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Fresh thinking in cleaning


Office & Commercial

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Our meticulous approach sets us apart from the competition. By rigorously maintaining




throughout our operation, we have built a reputation for excellence and won awards to prove it. With staff that are selected for their proactive attitude as well as their work experience, highly efficient account management systems and





security checks, you can trust Julius Rutherfoord to make a difference to your workplace.

I can honestly say that Julius Rutherfoord are not only the best contractor I have had the pleasure of working with at Merton, but also quite possibly in my entire career.

Contract Manager, Atkins

What makes our people so special? We know that enthusiastic staff deliver a higher standard of service. So, we bend over backwards to ensure that they feel happy, secure and motivated. This means encouraging self-improvement through training, rewarding hard work with enhanced pay and offering full-time, not temporary, employment contracts. We take good care of all our staff so that they will take good care of you.

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This is a people business Our ability to find and train the best staff sets us apart

Our famous Training Academy is central to this success. Downstairs at our HQ, in one of the cleanest rooms you’ll ever see, every member of our cleaning staff, whether they are recruited by us or inherited on a contract, undergoes rigorous BICSc certified training – not just once, but every six months. Cleaners’ wages are linked to performance, and they know that delivering a consistently high standard of work will be rewarded. That is why we encourage career progression by recruiting managers from within. Indeed, 15 of our area managers have more than 250 years of cleaning experience between them. Not surprisingly, our retention rates are far higher than the industry average – and our clients can always be sure of proactive, hard-working and attentive cleaning staff.

At Julius Rutherfoord, we understand that the success of our business depends on the quality of our workforce. And thanks to our rigorous recruitment process, our exhaustive training programme, and our methods of motivating and rewarding staff – our cleaners are second to none.

I am impressed by the quality of service delivered by the cleaning team, particularly due to the size and nature of our buildings. It is the best I have experienced, in particular the day staff are seen and treated as members of our own team as their reliability and dedication to duty is commendable.

Site Services Manager, The Institute of Cancer Research

020 7819 6700

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What makes us different Bright ideas for today’s workplace

We love to surprise clients and we like to do things differently here. That’s why you won’t find any pictures of people with mops and buckets in this brochure and that’s why you won’t find a more fresh thinking and innovative cleaning company to work with. Modern technology and new product developments are redefining the way we work, and the way we clean. Take biotechnology, nanotechnology and biodegradable concentrates, for instance. These developments have enabled us to make a whole new range of natural, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning products available to our clients. We are constantly looking to adopt new technologies to improve productivity, job reporting and the service we provide to our clients. For example, we were quick to adopt the Masternaut Three X Mobile solution which enables us to schedule work, manage time effectively and communicate directly with our mobile cleaning teams via handheld PDAs. This puts all the information they need right at their

fingertips, so they can focus on completing the job not the paperwork. With Three X Mobile our operatives can even provide a date and time stamped photo capture of the area to be cleaned before and after the work has been completed. So as you can see, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and their culture. This enables us to provide a better service. For instance, the hidden threat of viruses being spread via mobile phones can be eradicated with specially developed mobile phone cleaning wipes. This would traditionally remain outside a commercial cleaning contract, but not with us.

As a leading private equity house we demand a five star hotel style service. Julius Rutherfoord has continually maintained this standard of service.

Director Human resources, CVC Capital Partners

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An award winning business Putting clients in first place

Forgive us a little boasting, but it’s hard not to mention our Winner of the Best Cleaned Premises Award in the 2011 Golden Service Awards presented by Kimberly-Clark Professional, a world leader in cleaning products. We won this recognition for our work at South Thames College in London, where the Julius Rutherfoord team demonstrated the range of skills that we bring to every commercial and institutional client. The award reflected the passion and dedication that we put into every stage of the cleaning process: designing the contract; meeting the client’s specific needs; recruiting and training appropriate staff; managing the contract to maintain high standards throughout; anticipating difficulties in advance; and ensuring a smooth, trouble-free delivery – and a delighted client! The area manager responsible for this success displays the kind of dedication and expertise that we seek from all our staff every day of the week, wherever they are working.

Like all educational establishments, South Thames College is one of the toughest environments to keep spotlessly clean. With thousands of students circulating around the building all day, it presents a huge cleaning challenge. The award demonstrates that we were more than a match for this conundrum, and that if we can tackle that, we can tackle anything! Just imagine the difference we could make in your office.

Every day we clean 13,000 steps – the equivalent of climbing up th e BT Tower 20 ti mes!

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We’ll protect you from the unknown The most thorough security measures in the business

Are your cleaners really who they claim to be? Forged, altered or out-of-date ID documents are used by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, yet few contractors are able to spot them. We can. Our stringent vetting procedures set us apart from other cleaning companies. While other organisations settle for an enhanced CRB check, we understand that it is useless if the ID is fake. People who don’t exist have no criminal record: they’ll pass the check – and give you a false sense of security. And, if they’re working illegally, there is a risk of prosecution by the Home Office. The shocking fact is that when we inherit staff on winning a new contract, we often find 20% of them have a forged ID. That shows how complacent many of our competitors have become – and how strong our security measures are.

We’ve invested in a unique four step vetting process, with industry-leading technology to verify documents and identify individuals. We work closely with the UK Border Agency and other authorities. And everyone who works for us, from board directors to part-time staff, must pass their enhanced CRB check. When working with Julius Rutherfoord, you can rest assured that your staff, clients, stake holders, assets and reputation are absolutely safe.

We polish over 46,000 sink taps every day – n ot to mention the 23,000 sinks!

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Smooth running accounts You’ll only notice the stunning results

A lot of what we do, you’ll never know about - and that’s absolutely the way it should be. You don’t need to hear all the details of how we keep things on track. You can get on with your business and we’ll get on with our work with no fuss and no disruption. At the start, though, we ask a lot of questions. We put together a comprehensive cleaning programme for you, agree targets and and set up systems to report what you want, when you want it and how you want it. Our reports are typically more detailed, transparent and useful than anything you’ve seen before. Internally, we monitor your contract in even greater detail. We conduct our own Quality Control audits and log everything that happens onto our powerful CRM system. This allows us to identify potential problems early on, log them and then deal with them quickly; and it means we can try out new efficiency procedures and chart their progress before authorising full implementation.

Wherever it can improve the service we provide, we are keen to utilise innovative new technologies. In fact, we embrace technology to improve nearly everything we do. Of course technology alone does not clean floors, plan rotas or audit quality – but we ensure that it is in the hands of the people who do.

They use a call logging system, so all comments and issues are logged. The system works well because if you call the office it doesn’t matter who answers the phone, they can see the site and the history.

Head of Facilities, South Thames College

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Benefits you can measure Profit from our expertise

We believe cleaning is a quantifiable business, and you should be able to clearly see the economic benefits of choosing Julius Rutherfoord as your partner. A financial advantage becomes apparent as soon as we create your contract. At this stage we endeavour to identify areas for achieving efficiency savings. Some savings are immediate and some more long-term, resulting in the avoidance of potential risk. Throughout our partnership, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that our Quality Auditors will be conducting scheduled site audits. With PDAs and tailored software, they can instantly measure and benchmark the performance of our cleaning staff. Moreover, our time & attendance systems guarantee that you get nothing less than the level of service that you pay for.

We know that good cleaning reduces absenteeism and disturbance due to ill health. For example, following our appointment to clean thirty schools in the London Borough of Merton, we have achieved a 100% eradication of Norovirus outbreaks; and when many neighbouring schools closed that winter due to swine flu, our clients’ schools remained open. So, whichever way you measure it, the quality of our service and the economic advantage it brings is a quantifiable fact.

I have often observed that the perceived benefit of a contractor that ‘Self Monitors’ is in reality just a concept that invariably amounts to mere lip-service. It is quite clear to me however that Julius Rutherfoord are the exception to this rule.

Contract Manager, Atkins

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Little things make a big difference Small impact on the environment, big impact on the community

Julius Rutherfoord aim to make a positive impact on the environment, employees, communities and clients. Simply by choosing us as your partner you will start to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact from day one. You can benefit from all that we do to be a greener organisation. And together we can work to support our community. Simple things make a difference: for example we use refillable trigger spray bottles and concentrated cleaning solutions to cut down on packaging and reduce weight and therefore fuel consumption. We invest in microfibre cloths, which use fewer chemicals to achieve the same result. Our systems also let us monitor our vehicle positions and stock levels remotely, which helps us to optimise fuel consumption across our network. We do the little but important things like reporting dripping taps, leaking pipes and sinks. We’ve also invested to ensure 90% of our company vehicles are electric hybrid or dual fuel.

Sixty square metres of solar panels now provide power for our head office which is recycled itself (it was a Victorian tram shed) and we can introduce you to some terrific ways to manage your waste in a sustainable way too. Our community is important to us. Each year we divert 5% of profits to worthwhile local projects. We also like to work with our clients, employees, suppliers and neighbours to create imaginative and inspirational projects for the people around us. This isn’t compulsory, and it’s not just another form of Every day we marketing for us either. Rather, it enriches the work we all do, each and every day.

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Loyalty and success through partnership Our clients – and what they say about us

Our customers differ widely, but they have one thing in common – they tend to stick with us. We’re proud that our very first customer, who joined us in 1990, still contracts their cleaning to us. We’re also proud to grow with our customers too. We work with clients in the following sectors: Banks Health Charities Law Firms Chambers Architects Insurance Recruitment Transport Regulatory Advertising Stockbrokers Film & Media

Utilities/Engineering Accountants IT/Telecommunications Culture & Art Property/Facilities Management Venture Capital Online & Internet Corporate Finance Fund Management Retail/Fashion/Consumer Goods Mining & Resources Branding/Marketing Leisure/Hospitality/Food

We are a nineteenth century Grade II listed building located on the Embankment. It has been our great good fortune to enjoy a cleaning contract with you. Julius Rutherfoord are exemplary not just in the matters of cleaning but also in flexibility.

Director, Two Temple Place Ltd.

I can honestly say I haven’t had a single issue and I am very pleased with the ongoing working relationship that we have. Great work.

Office Manager, CT Partners

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Make a difference

Did you know? More amazing facts about us

Julius Rutherfoord provides a high quality cleaning service which is designed to

We’re responsi ble for over 12,000 cl ients’ keys (not all on the same keyring !)

meet the unique requirements of your business. But it also provides much more than that. Peace of mind, efficiency, security and reliability underpin what we Passport scanning helps us to identify and report over 100 illegal workers applying to work here per year

do. It is these qualities that have redefined what is expected from a modern commercial cleaning company. Contact us today and discover how we

e Every week w h replace enoug o toilet roll to g 25 around the M






organisation. We clean the sa me amount of win dows per month as 12 Gherkin build ings (inside and ou t!)

up We’ve clocked s of over 7900 day r cleaning at ou g longest servin ! client premises


T: 020 7819 6700

I have always found your staff to be extremely well presented and polite and the standard of cleaning is always to an impeccable standard.

Office Manager,

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