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Six Senses Laamu - flaunting a natural chic

HR is here to help In the boardroom - Adil Naeem


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Our cover feature explores some key challenges in human resources, especially on remote island resorts where the scope for HR is significantly greater than in city hotels.

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Hotel Insider travels to Amilla Fushi and meets Mark Hehir, CEO of The Small Maldives Island Company (TSMIC). We cover issues like competing with big brands and brand loyalty in our changing world.

Hotel Insider sits down with Julian Hagger, CMO at LUX*, to talk competition in the luxury tourism market, whether there’s still room for growth in that segment and the LUX* philosophy.




In this edition, UNDP’s Ahmed Shifaz writes about the plastic menace plaguing the waters and beaches of the Maldives and what we can do about it. IN THE BOARDROOM - ADIL NAEEM

We talk to Adil Naeem, a director of Global Fire Services (GFS), a company that witnessed rapid growth in just seven years and became a leading service provider.


Hotel Insider




We head down south to one of the coolest, most environmentally conscious and future-oriented properties in the country. It’s an amazing place, as you will see.

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ON THE COVER: Blissing-out by the poolside at Six Senses Laamu. Photograph by Petrina Tinslay.

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EDITORIAL Mariyam Athif Editor Adele Verdier-Ali Editorial Consultant Nashiu Zahir Contributing Editor


MARKETING & SALES Mohamed Shinan Marketing & Sales Consultant Mohamed Yazeed Abdul Sattar Marketing & Sales Consultant Ali Kausar Print Advertising PRODUCTION Fathimath Nahuza Operations Manager Aishath Hamdha Administrative Intern




We sit down with these two remarkable young women at Mercure Kooddoo and talk about how they got into hospitality and their aspirations.

We take a peek at what goes on behind the scenes at Nika Island Resort’s carpentry and boutique and meet some interesting folk.




Ooredoo Maldives’ CEO Najib Khan tells us about recruitment, bringing generations together, the role of HR tools and more in this Spotlight feature.



Vaibhav Garg explores workplace ethics and transparency, emphasising the need for organisations to empower their staff, promote ethical behaviour and lead by example.



Rizan Afeef, director of human resources and training at Six Senses Laamu talks about the major HR concepts and practices at the property.


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Big things to take place at Anantara properties this festive season; a visit by Santa’s in the offing and there’s a lot more to happen by way of fun and activities.



A newcomer to domestic aviation, Manta Air is celebrating the arrival of its first aircraft and the carrier will begin operations soon.



A quick guide to suppliers, financial institutions, basically everyone useful for people such as yourself.

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From the Editor

Team members: a hotel’s greatest assets A big hello from Hotel Insider! We’re fast approaching the end of the year and so much has happened. So, first off, sincere congratulations to our President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his VP Faisal Naseem. I hope we get to see many new and exciting things happen on the tourism front during their tenure and team Hotel Insider wishes them all the best in their endeavours. Now for this issue. It has a humanresources focus and in our cover feature, we’ll be looking at some issues and challenges that come with operating hotels on remote islands. We’ve also a spotlight article on workplace ethics written by Vaibhav Garg, a name that needs little introduction in the Maldives’


Hotel Insider

hospitality industry. Last but certainly not least, we’re very pleased to feature two young and incredible women, Maya and Nuha, from Mercure Kooddoo in our Working Women section. They’re little stars at their property and they thoroughly deserve to be as you will see. So, a fond au revoir for now and enjoy the read. Sincerely

If you have missed our previous issue please find a digital copy from the links below.

Mariyam Athif Editor


Hotel Insider


Julian Hagger This time, we meet Julian Hagger (CMO at LUX*), a young French and British national with sixteen years of sales and marketing experience with major brands like Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Belmond.

We go over how these big brands function and the space that it creates for boutique brands such as LUX*. And as some of you may know, LUX* is opening a new property in the Maldives very soon, which is something we touch upon during the interview. We also talk about LUX*’s ethos, the potential for growth in the Maldives’ luxury tourism market, and more. Read on.

Hotel Insider: It seems like there’s so much competition these days among resorts, properties have to do a lot to stand out. Julian Hagger: Yes indeed, resort operators are nervous because there are many resorts entering the market within a short period, however should the destination play its cards right, there is a lot more scope for growth in tourism. Naturally, this growth must not come at the expense of this beautiful and unique destination. Hotel Insider: So you think there’s still room for growth in the luxury segment? Julian Hagger: Yes there is, absolutely. LUX* has identified a niche. We saw a window of opportunity at the very top end of the market for a resort operator that wasn’t as predictable and static as more conventional luxury brands. The latter brands tend to offer a very formal and a somewhat expected type of luxury experience. We wanted to turn that

on its head by delivering the finest levels of service, food and beverage experiences and design however doing so in a much more relaxed, creative and fun way. We want to constantly surprise our guests with unique touchpoints, which have branded as “Reasons To Go LUX*”, which are delightful pop up treats like the red London-style phone booths on the island (where you can make a free call to anywhere in the world), an enchanting Banyan Tree of Wishes where guests may write on gold and red ribbons and hang their fortunes, a wanderlust library in the middle of nature or an impromptu cinema on the beach... This level of creativity and unique experience is appealing to our clientele who seek new types of holiday experiences and this has resulted in significant growth in demand for our brand. Likewise, the Maldives needs to diversify its offering if it is to grow demand. Hotel Insider: Was that the rationale behind it? Julian Hagger: What we noticed when we created the [LUX*] brand seven years ago, was that we were swimming in what we identified as the ‘sea of sameness’. The only point of difference in a tour operator brochure, was the price. This means the industry was turning our industry into a commodity. This was a big motivation for us to create LUX* and deliver on the promise of a different kind of luxury, hospitality that is "Lighter and Brighter" and splashes out from the sea of sameness, all under a new

"We saw a window of opportunity at the very top end of the market for a resort operator that wasn’t as predictable and static as more conventional luxury brands."

Hotel Insider



monolithic brand identity as prior to LUX*, Naiade as the company was called operated different hotels under different names with a very vanilla type of holiday experience. This needed to change. Hotel Insider: Because you weren’t capitalizing on the brand. Julian Hagger: We felt best to create a monolithic brand identity with LUX* in order to capitalise on the brand name. “Lux” comes from the word ‘lucis’ in Latin, which means ‘light’, but is also short for luxury. We added an asterisk next to the brand name, to quantify the promise of a lighter, brighter type of luxury experience, one that is designed to help our guests celebrate life but turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Hotel Insider: Lighter and brighter – that’s the brand ethos then I suppose. Julian Hagger: We want to surprise and delight, continuously, day in, day out. That’s our drive. Time on this earth is very short, our guests have awarded their most precious gift, that of time. Our mission is to make each moment in our guests stay matter by helping them celebrate life. Hotel Insider: You’ve also worked with some major brands prior to this like Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Belmond. What are some of your observations on how these brands operate? Julian Hagger: I started my luxury hospitality working experience with Ritz Carlton, which is an amazing institution for learning about service and hospitality. They’re all about processes, procedures and exceeding guests’ expectations. Today mature travellers want and experience which is less fabricated and a lot more real. Our guests seek real, down-to-earth, experiences that do away with the formalities of yesteryears… they want to be surprised and delighted throughout their stay and to away with the expected. Don’t take me wrong, the quality of service is still our number one priority, however ours is somewhat more personal, less scripted and certainly more real. Our guests love it, check 12

Hotel Insider

"We felt best to create a monolithic brand identity with LUX* in order to capitalise on the brand name." trip advisor. If you look at wherever LUX* operates, Mauritius for example, where we have three LUX* resorts, all three are in the top five on TripAdvisor with LUX* Belle Mare as number 1 out of over 180 hotels. In the Maldives, we’re number four on TripAdvisor. Hotel Insider: Was that why you were drawn to LUX*? Julian Hagger: Absolutely, the ability to be part of the creation of a new type of luxury is what attracted me to the company. The sky is the limit with LUX*. It’s about reinventing a hospitality experience, which the big brands can’t do at least as fast as we do... The big brands offer very thick operating manuals to abide by, in terms of operating processes and procedures and that’s what they do. It’s completely the opposite with LUX*. Our people are more innovative, responsive and very progressive. To maintain this continuous strive for innovation, we hold a yearly ‘innovation challenge’ with all 3500 team members that we have in the group. Every team member is encouraged to participate and come up with ideas on how to wow our guests at every moment. The winning ideas get implemented across the group. Hotel Insider: I wanted to get your thoughts on marketing, which, today, is very much tied to social media and how you present yourself on the web. You need to come up with stories to engage your customers. Julian Hagger: Our group has a strong focus on marketing. We’re very detail oriented in these matters, to ensure that all of our communication tools such as the website and

and social media pages completely reflect the identity of the brand. We have a strong central corporate team in our Mauritius head office supported by global marketing partners, who make sure that we have one brand identity, tone of voice and personality. It’s different from most other larger hotel groups where each operation runs their own marketing and with that contribute to the dilution of their brand identity. Therefore, with LUX*, everything to do with the website, the content, the copywriting, the tone of voice is centrally managed. This helps us maintain a strong consistent brand image. Hotel Insider: You’re about to open a new property in North Male' Atoll. What can we expect of it? What’s your vision? Julian Hagger: It’s an incredibly exciting project. The property will be accessible from the [Velana International] airport, it’s just a 30-40 minute boat ride. It’s going to be very different from this resort; it will only have 67 keys so it’ll be a boutique property, but extremely chic. The size of the rooms is spectacular. You’re looking at 350 square metres even at the entry-level category. Over water, we have 40 keys, on land we’ve got about 20 keys. It’s really unlike any other resort, each penthouse has its own rooftop with luxury BBQ, private pool, library, etc. It’s going to be niche, but with the LUX* jovial and welcoming energy running through it. It’s going to be the Maldives elevated. Hotel Insider: A Penthouse Paradise eh? It’s catchy. Julian Hagger: It does have a South Beach vibe because of the strong urban design feel to it. The architect injected a strong nautical feel too, so from afar it’s very striking. It’s all in white, with a touch of pink, so it’s screaming with energy. The Penthouse Paradise is going to appeal to people who’re looking for privacy, exclusivity; people who want a real modern take on the destination. Hotel Insider: That’s great Julian. All the best with the new property and thank you so much for your time.

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UNDP Maldives

Beating plastic pollution in paradise by UNDP Maldives For World Environment Day, UNDP's Ahmed Shifaz writes about how plastic is drowning the ocean and beaches of Maldives and what we can do about it. INDIVIDUAL ACTION, COLLECTIVE RESULT It’s amazing how accustomed we have gotten to the sight of our beaches covered in plastic trash. It’s as if we have accepted that’s the way things are and will be. In a world that is increasingly drowning in its own waste, some of the statistics around plastic are staggering. And most of it winds up in our oceans. 13 million tonnes of the stuff are thrown into the sea each year. That is equivalent to dumping one garbage truck load into the ocean every minute. Maldives imports everything, including plastic. Most often plastic comes into the country as a raw material to cater to Maldivian dependence on PET bottles. It also comes as packaging wrapped around the goods that we buy, and as single-use plastic bags. And at the end of its use, it simply becomes waste and very little of it (if any) leaves the country. Worse still, they accumulate on our tiny islands. So much so that our islands’ topography now include growing hills made of PET bottles and assorted plastic. Without proper waste management practices most of this ends up in our ocean. I remember going swimming with my father when I was a child. We’d swim and snorkel around the capital island Male’ and sometimes other islands. The waters around Male’ unlike other islands weren’t necessarily the most pristine, but there was one distinct difference

between then and now: The amount of plastic floating around and tangled up on the house reefs. Today, all of our lagoons and reefs are suffocating. This is posing real threats to marine animals and their ecosystems. Majestic sea animals such as turtles and whale sharks are being caught in discarded fishing nets. Entire reefs lie under ghostly layers of plastic bags. With much of our country made up of the ocean, plastic is an immediate threat to the reefs that sustain our economy and industry. So then the question all of us need to ask ourselves is, is this OK? Are we going to accept this simply as the way things are? The answer must be a resounding NO. We are at a unique point where we are able to recognize the harm that we are causing, as well as have the means to do something about it. As the problem grows, cities and countries across the world are making bold decisions to ban single-use plastic such as shopping bags, cups and straws. In the Maldives, UNDP supported to build several waste management centers in Laamu Atoll, where communities have been equipped with waste management facilities, including plastic chippers. The aim is to reduce the plastic footprint on the islands, and help prevent things like plastic bottles being thrown into the sea. As an individual there’s a lot we can do to reduce plastics simply by changing our consumption patterns. We can start by becoming responsible consumers. Change

isn’t always easy. I have recently been trying to reduce my use of plastic bags on my weekly grocery and home supplies shopping rounds. I used to haul back at least 20 individual large bags on these trips. I decided to change this and invested in large reusable bags and a collapsible trolley for heavier items. It took me a few weeks to get used to it and the first few times, the cashier would look at me confused, unsure of how to pack different types of things into one bag. It is safe to say that I definitely held up the line the first few weeks. But things have turned around now and the cashiers recognize and actually help me pack away my groceries into my bags. I no longer accept small plastic bags and insist on hand carrying my purchases or load up by pockets. My next project is to ditch single use plastic water bottles. I hope to install a home water filter in my apartment. Transitioning away from plastic could be challenging. And I know for me it definitely takes some getting used to. But like with the cashier at my local shop, it took us a few weeks but now we have a good system. I believe small steps, over time, can lead to big changes. And if enough people get behind it, together big changes can even happen very quickly. Every individual has the potential and power to reduce the use of plastic in our everyday lives. Especially single-use items that make up the bulk of the plastic that is killing our beautiful oceans.

Photo by Laura Hill If you would like to learn more about how you can work with UNDP to support communities and jointly take Climate Actions, please follow link

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"My twelve years at the MNDF’s fire and rescue services has obviously given me a wealth of insight into the nature of our business."

In the Boardroom

Adil Naeem It’s fair to say that GFS is a household name at least in the realm of fire and safety. Over the course of just seven years, it’s become the market leader in the field. We have a chat with its director Adil Naeem to find out a bit about the company and what fuelled its meteoric rise among other things.


Hotel Insider

Hotel Insider: How would you describe your growth over the years? Adil Naeem: When we started our company in 2011, we had less than ten staff and about five clients in the first year, and could have not imagined this much growth in a mere seven year period with 50 clients and more than 50 staff. We credit our expansion to our clients who refer us to their sister companies and neighbouring resorts and our wonderful team who have won over our clients. We are pleased with our current position and with the number of projects and clients we currently have, but there is always room for growth and expansion here at Global Fire Services or GFS as we like to call ourselves. Hotel Insider: What are the key areas of differentiation between you and your competitors? Adil Naeem: We like to think the difference between ourselves and the competitors is the close relationship we have with our clients. We are available to our clients at any time and always try our best to meet their expectations in services and any other requests they may have. We maintain good relationships with people we work with and get a lot of new business when they shift to new companies. We must also note that we provide quality products and excellent services to our clients and are able to come up with creative solutions for our clients' issues. Here at GFS,

Hotel Insider


In the Boardroom

"Also, I’d like to add that my partner Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar has been pivotal in the company’s success."


Hotel Insider

we like to think that our system designing and installation are the best in Male' and pride in being able to always get government bodies' approval on matters, resulting in huge savings in time and money for our clients. All the system designs we have done so far have been accepted and approved by the relevant government bodies and clients, so we are very proud of that. Hotel Insider: Are properties sufficiently aware of risks and how to prevent incidents or do you think that there's more work to be done on that front? Adil Naeem: There is certainly more work to be done. We need more properties to be aware of safety procedures such as evacuation and run drills regularly. Also, in the middle of an incident, people have to understand that the safety of everyone depends on following orders, and the team captain is in charge of the situation. Hotel Insider: You provide a complete spectrum of services to resorts. Can we talk about that a bit? Adil Naeem: With the help of our team of instructors who have at least eight to ten years of experience in training in MNDF’s firefighting department, we provide fire squad training, fire awareness training, fire drills, BA training, industrial fire brigade course to all our customers. We also have a wonderful team of technicians who can professionally install a wide array of systems including alarm systems, fire hydrant system, foam pourer and drencher system, kitchen hood systems, holdup/panic systems and carry out inspections for any existing systems. Hotel Insider: What do resorts stand to gain by partnering with GFS? Adil Naeem: We are the leading provider of fire safety systems and related training courses. We provide training for installers, operators, managers and designers. Our comprehensive range of technical and non-

technical safety setups and training is the best offered within the country that is certified at an international level and also is the best at the most reasonable rate possible in the country. I believe resorts would gain a lot if they choose to work with us for the reasons stated earlier and also because we put a lot of emphasis on maintaining close relationships with our clients. We understand them so we’re able to provide what they need. Hotel Insider: As a final question, can we talk about the role you’ve played at GFS, especially in ensuring its success? Adil Naeem: As I’ve mentioned before, one of our key focusses is fostering and maintaining relationships and that’s something we excel at. I’ve put a lot of emphasis on that and I’ve always worked to make sure that we never leave our partners and clients wanting. Also, it helps to know the business inside out. My twelve years at the MNDF’s fire and rescue services has obviously given me a wealth of insight into the nature of our business. I rose to the rank of lieutenant prior to my departure from MNDF. Also, I’d like to add that my partner Abdulla Saleem Abdul Sattar has been pivotal in the company’s success. He’s a very dedicated person and has held several important positions in both public and private sectors over the past 25 years.

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Ruhjehige, Iskandhar Iskandhar Mague, Mague, Male' Male' Ruhjehige,

"We're able to compete with the big brands because we're a bit more flexible and more in tune with what we want to do on the ground here."


Hotel Insider

Word from the top

Mark Hehir CEO, The Small Maldives Island Co (TSMIC)

This time around, Hotel Insider visits Amilla Fushi and sits down with Mark Hehir, CEO & Curator of TSMIC. Mark, who has decades of experience with luxury brands, is responsible for Amilla Fushi, Finolhu and Huvafen Fushi.

We go over what gives TSMIC the ability and confidence to compete in a world of big brands, talk about changing travel demographics and what it means for companies like TSMIC, and close with brand essences and traits that define experiences at the company’s properties.

Hotel Insider: TSMIC is a homegrown brand and it’s competing locally with the likes of Four Seasons, Hilton and so forth. Mark Hehir: Yes, the top ten hotel brands around the world are in the Maldives now. You’ve also got the big Asian brands, like Anantara, Soneva, Banyan Tree. Hotel Insider: Hotel Insider: It’s incredibly competitive. Mark Hehir: Yes, more than ever before. So, for us, how we position ourselves and how we seize market share has been an interesting story. It comes back to some of our foundation ideas; of the Maldives as a one-island one resort destination. In that respect, we all have an opportunity to have a uniqueness. Whereas on a strip of beach in Bali or Thailand, you’re all sharing the same beach though you may make your hotel differently. Here, the all-encompassing experience is not just the hotel room or the restaurant or the spa. What customers have been trained to do over the past decades is to find a photo of a room in a hotel in a magazine or the internet and say ‘I want that room’. Now, people buy experiences. And consider that 70 plus per cent is coming from the wholesale market, some of them going back 40 years or so. Hotel Insider: Like Kuoni, TUI. Mark Hehir: Yeah, then you’ve got your bespoke tour operators around the world such as, in Chester, UK who’ve been selling the Maldives for half of that time. We’ve known them professionally for the last twenty years or so. Hotel Insider: You mean the guys in Chester? Mark Hehir: Yeah, and also Kuoni and Tui, and we have the same relationship with operators in Russia and Japan. These relationships are our strength. So, even if I’ve got a Hilton or a Marriott on my doorstep, I’ve still got that special relationship with my agents. They’re not bothered about the Hotel Insider


Word from the Top

"These relationships [with operators] are our strength. So, even if I’ve got a Hilton or a Marriott on my doorstep, I’ve still got that special relationship with my agents." sign, they want to know the experience on the island, how the customer moves through the experience and enjoys its different elements. So, in their eyes, the brand isn’t the thing they’re looking for. It’s different around the world. In big cities for example, distribution systems that Marriott’s plugged into might give more than 50 per cent just because they’re Marriott. And then the rest comes through other organic ways. So, 30 per cent of our business comes in through these [organic] ways. 70 per cent comes through our relationships. Hotel Insider: I see. So that’s how TSMIC competes with the big guys. Mark Hehir: Yeah, we make sure our products are unique and that they’re pitched the right way. If they want to have a family experience that’s chic, quiet and understated, Amilla Fushi might be a resort that could appeal to that kind of customer. And that type of customer is one that might go to a Four Seasons or a One&Only. They want to know that the quality’s there. When they speak to their tour operator and tour operator asks them what they like and they say ‘Four Seasons’, then the conversation starts to go through the tour operator. They might ask the customer whether they’d heard of Amilla Fushi, and that Amilla Fushi would tick all their boxes though it’s not as commercial, that their service is a bit more bespoke, that there’s a lot more personalisation elements there. That’s how we’re able to compete with big brands. Because we’re a bit more flexible and are more in tune with what we want to do on the ground here. Hotel Insider: Yeah, and the travel demographic is changing. A lot of young people don’t care about big brands as much as their parents. It’s good that you have a small local brand, this is the sort of thing that would appeal to them. 22

Hotel Insider

Mark Hehir: Yeah, they’re much more educated in searching for things, filtering out the noise. They’re adept at all the digital media out there. They’re like ‘I’ve heard about it, I’ve seen it here, it’s appealing to me.’ It’s not about the brand as much as it’s about the experience. So, we have to be very clear in defining what our properties are about, who we speak to and what kind of customer we want to attract. We’ve been trying to refine these aspects, especially over the last eighteen months. So, the chic, quiet, understated experience that appeals to the premium luxury customer or the aspiring premium luxury customer, well, Amilla Fushi is playing that card. Whereas Finolhu in Baa Atoll has the ability to reach up to the five-star market but be a lot more fun, less serious. The service levels at Finolhu’s restaurants and spa are on par with what you’d get at Amilla Fushi. However, the way we go about it, and how you enter into it is really a lot more different. Hotel Insider: Yeah, like you have therapy rooms at the Spa named after people like Barbara Streisand. Mark Hehir: Yeah, so it already takes your mind in a different direction. So, for some purists who’re into chic and sophisticated spas that speak to them in a holistic way, they’re not going to find it very appealing. But the kind of people that Finolhu attracts will love it. And I think that’s where we’re really going in the right direction; I really believe that defining our essence and the four traits that we stand for in each resort are able to give us something to work with. Something that the team can start to use in the experiences to bring them alive. These four traits are not necessarily things we speak openly about but they give us inspiration. Hotel Insider: Can you give an example? Mark Hehir: Yeah, like at Huvafen Fushi, the brand essence is ‘Sensory Awakening’. Huvafen Fushi is ‘dream island’ in Dhivehi. It was the first real five-star boutique property in the Maldives where around forty four keys were created with every room having a pool, and with fibre optics in the main pool. It’s still the only property in the world with an underwater spa. And then you’ve got the underground wine cellar holding nearly a million dollars-worth of wine at some stages. And that was a benchmark for boutique resorts to follow, almost fourteen years ago.

So, ‘Sensory Awakening’ was the tagline for the property, just to remind everyone that we needed to continue this sensory experience in a boutique resort. And then to support that, we said that we wanted to have a seductive embrace. Meaning the resort should have moments around it that bring you closer to it or draw you to the experience with some kind of allure. Then there’s passionately discreet. We felt that a boutique island needs to be very discreet, it has to feel like you’re whisked away from the airport in your beautifully air-conditioned boat, and you’re met on the jetty by your Thakuru (butler) who takes you immediately to your room in a buggy, and nobody sees you. Like you’re a movie star. Huvafen Fushi is not a place where you’d want to see three-year-olds running around and shouting. It’s peaceful, calm, so therefore we get a chance to be passionately discreet. Hotel Insider: That’s why you made Huvafen 16 plus, eh? Mark Hehir: [Laughs] In fact, I wanted to push the bar even higher, to make a statement, to shock everybody. The third trait is dynamic connoisseur. It means, with our underground wine cellar and our new Japanese restaurant, we’ve got to be best in class, providing, in our books, the best culinary experience in the Maldives. The idea is to bring Feeling Koi (signature restaurant at Huvafen Fushi) overseas through the food and beverage experiences and have our dynamic connoisseur experiences reaching right out at you. But also, I challenge the team to use that to inspire them to be connoisseurs of diving for example, to make sure we have the best equipment, to take guests to the best spots. Then we have fearless imagination. For us, it means I want our team to challenge themselves to create and develop experiences. The underwater spa has already been built, you can’t rely on it just because it’s there. What we’re after is utilising those kinds of places to create a sort of journey for guests. So now we have four clear paths to give guests a sensory awakening. In those four paths lie the parameters. And then I say to the GM and managers on the ground, ‘knock yourselves out’. Hotel Insider: That’s pretty inspiring really. So, thank you Mark for your time, it’s been a pleasure sitting down with you again.

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Cover Story

HR is here to help Managing human resources is a top priority of any establishment, regardless of scale, and in the hospitality industry this is even more pronounced. Especially in the Maldives with its one island one resort concept; people are in the confines of the island for most of the year, and this will doubtlessly create challenges.

You’ll have to face colleagues with whom you’re not on particularly good terms with, even after work plus you’ll be working with a diverse group of people from different walks of life, from different atolls and countries. “The Maldives is a unique destination because we’re not managing city hotels here where staff can return home at the end of the day,” says Vaibhav Garg, executive assistant manager at Accor Hotels Maldives. “So, the HR department in those places is working set hours but here at resorts we have to provide roundthe-clock services. The scope of HR in resorts is vast: we’re providing housing, employment and after-work needs such as health and entertainment. There’s a huge need to keep our employees engaged at all times.” So, let’s have a look at some of the common issues that crop up, how certain properties work around them and we’ll be taking a look at workplace ethics.

Discrimination and its discontents “An issue that often surfaces is discrimination among team members. It can be favouritism, which results in resentment from lower ranking staff towards those being favoured by the top management. “All staff members are equal in the eyes of management,” says an HR executive at a top resort, wishing to remain anonymous. “At least, that’s how it should be. Favouritism is a disruptive act, it lowers staff morale and this will adversely affect staff performance.” She also notes that it’s important for staff members to distinguish between favouritism and performance recognition.


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“Many global organisations such as ours ensure all our procedures and processes are transparent,” she adds. “HR has a vital role in this by systematically conducting performance appraisals of each employee, informing employees of their rights and duties and benefits and making sure that there’s a conducive environment for employees to express themselves freely within the company on issues that affect their work.” Another form of discrimination sometimes occurs in different pay for locals and expatriates. Expatriate workers in the same position may earn a higher wage than their local counterpart. “This is sadly still practiced at some properties,” the HR executive says. “People put up with it because they can still save quite a lot, but the resentment will be there and it will fester.” “Wage discrimination based on race, culture, gender and disability must not exist in any organisation for it to be a transparent and ethical one,” says Vaibhav. “The senior management must ensure that there is a fair and just pay system because it’s vital that employees have confidence in the process. It’s also good business sense to have a fair, transparent reward system as it helps to control costs and improves morale and enhances staff efficiency. Senior management along with human resource leaders need to ensure the same by reviewing industry trends on wage parity, follow the local law and practice the ethical code of conduct concerning compensation and benefits.” Gender equality It’s true to the point of being a cliché that women are underrepresented in hospitality in the Maldives, not only at top positions but among line-staff as

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Cover Story

well. There are reasons for this. The local population is mostly conservative; there are certain traditional roles that women are expected to fulfil. Working at a resort, among tourists and people from different nationalities and cultures is still considered a man’s work, as Fathimath Shaazleen, resort manager at Soneva Jani says. She also mentions that women don’t see hospitality as a career, rather it’s something to tide them over till they find a husband and start a family. The conservative view is understandable when you consider that tourism has been around for just a few decades in these islands. Traditionally, a woman’s role is at home, tending to children and performing housework. But what can HR do to address these, and make hospitality more than a job to young women? HR could use positive discrimination to address the dearth of women in high positions, although this has proved controversial in certain countries. Another is to make resorts more women-friendly; with harsh penalties for harassment and providing childcare facilities. A lot of qualified women have to choose between having a career and a family, and it’s not a choice that someone should have to make. Both are essential for growth. Shaaz mentions that she’s been to job interviews where she’s thought she’s nailed it only to realise that her having a child becomes the deciding factor. If resorts had means to care for children of their team members, this would be a nonissue. Celebrating diversity Think of a typical Maldivian resort as a tiny city. As mentioned, it contains people from different ethnicities, nationalities, age groups and backgrounds. It’s a melting pot in a very real sense. Thus, recognising and celebrating diversity is an important part of managing human resources in these islands. “Culture impacts at every stage of the HR cycle, from selection and recruitment,

"Wage discrimination based on race, culture, gender and disability must not exist in any organisation for it to be a transparent and ethical one." 26

Hotel Insider

feedback, evaluation, coaching, and exit interviews,” says Vaibhav. “This presents the additional challenge of communicating the value of different functions, as well as performing them.” “Cultural intelligence is among the key managerial competencies needed for managing people from different cultural backgrounds across sectors and industries including hospitality,” he adds. “In recognising the cultural, religious and individual diversity of guests and employees, an organisation or property needs to eliminate all possible sources of discrimination in its practices, procedures and hotel management processes.” If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s that discrimination, in all its manifestations, is never a good idea. It’s not only unethical, it’s bad for business and there’s a crucial role that HR can play in its elimination. Future-oriented properties must also ensure careerminded women have their needs met.

"Recognising and celebrating diversity is an important part of managing human resources in these islands."

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Resort Review

Six Senses Laamu - flaunting a natural chic We’re approaching the end of the rainy season, we’ve passed to what the ancients called Fura, a period when it’s mostly calm with plenty of sun. It’s good weather for travelling and a great time to end up at Six Senses Laamu. It’s one of those properties that’s been on my wish-list for a while, to get up close and personal with this magnificent hotel is pretty awe-inspiring, just as I have suspected.

Right: Two bedroom ocean beach villa with pool view, photograph by Petrina Tinslay.


Hotel Insider

Hotel Insider


The hand of a certain hotelier seems pretty conspicuous in the design; it’s wood almost all the way. The pier, which houses the jetty, is home to several striking places built from weathered, curvy wood; it’s as though they’re driftwood sculptures rearing up from the sea. There’s a wine cellar and charcuterie, an ice cream parlour that creates a string of unusual flavours (lavender, anyone?) and a chocolatier whose beguiling chocolate sculptures draw in scores of awestruck adults and young children. I have a taste of the chocolate fudge; it’s rich and dark with a hint of raspberry. It verges on the sublime, and I can eat so much more if dinner doesn’t beckon. The over-water public areas have several charmingly misshapen glass portals through which you can glimpse the lagoon. This earthy, organic design is continued in the rooms. The beach villa, where I’m staying, is practically all 30

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wood, sustainably sourced from New Zealand and elsewhere. The polished wood floor displays curious indentations and more than an aesthetic, it’s pragmatic, preventing you from slipping. The outdoor bathroom is a nod at the traditional Maldivian gifili, with cadjan ‘walls’ concealing its interior. That evening, at one end of the pier, the Longitude restaurant springs to life. Tonight, there’s a focus on Asian cuisine and instead of the worn buffet concept, the restaurant is transformed into a bustling Asian street market with chefs manning live cooking stations. My perambulations through this wonderland finally take me to a sprightful Sri Lankan who makes me an egg hopper. “The eggs are fresh from our chicken farm,” he says. “You see if you can spot the difference.” The hopper takes a while, though, and during that time I find myself sampling

Chinese vegetable dumplings and a handful of maki made with local fish. The rice is sweet and piquant, the fish fresh. But it’s hopper that takes top honours. Perhaps the knowing that the egg is farmfresh enhances the experience; the hopper is savoury with a smidge of sourness. I pair it with katta sambol, another Sri Lankan delicacy that’s traditionally made with Maldivian tuna chips (cherished by our neighbour) and caramelised onion and chilli. Overall, there’s a gamut of flavour, a meal fit to end or begin the day with. In the morning, I make a beeline for the jetty on my bike. Six Senses has personalised it to my height and it’s even got a tag with my initials. This is the best way of transport in the island; eliminating the need for buggies. Unless it’s rainy. I get on a ferry with staff and some media colleagues and we head over to the island of Maabaidhoo, half an hour from

the resort. “We’re on our way to Laamu’s third annual turtle festival,” explains Ali Rifhaan, who handles the property’s marketing and communications. “Every year with our partners, we raise awareness among school children and the entire Laamu community on marine conservation.” After a long walk through the dusty, palm-fringed streets of Maabaidhoo, the sound of boduberu approaches us. There are banners strung between tall palms, and the festive spirit is palpable as we reach a clearing. Stalls abound here, some selling quick nibbles and drinks, others geared towards educating people about the atoll’s natural resources. Lots of children are dressed up to perform, their parents standing nearby, watching the performers on stage. It’s the first time that all thirteen schools of the atoll are celebrating this festival, which is now in its third year. “It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the local community and our partners,” says Merteyne Van Well, general manager of Six Senses Laamu. “The focus today is on conserving turtles. It’s been a year since Six Senses swore to protect its seagrass, an important food source for turtles. I ask you to pledge to do the same.” I go to the beach and take a look around; parts of the water are dark with seagrass. It’s something that resorts, and even some islands, consider a blemish on otherwise pristine lagoons and most pluck or cut the grass. “It’s not what you see on the postcards

so it’s important to present [the seagrass] in a different way,” Merteyne tells me later. “With seagrass comes all sorts of marine life, turtles and seahorses for instance. Imagine how wonderful it would be for a tourist to encounter these creatures while swimming in the lagoon by their water villa. That’s one way of looking at it.” Late one afternoon, I board a luxury vessel for a sunset dolphin cruise. It’s led by Maiah, one of Six Senses Laamu’s ten resident marine biologists. She’s young, blonde and reminds me of Aubrey Plaza. “I get that a lot,” she laughs when I tell her. “Hopefully we’ll see some spinners today. We spot them around here quite often.” Spinner dolphins are so named because of their acrobatics in the water and out. “There are a couple of theories on why they do that,” Maiah explains. “Some say they do it for play, others believe it’s to impress females.” We cut through the sea slowly, Maiah acting as a lookout. For her, outings like these are just as much work as pleasure. She keeps tabs on dolphins like a person engaged in espionage. I relax on a beanbag at the bow, enjoying the breeze. The sun is sloping and the world floods with coppery light. “Look,” she says suddenly. I hear the dolphins before I spot them. It’s like someone expelling water out of a snorkel. A large pod, about thirty-strong, surfaces and disappears. Some pass by the boat, twisting to peer beyond the surface. The water is glass-like and their size fascinates me. They’re the largest dolphins I’ve ever

Above left: Outdoor dining at LEAF Restuarant, photograph by Herbert Ypma. Right: Dolphins frolic in the water, just meters away from the prow of a dhoni. It's not unusual to spot these lovely sea-mammals in Laamu Atoll, sometimes in great numbers. Hotel Insider


Resort Review

Top left: a nature-inspired spa treatment room at Six Senses Laamu, photograph by Stephen Bures. Top right: a group of friends ready for dinner on the beach. Above: a tunnel through the bush to a secluded, pristine beach.


Hotel Insider

seen. “See their jagged dorsal fins?” says Maya, pointing. “They’re bottlenose dolphins, not spinners this time.” We watch them, thrilled by their antics, until the sun goes down. It’s a spectacular sunset, the horizon is clear, the clouds above awash with colour. That night, there’s a special treat for us; a tasting menu prepared by the resort’s executive chef Stefan Goehcke. It’s an indulgent affair, and Stefan reveals how much thought has been invested in each creation, to not only make them healthy, but to use fresh and sustainably sourced ingredients. My favourites end up being the Sri Lankan mud-crab tartar, the crab almost dissolving in my mouth, and the poached pigeon breast, whose dark flesh has a lush, gamey flavour. No trip to a Six Senses property is complete without a visit to their spa. Here at Laamu, it’s a quiet, gardenlike space huddled in the island’s vegetation. At the reception, I fill in a form, much like at other spas, but here they ask you why you want the treatment; to relax, perhaps, or to energise, to de-stress, and they recommend you a therapy. And that’s not all; you have the option of being guided throughout your stay; the concept of wellness extends to your nutrition, with the property’s restaurants providing special wellness-focussed menus. I follow my therapist, Ratima, through

the garden, then up some steps to the treatment room that’s set in the canopy. From here, you can see treetops and the surf breaking beyond the magoo bushes. The room’s décor pays homage to nature, with touches of greens, browns and tangled sculptures evoking birds’ nests. I’m given a whiff of the lavender and coconut-based oil to be used in the massage. The therapy is unique, starting with the elongated bell-like ring of a singing bowl. My body is rocked back and forth. Ratima relieves tension on both sides of my spine and lower back using her forearms. It’s painful at times yet relaxing in the end. And the only sounds are those of nature; the rustle of the canopy, the breaking of the surf, the occasional clicks of geckos. I feel my shoulders and neck being worked over by something smooth and hot. “These are hot stones,” Ratima tells me, “Let me know if they are too hot for you.” “No,” I say. It’s a curious sensation and I feel the knots in my neck and shoulder dissolve. Massage over, Ratima leads me to an upstairs lounge close by. She makes me some hot ginger tea and, reclining on a plush deck chair, I sip the drink to the sound of the waves. It’s hypnotic; here at Six Senses Laamu, which seems sculpted by nature, even the sea feels like an extension of the property.

1 Here’s the carpentry, where Nika’s furniture

is made and repaired. This is part of the reason why Nika has such a personal feel to it, its furnishings are entirely made on site.

Back of the Haus

Carpentry and Boutique at Nika Island Resort In this edition of Back of the Haus, we take a look at what goes on behind the scenes at the carpentry and boutique at Nika Island Hotel. The carpenters have been at Nika for decades, though they were not always working with wood. As for the boutique, it houses a very special person who does fantastic things for guests. Read on.


Hotel Insider

2 Ali Rasheed is one of the carpenters and he’s

been with Nika for over fifteen years. “I joined Nika as a boat captain,” he explains. “I like working with my hands, so carpentry was a natural fit.” He’s been a carpenter for more than three years at Nika and has settled into his role. “I’m from Bodufulhadhoo, which is nearby, so I’m close to my home and family,” he says.

3 Hamid Abdulla accompanies Ali Rasheed at

the workshop. Hamid dedicated himself to carpentry about four years ago. He’s been with Nika since the 80s, initially joining the team as a room attendant. He worked as a carpenter during the resort’s construction, and later, repaired boats while working as a room attendant. “I do mostly repair work these days,” he says. “There’s always work that needs doing.”

4 Now we move on to the resort’s boutique.

It’s a cosy little space packed with multicoloured fabrics and garments.

Hotel Insider


5 Here’s the resident tailor, Suresh Soosamariyan from

Thiruvananthapuram, India. “I’ve been in the Maldives for seventeen years,” he says. “I worked at Palm Beach Resort for over a decade. It’s just been a few months since I joined Nika.” At the boutique, Suresh mends garments. He also makes clothes for guests; all they have to do is select their material and tell him how they want it done.


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Managing Human Resources in the Digital Era Ooredoo Maldives’ CEO Najib Khan tells us about recruitment, bringing generations together, the role of HR tools and more in this instalment of Spotlight. Hotel Insider: I’d like to start off the interview with a question on recruitment. We’ve been hearing talk of how recruiters are increasingly using social media to attract potential candidates. What are your thoughts on this? Is social media really an effective recruitment medium compared to the more traditional channels? Najib Khan: Traditionally, HR would source resumes, but that’s very old fashioned and time consuming. So, let me give you an example of what we do within Ooredoo. The recruitment of a particular skill or talent is no more an HR function. In Maldives itself, seventy-five per cent of people are on Facebook, Viber, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Similar to our marketing approach, which is to go where our customers go, we do that in recruitment as well. We go where the talent is and source them from there. And after the sourcing, of course HR steps in to handle the process of interviewing and so on. Screen time is increasing rapidly and that means people spend a lot of time on social media. That is what makes social media a very effective recruitment tool; there’s actually no way we can remain aloof from it. Hotel Insider: My next question is about HR management software and apps. While I assume these contribute to streamlining HR processes, what sort of a role can these play in employee engagement? Can such software and apps help HR departments to assess how employees are actually experiencing their jobs within the company? Najib Khan: When it comes to HR and especially when it comes to people, I believe in the whole fabric of one-on-one connection. I believe that’s irreplaceable. Tools can get you information and analytics. Here in Ooredoo we have a HR app. It tells you about leaves, performance history and appraisals. It helps us provide feedback and mentor our staff. It also helps us advertise internal job postings, as there’s a lot of lateral movement within the company. So the tool is important because it helps us to bring everything together in one single place. But that does not replace direct contact, and here we spend a lot of time on


Hotel Insider

engaging and interacting face-to-face. At Ooredoo, everyone’s very active on the HR app, but they also love to participate in the CEO Futsal Cup, be part of the Monument challenge where they create something new and participate in the ‘Mas’ race; they want to be engaged. We have grouped the entire organisation into 4 brigades or teams which compete in different events throughout the year for the annual cup. The engagement level needs to be high, no app can replace this spirit. Hotel Insider: The potential use of VR is something we keep hearing about a lot. In the context of human resource management, one obvious use could be training. What are your thoughts on this? Najib Khan: I haven’t seen VR being used much, at least not in my company. Virtual Reality is very immersive so it can be helpful in training people, for example creating a product or installing particular equipment. But we believe in on the job training. Getting a person to experience the tasks in real time. Hotel Insider: Work forces in most companies span generations, and with that come different work attitudes and practices. Can HR departments help in bridging that gap? Najib Khan: Our company itself, has an average age between 27 and 29. And this means we have to blend the old with the new. The young come with new ways of doing things, they challenge the status quo and they are practical and to the point. So the older generation has to adapt to the new way of working, and at the same time, the younger generation has to pick up the older generation’s experiences and apply them in the new world in a fruitful manner. The values of the older generation, they are important. For example, being punctual is important and so is keeping commitments and following company policies. Maybe there are differences on how we uphold these values in the past and now, but the core principles are still the same. Rather than relying on just HR, the leadership in the company gives the required direction and an open environment

for new ways of doing things. We should be ready to adapt as times change. Hotel Insider: Since Ooredoo is one of the largest tech companies in the country, and since our readers are mostly executives working in the Maldivian tourism sector, are there any HR related products from Ooredoo that can be particularly useful for the resorts in the Maldives? Najib Khan: I think one of the most important elements of the tourism industry is manpower. It’s like a factory at the backend, there is so much activity going on simultaneously. Imagine the number of people who need to be trained, engaged and cared for, that’s a huge challenge for the HR function. This is where the HR tool comes in, making things simpler, easier, quicker, more visible, transparent, and adaptable. Our HR app for resorts performs a variety of functions and provides all these conveniences. It’s a mobile phone app that allows the management of large workforces. The app keeps record of attendance and leaves. Employees can also use it to apply for leaves, salary advances and such. It facilitates collaboration as well as on the spot appraisals. Due to the mobility, employees are always connected to the office irrespective of the location. The app is hosted on the cloud, and no physical infrastructure is required at the resort. Moreover, it is also pay per use. If you have additional employees, you can increase your licenses. If you reduce the number of people, you can reduce the licenses and cut down on cost, it’s highly adaptable. Hotel Insider: As we’ve reached the end of our interview I’d like to conclude it by asking you about how technology is expected to shape HR management in the near future. What would you say are the major HR trends we should be anticipating? Najib Khan: In terms of technology for HR, there is a lot that is happening and in the future there are technologies which will transform HR. The more repeatable parts of our businesses will get automated. Robotics will be deployed in many areas especially in manufacturing and back office. As we’ve talked about before, Artificial Intelligence can enhance customer and employee experience, VR would allow immersive remote training. The manpower will need to be re-purposed in the Digital era. So, the changes that are set to take place are largely connected to digitalisation of the industry, this will in turn have a huge impact on HR practices. Hotel Insider



Ethics and Transparency By Vaibhav Garg An organisation should stress ethical behavior in all stakeholder transactions and interactions. It’s an organisation’s governance body that should require highly ethical conduct and monitor all conduct accordingly.

Vaibhav is Area Talent & Culture Manager at AccorHotels Maldives and Executive Assistant Manager at Mercure Maldives Kooddoo. Vaibhav Garg serves as the Advisory Board Member at Cornell Institute of Healthy Futures - Cornell University, New York and is involved in hospitality service research initiatives & programs and has presented his research papers at renowned international universities, business schools, and hotel associations from Maldives, Asia, Europe, China and United States.


Hotel Insider

The senior leaders should be the role models of ethical behavior and make their expectations of the workforce very clear and organisation’s ethical principles are the foundation for the company culture and values. They distinguish right from wrong. Clearly articulated ethical principles, along with organisational values, empower the people to make effective decisions and may serve as boundary conditions for determining organisational norms and prohibitions. Transparency on the other hand is characterised by consistently candid and open communication on the part of leadership and management and by the sharing of clear and accurate information. The benefits of transparency are manifold. Transparency is a key factor in workforce engagement and allows people to see why actions are being taken and how they can contribute. Transparency also is important in interactions with customers and other stakeholders, giving them a sense of involvement, engagement, and confidence in organisation. Ethical behaviour and transparency build trust in the organisation and its leaders and engender a belief in the organisation’s fairness and integrity that is valued by all key stakeholders.

and senior leaders have the responsibility for the alignment of an organisation’s mission and vision with its ethical principles. Ethical behaviour encompasses interactions with all stakeholders, including workforce, shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers, and local community. Well-designed and clearly articulated ethical principles empower people to make effective decisions with great confidence. In some organisations, ethical principles also serve as boundary conditions restricting behaviour that otherwise could have adverse impacts on organisation and/or society.

Role of a leader Senior leaders in an organisation should set a vision for the organisation, create a customer focus, demonstrate clear and visible organisational values and ethics, and set high expectations for the workforce. The vision, values, and expectations should balance the needs of all stakeholders. The leaders should also ensure the creation of strategies, systems, and methods for building knowledge and capabilities, stimulating innovation, managing risk, requiring accountability, achieving performance excellence, and thereby ensuring ongoing organisational success. The values and strategies leaders define Promoting ethical behavior in an help guide all of organisation’s activities and organisation decisions. Senior leaders should inspire and Give people the authority and responsibility encourage the entire workforce to contribute, to make decisions and take actions. When to develop and learn, to be innovative, and people are empowered, decisions are made to embrace meaningful change and should closest to the front line, where work-related be responsible to organisation’s governance knowledge and understanding reside. The body for their actions and performance, and purpose of empowering people is to enable the governance body should be responsible them to satisfy customers on first contact, ultimately to all stakeholders for the improve processes and increase productivity, organisation’s and its senior leaders’ ethics, and improve organisation’s performance actions, and performance. results, as well as to encourage collaboration. Senior leaders must serve as role models An empowered workforce requires information through their ethical behaviour and their to make appropriate decisions; thus, the personal involvement in planning, providing organisation must provide that information in a supportive environment for innovation, a timely and useful way. communicating, coaching and motivating the The actions an organisation takes must workforce, developing future leaders, reviewing ensure that all its decisions, actions, and organisational performance, and recognising stakeholder interactions conform to its workforce members. As role models, they can moral and professional principles of conduct. reinforce ethics, values, and expectations while These principles support all applicable laws building leadership, commitment, and initiative and regulations and are the foundation for throughout organisation. Senior leaders should organisation’s culture and values. They demonstrate authenticity and admit to their distinguish right from wrong. Senior leaders missteps and opportunities for improvement. should be role models for these principles of behaviour. The principles apply to all people involved in an organisation, from temporary workforce members to members of the board of directors. These principles benefit from regular communication and reinforcement

Hotel Insider



Rizan Afeef Director of Human Resources & Training at Six Senses Laamu.

Rizan Afeef began his career in tourism when he joined the Four Seasons family in 2006 as human resource officer. Twelve years later, after working with brands such as Anantara and Starwood here in the Maldives as well as in Malaysia and the Seychelles, he now serves as the Director of Human Resources & Training at Six Senses Laamu. With Rizan, we discuss topics such as managing diverse workforces, upcoming HR trends and the Maldives’ unique HR situation. Hotel Insider: Shall we begin the interview by discussing the major HR concepts and practices you have at Six Senses Laamu? Rizan Afeef: As you know Six Senses Laamu is located at quite a geographically remote location. In fact, it is the only resort currently present in Laamu atoll. Hence with substantial logistical limitations, we obviously would need to think out of the box to maximize engagement and redefine our practices to attract potential employees. Six Senses Laamu has rolled out a number of programmes to help employees thrive both personally and

42 Hotel Insider

professionally. Benefits related to parental leave, discounts privileges, complimentary stays, appreciation programmes, and ongoing learning and development resources, and more. One key initiative we recently launched is the partnership between Six Senses Laamu and Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB). Under this collaboration, our employees are provided with flexible financing options on household items, reducing the hassle of traveling all the way to the capital city to process a loan, and handling the entire administration process by the Human Resources office on the island. As for the overall HR ideology here on the island, I believe we have a very grounded and localised approach and a big part of this comes from the Six Senses brand placing high value on host wellness. Over the years we have seen an increase in resources and benefits for all hosts, and we believe that these increase guest satisfaction, which is the ultimate goal. It’s about doing the right thing, giving the right tools to our employees so they can optimize the quality of their life while they are optimizing their health. It’s all about having a work-life balance and giving them opportunities so that they will feel better and be better. Our year-to-date turnover last year was only four per cent, this is in indeed a positive reflection of a great brand and our general manager’s efforts towards a positive work environment, which is indeed appreciated by all. Hotel Insider: Like most resorts in the Maldives, Six Senses Laamu too has a one-resort one-island concept. And this often means employees, both local and foreign, spend long durations away from their homes and families. Do you have any policies in place to reduce the effect of this for your employees? Rizan Afeef: It is true that the work life balance in our property is something that has been executed and managed very well by the leadership team, I believe this is one of the reasons why employees who have left the company return back. This year and last year alone we’ve had over twenty five previous employees (managers and non-management level) returning back to work with us. Flexible leave schedules and instalment purchases of air tickets have proven to be additional benefits for our hosts. Hotel Insider: How would you describe the labour force available in the Maldives? Do you think the talent pool delivers enough qualified persons to fill out the required roles? Rizan Afeef: When you compare the current labour force with that of ten years ago, I believe we have quite a few

talented locals in the market. However, attracting local talent from other atolls is a challenge, largely due to logistical difficulties pertaining to the distance and travel to Laamu Atoll. With that being said, we have quite effective internal succession planning in place and we have witnessed quite a few amazing career journeys of employees. For example, an IVD Order-taker taking up the role of F&B manager, and a housekeeping supervisor taking over the role of an assistant executive housekeeper. Hotel Insider: As we understand, the team at Six Senses Laamu is quite multicultural. What goes into managing such a varied team? Are there any challenges?  Rizan Afeef: We have over thirty nationalities on the island and I think everything is tied to benefits. We don’t differentiate between expats and locals, in terms of salaries for example, but rather have benefits based on levels. With such a fair and ethical system in place, the potential for discrimination is minimised to almost zero. We also work hard to really understand people and their individual situations. We employ people from many countries, so we make sure that they are not feeling isolated or lonely. We look at people’s journeys day-to-day, to make improvements for all concerned. Of course, the best way to find these things out is to speak to them, find out what they feel, and be mindful of people’s emotions. Our leadership team maintains a 100 per cent open door policy and the employees are comfortable enough to approach anyone at any given time. Hotel Insider: We have a segment in our magazine that highlights women working in the hospitality sector; as we understand, women account for just a small fraction of the tourism workforce, and many circumstances come into play here. What are your thoughts on this?  Rizan Afeef: Though we have evolved over the years when it comes to recruiting women, I believe a large part of the challenge boils down to the culture. Maldives fares significantly better than many countries when it comes to gender equality, for instance the number of Maldivian women attaining university degrees is at par with that of men. However, the number of women employed in the hospitality sector is comparatively less due to varying reasons. There are several challenging factors restricting local women from working in the hospitality industry. Findings reveal that culture, education, women’s role in family, safety, geographical features, transportation and awareness adds to the factors for preventing local women

from seeking employment. Nevertheless, in today’s era, Maldivian women have overcome these challenges and have proven that they can perform extremely well. As a result, working populations of local women in the Maldives tourism sector has been increasing at a rapid rate. Today women hold positions from manager-level to supervisor to line staff in various departments of hotels across the industry. Hotel Insider: As with everything else these days, we’ve been hearing a lot about the use of technology in human resource management, and it’s forecasted as one of the trends that’ll take place in the coming years. Are there anymore HR trends we should be anticipating for the near future, especially for the Maldivian tourism industry?  Rizan Afeef: The race towards digitalising HR is on top of the list. Technology & social media has been advancing at a phenomenal pace, hence the need to keep up with the race to support the transformation to a digitalised world quickly. Millennials and Gen Y employees are on the look out for organizations that support personalized HR service via technology (e.g., using apps via smartphones). Another critical area is reflected at instant gratification. Gone are the days when ‘employee of the month’ was considered a substantial recognition scheme. Employers would need to start evolving out their recognition schemes to exciting new heights involving the use of modern technology in order to attract and create engaged candidates. Hotel Insider: Since we’ve reached the end of the interview, is there something you’d like to add?  Rizan Afeef: We as an island paradise have been blessed with sun, sand and luxury. The described elements attract high end tourists and our wonderful resort paradises can afford to recruit the best talent the world has to offer. I believe working with talented individuals from the world over stands us in good stead, and us locals having lived and worked with this diversity for decades, combined with our positive attitude towards life and our positive work ethic in making tourists feel at home in our personal paradise, makes me have nothing but feelings of utopia for the HR industry in the Maldives. It’s our responsibility to ensure that this culture of HR and L&D and mobility runs through the organization – consistency is what makes the strides and doing it every day with everybody is the challenge, some people know what they want, others don’t and both of these categories are of equal importance in the great scheme of things. Hotel Insider


Working Women

Fathmath Maya Ameez and Fathmath Nuha Meet Maya and Nuha, the young front desk attendants at Mercure Kooddoo Maldives. They’re natives of neighbouring Gaafu Alifu Vilingili, just minutes away by speedboat from the resort. Both of them studied at the atoll’s education centre. Maya, 20, chose computer science but after her O’Levels in 2016, had a change of heart. “A friend of the family suggested I try get a job in Kooddoo,” she says. “There was an opening so I applied.” Nuha, 21, has a similar story. She was slightly more aware of the industry however, having studied travel and tourism at school. “I had an idea about what I was getting into beforehand,” she says. “I was also told of a job opening here in Kooddoo, so I applied soon after I’d finished my A Levels.” Hari Krishnan, former director of rooms at Mercure Kooddoo, was their interviewer. “I was very nervous,” admits Maya. “It was my first time being interviewed for anything.” “Me too,” adds Nuha. “They’d never experienced a resort,” says Krishnan, smiling. “They had absolutely no clue as to what they’d be doing here. In spite of that, I had a good feeling about them. They had excellent body language and great eye contact. I saw in both a confidence and felt they had the attitude we wanted. At the end of the interview process, I knew they’d deliver.” So, Maya and Nuha joined the team at Kooddoo in January 2017. They do much the same things, greeting guests and seeing them off, handling requests. They take guests to their rooms, sometimes lugging luggage for short distances, despite their slight frames. “I like checking guests in,” says Nuha. “They’re in such a

good mood when they see the property and I love driving the buggy around. I learnt how to drive in three months.” Maya is happiest when she gets good feedback from guests. “When our guests have a great vacation and tell me about it, I just feel full of joy,” she says. “That’s the best part of working here.” But working in a resort is no walk in the park. Sometimes, their jobs can be quite challenging. “Arrivals and departures happen at the same time on some days,” explains Nuha. “It’s really hard keeping on top of everything when that happens. And sometimes guests would want to change rooms, from beach villas to water villas or the other way around. That takes a bit of work too, especially when everything coincides.” One of the toughest parts of Maya’s job is when she has to deal with guests who don’t speak English. “I have to type out whole paragraphs on my phone sometimes and translate them to get the message across,” she says. “Also, dealing with back-to-back arrivals who check-in into recently vacated guest rooms isn’t easy to say the least. You have to get the rooms ready very quickly.” What’s next for these two? They seem to enjoy taking things in their stride and don’t have any grand plans for now. “I’m just keen to keep on working here,” says Nuha. “I don’t see myself leaving hospitality.” “I want to improve my skills,” says Maya. “And in two or three years I’ll try to become a supervisor.”

Maya (left) and Nuha (right), two promising young > women giving front office operations a uniquely Maldivian touch at Mercure Kooddoo.


Hotel Insider

Hotel Insider



Santa’s coming to Anantara properties To celebrate this year’s festive season, Anantara Dhigu, Anantara Veli and Naladhu Private Island are inviting guests to take part in a funfilled series of events across the three resorts. With a worldclass culinary programme, exciting kids’ activities, a visit from Santa and New Year’s parties with a fireworks show, the upcoming festive period promises endless island fun for guests of all ages. The experiences range from delightful culinary experiences, each featuring a bounty of Christmas favourites. Santa himself is set to visit the lagoon, leading jet-ski excursions and fun diving expeditions. Children eight years and over can even go on an underwater present hunt, in search of surprises left by Santa. This year’s culinary line-up is nothing short of spectacular, there’s something new on offer every night. There are romantic fine-dining experiences, fun family feasts, a lavish food and wine fair that spans three resorts, plus ample opportunity to enjoy the best regional flavours with Maldivian, Thai and Japanese cuisine showcased throughout the period. For New Year’s Eve, each resort will be transformed with a different festive theme. Anantara Dhigu will draw inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, Anantara Veli will feature a masquerade theme with an adults-only ball,


Hotel Insider

and Naladhu Private Island Maldives celebrates the new year with a sophisticated Caviar & Pearls motif. Those wishing to dance the night away can join the Full Moon Festive Party at Gulhifushi with a DJ set under the stars even before Christmas Eve.

The special events continue into the new year, with more exclusive culinary experiences and daily children’s activities with Little Hermie at Dhoni Kids’ Club. The properties will also offer special rejuvenating spa packages for the new year, including family and couples’

treatments that relax and revitalise.


accessible to as many people as possible.” At the moment, there are two turboprop carriers: the state-owned airline Maldivian, operated by Island Aviation Services and Flyme, owned and operated by Villa Air. Meanwhile, seaplane transfers remain the most popular means of travel to distant resorts with Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) dominating the market and carrying close to a million passengers a year. Seaplane transfers are also on Manta Air’s horizon with the company already advertising positions for its forthcoming Twin Otter operations. The robust growth of the domestic tourism industry, including the surge of smaller scale guesthouses in the islands has led to an increased demand for travel. Manta Air aims to meet these demands while providing a new experience in the skies. Manta Air, established in 2016, is a joint venture between local hospitality company Deep Blue Private Limited and the tourism magnate Mohamed Umar Maniku.

Manta Air celebrates first aircraft New domestic carrier Manta Air received its first aircraft, the turboprop ATR 72-600 this November. The airline held a special function to mark the event, which saw the attendance of senior officials from the Civil Aviation Authority, National

Air Security, Customs, Immigration and the Maldives Airports Company Private Limited (MACL). The airline’s CEO Mohamed Khaleel said in a statement: “At Manta Air, our goal is to provide all our customers with

a reliable, friendly and hasslefree travel experience. Our brand-new aircraft will have more leg room and quieter cabins than other carriers and we’ll make sure everyone on board is delighted with the experience. We wish to make seamless domestic air travel

Hotel Insider


Marketplace A quick guide to the suppliers and service providers that cater to the Maldivian tourism industry.

Banking & Insurance ALLIED INSURANCE

Allied Insurance Company Pvt Ltd is a leading insurance service provider offering total solutions with a comprehensive range of general, life Insurance and Takaful services throughout the Maldives. Allied’s customers include individuals, smallmedium businesses, corporate and government institutions. City Square, 3rd Floor, Chaandhanee Magu, Male’, +960 334 1001, toll free 1600,, AMANA TAKAFUL

Amana Takaful PLC is a full-fledged and licensed General Insurance company with an outstanding portfolio of Takaful insurance solutions. Commencing operations in 2003, it stands proud as the only publicly quoted insurance company in the Maldives listed in the Maldives Stock Exchange (MSE). 3rd Floor, H. Mialani, Sosun Magu, Male’, Maldives, +960 331 5262,, BANK OF CEYLON (BOC)

With over seven decades of experience, the bank offers a broad range of services including commercial banking, trade finance, development financing, mortgage financing, lease financing, investment banking, corporate financing, dealing in government securities, pawn brokering, credit card facilities and others. H. Aage, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, +960 333 7564,, BANK OF MALDVIES (BML)

Known locally as “the national bank,” BML is a public limited company with majority ownership held by the government of Maldives. BML is a full-service bank engaging across the complete spectrum of personal, business and corporate financial services. BML Head Office, No. 11, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, +960 333 0200,,


The Mauritius Commercial Bank (Maldives) is a leading commercial bank in the country, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of its valued customers. MCB Maldives aims also at being the preferred banking and financial partner of corporate customers, whether they are startups or well established groups. H. Sifa Building, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, +960 3305656,, SOLARELLE INSURANCE

Solarelle Insurance is committed to finding new and innovative ways of reducing risks and losses, and is devoted to providing comprehensive General Insurance solutions that can be tailor-made to suit the different needs and lifestyles of its customers. 1st Floor, ADK Tower, Male', 20096, +960 330 0099,, STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI)

State Bank of India opened its first branch in Male’ in February 1974. This heralded the commencement of its Maldives operations as one of the foreign branches of India's largest commercial bank. The State Bank Group has over 22,887 branches within India and another 191 offices outside India, spread over 36 countries. H. Sunsleet, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, +960 331 2111,,

Bath, Kitchen, Laundry ASTRABON

Astrabon is dedicated towards providing the most apt solutions for resort and hotel supply needs. Astrabon has the finest selection of products supplied by the most reputed manufacturers of the industry. Every product purchased from Astrabon is indicative of high-quality. Orchid Magu, Male, Maldives, +960 300 8060,


Ceylinco Insurance’s company policy is to settle claims within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complete documents, and they take pride in attempting to meet this deadline.Speed and efficiency are the company's hallmarks and total customer satisfaction is their goal. 3rd Floor, H.Merry Side, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male', +960 969 3939,,


Aqua Chrome offers solutions for sanitary fittings, solar heaters and specialized roofing to various economic sectors. GROHE is the world's leading provider of sanitary fittings under one brand and is represented in Maldives by Aqua Chrome. (Grohe) H. Gullalaamaage, Roashanee Magu, K. Male', +960 300 3663,


The Commercial Bank of Maldives is a joint venture between Tree Top Investments Pvt Ltd (TTIL) and the Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC (CBC). Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC was established in 1969, and have since become the largest private bank in Sri Lanka with an asset base over USD 6 Bn. Commercial Bank of Maldives, H. Filigasdhoshuge, Ameeru Ahmed Magu, +960 333 2668,,


Hotec is a sales agent in the Maldives for internationally renowned manufacturers of small equipment and supplies for the food service industry in Maldives. Their objective is to bring the best food service equipment, other kitchen accessories, and bath and wellness products from the best brands in the world. Ma. Favorite, Chaandhanee Magu, Male', +960 334 1616,,


HBL is a Karachi based multinational bank and is one of the largest banks in Pakistan. Founded in 1941, HBL became Pakistan's first commercial bank and is the largest company in Pakistan in terms of assets. As of 2016, HBL has 1700 branches with presence in over 25 countries spanning four continents. Habib Bank Limited, H.Thuniya Building Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, +960 332 2051, 48

Hotel Insider


Radiantheat Maldives Pvt Ltd is the flagship company of Radiantheat Group and a leading supplier for commercial catering and laundry equipment and spares in the Maldives. Currently Radiantheat represents several renowned global brands. Radiantheat Building 3rd Floor, H. Nooali, Hithigas Magu, Male' 20022, +960 333 4854,,




Dive & Water Sports

Osmosis Asia Pvt Ltd provides clients with a space where they can find all products that will enable them to run their operations without hassle. They supply spare parts for commercial kitchens, commercial refrigeration, coffee machines, bar and vending equipment. 1st Floor, H.Bonthi Building, Hiffaseyha Goalhi, Male’, +960 300 9551,

Sovereign Agencies offers an extensive range of products geared towards the hospitality industry, serving more than 60 resorts in the Maldives. Their products include emiment brands such as Primus, Bauscher, and Vito. Ma. Moorithi Building, 1st Floor, Chaandhanee Magu, Male’, +960 331 4422, XENON MALDIVES

Xenon Maldives Pvt Ltd provides several types of equipments, genuine spares and services to hotels and resorts. These inlcude kitchen equipments that are commercial and used by popular chefs, and laundry machinery from USA. M. Three & One, Haveeree Hingun, 4th Floor, Male', +960 331 0013,,

Buildware & Hardware ALIA INVESTMENTS

Currently in its 53rd year of service, Alia has been the sole distributor of the world renowned Yamaha brand for 43 years. Alia is also the distributor of Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizers, Kohler brand’s sanitary ware, and a large variety of hardware products. 8th Floor, ALIA Building, Gandhakoalhi Magu, Maafanu, Male’ 20311, +960 332 3564, ASK HOLDINGS

ASK Holdings Pvt Ltd is a hardware company based in Male', Maldives. The company's mission is to maintain quality standards for all products and provide valued customers with store wide warranty services, best prices, reliable products and amenities to make the company's stores the first choice for your household needs. +960 332 4679, CO-LOAD MALDIVES

Co-Load Maldives Pvt Ltd is known for establishing the American franchise Ace Hardware and Home Centre in Male', and also for their paint solutions through Color Bank. The company is the sole distributor of several world-renowned brands. M. Baarana, 1st Floor, Majeedhee Magu, Male', +960 332 0450,

Timber House has over a decade of experience in the timber industry and helps prospective customers in evaluating the various volumes and types of timber best suited for their needs. M. Honeydew, Izzuddheen Magu Male’, 20311, +960 333 9111,


Best Dives Pvt Ltd is a leading diving and watersports centre, excursion and yacht charter service provider, operating in both high-end luxury resorts and middlerange resorts in the Maldives without compromising on quality service. 6/F MF Building, Chandhanee Magu, Male city, Maldives. +960 330 5960, BLUE HORIZON

Blue Horizon offers diving and surfing adventures that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients. Currently the company operates two motorized yachts and two sailing catamarans. M. Bolissafaru 2nd Floor, Orchid Magu, Male', +960 332 1169, DTECH

dTech Pvt Ltd is the sole distributor of SEADOO and EVINRUDE brands - providing the finest Personal Watercrafts (PWC) and Outboard engine products in the Maldives. Having established in 1998, dTECh has always worked towards offering the best products to the Maldivian marine and power sports industry. M. Whale Shark, Male', 2021, +960 333 4051, EURO DIVERS

Euro-Divers Maldives offer scuba diving activities in some of the best scuba diving resorts in Maldives as well as water sport activities at selected resorts. Euro-Divers Worldwide was founded by Swiss nationals over 40 years ago and offers safe, exciting and professional scuba diving activities and scuba diving lessons in some of the world’s best diving destinations. GOLDEN JET TRADE

Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd, established in 1985, a relatively small business then is now a leading supplier of quality Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Water sports and Swimming equipment in the Republic of Maldives. Providing quality scuba diving wetsuits in all sizes, Scuba Diving fins or Flippers to Scuba Diving, Snorkelling gear and water sport knives and accessories. Golden Jet Trade Pvt. Ltd. 3, Chandhanee Magu, Male’, +960 322338 MA SERVICES


Nalahiya Trading Pvt Ltd is a leading importer of building materials in the Maldives. The company imports cement, coarse and fine sand, roofing sheets, plywood, GI pipes, gypsum boards and others. M Faaroshige', 8th Floor, Orchid Magu, Male', +960 333 1999,

MA SERVICES is a market leader in the sale, installation and maintenance of highpressure breathing air equipment, and is the authorized distributor for brands such as BAUER, Scubapro, Analox, HATZ. G. Veyoge, Husnuheena Magu, Male', +960 331 0935,, OCEAN GROUP


Prominent Resources Pvt Ltd was established in 2011 and has built a reputation as an importer of hardwood and other related items direct from Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand. M. Onigandu (1st Floor), Muranga Magu, Male', +960 333 3707, RAINBOW

Established in 1990, Rainbow Pvt Ltd is a building service provider that caters to the Maldivian market. The company's extensive portfolio of products include furniture, roofing materials, sanitary-ware and fittings, kitchen systems, electrical products and paint. G.Maarana, Alikilegefaanu Magu, Male', +960 331 6914,

Ocean Group Maldives founded in 1998 is now one of the most successful premier dive and water sports operator with an impressive 20-year track record and many innovative launches. Customizes bespoke experiences for discerning travellers seeking truly unique dive and water sports experiences and have partnered with some of the best luxury resorts in Asia with the highest standards of sustainability and eco-tourism.  +960 300-4649 SILVER SANDS

Silver Sands Pvt. Ltd. has been in the inbound travel business since its inception. In 2005, the Company expanded into resort-based recreational activities and has been investing in and managing dive and water sports operations at 11 luxury resorts in the Maldives. Chandhaneege, 2nd Floor, Alhivilaa Magu, Male', 20292, +960 301 7777,


Sonee Hardware is one of the largest hardware businesses in the Maldivian market. They offer a broad range of products, from hardware to kitchen tools. The company which started from 1970 since then has grown from one outlet to six. Sonee Building, No. 7, Ibrahim Hassan Didi Magu, K. Male, Maldives, +960 333 6699,


Squid Maldives is a leading company operating in the distribution of diving equipment and services. The Male’ based company is the sole authorised distributor of Mares, Coltri, DAN, and SSI services in the Maldives. Squid Maldives, Shop #1/29, Chandhanee Magu, 20189, Male, +960 723 9458, Hotel Insider


Electrical, Energy, Water FSM

Established in 2000, FSM is a comprehensive fuel service provider that continuously seeks ways of improving its services and efficiencies through latest technologies and best practices. FSM works vigorously to improve their capacity and meet the challenges and the ever-growing expectations of their customers. Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt Ltd, STO Aifaanu Building, 4th Floor, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, Maldives, +960 333-6655


Lintel Investments and Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly Maldivianowned company registered and operating in the Maldives as one of the country’s leading distributors of luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle electronics brands. Le Cute Lifestyle Electronics is the official distributor for Panasonic, BOSCH Home Appliances, Electrolux, Marshall and Bowers & Wilkins brand of products in the Maldives. M. Faamudheyrige, Orchid Magu, +960 301 0200,, REEFSIDE


ILAA aims to provide environmentally sound world quality products to the resorts of the Maldives to protect and preserve the delicate environment. The company provides renowned quality products for clean power, solid and liquid waste management and electric vehicles. Lot No: 10637, Zone: M2-24, Onugas Magu, Hulhumale’ 23000, +960 335 5751,,

Reefside Maldives is recognised as a leader in selling original watches and electronic products in Maldives. Reefside is the authorized service centre for LG, Sony, Bose and Nikon Electronic products in the Maldives and offers local and international after sales service guarantee. KKM Building, 03, Orchid Magu, P.O. Box 20189, +960 332 3545,, STATE TRADING ORGANIZATION (STO)


Established in 1995, Male’ Water and Sewerage Company is the pioneer organization in the Maldives to institute a water production and wastewater management system. MWSC has become a multi-disciplinary engineering and manufacturing organization, providing engineering solutions for integrated utilities. Fen Building, 5th Floor, Ameenee Magu, 20375, Male, +960 332 3209,, PLANKTON ENGINEERING

STO group, with its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, is a national leader in business. It also focuses on petroleum, cooking gas, construction materials, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronics, supermarket products and insurance. STO Head Office Building, Maafanu, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male', +960 334 4333,,

Event, Lighting, Sound

Plankton Engineering is one of the well-recognized names in the Maldives for designing, assembling, and supplying high quality panels. These include metering, generator control panels, high voltage panels, VFD Panles. The company builds and assembles electric panels in their workshop in accordance with industry quality standards. 1st Floor, H.Thonada, Janavaree Magu, 20045, +960 330 3678, info@,




Static Company Pvt Ltd's primary objectives are in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and water treatment. The company’s main activities include the design. contracting, supply of power generation and distribution of equipment, etc. M.Huraa, Fareedhee Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 331 0313, THE HAWKS

One of the leading fuel supply companies in the Maldives, the Hawks' services include fuel supply to inhabited islands, resorts, industrial and commercial projects, as well as sales and distribution of fuel related equipment. Bunkering services are provided both domestically and internationally to fishing vessels, ferries, safaris, cargo ships, cruise vessels, super and mega yachts. +960 334 0949, URBAN INVESTMENT

Urban Investment Pvt Ltd is a distinguished supplier of electrical home appliances and is also one of the leading resort suppliers. The company operates three shops in the capital, Male', having a variety of products ranging from electric kettles to air-conditioners and generators. Urban Investment Pvt Ltd, Neena, 2nd Flr, Keneeri Magu, Male’, +960 331 7019, VAMCO

VAMCO's vision is to create long lasting solutions that customers will appreciate. The company prides itself in creating customized packages (product solutions) for fishermen, cargo-vessels and for inter-island ferry operators as well as playing a role in bringing mobility to Maldivians. +960 332 1169, mv,

Electronics & Accessories ASTERS

Asters is a leading provider of high quality and affordable home and office furniture, electronic appliances, technology products and office supplies. Also supplies home, outdoor furniture, office furniture, IT solutions, stationery, office supplies and equipment. +960 3316464, 50

Hotel Insider

Azidon specialises in sound reinforcement, stage lighting and turn-key events and projects in Maldives. Azidon’s technical planning and process-oriented approach aims to deliver a flawless result that will impress. Azidon Pvt Ltd, H. Maafilaage, Ground Floor, Kaasinjee Magu, Malé, +960 330 0999,

DOAV makes it possible to monitor and manage equipment, building management systems, scheduling, security, lighting, shades, HVAC, and energy consumption in real-time, all from a single dashboard to maximize system uptime, optimize investments in people, technology, and spaces, and ensure a great user experience. Ground & 1st Floor, H. Fennaage, Buruzu Magu Male', 20054, Maldives, +960 3009600,, EVENT MALDIVES

EVENT MALDIVES is a team of young, creative and passionate professionals with extensive experience in events and entertainment. The objective is to make each and every event a unique experience. These include live shows, live events, ceremonies, exhibitions, product launch events and various other events. sales@,

Food & Beverages AIRSEAFOODS

AirSeaFoods is a hotel, resort, restaurant & supermarket supply company, specialised in all kind of food, delivered from anywhere in the world to your place and/or your business, at a fast reliable way, with the best possible prices in the market. M. Baaranaage Hulhangubai, Majeedhee Magu, Male, Maldives, +960 333 2889,, ARIES MALDIVES (PYRAMID)

Pyramid was founded three decades ago and is one of the leading distributor for fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) in Maldives. Currently the main lines of products are juices, coffee, teas, biscuits, pasta, baked beans, cooking chocolate, flour tortillas etc. Representing some of the finest international brands and committed to serve resort market in Maldives for more than 30 years. 1st Foor, STO Trade Centre, Orchid Magu, +960 3328658 BESTBUY MALDIVES (BBM)

Bestbuy Maldives (BBM), is a leading supplier to resorts, offering top brands and solutions. BBM is continuously evolving in line with the changing needs of its clients and is one of the most innovative supply operations in the Maldives.

Aagé 2nd Floor 02-02, 12 Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé , 20094. +960 332 0850, CITY INVESTMENTS

City Investments (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 2002, and deals in bakery products. It deals with some top F&B brands including Pregel Gelato and cocktail products from Italy, Darbo fruit jams from Austria, Fentimans soft drinks from England, Truchillo Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans from Italy and various other products. City Investments, Orchid Magu, Male, +960 799 0558,, CYPREA

Formed in 2014, Cyprea F.N.B Private Limited is a subsidiary company of the ‘Cyprea Group’. Having associated with reputed brands from many parts of the world it is an emergent supplier for a range of dry, frozen, beverage and specialty products to the local market and resort sector. ‘The Cyprea’, 66/17, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’, Maldives. +9603013032,  EURO MARKETING

Founded in August 1997, the main purpose of Euro Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is to deliver daily merchantable non-alcoholic beverages and other snacks to the rapidly growing tourism industry of the Maldives. Additionally, serving consumer grocery retailers as well as restaurants, hotels, resorts and other food service establishments. Ma, Favourite, Chandhanee Magu, K. Male', +960 332 0022, FANTASY STORE

Fantasy Pvt Ltd supplies food selected from international locales. Products include fruit, wine, meat, pastries, cereals and others. 1st Floor, M. Velaaluge, Fareedhee Magu, Male', +960 332 4668, HAPPY MARKET

Happy Market Trading Company Pvt Ltd (HMT) is a premium food and beverage importer & distributor operating in the Maldives. The company has exclusive distributorship of several world renowned F&B brands. M. Newplot, Ameenee Magu, Male`, +960 331 3523,,


United Food Suppliers (United) is one of the fastest growing businesses in the Maldives specialising in supply, storage and distribution of temperature controlled foods mainly geared towards the resort industry. United Food Suppliers, 5th Floor, M. Alia Building, Gandhakoalhi Magu, Male, +960 330 0777, VB BROTHERS

VB Brothers is one of the top FMCG distributors in the Maldives. The company has the ability of acquiring world's top brands such as Mars chocolates, Kellogg’s cornflakes, Johnson & Johnson products and Lo’real and Garnier products directly from their sources. VB Brothers Pvt Ltd, MF Building, 9th Floor, Chandhanee Magu, Male', Maldives, 960 330 3329,

Engineering & Marine AS MARINE MALDIVES

AS Marine Maldives, a joint venture between AS Marine Dubai and Coastline Investment Pvt Ltd offers a range of services from boat repairs to refurbishments of boats’ structure and systems, with a wide range of boat types and brands. AS Marine Maldives provides complete solutions from the drawing board to delivery. +960 799 8590, HASSAN MARINE

Established in 1999, with a service center specialising in repair, installation and maintenance of out-board engines, Hassan Marine is the exclusive distributor in the Maldives of Mercury Engines, Quicksilver Parts & Accessories, Attwood Marine Products, NGK Spark Plugs, Seafirst Steering Systems and many more. M. Kakolhas, Izzudheen Magu, Male', +960 300 7044,, MTCC


Lily Enterprises mainly focuses on handling and distributing several internationally renowned brands, as well as marketing and promoting them in the Maldives. Additionally, the company is recognised for its efforts in providing efficient service and effective marketing strategies. These have made it one of the leading authorised distributors for prominent international brands. Ahmadhee Bazaar, Male' 20182, +960 332 3236,

Maldives Transport & Contracting Company (MTCC) provides a diversified range of products and services, such as construction and project management services, logistical operations, modern transport services, engineering and docking services and an extensive range of reputed products. 7th Floor, MTCC Tower, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 332 6822, OFFSHORE


MADIHAA Company is a leading importer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Maldives. The company has diversified into other areas such as frozen products, confectioneries, household items and beauty products recently, becoming a shopping hub for the retailers throughout the Maldives. M. Dharavandhooge Uthuruge, First Floor, Lainoofaru Magu, 20223, Male’, +960 332 8827,, SEAGULL FOODS

Seagull Foods specialises in the import, wholesale and retail of food of the finest quality, in regards to fresh produce as well as processed food. Seagull Group also runs an agricultural and fisheries project on the island of Maafahi for fresh fish products and produce. G, Thundi, Ameenee Magu, Male' +960 334 3663, SIMDI RESU

SIMDI Resu is a leading supplier of restaurant and bar products such as the prestigious Sambonet and Matfer ranges. The company also supplies leading Italian coffee brands and automatic coffee machines. Established in 1988, SIMDI Resu has become one of the most successful and competitive suppliers of cost effective, state of the art, quality resort-ware. H. Casia, Kasinjee Magu, Male’ 20-044, +960 333 4483,, STANDARD AND ORIGIN (S&O)

Standard and Origin, (S & O) dedicates in the food & beverage suppliers through being the brand equity and innovation. Among the tourism industry of Maldives, by becoming the Exclusive distributor of worlds famous brands like KraftHeinz, Kimberly Clark Professional, Del Monte, Pasfrost, Mydibel, Etc. Standard & Origin Pvt Ltd H. Sifa, 5th Floor Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male', +960 301 5544

Offshore's main focus is on the design and construction of safari yachts, dive boats, ferries, 4th generation fishing vessels and speedboats. These include hi-tech high-speed crafts and cargo carriers as well. Additional services include designing sophisticated yachts and boats, project costing, stability reports, turnkey boat building, supervision of projects and inspection, and consultancy. sales@offshore. mv,

Furniture & Flooring ALLORA PAN HOME

Allora Pan Home is the sole distributor of a leading Asian furniture brand "SB" in the Maldives. Visit Allora's showroom to experience the many options available to make your home a place of comfort and style. SB products are reputed for their design, quality and value for money. Allora Pan Home, Hithaffinivaa Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 332 5105, DAMAS

Damas Pvt Ltd. provides a wide range of products and services including real estate development & management, logistics & moving services, IT services, food and beverages, construction and fabrication materials, and resort equiptment such as cutlery and crockery, hotel linen, cold room items & implements. +960 333 3000, EVO

EVO is dedicated to providing high quality, creative interior solutions to meet the needs in interior planning and designing. As exclusive distributor of Germany’s top brands such as Nolte Kitchens, Express Kitchens and Csshmal, Evo Home aims to offer clients the best of furniture technology in the Maldives. Hotel Insider






IT Solutions & Networking

Internet, Telecommunication, TV

Palm Glow provides hygiene and maintenance solutions while continuously reassessing the commitment to professional hygiene and maintenance, to ensure that the customers are always up to date with the latest in technology, and is always supported from inception throughout the relationship cycle. Ma. Uthuru Innaage, 5A, Nikagas Magu, 20164, Male', +960 300 9700,

Spectra PLC is an interior product supply and service provider, specialising in ceilings, laminate and wooden floors, window tints, carpets, rugs, wallpaper and many more such products. They have a wide range of experience designing everything from government buildings, education institutes, theater and convention centers, to bedrooms. Faamudheyrige, Maafannu, Orchid Magu, Male’, 20209, +960 333 0099,


Click Computers is a reputed IT company providing turnkey IT solutions. It offers the latest IT solutions to multinationals, government agencies, private sector parties including hotels and resorts. The company deals with major brands including Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, Apple and Asus among others. M. Borneo, Male', +960 334 2002, COMPUTER PLUS

Computer Plus Pvt. Ltd is a leading vendor of computer products & services in the Maldives. It aims to provide a comprehensive and wide range of services and products to fulfill the requirements of the information technology sector from system design, procurement, and installation to maintenance of computer hardware as well as providing regular and custom software. M.Send Rose, Iskandharu Magu, Male', +960 333 4862, DHIVEHI VIUGA

Dhivehi Viuga (DV) is a network infrastructure solution provider that offers stateof-the-art service through a mixed team of local and foreign professionals with the mission of delivering unparalleled service and support to both the Maldivian and international markets. H. Soanary, 5th Floor, Boduthakurufaamu Magu, 20026 Male’, +960 334 4652, ETALK

Etalk Pvt Ltd provides customers with a unique range of products and services that are fully customisable and suited to homes, local businesses, offices, shops and the hospitality industry. The company designs, installs and services surveillance systems, access control systems, networks, business automation. Husnuheena Magu, 2002 Male', +960 3329132, LINK SERVE

RoseWare Corporation Pvt Ltd was established with the objective of providing bestof-breed IT solutions for small and midsize businesses, with skills, resources, and expertise to give clients a recognizable edge while opening up a world of powerful resources. Ma. South Shine, Chandhenee Magu, Male', +960 330 8554,

Serving since 2010, Systems Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an international software development and consulting company. Services provided by the company include IT consultancy, software development, offshore development, outsourcing services, ERP implementations, Content Management Systems (CMS), mobile application development and web development. M. Alia Building, 7th Floor, Gandhakoalhi Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 301 1355,


Dhiraagu is one of the largest telecommunications operator in the country offering total solutions and a comprehensive range of mobile, internet, data and fixed line services throughout the Maldives. With nearly three decades of excellence and a proven record of success, we provide mobile, enterprise and fixed broadband services. Dhiraagu Head Office, Ameenee Magu, P.O. Box 2082, 20403 Male, +960 332 2802, MEDIANET

Medianet is one of the largest pay-tv broadcasters in the Maldives with over 30,000 subscribers. The company has an ever-increasing client base and content. Medianet has acquired the license and rights to the best available contents for this region, and offers impressive packages separately for the hotels and resorts in the Maldives. Medianet Pvt Ltd, H.Sisil Hiya (Second Floor), Majeedhi Magu, 20071, Male', +960 332 0800, OOREDOO

Ooredoo Maldives provides an extensive range of innovative voice, data and high speed broadband internet services tailored to the growing needs of today’s consumers and businesses. Ooredoo's services include fixed & wireless broadband internet, total resort solutions, mobile money services, and smart solutions. Ooredoo made history by launching the first ever and fastest 3G & 4G networks in the Maldives. H. Sunleet, 5th Floor PO Box 2196 Boduthakurufaanu Magu Male', +960 961 1000,,

Logistics & Transportation ASIA FORWARDING

Link Serve Pvt Ltd is the one-stop shop for IT and security requirements. It handles installation & maintenance of CCTV systems, door phone systems, Local Area Networking, PABX Systems, access control systems, time & attendance systems, motion detectors, fire extinguishers, installation solar power systems, installation of alarm systems. Link Serve brings Maldives closer to the growing innovations and technological advances in the world today. +960 300 3000,

Asia Forwarding is intimately acquainted with the carriers in all trade lanes so that they can direct your cargo in the most suitable way, whether your goal is to minimize freight costs, obtain the best packing, storage and warehousing, or meet seemingly ‘impossible’ deadlines. Asia Forwarding is a didicated team of professionals attending to your needs in a professional manner. +960 334 3041,



Maxcom Technologies was established in 2005 and is now one of the foremost IT hardware and IT solution centres in the Maldives. It also distributes the brand Dell and offers a variety of products and services such as storage and networking, tablets and laptops. Apart from providing IT equipment, the company also repairs and services computer systems. H. Fuhkafa, Sosun Magu, Male', +960 333 0034,

Centurion PLC's operations revolve around shipping, freight management, warehousing, distribution, logistics management, ship ownership & management, protection & indemnity. Providing reliable and effective transport solutions to the shipping and airline industry, specializing in the delivery of cargo to any location within Maldives. The company operates from three locations in the Maldives, covering the nothern and southern ports. Faamudheyrige, Orchid Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 333 8530,,



Established in 2008, Personal Computers is one of the most reputed names in the IT sector of the Maldives. With two outlets in key areas of Male’ and a dedicated service center, the company provides a comprehensive range of technology solutions that enhance the IT experience of their customers. Personal Computers ensure that the products are 100% genuine and meet the expected quality standards. For inquiries call +960 3003033,, 52

Hotel Insider

Leo Trading Pvt. Ltd. started its operation in the early 2000s. The key expert areas of the company include leasing of heavy construction equipment, shipment clearance, cargo clearance, discharging shipments, excavating, back filing & compacting, and constructing underwater pipelines and sewerage systems. Leo Trading Pvt. Ltd, M. Three & One, Haveeree Hingun, Male', Maldives,, +960 300 6638





Established in 2012, Litus Maldives Pvt Ltd is a project logistics management company delivering cost-effective solutions throughout the Maldives. The company develops comprehensive project logistics and construction materials and resort supply service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. M. Manaaziruge, Majeedheemagu, 20305, Male’, +960 300 3999,,

Global Fire Services Pvt Ltd is dedicated to protecting lives, properties and the environment from the perils of fire. With highly qualified professionals, latest technologies and years of experience, the company uses modern fire prevention methods and progressive public safety education for the benefit of the community. M. Kadhuruma, Fandiyaaru Magu, Male’, Maldives, +960 301 6616,,

Total Transport Solutions is one of the leading shipping, freight forwarding & logistics service providers in the Maldives. They offer a range of products and services varying from liner agencies, feeder operations, airline GSA, vessel husbanding and project cargo logistics. 7th Floor, Ma. Maadheli, Majeedhee Magu, Male', +960 301 1888,

PestEX Maldives is engaged in importing and distributing pest control products to both domestic and corporate clients. Additionally PestEX Maldives is a trusted pest management service provider of many corporate bodies such as resorts, restaurants, safari boats, commercial and industrial sites etc. PestEX Building, Neeloafaru Magu, Galolhu, 333 8009,

Office Supply & Printing Services


Pesterminators Pvt. Ltd. is not just another pest control company that sells chemicals. Pesterminators is a unique concept developed by Agro Services with the motive of being the one-stop-shop for all pest control requirements. +960 334 2930,


Asrafee Bookshop was established in 1976. Since then the company has earned a reputation for offering a wide range of products from stationery, educational materials, books, art supplies and so on. Asrafee Bookshop, Chaandhanee Magu, Male', +960 332 3424, CHANDLIER

Chandelier Company Pvt Ltd is a stationery and office equipment supplier in the Maldives. The company deals with government offices, schools, banks, organizations, hotels and resorts as well as the private sector. +960 332 7858,


Saviours Pvt. Ltd. is a customer oriented company, intending to serve the market need for a professional and customer focused security and safety solution provider. The company emphasises services and support, as well as offers a wide range of quality products which are innovative, state-of-the-art and price competitive. +960 799 9966,

Travel Agent & Tour Operator


Copier plus Pvt. Ltd. was established with the focus of providing a total office automation solution to the Maldives. With Toshiba tech on board, Copier Plus was launched in 2004 with a showroom and a service center. In 2008, the company added Brother International’s merchandise to its product line. H. Kuredimaage, Majeedhee Magu, Male', 960 331 2121,,




M7 Print Pvt Ltd. was established in December 2007. The company's products and services include offset printing and production of eco-friendly paper shopping bags and other products and solutions. It is one of the largest printers in the country proving retail and wholesale services across all the economic sectors. M7 Print, Ameeneemagu, Male', 20033, +960 330 7787,, NOVELTY PRINTERS & PUBLISHERS

Novelty Printers & Publishers Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1965 by Mr. Ali Hussain as a home business. From manual stencil to letterpress to offset printing, the company today is one of the nation's largest and leading providers of printing, publishing and related services. M. Utility, Male, 20340, +960 331 8844,,

Ace Travels Maldives provides both inbound and outbound tours in the Maldives. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of Aitken Spence Travels Pvt Ltd. Aitken Spence Travels is a joint venture between Aitken Spence PLC and TUI Travel PLC. Ace Travels Maldives, H. East Light, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male', +960 3338026,

Canopus Maldives offers a range of services to clients, including destination management through Aqua Sun, which offers complete solutions to inbound services to the Maldives. Moreover it supplies award-winning Atomix and AlMakreb brand speedboats through Surpass, who also supplies Italian coffee and coffee makers for homes, restaurants and offices. +960 332 1079, CAPITAL TRAVEL & TOURS

Capital Group is a network of companies owned and managed by the principle company Capital Travel & Tours Private Limited, established in 1991. The company's primary actvity initially was to operate as an in-bound travel agent in the Maldives. Today, Capital Travel has well over 500 partners around the world. M. Banff Villa, 4th Floor, Majeedhee Magu, Male’, +960 331 5089, capital@,


Procure Plus supplies office stationery, including printers, printer toner & cartridges, and computer accessories, tea room facilities, cleaning appliances and document solutions at competitive prices. Penton Villa, Male', +960 332 6220,,

Safety and Security ANTIFIRE

Antifire Maldives deals with various safety products including fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire hose reel systems, dry riser systems, hydrant systems and automatic fire suppression systems. The company works with clients to plan and design fire safety and security equipments and systems that are highly relaible, dependable, safe, affordable and environment friendly. G. Graces, Male', +960 331 0322,,


Splendid Asia is a tour operator based in the Maldives. The company offers tours of the Maldives' beautiful beaches and divespots while offering a range of activities and sports. Splendid Asia is dedicated in promoting the cultural and natural treasures of the Maldives. G. Kasthoorige, Male', +960 331 2460,, SUNLAND TRAVEL

With more than 30 years of experience in holiday operating, Sunland Group diversified to Sunland Journeys in 2014. Sunland was established in 1988 and its travel arm arranges personalised journeys for travellers via Singapore Airlines. The company is focussed on using its knowledge to ensure that their travellers get the best deals, hotels and guidance. H. Moonlit Villa, 1st Floor, Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, Male, +960 331 0031,, Hotel Insider



Established in 1980, Voyages Maldives is one of the leading travel and tour companies in the Maldives. Voyages has over 30 years of invaluable experience in the industry and is labelled as one of the largest companies of its kind. Voyages offers a wide range of exclusive services to travelers from around the globe. M. Narugis, Chaandhanee Magu, Male', +960 332 2019,,

Wellness COSMERC

Cosmerc Maldives Pvt Ltd is a company with several years of experience. The company's collection features a wide range of organic shampoos, shower gels, body lotions and other cosmetic and beauty products. Cosmerc supplies room amenities to over 45 resorts and offers very competitive prices. M. Naka, Jambu Magu, Male', Maldives, +960 991 5588,, DUNIYE SPA

Duniye Spa, a leading spa-wellness management & consultancy company in the Maldives, was founded in 2002 by a group of international hotel owners with the vision to provide a special place for holistic well-being and world class spa treatments. Duniye Spa, Champa Building, 3rd floor, 20187 Male', Republic of Maldives, T. +960 664 3157, MEDICAL SWISS BEAUTY

Medicsl Swiss Beauty allows customers to unwind and enjoy the benefits of beauty treatments in a centre devoted exclusively to health & rejuvenation. H. Starlit Villa (Ground Floor), Abadhah Fehi Magu, Male', +960 797 500 SERENA SPA

Serena Spa: a haven of peace & tranquility set against the ambience of natural beauty, for those who wish to relax, restore and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Operating in 9 locations in the Maldives, Serena Spa's boutique offers an eclectic selection of spa products, including incense, massage oils, bath blitzes, burners and more. Serena Spa Pvt Ltd, M. West End, Male', Maldives, +960 331 3866,


Hotel Insider

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Hotel Insider - Maldives (Issue No.5)  

Bi-monthly magazine for hospitality professionals in the Maldives.

Hotel Insider - Maldives (Issue No.5)  

Bi-monthly magazine for hospitality professionals in the Maldives.