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Raider Pride Flies High

Fighter Pilot Andrew Gutowski ’08 Honors Hun


From the Eye of the Storm

Tracy Coifman ’88 on Surviving Hurricane Maria


From Hun to Hollywood

Kathleen Weber Schaffer ’88 Caters to the Stars



What a Gift He Truly Was

Alumni Remember Dean P. Terence Beach H’14


All A-Board

Living at Hun Today


A Look Back

Boarding in the ’80s


Destination Princeton

The Best Small City in America



Alumni Gatherings


Alumni Weekend 2017 and Distinguished Alumni


Class Notes

On the Cover: P. Terence Beach H’14, former dean of admissions and financial aid, passed away in November. Alumni honor him on page 10.

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HEADMASTER’S MESSAGE HERE IS A MEANINGFUL MEASURE OF A BOARDING SCHOOL: After a vacation, how many boarders say they are actually glad to leave home and return to campus? I hear it very often at Hun. In my first year here, a student from the Middle East told me I should stop being surprised: “But, Mr. Brougham, Hun is home!” Whether from New Jersey or one of the dozens of other states and nations represented in our dorms, our boarders love that sense of belonging. Boarding alumni speak of lifelong friendships with classmates from every part of the world, and of dorm parents who took the time to bake cookies, play games, and become trusted and caring mentors. Terry Beach, one of the most beloved and respected figures in Hun School history (read about him on p. 10) exemplified the devoted teachers who have shaped the experience of boarders through the years. Those relationships are still the

But, Mr. Brougham, Hun is home!

moving force of life on campus. Of course, most boarding students also remember the pure fun of living in a happy, bustling, 24-hour community. One boarder told me she feels like it is “a long sleepover with more work.” And it is true that academics are also an important part of the boarding formula, in the form of structured study time, one-on-one help from teachers, and evening group collaboration among students. But the learning goes well beyond study. With Princeton, New York, and Philadelphia as resources, boarders regularly choose from a rich menu of cultural offerings and weekend trips. And living confidently and independently away from home before college is an education in itself.

Who can measure the value of building relationships, not only with roommates, but with a community of fascinating fellow boarders from every background imaginable? No wonder so many students look back on their time in the dorms as a truly life-changing experience. Finally, the positive and powerful impact of the boarding program extends to day students, as well. Many enjoy the opportunity to come early for breakfast, stay late for dinner, or participate in the around-the clock activities that keep our campus lively and brightly lit through all the waking hours. And all benefit from the unique opportunity to know, understand, and befriend a virtual United Nations of classmates. No day school can match the natural and friendly form of diversity that our boarding program provides. From Hun’s earliest days, the boarding life has been at the heart of our culture, powerfully preparing all students for a diverse and everchanging world. I hope you enjoy reading more about it in these pages! Sincerely,




5-PEAT!! You’ve heard of hat-tricks and 3-peats, but Hun’s ice hockey team went a few steps further, winning their fifth consecutive Mercer County Tournament on February 16th, defeating Princeton High School 9-4. Hun junior Kyle Mandleur finished his season with an astounding 44 goals, making him the Times of Trenton’s Player of the Year.

CONGRATULATIONS, BOYS! Photo by Vincent P. Shea


is a joyful, engaged community of learners who want to experience something profound every day: that sweet spot between the challenging academics that stretch our minds and the personal endeavors that make our hearts soar. This is what we call


“a balanced equation”—a thoughtful way of teaching that brings out the best in our students and best prepares them for life.



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Hun Today


or call (609) 921-7600

10/4/17 9:52 AM

RAIDER PRIDE FLIES HIGH with Andrew Gutowski ’08



American flag on his dashboard, but “sometimes you will

WITH HIM WHEREVER HE GOES. That includes the cockpit

see other things that are unique or meaningful that the

of the F-22 Raptor that he flies as a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot.

individual takes into combat with him.”

In February, Captain Gutowski placed a copy of the Hun shield

“I printed out that picture of the Hun shield and flew it into

on his dashboard as he flew a sortie over Syria and Iraq, serving

combat over Iraq and Syria that day because for me, getting

as support to troops on the ground in the fight against ISIS. A co-worker took this picture while flying in a plane above him during a mid-air refueling of his jet. It’s a delicate operation that occurs several times during a more than 10-hour mission.

to do what I love every day is a privilege,” he wrote in an email. “It’s one that takes years of hard work, but remains an impossibility without the time and dedication of those who helped you get there. I try never to forget that—where I came from and who helped me along the way. My time at Hun

Captain Gutowski, who grew up in Princeton, graduated from

set me up for success both in college and beyond, and I’m

the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2012 as a commissioned

grateful (and proud!) to be a Raider.”

officer after completing its Air Force ROTC program. About flying traditions, he says a pilot will often fly with an

That Raider pride is mutual, Captain Gutowski, and thank you for your service!

Notes from

THE EYE OF THE STORM Tracy Coifman ’88 Survives Hurricane Maria BY ALICIA BROOKS WALTMAN

The view from Mr.Coifman’s highrise condo after the storm


food, as some critics called the federal assistance effort slow

WELL LAST SEPTEMBER 21ST, the day that Hurricane

and inadequate. Mr. Coifman’s home and his business, now part

Maria, Puerto Rico’s worst national disaster on record, arrived.

of Midwestern plastics company M. Holland, kept humming

“My daughter and I were in the supermarket, and every cell phone in the store started buzzing and ringing,” he recalls of

lay in shambles.

that day in San Juan, where he grew up and has lived for the

“Everybody here had a storm plan, but no one had an apocalypse

last twenty years. Maria had arrived, a category 4 storm with

plan, and it was apocalyptic,” said Mr. Coifman. Puerto Rico

155-mph winds that would destroy the entire island.

became a cash economy overnight, as credit cards no longer

“For a long time, we were kind of in denial; storms can veer off course and miss you,” said Mr. Coifman, who runs the plastic resin business founded by his parents Linda and Daniel Coifman ’63. He was no stranger to hurricanes, but knew Maria would be different. “When the phones went off with the alerts, people completely cleared the shelves of food and water and rushed home.” What followed were 30 hours of dread for Mr. Coifman and his family as he and his wife, Agnes, sons Diego and Myles, daughter Andrea, and his elderly mother, hunkered down in their high-rise condo. “The hurricane sounded like a freight train, like a jet engine, or a rocket ship taking off,” he recalls. Mr. Coifman feared for

functioned without electricity and internet. “The military had to fly in crates of money. Cell phones had no power or service, and no one could tell you what day it was. The time went by very slowly,” he recalls. Mr. Coifman and his family were flown to M. Holland’s Chicago headquarters for a week, so they could work and live under normal conditions. When they returned, Mr. Coifman’s company leapt into action getting high density polyethylene resin on board ships to customers to be used to make five million plastic gallon water jugs to be distributed over the island. The shipping was no small feat, requiring considerable wrangling with already overloaded ships coming in and out of port.

their lives, worried that his building, though made of concrete,

For the two months after the storm, Mr. Coifman’s family spent

would lose its roof, or collapse. (His building sustained

much of their days, like everyone else, going from store to store

structural damage, but remained intact and livable.) “By the

securing the basics of life, such as food, water, and toilet paper.

end of it we were just happy to be alive.”

They went to restaurants looking for meals (restaurants usually

But those anxious hours were just a prelude to the months of chaos, fear, and inconvenience that would follow. Weeks stretched on without regular supplies of power, water, and 4

with power supplied by generators. But the island around him

Hun Today

had food, grocery stores often did not) and then rushed home for the 7:00 p.m. curfew. His children missed nearly a month of school. At night, they

We have all been transformed into better people, parents, spouses, bosses, employees, and neighbors. We have a new level of compassion, patience, and humility. Mr. Coifman’s family: Sons Myles and Diego, Tracy, his wife, Agnes, and his daughter Andrea.

passed the time looking at stars from their balcony, (there

30th reunion in April. He expressed immense gratitude to Hun

were no city lights obscuring them), and watching as looters

friends who reached out with assistance, even offering access

sometimes broke into businesses and homes in the streets

to a private jet. “Hun has played a huge part in my life,” said Mr.

below, prompting his daughter to note “there really are zombies.”

Coifman, whose father Daniel Coifman ’63 and uncle Ronald

By Thanksgiving, power had been restored to most of the island, although The New York Times reported in February

Coifman ’62 introduced him to the School. “I loved the teachers and the relationships I developed.”

that 25 percent of the island was still without. Blackouts

“When I visited for my father’s reunion, I loved the campus; it

continue, compounded by the fact that the island’s power

was very different from what I had grown up with.” At Hun,

grid was inadequate before the storm.

Mr. Coifman was captain of the tennis team, and saw many

“People ask, when will Puerto Rico get back to normal? And I say, never,” said Mr. Coifman. “We can’t simply replace what we had before; we have to use this as a reset, and redesign things

concerts at Princeton University, including Eddy Murphy and James Taylor. In Philadelphia, he saw Jimmy Buffett and the Grateful Dead at the Spectrum.

much better. I don’t see that happening yet, but we remain

“My time at Hun was a golden time in life; at that age, your

hopeful.” He said the longest lasting effect will be the exodus

invincibility shield is huge,” he reminisced, adding that his Class

of half a million Puerto Rican residents, nearly 15 percent of the

of 1988 friends have remained unusually close – Leigh Ballen,

island’s 3.5 million residents.

Ethan Hawke, Ed Haemmerle, Deke Young, Ralph Pisani, and

“You can’t underestimate the effect of that on the economy,”

Ben Zindler, among them.

said Mr. Coifman, whose own company has seen some spikes in

Despite the hardships of the past six months, Mr. Coifman

business, and some negatives, with customers simply closing

does see some silver linings. “I am grateful for the experience,”

up shop. “All of those people walked away from mortgages,

he said. “We have all been transformed into better people,

abandoned loans and leases on cars that they just left at the

parents, spouses, bosses, employees, and neighbors. We have

airport before getting on a plane.” The brain drain of teachers

a new level of compassion, patience, and humility.

and other professionals leaving to find work on the mainland will have long-term effects on education and industry. “It’s the working class that is at risk, while Puerto Rico reinvents itself like a Phoenix emerging from the ashes,” he noted.

“When the bar for happiness gets reset that low, almost to the floor, and you survive something of this magnitude, it makes you very grateful for what you have,” he mused. “You work harder, you take more risks since you have nothing to lose.

While things have improved, Mr. Coifman is looking forward to

We’ll not only survive this, but will thrive in spite of it; that’s the

a respite from his daily life when he comes back to Hun for his

prevailing attitude.” Spring 2018


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MAKE A CAPITAL GIFT TO THE HUN SCHOOL! Hun depends on parents, alumni, and friends to help fund the School’s important capital projects. While we ask you to make an annual gift to the Hun Fund, we also ask those who are able to consider helping the School fund its capital priorities.

Current and future needs include: •








Campaign Manager and Director of Major and Planned Giving Portia McGee 609 921-7600, extension 2246 |

“Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

RAIDER GIVING DAY 5.9 #RaideratHeart


Hun Today

— William Arthur Ward




event world? “I had the good fortune of being around good


people willing to bring me up with them,” said the very down-

Kathleen Weber Schaffer ’88, has served all of them on her

to-earth Mrs. Schaffer. Add to that a ton of hard work honing

culinary journey to becoming one of Los Angeles’ most sought-

her craft and building a stellar resume that started while she

after caterers and event planners. (More on those stories later.)

was at Hun, where she landed after two years in a large public

Her company, Schaffer, which she co-owns with her husband

school in Bucks County.

Charlie, has a high-octane client list that includes brands

“When I came to Hun, I had an epiphany: this is my one

such as Lamborghini, Dom Perignon, and Snapchat, as

chance to be a good student and succeed,” she recalls. “The

well as Hollywood luminaries. Schaffer has catered Reese

environment of encouragement and support, to participate

Witherspoon’s 40 birthday party and staged a lavish bash for

and succeed, that really changed my life completely.”


the finale of Breaking Bad. They’ve feted the season premiere of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and created celebrations for George Clooney, Gwyneth Paltrow, and David Beckham. “Beckham is just so polite,” said Mrs. Schaffer of the soccer celeb. “He told me my food was ‘lovely,’ which of course, made me swoon.”

Mrs. Schaffer flourished, especially in the arts, with former Fine Arts Department Chair Joyce Penney encouraging her talents. Former Spanish teachers Ana Maria and Carlos Figueroa nurtured Kathleen’s love of travel and fun. When not at school, she got her first experience working in commercial kitchens in

So how does a girl from Newtown, Pennsylvania, by way of The

restaurants in New Hope. That learning continued in eateries

Hun School, travel to the pinnacle of the Hollywood food and

in New York City, while she studied art at New York University. Spring 2018


From left: Schaffer party for the debut of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale; An Andy Warhol holiday party.

After graduation, she “quickly realized that (food) was my

Heads fame, and other luminaries. Indeed, it was billionaire

path” for expressing her artistry.

Michael Bloomberg’s recommendation that led to her next

Back home in Newtown after graduation, she launched her first restaurant, with the help of her parents, called Food Fetish. She promptly won awards, including one from Chef Georges Perrier of legendary Philadelphia restaurant Le Bec Fin. Next,

gig as executive chef at the exclusive Purchase (N.Y.) Golf Club, followed by a position on a private quail plantation that belonged to the CEO of Morgan Stanley, and then was sold to Jane Fonda and Ted Turner.

Kathleen headed back to New York, where she became an

“There were 30 of us (working) on a 7000-acre property where

executive chef at several restaurants, a position at the time not

I would make these incredibly elegant meals for five or six

often held by a woman. One of her frequent gigs in New York:

guests who would be there to shoot quail,” she noted, a job

catering photo shoots by legendary photographers Richard

that was ‘extremely lucrative and rewarding.” And Jane Fonda,

Avedon and Annie Leibowitz as they shot supermodels such

she added, was “incredibly nice.”

as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington.

Bryan Cranston came up to me and said ‘What is this? This is so cool!’

Mrs. Schaffer met her husband, a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained chef, who had worked at several Michelinstarred restaurants, while they were both cooking for the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. A few months later, they decided to move. “It was cold and snowy, and we went to Whole Foods, and it was incredibly crowded. We looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s go somewhere else,’” she recalls. That somewhere else was sunny SoCal, where Mrs. Schaffer picked up again as an executive chef. First was to comedian

“We would provide these lavish breakfasts and lunches, and no

Keenan Ivory Wayans of In Living Color fame, then actress Kate

one would eat anything,” Kathleen recalled, amused.

Beckinsale, and finally, a director of Goldman Sachs. In 2008,

A stretch as an executive chef on St. Kitts, in the Caribbean, followed (“it was heavenly”). Next came a return to “reality” in 1998 when she started a New York catering company called


pregnant with their son, Ryland, and with the world facing economic calamity, they started their company, Schaffer, and never looked back.

Box. She provided high-end lunches and catering to the likes

Ten years later, they employ 100 people and do more than

of Saturday Night Live, Conan O’Brien, David Byrne of Talking

500 events a year, most of them spectacular works of culinary

Hun Today

From left: Party fare; The wrap party for AMC’s Breaking Bad; A 4,000-pound wedding cake for Fox’s I Wanna Marry Harry.

and visual art for high-end companies, celebrities, and TV

where they will pass through to make a fuss-free entrance

shows. One example is the Breaking Bad party, in which

or exit, or sometimes eat in privacy.

waiters dressed in green shirts and “tighty whitie” underwear, star Bryan Cranston’s uniform as a chemistry teacher turned crystal meth manufacturer. For that event, Mrs. Schaffer also had servers in hazmat suits doling out ice cream while liquid nitrogen created swirling fog. “Bryan Cranston came up to me and said ‘What is this? This is so cool,’” she recalls. “To which I said, ‘YOU are so cool.’” Or the time that Mad Men actor Jon Hamm showed up at a party for The Handmaid’s Tale to support his friend, and star

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve brushed up against someone like Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston in a kitchen. Sometimes, they’ll stop, with their security and handlers, and have a conversation with us about the food. The big stars tend to be more comfortable in their skin.” Not every one of Mrs. Schaffer’s events involves celebrities. Consider the Fox Network promotional event for the shortlived reality show I Wanna Marry Harry. The premise had women competing for the affection of a man they thought

of the show, Elizabeth Moss.

was Great Britain’s Prince Harry. (He was actually a Harry

“I’ve been in a room full of 300 people where every single

for the event, delivered it to Santa Monica mall, and twenty

person is famous, and it doesn’t faze me,” Mrs. Schaffer noted. But Jon Hamm... “My sales manager and I were just standing there next to him, giggling,” she recalled. “He really is that dreamy.” When dealing with her clientele, discretion is the better part


Schaffer created a 4000-pound wedding cake

women proceeded to dive into the cake looking for a $10,000 engagement ring. (One lucky gal found it.) From the famous to the not-so-famous, Mrs. Schaffer is perhaps most bowled over by the fact that she gets to work in a thriving enterprise side-by-side with her husband.

of valor. Mrs. Schaffer and her employees sign non-disclosure

“Kathleen has an amazing talent for creating outrageous

agreements and must check their cell phones at the door. But

experiences for our clients, and I am responsible for tethering

in general, she says, the more famous a person is, the more

her aspirations to reality,” said Mr. Schaffer. “Our partnership

down-to-earth they are.

is the perfect balance of creativity and pragmatism, and we

“A-listers are much, much nicer, than B-listers,” she says,

always keep each other on our toes.”

referring to superstars vs. those actors not quite there

“Sometimes we look at each other and can’t believe the

yet. The B-listers can come to events armed with many

success of our business, and our relationship,” marvels Mrs.

demands, while A-listers tend to be low-key. For example,

Schaffer. “At the end of the day, we still want to be together,

she’s crossed paths with many a mega-star in kitchens,

and it’s so wonderful to have him as my partner in all of it.” Spring 2018


What a Gift HE TRULY WAS Hun Alumni Remember Terry Beach H ’14

PAUL TERENCE BEACH H’14, a central figure in The Hun School’s history, passed away on November 23, 2017. Mr. Beach served the School for forty-two years (1968 to 2010) in several roles – as a biology teacher, a dorm parent, and an administrator. In 1974, he became dean of admissions and financial aid, and held that position until he retired in 2010. When interviewing potential Hun students, he prioritized character and celebrated all human differences – guiding principles still felt in our community today. To read our story about him, visit the Hun website at Alumni and friends from all over the world have shared their beautiful memories of Mr. Beach. Below are a few of those memories (edited for length). Testimonials may still be sent to



seen further it is by standing on the shoulders

that comes to mind is “impact”. Even though he

of Giants.” In the annals of The Hun School

was not one of my official teachers, he was one of

history, it will come to be written (if not already

the most impactful educators in my life.

so) that one of those giants was Terry. — Duncan Wallace ’79

Soon after starting at Hun, I had the distinct pleasure of riding to school every morning with


Mr. (Franklin) Dippery (retired English teacher

SCHOOL as a boarder from Dhahran, Saudi

and dean of Academic Services) at the helm, and

Arabia, was a complete treasure and launching

Mr. Beach as the navigator. This life-changing

point that elevated my intellectual and artistic

experience lasted for more than five years. Yes,

understanding of the world as a whole. I can thank

I’m sure most readers are quite jealous of this.

Mr. Beach for making this incredible journey a

How better to start any day than to witness the

possibility in my life. He had an understanding

ongoing badgering of these two Hun stalwarts

for our sheltered, yet international-American

as we traversed our way to school each morning?

community in Arabia. I remember our interview

It was like having a live Abbott and Costello skit

so clearly, how he saw past my nervousness and

every day.

fear of being misunderstood. He was kind and understanding when I went on and on about never

One of my favorite attributes of Mr. Beach was his

having seen a fall leaf and how (the site) of The

ability to include everyone, and make everyone

Hun School brought tears to my eyes. He made me

seem important. In his eyes, every one of us was

feel welcome and assured me that I would fit right

important. He dedicated his life to impacting us,

in. I am so grateful.

so that we could impact the world. — Cassie (Long) Moore ’02


Hun Today

— Eric Gokcen, MD ’80


FORTY-EIGHT YEARS AGO, Terry Beach and his

PREPPY GUY whose door was always open

wife Bonnie changed my life for the better, and

for this often troubled, defiant teen girl from

I will always be grateful to them. In the fall of

Los Angeles. He was like my father away from

1969, I started attending Hun as a boarder, and

home, always there with a shoulder to cry on,

moved into Russell Hall, just down the hall from

or an unexpected trip out for a brownie, or just

the Beaches’ apartment. It was the first time in

some wise words that made sense to a muddled

my life that I would spend months away from

teenage mind. I simply adored him at a time that

my parents and brothers. I missed them terribly.

I hated anyone in authority. I am grateful for the

Between the first day of classes and Thanksgiving

protection he gave me and the promise he saw in me, even when I couldn’t see it in myself. — Jen Gruskoff ’84 I’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER MR. BEACH pointing at me and saying, “Keep up the good work Andrew.” I never knew if he was keeping tabs on me, or if it was just a friendly greeting. Either way, I didn’t

vacation, I knocked on the Beaches’ door many, many times—so many, in fact, that I learned later that my parents thought seriously of pulling me out of Hun. If it hadn’t been for the Beaches’ openness, constancy, and patience with my ramblings and tears, I probably wouldn’t have made it.

make me feel like part of the family. Being that

young, and away from home, there was nothing I

protection he gave me

want him to discover that I wasn’t doing my best, so I pushed myself just a little more. — Andrew Huppert ’94 I MET TERRY BEACH MY FRESHMAN YEAR at Hun. I was 14. Because he knew both my older sisters, he went out of his way to immediately

I am grateful for the

needed or appreciated (in hindsight) more. When I think of Hun, I think of Mr. Beach. He let me know when I was being a bratty kid, or when I surprised him with a point of view. He told the truth with humor and grace. He was so fun. He was a teacher and a mentor. He was the whole ball of wax. I have always thought of Mr. Beach

and the promise he saw in me, even when I couldn’t see it in myself.

and The Hun School together. And, after hearing of his passing, all I can think is what a gift he truly was. — Emily Wachtel ’83 I WAS HEARTBROKEN TO HEAR about Mr. Beach’s passing. I entered The Hun School at the time that he became director of admissions and I was fortunate enough to have him as my advisor. His presence was seen everywhere on campus with his kind, nonchalant manner. Although his plate

Beyond Russell Hall, Mr. Beach coached me in football and basketball. He was demanding in what he expected of us, but that was okay. He clearly cared about our development, and I learned a lot from him. Indeed, what I learned

Left, top: Mr. Beach at Hun in 1972;

from him—and my time at Hun generally—

left: Mr. Beach and his wife, Bonnie, in Venice.

could not have prepared me better for the life I’ve enjoyed since graduation. — Steve Weiss ‘71

was full, he often had the door to his beautiful office wide open and made time for me whenever I stopped by. I trusted him and I always felt that he


above, top: Mr. Beach in a 1992 yearbook photo above: Mr. Beach and his daughter Danielle Beach Schellscheidt ‘87.

ever had the privilege of being taught by Terry

Mr. Beach is survived by

Beach, I remember very well his disarming

his wife, Bonnie; his daughter

Saudi Arabia, as well as other family pictures and

combination of honesty and honor, wry humor,

Danielle Beach Schellscheidt ’87

artwork that students had made for him. I went

and commitment to excellence. When I think of

and son-in-law Karl;

to Princeton schools all my life but it was not until

Mr. Beach’s influence, the recent K.S. Rhodes song comes to mind: “I am who I am because

his son Dale Winters Beach ’90

I was enrolled at Hun that I saw true diversity in the population of students. It opened up a whole

you are who you are.” It is so for many of us

new world for me. Mr. Beach’s legacy will be part

who spent any time in Mr. Beach’s arc. May his

of The Hun School of Princeton forever. I am so

family know genuine comfort, and our treasured

pleased to have been a part of it.

teacher know peaceful rest.

was looking out for my best interest. I remember seeing pictures of him and (his wife) Bonnie in

— Mary Beth Place Evans ’79

and daughter-in-law Rebecca; and his grandchildren June, Gunnar, and Karson Schellscheidt.

— Bruce L. Cohen ’74

Spring 2018


I have loved Hun since the minute I got here.” Kobimdi Iheoma ‘19


Hun Today

all A-BOARD Boarding at Hun Provides Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Have Fun. BY ALICIA BROOKS WALTMAN

With nearly 530 Upper School students, roughly 158 students call Hun not just their school, but their home. Coming from 15 states and 22 countries, the boarders create an atmosphere in which they live and learn side-by-side with day students, each bringing their unique perspective with them. Boarders can benefit from day-student friends who know the Princeton area well. Day students’ experience is enriched by friends from around the world and across the country. The boarders eat, study, and live together, sharpening social skills and building independence that fully prepares them for college. They master the art of living and learning away from home, but under the supportive eye of dorm parents and residential staff. So, come meet some of our boarders, a fun-loving crowd that is happy to call Hun home.

Spring 2018



PROCTOR Kobimdi Iheoma ‘19

I wanted to be that person who welcomes students when they arrive, and makes sure everything is running smoothly on a daily basis. And now, I am.”

FOR BOARDER KOBIMDI IHEOMA ’19, some of her favorite memories of her early days at Hun are of the student proctors who made her feel at home as a new student. “I have loved Hun since the moment I got here,” says Kobimdi, who goes by Kobi. “The student proctors greeted us with open arms, with games and icebreakers, and made sure we weren’t homesick.” Kobi is paying that feeling forward. Now a proctor herself, she and other proctors supervise evening homework hours, plan



and carry out monthly themed community dinners, and serve as a source of advice and assistance to her fellow boarders. That level of responsibility suits her just fine, as she has embraced

Tejus Govani ’18 and Igor Gorskikh ’18

her Hun boarding family. “Before I came to Hun, I hadn’t been around that much diversity,” she said, noting that her hometown of Churchville, Pennsylvania, is fairly homogenous. “It’s been really exciting to get to know people at Hun from all over the country and the world. I had a roommate from Ghana, and have a close friend from Chicago

GORSKIKH ’18 met each other on move-in day in 2014; Tejus had driven five miles with his mom and dad from their Princeton home while Igor had flown 5000 miles, leaving his parents behind in Moscow.

who is Mexican-American and fluent in Spanish. The boarding

“We both exaggerated some things, and downplayed others on

community here is diverse, and a real family.”

our roommate forms,” recalls Tejus. Both said they were “a little”

Kobi’s parents encouraged her to attend boarding school. (Her mother, a dentist, and father, a psychologist, both boarded at schools in Nigeria, where they grew up.) Boarding has been a decision Kobi says has helped her grow in so many ways and “step out of her comfort zone.” For example, this spring she’ll travel to Nicaragua with the Hun Without Borders program to perform a service project, where she is “looking to make an impact.” “I’ve grown as a person here. I really aspire to be a leader. I wouldn’t say I was shy before I came, but Hun has really brought me out of my shell,” said Kobi. She is involved in the Black Student Alliance, JV basketball, track and field, and Diversity Club, in which she will be seeking a leadership role next year. Of becoming a proctor this year, she said: “I had a proctor who became a friend, Sarah Gross ’17, who really gave me great advice about classes to take, and planning for college. I wanted to be that person who welcomes students when they arrive,



interested in playing video games. (Turns out, they both played a lot.) And both were messier than they admitted. But they quickly bonded over those half-truths and whatever it is that makes people click, a lucky occurrence when sharing a dorm room. “My mother loves him more than she loves me,” joked Tejus. “He comes to my house for the weekend, and the first thing she says is ‘Igor, do you want anything to eat? Do you need anything?” “We’re basically brothers,” agreed Igor. Like brothers, the two share a lot of memories. Late night light saber battles with other boarders in a snow storm; pillow fights when they happen to get on each other’s nerves; and the occasional prank. An example: the time that Tejus sat quietly in their room for twenty minutes listening to his roommate chat with other students about how he’d misplaced his key and couldn’t get in.

and makes sure everything is running smoothly on a daily basis.

Tejus decided to head to boarding school at the urging of his

And now, I am.”


Hun Today

We’re basically brothers.” “It’s a tradition in my mother’s family in India to attend boarding school,” he said. “In their case, they would go from India to England; I just went a few miles.” For the gregarious Tejus, who has had principle roles in many Hun theater productions and is the president of the male a cappella group Voice Male, it was a great decision. And while Tejus enjoys being close to home, “it wasn’t long before I started bargaining with my parents NOT to have to come home on weekends.” “I have met so many great people at Hun who I just love hanging out with,” says Tejus, who is headed for Tufts University in the fall. Igor came to Hun seeking a better education, and he’s found it. “I wanted to go to college in the United States, and my Russian school was not good,” said Igor. “An American independent school

Tejus and Igor relax in their dorm room in the Wilf Family Global Commons.

school plays, and has even studied dance. He values the close relationships with teachers he’s developed at Hun, mentioning Ryan Brown, his calculus teacher, as one of them. And both roommates say the opportunities for fun abound here. “(Hun’s Office of) Resident Life organizes so many fun and unique trips, be it going to a water or trampoline park, or the Grounds for Sculpture (in Hamilton, N.J.) Snacks on weekends are great, such as pizza, hoagies, or ice cream,” said Tejus. “When we’re not traveling, we watch movies, play board games, and just hang out together. We’ll take a stroll into Princeton and get lunch or dinner, followed by ice cream at The Bent Spoon. I could go on and on.” And there are occasional trips to nearby Philadelphia and New York City. “Living at Hun has been a very valuable experience,” said Igor. “I’ve met all of these people from all parts of the world and made close connections. In the classroom, we focus on skills such as public speaking, Harkness table discussions, communication skills. In the classrooms and the dorms, we learn to work with others. These are all great skills I’ll take with me.”

like Hun really gives you everything, a unique experience you can’t

The experience has also made them college-ready, they agree,

get anywhere else. I’m able to take the classes I want, and it really

both academically and socially.

gives you a chance to discover yourself in different ways.”

“I don’t think we’ll be homesick at college,” said Tejus, though

Igor, who plans to study business in college, is the art editor at the

they both agree living with a new roommate will be strange.

Hun Review, played soccer, sings a cappella, has been in several

“We’ll probably end up being homesick for Hun.” Spring 2018




Lilley Gallagher ’18

I like the intimacy and the warmth of the place; I feel like I have a family here.”

mind, she enrolled at the Princeton Ballet School and at Hun, conveniently located just down the street. When a toe injury then made it difficult to dance on pointe, Lilley turned her considerable energies to her Hun studies and the performing arts programs here on campus. Lilley is now a member of Hun’s women’s a cappella group, The Edgertones, plays the French horn in the orchestra, and WHEN LILLEY GALLAGHER ’18 ARRIVED AT HUN, it was a convenient place to live and study while she danced at the nearby Princeton Ballet School of the American Repertory Ballet. However, after an injury ended her ability to do intensive ballet studies, Lilley knew that Hun was much more to her than just a place to live and go to school.

have evolved, she revels in the warm atmosphere she’s found at Hun. “I love that I know everyone by name, that I know all the residential faculty, and that I babysit their kids,” says Lilley. “I love the individual help periods we get with teachers, and that you don’t feel like a number here, you feel like a face.

“I love Hun,” said Lilley, of Vero Beach, Florida, who entered as

I like the intimacy and the warmth of the place; I feel like I

a sophomore in 2015. “My path here was different than most,

have a family here.”

but I really like being here.”


has acted in several plays. And though her life aspirations

Now planning to become an environmental lawyer, Lilley is

Lilley spent freshman year at Interlochen, a performing arts

looking to attend a college that feels a lot like Hun. “I want

boarding school in Michigan, where she danced six hours a

a smaller college where my professors know my name, and

day and took classes for just two. Lilley found she craved more

support me in things that I do,” said Lilley, who was waiting

time to take classes and pursue academics, and realized that

to hear from all of her college choices this spring. “I really

dancing might not be her career path. However, she still

want to model my college experience after the one I’ve had

wanted to train with a high-level dance school. With that in

here at Hun.”

Hun Today


BOARDING in the ‘80S We’ve heard about boarding at Hun today. But what was it like when Jeanne Sumantri-Ellsworth ’81 arrived in 1977, just a few years after girls started attending and boarding here? Here’s a Q & A with Mrs. Sumantri-Ellsworth, who adopted the nickname Anna when she came to Hun, and who now lives in Singapore. A consultant in the shipping and logistics industry, she previously worked for her family shipping and services business, Altus. Growing up in Hong Kong, what made you choose Hun? My parents, firm believers in the American liberal arts system, were really looking for a prep school to incorporate us into the U.S. education system. My sister, (Desiree Sumantri-Hewitt ’79), who came here first, picked Hun, and I and my brother (Robertus ’80) followed. When I arrived, I was 12 years old, and one of only two eighth graders allowed to board. I lived in a big room on the third floor of Russell with my sister. On weekends we would go to stay with our aunt and uncle who

Above: Ms. Sumantri-Ellsworth’s senior picture at Hun; with her daughter Stephanie in California.

lived in Syosset, Long Island.

Were you homesick? I was absorbing everything, and I really didn’t have time to miss my parents, and my two siblings were here always looking out for me. There was also a strong family feeling and loving care to the place. I never really felt alone, because there were so many people from different countries. In my junior and senior years, I did not go to Long Island that often, as weekend activities increased at Hun. There was also more integration between the day students and the boarders, so many weekends I stayed at my good friend Eva Wengler ’82 and her family’s

close with him and his wife in my senior

to do at school during the weekends. We

year. After I graduated, they visited me

would find things to do, and just really

at Franklin & Marshall College, and later

had fun. For example, we would walk

in Singapore. Mr. (Harry) Barber, the

on The Mall during the changing of the

physical education teacher, taught me

seasons and just hang out there. When

how to drive (I failed my first test, but passed later in college.) I would have the nicest, longest chats with Mrs. (Dorothy) Waterman, the school relations and development administrator. The people who worked in administrative positions were especially nice to us, they were our mothers, our fathers, they were really wonderful. Mr. Craig Hannas (director of boarding) was also a favorite of mine. I am

it snowed, it was so beautiful. We’d walk into town and get ice cream at (the now defunct) Buxton’s, we’d go to the park in Princeton and make snow angels during the winter. We’d go into Russell Lounge and play the piano, and I would often teach someone else to play.

It sounds like Hun has

home in Princeton.

actually still in touch with him.

a special place in your heart.

Did you have favorite

What kinds of things did you do

college is where you meet your friends for

teachers and staff?

here during non-school hours?

life. But that’s not true for me at all; it is my

I loved Mr. Beach (dean of admissions

I was a cheerleader. I loved the school,

Hun school friends I keep in touch with,

and science teacher, see p. 10). I became

but in those days, there was not much

and the Hun School that shaped my life.






Spring 2018






and some of their favorite spots. PJ’s

Beyond having fun, the town that was

FOUNDED IN 1914, Princeton was a

Pancake House, which serves a famously

once home to Einstein is ripe with

sleepy, bucolic town with an historic

hearty breakfast, was their first stop.

learning opportunities. This semester,

past, a well-known university, and

And if pancakes aren’t your thing, there

Hun students Cindy Qin ’18 and Husain

little else.

are three dozen other eateries within

Ali ’18, enrolled in a sophomore level

walking distance of Hun.

physics class at Princeton University. Cindy and Husain plan to pursue

Fast-forward 100 years, and Princeton was recently named the Best Small

Hun boarders can explore Princeton

engineering or physics in college, and

City in America on several lists. It’s a

on their own; or take advantage of a

felt a class at Princeton would be a

distinction that today’s Hun students,

menu of activities organized by Hun’s

great window into university life.



Office of Resident Life, every weekend.

Restaurants, movies, concerts, and that

They include picnics and whiffle ball

“There is so much liberty within the

university that you may have heard of,

on the historic Princeton Battlefield;

labs at Princeton University and we’re

are just part of the allure of attending

a sculpture tour of the University’s

encouraged to be creative,” remarked

Hun. Add the opportunity for advanced



Husain, who with Cindy attends class

students to take classes at Princeton

through vintage vinyl at the Princeton

there three times a week. “In one lab,

University, and it’s even more appealing.

Record Exchange; or, taking in a pre-

we were encouraged to create our own

Broadway play at McCarter Theater or

units of measurement for time and

a film at the newly renovated Garden

distance. I used a ‘salt cone’ (hourglass)


for time and a marble for distance. The










students. On a cold, windy day over




the winter, a group set out on the 1.5

labs are much more about the method

mile walk to reach the heart of town

than the results.”

Hun Today

Opposite page Hun students enjoy premium sandwiches at fan favorite Hoagie Haven; left students take an insiders’ tour of the university and town; below left students Cindy Qin’ 18 and Husain Ali ‘18 take an advanced physics class at Princeton University; below Hun students enjoy brunch at Princeton institution PJ’s Pancake House

And while you might think these

“Hun’s education is individualized, and

a short train ride away. Hun trips to



it’s prepared me well to handle the

the cities have included the Brooklyn

ignored by their college classmates,

requirements of a college class,” said




and an array of other spots.




would the




“Everyone has been very welcoming. I think they appreciate our intelligence



Whether working or playing, it’s clear


looking for a change of scene, both

that Hun School students living in

Philadelphia and New York City are

Princeton have a hometown advantage.










Spring 2018



WASHINGTON D.C. OCTOBER 18TH  AT HAWTHORNE Above left Christina Zimmerman Tosto ’06, Douglas Zimmerman ’03 and Jessica Lane Alexander ’03 Above right Claire Smith ’15, Caitlin Murray ’16, past parent Jeffrey Arch and Robert Hilly ’16 Right Beau Merritt ’05, Lilly Wirpsza ’04, Director of Alumni Engagement and Reunion Giving Janine Russo Vanisko ’83, Nadine Maeser ’05, Director of Capital Gifts Lisa Marin ’83, and Ali Weinroth ‘10



AT THE PRINCETON CLUB Left Garrett Lau ’12, Thomas O’Boyle ’12, Tyler Veth ’11, Elizabeth Brown ’11, Jason Read ’96, John Marbach ’11, Andrew Frazier, Dominik Engshuber ’11 Below left Alicia Klosowski Tillman ’93, Johnny Rooney ’93 and Dana Hughes Moorhead ’95 Below middle Scott Rosenblum ’01 and Trustee Eric Rosenblum Below right Trustee Orin Wilf ’92 and Vice President of the Alumni Association Leigh Ann Peterson ’86



Hun Today

Below left Sam Farmer ’88 and Ed Tobin ’88 Below middle Sophia Albanese ’17, Molly O’Sullivan, teaching fellow, and Griffin Ferrara ’17 Below right Ferguson Duke ’13, Faculty Member Jennifer Pontani Stone ’93 and Grant MacKay ’13



HOSTS FAYE & JIM KITCHEL ’61 Far left Janine Russo Vanisko ’83, Dan Cohen ’09, Lisa Marin ’83, director of capital gifts, Jonathan Chirumbolo ’06, Jane Shaine, Richard Shaine ’62, and Jim Kitchel ’61 Left San Diego hosts, Faye and Jim Kitchel ’61


HOSTS CHARLIE & KATHLEEN WEBER SCHAFFER ’88 Right Greg Beylerian ’86, Rob Stewart ’86, Ron Braverman ’86, Chris Heltai ’86 Far right Jennifer Gruskoff ’84 and André Caraco ’82 Right, below Sam Ferdows ’15, Ilyas Basoz ’14, Kathleen Weber Schaffer ’88, Julianne LaMarche-Gault ’88 Right, bottom Griffin Zucosky ’08, Dan Reiss ’05, Colin Rosenblum ’07, Mike Chaykowsky ’07, Chris Johnson ’05, Jim Manning ’05, Colin Ryan ’05


IN WEST PALM BEACH & NAPLES HOSTS JIM BYER ’62 & MICHAEL GUADAGNO ’71 WEST PALM BEACH: Below Front Row (L-R): Jim Wharton ’69, Janet Black, Marty Reeder, and Susan Byer, former faculty Back Row (L-R): Fritz Blaicher ’57, Jette Black ’67, Jon Stewart ’61, Jack Reeder ’74, Sandy Bing, former faculty, Iris Bing, and James M. Byer ’62, former Headmaster



HOST CHRIS CHURCHILL ’82 Left Tiffany Carter Crockett ’03, Meg Stinson ’03, Headmaster Jonathan Brougham, Doug Verbosky ’96, Arthur Gross ’97, Michelle Torres ’02 Below left Mr. Brougham and Martin Cohn ’62 Below middle Elinor Relles Tappé ’81, Gail Stempel Dunnett ’80, Chris Churchill ’82, Janine Russo Vanisko ’83, and Aly Baze Below right Jon Simmons ’10, Ernie Owusu ’07, Tom Pallotti ’09

Spring 2018


Hun 2017 Alumni Weekend

Above Front Row (L-R): Dylan Johnson, Brian Spencer ‘20, Elijah Smarr ‘19, Sam Leppo ‘17, Abby Gray ‘17, Jess Johnson ’16, Tyler Johnson. Back Row (L-R): Logan Leppo ’17, Ryan Kreger ’09, Ryan Stokes ’11, Matt Sanford ’07, Charlie Haines ’97, Coach Pat Quirk ’02, Les Otten ’67, Kieran Choi ’16, Coach Joanna Hallac Below left (L-R): Jon Hall, Jen Sabol Hall ’97, former faculty member Ed Sabol, Heather MacKenzie ’97, Amy Nissim Kagan ’97, Jeffrey Kagan Below right Jonathan Lloyd ’05 and Christina Lloyd ’07

Alumni Reunion Awards The G. GERALD DONALDSON H’14 CUP is presented to the Reunion Class (of twenty or more classmates) with the highest participation in the Annual Fund. CLASS OF 2007 – 25.4 % Above, top (L-R): Sarah Dileo Craig ’07, Lucy Obus ’07, Harish Pasupuleti ’07.

The JAMES M. BYER ‘62 AWARD is presented to the Reunion Class with the highest percentage of classmates in attendance during their Reunion. CLASS OF 1987 – 26.2% Above, middle: Headmaster Jonathan Brougham, Assistant Headmaster for Advancement Andrew Hamlin, Tammy Dougherty Holden ’87, Susan Worthington ’87, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Hugh Hurley.

Above Alumni who participated in the 19th Run for Kate!


Hun Today

The PAUL R. CHESEBRO H’14 CUP is presented to the Reunion Class who contributes the largest Annual Fund gift on the occasion of their Reunion. CLASS OF 1967 - $30,251 Above, bottom: Members of

the Class of 1967

In 2017,

we honored three accomplished Hun Alumni who received the prestigious Distinguished

Alumnus Award and three Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. You can read about all of the 2017 events at And check back for upcoming coverage of 2018 Alumni Weekend.

Above, left (L-R): Austin Barth ’12, Phoebe Huang ’12, faculty member Julie Davis, Katie Stevenson ’12, Emily Decicco 12, Garrett Lau ’12 center Visual arts teacher David Bush hosted an exhibit for returning alumni of the work of his Advanced Studio Art Honors Class right The crew program received a tremendous gift over Alumni Weekend: a brand new, state-of-the-art shell, christened the Dr. Paul R. Chesebro, and a high-tech system that will allow crews to assess their performance as they row. (L-R): Daughter of former Hun School Headmaster Paul R. Chesebro Dorothy Sayre, Yung Wong ’57, Head of the Middle School and Varsity Crew Coach Kenneth Weinstein.

Above (L-R): Summer Programs DIrector Mark Harrison, Noah Savage ’04, Christian Brunone ’02, Leo Stinson ’02, Ewan Lancaster ’17, Idris Hilliard ’07, Matt Collier ’02, Sean Pucciarelli ’07, Derek Benson ’05, Shane Davis ’07, Director of Residential Life and Basketball Coach Jonathan Stone, Arthur Gross ’97, Trustee Andy Monfried ’87 Below (L-R): John Gale Hun Society members celebrating their legacy commitment to The Hun School. (L-R): Stephen Polin ’65, Christopher Walton ’57, Director of Alumni Engagement and Reunion Giving Janine Russo Vanisko ’83, Carl Christensen ’74, Yung Wong ’57, Jeff Kalpin ’74, Jonathan Begg ’05, Donna Globus ’82, Headmaster Jonathan Brougham.

Above (L-R): Headmaster Jonathan Brougham, Andrew Monfried ’87, Morgan Battle ’97, Joanne Deni ’97, Nick Scozzari ’77, and Craig Stretch ’67. Missing: Aubrey Kwok Sing Li ’67

Three accomplished graduates of The Hun School of Princeton were honored with the prestigious Distinguished Alumnus Award at a ceremony on April 28th. Part of Alumni Weekend 2017, the Alumni Recognition Ceremony also honored three new inductees to the School’s Athletic Hall of Fame. DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI • Aubrey Kwok Sing Li ’67 (in absentia) Chair, IAM Legacy;

Chair, Advisory Board, MCL Financial Group

• Nicholas R. Scozzari ’77 Vice President, Scozzari Builders, Inc. • Andrew Monfried ’87 Founder, CEO, Lotame ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME • James Craig Stretch Jr. ’67 1966 New Jersey State

Wrestling Champion, Hun Crew & Football

• Joanne T. Deni ’97 NCAA Championship teams in lacrosse and soccer, The College of New Jersey • Morgan Battle ’97 Lacrosse, Bianchi Division winner, a Lafayette College top scorer

Spring 2018




Programs for all ages! Join us!

HUN CAMP  New! Science and nature activities  New! Arts and crafts activities  New! Creativity track, create games and more!

 Swimming lessons and games every day  Combine with writing, pre-algebra,

SSAT, and science

HUN SUMMER SCHOOL & ESL PROGRAM  New! Two, three-week sessions featuring enrichment courses

 New! Three week boarding program  New! Six week credit courses


 New! College Prep and Essay Program

@ Email for discounts and details!

with college tours

HUN SPORTS CAMPS  New! Hun Rowing Camp  Hun Soccer Camp  Hun Baseball Camp  Hun Basketball Camps  Run by Hun coaches and alumni

176 Edgerstoune Road Princeton, NJ 08540

 Combine with Hun Camp!

A gift to THE HUN FUND, the School’s annual fund, indicates gratitude for your Hun experience and confidence in our mission of inspiring confident, compassionate, independent and creative thinkers who embrace lifelong, joyful learning. #THEHUNDIFFERENCE

THE RED AND BLACK SOCIETY GIVING LEVELS Matching corporate support is included in determining an individual’s giving level. Centennial Circle ... $1,914 Patrons’ Circle ... $2,500 Benefactors’ Circle ... $5,000 Headmaster’s Circle ... $10,000 Founder’s Circle ... $25,000 Edgerstoune Circle ... $50,000 Russell Circle ... $100,000

YOUNG ALUMNI RED AND BLACK SOCIETY Classes of 2014-2017 ... $100 + Classes of 2011-2013 ... $250 + Classes of 2008-2010 ... $500 + Classes of 2005-2007 ... $750 + Classes of 2003-2004 ... $1,000+

TO MAKE A GIFT contact Director of the Hun Fund Meredith Gal at 609 921-7600, ext. 2297, or; or Associate Director of the Hun Fund and Parent Relations Jennifer Harris at ext. 2385, or or give online at


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ClassNotes HUN ALUMNI Keeping in Touch, Informed, and Up to Date

1940 – 1956

Mary Ann Fox, The Hun School’s archivist, is looking for issues of The Mall from 1940 to 1956. Ms. Fox said, “We assume they were published; however, we have none and are trying to locate copies of these issues. We would be happy to scan them and return the originals, if you are not ready to part with them.” Contact Mary Ann Fox at (609) 921-7600, extension 2256, or email, if you can help.



Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018 is Alumni Weekend! We hope you can make plans to join us!



Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018 is Alumni Weekend! We hope you can make plans to join us!


Stuart Eisenberg wrote, “I’m back to work fulltime and allowed to play tennis after my aortic valve replacement. Interesting experience: They break seven inches of your sternum to get to the heart. I never felt pain and very slight discomfort.

left Stuart Eisenberg ’57 – Hun School ambassador in Disney’s Magic Kingdom right Bruce Barren ’59

Other U.S. honorees include President Donald J. Trump and former President Bill Clinton.



Jim Firestone wrote, “On Thanksgiving Day, Tina and I ended up in Andover, MA, walking a trail in Ward Reservation up to the top of Holt Hill, where a rock

Lou D’Ambrosio wrote, “All is going well with

solstice symbol lets you know that you are north of

the family - three kids and eight grandkids. Our

Boston, MA. Yes, that was the title of Robert Frost’s

daughter, Jill, and her husband, Taylor, have three

book of poems that Jack Myers, taught us while

children. Their oldest, Jack, 24, works in Denver after graduating from University of Colorado; his younger

at Hun (1961-1968), as he occasionally flicked his cigarette butts out the window.

sister, Audrey, is in her third year at Vassar; and “I thought of David Savidge next door in Chelsea,


Charlie is in his first year of high school at Laguna

“Marsha’s doing great and the little children are

Samantha, and their two sons: Rex and Archie, 10

Farm for those out in the public who kept getting

and 7. Finally, daughter, Kara, lives in Newport, CA,


just five minutes away, with husband Rob, and kids

real Vermont maple syrup. At our 50th Reunion

who are 9, 6, and 3! Whew!

he brought me a gallon. I have longed for another

High. Our son, Brett, lives in Laguna with his wife,

as follows: Sydney, the little redhead, is now third generation at Cornell; Cammie, the little blond, just received her admission acceptance to Elon (her first choice); and Mia is going into 12th grade. And little Bazel is now over six feet, playing varsity sports for Upper Dublin High School AND carrying all As in AP

VT, running the Orange County Court Diversion Dave’s farm is where they produce

gallon, which is why I made a deal with him to “I continue to exchange emails and conversation

mention his name and his brothers’ names here.

with Tom Horwich ’59, “Little Tommy.” I continue to love retirement, staying busy and volunteering

“I am writing a book of forty poems about the

that is, “gushing with pride.”)

at a local food bank every week, lots of babysitting,

philosophy and topography of the Rocky Hill Ridge.


some golf. We go to my wife Christy’s home state

The ridge runs all the way to Goat Hill, just below

of Idaho every summer for three to four weeks to

Lambertville, NJ, where it overlooks the Golden

her family’s cabin on the Payette Lake in McCall, ID,

Nugget Flea Market. I have traveled there…quickly

with family.

by taking Route 518 (the road not taken), but now

and honors. (In Yiddish, the above is called “kvelling,”


Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018 is Alumni Weekend! We hope you can make plans to join us!


Bruce Barren received an Honorary Doctorate degree from the International Royal Academy of the United Nations for his achievements in business and for his efforts in the resurrection and enhancement of businesses around the world.

take the back roads along the ridge (the road less “I hit a highlight of my ‘singing career’ recently, having the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at California Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA. Christy

travelled), which goes past where David, Peter ’62, and Paul Savidge ’62, once lived at the Howell Living History Farm. Yes, they commuted to Hun

is still practicing her psychology vocation and loving

from that far away. It makes me feel respect for the

it, although cutting back a bit. I look forward to our

kind of men that they became, men to look up to.

60th Reunion in 2020! Let’s all plan on it! “The poems that I wrote develop the image of the goat as a poet walking the ridge looking for the high ground.

Spring 2018



Lately, I have often thought of Saud al-Faisal ’59,

survived its infancy and is doing wonderfully well. In

who I also respected. When he was Foreign Minister

addition, I have finally become a decent student in

of Saudi Arabia for forty years, I felt confident. It

my dotage and have been studying Italian for more

would not have been his decision to go to war

than ten years. I enjoy speaking, somewhat fluently,

rather than continue to find a diplomatic solution.

and even more, I enjoy reading Italian literature

More Middle Eastern wars are not what America

in the original. I live with my wife, Kathy, in San

needs, especially not the kinds going on in Yemen

Francisco and Sonoma and I have one son, Aaron,

and Syria.

who is a jazz musician and a teacher.”

“At my request, Bernard Haykel, a Princeton professor and leading consultant on ISIS and terrorism, has made an open offer to speak at The Hun School about Middle Eastern affairs,

an invitation with



Bill Axelrod wrote, “I am so busy in retirement, that I have no time to get old. After teaching, I now

which Rick Gallaudet agreed.

spend time with my various interests and hobbies.

“Recently, Alfred Kahn helped me to plant one

his family, wife Angela and grandsons Hank and

My wife and I visit our son Michael Axelrod ’89 and

hundred more daffodil bulbs along Stony Brook,

George, in Wisconsin a few times during the year.

next to the old soccer field where Saud and Bender

We both value the education that he and I received

al-Faisal ’62 played. They are there to celebrate

at The Hun School.

them and the passing of any other Hun soccer players like Lew Wilson and Rolf Christopherson.

“Since I am only a few miles from Hun, I have the

As I said before, one could do worse before passing

occasion to visit every so often. As Reunion chair

than to remember to think of oneself as a daffodil on

for the Class of 1963, I urge all of my classmates

Stony Brook. Alfred planted his bag of bulbs at the

to attend our Alumni Reunion Day in April, 2018.

corner of the old football field (now the soccer field),

You would not fathom the transformation that has

where Paul Steiger ’60 once played on the line

taken place in the last fifty-five years to the School.

before he ran the Wall Street Journal as an editor we all respected. (I was wearing a Wall Street Journal jacket while planting.)

“I met with classmates Leopoldo Lopez and Eduardo Lopez when Leo’s son, Leopoldo, was

honored as a Distinguished Alumnus for his “If you should return to town soon you will find one

dedication in attempting to bring back democracy

more institution missing on Nassau Street. It was

to Venezuela. Leo spoke to the School about the

called Hulit’s Shoes. Ralph Hulit and Ryan Simone

hardships in Venezuela and to Leopoldo’s family.

of several other local merchants like Irv Urken ’68,

Eduardo. We had a small but lively turnout for our

whose dad was at Langrock’s.

Richard Patt, Hap Young, Harvey Jacob, Mike

’97 both went to The Hun School as did the sons

Harvey Jacob was also there to meet with Leo and

whose parents ran Urken’s, and Alan Frank ’59,

50th Reunion. In attendance were Peter Jacobs,

Austin, Mike Lawrence, Don Sieja and myself and “Tom Petrone and I ran into each other at the

our wives. If I left anyone out please excuse me.

Hun vs. Peddie soccer game and I thanked him for playing goalie for us in his last year due to a football

“I have had the opportunity to speak with

head injury. He was a great athlete in all sports.

Headmaster Jonathan Brougham a few times. He is especially interested in hearing about the School

At Conte’s Pizza, I ran into Lloyd Banks, former Hun

when we attended. I related to him about dinner

custodian (1956-1963), who loved his job “being-

with freshmen and sophomores serving as waiters,

there” at Hun working with Bill Smith.

the senior door, roast beef at the Chesebros’,

“Next time I promise to call more of you but please

you in April.”

vespers, and the school store. He is waiting to meet

make my job easier by calling me. Remember, there might be some maple syrup in it from Dave if you

Ted Donovan wrote, “I sold the last of my income

come up with some useful information.”

properties this summer and am slowing down quite


a bit. I’m teaching high school math but this will be my last year. I’m enjoying life in my Arizona active adult community (Corte Bella near Phoenix, AZ)

Martin Cohn wrote, “After retiring from a long

with plenty of social events and occasional trips. I

career in advertising, I have mostly been involved

started playing guitar a couple years ago and get

in the world of classical music. I have been on the

together with others to play monthly. Life is good.”

boards of a few musical organizations and three years ago I helped found a classical chamber music

Lou Hirsh wrote, “I am nearing the end of a two-

festival in the town of Sonoma, CA. The festival has

year term as the chair of the Admissions Practices


Hun Today

top Stephen Polin ’65 and Sam Bacon ’65 middle It’s never too early to become a hockey fan. Jack Partridge ’66 and his grandson Jack, cheer on Jack’s uncle Jared Boll, a player on the Anaheim Ducks! bottom Mitchell Block ’68 (center) part of Institute of Cutural and Creative Industry delegation in Shandong, China.


Committee for the National Association for College Admission Counseling, which has twenty-three


Jack Partridge wrote, “Having four wonderful daughters, how about my first grandchild, a BOY,

affiliates and 16,000 members worldwide. In April

Stephen Polin met up with Sam Bacon on

I received the Richard L. Apperson Award from the

Martha’s Vineyard. Stephen was on vacation and

Potomac & Chesapeake Association for College

Sam lives on the Vineyard.

Admission Counseling (PCACAC), which is the

being born on my 70th birthday!? Truly blessed.”


Les Otten writes, “After 50 years, I made it back to

association’s highest honor presented to a PCACAC

Bill Worthington wrote, “I finished the sailing gig

member. In May, the University of Delaware’s Board

in December 2015. I moved to Norfolk where I am

Hun last April for my Reunion. There was more for

of Trustees honored me with the University’s Medal

close to Kenny Worthington ’06.

I helped out

me in the experience than I expected and it got me

of Distinction.”

a little when he was deployed for seven months

thinking about how much happened in our lives


on the USS Eisenhower. He finished that at the

and in the country in the 1960s. At our 50th, all of us

beginning of 2017. Kenny is now assigned as RAG

fondly remembered Dean of Students Sandy Bing,

(Reserve Air Group) instructor at NAS Norfolk, VA.

for many of those years. It was Sandy that held up

Tryg Sletteland reports being especially busy

Alex, his wife, continues to work for a pediatric

John Shinn’s shorts covered with pink paint, and

with travel last year, with trips to Rio de Janeiro in

group with offices in Norfolk and Hampton; she is a

Sandy who stole the stolen doors. While Papa Doc

March, the Amazon jungle in June, Oregon for the

pediatric nurse practitioner. He and Alex welcomed

was the law, Dean Bing was the soul and he made

eclipse with family in August, and Italy/Croatia in

Charles Kenneth Worthington on Nov. 7, 2017. Amy

Hun livable for many of us.

September/October. He and Sonia went back to

B Worthington ’08 worked in the Hampton’s this

Brazil for the holiday season.

past summer and during the winter months works

“A group of us decided it would be great if as many

in Puerto Rico.

alumni as possible from the 1960s came back to a dinner to reconnect and to honor Sandy Bing. He

The first edition of his wife Sonia’s historical novel about her family during the 20th century in Brazil and

“I work for the Virginia Beach SPCA as an animal

was the unifying factor for many of us. While I am

Portugal was published last year. The English edition,

care technician. I am part time, working four days a

not a sentimental ‘live in the past’ kind of guy, for

translated from the Portuguese and edited by Tryg, is

week with call-ins occasionally. I have not been up

this effort I am happy to lend a hand to reconnect

awaiting publication, now delayed until next year.

to New Jersey since I left in 2016, probably won’t for

us all with a little history and tradition.

the foreseeable future.” On tap for the following year, 2019, is the Class of 1964’s 55th Reunion, to be held in April. Tryg plans to start gearing up for it before too long and asks all his classmates to commit early to attending. They

“If you want to get involved contact Portia


McGee who is helping to coordinate the event at or (609) 921-7600

Congratulations to Scott Anderson ’66. April 20-

can expect to be hearing from him about this very

21, 2018, Alumni Weekend! Make plans to join

soon. If classmates want to contact him, he has a

us on Friday evening for the Alumni Recognition

new email address:

Ceremony where we will honor Athletic Hall of

extension 2246 and mark your calendar for October 19-20, 2018 for a gathering at Hun. Details will unfold over the next several months.”

Fame inductee Scott Anderson ’66.


“It is a simple way for a donor to support the School at a significant level.” — Les Otten ‘67, John Gale Hun Society Member “I have been involved in a number of non-profits and I have witnessed first hand how powerful bequest gifts can be for an organization. I knew that this is how I wanted to support Hun. I urge other alumni and friends of the School to consider naming Hun in their estate plans; the more people that do it - the more powerful it will be for Hun. It will significantly increase the School’s long term stability and it is a simple way for a donor to support the School at a significant level.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT INCLUDING HUN IN YOUR ESTATE PLANS, PLEASE CONTACT: Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, Portia McGee (609) 921-7600, extension 2246 or

Spring 2018





Irv Urken wrote, “I keep myself busy as a financial

I have 401 days left to go. I will then turn 66 and while photographers never really retire, it’s time to start taking Social Security providing it’s still there.

advisor with Northwestern Mutual and try to

Last year marked my 40th year as a professional

improve my golf and tennis games. I also try to

commercial photographer in New York City. It’s been

find time to visit my grandson and kids who all

a pretty exhilarating ride. My work has ranged from

live in NYC. I really enjoy heading up the Reunion

photographing the packaging photos for Snuggies,

committee and talking with classmates that I

photographing the New York City Marathon for the

haven’t seen or talked to in fifty years. Catching up

past sixteen years, and sitting with Margaret Thatcher

is a real trip, and I hope that the turnout will exceed

discussing truck traffic in New York. Actually, thinking

my expectations!”

of moving to Vermont in the next few years, if I can tear myself away from the gut wrenching life of the

Mitchell Block was a visiting professor at USC-SJTU


Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI) in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, presenting

“My son, and best friend, has been living as a journalist

workshops about feature, short and documentary

in China since graduating college. He currently works

film production in November. Mitchell was on the

as a correspondent for The Guardian in Hong Kong.

Jury of the Sochi International Film Festival, Dec. 10-16,

2017. Mitchell produced the Academy Award winning

A few times a year we vacation together. He’s great

documentary Big Mama and the Academy Award-

to travel with, especially in China, as he’s fluent in

nominated documentary Poster Girl, both for HBO.

Mandarin. On a trip home to the States, Ben and I

His most recent documentary films look at America’s

spent a few days in Vermont for some relaxation and

involvement in world’s fairs, and women survivors of

nice leaves. That’s about it for me. I wish the best for

the Russian Gulag. They both were screened for the first

everyone and look forward to catching up whenever

time in Washington, D.C., in November.

we can.”


Samuel McCleery wrote, “Tania and I welcomed

Mike Maguire wrote, “I had another extremely busy year going to see my grandchildren play sports and share some good times at the beach. They are

our sixth grandchild this summer. I am at Under

wonderful children and they truly make my wife

Armour, surrounded by millennials, but enjoying the

and I very happy. All these memories, with them, I

experience. Shortly, Tania will be off to Charleston,

will cherish forever. I hope and pray that all of you

S.C., and I will be spending more time with her in our

and your families stayed safe and unharmed with all

place deep in the woods. Happy that my old tennis

the hurricanes, fires and violence that we have been

teammate Lee Terry survived the Florida hurricane with hunting and fishing gear intact.”


Richard Cytowic, MIT Press recently published Dr. Cytowic’s newest book and this summer, West Coast Hun alumni can see his collaboration with installation artist Marcos Lutyens at the Main Museum of Los Angeles. For more information on his latest release, please visit books/synesthesia-0. For information on the Main Museum, visit Sam Gidding wrote, “Not much new except hoping to (partially) retire June of 2018 and also move to VT. Wondering if being a boarding school senior will be an indication for medical marijuana… would have saved a lot of stress back in the day.” Ed (aka Eddie) Haas wrote, “Now as most of us are already, or about to begin Medicare (ugh), I start next month. Don’t really see it as saving money but such is the way of healthcare in the USA. An added bonus of living in New York City is I get to apply for a half price Metrocard (woo hoo) - I love the buses and subways. According to my ‘Countdown to Retirement’ clock,


Hun Today

having throughout our country. I know I heard from a few of you and that you weathered the storm. “Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our 50th Reunion! I really hope that we can all get together and have a great time sharing our stories. It would be fantastic! Be safe, stay healthy, enjoy your families, and hope to hear from you soon!” Bob Rothman wrote, “Both my kids are married, two grandchildren, houses and happy faces. Stay healthy guys although it seems I maintain my car better than

Fifty years later... Mike “Rocky” Otis ’67, left tackle; Peter Maggio ’69, left guard; and Jette Black ’67, center. “Our difference in height was when I was standing and they were kneeling!” Roger Bing retired recently after more than forty years as an international business executive—work that took him to Australia, Europe and Africa. He

myself. Yes, it’s true…our 50th is around the corner.”

and his wife live in Florida and Georgia, and he, like


grandfather stage of life. With the rest of his time, he

Steve Weiss wrote, “Stuart Aizenberg has become

many of us in the Class of ’71, has moved into the is travelling, reading, and learning foreign languages.

the latest member of the John Gale Hun Society

Paul Cascante wrote, “Since I was only at Hun in

by pledging funding via his estate plan for the

my senior year, there are a few of you I knew. After

Aizenberg Family Scholarship.”

senior year I went to New York, went to CCNY for one year, then took a year off and afterwards went to SVA

Kevin Allen just wrapped a role in his first “good, old fashioned shlocky horror film.” He played

majoring in Fine Arts. I married, had a daughter and two grandkids, and am living in Los Angeles, CA.

the main villain in “Puppet Master: Axis Termination,” the 11th film in the Puppet Master franchise. He says

“In New York I got the acting bug from my first wife

he had a ball doing it and laughed himself silly at

and in 1987 moved to Los Angeles to pursue my

the screening!

thespian passion. I divorced my first wife, remarried


top left Barry Group ’70 with his son, Scott Group, and grandson Evan. Scott was just named #1 transportation analyst on Wall Street by Institutional Investor. top right Barry Sussman ’72, Donald Meisel ’72, and Brooks Schlieben ’72 bottom left Todd Faus ’73 says that Bradley Faus ’71 “will always be my older brother and a good example!” bottom right The Sussman boys met up with Tom Jingoli ’86 for dinner in Las Vegas, NV. Left to right: Barry Sussman ’72, Scott Sussman ’03, Jeff Sussman ’05, Tom Jingoli ’86, and Dan Sussman ’06 to a Canadian Greek sixteen years younger than me.

Barry Krane continues to work through his

a second home in the Berkshire Mountains to relax

No children; I was married five years before divorcing.

bucket list, the latest item having been a trip to

and be closer to their children, who live near Boston,

Mexico to see Mesoamerican archaeology. He

MA. Mark and Ilene welcome visits from any Hun

“I went to visit my best friend and his wife in

has long been “intensely interested” in the Maya,

classmates who might be travelling through.

Shanghai. I was supposed to stay for only one month

and now, in retirement, he is reading everything

but got Shanghied after three days & stayed for 12-

he can on Mayan archaeology, Mesoamerica, and

Steve Weiss and Chris Lau connect regularly—

1/2yrs. I married a third time to a Chinese woman

anthropology in general. He thinks he’s probably

in person as well as by phone and email. In other

for four years; it didn’t work out. I remarried for the

doing more of it than a first-year grad student!

news, Steve continues to run regularly (5Ks, not the long distances.) That’s something he began doing

fourth time (my present wife) and moved back to Los Angeles (three years now) to spend time with

Shelly Perlmutter recently checked in and sent a

only after former faculty member Norm Cubanski

my daughter and grandkids.

“hello” to all of his classmates. He has lived in the

introduced him to it during track season in 1970!

Four Corners of the Southwest for the last twenty“I continue to do acting and other jobs in the interim.

five years and spent a lot of time exploring the area’s

I had several acting gigs in China while there, as well

mountains and canyons.


Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018, Alumni

as teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults and at corporations.”


Mark Taylor says a hearty “hello” to all of his classmates. He and his wife Ilene recently bought

Weekend! Make plans to join us on Friday evening

for the Alumni Recognition Ceremony where we

Spring 2018



will honor Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Gregory

and classmates as possible at his induction in April

School family is a small world, and you just don’t

Rafalski ’73. 45th Reunion celebrations will take

at our 45th Reunion. I hope to see some of you back

know when you are going to run into one of its

place on Saturday night!

on campus that weekend.”

members. It really made my day. Mark coached my

James Petrone wrote, “I have retired from AT&T and work part time at a local golf course. I wish I could say it has improved my game but that would be a


Simon Pankove wrote, “In April of 2016 I visited

son David Pankove ’08 in swimming. “Kids are doing well. Becca Pankove ’13 is finishing her MS (May 2018) in cancer biology and translational

lie. My wife Carol and I became grandparents for the

the Leysin American School in Switzerland. I had

oncology at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. David

first time in December of 2016. Our granddaughter,

attended a French summer program there when

has a new job as a first officer with Delta Airlines. He

Cameran Yamamoto, was born to our daughter

I was sixteen and I had not returned since then. I

will be flying the Airbus for Delta out of its New York

Jaime. Our three daughters each ran a marathon

contacted the school ahead of time and when I

City pilot base. He flew the Airbus for two years for

in November. Two ran the New York City Marathon

arrived, they took me to lunch and gave me a tour of

Frontier. David lives in Chicago, IL.

and the new mother ran the Philadelphia Marathon.

their school. They asked me about my kids, thinking

I get tired just watching.

that maybe I had potential LAS students for them, so I told them my kids went to The Hun School like

“Congrats to our classmate Greg Rafalski on his

I did. They asked me if I knew Mark Kolman, and


Bill Gates and his father Mosie Gates, Hill Class of

induction into The Hun School Athletic Hall of Fame!

I said sure. Did I know he worked at LAS? No. So,

1944, met for the coin toss before the Hun vs. Hill

It would be great to see as many of his teammates

they arranged a Reunion for me with Mark. The Hun

Soccer game on October 14th. Mosie was a standout

top left Greg Cortina ’71, Robert DiPastina, John Fanelli, Anthony DiPastina ’75 celebrate the wedding of Angela DiPastina McMullin ’05. top right Bennet Helfgott ’75 visiting with his father – always cheering up those around him above Bill Gates ’75 and his father Mosie Gates, Hill Class of 1944, met at the Hun vs. Hill soccer game.


Hun Today


player on the ’43 Hill squad and went on to a great

’78. 40th Reunion celebrations will take place on

to 1993 and the team received the ’86 sectional

career at Princeton University coached by former

Saturday night!

crown. “I hope to see many of my ’78 classmates

Hun Coach Jimmy Reed. Bill was co-captain of

back on campus for our 40th Reunion during

the ’74 Hun team, coached by none other than the

Darlene Innocenzi Pallotti wrote, “Hello to the

same Jimmy Reed.

Class of 1978! It is hard to believe that we are approaching our 40th Reunion. I am so excited to

“My dad had a great time visiting with the Hill coach

get together with everyone again. Our Reunion will

and meeting the team,” said Bill. Coach Pat Quirk

be a time to see old friends, reminisce, celebrate,

’02 and The Hun School made for a special moment for Mom and Dad, brother Tom and Tracey Gates (P’07), my wife, Anne, and me.”



Alumni Weekend 2018 - April 20 and 21!”


Sarah Crowley wrote, “Hey ’79 Grads! I hope this

and just have a fun time together. Mark your

note finds you well and getting excited about

calendars and I hope to see everyone the weekend

our 40th Reunion. If you have not been here in a

of April 20, 2018!”

while, you would be amazed at all the awesome improvements on campus. But don’t worry, there

Kent Manno is a history teacher, librarian, and

are some things that don’t change – like Russell,

coach at the Delbarton School. He is back at it

Poe, Carter and the Mall, and that feeling that you

this year as the head swimming coach.


get walking around the Hun campus. And of course,

Weekend! Make plans to join us on Friday evening

the direction of Kent, the Delbarton swim team

there are still a few familiar faces around here. I look

for the Alumni Recognition Ceremony where

was crowned champions of the Morris County

forward to seeing you at our 40th celebration in April

we will honor Alumnus of the Year Peter Black

Tournament for ten consecutive years, from 1983

of 2019!”

Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018, Alumni


Peter Nash recently published a book. “Parsimony is a novel about fathers and sons, about the twisted manifestations of politics and history in the lives of a particular Jewish American family. When the novel opens, David Ansky, a divorced and disaffected New York architect, has gone to Florida to move his elderly father into a local nursing home. He has never been close to the man and dreads the responsibility, intending to dispatch with the matter as swiftly as possible. Yet things do not go as planned. He finds himself entangled in the past, trapped in a cat and mouse game with his father. At the heart of this experience is David’s reckoning, just after 9/11, with his own life and career, and with his family’s radically left-wing past—with his Stalinist grandfather and with his bitter, politically disillusioned father, a Trotsky scholar and retired professor of Russian history. Set in the course of a single day in an apartment overlooking Sanibel Island, the novel explores the generational impact of shattered ideals.”


Barbara DeMarco wrote, “Christopher Reiche

’11 and I traveled to England and Scotland this summer. The trip started in Liverpool with us attending opening day of the English Premiere Soccer League…Everton v. Stoke City. To say the least, Christopher got to check off one of his bucket list items. One of the highlights was dinner in St. Andrew’s at the Italian Village. It was recommended by Christopher’s friend from Hun (Dominik Engshuber ’11) who was a student at St. Andrew’s, Scotland, from 2011-2015. One of the best Italian meals in the most unlikely of spots! It was a great trip with the exception of driving on top Donna and Dennis Pone ’76 with their son Justin Pone ’06, Justin’s wife Christina, and their

the wrong side of the road. Let’s just say my son did

daughter Emelia, born on November 14, 2017! bottom Class of 1977: Nicholas Scozzari, Andrea

most of the driving.

Bachike Wallace, and Keith MacEwan.

Spring 2018



“In 2017, I enjoyed a visit with Davi Appel-

Hulsebosch ’83 in Atlantic City, Sharon Robbins

in D.C., Sue Perfater Zitofsky in Philadelphia, as well as Laura Leaper Snook and Jean Stillwell

Harkness in New Jersey. I saw Laurie over the New Year. Hopefully, next year will include a visit with Elinor Relles Tappé.”



Elizabeth Bader wrote, “Hello fellow classmates! After twenty-seven years in California I have returned to the East Coast. I have relocated to Greensboro, N.C. I am excited at the prospect of being closer to so many of you. I look forward to seeing Barb Short’s bookstore, and Jane Moore

Houghton’s art gallery. Sad that I did not get to Pat Romano’s CA restaurant, I may need to

make a special trip just to do that. I did get to see Janine Russo Vanisko when she came to CA early last year. “I am honored to be your Reunion Chair for our 35th Reunion coming up this April. We have a wonderful committee: (Davi Appel-Hulsebosch,

Ola Suhaib Bseiso, Teddy Lafharis, Lisa Marin, Pat Romano, Janine Russo Vanisko and Cameron

Troilo.) We’ll be reaching out to all of you and

hope you will attend. Suzy Davidson Silver, Pat

Daly, Paul Pintella, Fran Held and Robert Scherr that means you! If you’re in Greensboro, NC stop on by!” John Bohlinger wrote, “I’ve been in Nashville for twenty-five years.

I’m a touring musician with

an artist named Lee Brice. I have been the Music Director for The CMT Awards for the nine years. I do guitar gear reviews and write a column called Last Call for Premier Guitar Magazine. And my life partner Amy Kirk and I just had baby Bette, last December.

Bette is the most amazing human

ever born.”

top Class of 1982: Lisa Oliano-Gross, Greg Frank, Darryl Shepard, Liz Kommer Pollard, Valerie Baker, Craig Hubert, Shawn Lipani, Alex Namour, Donna Globus, Sherry Edelman Meyer above left Birthday celebrations with the family – niece Gen Cohen, Elizabeth Bader ’83, and Elizabeth’s son, Nathan Chaness above right John Bohlinger ’83, life partner Amy Kirk, and baby Bette

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS FOR CLASS NOTES If you would like to share stories with classmates and the alumni community, please email Director of Alumni Engagement and Reunion Giving Janine Russo Vanisko ’83 at, or contact your Class Ambassador.

Bob Scherr wrote, “I am about to start my 25th, and hopefully, final year of Federal Law Enforcement in 2018! If things go as planned (one can hope) I will be retiring in December 2018 and plan to relocate to the Nashville, TN, area. Things have been busy between work, family and coaching but it’s all been good. Both daughters are enjoying college as Sabrina, Hun Class of 2015, is in her junior

MAIL TO: The Hun School of Princeton


Make sure your digital images

c/o Janine Russo Vanisko ’83, director of

meet our guidelines below to

alumni engagement and reunion giving

ensure quality when printing,

176 Edgerstoune Road, Princeton, NJ 08540

then send to

year at Penn State and Natalie is a freshman at


WVU. Hoping to see many of my fellow Class of

• JPGs at least 4.5” wide at 300 dpi

‘83 graduates at Alumni Weekend in April! Best wishes to you all!”


Laurie Blaicher Kenrick was one of Cynthia Darvin Vega’s best friends. Laurie spoke at Cynthia’s memorial service on Saturday, Oct. 28th at Miller


Hun Today

• Please DO NOT pull images from web/social media (No Instagram Photos) • Submit iPhone photos at ‘actual size’ when attaching to email The Hun School of Princeton does not verify the information in the Class Notes and cannot be responsible for the accuracy. The Class Notes section is offered to alumni for their use in exchanging news and updates on their classmates. The Hun School of Princeton reserves the right to further publish class note submissions in any and all School publications or media.


Chapel at the Princeton Theological Seminary.

“In those days, we had no social media – no Snapchat

“Cyn’s husband, Joaquin asked me to talk you

Laurie shared the following words spoken there.

or Instagram, and even if we did, she wouldn’t have

today about Cyndy. Cyn was my maid of honor in

been on it! We were never able to connect right

my wedding in 1990. I remember driving over to

“My name is Laurie Blaicher Kenrick. There are far

then and there to stay in touch with each other.

The Pennington School, where she was teaching to

more of you who knew Cynthia later in her life. I met

It wasn’t until I showed up for the first day of my

tell her about my engagement and to ask her to be

Cyn in between 7th and 8th grade. We met at Hun

freshman year at Hun that I met Cyn again. Barry

in my wedding. She was a friend that was always

but we were not students of The Hun School yet. We

Landis ’84 and his brothers drove me to school

there for me. She was a true friend to so many of

were both there to take our SSATs. We discovered

and Barry pointed me in the direction of where I

us. In the last few years, after Cyndy was sick, we

that we were both applying to Hun. She sat in front

needed to go, and that was it. I can’t remember

would talk on the phone and we would meet for

of me – her long blonde hair and her very warm

how or when on that first day that I met Cyn again.

coffee – she drank green tea! We would share a

smile. I was so nervous – a girl from PA applying for

I think she remembered me, but I was so happy to

muffin and we would pick up right where we left

a school in New Jersey. I never really had seen Hun

see her again. I think I stuck to her like glue! I am

off – one hour would turn into two and then into

before. My dad went to Hun, so it was the next step

sure that when we all look back on that first day,

three talking about life. She exemplified a great

for me after 8th grade. Cyn, I am sure, had been to

we felt the same way – you had to walk everywhere

spirit and loyalty to her family. She was resolute

Hun a ton of times because of her brothers (Craig

to get to class, lunch, the gym – I was so thankful to

about everything – Cyn focused on surrounding

Darvin ’78 and Scott Darvin ’81) – this was the next

have one friend and that friend was Cyndy! That was

herself with everything positive – no negative

step for her as well.

38 years ago.

thoughts – it was hard enough. That was the understanding that we had between the two of us.

“Our four years at Hun were some of the best years

Cyn was determined to see this disease through.

of my life. I so fondly look back on those years with

When we talked, we never talked about the end,

so many memories and almost all of them involve

only what she wanted for her children and for

Cyndy. She had so many friends at school. Our class

Joaquin. She would talk about various options that

was small – around 113 people were in our class –

they all had and about her hopes and dreams for

everyone knew Cyn. She was the girl next door. But

Liam, Valentina, and Joaquin. She loved Joaquin

also so smart and intellectual. She was a wonderful

and her children – she was in awe of them all. They

writer - and she loved all of us – she had such a way

were her rock - they were her everything – what a

with people. I loved Cyndy.

wonderful gift to all. “I am a very faithful person. I thought of Cyndy the

left Bob Scherr ’83 and his daughter Sabrina ’15, a junior at Penn State below left Bob Scherr visits his daughter Natalie, a freshman at West Virginia University. below Marlo Iacona Berliner ’86 released her latest book.

last days of her life. I thought about Mr. and Mrs. Darvin, I thought about Liam Vega ’21 and Valentina Vega and I thought of Joaquin. She will never be forgotten, her smile and her warm embraces – her outlook on life even through the lenses of this terrible disease. She had the strength, I was always so impressed by that. It was really remarkable. That is how I remember Cynthia Darvin Vega.”


Marlo Iacona Berliner wrote, “I hope everyone from the Class of 1986 is doing well, and enjoying a happy and healthy year. I’m pleased to announce that my latest book, The Ghost Chronicles 2, is now out in the wild! This is the sequel to my award-winning debut book, The Ghost Chronicles. Working in publishing continues to be a challenge, but I’m super excited to announce that I’ve signed with Eric Ruben of the Ruben Agency for literary representation. I’ve also recently published a book of inspirational short stories titled Lessons of Hope and Light. And in another strange turn of events, I can now check being in a movie off my bucket list! I got to be an extra this past summer in a movie called Code 8 starring Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell. The film should be out in 2018 around the holidays if all goes to plan. Look for me in the downtown protest scene, which was actually shot in Toronto. Take care and I hope to see you all again very soon!”

Spring 2018




David and Kristen Steinberg married at The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort on November 4, 2017. Hun friends David Solomons, David Prince and Walter

Leach ’80 attended the weekend festivities. They also welcomed the newest addition to their family, baby Kayla. David is the CEO of Zeta Global.



Derek Ruetsch wrote, “Hello Classmates from 1988! It’s been a very interesting year for Liz and I, from attending a wedding in Moscow (complete with dancing bear) to relaxing with our former neighbors from Massachusetts for weeks in Athens and Santorini, Greece. I’ve traveled all over this year for work, with new destinations including: Quito, Ecuador; Campinas, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Sydney, Australia; and Liege, Belgium. I’m expecting the upgrade into the left seat (to captain) on the 747 sometime in mid-2018. “Liz received the Society of Women Engineer’s Global Leadership Award last year in Austin, Texas. I’m so proud of her! And, finally, the Class of 1988

above The Steinberg family: Carter, Kristen, David

will be celebrating its 30th Reunion and as Reunion

Steinberg ’87, baby Kayla, Isabel, and Amelia

Ambassador I look forward to seeing all of my 1988

left Michael Axelrod ’89, a professor of psychology,

classmates return to Princeton to enjoy an evening

had his first book published, with a second book

of catching up with each other at The Hun School,

to hit the shelves in spring of 2018.

as well as the “pre-party” (after party) as we have had in the past at the very gracious Ed Haemmerle residence. Thanks again to Ed and Louise for their

“Our 30th Reunion is around the corner – 2019! You


will hear from me soon about returning to Hun to celebrate!”

“You will all be hearing from me or other Reunion


Ambassadors to catch up and get some interest going so that we can have the highest return rate

Kimberly McCreight wrote, “I started work on my

of any class. See you in April!”

third adult novel to be published a year from now


by Harper Books, and third and final installment of my YA Trilogy The Outliers comes out May 8, 2018,

Michael Axelrod wrote, “I’m live in Eau Claire,

from Harper Teen. It’s called The Collide. I live in

WI, where I’m a professor of psychology at the

Park Slope, Brooklyn, with my husband and two

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Professionally,

daughters. Best wishes to the Class of 1990!”

I recently had my first book, Behavior Analysis for


School Psychologists, published by Routledge Press. I anticipate my second book, Great Myths of

Michele Falcey Ewing wrote, “We celebrated

Adolescent Psychology, to come out in Spring of 2018.

Alison Baker’s 45th birthday at her home in New

to meet some new alumni. Krista’s son Q and my

Jersey. In addition to celebrating Alison’s 45th, we

“On the home front, my wife, Angela, and I have

son Jay are classmates! Jay had a great first year at

also toasted to our thirty years of friendship!”

two boys, Hank, a catcher, and George, a pitcher. I

the Middle School and played on the tennis team.

had the pleasure of visiting Hun in June of 2016 for

He is enjoying his 8th grade year in the beautiful

Bill McQuade’s sendoff. Spending time with him

new renovated Middle School building. I had the


Dave Wallace

and others brought back some great memories.

pleasure of meeting up with Raja Subramoni ’88

Best to all, Axe.”

this past fall...our Hun world is so small sometimes.

Organizational Psychology from George Mason






My daughter Samantha enjoys playing travel

University in May. He is now a professor of leadership

Jennifer Phillips Raics wrote, “I’m glad to be part

soccer for our local club with Gary Roberts ’85 as

at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis,

Ross ’88. It’s a great group of people, and it’s nice

of Bill Kearns ’86.

of the Alumni Board again and serve with Krista


Hun Today

her coach along with Haley Kearns ’24, daughter

MD. Dave and Val, and their three daughters, live in Crownsville, Maryland.


above Class of 1987: First row: Katherine Margoles, Elizabeth Slutsky Baker. Second row: Romeo Laurente, Kristin Urbaniak Shea, Katherine Fehskens Nappi, Tammy Dougherty Holden, Jodi Howe, Kristen Vitale Peterson, Donna Foster Preuss, Kevin Byrnes. Third row: Gere Ricker, Robert Foster, Marian Stoddard McLaughlin, David Solomons, Susan Worthington, Linda Rowe Catullo, Kristin Paxton, Aaron Harnick, Robert Cobun Fourth row: Jordan Lloyd, George Heery, Chad Stockman, trustee Andy Monfried, Eddie Belmont, Tal Stuccilli Elkayam. Rob Weber is missing from the photo. above right Kimberly McCreight ’90 releases her third and final installment of her Young Adult Trilogy The Outliers in May of 2018. The new book is called The Collide.

above left Congratulations to Coach Gary Roberts ’85 (top row, far right) of Patriot FC Soccer Club and his 2006 Girls ICSL League Champions. Also pictured are: Samantha Raics (bottom row, far right) daughter of Jennifer Phillips Raics ‘89, and Haley Kearns ’24 (next to Coach Roberts) daughter of Bill Kearns ’86. above Left to right from the Class of 1991: Stephanie Hantman, Jumana Soudah Saganowski, Alison Baker and Michele Falcey Ewing left Post Garay/Fernandez wedding celebrations at Wynwood Brewing Co. in Miami, FL. Left to right: Sergio Fernandez ’89, Eric Humphreys ’92, Kim Marsilio ’90, Vincent Nucaso ’89, Brad Arlett ’90, Bridget Walsh Girandola ’90

Spring 2018



above left Class of 1992: Bottom left to right: Shawntell Manning, Barbara Treacy ’93, Avani Tailor, Mohsin Sheikh. Top left to right: Kenneth Weichselbaum, Kevin Shaffer, Michael Sutterlin, David Kohn, Thomas Urbaniak. above right Jia-Wen ‘Jill’ Wu ’93 and her family visited Hun this past summer, pictured here with her two sons, Matthew and Ethan Chuang. below Ari and Isabelle, best buddies and children of Stacey Shubitz ’95



Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018, Alumni

made Hun an even greater school. Visiting Hun with my children gave them the ability to connect the scene with some stories I’ve shared with them

Weekend! Make plans to join us on Friday evening

and what it was like when I was their age. After

for the Alumni Recognition Ceremony where we

the tour, I met Mrs. Dianne Somers, one of the

will honor Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Johnny

most important mentors in my life. She had given

Rooney ’93. 25th Reunion celebrations will take

me so much and guided me through some of the

place on Saturday night!

toughest, but most beautiful times in my teenage years. It was wonderful to bring my children back

Jen Pontani Stone wrote, “Hello Class of 1993.

to Hun.

It’s hard to believe we will be celebrating our 25th high school Reunion in the spring. I’m so excited

“I may have traveled to many cities, formed new

to reconnect with our classmates, it will be a great

friendships, and found independence, but when it

night. I hope many of you will be able to make it

came time to return to a school that I called ‘home’,

back to campus. It’s sure to be a great weekend

the definition of that word had not changed.”

with friends and family!” Jia-Wen ‘Jill’ Wu wrote, “It was truly an amazing trip revisiting The Hun School after nearly twenty-


Jordan Finnegan wrote, “Greetings to all of you

five years. Nothing had changed… yet so much has

from the West Coast and I hope everyone is well.


I was very sorry to hear the news of P. Terence

Beach’s passing and I would like to express “Getting off the NJ transit station in Princeton at

condolences to Mrs. Beach and the entire Beach

Wawa, my emotions and excitement surfaced. I have

family for their loss.”

my three children beside me; taking an Uber from the station, making a turn onto Edgerstoune Road,

Bob Hornby wrote, “I am the Open Space

the path has been the same as I remembered.

Coordinator for Delaware Township NJ, acting as

Upon entering Russell Hall we received a warm

a go-between for landowners and non-profits to

to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Despite the

greeting from the receptionist, and the smell of the

take advantage of local, state, and federal money.

reports on CNN, the members I am deployed with

Hall brings back memories of the past. At the same

I’ve been volunteering for the last ten years and

are doing a phenomenal job caring for the Puerto

time, I notice my children are curious and ready to

almost a third of our twenty-seven square miles

Ricans and their families and we are thankful that

explore the campus.

are under some type of agricultural or preservation

we can make a difference. After seventeen years

easement, this gives me the chance to dedicate

wearing a Navy uniform, I remain proud of what I do

“Thanks to Ms. Janine Russo Vanisko ’83 who

time to ongoing projects and encouraging future

and have fun doing it every day.

gave us a tour of the School. The old buildings


along with the new facilities all together have


Hun Today

Marcia McClintick Frye wrote, “I am deployed on the USNS Comfort in support of disaster relief


HUN ALUMNI RETURN FOR RAIDER READS 2017 Four Hun alumni came back to speak to students on Raider Reads Day on November 9, 2017. As the students took part in an interdisciplinary day of

learning, these alumni took time from their busy schedules to share their knowledge and expertise with current Raiders. The 2017 Raider Reads theme

was thriving in the face of adversity, and students read Station Eleven, a fictional account of a worldwide pandemic, to spur conversation and learning.

CORINNA SMITHSON BISGAIER ’90: Corinna (Nina) Smithson Bisgaier’s professional life has focused on introducing people to their own creativity and connecting with those around them through experiential learning and the arts. She led the students through a discussion of the importance of arts to our society As a teacher, arts administrator, consultant, trainer, and coach, Ms. Bisgaier has worked to merge the creative and pragmatic. She has worked extensively with Young Audiences, Inc., both regionally and nationally and helped to build the West Windsor Arts Center in Princeton Junction






Currently, she is building a private coaching and consulting practice, Blindspot Training. Ms. Bisgaier holds a bachelor’s in English and African-American Studies from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a master’s in

clockwise from top left Brendan Conlon ’91, Ari Schuler ’99, Andrew Benincasa ’02, and Corinna Smithson Bisgaier ’90 returned to Hun to participate in Raider Reads day.

English Education from New York University. BRENDAN CONLON ’91: Mr. Conlon, who modeled a cyber-attack with students,

is the COO for

the Financial Systemic Analysis and Resiliency Center (FSARC), where he is responsible for daily operations of the Center. FSARC’s mission is to proactively identify, analyze, assess, and coordinate activities to mitigate systemic risk to the U.S. financial system from current and emerging cyber security threats. Prior to his current role, Mr. Conlon founded Vahna, Inc., a venture backed developer of a cloud-based cyber security tool used for monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response. He founded Vahna in 2013 after more than ten years of offensive Computer Network Operations at the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA.) ARI SCHULER ’99: Mr. Schuler, who currently serves as an Advisor to the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection for all things related to innovation and information technology,





pandemics; how they work, and what is being done to protect us. Prior to joining U.S. Customs, he worked at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate and spent time at the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator’s Office within the White House. During his government service,

he has worked on issues such as biodefense,

ANDREW BENINCASA ’02: Mr. Benincasa

aviation security, countering violent extremism,


and big data analytics.

storytelling as a way of conveying struggle and






thriving in the face of adversity. Mr. Benincasa he

makes stop-motion animations, paper-cut art,

spent seven years in a technology startup

and stories. With a background in literature,

company developing laser technology used

Mr. Benincasa taught himself show puppetry,
















applications. Prior to his time in industry, he

makes a living as a freelance artist in NYC. He

researched biodefense issues at the Johns

currently makes music videos and animations

Hopkins Center for Health Security. Mr. Schuler

for the school of life, is creating a stage show


at St. Anne’s Warehouse, and is developing an






Administration from American University and

animated adaptation of the Book of Job.

a Master’s Degree in Biodefense from George Mason University.

Spring 2018



above left Trustee Leah Bills Ricci ’96 welcomed Wyatt Alexander Ricci last May. JJ is thrilled to be a big brother! above right Live video conference with Josh Mack ’99 and Hun School students during a “Casablanca Showcase” below left Jessica Gale ’00 celebrated her wedding day with fellow Hun alumni: Kate Goldsmith ‘00, Jessica Gale ’00 and her husband Sunny Dubey, Lauren Varallo Beers ‘00, and her husband Jack Beers below right Ian Young ’98 welcomed baby Stella born on June 1st

above left First big commitment for Kenyon Class of 2039. Vincent Michael Monfiletto, son of Emily and Chris Monfiletto ’00 above right Class of 1997: First Row: Tom Rozwadowski, Kelly Camamis Klein, Heather MacKenzie, Joanne Deni, Jennifer Russo Shukofsky, Lia Soriero Camuto, Jen Sabol Hall, Jessica Kennett Brosnan, Steve Brosnan Middle Row: Tapan Tailor, Mark Barbin, Arthur Gross, Amy Nissim Kagan, Phil Pratico, Kevin Reeves, Casey Bell Stanziano, Morgan Battle Top row: Carl Kreger, Ryan Simone, Bryan Zoffinger, Ken Templeton, Matt Zisler, Matt Ventresca, Mona Bakry Martineau, Bryce Beermann. 38

Hun Today


which brought back some great memories. We also celebrated the opening of the new Middle School facilities at Hun, which are just amazing. “Hey Class of 1998… can you believe it’s been twenty years since we graduated? Looking forward to seeing everyone for Reunion weekend. We have the Run for Kate in the morning which gets a great turn out. It’s so nice to see old friends returning with their kids. The daytime is a great time to catch some games and see how beautiful the campus is and how much it has grown since we were here. The evening party is where we all get together to enjoy dinner, dancing, and catching up. I look forward to seeing you all here in April for Reunion weekend!” Ian Young and his wife Olivia happily welcomed above Left to right: Robert Gorrie ’98, Margaret Gorrie, Alex Gorrie ’96, Mary Catherine Carosa, Justine Rolland, Isla Gorrie, Amanda Gorrie, Noah Gorrie, former Board Chair Thomas Gorrie. Stacey Shubitz and her husband were delighted

Mr. Tom Wilcox was my US History teacher at The

to add another member to their family. Ari Frederic

Hun School of Princeton. That man knew everything!

Schaefer was born in September 2016. He and his

I had always enjoyed and even excelled in social

older sister, Isabelle, may be nearly six years apart,

studies and history courses throughout my years as

but they’ve become best buddies.

a student, but in 11th grade Mr. Wilcox engaged us in


a way no other teacher had: he made connections. I suddenly saw history as a living, breathing discipline as opposed to the study of dead men and dates.

Leah Bills Ricci and her husband, Justin, welcomed

Now, this was before the age of pervasive technology

their second baby, Wyatt Alexander, on May 4th. He

use in the classroom. This was when textbooks

weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and was 20 inches

were akin to gospel and that was how you learned


everything about the past. Except in Wilcox’s class (He was the cool teacher who went by one name

On October 21st, 2017, Alexander Gorrie ‘96 was

like Cher or Beyonce; No formalities needed). Mr.

married to Mary Catherine Carosa of Buffalo NY,

Wilcox would dive into rich lecture and discussion,

at Il Borro in Loro Ciuffenna, Italy. Hun alumni in

and presentations would be peppered with slide

attendance were Robert Gorrie ‘98, Scott Gifis

shows of his personal travels and anecdotes. He

‘96, Brian Rappaport ‘96, Brian Schmierer and

made whatever topic we were studying relevant to

William King ‘98. It also happened to be Alex’s

a group of teenagers. His expectations for us were

40th birthday!

unparalleled and we each worked hard to meet


Heather MacKenzie is an Instructional Coordinator for social studies and world Languages for Henry County schools, the eighth largest school district in the state of Georgia. The following excerpt is taken from a blog last year: How and/or when did you get hooked on history? A love of and respect for history has been a constant in my life. Born and raised in Philadelphia, my earliest memories are weekend outings to Valley Forge or field trips to Independence Hall. In high school, I used to spend all day laying out and studying on the Princeton Battlefields. I even remember when the Liberty Bell was next to a bus stop! However, I would say I truly became hooked on history in high school. Like most educators, I was inspired by an educator.

them because he empowered us to do so. Years later when I became a history teacher myself, his teaching was the meter stick which I measured myself against. This year I will return to Hun for my 20th Reunion and can’t wait to thank Wilcox for “hooking” me on history.


their first child Stella Jane Young into the world on June 1st. They’re loving every exhausting minute of it at their home in Brooklyn, NY. Ian looks forward to seeing everyone at the 20th Reunion in the Spring.


On Sunday November 12th, members of the Video Production classes hosted family and friends for a “Casablanca Showcase” in Russell Lounge-an afternoon of active, hands-on production experiences followed by a screening of “the most beloved movie of all time” that evening. A highlight of the day’s celebration was a live video conference with Josh Mack on the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank, CA. Josh, a creative executive at New Line Cinema, stood outside Stage 7 where Casablanca was shot seventy-five years ago, and traced his career in show business from his video and film education at Hun, through college, and all the way up to working on such films as Collateral Beauty with Will Smith and San Andreas with Dwayne Johnson. The student reviews for the movie-themed day are in: “Authentic!” “Educational!” “Fun!” Lauren Scardella wrote, “I opened my own law firm in Hamilton, NJ, in September 2017, representing clients in criminal defense, DWI, and general traffic defense cases. I was awarded the Young Lawyer of the Year award by the Mercer County Bar Association in November 2017.”


Mark your calendar: April 20-21, 2018, Alumni Weekend! Make plans to join us on Friday evening for the Alumni Recognition Ceremony where we will honor Athletic Hall of Fame inductee Erica Rosenthal Sparkler ’98.

Gabrielle Graff wrote, “It’s been a busy start of the school year here at Hun for me. My daughter Paige

Graff ’20 is a sophomore and I had the pleasure of being the assistant girls’ varsity tennis coach


Jessica Gale wrote, “On September 23, 2017, I married my longtime love Sunny Dubey at my parents’ home in New Jersey. Attending the wedding were Kate Goldsmith in from Los Angeles and Lauren Varallo Beers, along with Lauren’s

husband Jack Beers, who came in from South Carolina. It was great to catch up with them all since my husband and I have recently moved to Berlin, Germany. We would love to connect with anyone

Spring 2018



visiting Berlin or living abroad as well!” Todd Pagel was elected on November 7th to the Metuchen Town Council. Metuchen is a small town in central New Jersey of about 15,000 residents. The council is made up of six council members


and a mayor. The Council adopts ordinances and

The Hun School of Princeton’s Alumni Association is actively

resolutions and makes all policy in the Borough

seeking nominations for the 2019 Alumnus of the Year Award,

government. Each member is assigned as a liaison to several departments, boards and commissions with the consent of Council. Todd will be the liaison to the

Distinguished Alumnus Award, and the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Shade Tree Commission, Emergency Management

Please email your nomination for these prestigious and important community

Commission and the Volunteer Fire Department.

awards to Director of Alumni Engagement and Reunion Giving


Rob Kuchar and his wife, Sarah, welcomed Elliot

Janine Russo Vanisko ’83 at

Thank you to all alumni and friends for submissions.

“Ellie” Julia Kuchar on November 16th. “Caroline loves being a big sister and can’t wait to teach Ellie how to cheer ‘Go Raiders!’” Jason Slomovitz and Lauren Fine married on


and University of Florida, by enabling students to

Laura Wirpsza received the Distinguished Recent







May 27, 2017 at Waterworks in Philadelphia, PA.

Alumni Award from Susquehanna University on

“Lauren is a Yale undergraduate, Duke Law. She

October 22, 2017. This was in recognition for her

started a non-profit in Philadelphia called the Youth

dedicated accomplishments in chemistry leading

Sentencing and Reentry Project. She’s a rock star!

to the development of luminescent lanthanide

Her life summed up in a website: (watch

ion probes and near infrared dyes used to detect

Valley, CA, on December 10th 2016. Other Hun

some of the videos, crazy stuff…. I actually made this

biological material.

alumni in attendance include Nick Carter ’04,

one with some Mr. Hoban skills I had to dust off: )



Tiffany Carter married Skipper Crockett in Squaw

Mariel Fink, Megan Stinson, and Taylor Mikolasy. Laura graduated from Susquehanna University in 2006 and received her Ph.D from New Jersey

Barrington Lloyd-Lovett wrote, “Islay Rose was

“I have been the dental director in a few offices

Institute of Technology in 2013.

Returning to

born in December 2016. She’s doing very well,

within our group practice over the past few years,

Princeton, she now works for Labster Inc., where

and enjoys school and everything it has to offer.

as I learn and lend a hand in keeping patients first

she is responsible for managing STEM (science,

Her mother is an Assistant United States Attorney

when corporate dentistry meets private equity.


based out of Oakland, CA, and her father works on

In my free time, I escape back into my right brain,

collaborations with universities across the globe.




helping as much as possible with a production

security and fraud prevention at a startup in San Francisco.”

company I helped start while in college, www.


professors and students alike, at institutions





such as MIT, Stanford, University of Denmark,

above left Jason Slomovitz ’01 and Lauren Fine. above middle Children of Sarah and Rob Kuchar ’01, big sister Caroline and “Ellie” above right Islay Rose, daughter of Barrington Lloyd-Lovett ’03


Hun Today


top left Laura Wirpsza ’02 above Class of 2002: Leo Stinson, Laura Wirpsza, Pat Quirk, Ashley Hobgood Carunchio, Christian Brunone, Peter Burke far left Celebrating Tiffany Carter ’03’s wedding: Mariel Fink ’03, Megan Stinson ’03, and Taylor Mikolasy ’03. bottom left Tiffany Carter ’03 and Skipper Crockett. left Scott Sussman ’03 and his son Tyler enjoying some quiet time below Celebrating the wedding of Jordan Gottleib ’03: From left to right: Zach Gottlieb ’06, Rachael Weinstein ’03, Jason Carrillo, Samantha Druker Scher ’04, Matt Scher, Lauren Viscomi Closs ’03, Kevin Closs, Bonnie Kozloff Gottlieb, Jordan Gottlieb ’03, Scott Sussman ’03 and Andrew Gardner ’03

Spring 2018





Peter Fonseca wrote, “I am busy with work! Just

Nora Saunders Dunnan moved up to New York

purchased two more McDonald’s in Harlem. Two

City in the spring to open a business with two

months ago, on September 29th, my wife Eva

partners called Five Iron Golf. “It’s an indoor golf

gave birth to our son Romey Fonseca! Life has

hangout near Union Square with four state-of-the-

been crazy and busy. I’m on paternity leave and

art simulators, a lounge area, and a kitchen and

just soaking up the smiles he gives me during

bar. Come in to take a lesson with one of our three

top left Eva and PJ Fonseca ’04 with their son

the day. We are currently living in Jersey City, NJ

pros, rent a simulator, or host an event!”

Romey – future Hun Raider! top middle Moses

and working in Manhattan. The dream is to have

and Jillian Fonseca Mederos ’05, daughter Hadley,

Romey attend The Hun School one day and keep

and family pup Leon enjoy a day in the sand. top

the tradition strong.”

right Jordan Browning ’07 married William Fluney. above Justin Pone ’06 and his daughter Emelia above right Lucy DiPastina ’06, Anthony DiPastina



Jordan Browning married William Fluney on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at the Ashford Estate in Allentown, New Jersey. Jordan and William

Jillian Fonseca Mederos and her husband Moses

traveled to Dubai and the Maldives for their

McMullin, Cathy DiPastina, and Mary DiPastina ’08.

welcomed their bundle of joy Hadley Sarah Mederos


Congratulations Angela and Stephen!

on February 25, 2017. Family pup Leon is happy, too!

’75, Angela DiPastina McMullin ’05, Stephen


Hun Today


top left Wedding bells for Alix Perrine ’08 and Matt Dyer top right Class of 2007: Front row: Kiala Vislocky Siman, Julianne Marino, Sarah Dileo Craig, Tyler Willey, Valerie Patriarca McKiernan, Ryan Schmitz, Corley Bell, Shannon Berger, Colin Rosenblum and Harish Pasupuleti Middle Row: Royce Russell, Joey Flotteron, AJ Blackburn, Matt Sanford, Jen Jacob, Banning Kuebler, Carol Ann Michel, Whitt Bell, Lucy Obus, Mike Williams Back row: Shane Davis, Mia Sapienza, Sean Munley, Sean Pucciarelli, Idris Hillard, Joe Deane and Randy Mershon above Left to right: Jack Stinson ’18, Bridget Stinson ‘08, Megan Stinson ‘03, Mary Stinson ‘06, Jeremy Phelps, Leo Stinson ‘02 and Megan Cowen Stinson left Linda Demler, Scott Demler ‘08, Erin Carroll Demler and Fred Demler.



Scott Demler and Erin Carroll Demler were married on May 20, 2017 in Charleston, SC, surrounded by friends and family. Scott’s brother and best man Todd Demler ’04, groomsman Matt Everts ’08, and Dr. and Mrs. David Mino, parents of Diana Mino ‘01 and Andrew Mino ‘07, were in attendance. Scott

and Erin met through football while at Virginia Tech and now reside in Yardley, PA.

Alix Perrine married Matt Dyer at the Lake Placid Lodge in Lake Placid, NY, on December 2, 2017. Hun School alumni in attendance were, Allegra Smith, Caroline





Catherine Mills, Amanda White, Jenn McCusker

2009 Dan







Arizona State University, and studied business management. From there, I moved further west

Baer, Hillary Drewry, and Ricky Perrine ’10.

and cemented myself in Newport Beach, CA. I work

Brent Petrone wrote, “It’s hard to believe it has been

Hawaii. I thank The Hun School for shaping me

in sales and I cover California, Arizona, Nevada, and

almost ten years since we graduated on the Mall. As I

into who I am today and giving me a firm base of

reflect on the past decade, it’s indisputable that The

studies. The transition from high school to college

Hun School helped me develop the skills necessary

was seamless.”

Mary DiPastina wrote, “I can’t wait to see the Class

to succeed not only in college, but in my career and

of 2008 at our 10th reunion in April!” Make plans to

in life. I hope my classmates will join me and come

Cyndra Couch has partnered with a company that

return to campus for a fun weekend filled with lots of

back to 176 Edgerstoune this April to celebrate our

is revolutionizing the skin/body care industry as an

laughter and memories.

class milestone, reconnect, and give back to The Hun

independent distributor. Sheago Cosmetics was sold

School community that has given so much to each

in Whole Foods Market for twelve years and has been

of us.”

featured in the New York Times.

Spring 2018




Hun Today


Sheago Cosmetics, a division of The Gollman

mixing, and mastering our debut album Lightning

MBI Fitness has been featured by Men’s Health,

Corporation, was founded by a mom with a vision of

Kid due out mid-April. It’s rock and roll with

Perform Better,, Centre Daily

a better life for herself and her family. Anoa Stephanie

tinges of R&B and folk. Our biggest influences

Times, and the Dr. Joy Show. I was also invited to

Gollman created Sheago. Seeing a need for a better

for this record are Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder,

be a founding member of the Men’s Health Fitness

way in the cosmetic industry, she recruited a team

Led Zeppelin, D’Angelo, and newer groups like

Council for industry leading fitness professionals.

of scientists to develop a luxury line of plant or “food”

Alabama Shakes, Vulfpeck, and Medeski, Martin &

I’m hoping that by furthering my education I will be

based body care products specializing in vitamin rich

Wood. While our live show is comprised of Kevin

able to help others live healthier lives.”

butters and oils. Sheago Cosmetics offers products

Clifford (drums/vocals) and Jonah Tolchin (electric

for women, men, and babies of all skin types. Learn

guitar/vocals), the album adds bass, organs/

more at

keyboards, and viola.

Brad Starr and Alyssa Pone (picture, opposite page)


were married on May 6, 2017, in Princeton, NJ. “We



campus working as a teaching fellow this year. I feel

met at The Hun School and have been dating since

manufacturing, and distribution of our record

so privileged to be shaping the lives of Hun School

our junior year there (ten years this March). Even

digitally and on vinyl. I owe much to The Hun

students in the way that our wonderful teachers

though we live in Los Angeles, CA, now, we couldn’t

School community for fostering my artistry at such

did for us not so long ago. Being back on campus

have imagined getting married anywhere other than

a young age and providing outlets like jazz band

reminds me of the days we spent together just

where we met and fell in love - and we took all of our

and theatrical performances to express myself. We

five years ago trekking up to the Dining Hall to get

photos at the School because of the special place it

would love to perform at The Hun School during

a bagel during Community Life period, watching

will always hold in our hearts.”

a Reunion or homecoming! We hope The Hun

HUN TV, and hanging out in the SAC. The joy and

School community will support us!” Here are links

enthusiasm that we had for The Hun School lives

Alyssa is a producer at ABC Network News (mostly


on in today’s Hun students, and I feel so blessed to

Good Morning America & World News Tonight


with David Muir), and Brad is a story analyst for

dharmasoulmusic/; and our YouTube video: https://

several talent agencies and production companies



Olivia Albanese wrote, “Class of 2013… It has been

including Netflix.




mid-December, to





we money

launched for




a dream come true to be back on The Hun School’s

be able to take part in their Hun journey every day. “I hope you will join me for our 5th Reunion this April to experience for yourself the joy that lives at Hun. A lot has changed since we graduated: the addition of


Adam Goldberg wrote, “I thought I would give an

School; and the grand stand project. But the feeling

update on my career path since graduating from

of being home at Hun remains. Join me April 20-21st

their marriage surrounded by beloved family and

Penn State. I started my own personal training

to reconnect, reminisce, and remember our high

friends, and their two wonderful puppies. They look

company at the end of last year in State College,

school experience.”

forward to celebrating their honeymoon this spring

PA. It is called MBI Fitness, which stands for “mind-

in Italy, Finland, and Switzerland.

body integration.” I’m also pursuing a master’s in

Heston Charres and Michael Ray introduce Hudson

professional counseling from Seton Hall University.

House: a production house now open for business.

Kevin Clifford wrote, “It’s been an exciting past few

My career goal is to provide a wholesome approach

Creating beautiful work with a streamlined process

months! My band Dharmasoul finished recording,

to wellness for clients. Since starting the business,


Julia Anthony and Kate Monaghan celebrated

the Global Commons; the newly renovated Middle






left Hun sweethearts Brad Starr ’09 and Alyssa Pone ’09 at Hun on their wedding day, May 6, 2017 above, left Dan Cohen ’09 with his parents, Leslie and Larry Cohen, who reside in Scottsdale, AZ middle Jason Elefant ’11 and Tyler Veth ’11 enjoying the Henley Royal Regatta in Henley, England. Nice Hun tie! right Julia Anthony ’10 married Kate Monaghan on October 15, 2017 at Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, PA.

Spring 2018



“Contact us, we’d be happy to give you the Raider treatment,”


Logan Leppo is at Bard College in New York and has become a valuable member of the Bard men’s soccer team. He expects to see significant action in the years to come. Logan and nine other students were admitted to the Bard College EMS program. This is the only student-run EMS program on a college campus in the United States. The program is comprised of evening classes and seminars during the week and that he be “on call” one day a week. He is thankful for all he learned in anatomy and physiology with Ms. Piel. Sam Leppo is in his first semester at Colby College in Maine, and has already been selected for two significant






community. He was elected by his class to be a Class of 2021 senator in the Student Government, and was also the only first-year selected by the faculty to the College Affairs Committee. As a member of the

above Class of 2012: Front row: Carly Sussman, Emily Decicco, Shukra Sabnis, Lexi Caldwell, Austin Barth, Katie Stevenson, Phoebe Huang, Joe Anthony, Juliana Bello Middle row: Brett Forman, Lulu Dessailly, Mo Howard, Katie Seitz, Nicole Campellone, Ben Schenkman, Jim Arnold, Nicole Shockley, Lily MacGregor, Parker Lewis, Garrett Lau Back row: Christopher Seitz, Tim Andrews, Thomas Browne, Paul Soltis, Michael Chang, Alex Barker, Alex Benthem de Grave, Emily Stout and Jesse Pazdera below, left Zach Hundertmark ’11 enjoyed a quick visit with Tim Pitts, former faculty, on a recent trip down South right Dianne Somers and Jia-Wen ‘Jill’ Wu ’93.

College Affairs Committee, Sam plays an integral part in helping shape college/town relations and the multi-million-dollar revitalization of downtown Waterville. In this role, he works side by side with the Dean of the College and other leading faculty. Sam has maintained a demanding course load and is a member of the men’s soccer program. He is also a video editor for student run campaigns and is doing some work for the private sector.

Former Faculty

Geoff Evans wrote, “I was in a boat from Marin Rowing Association that was lucky enough to win the Senior Master Eight (50+ 8+) at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston last month (where I ran into Rob Michel, coincidentally).

experienced the Revolution. I continue to do projects

and Julia’s 3-year old sister Lydia, is thrilled to have a

for Crossroads of the American Revolution and the

playmate ... in a year or so! Congratulations, Maryellen

In other news, I’m in my fifth year at Head-Royce

Old Barracks Museum and was recently elected

and Al, on your 6th grandchild!

School in Oakland, CA, teaching freshmen history

president of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society. I also had an article published in their newsletter

Ed Sabol wrote, “I have been doing science camps,

about the lives of the black families that lived in

basketball camps, soccer, basketball, and baseball

Pleasant Valley from the time of slavery up to the

games. Jon, Eddie, and Jessica keep me busy.

to say hi to any Hun people visiting San Francisco!”

early 20th century. Jane continues to work part-time

Traveled to Georgia Tech for my nephew’s Ph.D.

at Howell Farm and especially enjoys working with

defense and my other nephew’s wedding at Montfair

Jane and Larry Kidder wrote, “We both enjoy

the visiting school groups. It is also great when a

Farm Resort in Virginia. On the veteran’s front been

former Hun student visits the farm with their kids. We

doing the various ceremonies and parades and

keep in touch with some former students through

directing veterans in need to resources. I hope all are

Facebook and enjoy keeping up with friends from

well and I look forward to seeing alumni at The Hun

The Hun School, especially former faculty member


and a senior interdisciplinary elective on Oakland and the Bay Area. My wife, Margot, and I have two lovely kids, Oliver (3) and Etta (10mo) and we’d love

our active life. I have been keeping busy with my volunteer work at Howell Living History Farm and with local history projects. I recently had my book on Trenton during the American Revolution published by The Knox Press and have been giving talks on the subject to various groups in the area. The book is entitled Crossroads of the Revolution: Trenton, 1774-1783 and puts the story of the battle of Trenton in December 1776 into the context of the other ways the people of Trenton contributed to and


Hun Today

Frank Dippery and family. Maryellen Rende’s son Albert and his wife Marcella,

Zach Hundertmark ’11 was in Bluffton, SC, to visit his parents and drove down to see the Pitts for a few

welcomed a little bundle of joy on June 13th Julia

hours. Tim and Ellen so enjoy seeing and catching

Ethel Rende arrived weighing 6 pounds, 1 ounce, and

up with Hun alumni!

was 19 1/2 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well,

In Memory of... Marcy Brown III ’39 Franklin Montross III ’48 Louis Munds ’48 Michael Dingman ’51 Ralph Brunori ’53 Barry Jerolamon ’53 Bruce Beckmann ’57 Gary Hilton Sr. ’58 Jay Maynell ’61 Frank Penn IV ’65 Peter Sammis ’62 Lionel Kaplan ’65 Joseph Castoro ’69 George Tilghman ’69 Scott Kasdin ’70 Robert Alberts II ’72 Tarik Attar ’77 Miriam Block Flaer ’83 Cynthia Darvin Vega ’84 Andrew Nelson ’91 Oliver Giller ’93 Evan Mickle ’96 Judith Ackerman mother of Brooke Ackerman-Bick ’89 Milton Adelman father of Arthur Adelman ’69 and grandfather of Lauren Adelman ’96 Gus Antonakos father of Todd Antonakos ’84

Arlene Berger mother of Sheryl Punia, former trustee, grandmother of Elyse Punia Rosenfield ’03 and Charles Punia ’08 Harry “Chubby” Blackwell father of Rukiya Blackwell ’94 James Bulger former faculty Anthony Cannuli grandfather of Anthony Cannuli, faculty and great grandfather of Sophia Cannuli ’24 Susan Charen sister of Jeffrey Charen ’74 and Michael Charen ’76 Nicola Ciccone father-in-law of Nicholas Scozzari ’77 former trustee, and grandfather of Nicholas Scozzari ’05 James Conlon father of James Conlon ’88, Moira Conlon Fallon ’90, and Brendan Conlon ’91 Gilda Cortina mother of Greg Cortina ’71 former trustee, grandmother of Douglas Cortina ’03, Brian Cortina ’05, and Matthew Cortina ’07 Joan Coulson grandmother of Eli Obus ’04 and Lucy Obus ’07 Linda Fehskens mother of Mary Fehskens Keene ’81, Donna Fehskens ’82, Kenneth Fehskens ’84, Katherine Fehskens Nappi ’87, Suzanne Fehskens DePrizio ’89, Jennifer Fehskens Venable ’93, Kevin Fehskens ’98, and Christine Fehskens ’01, mother-in-law of Paul Keene ’81 Steven Fisher husband of Diane Fisher, former faculty member and father of Jeffrey Fisher ’05, Lauren Fisher ’07 and Andrew Fisher ’10

Margaret Galus mother of Richard Cytowic ’70 Edward Goodrich father of Alfred Goodrich ’94 Pamela J. Heurtematte wife of Marc Heurtematte ’80, sisterin-law of Douglas Heurtematte ’78 Laura Hill mother of Jennifer Hill ’04 Willie Hutcherson father of Hun School Trustee Eric Hutcherson and grandfather of Austin Hutcherson ’17 and Myles Hutcherson ’18 Richard Johnson father of Erik Johnson ’80 Noel Kohn former trustee, father of Kevin Kohn ’83, Timothy Kohn ’84, and David Kohn ’92 Michelena Maggio mother of the late Michael Maggio ’66 and Peter Maggio ’69 Herbert Rabinaw father of Jamie Rabinaw Moskowitz ’96 Jeremiah Reilly father of Brian Reilly ’76 Anne Rogers mother of Mary Rogers ’77 and Anne Rogers Summers ’82 Janet Strup mother of Richard Strup ’70, former trustee Vernon Tate father of William Tate ’93 Barbara Sue Wahlers mother of Robert Wahlers ’85 and Peter Wahlers ’86

If a member of your family passes away and you would like him or her to be remembered in our next issue, please contact Jasmin Leary Barry ’75, assistant to the director of alumni relations and young alumni giving, at (609) 921-7600, extension 2216 or Winter 2018


In Memoriam Michael David Dingman ’51

Generous Benefactor of The Hun School Michael David Dingman ’51, whose generosity has benefitted generations of Hun students, died on October 3, 2017, at his home in Lyford Cay, Bahamas. He was 86. In 1987, Hun dedicated the Michael D. Dingman Center for Science and Technology in Chesebro Academic Center; these labs and classrooms are still in use today. In 2001, Mr. Dingman was named Hun Alumnus of the Year. Mr. Dingman was a remarkably successful corporate executive, entrepreneur, and “dealmaker extraordinaire,” according to one magazine profile. After a career on Wall Street, his positions included president of Allied-Signal, the engineering and automotive conglomerate which merged with Wheelabrator-Frye, Inc. He also was managing director, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of The Henley Group, a collection of companies spun off from Allied-Signal. Mr. Dingman launched an IPO of the Henley Group in 1986 that, at $1.2 billion, was the largest IPO ever launched at the time. Mr. Dingman served as a director of Ford Motor Company; Time, Inc.; Time-Warner Inc.; Mellon Bank Corporation; Fischer Scientific; and other major corporations. He would also become an investor around the globe, in post-Soviet Russia, China, and other countries. He was an active philanthropist, supporting education, hospitals, the environment, and social agencies, according to an obituary in The Nassau (Bahamas) Guardian. Mr. Dingman attended the University of Maryland, where he established the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship in its business school. Later in life, he enjoyed racing cars, a hobby he took up at age 59. Mr. Dingman said boarding at Hun was his first experience living away from home, outside of summer camp, and he appreciated the “tight-knit community” he found here, as well as the wisdom of Headmaster Paul R. Chesebro, with whom he would become good friends. “I appreciated what Hun did for me. I have sweet memories, happy memories of the School,” Mr. Dingman told Hun Today in 2001. “I wanted to give back.” He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Tharp Dingman, and their three children: Patrick, David, and Jamie (Hun ’92). He is also survived by his children from a previous marriage; Linda, Michael Jr., and James.


Hun Today


NUMBER OF HUN BOARDING STUDENTS (out of a total of 527 Upper School students)








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• Grilled Cheese

• Camden Aquarium

• Sushi

• Anywhere in Philadelphia

• Bubble Tea

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Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees: Scott Anderson ’66 Gregory Rafalski ‘73 Johnny Rooney ‘93

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Hun Today 2018  

The magazine for alumni, families, and friends of The Hun School of Princeton.

Hun Today 2018  

The magazine for alumni, families, and friends of The Hun School of Princeton.