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Winter Issue, 2016

CUT-A-RAMA 2016 Just Cuts raises $21,600 for charity in just one night! TM

Winter fashion finds to add to your shopping carts

Hot hair trends to heat up your winter


Meet our superstar salon Teams

WIN YOUR CUT OF $40,000 We’re giving away $1,000 cash every day for 40 days!

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JUST CUTS RAISES $21,600 AT CUT-A-RAMA Read up on all the action from our recent fundraising event TM

MEET THE JUST CUTS CUT-A-RAMA CUTTING CREW These stand out Just Cuts Team Members worked their magic for a great cause TM


WIN YOUR CUT OF $40,000 You could win $1,000 cash just by getting a Style Cuts cut TM

WINTER PROOF YOUR HANDS How to keep skin irritation at bay during the colder months SNIPS AND SNAPS AUSTRALIA The latest news and updates from our Australian salons SNIPS AND SNAPS NEW ZEALAND The latest news and updates from our New Zealand salons HAIR TRENDS TO HEAT UP YOUR WINTER Inspiration for your next Style Cuts cut, no matter your hair type TM

SHARING THE SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE Find out what our Clients have to say about Just Cuts


THE 4 STEPS OF EMPOWERMENT Top tips to providing the best service ever STYLE BY BRIANNA Winter finds to add to your wardrobe, stat!  LIVE YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY WITH JUST CUTS Ever dreamt of owning your own business? It’s time to turn your dreams into reality!


A word from Denis Thank you to all our amazing Cutting Crew Stylists who travelled from across the country to isolated outback Narrabri in June to cut, shave, style and add some crazy colour to participants of the Outback Car Trek – a quintessentially Australian road trip across our rugged land. All up during Cut-A-Rama, we raised a whopping $21,600 in donations for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia – our biggest and best effort ever! For us, aligning with a national charity is not just about country people – the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia assist city people too. Anyone can be impacted by an emergency. And we’re so proud to be able to support a charity that affects the lives of so many people across Australia who wouldn’t usually have access to that kind of medical and emergency support. So thank you to everyone for your generosity! We couldn’t have done it without our Cutting Crew and brand ambassador, Grant Denyer, who all generously gave up their time to attend the event. Although, Grant may have left with a little more than he bargained for – pink hair!

Hello! Dear Owners, Stylists and Clients, The Just Cuts community is made up of a head office Team (the Just Cuts Academy) of 12, over 2,500 Stylists and 104 Franchise Owners. And together, we are striving for brand loyalty. To do this, we’re embracing technology, providing our Clients with JUSTICE Professional products that make everyone look and feel their best, as well as ensuring that there is a Just Cuts salon in every shopping centre in Australia. TM




After a week of trekking, I can say that I’ve safely made it back to the Academy and am thrilled to see how many inspiring and fun stories have come from our salon Teams across Australia and New Zealand. You’ll read all about them and so much more in this jam-packed issue of Just News. Keep up the fantastic work, everybody! Until next time,

Right now, there are 8 Just Cuts salons in ACT, 76 in NSW, 1 in NT, 29 in QLD, 10 in SA, 6 in TAS, 23 in VIC and 10 in WA. Plus, we have 26 salons across New Zealand. All our Stylists and Owners work hard every day to ensure that the over 90,000 Clients who visit us weekly keep us top of mind the next time they want a Style Cuts cut, shampoo or just a beautiful relaxing shampoo and head massage.


We’re also heavily involved in our local communities, supporting the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, SANE Australia and Assistance Dogs New Zealand. And our independent Franchise Owners also support several smaller charities and community groups in their areas. If you want to find out what your local Just Cuts is up to, you’ll most likely be able to find them on Facebook – over 90 of our salons are up and running on social media. You’ll enjoy hair styling tips, fun facts, how-to videos and exclusive competitions, so look them up today!

We’re only a click away




The Academy Team and I would like to thank all our Clients, Stylists and Owners for your loyalty to the Just Cuts Australian owned and operated brand. We can’t wait to continue to grow with your support! TM

Enjoy the issue!


Connect with Just Cuts now to stay up-to-date with exclusive offers and promotions, the latest news, hot hair styling tips, plus much more! TM





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This was the 18th Cut-A-Rama event that we’ve put on. We’re so proud to be able to support a charity that impacts the lives of so many people across Australia. - Denis McFadden, CEO and founder of Just Cuts™ and dedicated Outback Car Trek trekker.

Just Cuts raises $21,600 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia TM

Grant Denyer, the Just Cuts Team and the local Narrabri community rally to raise money at the annual Cut-A-Rama event TM

Cut-A-Rama went off with a bang on Saturday June 4th, with hundreds of people packing the local Crossroads Hotel in Narrabri, NSW, to join in on raising money for a great cause. This year, we smashed our 2015 record of $15,000 with a whopping $21,600 raised. Cut-A-Rama is the kick-off party to the Royal Flying Doctor Outback Car Trek, held the night before the charity trek commences. Eight Just Cuts Stylists and our Owner from Just Cuts Rockdale Plaza in Sydney travelled from all over Australia to help create wild hair styles and colours for the drivers to sport during their trek. TM


Thousands of dollars were donated by trekkers and Narrabri locals to see their friends’ heads shaved, clipped and hair coloured for the cause. Thank you to Grant Denyer, our amazing Cutting Crew and everyone who helped make the night a huge success!

I’ve been involved with Just Cuts since 1999 and became a brand ambassador for them this year. I’m thrilled that I could be part of this amazing event! - Grant Denyer

One Just Cuts owner shares his Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia tale TM

While all our Owners are hugely passionate about raising money for the amazing cause that is the Royal Flying Doctor Service, one in particular has a very personal reason behind his love of the charity. In 1988, Peter Millios (who owns three Just Cuts salons in Townsville, QLD) found himself in need of assistance after an accident during a boy’s trip with his family. Peter was struck by his cousin on a motorbike travelling at 100km/hour after the driver’s tire blew out, shattering his leg. Peter was standing roadside, taking photos of the boys’ antics in a rural area during the long drive from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales to Cape York in Far North Queensland. TM

After a 4.5-hour drive in the back of the group’s 4WD, they arrived in a remote town where the Royal Flying Doctor Service was called in to help. A tiny plane landed and they embarked on another 4.5-hour journey to Cairns. On arrival, Peter was immediately put into treatment and had an operation for his shattered bones. He ended up staying in Townsville for several weeks to recover, where he was visited by his only friend in the area – Peggy. Their friendship blossomed and eventually turned into love. And now they’ve been married for 27 years! So if it wasn’t for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Peter’s life would have been very different in many ways. How’s that for fate?! 5

Meet the Just Cuts Cut-A-Rama Cutting Crew TM

Here are the eight standout Stylist (plus one fantastic Owner) who were chosen to take part in the 2016 Cut-A-Rama event. Thank you for your time, generosity and Team spirit! And congratulations on doing such an amazing job!

Stacey Bedrick Stylist at Just Cuts Mt Gravatt, QLD TM

How long have you worked with Just Cuts for? TM

Stylist at Just CutsTM Parramatta, NSW

I started at Just Cuts Indooroopilly 21 years ago, which was the first Just Cuts to open in Queensland. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to leave and come back when I changed jobs for a little bit and again when I had children.

How long have you worked with Just Cuts for?

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama?

I’ve worked for Just Cuts for seven years.

An Owner from a Just Cuts salon I previously worked in was my inspiration. He took part in the Outback Car Trek years ago and I always remember him talking about what a great event it was and how important raising money for the Royal Flying Doctors Service is.



Jeanine Abdul Aziz




What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? I really wanted to help raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in front of my family and friends – I grew up in Narrabri!

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event?

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event?

I met a young lad from Narrabri who was telling me about an accident he recently had. He had a really bad fall from a horse and had to be airlifted to hospital. He was initially in a coma, then in intensive care, then had to learn how to walk and talk again. He is now back on horses again and thanks the Royal Flying Doctor Service for the initial care and treatment they gave him – it’s what ultimately saved his life.

I loved being able to give crazy cuts and create wild colours with freedom! Everyone was so much fun to work with and everybody was so generous with their donations. What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? Enjoy every moment of it and just have fun! For me, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of, made more special because it was in my hometown and all my loved ones could join in too.

Bridgette Abood

Apply! It’s a such great experience. Meeting members of the local community and all the participants in the trek gives you such a great appreciation of the valuable work the Royal Flying Doctor Service do.

Stylist at Just CutsTM Ballina Fair, NSW

Rachelle Bermann

How long have you worked with Just Cuts for?

Stylist at Just Cuts Karrinyup, WA TM


I’ve worked for Just Cuts for seven years and have left to travel a number of times, but always come back to one of the salons! TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? It’s such an amazing cause and one I really wanted to help support. Plus, I loved the idea of meeting other Just Cuts Stylists from all over Australia. TM

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? Meeting so many generous people with big hearts. Everyone was so positive and the whole event was a huge adrenaline rush. I had so much fun with all the Just Cuts Stylists – we worked as one big Team! TM

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? Do it! Without question, make sure you apply. You get to travel and work with Stylists who have the same passion and drive as you. And you get to meet Denis. He really is so lovely – he did everything he could to make sure we were well looked after and made it so much fun for everybody! 6

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time?

How long have you worked with Just CutsTM for? I started at Just Cuts Hurstville, Sydney, in 1998. And I’ve been at the Karrinyup salon in Western Australia since July last year. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? I had heard a lot about what the Royal Flying Doctor Service do around Australia from the fundraising we do in salon. And when I told my Team that I’d love to be a part of it, they really encouraged me to go for it!

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? Aside from the bumpy plane trip? The whole thing! It was a day full of fun, laughter and learning. I loved meeting Grant Denyer, Denis, the rest of the Cutting Crew and all the Narrabri locals. It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? Just do it! It’s a fantastic experience and I really loved the Team. It was awesome!

Brooke Edmonds Owner of Just Cuts Rockdale, NSW TM

How long have you worked with Just CutsTM for? I started working for Just Cuts 14 years ago and I purchased my first salon in 2010. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama?

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? There wasn’t really one favourite thing for me – I had lots. I loved meting Denis, Grant Denyer and the girls from other Just Cuts salons across Australia. And not to mention all of the wonderful people I met in Narrabri whose hair I cut and coloured. TM

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time?

I really wanted to give my time to an amazing cause. I definitely think I could do more of it!

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? The whole experience is just amazing – the energy in the room is contagious! And when you witness first-hand how generous some people are, it’s overwhelming.

I would definitely say just go for it. I applied this year for the very first time, never imagining that I would be chosen, but I was. Taking part in something so different to what you’re used to is amazing. I think that everyone at Just Cuts should have the opportunity to participate in the event, even if it is just once. TM

Ivana Macurova Stylist at Just Cuts Tea Tree Plaza, SA TM

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? Don’t be shy, give it a go! You’ll meet some amazing Stylists, Denis and people from the trek. And maybe even Grant Denyer, of course!

How long have you worked with Just CutsTM for? I have been working with Just Cuts for 18 years. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama?

Caroline Gittus Stylist at Just Cuts Glenorchy, TAS TM

I really wanted to experience the great atmosphere in the outback that I’d heard so much about while raising as much money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service as possible.

How long have you worked with Just Cuts for? TM

I am now in my 11th year at Just Cuts and am still loving every minute. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? My inspiration to apply for Cut-A-Rama was the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Even though what we raised was just a small percentage of what they need, every dollar counts and could be the difference between life and death for someone.

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? Definitely the overwhelming appreciation we felt from everyone, including doctors that were there, the wonderful Narrabri locals and the trek drivers. The genuine hugs of thanks all night were very humbling. Just knowing that we have helped to make a difference feels great.

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? It was such a wonderful experience and I totally recommend all Just Cuts Stylists apply to take part. It’s something you will gain so much from, as a Stylist and as a person. I know I certainly will be applying again! TM

Lynda Knight Stylist at Just Cuts Home Hub Castle Hill, NSW TM

How long have you worked with Just CutsTM for? I have worked with Just Cuts for 15.5 years in a number of different salons. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? I have always thought about applying for Cut-A-Rama because I know that it goes towards a great charity that works endlessly to provide outstanding services to those in need. And this year I decided to do it!

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? I loved meeting other Stylists from all around Australia. We had fun, shared so many laughs and ended up raising over $21,000! And of course, being in the presence of TV celebrity Grant Denyer was definitely a huge plus.

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? If you want to experience something amazing, go for it. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it! It’s for a great cause.

Rebecca Pereira Stylist at Just Cuts Blacktown, NSW TM

How long have you worked with Just CutsTM for? I started with Just Cuts Mount Druitt 16 years ago and have worked at a few different salons since then. TM

What inspired you to want to take part in Cut-A-Rama? I was inspired by our old salon Owner, Brooke Edmonds, who joined us at this year’s event! She always spoke about how much fun it was, especially since all the money raised goes to a great cause.

What was your favourite part of the Cut-A-Rama event? I loved meeting all the Trek drivers and giving them outrageous haircuts and colours. It was so much fun!

What would you tell fellow Stylists thinking of applying next time? Apply! It’s a great event and I enjoyed it so much. It’s something you will always remember.


Simply purchase any Style Cuts cut or JUSTICE Professional haircare product at any salon in Australia to automatically go in the draw to win! ™

1ST AUGUST – 9TH SEPTEMBER 2016 Promotion valid: 1st August 2016 to 9th September 2016 (11:59pm AEST). Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/16/04591, ACT Permit No. ACT TP 16/01157, SA Permit No. T16/1031. See www.justcuts.com.au for full terms and conditions. Total maximum prize pool $50,000. To claim the prize you must make a valid purchase from a participating Just Cuts™ salon and provide your email address and mobile number at the point of purchase. Limit 1 entry per person, per valid purchase. Open to Australian residents aged 18 years+.

Keep your hands irritation free this winter Did you know that 61% of hairdressers experience some form of skin problem on their hands, usually dermatitis, throughout their career? As you would know, Stylists come into contact with a large range of substances each day at work, like shampoos and conditioners, styling products, head lice removal products and general salon cleaners. All of these products are made up of many different chemicals that can affect the skin and may lead to dermatitis or irritation. But don’t worry, it can be prevented! Prevention is the best way to deal with irritated skin. Taking good care of hands and protecting them as often as possible will help prevent skin conditions from taking hold. Below are some handy hints that you should take note of and share with your fellow Team Members.

Moisturise regularly:

Give these types of glove a try:

• Replace the moisture your skin loses during your working day with a rich, thick cream that contains no fragrances or hidden nasties – the more natural, the better

• Disposable vinyl, polyethylene or nitrile gloves

• Re-apply during your breaks, at the end of your day and before bed • If you find that a thicker lotion makes your hands too slippery throughout the day, pick a lighter option to use while working and apply a heavier cream at night • Rub the moisturiser into your hands and wrists and don’t forget the skin between your fingers

Think about wearing gloves: You might want to start wearing gloves when shampooing and working with water. It’s also a great idea to keep your hands protected when cleaning the salon and your equipment.

• Reusable rubber or vinyl gloves • Avoid using powdered latex gloves as they as you can develop a latex allergy after regular use Other handy tips: • Throw disposable gloves away after every use and every different Client • Avoid wearing gloves for more than an hour at a time to avoid irritation • Always dry your hands thoroughly with a towel, paying attention to the skin between your fingers • Take any chunky rings off before work because chemicals, detergents and water can get trapped underneath them and cause dermatitis to develop 9

Snips and Snaps Australia Want to see your Team featured in Just News? Send your photos, along with a short description, to justnews@justcuts.com and keep an eye out for the next issue!

Here’s a story you’ll definitely want to share with every Stylist you meet… Who would have thought that a visit to your local hairdresser could prove to be a life-saving decision? That’s exactly happened when John Whittington visited Just Cuts™ Wollongong in April this year. During his haircut, his Stylist Ingrid Mallia Panozzo (pictured), noticed an odd lump on John’s scalp. Ingrid didn’t like the look of it and insisted that John have it checked out. And he did! It turns out that this was the best decision he’s ever made. “I was diagnosed with an advanced malignant melanoma. I had two operations soon after the diagnosis – firstly to have the tumour removed

and another to remove some affected glands”, says John. He also said that if Ingrid hadn’t been so caring, sincere and insistent and told him that there was a doctor’s surgery just downstairs, he would never have had it checked out. And of course, luck or fate must have played a part. Ingrid works in a few Just Cuts salons owned by Lynne Ryan in the area and just happened to be in Wollongong on the day John decided to visit. TM

Talk about a life-changing salon visit! If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s to make sure you’re always on the lookout during your Style Cuts cut service! TM

Congratulations to Jasmina from Just Cuts Robina who is celebrating her 10th year working for Just Cuts . Jasmina and her Team attended the JUSTICE Professional™ Retail Empowerment event on the Gold Coast earlier this year, so we decided to surprise her with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Jasmina loves the Just Cuts™ brand and is still super passionate about the hairdressing industry – inspiring! TM

Our bubbly brand mascot, Justine, took a trip to Just Cuts Lavington in South Australia to help celebrate family day at their shopping centre. Here she is catching up with her Minion friends.



The Teams of all three Just Cuts™ salons in Townsville recently wrapped up a whirlwind of World’s Greatest Shave events, raising money for the Leukaemia Foundation. Here is proud Just Cuts Owner, Peggy Millios, shaving the head of North Queensland Cowboy player, Lachlan Coote, with the TM


assistance of his team mate, Ethan Lowe. They were joined by John Asiata who bade farewell to his hair too! Members of the Just Cuts Townsville salon Teams also assisted with shaving the heads of some very brave kids at their local shopping centre. Talk about a Team effort! TM

Here’s a feel good Just Cuts new Owner story that we think you’ll love… Earlier this year, Bronwyn and Kevin Grounsell purchased Just CutsTM Port Macquarie Settlement City, Port Macquarie Port Central and Forster from Noel and Jenny Gregory. They had only moved to Port Macquarie from Sydney before Christmas in 2015 with their young children, Brendan and Isabella. Bronwyn had been a Team Leader for Anna and John Duric in Rouse Hill for three years before she started working as a Stylist in Port Macquarie and Forster. Then they decided it was time to make the move to Owners! TM

Congratulations to the Team at Just Cuts Grafton who received a mystery shopping score of 100% from their Clients at Grafton Shoppingworld. What an achievement! Laura from the Team would like to give a special shout out to fellow Stylist Kirstie for her awesome WOW Factor service to all their amazing Clients. Pictured here are Laura, Kristie and Julie. TM

They would like to take a moment to thank their amazing salon Teams for all their hard work – they couldn’t do it without you! Their daughter Isabella now works as Receptionist in the salons and they are enjoying every minute of their new lives as Owners with the support of the Academy Team. How’s that for inspirational?! We love welcoming new Owners into the family!

Happy birthday to beautiful Marie, a loyal Client of Just Cuts Bondi Junction who just turned 100!!! Marie treats herself to the Deluxe service every month and is just as wonderful and happy as she was when she first started visiting the salon over two years ago. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing this amazing story and photo with us. Barbara is pictured here with Marie and only hopes that one day she can be just like her amazing Client!

We love this story shared to us by Darren and Kristy Mant, the Owners of Just Cuts Marrickville… Their family recently visited Navala, a small village in Fiji, where they met a young hearing impaired local named Merekalita who Darren simply couldn’t forget. After weeks of liaising with the National Acoustics Laboratory in Miranda, Sydney, Darren was able to arrange for Merekalita to receive a “Pocket Talker” hearing advice to help amplify sounds to headphones. We’ve received word that Merekalita is overjoyed with her new hearing toy and that the smile on her face says it all. Merekalit’s mum couldn’t believe her eyes when her daughter first starting responding to her questions and sends her most heart felt thanks to Darren and his family. TM

On behalf of the entire Just Cuts family, we’re also sending out a huge THANK YOU to the Mants for reminding us of the overwhelming amount of good in the world! TM


Congratulations to Lynda Rennie and the Just Cuts Home Hub Castle Hill Team who took part in a mini Cut-A-Rama event in June. They helped raise $3,810 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia in just one night! TM

Just Cuts Miranda loved their recent visit from Justine who passed on some priceless styling tips to the Team. TM


Check out who popped into Just Cuts Shellharbour for his Style Cuts cut. It’s always great to see you, Beau Ryan!

Guess who paid a visit to Just Cuts Rundle Place in March – our very own, Grant Denyer! TM



Check out the Team at Just Cuts Townsville in Willows Shopping Centre getting into the footy spirit! Here they are getting ready to leave for a Cowboys vs. Broncos home game. TM

Snips and Snaps New Zealand Dob’t forget to send your photos, along with a short description, to justnews@justcuts.com.

Once a year, Golden Centre mall in Dunedin hosts a fashion show to celebrate Dunedin Fashion Week. And, as usual, they invited the Just Cuts Team to style hair for the catwalk! Here we have Rachel (from Just Cuts West City), Sharlene (Team Leader at Just Cuts Dunedin) and Rhi (from Just Cuts Dunedin) styling some of the 15 models for the big show. Both Kates from Just Cuts Dunedin showed their support (and toasted the Team with a champers) too. And after all the hard work, it was great to see the models take the catwalk by storm, with fabulous hair, of course. TM






Here’s the Team at Just Cuts Kawana getting fired up for another Maroons State of Origin win! Pictured here are Lindsey, Mandy, Leisa and Toni. TM

Pictured here is the wonderful Team from Just Cuts Palmerston North with two of their young Clients, Leo and Tiffany, and their assistance dog. The Team from left to right are Tessa, Harmony, Rachael, Sophie and Jayde TM

The Just Cuts North West Team got geared up for their shopping centre’s Hot Rods event to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. It was an amazing, fun-filled day with a 1940s dress up theme. TM

Stylist extraordinaire, Uriah Wallace, from Just Cuts Wanganui recently lent his skills to a Shave for a Cure event at Lady Joy Rest Home, shaving the heads of some brave members of their staff. All proceeds raised were donated to Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. Uriah is also a member of a band called the TM

Cold Green Capsicums. They, along with a few other groups, recently played a free concert to raise even more funds for Leukaemia research. What an asset to the community! Thank you for being such an outstanding Team Member, Uriah! These images are courtesy of River City Press, Wanganui.

Congratulations to the beautiful Elsie Buico from Just Cuts Wanganui who renewed her wedding vows with her husband Nestor on Saturday June 18. We are told that the ceremony was gorgeous! TM

The Team at Just Cuts Wanganui are loving their limited edition JUSTICE Professional Jumbo Smooth & Grooms. Here is their lovely Stylist, Jurate, showing off their supply! TM



Grand Openings Australia | New Zealand

Well done to the New Plymouth Team who have just unveiled their brand new salon after a relocation from another site in the same shopping centre. Here is the Team celebrating their Grand Opening in style.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the June Grand Opening of Just Cuts Warringah Mall, NSW, such a huge success! And thank you again to the Hon Tony Abbott MP who showed up to support our newest Owners on their exciting business venture! TM

Please join us in congratulating the newest members of the Just Cuts , Steve, Amanda and Courtney Currie. In March, they opened the doors to their brand new Just Cuts Mount Ommaney, QLD. They were also paid a visit by their local member of parliament, Tarnya Smith MP, who joined in on the festivities. A fully qualified hairdresser and former Just Cuts Stylist, Courtney now works in the salon and manages their new Team! Well done, Steve, Amanda and Courtney! TM




Congratulations to Joanne and Paul Ashkar who are officially the new Owners of Just Cuts Macarthur Square in Campbelltown. Joanne was most recently the Team Leader at the salon before taking the leap into ownership in June when the previous Owner decided to sell. Welcome to the Just Cuts community! TM


Hair trends to heat up your winter

2 Rachel McAdams Bobs—we love ‘em, but they’re tricky to get just right. If you have fine to medium hair, take McAdams’ lead and ask for subtle layers and thinned, piece-y ends that look good blown-out around your face or softly flipped out.

Warm things up a little with these hot celebrity hair styles. Why not use one of these as Client inspiration for their next Style CutsTM cut?

1 Dakota Johnson Gradually taper bangs you’re trying to grow out so that they blend seamlessly into razored layers that start at the chin and stop just above the shoulders—you’ll never hit the awkward stage.




Georgia May Jagger

Here’s an easier way to tackle bangs that have overstayed their welcome: Start skipping your bimonthly trims, part your fringe down the middle and mist with a little JUSTICE ProfessionalTM Workable Hairspray for a rock-n-roll feel.

Alessandra Ambrosio A simple mid-length cut that’s full of body and free of trendy touches works on everyone regardless of age, hair texture or supermodel status.


Hanaa Ben Abdesslem Ready for a revenge haircut? Need a quick disguise? Training to be a spy or a Bond girl? Order a blunt fringe and bob combo, every time.


Gwyneth Paltrow Paltrow’s signature even-length, chest-level cut looks just as classic and clean whether it’s parted to the centre or the side and styled straight or wavy.


Long, smooth, healthy hair is always in season. If you can’t bear to part with your long locks, just have your Stylist clean up the ends and cut thick, round layers that add movement and soft wave to your hair.

10 Miranda Kerr The perfect compromise length for women with full, thick hair who want to go short.

8 Carey Mulligan Make fine hair appear lush and thick with a shoulder-length chop full of subtly gradated layers throughout.

9 Jennifer Lawrence Lawrence hit the press tour for The Hunger Games’ final installment looking her best ever, thanks to a bright blonde color refresh and an edgy new haircut that’s proven itself gorgeously versatile.


Sharing the social media love Every day, Just CutsTM receives a staggering amount of amazing compliments from your very happy Clients. Here are just a few that were shared by Clients on the Just CutsTM Facebook page and through the Just CutsTM website at www.justcuts.com. “Like” the Just CutsTM page at facebook.com/JustCutsSalons to check out more!

Ruby at Just Cuts Warriewood washed and cut my hair today, but more importantly she made me feel like a star! She listened to my likes and dislikes and made me feel completely comfortable that she could do a great job. She was better than great – she was wonderful! Thanks, Ruby! TM

- Laura

I’ve had my hair cut at Just Cuts Erindale five times now and although I’ve had three different Stylists help me out, I have always ended up with exactly what I asked for. For years, I put up with a more expensive cut from a hairdresser who never got it right, so it’s a relief that I can now rely on the team at Just Cuts . This morning I turned up, went in and had my hair cut straight away. Great service – thank you! TM


- Rob

I went into Just Cuts Palmerston North in New Zealand and they were absolutely fantastic. It was my daughter’s first ever haircut (and she is almost five!) because she’s always been too terrified to get it done. The two hairdressers who looked after her did a brilliant job reassuring her, and she came out beaming. Thank you! TM

- Becky


I’ve been going to Just Cuts Coastlands in New Zealand for a while now and have always found your Team to be talented and professional. Your stylist, Hope, has done a wonderful job of my hair! I feel very stylish and love that she really listened to and understood exactly what I wanted. Keep it up, Just Cuts ! TM


Yesterday, my daughter and I visited your Seaford salon in South Australia. The team were fantastic. They chatted to my daughter and offered her a seat and a DVD to watch while I had my hair done. I’m madly in love with my new haircut and with the excellent service we received. Thank you very much! - Sarah

- Sally

The Stylists at Just Cuts Brandon Park are amazing! I was lucky enough to receive a cut from Vania and she was very friendly and paid attention to exactly what I was after. She took the time to explain how to recreate to recreate the look at home and even showed me some tricks to style my daughter’s hair too. Just Cuts is truly lucky to have Vania. She’s an asset to the company! TM


- Rhaki

4 Step Empowerment process This handy tool came out of the recent Retail Empowerment Training events that saw Josh Barnett and David Mathie travel across Australia to coach over 600 Just CutsTM Stylists. Don’t forget to continue to Empower Clients at every step during their Style CutsTM cut service!

Step 1: Inform! Inform the Client every time you apply product to their hair. Use product on all Style Cuts cuts Clients – this includes ‘shampoo and go’, ‘dry off’ or ‘blow wave’ Clients. TM

At the basin: • Shampoo and conditioner - Identify the product At the styling station: • Styling and finishing - Explain the what, how and why

Step 2: State the Action! Inform the Client when you have finished the Style Cuts cut by saying: TM

“I am now going to finish your hair for you,” while indicating to the tester stock shelf. Always state the action, don’t ask a question. Explain the what, how and why. Then place the tester on the work bench, in front of Client with the tester sticker facing forward.

Step 3: Recap! Once the Style Cuts cut service is complete, recap the whole service today using your back mirror. TM

Tell the whole story of the cut, styling and finishing. We always recommend a shampoo product even if the Client has not had one in salon today.

Step 4: The Question! After the recap, return your back mirror to your drawer. Step to the side of the Client and ask:

“Would you like to take any of these products with you today?” “Yes...” “Fantastic” | “No, not today...” | “Fantastic” TIP: Remove the cutting cape after this step. You then have the option to fill in a Prescription Pad for the Client and/or to recommend a sample sachet for them to take home.

Just check out! “Thank you Mary, this is your Style Cut 7-Day Guarantee. We will see you again in 5 to 6 weeks.” TM

This is where you can also explain any current in salon promotions.

Weekly Empowe

rment Report

Where to find the Retail Percentage figures on JustOnlin You can access e: these via the JustO nline Dashboard. Just click on Repo

rting then Staff Perfo

You can’t improve what you can’t measure The Academy Team has also created a new tool so you can measure the Cut Rate, Retail Percentage and Average Client Spend of your Team on a weekly basis. And it’s designed to be displayed in your salon’s back room for everyone to see! Contact the Academy on 02 9527 5444 to receive your copy.

rmance Report for

Cut Rate Per Hour

Retail %

Salon Goal: Example: Stylist Name:

Denis McFadden



the week.

Average Client Spend


Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name: Stylist Name:


Brrrrrrrrr it’s cold in here! Cover up between salon shifts with classic winter warmers that you’ll love for seasons to come. On the beauty front, it’s all about deep, red wine reds paired with a neutral eye palette. Here are Brianna’s picks of products to add to your wardrobe, stat.


2 3

Style by Brianna

4 5





1. MAC High Drama liquid lipstick, $46 2. Missguided beige coat, $120 3. Colette by Colette Hayman Libby tote bag, $64.99 4. Luna Australia sunglasses, $44.95 5. Unreal Fur Fire and Ice jacket, $12.99 6. Forever New Lucy wrap coat, $109.99 7. MAC eyeshadow palette in Amber Times Nine, $65 8. Colette by Colette Hayman choker, $19.95 9. Colette by Colette Hayman cuff, $14.95 10. Sportsgirl wide leg belted pant, $109.90 11. Witchery Joy legging, $119.95 12. Witchery Chelsea rain boot, $69.95 13. Witchery Edwin jacket, $359.95 14. Nixon watch, $239.99 18



12 11


I’ve always dreamt of running my own business and within six months of opening my first Just Cuts™ Franchise, I knew my dream had been realised. - Brooke Edmonds, Owner of Just Cuts™ Rockdale, New South Wales

What sets Just Cuts apart? TM

With Just Cuts™, you’ll enjoy a transparent, fixed, flat fee so your earning potential is never limited. We strive to make things easy, simple and fuss-free for all our Franchise Owners. And we always live up to the promise.

The Just Cuts™ Smart Choice Checklist Increased flexibility and work-life balance – the average Just Cuts Owner spends less than 30 hours working on their business* TM

Potential to easily expand into multiple salons – in fact, over half of our Franchisees own two or more salons Combine security with independence Be part of a well-established, Australian and New Zealand brand Grow your business within an existing network of salons Share a common pool of resources, ideas and information Benefit from shared marketing and social media resources

Get your cut today!

Want to learn more about becoming your own boss? Please complete the franchise enquiry form at justcuts.com.au/franchising/ or contact Luke Manning on 0439 130 499. You can also follow us on

Tap into greater public awareness of your business Enjoy ongoing operational support, training and development opportunities Leave marketing, social media and promotions to the experts *Nathan, G. 2011, Franchise System Success Report, Franchise Relationships Institute



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Just Cuts™ Academy First Floor, 4-6 The Kingsway, Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia | Franchise Office: 1800 334 498 | justcuts.com

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