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2 MAY 2023 HOUSTON METRO EDITION Chronic Pain & Anxiety? Call Today for a FREE Consultation 713-369-0946 Premium Lab Tested Kratom and CBD Kratom Teas & Botanicals Read this month’s articles for clues. Across 1 Vegetable that is recommended to support hormonal, thyroid and adrenal systems 4 Rodeo horse 9 Skin condition which can be triggered by stress 10 Ill at ease 12 Small floor cover 13 Colored eye part 14 Organic, water soluble compound that impacts liver function, brain development, muscle movement, the nervous system and metabolism 17 Sweetie pie 18 Web address ending 19 Leave out 21 Bottom of a river 23 Time from seed 25 Innovative 26 It’s a long story 28 Fish rich in omega-3 fats which is great for skin health 31 One who treats people’s health problems with fine needles 33 Granola-like breakfast food 34 Exhausts, 2 words Down 1 One of the body’s key hormones 2 Durable 3 Solid as a ___ 5 Cause 6 Science studying the relationship between the human genome, human nutrition and health 7 Gas used in treatments that can help nourish skin cells and decrease inflammation 8 Mind-body exercise which is slow and gentle and can help with many health problems, 2 words 11 Natural source of vitamin D 15 Extremely spicy 16 Stress relieving exercise program 20 “__ , myself and I” Beyonce 22 Place to relax at home 23 Prosecutor, abbr. 24 Symbols of impending trouble HEALTHY EXOTIC HERBAL TEAS 20 % Discount on EVERYTHING! Use Code: NAHTX Answers in our Digital Magazine. Text NAHTX to 66866.


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Greetings from our little cabin in the woods! April has been a busy month and May promises to be even busier. As publishers, we get to read the articles before you do, and every month there is at least one that really hits home. Our Inspiration department for May is “The Divine Messiness of Motherhood,” and while we don’t have children at home that need to be taken to soccer games and helped with their homework, both Cindy and I can relate to having a lot on our many plates.

Just knowing that it’s ok to not be totally ok is a relief. Life is busy and complicated, and there is no way that any of us can do everything that we need to do and do all of it well. There is no way we can be perfect people, but we can be the best be are able. It starts with being good to ourselves, with realizing that it’s ok to not get everything done and celebrating the couple of things we did really well, including a few minor routine adjustments that renew our sanity and energy.

So, here’s hoping that you have a good month and find a few new ways to be good to yourself.

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Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church will conduct a Guided Prayer Walk in the Park from 9 to 11 a.m., May 13, in Hermann Park. They say, “Connect with God as revealed through creation at Hermann Park in this guided prayer walk in the park, using the park’s beautiful natural setting to stimulate prayer and reflection. Deepen your Christian spiritual practice with a guided prayer walk in the park!”

At each stop along the walk, there will be a theme, an accompanying Bible verse and reflection questions to ponder. All attendees will receive materials on the prayer walk to take home and use again in the future. This event is for a small group and advance registration is required. Specific meeting location in the park will be sent to all registrants several days prior to the event.

Inspiring Walk in the Park

Location: 1700 Hermann Dr., Houston. Register at For more information, email Lisa Brenskelle at

Yoga on the Lawn

Union Studio Yoga presents complimentary 60-minute all-levels outdoor yoga classes at 9 a.m. Saturdays on the Yoga Lawn at the M-K-T shopping mall, weather permitting, sponsored by Central City Co-Op. There will be samples of tasty seasonal and local produce.

Admission is free. Location: 600 N. Shepherd Dr., Houston. For more information, visit UnionStudio. yoga.

The nonprofit Women’s Fund for Health Education and Resiliency will present their eighth annual Wine Dinner from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., May 10, at Tony’s Italian Restaurant. The Women’s Fund provides Houston area women and girls with the tools needed to be advocates for their health. Proceeds support programs, classes, workshops, lectures and publications focused on physical, mental, financial, emotional, health and wellness.

Event co-chairs Elaine Turner and Misti Pace-Krahl will welcome guests while honoring Philamena and Arthur Baird. Famed Houston restauranteur Donna Vallone and Executive Chef Kate McLean will guide guests through an exquisite four-course meal with wine pairings. The evening will also include a special concert by theDivisi Strings, Amp’d Quartet and a silent and live auction.

The Women’s Fund invites everyone to an extraordinary evening of outstanding entertainment, fine dining and wine to support the organization’s mission to help more adolescent girls and women lead happier, healthier, and more resilient lives.

Location: 3755 Richmond Ave., Houston. For more information, visit

Women’s Fund Dinner

Live, Every Tuesday in June at 7pm CDT

This series provides a blueprint on being “


A Day of Tapping Into Oneness

The Helen Rucz is presenting a Day of Tapping Into Oneness at the Unity of Houston Church Pyramid from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., June 3. This is a spiritual experience, not a class or a workshop. Participants will be guided to expand their spiritual connection and bring the consciousness of oneness into their everyday life.

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), the group will activate their energy to reach heights of awareness and connection that have been forgotten, difficult to access or sustain alone. Bring visions, hopes, dreams, doubts and stuckness. All are welcome. Eat lightly, hydrate and bring a notebook to record insights and direction. There will be a 90-minute lunch break.

Location: 2929 Unity Dr., Houston. For cost and more information, call 713-7824050 or visit

Keep hope alive!

Alan Christianson, NMD Increase Metabolism in 28
Eric Plasker, DC The 100 Year Lifestyle
Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS Overcoming the Men’s Health Crisis


Men’s Wellness Series

Join Natural Awakenings and KnoWEwell for a life-changing series entitled The Healthy Man each Tuesday in June at 7 p.m. CDT.


n Lifestyle choices that add years to a man’s life and life to his years

n Tips to maintain youthful energy, a desired weight and a healthy libido

n Strategies for optimal eye health

n Good posture techniques for peak human performance and pain-free aging

n Habits that create resilient kids and a lasting legacy


n Ben Greenfield, human performance consultant and author of 17 books including Boundless Parenting

n Dr. Eric Plasker, chiropractor and author of The 100 Year Lifestyle

n Dr. Tracy Gapin, board-certified urologist and author of Male 2.0 and Codes of Longevity

n Dr. Krista Burns, chiropractor, founder of the American Posture Institute and author of The Posture Principles

n Christopher Smith, co-founder of Family Brand and the Campfire Effect, creating leaders at home and in business

n Dr. Bryce Appelbaum, board-certified optometrist and pioneer in neuro-optometry

n Dr. Tarin Forbes, board-certified integrative doctor specializing in anti-aging and metabolic medicine

n Dr. Alan Christianson, naturopathic endocrinologist specializing in thyroid disease and author of The Metabolism Reset Diet and The Thyroid Reset Diet

Admission is $59, which includes all Tuesday evening sessions and a one-year membership to KnoWEwell. To learn more and register, visit or scan the QR Code.

special event

Seniors Avoid the Hospital With Nature

New research has found that exposure to natural environments may reduce the risk of hospitalization for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and Parkinson’s disease. The cohort study included approximately 62 million Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 years or older that lived in the contiguous United States from 2000 to 2016. Researchers looked at ZIP-Code-level greenness, percentages of park cover and blue space (water) cover, as well as hospitalizations. They found that exposure to greenness, park cover and blue space cover reduced hospitalizations for patients with Parkinson’s. Greenness—but not park or blue space cover—was associated with a lower risk of hospitalization due to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Light Therapy for Autoimmune Symptoms

Fatigue is often reported as the most disabling symptom for people with autoimmune disorders, significantly impairing their physical, mental and social quality of life. Autoimmune researchers in Denmark, noting previous studies wherein bright light therapy significantly reduced fatigue related to traumatic brain injury and cancer, devised a study involving multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. The study was conducted as a randomized, sham-controlled trial of 26 people with MS that reported a Fatigue Severity Scale (FSS) score greater than 36. Participants received either bright light therapy or a dim red light sham intervention for 30 minutes each morning for two weeks. The bright light therapy decreased FSS scores over the course of the study. However, this benefit occurred in the sham control group as well, highlighting the need for more research on the effects of light therapy on fatigue.

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Using Algae for Industrial Carbon Capture, Food, Fuel and Plastic

HOUSTON METRO Chiropractic Guide

Core Chiropractic

Drs.Natalie & Philip Cordova, DC

1770 St. James Place, #210

Houston 77056


Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Honda is experimenting with the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii class of algae they have nicknamed “Dreamo”, which can eat twice its weight in carbon dioxide in three to five days, depending on the time of year. Developers are growing Dreamo on the roof of a car factory in Tochigi, Japan, where it can absorb CO2 emissions from manufacturing. It has been genetically modified to grow hardier and five times faster than ordinary microalgae, allowing the growth solution to last months instead of weeks.

The development team is also exploring additional uses for Dreamo. After serving its pollution-fighting role, the algae can be harvested, dried and turned into food, fuel or plastic. Depending upon the amount of nitrogen applied to the algae, its cellular composition can be modified to be either predominantly carbohydrate- or protein-based. When the algae is mostly protein, an enzyme can be added to easily extract the starch to be used as food or as a raw material in animal food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. When the algae is mostly carbohydrate, it can be extracted as glucose and ethanol to be converted into plastic resin or jet fuel.

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, DC

8100 Washington Ave, #210

Houston 77007


HealthPro Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Dr. Alayna E. Pagnani-Gendron, DC

4101 Green Briar Dr. #135

Houston 77098


Franson Chiropractic

Dr. Brett V. Franson, DC

1652 South Dairy Ashford Rd.

Houston 77077


Chronic Pain & Anxiety? Call Today for a FREE Consultation 713-369-0946 Premium Lab Tested Kratom and CBD Kratom Teas & Botanicals

Earth-Friendly Delights for Mom

This year, consider putting an ecological spin on Mother’s Day by showering her with gifts that honor Mother Earth. Here are some sustainable gifting ideas.

Flower Power

Lavish her with an eco-friendly bouquet. Conventional blooms that are flown in from South America can be riddled with fungicides, carcinogen-laden floral foams, sheens and other hazardous chemicals, not to mention the huge carbon footprint required to bring them here. Locally grown, organic flowers at farmers markets, sustainable florists and small-business greenhouses are produced with fewer or no chemicals, support pollinators and require no jet fuel to get to mom’s doorstep.

Choice Chocolates

Satisfy mama’s sweet tooth with organic, fair-trade chocolate that helps cocoa farmers earn a living wage and does not promote deforestation. Opting to buy ethical chocolate prevents child and slave labor and provides women equal pay as well as opportunities to own a business. Look for certified, fair-trade labels as well as non-GMO and organic certifications.

Bling Blessings

Adorn her with ethically sourced and sustainable jewelry created from recycled precious metals, Fairmined Ecological gold and conflict-free gemstones. Beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations can be found at local artisan fairs or online from eco-conscious jewelers. Look for sellers with sustainable jewelry certifications and those that use recycled, upcycled or reclaimed materials.

Climate Café

Fill her cup with bird-friendly, shade-grown, fair-trade coffees and teas that offer a healthier caffeine fix while protecting bird populations and canopy cover. Choosing products labeled Rainforest Alliance Certified or Bird Friendly helps to ensure the habitat for 40 species of migratory songbirds that winter in plantations.

Local Luxuries

There are so many ways to support the local economy while treating mom to an unforgettable experience that makes her feel extra-special. Give her a gift certificate for a massage, aromatherapy session or makeover at an organic salon. Treat her to a fabulous dinner at a vegan restaurant. Subscribe her to receive a monthly produce box from a community-supported agriculture outlet. Pack a healthy picnic and spend the afternoon together at the park. Create a gift basket of goods made by local artisans, including beeswax candles, pottery or body treats like handmade soaps and lotions.

11 eco tip

A More Convenient Form of Health Care

Holistic Integrative Health is a new telemedicine practice that aims to treat chronic disease by treating the root cause. Founder John D. Gonzalez, DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC, ANP-C, holds a doctoral degree in nursing, is a licensed and certified adult nurse practitioner, acute care nurse practitioner and certified Integrative nutrition health coach.

He explains, “I founded the business in 2022 because I have witnessed the limits of traditional, allopathic medicine personally and professionally. I was disappointed with seeing the progression of chronic disease and decided there has to be a different way. I found functional medicine and realized that I could do something to help myself and the community, therefore I found this business to do help people maintain and regain their health.”

Gonzalez provides the evaluation and management of chronic health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, high cholesterol and others. “I provide health coaching and nutrition counseling in addition I offer visits for HIV prep prescription and monitoring,” he advises.

As a telemedicine practice, Holistic Integrative Health offers home visits as an option and limited weekend and evening hours. Gonzalez says, “I do my own health coaching and nutrition counseling, so patients are speaking with a licensed provider, not simply a nutritionist. It is commonplace that NPs, physicians, etc. do not do their own health coaching or nutrition counseling. Labs can be done in their home in most instances.” His most pressing task now is to get the word out about his unique professional services.

Holistic Integrative Health is located at 820 S. MacArthur Blvd., Ste, 105-119, in Coppel. For more information, call 469-312-0355, email or visit

Esoteric Healing in Houston

Soufiane Sattva, an intuitive energy healer specializing in energy cleansing, chakra balancing and alignment, crystal body layouts, reiki and tuning forks, is the owner of Wind and Water Healing Currents. He is a certified crystal healer in the Hibiscus Moon method, sound healer, reiki practitioner shamanic intuitive guidance practitioner.

After realizing his gifts, Sattva began studying with many teachers to understand their methods of healing. He says, “After a year of seeking and learning under many accomplished healers, I was ready to start my own practice. I look forward to expanding into a healing facility with multiple modalities in the future.”

He provides a unique “sattva session”, a combination of reiki, crystal body layouts and sound healing to return participants to their true self and divine essence. “We begin the session with the client standing in a large Tibetan bowl, and as I ring this bowl I ring another large bowl around their energy field and end with a Tibetan bowl on their heart chakra.” Explains Sattva. “We then move to the massage table, where I test the spin of each chakra and intuitively lay a crystal on each chakra. I follow this with reiki over each chakra and further integrate the work with a sound bath to remove any stuck energy.” He advises, “I listen and allow people to express themselves without the fear of judgement. I hold space for others in a safe place.

In addition to daily private sessions and facilitating events in town Sattva will conduct sound meditations in Beltane on May 1; a gong activation on May 5, a lunar eclipse and full moon men’s circle with Bhavin Misra and John Marshall on May 16, a sound bath and embodiment with Kristina Woods on May 22, a celebration of the International Day of Yoga and summer solstice an June 21.

Wind and Water Healing Currents is located at 7951 Katy Fwy., Ste. N, in Houston. For more information, call 713-9930550 or visit

12 MAY 2023 HOUSTON METRO EDITION business spotlights

Calling All Babies

Kelli Washington and Tychia Beaty founded nonprofit Maternity Journey in 2018 as an organization dedicated to improving the narrative surrounding prenatal and postpartum experiences in limited-resource communities. Washington says, “Our experiences supporting families in all walks of birth and postpartum and witnessing first-hand the pregnancy and parenting disparities that breed the Black maternal mortality and morbidity crisis we face today drove us to a mission of providing free maternity support and resources to communities in Houston.”

They believe that families should not have to scramble for funds or resources during such a sensitive and sacred time in their life. Maternity Journey programs ensure that young, firsttime, single mothers are granted adequate support throughout their maternity journey to truly shift the narrative.

Their Kenzie Keeper Program (KKP) was created to provide doula support The Get&Give program ensures the needs of families are met so they can provide children with the

materials they need to thrive. Support circles for expecting and experienced moms and dads offer holistic support for their emotional and educational needs. The birth collective, the heart of the organization, comprises six birth doulas and educators.

Washington has always been infatuated with pregnancy and babies. “As a child, my favorite shows were A Baby Story, I didn’t know I was Pregnant and 16 and Pregnant,” she I was amazed at how our bodies can grow little humans and feed them and raise them. I knew that when I grew up, my profession would be in the field of birth and babies!”

Maternity Journey is located at 6250 Westpark Dr., Ste. 305, Houston. For more information, call 832-521-8207, email or visit

community spotlight Are you overweight? Do you suffer from hypertension or diabetes? Treat the Cause! Call or visit our website for more information or to make an appointment
Mary Washington,
Reversing Medical Disease Clinic 2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941
MD Kidney Specialist (aka RapperMD)



Medicine is changing as a new class of doctors endeavors to treat the whole person rather than the symptoms of disease, helping their patients achieve optimal health with lifestyle changes, medicine, herbs, supplements and modalities tailored to the individual. No longer reaching for a prescription pad as often, these functional and integrative physicians are spending an average of 45 minutes per office visit. Using their sleuthing skills and innovative skillsets, they ask probing questions about a patient’s current lifestyle and history, pinpoint the root cause of a problem and craft customized solutions.

To help someone manage stress, a functional or integrative doctor may suggest a daily dose of herbal tea, nightly entries in a gratitude journal, a visualization practice, brisk walks, gardening, art therapy, mindful meditation, a nutrient-rich diet that reduces food allergies, yoga poses and regular sessions of qigong or tai chi. Armed with an extensive list of better-for-you choices than addictive, prescription sleeping pills or tranquilizers, indi-

viduals are empowered to improve their health and eliminate stress. Studies suggest that 75 to 90 percent of illnesses are stress related. Getting to the root cause before it escalates into cardiovascular disease, depression or diabetes is what curious and compassionate doctors do.

“Because sleep is a great resolution to almost anything, it’s one of the first things I consider,” says Carrie Jones, a functional and naturopathic doctor in Portland, Oregon. “Stress can be physiological, caused by parasites, viruses, bacteria and toxins, as well as blood sugar imbalances. Not getting enough sleep, or poor sleep, is stressful to the body, which is on alert all the time.”

According to Jones, finding ways to coax the body into feeling safe can help people relieve stress and get a good night’s sleep. “People rarely realize that basic things such as joy, play, laughter and a community of supportive people have anything to do with feeling safe enough to sleep deeply. It’s why I inquire about those things,” she explains.


Tips for Sounder Slumber

n Turn the thermostat down in the bedroom. A cool temperature combats insomnia.

n Snuggle under a weighted blanket. The gentle pressure signals the autonomic nervous system to go into rest mode.

n Install blackout shades. Light decreases melatonin, the sleep hormone.

n Avoid alcohol before bed, as it can disrupt the sleep cycle.

n Stop using electronics, including social media, television and phones, two hours before getting under the covers. The blue light emitted by screens restrains the production of melatonin.

Connecting and spending quality social time with friends helps to alleviate stress. Anna Cabeca, a triple board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, advises, “Every day, stress causes the stress hormone cortisol to go up and oxytocin, the connecting hormone, to go down, lessening the desire to connect. It’s a double whammy for women in perimenopause and menopause, because hormones are declining, and stress overloads the already overtaxed endocrine system.”

Rebecca Hunton, personalized medicine doctor and founder of Radiantly Healthy MD, in Melbourne, Florida, coaches her patients to modify unhelpful habits. “I’m always looking for that one thing that patients can easily change. Sometimes it’s teaching them the difference between stress resilience and stress avoidance. A stress avoidance activity is spending two hours playing a game on your phone that leaves you beating yourself up and feeling like, ‘Why did I waste all that time?’ If, on the other hand, an activity leaves you feeling energized and wanting to tackle the other things on your to-do list, you just did a stress resilience activity,” says Hunton.

Stress Resilience Activities

n Meditation

n Prayer

n Chanting a mantra

n Expressing

creativity, such as cooking or painting

Carol Penn is a dual board-certified physician and movement coach in New Jersey. While observing her 87-year-old father practicing qigong, a form of meditation in motion, she had an epiphany and saw a powerful life lesson occurring before her eyes. “Moving with strength and grace through his practice so close to the end of his life, it occurred to me that he was role-modeling what it would be like for me to be kind to my future self. I teach my patients from this perspective, visualizing their future selves full of health, vitality, wonder and awe,” says the author of Meditation in a Time of Madness

Qigong has psychological and physical components, regulating the mind, body movement, breath and posture. “It balances and calms the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems so that you feel less stress upon completion of the practice. Movements are designed to build longevity on a cellular level,” Penn explains.

According to Lorraine Maita, a board-certified functional and integrative doctor in New Jersey, “The body sends out hormonal fight-or-flight signals when it’s distressed. In the initial stages, there’s a release of adrenaline, followed by cortisol, keeping your body on high alert. To most people, stress is just worry, and they’re thinking they’re handling it, but stress can be like a viral program running in the background all the time. It’s still there whether you’re reacting to it or not, whether you’re stuffing it under the surface or not. It’s why you go to therapy with mental stress, or why you need someone to talk to for processing it.”

Maita is a proponent of alternative modalities that help people modulate the stress response. “I recommend HeartMath to my patients, which is self-regulation technology based on more than 32 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, resilience and the interactions between the heart and brain,” says the author of Vibrance for Life: How to Live Younger and Healthier.

Jaquel Patterson, a naturopathic physician and medical director of Fairfield Family Health, in Connecticut, might determine if

Make the short drive to Rosenberg or shop online All Things Organic Boutique Soaps, Lotions, Bath Salts & Hair Care Want to pursue a more mindful lifestyle but don’t know where to begin?
Basulto, owner
- Health and Wellness Coach

her patient is suffering from chronic stress by testing their saliva for cortisol levels in the morning and evening. Noting that her favorite teas for sleep and relaxation are chamomile and passionflower, she explains that passionflower is for someone that can’t fall asleep because there’s a radio playing in their head. “For dealing with stress, I like adaptogens, such as Siberian ginseng, rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha, holy basil and L-theanine. The stress response requires a lot of B vitamins, along with magnesium and vitamin C,” she says.

Citing Hal Elrod’s book The Miracle Morning, Patterson recommends starting every day with a set of stress-relieving rituals Elrod calls “Life S.A.V.E.R.S.” She explains, “S is for silence, like meditation. A is for affirmations. V is for visualization, so you can visualize how your day is going to be. E is for exercise. R is for reading, and S is for scribing, writing things in a journal.”

Pointing out the differences between stress and anxiety, Patterson notes that anxiety is a continual rumination of thoughts, second-guessing and overthinking. Anxiety can cause stress, but stress can occur without anxiety. People with high anxiety sometimes have heart palpitations. Some stress is good for us. Without any stressors, Patterson cautions, we are unmotivated, lethargic and lacking in enthusiasm.

Technological Solutions to Quiet the Anxious Mind

n Reflect Orb: This handheld biofeedback device can help an individual self-monitor their body’s physiology and learn to control the involuntary body-mind connection.

n Meditation apps: Insight Timer, Calm and similar apps offer guided meditations, relaxing music videos and meditation instruction for newbies and experienced practitioners.

n YouTube videos: Look for musical compositions with energy frequencies and binaural beats that encourage relaxation, promote positivity and decrease anxiety.

Linda Sechrist has been a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings publications for almost 20 years.

marilyn barbone/
Airway and Sleep Apnea
General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry and more. Westchase Dentist 10260 Westheimer Rd 500 Houston, TX 77042 713-789-9800 wd WESTCHASE DENTIST Dr. Anne Chee Visit our website or call for an appointment. Mention Natural Awakenings for a FREE initial consulation. HYDROSHACK IS EXCITED TO OFFER DELTA 8 PRODUCTS IN HOUSTON Get your CBD &Delta 8 Products from Hydroshack RESTORE YOUR APPETITE REDUCE STRESS/ANXIETY EASE PAIN AND INFLAMATION IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR SLEEP RECEIVE 30% OFF Any CBD Products when you mention Natural Awakenings HYDROSHACK HYDROPONICS 1138 WEST 20TH STREET HOUSTON, TX 77008 CALL 713-292-1921 OR VISIT HYDROSHACK.COM You must be 21 years or older to purchase any cannabis product. CBD products are not approved by the FDA. Please consult your physician before using any herbal products. Hydroshack is fully licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Feeling Stressed? Call Today for a FREE Consultation 713-369-0946 Premium Lab Tested Kratom and CBD Kratom Teas & Botanicals

Taking Control of Our Hormones


Think of hormones as the body’s messengers, sending signals that affect a host of functions. Produced by the pancreas, thyroid and other endocrine glands and organs, hormones drive our metabolism, impact mood, regulate blood pressure, manage our sleep cycles, influence sexual function and more. Key players are insulin, cortisol, thyroid and growth hormones, adrenaline, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Keeping these hormones in proper balance is critical for health, and imbalances can lead to a wide range of effects, including diabetes, thyroid disease, unintended weight fluctuations, skin problems, fatigue, mood swings and infertility. While inactivity, stress, age and genetics impact hormone production, our food choices can significantly tip the scales.

Dr. Ann Lee is a naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When treating hormonal, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, she says it is important to focus on foods that provide the minerals and vitamins that support those systems. For women of all ages, she recommends blueberries, asparagus, lettuce, celery and papaya. Teens and women in their 20s can also benefit from apples, bananas, mangoes, avocados, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and most lettuce varieties. The nutrients in these vegetables and fruits become even more important as women reach 30 and for those dealing with menopause, so Lee recommends more frequent

consumption of these fresh, whole foods to support the adrenal and thyroid glands.

According to Lee, it is equally important to avoid foods that interfere with hormonal nutrition. She advises women over 50 to lower their caffeine intake. Dairy products contain naturally occurring hormones that can impede human hormone balance and should be eaten in moderation. “The less external hormonal exposure you have, the easier it is for your own hormones to balance,” Lee explains.

Despite the popularity of intermittent fasting, Lee believes that the trendy eating pattern can deny the body the vitamins and minerals it needs, causing it to produce more adrenalin and cortisol to make up for the loss. “People do intermittent fasting because it might feel good to have more adrenalin, and thus more energy, but it does come at a price—your hormones,” she says.

17 conscious eating

Most of the foods Lee recommends are low in calories. “In order to curb hunger, you have to eat them regularly, and that goes against intermittent fasting. People that do intermittent fasting often focus on proteins and fats, so they don’ t have to eat for a long time, but that can cause adrenal burnout because the body is not getting what it needs,” she explains, noting that avocados and potatoes tend to help people feel full longer.

Jaclyn Downs is a functional nutrigenomics practitioner in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and author of Enhancing Fertility Through Functional Medicine: Using Nutrigenomics to Solve ‘Unexplained’ Infertility. She notes that for hormones to be produced by the body, nutritional cofactors or “helper nutrients” are required. “Magnesium, zinc and B vitamins are a few of the spark plugs that move these processes and keep the wheels spinning,” she emphasizes. “Grass-fed beef liver or capsules contain all of these.”

According to Downs, menstrual problems can be an indicator of eventual fertility issues. To support female reproductive hormones, she recommends cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These foods also support liver detoxification pathways due to their high concentrations of vitamins and sulfur. “The liver helps clear used or ‘dirty’ hormones,” she notes. Downs also recommends pomegranates, which are rich in antioxidants and fight inflammation-producing free radicals. Healthy fats from cold-water, wild-caught fish support pregnant women and growing fetuses. “Folate is often emphasized as a nutrient for pregnant women, but choline is just as important for everybody, regardless of life stage or gender,” Downs notes. Choline is found in egg yolks, sunflower lecithin and shiitake mushrooms. For 50-plus women, Downs prescribes fish or high-quality fish oil, which can benefit brain, liver and hormonal health.


In this yummy, low-carb taco recipe, cabbage leaves substitute for the tortillas and are filled with a mixture of protein-packed tempeh, veggies and lots of great spices. Compounds in tempeh called isoflavones serve as a natural remedy for menopausal relief.


1 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 small onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, chopped

4 oz tempeh, cubed

½ tsp sea salt or more, to taste

½ tsp black pepper or more, to taste

½ tsp ground cumin

½ tsp chili powder

¼ tsp paprika

¼ tsp cayenne

¼ cup vegetable broth

2 cups stemmed and chopped fresh kale

4 to 6 large, green cabbage leaves, dipped for 30 seconds into hot water to soften

½ avocado, sliced

1 radish, sliced

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

½ lime, cut into wedges

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the onion, garlic and tempeh and cook for 2 to 3 minutes until the onion softens and becomes translucent. Add the salt, pepper, cumin,

chili powder, paprika and cayenne, stir, then add the broth and kale. Stir again to combine and cook until the broth thickens and reduces by at least one-half. Taste and adjust the salt and pepper as needed.

Spread the cabbage leaves open on a large plate. Spoon the kale mixture into the center of the leaves. Add some of the avocado, radish slices and cilantro, then fold in the sides like a taco.

Serve with lime wedges.

Adapted from MenuPause. Copyright © 2022 by Dr. Anna Cabeca. Used by permission of Rodale Books, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New York. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings.
Trevor Cates, ND Stress Impact on Skin Jaclyn Chasse, ND Stress and Fertility Carol Penn, DO Aging Gracefully Carrie Jones, MD, FAAP Stress and Your Thyroid Jaquel Patterson, ND, IFMCP Sleep, Cortisol and Its Relation to Stress Anna Cabeca DO, OBGYN, FACOG Stress and Libido Arti Chandra, MD, MPH Healing Your Gut Anne Marie Fine, ND Cracking the Beauty Code Kela Smith, PhD, DNM Stress and Fertility
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Cleanse and Detox with Colonics

The colon—part of the large intestine and a key part of the digestive system—is the body’s major elimination organ. It is the last place where water and nutrients from the food we eat can be digested and absorbed by the body with the help of specific beneficial bacteria before it is eliminated. The colon also draws moisture from the stool to hydrates the body by contributing water and electrolytes to the blood.

If the colon is weak or dysfunctional, waste builds up. Requiring the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs to work harder to eliminate waste from the body. There are several general causes for waste buildup: bad dietary habits, not drinking enough water, emotional stress, the restrictive work schedules of many adults, illness and physical stress. Whatever the cause, colon irrigation removes the stagnated waste.

Questions to ask when selecting a colonics therapist.

1. What are their credentials? Are they a member of I-ACT or any other organization that requires C.E hours and compliance with Health Department regulations?

2. Are the credentials, maintenance schedule and department of health information posted for in public view?

A colonic is the popular name for colon irrigation of the large intestine with sanitized, filtered water under gentle pressure to wash out or detoxify it of stagnated waste material. Think of it as a full intestinal enema. Ordinary enemas usually only wash the last part of the colon, but the cleansing procedure of a colon irrigation can remove at least 22 known toxins, stale bile and waste material that may be poisoning the system.

The 1500 B.C. Egyptian Ebers Papyrus includes colon irrigation in its description of medical practices of the time. Hypocrites, the father of modern medicine, mentioned them as therapy for fever. In the second century A.D., Greek physician Claudius Galen’s, medical writings refer to the use of enemas. The Essenes, an first-century Jewish ascetic community, used water therapy to rid the body of uncleanliness and diseases that defile the body, which is the temple of the soul. Colon irrigation is still used by chiropractors and naturopaths today. using purified water and sterilized, disposable equipment to ensure safety.

Colonic technicians do not treat diseases or illnesses, but colon irrigation hygiene is complementary to any recommendation or programs of a healthcare professional. It is important to check with a doctor or primary care provider before incorporating colon irrigation or other changes to any health routine.

Joyce Long is nationally registered massage therapist/massage instructor, as well as a nationally certified colon therapist practicing in the Houston area. She was named to Who’s Who in America 1995. For more information, call the Joyce Long Wellness Institute at 281-344-0095 or visit

3. Does the facility have a whole building water filtration system and a safety backflow preventer?

4. Does the therapist use the open or closed system? Both are effective, with advantages and disadvantages to both. With an open system, clients lie comfortably on their back and can pause the session to urinate if needed. With the closed system, they lie on their side and must remain there until the end of the session.


The Divine Messiness of Motherhood

The pitter-patter of little feet is one of life’s most beautiful blessings, but motherhood has always been a challenging role. In today’s world, the calling is more complicated than ever, and the average Mama Bear has a lot on her many plates. Despite support systems, juggling it all is often an obstacle course moms navigate behind closed doors.

It’s okay to not be okay. Society tends to impose unnecessary guilt upon mothers for voicing what most parents feel at one time or another. Feelings are human, and so too is being overwhelmed. Self-care enables us to nurture others, and it begins by being gentle with ourselves as we weave a tapestry of work, soccer games, homework and bedtime baths. Even when the threads are haphazard and tangled, it is healing to surrender to the realization that sometimes we cannot do it all, and it is not a sign of failure. Showing only the good days on social media or going on autopilot can add pressure, instead of peace.

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one,” says author Jill Churchill. Being a good mother begins by being good to ourselves, and it doesn’t require a miracle to make it happen. A few minor routine adjustments can renew sanity and energy:

n Take one minute to run comfortably hot water over your hands and relax into the stream. Hot water helps the body release dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for inducing joyful feelings, lessening pain and lifting anxiety.

n Instead of scrolling through social media, take 10 or 15 minutes to do nothing. Lie down on the floor, close your eyes and just breathe. Surrender completely to letting go; begin by relaxing facial muscles and work your way down to your toes.

n Play a favorite song and dance with your kids.

n Avoid overscheduling and “shoulds”.

Marlaina Donato is an author, painter and composer. Connect at

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Ketamine, Psychedelics and Mental Health

healthy mind

variety of uses in veterinary medicine, as an anesthetic for humans and an analgesic during the Vietnam war. It also became known for recreational abuse.

Today, a plethora of publications support its use for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder, bipolar depression, postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicidality. A growing body of evidence also favors its use for conditions such as substance abuse disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders and chronic pain.

The antidepressant effect of ketamine often begins within hours. Because the benefit of a single dose may only last only one or two weeks, a common strategy to extend the effect has been to administer multiple intravenous doses over time. Everyone’s response is different, however, so each person’s plan is usually individualized. The precise mechanism by which ketamine works remains unknown. The big picture is still incomplete in part because the mechanism is likely multifactorial.

To Najla Guthrie, CEO of Wellbeing Digital Sciences and KGK Science, the renewed interest in psychedelics comes as no surprise. “Through the 50s and 60s, some viewed psychedelics as potential wonder drugs for treating a host of mental health conditions,” he says. “But their recreational use by the counterculture led to a moral panic, strict regulations and a setback in R&D. What we are seeing now is the pendulum swinging back now in favor of their therapeutic potential.”

The promise of a new generation of blockbuster psychedelic drugs is fueling a revolution in psychiatry, and industry and investors alike have taken notice. Guthrie notes, “Investors have already pumped in over $1 billion in cumulative assets into psychedelic start-ups in 2020 and 2021 alone.” That amount could double before the end of the decade. “Everyone is betting on the long game, positioning themselves to take advantage of the next wonder whenever it becomes legalized.”

For start-ups like Wellbeing Digital, it means not only keeping a watchful eye on the future, but another on the present in support of medications already approved, like ketamine. According to Guthrie, “The future of psychedelic medicine is intriguing, but what is most important is that we use our current technology to help patients manage their symptoms today—we have ketamine, a drug that has been shown to treat depression, relieve anxiety, improve everyday function and restore quality of life rapidly and with minimal side effects.” For the hundreds of people fortunate enough to find benefit from ketamine, it can be the single most important, life-changing moment of their life.

Dr. Michael Ho is the medical director of Mindscape Ketamine & Infusion Therapy, located at 2211 Norfolk St., Ste. 215, in Houston. For more information, call 346-439-9600 or visit


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Sahaja Yoga Meditation 10-11 am In person and online. A unique method of meditation, rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge. You can achieve a state of balance in just 10 minutes. Continue with free meditation classes. FREE. Katy Library 5414 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77493

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation 10-11 am Online. A unique method of meditation, rooted in ancient spiritual knowledge. You can achieve a state of balance in just 10 minutes. Continue with free meditation classes. FREE.

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We provide the choicest healthy Botanicals garnered from some of the most exotic corners of the world. Only The BEST! We ensure quality by going to the source, checking our international vendors

1st hand, and using USDA Certified Organic vendors when applicable. We stand by our products and our services! If you are unsatisfied with your order we will return, exchange and or refund your money. We got you covered!

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1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336

Health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph, causing lymph fluid to build up in a particular area of the body, often in the arms or legs where it can and may cause blockages.

Lymphatic therapy can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. By appointment only. Be well – Stay well. CALL TODAY!

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2990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 440 Houston, TX 77098


Are you in pain? Well, you don’t have to live like this. We are here to heal your body and mind through massage and energetic practices. We offer a wide variety of massage modalities designed to fit your needs. We offer both onsite chair and concierge table massage. Call today to book your appointment at 832-526-6520. Our mission is to heal your mind and body.


6600 Harwin Drive Houston, TX 77036 713-974-0360

Learn massage and holistic health. Train for a career you will love. New Program: Online classes combined with on campus classes! Open your own practice. Find employment at Luxury Spas, Fitness Centers & Rehab Clinics. Finish in as little as 5 ½ months. Join one of the fastest growing Health Care Professions. Visit our website or call today for more information or to schedule a tour of our school.

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Dr. Mary A. Washington, FACP

2525 N. Loop West, Suite 600 Houston, TX 77008 832-306-3941

Are you overweight or obese? Do you suffer from diabetes or have high blood pressure?

Are you ready to take back control of your health? Dr. Mary A. Washington is Houston’s first plant-based kidney doctor and has over two decades of experience as a Nephrologist. Let her design a diet and exercise plan customized just for you. Dr. Washington doesn’t just tell you, but she shows you and motivates you to make the changes you need. Visit her website TODAY for more information about her programs and events or to schedule your first appointment.

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Online only at this time. 713-630-0354

The mission of Dawn Mountain is to further the spiritual growth of our diverse community as a living bridge between traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and curious people everywhere. Dawn Mountain offers a number of free online services including: Weekly Meditation from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon each Sunday, “First Sunday” teachings on the first Sunday of each month at 10:30 am, and monthly “Dharma Conversations” via Zoom on the first Sunday of each month at 12:00 noon. All sessions are archived on their YouTube channel. Please visit our website for more information and consider taking advantage of our many offerings.



123 Midway St, Bldg C Spring, Texas 77373 888-492-3584

We are a retail shop and also have an online store. We can also custom-make many of our product lines. Our products include a range of metaphysical items, clothing, books, stones, jewelry, candles, soaps, teas, incenses, herbs, blades, and accessories for spiritual work. We also have some unique renaissance festival and gothic clothing and accessories. Check out our gaming and sci-fi themed products as well. We offer daily in-house Tarot reading and conduct private Old Town Spring Ghost tours. Open 7 days a week.

Indigo Moons

1900 Blalock Rd Ste P Houston, TX 77080 281-974-1043

We serve our customers with knowledge, enthusiasm, generosity, and humor. Come visit us for a wide range of crystals and gems, fossils and specimens, silver and gemstone jewelry, sage and incense, home decor, new and used books, Tarot and oracle decks, and an ever-growing supply of handcrafted products by local artisans. Or stay informed with upcoming classes and events. Start your journey, learn something new, make new friends - it’s all possible here at Indigo Moons.

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Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074 713-781-9991

Dr. Gracie Chukwu is a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Nutrition Counselor. She has been assisting people for over five years with holistic medicine, diet, nutrition and supplement support to enhance her client’s health and overall well-being. If you are suffering and cannot find relief, give Dr. Gracie a call.

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30 MAY 2023 HOUSTON METRO EDITION MASSAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Helping people pursue a more mindful lifestyle. 1923 Ave G Rosenberg, TX 77471


Are your health and personal care products putting your health at risk?

Take the short trip to Downtown Rosenberg and visit A Journey To Wellness. All of our products are 100% Organic and made with natural ingredients. (You can also order online and we’ll ship our products to you.) We also offer Health and Wellness coaching. Book a free consultation and let’s get started embracing your new life in health today!

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Homeopathic Pain Relief Cream


Need Relief from Arthritis? Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease muscular aches and joint pain. Her Remedy is a homeopathic pain relief cream that penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Get beneficial relief from sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuralgia, gout, and more. All-natural ingredients! Do you want to feel a real difference from the nagging aches of arthritis? Feel less pain & have more range of motion? Great buy, get a 4oz jar for $15! Visit website for other options.

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Tiny changes Big Results


Let’s make your life feel amazing! See results fast with personal training...join the Zumba Fitness party, FREE...put yourself to the test in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Kickboxing, or Beginner Bootcamp...or just let it all go in a Recovery Workshop...but whatever you do, start today for an even better tomorrow. Visit our website to sign up for a class or make an appointment for personal training.



“Better Health Naturally”

Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074 713-781-9991

Breast thermography has the ability to warn woman up to 10 years before any other procedure that a cancer may be forming; thus, allowing for prompt and timely treatment. Thermography uses no radiation and poses absolutely NO health risks to the patient.

If you are a woman, over 20 years old and have not had a breast thermograph, call Dr. Gracie TODAY.

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3427 N. Fry Road Katy, TX 77449 281-433-5928

Houston’s one and only fully raw, fully vegan eatery. Order online for pickups or deliveries. Walkup orders accepted. Food Truck is open Thurs. – Sat. 11:30 am-4:00 pm. Call to confirm that we are open before driving over. Discover the flavors and the health benefits from eating raw vegan today! You will be glad you did.


3821 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77027 713-621-9488

Trendy Vegan offers delicious dining and takeout to Houston, TX. Trendy Vegan is a cornerstone in the Houston community and has been recognized for its outstanding Vegetarian cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Our Vegetarian restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

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600 N Shepherd Dr., #449 Houston, TX 77007 800-215-3190

The studio is dedicated to self-study through movement, breath and meditation, and is committed to upholding the tenets of authenticity, sincerity, inclusion, and integrity without exception. We offer a variety of classes including Vinyasa, The Rest of Yoga (™), Yin, Hatha, and Myofascial Release. Classes are in-person, streaming and on-demand. Owner and lead instructor, Kim Taurins has been practicing yoga since 2001. She is a 500 hour E-RYT level with an emphasis in yoga therapeutics, Daoism, Reiki, and bodywork. Visit our website for more informationor to sign up.

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