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June 2014

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Arminda is Miss Gambia UK 2014


Abdul Aziz & Bintou Dixon baby naming ceremony

Fashion Ghana Models

FIFA World Cup man

Khadija Taking business beyond limits

In Gambia Pap Diouf & Wally Seck entertain

Couple Jailed for 12 years

Understanding a Lady’s Bag

In Kenya West Africans Women’s Charity Gala Night

…with stories on immigration, Who is Who in Fashion & Music, A birthday bash for Kumba Janneh-Cham in USA...

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Banjul International Airport (BIA) is state owned and is located in Yundum about 24km from Banjul, capital city of The Gambia, West Africa. The airport is operated and managed by Gambia Civil Aviation Authority. KEY FACTORS FOR CHOOSING BANJUL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT • Location - Proximity to active markets • Modern Infrastructural Development • Liberal Air Transportation Policy • Compliance with safety standards (TSA/ ICAO Certified) • Regional co-operation – Secretariat to Banjul Accord Group • Political Stability in The Gambia • One Stop Shop – GCAA manages & operates the airport • Competitive airport charges • Special incentive package for airlines INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Gambia is an investment haven and Gambia Civil Aviation Authority actively solicits partnership with potential companies and individuals who wish to engage in business at Banjul International Airport. Our vast landside area provides you with investment opportunities in real estate, bars and restaurants, shopping centres, children playground, airport hotel, fast food chain, fitness centre and many more.

CONTACT INFORMATION Gambia Civil Aviation Authority, Banjul International Airport P.O.Box 285 Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa Tel: 00220 4472831/4472893 Website: www.gcaa.aero Email: dggcaa@qanet.gm / dg@gcaa.aero / info.datrac@gcaa.aero


Jojo July 2012

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Interview @ inauguration of International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Gambian Fatou Bensouda


UK Based Arts & Cultural Entrepreneur Sir Njok Malik Diabetes & HBP in Africa

They tried to deport me Interview with Scorpions FC by TMC Jojo of 3 times

Malariais this the beginning of its end?

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Senegal’s Multi Grammy Award Winner - Who is he really?

Dec 2013

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Who is Who in Fashion


How I met my wife

Finally, you can look forward to seeing more weddings and ceremonies being featured in upcoming issues, so do contact me for your special needs.

Nigerian Investment Summit - UK

Why 50,000+ Brits visit The Gambia My Journey Gambia in the 2012 Olympics annually to Europe

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Sierra Leone Excellence Awards

Meet Faith: What a Man can do, she can do more Ugandan Trade & Investment Forum - UK

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It is a pleasure to present you yet another interesting edition of Jojo’s Mag.

I feel very much encouraged by an increase in demand from sponsors, event organizers and mail orders. So I therefore pay special tribute to all of you for continuing to be part of what will keep us publishing. However, the fact remains that I derive my motivation from you the readers. So keep up with your Facebook Likes and messages, and email feedbacks, as I remain committed to meeting your expectations. In this issue, I bring you exclusive coverage of the Miss Gambia UK Beauty Pageant, plus a mix of interesting stories which include a naming ceremony, a birthday bash, and our special insert at page 10 on referee Gassama who represents Gambia at the FIFA 2014 World Cup football finals in Brazil as a head referee.

In this issue

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Miss Gambia UK 2014

10 Khadija-Taking business beyond limits

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34 Understanding a Lady’s Bag 35 Fashion Ghana by Nana

12 Who is Who in Fashion & Entertainment 14 Ladies Page 15 Couple Jailed for 12 years 16 African Outfit 18 West Africans Gala Night in Kenya 20 New Year’s Party Gambia 2013 21 Africa Alive 22 Kumba’s Birthday Bash 24 Pap Diouf in Gambia Dec 2013 26 Abdul Aziz & Bintou’s Baby Naming Ceremony 30 Guest of the Wally Secka Show Dec 2013 32 Highlight of the Miss July 22nd Pageant

Jojo’s MAG


A profile of the Miss Gambia UK 2014 winner -

Ms. Arminda Gomez


he newly crowned Miss Gambia UK is a 23 year old lady who has been living in the UK with her parents since aged 14. Below is her personal story: I will graduate in July 2014 with a Masters degree in Forensics from the University of Kent, which is a subject that has always interested me. I would one day like to be part of a forensics response team dealing with natural disasters and major incidents in Africa. As a teenager I had developed a passion for athletics and by the age of 17 I was registered as a member of the England athletics team. However, modelling was the one talent I never gave up on despite my own personal reservations about becoming a model. I spend most of my free time at university reading, writing and falling in love with poetry. I am particularly fascinated by African history and I get my inspiration from reading about

personalities like Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah. I learned from Mandela that “Courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it�. I also learnt that education is empowering and that knowledge is a weapon that can protect us. Modelling was not the only thing that got me on stage. I have over time mustered the courage to regularly perform poetry on stage for a Christian Performing Arts Society at my University. So when I heard about the Miss Gambia UK contest, I had given it good thought before asking for the reluctant approval of my parents. The contest for me was just a fun journey, and I think it was the same for all of the other contestants, because when we joined, there were no prizes revealed then. All I knew was that I wanted to be part of making a difference. Somewhere along the line my education became a concern to those around me, especially my parents, but they continued to show their support, because they believed in me. I think they know what I really wanted, because I always consult them as my first advisers. As well as them, I would also like to thank my

friends and all those well-wishers, as it was due to them and the will of God, that I was able to achieve such success. Although I had lots and lots of encouragement, I have also heard lots of sceptical views about taking part in a beauty pageant. I think some of those negative views spurred me on to make a difference by participating. I think we as Gambians, need to step away from thinking of Miss Competitions as something negative. My personal experience from taking part in this event was very positive. I felt empowered by my fellow contestants as we have supported each other throughout the process. The people at the Miss Gambia Foundation were also very supportive and encouraging and I am truly grateful. I am aware that the judges had a difficult task in hand, but as the crowned Miss, I am committed to making the Miss Gambia UK Foundation and the whole of the Gambian community proud. I will use this opportunity to try and change the negative stereotype related to beauty contests as I know that we can take Gambian beauty and talent to greater heights.

Arminda with proud parents

All the Miss UK photos by Karlton Chambers, karlhotshots@gmail.com (0044) 0790-853-7250 Arminda with Uncle


Jojo’s MAG

Arminda Winner

Betty 1st Runner up

Jainaba 2nd Runner up










Jojo’s MAG










Casual Wear & Tribal Costumes (Photos by Karlton Chambers)

Evening Casual


Jojo’s MAG




Evening Casual


Evening Casual

The Judges at work

Some of the Guests of Miss Gambia UK Ade Daramy

Nabou Faal

Ida Cham

Jojo’s MAG


Miss Gambia UK Background Story


urpose -– The Miss Gambia Foundation (MGF) is a charitable organisation set up in September 2013 to raise funds towards good causes for the benefit of Gambians back home. The foundation aims to promotes sustainable development by supporting local charities that focus on promoting social inclusion through education, health and the environment. Our primary target beneficiaries are the needy and less fortunate. We raise funds by organising events such as, the Miss Gambia UK pageant, and fashion shows that promote Gambian and other African designers. All funds are reinvested in supporting other charities and covering the running cost of organising events. Our vision is to contribute to the promotion of the positive image of the smiling coast of Gambia. Our goal is to connect our people via networking and knowledge-sharing and to help build trust and create value and hope for the younger generation. The Event – The maiden MISS GAMBIA UK BEAUTY PAGEANT took place at the Stratford Town Hall in London on the 19th of April 2014. The event also marked the official launching of the foundation. The purpose of the pageant is to showcase Gambian beauty in its entirety, which includes fashion, music and Culture. It was also an opportune platform to showcase businesses that are making contributions towards promoting Gambia. There were a good selection of SeneGambian musicians such as Mame Balla Diouf, Surra Susso and some of the hottest DJ’s in the UK who performed and entertained the crowd throughout the night. Key Players – The MGF team consists of professionals with experience from the fashion, accountancy, engineering, graphic design, media and event planning fields. They all shared the same passion and commitment to promoting Gambian beauty and culture. We believe that a Miss Gambia UK Queen can stand out and serve as a goodwill ambassador for the entire African continent by being a focal point representing a unique voice for the empowerment of women and disadvantaged children in Africa.

List of key players: • Mrs. Adama Manneh-Sey: The Foundation is the brainchild of Adama, a wife, mother, finance professional, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. She was educated from high school to post graduate level in the UK, and she is on the verge of completing a master’s Oumie Taal


Jojo’s MAG

Jainaba Chune (2nd runner up)

degree next year. • George Gomez, our mentor was the chief judge of the event. He is also the chairman of the committee regulating the film, fashion and beauty pageant events in the Gambia. • Nabou Faal was the main host. She is an office manager and has been the lead coordinator and mentor of the contestants. • Ida Cham is a trainee TV presenter and a media student in university. This was her debut as a host. • Ade Daramy is a TV Presenter, magazine editor, host and a radio broadcaster. Ade has been in the media industry for over 20 years. His experiences and knowledge made a huge difference to the team. • Ousman Touray is a civil engineer, entrepreneur and events Promoter/ Socialite. He is CEO of the first and biggest web-based promoter of Gambian Music (Gam Music House). Ousman was responsible for the webbased promotion of the event. • Hassim Tabbal a DJ for over ten years was responsible for the entertainment. He currently has two social media promotional pages with over 10 thousand Facebook followers. • Amie Joof is a top Model and a beauty queen. She was our back stage coordinator. • Andrew Dressie is a graphic designer. He designed all our flyers, invitations and tickets for the event. Sponsors: The event was proudly sponsored by SUPERSONICZ money transfer. Their contribution to the Gambian community in the UK through sponsorship schemes has to be commended as they are an excellent example of an establishment that gives back to the community. Other sponsors: Stuart Karatas Solicitors; SASS for the goody bags; Trendymakeover for the make-up needs of the whole team; TARA DeSigns exclusively sponsored the Tribal and Modern African wear for all the contestants; Monica’s Salon and Maighty Hair styled the contestants hair, and Unique Events decorated the venue. Judges for the event were – George Gomez (Chief Judge), Njok Malick Jeng (Founder Yaram Arts), Jojoh TambedouJobarteh (Owner Jojo’s Mag), Gina Manneh (International Gambian Top Model) and Fatou Cham (Ex Tesco Model, a Fashionista and stylist). According to chief judge Uncle George,

Ndey Anna Sumbundu

Betty Njie (1st runner up)

“Deciding a beauty pageant is one of the most difficult things to do as it is not about deciding between good and bad, instead you are tasked with deciding between the best. Beauty is not just about looks, the best outfit or a crowd pleaser. Judges are bound by more than a cheering crowd, or an outspoken pageant. It is the whole of a person they are usually looking for. All the contestants were outstanding, but at the end of the day we had come up with a winner. ” What were the challenges? Our main challenges were finding and retaining contestants. We started with 12 contestants which went down to 6 by the event date. However, despite the external pressures from their friends and families, the girls fought it through to the end and we were very proud of our final 6 contestants. They are all winners in our eyes. According to the lead organiser, “It was a very challenging job but we managed to achieve our goals. I think what actually kept us going on, was the fact that we were collectively very committed to the idea, and I am personally proud of every member of the team.” A word about the contestants – The contestants were all dynamic and phenomenal young Gambians ladies based in the UK, who are well educated, ambitious and determined to be successful in their chosen career paths. They all share the same passion and love for Gambia and were motivated by the idea of promoting Gambian culture and raising funds towards good causes. Prizes for the winners included £1,000 cash, an air ticket to Gambia, 1 year modelling contract, brand ambassador, restaurant vouchers, goody bags and many more surprises. The crowned Miss Gambia UK 2014, Arminda, showcased her talent, intelligence, grace, charm, poise, beauty and we are sure she is a good choice who will make a good brand ambassador capable of promoting the authentic culture of Gambia as ‘the smiling coast of West Africa’. We intend to have the Miss Gambia UK beauty pageant as an annual event and we hope to make it bigger and better year on year. We hope to attract more sponsors and expect more people from the community to come out in their numbers and support the Foundation events. This is a share responsibility and together we can all make a difference. We would like to thank all our sponsors once more, and the support staff which include the ushers, the backstage team, bar and door staff, without whom it could be challenging to deliver. Fatou Cham

Arminda Gomez (Winner)

Jojo’s MAG


Who is Who in Business-

Mrs. Khadija Wadda-Ngum: Taking business beyond limits


sk Khadija Ngum for selfdescription, and what you get is a Business-lady, Mother and Wife. (B.M.W.) She is a woman of substance, a strong and far-sighted humble lady who blends vision, passion, family values and motherhood to reach higher heights. She is a business woman who is not afraid to try and achieve what would have been unachievable for many people. Khadija had a very simple and humble beginning. She attended St. Joseph’s High School in Banjul. Upon graduation with a high school certificate, she worked with both the then B.I.C.I. Bank and Gambia Commercial Bank before proceeding to the US to study Business Management in Syracuse, New York. From Syracuse, she went to the UK to study accounting (AAT and then ACCA). Halfway into the ACCA, Khadija’s strong family values kicked in. ‘I had to curtail my studies to join my

husband, who secured an Executive Director’s post with an International NGO in Dakar, then moved to Kenya’, she says. Yes Khadija was in Kenya principally to join her husband, but being the natural business lady she has always been, not even her new home away from home could put her off her passion and natural expertise. In Kenya, she started a business with a Kenyan lady. The business chain included a safari (tour) company, an exotic seafood import for 5* hotels/Restaurants in Kenya, and an African handmade export to the UK. Everything was working as planned but then Kenya plunged into post-election violence in 2007/08. ‘That violence affected most businesses in Kenya and we had to close down’, she laments. After paying off her Kenyan partner at the end of that challenge, Khadija took on another challenge back home. In December 2011, she used the remaining stock and her share of the funds from Kenya to open Boutique lu Pirr (the pure shop) in the Gambia. Today, Boutique lu Pirr and Icey Wonderland are both registered and trading under her company, NG SUPPLIES LTD. This is a family business, which currently employs 26 people on a full-time basis, with one on casual basis. Business in The Gambia, like many other countries, can be very challenging. But Khadija is upbeat and enjoys every second of it. ‘I am a seasoned business lady considering that I have done business in different

countries worldwide and I do understand the business laws, work ethics and customer service. With broad global experience, I structure my businesses to ensure full compliance with legal frameworks in any country’, says Khadija. Her biggest challenge: Staff training. ‘Due to my frequent travels, I’m unable to conduct all the trainings I’d have loved to conduct for my staff and securing the right expertise to do so on my behalf remains a huge challenge, although current staff uptake of progressive training is very encouraging.’ Despite her hectic work schedules at Boutique lu Pirr and Icey Wonderland, Khadija spends her time between The Gambia and Kenya primarily, with business trips to other cities and occasional visits to her kids in the UK. ‘Even though we generate most of our resources abroad, as Gambians, we decided that its best to invest in our own country, employ Gambians and focus the next phase of business development home. That in itself gives one a great sense of pride.’ Khadija attributes her success to a strong commitment to family and family values. A belief in hard work, with high self-esteem and discipline. Critical to success is also a firm grip on the finances in a manner that allows for a clear separation of one’s personal and daily life costs from business resources. Final words: Have faith, Stay the course, Be patient, Work smart, not hard. “Let money work for you. Do not work for money”.


Gambia makes it to the Brazil World Cup


sually when you talk about the World Cup football, you thinking about the players, but there is another independent team of players representing countries whose role are very vital to the outcome of the game: the Referees. For the first time the Gambia will be represent at the FIFA world cup in the person of referee Bakary Papa Gassama, a 34 year old who is one of 4 African head referees selected to officiate the 2014 FIFA World CUP. Gassama was made a FIFA referee in 2007 and has since overseen several international matches.

What is a FIFA referee? According to one sporting website: While referees at all competition levels (local, national, international) are associated with FIFA, only those that have achieved the highest qualification level can officiate in international FIFA matches. All referees affiliated with FIFA have a designated grade and must advance in grade in order to referee higher level matches. Referees generally begin as Grade 8, except for candidates younger than 15 years old, who begin as Grade 9. Only Grade 1 referees

10 Jojo’s MAG

can serve as head referee on formal international matches. A Grade 1 International referee must be 25 years old, can officiate all World Cup and international matches as the head referee. A Grade 2 International Assistant Referee specialist must be 25 years old, and assists a Grade 1 referees on international matches. The 26 Grade 1 head referees selected for the 2014 FIFA World Cup are the few that have survived the rigorous process. Each head referee will lead a team of 3, including two assistant referee/ linesmen. To put referee Gassama’s success into perspective, for example, of the 80,000 referees in the United States with a population of over 300 million, there are only 7 head referees from the USA on the FIFA men’s list, and only 1has made it to the World Cup. Jojo’s Mag is proud to share referee Gassama’s achievements for being someone representing a nation of less that 2 million people.

Jojo’s MAG 11

Who is Who in Fashion & Entertainment


Rap Artiste/Music Producer/Deejay Ceo and Creative Director of The Block Entertainment Studio. Background – My name is Mo Hawk aka Rap Khalifa and my Game is music. Music has taught me a lot. My top priorities right now are my sound engineering projects, the recording and release of my new album and most importantly looking after my baby son, Mustapha, born in 2012. I am currently studying sound engineering at Birmingham Metropolitan College specializing in Sound Technology, Engineering and Sonic Design. These two big steps in my life for can be simply defined as Responsibility! And that responsibility is to my dear wife, my music and the audience that listen to me. Sound engineering involves mastering the art of sound in a studio setting, at live performances and other large space and arena settings. It entails gaining practical skills and experience of creating scores for movies, and how to read music and acoustic treatments. My new album was made by infusing new techniques and technologies to produce sounds that are familiar to the Gambian audience but were produced using the technology developed and programmed in the west. Objective – Music is always evolving and I am learning every day. My aim is to contribute to the quality production of Gambian music. I love producing music, promoting unknown artists and collaborating with other musicians. nterests – I really enjoy making music and spending time with my family. It would be impossible for me to give up music and music production because it’s something that makes me who I am today. My kind of music/lyrics are based on social issues going back to the beginning of rap in the Gambia in 1997. Achievements – I have worked with many artists from Gambia, Senegal, and with Canadian international rapper called George Reefah in my first album (Rap Khalifa). In May 2014, the Hush Awards in Birmingham awarded me a community development and youth empowerment award. I would like to be remembered as a great rapper/producer and someone that has contributed a lot to the development of Gambian music.

12 Jojo’s MAG


Photo: Simon Klyne


Runway Supermodel, Winner of Miss Ankara Festival BEN 2013 TV (UK) Background – Aduni is of Nigerian origin. She grew up in North West London near Abbey Road, St. John’s Wood. Objective – I am a full time runway model. I walk in couture shows, fashion weeks, model for photo shoots and music videos. The most exciting part of my modeling is working with top designers, photographers as well as stylists for hair. I aim to continue to model in high fashion internationally and on an increasingly greater level. Interests – I am interested in Capoeira, which is Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, as well as swimming for relaxation. I also attend regular fitness classes. My role models include Cara Delevinge, Naomia Campbell, Lupita N’yong and Tyra Banks and Iman. I am passionate about fashion and enjoy reading about the latest trends and styles. “I hope to continue doing what I love.” Achievements – I am the current winner of Miss Ankara Festival, Best Model at the BEN TV Ankara FestivalLast year I ran my own Radio Show on fashion insights, industry interviews and topical debates. I have worked with international designers from 8 Fashion WeeksIn the past, I have modelled in music videos of artists.

Accountant/Model Background – I was born, brought up and educated to high school level in the Gambia. I now live abroad, working with WHAT’S ON UK MEDIA. Being head of their accounts department is a very difficult task. My job entails so many things. I also do some charity work with positive runway global catwalk, working with people infected with HIV/AIDS. They sensitize people to stop the spread of the Virus through fashion shows and music. As young people are more into fashion and music, we channel our messages through that angle Interests – my interest is fashion. I love fashion but I am not obsessed with it. Don’t get me wrong. I got to get my priorities right, being a mother is my first priority. The rest follows. Achievements – I have achieved a lot in the modeling industry within a short period. In 2013 I was a BEFFTA nominee for the category of UK best female model. I was made the face of MINK makeup. In 2014 I was a finalist at the Top Model of Colour season 8. Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself? I have a long way to go in terms of achieving things. I have conquered lots of things that I never thought of achieving. Most of the credit will definitely go to my family as they have been going through the ups and downs with me. I spend my spare time with my 7 year old son Mustapha. He sees how hard mummy works and he appreciates me a lot. He is the best placed person who sees my happy and unhappy moments. Thanks to everyone who works with me behind the scenes, making things look so easy like a walk I the park.

• Jamil Trawally is an experienced Gambian Solicitor in the United Kingdom • Over 12 years experience in Immigration Law and Practice • Experts in Entry Clearance Applications from the Gambia, Senegal and abroad We can help you in all aspects of your visa applications from the Gambia and your in-country application 1. If you are a student and wish to come to the United Kingdom for studies, we can help you obtain your visa. 2. If you are refused a student visa, we can help you in your application for Administrative Review 3. If you are married to a British citizen or someone settled in the United Kingdom, we can help you join your settled spouse in the United Kingdom 4. If you are refused a visa for settlement as a result of your marriage to your settled spouse in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your appeal 5. If you are married to a refugee in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your application to join your spouse in the United Kingdom 6. If you want to visit the United Kingdom, we can advise and represent you with your application 7. If you are under 18 years old and your parents are settled in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your entry clearance application to join your parents in the United Kingdom. 8. If you were born in the United Kingdom and at the time of birth one of your parents is settled in the United Kingdom, we can help you with your application for British citizenship. 9. If your family members are being deported or removed from the United Kingdom, we can help. 10. If you are refused leave to remain in the United Kingdom, we can help 11. If you are an asylum seeker in the UK we can help you with your asylum application and appeal For all your Immigration Problems contact Mr Jamil Trawally who is an experienced Immigration Solicitor. Our contact Details are: Stuart Karatas Solicitors 285 Fore Street Edmonton London N9 0PD Tel: 02088871360 Fax: 02088871370 Mobile:07727630428 Email:j.trawally@sk-solicitors.com Jojo’s MAG 13


14 Jojo’s MAG

Immigration Stories 1. Did you pack your own luggage? The answer for me was a resounding “yes” when the Immigration officer asked me the question at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Don’t think that I am trying to scare you, because this is my true story and I hope you learn from it. Failing to double check my luggage cost me three days at the Airport. When I was answering the immigration officer’s questions, I had completely forgotten about the envelope that was given to me on the night before my departure to take to someone I know back in Europe which was tucked in the side pocket of my suitcase. In it they had found an American passport that was reported lost. You can just imagine what I had to go through, worst of, I could not reach either of the parties on the outside to verify my story. I was left at the mercy of the Immigration officers. After days of grueling at the airport, I was let go while they continue to investigate. So next time someone gives you something to carry on a flight, make sure you properly inspect it. A lesson learned.

2. Couple jailed for 12 years As reported by several international news sources, a Gambian couple who have lived in Spain for over 20 years were sentenced to 12 years in jail in May 2013, for the circumcision of their two daughters, a practice known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). In what is believed to be the toughest sentence for such an offence in Europe so far, the couple, Binta and her husband Sekou, were sentenced to six years for each crime against their daughters aged 6 and 11. The Provincial Court in Barcelona ruled that the parents were criminally responsible for the clitoridectomy performed on both their daughters, stating that “The couple deliberately mutilated their young daughters either directly or through a

person of unknown identity.” The judges upheld that “Female circumcision is not a culture. It is mutilation and discrimination against women.” The Courts however noted the “inevitable clash of cultures” that occurs with migration but said: “Respect for cultural traditions must be limited against the respect for human rights as universally recognised.” The acts were believed to have been carried out in Spain between July 2010 and January 2011. But the parents argued that the girls may have been mutilated in 2007 by their relatives during holidays in Gambia. This was not believed, because according to the doctor’s report, when the girls were examined in July 2010, they were not cut, but in January 2011 it was discovered that they had undergone FGM, strongly suggestion it must have must have occurred on Spanish soil and not during their visit to Gambia in 2007. The parents confirmed that the family had not travelled from Spain to Gambia since 2009 but denied knowledge of their daughters having undergone any procedure. The mother insisted that she was not aware that such a practice was illegal in Spain while the father insisted that he was against the practice. Despite not knowing exactly when or who carried out the procedures, the Court concluded that it must have been done with the knowledge of the parents.

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16 Jojo’s MAG

Jojo’s MAG 17


“Commitment to Charity”

The West African Women’s Trust Fund Annual Gala Night is both a fundraising event and an opportunity for West African expat community in Kenya to share their culture with their host country and friends. The event has become a much looked forward to annual cultural exchange soiree celebrated with food, dance and the showcasing of West African fashion.

1. Supported 13 students to attend the following Kenyan Schools

Mission: To raise funds to support the less privileged segments of society with a focus on young girls and children, while sharing the West African culture with our host country. This is achieved through ongoing fundraising activities which include an annual Gala night, the Alliance Girls High School Dinner Dance, Family Fun Day, Auctions, Funfair and Raffle draws.


The Junior Shelter at Gachie


Dr. Barnado Children’s Home

Background: The Trust was initiated seventeen years ago, during which period it has supported and made a huge difference in the lives of many needy people in diverse ways. Activities: The main focus of the group is to contribute to the educational achievement of girls and underprivileged children and to mak donations to schools in need. Some of the group’s activities include the following:

18 Jojo’s MAG


New Dawn Secondary School


Naivasha High Secondary School

iii. Narok University iv. Mount Kenya University 2. Donations made to

iii. Kibarage Goodnews Centre iv. Taraja home v.

The National Famine Relief Fund

vi. Mathare Children’s home vii. Good Samaritan Children’s home viii. Mama Fatuma Goodwill Children’s home ix. Sr. Mary Jerome SABS Adoration Convent x.

Nairobi Muslim Welfare group

xi. Crisis Pregnancy Ministries xii. Slum Outreach Ministries International

MAJOR PROJECTS • Completed – a four classroom block costing about ksh 1.5 million (£10,200/$17,000) in the Mashimoni area of Kibera slums. This project was inaugurated last year, and officially handed over to the Slum Outreach Ministry in Kibera. • Planned – identified and agreed to assist a school in the sprawling Githogoro Slums in the following areas: a) Sanitation Facilities b) temporary classrooms; c) completion of an unfinished office structure; d) Fencing of the school with iron sheets and timber. Estimated cost for the project is Ksh 1.837.912 (£13,000 or US $21,000). The Trust is committed to continue its scholarship program which has been made possible for the past several years with the support of its sponsors and donors. “We trust that with the help of everybody here present, we should be able to make this feasible.”


“Commitment to Charity”

P.O Box 1683-00606 Nairobi Telephone: (+254)0720 797832 / 0702 875117 Email: westafricanwomentrust@gmail.com

“Commitment to Charity”

Jojo’s MAG 19

New Year’s Party in Gambia-2013 (Photos by Siaka)

20 Jojo’s MAG




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!!%!$!  !!#%"#$!!!


Africa Alive

Jojo’s MAG 21

Kumba Janneh-Cham Birthday Bash in USA

22 Jojo’s MAG

Jojo’s MAG 23

Pap Diouf in Banjul Dec 2013 -courtesy of Aziz Corr & Ndene (Photos by Siaka)

24 Jojo’s MAG

Jojo’s MAG 25

Abdul Aziz & Bintou’s Baby Naming Ceremony

26 Jojo’s MAG

Jojo’s MAG 27

28 Jojo’s MAG

Jojo’s MAG 29

Guest of the Wally Secka Show in Gambia Dec 2013 (Photos by Siaka)

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Highlight of the Miss July 22nd & Queen of Companies 2013 Beauty Pageant Competitions Miss 22nd July Beauty pageant is a government sponsored event aimed at promoting free education for girls in The Gambia. The event was coordinated by the ministry of Senior Secondary Education and the ministry of Tourism & Culture. The Queen of Companies event was organised by Glamorous Models Africa Modelling Agency, to help promote Gambia’s Businesses nationally and internationally. (Produced by William Brown, the Director of Glamorous Models Africa Modelling Agency).

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Sky High were winners of Queen of Companies 2013 Beauty Pageant



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What does your Ladies Bag say about you? By Aodmin Zoki


ne thing that women love as much as their shoes is their handbag. A good handbag can complete an outfit and showcase a personality better than any other accessory that is available on the market today. With the hundreds of options that are available, it may be difficult to decide which style is right for you. When making this decision, keep in mind that your purse has the ability to tell your story. Your purse’s style, colour and design showcase your personality and present that personality to the world. But, how do you know what your purse is saying? By looking more closely at the handbags that we carry on a daily basis, this question may be answered easily. So, go ahead and take a long look at that handbag that is sitting beside you or tucked away in that desk drawer. Chances are that handy companion is secretly sharing some secrets about its owner that you should be aware of.

By carrying a Tote, you probably like to stay prepared and carry a little bit of everything in your purse. You have been known to pull some pretty obscure things out of that bag. Kind of like Mary Poppins, without the umbrella because it is in your bag!

With a Hobo purse, you are a bit carefree and don’t have very many expectations out of life at the moment. Your main goal is to enjoy life and have a little bit of fun along the way.

A clutch is for the more glamorous woman. You take care of your looks and probably never have a hair out of place. Diet and exercise are very important to you and you also keep your figure in check.

The Bowler shows that you have a wonderful sense of humour, but you like to be in charge of many things as well. You laugh easily and find humour in many different circumstances. Your personality is a bit different from others around you, and you love people who can make you laugh.

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The cross body purse is usually carried by a woman who loves comfort. You don’t feel the need to carry extra items in your purse, and enjoy the appearance of being practical and resourceful.

The Satchel purse showcases your power as a leader. No matter the industry that you work in, you are probably known as a little hard ho do not have kids yet, or do not wish to have them.

A backpack showcases a desire for the outdoors and mobility is something that you have, you are probably sporting this style of handbag. This style is great for stashing those granola bars and snacks that you take on your hiking trips.

By carrying the oversized designer bag, you love the latest trends in the fashion market and are always looking for the next great thing to add to your wardrobe. You love shopping and your closet shows it.

More than likely, even if you find yourself changing purses constantly, you will still find yourself choosing certain styles over others. This habit allows your personality to be showcased even in the instance of change. In some ways, your purse is a bit of yourself that you carry around with you, everywhere that you go. Your handbag can showcase a multitude of things about you. Some women even attempt to carry certain handbags with the intent of hiding their true personality. However, you should always be yourself and carry a handbag that fits your personality and your own individual style. These handbag options each come with a variety of price tags, colour options and designer labels. There is not a wrong purse to carry, but you should be aware of the image that you are displaying with your handbag selection. For those of us who love designer handbags, you can save a bit of money by purchasing wholesale purses. There are many places online that you can find wholesale purses and shopping for them is very simple. By purchasing wholesale purses, you will be able to save a great deal of money over the same handbag in a department store. You will also have the opportunity to see more of the options that are available to you. When choosing your purse, remember that a piece of yourself is being placed into the selection of the handbag. Depending on the style, colour, shape and size of the handbag that you choose, people will naturally view your personality one way or another. Be sure that you are putting your best face forward and choosing a handbag that best showcases your individuality and personality.

Fashion Ghana by Nana

Photographer: Ayite Hammand Director: Nana Tamakloe Styling: Nana Tamakloe Clothes: d’Shaft O & Hi-Tek Beads Models: Ama @ Confidence & Celestine @ Confidence Location: Accra, Ghana

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