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MANUFACTURING GROWTH Australian manufacturing is set to continue its unexpected wave of growth throughout 2018 and beyond, buoyed by unprecedented infrastructure investment and a weakened Aussie dollar.

of infrastructure projects – particularly in New South Wales, and when you view this against a background of robust global economic growth, the opportunities are there for manufacturing to prosper.”

“More Australian manufacturers are exporting under the Coalition Government. For every $1 of revenue the sector generates, 28 cents comes from abroad. That’s up from 23 cents a decade ago,” says Senator Cash.

The growth of the manufacturing sector has been charted by the Ai Group Performance of Manufacturing Index, which peaked in March to a record high while marking 18 consecutive months of growth.

Bizarrely, the threat of a global trade war seems to have worked in favour of Australian industry – in the short term at least – by softening the value of the Aussie dollar.

Besa Deda is Chief Economist for St.George Bank, and having analysed the data is keen to highlight the continuing improvement in some of the subindexes of the Australian PMI. “It’s particularly encouraging,” she says, “that the new orders subindex is at a record high.”

Nonetheless, the nation’s reliance on export markets has increased in recent years. According to Minister for Jobs and Innovation Senator Michaelia Cash: “Australia’s access to global international markets will be fundamental to the continued health and success of our local manufacturing industry.

Besa Deda from St.George also sees positives in the manufacturing employment statistics. “Although manufacturing employment as a proportion of the economy as a whole is in a long-term decline, the recent gains are encouraging,” she says, pointing to nearly 10,000 new manufacturing jobs and increasing capital expenditure plans in the sector.

And while she is cautious about Australia’s exposure to any trade war involving China and the USA, Besa Deda points to a combination of factors fuelling the growth of the manufacturing sector. “There’s a bulging pipeline

One word of warning, though, comes from financial analyst illion, which noted in its most recent Australian Business Expectations Survey that one in three manufacturers had reported customers or suppliers become insolvent or unable to pay them in the preceding 12 months, highlighting cashflow as the second-biggest barrier to growth in the year ahead, after utilities and operating costs

“We export more than $20 billion a year more today than we did a decade ago. Australian exporters have, in fact, sold $2.7 trillion to the global economy over the last decade.

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8 - 10 May 2018 ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour




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It’s that time of year again, and the industry’s focus is drawn to National Manufacturing Week in Sydney. While planning our own activities for the week, I was reminded just what a long association Industry Update has had with the industry’s premier exhibition and conference. This might seem strange to some, bearing in mind that the media and exhibition organisers are supposedly competing for that scarcest of quantities – the industry’s marketing budgets. However, that both Industry Update and National Manufacturing Week have survived and thrived through a turbulent time for manufacturing industry speaks volumes about the continuing relevance of “traditional” forms of marketing. While we as the print media have succeeded by providing a product that is valued for its authoritative voice and shelf life, NMW has succeeded by continuing to present visitors with a worthwhile experience – the ability to physically interact, both with products and with the people selling those products. This is reality (the real one…. not the virtual one!).

What’s more, Industry Update and National Manufacturing Week have been collaborating successfully for decades, each appreciating the benefits of the other. Elsewhere in this magazine you will see our preview of this year’s show, including mention of a conference panel session we are proud to be sponsoring offering manufacturers opportunities to address solutions to their increasing energy costs. You will also see advertisements for both National Manufacturing week and numerous exhibitors from the show. And if you do happen to go to Sydney Showgrounds between the 9th and 11th May, you’ll see Industry Update taking the perfect opportunity to interact with suppliers, advertisers and readers alike. We’ll be featuring our new video channel on the stand, including trusted newsreader Tim Webster, and we’ll be recording footage around the show for future broadcasts. So, do feel free to drop by to Stand 2308 – if only to say hello.

Depending on your age and where you were brought up, chances are that you might have made a bit of pocket money as a kid from foraging and redeeming glass bottles. This early form of recycling – long before local councils got in on the act – funded many a bag of lollies at the convenience store. However, with the switch to single-use beverage containers – cans and plastic bottles – this source of income was shut off, and generations of kids have grown up thinking disposal rather than recycle. As we well know, the one exception to this has been South Australia, which enacted legislation for a formal container deposit scheme in the mid 1970s. Yet it has taken some 40 years for other states to catch on to the idea that such schemes play a valuable role both in reducing litter and keeping recyclable material out of landfill (more on that later). Today, the children of New South Wales are able to get in on the act again through the NSW Government Return and Earn Scheme, and other states are at various degrees of readiness with their schemes. Kerbside recycling, meanwhile, has been one of the great successes of the Australian waste management industry over the past three decades. Households have felt that they are

“doing their bit” for the planet. However, today those same households that have been diligently segregating their waste streams have been shocked to find that Australia’s recycling industry is largely offshore. The fallout from the Chinese Government’s change of policy is now being acutely felt by local authorities around Australia, and announcements from some that recycling streams would now inevitably be diverted to landfill are not being well received. For a nation that thought it had embraced the green message, this is indeed a rude awakening. But surely here is an opportunity – not a problem. An onshore recycling industry is surely a no-brainer, embracing the circular economy and producing valuable raw materials for further processing. It may take some form of gentle government incentive, or perhaps legislation to mandate the use of recycled materials. But it is the only sustainable answer. Who will drive this industry? Well, perhaps that’s where the problem lies. Could it be that the successive generations who did not grow up foraging and redeeming glass bottles cannot see the opportunity? Perhaps somebody from South Australia might explain!


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Dust and buildup on the antenna? No problem! The future is 80 GHz: a new generation of radar level sensors

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NOT ALL COMPLEXITY IS CREATED EQUAL Much of the recent advice about ensuring your business is "resilient" and will survive economic downturns centres around "diversifying". According to statistics (and common sense), the more things your business and products are capable of, the more likely you are to survive failures, downturns, and misfortune. This, however, is not the end of the story. While a multi-capable company might well succeed where others fail, a growing web of complex services and products can make it harder for your staff to operate, and your clients to know what they need. Doing one thing well is better than doing two things badly. Or, to borrow a saying; chase two rabbits, and you will lose them both. Lencrow Australia has recently provided a handy example, consolidating the brands it has acquired over the years under a single name. Previously operating under such varied names as Allforks Hire, Hi-Lift Materials Handling, and Profork, the consolidation is set to bring their various branches together under one name (and save a considerable amount in marketing costs). The simplicity approach applies to

individual products, too. We've all had interactions with upgraded software or tools that boast more functionality and extra features, only to become hard-to-use and unintuitive; extra buttons and submenus making even the simplest of tasks hard to perform. "New machines have done away with the simplicity of action," says Robert Bringans, Product Manager of model and

transmission and use different, timeconsuming methods of measurement, making them less efficient to use than the older model. Other alternatives, such as laser measuring, simply aren't feasible in the company's current warehousing space. The PM-95 just works (and has lasted two decades), but replacing it has proved nearimpossible.

Doing one thing well is better than doing two things badly. Or, to borrow a saying; chase two rabbits, and you will lose them both. hobby kit distributor, Trevor Bringans Ltd. In an effort to replace a measurement tool often used in its warehouse, Bringans has discovered that newer, modern models don't have the simplicity and ease of use of the existing tools. "For the last 20 years we have been using a product created by what was once CubiCal Holdings in Sydney (and is now OJH holdings), known as the PM-95," Robert says. But new versions of the cubic measuring tool PM-95 require Bluetooth

"New machines have done away with the simplicity of action… our [old] system is very 'manual', but it is simple and effective," he says. Every part of a company is beholden to complexity. Planning and consulting groups swear by simple models (like the 9-box Performance/Potential matrix), both as a superior way of breaking down business activity, and as a tool for explaining concepts and plans. Programmers understand the value

Do you ever find yourself lost in a complex mess of tasks and business plans? You’re not alone.

of complex neural networks and learning software, but at the same time must plan for the complexity and unpredictability of edge cases. Debugging software might be tricky, but ironing out kinks in a neural network's output is another thing entirely. This doesn't mean that being able to service a wide range of clients with a comprehensive set of products is a bad thing, but if you're beginning to branch out into tens of different industries with multiple niche products and services, it might be time to consider if your diversity is making your business more fragile, not less. If anyone has or knows of a CubiCal PM-95 that could be of use to Trevor Bringans Ltd, they are contactable on their New Zealand number +64-9-2623758, or at

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By Senator Michaelia Cash

Australia has achieved a world-record 26 consecutive years of economic growth and 17 consecutive months of jobs growth – the longest run ever recorded in Australia’s history. The strong performance also extends to manufacturing. According to the AIGroup’s Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI), Australian manufacturing has expanded for 18 consecutive months - the longest run of continuous expansion since 2005. The result indicates that not only are Australian manufacturing firms taking advantage of market conditions in key sectors, they are also being more innovative and deploying new technologies in their operations as well as seeking out and targeting new domestic and international customers. This progress hasn’t occurred by accident. It is as a result of a firm commitment by governments to economic and social settings that allow our country to develop a highly educated, skilled work force, develop local expertise to compete globally, deliver cheaper inputs to allow our exports to be more competitive, and put downward pressure on consumer prices through competition and innovation. It is not news to Australians that we are currently undergoing a structural transition from goods-producing industries to more high-value, knowledge-intensive industries. Manufacturing in Australia will play a critical role in shaping that transition. It is home to almost 900,000 jobs, and at the forefront of significant advancements in technology and automation. Australia’s access to global international markets will be fundamental to the



continued health and success of our local manufacturing industry. Research shows that exporting businesses are more productive, earn greater revenues and create more jobs. We export more than $20 billion a year more today than we did a decade ago. Australian exporters have, in fact, sold $2.7 trillion to the global economy over the last decade. More Australian manufacturers are exporting under the Coalition Government. For every $1 of revenue the sector generates, 28 cents comes from abroad. That’s up from 23 cents a decade ago. That is why the Turnbull Government is working hard to secure open economic settings, attract investment and implement free trade agreements that will create opportunities for our manufacturers, as well as for other parts of the economy. Not only will these policies open additional markets for Australian businesses, they will also further integrate our domestic manufacturers into lucrative global supply chains. In addition to the inherent value of this integration, the increased connectivity will result in knowledge transfer, technology transfer and ultimately higher-value products supporting better-paying jobs. The manufacturing sector has remained competitive, not because we have baulked at competition, but because we have embraced it. The Prime Minister recently remarked: “Protectionism is not a ladder to get you out of a low growth trap, it’s a shovel to dig it a lot deeper.” By having to compete with the world’s best, the sector has become the world’s best. We are selling dumplings to

China, aquaculture products to Korea, and gluten-free beer to Germany, to name but a few examples. Free trade agreements and their associated tariff reductions have improved the exporting environment for Australian products as diverse as metals and weed killers, ice cream and wine. The transformative effects of open trade are seen across Australian industry. Businesses like ANCA Group, for example, have seen a notable growth in their business since the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA). ANCA makes computer numeric control tool and cutter grinders, used by tool and component manufacturers around the world. Its profits have increased since the ChAFTA came into effect, creating more jobs in their facilities in Melbourne and investing more money in local R&D. Our Government will continue to work with Australian manufacturers to address market challenges and opportunities associated with competition in global markets. We have advocated strongly for the Australian steel industry and secured an exemption from the recent 25 per cent tariff imposed by the United States. This means Australian steel exports have continued to enter the US unpenalised, supporting jobs in Australia. The Turnbull Government is also continuing to support manufacturing through multiple programmes that help Australian businesses improve competitiveness and leverage the benefits of FTAs, including the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund, industry growth centres and the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

I recently visited a Perth steel business, the family owned Fero Group, who used a $4.9 million dollar grant through the Government’s Manufacturing Transition Programme to complete its new state-ofthe-art galvanising plant. The new plant has allowed it to expand the range and size of its galvanised steel products for local and export markets. Fero is now globally competitive, growing its exports and supporting Australian jobs. The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is helping companies to unlock new manufacturing opportunities and innovation by fostering linkages between SMEs, researchers and global supply chains. Companies including BlueScope, Laing O’Rourke, Breseight, L&A Pressure Welding and the Welding Technology Institute of Australia are already engaged and working with the AMGC to achieve this. As Minister for Jobs and Innovation, I will continue to work with the nation’s manufacturers to increase the opportunities for Australian manufacturers in global markets and help secure the right policy settings to support Australian jobs. Senator Michaelia Cash is Minister for Jobs and Innovation.




By Senator Kim Carr

Making the tax system work for everyone is one of the most important tasks facing any government. Governments need to collect enough revenue to fund all their activities, from infrastructure spending to provision of healthcare and education. They need to ensure that the tax burden is fairly distributed among individuals and corporations, and they have to finesse the system so that it acts as an incentive to investment and job creation. Some people like to say that no taxation system can do all these things well at the same time. These people usually think that the overall tax take is too high, and that the best way to encourage investment that creates jobs is to cut business taxes. That is the argument the Turnbull Government uses to justify its proposed $65 billion company tax cut. Such a hefty cut would push the budget deeper into deficit, but there is a more basic problem. Simply, there is no evidence that it would work. When governments overseas have cut corporate taxes in this way, the earnings that companies saved were rarely reinvested in production. As Saul Eslake has wryly put it: “I would say that most economists agree with the theory, but economists have struggled to prove


that it works with any statistical significance in practice.” But there is another way of easing the tax burden on companies, especially manufacturers, that has been proven to spur investment and job creation. Labor is proposing an Australian Investment Guarantee (AIG), which will provide accelerated depreciation incentives for new investment in capital equipment. Accelerated depreciation is when the value of an asset is written down at a faster rate in its early years. This helps to lower the taxable income of the owner of the asset in those years, improving the net present value of an investment, or its rate of return. The benefit of accelerated depreciation is that it directly encourages new investments, ensuring that every dollar the government spends will underpin new economic activity. Under the AIG, businesses would be able to deduct up to 20 per cent of the value of new investment in the first year, with the balance then depreciated in line with normal depreciation schedules. Eligible assets would include both tangible equipment, such as plant, tools and non-passenger vehicles, and intangibles such as software, patents and copyrights. Because the AIG would apply

to intangibles as well as physical capital, it will help to create the jobs of the future. The AIG would spur innovation, making it easier for Australian manufacturers to participate in the fourth industrial revolution – the computer-enhanced transformation of production systems. We know from international experience that this sort of measure, known as “immediate expensing”, does work. An OECD study on the taxation of SMEs published in 2015 noted that “tax incentives based on investment expenditures, such as accelerated or enhanced depreciation, immediate expensing of some proportion of capital costs and investment tax credits, provide a larger investment response for each dollar of tax revenue foregone, compared to a corporate tax rate reduction.” The same view was taken by the IMF’s chief economist, Maurice Obstfeld, in commenting on changes to tax law in the USA. Most media reports have focused on the Trump administration’s corporate tax cuts, but Obstfeld wrote that the changes would “contribute noticeably to US growth over the next few years, largely because of the temporary exceptional investment incentives.” Saul Eslake observed that “the IMF is saying the thing

that is providing the boost is not the company tax rates, it is the immediate expensing of investment.” The same would be true in Australia under the AIG. It is a progrowth and pro-jobs reform that would reward businesses making new investments in Australia, because only those companies would benefit from this form of tax relief. That is in sharp contrast with the Government’s company tax cut, 60 per cent of which is likely to go to foreign shareholders in large multinational corporations. Despite what the nay-sayers like to maintain, it is possible to shape the tax system so that it works for everyone – and the AIG is a good way to begin. Senator Kim Carr is the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.



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Michael Freyny, Head of Digital Factory and Process Industries at Siemens Australia and New Zealand and David Hegarty, Managing Director and CEO of APS Industrial put pen to paper, watched by Lloyd Thomas, Chairman of APS Group and Jeff Connolly, CEO and Chairman of Siemens Pacific

APS Industrial is a new name in the distribution of industrial low voltage electrical and automation products formed by experienced leaders from Australian industry and incorporating the existing businesses of Ramelec and HiTech Control Systems. Heading up the new company are MD David Hegarty and Chairman Lloyd Thomas. Hegarty was formerly MD of Rockwell Automation Australia and New Zealand, while Lloyd Thomas was previously CEO of NHP. APS Industrial will offer Australian customers the broadest portfolio of industrial low- and medium-voltage electrical and automation products within the region from its offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, supported by strategic local stockholdings and expert technical and application knowledge. Leading the APS Industrial product portfolio, the company has been made master distributor in the region for the full line of Siemens Industrial Automation products and solutions. APS Industrial also has key distributor partnerships with Weidmueller, Rittal and EPCOS/TDK, with more to follow. Jeff Connolly, CEO of Siemens Australia, describes the new company as a ‘game changer’ in the Australian market. “APS Industrial is a major move that indicates how serious we are about long-term growth in the region.

We’ve listened to customers and want to give them ‘real choice’ that delivers the best products, combined with the best customer experience. We see APS Industrial as an extension of the Siemens’ family and the credentials of the board and senior management team speak for themselves.” “The setup of a master distributor ensures we can respond to and manage customer demand quicker than ever – especially in current fast paced market conditions. Customers will soon have access to the broadest portfolio in the industry for all their industrial electrical and automation requirements,” added Connolly. APS Group Chairman Lloyd Thomas is confident for the future: “With the onset of the digital age and Industry 4.0, Australian businesses – and indeed global businesses - will be reliant on the digital connectivity provided by technology partners in order to succeed in the future,” he said. “In Australia that partner will be APS Industrial. And with an experienced and accomplished customer focused leadership group, we look forward to growing our business together with our customers,” Thomas concluded. APS Industrial 1300 309 303





Lencrow Group has brought all its operating companies together under one name – Lencrow Forklifts.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products has expanded its distribution deal with Rockwell Automation with the acquisition of the Rockwell Automation related business assets from Rexel Industrial Automation. The acquisition expands NHP’s existing distribution coverage for Rockwell Automation to include New South Wales and South East Queensland and cover the entire South Pacific region.

The company, which began life in 1976 at its current headquarters in Silverwater under the name Allforks Hire, has grown over the years with no fewer than seven acquisitions. The Lencrow name first saw the light of day in 1988, when it was formed as a holding company. Today, the company is balanced between new forklift sales and forklift hire, offering the most extensive range of materials handling equipment in Australia. The consolidation under the Lencrow name has seen Allforks Hire with its bases in Sydney, South Australia and Newcastle, Profork in Melbourne and Hi-Lift Materials Handling in Brisbane all become Lencrow Forklifts, from the 1st April 2018. Importantly, the new company will retain all the existing staff from each operation. “In fact we’re taking more people on,” says Lencrow Forklifts Director Ross Grassick, who has been with the company from day one. The new Lencrow Forklifts operation will continue to be Australia’s largest independent forklift supplier, with a staff of more than 100, a growing order book and a client list that includes many customers who have been dealing with Lencrow Group companies for more than 30 years.

According to Ross Grassick, the key to the company’s success in retaining customers for so long has been in its willingness to listen. “You can’t pretend that there won’t be problems in any business relationship,” he says. “But by taking a partnership approach and really understanding what your customer needs, those problems disappear.” Grassick is keen to draw parallels with the car industry to show how Lencrow Forklifts has evolved its product range and its way of doing business. “In recent years, we’ve tailored our range more towards less powerful operators by including power steering as a standard option. We’ve introduced fixed-price servicing for peace of mind. And we’ve brought in the option of extended warranties,” he says. Another innovation is the company’s engine replacement service, which includes a factory fresh new engine with all-new ancillary equipment to ensure reliability. “There’s nothing worse than a reconditioned unit failing again because of a tired old water pump or alternator,” says Grassick. It’s all part of a holistic view that the company takes to forklift supply. Lencrow Forklifts 1300 536 276

“With the acquisition of the Rockwell Automation related business assets from Rexel Industrial Automation which includes a strong team of automation professionals, we have strengthened NHP’s position as the local choice for specialist electrical and automation products, systems and solutions. “As the exclusive distributor across the entire South Pacific for Rockwell Automation combined with NHP’s existing complimentary product solutions and value-add manufacturing capabilities, we have the largest coverage of automation and control solutions in the region,” said NHP’s CEO & Managing Director, Stephen Coop. Scott Wooldridge, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, Rockwell Automation, added: “We are proud and excited to be expanding our relationship with NHP across the South Pacific region as we work together to further enhance the

Scott Wooldridge (left) and Stephen Coop (right) seal the deal

efficiency of our customers, by delivering smarter, safer and more sustainable operational outcomes through Rockwell Automation’s Connected Enterprise solutions and by providing a simpler model to engage with our businesses across the South Pacific. We would like to thank Rexel for their strong partnership and collaboration over the past 17 years in this region.” NHP will assume responsibility for the distribution of Rockwell Automation throughout the entire South Pacific region on 1st May 2018. During April 2018, NHP and Rexel Industrial Automation will continue to trade as separate entities. NHP Electrical Engineering 1300 NHP NHP


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NEW BRANDING FOR CASTORS AND WHEELS SPECIALIST Tente Castors & Wheels has a fresh new branding to go with its brand promise of “better mobility, better life.” Tente reckons there are some significant terms that are closely associated with the word ‘mobility’: progress, movement, flexibility and drive. They all shape our modern lives and are essential for success and development. According to a company spokesperson: “It is for exactly this reason that at Tente we work on driving mobility forward every day – with our trailblazing castors and wheels – with uncompromising standards of quality.” Tente has been developing smart mobility solutions since 1923. It focuses on solutions that improve people’s lives and their working environment. These solutions increase productivity, enhance safety and open up new horizons in

matters of design, durability and environmental friendliness. In industry, commerce, medical technology, heavy goods transport, mechanical engineering, intralogistics, factory equipment and the furniture sector, Tente reckons its castors and wheels set new standards and can put influential changes in motion. The company claims that it enjoys its customers’ confidence not only because of the high quality of its products and its innovative spirit, but especially due to the close customer support that it provides on five continents. Tente Castors & Wheels 1300 836 831

LIVE ACTION THEATRE TO TACKLE OH&S ISSUES Have you ever noticed a hazard at work and not said anything or struggled to balance competing pressures? You’re not alone. As part of the Workplace Health and Safety Show 2018 and #Safetyscape at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 23rd May and Thursday 24th May, there will be a dedicated interactive Live Action Theatre delivered by ACT Australia as part of the free two-day show. The first session, “Risk assessment, hazard awareness and the culture of speaking up”, is a high-impact session that uses theatre as a catalyst to raise the importance of risk assessment, hazard awareness and a culture of speaking up. This powerful and emotional piece, will include the ‘bear pit’, a device used to practice actual interventions to allow participants to engage in the impact of not intervening.

The second live theatre session, “The skills needed to build an agile team and why it is so important”, uses improvisation to explore how to respond to the world of VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – and how that translates into organisations. The Workplace Health and Safety Show 2018.

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HYDROGEN-POWERED FORKLIFTS ARRIVE IN AUSTRALIA Hyster has demonstrated what it claims is Australia’s first hydrogenpowered forklift. The 1.8-tonne unit was unveiled at a ceremony in Sydney by Hyster-Yale Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Tony Fagg. “These new hard-working forklifts comprise a production-tested Hyster range that complements our existing globally respected ranges and is backed by the distribution and technical resources of Hyster-Yale Group, which produces forklifts for the toughest working conditions in capacities from 1-52 tonnes,” said Fagg. Hyster’s hydrogen-powered ranges use durable high-performance Nuvera fuel cell systems, which are fast-fuelled power options that replace lead-acid batteries in Class I, II, and III electric lift trucks. The Nuvera fuel cell system, acquired by Hyster-Yale in 2014, is designed and built to provide customer


return on investment over the lifecycle of the product. The hydrogen fuel cell powered forklifts can be refuelled in as little as three minutes, which saves significant downtime compared with batteryoperated forklifts that can take up to 8 hours to recharge. Hyster-Yale Asia-Pacific

APAC AWARD ACKNOWLEDGES AUTOMATION PARTNERSHIP Control Logic returned flushed with success from GE’s prestigious Channel Advisory Conference in Shanghai, claiming the award as Top Channel Partner for APAC as one of three awards on the night. Control Logic’s General Manager of Products and Marketing, Lee Papadimitrious acknowledged the efforts of his team and the continuing partnership between Control Logic and GE. “These awards are a direct reflection of the dedication and skill-set within the entire Control Logic team, and our value-add solution solving approach resonates not only with our customers but also our valued suppliers,” he said. Control Logic is the sole appointed distributor of GE Automation & Controls hardware and software solutions in Australia. The awards from GE add to further success for Control Logic, which was

named ABB’s Channel Partner of the Year for the water and wastewater sector in Australia. “It’s a great credit to the strong partnership we have with ABB which enables us to focus on specific verticals and develop business in unison,” added Papadimitrious. Control Logic 1800 557 705




THE CLEANING DEBATE: RENT VERSUS BUY The world of cleaning has changed so drastically in the past few years that the purchasing process has similarly had to evolve to keep up, says Denise Campbell, Sales Manager Direct Team, Nilfisk Direct.

and term of the agreement. As a result it is much more cost-effective and efficient to rent; clients receive extensive service and support and are able to return the old machinery after the rental term in exchange for a new one.

With planning and consideration, purchasing can reap short- and longterm benefits for contractors and clients alike. However, during 2018 we will continue to see the rise of renting, as it offers far better value.

We have encountered many contractors with containers overflowing with old machines wasting away, because they never factored in the long-term impacts of owning those assets and failed to correctly write them off over the years. Renting is a great way of locking in your costs and avoiding that conundrum.

In days gone by renting meant that the equipment supplier worked with a financial institution, often receiving a high interest rate and as a result paying back two to three times what the machine was worth over a fixed period. This was passed on to the customer, and in the end the machine was handed back. Now we finance everything in-house and actually own the machines ourselves, granting us immense flexibility with price

The purchasing process itself has not changed drastically, but the volume of information available to buyers is now greater than ever. The first step is to take the purchaser away from their preconceived ideas and temporarily forget the budget, instead trying to really understand what they are trying to achieve. Then the Nilfisk Direct Team looks at the parameters

SAME QUALITY PRODUCT YOU KNOW & TRUST NOW HAS A NEW BRANDING Our brand promises “Better Mobility. Better Life.” Tente has been developing smart mobility solutions since 1923. Solutions which noticeably improve people’s lives and their working environment. GLOBAILITY – We are a globally operating company that offers you support on 5 continents. EFFICIENCY – We make mobility better – faster – more effective, or to put it in a nut-shell; more efficient. INSPIRATION – Our mobility solutions, know-how and our service are sources of inspiration. They inspire us to recognise new potentials and open up the way for unlimited possibilities

Phone: 1300 836 831



However, everyone loves Google, and the problem is that many purchasers simply Google a machine, decide it is right for them and request it, when in reality it is completely unsuitable for their needs. Therefore the vast majority of what the Nilfisk Direct Team does is essentially education. When people have been using machines for a long time, they have a preconceived notion of what they want. However, product technology and research and development have come so far in the past decade, that we really need to educate clients about the new options and how they can serve them better. There are a few sizeable dangers of an ill-conceived purchasing process. The primary concern is poor cleaning as a result of an inadequate machine or a supplier that doesn’t provide the necessary support. As a result, machines break down more often, clients are unhappy, the level of cleanliness is reduced and contracts are not renewed. What’s more, the cost of ownership can also be greatly increased. Those on a tight budget can be lured into buying machines that are initially cheaper, but the total cost of ownership can be far greater than that of a more considered purchase. Sometimes, unrealistic budgets are set by management: the resultant purchases never fulfil their requirements and only create more problems than they solve. Many companies do indeed choose machines that are less than required, incorrectly believing that extra labour and periodical cleans can fill the deficit.

Tente Castors & Wheels Pty Ltd Unit B4, 3–29 Birnie Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141

including floor type and size, cleaning staff, hours and operators’ experience. From this knowledge we recommend a complete cleaning solution package with appropriate machinery that can last the life of the contract and beyond.

On the other hand, purchases that are better considered equate to a lower total cost of ownership, increased productivity,

reduced costs of parts, happier clients and staff and greater contract retention. And money need not be the defining factor; often the contractors who maintain longer contracts and have them renewed are not the cheapest. Clients value their investment in training, machines and support and are confident that they are dedicated to delivering the very best outcomes. In 2017 we worked with many large companies that purchased smaller machines that can get into tiny areas, thereby totally eliminating manual cleaning. While these organisations already have many other machines, technology in machinery has improved so significantly that these smaller units are now far more effective at cleaning, while also being more manageable and convenient. What’s more, they are now extremely cost effective and can also negate many health and safety problems that can present as a result of using more traditional tools, such as mops. Another big trend is autonomous cleaning, which frees up the operator to carry out other tasks while the machine is programmed and does all the work for them. Transportation and logistics companies are no strangers to robotics, so while it seems like a very natural progression for them they may require more time to embrace it from a cleaning perspective. It is definitely an exciting area to watch in 2018. In 2017, half of all Nilfisk’s clients were contract cleaners. Other noteworthy industries were retail, transport and warehousing, materials handling, entertainment, government departments, and catering companies. While the requirements and breadth of work varies dramatically, the same purchasing principles apply across the board. Nilfisk 1300 556 710 APRIL/MAY 2018




The ARBS air conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition has revealed its industry awards finalists for 2018. The awards attracted nominees from across all sectors who were evaluated by a panel of industry experts based on various criteria such as leadership, sustainability, performance and innovation and selected the finalists.

The countdown is on to ARBS 2018, Australia’s only air-conditioning, refrigeration and building services trade exhibition, back in Sydney for the first time since 2010 and will be held at the new International Convention Centre (ICC) from 8th to 10th May 2018. With more than 300 exhibitors and in excess of 9000 visitors, the exhibition is forecast to be the largest ARBS to date and will offer the industry unrivalled access to the latest in HVAC&R in the southern hemisphere.

The award winners will be announced and honoured at a gala dinner to be held on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Sydney. There are three finalists for each award, as follows: ARBS Young Achiever Award: Laura Fortuna, Cold Logic; Firas Shawash, ExovaDefire; Jason Harrison, Airmaster Australia. ARBS Product Excellence Award: York YZ magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, Johnson Controls; Firebox, Trafalgar Fire Containment Solutions; ACDHUM-LD, Air Change. ARBS Software/Digital Excellence Award: Tuggeranong Office Park Building Services Network, Airmaster Australia; Fujitsu General Online Parts Store, Fujitsu General Australia; Clarity, HydroChem. ARBS Project Excellence Award: F Mayer Refrigerated cold storage/distribution centre, Strathbrook Industrial Services and Danfoss

Australia; Spotlight Retail Group, SEDAC Building Energy Management System; ICC Sydney, AG Coombs Group and AECOM. ARBS Outstanding Industry Education/ Training Award: Refrigeration & Climate Control Centre of Excellence – AMCA and Box Hill Institute; Professional Diploma of Building Services, HVAC&R, AIRAH; Mobile CO2 Training Unit, Danfoss (Australia). ARBS Outstanding Service & Maintenance Award: Airmaster Australia; AG Coombs Group; City Holdings Australia. The following five individuals will also be inducted into the ARBS Hall of Fame 2018: Stephen Gilchrist, CIBSE ANZ; John Bosci, AIRAH; Mark Padwick, AREMA; David Seedsman, AMCA; Warren Cole, RACCA. Proceedings at the dinner will be led by master of ceremonies Tony Squires, host of the weekly sports panel show Back Page Live on Fox Sports. ARBS 2018 will be held at the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney from Tuesday 8th May to Thursday 10th May 2018. Tickets for the Gala Dinner on Wednesday 9th May can be purchased online. ARBS 2018

Alongside the exhibition runs the Speaker Series featuring a range of exciting and informative presentations including a case study highlighting the unique features of Sydney ICC’s central energy plant. And given ARBS 2018 is held within this very impressive building it naturally lends itself to be a topic of conversation. The session will explore challenges faced throughout the project and key lessons learnt and be delivered by the lead consulting engineers and contractors behind the $1.5 billion redevelopment. Presenters, Shane Durkin, Engineering Services Manager, AG Coombs; Michael Dagher, Technical Director – Buildings, AECOM; and Barry Abboud, National

Sales Manager, Engineered Systems - Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls, will provide details on performance levels achieved in the last 12 months and reflect on whether the project has delivered on expectations. The ICC project commenced in 2013 and took over 5.8 million hours to complete with the venue officially opened in December 2016. A publicprivate partnership between the NSW government and a consortium of private companies, the ICC is constructed on the site of the old Sydney Exhibition Centre. The venue delivers 40 per cent more exhibition space than its predecessor and is the biggest combined exhibition, convention and entertainment precinct in Australia. For further information or to register for the Speaker Series visit

8 - 10 May 2018 8 - 10 May 2018 Sydney, Darling Harbour ICC Sydney,ICC Darling Harbour

SOURCE PRODUCT SOURCE PRODUCT SHARE SOLUTIONS SHARE SOLUTIONS CONNECT @ARBS CONNECT @ARBS Informative industry Speaker Series RPEAKER Informative industry Speaker Series E K A E S P 300+ exhibitors product presentations S IES RIES 300+ exhibitors and product and presentations NEW smart buildings precinct, IBTech@ARBS precinct, IBTech@ARBS SER NGSSE KINGSNEW smart buildings Industry awards and gala dinner celebration awards and gala dinner celebration BOOKOI PBENOOW OPENIndustry andopportunities networking opportunities Business andBusiness networking NOW NO





A revolution in workplace safety

NMW TO SHOW THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING Australia’s largest showcase of manufacturing innovation and inspiration, National Manufacturing Week (NMW), returns to Sydney Showground from 9th to 11th May 2018. The three-day event provides an unrivalled opportunity for industry decision-makers to network, collaborate and learn about the next generation of technology and industry growth. The speaker programme will be split into three theatres including the Industry 4.0 Theatre, Business of Manufacturing Theatre and Safety First Theatre. Visitors will hear from more than 40 industry leaders on the impact of digital transformation, innovative design, and new business practices in the manufacturing industry. To officially kick-start the speaker programmes, SafeWork NSW will exclusively launch the Manufacturing Work Health and Safety (WHS) Sector Plan 2018-2022 in a VIP-ticketed session as part of the Safety First Theatre. The Honourable Matthew Kean MP, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, and Elizabeth Tosti, Director Metropolitan Operations and Sector Initiatives will unveil a crucial new bipartisan agreement to ensure ongoing workplace health and safety.

Features: 500mm platform height Chemical and UV resistant Integrated shelf for hand-off Non-Conductive 150kg Industrial Capacity Sprung Castors for portability 12kg total weight 760mm base diameter Suitable for: Construction Trades Maintenance Tasks Retail and small warehousing Process Environments Vehicle & Aircraft Maintenance

The Manufacturing WHS Sector Plan 20182022 has been developed by SafeWork NSW alongside industry and key sector stakeholders to help manufacturers promote safe work practices, set the highest standards to reduce serious injuries and foster a skilled workforce who look out for each other, and always keep safety ‘front of mind’. Full details on how to register for this session can be found on the National Manufacturing Week 2018 website. The opening day of the Business of Manufacturing Theatre will see Ian Harrison, CEO of the Australian Made Campaign, provide Australian manufacturers with the knowledge and tools to address increasing customer demand for Australian-made products. Harrison’s session will explore the link between Australian made and quality products, benefits of marketing your products as Australian both here and overseas, outline the new eligibility criteria for making ‘Made in Australia’ claims, and accessing the certification trade mark – the Australian Made kangaroo. Given Harrison’s ambition has been to reposition the Australian Grown logo as Australia’s global product symbol during his time at the campaign, he is well placed to discuss the finer policy and industry details with visitors to NMW. The second day of the speaker programme will see visitors partake in the Australian Manufacturing Forum’s “Taking the next step



towards a digital business” as part of the Industry 4.0 Theatre. The forum will be chaired by Peter Roberts, Founder of Australian Manufacturing Forum, and feature five highly distinguished CEOs including David Chuter, CEO and MD of Innovative Manufacturing CRC, Mary BrittainWhite, CEO of Retriever Communications, Grant Anderson, CEO of ANCA, Glen Casey, CEO of Transition Group, and Anthony Kittel, CEO of REDARC Electronics. NMW visitors are also encouraged to head to the “Augmented reality (AR) in manufacturing” session as part of the Industry 4.0 Theatre, to hear from Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager of LEAP Australia on using AR technology to enhance the design, manufacturing and in-service stages of products and processes. Using real LEAP Australia customer stories, Thompson will explain the customer opportunities that integrating AR into the manufacturing processes can provide, from IoT connectivity of machinery and factories, to mine real-time data, through to immediate fault feedback and effective fault remedies for maintenance technicians. The exhibition area will be divided into eleven product zones: advanced materials, additive manufacturing, automation and robotics, electrical, engineering, the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), machine tools, industrial safety, supply chain and logistics, warehousing and materials handling, and welding technology. Among more than 200 exhibitors from leading companies from around the world exhibiting the latest technology in manufacturing each day in the exhibition area will be 3M Australia, CNC Machinery Sales Australia, Headland Machinery, Renishaw Oceania, Supagas, and Universal Robots. For these exhibitors, National Manufacturing Week offers a unique opportunity to connect with targeted buyers and decision makers by providing the manufacturing industry with a glimpse into the future by delivering the latest technology, research and development to redefine and grow manufacturing business es. NMW will be again colocated with the Safety First Conference & Expo, Australia's onestop manufacturing safety event, as well as Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, the Australian stopover of the world's largest 3D printing event series. Registrations have now opened for the free-to-attend NMW 2018 for anyone with a professional or commercial interest in manufacturing. To register, visit www. APRIL/MAY 2018

9 – 11 May 2018 Sydney Showground







TO ATTEND Expo & Conference



Advanced Materials Automation & Robotics Industrial Internet of Things

Additive Manufacturing Engineering Welding Technology

*Based on 2016 attendance CAB Audited by AMAA

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PANEL TO EXAMINE ENERGY COST SAVINGS FOR MANUFACTURERS One of the most eagerly awaited sessions within the NMW 2018 conference will be a Case Study and Panel Discussion on “Supporting energy solutions”, which will be held in the Industry 4.0 Theatre at 2.40pm on Thursday 10th May and will be sponsored by Industry Update. The initiative for the session comes very much from St.George Bank, and is part of that organisation’s drive to support Australian manufacturing industry. Matthew Kelly, Head of Manufacturing and Wholesale NSW for St.George, explains: “When St.George adopted the industry model three years ago, I personally jumped at the chance to take on the manufacturing sector, because it was clear that we were the only bank focusing on manufacturing industry.” Kelly and his team of manufacturing specialists have assembled an impressive array of consultants and experts that enable them to have (as he puts it) “industry conversations, rather than banking conversations” with manufacturers.

“Our real aim,” he continues, “is to add value to manufacturers by helping them to strip out costs.” This might be, for example, by performing a free R&D review and identifying what federal and state grant aid might be available. Or it might be acting as an interface between manufacturers and educational institutions both at an innovation level and at a staffing level. Today, however, the area of energy efficiency has come very much to the fore, with manufacturers of all sizes looking for ways to reduce their power bills. Kelly is keen to point out that “it’s not just solar”, pointing to St.George’s partnership with energy efficiency consultancy Verdia – a relationship that has been working well for the past two years. John Werner, who heads up Verdia’s Project Advisory business will also feature on the panel at NMW, as will Jason Marsh, Operations and Engineering Manager at Weathertex, who will describe his company’s experiences in navigating through the maze of technologies and providers

of advice before arriving at a solution with St.George and Verdia. Also featuring in the panel discussion will be Matthew Kelly, Head of Manufacturing and Wholesale NSW for St. George Besa Deda, Chief Economist of the Says Kelly: “18 months ago there was St.George Banking some interest, but it was low on the Group, who will set the scene by giving her insights into the current shape of the priority list for most manufacturers. business and economic environment. Now manufacturers are re-assessing their energy use and need help in Obviously, return on investment solving the energy equation – and that is the key metric in any improvement includes many of the largest users in project, and according to Matthew manufacturing industry, such as steel Kelly, the aim is for a payback within and aluminium companies.” three years with no disruption to manufacturing operations. The “Supporting energy solutions” And, he is keen to point out that it is a key role of any consultant in recommending such a course of action that the providers chosen will still be there for the duration of the project – indeed the full warranty term. Clearly, the recent volatility in the Australian energy market has made energy efficiency projects even more appealing to manufacturers of all sizes.

Case Study and Panel Discussion at NMW 2018 will give all manufacturing companies some food for thought on how to achieve significant cost savings and improve the bottom line.

Says Matthew Kelly: “We are more than happy to meet with any manufacturer or wholesaler and share our industry insights. For us, it’s all about the conversation.” NMW 2018 STAND 3426

NMW BEGINS BUSY YEAR FOR AMTIL AMTIL will be using its presence at NMW to set the scene for a busy events programme over the coming year. AMTIL has a long-standing relationship with NMW, having colocated its own Austech exhibition with NMW for many years, and continuing to do so every second year in Melbourne. AMTIL’s participation in this year’s event is a demonstration of its continued support for NMW and its organiser Reed Exhibitions Australia. Having a stand enables AMTIL to support its members visiting or exhibiting at NMW, while also providing the opportunity to engage with Australian manufacturing businesses more generally and discuss the ways it can help them. For AMTIL members, there’ll also be Happy Hour drinks at the stand (3426) from 4pm on both the Wednesday and



Thursday of the show (9th and 10th May). Any AMTIL members attending NMW or participating in the show are welcome to drop by for refreshments and a chat. “It’s great that AMTIL are going to be taking part in NMW this year,” says AMTIL CEO Shane Infanti. “We’re really looking forward to being there, both in support of our existing members who are exhibiting, and as a way of reaching out to potential new ones. Any members visiting the show should drop by Stand 3426.” AMTIL’s presence at NMW will serve as a curtain-raiser for an extensive programme of events over the coming year. Most notable among these will be the 2018 AMTIL National Conference, which will be held at Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn, Victoria, on 22nd August. The one-day event follows on from last year’s highly successful inaugural Conference, held at the same venue.

This year’s theme will be ‘Strategies for manufacturing resilience and growth’, and Dr Jens Goennemann, Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, will moderate the Innovation Stories panel on ‘Building resilience in Australian manufacturing’. Other AMTIL events for the coming year include Christmas social gatherings around the country in early December, as well as a number of CEO meetings for AMTIL members in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and several workshops and seminars organised in conjunction with the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme (in which AMTIL is a partner organisation). AMTIL’s annual Corporate Golf Day will take place on 8th February 2019, and the busy year will conclude with the Austech advanced manufacturing

and machine tool exhibition, which will return to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th May 2019. Co-located once again with National Manufacturing Week, Austech 2019 promises to be a landmark event for the advanced manufacturing industry in Australia. “It’s certainly looking like a busy year, right through to Austech next May,” says Infanti. “Everything AMTIL does is intended to promote the manufacturing industry in Australia, and our events programme is a big part of that. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of our members – both existing and new ones – at these events.” AMTIL 03 9800 3666


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world’s easiest remote access solution

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Control Logic proudly introduces TOSIBOX®, a masterpiece of Finnish engineering, it’s the world’s first user-friendly remote access solution to secure your business in under 5 minutes. Using patented Plug & Go technology, TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure remote connection between devices. Managing devices and user groups is incredibly easy and is infinitely scalable providing a cost-effective and easily expandable solution to grow at the same pace as your business. TOSIBOX® works anywhere in the world regardless of the operators and type of Internet connection, and with military grade security levels in the industry, it is the new standard of secure remote connections.


for more information call 1800 557 705 or email



NMW 2018 STAND 1322

Allen Bradley controllers, gathering important data in the background and reporting on machine performance in real time for machines located anywhere in the world.

NHP will be using its presence at NMW 2018 (Stand 1322) to showcase its wealth of knowledge and experience in intelligent manufacturing. NHP delivers analytics and reporting solutions for manufacturers using FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines by Rockwell Automation. This software easily integrates with

Whether management needs a site-wide real-time dashboard and regular reports sent directly to their inbox, or maintenance staff need access to a granular, detailed view of a machine’s performance on their handheld device, NHP can customise a solution to improve operations using the data that companies already own. NHP prides itself on providing custom manufactured solutions tailored to customer needs, supported by expert service. NHP Electrical Engineering 1300 NHP NHP


NMW 2018 STAND 2926

BAC Systems will be showcasing its storage solutions on Stand 2926 at NMW 2018, with pride of place going to the BAC Wall Storage System, featuring the BAC Wall Rack. This next generation tool rack can be mounted upon a wall, in a BAC Cabinet, on the top of a workbench, or, as part of an A-Frame Flightline Toolboard. The Wall Storage System can be specified with storage for any number of tools and toolkits thanks to the latest selection of toolbars and hooks that it can accommodate. Options include plug-in shelves for socket sets, drill bits and the like, all simply secured to the Wall Rack, making the Wall Storage System



an even more versatile option for organising a workshop. BAC Systems 02 9832 2777


NMW 2018 STAND 1642

Visitors to Stand 1624 at NMW 2018 will be treated to a display of the eight internationally recognised brand names that form the core of the connectivity solutions from Lapp Group available throughout Australia from its authorised distributor Treotham Automation. Leading the way will be examples from the Olflex range of power and control cables. These flexible and oil-resistant cables satisfy the highest demands and can withstand the very toughest industrial conditions. Olflex cables are complemented by the Epic range of industrial connectors and Skintop cable glands. While on the datacommunications side, the Lapp range incorporates the Etherline range of network cables and fieldbus components using Ethernet technologies and the Hitronic range of optical transmission systems.

Also on show will be examples from the complementary Silvyn range of protective cable conduit systems and cable carrier systems and the Fleximark series of cable marking solutions. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64


NMW 2018 STAND 3136

Millsom will be looking to reinforce its reputation of expertise in vacuum technology on Stand 3136 at NMW 2018, with demonstrations of vacuum lifting equipment as well as the latest advances in vacuum technology from parent company Schmalz. Centre stage among Millsom’s lifting equipment will be the latest model Jumbo Flex vacuum lifter, which will be demonstrated lifting both cartons and sacks weighing up to 50kg. Not only does the Jumbo Flex improve manual handling lifting techniques, it also reduces the danger of manual handling injuries. Schmalz is one of the world’s largest suppliers of vacuum equipment for automation systems, with more than 5000 different product lines. The

latest innovation on show at NMW is a new app for smartphones and tablets that can be used to help install, parameterise and operate vacuum components, such as the company’s VSi vacuum and pressure switch Millsom 1800 99 22 11



tt co n tS io at uct a M rod p




Since its launch in 2017, Industry Update Video has been a phenomenal success, with content spanning the whole of manufacturing industry. Our Video Update EDM is mailed to readers each week with the most up to date content in Australia about the manufacturing industry. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR VIDEO UPDATE EDM AT INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU EVERY SINGLE VIDEO, FOR EVERY SINGLE CLIENT, PRODUCED BY INDUSTRY UPDATE, GETS TO PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE WITHIN ABOUT 7 WEEKS AND SOME GET THERE INSTANTLY.






NMW 2018 STAND 1936

A-Safe Australasia will be spreading the word at NMW 2018 on the importance of maintaining a safe facility by clear segregation between pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Visitors to NMW Stand 1936 will be able to see A-Safe’s award-winning range of polymer safety barriers, designed to help maintain safe facilities. As well as providing physical protection, they visually define routes for each flow of traffic and ensure that these paths seldom cross. A-Safe barriers are designed and manufactured in accordance with PAS 13:2017, the new code of practice for safety barriers used in traffic management for workplace environments.

They flex after impact from workplace vehicles, absorbing the impact forces, and then reform to their original shape. Unlike traditional steel barriers, they do not rust, scratch, require repainting or damage floors after impacts. A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927


Flow Power MD Matthew van der Linden will explain the benefits of PPAs

Innovative energy retailer Flow Power has pioneered the uptake of renewable power purchase agreements in Australia, launching the country’s first large-scale renewable corporate PPA last year. And on Stand 3238 at NMW 2018, the company will be explaining to the manufacturing community how PPAs can help them to lower power costs while also meeting sustainability goals. The message will be reinforced at the NMW Conference with Flow Power founder and MD Matthew van der Linden presenting a session entitled “Powering the future of Australian manufacturing” at 11.40am



on the 10th May in the Business of Manufacturing Theatre. Says van der Linden: “Australian businesses are vulnerable to the volatility of the power market. This is especially true for manufacturers that rely on large quantities of energy to power their operations. PPAs are the solution. They hold the key for a smarter, cleaner energy future and are actionable today.” Flow Power 1300 08 06 08




HYDRAULIC SHEET METAL MACHINERY PB-135B - Hydraulic NC Pressbrake • • • • • • • • • •

135T x 3200mm pressing capacity Estun NC-E21 2-Axis programmable control Hardened ballscrew backgauge for accuracy Segmented heavy duty 86° offset top punch Multi vee solid bottom die block 3200mm European intermediate clamps with safety key Reinforced side frames for addition strength Adjustable steel fabricated sheet supports 7.5kW / 10hp. 415V motor power Includes safety guarding system

$34,440 ex GST (S906G)


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HG-3206 Hydraulic NC Guillotine 3200 x 6mm capacity 1-Axis Ezy-Set NC-89 control Hardened ballscrew backgauge 250mm open throat both ends 6CrW2Si blades for stainless steel Hydraulic hold downs with nylon pads Rapid blade gape adjustment dial Shadow line lighting to easily locate cut line Material ball transfer table bed Safety photo electric light beams on rear guarding 7.5kW / 10hp, 415V motor

$23,500 ex GST (S940)

Available from SYDNEY



MELBOURNE 1 Fowler Rd, Dandenong

(02) 9890 9111

(07) 3274 4222

(08) 9373 9999

1/2 Windsor Rd, Northmead

625 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains

11 Valentine St, Kewdale

(03) 9212 4422

Specifications & Prices are subject to change without notification. All prices exclude GST and are valid until 31-05-18

Melbourne Branch is Moving From May 2018 See website for details 02_UC_240418



The working area of a C 22 U high-performance five-axis CNC machining centre featuring the 320mm diameter NC swivelling rotary table and a changing pallet with multi-clamping fixture on the zero point clamping system mounted in the table

After many years of training and practice in manufacturing hunting weapons and with the passion of an enthusiastic hunter, in 1948 Stefano Fausti set up a small workshop with the aim of developing and manufacturing weapons himself. Fausti built up an excellent reputation for making high-quality single- and double-barrelled shotguns, a reputation that spread throughout Italy and then further afield. With a good instinct for the right timing, Stefano Fausti decided that the company should be placed in younger hands at an early stage, and since then he has mentored his three daughters in all aspects of the company’s further development.

The daughters, Giovanna, Barbara and Elena, have not only opened up new markets such as the USA and Eastern Europe, but also expanded the company’s offerings to match the requirements of selected target groups. Today, the range of single and double-barrelled hunting guns includes both standard products and custom items configured exactly to specific customer requirements. There are now 40 employees who together manufacture around 5000 hunting weapons annually. Fausti has certainly moved on from the ‘workshop’ level, and is now an industrial-scale manufacturer that still retains the attributes of design, technology, craftsmanship, production efficiency, quality and attention to detail.

Screw Compressors For full range scan QR code or go to Call 1800 763 883 for all of your compressed air needs.

Today, these high levels of quality are ensured through the use of CNC production equipment and state-of-theart quality assurance technology. According to Giovanna Fausti: “As our order books got fatter and fatter, we were faced with the prospect of entering the world of industrial manufacturing and investing in correspondingly highperformance machine tools. “We went for the best in order to make sure of being able to maintain the required high quality of our products and still remain cost-efficient with smallbatch runs. “In the late nineties, that meant Hermle machining centres and industrial CNC manufacturing. Previously, we had already used high-quality milling and drilling machines from other suppliers. But we were persuaded to change by Hermle’s performance ratings, the control and operating concept, the high degree of precision, and not least by the company’s well-known and high standards of service.” The move to full CNC 5-axis processing The Hermle era began with a C 600 U, which was followed in 2005 by a C 40 U five-axis, high-performance machining centre, and then in 2014 by a type C 22 U five-axis machining centre with a PW 150 pallet storage and changing system, and anther identical system in 2015. These last two machining centres with



automatic workpiece deployment are another indication as to how successful the company’s international business has become: with an export share of 90%, it is thirsting for more production capacity. Now, the highly developed 5-axis technology has opened up new machining strategies that ensure long-term efficiency and quality in the manufacture of components such as lock casings, locks, double locks etc, most of which are parts of patented weapon systems. Giovanna Fausti explains: “Previously, we used forged blanks for many components. These had to be machined successively in separate stages on different machines. “Frequent reclamping often led to accumulated inaccuracies, and of course that had negative effects on the quality, productivity and compatibility. Now, with the aid of 5-axis machining, we can set up sawn blanks made of high-quality special round material and work them completely with optimal precision and reproducible quality, all with just one clamping operation.” The two new C 22 U machining centres are practically identical (each incorporating an 18,000 RPM tool spindle, an HSK-A63 tool holding fixture, a 320mm-diameter NC swivelling rotary table, touch probes and tool breakage monitoring, a Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI control unit, a ZM 43 additional magazine with 43 additional pockets, an



depending on the size of the parts and how they are to be machined. As each C 22 U machining centre with pallet storage and changer has six pallets (of four workpieces) with 24 workpieces in circulation, up to 48 workpieces can be machined in a single process run per shift, so quite large batches can be produced automatically. Giovanna Fausti concludes: “We produce standard parts in series of up to 100 pieces, whereas for customised products the accent is mainly on singlepart manufacturing. Machining without intermediate stages, and especially without reclamping, now enables us to produce completely finished, highquality workpieces that require no further reworking, with run times between 30 minutes and 3 hours per workpiece.

The PW 150 pallet storage and changing system is connected with the C 22 U machining centre

ICS system with 80bar cooling liquid pressure and a zero point pallet clamping system), and each has a PW 150 pallet storage and changing system.

they operate in unmanned mode.

They are used in operator mode during the day, then in a semi-manned mode, and then at night and at weekends

Using multi-clamping, a single changing pallet can accommodate up to four identical or different workpieces,

High-quality complete machining saves costly and time-consuming reworking.

assembly department. “The Hermle machines and their high availability rates have made a major contribution to our having been able to transition from artisanal to industrial hunting weapon production. That was the only way open to us for penetrating new markets and developing new products, while still putting a great deal of store by the combination of the traditional and the modern.” Applied Machinery is the exclusive distributor for Hermle in Australia. Applied Machinery 03 9706 8066

“Thanks to the high degree of flexibility provided by the two C 22 U machining centres and the two standalone C 600 U and C 40 U machining centres, we can manufacture series parts and customised parts to highest quality levels, as required and most importantly, with optimal scheduling. And these parts can be passed directly on to the

Quality Supplier of State-of-the-art Machine Tools, Accessories & Laser Products

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YCM Full Range of CNC Machining Centres and Lathes

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Renowned worldwide for quality and reliability

CLAUSING Fanuc Robodrill

A quality machine for every application

The ultimate high speed machining centre with quality and sophistication

Exclusively branded for the USA

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Sydney Office:

600 Machine Tools 27 Foundry Road, SEVEN HILLS NSW 2711 Phone: (02) 9674 4738 | Email:


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600 Machine Tools 292 Evans Road, Salisbury QLD 4107 Phone: (07) 3277 4844 | Email:

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ABRASIVES MANUFACTURER OPTS FOR GREATER AIR POWER When Hermes Abrasives Australia’s old 15kW SK25 screw compressor finally gave up the ghost the company sought to upgrade to a new compressor that could handle their increasing compressed air demands. Hermes uses a high volume of compressed air to power its pneumatic machinery for slitting, cutting and processing coated abrasives. As Southern Cross Compressors had been servicing the old compressor, Hermes Operations Manager, Matthew Robertson opted to upgrade to a Southern Cross 18.5kW KHE rotary screw compressor with a 500-litre receiver.

Hermes Abrasives’ slitting machinery is powered by compressed air

Says Robertson: “We went for the higher output system to ensure our compressed air demands would be met immediately and well into the future. We also wanted to minimise

the possibility of breakdown and reduce maintenance downtime”. “Whilst the energy saving technology of the KHE compressor was a factor, having dealt

with Southern Cross for over 10 years, we knew we were buying a quality product with all the support we needed.” KHE rotary screw compressors feature world’s best technology and construction to ensure efficiency and consistent output under the highest industry demands. Every KHE compressor carries a unique ‘lifetime warranty’ on the air-end. Robertson adds: ”Stuart from the SC sales team was very accommodating, professional and knowledgeable and rightly convinced us of the merits of upgrading to a Southern Cross Compressor. I would highly recommend Southern Cross to any company wanting a quality reliable and efficient compressed air system.” Southern Cross Compressors 1300 098 901

The 18.5kW KHE rotary screw compressor and 500-litre receiver millingmachining ad.indd 1



4/04/2013 5:04:39 PM










“The Yawei Fiber Laser has been an absolute game changer for me; I really can’t stress that enough.”






Jon Flynn, Owner - Wildcat Industries.

nsistency of cut, combined with very low operating e perfect way to take your business to the next level.

e of its own, opening up possibilities for companies art-ups through to full production, 3-shift

-focusWith cutting head, IPG speed laserand source, Siemens its extreme accuracy, consistency Available in various power capacities the HLF model s-relieved fully annealed it really a cut above of cut, combined with very frame low operating costs,is the features a Precitec high speed auto-focus cutting new Yawei fiber lasers are the perfect way to take your business to the next level.

head, a simple to use Siemens 840DSL controller, an IPG resonator and a robust, fully annealed frame.

Dollar for dollar, the new Yawei’s are in a league of their own, opening up possibilities for companies all across the laser cutting sector; from start-ups through to full production, 3-shift environments.

The HLE model features a Raytools autofocus cutting head and a Beckoff CNC control system. The remarkable Yawei Fiber lasers – world class performance without the price tag. That’s Applied thinking.

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22/12/16 9:27 am


MIGHTY OAKS FROM LITTLE ACORNS GROW He added: “The new Alpha will also be invaluable in our other two businessstreams: sale and rental of drilling equipment, and service, maintain, and modify hydraulic equipment.” The Alpha 1550 XS is now installed and commissioned in Drill Techniques’ workshops at Brendale, a suburb to the north of Brisbane, in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland.

First steps 600 Machine Tools Brisbane based Applications Engineer, David McDonald said: “The ease of operation of the userfriendly Alpha range has been appreciated not only in the workshops of industry, but also in the workshops of education and training centres around the world.

Operator Darren Hutchison demonstrates the XC to 600 Machine Tools Application Engineer David McDonald and Drill Techniques General Manager Chris Logan

In 2008, Drill Techniques started in the marketplace as an expert in hydraulics and mechanics, focused specifically on the foundation-drilling sector. Its founder, Cameron Gaylard and his wife (and strongest supporter) Jennifer worked tirelessly to build a reputation and a business that capitalised on Cameron’s expertise as a tradesman and innovator. Those early endeavours led the organisation along a path of development that ebbed and flowed with the boom-and-bust nature of mining and construction in Queensland. When a management team is planning the company’s future, it is often helpful to take a retrospective view and see what lessons were learned along the hard road. These lessons often help to determine priorities, especially when making eye-watering decisions about capital expenditure. This was the background to a major purchase by a Queensland company that, in just ten years, has become a byword across a number of industries involved in drilling. With a keen mind for fluid engineering and materials, Cameron Gaylard set about identifying ways to improve performance through the 28


design and manufacture of uniquely innovative products used in the drilling industry and, more broadly, across the mining and construction sectors. Time would see Drill Techniques form breakthrough partnerships with some of the world’s most renowned drilling equipment specialists – companies such as Italy’s Comacchio and Tecniwell, Spain’s Llamada, Japan’s Toa Tone, and Canada’s Sonic Drill Corporation. Today, Drill Techniques is a business transformed, and its three primary businessstreams deliver products and services to customers around the Pacific Rim.

Second decade According to General Manager Chris Logan: “As the company entered its second decade, the management team made a decision to bring its machining requirements back in house. “We have four main objectives: to increase accuracy and reduce error rate, improve lead times for customers, make the company even more competitive and, overall, to improve profit margins.” After undertaking an evaluation process, the Drill Techniques team

selected a Harrison Alpha 1550 XS 2-axis manual/CNC lathe. The machine was supplied by the Brisbane branch of 600 Machine Tools, the exclusive distributor of Harrison lathes in the Asia-Pacific region – both members of the UK-based 600 Group. Logan explained: “We needed a CNC lathe that was not only highly accurate, but also could be rapidly configured to cope with a constant stream of one-offs and small batches. “We specified a Fanuc control and a need for conversational programming to ensure that our craftsmen are able to use their skills to best effect. “It was necessary to interface with our CAD system – the 3D Solidworks software package – a key element in our design, engineer, build operation that converts our knowledge and experience into world-class hydraulic products. “Over the past decade, the company has built a solid reputation for purpose-built drill rigs, power packs, rotaries and hydraulic clamps, and water recycling systems. “All these products are designed to operate reliably in harsh conditions, and to comply with all relevant Australian codes and standards.”

“The hugely popular XS CNC combination lathe range is noted for its speed, accuracy, and surface finish to exacting toolroom accuracy standards (DIN 8605), which ultimately significantly reduces component production costs. “I do not believe that there is another lathe on the market today – including full CNC machines – that can compete with the Alpha XS for speed of production when it comes to one-offs and small batch turning.” He explained: “Fast, easy setup times and simple operation in all modes are the keys to this model’s undoubted success. It benefits from the ultra-high speed OiTF CNC control along with Harrison's own developed Alphalink software.” David McDonald added: “The rumours are true! Harrison’s newly introduced XC model can execute off-centre drilling and boring, hexagonal milling, and much more. “It’s a remarkable combination CNC lathe that gives workshops the ability to perform secondary operations that usually require machining centres or expensive slant-bed CNC turning centres.” Readers can see it on video at watch?v=Lwh3t6XQnJE

600 Machine Tools 02 9674 4738



FIBRE LASER EASES TRANSITION FROM AUTO MARKET With the demise of local car manufacturing, many companies that previously supplied automotive components have had to diversify into other areas to grow their businesses. Ace Wire Works is one such company that has successfully made the transition from supplying automotive products such as the wire seat frames for the Toyota Camry, to a diverse product range that now includes retail display stands, welded mesh panels, horticulture products, food and beverage equipment, designer furniture and wire and mesh products for medical applications. Founded by Albert Blashki in 1954, Ace remains family run with Albert’s son Philip now the owner and Managing Director, and with grandson Simon also involved makes it a third generation for the company, which now employs approximately 40 staff. General Manager Sam Harris joined the company around two years ago with the specific edict of assisting the company transition away from automotive to non-automotive products. To say that it has been a success is something of an understatement, with growth of these products up over 50% in the current financial year.

prototypes, we can offer customers a comprehensive and personalised service to meet their needs and make sure that we meet or exceed their expectations,” he says. “This is especially relevant in the competitive retail segment.” “The personal one-on-one service that we provide is something our customers really appreciate, as it gives them a higher level of confidence to in turn offer the best service to their clients. Really it’s about having empathy for our customers and building strong relationships,” adds Harris. The increase in display products includes projects for a number of major retailers and is what drove Sam Harris to look at a fibre laser. “We were outsourcing more and more laser work which was affecting our lead times and our control of the total manufacturing process and the time was right to get our own laser,” he adds. The new Yawei HLE and HLF fibre lasers have earned a reputation for high performance coupled with a value-formoney price point. Harris first saw the Yawei at the Applied Machinery Stand at Austech 2017 and compared the features with various other laser cutters in the market.

Harris attributes the company’s ongoing success to a few key factors, in particular, the fact that Ace specialises in high quality customised products in sometimes relatively low production volumes.

Yawei is well known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC pressbrakes, turret punch presses and guillotines and its entrance into the laser cutting market is off the back of years of R&D and refinement of the machines in the domestic market.

“With our own internal designers to assist with CAD drawings and designing

For Harris, the key factors that put the Yawei in front were the outstanding

Ace Wire Works Account Manager Mark Blashki (left) and Production Manager Nithun Deenadayalan (right)

features and performance, ease of use and like all Yawei equipment, value for money. He was also impressed with the advice and support that Applied Machinery had given him throughout the purchase process - something only a local distributor can provide. “The fact that Applied Machinery were literally just around the corner was an important factor for us. The installation went very smoothly and the back up and support has been great,” he adds. After only a few months Harris is pleased with what the Yawei offers Ace. “The Yawei has reduced our lead times, increased flexibility in production planning and broadened the range of

products we can offer our customers. Also, the speed and accuracy of the fiber laser means we are saving huge amounts of production time.” As an added bonus, the purchase of the fibre laser was supported by the state government through its LIFT programme (Local Industry Fund for Transition), which specifically caters to ex automotive companies to support them in their transition to developing non-automotive business and provide employment for qualified employees exiting the automotive sector. Applied Machinery: 03 9706 8066

3D Manufacturing Solutions 3 & 5 axis CNC machine sales and service, Custom thermoformers & vacuum formers, Tooling supplies, Software solutions.





AUSSIE COMPANIES INNOVATE WITH GERMAN LASER TECHNOLOGY The demand for surface repair of large metal parts drawn from a wide range of heavy industries such as mine drilling equipment, structural aircraft parts, industry rollers, pumps, compressors, hydraulic values, turbines and so on has been matched with the rise of local companies offering effective surface engineering solutions. Across Australia a number of companies offer repairs using Laserline laser systems to clad damaged and worn areas. Intensive wear and tear in harsh conditions results in damaged parts and reduced efficiencies, with large parts not only expensive to replace, but factoring in the costs of downtime can have severe economic consequences. Laser applications for surface engineering in steel, aluminium and other metals provides stable pore-free and crack free finishes with additional benefits of extending the life of the repaired part beyond its original projected operational life. These successful repairs can be attributed to the German manufacturer of the diode laser systems, Laserline, which recently celebrated 20 years of research and development into the use of lasers for joining and cladding. Laserline founders, Dr Christoph Ullmann and Volker Krause, originally set out to build a better diode laser for industrial materials processing than those then available. And they succeeded They didn’t just create a reliable

laser system, they provided a solid base for businesses at the local level to carry out their own research and development to better meet the demand for repairs across a range of Australian industries. Companies that have installed Laserline systems have embraced the challenge to meet demand, establishing their own R&D to come up with uniquely tailored solutions for their Australian customers. For example, combining laser cladding with highpressure thermal spraying to deliver

high-quality repairs and prolonging the operational capability way beyond the initial part life.

breakthrough seems to remain in the pipeline for quite a while. And certainly, function as a team and try to get through the ups and downs together.”

It is true that adopting new technologies requires change, adaptation and perseverance. And finding surface engineering solutions to reduce costs and maintain functioning parts is a challenge.

It seems this Laserline ‘can-do’ attitude is being embraced among a group of SMEs across Australia. Raymax Applications is the Australian distributor for Laserline.

Understanding this, the founders of Laserline have offered some words of support based on their experience: “Do not be irritated when the great

Raymax Applications 02 9979 7646

Save Time on Quality Control Advanced Production line leak tester • • • • •

Graphical colour display for visual leak detection Built-in data logger and digital barcode interface for tracability Integrated programmable I/O Bench-top mounting Leak sensitivity: 0.1Pa or 0.01mL/ min

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Global Technology, Local Support 30




TRAFFIC BARRIERS REINFORCE SAFETY CULTURE AT LOSCAM Loscam is one of Australia’s longest standing supply chain solutions companies, having been founded in 1942 under the name LTC to reflect the names of its founders. The Loscam name was adopted in 1957, by which time the company was a major manufacturer of wooden pallets. While today the company’s ownership may have changed and its range of solutions has expanded considerably to include other returnable packaging systems, wooden pallets still play a major role. Loscam’s Australian pallets are predominantly manufactured in Victoria using sustainably sourced local pine timber. After use, each pallet is returned to Loscam, checked for damage and repaired if necessary before being put back into service. The scale of this inspection and repair process is immense for AsiaPacific’s largest pallet pooling company,

and so Loscam operates a string of facilities around Australia to service the requirements of more than 3500 customer companies. The newest of these facilities opened late last year on a 4-hectaire

site at Erskine Park in Western Sydney. The 4400m2 depot can store up to 300,000 standard Australian pallets, and processes them through its inspection and repair process. That level of throughput involves

considerable vehicular traffic, both outside and inside the depot, with lift trucks used to load and unload outbound and inbound semi-trailers and Continued Next Page

AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA EXCLUSIVELY FROM 250kg or 500kg capacity Rechargeable Li-ion batteries Stepless variable speed LED load display with overload buzzer warning


Complete with carry case

The battery hoist works easily with any Bomac Engineering crane Jib Crane    Gantry Crane     Monorail Crane     Mobitrac Mobile Crane     

APRIL/MAY 2018 2018





Continued from page 31

to move stacks of pallets between the yard and the destacker repair line. Loscam sets great store on its health and safety performance, and the company employs health and safety experts to continuously monitor and improve health and safety standards through regular risk assessments, audits

and training. So when the new depot at Erskine Park was being set up, great care was taken to design the site so that pedestrian and vehicular traffic would be properly segregated to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted interaction.

Natasha Robertson is State Manager for NSW and ACT at Loscam, and has responsibility for the Erskine Park site. Before the Erskine Park depot had been completed, she was visiting a Loscam customer’s recently established distribution centre at nearby Huntingwood and was immediately

impressed with the newly installed A-Safe safety barriers. According to Natasha Robertson: “Seeing the A-Safe iFlex barriers in the flesh was an eye-opener. I liked the safety qualities they provide – both visually and physically – and I particularly liked the fact that they don’t break and

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! On-line sales: Email: Phone: 1300 717 769










TACTILE 300 x 600 PADS








against the A-Safe barriers, they have withstood this without damage while preserving the integrity of the pedestrian walkways they are designed to protect. And the only maintenance required has been to wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove sawdust and other airborne dust that has settled on them. Natasha Robertson sees the A-Safe barriers as an integral part of the safety culture at Erskine Park, and says: “Visually, the barriers provide unambiguous guidance as to where pedestrians should go and vehicles should go. For a company like Loscam that takes safety very seriously this fits very well with our culture.” therefore don’t require replacing for every impact.”

a safe and protected facility throughout. Manually operated gates are included to alert pedestrians when they are about to cross a vehicle route.

“Once I saw them in action, and saw videos of the impact tests they survive I realised that they would be perfect for Erskine Park,” she added.

There is also an additional installation of heavy-duty A-Safe Atlas traffic barriers in the yard to protect the site’s gas supplies from manoeuvring vehicles.

The A-Safe Australia team supplied and installed iFlex three-rail barrier throughout the facility to segregate vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and ensure

All iFlex barriers are manufactured using the company’s Memaplex plastic



to provide industry-leading workplace protection. On impact, they absorb kinetic energy, dissipating it through the barriers before flexing back to their original shape. They are also self-coloured, and so need minimal maintenance and no painting. In the first six months of operation of the Loscam Erskine Park facility, there have been no safety incidents to report. While some materials have been pushed

TWO-WAY LEARNING at the Live Action Theatre. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Bullying in the Workplace

All your OHS questions answered live

COLLABORATE & engage in the


Education Program

“Their performance in deflecting and absorbing energy in the event of an impact is amazing. But we’ll be more than happy if that aspect is never put to the test at Loscam Erskine Park,” she concludes.


A-Safe Australasia 02 9625 8927



with the latest policies, equipment and safety standards



All the latest cutting-edge technologies in

companies with new offerings for workplace health & safety professionals.






(03) 9596 9205

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ORGANISER PIONEERS INTERACTIVE APPROACH TO WH&S EVENT When Marie Kinsella says she is “excited” about the forthcoming Workplace Health & Safety Show (to be held in Melbourne on 23rd and 24th May), you get the impression that something different is about to happen.

“that people today are very time-poor. And that is why we have put together such a packed schedule of interactive experiences to run alongside the exhibition and the free educational programme - there’s almost too much going on!”

Kinsella is a veteran of the Australian trade show scene, and held her first safety exhibition as far back as 1998. Now, as CEO of International Exhibition and Conference Group, she is pioneering a new interactive approach to the “traditional” safety show that goes beyond basic OH&S.

Kinsella is justifiably proud of the interactive theatre programme that will be pioneered at the Workplace Health & Safety Show, including an interactive discussion on sexual harassment in the workplace in the light of Melbourne’s infamous Robert Doyle case and a live “Ask Renata” session with the Victorian Trades Hall Council’s legendary Renata Musolino.

“We have to appreciate,” she says,

She is also excited about the position of the show as the official exhibition of #Safetyscape, which comprises week-long programme of events, workshops, forums, seminars and conferences. “We’re talking big numbers here,” she says, “because #Safetyscape exposes us to a whole different range of industries.” While she concedes that the “oldstyle” trade show has been severely impacted by modern media, she firmly believes that it does still have a role to play. “There’s nothing better than meeting face-to-face,” she says. “You can discuss your needs with suppliers fully interactively

and feel and touch the products – you just can’t do that online.” “And with so much going on in the exhibition, the educational programme and the interactive theatre, we don’t want just one representative from each company’s safety team to come to the Workplace Health & Safety Show. We want the whole team!”

LIVE THEATRE ADDS TO WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY SHOW APPEAL A new interactive Live Theatre Programme is the latest innovation to be added to the experience at the Workplace Health & Safety Show, to be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th May. The programme features a variety of sessions, from a Q&A with the Victorian Trades Hall Council’s legendary Renata Musolino (of “Ask Renata” fame) to two sessions devoted

to live product demonstrations from exhibitors including Premium Health and St John Ambulance Vic, with interactive showcases of some innovative ways to make the workplace safer. The Live Theatre Programme will kick off on the first morning with a pretty hot topic “Lessons from the Robert Doyle sexual harassment case” featuring former City of Melbourne councillor and Crikey founder Stephen Mayne, the Australian Local Government Women’s Association’s

sexual harassment activist Nikki Keating, and a special guest who has experienced harassment first-hand as part of an interactive panel. The discussion will encompass how widespread harassment has become, the roadblocks for people who’ve been harassed and how complaints should be handled.

Also of note on the second afternoon will be a discussion on ergonomics programmes in which Ted Dohrmann from Dohrmann Consulting will share some lessons learned from when it all went wrong.

SHOW’S EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME COVERS HOT TOPICS IN HEALTH AND SAFETY Topics from mental health to forklift safety will feature among the 14 presentations within the free education programme for the Workplace Health & Safety Show 2018. Running over both days of the show (23rd and 24th May), the programme will see industry professionals shed light on the most urgent mental issues in the workplace, plus novel technologies, and everything in between.

how to identify symptoms of stressed or anxious staff, and how to talk to team members who may be suffering.

The free education programme comprises two streams. The Health Hub will tackle issues on how to keep staff happy and healthy. And the Safety Hub will explore the forefront of safety solutions with the latest industry technologies.

Day two of the Health Hub on Thursday 24th May will begin with the question “How do you build psychological safety?”, followed by “How to implement a sustainable system to tackle sprain and strain injuries” and concluding with “Men’s health and wellbeing – looking after your employees”, which promises to provide invaluable insights on how to better look after male employees, with practical advice relevant to a man’s personal and work life.

The Health Hub will kick off on Wednesday 23rd May with a presentation on “Managing stress and anxiety – ways to help your team”, which promises to explain



Further presentations will cover “Mental illness – knowing your rights as an employer”, “How to keep your staff healthy” and “Basic understanding of leg health and how it impacts your employees”.

The Safety Hub begins on the first day with “How does work safety impact performance, profit and culture?”, which will include a brief introduction to the new ISO45001 standard, followed by “Get to know your safety risks on a first name basis – how technology is driving a change in safety”. Day one of the Safety Hub concludes with a presentation from Richard Miller, Technical Chair of the Working At Heights Association, on “The WAHA industry code for height safety installations – a pathway to higher quality standards”. The Safety Hub continues on Thursday 24th May with a presentation from Craig Williams, the Engineering and Technical Manager of the Australian Industrial Truck Association, covering “New developments in

forktruck safety – discover why Australia is leading the world”. This will be followed by the ever popular Sarah O’Leary of myosh with “Create, share, and manage site inductions and training with online learning”, and conclude with John Darcy, the OHS Manager for the Master Builders Association of Victoria, with “Fully immersive simulation training – what it is and why it works”. The Workplace Health & Safety Show will be at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 23rd and 24th May 2018. The Workplace Health and Safety Show 2018



FIBREGLASS STAIR NOSINGS OFFER THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS One of Floorsafe Australia’s strategies has always been to give customers what they want, and in choosing stair nosings, on many occasions price has a major part to play in the decision.

Equivalent and But nowvehicle Floorsafe hasspeed taken the



advantages of both products and combined them into one competitively priced product. 6 tonne

mph impact

Deflection at Max Energy 15° Lean moulded, the base is overlaid with two layers of chemical-resistant polyurethane coating. A 30# grade diamond aluminium oxide granule is also added giving the new product a superior uniform finish. Colour choice is another advantage. Floorsafe holds stock of safety yellow, black, white or grey, but can produce any Australian standard colour on request. According to Floorsafe’s Philip Zagni: “The extra strength, improved chemical resistance, colour choice and its improved enhanced finish will combine to make this product very popular.” Floorsafe 1300 717 769


The new Fibreglass Plus stair nosing Impact on Bollard has 90° the same 4mm fibreglass base, and is produced in 3620mm lengths. Once


erial Properties

perature Range

-10°C to 50°C

on Temperature

h Point


370°C to 390°C 350°C to 370°C

15° A-SAFE Bollards are a multi-functional product used extensively in industrial, commercial and public environments. Designed to protect structures and equipment from impact damage, and provide a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide vehicles and pedestrians. Dimensions (mm)

Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE Base 230 bollards permanently reinforce a driver’s attention to safe driving and can also act as guidance along traffic routes.

Not Hazardous

mical Resistance

Excellent - ISO/TR 10358

Floorsafe Australia to innovate How thecontinues energy from aorganise vehicle thering Stability 5/5* for steps, stairways and in safety products the quickest Tested Impact Energy y Scale) is calculated walk areas, and its latest innovation isimpact a range turnaround Stability 7/8** Fine Line stair nosings. Wool of Scale) time for c Rating dispatch. - 1016 Ω all-aluminium These are1015 attractive ace Resistivity) Equivalent vehicle and speed According to nosings with No standard countersunk ene Seals Floorsafe founder holes for easy installation. They come hering scale 1 is very poor and 5 is excellent Philip Zangi: “To stand still means to go with heavy-duty fibreglass fixing tape to stability scale 1 is very poor and 8 is excellent mph backwards, and our customers both new and secure the insert over the fixings. impact 6 tonne existing constantly and justifiably expect only 90° Impact on Bollard Since increasing the range of antithe best professional and friendly advice, slip safety products, Floorsafe has seen quality, value, and most important to know significant sales growth, making the company they are getting the very best service so their mpact Zone one of the biggest suppliers of stair treads, order will be delivered on time.” 750mm Bollard Options tactile indicators and safety grip tapes in Impact Test Properties Material Australia. The company maintains a large If required, Floorsafe can also organise stock of products at all times which enable it Temperature Range -10°C to 50°C installation of its safety products through a to service the requirements of large orders A-SAFE Bollards are a multi-functional product Standard Yellow Max Energy (Joules) at 90° Ignition Temperature 370°C to 390°C nationwide team of installers. RAL 1007* used extensively used in industrial, commercial and which others cannot supply.

5,400 Joules



½ Mass x Speed 2 =Joules


Deflection at Max Energy

Floorsafe’s 15° Leannew warehouse facilities allow the company to quickly cut stair nosings to customer-specified lengths, pack large ordersColour into protected wooden crates and Combinations


*Please note that the RAL and PANTONE colours listed are the closest ourways match to standard A-SAFE colours, . osts but may not be exact matches of the APRIL/MAY 2018 actual product colour and should be used for guidance only.

Forc 55kN


Flash Point 350°C to7548* 370°C PANTONE public environments. Force to Bolt 55kN Toxicity Not Hazardous Floorsafe Designed to protect structures and equipment from impact damage, Chemical Resistance Excellent - ISO/TR 10358 a robust physical presence to prevent access or guide 1300and 717 provide 769 Weathering Stability vehicles and pedestrians. (Grey Scale)

A-Safe 200 Australasia Pty Ltd


02 9625 8927

Standard Grey RAL 9007* PANTONE Cool Grey 5*


Strong, durable and highly visible, A-SAFE bollards permanently Light Stability reinforce a driver’s and Scale) can also act as7/8** Postattention to safe driving (Blue Wool guidance along traffic routes.

A-SAFE Headquarters 1015 - 1016 Ω

Static Rating (Surface Resistivity)



5,400 Joules


Max Energy (Joules) at 90°


Although the standard fibreglass units offer cost savings and a no rust advantage they do not have the same quality and performance values compared with a metalcoated stair nosing. A finished fibreglass product with its anti-slip finish can look very uneven and rough. It has very limited Tested Impact Energy chemical resistance and is only produced in either yellow or black.

Impact Test


The company’s standard fibreglass nosing has been a very popular choice over the past two years due to the fact that it is half the price of standard aluminium nosing, saving of up to $20 a metre on a manufactured safety made metal tread nosing.

½ Mass x Speed





By Peter Mellett

On a recent holiday tour of the Apple Isle, I was fortunate enough to mix a bit of business with pleasure by visiting Huon Aquaculture’s salmon farming facilities at Hideaway Bay on Tasmania’s South east coast. I wanted to see how the company had utilised a series of air compressors in their operations. These compressors were from Southern Cross Compressors Australia, a client company of mine, and I was to write a short piece on their use by Huon. As I was travelling with wife Jenny and another couple of friends, Huon kindly arranged for the four of us to take a tour of the whole farm - both land based and on the water. On arrival, we were highly impressed from the outset by the reception area overlooking the bay and also by the reception we got from the Huon staff and especially Leigh Savage, (Marine Development Manager) who was to be our highly informative and amicable tour guide. From the comfortable reception area we looked out over the land-based operations and to the water where we could see floating salmon pens and a few boats going about their business. Little did we know the insight and experience we were about to embark on with Leigh.

device was operated from within the workboat at a computerised workstation any high tech games wiz would be proud of. This obviously high investment in such technology heralded the eye-opening experience we were about to encounter. Fortunately, we were blessed with fine, calm weather (not the norm according to our hosts), and the ride across the open sea and around many salmon pens saw us arrive at a large ‘feed barge’ well anchored centrally among the pens. We were then escorted, minus boots, on board the barge to where all sorts of pipes, cables and instrumentation streamed off the aft along a ‘backbone’ that connected about a dozen pens to the barge. So where are the fish? Unfortunately the first sight of salmon was dead fish (or ‘morts’ as they are affectionately titled by the industry) dropping into a tank from a duct that came along this backbone. These morts were being extracted from the bottom of the pens and delivered to the tank where they were crunched up for environmentally safe disposal. No one was pleased with this wastage but

apparently they account for less than 1 per cent of the total fish population in the pens (probably about the same attrition rate as for wild fish). This attrition can be caused by raised water temperature and other natural factors. Leigh told us that Huon is constantly researching ways to reduce this loss and how the valuable fish oil and other byproducts could be extracted from this process. This was where the Southern Cross air compressors were used to power the extraction and delivery of fish from each pen. A reasonably recent innovation by Huon, the company has in fact ordered another seven new compressors from Southern Cross, which are specifically designed and encased in stainless-steel cabinets to help withstand the harsh elements at sea. The fish are also pellet fed from the feed barges through the backbone arteries by a pellet recognition technology system that is controlled by fish demand rather that wasteful spray feeding from small feed boats. I also learnt that the flesh colour is controlled by natural colouring agents in the fish food that can engender

pink to darker red flesh dependent on the requirements of any particular market. This innovative feeding method minimises any nutrient fall through, greatly reducing the possibility of contamination or damage to the seabed. If I thought the control station on the workboat was surprising, I was totally impressed by the computerised control room in the feed barge that ASIO would be proud of, with huge curved screens providing critical info on the status of the whole installation and displaying vision from many underwater cameras monitoring the fish movement in the pens. This whole operation is capable of being controlled remotely from any Huon establishment across the country. From this barge stationed nerve centre we reboarded the workboat for the return journey and to my inquisitive pleasure, we docked at a huge ‘fortress pen’ where we could walk around the floating platform and observe the large, obviously healthy salmon leaping out of the water. Apparently, they do this to clear their gills of parasites.

Leigh apologised for a short delay as we waited for another group to join us. That group of three as it turned out was led by David Morehead who we later discovered to be head of Huon’s marine operations… Well worth the wait! From the moment Leigh showed us aboard his sturdy work boat, I was impressed with the cleanliness and order of everything from the protective clothing we were issued to walking through a decontamination bath before boarding. This workboat was fitted out with an array of equipment including a compact remote-controlled submarine (Sub Flight 10K, Sperre, Rov Technology) with a robotic arm for working underwater. This





energy, oceanic motion that is paramount to salmon health and wellbeing. With current farm sites at capacity, Huon is establishing new pens at Storm Bay, well to the south of their current installations. With the new pens designed and built to withstand extreme highenergy seas, these waters and coarse sand seabed are more conducive to healthy salmon farming which will produce an even higher quality product, allowing yield growth with reduced environmental impact. Net cleaning operations were underway at this pen using submergible brush vacuums from a specialised boat that remove seaborn growths from the nets to allow constant free water flow vital for healthy salmon. These ‘fortress pens’ are a completely Huon developed innovation that incorporates a double net construction made from high grade materials that withstand the wildest, at sea conditions and deter seals and other predators from attempting to access the salmon. Fact is the seals are fast learning that they cannot get a feed at the Huon pens. This means a much safer environment for all marine life both inside and outside the pens. The covered pens also deter sea birds from landing and roosting on the pens or accessing fish food, greatly reducing the likelihood of entanglements. The Huon fortress pens are the largest of their kind in the world and carry a maximum of 1% fish to 99% water, ensuring that the salmon can swim and school in a near to natural conditions. To give you an idea of the size of these pens, they are 240 metres circumference and 35 metres deep, remaining well off the ocean floor to allow for easy, natural and effective dispersal of fish waste. These amazing constructions are built to withstand seas of up to 10 metres floating and moving in a natural, high

Huon Aquaculture has also made a huge investment in advanced salmon farming with the introduction of a state of the art ‘well-boat’ for bathing the fish in fresh water and transporting both mature fish to harvest and juvenile fish (smolt) to the pens. This ensures the fish are subjected to far less stress, thus improving their welfare and the quality of the end product. The large capacity well-boat has also reduced the high level of noisy boat traffic in the waterways and recycles freshwater to be used four times rather than wasteful single use bathing. A second such vessel is currently under order from Huon to further increase production while reducing the environmental footprint. Chatting with both Leigh and David throughout the tour gave me a deep insight into the environmental issues confronting offshore salmon farming. Both men were passionate about the company’s commitment to growth of their industry with a complete regard to such issues as seabed maintenance, water quality and community considerations. David assured me that Huon well meets and surpasses all standards imposed on the industry. In fact, the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studied (IMAS) after exhaustive tests reported that Huon’s offshore farms are having no significant or adverse effect of water quality or sediments.


Having used compressed air in its land-based operations for years, Huon Aquaculture Tasmania has successfully trialled the use of compressed air in its sea-based operations. Huon commissioned 37kW Southern Cross KHE compressors on feed barges at the centre of each major pen configuration to power the salmon recovery from pens to the feed barges. This innovation has proven highly successful allowing remote selection of up to 12 separate pens to be centrally and individually controlled. With Huon’s ever evolving innovation and development of safer and more efficient systems, management have now opted to upgrade and replace these wellworked compressors with seven new models. Working with Southern On the trip back David Morehead also explained another important Huon innovation currently under construction in a land-based salmon nursery at Whale Point. He said: “The nursery will grow fish on after they have left our hatcheries. Right now we grow our fish on land in hatcheries all over the state. We grow them to sizes of around 200 grams before they are transferred to the ocean where they will grow to harvest size.”

Cross designers and technicians, the new Huon customised compressors will feature a high level of stainlesssteel componentry and be fully encased in stainless-steel cabinets to better weather the extreme offshore conditions encountered in the salmon farm environment. According to David Morehead, General Manager of Marine Operations at Huon: “After experiencing the reliability and efficiency of the older compressors, we had no hesitation in working with Southern Cross to replace them with new KHE series compressors adapted specifically to our needs. We would expect the new compressors to serve us well into the future.” Southern Cross Compressors 1300 098 901 information I would gather on such a tour and our whole group was impressed with the technology, the disciplines and the constant research and development of this important industry for Tasmania and the whole country. We all agreed that we would never look at a pack of salmon the same again. The Huon investment in the industry is incredible… so what’s the price of fish?

This new nursery will mean that the time growing salmon spend in the sea based pens will be reduced from 15 to 12 months meaning they will be less exposed to biosecurity risks and predators, it is a safe working environment for employees and all effluent will be reused and recycled. I never envisaged the sights and





CHINA EXPANDS WASTE IMPORT BAN The Chinese Government has doubled down on its import restrictions for recycleable and waste material, building on its previous bans to include more categories of items. In 2017, China placed an import ban on 24 kinds of solid waste, which it had previously imported from dozens of other countries and processed in recycling facilities. The ban attracted criticism from exporters of recycleable waste, who decried the impact the change would have on the environment. Some Chinese companies also protested, as they stood to lose easy access to cheaper and more environmentally friendly recycled materials. Despite protestations, China is adding 32 more types of waste to the ban list; half of them at the end of 2018, and the other half at the end of 2019. Justifications for the ban, and the expansion, cite the environmental impact

of accumulating waste products, and the sometimes-toxic byproducts of processing certain recycleables. Despite this, others have said that this reduction will have an increased environmental impact, at least in the short term. "The new restrictions, just like the old restrictions, are poorly considered measures that will worsen the global environment and China's competitiveness," said Adam Minter, author of "Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion Dollar Trash Trade". The US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries said the measures announced this week will impact about $400 million of scrap exports from the USA to China. "We remain concerned about the effect these policies have on the global supply chain of environmentally friendly, energy-saving scrap commodities," the institute's President, Robin Wiener, said in a statement.

Ragazzini Peristaltic Process Pumps Ragazzini Rotho Peristaltic Pumps are at the cutting edge of “Hose Pump” design and have the features to make pumping easier. They consist of an elastomeric tube that is squeezed along its length by rollers that push the fluid contained within.

Advantages: No seals Easy hose changes Early leak detection No messy lubricants Flows 0.2 to 180,000 l/h Run dry without damage Food Grade Hoses available


By Samantha Cross

As a manufacturer looking to increase profitability, or a valued supplier in the product supply chain, are you actively connecting and collaborating with others to achieve greater commercial, social and environmental outcomes? If not, why not? To help organisations to take part in the emerging circular economy, I recently developed and co-facilitated the inaugural Circular Hub Forum held last month in the Hunter Region. This innovative, crosssector collaboration approach provided the opportunity to connect more than 85 organisations, including industry groups, businesses, manufacturers, council, government and research organisations, keen to progress a circular economy in the region. Forums such as the Circular Hub allow businesses to engage and hear first-hand the journeys and successes of SMEs and others keen to share their knowledge. This ranges from explaining exactly what the circular economy is, identifying examples of initiatives underway and real opportunities for organisations to increase local resilience and tap into support (both funding and research related) to progress new manufacturing opportunities. As a manufacturer have you ever been part of a cross-industry networking collaboration event to identify green manufacturing opportunities for your business or to close the loop on wastes generated in your processes? There is a myriad of networking forums across the states, and no doubt specific industry groups which relate to your business. However, to successfully participate in the circular economy, it is the ability to identify cross sector collaborations that challenge the status quo that is of paramount importance. Many in the know are now seeing the benefit of collaborating with research organisations such as universities and CSIRO to introduce and test new ideas and tap into additional research, technologies and capabilities. The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) recently collaborated with the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technololgy (SMaRT@ UNSW) to host a panel discussion and forum on Green Manufacturing and Micromanufacturing models to coincide with global recycling day. 02 9898 1800



UNSW researchers are developing global award-winning suite of technologies that are turning the notion of recycling on its head, diverting materials otherwise destined for landfill,

while also building a new and highly lucrative green manufacturing sector in Australia. The core aims of the SMaRT Centre are to develop novel research for sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, build industry partnerships to activate research for real world impact, and to disseminate green materials and manufacturing technologies that benefit industries, local communities, and enhance sustainable economic growth internationally. In late March, Cross Connections also participated in the collaborative Business Environment Network (BEN) Waste Forum hosted by the Hume City Council. BEN’s focus is on exploring ways to reduce operating costs and their impact for participating organisations. Forums such as BEN, the Circular Hub and Green Manufacturing showcase local examples of innovative ways manufacturers are embracing new opportunities to realise economic, social and environmental benefits through participation in collaborative projects and new models that focus on rethinking waste as a resource. There are compelling reasons for your business to connect with others, foster crosssector collaborations and rethink waste to solve local waste problems. To quote Albert Einstein: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them". If you would like to be connected to local networking groups, tap into available resources and explore cost reductions, new feedstock for products, new technologies (including robotics) and potential new business collaborations opportunities, now is the time to act. Cross Connections Consulting



Hydro Innovations is introducing the Venturi Aeration line of wastewater treatment products to Australia after their successful application by food processors in the USA and Europe. The Venturi Aeration aerators are used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp pumps, and can be mounted on the banks of basins and lagoons instead of needing to be installed within them.

and to reinstall the repaired pump at additional costs on each occurrence. As one or more of the submerged pumps was failing at least once if not twice a year, the company began to look for a more viable aeration, mixing and equalisation solution to keep them in compliance.

The facility environmental engineer decided to replace the existing aerators A short case study is available with a Venturi Aeration Model VA-1400 from Hydro Innovations describing the aerator and a T8 Gorman-Rupp pump. conversion of an aeration system at a The venturi aerator was designed to soup production facility that has resulted handle 82L/s. This allows the contents reme accuracy, speed consistency of cut, combined with very low operating in annual operating cost savingsand of more of the EQ tank to be recirculated four than $112,000. new laser is the perfect toperiod, take your low business to the next level. during away 24-hour racy,Yawei speedHLF andfiber consistency of times cut, combined withachieving very operating greater oxygen transfer and better The system hasis improved the overall way HLF fiber laser the perfect to and take your business to the next level. equalisation. EQthe tank new performance ollar, HLFtoisproduce in a clearer leaguemixing of its own, opening up possibilities for companies

effluent,cutting controllingsector; odours, settling he start-ups through toand fullcooling production, 3-shift With better circulation ew laser HLF is in the a league offrom its own, opening up possibilities for companies solids, cooling water and hydrolysing in the EQ tank the fats, oils and grease is nts. oils and greases them to through to full production, 3-shift ttingfats,sector; fromcausing start-ups

floated for separation and treatment and is not being discharged with the effluent ity German built Precitec auto-focus cutting IPG laser source, Siemens to the local treatmenthead, works, reducing The former system was to add surcharges. fully annealed frame it really is a cut above ntroller and a fabricated, stress-relieved dissolved oxygen to mix and equalise float for better removal efficiency.

n built Precitec auto-focus cutting head, IPG laser source, Siemens the contents in the EQ tank using plant was able to achieve a d a fabricated, stress-relieved fullyThe annealed frame it really is a cut above

submerged aerators. The addition of the dissolved oxygen would cause fats, oils and grease to float so they would not be discharged with the plant’s effluent into ormation: the publicly owned treatment works.

6 8066 The submerged aerators were also supposed to provide cooling of the influent process washdown water (at around 40°C).

The aerators had been in operation for several years and were not achieving the desired conditioning objectives. Further, whenever one of the submersible pumps plugged or failed, the company had to rent a crane to remove the pump for repairs and then had to use the crane for removal, repair


$6000 annual energy cost reduction, an $89,000 annual reduction in chemical costs, a $12,000 annual reduction in non-compliance charges, and further maintenance cost reductions.

The facility environmental manager now has a system that allows him to achieve his discharge permit parameters and he has less Connect concernwith overus socially maintenance issues and costs. Connect with us socially

The complete case study is available from Hydro Innovations. Hydro Innovations 02 9898 1800

22/12/16 9:27 am 22/12/16 9:27 am




FLEXIBLE LED DOCK LIGHT AIDS PRODUCTIVITY, SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY motion-sensing auto-dimming feature senses when a forklift or person exits a trailer and automatically dims the light to reduce glare. Finally, the light incorporates a dimming feature that recognises when the light has been on for more than 30 minutes, with no activity in the trailer, and automatically resets the light to its lowest setting. All these features help to reduce power consumption, while offering more lighting options for loading dock operators.

Arbon Equipment has a novel solution to lighting a trailer or container at the loading dock. The Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED dock light incorporates Flex Neck technology, which gives it unprecedented flexibility and adjustability. “There has been very little innovation in LED dock lights since they were initially introduced,” says Arbon General Manager Lee Lorenc. “We wanted to offer something new

to the market that addresses the unique demands found at the loading dock.” The Flex Neck features a multiarticulating arm made from moulded nylon links. The links offer multiple bend points for increased flexibility at the loading dock. The bend points can be easily modified in the field to address unique needs, or to cope with obstructions that may be encountered at a dock opening.

The links can be tightened, if necessary, to eliminate the sagging that often occurs with traditional metal snake arms. The Flex Neck LED dock light incorporates a variety of additional safety and energy-saving features. There are four different settings with visual indicators to clearly identify the current level of lighting, allowing users to select the desired level of light output. In addition, an optional

The Flex Neck LED dock light incorporates an impact-resistant cast-aluminium head designed to take incidental impacts from forklifts and overhead doors. The light uses CREE LEDs that consume just 18W of energy while outputting 950 lumens. The light is rated for 175,200 hours of service life. “When it comes to flexibility, energy efficiency and lasting durability, the Flex Neck is the new standard in LED dock lights,” says Lorenc.

Arbon Equipment 1800 1 ARBON (27266)

EMERGENCY LIGHTING LEADS IN STANDARDS COMPLIANCE The Cortem EXEL-L series of emergency LED lights from NHP are certified to AS 2293.3, making NHP the only supplier in Australia and New Zealand to offer Ex-certified emergency lighting with AS 2293 certification, as now mandated by the National Construction Code. As part of the certification, the EXEL-L series now comes with photometric classification data (C0 and 40


C90 values), which provide guidance in the lighting design process, and also passes the stringent charge/discharge requirements of AS 2293. Compliance testing to AS 2293.3 is currently underway for the remainder of NHP’s extensive range of hazardous area LED lighting products.

NHP Electrical Engineering 1300 NHP NHP


Australian made led lighting solutions primary applications

The Aqualuma advantage Aqualuma’s vast range of Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting products ensures we have a product to suit your requirements. Our Australian made & Warranted range of luminaries guarantees a high quality premium product with world-leading energy efficiency and optical capabilities. To view the full range of products and find out how Aqualuma can help your conversion to LED, visit

>>warehousing >>manufacturing >>exterior / canopys >>cold rooms >>big box retail >>Petrol Stations >>Food Preparation areas >>sports

veet & ipart

approved standard optic

aisle optic

Food Safe

FPG Canopy

124 Siganto Drive, Helensvale, Queensland, Australia 4212 Ph: 1300 14 55 55 | | WWW.AQUALUMA.COM



Less than a decade ago, fluorescent lighting was considered the state of the art for warehouse lighting. Now, LEDs offer improved light quality and significant energy savings. Metcash is Australia's leading wholesale distribution and marketing company specialising in grocery, fresh food, liquor and hardware. The company’s massive Huntingwood NSW distribution centre in Western Sydney comprises more than 77,000 square metres of ambient and temperature-controlled warehouse storage areas and 5500 square metres of corporate office space. When it opened in 2012, the distribution centre set a new “best practice” standard for green industrial

facilities in Australia, receiving 4 Star Green Star – Industrial Design v1 and 4 Star Green Star – Industrial As Built v1 ratings.

tube fixtures within the ambient grocery warehouse and external metal halide floodlights on the perimeters of the warehouses.

However, such has been the progress in energy-efficient lighting technology since 2012 that last year Metcash called in Aqualuma to upgrade the lighting within the distribution centre. The objective was to reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving lighting levels.

The upgrade saw more than 5500 T5 fluorescent tubes and 70 floodlights removed and recycled.

During September 2017 more than 900 Australian made Aqualuma highbay LED light fixtures were installed at the Metcash Huntingwood distribution centre. These replaced and upgraded the original installations of fluorescent light

The project was a resounding success from its conception right through to completion. All deliveries were sent on time, and the installation was completed well ahead of schedule by Lan Installations. The results have been spectacular. “The improvement to the quality of lighting is outstanding and clear for all to see,” says Metcash Maintenance & Facilities Manager John Tanti. The energy savings are just as

impressive. The fluorescent lighting in the warehouse was rated at a little under 300kW with all lamps at full power. The replacement LED highbays consume less than 115kW. Outdoors, replacing the metal halide floodlights with LEDs has reduced the full power drain from 16.8kW to 9.6kW. Also, around 70% of the new fixtures have integrated motion sensors to enable “on-demand” lighting that provides further substantial energy savings. In the words of John Tanti: “The Aqualuma products were the obvious choice compared to their competitors, based on functionality, simplicity, extended warranties and overall appearance. Plus the additional benefits of significant savings on power consumption and virtually no ongoing maintenance costs mean that moving forward it’s a winner.” The icing on the cake for Metcash was the significant government rebate provided by accredited certificate provider Energy Conservation, which managed the creation of energy savings certificates. The NSW Energy Savings Scheme recognises Aqualuma as an approved LED brand that can attract a financial reward. Aqualuma 1300 145 555





OPERATOR INTERFACE IS READY FOR INDUSTRIAL INTERNET The new GE Quickpanel+ range of operator interfaces is available now from Control Logic, fully equipped with highperformance computing technology that is rugged, flexible and upgradable. Available with screen sizes from 6 to 15in, the QuickPanel+ integrates process control, view, and an option to run an embedded data historian for improved real-time control in one complete

unit. All models support all five IEC programming languages: relay ladder, sequential function chart, structured text, instruction list, and function block diagram. They also support a wide selection of controllers and I/O from multiple vendors. The wide-screen-format highresolution display provides vivid, clear images that enable enhanced process

visualisation. And it comes with inbuilt PC functionality such as remote desktop, web browser, built-in peer networking and FTP and HTTP servers.

Control Logic 1800 557 705

ONE CABLE GLAND SEALS ALL COMMON CABLE SIZES The latest addition to the Pflitsch blueglobe series of cable glands from Treotham Automation features a special sealing insert made from high-grade TPE that allows a single cable gland to accommodate a far wider range of cables.

automation, machine construction and electrical engineering applications. And, thanks to the special insert, the glands still provide IP68-level sealing at 15bar. The required seal size can be set in seconds with no need for special tools.

As a result, the M25 size cable gland can be used with cables with diameters from 6 to 20mm, thereby covering all the cables most commonly found in

The new glands also provide very high strain relief up to class B as defined in EN62444, removing the need for additional safety measures to



prevent cables being pulled out in most applications. The new M25 cable gland is available in AISI 303 and AISI 316Ti grade stainless steel, and is approved for operating temperatures from -40 to +130°C. Slit versions of the new sealing insert are also available to accommodate preassembled cables.


Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64

pvc strip swingflex traffic impact hygienic hospital cleanroom high speed efaflex coldsaver insulated security carpark foldup mining hangar

doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors doors Aust wide 1800 281170 DMF International Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned family business, celebrating 50 years of door manufacturing in 2017. We are specialists in climate control and high speed security door solutions, and flexible PVC door products. With Australia wide service and export to over 10 countries, our experienced approach ensures the best design solution for any application. Call us today for free design assistance . . . . .





AGILE ROBOTICS DRIVES DEMAND FOR SUPER-FLEXIBLE CABLING times about its own axis. The amazing thing is not the sheer extent of the torsion angle, but the fact that this movement is possible over many years with no deterioration in properties. This particular cable is qualified for a minimum of seven million cycles, proved by tests at the Lapp testing centre, which is currently being extended for even more dynamic movement tests. Another special robot cable is certified for over 15 million cycles and, with +/-720°/ m, allows two turns about its own axis per metre. To create cables capable of handling such extreme loads, the Lapp engineers have to dig deep into their box of tricks. For the cable discussed above with a +/-1000°/m torsion angle, for example, braids made of a special copper alloy were used. They retain their minimum electrical resistance even when bent or twisted and after a large number of movement cycles. If cabling systems stop working, machines and robots stop too, says Simon Pullinger, General Manager, Lapp Australia. Here, he explains how new generation robotics are demanding new generation nimble, flexible and mechanically acrobatic cabling solutions. It's a time of revolution in industry – automation, digitalisation, Industry 4.0 are just some of the current buzzwords. Robots are becoming more compact and agile, so cable manufacturers like Lapp Australia have to design cables that meet the growing requirements of a dynamic market. Robotics is an area that is developing rapidly. Worldwide, growth in the installation of industrial robots has been 16 percent per year on average since 2010, with annual growth forecast to be 13 percent by 2019. Sectors like manufacturing, materials handling, machine building, food and beverage, rail, and resources are swiftly catching up to automotive first adopters of agile robotics technology, as well as use in consumer electronics increasing particularly sharply.

out, but today they are taking on new tasks – and these change more frequently than before. The variety of movements involved means that the loads on certain components are increasing, particularly the cables. They perform torsion and kinking movements, frequently a mixture of the two, and with different bending radii and torsion angles as well.

Standard cables often unsuitable Lapp has numerous robust cable types in its standard range that have been used for many years on robots and have performed reliably without failing. However, these standard cables are not necessarily suitable for special applications such as those outlined above – and these applications are on the increase. This is where cables uncompromisingly tailored for the specific use come into play. For cable manufacturers, robotics can be seen as the supreme discipline.

As part of this trend, increasing numbers of small- and medium-sized producers are investing. And the manufacturers of robots are responding with new models that are more compact, more versatile and last longer.

The most important difference between robot cables and conventional moving cables is that the former have to withstand both bending and torsion over their entire service life, and in development they are designed fundamentally differently to a power chain cable, for example. There are four key parameters.

In the past, robots would be replaced when a product generation was phased

First, robot cables should have at least class 6 conductors, which are designed



for continuous movement in line with the standard. Lower classes are less suitable, or totally unsuitable. However, sometimes even braided conductor class 6 is not sufficient. For cables that need to be highly bendable and twistable, Lapp uses braids outside the standard in which the individual wires are just 0.05mm thick, considerably thinner than the thinnest braided wires covered by the standard. The torsion angle is also critical. A typical value is +/-360°/m, which means that a cable can be twisted one full revolution to the left and once to the right about its axis per metre of cable length. This applies to cables without shielding. With shielding the value is typically +/-180°/m (or half a turn per metre). Ideally, the bending radius should be between four and 7.5 times the outer diameter and thus in some cases lower than for cables that are only subjected to occasional movement. This allows the cables to be coiled in tight radii and in tightly packed hose assemblies. For some applications, even these properties are not sufficient. For these, Lapp supplies special cables qualified for even higher torsion angles, including a cable for 3D laser welding robots that allows torsion of over +/-1000°/m. This means that the cable can be twisted almost three times about its own axis. This is unique worldwide. But for the robot concerned it is definitely not overkill, as the robot arm moves completely freely in three dimensions, twisting several

Sophisticated construction These properties can only be achieved with a sophisticated and complex cable construction. There are several factors that can be influenced. Stranding types: Bundle stranding is usual for robot cables, with the individual conductors combined in one or more bundles. These cables withstand both bending and torsion. If the electrical properties demand it, for example for data or servo cables, cables suitable for use on robots are stranded in pairs. Core insulation: The insulation of the cores has to be able to withstand several million movement cycles. The best solution is a thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE. Sliding support elements help the components in the cable to move against each other with as little friction as possible. They also act as filler to make the cable circular. Sliding supports can be stranded plastic fibres that fit into the gaps or voids between the cores. Correct placement of these filler fibres requires a high degree of knowhow. Thicker cores are often wrapped in a polytetrafluoroethylene or polyester film fleece wrapping to make it easier for them to slide against one another, particularly under torsion. Shielding: Tests have shown that under torsion the gaps in the braided



application. Although some of these hybrid cables are 30mm thick or even more, they take up 30 percent less space than laying individual cables.

Outer sheath: Here, as in many industrial applications, the material of choice here is the very robust polyurethane (PUR). Thinner is better

As the requirements for robot cables are so diverse, extensive tests are unavoidable for the manufacturers. However, many cable suppliers also have high minimum order quantities, in some cases several kilometres. In the case of Lapp, sample lengths starting at 100m are possible. This enables manufacturers to carry out tests without having to spend a lot of money on the cables.

Robots and other machines continue to get smaller, and so designers are increasingly looking for space savings in the cables. Hybrid cables are becoming more popular, combining all kinds of cables such as power, data and signals, in some cases also hoses for pneumatics or the air or protective gas supply. shield increase in size over time, because the small wires that make up the braid are pulled apart by the torsion and break over time. This pushes up the contact resistance, which has a detrimental impact on the desired shielding effect.

Above around half a million torsion cycles, spinning with copper wires is superior to braiding. All the wires point in the same direction and the contact resistance hardly changes over the service life.

For example, Lapp has developed cables for a welding robot that contains dozens of cores for power, signals and Industrial Ethernet in a single sheath. Without this hybrid cable, the customer would not have been able to realise this

Lapp Australia 1800 931 559

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John Sharp offers guidance on the correct use of cable carriers.

Don’t overfill a cable carrier While it may be hard to leave seemingly available cable carrier space unfilled, overfilling a cable carrier can obstruct free movement. Cables that do not have room to move properly will interfere with the movement of the cable carrier. Additionally, if cables become caught on one another and bind, jacket abrasion can be significantly increased. There is also a greater chance of electromagnetic interference when power and data cables are positioned close together. As a rule, we recommend you space all power and data cables as far apart as possible in order to best prevent EMI.

and rub against one another, the harder, more resilient material will gradually wear down the softer jacket, leading to failure. While PUR and TPE jackets have similar wear characteristics and laying these types of cables together is not a problem, mixing PVC and PUR jackets is not recommended. If jacket materials need to be mixed in the same carrier, then ensure that the jacket materials are rated for cable carrier use. Rubber or thermoset jacket materials tend to have tackier surfaces and will bind inside cable carriers, and are therefore not recommended as outer jacket materials when using a cable carrier system.

Get the right cable carrier length Provide proper strain relief To prevent unnecessary downtime, any cable management system needs to be properly specified, designed and installed. Taking care of the basics in the beginning can prevent major dramas later on, such as loss of continuity, insulation damage, mechanical deformation, or EMI problems, later on. Today’s cable carriers are capable of longer travels, faster speeds, and higher loads than ever before. And these factors make it even more important to get it right first time. As a 25-year veteran in e-chain sales, I can confirm that most of Australian industry pays no regard to the filling inside an energy chain. If it physically fits it’s good to go, right? How many times have I heard my customers say “why is that chain so big?” Follow our recommendations below and you may have a cable carrier system that outlasts the machine.

Maintain interior separation Interior separators and shelves are crucial for keeping similar cables and hoses compartmentalised. When separation is not used, cables can cross over one another and become tangled. The clearance height of a 46


compartment with several cables and hoses shouldn’t be more than 1.5x the diameter of the largest cable or hose. Cables with wide differences in diameter should be laid in separate compartments. Cables and hoses with incompatible jackets should also be separated. The maximum cable or hose diameter corresponds to the inner height of the selected cable carrier, with additional minimum clearance. We recommend leaving a 10% clearance surrounding electrical cables, and 20% clearance surrounding hydraulic hoses. The faster and more frequently a cable carrier operates, the more important the exact positioning of the cables and hoses inside. For high-speed applications faster than 0.5m/s, or for high cycle applications with over 10,000 cycles per year, cables or hoses must not be laid on top of one another without horizontal separation.

Distribute the weight evenly Cables and hoses need to be laid inside a cable carrier so that they are able to move freely without exerting tensile forces along the radius. Unevenly distributed weight can result in a cable carrier that is too heavy on one side, which can disrupt movement and cause the carrier to tilt, potentially interfering with the work area.

Without the proper strain relief, there is no way to control the length of the cable inside the carrier. As the cable carrier moves back and forth, the cable will pull into the carrier and bunch up, causing premature system failure. Points outside the carrier, such as connectors or end termination points, will also absorb all mechanical forces. Typically, round electrical cables should be secured with strain relief at both ends. In exceptional cases, the cables may be fixed with strain relief at the moving end only. We recommend a gap of 10-30 times the cable diameter between the end of the bend radius and the fixed point.

Install cables along the neutral axis Correctly strain relieved cables will position in the neutral axis of a cable carrier. The cables should not be pulled tight against the inner radius or pushed against the outer radius. Strain relief should be properly installed, and then tested in both the extended and the home position.

Avoid putting dissimilar jacket types together If the outer jacket of cables/hoses have different coefficients of friction

If the cable carrier’s length is miscalculated, then the full range of movement could be compromised. Pulled or stretched cables can result in conductor breakage. To properly calculate the length of an Energy Chain cable carrier, use the following equations: LK = S/2 + K or LK = S/2 + ΔM + K If the fixed end is located in the centre of travel, the cable carrier’s length, LK, is calculated by using half the length of travel, and adding the value K for the bend radius. Placing the fixed end in the centre of travel is the most cost-effective solution, as it requires the shortest possible cable carrier and cable/hose lengths. When the fixed end is not located in the centre, the offset mounting value (∆M) must be added. Clearly, cable carriers are used in an enormous range of applications. That’s why Treotham Automation offers a free consultation services for customers and potential customers. Just provide the cable requirements of the application, and we will send our recommendations quickly, with no strings attached. John Sharp is National Sales Manager at Treotham Automation.

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AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 CLASS 1






AUSTRALIAN MADE CAMPERS SET STANDARD FOR QUALITY AND RELIABILITY Camping is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, and Trayon Campers has been helping Aussies camp their way around Australia for almost 25 years. The company prides itself on understanding exactly what it takes to explore the roughest of landscapes with a camper. Since 1994 Trayon has been handcrafting its lightweight freestanding tray-back ute campers for adventurers who want to travel to some of the most remote areas around Australia and the world. The company uses only high-quality Australian materials and experienced local staff to build its slide-on campers at its base on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. While the idea of a camper on the back of a ute may seem to be a particularly Australian concept, Trayon’s campers are not unique, and there are competing brands from outside Australia. However, the company is quick to point out the Australian Made advantage, and has become something of an evangelist for the Australian Made Campaign, using

the logo to help convey its story to its customers, and instil trust and credibility in the Trayon brand for first-time buyers. Vernon van der Walt is Manager of Trayon Campers. He says: “Australian products are subject to high standards for build quality, safety and product testing – higher than many other countries around the world.” “The Australian Made logo provides added assurance that products meet those standards, because they need to be certified to be able to carry it.”

cannot match the ease of access to support and product services. “Trayon has contacts for help based all over the country, and when you’re deep in the Outback, being able to rest easy in that knowledge is extremely valuable.”

“Furthermore, when it comes to a high-risk product like a camper which you really need to be able to rely on when you’re far away from home, the security that comes from knowing the product is Australian Made, to last, offers great peace of mind,” he adds.

Vernon van der Walt is also keen to highlight the bigger picture, including providing the local community with employment opportunities, and helping to retain and develop the specialised skills required to make a camper in Australia. And he reckons the Australian Made logo helps showcase that side of the business too.

Comparing the warranties provided by domestic suppliers against their international competitors, van der Walt says Australian manufacturers have the advantage, because importers simply

“If you buy one Trayon slide-on camper, you are helping to employ around 190 Australian workers, for different amounts of time, over a two and a half month period,” he says (including those

employed by Trayon’s suppliers). “By retaining these jobs, we are fostering a strong and unique Australian skill base and contributing to a successful, robust economy.” Trayon has certainly played its part in developing the economy. Late in 2017, the company celebrated the delivery of its 1000th ute camper, and acknowledging that its customers do occasionally find themselves in unfortunate situations in the middle of nowhere, donated all the AU $40,500 proceeds from that sale to the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Trayon Campers 07 5476 5355

AUSTRALIAN MADE LOGO TO DRIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT The Australian Made Campaign has signed up Economic Development Australia (EDA) to help strengthen the connection between economic development professionals and local growers and manufacturers.

Campaign Associate, EDA will facilitate access to Australian Made Campaign resources for economic development professionals and coordinate events to keep members informed on current initiatives and opportunities.

EDA is the peak national body for economic development practitioners, promoting economic development through state and national events, professional development, advocacy and member support.

EDA joins councils from all over Australia in integrating the Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo into economic development communications. Iconic Australian production cities from Ballarat to Blacktown strengthen their advocacy and ‘marketing toolkits’ for Australian growers and manufacturers via their relationship with the Australian Made Campaign.

The new alliance was announced at the annual Australian Made Campaign Supporters Forum, where council mayors, CEOs and economic development professionals discussed the positive impact ‘buy local’ policies and messages have on the economy and the community, and developed tactics to help businesses leverage countryof-origin and localised branding. In its role as an Australian Made 48


EDA Executive Officer, Jacqueline Brinkman, said: “The partnership between EDA and Australian Made is a fantastic way of demonstrating how effective regional branding and marketing can drive economic development.

EDA Director David Power seals the deal with Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison

“EDA represents the professionals working with industries and communities across Australia to drive economic development, and they are ideally placed to leverage the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo as a key competitive advantage for Australian exporters. “EDA looks forward to working with the Australian Made Campaign, and through this partnership, helping to increase the competitiveness of Australian businesses and drive economic growth.” Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison pointed out that

the two organisations share the same goals of driving business and jobs growth, and reinvestment in the local economy and community. “The Australian Made Campaign looks forward to working with EDA to support economic development professionals,” said Harrison.

Australian Made Campaign 1800 350 520


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Manufacturers often rely on leak testing as a benchmark to verify that a product is manufactured to the required standard. The leak testing process can be used to detect manufacturing defects, ensuring the integrity of the product and improving the consumer experience. Leak tests can take the form of either a pressure decay test or a destructive test. These testing procedures can detect a variety of problems post-production, such as cracks, defective materials or even a blockage in a completely assembled product. The most common issue in industrial leak testing is to achieve reliable results and good process repeatability, which are all based on the test method implemented in the process. They heavily impact capital expenditures and operational costs and should be carefully considered when purchasing leak testing equipment. Conventional leak testing procedures are also time-consuming and heavily operator reliant, which adds more to the cost. And with manufacturers producing billions of products, slight errors in the leak testing process can result in a huge loss of revenue and ultimately hurt the company’s reputation. Leak detection machines from Furness Controls have been specifically designed to solve these issues, and are based on technology developed from low-frequency microphones, which enables them to detect even the tiniest leak. This is particularly suitable for testing of precise component that require a higher degree of accuracy,

such as medical devices and automotive parts. Bestech Australia offers a wide variety of production line leak testers from Furness Controls, ranging from the basic FCO 730 to the latest high specification FCO 770. They are ideally suited to bench-top mounting or could also be integrated into an automated assembly system where multiple test devices may be required. These versatile units feature a user programmable I/O function that removes the need for a PLC system, reducing capital expenditure and system complexity. The FCO7xx series offers single or multiple test methods with test pressure from vacuum up to 30bar. They also have superior leak sensitivity to detect as small as 0.01Pa or 0.01mL/min. The high-end FCO750 and FCO770 models offer customised graphical display of test progress with built-in data logger, allowing in-depth analysis of test results. These features allow for system traceability, which can assist in continuous improvement programmes. Multiple communication options include RS232, RS485, USB and Ethernet, and the FCO770 incorporates a remote display feature. Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100


TIME GENTLEMEN TIME GENTLEMEN Time is fast running out for Small Business to


Time is fast running out for Small Business to take advantage of the Government’s instant full take advantage of the Government’s instant full depreciation, on business capital purchases up depreciation, onGovernment’s businessinstant capital Take advantage of the fullpurchases up to advantage $20,000 ofper new or used. Take theitem, Government’s instant fullThey must be depreciation, on per business capital up They to to $20,000 item, newpurchases or used. must be delivered and invoiced by 30th June 2017. depreciation, on business capital purchases up to $20,000 per item, new or used. Hurry! They must delivered and invoiced by 30th June 2017. $20,000 per item, new or used. Hurry! They must June 2018. be delivered and invoiced by 30th be delivered and invoiced by 30th June 2018.


IN ! W O O G N 350 Units Under $20,000 2 Y D A E R & K C O T S IN $ Units NOW 350 ER $20,000Under 20,000

D N U S 335500 UUNNIT N ITS U DER 20,000


* *

350 IN STOCK & READY 2 GO! 350 IN STOCK & READY 2 GO! Buy today and take advantage of Buy today and advantage of the $20,000 tax take rebate. the $20,000 tax rebate. Mr Turnbull will refund you (whatever % Mr Turnbull youprice) (whatever % your tax rate will is ofrefund the total anytime th of the total price) anytime your rate until tax June 30is 2017* th until June 30 2017*

Save Backs, Tax, Workcover Save Backs, Tax, Workcover IUMS EM PR D AN S M AI CL ER OV KC OR W Claims and Premiums S, TA X, D PREMIUMS SAVE BACK AN S M AI CL ER OV KC OR W X, Claims and Premiums TA S, CK

As soon as the ATO processes your Tax return. Then you can do it all again. *Subject to tax law. As soon as the ATO processes your Tax return. Then you can do it all again. *Subject to tax law.


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INSTANT ASSET WRITE-OFF SCHEME – BUY OR BYE-BYE With noises from both sides of politics about company tax reform, this year could well be the last chance for small to medium manufacturing enterprises to take advantage of the ATO’s Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme. For the benefit of those who might have forgotten, the scheme, which was originally introduced in the 2015 Federal Budget by then Treasurer Joe Hockey, allows SMEs to instantly write off any eligible asset purchase up to $20,000 value, effectively reducing the company’s taxable income for the year by the value of the asset. Originally intended to run until 30th June 2017, last year the scheme was extended for 12 months and the turnover limit for qualifying companies was raised to $10 million. And while several bodies are lobbying for the scheme to be made

permanent, the official position is that the $20,000 asset price limit will revert to $1000 on 1st July 2018. One person who has been a key advocate of the scheme since its inception is Greig Maver of Maverick Equipment. “Having operated as an SME for many years, I can certainly testify that there aren’t many Santa Claus moments. “But this write-off scheme has been one that has kept giving, enabling us and to improve our productivity by purchasing assets that we might otherwise have thought twice about and helping our customers to make decisions on materials handling equipment that is only going to improve their productivity as well. “Mind you,” he adds, “with all the political rumblings about tax reform, I wouldn’t bank on the scheme being extended beyond this year.”


Continued from cover

The unit is highly mobile, rolling on spring-loaded castors that retract as soon as the user steps on the platform, leaving a sturdy and stable base that is wider than the platform. Because of this, the centre of gravity is always within the confines of the base, meaning that the DarDeck cannot topple over as a stepladder might. Furthermore, the DarDeck features a restraint ring set 800mm above the platform (at hip height for the average adult). The ring clips into place to fully encircle the user once they have mounted the platform. And while the restraint ring is flexible, rather than rigid, it ensures that the user’s centre of gravity does not move outside the circumference of the base, removing the risk of tipping over or falling from the platform. In maintenance applications, the

DarDeck has an integrated shelf that allows the user to safely hand-off tools or goods so that both hands are free while mounting and dismounting as well as while operating on the platform. And there is also the option of a customised tool caddy. As the unit is made almost entirely from plastics it is nonconductive, and so is a safe work platform for electrical servicing tasks. According to DarDeck Safety Systems Director, Rob Campbell: “While our new pricing makes the DarDeck very affordable, the Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme provides an opportunity for companies to fit out their whole operations. And saving just one compensation claim would make it fully worthwhile.” DarDeck Safety Systems 07 5511 1411

DEPRECIATION WITH BENEFITS Accelerated depreciation for small business runs out on the 30th June 2018, but Spitwater reckons that investing in a high-pressure cleaner for your business before that date can give you depreciation with real benefits. According to Milo Gajin, Branch Manager of Spitwater NSW: “We all want the best equipment for our business and at the same time maximise our taxation benefits. “Accelerated depreciation was introduced by the government as a budget measure a couple of years ago, to boost investment by small business, to make small business more efficient and enhance business growth. “An industrial pressure cleaner, vacuum cleaner, scrubber dryer or an industrial heater

is a perfect asset to purchase to maximise the benefit to your business, from accelerated depreciation offered by the government, if you qualify,” he explains. “These types of machines are used in income generation by many small businesses and are well and truly under the $20,000 threshold,” Gajin continues. Accelerated depreciation allows small businesses with turnover up to $10 million to write-off 100% of any qualifying business asset purchased worth up to $20,000 in the same financial year (conditions apply). This incentive has been running for a couple of years but is definitely finishing on the 30th June 2018. “For example, if your business is a

transport company that qualifies, a Spitwater hot/cold pressure cleaner is a great asset to purchase,” says Gajin. “It will enable you to have your fleet spotless, comply with random road vehicle inspections and reduce your taxation liability… a perfect benefit all-round!” Spitwater machines are built tough in Australia for tough Australian working conditions and will remove heavy dirt with ease. To add even greater incentive to its customers, Spitwater is having an end of financial year sale offering Spitwater Dollars, with every machine purchase. These Spitwater Dollars can be redeemed for machine accessories and other Spitwater products. “This is why Spitwater is your true supplier friend with great benefits,” says Milo Gajin,

Milo Gajin demonstrates the Spitwater Model SW201 - a three-phase electric hot- and cold-water pressure cleaner, rated at 200bar pressure with 15L/ min flow. This one is fitted with the optional hose reel and 20m of high-pressure Forever hose.

adding: “Contact you nearest Spitwater branch or a dealer near you for all the details!” Spitwater 1 300 SPITWATER

MATERIALS HANDLING RANGE ADAPTS TO SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS MAVERick Equipment offers a range of materials handling solutions that are designed to specific industry requirements. Products such as stackers (pictured) for food processing and pharmaceutical industries eliminate the hazards associated with manual handling, improving workplace safety while increasing productivity.



The full range available includes stackers, pallet lifters, tilters and tippers, to name but a few, and many variants are available to suit the needs of specific industries.

boss Greig Maver is keen to point out, the scheme is coming to an end. “Use it or lose it,” says Maver, highlighting that the equipment must be paid for and delivered before 30th June 2018.

Thanks to competitive pricing, equipment like this falls well within the criteria set for the ATO Instant Asset Write-Off Scheme. But, as MAVERick

MAVERick Equipment 1800 500 411


Purchase a Spitwater Pressure Cleaner and earn Spitwater Dollars! Spitwater Dollars can be redeemed for accessories and other Spitwater Products.

Hurry, offer ends 30th June! *Conditions apply.

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The ATO Small Business Accelerated Depreciation Incentive Ends 30th June 2018 Don’t miss out!


W W W. S P I T WAT E R . C O M . A U APRIL/MAY 2018



AIR OPERATED CONVEYORS ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT SUIT HYGIENIC BREAKER PROVIDES APPLICATIONS SLIMLINE PROTECTION At just 6mm wide by 106mm high, the PTCB electronic circuit breaker from Phoenix Contact provides space saving circuit protection.

Exair’s new Sanitary Flange Line Vac air operated conveyors are ideal for conveying materials through systems with high hygiene requirements, such as food processing. The ISO2852compatible sanitary flanges limit areas where bacteria can grow and help prevent contamination. Flanged Line Vacs convert flanged piping systems into powerful conveyors for product, parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials. Their larger size makes them perfect for conveying bigger parts and large volumes of material over long distances.

flows on the other. The response is instantaneous, and regulating the compressed air pressure provides infinite control of the conveying rate.

Made from type 316 stainless steel for hygiene and corrosion resistance, these Line Vacs are available in 38, 51, 64 and 76mm flange sizes.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, all Exair Line Vacs are CE compliant, meet OSHA pressure requirements, and are ready to ship from stock. Other Line Vacs are available to fit hoses, tubes or threaded pipes. Many other materials are available.

Line Vac conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air to produce a vacuum on one end with high output

Compressed Air Australia 1300 787 688

The smart device protects 24V DC loads against overloads and short circuits. It can be used as a stand-alone circuit breaker or combined with the company’s Clipline DIN rail terminals and accessories for additional outputs and other distribution options. The PTCB is easy to retrofit to existing applications as it does not require additional terminals. The PTCB devices are available with either fixed or adjustable current ratings. The adjustable devices offer great applications flexibility, as they can be set between 1 and 8A. This rating can be modified during start up and adjusted at any time to respond to changes in the application. All devices come with relay status indicators with pre-warning LEDs so

that users can see the functional status of each circuit breaker. The push-in capability of the PTCB means that connecting the device needs tools and involves a lower insertion force than comparable technologies. The PTCB also offers high reliability under extreme ambient conditions. It is suitable for use in ambient temperatures from -25 to +60°C, and is shock and vibration resistant. The PTCB range includes three adjustable devices with nominal current ranges between 1 and 8A, and four devices with fixed nominal currents of 2, 3, 4 and 6A. Phoenix Contact 1300 786 411

AIR-DRIVEN POWER UNITS ARE IDEAL FOR WORKHOLDING TASKS Enerpac DuroTech Series air-driven power units promise enhanced durability and flexibility in high-cycle industrial applications and workholding tasks, including production automation. The DuroTech low-pressure power units, which use air pressure between 90 and 110psi (6.2–7.6bar), incorporate a number of features designed to extend product life and ease of maintenance. “One key feature of this product is



the reciprocating, dual ram piston pump. Every time the piston moves it creates flow, meaning less reciprocating motion compared with single ram systems, which leads to more flow and a longer life,” says Darryl Lange, National Sales Manager, Enerpac Australia and New Zealand. “Additionally, DuroTech pumps are fully serviceable, require no air lubrication, run cool and produce reduced noise levels, making them ideal pumps for workholding tasks,” says Lange.

Shop air is connected to the built-in pressure regulator where the operator can adjust the air pressure, in turn setting the maximum hydraulic oil pressure. The air is ported through a built-in air shutoff valve to the air pump. With the air shutoff valve open, the pump automatically turns on and off to obtain and then maintain the customer selected hydraulic pressure. Each DuroTech pump features a 6.8 litre all metal reservoir with easy-

access drain plug, with a heavy-duty construction, including steel reservoir and protective steel shroud. Enerpac Australia 02 8717 7200



COMPACT POWER SUPPLIES HANDLE ALL ENVIRONMENTS The Omron S8VK-S series is billed as one of the world’s most compact DIN rail power supplies, and so is ideal for smaller control panels. The compact body size enables side-by-side mounting, which enhances design flexibility and reduces installation area by 30% compared with previous Omron power supplies. Devices are available for DC inputs from 90 to 350V DC and single-phase 85 to 264V AC or DC inputs. Five models are available supporting power ranges from 30 to 480 W with 24V DC outputs. The supplies use Omron’s Push-In Plus technology for the terminal blocks, which makes wiring easy and reliable, reducing installation time and effort compared with screw terminals. The S8VK-S series complies with a wide

set of certification standards including EN/ IEC61558-2-16, and all units are certified for 3000m altitude (UL/EN/IEC60950-1 and EN50178). They also feature vibration resistance up to 5g, can withstand 95% humidity, and are internally coated to resist dust and corrosive gases. These features, together with wide ambient operating temperatures (-40 to +70°C), make the S8VK-S series suitable for operation in a wide range of environments around the world. Omron Electronics 1300 766 766


ROPE AND CHAIN CRANES AND HOISTS: • Helps reduce the risk of accidents • Protects against overloading of Crane and supporting structures • Quick and easy installation and available for all capacity cranes • Available preset or easily calibrated on site • Helps reduce maintenance costs • Minimizes down time • Automatic reset by reducing the load CONDUCTOR BAR • Available in steel and copper • Quickly and easily installed • Supports required only every 1.5m • Also available in a compact cluster range

SIDE PULL PREVENTERS/ROPE GUIDE PROTECTOR Prevents side pulling and protects rope guides and drums on most multi-fall Cranes and Hoists. • Prevent dragging of loads • Helps reduce down time.

Liftco Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd

INDUSTRIAL TRUCKS BENEFIT FROM MOTION PLASTICS Lubrication- and maintenancefree high-performance igus plastics from Treotham Automation offer a number of advantages in several areas of industrial truck design. For example, iglidur plain bearings are used for highload pivots, and chainflex cables and e-chains provide narrow bend radii and high lifting heights in the mast.

applications and have a long service life.

The reliability of an industrial truck is a critical factor: any downtime leads to lost production and therefore costs money. Therefore, robust and reliable components are needed to avoid such failures. This is where motion plastics from Treotham are used, because they are specifically designed for dynamic

In industrial trucks, the cables must be guided safely in the smallest possible space. Energy chains are ideal for this task, as they not only have a high torsional resistance and a safe interior space that protects the cables, but also are compact and allow the smallest bend radii.


This includes igus' highly flexible chainflex cables, which can be used both in the seats and in the mast. These cables are resistant to UV rays and oil, they are flame retardant and have been extensively tested in the igus test laboratory.

Freecall: 1800 LIFTCO (543826) Email: Web: Also in the cockpits of today’s industrial trucks, ergonomic seat adjustment is essential. Here, drylin linear guides provide easy and low noise adjustment of seat position, headrests, armrests and the like. The bearing points of forklifts are subjected to high loads, and are an ideal application for maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings. Some of these bearings materials are characterised by a high load capacity up to 250MPa and so are installed in bearing points for high-load rotating applications. Others have very low coefficients of friction and so are ideal

for steering column bearings or on pedals. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64




HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS: BEWARE OF INFERIOR QUALITY LOOKALIKES Enerpac reports that its Australasian service centres are receiving increasing numbers of maintenance and replacement claims for non-genuine lookalike cylinders that have broken down or worn out. The problem – which is particularly acute in New Zealand, but also encountered in Australia – often costs the cylinders’ owners double when they lose production time with the defective item, then can’t get it fixed under Enerpac warranty, says Enerpac New Zealand Hydraulic Specialist Neville Stuart. “We were surprised when the claims started happening because Enerpac cylinders are designed for lowest total cost of ownership, with quality and value built into their engineering. They are engineered not to fail. “But then we looked closer and realised they weren’t our tools, but lookalike cylinders painted nearly identically to our cylinders. All that was different on some was the absence of the Enerpac brand. “Given that bright yellow Enerpac cylinders have been known and trusted throughout

Australasia for more than 50 years, it wasn’t surprising that some people thought they had genuine Enerpac gear.

Stuart says many lookalikes have problems “under the skin” associated with poorer quality design, engineering and construction.

“Also, one lookalike range catalogue is nearly a mirror image of ours. It uses the same layout and almost indistinguishable product coding from the style used by us, the trusted market leader.”

“They are aimed at the lower end of the market, where we believe operators and businesses dependent on hydraulic tools are inviting safety and downtime risks by using products that don’t offer the same quality, traceability, performance and reliability as the branded alternative.

The lookalike situation has been developing insidiously over the past several years and is now coming to the point of legal action, which Enerpac has commenced, says Stuart. “People who buy our genuine cylinders trust us because we provide a quality product and back it comprehensively and in the field through a long-established national sales and technical service network. “There are no shortcuts with us – our tools are subject to world-class manufacturing and traceability standards. And we back them up with full warranty, plus training as required, because we are so confident in their quality, performance and reliability.”

“Companies buying in this lookalike market – sometimes unwittingly – are opening the door to costly risks when they are short-changed on quality and backup. “It’s possible that not only entire tools, but even component parts such as valves, seals, hoses and oils can be superficially replicated, and buyers can unknowingly accept these as genuine. “These anonymous components are less obviously not genuine Enerpac because you can’t see them, but they can come under great stress in hydraulic circuits and pose hidden risks to the safety of operators.

“Our own Enerpac organisation – which is Australasia’s largest supplier of highpressure tools – has encountered warranty claims on components recently from people who believed it was our product which had let them down – only to discover it was nongenuine material which had failed.” According to Neville Stuart, the costs of failure of tools can be severe: “If something goes wrong during a 100-tonne lift or pressing operation, for example, the consequences can be immediate and devastating for industries such as building, construction, civil and mechanical engineering, electrical utilities, manufacturing, mining and exploration, metal processing, oil and gas and transport maintenance.” Enerpac Australia 02 8717 7200

Alere DDS 2 TM


Mobile Test System Handheld analyzer for the rapid screening of drugs of abuse in oral fluid

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Performance independently verified by AS4760:2006 accredited laboratory Removes subjectivity from results interpretation Easy to use with on screen prompts and integrated QC Stores 10,000 results and has data management capability

Australia New Zealand

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INDUSTRIAL RESISTORS FOR MOTOR CONTROL AND LOAD TESTING Following the signing of a global distribution agreement, the full range of resistive products from respected UK manufacturer Cressall is now available from RS Components. The range includes resistors for industrial applications such as dynamic braking and motor control, as well as a range of portable load bank products. The resistor range comprises a comprehensive selection of compact IP20-rated devices suitable for a multitude of industrial applications, including dynamic braking, motor starting and stopping, equipment discharge, current limiting and test loads. The Cressall ZC range of adjustable resistor elements is ideal for both continuous and high-energy short-time duties. Manufactured from an edge-wound strip of stainless steel supported on ceramic insulators, the ZC coils offer an adjustable solution for medium current applications. ZC coils provide a modular resistor solution that is ideal for motor-control or load-testing applications. The HP resistor element range is suitable for those applications

requiring high power in a small space. The resistor elements produce virtually no audible noise when subject to high-frequency AC or chopped DC applications, and their open wire-wound construction makes them particularly suitable for repetitive short-term power overloads.



Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing to suit customer’s needsand since 1975. Protoblast Company has individual been designing manufacturing to suit Protoblast Company has been designing and manufacturing customer’s individual since 1975. • Abrasive Recovery Systemsneeds • Airless Blast Machinesto suit individual needs since 1975. • customer’s Section Blast Machines Dust Collectors • Abrasive Recovery Systems • •Airless Blast Machines Abrasive Recovery Systems Machines •toSection Blast Machines •Airless Dust Collectors The best• way prepare a surface for a •coating isBlast by using the abrasive • Section Blast Machines • Dust Collectors blasting process. Whether you need to blast castings, concrete blocks, The best way to prepare a surface for a coating is by using the abrasive screws, or steel work... The bestsurfboards way to prepare a surface fortoa blast coating is by using the abrasive blasting process. Whether you need castings, concrete blocks, blasting surfboards process. Whether need to blast castings, concrete blocks, screws, or steelyou work... Protoblast has the experience screws, surfboards or steel work... to design and supply has equipment that is fast,toefficient, Protoblast the experience design improves product saves you Protoblast has the experience toefficient, design and supplyyour equipment thatand is fast, money... year after year. and supplyyour equipment thatand is fast, efficient, improves product saves you improves your and saves you money... year afterproduct year. money... year after year.

Cressall portable load units include AC load units for testing power supplies, small UPS systems or generators and a DC range for testing batteries or DC power supplies. These portable load bank units are fan cooled, which helps to ensure a compact design..

P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 P. 1800 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box 157 Picton NSW 2571 E. P. 1800 Inter. +612571 2 4677 2320 P.O. Box772 157320 Picton NSW E. 1800 P. 772 320 Inter. +61 2 4677 2320

Cressall’s resistor and load bank products are available now from RS in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.


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INVERTER IS OPTIMISED FOR SOLAR-POWERED PUMPING Control Logic is offering ABB’s ACS355 inverter optimised for solarpowered pump applications. The low voltage AC drive is available from 0.3 to 18.5kW, and features a dual supply mode so that it can draw power from the grid if the solar supply is interrupted. Inbuilt maximum power point tracking algorithms enable it to derive full power from the PV cells when required. The ACS355 features automatic

start and stop with solar irradiation, self-diagnostic protection and dry run protection. The flow calculation function provides an accurate calculation of the flow without having to install a separate flow meter. Additionally the solar pump inverter provides a pump cleaning function to prevent solid materials from building up on pump impellers or piping. With a safe torque off function that stops the drive in case of danger and the



option to control and monitor the drive remotely, the ABB ACS355 is smart, safe and versatile. Communications protocols supported include ProfibusDP, CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet, and Modbus RTU. Control Logic 1800 557 705

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THE SCIENCE OF CORRECTLY SIZING AN AIR COMPRESSOR Specifying a properly sized compressed air system is critical for a number of reasons, according to industrial compressor supplier, Pneutech Group.

data that can be used as a baseline for calculating compressed air requirements and are therefore the most difficult to engineer accurately.

An undersized compressor will cause the system to fail. An oversized compressor will lead to excessive maintenance and energy costs. And both oversizing and undersizing can lead to incorrect capital expenditure, which is difficult for management to deal with once the equipment has been purchased.

The best approach with such facilities is to enter every proposed piece of production equipment into a spreadsheet and break it down by technical specifications. The specifications that need to be considered are:

Getting it right There are many ways and methods that can be used to determine how much compressed air is needed to supply an industrial facility. For some facilities there are simple calculations that determine how much compressed air is needed. For example, in an auto repair facility the number of work bays will determine the size. On the other hand, larger manufacturing facilities will require an analysis of the operation of each piece of compressed air equipment to determine the total compressed air requirements. New facilities New facilities have no historical

• Minimum and maximum air consumption in litres or cubic feet per minute • Minimum pressure requirements in bar or pounds per square inch • The expected daily run cycle in 15-minute intervals. It is important that each individual airconsuming element is listed separately. For example, if a paint shop has six airpowered sanders the duty cycle of each sander should be entered separately. When the above numbers are entered into a spreadsheet it can be seen how much variation there is in demand and whether or not a variable speed drive compressor should be considered. It should be noted that this method of calculation tends to result in a machine being sized on the larger side (which is better than being on the smaller side). The tendency to oversizing increases

with the number of manually operated elements in the load mix. Existing facilities In existing facilities, if the air usage in a facility is fairly stable throughout a day, simple pump-up timings and on/off or load/unload timings can be compiled and used to determine compressor system efficiency and remaining capacity. However, a more accurate method of determining the efficiency of a compressed air system is to use data logging. This uses special meters to record system pressure and electrical usage and provides hard data that can be broken down to show maximum and minimum compressed air requirements. This is extremely useful in applications with varying demand such as with multiple shift operations.







Alternatively, flow meters can be installed on individual pieces of equipment to determine their specific usage. These can also be installed on a complete system to give an instant reading of usage. With this technique it is important to have an air receiver tank strategically installed near the flow meter to eliminate peaks and valleys in the data being received. These techniques are those used by Pneutech Group to determine the right amount of compressed a facility needs before recommending a Pneutech air compressor to a client.

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NOVEL BATTERY-POWERED CHAIN BLOCK HOIST ARRIVES IN AUSTRALIA An award-winning Li-ion batterypowered chain block hoist, previously available only in the European market, has arrived in Australia. Available exclusively from Melbourne-based Bomac Engineering, the Duke hoist is available with either 250 or 500kg capacity. “As far as we know, there is nothing else like this in the Australian market,” says Bomac engineer, Tate McFarlane. “It’s been very well received and we are pretty excited about the potential for Aussie manufacturers.” The Duke hoist offers the ease-ofuse of an electric chain block hoist but with no hard wiring required. And, unlike

many hard-wired electric hoists on the market, the Duke battery hoist comes as standard with safety features such as an LED load display and an overload warning buzzer. It also offers variable speed when moving up or down. Much like using an electric drill, the amount of pressure on the trigger dictates the speed of movement. This allows items to be lifted quickly or set down slowly and gently, or anything in between. But the thing that really sets it apart is its portability. “Imagine if you could literally pack up your hoist and take it with you,” says

EASY ASSEMBLY FOR HIGHSPEED PROFINET CABLES The latest Lapp Etherline PN Cat.6A cables from Treotham are ideal for use in the machinery, plant and equipment manufacturing sectors and can be used in industrial and building networking wherever large data volumes have to be transmitted. And, at 10Gbit/s, the Etherline PN Cat.6A supports the maximum transmission rate for copper cables in an industrial environment. The cables incorporate Lapp’s Fast Connect technology to reduce downtime during maintenance and cable replacement. The Etherline PN Cat.6A Fast Connect includes a cross-separator that separates the four pairs of wires and an inner sheath so there is no need for pair screening. And, as there is no need to remove a film screen from all four pairs of wires, the cables are quick and easy to assemble.

The Etherline PN Cat.6A is available in seven versions: three for fixed installation (Type A) with flame retardant PVC sheath, halogenfree and flame retardant with FRNC sheath or with PUR sheath (halogen-free, flame retardant and with increased mechanical strength). Treotham also supplies two versions for flexible use (Type B) with PVC sheath or halogen-free and flame retardant FRNC sheath, as well as two versions for highly flexible use (Type C) with PVC sheath or PUR sheath. Treotham Automation 1300 65 75 64



McFarlane. “How would that affect your company’s ability to work more effectively on- or offsite? Or if you could easily move a hoist around your workshop to immediately deal with maintenance issues as they arise, could you keep your manufacturing process ticking along more efficiently?” Late last year McFarlane visited the manufacturer of the Duke hoist in Taiwan and was impressed with the quality of the manufacturing and the detailed testing done on every single unit. Bomac Engineering 03 9796 5300

THREE-AXIS ACCELEROMETER IS AN ULTRAMINIATURE DESIGN Billed as the world’s smallest triaxial IEPE accelerometer, the Meggitt Sensing Systems Model 35C is available now from Bestech. (IEPE devices combine piezoelectric sensors with impedance conversion electronics in a single package.) The ultraminiature design (5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9mm) and light weight (750mg) of the Model 35C makes it ideal for applications in restricted spaces, such as in automotive, aerospace, precision machinery, human body and consumer electronics, where conventional accelerometers are not suitable. The 35C accelerometer is housed in a hermetically sealed titanium case that protects it from humidity, corrosive

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materials and other contaminants that may damage or deteriorate device performance. Devices are available with a choice of sensitivities (2, 5m or 10mV/g), covering a wide variety of test applications. The superior signal to noise ratio and low-noise design provide accurate measurements. The device is both CE and RoHS certified and is environmentally safe. It comes with a calibration certificate, a removal tools and optional cables and signal conditioners for complete system integration. Bestech Australia 03 9540 5100



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Hammond Electronics has extended its power distribution range with 12 new types of rack-mounting and stand-alone 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz 10A power strips, designed for use with IEC power cords.

The Allen-Bradley SMC-50 smart motor controller is now available from Rockwell Automation with an internal bypass, providing greater operational control over motor starts and stops.

Each power strip incorporates two 10A resettable circuit breakers to prevent overloading, and both rack-mounting and stand-alone types are available with an optional double-pole single-throw green illuminated on/off switch or just a green power-on indicator light.

Soft starters traditionally use solidstate, silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs) to control voltage to the motor during startup, runtime and shutdowns. The reduced torque and current slowly introduces energy to the motor, mitigating electrical and mechanical stress to the application.

All are fitted with an IEC320 C14 inlet plug and multiple IEC320 C13 outlet sockets, making them suitable for use anywhere. The 1U rack mount units offer eight front- or rear-facing outlet sockets. The stand-alone versions are available with four, five, six or eight top-mounted outlets. The 1U rack mount units are housed in black powder coated steel enclosures, while the stand-alone versions

come in extruded aluminium cases with a black powder coated steel cover. All versions are TUV, cULus and CAN/CSA Certified to IEC 60950-1 and are CE Compliant to the EU Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU. Hammond Electronics 108 8240 2244

However, if the SCRs remain in the circuit once the motor is up to speed, they continue to consume power, generating waste heat and leading to energy inefficiency. The new version of the SMC-50 with its internal bypass will allow the SCRs to be powered down in applications that run over an extended time period, reducing operational costs by minimising excess heat buildup.


The SMC-50 smart motor controller with internal bypass offers a choice of communication modules, including EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet networks. Combined with the onboard microprocessor platform, this enables energy-monitoring capabilities and protection features that make applications easier to troubleshoot and fix. Rockwell Automation 1800 762 593

RCD TEST MODULE IMPROVES SAFETY AND PRODUCTIVITY NHP has partnered with Australian owned Rapid Test Systems to produce a novel approach to RCD testing. The Rapid Test module can be installed in both new and existing electrical switchboards, removing the need for a traditional technician test of residual current devices. The novel system allows an entire distribution board to be tested within minutes ensuring maximum safety of personnel, diagnosing problems immediately. The captured information is automatically uploaded via WiFi to a secure cloud-based reporting system. This offers easy access to test results and compliance certificates using desktop or mobile devices. Installing the Rapid Test not only removes the need for personnel to perform tests in a “live” environment, it removes the chance of human error and reduces both test time and downtime. The module can also be seamlessly integrated with NHP’s new and improved range of Concept panelboards.



INDUSTRYUPDATE.COM.AU + 61 2 9482 3733

In applications where safety and downtime are a concern, such as mining and manufacturing, the implementation of Rapid Test from NHP will not only save time and money, but will safeguard operations. NHP Electrical Engineering 1300 NHP NHP



FIVE EXERCISES TO HELP AVOID BACK PAIN & STIFFNESS Tight muscles change the way you move, can be painful and alter the pressure through the joints in your back. The looser they are the less pain you’ll have.

Whether you have a desk-based job or a manual job in a warehouse these exercises from physiotherapist Sarah Brown can help keep you pain free.

Open book stretch

Back extensions (x10) Lie down on the mat on your stomach. Place both hands under your shoulders as if to do a push up, keeping your elbows close. Gently draw your belly button into your spine, do not brace your core. Push up slowly by extending your elbows and leaving your hips on the mat. Remember to breathe. Do not hold at the top and slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. It’s important not to push the pain barrier with this exercise. It should be done gently and you should feel less pain or restriction by the 10th one.

Hip flexor stretches (2 x 30 seconds each side) These muscles are often neglected but have a huge impact on your lower back when they get tight. From the position shown, tuck your tailbone under and gently push your back hip forwards till you feel a stretch up the front of your hip.

Your mid back is notorious for getting stiff with desk based and lifting jobs. The stiffer your mid back is the more it loads up your lower back and neck. Your body doesn’t always do what’s right, it just adapts by loading up other parts of your body. Lay on your side with hips and knees bent and arms out straight. Breathe out as you move your top arm across your body and rotating the top shoulder back as far as you can. Keep your knees firmly placed on the floor. Hold for 2-3 seconds. Breathe in as you return to the start and repeat 10 times on each side.

Find those sore spots along the muscle and release them yourself using either a spiky ball or foam roller!


Get up and walk while you’re on the phone. Regular breaks from sitting are essential. Ideally, you need to stand up every 20-30 minutes. If you have ongoing pain please consult a health professional for advice

Spiky ball or foam roller (2-5 minutes)



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Sarah Brown is a physiotherapist with more than 12 years experience working with people with back pain or stiffness. She currently works both in a clinic and with the Australian Sailing and Sprint Kayaking teams. The most common injury she sees is lower and mid back pain. If you have ongoing issues please see a health professional.



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RIDE THE LATERAL FORTHCOMING WAVE WITH TEABREAK INDUSTRY THINKING EVENTS TRIVIA UPDATE 1. A poor farmer went to the farmers Which is the most common element on market to sell his corn. He had only one sack so he put barley into one half of the sack tied it in the middle and filled the other half with wheat.


2 Who were the first Australians to reach the summit of Mount Everest? 3 … and what other “first” did their climb record? 4 Which singer was born Steveland Judkins on 13th May 1950 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA. 5 Which team has won the most Superbowl titles in the USA with six? 6 Which city lies further east: Perth or Beijing? 7 Where in Australia is The Big Gumboot? 8 Who was the first Australian to win a Nobel Prize? 9 … and why does the award still hold a record? 10 Can you tickle yourself?

He found a buyer at the market who unfortunately wanted only barley, which was at the bottom. The buyer had also only one sack and he didn’t want to switch sacks as his was bigger.

How did they get the barley from one sack to the other without pouring the grain somewhere else?

2. A man dressed all in black, wearing a black mask, stands at a crossroads in a totally black-painted town. All the streetlights in town are broken. There is no moon. A black-painted car without headlights drives straight toward him, but turns in time and doesn't hit him. How? 3. A man lies dead near a pile of bricks and a beetle on top of a book. What happened?

THEY SAID IT... The best industry and political quotes of the past and present:

“Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.” Elon Musk

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford

“You might have to fight a battle more than once to win it." Margaret Thatcher

“Always try to learn from other people's mistakes, not your own- it is much cheaper that way!" Donald Trump “The punters know that the horse named Morality rarely gets past the post, whereas the nag named Self-interest always runs a good race. ” Gough Whitlam

“I don’t get the little ship thing. You can’t show up at Mars in something the size of a rowboat. What if there are Martians? It would be so embarrassing.” Elon Musk “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Agatha Christie

WASTE 2018 CONFERENCE 8-10 May 2018, Opal Cove Resort, Coffs Harbour

ARBS AIR CONDITIONING, REFRIGERATION AND BUILDING SERVICES EXHIBITION 8-10 May 2018, Sydney International Convention Centre NATIONAL MANUFACTURING WEEK 9-11 May 2018, Sydney Showgrounds SAFETY FIRST CONFERENCE AND EXPO 9-11 May 2018, Sydney Showgrounds CEBIT AUSTRALIA 15-17 May 2018, Sydney International Convention Centre WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY SHOW 23-24 May 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre ENVIRO18 CONVENTION 13-14 June 2018, Melbourne Cricket Ground SECURITY EXHIBITION & CONFERENCE 25-27 July 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre AMTIL NATIONAL CONFERENCE 22 August 2018, Leonda by the Yarra, Hawthorn, VIC ISSA CLEANING & HYGIENE EXPO 2018 29-30 August 2018, Sydney International Convention Centre ALL-ENERGY AUSTRALIA 3-4 October 2018, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

The last few months have seen the Australian manufacturing industry expand faster than ever before, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Now, more than ever, is the best time to get your products and stories in front of an eager audience. Demand is up, budgets are up, and Industry Update’s June/July edition will take full advantage of our flourishing industry. It’s also an eventful time, with plenty of people turning the page to read about the shake-ups and progressions in recycling, defence manufacturing, and political strategy that are shaping Australia. If you want to stay up-to-date, or reach Australia’s widest manufacturing audience, the June/July edition of Industry Update is the place to be. We’ll be looking back with an NMW review, and forward with a preview of CMAT. We’ll also be looking to continue our run of safety features, focusing in this edition on Safety Helmets. We’ll also be running the following special features: • Energy Efficiency • Packaging Equipment and Labelling • Heating • Robotics and Automation • Warehousing and Storage Couple that with our regular features on Industry Politics, Waste Management, Business and Finance, Education and Training, and Workplace Safety, and you’ve got an edition jam-packed with content. DON’T MISS OUT! If you’ve got editorial to send in, contact If you’re interested in advertising, contact Scott or Glyn at sales@industryupdate., or call 02 9439 1288

ANSWERS Lateral Thinking 1. They put wheat into buyer’s sack. Then they tied it and turned it inside out. Then the barley was poured in. They untied the pocket with the wheat and poured it back to the farmer’s sack. 2. It's daytime and the sun is out. 3. The man was an amateur mechanic, the book is a Volkswagen service manual, the beetle is a car, and it fell from the pile of bricks. Teabreak Trivia (1) Oxygen (more than 46%), (2) Tim Macartney-Snape and Greg Mortimer (1984), (3) It was the first via the North face and Great Couloir (now an established route), (4) Stevie Wonder, (5) Pittsburgh Steelers, (6) Beijing, (7) Tully, Queensland, (8) William Lawrence Bragg received the 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics (jointly with his English father William Henry Bragg), (9) He was only 25 at the time, and remains the youngest ever recipient, (10) Apparently not!

The SpecialiSTS in elecTronic DriveS for over 30 yearS • Repairing/retrofitting of electronic AC, DC and servo drives: OKUMA, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Siemens, Sieb & Meyer, Kollmorgen, etc. • Repairing of complex electronic boards, including obsolete boards that are no longer supported by vendors • Design and construction of multi-drive systems • Professional Control Systems Integrators • Board-certified engineers • Laboratory & Clean Room • Large Stocks of Spare Parts • 30 Years experience • Australia wide service


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APRIL/MAY 2018 ISSUE 101  
APRIL/MAY 2018 ISSUE 101