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Ropes, Boats & Ruach April 2014

FROM TERRI’S OFFICE WINDOW On the last day of camp each season, the campers and staff are all in tears because they have to leave each other until next summer. Me? I don’t feel sad. Why? First, everyone went home safe and sound. Your children are my children for a piece of each summer, and keeping them healthy and happy while they are with me is my job description and my mission. Second, I get to look forward to seeing everyone during the winter. Whether we meet at a bowling alley, a JCC, someone’s home or the grocery store, I get to see my campers all year long. states in its vision, “Summers at Jewish overnight camp turn Jewish youth into Mostly, though, I am not sad because I spirited and engaged Jewish adults, know we did great work at Sabra. We laying the groundwork for strong Jewish lived the words of the V’Ahavta and “taught diligently unto our children.” We communities.” I would say that at Camp offered hundreds of children from all over Sabra, we create a joyous and kind the country (and abroad) the opportunity Jewish Community. to flourish independently, build an As the spring (finally) arrives, I am getting extended family that will last a lifetime, excited for another Sabra summer. I get and create a community for themselves. to see the staff and campers celebrate their Judaism in our joyous, Camp Sabra As Director, my vision for Camp Sabra style. I get to see new campers find the is that we create a kind community. magic for the first time. And, I get to I watch the staff come together as a watch kindness blossom in each member kind community to teach and play with of our community, in our happy Camp children. I watch campers lift our spirits to the highest level of kindness by loving, home. celebrating, and laughing with each other. The Foundation for Jewish Camp


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Contact Camp Sabra 314-442-3180 Sabra and Hawthorn Alumni

NEW CAMP STORE OPENING SOON! We are so excited to announce that we have a brand new Camp Sabra Online Gear Store about to open. We have been asking campers, staff and parents for items they think people will want. We KNOW you’re going to love it! What do you think we should call it? Come up with a creative name for our online store and the winner can pick an item of his/her choice when the Gear Store officially opens. You can submit as many new names as you’d like. The contest is open to campers and parents! Email your online store names to by April 15.

A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR (A.K.A. THE MEDICAL CORNER) GREAT REMINDER: Please be sure to send sunscreen and bug spray!! We are an outdoor camp!! TERRI GROSSMAN, Director

BEN PANET, Assistant Director

KIM HOLTZMAN-SLOAN, Assistant Director

BEBE MORGAN, Registrar

TODD WITZMAN, Caretaker and Facilities Manager

DIANE BUCHANAN, Transportation Director

Mission of Sabra

Camp Sabra will be the premier Jewish resident camp in North America building upon our rich traditions which began in 1938. Sabra is a magical community that fosters life-long friendships, Jewish identity, and encourages social and physical growth. Camp Sabra provides a fun and safe environment with highly qualified staff and excellent facilities.

The mission will be accomplished by: recruitment and retention of quality personnel providing and maintaining the best physical facilities which will enhance the overall camping experience development of innovative programs which will meet the needs of the camp population

Medical forms – Your child’s medical form is due to us by May 1st. Note that the forms require a doctor’s signature and a physical exam dated after 9/1/2012. The form is available for you to download via your CampInTouch account. In case of illness or emergency, this is critical information for our medical staff. Your child’s health and welfare is our highest priority; please help us by getting this form in on time.

CampRX – If your child takes daily medications of any kind, Camp Sabra requires that you use CampRx (an online pharmacy). CampRx will bubble pack each medication with name/medicine/dosage/time of distribution on it – this allows us to be sure that your child, and hundreds of other children, get their meds on time. If your child needs an inhaler, is on growth hormone or another injectable, please contact the Director at 314-442-3180 – you will not need to go through CampRx. Camp Sabra Screen-Free Technology Policy (NEW IN 2014)  Camp Sabra will become a screen-free environment in 2014! The only electronics that will be allowed are screen-less music players (e.g. iPod shuffles, CD players) and digital cameras. All other music players, ebook readers, portable game devices, and video players should remain at home. CLICK HERE to see full policy attached to email


Introducing….your Ayelet Unit Head! What is your full name? Danielle Victoria Trainis What school do you attend? I am about to graduate from Canterbury Christ Church University, and will be heading to University of Nottingham for my Masters degree this September! How many years have you been at camp? 3 years What do you love about Sabra? I love that I feel like Camp Sabra is my home even though I live in a different country What is your favorite Disney Character and why? Ariel, the Little Mermaid because she has beautiful red hair, an amazing singing voice, and ends up with her gorgeous Prince Eric and his Old English Sheepdog Max! Introducing…..your Golan Unit Head! What is your full name? Jared Nathaniel Williams Where do you go to school? I attend the University of Tennessee How many years have you been to Camp Sabra? This will be my second year at camp. Who is your favorite Disney Character and why? My favorite Disney Character is Tigger. Because Tigger is wonderful, he’s made of rubber and springs, he’s super bouncy, and lots of fun. What do you love most about Camp Sabra? I love meeting people from all over the world that bring their distinct personalities and cultures to camp. Also the water slide, that is a lot of fun too!

PANET PRESENTS… IT’S WEEKEND RETREAT TIME We are making improvements at AT CAMP SABRA Camp Sabra every day! Here is Ben Panet with what is new at Camp Sabra! (To be read in one long breath)… new tennis nets, soccer nets, soccer balls, footballs, Frisbees, baseball, baseball bats, tennis rackets, paddle boards, sail boats, archery targets, TWO NEW ROPES ELEMENTS, basketball net at the pool, water mat (think hammock village on the water), hammocks, ropes equipment, kneeboards, lifejackets, wakeboards + bindings, kids learner skis, inflatable water toy for swim docks, and MUCH MORE!

Who says kids should have all the fun! Parents, now is the time to sign up for Dad and I Weekend or Family Weekend at Camp Sabra! It’s an allinclusive! Come experience camp with your kids. Great introduction for first-time campers! The dates are: Dad and I May 16-18 Family Weekend May 23-26 Labor Day Weekend Aug 29-Sept 1 To find out more about the retreat weekends, click HERE or email Ben Panet:

ASK A FORMER HAIRY-CHESTED MAN Jordan, an Older Golanie last summer, answers some questions that new campers want to know about. Are there sharks in the lake? What if I don’t want to swim in the lake? Will I want to swim in the lake? Answer: There are no sharks in the lake but there are a lot of fish.  Sometimes the fish will pop up and tickle your feet. If you don’t want to swim in the lake, that’s ok! There are lots of other activities at Sabra. If you like water activities there is a pool if you don’t want to swim in the lake. You will want to swim in the lake, though – the lake is home to the most fun activities at Sabra. There is sailing, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, regular paddle boarding, skinning, tubing, wake boarding, knee boarding, there is a giant water slide going into a lake, and there is a trampoline over the lake.   What if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? Answer: There aren’t bathrooms in the cabins, but the bath house is really close to the cabin. There are also street lights outside of the cabins so you can see where you are going. I heard about a favorite camper meal, Spaghetti Tacos.  Are they any good? Answer: Spaghetti tacos are one of the best foods at Sabra! However, a lot of people think grilled cheese is the best. Grilled cheese day is a happy day for everybody at Sabra. There has been an ongoing competition at Sabra to see which cabin can eat the most trays of grilled cheese.   If you are a NEW camper who wants to ask a question of a RETURNING camper, or if you are a RETURNING camper that would like to answer questions of NEW campers, go ahead and email and maybe you can be in the next newsletter!

CAMP SABRA ALUMNI NEWS Calling all parents who are now sending THEIR own children to camp this year! We want to hear from you! We want to know, what songs or cheers do you remember singing when you were a camper? Do you remember singing “Baby Baby I’m Missing You” with Craig Leffel? Or, do you remember cheering about Beecos while in Habonim? Tell us about your favorite cheers or songs, and we’ll post them in the next newsletter. And, you never know, your children just might come home singing your songs or cheering your cheers! Email your cheers and / or songs to by April 15th


We asked campers, what would you pick to be your “dirty snack” in the afternoon in between cabin activities? The results are in!

Donuts: 33 % Cookies: 21% Klondike Bars: 18% Swedish Fish: 12% Watermelon: 5% Popcorn: 4% Pineapple: 1%

Want to join our APRIL poll? Just like our Camp Sabra Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and we’ll post the next poll later this month. Facebook: Twitter:!/CampSabra

WE ARE LOOKING FOR S’MORE CAMPERS! We have had some AMAZING Camp Sabra house parties! Do you know that some families have already earned as much as $750 off their camper tuition just for hosting a house party? Hosting is really easy; just choose a date, invite your friends, and we’ll pretty much do the rest! We’ll even reimburse you for the snacks / pizza you serve. Just for hosting, you’ll get $250 off your bill, and then, for any new camper that signs from your party, you’ll get an extra $100 off! A party doesn’t have to be huge. Even if it is just you and another family, we’ll count it as a party! We are still looking for more parties; it’s not too late to book yours now! Email to book your party today!

Sabra camp newsletter - Spring 2014  

Ropes, Boats & Ruach

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