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10 Things to do to Create a Successful YouTube Video Barbara Pennati eos Mktg&Communication Srl


Video marketing is certainly one of the most effective and easily doable strategies for brands, especially thanks to the many tools that have recently emerged that make it easier for those who are not video makers to create video content. And YouTube is definitely the perfect platform for video marketing. However, breaking through the 500,000+ videos uploaded to YouTube every day may not be an easy feat. In this article, we’ve summarized 10 things you need to do to create a YouTube video that has all it takes to be successful.


hen it comes to video content, YouTube is unmatched. The latest

clear. How to do that? In addition to linking you to our guide on how to use

report from We Are Social and Hootsuite tells us that YouTube is

YouTube to promote a company3, in this article we report 10 things to do to

the second most used platform in the world, that Android users spend

create a successful YouTube video, differentiating yourself from competitors

an average of 23.7 hours on YouTube each month and that the potential

and promoting the brand from the very first seconds of the video.

YouTube ad reach is 2.56 billion users, +11.9% compared to 2020. But that is no t all. YouTube also proves to be in step with the times and

1. Do keyword research

with the changing needs of the public: it recently introduced YouTube

Researching keywords relevant to our business is the first step to create

Shorts, the short-video format that gives a nod to TikTok and Reels, and

a successful video. This will allow us to understand not only what our

announced its intention to enter the world of streaming , Netflix style, and

reference sector is looking for (and therefore choose which topic to cover

the podcast business2. In light of all this, the potential that this platform

and how) but also which keywords to include in our video, and in its title and

offers us to communicate our brand through videos is clear. However,


with over 500,000 videos uploaded to YouTube every day, the importance

The goal of creating a video should be to promote and provide useful

of creating content that captures the attention of our audience is equally

information on a product or service, thus responding to the needs of our


audience. But if we don’t know at the outset what our audience needs and https://techcrunch.com/2022/03/23/youtube-to-stream-free-ad-supported-tv-shows-for-the-firsttime/?guccounter=1





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