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S/S 2023

Young Contemporary Women’s Trend Toolkit POWERED BY: Ron Lach, Pexels

The Renewal

Consumer Driver The ever-changing nature of the pandemic has caused the consumer perception of brands, products and experiences to shift, redefining global consumption and priorities. Whether it be returning to the office or socializing with friends, the need for human interaction will motivate a return to normality. After nearly two long years of disruption focusing on the likes of casualwear and the need for comfort, consumers will begin to unleash pent-up buying power as the demand for newness coincides with the need to dress to impress with more social freedoms outside of the home. In contrast to the reinvigorated demand for occasion dressing, workplace wardrobes will continue to be casually rooted as people continue to exist in hybrid work environments. As we settle into change and follow our happiness in 2023, the belief that things will get better, and that individuals can play an important role in driving this change, is inspiring consumers to focus on what a renewed world will look like. Community is key, so brands that enable people to connect around authentic and respectful local and global stories shared aesthetics, and values will have a stronger impact. Products and experiences that support wellness, self-care, and healing rituals will not only feel more appealing – they will also feel more necessary. As sustainability becomes a more urgent concern, brands need to ramp up their efforts to reflect customer values in their assortments, supply chains, and ways of working.

Consumer Stat


of online consumers In Metro China, France, and the

61% 78.5m

of theThe luxury outdoor market apparel segment is expected to Will be composed of Millennials and

UK, and just over half of US online

Gen Z by 2026.

adults, were concerned about the impact of climate change.

The Power House

Forester Category Stats

45% MoM

86% YoY

Platform heels

Pastel Purple

Month-on-month searches for

As our 2023 color of the year,pastel

platform heels (+45%), mini skirts and dresses (+50%), as well as lace items (+38%), all surged. Lyst


Industry Stat

purple was one of the fastest-rising colors of 2022. WGSN Instock

After years of rapid industry, technological and social acceleration, 2024 ushers in an era of realignment: with ourselves, our workplaces and the planet. Though we may chase new metaeconomies and run towards new industries, post-pandemic recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Businesses that are investing in consumer road-maps, multi-level product development testing, and social science survive the long-haul. Think fast commerce but embrace slow.” Andrea Bell, Director of Insight, WGSN

Cottonbro, Pexels


Trend Narrative In 2023, consumers will be hungry for products and experiences that bring extravagance to the everyday, and they will be expecting them in their unfiltered, full-spectrum forms. The renewed desire for simple but joyful experiences will lead us to make the most of sunny days and look for wellness in the everyday, and to express a more carefree side of ourselves through dressing. The focus is also on the mood-enhancing properties of color. Color is used in unambiguous, unapologetic and unexpected ways (dopamine brights, vibrant pastels, pink palm trees, retro florals, trippy abstracts, purple lip gloss, synthetic sunsets and sunshine tones all have a home here), and product shapes range from fluid, mercurial forms to more theatrical and extravagant designs. Textures can be super-smooth, gloopy and gummy, and prints and graphics are maximalist and memefriendly, encompassing clashing patterns, paint daubs and subversive slogans. Also explore matte and shine. Play with proportion, with oversized tops and short shorts, or fitted tops with baggy bottoms. Commerciality will be achieved via the balance of silhouette, color, details, print and texture.

Cottonbro, Pexels


Young Contemporary Women’s Trend Toolkit

Big Ideas

Tatiana Twinslol Pexels

Big Ideas

Victor VIRGILE, Getty

01 The Desert Rider


Kelly Defina, Getty

02 The Maxi Adventurer

Edward Berthelot, Getty

03 The Meta Lounger

SHannon Finney/NYFW The Shows: , Getty

04 The Grounded Escapist

Carolina McCredie, Getty

05 The Psychedelic Boheme

Randy Brooke, Getty

06 The Summer Enthusiast

VIctor VIRGILE, Getty

07 The Phygital Fanatic

01 Big idea

The Desert Rider

Oat Milk

PANTONE: 14-1208 TCX

Bay Leaf

PANTONE: 16-0430 TCX

Pink Punch

PANTONE: 17-1736 TCX

natural materials and crafted elements with a sporty aesthetic. It builds


PANTONE: 18-1027 TCX

on the success of active and loungewear in recent seasons and offers a fresh story for streetwear and outdoor-wear. Unexpected layering is key.

Unbleached Cotton

PANTONE: 11-0103 TCX

This direction takes inspiration from desert landscapes and combines

Combine rustic linens and cottons with performance-driven items that have properties such as cooling, fast-drying and UV protection, and also look at plant-based options. Non-conforming, size-inclusive silhouettes will be key for genderless collections while matching head wraps, scarves and hat/scarf hybrids will appeal to the modest consumer. Key Items: The Smart Utility Bottom, Halterneck Top, The Adventurer Short, The Upcycled Denim Jacket, Cargo Pocket Jeans, The Luxe Active Dress Key Footwear: The Lifestyle Runner, The Utility Ankle Boot

Christian Vierig, Getty

Key Details: Cooling, Fast Drying, Genderless, Non-Confirming Size Inclusive, Rustic Linens & Cottons, UV Protection Key Prints: Dried Foliage, Vintage Palm Prints, Sand Dune Stripes Key Collections: Atlal, Boyfriend, Cor-Project, Love Closely, Science, Paria Farzaneh

Moral Pietro S. D’Aprano, Victor VIRGILEGetty Getty

7 ARTHouse Studios, Pexels

02 Big idea

The Maxi Adventurer


PANTONE: 18-4834 TCX

Sweet Coral

PANTONE: 18-3949 TCX

Artisanal Red

PANTONE: 17-1663 TCX

Orange Selenite

PANTONE: 15-1333 TCX

Oat Milk

PANTONE: 15-1245 TCX

The growing interest in outdoor living continues to impact fashion ranges, creating plenty of opportunities across categories. Building on A/W's Scandi chic story, this direction offers a fresh take on leisurewear and festival styles, incorporating performance pieces with upbeat colors and prints with subtle boho-led elements. As this taps into the overarching lifestyle trend of the outdoor boom, expand into flasks, camping accessories and even frisbees, as seen at the recently launched Prada Outdoor range. Key Items: The Maximalist Outdoor Layer, The Elevated Crew, The Adventure Short, The Utility Skirt Key Footwear: The Modular Pocket Sneaker, The Recovery Slide Key Details: Crochet, Matte, Patchwork, Quilting, Rustic Knits, Shine Key Prints: Boho Led Prints, Upbeat Color

Vanni Bassetti, Getty

Key Collections: Acne Studios, Anna Sui, Dsquared2, Farm Rio, Free People, Koibird, Prada, Stella McCartney, Teva, Tory Sport Christian Vierig Getty

Kelly Defina, Getty

8 UNI, Unsplash

03 Big idea

Digital Lavender

PANTONE: 17-3930 TCX

Papaya Smoother

PANTONE: 15-1245 TCX


PANTONE: 19-1652 TCX

comforting, hygge feel, this story looks at the softer side of digital,

Vanilla Cake

PANTONE: 13-1025 TCX

interpreted via soft ombré effects and lightweight sheers. The focus is also on the mood-enhancing properties of color and light, offering

Pearl Grey

PANTONE: 14-3906 TCX

The Meta Lounger The digital cozy interiors trend infiltrates fashion. Fusing hi-tech with a

plenty of scope for marketing material and campaigns. Key Items: The Halterneck Top, The Body Suit, The Maxi Dress, Engineer Ribbed Cardigan, The Silk Camisole Key Footwear: The Soft Futuristic Sneaker, The Ballet Flat, The Textured Open-Toe Slipper Key Details: Raw Hemlines, Ribbed Construction, Sheer Paneling Key Prints: Space-Dyed Effects, Chromatic Stripes, Ombre, Rainbow Gradations

Edward Berthelot, Getty

Key Collections: Casablanca, Privacy Policy, Makara Wear, Stine Goya, Bottega Veneta

Edward berthelot,Prqaia Getty

9 Mo, Pexels

04 Big idea

The Grounded Escapist

Oat Milk

PANTONE: 14-1208 TCX


PANTONE: 16-1148 TCX

Sand Dune

PANTONE: 16-1422 TCX


PANTONE: 18-1441 TCX


PANTONE: 19-1652 TCX

The current obsession with nature shows no sign of slowing, so natural textures will continue to inspire pattern and textiles, offering a universal direction with potential to resonate globally and across market levels. Replace obvious forest textures with rock formations, rugged terrains, and mineral motifs, offering an alternative for perennials such as animal skins, florals, stripes and camos. Naturally derived colors that seem from the earth are key to feeling grounded. Key Items: Cast-Off Edge Vest, The Fluid Top, The Smart Utility Bottom, The Split Seam Short, The Wide Leg Trouser, The Elevated Crew, The Peasant Blouse Key Footwear: The Flat Sandal, The Utility Boot, The Molded Clog

Estrop, Getty

Key Details: Certified Cottons, Natural Peace Silk, Linen and Hemp. 3-D Ribbed Fabrics , Organic Composites(used for buttons and components) Active-Inspired Details Key Prints: Mineral Motifs, Rock Formations, Rugged terrains Key Collections: Teodora Oshima,

Halo Labels, Paris- and Tunisia-

Shannon Finney/NYFW: The Shows, Getty Images

based BassCoutur, and Indian label Cord

10 Tobias Bjørkli , Pexels

05 Big idea

The Psychedelic Boheme

Vintage Pink

PANTONE: 16-1710 TCX


PANTONE: 13-0942 TCX

Papaya Smoothie

PANTONE: 15-1245 TCX

Artisanal Red

PANTONE: 18-1555 TCX

Jade Green

PANTONE: 17-0210 TCX

Vibrant bohemian looks are set to pick up pace for summer collections, with the psychedelic industry set to grow in the next few years coupled with an overarching desire for hedonism and escapism. The astonishing growth of interest in resale and vintage is impacting a new aesthetic narrative, and we expect boho, in its true, free-spirited way, to make a comeback. Retro ‘70s inspired florals and feminine silhouettes fused with bold tones add a bright evolution to the ongoing nostalgic trend. Key Items:The Resort Shirt, Knitted Flare Trousers, The A Line Skirt, The Cropped Shacket, The Wrap Top, Bead Jewelry Key Footwear: The Heeled Sandal, The Strappy Flat Sandal Key Details: Lively 1970s-Inspired Prints, Quirky Knits, Dopamine Brights, Sunshine Tones, Vibrant Pastels

Victor VIRGILE, Getty

Key Prints: Retro Florals, Wallpaper Motifs, All-Over Mushrooms and Trippy Abstracts

Edward Barthelot, Getty

Key Collections: Alice McCall, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, Farm Rio, La DoubleJ, Paco Rabanne Paloma Wool 21 Carolina McCredie, Getty

11 Max Viktorovych, Pexels

06 Big idea

The Summer Enthusiast Following a period of stress, anxiety and time constrained indoors, many consumers are craving natural light, outdoor living and a romanticized idea of a carefree, endless summer. Tap into this with simple leisurewear ranges that will work from lounge to beach. Use sun-faded colors, vintage graphics and natural fibres for cut-and-sew and woven basics. The overall look is lo-fi and nostalgic, which will resonate with younger consumers who favor a less polished and more authentic aesthetic.

Summer Sunset

PANTONE: 17-1361 TCX

Pastel Lavender

PANTONE: 15-3716 TCX


PANTONE: 16-0430 TCX

Unbleached Cotton

PANTONE: 11-0103 TCX

Pink Punch

PANTONE: 17-1736 TCX

Key Items: The Shirt Dress, The Short Sleeve Shirt, Cozy Waffle Crewneck, The Adventurer Short, Knitted Trousers, Matching Sets Key Footwear: The Strappy Sport Sandal, The Flat Sandal, The Court Sneaker

Gustavo Linhares Pexels

Key Details: Lounge-to-Beach, Sun-Faded Colors, Vintage Graphics, Natural Fibers, Reversible (Two-For-One Appeal), Vintage Handwriting Key Prints: Nostalgic Stripes, Summer Themes: Sunsets, Palm Trees, and Seaside Scenes, and Feel-Good Slogans Key Collections: Koibird, Onia, Pangaia, Pio Pio

Pietro S. D’Aprano, Randy Brooke,Getty Getty

12 Scott Webb,Pexels

07 Big idea

The Phygital Fanatic The blurring of lines between physical and digital is something that consumers are getting increasingly used to and are also benefiting from. As consumers want the perks of remote working, tech-powered convenience and the excitement of exploring the metaverse while at the


PANTONE: 18-4834 TCX

Apple Mint

PANTONE: 14-6329 TCX

Wild Rose

PANTONE: 16-3118 TCX

Papaya Smoothie

PANTONE: 15-1245 TCX


PANTONE: 10-4203 TCX

same time craving IRL experiences, the sweet spot lies in the phygital, hybrid dimension, especially for Gen Z. The blending of the two worlds is also manifesting via new aesthetics, with this story merging ‘90s and ‘00s looks with a digital feel. Key Items: The Flare Trouser, The Slip Dress, The Second-Skin Top, The Matching Set, The Tie-Front Blouse Key Footwear: The ‘90s Flatform, The Pointed Party Shoe Key Details: Artificial Colors and Dyeing Techniques, Embellishment, Over-Dyeing Techniques, Vintage Inspired

Pietro S. D’Aprano, Getty

Key Prints: Digital Waves, Hypnotic Swirls, Fluid Shapes Key Collections: Collina Strada, Lisa Danbi Park's, Balmain, Diesel

Masha Popova,

VIctor VIRGILE,Prqaia Getty

13 Anni Roenkae, Pexels

Seasonal Must-Haves The Desert Rider

The Maxi Adventurer

The Meta Lounger

The Grounded Escapist

The Psychedelic Boheme

The Summer Enthusiast

The Phygital Fanatic

Sculptural Mini Skirt

The Camisole

Everyday Decadence Pant

Smart Utility Jean

The Boxi Mini

The Wrap Top

The Cropped TShirt

Structured Shoulder Bag

The ‘90s Flatform

The Hoop Set

+50% in Searches In 2022 so far

Category to Watch Based on trend-led retailers

31% YoY purchases of special-occasion items increased

Category to Watch Based on trend-led retailers

Category to Watch Based on trend-led retailers

Category to Watch Based on trend-led retailers

Category to Watch Based on trend-led retailers

Category To Watch Based on trend-led retailers

+45% in Searches In 2022 so far

Category to Watch Based on luxury retail


S/S 2023 Big Ideas

These Big Ideas sit on a spectrum ranging from Commercial to Conceptual The Maxi Adventurer

The Summer Enthusiast

The Meta Lounger

The Phygital Fanatic



The Psychedelic Boheme

The Desert Rider

The Grounded Escapist

S/S 2023 Big Ideas

Trend Checklist



Provide design solutions for consumers from all sections of society by backing volume-drivers with a broader size assortment. This will benefit the plussize market and genderless design. Consumers with a range of abilities should also be considered to address the problem of limited options in the market.

Include inclusivity!


Invest in tech to preserve craft techniques


Look to the digital world to inform your ranges


Create meaningful products that harness tech to rein in waste, through calculating precise material use. Introduce innovations in tech that can preserve artisan crafts, as well as showcase the breadth of digital design to replicate delicate materials such as lace for trims on wovens, or reworking recycled plastic filaments into cut-and-sew.

Use vintage references in a subtle way to harness the ever-growing power of nostalgia. Tap into psychedelic boho styles for festival and resort wear, and continue to back the ‘90s and ‘00s, revisited through a digital lens for the younger consumer. Explore decadent 1920’s and 1930’s references, but blend them with a futuristic feel for a new take on partywear.

Keeping products within the fashion eco-system for an extended period through resale is still a priority, but shift focus to end-of-life and work this into the design process by considering how a garment can be disassembled for easy recycling. This may involve using fewer fabric mixes and components, as well as highlighting fully detachable trims as a design feature.

Designing for disassembly for environmental impact

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