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TRAINING FREE FOR ALL? The NSW Government’s announcement of the scrapping of TAFE fees for up to 100,000 apprentices in the recent state budget has been praised as a reasonable response to the state’s looming trades skills shortages. The move follows similar measures announced in the May budget by the Victorian Government, while Queensland has been subsidising TAFE courses in specific strategic subjects for some years. The NSW scheme, which begins on 1st July, will see new apprentice students COMMERCIAL SOLAR SPECIALISTS save as much as $2000 in tuition fees. And, unlike other ENERGY states, there is no restriction GET A FREE HEALTH CHECK on Send us your power bill analysis and future proof your business the subject offorthe apprenticeship. COMMERCIAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY SPECIALISTS


from increasing energy costs. Call us today for more information. Beacon Solar offers Announcing the measures, NSW complete energy

Skills Minister John Barilaro said: "We will make it open right across the board to vocational training providers, TAFE NSW and make sure that we get more tradies into the field. Whether you want to be a carpenter, pastry cook or hairdresser, if it's an apprenticeship in NSW you'll be eligible for fee free.” In comparison, the Victorian scheme, which will begin on 1st January 2019, will be limited to 30 specific TAFE courses and 18 pre-apprenticeship courses. In NSW the scheme has been met with praise. According to Ai Group NSW Head, Mark Goodsell: "The economy in NSW and across the country is crying out for technical skills delivered by

apprenticeships, traineeships and other vocational education and training (VET) paths. The infrastructure project pipeline alone has many great opportunities.”

He went on to say: "We hope this fee incentive gets broader national take-up and that it is extended to higher or Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeships." One group that cannot argue with the move is the Federal Opposition. In his reply to the Federal Budget, Bill Shorton flagged a plan to plan to tackle skills shortages by scrapping upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students and modernising TAFE facilities – a policy that drew fulsome praise from several quarters, including Master Builders Australia.

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The world famous Telesteps telescopic ladder range has arrived in Australia and is available now from WorkSafeTools. The Swedish-designed ladders are made from anodised aluminium with glassreinforced plastic fittings, which makes them strong, lightweight and durable. And the telescopic design is packed with novel design ideas that make them the safest in their class - certified according to the latest Australian Standard (AS/NZS1892.1:1996). The ladders are easy to pull out to the desired length and are quickly and safely secured with red locking catches under each rung that confirm that the ladder is ready for use and can handle loads up to 150kg. Continued page 10 MONITORED VALVES SAFEGUARD FLUID POWER SYSTEMS P51






Have you or your company ever fallen for a scammer? Well, it seems that it’s happening more frequently than we would like to admit. According to a recent report from the ACCC, scamming is something of a growth industry, with no fewer than 5432 cases reported by Australian businesses to the ACCC Scamwatch service during 2017. The total losses amounted to almost $4.7 million – a rise of 23% from the year before. And that’s just the scams that were reported to the ACCC – I would guess that there are many more that have either not been reported or not noticed. Industry Update almost found itself among those statistics, so I can testify to how plausible some of these scams can be. The so-called “false billing” scam can be very plausible, and it was the most common one used in 2017, with 1323 cases reported. No doubt you will have seen such demands in your email spam folders. But while most email systems are pretty adept at filtering these out, there is no such system for filtering the snail mail. When something that looks like such a plausible invoice on an impressive letterhead arrives with the bookkeeper in a

small business, there is every chance that it could well be accepted and paid. I have one here: it is for an advert we are supposed to have placed in an international directory with a billing address in Portugal. And just to give the invoice an extra hint of authenticity (and threat) it includes an additional sum for “Interest and fees for delay accrued to date”. Suffice to say, we have never placed such an advert, and fortunately our accounts people checked with me before paying! I dread to think how many scams like this might slip through the net. According to the ACCC, threats are not uncommon in this type of scam: “The scammers are very aggressive and persistent in demanding payment,” according to a recent warning on the organisation’s Scamwatch website. Other scams to look out for at the moment include employment and investment scams, and these caused the most losses last year at nearly $1.7 million. So watch out: there are plenty of scammers out there eager to separate you and your company from your money. Check out the Scamwatch website for more details.


Regardless of where you were born, chances are that your youth was punctuated with vacations by the sea and the odd cooling dip in the ocean. Admittedly for those of us from cooler northern climes, these were probably limited to the one month a year that might approximate to summer, but the idea is the same the world over.

of cooling potential it has a lot to offer. And to make it even more appealing, the area has a surfeit of renewable energy – mostly from wind turbines but also wave and tidal.

So it is perhaps surprising that we have taken quite so long to exploit the cooling ability of the sea to solve a very real problem that is only becoming more severe with time… big data.

The data centre itself is sealed in a cylindrical structure, which has been virtually purged of oxygen and moisture, thereby minimising any chance of corrosion damage. The only downside to this is that being unmanned, there is no chance of any hardware fault being fixed. The theory is that the passive cooling from the mass of water will be sufficient to keep the computers running reliably for a five-year period, after which the tube will be raised for maintenance.

The problem, of course, is that the more data you have, the more computing power is required, and the more heat is generated. Today’s data centres use a lot of electricity – and anything up to a third of it is being used to cool the electronics.

Incredibly, environmentalists have raised concerns about rising sea temperatures. And Microsoft has admitted that there might indeed be a rise of one or two thousandths of a degree in the locality.

So I was intrigued to hear that Microsoft has “taken the plunge” and sunk an experimental data centre in the sea just off the coast of the Orkney Isles in the north of Scotland. While that location may make a mockery of my introduction (on the grounds that a cooling dip would almost certainly lead to hypothermia), in terms

I can assure you, that is nowhere near enough to encourage me to put even a toe in the water!

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By Mike Russell

As manufacturing industry transitions to a new world of assistive robotics, increased automation and ICT-enabled innovation, the Federal Government appears determined to position Australia at the forefront of change. The Prime Minister’s announcement this time last year that we were set to become an “innovation nation”, while a typical piece of budget-announcement rhetoric, is certainly a laudable mission statement, and one that acknowledges the importance of evolving our manufacturing sector to meet the challenge of ‘Industry 4.0’. This snappy buzzword, shorthand for the fourth Industrial Revolution, is now being picked up on by the mainstream media, as the real world applications of automation and digitisation, and the exciting potential of such technological innovations as 3D printing and virtual reality – once merely science fictional concepts safely in the realm of unwrought things – are today becoming increasingly well understood. What we are seeing today, as John Pollaers of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council aptly described it in his keynote speech at last year’s National Manufacturing Week tradeshow, is the merging of the cyber and physical worlds – the logical extension of the innovations that began back in the 1980s with the birth of such digital manufacturing technologies as CAD, and the primitive conceptualisation of VR. The question that Prof Pollaers posed is “what opportunity does Industry 4.0 offer

to Australian manufacturing and how it can be exploited to maximum benefit?” Clearly there is a case to be made for the need for our industry to adapt to the new paradigm of bespoke production, which can command high profit margins – a move away from the second generation of manufacturing in mass production. As demand grows for customisable products and solutions, the stage is set for smart, entrepreneurial enterprises to profit by supplying to an increasingly global market – but in order to do so, our manufacturing sector must become more collaborative: we must focus more heavily on the export market, and we must recognise the need to better integrate our services and production capability within a global supply chain. Only in this way can we successfully supply to major multinationals. Research has always played an important role in Australian manufacturing and the Federal Government’s commitment to fund six dedicated industry growth centres is a step in the right direction. As manufacturing transitions further towards customised solutions, we will need more collaborative spaces, more research incubators and more access hubs, all working towards the development of new manufacturing technologies and their application to a global market. With the evolution towards Industry 4.0 picking up the pace with each passing year, we have seen major advances in the


These technologies are now intersecting with the next stage of VR to facilitate the creation of immersive virtual environments, enabling the compilation of virtual manufacturing models, which can be walked through even via simple VR viewers such as Google Cardboard. The growth of the apps and plug-ins market for mobile platforms in recent years has been such that it’s already possible to envisage a near future where many, if not most, of the traditional problems that have been with us since modern manufacturing began will have a digitally integrated solution. Given all this, it’s not surprising to see software developers are increasingly focused on applications that share information in real time across mobile platforms. To make this a reality, and to facilitate futureproofing, we need common data transfer languages between applications and platforms – hence the importance of open source formats. With all this change on the horizon, it’s imperative that Australia makes the necessary investment today in educating our next generation of engineers and manufacturing

designers, so that they have the skillsets to ensure our international competitiveness tomorrow. As one example of where we are currently falling short in this regard, right now most Australian high schools provide students with only the most basic level of access to CAD software. And in the tertiary sector, Australia still lags behind much of the western world, particularly Western Europe and the UK. This is something that needs to change. Manufacturing productivity is contingent on quality education and training to ensure a properly skilled and internationally competitive workforce – that’s a requirement which even the rise of the robot revolution won’t remove, and if we’re serious about being an “innovation nation”, we cannot afford to overlook the need for investment at this foundational level. Mike Russell is Chief Operating Officer at Central Innovation. He has nearly 30 years of success working with leading organisations to implement whole of business and industrywide reforms that are underpinned by new technology and workflow solutions. He leads Central Innovation’s team of technical specialists, architects, BIM specialists and engineers to bring best-of-breed technology and workflow solutions to leading AEC practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

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application of mobile technology platforms and their associated cloud-based connectivity to manufacturing industry. Cloud-based communication across mobile platforms in real time has already created major benefits in terms of streamlining conceptualisation and production, thanks to the ability to propagate updates for key stakeholders across multiple platforms as required.




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By Senator Michaelia Cash

The global space industry has undergone a major transformation since astronauts first walked on the Moon in the late 1960s. Half a century later, it is more appropriately known as the global space economy. Whereas once space was the domain of governments alone, now it attracts a massive private investment worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year across a range of competitive industries. The global space industry is estimated to have been worth US$345 billion in 2016, three-quarters of which came from the private sector. By 2040, it is expected to triple in size to at least US$1.1 trillion. That means there is extraordinary potential for Australia to capitalise on this growth and establish a new industry that will create jobs. Indeed, a recent review of Australia’s space industry capability found we could potentially triple the size of our domestic space industry to AU$10$12 billion by 2030. This would provide an additional 10,000 to 20,000 jobs across Australia, building an important capability for the nation and creating a new industry. Our domestic space industry already employs about 10,000 people and is estimated to have been worth almost $4 billion in the 2015-16 financial year. Most of this activity comes from satellite TV, broadband, and communications services. Although, encouragingly, promising contributions are also being made by the high tech equipment manufacturing, startup and small business sectors. Space-related products and services

are used in virtually every sector of the Australian economy and are important to the ongoing productivity of traditional industries such as transport, logistics, mining and agriculture. Australian wheat farmers use satellite systems to fertilise crops more precisely and monitor crop development. Our town planning authorities use highly accurate spatial location data to design smart cities. Our advanced manufacturing firms make high-tech products with applications in the space industry, such as precision optics, lasers and autonomous vehicles. Mechanics can know what they need to repair on trucks, trains, ships and planes by relying on data transmitted from sensors on the vehicles

international space agencies. It will be tasked with supporting the long-term development and application of space technologies, growing our domestic space industry, and securing our place in the global space economy. Importantly, it will create opportunities for all industries to innovate and embrace technology. This will open the door for our businesses to participate in the world’s largest space missions and projects, creating a diverse range of jobs for Australians. I am delighted that Dr Megan Clark, the former Chief Executive of the CSIRO, has agreed to lead the Agency for its first year of operation, which will

The opportunities presented by space investment are endless… via satellite links. This helps to keep the vehicles fully serviceable and earning revenue. The opportunities presented by space investment are endless, for businesses right across our economy. In the 2018–19 Budget, the Turnbull Government announced it will invest over $300 million to create new capability and jobs in Australia’s space industry and provide crucial positioning and imagery capability for all Australian businesses. Our announcement of the Australian Space Agency will assist Australian businesses win a greater share of the burgeoning global space market by establishing partnerships with

commence on the 1st July 2018. One of the Agency’s first responsibilities will be to prepare a national space industry strategy. The strategy will build on Australia’s strengths, capabilities and competitive advantages, and identify growth areas in our civil space sector. This will help ensure that Australia has a strong and globally competitive space sector that creates more Australian jobs. I believe that high-tech equipment manufacturing is a particular area of opportunity for Australia. We have the capabilities along most of the space industry supply chain. We have existing capabilities in designing communications satellites and we have

emerging capabilities in designing and manufacturing nano-satellites, microsatellites and satellite subsystems. We have expertise in the manufacture of ground based optical systems for astronomy, satellite laser ranging and space debris tracking. In fact, Australians are already leading the world in areas such as automated mining and precision agriculture. Importantly, by further developing the technical capability and knowledge required for the space sector, we can also foster the skills to grow our immense expertise in other advanced manufacturing industries and create more jobs for Australians at all skill levels. The space industry is a fast-growing and fiercely competitive commercial sector that is indispensable to how we communicate, locate and see the world. It will be a defining field of enterprise in the coming decades. As the Minister for Jobs and Innovation, I am committed to ensuring that our investment in space creates opportunities, from the factory floor to high-skilled labour, across many of our industries and contributes to the future growth of our economy. Senator Michaelia Cash is Minister for Jobs and Innovation.

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By Senator Kim Carr

This year’s federal budget was delivered during National Manufacturing Week. Apart from that coincidence, however, the budget had almost no connection to Australia’s manufacturers. There is certainly nothing in it resembling a plan for the future of the sector, or any recognition of the importance of manufacturing to the wider economy. Insofar as there is any kind of vision involved, it is a narrow political one. This is a budget crafted for the federal election that must be held sometime in the next 12 months, and may be held very soon. It uses creative accounting to mask the fact that the Government’s neglect of the national innovation system has remained unchanged since the substantial cuts to innovation programmes and industry support measures in the 2014 budget. This budget was a missed opportunity to begin rebuilding the innovation system at a time when manufacturing is in transition throughout the industrialised world. The so-called fourth industrial revolution is transforming the way the world works. It does not have to be just another drastic round of job losses caused by automation, as gloomy media reports suggest. EU countries, especially Germany, are showing that the use of robotics and the Internet of things in smart factories can boost manufacturing output while creating new kinds of work for people. But achieving that outcome requires getting the public policy settings right, and that



has not been happening in this country. There is still a token doffing of the cap to innovation, but it is not matched by the level of public investment required to make the innovation system work as it should. The 2014 cuts to business support available from the Department of Industry and AusIndustry remain in this budget. And there has been no review of the piecemeal programmes announced in previous budgets, to assess whether they have been effectively implemented. There are some welcome developments, such as funding for an

The actual commitment over the next financial year under this “plan” is only $5.5 million. The most significant innovation item in this budget is in fact not a spending commitment but a cut. Over the next four years, the Government is planning to save $2.4 billion by cutting the R&D Tax Incentive, the most important measure linking the tax and innovation systems. The so-called “Three Fs” review of the innovation system made a series of recommendations about the Incentive. The key recommendation was the adoption of a premium rate, to foster collaboration between industry,

science, research and innovation programmes have been short-changed… improved GPS system and the new space agency – though the latter will not get the $50 million widely reported in earlier media stories. But closer scrutiny of the big-ticket item in innovation spending, the National Research Infrastructure Investment Plan, reveals it to be not such a big ticket after all. This was announced with great fanfare as a commitment of $1.9 billion – that amount, however, is to be spent over 12 years, and many of the specific commitments have yet to be announced. In this volatile world, funding projections over 12 years can be so unreliable as to be almost meaningless. There could be four or five federal elections during that time.


universities and the public research agencies. The review also recommended offsets to fund that new initiative. What the Government has done in this budget is take the offsets while failing to act on the premium rate. It has also introduced a new, and very complicated, sliding scale that gives the most benefit from the Incentive to companies with high-intensity investment in R&D. This would disadvantage companies that do most of their manufacturing in Australia. Labor will have more to say about the future of the R&D Tax Incentive, and will consult industry stakeholders about the impact of the announced changes.

What is clear now, however, is that science, research and innovation programmes have been short-changed in this budget, as they have for nearly five years. There is nothing comparable to the $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Future Fund announced by Labor, which would support innovative Australian manufacturers seeking to expand their business and create jobs, but who find it difficult to obtain private finance. Or the Australian Investment Guarantee we have also announced, which would provide accelerated depreciation incentives for new capital equipment to keep local firms internationally competitive. I am not citing these measures for partisan point-scoring, but rather to emphasise that announcing a plan for the future of Australia’s manufacturing sector requires more than pea-and-thimble tricks with the budget. The longer we put off the serious work of devising and implementing that plan, the greater the risk that Australian manufacturers will be left behind. Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.





AMTIL NATIONAL CONFERENCE OPENS FOR BUSINESS Registrations are now open for the 2018 AMTIL National Conference, which will be held in Melbourne on the 22nd August. Early bird rates are available until the 31st July.

author of “Hello Gen Z: Engaging the generation of post-Millennials”. Madden’s conference address will be on “Creating an engaging culture: inspiring the next generation of staff and teams”.

With the theme of “Strategies for manufacturing resilience and growth”, the one-day conference will be held at Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn, Victoria. The event will take participants on a learning journey that will help them build resilience in their businesses, look outside their traditional avenues for opportunities for growth, and inspire them to think outside the square.

Another highlight of the speaker programme will see Gary Bertwhistle open up proceedings after lunch with the question “Who stole my mojo?”

The opening keynote from Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) will explore the topic “Building resilience in Australian manufacturing”. For the closing address, the acclaimed athlete Deanna Blegg will be discussing “Personal resilience” and the incredible adversity she has dealt with and triumphed over in her life so far. Also speaking will be Claire Madden, the founder and director of strategy and communications agency Hello Clarity, and a leading voice on Generation Z. As an expert in interpreting social trends, demographics and generational change, Madden has been commissioned by leading companies and brands to interpret the changing landscape and communicate the implications for business and society, and she is the

Bertwhistle is a pioneer in creative and innovative thinking, with a career spanning retail, music, media, corporate education and radio, and has helped organisations of all sizes in all industries to think differently and maximise their potential. His presentation will offer an array of simple, easy-to-implement tips and tools for putting the spark back into your day. Midway through the morning, the Conference programme will split into two streams, with sessions on leadership and on technology. In the technology stream, Rick Shalders, Director of the Industry Development Unit at Raytheon Australia will shed light on some the opportunities to work with his company, revealing what’s involved in becoming a supplier for the defence industry giant. Meanwhile, headlining one of the leadership sessions, Ian Cattanach will discuss “How to structure your manufacturing business for growth and profitability”.

AUSTRALIAN AUTOMATION BUSINESS FOR SALE A long-established Australian automation company will shortly be available for purchase. The company is a well-known brand in the automation market, and has a well-established Australia-wide customer list that includes the majority of the nation’s large manufacturing and mining companies. The company is the sole Australian distributor for a number of international manufacturers, and has developed and sold its own instrumentation systems to laboratories worldwide. Annual turnover is in the region of $1 million. The prospective purchaser would need to have some expertise in electrical engineering as well as having access to a light assembly facility. 10


The company would be a good acquisition for an overseas company wanting to gain a foothold in the Australian industrial control industry or for an existing Australian company looking to expand its range of products. It would also suit an electronics engineer with the desire to make the switch from being an employee to becoming a business owner. In the first instance, interested parties should contact Scott Filby, Publisher of Industry Update, by email

As Director – Business Advisory for William Buck, Cattanach has a broad range of experience in the manufacturing industry, including tax, cash flow, information technology and strategic planning. This enables him to offer clients a holistic view and provide advice that takes into account all aspects of their affairs. Alongside the conference programme, the event will also feature exhibits by some of the most dynamic organisations engaged in advanced manufacturing in Australia. A small number of exhibition stands are still available, offering a fantastic opportunity for companies to present their

businesses at one of the key events in the Australian manufacturing calendar. As well as a packed series of presentations and a diverse line-up of exhibitors, the 2018 AMTIL National Conference will also offer plenty of chances to network and interact with peers. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea will all be provided, and after the conference programme concludes delegates are invited to stay for an exclusive networking cocktail function. AMTIL 03 9800 3666


Continued from cover

The angled ladder steps have wider treads for ergonomic use and maximum grip when climbing up or down, and there’s a built-in rubber top support to add grip and reduce side ways movement. Once the job is done and it’s time to collapse the ladder for transportation, a novel braking mechanism using silicon dampers ensures that the ladder can be packed away safely – without trapping hands or fingers. There are three styles available in Australia. The Prime Line is the straight telescopic ladder that extends up to 3.9 metres, yet is as short as 800mm when collapsed. The Combi Line is an A-frame work ladder that reaches up to 3.1m and

collapses down to 780mm. And the Solid Line is a sturdy work platform offering working heights up to 2.6m. Thanks to their compact size, all types are ideal for any kind of mobile workforce, while also having the enhanced stability required for fixed work on construction sites, in facilities maintenance and in warehousing. In addition to selling the Telesteps range online, WorkSafeTools is also looking for dealers.



WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY SHOW DRAWS THE CROWDS The world of workplace health and safety descended on the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 23rd and 24th May for the all-new Workplace Health & Safety Show. And it did so in big numbers, with the opening day attendance estimated in excess of 1200 and a total turnout of more than 2300 visitors. It helped that the show was part of #Safetyscape, which includes the Safety Institute of Australia’s national health and safety conference. And at each break in the conference, the exhibition floor became increasingly crowded as the delegates took their opportunity to check out the 90+ exhibitors. But the Workplace Health & Safety Show was not just about the exhibition. At times the educational seminar programme was standing room only, which is impressive given that the seminar theatre had more than 250 seats, and the live theatre experience

had them queuing out the door for the opening session - a panel discussion on the lessons learned from the Robert Doyle sexual harassment case. Day two saw the interactive theatre experience taken to a new level with safety training organisation ACT Australia presenting some truly confronting scenarios through the medium of live action theatre that gave the audience plenty to talk about. The Safety Institute of Australia’s Chair Patrick Murphy was impressed with the show, and reiterated his support for having the different events together under the #Safetyscape banner. “It’s still important to have trade displays like this,” he said, “so that when we come together as a profession we can understand what’s out there to facilitate workplace health and safety.” Murphy went on to say that next year’s #Safetyscape event in Sydney

would be larger, following an American model with multiple conferences alongside the show, making it “the pinnacle convention of the year”. From the perspective of the Workplace Health & Safety Show, Marie Kinsella, CEO of show organiser IEC, was delighted with the turnout on the first day. “We’re well on the way to beating our target of 2000 visitors, so it looks like the message has got through,” she said. Kinsella highlighted the opportunity that the Workplace Health & Safety

Show gave exhibitors to market their products. “We’ve had some incredibly positive feedback from our exhibitors on the amount of business that was done right on the show floor. We’ve also received great feedback from attendees, all of which have enjoyed the opportunity to speak direct to distributors and build relationships for future business,” she said. The Workplace Health & Safety Show will next be held on 22nd and 23rd May 2019 at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

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The recent Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, saw Australian high school students take out no fewer than 11 awards, including the big one – the Gordon E Moore Award. The Australian students attended the Intel event as part of the BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Awards delegation, and it was 2018 BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Award winner Oliver Nicholls that took home the top prize and US $75,000. The 19-year-old from Sydney’s Barker College took the prize for his fully autonomous robotic window cleaner that is designed to reduce human injury and reduce the costs of window cleaning on medium rise commercial buildings. The small robotic device uses drones, motors and propellers to navigate building facades and clean windows using water and microfibre scrubbers.


In all, five of Australia’s 2018 BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Awards finalists secured a total of 11 major award wins against a field of more than 1800 high school students from 75 countries.

Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, is to step down at the end of July after 14 years in the role promoting and administering the iconic green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown logo.

CSIRO Education and Outreach Director Mary Mulcahy said it was another example of Australia’s great science being recognised on the global stage.

“After 14 years running this great organisation, it’s time to do a little less and give someone else a run”, says Harrison.

“Australia is one of the best places in the world to start a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. By having our high school students winning international awards, we are further strengthening our international reputation as an innovative country,” she said.

“Australia’s strong nation brand is a great asset for our business community and our economy, but the challenge always is to make that connection. That is exactly what the Aussie Made logo was created to do 32 years ago and, I am pleased to say, is doing so even more powerfully today.

BHP Billiton Foundation Executive Director James Ensor said seeing Australian high school students winning at an international level would inspire others to pursue independent research projects, adding that “Studying STEM topics fosters innovative thinking and problem solving abilities that will help to address sustainable development challenges. We believe that by supporting STEM education and achievement in young people, we are investing in Australia’s future problem solvers.” The above news item appeared on the week after the awards and was read more than 4500 times during its first week online.

“The logo is a well-known and trusted symbol by consumers the world over who are looking to buy genuine Aussie products. “It’s been an honour to have been able to lead the Australian Made Campaign and I am thankful to the board for giving me that opportunity”. Harrison was responsible for relocating the campaign’s headquarters from Canberra to Melbourne, and during his tenure as Chief Executive, the campaign has grown apace, with the number of registered companies rising by 350 per cent to 2700.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo can now be found on more than 20,000 products sold in Australia and around the world. And that number is set to increase significantly with the start of the Federal Government’s new country of origin labelling scheme for foods sold in Australia on the 1st July. According to AMCL Chairman Glenn Cooper AM: “Ian has been a driving force behind the logo’s positioning as Australia’s global product symbol. It is used extensively in export markets, and to support this global presence, it is now a registered trade mark in the USA, China, South Korea and Singapore, with registration in eight other Asian countries already underway. “Under his leadership the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo has grown significantly in its stature as a muchloved Australian icon, synonymous with the quality and integrity of locally made and locally grown goods worldwide – a truly global product symbol for our growers and manufacturers.”


Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Geared Motors

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0.1 to 100A Magnetic and thermal protection Up to 100kA breaking capacity Rotary handle or pushbutton operation Enclosure options Full range of accessories Matching contactors

Perth 08 92480410



Sydney 02 96761671

Melbourne 03 97064599

Worm gearboxes with shaft centres up to 175mm In-line helical with torque to 12000Nm Bevel-helical with torque to 14000Nm Shaft mount helical with torque to 14000Nm Planetary with ratio to 3600:1 and torque to 25000Nm 1ph and 3ph motors Brake motors Exd motors

Brisbane 07 32743327

Adelaide 08 83472499


Your Global Automation Partner


Not suitable for repairing crummy sensors (or your reputation).

UproxÂŽ3 Inductive Proximity Sensors Developed to combine compact sensor design with the longest switching distance to all metals of all inductive proximity sensors on the market.

Rugged, reliable industrial automation products from Turck are built to perform in the toughest conditions, and our engineered solutions are customised to meet your application challenges. Cheap knock-offs can’t compare. Turck works!

Now available with IO-Link!

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Australia’s most comprehensive


In the end, National Manufacturing Week 2018 reflected the relative confidence of Australian manufacturing industry when it closed its doors after three days on Friday 11th May. But it was indeed the end, as organiser Reed Exhibitions revealed that NMW 2018 would be the last NMW to be held in Sydney. With visitor numbers in excess of 4500 over the three days, the attendance at the Sydney show did not disappoint unduly. However, such numbers do not stand comparison with NMW 2017 in Melbourne, which drew considerably more than twice the audience, partly thanks to its colocation with Amtil’s two-yearly Austech event. And that synergy is set to continue as National Manufacturing Week will continue as a two-yearly event in Melbourne, with the deal to collocate with Austech already confirmed for 2019 and 2021. The future for Sydney, though, is taking a different tack, with Reed Exhibitions set to run a new show starting in 2020 – the Advanced Manufacturing Expo (or AMX) – focused on advanced manufacturing processes and practices.



According to Exhibition Director Robby Clark: “Given the recent evolution of the manufacturing industry, we believe it is time to make some changes of our own. “We’ve been very pleased with NMW 2018, and it was a good way to send off NMW in Sydney. But now

we’re going to reshape the Sydney show to ensure the manufacturing sector has an event that truly reflects the changing face of the industry.” Clark concluded: “AMX 2020 will be a three-day curated exhibition, showcasing the latest in high-tech, advanced manufacturing products, adjoined by a world-class industry conference, attracting the highest-level delegates to attend.” For the last NMW, the Sydney audience was treated to a balanced conference programme, split between Industry 4.0 subjects, the Business of Manufacturing and the collocated Safety First Conference. One particular highlight was the Industry Update sponsored panel session on “Supporting energy solutions”, which tackled the hot topic of how manufacturers can get around Australia’s increasing energy costs. The panel was particularly timely, coming as it did the day after the Federal Budget, with St.George Bank Chief Economist Besa Deda able to give some informed insight into the likely implications of the budget for manufacturing industry. And so to next year. National Manufacturing Week 2019 will be held from 14th to 17th May at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, alongside Austech 2019. National Manufacturing Week



EXTENDED SUPPORT FOR AUTOMATION SHOWCASED AT NMW Automation products, systems and solutions. The company has also expanded its warehouse capabilities across nominated branch locations with an expanded stockholding to support local customer requirements.

Following its recent acquisition of the Rexel Industrial Automation business, NHP has strengthened its business with an expanded team of locally based automation professionals who are specifically experienced and trained in Rockwell

“With the acquisition of the Rockwell Automation related business assets from Rexel Industrial Automation, which includes a strong team of automation professionals, we have strengthened NHP’s position as the local choice for specialist electrical and automation products, systems and solutions in our 50th year of operations,” says NHP’s CEO & Managing Director, Stephen Coop. NHP’s commitment to the Rockwell Automation product line was on show for all to see at National Manufacturing Week in Sydney, where the company

focused on on smart manufacturing and leveraging increased connectivity to help customers meet their operational and business goals. According to Michael Liberatore, Business Manager – Automation & Specialist Solutions, NHP: “Whether the goal is to increase the safety and efficiency of your manufacturing process, improve the quality of your product or to create better visibility into your manufacturing data, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in smart manufacturing.” NHP helps customers meet these analysis and reporting requirements by providing manufacturing intelligence software that seamlessly integrates with Allen-Bradley controllers, gathering important data in real time and by providing advanced analytics that help in decision making.

Complementing NHP’s comprehensive range of industrial and automation products is the company’s ability to add value to customers’ continuous improvement projects. “We pride ourselves on providing custom manufactured solutions tailored to your needs, supported by expert service,” explained Liberatore. “As the sole authorised distributor for Rockwell Automation products, services and solutions in the South Pacific Region, we are now able to provide our customers with an extensive portfolio for automation and control solutions,” concluded Liberatore. NHP 1300 NHP NHP

NEW T350

• Extraordinary durability and reliability • Category leading productivity • Over 100 quality and reliability tests performed by Tennant • 25 customers in-field testing sites • 50 weeks of in-field testing in real-life application






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NEW T350

A new and different Stand-on Scrubber




ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: SUSTAINABLE FUTURE IN THE MAKING Energy efficiency is a word pairing that hardly anyone has missed during the last decade of public discussion. It’s been on the agenda for so long already that you might even think the topic is exhausted. So, is there anything new to the theme, asks Axel Savolainen of Control Logic. Let’s take lighting technology as an example. The first commercially produced electrical light sources incandescent filament bulbs - were actually electric heaters, generating some visible light as a byproduct. Over the decades, more efficient technologies were introduced, such as discharge lights and fluorescent tubes. Long considered a niche technology, LED lights are becoming a common feature everywhere where artificial light is needed. Incandescents and fluorescents are being replaced with LED technology. Not only has the efficiency improved over the decades of technological leaps, but so has the lifetime of products increased tremendously. So now, the installed base of lights and lamps is slowly but steadily becoming LEDbased. In the electric motor arena, variable speed drives (VSDs) have been around for decades, and are becoming even more commonplace as the prices of semiconductors and processors continue

to decline. More and more applications are becoming feasible for speed control. Electric motors themselves have seen a steady race for improved efficiency over the decades, partly because of regulatory requirements. What is remarkable is that this ‘workhorse of the industry’ is still witnessing some leaps of improvement in regards to loss reduction, even though the basic technology is approaching the ripe old age of 200! For example, a recent innovation and a product launch from ABB, the SynRM synchronous reluctance motor, virtually eliminates the energy losses in the rotor. Coupled with a matched VSD, the efficiency of such a motor and drive combination is something previously unattainable, especially at partial loads. Some 20 years ago, IEC efficiency class IE2 was considered highly efficient. With the latest SynRM motor-drive package from ABB, we are talking about an IE4 efficiency classification. Similar aspirations towards

The latest SynRM motor-drive package from ABB attains an IE4 efficiency classification

reduced losses can be seen in other equipment categories. For example, some manufacturers of switching power supplies are introducing cuttingedge technologies capable of getting ever closer towards the magical 100% efficiency mark. As an example, the CP10 series power supply from German company Puls wastes less than 5% in losses from the electrical power it draws. Reaching for energy efficient installations and systems seems to be a never-ending quest for sustainability. Even though a lot of progress has been

made, recent innovations suggest that we might not be finished with the technological development any time soon. Product distributors such as Control Logic are well positioned to supply today’s most energy-efficient technologies to progressive contractors and end users, today and tomorrow. Control Logic 1800 557 705

RETAILER SIGNS FOR 50MW FROM VICTORIA’S LARGEST SOLAR PROJECT Flow Power is adding solar power to its renewable corporate power purchase agreement offering by signing a contract to take 50MW of the output from Victoria’s largest solar project. With an initial output of 200MW, the Kiamal Solar Farm near Ouyen will shortly enter the construction phase, with first output due in around 12 months. The farm, which will be operated by French renewables developer Total Eren, is planned for expansion to an eventual output of 350MW. Flow Power MD Matthew van der Linden comments: “The market has proven that there is an appetite in Australia for renewable PPAs. We are 16


pleased to welcome Kiamal Solar Farm into our portfolio and look forward to bringing a new solar offering to local businesses.” He continues: “Australian businesses need a solution that can offer costeffective energy prices and long-term security. We hope to continue to deliver these solutions and are actively looking to grow our portfolio to include additional sources of renewable generation. This agreement secures our solar output for Victoria and we are also in final negotiations with projects for additional wind output in Victoria. New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland should follow soon after,

completing our first phase of projects and seeing us out for the year.” The Kiamal Solar Farm is the first Australian investment from Total Eren, and is part of an overall strategy to have 3GW of installed capacity globally by 2022. As of May 2018, the company has achieved 990MW. Michael Vawser is Regional Director of Total Eren. He says: “We have been working with Flow Power now for more than a year looking to create the most efficient way of structuring such an innovative solution for corporates. With the addition of the sophisticated investor OPTrust into the team at Flow Power,

the deal received the boost it needed to get to execution and we are proud to be part of a new wave of power purchase agreements”. Made up of more than 700,000 photovoltaic panels over nearly 500 hectares, the solar PV power plant received Planning Consent from the Mildura Rural City Council in September 2017, with construction commencing mid-year 2018. Total Eren expects to involve up to 200 people from nearby communities and wider the region for the construction works that will span nearly 12 months.





Send us your power bill for analysis and future proof your business from increasing energy costs. Call us today for more information. Beacon Solar offers complete energy efficiency solutions • HVAC treatments and upgrades • LED lighting upgrades • Solar lighting • Solar carparks • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

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WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ADDS NEW LEVELS OF INTELLIGENCE Swisslog has released the latest version of its SynQ materials handling software, which provides warehouse management, material flow, automation and 3D visualisation all from a single point of control. The SynQ software, which is a combination of synchronisation and intelligence quotient, has been designed for dynamic, data-driven supply chains, such as those that drive companies in industries such as food and beverage, automotive, e-commerce, manufacturing, health, pharmaceuticals and transport. SynQ software is already installed in applications across these industries locally, including leading food and beverage, transport and pharmaceutical companies in Australia and New Zealand. “SynQ expands beyond the scope of existing warehouse management systems without leaving the customer behind. Backwards compatibility is built into each new version of the system, which means that it can be seamlessly integrated into any existing operations and it will work with older software as well as the latest versions,” says Sean Ryan, Head of Sales and Consulting, Swisslog Australia. One key feature is the ability to continually record equipment condition by incorporating the measurement and analysis of physical values, such as distances covered, temperatures, energy consumption of individual elements and disciplines from state-of-the-art sensors into system reports. The collected information can then be used to identify vital elements that are prone to malfunctions and draw conclusions regarding the potential error rates of individual disciplines and entire logistics systems. Condition monitoring allows control centre employees to view the current system condition



at any time, document the development of trends and evaluate failure risks. The goal is to turn the data and data analyses into decisions designed to improve the planning of operations and maintenance processes to prevent system failures caused by malfunctions and maintenance factors, especially those that occur during peak periods and are therefore particularly disruptive. Preconfigured pages and charts simplify the management of KPIs. This solution uses the data collected by the hardware components using state-of-the-art sensors. Whether it is the energy consumption of a conveyor system, the deceleration path of a stacker crane, the number of movements of a shuttle or the temperature generated by the movements of a roller conveyor, continuous and seamless evaluations of the condition of all components and disciplines in a warehouse are achievable. Through continuous monitoring and realtime data, warehouses can continuously operate at maximum efficiency to ultimately reduce operational costs. Furthermore, early-warning systems for malfunctions reduce downtime of critical equipment and allow a business to create calculated risks. Predictive maintenance is the next step towards Industry 4.0. “SynQ provides advanced logistics operations with the flexibility to deploy only the modules that are needed at a given time, while intelligently synchronising automation equipment, robotics, people and processes for peak performance,” says Ryan. “The modularity, flexibility and backwards compatibility allows materials handling, logistics and supply chain managers to future-proof their operations and simultaneously capitalise on the latest technological advances driving industry 4.0.” SynQ functionality, services

and crucial supporting processes are organised around three pillars: collaboration, operations and intelligence. The Collaboration Platform is the heart of Swisslog’s software that makes integration possible. It includes all base software modules, such as those required for managing inventory or connecting to a host system. All testing, quality control and standards compliance processes are part of this platform. “Swisslog’s unique, easy-to-use, user interface for visualising and controlling all warehouse operations and machines features a single point of control, which improves operator efficiency and minimises human error,” says Ryan. Operational Services provide the actual shop floor processes in the warehouse, such as manual receiving or shipping, AutoStore cluster picking, and returns handling in CarryPick. “Swisslog can also tailor our SynQ platform to the individual needs of particular sectors,” says Ryan. “For example, we can incorporate receiving and picking processes for omnichannel distribution warehouses with shelf life and batch/lot controlling for the food and beverage sector.” “Or we can incorporate inbound and

outbound processes, tracking and monitoring, inspection/quality assurance processes based on GMP/GDP and validation for the pharmaceutical sector. This level of customisation enhances the functionality of the SynQ software and ensures it is providing each customer with benefits tailored to their industry.” Intelligent Services provide add-on services within the world of analytics and business intelligence. This spans a growing number of manager apps, like Cockpit Manager, that can be deployed independently or as part of an integrated system. Intelligent Services also include services provided by Swisslog’s data scientists. Beyond the tools, these highly skilled experts provide the insights required to optimise business processes. “With an increasing number of advanced data and analytical services, it can be a challenge to keep up with every piece of information. Swisslog’s experts make this job much easier, and make the difference between a set of useful tools, and utilising these tools to achieve tangible results,” says Ryan. Swisslog Australia 02 9869 5900



CAREFUL PLANNING IS KEY TO WAREHOUSE PRODUCTIVITY Ross Grassick of Lencrow Forklifts has been involved in supplying the latest materials handling equipment for more than 42 years. In this time he has seen a number of common mistakes that new warehouses fall in to from the very beginning. When starting a warehouse you must first know how the equipment you use will work in your space. Understanding this will determine your productivity. When choosing a warehouse, look at the access. Has the entry door easy access from the loading area? And can you unload the truck from both sides? Will this area restrict the flow of other traffic? And will it be dangerous for pedestrians? The entry door: does it have height restrictions that will limit easy entry? Will the roof height or beams limit the racking height you have or are looking to use? Is the building of a shape that will allow full use of the space you want to use? Non-square corners or badly placed offices and services can limit and even restrict aisle use. Is it big enough? The first thing that must be considered during planning is how much stock needs to be stored in the area and the turnover rate of the products. You will need to account for the size and weight of your product and the rate of distribution. This will establish the size of your racking, the placement of your products and govern the workflow of daily operations. Put simply, placing your most sourced product on the top racking or placing a pallet lot in a pedestrian pick area is going to slow your operation down. Purchase higher racking to begin with even if you don’t think you will use it straight


away. Remember that airspace is free and the cost to your business is the floor space. So if you can stack higher it is cheaper to install the extra height at the start. Plan for the future and if your volume increases or your products change you are already set up to manage your new distribution requirements. The aisle width between the racking is of paramount importance as this will dictate the type of equipment you can use to pick your stock. The factors that you need to consider are: where the product will be unloaded, the type of stock you sell, its weight and how the stock is stacked. I have frequently been contacted by newly established warehouses after the racking has been installed when their consultants find that the equipment required for the task can not negotiate the aisle space. Usually the aisles are made too narrow and so the equipment cannot turn in the space allowed or the racking is spaced incorrectly and the unit can not pick the stock. This leads to the need to buy or rent specialised equipment that is more expensive than standard units. The aisle widths need to be measured in two ways. One is rack to rack (ie from fixture to fixture) and the other is pallet to pallet (from the face of the pallet to the pallet on the other side). This second measurement is what you need to know when you are looking at equipment. On the surface The warehouse floor is very important, as this will determine the type of unit that can work in the area. Rough

floors will limit you to larger tyres and excessive tyrewear and large or uneven expansion joints will make any unit unstable, slowing operation and causing damage to both machines and products. Look out for slopes and ramps as you may be limited by the break-over angle of your machines causing them to get struck or scrape when passing over. At entry doors allowance has to be made for steps and drains as these are offer severe small steps that cause damage to products and machinery. Lighting has to be considered: poor lighting increases the chance of accident. Warehouses with skylights provide natural light that is available at no cost, and if done well provides better coverage. There are many choices of light sources, and the current state of the art is LED lighting, which is cheaper to run and provides cleaner light. However, the positioning of the lighting is just as important as the technology. I have seen many sites where they have installed racking without regard for the positioning of the lighting. Put simply,

the lighting needs to be over the aisles. Fire control must also be considered as you cannot allow racking to cover exit doors or fire appliances. In some cases involving high racking and depending on the product that is stored you may be required to have in rack sprinkler systems. Allowance must also be made for fire escape plans. This may stop you having closed ends to aisles or other restrictions to exit in an emergency. Once you have stored goods you need to look to see you have allowed for staging areas for inward and outward stock as well as picking and packing areas that will allow people picking goods to be away from machine traffic. This is just a small amount of planning that should go into a warehouse and this is before we look at what is required for stock and inventory control. Lencrow Materials Handling 1300 536 276





By Pete Jeans

Smart says the industry’s first priority is to look after drivers.

companies in NSW that not only carry containers, but also general freight, dangerous goods and oversize and overweight loads.

Training, support, team building, appropriate incentives, medical health checks and regular driver communication programmes are all critically important, as are daily operational reviews and checks for drivers and their allocated vehicles.

Tolls are also huge challenge for freight operators. Some organisations are paying more than a $100,000 per month to road toll organisations.

Sean O’Hare, CEO of the NSW Road Freight Association, is calling for an independent umpire to police costs at the ports and on the roads

Then there are infrastructure charges that stevedores levy as port operators seek to recover their own costs. More than $35.00 per container allegedly finds its way through the supply and demand chain to impact on CPI.

Leigh Smart from dangerous goods transport specialist Formula Chemicals believes the transport industry is becoming overregulated

There are big issues facing freight operators.

But it’s not just freight that’s feeling the price hike squeeze. There are squeezes on everywhere.

RMS, the EPA and the NHVR - each has its own role.”

According to Road Freight NSW CEO Simon O’Hara, infrastructure charges imposed by stevedores and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator constraints on truck weights for container movement are the two biggest challenges. O’Hara points out that truck weights haven’t been reviewed since the 1980s. A six-axle semi-trailer can still only legally carry a maximum of 42.5t. O’Hara argues that these constraints should be lifted to 44.5t (an increase of less than 5%). The NSW Road Freight Association represents more than 100 freight



This is why O’Hara is calling for an independent umpire to police costs at the ports and on the roads. In addition, there are multiple “regulators” that govern the roads and freight compliance frameworks in NSW alone. Industry stalwarts like Leigh Smart from dangerous goods transport specialist Formula Chemicals – who has led industry committees for years - believes the transport industry is becoming over-regulated. He says: “The industry has at least four regulators: the Highway Patrol, the

Sometimes regulators do coordinate with each other. An example is the recent “Rolling Thunder” initiative staged by the NSW Police and the RMS as an inspection blitz on heavy vehicles. This exercise allegedly led to the issuing of more than 2000 defect notices in the eastern states and territories including SA. Transport companies and independent operators are trying to make a fair profit; but it’s a tight squeeze. Get it wrong in the compliance space, and the fines on both a corporate and personal level for staff and directors can be substantial.

Drivers are typically not allowed to drive for more than 14 hours a day, and so driving fitness and compliant vehicles are key. Leigh Smart believes that the transport industry should spend more time and resources on driver support to achieve consistency across the driver fleet. Responsibility for drivers is currently vested in the transport companies, with the result that drivers can experience differing proprietary standards of support across differing organisations. That’s not good enough, Smart believes. However, that is all about to change with the new chain of responsibility (CoR) regulations from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) coming in to force on 1st July. Crucially, the new regulations expand the responsibility throughout the supply chain.




In the words of the NHVR: “If you consign, pack, load or receive goods as part of your business, you could be held legally liable for breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) even though you have no direct role in driving or operating a heavy vehicle. In addition, corporate entities, directors, partners and managers are accountable for the actions of people under their control. This is the chain of responsibility.” In a nutshell, the chain of responsibility will include the driver, the driver’s employer, the prime contractor (if the driver is self-employed), the scheduler, any loaders or unloaders and their managers, and both the consignor and consignee of the goods being transported. Members of the chain will be held responsible for their parts in any incident. These might include: breaches of fatigue management requirements or speed limits; breaches of mass, dimension, or loading requirements; and any case where instructions, actions or demands to partiesImpact in the supply chain cause Tested Energy or contribute to an offence under the HVNL.

5,400 Joules

Equivalent vehicle and speed

This might include schedulers whose business practices place unrealistic timeframes on drivers and loading mph managers whose loading/unloading impact 6 tonne times a driver to exceed the speed 90°cause Impact on Bollard limit.



A further challenge facing the supply chain – in common with manufacturing erial Properties industry – is Australia’s spiralling energy perature RangeAnd this -10°C to 50°C is being felt costs. pressure on Temperature 370°C to 390°C particularly in the refrigerated storage h Point sector. 350°C to 370°C


Not Hazardous

According to Marianne Kintzel, Excellent - ISO/TR 10358 Executive Officer for the Refrigerated thering Stability Warehouse & Transport Association 5/5* y Scale) (RWTA) of Australia, the cold storage Stability 7/8** industry is currently being dealt a Wool Scale) heavy blow through impacts of massive c Rating 1015 - 1016 Ω ace Resistivity) increases in retail power costs federally.

mical Resistance

ene Seals


“There is a real threat to the viability hering scale 1 is very poor and 5 is excellent and stability to our undervalued and stability scale 1 is very poor and 8 is excellent vital industry which is the cold storage sector, including many members of the RWTA,” she says. “There have been conversations with ministers to discuss that the Federal Government take all mpact Zone measures within its power to resolve the 750mm current impasse on the national energy market which is driving energy prices to unsustainable levels.” Many refrigeration-heavy industries, including dairy, red meat, chicken and general food processing industries and large-scale cold storage industries are far ahead of others in terms of adoption of Colour Combinations

*Please note that the RAL and PANTONE colours listed are the closest ourways match to standard JUNE/JULY 2018 A-SAFE colours, . osts but may not be exact matches of the actual product colour and should be


Marianne Kintzel, Executive Officer for the RWTA points out that large-scale cold-storage sites are prime candidates for rooftop solar and demand management

energy efficiency measures. There has been significant effort and investment applied by the industry to reduce the energy cost burden. According to Marianne Kintzel: “RWTA would like to highlight some specific and underutilised opportunities unique to this industry which, coupled with some innovative business models and government support, could substantially ease the energy cost pressures seen by RWTA members.” Kintzel points to the fact that large-scale cold storage sites are prime candidates for the application of two key technologies that are already having a major influence on the Australian energy market, namely large scale solar power generation close to the main areas of energy use, and immediately deployable demand response capabilities that can be deployed without disruption to productive site activities.


There are also new technologies such as phase change material that can be deployed within the storage areas to enhance the energy storage capacity. This is a mature technology that will be installed at a major demonstration project in Southern NSW this year, as part of the Arena funded Realm project.

Make sure your workplace traffic management practices and barriers are compliant with PAS13. PAS 13:2017 contains industry-leading guidance in both the use and design of safety barriers in workplace environments. It is essential reading for anyone working in health and safety in workplace environments. This code of practice will revolutionise workplace safety for the benefit of every industry, every workplace, every person. PAS 13 covers:

Minimum requirements for barrier tests Pass/fail criteria for barrier survival and fixings integrity Tests for assessing kinetic energy of impacts Appropriate force resistance measures This is the final word on safety barrier practice and

workplace traffic management procedures, worldwide. Make sure you comply.

“The Federal Government is in a strong position to facilitate the requisite feasibility studies and co-ordinate the negotiations with suitable private energy companies to obtain the best combined deal for such large-scale powerA-SAFE generation and are demand response Bollards a multi-functional product arrangement for participating RWTA used extensively used in industrial, commercial and publicconcludes environments. members,” Kintzel. Designed protect structures and equipment from impact damage, Pete Jeans istoChief Operating Officer and provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide of SMO Sydney.

A-Safe Australasia Pty Ltd 02 9625 8927

vehicles and pedestrians.

Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE bollards permanently reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes.




SWITCHES AND CABLES COMBINE FOR FUTURE-PROOF RELIABLE INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS Successful digitisation depends above all on future-proof industrial networks. High speeds and excellent reliability are vital for business success. This requires the switches, cables and connectors used in Ethernet networks to be tailor-made for the job. Today, high-performance switches are available from a number of suppliers. But when constructing industrial networks, companies often make the mistake of using cables and connectors that are not suitable for the industrial environment and whose performance does not match that of the switch. Office connection solutions are completely unsuitable for exposure to chemicals and lubricants, or for use in areas such as robotics that require maximum flexibility. Securing industrial network performance for the long term therefore requires perfect matching between switch and cable. To respond to this need, Lapp now offers switches under the Etherline Access brand, available through Lapp Australia. Users can benefit from Lapp’s global expertise, receiving a tailored combination of industry-specific switch and industrial cables that ensure both top transmission quality and reliability. They can source all the switches, cables and connectors they need for a complete industrial communication solution from a single source, along with accessories such as cable glands, protective conduits and markings. Switches fitted with multiple RJ45 ports play an important role in Ethernet data transfer, thanks to their robustness. There are also sophisticated mechanisms for monitoring, diagnosis and redundancy in networks. These receive, process and forward data traffic to the network nodes.

Thanks to the switches, the network topology remains flexible and can be adapted at any time. High failure safety is a further advantage.

20ms reconfiguration time One important quality consideration for a managed switch is the availability of redundancy procedures. These help to ensure communication in the event of component defects. This requires the reconfiguration time, ie the time that a switch requires to restore the network connection after the loss of a datapath, to be as short as possible. If the reconfiguration time is too long, a controller that communicates via the network will go into stop mode and production could grind to a halt. In standard redundancy procedures like STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) or RSTP (Rapid STP), reconfiguration can take up to 5s. Depending on the application, this can sometimes be too long for industrial users. Restoring the datapath more quickly requires better solutions. The switches in the Etherline Access series achieve reconfiguration times of less than 20ms in networks with up to 250 active components. The switches are arranged in a ring. This means that if one communication path fails, there is always an alternative path available via a redundant cable.

Tailored Ethernet connections Lapp’s Etherline brand offers tailored Ethernet connections for its Etherline

Access high-performance switches, with the right product available for virtually every sector. For robotics, for example, there is Etherline Torsion. This Cat. 7 cable for transfer rates of up to 10Gbit/s is specially designed for flexible applications in which the cable is twisted up to 180°/m, and can perform this motion at least five million times. The Etherline Access M05T and M08T managed switches come with five or eight RJ45 ports, making it very easy to construct redundant networks. The switches support all relevant protocols like HTTP, Telnet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/ TCP, IPv6, and many more. The devices also have two redundant energy supply ports to ensure maximum reliability. They are highly resistant to vibration and impact, meeting the strict IEC standards for industrial components.

Standardised diagnosis Configuration and diagnosis tools are also important features for users. These include a web-based configuration interface, statistics counters, e-mail alerts and further



port settings. The Etherline Access switches enable standardised diagnosis of different network nodes via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and are also capable of port mirroring. Causes of network failures, such as cable damage or the detection of a disconnected or incorrectly connected Ethernet cable, can be quickly identified. The devices have a relay output that can be used to define warning messages via a web interface. The Etherline Access Configurator is also available for configuration. Lapp also has two “unmanaged” switches in its product range: Etherline Access U05T and U08T. They offer similar performance but come without the configuration options. These switches are suitable for collecting and distributing signals from the connected components. Just like their bigger brothers, the switches do not have fans and therefore require no maintenance. Lapp Australia 1800 931 559




The SpecialiSTS in elecTronic DriveS for over 30 yearS • Repairing of complex electronic boards, including obsolete boards that are no longer supported by vendors • Design and construction of multi-drive systems • Professional Control Systems Integrators • Repairing/retrofitting of electronic AC, DC and servo drives • Laboratory & Clean Room • Large Stocks of Spare Parts • Australia wide 24 hour service


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RADAR LEVEL SENSOR BOASTS MILLIMETRE ACCURACY Turck has unveiled a key strand in its Industry 4.0 strategy in the shape of the Turck Cloud Service. Based on technology acquired from Beck IPC earlier this year, the Turck Cloud Software is based on high security standards and is specifically tailored to the performance and scalability requirements of industrial applications. All data are transferred directly from Turck's controllers and I/O components to the cloud using fully encrypted communications. Users can save and evaluate production data in the Turck Cloud – whether simply for monitoring purposes or for complete plant or process optimisation. The relevant data can be simply selected from the controller with the click of a mouse. The cloud user interface can then arrange the data directly in clusters and logically organise it in diagrams and charts with no additional configuration required.


Users can select whether to have their data hosted centrally by Turck, or to use the on-premises variant, in which the Turck Cloud Software is installed on the user’s own servers. The centrally hosted variant also offers the option of setting up a “customer cloud” with an interface that can be adapted to the customer's branding and corporate design. This will enable OEMs to offer their customers a cloud service as an option with their machines and plants. Future developments for Turck Cloud Solutions include a new range of industrial servers and software enhancements such as self-learning algorithms that will enable predictive maintenance. Turck 1300 132 566

Sensor specialist VEGA has improved the performance of its 80GHz radar sensor for continuous liquid level measurement. With its updated hardware and software, the Vegapuls 64 now boasts a measurement accuracy of +/-1mm, even over a measuring range of 30m. The improved performance offers a considerable advantage for level measurement in larger vessels, where a 1mm height difference can equate to a large volume of liquid. It is also important in measuring levels of high-value liquids, where every drop counts. The improved Vegapuls 64 still retains the advantages of the original narrow-beamwidth 80GHz radar sensor design, and so will perform reliably under difficult media and process conditions, such as aggressive solvents and acids, foam or extreme turbulence, and even in vessels with agitators

and other internal structures. And, because of its noncontact measurement method, the Vegapuls 64 is completely maintenance free. VEGA Australia 1800 817 135





Water quality is monitored by measuring pH levels

remove remaining chloramines and other impurities. (The outdoor pools do not have this UV treatment as it’s provided by the sun.)

The water temperature is maintained using heat pumps

The Ruth Everuss Aquatic centre at Lidcombe in Sydney’s west was closed for almost two years for extensive redevelopment. However, the reopening in April 2017 unveiled a site that had been transformed into a state-of-the-art facility. While the transformation was undoubtedly significant, great care had been taken to preserve the heritage status of the facility, which was built in 1959. Some of the existing buildings were demolished, but many remained or were refurnished; examples include the grandstand, stanchion and shelters around the main 50m pool, which now includes a ninth lane and ramp for wheelchair access. While many new facilities were built, it was mandated that the look of any new construction fit in with the existing facilities. Apart from the main outdoor facility, the revamped centre also includes two water polo pools (indoor and outdoor), a 6-lane 25m indoor pool and a programme pool for rehabilitation. For families, there’s an outdoor splash pad and an indoor leisure pool, complete with numerous jets, air blowers and spas. Other new features include lighting for nighttime use and heating for year round patronage. Keeping all these facilities running involves a surprisingly complex control system. It monitors a range of parameters 24


for each pool, including water levels, chemical dosing, water temperature and filtration. For this, the plant rooms have an intricate web of reticulation pipes, with accompanying pumps, sensors and filters. An advanced filtration system is used to remove solids from the water. Each pool has two filtration pumps, to sift and remove both coarse and fine particles. The active filtering agent is DE (diatomaceous earth). For DE regeneration and backwashing, the controller is required to run a separate vibratory routine for 30 seconds on each of the filters. This operation shakes the DE from the socks in the filter and extends its life. Pool water is kept clean by an automated chlorination system, also controlled by the central controller. Two types of chlorination are used – inline saltwater chlorination for the saltwater pools and granulated chlorine for the freshwater pools. Chlorines are effective disinfectants but can be expensive. So to prolong their life, the pH level of the pool water is maintained at 7.2 by dosing carbon dioxide. This has required special controlling circuits to be constructed within the PLC program.

The water temperature is maintained by the use of heat pumps. Heat pumps exchange heat with the complex’s air conditioning system; recycling the heat would otherwise be dissipated into the atmosphere. They are used in preference to gas heating, as they are more economical to run. The temperature needs to be strictly controlled within a 0.4°C band, requiring a series of high precision RTD sensors to be employed. One potential problem found in many heating applications is temperature inconsistency, where the whole load is not at one uniform temperature. This is overcome by constantly cycling water through the pools. In order for the many water features to work properly, constant water pressure needs to be maintained. Bob Bishop of Engineered Control Systems said: “Controlling water flows to maintain constant pressure proved surprisingly difficult. PID is normally adequate for this type of control, but in this case, the pressures fluctuated too erratically and PID loops could not respond quickly

enough.” A dedicated function block needed to be designed for this and it ensures constant water pressure. Omron’s CJ2M series PLC was selected as the controller. It supports a sophisticated set of instructions needed for control systems, including userdefined function blocks. It can also handle in excess of 2500 I/Os and has Ethernet/ IP onboard for networking. A remote network was needed as both machinery and control panels were distributed across five main areas within the complex. The digital and analogue remote I/O is connected to Omron’s NX remote I/O blocks, which is linked to the CPU via Ethernet/IP. All wiring is ferruled, meaning each wire can be quickly pushed into screwless terminals without tools. The terminals apply consistent pressure to the wire, for a secure, life-long connection, which is also more resilient to vibration than standard screw terminals. For operator control, some parts of the complex plant use conventional indicator boards and pushbuttons. Other areas use HMIs, which are linked over the same Ethernet connection as the I/O. Omron Electronics 1300 766 766

For further purification, the indoor pools have UV steriliser treatment to




FREQUENCY TRANSDUCER KEEPS WATCH OVER MACHINE SPEED also monitor slippage, clockwise/anticlockwise rotation as well as checking for preprogrammed overspeed and underspeed thresholds. The two-channel version not only transmits each channel’s input pulses to the corresponding analogue outputs, it can also transfer the difference between two frequencies to an output. Users can adapt the IMX12-FI for each application using IO-Link and an FDT Framework such as PACTware. It can be run actively or passively over a current loop. Connection options include screw or cage clamp terminals as well as a DIN rail power feed.

The Turck IMX12-FI frequency transducer can be used both as a rotational speed monitor and as a pulse counter, with single- and dual-channel versions both handling input frequencies up to 20kHz. Finnish company Tosibox has signed up Control Logic to exclusively distribute its range of remote access products in Australia. The Tosibox system offers easy and secure remote IoT access through a secure VPN connection that is both reliable and scalable. Using patented plug-and-go technology, Tosibox works anywhere in the world to allow users to build a secure network in less than 5 minutes. Because it uses a direct VPN tunnel between devices, only trusted devices can access the network through a physical key to deliver military-grade security. Designed to save time and money, the Tosibox range of products is infinitely scalable to enable realtime data collection and provide a cost-effective and easily expandable solution. Control Logic is committed to providing its customers with the latest and most reliable products in the market, suited for Australia’s unique and often demanding environments.

Besides transmitting the input frequency to the analogue output, the single-channel IMX12-FI can

The frequency transducer can be run from a wide power input of 10 to 30V DC, which allows it to be used in solar power or wind power modules. It is suitable for use in safety circuits up to SIL2 and meets the stringent EMC requirements of the process industry (NE21). Turck 1300 132 566


According to Lee Papadimitrious, General Manager – Products and Marketing at Control Logic: “We are thrilled to have the award-winning Tosibox products in our offering which is very unique in our market.” “In providing various remote access solutions over the years, Tosibox is by far the easiest to implement and manage without compromising the level of security,” says Papadimitrious. “It also negates the need for the traditional resource overheads required to maintain remote access solutions. This truly is a game changer for anyone seeking a remote connection to their assets”, he adds. Control Logic 1800 557 705





CRANE ASSESSMENT HIGHLIGHTS UPGRADE REQUIREMENTS Konecranes has completed a Major Assessment of a productioncritical crane used in WesTrac’s Newman, WA workshop, which has saved the company downtime and cost, as well as enhanced safety and productivity for ongoing use. The 40t double-girder crane is used to lift components for WesTrac’s repairs on its customer’s dozers, graders and loaders, such as power train overhaul, where it lifts components like engines, pump drives, torque convertor transmissions and final drives. The Konecranes Major Assessment looks at structures, mechanical components and electrical systems, and highlights possible maintenance, modernisation or upgrade needs while ensuring standards compliance, including AS2550.1 2011 Section 9. “The service from Konecranes was first class. The technicians were organised and professional. And most importantly to our operations, they caused minimal disruptions by completing all their work on the crane within the day,” says Clint Dallow, WesTrac Branch Manager – Newman. WesTrac, which employs more than 2700 people in Australia,

provides equipment management to the mining, construction and transport industries and is one of the largest authorised Caterpillar dealers in the world. “We’ve been using this crane for around 20 years now, but its usage can vary from being used intensely one week to not at all the next. Konecranes understood our individual needs and made recommendations accordingly,” says Dallow.

Immediate upgrades Konecranes recommended two immediate upgrades for WesTrac’s crane. The first was a Konecranes ControlPro datalogger, which allows all relevant data about the crane’s usage to be collected, so that next time maintenance is needed, the technicians know exactly where to target, rather than having to take the entire crane down and look at each component individually. The second upgrade was to install a load display, which is a digital screen that shows exactly how much the crane is lifting. “The load display is great for the safety of my team. It makes sure they’re always lifting within the safe

working limits of the crane,” says Dallow.

other than the originally classified purpose, for example.

According to the Konecranes internal sales representative responsible for the project, Jeevan Pattian: “This Major Assessment was done as part of a compulsory 10-year inspection of the entire building, but there are other reasons why an assessment may be undertaken to benefit businesses like WesTrac.

“If you aren’t sure if it’s time to modernise, or are concerned that new safety issues have arisen since a crane was first installed, a Major Assessment can give you all the relevant information, and a Konecranes expert can sit down and explain the possible courses of action.”

“If you’re not sure if your cranes are capable of meeting growing production demands, or if you’re using your crane for purposes

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with Integrated Materials Handling Systems from Adept • Patnering with Storage and Racking companies for more than 30 years. • Full range of materials handling solutions. • Australian manufacturer of conveyor systems and a market leader. • Exclusive high quality European components at a competitive prices. • Expert Industry support.

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Zeta I Agila I Scout I


Integral Twin I Linea I Levina I


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DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY SUITE OPTIMISES CRANE SAFETY, UPTIME AND AVAILABILITY Konecranes’ latest digital technology suite is optimising the safety, uptime and availability of production-critical cranes in Australian Marine Complex’s Common User Facility (CUF) in Western Australia.

now on a range of crane service activities, so when we wanted to add the latest technologies to our maintenance programme, they were a logical choice that was reinforced by their leading tender submission,” he adds.

CUF’s world-class WA repair, maintenance, fabrication and assembly facility was developed to enhance the opportunities created by the clustering of industries – such as marine, defence, oil and gas, and resources – and is home to the largest marine industry in Australia.

“Konecranes provided us with outstanding service before, during and after the tender process and their technicians are always reliable and professional.”

CUF uses a range of overhead cranes and hoists for important project assembly and materials handling tasks for these demanding industries, and any downtime can result in lost production or added costs. To implement a predictive maintenance programme that minimises downtime and optimises the value of their assets, CUF has installed a suite of Konecranes digital technologies, including Truconnect remote monitoring technology, Mainman planned maintenance and inspections and the online portal. “Truconnect allows us to proactively plan for the replacement of critical components, analyse crane operator behaviour, monitor trends and anomalies, along with important safety events such as overloads. And all of this can be done from the comfort of our main command centre,” says Jayden Good, Operations & Maintenance Manager, CUF. “We’ve been working with Konecranes for more than five years

“At the end of the day, uptime is critical for us. Konecranes’ technologies can minimise the impact of unplanned breakdowns, provide fast response times, and allow for great availability of spare parts, so that we can deliver to the high quality levels of service demanded by our customers.” “Since working with Konecranes, we’ve already seen a reduction each year on unplanned repair spending and we look forward to the further benefits of their latest technologies.” Konecranes WA Sales Representative Jayden Hughes says the Truconnect technology used by CUF is linked with other Konecranes advanced digital technologies such as Mainman and designed to further enhance user-friendliness and optimise maintenance processes. “Konecranes Mainman planned maintenance and third-party inspections are designed to ensure all aspects of safety and compliance are regularly assessed in alignment with Australian Standards,” says Hughes. “The online portal creates easily generated and customised reports to suit AMC’s

individual needs for auditing or general review.” “Mobile enabled crane service technicians can input data using Konecranes’ risk and recommendation methodology, which provides the maintenance management team with a clear picture of each asset’s condition and usage.” “With Truconnect, alerts and notifications are automatically sent via text message and emailed to a nominated person. The data is presented via a user-friendly dashboard interface.” “Konecranes continues to provide CUF with other unique solutions such as operator training, building movement system maintenance, and structural repairs to platforms and handrails.”



Jayden Good says that in addition to creating better maintenance schedules and identifying potential problems earlier, Konecranes’ digital technology suite also helps provide CUF with better end-of-life evaluations on its cranes. “All cranes have a design working period that they can be safety used in, but where a crane is ‘worn out’ by this time can vary greatly depending on usage. Konecranes can help us determine whether some minor remedial work, modernisations or retrofits can extend the life of our valuable assets for many further years, or whether it’s more economical to invest in a new crane,” he says. Konecranes 1300 937 637





The Australian Industrial Truck Association (AITA) has updated its “Forklift Truck Fair Wear and Tear Guide” to assist with the interpretation of “fair wear and tear” and to provide rental customers with a consistent approach that is implemented by AITA members.

The latest electric pallet truck from Crown Equipment is billed as economical yet strong performing. The German-made WP 3010 Series shares the features of the Crown WP Series in a more compact and economically priced package and is now available Australia-wide.

“Importantly, the term “fair wear and tear” only relates to equipment that is being used in compliance with the operating instructions, where daily checks are carried out by the operator, and regular servicing is carried out using recommended parts and lubricants by an authorised service agent,” says AITA President, Steve Takacs. “Fair wear and tear should not be confused with damage or excessive wear and tear. Damage and excessive wear and tear occurs as a direct result of misuse, abuse, lack of attention to preventative measures, poor application or environmental conditions,” he adds. “Users are financially responsible for the repair or make good costs if the equipment is returned with an unreasonable level of wear and tear at the end of the rental period,” concludes Takacs. Since its formation in 1961, the Australian Industrial Truck Association has become increasingly recognised for providing a strong voice for the industry. The major focus of the AITA is to

The WP 3010 features an AC drive motor combined with a regenerative braking system to combine high performance with long battery life and maintenance-free braking.

ensure the highest possible standards of performance, safety and client satisfaction. The AITA plays an active role in the development of Australian and international standards for the forklift industry and in promoting the highest standards of safe use of equipment through the development of guidance documents on topical issues and the conduct of annual forklift safety seminars to inform industry and users of forklift equipment. A copy of the guide can be downloaded free of charge from the AITA website. Australian Industrial Truck Association

The compact unit has a head length of just 500mm, fork length of up to 1150mm and a built-in charger. Its low mass of 279kg (without battery) makes it nimble and convenient, including back-of-truck work. It has a load capacity of 1600kg, a heavy-duty gearbox, a robust helical gear set, an optimised steel structure and high-tensile steel forks. The WP 3010 Series has the same cast aluminium Crown X-10 handle with easy-to-use-ergonomic controls used on the rest of the WP Series. According to Craig Kenchington, Crown Equipment director of sales and marketing, the competitive pricing of the WP 3010 Series will appeal to a whole new market segment. He says: “Crown has made a power







pallet truck with compact dimensions, so it’s ideal for moving and positioning loads quickly and safely in confined storage spaces. It means that you no longer need to sacrifice quality, longevity and ergonomics to have an affordable power pallet truck.” “This new model is perfectly at home doing kerbside deliveries, transport on truck beds as well as retail applications and even manufacturing environments,” adds Kenchington.

Crown Equipment 1300 072 752






CORDLESS PUMP HELPS SOLVE LONG-STANDING CONVEYOR MAINTENANCE PROBLEM Leading mining equipment OEM Techmine Solutions has developed an innovative solution to a common mining problem – efficiently lifting thousands of metres of conveyor belts for maintenance. Techmine has developed a new lightweight hydraulic belt lifter that uses an Enerpac XC-Series cordless portable hydraulic pump to safely and reliably provide the hydraulic pressure (700bar) required to lift belt sections weighing up to 2000kg. “The new belt lifter effortlessly raises the belt in 20 to 25 seconds without requiring

complex input from the user. An 1800mm belt lifter, comprised of three main parts, weighs only 29.5kg once assembled. The main 13.7kg lifting beam is ergonomic and easily portable,” says Justen Wright, Principal Engineer at Techmine and inventor of the new technology. Western Australia based Techmine has more than 75 years of experience working both on brownfield and greenfield projects across all mining sectors and their maintenance processes. The company was founded on the principle of bringing safe, efficient and reliable conveyor maintenance solutions to the mining industry, to meet the rigorous demands of modern mining maintenance. “The Enerpac XC-Series cordless hydraulic pumps were the logical choice solution to power Techmine’s belt lifters. Enerpac is the brand of choice by our client base – their tools are high quality, reliable, easy to use, extremely versatile and adaptable for use with our products. The portable XC pump fits in


... is an innovative rack protection device which signifies a departure from traditional methods of upright protection RACK ARMOUR's strength is in its simplicity - it clips onto your existing racking without the need for further fixings and quite simply...

... it works!

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perfectly alongside our lifters and when not being used for belt maintenance, the Enerpac pump can be used on-site for any other of its normal tasks.” They are a much smarter way to get the job done,” said Wright. Solving a sore point for the mining industry The Techmine Team identified a fundamental safety risk in existing conveyor maintenance practices, and used their mining and engineering experience to develop a solution that would be highly valuable to mining companies across Australia. “We discovered that when it came to conveyor lifting, equipment that wasn’t specifically designed for that purpose was being used simply because it was the only thing available – but there could be inherent safety and performance risks,” said Wright. “Mine sites should not be lifting anything without knowing the weight first, because if the weight is above the lifting device’s capacity, this can cause all sorts of problems. Our new belt lifter clearly displays the belt’s weight as the lift progresses, meaning it cannot be overloaded.” “Currently, it is too easy for mining operations to perform maintenance on thousands of metres of conveyor belts without knowing the load on their belt lifters. All it takes is one failure resulting in an injury or incident that may change a workers life forever as well as significant downtime and additional repair costs.” “So we developed a lightweight portable system that could be easily stored at a shift crew workshop for example. This means that the belt lifter is charged and ready to lift any conveyor on the mine site safely and correctly, whether it’s for general shutdown maintenance or an unscheduled breakdown.” Enerpac WA Territory Manager David Capper is delighted to see the belt lifter innovation come to fruition and says that the Techmine team have all been working hard for many years to reach this point. “This application has been a sore point



for the mining industry for a long time, with many companies past and present working to produce a solution. The Techmine team have delivered a refined and ingenious solution, which will draw interest from mine sites across the country,” he said. Techmine has already had successes in trials with major mining companies, with others specifically seeking them out for a solution to this established problem.

Enerpac XC-Series Cordless Hydraulic Pumps Designed to satisfy the need for a longlasting pump that can be used in hard-toaccess areas, XC-Series cordless pumps are constructed of lightweight materials, equipped with a powerful, one-half horsepower motor and feature 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery technology. With its bladder reservoir, Enerpac’s cordless pumps eliminate venting and offer leak-free operation in any orientation. Plus, the overall body, handle and trigger have been ergonomically engineered to maximise ease-ofuse and portability. XC-Series cordless pumps deliver oil flow of 2.05L/min at its low-pressure setting and 0.25L/min when operating at full pressure, up to 700bar. Additionally, the lithium-ion technology ensures XC-Series pumps provide end users with the battery runtime necessary to accommodate demanding application requirements. Enerpac’s XC-Series promotes operator safety by removing trip hazards associated with traditional powered pumps. Safety features include overload protection circuitry, which safeguards both the pump and the operator from excessive amp draw or temperatures, and a trigger lock-off mechanism that protects against unintended operation during transport. Enerpac Australia 02 8717 7200


ether g o T s n o ti lu o S g in c Pie

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Wearlon nylon rollers are significantly lighter than steel or bronze (Photo: Licharz)

slightly more ductile, has less internal stresses and has more consistent density compared with the extruded material in these sizes. So, we use casting to deliver optimum long-term performance in larger components,” says Flood.

Noise can be a major safety hazard in industrial and resources processing and transport logistics plants, where the sound of heavy materials handling machinery operating can distract attention from the job in hand and drown out the sound of malfunctioning machines, alarm signals or even a warning shout. Noise exposure is also Australia’s most common preventable cause of occupational hearing loss, with Worksafe Australia estimating that a million employees in this country may be exposed to hazardous levels of noise at work. Damage to hearing can occur when noise levels are higher than 85dB, which is about the loudness of heavy traffic. “One highly effective way in which the noise problem can be addressed at its root cause (rather than through hearing protective devices, valuable though they are) is in the substitution of engineering plastics in application areas where quiet running, low weight and low friction are advantageous,” says Cut To Size NSW Manager Pat Flood, who has more than 30 years’ experience in tailoring light, tough and quiet industrial engineering plastics to individual application needs. Among the most versatile materials 32


increasingly substituting for more expensive metals is the Wearlon family of nylon polymers, which extends from the most commonly used and cost-effective PA6 semi-crystalline polyamides through to especially formulated types such as PA12, which is used where greater shock loads and vibrations damping efficiency are required in rollers, gears and pinions. Cut To Size manufactures machinery components from such materials for applications across Australasia from its head office in Sydney where facilities include CNC machining facilities coupled with GibbsCAM and Solidworks software. Wearlon nylon is used across many industries to reduce noise and reduce machinery rail wear, with applications including food and beverage, mineral processing, agribusiness materials handling and industries that want to avoid corrosion or the need to use lubricants that can contaminate production. Nylon rollers, for example, offer high wear resistance, low friction and lower noise where a part slides over the roller surface. Nylon rollers also offer savings in maintenance costs and, being noncorrosive, offer all-weather performance in outdoor installations,

including mineral processing plants and logistics operations. Uses include beam trolley rollers, monorail rollers and turntable rollers, as well as vital parts on conveyors and belts. Cast nylon trunnion wheels can also be used to reduce plant operation noise and reduce wear on rotating barrels. Nylon trunnion wheels can be used in noise and vibration-prone applications where they support vertical barrel loads and dual thrust loads. Wearlon trunnion rollers protect their running surfaces while providing good damping of vibration and noise in applications such as rotary drum screens, wire cable windows and rollers and guide wheels in transport vehicles, crane carriages, crane tracks, trolleys, storage and retrieval systems, as well as handling systems and applications with rolling movements (such as vertical conveyors, bucket elevators and trough conveyors). Cut To Size extrudes components manufactured from nylon rod diameters below 50mm and casts them above this size. Components made from sheet material 10mm thick and lower is extruded, whereas 10mm and above is cast. “Cast nylon is better for machining the larger components, because it is

Although the Wearlon family often offers a highly cost-effective solution to noise, friction and wear abatement issues, Cut To Size also engineers components from a full range of engineering plastics from world class suppliers, including nylon, acetal, PTFE, polyurethane and specialist high-performance products. Specialist products include the Wearlon family of Linnotam Hiperformance polyamides, for example. These are partially crystalline, thermoplastic high-performance polyamides which, using carefully formulated additives and modifiers, have been specially designed for the demanding requirements of specialty components in machinery design. These include production-critical applications, such as production automation and high-volume product processing and conveying where downtime costs are considerable, and producers wish also to avoid the hazards of replacing heavier and more labourintensive machinery components. The high-performance polyamides are part of Cut To Size’s nationally available Wearlon ranges from the international manufacturer and fabricator of engineering plastics, Licharz, which produces the globally proven Linnotam family of light but rugged polyamides for easy machining and especially long service lives. Cut To Size Plastics 02 9681 0400


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ustry update ad.indd 1

30/08/2011 5:25:30 PM

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MATCHING THE MAGNET TO THE LOAD – A CAUTIONARY TALE “But the magnet is rated for one tonne,” began the foreman, “and that plate is only 900 kilos.” Patiently the magnet salesman tried to explain, “yes, but not all ‘one tonnes’ are the same.” “How can one tonne not be one tonne?” The foreman was becoming exasperated. “I didn’t say a tonne isn’t a tonne; I said not all one tonnes are the same!”

“Please explain!” “OK: let me explain with an exaggeration. Suppose you have one tonne of steel in the form of a sheet 14 metres long by 3 metres wide and 3 millimetres thick. Do you suppose

your one tonne magnet would lift it?” asked the intrepid salesman.


“Well…no; wouldn’t it droop too much and peel off the magnet?” “Ah” sighed Magnet-Man, “now you’re onto something. You see, it is one tonne - but it’s not a safe one tonne!” Back in the real world, Australian Standard AS4991-2004 Lifting Devices requires that “the range of shapes and mass of the load shall be taken into account when selecting a magnet…” Lifting magnet load ratings are valid only for the manufacturer’s specified steel thickness, profile (round, square etc), type of steel and load overhang or sag. Don’t take unnecessary risks



with your lifting magnets. Check the specs and check the load.

technology, which concentrates magnetic field at the lifting surface.

Serpent & Dove’s MaxX permanent magnetic lifters come with a detailed operating manual and also use patented ‘neutral crown’

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DRIVE UNIT POWERS UP MANUAL PALLET JACKS Available from UMS Australasia, the PowerPallet is a novel bolt-on device that can be used to turn a manual pallet jack to a powered pallet jack. The compact design comprises a powerful NiMH battery powered drive unit and throttle assembly that can be fitted to virtually any manual pallet jack without significantly increasing the size or weight of the unit (and without affecting the turning circle). UMS reckons that the retrofit can be performed easily within 20-30

Flexicon has come up with a novel design of low-profile flexible screw conveyor with integral bin and castor-mounted frame that can be rolled below mezzanines and other low-headroom areas, receive material from overhead equipment, and discharge the material into process equipment and vessels throughout the plant.

typical 25kg bags, depending on bulk density. And the conveyor uses a Bev-Con screw that is engineered to move a range of difficult-to-convey bulk materials that tend to cake, pack, smear or plug, as well as fragile products prone to breakage, with no separation of blends.

Ready to plug-in and run, the self-contained unit uses a "push type" drive system positioned at the lower intake end of the conveyor instead of the standard "pull-type" drive positioned at the discharge end. This reduces the overall height by approximately 610mm.

With the exception of the polymer tube, all material contact surfaces are made from stainless steel finished to food, pharmaceutical, dairy or industrial standards for rapid wash down and/or corrosion resistance.

The 250-litre bin accommodates around a third of a metre-cube bulk bag, or several

Flexicon Corporation (Australia) 1300 353942



minutes following full step-by-step instructions that are available online. With a pulling capacity of 2300kg on the flat, the PowerPallet isn’t short of power, and its control circuitry allows for RPM-matched speed, so the throttle response is not affected by mass of the load. Other useful drive features include assisted hill climb, controlled hill descent and hill holding, together with intelligent dynamic braking. Safety features include multiple E-stops and hand proximity confirmation on the throttle so that it will not move without the operator’s hand in place. UMS says that the unit has been designed to be virtually maintenance free, and it should outlive the pallet jack to which it’s attached. The bonus here is that it can then be removed and fitted to another manual pallet jack. UMS Australasia 02 9680 7944

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TRIBO-TAPE LINERS REDUCE FRICTION IN LINEAR MOTION For example, in wood processing, where sawdust and wood chips are inevitable, the tribo-tape can be used to ensure easy movement of the rotating stop on a saw blade. And as the liners are completely lubricationfree, settling sawdust will not stick to the surface. The tribo-tape films have recently been improved with a new adhesive that improves the adhesion of the film. What’s more, the new adhesive is FDA-compliant, making it suitable for use in the food industry.

Available from Treotham Automation, igus tribo-tape films are ideal for any application where smooth, silent, simple and lubricationfree sliding motion is required. The tribo-tape reduces abrasion, enabling easy sliding and reduced wear.

The films can also be used as edge protection and product protection for lining metal parts in packaging systems and conveyor systems.

Among the different tapes available, the blue liner made of FDA-compliant iglidur A160 material is highly resistant to media and meets the stringent requirements for hygiene and safety in the food industry. (And the blue colour makes the material easily visually detectable.)

The films are particularly useful in applications with high levels of dust.

Other types include W160, which has been developed for

hygiene-sensitive industries and has antibacterial properties. It also contains UV-stabilising additives, so that its material properties do not change even in light-induced oxidation. For high-temperature applications, iglidur V400 is extremely heatresistant and can be used at temperatures up to 200°C, with adhesion up to 160°C. Thanks to its extreme wear resistance, iglidur V400 is suitable for use at high loads and temperatures and is also resistant to a variety of media. All iglidur tribo-tapes can be delivered with or without adhesive backing. In addition, Treotham offers the cutting of special geometries or special widths. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64

Let our engineered plastics CUT your maintenance & energy bills Cut To Size Plastics’ outstanding ranges of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) offer a superbly low-friction, hard wearing and energy-saving alternative to metal in countless applications.

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Our world-class selections of these self-lubricating non-stick engineered thermoplastics – complemented by market-leading ranges such as Acetal, Nylon, Oilamid, Delrin and Teflon – deliver superior resistance to impact, shock, abrasion and wear. With low moisture absorption and high resistance to chemical corrosion, (including hard washdown chemicals) UHMPWE is ideally suited to manufacturing applications such as: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Conveyors and bulk handling machinery Protective linings and rollers for production, processing and packaging Change parts for the food and beverage industry Chain guides, runners. Wear strips and side plates Ultra- slippery liners for trucks and bins Compliance to world’s-best hygiene standards

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ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” in materials handling, and Adept Conveyor Technologies prides itself that every conveyor system it supplies is designed and built to answer the customer’s exact application requirements. The company has a complete in-house capability covering the whole conveyor system lifecycle from conceptualisation and design, through to engineering, purchasing, manufacturing and implementation. Nothing is left to chance: Adept’s engineers have more than a century of experience and the company has forged long-term alliances and exclusive partnerships with European based component manufacturers. Thanks to its total in-house involvement and powerful external alliances, Adept Conveyor

CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

Technologies not only provides systems that are exactly fit for purpose, it supplies them with a faster turnaround and more economically than you might expect.

Adept Conveyor Technologies 02 9771 4655

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads • Helps reduce down time.

Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

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CONVEYOR COMPONENTS ARE PRECISION ENGINEERED MRT Australia offers a comprehensive range of precisionengineered conveyor components suitable for a broad spectrum of industry applications. The high-quality product range, made in Germany by MRT’s partner organisation, is ideally suited to specialist machine builders and conveyor manufacturers. And it also serves as a reliable source of spare or replacement

parts to suit the site engineer or the maintenance team. The vast range covers all sizes and requirements, with more than 2000 combinations available to suit tube type/size, bearing type, axle type and combinations. There are also sanitary versions to answer food and pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements. MRT Australia also offers a sourcing



service to find non-standard and hard-toget sizes not readily available in Australia and to suit imported machinery. And this service also extends to replacements for obsolete components and upgrades for conveyor operators that want to take the advantage of the latest products and technologies. MRT Australia 0419 803 619

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Engineered plastics have been making strong headway into food and beverage production, processing and packaging markets because they are light, tough, low-friction and harmonise well with automation and rapid washdown needs to achieve efficiencies while maintaining hygiene and safety standards. But – just like metals – not all plastics are right for all tasks, says engineered thermoplastics authority Laurie Green of Cut To Size Plastics. “It is one thing to know the relevant Australian and New Zealand Code and the guiding principles contained in AS2070-1999, but the onus still remains on the user of materials to ensure they are fit for purpose. This is a fast-changing field, and the devil can be in the detail,” says Green, who, as Managing Director of Cut To Size, has seen more than 40 years of change and improvement in this specialised domain. Green recently hosted global engineered plastics leader Wefapress to further strengthen Cut To Size’s long association with the company, which is joining with Cut To Size to expand its food contact ranges in Australasia as well as its ranges of lining plastics for bulk materials handling applications such as food and beverage, truck liners, agricultural technology, bucket wheel excavators, rail cars, wheel loaders, belt scrapers, silos, trough chain conveyors and an extensive range of mining and dry goods processing applications. Wefapress Managing Director Gerrit Beck and Senior Sales Manager Klaus Massfeller visited Cut To Size’s Yennora facility recently to provide expert product training on the latest evolution of the globally proven Flex Cover range, an ultra-high-molecularweight polyethylene (UHMWPE) engineered plastics that incorporates 38


oyo_IndustryUpdate.indd 1

a number of advantages in order to prevent friction, wear and material flow problems common to bulk handling industries. The Australasian and German companies also focused on foodcontact products relevant to Australia and New Zealand producers and exporters because they comply with the highest global standards affecting this area, including major EU regulations on plastic production and processing in effect from 2011 that aim to eliminate the risk of the harmful effects caused by the migration of substances. “As in Australasia, such substances can include colour pigments, separating agents and additives,” says Green. The interaction between foodstuffs and foreign substances can carry certain risks. In order to minimise these risks and prevent any possible contamination, the European Commission introduced a regulation in January 2011 on materials and objects made from plastics. “Wefapress already considered these requirements essential,” says Green. “A large proportion of the materials we offer for the food industry meet the guidelines of the EU regulation and are therefore classed as ‘food secure’.” “The food and beverage and processing industries work in accordance with strict hygiene standards, which also apply to interactions with plastics. Plastics must be deemed physiologically harmless before they can come into contact with food. This not only protects the health of the consumer, but also the composition of the food and its organoleptic properties,” says Green.

JUNE/JULY 2018 9/07/14 5:53 PM


The following individual provisions of framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 are particularly relevant: EU Regulation No 10/2011 (PIM), which defines contact between plastic and foodstuffs. Such provisions are particularly relevant to Australian and New Zealand food and beverage companies seeking to select materials that conform with such standards.

Key points A migration test is required for standard tests with food simulants, times and temperatures, which reflect real situations. The following elements are tested: OML (overall migration limit), maximum quantities a material is allowed to emit, as well as SML (specific migration limit), the maximum quantity of a substances that can enter into food. The declaration of conformity contains information regarding food regulations and suitability guidelines on possible uses. The declaration is valid until a change is made to the material, consequently altering migration rates, or until new scientific knowledge is developed. The material must be traceable throughout every stage of the value

chain. Manufacture must be in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006, also known as GMP (good manufacturing practice), which regulates quality system, quality system, quality control system and documentation.



Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s needsand since 1975. Protoblast Company has individual been designing manufacturing to suit Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing customer’s individual since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systemsneeds • Airless Blast Machinesto suit individual needs since 1975. • customer’s Section Blast Machines Dust Collectors • Abrasive Recovery Systems • •Airless Blast Machines Abrasive Recovery Systems Machines •toSection Blast Machines •Airless Dust Collectors The best• way prepare a surface for a •coating isBlast by using the abrasive • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive screws, or steel work... The bestsurfboards way to prepare a surface fortoa blast coating is by using the abrasive blasting process. Whether you need castings, concrete blocks, blasting surfboards process. Whether need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, or steelyou work... Protoblast has the experience screws, surfboards or steel work... to design and supply has equipment that is fast,toefficient, Protoblast the experience design improves product saves you Protoblast has the experience toefficient, design and supplyyour equipment thatand is fast, money... year after year. and supplyyour equipment thatand is fast, efficient, improves product saves you improves your and saves you money... year afterproduct year. money... year after year.

EU Regulation No 10/2011 relates to the manufacturing of all food contact materials and applies to the entire supply chain including manufacturing, processing and distribution. The conformity of products and processes must be ensured and confirmed across all stages of production. The final distribution company is then able to issue the final declaration of conformity. The list of raw and auxiliary materials defines the materials to use for production. Only monomers, additives auxiliary materials (eg drilling emulsion, cleaning agents) from the EU list (appendix one of EU Regulation No 10/2011) may be used in the manufacturing of food secure products. “Wefapress uses only suitable raw materials when manufacturing semifinished parts, components and other products intended for direct contact with food. Products labelled "Food Secure Product" conform to EU Regulation No 10/2011, and are highly relevant to Australian and New Zealand producers and exporters,” says Green.



P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 E. P. 1800 Inter. +612571 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box772 157320 Picton NSW E. 1800 P. 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 E. Wefapress offers a wide range of food-safe products for applications in: mechanical and plant engineering; drinks and bottling; agriculture; food processing; conveyor systems and automation. And all these materials are available from Cut to Size Plastics. Wefapress has been dealing with EU Regulation No 10/2011 on a regular basis since 2012. A large proportion of the company’s material types made from polythene (PE-UHMW and PE-HMW) and other thermoplastics conform to the regulation. These

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products all carry the Wefapress FSP (Food Safe Product) label. Wefapress and Cut To Size can also provide individual calculation of migration. “We are happy to provide advice on how to calculate migration. We can provide you with access to empirical data in the form of available test results to save you time and money,” says Laurie Green. Cut To Size Plastics 02 9681 0400



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AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION MAKES LIGHT OF MACHINE MAINTENANCE Nobody would ever deny the importance of proper lubrication in any form of machinery. Too little or too infrequent and bearings will suffer from the effects of friction, leading to heating, wear and eventual premature failure. And over-lubrication has its own set of consequences, which also include overheating, power loss, seal contamination and pollution of the workplace and its products (to say nothing of the costs of the wasted lubricant). The solution to the problems of both under- and over-lubrication comes in the form of an automatic lubrication system, and there are many different versions available. Typical systems will involve a centralised reservoir of lubricant that is fed in a controlled manner to the various points requiring lubrication – including those that are difficult to access for manual lubrication. Such centralised lubrication systems can be very useful in large applications, but they are relatively complex systems, comprising pumps and reservoirs, controllers, supply lines, metering valves and feed lines. And all the components of the system are potential sources of errors – particularly the mechanical and electrical elements. One alternative approach comes in the form of the GreaseMax automated lubricator. This is a single-point lubrication system, with

one GreaseMax unit applied to each lubrication point. They are generally applied directly to the lubrication point, but can also be used with feed lines in cases where the lubrication point is difficult to access. The beauty of the system is that there is only one moving part in each GreaseMax unit – the plunger that forces the lubricant out of the canister. The propulsion element comes from a precisely controlled chemical reaction that begins when the unit is

installed and “switched on”, forcing the plunger forwards and dispensing the lubricant at a constant rate. GreaseMax units are available with various different grades of lubricants, depending on the application, and with a choice of lubrication duration – 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Each is guaranteed to deliver a constant flow of lubricant for the duration specified. This constant flow prevents contaminants from entering the lubrication point, whether it be a bearing or a seal, and overlubrication is also avoided by the correct choice of unit. At the end of the duration of the GreaseMax unit, it can simply be swapped out for a new unit, continuing the constant flow of lubrication. And, because each unit operates for a predictable period of time, the change-over can easily be scheduled to fit in with other regular maintenance activities. Because of its simplicity of operation and lack of mechanical and electrical components, GreaseMax is highly tolerant of adverse conditions. This includes operating in areas subject to high levels of vibration, changes in atmospheric pressure (including



operating underwater) and in varying temperatures. In comparison, battery-powered electrical systems are particularly intolerant of environmental changes, with humidity and daily temperature cycling leaving them susceptible to condensation that can play havoc with the control circuitry. Continuous operation of GreaseMax at elevated temperatures will affect the discharge rate, but in a predictable manner that can be taken into account in specifying the correct unit for the application. In addition to prolonging machine uptime and life, GreaseMax also plays a major role in plant safety, by reducing the need to manually lubricate live machinery. However, units can still safely be replaced with machinery still running. GreaseMax is made in Germany, is TUV certified and has passed the requirements of all the relevant German safety authorities for both manufacturing and mining applications without restriction. GreaseMax 03 9723 8600








“The Yawei Fiber Laser has been an absolute game changer for me; I really can’t stress that enough.”






Jon Flynn, Owner - Wildcat Industries.

nsistency of cut, combined with very low operating he perfect way to take your business to the next level.

ue of its own, opening up possibilities for companies tart-ups through to full production, 3-shift

o-focusWith cutting head, IPG speed laserand source, Siemens its extreme accuracy, consistency Available in various power capacities the HLF model ss-relieved fully annealed it really a cut above of cut, combined with very frame low operating costs,is the features a Precitec high speed auto-focus cutting new Yawei fiber lasers are the perfect way to take your business to the next level.

head, a simple to use Siemens 840DSL controller, an IPG resonator and a robust, fully annealed frame.

Dollar for dollar, the new Yawei’s are in a league of their own, opening up possibilities for companies all across the laser cutting sector; from start-ups through to full production, 3-shift environments.

The HLE model features a Raytools autofocus cutting head and a Beckoff CNC control system. The remarkable Yawei Fiber lasers – world class performance without the price tag. That’s Applied thinking.

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r a e l C

t s e b e h t y l

Industrial Door Solutions M.T.I. Qualos Pty. Ltd. are leaders in the manufacturing and service of Industrial Transparent Flexible Doors, Insulated Traffic Doors, and Roll-Fast Doors. We produce to the highest quality standard within a full range of industrial doors to suit any door application.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES EXPAND COMPRESSOR CHOICES The range of air compressor types and capacities available to Australian industry has expanded greatly in the past few years. Driven by rising energy costs and the need to match air compressor capacity more closely to application demands, there is now a far greater choice. To name but a few, these include: large-capacity rotary-screw types offering single- and two-stage models with fixed or variable speed controls, tank mounted rotary screw models, and compact rotary and piston types for medium and smaller operators. In the past, a company would generally run a compressor until it simply wore out or servicing and repairs became too costly and created intolerable downtime. So they replaced it with the same type and maybe went up a capacity size if the application demands has risen or looked likely to. Today, with the introduction of new technologies in a wider and more sophisticated range of compressors and ancillary equipment, every operator has the opportunity to select a compressor that will exactly or at least closely match their application requirements immediately and into the future.

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According to Mark Ferguson, CEO of Southern Cross Compressors: “If you use compressed air to run your production, from a small workshop to a huge manufacturing plant, selecting the right compressed air system is vital, not only on a continuing operational basis, but considering the variable air demand to only run the compressor when needed and at the right air delivery rate for multiple applications. “This becomes even more vital in the capability to greatly reduce energy costs for running the system. The correct decisions can save thousands of dollars per annum.”

For small operators Portable, piston type (reciprocating) compressors have been the workhorses of small workshops for years. And while newer, more efficient models are now available, operators have the opportunity to upgrade to much quieter and energy efficient alternatives such as the Ganey


hru_IndustryUpdate.indd 1

range of advanced, lubricated Scroll technology models. These compact compressors offer ultra-quiet vibration-free operation and have proved to be more reliable in the long term and yet cost less to run than the old piston-type compressors. Mark Ferguson says: “We offer a wide variety of compressors for small to medium applications including piston types, the advanced Scroll range and our LGX compact, tank mounted Rotary Screw models with capacities from 3 to 15kW. Upgrading can make a huge difference to your production capacity while significantly lowering your power bills.”

For industrial applications Basic rotary screw compressors have come a long way in recent years, and although advanced servicing and system upgrades can keep these machines operating, there is no doubt that older models have become increasingly costly to run and more expensive to maintain. Says Ferguson: “Matching the right compressor and system to the customer’s needs has become vital to our continued success in the industry. We carry out a comprehensive calculation of the client’s immediate and future compressed air demands including application variations, peak operating requirements, air quality, operating environment and other client specific considerations before we recommend a new compressor. “Our new two-stage rotary screw technology allows for a reduction in required operational horsepower with equal or increased air output and with the inclusion of variable speed drive technology ensures the compressor is only working to the capacity needed at any scheduled time.”

Custom compressors For specialised applications, air compressors can be designed or adapted to suit environmental conditions, required air quality, mobility and other considerations. Mark Ferguson says: “We get

JUNE/JULY 2018 9/07/14 5:47 PM


and receivers are also well maintained. For this purpose, Southern Cross conducts a complete system survey to detect leaks and any inefficiencies that require fixing to gain maximum performance and energy cost savings from every new installation. To ensure ongoing trouble-free and cost-efficient compressed air system performance, Southern Cross provides customised customer maintenance programmes. Ferguson adds: “We are so confident in the durability of our complete KHE Rotary Screw range that we offer a lifetime air-end warranty.” A new generation on the way

many requests that require innovative solutions. We created a mobile frame to move a very large compressor around an underground mine. Recently we also utilised special components and stainless-

steel casings to supply Huon Aquaculture with seven KHE rotary screw compressors to run their sea-based operations. Our design technicians are experienced at providing application specific solutions.”

However, specifying the right replacement compressor alone won’t maximise efficiency and cost saving unless the air delivery lines, couplings and ancillary equipment such as filters, dryers

Later this year Southern Cross will introduce the next generation of air compressors - two-stage permanentmagnet compressors down to 37kW – describing them as super-efficient compared with any single-stage compressor under all operating conditions. Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) 1300 098 901

Quality Supplier of State-of-the-art Machine Tools, Accessories & Laser Products

TYKMA Electrox Range of Lasers

Harrison Alpha CNC Teach Lathe

Utilising the latest technology to address a broad spectrum of marking applications

Swing from 350mm to 1000mm, including oil country range

YCM Full Range of CNC Machining Centres and Lathes

Colchester & Harrison Manual Lathes

Renowned worldwide for quality and reliability

CLAUSING Fanuc Robodrill

A quality machine for every application

The ultimate high speed machining centre with quality and sophistication

Exclusively branded for the USA

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POPULAR TORNADO BECOMES POWERFUL TYPHOON have a full range of options to enable workshops to get the best out of machining challenges, from prototypes to continuous batch production.” At the MACH show in Birmingham, the QA Manager of a major aerospace engineering workshop was overhead to comment: “This family of turning centres is well-named, because it will put the wind up rivals!”

From large to small The new Typhoon family further enhances the comprehensive range of lathes and turning centres bearing the famed Colchester brand. A Typhoon strikes the UK’s National Exhibition Centre

There wouldn’t be a machine shop in Australia, or throughout the world, that hasn’t heard of the UK-based 600 Group. And while that could be attributed to the global spread of digital communications, it isn’t the main reason. It is that the 600 Group has been engineering and building world-class machine tools since the turn of the century. (The 20th century, that is!) Over the past 130 years, the group and its subsidiaries around the globe have earned a reputation as trusted suppliers, by translating customer feedback into machine tools – and ancillary products – that meet industry standards for accuracy, reliability, and long life. It is against this background of consistent excellence that the group – using the global brand Colchester Machine Tool Solutions – has launched the new Typhoon series of CNC turning centres – the L series, the B series, and the Twin Spindle series.

A stable of workhorses The three new series have been engineered and built to meet current needs in the international marketplace, with design features driven by customer feedback from around the world. Colchester offers these new models as a choice of either quick, low-friction linear (L series), or heavy-duty, box way (B series) turning centres – all available with variations of 2-axis, c-axis, sub-spindle, and y-axis functions in a range of bar capacities to suit all turning applications. 44


Additionally, the Typhoon Twin Spindle series can achieve up to 20m/min for the x axis and 25m/min for the z axis. Paul Rushworth is Sales Director of Colchester Machine Tool Solutions. He says: “We have looked long and hard at our next generation of turning centres and the Typhoon range gives us everything and more.” The Typhoon series was unveiled at this year’s huge MACH show at the UK National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, and attracted huge crowds to the company’s demonstrations. Incidentally, MACH 2018 also gave workshop managers in UK and Europe the first glimpse of the Clausing MillPWR CNC turret mill, from the 600 Group’s company in the USA.

Typhoons in the Asia-Pacific

as members of the 130-years old family of Colchester lathes. Highly accurate cutting is achieved through the one-piece cast base that incorporates FEM analysis. This helps to achieve an optimal structure to further enhance machine rigidity and stability. The 30º slant-bed design has a low centre of gravity for easier swarf management and better ergonomics. All Typhoon CNC Turning Centres are fitted with the latest Fanuc Oi-TF control system with Manual Guide i. Purser said: “Comprehensive testing has shown that smart design married to CNC capability delivers exceptional cutting performance and highly accurate component finish – regardless of component complexity.” He added: “The new Typhoon models

There are machines from simple to operate, budget-priced training lathes – such as the Student M300 for training apprentices – to the mighty Magnum LS/ V800 with its six-metre bed and 30hp motor for heavy-duty applications. Purser said: “Machines in the Colchester range have been at the heart of Australia’s engineering workshops – inhouse and jobbing – since the turn of the last century. “Since that time, each new family has addressed a specific need in Australia’s industries and, enhance by CNC, has fired the imagination and aspirations of product designers and component manufacturers. “That is why it is rare to find an engineering workshop in Australia that has not had, currently has, or shortly will have a Colchester machine.” 600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738

Also present at the Birmingham launch was Cliff Purser, 600 Machine Tools MD, who said: “We are delighted to see the three series in the Typhoon family become available for order by Australasian and Asian companies. “These cleverly designed, well built turning centres are competitively priced, and bring to engineering workshops high levels of accuracy, flexibility, and reliability.”

Turning to spec The three new turning centres have specifications that reflect their pedigree

Cliff Purser 600 Machine Tools MD, Terry Alison Colchester Machine Tool Solutions MD, Wally Nujin Brisbane Branch Manager, and Dave McDonald 600 Applications Engineer check the specs of the new Typhoon


DVF 5000


Diverse solutions for diverse complex shapes. Table

The tool length measurement is a standard feature for precision machining. The tool magazine capable of holding up to 120 tools and the optional multi-pallet system enables unmanned automation.


Table size



Maximum work size














-30~ +110




Travel distance


Maximum spindle speed


12000 {18000}


Tool capacity


30 {40, 60, 90, 120}


NC System


TNC640, Fanuc 31i5

Available from SYDNEY



MELBOURNE 4 Abbotts Rd, Dandenong

(02) 9890 9111

(07) 3715 2200

(08) 9373 9999

1/2 Windsor Rd, Northmead

625 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains

11 Valentine St, Kewdale

(03) 9212 4422

Specifications & Prices are subject to change without notification. All prices exclude GST and are valid until 30-06-18


Polystar unwraps unwraps R ISPolystar value in film RT ISthe the value in film T recycling. recycling. Now that’s Now that’s LIED Applied Thinking. D LIED Applied Thinking. CES WAS










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Designed for reprocessing of polyethylene & 3-shift laser source, Siemens Pelletising system with integrated eliminates polypropylene flexible packagingcutter material frame it really is a cut above need for pre-cutting ce, Siemens laser source, Siemens Pelletising system with integrated cutter eliminates ally is a cut above frame it really apellets cut above needisof for pre-cutting 100% reusable straight back into your ce, Siemens

line ally is a cutproduction above 100% of pellets reusable straight back into your

Minimal material production line degradation without affecting material properties Minimal material degradation without affecting material properties

ith us socially

ith us socially 22/12/16 9:27 am 22/12/16 9:27 am

22/12/16 9:27 am

22/12/16 9:27 am








In these days of WH&S scrutiny, there is a safer way to pump wastewater, according to engineered pump solutions provider, Hydro Innovations. The company’s engineers have written a white paper on ways to improve or even eliminate some of the dangers associated with working on or around wastewater pumps. First, the paper maintains that using Gorman-Rupp self-priming centrifugal pumps eliminates the dangers of “working over heights” and “working over water” usually associated with pumping wastewater with submersible pumps. Because the pumps are located “high and dry” above the wet well, operators do not have to be exposed to the dangers of open wet well pits when monitoring, inspection or maintenance is necessary. A correctly engineered solution will also eliminate the need for working in confined spaces. Secondly, because the maintenance can occur while the pump is still connected to the pipe system, and no cranes or lifting devices are needed, the dangers of working with heavy swinging weights and working with cranes is eliminated. And when pump clearances need to be adjusted, Gorman-Rupp

V Series pumps allow operators to make adjustments externally, without removing the pump from service and without having to come in contact with the pumped fluid. To adjust submersible pump clearances, operators need to open wet well lids, use a lifting device and “man handle” pumps that are covered in the pumped fluid (which could be corrosive, contain “sharps” or be full of bacteria). The Gorman-Rupp Ultra V Series pump has been built with operator safety as a high priority. These pumps feature pressure relief valves, “burst disc” flap valves that can uniquely be replaced without opening the pump, and the safest “fill port cover” of any self-priming pump on the market. These features and others, separate Gorman-Rupp as the leader in self-priming pump technology. The white paper on wastewater pump operator safety can be downloaded from Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800



COMPANIES AND INDIVIDUALS URGED TO GO PLASTIC FREE IN JULY Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. Yet this is a problem for which we can all be part of the solution. In May, our guest environmental correspondent Samantha Cross, founder of the Plastic Police Programme, joined with Australia’s sustainability leaders for the launch of the not-for-profit Plastic Free July Foundation. From a humble office initiative to one of the world’s most popular environmental movements Plastic Free July has seen millions of people from more than 150 countries signing up to reduce their single-use plastic. Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness and gets individuals and organisations thinking about the amount of plastics in our lives, and companies can join more than 2000 businesses

participating in the Plastic Free July challenge by signing up today. The Plastic Free July website includes many resources aimed at helping companies to participate, including Plastic Free July posters to encourage staff to bring reusables. Other activities suggested include: encouraging employees to sign-up for the challenge; organising a plastic free morning tea; challenging the supply chain to sign-up; screening a documentary, running a bin audit or hosting a clean-up event; showcasing your actions to inspire others in your industry and your customers; and looking at ways your business can reduce singleuse plastics. “Plastic Police supports and communicates initiatives and not-forprofit organisations who are educating

Launching the Plastic Free July campaign (from left to right) are: Gunther Hoppe, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Mindarie Regional Council; Samantha Cross, Founder of the Plastic Police Programme; Craig Salt, Founder and Managing Director of Sustainable Consulting; and Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Executive Director and Founder of Plastic Free July.

and assisting communities on ways we can reduce plastic waste and pollution in the first instance,” says Samantha Cross. “We look forward to supporting

Plastic Free July and we encourage all businesses and communities to join us by signing up to the Plastic Free July Challenge.”

REINFORCING THE GREEN BENEFITS OF RECYCLED POLYPROPYLENE Queensland engineering firm Fibercon is claiming a milestone in recycling, having reused more than 50 tonnes of plastic waste. The plastic has been used in the company’s Emesh product, which replaces steel mesh in reinforced concrete. The technology was codeveloped with researchers from Queensland’s James Cook University. Since its first use last year, the Emesh product has been used by councils predominantly in footpaths, but also has applications from pavement concrete to channel drains, embankment erosion control, precast sewer and stormwater pits. According to a report prepared for the Department of Environment & Energy in 2016 Australia averages 107kg of plastic waste per person each year. “So we have effectively recycled the plastic waste for 467 Australians,”


explains Fibercon CEO Mark Combe. By using the recycled plastic technology Fibercon has also seen a reduction to date of 1000t of CO2, 200t of fossil fuels, and saved 18,000m3 of water. “According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency calculations, the reductions we have achieved in CO2 emissions, are the equivalent of taking 214 passenger cars off the road for 1 year,” adds Combe. “Plastic fibres in concrete have been around for 20 years – what is new about our product is that it is 100% recycled. The intention is to do something to give back, to close the cycle of useless waste,” he adds. Fibercon 1300 002 748





ZIP-SIDED BOOTS SOLVE WATERPROOFING DILEMMA Trading Downunder has a new range of zip-sided safety boots under the Puma Safety brand, which were designed specifically for the Australian market.

Brisbane-based Vital Chemical has switched from a paper-based HSEQ management system to cloud based software that has enabled it to realise a number of business operational improvements - including recertification to the latest Quality and Safety standards in less than six weeks.

“Safety for Life provided our company with excellent service and quick responses rates to any questions or issues raised by staff during our business’ software introduction. The ongoing support provided by Safety for Life has been has been of great assistance to our business through this implementation period.”

Australian owned and operated since 1977, Vital Chemical specialises in formulating novel solutions for industrial problems. The company has made a success out of producing environmentally sound chemical alternatives that combine efficacy and cost effectiveness with safety for the end user.

“Sherm implementation to our business was very easy and intuitive,” added Golebiewska. Within a short timeframe, the Vital Chemical employees were able to use the Sherm software confidently. And it wasn’t long before they were praising the ease and simplicity of the program.

Following recent and ongoing growth of the business, the company’s directors recognised the need for an efficient business management system. The system would need to be simple to use, easy to access for all employees and would support the company’s ISO9001 quality system and the latest ISO45001 OHS management systems compliance requirements. Anna Golebiewska is HSEQ Manager at Vital Chemical. She says: “Sherm’s ease of accessibility to internal audit results, maintenance and inspection records, chemical and contractor registers all resulted in our company obtaining excellent audit results of nil nonconformances for our last quality audit!”

Overall, the two main benefits that Vital Chemical realised were the ability to apply consistent methods of hazard and incident reporting across the business and the time saved on filing and the retrieval of records.

Available in Nubuck Wheat or Nubuck Black leather, the Conquest also features an anti-perforation midsole, which offers increased protection against penetration of sharp objects through the sole - a feature particularly beneficial for those who work on construction sites.

Both Conquest and Tornado feature a 300°C heat resistant, slip resistant, rubber outsole with a mud clearing profile and a glass-fibre toe cap with a 200J impact rating. They are certified to Australian standards AS/NZS2210.3 2009 Class1 and additionally, electrical hazard rated to ASTM F2413 Standard (USA).

In addition to the new Puma Conquest, the Tornado zip-sided boot is also on offer; this is a lower cut version for those who are not working in extreme conditions, and

Trading Downunder 02 8678 1546


Safety for Life 07 3396 6208

For full range scan QR code or go to Call 1800 763 883 for all of your compressed air needs.


does not include the waterproof membrane or anti-perforation midsole.

“Sherm is an incredibly flexible software program,” says Anna Golebiewska. “Any records or data concerning health and safety, quality and environment can be easily captured in Sherm, keeping all of our documentation current and accessible. It couldn’t be easier.”

Screw Compressors


The fully waterproof new 7-inch Conquest styles incorporate a breathable waterproof membrane and webbing in the zip area of the boot. This addresses one of the major drawbacks of zip-sided boots water getting in through the zip area. The holes in the waterproof membrane are sized such that sweat vapour can pass out, but a water molecule cannot pass in.

With the increasing cost of commercial floorspace, double and triple stacking of pallets is becoming more commonplace, increasing the risk of goods toppling. Now, A-Safe has expanded its range of pedestrian barriers with the release of the iFlex High Level. Like all A-Safe barriers, the iFlex High Level barrier both guides pedestrian traffic and protects it from moving vehicles. But with an overall

height above 2.7 metres, the iFlex sevenrail barrier also protects against the dangerous toppling of stacked goods. The patented A-Flex barrier design deflects and absorbs impacts, and the iFlex High Level barrier is also low in maintenance, hygienic and food-safe. A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927


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Celebrating 10 years in Australia, Rack Armour (Australia) continues to grow its product range throughout Australia and ASEAN regions. With the support of its dealer network, Rack Armour is a well-known name in the industry, with both large and small companies opting for this novel protector over traditional steel products. Rack Armour incorporates a patented design that provides ongoing protection, outperforming conventional pallet racking protection. Rack Armour is an attractive proposition for any warehouse with pallet racking, and has saved companies thousands of dollars in the cost of maintenance and repairs.

Rack Armour has been designed to have persistence of shape to ensure ongoing protection. It requires no fixings or bolts, eliminates damage to the floor, and is effective in cold stores, down to -40°C. Installation takes seconds, and no power tools are required. Rack Armour claims that its innovative design and functionality has revolutionised pallet racking protection and the way it should perform, and is giving everyone a chance to see this for themselves by exhibiting at CeMat in Melbourne from 24th to 26th July. Rack Armour 02 9722 0502

SIGNALS MAKE UP INTRINSICALLY SAFE KIT NHP is now offering a range of low-energy high-output intrinsically safe signalling products from Moflash. These sounders and beacons are ideal partners for the GM International intrinsically safe barrier, and NHP is also offering an off-the-shelf kit solution combining the two product lines. The Moflash range comprises a 24V DC sounder with 105dB output, a 24V DC beacon with nine highbrightness LEDs in a range of colours for high visual output, and a sounder/ beacon combination unit. These devices are not only suitable for all hazardous environments but also come with Group I certification for use in underground mining. The intrinsically safe solution is rated

for hazardous zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22 in both gas and dust. In addition, all devices areT5 and T6 temperature rated, making them a unique and cost effective alternative to their heavy-duty Ex d flameproof counterparts. NHP 1300 NHP NHP





Is your machinery truly safe? As standards have changed in Australia, it has become confusing for some whether we are meeting the standards or not.

Spotlight is a novel mobile incident reporting app from SafetyCulture that aims to improve the culture of reporting by making it easier to report issues in real time from a mobile device.

According to Jason Hodges, Operations Manager at Fluidsentry, there is evidence that the potential energy of fluid power (pneumatic or hydraulic) is often forgotten about during system design. And short of being able to see inside the system plumbing, operators have no way to confirm that machinery is truly safe before putting themselves in harm's way. Fluidsentry offers a range of devices that create a safety interface between electrical safety circuits and fluid power systems. These provide a world’s-best solution to avoid unintentional machine startups in fluid power driven machinery. Fluidsentry monitored valves work by diverting fluid power away from machines, ensuring that they cannot come alive while being accessed. And

Recognising that incidents, near misses and hazards occur every day but go unreported, SafetyCulture reasoned that just making the reporting process quicker and simpler could radically improve safety.

while these interlocking engineering controls are primarily designed to avoid amputation and fatalities, the team at Fluidsentry have found that they can offer added benefits of increased productivity. One case study completed by the company found that along with the safety benefits, the customer was able

to save $50,000 in labour for a singleoperator machine over the first 12 months after installation – an impressive RoI. Fluidsentry 03 9776 4352

New incidents can be reported in as little as two steps, with vital information such as time, date, weather and GPS location loaded automatically. Photos and text can be quickly added for additional context. The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iPhone, iPad, and Android. SafetyCulture 1300 984 245

MIGHTY-LINE THE TOUGHEST FLOOR THE MIGHTY LINE DIFFERENCE TAPES NOW AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA Whose Tape is Toughest? We installed our Mighty Line tape and a major competitor’s side by side in an aggressive WE’VE GOT THE EDGE ONtapeDURABILITY test area that is frequently traversed by forklifts




visited this site to compare the results. You can

• PATENTED TECHNOLOGY MAKES IT MORE THAN OTHER FLOOR TAPES see theDURABLE competitors’ tape has significant damage and disintegration, while Mighty Line Tape holds • PEEL & STICK ADHESIVE FOR EASY APPLICATION up to the test.





WHOSE TAPE IS TOUGHEST? We’ve Got the Edge on Durability. We installed our Mighty Line tape and a major competitor’s • 7 times thicker floor tapetest area that is tape side by than side average in an aggressive frequently traversed by forklifts heavy loads. Nine • Patented technology makes it more carrying durable than months later, we visited this site to compare the results. You other floor tapes can see the competitors’ tape has significant damage and • Beveled edge increases for Tape holds up to the test. disintegration, while durability Mighty Line forklift traffic • Peel & stick adhesive, removes easily






The idea of an Australian electronics manufacturing industry will probably have most people thinking of something mining related or perhaps some niche space or defence area. Surely not power supplies? Allan Seckold, Technical Manager of Sydney-based Tactical Power Products has been designing and manufacturing power supplies in Australia since the early 1990s. Today, the company’s major focus is on the security and automation markets, with products designed for Australian conditions, which naturally means they can handle some of the harshest conditions on earth.

allows them to be used exclusively in industrial locations environments. Naturally, all Tactical’s power supplies have been rigorously tested by a NATA Accredited Laboratory to comply with AS/NZS60950.1.2015 electrical safety and CISPR22 EMC standards. And, importantly, they meet the more stringent Class B requirements of CISPR22, meaning that they can be used in domestic, commercial, industrial,

to ensure that multichannel power supplies are not disabled by a fault on a single output.

Campaign: “We are very passionate and a proud Australian manufacturer,” he says.

And while providing short-circuit protection on each output is nothing new, the traditional approach using fuselinks or Polyswitch devices has limitations when the target devices demand high startup currents – as is the case with many security devices like locks, beacons and some cameras

“It would have been easy to pack up and send our product designs overseas and increase profitability. However, we have always taken the approach that we are an Australian company and want to ensure that the product is manufactured in Australia by Australians.” “Tactical Power Products are Australian designed and manufactured for Australian conditions,” says Seckold. “Our eco range switch mode power supplies are the gold standard, with over 500,000 manufactured and sold in Australia, we know what works in the harsh Australian conditions.”

Not surprisingly, Tactical has found itself competing in a security equipment market that is awash with low-cost imports, most of which have severe limitations, and some of which are downright illegal. According to Seckold: “In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of security power products sold that do not comply with Australian Standards - either for electrical safety or EMC. And if an installer knowingly installs product that doesn’t meet the Australian Standards they can be deemed liable for any damage or death caused by the installation of faulty goods.” And while many imported products do meet CISPR22 EMC standards, they are only rated for Class A use, which



health and medical applications without interfering with critical life monitoring equipment. However, the company does not just produce compliant products, it prides itself on the reliability of its power supplies and the innovation that has gone into ensuring the integrity of the supply. Tactical has pioneered the use of active electronic overcurrent protection

– because the fuse has to be specified to handle the high peak current, and so may not trip due to a fault during normal use. Active electronic overcurrent protection allows the supplies to tolerate high current demands during startup, while returning to lower trip levels during normal running. Allan Seckold is proud to make use of the resources of the Australian Made

Fortunately, the message is getting home. Tactical’s power products have been installed in larger financial institutions, police stations nationally, prisons, court houses, airports, State and Federal Parliament, Reserve Bank of Australia, ATO, AFP, Australian Embassies, Casinos, hospitals, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, PayPal, and major data centres around Australia. Tactical Power Products 1300 822769




For family-run businesses like Australia’s Prysm Industries, providing a high-quality product while also keeping costs down can be a challenge. With many of the items produced at Prysm heading for some of Australia’s largest retailers, consistency and accuracy are paramount. In response to this challenge, Prysm Industries deployed one of Universal Robots’ UR5 industrial robotic arms to perform labelling tasks for the company’s houseware production line. Since installing the UR5, Prysm has seen increases in productivity, employee satisfaction, product quality and cost savings. Focus on quality and value Prysm Industries is a family-run contract plastic injection moulding company based in Dandenong, Victoria. For more than 40 years, Prysm has manufactured houseware containers such as garden pots and ice cream containers, for companies across Australia. “Many of our products require an adhesive label,” says Matthew Murphy, Production Manager at Prysm. “Previously, skilled operators would stand in one spot for hours at a time and apply labels to products every 6-7 seconds. We decided to automate this repetitive task in order to reduce costs and to free up our staff for more varied and engaging activities.” A cost-effective solution Murphy notes: “The UR5 offered everything we were looking for in a



robot. It has the flexibility to perform the tasks we need without being overly expensive and it has given us a quick return on our investment.” Murphy also points out that Prysm has achieved significant cost savings as a result of deploying the UR5, saying, “Every day the UR5 is in operation Prysm saves $550 in labelling expenses alone. This meant the payback period for the robot was less than twelve months.”

“When we do not require it for labelling, we use the UR5 to move and stack products,” Murphy noted. “It’s extremely easy to reprogram. The interface has a simple layout and uses non-technical language that everyone can understand. Plus, the robot can be reprogrammed either by moving its arm to show it how a movement should be performed, or by using arrows on the touchscreen. Even for our employees with no previous experience with robots it has been quite easy to pick up.”

Flexibility to handle various tasks Murphy says that the UR5’s ability to work in confined spaces and to be easily repositioned are two of its best features: “Our UR5 is typically positioned in a small corner at the end of a production line. It has no problem moving around and folding over on itself in a very tight space,” he says. “We have other robots on our production line and they only stay in one spot since it’s too difficult to move them and not worth our time. Our staff easily reposition the UR5 every 2-3 weeks to accommodate various production requirements.” Ease of use and simple programming Like all UR robots, the UR5 can be completely reprogrammed and deployed for other tasks in a matter of minutes. A graphical user interface with a teach function enables an operator to simply grab the robot arm and show it how a movement should be performed. The user-friendly interface then allows staff to drag and drop the routines to do their programming.

Safe for employees In contrast to traditional industrial robots in the market, Universal Robots’ small and lightweight robotic arms are able to work safely alongside staff (subject to a risk assessment). The robots’ state-of-the-art force limit safety feature automatically stops the robot from operating when its movement is obstructed. The robot will not exert a force greater than the limit specified in the adjustable safety settings, which can be set from 100-250N for a UR5. “The safety of our staff was a major consideration when choosing an automation solution,” says Murphy. “Knowing that our employees can work in very close proximity to the UR5 without a safety cage or concern for their wellbeing gives us great peace of mind.” UR5 in action Prysm Industries now uses the UR5 for all its labelling projects. Positioned at the end of the production line, the UR5 picks up a container and orientates it in front of a labeller. Then, depending on the container’s shape, the UR5 either

runs the container across or around the labeller. With the UR5 now handling Prysm’s labelling needs, employees are able to focus on running several more machines and can engage in more interesting tasks across the factory floor. “Using the UR5 ensures that labels are consistently applied crease-free and far more accurately than in the past,” says Murphy. “Plus, it can operate for days on end without stopping, and our employees feel a sense of pride from having learned how to operate the robot.” Final thoughts When asked what appealed to him the most about the UR5, Murphy points to its flexibility in confined spaces, its ability to be moved and redeployed throughout the factory and its simple programming. He reckons the biggest single reason for recommending a Universal Robots robotic arm is its flexibility, noting, “It can do almost anything.” Murphy adds that the UR5 has proved to be a huge selling point for Prysm, saying, “It has helped us get quite a bit of work. People are really impressed by what the UR5 is able to do and it’s proven to be a point of difference to other moulders out there. It shows that we’re a little bit ahead of everyone else.” Prysm is planning to deploy a second UR5 soon, this one dedicated to minor assembly projects. Universal Robots +65 6635 7270



EFFICIENT AIR GUNS, COMFORTABLE GRIP Safety Air Guns use engineered Air Nozzles to provide superior performance. Safe operation is assured along with low air consumption and noise level. Many styles and nozzles are offered. Extensions, Seay Ser Hoses and Chip Shields are available.

PEEK (plastic) Super Air Nozzles feature non­ marring and excellent chemical compatibility properties. These award­ winning nozzles come in a variety of sizes with force from 56. 7 grams ro 850 grams. PEEK nozzles can be used with temperatures up to 160° C.

UNIQUE FLAT NOZZLES USE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY The 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle'" is a highly efficient, unique flat air nozzle. Using EXAIR's patented technology, a precise amount of air is released through the thin slot, across a flat surface. The result is a wide, forceful stream of high velocity, laminar airflow. I" Flat Super Air Nozzle'" available now as well!

MICRO AIR NOZZLE FOR PRECISION BLOWOFF The Micro Air Nozzle is the smallest available. EXAIR's "precision blowoff" provides optimum air entrainment for a directed high volume, high velocity airflow. The compact size permits mounting where space is limited.

NOZZLE CLUSTER, HIGHEST BLOWING FORCE Many blowoff, cleaning, cooling and drying applications require high force and extensive reach. EXAIR's Super Air Nozzle Clusters deliver up to 4.4 kgs of force. Three sizes for handheld and stationary mounting are available.

800% Return on Investment!

The Money Is In Your Hand! This small Super Air Nozzle costs

only $74. Installing it in place of one 1/4" copper tube can

save you $592.80 per year.

Here's how: A ¼" copper tube is a common


homemade blowoff that consumes 33 EXAIR's Super Air Nozzles provide a high thrust, concentrated stream of high velocity airflow and are engineered to reduce noise levels and air costs. The sound level is as low as 58 dBA with hard-hitting force up ro 10.5 kgs. All meet OSHA noise and pressure requirements.

SCFM when at a normal supply pressure of 80 PSIG. EXAIR's award winning

Model 1100 Super Air Nozzle is

1/4 NPT

and consumes only 14 SCFM at 80 PSIG. 33 SCFM (copper tube) - 14 SCFM (Super Air Nozzle) = 19 SCFM compressed air saved. For this example, the blowoff is continuous. Most large plants know their cost per 1,000 standard cubic feet of compressed air.

Ifyou don't know your actual cost per 1,000 SCP, 25¢ is a reasonable average to use. SCFM savedx 60 minutes x cost/1,000 SCF = Dollars saved per hour.

BACK BLOW NOZZLES CLEAN INSIDE DIAMETERS EXAIR's Back Blow Nozzles are engineered to clean inside of pipe, rube, hose or channels. An array of holes provide a forceful 360° airflow to clear our coolant, chips or debris created from machining processes. This nozzle prevents blowing chips further into a pipe or our the opposite end of the pipe.

In this case, 19 SCFMx 60 minutes x .25/1,000 = 28.5 cents per hour. 28.5 cents per hourx 40 hour work week= $11.40 per week. $11.40 per weekx 52 weeks = $592.80 per year. The Super Air Nozzle pays for itself in just over six weeks.

If you would like to discuss an application, contact an Application Engineer at:

Compressed Air Australia,.,e_ty Ltd� �I Improving Safety and Productivity Since 2004

Phone: 1300 787 688 lnt'I: +61 8 8983 3999


RACE IS ON TO MEET STRICT NONDESTRUCTIVE LEAK NEW FOOD LABELLING LAWS TESTER SAFEGUARDS FOOD As the 1st July deadline for strict new AND PHARMA PACKAGING country of origin labelling laws looms, some companies are still unprepared for the changes. The new food labelling laws require food manufacturers and importers to clearly identify where products are produced, grown, made or packed. “It’s the small businesses that still have a lot of concerns about how to apply the new labelling and whether they’re doing it correctly,” says Task by Kirk General Manager John Kapiniaris. “They don’t have a proper understanding of the requirements under the new laws and don’t know where to get the right advice from.” “Any recall or disposal or noncompliant goods may run from the thousands to the millions of dollars, so it’s important for them to get it right,” adds Kapiniaris.

Cerebos and many smaller food businesses to update packaging to comply with the new laws. Simplot Australia Creative Services Manager Paul Fenech says the new country of origin labelling laws presents a huge undertaking for manufacturers and importers. Simplot engaged Task by Kirk to relabel hundreds of products across its 14 household brands, including Leggo’s, Birds Eye, John West and Edgell.

“With the July deadline almost upon us, it is critical brands act now to make the changes quickly and get their updated packaging on the shelf.”

“The costs of putting everything back to design agencies and getting it to press was just too expensive and time consuming for us, so we looked for ways we could cut out steps and minimise costs,” says Fenech.

Businesses first need to determine what country of origin information needs to be displayed for each of their products. There are some good online resources available to help them do this, such as

“If you lose food product off the shelf, it is so hard to get it back on there, so it’s not just costly fines or dumping non lawful product, the real cost for companies can be forfeited future earnings.”

“In order for small businesses to get the changes made as quickly as possible, I would recommend they engage a country of origin specialist who can make changes to artwork in just days and guarantee the work is print ready to avoid any further delays,” says Kapiniaris. “The changes aren’t necessarily complex and we have been able to step businesses through the required changes,” he says. “And because we provide a design-to-print process, we have been able to support the turnaround of labels in half the normal time, which also saves clients money, up to 40 per cent in some cases.” Task by Kirk has been working with major manufacturers such as Simplot, Riviana, and



Packaging greatly influences the branding and integrity of food products. The ability to detect leaks in packaging is essential to ensure the freshness, quality and consistency of food products. The last thing a consumer wants is to find that food recently bought from the supermarket is rotten and inedible due to the penetration of organic gases, foreign material or package leaks. Food manufacturers strive to prevent this issue and considerable efforts go into developing package materials that are gas-impenetrable and leak-tight. Traditional leak testing uses a water bath leak tester that allows the user to visually detect the location of a leak. But while such tests enable the observation of even the tiniest leak in a package, they rely heavily on the operator to visually detect the leak, which cannot be guaranteed over a long period of time.

including cans, bottles and flexible packages. It uses a vacuum decay test method that affects neither the package nor its contents, and so the tested package can be returned to the production line for additional testing. Importantly, such testers can be used for packaging validation, inspecting the integrity of the packaging before it is filled, giving the operator assurance that the finished packaged products is less likely to fail the leak test. The Sealtick 6086b leak tester offers simple and automated testing with test results finalised in 5-20 seconds. The LED panel provides a clear indication of the test results and the operator simply needs to react to the fail/pass lamp without having to visually observe the leak.

From this July, food made, grown or produced in Australia will feature the image of a kangaroo in a triangle and a bar chart that shows the proportion of Australian ingredients. Food packed in Australia will show the proportion of Australian ingredients, and labels on food imported into Australia will be easier to find.

In addition, the tested package cannot be returned to the production line and must be discarded.

Corporations who fail to comply with the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 face penalties of up to $1.1 million, while individuals can be fined up to $220,000.

Now, however, new technologies have enabled the development of leak testing machines that are both more reliable and offer greater consistency of results in testing food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Without a doubt, the Sealtick 6086b offers tremendous cost-saving advantages over conventional water-bath leak tester. Various models are available depends on the weights, sizes, and shapes of the packages. For more information on our Leak Testers product, please contact us to further discuss your applications.

Task by Kirk 02 9959 1037

The Sealtick 6086b is a nondestructive package tester from Bestech Australia that can be used to test wide range of packages,

Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100

In addition, the leak tester provides quantitative results and has an inbuilt datalogger. This allows a manufacturer to assess historical test data to determine the root cause of the problem when things go wrong.



SMALLER SIZES JOIN HEAVYDUTY GEARBOX RANGE with both horizontal and vertical symmetry for ease of installation in a wide variety of customer applications.

Bonfiglioli has expanded its HDO series of drives with four new smaller sizes for applications such as mining, bulk materials handling, building and construction, food and beverage, and water and wastewater recycling. The new HDO sizes – 71, 81, 91 and 95 – have torque outputs from 6800 to 23,200Nm and are made from a monobloc housing design for added rigidity and feature case hardened gears. They complement the existing Bonfiglioli HDO range from 100 to 180, which cater to torque requirements from 31,790 to 209,900Nm. The HDO is a rectangular bevel helical gearbox for heavy-duty applications. The backstop (or antirun-back) is positioned on the outside, which makes it easily accessible for maintenance. Also, HDO gearboxes are designed

“The new HDO sizes are ideally suited to Australian industrial applications. They have a number of installation, performance and maintenance benefits and are built for optimum reliability and performance,” says Bonfiglioli Australia Managing Director, Malcolm Lewis. The new HDO sizes will also come with an ATEX-certified option for us in explosive atmospheres. This option comes with compliance certificates for painting, surface protection, mounting and sensors, along with ATEX application verification. The new HDO drives will be engineered and assembled locally in Bonfiglioli’s Glendenning facility in NSW and delivered nationwide through its distribution network. Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia) 02 8811 8000

TERAHERTZ IMAGING CAMERA COVERS A LARGE AREA The Tera-4096 terahertz imaging camera is the largest standard imager in the Terasense range available from Scitech. It features a large 64 x 64pixel array imaging sensor with 1.5 x 1.5mm pixels, and covers a certified frequency range of 50-700GHz. Powered from a 5V USB supply, the Tera4096 is ideal for high-speed image acquisition rates of up to 5000frame/s in applications from research to manufacturing process control. The camera is an active detecting device, and requires an external terahertz source. Terasense offer sub-terahertz wave sources based on Impatt technology using 100GHz

compact Impattdiode generators with an output power up to 100mW as an illumination source. In addition to the standard terahertz camera models, Terasense also offers customised solutions for specific requirements. The Tera4096 terahertz camera is low cost, measures 160 x 160 x 40mm and comes with an 18 month warranty. Scitech 03 9480 4999

ATOMISING NOZZLES SPREAD FLUIDS AND COOL MACHINES Available from Compressed Air Australia, Exair’s new 1/8 NPT small external mix spray nozzles can atomise fluids at up to 94.6L/h, and can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to 800cP. The small external mix nozzles feature a narrow angle flat fan pattern and are ideal when a thicker liquid needs heavy application over a narrow band. They combine liquid and


compressed air to create a coating of liquid that can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the application. When used with water or coolant, atomising nozzles also offer an efficient means to evenly cool hot items in machines and automated processes. The external mix types allow airflow and liquid flow to be controlled independently, guaranteeing accurate fluid control.

Made from stainless steel, these Exair atomising nozzles are also available in 1/4 and 1/2 NPT with a variety of flow patterns and liquid rates. All models are adjustable, CE compliant and come with a 5-year “built to last” warranty. Compressed Air Australia 1300 787 688




TOUGH CONTROL CABLES ARE EASY TO STRIP The latest additions to the Ölflex range of power and control cables from Lapp Australia come with an outer sheath made from polyurethane to provide additional protection in industrial environments. The outer sheath is both abrasion and notch resistant as well as having outstanding oil resistance.

RS Components has a range of polarised aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Vishay Intertechnology that offer increased vibration capabilities over standard devices, making them ideal for use in industrial machinery.

The Ölflex 408 P and Ölflex 409 P control cables are manufactured with an interstitial filler layer based on a special PVC. The outer sheath is inseparably connected to this filler layer.

capability as a result of improperly stripped cable sections. The design also reduces material waste while saving both time and money.

Thanks to the optimised mechanical tear behaviour of this interstitial filler, when stripping the cable the cutting depth can be reduced, thereby helping to protect the core insulation. As a result, the act of cutting and removing the sleeve, whether mechanically or manually, is significantly simpler and safer.

The cable design and advantages of Ölflex 408 P and Ölflex 409 P have been tested and certified by the German VDE testing institute as well as by Underwriters Laboratories. To ensure the highest quality standards, the cables are also subject to regular factory surveillance.

This special cable design can considerably reduce damage to the core insulation and subsequent processing

Lapp Australia 1800 931 559

SENSITIVE COBOTS TO TAKE ON MORE PRECISION APPLICATIONS Universal Robots has unveiled its new flagship e-Series of collaborative robots, which incorporate technology advances to enable faster development for a wider variety of applications. One key development is a new tool-centric force/torque sensor that improves precision and sensitivity and allows the cobots to be deployed economically in a wider range of applications. The e-Series is quick and easy to deploy. It takes just an hour to unpack the cobot, mount it and program the first task. A wrist-join-tool communication interface reduces production line integration time and complexity, and all joints can be replaced in 2 to 6 minutes. A new user interface streamlines program development by simplifying programming to a few clicks on a new lightweight, wide-screen teach pendant. The e-Series includes no fewer than 17 inbuilt safety functions, including customisable stopping time and distance, all in compliance with the industry best-practice EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 10218-1 (Cat 3 PLd) machinery safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration. 58



The e-Series is expected to appeal to the Australian market. According to Shermine Gotfredsen, General Manager, Southeast Asia and Oceania at Universal Robots: “Cobot demand is growing in the region as automation is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses to achieve greater production efficiencies amid rising operational costs, labour shortages and increasing competition. With the e-Series and G3 product lines, we now offer customers two distinct technology platforms, catering to a wider range of business needs.” The e-Series is available to order now, and shipments will begin from 1st August. Universal Robots +65 6635 7270

Delivering the high stability and reliability vital for automotive and industrial applications, the Vishay BCcomponents surface-mount (SMD) 260 CLA-V, 246 CTI-V, and 250 CRZ-V and radial 246 RTI-V and 250 RMI-V devices all feature low impedance, high ripple current withstand and long useful life. The five series of surface mount and radial devices offer vibration resistance up to 30 and 50g, respectively. The AEC-Q200-qualified capacitors feature low impedance down to 18mΩ at 100kHz for improved filtering, high ripple current to 3500mA, and long useful life to 10kh. The devices feature capacitance

from 150 to 10,000µF covering voltages from 6.3 to 100V. Fully RoHS certified, the capacitors use self-healing electrolytes, and are ideal for smoothing, filtering and buffering in switch-mode and DC/DC power supplies. The Vishay aluminium capacitors are shipping now from RS in the Asia Pacific region. RS Components 1300 656636

GEARBOX BOASTS EXTREMELY HIGH POWER DENSITY AND TORSIONAL RIGIDITY Billed as a world’s first, the Wittenstein Galaxie series of gearboxes available from Treotham Automation has already proved itself in numerous industrial applications, while receiving scientific acclaim as an all-new gearbox generation. The design enables virtually full surface contact during power transmission, meaning that the compact Galaxie drive systems and gearboxes achieve remarkable performance. Advantages include extremely high torque density, high torsional rigidity, smooth running, positioning accuracy and fully backlash-free operation. The tooth contact surface area is 6.5 times larger than on conventional involute teeth with a typical linear contact. The gearbox is the only one of its kind in the world to guide a large number of individual teeth along an internal ring gear. The modular range comprises four variants and fives sizes, of which the

new Galaxie D Drive System in size 085 is designed for use in applications with demanding requirements for compactness and precision. It also targets applications where high torsional rigidity and freedom from backlash are called for rather than torque. Even in this compact version, the Galaxie D is still superior to a strain wave gearbox with approximately equivalent performance: it delivers three times better torsional rigidity – and one and a half times the maximum output speed. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64



PULLERS AND PUMP COME TOGETHER FOR MOBILE MAINTENANCE Enerpac has put together a handy portable package that will appeal to maintenance teams tasked with removing bearings, bushings, gears, sleeves, wheels, fly-wheels, sprockets and other shaft-mounted items. The package combines Enerpac’s SG hydraulic pullers in capacities up to 45t with the company’s XC cordless pumps, which are powered by 28V Li-ion batteries to provide the performance of an electric pump with the convenience of a hand pump. The Sync Grip pullers are configured for synchronised movement of the locking jaws for simultaneous engagement. This both improves safety and enables one person to do jobs that often previously took two people. The XC cordless pumps are constructed of lightweight materials, and include a powerful half-horsepower motor. As an added advantage, the lack of a cord at the worksite improves operator safety by removing the trip hazard.

“The XC/SG combination is ideal for a wide variety of common maintenance tasks either off-site or in workshops where operations staff appreciate the power and precision of safety-first hydraulics that are easy and convenient to apply to sometimes less accessible and potentially jobs,” says Darryl Lange, Enerpac National Sales Manager. Applications for the XC/SG combination include maintenance of fixed and mobile machinery and plant as well as heavy vehicles and rolling stock. Enerpac Australia 02 8717 7200


Available now in Australia from Floorsafe, Mighty Line floor tape is no less than seven-times thicker than the average floor tape, and its patented design features a bevel edge that makes it many times more durable than alternatives. With a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, this product has already been proven to withstand industrial scrubbers, forklifts and heavy-duty wheel traffic. Self-adhesive Mighty Line tape is faster and easier to install than paint – and there’s no downtime waiting for it to dry.

Mighty Line tape is available in most AS 1318-1985 colours to delineate work areas, and to mark proper placement of equipment, tools, inventories and machinery. It’s an ideal component for implementing a 5S system. Tapes are available from Floorsafe in 50 and 75mm widths, and each roll is 30 metres long.

Floorsafe Australia 1300 717 769

POCKET-SIZED OSCILLOSCOPE FOR PORTABLE TROUBLESHOOTING Available now from RS Components the RS Pro 2205A-20 is an ultracompact oscilloscope with a footprint around the size of a passport and just 19mm thick, making it ideal for field service and troubleshooting. The USB-powered two-channel scope has a 20MHz bandwidth and includes an arbitrary waveform generator. Specifications include a maximum sampling rate of 200Msample/s, software-enhanced resolution up to 12bit, and high-speed USB streaming up to 1Msample/s for waveform captures of up to 100 million samples in length. Input range is selectable from ±50mV to ±20V. Performance includes less than 150μV RMS noise and -50dB harmonic distortion.


The RS Pro 2205A-20 comes with PC software for MS Windows 7, 8 and 10 that can be resized to use as much or as little of the screen as required. The oscilloscope is shipping now from RS in the Asia Pacific region complete with software, two switchable probes and a 5-year warranty. RS Components 1300 656636

LONG-TRAVEL ENERGY CHAINS TAKE PLASTIC BEARINGS TO DOUBLE SERVICE LIFE Treotham Automation is offering a novel long-travel roller chain from igus that has been optimised for improved service life in cranes and gantries. The P4.1 roller chain incorporates newly developed tribologically optimised plain bearings that enable lubrication-free mounting of the individual chain links. This significantly prolongs the service life of the energy chain. The e-chain can also be specified with a new isense wear sensor that enables predictive maintenance by signalling when a pre-set wear limit has been reached. The igus P4 roller chain series has already been used in more than 1000 crane and gantry installations worldwide, with travel distances up to 800m and operating speeds above 5m/s. These chains have operated over several millions of cycles with low vibration and low noise. The rollers integrated in the chain links minimise friction and maximise service life. Users like the world's largest crane manufacturer ZPMC have been relying


The inbuilt signal source can act as a standard signal generator (sine, square, triangle etc) with programmable sweep or as a 12bit 1.5Msample/s full-function arbitrary waveform generator.

on the P4 roller chain for many years. But now, with lubrication- and maintenancefree plain bearings made of highperformance plastics, igus has developed the e-chain even further, and the P4.1 offers a significant increase in reliability and availability. By replacing the bearing point in each chain link connection with a maintenance-free tribo-polymer plain bearing, the service life is more than doubled. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64


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What is the most flammable material in the world?

2 Which Prime Minister delivered the Apology to Australia's Indigenous peoples? 3 … And when did they deliver it? 4 Which British pop singer was born Harry Rodger Webb on 14th October 1940? 5 Which ice hockey team has won the Stanley Cup the most times (24)? 6 Which is further north, Anchorage, Alaska, or Saint Petersburg, Russia? 7 Where in Australia is the Big Trout? 8 Which Australian essential was introduced in 1940 by the Fauldings pharmaceutical company? 9 … And on which compound is it based? 10 Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

CEMAT AUSTRALIA 24-26 July 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




25-27 July 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

3-4 October 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

AMTIL NATIONAL CONFERENCE 22 August 2018 Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn, Victoria

3-4 October 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

2 It takes 10 minutes to fry one steak - 5 minutes on each side. Two steaks can fit in the pan. What is the shortest possible time to fry three steaks?



29-30 August 2018, Sydney International Convention Centre

9-10 October 2018, Sydney Showground

3 Imagine you want to send a valuable item to your friend. You have a strongbox that can be secured with multiple padlocks. You both have several padlocks, but you don’t have keys to each other’s padlocks. How do you send the valuable item securely?

A fraudster is being sentenced in court. But the judge offers him a potential way out, saying: “You can use one sentence to defend yourself. If you lie we will hang you. If you tell us the truth we will shoot you.” What did he say to confound the judge?


ELECTRONEX AND ADVANCED MANUFACTURING HUB 5-6 September 2018, Rosehill Gardens, Sydney


Teabreak Trivia you. You remove your padlock and send it back to your friend who only has to remove his own padlock to open the strongbox.


“The beauty of the PC [Productivity Commission] is that often they’re unPC." Innes Willox

Once again Industry Update has set the standard for manufacturing industry media in Australia with our video channel joining our online presence and the industry’s leading print publication. The August/September edition of Industry Update is sure to clean up, with our annual special feature looking at all the latest developments in industrial cleaning technologies from detergents and solvents to high-pressure cleaners and sweepers.

Other features will include: • 3D technologies • Test and measurement • Compressors and pneumatics • Fluid controls • Industrial flooring • and a look ahead to the up-coming Electronex exhibition. Couple that with our regular features on Industry Politics, Environmental Matters, Business and Finance, Education and Training, and Workplace Safety, and you’ll have a magazine that is sure to be read. Don’t miss out! The deadline for editorial submissions is Friday the 13th July 2018. If you’ve got editorial to send in, contact If you’re interested in advertising, contact Scott or Glyn on sales@industryupdate., or call 02 9439 1288


(1) Chlorine trifluoride is so flammable it does not require an ignition source to combust (2) Kevin Rudd (3) Wednesday 13th February 2008 (4) Cliff Richard (5) Montreal Canadiens (6) Anchorage, Alaska (7) Adaminaby NSW (8) Zinc cream sunblock (9) Zinc oxide (10) Good question!


“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife" Prince Philip

Lateral Thinking

“The rumours of the demise of the US manufacturing industry are greatly exaggerated. ” Elon Musk

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. " Winston Churchill

(1) “It’s certain that you will hang me”. (If the judge decides he was right he should shoot him. But he would have lied in that case. And if the judge decides he lied he should hang him - but it would mean he told the truth.)

“There are no factions in the Liberal Party.” Tony Abbott

“Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television. " Woody Allen

(2) 15 minutes. (Start cooking two steaks, and after five minutes you replace one steak with a fresh one and turn the other. After 10 minutes the turned steak is ready and the other two need to be finished on the second side.

"If Margaret Thatcher took climate change seriously and believed that we should take action to reduce global greenhouse emissions, then taking action and supporting and accepting the science can hardly be the mark of incipient Bolshevism." Malcolm Turnbull

“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. " Henry Ford

(3) Lock the item in the strongbox and send it to your friend. He adds his padlock and sends the box back to

The best industry and political quotes of the past and present:


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