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Technogym Personal Line, designed by Italian Architect Antonio Citterio, offers a unique home training experience with hundreds of video workouts available on the integrated display and through the Technogym App. Download the Technogym app Call +39 0547 650111 or visit



As the engines rev up for the Monte Carlo Formula 1 Grand Prix, it is my pleasure to introduce the 41st edition of Force One Magazine, an edition that celebrates not only the thrill of racing but the opulence that accompanies it. This special issue will reach readers lounging on over 30 of the most exclusive terraces and aboard several majestic yachts arrayed around the circuit, offering an unmatched view of the competition and the luxury that surrounds it.

In the spirit of competition and achievement, we delve into the remarkable story of Nerio Alessandri, the visionary behind Technogym, now the exclusive supplier for the Olympics for an unprecedented ninth time. His journey from entrepreneurial spirit to a global wellness empire exemplifies the dedication and passion that define our readers.

Reflecting Olympic elegance, our fashion feature spotlights exclusive collections like Lacoste for the Hôtel du CapEden-Roc, alongside elite Saint-Tropez jumping and polo tournaments, embodying the synergy between high fashion and high performance.

This edition also cruises through the best in yachting, while our cultural showcases include haute couture exhibitions from Dolce & Gabbana, and the Henraux Foundation, whose friendship and collaboration we deeply cherish.

For the soul and spirit, we celebrate 150 years of the wine caves at the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo and showcase the most exquisite hotels of the French Riviera.

And, as always, our pages glitter with haute joaillerie and exclusive shopping selection.

This issue of Force One Magazine stands as a testament to our enduring philosophy: Beauty is life.

Happy reading

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L a Chèvre Gourmande

Our Restaurants between sea and sky

Gastronomic Restaurant 2 stars at Michelin guide Member of “Grandes Tables du Monde”

And our Mediterranean Restaurant with terrace « les Remparts »

Perched between sea and sky, La Chèvre d’Or ***** provides a luxurious haven in the heart of the medieval hilltop village of Eze in the French Riviera .Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between Nice and Monaco, this very impressive Relais & Châteaux Hotel offer spectacular views, sun-drenched terraces and superb cuisine 2* Michelin...

The temptation of lost paradise... LA CHÈVRE D’OR *****CÔTE D’AZUR - FRANCE. Rue du Barri, 06360 EZE VILLAGE. TEL +33 (0) - FAX +33 (0) Réservations: – Member of Phoenix Hotel Collection -

- Fashion / LACOSTE

- Haute Couture / DAL CUORE

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Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym, began his empire in a humble garage. Now, as the exclusive supplier of training equipment for the Paris Olympic Games, his vision magnifies, encapsulating global wellness through innovative design, top-tier athletic support, and a unique philosophy: the "imbestio"...

Nerio Alessandri - Cesena, 2024 Photo © Giuseppe Biancofiore

Italy, a country often celebrated for its historic past and rich traditions, is also a cradle of modern innovation. Like Enzo Ferrari who redefined the sports car and Giorgio Armani who transformed the business suit, Nerio Alessandri has reshaped our understanding of wellness.

This narrative delves into the life and vision of Alessandri, the visionary behind Technogym, who has reimagined what it means to live well.


Technogym's journey began in a humble garage when Nerio Alessandri, at just 22 years old, set out to change the world of fitness. From these modest beginnings, Alessandri built an empire dedicated to wellness, shaping an industry and touching lives globally.

Today, Technogym maintains over 55 million people in shape worldwide and will equip the athletes of the upcoming Paris Olympics - its ninth consecutive Olympics as the official supplier.

Alessandri himself stated, "the Games represent a unique platform for sharing our commitment to spreading the culture of wellness, sport, and health with the whole world."


Wellness, according to Technogym, transcends mere exercise. It's about fostering a balance between physical fitness, nutrition, leisure, and mental well-being, positioning wellness at the core of individual lives and broader society.

A fitter population is healthier, lives better, and even has a lesser environmental impact. Technogym’s mission is to propagate this wellness culture, to ignite passion and awareness, awakening people from the lethargy induced by modern life's automation.

Employees at Technogym are driven by a unique concept: "Imbestio" - a local slang from Cesena, the small town in the Romagna region where it all began, implying a beast-like drive and obsession with perfection.

Nerio Alessandri explains, "Inside each of us is an athlete. It's not just about sports performance but also about creativity and passion. This is what 'Imbestio' means at Technogym, and it has become a key performance indicator for assessing vision and commitment in our team."

Bike Personal Kinesis Personal Nerio Alessandri in the T-Wellness Garden © M arco Onofri
Our goal is training happiness.
Nerio Alessandri @ 60 Minutes Sports, 2021


Technogym views its products not as standalone items but as components of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance client well-being.

This approach is backed by substantial investment in research and innovation. Today, over 200 employees, more than 5% of the staff, are dedicated to R&D.

The company hosts a Technogym Science Center and runs a University offering wellness courses both online and offline globally. The T-Factory concentrates all production processes in one place. all phases are integrated in order to optimize costs, energy efficiency and improve product quality.

Technogym has pioneered several industry firsts - from the first fitness software in

1996, through the first internet-connected equipment in 2006, to launching the first cloud-based industry platform in 2012 and recently, Technogym Live, an on-demand video training platform.

Additionally, the firm's commitment to style and design has garnered more than 50 international design awards, a testament to its Italian heritage.


Over 2,000 years ago, the Romans declared, "mens sana in corpore sano" – a sound mind in a healthy body.

Today, this philosophy is more relevant than ever, championed by Technogym's efforts to fuse modern technology with ancient wisdom, ensuring that the art of wellness continues to evolve, inspire, and thrive.

Technogym Run


Technogym Village stands as the quintessential headquarters of Technogym, encapsulating the essence of the company's commitment to wellness and environmental sustainability.

Located in Cesena, this wellness campus is where the concept of a healthy lifestyle seamlessly integrates with ecological consciousness. The design of the Village features natural environments, abundant natural light, and materials chosen for their low environmental impact. Here, both indoor and outdoor spaces harmoniously blend, creating a setting that promotes well-being while minimizing the ecological footprint.

At Technogym Village, half of the company’s 2,300 employees come together not only to work but to live the wellness lifestyle that Technogym embodies. This includes testing the fitness equipment they meticulously

assemble - 90% of these employees utilize the equipment daily for training and socializing. This practice isn't just about ensuring quality; it's about embracing the wellness ideals they espouse. Moreover, the employees enjoy healthy meals at the corporate restaurant, reinforcing the company’s vision of overall health and wellness.

Technogym's influence extends far beyond its headquarters, with the remaining staff spread across 14 subsidiaries worldwide-from Europe to the United States, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and South America. Globally, every day, 55 million people train with Technogym in 85,000 wellness centers and 400,000 private homes across more than 100 countries. The Technogym Village is a global beacon for sustainable living and wellness, proving that corporate practices can indeed foster a healthier planet and populace.

The T-Wellness Store and Showroom


Power your pace.

Technogym Run, the quietest and most energy-efficient treadmill, caters to both cardio and strength training needs. This innovative treadmill offers a unique slat-belt technology that mimics the elastic response of an athletic track, providing an optimal running experience. Its extensive running surface accommodates longer strides, allowing users to run freely and effectively.

Born from Technogym's three decades of expertise in fitness and sport, and as an Official Supplier for the last eight Olympic Games, Technogym Run is equipped with a 27” Technogym Live console. This console features a wide array of on-demand workout modes, including cardio, strength, hi-intensity, and bootcamp options. Users can select from a library of video workouts led by trainers, targeted routines, and virtual immersive outdoor workouts that adjust incline according to the route. It also integrates entertainment options like Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, and social media.

For those seeking a comprehensive training solution at home, Technogym Run provides varied workouts that meet the needs of every family member, from amateur runners to marathoners and triathletes. It also enables bootcamp-style workouts, which include high-intensity sessions combining running, resistance, and floor exercises. These workouts automatically adjust to the user’s level for maximum efficacy. Moreover, the treadmill's push mode allows users to replicate sled training with up to 55 kg (121 lbs.) resistance, enhancing muscle tone, efficiency, and stability. This feature positions Technogym Run as a versatile home fitness solution that supports a broad spectrum of training goals, making it an unmatched choice for those dedicated to improving their fitness at home, regardless of weather conditions or personal schedules.


World-class training for globetrotting fitness enthusiasts.

The Technogym App delivers personalized, on-demand workout videos from elite trainers, suitable for home, gym, or outdoors. Designed to meet various goals like weight loss, athletic performance, and overall health, the app employs scientific research and AI to suggest daily personalized workouts. Available anywhere, it syncs seamlessly with Technogym equipment for enhanced training experiences across devices.

The AI-driven Coach offers tailored exercise regimes, meditation, and nutrition guidance for a holistic wellness path. Users can select from diverse programs, including specialized Signature Programs shaped by Technogym's deep roots in professional sports training. The app also monitors physical activity via the Movergy Index, and a team of over 30 seasoned trainers provides advice, ensuring effective and varied training for all fitness levels.

Technogym Run Technogym App


As Paris gears up for the 33rd edition of the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games from July 26 to August 11, the city pulses with a new energy. Athletes aim for the podium with one goal in mind - achieving the ultimate finish line, without compromising on style!

Fashion often mirrors and chases trends and times: from balletcore to tenniscore, current styles are shedding formal stiffness in favor of more casual and sporty versions.

The blending of sports and fashion is increasingly pervasive, blurring the lines between them and setting viral trends. Whether it’s a nod to the '90s aesthetics or a sport luxury vibe, various sports disciplines inspire and influence every outfit. Sneakers pair with tailored suits or pleated skirts in urban settings, but for a real twist, why not opt for trail running shoes? Sailing jackets take over from trench coats and double-breasted suits, while the tennis-inspired allure remains dominant, especially in wardrobe choices.

Softer colors like cream, blue, and meadow green give way to bolder, brighter hues, particularly suited for outdoor runs or gym sessions while keeping up with the latest trends. Bodies uncover and choose the freedom of expression, proudly supporting their national teams in their quest for podium finishes.

Maxi duffel bags become the day's essential accessory, while outfits made from technical fabrics express a penchant for athleisure. Attending a sporting event has become the new 'place to be,' and the Paris 2024 Olympics will serve as the latest fashion moment to confidently display the most iconic pieces from one's favorite sport.












This November, in the heart of Turin, Fashion Team organizes an extraordinary celebration of Italian art, creativity, and ingenuity: "Made in Italy's Heritage." Set against the prestigious backdrop of the 2024 ATP Finals, this event pays homage to Italy's rich craftsmanship and innovative production traditions.

"Made in Italy's Heritage" will showcase internationally recognized Italian quality and highlight the synergy between social, environmental values, and the business world. Companies will have a unique platform to express their corporate ideals to a global audience, bridging tradition with modern business practices.

The event is strategically located in Piazza San Carlo, the vibrant core of Turin, providing an iconic and accessible setting for visitors worldwide. It will feature a range of activities and initiatives that immerse participants in Italian cultural and artisanal heritage. From a temporary exhibition celebrating tennis-linked brands to a futuristic headquarters inside a geodesic sphere, attendees can explore the evolution of iconic Italian styles from the 1950s to today’s social and environmental challenges.

"Made in Italy's Heritage" not only revisits the past but also looks forward, offering discussions on how Italian brands are adapting to 21st-century challenges like sustainability and social inclusivity. Interactive experiences, meetings with brand ambassadors, and local product tastings will enrich the event, making it a dynamic hub of engagement and entertainment.

A key aspect of the event is its focus on social inclusion and awareness. Special initiatives and discussions will address gender equality and social integration, emphasizing the transformative power of sports and culture in promoting inclusivity. A Social Room will further engage visitors, allowing them to create and share digital content, enhancing the visibility of the event's sponsors and cultural values.

Furthermore,"Made in Italy's Heritage" provides educational opportunities for students and young professionals. By collaborating with institutions like the University of Turin, the event helps nurture the next generation of talent, ensuring the continued promotion and valorization of Made in Italy on a global scale.

Fashion Team's "Made in Italy's Heritage" is not just an event; it’s a vibrant celebration of Italian creativity, innovation, and values, inspiring a worldwide audience and fostering a positive image of Italy’s cultural heritage and excellence.

© Felice calabrò / Ipa Agency Adriano Panatta, 1976


In an unprecedented fusion of sportive grace and luxurious hospitality, Lacoste and Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc have crafted a capsule collection that epitomizes French elegance. This exclusive partnership unites two bastions of style and tradition, celebrated in a line that is as much about performance on the tennis courts as it is about lounging in the lap of Riviera luxury.

The collection, born from a shared heritage in tennis and refined leisure, blends Lacoste's commitment to sportswear with the storied opulence of Hôtel du CapEden-Roc. Designed for both on-court agility and offcourt leisure, the collection boasts pieces such as highperformance tennis attire and chic off-court apparel, each bearing the distinctive logos of the crocodile brand and the prestigious hotel.

Highlight pieces include tailored polo shirts, elegant pleated skirts, and a stylish hooded jacket, complemented by accessories like caps and visors that round out the ensemble. This sartorial collaboration was launched with an intimate event at the hotel, attended by none

other than tennis icon Venus Williams, aligning with the collection's theme of athletic elegance.

The collection is a true collector’s item, available exclusively at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc boutique for a limited time. This availability ensures that each piece is not just a garment but a keepsake, a memento of when two legendary brands crossed paths to celebrate the essence of French savoir-faire and the timeless charm of the Riviera.

This is not merely a meeting of brands, but a celebration of lifestyle, heritage, and the seamless weaving together of fashion with leisure and luxury.

© Teddy Morellec Collection Rosée du Matin 18K Rose Gold and Brown Diamonds



In the heart of an awe-inspiring modern arena where speed is king and courage is the currency, the roaring engines of Formula One cars echo the battle cries of ancient Roman gladiators. Both spectacles, separated by millennia, draw throngs of spectators to their revered grounds-the Formula One circuits and the imposing Colosseum - each a theater of valor, where only the most skilled and daring emerge victorious.

© Zak Mauger - Courtesy of Aston Martin F1 Team

Just as the gladiators of yore armed themselves with sword and shield under the scorching Roman sun, today’s Formula One drivers armor themselves in fireproof suits and helmets, their steeds not flesh and blood, but steel and carbon fiber chariots known as race cars. Each driver, like the gladiators of ancient Rome, is both hero and combatant, their every move a dance of death and glory, battling not just for survival but for supremacy.

The Formula One teams, akin to the lanistas - the trainers and managers of the gladiatorial schools - prepare their warriors with meticulous care and strategic genius. In their hands, drivers are molded, and cars are forged and tuned to perfection, much like the swords and shields of old. The lanistas' role in deciding the fate of a gladiator parallels

the modern race team’s vital decisions that often determine the outcome on race day.

The grandeur of the Formula One circuits mirrors the majestic aura of the Roman arenas. These modern circuits are coliseums of their own kind, each curve and straight a battlefield where the limits of human and machine are tested.

Among these, the Monaco Grand Prix stands out as the jewel in the crown, akin to the grandest festivals held in ancient Rome. The streets of Monaco transform into a gladiatorial circuit, unparalleled in prestige and challenge, hosting a spectacle watched by the world, including dignitaries and royalty, much like the emperors of Rome who presided over the gladiatorial contests.

© Stephane Audran
Simon Galloway
Courtesy of Haas
F1 Team

Prince Albert II of Monaco, in this majestic setting, is akin to the emperor of old-overseeing the grand event from his palace, his presence adding gravitas and continuity to the traditions of racing. Monaco’s race is not just about speed; it is an exhibition of skill, bravery, and strategy, set against the backdrop of Monte Carlo’s glittering luxury and historical grandeur.

The cars themselves are the quadrigas of this modern era. Each Formula One car, with its powerful engine and sleek design, is a chariot of fire, thundering down the track with blistering speed. Just as the quadriga was a symbol of might and wealth in ancient Rome, the Formula One car stands as a testament to cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess, each team pouring vast resources into the creation of these phenomenal machines.

In the cockpit, the driver is the modern-day gladiator. Each maneuver on the track is a tactical decision, each overtake a conquest, each mistake potentially disastrous. The physical toll on these modern warriors is immense; they endure crushing g-forces and splitsecond decisions that could lead to triumph or tragedy. Their helmet, much like the gladiator’s helmet, serves both as protection and as a mask that transforms the individual into an icon, their true face known only to those who share their struggle.

The echoes of the crowd, whether clad in togas or team colors, resonate with the same fervor of fandom and spectacle. The cheers that rise from the grandstands of a Formula One race are not unlike those that filled the ancient Colosseum, a chorus of voices celebrating the breathtaking spectacle of human endeavor and engineering mastery.

Thus, the saga of Formula One, with its heroes and chariots, its noble patrons and arenas, is not just a sport but a continuing narrative of human drama and competition. It is a testament to our unending quest for pushing boundaries and overcoming limits, a link to our past where we first cheered for those who dared to be brave, and a vision of our future, where courage and innovation drive us ever forward into the next lap of history.

© Courtesy of Ferrari F1 Team © Ryan Pierse Courtesy of Red Bull F1 Team
© Puystory © Andy Hone - Courtesy of Haas F1 Team © Chris Graythen Courtesy of Red Bull
F1 Team


In the world of ticketing and event organisation, where every detail counts and every experience is created to perfection, the Hospitality Team at GooTickets stands out as a sign of excellence. The team comprises three dedicated professionals, passionate about crafting exceptional experiences for everyone. With years of expertise and a keen eye for detail, they work tirelessly to create moments that leave a lasting impression on our guests. Let's take a closer look at the hospitality team behind GooTickets, the essence of the brand itself, and the diverse range of products that define it.


Led by an expert with over 15 years of experience in prestigious hotel management and event organisation, with a master’s degree from Institut Vatel, the world's leading business school group in hospitality and tourism management, Eventhia Solari brings expertise and finesse to every project undertaken by the team. Joining her are equally passionate individuals, each bringing their unique talents and insights to the table. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, the team combines knowledge, creativity, and dedication to deliver experiences that leave a lasting impact;


The Hospitality Team at GooTickets takes pride in preparing experiences from start to end. From creating bespoke packages and experiences to sourcing apartments and suppliers, every aspect is carefully planned and executed to perfection.

Managing catalogues, answering client requests, and directing logistics during events are all part of the team's repertoire. However, their expertise extends beyond catering to individual clients. They also handle B2B requests, serving as the perfect contact for creating branded and tailor-made experiences for corporate clients.

© Yann Sasportas
© Rebecca Blackwell Alexane Browarnyj, Cristina Suarez, Eventhia Solari, Aleksandra Motykiewicz © Yann Sasportas


As part of Platinium Group, a global leader in developing technology for online ticket sales and hospitality services, GooTickets embodies a commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences and excellence to clients all over the world, with years of expertise and passion.

We offer a diverse range of products for every enthusiast’s needs. From Formula 1 to MotoGP events, alongside other sporting events, GooTickets is your trusted partner for creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether it's securing exclusive access to VIP events or arranging personalised itineraries, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service that exceeds expectations. Whether you're a racing lover, a sports enthusiast, or a corporate entity seeking unique experiences, we have something for everyone.


GooTickets offers a diverse range of products designed to cater to the client's unique preferences. From VIP terraces at prestigious events and hospitality packages to grandstands and general admissions, the offerings are created with precision and care.

Whether you’re a Formula 1 enthusiast or a MotoGP fan, let GooTickets be your guide to the extraordinary world of motorsports. Enjoy memorable adventures with GooTickets by your side.

© Yann Sasportas

Introducing the new heart of Porto Montenegro – AERIS at Synchro Yards.

From the palm-fringed private beach to world-class amenities. Maritime-inspired architecture, to breathtaking waterside vistas. In harmony with nature, in tune with your soul.

Exquisite living. Exquisite home. PORTOMONTENEGRO.COM


Nicholas Frankl, a 3-time Olympian and CEO of My Yacht® Group, discusses the uniqueness of their luxury events and his personal and professional journey in an exclusive interview.

F.1.M.: You've had a fascinating journey from Olympic athlete to luxury event pioneer. How have your personal values influenced My Yacht® Group?

N.F.: Growing up, I learned the importance of respecting elders, working hard, and giving back. These principles propelled me through my Olympic journey and now underpin My Yacht® Group’s ethos. Our events always include a charitable component, whether it’s ecological efforts or aiding veterans, we aim to make a significant impact.

F.1.M.: You have a long-standing passion for Formula 1 and speed. How does this influence the events you create?

N.F.: Formula 1 and the thrill of speed have been a part of my life since childhood. For over 16 years, we’ve been incorporating this passion into our Monaco Grand Prix superyacht experience. Beyond F1, I enjoy test driving highperformance cars and flying small planes, and this excitement for speed and luxury permeates our events.

F.1.M.: Your events are celebrated globally. What sets them apart from other luxury experiences?

N.F.: Our success stems from creating an environment where like-minded individuals can connect in exclusive settings. Starting with the Monaco Grand Prix, and expanding globally, we've tailored events to meet the desires of our discerning clientele. My twin sister, Annabelle, who is COO, and I ensure each event reflects our dedication to sophistication and highquality engagement.

F.1.M.: You're involved in space tourism-a futuristic frontier. Would you personally travel to space?

N.F.: Absolutely, I would go to space without hesitation! My passion for aviation and space exploration has grown into an investment in cutting-edge space companies. The advancements in this sector are exhilarating, and I'm keenly watching the developments as they unfold.

F.1.M.: What insights do you seek from astronauts, and how do these conversations influence your events?

N.F.: My interactions with astronauts focus on the human aspects of space travel. Learning about their experiences and the camaraderie developed during missions provides valuable insights into crafting our networking events. These elements of connectivity and shared adventure resonate with both of us and our guests, and are a key part of our gatherings.

F.1.M.: Looking forward, what new ventures or events are on the horizon for My Yacht® Group?

N.F.: We are continuously exploring fresh opportunities to astonish our guests. Currently, we are showcasing “Ulyssia,” a new luxury residence ship project, promising an unparalleled blend of adventure and luxury living. Additionally, we are gearing up for our 17th year at the Monaco Grand Prix. Our trackside superyacht and full weekend program are a cornerstone event that encapsulates our brand's essence of exclusivity and excitement.

F.1.M.: This constant innovation is impressive. How do you maintain the exclusivity and high standards of your events?

N.F.: Our approach is to always under promise and overdeliver. By maintaining close relationships with our guests and understanding their preferences, Annabelle and I can continue to offer uniquely tailored experiences that exceed expectations. Whether it’s a ’night before’ investor dinner or a large yacht party, we ensure each My Yacht event is curated and memorable.

F.1.M.: With your diverse interests and ventures, what is the core goal of My Yacht® Group?

N.F.: The core goal is to connect the world's most interesting people in settings that are not just luxurious but also enriching.

Each event is designed to foster meaningful interactions and indelible experiences, paired with exceptional hospitality, and that combination ensures that our partners and guests enjoy joining us aboard no matter where we are in the world.

Grand Prix
© Radian


The Dolce & Gabbana exhibition is titled “Dal cuore alle Mani” ("From the Heart to the Hands,") but it could easily have been called "From Dreams to Reality," "From Sicily to the World"... and in a thousand other ways that represent the long journey that has led them to the realization of their ideas, their aspirations, their vision.


The now four-decade-long career of the most famous Italian designer duo in the world is indeed a hymn to a great dream carried forward with absolute aesthetic and professional consistency.

This exhibition celebrates the pursuit of a creative line in a determined, stubborn way, stronger than any prejudice or obstacle that has, physiologically, stood in the way from the beginning to global success. "From the Heart to the Hands" is an engaging exploration of the narrative behind Dolce & Gabbana's high fashion collections, inviting participation in the artistic process that leads to the realization of their creations, from dream to garment.

The vast sources of inspiration for Dolce & Gabbana unfold before you as you move from room to room, each space a tribute to an aspect of Italian culture that has informed their work.

As you step into the illustrious Palazzo Reale in Milan, you embark on a fashion journey,a unique exploration

of Dolce&Gabbana’s distinctive realms of creativity, tradition, and exquisite craftsmanship. This exhibition tells a story in each of its ten uniquely themed rooms.


The exhibition commences even before you enter the Palazzo Reale, with a collection of digital artworks that set the tone. This outdoor gallery features pieces by renowned contemporary artists like Felice Limosani, Obvious Art, and Alberto Maria Colombo, who reinterpret Dolce&Gabbana’s iconic designs, blending digital modernity with traditional fashion elements.


Upon entering, the first room on the Noble Floor, titled "Handmade," is an ode to the meticulous handcrafting processes of the fashion house.

The room, adorned with pain-tings by Anh Duong and a selection of garments, emphasizes the brand's commitment to the Grand Tour aesthetic inherent in their Alta Moda collections.

All images © Michael Adair

The Art and Craft of Glassworking Venture into the mesmerizing world of Venetian glass in the second room.

Here, the sparkle of finely crafted mirrors and chandeliers complements the intricate embroidery and crystal details of the displayed garments, illustrating the fusion of artisanal glass-work with high fashion.


The third room pays homage to "The Leopard," a recurrent theme in Dolce&Gabbana's repertoire, inspired by Luchino Visconti's adaptation of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa's novel.

An immersive setting replicates the novel's famed ballroom scene, creating a direct dialogue with the film's opulent aesthetics.


In a space dominated by baroque influences and under the emblem of the Sacred Heart, the fourth room, "Devotion," showcases a collection that

alternates between Sicilian black and the opulence of gold, reflecting the religious and cultural fervor of Sicily.


The heart of the exhibition is the fifth room, offering a live glimpse into the Dolce&Gabbana ateliers. Here, tailors and artisans demonstrate their skills, crafting pieces from conception to completion, every Friday within specific hours, making the art of fashion a visible, dynamic process.


The influence of architecture on Dolce&Gabbana's designs is explored in the sixth room through a stunning installation that uses video mapping to blend renaissance art with modern fashion pieces, highlighting the architectural inspiration behind their designs.


Dive into the rich Sicilian craft traditions in the seventh

© Jackie Badenhorst

The show asserts the fundamental principle that fashion is culture and creativity, while also representing the globally acclaimed excellence of Italy.

of Milan.

room, where hand-painted ma-jolica and Sicilian Cart art come to life.

This room not only displays traditional art but also features video documentation of these crafts, providing a deeper understanding of the artistic process.


Continuing with the theme of Sicilian artistry, the eighth room celebrates Giacomo Serpotta's Baroque stucco work.

Dresses from the Stucchi Alta Moda Collection merge seamlessly with the Baroque interiors, creating a visual symphony that celebrates historical and contemporary art forms.


The ninth room, "Dream of Divinity," is where myth meets fashion. Here, ethereal dresses inspired by Greek deities are displayed alongside Alta Sartoria pieces that in-corporate elegant mosaics reminiscent

of Italy's Byzantine basilicas.


The final room underscores the profound connection between Dolce&Gabbana and the grand world of Opera.

Styled like an Italian theater, this room features designs inspired by the duo’s favorite operas, staged dramatically to capture the essence of theatrical performance.

"From the Heart to the Hands" at Palazzo Reale is not just an exhibition; it is an immersive experience that captures the soul of Dolce&Gabbana through a vivid narrative woven from the threads of fashion, art, and history.

As you exit the Palazzo, you carry with you not just the visual memory of exquisite designs but the resonant stories of craftsmanship and heritage that define the Dolce&Gabbana legacy.

POLO RESORT & COUNTRY CLUB More than aCountryClub 1999 route du bourrian, 83580 Gassin | +33 4 94 55 22 12 | WWW.POLO-ST-TROPEZ.COM



Set within the opulent halls of Milan's historic Palazzo Reale, the "Tesori Riflessi" exhibition, running from April 7 to July 31, 2024, offers a sublime journey through time, blending ancient craftsmanship with contemporary fashion in a mesmerizing display of Italian artistry and innovation.

In the bustling heart of Milan, a city celebrated for its monumental contributions to art and culture, Palazzo Reale opens its grand doors to unveil "Tesori Riflessi," a spectacular exhibition that transcends time. As visitors step into the palatial space, they are greeted by an atmosphere steeped in history and draped in the

dreamy aura of the past, woven seamlessly with the threads of the present.

For the exhibition "From the Heart to the Hands" dedicated to the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana, Palazzo Reale continues to enhance its historic and artistic heritage and gives back to the public some historical pieces, once part of its collections, by making them dialogue with the unique high jewelry creations of the two designers.

This unique intersection showcases the brilliance of Dolce&Gabbana's contemporary designs, juxtaposed against the backdrop of classical artistry, thus creating a breathtaking tableau that resonates with the opulence and grandeur of Milan's artistic lineage.

"Tesori Riflessi" is thoughtfully curated around the prodigious skills of four notable artists from the 18th and 19th centuries. These craftsmen played pivotal roles in shaping the visual and structural identity of Palazzo Reale, influencing not only the realms of fashion and design but also the broader scopes of taste and artistic preference that ripple through to today. Each room within the exhibition is dedicated to one of these artisans, turning each space into a chapter of a grand narrative that celebrates historical artistry mirrored in modern excellence.

The exhibition is structured into five thematic sections, each a reflection of a different artist's contribution to the Royal Palace's storied past. The journey begins in the Small Anteroom, honoring the Manfredini brothers, famed for their intricately crafted golden bronzes and grand timepieces. Here, the fusion of precious materials with the precise mechanics of clockwork epitomizes the synthesis of beauty and function that is the hallmark of great art.

As visitors progress to the First Tapestries Room, they encounter the legacy of Michel Audran, the renowned French tapestry maker whose works once adorned the walls of Europe’s most prestigious estates. Audran's tapestries are not only textiles but narratives woven from the looms of history, each thread a testament to the enduring allure of artisanal craftsmanship.

The exhibition’s path leads next to the Room with Four Columns, dedicated to Giacomo Raffaelli, a master of the mosaic and inlay of hard stones. His meticulous technique, which marries the artistic with the artisanal, showcases the delicate balance between raw material and the refined art form it becomes under the hands of a master.

In the Fourth Room, visitors meet Giuseppe Maggiolini, an ebonist whose work redefined furniture making. Maggiolini's

pieces, functional yet exquisitely decorative, demonstrate how the practical can be transformed into the poetic, anticipating modern interior design trends by centuries.

The final thematic area, the Third Tapestries Room, features two pivotal figures: Antonio Canova, whose sculptures capture the neoclassical spirit in their serene and sublime forms, and Giocondo Albertolli, whose stuccos frame the palace’s interiors with timeless elegance. Together, their works encapsulate the grandeur and the meticulous attention to detail that define the Palazzo.

Beyond the individual rooms, "Tesori Riflessi" also offers glimpses into the broader historical context that shaped these artists and their creations. During the reign of Napoleon, Milan emerged as a crucible of artistic and craft innovation, spurred by the policies of Eugène de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy. The exhibition pays homage to this era of vigorous artistic endeavor, which saw the establishment of new workshops and the birth of new styles that would leave a lasting imprint on Milanese, and indeed global, aesthetics.

In bringing these historic pieces back to the public eye, Palazzo Reale not only enriches its own rooms but also enriches the cultural fabric of Milan. Supported by Dolce&Gabbana, this reintegration of classical art into contemporary settings underscores the timeless nature of true craftsmanship and the enduring influence of historical artistry on today’s cultural landscape.

"Tesori Riflessi" represents a portal to the past, a mirror reflecting the long journey of artistic endeavor from its classical roots to its modern expressions. It invites all who enter to wander through history, to explore the nexus of art and fashion, and to experience the dreamlike atmosphere of a space where every corner holds a story, every artifact a whispered secret.

© Courtesy of Henraux


The long-standing dialogue between past and present artistic movements continued to yield intriguing and thought-provoking interactions, as evidenced by the recent exhibition at the Museo del Novecento in Milan, "VOL. XXXI: Futurism Drama."

Curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti and featuring the innovative work of Cypriot artist Haris Epaminonda, this exhibition was a significant addition to Milan Art Week. My anticipation had been particularly piqued given my passion for Futurism and the sculptures of Medardo Rosso, an artist whose profound influence on this movement is irrefutable.

Upon entering the exhibition, one was immediately enveloped by Epaminonda's visionary approach to space and narrative. The exhibition was an exploration of temporalities and artistic expressions that deftly combined the historical bravado of

Futurism with the delicate introspections of Rosso. Known for his profound influence on the Futurist movement especially on the work of Umberto Boccioni, by means of their emphatic splicing together of art and life, anticipating that “environmental sculpture” beloved of the movement, Rosso diverged from its exaltation of mechanization and battle, instead focusing on the fragility of human existence, vividly captured in his sculptures such as "Enfant malade" (Sick Child). The choice of Rosso as a point of departure was both a homage and a challenge-an acknowledgment of his influence on modernist discourse and a recontextualization of his thematic concerns.

Haris Epaminonda extended this dialogue through her site-specific installations, which were exercises in precision and poetic ambiguity. Her work involved an intricate layering of planes, where the concrete and the ephemeral coalesced. The result was an architectural landscape of symbols and reflections, where time folded into itself and new meanings emerged from the juxtapositions of objects and space. The artist’s nuanced handling of materials was particularly evident in her rendition of Rosso’s "Portinaia" (Concierge), reimagined in Verde Luana marble - a collaboration that showcased the technical prowess and artistic sensitivity facilitated by the Henraux Foundation.

The Henraux Foundation deserved particular commendation for their role not only in this exhibition but in their broader commitment to the arts. Their partnership with the Museo del Novecento and their innovative support for artists like Epaminonda exemplified their dedication to merging tradition with avant-garde techniques. Their exploration of art through the refined crafting of marble, enhanced by modern 3D processing techniques, stood as a testament to their belief in the transformative power of art. Epaminonda's exhibition was a powerful reminder of the enduring relevance of historical art movements in contemporary discourse. In her installations, the viewer was invited to traverse through layers of history and perception, challenging our understanding of both. Her work, supported by the thoughtful contributions of the Henraux Foundation, not only paid tribute to the foundational elements of Futurism and the sculptural innovations of Medardo Rosso but also propelled them into the contemporary arena, asking us to reconsider what we know and how we feel about the art of the past as it echoed into our future. As the exhibition concluded on May 12, 2024, it remained a pivotal feature of this year's Milano Art Week, reflecting the city's vibrant cultural ethos and its ongoing role as a crucible for artistic innovation. For lovers of Futurism, admirers of Medardo Rosso, and those intrigued by the synthesis of historical and modern artistic practices, "VOL. XXXI: Futurism Drama" was an essential experience-a space where art met life, and the past dialogued ceaselessly with the present.


Established in April 2011 by Paolo Carli, chairman of Henraux S.p.A. since 2003, the Henraux Foundation promotes marble craftsmanship and visual arts traditions. The Foundation supports artistic and cultural projects across public and private sectors, focusing on both artistic and technological experimentation as well as the preservation of marble's historical and production heritage.

The Foundation has partnered with prestigious institutions like the Furla Foundation, Pirelli HangarBicocca Foundation, Gallerie d’Italia, GAMeC, High Line Art, and TBA21-Academy. Since 2012, it has conducted the Henraux International Sculpture Prize for artists under 40, fostering individual talent and engagement with contemporary art.

Paolo Carli has emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to revitalizing sculpture and the artistic use of marble, leveraging historical, artistic, and production resources. Edoardo Bonaspetti has served as the Artistic Director since 2018.

The Henraux Foundation’s Sculpture Commission, introduced at the 2023 miart fair in Milan, awards a marble work commission to an artist chosen at the fair, to be produced during a residency at the Foundation’s headquarters in Querceta di Seravezza. The first edition's jury included Bonaspetti, Massimiliano Gioni, Gianfranco Maraniello, and Catherine Nichols, and recognized Haris Epaminonda, a 2019 Venice Biennale Silver Lion winner with exhibitions at institutions like MoMa and Tate Modern.



The Art of Fine Wine by Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer celebrates its 150th year.

Established in 1874 at Marie Blanc's request, the Hotel de Paris cellars are the world’s largest hotel wine cellars. This year sees a series of celebrations, including exclusive dinners, conferences, and masterclasses, featuring partnerships with renowned wine and champagne houses. Celebrations began on 21st March with a high-profile private dinner in collaboration with the legendary Petrus estate. Throughout the year, the Route des Grands Crus will highlight a selection of fine wines available by the glass at the resort’s bars and restaurants. In April 2024, to mark this anniversary, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer launched a limited edition "Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac, Les Caves Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo".


Excavated from the rock beneath the palace from January 1874, the cellars span 1,500 m². They house over 350,000 bottles across approximately 1.5 kilometers, comprising around 6,000 different labels - a collection renowned globally for its uniqueness and rarity.


For their 150th anniversary, the cellars have been renovated, revealing a new entrance and a tasting room designed by Moinard Bétaille, with further transformations planned from November 2024 to March 2025. These new spaces hosted VIP guests at the Petrus dinner on 21st March 2024. After touring the cellars, guests enjoyed a dinner in the Diamond Suite Princesse Grace, featuring a tasting of rare Petrus vintages prepared by Dominique Lory, Executive Chef at Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Two additional dinners will be part of these celebrations:

• 11th June 2024: A dinner featuring Tenuta San Guido - Bolgheri, crafted by Yannick Alleno, preceded by a Master Class and a private tasting from Tenuta San Guido, known for its famed Sassicaia.

• 7th November 2024: A dinner by Emmanuel Pilon, Chef at Louis XV - Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris, paired with a tasting and a conference on "climate change and its effects on Champagne"


Until October 2024, resort guests can sample a curated selection of great French wines by the glass, including varieties from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône Valley, and Loire, meticulously selected by the group's head sommeliers.



In celebration of their 150th anniversary, the cellars are revisiting their production tradition by creating "Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac", a high-quality XO Cognac crafted exclusively from eaux-de-vie from the finest slopes of Grande Champagne. This Cognac, rich and balanced, is available since April in the resort's bars, the cellars, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo boutique.


A living heritage continually evolving to anticipate contemporary tastes and uphold traditions, the cellars play a vital logistical role within the resort, supplying nearly 40 outlets with wines, champagnes, spirits, and beverages, with approximately 330,000 bottles opened and served annually-averaging 900 bottles per day.



This large flat, in very good condition, offers excellent potential for conversion thanks to its generous volumes, making the most of every available space (planning permission accepted). It also offers plenty of natural light and a large corner terrace with superb views of the port, the sea and the Formula One Grand Prix circuit. It comprises a double living room, a large fullyequipped separate kitchen, three bedrooms, a bathroom, a shower room, plenty of storage space and a guest toilet. The apartment is located on a high floor of a residence with a security service. Sold with a cellar and a large double garage.

Price on request

Years In Monaco
Yesterday, today, tomorrow, we are here for you 25, avenue de la Costa, 98000 Monaco | +377 97 97 99 00 |


Four generations have succeeded one another at the head of this family business, which over the years has become a benchmark in the construction of top of the range made-to-measure chalets in Savoie and Haute-Savoie. These buildings embody not only expertise but also the art of luxury mountain living.

Founded in 1950, Grosset-Janin cultivates a certain idea of luxury, combining authenticity and elegance. Its buildings boast a recognisably majestic aesthetic and meticulous finishes, the hallmarks of fine craftsmanship.

The post-and-beam chalet, an emblematic element of mountain architectural heritage, is built here in solid wood. This traditional construction system was chosen because it eliminates the need for loadbearing walls, allowing total freedom of interior design, giving free rein to every creative idea and every desire, with no limits!

The exposed timber frame invites itself into the living

areas with its robust, enveloping presence, becoming a decorative element in its own right. Its perfect geometry attracts the eye and invites the senses to awaken to the woody scents and velvety feel of the wood grain.

With its pure lines, noble materials and large picture windows opening onto the fabulous outdoors, the Grosset-Janin contemporary chalet is a statement of character and a taste for the finer things in life.

The builder has made ultra-customisation its trademark. Each project, whether traditional or

Chalet Caroline

more unusual, is custom-designed by the company's in-house design office to meet the wishes of its customers. The interior design department is dedicated to creating the right atmosphere and designing wooden fittings and furniture.

Every piece of wood, from the frame and windows to the staircases and furniture, is specially manufactured in Grosset-Janin's workshops at the foot of Mont Blanc.

With its expertise in wood and complex structures, Grosset-Janin can guarantee the high quality of its creations, offering unique and personal designs that will stand the test of time.


Megève - 81, rue St François de Sales.

Chamonix - 14, Avenue du Mont-Blanc.

Les Gets - 284, Rue du Centre

Bourg St Maurice - 129, Grande Rue

Domancy - 815, Route du Fayet



Vivid and colorful chromatic plays, where the unmistakable hues of stones and gems find space and time in cascades of ethical gold. Enchanting artisan creations marked by boldness and poetry. The color palette oscillates between natural nuances ranging from light green to turquoise to blue-green, as well as pink, which adds a touch of magic and femininity.

The jewelry enhances the color of the gems, capable of creating infinite combinations to wear. These are terms from an exceptional vocabulary where the intention is to amaze and enhance one's intrinsic beauty. For Chopard, delicate craftsmanship recalls the intricate patterns of lace and latticework, while the past archives of Boucheron become present and rediscover new materials, such as titanium, to meet the demands of lightness and versatility. For Tiffany & Co., mythology becomes a source of inspiration for artist Pharrell Williams and is expressed in exclusive models inspired by Poseidon and his trident.

Historic codes and symbols bring to mind the names of fashion houses. The foremost among these is N°5, the lucky number of Mademoiselle Coco and the legendary fragrance of Chanel, which for the occasion transforms into a pendant to be worn, animated by drops of perfume that cascade to fill the décolleté. For Louis Vuitton, the iconic Damier checkerboard pattern becomes a memorable jewel.

Dior Haute Joaillerie, with the Délicat collection, celebrates a heritage interpreted by geometries perfectly in tune with the femininity of the body. The traditional Italian goldsmith art of Farnese Gioielli alternates with the French craftsmanship of Maison Messika for love stories to get lost and found in.

PASQUALE BRUNI Petit Joli Collection

Rings made from 18-karat rose gold, adorned with white and champagne diamonds. The collection features a combination of gems including onyx, green agate, mother-of-pearl, pink chalcedony, and moonstone.

BOUCHERON Plume de Paon Collection

Necklace and earrings paved with sapphires, tsavorites, and diamonds, and topped with two oval tanzanites. The pieces are crafted from titanium and white gold.



LOUIS VUITTON Deep Time Collection

The Fossil Necklace features three tubular rows of yellow and white gold, accented with the Damier pattern. It is enhanced by a 27.83-carat sapphire from Sri Lanka and a 5.52-carat Monogram Star-cut diamond.

Precious Lace Collection Crafted from 18-karat white ethical gold certified by Fairmined, featuring drop-cut sapphires and diamonds, along with brilliant-cut diamonds.
TIFFANY & CO. Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams Collection A link bracelet in yellow gold set with diamonds.

CHANEL N°5 Collection

An 18-karat white gold necklace featuring the iconic N°5 detail and a cascade of diamonds.

DIOR Dior Délicat Collection

Yellow gold earrings embellished with pear-cut diamonds and a floral detail.


MESSIKA My Twin Wedding Ring

Composed of rose gold with four emerald-cut diamonds and four pear-cut diamonds.

Oval earrings in rose gold, adorned with top color yellow, pink, and orange sapphires in a brilliant cut.

FARNESE GIOIELLI Habibi Collection


Nestled in the green hills of Mougins on France's Côte d'Azur, the Golf de Cannes-Mougins is much more than just a golf course. It's a haven of tranquillity where nature and sport meet in harmony.

Nestled in the green hills of Mougins on France's Côte d'Azur, the Golf de Cannes-Mougins is much more than just a golf course. It's a haven of tranquillity where nature and sport meet in harmony. A few years ago, Golf de CannesMougins was awarded the Silver Label for Biodiversity. This recognition testifies to the club's commitment to preserving and promoting the local ecosystem.

Today, the club is seeking the prestigious Gold Label, the highest distinction in this field available today. Biodiversity labels, classified as bronze, silver and gold, are invaluable tools for assessing a golf course's commitment to nature conservation. Each label represents a different level of environmental excellence, rewarding the initiatives implemented to promote biodiversity on golf courses.

For years, Golf de Cannes-Mougins has taken a proactive approach to environmental sustainability. Rigorous measures have been put in place to minimize the club's

ecological footprint while promoting biodiversity. Conservation zones have been established to protect local natural habitats, providing a haven for a multitude of plant and animal species.

Striding along the impeccable fairways, golfers have the rare opportunity to admire the astonishing diversity of local flora and fauna. Colorful birds make their way across the skies, while mischievous squirrels play hideand-seek among the trees. The course's ponds are home to an abundance of aquatic life, creating a balanced and dynamic ecosystem.

Golf de Cannes-Mougins stands out as a jewel on the Côte d'Azur, not only for its sporting excellence, but also for its unwavering commitment to preserving biodiversity. With the Gold Label for Biodiversity, the club affirms its leading role in promoting sustainable harmony between man and nature.

64 © Karim Smaoui
All images © Karim Smaoui


Just minutes from the iconic Saint-Tropez, the Kube Hotel stands as a sanctuary of simple luxury, where elegance is perfectly balanced with a liberating atmosphere. This destination is designed for holistic experiences that elevate your energy and spirit, crafting memorable moments in an environment that encourages both relaxation and vivacity.


Kube Saint-Tropez introduces an unparalleled way to soak in the Mediterranean sun and lifestyle. This boutique hotel has masterfully captured the essence of the region, offering guests an authentic taste of the relaxed yet stylish Provençal way of life.

Your day at Kube might begin with a "Detox Morning," which includes a tailored wellness session to refresh both mind and body. Guests can indulge in personalized spa treatments or join a morning yoga session that promises revitalization and an energy boost.

As the day warms up, the "Chill Afternoon" phase sets

the perfect tone for relaxation. The hotel's expansive pool, striking in its sheer size and inviting blue waters, becomes the centerpiece. Here, one can lounge under the sun or enjoy an array of freshly prepared juices and smoothies from the nearby juice bar, providing a delicious, healthful interlude between leisurely swims or sunbathing sessions.

Transitioning into the evening, the "Before Party" vibe slowly takes over. The newly introduced rooftop area, one of Saint-Tropez's most exclusive, offers breathtaking sunset views that pair perfectly with live music and an array of shared dishes and cocktails. This is where the soul of the party begins to pulse, setting the stage for the night ahead.

The Rooftop

Another highlight this season is the "Apéros Pétanque."

This new gathering celebrates the traditional French game with a trendy twist, offering a selection of fine rosés and champagnes to complement the playful competition.


The Kube Saint Tropez is reinventing its wellness offerings with the introduction of the "Les Energisantes" program, a series of holistic workshops led by renowned wellness expert Apolline Delmas.

These sessions are designed to invigorate and inspire, ranging from "Yoga Brunch" to "Yog'Apéro." Special

"Day Retreats" are also available on Sundays, focusing on themes like Energy Boost, Slow Flow, and Holistic Spirit, ideal for those seeking a profound connection between physical health and mental well-being.

Every element of Kube Saint-Tropez, from its luxurious accommodations to its dynamic activity lineup, is carefully crafted to ensure that guests enjoy a seamless blend of chic relaxation and vibrant social life.

Here, in this magnificent setting, every visitor finds themselves at the perfect junction of soulful tranquility and festive joy, embodying the true spirit of letting go and feeling good.


Become a member now, and start enjoying an unparalleled experience at Polo Resort & Country Club !



Back in 2018, the club wrote a new chapter in its glorious history by creating the exclusive concept of the Polo Resort & Country Club. Ranked among the largest and most luxurious in Europe, it has become an international institution coveted by equestrian sports players.

Its facilities are available year-round for members. The Polo Resort & Country Club spans a private estate of 100 hectares of secure land, offering a true escape in the heart of Haras de Gassin. But beyond that, it is also a lively place throughout the year. The Country Club exclusively offers high-end services, aiming to be a space for meetings and discoveries.

The facilities include a wellness area, a gym, a wellness space with sauna, hammam, and cryotherapy, a sports center equipped with superior quality Technogym machines, tennis and padel courts, a heated swimming pool with a pool bar, a restaurant, and stables for riders.


CSI 2024

The Polo Club Saint-Tropez looks forward to welcoming its guests for an axceptional equestrian rendezvous. after the success of the first dates in March and April, these are the next events:

MAY: 23rd to 26th

SEPTEMBER: 19th to 22nd and 26th to 29th

OCTOBER: 17th to 20th and 24th to 27th

In the excitement of bringing together talented riders from around the world, the club showcases their exceptional skills within its prestigious facilities.

Polo Club Saint-Tropez, Haras de Gassin, where the harmony between elegance and sport awaits you in a simply breathtaking setting...


Polo Resort & Country Club is an iconic venue in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for the International Polo calendar, featuring:

JUNE: 5th to 15th Gold Cup (Handicap 8-12) Argentina Polo Tour Saint-Tropez (Handicap 10-12)

JULY: 4th to 14th International Polo Cup Saint-Tropez (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16) First cup of the French Triple Crown 18th to 28th Ambassadors Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

AUGUST: 1st to 11th Challenge Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16) 15th to 25th Federations Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

APRIL, MAY and SEPTEMBER: Polo Chukkers

The club facilities are open all year round for club members, offering the perfect blend of sport and wellness. Its polo season, from April to September, has been recognised as one of the best in Europe, especially during its peak season in July & August. In total, more than 170 games, over 700 chukkers, more than 50 teams, over 110 players, and over 600 horses participate during the Polo Season. The Polo Resort & Country Club is an impressive organisation where lifestyle management meets high-endsports operations.



Escape to the heart of luxury at Château Saint-Martin & Spa, where art and elegance converge amidst a "sea of green." Each villa, from historic charm to modern allure, offers a sanctuary of tranquility in the vibrant hills of Vence, tailored for those who appreciate the finer details in life.


At Château Saint-Martin & Spa, every stay is a masterpiece framed by the lush landscapes of the French Riviera. This esteemed estate hosts six exclusive villas, each echoing the area's artistic heritage with sophisticated decor and state-of-the-art amenities. Here, art isn't just admired but lived; each villa presents a unique blend of contemporary art and classic French design, enhancing your stay with visual and tactile delights.

The villas, set in a verdant "sea of green," are not just accommodations but gateways to personalized luxury. Guests can indulge in private butler services, ensuring that every need is artfully met with precision and care. Whether sipping champagne on a sunlit terrace or

relaxing in a hot tub secluded by nature, the experience is nothing short of enchanting. Moreover, the addition of three new villas, Château Villa Rental, to the Château Saint-Martin & Spa portfolio this season offers even more exquisite choices. These homes are perfect for those seeking a private retreat with the perks of fivestar hotel services. Enjoy moments of relaxation by your private pool or host memorable dinners with panoramic views that stretch over the green hills to the azure sky.

Château Saint-Martin & Spa is it's a journey into a world where luxury is natural and beauty is endless. Here, every moment is infused with the artistry of the past and the comforts of the present, promising an unforgettable escape into the heart of the Riviera.

Château Saint-Martin & Spa creates precious, lifelong memories...
© Roman Reglade


On the heights of Haut-de-Cagnes, Château Le Cagnard, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, has long been synonymous with the blend of medieval charm and modern sophistication. In the scenic heart of the Côte d'Azur, the establishment has just unveiled its latest enhancements for 2024, marking a new chapter in its illustrious history.

Originally a 13th-century edifice, Château Le Cagnard sits majestically within the medieval village ramparts, offering breathtaking views over Cagnes-sur-Mer and the Mediterranean. Its proximity to cultural hotspots like Nice, Antibes, and Saint Paul de Vence makes it an ideal retreat for those looking to soak in the region's rich artistic legacy and Provençal allure.

The château’s historical narrative is deeply intertwined with the adjacent Château Grimaldi. The "Salle des Gardes," adorned with Emile Wéry's vibrant frescoes, remains a testament to the era when knights guarded these prestigious walls. The room not only preserves its medieval spirit but also serves as the pulsating heart of the hotel, now more radiant than ever following extensive renovations.

2024 heralds a significant rebirth for Château Le Cagnard under the banner "Between Authenticity, Elegance, and History." Following thoughtful enhancements carried out during the 2022 and 2023 seasons, the château has introduced a magnificent wellness area that seamlessly blends luxury with tranquility. Among the standout features is the new heated whirlpool, set in a serene terrace adorned with plush sunbeds - a perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

This season, guests can immerse themselves in the soothing warmth of a newly installed heated whirlpool, promising a blend of relaxation and exclusive privacy. The terrace, a peaceful haven, invites guests to unwind under the Riviera sun, adding a modern touch to the château’s array of amenities.

© Tommy Picone

The interiors of Château Le Cagnard have also seen a transformation. Each of the twenty-nine restored rooms, from superior to the prestige suites, has been delicately curated to reflect the region's artistic heritage.

Rooms are adorned with trompe-l'oeil artwork by notable artists like Modigliani and Renoir, who once found inspiration in Haut-de-Cagnes. These artistic tributes alongside hand-painted details in the corridors enrich the château's unique character and charm.

Culinary delights await at the château's bistronomic restaurant, where the sliding ceiling opens up to the azure sky, connecting diners directly with the Mediterranean horizon. Chef Alexandre Herin's seasonal creations are complemented by a meticulously selected

wine list, ensuring each meal is an unforgettable experience between sky and sea.

For business and events, Château Le Cagnard offers distinguished settings that combine refined style with authentic touches. Whether for seminars, gala dinners, or private gatherings, the château provides tailored solutions to ensure every event is successful and memorable.

As Château Le Cagnard continues to evolve, blending its storied past with contemporary enhancements, it remains a beacon of luxury and history on the Côte d'Azur - a truly enchanting destination where guests can revel in the romance of yesteryears and the comforts of today.



In the heart of Monaco, the iconic restaurant has embarked on an exciting new chapter in its history, thanks to the recent acquisition by MC Hospitality Group.

Known as a venerable institution that has graced the Monegasque dining scene since 1938, Tip Top is redefining its identity with a fresh and innovative approach, while still cherishing the friendly culinary traditions that have earned it a place in the hearts of locals and celebrities alike.

The re-opening on March 15 revealed not just a physical transformation following extensive renovations but also a culinary revamp that captures the essence of Monaco's lifestyle. Under the new stewardship, Tip Top introduces a menu that beautifully marries high-quality local produce with the sophisticated flavors that patrons have come to expect.

This reinvention is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to excellence and innovation, as explained by Chef Antonio Salvatore: “At Tip Top, we believe in the importance of preserving traditions while innovating for the future.”

The restaurant boasts a modern yet warm ambiance, making it perfect for any occasion-from a lively evening featuring live performances to a relaxed night out watching a match or enjoying a quiet dinner with friends.

The culinary offerings are as exquisite as they are diverse, from the crispness of freshly baked pizzas to the savory delight of grilled meats and the light, refreshing salads.Seafood lovers will revel in the selection of fresh fish, and for those with a penchant for comfort food, the burgers are nothing short of indulgent. The drink menu complements the dishes with an impressive array of fine wines, expertly mixed cocktails, and a selection of premium beers and refreshing beverages.

Open 24/7, Tip Top is a cultural phenomenon that perfectly encapsulates the Monegasque way of life - chic, relaxed, and utterly luxurious. Whether you're a long-time local or a first-time visitor, the new Tip Top promises an unparalleled experience, right in the heart of Monaco's illustrious charm.


The Epitome of Luxury Socializing

Nestled within the opulent confines of Monte Carlo, Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo offers a unique social experience, transcending traditional club memberships with a commitment to fostering connections and curating unforgettable moments. The club presents a comprehensive array of services to enrich the lives of its discerning members and guests.

At the heart of the club's allure is its bespoke event organization service, ready to tailor experiences from private luncheons to captivating conferences. The possibilities are limitless, thanks to the club's dedication to excellence. The Blue Room, equipped with modern amenities, and its adjoining terrace provide idyllic settings for various events.

For larger functions, the club recently unveiled the option to privatize its dining area and terrace, accommodating up to 120 guests for cocktail parties and 35 for private dinners - a service that has garnered widespread acclaim. Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo extends its event expertise beyond its membership, welcoming non-members to partake in its offerings. This inclusive approach, along with partnerships with brands like Giorgio Armani and Hublot, positions it as a premier destination for exclusive events and collaborations.

The club is more than just a venue - it's a lifestyle. With a focus on well-being and sport, it fosters a community among its diverse membership. Every event, from business networking to family celebrations, is meticulously curated to foster connections and create lasting memories.

Looking ahead, the club plans to unveil a new catering menu featuring seasonal delights and continues to offer corporate memberships, providing businesses with exclusive networking opportunities, team-building exercises, and client entertainment.

Beyond its physical confines, Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo serves as a conduit to a world of possibilities. With access to an extensive network of partner concierge services and over 50 affiliated clubs worldwide, membership transcends borders, offering unparalleled access to global connections and experiences.

As Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo embarks on a new era of social sophistication, its dedication to crafting unforgettable moments remains unwavering. Whether you're a member, guest, or corporate partner, the club invites you to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled luxury and camaraderie-a world where every experience is nothing short of extraordinary.
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Nestled in the embrace of the Mediterranean, Porto Montenegro unveils its latest masterpiece: Synchro Yards, a sanctuary of sophistication and refinement. This avant-garde neighbourhood introduces two distinct residences: AERIS and IVO Residences, each bearing the hallmark of unparalleled luxury, designed by internationally acclaimed Woods Bagot.

AERIS embodies exclusivity; a symphony of elegance, inspired by the rhythms of the sea and wind, the residence features sleek wooden decking, angular balconies and modern façades, reminiscent of a contemporary yacht. Inside, Bergman's esteemed design team has curated transformative spaces, infusing sophisticated marine influences and soft curves to complement bold architectural lines. With panoramic

views of the award-winning marina, Beach Club, and the tranquil waters of the bay, these 22 spacious residences, available in 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom layouts, offer a seamless fusion of indoor-outdoor living, with prices starting at an enticing 1.89m €.

Meanwhile, IVO Residences, managed by the illustrious five-star Rare Finds hotel brand of Kerzner International, presents a curated collection of 25 homes. Offering bay, plaza and marina views, along with premium amenities including hotel concierge services, in-room hospitality, beach and fitness club memberships, IVO promises an unparalleled lifestyle starting at 770,000 €. Apartments are available in studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom layouts, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles. The Kerzner Homeowner Benefits Program enhances the experience, offering homeowners access to a global network of

Synchro Yards

privileges including exclusive events, priority bookings, and preferential rates across Kerzner Hotels and Resorts, including One&Only, Atlantis, SIRO, and Rare Finds properties.

Scheduled for completion in 2026, Synchro Yards will unveil a beach club featuring swimming pools and lagoons, dedicated performance and events spaces, restaurants and high-end boutiques, fostering a vibrant community of culture and creativity.

At the heart of Synchro Yards lies an ingeniously restored former shipyard building and ode to the industrial heritage of Porto Montenegro. Known locally as ‘Synchro’, this iconic landmark provides a multi-layered space for diverse events and activities, from tech conferences and interactive exhibitions to yoga retreats, art classes, and musical spectacles. The nearby Naval Heritage Collection

Museum, housed in a restored 19th Century sawmill, proudly exhibits the village’s maritime legacy, showcasing over 300 artefacts, including rare naval equipment and genuine Yugoslav submarines, with themed exhibitions rotating throughout the year.

Synchro Yards stands as a testament to Porto Montenegro's unwavering commitment to luxury, innovation, and community. This neighbourhood will complement the existing South Village and the soon-to-be-launched Boka Place, enhancing the vibrant tapestry of the area. With three international airports-Tivat, Podgorica, and Dubrovnik-providing seamless connectivity, this veritable paradise is but a heartbeat away. Porto Montenegro remains an attractive opportunity for discerning investors seeking the epitome of Mediterranean living.

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Sialia Yachts proudly introduces the Sialia 45 Sport, a groundbreaking electric yacht engineered for outstanding performance, luxury, and long-range eco-cruising. As construction for the inaugural 45 Sport is slated to begin in the summer of 2024, it marks the advent of a new era in marine technology, designed as an accessible gateway to the world of electric yachting.

This marvel of engineering was born from extensive customer feedback and market research. Crafted with a lightweight carbon fiber structure, the Sialia 45 Sport achieves class-leading speeds and range without sacrificing

comfort. The sleek hull, designed by renowned naval architecture studio Petestep, ensures a dry and stable ride. The yacht cruises at 25 knots and reaches a top speed of up to 43 knots, boasting the longest range of any electric boat: over 70 nautical miles in its pure electric form and an impressive 164 nautical miles with the optional range extender.

The integration of solar panels on the Sialia 45 Sport significantly lessens its environmental footprint by utilizing solar energy to power onboard systems. This yacht leads the pack with its advanced charging capabilities, accommodating up to 350 kW of DC power for rapid recharging - making it the fastest-charging electric

Sialia 45 Sport

yacht available. It also supports AC shore power, ensuring compatibility with marina infrastructures worldwide.

Customization is central to the Sialia 45 Sport's design ethos, with three trim levels - Active, Plus, and Premium - each offering escalating degrees of luxury and quality materials. Owners can tailor the yacht to their preferences, choosing from two distinct layouts: the Sandbar, perfect for adventurous outings with sport seating for six and an exterior galley; and the Lounge, ideal for family relaxation, featuring extensive sunbathing areas, benches for eight, an enlarged lounger aft, and a full dining table for alfresco dining. Sialia offers three drivetrain options to address varied boating needs: Scout for coastal cruising,

Performance for maximum electric efficiency, and Range for a balance between performance and extended navigational capabilities.

The introduction of the Sialia 45 Sport reshapes the maritime landscape, featuring collaborations with Petestep for hull design and Denis Popov Design for aesthetic styling, underscoring Sialia’s commitment to uncompromised quality and innovation. With an online configurator supporting clear trim levels and a broad range of drivetrain options, the process of purchasing and personalizing the Sialia 45 Sport is transparent and straightforward. As we anticipate its debut, the Sialia 45 Sport is set to redefine the boundaries of luxury electric yachting.



Numarine's Groundbreaking 40MXP Superyacht Set to Debut in 2025

In a recent update from the leading yacht manufacturer Numarine, the industry has been buzzing with excitement as progress continues on the 40MXP, a model destined to become the new flagship of the fleet by 2025. The successful turning and moving of the yacht’s hull to the shipyard for further outfitting marks a significant milestone in the project's timeline.

“It’s a big milestone for our new model’s construction and I’m happy to confirm we’re on track with the delivery in 2025 as it was planned initially,” said Murat Şen, General Manager of Numarine. "I’m happy that the market has exhibited a positive response to this model, with a notable influx of interested boat owners. Three 40MXP hulls have already been sold before the first one is launched, which is a great success.”

The 40MXP, which stands for Mediterranean Explorer, is designed not just for the glamorous Mediterranean seas but also as a capable global voyager. This vessel builds upon the success of the slightly smaller 37XP,

incorporating an additional two meters in length which translates into significant enhancements across its features.

Among these enhancements is an expanded aft deck, pushed forward by three meters, creating ample space for a luxurious outdoor dining area, bar, and lounge.

A standout feature is the new aft pool with a glass transom, which merges seamlessly into a vast hydraulic swim platform stretching across the yacht’s 8-meter beam. This design innovation enhances the connection between the yacht and the sea, allowing for an immersive experience in comfort and style.

The 40MXP's adaptability extends to varying climatic conditions with options for shading including a standard awning and potential upper deck extensions, making it ideal for sunnier regions like the Middle East or Australia.

Performance-wise, the 40MXP doesn't shy away from its 'XP' - Explorer - roots. Designed by Numarine’s longterm partner, naval architect Umberto Tagliavini, the


yacht promises an impressive 6,000-nautical-mile range at a cruising speed of 8 knots. Propulsion options include standard dual MAN 800hp engines with the opportunity to upgrade to Tier III-compliant MAN 900hp engines, a choice already made for the first two units sold.

Internally, the 40MXP upholds Numarine’s commitment to spacious and luxurious living quarters. The yacht offers six suites, accommodating up to 12 guests. These include a full-beam master suite on the main deck and a remarkable full-beam lower deck VIP suite, all designed by the renowned Can Yalman, who also shaped the yacht’s exterior.

The 40MXP also features a large boat deck, adequate for carrying a 9-meter tender and three full-size jet skis, alongside additional water sports equipment. This capability ensures that the yacht’s appeal extends into a full-blown adventure platform, suitable for exploring the most picturesque and remote locations.

With such sophisticated enhancements, Numarine’s 40MXP sets the stage for a new era in luxury yachting and reinforces the brand's position in the global market. As anticipation builds, the industry eagerly awaits the arrival of what promises to be another standout marvel in Numarine’s esteemed line of vessels.

It’s a big milestone for our new model’s construction...
Murat Şen General Manager of Numarine


In November, The Qatar Boat Show 2024 will captivate the global yachting community. Held by Old Doha Port, in collaboration with Gulf Marine Services, the event is a highlight of Qatar's Vision 2030, aiming to bolster economic growth and tourism.

The boat show will play host to a diverse array of participants, including leading local, regional, and international yacht brands, shipbuilders, and enthusiasts. With 495 exhibitors and expectations of over 20,000 visitors, the event will feature 95 stellar boats and watercrafts displayed both on land and water. The recent launch event highlighted the show's grandeur and scale. Opening remarks by Mohammad Al Mulla and engaging panel discussions with industry leaders like Paris Baloumis from Oceanco and Farouk Nefzi from Feadship set a collaborative tone, emphasizing the show's role in enhancing Qatar's

stature as a prime maritime investment destination. Attendees can look forward to not only an impressive lineup of vessels but also a variety of watersports, lifestyle brands, and retail opportunities. The event promises comprehensive entertainment, including gourmet dining and lively activities, ensuring an immersive experience in the luxurious setting of Old Doha Port. With its strategic importance and comprehensive showcase, the Qatar Boat Show 2024 is poised to redefine the luxury yachting experience, enhancing Qatar's global reputation as a safe and dynamic destination for maritime activities.



Sunreef Yachts, the leader in luxury catamaran manufacturing, is making significant strides in the UAE with its latest endeavors in eco-friendly yachting and expanding production facilities.

The company celebrated the opening of a new state-of-the-art shipyard in Ras Al Khaimah. The event, attended by dignitaries including His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi and former Polish President Lech Walesa, highlighted Sunreef's growing influence in the region.

Concurrently, Sunreef showcased its commitment to sustainability at the Dubai International Boat Show with the Sunreef Yachts Eco line. The display featured advanced electric catamarans like the 80 Sunreef Power Eco. These models attracted significant attention, including from His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, underscoring the brand's appeal.

The Ras Al Khaimah facility is set to produce the new Ultima catamaran range, focusing on innovative hybrid and electric yachts. This move aligns with Sunreef's dedication to sustainable yachting, as seen through its active participation in ecofriendly discussions and hosting VIP events that emphasize personalized, environmentally-conscious experiences. Through these initiatives, Sunreef Yachts is solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the luxury maritime sector in the UAE.




Overlooking crystal-clear waters with a backdrop that attracts the international jet set, the new Riva Privée at the exclusive Jeddah Yacht Club exudes unmistakable elegance.

Joining the ranks of Venice, Monte Carlo, and other glamorous locales, Jeddah now celebrates the timeless charm of Riva's design heritage. This venue melds Riva’s rich boatbuilding tradition with the stunning vistas of Saudi Arabia’s coastline.

Occupying 100 m², the Riva Privée in Jeddah is a haven of style on the top floor of the Jeddah Yacht Club, close to the culturally rich Historic Jeddah.

Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the marina, surrounded by interiors that reflect Riva’s luxurious yachting aesthetics - mahogany, striped maple, and

polished steel and aluminium accents, highlighted by signature Riva elements like the Aquariva lamp and Aquarama-inspired chairs.

In addition to its breathtaking ambiance, the venue features a Riva Brand Experience corner where visitors can purchase exclusive Riva-inspired products, from collectibles to clothing.

Moreover, guests have the unique opportunity to hire the exquisite Rivamare 38 boat for private tours along the coastline, enhancing the exclusive Riva experience in Jeddah.



Aboard Kismet, the latest marvel yacht from Lürssen, the overwhelming presence of the vessel is palpable. Stretching a majestic 122 meters in length, Kismet is a floating palace of modern engineering and design.

Designed by Nuvolari-Lenard, Kismet boasts harmonious proportions, showcasing exceptional volume without compromising her sleek and elegant lines. The majestic mast and the bow figure, resembling a leaping jaguar, add a distinctive touch of grandeur to her profile.

Inside, the yacht’s opulence unfolds in layers. Designed by Reymond Langton Design, the interior features a grand two-level entrance with sweeping video walls that pull you into a world of luxury. The lower deck's Nemo cinema, complete with a 150-inch television by an underwater seating area, offers an unparalleled viewing experience, merging cinematic entertainment with the ocean's serene depths.

Every corner of Kismet is a testament to tailored sophistication and technological prowess. Her 7-star wellness area offers a sanctuary of relaxation. The yacht is also at the forefront of environmental consciousness, equipped with a hybrid power train and full-electric mode, heat recovery systems, and dynamic positioning for minimal environmental impact.

As Kismet navigates her maiden voyage through the Mediterranean, she is not just a testament to Lürssen's legacy in luxury yachting but a forward-looking beacon of innovation, setting new standards in the fusion of luxury and sustainability on the high seas.
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Nomade Nuit d’ Égypte A mystical olfactory voyage.


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Crochet and lambskin driving mittens


Reversible oblique bucket hat.


Limited edition retro-style 'Mesa' sneakers crafted in fine beige cotton canvas with contrast stitching.



Metal frame mirror sunglasses.

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Lamp "Logo"

Satinated metal structure featuring a double lampshade in the shape of a truncated pyramid.

Penny loafer, high-shine brushed calfskin leather, with Gancini ornament.

RUINART Champagne Brut Rosé Second Skin



Sahar One Piece Black Ivory. One-piece swimsuit with wide and soft laces and central floral detail.

L’absolu Rouge Intimatte (n. 464). Soft blurred matte lipstick. GENNY Total Look Spring / Summer 2024.


Viv’ Choc Strass. Open toe platform Sandals in satin with crystals.

BICEGO 18K yellow gold and diamond necklace.



Tote bag Habanera in straw and fine leather, with a silk fabric woven.


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Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillon “Tamara Ralph"


Sandali in pelle con fibbia ad ardiglione e logo

Pantaloni a righe in cotone stile balinese

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Good Girl Blush Elixir

With an intense blend of ravishing rose, voluminous vanilla and smoky, scintillating patchouli.


On-the-glow SuperGlow

Hydrating solid balm highlighter for a supernatural glow.


The Geranium Rose Body Oil


Love Delight

A floral fragrance with notes of ginger, mandarin, rose water, and cinnamon.


Neon Baume des Muses - Pink Full of moisturizing, repairing and protective organic ingredients.

A fast-absorbing body oil infused with natural Geranium and Rose to help relax and soothe.




Loveshine Candy Glaze

A tinted butter lip balm that cares for your lips with healthy glow & soothing feel. 24H nourishing feeling for bouncy and dewy lips.


Immaculate Facial Toner

A vitamin-rich, hydrating tonic offering gentle chemical exfoliation that helps even the appearance of the skin and refine skin texture.


Teddy Takeover Eye & Face Palette

An all-new eye and face palette featuring four all-new eye shadow hues and one shimmering highlighter shade decorated in a special-edition, Velvet Teddy-inspired matte design.


Luminous Silk Glow Blush

Silk-infused powder blush that softly drapes the skin with a luminous flush of color.


Penhaligon's Alula

Across sweeping saffron deserts, an oasis of plum and patchouli perfumes the Incense Road.

In a world where declaring the number of followers and clicks has become an obsessive demand, it's important to understand that if you work and live in luxury, factors such as credibility and the genuine exclusivity of the venues where you are visible are truly the only things that matter. In luxury, less is more, as long as this "less" is the best one ;-)



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In a world where declaring the number of followers and clicks has become an obsessive demand, it's important to understand that if you work and live in luxury, factors such as credibility and the genuine exclusivity of the venues where you are visible are truly the only things that matter. In luxury, less is more, as long as this "less" is the best one ;-)




• Hotel Metropole

• Hôtel de Paris / Hall

• Fairmont Monte Carlo / Spa

• Forgi’s Restaurant

• Cap Estel (Èze bord de mer)

• Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc (Cap d’Antibes)

G&M Design Gallery


• Château de la Chèvre d’Or (Èze Village)

• Le Mas de Pierre (Saint-Paul de Vence)

• Château Saint-Martin & Spa (Vence)

• Monte-Carlo Beach (Roquebrune Cap Martin)

Domaine de Verchant


• Hôtel des Dromonts


• Les Fermes de Marie

• Le Mont-Blanc

• Le Lodge Park

• Les Chalets de Fermes de Marie

• Chalet du Mont d’Arbois

• Flocons de Sel

• Alpaga

• Le Chalet Zannier


• L’ Apogée

• Le K2 Palace

• Le K2 Altitude

• Le K2 Djala

• Le K2 Chogori

• Private Chalet Razzie

• Private Chalet Edelveiss (The largest in Europe)

• Private Chalet Gentianes


• Monaco Yacht Club

• Monte-Carlo Country Club

• Club 39 Monte Carlo

• CREM (Club des Résidents Étrangers Monégasques)


• Monacair Desks & Private Flights

• Nice Airport private lounges: Aviapartner, Signature, DC-Aviation

• Let’s Fly (Cannes/Mandelieu Airport)

• AAA Luxury Limousines

including Cannes Film Festival and Monaco GP


• Golf Club de Cannes-Mougins

• Monte-Carlo Golf Club

• Domaine de Barbossi (Mandelieu - La Napoule)

• Domaine de Terre Blanche (Tourrettes, Var)

• Polo Club de Saint-Tropez


• Private Beaches Cannes

• Annex Beach

• Villa Marie (Saint-Tropez)

• Lily of the Valley (Saint-Tropez)

• Kube (Saint-Tropez)

• Aéroport International du Golfe de Saint-Tropez


• Monaco luxury boutiques

• Prestigious residences

• Private Mailing List of 2500 addresses


• Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco (in partnership with Gootickets)

• Monaco Yacht Show

• International Jumping Monte-Carlo

• Monte Carlo Music Masters

• Pro Am des Parfumeurs

• Athina Onassis Horse Show

• My Yachts Events (Monaco, Hong Kong, Miami, St. Barth)




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