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This project was supported by Subgrant #19-OP-M1-007 awarded by the Law Enforcement/Traffic Safety Division of ADECA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



“Alabama’s High School ”




Alabama 9th & 10th Graders Can Apply Free at



ASMS is a public residential high school for academically talented sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking advanced studies in mathematics, science, and humanities.

• Early College Experience • Dedicated Instructors • Diverse Community • Leadership Opportunities • Experiential Learning

Find out how the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science can lead you on a path to success. Applying to ASMS is FREE – and so are tuition, room, and board if you are admitted! Start your online application September 1, 2019 at ASMS students have access to hands-on, experiential learning focused on research and collaboration. Students take a variety of college-level courses in Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, History, English, Communication, Physical Education, and Fine Arts. Many people ask, “Do I have to be a ‘genius’ to be accepted to ASMS?” Answer: Absolutely NOT! ASMS is made up of students who are intelligent and work hard for academic success. Current Alabama 9th or 10th graders can apply. Questions? Email or call 251.441.2100.






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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019







Volume 12 Number 3

6 Publisher’s Note Lynn Knighton

8 Therapeutic Parenting

Up and At ‘Em

Sonia Martin, LICSW, PIP

5 Benefits of After School Activities

School year tips for getting everyone out the door smiling each morning.

How they’ll make your kids more well-rounded.

sponsored by Magnolia Springs Pediatrics

50 Parenting, Media & Everything in Between



16 Kids Health Watch

Common Sense Media

58 Dave Says Dave Ramsey

After School Activities Our local guide delivers after school options galore!

Anxiety & Depression in Teens

77 Get This! Gerry Paige Smith

What parents can do to help.

Departments 10

On The Cover Alex Taicenco Rodriguez (5 and 3/4), son of Ana Taicenco and Asael Rodriguez. Alex is excited about starting Kindergarten this year! He loves to dance, and participate in gymnastics, karate and computer classes. He is also taking swimming lessons.

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Publisher’sNote The Eastern Shore’s Foremost Parenting Source

I have a confession. I have had my head (and toes) buried in the sand a bit about this whole “Back to School” thing. You would think that someone who had been working on a “Back to School” issue for the last six weeks would have found the need, at some point, to get her own family prepped for the transition. But nope, not me. Not this year. Every year around mid July, for as long as I can remember, the girls and I would take a fun day and get it all knocked out. Not this year. As I sat here thinking about my lack of motivation I thought to myself, what in the world got me so motivated the last few years that is lacking this year. Then it hit me. It was the colored plastic folders with prongs AND pockets. Yep, those were my nemesis and my motivation to get out early and snatch those bad boys up. If I didn’t then, sure, I could find the color I wanted with pockets, but it wouldn’t have prongs OR it would have prongs but not pockets. This year though, I do not have one single plastic folder to purchase (or at least I don’t think I do)... therefore, the laziness. Alas, the start of school is just around the corner and we do need to get it together. I know it sounds like the Knighton house is not excited about the new school year, but that is far from the truth. My girls actually love (well, strongly like) going to school. It is the morning routine that we just don’t really look forward to. We start out strong, but eventually the organization and excitement fizzles. I do hope to bring more calm to the mornings by putting some of the tips into practice that Christina Katz offers in her article, Up & At ‘Em! Get Everyone Out The Door Smiling Each Morning. As a child, I was always a bus rider. Now, we are generally car riders. One thing I notice is it is seems like more and more kids are riding their bikes and walking to school, which is great! Getting the blood and oxygen flowing like that has got to be a good way to jumpstart your brain and body and get you ready for the day. Unfortunately, if you are like us, you may either live too far away or live across a very busy highway, and naturally feel it is not a possibility. Fortunately, Jane Hill, on behalf of the Baldwin County Trailblazers, provides an article this month, Learning Starts on the Way to School. She points out that you don’t have to walk from home to school, but find a safe location where you are allowed to park then safely finish the trip with your kiddos from that point. You could even get a group of families to walk together, making it fun for the kids and the parents. Hill also has some neat ideas for turning that walk/ ride into an educational experience at the same time! Check it out on page 59. Aside from the social interactions, one of the things my girls get excited about when starting a new school year is the involvement in clubs and other extra-curricular activities. Five Benefits Of After School Activities: For Happy, Well-rounded Kids, on page 60, explains why these activities are not only fun but important to your child’s development. Whatever your childrens’ interests may be, you are sure to find plenty of opportunities in the After School Activities Guide on page 62. I am happy to say that just writing about all of the fun information in this month’s issue has really gotten me excited about the new school year! Yes, I think I am finally ready to shake off the sand and trade in the beach bags for backpacks. There are definitely some wonderful new adventures awaiting us, and I hope everyone has an amazing new school year!

Eastern Shore Parents Magazine, is founded on the principle that parenting is an exciting, diverse, challenging, and significant, role in our community. Eastern Shore Parents Magazine is a community advocate for families and the parenting process.

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Specialized care for your child, close to home For 50 years, Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart has been here for your family. Now, we’re here in an even bigger way, with a new state-of-the-art hospital. Designed with a child’s needs in mind, the four-story children’s hospital includes private rooms, more family spaces and more access to advanced technologies in cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, orthopedics, urology and more. Get the compassionate, personalized care that’s right for your family when you need it most. Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart 1 Bubba Watson Drive Pensacola, FL 32504

To find a specialist, call 850-416-1575 or visit

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TherapeuticParenting by Sonia Martin, LICSW, PIP

Let Us Be Ducks...and Move On! I am currently caring for a precious little one who is in foster care...who is teething. Which pretty much means we all do whatever on earth she wants to do in an effort to endure the eruption of two front teeth. Our current survival strategy involves many, many golf cart rides – which is by far her favorite activity. I’ve made some interesting observations from circling the block over and over again, day after day. Every night at dusk, our little neighborhood duck family can typically be found ravenously foraging in the grass for what I can only assume is their nightly dose of mosquitoes? Gnats? Cheeseburgers? I’m not sure what exactly they are eating since I majored in social work in college and not duck sciences, but nonetheless let me just tell ya – they are on it. There is much excitement and chaos as they all try and get their fair share of dinner. It is in the frenzy of the nighttime feeding where it can often be observed that a duck will “fuss” at another for encroaching on its space. They make a valiant attempt to squawk loudly and chase the duck for a quick moment to retain dominion over their six inch square of prime grass real estate, and they let the offending duck know that he was out of line. Every night, same story.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

All of that makes for great theater, but what I find interesting is what happens after their little tussle…which is this: Nothing. Nothing happens. They just all jump right back into their natural symbiotic relationship and move on as if nothing happened. As parents, I think we can take a lesson from the duck family and that is this: Move on. When your child screws it up, when they lose their patience and lash out, when they slam the door in anger, let us address the issue – and then move on. Unfortunately, what I find is that in our own humanity, in our own ideals of what we think parenting should be, we tend not to just deal with it and move on. But instead we tend to keep reminding them of their mistakes, we tend to keep holding it over their heads like a guillotine waiting to deploy, and we certainly impute their mistakes on any requests for privileges or permission to go to the baseball game with friends. So I guess my question is why? If we make a mistake at work, and we work diligently to correct said mistake, would we value an employer who pops their head in every now and then and reminds us? “Hey, just wanted to let you know the staff meeting has been moved to 11, I received


your quarterly report, and, by the way, don’t you think for a minute I have forgotten what you did.” Would we feel cared for when our request to take a day off is denied because, “Clearly you can’t be trusted, I remember what you did.” Would that not breed a spirit of disdain and frustration within us? I would argue that this is exactly what we are doing to our kids. Do they need to learn from their mistakes? Yep. But that process involves making the mistake right again (teaching), fixing it (training), apologizing (love & learn), and then, good gracious, move on. Our model is teach, train, love and learn; not berate, plant a seed of bitterness, exercise power and hope your kid grows into a productive human being. Just some food for thought today...let us be ducks. Sonia is a licensed social worker and holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social Work. Her clinical focus is on helping parents and professionals understand the role of the brain in behavior, and how to adopt therapeutic parenting techniques to help mitigate negative behaviors. She travels the state speaking at various conferences on behavior and parenting and is a therapist for Kids To Love Foundation. Sonia is a mother to 7 sons, 3 of whom were internationally adopted, and is also a foster parent.

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9th Annual Super Slugger Adult Softball Tournament

Jensen's Heart of Gold Foundation has a mission to support local Baldwin County Families that have a child with cancer, affording them the opportunity to make memories with their family. They are excited to announce the 9th Annual Super Slugger Softball Tournament - an adult co-ed, now three-day tournament held at the Gulf Shores SportsPlex on September 6-8 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Having grown from 15 teams to 55 teams this year from at least 6 different states, this three-day, adult soft-ball tournament is THE cornerstone of the Heart of Gold Foundation and serves as a tribute to Jensen’s last backyard baseball game. Registration is full for this event but there is a waitlist and spectators can come enjoy the fun for free! Not playing ball? Consider volunteering! If interested in volunteering contact us as For more information or to register vis-it Jensen's Heart of Gold is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Buckaroo at the Blue

Buckaroo Foundation announces an awesome concert Thursday, August 8 from 6-9 PM at the Bluegill! Local talent, Fat Lip, and Jesse Outlaw Howard will bring down the house to help our local special needs children and families. This is the must-attend event of the summer and tickets are limited! Get yours soon so you don't miss out on the live music, awesome seafood buffet, and great silent auction, all for a wonderful local charity. Admission is $60 for adults, $90 for couples, $20 for Kids 12 and under. For more information or to purchase tickets vis-it Proceeds benefit Buckaroo Foundation, is a nonprofit organization founded to provide access to physical therapy and hippotherapy for special needs children and adults.

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12th Annual Jubilee Race for Life 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run

Bayside Medical Missions, a local non-profit organization, that provides wheelchairs and corrective orthopedic surgeries in under-developed countries, invites you to participate in the 12th Annual Jubilee Race for Life 5K & 1-Mile Fun Run, in Daphne on Saturday, September 21. Participants receive a TECH Tee. The 5K run starts at the field of Christ the King School, at the corner of College Ave & 6th Street. The 1- Mile Fun Run follows at 9 a.m. All awards are uniquely designed and made by artisans in Ecuador. They are presented 3 deep in 15 age categories! After-The-Race festivities include music, door prizes and food by Chick-fil-A. Registration by August 25 is $20 for adults, $17 children under age 15. The Fun Walk/Run is $13. Children under seven are free with a registered adult (no t-shirt). Registration prices increase after August 25. For more information on the race visit Registration through Little Red Hen Productions at www.productionsbylittleredhen. com. For more information about Bayside Medical Missions or to make a donation visit their website at www.

Mobile Bay Area Walk to End Alzheimer's Join your local Alzheimer's Association and the 2019 Walk Planning Committee on Sunday, September 8 as we come together for our Mobile Bay Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s! Registration will begin at 12:30 PM, with the ceremony and walk following at 2:00 PM. By participating in the walk, you help to increase awareness in your community regarding Alzheimer's disease and your fundraising assists in furthering research. Register online now through for a day full of fun in your community.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


21st Annual Chef Challenge

Join us as we celebrate our 21st year hosting Chef Challenge. This event takes place on August 29 from 6:00-9:00 PM at Fort Whiting. Experience a night of culinary magic as some of the area's most celebrated chefs come together to fight hunger in their community along with a little friendly competition. Guests will also get to enjoy live music by Roman Street, silent auction, and complimentary beer and wine. All proceeds from Chef Challenge are used to help those in need within our 24-county service area along the Central Gulf Coast. Please visit for more information.

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Center Stage to Hold Youth Auditions for “Annie, Jr.!”

Center Stage Performance is excited to announce auditions for their fall production of “Annie, Jr.!” Auditions are open to students Kindergarten - 12th Grade and will be held August 19 & 22. Come either day at your convenience between 4:30-7:30 PM to Rivertown Community Church, located at 23800 US Hwy 98 Fairhope. No experience necessary. No preparations necessary. This will be a casual, fun atmosphere. “Annie JR.” follows the story of an orphan named Annie living a “hard-knock life” at The New York City Municipal Orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan. Annie dreams of being reunited with her parents and takes action to find them. In adventure after fun-filled adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan's evil schemes, befriends President Franklin Roosevelt and finds a new family in billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary Grace Farrell and a lovable mutt named Sandy. Show dates: November 22 & 23 at Daphne Civic Center. For more information visit, or Find us on Facebook or call Erin Harris, Executive Director, 251-928-1707.

Mobile Music Teachers Association Centennial Banquet Celebration

The Mobile Music Teachers Association held its Centennial Banquet Celebration this summer at Blacksher Hall on Government Street in Mobile. More than forty teachers and guests were in attendance and enjoyed a meal prepared by Sean McLaughlin, owner of Creative Catering. The dessert was a commemorative cake designed by member Barbara Laurendine and baked by Pollman’s Bakery. Following the banquet was a power point scrapbook presentation prepared by Kassy Wooley which highlighted many of the teachers and events in the organization’s history. Carol Evers also gave some historical perspectives on each of the decades in the century. Certificates were presented to ten members who served as former presidents of the association and to the current president, Laura Deal. Celebratory letters of congratulations were read from officers in state, division and national music organizations. Mayor Sandy Stimpson of Mobile made an appearance and read a proclamation related to the centennial celebration of the Mobile Music Teachers Association and their contribution to the cultural life of the greater Mobile area. Organized in 1919 the association continues to provide quality music instruction for students and sponsors many events throughout the year. For more information visit their website


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Reach Out and Read-Alabama and ALABAMA 200 Partner for 10th Annual Rx for Summer Reading

ALABAMA 200 and Reach Out and Read-Alabama (ROR-AL) partnered this summer in celebration of the state’s bicentennial and the 10th annual Rx for Summer Reading with “Alabama, My Home Sweet Home” by Charles Ghigna. ROR-AL program sites across the state provided copies of the books and hosted fun Alabama-themed activities, as well as provided a "prescription" to be-come involved in the reading program at their local libraries. Fairhope Pediatrics hosted their event this summer with the book being read in the waiting room and Alabama-themed activities taking place. “We were excited to participate in the 2019 Rx for Summer Reading program. With the book, “Alabama, My Home Sweet Home”, we had an opportunity to offer an amazing opportunity for the children and families we serve to familiarize themselves with parts of the state they may not have visited,” said Katrina Skinner, M.D. “In addition, it is also important for us to encourage family engagement as we send each child out the door with a prescription to enroll in summer reading at their local library.” Fairhope Pediatrics has participated as a program site since 2010 and distributes over 1,600 books each year. In addition to supporting bicentennial events focused on the state’s rich history, ALABAMA 200 is heavily invested in bolstering education programming initiatives for all citizens. Partnering with Reach Out and Read- Alabama speaks to a desire to support future generations, creating a point of pride for all Alabamians. Charles Ghigna, better known to some as Father Goose, debuted “Alabama, My Home Sweet Home”, a bicentennial book for young readers at the 2018 Alabama Book Festival. The work features a bear cub named Camellia who accompanies readers as they encounter famous Alabamians like Helen Keller, Rosa Parks and Jesse Owens in their respective time and place in history. The evidence-based Reach Out and Read program builds on the unique relationship between parents and medical providers to develop critical early reading skills in children, beginning in infancy. During regular visits with the doctor, families grow to understand the powerful role they play in supporting their children’s development, early language and literacy at home. Visit for more information.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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What Oysters Can Tell Us About American History

National Oyster Day is August 5th, and the Original Oyster House is commemorating oysters with its American Oyster Celebration menu which spotlights fresh Gulf oysters in a variety of delectable dishes. Many locals know the vital economic and environmental benefits oysters bring to our area, but what most oyster lovers may not know is the role they have had in American History. Recorded history of the New England settlements captured a passion for oysters. Oysters were so sought and plentiful in colonial times that they were shipped back to Europe from America. During the early 1800s, oysters were eaten by wealthier people except in local harvesting areas. When production surged in the mid to late 1800s, all economic levels enjoyed oysters because they cost less than poultry and other meats. Love of oysters even inspired early Americans to transform them into culinary desserts. Mark Twain mentioned his favorite ice cream flavor was oyster ice cream in his book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. While some more popular oysters were transplanted from place to place in the 19th Century, oysters were able to keep pace with the demand. Today, the fate of the edible oyster relies on science, mankind and the environment. So as you join the American Oyster Celebration, don’t forget oysters are steeped in history and share a culinary moment with our colonial ancestors. An authentic Gulf Coast experience must include the Original Oyster House signature Oysters on the Half Shell. What makes these tasty briny Gulf oysters even more worthy to try, is this restaurant recycles the shell to help restore the oyster reef, prevent coastal erosion and enhance the oyster, fish, shrimp and crab population. In 2016, the Original Oyster House became the first restaurant in the state of Alabama to recycle oyster shells through the Alabama Coastal Foundation. In May 2019, an estimated 8.3 million oyster shells have been recovered from participating Gulf Coast restaurants.



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“Aladdin, Jr.” Presented by South Baldwin Community Theatre

The South Baldwin Community Theatre presents Disney's “Aladdin, Jr.,” based on the 1992 Academy-Award®-winning film and the 2014 hit Broadway show about the “diamond in the rough” street rat who learns that his true worth lies deep within. The story you know and love has been given the royal treatment! Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and his moral character. Presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI), and directed by Jan Hinnen, show performance dates and times are: August 2, 3, 9 & 10 @ 7:30 PM. August 4 & 11 (Sunday) @ 2:30 PM. For more information or to purchase tickets visit or call (251) 968-6721.


N G Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama Honors Leading Ladies and Leading Workplaces for Women

Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama (GSSA) held its 2nd annual Leading Ladies Reception at Moe’s BBQ on Thursday, June 27. The Leading Ladies Reception recognizes outstanding women who are making an impact in their community, as well as organizations that are advancing women in the workforce. Leading Ladies is also an important fundraising event for GSSA to continue to offer programming for the next generation of female leaders. This year’s Leading Ladies honorees were Kate Carver, Executive Director, Dumas Wesley Community Center; Cathy Pope, President & CEO, Feeding the Gulf Coast; Samantha Coppels, Communications Manager, Daphne Utilities; Ann Richardson, Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management; Carol Hunter, Director of Communications, Downtown Mobile Alliance; Monique Michele Rogers, President, H&S Management; Rhonda Lucas, Information Systems and Technology Instructor, School of Computing, University of South Alabama; Ashleigh Simon, Clinical Director, The Bridge; Anne Laurie McClurkin, Shareholder, The Kullman Firm; and Shellie Teague. GSSA also honored Lifelines Counseling Services, Feeding the Gulf Coast, and Daphne Utilities as the Leading Workplace for Women. Sponsors for Leading Ladies included: BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama; Iberia Bank; H&S Management; Calagaz Printing; Smith Dukes; Merrill Lynch – The Richardson Group; Trustmark Bank; Mobile County Commission; and Hargrove Engineers & Constructors. Pictured left to right: Rhonda Lucas, Cathy Pope, Ann Richardson, Samantha Coppels, Shellie Teague, Ashleigh Simon, Carol Hunter, Kate Carver, and Anne Laurie McClurkin. *Monique Michele Rogers, unfortunately, couldn't make it but was also honored.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



No Mosquitoes. GUARANTEED.



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Buy One Treatment, Get One Treatment

FREE! 69


138 Value



251.504.1317 Offer Expires 12/31/19


Sponsored by Magnolia Springs Pediatrics

Vision Problems and Kids So, last week I had a nice little seven year old come into the office and we were talking about all kinds of things: Christmas, playing baseball, his annoying little sister— you know, typical seven year old stuff. Well, the conversation came back to his school performance and a sudden drop-off in his grades. For a few months, he had been doing well, but was having more and more difficulty. He was also having some headaches after school and had requested to move to the front of the classroom himself so he could “hear better.” I asked him if he could see clearly and he said “Yeah, why?” So I asked him to read a passage in a magazine, and he did, but was squinting the whole time. I asked him why he was squinting and he said, “I’m not!” So, we tested his vision, and of course, he was blind as a bat. After thinking about our experience, it was amazing to me that he was able to deal with his vision problems and at the same time didn’t even know he was doing it! Today, we will talk about common vision issues with infants and kids, what to look for, and how to address it. Most parents think that childhood vision issues are only limited to glasses when kids get older, but in fact, there are lots of different eye issues that can arise, even on the first day of life! In the nursery, your child’s doctor will examine his or her eyes to with a special tool called an ophthalmoscope to see if there is a red reflection in the back of their eyes. This screens for major newborn eye issues

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

and is an important first step. In addition, at birth and throughout the first few months of life, the doctor will look for any alignment abnormalities. Now, almost all babies in the first few months of life will have temporary eye crossing or lazy eyes. As long as it’s temporary, it’s OK. Basically, the eye muscles are a little weak at birth and the infants don’t have great control over them all the time. Sometimes, the infants will have a prolonged period of eye weakness that is followed closely by the physician and if not improving, are referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist. This is a specialty eye doctor who can help assess eye function and improve eye control with medicine or even a patch. Sometimes, if the eye cannot be aligned, for vision and cosmetic issues, the infant might need surgery. As the child gets older, around three years old, other screening tests are used to measure acuity and around five, they start formal eye tests. So, what can you as a parent look for to make sure your child‘s eyes are doing ok? As an infant, the first things to look for around 6-8 weeks of life are when your child looks at you and smiles! Next, be sure that they track you or objects equally with both eyes across the room. As they get older, look out for chronic eye redness and/or eye rubbing and itching. Look for eyelid drooping, chronic tearing, or eye drainage. When the kids hit school age, watch for signs like frequent eye squinting while reading, headaches after school, light sensitivity, and/or sudden decline in grades.


One of the more common issues that arises in newborns is a goopy eye. Despite what every daycare says, it’s most likely not pink eye! Eye drainage in the newborn period is usually from an obstructed tear duct. Basically, since most newborns don’t make tears, the duct isn’t flushed out very well and can get some dried gunk in it. So then, the tear duct tries to flush out the gunk by making eye “snot” to flush out the dried gunk! The correct move is to help flush out the gunk by taking a baby washcloth and running it under warm water and then rubbing the tear duct area. That area is a little hump on the lower eyelid near the corner. You can do this three or four times a day until it’s resolved. Sometimes, the obstruction can lead to infection, so if it doesn’t resolve within a day or two, or gets red and worse, then contact your healthcare provider. Talk to your doctor and check out the resources at about your child’s vision. And remember, if your child needs glasses, let them pick out the frame themselves. They will be much more likely to wear them! Dr. Rux

Robert L. Rux, M.D. is a Board Certified Pediatrician at Magnolia Springs Pediatrics. Originally from Mobile, he attended medical school at The University of Alabama School of Medicine (UAB) and completed residency at The Children’s Hospital of Alabama (UAB). He is married to Jaime and has three children, Adler, Walker and Mary McAtee.

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A Back-to-School Welcome Letter from Baldwin County Schools Superintendent Eddie Tyler Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Nearly 4,000 employees have been hard at work preparing for this school year with one single thing in mind: the academic success and well-being of your child. We look forward to serving your student and your family. Education is a partnership. It involves your entire family and the entire community. We ALL play a vital role in ensuring your child receives the very best education. Please let me share with you some exciting things you can look forward to this school year. SAFETY. Every school has a full-time school resource officer (SRO). Our SRO’s not only provide students and employees security and peace-of-mind, but they are a part of the daily school experience and are readily accessible to listen to our students. We’ve been told 100% SRO coverage in a large county school system like ours is unprecedented. It is due to a partnership that includes the Baldwin County Board of Education, the Baldwin County Commission, Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, along with local municipalities. As a parent, you are vital to keeping our schools safe. If you see or hear something of concern, contact school administrators or law enforcement immediately and let them look into it. Sadly, we live in a different day and age which requires parents and the public to show their identification and be buzzed into the school building. Thank you for your understanding and support! ACADEMICS. After safety, your child’s academic success is our top priority. On July 1, I began my 44th consecutive year in education. I’ve never seen a board of education, teaching staff, school leadership team or support staff more passionate about academic excellence. Together, we have been able to return the school system’s focus to academics, with our teachers being central to classroom learning. As I begin my fifth year as your superintendent, I am so proud of how our team has aligned to support our students’ academic achievement. Our teachers are supported with professional development so that they stay on the cusp of what’s working in today’s classroom. They have access to specific student data which helps them guide instruction. Further, you’ll hear us talk frequently about “guided reading”. Reading is the foundation for all educational success and through our partnership with Scholastic, we have one of the best reading programs in the nation. In fact, we’re one of only three school systems in the nation to receive Scholastic’s prestigious Lighthouse Award. Our reading success has turned the heads of educators across Alabama and the nation. We couldn’t be more excited about how our students are reading. FACILITIES. The secret is out about the success of our students. In fact, our Class of 2019 was offered nearly $100 million dollars in scholarships. Our athletes, JROTC and bands regularly put us on the map. Baldwin County Alabama is the place to be and, as a result, we are Alabama’s fastest growing school system in Alabama’s fastest growing county. We are the third largest school system in Alabama. Currently, more than $100 million in school construction is underway through an innovative financing program which allows us to pay off our construction debt in four years using low-interest loans and no new taxes. We’re building new schools and classroom additions as our budget allows. In summary, we are blessed to be in Baldwin County, Alabama. We have so much to be thankful for and proud of and for that reason, we regularly say: We are #baldwinproud and #communitystrong! Thank you! Eddie Tyler, Superintendent

DAY. EXPLORE TO DISCOVER . TOMORROW Make new friends? Discover new passions? She’ll do all that and more at Girl Scouts! Whether she’s exploring the outdoors, expressing herself through art or music, designing robots, or helping her community through service projects, she’ll have a blast. Troops are forming now!

Be A Girl Scout.

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Autauga County Schools

Daphne HS FFA Club Attends State Competition

The Daphne High School FFA (Future Farmers of America) Club had placed 6th out of 12 teams in the AG mechanics competition at state competition over the summer. A huge congratulations to Garrett Springs who was selected to be one of the state officers for Alabama. Garrett will be representing Daphne and the state of Alabama as he travels to many destinations across the country this year. He was one of six selected out of the 15,000 Alabama FFA members. Way to go Garrett and go Trojans!

Foley Middle School Receives Donation from Collins Aerospace

Tara Smith from Collins Aerospace stopped by Foley Middle School to drop off loads of school supplies for the upcoming school year. Collins provided FMS with binders that students will use as leadership notebooks throughout the year. They also provided students with composition notebooks and pencils to be used in the classroom. Foley Middle School is thankful for the partnership with Collins Aerospace and their generosity in supporting our students. Pictured from left to right: Ashley McNair, FMS Assistant Principal; Tara Smith, Collins Aerospace; and Danny McDuffie, FMS Principal.

Central Baldwin Education Foundation

Central Baldwin Education Foundation (CBEF) was created to encourage academic excellence in the Central Baldwin area schools by providing funding that is not available through traditional local, state or federal sources. The Foundation provides opportunities for teachers and staff to develop innovative projects through grants; to invest in programs and enrichment activities that have a positive impact on student success; to encourage a continued interest in and support of public education through a network of businesses, individual and community involvement; and to seek and cultivate funding sources for educational excellence. CBEF host the Honeybee Festival & 5K in Robertsdale, AL. This year’s festival will be held Saturday December 7, 2019. There is a spring fundraiser in the planning process but has yet to be finalized. The Honeybee Festival has grown significantly throughout the past few years due to the tremendous community support and leadership from the Board of Directors. We’re looking forward to another great year! These two events will fund numerous teacher grants and scholarships for our feeder pattern. For information on how you can get involved with the Central Baldwin Education Foundation, please visit or find us on Facebook. Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


FEEF Awards Student Club Grant

FEEF (Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation) awarded its first Student Club Grant of $500 to the Fairhope High School Key Club. This grant allowed 8 students to attend the annual Key Club District Education and Leadership Conference. The FHS Key Club is made up of 90 members who grow as student leaders as they help to build the school and Fairhope community. The FHS Key Club was awarded the "Best Key Club in Baldwin County" award and Key Club President Savannah Street received the "Distinguished President of the Year" for Division 19. Savannah also brought home the "Stanley Johnson Outstanding Club President" award from the district conference. This award is given to the State of Alabama's best club president. Congratulations FHS Key Club!


Christ the King Catholic School Celebrates the USA!

Renaissance School Teacher Professional Development

Our student artwork - celebrating our nation and the summer.



Renaissance School of Eastern Shore teachers participated in Alabama Bicentennial Professional Developments throughout the state. They look forward to enhancing their classroom with the new information they’ve gained.

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Bayside Academy is thrilled to announce the dates for the 2019–2020 Future Admirals Open Houses. Our Future Admirals Open Houses enable interested parents to hear firsthand how we are preparing children for their futures. Future Admirals Open Houses will begin at 9:15 a.m. on the following Tuesdays: • September 24, 2019 • October 22, 2019 • February 11, 2020. To reserve a spot at one of the Open Houses or to request additional information, please contact Alisa Ascik, Director of Admissions, at (251) 338-6446 or

St. Michael Catholic High 7-on-7 Competition

The St. Michael Catholic H.S. Football Team hit the road to Millry, Alabama on July 1 for some 7-on-7 competition. They played three, 20-minute games and had a good showing - especially beating Cottage Hill! Good work Cardinals! #fearthefeather

Your Health Matters. Quality Care Matters.


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Bayside Academy Future Admirals Open Houses

Michael Rhodes Lee, MD

John S. Wilson, MD

Dr. Lee and Dr. Wilson specialize in pediatric and adult Ear, Nose & Throat care. From a sore throat, or runny nose to allergies and allergy testing, Drs. Lee and Wilson treat everyday ENT illnesses to complex surgeries. Schedule your appointment today. MOBILE • DAPHNE

Daphne & Mobile Offices 1302 Hwy 98 • Daphne • 251-410-9000

Visit us online at

2880 Dauphin Street • Mobile • 251-473-1900



Autauga County Schools

Bayshore Christian Welcomes New Faculty

BCS is proud to welcome 7 new faculty members as our school continues to grow. Mrs. Barbara Lockridge will teach 3rd grade Latin in addition to 7th/8th grade PE. Barbra is a graduate of Auburn University in Montgomery where she received a BC in Education with an emphasis in sports. Mrs. Katherine Reyes will join the Rhetoric faculty teaching Literature. Ms. Joy Blair will be teaching 7th & 8th grade chorus; she received her Masters degree in Secondary Education/ Music Industry from Troy University. Mrs. Jennifer Russell will teach Biology and Life Science. Mrs. Russell has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from The University of Mobile. Mrs. Chelsey Taylor will be teaching Spanish, having graduated from the USA Honors Program with a degree in Spanish and Math. Mrs. Joanna Busby will be teaching 7th & 8th Math. Mrs. Busby has her undergraduate degree from Mississippi State in Economics and she received a law degree from Mississippi College School of Law. Mrs. Gayle Wheeler will be teaching 7th & 8th Latin. She grew up in Fairhope and graduated from the University of Montevallo with a BS in Speech Pathology.

Central Christian Administrators Attend FACTS Elevate Conference

A group of Central Christian School Administration had the opportunity to attend a FACTS Elevate conference this summer in Chicago, joining 1000 of their colleagues across the country getting new insights, learning program development, gathering website tools, and so much more.





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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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Bay Minette Youth Serve as Pages at Alabama House of Representatives

Congratulations Jackson Paul and Jorja Sellers on being selected for the Legislative Page Program at the Alabama House of Representatives. They spent three days serving as pages for Rep. Harry Shiver. The Legislative Page Program enables young men and ladies, ages 10-18, to assist each house member of the Legislature during its sessions. The duties of a Page are varied, but normally consist of assisting the Members of the House and/or Senate, and certain staff members, by performing errands on the floor of each house and during committee meetings. These errands usually include obtaining copies of bills, resolutions, amendments, substitutes and other official documents, as well as delivering messages to and from Members. Pages are provided the rare privilege to work on the floor of the House or Senate, in the midst of legislative action.

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When it comes to getting braces, we stand out from the rest!

The McMurphy Orthodontics DIFFERENCE

• High-Tech Damon & Pitts 21 Braces • Accelerated Treatment Options • Greater Comfort • Treatment Without Extractions • Customizable Payment Plans • Fewer Appointments W W W. MC MU R P H YO RT H O D O N T I C S .COM

J. ST E A DM A N MC MU R P H Y, J R ., D. M . D.

(251) 62 1 -8 8 87

9808 McSara Ct • Spanish Fort, AL 36527

CTKCS Crossing Guard Receives Recognition

Christ the King Catholic School teacher assistant and our Main Street crossing guard, Mrs. Hernandez, received recognition at a City Council meeting as they issued a proclamation acknowledging School Crossing Guard Week.


Autauga County Schools

Bayshore Christian School Welcomes New High School Principal

BCS is proud to welcome Dr. Timothy Dernlan as the new Logic & Rhetoric School Principal. Dr. Dernlan and his family moved here from Bear, DE. Dr. Dernlan will oversee all aspects of the L&R school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Education and Communication at Purdue University, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership at Lehigh University, and a Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies at Ashland University. He was recognized as the Outstanding Graduate in his doctoral program in the graduating class of 2013. He minored in Christian Theology during his doctoral studies and focused his dissertation on the spiritual formation of students attending K-12 Christian schools.


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Chris Miller and Anna Schmidt, both rising seniors at Bayside Academy, were selected to participate in Alabama Governor’s School earlier this summer. The two-week residential program at Samford University provides academic, creative, and leadership experiences for gifted rising high school seniors in Alabama. According to Anna, “Alabama Governor’s School was an enriching experience. Not only did I learn from the teachers of my seminars, I was able to learn from my peers. Governor’s School gave me a glimpse into college life and made me feel more prepared for the independence of my coming college years. Such a strong bond was formed between students that we already have a reunion planned. I highly recommend that any rising junior who is interested in Governor’s School submit an application.”


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Two Bayside Students Participate in Alabama Governor’s School

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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BCHS Relay Team Wins State Championship, Makes School History

Baldwin County High School and the City of Bay Minette honored the STATE CHAMPION Track & Field relay with some special presentations. The team of Javis Atchison, La’Trell Hollaway, Tiaquelin Mims, and Taiquan Williams won the championship in the 4x100-meter relay, becoming the first state championship for the school since 1921. Javis also placed third at state in the 100-meter race and La’Trell won silver in the 200-meter. This relay team also won the County Championship and Sectionals. Baldwin County High School Track & Field had 12 student athletes qualify for the state championship, the most in decades. Coach Graylin Hodge said the season was one for the record books. “Our 4x100 team broke the school record after just their second race of the season and I knew that we had not ran our best race yet. Our kids broke their own new mark on five different occasions and saved their best for last when it mattered the most,” he said, of their championship race. At the state contest, Hodge said the team delivered when it mattered most. “Our kids left no doubt. When Javis received the final hand-off I knew it was over. Our kids had done something that had not been done at our school since the 1920s. It was so awesome to be there and watch. I wasn’t real sure who was more excited, the kids or me and Coach Mosley. It was truly something special to watch.” The state championship was the icing on the cake of what had been an extraordinary season for the Tigers. At Sectionals, BCHS had three first place finishes, three for third place, two for fourth and one fifth place finisher. The team members also broke long-standing school records. The BCHS Track & Field team earned 10 spots on the podium at the Baldwin County Championship in Gulf Shores. Four of those were top spots including the 4x100 relay, 100-meter dash, javelin and shotput throw. Coach Hodge has been at the helm of the Track & Field team for four years. Under his direction, the team has doubled in size and both the boys’ and girls’ teams have found success. In addition to his recruiting skills, Coach Hodge has worked hard to make sure the team had the equipment they needed to be successful and competitive. Hodge and Assistant Coach DeMarcus Mosley are already looking to the future for additional opportunities and resources. Hodge said the future is bright for BCHS Track & Field. “I knew at the beginning of the year that our team had a chance to be special and the kids proved that to be true. We took a record 12 athletes to compete at the state meet and had kids medal on three different occasions,” he said. “I still do not know if the kids really understand the magnitude of what they did but I fully believe that BCHS track and field will be a staple in future meets to come.” Nathan McDaniel, Athletic Director, praised the two coaches for their leadership and dedication to the students. “I cannot say enough about Coach Hodge, Coach Mosley and the track team. These guys took over a track program that was basically non-existent and have built it into a state championship caliber program,” McDaniel said. “I am proud of the direction of not only our track program, but all of our athletic programs at BCHS. We have incredible student athletes at BCHS and I am so proud of the hard work and dedication that they put in every single day. We have awesome kids and I am blessed to be a part of it!”


Autauga County Schools

Baldwin County Virtual School Taking Off

In the virtual and the real world, Baldwin County Public Schools’ Virtual School is growing. Student enrollment continues to increase since the school was established in 2013, with 61 graduating seniors this past May. Virtual School is a great option for many students offering flexibility and program customization. Here’s a few highlights of the program: • Online teachers are Alabama certified • Dual enrollment offered tuition free with Coastal Community College • Take classes year-round, including summer term • Opportunities to graduate early • Participation in zoned school sports, band and ROTC • Academic coaching for all students • Daily flexibility to pursue personal interests. There are three campuses where testing is offered including Bay Minette, Fairhope and Gulf Shores. Coming this fall, Baldwin County Virtual School will have a new home base for all BCVS students in Daphne. This state-ofthe-art building will have conference rooms, testing rooms, common areas, faculty and staff offices and more. Registration for 2019-2020 school year is open now. Interested parents are urged to talk with our staff, take a tour and see what Baldwin County Virtual School has to offer!

Jubilee Girls Dance Competition

After competing in New Orleans over the summer, the Jubilee Girls, Daphne High School’s Dance Team, have earned a bid to UDA Nationals and a Superior Trophy. Three of the girls were named All-Americans: Madeline Shipman, Lily Rogers, and Katelyn Few. The girls also have a new coach for the upcoming year, welcome to Coach Melinda Summerlin.

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For details, please visit or call 251.338.6446. 27 Bayside Academy is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school offering a superior educational opportunity to students in grades PK-12.


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Coastal Baldwin Educational Enrichment Foundation Provides Educational Opportunities

CBEE assists in providing superior educational opportunities in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach public schools. CBEE serves as a liaison between local businesses and the school system. If there is a need within one of the island schools, CBEE seeks to provide a partnership within the community that may be able to assist. Local businesses also utilize CBEE to determine where their business can best serve within the school system. CBEE Accomplishments 2018-2019: • Facilitate, fund and award ten $1,000 scholarships to GSHS seniors • Facilitate the scholarship process for 9 local businesses or charities totaling awards of over $83,000 to GSHS seniors • Fund teacher requests/grants for continuing education and supplies for over $13,000 which included: Sending two GSHS teachers to ACT Certified Educator Training; Sending 2 OBES teachers to STEM Conference for additional certifications; Provided additional vocabulary and reading resources to both GSES and OBES; Provided funds for the GSHS and GSMS Robotics to assist with their Green Power Race Teams • CBEE also wrote a Republic Services grant on behalf of GSMS which resulted in Gulf Shores Middle School being awarded $3,500 for landscape upgrades. • Committee members offer countless hours of community service. Check out our website for more information at or if you have any questions or would like to get involved with CBEE, please contact Marlo Webb, CBEE President, at marlo@


Congratulations to the Fairhope 13U Dixie Junior Boys State Runner-Up!

Pictured here: Front Row (L to R): Jackson Rayborn, Tadd Mitchell, Till Rogers, Matthew Barnard, Wils Norton, David Mirabella. Middle Row (L to R): Canon Kilpatrick, Trey Thornhill, Barrett Cain, Connor Gunnison, Matthew Young, Dax Lopez. Back Row (L to R): Coach Thornhill, Coach Sumlin, Coach Norton.




Now Enrolling K4-12th! Call to schedule a tour!

23050 US Highway 98 | Fairhope, AL 36532 | (251)929-0011 | 29

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Autauga County Schools

Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Sponsors Local Student to Participate in Economic and Community Development Program

Wyatt Townsend of Fairhope was one of the 32 rising high school seniors who participated in the third annual Huntingdon College Economic and Community Development Scholars Program June 25-27. The program is planned in partnership with and sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama, the Economic Development Association of Alabama, and the Alabama Department of Commerce, ECDS introduced young citizens who are poised to begin their professional journeys to the importance of economic and community development. The students met with professionals seasoned in the processes of economic and community development and participated in a two-day economic development simulation. Participants "graduated" from the program wearing hard hats for ground-breaking and ribbon-cutting simulations. Townsend was selected through the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership program where he became intrigued with his community and local government. “Participating in the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership Program, I became more interested in government and then now with this opportunity I realized this is really the pathway I would like to take,” said Townsend. “It’s our goal to expose students like Wyatt Townsend to opportunities in our community to use their gifts and talents to lead our next generation,” said Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Workforce Director Christina Hellmich. “It excites me to see students who go through the Youth Leadership program graduate with a fire to serve the community in ways that hadn't previously considered.” "We had an incredibly impressive collection of high school students on our campus last week," said Huntingdon senior vice president Anthony Leigh, an architect of the program. "These students are difference makers in their schools and their communities. I am confident they have returned to their communities enlightened about what economic and community developers do, and we hope that knowledge has given them an appreciation for the work of growing and bettering their community and our state." Wyatt Townsend is a senior at Fairhope High School and plans to attend Huntingdon College after graduation. He would like to major in Political Science with a minor in Business.

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St. Michael Cheerleaders Receive Superior Rating at Cheer Camp Our cheerleaders attended camp at the University of Alabama. They received a Superior rating for their cheer the first day! We look forward to seeing them in action in the fall!

St. Michael Cross-Country Team Practicing Hard over Summer Break

Our cross-country team has been hard at work practicing non-stop this summer! Thanks to Coach Hall & Mrs. Lindley for running with the team & supplying loads of encouragement! Besides running in the back field at school and around our campus, they run near the bay and at Blakeley State Park! Keep up the good work Cardinals!

Bayshore Christian Welcomes New K4 Director

BCS is proud to welcome Mrs. Kendal Blanchard as the new K4 Director of Classical Beginnings. She is a native of Shreveport, Louisiana and has a BS in Elementary Education from Louisiana State University. She has over 15 years of teaching experience, including having help start Ascension Classical School in Shreveport and served as the Head of School for 3 years. She has a desire to cultivate in children a strong relationship with the Lord.


Autauga County Schools

South Baldwin Chamber Foundation

A Heart for Education! Since 2003, the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation (SBCF) has made an impact on the communities of Foley, Lillian, Elberta, Magnolia Springs, Bon Secour, and Summerdale. Raising more than three million dollars in the past sixteen years, SBCF is a 501c3 dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our youth through programs and partnerships that focus on educational enrichment, leadership development, and community involvement. ● Our primary benefactors are the students of Foley High School, Elberta High School, and their feeder schools. ● Our mission is to enhance lives through programs and partnerships that enrich education, develop leadership, and better our community. ● Our goal is for all South Baldwin students to graduate and succeed. South Baldwin Chamber Foundation is making an effort to affect economic opportunities by investing community stakeholders and organizations through program support. These programs are funded through individual and corporate contributions as well as our three major annual fundraisers: Night Glow Golf (November 15, 2019), Annual Gala & Silent Auction (January 31, 2019), and BBQ & Blues (March 15, 2019). The programs we provide would not be possible without the support of our generous donors! If you are looking for a way to get involved in your community and make a difference, while making friends and having fun in the process, you'll find a volunteer project or job that you'll love with the Chamber Foundation! When we help a child succeed in school, we help that child succeed in life. The opportunities for gifts of time and talent are endless when it comes to the South Baldwin Schools we serve. Nearly all of the programs and events supported by the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation rely on volunteers for their success. Your generous gifts of time and resources are needed for the Chamber Foundation to continue making a positive impact on the future of South Baldwin. Your contribution will allow the Foundation to provide unique experiences designed to align the importance of civic engagement in education while providing opportunities for healthy adult and peer connections. Contributions to the Foundation help provide students support through: Project ACEd (Aligning Civic Engagement with Education), Student/Teacher Grants and individual initiatives that impact our community that occurs on an as-needed basis such as the school uniform needs, Big Brothers Big Sisters and snacks for students. Contributions to the Chamber Foundation help promote a sense of community, develop a skilled workforce, and provide the type of student support needed for leadership development, as well as dropout prevention. Students in our schools today are the workforce of tomorrow and the future leaders of our community. When you support the efforts of the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation, you help lay the foundation for our future. To become involved with the Chamber Foundation and Project ACEd or to be an annual or event sponsor, contact Gale Croft at 251-943-5520 or

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Pre-Cotillion Classes Held in Fairhope

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Daphne High Graduate Participates in Summer Scrubs

Wahala Caldwell is participating in our Summer Scrubs program by spending the day in the Heart Center at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. This morning started off in the Cath Lab with the Director of Cardiovascular Services, David Godfrey, RN. Wahala recently graduated from Daphne High School and will be attending Coastal Alabama Community College in the Fall. She’s interested in surgery and eager to spend the morning at SBRMC shadowing our talented team.

Send School News and Photos to: lynn@!

The National League of Junior Cotillions Eastern Shore Chapter held Pre-Cotillion classes for over 20 first through fourth grade Eastern Shore children this month at the Rock Creek Golf Club in downtown Fairhope. Students learned how to shake hands properly, proper table etiquette, how to write a thank you note and much more. Kathy Sternenberg, NLJC Director, commented, “The children learned so many important etiquette rules in a fun atmosphere. It was a huge hit with the children and especially the parents!” In addition to the Pre Cotillion program, the Cotillion program features etiquette, character education, and social dance training for sixth grade students including five classes, an instructional dinner and a ball over a seven-month period.

Two Upcoming Seniors Enjoy Summer Scrubs Program

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center had the pleasure of hosting passionate, young adults in our community this week through the Summer Scrubs program. Julie Ready and Audrey Miller were able to experience different service lines within our hospital that they would like to pursue a career in. Julie will be a senior at Fairhope High School and is interested in pediatric nursing and pediatric physical therapy. She spent the morning in the South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Women’s and Children’s Department. Audrey will be a senior at Spanish Fort High School and is interested in physical therapy. She shadowed Dr. Mike Eslava from The Orthopaedic Group.


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Present this ad at The Park at OWA’s admissions window for $5 OFF general admission (limit four guests per offer, in-person only, promo code: 40820191, Expires 8/31/2019)



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THRILL, THEN CHILL. Looking for the ideal time to head to the beaches and OWA? On August 24, watch a fire truck in action, see a real SWAT vehicle, and experience live demonstrations and interactive displays from first responders at our 2nd annual Community Safety Day. Come back on August 31st for Labor Day fun starting with our Labor Day Car Show, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. You’ll want to stick around for a spectacular fireworks show at 8:45 p.m. over The Park at OWA and the streets of Downtown OWA!

FOLEY, | 7 Parents MILES FROM THE BEACH | VISITOWA.COM | 251.923.2111 34 EasternAL Shore I August 2019


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Bayside Teacher on Historic Research Team in Gulf of Mexico – Giant Squid Caught on Video

For the first time in history, a giant squid has been filmed in its deepwater habitat in the waters of the United States, and Bayside Academy’s STEAM Coordinator, Dr. Megan McCall, was there. (This is only the second time ever a giant squid has been filmed in its habitat; the only other time was in 2012 off the coast of Japan.) Dr. McCall is one of only 12 researchers on Research Vessel Point Sur currently on a 15-day expedition in the Gulf of Mexico. The expedition, Journey into Midnight: Light and Life Below the Twilight Zone, is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research. It was during this expedition that the giant squid was filmed using the Medusa, a new camera system developed by expedition member Dr. Edith Widder. For additional information and a video of the giant squid, see today’s New York Times: https:// For additional information on the expedition and blog updates from the researchers, visit Pictured: Dr. Megan McCall, Bayside’s STEAM Coordinator, is shown at the bottom left with other members of the Journey into Midnight: Life and Light Below the Twilight Zone research team.

Supporting Educational Excellence in Daphne Schools

SEEDS, Daphne’s education foundation, is committed to following our mission: Creating a Lifelong love of learning in the Daphne community, by providing enrichment opportunities and advocating for educational improvements in Daphne Schools. Entering our 16th years as the voice of education in Daphne, SEEDS will continue to partner with our city and our schools, providing class room teacher grants and school block grants, with our primary focus for 2019-20 on Guided Reading Literacy programs and access to STEM learning opportunities for all Daphne students. SEEDS will host 2 major events, SEEDS 3rd Classic Annual Golf Tournament, Friday November 1, at Timber Creek Golf Club and SEEDS Classic Rock 5 K & Fun Run, Saturday, March 7,2020, on the streets of Old Towne Daphne. SEEDS is a 501© 3 tax deductible non-profit, and we continue our work with the generous support from our community. Register for one or both of our events, become a Friend of SEEDS, a SEEDS Sponsor or donor: Find details of our work in Daphne schools at Join SEEDS, as we lead the way to Support Educational Excellence in Daphne Schools.


Autauga County Schools

FEEF Supporting Fairhope Schools For 23 Years

Who Is FEEF? The Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation (FEEF) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1996, that is dedicated to promoting and enriching educational opportunities for all Fairhope public school children. FEEF is made up of a nineteen-member volunteer board of directors and is supported by an advisory council of volunteers who work to raise funds and support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) initiatives in our schools. How Does FEEF Support Schools? FEEF works year round to raise funds, create initiatives and provide support directly to the five Fairhope public schools. FEEF funds are given directly to the schools to provide programs and equipment to our students and teachers that are not made possible through traditional funding the schools receive. Thanks to the community’s support, FEEF provided a $25,000 master plan grant to each school, numerous teacher classroom grants and secured additional funding for special projects providing over $192,000 to Fairhope Public Schools for the 2018-2019 school year. This supported the following in our schools that would otherwise not exist: • Hands-on Science Labs at Fairhope Intermediate and J. Larry Newton • STEAM center supplies, school-wide makerspace materials, Imagination Playground, Lego STEM kits, Kiko robotics and Music Clear Touch Board for Fairhope Elementary. • Choral, Piano and Guitar Programs, including teacher salaries, for Fairhope Middle • Funded piano and choral programs along with upgrades to art, dance, engineering and theatre programs at Fairhope High • Provided Ricky Trione Art Classes for J. Larry Newton and Fairhope Elementary • Discovery Scopes, Cordless Microscopes, Dip Nets and Digital Microscope for the Pelican’s Nest Science Lab • $2,000 in tutoring funds to each school • Teacher Classroom Grants included: robotics kits for elementary and intermediate students, guided reading kits, genetic information kits, STEAM lab accessories, software for AP and ACT prep, Arduino Microprocessors for brain studies in anatomy, digital drawing tablets for graphic design and more How Can You Help FEEF Support Our Students? • Become a Friend of FEEF online at • Attend or Sponsor a Fundraising Event Friday, October 18 – FEEF Presents School of Rock – Fairhope Civic Center; Friday, March 27 – Annual Mayor’s Golf Tournament – Quail Creek Golf Course. • Volunteer—Donate your time and talents to support the fundraising events, initiatives and programs FEEF provides. Contact FEEF at 251-9903333 or to get involved. • Share the News—Like the FEEF Facebook Page @FEEFFairhope and share news and events.





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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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2nd FEEF Lego Robotics and Ozobots Camp

Campers squealed with excitement as they experienced Hi-Tech Learning at FEEF’s second Lego Robotics and Ozobots Camp held at Fairhope Intermediate School. The instructor, Ms. Trina Jackson and her assistant Mr. Weston Brock took campers on an adventure of programming and bringing their robots to life. Using the Engineering Design Process, campers used their creative minds to imagine and create their very own racing robot that they programmed. Campers also explored the two different types of Ozobots and designed a special coded program for their Ozobot to follow. What an Awesome week of Creating and Coding!

Princess Camp at Creative Outlet Dance

Creative Outlet Dance Center held a weeklong Creative Arts Camp for 4 -7 year olds using elements of Dance, Drama, Music and Art, an interdisciplinary curriculum. The Theme was “Princess Camp “. Ms. April Sexton, instructor, is pictured preparing to teach “Princess Manners” before the students decorated their snack for the day. The Girls dressed up in tutus and costumes provided by the studio and danced, sang and acted in an educational and entertaining way


Autauga County Schools

BCHS Lady Tigers Hold Softball Camp

The Baldwin County High School Lady Tigers recently held a softball camp to train up the younger set of athletes. The campers learned the fundamentals of the game including hitting, pitching, batting and fielding. The camp was led by Coach Anthony Cox -- 6A ASWA All-State Coach of the Year -- and members of the Lady Tigers softball team. #playlikeaLadyTiger



Bayside Academy STEAM Camp


Dr. Megan McCall, Bayside Academy’s STEAM Coordinator, hosted a July summer camp for rising 5th–8th graders focusing on coding and computer programming to avoid the summer brain drain. During the week, the students coded Root Robots, designed and printed a 3D scoop for a “Mars Rover” (Lego Mindstorm EV3) on Bayside’s MakerBot Printer, built their “Mars Rovers,” and programmed the rovers to scan the surface of Mars and collect samples to analyze. Pictured: Students participating in Dr. Megan McCall’s STEAM Camp at Bayside Academy in July retrieve their designs from the MakerBot 3D Printer.



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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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STEAM Camp at Foley Middle School

Pictured left, Foley Middle School kicked off its annual summer STEAM Camp recently. This summer students are focusing on renewable energy and sustainability. Students have been designing wind-powered cars, engineering solar-powered cars from cardboard, creating art from “trash”, calculating their eco-footprint, and developing t-shirt designs to campaign Foley Middle “going green.” Students will enjoy field trips to 5 Rivers Delta, Gulf Shores State Park, and Weeks Bay Nature Reserve. Pictured right, Foley Middle School STEAM Camp students enjoyed a visit to the Gulf State Park to visit the sustainable Interpretive Center to gain an understanding of how the building was designed and developed to reduce energy demands. Students also enjoyed building solar ovens to make smores using solar energy!

Eastern Shore Art Center Summer Art Bash

Tiny hands plus BIG imaginations make FANTASTIC art at ESAC. Lauren Nalty has led a collective of thirty “Little Artists” for the 2019 Summer ART BASH! Rett Gibson, age 5, pictured, shows off his abstract floral amidst a wall of “Black Cat” portraits. From hedgehogs to birds to bugs, Lauren explored color theory, texture, sculpture, and mixed media with these talented makers. 39

Autauga County Schools

Pre-Teens Explore Mixed Media at Eastern Shore Art Center Art Bash

ESAC’s “Studio Superstars” have been rockin’, ROLLIN’, and FOLDIN’ with instructor Charlsie Jones, pictured, for Art Bash 2019. To beat the summer heat, these pre-teen artists explored origami, recycled paper bead work, weaving, and painting with handmade tools. The week ended with mixed media self-portraits, highlighting collage and assemblage.

St. James Episcopal School’s Happy Campers

The "Happy Campers" of St. James Episcopal School in Fairhope, had an adventurous Camping Week. They enjoyed the nature scavenger hunt as they walked along the school's nature trail. The campers made smores, had story time in tents, and sang several camping songs.

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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


Bay Camp Campers Have a Great Summer! Bay Camp campers not only had fun but also learned so much as they toured historic places like the Pensacola Naval Air Station. (left)



Big Lagoon State Park equals big fun for the even the smallest campers at Bay Camp. (right)

Who’s steering this thing? Bay Camp campers really enjoy kayaking on Fish River. (above)

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Autauga County Schools

The Spanish Fort Education Enrichment Foundation (SFEEF)

The Spanish Fort Education Enrichment Foundation (SFEEF), founded in 2002, is a 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to inspire the power of community to enrich and support education for all Spanish Fort public school children. SFEEF’s success is a result of the many contributions by sponsors & community volunteers who have dedicated their time and money to support SFEEF fundraising efforts over the years. Over the past 17 years, SFEEF has contributed over $500,000 to Spanish Fort schools. Some contributions are: $255,000 awarded to Teacher/Student grants, $50,000 Principal Block Grants, $15,000 for reading & diagnostic programs, $18,000 Snoezelen Room for students with Autism and Learning disabilities, $16,000 in band equipment, $29,000 in technical equipment, $24,000 CIS Fund (240 teachers), $18,000 for security cameras at Spanish Fort High School, $31,175 for LCD Projectors/Laptops for 13 ED departments, $12,000 to Scholars Bowl, TSA, FBLA and other academic teams, and $25,000 in collegiate scholarships. Our signature events include Marsh Madness Fall Fishing Tournament in November and The Gator Chase 5K Race on the Causeway in February. SFEEF hosts RISE, an annual evening each April, where we recognize inspirational academic achievements by our teachers, students and school administration to the Spanish Fort community. Please see our website, for information on these events and additional ways to support SFEEF. For more information on how you can participate in an event or become a sponsor contact Sheren LeBlanc at 251604-3728. Like us on Facebook for the latest SFEEF news and to meet our sponsors! Pictured left, SFEEF Kindergarten Grant winner Ginny Clayton with Principal Boutin and SFEEF board. Pictured right, The Writers’ Conference for Young Authors, a new program for 6th grade students, inspired students who heard 9 local authors and received 2 new books each.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



Tiger Paws Attend Unity Camp

The Bay Minette Middle School Tiger Paws recently completed a three-day Unity Camp with Dance Team Union, representing their school and community with pride. The camp gave the dancers the opportunity to learn exciting choreography, created by some of the best choreographers in the business, and allowed them to work one-on-one with a highly qualified staff to help them further develop their dance skills. The team worked hard and had a lot of fun in the process. The team was awarded recognition for Leadership, due to their ability to hang in there with the high school teams. They also received recognition for their creative work with the Captains’ Routine and won the camp Talent Show. The team is under the direction of Caitlyn Phillips and Tucker Clay.

Congratulations to the Fairhope 14U Dixie Boys STATE CHAMPIONS!

Front row (kneeling - left to right): Hunter Hughes, Streed Crooms, Christian Armstrong, Josh Gunther, Mikael Bryant. Back row (standing, left to right): Manager Josh Gunther, Coach Trey Sparks, John Malone, Harrison Sparks, Steele Sims, Brooks Brasfield, Ethan Estes, Coach Andy Malone. Not pictured: Coach J Davis & player Maddox Davis.

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Autauga County Schools

BCHS Cheerleaders Attend UCA Camp

Our Baldwin County High School Cheerleaders had a great time at cheer camp and also earned some hardware! The team took part in the UCA Cheer Clinic at the University of Southern Mississippi and earned first place for sideline cheer. Five members were also selected for UCA All-American including Emily Scarborough, Christin Watson, Braedyn Newton, Sarah Jones and Brooklyn Rider. These squad members are invited to participate in New Years’ Day parades in London or Rome. Varsity captains include Rachel Donald, Brooklyn Rider and Katlyn Comalander. Jillian Eslava, Braedyn Newton, and Brooklyn Rider received Pin It Forward awards selected by UCA staff and cheerleaders from other teams. Pin It Forward is a program at UCA camp that recognizes standout cheerleaders who portray the following characteristics: Leadership, Spirit, Commitment, Kindness, and Motivation. The team is coached by Chelsea McCain and Lindsey White. #goBC #cheerlikeaLadyTiger

St. Michael Senior Elected Editor-in-Chief at Alabama Girls State

Congratulations to rising senior, Gabrielle Eslava, who attended Alabama Girls State recently! While there, Gabrielle ran for and was elected Editor-inChief for the newspaper! We are so proud to say she represented St. Michael well!

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NBCEE Supports North Baldwin Schools (NBCEE)

In 2008, a small group of dedicated individuals with a huge passion for education formed an organization called the North Baldwin Coalition for Excellence in Education (also known as NBCEE) as a way to support the schools in north Baldwin County and to supplement the programs offered by the school system. The organization and the work continues today with the same passion for education and a mission which it’s had from the very start - “to enhance the educational experience of all the students in the Bay Minette feeder pattern by providing financial support and other resources to supplement district wide programs.” NBCEE accomplishes this mission through three core focus areas – Teacher Grants, Summer Enrichment Camps, and Teacher of the Year recognitions. Since 2008, the Teacher Grant program has provided more than $110,000 to local teachers for a wide variety of creative and innovative classroom and school projects. And it is made possible because of a long-standing, truly collaborative relationship with our community organizations of Heritage Junior Women’s Club and Bay Minette Rotary Club, and our community members. These two organizations organize a popular annual community event, the Chilly Run/ Chili Cook-off held each February at the Bay Minette Kid’s Park, where 1 mile and 5K runs are held, local businesses and schools compete for coveted awards and bragging rights, and community members gather to eat all-you-caneat chili. The proceeds of the event go directly to benefit the NBCEE Teacher Grant Program. In the spring of each year, NBCEE accepts applications from teachers at each of the eight public schools in north Baldwin County. The applications are judged by an independent, objective and unbiased panel and winners are awarded their grant during an exciting, surprise “prize patrol” visit to their classroom in the last month of school. Each summer, NBCEE sponsors and organizes Summer Enrichment Camps for children of all ages, and to date, approximately 3,000 youngsters have attended an array of camps at several of our local school locations. Summer Camp offerings are posted on our website,, usually by the end of May each year. In January of each year, NBCEE recognizes each of the Teachers of the Year from our eight schools at a Bay Minette City Council meeting. Through annual fundraising and sponsorships, NBCEE awards each of them with gift, along with a gift bag which is made possible by the generous donations from local businesses and community members. The North Baldwin Coalition for Excellence in Education foundation works with all eight

schools to provide additional resources and enrichment opportunities for students and faculty, as well as annual Teacher Grant allotments. In addition, the education foundation sponsors more than a dozen summer camps for children ranging from conservation and engineering to sewing and cooking. To learn more about the North Baldwin Coalition for Education and our programs, to make a donation, apply for a sponsorship, or to get involved, visit our website at and like us on Facebook. Band camp (pictured left) and Beauty School (pictured right). 47

Autauga County Schools

Introducing Mrs. Renee Carter, Dean of Academics for Baldwin County Schools

Superintendent Eddie Tyler has announced that Mrs. Renee Carter has been appointed Baldwin County Public Schools’ Dean of Academics. Carter will replace Dr. Joyce Woodburn who is retiring in December. Carter has 26-years in education with a passion for leading staff and students. Carter said she knew she was intended to be an educator from a very young age and it was through substitute teaching she confirmed her love of shaping young lives. She received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in 1991 from Livingston University (University of West Alabama). She started her teaching career at W.D. Robbins Elementary in Mobile, Ala., and would make teaching stops at Robert E. Lee Elementary in Satsuma, Ala., Reed’s Chapel Elementary in McIntosh, Ala., Frank Boykin Elementary in McIntosh, Ala. and Chatom Elementary in Chatom, Ala.. She returned to college and received her Master of Arts in School Administration from the University of West Alabama in 1999. This degree allowed her to work in multiple leadership positions throughout her career including Special Services Supervisor for Baldwin County Public Schools.

Baldwin County Virtual School Student Appears on Food Network

Baldwin County Virtual School student and Silverhill resident Brooklyn Kyzar has had a very busy year since she was able to announce her appearance on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship. In the Summer of 2018 Brooklyn was chosen over thousands of other applicants to appear on the popular television show, Kids Baking Championship. However, as excited as she and her family were, they were not able to announce the big news until December 2018 at which time she announced that the show would air that January, 2019. Brooklyn has had several other wonderful opportunities including assisting with some seasonal pastries at the Grand Hotel which were available in their Local Market. Just this summer she met with the executive pastry chef, Kimberly Lyons about assisting again this year. Several organizations and television stations requested a celebrity appearance. Some of those events include her school’s cupcake wars and teaching a class at Itty Bitty Bakers in Hoover which was a sold out event! “The kids loved her and wanted her to autograph items. It was so fun and a blessing to see the kids faces to have a positive role model that can interact with them and share a passion for baking,” expressed Brooklyn’s mother. “She started her love of baking from a very young age by helping me in the kitchen and watching baking shows. She has a wide variety of baking skills but her favorite thing to make are French Macarons” she continued. You can find Brooklyn’s delicious treats on Instagram @whippedup_bk and on Facebook - Whipped Up (the one in Silverhill). Brooklyn’s parents, Kipp and Pamela Kyzar are very supportive of her ventures and her twin brother, Avery, they say, is her #1 taste tester. Congratulations Brooklyn!

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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



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School Year Screen-Time Rules From a Teacher

fits-all thing. What works for some kids will not work for others. Finding what is best for your family can involve a bit of trial and error. These are the strategies that worked for many of my parents last year and that I’m sure I will be trying with my middle schooler this year:

Last year Fortnite invaded my middle school classroom -- as I believe it did to middle school classrooms across the country. Students who were usually on task and high-performing were nodding off and “forgetting” to do their homework. The morning conversations about how late they stayed up or who was the last man standing became part of our early morning check-ins. Then the phone calls with parents started. Over several months, I had numerous telephone and after-school meetings with parents concerned about their kids’ performance. When I brought up screen time, there were a range of reactions. Some parents seemed oblivious as to what their children were doing after hours, some didn’t know how to rein in screen time, and some thought they had it all under control -- but clearly did not. I get it. I’m not just a teacher: I’m a mom who struggles with screen time, too. I spent last summer trying to keep my own middle school daughter unplugged in the rural English countryside. After the first week, when the iPad started appearing little by little, I tried to use my own advice -- “However much you read is how much screen time you get” -- and reasoning, “Make sure you balance your learning games with your other games.” But then I’d hear my daughter yelling at a friend who’d just left her online game, and I’d feel like I’d lost the battle. The thing is, I’m not anti-screen. I’ve seen technology bring some amazing teaching moments to my classroom -- and to my own life. One student, whom I could never get to write a complete sentence on paper, wrote the most heartfelt poem about how he “nearly won” in Fortnite. It became his breakthrough, and he hasn’t stopped writing since. Other kids made parallels to the dystopian books they were reading and wrote very poignant compare-and-contrast papers to prove their points. And, far away from her friends in the United States, my daughter was able to stay in touch with her friends online, keep herself occupied with Roblox, and feel a part of pop culture by watching every Miranda Sings video ever made. Those breakthrough moments of connection, creativity, and critical thinking are what I strive for as a teacher and a mother. What it tells me is that however parents handle the management of their kids’ screen time, it really does have to be a balance. And knowing middle school kids as well as I do, I know that they aren’t always able to shut down Fortnite or YouTube without the guidance and support of their parents. I’ve also discovered that tech is never going to be a one-size-

Be present. Know what your child is playing and when. That seems simple, but it is so important. So many of my parents last year had no idea that their child was staying up until all hours in the morning playing games. I heard more than once, “I have never had to worry about their screen use. They have been so good up until now.” I remind them that this is middle school, they are not bad kids, and they are just testing the boundaries -- so set them!

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

Control the Wi-Fi. I touched base with some of my parents after their children made improvements in class, and I found that they had put in place simple household internet controls. The kids had passwords to access the internet, and the parents put a time limit on when the password could be used. Please note that a few of my tech-savvy kids confided that they were able to “override” this function. Remove the temptation. Some families took all screens out of the children’s bedrooms and stored cellphones in a locked charging box until morning. This might seem extreme, but I know for at least one of my students this worked. He was struggling socially and trying so hard to fit in with a certain crowd. He later acknowledged that he needed help -- beyond the gaming community. Parental-control apps. I’ve had students tell their parents that they have online homework to do and then end up playing a game instead. Parental-control apps can help, but it takes some research to find the right one for your needs. Making the homework space at the dining room table or another central location can make it easier to keep an eye on kids, too. Balance. Kids need downtime. I have these hormonal, opinionated, stressed-out middle schoolers for two hours a day, and I push them. I know that the other teachers at my school also carry high expectations. Finding time to completely unplug is important. One parent told me today that they have a hard rule of no screen time except for homework on weekdays, and the way to lose weekend play time is by breaking that rule. I personally allow weekday screen time, but I reserve the right to change my mind. Rebecca Young is a middle school teacher in Lafayette, California. Her teaching practices have evolved from chalk and blackboards to Google Classroom and smartboards. In the past few years, she has discovered that integrating technology into her classroom not only engages the younger generation, but it also provides an interactive and collaborative environment among students. At home, Rebecca’s sixth-grade daughter keeps things real by demanding screen-free family time and ultimate slime competitions (which she always wins!).



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Kids become competent in increments.

Set Expectations. Everyone must wake up by a certain time if your family is going to have enough time to make a smooth transition from home to school. Alarm clocks must be set. Bedtimes must be adhered to and may need adjusting as the school year rolls along. Cell phones and electronic devices must be put away at night and stay away until leaving the house.

Every time a child becomes cheerfully autonomous, parents win, too. I don’t remember the exact year my daughter crossed the line from needing help getting out the door in the morning to being able to manage everything herself. But I do remember the thrill when she could finally tick each step of preparation off an imaginary list in her head. Here’s how to practice getting your kids out the door smiling every day until the entire process becomes routine. Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

Pre-plan. Have a family meeting on Sunday afternoons or evenings so you can discuss the plans for the week, go over lo52

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gistics, and sign permission slips or write checks. Stocking the fridge and cabinets over the weekend makes Monday mornings go much more smoothly. Sandwiches are tough to make without bread and fresh fruit and veggies are musts for growing kids. If you want your kids to feel prepared to face their days, show them that you are prepared to face each week, as well.

Post A Checklist. You know your child needs to put on shoes, brush her teeth, make her lunch, and pack her backpack, but it’s going to take time before these practices becomes routine. Create a customized checklist in the order she needs to do things to facilitate a smooth transition from waking to leaving for school. Post it somewhere accessible, like on the stairway or inside the door to her room. Update checklists annually because school responsibilities evolve and kids can manage a little more each year.

Create Enthusiasm. Home is safe and cozy, but adventures take place on the other side of the door. What is your child enthusiastic about? Animals, nature, and friends are all waiting for them out in the world. Sensitive or introverted kids may not be that enthused about seeing hundreds of kids at school each morning, but you can make the transition smoother by focusing on the puppies you’ll get to pat or on the worms you can stop and study for a few moments on the way. Whatever it takes to get your child to focus on a fun transition from home to school—that’s what to use as motivation.

Notice Reluctance. If your child does not want to get out the door, you may be dealing with procrastination. Pay attention to your child’s feelings and moods in the morning. Put on your detached detective hat. Notice signals your child is giving you about dreading to go to school and discuss them during a non-threatening time, like over the weekend or while driving around town doing errands, rather than in the morning right before school. Don’t dismiss reluctance about school as nothing. Instead, work together to put your child’s mind at ease about legitimate concerns.

Supervise Progress. Some kids need help getting and staying focused, so go ahead and supervise. Mornings can 53

become a time when whatever siblings are doing becomes riveting. That comic book on the bedroom floor seems much more appealing than packing the back pack. If kids have cell phones, their ears are perked up listening for incoming message tones. While you are helping little ones who need extra help, keep an eye out for wandering attention. Pop your head in their rooms to check on kids and peek in those lunch bags and back packs. You will be making rounds for years before everyone is focused enough to manage the routine themselves.

Encourage Autonomy. Don’t keep doing tasks for your child that she can do herself. If she can tie her own shoes, patiently wait for her to do it. If she can make her own breakfast, compliment her healthy choices. Building skills means doing tasks many times before they become routine. So, unless the bus is coming down the road, try to resist the urge to jump in and hurry things along. Expect Mistakes. Say your child forgets her lunch bag one day. Assuming it’s not a chronic issue, acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes. Being quick to forgive is a far better example for children, as you help guide them get back on track swiftly. Once in a while someone will oversleep. Cut everyone some slack and offer a hand with the morning routine. You want to have high expectations and stick to them, while avoiding the expectation of perfection. Kids are only human and so are parents, after all.

Offer Rewards. Think of the door as the finish line, and don’t rush or scold after crossing it if you can possibly help it. Each time you succeed at getting everyone out the door on time is a win. If you have an attitude of “Go, team!” your kids will internalize that and want to succeed each day. Every once in a while offer a spontaneous reward for a week of consistent punctuality. It’s a great way to reinforce the idea that being on time matters. ESP If there is one thing, author, journalist and writing coach Christina Katz cannot bear, it’s days that get off to a stressful start. She tries to remember to breathe and be patient until everyone is successfully out the door.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



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SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT Our full service orthodontist practice offers treatments for all ages as well as Sleep Apnea and TMJ treatments. Consultations are always complimentary and we offer exible appointment and interest free payment plans. With three locations to serve you, there is always something to smile about at Glass Orthodontics.



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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019





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Saving for College Q. I’ve got a couple of friends who were advised by their financial planners not to open college savings accounts for their kids. Their planners told them this would count against their children’s ability to receive financial aid and assistance when it’s time for college. Apparently, these planners told them to put the money into their own retirement accounts. It’s my understanding, however, that both the child’s and the parent’s financial situations are looked into when determining financial aid. Can you please shed some light on this? A. So, if a financial planner told you not to get a job because then you can apply for welfare, are you going to listen to that person? What kind of moron gives financial

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

advice like this? You don’t tell people not to save money for something, just so they can pretend they’re poor! Save whatever money you can, and send your kid to school. Why is that such a difficult concept to grasp? People need to stop looking for tricks and shortcuts, because there aren’t any that will be beneficial in the long run. I’m not going to pose as broke—fraudulently—to get financial aid for my kid. That’s ridiculous!

Hold Off on Contributions? Q. Should I still contribute up to the match to my 401(k) at work, like you recommend, if I’m in the process of trying to get out of debt? A. Some people disagree with this stance, but my answer is no. I understand how important it is to take the match in


a situation like that, but one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that personal finance is 80 percent behavior and only 20 percent head knowledge. In the short term, the power of focusing on changing your behavior and working hard to pay off debt will supersede the mathematics involved where your company match is concerned. In other words, if you stop saving temporarily, for just a year or so—and wipe out all your consumer debt—you’ll gain a tremendous amount of financial power. And this will be more beneficial to you than one or two years of your company match. I’d never tell anyone to stop investing, or taking advantage of a company match, for several years. However, if you put it on hold for just a little while and clean up your debt mess—then go back to investing for retirement—you’ll reap many more rewards down the road. You’ll permanently change your financial behavior, and you’ll be able to invest even more for retirement and other things.

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Learning Starts on the Way to School Put your best foot forward by walking with your child to school at least once a week. Outdoor exercise beats sitting in car lines and allows learning to begin on the way to school. First, locate a convenient place to park about a half mile from the school. Take a trial walk to look for sidewalks and crosswalks between there and the school. Determine how long it takes to stroll and then add extra minutes. Kids will find wonders to examine – a caterpillar one day, tree trimmers the next. Don’t rush. Connecting with your surroundings is one of the joys of walking. Other benefits include strong bone, muscle and joints, as well as improved mental focus and fresh air. Children who are active are more likely to continue healthy behaviors later in life. When you model how to be a responsible pedestrian -- stop at corners, look both ways, use crosswalks and sidewalks, and no distractions such as earbuds or phones - you’re teaching valuable lifelong skills. Better yet, convince another parent to meet at an

agreed time and place, and walk together with the children to socialize and build community. Introduce activities to challenge young minds. Ask children to call out things they see that start with the first letter of their own name, or to think of five descriptive words for that pine cone or mushroom. Ask older kids to imagine how they would create a map of the walking route indicating buildings, roads, and interesting sights. Ask her to guess the distance from here to the corner. Then count the steps, and multiply by a step length, or use a pedometer if you have one. When you see distinctive plants or insects, take a photo and research it later. Keep a weather diary, sketch the cloud shapes, note the direction of the wind. Listen for bird song and ask small children to imitate the sound. Ask older children to think up a public service announcement or slogan to promote safe walking. Pay

attention to your surroundings to discover even more activities that can stretch your child’s learning day and put their outdoor imagination to work. If you and other families are interested in starting a walk to school club on existing sidewalks, contact the Baldwin County Trailblazers to do a “walkability audit” with you. Email Submitted by Jane Hill for Baldwin County Trailblazers.

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Parents, do you ever wonder if you may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? For years, parents have been hearing that kids have too many activities, too much homework, too-heavy backpacks, too much screen time, too much sugar‌and on and on. Personally, I find most parents are intelligent, conscientious, and trying to find a healthy middle ground for everyone in the family. Most parents want their kids to have just the right amount of after school activities. The vast majority seem committed to helping their kids become happier, healthier, more well rounded citizens without pushing them into activity overload. So why not remember a few things kids stand to gain from after school activities instead? Kids can benefit artistically, physically, socially, mentally and personally from after school activities. I contacted a half-dozen after school activity pros, and here are some of the many benefits for kids that we discussed: Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



Fit, Confident Kids. As Elle Woods reminds us in the film Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” But motivating kids to get off the couch is not always easy for parents. Your kids are not typically looking to you to motivate them to run some wind-sprints or do a series of gut crunches. They need someone else to step in and motivate them to get moving. This is where after school activities come in, preferably with dedicated, motivating coaches and instructors leading the way. Physical activities increase coordination, inspire discipline, and provide energy outlets for restless kids. So let another trusted adult be in charge for a change, and enjoy your down time while your kids get more fit.

Lights Who Shine. As much as we would like our kids to carry on our values and ideals, it’s really up to them to communicate to us who they are and what they believe. And while we may like to think that our children are born whole and complete, the truth is kids often discover what they are made of after they become immersed in activities that stretch and challenge them. Engaging kids in activities where they feel fully immersed in the experience and are responsible for their own mastery helps kids discover what makes them tick. When it comes to finding an activity for your child, look for outlets that challenge them while providing gradual instruction and skill development.

Part Of Something Greater. After school activities offer kids outlets for expressing their energy within a safe learning context. Feeling part of a group with a purpose is a beautiful thing, so make sure that the space where your child spends time is a safe, fun, and growth-centric. Often kids become as attached to a center, a studio, or a routine as much as they do to a group of peers. When kids go off to their activities, they should feel like they are going to one of their favorite places – to their home away from home. If this is not the case for your child, then you might want to check out other possibilities. Memorably Connected. If there is one thing all after school activity professionals agree on, it’s the importance of making memories via meaningful connections. Engaged, smiling, busy children are typically happy children. Whether your child’s activity happens in a place rife with variety or in a more specialized space, your child is sure to grow over time, make memories, and understand herself better with regular participation in after school activities. Why not let your kids have the continuity of years of ongoing participation. It’s hard to advance up the activity ranks if you dabble in one activity and then another. Give your child a few years in elementary school to try different activities. Then see if they want to commit to an activity or two during middle school. They can always switch to different activities once they get to high school, if they wish.

Aptitude-rich. Some students need extra help to keep up academically, so don’t panic if your child turns out to be one of them. Your child may need extra help that addresses specific needs like standardized test preparation or responding to learning gaps. Other kids simply need help becoming more satisfied students. Tutoring can definitely increase not just aptitude but also enthusiasm. And just as parents don’t always make the best coaches, we also don’t always make the best tutors, either. Besides, kids often progress faster and more willingly when they work with mentors they don’t already know. And good news, raising academic confidence by teaching learning skills in one subject can pay off in increased academic confidence across the board. So if your child is struggling with critical reading, vocabulary or math skills, why not try a local tutoring service? Your child has nothing to lose and much to gain. Kids need to feel successful today to become successful tomorrow, and activities can help them experience positive growth gradually. If you don’t channel your child’s energy, video games, TV watching, and other sedentary activities will always be a temptation. If you want engaged, involved, smiling kids, find them some activities they enjoy. You will be so glad you did. ESP Author, journalist, and writing coach Christina Katz is grateful for the opportunities she had contributing to school literary journals and newspapers. She also worked off some of her teenage angst on the soccer field, on the softball diamond, and in the school pool.

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After School Care Bay Camp After School ad on page 37

8180 Dyer Road Fairhope, 36532 Bay Camp is open Monday - Friday until 6pm with transportation from school provided. We offer Snack, homework and tutoring, field trips and playtime. Registration for after school care is open now! (251) 752-4897

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23946-B US Highway 98 Fairhope, 36532 Eastern Shore Academy of Excellence provides after school care, with school pick ups at Daphne North, Daphne East and WJ Carroll. Free tutoring also available. Open to school aged children up to 12 years old. Pickup time is 6pm. Register Today! (251) 243-5153

AUC Resource Center After School Care

8355 Jonesboro Road Daphne, 36526 Licensed child care center accepting children ages 6 weeks - 14 years. Open Monday – Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm for childcare and after school care. (251) 626-6056 africanuniversalresourcecenter@

Baldwin County Public Schools After School Care

2600 North Hand Avenue Bay Minette, 36507 Offered to children enrolled in Baldwin County Public Schools beginning at age 4 years. Register online. Waitlist registration begins August 21, 2019. (251) 972-8518

Cradle 2 Crayons

507 West Rose Avenue Foley, 36536 Cradle 2 Crayons offers programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years. Pre-K and After School Care programs. Please call for specific enrollment information. (251) 943-4599

Expect Excellence Program

Orange Beach Recreation Center, 4849 S Wilson Boulevard Orange Beach, 36561 An after-school opportunity for 3rd - 6th graders to train and excel in Academics, Arts and Athletics. Monday - Friday from 3pm-6pm following the BCBE school calendar. (251) 981-6028

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


Fairhope Youth Rotary Club

19128 Young Street Fairhope, 36532 After-school runs from 3pm - 6pm for children K - 12th grade. Recreation, homework help and enrichment. Afternoon transportation offered. Now accepting applications for the 4 year old Pre-k program. (251) 928-9148

Hot Wheels

YMCA After School Program

John McClure Snook Family YMCA, 2560 South Pine Street Foley, 36535 Our programs offer children the ability to learn good sportsmanship, communication skills and healthy competition. Our After School program includes bus pickup, snack, homework help, sports and more! (251) 970-3003

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616 Whispering Pines Road Daphne, 36526 Our after school program offers homework assistance, fun activities & games and of course, skating! Monday - Friday until 6:00pm. Pick up from school available. Call for registration.


Little Crusaders After School

(251) 233-0203

(251) 626-5120

9023 Lawson Road Daphne, 36526 Childcare ages 5 weeks - Pre-K and after school care for children up to 12 years. Transportation from school. Monday - Friday 6:30am - 6:00pm. (251) 621-6363

RFM Learning Academy - After School

Restoration Fellowship Ministries, 9585 Milton Jones Road Daphne, 36526 After school program for Daphne area public schools with transportation provided. Homework help, activities and tutoring. Registration open. Space is limited. (251) 459-0178 Find us on Facebook

Snook Youth Club of Foley

1391 South Cedar Street Foley, 36536 Arts and Academic enrichment including drama, chorus, dance and violin. Ages K - 8th grade, Monday - Friday 3:00pm - 5:30pm. Call or stop by to register. (251) 943-1483

Top Notch Kids

17853 Samantha Drive Foley, 36536 Homework assistance, group activities, reading room, indoor gym, rock wall, movies and more. Registration is $50. The 4-5 day program: $40/ week, 1-3 day program: $25/week. Space is limited. (251) 656-0600

YMCA After School Program

Bounds Family YMCA, 8051 Whispering Pines Road Daphne, 36526 Our programs offer children the ability to learn good sportsmanship, communication skills and healthy competition. Our After School program includes bus pickup, snack, homework help, sports and more! (251) 626-0888


Art Wide Open

6B South Bancroft Street Fairhope, 36532 A space to explore creativity through the use of mixed media. Acrylic, watercolors, collage, colored pencils, etc. Ages 5 and up.

Coastal Arts Center

26389 Canal Road Orange Beach, 36561 Classes, workshops, and camps to artists of all ages and all skill levels. Schedules available online. Sign up for our newsletter for upcoming program information. (251) 981-2787

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Daphne Art Center

1704 Sixth Street Daphne, 36526 Offering after school and homeschool art classes for youth in the fine arts. Check our website and Facebook for the Fall 2019 schedule. (251) 586-8096

Eastern Shore Art Center

401 Oak Street Fairhope, 36532 Fall Classes include Painting, Pottery, Embroidery, Crochet, Mixed Media, Digital Arts, and Illustration! Registration ends September 15th. Classes begin September 17?, 2019. (251) 928-2228

Foley Art Center

211 North McKenzie Street Foley, 36536 Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm and Saturday 11am - 3pm. Like us on Facebook for updates about after school art programs and classes for children. (251) 943-4381

The Creative Kitchen

Mobile, Baldwin County and Pensacola Arts & Events Venue. Offering creative in-studio and in-home workshops, classes, dinners, camps, parties & more. Find us on Facebook for information on kids programs and event updates! (251) 753-9210

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Education and Tutoring Gulf Coast Young Engineers ad on page 47

Eastern Shore and Mobile areas Robotic STEM classes offered as an after-school program plus morning classes for homeschoolers. Meets weekly for 10-week fall semester & 13-week spring semester. Follow us on Facebook for program updates! (251) 213-4061

Huntington Learning Center ad on page 43

Jubilee Square Shopping Center, 6880 US Hwy 90 (Suite 13) Daphne, 36526 Huntington Learning Center helps students of all ages improve grades, test scores and confidence. We offer Academic Evaluations, programs tailored to each student’s needs and individualized instruction from qualified teachers. Tutoring, Test Prep and more for students in K 12th grade. Call to begin your child’s individualized program today! (251) 621-1055 daphne

Huntington Learning Center ad on page 43

2370 Hillcrest Road #D Mobile, 36695 Huntington offers phonics, reading, math, writing, and study skills programs for K-12th grade students and one-on-one ACT/SAT prep programs to help students qualify for scholarships or admittance to their dream college. (251) 525-9239

Renaissance School of the Eastern Shore ad on page 17

10526 County Road 64 Daphne, 36526 We offer a full curriculum, Non-Profit school for grade levels K-9. Classes are structured for students to flourish in a small group setting. All subject areas are taught using an integrated, multi-sensory approach. Dyslexia Therapy, Tutoring in all subjects, Homeschool Covering, PE and Tutoring. (251) 990-0041

Fairhope Sewing School

Weekly sewing classes last 1 hour with machines provided. Ages 6-17 years. Spots are limited. Visit our website for class times and schedules. Register today! (251) 442-4472

Kids Always Kount

26420 Kensington Place (Suite C) Daphne, 36526 We provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy. We also provide tutoring services that address reading and math instruction. (251) 517-0355


1048 Stanton Road Daphne, 36526 Specializing in academic language therapy for students with dyslexia, math and other learning disabilities. One-on-one, instruction during after school hours. Helping students thrive at school, home, and in life!

(251) 625-4020

The Think Tank Tutoring

Baldwin and Mobile County, One-on-one tutoring for grades K-12 in ALL Subjects. ADHD Coaching, homework help, test prep and more. Get a head start on school struggles before they begin! (251) 414-4494

Threads and Bobbins

Mobile & Baldwin County, Offering sewing classes and private lessons for adults & children in Daphne, Fairhope & Mobile, Alabama. Please contact us for class schedules and pricing. Like us on Facebook at for updates!

Gymnastics, Cheer and Dance Bay City Gymnastics ad on page 57

8534 Well Road Daphne, 36526 Come and join us after school to “let loose” and have fun at Bay City Gymnastics. We offer Preschool Gymnastics for ages 3 -6, Recreational classes for Girls and Boys ages 7 and up. Open Registration for Fall begins July 15, 2019. You can register on our website! Fall classes begin August 5, 2019. (251) 621-2112

Baypointe Dance Academy ad on page 53

8756 Rand Avenue Daphne, 36526 Baypointe Dance Academy offers classes ages 2 1/2 and up, Beginner - Advance and Recreational

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Tap, and Acrobatic Dance. Reasonable tuition, family discounts and affordable and tasteful recital costumes. Now accepting online registration. (251) 928-9511

Eastern Shore Dance Academy ad on page 45

9063 Merritt Lane Daphne, 36526 Eastern Shore Dance Academy offers classes in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and more. Call or visit our website for more information today. Registration is July 27th and August 3rd from 2pm - 4pm. Classes begin Monday, August 19, 2019. (251) 626-2300 easternshoredance@ www.easternshoredance

Mobile Ballet, Inc. ad on page 35

and Competitive Classes. Registration For Fall Begins July 16th, July 22nd -25th, August 8th, 13th, 15th & 20th from 4:30pm-6:00pm. Classes Begin September 3, 2019. (251) 621-3980

Creative Outlet Dance Center ad on page 64

66 South Section Street Fairhope, 36532 Open House will be August 10, 2019 from 10am - 2pm. Fall classes begin August 19, 2019. Creative Outlet Dance Center offers classes for all ages including adults from beginner to advanced. Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern/Lyrical,

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

4351 Downtowner Loop North Mobile, 36609

(251) 342-2241

26436 B Kensington Place Daphne, 36526 (251) 626-8932

Recognized as the region’s premier school and performing company. Classical ballet, Modern/ Contemporary ballet, broadway-style jazz, musical theater, and tap. Under the direction of Katia Garza and Zoe Lombard-Todd, our faculty has extensive performance & teaching experience, enabling us to offer a complete curriculum of pre-ballet - pre-professional levels, including adult classes. Registration available online. Fall Classes begin August 19, 2019.


Sheffield School of Dance Eastern Shore ad on page 70

The Shoppes at Fairhope Village, 151 Fly Creek Avenue (Suite 430 & 432) Fairhope, 36532 Celebrating over 75 YEARS. Mobile & Baldwin’s #1 choice in dance. Two-time “Best Dance Studio” Nappie winner. All ages and skill levels from ages 3 - adult. Ballet/Pointe, Jazz,Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip Hop and more! Become part of the #SheffieldLegacy! 2019 Open House & Registration dates: August 6-8, 13, 20, 27 & September 3-4 from 4:00pm - 6:30pm for current and new students. (251) 219-7877

Southern Strutt Dance and Gymnastics ad on page 40

22505 Racine Street Robertsdale, 36567 Teaching the ART of Dance. Create lifelong memories! Serving Baldwin County for 40 years. Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Gymnastics and Baton. Also offering Mommie and Me Dance and Tumble. Parent friendly classes as well as Zumba! Find us on Facebook! (251) 979-9763

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Susan’s Academy of Dance


7966 American Way Daphne, 36526 Susan’s Academy of Dance Fall registration available online, by phone or in person. Ages 2 - adult, with multiple class and family discounts offered. Age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography. Classes begin August 20, 2019.

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ad on page 73

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Visit us on Facebook at susansacademyofdance. (251) 626-3835

Bay Shore Ballet Academy

305 Fels Avenue Fairhope, 36532 Registration is now open for interested students to participate in the annual production of The Nutcracker, presented at the Fairhope Civic Center. All ages and levels! (251) 990-9744

Coastal Area Dance

21180 State Highway 181 Fairhope, 36532 Registration for Fall 2019 now open. Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Baton, Tap/Jazz & more. Ages 2 years - adult. (251) 554-0399

Coastal Ballet Academy

3786 South McKenzie Street Foley, 36536 Classical Ballet in Russian Technique, Royal Academy of Dance training, Creative Movement, Jazz, Character, and Etiquette classes. Ongoing programs for beginner through adult. Rio Cordy, Artistic Director. (251) 979-9851

Dance Arts South


25124 State Highway 181 Daphne, 36526 Offering Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Acrobatic Arts & more for ages 3 to adult. Competitive Teams available. Visit our website and Facebook page!


(251) 423-1141


Eastern Shore Twirlers

Fairhope Baton twirling, coordination and leadership. Competition Teams, Private Lessons and Camps. Regular classes offered at: Fairhope Elementary, WJ Carroll Intermediate, Fairhope Intermediate and Daphne Elementary. Visit us on Facebook! (251) 689-3675

Flip City Academy

9332 Hard Drive Foley, 36536 We offer dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Cheer Programs and Baton twirling. Follow us on Facebook for program updates. (251) 747-0404

30752 Ember Lane Spanish Fort, 36527 Quality dance training by experienced staff. Find us on Facebook and Instagram for photos and updates. Fall Registration available online or at the studio in July on Tuesday & Wednesday from 4pm - 7pm. Classes begin August 19, 2019. (251) 621-9755

Magnolia Dance Company

1705 McKenzie Street Foley, 36535 Magnolia Dance Company is a family owned and operated dance studio providing dance training for ages 2 & up. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-Hop and Acrobatics is offered at recreational and advanced levels. 2019 Fall registration & Open House is Saturday, August 17th and August 24th from 9:00am - 1:00pm.

Next Level Tumbling and Training Center 26090 Equity Drive Daphne, 36526 Open Gym, school squad tumbling, pep rally preparation, pom & competitive cheer routines, clinics, stretching, birthday parties and camps. Call or visit us for more information. (251) 621-5797

Slippers and Taps School of Dance

Gulf Coast Tumbling

3757 Gulf Shores Parkway (Suite BE) Gulf Shores, 36542 Tumbling classes for ages 3 & up. Beginner cheer, Back handspring, tuck and more. Fall Registration is Now Open and available on our website and Facebook page. (251) 424-5484

206 Madison Drive Summerdale, 36580 Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Baton & Acro. We accept students at all levels of dance


(251) 776-2699

(251) 622-6616

Gulf Coast Dance Alliance

K.B. Danz

ages 2 - adult. Please call for Fall schedules and registration.

22245 Highway 59 Robertsdale, 36567 Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Tumbling. Check our Facebook page for current updates. (251) 747-8036

South Baldwin Dance Center

3947 Gulf Shores Parkway (Suite 220) Gulf Shores, 36542 Develop a passion for the art of dance! Classes are available for ages 3 years and up in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-Hop. (251) 256-0665

Fox Run Equestrian Center

13370 County Road 3 Fairhope, 36532 Equestrian facility offering boarding, training, and instruction of English Riding from beginner to advanced. (251) 928-7666 FoxRunEquestrian

Lake Forest Stables

268 Equine Circle Daphne, 36526 Group and private lessons with a round pen for beginners and a large arena for intermediate riders. Lessons focus on safety, good horsemanship and fun! (770) 355-6514

Point Clear Equestrian

17150 Fox Run Ln, Point Clear, 36564 Hunter*Jumper lessons, sales, training, boarding. Riding for all ages! (251) 422-8799

Read & Ride - Equine Educational Consultants

Horseback Riding Equine Educational Consultants

Willow Creek Farm, 19818 Lawrence Road Fairhope, 36532 Providing equine therapy Monday - Friday, by appointment, for children affected by autism spectrum disorders, language impairments and ADHD. Visit us on Facebook & see our therapy horses! (251) 747-8219

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

Willow Creek Farm, 19818 Lawrence Road Fairhope, 36532 Therapy program for children with Dyslexia. A 45 minute Spire reading lesson with a certified teacher and a 45 minute trail ride on our therapy horses!

(251) 747-8219

Wild Hawk Ranch, LLC

24080 JD Waters Lane Robertsdale, 36567 Wild Hawk Ranch offers lessons, riding, training and boarding. Bring your own horse or learn with one of ours. Learn the overall responsibilities of horsemanship, grooming, handling and riding. (850) 418-3684


Martial Arts Gulf Coast Jujutsu

7369 Alamo Circle Gulf Shores, 36542 Japanese Jujutsu for kids and adults Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kids: 6:30pm - 7:20pm & Adults: 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Come watch a class! Check us out on Facebook! (251) 923-6945

Gulf Coast TaeKwonDo Centers

20730 State Hwy 181 (Ste G) Fairhope, 36532 Martial Arts instruction in Fairhope and Gulf Shores. For more information please call or email us. Like us on Facebook for updates! (251) 279-8013

Find us on Facebook

Gulf Coast TaeKwonDo Centers

17799 Fort Morgan Road Gulf Shores , 36542 Martial Arts instruction in Fairhope and Gulf Shores. For more information please call or email us. Like us on Facebook for updates! (251) 979-3360

Find us on Facebook

SCS Martial Arts and Fitness Center

7980 American Way Daphne, 36526 Martial Arts and Fitness for all ages. Reinforcing positive traits such as focus, respect, confidence, self-control and discipline that will prepare students for their future. (251) 625-4257

Shorinji Kempo

21085 Jubilee Trail Fairhope, 36532 A Japanese self-defense martial art using philosophy, punches, kicks, blocking, pressure points, holds, joint locks, reverses, pins and throws.


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Children’s classes for ages 7-12 years. (251) 510-7771

United States Taekwondo

106 East 1st Street Bay Minette, 36507 Quality Martial Arts training for the entire family! Train at your own pace, increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Call for schedules and registration. (251) 232-7598

United States Taekwondo

25478-B Friendship Road Daphne, 36526 Quality Martial Arts training for the entire family! Train at your own pace, increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Call for schedules and registration. (251) 621-9933

Wheeles Karate Academy

2050 East 2nd Street Gulf Shores, 36542 Build confidence, respect, and self-discipline in your child while learning the basics of karate. Little Dragons for ages 3-5, Kids Karate bigger kids, Teen & Adult programs. (251) 967-KICK (5425) wheeleskarateacademy@

Miscellaneous 4-H Baldwin County

302A Byrne Street Bay Minette, 36507 4­- H helps young people from urban and rural areas explore interests and provides opportunities to learn how they can contribute to their community. (251) 937-7176

Gulf Shores Cultural Center, 19470 Oak Road West Gulf Shores, 36542 Practical life skills, fun activities and presentations from businesses & college professionals about career options. Fridays 3pm - 6pm, grades 6th - 9th. (October 2019 - April 2020) Transportation from school provided. (251) 968-9813

Faith Family Fellowship Awana Clubs

7100 Spanish Fort Boulevard Spanish Fort, 36527 Awana Club for ages K5 - 6th grade. Sunday nights from 5:00pm - 6:45pm beginning August 18, 2019. Registration is August 4th at 5:00pm. (251) 626-1379

Foley Kid Fit

(251) 621-0304

(251) 504-7401

CrossFit Strong Heart, 1340 Commercial Drive Foley, 36536 KidFit teaches kids a love for fitness and proper exercise using fun games. Visit us on Facebook for KidFit updates.


Pensacola Bay Center, Pensacola Learn-to-Skate for Beginners, Private/SemiPrivate lessons. Ages 4 - adult. Visit us on Facebook for registration dates. Lessons begin in October. Skaters from Mobile, Al across the coast to Panama City, FL.

Professional Modeling Course

ClubGST (Gulf Shores Teen Club)

Yamane Championship Mixed Martial Arts

1410 US Highway 98 (Suite D) Daphne, 36526 Our program is structured, disciplined and appropriately challenging. We teach students fitness exercises, basic Mixed Martial Arts, self-defense, and fun! Visit us on Facebook for updates.

Greater Pensacola Figure Skating

Daphne Recreation Center, Daphne A Professional Modeling Course for both males and females. In this course you will learn visual poise and grace, runway and informal modeling, wardrobe coordination, stage presentation, photo posing techniques, professional makeup application and grooming for gentlemen. This is a 5-week session for ages 12-18. (251) 625-3137

Protocol- Social Etiquette & Table Manners Daphne Recreation Center, 2605 Highway 98 Daphne, 36526 Social Etiquette and Table Manners Course. Proper introductions, phone conversation, table setting & use of silverware, correct posture for standing and sitting, making a toast, writing thank you notes, dinner conversation and more. The course is for boys and girls ages 6 - 16 years. Paula Perri also offers youth ballroom dance classes. For more information call or email Paula Perri. (251) 625-3137

an as needed basis, all other ensembles, no audition necessary. The Baldwin County Youth Orchestra is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to educate, promote and enrich the community by building relationships through musical awareness, performance and tutelage. Like us on Facebook.

August 19 & Thursday, August 22 between 4:30pm - 7:30pm at Rivertown Community Church. Bring 30 seconds of a song, dance or monologue to perform, and 4x6 photo. Rehearsals are Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm beginning August 27. Audition workshop on Saturday, August 17 at 4URoofing, 20680 State Hwy 181.

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Bay Music

Mobile Music Teachers Association

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(251) 279-0848

ad on page 59

409-C North Section Street Fairhope, 36532 Music lessons for all ages & levels. Technical services, repairs, instrument consignment and sales also available. Open Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm. Find us on Facebook! (251) 517-7636 BayMusicFairhope@ Baymusicfairhope

Blues Angel Music

Music and Theater Baldwin County Youth Orchestra ad on page 87

8717 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, 36532 The Baldwin County Youth Orchestra currently has openings for: Youth Orchestra, Beginning Band, Beginning Strings Class, Intermediate Strings Class, Baldwin Wind Ensemble, Community Adult Strings Orchestra and Chamber Strings Ensemble. Auditions scheduled for Youth Orchestra on

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

ad on page 46

30500 Highway 181, Spanish Fort, AL Private music lessons for a variety of instruments including piano, violin, banjo, guitar, bass, and more. Free ukulele lesson every Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm. 251-263-0486

Center Stage Performance ad on page 26

Rivertown Community Church, 23800 US Highway 98 Fairhope, 36532 ANNIE JR Auditions (K - 12th Grade) Monday,


(251) 928-1707

ad on page 31

Mobile Music Teachers Association is an organization of professional teachers offering piano, strings, theory, organ, voice and early childhood music. Founded in 1919 and celebrating its centennial year it continues to provide quality music instruction for area students and sponsors annually the Ensemble Extravaganza, the Piano Virtuoso Competition, the Sonata Contest, and the Honors Recital. Information on teachers and studio locations, available online.

Talley Piano Studio ad on page 11

Talley Piano offers piano lessons for Pre K through 12th grade for all skill levels from beginner to university advanced students and teach most music genre. (251) 509-7900

Baldwin County Music Teachers Association The Baldwin County Music Teachers Association is a group of music teachers in Baldwin County who teach group or private music lessons in piano, voice, strings, brass, percussion, wood-



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winds, guitar, harp and more. Contact us for a list of area music teachers.

Bay Area Performing Arts

8724 Rand Avenue Daphne, 36526 MUSIC LESSONS! In addition to our theatre programs, BAPA is now offering private lessons in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Cello, and Drums! Reach out to us for more information! (251) 455-0355

Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre

The Nicholson Center, 1410 Captain O’Neal Drive Daphne, 36526 The Lion King, Jr Auditions: August 12 - 13, 2019, 4pm - 6pm, 3rd - 12th grade. Dance workshop will be offered Saturday, August 10th at 1pm. (not required to audition). Audition forms available online. (251) 301-2371

Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre Kid’s Academy

Violin, viola, cello or bass. Thursdays 7:00pm 8:15pm. Conductor, Jose Sunderland. Contact Daniela Pardo.

Voice, Acting, & Dance Training. Find us on Facebook! (251) 278-0330

(251) 432-2010

Fairhope Music

247 Greeno Road South Fairhope, 36532 Fairhope Music LLC is a one-stop shop for all of your musical needs! We provide new and consignment instruments along with repairs and lessons!

Mobile Symphony String Academy

Gregory Brown Music

(251) 432-2010

(251) 455-4101

18662 County Road 12 South Foley, 36535 Music lessons are offered to all ages and abilities. We also carry instruments and accessories for sale. (251) 209-0266

Kaleidoscope Musical & Visual Art

First Presbyterian Church, 309 East 21st Avenue Gulf Shores, 36542 1st Presbyterian Gulf Shores will provide after school visual & performing arts classes, including painting, mixed media, violin, cello and more!

Larkins Center, 257 Dauphin Street Mobile, 36602 Play new repertoire, polish and broaden string techniques, perform and make new friends! Violin, viola, cello or bass. Thursdays 7:00pm 8:15pm. Conductor, Jose Sunderland. Contact Daniela Pardo.

Mobile’s Singing Children

Premier youth choir on the Gulf Coast. Students in grades 2nd - 12th perform choral music in four age-appropriate ensembles. To schedule your audition, please contact Susan Hoitt, Director. (251) 342-1550

Modern Ensemble Music Lessons

1410 Captain O’Neal Drive Daphne, 36526 A NEW musical theater program for students ages K - 4th grade. Each semester closes with a Broadway Junior performance! Wednesdays from 4pm - 6pm. Registration forms and information online.

(251) 978-8130

Marjorie Searcy- Vocal Coach

809-B Daphne Avenue Daphne, 36526 Providing private instruction and ensemble classes where students learn to play in small group settings. Instruction in Guitar, Bass, Voice, Drum, Piano and more. Lessons fill quickly!

(251) 509-2150

Steinway Piano Gallery Spanish Fort Academy of Music

EverBlue Arts

7225 Yenne Lane Fairhope, 36532 Everblue Arts is a performing arts studio, hosting year-round performance workshops. Private

698 Cedar Avenue Fairhope, 36532 Marjorie Searcy offers voice lessons for all ages. Call or email for information on workshops and individual sessions.

Mobile Symphony String Academy

St. Lawrence Catholic Parish, 370 South Section Street Fairhope, 36532 Play new repertoire, polish and broaden string techniques, perform and make new friends!


(251) 210-7175

11247 US Highway 31 Spanish Fort, 36527 We offer private piano, voice, and violin lessons for children and adults from degreed music instructors. Please call to sign up for a weekly lesson. (251) 930-1082

nity opportunities. Several parks offer baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis and archery. Visit our Facebook page or website for program updates. (251) 970-5020

City of Gulf Shores Recreation Center

Bodenhamer Recreation Center, 310 West 19th Avenue Gulf Shores, 36542 The David L. Bodenhamer Recreation Center offers a variety of exciting and innovative youth programs throughout the year. Call or stop by to sign up! (251) 968-1420 recreation

City of Orange Beach Recreation Center

Recreation Centers City of Fairhope Recreation Center

803 North Greeno Road Fairhope, 36532 Fitness Classes, Racquetball, basketball, exercise room, recreation room, swim team & lessons. Please call for schedules and membership information. (251) 928-7270

City of Foley Recreation Center

121 North Alston Street Foley, 36535 The City of Foley offers a variety of commu-

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

4849 Wilson Boulevard Orange Beach, 36561 Aquatics, Tennis, Recreation Center, SportsPlex, Golf Center, Community Center, Wind & Water Learning Center and more. Youth sports information available on our Facebook page, City of Orange Beach. (251) 981-6028

Spanish Fort Sports Association

Spanish Fort’s recreational youth sports program offering football, cheer, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball and softball. Visit our Facebook page and website for the most up to date information.


Scouting - Naval Cadets Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama ad on page 18

3483 Springhill Avenue Mobile, 36608 Transform ideas into actions, questions into adventures, and grow confidence through practice, every step of the way. Programming across 30 counties. Learn to practice leadership, adventure, and success. (800) 239-6636

American Heritage Girls

Central Community Church, 17395 State Highway 104 Robertsdale, 36567 Christian scouting organization for girls in K 12th grade. Badges, awards and fun! Following the Baldwin County School calendar. See Trail Life USA, in this directory for boys. (901) 378-5588

Boy Scouts of America

2587 Government Boulevard Mobile, 36606 Boy Scouts of America provides service in Southwest Alabama Counties of Baldwin, Clarke, Mobile and Washington. (251) 476-4600

Fire Exploring Program - Fairhope Post 5058

For students enrolled or living in Fairhope, ages 14 (8th grade completed) - 18. Sponsored by the Fairhope Volunteer Fire Department. Explore fundamentals of firefighting, community service, and career options. (251) 233-5181


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Trail Life USA

Eastern Shore Presbyterian Church, 23050 US Highway 98 Fairhope, 36532 Christian scouting for boys K - 12th grade. Guiding young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure. Troops in Robertsdale, Fairhope, Foley, Mobile and Dauphin Island.

Trail Life USA

Central Community Church, 17395 State Highway 104 Robertsdale, 36567 Christian scouting for boys in K - 12th grade. Guiding young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure. Following the Baldwin County School calendar. (256) 457-6606

U.S. Naval Sea Cadets Dunlap Division

8501 Tanner Williams Road MobileThe U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) is a federally chartered non-profit civilian youth organization for young people, ages 11 - 17 years.


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Team Sports Sports Training Baldwin County Volleyball Club

High School Cafeteria.

Daphne Girls Softball

City of Orange Beach Athletics

(251) 620-2700

(251) 605-7035

Baldwin County Volleyball Club for boys and girls, ages Kindergarten - 7th grade. Developmental, Travel and Beach leagues. Developmental league registration: October 1, 2019 at 6:00pm, Spanish Fort

Daphne Girls Softball is open to ages 5 – 12. Registration information available online.

4385 William Silvers Pkwy Orange Beach, 36561 Soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and more to local youth. Follow our Facebook page City of Orange Beach Athletics or call the Rec Center for updates on programs. (251) 747-7877 BeachAthletics

Daphne Rangers Soccer

8600 Whispering Pines Road Daphne, 36526 Recreational and Academy programs. Birth Years 2015-2008. Register for Rec League online until mid August 2019. Registration fee: $100. Contact

Brayden (BB) Butler is right. His healthcare team is among the best in the nation! While practicing a motocross jump, BB fell and suffered a brain bleed. It would take half a year and surgeons, physicians, nurses and therapists to help him recover. Fortunately, for BB and thousands of other children, Children’s of Alabama is ranked among the top hospitals for children by U.S. News & World Report. DOWNTOWN RUSSELL CAMPUS 1600 7th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35233

205.638.9100 CHILDREN’S SOUTH OUTPATIENT CENTER Outpatient surgery, Pediatric Imaging, laboratory services and specialty care clinics

1940 Elmer J. Bissell Road Birmingham, AL 35243



tices held once or twice per week. (251) 620-2700

Daphne Youth Football and Cheerleading

The Daphne Youth Football League is open to children from 7-12 years of age. Cheerleaders cheer for football team games and practice once a week. (251) 620-2700

Fairhope Soccer Club

Fairhope Soccer Complex, 18383 County Road 13 Fairhope, 36532 FSC offers youth Recreational soccer for 3-15 years as well as Academy soccer for 8-12 years in the Fall & Spring. Find us on Facebook. (251) 766-0196


Fairhope Softball League

Daphne Rangers about our Academy league. (251) 647-0180

Daphne Youth Baseball

Baseball for kids ages 4 - 14 years. T-Ball (4-5 yrs, Rookie (6-7 yrs), Peanut (7-8 yrs), Minor league (9-10 yrs), Ozone (11-12 yrs), Dixie Boys (13-14 yrs). (251) 620-2700

Daphne Youth Basketball

Youth Basketball is open to those 1st – 8th grade. Most games take place on Saturdays, with prac-

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

Founders Park, 18798 Founders Drive Fairhope, 36532 Girls Youth Rec Softball League for girls age 4-17 years. Find us on Facebook.

(251) 300-4313

Fairhope UMC Christian Life Center

Fairhope United Methodist Church, 155 South Section Street Fairhope, 36532 FUMC Christian Life Center offers youth and adult activities including basketball, pickleball, volleyball, flag football, walking track, fitness room, and more. Open to the public! (251) 928-1148


Fairhope Youth Baseball

Volanta Park , 523 Volanta Avenue Fairhope, 36532 Baseball league for boys and girls ages 5-14. FY Baseball is affiliated with Dixie Youth Baseball. Find us on Facebook. (251) 928-7270

Fairhope Youth Basketball

Fairhope Recreation Center, 803 North Greeno Road Fairhope, 36532 Recreational basketball league for boys in 1st - 12th grade & girls 1st - 8th grade who live in Fairhope. Please call for registration. (251) 928-7270

Lower Alabama Lacrosse

Our fall program offers play and instruction for kids ages 7-17 years. Regular Season in the spring for ages K - 12th grade. (251) 210-8891

McConnell Athletics

101 Fly Creek Avenue Fairhope, 36532 McConnell Athletics counsels, coaches and trains clients ages 8 years to adult at every skill level. We provide personal fitness and athletic preparation to your fitness needs. (251) 990-6202


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The Baseball Academy


(251) 725-5640 ballacademyllc

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26032 Capital Drive Daphne, 36526 Baseball and softball training. Offering 6 batting cages, 2 pitching lanes with mounds, along with hitting and pitching instructors. Visit our facebook page for hours and sessions.

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Tennis, Golf and Swim Eastern Shore Aquatics Center- S.W.A.T. ad on page 53

10580 County Road 64 Daphne, 36526 Eastern Shore Aquatics Center (ESAC) is the home of Southern Waters Aquatic Team (year-round swim team), the Eastern Shore Piranhas (summer swim league), swim lessons, and homeschool swim programs. Registration is ongoing for lessons, homeschool, and swim teams. Please text or visit our website for detailed registration information. (251) 300-0820

Craft Farms Golf – Cypress Bend & Cotton Creek

3840 Cotton Creek Circle Gulf Shores, 36542 Offering Junior Development Programs, private and individual golf lessons. (251) 968-7500

George C. Myers Tennis Center

2049 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, 36542 The Center offers tennis camps, clinics and lessons throughout the year. Please call for registration. (251) 968-1341

Gulf Shores Swim Team

David L. Bodenhamer Recreation Center, 310 West 19th Avenue Gulf Shores, 36542 We offer a year-round swim program, water aerobics, lifeguard certification, group lessons and more. Call or contact the Rec Center to sign up. (251) 968-1420 swimteam

Mike Ford Tennis Center

Stimpson Park, 600 Morphy Avenue Fairhope, 36532 Public play and tennis lessons. Open Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm, Saturday 8am - 6pm and Sunday 12pm - 6pm. Programs for ages 4 - adult. (251) 990-9526 parks-and-recreation/stimpson-tennis-facility

Point Clear Tennis

17107 Tennis Club Drive Point Clear, 36532 Private, semi-private, group lessons and clinics available for all age groups and skill levels. Call for membership information. (251) 504-7160

Quail Creek Golf Course

19841 Quail Creek Drive Fairhope, 36532 Golf lessons offered for boys and girls ages 6 years and up. Driving, chipping and putting instruction. $35 per half hour. Buy 5 lessons, get 1 free! Register in the pro shop. (251) 990-0240

TimberCreek Golf Course

9650 TimberCreek Boulevard Daphne, 36527 Junior lessons and clinics for beginner - advanced players. Video technology instruction. Call the pro shop to sign up. (251) 621-9900

Uber Junior Tennis

Lake Forest Racquet Club, 197 Country Club Drive Daphne, 36526 We are the largest junior program serving up the Eastern Shore of Alabama. We offer private lessons, junior advanced training, tournament classes, and 10 and under instruction. ESP (251) 648-3952


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Teen depression is on the rise and many parents are desperately trying to seek preventative measures to combat this disease. Research shows depression is the ninth leading cause of illnesses among adolescents globally, and anxiety comes in at eighth. Today’s modern youth are existing in a pop culture era that heavily influences their individual personalities. Teenagers face a multitude of pressures during puberty and they’re searching for ways to fit in among their peers. Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



For parents, it isn’t always easy to differentiate between normal teenage growing pains and depression.

dissolve relationships, delete and prohibit using all social media accounts, or disband anything that could potentially trigger or enhance anxiety and depression symptoms. But banning your teenager from social outlets or becoming a helicopter parent is not the short answer. They desire autonomy and stripping that away from them could potentially be a recipe for disaster. As a parent, you have the responsibility to know what your child is doing and how their behaviors are impacting them. Rather than cutting off their connection to the world, opt for a different approach. Talk with them and understand how and why certain social outlets may have positive or negative effects. Stay connected to them and look for any signs of unexplained behavior changes. But whatever the cause, anxiety and depression in teenagers are very real and very destructive when left untreated. The good news is, both conditions can be treated as well as the concerning problems that come with them. If they’re facing an issue, it’s important to seek treatment and help them navigate through the trying process. Not only is it healthy and helpful for them, treatment provides parents with the knowledge to understand what their child is going through and ways to specifically help them. A rule of thumb to consider: If your teen experiences discontentment for more than two weeks, it may be time to seek help from a health professional.  Anxiety and depression differ in severity while creating distinct emotional and behavioral changes. It’s important to know that both conditions can co-occur. For anxiety, some of the common symptoms may include shortness of breath, racing heart, feeling restless, unable to concentrate, sweating, headaches, and insomnia. Common symptoms of depression may include: lack of interest, low self-esteem, lack of joy, long term sadness, guilt, irritability, and suicidal thoughts. 

In these modern times, while there isn’t just one distinct cause for anxiety and depression that targets teens, it’s important for parents to understand the various common reasons why their child might be suffering and symptoms to look for. Some of the issues that affect teens are the demands of school performance, homework, extracurricular activities, work, social status among peers, sexual orientation or family life. Another aspect to consider for anxiety and depression, which is somewhat considered taboo and personal but relevant to note, is teen depression sometimes run in families. In fact, research shows that it may be more common among adolescents who have a family history of depression. Last, but not least, social media platforms have become some of the most popular and integral components to teenage life causing anxiety and lowering self-esteem, suggest experts.  With no exception to the rule, this multimedia frenzy is negatively impacting many teens with exposure to peer pressure, cyber bullying, social isolation, and suicide. Particularly, teen suicide is a serious problem. It’s the second leading cause of death among young adults in the U.S. Suicide is an act of depression and teen depression is often the root cause. Each can have a major impact on how a teen feels and, with these alarming identifiers, they can develop feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. As a concerned parent discovering any adverse findings, your first instinct might make you want to forbid all social outlets,


respectful, intelligent and brave they are. Teens need confidence to maneuver through life experiences and relating to the world. Shaping their behavior increases their self-esteem and motivation in ways that are pivotal through teenage years.  

As mentioned, depression carries a high risk of suicide and it’s crucial to recognize those warning signs as well. Warning signs of suicide with teen depression include: expressing hopelessness for the future, giving up on one’s self (talking as if no one else cares), preparing for death (writing goodbye letters), starting to use or abuse alcohol or drugs, or threatening to kill one’s self.   For parents who face challenges with helping their struggling teen, here are five interventions to consider.  

4. Encourage positive peer relationships: Encourage positive peer pressure. Contrary to popular belief, not all pressures that are put on teenagers are destructive.  In fact, peers can be a positive influence to motivate each other to step outside of their comfort zone to cultivate friendships and try new things. When teens are confronted with negative peer pressure from their peers, give your child practice in decision making. As they get older, they desire autonomy to think through choices for themselves. Although you’re still involved and can intervene, if necessary, help them understand the correlation between choices and consequences.  

1. Talk to them about it: Avoidance is not a solution and

it could potentially create a negative impact making the problem much worse. Acknowledging their issue helps to establish trust, thus making it comfortable for your teen to open up and confide in you. And, it provides comfort in knowing they’re not alone. In many cases, it’s difficult for a teen to express how they’re feeling to their parents or anyone else, for fear of embarrassment or judgement. When you’re addressing an issue, it’s also important to recognize if they’re not comfortable discussing their challenges with you. Encourage them to speak with a counselor, teacher, or a role model who has a positive impact in their lives.  

5. Encourage them to seek purpose in life: Expect-

ing your teen to know their life’s purpose is overwhelming and impractical. Before graduation, they feel immense pressured to set goals, choose a major and a college. Parents are not responsible for identifying a purpose for their children. However, they can introduce options, guidance, and provide support for them.    Finally, if your teenager displays any suicidal behaviors, you should seek help from a medical professional immediately. Or call your local suicide hotline for help. Anyone who expresses suicidal thoughts or intentions should be taken very, very seriously.  ESP

2. Empathize with them: If they open up to you and share what’s going on in their life, the best thing you can do is listen. Hear them out entirely and allow them to express their feelings, no matter the circumstances. Put aside your viewpoint and try to understand from their perceptive. Connect with their feelings and realize they’re coping with something that’s extremely frightening and they’re in a vulnerable place, therefore, their feelings should be validated.  

Kimberley Carter Spivey is a freelance writer, blogger, educator, and entrepreneur. When she’s not working at her alma mater, Auburn University at Montgomery, she’s busy freelancing, blogging, or toiling away at her soon to be published first book.

3. Teach and model strong social and emotional skills: Build them up by praising their efforts, hard work, how

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Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019



The A to Z of Alphabet Toys

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Recommending the Best Toys and Products for Kids

As the building blocks of language, the letters of the alphabet are a constant part of our lifelong experience. Ensuring that the alphabet is part of a child’s surroundings is the first step toward making them familiar with its signature shapes. When kids begin to learn the functionality of each letter, they are building a strong foundation to later understand the mechanics of reading, spelling and phonics. The following toys are a great introduction to the alphabet and the roles that each letter can play along the way.

by Gerry Paige Smith

Alphabet Letter Blocks

The Movable Alphabet

Even before kids are ready to take on letter learning, Learning Resources’ Alphabet Letter Blocks let them take the whole alphabet in hand. These colorful letter shapes are perfectly sized for little hands to explore. The flat tops and bottoms support stacking and arranging. All the vowels in this set are the same color which also helps little learners begin to discern their important function among the consonants. Each letter block also features an open back so the letter shape functions as a mold. Children can stamp out, in clay or other mediums, all the letters they need to build simple words. Complete with a storage bag and two sets of vowels, this lightweight and versatile set of letters is an ideal hands-on introduction to the alphabet.

In a world full of capitalized alphabet toys, a really good lower case playset is a treasure for educators. One of the best is Montessori’s Moveable Alphabet, which features one wooden box with twenty-six compartments, each housing multiple plexiglass lowercase copies of the entire English alphabet. Beyond its storage function, the compartmented box encourages exploration of alphabetical order. With consonants in red and vowels in blue, the lowercase letters foster word-building in the most common format kids will encounter as readers. Available in other languages and cursive letters, The Movable Alphabet takes letter literacy to the next level as it explores all the ways that the alphabet comes together to form words.

(Learning Resources)


Alphabet Phonics Bus

Alphabet Groceries

For toddlers just meeting the alphabet for the first time, Leapfrog’s Alphabet Phonics Bus offers a playful introduction to letter shapes and sounds. The bright yellow school bus features twenty-six colorful letter buttons that come alive with unique and silly personalities. Press a letter button in letter mode to hear its name and sound. Animal mode introduces an animal that begins with the selected letter, its letter sound, and the sound the animal makes. There are also game and music modes that gently expose little learners to the letters that will play a big role later in their lives. Making letter literacy a passive part of regular play is ideal for the youngest pre-readers. Fostering familiarity with the shapes and sounds of the alphabet, the Alphabet Phonics Bus gets kids on board for early letter learning.

Nothing is left off the grocery list with Learning Resources’ Alphabet Groceries. Combining hands-on pretend play with grocery products that highlight the letters of the alphabet, this set offers a subtle introduction of both letter shapes and the sounds they make. A child’s recognition of various foods helps support their ability to match first-letter sounds as well as puzzle out whole words. Young grocers can also explore sorting the foods by type, shape, color, and even alphabetical order. Made with easy-to-clean, crush-resistant plastic and durable cardboard, this twenty-six piece grocery set includes jars, cans, boxes, and cartons that each feature a different letter, word, and colorful picture. The perfect blend of pretend play and letter literacy learning, Alphabet Groceries offers a pantry full of alphabetical basics.

(Learning Resources)


Gerry Paige Smith is a syndicated columnist recommending the best products for kids and their families. Discover more at


FamilyCalendar Thursday August 1

Daphne Public Library Ice cream Party (Free) 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Daphne Recreation Department, Daphne, AL, 35616 Ice Cream Party 251-620-2500 Books Buzz 4:00 PM Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 Grades 5-12. Have a new favorite book and can’t wait to tell someone about it? Come to Book Buzz and we will discuss it! Circus on Main (Admission

is Free; some activities may have prices varying from $5-$10)

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Balloon Artist, Stilt Walker, Magician, Face Painter and Train Rides 251-224-1000 Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s Annual Professional Rodeo ($15.00 for adults, $8.00 for

children ages 3-12 years old, and free for ages 2 and under. Ticket price includes all Kids Zone activities and the Rodeo. )

6:00 PM Foley Horse Arena, 113 E Rosetta Avenue Foley, AL, 36535 Come and watch some of the nation’s professional cowgirls and cowboys compete for top prize money. Rodeo action begins nightly at 8:00pm at the Foley Horse Arena with children’s activities starting at 6:00pm

Fantasy Island Toys Craft Classes Fantasy Island Toys, 335 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, AL, 36532 Create some summer fun and join our activity classes! Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stay and watch the creativity unfold! Classes usually last 30 minutes to an hour. Spots fill quickly and sign up fees must be paid at the time of registration. All of our activities only cost $5.00 per child and they generally last around 30 to 45 minutes. Times: 11:00am and 1:00pm. For a detailed schedule, please call or visit our website. 251-928-1720 Free Family Movie Night


West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Friday August 2

Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s Annual Professional Rodeo ($15.00 for adults, $8.00 for

children ages 3-12 years old, and free for ages 2 and under. Ticket price includes all Kids Zone activities and the Rodeo. )

6:00 PM Foley Horse Arena, 113 E Rosetta Avenue Foley, AL, 36535 Come and watch some of the nation’s professional cowgirls and cowboys compete for top prize money. Rodeo action begins nightly

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


at 8:00pm at the Foley Horse Arena with children’s activities starting at 6:00pm South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 7:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Saturday August 3

6th Annual Bayou La Batre Kayak Classic Fishing Tournament 6:30 AM 14772 State Docks Road Bayou La Batre, AL, 36509 The largest kayak fishing tournament in the State of Alabama. It will again be held along the coastline of Bayou La Batre and the Gulf of Mexico. Join us with a shotgun start at 6am and compete for over 33 different awards including Master and Junior Angler divisional titles! Commemoration of Battle of Mobile Bay 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Fort Morgan, 110 Hwy 180 Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 The fort will come alive with drills and demonstrations of artillery from historical interpreters. 251-540-7127 Pelican Paddle 9:00 AM Weeks Bay Reserve, 11300 U.S. Highway 98 Fairhope, AL, 36532 2019 Pelican Paddle. 251-990-5004

Latte Art Throwdown Benefit 7:00 PM Soul Caffeine, 2004 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Soul Caffeine and Panini Pete’s are coming together to host a latte art throwdown! Coffee shops from Baldwin County and Mobile will come out to Soul Caffeine to show off their latte art skills and and to show their support for a great cause! All proceeds benefit Eye Heart World, a local organization that fights human trafficking. South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 7:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Battle of Mobile Bay Commemorative Day Fort Gaines, 51 Bienville Blvd Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Come and experience a living history day for the whole family. Blacksmith demonstrations will be on hand all day in the Fort’s Blacksmith Shop.

Sunday August 4

Annual Open House at the History Museum of Mobile (Free) 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM, History Museum of Mobile, 111 S Royal Street Mobile, AL, 36602 Save the Date for the Annual Open House at the History Museum of Mobile on Sunday, August 4, 1-4 p.m. Admission is free. Cookies and Lemonade will be served. Animal Ambassadors (Free) 2:00 PM Five Rivers Delta Center, 30945 Five Rivers Boulevard Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Join us at 2pm as we present one or more of our live educational animals.

Art Market - LuLu’s Gulf Shores 20th Anniversary Party! 11:00 AM LuLu’s Gulf Shores, 200 E 25th Avenue Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 Come by LuLu’s on Saturday, August 3 at 11am for our Art Market - LuLu’s 20th Anniversary Party.

South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 2:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.”

Back 2 School Party! 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Restoration Place Church, 28186 US Highway 98 Daphne, AL, 36526 Bring your crew for FREE Bookbags, School Supplies, Food, Bounce House, Raffle , Games and MORE!

Painting Under The Palms ($10) 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Let the artist inside you come out this summer and see what amazing works of art you can create! 251-224-1000

Character visit with Little Nutbrown Hare 12:00 PM Barnes & Noble, 30500, AL-181 Suite 414 Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Little Nutbrown Hare will be hopping on by for a special storytime and photo opportunity. Fans of “Guess How Much I Love You” will not want to miss this storytime. Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation’s Annual Professional Rodeo ($15.00 for adults, $8.00 for

children ages 3-12 years old, and free for ages 2 and under. Ticket price includes all Kids Zone activities and the Rodeo. )

6:00 PM Foley Horse Arena, 113 E Rosetta Avenue Foley, AL, 36535 Come and watch some of the nation’s professional cowgirls and cowboys compete for top prize money. Rodeo action begins nightly at 8:00pm at the Foley Horse Arena with children’s activities starting at 6:00pm


Monday August 5

Teen Creative Writing Group 4:00 PM Fairhope Public Library, 501 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, AL, 36532 A place for budding writers, storytellers, dreamers, and thinkers, with help, writing prompts, tea, and fellowship. Share as much or as little of your writing as you wish in an atmosphere of gentle, constructive criticism and friendship. Sparks After Dark Fireworks Show (Free) 8:45 PM The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 The Sparks After Dark fireworks show will flash to life again this summer! You’ll have a weekly chance to catch the high-flying flickers in action. 251-224-1000


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FamilyCalendar Tuesday August 6

Kids Night (Free to Attend, Face Painting $5-$10) 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 We are bringing back Kids Night weekly at The Wharf, focusing purely on the little ones. Family-friendly and safe, this exciting night will take place each Tuesday in Palm Plaza right next to the Ferris Wheel. DJ Josh will provide the jams while you get into the groove with face painting, games, a bouncy house, water slide and much more! Every Tuesday will be a little different with varying themes to keep the excitement fresh….including a Toxic Battle Zone and live animals. 251-224-1000 Fantasy Island Toys Craft Classes Fantasy Island Toys, 335 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, AL, 36532 Create some summer fun and join our activity classes! Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stay and watch the creativity unfold! Classes usually last 30 minutes to an hour. Spots fill quickly and sign up fees must be paid at the time of registration. All of our activities only cost $5.00 per child and they generally last around 30 to 45 minutes. Times: 11:00am and 1:00pm. For a detailed schedule, please call or visit our website. 251-928-1720 Founder’s Day / Mr. Bellingrath’s Birthday Celebration Bellingrath Gardens, 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road Theodore, AL, 36582 In honor of Mr. Bellingrath’s Birthday, admission to the Gardens is free to all Mobile and Baldwin County residents!

Wednesday August 7

Savy Mom Sale 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Savvy Mom Sale - end of summer consignment event. Great deals. Slugs Bugs and Snails Explore Day (Free) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Graham Creek Nature Preserve, 23030 Wolf Bay Drive Foley, AL, 36535 Free eco-educational activities for children 10 and under. Pepsi Treasure Hunt (Free) 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Join us every Wednesday night from 5 to 8pm for the Pepsi Treasure Hunt! Stop by Marlin Circle first to get your treasure map and the quest is on! Find the items on the map then return back to where “X” marks the spot to collect your treasure! Stay for our nightly SPECTRA Sound and Light Show and see Pirate Philippe “Stinky” Lafitte,. 251-224-1000

Thursday August 8

Savy Mom Sale 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Savvy Mom Sale - end of summer consignment event. Great deals. Savy Mom Sale 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Savvy Mom Sale - end of summer consignment event. Great deals.

Buckaroo at the BLUE 6:00 PM Bluegill Restaurant, 3775 Battleship Pkwy Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Save the date! Enjoy an awesome seafood buffet ice cold beer and live music from local band Fat Lip and Jesse Outlaw Howard and a gorgeous view of Mobile Bay, all while supporting an amazing cause, The Buckaroo Foundation. There will also be a silent auction with some amazing prizes! Circus on Main (Admission is Free; some activities may have prices varying from $5-$10)

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Balloon Artist, Stilt Walker, Magician, Face Painter and Train Rides 251-224-1000 S’mores on the Shore (Free) 6:00 PM Gulf Shores Main Public Beach, 101 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 Campfires, live music and s’mores will be the scene as the City of Gulf Shores hosts its annual S’mores on the Shore event. Glow in the Park Summer Movie Series (Free) 8:00 PM Fairhope Community Park, Fairhope, AL, 36532 Moviegoers are encouraged to bring a blanket or lawn chair and a picnic and relax with the whole family. The DFBA will have FREE popcorn and will be giving away glow-in-the-dark necklaces before the movie. 251-929-1466



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FamilyCalendar Water Balloon Battle of Mobile Bay (Free) 5:00 PM Cathedral Square, Mobile, AL, 36602 To mark the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Mobile Bay, we’ll stage a reenactment of that epic naval encounter. Except this time, the Battle will be on land (Cathedral Square), cannons will be replaced by water balloons & super-soakers, and the outcome is uncertain! Fantasy Island Toys Craft Classes Fantasy Island Toys, 335 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, AL, 36532 Create some summer fun and join our activity classes! Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stay and watch the creativity unfold! Classes usually last 30 minutes to an hour. Spots fill quickly and sign up fees must be paid at the time of registration. All of our activities only cost $5.00 per child and they generally last around 30 to 45 minutes. Times: 11:00am and 1:00pm. For a detailed schedule, please call or visit our website. 251-928-1720 Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Friday August 9

Savy Mom Sale 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Savvy Mom Sale - end of sum-

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


mer consignment event. Great deals. South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 7:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Saturday August 10

Buckaroo Stampede 5K and Fun Run 7:30 AM Daphne City Hall, 1705 Main Street Daphne, AL, 36526 Proceeds from the Buckaroo Stampede will benefit the Buckaroo Foundation. The mission of the Buckaroo Foundation is to provide access for children and adults with special needs to hippo therapy which uses the movement of horses to


influence the rider’s posture, balance, function, and sensory processing. Savy Mom Sale 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne , AL, 36526 Savvy Mom Sale - end of summer consignment event. Great deals. Lion King, Jr. Dance Audition Workshop 1:00 PM The Nicholson Center, 1410 Captain O’Neal Drive Daphne , AL, 36526 Want to be more prepared for Lion King callbacks? Join ESRT in a fun afternoon learning choreography from our show. This workshop is for 3rd-12th graders. No experience necessary. This workshop is not nececssary to audition, but it will provide additional time to prepare. South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 7:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Conde Cavaliers 37th Annual Mardi Gras Fishing Rodeo Dauphin Island Marina, 650 Lemoyne Drive Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Conde Cavaliers 37th annual Mardi Gras Fishing Rodeo. The Rodeo is open to anglers of all ages and levels of experience. Remember, when it comes to big catches, during its two days of fishing activities, luck often wins over skill!


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FamilyCalendar Sunday August 11

South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” 2:30 PM South Baldwin Community Theatre, 2022 West 2nd Street Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 South Baldwin Community Theater presents “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” Painting Under The Palms ($10) 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM, The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Let the artist inside you come out this summer and see what amazing works of art you can create! 251-224-1000 2019 Sunset Concerts West End Beach, Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 The popular Sunset Concert series, sponsored by the town of Dauphin Island, will be getting underway in just over a month and the first (and last) event will once again be held at historic Fort Gaines. Conde Cavaliers 37th Annual Mardi Gras Fishing Rodeo Dauphin Island Marina, 650 Lemoyne Drive Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Conde Cavaliers 37th annual Mardi Gras Fishing Rodeo. The Rodeo is open to anglers of all ages and levels of experience. Remember, when it comes to big catches, during its two days of fishing activities, luck often wins over skill! Sunday Matinee, Animal Misfits (Free) Five Rivers Delta Center, 30945 Five Rivers Boulevard Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Life on earth is incredibly diverse, but it’s not always what you might expect.

Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature’s misfits. These odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures at first glance seem-ill equipped for survival. Animal Misfits shows that all animals are remarkably well-adapted to their chosen way of life. Showing throughout the day. Last show 3:00pm.

Monday August 12

Lion King JR Auditions 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, The Nicholson Center, 1410 Captain O’Neal Drive Daphne , AL, 36526 No experience or preparation is necessary. Potential cast members should plan to audition on either Monday or Tuesday.

Tuesday August 13

Lion King JR Auditions 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, The Nicholson Center, 1410 Captain O’Neal Drive Daphne , AL, 36526 No experience or preparation is necessary. Potential cast members should plan to audition on either Monday or Tuesday

Wednesday August 14

13th Annual Freedom Luncheon 11:30 AM Daphne Civic Center, 2603 U.S. Highway 98 Daphne, AL, 36526 Join us for The Shoulder’s


13th Annual Freedom Luncheon, our biggest fundraiser of the year!

Friday August 16

Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Saturday August 17

Living History Drill 8:00 AM USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Parkway, Mobile, AL, 36602 Come see history come to life with our WWII historical reenactors as they board the battleship USS ALABAMA and submarine USS DRUM. Be on deck for “call to battle stations” at 1:00 p.m. and watch the crew repels an air attack by vintage airplanes, weather permitting. See our 20mm and 40mm guns fire and the crew fight to defend the ship. Treasure Trees Explore Day (Free) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Graham Creek Nature Preserve, 23030 Wolf Bay Drive Foley, AL, 36535 Free eco-educational activities for children 10 and under. Basketball Battle of the Bay 11:00 AM Daphne Middle School, Daphne , AL, 36526 In partnership with Daphne Police Department

FamilyCalendar and Daphne Middle School, the free event will super serve the community in a family-fun oriented school kickoff for kids and an education resource for parents. This event is open to the public and children of all ages may attend. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult (age 18+) at all times. Compass II Life graduates will take on Daphne’s finest in a 5 on 5 BATTLE OF THE BAY basketball game! Bubble Bonanza 11:00 AM Gulf Coast Exploreum, 65 Government Street Mobile, AL, 36602 Tiny bubbles. Giant bubbles. Square bubbles? Come see the sudsiest spectacle of the summer at the Exploreum Science Center’s Bubble Bonanza. Craft your own bubble solution and wand, explore glow in the dark bubbles, yarn bubbles, snake bubbles, bubble art, bubbles inside bubbles, and much, much more. We can learn math and science with bubbles! Don’t miss the most poppin’ event of the summer! Water activities and rinse stations will be available, come in your swim wear! 251-208-6893 Myths, Magic and Mayhem! #Demigodgoals Event 1:00 PM Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 Are you looking for an extra special dose of Riordan myths, magic and mayhem? Then mark your calendars, because we’re celebrating all things Demigods with our first annual #Demigodgoals events.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


Little Big Town Concert 8:00 PM The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Little Big Town Concert 251-224-1000

Brad Paisley Concert 7:00 PM The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Brad Paisley Concert 251-224-1000

Sunday August 18

Friday August 23

Animal Ambassadors (Free) 2:00 PM Five Rivers Delta Center, 30945 Five Rivers Boulevard Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Join us at 2pm as we present one or more of our live educational animals.

Tuesday August 20

Pentatonix: The World Tour 7:30 PM The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Pentatonix: The World Tour 251-224-1000

Wednesday August 21

Romp, Stomp and Roar Day 10:30 AM Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 Stomp into Page and Palette for a roaring celebration of all things Dinosaur stories, songs and early learning activities! (Ages 0-6)

Thursday August 22

Business Expo 10:00 AM Mobile Convention Center, 1 South Water Street Mobile, AL, 36602 Join us for the area’s largest business-to-business trade show. More than 200 companies will be showcasing the latest products and services, along with business resources, giveaways, food & beverage samples, and more.


Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Saturday August 24

Anniversary of Fort Mims 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Fort Mims, 1813 Fort Mims Road Stockton, AL, 36579 The annual reenactment of the Battle of Fort Mims will be held on August 24-25, 2019. Babypalooza Baby & Maternity Expo 10:00 AM Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne, AL, 36526 The Babypalooza Baby & Maternity Expo is the must-attend live experience for new, expectant, and hopeful parents.

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FamilyCalendar Community Safety Day 4:00 PM OWA, 1501 S OWA Blvd Foley, AL, 36535 Head to Downtown OWA on Saturday, August 24, 2019 for free and interactive live demonstrations with local first responders and public safety officers! Kids and adults alike will have the chance to watch a fire truck in action, see a real SWAT vehicle, and so much more. Get a real-life hands-on experience with the brave professionals who keep our community safe every day. 251-923-2111 safetyday/

Earth’s formation through the major geological eras – Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic – of the fossil record.

Sunday August 25

Friday August 30

Anniversary of Fort Mims 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Fort Mims, 1813 Fort Mims Road Stockton, AL, 36579 The annual reenactment of the Battle of Fort Mims will be held on August 24-25, 2019. Sunday Matinee, Geological History of Alabama (Free) Five Rivers Delta Center, 30945 Five Rivers Boulevard Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 As far back as the eighteenth century, geologists from other countries were attracted to Alabama by reports of the region’s diverse geology. Since then, researchers have pieced together the history of how the landscape and life forms found in Alabama have changed over time. This film follows these changes from the

Thursday August 29

21st Annual Chef Challenge 6:00 PM Fort Whiting, 1630 S Broad St Mobile, AL, 36605 Join us as we celebrate our 21st year hosting Chef Challenge. Experience a night of culinary magic as some of the area’s most celebrated chefs come together to fight hunger in their community along with a little friendly competition. Guests will also get to enjoy live music by Roman Street, silent auction, and complimentary beer and wine.

Baldwin Indie Fest 7:00 PM Daphne Civic Center, 2603 US-98 Daphne, AL, 36526 Beef O Brady’s, Gulf Coast Hobby And Maynard Productions present Baldwin Indie Fest 2019 with LEVELUP, Hollywood Vagabonds, Gravity Blinks GypsyPearl and Madison Grace! Free Family Movie Night (Free) West End Beach, End of Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 Free Family Movie Night at the West End Beach. Movies start at dusk (around 8pm). Snack vendor will be on site during movies. Bring your own folding chairs or beach towels for seating and bug spray, just in case. Admission is free, but please no pets, grills or glass allowed. Weather permitting!

Saturday August 31

2nd Annual Labor Day Car Show: Classic cars come to OWA 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, OWA, 1501 S OWA Blvd Foley, AL, 36535 OWA will play host to decades of unique and classic cars from 8am-4pm, Aug. 31. From hot rods to custom builds, OWA’s Labor Day Car Show is bound to have something that catches your eye! Dozens of beautifully crafted cars will line the Southern-style streets of Downtown OWA. 251-923-2111 Chris Stapleton’s All American Road Show 7:00 PM The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL, 36561 Chris Stapleton’s All American Road Show concert. 251-224-1000

Sunday September 1

2019 Sunset Concerts West End Beach, Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 The popular Sunset Concert series, sponsored by the town of Dauphin Island, will be getting underway in just over a month and the first (and last) event will once again be held at historic Fort Gaines.

Saturday September 5

Put a Pause on Pollution Observe and Explore Day (Free) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Graham Creek Nature Preserve, 23030 Wolf Bay Drive Foley, AL, 36535 Free eco-educational activities for children 10 and under.

accepting new patients

Dr. Brittne� Bicksler


Dr. Bicksler is a graduate of Virginia Tech and received her medical degree from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) in Blacksburg, Virginia. She completed her residency training in family practice at McLeod Regional Medical Center in South Carolina and her fellowship training in obstetrics at Spartanburg Medical Center in South Carolina. + Board certified in family medicine + Member of the American Academy of Family Physicians + Certified provider in Advanced Life Support Obstetrics

251-937-5377 2002 Medical Center Drive Bay Minette, AL 36507 83

FamilyCalendar Friday September 6

First Friday Art Walk 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Downtown Fairhope, Fairhope, AL, 36521 Fairhope First Friday Art Walk Visit our local merchants in Downtown Fairhope as they open late and highlight the art community. Art Walk happens every first Friday of each month from 6-8 p.m.

Saturday September 7

Swampfest 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM, Coastal Response Center, 7385 Hwy 188 Coden, AL, 36523 Annual Fundraiser to support the South Bay Food Pantry. With your generous donations of canned & dry goods, together, we are helping families have food on their tables. Activities include Gumbo Cook-off, Car show, Swampkids contest and more. Llama Llama Character Visit & Storytime at Barnes & Noble 12:00 PM Barnes and Noble, 30500 State Highway 181 Spanish Fort, AL, 36527 Llama Llama Character Visit & Storytime at Barnes & Noble Magnolia Firefighter’s Festival 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Magnolia Springs Fire Rescue, 14809 Gates Avenue Magnolia Springs, AL, 36555 Join the Magnolia Springs Volunteer Fire Department for a fun filled afternoon of music, food, beer, and arts and crafts.There will also be a kids area with an inflatable bounce house, water slide and other activities. Hurricane Run 5K and Fun Run 6:30 PM Dauphin Island Sea Lab, 101 Bienville Boulevard Dauphin Island, AL, 36528 A Tribute to Merle Haggard 7:00 PM Foley Civic Center, 407 E Laurel Avenue Foley, AL, 36535 Marty Haggard, oldest son of the legendary Merle Haggard, pays tribute to his dad through stories and songs. Enjoy an evening of real country music. Marty will be available after the show to meet & greet. 2019 Brett Robinson Alabama Coastal Triathlon Gulf Shores Main Public Beach, 101 Gulf Shores Parkway Gulf Shores, AL, 36542 Enjoy a beautiful gulf swim and a fast, flat bike and run course at a great venue! 615-415-3520

Sunday September 8

2019 Walk to End Alzheimer’s - Mobile Bay Area 12:30 AM Bienville Square, Mobile, AL, 36602 Join us for the 2019 Mobile Bay Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s. When you participate in Walk, your fundraising dollars fuel our mission, and your participation in the event helps to change the level of Alzheimer’s awareness in your community.

Friday September 13

The Black Jacket Symphony presents The Eagles Hotel California 7:00 PM Saenger Theatre, 6 South Joachim Street Mobile, AL, 36602 The Black Jacket Symphony offers

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019

a unique concert experience through recreating classic albums in a live performance setting.

Every Friday

Free Build 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Fairhope Public Library, 501 Fairhope Avenue Fairhope, AL, 36532 Free build for all ages. 251-928-7483

Every Tuesday thru August

Read and Discover: Story Time! (Ages 2-6) 10:30 AM Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 Join Miss Paula for early learning activities.

ing Pines Road Daphne, AL, 36526 The Moonlight Chasse’ Ballroom Dance Society

Classes/Support Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections (APAC) Offering Adoptive Family Support Group Meetings in Baldwin County the 2nd Thursday of each month. The meeting is held at 3 Circle Church, 10274 Highway 104, Fairhope. from 6 - 7:30 p.m. Parent, Youth/Teen group and childcare is available. Topic discussions by adoption professionals and ceu’s for foster families are offered. For more information call 251-460-2727 or 1-800-489-

Every Wednesday thru August

Story Time with Stephanie Ross 10:30 AM Page & Palette, 32 South Section Street Fairhope, AL, 36532 Miss Stephanie presents family storytime for all to enjoy!

First and Third Fridays Art and Coloring Class


1:00 PM Daphne Public Library, 2607 US-98 Daphne, AL, 36526 Art and Coloring Class 251-621-2818

Every Friday

Daphne Farmers Market 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM, 2305 US-98 Daphne, AL, 36526 Daphne Farmers Market

Every Thursday

Code Club (Free) 3:30 PM Spanish Fort Public Library, 7361 Spanish Fort Blvd Spanish Fort, AL, 36537 Join SFPL for this free weekly club that helps kids aged 8-18 to learn how to code.

Every Thursday

K-3 Book Club (Free) 3:30 PM Daphne Public Library, 2607 US-98 Daphne, AL, 35626 K - 3rd Book Club 251-620-2500

Every Tuesday

Tabletop Game Night (Free) 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Spanish Fort Public Library, 7361 Spanish Fort Blvd Spanish Fort, AL, 36537 Join us each week for good old fashioned Board Games! All ages! All skill levels. All levels of FUN.

First and Third Monday of every month

The Moonlight Chasse’ Ballroom Dance Society 7:00 PM Hot Wheels Skating Rink, 616 Whisper-


1886 or APAC also offers free counsuling services to adoptive families. Bridge Support Group A place where parents with similar experiences come together to share stories, advice and love. These families have had babies who: were stillborn, born with a lethal anomaly (such as Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, skeletal dysplasia, anencephaly) or had a baby that only lived in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our families are from all over the Gulf Coast and all have beautiful stories to tell. Meets 1st Tuesday of every month, 5:30pmuntil. Dinner is served. 1st floor conference room of Strada Center, 1601 Center Street, Mobile. Contact: Rene Sprague RN, MSN rgilstrapsprague@health., 251-610-5264. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Celebration MOPS Fairhope (Meets During School Year Only) Celebration MOPS meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. at Celebration Church, 8180 Dyer Road, Fairhope. Childcare is provided and is included in the fees. There is an annual $23.95 MOPS International membership fee and $30 per semester. Call for info at 251928-0343 or like us on Facebook at celebrationmopsfairhopeal. Family Center’s Positive Parenting Classes are held on Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:30 am and Responsible Parenting with focus on fathers, co-parenting and economic stability/child support are Wednesday mornings 9 am-11 am and Monday evenings 6 pm-8pm. Call 251-947-4700 to register for either class. at The Family Center is located at 22671 Hwy. 59 South, Robertsdale.


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of EVERY month from 6:30 to approximately 8:00 p.m. at the Fairhope United Methodist Church, 155 S. Section Street, Fairhope. The support group is facilitated by a professional and co-facilitated by two survivors. For information, please email or call 251-455-6453.

Fairhope MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Want to find your mom tribe? Join us at Fairhope MOPs. Meetings are held 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 9:30-11:30am at Fairhope United Methodist Church in the Christian Life Center. For additional information regarding MOPS International please visit For additional information regarding Fairhope MOPs Registration and childcare availability please e-mail is at fairhopemops@yahoo. com or visit or Facebook page, Fairhope MOPs.

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center offers the following classes: Your entire family can take part in several informative classes designed to help moms and dads welcome their special new addition to the family with more confidence. Classes cover topics including:

Father Central of Daphne *Positive Fathering, A New & Improved Parenting Class Just For Men, $75 giftcard upon completion. Mondays, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Call 251-626-1610 to register, held at The Exchange Club Family Center of Baldwin County, 27365 Pollard Rd., Daphne, near the YMCA. *Chill Skills” - Anger Management by appointment. $25 giftcard upon completion. Call 251-626-1610 schedule, The Exchange Club Family Center of Baldwin County, 27365 Pollard Rd., Daphne, near the YMCA. *Nurturing Parenting, everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. Thursdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., 12-week rotating series. Jump in on any Thursday! Call 251-626-1610 to register, 27365 Pollard Rd, Daphne. Shepherd’s Place (Christian Life Center) Ministry for memory & physically challenged. Mondays & Wednesdays 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Fairhope United Methodist Church, 155 South Section Street, Fairhope. 928-1148.

Having A Healthy Pregnancy Nutrition, discomforts of pregnancy, warning signs of complications, and relaxation exercises. One session. $10. Prepared Childbirth Classes (Once a week for four weeks). Cost: $30 Week 1: Begin the Stages of Labor: The labor and delivery process, signs and stages of labor, options for coping, pain management, vaginal delivery, and relaxation exercises. Week 2: Delivery and Cesarean Birth: A review of complications that may arise, use of special equipment, complete the stages of labor, cesarean delivery, and relaxation exercises. Week 3: New Born and Postpartum Care: Newborn appearance, caring for the newborn, infant safety, recognizing complications, relaxation exercises, and choosing a pediatrician. What to expect after delivery, understanding the physical and emotional

SOS (Survivors of Suicide) This group is for adults who has ever lost a loved one to suicide. SOS meets the 2nd and 4th Monday

t It’s all abou

changes to your body, and relaxation exercises. Week 4: The Art of Breast Feeding: The benefits of breast feeding for mother and baby, anatomy and physiology of the breast, how to breastfeed, and common difficulties. One session. • Tiny Toes members may enroll in Yoga, Water Aerobics and Expectant Mother Exercise classes through the Snook Family YMCA. The fee is $5 a class. There is a $3 fee for child care. There is no fee if you are already a member of the YMCA. All classes are located at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center–1613 North McKenzie Street Foley. Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Classroom A. • Please plan to attend the Healthy Pregnancy Class during your first trimester and the Prepared Childbirth Classes anytime after your 24th week of pregnancy. For more information or to enroll please call the OB Educator at 949-3676 to schedule. Gift of Life The Gift of Life is a required maternity care program for Medicaid patients or Medicaid-eligible

• Riding - English, Western, and Jumping • Swimming • Heated Pool • Ropes Course • Climbing Tower • Outdoor Nature Skills • Sports • Soccer • Basketball

award-winning, n a n o t u o s is m Don’t mp for your ca d re te n ce ts ri Ch mmer! daughter this Su On Top of Lookout Mountain in Historic Mentone, Alabama

Best of Parenting WINNER 10


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Susan & Larry Hooks, Owners & Directors Donna Bares, Assistant Director


Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


• Beach Volleyball • Tennis • Canoeing • Golf • Archery • Gymnastics • Cheerleading • Dance • Chorus • Drama

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• Arts & Crafts • CIT Program • Campfires every night

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• Optional trips & more!

REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! Choose from 1- and 2-week Sessions and Mother-Daughter Weekends!



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Support patients. The Gift of Life Program provides a caring system of prenatal services; education and care coordination for expectant moms and their babies. For info contact 949-3781. Thomas Hospital offers the following classes: Breastfeeding Class Thomas Fitness Center (Fairhope). Monthly, first Tuesday, 6 - 8 p.m. Free. Infant CPR and Safety Class Thomas Fitness Center (Fairhope). Pre-registration required. To register call 279-1373. Saturdays, 4 - 6 p.m. Moving Through Labor Childbirth Classes Three or four-week prepared childbirth class series which prepares the mother-to-be and her support partner for the labor and delivery experience. $30 fee for the class series. Thomas Fitness Center, (Fairhope) Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thomas Fitness Center (Fairhope) Saturdays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Thomas Medical Center (Daphne) Tuesdays, 6-8:30 p.m. Thomas Medical Center (Daphne) Thursdays, 6-8 p.m. Pre-registration required. Call 251- 279-1373 or visit for upcoming classes and registration. Natural Childbirth Classes, Fertility Awareness, Mother’s Comfort, Exercise and Nutrition For class schedule or information call Geralyn Piizzotti, 251- 928-9396. Newborn Basics Class Held on the second Monday of every month from 6 – 8 p.m. at Thomas Medical Center in Daphne. Free. No Pre-registration required. Pre-admission Sessions 6 p.m. at Thomas Medical Center in Daphne. Sibling Class Thomas Hospital Fitness Center (Fairhope). Preregistration required. Call 279-1373. 10-11 a.m. Thomas Hospital offers the following support groups for the community: Alanon (Alcoholics Anonymous) Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. at The Harborl. Call 800-477-1104. Alateen Meetings are held every Wednesday from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Morphy Conference Room East Tower meeting room at Thomas Hospital. Call 391-1152 for info. ALS Support Group Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month from 11 a.m. to noon at Thomas Medical Center. Call 205-937-4415 for more information. Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer Support Group Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from noon to 1 p.m. at the Thomas Hospital Health Resource Center located at: 308 S. Greeno Road, Fairhope. Call 928-8650 for more information. Cancer Support Group for Women Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Morphy Conference Room. For more information, call Patti Huval at 209-1229.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these calendar events. However, you should call ahead to confirm dates, times, location, and other information.

Please send your calendar events to lynn@! 87

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Lion King MPAA Rating: PG Overall: B Violence: C Sexual Content: A Profanity: A Alcohol / Drug Use: A It’s not that the new Lion King is a bad movie. In fact, it’s an astounding technical achievement - a photorealistic computer animated production so stunning it will be the frontrunner for this year’s Oscar. To watch the movie is to marvel at the skill of the animators and the power of their computers. The brilliance of the computer animation does have one big downside: the lions have been meticulously crafted, with accurate facial musculature, making it impossible for them to display human emotions. While animators can anthropomorphize hand-drawn lions to express feelings, a realistic lion doesn’t look envious, sad, joyful, or any of the other emotions integral to this film’s plot. The stiff looking animal faces in this movie make the human touch particularly critical and that’s where the movie’s stellar voice cast comes to the fore. John Oliver, Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner bring comic brilliance to their roles as Zazu the bird, Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the farting warthog. But the real star here is Chiwetel Ejiofor whose villainous Scar drips with envy, hatred, and barely contained menace. He jacks up the fear factor in a movie that will easily frighten small children with its multiple scenes of animals attacking one another with tooth and claw. Parents of sensitive children should note that there are multiple violent episodes in this movie. The 1994 film had charm and originality. This remake obviously can’t aim for originality – it’s a do over, after all. As for charm, I didn’t feel it. And I can’t precisely put my finger on the reason for its absence. Somehow, I just couldn’t “feel the love tonight”. And that’s too bad.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 Overall: B+ Violence: BSexual Content: B+ Profanity: BAlcohol / Drug Use: B After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) finds himself busier than ever before. With the loss of so many Avengers in the battle against Thanos, Spider-Man has to step up to battle emerging threats. Peter sees an upcoming class trip to Europe as a welcome excuse to unwind and hang up the suit for a little while. Unfortunately for him, his arrival in Europe coincides with a new problem: huge monsters called Elementals which could destroy everything. With the help of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and the mysterious Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal), Peter will have to find time for his own plans while saving the world. This film does a surprisingly good job balancing the emotionally heavy consequences of Endgame with the typically lighthearted tone of previous Spider-Man films. The content concerns are exactly what you’d expect from a superhero flick – lots of action violence - but this film feels a lot milder than some others. Much like its titular character, Spider-Man: Far from Home was handed a difficult bill after Endgame, and much like Peter Parker, the film did a good job of staying true to its own style while incorporating the larger themes of its predecessor. In my opinion, Tom Holland is the best live action Spider-Man we’ve seen yet, and he keeps bringing the kind, considerate, and concerned kid that Peter Parker needs to be to the screen in a big way.


Breakthrough (on DVD)

MPAA Rating: Unrated Overall: B+ Violence: A Sexual Content: A Profanity: A Alcohol / Drug Use: C Who hasn’t dreamt of exploring the vast expanse of space? Angus Stewart (Richard Dreyfuss) certainly did, even applying (unsuccessfully) to be a mission specialist on NASA space flights. But now, the 75-year-old civil engineer is struggling with an unhappy, earth-bound retirement. He is now living with his daughter, Molly (Krista Bridges) while they try to sell his house. Molly and grandson Barney want Angus to stay with them but son-in-law Jim believes Angus should live in a seniors’ home, which is where he ends up. When he decides to make one last bid to go into outer space, viewers will wonder if Angus is reaching for the stars or simply trying to escape his disappointing reality. Angus’ long shot opportunity to soar into space is made possible by a billionaire (Colm Feore) whose company is racing to launch the first private sector space flight. To whip up enthusiasm for the venture, he announces an online lottery: twelve lucky winners will be winnowed down to one lucky astronaut. At the last minute, Angus shaves ten years off his age, lies about his heart condition, and clicks “Enter”. Parents will be relieved to hear that Angus’ dishonesty is the biggest issue in the movie and it’s one that can lead to discussions with teens about honesty, ethics, and morality. Having been produced in Canada, Astronaut does not have a rating from the MPAA, but it fits comfortably into a PG rating. Astronaut is filled with positive and uplifting messages.

MPAA Rating: PG Overall: B Violence: B+ Sexual Content: A Profanity: B+ Alcohol / Drug Use: A “You have a purpose. You are loved.” So Joyce Smith (Chrissy Metz) repeatedly tells her moody 14-year-old son, John (Marcel Ruiz). Joyce is concerned about her increasingly uncommunicative teen and then the unthinkable happens – he falls through the lake ice and drowns. John is declared dead, Joyce prays, and John’s pulse miraculously returns. But he is hanging to life by a thread which may snap at any minute. Can John’s family, church, and wider community exercise their faith and call down a miracle from heaven? Breakthrough has an earnest, multiracial cast, who, despite the fact that they sometimes seem to be reciting lines rather than living them, do so with real sincerity. The movie also takes on the joys and trials of being part of a church congregation and portrays the petty conflicts that can arise when wellmeaning people irritate each other as well as the wonderful acts of kindness and support that a faith community can provide. And the film is almost entirely free of objectionable content. Unfortunately, Breakthrough also has some significant near misses. Watching Joyce, viewers may be driven to wonder where the line is between steadfast faith and delusional determination. Is Joyce faith-filled or irrational? Is her faith based in God’s will or her preferred outcome? And it’s a real disappointment that the script doesn’t go deeper here. Criticisms aside, Christians (or non-believers) who are grappling with feelings of divine abandonment, loss or doubt may feel that the movie isn’t able to break through their pain to provide the inspiration and comfort they seek.

Eastern Shore Parents I August 2019


It's your body. Take Control. confidential services provided.

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Eastern Shore Parents August 2019  

It's BACK TO SCHOOL time! This issue features the After School Activities very helpful resource you'll want to keep on hand all s...

Eastern Shore Parents August 2019  

It's BACK TO SCHOOL time! This issue features the After School Activities very helpful resource you'll want to keep on hand all s...