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"MEANINGFUL ENCOUNTERS" I met a goddess. She gave me her vision of beauty and of the most precious thing in the world: time. This meeting is the reason why issue # 32 of Force One is dedicated to these two fundamental inspirations: The works of Antonio Canova, which even two hundred years after the artist's death continue to represent the highest example of how love and psyche together are capable of giving real meaning to the word "Beauty". Time, interpreted by KF Montres watches, a tiny reality in the world of high Swiss watchmaking, which in itself likewise becomes a representation of personal, highly personal beauty. Then there's more beauty in fashion, surprisingly even from Estonia, a country that like all of us is worriedly watching what's happening to its neighbours right now, which has nothing of beauty in it. We also take a long look at the "beauty" of our old passions: more fashion, speed (electric and otherwise) ... and the sea. Always looking to the future, and who knows, even in the metaverse. I thank the goddess, and wish you happy reading!

Luca Marotta

Publisher and Creative Director

Crédits photos : PCST Caroline Morandi



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08 - Haute Horlogerie / MONTRES KF 14 - Art / ANTONIO CANOVA - MASTER OF MARBLE 19 - Fashion / CANOVA'S INFLUENCE ON FASHION 20 - Art / HOFA'S NFT 24 - Future / ENTERTAINMENT MOVES METAVERSE 29 - Fashion / TENNIS BETWEEN HISTORY & FASHION 32 - Fashion / LA FAMIGLIA COUTURE 36 - Fashion / KRIZIA - EXCEPTIONAL SHARES 40 - Fashion / Photography / PURE ENERGY 50 - Speed / THE FASTEST ELECTRIC MAN 52 - Speed / SOLD OUT IN TWO MINUTES! 54 - Yachting / PRINCESS YACHTS 56 - Yachting / FERRETTI GROUP 58 - Yachting / AZIMUT BENETTI 60 - Party / POLE POSITION @ MONACO GP 62 - Destinations / WELLNESS AND LUXURY 64 - Real Estate / IN MONACO 66 - Design / POLIFORM'S CODE DAY SYSTEM 68 - Shopping / SPORT & CLASSIC 76 - Shopping / BEAUTY EMPOWERMENT 78 - Books / ANDRÉ BUTZER



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Jacket, swimwear, denim &

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TheLotus Collection

Both Open Petal and Closed Petal pendants come complete with an 18k gold necklace




YOUR OWN By Victoria Morris

EI8HT - Calibre Novamag® 02 - manual-winding movement 35.8 mm * 6.8 mm on the barrel bridge, index-free balance-spring with Grossman internal curve and Phillips external curve, reinforced anti-magnetism, 41 sapphires, Spirograph® balance adjustment by inertia and thermocompensation.

9 Montres KF stands out in the world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie by tailoring its creations to each client’s personal desires... Karsten Fraessdorf, a master watchmaker, is at the heart of a revolutionary idea, thanks to his innovative, courageous vision of what contemporary watchmaking should be. In 2016, the creation of this outstanding brand was like a breath of fresh air for the industry. Driven by a vision that runs very much against the tide, he takes the customer as the starting point for all his watch designs. Today, the workshop has clearly carved out its own niche in the Swiss fine watchmaking sector. All KF timepieces are created with authentic expertise that dares to be modern, while celebrating the past. Their watches all come with ‘Made in La Chaux-de-Fonds’ being 100% developed, produced and assembled in the KF workshops in the town. What really makes this brand stand out from the others is the fact that they can develop any calibre and are able to give clients complete freedom and absolute creativity in terms of original design. The result is a resolutely horological approach that carries the echoes of eternity while reflecting the personality of each individual owner.

EI8HT - Calibre Novamag® 01 - manual-winding movement 37.7 mm * 7.4 mm on the barrel bridge, twin barrel, index-free balance-spring with Grossman internal curve and Phillips external curve, reinforced anti-magnetism, 42 sapphires, Spirograph® balance adjustment by inertia and thermocompensation.

© Karine Bauzin



We meet with Karsten Fraessdorf, the candyman of watchmaking who’ll make your every dream come true.

How did Montres KF come to be? What’s the positioning concept for the high-end watchmaking market? The brand was founded in 2016 and named after its creator, Karsten Fraessdorf, who revolutionised fine watch making by creating timepieces that are truly unique, each one created by the imagination of our clients, to whom we give ‘carte blanche’. We give them whatever they want, from A to Z: we can add a personalisation to an existing model or build a completely unique timepiece. We’ve overturned the general trend by making timepieces fully customizable by the client, the starting point of all our creations. Exclusivity is at the heart of all our creations, given that each piece is unique by definition, be it in its conception or the methods used to make it. That’s the ‘artisan’ spirit that you’ll find at the workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of watchmaking and a town listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of the way watchmaking influenced its urban design and architecture. More than a philosophy, KF is the creator of the bespoke only concept.


it on time or creativity. lim no ith w s es oc pr tic as nt Making a KF watch is a fa

What is the difference between your offer for the men’s market and the women’s, especially given the growing interest women are showing in more complex watches? Montres KF strongly believes and respects diversity. We've noticed a growing interest in fine watchmaking regardless of culture or gender. Women today are as curious and passionate as men as far as fine watchmaking is concerned. They are a whole category in their own right, which we cater for with especially dedicated events. Apart from that, we make no distinction between genders in the messages we want to convey to our customers. KF takes watch customization to the limit. Can you tell us about it? Above all else the KF philosophy is authentic expertise, inspired by chronometry, and to bring a breath of fresh air into contemporary watchmaking. We can confirm this by the number of patents we’ve filed. There’s a ‘Made in La Chaux-de-Fonds’ for watches that are 100% developed, produced and assembled in the KF workshop. So we’re talking about a exclusive watchmaker capable of developing any type of watch while giving customer’s absolute creative freedom to make any innovation they please. Our watches come in three categories. The first is a collection of a few unique pieces created and built in our workshop. They are available at the collector events we organise, or can be purchased through a few exclusive partners, such as the jeweller Windeshausen in Luxembourg (Bertrange). Alongside these pieces created and built in our workshop, we offer customers the chance to build their watch from a large catalogue of options. In this category we offer a lot more than just choosing a colour for the bracelet, or getting it engraved. As master of the production, the

customer can choose the pattern of the movement plate they can see on the back of the watch, as well as the pattern on the dial we produce ourselves. We’ve got a few nice anecdotes about this category. For example, one of our clients ordered a watch exactly to his taste, then his wife not only wore it asked us to make some changes in order to make it more to her taste. It’s an ongoing process with no limit on time or creativity. You can apply the idea to a legacy watch to pass down to future generations, making it possible to wear your father’s watch in a version adapted to your own taste is something our clients appreciate. Lastly, customers can choose to create their timepiece from scratch with no technical limitations. This category has not limits at all. The customer can choose the decoration of the watch (so its design) as well as the movement, including its level of complexity. This third category is of course the option that takes longest and costs the most, but in love, money is no object … What’s your distribution strategy? Are you going to continue exclusively with bespoke watches through specific collaborations in Monaco, Geneva, etc ... or are you thinking of expanding on a larger scale? Our production is extremely exclusive because of the type of product we offer. There are people who love our watches all over the world and we want to provide them with the right support and service. We work with a very limited number of retailers and partners whose philosophy is similar to ours. Our service in Europe is provided by the jeweller Windeshausen in Luxembourg. Very soon the Middle East will also be catered for, then after that will come Asia and finally America. At the same time, we are always meeting up with our clients, and them with us: a home visit, visit to the workshop, events, and the like. There again, we’re just promoting our ‘artisan’ spirit. Simply because of the type of product KF provides, we’ll always be close to our customers, directly or indirectly, and keep in touch.

12 EI8HT - BEYOND BESPOKE They say time is a great storyteller, but imagine if you could tell your own story with your watch. The latest model from Montres KF, EI8TH, perfectly embodies the manufacturer’s concept of ‘bespoke only’. Montres KF are specialists in custom fine watches. On their latest model, EI8HT, the complication can be completely personalised so the watch becomes your watch, a unique work of art reflecting the personality of its owner. The typeface, dial motifs, the movement decoration, the spirograph® balance, the crown and even the choice of the SYNC folding clasp bracelet are all down to you. The new tourbillon mechanism is housed in a distinctive multifaceted octagonal case, giving the timepiece both a sporting and classical feel at the same time. This versatile design offers infinite possibilities in terms of jewel settings or polishing. Taking things even further, you can choose the colour of the hands and the Arabic numerals gracing the dial, all produced in-house. We’ve established that the front of your watch will be one of a kind, something that attracts attention and has a story behind it, but Montres KF don't neglect the back either: you’ll be able to admire the movement through a transparent sapphire crystal caseback, and just so you don’t miss a thing, the mechanism is actually built on pillars to ensure a close fit with the caseback itself. From a technical standpoint, the EI8HT features a one-minute tourbillon mechanism, double-gasket crown-based shock absorbing system, a balance-stop device and a Spirograph® balance based on five patents owned by Montres KF. In a world where individuality is now paramount, Montres KF offers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to really make a statement about yourself. With no limits, just let your mind run free and start making time count.



MASTER OF MARBLE THE GENIUS OF ANTONIO CANOVA By Alice Gardner This year marks 200 years since the death of Antonio Canova, titan of marble and father of Neoclassical sculpture. To celebrate, events and exhibitions are taking place throughout the year, including at his birthplace, the (now) Canova Museum.

The genius of Canova is something that is hard to put into words. While the skill of a craftsman so adept at transforming a stone block into any kind of recognisable figure is applaud-worthy, it is the emotion Canova’s work evokes that is difficult to describe. This is why, 200 years after his death, that we still celebrate the man and his marble so abundantly. Born into a family of stonecutters in the shadows of the Asolo Hills in 1757, by the age of 10 Canova had already shown the first fledglings of talent upon the completion of two small shrines carved of Carrara marble. This skill of lithic manipulation he no doubt inherited from his grandfather - the stonemason Pasino Canova - under whose care he remained after the death of his father.

His innate talent was recognised almost immediately. A two year apprenticeship with Giuseppe Bernardi (also known as ‘Torretto’) and a tutelage under Giovanni Ferrari gave the young Canova the perfectly sculptured stepping stone to pursuing studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, where his late Rococo style garnered several prizes - and renown amongst the Venetian elite. But it was the time spent in Rome that transformed Canova into the sculptor we so admire today. Influenced from his studies of Michelangelo a new style began to emerge, hastened by the commissions earned from his first great patron Girolamo Zulian, the Venetian ambassador to Rome.


Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss - © Joerg Bittner

16 It was for him that Canova sculpted the much lauded ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’, and with it, the birth of Canova’s Neoclassical style. So exquisitely sculpted was it that visitors to Zulian’s palace at first thought it ancient, a Roman copy of a Greek original, earning him the nickname ‘new Phidias’. But it wasn’t until the completion of the funerary monument dedicated to Clement XIV for the Church of Santi Apostoli that Canova’s fate was sealed as the greatest pre-eminent living artist of the 18th and 19th-centuries. But why, after two centuries of changing tastes and aesthetics, are we still so entranced by what is - in

The Three Graces - © Paolo Gallo/Shutters


essence - simply a block of stone? Canova’s figures appear almost impossibly lifelike to have been conceived of marble; the myth of Pygmalion falling in love with his own sculpture - so realistic was she that he prayed to Aphrodite to make her his wife - doesn’t feel so inconceivable in the presence of sculptures such as ‘The Three Graces’ or ‘Venus Italica’. But it is not their subtle nudity, the erotic tension of their poses nor the alluring serenity of their perfectly Classical gaze that turns us all a bit Pygmalion. It is their inviting fleshiness, that almost overwhelming urge to reach out

17 and touch the surface of the marble - in part, to double check that they’re not breathing - that still causes the viewer to whisper “wow” upon seeing these works for the first time. I challenge anyone who says their heart didn’t skip a beat when in the presence of ‘Psyche revived by Cupid’s Kiss’.

Canova’s own depiction of beauty has survived the rapids of changing aesthetic attitudes. Even if the gorgeously buxom women painted by Rubens were part of our contemporary society, they would be deemed verging on the obese, rather than setting the standard for the epitome of beauty as they did in his day.

If one could make statues by caressing marble, I would say that this statue was formed by wearing out the marble that surrounded it with caresses and kisses. — Joséphine de Beauharnais on Canova’s Venus Victrix

It is of little wonder then that Canova was the first ‘modern’ artist to have work in the Vatican Collections. His sculptures charmed everyone from Napoleon to Pope Pius VII, and even the stuffiness of 18th-century England. By becoming the founding father of a second Renaissance, his sensual Neoclassical aesthetics

Such is the visceral emotional draw of his work that

Cupid and Psyche

© Paolo Gallo/Shutterstock


Venus Italica

celebrating the greatness of Italian antiquity were indispensable when forming the nascent identity of Italian nationalism, emerging from the turbulence of the early 19th-century; a notion that might have made any totemic Venetian shudder. And so it seems only just that on the bicentenary of his death his works are yet again being brought into the spotlight. From the Louvre to the Hermitage, various events are being held throughout 2022 to pay homage to one of the greatest sculptors ever known. The Canova Museum - located at his birthplace - have also invested a huge sum from the Ministry of Culture to restore and digitize all of his works housed there. From March 25 the Bailo Museum of Treviso will also host the exhibition “The unveiled nineteenth century. From Canova to historical Romanticism”. It is here where you can test if you have a heart of stone while in the presence of Cupid’s kiss, or if you too will fall under Canova’s spell.



CANOVA'S INFLUENCE ON FASHION By Andrea Levy Beauty as a shield against decadence. Neoclassical elegance as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Fashion for next spring-summer aims to be an example, an impetus and above all of good omen. Needless to say, now all too well do we see the extent of the economic recession, and the situation it is forcing fashion houses and all socio-cultural operators to live through in these dark times. Yet in every dark time history remembers, humans have always fought back, to counter the misery of the reality they finds themselves in, turning to art and all the creative expedients in their possession to sublimate the spirit. To live in peace and accept its earthly condition, the human spirit needs dreams and escape and, above all, beauty. As Antonio Canova affirms, "the plastic form does not represent figure, but sublimates it, transforms its essence. It immerses and isolates it in real space and, by isolating it, idealizes it", and while this concept may seem a little ephemeral, it is indeed a powerful and reliable driving force as we search for something to pull us out of the well. Fundamentally, following Canova's lines of thought based on the “rule being observation, and there another way of achieving perfection: choosing the most beautiful and giving it new life", we can confidently assert, however inconsistent and formal it may seem, that fashion can bring about changes precisely by virtue of the perfection that, in itself, reminds us of the ideals we must pursue. That yearning for harmony, for the revival of an ancient, dormant beauty, has indeed inspired numerous collections by the young creatives of the world’s Fashion houses. We’ re in an unprecedented state of grace, where the combination of opulence and simplicity predominates, and where contrasts create balance.

Bottega Veneta

Oscar De La Renta


A newly refined classicism; majestic elegance drawing from classic shapes, renewed optimism and the desire for a new harmony capable of infusing warmth and fascination, as Canova did in all of his works. So today’s stylists propose a variegated panorama of the accessories and apparel of a new humanism. From left to right: Bottega Veneta gives us the allure of Canova's frescoes and female figures in light robes, waists wrapped in tight bodices and draped skirts. Oscar De La Renta seems to pay homage to the artist’s sumptuous allegorical scenes using predominantly soft lines to cover the figure, embellishing it tone-on-tone. The scenographic apparel of Rodarte’s sculpture-dresses takes patchworks of prints inspired on chiaroscuro and ornament worthy of a Roman aristocrat. Alexander McQueen captures the immortal majesty of Cupid and Psyche, and the likenesses of "The Graces", transfiguring them into a dreamlike, estranging imagery giving us a dazzling version of female beauty. Vivienne Westwood creates the atmosphere of Canovian architecture, playing with drapery and generous volumes, combining and mixing fabrics, jersey and silks with touches of sparkly light from bright colours and contrasting prints. These are fashion’s first steps toward a classic renaissance, so grandiose and engaging that it could really be what we need to get through this crisis. All we can do is be patient and keep dreaming.

Alexander Mc Queen

Vivienne Westwood




Grammy-nominated rapper, Tyga, and renowned French mixed media artist, Leo Caillard, both launch partnerships with KREATION – the pioneering NFT marketplace and offshoot of leading international art gallery, HOFA. This latest collaboration for the new NFT marketplace follows the sell-out success of its premiere launch, in partnership with, this past January. The initial offering featured a rare collectible NFT designed by Juventus and Azzurri football star Federico Chiesa. “Kreation is firmly positioning itself as the leading NFT marketplace for the future,” says Jake Elias, the platform’s co-founder and creative director. THE DROP: A RAREFIED COLLECTION Although widely known as the West-Coast rapper with a social reach of over 50 million around the world, Tyga is a creative that does not like being confined to a single outlet, enjoying the freedom to explore different forms and types of art.




Tyga’s latest NFT drop is in collaboration with Kreation and Magic Eden, the leading NFT marketplace and launchpad on the Solana blockchain with over 500,000 unique users every day. The partnership will create three products, including a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated artworks, each with their own unique properties and rarities; an edition of 75; and a unique digital artwork to be launched on the platform, HOFA’s NFT auction house. Contemporary artist, Leo Caillard is an established proponent of NFTs and revered creator of digital and physical sculptures that offer commentary on the digital age. He employs anachronisms to play with the concept of time, blending time periods to get the viewer to reflect on the present in relation to the past. His works encourage

a rethinking of how viewers perceive the interaction between our present, past and future. The Stone Heads Art Collection is Caillard’s latest NFT endeavour, consisting of 8,888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The works are a bridge between classic and contemporary, featuring iconic characters from mythology presented through a contemporary lens. Each stone head in the collection is one of a kind with some being rarer than others, unlocking physical artworks and experiences. Demand for Caillard’s digital sculptures has been on the rise with one of his recent works selling on the SuperRare crypto art marketplace for 8.8 ETH. If KREATION’s debut NFT offering is any indication, the Tyga and Leo Caillard collections, respectively, will meet resounding success.

"Escape" - NFT by Voltaine

"NULL" - NFT by DeepLightLabs

SHAPING THE NFT ECOSYSTEM KREATION is the by-product of leading international art gallery, HOFA. Over the last several years HOFA has proven itself to be an illustrious visionary in the art world and, as it approaches its 10th anniversary, it shows no signs of conceding its definitive role in the sphere. The gallery’s new NFT platform is a transformative and innovative initiative on a mission to bring NFTs to the fore of the cultural zeitgeist, partnering with acclaimed artists, musicians, entertainers and professional athletes. It follows, HOFA’s NFT auction house, created to elevate digital art’s place in the contemporary art scene, collaborating with esteemed artists from around the world. KREATION is further distinguishing itself from others on the market with its commitment to empowering and protecting creators and users. KREATION announced two partnerships to support this initiative. The first is a collaboration with ALL.ART, an NFT infrastructure that is improving ownership rights and standards to create a better experience for both creators and users. The second collaboration is with SOLSEA – the first NFT marketplace to allow creators to embed copyright licenses directly into NFTs. The platform also utilises the latest technology to ensure security and authenticity of all sales and settlements. In addition to launching KREATION, HOFA recently established its own original cryptocurrency, ARTEM coin, facilitating liquidity and other incentives on the KREATION platform. HOFA is paving the way for the future of the art scene, bridging the worlds of traditional, contemporary, and digital art. Following, ARTEM, and, one can’t help but wonder what will be next for the visionary gallery.

© Salif Gueye



MOVES METAVERSE By Steven Saltzman Shaping the Future of Entertainment - Bringing luxury, music & entertainment into the virtual world against the iconic backdrop of Monaco. 2022 will be noted in history as the pivotal year for the metaverse technology with a projected USD 1 trillion yearly business opportunity, as estimated by JP Morgan. 2022 sees the First Edition of Meta Entertainment World and the Metaverse Awards, distinguished as part of a professional Summit in the classic setting of the Hermitage Hotel in May, putting Monaco on the “metaverse” map globally. So, what is THE Metaverse?

A Metaverse is an online 3D world, the next dimension of the internet, an equivalent step like the move from black-white TV to colour TV 60 years ago. Now, we’re moving from 2D to 3D! There have been several important Metaverses that have been created: The Sandbox metaverse was the first, and was conceived in 2011 as a two-dimensional platform, and since musician Snoop Dogg moved as the first celebrity into the Sandbox in 2021, it has continued to grow especially in Entertainment. Warner Music Group is

© Sewan Gack


even staking an outpost, which will feature a virtual “Music-Themed World” Park, where innovative music experiences will take place, and artists will engage with their fans, according to Oana Ruxandra, CDO & EVP Business Development, Warner Music Group. As the Metaverse continued to grow, Decentraland was then formed in 2017. As part of the world’s first and largest Metaverse Music Festival, you can experience its “Genesis Plaza.” In October 2021 we saw stars such as Paris Hilton and musician DeadMau5. Coachella, one of the largest music festivals worldwide is also taking advantage of the global reach of the metaverse trend and associated technology. They are offering fans NFT’s as tickets, collectibles and a lifetime NFT Festival Pass. Coachella’s next edition is taking place on April 2022 with stars Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Kanye West. Another example of where this new blockchain technology is being utilized is The Listen Campaign.

They champion global children’s rights from the producers of the 9 largest global media campaigns in history, like Nelson Mandela. “One Humanity against Apartheid”, or “The Wall” celebrating the reunification of Germany in Berlin. This event is set for 2023, and is supported by an NFT listeners’ collectible auction. After Music, Luxury Fashion Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Cavalli, Elis Saab are stepping into the Metaverse, as Decentraland will be hosting the world’s first Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) from March 24-27th. Gucci and Ralph Lauren have already virtual pop-up stores, and you can also find digital shows like “Afterworld” from Balenciaga. Metaverse fashion experts such as Demi Karanikolaou “Maison Demi Karan” are helping Brands navigate this new world. Fashion Designer Philipp Plein launched a humanoid robot called Romeo 1.0 to perform its fashion show, so if your avatar lacks clothes, you can shop those in Philipp’s 17000 sqm shopping mall with hotel and art museum, worth USD 1.4 Mio. It’s also just around the corner of JP Morgan’s Bank branch whose address is:


Onyx Lounge, Metajuku mall, Decentraland. For Disney, a former theme park executive might soon create Disney’s new metaverse. Metaverses are now popping up everywhere. There is also gaming-based Fortnite, with amazing digital graphical support, which even offered a Travis Scott concert in collaboration with Epic Games. There is Roblox, which pairs with Sony, Superworldapp, Blankos metaverse, and D-World here in Monaco. Additionally, there are businesses that are supporting upcoming metaverses, helping companies to achieve their operations and technical objectives, like Microsoft Mesh, software giant SAP, or MCity by Touchcast, they enable global companies to realize and produce projects in 3D. With Netflix’s Squid Game entering the metaverse already last year, via was just the next step, and other streaming services will follow or evaluate opportunities to enter “the next generation of entertainment” quotes Steven Saltzman, Founder of the Meta Entertainment World as part of his company Advance in Monaco, looking back at his family of film production particularly in the Spy genre (Ipcress File Harry Palmer which premiered March 6 and James Bond in 1962). “Metaverse and Entertainment cannot exist without each other,” like a car needing petrol in order to run; and “as we moved from black and white pictures to colour pictures,

the next generation will move from the internet to a virtual 3D world” adds Steven Saltzman. And while recording Artists “in the old days” had to convince record labels, film distributors or galleries to sign them and to be distributed, “they now can go themselves directly into a metaverse, and release their own content. This already starts with the new video content in the metaverse and should continue with film coin, and Metaverse Movie” says Mitch Lowe, an entertainment expert, and a previous Netflix Executive, CEO of MoviePass, and President of Redbox. “At a time when humanity is challenged to think differently about the future of work, we need new paradigms and new tools to imagine a better way of doing things,” said Edo Segal, founder and CEO of Touchcast, who will be producing the 3D content of the Meta Entertainment World & the Metaverse Awards in its metaverse MCity this May. “We have been building technologies for the past decade, and have to run mission-critical events for the world’s biggest companies in MCity. Now it’s time to open it up to let in the rest of the world.” Metaverses are enabling artists to keep their intellectual property and ownership, which can be secured through a modern deed called an “NFT” (Non-Fungible Tokens), linked to a “smart contract”. However, for the technical part of their realization artists will often have to use an intermediary. “I assembled a team of talented artists, writers and engineers to help envision the future of digital

27 performances. We watched artists experiment with live streams and virtual gigs, but they often didn’t feel real, and so Stage11 was born”, explains Jonathan Belolo, Founder and CEO of Stage 11, who will reimagine music for the Metaverse, and currently has partnerships with Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Snoop Dogg. Meta Entertainment World in Monaco is Metaverse “agnostic”, featuring all of the above metaverses and partners, bringing innovators and investors, global partners from finance, marketing, talent & technology together in a cosmopolitan professional business summit, awarding in 10 categories, announcing the first awards nominees between April 2nd and May 2nd with a vote open to the public. We are equally creating a “documentary as well as a showcase production”, says Steven Saltzman, who is also already in preproduction for two of his next films. Entering "Meta Entertainment World” will be a sensory experience where you will live within the world of entertainment and enjoy being immersive within the Metaverse. During the Summit, points of discussion will include the different Metaverses, NFTs, Sports, Formula 1, Football, Music, content, finance, Crypto, Film & Streaming; and a concentration of the Metaverse applications for luxury goods, smart cities, real estate & art. The Monaco Meta Entertainment world is setting a milestone by contributing to the digital transformation of the Principality. “Working truly globally, our Meta Entertainment World also presents the Metaverse in the Monaco Expo 2020 pavilion in Dubai, where a small networking event took place on March 6” says Co-Founder Carmen Franko, with similar events planned during Art Basel Miami. The Meta Entertainment World Seoul team just confirmed that South Korea’s Ministry of ICT will spend about USD 186 Mio to create a broad metaverse ecosystem for its digital content, having naturally large partners like Samsung onboard, featuring also the largest Korean K-Pop Artist BTS – also soon to be expected in the K(-Pop) metaverse.

© Courtesy of SBM

Principality of Monaco - May 23-24, 2022

BTS also collaborates with Coldplay, releasing “my universe” together, a beautiful homage to how small we are all together on this Earth compared with the full universe, whether we are still dreaming or already in the new technological environment called “metaverse”. We stay positive that Metaverses will support global collaboration and peace.


LURATE CACCIVIO (CO) VIA VARESINA ,3, 22070 + 39 391 7672613




TENNIS BETWEEN HISTORY AND FASHION By Andrea Levy Abstract Energy, courage and honour. The noble characteristics of the sport of tennis sublimated by fashion that gives an innate aura of nobility and elegance, right from the very origins of this sporting discipline.

Although the true origins of the game of tennis are lost in the mists of time, to this day despite the passage of so many centuries, it still seems to be the only universally acquired language we humans have at our disposal, so miraculously able to communicate the same ideals to all peoples of the world, without having to take into account the socio-cultural background of out interlocutor, as is usually the case. Through the sporting passion of tennis we manage to overcome racial differences, political conflicts, human discords of all kinds, and at the same time transmit precise ideals to future generations. We could call them the three stages of tennis success, which involve belief in oneself, commitment and perseverance, as the symbolic prerogative of universal values. It’s certainly not by chance that the ancient Greeks and Romans elevated sport to the rank of a noble art, explaining its origins through myth and legend and creating the Olympic Games to be held every four years.

Fred Perry

Today the sport is an integral part of our everyday lives, but while it’s no longer raised to the level of the divine, it is certainly of no lesser value.

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Tennis as we know it today most likely originated initially in Greek and Roman culture and later in Lombardic culture through a game known as “pallacorda”, originally played by hitting a ball with the palm of a hand and later saw the addition of a sort of racket consisting of a rudimentary plate with strings the size of four palms fitted with a handle with the length of an average forearm. The first use of the word "tennis", in its antiquated form "Tenes" is found in Donato Velluti’s Chronicle of Florence, which describes what is purported to be the origin of the name: a visit of a number of French knights to Florence in 1325, who played a more evolved version of “pallacorda” and were heard to call out “tenez!” ("hold!" in French) as they served the ball to their opponent. It was only much later, in 1875 when the first rules of the game were developed by Welshman Walter Clopton Wingfield, who gave it the name of sphairistike (from the ancient Greek term meaning skill in playing at ball), and established the English tennis association. From then on the game expanded overseas, spreading to the United States and Europe. It reached Italy around 1880 in Liguria, Boridighiera to be precise, where the first tennis courts were built, but it remained something of an ‘elite’ sport, at least until after World War II. A fundamental change in the game’s development came in 1883 with the decision to halve the height of the net, and in 1896 tennis found a place in the programme of the first modern Olympic Games, until it was dropped from the programme in 1924. It was subsequently readmitted only in 1988. Over the years the rackets themselves underwent some substantial developments, developing from simple wooden frames with strings made of animal gut, through metal frames and into the composite materials we see today in modern tennis rackets. 1900 saw the first ever Davis Cup, the highly coveted trophy that goes to the world champion national team every year. Tennis really began to catch on in Italy thanks to the success of players like Nicola Pietrangeli, and especially in the ‘seventies and ‘eighties with the successes of Adriano Panatta, who took part in many important international tournaments like the Roland Garros in Paris, but the real boost came from its diffusion over the national TV channels with commentary by the legendary Italian sports commentator Giampiero Galeazzi. In the early 2000’s, tennis increased in popularity even more thanks to the media hype of the battle between the Swiss Roger Federer, holder

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Richard Mille


Emporio Armani

Stand Studio

Christian Dior

Bottega Veneta

of 20 victories and considered the number one in the world’s "grand slam" tournaments and one of the greatest tennis players of all time, and the Spaniard Rafael Nadar, 13 time winner of the Roland Garros. 1972 is also a date that goes down in the annals of Tennis history for the birth of the WTA Finals, when women could finally compete and we began to see players of the calibre of Monica Seles, who defeated Gabriela Sabatini in the fifth set after four hours of play in 1990, along with Anke Huber, Martina Hingis , Martina Navràtilovà and many talented Italian players like Francesca Schiavone, Sara Errani, Flavia Pennetta and Roberta Vinci. So it comes as no surprise that the game of Tennis is naturally intertwined with the fashion start-system, studded with names like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Laureen and Lacoste and so many other designers not only dressing the athletes for their leisure time, but for their competitions as well. Tennis-wear thus became a sort of cross-over style, drawing on the icons of the past but always maintaining the practical aspect of being able to enter a club with a certain panache. The elected colour is always white, reflecting the deep-rooted traditions of this British sport, and confirming the elegance and aristocratic origin of the game itself. It’s the background for T-shirts, polo shirts, pullovers and cardigans enlivened by subtly contrasting profiles and retro-style badges. The once long trousers are now shortened to just below knee length to retain the retro sense of candour inspired by this elegant discipline. No digressions for the footwear though, always incorporating the classic “plimsolls” in traditional canvas but with a modern slant. After all, elegance is competition.

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CHECK IN TIME FOR DESIRE By Alberto Corrado Baltic culture, as a method, as a state of mind: the foundations of a poetic born in Estonia but that speaks all the languages of the world. National pride. In Riina Laanetu's poetic, the wording "Made in Estonia" includes and goes beyond a productive geographical derivation to become a programmatic manifesto, a declaration of intent, a joyful affirmation of belonging to a country, the cities, monuments and wonders of which never cease to amaze, but which, unfortunately we would say, amaze more foreigners than natives. Riina, who launched her first La Famiglia Couture collection back in 2016, has conceived all the subsequent collections as a sort of miracle, if we can use that term, working on the codes associated with a specific sartorial territory, highly appreciated by a wide range of customers on the international jet set. A style that speaks of tailoring tradition and quality of fabric, but with such precision in the details and the search for secrets only found in a heritage of experience. A strong tradition, rooted in her even before taking her first steps in this sector, designing clothes for ballroom dancers, bikini fitness and figure skaters. But this never hindered her open outlook and vision of both present and future. On the contrary, from these roots she worked hard to venture into new, ever more fascinating worlds.

offer, simply by looking at it each time from different angles. Simply imagining the workshops of tailors long ago, and then the boutiques. Art and artisanship: a combination handed down the generations to become a latter-day heritage. And here we have it, the triumph of handwork in the La Famiglia Couture collection, a festival of colour, beauty and great mood showing through in the accessories, just as in the pearl jewels realized with extreme craftsmanship, the embroidery and the applications on dresses. A savoir faire constantly in-line with the times, skilfully applied to objects of the contemporary. Not without reason we end with Riina's own words “We need to understand the contemporary where clothes and accessories are the atlases of emotion, and maps to rewrite desires”.

From these very "new worlds" have come new fans of the brand, and travellers revisiting the voyage en Estonia sung by poets of the likes of Marie Under or Nikola Madzirov and today extolled by women armed with smartphones taking selfies in the most evocative corners of the city squares. The models in her latest show were all of different ethnicity, precisely because they’re called to interpret this new diktat, not just about clothes and accessories, but culture, lifestyle and the concept of feeling good in your own skin as well. Reigning over everything, a sense of passion, a feeling that’s always fed into the designer's aesthetic, enriching it with new codes of sensuality, blending it with the classic austere, mixing precious fabrics with simpler materials. Memory is fundamental, because nothing new and creative can ever be invented again and because everything is based on a story of the memories we continually drawn on. Estonia has such infinite ideas to © Ardo Kalijuvee

34 There’s a saying that goes beauty requires sacrifice... meaning that sometimes you have to suffer to look beautiful. I don't think it has to be that way. Riina Laanetu


RIINA LAANETU By Alberto Corrado Another way of being. In strictness and in zest. Fantasy and solidity. Decision and clarity. And above all, intuition. These are the ingredients. Well, THE ingredient: that coherent concept of handmade that permeates the style collection by Famiglia Couture. We met designer Riina Laanetu for a deeper insight into her creative path, that starts from a fabric and gives expression to a body. Hardly surprising her collections have struck a chord in the hearts of many women seeking to express that sense of freedom, sponteneity and emotion

A brand described as “Family” evokes the importance of both tradition and modernity. In this sense, how important is the concept of tailoring. R.L. : I always knew I wanted to be a tailor. Since I used to visit my aunt working as costume designer for a theatre. My background is in tailoring. I started making clothes for dancers and figure skaters, so as well as the look, the fit, comfort and durability were crucial for every one of them. Quality tailoring is one of the core values of our brand. Since we’re aiming to make timeless clothing, tailoring and perfect fit is everything. We try and test models of our clothing until we get the fit absolutely right, and if anything is off, we just won't put it out for sale. Quality is everything. In our collections we use tailoring as the tool for making unique clothing. Because of my background, even in my couture designs I still use unconventional tailoring techniques. LF couture dresses are also made of comfortable, stretchy fabrics, something not very common in this kind of clothing. In the tailoring, I mix in the techniques I developed when I was making dancers' clothing - basically making a dress on top of a bodysuit, so the dress fits flawlessly and moves together with the body. Likewise, I often build a bra or corset into a couture dress so it’s easy to wear, and you don't have to worry about finding perfect underwear. The business name “La Famiglia” was actually a gift from my husband when I started the brand. It incorporates everything that is embodied in my life. I'm a mother of three. La Famiglia makes you feel like surrounded by your loved ones: you feel comfortable, you can be yourself, and you can always count on them.


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Still on the concept of tailoring and tradition: are the raw materials chosen on the basis of specific technical research (for example for the sports collection) or is the selection more influenced simply by taste? When choosing the fabrics, it depends on the design and model of each item: some leggings have to be very firming, so we use strong firming materials. On the other hand, dresses and jumpsuits are easier and look better when the materials are a little lighter. Sometimes inspiration comes the opposite way: I see the material and then picture a design. The keys for choosing the materials are femininity and comfort. For both couture and lifestyle clothing we prefer practical materials, made for active, travelling people: you can pack an exquisite couture dress in your backpack and not have to worry about creases or the dress going out of shape.

I’m inspired by the architecture of old Europe. You can see the influence of Italian cities in my haute couture dresses. The architecture of old Europe is passed on from generation to generation and will never change. Every LF item is timeless in the same way. There’s a saying that goes beauty requires sacrifice... meaning that sometimes you have to suffer to look beautiful. I don't think it has to be that way. A woman looks the best when she feels good and comfortable. Femininity, elegance and comfort go hand in hand. You’re in Monaco for the first time. What’s your development strategy for the near future?

I often go to Italy and France myself to get inspiration for a collection and to hand-pick the fabrics. That means a lot of our items are limited edition, with just 2-3 copies of each.

We're very excited about coming to Monaco. It's our first big step outside Estonia, and I'm very happy we’ve chosen the Principality - the capital of luxury living and lifestyle. People living in Monaco are very fashion-conscious, and appreciate an active lifestyle (tennis and all kinds of other sports).

Active living, fitness, sport: the unifying thread of your creations. Even in the more elegant collections you can see how wearability and practicality are high on the list of the values of women who wear your clothes...

So it's the perfect place for LF. We’re one of the few premium fashion brands with lines covering every need: from sports and lifestyle to couture, as well as accessories. I'm especially happy that we’re kicking off with our sports collection show during the Monaco Rolex Monte Carlo Masters.

The LF brand embodies my tailor-made life and my passions: active lifestyle, feminine and elegant clothing, and just making everything around me beautiful.

But our plans don’t stop in Monaco, and soon we’ll be spreading our wings to Milan, Paris and, why not, to Singapore too.



EXCEPTIONAL SHARES By Alberto Corrado The culture of extreme precision in the details is an integral part of the history of the Maison. Added to which a unique soul that merges with the refinement of the fabrics and the definition of a woman who loves to express her identity.

It can’t be easy to measure up to Krizia's style. It means measuring up against the historical cornerstones that have characterized the collections of the Maison for almost sixty-five years, since her debut at the SAMIA in Turin and later at Pitti, where she obtained her first official consecration, winning the Critic’s Fashion Award. Season after season, all the creative directors who took turns at the helm of the brand founded by Mariuccia Mandelli (aka Krizia, named after a male character in a Plato dialogue about female vanity who spends all of his money on women) after her death in 2015, have applied their creativity to the fundamental principles that breathes life into the unmistakable “Crazy Krizia” style. A highly defined, precise, architectural concept of elegance and femininity, built on strong, iconic elements: the pleated dresses, one of her recurring themes evoking dragons, dragonflies, butterflies

and snails in her clothes, designed for wearing even with micro-cardigans and researched knitwear with unusual stitches and techniques; her scaramantic menagerie of lucky-charm animals like the little jacquard sheep, the cat, the bear and the fox, to then settle on the more ferocious kind, the leopard, the tiger and the panther that became her own stylized symbol on the label. And above all else, sartorial care taken to the extremes of detail, which year after year have created harmonious and coherent feminine, unequivocally Krizia looks. A continuum of different fabric weights, from cashmere to leather and chiffon, translate into dresses and accessories with touches of sweetness in swathing garments that flow over the figure. Through an exclusive agreement in 2015, she sold her company to the Chinese "Shenzhen Marisfrolg" company headed by Mrs. Zhu ChongYun, who became




creative director for the Maison, chosen by Mariuccia Mandelli herself as a worthy successor. Zhu ChongYun called Antonio D'Anna to her side, a Neapolitan designer who graduated from Marangoni, to create a close-knit team capable of experimenting and creating collections by studying the archives and keeping close ties with the same fabric suppliers Mariuccia Mandelli always used. The SS 2022 collection masterfully develops all the codes and themes of the Maison, retracing the archives and the graphic studies of the iconic animals in particular. A succession of looks with virginal simplicity veiling extremely complex techniques: dresses with embroidery, structured garments, bras, oversized men’s style shirts that in some cases transform into chemisier with buttons and jewelled shoulder pads. The final result is a collection with a calm, luminous atmosphere that while recalling elements of the past stages a surprising futuristic aesthetic in fabrics, from raw silk to viscose linen, starched organza, poplin and plated jersey almost like leather to the touch, and on to PVC that returns in oversize animal-print vests, micro-tops and maxi bags, where the panther always leaves its mark.




the formula for governing complexity? momentum plus empowerment!

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Pink satin and Marabout coat STEPHAN JANSON Camouflage printed organza dress DAVII Leaf pendant gold ADAIS Leather derbies PRADA Rare desk and chair C12 (on the Total Look wallpaper) DSQUARED2 Vase Metabowl#2 by Audrey Large - The Netherlands, 2019

Green / purple patchwork Mongolian fur coat Short jacket with asymmetrical zip Black techno cady trousers Mary Jane moccasin in black naplack EMPORIO ARMANI Brooch DEMALDÈ Ring SHARRA PAGANO Costume, Biker jacket and patent mini bag MOSCHINO Platforms GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Chrystal net tights AMINA MUADDI X WOLFORD Rubber Gloves STYLIST'S OWN

Tridente armchair / P9 by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1948 Jacarandà wood, fabric upholstery by Janet Yonati Low table by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1949‐1951 ca. Bla Bardmattan carpet - Sweden, 1942

Pink satin and Marabout coat STEPHAN JANSON Camouflage printed organza dress DAVII Leaf pendant gold ADAIS Leather derbies PRADA Rare desk and chair C12 (on the Total Look wallpaper) PHILIPP Vase PLEIN Metabowl#2 by Audrey Large - The Netherlands, 2019

Green / purple patchwork Mongolian fur coat Short jacket with asymmetrical zip Black techno cady trousers Mary Jane moccasin in black naplack EMPORIO ARMANI Brooch DEMALDÈ Ring SHARRA PAGANO


Tridente armchair / P9 by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1948 Jacarandà wood, fabric upholstery by Janet Yonati Low table by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1949‐1951 ca. Bla Bardmattan carpet - Sweden, 1942


Fashion Editor Alberto Corrado Stylist Fabio Pravato Models Eva Ishmakova @independent_mgmt Mira Bella @ww_mgmt - Katia Andre @elitemodelworld Make up Chiara Cima @theagencyaldocoppola Hair Domenico Papa @theagencyaldocoppola Stylist Assistant Francesca Piana Production Force One Monte Carlo All make up products for the entire shoot by FENTY BEAUTY and KVD BEAUTY

Green / purple patchwork Mongolian fur coat Short jacket with asymmetrical zip Black techno cady trousers Mary Jane moccasin in black naplack EMPORIO ARMANI Brooch DEMALDÈ Ring SHARRA PAGANO Tridente armchair / P9 by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1948 Jacarandà wood, fabric upholstery by Janet Yonati Low table by Estúdio de Arte Palma - Brazil, 1949‐1951 ca. Bla Bardmattan carpet - Sweden, 1942




On 23rd February, the legendary motorcycle racer Max Biaggi was invited to the home of Venturi Group in Monaco to celebrate one of his greatest achievements: setting the world speed record for an electric motorcycle in the ‘less than 300kgs’ category. Over a one-kilometre course on the 22nd November last year, Max Biaggi and the Voxan team unleashed their battery-powered bike on the runway at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, a place that is used to launching missile-like vehicles. They recorded an official speed of 455.737 km/hr. The former World Superbike champion was riding a Voxan Wattman, a feat of engineering designed by the Voxan Motors motorcycle company. A member of the Venturi Group since it was acquired in 2010, Voxan was able to draw on Venturi’s many years of experience building high performance electric vehicles, such as the

first ever electric sportscar, known as the Fetish. Venturi is focused on pushing the boundaries of zero emissions mobility and its VBB-3 car is still today the world’s fastest ever electric car, having achieved a top speed of 549km/hr in 2019. The Voxan Wattman had already broken 11 world speed records during one day in November 2020, all of them set by Max Biaggi at Châteauroux airfield in France. Every high-speed run is an opportunity for the team to add to the knowledge and experience of what it takes to travel at a velocity far in excess of most aeroplane take-off speeds, and what it takes to stay on the ground. Using the real-world data acquired on the test track, the engineers at Voxan developed the styling of the bike in order to improve its aerodynamics, which would enable it to reach even greater speeds and to operate in various wind conditions.


Venturi’s electric motorcycle breaks yet another land speed record.

© Jean-François Romero

© Philippe Fitte

By Flora Hilger

The wheelbase was also lengthened to almost two metres in order to improve stability and, to get its power down on the track, a traction control system is employed. Off-the-shelf tyres are simply not up to the job, which also meant that they had to be specially developed by Michelin to cope with the torque and high speeds. To stop, the bike utilises only a rear brake and the electric motor, whilst doing away with a front brake or a parachute for safety reasons. Venturi’s experience in motor racing brings with it some added benefits - the Wattman uses the same Mercedes EQ electric engine as Venturi’s Formula E car, but with upgrades taking the bike’s power to 435hp (320kW) and producing a whopping 1,360 Nm of torque. Finding a battery to fit the chassis was rather more difficult so the Voxan team designed their own in-house unit with the help of Saft, a subsidiary

of TotalEnergies. The result: a battery that was more compact, lighter and eight times more powerful than those which were previously used. And fans of 80s pop videos will be impressed when they hear that the new battery is cooled by dry ice, rather than air. When Max Biaggi, Voxan and Venturi all combine their various areas of expertise, great things happen. Over the course of 12 months, the Voxan team have set 22 world records in total, a feat that helps to accelerate the progress of electric motorcycle design, as new engineering techniques are developed and solutions to former technological challenges are discovered. The Venturi-owned record-breaking Voxan Wattman and its fearless rider Max Biaggi will go down in history as being at the forefront of the rapidly advancing field of two-wheeled electric mobility.




The BRABUS 1300R, the first motorbike of the brand new official collaboration between Austrian motorbike specialists of KTM and German luxury mobility experts BRABUS, sells out in under two minutes via the KTM website. The online sale of the brand-new and limited luxury naked bike started at 3:00 PM / 15:00 o’ clock and it only took a mere 1 minute and 55 seconds for all 154 ultra-exclusive BRABUS 1300 R motorcycles to be booked by endcustomers via KTM’s digital pre-order platform. That means approximately one BRABUS 1300 R was sold every second - finalizing a launch weekend marked by unusually high attention. The BRABUS 1300 R luxury naked bike is not only the first ever BRABUS motorbike - it also represents the start of the official partnership between the KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH and BRABUS GmbH with the goal to create unique and fresh modern luxury motocycles clearly differentiated from the standard KTM product portfolio.

The BRABUS 1300 R is a fascinating new addition to the BRABUS portfolio of bespoke, high-performance luxurymobility products, that fuses the BRABUS-typical ‘Black and Bold’ design language with the highly sophisticated platform of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R EVO that combines the incredible power from its astonishing 1,301 cc V-Twin engine with high levels of ridability thanks to WP semi-active suspension technology and rider-enhancing electronics. The very quick sell-out time of the 1300 R is unmatched and the quick-fire and rapid pre-orders will mean a few buyers were left wanting. KTM has created an online waiting list, which will allow interested buyers the chance to get their hands on a BRABUS 1300 R should any previous reservation be canceled.

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Y 72

AWARD-WINNING LINE-UP FOR PRINCESS YACHTS By Andrea Dini Princess Yachts, the UK's leading luxury yacht manufacturer, has revealed the show premiere of the award-winning Princess Y72 at the Miami International Boat Show 2022, which took place from February 16th to February 20th. A further four models, including the sporty Princess S62, the award-winning Princess F45, and the F50 and F62 from Princess's F Class flybridge range, were also on display.

"We were thrilled to be a part of the new Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show that brings together the former Miami International Boat Show and Miami Yacht Show into one, incredible and comprehensive show with multiple venues conveniently located in Downtown Miami and the Miami Beach Convention Center," said Tom Carroll Jr, President of Princess Yachts America. "We were excited to debutshowcase the Princess Y72 in Miami alongside the Princess F45, F50, S62, and F62, and to greet visitors to our expansive display at One Herald Plaza." The Princess Design Studio collaborated with naval architects Olesinski and Italian design house Pininfarina to create the Y72, which encapsulates the

quality and design language seen on larger yachts in the range and takes it to the next generation. The Y72 recently won 'Best Flybridge over 60ft' at the Motorboat and Yachting Awards 2022, which has been stated as "...showing that for all the glamour, polish, and attention to detail of a modern Princess motoryacht, the shipyard still gets the formula right when it comes to seakeeping." The Y72 features the most recent Princess exterior design and interior finishes, as well as beautifully sculpted exterior forms and expansive full-length hull windows. Indoor and outdoor living areas are designed to be sociable yet functional, and the powerful twin MAN V12 1650mhp engines provide top speeds of up to 34 knots.

55 S 62 F 50

F 45 F 62

The F45 flybridge yacht was named 'Best Flybridge Under 60ft' at the Motorboat and Yachting Awards 2022. With spaciously appointed interior and exterior spaces, this modern yet elegant yacht meets the demands for flexible and practical living, lending itself perfectly to socializing and entertaining. The F50 flybridge combines classic Princess qualities such as innovative use of space, focus on quality of design and manufacture, and exceptional performance and seakeeping.Princess Design Studio and Olesinski worked together to ensure that the F50 has technological innovations that make her feel as spacious above deck as she does below. The F50 offers class-leading space, with a full beam owner's stateroom, and elegant hull-length windows.

The new F62 sets the standard for the F Class with a walkthrough foredeck entertaining space and a hydraulic bathing platform. With a large dining area, aft sunpad, and a unique circular forward seating area that can be converted into an additional sunpad, her flybridge inspires relaxation. Her main deck saloon is connected to the outside world via full-length side windows, while her sociable galley opens to the cockpit. The S62, like its larger siblings, is built on Princess' renowned V-shaped hull and powered by the latest MAN V8 1200 engines, resulting in excellent seakeeping and speeds of up to 38 knots. A bathing platform provides a convenient launch system for a 3.3m tender or a jet ski The S62 is built for outdoor entertaining, with an aft galley and open-plan dining area.


ICONIC MAGNUM READY FOR A NEW LIFE By Andrea Dini Few brands have left their imprint on the history of motor boating like Magnum Marine. In the 1980s and 1990s, the Miami shipyard was a must-see for any owner looking for a fast, high-performance motor cruiser that was also comfortable and seaworthy. Legendary designer Tommaso Spaolini brings two of them into the future.

Magnum 63

"For many years, the Magnum 63 had been stored in a shed. We decided to keep the original Pininfarina design when we restored it. The voluminous forward handrail has been removed, and a more profiled windshield has been created while retaining the roll bar, which, while not always appreciated, is an original model feature. The two side windows in the stern area, next to the sundeck, have been reassembled; these windows also serve as handrails and keep the central gangway aft open. The white with two large blue bands is completely new and was a specific request from the owner, who was inspired by the colors of American'muscle cars', from Mustangs to Shelby Cobras, as a great fan of historic cars."

Magnum 38

The Magnum 38 intervention was more drastic. "Other than the hull, only the portholes were kept. The owner asked for a fast day cruiser, a maxi tender for a larger yacht, so we swapped out the original shaft-line transmission and two gasoline engines for a pair of Cat turbodiesel engines with Top System surface propeller drives. This required a complete overhaul of the engine room as well as the reinforcement of the transom. The grey hull with a white deck matches the yacht on which the Magnum 38 will be used as a tender. Refitting is currently taking place at the Azzurra shipyard, which boasts a team of highly skilled workers and a rich seafaring culture. The launch is planned for the spring."

Ferretti Group


FERRETTI GROUP INNOVATION, DIVERSIFICATION& SAFETY By Andrea Dini This year, the Ferretti Group has chosen the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show as the exclusive venue not only for the showings of two magnificent yachts on the American market - Riva 68' Diable and Ferretti Yachts 500 - but also to announce numerous product and strategy novelties to the yachting world.

The launch of the new Pershing GTX Series, with which the brand intends to revolutionize the sports yacht concept and set unprecedented standards of cruising pleasure, was one of the most significant announcements made at the Ferretti Group press conference in Miami. The conference also gave the opportunity to reveal the name of the new Riva flagship: 130' Bellissima, which is currently under construction at the La Spezia shipyard, where Riva models ranging from 76 to 130 feet are manufactured, and major refurbishment work has recently been completed to increase production capacity. Ferretti Group has also presented the new Wally, wallypower58 and the first exclusive images of the new wally101 full custom, the brand's first sailing yacht under Ferretti Group ownership.

On the strategic front, the group proudly announced the signing of an important agreement with Aqua Marina Tech, an Israeli company that develops cuttingedge technology-based innovative solutions for saving lives at sea. Ferretti Group will introduce the patented "Watchit" system on an exclusive basis, which uses innovative anti-collision technology to prevent accidents at sea, providing its fleet with unparalleled safety standards. The numerous novelties announced in Miami attest to the Group's constant focus on innovation and the effectiveness of a strategy driven by the ongoing diversification and renewal of the offering - the broadest on the market at the global level, now totaling 46 models, 28 of which were launched in the last three years - to provide an ever-better response to its customers' changing tastes and needs all over the world.


WORLD'S LEADING PRODUCER OF MEGA YACHTS By Andrea Dini Once again this year Azimut Benetti onfirms its position as the world’s top builder of yachts over 24 metres in length. With a record number of 128 projects totalling 4,601 metres in length, Azimut Benetti Group leads the field for the 22nd year in the Global Order Book, the annual ranking of the world’s top producers of yachts drawn up by highly reputed yachting magazine Boat International. Azimut Benetti ranked first out of 186 shipyards on five continents, accounting for 12.5% of the total number of projects, which is a significant percentage in such a fragmented market. The group leadership goes back a long way: according to the ranking, Azimut Benetti has been the world’s number one yacht builder for a remarkable 22 years.

“Our Group owes its long-standing leadership to the ability to build highly innovative yachts that are greatly appreciated by the market and cover the typically Italian size range of up to 50 metres. But this important segment is also joined by numerous larger steel and aluminium superyacht projects, traditionally the preserve of northern European shipyards. We are the leading player today, and have been for over 20 years, because we are the only Group in the world to cover both these size ranges with models of undisputed success, a clientcentric approach and high build quality,” said Vice President Giovanna Vitelli. The Group’s strategy is therefore based on the following key factors: a highly diversified range of models,

unfailingly innovative design with state-of-the-art solutions, and the gaining of know-how that puts Azimut|Benetti in a privileged position on today’s market. “Our success stems from close alignment between the vision and new product development insights of the entrepreneur on the one hand, and the absolute professionalism of the management team on the other, establishing an understanding that makes us a very solid company. In this way, we have successfully maintained our leadership in both good times for the market as well as in more difficult ones,” continues Vitelli. This well-established structure and approach ensure that the company is focused on its corporate mission, in which product innovation is the main driving force. In the last 15 years in particular, the Group has focused on issues around protecting the sea, working profitably to find solutions that reduce environmental impact in both the short and long term.

The most recent examples are the 108-metre Giga Yacht Luminosity, the world’s largest hybrid yacht, which has a range of over ten nautical miles in fully electric mode, and the steel superyacht B.Yond 37M, which is fitted with the E-MODE HYBRID system. Developed on an exclusive basis with Siemens Energy, the propulsion system of B.Yond 37M significantly reduces emissions (up to 70% NOx and up to 20% CO2), not least by using urea-based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) filters on the main engines, like those installed in cars. When she is launched in the first half of 2022, she will be the greenest yacht in her segment. The shipyard is now ready to transfer the solutions introduced on the Giga yachts to smaller units as well. “For us, efficiency and reducing fuel consumption are not just slogans for the future, but milestones we are achieving in the present" added Vitelli. To back this up, the Group has confirmed a three-year R&D investment plan worth 100 million euros.

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AT THE 79TH MONACO FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX PARTY AT THE RACE EVERY DRIVER WANTS TO WIN It’s the “race every driver wants to win”, an annual pageant of sport and socializing in one of the world’s most glamorous destinations, held around the same twisty course for the past 90-plus years. In 2020, the streets of Monaco’s Principality fell silent to the sound of racing for the first time since 1954. 2021’s race - run with minimal spectators - felt deflated. But, May 26-29, 2022 heralds the full and proper return of F1 to Monaco, restoring the lustre to the jewel of the motor racing calendar.

Indeed, the demand for tickets, hospitality, and rooms is unprecedented, in no small part to the ‘Netflix Effect’. The “Drive to Survive” series - with Season 4 set to debut soon - has gripped viewers globally, but especially in the U.S.A. where, previously, interest in F1 has been suboptimal, to say the least. When it comes to choosing from where to watch the race, the hospitality options are plentiful. Balcony view? Check. Grandstand seat? Check. Superyacht? Check! Check! A balcony may, arguably, offer a better / broader view, but give pretty much anyone the choice, and they’ll pick the superyacht every time. Accustomed to a prime trackside position from which to soak in all the on-track action is My Yacht® Group, the luxury superyacht events company renowned for “connecting the world’s most interesting people” (on board superyachts, naturally), led by the twin brother / sister team of Nicholas and Annabelle Frankl. Having grown up around Grand Prix - their first one was at 6 weeks of age thanks to their auto racing journalist father - they have attended, worked and hosted at 45+ Monaco Grand Prix

between them and, thus, could be said to have a fairly good knowledge of what can be an extremely hectic weekend! My Yacht has carved out a vaunted reputation and a unique position in Monaco. As a 3-time Olympic bobsledder, piloting HUN1 in Lillehammer, Nagano and Salt Lake City, Nicholas competed against and formed lifelong friendships with a number of the teams, including that of Monaco, led by none other than HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. Frankl, a Monaco resident, is a huge admirer of all that Prince Albert II has achieved to modernize the compact Principality, and to promote ecological pursuits through his eponymous Foundation, a longtime charity partner of My Yacht. Naturally, both Monaco and the GP weekend are a mecca for luxury brands seeking to entertain their most important clients and engage with new ones. Think high jewelry, wealth management, supercars, luxury resorts, fintech, and more. (If there’s a better “we invite you to join us…” to receive, we’d love

to hear it!) With this in mind, My Yacht caters to discerning brands and guests alike with its turnkey hospitality weekend. Long known for its ‘must attend’ Friday night charity reception, now in its 15th year, the glamorous gathering is preceded by an UHNW summit that allows complementary brand partners to connect with pre-qualified guests in an intimate setting. Indeed, where else does one have the opportunity to meet a 4-time, US Hall of Fame NASA astronaut - with most logged ‘spacewalk’ hours (67 or so, but who’s counting…) - who, at time of printing, was about to rocket to space for a 5th time, taking 3 private astronauts with him on a 10-day mission to the International Space Station. Fascinating stuff! Nicholas and Annabelle pride themselves on welcoming a ‘who’s who’ of VIPs (for them, very interesting people): the astronaut, Heads of State, Olympians, World Champions, philanthropists, Hollywood A-listers, innovators, the list goes on. As ‘Team Twins’ say, “we work hard to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There are some guests aboard who already know each other but many who don’t. Or so they think! By our personal curating of the guestlist, there are many ‘one degree of separation’ moments that happen, and that interconnectedness results in a very special ambience.” And thus, the scene is set for a weekend of action both on board and on track. Your morning ‘commute’ from your hotel to the yacht is, of course, on the water, a high-powered speedboat skimming the waves, passing megayachts at anchor, destined for your floating ‘home’, a stunning superyacht moored on the storied Quay Kennedy aka the racetrack. Once aboard, a chilled rosé or champagne in hand, soak up the atmosphere of the harbor, the yachts, the grandstands full of fans and prepare for the ricocheting sound of F1 engines bouncing off the buildings, teams battling for supremacy, at the race every driver wants to win.

© Costi Moiceanu / CM Photography Join Force One for an extraordinary Monaco Grand Prix weekend with My Yacht® Group, Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th May, 2022. €9,000 per person for all on board hospitality and F1 race viewing. A la carte options are also available. Space aboard is limited. Through its network, My Yacht® can assist with accommodation, restaurant & nightclub reservations. All 3rd party services, including flights, are extra. For potential brand partners: POA.

For more information please contact and mention Force One


LILY OF THE VALLEY By Manuela Schinaia

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Member of the Leading Hotels of the World, Lily of the Valley is a 5-star luxury hotel that's open all year round, and dedicated to wellness, weight loss and sport. Just a few minutes' drive away from the town of Saint-Tropez, it's surrounded by the untouched landscape of the Cap Lardier estate. This protected area is one of the green lungs of the French Riviera, and overlooks the Plage de Gigaro - a wild, fine sandy beach, which stretches over three miles.

THE HOTEL The ambience at Lily of the Valley is warm and multifaceted. Guests soon feel at home as they settle into spacious and comfortable bedrooms or take a seat at one of the soft sofas in the bar, where they can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Inside each of the hotel's "houses" are luxurious rooms, from 35 to 105 m², each one opening out onto a large, private terrace. Polished marble, exposed concrete, exotic woods and natural leathers come together in an amalgam of comfort and culture.


LOVE LOSING WEIGHT Lily of the Valley specializes in combining weight loss with pleasure. Sports facilities and watersports activities are available, while a team of experts is on hand to give help and support. A full-board stay includes fine cuisine throughout the day. Everything has been thought of so that guests can pursue their weight loss goals in a luxurious, welcoming setting.

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS DEVELOPED WITH DR. JACQUES FRICKER At Lily of the Valley, each guest is guided and motivated by a team of professionals who apply the advice of the hotel's consultant nutritionist, Jacques Fricker. Designed to ensure you love losing weight, the method followed is based on four pillars: wellness & monitoring, treatments, sport, and weight loss cuisine. Every day, enjoy 90 minutes of treatments, 1 hour of coaching, a variety of fitness excursions, weight loss cuisine, and personalized monitoring by our wellness advisors.



This 326 sq. m apartment benefits from panoramic views of the marina and the sea. It comprises a double living room, a fully equipped kitchen leading to the dining room, a huge master suite with extra large dressing room, bathroom and shower room, a kids bedroom with bathroom, a guest bedroom with shower room and large terraces. On the water's edge, the building offers a swimming pool on the mediterranean sea, a fitness and security service, 2 parking lots and 1 cellar. Ref. 2305. Price : On request



CODE DAY SYSTEM By Manuela Schinaia Code, the new day system by Poliform, is flexible, versatile and offers unparalleled freedom of design to architects and interior designers. It provides flexible furniture combinations that can be customized according to the architectural style of the surroundings and the customer’s needs.

The Code system is all about the wide variety of features, including TV stands, display cabinets, open compartments, suspended and floor-standing units, which can be used to create wall systems and storage for living and dining areas. Open and closed units come together in seamless harmony. A contemporary vision that balances aesthetics and functionality. The storage units show the characteristic lines, thickness and compositional features of the Code system offering a consistent look among different architectural areas. The presence of different elements facilitates solutions that combine full and empty spaces, leveraging on elements like the large shelf with its relevant thickness and the open compartments with a lower thickness.


The Code system is highly functional. Equipped with a cable guide or wireless charging system for devices and smartphones and completed with LED lighting, the worktop is the perfect home-office area. The wood panels, available in a wide range of finishes and sizes, are another aspect that demonstrates the Code system's versatility. Covers include full-height ones or ones punctuated by metallic edging for an alluring visual combination. The new lino bruciato finish for panels and back panels joins a range of others, including lino ecrù, lino scuro and lino chiaro. Designed for living spaces, the Code system is very versatile that it extends to sleeping areas too, where wooden elements, suspended storage units and shelves are reinterpreted as standalone features or made to complement for closets, walk-in closets, and vanity solutions.

Poliform Cannes 94, La Croisette - Cannes +33 (0)4 93 69 17 73

HER FUTURO REMOTO A jewel narrating the reality of life. Designer Gianni De Benedittis never ceases to amaze with his original creations.

EMPORIO ARMANI Nomadic outlook in jodhpurs and multicolour blouses.

BEATRICE B An ode to visual euphoria and the need to be free, and to the joie de vivre confirmed in this mixed palette.

PESERICO The celebration of impalpable lightness revealed in the sleeveless jackets and soft skirts, perfect for any occasion.




An Italian brand of excellence founded back in the 60’s revives with new entrepreneurial spirit and a new creative direction entrusted to young designer Adriano Galluccio.

Square gold acetate sunglasses.

BORSALINO The first collection of leather bags and accessories made by Modigliani, designed by Giacomo Santucci.

MARIAEN A 100% Made in Italy footwear brand, born from an idea of Mariano La Barbera, founder and stylist. Essential lines, bright colours and sole and heel as the stars in colours coordinated with the uppers.

MIU MIU Clean raw cuts on existing shapes, turning pants into miniskirts, and jackets to rediscover Philip Garner's half-suit.



GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Memories of the brand's history breathe life into a collection made to meet the demands of the present, bringing together creativity and manufacturing excellence.



Ros Mask titanium sunglasses by Rick Owens. Oversize frame model, tinted lenses, straight angle-tip temples and micro studs.

Structured cuts characterized the brand right from the start, but this time Victoria draws on the men’s wardrobe, to seductive effect in this light, fresh collection.


DOLCE GABBANA Femininity as diktat for next summer’s wardrobe made of transparencies and plunging necklines. The bra becomes icon, along with brassieres and corsets, to wear under jackets.

GUCCI Sunglasses with crystals.



SCHIAPARELLI The maison plays with gilded maxi-jewels, set off on a black fabric base, with a surrealist touch in the form of body parts: ears, eyes, fingers: details that appear, even on earrings and bags.



An experiment in seduction that brings leopard prints, devoré velour and lamé into play. For a see-now buy-now collection that enhances the feminine form.

The perfect combination of exceptional materials, timeless design and craftsmanship, the Serpenti Forever bucket bag is hand-crafted in fine agate-white metallic karung.

TOM FORD Figures are soft for a look full of brilliant nuances combining perfectly with jeans or sweatshirts. Soften shapes hint of athleisure, but in precious materials showered in bronze, silver and gold velvets.

ANDREA POMPILIO The ultimate purpose of the pursuit of perfectionism in the creation and construction of a garment, is to create an item with a beauty that is an end in itself, not necessarily for any particular season.


Fabric backpack, with PC compartment and buckles.

Miuccia Prada, queen of conceptual fashion, call her SS 2022 man “Urgency of feelings”, wanting, as is her way, to convey meaning through her garments. The collection’s keywords are "innocence" and "joy".


PAUL&SHARK A synonym for Made in Italy style through the pursuit of excellence in both quality and workmanship, guaranteed by a material selection process based on extremely strict standards

CLOSED Relaxed shapes and summer colours make surprising combinations for an optimistic wardrobe.



ELEVENTY A light and highly contemporary jacket to wear not just for work but all the time, even to the gym, like the one in slightly stretch seersucker that fits in the palm of your hand and never creases.

MOSCHINO Jeremy Scott works on the super-colourful men's sports wardrobe with essential lines. This time around the inspiration is the world of surfing and tropical beaches, in vibrant colours bursting with energy .

ARTIOLI Iconic minimal weight Running shoes in classic colours, to combine either with formal attire or casual denim. RAG&BONE One of America’s most beloved men’s fashion brands has made jeans, and made them recyclable, its reason for being.

PARAJUMPERS A project that comes from a collaboration between Ape and Massimo Rossetti. All jackets are in durable nylon, and feature a removable padded lining.

HIM UNDERCOVER Poetic, exciting: Undercover's style shines with the pure delirium and great concentration that only Japanese aesthetic autism can give. Something so meticulous and imaginative but that’s still capable of offering a truly prêt-à-porter wardrobe.

LOUBOUTIN ASPESI The first collection conceived by Creative Director Lawrence Steele is a set of key pieces, essential for every occasion, destined to remain beyond time.

Black leather almond-toe lace-ups, leather laces and sole.

LOUIS VUITTON Inspired by the Amen Break, ` a 1969 drum break that became a cornerstone of hip-hop and sampled thousands of times, the collection explores the myth of property in contemporary design.

SAINT LAURENT Classic Wellington square sunglasses with mineral glass lenses.

CLASSIC BRIONI Norbert Stumpfl, the Maison’s designer, sketches a modern style between high-tech leisure outerwear and upcycled pieces with a green approach.

BEN SHERMAN Mark Williams, the brand’s creative director, brings back nostalgic echoes from the unforgettable Swinging Sixties, creating army-inspired formal attire with a futurist touch.

MORESCHI Hand-dyed burgundy calfskin loafers. Classic model with original details. Being hand-dyed, every shoe is unique.

KITON The search for the bare necessities reflects in the skilful, ongoing sartorial research of this company from Arzano, a town on the outskirts of Naples.


OLE HENRIKSEN A cream that adapts to all skin types, clinically proven to instantly double hydration, increase elasticity, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier all day long.

JO MALONE Unfolding like a bouquet of freshly picked flowers, the Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne embodies the essence of modern romance. Inspired by a luscious blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses.

OZMEE BEAUTY Ozmee, a company born in 2021 from an idea of Katia De Martino and Catherine Castillon, brings a real revolution in the world of beauty and make-up by creating the first made -to-measure mascara, an ideal product for the beauty of every woman.

DOLCE & GABBANA Dolce & Gabbana Beauty proposes a new way to dress the lips with the iconic The Only One Matte Lipstick - a new intense high pigmentation texture with a creamy long-lasting matte finish. For the occasion, four new covers inspired by iconic Dolce & Gabbana prints join the collection.


STEM AGE The first ever line of anti-aging creams that in just a month reduces the skin aging index by 40%, with visible, stable and lasting effects.

This refillable semi-matte lipstick was created to revive the everyday look and make it super easy at the same time. Rihanna took care of each shade creating a perfect line of highly pigmented reds and neutral colors designed for everyone. With a range of 7 neutrals and 3 reds, everyone can find a timeless colour to suit their mood. /



ADORN Born in the name of femininity, irony and effectiveness, the Adorn product range, with its truly captivating, empathic and slightly retro approach, is targeted at today’s teenagers but inspired by those of yesterday. To the cry of “Style me vintage!”, this great tradition of femininity and elegance finally marries glamour for evergreen beauty always in step with the times.

GIORGIO ARMANI SI PASSION ÉCLAT DE PARFUM reveals a new, sparkling facet of SI PASSION. The word "éclat" ("luminosity") symbolizes the sparkling notes of the fragrance, from invigorating bergamot to crisp and radiant blackcurrant accord, both blended with fresh notes of rose.

PRORASO Proraso Shampoo is a cleanser that with its delicate reduced foaming action removes impurities and odours, making your beard soft and shiny.

ZAGO Nourishing after-mask face serum with jojoba oil, for an even more moisturizing and soothing effect, to complete your beauty routine

CHANEL The New Line N° 1 DE CHANEL, created with a view to sustainable development. With a high concentration of red camellia flower, this revitalizing serum acts on the 5 signs of skin aging, while the velvety moisturizing cream helps smooth wrinkles, soften the skin and restore the radiance of your complexion.

FLOÏD AFTERSHAVE Born in Spain in 1932 from an idea of JB Cendròs, this is Floïd, «The Genuine» philosophy concept, made up of authentic, sincerew and concrete products to accompany the bathroom rituals of every man.

78 First printing of 4.000 numbered copies Hardcover, 28 x 33.7 cm, 3.23 kg, 428 pages - 80€

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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL By Keith Francis André Butzer believes in the influence of Walt Disney’s figures on our image of human beings... the world of Mickey Mouse knowing no moral, real pain nor real joy. Born in 1973 in Stuttgart, André Butzer studied in his hometown for a short time at the Merz Academy before relocating to Hamburg. There he enrolled at the College of Fine Arts and after arousing the displeasure of his teacher Franz Erhard Walther with his colourful, comic-like figures, failed an important examination after only two semesters. André was kicked out because he was too self-confident and more than likely already had a far better insight into contemporary art than some of his old Fluxus-era teachers. So he founded his own akademie, Isotrop, along with 20 or so young artists, and joined the ranks of many other contemporary artists recognised not for their academic prowess but because they were simply too cool for school, Keith Haring and Yoko Ono to name but two, who obviously didn’t feel sufficiently challenged by academia.

His mural-like canvases are a compression of painting’s recent history in all its totality, animated by the artist’s trademark anarchic visual codes. Ahnenbild 2411(2006) is overrun with a roughly executed, psychedelic use of colour and the frantic repetition of a hollow-eyed mask, at turns grinning like early 20th-century cartoons or expressing ugliness and terror à la Munch’s Scream or de Kooning’s Woman paintings After having explored the fundamental dimensions of colour, light, proportions and the potentiality of painterly expression in the seemingly utter black of his N-Paintings, Butzer relocated to California from 2018 to 2021. Painting outdoors year-round, his latest works brim with a vibrating freshness and display his painterly mastery Through the Akademie Isotrop in Hamburg, Butzer has become one of Germany's most relevant contemporary


artists and continues to work with prestigious institutions such as MUMOK, the Kunsthalle Nuernberg, and works in the collections of MOCA Los Angeles, LACMA, Collection Goetz and the Scharpff Collection, among others. A self-proclaimed "colorist", Butzer's body of work has progressed from chromatically-intense largescale figurative painting to pop-culture references, to seemingly "minimalist" black and white abstract paintings, all of which are allude to "NASAHIEM", Butzer's created non-imaginable, non-picture-able space from which all his paintings begin in and move toward.

wide eyes, gloved hands, and over-sized heads with his raw palette of acid yellows, blues, and reds in a sustained critique of commodity aesthetics and mass consumption, as his work “Chips, Pepsi and Medicine” seems to underscores.

“I believe in painting as one of the sources of life. It's not that life is represented in painting, it's that painting has been bringing up life, always like light.”

From his early works of “Science Fiction Expressionism” that centered around a cast of figures at home both in space and in culturally occupied Europe, to his exploration of abstraction’s far limits in the seemingly black N-Painting, this huge-format Taschen publication offers us spans the full range of Butzer’s oeuvre from 1999 to 2021, the works’ progression gaining an almost musical drive of development, return, and new beginnings.

André Butzer believes in the influence of Walt Disney’s figures on our image of human beings... the world of Mickey Mouse knowing no moral, real pain nor real joy. Butzer exaggerates recognisably Disney traits such as

After it was founded in 1996 the “revolutionary” Akademie Isotrop in Hamburg remained active doing exhibitions and publications until 2000. Butzer has since organized "Kommando" exhibitions that include many of the same artists and pay tribute to different real or fictional people




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