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Welcome to the 40th edition of Force One!

In this issue, we celebrate the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of might and wisdom according to the Chinese calendar. Our inspiration stems from the dragon's multifaceted nature, guiding our selection of topics. Within these pages, you'll encounter a blend of strength, benevolence, longevity, innovation, and sheer energy, reflected through diverse articles:

Strength: Witness the prowess of emerging tennis stars at the upcoming Rolex Masters in Monte Carlo, embodying the dragon's formidable essence.

Benevolence: Explore the work of artists like Ai Weiwei, who effortlessly elevate his craft beyond political pressures, illustrating the harmonious balance of power and peace.

Longevity: Discover the enduring legacy of the Cannes Mougins Golf Club, a beacon of environmental stewardship and tradition for over a century.

Innovation: Delve into the world of haute horology, showcasing timepieces that commemorate this auspicious year with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Energy: Marvel at the Bugatti W16 Mistral, a testament to the boundless vitality that the dragon symbolizes.

Our 40th edition doesn't just stop here; it explores even more dragoninspired traits. We invite you to enjoy the journey through these pages, enriched with the spirit and dynamism. Happy reading!

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Perched between sea and sky, La Chèvre d’Or ***** provides a luxurious haven in the heart of the medieval hilltop village of Eze in the French Riviera .Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between Nice and Monaco, this very impressive Relais & Châteaux Hotel offer spectacular views, sun-drenched terraces and superb cuisine 2* Michelin...

The temptation of lost paradise... LA CHÈVRE D’OR *****CÔTE D’AZUR - FRANCE. Rue du Barri, 06360 EZE VILLAGE. TEL +33 (0) - FAX +33 (0) Réservations: – Member of Phoenix Hotel Collection -

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Antoine Couvercelle Courtesy of Rolex


Cradled between the azure sea and the expansive sky, the day courts at the Monte Carlo Country Club create a stage where athleticism converges with refinement, elevating the Monegasque tournament beyond a mere sporting event.


Once again, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters prepares to unveil its spectacle against the most beautiful backdrop: where the sea meets the sky. This stunning visual feast encapsulates a celebration of sport, nature, the enduring spirit of competition, and… the most genuine expression of luxury.

Scheduled to take place from April 8th to April 16th, this event beckons tennis aficionados to the Monte-Carlo Country Club, a venue famous for the battles waged on its clay courts, as well as for the notoriety of its members. Part of the ATP Tour Masters 1000, the tournament has a rich history that stretches back over one century, making it one of the oldest events in the tennis circuit. During the presentation press conference, the Tournament Director highlighted the 2023 event's success, drawing over 140,000 spectators, reaching 38.4 million TV viewers, and achieving 167.1 million views on social networks. Innovations for the upcoming event include revamping the sea-side stand on Court Rainier III for more boxes, creating a new indoor restaurant, and initiating a partnership with France Télévisions for broader match coverage. Additionally, the tournament continues its

support for the GEMLUC association in the fight against cancer.

Ah, but let us not forget the audience, the crème de la crème of the tennis world's spectators. Dressed to the nines, they bring a dash of Riviera chic to the stands, making the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters a parade of elegance and style. Here, fashion meets forehands, and glamour serves alongside grit, showcasing an audience that's undeniably the most elegant on the entire world tennis circuit. Sunglasses? Check. Panama hats? Absolutely. A flair for the dramatic? Always. In Monaco, even the spectators play to win.

The tournament's inception dates back to 1897, and over the years, it has seen the rise of tennis legends, each leaving their indelible mark on its clay courts. Its evolution from a regional competition to a globally recognized event mirrors the growth of tennis itself, from a pastime for the elite to a sport celebrated worldwide.

This year, the tournament will see 56 players vying for the coveted title. Among them, reigning champion Andrej Rublëv returns, his game a potent mix of raw power and strategic finesse, making him a formidable opponent

© Courtesy of Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters © Antoine Couvercelle - Courtesy of Rolex

on clay. His tennis style, characterized by aggressive groundstrokes and a relentless pursuit of points, exemplifies the modern power player, yet his adaptability on the court speaks to a nuanced understanding of the game's subtleties.

Italian prodigy Jannik Sinner, fresh from victories at the Australian Open and Rotterdam, brings his dynamic play and youthful exuberance to Monte-Carlo. His rise through the ranks has been meteoric, marked by a fearless approach to the game and an ability to perform under pressure, making him a fan favorite and a threat to the established order.

Danish Holger Rune, last year's finalist, returns with a point to prove. Despite a challenging year marred by injuries, Rune's talent remains undeniable.

Of course, no discussion of the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters would be complete without mentioning the titans of the sport. Novak Djokovic, with his unparalleled mental fortitude, Carlos Alcaraz, the young Spaniard making waves with his explosive play, and Rafael Nadal, the undisputed "King of Monaco." Nadal, a legend with 11 titles, returns possibly for his swan song at a tournament

that has been a cornerstone of his illustrious career. His participation adds a layer of nostalgia and anticipation, as fans hope to witness one more masterclass from the clay court maestro.

Rolex has been a proud tournament sponsor since 2006 and ascended to the Title Sponsor in 2009. This enduring partnership highlights the luxury brand's commitment to the pinnacle of tennis excellence and its significant role in the tournament's storied legacy.

As the players prepare to embark on this journey, the stage is set for a showdown that promises to captivate and enthral. Amid the beauty of the Riviera, with the sea as their witness and the sky their canopy, these gladiators of the modern age will battle for glory, each driven by the dream of lifting the trophy on that final Sunday.

As the world watches, the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters will once again affirm its place in the annals of tennis history, not just as a tournament, but as a celebration of human endeavor, spirit, and the sheer joy of competition.

Sea, sky, and set - the stage is set for an unforgettable chapter in the story of tennis.

© Eric Gaillard


There have been numerous champions who have caused the Rolex Masters tournament audience to experience goosebumps for over a century. We have choosen to highlight three, each from a different era.


Tennis legend Reginald Doherty marked history as the inaugural winner of the "Monte-Carlo Cup" in 1897, a precursor of the modern Rolex Masters.

Dominating the early courts of Monaco, Doherty clinched the title five times, setting a precedent of excellence in the tournament's nascent years.


Rafael Nadal, the undisputed king of the Monte-Carlo Tennis Masters, boasts an unparalleled legacy with 11 titles, including an extraordinary streak of eight consecutive wins from 2005 to 2012.

His dominance on Monaco's clay courts cements him as the tournament's greratest star in history.


In 1983, Mats Wilander etched his name into tennis history as the youngest winner of the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters. At just 18 years old, the Swedish prodigy showcased remarkable skill and determination, defeating the american player Mel Purcell with ease. Wilander's victory signaled the arrival of a new Swedish tennis powerhouse, after Björn Borg, marking the beginning of an illustrious career lasted until 1996.

© Pascal Guyont / Getty
POLO RESORT & COUNTRY CLUB More than aCountryClub 1999 route du bourrian, 83580 Gassin | 04 94 55 22 12 | WWW.POLO-ST-TROPEZ.COM


Exploring the intersection of high fashion and athleticism, let's delve into how tennis influences modern wardrobe choices, blending comfort, style, and the spirit of competition.

Tennis, the absolute trend sport of the moment. Sinner, Djokovic, Medvedev, Rune, Alcaraz, and Nadal: real stars that are part of the sports firmament of the racquet and embody its foundational values: determination, awareness, and perseverance.

Tennis does not forgive rowdy parties and late nights but rewards the healthy habit of putting soul and body into a sport played by those who love real challenges, with themselves. Similarly, the sports wardrobe has undergone, like a tsunami, a sweeping wave.

A spin-off of the dominant quiet luxury phenomenon, tenniscore is characterized by a clear aesthetic coherence that draws heavily from the field. For Grand Slam-proof outfits, the vibes can be felt on cotton piquet polos matched with the indispensable white pleated skirts, for her, revisited in a modern key, to be worn with pristine flat sneakers.

The inspiration for the colors comes from outdoor play: strictly neutral like ecru, cream, ivory, moving through bottle green and navy blue illuminated by bright nuances like lime green and terra red. Game, set, match. It's a matter of comfort and speed that looks admiringly at international tennis champions. Everyday uniforms are inhabited by contemporary elements: a sophisticated allure, Old Money aesthetics for knit sweaters and vests, while protective rain shells are worn inside and outside the court to play down more formal looks. Maxi bags are carried to the club with everything needed for the match or a weekend getaway, while the sporty allure lives in every single piece.

ETON The Beatles Collection PINEIDER
puma x noah Louis Vuitton K-way


Meeting with starred chef Antonio Salvatore, the ambassador of the New Monegasque Style Cuisine.

How do you go from Basilicata to being the head chef (and partner) of a Michelinstarred restaurant in Monte Carlo?

I was born in Guardia Perticara, a tiny village that today has just over five hundred souls, very ancient (with inhabitants since the fifth century BC!). As you can imagine, I started learning the basics of cooking from a very young age… you go down the stairs of your house and the baker is kneading bread and focaccia, walk a hundred meters and they're making wine, the old lady making pasta… and you watch, try, and soak up all these experiences. I also come from a large family; at Christmas at my grandmother's, we were almost fifty! In the end, you either learn to cook or… you learn to cook! (Laughs…) it was already like a small restaurant! However, a village so small doesn't offer many opportunities. And I wanted to change my life. Cooking offered me the chance to start leaving. So, I stopped studying music and began working seasonally as a kitchen helper.

But how do you go from being a simple cook to a Michelin-starred chef?

Is there a particular moment when you realize that your career will be different from most of your colleagues?

It's mostly a matter of mental attitude. In life, it's important to have the support of someone who spurs you to move forward, to improve. For an athlete, it can be the coach, for someone else, it could be the psychologist… as far as I'm concerned, my coach has been myself! I wanted to pursue my goal with my own energies. Being a Michelin-starred chef doesn't mean being famous, it doesn't mean being the best.

Chef Antonio Salvatore - Monte Carlo 2023 Photo © Iulian Giurca/Caroli
Only those who have a village in their memory can have a cosmopolitan experience.

It means being the best you can be. And then it means having the courage to follow your path to the end. That's why I'm also an entrepreneur, I open restaurants, I work in a holistic way. You can be an excellent cook, but if you don't know how to make yourself heard, you won't be able to develop your cuisine. If you're not a good accountant, you'll fail sooner or later. This is the difference between a very good cook and a Michelin-starred chef: daring to take risks and staying humble and focused on all the aspects that make your work possible. And then perseverance, the sense of sacrifice. Always without egocentrism. I left home at twelve, I would go away for a few months to work in the kitchen, this was my strength, the will to change my life. And in this way, help others change theirs. One of the greatest satisfactions for me is to see the growth of the boys who make up my staff, to whom I transmit knowledge little by little, without hurry and choosing those who have the talent and the healthy principles necessary to go forward in this profession.

So, the psychological aspect is fundamental. I think that of a chef is one of the most complete professions in the world. You need to know how to do things, how to talk with the staff and with the clients. And transmit, without imposing, your personality. For example, I bring the conviviality of my origins with me. In the way of treating clients as in my recipes. For instance, one of the things that is increasingly successful is "Italy of Butter ", an apparently simple dish where the various Italian regions are represented with differently flavored butter according to the region. The idea comes from the fact that I am Italian, I use oil, but I want to pay tribute to French butter, and in this way also celebrate Monaco, the country that represents the union of these two traditions. And to return to conviviality, this dish is ultimately bread and butter, as if to say: “welcome home” .

© Natalia Salvatore, Koko Studio The iconic "Italy of Butter"

This primary search for the union of gastronomic cultures has given me the idea of “New Monégasque” cuisine, which today we are bringing to the world with the MC Hospitality group.

Indeed, you have opened in New York...

I have had many work experiences in England, Spain, Russia. I think that in every country you need to understand the history, the culture, to be able to interpret your cuisine in a way that is received by people. You can't think of going there and simply imposing your vision. Even in America, despite the fact that they are the most open country in the world to external influences, you have to be careful about their way of being and seeing things. New York, where we opened last year, after covid has changed a lot, for example, Wall Street is increasingly becoming a residential area. We will see in the coming years. We are experiencing this phase with the opening of three restaurants and I am very curious to observe the transformation of New York, and Manhattan in particular.

All this happens by exporting perhaps the most iconic brand of Monegasque dining: Rampoldi.

Rampoldi was founded in 1946, but it has never been a true brand. With MC Hospitality Group, we wanted to give proper value to this name, making it our icon, the symbol of the new Monegasque cuisine, to be spread in the same way as other cuisines. Offering a restaurant as a new option to the discerning international client, who can choose to eat fine dining but also simple and traditional. A restaurant that knows how to adapt to the client like a tailored suit. Where to find refinement even in the simplicity of certain ingredients, precious precisely because of their freshness and quality. Sometimes fresh buffalo mozzarella and a ripe tomato are more pleasing than an extremely elaborate dish... that's what the New Monégasque Style is: the luxury of being able to choose, and to always feel at home.

It's in this simplicity, in this spontaneous conviviality, that I find the cultural roots from which my journey began, which I hope will be an inspiration for my children and for all the young people starting from a small reality. And the recognition obtained, like the Michelin star, for me is the acknowledgment of the great work done over these years together with my team but, just as I always remind those who work with me, the real star is the customers.

23 /
The village of Torre Perticara La Table d'Antonio Salvatore au Rampoldi Monte Carlo Rampoldi New York - © Evan Sung La Table d'Antonio Salvatore au Rampoldi Monte Carlo


A paradise of biodiversity at the heart of sporting elegance

Beyond its impeccable fairways and lush greens, the Cannes Mougins Golf Club is a pioneer in sustainable development. In harmony with its natural surroundings, this establishment has embarked on an ambitious flora conversion program designed to encourage biodiversity and promote a balanced cohabitation between the natural environment and sporting elegance.


The conversion of flora at the Cannes Mougins Golf Club represents a veritable green revolution. By gradually abandoning the use of herbicides and pesticides, the golf course has turned to environmentally friendly methods, favoring the planting of local species and the restoration of natural habitats.

The carefully tended roughs are now home to a varied palette of native plants, providing a dazzling visual spectacle while stimulating local biodiversity. Buffer zones dedicated to wildlife have been created, providing havens of tranquility for local fauna.


The actions taken by the Cannes Mougins Golf Club have transformed its grounds into veritable sanctuaries of biodiversity. Ponds, streams and wetlands have been preserved and restored to encourage aquatic life. Nest boxes and insect shelters have flourished, welcoming a myriad of winged and invertebrate species.

Golfers now have the privilege of sharing their course with feathered, furry and scaly inhabitants: 14 species of animals, 36 of birds, and 34 of insects find a home in an oasis of 250 plant species. Observing the local wildlife has become an enriching experience, transforming each round into an immersive adventure in the heart of nature.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal and the unique experience it offers, the Golf de Cannes Mougins is resolutely committed to a sustainable vision of the future. By combining sporting elegance with respect for the environment, this establishment shows the way towards a harmonious cohabitation between high-level sports and the preservation of biodiversity.

The Golf de Cannes Mougins demonstrates that a commitment to the environment can transcend the boundaries of the fairways, inspiring other sporting establishments to follow its example, and proving that sustainable development can go hand in hand with luxury and performance.

© Mark Alexander



Nestled in the lush, protected domain of Cap Lardier, with the Gulf of Saint-Tropez's sparkling waters as its backdrop, Lily of the Valley is a well-being sanctuary.

As I stepped into this 5-star haven, I was greeted not just by the breathtaking vista of Gigaro's wild beach but by a promise of transformation. Here, amidst the Var coast's green lung, I embarked on a journey of rejuvenation, guided by the hotel's unique blend of wellness programs.


Lily of the Valley's ethos is built on three foundational pillars that every guest experiences: slimming gastronomy, holistic treatments, and tailored sports programs. Whether it was shedding unwanted pounds, enhancing athletic performance, detoxifying my body, or gracefully embracing aging, the hotel offered a roadmap to achieving these personal health goals.

My adventure through their wellness offerings was both a delight and a challenge, tailored just for me.

Under the guidance of nutritionist Jacques Fricker, the hotel's gastronomic approach to weight loss was a revelation. Each meal was a dance of flavors, proving that pleasure and weight management can indeed go hand in hand.

The treatments - both technological and manualwere nothing short of exceptional, addressing my body's needs with precision.

Coupled with a mix of high and low-intensity sports activities, both indoors and outdoors, my stay was structured yet surprisingly flexible, allowing me to explore well-being on my terms over the course of 4, 7, 10 or 14 days.

© November


This year, Lily of the Valley introduced something special - a cutting-edge better aging program that redefines longevity. With innovative technological assessments at its core, the program promised a journey to staying younger, longer.

Kinvent technology analyzed my overall mobility, enabling wellness advisors to craft a bespoke regimen focused on enhancing joint comfort and flexibility.

The program was comprehensive, integrating lifting treatments, luxurious yet healthy nutritional guidance, and a fitness routine that was both gentle and effective.

As I moved through the program, I felt not just the physical benefits but a profound sense of renewal. The better aging program didn't just slow the effects of time; it offered a blueprint for a lifestyle that cherishes every moment.

My experience at Lily of the Valley was more than just a lovely stay; it was a transformative journey that redefined my approach to health and well-being. Through its innovative programs and personalized care, Lily of the Valley stands as a beacon of what the future of hospitality looks like-where luxury meets wellness, and guests embark on a journey of renewal. As I left the sanctuary of the hotel, I carried with me not just memories of unparalleled luxury but a new outlook on life, ready to turn over a new leaf.

28 © November Studio



technology-based and manual treatment 1
Individual coaching sessions A variety of fitness excursions
Luxurious yet healthy meals

Become a member now, and start enjoying an unparalleled experience at Polo Resort & Country Club !



Back in 2018, the club wrote a new chapter in its glorious history by creating the exclusive concept of the Polo Resort & Country Club. Ranked among the largest and most luxurious in Europe, it has become an international institution coveted by equestrian sports players.

Its facilities are available year-round for members. The Polo Resort & Country Club spans a private estate of 100 hectares of secure land, offering a true escape in the heart of Haras de Gassin. But beyond that, it is also a lively place throughout the year. The Country Club exclusively offers high-end services, aiming to be a space for meetings and discoveries.

The facilities include a wellness area, a gym, a wellness space with sauna, hammam, and cryotherapy, a sports center equipped with superior quality Technogym machines, tennis and padel courts, a heated swimming pool with a pool bar, a restaurant, and stables for riders.


CSI 2024

The Polo Club Saint-Tropez looks forward to welcoming its guests for an axceptional equestrian rendezvous, across 7 dates:

MARCH: 20th to 24th and 27th to 31st

APRIL: 3rd to 7th

MAY: 23rd to 26th

SEPTEMBER: 19th to 22nd and 26th to 29th

OCTOBER: 17th to 20th and 24th to 27th

In the excitement of bringing together talented riders from around the world, the club showcases their exceptional skills within its prestigious facilities.


Polo Resort & Country Club is an iconic venue in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for the International Polo calendar, featuring:

JUNE: 5th to 15th Gold Cup (Handicap 8-12) 18th to 29th Polo Rider Cup (Handicap 10-12)

JULY: 4th to 14th International Polo Cup Saint-Tropez (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

First cup of the French Triple Crown

18th to 28th Ambassadors Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

AUGUST: 1st to 11th Challenge Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

15th to 25th Federations Cup (Handicap 8-10 and 14-16)

APRIL, MAY and SEPTEMBER: Polo Chukkers

The club facilities are open all year round for club members, offering the perfect blend of sport and wellness. Its polo season, from April to September, has been recognised as one of the best in Europe, especially during its peak season in July & August. In total, more than 170 games, over 700 chukkers, more than 50 teams, over 110 players, and over 600 horses participate during the Polo Season. The Polo Resort & Country Club is an impressive organisation where lifestyle management meets high-endsports operations.

Polo Club Saint-Tropez, Haras de Gassin, where the harmony between elegance and sport awaits you in a simply breathtaking setting...



This contemporary-style flat has been designed down to the smallest detail for optimum comfort. It boasts lovely sea views and comprises a living-room, dining room, spacious family room with fully equipped kitchen, master suite, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dressing room and guest toilet. Residence with 24-hour security and listed swimming pool. Sold with 1 parking space and 1 cellar.

Price: 13,900,000 €

Years In Monaco
33 Yesterday, today, tomorrow, we are here for you 25, avenue de la Costa, 98000 Monaco | +377 97 97 99 00 |


Ai Weiwei, who has endured the harshness of Chinese censorship since his childhood, now finds himself in the absurd predicament of being censored in Europe, in London no less. In response, he raises his voice to caution us against the growing lack of freedom of speech and to chastise those "artists" who pursue their craft with the aim of garnering fame and profit, ultimately becoming nothing more than extravagant decorators and betraying the ideal of the true artist, which is to express human emotions and, ultimately, to defend humanity.

Ai Weiwei, known for his activism and provocative art, has recently found himself at the center of a controversy that has brought the issue of censorship in art into the spotlight. The abrupt cancellation of his exhibition in London, following a tweet he posted about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has raised questions about the state of freedom of expression in the art world. This incident is emblematic of a challenging time for contemporary art, where censorship and the pursuit of profit seem to outweigh freedom of expression and message.

Ai Weiwei is an artist who has never been afraid to confront authorities and use his art as a form of protest. Born in Beijing in 1957, the son of the poet Ai Qing, he has lived a life marked by constant political and social engagement. His definitive monograph, published by Taschen in 2014 and updated over the years, traces his artistic and personal journey, from his early years of training to his activism for human rights, from his art that challenges power to the numerous times he has been arrested and detained.

Ai Weiwei's career is dotted with works that openly question and criticize government policies, censorship, and the limitation of individual freedoms. Among his most famous works, "Sunflower Seeds" (2010), an installation at the Tate Modern in London

Art is a special form of freedom of speech. If freedom of speech does not exhist, then we can't call it art.

Ai Weiwei

made up of millions of porcelain sunflower seeds, represents a reflection on mass production in China and the condition of the individual in contemporary society. This is just one example of Ai Weiwei's ability to combine aesthetics and political commitment, making his art a powerful tool for social criticism.

However, the episode of the cancellation of his show in London highlights a broader problem plaguing the art world: the growing censorship and the fear of expressing positions that diverge from mainstream thought. This phenomenon is not limited to China or authoritarian regimes but is also manifesting in Europe, where freedom of expression should be guaranteed. The case of Ai Weiwei shows how artists who seek to address controversial or politically sensitive themes can be subject to pressures and censorship, even in democratic contexts.

At the same time, there is a growing success of artists who, rather than conveying profound or critical messages, seem to prioritize the pursuit of fame and profit. This trend risks emptying art of its transformative potential and reducing it to mere entertainment or, worse, a marketing tool.

The Ai Weiwei incident in London raises urgent questions about the state of artistic freedom and the importance of art as a form of resistance and social critique. At a time when censorship and commercialization seem to be gaining ground, it is essential to support artists who, like Ai Weiwei, use their voice to challenge power and inspire change Art must remain a space of freedom, where diversity of thought and criticism can flourish without fear.

Ai Weiwei © Gao Yuan - Courtesy by Taschen


The definitive monograph on Ai Weiwei

Drawn from TASCHEN’s limited Collector’s Edition, this monograph explores each of Ai’s career phases up until his release from Chinese custody. It features extensive visual material to trace Ai’s development from his early New York days right through to his recent practice.

Hardcover, 15.6 x 21.7 cm, 1.23 kg, 512 pages - € 25

Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, 2011. Pulitzer Fountain, New York - © Daniel Avila


The collaboration between Taschen and Ai Weiwei, represents a remarkable confluence of artistic freedom and audacity. From their first groundbreaking project, a limited edition monograph of Ai Weiwei's work, this partnership has continually pushed the boundaries.

This pioneering edition was a piece of history in itself, presented with a specially designed marble book stand weighing over 100 Kg and wrapped in a Habotai silk scarf, which reproduced a detail of Ai Weiwei's work "Straight", this edition set a new standard for what an artist's monograph could be. It was an artwork, embodying the spirit of Ai Weiwei's commitment to memory, material, and message.

Over the years, TASCHEN and Ai Weiwei have continued their fruitful collaboration, producing limited edition prints, scarves, and refined papercut works. Each project has been a testament to their shared values of innovation, quality, and a deep respect for artistic expression. Through these collaborations, TASCHEN has not only helped to bring Ai Weiwei's challenging and thought-provoking works to a broader audience but has also celebrated the artist's unyielding commitment to freedom of expression.

The partnership between TASCHEN and Ai Weiwei is a celebration of the freedom of art. It shows how creativity can flourish and transcend limits when supported by a commitment to artistic integrity and the courage to speak truth to power.


100% silk, 90 x 90 cm, handwoven and hand-silkscreened, finished with hand-rolled edges; wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in cardboard box, 26 x 26 cm

Edition of 2.500 / € 250



In the realm of high jewellery, Zodiac Charms is the new collaboration between Ai Weiwei and Taschen that follows the success of Taschen Papercut Portfolio of the artist. Through two extraordinary projects, the Zodiac Charms Necklace and the Individual Charms, this partnership has brought to life a unique interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac, blending traditional symbolism with contemporary artistry.

The inspiration for these projects stems from the ancient tale of the “Great Race,” which narrates the origins of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac. This story, deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, not only orders time but also imbues each year with the characteristics of the animal that rules it. The animals of the Zodiac - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig - represent more

than temporal markers; they embody the traits and attributes of those born under their influence, playing a crucial role in Chinese history, beliefs, and crafts.

Ai Weiwei's exploration of the Zodiac theme is not new.

In 2010, his public sculpture Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads breathed new life into this ancient narrative, offering a profound commentary on cultural dialogue, authenticity, and national values. Drawing on the rich history of the Zodiac and the majestic waterclock fountain designed in the 1750s by the Italian Jesuit Giuseppe Castiglione for the court of the Qing dynasty Emperor Qianlong that was located in the garden of Eternal Spring at Yuanmingyuan, in Beijing’s Old Summer Palace, Ai Weiwei recreated the animal figures, infusing them with contemporary significance and renewing their relevance in modern discourse.

The Zodiac Charms Necklace and Individual Charms take this artistic inquiry a step further, inviting wearers to embody the Zodiac's symbolism through exquisite pieces of high jewellery.

Naomi Campbell and the individual charm "Dragon" by Ai Weiwei - Taschen x Ai Weiwei Fine Art Jewelry - © Luigi & Iango

Each charm, hand-cast in 999 pure gold, is a miniature sculpture that captures the essence of the respective Zodiac animal as portrayed in the Circle of Animals. The attention to detail is meticulous, with the reverse of each charm bearing the name of the animal sign in Chinese small seal script, an homage to an ancient form of calligraphy that dates back to the Qin dynasty around 220 BC.

The Zodiac Charms Necklace, a culmination of this artistic venture, presents all twelve animal signs in a single, magnificent piece, offering a wearable narrative of the Zodiac's mythology. This necklace not only serves as a statement piece of jewellery but also as a carrier of cultural identity and personal significance, allowing individuals to connect with the historical and symbolic dimensions of the Zodiac. In 2024, the year of the Dragon, the Individual Charms project takes on added resonance. The Dragon, revered in Chinese culture for its power and wisdom, is celebrated through an individual charm that embodies the spirit of this


Necklace with twelve zodiac signs, hand-cast 999 fine gold. lenght of the necklace 59 cm, adjustable In a clamshell box, with booklet. Limited edition of 48, each signed: 36.000 € - Sold Out

Individual Charms, limited edition of 99: 2.950 €

mythical creature. This year’s charm, like its predecessors, is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design, capturing the dynamism and majesty of the Dragon, a symbol of strength and auspiciousness in Chinese tradition.

The collaboration between Ai Weiwei and Taschen in the realm of high jewellery is a bridge between past and present, an exploration of cultural narratives through the medium of fine craftsmanship. These Zodiac Charms are artifacts that carry the weight of history, the richness of Chinese culture, and the provocative spirit of Ai Weiwei's art. As we celebrate the freedom of art through these projects, we are reminded of the power of creative expression to transcend boundaries, to connect us with our heritage, and to provoke thought and dialogue. The Zodiac Charms Necklace and Individual Charms stand as symbols of this enduring legacy, inviting us to wear our stories and beliefs with pride and to cherish the timeless bond between art and culture.

© Taschen individual charm "Dragon" by Ai Weiwei - © Taschen x Ai Weiwei Fine Art Jewelry


2024, the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar, heralds a period steeped in symbolism and cultural significance. Esteemed as one of the most powerful and lucky signs, the dragon embodies strength, courage, and prosperity.

To commemorate this pivotal year, luxury high jewelry brands are introducing exclusive and limited edition watches that artfully blend tradition with innovation.

These creations feature sophisticated designs that intricately weave dragon motifs into their craftsmanship, using a palette of precious metals and vibrant gemstones to capture the essence and dynamism of the dragon.

These timepieces are not just tools to measure time but are also profound expressions of art, celebrating the dragon's mythical elegance and the deep-rooted cultural heritage it represents. As collectors and aficionados of fine jewelry look forward to acquiring these unique pieces, they are not merely embracing a symbol of auspiciousness but also a testament to the enduring allure of cultural storytelling through the medium of haute horlogerie.

BELL & ROSS - BR 05 Artline Dragon - Limited Edition of 99 pieces. The BR 05 Artline is a special version in the BR 05 range, so named because it incorporates an artistic dimension (Art) in its design (Line). Bracelet and dial are finely engraved using an exceptional laser engraving technique. For the bracelet, this involves engraving each link individually, before assembly. The watch's hands are filled with black lacquer and highlight the dragon's whiskers. The hour circle is subtly positioned on the flange to give centre stage to the design.

Movement: Calibre BR-CAL.321 Automatic mechanical. 54-hour power reserve.

Case: 40 mm wide, 10.33 mm thick.

Water resitance: 100 metres.

JAEGER-LECOULTRE - Reverso Tribute Enamel ‘Dragon’ - Made to order.

To maximise the sense of volume and depth, the master engraver used a technique called modelled engraving, an exacting skill that requires absolute focus and remarkable dexterity. Adding to the challenge, the engraver’s work began not, as is usual, with a bare metal surface but with one that already had its coat of Grand Feu enamel, thus requiring an unprecedented accuracy of gesture to avoid all risk of damage to the pristine enamel. Using 10 differently sized chisels to sculpt the metal step by step, the master engraver devoted 80 hours to the creation of this masterpiece.

Calibre: 822 Jaeger-LeCoultre, manual-winding. 42-hour power reserve.

Case: Pink Gold 45.5 mm x 27.4 mm x 9.73 mm.

Water resitance: 30 metres.

IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN - Portugieser Chronograph Year of the Dragon - Limited edition of 1000 pieces.

Since 1998, the Portugieser Chronograph has embodied the dynamic, sporty side of IWC Schaffhausen’s acclaimed Portugieser collection. Thanks to the dial layout with the vertically arranged counters and the quarter-seconds precision scale, it has become one of IWC's most coveted designs. A glance at the movement through the transparent sapphire case back reveals another highlight: the gold-plated rotor of the automatic winding system takes the form of a beautifully detailed dragon.

Movement: Automatic. IWC-manufactured calibre 69355. 46-hour power reserve.

Case: Stainless steel 41 mm x 13.1 mm, burgundy dial, and gold-plated hands and appliques. Water resitance: 30 metres.

PIAGET - Altiplano Dragon Zodiac - Limited editions of 38 pieces.

Three Altiplano models have been created with a few different enamel techniques by one of the industry’s finest, Anita Porchet. Purple is a royal colour in Chinese tradition, and this particular cloisonné and miniature enamel dragon is seen on the dial flying among mother-of-pearl clouds that are carefully carved. The details of the dragon are further enhanced by gold engraving. A second 28mm Altiplano watch by Porchet depicts the Phoenix enameled in rich hues of red, orange, and pink.

Calibre: 430P manual-winding. 43-hour power reserve.

Case: White Gold 38 mm.

Water resitance: N/A.

HARRY WINSTON - Chinese New Year Automatic - Limited editions of 8 pieces.

The House of Harry Winston celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dragon with an exceptional timepiece. For 2024, the Chinese New Year will be welcomed in a luxurious rose gold case distinguished by its crown graced with a pearl at noon. Gleaming with the brilliance of Harry Winston diamonds, the case frames a dial decorated with the figure of an imperial red dragon cavorting in dreamy white mother-of-pearl clouds. This magnificent, highly symbolic timepiece augurs good fortune and happiness for years to come.

Calibre: HW2010 Automatic. Power reserve N/A.

Case: 18K rose gold 36 mm x 9.15 mm - 118 brilliant-cut diamonds. Water resitance: 30 m.

A dragon twirls between the two tourbillons. The entirely hand-engraved gold dragon secured to the two barrel bridges is depicted clutching a pearl made of mother-of-pearl in its talons. The rhodium-plated gold rotating plate is handguilloché with a fan motif. The gold bridge below the mainplate features an anthracite galvanic treatment and guillochéwork with a Clous de Paris hobnail motif. The Roman numerals and minutes track on the sapphire hour-circle are first laser-engraved and then coated with black varnish.

Calibre: calibre 588N1, in-house, manual-winding. 60-hour power reserve.

Case: Platinum 46 mm x 16,8 mm

Water resitance: 30 m.

BREGUET - Classique Double Tourbillon Dragon 534PT - Special Edition with bespoke options.

RICHARD MILLE - RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon - limited edition of 55 pieces, 5 of which in a sapphire case. The only watch not released in 2024, but in 2019. The RM 57-03 Tourbillon Sapphire Dragon, however, rightfully enters our selection. The sapphire body of the dragon is first milled from a block of sapphire, and then laser engraved to create its detail. Then the engraving is finished and polished by hand. The sapphire pieces are then joined to solid red gold components that make up the dragon’s head, tail, limbs and spine. To highlight the dragon’s tongue and eyes, both are painted red with a tiny brush. And to match that, the endstone of the tourbillon is a large, round ruby in a rose gold chaton.

Movement: Manual-winding. 48-hour power reserve.

Case: Carbon composite, 42.7 mm x 14.55 mm

Water resitance: 50 m.

ROGER DUBUIS - Excalibur Dragon Monotourbillon - Limited editions of 28 pieces. Roger Dubuis has skilfully crafted the dragon using 27 individual pieces of pink gold – each embellished with black lacquer on the sides and polished on the top surface. In typically inventive style, the pieces are set on 25 different levels, producing a 3D vision that is full of volume and vitality. Turn the watch over and the same flowing dragon appears – this time metallised on the inside of the caseback’s sapphire crystal. Precisely matching the view from the front, this stunning addition gives the dragon full power, no matter which side you are looking from.

Calibre: RD512 Manual-winding. 72-hour power reserve.

Case: Pink gold 750/1000. 42 mm x 12.62 mm

Water resitance: 100 m.


behind the scenes of a fashion week

Chaos and Couture:

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of Fashion Shows

As the fashion world turns its eyes to the glitz and glamour of the latest runway shows in Milan and Paris, a different kind of spectacle unfolds behind the curtains, where the real magic of fashion week comes to life.

Frenetic, effervescent, chaotic. In one word: backstage.

The behind-the-scenes moment that precedes and follows a runway show is a place where the heartbeat accelerates, and everything is at the mercy of organized chaos. Coco Chanel used to secretly watch her défilé, seated on the landing of her very famous mirrored staircase at 31 Rue Cambon.

The memories of the first designers who launched Made in Italy — Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti — are eloquent. They were busy adjusting the last detail, drape, accessory before stepping onto the platform to make journalists dream and drive photographers wild. Today, as back then, nothing has changed: in the backstage, everything is frenzy, agitation, and above all, magic.

From the final touches by seamstresses, who, with skilled hands, manage to tell a craft learned over time and today irreplaceable; to makeup artists and hairstylists who, through their brushes, bring to life what isn’t there by giving the face a new image, while models prepare to take the stage and earn those 10 seconds of admiration.

Perfection and determination, passion and excellence. Professionalism is key. The fashion weeks in Milan and Paris symbolize fashion marked by memories imprinted on polaroids. Glamour meets real work: lights, music, and curtain. An orchestra of hands and instruments moves, directed and guided by a single mind: the Creative Director.

The ordinary meets the extraordinary, and everything becomes an integral part of a plot where the threads of creativity intertwine and reveal the true face of Fashion, hidden behind a curtain ready to open in the name of creativity.

At the heart of this unusual editorial are the bustling backstages of iconic brands like Ferragamo, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Versace, and Schiaparelli, each contributing its unique flavor to the effervescent atmosphere that defines the essence of high fashion.

this page and opening page FERRAGAMO Spring Summer 2024 © Imaxtree
SAINT LAURENT by Anthony Vaccarello Spring Summer 2024
Spring Summer
SCHIAPARELLI Spring Summer 2024
VERSACE Spring Summer
VALENTINO Spring Summer 2024



x 1017 ALYX 9SM

Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph

Limited edition of 76


Total Look Spring Summer 2024


The Omniscent Mr Thompson. Smoky, rum-like and leather hints calmed by vanilla and sesame milk fragrance

VELASCA "Cadregatt" calf leather loafer with tassels FENDI Black leather fanny pack with yellow diagonal line and zip closure



Total Look

Spring Summer 2024


Connor Nautical Flags

Green Duck baseball cap


Nash sunglasses Hightech-Titanium SPX® Frame


Hovr™ Phantom 3 se with zip closure


Canvas and leather duffel bag



Mary Jane Ocean Fire

Venetian shoes, made with Petrolio Italian velvet


Choker golden chain and central horn


Total Look Spring Summer 2024


Strawberry voile cotton dress with beaded tie and flared sleeves


Rosa Bag

Natural straw and Italian leather



The Flowers Series - London Bon Bon Bag

Satin and Tulle "W London" embroidery and Tulle handle - Bright Pink Mix



Inspired by mountains at daybreak, an enveloping woody floral scent

Elsa Pointed Toe Mule Kitten Heels


Full look Haute Couture Spring Summer 2024

Band belt with tassels



In the pantheon of automotive legends, the newly unveiled Bugatti W16 Mistral stands as a titan among titans, a testament to the art of engineering and design. Named after the fierce wind of southern France, this roadster embodies power and elegance, setting a new benchmark for luxury open-air vehicles. With a legacy that traces back to the masterpieces crafted by Jean Bugatti, the W16 Mistral carries forward the brand's heritage of creating the most exquisite roadsters known to mankind.

The creation of the W16 Mistral was akin to harnessing a tempest. Far from being a simple iteration of the Chiron with its top removed, this machine represents the zenith of Bugatti's century-spanning quest for perfection. This

roadster harmoniously combines the raw force of its 1,600 PS W16 engine with the sophistication expected from a high-caliber luxury car. The engineering team undertook the Herculean task of reengineering the monocoque for a sleek, compliant silhouette, achieving elegance that defies the limitations of open-top design.

Bugatti faced the daunting challenge of crafting a roadster that could effortlessly soar beyond 420 km/h while ensuring the occupants remain ensconced in opulence and safety. This ambition necessitated a symphony of cutting-edge materials and inventive engineering to maintain the exhilarating performance pedigree established by the Chiron. The doors of the W16 Mistral, for instance, are

A Bugatti model must be incomparable in every respect to anything else in the automotive world

The Bugatti W16 Mistral redefines the essence of open-top driving, merging legendary lineage with innovation. As the final act for Bugatti's iconic W16 engine, this roadster promises unmatched performance wrapped in unparalleled luxury.

engineered to gracefully absorb impact, showcasing Bugatti's commitment to safety without compromising on aesthetics. Adhering to Bugatti's philosophy that form serves performance, every element of the W16 Mistral has been sculpted not only for visual appeal but to elevate the vehicle's dynamic capabilities. The innovative air intake system and strategically placed air scoops enhance both the performance and the auditory experience of the legendary engine, creating an enveloping soundscape that is as thrilling as the car's acceleration.

The interior of the W16 Mistral is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, blending art and functionality. From the intricately woven leather panels to the gear shifter that nods

to Rembrandt Bugatti's iconic 'dancing elephant' sculpture, every detail enriches the driving experience. The bespoke sound system ensures that every journey is accompanied by a soundtrack as compelling as the car's performance. In essence, the W16 Mistral is not just the last hurrah for the legendary W16 engine; it's a love letter to the open road, an invitation to experience driving in its most exhilarating form. As this wild wind prepares to blow through the streets, it leaves us pondering the future of automotive excellence. One thing is for sure: the W16 Mistral sets a new benchmark, not just for Bugatti, but for the world of hyper sports cars. And it does so with a wink and a nod, because in the end, the journey is about enjoying the ride - preferably at speeds that would make a cheetah blush.



Sitting down with Christian Largura, the mastermind of Avvenice, a digital retail platform, official partner of over 600 top brands. We delve into his multifaceted life of entrepreneurship, luxury, and influence.

How did the idea for Avvenice come about, and what inspired you to found the company?

I've always aimed for a "perfect" world surrounded by beauty. Knowing perfection is unattainable, I've still pursued the best in everything from a young age. This led to creating Avvenice, a cultural hub offering the world's most exclusive products and experiences.

Can you share some key milestones or challenges you've encountered in building Avvenice into what it is today?

"If you do something, do it well" Only if a person works with this principle in mind can they reach the top. Profit is secondary, passion and dedication for what you love must always come first. I like to understand what's behind every exclusive and luxury product and location. Knowledge and experiences passed down from generation to generation, dedication passed down for millennia, in some cases even more than 3000 years. Avvenice is primarily a cultural center where you can find presentations and stories of many of the world's most important companies.

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is visiting companies that produce exclusive products (I have visited over 3000), talking with the owners and CEOs of the world's best companies. Seeing how artists and artisans create incredible products by hand with knowledge and dedication.

I love visiting luxury hotels and resorts, many of which are located in ancient buildings and monuments, and understanding their history. Others have been built in exclusive locations, real works of art, I'm interested

in understanding how they managed to create such structures in incredible places.

Avvenice is known for its innovative approach. What sets your platform apart from other similar initiatives, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

The luxury world will never stop, there's a constant search to always climb higher, reach new limits, and create ever more innovative and exclusive products. It's important to do your job well to create an icon that lasts over time, guaranteeing seriousness and professionalism.

As the founder, what values or principles guide Avvenice, and how do these values influence the company's decision-making processes?

When I make a decision, it's very difficult to change my mind, I'm very determined and concrete. I like to turn saying into doing and especially into concrete facts. Avvenice is made up of a very young work team.

I motivate all the people working on the project by making them understand that if a person really wants to, they can achieve any goal and objective. I give various awards and incentives to those who achieve results quickly, thus making everyone part of the project as if it were also a bit theirs, creating "small" entrepreneurs. I like to make people understand that with dedication and sacrifice, and by doing things well, you can reach the top in the world.

In the dynamic realm of technology and business, what lessons have you learned from your experience with Avvenice that you believe could benefit aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you work with constancy and seriousness, always giving your best, you will have the support of all the top entrepreneurs in the world, who will contribute themselves in the first person to help you and climb even higher with your project, until becoming one of the global industry leaders.



A new thrilling megayacht project, the Majesty 160, has reached a significant milestone with Gulf Craft announcing the sale of the project's first hull, set to be completed in Spring 2026.

This development marks a major achievement for the esteemed Majesty Yachts brand and solidifies the shipyard's reputation as the go-to choice for discerning yachting enthusiasts.

Capitalizing on the success of the Majesty 175, the largest composite production superyacht in the world, the shipyard, alongside famed designer Cristiano Gatto, initiated the Majesty 160 project.

Revealed at the Monaco Yacht Show 2022, this venture is a testament to Majesty Yachts' unwavering commitment to luxury and innovation that transcends mere size. With the expertise of the renowned Naval Architects, Van Oossanen, the shipyard is set to redefine the standards of the traditional under 500GT superyacht category.

The Majesty 160 stands as a symbol of Majesty Yachts' dedication to excellence. Featuring first-rate amenities and

seven exquisite cabins, it optimizes every square inch of space onboard, embodying the shipyard's visionary ethos. Moreover, its construction to commercial class standards highlights Majesty Yachts' steadfast commitment to safety, establishing a new benchmark in luxury yachting.

"The Majesty 160 project embodies both Gulf Craft's and Majesty Yachts’ bold vision to fill a distinct gap in the market. This extraordinary superyacht offers unparalleled space and amenities, delivering luxury living on the water just under the 500 GT mark,” said Mohammed Alshaali, Chairman of Gulf Craft.

“With meticulous attention to detail, we've created a vessel that redefines the yachting experience, setting a new standard of elegance. The Majesty 160 is not just a superyacht; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to exceeding the expectations of our clients in every aspect of luxury cruising."



Numarine, the Istanbul-based shipyard, is setting sail into 2024 with a burst of momentum, making waves with a series of significant announcements.

The shipyard, renowned for delivering a dozen yachts annually, is not taking a pause, and by the end of February, it plans to unveil three new superyachts: one 37XP and two 26XPs.

Building on the success of 2023, during which Numarine introduced the super-sporty 26XP, recognized as the fastest 85-footer in its class at 31 knots, the shipyard is strategically expanding its team.

The appointment of Murat Şen as the new General Manager brings 18 years of invaluable experience, with Şen having served in various capacities, including the role of the shipyard's factory manager for the past eight years. Expressing his enthusiasm, Şen sees this as a

great opportunity to lead the company into a successful future, leveraging his deep understanding of the company culture and its team dynamics.

Numarine is not only fortifying its operational side but is also reinforcing its commercial endeavors. Bengü Özdoğan, with a wealth of experience gained at MB92 Group, a major player in superyacht maintenance, refit, and repair, has been appointed as the Sales and Marketing Director. Her expertise in marketing, sales strategy, and partnership management, acquired from the banking and telecommunication industries, positions her to lead Numarine's sales initiatives effectively.


Looking forward to the year ahead, Numarine has exciting plans on the horizon. The shipyard is set to unveil two new models in 2024: the diesel-hybrid 30XP and the steel-hulled 40MXP. The 30XP, introduced in September 2022, is the first Numarine to feature dieselelectric propulsion, positioned between the existing 26XP and 32XP models. Anticipation for this innovative model is already high, with five units sold ahead of its summer launch.

Designed by Can Yalman, the 30XP boasts a raised pilothouse design, inspired by a sustainable and simple Scandinavian style. The vessel accommodates up to 10 guests in five ensuite staterooms, showcasing a master

suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and a fold-out balcony. Notable features include a semi-open beach club, fold-down platforms, and a side-loading tender bay. Numarine's founder and chairman, Ömer Malaz, expresses confidence in the year ahead, building on the success of 2023. With a robust sales performance, Numarine is eager to showcase its capabilities in 2024, especially with the invaluable support of experienced individuals like Bengü and Murat.

As the shipyard continues to strengthen its position in the international yachting industry, the future looks promising for Numarine's expedition and explorer vessels.

Numarine 26XP Numarine 37XP Numarine 26XP


A Riva Anniversario and scale models of Riva’s iconic powerboats on show at this prestigious event dedicated to the Prancing Horse.

developed alongside the BAR racing team, the R35 is compelling, provocative, and cutting edge, reaching speeds of up to 50 knots through progressive performance technology. Hugely innovative not only in its engineering but her design, under her distinguishable façade, at heart the yacht is still very much a Princess; her spacious and comfortable interior makes an intelligent use of every inch, with her seating area convertible into a double berth with en-suite, alongside a well-equipped galley.

Following an evening of entertainment and exquisite dining, guests of Princess Yachts Monaco and partner Bentley Monaco were then treated to a private terrace viewing of the races on Sunday from the first floor of the Ermanno Palace, watching the magnificent cars race along the same circuit as the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The R35 will most certainly make a splash of colour among the waves this coming superyacht season.

© courtesy of Riva
© Paolo Terlizzi
Sixhats studio


In the heart of Sicily, where the air carries a melody as ancient as the hills, a young boy discovered his love for the guitar. This is Matteo Mancuso’s no ordinary story.

Matteo Mancuso, a self-taught guitar prodigy, has carved a niche for himself in the world of music with his unique playing style and remarkable talent.

Born into a family with a deep love for music, Mancuso's journey began in Sicily, Italy, where he first picked up the guitar at a young age.

What sets his musical journey apart is the fact that when he started playing, he was unaware of the existence of the plectrum, or pick, a tool commonly used by guitarists to strum and pluck strings. This lack of knowledge led him to develop a distinctive fingerstyle technique, which has become his trademark and a subject of admiration among music enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Mancuso's approach to the guitar is both innovative and refreshing. He combines elements of jazz, fusion, and rock, creating a sound that is both sophisticated and accessible. His ability to convey complex musical ideas with clarity and emotion, solely through his fingers, has earned him a place among the new generation of guitar virtuosos. His performances, often shared on social media platforms, showcase not only his technical proficiency but also his deep musicality and understanding of composition.

The guitar community, known for its discerning taste and high standards, has not been shy in expressing admiration for Mancuso's talents. Legends of the guitar world, such as Steve Vai, Al Di Meola, and Joe Bonamassa, have praised his skills and musicality. Such endorsements from icons of the industry underscore the impact Mancuso has had and continue to validate his approach to music.

Matteo Mancuso's story is one of self-made success, driven by passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence. From his humble beginnings, unaware of traditional guitar playing tools, to earning accolades from some of the most respected names in the music industry, Mancuso's journey is a testament to the power of innovation and the endless possibilities that lie in pursuing one's passion with authenticity and hard work. As he continues to evolve and push the boundaries of guitar playing, Matteo Mancuso remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring musicians around the world, proving that with talent and determination, one can indeed carve out a space among the legends.

A star is born.

In a world where declaring the number of followers and clicks has become an obsessive demand, it's important to understand that if you work and live in luxury, factors such as credibility and the genuine exclusivity of the venues where you are visible are truly the only things that matter.

In luxury, less is more, as long as this "less" is the best one ;-)



Force One Magazine is a media outlet that prioritizes the quality of its distribution network:

In a world where declaring the number of followers and clicks has become an obsessive demand, it's important to understand that if you work and live in luxury, factors such as credibility and the genuine exclusivity of the venues where you are visible are truly the only things that matter. In luxury, less is more, as long as this "less" is the best one ;-)




• Hotel Metropole

• Hôtel de Paris / Hall

• Fairmont Monte Carlo / Spa

• Forgi’s Restaurant

• Cap Estel (Èze bord de mer)

• Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc (Cap d’Antibes)

G&M Design Gallery


• Château de la Chèvre d’Or (Èze Village)

• Le Mas de Pierre (Saint-Paul de Vence)

• Château Saint-Martin & Spa (Vence)

• Monte-Carlo Beach (Roquebrune Cap Martin)

Domaine de Verchant


• Hôtel des Dromonts


• Les Fermes de Marie

• Le Mont-Blanc

• Le Lodge Park

• Les Chalets de Fermes de Marie

• Chalet du Mont d’Arbois

• Flocons de Sel

• Alpaga

• Le Chalet Zannier


• L’ Apogée

• Le K2 Palace

• Le K2 Altitude

• Le K2 Djala

• Le K2 Chogori

• Private Chalet Razzie

• Private Chalet Edelveiss (The largest in Europe)

• Private Chalet Gentianes


• Monaco Yacht Club

• Monte-Carlo Country Club

• Club 39 Monte Carlo

• CREM (Club des Résidents Étrangers Monégasques)


• Monacair Desks & Private Flights

• Nice Airport private lounges: Aviapartner, Signature, DC-Aviation

• Let’s Fly (Cannes/Mandelieu Airport)

• AAA Luxury Limousines including Cannes Film Festival and Monaco GP


• Golf Club de Cannes-Mougins

• Monte-Carlo Golf Club

• Domaine de Barbossi (Mandelieu - La Napoule)

• Domaine de Terre Blanche (Tourrettes, Var)

• Polo Club de Saint-Tropez


• Private Beaches Cannes

• Villa Marie (Saint-Tropez)

• Lily of the Valley (Saint-Tropez)

• Kube (Saint-Tropez)

• Aéroport International du Golfe de Saint-Tropez


• Monaco luxury boutiques

• Prestigious residences

• Private Mailing List of 2500 addresses


• Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco (in partnership with Gootickets)

• Monaco Yacht Show

• International Jumping Monte-Carlo

• Monte Carlo Music Masters

• Pro Am des Parfumeurs

• Athina Onassis Horse Show

• My Yachts Events (Monaco, Hong Kong, Miami, St. Barth)


RM 65-01 Calibre squeletté à remontage automatique Réserve de marche de 60 heures (± 10 %) Platine et ponts en titane grade 5 Chronographe à rattrapante Sélecteur de fonctions et mécanisme de remontage rapide Rotor à géométrie variable Boîtier en Quartz TPT gris * L A P E R F O R M A N C E M É C A N I Q U E P O U S S É E À L ’ E X T R Ê M E ®
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