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Welcome to Force One issue #35.

Finally the cold, finally the snow!

So let's enjoy the sparkle of the winter season, and the most beautiful jewels.

The scent of the cold air, and the one customized to our tastes for the suite where we will spend a weekend in Milan, the world capital of fashion. And speaking of fashion, let's choose the most original wardrobe in our pages dedicated to the mountain.

Mountain, which we will live in Courchevel and Megève, and which we will reach aboard two very original supercars...

And then soul, art, literature, culture, events...!

Once again, all the best can be found in the following pages.


64 - Luxury stay
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- Interview / AMBRA MARTONE
- Perfumery / LABSOLUE
- Destinations / MAGNA PARS
- Fine Dining / DA NOI
- Jewellery / WINTER'S WONDERS
- Haute Horlogerie / MONTRES KF
- Fashion / LET IT SNOW
- Fashion / ON THE SLOPES
- Haute Horlogerie / MONTRES KF
- Destinations / COURCHEVEL & MEGÈVE


© Mattia Aquila

It has been scientifically proven that scent is one of the most powerful triggers of nostalgia. A certain fragrance can transport you in an instant, cocooning you in memory and emotion as the aromas travel from your nose to your heart

“We don’t just smell by using our noses. We use our eyes, ears, hands, and mouth too. "Sentire" is ‘to feel’ in Italian. It comes from the Latin sensus: the five senses that connect us with what is around us. Also derived from the Latin is "senno": intellect, reason, and everything that is considered the opposite of feeling. This is not the case in perfumery. It takes both brain and heart to craft a perfume. On one side research, science, know-how. On the other: intuition, vision, sensibility.

It’s more than all five sense. Creating the perfect perfume requires a sixth sense.” - Ambra Martone

No pressure when trying to find that perfect perfume, then.

It is hard not to become seduced by the quest. As dance partners of fragrance, the ability to match a desired emotion to an elixir of fine and rare ingredients is pure alchemy. And a skill that stretches back thousands of years.

Indeed for Ambra Martone, a third generation of the olfactory-blessed Martone family, this is a skill that has been passed directly down to her.

F.1.M.: Ambra, why is scent so important to you?

A.M.: Scent is in my name and in my DNA. It’s been a passion and expertise of my family for three generations. To me, scent is emotion, dream, memory, well-being. Not a simple accessory or a style detail.

It is a form of art, a form of expression, a mood booster. It’s intangible yet impossible to delimit. It enters without permission, “anticipating an arrival and prolonging a departure”. Scnet is what remains when everything else passes away. It’s a non-verbal language that reaches the heart and brain without waiting for answers.

F.1.M.: What is your approach, then, for creating a scent for a personor indeed a place, like you have done for your latest project, the Magna Pars, "l’Hotel á Parfum"?

A.M.: The approach is consistent. As my father Roberto taught me, it’s: “capturing the soul of a brand, a place, a moment, and enclosing it within a bottle”.

I like to get to understand what I call their ‘essence’, using my senses to feel what really matters to each person (or place!) and what makes

© Serena Eller

one different. I listen to what they say and how they express it, but also noting what they omit. I like to catch the detail that changes the perspective and understanding their most intimate dreams and desires, while always reading and studying the past; the roots, the icons, the tradition, connecting on an emotional and a physical level, until I am able to transform all these precious inputs into a few drops of perfume.

F.1.M.: How would you describe yourself as a perfume?

A.M.: I am a modern Amber, subtle yet powerful, made of leaf and bark resins - for my strong roots - and stable and consistent. The scent would be soft balsamic notes for my warm and optimistic nature. Present, but reserved. There would also be a hint of leather and bitter orange, for my combination of aesthetic sense and sense of humor. All dosed with the right measure of course!

F.1.M.: Do you think that there is a perfect scent?

A.M.: I am sure that the perfect scent exists, but it is very different for each of us. This is what I adore the most about perfumery: there is not right or wrong, nor bad or good. There are no rules except for a very important one: it has to feel good for you.

For me, the perfect smell is the unknown scent of a country I haven't been to yet, the smell of a child's skin, of a friend's hug, the unique and unforgettable perfume of a dress borrowed from my sister, of a lit fireplace, of a ride in the pine forest, of a walk in the seashore, of lemon trees in bloom, of the warm wind that brings summer, of the first snow that makes everything smell neater. These are all scents that we have turned into our LabSolue Perfumes, 68 perfect scents.

© Mattia Aquila


History. Inspiration. Artistry. Artisanal. Creative. These are the five “senses” of LabSolue (Ambra making up the all important “sixth sense”), the perfumery brand Ambra founded with her beloved late sister Giorgia. Reviving the cosmetic brand founded in 1945 by her grandfather Vicenzo (an award-winning chemist in cosmetic discovery), new fragrance has been breathed into the Perfume Factory, filled with hundreds of creations inspired by both her Italian heritage and the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean.

This is a true olfactive library. Organized by “Volumes”, it’s not hard for your nose to dart from fruity to flowery to woody, unforgettable aromas permeating the air in a rich cloak of tender scents. It is here that you can be led by both your emotion - and an expert Lab Tender - to discover your perfect fragrance and have it custom made for you into a Perfume, Home Perfume, or Artisan Candle. The lab itself is a thing of beauty. Wooden cabinets give off the air of an old apothecary, and are in fact a modernized version of the old family pharmacy. Historic objects from the family archives line the shelves and frame the work area. In the middle are four ‘olfactory islands’: one for wood essences, floral shrubs, fruit and aromatic trees, and one reserved for handcrafting candles. It is here that you can experiment and feel your way around the various scents, crafting and perfecting as your nose sees fit.

All creations from LabSolue are produced with recyclable materials that have been designed to be refilled and reused over time, a sustainable luxury that can be passed down the generations.



From the nostalgia of scent to a physical representation, the 5 stars Magna Pars – the only "Hotel á Parfum" in the world –is a living embodiment of Ambra’s olfactory talents. It also happens to be on the same site as her family’s historic perfume factory.


It’s a magical place. And the perfect mix of the Martone talents for perfume, art, and hospitality. It's a multisensory experience at its finest.

The hotel is a distillate of all the wonders of Italy: heritage, cuisine, landscape. And somehow, Ambra has managed to capture this in a bottle.

Tucked away on Via Forcella - parallel to the lively Via Tortona in the heart of Milan - Magna Pars is postindustrial elegance, warmed with woods, exposed brick, ancient books, and the lush gardens filled with seasonal plants and shrubs.

The whole place is an ode to art also, with a growing collection of emerging and famous artists from around the world displayed on the walls, turning the hotel also into the Magna Pars Art Gallery.

But the true art here lies in the Sixty-eight hotel suites, an expression of the finest in Italian hospitality. Each suite is

inspired by one of Ambra’s scent collections: floral - such as Gardenia and Frangipane - fruity - Medlar, Cherry, Fig - aromatic - White Sage and Rosemary - woody - Vetiver, Sandalwood and Patchouli - and resinous - Myrrh and Styrax.

The Presidential Suite, for example, is laid out over two floors and has a scent inspired by Oud Wood: a tree from Southeast Asia, it produces an intense, aromatic resin from which a very rare and precious oil is extracted. Each suite overlooks the gardens or courtyard terraces, filled with furniture from craftsmen from the Lombardy region. Leather sofas and chairs, refined bookcases, and colorful paintings give great oomphs of character to each room; as well as the bar corner, spacious living area and luxury bathroom.

Architecture marries scent here, blending perfectly with the history of the building and Ambra’s contemporary vision of the traditional case a ringhiera of Milan.

© Mattia Aquila


Hitting up all the senses, the DA NOI IN restaurant - as part of the Magna Pars hotel - pays homage to traditional Italian cuisine, with a modern and creative twist; as ever, aroma plays a huge role here.

The culinary and perfume worlds collide here in the Dinner á Parfum. Here, aromas and fragrances are masterfully blended, presented in a uniquely beautiful way for a totally new dining experience.

For the perfect aperitif, the Roof Deck is an open-air designer living space overlooking the inner structure of the hotel, offering a curious look at the traditional Milanese housing design. Italian sparkling wines are joined by aromatic cocktails and canapés, all to be enjoyed amongst the luxurious seating overlooking the stunning courtyard garden.


TheLotus Collection

Both Open Petal and Closed Petal pendants come complete with an 18k gold necklace


I’ve been around since time immemorial, and now, just as then, I transmit the same beauty and emotion. However and in whatever way humanity may change perspectives and embrace new evolutions, I remain immutable, despite the passage of time, as the symbol par excellence of that which is precious and beautiful. I’ve been talisman, lucky charm and emblem of love, and over recent decades I’ve become expression of female emancipation, of the freedom of the woman who chooses to buy me for herself, not waiting on a man.

I’m unique, immutable, beautiful and absolutely exclusive.

I am jewel!


When creating the Carte Blanche Ailleurs high jewellery collection, Boucheron’s creative director Claire Choisne started out from an imaginary dream, a voyage of the mind touching on five destinations where everything is possible, to the point of redefining the concept of “precious”. To achieve this, Choisne played with combinations of the strangest materials - vegetable, mineral and other natural elements - marrying them with the traditional substances of high jewellery to obtain the perfect foil for gold and diamonds.

Papillon brooch in titanium with natural butterfly wings, yellow and brown diamonds.

© Chaumet
Coquillage Diamant pendant earrings in white gold with natural fusinus colus shell, mother-of-pearl and diamonds.

The Mediterranean Reverie necklace mounts a magnificent 107,15 carat royal blue cushion-cut sapphire, originating from Sri Lanka.


Consisting of more than a hundred and forty masterpieces, the Eden Garden of Wonders high jewellery collection interprets nature in the truly Italian style of Bulgari. In a historic first, the Maison presents more than thirty creations entirely dedicated to emeralds, the most seductive of all gems, beloved of pharaohs, sultans and princesses, rediscovering its contemporary fascination through the goldsmithing talent of this Roman jewellery house.

Mounted in platinum with baguette sapphires and diamonds. ◄ ◄

Anne Hathaway, Brand Ambassador, wearing one of the creations from the Bulgari The Eden Gardens of Wonders Collection.


Celebrating a grand passion for diamonds, exalted by the Maison since its origins in the late nineteenth century, Van Cleef & Arpels presents the Legend of Diamonds high jewellery collection, fruit of over 30,000 hours of meticulous handiwork. In every parure the king of all gems is set with the Serti Mystérieux technique where rubies, sapphires and emeralds enhance its light and limpidity with soft touches of colour.

The Chevron Mystérieux necklace draws on ‘fifties transformable fashion, offering six possible metamorphoses, with centrepiece worn as a necklace set between the other two diamonds as earrings. ► ►

Chevron Mystérieux parure with necklace and earrings in white and rose gold, three DFL Type 2A 12.18 and 12.07 carat teardrop cut diamonds, totalling 31.24 carats, one DFL Type 2A 1.08 carat round cut diamond in Serti Mystérieux Traditionnel setting with emeralds, sapphires and diamonds

© Marc de


In celebration of the 90 th anniversary of the creation of its first platinum and diamond high jewellery collection, Chanel writes a new precious chapter in its history, entitled 1932 . Seventy-six spectacular pieces of jewellery, twelve of which transformable, narrate the poem of a celestial universe, painted with stars, comets and moons, all illuminated by the Sun, whose allegorical rays recall the month of August, 1883, when Mademoiselle Coco was born.

Soleil 19 Août transformable ring in white gold, yellow gold, diamonds and two cushion cut rubies of approximately 5 carats each. ◄ ►

Comète Volute necklace in white gold and diamonds.

One D FL (Type IIa) 19.32 carat oval cut diamond.

One D IF (Type IIa) 2.05 carat brilliant cut diamond.


Cocktail ring in engraved white gold with leaf-shaped yellow gold central setting for rhodolites, brilliant cut diamonds, one 9.78 carat garnet and emeralds. ◄


Buccellati introduces the new Macri Color collection, the contemporary evolution of the Maison’s incomparably beautiful savoir faire, epitome of Italian crafting skill and mastery. Featuring stones of multi-coloured fascination and evergreen spirit, the collection presents the glam-inspired button and pendent earrings, rings and cuff bracelets from the Cocktail line.

White gold pendent earrings with yellow gold flowers, diamonds and lavender jade totalling 56.68 carats.


Amodea ring in platinum, spinels, rubies and diamonds.


Nothing other than Cartier’s avant-garde style, founded on the goldsmithry and jewellery making mastery of the Maison, could nurture the birth of a collection such as the Beautés du Monde . Influenced in equal measure by geometry and abstraction, Cartier captures the beauty of nature’s flora and fauna in exceptionally contemporary creations of design and colour. Jewels that reveal the Maison’s unmistakeable aptitude for selecting perfect stones and calibrating them into wearable masterpieces.

◄ © Maxime Govet

Récif necklace in platinum with emeralds, coral, amethyst and diamonds.



32 MODEL KF 09-08

Mesmerizingly beautiful, and the perfect combination of luxury and functionality, KF have done it again with their latest release from their Swiss workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

KF model: EI8GHT is a work of art. And also, a watch.

Encased in pink gold with a bezel and lugs beset with 7.7838 carat diamonds (including backpiece and dial), EI8HT is utterly dazzling. Housed in a distinctive 42 mm diameter octagonal case – hence, EI8HT – watching time fly really is a luxury when you see the minutes tick by on gemset rose gold hands on a diamond dial. And that’s before you’ve even seen the tourbillon.

The one-minute tourbillon cage can be seen at 6 o’clock while the movement and its diamond-studded mainplate is visible through the transparent sapphire crystal caseback.

EI8HT is not only beautiful, but it’s also an incredible piece of time keeping. The calibre was built and designed around its balance by Karsten Frässdorf, inventor of the patented Spirograph balance. This enables adjustment by inertia and thermo-compensation, accompanied by a balance-spring fitted with a Grossman inner curve and a Phillips outer curve. You can also admire this patented balance-stop function through the tourbillon cage. In simple terms: it keeps the time. Really, really, well.

Water-resistant to 50 meters, optimal chronometric precision is guaranteed due to the tourbillon mechanism beating at the rate of 18,000 vibrations per hour. This also boasts a 72-hour power reserve, which allows for the watch to run for this period without requiring manual winding via the crown. However, to ensure a more stable driving force, this has been deliberately reduced to 45 hours by means of a ‘Maltese Cross’ stopwork mechanism.

Since the creation of the brand, each timepiece has been designed according to the desire of its purchaser following the ‘bespoke only’ concept. The aesthetics of this new watch can thus be personalised, with a choice of hands, balance studs, dial material, case engraving, a personalised crown, alloy case… You can truly make it your own.

EI8HT really is Swiss Haute Horlogerie of the highest calibre. montreskf

34 © CB


We are all familiar with the popularity of high performance SUVs built by the world’s most prestigious sports car brands.

The Porsche Cayenne, the Lamborghini Urus, the Maserati Levante and the Aston Martin DBX are just some of the high-riding, extremely quick sports utility vehicles that can mix pace with space.

Now, a new and rather interesting trend is emerging.

Rather than building large and heavy vehicles that are designed to cross fields, the latest fashion is to take an existing low-slung, fragile, expensive sports car model and turn it into a dirt track monster that has the ability to traverse rough ground and loose surfaces with speed and style.

Your first impression may be that this a solution looking for a problem that doesn’t really exist. You may ask yourself “Who wants to drive a supercar down a bumpy track?”


However, this might not be as daft as it sounds. This has been done before. In the 1980s, Porsche took its 959 supercar rallying, with some success, and they even won the Paris-Dakar race with a jacked up 911 in 1984. Quite a few Ferraris have been modified sufficiently to race through the woods against the likes of the Audi Quattro or Lancia Stratos and, long before the Urus SUV arrived on the scene, Lamborghini modified some of its road cars and took them rallying in the 1970s.

This latest trend is a bit of a surprise though. It’s like waiting for a bus - you wait for ages and then, finally, two come along at once. Is it a coincidence that both Porsche and Lamborghini have almost simultaneously launched two offroad supercars?

The Porsche 911 Dakar was launched only a few weeks ahead of the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato and both concepts seem a little bit bonkers. But also cool. As soon as you see these cars, the little boy in you will rise to the surface and you’ll want one.

The 911 Dakar looks great in its optional white and blue Rally Design package. And riding with as much as 161mm of ground clearance, 50mm higher than a standard 911, it looks like no other Porsche you can buy today (which may be its most appealing feature). It is still capable of 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds, the main difference being that you can take this car places you wouldn’t dream of driving a standard supercar.

The Sterrato (which literally means ‘dirt track’) is possibly even more surprising because it is wider and higher than the standard car and sits on offroad tyres that don’t appear to impact its on-road speed by very much - it will still run to 260 km/h when flat out and do 0-100 km/h in exactly the same time as the Porsche.

But bystanders are definitely going to get a shock when they see this Lamborghini race past them on the kind of bumpy road that they would normally never dare to venture down. They may not make complete sense as a supercar, but they both appear to be designed with fun in mind and they are going to be very popular. Not many owners will take them offroad and even fewer will take them rallying - that is not really necess ary to appreciate their charms.

They are cool toys that offer the prospect of adventure whilst exuding the glamour of their famous marques. James Bond might pass them over for something more sophisticated, but someone like, for example, Indiana Jones would be right at home behind the wheel of either the Sterrato or the 911 Dakar.

They would be very useful for making quick escapes across the desert or out of the jungle.

© Philipp Rupprecht


For winter 2022, fashion is out for to city looks inspired by the mountains and their enchanting places, creating wardrobes that range from traditional, warm, enveloping fabrics to technical, hyper-modern ideas. A new aesthetic where actual requirements meet style, inescapable even at high altitudes.

Iconic and essential, Moose Knuckles outerwear is perfect for both men and women, in high performance garments that dialogue with design to contrast any adverse weather conditions: the Bacon proposals offer stylistic transformations and hints of strong, vibrant colours in oversize cuts, metropolitan-eco and cheeky chromatic games. Boundaries disappear and everything becomes fluid: sheepskin details peep from techno downy jackets and vice versa.

For Coach Fall/Winter the high-altitude inspiration is taken up again and metamorphoses into cool details, likewise perfect for the city.

Wool and knitted items are absolutely inevitable, and better if waterproof. A real tribute to manufacturing skill and Made in Italy. Warm sweaters combine with suits, for an impeccable look even on the coldest winter days.

Jacquards and exceptional craftsmanship are ever-present elements in the winter wardrobe and which Drumohr really makes its own, revealing unprecedented textures nuanced with overwhelming colours to beat the cold without forgoing looks.

Etro on the other hand offers a Nordic voyage among the


stars characterized by soft and clean lines, where sweaters combine with traditional winter fabrics like velvet, wool and loden cloth, while Alberta Ferretti's inlay sweaters offer the chance for elegance even in the cold.

For the feet, Etro sneakers with bas relief logo for strolling the town and shopping in Cortina for him, while for après-ski the inevitable Moon Boots by Alanui are an ode to the most cult product of the season, and Stella McCartney's limited edition eco-fur boots make for a perfect appearance on the slopes in the heart of winter.

Finally, completing the look, a Hermès felt hat in felt with leather details makes for an unquestionably elegant figure with a touch of class



Straight to the top to get the best from days spent in the snow.

Thumbs up to high-performance techno-garments, but only if strictly "fashion", because even at high altitude style is still important. Here’s a roundup of looks capable of reinterpreting winter sports clothing and properly combining elegance and technology.

Ranging from poppy cartoon elements to charming vintage quirks, colours are flamboyant: fuchsia, electric blue and lemon yellow with black and ice white. Super-techno ski suits, essential for comfort on the slopes, swathe the body and bring out the best of the figure, ideally enhanced by designer snowboards and skis.

Standing out among the accessories this season, wraparound ski visors that look incredibly professional and let you ski in virtually any weather conditions. And for the trekkers among us, reinforced sole boots accompanied by iconic backpacks and pouches, so you’ve always got everything you need.

High-performance materials for skiwear with a keen eye on style and technology, ideal even in the most extreme weather.





If you’re looking to add a little je ne sais quois to your next ski trip, L’Apogée Courchevel has just the thing; this masterpiece of a hotel is offering guests the chance to book an exclusive VIP skiing and dining experience, alongside their Executive Head Chef, Jean-Luc Lefrançois.

Carving down the mountains with the same skill as carving in the kitchen, self-confessed ski addict Jean-Luc is available to spend the day with you and a maximum of three guests on a tailored day of skiing and eating.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Oetker Group, everything is catered to your preference. From Alpine skiing to ski touring, you can decide how and where you wish Jean-Luc to guide you, all geared towards your skill level.

After building up a hunger on the slopes, you will then have the opportunity to enjoy a mountainside gourmet picnic prepared by the Chef himself, before enjoying a few more runs prior to returning back to L’Apogée Courchevel. Here you’ll be greeted by a glass of champagne while Jean-Luc demonstrates how to prepare a signature dish from the menu of the hotel’s gastronomic Japanese restaurant, “Koori”.

"I’m a lover of travel and the mountains", says Jean-Luc Lefrançois, "and I love sports. As well as being designed for my customers, the idea of offering them the chance to share this aspect of my ‘universe’ and bring my passion for the mountains and for cooking together is also a very important moment for me personally.

When I get back to the Apogée my colleagues are amazed because not only I am not tired, but totally invigorated and ready to get up and go! "
© Romain Reglade


L’ Apogée Courchevel and the Château Saint-Martin & Spa have just announced the appointment of their new General Manager: Géraud Tournier.

Taking the reins of these two 5-star Oetker Collection establishments, Géraud replaces outgoing GM, Duarte Bon de Sousa, who has been effortlessly running the two venues since they opened in 2013. He himself will take on a new role has Vice-President of Operations for the Oetker Collection.

Having joined in 2012 as Head Sommelier - previously, named France’s Best Student Sommelier back in 2000 - Géraud is no stranger to ensuring the finest details of luxury hospitality; he has previously been appointed Head Sommelier at the 3-Michelin starred Pavillon Ledoyen Restaurant in Paris, as well as Manager of the wine cellars for the four restaurants belonging to the Epicure Group.


For more informations or for a reservation :
83 00 30 / E-mail
Tel. : + 33 (0) 4 58
Chalet Edelweiss Europe’s most luxurious private Chalet Chalet Gentianes The ultimate in
Chalet Razzie Opulence on the slopes


The heights of Megève are majestic and you can really lose yourself in the surroundings, while looking for the perfect place of respite. With the blue glaciers of the Mont Blanc Massif and the mountain pasture farmhouse staring you in the face, you are lost in the clouds. Your eyes halt on a resplendent establishment opened by Kristine and Emmanuel Renaut fifteen years ago, and eureka, you know you have found it! But, should you prefer to stay closer to the centre of the village... this year there's a great news for you.

The spacious 5* Flocons de Sel, boasts all the charm of high-altitude chalets, and is the ideal destination for mountain enthusiasts accustomed to elegant surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. The hotel’s 6 rooms, 2 privates chalets, 2 Suites, and 2 luxury apartments, are all decorated in a refined and sober style, and you quickly acquiesce to being at home. Emmanuel Renaut, holder of the prestigious "Meilleur Ouvrier de France", created the Flocons de Sel gastronomic restaurant and the Flocons Village Bistro, at the village center.

In February 2012, Emmanuel Renaut was consecrated with a third Michelin star!

Try spending a week in a private chalet, or a one night in a top-of-the-range apartment to soak in the atmosphere; or simply drop in for a relaxing massage. Either way, you are sure to appreciate the perfect combination of luxury and space of the Flocons de Sel. Or... enjoy the great news of this year: the chalet "Les Allobroges", located 5 minutes walk from the center of the village of Megève and the ski lifts, will be perfect for your stays with family or friends.

Completely renovated with charm and quality materials, this chalet on 3 levels consists of a large living-dining room with wood stove, facing south, with a view of the Mont d'Arbois Massif and Rochebrune. It also has a fully equipped kitchen, and four beautiful bedrooms with private bathrooms and dressing rooms. Finally, you will have a closed garage and outdoor parking spaces.

Just pick-up where you prefer to enjoy the most beautiful holiday in the snow...

Fresh Influence © Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
© Daniel Durand


Expressing the same purity and simplicity as the pristine white peaks of the Mont Blanc mountain range, three-alpine chalets include 12 exceptionally large suites, gourmet restaurant and wellness spa, perched above the breathtaking setting of Megève. Wintertime pursuits for beginners, the more adventurous or families are tailored by a dedicated ski concierge.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s quote “ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ” perfectly sums up Zannier Hotels Le Chalet, with its simple yet luxurious décor, authentic and convivial atmosphere and dedicated staff.

As it always happens, again this season, restaurant La Ferme de Mon Père will certainly be one of the highlights of your stay. The new-look restaurant will shake up your expectations of a traditional alpine restaurant with healthier sharing dishes that put vegetables centre stage, served in the relaxed and buzzy backdrop of the chic bistro. Executed with elegance and flair, the vibrant spread of dishes draws on a range of globally inspired influences. They have been designed to embrace the spirit of sharing. Veggie bites and dishes can be enjoyed at the bar or with a group of friends at a table. Meat, fish and poultry haven’t been totally forgotten, with attention paid to the sourcing of produce. To finish, pretty-as-a-picture desserts including the famous a-la-minute waffles will be on offer.

After a tiring day on the slopes, from 4pm to 6 pm you can enjoy afternoon tea with fresh pastries served by the fireplace. It’s the perfect way to end a day of skiing and to begin a relaxing night.

To finish the day off you can return to your cosy room or suite, with its minimalist design and breathtaking views over the village, for a well-deserved rest.

Why not try the well-being break which includes a 45-minute body massage and access to the relaxation area and pool, as well as a lunch, afternoon tea or aperitif? To make the most of your break, take advantage of our luxury car to tour the village - Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is the only hotel in Megève to offer this service!
© Alex Stephen Teuscher


Sumptuous 5-room dual-aspect apartment, with an East-West exposure, on a high floor. Gorgeous views on the Rock and the Mediterranean Sea.

This flat offers great living spaces, in mint conditions and comprises a double living-room, a dining-room, a large fully equipped kitchen with separate laundry, three bedrooms with bathroom and spacious dressing.

Its wide terraces let you enjoy the mild weather and the tranquility of Fontvieille.

Rented with three parking spaces.

Price : on request

25, Avenue de la Costa - MC 98000 Monaco T: +377 97 97 99 00



A significant current in South American literature that has been developing since the 1960s is all about the relationship between women, the life-bearing half of humanity, and the substance vital to life par excellence, food.

Food is the connective tissue of the relationships and the mirror of the states of mind narrated in these works. It’s the perfect "framework" of existence, and can turn women into veritable "Señora Honeycombs", capable of arousing passions and soothing suffering. Each chapter of the novel Dona Flor and her two husbands by Jorge Amado (Bahia, 1966) opens with recipes that introduce readers to the intimate nature of Dona Flor, a cookery teacher. Her passion is the thread that runs throughout the book, while the pleasure of the palate and the carnal merge. “Moqueca was Vadinho's favourite dish, never again will I serve it at my table. The way his teeth sunk into the soft crab, his lips coloured with dendê. Alas never again will I see his mouth, his lips, his tongue, never again taste his burning mouth of raw onion!”

Dona Flor doesn't always follow proper recipes, whether in the kitchen or elsewhere, taking experience as the only real teacher: "Wasn't it in loving that I learned to love, wasn't it in living that I learned to live?" Shifting casually from coconut milk to the differing tastes of her husbands, so different to each other but both crazy for puba cake and something else as well, Flor wonders: "Why does it always take two loves, why isn't one enough to fill a heart?"

For Tita, protagonist of the novel Like water for chocolate by Laura Esquivel (Mexico City, 1989), cookery is an almost supernatural alchemic art, the highest expression of her passion for the man denied her by her overbearing mother. Tita and Pedro fell in love at first sight when just young teenagers, but Tita’s mother forbade their marriage, upholding the old tradition that the youngest daughter should never marry, but look after the mother. She can only truly express her feelings in the kitchen, where she was born, through intriguing recipes with unpredictable, almost magical effects. Using her alchemical skills to change her destiny, Tita finally gets her beloved. Tita and Pedro become secret lovers, and while all around them changes over the years, their passion remains, fuelled by an endless appetite for Tita's magical recipes.

While Aphrodite by Isabel Allende (Lima, 1997) is a book that talks about food, it’s not a cookbook, but a long story of love. Love for food, love for the traditions handed down by her mother, love for all the men she has lived with, love of Love. It’s a journey through flavours and eroticism, culminating in Panchita's orgiastic recipes. It’s the epitome of how Eros and food go hand in hand. The five senses are the means through which Allende manages to describe this particular recipe to us. Just as sight facilitates the approach to love and cooking, because "food, like eroticism, enters through the eyes first", so the sense of

164x171 cm - Private
Fernando Botero "Boy Eating Melon" 1972, Oil on Canvas
Collection -

smell generates desire. Listening to food likewise reveals its power: hearing the description of a dish is, indeed the stimulus that fires the imagination. Touch and taste then enhance each other to become the extreme culmination of gastronomic eroticism.

She writes of recipes brimming with the promise of sensory experiences, like oysters received from a lover's mouth, based on an infallible recipe of Casanova who thereby seduced many a novice, or the soft honey and ground almond paste that Cleopatra’s favourites licked from her most intimate parts "thereby losing their minds"

“Would you like dinner?" the hostess asked. Teodora accepted gladly. She was hungry. Like a spoiled child the magnate was being picky, said he preferred to take his vitamins, but she was firm. She took off the cellophane covering the potato salad, the prawns and the ham, and uncorked the wine. She broke off a corner of the bread, spread it with butter and spoke to him about its fragrance: the scent of the oven, of beautiful bakers’ wives and skilful hands. As she ate, she talked of how sublime the prawns were, accompanied by an exquisite garlic and parsley sauce and subtle aromas of dill, vineyards and Mediterranean coasts. And the ham, ah, the ham! it was a homemade delicacy, prepared according to ancient recipes by the best chefs in the world.

"One for mummy," she said, having discovered that defenceless child hiding inside that one meter ninety-five body, raised in cotton wool and strictly educated, who as a child had never been able to sink his hands into the dirt and play with mud and water.

"Come on, if you eat everything I'll give you a prize".

"Anything I want?"



"I give you my word."

Sallustio Grimaldo ate his first full meal in five years and felt his sense of taste and smell coming back. For dessert he wanted to taste Teodora's nipples, to check whether they were sweet or salty and, possibly, sleep with his face on them. Not only, she hardly dared say, still having a little adolescent modesty, if she'd let him rummage under her skirt maybe he’d breathe in her scent of camembert cheese or tangerines and know if the juices of her body were viscous or fluid...

Fanny Buitrago (Baranquilla), Señora Honeycomb (1993)


Fernando Botero is an artist with his own style. For more than six decades, the Colombian’s “Boterismo” technique has captured collectors, institutions, and public spaces worldwide with a unique, fleshy, overblown approach to the human body. Through these corpulent creations, Botero has become one of the most recognized artists from Latin America, his artworks displayed in prominent places around the globe, including Park Avenue in New York City and the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

This TASCHEN Basic Art edition offers an essential introduction to this leading figure of figures in contemporary art. Tracing Botero’s oeuvre from his earliest caricatures of animals through to recent large-scale bronze sculptures, the book examines the artist’s diverse array of influences, from Paolo Uccello to Abstract Expressionism, and celebrates the wit, irony, insight, and critical acumen that round out his compositions, however absurd the proportions.

(Published in 2003)

Hardcover, 21 x 26 cm - 0,57 kg, 96 pages

TASCHEN Store 2 rue de Buci 75006 Paris

Tél : +33 01 40 51 79 22



A larger-than-life character who spent considerable stretches of his career outside Mexico, in Europe and the United States, Diego Rivera is rightly considered the most significant Mexican painter of the 20th century. His murals dealt with the big socio-political issues of the time: socio-economic inequity, the interaction between the environment, commerce and innovation

Rivera was born on December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato, Mexico, and showed a passion for art very early on.

Around the age of 10, he went to study art at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts in Mexico City, where one of his early influences was artist José Posada, who ran a print shop near his school.

In 1907 he travelled to Europe to further his studies as a student of prominent Spanish realist Eduardo Chicharro Agüera. There, he befriended many leading artists of the day, including Pablo Picasso, and had the opportunity to view influential works by Paul Gaugin and Henri Matisse, among others.

Rivera had some success as a Cubist painter in Europe, but the course of world events would strongly change the style and subject of his work. Inspired by the political ideals of the Mexican Revolution (1914-15) and the Russian Revolution (1917), Rivera wanted to make art that reflected the lives of the working class and native

peoples of Mexico. His interest in murals was a legacy of a trip to Italy, where he was inspired by the Renaissance frescos.

Returning to Mexico, he began to express his artistic ideas about his homeland, and received funding from the government to create a series of murals about the people and history of the country on the walls of public buildings. In 1922, Rivera completed the first of the murals at the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria in Mexico City

In the 1930’s and '40s, Rivera painted several murals in the United States, working almost around the clock in New York, San Francisco, and Detroit, honouring the tremendous powers of labour, industry, education, and art . Some of his works created controversy, especially one for the Rockefeller family in the RCA building in New York City. The mural, known as "Man at the Crossroads,"




XL - Hardcover, 25 x 34 cm, 3.53 kg, 636 pages 80 €

featured a portrait of Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin. The artist had reportedly included Lenin in his piece to portray the turbulent political atmosphere at the time, largely defined by conflicting capitalist and socialist ideologies and escalating fears surrounding the Communist Party. Rivera’s American journey came to an end in 1933, when John D. Rockefeller, Jr. ordered the removal of the mural, originally created for the lobby of Rockefeller Centre, due to Rivera’s refusal to remove the picture of Lenin and what the Rockefellers considered an inflammatory depiction of David Rockefeller. When Diego Rivera Detroit arrived in 1932 accompanied by his young wife Frida Kahlo, he was one of the most famous artists in the world

The Mexican muralist was just coming off a one-man show at New York's Museum of Modern Art and had been courted by millionaires Nelson Rockefeller and Edsel B.

Ford, each desperate to have one of his great historical murals in their town.

But the petite woman with the smouldering gaze at his side - Frida Kahlo - was a nobody, and treated as such by the Detroit press. A 1933 profile in The Detroit News noted she "dabbles" in art.

How times have changed.

Since the 2002 hit movie “Frida”, Kahlo has morphed into a pop-culture superstar and feminist icon, her fame today easily swamping that of Rivera. To explain this, curators and art historians point to changing fashions and the compelling nature of Kahlo's personal narrative, which perhaps resonates more with our self-obsessed age.

In our self-obsessed world this splendid edition from Taschen comes as a refreshing reminder of how sociologically, politically and artistically significant Diego Rivera’s work is, and how far he was from being “just Frida’s husband”.

Luis-Martín Lozano, Juan Rafael Coronel Rivera

See, here nature is all crooked. Even the trees are slanting

Julian Schnabel on a boat trip past the point of Portofino’s lighthouse



Portofino’s Castello Brown, known as the “Guardian of Paradise” for the beauty of the aptly named Gulf of Paradise the castle overlooks, with its bright, blue-in blue waters and lush green Mediterranean scrub, was the location for the solo exhibition of Julian Schnabel’s works entitled "Pini" (24/09 – 7/11/2022, curated by Daniele Crippa).

During his stay last August in Portofino at the home of art historian and curator Daniele Crippa, painting en plein air to fully immerse himself in this incredibly engaging nature, the artist focused his attention on the beautiful maritime pines of the promontory of Portofino, taking them as the subject for these works. The remarkable richness and variety of the promontory’s flora is mainly the result of the area’s natural history, the geology and the morphology of the territory which determine the different types of soil and microclimates. But the most important factor is the presence of mankind since pre-historic times, who changed the original environment and introduced or unwittingly spread a variety of exotic species. As the curator writes in the exhibition catalogue, while out on a boat trip in the surrounding waters, Schnabel noted that the vegetation of the area was “all crooked”, referring to the way the pines all leaned in the same direction, as if bowing to the prevailing wind. He took the forms of the trees as the inspiration for nine paintings done on vintage


nautical charts of Portofino he called the Portofino Nautical Maps. Reminiscent of his previous nautical drawings, likewise painted onto vintage nautical charts, these paintings are an expression of the significance of the symbiosis that binds nature to its natural place. They are expressions, a sequence of images which, frame by frame in an almost cinematographic manner (needless to remember Schabel’s successes in the world of film) describe an intimate dialogue with the nature he experiences before him, in an explosion of deeply research mixtures of colours that reveal the secrets of nature through each and every tortuous brushstroke. He was particularly struck by the independence and resilience of the trees themselves, and the story of one particular tree, taking it as the inspiration for a commemorative sculpture. The tree destined to become the sculpture, entitled “Ricordando Punta Carega” was the celebrated solitary pine of Punta Carega, which after a series of unfortunate events had become a symbol of that particular part of the Ligurian Riviera.

Indeed, for many years this tree stood alone atop a rocky stack in the sea a few metres off the coast between Portofino and Santa Margherita. In 2018 one of the worst storms in living memory battered that part of the Ligurian coastline, destroying a large section of the tortuous single track coastal road and completely cutting off the only route into the village of Portofino. But this solitary pine survived, still clinging to the rock, as if thumbing its nose to the storm. For the people of the area it became a symbol of their own resilience and the continuity of life despite the calamity. Experts came and examined the condition of the stone pine and with all their expertise decided it needed no assistance, not even a little reinforcing for its battered roots. Predictably (not for the botanists!) it was finally uprooted and cast into the sea by another, equally powerful storm in January 2021. This unfortunate event led to a project to entrust the task of creating a sculpture in memory of the tree to an artist of the calibre of Julian Schnabel.

These works seem to mark a zen-like rhythm oriented toward introspection and meditation. They emanate that Zen art atmosphere the artist must have perceived when portraying the majestic vegetation he found before his eyes. Some of the trees appear knotted and entwined, others silent and solitary. They can be easily read as a metaphor of life, at times tortuous and unstable, at others luminous and full of confidence. They are striking for their sinuous, violaceous trunks supporting the weight of braches loaded with needles stretching skyward, almost touching the sun. Especially in the light of the recent calamity, the pines rooted on the nautical charts of Portofino become a sort of warning, urging us to protect and valorise the richness that nature has always offered.


Having visited Portofino many times over the years, Julian Schnabel was very familiar with the village, often staying with his family at the home of the exhibition’s curator, Daniele Crippa. The letter we include here below shows something of the depth of their relationship.

“My dear Julian, I think it’s only fair to share with you some of my thoughts on the experience I lived through the emotions these days spent close to your creativity have given me, and which we happily shared with what, after the time spent together, almost feels like my extended family.

In my, alas lengthening years of activism in the art world, I’ve encountered, lived and spent time with many artists of my own epoch, whether as my guests or with me installed in their studios, which more often than not were their homes, and had the great fortune to witness the birth of many new works of art.

Some of them were novices, others very much brimming with confidence and already well established. If I ever get the time to write a book, it’ll be full of anecdotes and stories I think will certainly be of interest, and I would like, or rather I hope, that this letter, as well as being present in this already historic catalogue, may become its prologue. I’ve had the great pleasure of spending my time with many super-stars from differing cultural sectors, but the idea of hosting one of the greatest artists of our time whose work has long fascinated for me was, to be sincere, a moment full of expectations and unanswerable questions.

Straight away, your openness, and that of your wonderful family, reminded me of all those years ago and how easily I got onto the same wavelength, made friends and felt at home with Annabianca and Emilio Vedeva, to mention a couple of mutual friends, after so many had said that was impossible given their character.

The real value, back then, was all in our long talks about the things we loved, obviously starting with art but then, with your omnivorous apetite for knowledge, moving on to music, cinema and the significance of image.

At first, watching you in your seemingly nonchalant research into the nature of Portofino’s mount, which was the very purpose of your being here, to create a representation of your eternal presence, in this place, was the source of a certain, minor but perhaps understandable anxiety for me: watching as you strolled under the sun in this implacable August, or as you stood in the light of a sunset shadowed by the mount that creates hues painters dream of, it felt like you were either wasting time or maybe even a little reluctant.

Truth is, it was me who didn’t have a clue as to either the reasons behind or indeed the nature of your search; by an artist who can do anyting he wants, only if he wants.

My skepticism about the feasibility and eventual achievement of your purpose here began to take the upper hand. How wrong I was.

Everything became clear when, on a boat trip past the point of Portofino’s lighthouse you took a fascination for the wild nature that for centuries these fore-sighted inhabitants of the mount have defended and, on reaching Punta Chiappa, immersed in the deepest azure-in-blue of the Gulf of Paradise you turned to me and said: “See, here nature is all crooked. Even the trees are slanting”. That was when I saw discovery, the spark that ignited the creation of your Portofino Nautical Maps and the sculpture “Remembering Punta Carega".

Not that I’m trying to be the art critic or historian here- I’m well aware that many more esteemed colleagues have written incomparable words about your work – but after having witnessed its gestation it’s not easy to describe the conviction and decision with which these works of art, shared with us all today here at Castello Brown, were created.

The Civic Gallery of Portofino, located in the halls of the Castle known as the “Guardian of Paradise” was founded way back in 1977, through the far-sighted vision of a prestigious promotions committee, and is brimming with history thanks to many exhibitions presenting the works of great artists that now fill the pages of art books.

It is such a great honour for us, who have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful and sought-after places in this world, to be able to present works specifically created for this place by one of the great contemporary artists, able to so masterfully describe the nature of this paradise, which daily bestows its beauty on all those who visit.

Nine works painted on vintage nautical charts of Portofino, an appropriate support, sought and found by the Maestro around the world, that show the importance of the ties between nature and the place where it resides. Stories, sequences of images that, cinemalike, explode in colours in an intimate dialogue through which the artist reveals its secrets.

Schnabel’s previous nautical drawings were loaded with an almost abstract symbolism, whereas the fascination of these latest works, which we’ll call the “Portofinesi”, reveal how deeply the nature of the place must have touched the soul of their creator. They’re snapshots, engaging images, moments of lyrical intimism that, through his brushstrokes certainly touch on something ancestral in us, reminiding us of how important, even crucial it is for humans to be able to live immersed in the nature and the feelings it always gives. Feelings I’m certain will engage all who have the chance to admire these works of art.

From all of us: thank you, Julian.

Written by Daniele Crippa on St. Bernard’s day, 2022



As a rule of the thumb, celebrations cannot start until the bubbles begin to flow. And these days we are very close to opening the best bottles for the festive season. Whichever champagne you choose says a lot about the character of your festive meetings. Make sure, you choose well.

Champagne is rooted in its place and in history, and it cannot be understood without some knowledge of where it comes from, and how the past has shaped the way it tastes. The champagne region is classified in different crusAutre Cru, Grand Cru and Premier Cru. This classification used to determine the price of the grapes and characterizes the quality of the microclimate and the soil of a particular site or village. Grand Cru is the highest level of the cru classification and there are 17 villages classified as Grand Cru in Champagne. One of them is Tours-sur-Marne where champagne Saint-Roman by Comte de Monte-Carlo originates from.

The split of Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Noir (65%) afford Saint-Roman champagne a spectrum of flavours. Its golden color is accompanied by a fine effervescence. A beautiful intensity opens on aromas of ripe fruits with notes of butter and toast, signifying a harmonious evolution of the wine. As the 2015 and 2016 harvests were particularly good years, offering a complex wine, characterized by its richness, its freshness and its balance. Choose this darkbottled champagne if you look for a good balance of primary (fruit), secondary (bread, butter) and tertiary aromas. Such is the mastery and finesse of this new cuvée with a Comte de Monte-Carlo signature.

The name of champagne comes after Saint Roman, who was highly venerated in Monaco. It was in 1868 that the Saint-Roman Festival Committee was created by a group of Monegasques who wanted to honor a martyr: Roman.

The new champagne Saint-Roman by Comte de Monte-Carlo reflects the brilliant terroir Grand Cru and it is among the finest examples of fizz for the festive season. Elegantly dressed in a black and red gift box, it offers a limitless spectrum of flavors from full of richness Chardonnay and fresh Pinot Noir creating a powerful delight.



Fall / Winter 2022-2023



Suede delavè combat boots


Sleeveless Jacket


Alpine Eagle Flying tourbillon wristwatch


Cashmere and Suede gloves



Table Clock "Time for Speed" Limited Edition



Fall / Winter 2022-2023


Silver cufflinks


Fred Alessandria Felt with embroidered scarab patch





Cosmic Stripe Scarf
MM6 Maison Margiela x
Salomon Cross High
OAKELY Jamie Anderson Signature B1B gradient patch beanie
Fall / Winter 2022-2023


Satin golden pumps with crystals



Black dress with crystals


Masterpiece necklace in pink gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl


Jewel Bag with crystal net


Cuff bracelet "Momentum" in shagreen and rhodium plated silver



With 10 Business events behind us, 2022 has been a positive year for Investor Media Monaco, a company founded in 2018 in Monaco and specialized in media and business events with specific experience and knowledge in several industry.

Dubai and Monaco were the main locations for the B2C business ‘Rendez Vous’ which were strongly supported by primary firms that are active in Yachting, Aviation, Finance like Sunreef Yachts and Citadel Completions. In Milan, at the end of June we hosted a private event for the horse racing UAE president cup . In regards to the B2B events, the Business Talks format was created in 2020 with Monaco based Business Development firm Go On Group. After 4 events in 2021 it augmented its activity and successfully held five events spread across 3 continents; Monaco, Houston, USA , Dusseldorf,

Germany, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and Milan, Italy. Each of these locations for the private Business gatherings focused on several specific topics such as Economic outlooks, Energy transition and Renewable energy, Industrial supply chains, Alternative Investments and much more. The final event in Milan was the 58th event hosted by the company and directed by Andrea Dini since its foundation. The format of these niche private business gatherings focused on specific targets or on specific topics in order to deliver on clients and partners expectations. The main event of the year was hosted in


Monaco at Thirty Nine Monte Carlo Private Club during the Monaco Yacht Show alongside important market players and all relevant stakeholders. The Media platform is based on an internal publication that is used as a tool to promote the relevant partners and topics and Investor Media Monaco is also the advertising and representative agency for Barche Magazine and a strong synergic partner of Force One Magazine. Andrea Dini, the driving force of the company, who was formerly the Secretary General of the International Powerboating Federation [2011-2015], has many years of experience across various

sectors, since the late ’80s and has been active in several key industries for decades. His unique knowledge, unmatched experience and large industry based working network form part are some of fundamental assets of Investor Media Monaco. In 2023 the Business event format will be both strengthened and nurtured with new, tried and tested international synergies and a stronger collaboration with Barche Magazine and Force Magazine. A re-branding of the company will be carried into the first quarter of the year in order to improve its performance and market perception.

business today requires the possibility of establishing direct relationships, in person, at the highest level.
© Bruno de Marquis Andrea

Elegant. Luxurious. Lavish. Exquisite. Newly-refitted. Also known as, S/Y ELLEN.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this 40.41M Perini Navi sailing yacht. With two refits under her deck (extensive in 2015, and a full 20 year survey in 2021), she is a thing of beauty, reminiscent of the golden age of Riviera sailing.

And, she could be yours.

Up for sale with G-Yachts, this stunning cruiser is a true headturner, an idyllic floating paradise to while away those dreamy sunny days sailing up and down the coast.

With a speed of up to 12 knots, S/Y ELLEN has maximized every inch of space for enjoyment and relaxation. It’s not hard to imagine enjoying a sundowner up on the flybridge while gazing out to sea, before retiring to the main deck aft for dinner. There’s even room for dancing.

Her deck space is extensive with a beam of 8m, with no shortage of areas in which to relax, sunbathe, and dine amongst panoramic views of the ever-changing landscape. Up on the flybridge are massive blue and white-striped sunpads and a relaxed seating area, while down on the main deck is an outside dining area and large sofas to recline on. She certainly feels much larger than her 40M.

There’s also space on the bow for a tender and water toys, including kayaks, seabobs, and wakeboards. This yacht is just sumptuous, with a subtle relaxed luxury that would suit even the most refined of tastes.

Her neutral interior can accommodate 9 guests (and 6 crew), in 4 elegant cabins. The master stateroom enjoys the full breadth of the generous beam, and a king-size bed, sitting room, and ensuite with both tub and shower. Clad in a warming cherry wood with lighter accents, this is classic luxury and ready for her new owner to make their mark.

Her VIP guest suite is no less luxurious, featuring a queen bed and sumptuous fittings, while additional guests can relax in the twin cabin - including a pullman bed - and the fourth cabin with upper and lower berths just forward of the dining salon. This has its own ensuite head and shower.

Large windows bathe the interior in light, especially above the more formal dining area should weather not permit al fresco. The inviting salon caters towards an easygoing and informal lifestyle on board, especially for those wishing for that authentic Riviera sailing experience.

Her pedigree as a Perini Navi sailing yacht is obvious when under full sail, her two magnanimous masts exploding up from the deck like a crashing wave, helping to propel her razor sharp navy blue hull through the water.

S/Y ELLEN is a dream. And G-Yachts can make that your reality.

Perini Navi Build 2001/2021 Length 40.41m Beam 8m Draft 3.44m Cruising Speed 10 knots Max Speed 12,5 knots Total Crew 5 Total Guests Sleeping 9 Number of Cabins 4 (1 Master, 1 VIP, 2 Twins) Fuel Consumption 70
Litres /

Cited as “the world’s most technically advanced hybrid eco-speeder”, the 55 Open Sunreef Power ticks all the boxes: classic stability, speed, and - of courseluxury. This is elegance combined with performance, and just so typical of Sunreef’s award-winning yachts.

The space to relax is vast, with every inch designed to offer maximum comfort, especially when underway at high speed.

There are oversized sunpads and a swim platform for easy access to the sea, as well as a wonderful al fresco dining area. The folding bulwark platforms also expand the living area for additional easy sea access


– getting you to the fun quicker. Her walkaround deck is also perfect for giving you that feeling of having enough space to yourself, as well as offering panoramic views of wherever the sea is taking you.

Her interior can be fully customisable in terms of layout and decor, and there is plenty of storage to ensure you have every added comfort with you on each journey.

There is a large dining area on the main deck, which also has a fully-equipped wet bar and TV.

This is the ultimate weekender boat.

Sunreef has done it again, adding another launch under their belt with the all-new 55 Open Sunreef Power, with production being carried out by Sunreef’s new shipyard in the UAE.



As a man who has spent the majority of his life speeding round the world, Fernando Alonso is no stranger to high performance, luxury, and a growing consciousness for sustainability. It is a passion he is now taking seaward, collaborating with Sunreef on their latest range of luxury eco yachts.

This summer, he was invited aboard the all-electric Sunreef 80 Eco sail catamaran to put it through its paces along the shores of Mykonos.

“This is what luxury eco yachting should be about”

No pressure, then, on Sunreef, with whom Alonso has also commissioned an electric 60 Sunreef Power Eco. It is currently under construction at their yard in Gdansk, Poland, where Alonso’s dream of having a yacht that can combine sustainability and luxury in equal measure is coming to fruition.

“My life goes so fast. I travel a lot around the world. Once

on the track, it’s again all about speed. When I enjoy my time off, I want the exact opposite. I want to travel in total silence, with no fumes, no vibrations.”

The ability to cruise in silence while leaving no impact on the environment is a far cry from his racing days, yet Sunreef is making it a possibility. And not just for the F1 elite.

Their new range of eco yachts offer a way to enjoy every element of being at sea, without the resulting harm to the environment. This is a 360-degree sustainable cruising experience with no fumes, no vibration, leaving you to navigate in silence and enjoy the water as it’s meant to be enjoyed.



Riva needs no introduction. But there are celebrations aplenty for the 180-year old legendary powerboat yard.

Just launched - in a strictly limited edition - is the Riva Anniversario, an incredible combination of both the Aquariva and Aquarama, both of which celebrate their own special anniversaries this year (60 and 20 respectively).

It really is a thing of beauty.

Riva Anniversario is a 33-foot open powerboat, with only 18 being made by the yard. A personification of everything Riva is known for (elegance, beauty, power), her sleek lines are the masterpiece of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta – founders of Officina Italiana Design.

Much of the Aquarama’s refinement can be seen here, with her silhouette inspired by the Aquariva. Yet, as much as the Anniversario harks back to the past, she is still very much in the present, with a distinctive personality and modern configuration.

Her gloss-varnished mahogany is complemented by the exclusively-created metallic brown highlights, which masterfully contrasts her steel trim and classic Riva aquamarine.

Her stern platform is exquisitely concealed by the streamlined design of the hull, on which the Anniversario’s name is painted in the same lettering of the iconic 1960s wooden boats.

The seductive white and aquamarine sunpad (made out of special outdoor leather) conceals the entrance to the

engine compartment, with this colour scheme extending into the cockpit.

In this reimagined design, the Anniversario features a large U-shaped sofa and central table that can seat 8 comfortably. This table can also be lowered to transform the area into a giant sunbathing pad, which can be sheltered by a distinctive Bimini top.

In the helm are two 12-inch digital displays and integrated navigation, yet there is still a nod to vintage design, like the Vienna straw storage pocket behind the driver’s seat.

This is a true celebration of style and craftsmanship, highlighted ever more by the polished mahogany planking of the foredeck, protected by the yard’s famous twenty-four coats of varnish.

Below deck light streams into the salon from two deck portholes, where you’ll find the aquamarine and white leather upholstery echoing that from above.

Delivering a top speed of 40.5 knots, the Riva Anniversario has a range of 155 miles, and a cruising speed of 36 knots. Ideal for cruising along the Riviera this summer.

With nearly all units now reserved, the Ferretti Group has donated a limited-edition Riva Anniversario to the 7 Fund for UNICEF charity, created by both UNICEF and David Beckham, supporting healthcare, education and protection for children worldwide. This will be auctioned in a silent auction via, concluding in Miami on February 16th.

© Alberto Cocchi

Colline Saint-Michel | Quartier de Gigaro 83420 La Croix- Valmer +33 (0)


A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Lily of the Valley is a 5-star luxury hotel dedicated to wellness, weight loss and sport. Just a few minutes' drive away from the town of Saint-Tropez, it's surrounded by the untouched landscape of the Cap Lardier estate and boasts 38 rooms and 6 suites with private terraces and sea views, 8 pool suites, a private villa, two restaurants, a beach club, two swimming pools and an area of over 2,000 m2 dedicated to weight loss. Guests can recharge their batteries in the warm comfort of the hotel, discover the refined cuisine of chef Vincent Maillard, and enjoy the benefits of the many treatments and physical activities.


The epicenter of the Lily of the Valley concept, featuring a large fitness room, fitness class studios, a heated semiOlympic pool, treatment and consultation rooms, saunas, a steam room, and a snow shower, the Shape Club welcomes hotel guests looking for support to achieve their weight loss goals.

Each guest is guided and motivated by a team of professionals who apply the advice of Lily of the Valley's consultant nutritionist, Dr Jacques Fricker.


Jacques Fricker, currently works as a nutritionist in Paris, where he develops his approach to help people lose weight when this is advisable, providing personalized

advice that takes into account each individual’s tastes and needs. His nutrition philosophy is applied at the Lily of the Valley Shape Club.

He has developed a "TGV method" that stands the test of time and trends, and is based around four pillars: treatments (90 minutes of treatments each day), sport (1 hour of coaching each day with a variety of fitness excursions), weight loss cuisine (luxurious menus, compatible with your weight loss goals), and wellness & monitoring (personalized, daily monitoring by our wellness advisors).

Jacques Fricker has adapted his "TGV" method to three weight loss programs with four durations, according to your needs: 4, 7, 10 or 14 days.


A light diet, combined with yoga, gentle exercise, outdoor sports, and treatments that promote relaxation.


Based on rigorously applying the «TGV» method. Throughout the duration of your stay, you’ll be monitored by our dietician and team of coaches in order to get your diet plan off to a strong start.


A strict but nourishing diet, support and guidance for exercise and fitness, and treatments with a focus on muscular massage and recovery.

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• Hotel Metropole / Spa Givenchy

• Hôtel de Paris / Hall

• Fairmont Monte Carlo / Spa

• Forgi’s Restaurant

• Cap Estel (Èze bord de mer)

• Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc (Cap d’Antibes)

• Domaine de Terre Blanche (Tourrettes, Var)

G&M Design Gallery


• Château de la Chèvre d’Or (Èze Village)

• Le Saint-Paul (Saint-Paul de Vence)

• Le Mas de Pierre (Saint-Paul de Vence)

• Château Saint-Martin & Spa (Vence)

• Monte-Carlo Beach (Roquebrune Cap Martin)


• Hôtel des Dromonts


• Les Fermes de Marie

• Le Mont-Blanc

• Le Lodge Park

• Les Chalets de Fermes de Marie

• Chalet du Mont d’Arbois

• Flocons de Sel

• Alpaga

• Le Chalet Zannier

• Le M de Megève


• L’Apogée

• Le K2 Palace

Le K2 Altitude

• Private Chalet Edelveiss (The largest in Europe)

• Private Chalet Razzie

• Private Chalet Gentianes


• Altapura


• Monaco Yacht Club

• Monte-Carlo Country Club

• CREM (Club des Résidents Étrangers Monégasques)

• Club 39 Monte Carlo


• Monacair Desks & Private Flights

• Nice Airport private lounges: Aviapartner, Signature, Swissport

• Let’s Fly (Cannes/Mandelieu Airport)

• AAA Luxury Limousines including Cannes Film Festival and Monaco GP


• Monte-Carlo Golf Club

• Domaine de Barbossi (Mandelieu - La Napoule)

• Golf Country Club de Cannes-Mougins

• Polo Club de Saint-Tropez


• Private Beaches Cannes

• Villa Marie (Saint-Tropez)

• Lily of the Valley (Saint-Tropez)

• Kube (Saint-Tropez)

• Aéroport International du Golfe de Saint-Tropez


• Monaco luxury boutiques

• Prestigious residences

• Private Mailing List of 2500 addresses


• Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco (with Gootickets)

• Monte Carlo Rolex Masters

• Monaco Yacht Show

• International Jumping Monte-Carlo

• Monte Carlo Music Masters

• Pro Am des Parfumeurs

• Athina Onassis Horse Show

• My Yachts Events (Monaco, Hong Kong, Miami, St. Barth)


Consolle "Drops" by Sergio Villa
* L A P E R F O R M A N C E M É C A N I Q U E P O U S S É E À L ’ E X T R Ê M E RM 72-01 Calibre maison squeletté à remontage automatique Réserve de marche de 50 heures (±10%) Platine et ponts en titane grade 5 Chronographe flyback breveté Indicateur de fonctions et affichage de la date Rotor en platine Boîtier en or rouge 5N
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