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Located amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, Bayou Spa at Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort offers a natural balance of energy for rejuvenation and revitalization Bayou Spa is a place where you can revive both body and soul with proven healing aromatherapy and massage treatments Essential oils, gentle rhythmic music and lush greenery relaxes all your senses From the moment you arrive, we will usher you into our world where a welcomed sense of calm is captured by smell, touch and sound in an intimate environment Indulge in our specially designed signature treatments that use exclusively blended massage oils that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized Experience the mystery behind traditional natural tonics and essential oils, reviving the ancient tradition of therapeutic treatments and holistic lifestyle Selamat Datang!

Ramuan at Bayou Spa

At Bayou Spa, treatments are curated with a combination of the finest elements from Malay and various indigenous massage techniques around the region. Along with natural-blend oils, these treatments aim to rejuvenate, refresh, relax as well as improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Choices of Massage Oils

Tropical Energy

Our tropical energy massage oil contains a blend of pure essential oils with the zesty fragrance of lemongrass, lime and ginger to uplift and recharge your senses

Tropical Passion

A sensuous blend of exotic floral sensation containing jasmine flowers, ylang-ylang, and rose petals to promote deep relaxation and calms the body.

Tropical Spice

This warm exotic massage oil is a blend of rich mystical fragrances of frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood and infused with cloves, vanilla and patchouli to embrace the spirit of peace and tranquility

Tropical Balance

Specially curated for sensitive skin, this massage oil is a combination of sweet almond, sunflower and coconut oils which can help to moisturize the skin and helping in treating skin ailments


Our signature massage will heighten your senses through gentle stretches followed by soothing strokes of traditional Asian massage methods including Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi that combines long sweeping strokes and forearm pressure for complete rejuvenation. Relax over an invigorating lime footwashwithHimalayansaltscrubbeforethestartoftreatment

This traditional deep tissue massage incorporates with your choice of essentials oil blends Also knownasthe MalayUrut,thismassageimprovesvitality,restoremuscletones,detoxifiesthebody, stimulatescellgrowthandencouragesbetterbloodcirculation

Using aromatherapy massage technique that begins with gentle to medium pressure, this holistic treatmentpromotesahugeeffectonthepsychologicalandphysicalwellbeingofanindividual The oilisappliedinlongandsweepingstrokestowarmtheskinandmuscles,andtreatmentcontinues withadeepermassage,focusingonrollingandclutchingtheskin’sunderlyingmusclesbetweenthe hands. This massage technique will help in releasing tense and knotted muscles to promote deep relaxing.

A must for your feet after a long day of walking Based on the same therapeutic principal of Malaysianremedies,footmassagewillhelptoreleasetoxinsandrestoreyourbody’senergy Head , Back&Shoulder

This40-minutemassageexperienceisthesoothingtouchofrelaxationfocusedonthetenseareasof your choice It helps to relieve muscular tension, enhance blood circulation and encourage higher oxygentoskincells.Itwillleaveyouoozingthefinestsenseofwellbeing.

BAYOU INDULGENCE 60 minutes MYR 310.00 90 minutes MYR 41000 BAYOU SENSATION 60 minutes MYR 29000 90 minutes MYR 39000 BAYOU BLISS 60 minutes MYR 29000 90 minutes MYR 39000 FOOT MASSAGE 40 minutes MYR 180.00 60 minutes MYR 26000 BAYOU TRANQUILITY 40 minutes MYR 180.00 Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of 8% Sales & Service Tax (SST)


Acombinationpackageespeciallyforthosewhohavemusclepainontheirback,neckandshoulder Experience soothing strokes using the combinations of the hand and a warm stone as healing techniques Treatmentpackagewillbeginwithfootbathrituals,followedbya30minuteoffrozen backmassagewiththewarmstoneandwillcontinuewitha70minutesfullbodymassageincluding faceandheadmassageattheendoftreatment

Enter a state of total relaxation while experiencing total bliss. This treatment will ensure that you leave refreshed and rejuvenated A remedy that is particularly effective for jet lag and insomnia

Treatmentpackagewillbeginwithafootbathritualfollowedby30-minutebodyscrubusingGreen CoffeeScrubanda60-minuteBayouSensationbodymassageendingwitha30-minuterelaxingfoot massage.

Thiswonderfulpackageiswhatyoudreamaboutafterspendingalongdayatthebeach.Yourbody willbepamperedwithanaturalgoodnesstohelpsootheburningsensationfromspendingtoomuch timeinthesun Treatmentpackagewillbeginswithfootbathrituals,followedby30minuteRiceMilk Scruband30minuteAloeVeraSoothingWrapandendwith60minutechoiceofbodymassage

ILLUSION 100 minutes MYR 440.00 DREAM 120 minutes MYR 45000 ENCHANTING 120 minutes MYR 48000 Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of 8% Sales & Service Tax (SST)


Thescrubworktosloughoffdeathskin,boostcirculationandsmoothroughareas Caffeineisknown to tone and firm up skin When applied, caffeine may help to redistribute fat decrease the formulationofcellulite,aidintighteningandshrinkingbloodvesselandsmooththeskin Thisscrub aresuitableforallskintypes.

A100%naturalandbiodegradableexfoliatingagentthatcleansesyourskin.Bothriceandmilkhave anti-inflammatorypropertiesthatcansootheirritatedskinandreduceredness Thismakesthescrub suitable for sensitive skin types and acne control Besides, the exfoliation properties can help to strengthensskinbarrier,maintainsskinelasticityandgoodsourceofhydrationfortheskin

GREEN COFFEE SCRUB 30 minutes MYR 180.00 RICE MILK SCRUB 30 minutes MYR 18000 Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of 8% Sales & Service Tax (SST)


Bayou Spa’s facial treatment with natural skincare from “PEVONIA” that offers extensive resultdriven elements Made from natural ingredients of the Earth and the Sea Formulated with an advanced delivery system for optimum absorption Every facial selection will keep your skin refreshed,radiantandyouthful



Essential facial treatment begin with cleansing, hot steam, face scrubbing. Followed by face aromatherapymassage,facialmaskandendwiththeapplicationofskinmoisturizer

Deeper exfoliation with the use of peeling cream that contain pineapple and papaya enzymes to eliminate blackheads, dead cells, sebum, and toxins This treatment provide cool steam to neutralize theskintoo



This treatment include cleansing, gentle face scrub and cool steam Followed by face relaxing face massage,soothingfacialmaskandendwithsensitiveskincream

Refresh and renew the skin with the addition of ice-globes massage techniques It also stimulates circulationandoxygenatesadryorsensitiveskin.



Treat your skin with deeper exfoliation, cool steam and acne extraction including hands-on massage andrelaxingice-globesmassagetorefinepores,lessenskinirritationandredness



A high performance facial treatment begin with back massage Followed by deep cleansing, peeling, lifting massage and two types of mask. The Luminous Vitamin C & Seaweed mask that reduces fine lines,strengthensskinelasticity,andrestoresmoreyouthfulappearance

Multi rejuvenating eye zone treatment to invigorate the eye area, reduce puffiness and improve the appearanceofdarkcircleandfineslines

40 minutes MYR 23000 40 minutes MYR 23000 90 minutes MYR 38000 100 minutes MYR 43000
Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of 8% Sales & Service Tax (SST) 60 minutes MYR 28000 60 minutes MYR 28000 EYE TREATMENT 30 minutes MYR 150.00
NAIL SPA PACKAGES KIDS SPA For children aged 8 and below GREEN COFFEE SCRUB 30 minutes MYR 180.00 Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and inclusive of 8% Sales & Service Tax (SST) BASIC WITHOUT COLOR MANICURE PEDICURE Nail shaping, cuticle trim , lotion & buffing 60 minutes MYR 25000 MYR 28000 BASIC WITH COLOR MANICURE PEDICURE Nail shaping, cuticle trim , lotion & nail polish 70 minutes MYR 260.00 MYR 290.00 KIDS FOOT MASSAGE 30 minutes MYR 7000 Improve wellbeing and sleep patterns in children KIDS BODY MASSAGE 30 minutes MYR 9000 Boosts blood flow , enhances skin health and muscle tone KIDS FACIAL 30 minutes MYR 120.00 Gentle cleansing, face massage and natural skin moisturizer
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