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August 2016 / Edition 751

A gift from God that no one can take away under any circumstance






Mauricio’s hell

The Gospel, the only solution

Great meeting filled with Christian faith in Madrid August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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TAKING THE FIRST STEP Rev. Gustavo Martínez International President of the WMM

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward: But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.” Ex. 14:15-16.


hen problems arise, we would

of Israel went on dry ground.

like God to solve everything as

For Joshua to take the people of Is-

soon as we cry out to Him. But God will

rael into the Promised Land, they had

not until we take the first step: to prove

to cross the Jordan. God had told him

that we trust Him that can do everything.

that as soon as the feet of the priests

Faith enables us to let the Lord take con-

rested in the waters, the waters would

trol and lead us to victory.

immediately roll back. They did and all

When Moses was in the wilderness,

Israel passed over on dry ground (Jos-

he found himself at a crossroads: ahead

hua 3: 13-17). Also Joshua, to conquer

was the sea and behind were the ene-

the city of Jericho, had to go around the

mies. “And the Lord said unto Moses,

city for six days. On the seventh day he

Wherefore criest thou unto me?


had to compass it seven times and the

unto the children of Israel, that they go

people had to shout, and so the wall

forward” (Exodus 14:15). It was not time

fell down (Joshua 6: 3-21).

to bow, it was time to act, so God told

Now we understand that we must

him what to do: “But lift thou up thy rod,

take action to find the solution to our

and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and

problems and difficulties. What do we

divide it: and the children of Israel shall

have to do? What do we need to do?

go on dry ground through the midst of the

To take the first step, that is, to belie-

sea” (Exodus 14:16). When Moses did

ve that He is the Lord and to recogni-

(acted) as told, the waters immediately

ze Him as God Almighty, who can do

go back and the people crossed the Red

everything, who will certainly lead us

Sea on dry ground (Exodus 14: 21-22).

to great victories. Otherwise, it will not

Moses took the first step, the sea was

be possible. We must take the first step,

immediately divided and the children

the leap of faith. Amen l

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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Cover Note. The defense of life. Infography. The value of life. Congress. Madrid, the heart of European faith. International. In jail for 39 years… he was innocent. Well-being. Patient Safety. Literature. The prophets of the Bible. Music. God be with you. Hero of faith. The preacher of cannibals. Life stories. Mauricio’s hell. Interview. “We preach among a mix of languages”. Devotionals. Events. Visiting Nuevo Eden. Letters.


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48-65 66 August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


THE DEFENSE OF LIFE Life is the most precious human good. It is a gift from God to men, who are obliged to respect and take care of it; unfortunately, this is not always true, as there are people who kill without second thoughts. In these times of violence and escalation of terrorism, it is essential to make a deep reflection on the value of life.

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August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic



ustrian philosopher John Finnis says that all civilizations have more or less agreed that human life is a good that is part of ethics; they have disagreed, however, on how to respect such good. The attitude of humankind towards life has had many differences, sometimes important. According to Spanish professor Jesus Armando Martinez Gomez, in primitive societies, the value of individual life was estimated based on how useful it was for the community. Within the context of the first civiMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 8 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

lizations, such as the Greek, as slave society started to reflect on the value of life, the first thing to highlight was its inviolability. Philosopher Seneca stated, therefore, that human life is sacred. The assertion was raised by Christian doctrine to a principle, as it considered life a gift. This has become the basis for one of the most important commandments of Christianity: “Thou shalt not kill.” That is why there is no difference between homicide and suicide, as it is considered that both violate the natural order established by God. In the same




THE RIGHT TO LIFE In modern times, it has been clearly established that every human being has the right to life without distinction as to race, sex, color, language, religion, political opinion or any other condition: born or unborn, young or old, sick or healthy, with human appearance or physical defects. Where there is a human being, there is integrity, the right to life that no one else can claim. Continue reading––


category is abortion, an abhorrent action.

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic



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The right to life is there throughout the whole process of life, which begins with fertilization, that is, when a human egg joins the sperm. This process ends with natural or accidental death. Howe-

A PENALTY QUESTIONED THROUGHOUT HISTORY, death penalty has been the sentence par excellence. Those who have held power in different ages and cultures have found in it a determining instrument to impose their social model and perpetuate their own privileges. Kings, priests of different religions and leaders of different societies have claimed until very recent times, the legitimate exercise, under certain circumstances, of the ultimate violence against subjects: death penalty. To reinforce their authority, they did not just limit to the physical execution of those who dared to challenge the established order, but death was also preceded and accompanied by torture. As a result, execution had a threefold purpose: to punish the offense, to physically remove the offender and to warn the rest of society from the dangers entailed by the defiance of authority. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 10 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

ver, there are those affirm that the right to life only arises from the time of birth. Life does not begin with birth, but at the time of conception, when a new living member of the human species is formed. LIFE THREATENED As said above, life is a fundamental right of all people, so it is our duty to preserve and defend it. However, since ancient times, humans have attempted against their own life, the life of others and nature, which is also an important factor to preserve life. In more recent times, the emergence of political or religious groups who seek to impose their ideas through violence is making the world tremble. Those who


use violence argue that it is the answer “to an unfair situation,” but what is actually unfair is to kill innocent people because they do not accept the ideas of these supposedly “avenging” groups. Not only violence but also a distorted culture may pose a threat to life. Likewise, not only the above goes against life and people; there are many other kinds of violence that may not even look as such. For example, occupational accidents or the so-called occupational hazards; heavy traffic that bring about danger and major problems in today’s society; the insecurity that in many countries cause many victims. Although quality of life has improved dramatically in recent decades thanks

to the advancement of science, there are people filled with things but empty of life. Some degradations of life are produced as a result; drug abuse, drug addiction and mental and physical impairments destroy much of our society. Degradations of life can be avoided if all members of society work together to make a better world. VALID CONSIDERATIONS Life as a personal good. Every human being has a biological life, which is the basis of everything, because without it we could not do what is essential. Life has, however, a more profound sense that develops beyond the strictly material. Life is the most valuable and appre-

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THE FOLLOWING ARE the main attacks carried out since Al Qaeda’s against the United States: September 11, 2001. Nineteen members of Al Qaeda carried out in the United States the biggest terrorist attack in history by crashing planes in New York, D.C. and Pennsylvania. Around 3000 people killed (2753 in New York’s Twin Towers) and about 6000 wounded. October 12, 2002. 202 people, most of them tourists from 21 countries, died as two car bombs explode simultaneously in a nightclub area in Kuta, Bali. October 23, 2002. Attack at the Dubrovka theater in Moscow by Chechen jihadists. 129 people killed. March 2, 2004. Multiple attack against the Shiite community in Iraq with at least 171 dead (106 at the shrine of Hussein in Karbala and 65 in Baghdad), while commemorating the day of Ashura. March 11, 2004. Ten chain explosions caused 191 people killed and 2062 wounded in four commuter trains in Madrid. It was the second largest attack in Europe. September 1, 2004. Thirty terrorists associated with Chechen militant Islamist Shamil Basayev took more than a thousand people hostage (mostly children) at a school in Beslan, in North Ossetia (Russia). Two days later, in the operation by the Russian security forces to free the captives, 331 people were killed; 186 were children. July 7, 2005. Four explosions (three in the subway and one on a bus) killed 56 (including four terrorists) and injured 700 in London. The attacks were conducted by Islamists. November 9, 2005. Three suicide bombers caused 60 deaths at three hotels in Amman (Jordan). July 11, 2006. Seven explosions killed 185 in commuter trains crowded with workers in Bombay (India). August 14, 2007. Over 250 people died when four truck bombs exploded in Nineveh (Iraq). October 18, 2007. 130 killed in an attack on a motorcade carrying former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Karachi on her return to Pakistan. December 27, 2007. Benazir Bhutto killed in an attack in Rawalpindi, which also caused 54 deaths among the followers who had come to her rally. November 26-29, 2008. 166 dead in ten points of Bombay (India). July 22, 2011. Two terrorist attacks by far-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 in Norway. The largest slaughter in the country’s history. December 16, 2014. A Taliban group opened fire on a school in Peshawar (Pakistan) and killed 126 people, mostly children. April 2, 2015. At least 147 people, mostly students, killed in an attack by Somali militia Al Shabab at the University of Garissa, Kenya. October 10, 2015. Two attacks killed 102 in a peace march in Ankara, Turkey. The country’s authorities attribute the attack to the jihadist organization IS. November 14, 2015. Attacks on public places and a concert hall in Paris by the terrorist group IS. At least 127 people killed and 180 others injured. March 22, 2016. Two bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium. The first at the Brussels airport and the second in one of the stations of the Belgian capital’s subway. About 30 killed. June 12, 2016. A shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando killed 50 people. July 14, 2016. An attack in Nice killed 84 and injured over 200 during France’s national holiday. The lone attacker used a truck to run over the crowd.




DRACONIAN LAWS THE FIRST LAW code is attributed to a semi-legendary legislator of Athens named Draco, which it is said was very strict. The death penalty was applied to crimes almost unimportant or petty, such as stealing a cabbage. Hence the term Draconian, used to describe a cruel or inhuman person or law. However, being a written code, it could be changed, as Solon did. He abolished debt bondage, created courts composed of ordinary citizens and not only noble, and promoted the immigration of skilled craftsmen.

ciated good of every human being, that is why morals defend life. Life as a social good. Life is not only an ethical value; people are social beings and need to live their lives surrounded by a society that protects life. Our lives cannot be lived individually; otherwise, we would “limp,� we would lack something, we would have an emptiness that nothing can fill, that prevent us from developing as people. Life as a gift of God. Science cannot give all the answers. Christian faith tells us that life is the most precious gift from God. Reactions to this gift are to love, cherish and defend it. The future depends on knowing how to handle this gift given by God and cultivated by His son Jesus l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


THE VALUE 180 are born around the world every minute

There are on average 94 to 95 million births each year. It is estimated that every day 300,000 babies come into the world.

Life as a personal good Every human being has a biological life, which is the basis of everything, because without it we could not do what is essential. Life has, however, a more profound sense that develops beyond the strictly material. Life is the most valuable and appreciated good of every human being, that is why morals defend life.

Life as a social good Life is not only an ethical value; people are social beings and need to live their lives surrounded by a society that protects life. Our lives cannot be lived individually; otherwise, we would “limp,” we would lack something, we would have an emptiness that nothing can fill, that prevent us from developing as people.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 14 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia




Life as a gift of God Science cannot give all the answers. Christian faith tells us that life is the most precious gift from God. Reactions to this gift are to love, cherish and defend it. The future depends on knowing how to handle this gift given by God and cultivated by His son Jesus.

Thou shall not kill, Exodus 20:13 It is the 6th commandment of the Decalogue. God is the giver of life. He breathed into the first man the breath of life (Genesis 2: 7), and His plan is to give every human being a chance of real life. God values life immensely and wants us to value it as well.

THE BEST EDUCATION IN THE WORLD The best education systems in the world are based on the Bible, which is the Word of God. By educating humanity for love and life, we are laying the most solid foundations for the family and life culture. But this task requires the commitment of all.

It is estimated that there are approximately

510 million

Christians in the world and the number increases by 19 million each year. August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


MADRID, THE HEART OF EUROPEAN FAITH The Worldwide Missionary Movement (WMM) is ready to hold the Second European Congress, which will bring together more than 4000 people. Delegations from over 35 countries will get together in Spain.


he Second European Congress 2016 will take place on Wednesday, August 10 in Madrid, Spain. Thousands of brothers of the Worldwide Missionary Movement will get together at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel until Sunday 14. Over 35 delegations have been registered, many of which have arrived in the Spanish capital several days in advance. There will be not only participants from the Old World, but also representations from Japan, Burma, India, Australia, among other countries. Madrid will be much admired. More than 4000 brothers will gather at the

Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel, venue of major events organized by the Worldwide Missionary Movement. The congress will be attended by all International Officials of the Work, such as Rev. Gustavo Martinez, President of the WMM; Rev. Jose A. Soto, Vice President and Supervisor in Europe; Rev. Ruben Concepcion, Secretary; Rev. Rodolfo Gonzalez, Treasurer, as well as reverends Romulo Vergara, Alvaro Garavito, Margaro Figueroa, Humberto Henao and Luis Meza Bocanegra. They will all share the Word of God in services divided in two Continue reading––

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 16 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 18 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

shifts a day (9:00 and 19:00). These meetings will be of great praise to the power of God. Because of the magnitude of the meeting, Rev. Carlos Medina, Assistant Supervisor in Europe (Block A) and National Supervisor of Spain, and Rev. David Echalar, Assistant Supervisor in Europe (Block B) and National Supervisor of Italy, thanked all the delegations. The organizing committee is made up of more than eighty brothers from all the churches in Spain. They are working with great enthusiasm on the proper development of the Second European Congress 2016, the motto of which is “Building the Kingdom of God in Righteousness” (1 Corinthians 3:10). A welcome and protocol

committee will welcome the thousands of attendees who are already in Madrid or will be soon. SECURITY IN THE EVENT The organizing committee of the event is working together with the security staff of the Marriott Hotel for the protection of all the attendees in case of an eventuality. Security measures began a few days before the event and will extend until its completion. Safety actions are also being coordinated with the Madrid City Council and the Civil Guard, which provide extreme 24/7 protection. The presence of ushers at the entrance and inside the main hall and the two adjoining rooms will be crucial for all


THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE The website of the Second European Congress (http:// index.php) was enabled a month ago. Users will not only watch the live transmission of the event, but they can also read about change and transformation stories in the Old Continent.

the attendees to feel safe. “Every attendee will be given a few passes to benefit from all the services provided by the Marriott Hotel. In addition, everyone will have ID cards to identify themselves at the exit and the entrance,” said Rev. Juan Castaño, Vice President of the National Board of Spain and National Coordinator of the event. While the brothers are getting ready to attend the Marriott Auditorium Hotel, thousands of others from around the world are visiting the website of the event to see the development of the Second European Congress and be blessed by the Lord. BETHEL TV PRESENT The radio and TV broadcasting of the Se-

cond European Congress lies in the hands of Bethel Television. Thanks to a sophisticated telecommunication equipment, it will broadcast live all the activities of the spiritual meeting through its HD signal, seven satellites and the Internet. Likewise, a group of brothers and sisters from the churches of Barcelona and Genoa –who are trained in communications– will attend the event taking place at the Madrid Marriot Auditorium Hotel to offer invaluable support. In addition, several radio and TV broadcasting stations of the Worldwide Missionary Movement located in other parts of the world will transmit live the entire European Congress through different platforms l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


IN JAIL FOR 39 YEARS… HE WAS INNOCENT An American spent nearly four decades in prison and was about to be executed after being accused of a crime that he did not commit.


icky Jackson will never forget the 39 years he spent in prison for a murder that he did not commit. The events occurred in 1975 and the judge based his decision on the testimony of a 12-year-old teenager. Jackson, then 18, was sent to death row in 1975 after being found guilty of aggravated murder in the death of a man outside a store in Cleveland. Capital punishment was then changed to life imprisonment. After an investigation in 2011, the witness recanted his testimony, saying that he had implicated Jackson and two others under police pressure. The witness, Eddie Vernon, confessed that he had lied about Jackson’s role in the murder of the victim, Harold Franks. Since there was no sufficient concrete evidence to convict Jackson, proving his innocence was not difficult. A judge withdrew the murder charge and a court ordered the State of Ohio to pay Jackson a million dollars to compensate for damage. Ricky Jackson was released in November 2014 after prosecutors dropped the case. “It’s extraordinary, I am glad to be out… you sit in prison for so long and you think about this day,” he said upon leaving the prison where he was confined for many years. The man who was wrongly accused is now 59 and found out about his “reward” through the press. “I don’t even know what to say. This is going to mean so much,” he confessed soon after hearing the news. He also said that he did not hate the person who testified against him. “A lot of people will want me to hate that person and carry animosity towards him but I don’t. People have to remember that they see him as a grown man MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 20 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


today, but in ’75 he was a 12-year-old kid. He was manipulated and coerced by the police. As far as that young man is concerned I don’t hate him, I just wish he has a good life,� he said. Meanwhile, the alleged witness confessed that he has been aware of his lie for many years, but detectives threate-

ned and told him that they would imprison his parents if he did not cooperate. Now the false witness admits that he saw nothing and says that he finally feels relieved to confess the truth. With nearly four decades wrongfully imprisoned, Jackson is the longest-serving innocent man in the United States l

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


PATIENT SAFETY Patient safety is essential in the management of health services. In recent times, it has become more effective and its complexity has increased significantly. Walter Menchola Vásquez (*)

(*) Internist, Master in Public Policy and Management. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 22 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

however, not every adverse event is a preventable medical error. For example, a mild allergic (adverse) reaction (itching, red spots on the skin) to a drug ingested for the first time is an unexpected event that neither the patient nor the doctor knew about. It is not an error and is not preventable. Some adverse events do constitute health care errors. One of the best known happens when old people fall from stretchers or hospital beds, resulting in serious injuries or hip fracture. These events show a very clear error in patient care. A successful way to avoid these mis-



eople do not turn to health services to be additionally damaged as a result of errors occurred during the provision of the service given to them to recover. The Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System report, published in November 1999 by the US Institute of Medicine, stated that between 44 and 98 thousand people die each year as a result of these preventable mistakes. Much research has been subsequently published in different countries supporting the findings of the report regarding the risks in health services that in many cases are avoidable. Clinical risk is an undesirable situation relating health care –or factor that helps increase its probability– that may have negative consequences for patients. For example: hospital infections, pressure ulcers (bedsores), anesthetic complications, falls from bed or stretcher, diagnostic errors, errors in medication use, inadequate surgery, foreign bodies after surgery, death, readmission, confusion of medical records, confusion of patients, x-rays on pregnant women, surgery on the wrong place, among others. It is necessary to differentiate between adverse events and incidents. Both are unexpected events related to medical care. The first ones cause injuries, damage, disability or death. The second ones do not harm the patient, but might as well have. For example, the fall of a young patient from the wheelchair; it caused no damage, but could have, especially if it had been an older person. We should note that all adverse events result from health intervention;



takes is the primary prevention of adverse events: promote a patient safety culture among health workers and professionals by training them; establish safe care procedures and protocols; use low-risk technologies; use patient identification (visible bracelets on their wrists); promote hand-washing practices; record and report incidents and adverse events in detail: Why did they happen? What can we do to prevent them from happening again? It is also necessary to teach patients about the steps and risks of procedures and curb excessive medical intervention. In 2004, the World Health Organiza-

tion established the World Alliance for Patient Safety. It considers that the lack of patient safety is a public health issue that affects all nations. It is therefore necessary to get all the WHO member states involved, in order to promote global efforts to improve patient safety. Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Medicine (1906), said that “the worst is not to make a mistake, but try to justify it rather than use it as providential notice of our flippancy or our ignorance.� To err is human; however, errors are preventable. Patient safety is the first step in the healthcare system quality stair l

Source: University of Cantabria, Patient Safety Course.

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


THE PROPHETS OF THE BIBLE This is a practical guide to understand the messengers of the Word of God, the first preachers who transformed many lives. This book was written by the American theologist Gary V. Smith.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 24 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



onah was from the Israelite city of Gittahhepher (north of Nazareth), placed in the territory of the Zebulun tribe (Joshua 19:13). Jonah was a prophet (2 Kings 14:25), a Hebrew who had feared the God of Israel (Jonah 1:9). He probably spoke Aramaic, the international language of commerce of Nineveh, and had the economic resources to afford a travel to the distant port of Tarshish. Even though, Jonah’s age, civil state and relationships with other prophets remain unknown. The prayer written in Jonah 2: 2-9 reproduces the main elements of a gratitude prayer, which means that the prophet knew literary forms of expression. This is a book

that goes beyond the traditional and formal presentation of the Holy Scriptures and historical data. The prophets as preachers is a book that is useful both as a material for biblical training as well as a source used by the ministries of the Lord. Similarly, this publication, written by the American theologist Gary V. Smith, is a tool available for those Christians who want to understand more deeply the messages of the first preachers of the Word of God. GOD AND THE WEAK Isaiah did not refuse logical thinking nor pretended that it was easy to trust the Lord, but he knew that those who trust mankind were fooling themselves. The prophet, like the current messengers of God, had to open the eyes of the blind so they could see how wrong was to trust any person. People have to know that Jehovah, the Saint, is the King, Creator, Redeemer and Power that controls history, the eternal God that gives strength to the weak. God deserves our trust! Isaiah lived on the same period as Micah, during the reign of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. Gary V. Smith, professor of Christian studies at Union University (Jackson city, Tennessee) mentions in his book those who he consider the most persuasive preachers of all time. On this subject, he states that this group of divine messengers spread messages that were revealing enough to transform the existence of anyone, to have an impact in the decision of the most powerful leaders worldwide, and to make entire nations to repent and devote completely to the Lord. The subtitle (Jeremiah 1:1-3) and the many chronological introductions to the chapters coordinate the mystery of Jeremiah with important events related to the kings of Judah, like Josiah, Jehoiakim, Jeconiah and Zedekiah, and with the governor Gedaliah. This dates from the prophet’s call in 627 BC (Jeremiah 1:2) until the period spent by Jeremiah in Egypt, after the destruction of Jerusalem (580 BC). The prophet was born during the reign of the evil king Manasseh, when Judah was under Assyrian control. Manasseh encouraged the worship of Baal and heavenly armies. He ignored the religious traditions of the nation of Judah.

The prophet, like the current messengers of God, had to open the eyes of the blind so they could see how wrong was to trust any person. People have to know that Jehovah, the Saint, is the King, Creator, Redeemer and Power that controls history, the eternal God that gives strength to the weak. God deserves our trust! Isaiah lived on the same period as Micah, during the reign of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

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Based on the prophetical books of the Ancient Testament, Smith’s book analyzes the work of Hosea, Jonah, Micah, Isaiah, Nahum, Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Joel, Obadiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi in favor of God’s cause. This detailed study, which includes the political, social and spiritual context during the dawn of Israel, examines how the Lord used this group of servants to transform the way of thinking and the behavior of Israelites. Ezekiel was born in Judah, during the reign of Josiah, 30 years before being named prophet (Ezekiel 1:1). When Ezekiel was still a child, Josiah carried out political and religious reforms (628 and 621 BC; 2 Chronicles 34).This extended the life of Judah and let it become independent from the Assyrian domination. These positive changes broke into pieces when the king Josiah died during a battle against Necho, the Egyptian king (609 BC; 2 Kings 22:2829). The Egyptian domination lasted only four years since the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, defeated Egypt in Carchemish, exiling Daniel and many other Jews. In the book The prophets as preachers, the author asserts that the prophets of the Ancient Testament were messengers of God for Judah and Israel. He also adds that they spread the Word of God to common men and women, rich kings and judges, and big groups in public events. Therefore, Smith emphasizes that the prophetical books remain the written registry of the indications of the Spirit to the prophets asking them to speak to the audiences. In his opinion, they provided spiritual answers concerning daily life matters. THE LOYALTY OF THE PROPHETS Daniel was born during the reign of Josiah, the just king. During his adolescence, the Babylonian army confined Daniel and many other Jews. It was the third year of king Jehoiakim (605 BC; Daniel 1: 1). The people kept in captivity lived under the command of Nebuchadnezzar, a great builder and military ruler of a vast empire. Nebuchadnezzar gave Daniel and his three friends leading positions in important posts of the government (Daniel 1: 17-20, 2: 48-49) since God gave Daniel wisdom and special revelations to interpret the

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king’s dreams. Afterwards, king Nabonidus rejected the worship of Marduk, a popular Babylonian god. The book of Gary V. Smith, which is divided in 19 chapters, relates the life of Hebrew prophets that left everlasting messages concerning theological principles that apply for every new generation of Christians. Concerning this matter, the author states that the description of God’s holiness and the challenge of relying in the power and promise of the Lord are relevant to this modern world full of uncertainty and wickedness. He also says that the loyalty of the prophets sets an example. The prophet Zechariah and the current messengers of God have the task to understand God’s actions in the past while helping people discover current God’s purpose and direction and distinguishing his plans for the future (Zechariah1:6; 8:13-15). This responsibility concerns giving warnings, advises and inspirational words. Nobody can completely discern what God thinks nor understand his purposes, but we can know his plans concerning some matters. When his purposes are understood, the vision of the current and future God brings strength, as well as a humble submission. Originally published under the title The prophets as preacher in 1994, this book aims to encourage the evangelical community to see through the eyes of the prophets of the Ancient Testament, analyze their world view, examine their historical and social contexts, and learn their lessons and messages. Through a clear message and supported by the Bible, the author encourages God’s believers to confront daily life problems with faith, as the prophets did. The written registries of the prophets portray them as normal people who preach to different audiences in a wide variety of contexts. All of them fulfilled the call of God to communicate a message that would transform lives, which concerned a new evaluation of how people conceived world phenomena. This change had an impact on the socially defined ways to understand God or other gods, themselves, nature, economic and political life, and their relationship with the Lord and other people. With one voice, the prophets opposed the seductive and deceitful explanations l


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Hymn written by American author Jeremiah Eames Rankin to reaffirm the protection of the Lord. A song that talks about the love of the Creator.


ymn created by evangelical composer Jeremiah Eames Rankin and sung at the end of services, “God Be with You Till We Meet Again” focuses on the love the Lord offers to His believers. First published in 1882, the song was written when the author discovered in a dictionary that the word “goodbye” comes from the expression ‘God be with you.’ Therefore, Rankin wrote a poem in which he exalts the grace and comfort provided by Jesus Christ to the members of the flock who remain faithful to His Word. Jeremiah, born on January 2, 1828 in the US, was a special servant of God who, throughout his life, embraced, preached and defended the Gospel firmly and tenaciously. At a very young age, while living in New Hampshire, he discovered the Word of the Lord and surrendered his life. This man of

GOD BE WITH YOU TILL WE MEET AGAIN 1 God be with you till we meet again, By His counsels guide, uphold you, With His sheep securely fold you, God be with you till we meet again. REFRAIN Till we meet, till we meet, Till we meet at Jesus’ feet; Till we meet, till we meet, God be with you till we meet again. 2 God be with you till we meet again, ’Neath His wings protecting hide you, Daily manna still divide you, God be with you till we meet again. 3 God be with you till we meet again; With the oil of joy anoint you; Sacred ministries appoint you; God be with you till we meet again. 4 God be with you till we meet again, When life’s perils thick confound you, Put His arms unfailing round you, God be with you till we meet again.

faith studied at the Middlebury College, a private university in the state of Vermont, and received doctrinal instruction at the Andover Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. Rankin, a pastor committed to the end of slavery in the United States, was elected president of the Howard University, founded in 1890, after the Civil War, for the instruction of African Americans. His countless sermons, based on the Scriptures, became very popular at the time, and two of them (“the Bible, the Security of American Institutions” and “The Divinity of the Ballot) were spread throughout the United States. “God Be with You Till We Meet Again,” which tacitly refers to Romans 16:20, was shared for the first time on a Sunday night at the congregation Jeremiah led in D.C. It immediately caught the attention of the faithful who were drawn by the harmonious melody of the poem. The melody was composed by William Gould Tomer, a remarkable evangelical composer of the 18th century, who served the Lord as musical director of a temple in Washington. After its release, Rankin’s song became a very famous hymn worldwide thanks to the evangelistic campaigns conducted by preacher Dwight Lyman Moody and composer Ira David Sankey in England and the United States in the late 19th century. Over the years, it was translated into several languages and it became widely used in funerals for its great emotional content. Today, it is one of his most recognized hymns in his vast creative work. Jeremiah Eames Rankin, who inspired President Thomas Woodrow Wilson and several evangelical members of the US Congress with his preaching, died on November 28, 1904. He had served God as a pastor in different churches in the nation considered the most powerful, influential and wealthy in the world. Internationally known for his hymn, Rankin left thanks to his ingenuity and faith a hopeful praise for the global evangelical community l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


THE PREACHER OF CANNIBALS As a paladin of Christianity, James Chalmers offered his life while spreading the Word of God in Oceania at the beginnings of the 20th century. His heroic deed is still remembered and sets a worthy example. Galen Brown Royer


owadays, while the first missions date from 200 years ago and look like ancient acts of heroism and martyrdom, there is a renewed interest in studying the life of one of most intrepid heroes of faith, who was killed and devoured in African territory at the beginning of the 20th century. James Chalmers was born the son of a couple of believers on August 4th, 1841, in Scotland. He offered his life on April 8th, 1901, while preaching the Word of God in New Guinea. Christian faith, determination and tenderness prepared him for his missionary life, as per God’s call. During his childhood and adolescence, James learned the essence of the Gospel from his mother. During his youth, he once attended the reading of a letter written by a missionary who was preaching the Word in Fiji Islands. At that moment, while listening carefully to the story at Sunday school, he decided that he would also spread the good news to the cannibals with the help of God. Some years later, Chalmers was overwhelmed by fear and his confidence weakened, but on November 1859, he attended a special meeting held by two missionaries in Northern Ireland which would relight his faith. During that worship, James listened carefully to the powerful message based on Apocalypse 22: 17, which went right through his heart and encouraged him to think about salvation and hope. Right after that, he devoted his existence to Jesus-Christ and became one of his most attentive followers. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 30 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

SERVANT OF THE LORD Aged 18 years old and supported by the Scriptures, James submerged himself in the path of Christianity and became a main actor of the evangelical environment that characterized the city of Ardrishaig, placed in the West of Scotland, where he lived from his birth. Guided by Pastor Gilbert Meikle, who taught him Latin and encouraged him to strengthen his doctrinal training, Chalmers departed to Glasgow, the biggest metropole in Scottish territory, where he joined a Christian congregation. In that city, James Chalmers met the evangelist George Turner on 1861. He was a missionary at Samoa and asked Ja-


mes to stand for a missionary post in the London Missionary Society. After eight months, he was sent by this institution to the Cheshunt College, one the most prestigious centers of theological formation in the United Kingdom, where he underwent a strict training that consolidated his faith. Then, he studied the Cook Islands Māori, the language spoken in Cook Islands, with Pastor Gill. Formed as a disciple committed with

God’s cause, Chalmers married the believer Jane Hercus on October 17th, 1865, who also dreamed of spreading the good news all over the world. They became a solid couple as per the Gospel. After two days, he was acknowledged minister of the Lord and was ready to begin his work as a missionary, which he dreamed of since his childhood. Afterwards, on January 4th, 1866, he travelled to Australia to share the Word. MISSIONARY WORK James’ travel to Australia was characterized by his trust in the Lord, which he shared with his travel companions. Furthermore, the missionary taught biblical

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classes and organized meetings. Then, already in Oceania, he decided to move to Vanuatu, but his journey complicated due to some reefs. The vessel shipwrecked near Niue, a country placed in the South of the Pacific Ocean, ending up completely destroyed. After some time, on May 20th, 1867, Chalmers arrived to Avarua, capital city of Cook Islands, where he started a successful evangelizing work that spread throughout Cook Islands Cay. When he got to his destiny, he was surnamed “Tamate” by a native who did not manage to understand the pronunciation of his last name. Guided by the Lord, Chalmers could finally master the Cook Islands Māori and started the evangelization of this part of the world, which was then about to succumb to the evil and urgently needed the light of God. During ten years, James Chalmers led the good development of his congregation and spread the Gospel in every region of Cook Islands. As a tireless walker, he spread the Bible among the inhabitants and fought against sin with the message of the Lord. He also invested many days in the Christian education of local children and published a monthly newspaper in order to extend the good as far as possible. He also prepared local preachers and missionaries who helped him transmit the Word. AMONG CANNIBALS Motivated by the ideal of spreading the good news in non-Christian territories, James left Avarua on May 21st, 1877 and departed to the island of New Guinea, where cannibalism was practiced. Fearless of wild life and the unknown, the Lord’s servant established in the town of Port Moresby, currently capital city of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, where he found a place ruled by brutality, paganism and cruelty. He discovered atrocities among barbarians that he had never imagined. As a pioneer of evangelization in Oceania, Chalmers faced the sin and savagery

that ruled over New Guinea guided by the hope of Christianity. Encouraged by his huge faith in God, he spread steadily the Word among native tribes during 9 years. His missionary work, which he performed under the most extreme conditions and according to the precepts of love and patience, attracted the interest for the Gospel of an important number of cannibals, who found in Jesus-Christ lessons a reason to reform their lives. James, who lost his wife, Jane Hercus, on February 20th, 1879, managed to light up the devotion to the Lord of many ethnic rivals and make them gather around the Holy Scriptures after overcoming their differences thanks to his evangelical work. In the same way, he managed to lessen the level of anthropophagy compared to the advancement of Christian faith. In response to the call of the London Missionary Society, he returned to the United Kingdom on May 11th, 1886. After his arrival, he testified about his experiences in the South Pacific. FINAL DAYS After giving his testimony in different churches of London, Chalmers returned to Oceania on September 11th, 1887, and continued his mission. During that time, he married the Christian Sarah Eliza Harrison and resumed his task of bringing the Gospel to the most remote places of New Guinea, where the message of God remained unknown. Always active, he visited different territories and explored the river Fly, one of the most important ones of Papua New Guinea, in different moments, where he contacted a great number of native populations. On April 8th, 1901, during his evangelical mission in Goaribari island, which was inhabited by groups of bloodthirsty wild men, James Chalmers offered his life when he was about to spread the Word of God. He was cruelly killed and devoured by the inhabitants whom he had planned to evangelize. This hero of faith attained with his death the ultimate sacrifice and became a bastion of the Gospel. His experiences during his life at Oceania are related in three autobiographical publications that prove his bravery and courage l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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MAURICIO’S HELL Can someone reach bottom and still be saved? Mauricio Godoy Contreras is the proof that with God all things are possible. Robbery, drugs and alcohol were part of his lifestyle, but he left it all behind. He was saved from the worldly swamp. Marlo PÊrez Photo: Jenifer Llacsahuache y Archivo familiar

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In 1999, his eldest son was born and Mauricio got involved in arms and cocaine trafficking, so the authorities of his country chased and caught him. After due process, he was held at the Preventive Detention Center San Miguel, where he remained for five years. His prediction about going back to prison was fulfilled. However, this time in prison was not as pleasant as before; he was bullied by prisoners for having participated in the robbery in which the leader of one the bloodiest gangs died.

fter his release in 2004, Mauricio Eduardo Godoy Contreras, known as ‘Guaton Mauri,’ took a temporary break from his crimes with his wife and two children, with whom he had spent little time because of his hectic life. However, soon after spending all the money made with his misdeeds, he fell back into crime without fear of going back to prison. After several years of being part of gangs and robberies, Mauricio amassed a substantial amount of money, in addition to cars, properties and other luxuries; he tried to cover it all up with a small business that could not justify such profits. As a result, the Investigations Police of Chile (PDI) tailed him, until his capture in 2009, when he was prosecuted for criminal conspiracy and money laundering. As his criminal history grew stronger, he became known in different prisons of the Chilean capital. Mauricio could not see that his offenses would end up causing harm, not only to him but also to his wife, Catalina Castillo, who was imprisoned despite being innocent. Mauricio received a four-year sentence and was sent to the Center for Preventive Detention Santiago 1, while the mother of his children ended up in the San Joaquin Female Prison in Santiago, with a similar sentence. His life became ever since a relentless effort to find inner peace and set his wife free. In that effort, he found the Lord. WORLD OF VANDALISM The life of Mauricio Eduardo Godoy Contreras, born on February 12, 1974, went messy in the mid-eighties, when he joined small gangs in his neighborhood, El Bosque, a dangerous area of the Chilean capital. “With the easy money I could afford things that I had never had before... I was involved little by little in an unknown world,” he says. By the end of the eighties, 15-yearold Mauricio was on his way to become a well-known criminal with endless robberies that allowed him to go up in the underworld. “Despite being an only child, my parents never gave me what I

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wanted, because we were poor ... I never knew what a Christmas present was,” he recalls. FIRST CRIMES One of the first crimes that led him to prison was committed at the age of 16, when he became a skillful credit card cloner. He was captured and held in the Preventive Detention Center San Miguel, in the municipality of the same name. Thanks to him being underage, he was released in less than two months, but he reoffended in other ways, such as fraud, by deceiving hundreds of people with bounced checks. For this offense, he was imprisoned for six months. After his release, he sensed that he would be back very soon. MARKED BY DEATH After several years of crimes, Mauricio’s fame grew as much as his physique, for which he was nicknamed ‘Guaton Mauri’ (‘Potbelly Mauri’). However, the nickname would play against him, because thanks to it the Chilean authorities could identify him easily and begin an intensive search right after he would break the law. Sometime later, he built up such a monumental criminal record that the authorities in his country began to consider him a highly dangerous criminal, as he was part of several gangs that terrorized the capital. Along with several childhood friends, he robbed many commercial establishments, thus becoming one of the most dangerous criminal organizations. During a robbery, one of the leaders was killed by multiple gunshot wounds, and two other were captured; Mauricio was the only one who escaped a few years in prison or even death. The following day, the media reported the details of the theft and the physical characteristics of ‘Guaton Mauri,’ who was accused of being one of the criminals who left the crime scene. His infamy reached the most dangerous prisons. “My friend’s death, the leader of the band, touched me, because I felt Continue reading––


In 2009, after several months in prison for gangsterism and money laundering –crimes that also led his wife Catalina to prison–, Mauricio’s life became an ordeal. His worst memory is when he called his wife and all he could hear was her moaning and crying over the phone. Mauricio never felt more of a prisoner. August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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afraid to die in sin,” recalls Mauricio. MARRIED TO CRIME After the incident that nearly costed him his life, Mauricio left crime for a while to take refuge within the four walls of his home. In those years, he met Catalina Castillo, who became his wife in 1999. She became his partner in hell. “I lied at first, but then she learned about what I did and how I made money ... Despite that, she never left me. Even after going to jail, she would always visit me,” he recalls. In 1999, his eldest son was born and Mauricio got involved in arms and cocaine trafficking, so the authorities of his country chased and caught him. After due process, he was held at the Preventive Detention Center San Miguel, where he remained for five years. His prediction about going back to prison was fulfilled.

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However, this time in prison was not as pleasant as before; he was bullied by prisoners for having participated in the robbery in which the leader of one the bloodiest gangs died. Not only did they intimidate him, but also threatened to kill him. “I had to sleep with one eye open and one closed, because most of the attacks were at night ... Beside my bed I had a knife to defend myself,” he reveals. On several occasions, Mauricio had to stand up for his wounded friends; some of them died in his arms or on the way to the infirmary. On other occasions, he had to attack other inmates, who died or were seriously injured. It was his life or theirs. “All these things make you a tougher, stonehearted person that cries or has feelings no more... There is so much anger that all you can do is fight to survive,” he recalls.


PROTECTED BY GOD In 2009, after several months in prison for gangsterism and money laundering –crimes that also led his wife Catalina to prison–, Mauricio’s life became an ordeal. His worst memory is when he called his wife and all he could hear was her moaning and crying over the phone. Mauricio never felt more of a prisoner. One year later, with the promise to change if God set his wife free from prison, he was captured by the praises of a small Christian temple located in the prison. As he approached and listened to a Bible passage, God spoke to him. “The brothers talked to me about the preeminence of love, of Chapter 13 of the First Letter to the Corinthians... After they finished, I realized that I had never loved my wife. I did not know what love was... That’s when God began to work on me, “he says.

After repenting of his sins and going through a long process of regeneration, Mauricio changed even in his way of talking. 90% of his words were slang full of obscenities, but he would soon become the preacher of the temple. A few months later, he and his wife were processed again. Authorities had reopened their cases and asked for 20 and 10 years in prison, respectively. However, the Lord imposed His sovereignty; his wife was released in 2011 and Mauricio, in 2013. Today, the streets of Santiago de Chile work as a platform for brother Mauricio to preach the Word of God nonstop. He also attends a white field of the Worldwide Missionary Movement and visits some prisons as chaplain. He now preaches in the prisons where one day he and his wife were held before being released by the Lord l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


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“WE PREACH AMONG A MIX OF LANGUAGES� Consolidating the Work is the commitment made by Rev. Jose Clemente Vergara Pabon. In his capacity as National Supervisor in the Netherlands Antilles and Africa, he visits different islands. A work of perseverance.


onsolidating the Work is the commitment made by Rev. Jose Clemente Vergara Pabon. In his capacity as National Supervisor in the Netherlands Antilles and Africa, he visits different islands. A work of perseverance. His passion for preaching the Word of God has led him to cross the Caribbean and the Atlantic. No distance can curb the mission of Rev. Jose Clemente Vergara Pabon, National Supervisor in the Netherlands Antilles and Africa. How do you perform your mission work in the Netherlands Antilles and Africa? All countries in the Caribbean are separated from each other because they are islands, so the only means of transport is by aircraft. I travel three times a year and go over all the islands; I visit the capital and the interior of the country. I supervise nations such as Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten, British Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana. I also oversee Works in Trinidad and Tobago and Martinique. Since my brother, Rev. Romulo Vergara, and I were appointed supervisors in Africa in 2000, we have been traveling throughout its territory to organize confraternities and conventions as well as to address issues of the Work. We go to Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Gabon, Cameroon and Nigeria. We also visit Ghana and Ivory Coast, the last countries where the Work entered, as well as Madagascar. How much has the Work of God grown in those countries? In Equatorial Guinea, the Work has grown more than in the rest of Africa; in the other countries the Work is spreading gradually. Therefore, we need more English, French, Portuguese and Arabic-speaking missionaries. We require people willing to help with commitment, love and passion for souls. In the countries of the Antilles, there is usually a central church and up

to three white fields; for example, Curacao and the Guianas have the largest territories and the Work is present in all cities. What are the main languages and how do you preach the Word of God? There are different languages in the Antilles, such as English, Dutch and French, and each of these countries has other languages or dialects, as in Surinam. There we must preach or teach with up to three interpreters to reach each person. The same happens in Africa; there are many native languages and dialects. We preach among a mix of languages in these countries. What experiences have touched you as a Supervisor? Something that touches me is the need of the Gospel, because in some of these countries it is a cultural and social issue. For instance, in Africa, there are many evangelical Christians and megachurches, but they have a disastrous testimony. The heads of the churches have relationships with several women at once. It affects and makes me cry to see this need. How does Impacto Evangelistic reach these regions? I have been long asking for the magazine to be published in English, because the Antilles countries are English-speaking and do not understand Spanish. Still, we always need Impacto Evangelistic, because it is the magazine with which Brother Ortiz began the Work. Some time ago, we used to receive information and photographs of all our activities through Impacto Evangelistic. Although it was in Spanish, the brothers would open the magazine and hang its pages on a wall of the church, so that everyone could see the pictures of our activities in the Guianas and other countries. It was touching. We look forward to receiving the magazine in English and other languages l

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THE GOSPEL, THE ONLY SOLUTION “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth” Romans 1:16. Rev. Luis M. Ortiz


an has never faced such a complex, dangerous and alarming crisis as the one the world is suffering today. As a result, never before have been courage, prudence, sacrifice, morals, and spiritual strength so necessary as today to face the present situation in the world. The family is in a precarious situation: parents divorced, respect oppressed, morality stripped and outraged, spirituality despised and ridiculed, eternity rejected and blasphemed. It is a general crisis that MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 42 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

affects individuals, families, cities, nations, the whole world. It is a general crisis that affects politics, education, arts, science, morality; all areas and all human relations. In politics, the world is in crisis. There is constant danger of world war, and the means to it are in the mind and hands of unscrupulous men who have no respect for human life. In education, the world is in crisis. The thought of God is being increasingly excluded and atheistic materialism is emphasized. In the arts, the world is in cri-


sis. The crazier and more confusing paintings and murals are, the more credit they are given. The more distorted and tackier music is, the more success and followers it has. In science, the world is in crisis. The more destructive the weapon that will blind millions of lives is, the more coveted and better stored it is for its timely use. In morals, the world is in crisis. The evil scourge of drugs, that ruins and debases young people and triggers this infernal wave of crimes and thefts, is another frightening aspect of the terrible moral crisis affecting the world. My friends, despite these frightening facts, not everything is lost. There is in the world a reserve, a force, a light that can successfully face this distressing crisis and all its frightening aspects and horrible consequences. Is it wealth? No. Man’s happiness does not lie in the riches he has. Is it education? No. Universities are sometimes centers of materialism and frustration. Is it philosophy? No. It is a maze with no exit. Is it the United Nations? No. They are too fragmented. Is it religions? No. There are many pagan and pseudo-Christian religions and none has been able to solve the situation. So, what is this reserve? What is this force? What is this light? What is this power? It is the powerful Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, which breaks down social, politic, economic and religious barriers and teaches us how to live like brothers, because “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature” (2 Corinthians 5:17). It is the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the bright light shining in the thick darkness of sin and ignorance. It is the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus, the

powerful force that transforms lives, homes, cities, nations and the whole world. It is the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the extraordinary reserve of moral and spiritual energy that enables individuals and peoples to live decent, clean and holy lives full of love and peace towards their fellow men. It is the powerful gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the dynamic, creative, transforming and preserving strength the world needs. Money helps materially, education helps intellectually, politics help socially, religion helps morally. But what really works in the person and the peoples is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that transcends the material dimension, eclipses the intellectual field, exceeds the social field, and absorbs morals. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful…” (Hebrews 4:12). The Gospel of Jesus Christ attacks the root of problems, removes evil and solves the spiritual issue of men, which is in fact what causes all other problems. No wonder our Lord Jesus Christ commanded, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature …” (Mark 16:15-16). Doctors do a lot for humanity, so do scientists, philanthropists, politicians and teachers, but the one who does more for humanity is the faithful preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is God’s spokesperson, the messenger of the good news of salvation, the channel of the most powerful and transcendental beneficial force in the world: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When the doctor cannot do, the preacher does. When the philanthropist does not have, the preacher has. When the scientist does not know, the preacher knows. When the teachers does not understand, the preacher understands. When the politician cannot solve, the preacher solves. When people descend frustrated and empty-handed, the preacher ascends rewarded with hands full of the souls he has rescued and won for eternity and eternal happiness, which is what really matters. The world needs more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is the power of God to save. Therefore, He needs more courageous preachers, more devoted pastors, more true missionaries, more honest evangelists, more faithful workers of God. Amen l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


GIVE AN ACCOUNT OF YOUR STEWARDSHIP “There was a certain rich man, which had a steward; and the same was accused unto him that he had wasted his goods. And he called him, and said unto him, how is it that I hear this of thee? Give an account of thy stewardship; for thou mayest be no longer steward.” Luke 16:1-2. Rev. Gustavo Martínez Garavito


efore traveling, the master entrusted his possessions and properties to his steward. During his absence, nobody could call the steward to account, as everything was under his authority. However, he forgot that one day the master would hold him accountable for the transactions related to the goods entrusted to him. When the time came to be held accountable, the master gave the steward the opportunity to confess his misdeed. The master had the authority and the right to dismiss the steward without any justification. He realized that the steward had let him down, that he had been using his goods incorrectly. However, instead of firing him, he gave the worker the opportunity to prove his loyalty with clear, thorough evidence, to show him that the alleged misappropriation was only a slander created out of jealousy or envy by those who wanted to take over his position. In this regard, “give account of your stewardship” (Luke 16:2) shows God’s mercy. However, although he had the opportunity to justify himself, the steward could not prove his loyalty. Just as we have experienced God’s mercy, we must also learn to have mercy towards others. If found guilty, the steward was only going to be downgraded (“for thou mayest be no longer steward”, Luke 16: 2). He was not going to be kicked out of the house, but the master simply told him that he would no longer occupy a position of trust, as stewards are required to be faithful. So says the apostle Paul, “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” (1 Corinthians 4:2). However, it seems that this man did not care much about being found unfaithful; what worried him MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 44 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

the most was that he would no longer be steward. He was just as Saul, who asked Samuel to honor him before the people, despite having sinned and having been rejected by God. The fallen monarch’s only concern was his image before the people, not his position before God (1 Samuel 15: 24-25). At the request of his master, the steward, knowing that he had been unfaithful, told himself, “What shall I do? for my lord taketh away from me the stewardship” (Luke 16:3). Do you know if you are in communion with God? The Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit if we are children of God, if we are in the right path, if we are faithful stewards or if we are letting down our master. Let us review our lives. How have you behaved all these years? How have you been using the property of your master? Where and when did the fraud start? The steward was not willing to do the right thing, that is, two important things. First, he had to admit he had failed and then ask forgiveness for his sins. Then, he had to give back what he had stolen from his master. That is why this man asked himself, “What shall I do?” However, the unfaithful steward began to consider other solutions instead of being humble before his master: “I cannot dig; to beg I am ashamed” (Luke 16:3). This man was still worried about appearances and did not accept the idea of being demoted from his stewardship before others. Today, when someone is demoted from their stewardship, they turn away from God. They change temple, pastor and council; they prefer separation instead of humiliation. They stop going to conventions


Do you know if you are in communion with God? The Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit if we are children of God, if we are in the right path, if we are faithful stewards or if we are letting down our master. Let us review our lives. How have you behaved all these years? How have you been using the property of your master? Where and when did the fraud start?

and confraternities, so that nobody can say that they are no longer what they used to be, that they no longer occupy the position they used to hold. The steward chose to flee instead of admitting that he had let down his master. He chose the favor of men. He called all the debtors of his master and secretly reduced the debts they had (Luke 16: 4-7). In other words, he urged others to steal from his master, he involved others in his fraud. When a person is not humble, they sow discord and recruit others to defend them.

They find no peace until they corrupt everyone else around them. Brother, beware of anyone who has been unfaithful in stewardship and wants to involve you in their personal crusades, sin, story, rebellion. Do not let them in, do not hear them, do not let them poison you. Be pure, earn respect as a servant of God. If they want to be unfaithful, let them do it by themselves. God wants us to be faithful. He wants us to do His will by increasing the heavenly heritage instead of ours. Amen l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


CHOSEN BY GOD TO BE MOTHER “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word… My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed…” Luke 1:38, 46-50. Rev. Rubén Concepción


he Bible distinguishes many brave, skilled, generous, humble and selfless women of faith. Among them, Mary stands out. While it is true that we do not worship her, we recognize that God turned his gaze toward her to fulfill the greatest plan ever devised by Him: the redemption of the human race.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 46 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

It is crucial, therefore, that women are aware that the privilege and the honor of giving life to another human being comes directly from God. 1. Mary, a humble woman. Our society is characterized by the increased number of pregnancies resulting from premarital sex. Today, Mary’s case would


be “one of many more.” However, despite its banality, pregnancy in young girls puts an end to childhood and innocence and marks the beginning of the responsibilities of an adult woman. Mary had never known man, and getting pregnant out of wedlock back then was considered a crime worthy of death. Mary knew, therefore, that she was putting her life at risk by accepting to carry what seems to be the fruit of fornication, especially because she was engaged to Joseph. However, the words this young woman said, when she received the message of the angel Gabriel, are beautiful: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38). Being a mother is a responsibility that God personally gives to women. And raising children under divine guidance is definitely the best legacy that we can give them. 2. Mary, a woman of faith and mercy. Mary fully trusted God, so she accepted the challenge of carrying the Creator. To be a mother, a woman has to accept the role, because otherwise she will always see the child as a hindrance in her life, as someone who steals her time and space. That young woman understood that God had looked at her with eyes of mercy, and that being the mother of the Messiah would make her a blessed woman among all past or future generations (Luke 1:48). Only a mother is able to convey the tenderness, affection and kindness coming from the Creator of the universe; that makes her special. Under certain circumstances, young people’s rebelliousness can be understood, because they have never known the warmth of a mother’s love; these children have had a house, but not

a home. It has been scientifically proven that the child perceives, from the womb of their mother, the feelings and emotions that they generate in her. 3. Mary, a woman of trust. “But his mother kept all these sayings in her heart” (Luke 2:51). In Mary’s heart there was always spiritual readiness to serve, and she knew how to keep secret everything the angel had revealed. Since the birth of Christ, Mary also knew she would have to experience, as a mother, huge pain. In fact, when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple to be circumcised, Simeon prophesied: “Yea, a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also” (Luke 2:35). Mary had maternal confidence in Christ, and her behavior at the wedding at Cana proves it. She did not come to Jesus thinking that He would make a miracle, but as a mother who sees the capabilities and talents of her child. Mary put her trust in Jesus, knowing that He was able to help her in that situation. For this reason, she said to the servants attending the wedding guests, “Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it” (John 2:5). Mary trusted Jesus fully. She had instilled in him strong moral principles, and so she knew he would never hurt her testimony nor bring dishonor to her house. It is necessary to raise awareness that the principles and fundamental values of life are taught primarily at home, not in church or school. 4. Mary, a faithful woman. “Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene” (John 19:25). Despite all the pain and suffering, Jesus’ mother was at the foot of the cross. The apostle John analyzed very well the scene, and did not visualize Mary as a mediator in the plan of redemption, but focused on the close filial relationship between them. Mary is an inspiration to us all: she stood at the foot of the cross, when all the friends and disciples of Jesus had abandoned him. Mary was a brave, faithful, willing, cautious woman full of faith and mercy. Let us imitate her beautiful qualities l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


A quick report of the work that Worldwide Missionary Movement is making in America and throughout the world. The Holy Bible states: “And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple... And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved”. (Acts 2:46,47).

VISITING NUEVO EDEN Neither heat nor rain could stop the brothers from visiting Nuevo Eden, in the Peruvian Amazon. Material and spiritual aid for the most needy.


n order to take bags of clothes, food, medicine, and the Word of the Lord, more than 20 brothers and workers of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho visited the native community of Nuevo Eden, in the province of Pucallpa, Peru. MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 48 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

This missionary tour, held from June 15 to June 24, was led by Rev. Teofilo Estrada Maiz and a group of hardworking brothers who brought along all kinds of nonperishable humanitarian aid to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to help their fellow countrymen.

After crossing the Peruvian Andes, they reached the high rainforest and went down the steep and green mountains of the country’s central region. Once in the virgin forest, they traveled by motorized canoe or “peque peque.” Two days after their departure

Photos: Job Barra


from the Peruvian capital, the group of brothers arrived in one of the first native villages. The inhabitants shared the Gospel and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. The same happened in other villages. One day later, the Christian delegation reached Nuevo Eden, where they unloaded all the things they brought with them, including the blessings of the Almighty. Their welcome brought up memories of the first time this group, led by Rev. Estrada, came to its shores. As they were about to set foot on Continue reading––

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 50 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


Continue reading––

dry land, the brothers saw with surprise that one of the tributaries of the Ucayali River had flooded homes under three meters. Huge boats rescued the people and moved them to safe places. When the water level came down, locals did not stop glorifying the Lord. The brothers immediately began to deliver the aid promised, consis-

ting of food and medicine, as well as medical checkups and teaching in schools and colleges for dozens of children and young men to learn the Word of God. At night, the praise services were filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, who broke the hearts of all those attending the Christian event. “We have seen the need of the Gospel in this area; the community

asks us in tears to send a pastor ... Who will come?” said Rev. Estrada in one of the messages shared in this native community. Villagers worshiped the Almighty despite their material needs. The visit also served to bring the signal of Bethel Television in the rainforest region, so that all people can feed on the Word of God through this media l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic




group of missionaries of the WMM in Colombia crossed the Papuri River, located in the east of Vaupes, from May 30 to June 8. There, different indigenous communities of the Desano, Tuyuca, Bara, Tucano and Siriano ethnic groups are located. They were ten days where the Word of God was spread within these villages. Under the protection of the Lord, Rev. Eduard Sanchez Mosquera, presbyter of the new Zone 81 of the WMM in Colombia, accompanied by his wife, Martha Medrano Rada, a group of brothers from Mitu and some indigenous pastors of the Work, held this important missionary work, long-awaited and expected by the villages by the Papuri River. Pastor Sanchez added that to reach these communities it was necessary to travel on land and by water, as they are far from the city of Mitu, capital of Vaupes, from where the group of evangelists of the WMM in Colombia departed. The Minister of the Lord also revealed that they had to go through very dangerous roads and turbulent waters. Despite the difficulties and obstacles, and the limitations to understand local dialects, the Gospel of God reached Papuri to enlighten MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 52 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

the hearts of its inhabitants. The Christianization carried out by the members of Zone 81 of the WMM in Colombia included teachings for children, young adults and leaders in the communities visited. In every town, they gathered the population to convey the Word of God and the message of hope of the Lord’s Work l

Photos: Eduard Sanchez

The Worldwide Missionary Movement in Colombia made a missionary visit to the indigenous communities of the Papuri River. The Gospel of the Lord knows no bounds.


August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


OBEYING GOD The 13th National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in India was held in the state of Tamil Nadu with a mass attendance of followers of the Lord.


he Worldwide Missionary Movement in India held from May 25 to May 28 its 13th National Convention in the Kristhukula Ashram church, in the city of Tirupattur, located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The event, held in southern India, was attended by Rev. Humberto Henao, International Officer of the Work of God; Rev. Samuel Mejia, Missionary Supervisor of the WMM in Asia; and Rev. Carlos Guerra, from Costa Rica. On the first day, among songs and praises in Tamil, its original language, thousands of believers MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 54 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


praised God with joy. Pastor Carlos Guerra preached the Gospel of the Lord through a message based on Habakkuk 1: 1. On the second day, Rev. Samuel Mejia gave the biblical message through a speech based on 1 Corinthians 5. Hours later, at night, Pastor Humberto Henao shared the good news through the message “Who Shall Begin the Battle?” On the third day, Rev. Guerra preached the Word of God once again during the promotion service of workers and pastors. At the night service, Rev. Henao shared the topic “Give Me This Mountain,” based on Joshua 14: 6: 1-12. The Word of God, in the last service of the 13th National Convention of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in India, was shared by Rev. Mejia though his speech “Elijah Obeyed God Despite His Great Depression” l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


The Work of the Lord established on the island of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, held its 13th National Convention to evangelize the people of God.


he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Bonaire held its 13th National Convention from July 6 to July 9, to glorify the Lord and His Work. The event was attended by International Officers Luis Meza Bocanegra, Clemente Vergara and Romulo Vergara, National Supervisor of the WMM in the Netherlands Antilles. The National Convention of the WMM in the Netherlands Antilles began with the Lord’s message shaMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 56 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Photos: Mitch Ilario



red by Pastor Romulo Vergara. Based on 1 Chronicles 29:17, the minister of God developed the topic “A Pure Heart Acts, Thinks, Loves and Serves God with Uprightness.” On the morning of the second day, Rev. Luis Meza Bocanegra shared the Word through the preaching “The Leadership of Nehemiah,” based on Nehemiah 1: 3.

Then, at night, Rev. Romulo Vergara conveyed the message of the Lord through the speech “I Need to Be Filled With The Holy Spirit.” In the morning service of the third day, Brother Jair Leolina shared the good news through the message “Who Knows If by this Time You Have Come to the Kingdom?” Hours later, Pastor Luis Meza preached the

Word through the topic “Straightening the Heart Before God.” The 13th National Convention of the WMM in the Netherlands Antilles, attended by faithful from Aruba, Colombia, Santo Domingo and Curacao, ended with two services in which reverends Clemente Vergara and Luis Meza evangelized the people of God l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic



Photos: Ana Devora L. Ramos

Glorious days were lived in the 14th National Convention of the WMM in Brazil, which was broadcast live by Bethel Television.


he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Brazil held, from June 23 to June 26, the 14th National Convention under the theme “Renewing the Inside Man To Live In Uprightness.” The event took place at the Francisca Mendes Municipal School of the city of Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, where the people of God gathered to be fed on His Word. The event of the WMM in Brazil was broadcast by Bethel Television and attended by Alvaro Garavito and Luis Meza Bocanegra, International Officers of the Work of the Lord; Rev. Gerardo Martinez, MisMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 58 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

sionary Supervisor of the WMM in South America; and Henry Ramos, National Supervisor of the WMM in Brazil. On the opening day, Rev. Alvaro Garavito shared a message based on Deuteronomy 8: 11-17 and 11: 8-12, which he entitled “Renew and Strengthen the Inside Man to Live in Christ.” On the second day of activities, a meeting of workers and pastors was held; in it, different topics related to the progress of the Work in Brazil were discussed. Then, at night, Rev. Luis Meza preached the Word through the message “Obedience to


God Reflects Our Uprightness,” based on 2 Chronicles 32: 24-31; 33: 1. In the morning service of the third day, Rev. Marco Rau, National Officer of the WMM in Peru, conveyed the good news of the Lord. Hours later, Rev. Martinez, based on 1 Peter 2:24, shared the message of God. On the last day of the 14th National Convention of the WMM in Brazil, Pastor Garavito developed the topic “Fighting the Evil Inside,” based on Psalms 24: 3-5. Then, Pastor Meza evangelized the people of the Lord with a message based on Matthew 24: 42-44 l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic



Photos: Elizabeth Villalba

The Work of God in Germany held its 9th National Fellowship in the city of Hamburg. Nothing can stop the passage of the missionaries who evangelize Europe.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 60 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia



he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Germany held, from July 3 to July 5, its 9th National Fellowship in Berlin, the third most visited city in the European Union. The event was attended by Rev. Gustavo Martinez, International President of the Work of the Lord, and about 150 faithful from different parts of the Old Continent. On the first day of the event, Pastor Emanuel Garzon, National Supervisor of the Work in Germany, shared the Word of the Lord through the message “Walking Under the Promise.” On the second day, Rev. David Echalar, National Supervisor of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy, preached the gospel of God based on Acts 28: 1-7. In his speech, “True Repentance,” Pastor Echalar said that “we need to understand what a true revival is and so we must not neglect spiritual life.”

By the end of the 9th National Fellowship of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Germany, Rev. Gustavo Martinez shared the message “Let Us Not Get Tired of Doing the Right Thing,” based on

Galatians 6: 8. The servant of God stated that “doing the right thing means being willing to serve the Lord in the best way. We do not serve men, but the living and true God who knows our heart ” l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


Photos: Paula Guerra

BE LOYAL TO INHERIT THE BLESSING OF GOD The WMM in Costa Rica held its National Convention in Santo Domingo de Heredia, with the attendance of about 3500 faithful.


he Worldwide Missionary Movement in Costa Rica held its National Convention in the auditorium of Casa Oasis, in the city of Santo Domingo de Heredia. The event was attended each day by about 3500 believers, who listened attentively to the Word of the Lord. The event took place from July 5 to July 8 and began with a parade in which the officers and priests of the Work of God marched to show their love for the Lord. Then, Rev. Ruben Concepcion, International Officer of the Worldwide Missionary Movement, shared the good news. On the second day, a youth serMISSIONARY MOVEMENT 62 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


vice took place, in which Sister Carmen Valencia, wife of Rev. Gustavo Martinez, shared the Word of the Lord. The Meeting of Workers was held as well, with the attendance of the international leaders of the Work. On the third day, the ceremony of promotion of workers was held to recognize the new ministers of the Lord. The Word was preached by reverends Margaro Figueroa and Gustavo Martinez, International President of the WMM. Rev. Jose Soto, International Vice President of the WMM, conveyed the message of God as well. The National Convention of the Work in Costa Rica, attended by faithful from Peru, Nicaragua and Panama, ended with an emotional day in which a parade of flags was held l August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


AT THE HEIGHT OF THE BATTLE The WMM in the Netherlands held a special service in the city of Tilburg. The Lord’s Work is growing stronger as more and more brothers join the service of the Creator.

ith the attendance of Rev. David Echalar, National Supervisor of the Worldwide Missionary Movement in Italy, the Work of God in the Netherlands held a special service on May 31, in the city of Tilburg, located in the south of the Netherlands. The event was also attended by Sergio Veizaga, head of the congregation in Amsterdam; Abraham Roggeband, from the Work in Rotterdam; and Rodolfo Rebatta, from the church in Antwerp, Belgium. Pastor Echalar shared the Word of God. Based on Psalms 27: 3, the servant of the Lord delivered the message “The War and its Regulations.” He said that the battle is always along with the Lord and that in Jesus Christ we are conquerors. The event, led by Sister Ruth Paisible, head of the WMM in Tilburg, was attended by about 65 local believers in the sixth most populous city in the Netherlands l MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 64 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

Photos: Naidet Windster


Other Events


An important National Retreat of Pastors was held from last June 2 to June 4, in the Christian Pentecost Church of the Worldwide Missionary Movement (La Finca) in the city of Trujillo Alto. The activity began on Thursday night with words of welcome. The message was brought by Rev. Federico Cabrera, National Secretary, who spoke about “The Beginning of an Intimate Relationship with God Through The Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:1-4). On Friday morning, Rev. Albert Rivera, National Supervisor, shared the study entitled “The Holy Spirit Leads Us, Through the Fruit, To Righteousness” (Galatians 5:22-23). On Friday night, the message was given by Rev. Edgardo Santiago, National Treasurer, with the topic “Unity and Growth, the Result of the Fullness of the Holy Spirit” (Ephesians 4:3). By the end of this glorious activity, God spoke on Saturday morning through Rev. Ruben Concepcion, International Secretary. He preached the message entitled “Pentecostal Movement in Puerto Rico, our History.” God gave strength and encouragement to all workers and pastors l


The National Retreat of Pastors and Workers was held from June 8 to June 11 under the theme “Strengthening Ministerial and Doctrinal Principles,” based on 2 Timothy 3:14. The retreat was led by Rev. Jose Arturo Soto, International Vice President; Rev. Epifanio Asprilla, National Supervisor of Panama, and the National Board of Officers. The presbyters of the 14 regions of the country and a group of workers and employees from different parts of the country were also present. The retreat focused on the need to go back to the early works that meant significant progress, to encourage the brothers to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and to promote as priests the search for the presence of God and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in each church. Workers were reminded that those who crave bishopric are up to good work, but it is necessary to be blameless and meet certain requirements to be a worker approved by God. We pray for the Lord to continue to strengthen the ministerial body of this Work l


The Work of the WMM in Chile carried out a beautiful Fellowship of Women on May 21, at the Municipal Gymnasium of the town of Cerrillos, located in the south west of Santiago. The hosts of the event were Rev. Owen Donoso and his wife, Sister Patricia Correa. Around 150 sisters enjoyed the glory of God. The activity started with the topic “I Will Go with You. Up, for This Is the Day” (Judges 4:9-14). The first message was shared by Sister Nelly Pavon: “Women Who Stood Up and Fought for their Children” (Nehemiah 4:14). In the second message, entitled “Wake Up and Stand Up” (Judges 5:6-13), Sister Maritza Montoya, wife of the National Supervisor, urged to carry the Word and obtain the victory. By the end of the activity, Rev. Gerardo Martinez, National Supervisor, shared the message entitled “Women Making History” (Luke 8:1-3). He talked about those women who have left a great legacy l


On Sunday, June 12, the temple in the city of Komaki held a beautiful Youth Fellowship under the theme “The Lord is with you, committed and brave young man.” The spiritual celebration was attended by many young people from the churches of Oppama, Shizuoka and Hamamatsu, as well as Rev. David Veramendi, Supervisor of the Work of the WMM in Japan, and pastors Andres Marchan and Mary Oishi. The message of the Word of God was shared by Rev. Veramendi Takeda, based on Judges 6. He talked about the call of Gideon and urged the youth to serve our Creator with courage and great effort by preaching the Gospel. He also highlighted Gideon’s qualities that made it possible for our Lord to lift him in the middle of a people impoverished by sin. One of the most moving moments was the powerful witness of Brother Christian Vergara; it was a pleasant surprise for the audience. The youths also prepared special activities in different languages to glorify our God. Japan for Christ! l

August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic


LETTERS TO US... MANUEL SÁNCHEZ The peace of Jesus Christ be with you all. I wanted to tell you that I’ve seen your magazine and I find it excellent and edifying. All glory be given to God for this wonderful media. From Caracas, Venezuela.

MARCH 3-6 Convention in Comayagua, Honduras (arrival in San Pedro de Sula) 10-13 Convention in Australia (Sidney) 23-27 Convention in Guatemala (Guatemala City) 30-3 (APRIL) Convention in the Guianas, Trinidad and Martinique (Georgetown, Guyana)

Dear brothers in Christ, I wanted to greet and thank you for the Impacto Evangelistic magazine, which is very edifying for us. When I receive the magazine, I feel at home because we were born in this Work. Greetings from your brother in Christ. From Schenectady, New York, USA.

APRIL MAY 3-5 Convention in Japan (Narita, Chiba Ken) 26-29 Convention in India (Tamil Nadu, South India)


GERMÁN LÓPEZ The magazine is excellent, it has good current topics and biblical stories, and the material is fantastic. It matches up to the best publications. I became a Christian a few years ago and our Lord Jesus Christ has done many miracles in my life. I am the happiest man from the moment I met Christ.

MARÍA ZAVALA God bless you. The magazine has been very edifying for my life and the life of many people. God bless the hard work of those who make it. From Sucre, Bolivia.

JANUARY 1-4 National Convention in Puerto Rico 11-18 National Convention in Colombia (Medellín) FEBRUARY 5-7 Convention in Paraguay (Itagua) 5-9 Convention in Panamá 11-14 Convention in Argentina


I thank God for the countless wonders He’s done in my life. I’m a young man that for a long time was involved in drugs; this caused great suffering to me and all my loved ones. One day, the most beautiful thing happened to me: I found this magazine and began to leaf through it and found an article telling the testimony of a man involved in drugs who changed by the power of God. That really touched me; I thought that, if the man had been able to change, I could too. I immediately felt the great need to ask God for help, and so I did from the bottom of my heart and He, God, in his great love, helped me. From Lima, Peru.


JUNE 23-26 Convention in Brazil (Manaus) 30-3 (JULY) Convention in Bolivia (La Paz) JULY 6-9 6-9 12-15 21-24 From Bolivar, Cauca, Colombia

JORGE GABRIEL GUERRERO Several months ago, before receiving the new edition of the magazine, the Lord was already ministering me with His powerful Word. When I received the magazine, before reading it, I began to pray for each person who wrote an article on it, for this valuable ministry, and for the Lord to speak to me. When I began to read a message by Rev. Gustavo Martinez, I received a powerful impact of the Holy Spirit. I want to thank God for you. God bless you. From Holguin, Cuba.

CARMEN ARRIETA God bless all the brothers of this wonderful team of the magazine. You’re a blessing for both the members of the Church and the non-converted. From El Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia.

Convention in Costa Rica (San José) Convention in Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire) Convention in Virginia, United States (Woodbridge) Convention in Mexico (Puebla)

AUGUST 10-14 II European Congress (Madrid) 11-14 Convention in Haiti (Puerto Príncipe) 18-21 Convention in Africa (Guinea Ecuatorial) 23-27 Convention in Venezuela (Barquisimeto) 25-28 Convention in Ecuador (Guayaquil) 25-28 Convention in Belize SEPTEMBER Saturday 24 Mission World Day OCTOBER 7-9 National Fellowship in Canada 13-15 Convention in Dominican Republic 14-16 Convention in Mauritius 17-19 Convention in Madagascar 28-31 Campaign in Chile (Santiago) NOVEMBER 3-6 Convention in El Salvador 3-6 Convention in Uruguay (Montevideo) 15-20 Convention in Peru (Lima) 24-27 Convention in Nicaragua DECEMBER

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MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 66 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia

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Bethel Television, the Worldwide Missionary Movement channel, broadcasts the Word of God’s message through cultural and educational programs from Lima - Peru to the world by 7 satellites and the Internet. August 2016 / Impacto evangelistic





Bethel Television, the Worldwide Missionary Movement channel, broadcasts the Word of God’s message through cultural and educational programs from Lima - Peru to the world by 7 satellites and the Internet.

MISSIONARY MOVEMENT 68 WORLDWIDE America • Europe • Oceanía • África • Asia


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition August 2016 English language


Magazine Evangelistic Impact Edition August 2016 English language