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Alek Wek by Max Cardelli



Freedom. Autonomy. Luxury.

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Welcome to Force One issue #33. And welcome back to the normal Monte Carlo life: a sold out Formula 1 Grand Prix! We’re taking inspiration from the most famous race on the planet to talk about a long-time friend of our magazine, a brand as synonymous with motorsport as it is beautiful timepieces: Richard Mille. We’ll also be taking a look at the launch of La Famiglia Couture at Thirty-Nine Club Monte Carlo: a Force One event. Beauty, the fil rouge of our life, is in this issue represented by images from an Italian master of photography, Max Cardelli; it is shown in the art from HOFA in London; and it is also portrayed by the beauty of Sunreef’s Eco Yachts. And of course, there’s more… Force One never ceases to broaden its horizons: the geographical ones with the new collaboration with the legendary Ritz-Carlton in Bahrain, and the literary ones, with the beginning of a new section, "Eros in literature" , which invites us to re-read the classics (and the moderns), to freely reflect on our human nature. Don’t worry, there is also room for frivolity: at the end of the magazine, the most loved (!!! ) section: shopping... Once again, everything is there! Enjoy,

Luca Marotta

Publisher and Creative Director




12 - Events / LA FAMIGLIA COUTURE IN MONTE CARLO 16 - Photography / MAX CARDELLI - A PORTRAIT EXHIBITION 18 - Fine art Publishing / GREEK MYTHS BY TASCHEN 20 - Literature & Eros / ORPHEUS & EURYDICE 24 - Art / HOFA: ZHUANG HING YI'S VS TYGA 26 - Fashion / RAMZEN, REVAMPING LUXURY 30 - Haute Horlogerie / MONTRES KF "OUT OF THIS WORLD" 32 - Luxury / BUCCELLATI - EXCEPTIONAL SHARES 36 - Watches or Speed? / RICHARD MILLE & SUPERCARS 42 - Eco Yachting / SUNREEF 44 - Legends / LEGENDARY RITZ-CARLTON, BAHRAIN 52 - Restaurants / SUPERB MAHONIA, BAHRAIN 56 - Hospitality / GOOTICKETS & MC TRAVEL 60 - Destinations / GRAND HÔTEL DU CAP FERRAT 62 - Destinations / CHÂTEAU ST MARTIN & SPA 64 - Destinations / KUBE ST TROPEZ 68 - Real Estate / IN MONACO 70 - Design / POLIFORM'S LEXINGTON SYSTEM 72 - Hospitality / MY YACHT GROUP IN MIAMI 74 - Hospitality / CHALLENGES & DREAMS 76 - Shopping / SPORT & CLASSIC

"AL EK WE K, 2007" Photographer Max Cardel

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The temptation of lost paradise...

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LA FAMIGLIA COUTURE The Rolex Tennis Masters was the perfect venue to introduce La Famiglia Lifestyle, the latest collection by designer Riina Laanetu. Force One was proud to be there as a partner for the cocktail reception at the sports club par excellence, Thirty-Nine Monte Carlo. Active life, fitness and sport are the common thread of all the collections created by Laanetu. The Estonian designer, after almost ten years of success in her homeland, has decided to expand outside of her national borders, and start in the Principality of Monaco. Over one hundred guests came to discover the original and sometimes surprising collection, to be worn both in the gym, on the tennis court, and in everyday city life. Style, technicality, and a large dose of sex-appeal

characterize deliberately minimalist lines, where leggings, long or short, are embellished with crystals and an exposed garter belt made of the same stretch fabric, to affirm femininity spontaneously and naturally. Practical solutions such as the hidden pocket on the back to hold tennis balls during a match without damaging the silhouette, finally allow this collection to represent an extremely convincing debut of the brand on the European market.



LOOKS THROUGH THE HANDS OF MAX CARDELLI by Luca Marotta There are fashion photographers, there are portrait photographers, then there are fashion photographers who also do portraits... There are good photographers, very good ones, and famous ones... Then there are star photographers more famous than the photos they take…!

And then there are the good, very good, famous photographers that are artisans as well: they work in fashion, take portraits and even print them too. Just like in the good old days: dark room, acids, rafted paper handmade by exceptional Japanese craftsmen who work cotton fibre to create sheets as thin as hosts, ready to faithfully, and even a little magically, reproduce what the eye of the artisan photographer was able to capture in any given moment.

Penélope Cruz, 2019


Guinevere van Seenus, 2004

All photoworks of the exhibition are Platinotypes printed on Torinoko Gampi paper chine-collè on Graphia paper. Modern platinum-palladium printing is an entirely handmade monochrome photographic process in which an image is formed by platinum and palladium metals. Appreciated for its permanence and subtle beauty, the platinum-palladium photographs are characterized by a surface that varies from a velvety matt to a lustrous sheen. The platinum-palladium emulsion has a unique response to light that produces an extended tonal range and a three-dimensional effect due to the absorption of noble metals in the paper. A tactile experience, therefore, as well as visual, with a sense of depth that this technique can give to image. This series of portraits is printed on Torinoko Gampi, a totally handmade Japanese paper (17g/m²) with an incredible pearlescent finish. It is often referred to as “the king of paper” due to its long and very fine fibers. Creating Gampi is a slow and arduous process that dates back to the 8th century AD. The Gampi bush, found in the mountainous and warm areas of Japan, cannot be cultivated and is therefore the rarest and most expensive paper (Washi) of the three Japanese fibers (Gampi, Kozo and Mitsumata). The photographs were then finished in chinecollé on Graphia paper (pure cotton, 310g/m²).


Anka Tsitsishvili, 2015

Max Cardelli is an artisan photographer. Milanese born in '65, weaned on milk and fashion in the '80s and' 90s world capital of fashion, he's worked for the biggest brands in the world, for the most important international newspapers, portrayed dozens of stars... yet still remains faithful to his destiny: to be a craftsman. Of images, of course, but craftsman nonetheless. Indeed, he handles the Platinum printing of his portraits himself. This way he controls the intensity of the black, the nuances, and makes an originally two-dimensional work as vivid and three-dimensional as possible. The sensitivity and skill of the man that characterizes the moment of the shot extends onto the paper support, making each print truly unique. Just as every single woman portrayed by Cardelli is unique, whether she's famous or someone unknown to most. These are the origins of the «Sguardi» («Looks») exhibition at the «7.24x0.26 Pier Giuseppe Moroni Gallery» in Milan, staged on invitation by Pier Giuseppe Moroni, Wella's Artistic Director and sincere beauty enthusiast. More than thirty portraits, strictly in black and white, strictly Platinotype chine-collè prints on Torinoko Gampi paper. One after the other, all the same size in the exact same neutral frame. Beauty made democratic because created by Max Cardelli's lens. Every look, every expression, whether it's Milla Jovovich, Valeria Golino or Felicity Jones, conveys beauty, well beyond the aesthetic meaning of the word. After all, portraits have the ability both to attract the viewer and give back the feeling of being observed. It's happened to everyone to stare at a portrait and feel its eyes on them. That's the magic of the human gaze Max Cardelli knows how to capture so exceptionally.

18 "Greek Myths" Hardcover, quarter-bound, 20.5 x 25.6 cm, 1.44 kg, 336 pages

© Taschen

Taschen Store - 2, rue de Buci 75006 - Paris -

MUSE, LET ME SING by Alice Gardner “Even the lover of myth is in a sense a lover of wisdom, for the myth is composed of wonders.” - Aristotle Though gilded tales of gods and heroes and wondrous creatures have fascinated since those first machinations of Hesiod in the mid 8th-century BC, their allure remains as stalwart as Zeus’ virility. And with releases like Taschen’s illustrated Greek Myths, that golden age of Homeric storytelling continues. Beautifully illustrated by the likes of Clifford Harper, Walter Crane, Arthur Rackham, and Virginia Frances Sterrett, Greek Myths is a collection of 47 tales from Gustav Schwab’s seminal 19th-century anthology, a reimagination of a tradition millennia-old. These are the stories that have shaped the modern consciousness and formed the bedrock of modern literature. They have captivated us by holding a mirror up to the very best (and worst) of the human condition, and are as pansophic as they are entertaining.

Although we may not be descended from Zeus or have the ability to turn our enemies to stone with a glance, the pursuits of Jason, Perseus, and Odysseus are relatable. They embody universal characteristics and moralities that remain as true today as they did in an age where everything could be blamed on the mood of the gods; take it from Icarus - don’t fly too close to the sun. Schwab’s rich narrative is met by vivid and dramatic illustrations, a collection of talent from the Golden Age of book illustration, of whose biographies are also featured. These are in turn complemented by scene-setting vignettes and a specially-commissioned genealogical tree of gods and goddesses by Clifford Harper. There’s no need to consult the oracle: you will enjoy this book.

20 Beauty, the only true underlying theme that guides our editorial line, cannot stop at the surface with the aesthetics of fashion, yachts and luxury items. It’s time to go deeper, to look into ourselves, to understand what really is beautiful to us and what it means within our existence. This is why we’re enhancing the artistic content of Force One by introducing, through literature, one of the founding elements of life itself: Eros, which, in its exterior (but even more interior) manifestations, adds an element of reflection, perhaps more than others, to our search for beauty. We begin this exploration of literature and Eros in the most logical of ways, starting with the classics: the Greek mythology from which it all began


THE GREEK MYTH AS THE GUIDE TOWARD AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE SELF. by Perla Orpheus and Eurydice is one of the better known Greek myths; it tells the story of the love between Orpheus, a poet and musician, and Eurydice, the exquisitely beautiful nymph. But as always happens in Greek tales, there is much more to it than a beautiful romantic story.

All creatures loved Orpheus for his artistic abilities. The poetry and music he made with the lyre had the power to fascinate both gods and men. He, however, only had eyes for the beautiful Eurydice. After winning the girl’s heart, he married her and the couple began an idyllic marriage. But their happiness vanished when the young Arista, son of the god Apollo, fell hopelessly in love with the nymph. Unfortunately for him, Eurydice did not reciprocate his love and refused his continual advances. One day while running through long grass in an attempt to escape Arista’s attentions, she stepped on a poisonous snake. The reptile bit her on the ankle and she died almost immediately. Devastated by the death of his beloved, Orpheus sang his

grief with his lyre and managed to move everything, living or not, in the world, even the Erinyes (the three daughters of Uranus, better known as the Furies – Ed.). Driven mad by his grief and absolutely incapable of imaging life without Eurydice, he decided to rescue his love at all cost and, without a care for his own destiny, descended into the underworld to appeal to Hades and Persephone. To achieve this he had to face numerous challenges, including Charon, the ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the newly deceased across the Styx, and Cerberus the monstrous three-headed dog who guarded the entrance to the realm of Hades. He managed to enchant both with his music and arrived before Hades and Persephone to ask them to return his beloved Eurydice.



Moved by Orpheus’ love, Persephone agreed to release Eurydice, but on one condition: she would have to follow behind him while walking out from the caves of the underworld, and he could not turn to look at her as they walked. To ensure he respected their agreement, Hermes, messenger of the gods, was ordered to accompany them. So the two lovers began their ascent to the world of the living. Eurydice, who wasn’t aware of the agreement between Persephone and Orpheus, kept calling to him to turn around, but the young man, though full of doubt, managed to continue on the path without ever looking back. On reaching the light at the threshold of Hades’ realm, thinking he was out of the underworld, Orpheus turned. Eurydice, who was still behind him, felt a sharp pain at the point where the snake had bitten her, froze and couldn’t cross the threshold with her beloved Orpheus. He had broken the only condition imposed on him, and Eurydice was drawn back into the underworld, away from him forever. If we go beyond the simple story and try to comprehend the symbolism, then the myth itself can become the guide that accompanies us on our path to understanding. The meanings veiled in this story can be interpreted in many different ways. The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice can be interpreted, for example, as a parable that tells of female desire and the male placed before it.

Could they be fatal to him? What metamorphosis toward maturity does the man run from, feeling it as a presentiment in his subconscious mind? Orpheus paid for his fidelity to Eurydice with his life (every version of the myth tells that Orpheus was torn to pieces by Maenads and his head thrown into the river Ebro, and continued to sing the songs and recite the poetry written for his beloved): so shouldn’t men be a little more shrewd than Orpheus? Wouldn’t it be better to separate from the woman who, sexual encounter after sexual encounter, continues to conceal the ever-invisible form of her desire, and how, embrace after embrace, leaves him ignorant of the sense of her love? Why does she not reveal it? What is behind the love of a woman? In what particular way does it differ from the love of a man? And again, why was Orpheus forbidden from turning to look? Perhaps because Eurydice would have appeared as the mirror-image of himself? By turning, would he cast doubt on his work as redeemer? Can – or perhaps should – a redeemer doubt himself?

The female sense of pleasure confronts the man with an enduring enigma.

The deeper we read into the myth, the more the questions of its meaning continue to multiply. And there can be no definitive answers, each of us can find the explanation that best suits us, based on our own personal stories and experience of the present.

The man, perched in a position of presumed control, questions the extent to which love and desire for a woman can jeopardise what he sees as his independence.

Without a doubt, the reflections on the questions posed by the myth help us develop a greater awareness of ourselves.

23 the author: perla Perla is a woman in search of herself and her spirit, who chose the path of Eros to accomplish her search. Through words and photographs, author and radio personality, creator of the podcast "I racconti di Perla" (in Italian), talks to us of all the nuances of Eros, both romantic and explicit, inviting her listeners and watchers to free their sensuality. The stories and images portraying her are the tools she uses in her highly personal effort to realise the spirit and female body she is endowed with. For Perla, Eros has to be courted, flattered and seduced, because once it enters our lives it makes them so much happier.


the illustrator: petites luxures To inaugurate this new section dedicated to literature and Eros, we could not have wished to work with a better illustrator: Petites Luxures, also known as Simon Frankart, who has been experiencing unstoppable success for several years now. The stylistic choice is clear: black lines, minimalist features, only a few concessions to colour, generally passionate red, to illustrate love, sex, and the joy of of experiencing them. Petites Luxures entitles his works with puns and French double entendre. It is always ironic, maliciously direct, refined, and tantalizing in equal measure. Just as refined, tantalizing and amusing are his drawings which, thanks to their apparent simplicity, lay bare our passions and our inclinations, with all the lightness with which we should always live them.



© Photo Kasia

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HOFA Gallery has established itself as a pioneer and innovative visionary in the art sphere. With more than 10 years of experience, HOFA is once again showcasing its leadership in the art space, bringing to London the latest solo exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Zhuang Hong Yi alongside an incoming drop of exclusive NFT artworks in collaboration with famed rapper Tyga.


Contemporary painter and master Zhuang Hong Yi returns to HOFA Gallery this May with an exclusive London solo show, 'Equinox'. The exhibition falls within the two-week period of the blossoming of Spring in the artist's home country of China as well as in the Netherlands where Zhuang Hong Yi has lived and worked for many years. This simultaneous changing of the seasons in these two parts of the world also represents the blossoming of the motif that is so central to Zhuang Hong Yi's artistic practice, the flower. In particular, flowering of the Sakura Cherry tree in China and Tulips in the Netherlands, which not only hold an important cultural significance to each nation, but also a deeply personal and symbolic one for Zhuang Hong Yi who merges his Eastern and Western influences in his mesmerising works of art. Through the portrayal of this iconic motif, Zhuang Hong Yi's landscapes and flowerbeds convey a strong sense of enrichment, positivity, and balance. Nature takes centre stage in these works as the artist takes inspiration from its rhythms and cycles, particularly the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere which marks the coming of Spring. In his work, the artist enacts personal and cultural struggles visually, vacillating between phases of controlled planning, emotional gesture and careful editing, creating works that represent beauty, sophistication and perfection. Delivering one of a kind colour changing artworks. Zhuang Hong Yi has exhibited throughout Europe and China and his work is held in numerous esteemed public and private collections worldwide and has been the subject of multiple museum exhibitions at Groninger Museum.


Grammy-nominated rapper, Tyga, will be launching the resulting work of his partnership with KREATION – the pioneering NFT marketplace and offshoot of leading international art gallery, HOFA. This latest collaboration for the new NFT marketplace follows the sell-out success of KREATION’s exclusive launches, most recently in partnership with French artist Leo Caillard.



REVAMPING LUXURY by Alberto Corrado

With timeless attitude and unmistakeable style this Italian fashion house redraws the emotional map and redesigns the collective imagination through clothes and accessories with a new dimension. The pivotal moment was the Milano Moda Donna show last September that witnessed the launch of Abdul Al Romaizan, designer and creative director of the Italian fashion house Ramzen responsible for all the collections as well as the brand image, into the firmament of fashion. And if there is one place where it’d make sense to investigate and focus on the mechanisms and observe first-hand how an inspiration transforms into a concrete reality, incarnate in fabrics and embroideries, it could only be the creative atelier where he works with his team, for him an expression of his great passion for the world of art and the world of fashion. The places, the refuges Abdul Al Romaizan goes to, isolating himself from the world, serve to create the visionary universe that’s the key to his work and the code of the brand itself, given that Ramzen in Arabic means "mystery". The result? A redefinition of the lines, a new aesthetic from the mind of a creative rewriting the rules and projecting the brand into a new contemporaneous form. With a declared passion for the historic links between Saudi Arabia and Italy, Abdul Al Romaizan loves his accessories, considering them elements that give total interpretive freedom. Into



his creations he pours all his heart, his love of voyages in search of beauty and dissonance, his obsessive attention to detail (aided by master craftsmen with decades of experience), his manic collectionism and a sensitivity that defies convention. He was behind the luxury change that rapidly turned into a global revamp, studded immediately recognisable objects of desire. His vision condenses the beauty of different eras, different cultures and distant times, harmonizing dissonance in the name of a romanticism that feeds on references and quotes from the history of fashion (the ‘nineties style showcasing innovative production techniques, exotic materials and redesigned figures) to explain the present through elements of memory. He invents a very distinctive universe for the brand, where the details, accessories and characteristic colours, from intense purple to sunny yellows and scarlet reds, and the iconic dancing flower motifs, are precise, not simply visual codes.

A universe that cancels out differences of target, aiming at customers with an all-round appreciation of deluxe fashion. The entire production, from the clothes to the accessories, is strictly Made in Italy using the highest quality materials, from the silks to the fine linen, from the softest leathers (and most exotic, python included) to the most technically advanced, like scuba and paired fabrics. An new ethical vision that translates into high fashioncontent collections, like the exclusive-look capsule scheduled for 23 - 27 May in the city of Monaco and available, along with a high selection of the SS2022 collection, at the pop-up store the brand will be opening next 25 May at the Fairmont Montecarlo. A new step celebrating artisan excellence as a modern, sentimental poetic that gives way to a little "dérive", to losing oneself dreaming as a way of understanding the contemporary where clothes and accessories are atlases to the emotions, maps that rewrite joy and the desire to experience everything all at once, in these uneasy times.




OF THIS WORLD. by Ross More How much more original, unique and exclusive could it possibly be than to possess a piece of something that’s been flying through space for billions of years?

The embodiment of the Montres KF "Bespoke only" concept, each piece absolutely unique because made to its owner’s specifications. No two are alike. This sophisticated new model made with cosmic materials establishes the mechanical expertise of this master German watchmaker in a truly permant, or rather, infinite manner, where cosmos meets chronometry. The first thing that steals the eye with the EI8HT is, of course, the brand-new look of the Montres KF Tourbillon. Instead of the traditional case, it now has a sportier, edgier, angular case with an octagonal flat bezel. Its Architectural design emphasises the spectacular combination of brushed and polished surfaces. At 44.5mm, it’s admittedly on the large side, but Fraessdorf’s primary focus is clearly precision and resistance, and anyway does size really matter? Complementing the case, the dial is what expresses the unique aesthetics of the meteorite, in blue, grey and brown hues echoing the colours of the straps, available in a wide variety of textures. The Montres KF EI8HT stands out with a surprising sense of depth. Around the dial, the flange provides a sloping transition from the bezel to the dial base. Last but not least, the huge slow-beating ballet of the tourbillon is truly fascinating to look at through the transparent sapphire crystal. Being mounted on pillars makes it all the more visible, fitting even closer than ever to the caseback.


Tech details Hand-wound Novamag® 01 calibre regulated by a one-minute tourbillon beating at 18,000 vibrations/hour, equipped with a stop-balance function and meeting reinforced anti-magnetism criteria. New balance featuring a technically unprecedent architecture: the Spirograph® balance with adjustment by inertia and thermocompensation.



Maison Buccellati’s precious artefacts are always “étourdissant”, just like the installation for this collection making its debut at Milan Design Week 2022. They can’t talk but nevertheless seduce with the vibe given off by the incredible installation designed by the Stefano Boeri Interiors for the debut of the historic Italian high jewellery collection at the Milan Design Week, with an exhibition focusing on a contemporary reinterpretation of Etiquette, intended as a rediscovery of conviviality centring on values like empathy, gratitude and kindness. The exhibition to be held on the terrace of Buccellati’s headquarters, a building situated in the heart of Milan designed by Pietro Portaluppi in 1919, the very year Mario Buccellati founded the company, representing the power of the craftsmanship, design and unicity that

Stefano Boeri & Giorgio Donà

distinguishes the expertise of the Maison. This flavour of traditional and contemporary elegance isn’t limited to the stunning Haute Joaillerie creations capable of seducing both women and men from all over the world, but also extends to a collection of precious objects for the home, these too being an integral part of the DNA of the Buccellati brand, which is taking part the international design weeks for the first time with its rich collection of table accessories. Starting out and drawing inspiration from the "The Book of the Courtier" by Baldassare Castiglioni (1513/1514) and from " Galateo - The Rules of Polite behaviour” by

Federica Sala



Vase 'Rouche'

Ashley Hicks

Patrica Urquiola

Chana Minassian


Giovanni Della Casa (1558), which consider the ‘art of the table’ the place par excellence for practising the essential virtues of cordiality, Buccellati invites us to renew the pleasure of receiving guests at home, putting the pleasure of being together and our intense need to relate to others at the centre in this frenetic, digital world. The apotheosis of the quality of life selected by Federica Sala, curator of the exhibition, calling on four big names in design, each with different styles and even nationality, but all characterized by a strong Italian point of balance: Dimorestudio, Milan’s most renowned studio, Ashley Hicks and Chahan Minassian, who live between Italy,

Vase 'Caviar'

Flatwares 'Tahiti'


England and France, and Patricia Urquiola, who has considered the city of Milan as home for many a year. Each designer was invited to present their own interpretation of the contemporary table in a Buccellati silver collection: Caviar, Doge, Marina & Touche and Tahiti. Then she called in the Stefano Boeri Interiors studio to design the four installations for the terrace of the Portaluppi building in via Brisa 5, the home of Maison Buccellati. And as if to say that beauty shared is beauty doubled, the exhibition also encompasses the collaboration with

Plates 'Double Rouche-Florence furnace'

Ginori 1735, which produced the beautiful "Double Rouche - Florence Furnace" pure porcelain table collection. A collection to be presented during the event and on sale exclusively at the Buccellati boutique. All items, which include plates and gift kits, are produced in three colours (cream white, pale green, intense blue) and entirely made by the Ginori 1735 craftsmen in Sesto Fiorentino, Florence, using the ancient "vetrina” technique. In short, there’s no better way of celebrating life and humanity than an exhibition full of such fascinating temptations.

Plate 'Doge'




Richard Mille has never before been so deeply involved in the world of motor racing as now, and the reasons why are plain to see: he makes watches that are little short of wrist racing machines. Iconic models inspired by the cutting-edge concepts and technology developed in the racing world. Here we offer a few insights into Richard Mille’s commitment to technological advancement through partnerships with some of the world’s most iconic hypercar constructors, as well as his passion for the sport itself, manifest in the Richard Mille Racing Team.

© Mathieu-Cesar


Following a great rookie campaign that earned them a top-10 spot in the European Le Mans Series, this formerly all-female team is set to take on the FIA World Endurance Championship in a new, mixed form. We spoke to Richard Mille’s daughter Amanda, Brand & Partners Director, about this important change in the line-up. K.F. Why did you decide to change the RMRT from all female to mixed? A.M.When we set the Richard Mille Racing Team up three years ago, the idea was very much that of making a point about the lack of opportunities for female drivers, and we needed a 100% ladies team to get that point across. If we’d started out with a mixed team, even if the results were good, people would’ve likely attributed all the success to the men! But seeing three women - Beitske Visser, Sophia Florsch and Tatiana Calderon - behind the wheel of an LMP2 in the WEC really made heads turn and people began to acknowledge the true potential of female racing drivers.

© Frederic Le Floc’h / DPPI


KF: How do you go about replacing such an excellent team? AM: Pretty much the usual way, holding trials to find young female drivers. Not an easy task, given the extremely limited number of women racers and the fact that most of them have little or no experience driving an LMP2. It takes a heck of a lot of skill to control these cars! Throughout the trials one young French woman really stood out - Lilou Wadoux. KF: Where did you find her? AM: At Le Mans last year. She was driving a Porsche round the track before the race started. We could hardly believe it when we heard it was the first time she’d driven the car, but there she was setting the pace and leading the field and at just 20! She’s got a real passion for cars and sees endurance racing as a great way of furthering her career. KF: Isn’t it a bit risky taking on such a young driver? AM: Obviously! And there’s the point. It’s what the RMRT is all about – going beyond conventions and questioning ideas. We’re going to give Lilou all the support she needs, and for this she needs the right team. The great thing is that since the end of last season we’ve had some really good male drivers asking to drive with us, some big names too. KF: Who came asking? AM: The first was Charles Milesi, winner of last year’s 24 hours of Le Mans, followed by Sebastien Ogier, a many-time rally champion who’s been with the brand since 2016. I’m pretty sure neither of them would have come if they didn’t see Lilou’s potential. Nevertheless they’ll still have to prove themselves up to the challenge. KF: So the all-female campaign is over now? AM: We weren’t exactly campaigners. Our ‘mission’, if you like, was simply to prove that given the resources women drivers can go every bit as far and as fast as the men. This mixed team is simply the natural evolution of the project. We’ve shown that women can hold their own in motor racing. There are few sports that are truly unisex, where both sexes compete on absolutely equal terms, basically we’ve got show jumping and now (fortunately) motor racing. KF: So we’ve finally reached a ‘post-diversity’ world? AM: Absolutely. Like I said, we needed an all-female team at the start just to get ourselves noticed and make people talk. Now all we want is for women to be judged and win on equal terms with the men. We’ve reached the point where drivers are no longer considered a gendered category. Gender should never stop you doing anything, especially in an egalitarian sport like motor racing. We want to be recognised simply as sportspeople, and great drivers! Winners, not campaigners, are the ones who end up on the podium. Bring on next season!



RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph Ultralight McLaren

© Mathieu-Cesar

RM 40-01 Tourbillon McLaren Speedtail

Now five years into its ongoing partnership with luxury hypercar maker McLaren Automotive, Richard Mille is proud to reveal some of the results of this ambitious collaboration There’s little doubt that if asked what brand has been consistently synonymous with innovation in the world of Grand Prix Racing over the last 50 years, most people would have to say McLaren. The association between Richard Mille and McLaren goes back a long way. The founder himself still vividly remembers back in 1981 when McLaren introduced the first all-carbonfibre monocoque to Formula 1. Inspired by this revolutionary technology that would change the face of the sport, years later he managed to adapt the same technology - carbon fibre - for the baseplates of his watch movements and cases. Constant technical innovation, painstaking attention to detail and ongoing success are common to the philosophies of both of these excellent brands, and the reason why Richard Mille entered into a 10-year partnership with this celebrated hypercar constructor. One of the first result of their collaboration came in 2017 with the RM 50-03 Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph Ultralight McLaren, a technical masterpiece offering unrivalled mechanical performance. Working with the University of Manchester, Richard Mille and McLaren F1 managed to create world's lightest mechanical chronograph, applying precision engineering to the University’s cutting-edge graphene research. This led to the establishment of the National Graphene Institute at the university in 2015 and further research into new applications for this revolutionary material. Thanks to the synergy betweenthe University of Manchester, McLaren Applied Technologies and North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT®), Richard Mille succeeded in producing a machinable watch case in an improved form of Carbon TPT, and introducing an entirely new material to watchmaking: Graph TPTTM, an evolved form of graphene Richard Mille embodies the very essence of motorsport: dedication to the ultimate mechanical challenge, inspired by the concepts and materials used in Formula 1. Over a relatively short span of time, Richard Mille and his team’s vision and dedication have affirmed the brand as the cutting-edge of Haute Horologerie, a truly remarkable achievement.

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Richard Mille has never before been so deeply involved in the world of motor racing as now, and the reasons why are plain to see: he makes watches that are little short of wrist racing machines. For the last 70 years, Ferrari has always been ahead of the field, striving for excellence both on and off the track, elevating the company into one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. Founded in 2001 Richard Mille rapidly established itself as one of the leading players in the luxury watchmaking sector, itself with a passion for technical innovation and a desire to mirror the technology and materials used in the cutting-edge sport of Formula 1 Now Richard Mille has announced an exciting new partnership between the two brands, both not only named after their founders, but equally striving for excellence in their respective fields. In 2021, luxury Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille embarked on a five-year partnership with Ferrari, in a perfect meeting of minds: both with true passion for pioneering technology, both acknowledged as being true works of art. This meeting of minds is natrually based on shared values. Both brands draw inspiration in the white-heat of technology, bringing together ancestral knowledge and cutting-edge, state of the art innovation and passion to create true world-beating excellence in their respective fields. With a view to the long-term, the partnership will touch on all the racing categories Ferrari competes in, from Formula 1 to WEC endurance programs and GT competitions. Richard Mille will also be backing Ferrari’s Driver Academy, a training ground for new talent, as well as actively supporting the Ferrari Challenge series. Since 1993 this renowned single-marque championship has brought together thousands of gentleman drivers from all over the globe for the honour of competing. Ferrari is historically acknoweldged as the embodiment of cutting-edge technology and beauty, true works of art. These same attributes are synonymous with Richard Mille’s watches, symbols of modernity, performance and technical prowess. The company will be developing a specific range of watches in close collaboration with Ferrari’s design department, to create and produce stunning timepieces that bring together technology and aesthetics of the highest order, driven by a shared passion.



TheLotus Collection

Both Open Petal and Closed Petal pendants come complete with an 18k gold necklace



THE POWER OF SUN, SEA & WIND by Alice Gardner Introducing the Sunreef 80 Eco.

Sunreef’s dedication to sustainable yachting continues with the latest member in their Sailing Eco Yacht range, the Sunreef 80 Eco. Combining electric propulsion and superyacht living, gone are the days of that distinctive hum while underway; this gorgeous catamaran fulfills all desires for fuelfree - and silent - cruising. Solar-electric and fully autonomous, the Sunreef 80 Eco takes full advantage of any cruising area, producing a continuous blast of green energy up to 32kWp from its advanced hydrogeneration system and solar panels. This feeds into the ultralight battery bank below deck, powering everything from the galley to one of the most energy efficient air conditioning systems on the water. Not only that, but up to 164m² of solar panels can be integrated into the mast, boom, superstructure and hull for even more green power. Guilt-free cruising doesn’t come at the price of luxury, however. That distinctive Sunreef joie de vie is more than present here. Both interior and exterior benefits from the additional space only a catamaran can bestow upon her eight guests, with every inch of that space a meticulous mix of comfort and subtle opulence. Exotic materials meet neutral

43 The Sunreef Yachts Eco catamarans are part of our brand philosophy and a message at the same time. The idea behind this new range is a 360-degree approach to luxury and sustainability. These two words belong together. Francis Lapp, Founder & CEO

tones, allowing for a greater focus on the ever-changing kaleidoscopic seascape. However, every Sunreef catamaran is fully customisable and offers infinite décor possibilities to suit every style. The master suite can be found in a lightfilled starboard hull, resplendent with a contemporary and generous en suite, walk-in dressing room, pop-up TV, and desk area. Amidships on the port side is the equally luscious VIP cabin, with identical guest cabins up in the bow of each hull. Not that you’d want to spend time in the cabins with the Sunreef’s palatial exterior. Towards the bow you’ll find a fully-equipped bar with a pop-up TV, and for the talented amongst you, a piano. The main saloon features two oversized sofas for lounging

away in a sea breeze-induced sleep, while dinner can be enjoyed at the convertible table. Up on the flybridge are additional lounging areas, with large sunpads and a wet bar for the ultimate entertaining space. Inside the aft cockpit there is a further relaxation area with a large daybed, dining table and swimming platform. And for the ultimate in relaxation, you can even cruise along under sail, with the Sunreef 80 Eco’s wardrobe including a 200m² main sail, 155m² Genoa, 340m² gennaker and 70m² staysail. Sunreef is yet again proving that sustainability is sexy, and that green yachting is here to stay.


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THE NEXT TOP DESTINATION Situated on the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is an island kingdom comprising around 50 natural islands and a further 33 artificial ones, steeped in both history and the amazing attractions its exceptionally modern capital, Manama, has to offer. Not many people know how far back the history of Bahrain actually stretches, and are surprised to hear that it’s home to one of the oldest civilisations on the planet. And by old I mean biblically! As far back as 3000 BC the region was home to the Dilmun civilisation and served as a trade centre between the Indus Valley in India and ancient mesapotamia for over a thousand years. Dilmun appears in some of the earliest written documents in the world, and was considered a pure and sacred place by the ancient Sumerians, and is even mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh as a virtual Garden of Eden, a heavenly land, and place of everlasting youth. This is probably due to the existence of numerous fresh water springs, some of which even bubbled up from under the sea, a phenomenon that certainly added to the magic of the place and nurtured legends of the fountain of youth. Conservative estimates put the population of Dilmun during this golden era as being around twenty thousand, with the majority concentrated in the harbour city of Qal'at al-Bahrain, today an exceptional example of archaeology demonstrating the virtually unbroken of occupation of the island of Bahrain over a period of almost 4500 years, from around 2300 BC to the present day. Archeologists are still uncovering more of that once-fabled land, revealing a prosperous trading society that had such abundant supplies of water that palm trees grew heavy with dates almost without effort. The site itself, one of the largest and most important of the entire region, is unique for being one of the most complete examples currently known of a deep and intact stratigraphic sequence covering most of the time periods of Bahrain and the Persian Gulf, including ancient remains from the Early Dilmun (c. 2500 BC), Middle Dilmun (c. 1400), Late Dilmun (c. 800) cultures, as well as evidence of the Tylos (classical) and Islamic periods. After this golden era, Bahrain was taken over by the Assyrians and later by the Persian Empire. Next came Alexander the Great and the Greeks who renamed the island Tylos. It was governed over for the next several hundreds of years by various Arab and Mediterranean countries and rulers. In 1783 the Al Khalifa family, from the Bani Utbah tribe, captured Bahrain from Persia and have ruled the island ever since. In the 1830s Bahrain became a British Protectorate. This meant they had British protection, but where also considered a British ally, the main reason for which being to protect Bahrain from Ottoman Turkey.


SURPRISING BAHRAIN by Manuela Schinaia

In 1968, the British government decided to end its treaties in the Persian Gulf and in 1971 Bahrain became a fully independent country. Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain, and has long been and important trading centre in the Gulf. It has been famed since antiquity for its pearls, with pearl fishers reporting that the most beautiful and valuable pearls were to be found around the submarine springs we mentioned earlier on. In the early 20th the city still relied heavily on this industry, estimated to employ over 18,000 people and around 917 boats, but the industry collapsed in the years leading up to the Great Depression due to the introduction of Japanese cultured pearls. With the onset of the Great Depression, the collapse of the pearling industry and the discovery of oil in 1932, the country's economy naturally began to shift towards oil extraction and refining. However, for decades now, the Gulf Cooperation Council (or GCC) member-states have been concerned about the sustainability of their hydrocarbon revenues. Oil and gas reserves will eventually run out in the long term, and Bahrain (along with Oman) is in a fairly precarious position, with reserves expected to run out within the next decade, and medium term revenues from oil expected to decline in the face of reductions in global demand starting around 2040, if not sooner. This will be driven by higher demand for renewable energy and improvements in energy efficiency and storage. In the short term, GCC countries are already beginning to use the almost $2 trillion in financial assets accumulated over the decades and invested in sovereign wealth funds for future generations. With this in mind, given the Kingdom’s legacy of warmth and openness, it is hardly surprising that tourism is rapidly becoming an important part of the Bahrain economy. The Kingdom has been strategically focusing on developing a strong tourism sector, based on a diverse range of hospitality possibilities and an increasing variety of restaurant, retail, and entertainment options, given that every year more than 12 million tourists from all over the world come to experience the best Bahrain has to offer – a unique island setting, a cosmopolitan society, relaxed way of life, rich history and culture, exciting events, delicious food and great shopping experiences.



RITZ-CARLTON by Keith Francis

Set in Manama's seef district, a secluded paradise offers a private beach, luxury villas, and award-winning dining.

For many, luxury means having a space all to yourself, while having everything the world has to offer at your fingertips. Set in 20 acres of luxuriant gardens surrounded by the golden sandy beaches of the Gulf of Arabia, this 245-room five-star city resort is one of those places, and one of the most elegant destinations in Bahrain. This spectacular hotel offers an idyllic location where guests can relax and unwind in unprecedented, serene surroundings. In an absolutely privileged position with respect to the Kingdom’s capital, Manama, the Ritz-Carlton offers a truly secluded slice of paradise right in the centre of the City’s bustling Seef district, itself the result of

active land reclamation works that began back in the 1980s and dramatically changed the coastline of Bahrain into what it is now, dominated by glittering skyscrapers, luxury apartments and a veritable host of shopping malls. Conveniently located close to the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre, and just 7 km from Bahrain International Airport, this cosmopolitan style resort offers guests the promise of unparalleled elegance, inviting them into a world of luxury and opulence with a timeless, classical feel; an intimate hideaway with a boundless array of leisure and


dining facilities, each the last word in enjoyment and relaxation, and above all an oasis from which they can immerse themselves in the local culture, enjoy extraordinary cuisine and explore the dazzling capital city of Manama, itself adding yet another level of indulgence to already extensive range of extraordinary experiences. In addition to its deluxe category rooms, the resort has 31 suites and 42 Club Level rooms, as well as 23 beautifully furnished, seafront villas, each with threebedrooms, its own private infinity pool, private beach access and 24-hour butler service.

The possibilities for dining at the Ritz-Carlton truly span the globe, with 14 different venues each with own absolutely individual character, from Cantina Kahlo (Mexican) to Nirvana (Indian), Plums (a steakhouse), La Plage and Bar de Plage (Beach cafes), Thai (Asian Fusion and Sushi), La Med (Mediterranean), Primavera (Italian), not to mention the first Krug Ambassade in the middle-east: a sixteen-person experience by award-winning Executive Chef Yann Bernard Lejard. With the feeling of dining in a 19th century manor home in the French countryside, La Table Krug by Y takes the most discerning of palates on an epicurean 8-course voyage of the senses.

48 For leisurely dining moments or for afternoon tea, there’s the Lobby Lounge and Ritz Gourmet Lounge offering guests à la carte café and desserts, while the Burlington Club is a more sophisticated ambiance, perfect for appreciating vintage spirits, premium cigars, cocktails, mocktails and even light bites. For the healthy, active lifestyle, there’s the latest juice bar concept, La Vie or the new beach bar, La Dolce Vita, and a pop-up restaurant, called Nikmati, offering different themes throughout the year. Or you could just decide to stay in your secluded oasis and go for the incredible 24-hour in-room dining service instead, but that’s up to you. At the Ritz-Carlton you design your own Gulf resort retreat, whether it's an ocean-inspired Spa experience with hammam, plunge pools, a couple’s suite and exclusive treatments drawing on traditional Arabic rituals, or a round of golf at the Royal Golf Club, a full 18-hole course, par 72 and a sporting afternoon at

the resort’s Royal Beach Club with tennis and squash courts, fitness centre and temperature-controlled indoor and outdoor pools. Or you could just relax on the private beach that sweeps around one of the Kingdom’s most beautiful lagoons that even has its own island, being served a few mocktails before venturing out to experience what sparkling Manama has to offer, from its malls to its nightlife, reputedly the best in the Middle East. Despite being a small country, it has an abundance of clubs and pubs, all located within walking distance of each other, delivering everything you could possibly want, from top DJs to some quite interesting music venues by all accounts. Getting to the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain from the French Riviera has never been easier, with the introduction of a direct Gulf Air flight from June 2022.



The man behind everyday operations, leading the incredible team of Ladies and Gentlemen at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain is Bernard de Villèle, who joined the hotel as the general manager in june 2018. A veteran of the luxury hospitality industry, Bernard joined the hotel from the St. Regis Mexico City. Bernard de Villèle, who was raised most of his life abroad, being a son of a French diplomat, is widely acknowledged as one of the region’s most successful hoteliers, and someone who leads with a creative and entrepreneurial mindset. His career in hospitality began 40 years ago after graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland with a degree in hotel management. Just to get an idea of what that actually means, it’s certainly worth mentioning that the EHL is not only the world’s first hotel school, founded in 1893, but is internationally recognized as the world’s best hotel management school, having been awarded this accolade for the fourth consecutive year in 2022 by the QS Quacquarelli Symonds world university rankings organization. Bernard had the opportunity to immediately commence work in the hospitality industry, and started his journey. Since then, his career has crossed every continent having worked in Europe, Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Central America, and the Middle East. He has worked in senior management and executive roles in many of the world’s most illustrious hotel groups, from Hilton, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Rosewood, Savoy, Orient Express where he became the general manager of La Samanna, and as Vice President of Business Development and Operations in Europe at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate, after which he did a stint in Lebanon as Area General Manager of Habtoor City, followed by joining Marriott International 12 years ago and opening St. Regis Mauritius and St. Regis Mexico, before joining the legendary Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain. Bernard is a true Ritz-Carlton Gentleman, leading with passion and empathy. He has a keen eye for details and an impeccable record for elevating the guest experience through continuous innovation and creativity, maximizing every inch of the property. With his fervent leadership, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain continues to lead and sustain its position as Bahrain’s leading luxury resort. Bernard is also very passionate about the RitzCarlton culture and ensures that this is imparted to all the Ladies and Gentlemen and ultimately to guests. “The Ritz-Carlton is a brand with the most incredible culture. Once you get to know our gold standards, you will begin to understand our core values. We live what we believe, and that is what I love about the way we provide our legendary service. This company makes you a better person.” “Recognizing that luxury is in the guest’s emotions, the level of personalized service has never been more important, and that is what empowers the team to create “a la grande” moments that guests have come to expect, leaving them with indelible marks which makes them Ritz-Carlton guests for life.” says Bernard.

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A master of art and an icon in the food scene, Yann Bernard Lejard heralds the role of Director of Culinary, and Food and Beverage at the luxury five-star property. Born in Paris, France, Yann Lejard began expressing himself through art, taking inspiration from the likes of modern art legends like Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), and Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Eventually becoming a chef by the age of 16, it was then where he found food to be a catalyst for artistic expression and where his signature, abstract style was born. His artistic creation and expression realize the surreal and unexpected beauty of the contemporary vision of cooking, involving all senses. He designs the aesthetic symbiosis between elements, colors and emotions, pushing the limits of culinary creation and taste. With passion and pride, Yann Lejard will continue to keep the property’s 14 outlets and banqueting facilities on prime positions within the local market, while redefining the vision of excellence, together with his passionate team of Ladies and Gentlemen. “I consider cooking to be a creative act, and has the intention to elevate the discipline of our legendary service to compliment food to the level of art. I love to challenge uniformity and therefore create the food of tomorrow.”, says Yann.


MAHONIA Putting Bahrain firmly on the “must go” list for any food lover, Mahonia is a true delight of the senses.

While Bahrain may not come immediately to mind if asked for a favourite culinary destination, all it takes is one trip to Mahonia, the majestic passion project of visionary restauranteur, Sawsan Baluch. Nestled neatly in the heart of the fine dining district of Adliya, you know you’re about to experience something pretty special as soon as you walk through the doors. The beauty and scent of its eponymous plant genus sets the scene for a culinary voyage that is as bold as it is subtle, and as sensual as it is opulent. Baluch’s former career in interior design is evident, as is

her taste in art; original artworks from Picasso, Chagall and Lulwa Al Khalifa adorn the walls, sumptuous furnishings from Fendi provide the comfort, and Murano glass sculptures and Baccarat vases reflect the soft lighting. This is luxurious dining par excellence. Seating just 35 lucky guests in both the dining room and lounge, while it may be worth the visit just for the luxurious atmosphere, you really do come just for the food. A team of 40 chefs, lead by Head Chef Henrique Cachola, prepare a true symphony of flavour, aroma and




presentation each day across their à la carte and special event menus. Homage is paid to Bahrain’s appetizing location spanning eastern and western culinary tradition, with tables named after the spices used in many of their dishes: saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, tamarind, wasabi, chilli and ginger. An opulent gastronomical experience, it’s as if a sixth sense is opened. The multi-sensory experience of dining at Mahonia is a sum of every sensory part, plus something else that you can’t quite put your finger on (... OK, it might have been the lobster raviolo). Creativity is the name of the game here. Hints of fennel penetrate crispy sea bass on a bed of exquisite risotto; aromatic herbs conjure up Mediterranean dreams with slow cooked veal cheeks; and you question whether you want to frame your pasta and hang it on the wall, or eat it. This level of gastronomy attracts some of the world’s finest chefs to visit and participate in Mahonia’s famous “Four Hands Dinners”. Exclusive one-off menus are created with chefs brought in from the world’s top 50 restaurants, in collaboration with Mahonia’s very own Executive Chef. These kitchen takeovers happen throughout the year, and should be added to any food lover’s bucket list. There’s plenty to enjoy too for the cocktail lover. Mahonia’s cocktails take on the same innovative approach as its food, exploring new levels of mixology and, quite frankly, magic. The Wakayama Sour – not unlike the classic Whiskey Sour – sees whiskey paired with sake, aromatic shiso leaves, and a citrusy blend of yuzu and lemon. Talking of sake, Mahonia boasts the largest sake collection in Bahrain. Oenophiles will also be delighted by the extensive wine cellar, also housing a large collection of cognacs and high-end spirits. The Mahonia experience is not just about fine dining. It is about challenging your perceptions of how food and drink should be enjoyed. This heady mix of Bahraini hospitality and world-class cuisine is flawless. And utterly addictive.

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Bahraini born and bred, Sawsan Baluch is a visionary. And known to many as the Queen of Bahraini dining. Determined to put Bahrain on the culinary map, she was inspired by her travels throughout Europe to bring the philosophy of haute cuisine home. And so birthed Mahonia. Her genius as an interior designer not only extends to the sumptuous interiors, but also onto every plate and into every glass. This isn’t just about feeding her guests world-class cuisine, it’s about giving them an other-worldly experience. And it works. She has brought the gourmet experience to Bahrain in a way that has not before been achieved in the Kingdom. It is a testament to her determination and keen eye for beauty. And in many ways, what she has created in Mahoni stands firmly alongside the creative genius of the Picassco on its walls. Since opening Mahonia, Baluch has spread her talents also to My Café and Iris Bahrain.




READY? SET? IT’S SHOWTIME! By Rachell Périgord Barriers are open and summer season started. You gained your freedom back and want to travel the world? No need to look further, Monte Carlo Travel is here!

Monte Carlo Travel is the leading travel agency in Monaco since 1985. Managing important clients such as business tycoons, sports and showbiz celebrities. Its elite and exclusive clientele is offered a VIP service without compromise. They can sit back and relax, the Monte Carlo Travel team is here to handle everything from A to Z. What differentiates the agency from the others is the unique “travel angels” program which ensures an instant messaging service before, during and after the trip. This unique service alongside the conciergerie creates a luxurious seamless experience where nothing is impossible! Monte Carlo Travel not only handles the outbound travels for a clientele resident in Monaco but also from anywhere in the world. The agency sends clients to famous destinations such as French Polynesia, Caribbean, Maldives, Mauritius and any destination of your wish. It provides a highly tailormade package including: Formalities, transfers, flights either commercial or private, hotels, villas and yacht rentals and all range of activities, as well as any restaurant reservation. Its director, Vittorio Gai, having studied at Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne in Switzerland - the most renowned hotel business school in the world - knows “a thing or two” about providing the very best in hospitality. Before bringing his know how to the Principality, his expertise was at the service of the ruling and royal families from the Middle East, mining tycoon from Australia and former US president Donald J. Trump. Vittorio Gai by © Yann Sasportas


© Yann Sasportas

58 As a luxury travel expert whose conciergerie skills have seen a client rescued during a volcanic eruption in Bali while all international travels were blocked; a celebrity singing Happy Birthday to a travel agency’s client in NY; and gaining private access to the Eiffel Tower during a sold-out date and many more “missions impossible” accomplished. We at Force One cannot wait for Vittorio’s magic touch for the Monaco GP. Do not hesitate to challenge the Monte Carlo Travel team with the most extravagant requests. Owning Monte Carlo Travel and GPExperiences, the Platinium Group comprehends long-time expertise in the luxury travel and Formula 1 hospitality business. With the consumer brand, they play a dominant role within the brokerage segment in the ticketing industry. Finally after 2 yaars of restrictions the MC GP F1 is back to its splendor with full hospitality activities and the streets are awash with all those who descend upon our Principality to enjoy the most famous race in the entire F1 calendar. There is no other race quite like it. History coupled with the incredible backdrop of the superyacht-filled Port makes it the highlight of the Monegasque social calendar. Which is why it should be enjoyed in style. Forget the usual cramped sixth floor balcony party, GooTickets is leading the way in exclusive sports hospitality. In an age where tech seems to rule our lives, GooTickets is run by a team of expert cultural tastemakers whose handpicked partners provide probably the best F1 hospitality program we’ve come across. This year GooTickets has 21 terraces overlooking the race in the very best locations, including Heracles, Shangri-La, Caravelle, and access to the celebrity and driver after-party with Amber Lounge.

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the 's global reach offers clients ▲ Monte Carlo Travel

golden key to the most exc

lusive venues on earth.





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& ICONIC GLAMOUR With a guestbook signed by everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Winston Churchill and an enviable perch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the palatial spread of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel has been the epitome of Côte d’Azur chic for more than a century. The Hotel is ideally located at the tip of the secluded and private peninsula of Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat, amidst 17 acres of lushly landscaped gardens, only half an hour to Monaco and to Nice. With a total of 74 rooms and suites, including the spectacular Four Seasons Pool Suites which offer a private pool in the suite, and the iconic Villa Rose Pierre, with 4 master bedrooms and its private tennis court and infinity pool, this Resort is ideal for family reunions or romantic gateways. The talented Yoric Tieche and its Michelin-starred Provençal and Mediterranean cuisine, offers various

gastronomic options on property. In terms of activities, guests can enjoy playing tennis on property, and relax at the awarded Le Spa to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. Le Spa is dedicated to well-being, offers outdoor and indoor cardio fitness studios, indoor spa treatment rooms as well as state-ofthe-art Spa facilities. In addition, the legendary Club Dauphin offers one of the world’s most beautiful swimming pools and twenty brand new private cabanas, equipped with all the comforts to enjoy a relaxing summer retreat facing one of the most inspiring sea views.



Pro Am des Parfumeurs

Samedi 18 juin 2022 - Terre Blanche Golf


AT CHÂTEAU SAINT-MARTIN & SPA Nature and discovery in the hills of Vence with Michelin starred Chef Jean-Luc Lefrançois.

© Romain Reglade

This season, Château Saint-Martin & Spa is offering a new wellbeing experience designed to appeal to hikers, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike. The day will begin with a serene hike in the highest hills of Vence, where guests will encounter local flora and its authentic natural environment, with each step guiding them toward new and unexpected landscapes. Special guide will be the Executive Chef, nature lover and

sportsman at heart Jean-Luc Lefrançois, who will lead the guests to the summit of the impressive Baous des Blancs, just as he already does on the mountains of Courchevel during winter! Once the top reached, a deliciously energising breakfast will be served in the unique and tranquil setting, which offers breathtaking views over the Côte d'Azur and its rolling hinterland.

63 chateau-saint-martin/


Château Saint-Martin & Spa, part of the Oetker Collection portfolio of masterpiece hotels, has opened for the 2022 season with an array of new surprises to experience. Tucked into the hilltops of Vence and boasting panoramic views of the French Riviera, the iconic Palace is located only eight kilometres from Saint-Paul-deVence, a village famously beloved by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall, among other world-renowned artists. Château Saint-Martin & Spa has itself become a place where art and magic coalesce. This season, the hotel celebrates the region’s history and artistic heritage by showcasing the work of local artist Agnès Sandahl in the art gallery. A collection of the artist’s dazzlingly colourful paintings and large-scale ceramic plates are on display in an exhibition that is the perfect introduction to her abstract universe. Resident guests are invited to experience an even deeper immersion at the artist’s studio, where Agnes Sandahl will share the secrets behind her craft throughout a day of creative discovery. Another highlight of the season is the signature exhibition of contemporary artist Manolo Valdés in Château Saint-Martin & Spa’s 32-acre grounds. Four of the worldrenowned artist’s monumental works intermingle with the gardens’ Vence roses, lavender bushes and centuries-old olive trees to create a distinctively Provençal ambiance where art serves to enhance the serenity and awaken the senses even further. Guests will be able to discover the artistic village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence with a guided tour and enjoy a classic Mediterranean cocktail upon their return to the hotel, served on the panoramic terrace of Michelin-starred restaurant Le SaintMartin. Art, culture and true serenity are waiting to be savoured at Château Saint-Martin & Spa this season.



YOUR UNIVERSE Overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and located 5 minutes from the historic center, the Kube Saint-Tropez welcomes you in a luxurious setting of 2 hectares between pine forest and the Mediterranean Sea. This establishment has 70 rooms, divided into three distinct universes, so that everyone can choose the one that suits him best.


The "White" world reveals a decor and pure lines, the "Wood" area plays on raw and natural materials for a warmer decoration, the "Ibiza" world is characterized by a bohemian chic style and confidential and cosy outdoor spaces, equipped with bioclimatic pergolas. Under the Côte d'Azur sun, hotel guests can enjoy the three outdoor pools spread throughout the property. The Ibiza pool with its Zen atmosphere is ideal for a peaceful break in the sun, while the heated pool with

its large deckchairs equipped with individual sound systems is perfect for those who want to relax. The more athletic guests will enjoy the hotel's main pool with a sea view to do their laps. The property is structured around outdoor spaces that are ideal for relaxing with family and friends. Each moment at the Kube Saint-Tropez is unique, precious and conducive to conviviality, particularly through the Rooftop, which is making a comeback, where you can enjoy a view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez during a signature cocktail.

The Kube Saint-Tropez rethinks the Saint-Tropez way of life for this new season.


The Spa is modernized by adding Ella Baché, an expert brand in nutridermology, to Thalgo's range of marine products. You will be welcomed with a wide range of treatments, completed by a customized skin diagnosis. The restaurant is reinvented and becomes "Alma" with a new decoration inspired by the richness and warmth of the South American continent. A new menu has been

imagined as a journey into an Uruguayan ethnic group and offers a cuisine exploring the different methods of cooking with the flame. Alma takes you across the globe to the beaches of Argentina, Peru or Uruguay, where each dish is designed as a tribute to the gastronomic treasures of this continent.

EXCLUSIVE ST TROPEZ DEDICATED TO INTERNATIONAL GUESTS YOUR ONE STOP SERVICE FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS Home Hunting for you if you wish to buy Finding a Perfect Summer Villa if you wish to rent Conciergerie Services during your Stay

Feel free to contact us at +33 675 723 640



This superb refurbished apartment is rented furnished with refined decoration and enjoys magnificent panoramic views over the sea, the Rock and the Port of Monaco, as well as the Formula 1 track. It is rented with a cellar and a closed garage. Price : On request




MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR BEDROOM & LIVING ROOM Tirelessly searching for technical and stylistic solutions, Poliform continues to develop refined and at the same time practical lines, for every part of the home. In Cannes, BKA is its point of reference.

Lexington is a pillar-based day and night system available in two configurations: wall or ceiling, in the latter case with the possibility of designing double-sided compositions finished on both sides. Shelves, drawers, and a wide range of equipment - the same as the Senzafine system - are hooked into the uprights with a champagne or grey slate painted finish. Available in two versions, day and night, thanks to its

infinite flexibility in terms of dimensions, applications and finishes, Lexington marks an evolution in the world of systems, with a view to total integration across the different rooms of the house. The Lexington system has strong architectural connotations. It is characterized by wall-mounted and floor-to-ceiling, onto which shelves and storage units

with leaf doors, drawers or flap doors are hooked at the desired height. The upright is available in a champagne or ardesia painted finish, or in gold oak and black elm, with a warmer feeling. In the ceiling upright version, the system offers the possibility of designing double-sided compositions finished on both sides, ideal in the center of the room also for dividing spaces.

Poliform Cannes 94, La Croisette Cannes +33 (0)4 93 69 17 73



Party in the city where the heat is on All night, on the beach till the break of dawn - "Welcome to Miami" - Will Smith We couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves...

My Yacht Group have done it again, having brought their ultimate F1 experience to the heat of Miami for the inaugural race following a sixty-year hiatus, adding yet another stop on their globetrotting party circuit. From Abu Dhabi to Cannes, Hong Kong to Los Angeles, siblings Annabelle and Nicholas Frankl have yet again proved their status as leaders in international luxury event planning. In true Miami style, the 56m yacht Gene Chaser played host to a fascinating roster of VIPS, including 5-time Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria who had touched down not long ago from the helm of the ISS.

No doubt he felt at home, being surrounded still by stars - this time more in the vein of guests like former sprint champion Michael Johnson. A perfect mix of Miami’s party culture and the glamour of their luxury yachting was accomplished on board with an array of incredible food and drink, with dancing interspersed with performances by aerialist Ashley Neptune, twirling gracefully above the Miami skyline. My Yacht Group will make a return to Miami in 2023. Check out their website for more details.

Crédits photos : PCST Caroline Morandi



Private domain of 100 ha secure 5 mins from St.Tropez

Exclusive Private Membership

High-end infrastructures

Sports Center for high-level physical training

Helipads 20 mins from Monaco 15 mins from Nice Airport

Become a member, contact at +33 (0)6 72 23 44 97 or by mail: Polo Resort & Country Club, 1999 Route du Bourrian 83580 Gassin

We are constantly looking for excellence, we like challenges, we like dreams, we like to believe and help people who want to give shape to their ideas. We design and accelerate business development in the hospitality industry.

Ottone Puopolo





Gokto Hospitality Group is a company specialized in the hospitality sector. They have three operational divisions: Hospitality project management, Event Management and Hospitality Real Estate. We have met Ottone Puopolo, one of the founders of the company.

F1M: Ottone, tell us about your Companies tasks? O.P. The Hospitality Project Management has been the first division we have started. It is specialized in the development of projects for investors interested in the creation of a hotel, resort or any type of F&B experience. We provide the data that allow to make the best decision, we identify the best asset and we study its feasibility and profitability. Project management is an essential skill in the hospitality organization that is only becoming more important. Our main goal is to help the investor to come out with the best solution can be sustainable and creatively wise at the same time. Event Management and Hospitality Real Estate have been natural consequences. Our Clients have started to ask us for a support, so we have decided to open two new branches and to put professionals together able to satisfy any kind of request. We focus on research and outreach related to real estate and strategy in the hospitality industry and our Team is constantly dedicated to search the hottest spots in the main cities in the world and to develop the most successful concepts. F1M: What about the Events? O.P. We work behind the creation and development of sports ceremonies, entertainment events, and permanent shows. We provide turn-key solutions to our Clients, enabling them to host pioneering and memorable life experiences. Our services go from the on-site hospitality, logistics and full-service event management, database creation and implementation, to corporate hospitality programs, leisure activities and tour coordination, concierge, F&B proposals and menu creation and catering. F1M: Recently you have been involved in important international sport events, in consultancies for very

prestigious brands and you are also creating new hospitality concepts for investors. How have you developed so much in such a short period of time? O.P. We have achieved it with a very simple formula made by three ingredients: network, passion, creativity. We have created our own niche market and segment, focusing on start up projects. It's not the size making the difference, but the impact any project can have and the power of generating a viral marketing, allowing us to present ourselves without using many words but just with tangible facts. We want to look at the world with different eyes and consider lots of different opportunities, and not just sticking to one belief. F1M: We heard of your commitment in Saudi, could you tell us something more ? O.P. We have started to cooperate with Saudi Arabian Companies following the Hospitality and the Project Management for two very important Sport and Luxury events. It has been a great challenge that has put a spot on us and has opened new doors and brought new projects. We are now following two new projects in Riyadh and in Jeddah, as well as the new opening of our branch in Riyadh. Gokto Hospitality Group is a company specialized in the hospitality sector. We have three operational divisions: Hospitality project management, Event Management and Hospitality Real Estate. We are constantly looking for excellence, we like challenges, we like dreams, we like to believe and help people who want to give shape to their ideas. We design and accelerate business development in the hospitality industry.



GUESS TOKYO DREAMER Bomber with racing team patch.

KITON The passion for dressing well combined with a desire to create a tailored beach outfit, interpreted with an innovative look. HAND PICKED Robust denim, richly detailed with an exclusive selvedge making this authentically washed denim jacket a luxurious version of the casual classic.

SAVE THE DUCK In collaboration with Mackintosh, the iconic company that created the unmistakable London raincoat, proposes a total look with the clean, classic lines typical of the English brand, combined with a unique, distinctive design based on eco-design principles.

US POLO Flip flops, with two different uppers.



LUIGI BIANCHI SARTORIA Tailored suit made in smart fabrics with a stretch component and water-repellent nocrease properties.

THOM BROWNE RESORT 22 Round shoulder jacket coordinated with a sailor’s cap for the relaxed, playful contrast that distinguishes the entire resort collection..

TEN C Outerwear in Rip-Stop Nylon Crinkle fabric, strong, transparent fabric with taped seams, patch pockets, zip and hood.

ANT 45


Socks in high-quality, exclusively Italian yarn, designed to guarantee comfort. Incorporating zero pilling technology.

Chinos with French front pocket. Details include a 2.5 cm turn-ups and a watch pocket on the wearer’s front right side. Slim fit, medium-high waist.



LAURA STRAMBI A saffron macro-flounce dress and drawstring waist made from organic cotton.

ETRO RESORT 22 Rocker trousers with patchwork embroidery cohabit perfectly with studded tops and belts.

OSÉREE Eco-sustainable fabrics, linear forms and ‘eighties colours for kaftans, high-cut tops and bikinis, or laminated fabric crop-shirts.

ORCIANI Backpack in regenerated nylon.

CLASSIC CHANEL Vivienne Rohner immortalized by Inez & Vinoodh is an ode to youth whose nonchalant elegance echoes in the endless summer days.

EUFONIA Rigour, clear lines and pure, essential colours from this young Made in Italy brand, for minimal style with amazing fabrics and yarns

EMILIO PUCCI Perfect print mini-dress for city or seaside.

BOLON vintage seventies atmosphere for a timeless retro-style model.

PALM ANGELS the brand’s iconic bag, wavy profiles recalling the ripples created on the sand by the sea’s waves, in calfskin with golden metal 3D faceted clasp.



PRIVATE CLUBS • Monaco Yacht Club • Monte-Carlo Country Club • CREM (Club des Résidents Étrangers Monégasques) • Club 39 Monte Carlo

MONACO & SURROUNDINGS • Hotel Metropole / Spa Givenchy • Hôtel de Paris / Hall • Fairmont Monte Carlo / Spa • Forgi’s Restaurant • Cap Estel (Èze bord de mer) • Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc (Cap d’Antibes) • Domaine de Terre Blanche (Tourrettes, Var) G&M Design Gallery

PRIVATE AVIATION & LIMOUSINES • Monacair Desks & Private Flights • Nice Airport private lounges: Aviapartner, Signature, Swissport • Let’s Fly (Cannes/Mandelieu Airport) • AAA Luxury Limousines including Cannes Film Festival and Monaco GP

RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX • Château de la Chèvre d’Or (Èze Village) • Le Saint-Paul (Saint-Paul de Vence) • Le Mas de Pierre (Saint-Paul de Vence) • Château Saint-Martin & Spa (Vence) • Monte-Carlo Beach (Roquebrune Cap Martin)

GOLF & POLO COURSES • Monte-Carlo Golf Club • Domaine de Barbossi (Mandelieu - La Napoule) • Golf Country Club de Cannes-Mougins • Polo Club de Saint-Tropez

AVORIAZ • Hôtel des Dromonts

SAINT-TROPEZ & CANNES • Private Beaches Cannes • Villa Marie (Saint-Tropez) • Lily of the Valley (Saint-Tropez) • Kube (Saint-Tropez) • Aéroport International du Golfe de Saint-Tropez

MEGÈVE • Les Fermes de Marie • Le Mont-Blanc • Le Lodge Park • Les Chalets de Fermes de Marie • Chalet du Mont d’Arbois • Flocons de Sel • Alpaga • Le Chalet Zannier • Le M de Megève

MONACO • Monaco luxury boutiques • Prestigious residences • Private Mailing List of 2500 addresses


COURCHEVEL • L’Apogée • Le K2 Palace Le K2 Altitude • Private Chalet Edelveiss (The largest in Europe) • Private Chalet Razzie • Private Chalet Gentianes

• Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco (with Gootickets) • Monte Carlo Rolex Masters • Monaco Yacht Show • International Jumping Monte-Carlo • Monte Carlo Music Masters • Pro Am des Parfumeurs • Athina Onassis Horse Show • My Yachts Events (Monaco, Hong Kong, Miami, St. Barth)

VAL-THORENS • Altapura


RM 67-01

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