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J Success Stories Real Members. Real Results.

One of the Best Decisions I’ve made J Trainer: Bryce Banaszynski

My family (re)joined the J in Oct primarily so we would have a place to work out. My doctor advised me to get healthy and lose 50 pounds. I decided to hire a personal trainer and started training with Casey Bollier. When Casey left for the WBC I started to train with Bryce. I am grateful to Casey for getting me started exercising but Bryce has taken my workouts to a whole new level. Bryce's workouts have been more intense and I find myself working out harder and doing more during our hour sessions. Bryce has a way that pushes me, makes the workouts fun and picks me up on down days. He has provides tips to control my eating habits, which has aided in me becoming a healthier person. I am now fully into exercising and eating better and I have Bryce to thank for that.

Coming back to the J and starting an exercise program is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I look for forward to continuing to work out with Bryce and being a J member for a long time. J Member: Steve B.

Bryce with J member Santiago

Two for One! J Trainer & Massage Therapist: Lucy Teixeira

With four bulging discs, bursitis in my shoulders and hips and 60-year-old body, I was thinking my golfing and rowing days were over. While reviewing the resumes of the trainers at the JCCA, I noted that Lucy

Teixeira specializes in both rehab training and deep tissue massage. Two for one! I started out with a massage and found her to be the absolute best therapist for my particular back problems I have ever found and I have worked with many over the years. But, best of all, she put me on a regimen of exercise that got me through my first full golf

season in many a year, eventually getting me through the hip and shoulder problems with a sensible, insightful regimen. I'm even back on my rower!   There is a tremendous advantage to have your trainer also be a massage therapist. Each session starts and ends with stretches and mini massage that keep me moving ahead in the program without backlash. trainer is A personal to YOUR dedicated sk at the success. A t started. desk to ge

No nonsense know-how. That's Lucy. Now if she can only cure my slice! J Member: John O.

Variety is Motivating! J Trainer: Nancy Itzkowitz

Five years ago, I was welcomed into a community with open arms. Now I call that place my home and the people my family. Five years ago, I joined

the J. Today, I have new friends, a sense of belonging, and genuinely enjoy going to the gym to workout. The sense of community I feel is extraordinary. I can count on my fellow gym-goers to be at the gym when I'm there, even at 5:30 in the morning. While we may have separate goals or be in different places in our fitness journeys, our common goal of fitness brings us together. Friendly smiles are exchanged and kind words are spoken both between members and the staff which makes the J an inviting place. In addition to the community, the J has so much to offer with their wide variety of fitness equipment. Machines, free weights, TRX, and kettlebells are my particular favorites. The large selection of classes make it easy to switch up my routine when I feel the need. Between spinning, Turbokick, total conditioning, and yoga, I know I can count on other members and the energy of the class to motivate me during my workout. Some people dread going to the gym; I don't. I look forward to going and I have the J to thank for that. J Member: Lindsay

Nancy with J member Lindsay

On a Lifelong Path for Fitness! J Trainer: Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan has been a mentor to me in different forms for almost 3 years. I first met him at the J as one of the many trainers who was friendly and approachable for advice and tips on strength training. Later, in 2010 when I won 12 training sessions through the first Fitness Championship that the J sponsored, I selected Joe as my trainer. Joe sets the bar high, but never without a sense of safety, humor and encouragement. He would urge me to dig deep and I progressively accomplished more. He taught me exercises I used in between training sessions and still use on my own today. I also joined his Boxing Club and Joe (a Golden Gloves Champion in his own right) taught us that boxing is strategy and strength training. His code of ethics and

honor is so well defined that anyone training with him feels a strong desire to be better, fitter and well….more like Joe. At 5’3” I can never be quite LIKE Joe, but I felt 10 feet tall when he arrived at my awards ceremony on his day off to honor me. I admire him greatly and feel he has motivated so many others to success in their fitness goals. When you don’t think you can do one more, jab, lift, or crunch, Joe brings out the best in you and you finish. One might surmise, “he is just doing his job”….but I never saw anyone else work like Joe; with his motivational patter and clever methods, he creates a unique atmosphere of achievement and style. Thanks to Joe, I am on a lifelong path for fitness. J Member: Gayle D. Joe with J member Marcie

Training Transformation! J Trainer: Val Silberman

My name is Lynn Lowrance and I am a long-time member of the J. I began personal training twice a week with Val shortly after she joined your staff. I start out almost every day of the week running in the pool, and recently added the metabolic training to my personal regime on the days that I do not have personal training. I have been

amazed at the physical, mental, and spiritual transformation that has taken place in myself over the period of time since I started personal training. The time in the pool provides me with the opportunity to run without pain, as well as, enjoy the friendship and emotional support of a multigenerational group of fantastic people. Working out with Val has changed the

quality of life I enjoy (most people are shocked at what I now can do physically). I must admit that the personal training is TOUGH & CHALLENGING and there are days when I have some hesitation about the level of difficulty and excellence Val holds me to, however, I am always I improving and progressing to new levels. At my last session Val surprised me by testing the new Viper equipment out with me. We had so much fun together while working out at a level of considerable difficulty. I left that training session smiling with a sense of accomplishment with renewed energy and enthusiasm. I can't imagine life without the J! J Member: Lynn L.

Val with J member Mindy

Weight Loss and Strength Gain!

I feel like a new person! After retiring from my fulltime job, I decided to join the J and get active!

J Trainer: Lisa Walsh

In six months, I’ve lost weight, but even better is that I feel great! I don’t worry now about being able to keep up with my one-year-old grandson. I can carry him around and play on the floor with him as much as I want! I feel that by losing weight and gaining energy, I’m actually finding the real me. My JCC workout time is helping me in every way: physically, mentally and even spiritually. And, I love that everyone here is a cheerleader for all of us. Thanks so much for helping me find a better me! J Member: Patrice K.

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Lisa with J member Crystal

Sports Massage Improved Performance! J Trainer & Massage Therapist: Lucy Teixeira

Sports massage helped me a lot during cross country season. I was having many hip issues that were causing me a lot of tightness and pain, and sports massage was able to help loosen it so that the pain would be virtually gone for a few days so that I was able to race efficiently. It also helped me recover from soreness after speed workouts and loosened me up before races so that I was refreshed and prepared. I noticed a difference in my racing when I would have a massage two days before and when I would not when I started feeling a lot of pain in my hip during a race when I was not able to schedule a massage before it. Sports massage has helped with pain and movement and made a huge difference for me in my cross country season. J Member: Julie C.

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Lucy with J member Samantha

Weight Lost and Confidence Gained! J Trainer: Paul Mueller

Since I joined the J, I’ve exercised more than ever before. I’m more fit than I’ve ever been. I’m motivated and enthusiastic about my progress, and for the first

time ever, I believe that I am strong enough, physically and mentally, to accomplish my fitness goals. Paul made all the difference. He’s pointed out my accomplishments and taught me how to recognize my progress. I still have a long way to go. I have forty pounds to lose and my goals for the year involve hard work. But thanks to Paul’s help through personal training, I haven’t given up. Not only has my strength increased, but also my confidence. J Member: Jean B.

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Paul with J member Jean

Literally Life-changing!

anticipated the added benefits of increased strength, flexibility and balance that Lisa has incorporated into my training. She also builds my confidence and notes my progress which I don't always recognize.

I'm not thinking about retiring now because I have more energy and daily tasks are easier. Working longer will be a financial benefit which makes the cost of membership and training worthwhile. At home: Picking up things I drop, climbing a ladder to change a light bulb, loading and unloading groceries, getting up and down out of a chair and in and out of my car were all tasks that seemed to take more effort than they should. Now they are easier, and I can do more for myself at home.

Lisa with J member Laurie

I work two teaching jobs, I sit at a computer a lot, I travel between schools and I felt like my life was out of balance: work, eat, relax a little, walk once In a while if it wasn't too hot or too cold outside, go to bed. Repeat! I joined the J and started training weekly with Lisa Walsh at the end of April, 2012. I also go to the J about 3 times a week to walk on the track, take a class (Spin, Pilates, Yoga and Zumba are some classes I have tried) or do the workout Lisa has given me that week. I also do whatever part of the workout I can at home if I'm watching TV or a movie. I bought some weights to use at home.

I made the choice to join the J and exercise regularly for three reasons: to get outside my comfort zone (I've never gone to a gym), improve my mental fitness and outlook, and balance my life with some new kind of activity. Membership at the J has done all that and more! I hadn't

At work: I taught summer school and noticed that now I easily walk up stairs and I can get down on the floor to work with preschoolers and get up more easily. I can work longer hours and not get as tired. These are all Improvements in my work life. Travel: I just returned from a week’s vacation in California. I found dealing with my luggage was easier; I was able to hike on a narrow rocky trail above a river without feeling off balance or getting out of breath on the steep parts; I climbed up rocks along the American River, climbed on and off a sail boat at a marina and was able to balance when sailing on rough water. Being able to fully participate in these activities made my vacation lots more fun!

I am a more confident, energetic and capable person because of my experience at the J. J Member: Laurie S.

Progress Before You Know It!

If you are looking for a good fitness instructor, allow me to suggest Joe Ryan. Joe is always thoughtful, kind, friendly and knows the right exercise to solve your problem. If you have a particular fitness concern, discuss it with Joe and together you will solve it.  He will work everything out with you and you won't even realize how quickly you are making progress.

J Trainer: Joe Ryan

Joe is a wonderful representative of the JCC staff. J Member: Rita W.

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Joe with J member Glenn

Back From Injury Stronger than Before! J Trainer: Val Silberman

I began training with Val nearly two years ago after sustaining an injury. I have been a runner for many years and was doing a high intensity boot camp three times a week. Despite all the exercise, I was not getting stronger and had chronic injuries. I was reluctant to start with a trainer due to the cost and the fear that it would be awkward or boring. Val’s demeanor instantly put me at ease. She is friendly and very approachable. The workouts are inventive and balanced. They are hard, but I am rarely sore. It truly has been the best investment I have made in my health. Since starting with Val, I have made

remarkable progress in terms of strength and posture. Her emphasis on form has made a world of difference. I went from being unable to do a pushup to doing 20 in a row without resting. I was able to do a pull up for the first time in my life. I would highly recommend training with Val. J Member: Jennifer D.

Val with J member Mindy

Stronger Core and Pain Relief! J Trainer & Massage Therapist: Lucy Teixeira

I have been working with Lucy for over a year now, and I can say with confidence that she is a tremendous personal trainer. I have chronic back problems that flare up once in awhile. Both my lower back and neck can be affected. Some years ago, I was told by a physical therapist that weight training could be problematic for me and exacerbate my back problems; however, I have found that Lucy's

tremendous knowledge and expertise have allowed me to pursue a fairly aggressive weight training regimen that has strengthened my core significantly and reduced the number of flare ups I have experienced. When I do tweak my back, I have found that Lucy's expertise as a massage therapist enables her to treat my back and adjust my exercise regimen to avoid any further injury. I heartily endorse Lucy. J Member: Bill S.

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Guilt-Free Fitness!

I am notorious for “quitting the gym.” The childcare program at the JCC changed that for me! As my fourth child approached her first birthday, I felt out of shape and exhausted. I joined the J and told the childcare teacher the very first day that I really, really needed my daughter Addie to like coming to the gym. The staff was kind, gentle, and nurturing to my daughter. They were also extremely positive and enthusiastic toward me. Both my daughter and I grew to love coming to the J! She is always entertained in a fun and educational way. If she is at all sad for me to leave her, the staff jumps right in to distract her and comfort her. The teachers are phenomenal and I am so grateful for all they do! J Member: Katie M.

The babysitting room at the J has been a part of our family, on and off, for 14 years now. It says a lot that some of the staff from 14 years ago are still there! As soon as my 2-year-old sees me in workout clothes, she asks if she can go to the “J” with me. I love that I get a guilt-free workout, and she has a blast in the babysitting room. The staff there is phenomenal, they interact amazing with the kids, always doing little art projects, and very nurturing to the little ones. I feel they are genuinely so glad to see my kids every time we walk in the babysitting room. J Member: Wendy G. KidZone Manager: Kadri Martinson

Kids Love the Kid Zone! The staff in the Kids Zone have always been warm, welcoming and wonderful. We so appreciate the care they take with our most precious asset our children. J Member: Angela F. KidZone Manager: Kadri Martinson Our family loves the J Nursery and Game Zone. It takes the guilt out of taking time for myself when I know my kids are in a loving and educational environment. My 5 kids look forward to coming here every time and I know they are engaged in fun, age appropriate, hands-on activities. J Member: Mary H.

My experiences at the J East Kid Zone babysitting center have been more than wonderful! Kadri and her staff have been nothing but amazing to myself and especially my daughter Sadie. I have been bringing Sadie since she was 8 months old (and she is currently 2 1/2). She has enjoyed every minute that she spends at the kid zone - and she is there quite often! I am completely comfortable leaving her there at all times. She is extremely happy playing and is never wanting to leave! The staff is so warm and loving and take such wonderful care of all the children. Sadie and I have been so fortunate to have such a special bond with Kadri and her staff! She is definitely part of our family! Thank you for making our experience at the J East Kid Zone so great! We couldn't be happier! J Member: Jamie S.

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J Fitness Brag Book  

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