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August 2010


guide to animal adoptions through local shelter and rescue organizations

Rescuing the Cavalry: Horses in Need

PLUS: ASK THE VET Properly Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth

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Angel & Ollie


Mulching (including dog runs)


Retaining walls, walks, patios


Stone work


Waterfalls & Koi Ponds


Plantings, sodding, seeding


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Green Spirit Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance 104 Buckeye Rd., Jamestown, NC 27282


Pets are very welcome at Pennybyrn.�


First-floor apartment or cottage living at Pennybyrn is the cat’s meow! Just step right outside your door when it’s time to walk or exercise. Pennybyrn retirement living offers countless opportunities for enjoying every moment‌and no pet fee. It’s doggone good! Call (336) 821-4050 or toll-free (866) 627-9343 today. 109 Penny Road, High Point, NC 27260 Ask about our Pennybyrn Pet Friendly Special 3%SHWDG[7+7LQGG

Located less than a mile from downtown Jamestown and only 10 minutes from Greensboro. All faiths welcome. 30

Pets and Retirement Communities

Pets Add to Quality of Life


survey of more than 4,000 members of the public by PFMA, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, reveals 90% of people think that separation from a pet is traumatic for older people entering retirement or assisted living communities.

The importance of pets to people in care facilities cannot be under-estimated. Pets provide significant benefits to elderly people; those who keep pets when entering care homes enjoy a smoother transition into residential care, as well as significant health benefits, such as a lower risk of heart

—by Jennifer White for K9 Magazine

attack and stroke. Other proven health benefits for older people with pets include: reduced blood pressure and cholesterol; improved recovery from heart attacks and strokes; better social interactions in people with dementia; and fewer GP visits. Unfortunately growing older often involves inevitable heartache and loss but being separated from a pet when entering care facilities should not be part of it. The importance of pets to people in care facilities cannot be under-estimated. Older people who are forced to part with a pet when moving into residential care can suffer feelings of bereavement that are similar to the loss of a family member. Severe reactions can lead to depression, disturbed sleep

or eating patterns, and even physical illness (source: McNicholas, J. & Collis, G.M. (1995), ‘The end of a relationship: coping with pet loss.’). To find out more, please visit: Written by Jennifer White and was published in K9 Magazine. The entire article may be found at This information was based on studies conducted in the UK. August 2010


Animal Welfare & Rescue Groups Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

Animal Rescue & Foster Program 336.574.9600

Boston Terrier Rescue of NC 336.339.4368

Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

Carolina Care Bullies

Chihuahua Rescue & Transport

Happy Hills Animal Foundation 336.622.3620

Humane Society of the Piedmont 336.299.3060 Planned Pethood Spay & Neuter Clinic (A Program of the Humane Society of the Piedmont) 336.299.3999

Lab Rescue of NC

Loving Pet Inn Adoptions, Inc. 336.393.0670

Miracles at Work Rescue

Doberman Rescue of the Triad

NC Airedale Rescue 336.621.3453

Feral Cat Assistance Program, Inc.

NC Cat Adoption Team Spay/Neuter: 336.378.0878, Line 1 Adoptions & donations: 336.378.0878, Line 3 or Information about feral cats: 336.378.0878, Line 2

Finding Great Homes for Jack Russell Terriers 336.414.1373

Forsyth Humane Society

336.294.3822 or 336.708.0343

Project Racing Home Greyhound Adoptions 336.674.5774

Red Dog Farm 336.644.7807 336-721-1303

Ruff Love Rescue

Friends of Penny Min Pin Rescue

SPCA of the Triad

Flurry’s Hope 336.375.3222

(A Second Chance for Blind Horses)

Tailless Cat Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue Adoptions

Triad Golden Retriever Rescue

Greyhound Friends of NC

Wildlife Care, Inc. 336.643.0233


Guilford County Animal Shelter 336-299-0917 336.297.5020

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

Please contact us if you would like to list your organization in future issues. We welcome any groups that are associated with Animal Welfare and Rescue Groups around the Triad. Email Deb or Jennifer at: or 4

August 2010

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AB Seed Farmers Market Garden Ctr.

eZPz Personal & Pet Care Svcs.

Sedgefield Animal Hospital and

A Becoming Pet

Fishers Bar & Grille

Dental Center

A Superior Carpet

Green Spirit Landscaping

Suzuki of Greensboro

Always There Pet Care

Jake & Company Pet & House Sitters

The Corner Slice

American South Lending

James Landing Veterinary Hospital, PA

Triad Stage

Blazin Wicks Candle Company

Kathy’s Grooming

Vickie’s Pampered Pet

Cat Care Hospital

Lisa’s Doggone Grooming

Village Realty

Cat Clinic of Greensboro

Magnolia Farm

Zoe’s Zen Photography

City Dogs

Pennybyrn at Maryfield

Dog Days

Pick of the Litter - In Home Pet Services

Dog Gone Fun

Precious Memories

Don Heath Auto Haus

Professional Time Savers

Doodie Free Zone

Purgason’s Leather and Western Wear

Eanes Heating & Air Conditioning

Sands Tree Service

A Service That Gives Back

Our Services Include:  lmost any tasks that may save you time! A Check our website or call for a complete list! 336-708-1358

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Personal Assistant Service

Professional Time Savers is a personal assistant service that caters to individuals and businesses in the Triad. Beth Watts, a former teacher, noticed the amount of time people spend conducting tasks that could be easily delegated to someone else. With Beth’s experience, she is able to provide a wide range of services. From pet sitting and dog walking to organizing offices, Professional Time Savers is an affordable way to simplify your life. photograph by Misty Mixon Her most rewarding projects 336-687-2851 are with Chihuahua Rescue and Transport. She is an active Beth and her former foster, Riley, who is now in a loving foster parent and adoption event home. planner. Beth says, “Opening my heart and home to a needy puppy is sometimes very difficult. However, when you find their forever home it makes everything worthwhile. I get to help people find their best friend!” August 2010


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23 Calendar of Events

Angel and Ollie - Rescuing the Cavalry - Horses in Need What do I need to do to insure my dog’s teeth are properly cared for?

15 Vacation Time Don’t leave your pet behind, see who welcomes all members of your family

25 & 34 

Success Stories From shelter dog to office dog (pg. 25) Delilah: Before and after (pg. 34)

29 Training Tips

P  roper Socialization

Guilford County Animal Shelter & Rescue Organizations

Please call the individual shelters and rescue organizations to check on availability of a specific animal and to learn about their adoption process.

12 T  he Animal Rescue & Foster Program

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14 Feral Cat Assistance Program

Triad Happy Tails Magazine is focused on the plight of homeless animals and is dedicated to promoting adoptions from local animal shelters and rescue groups. We provide a pictorial and informational directory of animals that are ready to adopt from the shelters and rescue organizations in the greater Triad area.

Upcoming August events

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Angel and Ollie, Rescuing the Cavalry

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August 2010


Where Dogs Want To Be 7,000 square feet of indoor & outdoor space

Doggie Daycare

Safe, clean & stimulating environment. . . always supervised. • Doggie daycare & overnight boarding • Online webcam to watch your dog • Separate playroom for small dogs

Precious Memories

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Pet Funeral Service & Cemetery

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336.272.1620 | 705 Battleground Avenue

Jerry Groome, Funeral Director PO Box 1465 Jamestown, NC 27282

Only service in the area, that can provide after life care for horses. August 2010


Cover Story

Rescuing the Cavalry: Horses in Need by Judi Fleming


here is nothing more majestic than a beautiful horse in a lush, green pasture. The Triad is filled with small, private farms where the horses munch the grass while lazily swatting flies under the bright summer sun. In one such pasture north of Summerfield you will see a dark brown, almost black horse grazing next to a bright white horse. Oliver and Angel are great friends and both are now a picture of health and contentment.. Just a few months ago they looked exactly like

Angel in February of 2010 after being in foster care for one month. Her ribs and hip bones are still visible but she is looking more bright-eyed.

those pathetic, bony horses being rescued on any of the “Animal Cops” shows on television. The sad fact is that there are horses, mules, donkeys and ponies who suffer in poor conditions, lack even the basics of food, water, and veterinary care right here in North Carolina. Many people love horses, but have never learned all the care these beauties require when they finally get one. In these tough economic times, some families have difficulties putting groceries on their table, so feeding such a large animal can be beyond their means. Sooner or later someone calls Animal Control or an equine rescue group to report a horse with all its ribs showing, with no food or water or shelter. So exactly what happens when they are found? When an Animal Control Officer (ACO) or trained Equine Investigator shows up, the first course of action is to educate the owners on the proper care of their equine companions. Great care is taken to help them learn exactly what their equine friends

Oliver in February of 2010 after being in a foster home for one month. His condition had improved but he had a long way left to go.

Oliver and Angel in July of 2010 after being in foster care for six months. They look exponentially better than when they came to Red Dog Farm. After gaining several hundred pounds, Oliver and Angel are now healthy and beautiful horses.


August 2010

need and create a care plan the owner can sustain. Every rescue group would rather have the person learn how to care for the animals rather than have to take them in. Then there are follow up visits to check on the progress of their feed and vet care plan and to look for improvement. In many cases, the educational meetings make a difference and both horse and owner are happy. Occasionally there are instances where there is little or no improvement or the horses are in worse condition. In those cases, ACO takes possession of the animals. So where do they go? Horses certainly don’t fit inside the kennels at the local animal shelters. Luckily there are rescue groups that have individual volunteers with space on their farms to bring the horses back to health for someone to adopt them. Ollie and Angel were two horses that endured such poor treatment here in the Triad and nearly starved to death over the winter. Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue is an organizations in Greensboro, North

Cover Story sudden increase in calories. ornament. Angel absolutely loves attention The biggest temptation is from anyone who will give it to her. to give them lots of hay and Oliver or “Ollie” is a sweet fellow, grain because they are so though he stands an impressive 16.3 hands pitiful. You can literally tall with a stout Quarter Horse build. His kill them with kindness glossy liver chestnut coat shows dapples as their systems are not in the sun and Ollie sports a long diamond able to adjust to the huge on his forehead. The tiny spots on his nose caloric intake that quickly. and short tail hint that he may have some It is extremely important Appaloosa in his background. He is a to follow a veterinarygentleman for his ground manners and has recommended feeding learned to stand for his farrier visits and schedule no matter how absolutely loves a bath. He is a big horse much it hurts your heart and can be pushy at feeding as sometimes to look at their skinny happens with horses that have been starved. As you can see, Angel enjoys love and attention from people. bodies over the weeks and An experienced horse person would have months following their no trouble asking him to back up and be Carolina that also takes in large animals. rescue. When you have polite at feeding time. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Red Dog Farm 500 pounds to gain, it takes quite a while. Ollie has had his first “test ride” and (RDF) has a network of volunteers that Ollie and Angel had some tough times is rusty since he hasn’t been ridden in foster, rehabilitate, and train all types of adjusting to real food again, but made it quite some time because of his poor body animals. And we mean ALL types. At any through the critical first four weeks with condition. The trainer starts his refresher moment in time they have dogs, cats and a wonderful foster family in Oak Ridge. lessons next week to make him the perfect horses available for adoption. But RDF has They were then moved to a new foster companion for those leisurely trail rides. also re-homed turtles, alpacas, donkeys, home that had nice green pastures to add While most people are used to going out chickens, mules, bearded dragons and to their diets. Still it was four months of and looking at rescue groups to adopt a dog even an emu. All foster animals are kept careful feedings before they had filled in, or cat, few look for the larger animals like in individual homes and farms to ensure shed their sickly coats and frolicked around horses. Angel and Ollie clearly are good that they have good manners and healthy the pastures. horses that were in a bad situation. Could interactions with people and other pets. Today they nicker softly for attention you be the forever home they are looking for? So when RDF got a call that all the from their human friends. Both will stand Check out Red Dog Farm’s web site other equine rescues were full and two with eyes half closed in pleasure as they get for an ever-changing array of available horses desperately needed a foster home brushed and pampered. They have changed animals: they set their network into motion. They so dramatically that most people who checked their list and made an opening at met them during their first days with one foster farm and arranged transport. RDF cannot believe they are the same When the volunteers pulled up with truck horses. and trailer, there stood Ollie and Angel on Angel stands slightly crooked a freezing winter day, every one of their due to the broken pelvis from her back and rib bones showing painfully past. It doesn’t slow her down through the their thick fur. Heads down, in the slightest though. She tails clamped against the bitter cold loves a good gallop through because they didn’t even have enough the pasture! Her pure white muscle mass left to shiver. coat, ice blue eyes and gentle Re-feeding starved animals is a delicate nature make her an excellent process once they are in such bad shape. companion horse or pet. She Small portions fed several times a day is only five years old and has a are the rule of thumb to ensure that their lot to offer someone looking systems don’t go into shock from the for such a pretty pasture Oliver, today, waiting for his new owner. August 2010


Flurry’s Hope “I believe that

When You Know the Truth —by Emilie Myers Storch, Ph.D

the rainbow is the sign of God’s faithfulness. We see these regularly at the farm.”


eliver those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’ does not He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?” (Proverbs 24:11-12) These words ring over and over in my ears. If God puts an injustice in my path in life and I refuse to help, I will have missed a great opportunity. I know that blind horses are killed needlessly. I must do something.

Whit - Blind 8 year old barrel racer. Very well trained. Wonderful personality.

Fear: Blind horses are hard to take care of. Fact: If you can learn how to take care of a horse, that’s just about all it takes. There are certain things to do to set up your pasture, but it isn’t hard. Fear: Blind horses are dangerous. Fact: Horses going from non-blind to blind can be dangerous because they see something different every day. Blind horses settle in quickly and tend to be very gentle for the most part. They form an even deeper


August 2010

relationship bond and they follow directions very well. Blind horses are typically very sure-footed. Fact: Horses are killed everyday just because they are blind. Something must be done. In February of 2007, I was privileged to spend almost three weeks in Israel. In my tour group was a blind woman. I could not understand why she would be on a “sightseeing” trip. Although I had mentally discounted her, I was pleasantly surprised as Earlene climbed every mountain, forded every stream and followed every rainbow with her husband, Charles who narrated the entire adventure. Having recently been diagnosed with MS, I was periodically laying in the back of the bus while Earlene was seeing everything. She and Charles were a team and they functioned interdependently. Several days after I arrived home, I was given a blind horse. Flurry became the inspiration for me to begin a new life after this devastating diagnosis. She had a disability but it didn’t bother her in the least. We went together for rides through the woods, on trails, everywhere. Flurry inspired me to press on through this unwanted disability that had made me no longer want to live. Three

months after she came, Flurry was found dead in my paddock of an unknown cause. I was devastated because it was the loss of my personal second chance. I had to do something about blind horses being killed when it was just this kind of horse who had brought new life to me. Flurry’s Hope was born. I knew the truth and I wanted others to experience the wonder of blind horses. Fourteen blind treasures live at Second Chance Ranch in Madison, NC. Individuals co-op with us to have a horse as their own. We see the dead living and disability has become rich in meaning. This was my answer. Please visit us and experience it for yourself. You will be inspired. Emilie Myers Storch, Ph.D. holds degrees as a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Arts in Experimental Psychology. She is a published author, and is one of the founders of HorseFriends Therapeutic Riding Program Greensboro, NC ( Emilie has been the President and Director of Flurry’s Hope: Second Chances for Blind Horses Madison, NC ( for three years. Her children’s chapter book about how she began rescuing blind horses, Horses Who See With Their Hearts, can be found at Dr. Storch is a single parent with 3 teenagers and works for ACT Medical group as a clinical psychologist in 6 nursing facilities in Rockingham County. Flurry’s Hope is run by volunteers and donations only. She has been living with MS for four years.

Come Visit Us!

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Leather & Western Wear 336.643.5353 4901 Auburn Road, Summerfield, NC

Purgason’s Your One-Stop Shop for Riding Supplies & Lifestyle Clothing


ocated in Summerfield, Purgason’s has been providing its customers with a wide variety of equestrian supplies for 47 years. Known for their expert knowledge and wonderful customer service, the staff is ready to help in a variety of ways. Whether shopping for riding supplies or back-to school attire, Purgason’s can be your one-stop shop. Offering English and Western saddles and tack, Purgason’s will personally fit its customers and will even allow a trial of a saddle to ensure satisfaction. Or maybe you are looking for the latest styles of boots and jeans for just horsing around. You will find a large selection of lifestyle clothing from many respectable companies including Lucchese, Justin, Wrangler, Ariat, Stetson and Scully. . . all offering a unique look with impeccable style. Come see us! We are a short ride north on Battleground Ave. from Greensboro, at 150 East on the southwest corner. Check out what we have to offer. If you can’t stop by, please visit our website,, to shop online. Or give us a call at 336-643-5353 and we will do our best to help you find what you are looking for. Mention this article & Purgason’s will donate 10% of your purchase to the Equine Rescue Group of your choice. (Valid through 08/31/10)

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336.454.1986 Jamestown, NC

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Each candle comes with its own match box attached to lid & beautifully illustrated label.

We are proud to donate a percentage 18 oz. of our proceeds to the United States Equine Rescue League. 336-342-9765 email: August 2010


Animal Rescue & Foster Program Please call to adopt us!


the Magnificent is every bit as grand as his name implies, even though his beginnings were humble. Found in the yard of a local senior citizen in Greensboro, he eventually was placed in the safety and loving care of ARFP. He now counts the days waiting

for his forever home to come his way! A strikingly handsome male brown tabby, Milo was born around 8/15/09. He seeks out his foster mom for warm cuddles and loving... and then... watch out! MORE PLAYTIME! Milo’s adoption fee is $100 and you can call 336-574-9600 to meet him. n




Love chocolate? Then you’re going to love this little chocolate Cocker Spaniel. Cami, short for Camila, actually came from a puppy mill in MO. She was bought by someone in NC who allowed her to continue to live in a crate due to their own handicaps. Cami, born in January 2010, is now the happy Cocker she should be. She loves other dogs and will follow her person around the house just waiting for a pat on the head. She deserves to be pampered and loved. Cami is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. Cami has requested a fenced yard to play in. Cami’s adoption fee is $150. Call 336-574-9600 to meet Cami. n


On your mark, ready, set, go! Noah would love to race right into a forever family of his own! When he is not fueling up with puppy snacks, he loves running laps around the backyard. But he always has time to take pit stops to get kisses and hugs. His sweet demeanor would make him a wonderful addition to any crew! And after days filled with fun and naps, he loves curling up on his foster parents’ laps at night to cuddle. Noah is a Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix who first made his appearance on the racing circuit on March 29, 2010, when he was born to a stray.

is the baby sister in her litter and is just as cute as can be. She is a TorbiTabby with purrsonality plus! Ellabelle and her siblings were abandoned with their mother near a local animal shelter. A kind neighbor took them in and nurtured them until they were ready to adopt, which was when ARFP stepped in. Ellabelle is very social and wants to go to a home that likes playful kittens. She would also love a lap to curl up in at night.

Please contact ARFP at 336-574-9600 for more information about putting Noah on a fast track to adoption! n

Ellabelle’s adoption fee is $100. Please make her a part of your family by calling 336-574-9600. n

Ollie. I’m a lover and everyone says I’m a pretty boy and very cute. I think I am, but I’m not stuck up about it. I make friends easily and I get along with everyone. I like playing with balls and tiny mice that make a shaky noise. They are the best. My favorite thing to do is climb up on my foster mom’s lap or on her belly when she is lying down on the floor. I also like to give kisses and purr really loud. Purring is the best. Oh and I like when people pet me. That’s the bestest. Can I go home with you to love you and play with you and be petted and purr because that would be the best! Ollie’s adoption fee is $100 to the lucky winner of his heart. Call 336574-9600 to find out how to adopt this little guy! n


August 2010


The name Ziva means splendid, brilliant, and brightness in Hebrew, and that fits this sweet girl to a tee. Ziva is a very clever dog who will amaze you with her athleticism, entertain you with her antics, and win you over with her charm. She loves to run and play in the back yard with her doggie friends and, when indoors, will try to get the cats to join in on the game as well. If she can’t find anyone to join her in a game, she will find a toy and entertain herself. She loves children of all sizes but would do best with those that can handle a very playful medium to large size puppy. Ziva is crate trained and will sleep all night long in her crate without a sound. Ziva was born 3-1-09, is spayed and up to date on vaccines. She does require a fenced yard for exercise and potty reasons. Ziva’s adoption fee is $150. Call 336-574-9600 to meet Ziva! n

Ask Q A

t e V the

Tim Banker DVM, FAVD Dr. Tim Banker has been in general practice for over 36 years and has always seen the need for proper dental care for his patients. In fact, in the 1970’s many people laughed at his dedication to his patient’s dental health. Today he is considered a pioneer in the field of Veterinary Dentistry. Dr. Banker is the owner of Sedgefield Animal Hospital and Dental Center and for the past 28 years he has been a referral dentist and seen patients from all over the Southeastern United States and Canada.

Sedgefield Animal Hospital and Dental Center “Where Quality and Caring are more than just words” We are a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care to the Piedmont Triad for over 30 years.

What do I need to do to insure my dog’s teeth are properly cared for? Can dental problems cause pain and shorten my pet’s life? Dental Myths They’ve been passed on from generation to generation. You’ve heard them, I’ve heard them, and I was taught them by the Veterinarians that preceded me. Here are a few ‘truths’ you’ve probably heard that I would consider Dental Myths.

Myth #1 - Give your dog Milk Bone® Dog Biscuits to keep your pet’s teeth clean. Milk Bones have never been scientifically shown to reduce plaque or calculus. There are certain dental diets and chew devices that have been scientifically shown to slow plaque and calculus accumulation. Even with these more effective products, however, regular dental checkups and professional cleanings are needed. While it is important to slow down plaque and calculus accumulation on teeth, a clean crown doesn’t necessarily mean there is not a problem. We have seen numerous patients with nice, clean teeth that still had significant disease under the gum line. Myth #2 - Dogs should chew on bones to keep their teeth clean. Certain bones will help remove plaque and calculus from teeth. Yet, they will also break teeth. A dog’s teeth were not designed to chew on bones, cow hooves, Nylabones® or anything else that are hard and rigid. A dog’s enamel is thinner than a person’s and they have 4 – 10 times the bite force as a person. If they bite down on a hard substance with no ‘give’ to it, the tooth will break. If you choose to give these hard objects to your pet, you are putting their important chewing teeth ‘at risk’. We can discuss with you how to create a custom oral hygiene program for your pet that is ‘safe’ for your pet’s teeth. Myth #3 - Dogs and cats don’t feel pain like humans. A lot of research was done in the area of pain in animals in the 1990s. The researchers found that the pain response of a dog or cat is the same as a human. They feel pain just as we do. They just ‘hide their pain’. Our pet’s survival instinct has them mask their pain just as animals in the wild hide it. A ‘hurt’ animal in the wild will become food for other animals; therefore they learn to hide pain to survive. This instinct is still present in our pets. We will often see our patients have a ‘great improvement in their personality’, seem ‘happier and more energetic’ or ‘act younger or more like themselves’. When you remove their source of oral pain, they feel better. Myth #4 - Pets seem to do fine with broken teeth, they don’t need to be treated. Pets tolerate pain and get by to survive. Yet, when we treat teeth with root canal therapy or extract them, they feel and do much better. In the early stages broken or damaged teeth are acutely painful. As the nerve dies the pain lessens until the infection in the inside of the tooth breaks out into the bone. At this point the patient experiences severe pain. Broken and damaged teeth need to be treated. We hope that this information is enlightening and helps you better understand misinformation that has been ‘passed on’ unconsciously for generations.


Services Offered: • Advanced Dental Care

• Radiology

• Immunization and

• Nutritional Counseling

Wellness Care

• Behavioral Counseling

• Surgery

• In-House Laboratory/

• Dermatology


• Pediatric and Geriatric Care

• Boarding/Daycare/ Bathing

• Pain Management


Dr. Tim Banker and Dr. Brooke Schwabenton


4740 High Point Road Greensboro NC 27407

Email us at: August 2010


Feral Cat Assistance Program Please call to adopt us!

Mango was rescued along with his mom and siblings. He is outgoing and extremely playful. He likes to be held, but is soon off, running and playing. Mango will be neuterd and microchipped prior to adoption.

Mango’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 to find out how you can make Mango your newest family member. n


(aka Monkey) was left in a box at a local pet supply store, along with her Mom and three siblings.  FCAP volunteers were in the store and placed them in a foster home. She is sweet, very playful, and very affectionate – a real cuddly kitten that will fall asleep in your arms! Olive will be spayed and

microchipped prior to adoption. Olive’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 to find out how you can adopt Olive and give her the forever home she deserves. n


and her siblings were found in a restaurant parking lot in Greensboro. They were only five weeks old and had been dumped there in a box. Raina is a beautiful female kitten predominantly white with black on each side of her head and a black nose and tail. She has multiple black spots on her body needless to say she is gorgeous. She is very playful of course and also very cuddly and sweet. Raina purrs loudly and loves affection. She romps around with her littermates and then curls up with them for long naps with them. Raina will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption. Raina’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 for details. n


August 2010


Oscar had been left behind by his former owners to fend for himself. He joined a colony of feral cats.  When his caregiver took him in to get neutered, he had already been neutured and was declawed.  He has also recieved eye surgery, because his eyelids rolled in and scratched his eyes.  He is all well now and ready to find his forever home. Oscar is neutered, mircochipped, and up-to-date on vaccines.  Oscar’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 for more details. n


, her Mom and four siblings were rescued from a local Animal Shelter when she was only two weeks old.  At the time, they became very sick with upper respiratory infections, but now they’re all playful and happy kittens.  Jewel will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption. 

Jewel’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 to find out how you can adopt her.n

Fern was rescued along with her mom and siblings. She is definitely a mama’s girl. She likes to be held, but really loves spending time with her mother. Fern will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption.

Fern’s adoption fee is $110. Please call 378-0878 to find out how Fern can become your newest family member! n

Caring for your cats for over 21 years

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• Medicine, laser surgery & dentistry • Complete health care facilities • Behavioral consultations • Boarding in kitty condos • Preventive health programs

545-3390 | 2449 Battleground Avenue August 2010


Guilford County Animal Shelter Please call to adopt us!

Cathy is a curious girl that



had some determination about her when the kennel door was open. She did not care about photos but wanted to explore and see what was going on around her. She is a small sized grey and white tabby that is only 10 months old. Cathy was surrendered to the shelter because the other animals would not accept her. However she is sharing her kennel here at the shelter with no problems. Cathy has been spayed since she was surrendered and is more than ready to find her fun loving new best friend(s).

Hi there! My name is Jora. You can see I am an outgoing and friendly feline that likes to welcome my visitors. When I am not in hostess mode, I like to relax and get my beauty rest. I feel like I was a lucky girl the day a kind Animal Control officer found me and brought me to the sanctuary of the shelter. I was welcomed, given fresh water and food and assigned a clean kennel to safely rest in. Thank goodness I was not out in that heat we have had! I am a 3 year old calico that is mostly white. I have been spayed since my arrival at the shelter too, much to my pleasure! My experience so far has been all positive, but I am now ready to find my new human(s) and move to my permanent home.

Come meet Cathy and check out her curious nature. Please ask for her by ID 10241898 n

Come visit Jora and be sure to ask for ID 10310826. n


is a mild mannered girl that just likes to chill. She has pawed back her kennel cover to stretch out on the cool metal of the kennel. Lucy is a beautiful 3 year old orange and white calico that was surrendered to the shelter. She is small in size but big in heart! Since her surrender Lucy has been spayed and she is ready to relax in her new permanent home today! Please come by to meet Lucy. Be sure and ask for ID 10487675. n



is a curious girl but she is also very lovely in her medium length brown tabby coat. Thelma likes to know who is coming to visit, and then she goes off to relax once again. She is small in size, about 2 years old and she shares her kennel very well. Thelma is safe here at the shelter due to the diligence of the county’s Animal Control officers. Thelma will take one more trip to visit the veterinarian, and that will be to get spayed. Thelma is looking for her forever home. Come meet this beautiful girl and be sure to ask for ID 10549925. n

Trina likes to have

Friendly and outgoing, Paris likes to greet you at her kennel door. She had a previous owner that made her very loving and easy to be with. She is a tan and black torbie with white down her chest and tummy. Paris is 3 years old, medium sized and was previously spayed. She is a curious girl that wants to know when she is going to be taken to her permanent home. Are you on your way for this girl yet?

some fun with toys just like the big cats do. She is an adorable 4 month old solid black kitten. Trina was surrendered because her owners had too many animals. Trina will not repeat that history; she has already been spayed for you. She is fun loving and is anxious to have her new family play with her. Could Trina be your newest family member?

Come meet Paris and fall in love. Ask for ID 10391101. n

Come meet her and find out if she is the one for you. Please be sure to ask for ID 10206045. n


August 2010

Guilford County Animal Shelter Please call to adopt us!

Clairabell is a wonderful, gentle, and well behaved girl. She is so easy to manage and wants to please you. Clairabell is a black lab and hound mix. She was found by a responsible person that did not want harm to come to this girl. Clairabell is only 1 ½ years old and is a medium weight. Since she joined us here at the shelter she has been spayed so she is more than ready to join her new family today! Come meet Clairabell. You will appreciate the manners this girl already knows. Ask for her by ID 10195814. n


is a young 10 month old that is listed as a Terrier mix, but she looks like she has some black lab in her genetics too. Molly was found by an Animal Control officer before disaster could strike on the streets. Molly has been spayed since she came to us. She is a happy girl that will be a medium sized adult. Molly is the perfect age to train her behavior to your rules. Do you have room in your home to give Molly her forever home? Come check out this sweet girl and be sure to ask for ID 10204731. n




Single white male looking for a fun and loving companion! I am called Butch by my friends. I think I am a nice looking guy and I get along with most everyone. I want to find a companion who will share my life and blend it with theirs. You want to go to the park, well I would really enjoy going with you. Camping, hunting, fishing; hey, I am up for it! I am 1 ½ years old and I am already neutered too. I am a medium sized boy at 50 lbs. Come in for us to meet and we will see if we can be a good match together. When you come visit Butch, please ask for Butch by ID 10068396. n


is a Labrador mix that was adopted from the shelter as a puppy over 7 years ago. Somewhere along the way he was taken into another home but his last environment was not clean or healthy for him. The police removed him and brought him to the shelter for his own safety and well being. He has suffered severe hair loss on his back half due to the bad conditions he was left to live in. Now, with a healthy environment his hair is growing back in and Colby has learned there are compassionate animal lovers who are kind and loving. He is hoping to find his forever home. As a fathers day gift, the daughter of one of our loyal k-9 supportors sponsored $40 off of Colbys adoption fee! Ask for Colby by ID 637278. n


Sadly, Apollo is a 7 month old Australian Shepherd mix that was surrendered as unwanted at the first of this year. He was 35 lbs then, and has grown since, but is still in the medium size range. Their loss is your gain I say! Apollo is gentle, playful, and really enjoys getting some scratches. He has already been neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested and microchipped, all for a $95 adoption fee. All he needs is a new best friend that wants to teach him some basic manners and give him his forever home.

is an easy going sweet natured shepherd mix. She came to the shelter back in January when Animal Control found her out in the cold. Kitty is a shepherd mix that is mostly tan with some black highlights mixed in. She is 2 ½ years old and she weighs in on the smaller side at 38 lbs. Kitty seems to be a relaxed girl and she walks pretty well on the leash. All this nice girl needs is a family to love and care for her, to be included in a loving family furr-ever.

A visitor liked Apollo and sponsored $40 off his adoption fee! Come visit this sweet boy and ask for him by ID 9512115. n

When you visit this beautiful girl, please ask for ID 9533886. n August 2010



Humane Society of the Piedmont Please call to adopt us!

Drew is an


Emma. A gentle sweet gal – Emma is nothing less than a sweet loving girl eager to please. She came to us weighing 11 pounds and HW positive. Look at her now, 38 pounds and Heartworm free. Emma is a loving soul who would love a family of her own. She is current on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.

Would you like to meet this little guy? Please call 299-3060 to find out more. n

Please call 299-3060 to find out more about Emma and how you can give her the family she deserves. n

adorable little deaf dachshund chi mix. Drew doesn’t know he is deaf – he loves to play and gets along with other dogs and cats. He loves to sit in your lap. He is current on all vaccinations, neutered and

Kittens to Love.

Kiley was found on the streets by a couple who could not keep her so we took her into our program. Kiley can be a bit shy at first but she warms up quickly. She would love a family of her own. She is current on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped. She is such a sweetheart, this picture doesn’t do her

As you can see, this is quite an irresistible litter of boys! These kittens were found in the woods starving! They are now socialized and loving, playful kittens. They all are current on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped. justice, she is so camera shy. If you are looking for a cute, loving kitten, look no more! Call 299-3060 for more information. n

Would you like to meet Kiley? Please call 299-3060 to find out more about this sweetheart of a girl.n


Please call about our low cost spay and neuter program.

Planned Pethood Spay & Neuter Clinic (A program of the Humane Society of the Piedmont) 336.299.3999 18

August 2010



Hot Summertime Tips S

ummer is a time for both you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors, remember that these hot days can endanger your pet. At Suzuki of Greensboro we not only believe in taking care of our customers, but we also believe in taking care of our pets. Please remember to take precautions on these hot days to ensure their safety.

Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

Here are some ways to help cool down your pet Apply rubbing alcohol to the dog’s paw pads, apply ice packs to the groin area, hose down with water, allow the dog to lick ice chips or drink a small amount of water, offer Pedialyte to restore electrolytes.

Heat stroke can be the serious and often fatal result of a dog’s prolonged exposure to excessive heat. Below are the signs of heat stroke and actions you should take if your dog’s overcome.

If possible, check your dog’s temperature

EARLY STAGES: Heavy panting, rapid breathing, excessive drooling, bright red

temperature has stabilized at between 100

regularly during this process. Once the dog’s

gums and tongue, standing 4-square, posting or spreading out in an attempt to

to 102 degrees, you can stop the cool-down

maintain balance.


ADVANCED STAGES: White or blue gums, lethargy and an unwillingness to

move, uncontrollable urination or defecation, labored, noisy breathing, shock. If your dog exhibits early stage signs of heat stroke, you should immediately try to cool the dog down.

If you cannot get the dog cooled down and you begin to see signs of advanced heat stroke,

take the dog to a veterinarian immediately.

Major, Bob Blakely’s German Shepherd. Bob is manager of Greensboro Suzuki. Remember - hot pavement can burn tender pads. August 2010


Loving Pet Inn Adoptions, Inc. Please call to adopt us!

Brandi is a 6 year old lab mix. Her elderly owner passed away recently and Brandi became an orphan. She is the sweetest dog ever! Brandi is very well behaved and calm. She has great manners and will even wait to be invited into a room before entering!! She would be a great dog with any family. This is truly a wonderful dog!! Will you be the lucky one who offers Brandi her forever home? Brandi’s adoption fee is $100. Call 393-0670 for more details. n

Josie is a


Chandler is a 2 year old jack russell mix. He weighs only 16 lbs. Chandler is a fun loving boy who loves attention and snuggling. He is crate-trained, great on a leash and likes most other dogs. Chandler would love to have a family to call his own! He is neutered, vaccinated , microchipped and ready to go. Chandler’s adoption fee $99. Call 393-0670 to find out how you can adopt Chandler. n


beautiful 1 year old sheepdog mix who was rescued from a hoarder. Josie is a very submissive, gentle dog. Because of her background she needs to be adopted by someone who is experienced in working with dogs. She weighs 31 lbs. Josie requires a fenced yard because of her skiddish nature. With a little love and patience, Josie will be a wonderful loyal pet.

You have heard of grumpy old men...well Phillippe is the opposite!! He is the sweetest loverboy ever! He is a small boy at only 10 lbs. He is probably about 8-10 years old. Phillippe is a healthy boy who just wants a comfy place to live out his golden years.He appears to be blind in one eye but it doesn’t hinder him at all. He is great with other dogs, rarely barks and is a very low shedder. He would fit nicely into any home situation.

Josie’s adoption fee is $100. Call 393-0670 for more details. n

Please call 393-0670 to find out how Phillippe can be your newest family member. His adoption fee is $100. n


is a handsome 5 year old schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle) He is an adorable little guy who loves everyone. He weighs 15 lbs. He is a happy boy who loves to go for a walk. He likes other dogs and would be great with children. Dewey would also be a perfect dog for a retiree. Will you be the lucky one to offer Dewey his forever home? Dewey’s adoption fee is $125. Call 393-0670 for more information on how you can adopt Dewey .n


August 2010


This is the best dog!! Onyx had been hit by a car and was lying in a ditch when she was rescued by a kind person. She was the perfect patient during her recovery. Now she is all fixed up and ready to go!! She loves all people and other dogs. She enjoys being outside more than inside and rarely barks. She appears to be a chow/golden mix and is probably 2 years old. She is spayed , vaccinated and heartworm neg. Onyx’s adoption fee is $100. Call 393-0670 to find out how you can adopt Onyx. n

Always There Pet Care Pet Sitting in Your Home

Always There Pet Care



hen Cathy launched her own pet sitting service, Always There Pet Care, it came as no surprise to those who know her. She has five cats and three dogs of her own. She’s cared for pets all of her life--dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and fish. She and her partner, Billy, have a passion for animals, and that passion is evident to all. Cathy and Billy offer you the security of knowing your pets are being loved and well-cared for while you are away. They will come to your home and feed your bird, walk your dog or play with your cat. They will spend time with your pets, giving them quality care and the love and attention they’re used to getting. While at your home, Cathy and Billy will bring in your mail and newspaper. They will water your plants or take the garbage to the curb. They will even shop for groceries--so you can come home to a well-stocked refrigerator! Call Cathy at Always There Pet Care today. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your pets are in good hands while you are away.

Pet Sitting & House Sitting Services in Your Home


Feeding & watering for your

Bring in mail and newspaper

pet(s) & plants

Take garbage or recycling to

Letting your pets out

the curb for collection

Litter box cleaning

S mall grocery pickup

Walking your pet

Other services available

15% discount for new clients (1 week min.) No extra charge for multiple pets All services provided by Cathy & Billy

Insured & bonded References available

336.210.9344 |

Did you know . . .



Give me a call for a FREE consultation and let’s find the right financing solution to fit your needs as a homeowner.

We are a


offer a variety of loan programs.

SHIRLEY LOVIN, Sr. Loan Officer American South Lending 336.337.8196

At Sands Tree Service, we have a heart for animals and are ready to lend a helping paw. We’re also fully equipped for all of your tree service needs.

Free Estimates.


Check us out with the Better Business Bureau.

24-hr. Emergency 336-669-4358 August 2010

21 NC Cat Adoption Team Please contact NC Cat Adoption Team via website to find out more about us!

Petal & Posie are nearly


identical twin female tortoiseshell kittens, though Posie has a peach-colored stripe down her nose. Both are incredibly soft and cuddly, and love to curl up on your lap after they have spent the afternoon playing together. Very attached to each other, if one is out of sight, the other will mew loudly until she finds her. If you are looking for some beautiful flowers to brighten your home, please adopt Petal and Posie!

is a sweet and sassy little Dilute Tortoiseshell-point Siamese mix with thick white fur and blue eyes. She was found in the middle of the road during a rain storm, when she was run over by the car of her rescuer. Somehow, she had a guardian angel looking out for her that night, and the wheels did not hit her! Unfazed by her traumatic beginnings, Pearl loves to explore, have new adventures and be the center of attention. When she is tired, she snuggles up with her little toy puppy dog! Do you have a home for a brave little kitty girl?

To inquire about Petal & Posie, please go to or send us an email at

To inquire about Pearl, please go to or send us an email at n

Ash, Ashley & Blondie are

Chuckie Cheese is

three siblings. Ash and Ashley are both gray tabby and white Maine Coon mixes with plenty of personality. Blondie is a medium-haired buffy little girl who can “mix it up” with the other two. She is as soft and sweet as any kitten could be. When they are done playing, look for them to be asleep all together— two identical twins and one blonde beauty!

a fun-loving and affectionate baby boy who promises to grow up to be a big kitty boy. He is an orange tabby Maine Coon Mix, with all of the bells and whistles that we love in that breed. He is friends with everyone, and when he gazes at you with his baby-blue eyes and gently mews, you are sure to melt!

To inquire about Ash, Ashley & Blondie, please go to or send us an email at n

To inquire about Chuckie Cheese, please go to or send us an email at n


Blossom was

Are you looking for a young, gorgeous girl to keep you company? If so, then look no further than Satin. She has bright yellow-green eyes that are set off by her long, glossy black coat. Her white bib and apron make it look like she is wearing an itsy-bitsy white bikini! But Satin’s good looks are not all that she has going for her—she loves people and wants nothing more than to be your constant companion. She will join you in whatever you are doing, only asking to be the center of your universe!

rescued with her four tiny babies from a high-kill shelter when her time was up. Her babies have been weaned and are now ready for adoption and so is Blossom. She is petite; only about 7 pounds and is extremely sweet and playful-almost like a kitten herself! Her long champagne-colored fur is to “die for” and rare on a female. Take this exotic Blossom home and enjoy her beauty!

To inquire about Satin, please go to or send us an email at n

To inquire about Blossom, please go to or send us an email at n


August 2010

Needle-Free Vaccinations

■  ■

Dentistry Behavioral Consultations


Laser Therapy for Pain


Hours of Operation

Monday—Friday 7:30am - 6pm Saturday 8:00am - 12pm Sunday Closed

Daily drop-off appointments available. 5002-E High Point Rd.

Hunt Village

August 2010

Greensboro 27407


Calendar of Events

Animal Rescue & Foster Program Next Step Adoption Center, 705 Milner Drive, Greensboro

Humane Society of the Piedmont P  lanned Pethood Spay & Neuter Clinic - Offering financial

Feral Cat Assistance Program For information on Spay Day Clinics, please call

August 21 - Indoor Pet Adoption Fair – at the Humane Society of

Open: Saturdays 11-3pm, Sundays 1-4pm, & Wednesdays 5-8pm. Call 336-574-9600 for more information.

336-378-0878, Line 1.

Adoption fairs are held at PetSmart on Bridford Pkwy. each

Saturday of the month from 12-4 and are sometimes held on Sunday afternoons. It is best to call PetSmart at 218-8188 to confirm that there is a Sunday adoption fair.

August 27 - Drawing for 3rd annual raffle ticket fundraiser. The tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10. First place prize is $500 in cash, second place prize is a $150 VISA gift card, and third place prize is a $100 VISA gift card. Anyone interested in tickets should call 378.0878 Line 3.

assistance to qualified Guilford County applicants 4527 West Wendover Avenue, Greensboro - Services available Monday through Friday by appointment only. Call 336-299-3999 for more details.

the Piedmont from 10am – 2pm. See for more information.

Fill the Food Bowl is an ongoing program to help families in need feed their pets. “In today’s economy so many people are having to give up their pets and take them to the shelter - this is where we step in - We want to help keep the family unit together”

NC Cat Adoption Team Adoption Fairs - PetSmart on Lawndale Dr., Saturdays from 11-2pm.

Finding Great Homes for Jack Russell Terriers Adoption Fairs on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-6pm

Red Dog Farm August 7 - Come visit Red Dog Farm at PETCO in Kernersville,

Guilford County Animal Shelter

August 14 - Celebrate Red Dog Farm’s Consignment Booth Grand Opening at Golden Antiques & Treasures in Summerfield, NC. Check out for times and critters that will be coming.

at 1701 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Greensboro. Call Robin at 336-414-1373 to make an appointment.

Adoption Fairs:

PetSmart off Bridford Pkwy - Saturdays Noon to 3pm. PetSmart off Lawndale - Sundays 1pm to 4pm.

NC and visit some of our adoptable critters. Check out for times and critters that will be coming.

August 14 – Rabies Clinic @ Guilford County Animal Shelter

from 10am to 2pm. Rabies Shots - $5 each & Microchips - $15 each. Please have dogs on leash and cats in carriers. August 2010


Red Dog Farm

Please contact Red Dog Farm via website to find out how to adopt us!

JC is 6 years old and came to RDF after his owner passed away and he had nowhere else to go. He enjoys getting loved on, playing in the yard, and greeting visitors who come by to see him. He is an even tempered boy who doesn’t really say much but does enjoy checking out his local surroundings and taking in the day whether warm or cold. He actually prefers dining alfresco sometimes. He is still looking for that special someone to give him a second chance at loving a family. He is house broken and ready to go home with his new best friend today! Please visit to find out how you can give JC the forever home he deserves.n


an Appaloosa Mare, came to us last year when her owners could no longer afford to care for her. Star is very sweet and has nice manners but her foster mom noticed that she seemed to have to think for a minute before going through gates, finding her stall, etc. Our veterinarian examined Star and discovered that she has cataracts that severely limit her vision. At only 11 years old, Star could be a long-term partner for someone willing to take a little extra time with her. She would also do very well letting children ride her on a lead line while supervised by an adult. Because of her very limited vision, Star’s adoption fee will be waived for the right home. We’d love to find her a home with a safe pasture and a gentle companion that could be her “seeing eye horse.” Please visit for more information. n

Julie & Miss Jane are young


is a 4 Foot Ball Python and came to Red Dog Farm when she outgrew the available space at her previous home. Glenda is a sweet, well cared for ball python who is looking for a forever home to call her own. She has been handled previously and doesn’t mind being held. She is just finishing shedding so her color will be nice and pretty for whomever wants to come meet her. She enjoys hiding under her log and basking from time to time in the sun. She is looking for an experienced snake owner who has the room for her tank and is willing to spend sometime with her. Please visit for more information.n


is 5 years old and came back to Red Dog Farm because the 17 year old cat in her new home was not accepting her. Nala is a lovely cat but does enjoy being a Princess. She prefers to be doted on by her owners, especially when they tell her how pretty she is. She also enjoys the finer things in life such as wet food, getting petted and brushed. She doesn’t seem to mind sharing her home with other animals as long as she gets the proper amount of attention. Nala has fabulous long hair and needs to be brushed frequently. She is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped so she is ready to go to her new home! She hopes it will be her last. If you are interested in giving this sweet princess a home, please visit n


(pictured), an Australian Shepherd Mix, and Louise came to Red Dog Farm when they were found having quite the adventure under someone’s home. It appears that the puppies had been dumped and were just starting their grand journey to find a forever home. These puppies just love to play and meet new people. They are great in a car and love walks. Thelma is more outgoing than Louise, but when it comes to daily adventures,

pygmy goats who came to us from Forsyth County animal control. We are guessing that Julie is Jane’s mother as they are extremely bonded. Because Julie and Jane are so bonded to one another, we’d like to adopt them out together. They are a bit timid of new people at first but warm up quickly, especially if new people have Cheerios to feed them as treats!

such as playing ball, they are both up for it. They are great family dogs and all they want is a place to call home. The family that found them said they love to cuddle, are playful and do well with other dogs.

The joint adoption fee for Julie and Miss Jane is $200. Please visit for more information. n

Can you help these two puppies find their final destination? Visit for more information. n


August 2010

? almost 50% of our magazine space is donated to the shelter & rescue groups Your ads help boost shelter & rescue group adoption rates!

Over 7,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor space for training and socialization n n n

please contact us at: or

Dog Daycare Boarding Obedience Classes

Dog-Gone Fun 203 Berry Garden Road Kernersville, NC 27284


n n n

Puppy Day School Agility Classes 1st Day of Daycare FREE Facebook: Dog Gone Fun Dog Daycare and Training NC

Success Stories - Please send us your stories of successful adoptions


- From Shelter Dog to Office Dog —by Tammy Graves

ne June morning in 2003, I was fostering bottle-baby kittens for the Guilford County Animal Shelter. As I went in for their 4 week check-up we went to the back for shots and exams with the meowing, yelling little cuties. From the corner of my eye, I saw a little yellow squirming bundle of wiggles in a cage in isolation with two huge brown eyes. Knowing the staff so well I looked at the Tech, Candace, that day and said I am not looking at her. She said she does need a foster home, she has parvo but we are treating her. Knowing my husband had always wanted a Yellow Lab, I knew this was a REALLY bad idea, but I loaded her up and took her home. Zelda became Steve’s heart dog. She suffered severe separation anxiety from him, eating her way through our stairs, window sills, carpet, two end chairs, and busting out of her crate. Finally our only solution was for him to take her to work with him, thankfully that was an option. Zelda today is the office mascot at Summit Pet Products on Chimney Rock Road. She is Zelda was rescued from the Guilford County Shelter in one of the luckiest shelter dogs I have ever met. 2003. She now lives with Steve and Tammy Graves. Zelda was a twice returned puppy but today she lives a life like no other. She is loved by everyone in the office and is missed when she is not there. She greets everyone who stops by for a visit and when Steve is out on vacation she usually reports to the office by hitching a ride with someone else. You can find her on her dog bed by her dad’s desk or she will greet you at the door when you come in, usually belly up for a rub! n August 2010



SPCA of the Triad Please call to adopt us!


is a happygo-lucky 1-1/2 year old pit bull mix that was found tied to a tree in High Point. He’s neutered, on heartworm preventative, microchipped & up to date on vaccinations.

Zeke’s adoption fee is $95. If you would like more information on Zeke, please call SPCA of the Triad at 375-3222 n

Daisy is a 3 year old black and white beauty that vibrates her little pot-handle tail when she’s happy. She’s up-to-date on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped and is negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

Daisy’s adoption fee is $70. If you would like to meet Daisy and watch her pot-handle tail shake, please call SPCA of the Triad at 375-3222.n


Six year old Sydney is pretty content in a quiet home with someone rubbing her behind her ears. She’s spayed, upto-date on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped and is negative for feline leukemia and FIV.

Sydney’s adoption fee is $70. Would you like to make Sydney your newest family member? Call SPCA of the Triad at 375-3222 for more information. n


What a joy it is to watch Garnet play. She is a 6 week old beautiful black puppy. Just look at that face! She’s spayed, dewormed and on heartworm preventative. She is also microchipped, up-to-date on vaccinations and comes with a collar and leash.

Garnet’s adoption fee is $150. Could Garnet be the puppy you are looking for? If so, please call 375-3222 to find out more! n


August 2010

Phil is only 2 years old and still shows an enormous amount of love for people even though he was abused. Just look at the love in his face. He’s neutered, on heartworm preventative, microchipped & up-to-date on vaccinations. Phil’s adoption fee is $95. Would you like to meet Phil? Please call 375-3222 for more information.n


is a 6 week old bundle of joy! She’s mostly black with white paws and is cute as a button! Violet might be the smallest of her litter but she has the biggest heart. She’s spayed, dewormed, microchipped and up-to-date on her vaccinations. Violet’s adoption fee is $150. If you would like more information on adopting Violet, please call 375-3222.n

Why Let Your Puppy be Furry? Since 1967

home comfort is...easy as eanes

Residential • Commercial • Industrial Providing sales, service, installation & warranties on high quality heating & air conditioning systems for 42 years.

One-Time Air Conditioning & Furnace Cleaning

ONLY $89.00

(new customers only) Up to $1500 tax credit on qualifying heating and air equipment

Greensboro: 336-294-8044 Winston-Salem: 336-727-0120 High Point: 336-883-3903

k Daily dog walks Vacation care


•25 years experience •Convenient location, on Merritt Dr. near Spring Garden Street



•Member of NDGAA •Small breed & hand scissor specialist •Call for an appointment



Insured/ bonded PSI member



Lost & Found option now on our website. Please let us know if you have lost or found a pet so we can post. Email: or Lost -our baby! deb@

online at:

Family owned and operated Personal attention to your needs Large selection of top quality vehicles Member of the Better Business Bureau

Don Heath’s Auto Haus

3917 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro, NC 336.852.3056 August 2010


Specific Breed Rescue Groups Please see contact information listed with each featured animal.


Scholars who wrote about the famed AESOP wrote that there was a charm about him, namely, that he put animals in a pleasing light and made them interesting to mankind. Some of his characters were Royal. Others witty and NC Airedale Rescue silly. Our Aesop is all of those. Let the light shine then on this royally witty boy. Aesop is a 12 month old male who is up to date on all shots and current on his heartworm preventative. He was surrendered to rescue due to his family not having the time to devote to him. He is housebroken, crate trained and ready to spin some fables for just the right family. If you think you may be the perfect home for Aesop, visit our webpage at or email n


Captain has adjusted wonderfully to home life and the routine in his foster home. He has been working hard on not having any accidents in the house. Captain’s favorite activities are chewing on his rawhides and his Boston Terrier Rescue of NC dental bone (he could do it for hours!), and snuggling up with a big fluffy blanket. He literally wraps himself up inside the blanket so that every part of his body is covered. If one word was used to describe Captain it would it would be “cuddler”! We have discovered that Captain does not get along with bigger dogs or intact male dogs and will initiate fights when near them. Captain loves his foster sisters (Boston Terriers) though. He appears to get along with all other dogs. If you would like to meet Captain, please call 336-339-4368.n


My name is Olive and I am a young, Tri-colored basset girl, around 4 years old. I am very healthy, I have been spayed, had all my shots, I have a microchip too! I LOVE to be around people. I will hop up in your lap and give you lots of kisses if you will let me and I just love Carolina Basset Hound Rescue those belly rubs bassets are famous for. I’m a quiet girl and I sleep all night long in my crate. Since coming into foster care I have been house trained and I play very well with my basset brothers. I don’t know about kitty cats because I don’t live with any. If you have a fenced in yard, the gates will have to be very secure because I can flip that latch and escape. I would probably be best in a home without small children because if I accidentally forgot my manners and jumped on a little one, I might knock them down and I would be so upset.

is a public ambassador for his breed, as he loves every dog that lets him love them, from the smallest Chihuahua, to the tallest Great Dane, to the furriest Great Pyrenees. Buddy has met them all, and given them each kisses. He loves children and people of all ages, is housetrained, and knows how to ‘sit’. Buddy loves car rides, but of course wants to be right next to you riding shotgun! This dog could go everywhere with his new family, and because he is a friendly fido, you would be glad to Carolina Care Bullies have him as your constant companion! Buddy is young & active, so his ideal home will be one that can give him some of the exercise he needs, or have a doggie playmate that matches his activity level. We love this guy; never was the name ‘Buddy’ more appropriate for a dog!

If you are looking for a low maintenance, loving, beautiful Basset girl please or visit n

Buddy’s adoption fee is $150. To find out more about Buddy, please email Amanda at n

Kudzu is a small


Kudzu’s adoption fee is $200. Please email or visit

– left at a grocery store with a cup of water and a broken leg. It appeared he may have been hit by a car with wounds on his back and a stiff leg that wouldn’t bend, with a possible hip dislocation. The wounds on his back are healing and the vet decided not to amputate Pegleg’s leg for now, as Almost Home Dachshund Rescue he has learned to successfully use it to walk and run and it is not causing any pain. Pegleg loves to spend time with his family. He is neutered and up-to-date with vaccinations. He tested positive for heartworms and is currently undergoing treatment. Those will be a thing of the past very soon and other than his little hind leg, which doesn’t bother him in the least, he has no known health issues. Pegleg is very sweet and loving. for more adoptable chihuahuas in NC! n

For more information on Pegleg, please visit

Chihuahua Rescue & Transport

little Chi/mix that doesn’t have a mean bone in his little body. He is approximately 2 years old. Kudzu has a little problem with balance because he had a severe neck injury when he was only 5 months old. Thankfully, he is fully recovered but cannot go down stairs. He is neutered, UTD on shots,

HW neg and on HW preventative.


August 2010

Training Your Dog

Proper Socialization by Jan Wilson


roper socialization is an essential part of a dog’s upbringing. A puppy is born into the world as a clean slate and must learn the skills that he needs to survive. The crucial socialization period in a dog’s life is between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks. This is the time when puppies should be introduced to as many positive experiences as possible. They need to meet different people, places and things. It is impossible to expose a puppy to every situation he will encounter in his life. New experiences develop the dogs coping skills. The dog learns to trust that his owner will keep him safe in all situations. This is a big responsibility for an owner! Unfortunately many owners don’t expose their puppies to different scenarios or even worse, expose them to overwhelming situations. This leads to a fearful dog that either is very shy or has aggressive tendencies in a situation he is not comfortable. Many rescue dogs have not been properly socialized. Many spent their impressionable period in shelters, backyard lots etc. These dogs need extra special attention when placed in their permanent

Let him go at his own pace, use a reward system to gain his confidence.

3 4

Know your dog’s stress signals and recognize the first signs of them.

Use extra special treats that you only give your dog when you encounter a fearful situation.

homes. Some of the signs of a fearful dog who has not been socialized are excessive barking, growling and shyness. Some dogs will “shut down” or become completely placid when exposed to a stressful situation they cannot handle. Important things to remember when exposing your dog to situations that he finds uncomfortable.


Do not become uptight yourself. The dog will immediately sense this and will act accordingly. Remember you are the leader and if you are uptight, he has every right to be.


Never force the dog to become close to the person or dog that he is fearful of.

All dogs can become more socialized with time and patience. Many may never become the confident dog they could have been, but there is always room for improvement. If your dog is having fear issues, it is important to contact a qualified trainer or behaviorist to help with your specific needs.

Jan Wilson is the owner of DogGone Fun Dog Daycare and Training located in Kernersville. She has been fostering and training dogs professionally for over ten years, teaching group classes as well as private training. She has participated in dog related activities, including Search and Rescue, Therapy dog, flyball and agility. She resides in Greensboro with her 2 dogs, Tonka and Kiwi. August 2010


Specific Breed Rescue Groups Please see contact information listed with each featured animal.

Celebrate was found run-

ning along the interstate during a snow storm. Thankfully a rescue angel stopped and picked her up and took her to a shelter. Celebrate subsequently found her way to us. Despite her past circumstances, she is blessed with those Dober qualities that we know and love Doberman Rescue of the Triad so much. She is very friendly and outgoing, she greets all as friends, she is smart, and she took to learning the doggy door without any resistance or hesitation. She’s good on a leash, fastidious in her habits, and of course doesn’t hesitate to leap up into a vehicle and ride happily along. She passed the vet’s assessment with flying colors and welcomed everyone there with Dobie kisses. Regardless of what her past experience may have been, she’s a loving, healthy, enthusiastic, happy, and grateful lady who is longing to celebrate with a new forever family. To adopt Celebrate, please call 336-621-3453. n

Flint is a 6 year old big boy – 96 lbs. He still seems to miss his old family, as he makes a round around the house every time he comes inside from being outside, as if he is looking for someone. When he doesn’t find what he is looking for, he will quietly lie down and relax near one of us. Flint is Triad Golden Retriever Rescue very intelligent, walks perfectly on a leash, is not a big barker, does not jump or chew-really a very well behaved dog. He prefers to be inside with humans rather than outside, but does fine outside. He listens well to commands, will come to his name and will go outside when I point for him to go out. Could you give Flint the permanent family that he deserves? If so, please contact us through our website,

Dot is a 7 year old love bug. She has moved to her foster home and is settling in great. Dot is very well behaved and has great house manners, no jumping or chewing. She is getting along great with the other dogs and is very respectful of cats. Dot is a typical lab and has a nice obsession with tennis balls; she loves to fetch. She is sleeping on her own dog bed. Dot is a super sweet girl who really enjoys hugs Lab Rescue of NC and pets. Dot does require thyroid medication twice daily. Don’t miss out on this sweet girl, she might be 7 but she thinks she is 5! Please contact us through our website, to find out how you can make Dot your newest family member. n


August 2010


The first nine years of Myra’s life were spent outside breeding puppies for people. Grateful that part of her life is now in the past, she is eager to be someone’s wonderful pet. Myra has plenty of energy for playing but is just as happy to relax and hang out with you. She is great on leash, does well with verbal commands and gets along with people, dogs, cats and especially young children. This beautiful girl would be a good German Shepherd Rescue & Adoptions choice for the first time German Shepherd owner or a family looking for a confident, easy going companion. To adopt Myra, please visit for contact information. n

River, a beautiful broken

coat, shorty, male Jack Russell Terrier, estimated to be 1 to 2 yrs of age, was brought to our rescue by a concerned couple who found him along side of the road. They attempted to locate River’s owner for weeks, but no one stepped forFinding Great Homes for ward. River is a great and friendly Jack Russell Terriers dog. He knows his basic obedience commands, and he gets along great with other dogs, both big and small in our rescue. He is not fond of cats so the right home for River would be cat free. River is loving and kind, he enjoys spending time in the water and he gives our kiddie pool a workout. He is very smart and is highly trainable. River has been dewormed and is neutered, microchipped and has received all of his shots, along with a heartworm test. To give River a great home, contact Robin at 336-414-1373 or email River’s adoption fee is $250.00. n


Hi! My name is Kaleb and its nice to meet you! (Could you bend down and pet me while we talk?) I love to meet people since I became a FOP dog! Foster Mom says I look like a little bear! I kinda lope around the house. You see I am blind in one eye so I don’t have the best depth perception Friends of Penny Min Pin Rescue and sometimes I tilt my head a little so I can see better (again, no problems, I just see better sometimes that way!) But I will trot right after you so that when you sit down, there I am!! If you would help me up on the couch I would love to sit right next to you or on your lap and love, love, love. I am a lover!!! At night, when Foster Mom puts me in the bed I will cuddle up right next to her as close as I can get. I’m very affectionate!!! I am a very very good boy and like to go wherever you go (good in the car too!) If you would like to meet me or get more info about me, please email my foster mom at: n

Legislation for Animal Cruelty

Triad Laws for Paws Pushing for Stricter Laws for Animal Cruelty by Ginny Wiltsey


cross the country, animal advocates work tirelessly towards change in laws related to animal cruelty and protection. Thanks to their efforts, forty-six states plus the District of Columbia currently have animal cruelty laws that carry a felony sentence. Additionally, more and more concerned citizens are stepping up to the plate to voice their support of the legal changes necessary to ensure animals have more and better protection under the law. Sadly, nothing will probably completely eradicate animal cruelty, but a community effort towards effecting changes in laws will, at least, make more perpetrators think twice. However, changes in laws regarding animal cruelty usually start at a local level and upon successful implementation, are typically borrowed by other communities until reaching the state level and finally, the federal level. Initiating change at the local level is the ultimate goal of Triad Laws for Paws (TLP), a local non-profit organization operated under the auspices of the Humane Society of the Piedmont. The program has been established a mere 5 months, but has already garnered attention at the local level in the city of High Point, Guilford County and Randolph County with the City Council members and County Commissioners alike. TLP is currently

involved in some preliminary work taking place to outline potential changes in local laws and ordinances as well as in enforcement of said laws. TLP members are part of the Guilford County and Randolph County Advisory Boards. They make suggestions and help outline local ordinances for animal cruelty legal changes.

“Ultimately, we want to be the bridge between the segment of the community that strives for major change and the segment of society that still views animals as lesser beings deserving of less humane treatment. There will always be people who do not believe laws are necessary for the protection of animals and who think animal protection laws will negatively impact businesses and industries related to animals and Triad Laws for Paws

wants to meet those people halfway. It is not our desire to make changes that will inhibit the growth of industry in the Triad and surrounding communities, but instead, to make changes that will enable local authorities to better identify, target and handle cases of animal cruelty,� said Ginny Wiltsey, Executive Director of the Humane Society of the Piedmont and Founder of the Triad Laws for Paws program. TLP is willing to work with any Triad community, city or county that desires assistance in driving change in animal cruelty laws and ordinances with the intent to improve the lives of the animals. TLP currently follows local animal cruelty court cases all the way through to the end to establish its presence, to let perpetrators know the community is not unaware of their actions and to show the community it is serious about its purpose. TLP also has a Facebook page with a diverse group of concerned citizens as Friends, from homemakers to professional people, who desire to see changes for the better in our society with regards to animal cruelty laws. The public is invited to Fan Triad Laws for Paws on Facebook to show community support for the program. If you would like to volunteer to help TLP, please contact Ginny Wiltsey at the Humane Society of the Piedmont at August 2010


A Becoming Pet

Personalized Pet Styling

• Personalized styling for all breeds of dogs • Specializing in hand-scissor finishes • Combined grooming experience of 40 years “If your pets are not becoming to you, they should be coming to us!”

Bring in this ad to receive 10% off (new clients only)

336.834.3332 | 4609-D West Market Street | Greensboro, NC

Overnight Visits Available

Your Pet Your Home Bonded and Insured • 336-706-5253

Kathy’s Grooming Boutique We pamper your furry friends. • Cat Grooming • Pet Supplies • Puppy Groom School

• Custom Cuts • Pet Bathing •S  mall Pet Boarding Current Vaccines Required

3786 Samet Drive Suite 103 High Point, NC 27265

Phone: 336.882.6818 Fax: 336.882.4307

Mention this ad for 10% discount 336-643-0516 877-711-ODOR (6367)

• Yellow/red pet stains removed • Pet odor control • Carpet repairs & restretching For more information please see our website: Professional Carpet Cleaning for 15 years 32

August 2010

Pet Stop

James Landing Veterinary Hospital, P.A.

Services for you

& your pet!

4849 W. Wendover Ave. Jamestown, NC 27282 (Corner of West Wendover & Piedmont Pkwy.)

336-852-9800 • • Full-service veterinary medical facility • P romoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care & healthrelated educational opportunities

• Provides the best possible medical, surgical & dental care • Geriatrics, Exotics • Boarding & grooming • Ask about our Pet Portals

Mon-Fri 7- 5:30, Sat 8 -12:30 Karl B Milliren, DVM Douglas R. Nabel, DVM

Carpet Cleaning (Pet Stains Removed) Grooming Services Personal Services - (including errands, house/pet sitting)

Pet & House Sitting (overnight visits available)

Weekly and twice

weekly service

R esidential and Commercial

Pooper Scooper Service

Call 312-1717 to make YOUR home a Doodie Free Zone! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Veterinary Hospital Waste Removal (pooper scooper service)

Providing Pet Sitting & Personal Services for 7 Years BONDED

Joanie Baites

336.282.3776, 336.508.5983

Services start at $15 & are performed exclusively by Joanie Baites.


Grooming Salon 708 Muirs Chapel Road Greensboro, NC 27410

336-299-2644 “Where your pet is someone special” August 2010


Specific Breed and Various Local Rescue Groups Please see contact information listed with each featured animal.

Alex Xavier

, 9 years old, 20 lbs., is very sweet and loves attention. He gets along well with other dogs, but isn’t afraid to defend himself or stand his ground if necessary. He loves to eat and can’t wait until you put his food bowl down and when he’s finished, he licks every bowl in the house and then plays stack the bowls by moving them Yorkshire Terrier Nat’l Rescue from place to place - usually piling them up in a dog bed or two. He gets along well with older children and adults, but wouldn’t be a good match for a home with young children. He doesn’t have the patience for them prodding him and trying to pick him up. He would be great in a household where someone was home all day or would only be gone an hour or two a day. He walks good on a leash and rides well in the car. Alex Xavier, Big Al, as we affectionately call him may be big, but he’s still cuddly. If you are interested in Big Al or another Yorkie rescue, contact Sandy or Bob at 299-0917.n


Mom picked me up out in the county 2 weeks ago where I had showed up and refused to leave. Mom has taught me to stay off the furniture, but can’t resist when I jump on the bed in the morning for loving with the gang. I went from a Miracles at Work Rescue country dog to a city dog real fast. I have even learned to go in and out of the doggie door this week. I live with an interesting pack; the retriever, a pit mix and a Chihuahua. We walk on a leash once a day and eat together in the kitchen. I weigh 54 pounds right now but should weigh about 10 lbs. more. She guesses I am around a year old. I would love to live with a family with bigger kids, or a young energetic person (or persons), another dog would be a real treat as I do not like to be left alone. A big fenced yard would be great! I have been neutered, and UTD on shots thanks to M@W. If you are interested in me, please call Gail Gentry on her cell at 336-708-0343 or at Gail’s Consignment Shop at 336-294-2833. n


Born about June 2009, Sierra is a pretty calico stumpy Manx. She was rescued from a hoarding situation where she spent all her time in a cage so she is much smaller than you’d expect for her age. She probably will never quite catch up, so will always be a “mini-Manx” although we hope she’ll fill out a bit and not stay a skinny mini. Sierra likes to snuggle Tailless Cat Rescue in bed at night, and also likes to play with toys. She’ll frequently come up to lay near you, but she’s not yet a lap cat. She also gets along fine with other cats. Sierra is vaccinated, vetted, wormed, spayed, microchipped and is FeLV/FIV negative.

We love happy endings! Please send us your success stories so that we can share them with our readers. or send your success stories to:

Sierra’s adoption fee is $115. Contact us at or email n

Delilah: Before & After


lthough this shy but sweet girl may always have a little “hitch-in-her get-along”, Delilah is ready for a family of her own. Delilah is a two year old Jack Russell Terrier Mix that was found in April alongside the road, in shock, after having been hit by a car. Rushed to the vet by good Samaritans, Delilah fought her way back from a broken pelvis, femur, and fibula. Puncture wounds that covered her body attest to the theory she may have been used as a bait dog. Despite the intense pain of her injuries,


August 2010

Delilah has learned that not all humans are bad and now likes nothing more than a romp with her canine friends or to take a walk around the neighborhood on her leash. Although Delilah is still a bit shy she is just waiting for that special someone to come along and spoil her rotten. Delilah has been spayed, microchipped and is current on all vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $100. Please contact the Loving Pet Inn at 336-393-0670 to arrange a meeting with your new best friend! n

April 2010


Photography by Zoe Zen Photography 336.473.4736 •, Kernersville, NC

Best neighborhood bar and restaurants in town. Both locations feature inviting patios. Well behaved pets welcome!

608 N. Elm Street

Pizza/Oven- toasted Subs/ Salads/Appetizers 14 Beers on tap

Phone: 336-275-8300 • Fax: 336-275-2013 Hrs: Mon - Sat., 11:00 am - midnight Sun. Noon - midnight Blues every Tuesday at 9:00 pm, call for band info

Phone: 336-333-3077 • Fax: 336-272-4645 Hrs: Mon - Sat, 11:00 am - 11:00 pm Sun. 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Burgers/Chicken/Wings Great beer selection, cocktails

600 N. Elm Street

Triad Happy Tails Magazine Aug10  

Guide to Shelter and Rescue Adoptions

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