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Volume 6 Number 8

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Mom of the Month 4

Living With Children John Rosemond

Kids Health Watch

Discover what types of books and how much reading time is best for your young child.

Why Private School? Learn the top 4 reasons you should consider private education for your child.


Kids Health Watch

sponsored by Children’s Medical Group


Get This!

Gerry Paige Smith


Growing Up Online Carolyn Jabs




Dave Says Dave Ramsey

Private School Guide Mean Girls Our extensive listing of Mobile private schools with all the details you need!

Help your daughter dismantle this time bomb before she gets to her middle school years.

On The Cover Grace (14), John (12), and Thomas (7) daughter and sons of Gina and Tim


A Page in a Book Gerry Paige Smith

Departments 6

Bits and Pieces

Aguirre. Siblings are Joseph (27), Nick


(24), Tim (21), Hope (18), and David

School Bits

(16). Proud grandparents are Gloria Taylor and Gary Myers. Grace loves singing and tennis. John is an avid soccer player and plays piano. Thomas loves playing at the beach and playing with friends.



Family Calendar 76

Movie Reviews


Mobile Bay Mobile Bay’s Foremost Parenting Source

The month of January is a great time for some R and R – Reflection and Resolution! It occurred to me over the holidays that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. Actually, I read it when I was shopping on the inspirational wooden sign aisle. It really made sense when I hosted a Christmas party during a construction project at my house. As parents, we are often learning as we go. That is why I am always on the lookout for good advice. My eight kids, ages twenty-seven to seven, have given me quite an education over the years, so I want to return the favor. Education seems to be at the top of the list of parents’ priorities for the New Year. My family has tried different educational options but loves our private school experience. We are thankful for our wonderful school family and are grateful for the dedicated, big-hearted, hardworking, professional people at our school. This includes parents that make all the difference too. You do get to choose your “school” family! Check out this month’s Private Schools Directory for helpful information about all the great choices available in our area. We are blessed to have such excellent private schools providing wonderful educational opportunities for students. I have been impressed when attending events at different schools and have met so many fine graduates from private schools in Mobile. While our school offers great facilities, academics, sports and enriching activities, I consider the most important part of my children’s education to be their spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is a top priority at our school. How do you measure the value of an investment in tuition costs that can pay eternal dividends? It means a lot to me that our school family passes on the faith and prays together. When I heard my oldest son give the invocation at the University of Alabama School of Law graduation, I knew it was a continuation of what began in elementary school. Every week the students at our school read Scripture and lead prayers at church. Recently, a big group of our junior high students participated in a 40 days for life prayer vigil in the community at 6:30 in the morning on Fridays. I will never forget seeing all the faces of our students, parents and teachers praying for life at daybreak. A great family prays together, enjoys good times, and works through the tough times. This month’s article, Dismantle the Mean Girl Time Bomb Before Middle School, shares useful advice for handling a tough situation. You do get through the tough stuff. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be good. I remember hearing a man share about his wife’s response to her early Alzheimer’s diagnosis. She turned to her husband and said, “All we have is today; let’s find reasons to be happy and grateful!” My comprehensive New Year’s resolution is to enjoy everything more! This covers washing dishes, walking with my husband, and having conversations with all the funny people that live at my house. I bet funny people live at your house, too! So enjoy the moments of your New Year. Hold the moment with a tender touch, cup it carefully, feel it flutter, free to fly away, for never again will you recapture this day. Remember how the moment felt like a child’s silky cheek. May God bless your family, and enjoy the many blessings of being a parent!

Gina Aguirre Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


Mobile Bay Parents Magazine is founded on the principle that parenting is an exciting, diverse, challenging, and significant role in our community. Mobile Bay Parents Magazine is a community advocate for families and the parenting process.

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The Alabama School of Mathematics and Science Change your life forever! Find out how the Alabama School of Math and Science can lead you on a path to success. ASMS is our state’s only fully public, residential high school for highly motivated sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking advanced studies in math, science, and the humanities. Applying to ASMS is FREE – and so are tuition, room, and board if you are admitted! Start your free online application at Application deadline is February 3, 2017.

Many people ask, “Do I have to be a ‘genius’ to be accepted to ASMS?” Answer: Absolutely NOT! ASMS is made up of students who are intelligent and work hard for academic success. In 2016, the 72 ASMS grads earned $11.5 million in merit-based scholarships with an ACT composite class average of 29.0. Current Alabama 9th or 10th graders can apply. Questions? Email or call 251.441.3250.

ASMS Class of 2016 ACT Comparison 2016 ACT COMPARISON

31.5 30.7





28.3 27.5




21.3 20.8



20.1 19.7 19.5

19.1 18.7



17.5 English National

Math State


Sci. Reasoning



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Alabama School of Mathematics and Science 1255 Dauphin St., Mobile, AL 36604 251.441.2100 - 3

LivingWithChildren by John Rosemond

Handling Homework Drama Q: Our sixth-grade son has always been an excellent math student. This year, however, he melts down every time he does math homework. Within minutes, he becomes highly agitated, begins crying, and says it’s too hard and he can’t do it. We spoke with his teacher who says that he’s having no problem in class. She had no explanation for what we’re seeing at home. When he begins crying, my husband usually goes to help him, but that only makes matters worse. Your advice would be much appreciated. A: One can reasonably assume that sixthgrade math is more complex than fifth-grade math, but the teacher’s report effectively eliminates the possibility that your son reached his peak mathematical ability level toward the end of the last school year. Let’s see…sixth grade, puberty, episodic emotional turmoil, lack of tolerance

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

for frustration…I think I’ve got it! My diagnosis is tweenage math-specific self-drama syndrome (TMSSDS, confirmed by the fact that his father’s attempts to help only make matters worse). Drama begs for an audience, and no one is more inclined toward drama as the pre-pubescent tweenager. In all fairness, while your son has always been an “excellent” math student, it may very well be that math is actually not his strong suit and that the jump from basic math to complex functions is giving him some trouble. But even if that’s the case, it remains a safe bet that his emotional displays are out of proportion to the actual degree of difficulty. Dramatic professions of helplessness are typical of immature human beings of any age. When playing the victim attracts an audience, the immature human being of any age will invariably choose “I can’t” over “I can” even though “I can’t” is obviously selffulfilling and, as such, self-defeating. I recommend, first, that Dad stop running in to rescue said drama-factory from his


math issues. He should tell your son that if he wants help, he should coherently ask for it and it will be given. If, however, son becomes agitated, Dad’s help is finished and will not resume that evening under any circumstances. Second, make a rule that homework must be put away, finished or unfinished, at a certain time every evening, the actual time depending on after-school activities, when dinner is usually served, and bedtime on school nights. This new policy will promote some much-needed time management on your son’s part. Third, inform your son that if he has a meltdown concerning math homework, his homework and book will be confiscated, upon which he can, if he chooses, wake himself up early in the morning and resume working on it. It’s essential that your well-intentioned husband stops feeding the drama dragon and that your son be forced to bring it under control. Nothing short of consequences is going to accomplish that with a tween, believe me. If experience serves me well, I predict that TMSSDS will be cured within several weeks. Family psychologist John Rosemond answers parents’ questions at and

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Cuisine for Kids

Cuisine for Kids, a fundraiser to benefit the Child Advocacy Center, will be held on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Area restaurants will participate by donating a portion of their proceeds to the CAC to help fund much needed services for children who have been sexually abused or severely physically abused. A wide variety of cuisine will be offered. Sponsors include Budweiser-Busch Distributing Company and WKSJ Radio. If you would like to become a sponsor or have your restaurant participate please call the CAC 251-432-1101 for more information. Please help the CAC by stepping up to the plate and dining at participating restaurants on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.

Mobile’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

Downtown Mobile welcomes over 50,000 people each New Year's Eve for an evening of celebratory activities leading up to the giant 600 pound electric MoonPie drop, laser light show and fireworks at midnight! Come be part of the celebration that begins with the cutting of the world's largest edible MoonPie, followed by a second-line parade led by the Excelsior Band. Everyone is encouraged to decorate umbrella Mardi Gras style and participate in the second line down Royal Street to Bienville Square. This year, revelers are encouraged to come early and watch the College Football Championship evening playoff game televised live from the stage located off Bienville Square. Then, .38 Special will take the stage to sing and dance until the MoonPie drops at midnight!

First Light Marathon to be Held January 8

Join us on Sunday, January 8, for the 16th Annual Servis1st Bank First Light Marathon. The marathon runs through our port city's historic neighborhoods and benefits L'Arche Mobile Foundation. The event consists of a full marathon, a half marathon, a five-person relay, LifeSouth Kids Marathon and a 1.2 mile fun run for both runners and walkers. For more information, please visit www. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


A Day in the Life of a Civil War Soldier at Historic Fort Gaines

The Independent Rifles will showcase the day to day life of a Confederate soldier while on duty at Fort Gaines on Saturday, January 28 from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Come and experience a living history day for the whole family. Blacksmith demonstrations will be on hand all day in the fort’s Blacksmith Shop. There will be military drills and training as well as the firing of the cannon and other daily duties. The fort’s museum and gift shop will be open. Admission: Adults $8.00, Children (ages 5 to 12) $4.00. For more information, please call (251) 861-6992 or visit

2017 Publix Charities Thin Mint Sprint and Health Expo

2017 Publix Charities Thin Mint Sprint benefitting Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama 5K Run/Walk & Health Expo will be held on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. at the USA SGA Pavilion on the University of South Alabama Campus. Health Expo will offer refreshments, games, great giveaways, entertainment and a variety of vendors promoting health and wellness, massages, health tips, health screenings, and presentations. Race participants will enjoy eating free Thin Mints after the race! Registration forms available at any Girl Scout Service Center, McCoy Outdoors, Run-N-Tri, and Fleet Feet in Mobile or Running Wild in Fairhope until noon on January 5, or online on Eventbrite until 4:00 a.m. January 6. For more info, contact GSSA at 251-344-3330 or visit

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Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense”

Sunny Side Theater Auditions

Sunny Side Theater announces auditions for “Honk, Jr.” the musical story of the Ugly Duckling. This musical is only open to kids in grades K-5! Auditions are January 17 & 18 at 6:00 p.m. at Sunny Side Theater. Show dates are March 17 - 19. For more information, contact Producer Chris Paragone at 251-510-1808 or Director Lauren Westbrook at 251-776-8024.

The cook at the Little Sisters of Hoboken has accidentally poisoned most of the sisters and those

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who remain need to raise funds for funerals. So what could make more sense than a talent show? Led by the reverend mother, a retired circus performer who still loves the spotlight, the gang includes a streetwise nun from Brooklyn, another who longs to be a ballerina and another who doesn’t remember much after the crucifix fell on her head. Dan Goggin wrote this popular musical, and Leonora Harrison will direct it. Show dates are January 13, 14, 20 and 21 at 7:30 and January 15 and 22 at 2:00 p.m. Please call (251) 457-8887 or visit for more information.

Sunny Side Theater announces auditions for grades 3-12, for its annual Main Stage Musical, “The Wizard of Oz.” Anyone younger than 3rd grade wishing to participate must first take an acting class at Sunny Side. Auditions are February 6 - 8 at 7:00 p.m. at Sunny Side Theater. Show dates are April 28- May 7, including shows for schools. Sunnyside is located at 63 Midtown Park East, inside the Azalea City Center for the Arts. Those wanting to audition for either show should be ready to sing one verse from a song (it can be something simple like Happy Birthday!). For more information, contact Owner/Director Chris Paragone at 251-510-1808.



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Reese’s Senior Bowl 2017

The 2017 Reese’s Senior Bowl is scheduled for Saturday, January 28 at 1:30 p.m. at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Many fun events are planned for the week of the Senior Bowl. Chick-Fil-A Fellowship of Christian Athletes Rally will be held on Wednesday, January 25 at the Mobile Convention Center at 6:30 p.m. This event is open to the public (ticket required), please visit for more information. The CocaCola Meet the Players will be held on Friday, January 27 from 3:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the Mobile Convention Center and is free to the public. In addition to meeting the players, fans can enjoy interactive displays from the New Orleans Saints, Under Armour, Coca-Cola and AT&T plus games for the kids. These events are Family-friendly with interactive activities for children and adults. Baumhower Tailgate Challenge is on Saturday, January 28. This competition is to determine the Senior Bowl Tailgater of the Year. The challenge is free and open to anyone tailgating in the parking lot on game day. Also held on game day in the East parking lot is The Food for Less Tailgate Party which is a pre-game event held in the Ladd-Peebles Stadium parking lot on Senior Bowl Saturday. Passes for the event are free with the purchase of a Senior Bowl ticket from area Food For Less stores and are limited to the first 3,500 fans. In addition to free food and drink, tailgate party goers will enjoy inflatable activities, face painters, clowns, inflatables and the Coca-Cola Family Festival game trailer. To purchase tickets to the Senior Bowl please call 888-736-2695 or 251-432-4109 or purchase online at

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The Charity Chase 2017

Join us Saturday, January 28 at 8:00 a.m. at the University of South Alabama SGA Pavilion for the Charity Chase 2017. The Charity Chase mission is to raise funds, increase awareness, and build excitement for multiple nonprofit organizations. We partner with charities to help them achieve their fundraising goals through our 5K race series. A portion of every participant’s donation will be donated to his/her selected charity, and the charities with the most participants and fastest competitors will win major donations courtesy of The Charity Chase and generous sponsors. Don’t just run for a cause; race for it.

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Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Even during the cold season, Bellingrath Gardens is filled with blooms and beauty! Gulf Coast residents and visitors are invited to join us at our Winter Wednesdays series in January and February for sessions on gardening, history and the beautiful collections in the Bellingrath Home. By tradition, the series kicks off on the first Wednesday of the New Year with the After Christmas Sale in the Bellingrath Gift Shop, a day-long event on Wednesday, January 4. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of post-holiday discounts and to tour the Gardens and Home. The Winter Wednesdays sessions are held each week in the Magnolia Room from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. through Feb. 22. Admission to the program is included in the regular Gardens admission, and guests are encouraged to tour the Gardens after the session. To register, call 251.973.2217. 2017 Winter Wednesdays schedule: January 11, Winter Garden Walk: Learn about the interesting winter borders and container plantings throughout the Gardens from Bellingrath’s Horticulture Management Team: Executive Director Dr. Bill Barrick, Nursery Manager Chuck Owens and Display Coordinator Barbara Smith. January 18, Lost Mansions of Mobile, with Tom McGehee: First-time visitors to the historic city of Mobile are enthralled at the array of historic homes lining the streets near downtown. But much has been lost to fire and development over the years. Tom McGehee, Director of the Bellingrath Museum Home and a noted historian of the city, will discuss one hundred years of long-vanished stately homes and the interesting stories of their builders and owners. January 25, Growing Vegetables, with Bill Finch: Longtime Mobile gardening expert and columnist Bill Finch will show guests how to grow superior-tasting vegetables in a Southern garden, and describe the best times to plant them to ensure a long harvest season. Join us to find out how to set your plantings by the Gulf Coast clock! February 1, Our Camellia Heritage, with Dr. Bill Barrick: Walter Bellingrath’s favorite flower was the camellia. Join Executive Director Dr. Bill Barrick to learn how Walter and his wife, Bessie, transformed their 65-acre garden estate with extensive plantings of this wonderful, winter-blooming shrub. February 8, Fertilizing Roses, with Linda Guy: Linda Guy, longtime Rosarian of Bellingrath’s award-winning Rose Garden, will discuss the best times to fertilize roses and what nutrients the bushes need in order to thrive throughout the year. Questions are encouraged! Books and supplies will be available in the Gift Shop. February 15, Ancient Forests of Alabama: Explore our ancient forests and learn how they affect our climate today in this session with University of South Alabama professor Dr. Brian Axsmith. Brian will describe how scientists use plant fossils to reconstruct ancient climates and explain how the fossil record helps us understand the past, present and future of our state’s amazing forests. February 22, Horticulture by the Numbers, with Chuck Owens: If you’re mystified by all of the numbers on fertilizer bags and how to measure pH, this session is for you! Bellingrath’s Nursery Manager, Chuck Owens, will share his extensive knowledge of the basics of horticultural management and how to use this information to get your garden in perfect balance. For more information, visit or call 251.973.2217. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Introduces New S’mores Cookie

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama (GSSA) introduces a new cookie to its lineup, starting December 26, where it will join classics like Thin Mints®, Caramel deLites, and Shortbread. The new cookie will offer a s’mores-inspired crispy graham cookie double-dipped in a crème icing and enrobed in a chocolaty coating. This clever take on the time-honored campfire treat was developed in response to popular consumer trends. It is vegan, and free of artificial colors, preservatives, and partially hydrogenated oils. ”We cannot wait to introduce our loyal cookie customers to this new Girl Scout S’mores™ cookie,” Karlyn Edmonds, GSSA CEO, said. “The S’more has strong ties to our organization’s history, and this cookie brings a new and delicious way for consumers to support girls and the fun adventures that help them develop leadership skills through Girl Scouts.” For those who would like to visit a cookie booth near them, they can find their favorite cookies being sold at booth sales beginning Friday, January 20, when troops will set up in front of local businesses and shopping centers across the area. A cookie booth locator app can be downloaded for the iPhone and Android devices. The sale ends on Sunday, March 5.

Service Fair for Homeless to Be Held at the Fairgrounds in West Mobile

Mobile Project Homeless Connect is scheduled for Friday, January 27, from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The location for this one day service fair for the homeless will be at The Fairgrounds in West Mobile. Mobile Project Homeless Connect is designed to provide needed services to the homeless of Mobile and Baldwin Counties. The event will provide medical services, legal assistance, dental and vision screenings, and access to housing assistance and mainstream resources (food stamps, state ID’s, Social Security Cards, etc.) This community event will bring government agencies, academia, health care facilities, faith based organizations, transportation, law enforcement/court, United Way, businesses, workforce development and other nonprofit agencies together to provide necessary services for the homeless in our community, at no cost to them. For more information, contact Sharon Algood of Housing First, Inc. at 251-445-8016 or via email at



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Corpus Christi Catholic School Building the Body of Christ One Student at a Time .

Established in 1958, Corpus Christi Catholic School provides students in K3 through eighth grade an outstanding education. Our child care center provides a warm, nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate programs for children 6 weeks to 2 years old. The school is committed to providing opportunities to grow in faith, to achieve academic success, and to serve others as disciples of Jesus. To find out more about our school join us at our Open House.

Sunday, January 22, 2 p.m.— 4 p.m. For more information or to arrange a tour, please contact us. 251-342-5474 or 6300 McKenna Drive, Mobile, AL 36608 9

K Original Oyster House Sponsors Oyster Trailblazer Calendar

With the historic launch of Alabama’s first Oyster Shell Recycling Program, the timing was perfect for the 2017 Oyster Trailblazer Calendar to reiterate the importance of the oyster reef restoration in an educational calendar and color book for artists of all ages. The Oyster Trailblazer Calendar is a 101 on precious bivalves, sharing their abundant benefits that include cleaning our waters, protecting our shorelines from erosion and feeding us with some of the tastiest and most sought after cuisine while providing huge nutritional benefits. The Original Oyster House will donate 1,000 calendars on a firstcome, first-serve basis to educators who can integrate information into their science program or to utilize them as rewards for environmental stewardship. The calendars will also be included in the Original Oyster House giving back program. The oyster calendar, illustrated by local artist Alex VanArsdale, captures regional landscape, culture and folklore. The calendar also includes the Oyster Trail sculptures scattered along the Gulf Coast as well as Gulf Coast Ducks, Battleship Alabama and the Original Oyster House coupons. Original Oyster House wanted to do its part in helping educate the community about oyster reef restoration and was the first restaurant to sign up for the Oyster Shell Recycling Program, which launched in October of 2016 and will begin in Gulf Shores at the end of January. For more information on the Oyster Trailblazer Calendar please call 251-490-5878 or visit

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MECHANICAL TRIM: 7.5” w x 4.8”h COLOR 4C


QUESTIONS C Michelle Wise Wise Design In 251.660.7751

Debbies-MBP-WINTER-2016-17.indd Mobile Bay Parents I January 12017

10 11/16/16 10:00 AM


Sponsored by Children’s Medical Group

How Much Should My Child and I Be Reading?

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om AM

A child’s curious mind is a valuable and wonderful thing! With the reading load required throughout school – not to mention throughout one’s lifetime – it is important and rewarding to instill a love for reading and learning at a young age. This sounds like a simple task, but can sometimes seem daunting when you have an adventurous toddler that does not want to stay still! So this month, let’s discuss how much you should read to your child, and what types of books are appropriate for each age group. Try reading to your child by 4-6 months old (I would even challenge you to start reading from day 1!). As newborns, it is comforting and enjoyable for infants to hear their parents’ WISE DESIGN, INC. voices. You can read short or long stories at CLIENT this point and incorporate songs and lullabies. Debbie’s School of Dance At this stage, the emotional impact of quality time spent together during story time is more DESCRIPTION important Winter Registration Ad than the context of the stories. Around 6 months, children will become HALF PAGEmore interactive during story time. At this Magazine Adpoint, books with bright, large pictures and

few words are most appropriate. Allow your child to help hold the book, interrupt the story, and even put the book in their mouth! Cardboard books, stand-up and fold out books, or soft books are much easier to use. Your child is learning much more through the interaction, so do not be discouraged if you are skipping pages or not finishing the book. A 6 month old will start to associate your excitement for reading with the books she holds and sees. Between 6 and 12 months, your child will start to show excitement for reading by kicking their legs, patting the book, or even helping to turn pages. At this age, try and incorporate reading into a daily routine. It will be much more enjoyable for you and your child if reading time occurs when he is fed, dry, and at least somewhat alert. Reading time does not necessarily need to take more than about 3 minutes a day, but it is also important to continually talk to your child throughout the day – no matter how silly you may feel. At this age, you can skip pages, ask questions, or digress by pointing out pictures during the

story. These months are extremely formative for a child’s development. Between 1-3 years old, books that are repetitive, catchy, and educational are easiest to read. Books that teach numbers, foods, colors, and more in a fun way help your child’s speech development and establish a love for reading. From Pre-K to early elementary school age, books with smaller pictures and more words per page are more enjoyable and engaging. Make reading time fun for you and your little one. These are suggestions, not hard-fast rules. You know your child’s personality best – cater to their strengths and encourage him along the way! Reading aloud with your baby teaches skills such as listening, communication, memory, and socialization. This is a unique kind of bonding experience that gives them your undivided attention, which is truly what a child loves and deserves. Jennifer Adair, M.D., was born and raised in Mobile. She graduated from Davidson High School in 2002 and received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at The University of Alabama in 2006. She completed her medical training at the University of South Alabama College of Medicine, and pediatric residency at the University of Nevada College of Medicine – Las Vegas and the University of South Alabama. She joined Children’s Medical Group in July 2013 and currently practices at their Airport office. Jennifer and her husband, Cory, reside in Mobile with their dogs, Fitz and Barkley.

PUB Mobile Bay Parents

Providence Office 610 Providence Park Dr. E., Suite 201 Mobile, Alabama, 36695 (251) 639-1300 Karen I. Calametti, M.D. Jonathan Holmes, M.D. Catherine W. Huettemann, M.D. Richard E. Huettemann, M.D. Deborah A. Kassner, M.D. Elizabeth S. Weinacker, M.D. Airport Office 3920 Airport Boulevard Mobile, Alabama, 36608 (251) 342-3810 Jennifer G. Adair, M.D. Savannah I. Browning, M.D. Matthew Cepeda, M.D. Michael Little, D.O. Lisa McDonough, M.D. Faye Roberts, M.D.

INSERTION DEC 2016 - JAN 2017 BUILT AT 100% MECHANICAL SIZE TRIM: 7.5” w x 4.8”h COLOR 4C LINE SCREEN Magazine QUESTIONS CALL Michelle Wise Wise Design Inc. 251.660.7751


Autauga County Schools Davidson RobotEx Wins South’s BEST Eichold-Mertz’s Boot Scootin’ Regional Robotics Competition Boogie Raises Money for United Way

Eichold-Mertz held a Boot Scootin' Boogie to raise money for the United Way. We raised $418.01! All students were invited to join in the fun by making a donation to the United Way. Students were allowed to wear their western wear accessories to school. All proceeds raised went to the United Way Student Campaign. Sponsors are Ginna Johnson and Erin Knowles.



Davidson High School’s RobotEx team recently placed first overall at the South’s BEST regional robotics competition at Auburn the weekend of Dec. 3-4. Their three-wheeled robot, “Henry”, won among a field of 58 teams across five states. The regional win represents the third time RobotEx has won at this level, having won in both 2007 and 2011. The team advanced to the regional competition after winning the local Jubilee BEST competition in October for the seventh time in a row.

Phillips Prep Students Earn Field Trip to Saenger Theater

Sixth graders at Phillips Preparatory School were awarded with a field trip to watch “Babes in Toyland” by Playhouse in the Park at the Saenger Theater. Students had to earn an 80% or higher on their first and second quarter novel tests to be eligible to go. After the play, students enjoyed lunch at Bienville Square.

Lott Middle School Stuffs the Bus

Lott Middle School’s Student Council participated with the Mobile County Public School’s “Stuff the Bus.” They collected unwrapped toys to help fill the bus for children for Christmas. President: Chloe Campbell, Vice President: Kylie Sullivan, Secretary: Karleigh Knapp, Treasurer: Anthony Williams, 8th Grade Representatives: Alexis Byrd, Nate Perry, and Alexxis Reed, 7th Grade Representatives: Jordyn Reed and Victoria Hopkins, and 6th Grade Representatives: Blake Jarvis and Garrett Sullivan.

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


Read for the Record Celebration at Kate Shepard

We celebrated the day with reading the book The Bear Ate Your Sandwich. We had a group of special readers come read to each class. Teachers dressed as bears and even a Reading Fairy and a Book Fairy Pictured left to right: Katina Horton Title One Interventionist (Reading Fairy), Kendra Jordan Student Council President, Caroline Newman - Counselor (Cat in the Hat), Kay Smith Principal, Mary Smith Media Specialist (Book Fairy), and Marcie McNeal Central Office Telecommunications.

E.R. Dickson 2016-2017 Student Council Members

Pictured Left to Right: Alishia Gaillard Secretary, Bradley Seale Treasurer, Isabella Gordon Co-Vice President, Caiya Mitchell Co-Vice President, Daelyn Weaver Public Relations, Makenzie McClain Historian, Jasmine Washington President.

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Williamson Prep Girls at “The Nutcracker”

Williamson Preparatory Academy “Classy Girls Wear Pearls” Mentoring Program attended “The Nutcracker” presented by Mobile Ballet. The students are pictured with 2 of the cast members.

Knollwood Christian School News

We have had an exciting 1st half of the year at Knollwood Christian School. Updates in our school have included new carpet, computers, Wi-Fi, and more smartboards throughout KCS. Knollwood students have been involved in a variety of activities such as filed trips, community service projects, and academic as well as athletic competitions. Sixth grader Aleena Patel will represent Knollwood Christian School at the county-wide spelling bee, along with the alternate winner, 8th grader Orion Cooper. To raise breast cancer awareness, KCS students sold t-shirts and participated in the breast Cancer Awareness walk. The middle school girl’s volleyball team ending the winning season as “season champions” and our 3rd & 4th grade boys basketball team goes into their final game on December 17th undefeated. We are looking forward to an excellent 2nd half of the 2016-2017 school year.

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Dodge Elementary Holds Field Day

Dodge Elementary School held its annual Field Day on November 18th. A day full of fun and games allowed students to work on teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. After a hard battle was fought between Green and Gold, everyone was treated to delicious roasted corn on the cob supplied through a USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable grant. Special thanks to the PE staff and Big Charlie’s So Fresh Produce for a wonderful day.

Autauga County Schools

Allentown Holds Christmas Toy Drive

Members of the Allentown Elementary National Honor Society recently held their annual Christmas Toy Drive. This year’s event raised enough toys to provide Christmas gifts for 50 children in the Semmes community. Pictured are the members of the NHS with their advisor. Front row from left to right: Hayden Sullivan, Madelyn McIlwain, Wolfgang Lee, Caylyn Turner, and Alex Valenzuela. Back row from left to right: Justin Friend, Lilly Pardue, Holland Morton, Destiny Bjorensen, Kaylei Touchstone, and Adviser Tracie Robinson.

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Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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Teacher Appreciation at Little Flower Catholic School

St. Pius X Holds Alabama v. Auburn Food Drive

Teachers are appreciated every day at Little Flower Catholic School, but some days provide opportunities for special thanks. Students helped distribute gift bags to teachers with expressions of gratitude for a job well done. Sixth graders Ezrael Gomes (left) and Jordan Reiser (right) elicited smiles when they delivered bags filled with treats to their teachers. Miss Helen Maduka (center left) and Miss Rebecca Kudija (center right) teach at Little Flower School as part of the Alliance for Catholic Education. They were especially happy to see coffee related items and other soothing treats in their gift bags. "Little thoughtful acts of kindness can really make a teacher's day, and the students were eager to participate," stated principal Alesa Weiskopf.

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St. Pius X held its annual Alabama v. Auburn Food Drive the week before Thanksgiving. The purpose of the drive is to help local people in need during the holidays. Alabama supporters won this year’s food drive.

Please email School News and Photos to

USA Literacy Center Reading and Writing Tutoring

Protect your family. Prepare for their future. Allison Horner, Agent 6353 Cottage Hill Rd Mobile, AL 36609 Bus: 251-666-1616

I can help with both. Stop by for your free State Farm Insurance and Financial Review . Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY FOR MORE INFORMATION.



Individual and/or small group reading tutoring

MONDAY – THURSDAY 3:30 – 6:30 PM


Tutoring sessions are limited, so reserve a spot for your reader today! Initital assessment fee: $75.00 Individual session: $40.00 Small group session (2–5 students): $25.00 For more information or to register:


State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Literacy Center Joan Holland, Director | | (251) 380-2891



Autauga County Schools

Coast Guard Visits Corpus Christi Catholic School

The students at Corpus Christi Catholic School were so excited to have members of the Coast Guard visit the school. The Coast Guard crew arrived in a helicopter and landed on the school’s athletic field. All of the students had an opportunity to visit with the crew and to check out the helicopter. In addition, the students provided the service members baskets of baked goods to take back to the base. It was a fun day!

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McGill-Toolen All-County Cross Country Runners 2016

Congratulations to the members of the McGill-Toolen All-County cross country team. These varsity runners were recognized at a banquet held November 28th at CHBC. The runners from left to right are: JP Dalton, Grace Jensen, Claire Frazier Bolton, Frieda Kickliter, Anna Bulman and John Paul Williams. Mr. Pete Banks was awarded the Angelo Harris Award.



co fo ye d

The world could use a few more Saints. St. Paul's Episcopal School is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Please contact our Admissions Office at 251.461.2131 or if you would like enrollment information or to schedule a campus tour!

161 Dogwood Lane | Mobile, Alabama 36608 | 251-342-6700 | Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



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Mobile Christian’s Patriotic Essay Winners

“What Does Patriotism Mean To Me?” The Knollwood Republican Women’s Club invited fifth grade students from Mobile Christian School to submit an essay concerning American Patriotism. The Essays were judged and the first and second place winners were announced during a morning assembly. First place winner Seth McGaughy received a cash award of $100, and second place winner Gamail Harris received a cash award of $50. Way to go, Seth and Gamail!

Open Enrollment begins January 9. See how educating the whole child makes St. Ignatius School a school you can believe in!

St. Luke's Knows How Sweet it is!

At St. Luke's Episcopal School making gingerbread houses is a long standing 2nd grade tradition and always eagerly anticipated. Who wouldn't want to kick off the holidays with all the candy, icing, and pretzels you could imagine! Our students and parents look forward to building gingerbread houses every year and the other students enjoy visiting the display to see all of the creative ways these sweets can be used!

3650 Springhill Avenue 251.342.5442

Infant - 6 years old

Inspire Your Child Through A Montessori Education! “A Montessori education offers children the world. Through presenting great, impressionistic lessons that ignite curiosity and inspire questions, students learn to make connections and to see how the entirety of a concept relates to its parts, and back again.” – Seth Webb At Weinacker’s Montessori, we aim to do more and empower children to seek out knowledge and to love living. Call today to schedule a tour and see what a difference Montessori can make.

We are now taking applications for 2017!

Please email School News to by the 7th of the month.

Two Mobile Locations

227 Hillcrest Road

513 Georgian Drive 17



St. Dominic Students Hold Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive

St. Dominic Catholic School students and their families generously participated in the annual Thanksgiving Food Basket drive. Each classroom collected food items to provide a Thanksgiving meal to families in the community. Here Kaitlyn Todd and Brady Coarsey bring a Thanksgiving box for distribution.

Autauga County Schools

Covenant Christian 5th/6th Grade Basketball

Covenant Christian's 5th/6th grade basketball team has played several games this season. Team members include, from left to right, Front Row - Cade Horton, Landon McLaughlin, Nathan Broome. Back Row - Coach McLaughlin, Buddy Hii, Elijah Knapp, Alex Prieto, Brodie Courson, Noah Wheeler, Jonathan Rush, Coach Horton, Coach Baker. (Not pictured, Nathan Freeland).

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Please email School News to by the 7th of the month.

Mobile Christian Students Serve Mobile Secondary students with Mobile Christian School left classrooms behind for a full day to Serve Mobile. This project, along with many others throughout the year, is just one of the ways our students learn to give back to their community. “Serve Mobile allowed our students to serve many different individuals and organizations. I believe one of the best ways to raise the self esteem of our students is to give them the opportunity to serve their community. Our students were so excited to have the opportunity to serve at a nursing home and touch the hearts of those residents, only to leave and realize that those residents had really touched the hearts of the students. There are so many stories of how Serve Mobile changed the hearts and lives of those involved,” said Principal Dale Horn. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

St. Pius X Students Participate in Radio Pledge Drive

St. Pius X students went "on air" during the Archangel Radio Pledge Drive. Pictured here are eighth grade students doing shoutouts to family, friends and classmates while raising funds to support the radio station.


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Murphy JROTC Cadet Earns Medal of Heroism

Murphy High JROTC cadet Malik McConnell was awarded the Medal of Heroism, the highest honor a JROTC cadet can be awarded, after his quick action and training as a certified lifeguard may have saved a fellow cadet from drowning last year. “I felt that I did what anybody in my position would have done,” the 16-year-old McConnell said. “I thank the Cadet Brigade for this honor.” McConnell and his fellow cadets were in Daytona Beach, Fla., last year for a National Drill Meet competition and were enjoying some down time at the hotel pool when McConnell noticed a fellow cadet in distress. The struggling cadet grabbed onto another classmate in the water before McConnell arrived and pulled him to safety. He was presented his award last month in front of Murphy’s JROTC Panther Battalion by Rear Adm. (Ret.) Richard Landolt, who is now the Public Safety Director for the City of Mobile. He is pictured here displaying the honor with Col. Joel Weeks, Senior Army Instructor at Murphy.

HE ONCE BEAT HIS DAD FOUR STRAIGHT GAMES IN CHESS. AFTERWARD, HE CELEBRATED WITH SOME ORANGE SLICES AND A BOOK ABOUT WIZARDS. and at Children’s of Alabama we want to see every child grow up and live to their fullest potential. That’s why we recruit, train and retain the most inquiring minds, the most skilled hands and the most compassionate hearts in pediatric medicine.


1600 7TH AVENUE SOUTH BIRMINGHAM, AL 35233 (205) 638-9100

MGM Wins FBLA Competition

FBLA member Sarah Powell posted the highest score for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) in Mobile County’s Local FBLA Competition held at the University of South Alabama on November 30th. Congratulations, Sarah.

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2/3/15 10:28 AM

Tuesday Nights Kids Eat Free! 19

Autauga County Schools

UMS-Wright Engineering Class Wins Fan Favorite at One Mobile’s Food Fight Build-off!

Mr. Napp and his Upper School Engineering class participated in One Mobile's Food Fight Build-Off at the Fairgrounds on October 28th. The students constructed an impressive replica of the USS Alabama out of cans collected by the UMS-Wright family! From October 28th – November 6th, spectators voted and our team won FAN FAVORITE! On top of winning, the class was able to contribute over 1,100 cans to the Bay Area Food Bank!



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Prichard Prep Learns About Robotics

St. Paul’s Episcopal School recently invited the Prichard Prep 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes to join them on the St. Paul’s campus to learn about robotic programming and electrical conductors. Prichard Prep students were paired with St. Paul’s students to learn basic robotics programming such as how to move forward, backward, program turns, censor usage, and real life challenges. By the end of the session, the robots were able to detect and move around walls and complete a maze challenge. Additionally, the students participated in a session utilizing Makey Makey boards, where they learned about conductors and insulators of electricity. Students found that marshmallows could conduct electricity and gummy worms could be used as piano keys. Utilizing a Mackey Makey board, students learn how to conduct electricity.

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Co Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017




Cottage Hill Fourth Grade Students Celebrate Pioneer Day

As an introductory social studies activity the fourth grade students at Cottage Hill Christian Academy participated in Pioneer Day. Students studied about the lives of early settlers and participated in a reenacted day in the life of a pioneer child. They participated in a variety of activities throughout the day including sewing quilts, learning how a log cabin was built, making wooden toys, churning butter, and square dancing. The fun-filled Pioneer Day was made possible with the help of CHCA parents, community, high school AP US History students, and other CHBC staff. Thanks to all who helped make it possible for the students to step back in time for the day.

MGM Freshman Advances to State in Poetry Out Loud

Brianna Orso received Honorable Mention at the Mobile Arts Council’s Poetry Out Loud Regional Competition held at the Ben May Main Library on Friday, December 2. She now advances to the state competition to be held in Montgomery in February. Brianna was the only freshman in the competition which included 12 other participants. Congratulations, Brianna, and good luck at the state competition.



Autauga County Schools St. Ignatius Students Use iPads St. Mary Students and Santa Arrive on in Class Lafayette St. Ignatius Catholic School has added ipads to the Middle School Street Fire thanks to the generous donations from Impala Gala. The Middle School now has in-house iPads for the 7th and 8th grade. Also Truck thanks to Impala Gala, we have added a system which allows for

the teacher to control what is used on the iPads. They are preloaded with apps that can be used and the teacher can even see what the kids are doing on the iPads. They work on conjunction with the smart boards in the classroom so everyone can participate together and the information is immediately available to the teacher. Pictured are: Catie Naman, Marshal Walker, Lane Gottlieb and Nate Miller.

St. Mary Catholic students earned the honor of riding into town with Santa on the Lafayette Street Fire Truck for a job well done back in early fall. Will and Jack Lenaghan, Lars and Magnus Hansen and Lila Baggett participated in the St. Mary Parish Trunk or Treat where they won best trunk with the theme ESPN College Game Day! The Firetruck arrival took place at the annual St. Mary Lighting Up Historic Midtown Christmas Tree Lighting held December 8. St. Mary appreciates their partnership with the Lafayette Street Fire Department!

Please email School News to by the 7th of the month.

St. Luke's Annual Spelling Bee

St. Luke's held its annual Spelling Bee on Thursday, December 1st. Winners from each grade level participated in the event which was held in the school's University Campus Auditorium in front of students, faculty, staff, parents and grandparents. Congratulations to our winner Garrett Upshaw! Garrett will represent St. Luke's at the County Spelling Bee. Our other contestants did a fantastic job as well. This year, thanks to an anonymous donor, every participant received a $50 gift card and our winner received a $250 gift card! This year's other participants were: 4th graders Kennedy Jane Nelson and Andrew Thomas, 5th graders Mamie Martenstein and Bell Dumas, 6th graders Alex Ferguson, Kenneth Johnson and Alex Scott, 7th graders William Parrish, Connor Ferguson and Kevin Ori and 8th graders Garrett Upshaw, Taylor Smith and Lilly West.

Cottage Hill Students Collect Shoe Boxes

Cottage Hill Christian Academy Student-Led Ministries sponsored an Operation Christmas Child collection in November. Individual students, teachers, clubs, and athletic groups all participated in the West Campus collection. On the day of delivery, students gathered to pray over the 96 boxes and the children who would be receiving them.

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017




Davidson Theatre Students Compete at State Trumbauer Festival Twenty Davidson theatre students recently competed at the state level of the Alabama Conference of Theatre’s Trumbauer Festival in Florence, Ala. The students were recognized with many superior and excellent medals, with all-star cast medals being awarded to Dedan Dials and Garrett Whalen.

Eichold-Mertz Pennies for Pasta Raises Funds for Ronald McDonald House

Eichold-Mertz Magnet School student council had a fundraiser called “Pennies for Pasta.” Students were asked to bring in pennies to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. Our school raised a total of $1,144.56! Yes, that’s right, and our goal was $350! The overall school winner is Mrs. Crosby with a total of $199.45. Her class received ice cream. The Student Council also decided that since there was such an overwhelming response, they recognized a winner on each grade level. They are as follows; Fifth Grade - Mrs. Crosby - $199.45 (top winner). Fourth grade- Mrs. Johnson$79.24. Third grade- Mrs. Maye $63.32. Second grade- Miss. Muse- $57.79. First grade- Mrs. Petry- $29.68. Kindergarten- Ms. Penton- $121.22. Those classes received popcorn and juice. The Student Council visited the Ronald McDonald house and provided a full meal for the families staying there and also presented them a check to purchase other supplies they needed. Sponsors are Ms. Jennifer Weekley and Ms. Courtney Muse.

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Autauga County Schools

Phillips Prep Drama Students Perform at Via Health

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Phillips Prep’s Drama II performed at Via Health, Fitness, and Enrichment Center at their annual Christmas celebration December 9. Over 100 people were there to celebrate. Students performed a private showing of their play for the Grandfriends and played games with them. After spending time playing and giving them gifts, they headed to the big stage to perform for the Christmas celebration. Students performed the play, “A Tale of Two Poles”, an original script written by the class. Students not only wrote the play, but also made their own costumes and enlisted the help of the art class to make backdrops.



Auburn Student Speaks to Williamson Prep Agriscience Students

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Auburn Agriculture Student Camp Humphrey spoke to Williamson Preparatory Academy Agriscience students.

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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UMS-Wright Junior Earns Perfect Score on the ACT

UMS-Wright Junior, Rachel Stewart, earned the highest possible ACT composite score of 36. On average, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a perfect score. Just to give a comparison, out of the class of 2016 in the United States, only 2,235 out of nearly 2.1 million graduates who took the ACT earned a composite score of 36! In a letter written to Rachel recognizing this exceptional achievement, ACT Chief Executive Officer Marten Roorda stated, “Your achievement on the ACT is significant and rare. While test scores are just one of multiple criteria that most colleges consider when making admission decisions, your exceptional ACT composite score should prove helpful as you pursue your education and career goals.” Congratulations, Rachel, we are so proud of you!

E.R. Dickson Reads for the Record

E.R. Dickson participated in the 11th anniversary of Jumpstart’s Read for the Record®, a global movement towards transformative change in early education. On 10/27, E.R. Dickson teachers and students helped to highlight the importance of children’s literacy by participating in the world’s largest shared reading experience. This year’s campaign book was, The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach, is a classic tale of a bear’s epic journey and the mystery surrounding one delicious sandwich. Teachers came dressed as their favorite book character and students participates in a school wide read aloud, along with many activates throughout the day. Pictured: Mrs. Katryna Kinn Principal of E.R. Dickson Elementary School as Snow White with her seven dwarfs.

Please email School News and Photos to

Mobile Christian School

ŃŃ 5900 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, AL 36609 (251) 661-1613Ń

Fun, family friendly environment Daily Chapel & Bible classes Anti-bullying program Nationally Accredited by -AdvancED, SACS, & NCSA On-site Accredited University Courses Advanced placement classes Seniors average $100,000 + in scholarships All digital textbooks in grades 4th-12th New computer labs in elementary & high school Before & after school care available Competitive sports for boys & girls K312th



Autauga County Schools

Sea Cadets Are Busy Again

In November, the Dunlap Division held a three-day drill over the Veteran’s Day weekend. They started by marching in the Veteran’s Day Parade in Mobile. For most of our cadets this was their first experience ever marching in a parade and it turned out great. After the parade, the cadets mustered at the USCG ATC Base and began semiannual classes which included Chain of Command, Harassment, Hazing, Drug Abuse, Social Media, and Naval History. These classes are taught by the senior cadets to help them with public speaking. Many of the cadets will tell you these classes can be long and tedious, so to give them a break, the cadets were taken to Planet Gymnastics where they had the opportunity to try basic gymnastics skills and different forms of strength training. The unit seemed to really enjoy it; even some of the adult officers joined in! Naval Sea Cadets is designed for young men and women ages ten to high school graduation who are interested in expanding their knowledge on our military. The sea cadets instill patriotism and leadership skills. Dunlap Division meets one weekend a month at the U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Training Center in Mobile. The cadets are under no obligation to join the military; however, if they do decide to enlist they are usually eligible to enlist at a higher paygrade. You may also follow our local unit Facebook page at

Covenant Christian Music Group Performs at Homestead Village

McDavid-Jones Spelling Bee Winners

J 1:7, a special Junior High music group from Covenant Christian School, recently performed for the residents at Homestead Village in Fairhope. The student's eclectic mix included violin, fiddle, ukulele and vocals. Students took a moment to relax, left to right: Kayla Prieto, Anne Elise Sherrod, Camille Tims, Meg Hannan and Mason Kendall.

The winner of this year’s Spelling Bee at McDavid-Jones Elementary is Emily Guthrie. Emily is in Ms. Slay’s fifth grade classroom. Emily will represent McDavid-Jones in the Spelling Bee at Davidson High School on February 24th. Emily is the daughter of Pam and John Guthrie. Jessica Chance is the alternate. Jessica is in Ms. Dailey’s, fourth grade classroom. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Chance and Dwayne Cranmore. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Spelling Bee.

Because the first five years have so much to do with how the next eighty turn out. College Preparatory K2-12 251-666-2991

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017





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Dodge Elementary Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to Dodge Spelling Bee winner, Henry Bylinowski, and runner up, Jazlyan Whittle.

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Corpus Christi Catholic Students Creates Placemats for Hospital

Each week the students in fourth and fifth grade at Corpus Christi Catholic School create religious placemats that are given to Providence Hospital. The hospital uses them on the food trays that are delivered to patients. Each placemat has a Bible verse and a colored illustration. Corpus Christi has been providing the placemats for nearly 20 years! “I think about the people who are getting them and I hope that the Bible verse and picture makes them happy,� said Kathleen Walker. Pictured are Helen Hendrix, Kathleen Walker, Jackson West and Leland Normand.

Please email School News and Photos to Lynn@ by the 7th of the month. 27

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Autauga County Schools

St. Luke's BioMed Students Get Hands-on Experience

Corpus Christi Elementary Students Create 3-D Model of Communities

The students in St. Luke's Episcopal School's Biomedical Health Science Program recently participated in a mass casualty drill hosted by the University of South Alabama's Emergency Medical Services Department. First and second year BioMed students were mock patients made-up to look injured. They presented unique symptoms designed to challenge the first responders and medical personnel. Seniors, who are in the third year of the BioMed program, were allowed to work alongside the USA students and first responders.

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The second graders at Corpus Christi Catholic School worked together to construct a 3-D model of urban, suburban, and rural communities. The project was part of their social studies lesson about communities. The students learned about how citizens of communities cooperate with each other to meet their needs and their goals. The students are pictured around their model.

Welcome to Riverview Camp for Girls!

We’ve do put Itogether everything you’re looking for in a perfect“I saw camp onemy of Why choose Riverview each summer? mysetting! first river Recognized on a mountain,as I rode Golf,times Dance, Dance, Outdoor Sports, Soccer,use Beach Volleyball, Basketball, “As go,Stomp it was one of the BEST.”Skills AndClass, what child couldn’t some of that these days?

Riverview Refinement, Program, Campfires night,Recognized optional trips and more! We’ve put together everythingCIT you’re looking for in a perfect every camp setting! as one of the Southeast’s best all-around summer camps for girls, Riverview is an oasis of fun, friends and happiness. Spring and Fall &available 2 week Sessions ages to 16... Mother-Daughter Weekends1are also! Registeredfor Nurses and6 Physician on Staff. Entire full-summer staff is First Aid andand CPRFall Certified. Camper/Counselor Ratio 5:1 Spring Mother-Daughter Weekends...

waiting lists start early...sign up soon!...! lists start early...sign up soon!... 1

Call for FREE DVD and catalog 1-800-882-0722 Accredited by American Camping Association • Members of Christian Camping International


Only 1 /Mountain 2 hours from Huntsville Located on top of Lookout in Mentone, AL. Only a 3 hr drive.


Dr. Larry & Susan Hooks, Owners/Directors • Donna Bares,Asst. Director

1 & 2Week Sessions for Ages 6-16


first I had campfires every night. Icamps felt close to God. giggled a lot is with friends and counselors. time flew by! thehorse. Southeast’s best all-around for girls,IRiverview annew oasis of fun, friends andThe happiness... I Exciting felt safe and secure. Iinclude: gained confidence in myselfPool,Tennis, through the world around me.” activities Riding, Heated Canoeing, Ropes Course, Climbing Tower,


Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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New friends are now best friends. New experiences are now the best times ever. No wonder it’s so easy to tell others about it and include them in the fun.



We don’t wonder anymore how it happened, that one summer could bring such happy memories.




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Girls Explore Math and Science

Girls Exploring Math and Science (GEMS) is an exciting way for girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Over 200 girls in 4th to 9th grades met at the USA campus on November 5th to attend a keynote presentation by Ms. Ammie Lynn Baldwin (a retired Coast Guard helicopter pilot) and got their hands dirty in unique workshops demonstrating how fun technical careers can be. Workshops were directed by professionals, faculty, and students from USA, Springhill College, and local organizations. The girls made jewelry with DNA, conducted forensic investigations, hunted for gems and fossils, built and launched rockets, and participated in countless other fun activities! While the girls explored careers, representatives from the Mobile County Public School System and the University of South Alabama conducted informational sessions with parents and guardians about the importance of STEM studies, discussed available STEM programs in the community, and provided tips on selecting classes to support college admissions and advanced career planning. Parents and daughters ended the day together with lunch and a paper airplane competition. GEMS is held each Fall at the USA campus and is hosted by the University of South Alabama and local chapters of the Society of American Military Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and American Association of University Women. For more information about GEMS, go to www.same. org/mobile and click on the Outreach page.

Doughnuts With Dad at Faith Academy



Students in K5 enjoyed a special morning time at school with their dads on November 9th. Also known as “Doughnuts with Dad,” it proved to be more than just sharing doughnuts. Dads and their child (children) got to spend a little extra time visiting and coloring together. Taking time to just slow down and enjoy a little one-on-one can mean so much, as it did for the K5 students and their dads.






Autauga County Schools

Covenant Christian Eagle Pride Representative Nominees

During Basketball Homecoming week at Covenant Christian, students and teachers selected several students from 6th-8th grade as Eagle Pride Representative Nominees. Nominees are chosen based on school spirit, participation, and demonstration of respect towards God and others. One overall Eagle Pride Representative is then selected from each middle school grade. Nominees included, left to right, 8th graders Zachary Haataja, Meg Hannan (overall winner), Keller Matheny; 7th graders Sophie Lynch, Grace Anne Taylor, Joseph Sharpe (overall winner); 6th graders Jonathan Rush, Ella Grace Meaux (overall winner) and Tatiana Radoslovich.

Kindergarten Fun at Little Flower Catholic School

Choosing just the right color to make the prettiest picture is all joy for kindergartners in Ms. Cathy Wagner's kindergarten class at Little Flower School. Bright colored markers are a favorite when the pictures have to show the happiest and liveliest images. From left, Kyleigh Vanni, Taylor Smith, and Avery Ferlage share markers and tips about how to make the best picture.

Please email School News to by the 7th of the month.

St. Mary Catholic Performs the “Best Christmas Pageant Ever!�

Veterans Honored At Little Flower Catholic School

St. Mary Catholic School 7th and 8th graders under the direction of faculty members Tammy Nicholas, Lauree Riggin, Carol Ogletree and Kortnee Acton gave a fabulous performance this fall as part of their drama and public speaking curriculum. It truly was the Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

Little Flower Catholic School honored veterans on Veteran's Day at the all-school Mass. A prayer for veterans was prayed after the Mass, and patriotic songs were sung. The veterans were treated to a reception after the Mass. Third grade teacher, Miss Renee Cherry is proud to have a Marine for a brother. Jarrod Cherry was home on a short leave and was able to join his sister at the Mass. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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Reindeer Games at McDavid-Jones

St. Pius X Jumps Rope for Heart

On Friday, December 2nd, students at McDavid-Jones Elementary participated in “Reindeer Games”. Students earn “Kid Cash” in order to pay to come to the event. “Kid Cash” is given to students for attendance, grades, homework, Accelerated Reader and good behavior. We would like to thank the Peer Ambassador Club, sponsored by Ms. Sheri Holderfield, from Citronelle High School for their help. Students from the high school came and played the reindeer games with our students. They played musical chairs, jump rope, snowball fights, jumpy balls, limbo, and snowball spoon races. Everyone had a great time and all the students enjoyed themselves. It is a great privilege to work with such awesome young people.

St. Pius X School joined forces with The American Heart Association and its Jump Rope for Heart Program 22 years ago. Since that time the school has raised over $50,000 for the organization. Twelve years ago the campaign was the inspiration for PE teacher, Mrs. Sonia Nelson, to form the St. Pius X Traveling Jump Rope Team. The team, which travels an average of 10 days out of each school year, performs and promotes heart health at schools in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama. Pictured here is Meghan Austin, Youth Marketing Director for The American Heart Association with 2 St. Pius X jump ropers.


ne ers er)

Please email School News and Photos to




Autauga County Schools

UMS-Wright K5 Students Present “Give Thanks”

Mobile Christian Football Team Makes History

Each year, our K5 students perform a Thanksgiving play that is one of the most special performances of the year! They do an excellent job singing and dancing, but that is only a portion of their performance! Throughout the show, a video is playing of each child expressing what they are thankful for. A few items that seemed to be popular this year were: family, friends, turkey, pets and iPads!

The Mobile Christian Varsity football team made history in the 2016 season. The Leopards led by Head Coach Ronnie Cottrell went undefeated in the region and won the first region championship since joining the AHSAA in 2006 advancing to the state championship game in Auburn with a thrilling 21 – 14 Semi Final win over the previously undefeated Gordo Greenwave. Although the Leopards came up short 22 -12 against Piedmont, the 2 time defending champions in the state championship game, it was a tremendous season for the entire MCS family.

MCPSS Principals Get Duct-Taped to Wall for Charity

St. Mary Catholic Celebrates The Feast of St. Nicholas

As this age-old tradition has it, St. Mary eighth grade students who have been students at St. Mary since kindergarten deliver treats to all students, staff, and faculty on this special day!

Two MCPSS principals put their backs to the wall for good causes recently. Mary Montgomery's Joe Toomey (pictured, with MGM students) and Clark-Shaw's Mary Divincenzo allowed students to duct tape them to a wall to raise money for charitable projects. At Mary Montgomery, students also gave donations in order to smash pies in Toomey's face - about 35 or 40, by Toomey’s count - with the proceeds going to help a little girl in Tanzania attend school. Clark-Shaw’s donations went toward the school’s United Way drive.


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St. Paul’s Girls Cross Country Team Wins 5a State Championship

Coach Jim Tate led the St. Paul’s Girls Cross Country team to a 5A State Championship! This state title accounts for the 189th athletic state championship to date. Way to go Saints! Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



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First Middle School Preview Day Held at Prichard Preparatory School

Prichard Prep hosted the first “annual” Middle School Preview Day at the school on December 1. Individuals representing a host of college preparatory schools from all over Mobile County attended the event as well as 4th and 5th - grade students and their parents. Visiting schools stayed very busy during the meet and greet. Lorie Minor, Prichard Preparatory School principal, said, “We were really pleased with the turnout for this first event. We had a full house, and the school representatives were busy for the entire Preview Day. Our students were well prepared with great questions for the visiting schools, and I know they will succeed wherever they land next year. I can’t thank the visiting schools enough for taking the time to come out to Prichard Prep to showcase the future opportunities our students have.” Schools attending the event included Archdiocese of Mobile Catholic School System; Clark School of Math and Science; Dunbar Magnet School for Creative and Performing Arts; Faith Academy; Phillips Preparatory School; St. Luke’s Episcopal School; St. Paul’s Episcopal School and UMS Wright.

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Autauga County Schools

St. Paul’s 4th Grade Operates Lego Wedo 2.0 Robots

St. Paul’s is excited and proud to announce a generous donation from alumnus Alan Franco. He is creating an opportunity for two schools to experience the wonders of STEM in their classrooms. Mr. Franco has gifted two class sets of the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 one to St. Paul’s Episcopal School and the other to Prichard Preparatory School. This innovative robotic program makes elementary science come to life through hands on tasks, real world projects, and relevant technology that engages students. Students explore, create, and share project based activities. The collaborative student projects involve using science, engineering, technology, and coding. The combination of LEGO brick core sets, classroom friendly software, and standards based science culminate in a process in which students investigate, design and create models that solve real life problems. Our fourth grade teachers recently had a professional development opportunity where they were able to practice creating the first four milo robots, program them, and practice with the document/share/write about it function. They are excited to lead our students in this process, and they anticipate the students will be equally enthusiastic about their newly built robots following their own coding commands. Currently our fourth grade homeroom classes have their own designated week for an introduction to the kits. Students are in teams of three, where they are starting with a simple robot to create, program and share. This exercise concludes with a descriptive writing assignment using the step- to- step how to genre learned in our Writer’s Stylus program. After our students have become proficient in the teacher and student led assessments, they will partner with Prichard Preparatory School. St. Paul’s will host an event where the Prichard Prep students come and enjoy time in the Imagination Station exploring what they have learned.

Faith 4-H Chef Winners Cook Up Sweet Treats

The Faith Academy 4-H Ram Club held it’s annual chef contest in the categories of cookies and brownies on December 8. Students had to prepare the cookies or brownies as well as write out their ingredients and directions for preparing their dish. Winners in the cookie category were: 1st place – Cole Harbin, 2nd place – Trey McDonald, and 3rd place – Terra West. Winners in the brownie category were: 1st place – Joshua Naman, 2nd place – Christian Burnette, and 3rd place – Scarlett Bragg. The treats were enjoyed by all club members at their December monthly meeting. Students ages 9-12 are eligible to participate in the 4-H Ram Club, and the group is sponsored by K-4 teacher, Mrs. Becky Dollar.

St. Ignatius Academic Team Wins Scholastic Challenge

Congratulations to the St. Ignatius Academic Team for winning the Inaugural Eastern Shore Scholastic Challenge tournament held at St. Michael's High School, December 10. Both our A and B team won their respective divisions. Pictured are: Will Taylor, Henry Stephens, Marshall Walker, Eldon Porter, Josh Wilber, Taylor Shirah and Isabella Jouve.

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Phillips Prep Chorus Winter Holiday Concert

The Phillips Preparatory School chorus, made up of 71 seventh and eighth graders, presented its annual winter holiday concert on Tuesday, December 6, in the Davidson High School Auditorium. PPS’s chorus performed a variety of holiday favorites for the first half of the program, and Davidson’s chorus, Warrior Sound, performed the second half of the concert. PPS sang and danced for a big crowd, wishing everyone a happy holiday season!


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St. Ignatius Band Participates in Catholic Schools Christmas Concert

St. Ignatius band students participated in the Christmas concert at all the Catholic Schools in Mobile for the McGill-Toolen Prep Band. The band is a combination of all the Catholic Middle School students in Mobile County. Pictured are: Morgan O'Neill, McGowin Grinstead, Anya Doyle and Meg Nettles.

St. Dominic Spelling Bee

St. Dominic Catholic School students in Grades 5 – 8 recently participated in the annual Spelling Bee. After 23 rounds of spelling and vocabulary Russell Ginn placed first while Maggie Proctor placed second. Both will compete in the Archdiocese of Mobile competition to be held in February.

Give Your Child The Advantages Of Faith n SACS Accredited / AISA Blue Ribbon School n College Preparatory and Advanced Placement Classes n Dual Enrollment Classes through the University of Alabama n Accelerated Reader Program n High School and Elementary Science and Computer Labs n Award Winning Band, Choral and Drama Programs n Competitive Sports for Boys and Girls Grades 3 – 12 n 64% of 2016 graduates received college scholarships

Educating Students in Grades K3 - 12th Something incredible happens when students experience Faith. They begin to grow and blossom into caring, responsible individuals. They begin to see a future filled with promise; they believe in themselves, in others and in their future. At Faith Academy, we do this by providing a Christian education that meets the needs of the whole student—spiritual, artistic, athletic, social, and personal—in a safe, clean, and orderly environment that encourages excellence.

We are #faithstrong! We accept Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Funds.

FA2016 Open House ad.indd 1


11/16/16 8:17 AM


Autauga County Schools

Allentown Elementary School GATOR Kids for November Kindergarten – Second Grade Front Row –Isabela Diego, Banks Lightfoot, Sean Turner, Gabe Montalvo, Jorden Torres, Lillie Ann Fisher. Middle Row – Amanda Raymundo-Rafael, Larry Fairchild, Kyndall Thomas, Emily Luker, Christian Coriz, Akira Carson, Abby Lowery. Back Row – Olivia Clark, Nancy Rodriquez, Madison Jackson, Jackson Williams, Tristen Miller, Collin Fisher, Georgia Kate Fuller.

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Third – Fifth Grade Front Row – Blake Herzberg, Savannah Taylor, Jardin Eaton, Brayden Patterson, Will Hurston, Hallie Roberts. Middle Row – Kenlee Tillman, Emalee Alexander, Memory Myers, Aalaysha Johnson, Emilee Perry, Isabel Juan-Tomas. Back Row - Nathan Conner, Shayla Miller, Bryant Thomas, Destiny Bjorensen, Jaiden Hopkins.


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Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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Cottage Hill Christian’s Spelling Bee Winners

Cottage Hill Christian Academy’s annual spelling bee was held in the Worship Center of Cottage Hill Baptist Church on December 6. Students from each 1st - 8th grade class were recognized for their spelling achievements. Representatives from grades 4-8 competed for the title of "Bee Winner.” Colby Stafford won with the word “Patagonia.” Ashlyn Newton and Alyssa Huff tied for runner-up. Colby will represent CHCA in the Mobile County bee in February. Cottage Hill will also participate in the AISA district competition in January. Our top finishers from each grade will go on to the district bee against students in their grade-level. These students are: 4th grade – Makenzie Gartman; 5th grade – Ashlyn Newton; 6th grade – Alyssa Huff; 7th grade – Evan Hudson; 8th grade – Colby Stafford.

Invites you to discover the Mobile County Public School System's Magnet School Programs by visiting Magnet School Open House on Friday, January 20th from 1:00-6:00 p.m. or Saturday, January 21st from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Students are held to academically high standards and are engaged in a mathematics, general science, outdoor classroom or technology lab daily for 45 minutes. Eichold-Mertz is a school of choice which requires students and parents to make a commitment to education.

Visit the math, science & technology magnet program at 2815 Government Boulevard• Mobile, Alabama 36606

St. Paul’s Students to Compete At All-State Choral Festival

Congratulations to St. Paul’s students Rebecca Wilson, Chris Richie, and Anna Weber. They competed for the Alabama Vocal Association Outstanding Accompanist and Outstanding Choral Student Competition. These students will go on to compete against the other 6 District winners of the state at the All-State Choral Festival at Samford University in March. Rebecca Wilson – Outstanding Accompanist District VII. Chris Richie – Outstanding Male Choral Student District VII. Anna Weber – Alternate Female Outstanding Choral Student District VII.

Your Future Begins January 2017

We invite you to schedule a tour today to learn more about our school.

Flourish in our unique learning environment: PK2–PK4 • Elementary grades K–5 • Middle school grades 6–8 Excellent student-teacher ratio • Sports • Extra-curricular opportunities

4160 Burma Road • Mobile, Alabama 36693 (251) 661.5226 • Alabama Educational Scholarship Program participant


Your Local Full-Service Fundraising Company!

FREE Limo to Lunch or Magic Show!* Raise Money with a “Top of the Line” Limo or an Entertaining, Humorous, and Educational Magic Show as part of the Prize Package!

*Free limo/magic show is for school-wide fundraisers. Other exciting prizes for groups like band, sports, cheerleaders, etc... Call for details!

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Faith Families Abundantly Provide Christmas for 92 Local Children

Each year Faith Academy SGA organizes the school’s Angel Tree Project to help provide underprivileged children in our area with Christmas gifts, and this year was, once again, no disappointment. Every class, K312th grade participated in the worthy cause, and the outcome was nothing short of a tremendous blessing. Individual students (families) brought in gifts from the needs, sizes, and wants information that was provided. Electronic tablets, bicycles, clothing, Frozen dolls, and Ninja Turtle stuffed animals were just a few things that were brought in abundance. SGA members and parent volunteers collected, sorted, re-bagged, and tagged all of the items, and the varsity boys’ basketball team enjoyed riding and loading the bikes and bags of gifts onto the covered trailer. Gifts were donated to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Project. We are blessed to be a blessing to others.

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800-541-1463 Scan with your smart phone to get started! f


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Recommending the Best Toys and Products for Kids

From the moment we hide behind our hands, and then drop them to reveal our smiling face to an infant, we have begun to introduce them to the delights of discovering what is hidden. There’s a certain satisfaction derived when we finally see something that has been shielded from our sight. Mirroring the anticipation that accompanies a curtain rising at the theater or the wrapping falling away from a gift, toys and kits that unmask new marvels can generate tremendous satisfaction. Satisfy your child’s instinct to reveal the hidden with the following items that make discovery child’s play.

by Gerry Paige Smith

T-Rex Skeleton Dino Excavation Kit

Rock Tumbler Science Kit

Taking a child’s fascination with dinosaurs one step further, the T-Rex Skeleton Dino Excavation Kit gives small hands the opportunity to dig into their own prehistoric discoveries. Featuring a complete disassembled skeleton locked inside a lightweight clay matrix, the kit comes with a guide and excavation tools to help young paleontologists start their own dig. A small hammer and chisel help to remove the clay, revealing sections of a T-Rex skeleton that can be reassembled into a cool display model (or glued together for dinosaur play). Excavation can create a dusty mess, but moving the project outdoors or to a porch adds to the sense of real dinosaur discovery for young scientists on their first big dig!

You’d never guess just by looking at most rocks and pebbles that they hide a captivating and colorful beauty just below the surface. The Rock Tumbler Science Kit speeds up the process of wearing away the dull outer covering from ½ pound of semi-precious pebbles through constant tumbling within its small waterproof drum. Inside the motorized drum, water and grit slowly grind away the dross over thirty days, revealing smooth colorful stones ready for mounting into jewelry or adding rich hues to any rock hound’s collection. Tips for finding your own rocks to tumble are included for more independent discovery. A true gem in the rough, this kit reveals a treasure trove of beauty hidden in the rocks and minerals around us.

Treasure Tracker Metal Detector Truck

Break Your Own Geodes

(National Geographic)


(Gem Center USA)

Half of the search is done with this kit that provides 12 geodes that are preselected for dazzling interior formations. Resulting from volcanic activity, stone geodes were created when bubbles in molten lava hardened creating a hollow environment for crystals to form over time. The color and kind of mineral crystals inside have remained an ancient mystery... until kids open them. A hammer and chisel reveal never before seen beautiful structures that can be identified using the included geode guide. Combining the thrill of the action with the mystery of hidden beauty, the Break Your Own Geodes kit provides both a fun learning experience and exciting natural treasures to keep and study for a lifetime.


The search for buried treasure gets high-tech with the Treasure Tracker Truck. This ruggedly appointed truck is equipped with a metal detector halo that activates when you push the antenna down. As it rolls across sand, loose dirt or similarly permeable surface, the signal changes and alerts the driver when it encounters metal just below the surface. Once ‘x’ marks the spot, treasure hunters can get to work with scoop and sifter to begin excavating their site to find what’s buried just below the surface. Battery-operated and easy to maneuver, this vehicle gets the hunt for buried surprises rolling in style.

Gerry Paige Smith is a syndicated columnist recommending the best products for kids and their families. Discover more at


Minimizing the Health Hazards of Technology Any adult who spends much time with technology knows that it can cause physical strains ranging from headaches to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Children who use computers, laptops, mobile devices and video games can also be vulnerable to these problems both because their bodies are developing and because they may not notice the twinges that signal overuse. Fortunately, parents can take relatively simple steps that will protect kids from the physical wear and tear associated with technology. Helping children establish good tech habits now makes it less likely that they will have problems later. Here are things to consider:

Hands. Repetitive stress injuries occur when the same motion is repeated over and over, something that’s hard to avoid when playing video games or using a cellphone. Encourage your child to develop a light, relaxed touch to minimize stress on fingers. To prevent wrist strain, rest devices on a pillow and position keyboards at elbow height. Arms should hang loosely at the sides rather than being outstretched. Back. You may feel self-conscious about telling your child to “sit up straight,” but slumping over a handheld device creates strain on a child’s back and neck. Whenever possible, encourage your child to do extended projects such as homework or even lengthy gaming sessions at a work station that is designed to encourage “neutral” posture. Feet should rest on the floor (or on a box for younger children). The chair should provide support for the lower back (a rolled up Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

towel may help). Screens should be at eye level (consider using a portable keyboards for laptops and tablets). Consider adding an inexpensive keyboard to a laptop or tablet so the monitor can be propped at eye level and your child won’t have to hunch over her work. Eyes. Computer Vision Syndrome won’t necessarily cause long-term damage to your child’s eyes but it can result in fatigue, blurry vision and headaches. Show your child how to increase font size so devices can be held comfortably about 20 inches from the face. Reduce glare by adjusting the position of screens and, if necessary, adding an anti-glare filter. Clean screens and, for that matter, eye glasses by wiping them gently with a soft, damp cloth. Because people in front of screens blink less often, their eyes may get dry and irritated. Encourage your child to look away every five or ten minutes and focus on something else. Ears. One in five American teens already has hearing loss caused by extended exposure to sound—especially music—that is too loud. Set the volume for devices that have headphones and tell young children that they need your permission to make it any louder. Instead of earbuds, get your child earphones that cover the ear so there’s less need to increase volume to block out environmental sound. To make children more aware of sound levels, try installing an app like Sound Meter for Apple products or Sound Level for Android. Brain. Even though the research is inconclusive, many experts recommend that parents err on the side of caution when exposing children to the electromagnetic waves created by mobile devices. Dr. Devra Davis, author of Disconnect: The Truth About Cell40

phone Radiation urges parents to discourage young children from using cellphones for any but very short conversations. Older children should get in the habit of using the speaker phone or a headset. Some kids will find it amusing to use an inexpensive retro handset, readily available at sites like Amazon. Most cellphone manufacturers recommend that phones not be pressed against the side of the head. Check the manual to find the ideal distance from phone to ear. To find out how much radiation a particular phone routinely emits, check its SARS level at You may want to adopt other precautions to limit your child’s exposure to unnecessary radiation: Turn off WIFI whenever it’s not in use or set the phone to airplane mode so it doesn’t emit a wireless signal. Avoid using the phone in a moving vehicle or when reception is poor because the phone will emit more radiation in its effort to find a relay antenna. Keep phones and tablets out of the bedroom when your child is sleeping. If your child (or for that matter, you) use your cellphone a lot, consider investing in a case that redirects radiation like the available from The best way to protect your child from the health issues associated with using technology is to encourage breaks—lots of them. Try installing a timer app or use an old-fashioned kitchen timer. Set it for 20 to 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, have everyone stop what they are doing and MOVE for at least five minutes. You may also want to help your child become aware of the aches and pains that indicate overuse. Teach your child simple stress reduction exercises like shoulder rolls and yoga stretches like downward dog. Have a squishy ball available for soothing cramped hand muscles. All of this advice is, of course, good for adults as well as kids. In the end, the very best way to get your kids to develop healthy habits with technology may be adopting them for yourself. Carolyn Jabs, M.A., has been writing the Growing Up Online column for ten year. She is also the author of Cooperative Wisdom: Bringing People Together When Things Fall Apart. Available at Amazon and Cooperative @ Copyright, 2017, Carolyn Jabs. All rights reserved.


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My daughter is in her first year of college. Recently, her math instructor walked students through the process of getting a credit card and building credit. We’ve always followed your plan and taught her to do the same. When she asked the instructor if no credit score was as good as a high credit score, the instructor said no. He told the class the only way to buy a home without a high credit rating is by having a huge amount of assets or savings. I think I know your answer, but how do I explain this to an 18-year-old?


Well, the first thing you explain is that college instructors — even tenured college professors — can be absolutely wrong sometimes. A few years ago my daughter took a personal finance class in college, and on the first day the instructor went on a rant saying Dave Ramsey is stupid. He didn’t know I was her dad, but she went through the entire class and never said a word. When she called home and asked what she should do,

we told her to take the class and give him the answers he wants on the tests. We reminded her that she’s just taking a class, and that doesn’t mean she has to form her life opinions around what that guy thinks. Sit down with your daughter and gently explain in this instance her instructor doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Explain to her you can get a home loan even if you have no credit score. People do it all the time. There are places like Churchill Mortgage that would be happy to give her an example of this process. It’s called manual underwriting. All you have to do is make a reasonable down payment, have two years at the same job, and provide two years of tax returns.

Q. I’m 38 years old, and I’ve got $12,000 in student loans still hanging over my head. It’s the only debt I have. I make $30,000 a year, and I’ve managed to save $12,000, but I’m also driving a junky, old car that will have to be replaced soon. Should I split the money

I’ve saved and buy a $6,000 car while paying off $6,000 of the student loan?

A. If I’m in your shoes, I want that student

loan out of my life as quickly as possible. At the same time, I don’t want you living life without some money in the bank. If you’ve followed me for very long, you know I teach the Baby Steps when it comes to getting out of debt and saving money. Baby Step 1 is to save a beginner emergency fund of $1,000. Baby Step 2 is to pay off all debt, except for your home, using the debt snowball method. The third Baby Step is to build a fully funded emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. You don’t have quite enough on hand for your idea and to have something left over. I recommend paying off $11,000 of the school loan now and then finishing it up as you go. It won’t take much more time. Limp along in the beater for a little while longer and then, when you have no student loan debt, finish your emergency fund and start a car fund. I talk to a lot of people your age who still have student loan debt. But you have the opportunity to punch its lights out in a hurry.


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1. You want your child to receive specialized instruction from well-qualified instructors. For example, perhaps she has special needs. You can certainly arrange for your local public school to develop an IEP or Individualized Education Program for your child. This is mandated by a federal law known as Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. While your child’s needs will certainly be identified and a program of instruction devised for her, you would be wise to explore the options a specialized private school offers. Why? When you send your child to private school for special needs, she will be taught by credentialled, highly skilled teachers and paraprofessionals throughout the school day. Class sizes are small. The schools can tailor programs to meet each student’s specific needs. When thinking about your older child, teens are incredibly sensitive and insecure. Having learning differences in a school where they might feel uncomfortable or ostracized is not going to help them at all in later life. Being surrounded by a community of teachers, staff and students who will support your child and show her how to meet the challenges is probably a better solution.

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2. You want your child to be able to take academic courses or Advanced Placement courses which are not available in your local public schools.

Thinking about sending your child to private school? There are many reasons why you should consider this option. What is important as you begin this process is not to reinvent the wheel. Most of us parents have had the same concerns as you are having about your child’s education. We all want our children to receive the very best education possible so that they are positioned for success in later life. Start by writing down all the reasons which you can think of for wanting to give your child a private school education. Then compare them with my four top reasons for doing that. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


Rigorous academic programs such as Advanced Placement courses are commonly found in private schools. Compare the AP courses offered in your local public high school with the courses offered at local private schools. There are some 34 AP courses. Most schools will offer between 10 and 20 AP courses to choose from. If you anticipate your child needing or wanting to take a not commonly offered AP course, a private school might be your best solution. AP courses are most effectively taught by trained teachers who are experienced in presenting their subject matter. Children achieve academic excellence by stretching themselves, by studying harder and doing more academic work than they ever thought they could do. Learning to do your very best in grade school and high school is excellent preparation for later life.

3. You want your child to be educated according to specific religious beliefs. This is frequently an important factor in deciding whether to send your child to private school. Religion is not part of a public school education by law. So, if bringing your child up with a strong religious education component is important to you, you will find many options available. Bear in mind that

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religious education varies from one private school to another. Some religious schools offer a heavy emphasis on education in their religious beliefs. Daily classes and worship will be a part of the routine and will be required. At the other end of the spectrum are schools which are affiliated with one religious sect or another. Many are even nondenominational. It is really up to you. Do you want your child to receive her religious education full strength, medium strength or light? Private schools offer a wide variety of options. Most schools which have a strong religious education component also have rigorous academic programs as well. But never assume that to be the case. Do your due diligence. Ask questions. Make sure that the school’s programs and teachings match with your needs and objectives.

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4. You want your child to be part of a strong sports program. Regrettably athletic programs are being reduced or even eliminated in many public schools. These are tough economic times for most school districts. Sports and arts programs are usually areas where most districts feel they can cut expenses. On the other hand, private schools historically have made sports an integral part of their educational programs. Most private schools feel that sports are part of a balanced approach to education. Indeed, at the high end of the scale there are several private schools which

have athletic facilities and programs which far surpass those found at many colleges. But let’s be clear about what you are looking for. If you just need sports as an exercise component in your child’s education you will find that sports activity is available at just about every private school. But if it is a higher standard of play and performance which you seek, then you will want to examine individual athletic programs very carefully. If you yourself are not an expert in the sport your child is passionate about, then seek the professional advice and counsel of somebody who is an expert. 43

Getting your child into a school which you thought was the right one only to discover two weeks into the year that you have made a terrible mistake is not a good position to be in. Get that professional opinion before you commit to a school. These then are my four top reasons why you should send your child to private school. There are other reasons, of course, why you might be considering private school. Factor those into your thinking as well. MBP For more articles on the benefits of private school, visit

Corpus Christi Catholic School Building the Body of Christ One Student at a Time.


Established in 1958 by Corpus Christi Parish, our school is committed to building the Body of Christ. Corpus Christi Catholic School serves students in K3 through eighth grade. In addition, the school provides a warm, nurturing environment with developmentallyappropriate programs for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years old. Dedicated faculty and staff nurture every child by providing opportunities to grow in faith, to achieve academic success, and to serve others as disciples of Jesus.

art science lab allows students to explore the world of science. The Resource Program fosters student success. Students are recognized for their academic achievement through selection to the National Junior Honor Society and recognition as a Duke Scholar. Students named as Duke Scholars have very high levels of achievement on standardized tests. Student Life—Corpus Christi students participate in a variety of activities and special programs which allows them to pursue their interests. They may participate on the Scholar's Bowl Team, our student produced weekly news program (Corpus Christi News—CCN), Computer Club, Drama Club, Scouting, Elementary Band (5-8), Yearbook, and CYO Sports.

Faith—We are committed to providing an education based on the teachings of Jesus Christ in an environment that supports faith development and academic success. The administration, faculty, and parents of Corpus Christi Catholic School provide the foundation for students to live their Catholic faith. They nourish a Catholic identity through student participation in school, church, and community service. Academics—A strong, challenging curriculum exceeds common core standards and provides the most innovative technology available for students and faculty. There are interactive boards in all classrooms and teachers use iPads for a variety of activities to supplement the curriculum. A state-of-the-

Join us at our Open House on Sunday, January 22, 2017 2 p.m.—4 p.m. Registration is open for the 2017—2018 school year.

251.342.5474   6300 McKenna Drive, Mobile, AL 36608 Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


Faith Family Future

offers a Christ-centered, academically challenging education for families in Mobile and the surrounding areas. ● Cottage Hill aims to help students

build lasting relationships, become leaders, and develop a love of learning, while preparing them for their journey through life.


● The CHCA Experience includes:



● Cottage Hill Christian Academy

Cottage Hill is a member of ACSI Accredited by AdvancED (SACS) AISA Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

-Small classes -Degreed & Certified Christian Faculty -Athletics offered for 3 rd-12 th grade -Member of AHSAA -Average ACT score of top 50% is 27 -4.3 million in scholarship offers(2016) -Weekly Chapel & Daily Bible Classes -Accelerated Reader Program -Big Buddy Program -Music Conservatory - Fine Arts program -Clubs and Academic Teams -Robotics -Service Leadership Opportunities -Warrior Club & PTF

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the L ORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 Church Campus: 4255 Cottage Hill Drive Mobile, AL 36609 (Ph. 251-660-2427) West Campus 7355 Creekwood Drive Mobile, AL 36695 (Ph. 251-634-2513) 45


Covenant Christian School

33 years of Christian Education

Our trained and experienced faculty is well-equipped to work with your child. They demonstrate genuine love for each student and nurture each one to perform to his or her full potential.

We are committed to introducing young minds and hearts to a successful first school experience.


 Qualified Christian Faculty  Relational Learning Environment Daily Bible Lessons  Accelerated Reader Program  Strong Phonics, Language, and Reading Instruction  Math & Algebra  Supportive Parental Involvement  Interactive technology in each classroom & computer lab access  Limited Class Sizes  Quality School Library  Physical Education Classes Interscholastic Sports Program  AHSAA member  Field Trips  Music, Choral, Band, & More Spanish & French Classes  Award-winning Art Program  After-School Care Available

The curriculum is chosen to provide solid foundations in phonics, reading comprehension, and math. Writing, history, language arts, science, and spelling provide a well-balanced core curriculum. Our teachers lead our students to see how the lesson at hand fits into the larger picture of God and His purpose for their lives.

Preparing Students - Looking Forward Biblical standards and values form the core of our working principles at CCS. Foundations built on eternal truth undergird how we teach, how we treat others, how we discipline, and how we see the world. The stability of an eternal foundation and clear standards enable us to evaluate the best available methods and means in equipping our students. The shared values of the Christian home, the Christian school, and the Christian Church form a foundation for a young student to follow Christ throughout his/her life.

We are training our students to make the connection between the small pieces of life and the larger picture of God’s purpose and design.

COVENANT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL 7150 Hitt Road Mobile, AL 36695 251-633-8055

For more information, visit Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

The mission of Covenant Christian School is to graduate students who are prepared to understand their world, to communicate with their world, and to influence their world for Christ through servant leadership. Covenant Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.




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Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017




Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



When Eagles Fly, Success Soars!

Middle School: We provide an environment that is conducive to learning and to living a faith-filled Catholic life. Students receive a well-rounded education geared specifically to the needs of adolescents. The middle school builds on the academic knowledge acquired in the elementary grades, with a particular focus on preparing students for high school.

On a foundation of faith, family, and fellowship, your child’s future takes wing at St. Dominic Catholic School. After all, we are called the Eagles. Through compassion born of God’s grace, we strive to uplift all those in our community, inspiring students to achieve new heights of academic success. With involved parents as our stewards and partners, we fly even higher offering the following:

Preschool: Open to children ages 2 to 4, we provide a developmentally-appropriate education within a Catholic environment. We offer a child-centered, individualized program where each child is helped to reach their full potential.

Extra-Curricular Programs: Life outside the classroom includes student participation in athletics and community services with emphasis on fair play and the pursuit of excellence. The Booster Club, under direction of the Parish, coordinates soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, cheerleading and cross country. Saint Dominic is a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Students in grades 7 and 8 may qualify to play certain sports at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.

Kindergarten – Grade 2: We provide a warm, caring Catholic environment that lays the foundation for academic knowledge acquired in elementary and middle school. Grade 3 – 5: Our focus is to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in a student’s early years of learning. Independent thinking and problem-solving skills are developed.

Come and experience the spirit of achievement and belonging. Call today at 661-5226 to schedule and tour.

PK2–PK4 • Elementary grades K–5 • Middle school grades 6–8 Excellent student-teacher ratio • Sports • Extra-curricular opportunities 4160 Burma Road • Mobile, Alabama 36693 (251) 661.5226 •

Alabama Educational Scholarship Program participant 51


Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



Opportunity sets St. Luke’s apart. At. St. Luke’s, our smaller size makes a big difference. Whether your child’s interests are academic, athletic or artistic, we provide the opportunity for every student to participate and excel.

Smaller Class Sizes The small class environment gives every student a greater opportunity to ask questions, participate in discussions, and engage in activities. At every grade level our students receive personal attention from teachers, coaches, administration and staff.

Lower Teacher : Student Ratio Opportunities for interaction between every student and faculty member ensure that our faculty, coaches, administration and staff know your child and are invested in their success whether it is in the classroom, on the field or court, or on the stage.

Opportunities to Get in the Game There are opportunities for every student to actively participate on academic teams, athletic teams, clubs, extracurricular activities, and more; and there is opportunity for every student to stand out. College Preparatory K2 to 12th grade Opportunity, Participation, Success

To learn first hand how St. Luke’s opportunities can make a difference for your child, contact our Admissions Office to arrange your personal tour. Early Childhood & Lower School Campus

Middle & Upper School Campus

3975 Japonica Lane

1400 S. University Boulevard


Pride. Tradition. Excellence. St. Mary Catholic School, founded in 1867, is the oldest existing Catholic elementary school in Alabama. As the largest educational ministry of St. Mary Parish, the school continues today, as a partner with parents, focusing on the development of the whole child. The mission of St. Mary is to provide an environment where Jesus’ message of love meets the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of our children. This mission is manifested through MARY – Moral, Accomplished, Responsible, Yearning to learn. St Mary Catholic School strives to be attuned to the needs of both students and parents. To this end, St. Mary offers before- and after-school care, has Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs and provides a fullservice cafeteria. St. Mary Catholic School makes no discrimination on the basis of religion, race or national origin. St. Mary considers all nonparish and non-Catholic students on a space-available basis. Screening interviews may be administered to new students.


St. Mary Catholic School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). St. Mary offers an academic program that produces students who are ready and eager to move to the next level of academic achievement. In addition to the core curriculum of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, St. Mary is pleased to offer the following: Religion • Library • Spanish • Science Lab • Resource Program • Performance Assessments • STEAM Plant • Preschool Phonics Program • McGill-Toolen Prep Band • Art Classes

S i

• Performing Arts, Pre-K3 -5 • Computer Lab / Instruction • Full-time Counselor • Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio • Guided / Levelized Reading Curriculum • Middle School Drama • Outdoor Classroom • Middle School Debate Team


St. Mary Catholic School is committed to raising the leaders of tomorrow. A partnership between parents and St. Mary creates a home and school environment positively impacting the lives of children. In addition to the every day parent / teacher partnership, St. Mary also has other opportunities for parents and members of the greater community to make a difference: Parent / Teacher Organization (PTO) • Sacramental Programs • School Advisory Committee • Room Parents • Business Partnership Program • Teacher / Library Assistants • Casino Night • Special Events / Programs • Parent Information Nights • SCRIP Program • Annual Fund Drive which provides for facility, academic and campus improvements • Steve Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament

YOUNG MIND AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT • National Junior Honor Society • Bay Area Scholastic Challenge League • Something Beautiful for God Service Program • Buy Into Mobile Recycling Project • Altar Server Program • Weekly Mass • Sacraments • Liturgical Services • Scouts and C.Y.O. Sports Programs • Yearbook • Alabama High School Athletic Association, grades 7 and 8 • Children’s Choir • Pro-Life Club • Pride Club • Computer Club

OPEN REGISTRATION BEGINS JANUARY 17, 2017 We invite you to Explore the Opportunities for students in Pre-K-3 through 8th grade. 54 Mobile Parents I January a 2017 For moreBay info, or to schedule tour, call (251) 433-9904, or visit 107 N. Lafayette Street, Mobile, Alabama 36604

SMP-3245 AD Parent Mag 2016.indd 1

12/13/16 1:45 PM



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Saints give it their all. St. Paul’s Episcopal School By The Numbers 81% of the Class of 2016


were offered merit-based scholarships


angels adopted during the 2016 holiday season

25 after school enrichment programs offered through After School Matters throughout the year The Class of 2016 are attending

29 different colleges in 14 different states




number of instruments played by our strings students

5 fine art studios on campus


athletic state championships and counting


Number of staff and faculty members

masters or doctorate degrees 65% have


non-perishable food items donated by students for the hungry

international countries represented among the student body: China, Germany, France, Canada, India, Venezuela, Bangladesh




Our Lower School Science Lab Friends

new students in the 2016-2017 school year. 86 students (51%) transferred from another school

National Merit Finalists

4 Commended

years wireless with a 1:1 device program

Scholars 2016

95 %

ger Hun tters Ma


of students who took an AP test scored 3 or better




161 Dogwood Lane | Mobile, Alabama 36608 | 251-342-6700 |






4 fire-bellied frogs • 25 crawfish • 2 beta fish • 1 tadpole • 3 algae eaters

500 Seats in the on-campus theatre


• • • • • • • •

I A I L 6 4 1 P

• • • •

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At •

Se • • • Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


1 T s a I v


UMS-Wright Preparatory School

At UMS-Wright, we build the foundation for excellence through our devotion to advancing our students in mind, body, and spirit. We strive to provide each student with a quality education while instilling character, respect, and honor. UMS-Wright teachers, administrators, and staff are dedicated to equipping our students with the skills necessary to be successful in life and beneficial to the community. We encourage students to pursue other personal interests through a myriad of activities offered in our Arts, Athletics, and Student Life Departments. We firmly believe that the lessons learned and the qualities developed through participation in such activities help students internalize positive characteristics such as self-discipline, respect for others, and selflessness. We ensure that each student has the opportunity to explore and fulfill all interests and that we have the appropriate facilities, expertise, and support for students to do so.


• • • • • • • •

Innovative STEM across all three divisions Academic Support Program Infused Education Apple implementation Lower School Writing Program 66 AP Scholar Awards and 6 National AP Scholars 4 National Merit Semi-Finalists 15 Cum Laude Society Members - 1 of only 3 chapters in Alabama Proudly offering a K-3 Program for the 2017-18 school year

• • • •

State of the art facilities including auditorium, art gallery, and ampitheatre 32 Fine and Performing Arts classes 26 Lower School Art and Chorus classes and 8 Lower School musicals 4 Middle and Upper School Plays and 2 Chorus and Band Concerts

• •

15 Middle School and Varsity Sports 12 Athletes in the class of 2016 received scholarships to play at the collegiate level 7 Lower School Intramurals


Athletics •

Service • • •

15,188 Total Service Hours for Middle and Upper School Through our new NED program, we are helping to foster in our students the following traits - Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and to Do Your Best - in school, at home and in our community. In the month of December, each Lower School grade level supported various charities around our community.

Come visit us to learn more!

65 Mobile Street



While your child is in the Spring of life, we’re here to help them blossom. It’s a time for growth and discovery—when everything is fresh and new. At Weinacker’s Montessori School, we provide caring, nurturing environments to help your child get the most out of learning. Through individualized attention and independent discovery, we cultivate a love of learning that can lead to lifelong success. Enroll NOW and sow the seeds of lifelong learning and success.

We understand that children learn best through use of all five senses. Our materials are specifically designed so our students can touch, see, hear, smell, and even taste things, in order to help develop and refine their learning experience.

Learning is individualized. Each of our students works at his, or her, own pace. We allow children to choose their path, respecting that they know what they are most ready to learn and experience (Montessori’s Sensitive Periods for learning).

We learn about real things in our classrooms. Our practical life activities help our students gain independence, learn organizational skills, develop coordination and concentration. We help children prepare for and experience life!

We use an integrated language approach. Initially, reading and writing are taught using Montessori’s phonetic approach, then, we incorporate those skills into all aspects of our classroom environment.

Children have freedom to move and explore. Children learn through hands-on experience and our classrooms are organized to create a calm, engaging environment. Lessons are presented in a specific order. From simplest to most complex, math concepts are presented as concrete, hands-on activities, which lead to a core understanding of more abstract problems.

We believe in hands-on learning. Our materials are designed so that children can experience success without failure. We offer a positive, hands-on learning experience. Our goal is a well-trained child who has a genuine love of learning.

learn by engaging with provided materials. Infant/Toddler classrooms are attractive and inviting. Our teachers’ role in the infant/toddler environment is to help foster each child’s independence while allowing the child to explore and learn. School is fun! Children learn while playing and play while learning. And music and art are part of the Montessori curriculum. All of which help children develop a lifelong love of learning.

We have experienced, Montessori-trained teachers. Children learn best from a teacher who is in tune with the student. Our experienced, Montessori-trained teachers help connect each child to the environment, allowing the child to



As be to frie hid an up

Infant - 6 Years Old

1-888-967-2445 MOBILE - HILLCREST 227 Hillcrest Road Mobile, AL 36608

MOBILE - UNIVERSITY 513 Georgian Drive Mobile, AL 36609

DAPHNE 28765 N. Main St. Daphne, AL 36526


Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



A Page in a Book The Trouble with Toys From early childhood, toys are a central fixture in most kids’ lives. Playthings are the first thing children turn their thoughts to upon waking, the items that demand their attention throughout the day, and often the objects of comfort that join them in bed as they fall asleep. But like any constant companion, toys can also have their moments when they become vexing. Toys get lost, sometimes they break, they collect underfoot (see: Lego™) making us unhappy for a little while. The following titles touch on both the moments when toy frustration peaks, as well as solutions that bring our beloved toys back into the fold.

Too Many Toys

by Heidi Deedman (Candlewick) Lulu was gifted with a very special toy when she was just a baby, her one-and-only teddy bear Jupiter, whom she loved very much. But as more birthdays and holidays arrived, so did more toys. By the time Lulu is five-years-old, toys are overflowing her shelves, crowding her at bath time and making it impossible to actually play with every one of them. After discarding several creative ideas, Lulu crafts a plan that will relocate her toys and give her more time with her one-and-only, Jupiter. One solution solves the problems of both a child with a surplus of toys and a host of children who may have a deficit of playthings. A delightful exploration of generosity from both ends, Too Many Toys highlights the importance of balance between too much and just enough.

Finding Monkey Moon

by Elizabeth Pulford, Illustrated by Kate Wilkinson (Candlewick) Michael’s bedtime is on approach, but his constant companion Monkey Moon is missing. As he and his dad turn the house upside down searching, Michael’s worries for this lost friend begin to amplify. Father and son retrace their steps through a darkening park on their mission to find Monkey Moon. The park at night reveals new sights, but no sighting of Micheal’s missing friend. When the discouraged pair turn toward home the last bit of light glints upon something hidden in the bushes, something that could be a sight for sore eyes. A testament to teamwork and tenacity when an important friend goes missing, Finding Monkey Moon is a hopeful and uplifting journey from lost to found.


by Oliver Jeffers (Philomel / Penguin) Floyd’s simple plan to fly his kite barely gets off the ground when his kite gets stuck in a tree. Throwing his favorite shoe at the stranded kite doesn’t knock it down, but instead it gets stuck with the kite in the branches. His second favorite shoe soon joins the group aloft. Maddened with frustration, Floyd begins launching anything he can find up into the tree to get his kite unstuck. A ladder, a can of paint, a cat, the milkman, and an orangutan join an increasingly more ridiculous progression of things – all hurled into the tree to knock the previous (now stuck) items from the high branches. But when Floyd approaches the tree with one final thing – it may be just the ticket to getting his kite released. Readers will appreciate Jeffers’ sublimely absurd illustration of a boy’s escalating mission to retrieve his special kite. Find more reading recommendations at


Corpus Christi Catholic School


6300 McKenna Drive, Mobile, 36608 Mission: Corpus Christi Catholic School serves students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Established in 1958 by Corpus Christi Parish, the school is committed to building the Body of Christ. It seeks to integrate the teachings of the inspired Word of God with a sense of Christian fellowship and service to community. Corpus Christi Catholic School is committed to high academic performance in a Christian setting, laying the foundation for a productive, faith-filled life. Dedicated faculty and staff nurture every child by providing opportunities to grow in faith, to achieve academic success, and to serve others as disciples of Jesus. Extra Curricular: Duke Scholars TIP Program, National Junior Honor Society, Computer Club, Scholars Bowl, Student-produced weekly news program: Corpus Christi News (CCN), Student Leadership Committee, Drama Club, Pro-Life Club, Yearbook, Scouts and Elementary Band (5 – 8 grades), and Disciples of St. Michael Service Club. Grades: PK3 - 8

865 Mis qua env stud Aca tua our Ou imp Ext Ban Wo Sup Hig tion NH ars Sta Bas Arc Sof Gra

ad on page 9 & 44

(251) 342-5474

Cottage Hill Christian Academy Church Campus ad on page 4 & 45

4255 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, 36609 Mission: Through excellent academics, spiritual development, and outstanding extracurricular activities, Cottage Hill Christian Academy partners with our parents to help our students reach their God-given potential and to become servant leaders who will impact the world for Christ. Vision Statement- Cottage Hill Christian Academy will be the choice for a Christ-centered, academically challenging education. The Cottage Hill experience will build lasting relationships, develop leaders, encourage a love of learning, and engage students in the intellectual and social challenges of our times, guided by a biblical worldview. Extra Curricular: Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Running Club, Track and Field (7th&/8th), Volleyball, Softball (7th & 8th), Golf, Cheerleading. Clubs/Organizations: National Junior Honor Society, Service Leadership, Music Conservatory, Fine Arts/ Drama. School Connections: Student Government Association, Robotics, Scholar’s Bowl, Science Olympiad, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Big Buddies Program. For Parents: Warrior Club, Parent /Teacher Fellowship. Grades: Infants - 8 (251) 660-2427

Cottage Hill Christian Academy West Campus ad on page 4 & 45

7355 Creekwood Drive, Mobile, 36695 Mission: Through excellent academics, spiritual development, and outstanding extracurricular activities, Cottage Hill Christian Academy partners with our parents to help our students reach their God-given potential and to become servant leaders who will impact the world for Christ. Vision Statement- Cottage Hill Christian Academy will be the choice for a Christ-centered, academically challenging education. The Cottage Hill experience will build lasting relationships, develop leaders, encourage a love of learning, and engage students in the intellectual and social challenges of our times, guided by a biblical worldview. Extra Curricular: Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field, Volleyball, Swimming, Tennis, Softball, Golf, Cheerleading Clubs/Organizations: National Honors Society, National Junior Honor Society, Key Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mu Alpha Theta, Art League, Theater Arts, Young Women of Virtue, Social Awareness Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, Science Club, Running Club, Student-Led Ministries School Connections: Student Government Association, Robotics, Scholar’s Bowl, Science Olympiad, Math Bowl, Debate Team, Big Buddies Program For Parents; Warrior Club, Parent /Teacher Fellowship Grades: 9 - 12 (251) 634-2513

Covenant Christian School ad on page 21 & 46

7150 Hitt Road, Mobile, 36695 Mission: The mission of Covenant Christian School is to graduate students who are prepared to understand their world, to communicate with their world, and to influence their world for Christ through servant-leadership. Biblical standards and values form the core of our working principles at CCS. We equip our students with a view of the world that acknowledges its brokenness, yet offers it restoration in Christ. To understand these things and to communicate these things are the foundations of influence that we sow into the students of Covenant Christian School. The quality of our teachers, the focus of our curriculum and the soundness of our methods have resulted in a strong academic consistency. This consistency has enabled our students to go on to become leaders in high school, top ten graduates, valedictorians, salutatorians, and IB candidates. Extra Curricular: SGA, Scholars Bowl, Service Projects, Volleyball, Flag Football, Track, Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Cheerleading, AHSAA member, Spelling Bee, Private Piano & Band Instrument Instruction, Chess Team, Art, Music, Drama, Foreign Language Instruction, 8th Grade Mission Trip and Field Trips Grades: PK4 - 8 (251) 633-8055

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



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t e will tuw.


Faith Academy

Little Flower Catholic School

8650 Tanner Williams Road, Mobile, 36608 Mission: It is the mission of Faith Academy to offer quality Christian education in a safe, clean and orderly environment, while assisting and encouraging our students to realize who they are in Christ. Vision: Faith Academy endeavors to provide for our students’ spiritual, artistic, athletic, social and personal needs through our daily school programs and extracurricular activities. Our goal is to develop Christian young people who will impact and change the world around them for Christ. Extra Curricular: Student Government Association, Band, Choir, Drama, Chapel Worship Team, Chapel Worship Team, Heart for Life (Pro-Life) Club, Military Support Club,, Robotics Club, Science Olympiad, Sr. High/Junior High Math Competition, Physics Competition, Oratorical Contest, Writing Competition, Sr. High NHS, Sr. High Beta, Jr High NHS, Jr. High Beta, Scholars Bowl , Missions Club, 4-H Club, School Yearbook Staff, Art Competition, Miss Ram Pageant, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Soccer, Archery, Swimming and Golf, Volleyball, Fast-pitch Softball, and Cheerleading. Grades: PK3 – 12

2103 Government St, Mobile, 36606 Mission: The mission of Little Flower Catholic School is to provide a quality Catholic education for all the children from the diverse economic and cultural backgrounds of the families in our community. We respect and encourage each individual learner to reach his or her maximum potential spiritually, developing a strong faith and relationship with God; academically, continuing to be a life-long learner; physically, having healthy living habits; and emotionally, becoming a self-disciplined, well-rounded member of our “Loop” community who tries every day to “do little things with great love” as did our patron, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus. Extra Curricular: Catholic Youth Organization Sports (Football, Soccer, Basketball, and more), Academic Clubs such as National Honor Society, SGA, Choir, Chess, Our Habitat, weekly all-school Mass, Preschool Mardi Gras Parade, Eighth grade/Kindergarten Buddies, Alliance for Catholic Education placements, and more. Grades: PK3 - 8

ad on page 35 & 47

(251) 633-RAMS (7267)

Knollwood Christian School ad on page 23 & 48

1501 Knollwood Drive, Mobile, 36609 Mission: Our mission is to lovingly train students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially, from a Biblical perspective with a God-centered point of view and to prepare them to influence others for Christ. Extra Curricular: Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Drama, Service Club, Spanish Club, Spelling & Geography Bee, Honor Society, and more. Grades: PK4 - 8 (251) 661-1987

ad on page 24

(251) 479-5761

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School ad on page 49

1501 Old Shell Road, Mobile, 36604 Mission: McGill-Toolen Catholic High School provides a quality secondary education which enables individuals to grow in faith, to search for knowledge and truth in mind, body, and spirit, and continue building the kingdom of God on earth. By active involvement in the learning process, students are prepared for lives of Christian leadership and service. Extra Curricular: Spiritual Life and Service: Campus Ministry, Pro-Life Club, Team Woman, Praise and Worship, Servants of the Poor, Friends of Exceptional

Children, Key Club, Ambassadors, McT School Pride, Magic Club; Academic: Spanish Club, French Club, Latin Club, Hi-Q Club, Scholars’ Bowl, Physics Club, Chemistry Club, National Honor Society, Debate Club, Book Club, Chess Club; Journalism: Ingenium Literary Magazine, Vespidae Yearbook, Video Production and Broadcasting; Arts and Culture: African American Club, National Art Honor Society, Photography Club, Art Club, Drama Club, Chorus, Band, Color Guard; Athletic & Sports: Intramural sports, Cross Country, Track, Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Cheerleading, Golf, Volleyball, Swim and Dive, Bowling. Grades: 9 - 12 (251) 445-2900

Mobile Christian School ad on page 25 & 50

5900 Cottage Hill Road, Mobile, 36609 Mission: The mission of Mobile Christian School is to provide a college preparatory education in a Christ centered community which our students with the desire and ability to serve God, family, and fellow man. Extra Curricular: Band, SGA, Elementary, Junior, and National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Standards, STARS, Art Club, Spelling Bee, Robotics, Chorus, Service Club, Yearbook, Mu Alpha Theta, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Golf, Softball, Track, Volleyball, and Soccer Grades: PK3 - 12 (251) 661-1613

Shelton Academy ad on page 33

1050 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, 36695 Mission: To serve students of all abilities. Shelton’s philosophy is, obviously, that each student is unique, with a special combination of individual strengths and


l tuw.



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k, te ge


come one







OFFER INCLUDES 2 ADULT BUFFETS & 2 REGULAR DRINKS Limit 1 coupon per party, per visit. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. May not be combined with any other coupon, discount or promotion. Coupon may not be reproduced, transferred or sold. Internet distribution strictly prohibited. No cash value. Offer ends 1/31/17. Valid at Pensacola, FL and Mobil, AL locations only.

PENSACOLA, FL / 7145-C N 9th Avenue / (850) 476-6464

MOBILE, AL / 6750 Airport Blvd / (251) 341-0880 ©2017 CiCi Enterprises, LP.


individual weaknesses. We feel that an educational atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance is the key to success for every student. We encourage all abilities and accept all real limitations. We do not, of course, accept unreal or self-imposed limitations! We believe that the purpose of education is to remove barriers and enhance opportunities. We have “one on one” instruction, shorter school day, and shorter week. Member of BBB. Fully accredited. Grades: 5 - 12 (251) 639-1311

St. Dominic Catholic School ad on page 37 & 51

4160 Burma Road, Mobile, 36693 Mission: Saint Dominic Catholic School provides a learning environment that develops students to their fullest potential through an exceptional foundation in faith, academics, leadership, and service. Founded in 1961, Saint Dominic is a co-educational school serving the surrounding Mobile community and offering students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade a well-rounded Catholic education. The school’s Catholic tradition is rooted in the educational ministry of St. Dominic Catholic Parish, the Irish Sisters of Mercy, and the Archdiocese of Mobile. St. Dominic students live the beliefs and values of Jesus Christ. Extra Curricular: Magnus Math Team, Band (Grades 5 – 8), Geography Bee, Student Council, Duke Talent Identification Program, Angels on a Mission Service Club, Chess Club, Scholar’s Bowl, National Junior Honor Society, Technology Team, Spelling Bee, Altar Servers, Junior CYO, Choir, Archery and Robotics. The Booster Club, under direction of the Parish, coordinates soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, cross country and cheerleading. Saint Dominic Catholic School is a member of the Alabama High School Athletic Association. Students in grades 7 and 8 may qualify to play selected sports at McGill-Toolen High School. Grades: PK2 - 8 (251) 661-5226

St. Ignatius Catholic School ad on page 17 & 52

3650 Springhill Avenue, Mobile, 36608 Mission: St. Ignatius Catholic School, a ministry of St. Ignatius Parish in Spring Hill, strives to educate the whole child by providing a quality Catholic education in a safe and caring learning environment. Focusing on Jesus the Redeemer, children are encouraged to strive for excellence in spiritual, academic, social, and physical activities. Through a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities, children are taught to become productive and exemplary Christian leaders for the future. Extra Curricular: Scholars Bowl, Science Bowl, Children’s Choir, CYO Sports (Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Tennis and Golf), Cross Country & Track, Student Government Association, Service Program, Elementary and Junior Honor Societies, Children of Mary, Young Authors Computer Fair, Art and Music programs, Order of St. Ignatius, Young Men of St. Joseph and Pro-life Club. Grades: PK2 - 8 (251) 342-5442

St. Luke’s Episcopal Early Childhood and Lower School ad on page 26 & 53

3975 Japonica Lane, Mobile, 36693 Mission: St. Luke’s Episcopal School presents a college preparatory community developing young men and women of honor, faith and responsibility with character and intellect to thrive in college and life. Extra Curricular: Student Ambassador Program, Violin/Strings Program, Science Olympiad, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Archery, Green Team, Safety Patrol, Art Club, Science Club, K3-K5 intramural athletics (tball, soccer, cheerleading), Grades 1 and 2 intramural athletics (football, basketball, cheerleading, soccer), Grades 3-6 Youth Development League athletics (football, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer,

golf, cross country), After School and Morning Care available, Summer Day Camp Program Grades: PK2 - 5

(251) 666-2991

St. Luke’s Episcopal Middle and Upper School Campus ad on page 26 & 53

1400 University Boulevard South, Mobile, 36609 Mission: St. Luke’s Episcopal School presents a college preparatory community developing young men and women of honor, faith and responsibility with character and intellect to thrive in college and life. Extra Curricular: Honor Council, Student Government Association, Student Council, Student Ambassador Program, Key Club, Center Stage, Robotics, Marching Band, Concert Band, Violin/Strings, Chorus, High-Q Team, Middle School and Upper School Scholars Bowl, Science Olympiad, Yearbook, Film Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chess Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Young Republicans, Young Democrats, Friends of Exceptional Children, SLES Service Club, National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Mu Alpha Theta, Spanish and Latin Honor Societies, Strength and Speed Training, Archery, Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, 6th Grade Youth Development League athletics (football, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, cross country), Grades 7-12 AHSAA athletics: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Swimming/Diving, After Hours Study/Supervision Program Grades: 6 - 12 (251) 666-2991

St. Mary Catholic School ad on page 54

107 North Lafayette Street, Mobile, 36604 Mission: Our mission is to provide an environment where Jesus’ message of love meets the spiritual, intel-




JANUARY 28, 2017 | 1:30 PM | MOBILE, AL | LADD-PEEBLES STADIUM - TICKETS ON SALE NOW @ Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


lect Thi Acc Ext for Cho Pro Che mo Bay Tec Com Dra Gra


St ad

161 Mis Ala coll me we exa inte est cha Ext –C (3& Che Tim Enr Ma )– Con Sch Oly




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lectual, physical and emotional needs of our children. This mission is manifested through MARY: Moral, Accomplished, Responsible, Yearning to Learn. Extra Curricular: Computer Lab with Internet Access for all students, Band Program (5-8 grades), Children’s Choir, Ballet and Jazz, Duke University Talent Search Program, Catholic Youth Organization Sports (Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and more), Spelling Bee, National Junior Honor Society, Bay Area Scholastic Challenge League, Regional Technology Fair, Local Science Fair, Pro-Life Club, Computer Club, Robotics, Geography Bee, Scouting, Drama Club Grades: PK3 - 8

(251) 433-9904

St. Paul’s Episcopal School ad on page 55

161 Dogwood Lane, Mobile, 36608 Mission: St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile, Alabama is committed to providing the highest quality college preparatory education in a Christian environment. Through a variety of experiences and activities, we encourage individual growth and achievement. By example, the St. Paul’s community fosters respect, integrity, responsibility, service, tolerance, and the highest moral standards to prepare the whole person for a changing and challenging future. Extra Curricular: Lower School (PreK-2nd Grade) – Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Strings, Techies Club (3&4), Intramural Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Football, Cheerleading, Volleyball (3&4); Morning Bible Story Time, BUCS (Boys United in Christ) and GEMS (Girls Enrichment Ministries), After School Care “After School Matters,” Summer Day Camp. Middle School (5th - 8th ) – Art Club, Class Officers, Cheerleading, Academic Contests, Fellowship of Christian Students, Middle School Student Council, Scholars Bowl, Science Olympiad, Rutledge Fellows of Philanthropy, National

Junior Honor Society, BUCS (Boys United in Christ) and GEMS (Girls Enrichment Ministries), Football, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Soccer. Upper School (9th - 12th ): Cheerleading, Culinary Club, Class Officers, Computer Club, Fellowship of Christian Students, Fine Arts Club, French Club, Interact Club, Key Club, Morning Saints, Mentor Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, National French Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Robotics, Rutledge Fellows of Philanthropy, Scholars Bowl, Sierra Club, Spanish Club, St. Paul’s Players, St. Paul’s Chamber Singers and Concert Chorus, St. Paul’s Chamber Strings, Marching Saints, SGA, Student Newspaper (The Epistle), Yearbook (The Halo), Art and Poetry annual publication (Logos), Forensics/ Theatrics Club, Youth Judicial, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swimming & Diving, Tennis, Track, Volleyball and Track & Field. Additional Info: Programs of Study: Advanced Placement Program, Alternative Instruction Program, Honors Program Grades: PK - 12 (251) 342-6700

St. Pius X Catholic School ad on page 27 & 56

217 South Sage Avenue, Mobile, 36606 Mission: St. Pius X School offers a quality Catholic Christian environment that promotes intellectual, spiritual and moral growth. We provide a solid education, rooted in the Gospel values and supported through parental and community involvement. In our students we cultivate knowledge and nurture faith, and in so doing, create the leaders of tomorrow. Extra Curricular: Catholic Youth Organization Sports (Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, Basketball, Golf, and more), Junior Catholic Youth Organization for 7th & 8th grade students, Organic Gardening, NJHS, Math Club, Rosary ClubScholars Bowl, Student Council, WSPX


News, Scouts, Elementary Band & Children’s Choir, Keep Mobile Recycling Program. Grades: PK3 - 8 (251) 473-5004

UMS-Wright Preparatory School ad on page 13 & 57

65 Mobile Street, Mobile, 36607 Mission: For the UMS-Wright Family to educate all students to their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit and to produce in each student character of the highest possible order. Extra Curricular: Middle and Upper Schools: Upper School Chorus, Middle School Chorus, Pawcapellas, Chorale, Art Guild, Fall Play, Marching Band, Concert Band, Spring Musical, Middle School Play, Bulldog Review, Technology Club, Honor Council, Key Club, Jr. Optimist Club, Mind’s Eye Editors, Crimson and Grey Newspaper Editors, Science Olympiad, Scholars Bowl, Scholastic Challenge, Youth Judicial, Chess Club, Book Club, Congress Representatives, SGA President and Vice-Presidents, Dunlap Tech Crew, Dawghouse Morning Announcement Crew, Wright Players, Wright Singers, Yearbook Editors, Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Swim/Dive, Tennis, Indoor Track, and Volleyball. Lower School: Third-Fourth Grade Chorus, Piano and Strings Lessons, Science Expo, Robotics, Virtual Learning Foreign Language Lab, Intramurals in Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Softball, After School Enrichment Classes, Ballet, Baby Bulldog Cheerleaders, Bull Pups, Bulldog Athletic Association Football, Basketball and Cheerleading in Grades 3-4. Grades: PK - 12 (251) 479-6551

Weinacker’s Montessori School ad on page 17 & 58

227 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, 36608 513 Georgian Drive, Mobile, 36609 Mission: We believe every child is born with unique potential. And in order for your child to reach their potential, it must first be revealed. That’s where our highly skilled teachers and unique approach come in. First and foremost, we at Weinacker’s Montessori School encourage the children to learn while playing and play while learning. Studies show that using a sensory approach to learning is the most effective way to learn and retain it. So, at Weinacker’s Montessori Schools students get to move around and explore, allowing them to learn while using their five senses in a safe and engaging environment. This not only gives them the freedom to explore their natural abilities, it allows your child to have a unique, individualized learning experience. This helps instill self-confidence and a lifelong curiosity for knowledge. After all, we’re not just preparing your child for their education; we’re preparing them for life! Grades: infant-3rd grade 227 Hillcrest Road, Mobile, 36608 (251) 344-8755

513 Georgian Drive, Mobile, 36609

(251) 342-5399

Bright Beginnings Academy

3590 Pleasant Valley Road, Mobile, 36609 Mission: It is the mission of Bright Beginnings Academy to enable students to overcome individual learning differences in order to achieve their full potential. Bright Beginnings Academy was developed to give parents an alternative for their children’s education. Each child is unique and should be taught in unique ways. At Bright Beginnings each child is individually challenged and taught to meet his/her specific needs. An individual educational plan is developed for each

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

child and is taught in small group settings. We offer a full day academic program specializing in dyslexia. Grades: 1 - 8 (251) 525-9105

Emmanuel Jr. Academy

520 Gilbert Street, Prichard, 36610 Mission: To enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity. Grades: K - 9 (251) 478-1140

Evangel Christian School

1277 Jubilee Drive, Saraland, 36571 Mission: The purpose of Evangel Christian School is to teach, train, and lead young children to Christ. We also desire to reach the extended family of every child God entrusts to us. On a daily basis training is given in Bible, Christian character, language, and traditional subject matter. We believe the word of God which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” We also treasure Psalm 119:11, “Thy word (the Bible) have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” With a firm foundation from God’s Word and proper Christian training, students of Evangel Christian School can make wise decisions for the present and proper decisions for the future. Grades: PK3 - 5 (251) 675-4619 evangel-christian-school

Government Street Christian School

3401 Government Blvd, Mobile, 36693 Mission: Our mission is to provide a quality Christian education within a caring, nurturing, and challenging environment; which develops the entire person and equips students with both the desire and ability to fulfill


God’s purposes for their lives. Extra Curricular: Volleyball, Basketball, Chorus, Archery, Drama, Coding Classes, Robotics, Chess club, and an active chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society. Additional Info: Double Accredited. Grades: PK4 - 9 (251) 660-7444

Grace Baptist Academy

8780 Howell’s Fairy Road, Semmes, 36575 Mission: Grace Baptist Academy is a private Christian school making available an excellent education to families of like faith desiring to educate their children in a Christian environment. Our purpose is to develop the mind of Christ in the lives of our students. We are accredited through NAPS and we are approved by the NCAA for Div. 1 & 2 scholarships and athletics. We do have a Home school Option available that is an extension of our 100% digital program that our day school 6th - 12th graders also use. All students need is the ability to connect to the internet to do their classes anywhere in the world. Extra Curricular: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Music, Voice, Violin, Piano, Guitar Grades: PK3 - 12 (251) 649-7398

Life Institute Christian School

351 South Craft Highway, Chickasaw, 36611 Mission: The mission of the Word of Life Institute is to provide a biblically based, individualized educational program in a loving Christ centered atmosphere, to build and develop strong Christian character in the lives of our students, to prepare students to face and to overcome the challenges presented to them in this age, therefore causing them to create changes in the world which they live. The Word of Life Institute utilizes an individualized accelerated Christian education curriculum that allows the student to achieve attainable educational goals at his or her own pace. It is individualized because each student is tested and prescribed a

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learning track that is on their current performance level. Grades: K - 12 (251) 456-2652

Lighthouse Baptist Academy

6335 Swedetown Road North, Theodore, 36582 Mission: Academics are a vital part of every young person’s life. Lighthouse Baptist Academy is committed to helping students achieve academic excellence in all disciplines and to providing students with the instruction and guidance they need to realize their own potential. We believe that a child’s education must aim for the total person: academically, spiritually, morally, and physically. We also believe that a Christ-centered curriculum and academic excellence can coexist. At LBA, our curriculum is developed to provide students with the best possible program of studies. Extra Curricular: Athletics (Volleyball, Basketball, and Football), Vocal Ensembles, Yearbook, Newspaper, Piano Lessons, Band Instrument Lessons, Drama, Community Outreach Grades: PK - 12 (251) 653-6542

LWCC Kingdom Academy

1060 Government Street, Mobile, 36604 Mission: LWCC Kingdom Academy is dedicated to providing a spiritual and academic life of excellence in the Kingdom of depth and devotion in an atmosphere of love, learning, and achievement. Supported by a community of prayer and guidance preparing our students for a lifetime of learning and impacting their world with Biblical principles of the Kingdom of God. LWCC Kingdom Academy offers a purposeful Christ-centered education in spiritual and academic excellence. Extra Curricular: Computer, Foreign Language, Video Phonics, Art, Math, Nature & Science, Rhythm & Music, Creative Drama, Reading Readiness, P.E./Health and a variety of educational experiences. Grades: K - 8 (251) 433-5866

Mobile Junior Academy

1900 Cody Road South, Mobile, 36695 Mission: Mobile Junior Academy exists to acquaint our students with Christ and equip them for a life of service. To fulfill our mission, we will: Promote spiritual and moral development of the students, Maintain high standards of scholastic excellence, Develop the students’ ability to think clearly and logically, Uphold the Holy Scriptures as the basis for all of our teaching, Instruct in principles of health, physical well-being, basic skills and the dignity of labor, Teach responsibilities and privileges of good citizenship, and Stress preparation for service to God, the church, the community and the world. Grades: PK4 - 8 (251) 633-8638

Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School

310 Sengstak Street, Mobile, 36603 Mission: The Mission Statement of Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic School is to prepare students for servant leadership by providing a strong educational program which engages the student in the learning process, assists in conscience formation, based on Christian values in the Catholic tradition and cultivates respect and responsibility. Extra Curricular: Catholic Youth Organization Sports (Football, Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball and more), Choir, Drumline, Scholar’s Bowl, Student Council, Student/Teacher Mentoring Program. Grades: PK3 – 8 (251) 432-5270

North Mobile Christian

(251) 679-3279

Prichard Preparatory School

743 Mt. Sinai Avenue, Whistler, 36612 Mission: To educate students academically, spiritually, and culturally, and to develop their character in preparation for the pursuit of collegiate degrees. Extra Curricular: Music, Ensemble, Newspaper, Cross Country, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, National Elementary Honor Society, Classical Ballet, Safety Patrol, Student Government Association Grades: PK - 5 (251) 380-7220

Revelation Christian School

1711 Taylor Lane, Mobile, 36605 Mission: The Mission of the Revelation Christian School is to provide our children with a Christ-centered curriculum that will equip our children to excel spiritually, physically, and academically. Also, to build Godly character in children by education then in a Christ-centered environment where their love for Christ, all people and learning can grow. Grades: PK4 - 5 (251) 473-2555

Safe Haven Christian School

1255 Industrial Parkway, Saraland, 36571 Mission: It is the mission of North Mobile Christian School to enable students to honor God in their spiritual, academic, social, and personal development through Christian education based on a Biblical worldview. Extra Curricular: National Junior Honor Society, Year-


book, Scholars Bowl, Student Council, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Archery, Flag Football, Cross Country, & Golf Grades: PK3 - 8

803 North Dr. MLK Jr. Drive, Prichard, 36610 Mission: Our objective at Safe Haven Christian Academy is to educate our students, academically, socially, and spiritually, to provide Christian values as a learning tool for our youth today. Our goal is to provide the best in academic training based on the principals in the Word of God, in an atmosphere that promotes Christian values.

Extra Curricular: Music, School Band, Marching Angels, Art and Spanish Grades: PK4 - 12 (251) 457-6088

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Satsuma Christian School

5600 Old Highway 43, Satsuma, 36572 Mission: The mission of Satsuma Christian School is to include giving each student an opportunity to come to know God through Jesus Christ, giving each student full opportunity and the necessary resources to develop his or her full potential; spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. By doing so, Satsuma Christian School will strive to help ensure that students attain high academic excellence in preparations for advanced curriculum studies on the secondary level while emphasizing the Bible, the Word of God, in school life and daily studies so that the students and faculty reflect Christian morals and ethics in their daily lives. Extra Curricular: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer, Cross Country, Flag Football, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Art, Band, and other clubs. Grades: PK3 - 3 (251) 675-1295

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School

6571 Larkspur Drive, Mobile, 36619 Mission: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School provides a nurturing family environment that is traditional, yet progressive. Students are valued as individuals and taught to utilize their unique abilities to master essential knowledge and skills; actively solve problems; and produce meaningful, relevant work. St. Vincent de Paul champions each student’s success and teaches to honor the values of Catholic identity through moral integrity and service to others. Extra Curricular: SVS Robotics, Student Government Association, National Junior Honor Society, McGill-Toolen Elementary Band Program, Catholic Youth Organization Sports (Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf and more), Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Altar Servers Grades: PK3 - 8 (251) 666-8022

The Arnold School

4308 Downtowner Loop, North, Mobile, 36609 Mission: The mission of The Arnold School is to create an education environment that will enable each student to grow according to his/her academic needs. Some students are taught on a college preparatory level and others are taught according to their academic ability. Each student progresses at a rate that is comfortable to him/her, going as slow or as fast as he/she is able to achieve. Extra Curricular: Student Government, Yearbook, National Honor Society, Athletic Program is through The Chandler YMCA, Journalism, Speech and Creative Writing, Psychology and Computers Grades: 6 - 12 (251) 343-1700

The Learning Tree, Inc.

5451 Able Court, Mobile, 36693 Mission: The Learning Tree, Inc. exists to provide a warm and loving environment with individualized, empirically validated services and supports to persons with significant educational, medical, and behavioral challenges; helping them develop and maintain a quality of life expected by non-disabled members of their family and community. (251) 649-4420

Trinity Lutheran

2668 Berkley Avenue, Mobile, 36617 Mission: The Mission of Trinity Lutheran School is to know and serve God, to promote justice, and to render service to the community by offering parents a choice of school and providing a safe, caring, and productive environment in which children are equipped for responsible citizenship. Grades: PK2 – 5 (251) 456-7960 MBP

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017



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PREPARE. INSPIRE. GROW. featuring small classes in a nurturing environment At the heart of the Bayside experience, you will find our students and teachers exploring the world around them in an environment that challenges and inspires. Bayside prepares students to excel as lifelong learners while possessing high moral standards, a sense of responsibility and respect for self. Take advantage of priority enrollment until Friday, January 13, 2107. If you are interested in learning more about the enrollment process at Bayside Academy, please visit or call 251-338-6446.


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67 Bayside Academy is an independent, co-educational, college preparatory day school offering a superior educational opportunity to qualified students from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.


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The best way to make a positive impact on the girl vs. girl trend sweeping the nation is to address and redirect mean girl behavior in our daughters. Like many mothers of daughters I polled, I started noticing mean girl behavior early in my daughter’s school experience. Ironically, the behavior wasn’t coming from acquaintances, but from girls my daughter considered friends.

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This brings up an uncomfortable reality: there is not much we can do about mean girl behavior in other people’s kids. We can report it to their parents or to school or organization authorities, but there is little more we can do to ameliorate mean girl situations once they are happening. So what’s a pro-active mom to do? Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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Take heart. There is much you can do to prevent

bad day without getting overly involved in solving each other’s problems. Once your daughter understands that drama is a distraction from personal priorities, she can more easily steer clear.

mean girl behavior in your own daughter. One more girl setting an example of how to be kind and emotionally intelligent, despite peer pressure moving in the opposite direction, can help turn the tide. If mothers can encourage their daughters to stay open, vulnerable, and in touch with feelings no matter what, we might be able to dismantle the mean girl time bomb that ticks silently away inside every girl, just waiting to go off when that girl is pushed too far. Only when girls understand that bullying is never acceptable can a better example spread. If your daughter can embody healthier choices, she can help create harmony within her middle school girl tribe. Here are six crucial ways moms can prepare daughters to navigate the social pressures of middle school.

Model Healthy Communication. Girls often start to lose their authentic voices when they become teenagers. So your job as your daughter’s confidante is to keep the doors of communication open and let her be honest and real with you as she is trying to figure everything out. If your formerly sunshiny girl suddenly turns partly cloudy, don’t fret. She may push you away and not want to talk as much as she used to, but don’t give in to the common misperception that teenagers need to be left alone. Your middleschooler can’t navigate this brave new social world solo. If you expect her to, she is going to feel stressed and look for friends who can help her take the edge off. You have to be there, Mom, every day, listening and responsive, whenever either of you wants to talk.

Define meanness. Rudeness, meanness, and bullying exist on a behavior spectrum. Meanness is intentionally hurtful, as opposed to rudeness, which is unintentionally hurtful, as opposed to bullying which is consistently hurtful. One of the problems with mean girl behavior is that it can be subtle, insidious, and elusive. Teach your daughter the difference between the three types of behaviors and how to tell the difference between someone who is consistently, purposefully mean and someone who simply makes a mistake. Make sure your child understands that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that you expect her to be kind regardless of circumstances. Keep talking about what these three behaviors mean on an ongoing basis, until your daughter can tell the difference. Once she knows she always has a choice about how to respond in any situation, you are making good progress.

Keep Your Negativity In Check. When confronted with a challenging situation, your daughter will intuitively imitate the way you behave. If you project negativity onto others, she is going to learn to do the same. If you are insecure, she will be insecure. If you are superior and competitive with others, she will follow suit. If you judge and condemn…I am sure you get the picture. You can’t hold your daughter accountable for her attitudes and actions, if you are not accountable for yours. Be sure you set a good example or you just might see your least appealing qualities reflected back to you in your daughter’s behavior.

Reinforce & Challenge Your Daughter’s Strengths. If you want your daughter to be a leader, not a follower, she needs to know and use her strengths. If you and the rest of your family don’t reflect her strengths back to her, it’s going to take your daughter longer to activate her personal power. If you only reflect back her weaknesses, she is going to believe she is a walking, talking pile of not good enough, which makes her an easy target for mean girls. Girls with high self-esteem don’t usually become targets, and self-motivated girls don’t focus on the behavior of others. If they have a negative encounter with another girl, they shrug it off and bounce back quickly. So make sure your daughter is armed with something besides superiority and a sharp tongue. Be certain she knows what she is good at and encourage her to put her strengths to good use in your community for the benefit of all. If your daughter is busy exercising her skills, challenging herself to reach new goals, and striving to make a positive impact in the world, she will gain the healthy self-esteem and confidence that result from positive personal experiences. Happy, engaged kids are less likely to bully others. Once your daughter understands the dynamics of mean girl behavior, she can steer clear of drama when it crops up and will keep you in the loop as to how she handled it. These are the kinds of conversations every mom hopes to have with her daughter in middle school. If you are not having them, then maybe your daughter needs the mean girl primer only you can give her. MBP

Encourage Self-acceptance Over Popularity. Left to their own devices, kids will always decide that being popular is better than not being popular. In middle school, popularity is perceived as power and kids are instinctively hungry for it. Make sure you don’t secretly hope your child will be one of the popular kids. If you put this trip on your child, you are encouraging her to put perceptions over feelings, which can lead to imposter syndrome. If you want your child to be authentic and emotionally intelligent, this means accepting and liking her as she is so she can accept and like herself. If you want your daughter to have genuine self-esteem, conversations on self-acceptance need to start young, long before middle school. Then let the popularity chips fall where they may. After all, popularity does not necessarily equal happiness.

Teach How To Detach From Drama. No matter how secure and emotionally intelligent your child, hormones will be ebbing and flowing in middle school. Rather than letting this become an excuse for poor behavior, teach your daughter to step back from situations when erratic emotions are involved. Girl vendettas are common in middle school and can ignite for the slightest reasons. Your daughter may empathize with one or both girls and get inadvertently sucked into a feud if she does not know how to avoid one. Teach your daughter to listen to the facts and form her own opinion without getting involved in any drama. Encourage her to not take sides when one girl turns against another, but to be the voice of reason whenever possible. Affirm that girls need to stick together and prop each other up when they are having a

Christina Katz enjoys a close relationship with her daughter despite the fact that her daughter is a teenager. Together they enjoy watching chick flicks, going out to eat, shopping, and talking about life. 69

Family Calendar Thursday December 22


countdown and balloon drop at Noon.

Mayor’s Luncheon (Tickets for the Luncheon are $30.00

(251) 208-7086

12:00 PM Mobile Convention Center, 1 South Water Street, Mobile Don’t miss an opportunity to have lunch with both bowl teams their band and cheerleaders as the Dollar General Bowl host a national Celebrity Guest speaker at 12:00pm at Mobile Convention Center. (251) 635-0011

Noon Year’s Eve Celebration! 10:00 AM Lulu’s, 200 East 25th Avenue, Gulf Shores The Family friendly NOON Year’s Eve Celebration at LuLu’s starts at 10am! Think your year couldn’t possibly get any better, just wait and see what LuLu’s has in store to help you end the year with a bang. LuLu’s Annual Noon Year’s Eve party is pure excitement around every corner. From delicious food, a sandcastle building contest, arts & crafts, live music, zoo animals, face painting, wow I could just go on and on, but wait there is one thing I forgot to mention... To count it down to noon we celebrate with kid friendly fireworks and a huge beach ball drop. Just take a look at the pictures from last year and plan your vacation to make sure you don’t miss this incredible event. See you there! (251) 967-LULU (5858)

per seat or $300.00 per table.)

PJ’s and the Polar Express - Moorer/Springhill Branch Library (Free) 2:00 PM Moorer/Springhill Branch Library, 4 South McGregor Avenue, Mobile Wear your favorite jammies and join us for an afternoon showing of The Polar Express. Time: 2:00pm (251) 470-7770 Candlelight at the Loop 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM, The Loop, 2104 Airport Boulevard, Mobile Once again it’s time to visit the shoppes of the loop by candlelight. Join us for Candlelight at the Loop from 4:00pm-8:00pm. You can fill your stockings with holiday cheer by finding great deals and supporting local business. Greer’s Markets and Cash Savers/ Mardi Gras parade 6:30 PM Downtown Mobile, Spanish Plaza, Mobile Doubloons, moon pies and beads will fill the air as the Greer’s Markets and Cash Savers/ Mardi Gras parade marches through the streets of Downtown mobile. Don’t miss Mobiles largest Mardi Gras themed parade with over 24 mardi gras floats, marching bands from both teams participating in the Dollar General Bowl as well as high school squads from across the country. (251) 635-0011

Friday December 23

Dollar General Bowl 7:00 PM Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile Dollar General Bowl will be held at Ladd-Peebles Stadium at 7:00pm. (251) 635-0011

Saturday December 24

Carpe Diem Santa Run 10:00 AM Carpe Diem Coffee and Tea Company, 4072 Old Shell Rd, Mobile Annual Santa Run will begin at 10:00am at Carpe Diem Coffee & Tea Co. located at 4072 Old Shell Rd. It’s a family friendly 2 mile charity fun run with a course that starts and ends at Carpe Diem. Costumes, strollers, bikes, dogs are all welcomed and encouraged. Post-race coffee, hot chocolate, and treats will be provided. Registration forms can be picked up and dropped off at Carpe Diem. Registration will also be open on the morning of the event, starting at 9:00am. More information can be found at (251) 304-0448

Friday December 30

New Year’s Eve Party - Moorer/Springhill Branch Library (Free) 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Moorer/Springhill Branch Library, 4 South McGregor Avenue, Mobile Join us for a kid friendly New Year’s Eve Party! Enjoy arts, crafts, refreshments, complete with a final countdown and balloon drop at NOON! (251) 470-7770

Saturday December 31

New Years Balloon Drop - Ben May Main Library (Free)

10:00 AM Ben May Main Library, 701 Government Street, Mobile Celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 with puzzles, Legos, crafts and stories.Then join us in the Reading Room for the final

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

MoonPie Over Mobile -New Year’s Eve Celebration (Free) Downtown Mobile, Mobile Moonpie over Mobile is back. With over 60,000 people in attendance last year, this year’s New Year’s event will usher in the New Year in grand style. Get a larger glimpse at the moon pie as it rises over the city in downtown Mobile. There will be live entertainment, activities for kids at the local museums and a countdown to 2017 like no other. (251) 208-1550

Wednesday January 4

Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Gardens 10:30 AM Bellingrath Gardens and Home, 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road, Theodore Every year, Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts specialized workshops when the weather gets chilly in winter months. Each workshop covers a special feature of the Gardens or Home, tips for making your garden more spectacular or guest lectures from renowned members of the horticultural and gardening world. These programs run from January 4 – February 22. Each program begins at 10:30 AM and is included in your Gardens admission. Admission for members is free. (251) 973-2217

Thursday January 5

Mobile Museum of Art - Art Talk 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Come meet Curator Kurtis Thomas and find out how OUTSIDE IN: 40 Years of Acquisitions Supported by the Art Patrons League came together. Artworks from these forty years of supported acquisition will be on view until February 5, 2017 at the Mobile Museum of Art. (251) 208-5200

Friday January 6

Learning with Mr. Wayne (Free) 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Ben May Main Library, 701 Government Street, Mobile Mr. Wayne from the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center presents lessons and projects for ages 3 - 6 fusing science and literature for preschool children. (251) 208-7086

Saturday January 7

Thin Mint Sprint and Health Expo 9:00 AM USA Campus - SGA Pavilion, 6431 John Counts Road, Mobile Join us for the Thin Mint Sprint benefitting Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama. (251) 344-3330


Sunday January 8

Sunday Funday - Mobile 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Downtown Mobile, Mobile Join us for these Sunday Fundays when cruisers come to town for their Monday cruise departures. With an Art Market, shops and galleries opening special hours and restaurants and bars offering cruiser specials, what’s not to love about Sundays in downtown Mobile? Mobile Museum of Art - Film Series: Max’s Picks 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Join us for our first event in our Film Series I: Max’s Picks series featuring Searching for Searching for Sugarman. This film was hand-picked by local Max Morey, owner of the Crescent Theater in Downtown Mobile. Admission is pay what you can, and there will be free popcorn. (251) 208-5200 Jewish Film Festival presents “On the Map” 3:00 PM Springhill Avenue Temple, 1769 Spring Hill Avenue,

Tuesday January 10


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bile run

Family Bingo Night - Moorer/Springhill Branch


6:00 PM Moorer/Springhill Branch Library, 4 South McGregor, Mobile Calling All Families! Come play Bingo at the Library! Prizes will be awarded and lemonade and popcorn will be served. (251) 470-7770

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Jewish Film Festival presents “The Last Mentsch” 7:00 PM Laidlaw Center for the Performing Arts, 5751 USA Drive South, Mobile


Wednesday January 11

Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Gardens 10:30 AM Bellingrath Gardens and Home, 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road, Theodore Every year, Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts specialized workshops when the weather gets chilly in winter months. Each workshop covers a special feature of the Gardens or Home, tips for making your garden more spectacular or guest lectures from renowned members of the horticultural and gardening world. These programs run from January 4 – February 22. Each program begins at 10:30 AM and is included in your Gardens admission. Admission for members is free. (251) 973-2217

Thursday January 12

Kid’s Studio (Free) 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Ben May Main Library, 701 Government Street, Mobile Children (ages 8-13) and their parents are invited to explore contemporary art and music through hands-on and minds-on activities that stimulate and deepen their understanding of current exhibitions. (251) 208-7086

Friday January 13

Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 7:30 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887 Tedeschi Trucks Band 7:30 PM Saenger Theatre, 6 South Joachim Street, Mobile Huka Entertainment & 92ZEW present Tedeschi Trucks Band plus Leon Russell. (251) 208-5601


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Family Calendar Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534

Saturday January 14

Rising Stars 5K, Fun Run, and Winter Festival 8:00 AM Old Shell Road Magnet School, 3160 Heather Street, Mobile Race to benefit Old Shell Road Magnet School Technology Programs and Winter Festival, music, assorted food, beverages, and awards will be provided after the race. Ryan`s Angels 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run/Walk 8:30 AM USA Campus - SGA Pavilion, Family Mayker Saturdays - Ben May Main Library (Free)

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Ben May Main Library, 701 Government Street, Mobile Something for Everyone! Join us for activities for all ages! There will be creative projects to make in the Storytime Room for the younger members of your family, and “Tech Time” in the Mayker Lab for 12 years old and up. The Mayker Lab is on the second floor of the Library. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. (251) 208-7086


Mobile Museum of Art Film Series 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Join us for the second event in our Film Series II: Modern Directors Mini Marathons series featuring Wes Anderson! Admission is pay what you can, and there will be free popcorn (251) 208-5200 Jewish Film Festival presents “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” 6:00 PM Ahavas Chesed Synagogue, 705 Regents Way, Mobile Ahavas Chesed Synagogue – “In Search of Israeli Cuisine” Catered dinner – additional cost. Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 7:30 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887 Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534

Sunday January 15

Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 2:00 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887

Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 2:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534 Mobile Museum of Art - Film Series: Max’s Picks 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Join us for our second event in our Film Series I: Max’s Picks series featuring Searching for Sing Street. This film was hand-picked by local Max Morey, owner of the Crescent Theater in Downtown Mobile. Admission is pay what you can, and there will be free popcorn. (251) 208-5200 Jewish Film Festival presents “Rock in the Red Zone” 3:00 PM Ahavas Chesed Synagogue, 705 Regents Way,

Monday January 16

Joe Jefferson Auditions for “Much Ado About Nothing” 6:30 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Auditions for Chicago will be held starting at 6:30pm (251) 471-1534

Tuesday January 17

Joe Jefferson Auditions for “Much Ado About Nothing” 6:30 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Auditions for Chicago will be held starting at 6:30pm (251) 471-1534

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Family Calendar


Jewish Film Festival presents “Fever Dawn” 7:00 PM USA Fairhope Campus,

Band’ for an intense combination of southern charm and blistering sound. (251) 208-5200

Wednesday January 18

Friday January 20

Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Gardens 10:30 AM Bellingrath Gardens and Home, 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road, Theodore Every year, Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts specialized workshops when the weather gets chilly in winter months. Each workshop covers a special feature of the Gardens or Home, tips for making your garden more spectacular or guest lectures from renowned members of the horticultural and gardening world. These programs run from January 4 – February 22. Each program begins at 10:30 AM and is included in your Gardens admission. Admission for members is free. (251) 973-2217 Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Honk, Jr.” 7:00 PM Azalea City for the Performing Arts, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Honk, Jr.” will be held on January 18-19. (251) 510-1808 Jewish Film Festival presents “Fanny’s Journey” 7:00 PM Ben May Library, 701 Government Street, Mobile

Thursday January 19

Original Oyster House Hosts Job Fair 10 am to 4:30 pm 701 Hwy 59, Gulf Shores Hiring All Positions at Original Oyster House Gulf Shores: Seasonal • Part Time • Full Time. Are you interested in working at one of our area’s best known res­taurants for great seafood, scenery and southern hospitality? We are looking for cooks, expediters, dishwashers, bussers, servers, food runners, bartenders, hosts, and cashiers. (251) 928-2620 x 109 Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Honk, Jr.” 7:00 PM Azalea City for the Performing Arts, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Honk, Jr.” will be held on January 18-19. (251) 510-1808 Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “The Wizard of Oz” 7:00 PM Azalea City for the Performing Arts, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Honk, Jr.” will be held on January 18-19. (251) 510-1808 Jewish Film Festival presents “The Dove Flyer” 7:00 PM Ahavas Chesed Synagogue, 705 Regents Way, Mobile Museum of Art - Live at the Museum ($10) 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Known for specializing in their own unique kind of “roots metal,” Black Titan is irrefutably Southern, unapologetically innovative, and charmingly terrifying. Join these 2016 Nappie Award winners for ‘Best Metal/Underground

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017

Travis Tritt Concert 7:30 PM The Steeple on St. Francis, 251 St. Francis Street, Mobile Travis Tritt concert at The Steeple on St. Francis. Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 7:30 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887 TRAXXAS Monster Truck Destruction Tour 7:30 PM Mobile Civic Center, 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile Monster Truck Destruction Tour in Mobile. Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534

Saturday January 21

Panther Pride 5K Run & Panther Prowl Fun Run 8:30 AM Murphy High School, 100 South Carlen Street, Mobile Join us for this race to benefit Murphy High School Allocation Fund. Something Special for Saturday - Moorer/Springhill Branch (Free) 10:30 AM Moorer/Springhill Branch Library, 4 South McGregor, Mobile Calling all children, ages 5 and Up! Visit with friends and enjoy making Snow Paint Snowmen. (251) 470-7770 Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 7:30 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887 TRAXXAS Monster Truck Destruction Tour 7:30 PM Mobile Civic Center, 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile Monster Truck Destruction Tour in Mobile. Alter Bridge Concert 8:00 PM Saenger Theatre, 6 South Joachim Street, Mobile Alter Bridge - The Last Hero Tour concert will be held at the Saenger Theatre. (251) 208-5601 Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534

Sunday January 22

Sunday Funday - Mobile 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Downtown Mobile, Mobile Join us for these Sunday Fundays when cruisers come to town for their Monday cruise departures. With an Art Market, shops and galleries opening special hours and restaurants and bars offering cruiser specials, what’s not to love about Sundays in downtown Mobile?


Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” 2:00 PM Chickasaw Civic Theatre, 801 Iroquois Street, Chickasaw Chickasaw Civic Theatre presents “Nunsense” on January 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm and on January 15, 22 at 2:00pm. (251) 457-8887 Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 2:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534 Mobile Museum of Art - Film Series: Max’s Picks 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Join us for our third event in our Film Series I: Max’s Picks series featuring Pirate Radio. This film was hand-picked by local Max Morey, owner of the Crescent Theater in Downtown Mobile. Admission is pay what you can, and there will be free popcorn. (251) 208-5200 Jewish Film Festival presents “The Lady in Number Six”. 7:00 PM Springhill Avenue Temple, 1769 Spring Hill Avenue,

Monday January 23


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Joe Jefferson Auditions for “Chicago” 6:30 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Auditions for Chicago will be held starting at 6:30pm (251) 471-1534

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Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “The Wizard of Oz” 7:00 PM Azalea City for the Performing Arts, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Drama Camp Productions Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Wizard of Oz” will be held on January 23 and 25. (251) 510-1808

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Tuesday January 24


Joe Jefferson Auditions for “Chicago” 6:30 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Auditions for Chicago will be held starting at 6:30pm (251) 471-1534

Wednesday January 25

Winter Wednesdays at Bellingrath Gardens 10:30 AM Bellingrath Gardens and Home, 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road, Theodore Every year, Bellingrath Gardens and Home hosts specialized workshops when the weather gets chilly in winter months. Each workshop covers a special feature of the Gardens or Home, tips for making your garden more spectacular or guest lectures from renowned members of the horticultural and gardening world. These programs run from January 4 – February 22. Each program begins at 10:30 AM and is included in your Gardens admission. Admission for members is free. (251) 973-2217 Chick-Fil-A Fellowship of Christian Athletes Rally 6:30 PM Mobile Convention Center, 1 South Water Street, Mobile Many fun events are planned for the week of the Senior Bowl. Chick-Fil-A Fellowship of Christian Athletes Rally will be held on Wednesday, January 25th at the Mobile Convention Center at 6:30pm. This event is open to Public (Ticket required), please visit for more information. (251) 432-4109



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Family Calendar Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “The Wizard of Oz” 7:00 PM Azalea City for the Performing Arts, 63 Midtown Park East, Mobile Drama Camp Productions - Sunny Side Theatre auditions for “Wizard of Oz” will be held on January 23 and 25. (251) 510-1808

Friday January 27

Coca-Cola Meet the Players (Free) 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM, Mobile Convention Center, 1 South Water Street, Mobile The Coca-Cola Meet the Players will be held on Friday, January 27th from 3:30pm-6:00pm at the Mobile Convention Center and is free to the public. In addition to meeting the players, fans can enjoy interactive displays from the New Orleans Saints, Under Armour, Coca-Cola and AT&T plus games for the kids. These events are Family-friendly with interactive activities for children and adults. (251) 432-4109 Make a Mardi Gras Wreath - Mobile Museum of Art ($75 non-members $50 members) 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Create a unique Mardi Gras wreath for your home using recycled beads from years past. Participants will work step by step to wrap their wreaths and create bows and embellishments to finish it. Everyone will leave with a completed wreath to celebrate the carnival season. Wine and light refreshments will be served. (251) 208-5200 Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534 Mobile Theatre Guild presents “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” 8:00 PM Mobile Theatre Guild, 14 North Lafayette Street, Mobile Mobile Theatre Guild presents “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on the weekends from January 27-February 12. (251) 433-7513

Saturday January 28

Charity Chase 8:00 AM USA Campus - SGA Pavilion, Mobile The Charity Chase is not your typical 5K charity race. Runners choose from a list of participating nonprofits and compete to win Jackpot donations on behalf of their selected charity. A Day in the Life of a Civil War Soldier - Fort Gaines (Adults $8.00, Children (ages 5 to 12) $4.00) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Fort Gaines, 51 Bienville Boulevard, Mobile The Independent Rifles will showcase the day to day life of a Confederate soldier while on duty at Fort Gaines. Come and experience a living history day for the whole family. Blacksmith demonstrations will be on hand all day in the fort’s Blacksmith Shop. There will be military drills and training as well as the firing of the cannon and other daily duties. (251) 861-6992 Baumhower Tailgate Challenge 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM, Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile Baumhower Tailgate Challenge is on Saturday, January 28th. This competition is to determine the Senior Bowl Tailgater of the Year. The Challenge is Free and open to anyone tailgating in the parking lot on game day. (251) 432-4109


The Food for Less Tailgate Party 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM, Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile The Food for Less Tailgate Party is a pre-game event held in the Ladd-Peebles Stadium parking lot on Senior Bowl Saturday. Passes for the event are free with the purchase of a Senior Bowl ticket and are limited to the first 3,500 fans. In addition to free food and drink, tailgate party goers will enjoy inflatable activities, face painters, clowns, inflatables and the Coca-Cola Family Festival game trailer. (251) 432-4109 Krewe de la Dauphine (Free) 1:00 PM Dauphin Island, Dauphin Island Krewe de la Dauphine parade at 1:00pm. townofdauphinisland. org Senior Bowl 2017 1:30 PM Ladd-Peebles Stadium, 1621 Virginia Street, Mobile The 2017 Reese’s Senior Bowl is scheduled for Saturday, January 28th at 1:30pm at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. (251) 432-4109 Mobile Symphony presents “Winter Romance” 7:30 PM Saenger Theatre, 6 South Joachim Street, Mobile Banish the winter chill with MSO’s Winter Romance. Featuring works by some of the Romantic Era’s best known composers: Wagner, Korngold, and Tchaikovsky. (251) 432-2010 Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 8:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534 Mobile Theatre Guild presents “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” 8:00 PM Mobile Theatre Guild, 14 North Lafayette Street, Mobile Mobile Theatre Guild presents “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on the weekends from January 27-February 12. (251) 433-7513

Sunday January 29

Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” 2:00 PM Joe Jefferson Playhouse, 11 South Carlen Street, Mobile Joe Jefferson Players present “Chapter Two” by Neil Simon. (251) 471-1534 Mobile Museum of Art - Film Series: Max’s Picks 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM, Mobile Museum of Art, 4850 Museum Drive, Mobile Join us for our fourth event in our Film Series I: Max’s Picks series featuring The Sapphires. This film was hand-picked by local Max Morey, owner of the Crescent Theater in Downtown Mobile. Admission is pay what you can, and there will be free popcorn. (251) 208-5200 Mobile Theatre Guild “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” 2:00 PM Mobile Theatre Guild, 14 North Lafayette Street, Mobile Mobile Theatre Guild presents “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” on the weekends from January 27-February 12. (251) 433-7513 Mobile Symphony presents “Winter Romance” 2:30 PM Saenger Theatre, 6 South Joachim Street, Mobile Banish the winter chill with MSO’s Winter Romance. Featuring works by some of the Romantic Era’s best known composers: Wagner, Korngold, and Tchaikovsky. (251) 432-2010


Tuesday January 31

Cuisine for Kids Area Restaurants, Mobile Cuisine for Kids, a fundraiser to benefit the Child Advocacy Center will be held on Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Area restaurants will participate by donating a portion of their proceeds to the CAC to help fund much needed services for children. (251) 432-1101


APAC - Mobile County Adoptive Family Group Meets the 4th Friday of each month from 6 - 7:30 p.m. Regency Church of Christ, 501 S. University Blvd., Mobile. Parent, Youth/Teen Group and Childcare Is Provided. Topic Discussions & ceu’s for foster families are offered. For more information please call 251-460-2727 * 1-800-489-1886 * or Autism Support Group in North Mobile We have a social play room for higher functioning children (4 and up) to engage and relate. The idea is to have a safe place for parents of Autistic children in our community to link up and network with other families. 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, 6 - 7:30 p.m., Saraland United Methodist Church, 415 McKeough Ave., Saraland. For more info or to RSVP contact Chris Gibson. Email, or 251-281-7312. Azalea City Harmony Chorus of Sweet Adelines Meets/rehearses each Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Mobile Christian School, The Leopard’s Den. For more info call 251-380-0579 or visit The Breast Feeding Friendly Group (The BFF Group) A place where new moms can get one-on-one breastfeeding help. Get to know other moms within the same community and possibly become a mentor. Breastfeeding professionals are able to provide newborn weight checks before and after feeding to help you to know if your baby is getting enough to eat. Nurses and other medical personnel can answer general questions. All are welcome, even if you haven’t delivered yet. Spouses and other support partners are also welcome. Every Monday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. (Except major holidays). We meet at The Allen Cox Building Conference Room 205 Lambert Avenue, Mobile, AL 36604. Circle Of Hope, Sexual Assault Support Group Group meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. Call Lifelines Counseling Services to schedule a 30 minute appointment before attending the group 251-431-5100. COH is a support group for victims of sexual violence to share in their struggles and learn ways to begin to cope with the pain and daily stressors that trigger the hurt. This group is free to attend. Call for times and locations. The Family Center The Family Center’s classes in Mobile and Daphne are free and offer free childcare WITH minimum 24HOUR RESERVATION. Night class includes supper and giftcards. All classes provide a certificate of completion. The Family Center of Mobile *Nurturing Parenting course teaches parenting skills such as teaching cooperation and peaceful bedtimes. Wednesdays, 9:3011:30 a.m., 12-week rotating series. Call 251-479-5700 to register. *The Responsible Fatherhood Program (RFP) classes are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m., but REQUIRE ADVANCE INTAKE APPOINTMENT. See daily listings for class topics. *Mondays: Together We Can, a cooperative parenting course, 8 weeks. *Tuesdays: Quenching the Father Thirst, (Four things every dad needs to know), 12 weeks. *Thursdays: Chill Skills Stress/Anger Management training, 4 weeks. 251-479-5700 for information on all Family Center classes. All held at 601 Bel Air Blvd, Suite 100, Mobile. or FatherhoodMobile. La Leche League Mobile Bay Area Breastfeeding support meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. and the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are free and

Family Calendar open to all women with an interest in breastfeeding. Babies and children are welcome. For information or support contact a leader. 251-689-2085, amandaLLLmobile@yahoo. com,, or michelleLLLmobile@ Facebook: La Leche League Mobile Bay Area. Mobile Bay Area La Leche League Meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. The number to call for the location is 251689-2085. We can also be found on Facebook at mobile bay area la leche league. Parent-Child Worship Service Each Wednesday in January and February, Dauphin Way United Methodist Church will offer a new Parent-Child Worship Service from 9:15-10:00 a.m. (room E207) for parents and their children ages birth to four-years-old. Relaxed and filled with music, prayer, a Bible story and coloring, this new program is a wonderful opportunity to worship with your precious little ones. The program will be short, and then kids can play while parents enjoy social

time. Contact Dauphin Way UMC at 251-471-1511 for more information. Dauphin Way UMC is located at 1507 Dauphin Street, Mobile. Survivors of Suicide Support Group Meets the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Lifelines Counseling Services, 705 Oak Circle Drive, Mobile. SOS is here to provide a supportive and judgement-free environment for you to express yourself and share your story. What can you expect? •A place to find support •A comfortable environment to express yourself •A judgement free environment •Resources for grieving Mobile Infirmary Hospital For complete information about class dates, times, and locations, or to schedule a tour of our maternity center, please call the childbirth education office at (251) 435-2000. • Alzheimer’s Support Group Meetings for families and caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Meets every second Thursday of every month. E.A. Roberts Alzheimer’s Center, 169 Mobile Infirmary Blvd. Preregistration Not required. Free. Call 251-435-6950 for more information. 10-11 a.m. • Birthing Basics Class This course is for parents who either have already experienced childbirth or who prefer to attend just one class because of time constraints. The four-hour weekend session (with breaks) includes a tour and

Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


all birthing information. The fee is $30 for patients delivering at Mobile Infirmary. Pre-registration is required; call 435-2000. Every last Sunday of the month. 3:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. • Cancer Support Group Meets every 4th Tuesday of the month from 10-11 a.m. • Gastric Band Support Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6-7 p.m. • Gastric Bypass Support Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month from 6-7 p.m. • Preparation for Childbirth Series This series of classes includes all aspects of labor including natural coping skills and epidural anesthesia. Class participants will practice comfort measures and learn about post-delivery and newborn care. A maternity tour is included. Providence Hospital:

Providence Hospital is pleased to offer a variety of classes on childbirth issues. All classes are located in Conference Room I (located just inside the main lobby doors of the hospital beside the Gift Shop) unless otherwise specified. To register for classes or for more information, you may call 639-2938 to speak with our Childbirth Educator, Kathy Wade RN, or email For Daytime Breastfeeding classes only, you may call Marcia Ranew RN, our Lactation Consultant at 633-1749 or email Support Groups • Providence Hospital Breast “Friends” Meets the second Friday of every month at noon in Conference Room 1 in the main lobby of the hospital. Call Robi Jones for more information, 251-639-2852. • Diabetes Support Group Classes meet in the Diabetes Center, Suite D-436 in the Providence Medical Office Plaza. Call 251-633-1987 for more information. Spring Hill Medical Center: • Better Breathers Support Group Meeting For people with pulmonary disorders. Meets on the fourth Monday of each month. 2-3 p.m. Gerald Wallace Auditorium. For more information, call 461-2438. • Breastfeeding Class One Wednesday per month. 6:30-8:30 p.m.
at The Family Center. Benefits of breastfeeding, getting started, going back to work and FAQs are covered. Call 340-7770 early to pre-register.


• Childbirth Preparation Classes Four consecutive Mondays (6:30-9 p.m.) at
The Family Center. Register early. The class covers onset of labor, inductions, Cesarean sections, relaxation, anesthesia and postpartum. Includes a tour of the maternity units.
Cost: $25 if delivering at Springhill Hospital.

Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • Childbirth Preparation: Accelerated Course
 One Saturday per month. 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. at The Family Center. Ideal for those who live out of town or will be delivering soon. 
$25. Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • Me, Too! A Tour for Siblings Noon on the First Sunday of the month. Join us for an individualized tour and instruction for siblings ages 9 and younger. The event includes a tour of the maternity areas and tips on helping parents with the new baby. Parents must remain with their children.
 By Appointment ONLY. Call 340-7769 to schedule an appointment. • Infant CPR
 Learn this potentially life-saving technique while you are pregnant or soon after your baby’s birth. Covers infant CPR and choking. $5 if delivering at SMC. 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. The Family Center (Bldg. 2, Fourth Floor). Call 340-7769 early to pre-register. • NAMI Mobile Support Group A support group for family members of those who suffer from mental illness. Meetings are held the third Monday of every month. For more information: Diane Kent at 5918021. 6-7 p.m., Spring Hill Baptist Church Activity Center. • Resolve Through Sharing For parents who have lost a child before or immediately after birth. Meets the fourth Monday of every month, 7-8 p.m. Gerald Wallace Auditorium. Call 460-5323. USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital Classes: Advance reservations are required and may be made by calling 415-1069. No children at classes, please. Class size is limited. Advanced payment required to secure your reservation. If you are expecting multiples or having a c-section, please call for additional class information. • Preparing for Childbirth All-day Saturday class for the expectant mother and her support person (coach). Topics include: pregnancy changes, labor, role of the support coach, relaxation and breathing techniques, vaginal and cesarean births, postpartum care, and a tour of the maternity areas. Fee per couple: $30. You should plan on beginning the 3-week series when you are approximately 28 weeks pregnant. Class will meet in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital. Every other month, 9-2. • Childbirth in a Nutshell This class includes a brief overview of labor and a tour of the maternity areas. Class meets first Tuesday every other month from 6:30-9 p.m. in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital. Fee per couple: $15. • Breastfeeding This one-night class is for expectant and newly delivered mothers and their support persons who want to learn about breastfeeding. Topics include advantages, myths and facts, getting started, correct positioning, latching on, engorgement, returning to work and problem-solving. Class meets second Thursday from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the CWEB2 Building behind the hospital Fee: $5. Registration Information: Credit card payments are accepted by calling 4151685. Mail payments for classes to: University of South Alabama, Children’s & Women’s Hospital, Education Department, 1700 Center St., Mobile, AL 36604.

Please send your calendar events to lynn@ We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information. However, you should always call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

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wedding. Good options are a cocktail dress, dressy skirt with a blouse, or a nice pants suit.

Dressing Appropriate for Weddings Most of us have been there or will be there at some point in our lives. You get the invitation in the mail saying you are invited to a wedding, but it’s been a long while since you attended an event like this and you struggle with what to wear, or if you even have anything to wear. Long gone are the days of us being in our 20s where we had several dresses hanging in our closets ready and waiting for the next wedding invitation to make it to our mailbox. Since we are past the days of weekends full of weddings, we can enjoy attending the occasional wedding or two that comes our way every so often. I do love to dress up, but this can be stressful for some and fun for others. Just so you know, I am as formal as you get when it comes to wedding attire. I believe you should dress according to the time and invitation formality. Maybe that’s the stylist in me, or the Southerner... probably both. Either way, here are a few tips on how to dress the part for your next wedding invite.

1- “Black and White Tie” These two are the most formal of all wedding dress codes. Now, these are not


that common anymore, but you certainly need to understand, as a guest, what to wear. You should wear a formal dress. Keep your dress in neutral colors - stay away from bright color tones. You might even find a dress with some detail. If you opt for something simple then try adding a clutch or accessories for a little added detail.

2- “Formal” or “Black Tie Optional” Wear a long dress, cocktail dress, or even a dressier romper. Keep your colors neutral and classic... and accessorize.

3- “Beach” or “Outdoor” Dress to impress, but also dress for the elements (sun, sand, scenery, and water). Anything you’d wear to a nice restaurant on a summer day is appropriate, including a summer sundress, Maxi dress, skirt or romper. Still, try to keep it a little dressy.

4- “Semiformal” or “Dressy Casual” Depending on the time of the event, you’ll want to dress somewhere between formal and casual. Wear darker, more formal hues for an evening wedding. Opt for light colors and fabrics for a daytime 75

Dress nicely, no matter what. Even if the wedding is casual, you should dress nicely out of respect for the bride and groom. Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops are seldom appropriate, unless called for by the invitation. Wear a summer sundress, Maxi dress, skirt or pants with a nice blouse.

6- Accessories save time and money. Another tip that I have in case you are in a major fashion slump is to find your little black dress hidden in your closet and change up the style with some accessories. For example, a new necklace, clutch, and a fun pair of heels. The same goes for all wedding attire...accessories can really change up a simple style. We can’t always go shopping, so just invest in small pieces and use what you have hanging in your closet. I promise, no one will ever know you wore that dress, skirt or suit when you incorporate these simple changes. Whether you have been to several weddings in the last two years or if you are just getting started, enjoy yourself, your style and all that each wedding has in store.

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Collateral Beauty

La La Land MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: AViolence: B Sexual Content: BLanguage: CAlcohol / Drug Use: C+ The MPAA has rated La La Land PG-13 for some language. Borrowing from Beauty and the Beast, this is a tale as old as time -- or at least as old as Tinsel Town. Mia (Emma Stone) has arrived in Los Angeles with the dream of being an actress. And while she’s waiting for her big break, life ain’t that bad. She drives a Prius, shares a hip retro apartment with three equally budding roommates and has nabbed a barista job at a coffee shop on a major motion picture studio lot. But for all the auditions she’s attended, no one has seen the potential within her. Cut to Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). His big goal is to explore his obsession for all things jazz, with the grand desire of owning a club one day. In the meantime, he drives a 1980’s convertible that’s seen better days, lives in a rundown flat and plays a piano for uninterested diners. His boss (J.K. Simmons) provides immediate feedback when Sebastian’s fingers start improvising on the keys, and insists he stick to the preselected set. These two first lay eyes on one another while Mia is stuck in traffic. She’s so busy studying her audition script that she doesn’t realize the cars around her are beginning to move. With a loud honk from him and an upended finger from her, Sebastian drives past. It’s love at first sight -- LA style. After a few more “meet cutes”, their disdain for one another segues into full on affection. Soon the couple is sharing an apartment, while each of them continues to chase their artistic vision. Yet their growing love for one another begins to compete with their inner hopes for success. This conflict is depicted in surprisingly poignant scenes as both Mia and Sebastian reassess their priorities and talent, and try to balance their dreams with reality. With the many dual-working couples in society, this script is a relevant exploration into the difficult choice of whose career is the most important and whether the heart should overrule the wallet. On first viewing these deeper plot points may be difficult to notice, thanks to the movie’s distracting scenery and catchy tunes. Offering a strange retro feel, the production pulls cues from the Gene Kelly days (with Stone and Gosling doing some impressive dancing), yet brings them into a modern-day context. Old music combines with new. Classic costumes merge with trendy styles. Characters occasionally break into song, and Sebastian’s love of tickling the ivories insures there are frequent musical interludes. While your ears softshoe to the notes, your eyes will be mesmerized with the saturated colors. Even better, this sensory treat is relatively clear of content concerns. It is obviously implied that Mia and Sebastian are living together (we see them in bed a couple of times), but sexual depictions are limited to kisses and hugs. As much of a love story for the city in which it is set as it is a romance for the leading couple, La La Land provides iconic Hollywood stuff in a fun package that might just explain to your older kids why the musical genre continues to live even after its “Golden Era” is long gone.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: B+ Violence: BSexual Content: B Profanity: CAlcohol / Drug Use: AThe MPAA has rated Collateral Beauty PG-13 for thematic elements and brief strong language. Three years ago, Howard (Wil Smith) was the head of a prosperous advertising agency in New York City. The secret of his success was connecting with people. He was particularly interested in the universal motivations of longing for love, wishing for more time and fearing death. Then his daughter died… Unable to come to terms with the loss, the once gregarious entrepreneur now isolates himself from his coworkers, rides his bike like a man with a suicide wish, and finds no reason why he should carry on. Although they sympathize with his sorrow, his business partner Whit (Edward Norton) and head executives Claire and Simon (Kate Winslet and Michael Peña) are becoming increasingly alarmed. Not only is Howard hurting himself, but his disengagement with work is threatening the company’s survival and the economic prospects of its many employees. Although all three know something needs to be done, it is Whit who comes up with the plan. Stumbling upon a group of actors in need of financial support, the money-minded man offers to pay them to pretend to be Love (Keira Knightley), Time (Jacob Latimore) and Death (Helen Mirren), the three abstractions that seem to be all that preoccupies Howard’s mind. After some persuasive negotiation, Claire and Simon agree to the idea, hoping it will help Howard’s mental health. And the thespians sign on for the what appears to be the greatest improvisational and characterization opportunity of their performance careers. In the same sort of spirit as It’s a Wonderful Life that features the angelin-training Clarence, and the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future in A Christmas Carol, this story gives Howard the chance to confront this trio of beings, that personify mankind’s greatest hopes and worries. The experience also stretches the actors as they are forced to find words of wisdom beyond their own, especially when they discover it isn’t Howard alone who is grappling with these concerns. It is obvious the ambitious movie desires to shed some light on these issues for viewers too. While the script is not particularly religious, it does imply there are forces at work in the cosmos beyond human comprehension. Including the efforts of a grief counselor (Naomie Harris) and the selfish and selfless intentions of friends, the film explores these deep emotions and attempts to give the characters and the audience hope and a reason to get up and try life again. Even though it is set in the holiday season, this overcoming-your-trials tale likely won’t be first choice on the list of festive activities. However, the reminder to look for beauty even in the ugliest situations is a message worth celebrating.

What Parents need to know about Collateral Beauty... Violence: The death of a child and dealing with grief are the main themes of this film. Depression and mental illness are depicted. A character cycles recklessly and with disregard for his life. Verbal arguments occur. Characters conspire against a co-worker for reasons both selfish and caring. A sick character vomits and some blood is shown. Sexual Content: Infidelity is mentioned, along with a resulting divorce. Some mild sexual remarks and banter. Woman wears cleavage baring dress. Profanity: A sexual expletive is used once, as well as another word that sounds like it. The script also includes infrequent mild and moderate profanity, scatological slang and terms of deity. Alcohol / Drug Use: Illegal drug use is depicted in a TV show watched by a character, as well as joked about by a young man.

What Parents need to know about La La Land... Violence: Heated discussions occur between cohabitating man and woman. A driver makes a crude finger gesture to another driver. Some other scenes depict verbal conflict over business and work issues. Sexual Content: A man and woman live together. We see them embrace and kiss. At a pool party women are seen in bikinis and men without shirts. Language: A single sexual expletive, two crude finger gestures, a couple scatological terms and a few other mild profanities are heard. Alcohol / Drug Use: Characters consume alcohol in bars and restaurants. One character turns to alcohol when feeling discouraged. Mobile Bay Parents I January 2017


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