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MYR310.00 90 minutes MYR410.00

Our signature massage will heighten your senses through gentle stretches followed by shooting strokes of tradi tional Asian massage methods including Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi that combines long sweeping strokes and forearm pressure for complete rejuvenation. Relax over an invigorating floral foot wash with Himalayan salt scrub before the start of treatment.


60 minutes


MYR290.00 90 minutes

This traditional deep tissue massage incorporates with your choice of essentials oil blends. Also knows as the “Malay Urut”, this massage improves vitality, restore muscle tones, detoxifies the body, stimulate cell growth and encourages better blood circulation.

BAYOU BLISS 60 minutes

MYR290.00 90 minutes MYR390.00

Using aromatherapy massage technique that begins with gentle to medium pressure, this holistic treatment promotes a huge effect on the psychological and physical wellbeing of an individual. The oil is applied in long and sweeping strokes to warm the skin and muscles, and treatment continues with a deeper massage, focusing on rolling and clutching the skin’s underlying muscles between the hands. This massage technique will help in releasing tense and knotted muscles to promote deep relaxing.

FOOT MASSAGE 40 minutes

MYR180.00 60 minutes MYR260.00

A must for your feet after a long day of walking. Based on the same therapeutic principal of Malaysian remedies, foot massage will help to release toxins and restore your body’s energy.


Head, Back & Shoulder


This 30-minute massage experience is the soothing touch of relaxation focused on the tense areas of your choice. It helps to relieve muscular tension, enhance blood circulation and encourage higher oxygen to skin cells. It will leave you oozing the finest sense of wellbeing.

MOTHER-TO-BE 60 minutes

RM380.00 90 minutes RM500.00

Pre-Natal Massage

This mother-to-be massage is designed to comfort and relax the body during pregnancy. It also reduces the stress hormones and helps to incease blood flow which is important to keep the mother’s lymphatic system working at peak efficiency during pregnancy.

Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and subject to 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST).


ILLUSION 120 minutes


A combination package especially for those to unwind and rejuvenate. Experience shooting stroke using a combinations of hand and warm stone as a healing techniques. Treatment package will begins with foot bath ritual, followed by a 45 minute frozen back massage with warm stone and ends with 40 minute face, shoulder, neck and head massage.

DREAM 120 minutes


Enter a state of total relaxation while experiencing total bliss. This treatment will ensure that you leave refreshed and rejuvenated. A remedy that is particularly effective for jet lag and insomnia. Treatment package will begin with a footbath ritual followed by 30-minute body scrub using Himalayan rose salt and a 60-minute Bayou Sensation body massage ending with a 30-minute relaxing foot massage.

ENCHANTING 150 minutes


This wonderful package is what you dream about after spending a long day at the beach. Your body will be pampered with a natural goodness to help soothe burning sensation from spending too much time in the sun. Treatment package will begins with foot bath rituals, followed by 30 minute almond milk body scrub and 30 minute aloe Vera shooting wrap or cucumber honey wrap and end with 60 minute choice of body massage.

Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and subject to 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST).




The scrub work to slough off death skin, boost circulation and smooth rough areas. Caffeine is known to tone and firm up skin. When applied, caffeine may help to redistribute fat decrease the formulation of cellulite, aid in tightening and shrinking blood vessel, smooth the skin, exfoliate dead cells, reduce the appearance of cellulite and soften your beautiful skin.

SALT SCRUB 40 minutes


Enjoy the experience of creating “your personal Spa” exfoliating body scrub to refresh and revitalize your skin to a natural vibrant glow. This salt scrub contains everything you need to create 100% natural spa scrub experience including organic sea salt with pure essentials oils, and cold pressed moisturizing oil.

Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and subject to 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST).


facial treatment with natural skincare
that offers extensive result-driven elements.
from natural ingredients of the Earth and the sea, and thereafter formulated with an advanced delivery system for optimum absorption. Every facial selection will
your skin refreshed, radiant and youthful. Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and subject to 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST). ESSENTIALS 45 minutes MYR230.00 Organic customized facial for all skin types 60 minutes MYR280.00 90 minutes MYR380.00 SENSITIVE CARE 45 minutes MYR230.00 Sensitive care for sensitive skin / teenagers 60 minutes MYR280.00 90 minutes MYR380.00 AGING TREATMENT - HIGH PERFORMANCE 100 minutes MYR430.00 Luminous C & Sea for aging / matured skin
45 minutes MYR180.00
eye area,
fines lines.
Bayou Spa’s
from “PEVONIA”
Multi rejuvenating eye zone treatment to invigorate the
and improve the appearance of dark
NAIL SPA PACKAGE Bayou Spa’s nail package offers you the best of curation and care for a foot bath ritual followed by a foot mask routine, the session continues and ends with an extensive nail care. Prices quoted are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and subject to 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST). BASIC MANICURE Without color 50 minutes MYR260.00 BASIC PEDICURE Without color 50 minutes MYR260.00 MANICURE With color 60 minutes MYR280.00 PEDICURE With color 60 minutes MYR280.00