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9th Representative Assembly slated on March 16, 2013 Around 800 delegates, representing er guests, are expected to troop luyong City on March 16, 2013 for pose Cooperative (TELESCOOP) In his message, President and Chairperson Marcos R. de Leon will underscore the contribution of TELESCOOP, “In all of the corporate existence of TELESCOOP and as we go into its 37th year of operation, we feel proud for the contributions and assistance extended by TELESCOOP to our members. It cannot be denied that TELESCOOP “changed their lives” and always provides a “helping hand” to our members in times of dire needs.”

all TELESCOOP members and othto Innolab Gymnasium in Mandathe 9th PLDT Employees Multi-PurAnnual Representative Assembly.

P 48,256,560 since 2003 which have been translated into a ten percent (10%) increase in the Patronage Refund distributed to our members as compared to the previous year. During the Assembly, it is customary to present all resolutions and the amendments to the Articles of Cooperation and By-Laws for approval by the august body in compliance with the requirements of the Cooperative laws.

He will also report to the assembly Photo below shows the TELESCOOP Board the highlights of 2012 operations, to wit: of Directors, they are from left: Teofilo E Total assets increased from P1,560,267,715 in 2011 to P 1,635,934,129 in 2012or a 5% increase and an all-time high of 2012 Net Surplus of

Espadera, Ernesto C. Miranda, Gerardo Jose V. Castro , Froilan M. Bautista, Hector M. Profeta - Vice Chairperson, Marcos R. de Leon - Chairperson, Emiliano R. Tanchico Alexander C. Banag and Jose Lauro G. Pelayo.

CDA Recognizes TELESCOOP for Participation to International Year of Cooperatives

The Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), the lead government agency mandated by virtue of Republic Act No. 9520 to promote the viability and growth of Philippine cooperatives, awarded a Plaque of Recognition to PLDT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TELESCOOP) for its active participation to the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) 2012 during the Cooperative Advocacy Run 4Ps last December 12, 2012. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed year 2012 as the INT E R N AT I O N A L To page 2, please

2 “Ituro Mo, Bibilhin Ko...” Promo Yields P30.6M in Gross Sale

An innovative campaign dubbed as “Ituro Mo, Bibilhin Ko and Gadgets Sale”, a brainchild of Director Froilan M. Bautista, was relaunched recently signaling the intensification of TELESCOOP’s Direct Selling Program. A gross sales of P30,361,723.00 was realized from a total 849 members who patronized our cooperative throughout the promo campaign period.

Chairperson Marcos R. de Leon, third from left, is shown holding the recognition (inset) during the awarding rites. Also in photo are, from Chairperson Roberto R. De Guzman, Vice Chairperson and Director Profeta and Ms. Marjorie A. de Veyra, former City Administrator, City

plaque of left: AIC Hector M. of Makati.

Makati City Government, Makati Cooperative Development Office (MCDO) award TELESCOOP as No. 1 in Total Assets, No. 2 in Total Membership TELESCOOP was cited as No. 1 in Total Assets and No. 2 in Total Membership during the awarding ceremonies of the “2011 Search for Outstanding Cooperatives of Makati City” held at the University of Makati Grand Theater in Makati City on October 22, 2012. The search was sponsored by the City Government of Makati, Makati Cooperative Development Office in coordination with Makati Cooperative Development Council where TELESCOOP received Plaques of Recognition. TELESCOOP won first place in Total Assets Category with its total asset of P1,560,267,751.00 in 2011. Meanwhile, TELESCOOP was also cited for ranking number 2 in terms of membership expansion in the 2011 Search for Outstanding Cooperatives of Makati. Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri, representing Vice President Jejomar Binay, was the guest speaker and conferred the awards during the Awarding Ceremony of the 2011 Outstanding Cooperatives in Makati City. In his brief remarks, Senator Zubiri said the cooperatives still remain the

partners of ordinary workers and all work toward providing the members financial assistance, as well as other benefits that would uplift their quality of life. He also commended the city government of Makati for giving proper recognition to the top cooperative with the highest assets, as well as the other recognitions for the Search for the Outstanding Cooperatives in 2011. These cooperatives are the ones that have performed well in managing cooperative assets. They have designed viable lending schemes that attracted the members to avail of them, but at the same time, would not be burdensome for the members to pay. The exemplary planning and management of cooperatives set them apart from the rest, and should, therefore, be recognized.

Ituro Mo, Bibilhin Ko” works in a principle where the member simply has to submit a Price Quotation (P.O.) for his preferred gadgets or appliances from supplier and TELESCOOP shall initiate payment/purchase for the item/s and have these delivered to the member or picked up by the member from any store of his preference. “We were able to substantially meet the demands of our members and at the same time have accorded them lower interest rates and acquisition cost for purchases of appliances and gadgets, not to mention the warranties and other freebies that go with it,” TELESCOOP Vice Chairperson and Director Hector M. Profeta said.

CDA Recognizes TELESCOOP... Continued from page 1

YEAR OF COOPERATIVES (IYC) thru Resolution 64/136, which encourages all cooperatives to take advantage of the IYC to promote cooperatives, to raise public awareness of the contribution of cooperatives to social and economic development and promote the formation and growth of cooperatives. In relation to this, the CDA created a National and Steering Committee to celebrate the Philippine IYC 2012, composed of cooperative federations/unions, government institutions, academes, cooperative party lists and other relevant institutions tasked to plan, develop and implement programs and activities at the national level. With the theme “Transformative Cooperatives for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace”, the Philippine IYC 2012 aimed to increase public awareness about cooperatives and their contributions to advance the 4P’s for sustainable development, engage government to create policy environment conducive to the formation, growth and stability of coops, and to advance the 5 priority areas, the PCMTDP and CDA 3 point agenda.


TELESCOOP Sponsors Christmas Party and Donates P50K to Cancer-stricken Indigent Children TELESCOOP sponsored a Christmas Party for cancer patients confined at the National Children Hospital located at Quezon City and donated a P50,000.00 subsidy for indigent children as medical assistance on December 29, 2012. The donation will benefit five (5) cancer patients, P10,000.00 each, for their medicines and medical treatment needs,” TELESCOOP Chairperson Marcos R. De Leon said. “This socio-civic or outreach program is in consonance with Article 53 of R.A. 9520 which states that every cooperative shall draw up regular reports of its program of activities, including those in pursuance of their socio-civic undertakings, showing their progress and achievements….” De Leon added. The National Children’s Hospital, a

fully-subsidized government hospital, has been the frontrunner in the care of pediatric patients, in different stages of life and different types of diseases. Although almost 90% of patients are indigent, they have never been deprived of admission despite financial constraints. The delivery of services for indigent patients is done through sponsorship, collaboration with government and non-government organizations and individuals. Through the years, this edifice has been and will always be a living testament of loving quality patient care and concern for all Filipino children.

Induction of Officers

PLDT First Vice President/Controller Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla was the inducting officer and guest of honor during the TELESCOOP Induction of 2012 Officers held at PLDT Innolab at Boni Avenue in Mandaluyong City last May 17, 2012. Photos, from top, clockwise, show her delivering an inspirational remarks, swearing the officers into the oath of office, striking a pose for posterity with the officers and receiving a plaque of appreciation being the inducting officer and guest speaker from TELESCOOP Chairperson Marcos R. de Leon.

4 TELESCOOP Officers, Members and Staff Attend Various Seminars


Telescoop officers, members and staff attended various seminars and courses recently. This is in compliance with the requirements of Republic Act No. 9520 specifically stated in Chapter IV Administration under Article 44 on Functions, Responsibilities, and Training Requirements of Directors, Officers, and Committee Members. This is further required by the Rule 7, Section 5 of the Implementing Rules and Regulation stating that the training program should contain the minimum requirements in the module/curriculum as prescribed by the Cooperative Development Authority, and Memo Circular 2011-14 that all coop officers, leaders and staff must complete trainings as prerequisite for governance and in compliance with the provisions of the law.

30 YEARS IN SERVICE AWARDEES From left: Divinagracia M. Buenvenida, Naneta C. Margarejo, Virginia B. Armada, Nida J. Vales, and Ma. Theresa L. Labadan

These seminars will further enhance their capacity for more efficient and effective governance and operations. Telescoop officers and Board of Directors attended the following seminars: Basic Cooperative Course on January 27-28, 2012; Leadership and Values Re-Orientation on April 20-21, 2012; Cooperative Management and Governance on September 29, October 20 and November 10, 2012 all held at PLDT Innolab in Mandaluyong City; Strategic Planning Seminar at the Lake Hotel, Tagaytay City on October 12-14, 2012. OTHER SEMINARS AND EVENTS IN 2012 Meanwhile, Telescoop members attended fourteen (14) classes of Pre Membership Seminar /MS/TELESCOOP Updates  and series of consultation on operations and product and services with 1,779 existing and prospective members.

25 YEARS IN SERVICE AWARDEES From left: Nannette V. Cabrera, Imelda P. Armada, and Gilmar D. Marcelino

Members also attended ten (10) sessions on Financial Wellness Program in collaboration with PECCI and PLDT Company. A session for PLDT retirees/ Telescoop members who availed of Manpower Reduction Program was also conducted. On the other hand, employees and officers attended two (2) sessions on Strategic Planning Workshop on Operations for fiscal Year 2013.

Telescoop officers and members also participat-

ed in the CDA-Sponsored “Run 4P’s” during the celebration of the “International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) for Photos above show your officers, employees and staff attending various seminars and courses to further enhance their capacity for more efficient and effective governance and operations.  2012” on December 12, 2012.

5 MEMBERS’ TESTIMONIES In his message to the TELESCOOP member’s Chairperson Marcos De Leon said, “we feel proud for the contributions and assistance extended by TELESCOOP to our members. It cannot be denied

that TELESCOOP “changed their lives” and always provides a “helping hand” to our members in times of dire needs. Here’s what our members got to say to affirm this:

Lewie de Leon

Irene Susan T. Dungo

HOME Inbound, Sampaloc

Marketing Specialist, MarkCom

TELESCOOP helps me financially when I needed it the most specially when it comes to medicines, hospitalization, bills payment and even other loans payment. Dividends from loans are just some of the many benefits we can enjoy being a member.

Buying three units of Apple I-phone 4s for my daughter and son-in-law, as well as for myself, seems so convenient and easy through TELESCOOP! It has the widest range of appliances and top-of-the-line and most latest gadgets. The price is comparatively lower than most outlets or shops. Not to mention that you are assured you are getting the genuine gadgets with warranties with the proliferation of bogus units and clones.

Susana P. Samping

Jeanne F. Tuazon HOME-ICCS, Sampaloc Exchange Telescoop helps me a lot especially in times of financial needs. As a member, one can easily ask for financial assistance, take for example the Multi-Purpose Loan which you may use for school tuition fees.

SSC – San Fernando, La Union TELESCOOP is the answer to the members, family circle in times of financial constraints. Ready to extend immediate services coupled with a smile. It eases one’s burden from various necessities such as tuition fees and other personal needs. TELESCOOP promotes smooth interpersonal relationship among PLDT Stakeholders and members. It serves as linkages to the community in a very unique cooperative way. KUDOS TELESCOOP! Let’s promote in enhancing more services of our own cooperative. SALAMAT TELESCOOP….: )

Yolanda R. Rivero

Juliet F. Libo-On

Home BO Management, Cauayan, Isabela Exchange

Bacolod Exchange It lets me enjoy the convenience and benefits offered by purchasing a variety of products and enjoy loans with lower interest. Participate in the annual membership meetings and electing representatives to the Board of Directors. Share, in any net savings through the annual patronage dividends. Also one factor that Telescoop help me the proceeds of my loan is to meet the financial costs and expenses requirement for the dialysis of my brother; car loan, constructing house and tuition fees of my children.

As I widow sending two kids in college and one in elementary, I avail of TELESCOOP loans to pay for their tuition fees and school allowances. I can do it as frequent as I need it most specially to settle their tuition fees in installment basis. Well, wow I just couldn’t picture myself financing the needs of my children and giving them the best education that any parent desire! And that’s all just being a TELESCOOP member. I may consider myself as one of the luckiest employees earning a big basic pay but at most times not enough to meet my family’s needs. I am even luckier that TELESCOOP is always there as part of my dream’s fulfillment. I am very, very lucky to be accommodated by TELESCOOP staff, whom I never had a chance to personally meet, but giving me the very best and swift accommodation to have my loans processed in no time. TELESCOOP should be offered to all even to none-PLDT offices since this is a cooperative made to help those who are really in need of help.


“Your Chairperson’s Corner” Greetings Fellow TELESCOOP Members!

I am pleased to inform you that in the next issue of our TELESCOOP Chronicle YOU will have a venue or space for your concerns and rest assured these will be answered and addressed. As your Chairperson, I encouncourage you to send them through email. We welcome all your comments, concerns and suggestions.

Marcos R. de Leon, Chairperson

6 TELESCOOP Pays Tribute to Our Departed Colleagues and Friends : “We thank you for investing your time, talents bringing TELESCOOP to its present stature as a financially-sound and members-oriented Cooperative”

Alejandro C. Fabian Alex,

1949 - 2012

known to many and will always be remembered as a soft-spoken PLDT Executive. He has been instrumental to Company’s industrial peace and has introduced new, innovative human resource processes to our Cooperative.

Rodrigo M. Profeta 1945 - 2012

Sonny paved the way to the transforma-

tion of TELESCOOP from a mere service to a multi-purpose cooperative. Thanks to his prowess in the field of finance being a former Finance Executive in PLDT.

7 To Our Valued TELESCOOP Members: We wish to invite you to visit our website to know more about the prod ucts and services that the Cooperative is offering


Members can view his/her Telescoop Accounts (Subsidiary Ledger), and can check the balances of outstanding loans, share capital , and status of applied loan from time to time. .

Members can also monitor their savings account. Member’s profile is also viewable in the website, so that any changes in status, beneficiaries , etc can be relayed to Telescoop office for proper updating. Should you still have no access to our website, please consider the following steps:

• Call up TELESCOOP Customer Service hotline at 8900409 and know your “TELESCOOP MEMBER ID” (six digit number) • Go to • On the right side of the page is the member’s Log in, click “create new account” • Fill out the Register User Account Box (as shown at right)

• Note: Registration will need approval by the Administrator. Once approved, an email confirmation advice will be sent to you.

Other important reminders: • Telescoop member ID - 6 digit number • Employee No. - either old ID no or sap ID • Birthdate - month, year, date • Mobile # - LAST 9 digits or if CP# is not available key in 9 zeros

Suggestions/ Comments are highly appreciated for the improvement and success of our cooperative and TELESCOOP website

List of Active Suppliers 2012 supplier’S name

Telescoop Logo Rationale



Furniture & Appliances




Cellphones, Computer, Laptops & Gadgets


General Merchandise


Jeans Pants


Optical Sevices


Optical Sevices


Health & Vitamis Products


Bed sheet & Linen Products


General Merchandise


General Merchandise


Supermarket & Department Store


Optical Sevices


Cooking Materials


General Merchandise


General Merchandise


Games & Computer Products


QB Stove & other related products


Cellphones, Computer, Laptops & Gadgets


Perfumes & Scented products


Supermarket & Department Store


Extreme magic sing & other videoke products


Cellphones, Computer, laptops & gadgets


Tupperware products


Optical Sevices


Hector M. Profeta Chairperson Gerardo Jose V. Castro Member Jose Lauro G. Pelayo Member Froilan M. Bautista Member Gerardo C. Aguinaga Finance Officer Atty. Benjamin O. Dorosan Secretary to the Board Rexie T. Padilla Secretary/Trainor Roberto S. Kalaw Trainor Ike P. Arboleda Managing Editor

The three slanted bars - with progression

colors from white, light green and greenwith solid black in between the bars create a two-dimensional figure effect that resembles the retractile cord component of a telephone set, signifies flexibility. This represents the industry of the company where the employees members of the cooperative work for - PLDT. The orange circle connected to the dark green bar resembles a figure of a person - YOU as member - giving an impression of movement or moving forward. The colors, from light to darker shades or solid color, depict steadfastness that could stand the test of time.

List of TELESCOOP Products & Services 1.      Various Loan (VS)

7.      School Financial Loan (SFL)

2.      Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL)

8.      Handog sa Maligayang Pasko (HMPL)

3.      Financial Services and Development Loan SR (FSDL SR) 4.      School Supplies Loan (SSL) 5.      Financial Services and Development Loan JR (FSDL JR)

9.      TEAM Loan 10.   MRD Loan 11.   ACF Loan 12.   Direct Selling 13.   Short P.O.’s

6.      Financial Service and Development Loan EXPRESS (FLEX) 14.


Dry Goods

Gift Checks - SM / LM

8 Board of Directors

Marcos R. De Leon Chairperson

Hector M. Profeta Vice Chairperson

Alexander C. Banag Acting Treasurer

Teofilo E. Espadera Member

Jose Lauro G. Pelayo Member

Froilan M. Bautista Member

Emiliano R. Tanchico Member

Ernesto C. Miranda Member

Gerardo Jose V. Castro Member

Atty. Benjamin O. Dorosan Board Secretary

Roberto R. De Guzman Chairperson

Gerardo C. Aguinaga Vice Chairperson

Ariston F. Cruz, Jr. Secretary

Rodolfo E. Manzanares, Jr. Member

Roderick Ramon F. Santos Member

Audit and Inventory Committee

From left: Gerardo C. Aguinaga, Finance Officer; Froilan M. Bautista, member; Gerardo Jose V. Castro, member; Hector M. Profeta, EdCom Chairperson; Rexie T. Padilla, Secretary/ Trainor; Jose Lauro G. Pelayo, member; Roberto S. Kalaw, Trainor; Alexander C. Banag, member and Atty. Benjamin O. Dorosan, Secretary to the Board.

Education Committee

Telescoop Chronicle  

A quarterly publication of PLDT Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative for members and friends

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