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Axalta Coating Systems Introduces a New Series of Anticorrosion Solutions for Every Possible Requirement Edited by ipcm® Sustainability, cost, life cycle, and material efficiency – these are all issues our industry must face now to be future-ready. Whitin the sustainability issue, the fight against corrosion plays a fundamental role because it affects the durability of assets: this means costs for maintenance or premature replacement of the asset. According to the WCO (World Corrosion Organization), corrosion accounts for 3.4% of global gross domestic product. Axalta Coating Systems anticorrosion technologies portfolio has been recently updated with a bunch of new anticorrosion solutions for every possible requirement.


orrosion is an electrochemical process that consists of cathodic and

• the metallic substrate in scope;

anodic reactions produced by electrons and ionic diffusion. A proper

• the surface pre-treatment used;

and accurate surface pre-treatment and applying a first-rate, optimised

• the coating product selected.

anti-corrosion system extends the life of coated surfaces.

With a comprehensive thermoplastic, thermosetting and electrocoating

Axalta’s coating technologies inhibit at least one of these reactions. The

technologies portfolio to choose from, Axalta is well equipped to match

cathodic reaction is halted or reduced because the coating acts as a

your project to the best coating.

barrier; it markedly reduces the diffusion of the elements involved in the

These technologies empower you to combat the maximum range of

corrosion process (H2O, O2).

corrosion challenges in every climate.

and prevention migration, inhibiting anodic reaction. Consequently, no

The importance to identify the substrate

electrochemical action or electrons are generated.

Where powder coating is concerned, substrates are divided into

Efficient corrosion protection is intrinsically linked to four main factors:

degassing substrates and non-degassing substrates. Substrate

• the specific environment and type of corrosion your project will

identification is crucial and depends on the substrate’s nature or design.


And often, both need to be carefully considered in advance.

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At the same time, Axalta coating technologies maintain strong adhesion


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