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GSB International as a Digital Pioneer-Quality Assurance in Times of the Pandemic


Edited by GSB International Düsseldorf, Germany1

First published in Besser lackieren 6/2021



Werner Mader, Managing Director, GSB International.

quality community lives from its network. This was the case

conferencing for this format. What is particularly appreciated here is

before Corona, this is the case during Corona and this will also

that in some cases very long business trips are no longer necessary.

be the case after Corona.

The member companies can thus actively prevent the shortage of

GSB International is active in the field of quality assurance for the

skilled workers without having to invest valuable time in traveling.

coating of aluminium and steel components. Its quality focus is on

Coincidentally, the publication of the new edition of GSB quality

exterior applications in the fields of architecture and industry.

regulations coincided with the start of the pandemic. These have

The special feature is that GSB monitors the complete supply chain,

been completely restructured in countless hours of work. Important

by assuring the quality of chromium and chromium-VI-free pre-

information can now be found significantly faster. This is ensured not

treatment chemicals, of powder coatings as well as liquid paints, and

least by the fact that the documents have been optimized for use on

of coating companies. At the beginning of the pandemic, the auditing

digital devices. As a result, it is always possible to call up the latest

of the coating companies was a big challenge. Normally, all coating

information directly in the production facility. Furthermore, glossaries

companies that carry one of GSB’s prestigious quality seals are audited

have been included, as they are known from textbooks. This makes it

twice a year, unannounced, by independent testing institutes. In

much easier for trainees and newcomers to get started.

times of Corona, it is of course difficult to carry out on-site inspections

To ensure that all those who work with the GSB quality regulations

while complying with all hygiene regulations. In addition, the member

on a daily basis can immediately familiarize themselves with the new

companies are spread all over Europe. Different regions naturally go

edition, the GSB offered online introductions. These were so popular

hand in hand with different hygiene rules and containment measures.

that it was able to offer additional sessions on several occasions. Over

In awareness of the ongoing pandemic, GSB drew up a concept as

the course of 2020, the association instructed a total of more than 125

quickly as possible. The most important factor in this was the safety

employees of the member companies in its new quality regulations – in

of the employees from the companies and the testing institutes. A

German and English, of course.

pilot test was launched immediately and an audit was conducted via

In order to further expand GSB’s digital leadership, the Board of

video conference. In this type of audit, employees at the sites show the

Directors, the Quality Committees, and the Head Office are working

auditors the relevant areas using a mobile device.

closely together. A collaboration that GSB reliably maintains via

In the meantime, online audits have become part of everyday life. This

video conferencing, even in times of restrictions. Cooperation with

form of testing was used at companies where on-site audits are not

simultaneous interpreters is particularly important at this point since

possible due to the pandemic. In this way, the outstanding quality of

many nationalities are represented in GSB’s team and, in this way,

GSB-compliant coatings can be secured despite the pandemic.

cooperation is possible without a language barrier. The meeting

In addition to testing, training is particularly important for GSB and its

participants select the language in which they want to hear the

members. Employees of the member companies must regularly attend

meeting via a button. But despite GSB’s advanced digital solutions,

GSB training courses. Within the framework of these training courses,

everyone is naturally looking forward to the time after the pandemic,

the GSB association’s team provides knowledge related to quality

when face-to-face meetings and trade shows will be possible again.

assurance in accordance with the quality regulations. In addition, highly

Meanwhile, the member companies are taking the opportunity to

up-to-date topics, such as technical innovations and legal changes,

present themselves and their projects on GSB’s social media pages

are regularly included in the curricula. GSB has also switched to video

and benefit from its big number of followers.


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