress. “But you said we’d get ice cream right after school!” (Can you feel the power of those words like nails on a chalkboard?) WE think they must learn to go with the flow. THEY want predictable outcomes.

*Tummies growlin’. The tricky part

*Overstimulation. Too much of a

good thing can be lovely…and it can be bad. Real bad. Noise, interference, and stimulation in a child’s surroundings can cause increased irritability. And unfortunately, children often don’t realize it’s the ENVIRONMENT making them edgy and grumpy. 32

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about cranky, hungry kids? They can be extremely resistant to acknowledging their hunger. You have to do the thinking and be armed with snacks especially when away from home.

*Growing pains. Yep. Blame it on hormones. Physical and neurological growth can cause children to be moody. Let’s keep reminding each other about this one, deal? *Injustice. “Hey! Sophie got a bigger slice!” Even if Sophie didn’t get the sizeable helping, perceiving she did can trigger a nasty mood. Advertising: 251-304-1200


Bust a Mood 1) Look to children’s literature.

Sharing a book is one way to connect with kids in a discussion of moods. Remember little Alexander from Alexander and the Horrible Very Bad Day? Poor guy can’t even get away from his bad day when he settles down for the night. He bites his tongue, and the cat deserts him! But there is someone there to bust his mood. Fortunately, he has a parent who reassures that everyone has bad days. Another title combining a silly sense of humor with grouchy feelings is Big Rabbit’s Bad Mood, by Ramona Badescu. Laughter is good medicine for monstrous bad moods.

ance in the form of quality attention for at least 20 minutes daily (ideally, more time than that). • Soak up the sunshine. Children need to build up a positive emotional memory so they can access those happy places when life isn’t going smoothly. Dr. Hanson suggests spending a few minutes at bedtime reviewing all the things that make her feel good and reminding her to savor those things.

2) Listen to the experts and their advice.

• Watch out for stress. Some moody kids have a hard time coping with stressors such as long days of childcare, overscheduling, and too-high expectations. While we can’t eliminate stress for kids, be a good model of coping. Reassure them they don’t need to worry and teach strategies to calm themselves.

• One-on-one attention. Make sure your moody child is getting plenty of nurtur-

• Seek out objectivity. Frequently it helps to ask a teacher, family friend or counselor for an opinion about your child’s moods—is there a bully at school? Is it possible you are missing something?

Authors of Mother Nurture (2002), Rick and Jan Hanson, have excellent tips for easing sour moods.

• Assess their diet. Think about whether your child is eating enough protein or too much sugar. Make sure she is offered nutritious meals, consider vitamins, and watch for symptoms of food allergies. • Take care of yourself. Don’t forget about your own needs for nurturance. Moody kids can add up to lots of stress into the home, so take good care of your relationships and your own emotional well-being.

3) Do not underestimate the power of rest.

Bad moods hate a restful slumber. Are you getting enough rest to cope with these moody children? You need your energy and stamina for these terrible, no good days! See a connection between sleepovers and your child’s bad mood? Do everything in your power to promote better sleep habits for you and your family. Michele Ranard has a husband, two children, and a master’s in counseling.









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Dolls Have to Live Somewhere

Recommending the Best Toys and Products for Kids

Dollhouses remain one of the most popular toys for kids as they offer a distinct setting for children to create a familiar world of their own! Pretend-play becomes more engrossing for kids when their dolls and figures inhabit rooms like those in their daily world. They begin to act out real world situations, real home life interactions as they play, developing a stronger understanding of roles, relationships and responsibilties in the family. You don’t need a realtor to find the best home for your child’s dolls; just take the following home tour to see what’s on the market and find the best fit for your child and their small friends.

by Paige Gardner Smith

Imaginarium Wooden Corner Dollhouse

Ryan’s Room Carry & Go Dollhouse

Making the best use of space makes sense for homeowners…of all sizes! Designed to nestle into any cozy corner of any room in the house, the Imaginarium dollhouse offers a broader room opening for engaging play than many other traditional “box” houses. With three living levels (and an attic), there’s plenty of room for a doll family to grow. Equipped with nine furniture items, the room sizes accommodate most “fashion” dolls in the 9” to 12” range (dolls not included). The built-in stairs are also a nice detail. Its solid wood construction is a plus for durability, especially if it relocates in various corners over time. The pastel colors and charming graphics are highlights that brighten up any previously unused corner for pretend-play!

For the dollhouse aficionado on-the-go, the Ryan’s Room Carry & Go combines sturdy construction with portability so doll play can happen anywhere! Whether the homeowner is traveling to a friend’s home, visiting a grandparent’s house or passing the night in a hotel room, this dollhouse folds up easy with its contents and goes right along. The magnetic closure keeps it together until it’s time to come out and play. The house comes with 11 accessory/furniture items and the room size works with various manufacturers’ wooden dolls (Melissa & Doug, Calico Critters, etc.) One big attraction of this dollhouse is actually its simplicity. With limited decoration and only a splash of pink, this is just the kind of toy that entertains girls AND boys for a broader circle of pretend play.


(Ryan’s Room)

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Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

Haba Fabric Doll House

One of the most enduring dollhouse brands is the Fisher-Price Loving Family dollhouse. There are several good reasons this is a go-to choice for many dollhouse shoppers. With big rooms and plenty of Victorian details and embellishments there is always something new to discover and explore in the house. As part of a long-lived line of products there’s a broad range of additional accessories, vehicles and lots of furniture for an aspiring interior decorator to add along the way. Additionally, dolls are available in various ethnicities beyond Caucasian including Asian, Hispanic and African-American. Family groups are also extended to include grandparent/elder figures to expand realistic pretend-play. The Loving Family Dollhouse folds up for storage, but this is a house that tends to stay open for living – and playing – 24 hours!

Taking the edge off the traditional doll house, Haba offers a soft-side fabric alternative to plastic and wood. The Haba house benefits from its European aesthetics offering clean lines, simple style and functional design. It also folds up for easy portability, carrying dolls (not included) and its soft accessories include a sleeping bag, pillow and chair. The Haba dollhouse makes a fantastic “first” home for toddlers with its fabric edge, while remaining versatile enough to grow with a child as their pretend-play evolves.



Paige Smith is a freelance writer and syndicated columnist living in Alabama. More on GET THIS! at

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What’s In Your Closet?


by Marla Cilley



d use of

Our journey through life starts with our first breath and it ends with our last one. Since our birth we have packed many bags for our trip. We are born naked, but then we have to put clothes on our bodies. These clothes tell our history...from the baby shoes we took our first steps in to the dress we wore to the prom, our wedding dress to the maternity clothes we wore when we gave birth. I’ll wager that your closet recounts many of the chapters of your life. Our closets are filled to overflowing. Each time we open our closet door we have a conversation with those clothes. If the truth be known we actually wear only a few items in our closet. The rest are there to beat us up and pretend to rescue us. Our clothes have a way of making us feel bad. Just think about your wedding dress that no longer fits your body. What are

your first thoughts? How could I let this happen to me? I looked so good that day. Then I want you to think about how you starved yourself to death to fit into that dress in the first place. Those nasty conversations go on each time you walk into your closet. If it isn’t about a wedding dress it is about another favorite outfit that you paid good money for that is now too tight. It is time for us to quiet these beratings and get on with our flight without feeling guilty. There is an easy way to banish these voices from your head; get them out of your closet and only keep items of clothing that you absolutely adore and feel like a million bucks in when you wear them. Decluttering your closet is not going to kill you; in fact, it may just save your life. It is time we packed for our journey. Our closets are no longer going to stand in our way of traveling light and enjoying our trip. Most of us only wear about 10% of the clothes we have stashed in there anyway. Let’s lighten our load and get rid of those nasty voices once and for all. Out of sight, out of mind! We can do this. First we need to look at the clothes we truly love because we feel good in

them. This goes for your shoes, too. Pull those out of your closet one at a time and think about the words you hear in your head when you have them on. Now put them back in your closet and pull out something that does not give you the same feeling. If the item of clothing makes you feel bad, evokes feelings of guilt in you or you just don’t like it then put it in the “give away” box. If you have changed careers and no longer have to get dressed into suits then donate them so others can start their new jobs and look nice. Let me warn you...going through your closet is difficult because of all the stories that your clothes dredge up. This is why I only want you to spend 15 minutes at a time doing this. Do not spend hours; this will make you feel sick . Bless yourself by being kind to you. Bless others by donating those clothes that say ugly words when you enter your closet. For more help getting rid of your CHAOS, check out her website at or her book, Sink Reflections, published by Random House, and her New York Times Best Selling book, Body Clutter, published by Simon and Schuster. Copyright 2013 Marla Cilley. Used by permission in this publication.

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Double Up on Birthday Fun

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Pair Parties for More Thrills and Less Work by Malia Jacobson

For a double-scoop of fun at your child’s next birthday, why not host a dual party? Combined parties for siblings, cousins, or friends with close birthdays are a growing trend, says Marnie Ann Pacino, author and illustrator of Cool Party, Mom! The Other Three Words Every Mother Loves to Hear. With kids’ parties becoming bigger, grander affairs, double parties let moms share the workload and the expense of birthday festivities. Birthday parties are a much bigger deal than they used to be, says Pacino. “Between decorations, invites, favors, acMobile Bay Parents I July 2013

tivities, and food, it can be exhausting and expensive. Who wouldn’t love some help running errands, cleaning up and footing the bill?” And double parties don’t just benefit parents. For kids, a combined party often means a bigger party with more guests. “A potato sack race with 20 kids is bound to produce more giggles than the same race with ten kids!” notes Pacino. Shared parties are also convenient for invitees’ parents. Kathleen Yarbro combined birthday parties for Lilly, 3, and Chloe, 1, into one celebration because the girls’ birthdays are 10 days apart—one 36

party was less hassle for everyone involved. “Most of the families we’d invite were the same for both girls,” she says. “It made more sense to invite them all at once, instead of asking them to come over two weekends in a row.” Think a double-decker party might work for your family? Here’s how to host a sweet soiree that your child (or children) will cherish for years.

Get Input

The first step to a successful double party: Ask the kids involved if it’s what they want (if kids are too young to ask, it’s Advertising: 251-304-1200


probably a safe bet that they don’t mind sharing the spotlight). Parents shouldn’t assume that all kids necessarily want a combined party. And some children with very different temperaments—one who’s high strung, and another who’s more retiring, for example—may not make compatible party-mates. If the guests of honor are on board, give both kids equal say in planning decisions.

Theme Scheme

If the birthday kids can’t agree on a theme, don’t choose—let each child pick a theme, and use both. When Christy Ramersrus hosted a double party for her two children, Joslyn, 7, chose a pony theme, while Carson, 4, picked Thomas The Tank Engine. Instead of deciding between the two themes, the family had separate decorations and a cake for each child in different rooms of the house. The theme combination was eclectic, Ramersrus admits, but the arrangement kept her kids happy and their guests entertained.

Gift Guidelines

Buying double the birthday gifts can cause sticker shock for some guests. To

ensure that people aren’t disinclined from attending because of the burden of purchasing two gifts, consider specifying simple gifts, or setting a no-gift policy. Book exchanges, where each guest brings a book to exchange in lieu of a gift, are a popular way to skirt the gift issue.

Solo Spotlight

Even at a combined party, kids should still feel special at their birthday shindig. Two birthday cakes are a must, as well as taking turns being first during games and activities. At the Yarbro party, each girl got their own rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song and sat in a seat of honor to open gifts. Double parties can be a blast, but they’re not for everyone, Pacino notes. Sibling rivalry can be intense during certain times in a child’s development—do parents want to put up with more sibling bickering during what’s supposed to be a fun event? Solo birthday parties also give kids in large families a rare chance to be the center of attention. But for many kids, double parties mean double the fun. So set a budget, set

Double the fun with these joint party themes:

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Dora and Diego Noah’s Ark Princess and Knight Cowboy and Cowgirl Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Max and Ruby Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet Spiderman and Batman Sugar and Spice Source: Marnie Ann Pacino, author and illustrator of Cool Party, Mom! The Other Three Words Every Mother Loves to Hear.

realistic expectations, get both birthday kids involved in planning, and get ready for a double-dose of frosting-fueled birthday memories. Malia Jacobson is a freelance writer and mom of two.



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Birthday Party Planner Cakes, Cupcakes, & Cake Balls Gigi’s Cupcakes (251) 316-0008, 273 S McGregor Ave, Mobile Gigi’s Cupcakes bakes the best cupcakes daily, offering over 30 varieties each week, including daily specials. Each delectable cupcake on today’s menu was lovingly baked and decorated this morning by one of our 84 local Gigi’s bakers. To ensure that we’ve prepared something that fits your fancy, our menu changes every day. So visit us today and find your new favorite. Make your birthday special with Gigi’s cupcakes!

Bake My Day

Local Resources to Meet All Your Needs (251) 219-7261, 156-A McGregor Avenue North, Mobile We bake everything from scratch just like our mothers have for over 70 years. Our menu offers a variety of classic favorites and new twists on old fashioned recipes. Wonderful Cakes! Walk-Ins Welcome

bak 16-


(25 Un (25 ww Ma cre Ou to b pla


(25 Wo and am


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ww (25 Sim ow ma sho Tru izes Occ Op 10:

Cakes by Judi; (251) 666-1565, 4831 Schimpfs Lane, Mobile Cakes by Judi is well-known for their beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. But, did you know that you can also have a cake by Judi for your child’s birthday? Visit the website for details and don’t delay! Only a limited number of cake orders are taken each week due to the high volume of wedding orders.

Cookies by Design

(251) 461-0900, 855 Hillcrest Road, Mobile Give your child a tasty birthday they will never forget! Cookie cakes, favors, and a birthday cookie bouquet, we have everything you need for a great party.

Cream and Sugar

(251)405-0003, 351-B George Street, Mobile Delicious made to order cupcakes, cake balls, pastries and more! The perfect compliment to any party!

Delish’s Desserts

(251) 473-6115, 23 Upham St, Mobile Our popular restaurant offers a wonderful selection birthday cakes, cookie, bars, pies, and much more. Come visit us and see what we can make for you! Visit us on facebook!

Edible Arrangements (251)340-3933, 3952 Airport Blvd, Pinebrook Shopping Center, Mobile, AL Looking for something different? Edible Arrange-

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

ments offers delicious fresh fruit arrangements, baskets, bouquets and other delightful tasty gifts. Visit our website to see the wonderful children’s selection, Kids at Heart complete with Disney, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty and Disney Princess arrangements.

secret filling, simply referred to as “the stuff”, over 10 years ago. For years, only available to family and friends, Sherrie baked her delicious cakes out of her home. Now Sherrie has finally made her divine creations available to the public at her FlourGirls Bakery store in West Mobile.

Flourgirls Bakery

Great American Cookie

(251) 634-2285; 740 Hillcrest Rd, Mobile Known along the Gulf Coast as “Sherrie Cakes”, Sherrie Pickett starting baking her sublime combination of rich buttery cake with creamy vanilla frosting and her top

38 (251) 633-0636, 3490 Bel Air Mall, Space G-6 (251) 476-2447, 740 Schillinger Rd South, Spc B1 We do all kinds of cookie cakes for all occasions. We

Advertising: 251-304-1200



bake fresh everyday. We only need 15 minutes for our 16-inch cookie, so say it with a cookie cake! 

Marble Slab Creamery

(251) 633-0636, 740 Schillinger Road South, Unit B2, Mobile (251) 345-1928, 3950-A Airport Blvd., Mobile Marble Slab Creamery offers truly unique gourmet ice cream cakes that give a chef-driven flair to any occasion. Our simple on-line ordering makes it easier than ever to bring home the perfect match for whatever you’re planning.

Pastry Shop, The

(251) 479-2629, 2560 Dauphin Street, Mobile Wonderful service; delicious, beautiful and original cakes and pastries! Check us out on Facebook and see all the amazing things we can do!

Pollman’s Bake Shop, Inc.

(251) 438-1511, 750 South Broad Street, Mobile (251) 342-8546, 4464 Old Shell Road, Mobile Classic Bake Shop serving Mobile since 1918! Cakes for all occasions, pastries, cookies and sandwiches. Wonderful Birthday Cakes!

Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique (251) 665-3003, 6207 Cottage Hill Road, Suite B, Mobile Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique is a locally, family, owned cupcake bakery. Our frostings and cupcakes are made fresh, in small batches, daily to ensure quality. The shop features Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Cookies, Pies, Truffles, and much more! Simply Sweet also specializes in creating Wedding, Birthday, and other Special Occasion Cakes that will make your event one of a kind! Open Tuesday-Friday from 10:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm.

TCBY (251) 342-5866, 6345 Airport Blvd., Mobile Frozen Yogurt cakes in a variety of flavors.

Three Georges Candy & Nuthouse Too Main Office & Seasonal Store- 558 S Broad St, (251) 433-1689 (251) 433-6725, 226 Dauphin Street (251) 343-5469, 273 S McGregor Ave Three Georges has been one of Mobile’s favorite traditions since 1917. It is known for its superior quality southern chocolates, cakes and confections. Take a step back in time and come visit a Mobile landmark

Twist Cupcakes

(251) 287-0323, 9 Du Rhu Dr.,Mobile, Twist Cupcakes is committed to providing fresh, madefrom-scratch cupcakes and frostings each day. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and any other special occasion - or stop by and choose from any of our daily flavors for an amazing treat! Visit us on Facebook, email us at, or call for more information today! We also have a location in the Eastern Shore.

Invitations / Décor / Paper Goods Art Craft Press, Inc.

(251) 471-4383, 12 Tacon Street, Mobile Fine printing since 1929. We are conveniently located in midtown Mobile and offer free pick up and delivery to anywhere in the greater Mobile area, but you’re always welcome to drop by during our regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Gwin’s Stationery; (251) 344-3335, 4513 Old Shell Rd Ste H, Mobile. Fine custom printing and engraving. Serving Mobile since 1913. Offering custom printed of invitations, stationary, calling cards, and much more.

It’s Inviting

(251) 460-0738, 5550 Old Shell Rd., Mobile Custom Printed Invitations, Calling Cards, Party Supplies, Gifts and more.

Paper Jubilee

(251) 401-5685, 2032 Airport Blvd, Suite H Paper Jubilee is a stationery store in Midtown - Mobile. Come and see! Personalized gifts and stationary! Open Tuesday-Friday from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. or by appointment.

Party City (251) 342-0003, 300 East Azalea Rd., Mobile Paper goods, balloons, favors, invitations, piñatas, music, catering supplies and much more. Party City is the #1 source for all your party supplies with the biggest selection and the best prices.

Toomey’s Mardi Gras (251)450-5077; 755-A McRae Avenue Mobile Founded in 1978, Toomey’s Mardi Gras is one of the largest suppliers of Mardi Gras and Seasonal Merchandise in the world. Come check out all our Special Occasion supplies which includes birthday party hats, paper supplies, favors & more.

Write Impressions (251) 344-6820, 3980-F Airport Blvd, Mobile, Large Selection of invitations, stationary, calling cards for all of your life’s special events, 100’s of theme and styles

ds, w to le.




Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

to choose from. We also offer in house printing to create one of a kind party invitations and stationery! Gifts for all ages, all occasions, and all budgets

Birthday Party Venues Alligator Alley (251) 946-2483, 19950 County Road 71, Summerdale With over 20 acres of natural cypress swamp land, our alligators roam freely in a protected environment. The whole family can safely observe alligators feeding, courting, and nesting from our elevated boardwalk. At Alligator Alley, we currently have over 150 alligators from the hatchlings in our gift shop to the big alligators in our swamp land. Enjoy a nature walk to our various exhibits as you journey towards the big swamp, and the ultimate king of Alligator Alley, Captain Crunch! This world record gator is over 13’ long, weighs over 800 pounds, and has the world’s strongest bite ever recorded from an Alligator. You’ll also observe other wild life such as: Ospreys, Owls, Turtles, Bull Frogs, and various field animals. Birthday Parties: $150 includes 20 people. $8 for each additional adult and $6 for each additional child (our group rate). In our gift shop area, we also display other amphibians, reptiles, and rare species of various field animals.

Azalea City Center for the Arts (251) 510-1808, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Great party options available! Drama & Photo Shoot Party -- 2 hour party for 12 - $200 ($10 extra for each additional child) includes: Drama games, dress up in multiple costumes, pose for souvenir photos; Skit at the end of the party for all parents to see, 1 4x6 party favor for each child in attendance and pressprinted book with candid photos for birthday child Glow Rave Dance & Karaoke Party -- 2 1/2 hour party for 15 -- $350 ($10 extra for each additional child) includes: Glow bracelets and rings for each guest, Karaoke fun, Black light dancing -- come in your brightest neon shirt and have a blast! Build Your Own Party -- Our main room rents for $50/ hour and then our staff will help tailor a party to your needs! Additional costs may apply depending on the type of party that you want to have.

Bright Spot Cafe’

2501 East I-65 Service Road North, Mobile 251-338-8600 Fabulous Day Birthday Package includes 2 hours in a private party room and personal party assistant. Coordinated paper products, balloons, 2 slices of pizza, beverage and ice cream cup per child. Guests enjoy the indoor playroom, inflatable, basketball and the arcade. Call us today to schedule your fabulous party.We can also accommodate adult parties, baby showers,wedding receptions and retirement dinners!

Broadway South Dance Studio (251) 639-0660, 7906 Westside Park Drive and Regency Square at Airport/University; Our parties include 50 minutes of fun dancing and activities and 40 minutes of celebrating with refreshments, cake and gift time. Our parties are available in 3 themes: Broadway Birthday, Ballerina Birthday, and Hip Hop Happy Birthday. Our instructors will lead the kids through a mini dance class and guide them in fun dances and games for each theme .Party package includes cake, drinks, paper goods, goody bag for each guest, and a Broadway South t-shirt for the birthday child. Our parties are for the birthday child and up to 14 of your child’s friends. Cost is $250 (Broadway South Students receive a $20 discount) There is an additional $10 fee for each additional guest over 15.

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Dauphin Island Marina – The Duke

650 LeMoyne Drive, Dauphin Island 251-861-2201;; One and a half hour birthday party boat rides aboard the Duke. The Duke can carry up to 42 passengers and also has a touch-tank aquarium. The boat ride includes pulling a shrimp net. The shrimp net is emptied into the aquarium and the passengers are allowed to touch and explore the catch! Kids and adults love this trip! We provide the ice, ice chests, paper plates, napkins, and spoons. We also give a gift (sports bottle with the Duke’s logo on it) to the guest of honor. This “Basic Birthday Party Adventure” is $255 for up to 42 guests. We also have options to add food and cake for the guests if they are looking for an all-inclusive option. Party favors can also be provided for all guest for an extra cost.

Debbie’s School of Dance (251) 633-9559, 6429 Hillcrest Park Court, Mobile Debbie’s School of Dance presents Birthday Parties! Your Party will include A Fully Decorated Party Studio, Exclusive Facility use for your 1 ½ hour party, Your party leader for your Birthday Event, Party Invitations & A gift certificate for one free lesson. Party Themes Available: Enchanted Princess Ballerina’s Ball, So you think you can dance, Pineapple Hula Party & Project Runway. All party themes only $225.00 for 10 guests and $15 for each additional guest. (Optional Extras include personalized cake, goodie bags & drinks). Please visit our website for more information.

Mobile Museum of Art (251) 208-5200, 4850 Museum Dr.,Mobile On Saturdays and Sundays you and your guests will be able to explore the ART Adventures Interactive Gallery, enjoy an art activity and presentation by an Art Museum Educator, create a work of art to take home, and have an opportunity to experience the exhibits of the Mobile Museum of Art. Designed for children ages 5 to 10 years old, all parties include an exclusive party space, a birthday party host, admission to the Museum Galleries for all party guests and a hands-on art activity based on your individual party theme led by a Museum Educator. Create your own special birthday party theme or choose from Museum favorites such as Under the Sea, Outer Space, Animals of the Jungle and more. Apprentice package Birthday parties include: Exclusive party space for 25 children, 90-minute reservation in ART Education Studio, Individualized Party Theme, Printable Mobile Museum of Art Party Invitations, One Mobile Museum of Art Party Host, Museum admission for all party guests, Art project in ART Education Studio Room, Secure party entrance. Master Package Includes: All the features of the Apprentice package: 120 minutes in the Art Education Studio, Masterpiece Birthday Party Cake, Decorations and utensils, Party favors, Additional refreshment options. Contact us today to plan your party!

“Party Rock Kids”

960 Schillinger RD S, Suite G, Mobile (located inside Cadouris Boutique); 251-633-8181 GRAND OPENING AUGUST 1ST! Specializing in Childrens Entertainment - Birthday Parties (Rock Star Party girl/boy) (Party Rock Glow Party girl/boy), Parents Night Out (Parents Rock Out), Arts & Crafts, Kids Karaoke, Photography & Video optional to add to party package! Personal Stylist & Party Director for the duration of all parties. Find us on Facebook, PartyRockKids.

Pump-it Up (251) 342-3940, 741 Hillcrest Rd # A, Mobile Pump It Up is Mobile’s favorite family entertainment destination. Known for hosting private kid’s birthday parties and other group events inside our giant inflatable arenas, Pump It Up takes the stress out of party planning


and our professional party planners take care of everything, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy! Our unique Party Experiences like Adventure Parties and kid-favorite Glow parties add an extra element of fun to any occasion. We offer two large arenas filled with gigantic inflatable slides, bounce houses and obstacle courses sure to delight kids of all ages. Pump It Up of Mobile also offers occasional Pop-In Playtime sessions during the Summer and in the Fall that open to the general public, fundraising opportunities, team parties and more. Dates and times for Pop In Playtime vary, so always call or go online to check calendar. Located at 741-A Hillcrest Road in Mobile, Pump It Up ready to host your next private party. Call (251) 342‑3940 or visit to learn more or to book your child’s party today.

you wil zoo gue

Smilz ‘n Stylz

ww (25 Mo 6:3 for 50 non a de be r this $50 (251) 635-1313, 1234 Hillcrest Road, Suite 8, Mobile Fabulous Party Themes and Party Details! THE PLACE for spa and glamour birthday parties. Custom Parties are available per request: Call salon for details!. Imagine... having your next party in our fabulous posh party place. Mom, sit back and enjoy because we do all the work! Standard Themes: Girlz: Bedtime Beautiez, Fabulous Fashionistaz, Girlie Girl Spaliciouz, Starlight Starletz, Enchanted Princess Tea, and Sassy Sock Hop. Call us and book your party today!

Sunshine Sue’s Playgarden

1108 Dauphin Street Mobile, (251)421-2434 email:hello@ Birthday Parties, Play Place, Drop off Service, Classes and more! We LOVE Birthdays...Whether it’s a very fluffy Princess Party or a super cool Spiderman Party, we give you and your little one all the attention that they deserve for a memorable day! We specialize in highlythemed parties, where anything that you can imagine can become a reality. Some examples of parties we have done: candy land, “on the farm,” dinosaur, skylanders, Alice in wonderland mad hatter tea party, the list goes on. We can also arrange character appearances (like Snow White or Cinderella) for a reasonable fee. Call us to Book your Party Today! We are also thrilled to have Private Playgroups, Private PNO parties and Baby Showers (you have fun in our Party Room while we watch your little ones in the play area!). Birthday Parties (Weekdays, Sat and Sun by Reservation): Base Rate for Facility Rental (includes a basic decoration theme and cleanup): $195 for two hours with exclusive use of our facilities. Please call or email us for a quote of additional services such as one-of-a-kind custom or additional add-on decorations, custom-made favors, cake or food pickup, etc. Our parties are completely customizable, from affordable fun to absolutely amazing!


ww (25 (25 Loo day Fro Sim The



Bac Off off Cat Hig The and terfl few Tra

Waterville, USA Water Park (251) 948-2106, Highway 59 South, Gulf Shores Waterville USA is a beautiful, fun and safe setting for your group outing. Our park offers something for everyone from the smallest tyke to adults -- fun for people of all ages! Water park Season (water and amusement parks open). This season runs during the summer (last part of May, June, July, August) when both the Water park and Amusement Park are open. Amusement Park Season (water park closed). This season operates in the spring and late summer/fall when the Water park is closed. Our park is closed from October until March to take care of long term maintenance and new additions. House of Bounce however is available for parties all year long!

Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo (251)968-5731, 1204 Gulf Shores Pkwy, Gulf Shores Birthday Parties: Celebrate at the zoo! For parties of 13 or more paying guests- you’ll get a day at the zoo, a scheduled Animal Show, and use of the shaded picnic area for

Advertising: 251-304-1200


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your party and pay just $5 plus tax per person. Each guest will also get a souvenir cup of animal feed for the petting zoo for just $1 per cup. (If you have less than 13 paying guests, you get $1 off each ticket.)

AMF Bowling Centers (251) 639-1221, 125 North Schillinger Rd., Mobile (251) 661-1221, 4120 Government Blvd., Mobile Looking for a great way to guarantee a memorable birthday party for kids? Look no further - AMF has it covered. From food to activities, we take care of everything for you. Simply fill out our party form on-line or give us a call. Then all you have to do is show up and have a great time!

Amberly Swim Club (251) 602-5496, Swim Club Rd.,Amberly Subdivision, Mobile; Do you want a pool party? Every Monday from 6:30 to 9:30 (by reservation only) the pool is available for private parties. The party is a bargain at just $150 for 50 of your closest friends and 2 life guards (members or non-members). Is the whole pool too big for you? Then a deck party is what you need. The wooden deck may be reserved for 2 hours for small parties (up to 15 guests this includes adults too) on Tuesdays and Thursdays for $50.00 fee. Call for details or to reserve your party!

Backcountry Trail

Backcountry Trail in Orange Beach and Gulf State Park Offers an excellent location for that birthday celebration off the beaten path. The Picnic Pavilion is located on the Catman Trail approximately 1.5 miles from either the Highway 161 or Orange Beach Sportsplex trailheads. The pavilion is screened, has six full-size picnic tables and porch swings. Adjacent to the pavilion is the Butterfly Garden, with restrooms and running water just a few feet away. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the Trail, so you’ll have to carry your party materials by bi-

cycle or backpack. For more information or to reserve the Pavilion, please call the Backcountry Trail information line at 251-981-1180, or visit the Trail’s Facebook page at backcountrytrail.

(251) 639-1163, 435 Schillinger Rd S Mobile (251) 476-0320, 3244 Dauphin St Mobile Come party with the Cow! Beat the heat with a ChickFil-A birthday party! Indoor playground.

Bob’s Paintball (251) 316-0045, 6167 Airport Blvd., Mobile Party at Chill Yogurt Café! Enjoy make your own frozen yogurt with tons of great toppings. Make it your way! Call today to reserve a party! (251) 639-8245, 3428 Dawes Rd. Mobile, Come one and all to the best paintball fields in Mobile, AL. From team elimination, capture the flag, to free-forall, and even airball. For good fun, Bob’s is great for any one wanting a rush that you wouldn’t believe until you try it. Planning a birthday party out at Bob’s Paintball is a great way to celebrate. Come out and play and you’ll have so much fun that will be spoken about for years to come…or until your next visit.

Cammie’s Old Dutch Ice Cream Shoppe (251) 471-1710, 2511 Old Shell Rd, Mobile Celebrate your birthday at Mobile’s favorite Ice Cream Parlor! Enjoy Ice Cream, Sundaes, Sodas, Old Fashion Banana Splits, Milk Shakes, and more! Call us today for information on how to book a party!

Carmike Cinemas (251) 639-7373, 785 Schillinger Rd S Mobile

Center for the Living Arts

(251) 208-5671, 301 Conti Street , Mobile Call about art parties. Beautiful spaces available for parties, receptions and banquets


(2 locations in Mobile with indoor playgrounds)

Chill Yogurt Café

Chuck E. Cheese`s (251) 342-8142, 710 Downtowner Loop W Throw a magical party without lifting a finger! Our parties are a totally cool way for your kids to celebrate with the fun of Chuck E. Cheese’s. Plus, all you do is relax. Because we do all the work.

Cold Snap Frozen Yogurt (251) 344-7074, 266 South McGregor Ave. Mobile (251) 479-9500, 2524 Old Shell Rd. Mobile (251) 340-7420, 5821 Old Shell Rd. Mobile Cold Snap Frozen Yogurt offers 16+ flavors and 60+ toppings at our fun filled self-serve stores. Plan your next Party with us! Planning a Party? Let Cold Snap Help! Cold Snap can create the perfect frozen yogurt display for your event. Call one of our Cold Snap locations today for details and availability!

Cream and Sugar

(251) 405-0003, 351-B George Street, Mobile Come have a very special birthday party at the most popular place in town! We do birthday parties where children can decorate their own cupcakes, Tea Parties, Tiny Tot Tea Parties, ice cream parties, and delicious made to order!




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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Dreamland Skate Center (251) 661-6997, 5672 Three Notch Road, Mobile Groove to the beats on roller skates at this birthday party! Many party packages to choose from and all include lots of skating time, a party room, drinks and invitations. Tea parties and private parties also available!

Family Pharmacy of Spring Hill

(251) 300-3003, 4415 Old Shell Road, Mobile Old fashioned soda fountain serving Basset’s Ice cream. Birthday Parties Available!

Fun ‘n Sun Inflatables and Party Rentals

(251) 622-3393, 2560 Leroy Stevens Rd, Mobile Fun ‘n Sun Inflatables and Party Rentals is a family owned and operated business in it’s first year. We have gathered up all the professional and dedicated staff members in order for us to offer you the best business you could need for all of your Birthday’s, Graduations, Weddings and Church events. We want you to have the best and easiest experience renting with us and want you to keep coming back for more. We are what Mobile, Al has been looking for and we are here to serve you. No job is too big or too small. We do it all! We have a gorgeous 6,000 square foot party facility with 2 packages to choose from for your special day. We also rent inflatables, concessions, tents, tables, chairs and more!

Five Rivers Delta Safaris; (251) 259-8531, Five Rivers on the Causeway. Pirate or Safari Themed Birthday Parties and Scavenger Hunts. 5RDS offers three styles of Themed Youth Birthday & Graduation parties for up to 30 children. All Birthday parties are operated by two dedicated staff, who lead your children through a story line involving a series of games or contests depending on the theme. Parents may choose from a variety of games. Parties are approximately 2 hours long, with 1.5 hours of organized games and 30 minutes for free play, Cake and Birthday wishes. Parents are welcome to bring additional Food and Drink to 5 Rivers for the party. Participants of the party are encouraged to stay at 5 Rivers and continue exploring for as long as they like after the completion of the party. All party participants are offered a 50% discount off any regularly scheduled tours that may be operating that afternoon or Canoe/Kayak/Pedal boat rentals with 5RDS after the party

Funntasia Family Fun Center

(251) 661-2777, 5103 Girby Road, Mobile Miniature golf and arcade. Come have your party at Funntasia! We look forward to helping you take care of all of your Birthday Party Needs. Find us on Facebook!

Galmmarazzi Photography Fashion Shoot Parties for Girls of all ages! On Location Photographers: Cynthia Prewitt 251-401-0926 and Lisa Walters 251-209-3474. Find us on Facebook!

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center (251) 208-6879,. 65 Government Street, Mobile At the Gulf Coast Exploreum, we’ve got children’s birthday parties down to a science. When you book your child’s party with us, you relax while we do all the work. We provide themed invitation templates, party favors, a cool birthday cake and a fun experiment to entertain the guests. We even handle the clean up! Select a party package and let us do the rest! Plan your party around one of our special packages and then let us do the rest! For all the guests in attendance, they can purchase their gift for the birthday child ahead of time, and our Exploration Station Gift Shop will have it wrapped and ready to go (call the Gift Shop at 251.208.6876 for more information). Explorer Package - Each of the parties below comes with themed decorations, a themed cake, and party favors for

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

the children to take home. Under the Sea Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old; Rumble in the Jungle Recommended Ages: 2-6 years old; Mad Scientist Recommended Ages: 2-12 years old; Out of this World Recommended Ages: 2-12 years old; Reptile Rumble Recommend Ages: 2-12 years old. Each Birthday Party includes the following: Free exhibit admission for up to 30 people – children and adults (ANY additional guests are $8.00 per personages under 2 are free) • One hour in a designated exhibit hall prior to party (Enjoy all Exploreum afterwards)• One hour in the birthday party room (located in the upstairs classroom)• Birthday party host during party room time • Science experiment • $10 Exploreum Bucks • Tablecloths, plates, napkins and forks• Decorations and party favors • Capri Sun • Birthday Cake. A special Experience package is also available In addition to the Explorer’s Package amenities your guests will have access to our current traveling exhibit. Scratch Factory themed cake and decorations, Party being held in ExploreTec, located in the Scratch Factory Upgraded Experiment, $15 in Exploreum Bucks for the Birthday. Please call us at 208-6879 or visit our website for more information.

House of Bounce

6368 Cottage Hill Rd. Mobile (251) 666-3456, Indoor Birthday Party & Celebration Center, We Do Fun! House Of Bounce Birthday Parties include all of this great stuff to make your party & celebration extra special. You will enjoy with any of our Birthday Party Packages: Private use of the facility for just you & your guests, 2 Full Hours of Indoor Inflatable Bounce House Fun, Karaoke, Glow In The Dark Dance Floor, Fog Machine & Laser Lights to the Latest Beats on the Sound System, PS3, Xbox, Token Free Basketball Challenge, Token Free Air Hockey, Token Free Foosball, Double Lane Inflatable Slides, Mega Inflatable Bounce Castle with Slides, Assistance by a Fun & Energetic Party Coordinator, Set Up & Clean Up In The In The Celebration & Party Room, Private Party Room to Celebrate when you Eat & Open Gifts, Birthday Child will be seated on the Birthday Throne & Crowned King or Queen of the day! Numerous party packages available and all kids birthday parties and celebrations may be upgraded with additional party features. Call to book your kids birthday party or celebration today!

Jumps-a-Lot 302 Schillinger Rd S. (251) 633-6676, Great indoor party facility. Your Indoor Party Place Your kids will have a blast playing at a Jumps-A-Lot Party and Play Center which features massive, themed inflatable slides, obstacle courses and bounce houses kids love, interactive games, toddler activities and more. Don’t let the weather keep your kids in the house, come to JumpsA-Lot and let them enjoy outdoor-type, healthy, active play, indoors We have a wide variety of merchandise that you can rent to make the perfect party- Slides, obstacles, jumper’s, Inflatables (wet and dry), Rock Wall Climbs, balloons, yard grams & signs, tents & chairs, concession supplies & machine rentals. We now have the The Rolling Spot Mobile Gaming Trailer- The Rolling Party Spot offers the ultimate mobile party experiences for any occasion. We bring the latest video games and most exciting gaming environment right to your door to make your party or event a WINNER every time! Relax in our self air-conditioned spacious trailer where you can play a wide variety of the most popular video games on one of Six 48” HDTV’s. You can entertain up to 28 guests at once!

Knot Just Beads

(251) 473-8650, 203-A South Florida St. Beads and jewelry making birthday parties are so much fun! Ages 8 and older. Parties held at our store afterhours. Also offering classes for adults and children in our in-store work area. Call today for more information.


Marble Slab Creamery (251) 633-0636, 740 Schillinger Road South, Unit B1 (251) 345-1928, 3950-A Airport Blvd. Marble Slab Creamery can help turn ay event into a special occasion. Whether you want a Sundae Bar, Portable Slab or an ice cream cake to match your theme, you can count on us to dish out the freshest, best tasting ice cream anywhere. The Portable Slab is where we bring The Slab to you. It is like having a Marble Slab Creamery store brought to you complete with mixins, waffle cones and more! Call us for your birthday party!

Michaels Arts & Crafts (251) 344-4236, 3725 Airport Blvd, Ste 100C A craft party at Michaels is easy as 1-2-3.1) Schedule your Party 2) Pick a project 3) Celebrate the day! We specialize in one-of-a-kind wishes and will create a party project just for your child. Michaels makes your child’s party easy, affordable and, most of all, fun! What’s Included: Fun party invitations, Thank you cards or goodie bag tags, Project preparation Keepsake apron for guest of honor, Crafting assistance for party guests, Party setup and cleanup, Customized craft party projects around something that’s special to your child. Kids will create something fun and then take it home.

Mobile Bay Bears, (251) 479-2327 The Mobile BayBears would love to host your next birthday party at The Hank. Our goal is to make a day at the ballpark easy on mom and dad and a blast for the kids! The best nights to have a party: Friday - Fireworks after every Friday game. It is an added bonus to a birthday party! Sunday - Play catch on the field before the game. Families are encouraged to come down and show off their arm on the field after the game. Several packages and numerous add on’s to choose from, The standard package includes: 10 tickets, first pitch, souvenir baseball, video board recognition, 12 Gigi’s Cupcakes and an exclusive party location for pre-game festivities. Contact the BayBears at (251) 479-BEAR (2327) for more information and to book your birthday!

Mobile Carnival Museum (251) 432-3324, 355 Government Street, Mobile Celebrate your birthday in royal style at the Mobile Carnival Museum...Where Mardi Gras fun and merriment awaits you, in historic downtown Mobile. Birthday Package Includes: Accommodations for up to 12 children and 12 adults,12 Favor bags, Museum access and admission, On-site parking, Design and create your own Mardi Gras Mask, Party supervision, 90 minutes of complete fun Package Price: $125.00 (additional guests: $5.00 each) You Supply: Party Invitations, Birthday Cake, Other food and beverage, Attendees/Guests - ages 5 and older. Get ready to party in the Mystical den...ride the rocking float...and parade around with your guests as a masked float rider! Let the Good Times Roll, with your next birthday celebration!

The Mobile Zoo (251)649-1845, 15161 Ward Road, Wilmer Guests will see popular animals such as tigers, lions, American black bears, reptiles, birds, donkey, deer, raccoons, leopards, monkeys, and much more! A zoo popular is Jeo the chimp who starred in the movie “Buddy” from 1997. Groups are welcome as are guests to enjoy our covered picnic areas with charcoal grills. Please call for group rates (groups of 20 or more people) and birthday parties. A birthday party at a zoo is always one to remember.

Nasser Gymnastics

(251) 479-9311, 3055 Old Shell Road, Mobile

Advertising: 251-304-1200

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Every weekend Nasser Gymnastics hosts birthday parties for children, ages 3 and up. Birthday parties at Nasser Gymnastics are fun for everyone! We provide a great atmosphere for your child to celebrate his or her birthday with their friends. Each party includes a full hour of gymnastics fun with trained and energetic staff members, followed by a half hour for refreshments in our private party room. We are dedicated to providing a fun, exciting atmosphere for your child to celebrate his/her birthday with friends and family. Also, we never book more than one party at a time, so our birthday parties are always private! For each party we provide: Paper products (plates, napkins, forks and spoons, tablecloths, and trash bags), Tables and chairs, Set up and clean up, Completely private party room. Parents are welcome to bring any party accessories they choose. Don’t forget to bring candles, refreshments, and a cake knife. Decorations and goodie bags are also great ideas. No mess to clean up, no weather worries; just bring the refreshments, sit back and watch the fun! We love birthdays, and look forward to celebrating with you!




Paint-n-pals (251) 654-2313, 6345K Airport Blvd, Piccadilly Square
(Next to Buffalo Wild Wings) Have fun at a Paint and Pals Birthday Party! $18 per child, includes invitations, all materials, instruction, face painting, and YES kids get to paint on the walls. We even provide paper plates, silverware and cups. Just bring the cake! Each child will paint a picture on an 11”x14” flat canvas that he/she gets to take home at the end of the party. No party favors required and no return trips to the studio to pick up their artwork on a later date. All paintings are dry and ready to take home at the end of the party.

OnTuesdays • Causeway Location Only

Paint Party Studios (2 locations) (251) 343-2423, 6808 Airport Blvd., Suite B., Mobile Plan your Paint Party! Paint Party Studios offers different packages for children’s parties that are sure to fit your needs! We can accommodate ages 4 and up! Please call Renee at 251-343-2423 to discuss booking your child’s birthday party, graduation celebration, or holiday party. Partridge Plantation (251) 957-6465 (OINK), 9574 Cumberland Rd., Irvington. A birthday party to remember begins at the Partridge Plantation! A two-hour party includes hayride, pony ride, farm playground, petting and visiting the other farm animals in a clean and safe environment. Tablecloths and balloons are included in the cost. Child - $5.00/Adult $2.00. $100.00 minimum for party.Reservations should be made four weeks in advance. Call and make your reservations today.

Pete’s Party Castle (251) 281-1990, 2040 Schillinger Road South, Mobile Come see why we’re the best kids party place in town! Pete’s Party Castle is Mobile’s favorite place to sit back and let the kids play. Enjoy great food, arcades, dragon playground, and train ride. Even the little ones can play too in our toddle soft play area. Three different party packages available! Call today!

Planet Gymnastics (251) 650-0699, 900 Schillinger Rd S, Mobile Gymnastics fun featuring trampolines, foam pits, rope swing, cargo net, and more. Different party packages to choose from. All party packages include gym time, party room, invitations, paper products, balloons, staff to help, & Bungee Trampoline for the birthday child. A Great Time!

Pony Tails Birthday Parties 11490 Calvert Rd, Mobile, (251) 622-6708 or (251)


Rent out the Banquet Room for your party at the CAUSEWAY LOCATION ONLY!

Entertainment for Kids • Playground • Boat Dock • Private Room for Birthday Parties

3733 Battleship Pkwy • Mobile • 251-626-2188 Hwy 59 • Original Oyster House Boardwalk • 251-948-2445




753-6731. Join us on our 10 acres of beautiful farm land in west mobile. Our parties are an hour and a half long. This includes one hour of pony rides and 30-45 minutes for festivities. Treats are provided also to feed the ponies! Also meet our friendly farm animals, like LuLu the lamb. Price is $175 Tables and chairs are also provided. For information call us or email us at Ponytailsparties@

Priss Pots Pottery (251) 661-3757, 6207 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile Come celebrate your birthday with us! All parties include, birthday invitations, wreath on front door, inflatable “Happy Birthday” cake for decoration, helium balloons on tables, food table with table cloth, kids music during party, face painting for all kids, each child selects a piece of pottery from our birthday selection and their own paint colors, choice of either karaoke or a craft project


after painting, party favors for each child. This great deal is available for only $17.50 per child with a 10 child minimum.

Regal Mobile Stadium 18 (Hollywood Theatres) (251) 473-9655, 800-326-3264, 1250 Satchel Paige Dr, Mobile Lights, camera, action! Fun for everyone! Take this leading role and invite your friends to celebrate your birthday with you at the movies. Contact the theatre for party details. Rambo’s Skateland (251) 675-6601, 531 Highway 43 South, Saraland Celebrate your birthday at Rambo’s Skateland in Saraland! Choose from 3 different birthday packages and let the good times roll!

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Silver Lining Farm @ Mimi C. Peters Riding School (251) 634-1229, 10727 El Nina Dr. Mobile Join us for a special day you will never forget! Two-hour birthday parties with horseback riding hay rides and more! Call today for details.

Simply Sweet Cupcake Boutique (251) 665-3003, 6207 Cottage Hill Rd, Suite B., Mobile Have a Simply Sweet Birthday! At a Simply Sweet birthday party, the birthday boy or girl, and his or her guests, will each get to decorate 4 cupcakes and take them home in one of our signature pink bakery boxes. Our birthday party package includes 4 cupcakes per guest, frosting and supplies to decorate the cupcakes, 1 1/2 hours of time and attention from one of our cupcake specialists, 10 Simply Sweet Birthday Party Invitations, and one Jumbo Cupcake for the birthday boy or girl. The Birthday Party Package price is $150.00 and includes supplies for up to 10 children. For more details, or to book a party, call 251-665-3003.

Sunshine Skate Center (251) 639-1704, 950 Hillcrest Rd. Come celebrate your birthday at Sunshine Skate Center! Choose from 3 great packages that include pizza, cokes, birthday place settings, invitations, admission and skate rentals! Visit website for details.

The Track 251-968-8111, 3200 Gulf Shore Pkwy, Gulf Shores Go-karts, bumper boats, arcade games and much more! Visit the website for more information and all of our party packages.

USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park, (251) 433-2703 Celebrate your child’s next birthday aboard the Battleship USS ALABAMA! The party can be held outside on the Fantail of the ship (back deck) or inside the ship in the Wardroom. All of your guests will enjoy touring the Battleship USS ALABAMA, Submarine USS DRUM, and the Aircraft Pavilion. We hope you will celebrate your next birthday with us at USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park! Admiral’s Package - $250 (Receive $30 off with a Family Membership)• Admission for up to 20 children (additional children are $5)• Party room or area for 2 hours• Tables and chairs provided• Set up and clean up• No charge for parking for your guests. Captain’s Package – Offer of group rate admission (Ages 12 and up $10 and Ages 6-11 $5). There are picnic facilities available in the park. To book your party, call Karen Conner at 251-433-2703 or email

The Watermelon Patch (251) 633-3288, 6417 Hillcrest Park Court, Mobile All of our parties are private events! The perfect party for ages 1-12. Offering playtime and a party room with awesome age-appropriate themes including parachute & bubbles, dodge tag fun, art, drama, pirate or princess party, pajama & beauty night, movies and much more. Visit our website to find out all the many fun options for your birthday party!

West Mobile Swim Club 251-285-7946/251-639-9714, 1355 Snow Road S, Mobile Swim on over with your friends for a pool birthday party. Parties for members and non-members available. Visit the website for details.

Xtreme Paintball (251) 639-0399, 900-A Schillinger Rd S, Mobile

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

An action-packed way to spend a birthday that is more suitable for older kids. Some fields are more of a natural setting while others are closer to structured complexes. Groups/parties must be booked in advance with a deposit. Please call the shop to book your group or party.

YMCA Birthday Parties Hearin-Chandler Family YMCA-951 Downtowner Blvd., Phone: 251-344-4856 Monte L. & Louise R. Moorer YMCA-101 N. Water Street, Phone: 251-438-1163 North Mobile Family YMCA-92 Saraland Loop, Phone: 251-679-8877 Celebrate your Birthday with a Y Pool Party! You celebrate, we clean up! 2 packages available!

Clowning Around with Smozey and Friends

(251)447-7164, Party fun for all ages. Specializing in twisted balloon creations and magic shows. Performing throughout the Gulf Coast for more than 20 years.

Dr. Gee’s Magic & Balloons

(251) 662-7415 Magic and Balloons for Parties, Promotions and Events. Well-Scripted Entertaining and Educational Magic Shows. Creative and Colorful Balloons for Everyone who Loves Balloons. Mobile and Lower Alabama, Mississippi & Florida. Great for birthdays, sleepovers, or any event that needs some extra fun! Find us on Facebook! Come see us this summer for Summer Library Magic Shows coming up in JUNE: Dr. GEE and Daffodil present BURIED TREASURE: Dig into Reading.

Ernest’s BBQ Zone Food Truck

Rentals and Entertainment Services Azalea City DJ’s

(251) 622-8708 We specialize in Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausages, Potato Salad, Baked Beans and more... Let us cater your family gatherings, office meetings, parties, and other occasions (251) 645-3614 (messages only) Cell: (251) 689-6226 Email: Azalea City DJs, Mobile DJ for all types of events.; you name it, we do it! We are energetic Dance Party Specialists and we love to play any event. Ask around town and you’ll hear it from our massive clientele. We know you want the best for your event and we promise, we are exactly that! Azalea City DJs consists of Lonn Spencer (Doctor Feelgood) and Ron Anthony (Hot Ron). We feature thousands of songs covering all genres of music from old to new and we know how to us them! We have a great light show complete with a disco ball to create an exciting party atmosphere! We use top of the line sound equipment including Matrix, Mackie mixers, EV and JBL speakers

Entertainment Services

BCM Party Ponies, (251) 241-1000 FaceTime PhotoBooth provides photo booth rental services for weddings, corporate events, private parties and more. Our photo booths are portable, stylish and sophisticated. We provide unlimited high resolution photos for your guests, personalized with custom graphics of your choice. We also offer online photo galleries, fun props, memory books and more, to help make your event truly unforgettable., (251)554-7069 We provide pony party services for birthday parties and other fun events! BCM Party Ponies will come to your home, your church, local park and much more. BCM Party Ponies will bring 2 ponies to your party/event for 2 full hours for a fee of $200. We require a $50 deposit to book your party and hold the date and time. We ask that you book a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, but parties can be booked up to one year in advance. Serving Mobile and the surrounding communities. Call or visit website for more info!

Blue Rents, (251) 479-8502 1601 East I-65 Service Road S, Mobile Blue Rents, inc. is a family owned, full service rental company serving the Gulf Coast area for over forty years. Inflatables, Games & Activities, concessions, tents, tables, and chairs. Catering and event equipment. Our party rentals are perfect for fun events.

Bounce and Slide

(251) 643-5570 Water slides, dry slides, bounce houses, popcorn/ snowball/cotton candy machines, free delivery and set up, licensed and insured, weekday discounts, discount offered to churches and schools.

CC Inflatables, (251) 610-4396 Dunking booth, inflatables, water slides, snow cone/ popcorn/cotton candy, tables & Chairs

C & J Party Train Rentals & Inflatables

(251) 973-2028; C & J Party Train Rentals & Inflatables offers customized party trains and inflatables for children’s birthday parties. “Lowest prices in town!” Locally owned and operated.

44; (800) 476-4988, (251) 626-1274, 506 Lakeshore Dr, Daphne Just leave the entertainment to us! We can provide anything related to your event, including rentals, catering, and music. Children love our parties and so do their parents! Clowns, Costumed Characters, Dunking Booth, Ventriloquists, Face Painting, Children’s Theater, Puppets, Jugglers, Imitators, Educational Programs, Story Tellers, Magicians, Rock Climbing Wall, Inflatables Arts and Crafts Classes, GyroGym, Inflatables, Rock Climbing Wall. Entertainment and Decorating for Children and Teens D.J.’s & Karaoke, Special party decorating for children & teens. Serving the Gulf Coast Area and Beyond!

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Famous Friendz; Looking for a Famous Friend to help bring your child’s party to life? We have lots of Famous Friendz to choose from that can come and visit your party or special event to really make it extra special!! We have several different party packages to choose from. Visit our website for more information!

Fun ‘n Sun Inflatables and Party Rentals

(251) 622-3393, We offer the most complete line of party and event inflatables in our area at affordable prices!! We specialize in supplying unique interactive inflatables, waterslides, as well as standard bounce houses to churches, schools, corporate venues as well as backyard parties! Children and those that are still kids at heart will love our inflatables and you can rest assured that your rentals will be set-up safely and properly with our experienced and trained staff. We also rent concession and party supplies, tents, tables and chairs.

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(251) 402-4632, 14174 US Highway 90, Grand Bay We offer pony rides, water and dry slide rentals and more. We can either bring them to you or you can come have your party on our beautiful 6 acres in Grande Bay. We have a wonderful set up with shady awnings and plenty

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Advertising: 251-304-1200


Happy Dayz Pony Rides & Party Rentals


of room to play! Give your kids a party they will never forget. Call us today for the best customer service.


251-599-9301/251-442-4904 Fun, Jumps & Slides, Find us on Facebook!


Jingles & Friends


Jubilee Jumpers


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(251) 623-9814; Clowns!, (251) 895-5749 or email us at Our goal is to offer our customers clean and affordable jumpers for your birthday parties or events. Please be sure to check our Discounts and Promotions page at for daily and weekly specials. And remember all of our rentals come with free delivery, setup, breakdown and pickup.

Jumpin Beans Inflatables

(251) 225-0903, 3000 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island Find us on Facebook! We have Water Slides, Dry Slides and Bounces that we rent for birthday parties, family reunions and other events. During the Spring and Summer months, we have Water Slides set up on the beach at Dauphin Island, AL.

Jumps-a-Lot (251) 633-6676, 302 Schillinger Rd S. The largest variety of Inflatables available. Slides, obstacles, jumper’s, Inflatables, Rock Wall Climbs, balloons, yard grams & signs, tents & chairs, concession supplies & machine rentals, party supplies, & The Rolling Party Spot (Mobile Gaming Trailer)

Magic Memories Photography LLC – Photo Booth Rental

4421 Radian Dr. Mobile, (251) 490-5693 Photo booth rentals are a great addition to any special occasion. Our unique photo booth is fully customizable to fit your needs. Whether you want a small photo booth for just a few people or a large setup to accommodate ten people, we can handle it. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events, class reunions, retirement parties, bah mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, Mardi Gras events, proms, school dances, spring festivals, music festivals, football parties or just any time you want to add some excitement to any event please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Mobile Popcorn or (251) 479-2492, 3333-C Cottage Hill Rd., Mobile Whether you are having a birthday party and are looking for Jumper Inflatables, Cotton Candy Machines, Sno-Kone Machines, Extra Chairs and Tables, Hot Dog Steamers, and more, we have you covered. Also offering a full line of catering supplies.

Rainbow Amusement, (251) 459-1864 Our games are for lease or sale. We have pool tables, coin-op video games, darts, cranes, and air hockey. We carry all brands of games. These are great for Party Rentals of all sizes. You can rely on us for pinball machines, redemption, and even jukeboxes.Take a look at our online inventory to meet your entertainment needs. We carry the latest equipment mixed with classics such as Ms Pacman, Galaga, Centipede, and Tron. If we don’t have it, we can get it.

Reno’s Reptiles to You!

y; (850) 393-3004 We Bring Our Reptile World To Your Home! Fun birthday party! Shows are 1 hour long. The birthday boy or girl gets to be the assistant during the whole show so he or she gets to handle everything, (that they want to), there friends will also get the chance to handle a large monitor and a couple of snakes, pet an alligator, and




feed a 70lb tortoise. Here is what we will have at the show...Hissing cockroaches ,tarantula, scorpion, bearded dragons ,savannah monitors, iguana, rat & corn snake, ,false water cobra, carpet python, spur thigh tortoise, and a 14 foot reticulated python and a alligator. We travel to the Mobile area.

Smokin Gringo’s Taco Truck, (251) 458-6890 House Parties, Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties & More. Bring in the taco truck to feed your Party.

Star Karaoke with Debra Lewis

(251) 653-0053; Mobile’s Best Karaoke Company –Great for birthday parties.

Space Walk of Mobile

(228) 588-6376 Space Walk & Inflatable Zoo is one of the first inflatable amusement rental companies in the United


States. As the originator of the industry, we are unique. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service to ensure the Space Walk name is synonymous with quality, safety, expert craftsmanship and most importantly - FUN! It’s easy to see why everyone says that Space Walk is “The Expert in the Inflatable Amusement Industry!” This philosophy shows up in every single aspect of our operation and allows us to live up to our company motto: “Here comes Fun!” We service ALL of Mobile County-Mobile, Semmes, Theodore, Saraland and more! BRAND NEW Units and always CLEAN!!!

Sunshine the Clown

(251) 442-0007 Balloon artist, magic tricks & balloons!

Uncle Joe’s Rolling Zoo

(251)866-7713, 13125 Malone Rd, Chunchula Petting zoo that comes to you! MBP

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Ce co ph cia po dir ca ho

Summer Safety Slip-ups


els tie els wa ing Ph so Sc nia in ch

And How to PLAY IT SAFE by Sandra Gordon

No big deal, you think—so what if my child doesn’t want to wear his helmet. He can go for a bike ride without it just this once. Or you get caught up in conversation at a pool party instead of keeping an eye on your toddler. It’s no surprise that accidents happen, even when we’re trying to be careful. But because we’re outside more and the days are longer, summer can be an especially dangerous time. According to SafeKids Worldwide, there’s an 89 percent increase in children drowning in the summer months and a 45 percent surge in bike-riding deaths. Fortunately, turning your child’s summer into a safety zone is a matter of making a few precautionary tweaks. Here are some small risks you might be taking that can lead to big problems, and our top tips for avoiding them.

Safety slip-up: Tossing charcoal

after a BBQ. Cleaning out the grill and disposing of coals in a remote section of Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


of co pa su yo on

your yard or campground or at the beach may seem like a good idea because it’s far away from everyone. Trouble is, kids run all over the place in the summer and they’re often barefoot. “Charcoal can get up to 1,000 degrees F,” says John Drengenberg, the consumer safety director at Underwriters Laboratories, in Northbrook, Illinois. Even if the coals don’t look hot, they can retain their heat for hours. And it only takes a moment’s contact with a scorching coal to seriously burn a child’s delicate foot.

in different colors, such as purple, blue and red, and can easily be upturned and ingested. Another common mistake parents of young children make: “They’ll pour gasoline for the lawn mower into a smaller container, like a measuring cup, and leave that sitting around,” says Rose Ann Soloway, R.N., a clinical toxicologist at the National Capital Poison Center in Washington, D.C. In addition to being poisonous, “Kids can swallow it or breathe it into their lungs, causing aspiration pneumonitis, which can be fatal,” Soloway says.

Play it safe: Whether you’re at home,

Play it safe: Store tiki oil in its origi-

at the beach or camping, cool down hot coals before disposing of them. Douse them with a garden hose or a bucket of water after cleaning out the grill.

Safety slip-up: Keeping tiki oil with-

in your child’s reach. Toddlers and older kids are drawn to anything that looks like juice. Tiki oil, which is used more in the summer, to light tiki torches, comes 46

nal container out of your child’s sight and reach, in a locked cabinet just like you do medicine and vitamins. The same goes for gas, charcoal lighter fluid, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. These containers don’t have child-resistant caps, which a determined toddler may be able to override anyway. If you believe your child has something potentially poisonous, call the Poison Control Advertising: 251-304-1200



5 M



e d r-

a p, se n-

Center at 1-800-222-1222. You’ll be connected with a nurse, physician or pharmacist at a local center who is specially trained in recognizing and treating poisoning. Do this instead of heading directly to a hospital emergency room or call 911—you’ll get the fastest advice on how to handle the situation.

Safety slip-up: Assuming someone

else is watching the kids. “At pool parties, many parents assume somebody else is watching. Mom assumes Dad’s watching. Dad assumes Mom’s watching and it’s easy to get distracted,” says Phyllis F. Agran, M.D., M.P.H., professor emeritus of pediatrics at the UCI School of Medicine, in Irvine, California. Even a few unsupervised minutes in the water can be deadly for a young child.

friends.” But don’t think it’s enough to make your older kids, who are having fun too, keep an eye on your younger ones. Make that supervisor your spouse or another adult.

Safety slip-up: Letting your older child ride his bike without a helmet. Studies show that kids ages 11 to 15 tend to wear helmets less often than younger ones.

Play it safe: Be on helmet patrol. A

bike helmet can reduce the risk of bicycle-related traumatic brain injury by up to 88 percent. So, of course, you’ll want to make sure everyone—you included— is protected with a properly fitted helmet whenever you ride. Keep on your older child to always wear one.

Play it safe: Assign a supervisor. One

of you needs to be officially on duty and concentrating on your child. At pool parties with children present, designate a supervisor and make it clear by saying to your spouse, for example, “Okay, you’re on duty while I’m chatting with our

Safety slip-up: Keeping the wading

pool filled. “Young kids can drown in an inch of water or less,” says Drengenberg, so don’t think the water in your child’s baby pool is harmless.

Play it safe: “Dump the wading pool

when you’re done with it,” Drengenberg

says. “And turn it upside down so it doesn’t catch rain water.” In fact, empty all outdoor containers of water after use, including five-gallon buckets and insulated coolers; they’re a formidable drowning hazard.

Safety slip-up: Leaving your

medication on the hotel night stand. “When we’re traveling, it’s often much easier for youngsters to get into things that might be safely stored at home,” says Soloway. We stow medication and vitamins in suitcases, on night stands-places that are accessible to children, she says.

Play it safe: If you don’t have access

to a locked cabinet, store your medication and vitamins out of your child’s reach just like you would at home. Do the same at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, too, and do a safety check. Make sure any medication or vitamins they take aren’t accessible to your child.

Sandra Gordon is a journalist specializing in health and nutrition. She’s the author of Consumer Reports Best Baby Products.

Keith Harvey Orthodontics Ask us about Insignia Advanced Smile Design. Hi-tech 3D smile design technology creates beautiful smiles quickly and comfortably with fewer appointments; patients can preview new smile before treatment begins.

w g


e d,


u nol


58 Mobile Street Mobile, AL 36607 (251) 479-9597

W. Keith Harvey, DMD, PC Orthodontics for Children & Adults Visit


Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Family Calendar Ongoing

Civil War Fort Gaines Historic Site, Dauphin Island. For more info call (251) 861-6992. Concerts in the Park Sponsored by Mobile Pops Band. For more info call (251) 679-4876. Fort Conde Welcome Center Sponsored by Mobile Convention & Visitors Corp. Mobile. For more info call (251) 208-7658. Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center Government St. Mon. - Fri., 9 - 5; Sat, 10 - 5; Sun, noon - 5. Adults (19 - 59)/ $14; youth (13 - 18) & senior citizens (60+)/ $12.50; children/ $12; Combo tickets include a viewing of an IMAX film: $18; $17; $15.50. HandsOn South Alabama (Formerly Volunteer Mobile, Inc.). For information on Local Volunteer Opportunities, contact 251-4334456, Joe Jefferson Players Mobile. For information call (251) 471-1534. LODA Artwalk Second Fridays in Downtown – LoDa Arts District. Exhibitions (with receptions) and entertainment in a variety of downtown galleries and other venues. City of Mobile Neighborhood and Community Services. 6 - 9 p.m. Check NCS website for complete list of activities/map after noon the day of the event. For more information, please contact: 251-208-7443 or visit Mobile Ballet For information about performances call (251) 3422241 or visit Mobile International Speedway Irvington. For information call (251) 957-2026. Mobile Opera Mobile. For information call (251) 476-7372. Mobile Symphony Mobile. For information call (251) 432-2010. Oakleigh Museum House Mobile. For information call (251) 432-1281. Richards-Dar House Museum Mobile. For information call (251) 208-7320. USS Alabama Battleship 2703 Battles Parkway, Mobile. (251) 433-2703. VSA Arts & Easter Festival Mobile. For information call (251) 343-0958.


APAC - Mobile County Adoptive Family Group Meets the 4th Friday of each month from 6 - 7:30 p.m. Regency Church of Christ, 501 S. University Blvd., Mobile. Parent, Youth/Teen Group and Childcare Is Provided. Topic Discussions & ceu’s for foster families are offered. For more information please call 251-460-2727 * 1-800-489-1886 * or estokes@ Azalea City Harmony Chorus of Sweet Adelines Meets/rehearses each Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Corner of Sage Ave. and Airport Blvd. For more info call 251-380-0579 or visit www.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


Mobile Bay Area La Leche League Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. The number to call for the location is 251689-2085. We can also be found on Facebook at mobile bay area la leche league. The Family Center • Nurturing Parenting (Mobile) course teaches parenting skills such as teaching cooperation and peaceful bedtimes. Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., 12-wk rotating series. Held at The Exchange Club Family Center of Mobile, 601 Bel Air Blvd, Suite 100. Call 251-479-5700 to register. June 19: Behavior Charts & Token Economies June 26: Home Safety • Nurturing Parenting (Daphne), everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., 12-week rotating series. Jump in on any Thursday! Call 251-626-1610 to register, 27365 Pollard Rd., Daphne, near the YMCA. June 20: Behavior Charts & Token Economies June 27: Home Safety • Father Central Classes (listed below) in Mobile and Daphne are completely free. Father Central classes offer you free Wal-mart giftcards up to $150, free supper, free gas cards or bus passes, free parent coaching and childcare during class is free! All class materials are free and a certificate of completion is awarded. Participants who refer a friend to a Father Central program receive a $10 giftcard! Must call to schedule advance intake appointment. www. Father Central of Mobile Classes are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m., $150 worth of Wal-mart giftcards possible. • June 24: A Child’s Needs: Financial, Time, Modeling, Etc. • Together We Can: Helping Everyone Cope With Divorce. Mondays, 8 weeks. $50 Wal-mart giftcard upon completion. • Positive Fathering, A New & Improved Parenting Class Just For Men. Tuesdays, 12 weeks. $75 WalMart giftcard upon completion. June 18: The Father Thirst Epidemic June 25: The Four Whole Life Needs of Children • Chill Skills. Thursdays, 4 weeks. $25 Wal-mart giftcard upon completion. June 20: Stress, Anger Management & Acceptance, Relaxation June 27: Emotional Intelligence & Techniques July 6: Defining, Responding To & Learning from Anger July 13: Defining Abuse & Learning to Cope & Communicate July 20: Stress, Anger Management & Acceptance, Relaxation July 27: Emotional Intelligence & Techniques 251-479-5700 to get started in Father Central, held at The Exchange Club Family Center of Mobile, 601 Bel Air Blvd, Suite 100. www.familycentermobile. org or • Positive Fathering, A New & Improved Parenting Class Just For Men, $75 giftcard upon completion. Mondays, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Call 251-626-1610 to register, held at The Exchange Club Family Center of Baldwin County, 27365 Pollard Rd, near the YMCA. June 24: My Challenges as a Dad • Chill Skills Anger Management by appointment. $25 giftcard upon completion. Call 251-626-1610 for schedule. The Exchange Club Family Center of Baldwin


County, 27365 Pollard Rd, near the YMCA. • Nurturing Parenting, everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., 12-week rotating series. Jump in on any Thursday! Call 251-626-1610 to register, 27365 Pollard Rd, Daphne. near the YMCA. Mobile Infirmary Hospital For complete information about class dates, times, and locations, or to schedule a tour of our maternity center, please call the childbirth education office at (251) 435-2000. • Alzheimer’s Support Group Meetings for families and caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Meets every second Thursday of every month. E.A. Roberts Alzheimer’s Center, 169 Mobile Infirmary Blvd. Preregistration Not required. Free. Call 251-435-6950 for more information. 10-11 a.m. • Birthing Basics Class This course is for parents who either have already experienced childbirth or who prefer to attend just one class because of time constraints. The four-hour weekend session (with breaks) includes a tour and all birthing information. The fee is $30 for patients delivering at Mobile Infirmary. Pre-registration is required; call 435-2000. Every last Sunday of the month. 3:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. • Cancer Support Group Meets every 4th Tuesday of the month from 10-11 a.m. • Gastric Band Support Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-7 p.m. • Gastric Bypass Support Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month from 6-7 p.m. • Preparation for Childbirth Series This series of classes includes all aspects of labor including natural coping skills and epidural anesthesia. Class participants will practice comfort measures and learn about post-delivery and newborn care. A maternity tour is included. Providence Hospital: Providence Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of classes on childbirth issues. All classes are located in Conference Room I (located just inside the main lobby doors of the hospital beside the Gift Shop) unless otherwise specified. To register for classes or for more information, you may call 639-2938 to speak with our Childbirth Educator, Kathy Wade RN, or email For Daytime Breastfeeding classes only, you may call Marcia Ranew RN, our Lactation Consultant at 633-1749 or email Support Groups • Providence Hospital Breast “Friends” Meets the second Friday of every month at noon in the Moore Conference Room. The Moore Conference Room is located in the cafeteria. Call Robi Jones for more information, 251-639-2852. • Diabetes Support Group Classes meet in the Diabetes Center, Suite D-436 in the Providence Medical Office Plaza. Call 251-6331987 for more information. Spring Hill Medical Center: • Better Breathers Support Group Meeting For people with pulmonary disorders. Meets on the fourth Monday of each month. 2-3 p.m. Gerald Wallace Auditorium. For more information, call 461-2438.

Advertising: 251-304-1200


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Family Calendar • Breastfeeding Class One Wednesday per month. 6:30-8:30 p.m.
at The Family Center. Benefits of breastfeeding, getting started, going back to work and FAQs are covered. Call 340-7770 early to pre-register. • Childbirth Preparation Classes Four consecutive Mondays (6:30-9 p.m.) at
The Family Center. Register early. The class covers onset of labor, inductions, Cesarean sections, relaxation, anesthesia and postpartum. Includes a tour of the maternity units.
Cost: $25 if delivering at Springhill Hospital.

Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • Childbirth Preparation: Accelerated Course
 One Saturday per month. 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at The Family Center. Ideal for those who live out of town or will be delivering soon. 
$25. Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • Me, Too! A Tour for Siblings Noon on the First Sunday of the month. Join us for an individualized tour and instruction for siblings ages 9 and younger. The event includes a tour of the maternity areas and tips on helping parents with the new baby. Parents must remain with their children.
 By Appointment ONLY. Call 3407769 to schedule an appointment. • Infant CPR
 Learn this potentially life-saving technique while you are pregnant or soon after your baby’s birth. Covers infant CPR and choking. $5 if delivering at SMC. 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. The Family Center (Bldg. 2, Fourth Floor). Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • NAMI Mobile Support Group A support group for family members of those who suffer from mental illness. Meetings are held the third Monday of every month. For more information: Diane Kent at 591-8021. 6-7 p.m., Spring Hill Baptist Church Activity Center. • Resolve Through Sharing For parents who have lost a child before or immediately after birth. Meets the fourth Monday of every month, 7-8 p.m. Gerald Wallace Auditorium. Call 460-5323. USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital Classes: Advance reservations are required and may be made by calling 415-1069. No children at classes, please. Class size is limited. Advanced payment required to secure your reservation. If you are expecting multiples or having a c-section, please call for additional class information. • Preparing for Childbirth All-day Saturday class for the expectant mother and her support person (coach). Topics include: pregnancy changes, labor, role of the support coach, relaxation and breathing techniques, vaginal and cesarean births, postpartum care, and a tour of the maternity areas. Fee per couple: $30. You should plan on beginning the 3-week series when you are approximately 28 weeks pregnant. Class will meet in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital. Every other month, 9-2. • Childbirth in a Nutshell This class includes a brief overview of labor and a tour of the maternity areas. Class meets first Tuesday every other month from 6:30-9 p.m. in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital. Fee per couple: $15. • Breastfeeding This one-night class is for expectant and newly delivered mothers and their support persons who want to learn about breastfeeding. Topics include



advantages, myths and facts, getting started, correct positioning, latching on, engorgement, returning to work and problem-solving. Class meets second Thursday from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital Fee: $5. Registration Information: Payments are accepted by check, money order, cash and credit card. Make checks and money orders payable to USACW Education Department. Credit card payments are accepted by calling 415-1685. Mail payments for classes to: University of South Alabama, Children’s & Women’s Hospital, Education Department, 1700 Center St., Mobile, AL 36604.

Wednesday, June 19

Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens This program runs on Wednesdays from June 5 - July 31. Who knew Wednesday could be so wonderful? Every Wednesday, enjoy a special program about Bellingrath Gardens and Home, gardening, local history and nature. Wonderful Wednesdays at Bellingrath is the perfect place to bring a friend and spend time among 65 acres of blooms! Gardens Admission ($12 for adults & $ 6.50 for children 5-12) is charged for non-members attending programs unless otherwise listed. There are additional charges to tour the Home and/or to take the River Cruise. Call 251.973.2217 X 111 for reservations and visit for the topics.

Thursday, June 20

Matinee at the Main - The Lion King Join us at the Ben May Main Library at 1 p.m. for The Lion King. For more information please call 2087097. Mobile Museum of Art – Free Admission Day/ Museum Nights The Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Free all day each Thursday, open until 9 p.m. The Mobile Museum of Art (MMoA) presents weekly programs and happenings highlighting our permanent collection and special exhibitions to start your weekend early: Thursday Nights at MMoA, 5-9 p.m. Join us each week to experience the museum in new and exciting ways throughout the year. Thursdays at the Museum Summer Edition: Bring the Kids. During the dog days of summer, when the days are long and hot, simply head to the cool scene at the Museum. On select Thursdays in June, July, and August, current exhibitions will serve as inspiration for free activities for kids. In the Grand Lakefront Gallery, 5 – 7 p.m., Museum educators will offer know-how and supplies to help youngsters create their own personal masterpieces. Check the museum website for more info as summertime nears. No reservations necessary. (4850 Museum Drive). Please visit http:// for more information. Market on the Hill New Location! Corner of University Blvd. & Old Shell Road. Thursdays – May 23-July 25 from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Shop for Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Baked Goods, Plants, Honeys, Handcrafter artwork and More! Westside Tailgate Market Every Thursday in June, from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Location - 2320 Schillinger Rd., S. If you need more information, call 251-633-9701 or email todd@


Friday, June 21

Meet & Greet Distinguished Young Women Meet the 50 finalists in the Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program on Friday, June 21 near the fountain at Bel Air Mall. Receive a complementary keepsake poster to collect the autographs of your favorite finalist! Time TBA Fountain near JCPenney & Belk (Bel Air Mall) For more information, please call 251-478-1893.

Saturday, June 22

Family DIY Artwork Workshop – Space 301 Space 301-1:00 p.m. Families will create a painting for the home using a fun technique. Class fee includes all materials. Workshop space is limited; class is best suited for ages 5 and up. $15/ Member discounts available. Call Brennan Gibson at 208- 5658 or email to sign up. Mobile Botanical Gardens Marketplace Saturdays Marketplace Saturdays is from 9-11 a.m. every Saturday through June 30. Buy native plants, get great ideas from experts and support the Gardens. Location: Mobile Botanical Gardens, 5151 Museum Dr. Please visit Market on the Square Through Sunday, July 28. Shop for the freshest crop in town! This time of year is our favorite because you can get locally grown: tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, seafood, flowers, plants, baked breads, pastas, casseroles, pies, handcrafted goods and so much more. Stay for live music on the green! This year we will be adding organic vegetables as well. 7:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Cathedral Square.

Monday, June 24

Treasure Hunt - 2B Ranch Wild West Show Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Wild West Show: Saraland Library - 10:30 a.m. Semmes Branch - 1 p.m., Moorer/Spring Hill Branch - 3 p.m.

Tuesday, June 25

Saraland Library - Movies You Will DIG Tuesdays, 1 p.m. Ages 6 & up, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rated PG - 115 minutes. Treasure Hunt - 2B Ranch Wild West Show Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Wild West Show: West Regional Branch - 11 a.m. Theodore Oaks Branch - 2 p.m.

Wednesday, June 26

Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens This program runs on Wednesdays from June 5 - July 31. Who knew Wednesday could be so wonderful? Every Wednesday, enjoy a special program about Bellingrath Gardens and Home, gardening, local history and nature. Wonderful Wednesdays at Bellingrath is the perfect place to bring a friend and spend time among 65 acres of blooms! Gardens Admission ($12 for adults & $ 6.50 for children 5-12) is charged for non-members attending programs unless otherwise listed. There are additional charges to tour the Home and/or to take the River Cruise. Call 251.973.2217 X 111 for reservations and visit for the topics.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Family Calendar Treasure Hunt - 2B Ranch Wild West Show Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Wild West Show: Main Library - 9:30 & 11 a.m., & 1 p.m., Parkway Branch - 3 p.m. Toulminville Library - The Big Show Movies on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. Ages 5 & up, Madagascar 3, Rated PG - 93 minutes.

Thursday, June 27

Distinguished Young Women For more than 56 years, Mobile, Alabama has been the home of Distinguished Young Women, formerly the America’s Junior Miss scholarship program. Each year fifty of the nation’s brightest and most accomplished young women visit the Gulf Coast to compete for more than $100,000 in cash scholarships and the opportunity to represent the program as the Distinguished Young Woman of America. The 56th National Finals will be held at the Mobile Civic Center Theater. For more information, visit http:// Treasure Hunt - 2B Ranch Wild West Show Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Wild West Show: Trinity Gardens Community Library - 10 a.m., Toulminville Branch - 1 & 2:30 p.m. Movie at the Library - Ben May Main Library Featured Flicks -Thursdays, 1 p.m., Land Before Time, Rated G - 69 minutes. Moorer/Spring Hill - Thursday Matinee Thursdays, 1:30 p.m., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Rated PG - 115 minutes. Family Feature Film Join us at 6:00 p.m. at the Saraland Public Library for Monsters, Inc. For information call 675-2879. Mobile Museum of Art – Free Admission Day/ Museum Nights See June 20 for more information. Market on the Hill New Location! Corner of University Blvd. & Old Shell Road. Thursdays through July 25 from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Shop for: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Baked Goods, Plants, Honeys, Handcrafter artwork and More! Westside Tailgate Market Every Thursday in June, from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Location - 2320 Schillinger Rd., S. If you need more information, call 251-633-9701 or email todd@

Friday, June 28

Distinguished Young Women See June 27 for more information.

Saturday, June 29

Something Special - Recycled Robots At 10:30 at the Moorer/Springhill Branch of the library we will read Cookiebot! and then make our own robots from recycled materials. Registration is required for groups. For more information or to register, please call 470-7770 or email mlmref@ Mobile Botanical Gardens Marketplace Saturdays Marketplace Saturdays is from 9-11 a.m. every Saturday through June 30. Buy native plants, get great ideas from experts and support the Gardens. Location: Mobile Botanical Gardens, 5151 Museum

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


Dr. Please visit Market on the Square Through Sunday, July 28. Shop for the freshest crop in town! This time of year is our favorite because you can get locally grown: tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, seafood, flowers, plants, baked breads, pastas, casseroles, pies, handcrafted goods and so much more. Stay for live music on the green! This year we will be adding organic vegetables as well. 7:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Cathedral Square. Distinguished Young Women See June 27 for more information.

Monday, July 1

The Raptor Show - Environmental Studies Center Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Raptor Show: Saraland Library - 10:30 a.m. Semmes Branch - 1 p.m. Moorer/Spring Hill Branch - 3 p.m. USA Piano Camp Faculty Concert Pianist Jerry Alan Bush performs a recital of music by Liszt, Respighi, Granados, Mussorgsky and Grieg. $5 general admission. 3:00pm. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, July 2

The Raptor Show - Environmental Studies Center Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Raptor Show: West Regional Branch - 11 a.m. Theodore Oaks Branch - 2 p.m. Saraland Library - Movies You Will DIG Tuesdays, 1 p.m., Ages 6 & up, Land Before Time, Rated G - 69 minutes. USA Piano Camp Faculty Concert At 3:00 p.m. pianists James Helton and Paul Kenyon perform music from early and late in the career of Brahms. $5 general admission. Info at www.

Wednesday, July 3

The Raptor Show - Environmental Studies Center Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for the Raptor Show: Main Library - 9:30 & 11 a.m., & 1 p.m. Parkway Branch - 3 p.m. Toulminville Library - The Big Show Library Movies on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. Ages 5 & up. Wreck-It Ralph, Rated PG - 108 minutes.

Thursday, July 4

Mobile Pops Band Independence Day Concert and Fireworks Mobile Battleship Park (on the Mobile Bay Causeway). Free admission. Fireworks follow the concert. 7 p.m. Info at Mobile Bay Bears Game and 4th of July Fun Celebrate the 4th of July with a BayBears baseball game. There will be a hot dog eating contest, root beer floats and a big fireworks show after the game. (Hank Aaron Stadium-755 Bolling Brothers Blvd.) Please visit for more information. Fireworks at Dauphin Island Come join us on July 4 at dark at the Park & Beach Board Beach next to the DI Elementary School for our annual Fireworks show.


Fairhope’s Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks Display Fairhope’s Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks Display. 251-929-1466. Free. Henry George Park and Fairhope Municipal Pier-The Baldwin Pops Band Independence Day Concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. with a variety of patriotic music before and after the fireworks display. The fireworks display will begin at approximately 9 p.m. Grand Bay Watermelon Festival Shine & Show A July 4 tradition since 1973, the Grand Bay Watermelon Festival offers tourists and locals an opportunity to sample locally grown watermelon while enjoying local music, arts & crafts, and informative displays from area merchants and service providers. Festival Park, Hwy 90, Grand Bay, AL. Gates open at 8:00 a.m. $5 Per Vehicle Admission Charged. Free Sliced Watermelon To Eat! Largest children’s area-Petting Zoo, Train Rides, Pony Rides, Moon Walks, Face Painting, Games for the young and young at heart, & Much More, arts & crafts, entertainment, Food booths. For more information, please visit Gulf Shores Independence Day (Gulf Shores Main Beach) Families can celebrate our nation’s birthday with fireworks on the beach. Festivities begin at 9 p.m. and are visible on any area of Gulf Shores beach. Tune radios to 105.7 to hear patriotic music during the show. 2512.968.1172, Daphne Jubilee Independence Day Fireworks Display Fireworks will light up the skies above Daphne on Mobile Bay at the Trione Sports Park. Lawn chairs or blankets are suggested. 251.621.8222, www. Fort Morgan Salute to American Independence Gulf Shores. Fort Morgan Salute to American Independence . 251-540-7202. Admission charged. Fort Morgan State Historic Site-Independence Day is celebrated at Fort Morgan with artillery firing, small arms firing and special tours of the Fort. 10 a.m.-3 p.m. “4th at the Wharf” (Orange Beach) Celebrate Independence Day with Fireworks at The Wharf! Fireworks, Spectra Light Show, Family Fun Zone, live music, food and drinks! There is no better place to celebrate than at The Wharf! For more information, please visit


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Friday, July 5

Saenger Night Live “Saenger Nite Live” will begin with an early-evening street party in front of the Saenger, followed by an hour-long variety show that will feature various acts including skits from Joe Jefferson Players and other community theatre groups. Each installment will then be capped by a 90-minute concert by a band. Coastal bluegrass group Delta Reign will headline the first installment on June 21. Admission is $10. Visit http:// for more information. Alabama in Concert at the Amphitheater 8:00 p.m. Amphitheater at the Wharf. For more information, please visit http://

Monday, July 8

The Gingerbread Man - Puppets By David Stephens Special events at the library. Come join us at the

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Family Calendar following branches for The Gingerbread Man: Saraland Library - 10:30 a.m. Semmes Branch - 1 p.m., Moorer/Spring Hill Branch - 3 p.m.

Tuesday, July 9

The Gingerbread Man - Puppets By David Stephens Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for The Gingerbread Man: West Regional Branch - 11 a.m. Theodore Oaks Branch - 2 p.m. Saraland Library - Movies You Will DIG Tuesdays, 1 p.m., Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, Rated PG – 95 minutes.

Wednesday, July 10

The Gingerbread Man - Puppets By David Stephens Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for The Gingerbread Man: Main Library - 9:30 & 11 a.m., & 1 p.m., Parkway Branch - 3 p.m. Learning Lunch History Museum of Mobile – The War and Mobile Roundtable discussion with Sidney Phillips, Katherine Phillips Singer, and David E. Alsobrook, PhD (Director, History Museum of Mobile) Learning Lunch. Bring lunch; complimentary beverages provided. Noon. History Museum of Mobile (111 S. Royal St.).


For more information, please contact 251-2087569/ Toulminville Library - The Big Show Movies Movies on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. Ages 5 & up, Rise of the Guardians, Rated PG - 97 minutes. Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens Topic: Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2012 with L. Craig Roberts, Architect, AIA. See June 26th for more information.

Thursday, July 11

$63.00 (additional fees apply). Tickets available at the Mobile Civic Center Box Office, at all Ticketmaster Outlets, by phone at 800-745-3000 or online at Mobile Museum of Art – Free Admission Day/ Museum Nights See June 20 for more information. Market on the Hill See June 20 for more information.

Friday, July 12

Movie at the Library - Ben May Main Library Featured Flicks -Thursdays, 1 p.m., Holes, Rated PG - 118 minutes. Moorer/Spring Hill - Thursday Matinee Thursdays, 1:30 p.m., Hook, Rated PG - 141 minutes. The Gingerbread Man - Puppets By David Stephens Special events at the library. Come join us at the following branches for The Gingerbread Man: Toulminville Branch - 1 & 2:30 p.m. Jerry Seinfeld Live America’s Premier Comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, will be performing his signature stand-up routine at the Mobile Civic Center at 7 p.m. Seinfeld has been hailed for his uncanny ability to joke about the little things in life that relate to audiences everywhere. Seinfeld now sets his sights on performing both nationally and internationally in 2013. Ticket Prices: $77.50 and

Joe Jefferson Players Presents The Cemetery Club This endearing and humorous comedy-drama follows three Jewish widows who meet once a month for tea before going to visit their husband’s graves. Ida is sweet tempered and ready to begin a new life, Lucille is a feisty embodiment of the girl who just wants to have fun, and Doris is priggish and judgmental, particularly when Sam the butcher enters the scene. Doris and Lucille squash the budding romance between Sam and Ida and are guilt stricken when this nearly breaks Ida’s heart. A funny, touching, sweet tempered comedy that provides pure pleasure and will make you glad you came to the theater. Please visit for more information. LoDa Artwalk Exhibitions (with receptions) and entertainment in a variety of downtown galleries and other venues. City of Mobile Neighborhood and

Come see us. We’re in a good mood, but...

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Feed an alligator!

Have the best Birthday Party See over 300 alligators up close! ever here at Nature walk on elevated boardwalk. Alligator Alley! Call for details.

..with an attitude!

View alligator feedings.

Get up close and personal with big alligators!

Field Trips/Birthday Parties available. Fun for the entire family!

Safe for kids!

Open Every Day 10am- 5pm!

1-866-99-GATOR 19950 Hwy 71 • Summerdale, AL Visit 51

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Family Calendar Community Services. Second Fri., 6 - 9 p.m. LoDa Arts District (LOwer DAuphin St) Check NCS website for complete list of activities/map after noon the day of the event. 251-208-1550/

Saturday, July 13

Dig Into Reading Finale Join the fun at our Groundbreaking Finale of the Summer Reading, July 13, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Mobile Museum of Art. Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament The Roy Martin Young Anglers Tournament is designed to bring families together and encourage sportsmanship. The tournament takes place on the Saturday before the Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. RMYAT is for children 15 years and younger and it typically attracts more than 1500 young anglers. The one-day event features 31 categories with prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in all categories. One Master Angler is awarded. All participants receive a Zeigler hot dog, a Coca Cola, a Blue Bell ice cream, and a certificate. Winners will receive Mobile Bay Bears tickets. All proceeds benefit the Mobile Jaycees Children’s Christmas Shopping Tour. Drink-N-Scrawl For all writers - an excuse to “get out of your writing cave;” buy your own drink/food, take notes, write, and network with other writers.


Mobile Writers’ Guild. Second Sat, Jun – Aug, 2 – 4 p.m. Bluegill Restaurant (3775 Battleship Pkwy, Spanish Fort). The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.

Sunday, July 14 The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.

Wednesday, July 17

Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens Topic: Kids’ Kruise & Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Join us for our annual lunch cruise on the Fowl River just for kids! Dauphin Island Sea Lab will be here with their Touch Table, too! Bring the kids, order your bag lunch and enjoy a fun filled cruise on Fowl River. 11:00 - 1:00 Reservations Required. Kid’s Kruise Gardens Admission - MEMBERS $16.00 for adults, $11.00 for children 5-12 & $6 for children 4 and under. NON-MEMBERS $28 for adults, $17.50 for children 5-12 & $6 for children 4 and under. Call 251.973.2217 X 110 for reservation.

Thursday, July 18

Mobile Museum of Art – Free Admission Day/ Museum Nights See June 20 for more information

Market on the Hill See June 20 for more information.

Friday, July 19

Oliver at Playhouse in the Park The Playhouse-in-the-Park present the hit Broadway musical OLIVER! by Lionel Bart based on Charles Dickens’ classic novel. The dates will be (Fridays & Saturdays) July 19, 20, 26, 27, August 2, 3, 9 &10 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday matinees on July 21, 28, August 4 & 11 at 2:30 p.m. at the Playhouse. Tickets are $12 for students and seniors, $15 for adults. Call 602-0630 for reservations (recommended!) A great show for all ages! Please visit http://www. for more information. Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo July 19-21. The 80th Annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo, a Project of the Mobile Jaycees, is the largest fishing tournament in the world. The ADSFR is a 3-day Captain’s Choice tournament and a Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) sanctioned event. The total awards package is valued at over $400,000 and anchored by two boat, motor, and trailer packages. The 3-day event features 30 categories with prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all categories. One Master Angler is also awarded along with cash prizes for King Mackerel, Speckled Trout and Big Game Jackpots. For more information, please visit http://


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Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013


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ent st,



Saturday, July 20

Matinee at the Main - The Lion King Join us at the Ben May Main Library at 1 p.m. for The Lion King. For more information please call 208-7097. Oliver at Playhouse in the Park See July 19 for more information. “Wild M Out” Comedy Showcase Comedy Showcase at the Saenger Theatre. Please visit for more information. Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo See July 19 for more information. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information. Mobile Museum of Art – Free Admission Day/ Museum Nights The Museum is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Free all day each Thursday - Open until 9 p.m. Thursday. Thursday evenings, 5 p.m. until 9 p.m. The Mobile Museum of Art (MMoA) presents weekly programs and happenings highlighting our permanent collection and special exhibitions to start your weekend early: Thursday Nights at MMoA. Join us each week to experience the museum in new and exciting ways throughout the year. Thursdays at the Museum Summer Edition: Bring the Kids-

During the dog days of summer, when the days are long and hot, simply head to the cool scene at the Museum. On select Thursdays in June, July, and August, current exhibitions will serve as inspiration for free activities for kids. In the Grand Lakefront Gallery, 5 – 7 p.m., Museum educators will offer know-how and supplies to help youngsters create their own personal masterpieces. Check the museum website for more info as summertime nears. No reservations necessary. (4850 Museum Drive). Please visit for more information. Market on the Hill New Location! Corner of University Blvd. & Old Shell Road. Thursdays through July 25 from 2-6 p.m. Shop for: Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Baked Goods, Plants, Honeys, Handcrafter artwork and More! Westside Tailgate Market Every Thursday in May and June, from 4 - 7 p.m. Location - 2320 Schillinger Rd., S. If you need any more information, please call 251-633-9701 or email

Sunday, July 21

Oliver at Playhouse in the Park See July 19 for more information. Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo See July 19 for more information. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.

Monday, July 22

Mobile Botanical Gardens Marketplace Saturdays Marketplace Saturdays is from 9-11 a.m. every Saturday through June 30. Buy native plants, get great ideas from experts and support the Gardens. Mobile Botanical Gardens, 5151 Museum Dr. Please visit Market on the Square Shop for the freshest crop in town! This time of year is our favorite because you can get locally grown: tomatoes, potatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, seafood, flowers, plants, baked breads, pasta’s, casseroles, pies, handcrafted goods and so much more. Stay for live music on the green! Each Saturday through July 28th. 7:30 a.m. until 11 a.m. on Cathedral Square.

Tuesday, July 23

Design Workshop at Bronstein’s Fine Furniture Bronstein’s Fine Furniture is hosting a free design workshop, “Bedroom Basics.” Guests are invited to join us in our showroom as design professionals present simple tips on how one can transform a bedroom into a beautiful, yet functional space. Topics include materials and finishes that bring warmth to a space, furniture proportions and styles, lighting options and more. Design professionals will also present creative ideas on how one can primp and accessorize a guest bedroom to have an extra-welcoming look and


We don’t wonder anymore how it happened, that one summer could bring such happy memories.

New friends are now best friends. New experiences are now the best times ever. No wonder it’s so easy to tell others about it and include them in the fun.


Welcome to Riverview Camp for Girls!

We’ve do put Itogether everything you’re looking for in a perfect“I saw camp onemy of Why choose Riverview each summer? mysetting! first river Recognized on a mountain,as I rode Golf,times Dance, Dance, Outdoor Sports, Soccer,use Beach Volleyball, Basketball, “As go,Stomp it was one of the BEST.”Skills AndClass, what child couldn’t some of that these days?

Riverview Refinement, Program, Campfires night,Recognized optional trips and more! We’ve put together everythingCIT you’re looking for in a perfect every camp setting! as one of the Southeast’s best all-around summer camps for girls, Riverview is an oasis of fun, friends and happiness. Spring and Fall &available 2 week Sessions ages to 16... Mother-Daughter Weekends1are also! Registeredfor Nurses and6 Physician on Staff. Entire full-summer staff is First Aid andand CPRFall Certified. Camper/Counselor Ratio 5:1 Spring Mother-Daughter Weekends...

waiting lists start early...sign up soon!...! lists start early...sign up soon!... 1

Call for FREE DVD and catalog 1-800-882-0722 Accredited by American Camping Association • Members of Christian Camping International


Only 1 /Mountain 2 hours from Huntsville Located on top of Lookout in Mentone, AL. Only a 5 hr drive.


Dr. Larry & Susan Hooks, Owners/Directors • Donna Bares,Asst. Director

1 & 2Week Sessions for Ages 6-16


first I had campfires every night. Icamps felt close to God. giggled a lot is with friends and counselors. time flew by! thehorse. Southeast’s best all-around for girls,IRiverview annew oasis of fun, friends andThe happiness... I Exciting felt safe and secure. Iinclude: gained confidence in myselfPool,Tennis, through the world around me.” activities Riding, Heated Canoeing, Ropes Course, Climbing Tower,



Saenger Night Live See June 5 for more information. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.




Family Calendar






Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Family Calendar feel. 5:30 p.m. at Bronstein’s – 458 Azalea Road. As a bonus, all attendees will receive a coupon for 10% off a purchase from July 24-July 31. (Some exclusions apply). For more information, please call 251-343-7200 or visit Dave Matthews Band with special guest John Butler Trio at the Wharf 7 p.m. Amphitheater at the Wharf. For information, please visit

Wednesday, July 24

Great Jump at Pump It Up for Autism Speaks Annual Great Open Jump benefiting Autism Speaks from 6-8 p.m. Event is open to the public. Playtime is FREE with a donation to Autism Speaks. Socks are required. Parents stay and play FREE! Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens Topic: Using What You’ve Got: Making Elegant, Long-Lasting Arrangements Using Foliage from Your Garden with Gail McCain. See June 26th for more information

Thursday, July 25

Flavors of the South Food and Wine Festival Showcases food and wine from local restaurants and caterers. Attendees sample a variety of food and drink while listening to music and mingling. Event includes a silent auction and 50/50 drawing. 5:30-8:00 p.m. Baldwin County


Coliseum, 19477 Fairground Rd.Robertsdale, AL. For more information, please visit http://www.

Friday, July 26

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Don’t miss all your Monster Jam favorites! Mobile Civic Center Arena, 7:30 p.m. Ticket prices range from $20 - $25 and are available at the Mobile Civic Center Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 800-745-3000 or online at Oliver at Playhouse in the Park See July 19 for more information. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.

Saturday, July 27

Something Special - Garden Bingo-Moorer/ Spring Hill Branch Lets make our own unique Bingo game with garden pictures – then we will play for prizes. This takes place at 10:30 at the Spring Hill/ Moorer Branch Library. Registration is required for groups. For more information or to register, please call 470-7770 or email mlmref@ Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam See July 26 for more information. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information.

Oliver at Playhouse in the Park See July 19 for more information.

Sunday, July 28

Great Expectations An event sponsored by Women’s Best for expectant mothers, new mothers and hope-to-be mothers that includes tours of the Birth Center, car seat installations, exhibitors and door prizes. This event is free and open to the public. This event is held in the Mobile Infirmary Auditorium. For more information call 251-435-3500. The Cemetery Club See July 12 for more information. Oliver at Playhouse in the Park See July 19 for more information.

Wednesday, July 31

Wonderful Wednesdays 2013 at Bellingrath Gardens – Topic: Floral Explosion: Flowers as Depicted within The Bellingrath Museum Collection with Tom McGehee, Museum Home Curator. See June 26th for more information. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

Please send your calendar events to


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Family Fun in During a recent conversation, a friend mentioned her family’s visit to Wonder Works in Panama City Beach and how much they all enjoyed it. Having not been to PCB since I was five years old and anxious for a family getaway, we decided to make the trip. We decided to make a weekend of it and booked our stay at the BayPoint Wyndham Resort. The resort had great economical value with a Family Getaway Package in April for only $99/night (rates vary by season). However, we decided to book a golf villa for more room, plus the villas include a small kitchen. If you are a pet lover, you will appreciate that some of the rooms even allow pets. We checked in around 7 p.m., and since we knew the temperature was dropping significantly the next day, we decided to take

a night swim. What a great first impression! The largest pool (there are five on property) is a zero entry pool that is well lit, making it perfect for a dip in the water at night. The next morning we headed to the resort’s Kingfish restaurant for their breakfast bar, then off to Wonder Works. At first glance we knew this was going to be a LOT of fun, as the building appears to be upside down! After purchasing tickets we walked through a door that led to a black tunnel with dancing lights. Simple enough…just walk across the floor through the short tunnel. Wrong! The dancing lights play a trick on your brain making you think the floor is turning over, so we grabbed the railing for dear life. Only a few steps later we were out of the tunnel and realized the floor, nor anything else in the tunnel, had been moving at all. It was a great way to begin the tour. Visit

Panama City Beach Wonder Works has many other attractions, too. You’ll discover a hurricane hut, a real bed of nails you can lie on, trampoline basketball, centrifugal force motorcycle races (yes, you go upside down), a mega bubble factory, arcade, laser tag and a 2-3 story rope obstacle course. These are just a small sampling of the many activities and exhibits at Wonder Works. Plan to spend several hours up to a full day here. Needless to say we all had a blast and will definitely go again! Exhausted and hungry we decided to return to the resort’s Kingfish Grill and Sushi Bar for dinner. The menu selection was wonderful. I highly recommend the filet and crab cakes. Being a family friendly resort, the Kingfish offers kidfriendly menu options also. Saturday morning we were excited to board the resort’s own Bay Point Lady offering a complimentary boat ride to Shell Island. We really wanted to take advantage of the SUP (stand up paddle board) classes and jet-ski rental, but unfortunately the temperature dropped into the low 50s making it too cold for water sports. At this point, we were definitely glad we chose to book our stay at the BayPoint Resort because there were still plenty of other activities in which to participate. After lunch on the pier at Lime’s Grill, a casual, open-air restaurant, my husband and girls still wanted to swim so they headed to the indoor heated pool. I, on the other hand, 55

got an early Mother’s Day present and was treated to an amazing hot stone massage in the Serenity Day Spa. If you like to play golf or tennis, the resort also has two championship golf courses and five hydro grid clay tennis courts right on property. Next, we all met up at the Kids Club for some afternoon games and activities. We were excited to learn they were featuring “The Jungle Book” at that night’s “dive-in” movie by the Palms Pool, so we checked out some board games to take back to our villa

for family game night and headed off to the movie. Our family had a blast staying up way too late laughing and playing games together. We all agreed it was a great family weekend and many memories were made! For details about Wonder Works and BayPoint Wyndham Resort visit their websites at and Contributed by Lynn Knighton.

Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

Man of Steel

Now You See Me

MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: B+ Violence: CSexual Content: B+ Language: C+ Alcohol / Drug Use: BThe MPAA has rated Man of Steel PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language. Playing the iconic characters Clark Kent and Lois Lane requires a lot of pluck even from talented actors like British-born Henry Cavill and Oscarnominated Amy Adams. But both seem up to the challenge in Director Zach Snyder’s adaptation of the Man of Steel. Snyder brings a serious and pensive Superman to the big screen. While there are moments of humor in this film, audiences never get the same endearing antics we saw in Christopher Reeves’ portrayal of the alien visitor disguised as a bumbling reporter. Discovering who he is and what his role is on his adopted planet is a somber quest for this extraterrestrial. Clark’s (Cavill) identity issues begin as a child, often leaving him brooding over his obvious differences from the other Kansas kids he attends school with. And the dissimilarities are big. Not only does he have x-ray vision and the ability to melt metal with a fiery stare, he has incredible strength that he has to control and conceal. His earthly dad (Kevin Costner) is even more anxious to keep his son’s super strengths a secret. He fears the world isn’t ready to accept an alien--even one as normal looking as Clark. While the boy slips up a few times (he pushes a sinking school bus full of children out of the river and onto the shore), he tries to obey his father’s wishes to wait, even when it comes at a great cost. But as an adult, his inclination to save others and his search for answers means he can’t stay in one place for too long. However when he finally stumbles upon an alien ship buried deep in the ice, meets a holographic version of his birth father (Russell Crowe) and gets the answers he’s been searching for, life doesn’t get easier. Now Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane (Adams) and US Military personnel (Harry Lennix, Richard Schiff, Christopher Meloni) all have questions -- especially after Earth receives a threatening communication from Krypton’s General Zod (Michael Shannon). From this point on, storytelling takes a backseat to special effects as Smallville and then New York City are demolished in an extended sequence that sees buildings, a train yard, cars and even an orbiting satellite destroyed. Fortunately the catastrophic destruction is mostly bloodless and with few other content concerns the film stays in an orbit appropriate for most teens.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: CViolence: C Sexual Content: C+ Language: CAlcohol / Drug Use: C+ The MPAA has rated Now You See Me PG-13 for language, some action and sexual content. Making money magically appear is a trick all of us would like to learn. And it’s one a group of magicians, known as the Four Horseman, appear to have perfected. Before they were the Four, each of these players was a small-time, independent performer with skills in hypnosis, pick pocketing, or illusions. Then J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) all receive a mysterious invitation to form an act that eventually brings them to Las Vegas. For that show’s finale, the conjurors rob a French bank while still on stage and share the money with the entire audience. Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine), the group’s sponsor, couldn’t be happier with their success. But FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) feels differently. Forced to take the case and work with Interpol agent Alma Dray (Melanie Laurent), Dylan can’t find enough evidence to hold the performers accountable, even though the French bank vault is empty. From that moment on, the illusionists become his bane. The group also garners the attention of Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman), a reality television host who routinely debunks magicians and their tricks. While Dylan wants a quick solution to the stolen money problem, Thaddeus is happy to string along an ending in order to rake in more ratings and money. Filled with enough glitz and dazzle to compete with any Las Vegas night show, Now You See Me glamorizes white-collar crime and offers a comeuppance aimed at the financially corrupt. Like other Robin Hood tales, there’s also an open disdain for the law, and the officers who enforce it. This arrogant attitude might be tolerable if there was some kind of consequences for the characters’ actions. While a city center car chase, fiery crash and vicious fistfight make up most of the film’s physical violence, the movie also includes partially exposed breasts and a girl wearing only her underwear. The script contains a rude hand gesture, plentiful profanities and a smattering of vulgar and sexual expressions as well. With little to recommend when it comes to these characters’ criminal activities and patronizing posturing, Now You See Me is one film parents may prefer to have disappear from their teen’s must see list.

What Parents need to know about Man of Steel...

Violence: A woman is shot on screen. Characters frequently engage in fistfights and other hand-to-hand combat. A character is stabbed to death and others are engulfed in flames. Students are in peril when their bus drives over the side of a bridge and begins to sink in the river below. A woman is thrown around and pushed by aliens. Frequent destructive depictions are seen including falling building, crushed cars, demolished property and explosions. Weapons are used to attack aliens. Some frightening and grotesque images are seen. Sexual Content: A couple kisses. Some mild sexual references are included. A man grabs a woman’s buttocks while she is at work. Language: The script contains a partial sexual expletive and a handful of profanities along with a few terms of Deity. The script also includes some crude terms for male anatomy and infrequent slurs. Alcohol / Drug Use: A man drinks a beer. A woman guzzles a drink in a bar. Mobile Bay Parents I July 2013

What Parents need to know about Now You See Me...

Violence: A wild car chase through the downtown ends with a fiery crash that leaves one person dead. FBI officers engage in a brutal fistfight with a suspect in an apartment. One gunshot is fired. Sexual Content: Partial female breast nudity is briefly depicted. A young woman undresses to her underwear and makes sexual comments to a man. Language: The script contains nearly two-dozen profanities made up of scatological slang, vulgarities, obscenities, crude sexual innuendo and comments. There is also a rude hand gesture. Alcohol / Drug Use: A man drinks in a bar to assuage his hurt pride and disappointment. He later comments about being drunk. 56

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Mobile Bay Parents July 2013  

Its Here! Our 2013 Birthday Party Planner! All the info you need to plan a great party from venues, rentals, supplies, and gifts!