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Smoking Cessation Do you use tobacco? We are here to help you quit. Are you ready?

Why is quitting important? ● Heart and lung disease as well as cancer are directly associated with tobacco and smoking ● Smoking directly affects bone mineral density, which in turn increases your risk of hip and wrist fractures ● Smoking also adversely affects your spinal disc health which can lead to neck and low back pain ● Tobacco use not only impedes bone healing, but can interfere with your body’s ability to heal

What Are Your Tobacco Triggers? Social Acceptance (Peer pressure) Social Situations Alcohol Consumption Depression Anxiety Stress Anger

What Can You Do In These Situations To Avoid Using Tobacco?

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Surround yourself with others (friends, family, co-workers) who do not use tobacco

Ask friends for support in your efforts to be tobacco free

Choose a tobacco free environment to socialize in

Involve yourself in another activity to divert your attention away from tobacco use – exercise, music, walking, phone a friend Seek support from a professional or group involved in tobacco use cessation Use aids (medication, gum, patch) to assist in quitting with guidance from your physician Keep a diary/log of when and why you use tobacco to recognize the triggers and pattern of behavior

Set a goal and develop a plan to reach your goal


Plan For Quitting:

1. Set a quit date:




2. Seek help

Call NYS Hotline @ (866) 697-8487

Call National Quit line @ (800)784-8669

Call your Primary Care Doctor

Contact local support group

3. Make your surroundings tobacco free—home and car and avoid second hand smoke. 4. Request medication or other cessation aids to help you quit under the guidance of your physician. 5. Enlist a close friend or family member to help you reach your goal

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Smoking Cessation for Healing  

Discusses the importance of stopping smoking before surgery to promote faster healing