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Issue 105 November 2018


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WATCHING OUR FIGURES Australia has a long history of media integrity, across all sectors of journalism, to the extent that the nation’s newspapers and magazines are trusted sources of information and largely immune to the “fake news” phenomenon. However, that trust is becoming eroded in certain sectors by some media that are seeking to reduce costs by cutting corners on their circulations. Josanne Ryan is CEO of the Audited Media Association of Australia, the body that scrutinises and certifies the circulations of all types of media in Australia. And she has noticed that an alarming number of magazines are allowing their

memberships of the organisation to lapse, meaning that their circulation claims are unverified. Ryan says that independent research conducted for the AMAA over the last 3 years shows that agencies and marketers acknowledge that media audit and independent validation of digital data is an essential factor in building trust between ad trading partners. “Trust almost doubled for print titles that

The audit process is quite straightforward for a publication like Industry Update using the CAB metric that has been in use since 1957 to create verified distribution data, delivering credibility to the media industry. The audit verifies proof of printing followed by proof of distribution, and distribution method, to establish the average net distribution per issue. The audit looks at every issue published in the audit period, which is usually 12 months. Continued page 6

AUSTRALIAN OPENING SURPASSES GERMAN EXPECTATIONS It’s less than a year since Lapp Australia started trading, but the company has swiftly established itself in the local market, with significant penetration in sectors such as food and beverage, manufacturing, solar, sound and stage production, electrical contracting, machine building and automation. When the company was officially launched in February 2018, the investment was seen as a vote of confidence in the Australian market from one of Germany’s major suppliers of cables, interconnection and automation products. And that commitment has already paid off in the first nine months of trading.






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were audited versus non-audited,” she says.




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www.pca-aus.com.au + 61 2 9482 3733






The year of our lord 2018 has been a spectacular one on so many fronts. Australian manufacturing has continued to confound the critics with robust growth throughout the year. Industry Update Magazine has continued to buck the media trends, with more advertisers, more pages and more readers. And Industry Update Video has surpassed our wildest expectations, with hundreds of thousands of views logged on our YouTube channel. Sadly, though, on the political front we have again witnessed the pettiness of factional infighting turn the Australian Government into a laughing stock, named variously as “The Italy of the Southern Hemisphere” and a “Banana Republic”. It got to the stage that paramedics were told to avoid using the standard question “Who is the Prime Minister?” as a test for cognitive function in accident victims. It is no secret that I am a life-long Liberal voter. It is the party of small business and the party that should create an environment in which Australian industry should thrive. It should not be a party in which the blind ambition of a few is allowed to undermine the political and economic stability of the nation. We can only be thankful that, once ousted, Malcolm Turnbull withdrew immediately from politics. If only his predecessor had the good grace to do the same, Australian politics would have fostered a far more stable and business-

friendly environment. Sniping from the back-benches has never been a good look. Nor is encouraging others to revolt. The consequences of this infighting are there for all to see. The lack of consistent policy from a party that has been in power for more than five years is a major contributing factor to the high energy prices that threaten the viability of Australian industry. It is no surprise that it was disagreement on the National Energy Guarantee that was the tool used to topple Turnbull. Yet we still have no policy. Those politicians – particularly the ministers – whose personal ambitions led them to believe that a change of regime would be beneficial need to hold themselves accountable. They have brought about change for change’s sake, and in my book that can only create further instability. Finally, as another year heads towards the festive season, let us all remember the poor, the helpless, the down cast, the unhappy, the sick or those struggling with metal illness and the lonely! Remember to share your time, your cash and whatever resources you have to help your fellow citizen whether local or foreigner. Let us never forget God’s simple instructions to love one another and to treat all humanity as you would like to be treated - no exceptions! Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. [Matthew 7:12]

Although not strictly cyberespionage, the story of the Great Seal Bug (aka The Thing), to which I alluded in an earlier editorial, holds many lessons that are still of relevance to today’s security landscape. The bug in question was a large wooden carving of the Great Seal of the United States that was presented to the US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, W Averell Harriman, by a delegation from the Young Pioneer organisation of the Soviet Union on 4th August 1945, as a "gesture of friendship" to the USSR's war ally. The seal hung in the ambassador's Moscow residential study for almost seven years, until it was exposed in 1952. The wooden body of the carving concealed a passive listening device comprising a tiny capacitive membrane connected to a small quarterwavelength antenna. With no active components, the device only became active when a radio signal of the correct frequency was received from an external transmitter. In operation, the sound waves of nearby conversations would cause the membrane to vibrate, varying the capacitance presented to the antenna. The radio signal from the external

transmitter would then be modulated by the capacitance changes and reflected back to the external source. A receiver would then demodulate the signal so that sound picked up by the microphone could be heard, just as an ordinary radio receiver demodulates radio signals and outputs sound. The passive nature of the design made it undetectable by conventional means, which led to its successful use for almost seven years. It was only when a radio operator at the British embassy overheard American conversations on an open radio channel that it was suspected there might be a bug. And then it took several weeks of investigation before it was discovered hidden in the carving of the Great Seal. Quite simply, the technology of The Thing was way ahead of the ability of the Americans to detect it in much the same way that cyber attacks today can go undetected until the damage is done. And who was the genius that came up with the design of The Thing? It was none other than Léon Theremin, who is better known for the eponymous electronic musical instrument.

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Continued from cover

Continued from cover

According to Industry Update Publisher Scott Filby, far from being an imposition, a CAB audit is a positive benefit to a magazine. “Quite apart from verifying our circulation and readership,” says Filby, “it’s a valuable exercise that proves that our printing and distribution processes are working properly and that Industry Update is actually getting to everyone that wants it.”

According to Lapp Australia General Manager Simon Pullinger, business volumes have far exceeded first year expectations, with numbers of direct customer 40% above plan, monthly sales orders 35% above plan and overall revenue 45% above the plan.

“If we really wanted to save money, the biggest expenses for any magazine are the printing and distribution costs. So it would be easy to print a few thousand fewer magazines and make substantial savings.” “However, as a member of the AMAA, we can’t go making false statements. So, when we say that we have a circulation of 19,030, that is the figure that has been verified by the AMAA.” The final word has to go to AMAA CEO Josanne Ryan, who says: “Advertisers need to push for validated data from media, whether it be audited print or digital data and to preference media proprietors who commit to the transparency of audit.”

Says Pullinger: “Although Lapp products have been in the Australian market for more than 30 years through the distribution network, setting up an Australian subsidiary has bridged the huge geographical distance of bringing the latest innovations from Germany to Australian customers far faster than before. And this has been really well received by the local market.” And that local market has expanded faster than even Pullinger expected. He says: “The year-one plan was to establish our position in the East Coast. But as we’ve grown so rapidly, the increasing brand awareness of Lapp’s products means we are now supplying customers across all of Australia. “Customers can deal with us by phone, email, live chat or simply buy online through lappaustralia.com.au. The website makes it easy for customers to

buy online, access datasheets and pay via PayPal! And our freight partners ensure that all customers experience the same service, regardless of where they are in Australia.” Location helps, though. Lapp made its Australian home at a purpose-built 3100m2 premises at Eastern Creek, the fast-growing distribution hub of Western Sydney, with direct access to all major roads and links to the airport and Port Botany. Starting with around 1000 stocked lines, the Lapp Australia HQ now houses more than 1500 product lines – a number that will grow beyond 2000 in the second year. It also houses some impressive machinery, giving it the ability to supply a variety of different cable types up to 37mm diameter ready cut and finished to precise lengths. This, combined with the speed and flexibility of the Lapp Group logistics centre in Germany means that Australian customers have access to 40,000 Lapp products with lead times of 1-2 weeks from receipt of order. The location has led to some interesting incidents that have left the folk

at Lapp Group in Germany scratching their heads. “Along with many customers who call in to pick up orders, we’ve had a few unusual visitors to the warehouse,” says Pullinger. “We’ve had an owl taking up residence for an evening on top of the cable racking, a couple of snakes chasing lizards into the warehouse, a turtle and several kangaroos.” Nevertheless, Lapp Australia continues to grow. The initial sales, technical, customer service, logistics and marketing team of six has now grown to ten, with further recruitment planned. And while the company continues to perform ahead of its plan, it seems that Lapp Group’s vote of confidence in Australian industry was not misplaced.

Lapp Australia 1800 931 559 www.lappaustralia.com.au

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Working alongside you to help build a better future At St.George we have a long, proud history of helping people, families and businesses to build a better future. We appreciate your business is unique. Our team of Manufacturing and Wholesale specialists are dedicated to delivering solutions that are specific to your business needs.

If you’re ready to fire up your business, talk to us today. Matthew Kelly Head of Manufacturing & Wholesale

Manufacturing & Wholesale

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stgeorge.com.au/manufacturing Things you should know: Credit criteria applies. Terms and conditions of products available on request. St.George – A Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714. STG 01757 10/18


RESEARCH, INDUSTRY AND BANKING UNITE FOR MANUFACTURING SECTOR St.George Banking Group, UNSW Sydney and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) are teaming up to advance Australian research and accelerate the introduction and commercialisation of new manufacturing technologies. The alliance brings together three different strands of the national economy - research, industry and banking – in a concerted effort to help Australia unlock its competitive edge in manufacturing, easing the transition to the digital age to enable manufacturers to build their businesses and compete globally. According to AMCG State Director Michael Sharpe: “To improve our country’s innovation and competitiveness, manufacturers need to

become highly integrated, collaborative and export-focused so we can provide high-value, customised solutions to global supply chains. “This complementary partnership will forge the industry ahead by helping manufacturers to think more laterally about how they can use the latest technology to scale their businesses and seek new opportunities both onshore and overseas.” Matthew Kelly, Head of Manufacturing and Wholesale at St.George reinforced the global focus of the collaboration, saying: “Manufacturing is an export-focused industry, and digitisation, data, automation and new materials are driving the re-emergence of manufacturing in Australia.


Prof Gangadhara Prusty, Matthew Kelly and Michael Sharpe join with Patrick Mooney from UNSW

“Our customers are forwardthinking and want to tap into research to differentiate their businesses and make their processes more efficient, such as using real-time data to drive better decision making.


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“We have a very clear understanding of Australia’s potential in this sector, which is why St.George is backing manufacturers for the long-term through this partnership and other initiatives.” Professor Gangadhara Prusty is Director of the ARC Centre for Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites at UNSW. He says that the new initiative will both open up access to Australia’s most advanced manufacturing facilities and provide new avenues for funding. “This partnership will enable St.George customers and AMGC members to leverage technologies developed at UNSW and take advantage of the university’s skills and

expertise in the engineering field,” said Prof Prusty. “Using advanced manufacturing automation and innovative material solutions, we can assist potential partners in solving their real world engineering challenges. We are excited to collaborate with new industry partners to ensure Australian manufacturing remains competitive in the global market.” One of the first St.George manufacturing customers to benefit from the new partnership is NSW-based Tacca Industries. “St.George has been backing us for years so we’re thrilled to be connected to UNSW and the AMGC to see how we can benefit from cutting-edge research and drive even greater efficiencies and scalability across our family’s business,” says company director Clem Tacca.




The growth of the manufacturing sector continued through October 2018, with the Ai Group’s Performance of Manufacturing Index holding firm at 58.3, just a tick below September’s rating of 59. The 25th consecutive month of PMI ratings above 50 (indicating growth) comes with further encouraging indicators for continued growth. Announcing the figures, Ai Group Chief Executive Innes Willox said: "The strength of Australia's manufacturing sector continued into October with production, domestic sales and new orders all growing at encouraging rates. “Employment also lifted – although at a slower pace than in September,” Willox continued. “The positive conditions extend widely across this very diverse sector of the economy with food & beverages – the largest manufacturing sub-sector – leading the way in October.” All the activity subindexes in the Australian PMI expanded during October, with production (61.6), supplier deliveries (60.9) and sales (59.9) the biggest performers. New orders and exports were both slightly reduced but both remained in strong positive territory at 58.8 and 55.1, respectively. After a worryingly high trend, the input prices subindex eased to 72.8 in October, reflecting increases in


energy costs and prices of imported components due to the softening Aussie dollar. Said Willox: “Uncertainties hanging over energy prices and energy policy continue to cloud the medium and longer-term outlook – particularly for the more energy-intensive segments of the industry. The economic uncertainty is also impacted by drought, global trade disputes, the fluctuating dollar, declining consumer sentiment, fallout from the Royal Commission on lending and the looming Federal election." The one unfortunate casualty of these conditions appears to be the machinery and equipment sector, where the index fell to 49.4 points in October. Companies in the sector reported that recent rises in input costs due to the lower Australian dollar, plus lower sales in rural areas of Queensland and New South Wales due to the drought. However, the Australian PMI report does highlight the fact that the machinery and equipment sector produced $4.3 billion in real value-added output in Q2 2018 (representing 17% of manufacturing as a whole). Furthermore, the sector employed 192,000 people in August 2018, representing 21% of all manufacturing employment.





Matthew Kelly

“Our free research and development review provides customers with information to access potentially millions of dollars in grants to support and grow their business,” says Kelly. St.George is also an important conduit between businesses and partnership opportunities. Manufacturing has long played a major role in the Australian economy, and as we transition from traditional to advanced manufacturing, St.George Bank continues to play a lead role. “We are committed to supporting manufacturers and wholesalers to continue to build our state, and Australia,” says Matthew Kelly, Executive Manager Manufacturing & Wholesale. “Our mission is to help the manufacturing industry throughout their entire production and life cycle. But, we’re not just about banking. We’re an advocate for our local manufacturing and wholesale industry,” says Kelly. “We want every business to grow and thrive, and so in addition to our extensive banking support we provide a range of programmes and partnerships to back businesses to do so.” St.George prides itself on standalone in-depth understanding of the manufacturing and wholesale industry. “We’ve supported the industry for a long time, and we’re in touch when it comes to manufacturing and wholesale, particularly as the sector transitions from more traditional to advanced manufacturing methods,” says Kelly. “Every business, from the small to large organisations we support, is unique, and so, the way we work with them is tailored to them; designed to support their needs, to the changing needs of the local industry and to the challenges of the industry as a whole. 10


“We have a team of specialist bankers with an extensive working knowledge of the industry. We take the time to get to know our customers’ businesses, share our insights and offer a range of innovative banking products to help businesses grow.” St.George provides a deep understanding of the supply chain, working capital insights, and tools to help manage foreign exchange and interest rate movements. It also provides information to support investment in innovation technology and business growth, and sharing global trends to help customers stay at the top of their market. In an increasingly competitive environment, the team is focused on supporting each business and its capabilities. “Manufacturing and wholesale businesses operate in a constantly evolving world and management of commodity and currency volatility is essential to maintain profitability in our global economy,” says Matthew Kelly. “Whether you mix chemicals, bend metals or produce scientific equipment, the industry must remain at the forefront of technological innovation, workflow management and expanding staff expertise to ensure customers are happy.” Kelly says it’s important the businesses have someone that understands their needs.

“We’re proud to be the industry’s advocate and we’re dedicated to adding value through more than just our everyday banking support.” Finding out exactly what each St.George customer needs is down to the bank’s relationship managers. They simply ask the right questions.

“We have developed partnerships with leading tertiary institutions, industry bodies including the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, to support our customers to gain awareness of government grants and to support their innovation aspirations,” says Kelly.

“We listen to what manufacturing businesses want to enable them to be successful and sustainable and we are now an important conduit between these businesses and the support they need,” says Kelly.

“In addition, our customers told us they wanted more information and education on staff and staff training, and so, we partnered with TAFE to develop a training programme to do so.”

“We’re continually working on a variety of partnerships and programmes to go above and beyond to ensure the manufacturing and wholesale industry continues to thrive.”

And the introductions don’t stop there.

Programmes to drive operational efficiencies have resulted in significant cost savings for many St.George customers. “We conduct business reviews to identify opportunities throughout our customer’s value chain to advise on managing working capital and minimising energy costs, and we’ve had great success,” says Kelly. “We’ve stripped substantial amounts out of current manufacturing costs and identified potential cost savings as a result of our energy reviews. These are significant savings for these businesses.” To enhance business growth, St.George helps businesses to identify grant opportunities.

“We are an industry bank that works closely with our manufacturing and wholesale customers, and because of this, we can identify potential partnership opportunities between our customers,” says Kelly. “We connect businesses and support them to work together. We create opportunities for them.” Working with business banking professionals who have a strong working knowledge of manufacturing and wholesale can make the difference in the day-to-day running and future of any manufacturing business.

St.George Bank www.stgeorge.com.au/manufacturing


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By Hon Karen Andrews MP

Last month, I visited the state of the art Clayton precinct of Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO in Melbourne. This is one of CSIRO’s largest sites, with 1200 of Australia’s best and brightest researchers working there. Much of CSIRO’s manufacturing, engineering and biomedical research takes place at the Clayton site, focusing on delivering bespoke technology solutions for the manufacturing industry. The Coalition Government recognises that advanced manufacturing is key to Australia’s future economic success. Facilities like this are giving our manufacturers a unique edge to compete on the global stage. At Clayton, I spent much of my time at the $6 million Lab 22 Innovation Centre, which is CSIRO’s 3D printing facility. 3D printing – or additive manufacturing – has huge advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. For example, it reduces waste material, speeds up the product development and test phase, allows for product customisation, and provides the ability to make more complex parts. CSIRO’s Lab 22 is making metal additive manufacturing more accessible for Australian businesses, enabling them to innovate with less capital investment risk – one of the major barriers to adopting 3D metal printing. This is particularly valuable for small and medium businesses wanting to develop prototypes for innovative products without having to purchase expensive high tech equipment.

The Coalition Government is investing in cutting-edge methods like those in the 3D printing facility through our $47.5 million Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund, established in the 2017-18 Budget as part of a $100 million package to support advanced manufacturing. During my tour of Lab 22, I was also shown a sand mould of a car engine block. It’s one of many things the team there have experience in with 3D printing. They had been approached by Sydney company Vintage Restoration Management to help painstakingly restore a 1914 Delage Type S (a French race car), on behalf of its owner. The Delage was a revolutionary racing car for its time, and this one was the only one left in the world. The team used its 3D sand printer to create a mould of the engine block, which later had cast iron poured into it to make a casting, and the last-surviving 1914 GP Delage was back on the road! I also had the chance to see the cast of a 3D printed titanium heel that had been developed by CSIRO in partnership with Victorian biotech company Anatomics and St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. The heel itself had been used in worldfirst surgery to assist a Victorian patient with heel bone cancer. In fact, it had taken just two weeks from Lab 22 getting a call about the emergency to the surgery being conducted, showing how 3D printing can be used to quickly produce customised biomedical products.

There were many other world-class facilities that I visited during my tour of CSIRO’s Clayton precinct. I saw the Floworks Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry, which is a pilot scale facility that develops safe, efficient and reliable flow chemistry processes for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors. I also visited the Rapid Automated Materials and Processing Centre, which uses automation, robotics and experimental design to help research and industry partners undertake materials research. And I saw the Recombinant Protein Production Facility, which assists researchers to obtain sufficient material for clinical trials, thereby helping to catalyse innovation in the Australian biomedical sector. These are all fantastic examples of CSIRO’s innovation expertise, and the potential for researchers and industry to partner to support Australia’s manufacturing sector, and ultimately create more jobs and ongoing economic growth. There is much cause for optimism in this regard when it comes to Australia’s manufacturing sector. Under the Coalition more than 93,000 new manufacturing jobs were created in the 12 months to August 2018, bringing the total number of people directly employed in Australia’s manufacturing sector to 978,000. This is an 11 per cent increase compared to a year ago, and brings national manufacturing employment to its highest level since 2010. Lead indicators are also showing positive signs. In September, the Ai Group’s

Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index stood at 59 points. This means under the Coalition Government there has now been a full two years of uninterrupted growth in the manufacturing sector, which is experiencing its longest consecutive stretch of gains since 2005. This is very positive news, and it is essential that we continue to nurture the industry research partnerships that will drive the future growth of advanced manufacturing in this country. CSIRO Clayton forms part of the Australian Manufacturing and Materials Precinct – a hub for industry and researchbased organisations to connect, collaborate and focus on translating research outcomes to industry. The precinct is home to a massive 40 per cent of Victoria’s manufacturing companies, as well as Monash University, the Australian Synchrotron and the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication. Along with the Coalition Government’s investments in the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre and the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre, this is connecting our world-class research organisations to industry, and driving the global competitiveness of our manufacturing sector. I am very excited about these and many other amazing initiatives and am committed to working with our manufacturers as they continue to transition, and create new jobs and opportunities for all Australians.

The restored 1914 Delage Type S [Photo: Phil Guilfoyle, Vintage Restoration Management]



The Hon Karen Andrews MP is the Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.




By Senator Kim Carr

Last month, the Industry, Science and Technology Minister, Karen Andrews, made an announcement that indicates a belated change of mind by the Government. The minister unveiled a $5 million programme to encourage graduate engineers to work in Australia’s automotive sector. Under the programme, engineers will be asked to submit research proposals and the best of these will receive funding. “Australia has a thriving automotive components sector and is competitive in global vehicle design,” Ms Andrews said. “We need more of the highly skilled engineers involved in these areas and across the broader automotive industry, including trucks and buses, in order to compete internationally in the rapidly changing space of vehicle design.” I agree wholeheartedly with those sentiments. But I also note the sad irony in the fact that the Minister’s announcement was made in the same week as the anniversary of the end of motor vehicle production in Australia. If the minister was aware of the irony, she gave no hint of it. Nor did she express any regret at the fact that the Holden and Toyota shut down production last year because the Government goaded them to leave the country. There was no inevitability about the closures. They were the result of a political decision. I do not expect the Government will acknowledge its role in undermining the automotive industry.



But it is good that the Minister’s announcement at last recognises, at least indirectly, what is in danger of being lost. It is an improvement on the performance of her predecessor, Senator Cash, during a Senate estimates hearing earlier this year, when I asked how many companies in the automotive industry she had met with. She replied that she would have to take the question on notice. When her department sent the written response, it read: “Minister Cash meets regularly with companies, including manufacturers.” The Government now seems to have grasped that the automotive industry has always been a powerhouse of research and development in Australian manufacturing, and across the wider economy. Industry leaders in other sectors, including mining, have long acknowledged this. What is important now is to preserve the engineering and design skills in the industry, so that it can continue to spur the development of advanced manufacturing in this country and remain part of global supply chains. The three former motor vehicle producers have recognised the depth of talent in this country’s automotive industry by choosing to retain engineering and design centres here. And the Government’s graduate engineering programme, though a modest outlay, will help too. It would have been even better

if the Government had also heeded the recommendations of the Senate inquiry into the future of the automotive industry and allowed the Automotive Transformation Scheme to operate until 2021, to facilitate the transition of component makers into new supply chains. That, however, would have required a more strategic view of the industry than the Government has yet been willing to take.

fighters, relied on the advice of former automotive engineers in designing a new manufacturing facility in Bankstown.

For the sake of Australia’s future as an advanced manufacturing nation, the capabilities of the automotive industry must be preserved and extended.

Quickstep’s CEO, Mark Burgess, has said that many of the company’s 234 employees have an automotive background.

If we do find the means and the will to do that, others will profit from what Australia has lost.

In one sense, this is just another example of the flow-on benefits that automotive industry expertise has always provided to other manufacturing sectors.

That has already started to happen. At the Paris Motor Show this year, a littleknown car maker, Vinfast, launched two new models, a sedan and an SUV. Vinfast, which has only existed for 18 months, builds cars in Vietnam. And company executives told journalists at the motor show that the firm had benefited from recruiting Australian engineering talent after the auto shutdown here. The rise of Vinfast is a cautionary tale, but the research and development capabilities in Australia’s automotive industry continue to influence other manufacturers here. Quickstep, an aerospace firm that has a contract to work with Chemring Australia on the RAAF’s new F-35

The Quickstep story, unlike the Vinfast story, is not about a loss to the national economy. But both examples are vivid reminders that the automotive industry is a great concentration of talent that we cannot afford to lose, for all the reasons that Minister Andrews set out in her announcement. And a future Shorten Labor Government will do everything possible to ensure that Australia’s automotive industry capabilities continue to be part of this country’s manufacturing future.

Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.



AUSTECH 2019 SET TO BREAK ALL RECORDS 2013, the Manufacturers Pavilion has enjoyed consistent growth in the number of companies exhibiting, and next year appears set to see that trend continuing. “We’re certainly gearing up for a big show in May,” adds Banks. “We’re expecting to see many more bookings in the coming weeks, making Austech 2019 an unmissable event for anyone with an interest in manufacturing in Australia. I guess for companies holding off on deciding whether to participate, with space selling so fast, the question is whether they can afford not to be there in May.” Austech 2019 appears to be on course to be a record-breaking show, with advance bookings from exhibitors far surpassing expectations, and high levels of interest from across the industry. Scheduled to take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th May 2019, Austech is Australia’s premier advanced manufacturing and machine tool exhibition. Owned and organised by AMTIL, Austech 2019 will be colocated with National Manufacturing Week, with more than 10,000 industrial decision makers expected to visit the show. Sales of floor space for next year’s show are currently significantly ahead of levels recorded at this point during preparations for Austech 2017, which became one of the most successful shows in the event’s history. To date, more than 4200m2 of space has already been sold, representing around 75% of the available exhibition area. And as the early bookings amount to just 78 exhibitors, it seems many manufacturing technology suppliers are planning on taking bigger stands at Austech 2019. To accommodate this strong early interest, AMTIL recently took the decision to expand the show to accommodate the additional exhibitor numbers expected. This enlarged footprint sets the scene for a show featuring several major exhibits of heavyweight equipment among a diverse line-up of the latest, most advanced manufacturing technology. “Bookings have been incredibly


strong,” says Kim Banks, AMTIL’s Events Manager. “As well as those companies who have already finalised their bookings, we are also currently awaiting several large bookings that we believe are very close to being confirmed, so we’re anticipating having allocated 85% or more of the floor space by mid December. At five months out from the start of the show, that would be an amazing outcome.”

to highlighting some the most innovative manufacturing companies working in Australia. First launched at Austech

AMTIL 03 9800 3666 www.amtil.com.au.

In addition to the exhibition itself, Austech will also feature an extensive speaker programme at two presentation theatres, run in partnership with NMW. The Industry 4.0 Theatre and the Connected Manufacturing Theatre will feature a range of expert speakers exploring across a number of different issues. AMTIL and NMW are currently inviting speakers to come forward who are interested in delivering a presentation, with submissions due to close on the 30th November 2018. Alongside Austech’s traditional focus on machine tools and ancillary equipment, Austech 2019 will feature a number of dedicated technology areas. The Additive Manufacturing Pavilion will once again showcase the latest advances in 3D printing, and the Digitalisation Pavilion – returning after a highly successful debut in 2017 – will explore developments at the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. The latest addition is the Air Technology Pavilion, a new area displaying the latest state-ofthe-art compressors and air technology. Interest has also been strong in the Manufacturers Pavilion, an area devoted




SOFTWARE GRANT PUTS UQ ON TRACK TO INDUSTRY 4.0 In the fourth such grant, Siemens has committed to donating engineering software worth more than $0.5 billion to University of Queensland (UQ). In announcing the grant, Siemens Australia Chairman and CEO Jeff Connolly said, “I’m delighted to be here today announcing the grant of Siemens’ advanced industrial software to the University of Queensland. Our history in Queensland dates back over 100 years - and this grant reiterates our commitment to continued technology partnership with the State. “Put simply, for Australia to take advantage of the opportunities that come with the fourth industrial revolution, we need to build a future workforce now, with the skills needed to participate – and that’s exactly what this grant is about. Partnerships such as this with the University of Queensland

are critical to giving students exposure to digital technologies being used by leading companies globally. I’m pleased to see that this grant supports Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland agenda,” said Connolly. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed the grant, saying: “The Queensland Government has a 10-year plan to transition the state’s manufacturing sector to more advanced manufacturing high-paid, knowledgebased jobs by 2026. Advanced software is crucial to this transition. I welcome the grant from Siemens into our state and look forward to their continued collaboration with our local researchers and students at University of Queensland to progress our industry not just in Australia, but globally.”

participate in the fourth industrial revolution.

The grant is part of Siemens’ commitment to helping enable Australian students and universities to develop the skills needed to successfully

According to Professor Peter Høj, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Queensland, “This grant gives our students and researchers

Siemens Australia Chairman and CEO Jeff Connolly, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Prof Peter Høj

access to advanced software used by leaders in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and electronics sectors. UQ strives to invest in opportunities that give our students the skills and experience to succeed in any industry.”

MIGHTY-LINE THE TOUGHEST FLOOR THE MIGHTY LINE DIFFERENCE TAPES NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA Whose Tape is Toughest? We installed our Mighty Line tape and a major WE’VE GOT THE EDGE ON competitor’s tapeDURABILITY side by side in an aggressive


test area that is frequently traversed by forklifts carrying heavy loads. Nine months later, we this site toTHAN compare the FLOOR results.TAPES You can PATENTED TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT visited MORE DURABLE OTHER see the competitors’ tape has significant damage PEEL & STICK ADHESIVE FOR EASY and APPLICATION disintegration, while Mighty Line Tape holds up to the test.







WHOSE TAPE IS TOUGHEST? We’ve Got the Edge on Durability.

We installed our Mighty Line tape and a major competitor’s • 7 times thicker floor tapetest area that is frequently tape side by than side average in an aggressive traversed by forklifts carrying heavy loads. • Patented technology makes it more durable thanNine months later, we floor visited this site to compare the results. You can see the other tapes competitors’ tape has significant damage and disintegration, • Beveled increases durability forto the test. while edge Mighty Line Tape holds up forklift traffic • Peel & stick adhesive, removes easily





INDUSTRY UPDATE EXPANDS WITH TWO KEY APPOINTMENTS At the end of a record-breaking year, Industry Update Manufacturing Media is continuing to expand with two key appointments. Melanie Becker has joined the company as Advertising Sales Manager, while Juliet Nelson has taken on the role of Production Manager. According to Industry Update Publisher and Owner Scott Filby, “With the return of so many advertisers to the magazine and the phenomenal success of Industry Update Video, we’ve been rushed off our feet during 2018. Having made the decision to expand the company, it’s been great to be able to bring in people with the experience and abilities of Melanie and Juliet.” Melanie Becker arrives at Industry Update following a career spanning two decades in management roles


lucky to have arrived at Industry Update at such an exciting time. I’m looking forward to adding further value for our advertisers while we continue to grow the magazine, the videos and the online presence.” Juliet Nelson’s experience is considerably closer to home, having held the role of Production Manager at Reed Business Information in Sydney from 1988 to 2003, before taking a career break to raise three children.

Melanie Becker

in advertising sales and marketing in her native South Africa. She has only recently moved to Australia to be close to her family, and is delighted to have “hit the ground running” at

Juliet Nelson

Industry Update. She says: “Having come from an industrial business-to-business publishing background, I feel really

She says: “Although the publishing landscape has changed over the last few decades, the fundamentals stay the same, and it is only the quality publications that prosper. It’s great to be part of a success story like Industry Update, and I’m delighted to do what I can to maintain the high standards that have already been achieved.”




PACKAGING CONFERENCE TO ADDRESS CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES A new conference focused on industry key challenges and opportunities around sustainability, innovations in technology and design, systems thinking and factories of the future will be launched as part of Packaging and Processing Week 2019. According to Mark Dingley, Chairman of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA), which owns AUSPACK: “We are excited to present the inaugural AUSPACK Business and Industry Conference in 2019. This great new education and information sharing opportunity for industry is another fantastic initiative in line with industry demand.” With the theme “Smart. Connected. Sustainable,” the new conference is for decision makers, owners and key staff from the packaging and processing, food and

beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, along with associated industries such as design and print, marketing and advertising industry associations. Smart covers IIoT, Industry 4.0, automation, robotics and the like, while ‘Connected’ is equipment and work areas talking to each other to also support IIOT and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Sustainable refers to business sustainability as a result of the impact of these new technologies in both being able to reduce waste and increased profit for both suppliers and end users in our industry. Dingley added, “The AUSPACK Business and Industry Conference is all about exploring new ideas and business potential through case studies, interactive Q&A sessions and keynote plenary sessions, of which there’ll be seven, along

with 18 breakouts across two streams: ‘packaging & processing’ and ‘business growth’.” Subthemes include innovation and technology, sustainable solutions, smart packaging, e-commerce, future consumer, export and distribution, blockchain, design trends and strength through diversity. The list of speakers is impressive, headed up by: Dr Michael Okoroafor, Vice President Global Sustainability & Packaging at McCormick USA; economist Stephen Koukoulas; and Dr Katie Spearritt, CEO of Diversity Partners, who will speak about “Innovation and Strength through Diversity”. The MC for the conference will be Craig Reucassel, best known for his work on ABC’s TV programme War on Waste and The Chaser, which he cofounded.

Mark Dingley concludes: “The AUSPACK Business and Industry Conference also offers an outstanding opportunity for the industry to collaborate, network and celebrate. Registrations are now open and I urge those interested in learning more around industry key challenges facing all our businesses today to register now. We’re really proud to have this new event sit alongside AUSPACK in Packaging and Processing Week 2019.” The AUSPACK Business and Industry Conference will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March 2019. AUSPACK www.auspack.com.au

OPEN PLATFORM COMMUNICATION UNIFIED ARCHITECTURE GATHERS SUPPORT ABB has thrown its weight behind the OPC Foundation in its bid to define the worldwide industrial interoperability standard. The new Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) standard has the potential to enable industrial players to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0. OPC UA will apply for all levels of industrial automation. And when combined with Time Sensitive Networking (OPC UA over TSN) it has the potential to replace a host of different fieldbus systems. Ultimately, this will enable devices from

different vendors to talk to each other from the field level to the controller level all the way to the cloud.

incompatible protocols or proprietary ecosystems. This will simplify integration as a key part of Industry 4.0.

To date, ABB and B&R have played a pivotal role in bringing together industry stakeholders to establish an open standards based communication environment for industrial IoT. And next year ABB will take up a seat on the board of the OPC Foundation to further help accelerate development of the new technology.

"ABB has long been a pioneer within the automation industry developing leading-edge technologies to deliver solutions to some of industry’s greatest challenges,” says Peter Terwiesch, President, ABB Industrial Automation Division.

Because OPC UA over TSN is vendor neutral, there are no complications from

“That we have taken a leading role in reaching this historic milestone for open standards and interoperability in industrial

automation, which will see major dividends for both customers and suppliers alike, is further testament to our commitment, expertise and vision to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0.” The adoption of the OPC UA over TSN standard will allow companies to leverage the benefits of multi-vendor, peer-to-peer communications and control between sensors, control devices, programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems with no need for additional software development or hardware gateways and bridges.

Rapid, Detailed Texture Analyzer for Food and Packaging materials • • • • •

Flexible, anti-rotation load cells with load accuracy of 0.5% Wide range of jigs, probes and fixtures to choose from for strength and integrity testing of food, cosmetics and packaging Extensive range of built-in test method Large working area (180mm) Maximum force: 1kN

Advance texture analysis software, NEXYGENPlus for calculation of textural parameter For more information, visit:


Email: enquiry@bestech.com.au



Phone: (03) 9540 5100




Stuart Charity: "Labs will grow an industry that is already punching well above its weight"

The Government is further increasing its support for the automotive manufacturing sector with the launch of a grants programme designed to spur automotive product development. The $7 million Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants programme offers Australian businesses up to $200,000 in matched funding for eligible project costs. These costs can include design, prototype and testing activities at established commercial and research facilities and Automotive Innovation Labs. In addition, the Australian

Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) will receive a $3 million grant over the next two years to build a new Automotive Innovation Lab facility in South Australia and enhance its existing facility in Victoria.

will grow an industry that is already

The facilities will provide advanced manufacturing services such as 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer, CAD and prototyping. These advanced product development and testing facilities will significantly reduce the time and cost in developing innovative new products for local and global markets.

producing parts, components and

“The Automotive Innovation Lab Access Grants programme will help businesses improve the time to market for new automotive products, enhance product offerings for local and global markets and expand high-value automotive manufacturing operations in Australia,” said Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews in launching the scheme. “Automotive Innovation Labs are world-class automotive testing facilities that allow businesses to integrate new automotive products with the latest vehicle models and technologies. This will boost industry capability to manufacture products that comply with both local and international standards,” she added. According to AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, the establishment of the Innovation Labs


punching well above its weight on the global stage. “Australian automotive aftermarket industry manufacturers are currently technology worth more than $5 billion each year,” said Charity. “Our companies are world leaders in the design and manufacture of specialty products with a technological advantage such as 4WD, high performance and motorsport components. These products are purchased on innovation, performance and features rather than on price. Our businesses have been successful because they have made significant investments in R&D and capital equipment and have a strong export focus. “Establishing this collaborative infrastructure will position our industry for future domestic and export market growth by providing the innovators of the industry with the leading edge technology and expertise needed to take Australian automotive industry innovations to the world, regardless of how large or small their businesses are,” Charity concluded.

Kennards Hire has acquired Power Distribution Rentals (PDR), a Sydneybased specialist temporary power rental business with a strong reputation for supplying generators, switchboards and cables along with installation and expert advice for more than 15 years. This has included designing and deploying temporary power and electrical solutions for events such as Groovin’ in the Moo, New Year’s Eve Sydney, VIVID and the Perth Fringe Festival. The acquisition will enable Kennards Hire to offer a more comprehensive and complete solution Australia wide. According to Kennards Hire CEO Angus Kennard, “PDR have a great reputation in the film and event market. We look forward to growing this business and adding the scale and complementary assets that Kennards Hire brings. “We are delighted that PDR founder, Kevin Joy, will stay on to oversee operations and continue to look after the relationships he’s built since starting the business. PDR will continue to operate under their current brand and source their rental products from trusted suppliers.” PDR will continue to trade under its current brand for the foreseeable future.


Enclosure Systems

Control & Signalling

• • • • • •

• • • • • • •

Steel wall mount enclosures galvanised & powder coated Stainless steel wall mount enclosures 316 Steel terminal boxes galvanised and powder coated Stainless steel terminal boxes 316 Floor standing steel enclosures GRP and polycarbonate enclosures Reinforced plastic junction boxes Enclosure fans and heaters


• •


Perth 08 92480410

Sydney 02 96761671

Melbourne 03 97064599

Pushbuttons Selector switches E-stops Pilot lights Comms. interfaces Panel mount indicators and buzzers Control stations Stack lights

Brisbane 07 32743327

Adelaide 08 83472499






pronounced for red dyes due to difficulties in differentiating variation in colour shades. Even a slight difference in temperature of 20°C may result in colour deviation of more than 2ΔE. The reference data are stored in the system and error limits can be set to distinguish between good/bad products.

As manufacturers put pressures on quality and efficiency, inline inspection of product quality has become an integral part of quality control. In plastics processing and injection moulding, defect detection and colour control of components are important aspects of the production cycle. Using appropriate sensor technology, an automated inspection system can be set up to improve production efficiency. Colour is one of the integral parameters in the plastic processing industry. Although colour can be visually interpreted by the human eye, quantification of its physical values is more precise and a more accurate representation of colour shade than visual inspection. This measurement method is a very effective technique for colour analysis. Advances in sensor technology have opened the potential for inline colour measurement, which is a costeffective option in comparison to the expensive and time-consuming offline measurement process. Modern injection moulding systems are generally equipped with automatic handling systems for removal and storage of components. During automatic removal of the components, a decision on “good/bad” components must be made within a short timeframe. The aim is to prevent problems that may disrupt further processing and to take any corrective measures as quickly as possible, to avoid unnecessary costs. How do you achieve 100% inline



control? The answer is through a combination of different sensors and inspection techniques to enable easy and flawless in-process monitoring. MicroEpsilon has made this a reality, and this system has been proven in both the plastics and automotive industries, where colouring errors cannot be tolerated. For the solution, an industrial thermal imaging camera and inline colour measurement sensor are combined to simultaneously measure and inspect the moulding quality during production. The sensors and components are positioned in such a way to enable comparison between thermographic images from one video to another. This enables a direct comparison of the measured colour values to a normalised standard.

Defect detection using infra-red thermography The inline infra-red thermography system detects variation in quality by using an infra-red camera. The thermal camera from MicroEpsilon is capable of capturing the entire component in up to six different views, allowing users to visually examine them. The temperature distribution provides a global quality statement about incorrect temperature control of the workpiece, tools malfunction, visible geometry errors and hidden defects. As the first good component is detected reliably immediately after restart, the system minimises start-up

rejects following periods of downtime or tool replacements. The results are evaluated based on the difference between the reference image taken at an ideal time and the current infra-red image of the component. The identified temperature difference provides the basis for a good/ bad decision. This can be freely specified in the software settings. Based on these results, defective components can be removed from the production line without having to stop production. Furthermore, the system also has the capability to store the limit values for different components in the database that can be easily accessed and retrieved. It may produce a warning signal to the operator when extreme differences in results have occurred, which will prompt machine shut-down and production stoppage before further losses occur. This configuration offers 100% traceability of data that are integral for continuous improvement in manufacturing.

By first measuring the temperature profile, followed up by direct measurement of colour values, this system manages to achieve 100% inline quality testing with good reliability. Both sensors can be directly installed in the production line thus minimising the need for retrofit and process modification. The sensors are also able to deliver fast response to avoid high rejection rates in case of production errors. Customised, engineered solutions for special applications are also possible with minimum costs.

Colour sensor for any surface The optical sensor offers three different types of sensor head to suit measurements made on different surfaces. A circular sensor is the most suitable option for colour measurement on highly reflective, shiny and metallic surfaces. It has 24 lighting optics that are arranged in a circular fashion around the receiving optics to provide continuous lighting that produces stable measurement regardless of the object’s position.

For each component that passes the thermal imaging test, its colour will then be inspected with the inline ACS7000 colour sensor from MicroEpsilon.

Alternatively, the standard sensor head with integrated transmitter and receiver can be used for measurement on matt and fine-structured materials. Otherwise, the ACS7000 colour sensor also offers a separated transmitter and receiver unit for measurements of selfluminous and transparent objects, such as film, glass or Plexiglas.

In plastics processing, random fluctuations in temperature, also known as “thermochromism”, cause changes in colour. This problem is even more

Bestech Australia 03 9540 5110 www.bestech.com.au

Inline colour measurement for enhanced reliability



CANNABIS LEGALISATION PRESENTS WORKPLACE CONNUNDRUM On 17th October 2018 Canada became the second country to fully legalise recreational cannabis, with adults now able to purchase and consume the drug from federally licensed retailers across the country. The social normalisation and increased access of cannabis, however, has left many employers wandering what repercussions it will have on workplace safety and productivity. A 2017 survey completed by 650 members of The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) found that 46% were not confident their current workplace policies would cover new issues that may arise from the legalisation of cannabis. Unlike alcohol, there is no current consensus on safe limits for consuming cannabis and the effects can vary widely. According to HRPA, common effects include “lack of concentration, impaired learning and memory, changes to thought formation

and expression, and drowsiness.” Cannabis is already the most commonly encountered substance in workplace drug testing, but its use is expected to increase exponentially after full legalisation. Many employers are concerned that the social normalisation of cannabis will result in an increase of workplace incidents, especially in safety-sensitive industries such as those involving the operation of motorised vehicles or heavy machinery. A real concern for employers is the lack of consensus surrounding the length of time a person should wait between consuming cannabis and engaging in safety-sensitive work. The Lower Risk Cannabis Use guidelines suggest a period of six hours. More recently, however, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association of Canada recommended people wait 24 hours before engaging in safety-

sensitive work. Employers have the right to set rules for the use of recreational cannabis in much the same way that they have always set rules for alcohol use and impairment. In particular, employees may be prohibited to use cannabis in the workplace and may also be prohibited for attending work while impaired. The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) has been reviewing the effects of cannabis on workplace injuries, deaths and near-misses. As a result, IWH has raised serious concerns over the inconsistency of the existing data,

as well as the lack of precise evidence pertaining to the impacts on cannabis in the workplace. The Institute is calling for more observational research studies and an accurate measure of impairment for use in Canadian workplaces. With the legalisation still in its early stages, it is important to establish a starting point for monitoring the long-term impact on workplace health and safety. myosh myosh.com

Alere DDS 2 TM


Mobile Test System Handheld analyzer for the rapid screening of drugs of abuse in oral fluid

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Performance independently verified by AS4760:2006 accredited laboratory Removes subjectivity from results interpretation Easy to use with on screen prompts and integrated QC Stores 10,000 results and has data management capability

Australia New Zealand

au.enquiries@alere.com nz.enquiries@alere.com

1800 622 642 Free call in AUS 0800 466 951 Free call in NZ

alere.com.au alere.co.nz

© 2018 Alere. All rights reserved. The Alere Logo, Alere, and DDS are trademarks of the Alere group of companies. A2851 V2





HOW MUCH OF A PROBLEM IS ALCOHOL USE OR ABUSE IN AUSTRALIAN WORKPLACES TODAY? Australia has had a long love affair with alcohol, but 21st century attitudes are very different to those of centuries gone. Pete Jeans investigates whether we still have a problem.

According to Safe Work Australia: “Alcohol and drugs – including medicines prescribed by a doctor or available from a pharmacy – can affect a person’s ability to work safely. This can lead to workplace accidents that can result in death or injury, adverse physical and mental health effects for workers, and absenteeism and lost productivity for employers.

“Absenteeism due to alcohol use is another concern, with research indicating that those drinking 11 or more standard drinks a month report missing at least one day of work in the past three months because of their drinking.

on safety, and the time our bodies require to process alcohol, may all assist in mitigating alcohol-related risks. “If you’re concerned about your or a colleague’s drinking, call DrugInfo at 1300 85 85 84.” Trinette Jaeschke, the National Manager – Safety and Workers’ Compensation Services at Ai Group said: “Policies regarding

“In some jobs such as road and rail transport, maritime and mining occupations, the law sets down a legal blood alcohol level and may prohibit a worker from being affected by any drugs – legal or illegal.

Speaking specifically about alcohol, Laura Bajurny, a spokesperson for the Alcohol and Drug Foundation said: “Alcohol is connected to workplace accidents and injuries, and concerns about the risks associated with intoxication have led to some workplaces conducting onsite alcohol testing. “Some workers may not know how long the body takes to process alcohol and that alcohol can still be present in their bloodstream even the day after drinking.



“In particular, they highlight the amount of absence attributable to infrequent drug users. Due to the size of this population, even a small proportion of individuals reporting drug-related absence corresponds with a large number of days lost. “Workplaces wishing to reduce the substantial impost associated with AOD [alcohol and other drug]related absenteeism are advised to implement evidence-based strategies to promote healthy employee behaviour.

“Under the model Work Health and Safety laws all workers have a duty to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and ensure they don’t adversely affect that of others. This means they must be fit and well enough to do their job, not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or use alcohol or illegal drugs while at work. “Employers need to manage all work-related risks, including those with alcohol and drugs. Some workplaces have explicit policies to test their workers for alcohol and illicit substances. This can be particularly important if a worker could kill or seriously injure themselves, another worker or a member of the public.”

Zealand Journal of Public Health titled ‘Alcohol and drug-related absenteeism: a costly problem’, Ken Pidd, Victoria Kostadinov and Ann Roche wrote: “Results demonstrate the extremely high costs associated with alcohol and drug-related absenteeism in Australia.

“As a first step in this direction, it is recommended that organisations develop and implement a formal AOD policy, provide education and training regarding AOD use, and provide access to counselling and treatment.”

“A less visible problem is worker ‘presenteeism’, when an employee attends work too unwell to be as productive as expected. “Next-day effects of alcohol consumption can include slower reflexes, poorer concentration, nausea and headache. In some industries this is particularly dangerous, in addition to costing the business in lost productivity. “It’s important that all employers have a comprehensive workplace alcohol policy that is regularly communicated to staff. Employers should model a responsible alcohol culture at all work-organised events. Staff education about risky alcohol consumption, next-day effects of alcohol and the negative impact

alcohol and drug use and abuse in the workplace must be holistic and cover both preventive and reactive approaches for best outcomes. This is a fundamentally important area where clear processes are to be understood by managers so they understand legal implications and can intervene quickly. “Preventive approaches include the development of policies, the implementation of health and wellbeing programmes, risk assessments and addressing at-risk behaviours. It’s important to apply a consultative approach with workers to ensure safety and wellbeing. Reactive approaches include managing an incident and its consequences.” As well as death and injury, absenteeism is a big issue. In an article in The Australian and New

Associate Professor Ken Pidd is the deputy director of the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia’s national research centre on alcohol and other drugs workforce development. According to the Centre: “Alcohol consumption is associated with a range of negative outcomes for the workplace, including accidents, injuries, absenteeism and low productivity. In 2004-05, the cost of lost productivity and absenteeism due to alcohol use was estimated to exceed $3.5 billion, with the total cost of alcohol consumption to Australian businesses exceeding $5.5 billion.” Another paper the same year put the social costs of alcohol abuse at $15.3 billion. Dr Pidd said: “Cultural and social issues are driving alcohol usage or avoidance. It’s now a health hazard. “In terms of the incidence of



alcohol-induced injuries and death in the workplace, no-one has a big handle on this. It perhaps is between 6 and 11% based on our 2006 report. “SafeWork has issued guidelines, but there’s not a lot of recognition of alcohol from the employers themselves. Most of the industry focus is on other drugs.”

“We must remember that the consumption of alcohol is not, of itself, illegal and that an ‘appropriate’ level of alcohol consumption for one workplace could easily be dangerous and unacceptable for another.

He added: “Most deaths occur transporting to and from work.”

“In addition, when discharging its WHS obligations, an employer needs to be mindful of its other, sometimes overlapping, statutory obligations; for example, in the areas of privacy, antidiscrimination and industrial relations.

Stephen Cartwright, CEO of the NSW Business Chamber said: “The NSW Business Chamber encourages all NSW employers to foster a culture of risk management as it not only leads to a greater awareness and understanding of the risks present in their workplace but encourages a shared responsibility.

“In recognition of the fact that for employers, choosing the best way to manage the workplace health and safety risks created by the consumption of alcohol can involve a complex and nuanced decisionmaking process, the NSW Business Chamber has always made it a priority to help and support its members


through the regulatory minefield. “It is also for this reason the NSW Business Chamber believes that the manner in which the consumption of alcohol during work hours or at work functions should be handled is best left to the employer, who should be given the latitude to choose what it considers to be the most appropriate course of action in the circumstances.” It was interesting to explore the regulators, researchers and commentators views on these issues. How much of an issue is this? Well, $5.5 billion in 2004-05 represents a heads-up, and it is likely to be much more in 2018-19. The relevant legislation puts the onus squarely on the employer as the entity responsible for management.

So what can you do today in your enterprise to reduce any risks? Probably a fair bit: speak to your HR people first. They should know about the legal and duty of care issues. Always remember that staff are your greatest asset. Resources such as videos, factsheets and guides to developing a workplace and other drugs policy are available from the organisations mentioned in this article. Pete Jeans is a director at growthproject leader SMO, which will celebrate its 28th year of success in 2019. Pete also facilitates, lectures and mentors at the Australian Institute of Management MBA School of Business and Charles Sturt University, and is active on the speakers’ circuit. You can reach him at www.petejeans.com.






The range includes the Vegaswing 66 level switch for extreme applications, which Stefan and Matthias demonstrate on both liquid hydrogen and molten solder.

There are many applications that require a reliable method of point level detection, particularly in setting maximum and minimum limits for process vessels that are regularly filled and emptied.

Other technologies explored in this series include capacitive probes, noncontact microwave level switches and the innovative Vegaflex 86 guided wave radar sensor, which has a special probe for steam compensation for use in steam boiler applications.

There are many applications in processing industries that have challenging demands for accurate and reliable level measurement.

VEGA offers a range of technologies for point level detection, including the Vegaswing series of vibrating level switches.

In applications like these, guided radar sensors provide reliable level measurement in challenging process conditions.

In this series of videos VEGA engineers Stefan Kaspar and Matthias Schmidt explain the principles of point level detection and demonstrate how Vegaswing level switches are suitable for use on liquids of all viscosities and Vegavibs for bulk solids.

In this series of videos VEGA engineers Stefan Kaspar and Matthias Schmidt demonstrate how Vegaflex Series 80 guided radar sensors solve these difficult applications.

Point level detection in bulk solids

Reliable level measurement with steam boiler approval




Point level detection in liquids

The sensors are virtually immune to the effects of foam, condensate and solids buildup, and can be used with coaxial probes to measure media with poor reflective properties and to measure reliably in vessels with internal obstructions such as coils and paddles. The Vegaflex 80 also sets the standard for interface measurements between layers of different media in the same vessel. Scan the QR codes with your mobile device to see each video or visit www. youtube.com/c/IndustryUpdate. VEGA Australia 1800 817 135 www.vega.com

Level switch for extreme process conditions

Influence of condensate buildup and foam

Reliable measurement despite internals

Simple testing of vibrating level switches

Interface Measurement with guided radar

Reliable level measurement with steam boiler approval




With over 10 + years experience, we provide complete energy efficiency solutions to businesses based on their individual requirements.










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CONCRETE SOLUTION FOR EFFICIENT ENERGY STORAGE Energy Vault has developed a novel solution to storage for renewable energy plants that involves neither batteries nor water. The Energy Vault system is based on the fundamental physics of potential and kinetic energy, and uses a proprietary, cloud-based software platform to operate a newly developed six-arm crane. The crane operation is fully automated and orchestrates the positioning of the massive concrete bricks that provide the basis for the efficient storage and discharge of electricity. The novel use of low-cost and environmentally friendly waste debris concrete materials enables the Energy Vault system to achieve significantly lower cost per kilowatt-hour and high round trip efficiency while delivering a 30-40 year life without any degradation in storage capacity. The system is commercially available

now, and the company has signed an agreement to deploy an initial 35MWh Energy Vault system in India for Tata Power. The system specifications are impressive. The 35MWh system can produce up to 4MW peak power, and

can be modulated as required. The system boasts millisecond response ramp time, with full power achieved in 2.9s, making it suitable for critical grid support services. The round-trip efficiency is claimed to be around 90%, and there is no

Reduce energy costs No compressor



No air saturation vessel

storage degradation over 30-plus-year lifetime of the system.

Energy Vault energyvault.ch

Reduce maintenance costs No complicated controls









as standard with an early leak Hydro Innovations was recently approached to replace detection system that can stop a peristaltic pump operated by and a ts extreme accuracy, speed consistency of cut, combined with very low operating the pump and send an alarm when NSW Council for the pumping , accuracy, the new Yawei HLF fiber laser is the perfect way to take your business to the next level. speed and consistency of hose cut, combined with of activated carbon in its water the needs replacing. Thisvery low operating system. Yaweitreatment HLF fiber laser is the perfectminimises way to take your product loss.business to the next level.

for dollar, the new HLF is in a league of its own, opening up possibilities for companies The existing peristaltic pumpfrom start-ups through to full production, 3-shift oss new the laser cutting sector; The final benefit using the for companies the HLF is a league opening up from possibilities used “shoes” toin compress the of its own, Designed for reprocessing of polyethylene & onments. ser cutting sector; from start-ups through to full production, 3-shift tubular element of the hose,

Ragazzini pump is its retractable polypropylene flexible packaging material requiring the casing to be filled roller system. This allows one of a quality German built Precitec Siemens Pelletising system with integrated cutter eliminates with lubricant. The council didn’t auto-focus cutting head, IPG laser source, the rollers to disengage, allowing like the black mess that was causedstress-relieved fully annealed frame it really SL controller and a fabricated, is a cut above need for pre-cutting erman built Precitec auto-focus cutting head, IPG laser source, Siemens during hose changes when the hoses to be changed quickly, and st.and a fabricated, stress-relieved fully annealed frame it really is a cut above er carbon mixed with the lubricant. 100% of pellets reusable straight back into your also to relieve pressure on the On top of this, the lubricant was production line hose between pump cycles. not cheap, and constituted an ongoing expense. Minimal material degradation without affecting The council intends to ore information: material properties Hydro Innovations 3 9706 8066 standardise on the Ragazzini ion: recommended the Ragazzini sales@appliedmachinery.com.au brand for its peristaltic pump brand peristaltic pump that uses www.appliedmachinery.com.au the “roller on bearing” technology edmachinery.com.au requirements because of all the to compress the tube element. Connect with us socially machinery.com.au positive benefits it has received. This method does not require the Connect with us socially casing to be filled with lubricant, thereby solving one of the issues 1.indd 1 22/12/16 9:27 am the council faced. Hydro Innovations Also, because the casing does not contain fluid, it is supplied


02 9898 1800

22/12/16 9:27 am





HAND WASHING IS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE It may sound obvious, but workplace hygiene starts with hygienic employees. And that begins with the appropriate routine of hand washing. However, who can honestly say that they know the best way to wash their hands? Check out these recommendations from the Mayo Clinic and see whether you’ve got it right.

When to do it Always wash your hands before: preparing food or eating, treating wounds or caring for a sick person, and inserting or removing contact lenses. Always wash your hands after preparing food, using the toilet, touching an animal, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, treating wounds or caring for a sick person, and handling garbage.

How to do it First up, skip the antibacterial soap – apparently it’s no more effective at killing germs than is regular soap. Using antibacterial soap might even lead to the development of bacteria that are resistant to the product's antimicrobial agents. Wet your hands with running water – and this can be warm or cold. Then apply soap to a cupped hand, lather well and rub your hands, palm to palm, vigorously for at least 20 seconds. Remember to scrub all surfaces, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between your fingers and under your fingernails. Rinse well and dry your hands with a clean towel. The Mayo even recommends that you use the towel to turn off the tap once you have finished.

Using alcohol-based hand sanitiser Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are an acceptable alternative when soap and water aren't available. However, the hand sanitiser should contain at least 60 per cent alcohol. Apply enough of the product to

the palm of your hand to wet your hands completely. Then rub your hands together, covering all surfaces, until your hands are dry. In the words of the Mayo Clinic, hand-washing offers great rewards in terms of preventing illness. Adopting this habit can play a major role in protecting your health.

Performance and Reliability even in the Toughest Environments • Value beyond machine – durable construction and productivity-boosting features • Scrub longer between empty and fill cycles • Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering system (standard)


NEW T600 1800 226 843 demo@tennantco.com




The Workhorse of Walk Behind Scrubbers



WAREHOUSE POLLUTION – THE DIRTY SIDE OF MATERIALS HANDLING Ross Grassick looks at the problems of pollution in the warehouse and how they can be overcome. The modern warehouse has become a lot more efficient. The higher speed of goods movement improves productivity, lowers costs and increases profits. With the streamlining of the supply chain, we are now seeing large-scale distribution facilities that deliver to customers direct from the warehouse. But this now poses an additional problem for the warehousing operation in that customers don’t want to receive a product that is dusty or dirty.

Quite rightly, pollution is becoming a dirty word. Larger warehouses generally require more equipment to move the stock, and this usually involves more staff. And to maximise the productivity of these staff, their working environment needs to be safe, but it also needs to be comfortable. So there are multiple reasons why

it is important to control pollution in a warehouse. But while most warehouses are clean and tidy, airborne pollution is often overlooked.

The future’s electric When considering pollution in the warehouse, the use of electric-powered materials handling equipment will greatly improve air quality. However, not every company has yet fully turned to using battery power. In the case of operations using internal combustion units the best choice is LPG or CNG. Both technologies produce lower exhaust emissions than diesel or petrol, and this can also be further improved with the use of a catalytic exhaust system to lower emissions. Particle pollution is a further problem with powered materials handling equipment. This can range from the rubber from tyres to concrete dust caused by floor wear or dust and soot from delivery vehicles.

These problems can all be addressed. For example, floors can be sealed to reduce dust and wear. And for a little extra cost, higher quality-tyres will limit dust production.

A breath of fresh air Ventilation plays a large part in both the air quality and temperature in warehouses. The temperature generated by an internal combustion engine in say a forklift is significant. And in facilities and with lower roof heights this can become a major problem both for workers and potentially for the stock stored.


Better by design Ultimately, it is the design of the warehouse that will have the greatest influence on the pollution within. The building’s design should limit the ingress of pollution from outside - be it dust or delivery truck soot. The building will need good ventilation to allow both fumes and heat to escape.

Noise pollution is another area that needs be considered. Multiple units working in small staging areas can create a high volume of noise.

And work areas should be designed to limit high traffic centres that will have a number of machines and pedestrians in close proximity.

Running an-electric materials handling fleet is not without its potential for pollution. Battery charging areas need to be well ventilated to cope with the gas created from battery charging: these gases are both toxic and corrosive.

In this way, a well-designed warehouse is not only a more pleasant place in which to work, the stock within will be properly protected from contamination.

This problem is relative to the number of battery units that are charged in a given area. In a number of cases the area may even need to be bounded


to stop the escape of battery acid into drains in the case of acid spilled from leaking batteries or batteries being overfilled.

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Make sure your workplace traffic management practices and barriers are compliant with PAS13. PAS 13:2017 contains industry-leading guidance in both the use and design of safety barriers in workplace environments. It is essential reading for anyone working in health and safety in workplace environments. This code of practice will revolutionise workplace safety for the benefit of every industry, every workplace, every person. PAS 13 covers:

Minimum requirements for barrier tests Pass/fail criteria for barrier survival and fixings integrity Tests for assessing kinetic energy of impacts Appropriate force resistance measures This is the final word on safety barrier practice and

workplace traffic management procedures, worldwide. Make sure you comply.

tional product al, commercial and

nd equipment from impact damage, esence to prevent access or guide

e, A-SAFE bollards permanently 30 INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU afe driving and can also act as

A-Safe Australasia Pty Ltd 02 9625 8927 www.asafe.com

Sprains and strains remain the most common forms of workplace injuries in Australia, according to data for 2017-18 just released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of the 563,600 people who experienced a work-related injury or illness during the 12 months covered, sprain/ strain was the most common injury sustained (28%), followed by chronic joint or muscle conditions (18%). Unfortunately, the safe lifting message doesn’t appear to be getting through, as “lifting, pushing, pulling or bending” was still the most common cause of work related injury or illness, with 24% of people reporting it. And alarmingly, the second most prevalent cause with 18% of the injuries was “hitting or being hit or cut by an object or vehicle”. Technicians and trades workers were the occupation groups with the highest rates of work-related injury or illness, with 72 per 1000. Machinery operators and drivers and labourers also fared poorly with 57 per 1000. And while construction

was the industry with the highest work-related injury or illness (59 per 1000), the manufacturing sector was very close behind with 58 per 1000 employed. Interestingly, of the 563,600 people who did experience a workrelated injury in the last 12 months, more than half received some form of financial assistance. However, of these, only 52% received workers compensation. (45% did not apply for workers compensation and 3% applied for workers compensation but didn’t get it). This means that the number of people who received workers compensation as a proportion of the total number of people who experienced a work-related injury or illness fell 35% (183,200) in 2013-14 to 27% (154,300) in 2017-18. However, we do still appear to have the Australian ethos of “soldiering on”. Of the 563,600 people who experienced a workrelated injury or illness, 221,500 (or 40%) took no time off work.





ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load

Floorsafe’s self-adhesive strips and tapes offer a quick and easy safety remedy for areas where there may be a danger of slipping on smooth or wet surfaces both inside and out. Self-adhesive tapes are available in a range of colours and sizes, providing a strong visual warning as well as a durable slip-resistant surface. And there are even versions available that glow in the dark. The range also includes selfadhesive mats with high-visibility warning messages. Floorsafe’s fibreglass anti-slip strips are available in all standard Australian

CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

colours, providing a tough, flexible and abrasion slip-resistant finish for internal and external use.

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads

Floorsafe Australia 1300 717 769 www.floorsafe.com.au

• Helps reduce down time.

TIS THE SEASON FOR PALLET RACKING PROTECTION In the weeks leading into the silly season, warehouses will be working at capacity, forklift drivers are going to be pushed to move stock quickly, and unprotected pallet racking is going to be fair game to the likes of the tired forklifts. According to Rack Armour, protecting that pallet racking can be a great pre-Christmas investment, bringing down costs of pallet racking repair bills, and bringing businesses into 2019 knowing that their racking is protected. “Do not be fooled by inferior copies,” says Rack Armour Australia

Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

Freecall: 1800 LIFTCO (543826) Email: liftco@optusnet.com.au Web: www.liftco.com.au

Director Dennis Jones. “Rack Armour is a patented product, made from the very best materials, offering the best in protection.” “What’s more,” says Jones, “as Rack Armour is manufactured locally, the product can be delivered before the end of the year.”

Rack Armour Australia 02 9722 0502 www.rackarmour.com.au



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MAN ON A MISSION MAKES MACHINERY DISCOVERY According to MD Cliff Purser, “When I first watched a demonstration of the RAL12, it became obvious that the design enables the VTL to deliver machining excellence through rapid feed rates, fast and precise cutting, and smooth surface finishes. “The octagon RAM provides superior damping characteristics, excellent thermal expansion control, and stronger rigidity than traditional square designs. “The octagonal design counterbalances the machining forces on inner and outer surfaces, and ensures accuracy on both sides. “Meeke will be able to count on the machine’s consistent accuracy, even when engaged in heavy-duty cutting, despite the RAL12 having half the footprint of a horizontal lathe.”

Up and down A new machine tool described as taking precision machining to a new level has been installed at Meeke Engineering. The story of this ‘blue chip’ machine began when the management team at Meeke was seeking to add more capability and capacity to its workshops by installing a CNC vertical lathe (CVL). The team approached trusted supplier, 600 Machine Tools, to determine the right machine for the company’s expanding workload. Cliff Purser is Asia-Pacific MD at 600 Machine Tools. He was mindful of Meeke’s requirements on a visit to Taiwan earlier this year, during which he made a courtesy call on Radar Industrial, a manufacturer of high-precision machine tools in Taichung City.

After the configuration was decided, including a Fanuc Oi-TF control, an order was placed with Radar for early delivery.

A production powerhouse General Manager of Meeke, Satish Sawant, says: “We are delighted with the RAL12 for a number of reasons, but most importantly for its precision. This is a direct result of the design, engineering, and build quality. “The Kingfisher CNC vertical lathe is a cleverly designed, cost-effective production powerhouse. Its sturdy construction provides rigidity and stability for longer tool life, toolroom accuracy, thermal stability, and fast run times.”

This company has with a formidable reputation in the world’s engineering workshops, especially with those requiring fine tolerances in components for such market segments as aerospace and health.

The one-piece column is made from Meehanite cast-iron with a wide-span ribbed box structure, a machine design that provides excellent stability and rigidity.

After hearing of the specific requirements of Meeke, the manufacturer laid on a demonstration of its new Kingfisher RAL12 CNC vertical lathe.

The new CVL is primarily built from high-quality alloy steel, and its fully covered high-torque octagon-shaped structure is good for enduring the stress of inner and outer diameter cutting, ensuring cutting accuracy.

The specs and performance of this high-precision turning centre were relayed back to Meeke in Wetherill Park, and a company representative immediately flew to Taiwan to view the RAL12 in action. 32


Radar machine tools are sold, serviced and supported throughout Australia by Sydney-based 600 Machine Tools.

Other features of the Kingfisher RAL 12 include dual-type hydraulics and bearings on the worktable to ensure accuracy and enable high load capacity. And the four jaws built-in to the worktable enable the machining of thin and flat workpieces. The RAL12 provides five steps of up and down positioning on the cross rail, with slanted positioning lock pins, ensuring repositioning accuracy - making for easier programming. The x-axis on the cross rail with slanted box way design counterbalances the z-axis front-tilting, creating an accuracy advantage. The outer diameter toolholder is equipped with slanted positioning taper to increase the machining rigidity and the tightness of tool and tool holder. The tool magazine design makes tool changing much easier. The magazine is driven by a servomotor to ensure the fast, precise positioning of the automatic tool changer.

Renowned problem solvers Sawant continues: “Our Wetherill Park workshops provide a lot more than just production capacity. Senior staff members frequently interact with customers to devise knowledge-based solutions to specific problems, often going

on to design and engineer a prototype – even before the chips start to fly.” Meeke Engineering provides hydraulic cylinders and refurbishing, complex welding jobs, specialised CNC machining, and quick turnarounds when required. Typical challenges include centre barrels for the mining industry, gearbox cases for the gear industry, moulds for the rubber mould industry and hydraulic cylinders for the earthmoving industry. Says Sawant: “At our base in Sydney’s industrial heartland, Meeke has the expertise and experience to produce everything from a tiny component to a complete system that has been designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested under a ISO 9001:2008 accredited QA regime.” The company’s workshops are about 35km from the centre of Sydney, and about 15km from Badgerys Creek - the site of the new West Sydney airport.

Stop press As this issue of the magazine was going to press, Meeke announced that it was in the process of installing and commissioning a very large swing lathe capable of handling workpieces up to 6m in length. According to 600 Machine Tools Sales Manager Pat O’Doherty: “The powerful MA45 we have configured for Meeke is one of Clausing’s large swing lathes that is capable of machining, for example, six-metre barrels for hydraulic cylinders.” A member of the 600 Group, Clausing has led the charge in the world of heavy-duty machining since its founding in 1911, and at least one of its machines can be found on each major US Navy shipyard. The Michigan company’s four series of large swing heavy-duty gap standard CNC lathes are designed, engineered, and built for industrial-strength performance, in particular for heavy-duty stock removal. 600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738 www.600machinery.com.au



METAL SPRAY PROCESS BRINGS WORN COMPONENTS BACK TO SPEC Reducing waste, saving time and money are all requirements of today’s society. Finding ways to achieve these goals is not really that difficult, except for the fact that many engineers have never heard of the metal/thermal spray process. The process provides a quick turnaround to returning parts that have moved out of tolerance during service but are otherwise in good order. This is achieved for a lot less money and in a shorter timeframe than having to obtain new replacement parts, possibly from overseas suppliers. Metalspray is a controlled process/ technique that just requires adherence to procedures and parameters to obtain the required results. The technique is not difficult to learn, and so the savings can be instant. Components can move out of tolerance as a result of abrasive, corrosive or adhesive wear, through physical abuse (bent journals, scratches, dents etc), from process defects (surface blemishes or casting imperfections), or due to machining or processing errors. The Metalspray process involves the deposition of metal or ceramics onto the surface of the component. The spray deposit is a series of micro sized, semi-molten

particles of the material that are applied in a stream of high pressure gas or arc. On impact with the surface these particles form a splat, quench, freeze and bond - both to the component and each other - to form a thin 75 to 125µm layer of new material. Additional passes continue to build up the material until the desired thickness is reached. (This is usually the amount needed to restore dimensional size, plus a finishing allowance.)

Wire arc Metalspray

The sprayed deposit can then be ground, machined, milled, filed, honed and emery polished to obtain the tight dimensional tolerances and surface profile that today’s operating equipment demands.

• Returning bent journals on all types and sizes of shafts, rollers and cylinders to inline operating condition.

There is no need for extensive and timeconsuming masking of the areas adjacent to a planned build up area. Nor is there any need for extensive pre-machining that may further weaken a part.

• Restoring scored or worn seal, bearing and gear diameters to optimum operating condition.

The process can be portable. The Metalspray process doesn’t require pre or post heat treatments, in most cases, nor harsh chemical cleaning. Some specific examples of what Metalspraying can do include:

• Salvaging mismachined component diameters - either inner or outer.

• Re-establishing slide, tap or press fit dimensions and concentricity. • Increasing and improving the performance of running or sliding surfaces. When compared to welding, Metalspray is an economical and efficient “cold” build up process. Relatively thick (>4mm) or thin deposits of many materials such as stainless steel (316, 420 etc), molybdenum, aluminium, aluminium bronze, tungsten carbide, ceramics (chrome, aluminium oxides etc) can be quickly and easily applied to ferrous and nonferrous surfaces without causing any warping or distortion, adversely affecting adjacent areas or changing the mechanical properties or metallurgical characteristics. Though the main feature of the Metalspray process is its ability to return specified dimensions. An additional benefit is the ability to enhance performance by applying a more

Powder flame Metalspray



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desirable, better performing material onto an out-of-tolerance surface. Applying to new components also gives added benefits. This is why today’s cars are lighter in weight and more energy efficient and yet withstand their hash operating environments? The same can be said for aerospace and many other industries. Almost any surface can be treated – outside or inside diameters, flat, convex, concave surfaces, up to edges, holes, flanges, radii and shoulders - without concern about the deposit lifting, peeling, flaking, cracking, tapering or pulling away from the surface. This process is not new and has been available since the early 1900s. For many years part manufacturers, machinery repair companies and others serving industries such as aerospace, pulp and paper, automotive, electrical, diesel engines, machinery and printing have relied on the metal/thermalspray process to save them time and money.

Metal Spray Supplies Australia (MSSA) 07 3823 1004 www.metalspraysupplies.com




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Labyrinth seals offer a highly efficient means of sealing bearing housings in rotating machinery. However, like the bearings within, these seals do require lubrication to operate at maximum efficiency and to provide full protection to the bearings. Properly maintained labyrinth seals will enhance bearing life, improving reliability and reducing downtime. For peak performance, a labyrinth seal will require the correct grease fill to be maintained, preferably with a positive grease flow to help purge contamination. However, traditional maintenance routines for labyrinth seals generally involve manual lubrication – at relatively long intervals – inevitably leading to declining performance towards the end of the lubrication cycle. As a result, there is a natural tendency towards over-lubrication, which creates additional problems. Excess grease can build up around the seal, where it is exposed to dirt and/or moisture. This dirt or moisture becomes mixed with the excess grease and can then be drawn back into the seal.



oyo_IndustryUpdate.indd 1

If the contaminated grease finds its way to the bearings, the resulting increased wear will inevitably lead to bearing failure. The solution to the problem comes in the form of automatic lubrication using GreaseMax dispensers mounted directly on each seal. Each GreaseMax unit provides a reliable steady flow of lubricant over its specified lifetime. This means that the labyrinth seal is continuously supplied with lubricant at the optimum rate to maintain sealing performance. And the continuous positive flow prevents contaminants from being drawn back into the seal. Importantly, GreaseMax lubricators are entirely self-contained, and require no external power supply, so they can be relied on to deliver their lubricant at the specified rate for the period specified.

GreaseMax 03 9723 8600 www.greasemax.com.au

NOVEMBER 2018 9/07/14 5:53 PM

’S APPLIED World class performance, without the price tag. That’s Applied thinking.







C D PROC PLE TO USE M E A C UR A ES low operating sistency of cut, combined withSPEEvery RE SIM e perfect way to take your business to the next level.

e of its own, opening up possibilities for companies art-ups through to full production, 3-shift Precision sheetmetal processing solutions.

focus cutting head, IPG laser source, Siemens -relieved fully annealed frame it really is a cut above

Fiber Lasers • Turret Punch Presses • Pressbrakes • Guillotines • Automation

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Traralgon-based DJN Switchboards is a manufacturing success story in a regional area that has suffered with high unemployment in recent years. Established in 1994 by David Nabulsi and his wife, this specialist manufacturer of switchboards and switchrooms has taken advantage of the latest machine technology to boost its capabilities and efficiencies in this area. David Nabulsi is an industrial electrician by trade. He set up DJN Electrical primarily as an electrical contractor specialising in industrial controls and industrial electrical work. However, in 2000 he spotted an opportunity to start building switchboards and built a specialised workshop for switchboard manufacturing from which DJN Switchboards was born. The first switchboards used enclosures that were premanufactured by external companies. But early in 2017, Nabulsi decided to establish his own sheet metal department to enable him to produce the cabinets and assemblies in-house. 36


“We wanted to build our enclosures in the most modern way possible – I brought a CAD designer on board to design our own cabinetry and looked at what CNC pressbrake and laser cutter we would buy,” he said. “We ended up selecting the Yawei brand, not only because it was an excellent product that offered great value for money, but for the experience and support that Applied Machinery could offer,” he added. “The service aspect is something that is absolutely crucial to me, and the service we received from Applied Machinery during the pre and post sales process and the ongoing backup and support that we’ve had has been excellent,” Nabulsi went on to say. The combination of Yawei’s 7-axis 160 tonne pressbrake and HLE fibre laser has also allowed DJN Switchboards to build entire switchrooms in addition to switchboards. Using the CAD software, a design is set and the necessary files produced - the Yawei

fiber laser and pressbrake then work in tandem cutting and then bending to produce the required product.

DJN’s business is automation and

“Because we’re custom building, the accuracy and quality of the cut is very important. Our primary markets evolve from quarry and mining applications, so the majority of our work is based on using 2mm stainless steel to a 2B finish. The Yawei fibre laser excels in this area enabling us to produce cabinets of the highest quality.”

systems for industrial plants, quarries

“The purchase of the Yawei equipment has also allowed us to tender on larger jobs confident that we have the in-house capability to do this work,” Nabulsi went on to say.

control engineering. The company builds the computerised control and mining applications and now employs a total of 15 staff. The company is also looking at investing in new innovative solar technology including off grid battery storage systems. “Essentially we have brought the latest high tech manufacturing technology and efficiencies to regional Victoria allowing us to compete and stay ahead of the game;

The other benefit with the Yawei fiber laser is that it uses the latest cutting technology. The HLE allows for the option of using compressed air rather than expensive assist gases like nitrogen and oxygen – ultimately saving significant money.

that’s something I’m really proud of,”

In addition to switchboards and switchrooms, the other major part of

03 9706 8066

Nabulsi concluded.

Applied Machinery www.appliedmachinery.com.au


Fiber Laser

affordable quality




ex gst

DNE Laser is a member of the Bystronic group of Switzerland. The combined capabilities of Bystronic and DNE Laser enable Bystronic to strengthen their client value proposition offering a complete spectrum of products from one source. DNE Fiber Laser machines are built tough with high performance features. The main gantry boasts a mono-block aluminium casting fully machined and high temperature annealed in-house by DNE. The sub frame is fully

welded, annealed and then machined in-house to exact standards. The machines are standard with mandatory CE protection covers and a sheet exchange system. The machines are fast‌ utilising the latest AC servo drive technology and electrical systems from Schneider and the highest quality heavy duty Herion M3 helical rack and spur gears from Germany. Capable of cutting stainless or carbon steel, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium and most metal alloys.

Models 1530 1540 1560 2040 2060 1500 x 3000 1500 x 4000 1500 x 6000 2000 x 4000 2000 x 6000 Cutting Table Size (mm) Laser Source IPG Photonics (Made in the USA) Laser Power (W) 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000 Automatic Sheet Changer Standard Full CE Guarding Standard on all models


MELBOURNE 4 Abbotts Rd Dandenong

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Ph: (02) 9890 9111

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NEXT-GENERATION COMPRESSORS PROMISE OUTSTANDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY speed range the PMVF compressors are able to maintain extremely high motor efficiency compared with those using conventional drive motors. With an operating variable speed turndown range of 7:1 (conventional VS compressors 4:1), Kaishan’s PMVF operates at peak efficiency even with an 80% reduction in air output. It also offers far greater integrated control precision through an advanced PID control algorithm that provides highly stable supply pressures. The fully enclosed oil-cooled PM motor generates very little heat, resulting in a longer life. No cooling fan means significantly lower noise and less fan drag compared with conventional motors. The motor is heat resistant to 180⁰ C and cannot be magnetised. With no external electrical excitation the motor maintains a power factor close to 1. The precision speed adjustment capability (1/30,000) greatly reduces discharge fluctuations of the new range of air compressors. Motor angular position sensors are not required, simplifying the

High tech development of Kaishan advanced airend

Southern Cross Compressors has released details of its new generation of compressors, combining permanent-magnet variable-frequency technology with next-generation two-stage screw airends. Developed by parent company Kaishan Corporation, these revolutionary new compressors bring together an integrated systematic optimisation of the compressor unit, an advanced permanent-magnet motor and Kaishan two-stage technology to achieve outstanding energy efficiency. According to Martin Curd, Southern Cross National Sales Manager, “This unique integrated combination is a game changer in the compressed air industry offering unsurpassed efficiency in compressors all the way down to 22kW. We can now offer a superior range of advanced energy saving compressors for virtually any industry application.” Two-stage air compressors are up to 20% more efficient than a typical single-stage compressor. As the



Permanent Magnet Motor

system and improving both stability and reliability. Torque can be compensated at any angle within 360⁰ to achieve perfect torque control and the utilisation of bus voltage is greater than 93%, which is much greater than conventional inverters. Once a mains frequency screw air compressor deviates from its designated working specifications, its efficiency drops. Kaishan’s PMVF

compression ratio is spread over two distinct airends, customers get the benefits of both higher efficiency and longer bearing life. Dr Yan Tang is General Manager of Kaishan and one of the world’s foremost experts in air compressor development. He says: “With global energy costs constantly rising, we are continually developing higher efficiency compressors that meet and surpass international energy standards. The high efficiency of our newly developed two-stage screw units is the fundamental reason for our PMVF compressor’s class leading performance. Our unique package design and engineering offers obvious technological advantages including screw compressor unit efficiency, drive motor efficiency and overall unit control.” Rare earth material technology gives the permanent-magnet synchronised motors higher possible rotating speeds, wider operating parameters and increased energy efficiency. Within their wide operating

Advanced PMVS 2-Stage Air Compressor



COMPARISON WITH MAINS FREQUENCY SCREW AIR COMPRESSORS Total efficiency values were recorded during development trials comparing the energy usage of a 37kW conventional air compressor with a MPVF type based on 8000 identical operating hours per annum. The results displayed an energy consumption of 281,200kWh with the conventional model compared to 183,250kWh with the Kaishan PMVS model - a saving of 97,680kWh.

Kaishan next generation 2-Stage Technology

technology is able to adjust the motor’s rotating speed according to demand variables at any time. By regulating the volume of air output, the compressor is able to

maintain maximum efficiency under all usage demands from 15 to 100%. Particularly in applications with widely fluctuating demand, Kaishan’s PMVF type air compressors demonstrate a remarkable energy

saving capacity as high as 50% over conventional types. Southern Cross is in the final stages of obtaining all necessary statutory approvals for the new

range which is expected to be launched later this year. Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) 1300 098 901 southerncrossaircompressors.com.au

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ENERGY CHAIN SOLUTION CUTS SPACE, TIME AND COSTS IN MACHINING CENTRES individual work steps achieves considerable savings in process times and costs. The design engineers at Hartford, the largest manufacturer of CNC machining centres in Taiwan, know this well. In the last 50 years, Hartford has exported more than 46,000 machines to 65 countries. Since 2017, it has been developing its Aero series, robotic machining centres for the very large components needed in the aerospace industry, for which precision and reliability are critical factors.

In Hartford's robotic machining systems, energy chains from igus ensure a safe and reliable energy supply.

Taiwanese tool manufacturer Hartford uses fully harnessed igus energy chain systems in its robotic machining centres, reducing assembly time from several weeks to just half a day. In very few industries are throughput times as important as in the machine tool industry. Cutting out

Therefore, it is important to have a reliable energy supply from the switch cabinet to the moving parts. At the same time, all the information regarding axis positions and dynamics must be passed back to the control system without interruption. In the first model in this series, the Aero626, this happens at accelerations up to 0.5g and a maximum travel speed of up to 1m/s.

A complete system from a single source Hartford turned to igus, whose energy chains are configurable online, and whose specially designed, highly flexible chainflex cables are tested for two billion

Igus energy chains, including cables and mounting frame, are delivered to Hartford as fully assembled readychains. The energy supply systems are then fitted within half a day instead of several weeks.

cycles per year. As a complete system from a single source, these 'readychains' are harnessed to customers' requirements at 12 locations worldwide, then delivered ready to install. All chainflex cables have an oil-resistant PUR outer jacket, so additional protective hoses are not needed. As a result, the amount of space needed for the cables, and therefore the size of the chains, is reduced, which in turn reduces installation and maintenance times and costs. Through close collaboration between igus Taiwan and Hartford, a 3D drawing of the readychain with assembly frame was created in order to simulate the assembly procedure. The benefit could be seen straightaway: the first energy chain fitted with all electrical cables was installed on the machine in an hour, and the second with hydraulic hoses was even faster, taking just 40 minutes.

Cutting out work steps Normally, machine tool manufacturers try to avoid too many different work steps being carried out on a system at the same time. A lot of manual work done by different employees does not necessarily enhance efficiency; rather, it increases the chance of errors. Previously, two employees took one and half weeks on the x axis of an Aero system and a further week on the y and z axes. Now, by using igus readychains, four e-chains can be fully installed in half a day, cutting out several work steps, reducing costs and greatly improving productivity. Complete harnessed igus readychain systems are available in Australia from Treotham which is able to provide users with a fully customised solution for almost any application. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64 www.treotham.com.au industry update ad.indd 1



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GET FIT FOR SUMMER Fit out your facility now with Big Ass Fans to make sure all your bits are summer ready. Increase comfort. Increase productivity. Increase savings. Increase chance of clothes staying on...winning! You'll save up to 30% on power bills and feel confident your facility is safe and comfortable for your workers. With fans ranging from 762mm up to 7.3m, we have a fan for every space, indoors or out. Call 1300 244 277 today and mention promo SUMMERFANS for a Free Beer Mug + Facility Recommendation or for more information visit bigassfans.com.au


FANS IN ACTION: COMFORTABLE WORKERS MAKE THE BEST WORKERS With a combination of its industry-leading fans and energy-efficient lighting products, Big Ass is improving working conditions in Australia and around the globe.

Bissell’s Paint & Panel shop is now safe and comfortable

Big Ass Fans and LED lights improve conditions at XL Service Bodies

Blazing Queensland temperatures and humidity were creating uncomfortable working conditions at XL Service Bodies, an industryleading manufacturer of service truck bodies. Inefficient floor fans were only complicating matters with dust and debris, as well as causing disruption. “We’re in an industrial environment, so adding more noise is not what you want. When you turned our old fans on, they were a hard start and made a lot of noise,” says owner and Managing Director, JP Shelburn. The floor fans could only target small, specific areas too, so summer heat resulted in employees fighting for the fans. After seeing Big Ass Fans in action and researching proven benefits, Shelburn knew he’d found the comfort solution for his 12,000m2 factory. Three Powerfoil X3.0 fans were installed for year-round airflow, with the fan speed determined by the prevailing weather conditions.

the long run, Big Ass Fans and Lights are the right decision,” says Shelburn. Also in Queensland, Kip Kippen owner of Bissell’s Paint & Panel shop recognised the need for serious air movement in his new purpose-built facility. He wanted to make sure the new auto-body repair centre was safe and comfortable, even during periods of soaring temperatures. In his previous facility, the use of noisy, directional floor fans had caused problems of blowing dust everywhere, in addition to ineffective cooling. Feeling was believing for Kippen. He decided Big Ass Fans were the best solution after seeing a large-diameter Big Ass Fan in person and feeling the airflow for himself. “The total air

movement from a Big Ass Fan was way better than other fans I’d seen,” says Kip. “Normal fans create directional movement, whereas the Big Ass Fan provided massive air movement that was making the entire shop feel much cooler.” He also liked how effective the fan was while running at low speed. With the installation of three Big Ass Fans of his own, Kip Kippen rests easy, knowing his workers are safe and more productive. “Comfortable workers make the best workers, as they aren’t constantly stressing about the heat or the annoying paint fumes,” he says. “We like air circulation at all times, so we keep the fans on year round and don’t ever get the buildup of fumes that most auto shops have.” Kippen also incorporated 13 High Bay Big Ass Light fixtures into his facility. “They had the best quality, with great output and low energy use,” he says. “The LEDs guarantee we are providing top quality service, as we can notice any little defect or issue needing rectification.” Kip Kippen is thrilled to now have a cooler, brighter and more efficient shop.

“Both the fans and lights do what they’re meant to,” he says. “They’re a definite cure to the two main problems most industrial facilities face – air movement and lighting.” The Big Ass phenomenon isn’t just confined to Australia. BlueScope Buildings is the world’s leading supplier of pre-engineered metal buildings, with locations on four continents. At its 26,000m2 plant in Laurinburg, North Carolina, the company fabricates long-bay trusses and other parts from hot-rolled steel. In summer, workers in Building 4 coped with stifling conditions, and wall fans provided little relief. The oppressive atmosphere was further compounded by outdated metal-halide lights in other parts of the facility that barely kept the bays lit and when they did work, generated even more heat.

Big Ass Fans 1300 244 277 bigassfans.com.au

Once Shelburn saw the immediate improvement the fans made, he proceeded to install Big Ass Light LEDs over the welding bays and quality assurance line. “The lights are fantastic! You could buy a cheap LED made in China that doesn’t have any support, or backup, or quality standard. Or, you pay a little more for Big Ass Lights and get what you really want.” “Big Ass Fans provide great value and a real return on investment. I've done the maths - if you're in business for



Workers are more comfortable at BlueScope Buildings



DIRECTIONAL FAN HELPS EQUALISE LOADING DOCK ENVIRONMENT Available in Australia from Arbon Equipment, the Rite-Hite CoolMan 2500 trailer fan is an ideal aid to comfort for loading docks where manual loading and unloading takes place. When loading and unloading a trailer, temperatures can vary wildly. The trailer fan overcomes this by helping to equalise the trailer environment with warmer or cooler facility temperatures. The CoolMan has a powerful three-speed motor that is enclosed in a heavy-duty housing. It comes with an 11-gauge steel positioning arm with a novel bracketing system that allows one fan to service two adjacent loading dock openings.

The bracket makes it easy to position the fan both vertically and horizontally to focus the airflow on the rear or the front of a trailer, depending on where it’s needed. The fan can easily be moved clear of the door opening to allow full access for fork truck traffic. An optional dock light for trailer lighting is also available.

Arbon Equipment 1800 1 ARBON (27266) arbon.com.au

RUGGED MOBILE FANS ARE AUSTRALIAN MADE Just in time for the warmer weather, Coates Hire has expanded its alliance with Fanquip with the recent purchase of more Mobile Mancooler units to add to its existing fleet.



The Australian-made Mobile Mancooler features a heavy pipe frame, heavy-duty lifting hook and large diameter wheels for easy handling. Mobile Mancoolers come in a range of sizes, are ruggedised for all conditions and suitable for a wide range of applications. Ideal for circulating air in a factory environment or evacuating smoke, fumes or dust from a workplace, the Mobile Mancooler can also be specified for use in hazardous environments. Sizes range from 400 to 1000mm diameter, with motors rated from 0.55 to 5.50kW and options for single- and three-phase supplies. Units are capable of airflows from 1.5 to 17kL/s. The new units custom made


for Coates Hire are powder coated orange to fit in with the Coates Hire company image and feature stainless-steel asset number plates to help the company to keep track of its fleet. Fanquip 02 6578 8600 www.fanquip.com.au


Telephone: (02) 9722 0502 • www.rackarmour.com.au




OPTICAL SENSORS KEEP AUTOMATED VEHICLES ON TRACK Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are increasingly used in production, warehousing and order picking. Every one must find its way to an exact position quickly, safely and costeffectively. There have been various technologies in this area, each with its own specific properties, and with each further enhancement, new opportunities result. Today, there are many different types of systems, from those that follow a wire or tape, through to laser positioning and wireless. When developing a new idea for an application, a combination of a positioning, navigation and safety solution is required. It is worth taking a closer look at and comparing the different technologies, however, since not every technology is suited to every application in equal measure.

For example, small and simple applications commonly have different requirements from larger ones. As a rule, though, two issues should always be considered together: safety and navigation. In terms of safety, it is worth considering safety area scanners, which prevent collisions between vehicles and people or objects. With regard to navigation, it is necessary to investigate whether an additional scanner system or a different technology should be used to navigate the vehicle safely. With scanners, the data usually comes as bitstream per beam with the angle and distance to the object. Software with a suitable level of hardware performance is required for evaluating the navigation data of the vehicle. Equally, a shutdown mechanism must be considered.



Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s needsand since 1975. Protoblast Company has individual been designing manufacturing to suit Protoblast Company has individual been designing and manufacturing customer’s needs since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systems • Airless Blast Machinesto suit individual needs since 1975. • customer’s Section Blast Machines Dust Collectors • Abrasive Recovery Systems • •Airless Blast Machines • Abrasive Recovery Systems • Airless Blast Machines Machines • Dust Collectors The best way •toSection prepareBlast a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive screws, surfboards or steel work... The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, blasting process. Whether need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, surfboards or steelyou work... Protoblast has the experience screws, surfboards or steel work... to design and supply has equipment that is fast,toefficient, Protoblast the experience design improves your product saves you Protoblast has the experience toefficient, design and supply equipment thatand is fast, money... year after year. and supply equipment that is fast, efficient, improves your product and saves you improvesyear your and saves you money... afterproduct year. money... year after year.

P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 E. sales@protoblast.com.au P. 1800 Inter. +612571 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box772 157320 Picton NSW E. sales@protoblast.com.au P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 E. sales@protoblast.com.au

www.protoblast.com.au www.protoblast.com.au www.protoblast.com.au



Current developments and performance increases in safety laser scanners will soon permit the output of navigation data via recognised and standardised bus interfaces, combining both functions in one device. This simplifies the integration of the system and significantly reduces the complexity of installation and interface. An example of this combined function is the RSL400 safety laser scanner with Profinet from Leuze electronic. These scanners are also readily used in combination with systems that contain reference positions by means of transponders or code reading. This is especially the case in areas where there is an overlap of AGVs and manned vehicles for supporting pick assistance systems. In such cases, there is a corresponding reader moving along inside the vehicle. Transponders or codes are arranged in or on the floor or ceiling at crossings and reference positions, which are connected to assistance systems for additional information. Systems that work with reference positions or navigation scanners are usually flexible in terms of changes. Often there is a change to a new situation merely from a teaching-in or graphical drawing of new reference points. This flexibility has many advantages, but it may not be needed. In enclosed areas where there is hardly any human traffic, simple tracking with an induction wire or magnetic tape in or on the floor is popular. The wire itself is robust and durable, but not flexible because it has to be housed in the floor. Magnetic tape offers more flexibility, but the floor structure has to be taken into account. Optical systems are usually much

easier to build or modify. Those that follow a line are particularly flexible, since the line can easily be installed and modified, especially if it is formed from adhesive tape. Cameras or sensors are commonly used for optical detection and tracking of the line. The diversity of AGV applications across a broad variety of industries shows the necessity of a large range of technologies and options, so a solution tailored to the respective application can be achieved at a good price.

High flexibility The OGS 600 from Leuze electronic is a new sensor for optical tracking based on contrast detection. It allows for a detection width of 140 to 280mm on an illuminated adhesive tape with a line and contrasted trace. It is suitable for use in AGVs of all sizes with standard, simple vehicle interfaces. It enables cost-effective vehicle automation for the transport of materials and goods in production and storage areas. With its edge detection and transmission of signals to the steering motor, the trace can be guided optically, so driving can be automated in the simplest of ways. The compact design of the OGS 600 and its low minimum distance to the ground of 10mm means it can be integrated even into flat vehicles.

Leuze electronic 1300 538 933 www.leuze.com.au



ONLINE CONFIGURATOR MAKES POWER CHAIN SPECIFICATION FOOLPROOF Lapp is encouraging power chain users to take advantage of its Ölflex Connect Chain system with the release of an online configurator that will enable users worldwide to specify complete system solutions. The new Ölflex Connect Chain configurator enables users to engineer a power chain digitally online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

at each stage of the process, thereby eliminating the most common sources of error. It also ensures that the allimportant bend radius of the cables is compatible with the bend of the specified drag chain.

The digital Ölflex Connect Chain configurator takes a step-by-step approach to guide the user through the choice of drag chain, cables and appropriate accessories. When the configuration is complete, the customer is sent an individual quotation.

Cables are selected based on the travel distance, acceleration, temperature profile, shielding and other parameters. The configurator automatically excludes cables that are not suitable for the application. If required, it can position separators and shelves and makes sure that the weight of the cables is evenly distributed in the power chain.

Importantly, the configurator makes sure all the components are compatible

Finally, the customer is given the option to purchase the power chain fully

configurator can be accessed here. https://chainconfigurator.lappgroup. com.

assembled from Lapp or to receive it as individual components, with the further option of having the cables pre-cut to the appropriate length. Fully assembled power chains come with the additional assurance that the whole assembly has been 100% tested at the factory.

Lapp Australia 1800 931 559 www.lappaustralia.com.au

The Ölflex Connect Chain






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OVER 8000 PRODUCTS Need it fast? Next day delivery available. Trusted by customers for over 50 years.

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Specifically designed for printing high-quality wide-format vinyl labels and signs, the OJ Pro 2000 combines high performance and ease of use in an affordable package. Suitable for printing signs and labels on five-year outdoor grade vinyl, the OJ Pro 2000 is ideal for applications from compliance labelling and brand marking to warning signs and inventory control. Thanks to its 200mm-wide format it can handle larger signage jobs, and it can also print wide lateral barcodes without having to rotate the image.


The printer’s large LCD control panel makes it easy to manage all setup parameters, and a built-in Ethernet server simplifies networking. The whole package comes in a precision-made aluminium die-cast chassis that will ensure a lifetime of precision printing, together with a twoyear warranty.

OJ Holdings 1300 764 788 www.ojh.com.au Enerpac has a new range of pendant-operated electric tensioning pumps that enable speedy and safe multiple-bolt applications, including applications in gas turbine machinery, compressors, wind power plants and oil, mining and energy industries. The rugged and compact ZUTP-S 1500 bar series pumps feature two-stage operation that provides high flow at low pressure for fast system fills, followed by controlled flow at high pressure for precise operation. And the pumps achieve their high pressure without the need for an intensifier, reducing both costs and maintenance. Users of the ZUTP-S can pressurise and depressurise the tensioner directly from the 6m-long operating pendant. According to Enerpac Asia-Pacific Marketing Manager Tony Cooper, “The ZUTP-S Series is typically used in oil and gas, wind power and power plant applications, it works well when used for critical joints in the assembly of gas and wind turbines, compressors, power shaft couplings and oil and gas pipelines. This tensioning pump is extremely reliable and provides great power and precision



that our customers value.” The pump features a 1.25 kW heavyduty universal motor that provides optimal performance-to-weight ratio in a range of six compact pumps, all of which meet CE safety requirements and internationally respected TUV product standards. The pump’s safety relief valve limits output pressure, and there is an easyaccess manual override valve, which quickly releases pressure if power is lost. The panel-mounted 153mm pressure gauge with polycarbonate cover is set into a protective metal shroud for improved visibility. And the pump’s replaceable 10-micron reservoir breather and inline high-pressure filter help to maintain oil cleanliness for optimum performance.

Enerpac 02 8717 7200 www.enerpac.com.au



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AGVS FOR THE BIG CHILL Dematic has developed a freezerrated narrow-aisle reach AGV that can operate autonomously in chilled and freezer environments. The AGV can operate permanently in temperatures down to -25°C and intermittently as low as -30°C. The vehicle’s specifications are ideally suited to current-day distribution facilities, with a lift height that can access five levels of racking, a 1100kg load capacity, and a reach mechanism for double-deep racking. “Our new AGVs are an attractive solution for automating existing freezer storage distribution centres that are manually operated today,” says Tony Raggio, General Manager Sales – AGV, Dematic Australia and New Zealand. “Companies can implement freezer-rated AGVs as an automated picking solution with minimal infrastructure changes and related costs.”

Freezer environments are notoriously difficult for distribution staff, who typically require 10 to 20 minutes out of the freezer during every hour worked. The AGV, on the other hand, can operate 24/7, picking and transporting product in the frozen environment to the point of distribution “Finding people to work in chilled and freezer environments is challenging,” adds Raggio. “Our customers can use these AGVs in the frozen areas of their distribution facilities to create a fully automated ‘lights out’ automation solution.”

Dematic 02 9486 5555 www.dematic.com.au

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Fujifilm has developed a series of ultra-high-resolution lenses for use with large-sensor machine vision cameras in automatic product inspection and measurement on production lines. The demand for machine vision systems is expected to grow due to the increasing automation of production lines and further reductions in the number of human operators. Currently, the demand for high precision inspection and measurement systems is growing not only in the electronics and automotive components fields, but also for larger-sized products such as organic electroluminescent and liquid-crystal displays. As the sensors used for machine vision cameras become increasingly large and incorporate an ever-higher pixel count, lenses, the first gateways for image information, also require higher levels of performance. Fuljifilm’s CF-ZA-1S series, set for launch in February 2019, is a range of ultra-high resolution lenses compatible with sensors with a pixel count of 1.1in at 2.5µm pixel pitch, equivalent to 23Mpixel. The lenses incorporate Fujifilm's proprietary 4D high-resolution technology, providing superior clarity. In addition, when the aperture is set to f4, the setting most commonly chosen by users, the relative illumination ratio is maintained at over 90%, ensuring that the lens produces images that operate in all areas from the centre through to the periphery. This eliminates the need for


light intensity compensation. Furthermore, the lenses are designed to be compact, with a world-smallest external diameter (for this kind of lens) of just 39mm, and their high-quality anti-shock and vibration performance, which maintains variations of the optical axis equal to or below 10µm makes them highly suitable for installation in a wide range of manufacturing environments. The lenses are suitable for the inspection and measurement of electronic components as well as for larger-sized products. The series provides a lineup of six different lens models with different focal lengths (8, 12, 16, 25, 35 and 50mm), allowing customers to choose the most appropriate for their application. In addition to the CF-ZA-1S series, Fujifilm will also launch the HF-HA-1S series from January 2019. This is an update of the HF-HA-1B series, already in use in a wide range of manufacturing environments. They are compatible with sensors up to a maximum size of 0.66in at 6.2µm pixel pitch, equivalent to 1.5Mpixel, and characterised by compact lens bodies with external diameters of 29.5mm. The update adds additional anti-shock and vibration performance to the existing series.

Fujifilm Australia 1800 226 355 www.fujifilm.com.au




HYDRAULICS SERVICE SPREADS THROUGH SYDNEY’S WEST The dedicated local manager who has been instrumental in building the successful Granville Hydraulink operation now plans to apply the same success formula to the franchise in the burgeoning region of Blacktown, NSW. Ben Walker has built up a loyal following across a wide range of industries in Granville’s solid industrial market in less than five years. His satisfied customers include those in road, infrastructure, light rail, demolition, mining suppliers, ground testing, warehousing, materials handling, waste management and other specialised industries. Now he plans to apply the same winning formula to Blacktown, built around hard-working, professional staff and a commitment to train the team to succeed with the proactive, service-oriented position that has made the Hydraulink brand a winner throughout a rapidly growing network of more than 110 service centres across Australia. Assistant Manager, Lawrence McIlvride, will take the reins at Granville and expand on the ongoing success with customers from businesses in geo-probing, large-scale demolitions and waste management, while Ben Walker takes ownership of the Blacktown operation, including its fully equipped hydraulic mobile service vehicles. “Blacktown has huge potential for a business with our market advantages,” says Walker. “There are a lot of crane, hire and rental, forklift, waste

management and recycling companies in the area that stand to benefit from our 24/7 service availability and cando attitude.” Walker is further enhancing efficiency and availability at the Blacktown branch by revitalising the workshop and increasing stock levels to ensure customers are served as

Screw Compressors For full range scan QR code or go to

pneutechgroup.com.au/iu Call 1800 763 883 for all of your compressed air needs.



quickly as possible. “I’m looking to increase our overthe-counter business as well,” he adds. “I want anyone to be able to drop by with a hydraulic problem and for one of our team to fix it promptly, because we have necessary parts and expertise right here in Blacktown.” “In my experience with the Granville branch, Hydraulink’s problem-solving approach won us a lot of loyal customers and repeat business, and I’m looking to bring that ethos to Blacktown too.” “We had a customer come in the other day with a truck that wasn’t working properly, but he didn’t know the problem. Our experienced team disassembled the truck, found the problem, put it all back together and tested it to make sure the problem was completely fixed. It’s these sorts of jobs that set us apart from any other hydraulic service company in Australia.”

“I also plan to make optimum use of Hydraulink’s resources between the Granville and Blacktown branches. If we need to move staff or stock between branches to get jobs done faster, I can arrange that seamlessly,” he adds. “My plan is to provide the greater Blacktown area, which includes several surrounding suburbs, with a level of service previously unseen in the area. In addition to 24/7 availability, we have more than just hoses and fittings. We have a full range of industrial and hydraulic components, and the in-house expertise to solve complex problems with quick turnaround times.”

Hydraulink 1300 36 37 34 www.hydraulink.com.au



MILL ENDS FOCUS ON NANO-SCALE MACHINING Seco’s Jabro-Mini JM500 line of micro end mill products improve the machining of nano-sized parts. The end mills ensure predictable cutting-tool performance in demanding applications such as aerospace, medical and electronics. There are more than 180 tools in DMM 4 and 6mm shank diameters, seven different overhang lengths, and with flute diameters from 0.2 to 3mm. The wide selection allows part processing to be performed in stages and using the shortest possible tool overhangs at each stage to reduce the risk of tool deflection, saving machining time and increasing feed rates. The optimised grade, geometry and coating of the Jabro-Mini JM500 line combine to generate outstanding surface finishes on parts made from many materials, including steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant super alloys and titanium. The geometries incorporate

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Powder Handling 30-degree helixes and 3-degree rakes, offered in two, three and four-flute versions of toric and ball-nose styles. An all-round carbide grade with polished SIRA coating helps these tools further excel in machining the targeted tough materials at the lowest possible cost per edge. Seco Tools Australia 1300 55 7326 www.secotools.com/au


Proven turnkey systems for powder processing industries. Delivery to dispatch.

Bagging & Palletising

Lifting Systems

Ergonomic solutions for manual handling tasks. Integrated conveyor systems from Adept Conveyor Technologies automate cumbersome manual operations and streamline product flows to improve operational efficiency. Not only do these conveyor systems offer the potential to significantly reduce labour costs, they can help businesses to maximise throughput within their existing premises – avoiding the expense and disruption of moving to larger premises. An integrated conveyor system often closes the loop by encompassing


other aspects of material flow within the manufacturing or warehousing environment, further improving operational efficiency. And the improved order turnaround helps companies to meet their e-commerce customers’ time expectations.

(03) 9457 8244 Adept Conveyor Technologies 02 9771 4655 adeptconveyor.com.au

Call to speak to your local representative www.kockumsbulk.com.au





New from Omron, the NX Series Safety Network Controller supports both CIP Safety and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocols enabling system builders to use a single component in the design and manufacture of machinery for application worldwide. When used in conjunction with Omron’s NX102 Machine Automation Controller both EtherNet/IP + CIP Safety and EtherCAT + FSoE can be used simultaneously. This also helps when building safety systems for large production lines using robots from different vendors. Various models of the safety network controller are available, providing up to 254 CIP Safety connections and real-time safety control

of up to 12 motors. The combination of automatic programming and user-defined function blocks reduces safety control programming time. Together with online functional test and offline simulation, safety management can be easily implemented by inexperienced workers helping to maximise productivity. Furthermore, the unit features data logging and restore ability to quickly identify the cause of line stoppage and offer easy replacement without use of additional software. Omron 1300 766 766 www.omron.com.au


Novaris has expanded its successful 15-year relationship with Control Logic by naming the company as a national distributor of its surge and lightning protection products in Australia. Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory now join Control Logic’s existing networks in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, allowing Novaris products to be available nationwide. Proudly Australian, the Novaris range is suitable for all forms of electrical protection. The range includes surge diverters and filters, spark gap arrestors, surge circuit breakers and more. These devices are suitable for a large variety of applications including railway signalling, Scada systems, power systems, process control, data networks, CCTV, security and communications systems.

The Novaris range is fully compliant with local Australian standards, ensuring reliable protection in harsh Australian conditions. “Control Logic is excited about its expanded relationship with Novaris. For surge and lightning protection in Australia, we believe the Novaris brand is the best in the industry, so we are very pleased to be able to provide their solutions to our national customer base,” says Lee Papadimitrious, General Manager of Products and Marketing. “Being a local supplier with products designed to suit the Australian market, the Novaris offering is able to suit virtually any application”, he adds.

Control Logic 1800 557 705 www.controllogic.com.au

ELECTRICAL PROTECTION DEVICE HAS ARC FAULTS COVERED Eaton has developed an arc fault detection device that provides critical all-in-one protection against electrical fires in buildings. The Eaton AFDD+ combines arc fault detection, earth leakage current protection (RCD), short circuit and overcurrent protection (MCB) technology in a single compact device. According to Dan Agnew, General Manager, Power Distribution ANZ at Eaton, “Standard switchboards with RCD and MCB circuit protection are



unable to detect electrical arc faults that are the root cause of most fires – so by adding an extra layer of protection with Eaton AFDD+, arc faults can be detected early, immediately isolating the damaged cable and effectively eliminating the ignition point.” Already widely used in Europe and the USA, the Eaton AFDD+ is the first IEC-based solution in the world to combine all three protective layers in one device.

The new AS/NZS 3000 electrical installations standard includes guidelines for the use of arc fault detection devices in final subcircuits for locations storing flammable materials, fire propagating structures, premises with sleeping accommodation or buildings where valuable assets need to be protected.

busbar comb for easy installation.

The Eaton AFDD+ comes in multiple options ranging from 10 to 40A, with an in-built 30mA Type A RCD. Devices come with a purpose-designed

Eaton 1300 3 EATON www.eatoncorp.com.au




Available now from Control Logic is the Hirschmann Greyhound 1040 Ethernet Switch promises fast and reliable uplink speeds at a cost-effective price. Thanks to its modular design, the unit also enables easy network expansion and maintenance. The Greyhound 1040 features interchangeable media modules and redundant power supplies that allow live network updating to keep pace with changing bandwidth and power needs.

With support of up to 28 highdensity Gigabit Ethernet ports, optional PoE, and an industry-first 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet fibre option to balance speed and cost requirements, the Greyhound 1040 switch meets the demands of power-intensive applications in industries such as security, transportation and power transmission and distribution. Control Logic 1800 557 705 www.controllogic.com.au

BENCHTOP SCALES SPEED UP REPETITIVE TASKS Adam Equipment reckons its Latitude bench scales are significantly faster than previous models. Suitable for production, warehouse or field use, Latitude fits easily on a small desk or in work areas with limited space. Its solid construction is based on a sturdy lightweight ABS plastic housing that makes it portable yet durable enough for industrial use, and the large, 304 stainless steel pan removes easily for cleaning. The scale is simple to use: there are five colour-coded keys that highlight the most frequently used functions. The keypad is sealed, so dirt or spills can be wiped up quickly. Latitude has an onboard rechargeable battery that runs for 240 hours on a charge, and comes with an AC adapter for charging. The unit will also operate from any USB power source. A programmable auto-poweroff feature helps save power when the

scale is not in use. A zero-tracking feature ensures that the display returns to zero after each measurement, speeding the process of weighing multiple items in rapid succession. An audible overload alarm warns when the weight exceeds the scale’s capacity.

Adam Equipment 08 6461 6236 www.adamequipment.com.au

A fully integrated system or a basic component – YOU choose from a single supplier.

Local Manufacturer Not an importer, we use components from our own exclusive European partners and build all conveyor products HERE.

European Quality

Adept has been supplying the materials handling industry with innovative and Bespoke designs for many years. Warehouse order fulfilment systems. Freight and courier parcel handling systems. E-commerce - Scope and range to satisfy and support most e-commerce companies. Faster Deliveries - Not subject to long lead times. Faster deliveries than all industry peers. Systems can be up and running before others get theirs off the boat. Flexibility - We provide solutions from a basic component to full system analysis, design and implementation. Long Term Support - Will always have availability of spares no matter how old the design may be.


Partnered with affiliates from all over Europe for specialised products.


(02) 9771 4655 Melbourne

(03) 9357 8814 sales@adeptconveyor.com.au






Intelligent image processing software available from Treotham speeds the configuration of the Wenglor weQube smart camera, helping users to set up applications with no previous knowledge. The new uniVision assistant guides the user step by step through the configuration process of the weQube smart camera, making complex steps easily accessible and understandable to anyone. Detailed text explains options step by step, which is particularly useful for newcomers to image processing. Predefined project templates are included for standard applications, including those for recognising 1D and 2D codes, presence and colour controls, and pattern detection.

The software’s modular layout provides experts with maximum flexibility for solving complex applications. In this way, every user – from beginners to professionals – can quickly access all of the weQube's features. The weQube smart camera is available from Treotham, along with all other Wenglor products. The software is free to download for Windows and is available in 11 different languages.

Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64 www.treotham.com.au


ICP Electronics Australia has a new series of easy-to-apply remote environmental logging modules. The ICP DAS DL-300-WF series is an indoor air-quality-monitoring module with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PoE and RS485 interfaces that make it easy to incorporate into monitoring and control systems. The loggers can be used to record CO, CO2, temperature, humidity, and dew point information, including date and timestamps, and are able to store up to 450,000 downloadable records. Real-time data can be accessed from the DL-300-WF data logger anywhere and at any time by using the free Windows software or mobile apps for

both Apple and Android. Support is also available for popular industrial protocols such as DCON, Modbus RTU, and Modbus TCP, as well as the emerging MQTT IoT connectivity protocol. The loggers can be used as desktop units, wall mounted or mounted on a DIN rail.

ICP Electronics Australia 02 9457 6011 www.icp-australia.com.au

INDUSTRIAL DUST COLLECTOR CLAIMS THE GOLD STANDARD Camfil APC reckons its new Gold Series X-Flo (GSX) industrial dust collector is the industry’s best-in-class dust collection system. Built on 20 years of successful performance of its predecessor, the GSX dust collector is ideal for any industrial application that produces or processes fine, fibrous and heavy dusts and fumes. The modular GSX collectors are easy to build and assemble. Each module handles airflows up to 2800L/s using four Gold Cone X-Flo filter cartridges. The new filter cartridges 54


contain more pleated media and surface area than ever before, so they can move more air and process more dust without increasing the collector’s overall footprint. The collector also features a newly engineered inlet and unique baffle configuration that creates a more uniform airflow, and this extends the life of the filters. When the filters are pulse cleaned, more dust is channelled directly into the hopper instead of into the adjacent filters.

GSX dust collectors exceed OSHA mandates for indoor air quality and are tested to meet NFPA and ATEX standards. They are available with many explosion protection options including explosion vents, isolation valves, integrated safety monitoring filters and fire-retardant filter cartridges.

Camfil APC 02 8832 5500 camfilapc.com/au





Balluff has come up with a simple and practical solution for connecting RS232 serial devices directly to IOLink. The company’s new IO-Link convertor for RS232 devices allows the connection of serial devices such as barcode scanners, printers or RS232 controllers directly to an IO-Link terminal.

RS Components has launched a major expansion of its portfolio of pneumatic components with the release of a full range of very competitively priced RS Pro devices.

The compact convertor removes the need for expensive alternatives such as RS232 cards, freeing the way for more users to switch to IO-Link and enjoy all the advantages of this modern communication standard, such as remote monitoring and configuration. The IO-Link convertor comes in a rugged IP67-rated stainless-steel housing measuring 118 x 18mm and weighing just 100g. It has two digital

RS has offered a wide range of RS Pro tubing and hose products for many years, but the new launch represents a significant pneumatic portfolio extension. inputs and highly visible LEDs that simplify diagnostics. Connection to IO-Link is via a 4-pin M12 plug. On the RS232 side an 8-pin M12 female is provided. This also provides 24V power for the RS232 device.

Balluff 03 9720 4100 www.balluff.com.au

Offering a significant value-formoney alternative and available directly from stock, more than 1000 products have been added to the RS portfolio, including cylinders, actuators and valves including solenoid types, as well as a range of air-preparation and airtreatment devices and a wide range of fittings and quick connect couplings. These new RS Pro components target machine builders and maintenance engineers who are working on

applications such as conveyor systems, production lines, material handling or packaging machines. Shipping now in the Asia Pacific region, the pneumatic components have undergone strict testing to meet demanding industry standards and come with the RS Pro seal of approval and a three-year warranty.

RS Components 1300 656636 au.rs-online.com




CONVEYOR COMPONENTS Range unmatched from any other Australian supplier. Performance and reliability unmatched and backed. No comparable products on the local market that can match it for quality and performance. Hard to beat price on any other European products. Solutions to most hard to source replacements. Complete roller range offered and assembled here.






Traditionally, Industry Update has published a Christmas Gift Guide at this time of year. But this year we thought it might be time for all of us to think of those less fortunate. So here’s the 2018 Industry Update Giving Guide. These charities need your support more than ever at this time of year. So please be generous.

DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN The Smith Family helps disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education, breaking the cycle of disadvantage and changing lives. Its Christmas appeal this year is a “Stocking Exchange”, where you can buy “virtual shares” in Joy, Knowledge, Belonging, Reading or Maths, which will fund educational supplies and support programmes. You can get involved in four ways: supporting the appeal with a generous cash donation, purchasing a gift online for a disadvantaged child, buying gift online for someone you love, or volunteering time to support the Smith Family’s local operations https://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/campaigns/ share-christmas



Mission Australia is a non-denominational Christian charity helping vulnerable Australian adults, families and children in areas such as homelessness, mental health, alcohol, drug and other dependencies, and disability inclusion and support.

Careflight aims to save lives, speed recovery and serve the community by providing the highest standard of rapid response critical care. Starting with one helicopter and doctor in 1986, Careflight has grown to six bases, operating helicopters, turbo-prop air ambulances and medi-jets.

Its Christmas appeal this year focuses on reducing homelessness and strengthening communities across Australia, especially providing crisis, temporary and long-term housing, case management support, furniture and appliances, outreach services, counselling and psychological support, and skills and training.

Christmas is one of its busiest times, because many Australians spend time in the pool or at the beach, or in the great outdoors where they encounter Australia’s wildlife, or travel long distances for family gatherings or holidays. It is only because of its donors’ generous support that CareFlight’s pilots and doctors continue to have the opportunities to save lives.

https://www.missionaustralia.com.au/ christmasappeal

https://careflight.org/support-us/donate-form/ careflight-charity-appeal/

MAKING CORPORATE COMMUNITY INVESTMENT EASY Good2give inspires and enables businesses and their employees to support the communities they care about, providing a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage and communicate their staff fundraising and giving programmes.

Australian workers increasingly want the companies where they work to be environmentally and socially responsible. Through Good2give, companies can improve staff participation, morale and retention by matching their workplace donations. Over 85 per cent of workers


who have donated through Good2give’s programmes feel this form of community engagement and generosity makes their company a better place to work. https://good2give.ngo/


Its programmes are based both in and out of hospital, including Starlight Express Rooms (fun, medical-free havens for play and laughter) and Captain Starlight (“fighting for fun”) for younger children and Livewire (workshops and activities designed to combat loneliness and isolation) for older children and teenagers, as well as Livewire Online, Healthier Futures (supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities) and the famous Wishgranting, providing seriously ill children and their families with a once-in-lifetime experience.

Lifeline provides crisis support by phone (24 hours a day), online chat and text, and related resources online. Christmas isn’t always a happy time for everyone. For people who are battling isolation, illness or family relationship problems, it can be a challenging time. Over 28,000 Australians will contact Lifeline this Christmas period. Your donation will help ensure that its crisis supporters have the training, resources and support they need to save lives and give hope.


https://www.lifeline.org.au/support-lifeline/ lifeline-campaigns/elizabeth

The Starlight Children’s Foundation’s mission is to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families, based on the principles of positive psychology supporting “total care”.



HELP STRUGGLING FARMERS AND RURAL COMMUNITIES Buy a bale started in June 2013 after Charles and Tracy Adler read about farmers destroying their stock or being forced off their land. Since September that year, the programme has delivered more than 160,000 bales of hay across four states. Charles and Tracy later expanded their services and support to rural communities as a whole through Rural Aid. After recent fires and cyclones, there is more call for services designed for repairing and rebuilding than ever before. These include the Farm Rescue and Weekend Warriors programs for city tradies, industrial manufacturers and volunteers. https://www.ruralaid.org.au/


tt co n tS io at uct a M rod p




Since its launch in 2017, Industry Update Video has been a phenomenal success, with content spanning the whole of manufacturing industry. Our Video Update EDM is mailed to readers each week with the most up to date content in Australia about the manufacturing industry. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR VIDEO UPDATE EDM AT INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU EVERY SINGLE VIDEO, FOR EVERY SINGLE CLIENT, PRODUCED BY INDUSTRY UPDATE, GETS TO PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE WITHIN ABOUT 7 WEEKS AND SOME GET THERE INSTANTLY.
















THEY SAID IT.. The best industry and political quotes of the past and present: "If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y plus Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." Albert Einstein "Men occasionally stumble on the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened. "Winston Churchill "Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair." George Burns



19-21 February 2019, Mercure Ballarat, Victoria

22-23 May 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre


"The blunt truth about the politics of climate change is that no country will want to sacrifice its economy in order to meet this challenge." Tony Blair "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing noncompetitive." Donald Trump "The man who invented the red carpet needed his head examined." Prince Philip "If you don’t know where you're going, you’ll end up someplace else." Yogi Berra

"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." Stephen Hawking


AUSPACK 2019 26-29 March 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre www.auspack.com.au

FOODTECH QLD 28-30 July 2019, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre foodtechqld.com.au

NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK 14-17 May 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre www.nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au AUSTECH 14-17 May 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre amtil.com.au/austech WASTE 2019

ENERGY EFFICIENCY EXPO 23-24 October 2019, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre www.energyefficiencyexpo.com.au CEBIT AUSTRALIA 29-31 October 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre www.cebit.com.au

14-16 May 2019, Opal Cove resort, Coffs Harbour



30-31 October 2019, Sydney International Convention Centre awre.com.au



(1) If Fred is 80cm tall plus half his own height, how tall is he?


(2) The maker doesn’t want it; the buyer doesn’t use it; and the user doesn’t see it. What is it?

2 What year saw the election of the world’s first female Prime Minister?

(3) There is an invention still in use in some parts of the world today that enables people to see through walls. What is it?

4 Which singer was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York City on 28th March 1986?

What is the largest single living organism in the world?

3 Who was she?

5 Which team has won the ICC T20 International the most times (2)? 6 Which is further north, Hobart or Christchurch?

1 A honey fungus measuring 3.8km across in the Blue Mountains in Oregon, 2 1960, 3 Sirimavo Bandaranaike (Ceylon), 4 Lady Gaga, 5 West Indes, 6 Hobart, 7 Somersby, NSW, 8 The first practical medical ultrasound scanner, 9 Scotland, 10 Why do you want to know? Teabreak Trivia (1) 160cm (2) A coffin (3) Windows Lateral Thinking ANSWERS



7 Where in Australia is Ploddy the dinosaur, thought to be Australia’s oldest “big thing”?

Gosh. Was that a year ago? In November 2017 we were preparing for our 100th edition. And, to celebrate the milestone, the February/March Industry Update was a golden 100-page edition – a fitting way to bring up the century! But we’re not alone. 2018 has witnessed the continuing renaissance of Australian manufacturing industry, and we’re proud to be part of it. While 2018 was a bumper year for Industry Update, we’re planning for an even better year in 2019, and we’ll be starting the year with another big issue with some of our favourite special features, including: Materials Handling – covering everything from powder and fluids handling to forklifts, cranes and conveyors.

8 Which medical innovation was developed in 1961 Australia by David Robinson and George Kossoff?

Electronics – looking at the key enabling technologies for the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

9 … but which nation claims the original use of ultrasound for medical purposes?

Industrial Doors and Accessories – the key to premises security and maintaining climate control.

10 Where would we be without rhetorical questions?

AUSPACK 2019 – looking ahead to Australasia’s largest and all encompassing processing and packaging event in Melbourne. Footwear Focus – for safety and comfort, one size certainly doesn’t fit all applications. Naturally, we will have all our regular features on Workplace Safety, Environmental Matters, Industry Politics, Education and Training, and Business and Finance. So start the year on the right foot and join us in February. For advertising enquiries call Scott or Malanie on 02 9439 1288. Editorial can be sent to editor@ industryupdate.com.au. But be sure to send it before the deadline of 24th January 2018.


WE’RE SPECIALIST DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS. Component manufacturing through to full-scale manufacturing and product assembly.


SINCE 1988

For over 30 years, AMAPRO has been a designer and manufacturer of high precision quality products and enjoys a reputation for being a reliable supplier to a variety of industries This has been made possible by the utilisation of only the best quality CNC machine tools available and a highly trained workforce. AMAPRO staff and employees have all worked diligently over this period, developing and constantly improving their skills to ensure that we give our customers the satisfaction they demand.




End to end product & solution concept, ready for prototyping


Quickly turning your ideas into reality

MANUFACTURING Small or large scale, with accuracy, quality & repeatability.


(03) 9794 7744 amapro@amapro.com.au


Choose quality, performance and value without compromise. Decisions have consequences. Making the right choices can improve the efficiency and productivity of your entire organisation. Because every decision matters, every part matters. That’s why RS Pro gives you everything that matters – quality, performance, choice and exceptional value for money.

Find out more au.rs-online.com/RSPro

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Industry Update Issue 105 November 2018  

Industry Update Issue 105 November 2018