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Heat Exchanger Service B.V. | Kon. Wilhelminahaven ZZ 25 | 3134 KG Vlaardingen | The Netherlands Tel: +31(0)10 248 58 00 | E-mail: | Web:

Introduction Heat Exchanger Service BV (HES) is a division of J. de Jonge flowsystems. HES is founded in 1996, which is specialized in the repair, design and new manufacturing of all types of shell- and tube heat exchangers, airfin coolers and pressure vessels. We can handle a great variety of materials and equipment sizes up to approx. 4 metres in diameter and 60 metric tons in weight. Our highly skilled employees are able to execute your order fast and accurate in our well equiped workshop, all according client’s requirements, specifications and governing regulations. We are unmatched and renowned by our customers as a manufacturer of pressure equipment, offering the best tailor made products, to be delivered within the agreed delivery time.

“Topquality and service”

Heat Exchanger Service is part of:

Our markets • • • •

Refining Petrochemical and Chemical Industries Power generation Off-shore

Our strengths • • • • • • •

Highly skilled and dedicated employees Ultimate factory routing, carefully layed out on a production area of 3500 m2 Well equipment factory with a.o. robotized expanding and welding machines and other CNC CAD controlled drilling, milling and welding machines Availability of Off-shore and On-site intervention teams Mobile workshop for on-site interventions The ability to maintain good relationships with our customers and attract new customers Flexible approach, fast response on ask and demands of our customers, room for adaption of our production process possible

Certification/Organization Quality Assurance and Safety are two aspects which require our attention at all times during execution of your orders. Our company is ISO 9001, VCA and ASME certified, which means that work preparation, protocols, administration and logistics are all incorporated in this quality assurance system. Also environmental matters is hereby taken into account. Certified for : • NEN-EN ISO 9001 • VCA ** Petrochemical • ASME U-STAMP • ASME R-STAMP

Product range HES is able to manufacture and / or repair parts of Shell & Tube heat exchangers and other pressure equipment for our end users. Some of our products are: Shell • • • • • • • •

& Tube heat exchangers, such as: Reboilers Preheaters Condensors Falling film evaporators Double pipe exchangers Waste heat boilers Sulphur condensors Tank heaters

• • • • • •

Airfincoolers Aircoolers Small vessels and drums Combustion chambers Strainers Filters

Design and manufacturing HES have all the disciplines and experience in house, imperative for the design and manufacturing of all types of Shell & Tube Heat exchangers, airfincoolers and pressure vessels.We are able to run thermal ratings in order to size the exchangers, execute mechanical ratings with state of the art software according following design codes : • • • • • • • • •

ASME VIII Div. 1 & 2 EN13445 PED (97/23/EC) RToD (Dutch Boiler code) BS 5500 CODAP API 660 / 661 TEMA RCB EUROCODES

Repair As no one else HES realizes the importance of short delivery times during plant shutdowns and well repaired parts of Shell & Tube heat exchangers for our end users. The availability of our big bundle sawing machine, on which we can handle bundle diameters up to 2100 mm, makes it possible to reduce retubing times significantly; as a result of that, HES is able to handle approx. 4000 - 5000 tubes a week. Repair of tube bundles during shutdowns will be executed within the requested delivery time, quality and safety requirements. If imperative, round the clock periods are incorporated for delivery of the equipment in time.

On-site/Offshore The availability of our intervention team and our mobile workshop makes it possible to execute partly or whole retubings on-site, removal of tubes which are subject to inspection, plug-off leaking or damaged tubes, re-expanding or welding of existing tubes. Mentioned works can be executed both on-site or off-shore.

Materials Carbon steel S235JRG2 P265GH P295GH P355NL1/NL2/NH A516 Gr. 60/65/70 A-105N A-106 Gr.B A-333 Gr. 6 A-179 A-334 Gr. 6 P235GH TC1 Low alloy carbon steel 16 Mo 3 12 CrMo19 5 V 13 CrMo 45 A-387 Gr. 5/11/12/21/22 A-182 F1/2/11/12/21/22

Non-ferro UNS C36500 UNS C44300 UNS C46400 UNS C68700 UNS C63000 UNS C70600 UNS C71500 Nickel based alloys UNS N08825 UNS N06625 UNS N06022 UNS N06455 UNS N08028 UNS N10276 UNS N04400 Titanium SB-338 Gr. SB-338 Gr. SB-338 Gr. SB-265 Gr. SB-265 Gr.

1 2 7 1 2

Stainless steel Tp 304(L) Tp 316(L) Tp 321 Tp 347 Tp 309(S) Tp 310(S) Tp 410(S) Tp 904(L) UNS UNS UNS UNS UNS

S31803 S32205 S32750 S32760 S31254

Capability General capability of HES: - Crane capacity - Diameter - Welding capacity - Office - Manufacturing area

Vertical Lathe (CNC)

Maximum turning diameter Maximum workpiece weight

Center Lathe (CNC)

Maximum turning diameter Maximum workpiece weight

Machining centre (CNC) X-axis Y-axis Z-axis Maximum workpiece weight

Portal milling machine (CNC) X-axis V-axis Z-axis Maximum workpiece weight

60 Ton, heavier on request From 100 up to 4000 mm From 5 up to 60 mm 1500m² 4000m² 5680 mm 35 Ton 1255 mm 10 Ton 9000 mm 2500 mm 1500 mm 25 Ton 3950 mm 2150 mm 700 mm 10.5 Ton

Transport HES has it’s premises in the center of Rotterdam’s industry, directly located at the sea harbour of Vlaardingen. This makes it possible for horizontal transports of the equipment both over roads, as well as over water; the latter for the heavier and bigger exchangers.

HES Brochure 2012-3  

Heat Exchanger Service brochure A short summary of the department and services Heat Exchanger Services offers. Heat Exchangers, Airfincool...

HES Brochure 2012-3  

Heat Exchanger Service brochure A short summary of the department and services Heat Exchanger Services offers. Heat Exchangers, Airfincool...