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nr 50, lipiec 2013

6-8 września 2013 r.

50 000 m2 EXPO area 25 000 visitors 15 000 m2 expo halls 170 exhibitors 25 Inter Cars projects 13 edition of EXPO 3 fair days 2 edition of Motor Show 1 winner of Master Race







P RO D U C TS 18-25 M OTORC YCL E S 26 L AB 27 G A R AG E 28-39 T RU C K M ARKE T


S U P P L I E RS 48-75 S P O RT 76-78 M OTO PASSION



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Supplements: EXPO Invitations, 2 pieces Battery promotion leaflet

Bimonthly WIADOMOŚCI Inter Cars SA Address: Inter Cars SA ul. Gdańska 15, 05-152 Czosnów Tel.: +48 22 71 41 425, +48 22 71 41 743 Editor-in-chief: Joanna Król Editing team: E. Banasiak, G. Putkiewicz Editors: M. Bobrowski, P. Bok, T. Borek, M. Ciesielska, M. T. Czarniecki, Czaus, P. Jagodziński, W. Gałczyński, P. Grzyb, P. Kaczmarek, T. Kapturek, E. Karbowiak, D. Kochański, S. Koniec, W. Kopacz, R. Małek, M. Michalczyk, Mario Milkovic, J. Niezgoda, P. Nowak, Sławomir Pawlaczyk, K. Pawlik, M. Peciak, F. Smoliński, P. Stasiak, P. Suski, S. Wysocka, D. Zawadka, P. Zawadzki.

Dear Readers, Information and knowledge are considered as a kind of “goods” in the market, just like different kinds of material goods. Because of Internet and its possibilities, we are very often speaking about information society. Thanks to fast and good information we can flexibly react to changing surrounding environment and take advantageous decisions, and informing one another we are cooperating closer, building trust, and our relations are getting deeper. This is one of the roles of our bimonthly Wiadomości IC. It is for you a source of information about what is going on in the industry, about problems that we will all have to face and about opportunities we will be able to take. We are regularly informing you about new products and new technological know-how, trying to keep you up-to-date and well informed about most important events. It is a great pleasure for me, to celebrate together with you the 50th anniversary issue of Wiadomości Inter Cars. The magazine has been printed for over 10 years now, and looking at the first issues of it, we can easily notice how it was evolving, developing and changing, regarding its graphic design as well as contents. We are trying to make the content meet your expectations and needs regarding garage services market in Poland. At this point I would like to thank all our readers and suppliers and experts cooperating with our editing team for their time and interest given to the magazine, and for words of appreciation. The last period was a time of many interesting events. In June there was a grand Finale of Great Race, during which 12 of our customers gained Skoda cars, and many of them received cash rewards. Many times we have met you during numerous local events, and we have also finished the second edition of Young HR programme. But this is not the end of great events. Very soon we will meet during 13 EXPO, invitations to which you can find today as one of supplements. We hope that many interesting events are still ahead of us, and we will keep you informed about them with pleasure. Best regards and see you soon, Joanna Król

Design: Pogotowie Graficzne Montage: Studio Yelow Robak Wojciech Correction: Karolina Kuczyńska Cover: Studio Yelow Robak Wojciech Printing: Millenium Translation: FCE TRAINING CENTRE; Marketing office: Emilia Banasiak, tel. 22 71 41 425, Grzegorz Putkiewicz, tel. 22 71 41 743, Grzegorz Subscription and suggestions: Cover: Photos from 12 EXPO.

On the occasion of 50th issue of Wiadomości we have prepared a special contest to celebrate this event together with our readers. Have fun with us! Details on further pages.

is the electronic form of paper magazine. Visit us at:



Together we create strong future Dear All, Grand Finale of Garage Masters’ Gala is now a history, and it became one of the most important automotive events in Poland. I do appreciate this possibility of direct contact with you, thanks to which we can talk about all the ups and downs of our cooperation. And although most of the talks were positive, just like every other human operation, our cooperation also some problems. Our slogan – together we create strong future – is together with us since the very beginning. We want to make our cooperation satisfactory and better for both sides. I am very happy that you are choosing this option and I want to thank you for this. This means that looking at many years of our cooperation, you still trust us and you want to build independent professional automotive spare parts and services aftermarket together with us. Your trust ranks us as the fourth biggest distribution company in Europe.

a source of cheaper products, in mind of many people, even though surveys show that it is not much different from traditional market. This trend for looking for bargains online seems to be impossible to change now. So there is still a question, what can we do with it together? We can of course be offended and reject the reality or try to tame it to make it a source of profit. That is why, for three years now, we have been developing Motointegrator. pl platform, which is meant for all those who have problems with their cars, to

Robert Kierzek CEO of Inter Cars SA Cars S.A. is not enough. We need your cooperation in full range. This means that we together have to do our best to keep customer service at the highest possible level. Surveys performed by GIPA Institute show that drivers today are afraid that they will be cheated by the garage. So we still have a lot to do in order to improve brand image and image of independent aftermarket, because as you know the best indicator of successful business and best advertising is a happy Customer. So we need to keep the Customer service in all areas of a garage at the highest possible level. Survey performed by Motofocus, on a group of garages, showed that so popular e-mail is served by less than 40% of garages, out of which only 20% of responses to inquiries were on a satisfactory level. I do not want to put anyone at guilt, but rather to make us all aware how much work we still have to do in order to make independent automotive aftermarket the most friendly for Customer / Driver. Inter Cars SA is not afraid of being a pioneer of changes, despite all comments, often unfavourable ones and full of fear, that we want to delete garages from distribution chain. Today, once again I want to emphasise that we are creating a strong future together. is a product designed for you, and without your cooperation and involvement it will never work properly.

For three years now we have been developing MOTOINTEGRATOR.PL platform, which is meant for all those who have problems with their cars, to direct them to those who will be able to help them, that is to garages.

One of boomerang topics wa the presence of aftermarket online. We are all experiencing the fact that drivers want to look for spare parts online, even if this is too complicated for them and they don’t have enough technical knowledge to choose parts correctly. Internet became


direct them to those who will be able to help them, that is to garages. We should make no mistake about the fact that the drivers will purchase goods online, arguments are given above. But today such products as tyre or other accessories are more and more often purchased online. An we cannot run away from this. So it is worth taking such opportunity, which is given by, that is attracting customers to garages, by delivering them an offer which they are looking for. But for the platform to work, only Inter


Lucky thirteen Inter Cars S.A., like each year, invites all Customers and Suppliers to take part in Inter Cars EXPO of Spare Parts, Tools and Garage Equipment. In this issue you will find two invitations for Inter Cars EXPO. 13th Fair will take place on 6-8 September 2013, in Warsaw at Bemowo Airport. During this time we will try to combine business and building reciprocal relations with pleasure and sport.

6TH SEPTEMBER Friday, September 6th is a guarantee of comfortable conditions for business talks. This day is an additional day, dedicated for Inter Cars S.A. Customers, who wish to be presented trade offer of Inter Cars and talk to sales representatives in suitable conditions. For many Customer it is a great moment for signing trade contracts and taking advantage of numerous attractive promotions prepared especially for the Fair. The event will be participated by representatives of the most important, professional media from automotive industry and garage services market. Traditionally there will be a press conference for them and also for our Exhibitors.

will be guaranteed comfortable conditions for trade talks, establishing business contacts and negotiating business deals. The exhibition, like previous years, will be presented on area of over 25,000 m˛, what makes Inter Cars EXPO the biggest event of this kind in Middle-Easter Europe. Besides booths of Exhibitors, presentation of new products and technological solutions, our visitors will be awaited by numerous product and technical trainings. The full list of suppliers will be presented at, but today we can reveal a part of information, there will be more suppliers, than last year. Our employees as well as our suppliers will be at your dispose the for the whole time.

COMBINING BUSINESS WITH SPORT Inter Cars EXPO is also a unique place where business is combined with passion for motor sports. That is why there will be lots of automotive shows, races and motorbike acrobatics. Besides this all, our Guests will be awaited by lots of attractions, surprises and interesting contests, but the details are to be found at webpage of the event:


owo isko Bem 13 Lotn eśnia 20 7-8 wrz

In this issue of Wiadomości you will find two invitations to the Fair. Please remember that entering the Fair is possible only with those invitations.






6 września 2013 Lotnisko Bemowo

y ej osob dla jedn 10-16 godz.: sobota godz.: 10-16 niedziela

dla jednej osoby


This year the Garage Equipment booth will be very much developed. The whole offer will be located in one place, one big tent with expo area of 4,000 m2. You can expect to find a developed offer of modern software and numerous support programmes. As always, Customers who decide to purchase during the Fair and who will place and order than, we have prepared very special promotions and offers available only during the Fair and shortly afterwards.

Piątek, godz.: 10-16

On Bemowo Airport in Warsaw, we will prepare for our Customers an exhibition of many manufacturers of spare parts, and of Projects of Inter Cars S.A. The participants


Suitable programme

in suitable places

Grzegorz Putkiewic z

May 28th and June 27th – dates on which Young HR programme was broaden onto two more places, Practical Training Centre in Siedlce and Vocational School in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Just like in all other places, also in Siedlce the programme got onto a very fertile ground. PTC Siedlce cares for the students to be able to learn on best possible equipment. PTC is quite a new one, because it has existed for just 20 years, but it has made several investments using all possible sources of obtaining founds. This is a confirmation of the rule that “nothing is impossible for a willing mind” and with dedication and involvement of teachers and

this we can have hope that in Siedlce our Customers will be employing well qualified mechanics. Further spoke representatives of local authorities and suppliers. They emphasised the need of the programme, thanks to which young people starting their work career will be better prepared to meet the real demands of the industry .


managers of the school you can create decent conditions for vocational teaching. The cooperation contract signing event was opened by PTC Director, Bożena Wyrębiak, who welcomed all the guests. There was also the Member of the Board of Inter Cars S.A., Mr Witold Kmieciak, Vice-President of Siedlce Town, Jarosław Głowacki, the Chairman of Town Council, Piotr Karaś and representatives of self-government in charge of education and labour market, representatives of Education Department and Inter Cars Siedlce Group. There were also suppliers participating in the programme. On behalf of the Board of Managers of Inter Cars S.A. spoke Witold Kmieciak, who explained the causes of such initiatives. - Inter Cars is know of a wider approach to all matters, and in this case we also want to deal with this case more broadly. Because we are the biggest aftermarket spare parts distributor, we have focussed to make those parts being used by qualified people in the future. This resulted in a conclusion, that we need to help educating organizations in the process of teaching future mechanics. That is why we wish to thank the school for joining the programme. Thanks to

The fact that Vocational School in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki joins the programme seemed to be logical, because it is really close to Inter Cars headquarters in Czosnów. Besides this fact, both of them cooperated in the past. The school has an automotive class with Inter Cars patronage. Taking the opportunity of official signing of the cooperation contract, we also decided to reward the best students from IC class. We hope that this will motivate them to further harder work, and will also show others, that it is worth learning. The event was opened by Head-Teacher, Mrs Ewa Malasiewicz. Next spoke Maciej Bobrowski, Manager of Inter Cars Training Department, presenting the Young HR programme. Also suppliers presented their companies. Local authorities were also present at the event, featuring the starost of Nowy Dwór, Mr Krzysztof Kapusta. In his speech he emphasised the fact that Young HR programme ideally fits the educational concept of the region. Only close cooperation with companies gives sense for vocational education. He also spoke to the students, saying that only with their commitment all these efforts can have good results. The President of Board of Managers of Inter Cars S.A., Robert Kierzek expressed his happiness with the fact that it was the school in Nowy Dwór, which joined the programme. He also emphasised that companies in cooperation with local authorities must take actions in order to improve the situation of vocational education, not paying attention to their political moods. The event in Nowy Dwór was also a small anniversary – Vocational School in Nowy Dwór

is number 10 joining the programme. At the same time it was the last opening of Regional Training Centre within the II edition of Young HR programme.

During the programme, Inter Cars S.A. delivered diagnostic devices, garage equipment and other educational materials to five schools. In total we are supporting 10 schools. During this whole time we could see that vocational education in Poland is now going through its renaissance. Huge interest of local authorities and schools is delightful. This encourages us to continue our operations and the programme. Visit us at http://szkolenia.intercars., at Young HR subpage, where you can find large photo-relations and movies from the programme. We can strongly recommend them because they clearly show the idea of the programme. All interested in cooperation within III Edition, please contact: Maciej Bobrowski Technical Trainings Department Manager Inter Cars S.A. ul. Arkuszowa 46 Warszawa tel. 669 900 761



The industry

in flashlights

Stars of Polish music stage and rewards worth over 1,500,000 PLN! Debates, meetings, presentations and many other attractions. All this was waiting for participants of sixth edition of Garage Masters’ Gala.

First Guests were interested in garage equipment exhibition which was presented for two days. You could find the exhibition of garage equipment, in mobile training rooms of Show Car and in tents put up next to the truck, the Customers could see the most modern products and solutions for a modern garage. In Karpacz there was a Polish premiere of Texa Axone 4Mini device, which surprises with its possibilities and at the same shows the direction in which the world of car diagnostics is going. Also during the Gala we presented welding garage in which our Customers could see “live” the work of welding devices and heaters made by Ideal brand, and also could find out how to open up a carwash.


For this occasion GE Department prepared lots of attractive offers, which were available only during the Gala, and for Customers who placed the biggest orders, GE prepared rewards of total value over 25,000 PLN! !

WE4 jazz band


Year by year we find out that direct meetings with customers, who can see all the available devices and tools, check them and their work in practice are the best solution available. We can see that on GE booth, besides business relations there are also friendly relations being created between the distributor and customers, who willingly share their experiences and ideas of cooperation with retail customers. Similar way of presenting the offer was adapted by one of Inter Cars S.A. strategic partners – Bosch company, which presented its current promotions, inter alia the 103% leasing offer for particular items of garage equipment. As Bosch representatives say, the exhibition met huge interest, customers ordered on the spot Bosch garage equipment from Inter Cars distribution chain, and the most often asked about leasing, air-conditioning filling stations and engine testers.

Weekend 14-16 June – Garage Masters’ Gala. Like last year, also this year we were present in Gołębiewski Hotel in Karpacz. Gala participants started coming on Friday afternoon, in order to take opportunity of all attractions. Traditionally the Gala was preceded by a debate, which was participated by Customers - representatives of independent garages, Suppliers and representatives of Inter Cars Management Board. The main topic was “Future of Polish motorization and the market of garage services in Poland”. The content of the talks and questions was made more interesting by our experts, Alfred Franke, the Chairman of Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturers and Distributors Association and at the same time representative of automotive webpage, and Tadeusz Kunca from Motodata company, who both quoted statistic data and surveys and explained to all guests how does car fleet look like now in Poland and the structure of independent garages. Also the topics of education of young mechanics, the future of the industry and the direction of its further development were hotly disputed. Possibility of increasing the price of working hours and how essential is the image of the garage among its customers were another topics for discussion. Of course the Internet was a part of discussion about the future of the industry, and possibility of using it for garage purposes. The first day was ended with WE4 jazz band concert, which presented jazz arrangements of many well known songs. It is also worth noticing that one of band members was former Board Member Wojciech Milewski, who stayed within Inter Cars company till June this year, because now he decided to make a career move in other areas of business. At the end of the concert Wojciech Milewski got warm thanks for many years of cooperation with Board of Inter Cars.


Day full of attractions Saturday turned out to be a very attractive day. Just after breakfast our Guests could take part in business meetings at the booths of Suppliers and also participate in many trainings organized by our company. We have presented project and many other.

Multimedia kiosks were available for the guests, showing information about the Gala, e.g. rewards, attractions and exhibition descriptions. Thanks to touch-screens Customers could choose which information thay wanted to see. The screens had also card readers, thanks to which the Customers could register their participation in the contest.

Castrol Company also prepared extra attractions, Arena Race, during which the Guests could use several simulators, RC cars and Pit Stop. Par ticipants could win many

interesting rewards, such as a balloon flight. At the time when some guests took part in business presentations, other ones take advantage of other numerous attractions. Similar to Friday, Gala participants were awaited by Show Car, Arena Race Castrol and Balloon flights. Ladies could take part in school of good style led by Agnieszka Martyna Ross, and VIP Club members could relax in hotel SPA.

GRAND FINALE This moment was awaited by all guests. Garage Masters’ Gala is a great event meant to reward the most active customers of Inter Cars S.A. That is why the event was not worse as any other event of this kind in Poland. Gala is a great Show with great artists, as hosts of the show there were Patricia Kazadi and Radosław Grześkowiak. Besides being the host, Patricia also sang her songs from her albums, heating the public to leave their tables and move closer to the stage and dance.

The presence of two stars of Polish motor sports was also very interesting. Krzysztof Hołowczyc, well known to everyone, said in a couple of words about his adventures and plans regarding Dakar, and together with Maciej Wisławski, the co-driver and pilot, they told us several funny anecdotes from the nineties, when they got trophies and won races together. After their show lots of people stood in a long queue to take a photo with famous racers.


CURRENT EVENTS But this was just a part of this interesting evening. The culmination point of the Gala was of course rewarding the prizes in Great Race promotion. The rewards were handed in by representatives of the Board and Krzysztof Hołowczyc. The winners are:


1. Goluch Service Merc Sebastian Goluch a car Skoda Octavia III

During the Gala 12 Customers were rewarded with Skoda cars, and some of them also got cash rewards.

2. Auto ABC Sp. z o.o. a car Skoda Rapid

There were also special rewards, which went to the following people: The main reward – Skoda Octavia Liftback RS went to Apport Logistyka Sp. z o.o., A reward founded by Bosch Company – Skoda Octavia III Liftback went to: NASTAPOL. A –

reward founded by Castrol Skoda Octavia III Liftback went

Sebastian Goluch, Goluch Service Merc I place in passenger market. Our garage deals in selling and repairing Mercedes cars. Besides passenger cars, we are also specialising in busses and Sprinters. We have been trying to get the best place, but till the very end nothing was clear. That is why the reward came to us at the last moment. It is very pleasant to be the winner. The Gala itself was on a very high level. Keep it this way!

to Andrzej Baumgart Mechanika i Elektromech. Pojazdowa. There were also 3 other winner, who got rewards worth in total 10,000 PLN. The great finale was finished with KORA concert, during which our guests had great fun. Kora Jackowska with her band sang songs from Maanam discography, as well as some new songs being prepared for her new record. Some of the arrangements were only acoustic, but they lost nothing of their power and energy. We want to thank all Garage Masters’ Gala participants for having great fun with us. We hope that experiences and memories will stay in your minds for a long time.

Full list to be found at:

3. Mechanika i Elektromech. Pojazdowa Ryszard Prais a car Skoda Fabia


1. Auto-Części Grajk Grażyna Sarbinowska a car Skoda Octavia III 2. A.C.D. CARS SC Remigiusz i Tomasz Dagil a car Skoda Rapid 3. Inter Auto Tomasz Bucior a car Skoda Fabia


1. Tircars Mariusz Chorąży I Wspólnicy Sp. J. a car Skoda Octavia III 2. Przeds. Wielobranżowe „Ro-Ja-Trans Sp. z o.o. a car Skoda Rapid 3. Auto-Matunin Sp. z o.o. a car Skoda Fabia

Marek Jurkitewicz, TIRCARS I place in category: shop with garaże and transport company of CV market. We are happy to have the first place in this category, because it was the most difficult of all. This makes our success even bigger. Rewarding ceremony was very emotional, but when I was standing on the stage I was much calmer than before. Last year we were collecting the reward for 6th place. This result mobilized us this year to fight for the 1st place.

Grażyna Sabrinowska, Auto – Części Grajka I place in category: passenger market shop with a garage. From the very beginning of the race we have been fighting for this result. During the whole promotion we had everything under control. I am very happy with the result gained by my company.

Main prize collected! The winner of lottery, which took place during Gala was Cezary Oliszewski, APPORT company owner. The winner collected the car in Logistic Centre of Inter Cars in Kajetany, accompanied by Damian Kostro, Regional Sales Manager. Replying the question about his reaction when he found out to be the winner of Skoda Octavia Combi RS, he replied – I remember this moment very well. Exactly at 1 p.m. on Monday after Gala Konrad Birkos from Inter Cars Marketing Services called me and gave me this information. Because I left Karpacz not being aware of the winning, the surprise was even bigger for me. The Gala itself, Cezary


Oliszewski rememebers very well. - I was first time at Gala, before my wife or my partner represented the company. The event was organized on the highest possible level, and was much different from everything what is organized by other companies in the industry. You could see big commitment of the Customers, many people are really waiting for this event. Generally it is a very interesting one. More information about APPORT company to be found on page 28.


50 50

Cross word


On the occasion of 50th anniversary issue, we have prepared a contest with 50 interesting rewards. The rules are simple, you need to finish a sentence beginning with the words „Wiadomości are…”. The end of the sentence is a result of crosswords and puzzle. The answers, that is a full sentence, send with your contact details send by e-mail to:, or by post with “50 na 50” on the envelope to: Editing Team Wiadomości IC Inter Cars SA ul. Gdańska 15, 05-152 Czosnów We are awaiting your replies till 15.09.2013. Rewards with IC Wiadomości logo will go to first 50 who send us the correct answers.


2 3 4 5 6 7 8



1. Country in which there was first foreign branch of Inter Cars . 2. Logistic centre which was described in Wiadomości IC no 25. 3. Sword being on the cover of Wiadomości IC no 29.

4. Popular boxer, who was on one of the covers and also took part in IC EXPO. 5. A car in which Maciej Oleksowicz started his racing career. 6. One but last in each issue of Wiadomości – Moto…


7. The name of the driver who drifts in a very not typical way. Often described in Wiadomości IC 8. Motorization event described many times in Wiadomości IC in 2009-2010, 2013. Special…

+cji o

„… Apostolskie” się + tych czy … From cross word

From pictures

9. One of the main projects if Inter Cars S.A., which was forst presented in Wiadomości no 32.




The biggest problems of garages Motofocus performed a survey, among its readers, the aim of which was pointing out the most important problems for garages. rages, the most important problem is still smaller number of customers. 35.1% of reThe crisis and economic slowdown are to- spondents pointed out this answer. The repics very often soon on the news. Do tho- presentatives of the garages agree that there se information reflect in the real life? The could always be more customers. It is hard survey conducted by, at the to say how big is the decrease in number of beginning of second quarter was supposed customers caused by worse economic situto check what are the biggest problems for ation, and how many of them left because garages at this moment in our country. of bigger competition between the garages. Over 16% of respondents pointed out smalThe results of the survey show that for ga- ler profit, which for sure influence operations of the company. It also has influence on next pointed in the survey problem, that is lack of own funds for development. On the time of worse economic situation it is important to develop the business no matter what, in order to be ready to serve bigger number of customers when the situation changes.


What is going on in the industry?

FOTA registers a bankruptcy petition

June 29th 2013 The Board of Fota S.A. informed about registering a petition for bankruptcy with possibility of saving contract.

As we can read in official communicate, the decision about registering the petition is a result of lack of cooperation agreement between the Company and banks financing it. Since 24th May 2013 Foat S.A. is under negotiations with all banks. In the opinion of the Board it is possible to obtain a stand-still with financing banks in the coming days. 4th July, the company publishes an open letter to its Customers, in which it assures about coming back to regular deliveries.


High in the rank was also answer about lack of qualified workers. 12.5% of respondents chose it. So as we can see the problem of training of mechanics is still very serious, and despite high unemployment rate it is hard to find a good specialist. Trainings are

expensive, and garage owners lack funds for development. In one of our articles we are suggesting the way to secure investment in training an employee. The problem of over 11% of respondents is an increased competition of other garages. Such situation can partly be a cause of the problem of smaller number of customers.

2.5% OF RESPONDENTS SAID THAT THEY HAVE CURRENTLY NO PROBLEMS Our survey was conducted in the middle of second quarter, that is the moment when drivers rushed to the garages to repair their cars. Despite this, this rapid increase of visits in garages did not influence the opinion of our readers, who remembering the first worse quarter, still pointed at smaller number of customers as their biggest problem.

CURRENT EVENTS bikes, customs and everything connected somehow with American motorization. You could see and touch them all and even sit at the steering wheel of some of them. Such makes as Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Lincoln, Hummer or Ford F-150 with powerful engines were a part of American fleet. The most interesting models were rewarded by expo organizers. This year 106 cars from all over Poland, a record, because it is just II edition of this event, came to be presented. Special thanks for Tomek Truchela from Zamość branch for his dedication to preparation of the booth.


II Gathering of American Cars For the second time now, Hrubieszów nearby Zamość changed into an American Town. It was not a result of dramatic military actions, but invasion of overseas cars. On 25-26 May 2013, the II Gathering of American Cars took place in premises of OSIR Hrubieszów, in a picturesque area of parks. “Hot America” in cooperation with Zamość branch did not miss this event. We participated in this event emphasising the fact of existence of Inter Cars in this segment of aftermarket spare parts. Our colourful booth “Hot America” was located next

Piotr Suski

to the stage and a muscle DODGE RAM from MOPAR company (I place in Pickup Category of the gathering). The gathering itself was an automotive event which is really prestigious for this region of Poland. Lots of fans and owners of American Cars came to this event, not only from Zamość and surrounding area, but also from all over Poland. During this two-day meeting we could observe great American road cruisers, fascinating, huge, with powerful engines, full of chrome and with perfect look. There were also cars with very long history, such as, e.g.: Chevrolet BelAir from 1958, but also many younger, modern cars, e.g. Chrysler 300C and muscle cars and


The basic source of information for our customers, besides contact with sales representatives, are Wiadomości IC and web services of Inter Cars Group. It is worth remembering that there are also other publications prepared for particular issues. Here are some of them:

EXPO NEWS The next issue of Wiadomości IC will be completely devoted to 13th Inter Cars EXPO, which will take place on Bemowo Airport in Warsaw, on 6-8 September. You will find there the description of all suppliers’ booths, the plan of the fair, descriptions of attractions and the program.

GARAGE EQUIPMENT CATALOGUE A quarterly magazine presenting current offer of GE Department. June issue is 100 pages with information necessary in every garage for the owner. Because of summer season, a large part of the catalogue presents air-conditioning service stations. Paper copy of the catalogue is available in all branches and in electronic form at

ACCESSORIES OFFER In June you will find the latest short catalogue of accessories for “summer 2013”. It is a 16-page brochure with the most popular products, necessary for every driver in the summer. Moreover you can get e-mail newsletter with summer offer of accessories. If you want to get the newsletter please send an e-mail to:

TRUCK PUBLICATIONS Inter Truck is a quarterly magazine for garage owners whose garages perform repairs on trucks and busses. Truck Offer is a quarterly magazine in which, besides basic trade information, we are putting emphasis on spare parts for complete truck systems. In the part of Truck Market you can also find more information about Truck-teQ Catalogue on page 47. Truck customers will also be interested to know that Cargo Parts catalogue will be available in branches before the EXPO. This way you will be able to find out more about the offer before the Fair.

PROMOTION NEWSLETTER Supporters of only e-communication will be pleased to find the new form of Newsletter, which includes information about current promotions and the most up-to-date ones. We strongly recommend checking conditions regarding used batteries, and many other very attractive offers. Newsletter is delivered to you via mail. Also available at www.intercars. on subpage Company Publications / promotion newsletter.

More about all publications and publication archive to be found at: COMPANY PUBLICATIONS




in the region

Operations of Inter Cars Branch in Wodzisław was noticed by local authorities and this establishes our strong position in local market. Katarzyna Pawlik

Szymon Kuglarz, Branch Manager in Wodzisław Śląski and Piotr Hampel, Director of Rybnik Group were rewarded in the contest for “Local Entrepreneurship Leader” organized by association of crafts and other activities, Local Authorities and Town hall of Wodzisław Śląski. The contest has been performed for 12 years now and is very well known and prestigious on the local market.

This year 8 companies were laureates. The aim of the contest is improving the image of companies and promotion of ethical business, understood as a set of norms of honest business activities and practises in relations with clients, co-workers, contractors, employees, partners and local community and authorities.

Set towards Gdynia

Małgorzata Czaus

5th May 2013 Show Car accompanied by bikes parade went through main streets of Gdynia, leaving behind unforgettable impression. Sound of engines combined with visualization of the truck wake up spontaneous reactions of passers by.

Truly motorization show was a perfect opening of the whole week of trainings performed on board of mobile training room, which this time got to Gdynia. Expo booths located next to Show Car, the Customers could participate in consultations with diagnostic specialists and also find out more about the most modern offer of garage equipment. There were also legendary Triumph bikes with “Helmet Testing Centre”. Thanks to this the Customers got a chance to try on, test and decide between 70 different types of helmets. Contests performed during the meeting gave a possibility of winning numerous rewards, e.g. two


garage lifts. Show Car in Gdynia was visited by 200 nearly people. This year it has been a second meeting in this area. In March trainings in Starogard Gdański turned out to be a real success, filling completely the training rooms. Visit our webpage www.szkolenia.intercars. and, where you can find the current list of trainings organized by Inter Cars S.A. on the territory of Poland.

From the left: Staroist Wodzisławski Tadeusz Skatuła, Piotr Hampel, Szymon Kuglarz and City President of Wodzisław Śląski Mieczysław Kieca.

The reward was given to our branch for engagement in constant development, performing activities in line with set goals, top quality of delivered services and also for active participation in local social life.


More online

Inter Cars IT specialists work all the time to make more and more information about the company available online. They are also working on solutions which are to be more user friendly.

IT Division have just launched new webpage www. You can find there information about distribution chain and about products dedicated for industrial customers. There are also special offers and promotions.

Also new ILS LTD company, logistic department separated from Inter Cars structures, launched a new webpage There you can find information about services offered by the company, e.g. logistic services, stocking, domestic and international transport.

Moreover we are constantly developing, especially catalogue. The changes are e.g. introducing horizontal view, icons in subgroups and animated menu. We are also working on ne Tools Search-engine (Choose the right special tools for your car). We hope that new form will make it easier for you to find goods for your cars.

It is also worth visiting New subpage of Management Academy, where you can find information about project co-financed from programme of Human Capital 2007-2013, moreover you can see movies and photos about Young HR programme.




CURRENT EVENTS M a r i o M i l ko v i c

Croatia for the 4th time! First weekend of June, Croatian Branch of Inter Cars traditionally organized a Fair, which year by year is getting bigger. The EXPO took place in a well known conference centre in Zgreb, Hypo Center. Numerous exhibitors presented their products and responded all questions of our guests. Besides products, the exhibitors also made product presentations about modern innovative solutions in automotive industry. All presentations were shown in mobile training room of Show Car, which came especially for this event from Poland. Besides Show Car Truck Tractor – Freightliner Coronado, which is an attraction itself, the participants could also see Chevrolet Malibu. This 1000 horse power racing car belongs to Auto Club Sputnik, which is proudly sponsored by Inter Cars Croatia.

Singing and dancing we finished the third edition of Inter Cars EXPO in Croatia. Just like previous years we were positively surprised with rich programme and number of visitors. That is why we cannot wait to be surprised by another edition of this event.

Besides business meetings and motorization experiences, expo Visitors were awaited by lots of attractions, such as Thai Message, Body Painting or contests with interesting rewards.

Inter Cars EXPO in Europe

After Croatia, Romania and Ukraine, Inter Cars EXPO will also take place in two southern branches: 14th September – inter Cars Slovakia Internal Fair, Liptovsky Mikulas, High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia 20th September – Inter Cars Czech Republic Internal Fair, Prague, Czech Rep

The party lasted during late at night and was finished with two concerts. But the most impressive was belly dancing show, which gave a bit of spice for the evening event.

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New branch in Radom

At 3 Wolanowska street, second branch in Radom started operating. The premises are located by the main road leaving towards Piotrków Trybunalski and Łódź (road 12), and at the same time it is 100m away from E77 Kraków-Warsaw-Gdańsk. The total area is 850m2 with 700m2 of warehouse. The branch employs 20 people, the car park can take up to 30 cars. In branch at 18 Kusocińskiego street the sales is performed with no changes. Address: ul. Wolanowska 3, 26-600 Radom Opening Hours: Mon, Fri.: 8:00-18:00 Sat.: 8:00-14:00 We want to inform that Inter Cars S.A. currently has 156 branches in Poland, including 3 branches with industrial goods, 6 with parts for busses and 6 with motorbike profile.


Care for environment & your discount IC PREMIA PLUS prepared especially for Customers of Inter Cars S.A. a proposition of obtaining additional discount for purchasing batteries. If you are buying batteries from Inter Cars S.A. with an invoice (wholesale customers) and you do not know what to do with used batteries, come to the nearest branch. Thanks to special program, we have combined ecological matters with measurable

profits for our customers. For each 1kg of battery our customers will get 200 points IC PREMIA Plus, which will be automatically added to your account. Points can be gathered not only for used batteries, but also for normal purchases and

bonus purchases. The points influence additional discounts when purchasing from Inter Cars S.A. – it is enough to change the points to a purchase voucher to pay for goods in Inter Cars S.A. distribution chain. If you still do not have an IC Premia Plus account, visit and just fill in an application form.



Przykład przeliczenia:

1 kg = 200 punktów


= 3360 pkt. IC Premia Plus

Za każdy kilogram zużytych akumulatorów przyznajemy punkty programu IC Premia Plus. Warunkiem skorzystania z oferty jest zakup nowego akumulatora wyłącznie z fakturą VAT oraz posiadanie konta programu IC Premia Plus. Oferta jest dedykowana odbiorcom hurtowym.

S E I R E T T BAONG HIT 1 000/100 Szczegóły na


6 August

till 1 only from 8 July

, exide, 4 MAX TA R A V , H C S O B y b s voucher for pln you will get a purchasing batteri

each spent



100 pln

Rules at:

Infolinia 801 80 20 20


Wiadomosci 50en