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Lazarus, come forth! DEVOTIONAL

The omens of Armageddon INTERNATIONAL

The world is scared due to several earthquakes

Another categorical argument against evolutionists: the feedback





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WITH THE GOSPEL Rev. Gustavo Martínez International President of the WMM

“And he said unto them, go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” Mark 16:15-18


n the name of Jesus Christ, I greet you, dear brother. I hope you are enjoying the blessings of the Creator and you continue growing and improving. The task the Church received from God is to reach the world with good news; for that reason, the Church should aim to reach all people around it, establishing new congregations and supporting people to travel to faraway places inside or outside the country. The dominant force in the missionary work is the local Church. If the Church is in constant growth, there will be men and women willing to go to the missionary field. All of this demands a united and voluntary effort to obtain positive results and to comply with the greatest commission. It is the responsibility of the local Church to train and send missionaries, besides supporting them economically and through prayers. One of the things that stops the missionary work is the unwillingness to serve. Unfortunately, Christians consider material things as a priority, which

is precisely the reason why spiritual things have lost value and meaning. In general, young people at the Church lean towards things that generate profits and very few are willing to serve God’s Work. Many of them are so involved on their daily tasks that they are not even willing to dedicate an hour to preach the Gospel. The missionary work should be in the heart of the Church and of every believer. The apostles were men that had the same vision of God, a great compassion for lost people and that felt human pain. They performed tasks for God and not for themselves, even so they performed it with dedication and willingness. They did not care about their personal desires; they only cared about being useful for the Lord and reaching humanity. They worked day and night because they knew by their own experience what they were preaching and feeling. Pray with all your heart, work tirelessly and with passion declaring the Lord’s victory with conviction. Amen.

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any believe that life developed by evolution, or random chance happenings, but one of the major problems of evolution deals with a principle called biological feedback or positional change caused by data return for correctional control. Where does that enter into the evolution of life? All forms of life have it! It is a design feature. Robert Elam (*)

One of the things that becomes a total contradiction to the proposition of biological evolution is the reality of feedback (the scientific principle involving sensing and repositioning by a distant controller). Engineering feedback was not described until the early 1900s; however, biological life functions have had feedback ever since the first cell was created. Engineers that design moving parts on automatic machines run into a problem called overshoot. To demonstrate, let us say that we have a machine that has a moving arm, and we desire that arm to move to a certain position and stop. The arm has kinetic energy that is created by the movement. As it approaches the desired position, let us say that we put a metal block to stop it at the desired position, the arm keeps swinging and begins to bend due to the sudden stop. This causes the arm to be stressed and causes a potential failure point. The bigger the arm, the more the stopping problem weighs into the design. Brakes were developed, but engineers still had to determine when and where to begin the stopping force in order to stop the arm at the precise moment that it needed to stop. Later, men began to build robots that needed to twist and turn. Autopilots for aircraft and boats were developed, and more and more sophisticated machines began to come on the scene. These all have desired positional stops requiring feedback. As engineering continued to develop, MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 6 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

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there arrived a need to control the movement of motors by incremental movements, parts of circular motion, or steps. These motors were called step motors or step servos. Each small step allowed the controller to place the objective part at the desired position. With these stepservo motors, engineers began to see that the limits of the movements had to be known to the operator. When computers began the task of running machines, computer programmers began to see that the real problem was not the stopping of the component in motion, but rather the damping of the “overshoot.” The problem then became slowing down the component to reduce the stress on the machine as it stops the moving component. As artificial hands and arms for machines were developed, control circuits were needed to tell when applied pressure was excessive to the product being handled, so engineers studied living arms and legs. They discovered that animals, fish, birds and, in fact, all living creatures had what are known as feedback circuits so that the brain knew where that functioning component was at all times.

The truth of the matter is that the cell’s feedback becomes a product of greater design and intellectual engineering than could ever be neatly explained by random happenings. Feedback makes the case even stronger for the all-knowing God of the Bible to have been the Creator of life.

WHAT IS FEEDBACK? A sensor control circuit returns information concerning the position and speed of a moving component in a machine to the control part. This circuit must transmit the speed of movement as well as the position of the component. This is not an easy task. There must also be a sensor that determines the stopping MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 8 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

position if necessary, and how fast the moving component should come to a stop. This requires planning and design. It is a very real engineering problem that involves minute details and controls. The sensors should allow the component in movement to approach the position slowing it down as it approaches the stop position. As it approaches the

position where it must stop, the kinetic energy must be removed from the component in motion. This requires a braking system or a reverse acceleration. Reverse acceleration is more difficult to control. Braking systems allow the component to slow down by frictional forces. This does create stress on the component that is moving, but not as much

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as a stop-block would.

MAN Motor nerves and skeletal muscles are similar in all living creatures that have them. Feedback is accomplished via a nerve connection to each muscle cell. Each cell has a commanding nerve that comes from the brain to command the

muscle cell; the cell receives instructions for contracting by means of the nerve. These nerves send the commands for how much contraction, and the feedback nerves return the signal as to how much contraction is done. At the same time, there are sensors that sense the pressure being applied to the skin and surrounding structures, sending signals

back to the brain. Some of this feedback even comes from the eyes. Even picking up a glass of water is an elegant, complex process: the eye helps us locate and recognize the glass as the object desired; the brain commands the body to position itself to pick up the glass; the arm moves and extends the hand; the fingers and thumb spread out

october 2017 / Impacto evangelistic


in order to grasp the glass; sight tells the brain that the glass is in reach and the hand then is told to close. As the fingers and thumb close around the glass, the brain senses the weight of the glass and applies the amount of pressure needed to pick up the glass. The fingers do not function as a group, but rather as individual components. The thumb works in counter-directions to the fingers. It is also an individually controlled component. In other words, the hand is not a unit that automatically opens and closes. Eyes and arm give the position of the glass as it is moved upward toward the mouth. We see the level of fluid in the glass, and the feedback information is returned to the brain to direct the glass’s tilting and positioning. Certain diseases can cause feeling sensors to malfunction, causing the person to lose the sense of pressure so that the person does not know how much pressure is being put on the glass. As a result, the glass can slip out of the person’s hand and fall on the floor. Each muscle has to have command/motor nerves and sensory nerves. The simple task of picking up a glass is not so simple when we consider the muscle functions and the pressures needed to pick it up. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 10 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

So who taught the fly to fly and be able to address the myriad of problems of flight? If feedback is an engineering problem, someone had to program the fly’s tiny brain. That is some amazing engineering!

The “secret” is in the electronic messaging of the nerves. Electrical signals are given out by the brain and so control the many bundles of muscles just to move the fingers and thumbs. All this must be controlled, and that by means of intelligence using an existing well-designed system. Feedback is essential to the operation of the body. It makes no difference what part of the body and function you desire to describe. In fact, we have to come up with an explanation as to where feedback began! The truth of the matter is that the cell’s feedback becomes a product of greater design and intellectual engineering than could ever be neatly explained by random happenings. Feedback makes the case even stronger for the all-

knowing God of the Bible to have been the Creator of life.

AND THE OTHER CREATURES? As we consider living creatures, we need to understand that all creatures have feedback controls that function perfectly.

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Generally people do not consider the problems until they see how the lack of control causes problems. Let us consider several creatures in order to understand the importance of feedback. Each one of these creatures is complex and increasing in size.

A fly has the ability to fly as well as land on surfaces. In comparing a fly to a beetle, we see that the heavy weight of the beetle makes it hard for it to land “just anywhere,� whereas the fly has no problem landing just about anywhere. The fly is able to change direction, chan-

ge speed, and to land where it desires. A fly senses food, determines the direction, and then flies until it arrives at the location. As the fly flies, it has to choose the landing spot. As it approaches this spot, it must control its speed, allowing its body to set down on the

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landing spot without overshooting it. If we were to complicate the fly’s flight by adding wind, it would have to correct the flight by visual perception and by recognition of the conditions via other sensory means such as the feel of the breeze. It would also have to adjust the speed and power given to the wings. So who taught the fly to fly and be able to address the myriad of problems of flight? If feedback is an engineering problem, someone had to program the fly’s tiny brain. That is some amazing engineering! Birds have the ability to fly. Many MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 12 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

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there seems to be a means of communication between them. Feedback is necessary to develop this communication as well. Auditory and body language transmits messages to other creatures. Both monkeys and birds can communicate among themselves. Ravens and crows are able to resolve problems and use “tools” to do tasks. All of these problemsolving abilities come from feedback. There is therefore intracellular, intercellular, physical, species, and even interspecies feedback: a mechanism that could never realistically be developed by blind, accidental processes. It is a design feature, created by God within living creatures and life-forms, from the simple to the complex. In every part of life, in every function that has been observed, we see the need and the very application of engineering design for control. No creature that is growing or is living has existed, exists, or could exist, without feedback.

Evolutionists cannot provide us with a good answer to usage of feedback and functional origin. Neither can they tell us the reason for such concurrent development within and between lifeforms. It is a fully-designed function.

it flies in order to keep out of danger and at the same time track the food that it is seeking. Watch a video of a bird tracking an insect: as the insect changes course the bird corrects its flight and changes speeds. As the bird flies it is constantly receiving feedback as it travels. This is needed in order to do anything whatsoever, whither that would be to fly a certain course, land on a branch, or pick up a worm or a seed.

have the ability to catch insects on the wing while they themselves are flying. A bird needs to have continual feedback as

WHAT ABOUT PLANTS? Plants are relatively non-moving, rooted creatures that have no “feelings,” and yet

THE BIBLICAL TRUTH Evolutionists cannot provide us with a good answer to usage of feedback and functional origin. Neither can they tell us the reason for such concurrent development within and between life-forms. It is a fully-designed function. Feedback processes, on the other hand, need better answers than the trite expression of “Mother Nature” and “survival of the fittest.” When we talk about God and His creation, we see the intelligent answer to the complex phenomena of feedback. “Mother Nature,” who does not exist, explains nothing at all. Should we not recognize the intelligence and oversight that the feedback processes evident in living creatures of all sizes and shapes clearly demonstrates? How does evolution explain feedback? It does not and cannot adequately explain it. It is a design function created by the intelligent, purposeful, almighty God of the Bible from the beginning as described in His Word. (*) www.answersingenesis.org

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DNA: God’s Information Code

DNA in living creatures shows a solid proof of a Creator. It carries information that could have never existed by natural forces; only an intelligent being could have created it.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 14 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

God, the creator of life

Many people around the world do not believe that God exists, calling themselves as atheists. Some people believe that God exists, but they have not proven His existence. And there some others, such as the agnostics, that are not sure whether He exists or not. God has something to say to those who do not believe He exists: “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse� (Romans 1:20).


Creation day night


sea earth vegetation

sun moon stars

creatures of the sea birds

land animals human beings

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ecent earthquakes in Mexico make us recall that the Earth is in constant boiling. Statistics show an alarming reality: earthquakes are more frequent and have more intensity. Why?

The planet is becoming more unstable; a big natural disaster could change the panorama of all the Earth. The fact that inhabitants’ lives have been “normal” during a long period does not mean it will always be like that, and those who ignore the current events end up asking MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 16 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

themselves “what is going on?” According to statistics, there is a significant increase in the frequency of earthquakes around the world. There are reports on earthquakes with a magnitude of six degrees or more almost every day. In addition, numerous volcanos register significant activity. With this big number of seismic phenomena, it is impossible to deny that something is happening in the depths and surface of the Earth. The question is: What could happen if the level of seismic activities continues to growth? Seismologists and volcanologists from official organizations around the world repeatedly affirm that this is “something normal”, that these are proces-

ses and they have always existed. However, during the last few years, other independent scientists hold that this increase is caused by the electromagnetic interaction of all the solar system with an object inside the solar system. The Planet 9, discovered by two astronomers, is the object responsible for the 6-degree inclination of the sun and 4-degree of the Earth. The Planet 9 or also known as Planet X could be the ninth planet of the solar system; scientists say they have found evidence of its existence. According to many astrophysicists, the inclination is something that changes the rules of the Sun, the planets and their moons, in magnetic, gravitational, geolo-



Facing the arrival of the strong hurricane Maria, which had destroyed the Lesser Antilles at the extreme East of the Caribbean, a team of Spanish scientists forecasted a strong earthquake in the northwest area of the Caribbean plate (between Mexico and Honduras) on 18 November. This turned out to be the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that destroyed Mexico D. F. the next day. In order to forecast it, the team led by Miguel de las Doblas Lavigne, Ph.D. in Geology from the Complutense University of Madrid and master of science from Harvard studied the causeeffect relations of the Irma Hurricane’s trajectory (the most powerful in history) throughout the northeastern boundary of the Caribbean plate from 6 to 8 September and the mega-earthquake of Chiapas on 8 September (8.1 magnitude). The specialist reported that the historical wave of powerful hurricanes that occurred from August to September 2017 contributed to weaken the unstable boundaries of the Caribbean plate in contact with the North American plate.



gical and atmospheric aspects. For this reason, many volcanos begin their activity in different countries and parts of the world, which is now becoming common, frequent and even “normal” news for many people. A few weeks ago, people started talking about the huge risk that the supervolcano Campi Flegrei represents, which is under the city of Napoli and has begun to show signs of erupting. This would mean a catastrophe of unspeakable dimensions that could shock the world.

In the United States, besides the famous Yellowstone, the volcanos at the west coast are monitored in order to detect activities, especially in the Mount Rainier, in the state of Washington. Scientists are now focusing on another supervolcano that is waking up in North Korea. In Costa Rica, Alaska, Guatemala, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, Italy, Peru, Nicaragua and Island, there are many volcanos currently erupting, while some other begin wake up all of a sudden.

According to the news website Volcano Discovery, there are 39 volcanos which are erupting at the same time, while 63 could explode at any moment and 12 are showing signs of activity. The USGS reports that magma coming out of volcanos is “underground melted rock”, also called lava, which “breaks the crust and comes out to the surface of the earth”. Currently, a weird phenomenon is happening; something like a pressure is coming “from bottom to top” and pushing magma through the crust in many key areas that are distant to each other around world. Long ago, the scientific community would refer to volcanos as “dead”, but now, with the current events, is not sure they can be considered so. Many of them are waking up. Therefore, is evident and undeniable that this is not a natural phenomenon occurring only in one or two geographic areas of the Earth, but apparently around the whole world.

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he world is shocked with a new massacre in United States. This time, the fateful place was Las Vegas where more than fifty people were shot by a retiree who was addict to gambling.

The relatives of Stephen Paddock, aged 64 years, thought he was ready for the calm life of a retiree. He had bought a new house in 2015 and his behavior was not unusual at all, except for his predilection to gambling. No one could have ever imagined that Paddock was going to shoot hundreds of people, causing 60 dead people. He lived only one hour away from Las Vegas where he also committed suicide after performing the worst slaughter in the recent history of USA. His brother, Eric Paddock, said he was a peaceful man that was going to move to Nevada since gambling was legal there. “He was a rich guy who liked to gamble online and to go on cruises”, he said. He also affirmed that his family does not understand how he could have done something as terrible, since he was just a regular guy. “He had no past secrets”, he added. In addition, he said Stephen had retired in Las Vegas because he liked gambling. The local Police informed that the attacker had been staying in the hotel since 28 September and that he was resident of the city of Mesquite, one hour away from Las Vegas. The victims were approximately 22 thousand people who had attended a concert of the country singer Jason Aldean at the Route 9 Harvest Festival. They were an easy target. The shooting was done from the 32th floor of a neighboring hotel, the Mandalay Bay Casino. The murderer had 19 weapons in his room. From two broken windows, he shot with rifles on tripods. The Las Vegas massacre left more dead and injured people than most of the jihadist attacks in Europe. Sixty dead people and five hundred injured are numbers seen in war bombings. Nevertheless, the president of MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 18 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia





the country, Donald Trump, does not take actions to change this situation and only affirms that what happened in Las Vegas was “very sad�. The president does not do anything, because he does not believe that having weapons is a problem, but also because a great part of Americans do not demand the regulation of weapons.

october 2017 / Impacto evangelistic



epatitis is a common disease worldwide. Even though its extent is not exactly determined, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 500 million people suffer from chronic hepatitis B or C.

Walter Menchola Vásquez (*)

Viral hepatitis is a liver inflammation due to a virus that may present in acute or chronic forms. Most of the cases are caused by five viruses (A, B, C, D and E). All of them have similar clinical symptoms, even though they are immunologically different. Their diagnosis is based on such characteristics. These viruses are transmitted by different routes. Hepatitis A and E viruses are transmitted by the fecal-oral route, when water and food that has been contaminated with feces of an infected person is ingested by an uninfected person. Risk increases with bad hygiene and overcrowding. Hepatitis B virus can be horizontal through parenteral (nonsexual and sexual) exposure to blood, blood products and other body fluids such as semen and saliva, or vertical, from mother to fetus. For hepatitis C, transmission mainly happens through infected blood or bloods products such as plasma. Infections due to hepatitis D virus occur only in people already infected with the hepatitis B virus and it is transmitted by sexual contact or exposure to blood or blood products, as in the case of hemophiliac patients or drug addicts. All these viruses cause liver inflamMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 20 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



mation, characterized by clinical symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, general discomfort, joint pain, fever and jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), clay-colored stools and dark urine; the last ones being very typical. Most people fully recover (99 %),

but a little percentage may die from fulminant hepatitis. Furthermore, infections by hepatitis B and C viruses may become chronic and cause, in some cases, cirrhosis and liver cancer. About 1,4 million people are estimated to die every year as a consequence of the different types of viral hepatitis (WHO).


Diagnosis is confirmed by tests for high liver functions, such as transaminases and bilirubin. These tests are the same for all types of hepatitis; to diagnose a specific hepatitis virus, immunological markers are required. The hepatitis A virus is detected by the presence of anti-HAV antibodies. Hepatitis B has different markers, such as the surface antigen for diagnosis, and others to indicate the degree of chronicity. Hepatitis C is detected by antiHCV antibodies and RNA, and hepatitis D, by anti-HDV antibodies. Hepatitis cases occur all over the world. Even though its extent is not accurately determined due to lack of data concerning the prevalence of the infection in many countries, WHO estimates that about 500 million people suffer

from chronic hepatitis B or C. These chronic infections are responsible for 57 % of cases of hepatic cirrhosis and 78 % of cases of primary liver cancer. Hepatitis can be prevented if safe access to food and water exists, especially for hepatitis A and E cases. There are efficient vaccines against hepatitis A, B and E. For hepatitis B and C, blood donations must be efficiently performed, and sterile material must be used. Nonetheless, prevention and awareness measures are far from being sufficient. Most patients with viral hepatitis A fully recover with no complications or subsequent effects. Similarly, in the case of viral acute hepatitis B, 99 % of patients show favorable progress and fully recover. Nevertheless, some of them may develop serious conditions, such as the elderly or people with underlying diseases. These patients must be immediately taken to a hospital. Viral hepatitis C is less serious and most of the time it shows no clinical signs or symptoms. Viral hepatitis E and A evolve in a similar way. The worst-case scenario is when viral hepatitis B and D result in fulminant cases. In patients with hepatitis B, it is important to document the disappearance of the surface antigen (HBsAG) in

order to monitor and evaluate the possibility of them developing a chronic condition, becoming healthy carriers of the disease, or developing chronic hepatitis with or without hepatic cirrhosis. For hepatitis C, chronic phase is a common situation. All patients with chronic hepatitis can be treated, but in low-income and middle-income countries, most people have no access to treatment due to the lack of tests and medical services, as well as to the high price of medicines for hepatitis. General treatment consists of rest, diet, support measures (hydration, symptomatic) and, depending on the type of hepatitis and seriousness of the case, antiviral treatments. Most patients do not require specific treatments, such as the above. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C. For hepatitis B, prevention is based on immunization (vaccines). In many countries, vaccines are included in the immunization plan, and its application is mandatory for health workers, patients of hemodialysis programs, homosexual men, drug users, among others. For hepatitis A and E, preventive measures have to do with hygiene. After using the toilet, it is necessary to wash our hands with soap and water; besides, using appropriate toilets is also important to avoid exposure to flies, which are the second source of transmission of the virus and other diseases. The first transmission agent is the human carrier who follows no basic hygiene and transfers the disease with their hands contaminated with rests of feces into the food. Washing hands prevents most diarrheic diseases.

(*) Internist, Master in Public Policy and Management

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ister Carmen Valencia de Martínez, missionary of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, shares her experiences as a pastor’s wife in a must-read book.

After 38 years of marriage and missionary work with Rev. Gustavo Martínez, International President of the WMM, servant Carmen Valencia assures that it is a privilege to serve the Lord together with the Pastor. Her passion for souls that need God led her to share the key moments of her life, since she knows that there is nothing better than testifying based on one self ’s life experiences. How did God guide you to the Missionary Work? My Christian life started when I was 12. Since very young, I was always in contact with many of the elder women of my church. I approached them because I wanted God to do something in my life. From that bond, a flame to spread His Word started to burn within me. Even though the church was small, we would preach every weekend. It was then when my love for lost souls was born. After some time, at 15, I got married with Pastor Martínez, and I had to face a new responsibility as member of the Church, which strengthened my passion even more. What was your motivation to preach God’s Word? Meeting the elders of my church really marked my life. They always encouraged me to look for the Holy Spirit’s baptism. When I got baptized at 12, I was given a deep love as well as salvation for my family. My father was an alcoholic, so we really needed God as a family. When Christ came into our home, my father changed, as well as my mother and siblings. Witnessing all those marvels of God at home made me realize that it was my responsibility to share His Word, what we received by His Grace, as stated in the Bible. When you were young, did you ever thought that you would not be able to make it because of the obstacles? Many times. Sometimes we fear that God will not use us. I used to think that God would rather use other sisters, but Foto: Winny Chávez




one experience marked me. A man of God came to my life and told me what God would do. I now testify that God’s promise has been fulfilled. No matter how many years may pass, His promises will always come true. How do these tests help us in our Christian life? Tests are precious for us. If we were not tested, we would have no experiences at all. When someone goes through a desert, they have to pray and testify. Each test, each trial will give more value to their words. There is nothing more comforting than meeting a person who is in deep pain and tell then, “I have also experienced that.” It is something that cannot be bought with gold or money. What would you say to the wives of other pastors? I am very pleased to say that women who serve God have always been a great inspiration in my life. I rejoice when I see their modesty, their abnegation, their hard work, and I feel blessed when I see them working wherever God sends me. There are very brave women. I believe that no God’s servant would be able to fulfill his ministry thoroughly if he had no woman of God by his side, because she is be his driving force, his perfect support, and together they will be blessed. That is why I encourage these women. We are in this ministry because God Ha included us in His plan, in His divine purpose. His calling means that we have all we need to make a difference and leave a mark wherever we go. We sometimes forget that many people come to the temple willing to put an end to their lives; but if we are at the door and greet them with a smile and embrace them and tell them: “God is here and He loves you,” I assure you that those words will cheer

[…]I know that I am not the perfect pastor’s wife or God’s perfect servant, because I am still learning, but I can use my mistakes and achievements to share with others.

that person up. Keep it up, women of God! The Lord’s work will never be in vain! How was the project of writing a book aimed at pastors’ wives born? Many women come to me to talk about their situation. When I tell them my story, I see how they regain their courage and strength. So I told the Lord, “Let me one day write down my experiences so that those who cannot come to visit me may at least read a piece of advice.” I know that I am not the perfect pastor’s wife or God’s perfect servant, because I am still learning, but I can use my mistakes and achievements to share with others. I wrote this book with lots of joy. It shares the words of many women of God, wives of our international officers and supervisors, very valuable women, such as our beloved sister Rita. You will find in its pages subjects such as the hardest part about being a pastor’s wife, possible mistakes as a mother and wife, the virtues of a pastor’s wife, and more. Why is the book entitled: “El privilegio de ser la esposa del pastor” (The Privilege of Being the Pastor’s Wife)? As I read the answers of these women of God, I noted a common phrase in all of them. When I asked, “What does it mean to you to be a pastor’s wife?” All of them replied, “It is a privilege.” That is the reason of the title. What would you say to the Church in these times? We are living the end of times. This is but some “extra time” He has given us out of His mercy. These days more than ever, God needs us. He needs missionaries, pastors, women and men that rise and stand their ground before the overwhelming assault of gender ideology, of vanities, of sins, as army and people of God, saying: “God is with us and we will protect the sound doctrine and we will serve God with all our strength.”

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his book is part of a series written by American author Charles Swindoll about great characters of the Bible. Its pages show the essence and example of a man who was raised from slavery by God to be a role model of faith.

unfair treatment from his family. His brothers hated him, wanted to kill him, but sold him into slavery instead. Next, his circumstances were unexpectedly restricted. HE became a slave in a land where he didn’t even know the language. One minute he was a seventeen-year-old boy with his whole life before him, and the next he was totally at the mercy of (actually property of) some stranger.

This happened to me back in 1980. I decided early in the summer to read the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation before the end of that year. I hadn’t finished even the first book of the Scripture before I met a biblical character whose life caused me to shake my head in amazement time after time. Regardless of how he was treated, in spite of unfair and erroneous accusations, even though he was rejected, abandoned, abused, maligned, and forgotten, he refused to become resentful or bear grudge or succumb to bitterness. To be completely truthful with you, he seemed too good to be real. Third book of a series written by Christian author Charles Swindoll about great characters of the Bible, “Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness” reveals the heart and mind of a man forged in the furnace of rejection, abandonment, deprivation and false accusations. He soaked in serenity and discipline while relying completely on the Lord and was greatly blessed by Him. He became a remarkable biblical character by the hand of God. If anybody knew about unfair treatment, about mistreatment, about being an innocent victim on the receiving end, it was Joseph. First, he received

THE VALUE OF LIFE Swindoll was president and is now chancellor of the Dallas Theological Seminary, and he hosts the daily radio program “Insights for Living.” In the introduction to his book, he states that Joseph is one of God’s “greatest.” Even though he suffered terrible abuse, his was above common rage, resentment and vengeance. He also says that Joseph serves as a role model of a virtue that is becoming more and more scarse: Forgiveness. Those two full years for Joseph were neither exciting nor eventful. They represented a long, dull, monotonous, unspectacular, slow-moving grind. Month after month after month of… Well, nothing. Not even the Genesis account attempts to make those years seem meaningful. Because they weren’t. That’s what it’s like when you’re in a period of waiting. Nothing’s happening! Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. On the other hand, it only seems like nothing is happening. In reality, a whole lot is happening. Events are occurring apart from our involvement. Furthermore, we are being strengthened. The book was published by World Publishing in 1998. It immediately became a valuable instrument for the

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evangelical community. Through its pages, we find a means to know about the life of the patriarch who rose from the pit of slavery to the peak of power thanks to his trust in the Lord. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Joseph knew nothing about his family. Surely, in unguarded moments, alone with his thoughts, he must have wondered about their welfare. Was his dear father still living? Were the brothers all alive; were they well? Had the famine taken its toll on them? While he was busy with this life in Egypt, carrying out his responsibilities as prime minister, his thoughts certainly returned to those simpler days of yesteryear. His main activity at this was seeing that the people were fed, and overseeing the distribution of the food in storage to many outside Egypt who came with hope for relief. To spread the value of the life of a man who has an extraordinary and positive influence in humanity and, above all, to praise the contribution to evangelical faith of one of the ancient patriarchs in Hebrew history, were the main objectives of Swindoll when he decided to tell Joseph’s life. The American author, who was born on October 18, 1934 in Texas, managed to write a book in a very moving narrative tone. Joseph’s life offers us a magnificent portrayal of the grace of God as He came to our rescue in the Person of His Son, Jesus. So many come to Him, like Joseph’s guilty brothers, feeling the distance and fearing the worst from God, only to have Him demonstrate incredible generosity and mercy. Instead of being blamed, we are forgiven. Instead of feeling guilty, we are freed. And instead of experiencing punishment, which we certainly deserve, we are seated at His table and served more than we can ever take in. For some, it’s too unreal. So we desperately plead our cause, only to have Him speak kindly to us (promising us peace in our own language). We then try to fend off His anger.

GOD’S HAND Swindoll, who has written forty books

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selling more than 5 million copies worldwide, declares that those who read “Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness” will be able to strengthen their spirit with this role model from the first book of the Bible. Similarly, he recommends believers to start thinking like he did and living like he did, and to take him as a paradigm, because he was a man raised by God to set an example. For Joseph, of course, all of that had now changed. His brothers have surprisingly reemerged in Egypt. Through an incredible series of events, we have followed with great interest he was brought to the point where he revealed his identity to them. They now knew not only that their brother Joseph was alive, but that he was the prime minister of Egypt! Even more important, they had reconciled their differences and come to terms with all past offenses since he was willing to forgive them for all the wrongs they did to him those many years ago. He told them that God’s hand was in it all, and that God’s plan was running its perfect course. Charles Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate and practical teaching of the Gospel and God’s grace. As a selfless Pastor striving for the salvation of souls, he served as preacher in congregations of Texas, Massachusetts and California. Besides “Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness”, one of his biggest success in his literary ministry, he also wrote the biographies of David, Esther, Moses, Elijah, Paul, Job, Abraham and Jesus. Despair. Triumph. Heights. Depths. Dreams. Dungeons. Promotion. Rejection. Gain. Loss. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the powerful reality of this man’s life was enough to eclipse anything you and I have ever experienced. Sometimes such contrasts cause men and women to forget God. Sometimes they become so severe and cynical that they decide to abandon old friends and turn against their own family. Not so with Joseph. Life’s extremities, rather than erasing his memories of home, only deepened them.


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opular until today, the song of Charles Wesley, written to commemorate the arrival of God’s son to earth, is aimed at children who practice Christianity.

“Hark! The herald-angels sing” 1 Hark! The herald-angels sing “Glory to the newborn king; Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled” Joyful all ye nations rise, Join the triumph of the skies With the angelic host proclaim “Christ is born in Bethlehem” Chorus Hark! The herald-angels sing “Glory to the new-born king” 2 Christ, by highest heaven adored Christ, the everlasting Lord, Late in time behold Him come Offspring of a Virgin’s womb: Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity Pleased as man with man to dwell Jesus, our Emmanuel Chorus Hark! The herald-angels sing “Glory to the newborn King” 3 Hail the Heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of Righteousness! Light and life to all He brings, Risen with healing in His wings; Mild He lays His glory by Born that man no more may die Born to raise the sons of earth Born to give them second birth Chorus Hark! The herald angels sing “Glory to the new-born king”

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THE HERALD-ANGELS SING! Published in 1739 in the collection Hymns and Sacred Poems, the song “Hark! The herald-angels sing!” is one of the most famous poems of the preacher Charles Wesley, younger brother of the English missionaries John and Samuel Wesley, the last known as the most important and creative worship songwriter of the history of Christianity thanks to his more than 6,500 compositions that he wrote during his stay in the earth to praise the glory of God. Popular until now, Wesley’s poem, which was written to celebrate the birth of God’s son, is specially aimed to children who believe and trust God. The first two initial verses of the song, result of the enormous trust the author had in God, was modified after 278 years of its creation by the pastor George Whitefield in 1753, with the objective of making it easier to remember and attract public’s attention. In 1856, the British musician William Cummings used the music of a chorus piece, composed by the German pianist Feliz Mendelssohn in 1840, to adapt it to “Hark! The herald-angels sing”. In 1946, the song was used in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a classic American movie starred by James Stewart, in which the amazing power of Christ is addressed. It is also broadcasted every Christmas eve in Dublin by RTÉ Radio 1.

SKILLED COMPOSER Born on December 18, 1707, Charles

studied in Westminster School of London and then in the Christ Church College of the University of Oxford, the oldest in the English-speaking world, where he formed the “Holy Club” in 1727 dedicated to prayers, biblical study and the discipline of mercy. On October 14, 1735, after he graduated and was ordered minister, he traveled to the province of Georgia, one of the colonies of British America, to preach the Word. Well-known for his great impact as an evangelist, Wesley stood out for being a productive poet who made use of his talent to serve God. His feelings for the Almighty were wonderfully expressed in a hymn in every important, private or public event. His conversion, Bible’s stories, the work of Jesus during his earthly life, the hope of eternal life and personal struggles of all believers were some of the subjects his poems were about. Skilled believer who was able to compose verses and hymns every day with aplomb, Charles Wesley helped the sharp rise of the congregational singing with his amazing poetic work which managed to remain thanks to a sea of everlasting melodies such as “Hark! The herald-angels sing!”. Wesley, faithful follower of the Creator, passed away on March 29, 1788, in London, after dedicating more than five decades to the service of God. In 1995, the Gospel Music Association included him in the Hall of Fame of Gospel Music.


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rthur Tappan Pierson was a servant of the Lord who encouraged missionary work near the end of 19th century. Known as the “Father of Fundamentalism,” he focused his missionary efforts on the poorest. His greatest legacy for Christianity was an army of preachers who followed in his steps. Delavan Leonard Pierson

Arthur Tappan Pierson was a warrior, and came of a race of warriors. His book of tactics was the Bible, his battles were for truth and true living, and his campaign was for the conquest of the world. Moral courage was counted of greater worth than physical bravery; the weapons of mind and spirit were more highly esteemed than those forged in earthly arsenals. As a missionary of God, he brought the Word to Scotland, England and Korea. Arthur was born on March 6, 1837, in New York. He was the ninth child of Stephen and Sally Pierson, a couple of believers with strong evangelical and abolitionist beliefs. As he was raised in a home of faith, his heart quickly approached the Savior. Under the influence of his parents, he was strengthened by the good news spread by the missionary Charles Finney, leader of the Second Great Christian Awakening in the United States, who inspired him to embrace missionary work. The Pierson ancestry was a godly one and gave promise of a goodly fruitage. The first of the American line was Abraham Pierson, who landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1639, and for forty years he was the spiritual as well as the civil leader of a consecrated band of colonists, who founded successively the towns of Southampton, Long Island.

EARLY PREACHER The earliest religious impressions of MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 30 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



hero of faith

the young boy, outside his home, were associated with the old Spring Street Church, where Dr. William M. Patton was pastor, and which was famous as an antislavery center. The boy’s thoughts were early turned towards the ministry and one of his favorite pastimes was preaching to his sisters or to a row of empty chairs. He also began to write essays and verses, many of which are still preserved. In 1848, at the age of eleven, he entered the Mount Washington Collegiate Institute. At thirteen years of age, Arthur left home, never again to return for any length of time. His parents noted their boy’s talents and tendencies and determined to follow the Scriptural injunction to “train up a child in his way,” and sent their son to attend the Collegiate Institute at Tarrytown-on-theHudson. Before his departure, his father gave him as a life motto the injunction and promise from Proverbs 3:5-6. During a night worship in Tarrytown, he publicly accepted Jesus-Christ as his Savior and decided to devote his existence to Him. In harmony with the wishes of his parents, young Pierson early decided to prepare for the Christian ministry. He entered the Hamilton College, the third most antique university in New York, on September 19, 1853. He graduated in 1857. Afterwards, he enrolled the Union Theological Seminary to finish his preparation. Pierson was licensed to preach on April 3, 1860. The following month he was graduated from the seminary and was ordained as an evangelist. On July 12 of that same year, he got married with the believer Sarah Frances Benedict, with whom he had seven children. They became a couple devoted to spread the Gospel. At that time, he settled in Binghamton for his first job for the Lord, which set the path of his missionary life.

FRUITFUL WORK On October 6, 1863, the young Reverend took over the temple in the town

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of Waterford, where he continued his fruitful work for six years. On May 5, 1869, he went to Detroit, the biggest city in Michigan State, where he performed a significant work to spread the Word in North America. This experience gave him enough recognition to be known as a great man of the Almighty. After his triumphal work in Detroit, where he stayed for fourteen years, the preacher went to Philadelphia in July 1883, which was then third city in size in the United States. He started there a revolutionary method to spread the Lord’s message. Focused on evangelizing the poorest, he formed missionary societies, established temples across the city and left the doors of his church always open. In Philadelphia, his preachings, writings and conferences gained national recognition and his name became well known throughout America. Also, during this period, he joined efforts with the evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody to spread the Word. He was also hired as editor for The Missionary Review of the World magazine and began to write books to promote missionary work that later became essential tools for the evangelical community. The next step forward was his departure for London as a delegate to the great World Missionary Conference in 1888. During his intervention, he set a precedent concerning the preaching of the Gospel and highlighted our dependence on prayers as well as on God’s Spirit guidance. Later on, he went to Scotland to advocate in favor of foreign missions.

MODEL OF FAITH After leaving his post in Philadelphia in November 1889, he went back to the United Kingdom and started an evangelical crusade. For that reason, he visited most of the Christian communities located in English and Scottish territories. Similarly, a series of biblical conferences were held in the hometowns of David Livingstone, John Paton, William Carey and John Bunyan, which interwove his MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 32 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

life with the United Kingdom forever and turned him into an example of hope for various generations. When one of his best friends, Charles Spurgeon, died on January 31, 1892, he was invited to direct the Metropolitan Tabernacle, the biggest Christian temple in London, where he stayed for two years. When he returned to the United States on February 2, 1895, he learnt about the death of Adoniram Gordon, another beloved brother of faith, whom he succeeded in the direction of his biblical school.

The preacher went to Philadelphia in July 1883. He started there a revolutionary method to spread the Lord’s message. Focused on evangelizing the poorest, he formed missionary societies, established temples across the city and left the doors of his church always open.

Apart from his contributions to missions, Pierson’s most notable influence was his commitment to the sound doctrine. In effect, when liberalism started to spread among the main denominations, Pierson joined other evangelical leaders and published “The Fundamentals,” a series of leaflets made to respond to the critics of Christianity, which were distributed for free among pastors from all over America. These publications became a series of books which are still available. Arthur Tappan Pierson, known as the “Father of Fundamentalism,” passed away on June 3, 1911 after spending his last years preaching the Gospel nonstop in different churches in the United States, England and Scotland, and after having visited Korea with his Bible in 1910. His greatest legacy was an army of missionaries who followed in his steps in spreading God’s Gospel throughout the world. His contributions to evangelical literature remain valid to date.

hero of faith

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his is the story of a man who wasted most of his adolescence and youth in the world of alcohol and drugs. He was in such a state of downfall that he even ignored his human condition and slept among the tombs of a cemetery. But one day he knew the Word and mended his way. Susan Amau Photo: Allison Alcántara and Archivo Familiar

One Sunday, while some families were visiting their lost loved ones at the Santa María cemetery, they noticed that something was moving among the tombs. Fear got the better of them. Was it something paranormal? No at all. It was Julio Lázaro (Lazarus) Láinez, a 20-yearold dirty and smelly drug addict who was living at the cemetery. Julio, also known as “Negro Lázaro”, was born in the 80s in Lima, capital city of Peru. His family used to throw big parties full of alcohol in the neighborhood of Santoyo, in the district of El Agustino. Lázaro, the oldest of three siblings, was 8 years old when he was given the job of selling alcohol. This was the beginning of his undoing. At his short age, Lázaro started to steal and drink the alcohol he sold. At school, he was a troublemaker: restless, mischievous, aggressive, but above all, a thief. Constant complaints from his classmates drove Teresa Láinez, her mother, crazy. She punished him harshly and avoided going to school out of embarrassment. His father was an alcoholic construction worker, and he was very violent towards his family. “I never understood my father,” says Julio as he remembers the days he spent without any food, forced to go down the streets to sell alcohol while his father was drinking and gambling at some casino.

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life story

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UNDOING IN THE STREETS When Lázaro was 15, he found refuge in the streets, surrounded by the lowlife. He lived in San Juan de Lurigancho at the time, the most populated district in Lima. Tormented by his memories, he gave in to alcohol and would frequently steal. His friends were the neighborhood gangsters, and they encouraged him to use drugs. He would often run away from home, not only to drink, but also to do drugs. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 36 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

In his search for stronger substances, he joined experienced and fearsome drug traffickers from San Juan de Lurigancho. Because of his youth, they got interest in him and were willing to train him and let him be part of their gang. It was a tempting offer for Lázaro, but he refused. He did not want to be simple newbie, so he looked for something else. One day, a neighbor advised him to enter the Peruvian Air Force and told him that he would be able to handle all kinds of

weapons. He immediately thought, “If I learn to use all kinds of weapons, I’ll be a better thief.” He proposed his idea to the gang and they approved. This way, Lázaro got in charge of the gang’s boss security. He was ordered to “shoot at the slightest sign of danger.” Fortunately, he never had to. In such dreadful environment, the young man wasted the best years of his life. His appearance got worse and worse as alcohol and drugs were destroying his life.

life story

a job as a bus ticket collect. He used to work at night and go back to sleep in the morning. His parents had no choice but to accept the situation. He promised to change more than once, but he never managed to do it.

LIGHT CAME INTO HIS HOME One day, an aunt gave a Bible to his father and preached the Word of God to him. His father had become an adulterer, and ruination had taken over his home. Julio Lázaro, his father, started to read the Bible, watch Bethel Televisión, be sincere with God and repent all the evil he had done in his life. God listened to his heart’s prayer and transformed him. He immediately looked for a church to attend with his wife. She was cynical at first, but decided to go with his husband and their youngest child. One night –Julio had been out for many days– his mother cried bitterly on the altar. She did not want to see her son lose his mind and soul and prayed the Lord like never before. But it was a whole different story for Lázaro. He had changed for worse. He was unrecognizable, dirty, smelly, looking like a madman wandering the streets of San Juan. People would spit at him and women would look at him and say: “Who would ever marry you? You’re disgusting! If a woman ever does, she’s nuts.” He got even more depressed.

At 16, under the effect of drugs, he cut himself on the belly to do as the others. Something unknown was taking over his life, hurting him. When his parents found out about the cut, they beat him so badly that he only grew more resentful. “I wish they had held me, told me they loved me,” he says. His father was still an alcoholic and his mother was a heavy smoker. Life had no meaning for the young man, so he got more involved with drug

trafficking: he became a drug mule. Lázaro earned huge amounts of money, but he wasted it all on his addiction. He did not want to go back home due to the constant mistreatments. His friends used to tell him, “Don’t go back there, Negro. Go somewhere else.” His addiction led him to use the drugs he was supposed to sell and to steal the earnings, so his bosses began to distrust him and fired him. With no money and no drugs, the young man got

NIGHTS AMONG THE TOMBS He did not want to go back home in such conditions, even if his parents talked to him differently now and showed him affection. While they were looking for God, he would rather stay far from home and get more and more lost. With no idea where to go, he found in the Santa María cemetery his best option. The cemetery, located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, was some hidden place undergoing repair works, with signs restricting the access. Not even the police would enter, so nobody could bother him. Evil had consumed him, he hid among the tombs to keep all the drug to himself and he slept there. He spent many years living at that ce-

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metery, until one day his friend he used to drink with told him: “Lázaro, I’m leaving, I’m tired of this life,” and left. Lázaro was now completely alone. He cried like a child, knelt and cried, “God, help me, I too want to change!” He tried to go to a temple, but everything was the same. He had a Bible, but he could not leave drugs. His chance came one day. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 38 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

SALVATION IN HIS LIFE It was 3 a.m. and Lázaro was going down the stairs of a hill to buy drugs, when half of his body paralyzed. He was taken home, and some pastor named Ramón Reyes prayed for him. He showed him the care and affection he had never been given and loved him like a father. For that reason, Lázaro decided to go

with him to Ica. His life there was wholly different. Guided by the preacher, the young man completely changed and became a loyal servant of the Lord. Nonetheless, the pastor got sick and was sent back to Lima, which would mark the beginning of new experiences. In 2014, while attending the church

life story

at Av. Wiesse, he went to visit an uncle in prison. To his surprise, despite his suit and Bible, he was arrested and accused of suspicious behavior because he was carrying a SIM card. He was immediately sent to a cell with no option to protest. He prayed to the Lord and preached in prison. With his hands held up high, he sang to the Lord and

His glory fill the place. All the criminals kneeled and asked God for forgiveness. Even the police officers were amazed by the event. After his transfer to Huaral, and thanks to God’s help, he opened a church in prison. He then understood that God had a purpose for his life. Seven months later, back in the temple in 2015, he fell in

love and married Jeimmy Pairazaman Paredes, a loyal sister from his church, who had prayed for him for many years. LĂĄzaro is now happy with his family and he has a beautiful little girl. He works for the Lord and leads a church in Cristo Rey. Nowadays, he testifies that there is a powerful God and that only He can change people.

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“And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” Revelation 16:16

Rev. Luis M. Ortiz

Armageddon is the valley on the base of the Mount Carmel, which was the scene of horrible slaughters in the time of the judges and the kings of Israel. Armageddon is once more mentioned in the Book of Revelation as the place in which God shall gather all his enemies to destroy them. “…to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty... And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” (Revelation 16:14,16) The prophet Isaiah talks about that day: “Come near, ye nations, to hear… For the indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and his fury upon all their armies: he hath utterly destroyed them, he hath delivered them to the slaughter. Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcases.” (Isaiah 34: 1-3) In the visions of John, the Apostle, that day is described as: And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs. (Revelation 14:19-20) The historian Josephus says that when Romans led by the general Titus destroyed Jerusalem in the year 70 of our era, the only thing left was the Western Wall; the blood running on the streets put out the fires in many houses. But none of the slaughters in all the history of humanity could ever be compared to the one of Armageddon. This will be the most devastating slaughter of all times. The river of human blood in the valley of Armageddon will raise until the level of horse bridles in an area of three hundred kilometers. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 40 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia




All the armies of the world, deceived by Satan and the filthy spirits, will be gathered in this valley for the battle of Armageddon. This gathering of armies on this valley has the objective of destroying Israel. And it is now that where we are observing the omens of Armageddon. Despite de

current peace negotiations between Israel and Arabian countries, the deliberate target of Arabian countries descendants of Ishmael is to eliminate and destroy Israel. The Arabs are supported by Russia, just like the Bible predicts; the Bible describes Russia as the king of the north (Ezekiel 38:15). They

are also supported by China, as the Bible states that the Euphrates river born in the mountains of Turkey and goes across more than 1,700 miles will dry up and be used as a path by the eastern armies for the gathering in Armageddon (Revelation 16:12). We must focus on Israel. The people of Israel is the prophetic clock of God. The scene is being prepared. The protagonists are taking their positions for the great battle of Armageddon. For the ones who study and believe in the Bible, none of these events will catch us by surprise. We read them every day in the Bible, and when they happen, we worship God for the compliance of his prophetic Word. When the armies of around the world gather in Armageddon and the destruction of Israel is imminent, Israel will claim God for his true Messiah, our Jesus Christ; he will show up in the clouds and he will be recognized by Israelites as his Messiah, who will free them from their enemies. This will be the second coming of Jesus Christ to the world in a physical and visible way. Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen. (Revelation 1:7) Let’s bear in mind that, seven years before the Armageddon and the second coming of Christ in a physical way, the raising of Jesus Christ’s true Church shall take place, which is composed by all the ones who were cleansed in the blood of Christ, “…of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues…” (Revelations 7:9) This is when, once the biblical prophesy takes places, the Lord will unexpectedly come for the pitiless, “like a thief at night”, but, for the Church, He shall come as a boyfriend who goes on a date. Christians live waiting for the Lord. We are alert, ready, expecting, watchful and busy with the tasks of His Work, recovering souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. During the carrying out of these worldwide events, we shall hear the words of our Master with heavenly music: “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28). The sooner, the better! Come, Jesus Christ!

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Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mountain of God, even to Horeb. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. And Moses said, I will now turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burnt. And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I. And he said, Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. Moreover he said, I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. And Moses hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God. Exodus 3: 1-6.

Rev. Gustavo Martínez

When we read about Moses’ calling in the Scriptures, we see how God used a very simple and unique way to catch the attention of the humble shepherd in the desert. We also see God’s authority to call men, as well as His authority to choose and use things that, at first sight, may look too simple to human beings. Why did God not call Moses in a way, let us say, more according to His Glory? Why did HE use an element as simple as a bush? Why did He not catch his attention through some bright light or some majestic or powerful sight that would have instantly grabbed all his attention and heart? God used something simple, convincing to the human eye, like a mere plant; He used a way different from that of men. People are used to catching others’ attention through shows and noise. Many try to entice audiences with entertainment, spectacles, smoke and lights. Some others prefer concerts, bands, modern rhythms and clothes outside of Christian life. And there are those who think that we should not speak about MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 42 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



God, carry a Bible or identify ourselves as children of God if we want to attract the masses, because otherwise we would scare them away. Moses’ experience gave him a brand new vision. In the fire, he felt God’s presence, he heard His voice and knew

about His plan. From that experience, Moses learned that (1) our biggest need is God’s presence, that (2) God uses simple things, that may mean nothing to people, in order to reach us, and that (3) his past bad experiences, like killing the Egyptian, were used by God to bring


him to the desert and prepare him for his future service. How long did it take him to learn that lesson? 40 years of his life. God took Moses to great spiritual heights. What did Moses do to deserve that? He obeyed Him, and the Lord glorifies those who willingly obey Him.

The bush burning was necessary to make him understand that he was not alone, that God was with him. Moses had a hard and complex task ahead. Going to Egypt to confront the Pharaoh was a most difficult and dangerous job to do by someone at the time.

The Pharaoh was not just another person; he was a monarch, an emperor, with the world at his disposal, with the authority to put anyone to death. Unarmed, armyless Moses went to his palace to challenge his authority, his power, his bad temper, his ego. No man, without God’s support, would have been able to do it. That is why God revealed Himself with those signs. He wanted Moses to be fully convinced that God had called him. We read in Exodus 4: 2-4: “And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it. And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand.” Moses used to carry the rod as something valuable. How many of us cling to our belongings, our accomplishments or our achievements? The Lord then asked: “What is that in thine hand?” Did He not know it? He did, but Moses was fond of it and did not want to let it go. God told him throw the rod on the ground. We must let go of what is valuable to us and put it at Christ’s disposal. Moses threw his rod and it became a serpent. Then the Lord ordered him to take it, and so he did, and the serpent became a rod back in his hand. From that moment on, it was no longer Moses’ rod, but God’s rod. “And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand” (Exodus 4: 20). “And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek: tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand” (Exodus 17: 9). God keeps looking for bushes to burn. No matter how big or small, any bush will do as long as God is with it. Because, if that is the case, His divine fire will burn and light and touch the crowds.

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A quick report of the work that Worldwide Missionary Movement is making in America and throughout the world. The Holy Bible states: “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple... And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”. (Acts 2:46,47).




ith the presence of the main international leaders of the Work of the Lord, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru held its decentralized 27th National Convention, which brought together more than 140,000 faithful. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 44 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

From September 11 to September 19, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Peru held its 27th National Convention in the cities of Chiclayo, Arequipa and Lima. The spiritual celebration was organized under the motto “Preach with Responsibility and Anointing,” and was attended by the nine International Officers of the Work

of God. For the first time, it was carried out in a decentralized way, thus making it easier for people from all over Peru to attend.

IN CHICLAYO The first meeting took place in the city of Chiclayo, between September 11 and September 13. Rev. Luis Meza Bo-



canegra, National Supervisor in Peru, welcomed more than 40,000 people at the Elías Aguirre Stadium. At the inauguration service, Pastor Gustavo Martínez Garavito, International President of the WMM, shared the good news through the message “The Responsibility in Decisions.” He emphasized, “We are responsible for the decisions we make, those that will define where to spend eternity.” In the morning, in that same spiritual atmosphere, Sister Carmen Valencia de Martínez preached “Adultery, abominable sin to God.” It was a wake-up call to take care of ourselves and fight for what belongs to us. At the night service, International Officer José Soto, Vice President of the WMM, shared the message of the Lord called “Understanding that Comes Only from the Spirit.” In his preaching, he said that the Church must have spiritual knowledge about the power supporting us. On the last day, Rev. José Soto preached again the Word of God, and he asked the Peruvian people to preach and proclaim the Gospel in time and out of time. Soon after, a missionary worship took place with the motto “Preach with Responsibility and Anointing,” by Rev. Gustavo Martínez. Afterwards, the promotion of workers was held. At this spiritual event, also children participated in a cheerful special activity for them, which was developed by

Fotos: Jesús Nimboma, Allison Alcántara, José Solis, Pablo Nimboma y Noe Martinez

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“Mi Casa Feliz”, a program produced by Bethel Television.

IN AREQUIPA From Thursday 14 to Saturday 16, the 27th National Convention was held in Arequipa, gathering more than 30,000 people at the Monumental Stadium of the UNSA (National University of San Agustín). In spite of the intense cold and snowfall, the inauguration worship was developed among songs and praises to the Lord. Pastor Humberto Henao, International Director of the WMM, shared the message “Prepare to Meet Your God, Oh Israel.” On the second day, under a shining sun, the preaching by Rev. Rómulo Vergara, International Officer of the Work, touched the Lord’s people. With the message “May I Not Hurt Myself amid the Blessing that God Has Given Me,” he emphasized the importance of integrity in the eyes of the Eternal Father. Hours later, at night, under a singular roof of red and white balloons, Rev. Álvaro Garavito shared the theme “The Responsibility of Growing Up for God and Men.” A worship for the glory of the Creator. The next morning, before the imposing silhouette of the Misti volcano, Sister Carmen Valencia de Martínez shared the message entitled “Encounters

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 46 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


with God Transform Us,” by which she stressed that men should value God’s blessing. Then, a worship was held by Rev. Martínez, who developed the theme “Responsible and Upright Leaders Wanted.” Afterwards, the promotion of workers took place. The glorious spiritual celebration was coming to an end in southern Peru. During the preaching of Rev. Garavito, the glory of God descended into the place. With the message “Witnesses of the Power of God,” the pastor emphasized that those who do not go back on their faith, even in times of suffering, have been marked by the presence of God. At the spiritual event in Arequipa, new HD technology equipment was used.


IN LIMA The first decentralized National Convention carried on from Sunday 17 to Tuesday 19 at the National University of San Marcos Stadium, in Lima, gathering approximately 70,000 people. Since the opening ceremony, the stadium was crowded by people from different parts of Peru and delegations from countries such as Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, among others. This decentralized Convention, never before held by the WMM in Peru, meant a great victory for the people of God.

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LIMA With the presence of the nine International Officers of the WMM, the third part of the mega-event began. At the first service, Rev. Rubén Concepción, International Secretary of the Work, announced the message of Salvation. With the theme “Come and I will Send You,” the pastor highlighted that the Work of the WMM moves under the will of God. Later, at the night service, Rev. José Soto ministered the Word through the speech entitled “A People that God Has Called the Church of Jesus Christ.” On the second day in Lima, CarMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 48 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 50 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


men Valencia, wife of President Martínez, shared the message of the Creator through the teaching “Under God’s Protection There Will Always Be A New Beginning.” He highlighted the unmistakable mercy of the Almighty. At the second worship, Rev. Eugenio Masías, Supervisor of the WMM in Ecuador, developed the theme “The Wounded Servant.” The preacher pointed out that, “Many people are sick in their hearts; they are resentful because God has not answered their prayers.” Hours later, among thousands of faithful, Rev. Martínez stressed that we must seek the God’s will for everything and in everything, and that we must stay where the Lord has placed us. His speech was entitled “Do We Want to Satisfy Our Desires or God’s Will?” At the opening of the third day, Rev. Margaro Figueroa, International Officer of the WMM, developed the message “It Is Written” and pointed out that nobody is allowed to take personal advantage of the Word of God. Later, the second morning service was carried out together with the promotion of workers from the Central Zone. Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra shared the message of the Almighty called “An Instrument For God’s Honor.” At the close of the spiritual event, Pastor Rómulo Vergara developed the message “Anointing and Responsibility to Achieve Victory”. In his speech, the minister highlighted that we cannot have an anointing if we do not act with responsibility. In this way, the National Convention in Peru ended with a hard missionary work that continues bearing fruit. Thousands of souls converted to Christ, sick healed and marriages restored are witnesses of the power of God. To Him be the glory and the honor forever.

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he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Ecuador held its 27th National Convention in the city of Guayaquil. A spiritual event attended by leaders of the Work.

Guayaquil, the largest and most populous city in the country, hosted the 27th National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Ecuador from August 25 to August 28. The event, held under the motto “Christ, the Only Hope,” brought together many faithful and world leaders of the Work of God. The opening took place on the esplanade of Mucho Lote, and Rev. Rubén Concepción, International Secretary of MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 52 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


the WMM, preached the Word of the Lord. In his speech, called “Architects of Tomorrow,” the pastor talked about the Church of the Lord and the people called by God to edify and grow. On the second day, at the morning service, a meeting of workers was held at the Central Church of Gómez Rendón. The service was led by Rev. Eugenio Masías, National Supervisor of the WMM in Ecuador, and Rev. Gustavo Martínez, International President of

the Work, shared the good news. In the meantime, the faithful gathered on the esplanade again. Rev. Andrés Espejo, National Officer of the WMM in Peru, preached the Word through the message “Men Reject God.” At night, Rev. Rodolfo González, International Treasurer of the Work, shared the Gospel based on Matthew 24: 13-21. On the third day, at the night service, Rev. Martínez shared the message called “The Storms in Our Daily Life,” based

on Acts 27: 9-20. In his speech, the servant urged the Ecuadorian people to be prudent and trust in the Lord. At the close of the event, the promotion of workers was held, and Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, International Officer of the WMM, had the privilege of preaching the Gospel with the message entitled “The Priestly Inauguration.” Later, at the last service, Rev. José Soto, Vicepresident of the Work, shared a sermon entitled “They Have Won.”

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ith the participation of the reverends and missionaries Rómulo and Clemente Vergara, the WMM in Equatorial Guinea held its 22nd National Convention. The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Equatorial Guinea held its 22nd National Convention in the city of Bata, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Several followers of the Lord gathered, from August 16 to August 19, to participate in this spiritual event whose motto was “Responsibility and Commitment.” MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 54 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Photos: Benjamín Engono


The event took place at the Nkua Ntoma sports center, and was attended by Rev. Rómulo Vergara, International Officer of the Work of God; Rev. Clemente Vergara, Missionary Supervisor in Africa; Rev. Edelmiro Ivina, head of the church in Equatorial Guinea, and a group of pastors from Peru, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. With the presence of the National Board of Officers of the WMM in Equatorial Guinea, Rev. Clemente Vergara opened the 22nd National Convention and shared the Gospel of God with a sermon entitled “The Silversmith’s Face through His Eye.” At the beginning of the second day, Rev. Luis Ayala, National Officer of the WMM in Puerto Rico, shared the message of God entitled “Serving God Is to Be in Contact with Him.” At night, through the message “The Visionary Must Fulfill the Vision,” Rev. Ángel Cruz, National Officer of the Work in Puerto Rico, preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The following day, at a temple in the city of Bata, the meeting of workers was led by Pastor Clemente Vergara, who shared with the Servants of God the message “But None of These Things Move Me, Neither Count I My Life Dear unto Myself, So That I Might Finish My Course with Joy.” Likewise, Rev. James Delgado, from the WMM in Peru, preached the Gospel through the theme “Characteristics of True Revival.” At the close of the event, a youth service was held in which Pastor Misael Núñez, from the Work of Peru, was the main speaker.

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he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy held its 7th National Convention in Genoa, the main Christian city of northern Italy. The Work is still growing in Europe.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 56 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

From August 10 to August 13, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy held its 7th National Convention in Genoa, the city that hosts the largest number of believers in northern Italy. The event was guided by Rev. David Echalar, National Supervisor of the

WMM in Italy, and was attended by some International Officers of the Work of the Lord, led by Rev. Gustavo Martínez, President of the WMM. At the opening, before an expectant audience, Rev. Martínez preached the Word through the message “The Sovere-


Fotos: Noemi Pacheco, Jolanda Ochoa, Michel Palacio y Scelia Vasquez

ignty of God and the Responsibility of Man.” In his speech, the servant of the Lord urged not to stop exploring the Scriptures day and night. On the second day, Rev. Carlos Medina, National Supervisor of the WMM in Spain, shared the message of God through the preaching called “Broken Glasses for Great Purposes,” based on Psalms 31: 9-22. Then, at the night service, Rev. Rodolfo González, International Treasurer of the WMM, evangelized the Lord’s people through a message based on Matthew 24: 3 about the pre-

ponderance of the Holy Spirit. The following day, Sister Carmen Valencia announced the good news with the message “Do Not Set Aside What You Have Received from God,” by which she motivated believers to continue to persevere. Hours later, at the evening worship, Pastor Martínez, who was the main speaker, delivered the mes-

sage called “We Need a Revival Sent by God,” in which he analyzed the presence of God in the rebirth of the Gospel. On the last day, Rev. José Soto, International Vice President of the WMM, shared the Word through the message “An instrument ready to serve,” based on 2 Kings 10: 15-16.

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he WMM in Haiti held its 22nd National Convention with the presence of Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, International Officer of the Work of God, who preached to the followers of the Lord. The city of Port-au-Prince, located on the Gulf of Gonâve, was the place chosen by the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Haiti to hold its 22nd National Convention from August 24 to August 27. The event was attended by Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra, International Officer of the WMM, who shared the good news with the Lord’s people. The spiritual event was held under the motto “Upright as Christ,” and gathered a large group of believers. It was broadcast to all five continents by Bethel Television, the channel for the happiness of the family, from the facilities of the Misión Bautis¬ta Evangélica del Sur de Haití (MBESH) Church, loMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 58 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

cated in the district of Carrefour. At the event, led by Pastor Jean Joseph Préval, National Supervisor of the WMM in Haiti, the main speakers of the Word of the Creator were Rev. Luis Meza and Rev. Alberto Ortega, Missionary Supervisor of the WMM in Haiti, who were interpreted by Rev. Lemète Zéphyr. It should be noted that the WMM


Fotos: Rev. Alberto Ortega

in Haiti has currently fifteen temples and four white camps. The Work of the Lord is present in six of the ten departments of the country. Next year, it is planned to cover the rest of the Haitian territory with the mantle of the Gospel. During the 22nd National Convention of the WMM in Haiti, the local ministers have undertaken to build a convention center of the Work in the city of Saint Medard, in the department of Ouest. For that purpose, Haitian pastors hope that the people of God will make their offerings to the headquarters of the WMM, located in Puerto Rico.

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he WMM in Spain held its 26th National Convention in Madrid, with the attendance of delegations of believers from France, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Finland.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 60 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Spain held its 26th National Convention from August 3 to August 6 at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium, located in the heart of the city. The event was attended by faithful from France, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and Finland and by the main world leaders of the Work of God.

At the inauguration service of the spiritual event, whose motto was “There Is Power in His Name,” Rev. José Soto, International Vice President of the WMM, shared the message “Do Not Ignore the Shrewdness of the Enemy,” based on 1 Kings 16:29. On the second day, Rev. David Echalar, Na-


tional Supervisor of the WMM in Italy, evangelized believers through the sermon “Threefold Testimony,” based on 1 John 5: 7. Hours later, at the night worship, in an atmosphere full of faith, Rev. Rodolfo González, International Treasurer of the Work of the Lord, preached the Word through a message based on Acts 1: 4. In his message “Arm Yourself with the Holy Spirit,” he emphasized that the Creator will shame the enemy. The third day began with a service where missionary Carmen Valencia, wife of Rev. Gustavo Martínez, shared the Almighty’s message “God Will Take You out of the Pit, and Set Your

Feet upon a Rock.” In her speech, based on Psalm 40: 1-2, the preacher recalled that Christ can take us very far. Then, at the evening service, Rev. Soto addressed the Spanish worshipers once again and shared with them “The Message of the Kingdom of God”. Based on Matthew 4:17, the pastor spoke about the good news of the Creator for mankind. At the close of the 26th National Convention of the WMM in Spain, Rev. Martínez, International President of the Work of God, shared the Gospel. His message, based on Psalm 119: 32-40, was entitled “How We Long for God to Enlarge Our Hearts.”

Photos: Sarai Llontop

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he WMM in Belize held its 10th National Convention and celebrated another anniversary of evangelization. The faithful were encouraged to continue persevering in the Christian faith. The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Belize held its 10th National Convention in Orange Walk Town, the land of sugar cane, where many believers praised the name of God from August 24 to August 27. Rev. Álvaro Garavito, International Officer of the Work and Missionary Supervisor in Central America, and Rev. Gustavo Chay, National Supervisor of the WMM in Guatemala, were the main preachers at the spiritual event. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 62 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

On the opening day, Rev. Garavito shared the good news of the Lord with

the faithful who came to feed on the Word of the Almighty.


Fotos: Mirthy Jiménez y Salvador Carrillo

At the morning service of the second day, Rev. Juan Chamalé shared the message of the Savior and motivated the attendees to persevere in the Christian faith. Then, at the night worship, Pastor Chay, head of the WMM in Guatemala, shared a sermon entitled “Assuming the Responsibility for Our Internal Condition.” Then, at the morning service of the third day, Rev. Ángel Barrios preached to the attendees and he challenged the followers of the Almighty to see beyond and to have a great vision. At night, during the worship, Rev. Garavito announced the good news through the message called “Practical Obedience and Knowledge of Authority.” Later, on the last day of the 10th National Convention of the WMM, Rev. Marlon Hernández shared the Gospel and highlighted that the blessing of the Lord is on its way.

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Other Events

CURACAO Campaign in Santa Martha

The WMM in Curacao held an evangelistic campaign on April 29 in Klein Santa Martha. The event brought together a large group of believers, who used the opportunity to worship God. The campaign caught the attention of the inhabitants of Klein Santa Martha, who attended the event to listen to the Word of the Lord. A group of believers sang a song to God that touched the heart of participants. Under the watchful eye of the faithful, worker Reagan Celestijn shared the Holy Scriptures. His message had a great impact, especially on first-time attendants that came to the altar to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 64 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

NETHERLANDS Baptism in Amsterdam

As part of its evangelizing mission, the WMM in the Netherlands fulfilled the mandate established by God in the Sacred Scriptures. On July 9, the Work of the Lord held a baptism campaign at the Gaasperplast Park, located in the city of Amsterdam. A group of believers descended into the baptismal waters as they had decided to devote their lives to Christ and share the good news for the rest of their days. The event, in which the Creator was praised and worshiped with great joy, was led by Pastor Sergio Veizaga, head of the church in Amsterdam. One of the new members of the WMM is Franklin Rib, who sealed in that way his union with the Lord. Then, Pastor Veizaga shared the Word of God through the message “Jesus Transforms,” based on John 4: 14. Before the baptism, a group of brothers walked the streets of Amsterdam proclaiming the Gospel of Christ as the only salvation.

HONDURAS Youth Fellowship

Under the motto “Young Christians and Their Challenges Today,” the WMM in Honduras held on August 18 and 19 a Youth Fellowship in La Roca, in the city of Puerto Cortés. The event was attended by Rev. Edwin Rafael Parada, National Supervisor of the WMM in El Salvador, who shared the message of God. At the morning service of the opening day, the servant preached the Gospel through the message called “Young People Facing Postmodern Positions.” Later, at the night worship, he presented the message “Young People Facing Gender Ideology.” On the last day, before an audience grateful for the power of the Lord, the minister shared the message “Sexual Purity in an Impure World.”

ENGLAND Couth Camp

The city of Rochester hosted the First Youth Camp of the WMM in England on July 28 and 29. The event, which took place under the motto “My Family and I Will Serve the Lord,” was attended by parents, youth and adolescents from the Work of God, who strengthened their ties with the Creator. During the activity, the Word was present from beginning to end. The first to share the good news was Pastor Roberto Riojas, head of the WMM in England. In his preaching, entitled “Three Pieces of Advice for the Youth”, the servant of God detailed three important points for Christian youth: rejoice in your youth, remove the anger from your heart and remember your Creator. Based on Ecclesiastes 11: 9-10 and 12: 1, the minister of God evangelized the young people who attended the First Youth Camp of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in England.


MADAGASCAR Fourth anniversary

On May 25, the WMM in Madagascar celebrated the fourth anniversary of the church of the district of Andavamamba, located in the municipality of Antananarivo. At the service, missionary Suhé Reenis, who preaches the Gospel in Madagascar, sahred the Lord’s message called “The Son of Man Came to Seek And Save What Was Lost,” based on Luke 19: 1-10. In her speech, the preacher urged believers to listen only to the voice of the Lord and to respond to His divine call. Those who visited the church for the first time promised never to depart from the ways of the Lord. The spiritual celebration ended with a shared meal among the faithful.

PUERTO RICO Fellowship Zone 4

The WMM in Puerto Rico held its first fellowship for the second half of the year on August 12. The event, which was sponsored by the “Luceros de Salvación” children brotherhood, took place at the La Finca Metropolitan Evangelistic Center, in the city of Trujillo Alto. During the inauguration of the spiritual celebration, held under the motto “Follow Me,” Rev. Rubén Concepción, International Secretary of the Work of God, urged parents to guide their children on their way, so that do not turn away from the Gospel when they are adults, as the Bible points out. Then, Brother Eliot Reyes shared the Lord’s message “Christ Tells You: Follow Me.” Based on Luke 5:27-28, the follower of Christ of Zone 1 of the WMM in Puerto Rico invited those present to repent of their sins and to fight each day for eternal life.

CHILE National Fellowship

Under the motto “Be Responsible and Do Not Let Anything Stop You”, the WMM in Chile held its National Youth and Pastors Fellowship from July 21 to July 23. On the first day of Fellowship, Sister Sandra Nova, national youth leader, shared the good news of God. At the first service of the second day, Pastor César Vargas, head of the church of Iquique, shared a message based on John 15:16. Then, in the afternoon, Pastor Martín Chía, from the temple of Arica, developed the theme “If You Let Yourself Be Seduced, You Will Stop.” On the last day, in the morning, Pastor Marcelo Quintana, from the municipality of San Bernardo, shared the good news. Then, Pastor Edwar Solórzano, Presbyter from Peru, announced the Gospel through a message based on Joshua 5:13. Hours later, at the night service, Rev. Gerardo Martínez, National Supervisor of the WMM in Chile, shared with the believers the message “God Wants to Bring a New Time on His People.”

ITALY Gospel at the Hospital

With the aim of preaching the Gospel to all the creatures of the world, the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy has been holding campaigns of faith in different hospitals in the city of Rome in order to spread the Word of the Lord among the sick. One of the points reached by the Work of God with the good news is the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases, which has opened its doors to the sound doctrine after its authorities saw the healing power of the Creator. Missionary Blanca Salvatierra, servant of Jesus Christ, made it possible for the WMM to spread Christianity inside the Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute. Her work, aimed at spreading the Sacred Scriptures, has been helpful for those suffering from incurable and terrible diseases. Another Roman hospital where Christ plays a leading role is the Saint Camillo-Forlanini, where the Almighty is present thanks to the action of the WMM in Italy.

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LAURA BONILLA The Lord continue to bless you and to give you wisdom to keep on edifying the lives of many people. I thank God, because through this magazine I can be in contact with the brothers of the Worldwide Missionary Movement. From Limón, Costa Rica.

FEBRUARY 3-5 Convention in Paraguay (Asunción) 9-12 Convention in Argentina (Rosario) 25-28 Convention in Panama

ANA MARÍA PALACIOS Receive the peace of the Lord. Beloved brothers, go ahead with this magazine that encourages and edifies us. The messages and all its content are very helpful and give us strength. From Cochabamba, Bolivia.

MARCH 2-5 Convention in Honduras (San Pedro de Sula) 9-12 Convention in Australia (Sidney)


APRIL 13-16 Convention in Guatemala (Guatemala City) 13-16 Convention in the Guianas, Trinidad and Martinique (Surinam)

God bless you. For 34 years now, I have been getting this magazine and learning about all the miracles and wonders that God has done through this ministry. This magazine has been my Bible school. I serve in the women’s ministry through seminars, retreats, counseling. God has done many miracles. From California, USA.

MAY 4-7 Convention in Japan (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) 17-20 Convention in India 26-28 Convention in Holland

CARLOS MARTÍNEZ Hello, my brothers. In one of the past issues, I read the message “The Essential Christ” by Rev. Luis M. Ortiz. I remember that I listened to this message when I was only 20 years old and I can say it is a message for this time. In this era of Christianity, Brother Luis M. Ortiz was an authentic apostle, a champion, a true pastor, a passionate evangelist, a great teacher of sound doctrine, a genuine founder of churches beyond borders. God used him through prodigies, signs and miracles. Congratulations for this edifying magazine. From Dominican Republic.

DIEGO CONTRERAS I thank God for allowing me to be part of this Work of faith and sacrifice, and for having this powerful magazine that truly edifies our lives. God bless those who perform this noble task. Each of the messages in the magazine has brought salvation to thousands and thousands of souls. From Lima, Peru.

JUAN CASTRO Congratulations for such a selfless work. The magazine has evolved without deviating from the Word of God, and has brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, as Ortiz said: On the roads of America and around the world. From Ponce, Puerto Rico.


JUNE 21-24 Convention in Brazil (Manaos)

VÍCTOR CUSTODIO Dear brothers, I wish and pray that you carry on with the Work of the Lord. I rejoice and edify myself with the Impacto Evangelistic magazine, its messages are covered in anointment and blessing. I have been united and in contact with this ministry for about 30 years. I still keep a little black and white magazine, one of those that Brother Ortiz used to make. God bless you. From Florida, USA.

RUBÉN AGUILAR God bless you richly for spreading the sound doctrine. This magazine is a great contribution to the spiritual life of people. God bless you very much. From Puebla, Mexico.

JULY 4-8 11-14 13-16 16-18 27-30

Central American Convention in Costa Rica (San José) Convention in the United States (Woodbridge, Virginia) Convention in Netherlands Antilles (Curaçao) National Fellowship in Canada Convention in Mexico (Puebla)

AUGUST 3-6 Convention in Spain & Block A, Europe (Madrid) 8-11 Convention in Venezuela (Barquisimeto) 10-13 Convention in Italy (Milano) 16-19 Convention in Africa ( Equatorial Guinea) 24-27 Convention in Haiti (Port-au-Prince) 24-27 Convention in Ecuador (Guayaquil) 24-27 Convention in Belize

ALBERTO LINARES I thank God for the many wonders He has done in my life. I was involved in drugs for such a long time, causing great suffering to me and my family, that I had reached the rock bottom of sin! One day, the most beautiful day of my life, I came across this magazine and found an article about the testimony of a person who had been in drugs but the power of God had restored him. It touched me and I remember I thought that if this man could change, I could too. I immediately felt a great need to ask God for help, and so I did, and God in His great love helped me. Thank you, brothers, for spreading a content of great blessing.

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SEPTEMBER 17-19 Convention in Peru (Lima) Saturday 30 Mission World Day OCTOBER 20-22 Fellowship in Madagascar 26-28 Convention in Dominican Republic 26-29 Convention in Chile (Santiago) 27-29 Convention in Mauritius NOVEMBER 9-12 Convention in El Salvador 16-19 Convention in Uruguay (Montevideo) 23-26 Convention in Nicaragua DECEMBER

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Bethel Television, the Worldwide Missionary Movement channel, broadcasts the Word of God’s message through cultural and educational programs from Lima - Peru to the world by 7 satellites and the Internet. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 68 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

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Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition October 2017 English language


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition October 2017 English language

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