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2 JUNE 2024 HOUSTON METRO EDITION Earn Your Credential as a Licensed Bodywork Therapist g LEARN Clinical Massage, Manual Lymph Drainage, Body Sculpting, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Polarity, Reiki, Thai Massage, Spa Therapeatics, and more. g As a licensed therapist and holistic practitioner you may own your own practice or work with spas, rehabilitation centers, and others.
Earn a professional wage in as little as 6 months. $51,699 Texas Labor Analysis Experienced Wage.
Visit Houston’s Nationally Accredited massage school.
Day Classes begin June 10th and Evening Classes begin June 3rd. g ENROLL EARLY for Grant Approval, Payment Plans, Workstudy Plans and VA. Call 713-974-5976 Phoenix School of Massage TDLR MS#0008 From Phoenix Graduates to Holistic Bodywork Practitioners


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I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I’m writing to share that we successfully weathered the big storm last month, emerging stronger and more united than ever. The experience reminded us of the importance of resilience and community support during challenging times.

As we move forward, I want to bring attention to a significant topic: Men’s Health Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about crucial health issues affecting men, including mental health, prostate health, and muscle strength. Men’s mental health is often overlooked, yet it’s vital to address. Encouraging open conversations, reducing stigma, and promoting mental wellness can make a substantial impact. Prostate health is another critical area, with regular screenings being essential for early detection and treatment of potential issues. Building muscle strength is not only about physical fitness but also about enhancing overall well-being. Regular exercise can improve mood, boost energy levels, and reduce the risk of various health conditions.

Let’s take this opportunity to support the men in our lives. Encourage them to schedule health checkups, participate in physical activities, and talk openly about their mental health. Together, we can make a positive difference in their lives.

Stay strong and take care.

bright blessings,

Cindy & Mike Hart

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Save the Date! Autoimmune Disease Free Health Seminar

Monday, June 10, 2024, at 6:00 PM

Join Dr. Serge and practitioners Debra Hanna and Mechelle Fisher for an insightful discussion on autoimmune diseases. This seminar will cover:

= Increasing Prevalence: Understanding why these diseases are becoming more common.

= Triggers and Factors: Identifying potential contributors to autoimmune conditions.

= Medication Side Effects: Managing the side effects of prescribed medications.

= Lifestyle and Diet: Exploring lifestyle changes and dietary modifications to alleviate symptoms.

= Alternative Therapies: Considering alternative therapies that may be beneficial.

= Long-term Implications: Recognizing any long-term complications associated with autoimmune conditions.

Seats are limited to 24 guests, so early reservation is recommended. Please call 281-616-3816 to secure a spot.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical advice on managing autoimmune diseases.

Body Mind Solutions 210 Genesis Blvd, Suite C, Webster, TX 77598. 281-616-3816.

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—Ryan Reynolds

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Opening up
you weak;
doesn’t make
it makes you human. It’s okay to let others

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Bayou Preservation Association’s Resiliency at Home: A Series of Climate Smart Workshops

Bayou Preservation Association is hosting a series of Resiliency at Home Workshops this summer. These workshops are designed to provide participants with practical knowledge and skills for implementing nature-based solutions that enhance both neighborhoods and Houston’s bayou systems.

Scheduled on the third Saturday of June, July, and August, each session will focus on a unique aspect of green stormwater infrastructure, water management, and environmental sustainability. Attendees will engage in hands-on activities and receive a complimentary kit to apply their new skills at home.

The workshops will take place from 10 am to 12 pm at the Kashmere Multi-Service Center, located at 4802 Lockwood Dr, Houston, TX 77026.

The first workshop, Pollinator Gardens, is set for June 15th. Participants will learn about the essential role of pollinators in the ecosystem and how to create a pollinator-friendly garden. This session includes practical experience in building a bee house and provides a starter kit to help participants begin their garden projects.

These workshops offer an opportunity to support biodiversity and contribute to the health and resilience of Houston’s bayou systems. Join the Bayou Preservation Association this summer to make a positive environmental impact in your community.

To register for workshops or learn more, please visit:



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the first-ever national drinking water standard to protect communities from exposure to toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), commonly referred to as “forever chemicals,” which are used to make coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water. According to the EPA, “exposure to PFAS has been linked to deadly cancers, impacts to the liver and heart, and immune and developmental damage to infants and children.”

The rule is expected to reduce PFAS exposure for approximately 100 million people. Public water systems have three years to complete their initial testing for six PFAS categories, which will be paid for by a $1 billion dedicated federal fund. Where PFAS levels are found to exceed the new standards, public water systems must implement solutions within five years.


University of Washington clinical psychologists and love researchers Drs. John and Julie Gottman have interviewed more than 3,000 couples and studied more than 40,000 couples undergoing couples therapy to understand how to make relationships and love last. Most successful couples were able to “make repairs” when they said or did the wrong thing. A repair is not an apology, grand gesture or love declaration, but rather a chance to pause and ask a partner a mundane question like, “Do you want a cup of coffee?” The question implies that their partner still exists for them.

The Gottmans also discovered that to successfully resolve a conflict, there should be five positive interactions for every negative interaction. A positive interaction includes a smile, touch or simply saying “I understand”,,whereas a negative interaction would be an insult or expression of blame. They warn against using phrases like, “You never” and “You always.” They recommend being more specific by saying, “I’d love it if we went on more dates,” instead of “You never plan dates anymore.”

7 Health Briefs Gastrointestinal Issues? We treat the root causes not just the symptoms. Houston Holistic Health Clinic 713-781-9991 Don’t delay. Call Today! FREE Student Massage 3 Days Only! Regular Price $35 June 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Thurs., Fri., & Sat. Book June 13th, 14th and 15th. CALL 713-974-5976 PHOENIX SCHOOL OF MASSAGE 6600 Harwin Dr., Ste. 101 Houston, TX 77036 MS #0008 Must bring this Coupon "

Pure Living Houston: The City’s First Holistic Health and Wellness Expo

Pure Living Houston, the city’s inaugural holistic health and wellness expo, will take place in June. Featuring over 90 vendors, the event will offer a diverse range of products and services, along with demonstrations, workshops, and lectures on cutting-edge health and wellness topics.

Pure Living aims to promote holistic health by serving as a marketplace for clean, sustainable products and connecting health-conscious consumers with lifestyle brands. Attendees will find education, inspiration, and innovation, empowering them to embrace vitality, balance, and harmony.

The event will be held at Ft. Bend EpiCenter, 28505 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471, on June 30, 2024, from 10 am to 7 pm. Early bird tickets are priced at $12.50, and children under 12 can attend for free. Join the community in exploring a path to a healthier lifestyle. Follow the link below or scan the QR Code for more information or to purchase tickets.

Pure Living Houston 28505 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

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to our digial magazine.


Trees have internal clocks that keep track of when to go dormant. Argentina’s National Scientific and Technical Research Council studied the effect of rising temperatures on lenga beech saplings, a deciduous tree native to the cool temperatures of the Andes Mountains. The researchers found that higher temperatures altered the genes that regulate the tree’s internal clock. These genetic oscillations resulted in smaller trees. Elsewhere, misaligned temperatures have caused other tree species to go into out-of-season dormancy. Researchers warn that future temperature increases could dramatically change the composition of forests in the Andean-Patagonian region and other vital areas around the world.


Cambridge University scientists have discovered a fossil forest in southwest England featuring plants with a woody root system and “twiglets” that are estimated to be 390 million years old. Their discovery was published in the Journal of the Geological Society. This forest is 4 million years older than an ancient forest discovered in 2019 in an abandoned quarry in Cairo, New York, and precedes dinosaurs by 150 million years. The oldest trees appeared approximately 500 million years ago, but it was the advent of forests that reduced global CO2 levels to near-modern levels, while supplying the Earth with oxygen, thus paving the way for more complex life forms.

9 Global Brief Thyroid Disease Lyme Disease Diabetes Adrenal Fatigue Infertility Chronic Fatigue Allergies Sinus Infections Digestive Issues Weight Loss Anxiety/Depression Hormone Imbalance Insomnia Chronic Pain Breast Implant Illness Headaches Fibromyalgia Arthritis Mental Fatigue Brain Fog Eczema/Skin Issues Heart Issues Autoimmunity Post Pandemic Issues Our Services Customized Nutrition Hormone Therapy IV Therapy UBI/EBOO RGCC/SOT Cancer Protocol Early Cancer Detection Testing mind body solutions 210 Genesis Blvd., Suite C Webster, TX 77598 281-616-3816 Your Personal Guide To Natural Health & Healing Natural Healing Assesssment ONLY $49 Call TODAY! borchee from Getty Images Signature/CanvaPro
BULGAR/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY from sciencephoto/CanvaPro


The Great Barrier Reef, an ocean ecosystem the size of Italy situated off the coast of Australia, is experiencing another mass coral bleaching event, the fifth such occurrence since 2016. Until 1998, there had been no evidence of a bleaching event in the reef’s 500-year recorded history.

Bleaching occurs when the ocean water is unusually warm or cold or has high levels of acid. Under such conditions, the coral turns white when it expels tiny photosynthetic algae that live in its tissue. While bleaching does not necessary kill the coral, it makes the reef more susceptible to disease. Scientists are concerned that these repeated bleaching events over a short period of time will make it harder for the reef to bounce back. Compounding the warming effects due to climate change, a 2023 El Niño effect has produced unusually warmer water in the Pacific. Australian scientists are continuing to study this latest bleaching to evaluate its severity and potential impacts.


In an area between Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens in Washington State sits a grassland expanse of naturally formed goosebumps known as mima mounds ranging from two to seven feet tall and up to 40 feet across. Despite research and monitoring over the last 50 years, the origin of these rare land formations has baffled scientists. Theories that have been published and debated include that they were built by pocket gophers; the result of wind-blown sediment being ensnared by vegetation; formed by glacial meltwaters; the result of earthquake waves; or the sediment from a glacial outburst flood that swept through the valley 17,000 years ago. No matter what created the mounds, visitors to the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve would agree the spring bloom of the purple camas flowers is a beautiful sight.


Therasage is the gold standard for energy healing, naturally healing infrared, negative ions and eliminating EMFs.

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Founded in 1932, Boiron, the world leader in homeopathic medicines, is best known for its popular Arnicare® line of pain relievers and Oscillococcinum® flu reliever.

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10 JUNE 2024 HOUSTON METRO EDITION OB/GYN-formulated Rejuvenates
vaginal tissue, restores natural moisture, and helps prevent bladder leaks.
iza md repin from Getty Images/

Saving Our Oceans

June 8 is World Ocean Day, a time to inspire action and celebrate the incredible splendor of the ocean and all of its wondrous life-forms. There is a growing movement that calls for the protection and management of 30 percent of the world’s lands, fresh waters and oceans by 2030. Scientists believe that this is the critical mass needed to stem biodiversity loss and climate change facing our planet.

Covering 71 percent of Earth, the global ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet, performing vital regulatory functions that influence weather and climate systems, impacting even those living far inland. This invaluable life source is in a dire state due to the damage humans have inflicted and continue to impose.

Every year, 17.6 billion pounds of plastic pollution enter marine environments. As we spew growing levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the ocean absorbs about 30 percent of it, causing seawater to become more acidic, to the detriment of sea life. Fertilizer runoff causes coastal algae to bloom, diminishing the oxygen in the water and causing massive fish kills that impact the natural food chain. Overfishing has ravaged certain species. And as global warming heats the ocean, glaciers melt, sea levels rise and ocean acidification intensifies.

There is much we can do to protect the ocean and encourage the sustainable use of marine resources.

• Purchase organic food and support regenerative organic agriculture.

• Choose plastic-free products.

• Reuse and recycle whenever possible.

• Organize beach, riverbank and land cleanups.

• Avoid products that harm the ocean, such as cosmetics derived from shark cartilage or jewelry made of seashells.

• Use microfiber absorbers to wash synthetic clothing.

• Write to legislators, pressing them to support policies that protect the ocean and marine wildlife.

• Bike to work, turn the lights out when leaving a room and keep the thermostat low.

• Buy sustainably caught, wild seafood.

• Leave nothing behind after a day at the beach or a picnic on the bay, making sure to dispose of all garbage.

• Spread the word about ocean pollution and let others know how they can help.

• Support reform of fishery management, focusing on practices that conserve ecosystems, while also sustaining livelihoods and ensuring food security.

• Join an ocean conservation group to strive for change with like-minded people.

11 Eco Tip
richcarey from Getty Images/CanvaPro

Phoenix School of Massage:

Pioneering Excellence in Holistic Massage Therapy Education

Phoenix School of Massage is a beacon of quality education in Holistic Massage Therapy, recognized as the longest-running massage therapy school in Texas. Established in January 1990 by William Barry and incorporated in 1994 as Health Studies, Inc., this institution has produced thousands of highly skilled professionals now thriving in top spas, sports teams such as the Texans, Astros, and Dynamos, medical offices, and personal practices.

Our dedicated instructors bring a wealth of knowledge, with over 90 years of combined experience in fields like naturopathy and oriental medicine. This diverse expertise ensures that students receive a comprehensive education, equipping them to excel in various therapeutic settings. The campus, a 7,000-square-foot facility, includes three classrooms with a capacity of up to 52 students and 26 massage tables. Additionally, a fully equipped spa features two far infrared saunas, an aroma steam capsule, hydrotherapy baths, and showers. Seven clinic internship spaces provide invaluable hands-on experience.

Massage Therapy offers a unique blend of professional satisfaction and personal fulfillment. At Phoenix School of Massage, students are not just trained but inspired to reach their personal best. With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities, the school is committed to producing top-tier massage therapists. Whether aspiring to work in luxury spas, with professional sports teams, or in private practice, graduates are equipped with the skills and confidence to thrive in this growing field. The future is bright for those who choose a career in massage therapy, and Phoenix School of Massage is proud to be a part of their journey.

Phoenix School of Massage 6600 Harwin Suite 101, Houston, TX 77036. 713-597-3990.

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12 JUNE 2024 HOUSTON METRO EDITION Business Spotlight

Houston Biological Dentistry: Enhancing Health through Holistic Practices

At Houston Biological Dentistry, your health is enhanced through natural and holistic dentistry practices. Holistic Dentistry supports both the body and mind by addressing the root causes of dental problems. Dental examinations consider systemic and habitual influences, setting the stage for the body to heal itself by removing infections and toxins, correcting structural issues, and using the best dental materials to promote overall health.

Their approach to dental care integrates advanced techniques with a focus on overall wellness. The goal is to create a healing environment that supports the body’s natural ability to repair and maintain itself. This includes personalized treatment plans that prioritize biocompatible materials and minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. Marilyn K. Jones brings extensive training and experience in biological dentistry. Trained by the late Dr. Hal Huggins, a pioneer in the field, Dr. Jones emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to dental care. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge ensures that patients receive the highest level of modern dental care.

The practice is committed to patient education, empowering individuals to take an active role in their dental health. The team at Houston Biological Dentistry strives to provide a welcoming and supportive environment, ensuring each patient feels valued and cared for.

They look forward to seeing you at our Houston, TX office soon. Houston Biological Dentist 800 Bering Dr., Suite 204, Houston 77057. 832-307-0384.

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Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center

Dr. Jackie St.Cyr, DC 8100 Washington Ave, #210 Houston, TX 77007


HealthPro Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Dr. Alayna E. Pagnani-Gendron, DC 4101 Green Briar Dr. #135 Houston, TX 77098 281-506-0105

Franson Chiropractic

Dr. Brett V. Franson, DC 1652 South Dairy Ashford Rd. Houston, TX 77077 281-701-1596

METRO Chiropractic
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Solving Mental Health Issues in Men

Finding Meaning in Turbulent Times

Many men struggle with mental health issues, often experiencing debilitating emotional turmoil, alone and in silence. Evidence of this suffering can be quantified in a number of ways.

An epidemic of “despair deaths” related to alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide is documented to be worse in men than women. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American males were almost four times more likely to commit suicide than women in 2021. The National Institutes of Health reports overdose mortality rates for opioids and stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine and cocaine are two to

three times greater in men. While men use drugs at higher rates than women, this alone does not explain the gap in overdose deaths.

Loneliness has become such a widespread problem that the U.S. Surgeon General recently called it an epidemic and the World Health Organization noted, “The effect of social isolation and loneliness on mortality is comparable to that of other wellestablished risk factors such as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity.” A 2021 report by the Survey Center on American Life stated that since 1990, the number of men saying they have no close friends has jumped from 3 percent to 15 percent.


COVID-19 incurred invisible costs such as increases in loneliness and mental health strain. Because men generally tend to spend less time and energy cultivating meaningful social relationships but still require structure to thrive, the pandemic was particularly destructive to them.

Roughly one out of three men in America under the age of 30 reported having no sex in the last year (a 30-year low), which is an obstacle to building meaningful relationships and families. Men have become not only socially disconnected, but also more vulnerable to following dangerous groups, influencers and others with extreme messaging. Men that fail to attach to partners, communities or careers may grow increasingly resentful and act out with volatility and unrest. An African proverb says, “The young men who do not feel the warmth of the tribe will burn down the village to feel it.”


According to Gabor Maté, a Canadian physician, author and speaker on addiction, stress and childhood development, “The issue is men’s value has been defined in a very narrow sense, and when the power is taken away from people, people have a loss of agency and loss of control, belonging, meaning and value. Men have become deprived of a sense of meaning and belonging, and that’s a function of the culture we live in.”

15 Feature Story
1xpert from Getty


Men’s Mental Health Advocacy: Shame is the biggest barrier, preventing men from seeking help and expressing vulnerability. We need to talk and stop shaming them.

Male-Specific Mental Health Treatment: Men communicate differently, so counseling must address unexamined feelings. Research shows that physical activity can help reduce anxiety and depression, so sports activities that draw men together such as softball, surfing or martial arts can offer a win-win situation.

Emotional Communication Training: Men need to develop their emotional communication skills, such as how to express themselves and share feelings through language, vulnerability and emotional expression, to deepen relationships. Men can be strong and competitive while also being authentic, vulnerable and emotionally connected.

Maté advises, “Men need to accept their vulnerability and work it through, and not reject

it or be ashamed of it. And to let go of, ‘I can’t be self-reflective; I have to be tough,’ and that takes a lot of help and support. Men who come back from war will heal by accepting their vulnerability and spending time in support groups. Another thing we should do is show respect for the courage of those men who choose to explore their vulnerability.”

Embracing Universal Masculinity and Femininity: We must realize there is masculinity and femininity in all of us. Neither masculinity nor femininity is the problem—hatred, oppression and inequality of opportunity are the problems, no matter the gender or ratio of masculine and feminine qualities within the individual.

Defining Healthy Masculinity: Masculine qualities are traditionally thought of as bravery, strength, courage, confidence, ambition, competitiveness, self-reliance and decisiveness. These standards are hard to live up to, so the question is how do we adapt healthy masculinity to be equipped with skills for success in changing times.

Suffering from Pain and Inflammation? Get Relief Fast! Put your body into enhanced self-healing mode at the DNA level using both PEMF and Terahertz frequencies combined. Get your FREE 30-minute session with this coupon. Call 713-365-0368 to schedule. Good through June 30th A Moveable Feast 9341 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77024 Finding Your Tribe August Looking Ahead

Offer Coaching Before Therapy: Because men may be more defensive, less open, less vulnerable and more disconnected from their feelings than women, many will respond to coaching over therapy, which can be a gateway to start thinking about deeper purpose and well-being. A personal development program geared specifically for men to build skills, share support and figure out how to excel in a changing world of technology and role-confusion may be helpful.

Encourage Inspiration and Purpose: Men need to find purpose by doing something meaningful that inspires them and makes them feel energized and appreciated. The more they feel helpless and stuck in survival mode, the more loneliness grows.

Psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo explains how a survival mentality doesn’t allow for meaningful and purposeful pursuit. “Perceived or real threats put you in survival mode, and when you’re in this mode, your limbic system takes over and you’re not thinking about

purpose, connection or collaboration (things that can pull you out of this mode); you’re just trying to survive.”

Men’s health needs to become a movement that encourages males to be proud of their masculinity, but also add new skills in emotional communication and vulnerability to find purpose, improve their health and have

the best chance for success in turbulent times.

Dr. Reef Karim is a humanistic psychiatrist and founder of Mad Genius and The Madness Movement. For more information, visit and

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LAONG from LAONG/CanvaPro

Prostate Protection

A Look at Holistic Cancer-Prevention Strategies

Most men don’t usually think about their prostate until they face an exam or experience symptoms such as pain or difficulties while urinating. These symptoms may be attributed to a benign enlargement of the gland, usually in older men, or to the presence of cancer cells. This understated reproductive player, which can be stimulated for sexual pleasure, is responsible for regulating urine flow, secreting semen and converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) at puberty.

Prostatic cancer usually affects men over 65. African American and Caribbean men are at a higher risk. Although the American Cancer Society predicts almost 300,000 new cases this year, overhauling the diet and getting regular exercise can make a difference. “It’s never too early to begin taking care of your prostate,” says Dennis Golden, a two-time cancer survivor and prostate-cancer coach from New Kent, Virginia.


“In terms of lifestyle, everything is accumulative. If you put in junk, your body doesn’t know what to do with it and stores all those chemicals that don’t belong there, and it all eventually catches up with you someday. Read labels. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it,” says Golden, who went back to basics when he faced his frightening cancer diagnosis.

According to Jon Lanman, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Bend, Oregon, “In health care, we talk a lot about lifestyle change, and the reality is that lifestyle change is hard, and it takes time.” He advises tossing aside perfection and expecting slip-ups while committing to small changes that add up.

For Golden, eliminating restaurant food, excessive sodium and alcohol has been key. A fan of quick and easy meals, he relies on pan cooking for healthy, delicious fare with plenty

of steamed veggies. “There’s no reason to grab a burger or to eat out when you can have a meal finished in 25 minutes. I veered away from beef and incorporated more chicken and fish like salmon and fresh trout,” he explains, adding that biking also made a difference. Now 81, he pedals 25 miles several times a week.


Lanman notes, “There is no single miracle food, but I’d recommend limiting sugars and processed carbohydrates, as well as processed meats and red meats.” To amp up nutrients, he spotlights the Mediterranean and DASH diets that accentuate fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Lanman also recommends lycopene, a compound found in tomatoes, beets, radishes, cherries and pink grapefruit, which has shown promise in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) advocates cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, bok choy, kale and Brussels sprouts. Packed with the phytochemical glucoraphanin that targets cancer cells, broccoli is a heavy hitter, as well.

Recent research points to a number of nutritional guidelines. A 2021 study published in European Journal of Public Health noted that nitrites as food additives were positively associated with prostate cancer risk. A 2022 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition also

18 JUNE 2024 HOUSTON METRO EDITION Conscious Eating

found a higher risk of the disease in those consuming red and processed meats.

In a 2022 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers reported a lower risk of aggressive forms of prostate cancer in men under 65 that followed a diet rich in plant-based foods. After tracking men in a study for six years, a team of Harvard University scientists found that selenium supplementation was linked to a 65 percent lower occurrence of advanced prostate cancer, but it was contraindicated for individuals with high systemic levels of the mineral. Additional studies are underway to determine recommended dosages, but the researchers of this study suggested “a healthful diet that will provide good amounts of the mineral.”


Both Lanman and Golden recommend eliminating alcohol altogether. While research on the correlation between alcohol consumption and prostate cancer is inconclusive, a 2022 meta-analysis published in the journal Biomolecules suggests that alcohol intake and the

development of prostatic cancer can create the perfect storm when poor diet, folate and fiber deficiencies, advanced age, race, smoking, obesity, genetics, stress and other factors are also present.


According to the PCF, extreme stress can have a cumulative effect on the body, allowing prostate cancer to take root and grow. This is because the stress response can activate certain hormones that make it easier for tumors to grow and spread, while also negatively impacting the immune system.

To relieve stress and learn better coping skills, PCF suggests adopting relaxation and meditation practices, counseling, group therapy and exercise. For Golden, better health is a mindset. He endorses journaling and having good expectations daily. “Focus on the positives,” he says.

Zak Logan is a freelance health writer dedicated to holistic living and getting back to basics.

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1¾ cups water

1 cup organic white quinoa

½ cup fresh or frozen organic blueberries

¼ cup finely chopped red or white onion

¼ cup finely chopped fresh Italian parsley

1 Tbsp aged balsamic vinegar

⅓ tsp Himalayan pink salt

Organic, extra virgin olive oil

Combine quinoa, water and salt in a medium pot. Bring to a boil; cover and reduce heat; and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove covered pot from heat and let sit for 10 minutes before removing lid and fluffing the grains with a fork.

Add vinegar, blueberries, parsley and onion; mix gently. Serve quinoa salad warm or cold with a drizzle of olive oil.

Recipe courtesy of frequent contributor Marlaina Donato.

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Building Quality Muscle

How Diet and Resistance Training Can Help

Muscles act like metabolic Spanx, holding everything in the body tighter, supporting joints to prevent injuries, keeping bones strong and helping the immune system remain resilient to infection. Skeletal muscle acts as an endocrine-producing organ, supporting a healthy metabolism and balancing hormones. Strong, healthy muscles help us feel better, move more easily and live more powerfully.

Once someone crosses the threshold into their 40s, there is a natural decline in muscle mass and strength, known as sarcopenia. Adults can lose 3 to 8 percent of muscle mass per decade after turning 30, with losses accelerating after 60. Preventing this decline and supporting quality muscle is key. “Muscle can be stimulated largely in two ways: first, through dietary protein, and second, through resistance,” explains Gabrielle Lyon, a board-certified family physician and author of Forever Strong


The building blocks of protein fall into two categories: essential amino acids, which are necessary nutrients that the body cannot make on its own and must be acquired through dietary intake; and non-essential amino acids, which can be synthesized by the body from carbohydrates and other dietary sources. To promote muscle recovery and development, it is important to consume protein that contains all nine essential amino acids in optimal amounts throughout the day.

More than half of older adults are not getting enough protein, and sarcopenia may increase their need for it. To offset age-related decline, every meal should contain a minimum of 30 grams of protein. Active people, including those that do resistance training, should target one gram of protein per pound of their ideal body weight daily.

The best animal proteins that offer all nine essential amino acids in the right balance include pasture-raised poultry and eggs, wild-caught seafood and grass-fed beef. Plant proteins often lack one or more crucial amino acid, so vegans or vegetarians should eat a minimum of 40 grams of protein per meal to reach an adequate intake.

Breaking an overnight fast with a protein-packed breakfast jumpstarts metabolism and provides more sustained energy during the day, fueling morning activities and preventing mid-morning crashes. A protein-rich dinner supports muscle recovery and helps the body rebuild during sleep.


“The most important type of exercise is resistance training as you get older, because you need to build muscle,” says Mark Hyman, a functional-medicine doctor whose latest book, Young Forever, explores the secrets to longevity. “Without muscle, you become frail and dysfunctional.” Building muscle can improve the capacity for everyday activities, diminish the likelihood of chronic illnesses and decrease the risk of falls and frailty. Resistance training also improves bone density, metabolic health and overall quality of life.


• Target multiple muscle groups simultaneously with compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows and overhead presses.

• Focus on lifting the maximum weight manageable while maintaining proper form to avoid injury.

• Gradually increase the resistance or intensity of exercises over time to continually challenge the muscles.

• Aim for two to four weekly resistancetraining sessions. Consistency and patience are the foundations for lasting strength and muscle-tone improvements.

• Engage all key muscle groups. For the upper body, try bench presses, overhead presses, dumbbell chest presses, pushups, pull-ups, bent-over rows, seated rows and lat pulldowns. To work the hips and thighs, try

pixelfit from Getty Images Signature/piotr malcyzk from Getty Images/CanvaPro Fit Body

squats, lunges, deadlifts and step-ups. For core strength, consider planks, Russian twists and bicycle crunches.

• Perform two to four exercises for each muscle group, doing two to four sets for each exercise. Between sets, take 90- to 120-second rest breaks. Aim for eight to 15 repetitions per set.


To prevent injuries or burnout, rest is crucial, allowing muscles to repair and rebuild. Give each muscle group 48 to 72 hours before targeting it again. It is normal to feel sore after a workout, but be mindful of the difference between soreness and pain. Soreness feels like mild, diffuse discomfort or stiffness and is a normal response to unfamiliar or intense exercise. Sharp, intense or persistent pain, particularly around a joint, indicates potential injury or overstrain.

On rest days, incorporate low-intensity, active-recovery activities like walking, yoga or

swimming; try foam rolling, stretching and mobility exercises to improve flexibility and circulation; and consider meditation for mental-health benefits. Aim for seven to nine hours of quality sleep, which promotes tissue repair and growth-hormone release.


• To optimize strategies and identify areas for improvement, regularly measure the circumference of the biceps, chest, thighs, waist and hips.

• Keep track of the amount of weight, repetitions, sets and intensity of every exercise session.

• Track muscle mass and body-fat shifts with a body-composition scale and take consistent photos from various angles to document muscle definition and physique evolution.


• Adjustments to diet and training programs may be necessary based on changing goals or feedback from tracking methods.

• If progress stalls, adjust training variables such as workout intensity or frequency.

• Use fluctuations in muscle mass or body fat to refine protein intake or overall macronutrient ratios.

JJ Virgin is a certified nutrition specialist, certified fitness instructor and bestselling author of The Virgin Diet, JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet and their companion cookbooks. Learn more at

The Woodlands Health Market The Greatest Wealth is Health! 427 Sawdust Rd. The Woodlands 77380 281-367-0002 Herbs Vitamins Minerals Naturopathic Practitioners and More! Denise Leitch, owner: Naturopathic Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master. Shirley Sanderlin: Naturopathic Practitioner, Mineral Hair Analysis, and Applied Kenesiology. Andrea Dowell. Naturopathic Practitioner, NAET and Ion Foot Detox. Cheryl Kainer: Iridologist.
Aviles: Auriculotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Bio-magnetism, and Reflexology. 20% Off Supplements with this ad!

Green-Home Design Tips

Healthy Options for a Sustainable Sanctuary

Americans spend about 90 percent of their lives indoors, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Building and remodeling our homes to be eco-friendly, non-toxic and environmentally safe is more important than ever. Here are a few considerations.


Previous industrial activity, legal and illegal dumping of waste material, and even past farming that relied on pesticides, herbicides and fungicides need to be identified before selecting a building site. Developers also need to look at surrounding properties to evaluate the sources of groundwater and locate hazards like electric substations, high-tension power lines and cellular towers. Naturally occurring toxins such as radon should also be considered before developing a site.


Homes must be as airtight as possible to ensure efficient temperature regulation, prevent pests, keep out pollutants and withstand varying weather conditions, while also having breathable systems and allowing for proper ventilation. This is achieved by incorporating passive airflow through vents and windows, as well as active systems like air-handling systems that draw in filtered, fresh air and circulate it throughout the home.

Natural building materials such as wood, bamboo, clay, concrete and earth are breathable and produce negative ions that are found in outdoor environments like oceans, forests and waterfalls. A research review in Environmental Science and Pollution Research found that exposure to negative air ions may have a positive effect on amino acid metabolism, which manifests as reduced inflammation and anti-oxidation. Further, an International Journal of Molecular Sciences article noted that negative air ions are widely used in air cleaning and may relieve dust and mold spore allergies. Good ventilation assists in clearing out positively charged ions.

Toxic mold is a common issue in homes. It is essential to inspect and test for mold during construction and before installing insulation and closing walls. To minimize the likelihood of mold growth, ensure adequate ventilation and properly install equipment, such as air conditioning units, which may contribute to condensation.

Acoustic protection from noise and vibration adds to the overall quality of living spaces. Thoughtful building practices incorporate materials that help block, absorb, mitigate or reduce noise and vibration. These include soundproofing, insulated walls, low emissivity (Low-E) dual-glazed windows, and plaster- and clay-based paint systems.


Locally sourced materials like clay, lime-based mortars and natural stone reduce a home’s carbon footprint by minimizing the need for extensive transportation. Avoid engineered

23 Green Living
Wirat from Getty Images/Fabián Montaño from Fabian Montaño/CanvaPro

wood, plastic, spray foams, metal, glues and adhesives that contain polymers and formaldehyde, which off-gas toxic chemicals. Some concrete fly ash contains naturally occurring uranium and thorium that have the potential to release radiation.

Incorporate energy-smart technology and appliances, and utilize renewable energy sources like solar power and geothermal climate systems. Select sustainably harvested timber, recycled steel, and products and appliances certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Choose materials and appliances with lower environmental life-cycle costs, prioritizing options that are environmentally friendly in their production and have minimal negative effects when reaching the end of their useful life.

Green homes include water-saving technologies such as rainwater harvesting systems and low-flow toilets and showerheads. They also include water purification systems to reduce the occupant’s exposure to lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and other chemicals and pollutants.


Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are invisible areas of energy associated with the use of electrical power, as well as natural and manmade types of light. EMF exposure can originate from electrical fields generated by wiring, radio frequencies from cellular and wireless devices, and micro-electrical surge pollution from transformers, motors, power supplies or solar equipment. The International Agency for Research on Cancer evaluated cancer risks from radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and classified it as a possible human carcinogen. A paper in Environmental Research concluded that “there is substantial scientific evidence that RFR causes cancer, endocrinological, neurological and other adverse health effects.” Accounting for these factors in a green build identifies areas to address for mitigation.

Prioritizing natural light and using colors in harmony with nature not only promote sustainability, but also create aesthetically pleasing spaces. Low-E windows allow

natural light to enter the home while deflecting harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared light, reducing energy bills and blocking radio frequencies.

Home lighting considerations include light spectrums and intensities, color frequencies and placement decisions, all of which can affect our circadian rhythm and reduce EMF exposure. Newer indoor fixtures mimic the sun by automatically changing color, intensity and frequency throughout the day and night to support our natural body clock.

In a green home, the electrical panel and high-EMF-emitting appliances like the refrigerator are not placed against bedroom walls. Wires are run in single, continuous circuits, without junctions and extensions, to reduce the system’s EMF profile. Internet connections for computers, printers, televisions and game systems are hardwired, which also increase connectivity and speed. A green home’s phone is a landline that improves call clarity and reduces RFR exposure.

Brian Johnson is the CEO of SENERGY360, where he is a certified building biologist and general contractor working to bring optimized living solutions and approaches to modern living, creating efficient and sustainable home environments. Check out his monthly “Healthy Homes Show” at

Aunt Alberta’s Remedy

Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease muscular aches and joint pain. Her Remedy is a homeopathic pain relief cream that penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Alberta

Kreat Day Botanicals

The choicest healthy Botanicals garnered from some of the most exotic corners of the world including kratom. Only The BEST!

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Austin Organic Village offers premium organic kratom from the lush tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, hape and hape accessories.


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SATURDAY JUNE 1st, 8th, and 15th

Mantra Yoga w/ Ed. 1:00pm-2:30pm. Come on a three-week journey into mantra yoga and learn how this yoga deepens connection with the heart and expands consciousness. Investment: $108 for all 3 weeks, $40 per drop in.


weMed Webinar: Menopause. 11 am-12 n. Tired of night sweats, hot flashes, major mood swings, and weight gain? This webinar will help you solve those issues naturally and effectively. FREE.


weMed Webinar: Hypertension. 11 am-12 n. Understand hypertension and the risk of the balloon effect internally even with medications. This webinar will teach you how to treat the root causes of hypertension to bring your blood pressure back within normal limits allowing you to reduce or eliminate medications safely. FREE.

Celebration! Black History 11 am. Live music, dance and kid-friendly poetry presenting Black History from ancient Africa to today.From Queen Nefertiti to Duke Ellington and Ketanji Brown Jackson, this show presents the unique role African Americans play in American history.A rousing celebration for all ages and backgrounds, featuring original poetry by two Houston Poet Laureates. FREE.rk DriveHouston, 77030.


weMED Webinar: Parkinson’s Disease. 11 am-12 n. This presentation will show you our patient testimonials and we will examine how they reduced tremors, resolved balance issues, as well as improved insomnia, constipation, and internal anxiety for Parkinson’s Disease. FREE.

Autoimmune Disease Free Health Seminar. 6:00 pm In-person. Join Dr. Serge and our practitioners at Mind & Body Solutions to discuss Autoimmune Disease. We will discuss the reasons why autoimmune diseases are on the rise, what are the potential triggers that contribute to the disease, potential side effects from prescribed medications, lifestyle and dietary modifications that can help alleviate symptoms, and we will talk about some alternative therapies that may be beneficial for managing symptoms. Space is limited so please call 281616-3816 to reserve your seat. The office is located at 210 Genesis Blvd., Suite C, Webster, TX 77598. For more information email us at or visit our website at


weMED Webinar: PCOS. 11 am-12 n. Facial hair, acne, weight gain and infertility are very frustrating with PCOS. This topic will the root causes of PCOS to eliminate most of those unwanted symptoms. FREE.


Pollinator Gardens Workshop 10 am - 12 pm Transform your yard into a haven for pollinators! Join us for the first installment of the Resiliency at Home workshop series. Learn about the vital role pollinators play in our ecosystem and discover how to create your very own pollinator garden. Get hands-on experience building a bee house and take home a kit at no cost to kickstart your garden project Kashmere Multi-Service Center 4802 Lockwood Dr, Houston 77026.

Juneteenth: A Musical Journey through eras. 8 pm. “Juneteenth: A Musical Journey Through Eras” offers a poignant exploration of Black music’s evolution across two immersive evenings, highlighting the soulful expressions of Classic R&B, Blues, Inspirational, Hip Hop, and more. FREE Miller Outdoor Theatre 6000 Hermann Park Drive Houston, 77030.


weMED Webinar: Kidney Failure. 11 am12 n. Kidney failure is an extremely scary situation as dialysis and kidney transplant interrupt our work-life balance as well as adding financial strain. This presentation will showcase our patients improved kidney function by following their eGFR and creatinine biometrics achieved through natural therapies. FREE.


weMED Webinar: Melting Belly Fat. 11 am-12 n. Tummy fat is stubborn, learn the signs and risks of that accumulated adipose tissue in the heart vessels, under the skin, and the rest of the body. This webinar will help you see that a reduction in tummy fat of 5-10 pounds or more is achievable. FREE.


Summer Solsice Crystal Bowl Sound Bath + Yoga Nidra w/ Jessica. 6:15-7:15 pm. Experience deep relaxation with the sounds and frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls. Jessica will guide you through a full body scan/yoga nidra meditation to a state of conscious sleep. momence. com/Jessica-Brock/Summer-SolsticeCrystal-Bowl-Sound-Bath-%2B-Yoga-Nidra/100308829


weMed Webinar: Hypertension. 11 am-12 n. Understand hypertension and the risk of the balloon effect internally even with medications. This webinar will teach you how to treat the root causes of hypertension to bring your blood pressure back within normal limits allowing you to reduce or eliminate medications safely. FREE.


weMed Webinar: Thyroid. 11 am-12 n. There is a lot of misinformation about thyroid disorders. Join us for The Truth About Thyroid and Autoimmunity. The real causes of thyroid symptoms (so we can start to fix them). The root cause of many other symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, headaches, allergies, hair loss, and skin issues. The consequences of not identifying and correcting the real causes of autoimmune issues. FREE.


Pure Living Houston. 10 am-7 pm. Pure Living Houston, the city’s inaugural holistic health and wellness expo featuring over 90 vendors and offering a diverse range of products and services, along with demonstrations, workshops, and lectures on cutting-edge health and wellness topics. Pure Living aims to promote holistic health by serving as a marketplace for clean, sustainable products and connecting health-conscious consumers with lifestyle brands. $12.50 early bird ticket price. Children under 12, FREE. Pure Living Houston 28505 Southwest Fwy, Rosenberg, TX 77471.



Star Spangled Salute! by Houston Symphony. 8:30 pm. Celebrate Independence Day with a performance of patriotic favorites performed by the Houston Symphony followed by a grand finale of fireworks.FREE. Miller Outdoor Theatre 6000 Hermann Park Drive. Houston, 77030.


6-Weeks Meditation and Breathing Fundamentals. 6-7 pm. Online. Learn to appreciate the inner and outer sensory experience, transcend limitations, and promote positive behavior change through a comprehensive approach to breathing and meditation without the “woowoo.” Open to beginning and veteran meditators. Classes will be recorded, and you will also receive free audio guided meditations every week. $149.


Ongoing Events


Free Outdoor Zumba 9am. Join the party and sweat with Tiny Fitness to rhythms from around the world! This hour-long Zumba fitness class will have you grooving, shaking, and toning to salsa, hip hop, samba, and bhangra beats - and so many more. Open to all fitness levels and recommended for ages 16+ Levy Park, 3801 Eastside.

Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Meditation with chanting, readings, and an opportunity to ask questions. Perfect for newcomers and long time practitioners. 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Free qigong at 10:00 am. On the first Sunday of every month we have qigong at 9:30, free teaching at 10:30, and a free lunch after meditation at noon. Dawn Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Center 4803 San Felipe St. Houston TX 77056.

Sunday Celebration 11 am. We gather to renew friendships and enjoy exciting celebrations and encouragements by minister Dr. Jesse Jennings, the music of Geoffry Oshman and guests, and the spiritual support of our practitioners. Creative Life Spiritual Center 5326 Spring Stuebner Rd. Ste. 200, Spring, Texas 77389. creativelife. org and online at

Kid’s Yoga w/Meredith. 11:30am-12:30pm Our children’s yoga classes teach age-appropriate yoga poses, breathing techniques, and mindfulness activities for children ages 5-12 years old. Through movement, games, and stories, children will be invited to grow in their self-awareness, improve their balance and physical strength, and learn tools for their emotional well-being. $27 drop in, class packages also available. Union Yoga Studio 600 N. Shepherd D.r. #449, Houston 77007.'s-Yoga/99388692


Free Outdoor Zumba 6:30 pm. Join the party and sweat with Tiny Fitness to rhythms from around the world! This hour-long Zumba fitness class will have you grooving, shaking, and toning to salsa, hip hop, samba, and bhangra beats - and so many more. Open to all fitness levels and recommended for ages 16+ Levy Park, 3801 Eastside, Houston 77098.

IGNITE! Sessions 12 noon - 6 pm. Find your purpose with igniter/artist/intuitive guide Sarah Gish in 30- or 60-minute sessions ($50 or $100). You’ll leave with a personal mantra that reinforces what the heart-centered connection uncovered. Call for appointment: 713-993-0550. Body Mind & Soul. 7951 Katy Freeway, Houston


Tai Chi in the Park - Evelyn’s 9 am. These classes are open to the public and are excellent for beginners and all levels of sincere Tai Chi Players. These classes are geared towards health and well-being and are gentle enough for Seniors and those who are recovering from illness or injury. Please join us. 4400 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire 77401.

Tai Chi in the Park – Woodchase 6 pm. These classes are open to the public and are excellent for beginners and all levels of sincere Tai Chi Players. These classes are geared towards health and well-being and are gentle enough for Seniors and those who are recovering from illness or injury. Please join us. 3951 Woodchase Dr, Houston 77042.

Dawn Mountain Teaching Tuesday: Buddhist Practice on Western Ground. first and third Tuesdays 7:00-8:30. Online and in person 4803 San Felipe St. Houston TX 77056. Previous sessions recorded and available for viewing. Register at


Tai Chi in the Park – Levy 7 pm. Thursdays @ 7pm. These classes are open to the public and are excellent for beginners and all levels of sincere Tai Chi Players. These classes are geared towards health and well-being and are gentle enough for Seniors and those who are recovering from illness or injury. Please join us. 3801 Eastside St, Houston 77098.

Midlife Orphan book study/discussion via Zoom. 7:30pm CT: Practitioner Sarah Westbrook leads this new book study/discussion. Who are we when we are fully untethered from our parents? What happens to the rest of the family when our patriarchs and matriarchs are no longer present? Jane Brooks explores these and similar themes in her book Midlife Orphan: Facing Life’s Changes Now that Your Parents are Gone. Please email to request a Zoom link


Tai Chi in the Park – Levy 9 am. These classes are open to the public and are excellent for beginners and all levels of sincere Tai Chi Players. These classes are geared towards health and well-being and are gentle enough for Seniors and those who are recovering from illness or injury. Please join us. 3801 Eastside St, Houston 77098.


Yoga on the Lawn. 8:30-9:30am. Weather permitting. Complimentary outdoor yoga on the Yoga Lawn at the MKT. Enjoy a 60 min. all levels vinyasa class and fruit sponsored by Central City Co-op after class. Mat rentals: $5 Union Yoga Studio 600 N. Shepherd Dr. #449, Houston 77007.

Tai Chi in the Park – Discovery Green 10:15 am. These classes are open to the public and are excellent for beginners and all levels of sincere Tai Chi Players. These classes are geared towards health and well-being and are gentle enough for Seniors and those who are recovering from illness or injury. Please join us. 3801 1500 McKinney, Houston 77010.

Reiki Circle 2:00 pm. Reiki Holy Fire Experience healing circle, held on 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. A chosen issue for healing will be the focus of each circle. Everyone is welcome.Location: 9039 Katy Freeway, building 500, suite 504, Houston, TX 77024. Fee: Love offering. Contact: April 713-922-3474.

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Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide email



9039 Katy Freeway, Suite 504 Houston, Texas 77024


We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reiki clinic, offering alternative healing services since 2008.

• Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

• Reiki energy healing, individual sessions and classes

• Internal medicine, pain management

• Women’s health, pre-post natal, menopause

• Emotional, trauma healing

• Chakra clearing and balancing

• Stress, anxiety, mood disorders

• Hormone, energy, sleep imbalance

• Diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid, gastrointestinal, and more…


Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Practitioner Training is offered monthly. Dates & details on website Reiki Healing Circle on 2nd Saturday of every month. See Calendar of Events.



211 Midway St, Bldg E Spring, TX 77373


A quaint shop in the heart of historic Old Town Spring Texas, offering unique handmade bath and body products and lots of rubber ducks. Small Batch Handmade soaps by Connie. Wonderful lather and amazing Scents. Enjoy the aroma therapy of a bath in your shower with Shower Steamers. Put little bit of heaven for your bath with Fizzies. We also have bath salts, scrubs, shampoos, lotions, creams, shaving creams & soaps, and batch accessories of all kinds. Shop conveniently on-line or drop by our store.



540 W 19 Street Houston, TX 77008


Re-designing dentistry in Houston Heights by creating a personal ized, comfortable, and fun experience to de liver excellent patient satisfaction. From preven tative dentistry to smile makeovers, our team of dental professionals have the skill-sets to provide remarkable quality and compassionate care to give you that smile you’ve always wanted. Ser vices include cosmetic, preventative, restorative, and a full range of family dentistry services. Lead by Drs. Emilyann Pham and Ann Blair our team provides compassionate human-centered patient care. Visit our website for more information or to book an appointment. Insurance accepted.


Houston Dental Health Center

800 Bering Dr. Houston, TX 77057


Natural Dentistry supports the body and the mind by finding the cause of dental problems. The dental examination includes noticing systemic and habitual influences. If you have dental issues or currently have silver amalgam fillings, call me today to schedule an appointment. See Ad on page 2.




“Breath, Meditate, Communicate”


Looking to learn a variety of meditation and breathing techniques without the “woo?” Learn skills that you can use in your everyday life to reduce suffering and increase fulfillment in yourself and others. Learn to practice with consistency. Learn the art of staying with it that will transport you to that really special place, that once you experience, you’ll know without a doubt. Visit our website to receive a FREE pre-recorded breathing and meditation session or to sign up for our upcoming 6-Weeks Meditation/Breathing Fundamentals Course.



1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-232-7336

Established 1989. Call to schedule any of the following services: massage therapies, lymphatic drainage massage and facials, reflexology, infra-red sauna, ion cleanse foot or hand baths, Chinese cupping or colon hydrotherapy (prescriptions only- yours or ours). By appointment only. Be well-Stay well. CALL TODAY!


Barbara Ellis, Retired RN 5042 Briscoe St. Houston, TX.77033 713-738-8199

Serving Houston and the surrounding area since 1979. We continue to irrigate with State Of The Art Equipment (closed colonic systems cleared by the FDA). We utilize totally disposable colonic set-ups and sterile water. A prescription is required for this procedure. Our Medical Director at a different location will make an assessment and write a prescription for OUR clients only. Visit our website to learn more details. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

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Grow Your Business Advertise with us. Call 713-443-3186



Bring your body to a relaxed state to encourage your body to naturally begin healing areas you may not pay attention to due to the business of everyday life. I offer Group Sound Baths, Personalized Vibrational, Reiki Sessions, and Cleansings. I seek to assist you in your healing journey and look forward to help you connect with a likeminded community all looking to co-create and elevate our Vibrations! This journey is for all ages and genders and I create a safe, loving environment for all. Visit my website to schedule a session and for information about my upcoming workshops.



Get to the root cause of your health conditions. Erin has been working in the health and nutrition field for over 11 years specializing and working extensively with those suffering from: autoimmune, digestive, hormonal and inflammatory disorders. She works with each client’s unique biochemistry to determine what dietary, supplementation and lifestyle changes will work best for them as an individual. There is NO one-size-fits-all program. All appointments are conducted via phone! This makes it very easy and convenient to receive care from any location. If you want to reach your true health potential, Email Erin today to schedule your FREE 45 minute initial phone consultation. Hours until 5 pm Fridays.


Dr. Serge Gregoire, Ph.D, CCH 210 Genesis Blvd, Suite C Webster, TX 77598 281-616-3816.

Dr. Serge & his team provide safe, effective, and natural, personalized functional medicine for the entire family and specialize in complex chronic disease and autoimmunity. We are committed to transforming the health and well-being of our patients through a holistic approach that includes evidence-based, natural therapies. Our practice is dedicated to addressing the root causes of illness rather than merely treating symptoms, to help you achieve optimal health outcomes. We feel that it is not just the absence of disease, but also improving our client’s physical, mental, and emotional balance overall that matters. See ad on page 9



(by appointment only)


Want to stop smoking or lose weight? Looking for ways to relax, find balance and increase the joy in your life? Hypnosis can help you. Call SOON to book your appointment. Let’s work together to create the life you want!


Suzanne Sears, RN, ACCH 9219 Katy Freeway, Ste. 113 Houston, TX 77024


Our mission is to promote wellness for the whole family. We have programs and services for adults, teenagers and children. If you or your child need help coping with anxiety/fear/stress, changing habits, pain management,sleep problems or weight management and more, we can help. Call today to schedule a conultation.



Melody McClain, FNP-C 210 Genesis Blvd, Suite C Webster, TX 77598 281-616-3816.

We help you find answers to the cause of your illness and the nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel ill. Melody will search for underlying triggers that are contributing to your illness through cutting edge lab testing and tailor the intervention to your specific needs as an individual. She may use diet, supplements, lifestyle changes or medication to treat your illness but will seek the gentlest way to help your body restore balance along with the least invasive treatment possible. She seeks to promote wellness and create hope, health, and healing for her patients. See ad on page 9


3100 Richmond Ave

Houston, TX 77098


We offer comprehensive and customized therapeutic plans that address chronic illness & autoimmune disease for patients seeking support both in-person and virtually. Phoenix Rising Integrative Medicine takes an integrative approach to addressing chronic illness and autoimmune by combining ancient healing tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern functional medicine, including evidence-based lab testing, clinical nutrition, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine and acupuncture protocols that are customized for each patient. We also work with patients suffering from environmental and food allergies, reproductive and fertility issues, breast implant illness, and emotional health issues. Visit our website for more information or to book an appointment.

weMED Clinics

4126 Southwest Fwy, Suite 1130 Houston, TX 77027 713-572-3888

Blending ancient wisdom with modern medicine

weMed Clinics can help you heal naturally. Our staff of 16, work together to address the root causes of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, chronic pain, insomnia and more. Our emphasis continues to be preventive and longevity care. Our free weekly webinars on a variety of health issues are listed in the Natural Awakenings calendar. Call or visit our website to schedule a visit or for more information.

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ELIXIR LOUNGE KAVA BAR 206 Main Street Spring, TX 77373

If you’re tired of the traditional bar scene, the same bar regulars, and what seems to be the same experience, then we urge you to give Elixir Lounge Kava Bar a try. We offer folks from all walks of life a cool spot to enjoy a night out without being pressured to consume alcohol. We offer kava drinks and other treats for those looking to boost their mood with the best alcohol alternatives. Whether you’re coming to relax with a book, have a conversation with friends, play a board game with other patrons, or enjoying a special event, Elixir Lounge has something for everyone.



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Focused on helping others achieve greater balance in life, our high-quality kratom products combine the best in variety with affordability. Sourced directly from top-rated kratom vendors that share our vision of helping others, Austin Organic Village is proud to offer a diverse line of kratom products for sale online. We believe that nature holds the key to true wellness, and offer our high-quality kratom products in the hopes of improving the health of others, the natural way. We ship nationwide and check out our prices and our quality. Call or visit our website for more information or to place an order. See ad page 4.


1973 W Gray, Suite 23 Houston, TX 77019


A BBB Accredited Business

We provide the choicest healthy Botanicals garnered from some of the most exotic corners of the world. Only The BEST! We ensure quality by going to the source, checking our international vendors 1st hand, and using USDA Certified Organic vendors when applicable. We stand by our products and our services! If you are unsatisfied with your order we will return, exchange and or refund your money. We got you covered! See ads on pages 12.



Life is full of magic and tragedy, continuously keeping most of us on an emotional roller coaster. Drawing from Jungian psychology, spiritual practices, and mindset activating techniques, we help clients understand the root of their habits and behavior and make lasting shifts and transform their lives in a profound and sustainable way. Let us help you find the lessons from your challenges and come out stronger. Visit our website today to book your FREE initial consultation.



1308 James Street Rosenberg, TX 77471


Health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph, causing lymph fluid to build up in a particular area of the body, often in the arms or legs where it can and may cause blockages. Lymphatic therapy can reduce swelling and improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system. By appointment only. Be well – Stay well. CALL TODAY!



6600 Harwin Drive, Suite 101-b Houston, TX 77036 209-210-8009

Whether your body has been injured by overuse, trauma or just stress, therapeutic massage can promote the healing process. You will receive a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs with the goal of promoting your health in body, mind and spirit. I offer New Client Specials and will be holding a Grand Opening on March 1st. Book your appointment now by going to the website.



2990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 440 Houston, TX 77098


Are you in pain? Well, you don’t have to live like this. We are here to heal your body and mind through massage and energetic practices. We offer a wide variety of massage modalities designed to fit your needs. We offer both onsite chair and concierge table massage. Call today to book your appointment at 832-526-6520. Our mission is to heal your mind and body. We accept both PSA and HSA cards for payment.


6600 Harwin Drive

Houston, TX 77036


Learn massage and holistic health. Train for a career you will love. New Program: Online classes combined with on campus classes! Open your own practice. Find employment at Luxury Spas, Fitness Centers & Rehab Clinics. Finish in as little as 5 ½ months. Join one of the fastest growing Health Care Professions. Day Classes begin May 20th and Evening Classes begin June 2nd. Visit our website or call today for more information or to schedule a tour of our school.

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4803 San Felipe St. Houston, TX 77056 713-630-0354

The mission of Dawn Mountain is to further the spiritual growth of our diverse community as a living bridge between traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and curious people everywhere. Dawn Mountain offers weekly meditation from 11am to noon each Sunday, “First Sunday” teachings on the first Sunday of each month at 10:30am, followed by our regular Sunday Meditation. Donations accepted. All sessions are archived on our YouTube channel. Please visit our website for more information and consider taking advantage of our many offerings,



123 Midway St, Bldg C Spring, Texas 77373 888-492-3584

We are a retail shop and also have an online store. We can also custom-make many of our product lines. Our products include a range of metaphysical items, clothing, books, stones, jewelry, candles, soaps, teas, incenses, herbs, blades, and accessories for spiritual work. We also have some unique renaissance festival and gothic clothing and accessories. Check out our gaming and sci-fi themed products as well. We offer daily in-house Tarot reading and conduct private Old Town Spring Ghost tours. Open 7 days a week.



1900 Blalock Rd Ste P

Houston, TX 77080


We serve our customers with knowledge, enthusiasm, generosity, and humor. Come visit us for a wide range of crystals and gems, fossils and specimens, silver and gemstone jewelry, sage and incense, home decor, new and used books, Tarot and oracle decks, and an ever-growing supply of handcrafted products by local artisans. Or stay informed with upcoming classes and events. Start your journey, learn something new, make new friendsit’s all possible here at Indigo Moons.

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Are you looking for ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life? Place our ReMinders around your most commonly used spaces for both work and living, and in this way remain aligned with your intention and more present throughout your activities. RECENTER pause and take a breath. REMEMBER your intention. RECONNECT throughout the day. Order our ReMinders Kit for only $10 and get a 30-day downloadable Mindfulness Program free. Visit our website for details and to order your kit.



“Better Health Naturally”

Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074


Dr. Gracie Chukwu is a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Certified Nutrition Counselor. She has been assisting people for over five years with holistic medicine, diet, nutrition and supplement support to enhance her client’s health and overall well-being. If you are suffering and cannot find relief, give Dr. Gracie a call.

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5326 Spring-Stuebner Road Spring, Texas 77389 |

We’re a spiritual discovery destination built on New Thought principles, as part of Centers for Spiritual Living, offering a fresh look at sacred traditions and the wisdom of the ages. We hold celebration services at 11am CT Sundays, plus they’re live-streamed on Facebook and appear later on our YouTube channel. Virtual classes, book studies and discussions happen online through the week. We’d love to have you check us out!

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Homeopathic Pain Relief Cream 973-715-9097

Need Relief from Arthritis? Try Aunt Alberta’s Remedy to ease muscular aches and joint pain. Her Remedy is a homeopathic pain relief cream that penetrates deep into the skin and muscle tissues. Get beneficial relief from sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, neuralgia, gout, and more. All-natural ingredients! Do you want to feel a real difference from the nagging aches of arthritis? Feel less pain & have more range of motion? Great buy, get a 4oz jar for $18 plus postage. Visit website for other options.

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Tiny changes Big Results 832-730-3048

Let’s make your life feel amazing! See results fast with personal training...join the Zumba Fitness party, FREE...put yourself to the test in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Kickboxing, or Beginner Bootcamp...or just let it all go in a Recovery Workshop...but whatever you do, start today for an even better tomorrow. Visit our website to sign up for a class or make an appointment for personal training.

Contact us today for special ad rates. 713-443-3186 If You Are Reading This, So Are Your Potential Customers.



“Better Health Naturally”

Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu, ND, CTN 6401 Southwest Freeway, Suite 250 Houston, TX 77074



Breast thermography has the ability to warn woman up to 10 years before any other procedure that a cancer may be forming; thus, allowing for prompt and timely treatment. Thermography uses no radiation and poses absolutely NO health risks to the patient. If you are a woman, over 20 years old and have not had a breast thermograph, call Dr. Gracie TODAY.

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Have you ever wanted to learn Tai Chi? Now is your chance. Join us for any of our FREE Tai Chi in the Park classes on Tues., Thurs. and Fri. See page 26 for details. Return your body and mind to its original pure and healthy state and is taught as a life nourishing, restorative and spiritual practice.



3821 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77027


Trendy Vegan offers delicious dining and takeout to Houston, TX. Trendy Vegan is a cornerstone in the Houston community and has been recognized for its outstanding Vegetarian cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. Our Vegetarian restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

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200 Westcott St. Houston, TX 77007


The Breathing Room was founded by Alicia Gordy, RYT-500, out of a desire to share with others the movement practices and healing modalities that brought about significant change in her own life. The unique yoga and Pilates studio and wellness center is focused on mindful, breath-based movement, as well as other modalities to support the wellness journey. All levels, from the beginning student to the advanced practitioner are welcome. We have found yoga and Pilates to be complementary, mindful, breath-based practices that when practiced consistently and with attention and care, yield profound results. We also offer sessions in meditation, breathwork and reiki, and share space with other practitioners specializing in physical therapy, massage and esthetics.


600 N Shepherd Dr., #449

Houston, TX 77007


The studio is dedicated to selfstudy through movement, breath and meditation, and is committed to upholding the tenets of authenticity, sincerity, inclusion, and integrity without exception. We offer a variety of classes including Vinyasa, The Rest of Yoga (™), Yin, Hatha, and Myofascial Release. Classes are in-person, streaming and on-demand. Owner and lead instructor, Kim Taurins has been practicing yoga since 2001. She is a 500 hour E-RYT level with an emphasis in yoga therapeutics, Daoism, Reiki, and bodywork. Visit our website for more informationor to sign up.

My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
—Clarence Budington Kelland
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