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Hofstra Department of Drama and Dance and The Gray Wig Alumni Theater Company October, 2012, Vol. XX, No. 1

The Poo-Wรก-Bah 2010-2012 Double Edition

Photo by David Goodman from the Richard F. Mason Memorial Service, March 27, 2011

Richard F. Mason Memorial Service Sunday, March 27, 2011


2012-2013 SEASON

FALL 2012



The 64th Annual

by Beau Willimon Directed by Peter Sander September 27 through October 7 Emily and Jerry Spiegel Theater

URINETOWN by Greg Kotis and Mark Hollmann Directed by Ilona Pierce Musical Direction by Kerry Prep Choreography by Brett Smock October 12 through 21 Black Box Theater

THE LEARNED LADIES by Molière (Translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur)

Directed by Christopher Dippel November 9 through 18 Black Box Theater

FALL DANCE CONCERT Live Music by the Hofstra University Music Department Guest Choreography by Nathan Trice and Catherine Turocy November 29 through December 2 John Cranford Adams Playhouse

Shakespeare Festival ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA by William Shakespeare Directed by James J. Kolb March 14 through 24 John Cranford Adams Playhouse


THIS BUD OF LOVE A One-Hour Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare Adapted by Maureen Connolly McFeely Directed by Cindy Rosenthal March 16 and 23 John Cranford Adams Playhouse

FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS by Alan Ball Directed by Royston Coppenger April 12 through 21 Black Box Theater

SPRING DANCE CONCERT Guest Choreography by David Parker and Nancy Duncan/Bebe Miller April 25 through 28 John Cranford Adams Playhouse

For more information, please call (516) 463-6644, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3:45 p.m., or visit

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 new people, network, and rekindle old friendships. As a member of The Gray Wig, you will receive a copy of our free newsletWe hope you enjoy this special double ter, The Gray Wig Gathering, which highissue of the Poo-Wa-Bah, brought to you lights recent Gray Wig events and alerts by the Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance in collaboration with The our members to upcoming activities. In Gray Wig. The Gray Wig has been produc- addition, members receive discounts to ing high-quality theater on Long Island and Gray Wig shows, workshops, and events providing scholarships to Hofstra students and are invited to attend the opening night reception of our productions. And as a bofor over 30 years. We are committed to continuing this legacy. We are proud to join nus, Gray Wig members receive one free together in the production of this and future ticket to all Department productions! Poo-Wa-Bahs, and more importantly to provide opportunities for alumni to connect We are devoted to providing our members with opportunities to come back to Hofstra with each other and with current students. to participate in cultural and social events and strengthen their relationship with the It is our hope that The Gray Wig will conUniversity. And, of course, we are devoted nect and support Department alumni for years to come. To accomplish that goal we to providing alumni and students with creative opportunities. To that end, we are exneed you - the Department’s graduating students and alumni - to become Gray Wig tremely excited to announce that, in addition to hosting several workshops and netmembers. Joining the Gray Wig is a great working events, in 2013 the Gray Wig will way to be involved and support Hofstra also be producing the season outlined beUniversity and is also a great way to meet low.

Greetings from The Gray Wig

September, 2012 Volume XX, No. 1

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Greetings from the Chair


2011 Graduates and Awards

6 7-9

2012 Graduates and Awards 2010-2011 Drama Season


2011-2012 Drama Season


2010-2011 Dance Program


2011-2012 Dance Season

23 24-25

2010-2011 Dance Education Program 2011-2012 Dance Education Program


Hofstra in India

26 27 28

Hofstra at Local High School

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The Gray Wig 2013-2014 Gray Wig Executive Board President…...Joseph Hoffman (Class of ‘00) Vice-President…..Jordan Hue (Class of ‘08) Secretary………….Jessy Waller (Class of ‘07) Treasurer……..Andrea Galeno (Class of ‘02) Membership…..…..Alex Dolin (Class of ‘08)

The Gray Wig 2013 Season

COMPANY Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM Book by GEORGE FURTH January 12 through 20 Helene Furtunoff Theater Monroe Lecture Center

FRECKLEFACE STRAWBERRY Music and Lyrics by GARY KUPPER Book by GARY KUPPER & ROSE CAIOLA January 12 through 20 Helene Furtunoff Theater Monroe Lecture Center

ACCENTUATE THE ARLEN April 13 and 14 John Cranford Adams Playhouse

OUR TOWN by THORNTON WILDER June 22 through June 30 Black Box Theater 3

The Department of Drama and Dance

Greeting from the Chair David Henderson The past two years have flown by! There are many exciting changes happening here in the department, not the least of which is our new partnership with Gray Wig, to act as an alumni out-reach organization for the Department of Drama and Dance. As you can see, for the first time, the Poo-Wa-Bah has been published jointly by the department and Gray Wig. This is one of many new ventures we are working on to stay connected with all of our alums. 2010-2011 was a year of celebration and remembrance. The University held a year-long celebration of Hofstra’s 75th anniversary, marked by special events throughout the campus. And the Department of Drama gathered to celebrate the life and work of Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Mason, who passed away on November 26th, 2010, at his home in Greenwich Village. The Department of Drama and Dance planned its entire season to coincide with Hofstra’s 75th anniversary celebration. All the productions and concerts of the year either reflected back on the past, or looked forward to the future of the University. Other events produced for the 75th anniversary included a three-way collaboration between Music, Dance and Drama to stage Igor Stravinsky’s one act ballet with narration, L’Histoire du Soldat. In the spring the Advanced Musical Theater Performance class presented 75 Years in 75 Minutes, an evening of musical theater spanning 75 years of repertoire. In addition, department alum Susan Sullivan returned to present The Actor’s Life as part of the 75th Homecoming Series. 4

It was wonderful to see so many alumni return to campus to celebrate the life of Dr. Mason. From the energy and enthusiasm put forth by those who produced the event, it was clear that Dr. Mason had a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those he taught. The Memorial, held in the Adams Playhouse, was coordinated and produced by Deborah Addis Madison (’77). A poignant slide show was presented, along with a theatrical piece written by Phil Rosenthal (’81), Jacob Fruchtman (‘76), Susan Varon (’74), Deborah Addis Madison, and Robert Weiner (’80), who also directed. The Tribute included musical selections sung by alumni Barbara Fasano (’80), John Leone (’85) and Neil Miller (’77). Additional tributes were given by alumni from the 70s through the 90s. Even the crew was made up of alumni, who worked alongside some of our current student volunteers. For my part, I enjoyed meeting so many alums from the years before my arrival at Hofstra.

and in production design. Our ties with Music are strengthening as the Musical Theater minor continues to grow and the production/design program continues to grow with over 40 B.F.A. and B.A. students this past year. The 63rd Annual Shakespeare Festival saw a major change in annual high-school scene competition. Schools were invited for a full “Shakespeare Day at Hofstra” in which they took stage combat, improv and dialect workshops run by our faculty and assisted by current students. There was also a Shakespeare design competition juried by faculty and production students in addition to the scene competition. We had such an overwhelming number of high-schools applying for inclusion that we hope to expand it to a two-day event in the 64th festival.

This coming year will begin with two of our productions, Farragut North and Urinetown, to be included in the Debate 2012 Signature I sincerely hope that this event will Event Series as part of the lead-up to the final Presidential debate to be re-connect many of you with the th department and I encourage you to held at Hofstra on October 16 . This is a great chance for the dereturn to see our current students’ partment to show off to the rest of work. If you let the box office the university, and even nationally! know you are a department alum, the tickets are free! It has been quite an experience for my first two years as chair! I could The department never rests! In not have done it without the tre2011-12 we inaugurated the Student Rep that incorporates Honor’s mendous support and encourageThesis, Senior Practicum, directing ment of many alumni, current stuclass and MoVom works into a one dents, and most of all, the faculty. -week repertory, open to the public, We have an amazingly active, vias an addition to the department’s brant, and talented department. I main-stage season. The Rep will be look forward to the upcoming year and hope that many of you will reheld at the end of every semester. turn to see a show, or just stop by We are also developing new conto see what’s new! nections with the Radio, TV and Film department to give our students more opportunities on camera David

Poo-WĂĄ-Bah, 2010-2012 th

20 Annual Senior Showcase Participants, May 2011

2010-2011 Graduates

John Bahrenberg

Victoria Fowler Gabrielle Hanley-Mott Joseph Jehle Sho Kawabata Sarah Parker Zachary Peraldo Rachel Pieroni Clarissa Soto Matthew Tiberi

Shanna Brown

Kati Delaney

Laura Duell

Adam Griffith

B.A. in Dance

B.A. in Drama Michael Guess

Lauryn Hamel

Patrick Harman

Chelsea Lando

James Monahan

Kristin Nemecek

Keith Pinault

Michael Quattrone

Alexandra Rose

Ryan Smith

Paul Tiesler

Richard Traub Gina Ventura Chelsea Whitfield And Production Majors: Sarah Biesinger, Peter Fogel, James Monahan, Lily Moore

Drama Awards 2010-2011 Outstanding Freshman Outstanding Sophomore Outstanding Junior Outstanding Senior D. H. Swinney Award Technical Awards Acting Awards

Distinguished Service Awards

Citation of Merit Rosenthal Award Anne Noonan Award Kearsely Scholarship Barnes Scholarship Ackerman Scholarship Liebson Scholarship

Rita McCann Bryan Chess Avery Trunko Peter Fogel Katie Barnhard Peter Duffy Athena Ellis Samantha Newby Chelsea Frati James Monahan Christopher Wentworth Kristen Nemecek What Fools! Ensemble Kaitlin Donelon Alexa Kleiman Patrick Harman Devin Gee Shanna Brown Keith Pinault Ian Poake James Monahan Katie Hesketh Georgia AndrĂŠ Amelia Kreski Megan Heverin

Dance Awards 2010-2011 Dance Endowed Scholarship Lance Westergard Alumni Association Award

Chris Balestriere Katherine Barnhard Shira Berk Kevin Best Michael Guess Timothy Johnson Jacqueline Joyner Alexa Kleiman Michelle Klingler Jamie Marcus Matthew Mavroides Samantha O'Keefe Nicholas Rice Sydney Rosen Rafaella Rossi Amanda Sapanara Carolyn Scaringello Ryan F. Smith Paul Tiesler Chelsea Whitfield

B.F.A. in Theater Arts Performance John Vincent Bahrenburg Shanna Brown Kathryn M. Delaney Laura Duell Chelsea Frati Adam Griffith Lauryn Hamel Patrick Harman Kristin Nemecek Keith Pinault Michael Quattrone Alexandra Rose Richard Traub Gina Ventura

Production Sarah Biesinger Robert Bursztyn Peter Duffy Peter Fogel James Monahan Lily Moore

B.S. in Dance Education Kristy Luise Caroline Shipp Melissa Vacek

Katherine Mayo Leah Cernosek


The Department of Drama and Dance

2011-2012 Graduates


21 Annual Senior Showcase Participants, May 2012

B.A. in Dance Leah Cernosek* James Falcon Dana Irwin* Eileen Klugh* Nancy Louigene Matthew Martine Katherine Mayo* Allison Mazzarella Samantha Morrill* Samantha Owens Jessica Riley Amanda Salituro

B.A. in Drama Shea Burke Michael Quinn Biona Olimpio Elizabeth Hudman Zakiya Nickerson Kathryn Turley Ashley Medeiros Tyler Pardini Kimberly Hughes Andrew Harrington Sarah Klein Chelsie Tuttle Julie Clarke Te’osha Baker-Bunch

Georgia André

John Ball

Maria Camilo

Katie Hoffmann

Chloe Houston

Amelia Rose Kreski

Bailey Libbey

Taylor Lynne

Ian Poake

Erika Santosuosso

Michelle Street

Christian Titus

Chris Wentworth

And Production Major: Athena Ellis

B.F.A. in Theater Arts

Drama Awards 2011-2012


Outstanding Freshman Outstanding Sophomore Outstanding Junior Outstanding Senior

Georgia André-Goldfine John Ball Maria Camilo Kira Christoforidis Mary Kate Finnegan Katherine Hoffmann Chloe Houston Amelia Kreski Bailey Libby Taylor Lynne Phillips Ian Poake Erika Santosuosso Michelle Street Christian Titus Christopher Wentworth

D. H. Swinney Award Technical Awards Acting Awards

Distinguished Service Awards

Production Hauzia Conyers Kaitlin Donelon Lindsey Elhai Avery Trunko Connor Van Ness

B.S. in Dance Education Daniella Cipriano Shanelle Cummings Alexandra Joseph Catherine O’Halloran Melanie Picchioni* * with Honors from the National Honor Society for Dance Arts


Kira Christoforidis Marykate Finnegan

Citation of Merit Rosenthal Award Anne Noonan Award Barnes Scholarship Ackerman Scholarship Liebson Scholarship

Nic Christopher Alex Beja Max Baudisch Amelia Kreski Devin Gee Samantha Newby Lee Moore Meaghan Maloney Ian Poake Kathryn Turley Kim Hughes James Crichton Christian Titus Dani Letsche Danielle DeMatteo Taylor Lynn Philips Tom Meyers Bianca Olimpio Megan Heverin Kaitlin Donelon Bryan Chess Eliza Hill Alexandra Rightmeyer

Dance Awards 2011-2012 Dance Endowed Scholarship Lance Westergard Alumni Association Award

Keyla Hiraldo and Alexandra Kuhlke Julie Seal

Poo-WĂĄ-Bah, 2010-2012

The 2010-2011 Drama Season A Season of Innovation Fittingly, given that Hofstra celebrated its 75th anniversary this year, the 2010-2011 Drama and Dance season was a year of firsts for the Drama department, featuring the world premiere of an original play by a Hofstra alumnus, the first productions of two major new Shakespeare adaptations, the revival of an undiscovered American classic, and the first Hofstra productions of a major musical and a classic of American realism. The season started off with Professor Peter Sander’s production of Intimations for Saxophone by

Sophie Treadwell. This littleknown play by the author of Machinal had been produced only once before, in a very different version, by Arena Stage in Washington DC in 2005. For this production, Professor Sander scoured libraries and archives, unearthing several different endings for the script, which he collated for the Hofstra production. To emphasize the expressionistic aspects of the play he chose to incorporate a stunning and evocative use of masks. Dance and movement figured prominently in the production, with dances choreographed

Intimations for Saxophone, 2010

by Professors Stormy Brandenberger and Robert Westley. The production showcased the work of student designers Connor Van Ness (Lights) Kaitlin Donelan (Set) and Hauzia Conyers (Costumes). James Hart contributed the sound design. To help student Drew Mackie play the important role of a knife-thrower, Professor Sander enlisted the aid of professional knife-thrower Throwdini, who, coincidentally, lives next door to Hofstra TD Lynne Wheat (who has started a second career as a spinning target as a result!)

Photo by Brian Ballweg


The Department of Drama and Dance The Drama Department’s second show was a stunning production of Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret. Guest director Jason Tucker directed the production, and also provided musical direction. The play, set in and around a Berlin speakeasy during the rise of Nazism, is based on John Van Druten’s autobiographical play I Am a Camera. Hofstra’s production featured a multilayered, quickly transforming set by Department Chair David Henderson, and lighting by Professor Rychard Curtiss, and costumes by Professor Pei-Chi Su. Hofstra alumna Whitney Stone provided choreography, with sound design by alumnus Matt Lebe.

Cabaret, 2010

Photo by Phil Marino

The fall season ended up with Hofstra’s first-ever production of Clifford Odets’s American classic Awake and Sing. Professor James Kolb directed this moving Depression-era drama. Student Robert Bursztyn designed a unique set that placed audience members on two sides of the Berger family’s apartment. Student Peter Fogel designed the authentic 1930’s costumes, and faculty members James Hart and Rychard Curtiss provided lighting and sound, respectively.

Awake and Sing!, 2010


The 2011 Shakespeare Festival featured two new Shakespearean adaptations. The War of the Roses was Professor Royston Coppenger’s one-evening adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henry VI trilogy, incorporating multiple versions of Shakespeare’s plays, historical documents, eighteenth-century adaptations by Colley Cibber and John Crowne, and original material. The production featured a massive industrial set by guest designer Gary Hygom, lighting by student Connor Van Ness, and sound design by Professor Rychard Curtiss. Professor Pei-Chi Su’s modern, flexible military-style costume design helped the cast of 21 students play upwards of 55 characters. Professor Robert Westley choreographed the production’s many combat scenes, ably assisted by student Assistant Fight Directors Pat Harman and Travis Youssef.

Photo by Phil Marino

The War of the Roses, 2011

Photo by Phil Marino

What Fools! was the Shakespeare Festival’s touring show and companion piece, directed by Professor Jean Dobie Giebel. Maureen Connolly McFeely’s adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream allowed six actors to play twenty characters in a dizzying, hilarious one-hour version of Shakespeare’s comedy. The production, set in a contemporary high school, featured a quick-changing set by James Hart, costumes by student Lindsay Elhai, and lighting by student Connor Van Ness. Tim Giebel choreographed the show’s many comic fights. The 2010-2011 Drama season concluded with Professor Cindy Rosenthal’s production of alumnus Isaac Rathbone’s new play Undeclared History. Set at Hofstra University in the late 1960s, the play dramatizes the effect of the Vietnam War and the

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 helmed Tom Stoppard’s Dogg’s Hamlet, Cahoot’s Macbeth. The fall semester finished up with Keith Pinault’s ambitious production of Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera. Spring semester 2011 began with Mid Mid-Life Crisis, an original musical review directed by James Monahan (B.F.A. ’11). John Ball (B.F.A. ’12) directed John Kolvenbach’s On an Average Day, a two character psychological drama, with actors Pat Harman and John Bahrenburg trading roles on alternate performances. A collaboration between Keith Pinault (B.F.A. ’11) and Philip Schaefer (B.F.A. ’13) resulted in What Fools!, 2011 Photo by Phil Marino The Exception and the Rule/Vox Pop, an interesting experiment in staging one growing anti-war movement on a diverse group of of Brecht’s “lehrstucke” (learning plays) and then representative characters, interspersed with song, attempting to create a collaborative piece of political dance, and absurdist interludes featuring a Trickster theater with Hofstra students expressing their conwearing a mask of Richard Nixon. Costumes were cerns, utilizing the theories and practices of Brazilian designed by Professor Pei-Chi Su, the multilayered theater director Augusto Boal. Other Spring student scaffolding set by Professor David Henderson, lightproductions included Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels ing and sound by Professor Rychard Curtiss, with directed by Shanna Brown (B.F.A. ’11), Lanie Robchoreography by Professor Stormy Brandenberger ertson’s The Insanity of Mary Girard, featuring exand fight choreography by professor Robert Westley. tensive mask work, directed by Alex Rose (B.F.A. The show was timed to coincide with the Into the ’11), The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Light conference, co-chaired by dance professor directed by Ryan Zatcoff (BA ’12), and Steven Adly Robin Becker and drama professor Robert Westley. Guirguis’ The Last Days of Judas Iscariot directed A highlight of the production, for everyone involved, by Chris Wentworth (B.F.A. ’12). was a special performance and talkback for conference attendees, including many veterans of the Vietnam War. Of course, our students weren’t idle outside the Mainstage season in 2010-2011. A full slate of ambitious student-driven projects contributed to a season of remarkable variety and experimentation. Students not only continued their eternal quest to expand the capabilities of the Spiegel Theater, they also branched out into alternate spaces and innovative production concepts. In the fall semester Sarah Biesinger (B.F.A. ’11) directed Boyz’ Toy, her own expressionistic adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll House set among the contemporary pop music scene. Rich Traub (B.F.A. ’11) directed a gripping production of Tracy Letts’ play Bug. Paul Tiesler (B.A. ’11) created an original, untitled multimedia piece with live music based on an iconic 70s art-rock album. Lizz Hudman (B.A. ’12) directed Terence McNally’s little -known play Cuba Si!, and Ian Poake (B.F.A. ’12)

Undeclared History, 2011

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Students, faculty and alumni alike have a lot to be proud of; as Hofstra pushes forward into its next 75 years, the Department of Drama and Dance continues its tradition of excellence and innovation in production. 9

The Department of Drama and Dance

The 2011-2012 Drama Season A Look Back at the 2011-2012 Season Hofstra Drama Department’s 2011-2012 season featured a well-rounded lineup of contemporary plays and well-loved classics. Most excitingly, this season the Department launched a major initiative aimed at incorporating student work into the regular mainstage season.

War of the Roses.) Professor Pei-Chi Su designed costumes evocative of New York’s Lower East Side in the 1990’s, and student Connor Van Ness designed the lighting. Alumna Whitney Stone choreographed the show’s many exuberant dances. Guest Artist Jeff Theiss was musical director, bringing off a tight, exciting rendering of the show’s rock and popThe season began with Christopher Durang’s 1985 influenced score. comic drama The Marriage of Bette and Boo. The production was staged by Professor Royston Coppenger in the Spiegel Theatre. Due to an ill-timed decision by the University to replace the Spiegel’s roof, Bette and Boo had the distinction of being probably the only Drama Department show ever to have its opening night rained out. However, by the second performance order was restored and the rest of the run went off without a hitch. The production featured lighting by Professor Rychard Curtiss. The remainder of the design team was comprised of students: Kaitlin Donelan designed a damp but inventive set; Hauzia Conyers designed costumes evocative of mid-century America; Rent, 2011 Photo by Carol Rosegg and Max Lehman provided an extensive sound design. Former student David Gordon, currently a budding After two contemporary plays the Department retheater critic in New York City, returned to serve as turned to the classics with Professor Peter Sander’s the production’s dramaturg. production of The Importance of Being Earnest. The production was staged in the round in the Black Box Theater, on Department Chair David Henderson’s minimalistic set. Cheryl McCarron designed the elegant Edwardian costumes, Professor Rychard Curtiss

The Marriage of Bette and Boo, 2011 Photo by Phil Marino

The second show of the season was Jonathan Larson’s contemporary musical Rent, staged by Professor Cindy Rosenthal in the Adams Playhouse, on a multilevel, environmental set designed by guest Gary Hygom (who also designed the previous season’s The The Importance of Being Earnest, 2011 Photo by Brian Ballweg 10

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 designed sound, and student Bryan Chess designed lights. Professor Ilona Pierce worked extensively with the cast to hone their dialects. The Fall semester ended with the inaugural run of the new Student Rep, a way to bring student’s Practica, Honors Thesis productions and directing projects into the main season in a better venue (The Black Box) and with more faculty support. The Student Rep shows are marketed to Hofstra’s subscription audience, and are performed in repertory for a week, offering students the experience of mounting plays in real festival conditions. The first Student Rep featured a bold selection of contemporary plays: Keith Reddin’s dark comedydrama Brutality of Fact, an acting practicum for Kim Hughes and Katie Hoffmann directed by Professor Jean Dobie Giebel; A.R. Gurney’s Another Antigone, an acting practicum for Julie Clarke staged by directing student Elizabeth Reese; and the rock musical Hedvig and the Angry Inch, Erika Santosuosso’s performance practicum, staged by student director Kelley Malloy. Professor Rychard Curtis provided lights and sound for all the Rep shows. The 63rd Annual Shakespeare Festival featured Jean Dobie Giebel’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. Updated to World War I – era Britain, the multilevel set was designed by David Henderson, with costumes by Pei-Chi Su, sound design by Rychard Curtiss, and lights by student designer Bryan Chess. Professor Robert Westley choreographed the stage violence, and Departmental accompanist Art Solari composed music and provided musical direction for the show. Guest instructor Gloria Biegler served as vocal coach, and Professor Maureen McFeeley once again lent her skills as dramaturg for the production. The high school touring show this year was a Much Ado About Nothing, 2012 Photo by Phil Marino one-hour version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, adapted and directed by Adjunct Professor Ed Elefterion. This exciting reconfiguring of the play featured a spare, minimalist set by student Meaghan Maloney and costumes by student Samantha Newby. Fight choreography was by Robert Westley, and a cast of six students played all the characters in the stripped-down classic.

Hamlet, 2012 Photo by Phil Marino

The Drama Department’s spring Black Box show was Tennessee William’s classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, directed by Professor James Kolb. The show featured a design team made up entirely of students: Lee Moore designed the towering set, which evoked the grandeur of Big Daddy’s plantation house; Avery Trunko designed the elegant 50’s-era costumes; Connor Van Ness designed lights; and Max Lehman designed sound. Student Maggie Kissinger served as the production’s dramaturg.

The season wrapped up with the second Student Rep, featuring an eclectic and intriguing selection of plays. Alumni and guest instructor Jordan Hue directed student Taylor Phillips’ one-hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure; student Lizz Hudman directed Maria Camilo’s performance practicum, How I Learned to Drive, with projections designed by student Bridget Reagan; and directing student Philip Schaffer directed David Harrower’s tense drama Blackbird, a performance practicum for Sarah Klein. Rychard Curtiss provided lighting for all the Student Rep shows. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 2012 Photo by Phil Marino


The Department of Drama and Dance


Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

The Dance Program Celebrates Hofstra’s 75th Anniversary: The 2010-2011 Season What an exciting year we had, celebrating Hofstra’s 75th Anniversary! In September we welcomed in 29 First Year dance majors who hailed from all over the country and brought new energy to the entire department. In October, the 75th anniversary events began with a collaboration between the Departments of Drama, Dance and Music with a performance of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat. A group of six student instrumentalists, led by conductor David Ramael, performed the challenging score while dance students Sherrell Bush, Eileen Klugh, and Matthew Tiberi performed the choreography of guest artist Caroline Copeland. Drama Professor Peter Sander performed the role of the Narrator, telling the tale of what happens when a soldier meets up with the devil. Anita Feldman represented Hofstra at the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference at Arizona State University. She presented a workshop in Contemporary Tap. We were also fortunate to have guest artist Victoria Marks in residence for several days in October. Ms. Marks is a Professor of Choreography in the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA and has won many prestigious awards (including a 2005 Guggenheim Fellowship) for her choreography and films. While on campus, Ms. Marks showed three of her dance films to our dance majors and minors, sparking much interest and conversation. She also coached her 1989 piece “Dancing to Music” which was performed on the Fall concert. In recognition of our 75 th anniversary celebration, this piece was performed by both a student cast and a faculty cast (Robin Becker, Stormy Brandenberger, Anita Feldman, and myself), marking the first time the Faculty has performed together on the JC Adams stage. Dancing to Music

The Call In November, our Fall concert also included four pieces by Hofstra faculty. “The Call,” by JoLea Maffei, featured fiery bluegrass fiddle music and authentic old time “hollers” for a reflection on the daily life of a small farming community in the hills of North Carolina in the 1930s. Niles Ford created “Fifteen Steps,” a commentary on today’s generation and a reaction to the past year’s political turmoil and controversial news events. Maxine Steinman created “Beauties,” which was set to the expressive and melancholy “Fado” music of Portugal. It explored the various ways women are perceived by others as they move through the journeys of their lives. Finally, Karla Wolfangle addressed the question: “Have you ever had thoughts that played over and over in your mind that you couldn’t get rid of and even your closest friend couldn’t help you out?” This was the topic of her piece, “Static in the Attic,” which was performed in a “film noir” setting.

Fifteen Steps

Stormy Brandenberger, Rachel List, Robin Becker, and Anita Feldman (left to right)

Dance Photos by Johan Elbers


The Department of Drama and Dance Static in the Attic

December brought the adjudication of student choreography to be considered for the American College Dance Festival, the College Partnership Project (at DTW in Manhattan) and DanceWave’s “Kids Go to College” festival in Brooklyn. Out of a wonderfully varied group of work, six pieces were chosen to be presented off campus. “What Good Am I?” choreographed by Matthew Tiberi and “Unlimited Test” choreographed by Shanelle Cummings, were chosen for adjudication at ACDF and Matthew Martine’s piece, “Climbing Trees,” was chosen to go on the informal concert. We were very proud when Matt Tiberi’s piece (performed by Leah Cernosek and Katherine Mayo) was honored by being selected for the end of festival Gala concert. On February 5, Sarah Parker’s piece, “Entrapped, entangled,” was performed at the Kumble Theater as part of DanceWave’s high school/college festival and two weeks later, Katherine Mayo’s piece, “A Burden,” and Clarissa Soto’s piece, “I lost what I am in pursuit of,” were performed at Dance Theater Workshop in Manhattan. All the pieces received excellent feedback. Also in February, we launched our first ever High School Dance Intensive which took place during the President’s Day holiday. Organized by Anita Feldman and myself, and administered by alumna Jean Benincasa, the Intensive drew 40 students from Long Island and the five boroughs. Hofstra faculty members Amy Marshall, Jason Melms, and Devin Pullins taught classes in ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop. They also set choreography on the participants who performed for their friends and family in Dempster at the end of the second day. Hofstra students helped out by participating in classes, performing some of 14


their own choreography and, in general, making the visitors feel at home. Everyone agreed the Intensive was a great success and we plan to make it an annual event. In March, Hofstra students were on the move! From the 9th to the 13th, Stormy Brandenberger and Arthur Solari accompanied 40 dance majors to the ACDF at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. On the 23rd, Robin Becker took her company of dancers (including Hofstra alums Edwardo Brito, Lisa Clementi, Chazz Fenner-McBride, Jessica Pulcini, and Nicole Sclafani) and a group of nine current dance majors to perform her piece “Into Sunlight” at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. This piece, which would also be performed on Hofstra’s Spring concert, was a major part of joint conferences (held in Madison and at Hofstra) inspired by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Maraniss’ book, “They Marched into Sunlight.” Robin was instrumental in organizing the conferences which addressed the issue of war and how it affects individuals and society. In Madison, Robin’s piece was hailed as “poignant and powerful.” When the piece was performed on the Hofstra campus, it was followed by a “talkback” with an audience that included veterans, many of whom were surprised that an abstract dance could deal with such a powerful topic and touch them so deeply. We also welcomed Victoria Marks back to Hofstra to participate in the conference. She showed films that detailed her dance/theater work with veterans in Los Angeles. Altogether, the three days of the conference made a deep impression on all who attended. In April, the Spring faculty concert represented a timeline stretching from the 1930s, when Hofstra was established, right up to the present day. In addi-

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Into Sunlight

It was All

a Dream

That Which is Reveale d

Steps in the Street

’ Cage Meets ‘Bojangles


The Department of Drama and Dance Static in the Attic

Static in the Attic tion to Robin’s di Latsky. She piece, which will complete her represented the M.F.A. at the ’60s, there were University of four other piecWisconsin/ es. Anita creatMilwaukee this ed an exuberant summer, and tap piece called then has been “Cage Meets invited to stay ‘Bojangles’.” Inspired by both popular and “art” and teach there for a year. Meanwhile, Maxine music of the 1930s, the score was performed live by Steinman, who just returned from teaching in BraHofstra music students while the dancers performed zil, has joined Christina in Milwaukee to begin her in the style of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson as well as M.F.A. Darrah Carr is in Texas to continue her PhD the more contemporary style of rhythm tap. The studies at Texas Woman’s University. Devin Junior Repertory class performed an iconic Martha Pullins’ recent travels have taken him to Dubai, Graham work, “Steps in the Street,” which premiCanada, Russia and Italy to teach and choreograph. ered in 1936. It was staged by guest artist and forArthur Solari was also in Russia and Italy where he mer principal dancer with the Graham Compawas coaching musicians in the performance of ny, Elizabeth Auclair. Stormy Brancontemporary scores. Giada Ferrone is denberger presented a contempothe Artistic Director of Toscana rary piece entitled, “That Summer Dance in Florence, Which is Revealed,” to a Italy this year and will be score by the dance projoined by four Hofstra gram’s Music Director, dance majors. Dyane HarArthur Solari. We arrived vey-Salaam will be teachat the present moment by ing with Hofstra alum way of Devin Pullins’, Makeda Thomas this July piece, “It Was All a at her dance intensive in Dream,” which encompassed Port of Spain, Trinidad. Robhip hop, jazz, burlesque and balin Becker is currently teaching Steps in the Street let. in Switzerland and Germany and I just got back from a month Germany As usual, many of our faculty members were travelwhere I was performing with the New York Baing to a variety of different places teaching, choreoroque Dance Company in an opera and a dance graphing, studying and performing this year. In adshow. I am thrilled to report that I was sharing the dition to being in Arizona, Anita also represented stage with Hofstra alum, Gregory Youdan (class of Hofstra at an educational conference at the Kennedy 2007). Center in Washington, D.C. Niles Ford spent two weeks in Curacao teaching and choreographing for I am so proud of all our alums and would love to the inaugural hear more about “Energy Street what you’re doing. Festival.” ChrisPlease stay in tina Briggstouch, or better yet, Winslow travcome visit. The eled to England, door is always Ireland, Germaopen! ny and across - Rachel List the United Director of Dance States to perform with choreographer HeiCage Meets ‘Bojangles’


Cage Meets ‘Bojangles’

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

The 2011-2012 Dance Season Quoting Charles Dickens, I would characterize the 2011-2012 school year at Hofstra by saying: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” We had wonderful highpoints, like the selection of Katherine (KK) Mayo’s solo choreography Augusta Moves for the American College Dance Festival national gala at the Kennedy Center in May. And we had devastating low points, like the sudden death of our beloved friend and faculty member Niles Ford in January. Throughout it all, we supported each other and carried on. I am tremendously proud of the hard work and positive energy that I witnessed in the Dance Program this past year. We began the year with a very large incoming class and a lot of enthusiasm. Christina Briggs-Winslow accepted a one-year full time teaching position at the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, so we welcomed Ellie Kusner as our new Pilates teacher. At our Fall auditions, students were cast in pieces by faculty choreographers Giada Ferrone, Niles Ford, Amy Marshall, Maxine Steinman, Karla Wolfangle and guest choreographer Cathy Young (newly appointed Director of the Dance Division/Boston Conservatory). In October, three Dance Education majors traveled to Minneapolis for the National Dance Educators Organization conference. Anita presented a workshop titled "Music by the Foot: Tap Dance is a Collaborative Art Form" with Suzanne Knosp, the President of the International Guild of Musicians in Dance. She also served on a panel titled, "What to Publish? Ask the Authors." Kadogo

November and December were busy with classes and rehearsals. The Fall faculty concert was a wonderful mix of styles. Giada Ferrone’s piece, Invocation, was part III of the Moondog Dance Project, which paid tribute to the music of Louis Thomas Hardin, aka Moondog. Moondog was a blind American composer and poet who lived a very unconventional and bohemian life. His music drew inspiration from Native American, contemporary jazz and classical music, mixed with ambient sounds from his environment. Niles Ford’s piece, We Are People, was a comment on the social and spiritual state of our world. Amy Marshall’s piece was called Kadogo, which means small in Kiswahili. This is the name given to the Child Soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This piece examined the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of children who are abducted to fight for government and other armed forces in Africa. Karla Wolfangle’s piece, she walks into a room..... was inspired by Paul Hindemith’s music entitled Four Temperaments which was woven throughout the score. “She” in the dance title embodied the four humors


(melancholic, sanguinic, phlegmatic, and choleric) as well as the qualities of the performers. Maxine Steinman created the Junior Repertory piece entitled By the Sea, which explored the landmark Coney Island amusement park and boardwalk during its romantic heyday in the 1930s and 1940s. Cathy Young’s piece, Flash/Back, portrayed a group of quirky friends having a night out on the town. This jazz piece was inspired by a musical score that referenced 1960’s cool jazz and 1940’s swing and featured vernacular dances of the past, including the Charleston, Lindy Hop, and 60’s social dances like the “Tighten Up.” Percussionist Jordan Chiolis added to the fun, performing on stage and interacting with the dancers. At the end of the semester, Stormy fell while teaching and sustained a very bad break of her left forearm. Always a trooper, Stormy spent her winter vacation doing physical therapy so she would be ready to teach and choreograph in the Spring. 17

The Department of Drama and Dance By the Sea

Then, on Jan. 14, we were shocked and saddened to hear that Niles Ford had suddenly died. Niles was getting his company (the Urban Dance Collective) ready for performances when he passed away suddenly from a heart attack at his home. So, we began the Spring semester with a memorial gathering and tribute to Niles. In addition to our dance “family,” we were joined by many drama students and drama faculty, as well as John Guthman from Counseling Services and Anne Mongillo, Dean of Student Advisement. At the suggestion of Giada Ferrone, we raised funds to purchase a small tree (a weeping hemlock) and a memorial plaque which is now installed at the entryway of Emily Lowe Hall. Niles’ influence and energy will continue to be felt by all of us who knew him. We miss him every, single day. He is survived by his wife, Jenny Taylor, and his two young sons, Malik and Isaac. On January 20 and 21, Robin Becker’s dance company plus nine Hofstra students traveled to Washington, she walks into a room…..


Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 We are People


D.C. to perform her piece Into Sunlight at George Washington University. Two months later, the piece was performed again, this time by Robin’s company and the dance students at Holy Trinity High School on Long Island.

Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. Pieces chosen for adjudication were Caitlin Sheppard’s Catch and Release and Katherine Mayo’s Augusta Moves. Laura Merkel’s piece Rue des Cascades was also presented at the informal concert. We were extremely proud when both Caitlin’s and KK’s pieces were chosen for the Festival gala and even more thrilled when KK’s solo was chosen to be included in the National gala in Washington, D.C. This marked a first for Hofstra!

In February, we hosted our second High School dance intensive during the President’s Day break. In addition to ballet and modern classes, taught by Jason Melms and Amy Marshall, we also had jazz classes taught by Royce Zackery and master classes in African dance (taught by Dyane Harvey-Salaam) and Irish dance (taught by Cian Smith). Hofstra students helped out by participating in classes and showing some of their own work during the final presentation. We met a lot of talented high school students and all agreed this is a great addition to our yearly calendar. From February 16 – 29, Anita represented Hofstra at the Kennedy Center “Arts in Education Partnership” Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Hofstra’s School of Education is partnered with the Plainview/ Old Bethpage School District and Great Neck Arts Center. On Feb. 26, Matthew Martine presented Frequently at Odds and Julie Seal presented Recurrence at New York Live Arts in New York City, as part of the College Partnership Program. Both pieces received excellent feedback after the performance. On March 4, Nicole Flores presented It Catches Up With You at the Kumble Theater, Long Island University, Brooklyn as part of DanceWave’s “Kids go to College” Festival. From March 8-11, Hofstra students attended the American College Dance Festival at

On April 20, Niles’ piece We Are People was performed as part of the Long Island Dance Consortium’s Spring concert. The directors of LIDC had seen the piece in our fall concert and had requested it specifically. Niles had given his permission (in December) to do the piece again, and Dyane HarveySalaam graciously agreed to be the rehearsal director for this project. It proved to be a very moving experience for all involved. Immediately following this, we began the tech and dress rehearsals for the Spring faculty concert. In addition to new work by Robin Becker and Stormy Brandenberger, the concert also featured exciting reconstructions of repertory pieces by Anita Feldman and Jason Melms, as well as by guest choreographers Jody Sperling and Doug Varone. Periodic Madness, by Jason Melms, was a contemporary ballet set to the music of Carl Jenkins. This piece for fourteen women was inspired by the way outside influences affect our day-to-day lives. In preparation for her Kennedy Center debut, Katherine Mayo performed her solo Augusta Moves, which was inspired by her memories of being immersed in nature in her home state of Maine. The non-verbal vocalization of the human voice was the impetus for creating Nomadic Dreams. Stormy Brandenberger collaborated with Arthur Solari to create a movement and sound collage in which the dancers moved through a landscape of chaotic and unison patterns. Presence, by Robin Becker, was set to the lento from Dvorak's String Quartet in F. Originally created as a solo, the piece was reimagined for nine dancers. This abstract 19

The Department of Drama and Dance work suggested the presence of and in the public school system. beings from “the other side” who We plan to schedule more visits long to be humans. In Turbufrom alumni in the future. It is so lence, Jody Sperling distilled patvaluable to hear about experiencterns of air disturbance into kinetes after graduation. ic sculptural forms and expanded May 20 was a lovely, sunny on her many years of fascination Commencement day and we were with the artistry of early modern extremely proud to witness the dancer Loie Fuller (1862-1928). graduation of twelve dance maAfter Fuller's style, the dancers jors and five dance education madonned voluminous white silk jors. For the first time, six stucapes that billowed and undulated dents graduated with honors from into captivating formations. the National Honor Society for Hexa, a tapping music piece, was Dance Arts (NHSDA). created by choreographer Anita On May 24, I was fortunate to be Feldman and composer Lois V able to accompany Katherine Vierk, and was premiered at the Mayo and Alexandra Kuhlke to American Dance Festival in Washington, DC for the presentaNorth Carolina in 1988. It was tion of KK’s solo at the Kennedy danced on The Tap Dance InstruCenter. Alex was invaluable as ment, a multi-timbre, multiKK’s stage manager for two perpitched modular floor invented by formances at the Terrace Theater Anita and instrument designer on May 25. Daniel Schmidt, and also included live percussion and electronic Many students are traveling this processing of all of the sounds. summer to participate in various Jordan Chiolis performed the perdance programs. Nine students cussion score on stage while Art are at Giada Ferrone’s “Toscana Solari electronically processed Summer Dance” in Italy. Two the sounds coming from The Tap students participated in Amy Dance Instrument. Finally, Doug Marshall’s intensive at Plymouth Varone and members of his comState University in New Hamppany set excerpts from Chapters shire. Three students are at the from a Broken Novel on Hofstra Joffrey Summer intensive in Los dancers. The inspiration for this Angeles. And, sophomore Eleni piece came from Doug’s collecGavalas is taking a semester tion of quotes gathered over away from Hofstra next Fall betwenty years from books, films cause she was hired as a Radio and overheard conversations. For City Rockette! this concert, five sections (out of Some news from our most recent the original twenty) were set and graduates: Matthew Martine landwhen viewed together, they ed an internship at Jacob’s Pillow formed a sequence of intimate for the entire summer, Amanda portraits, exposing human nature Salituro is traveling the world with beauty and rawness. while performing on board a It was wonderful to have alums Jessica Kelly-Gonzalez (‘05), Rachel DeJesus (‘10), Lindsay Nicastro (‘10) and Kristy Luise (‘11) come back this year to talk about their work as dance educators in their own dance studios 20

cruise ship, and Dance Ed major Melanie Picchioni was just hired as a leave replacement at Syosset High School for the Fall. From the graduating class of 2011, I am happy to report that Clarissa Soto is working full-time at Pentacle, a

prestigious arts service organization, Sarah Parker performed with Stephanie Nelson’s company at Joyce Soho and with Yin Yue’s company on the Inside/Out stage at Jacob’s Pillow, and Matt Tiberi recently performed in the musicals “Cats” and “9 – 5.” Bravo! Meanwhile, I have been meeting with and registering a wonderful (and LARGE) incoming class. So far, we are up to 34 Freshmen and 4 transfer students. They are coming from as far away as California and as near as right down the road. Everyone seems full of positive energy and they are eager to join the Hofstra dance family. Looking Ahead Our Fall faculty concert promises to be extra special since it will be a collaboration with the Hofstra Music department and every piece will be performed with live music. Faculty choreographers will include myself, Darrah Carr, Amy Marshall and Karla Wolfangle and guest choreographers Catherine Turocy and Nathan Trice. Anita and the Dance Education students are organizing a concert of socially motivated choreography by local high school students as well as Hofstra students and faculty, called “Democracy Dance Project 2012.” This concert is one of the many events being organized around the 2012 Presidential debate that will be held at Hofstra on October 16th. In the Spring, we will be hosting the American College Dance Festival for the first time ever. (Any alum who wants to come back and HELP is most welcome!) It certainly promises to be a lively and exciting year. - Rachel List Director of Dance

Poo-Wรก-Bah, 2010-2012

Nomadic Dreams




The Department of Drama and Dance

Augusta Moves


Chapters from a Broken Novel

Periodic Madness


Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

Dance Education Program 2010-2011 This year marked the third year of the dance education program, and it is growing! We now have a total of eleven graduates who are teaching in public schools, private schools, and studios, or are attending graduate school. As of fall 2011, thirty-five students will be advised as B.S. in Ed, Dance Education majors.

nedy Center Partners in Education program, which strives to integrate the arts into the classroom. Hofstra is the newest addition to the New York/Long Island Partnership team which includes the Great Neck Arts Center and Plainview/Old Bethpage Central School District. In February, I represented Hofstra at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC for a four-day institute that shared strategies for the develDue to the enthusiasm and hard work of senior Elizopment of arts programming in schools. As a first abeth Wehrman, partnership event, I, Hofstra now has a along with fourteen new club titled Hofstra dance and T’DAA (Teaching dance education maDance as Art), and jors, visited the a student chapter of Plainview-Old Beththe National Dance page JFK High School Education Organito give a lecturezation. Both are performance and masopen to dance and ter class focusing on dance education the broad contributions majors, as well as of Bill “Bojangles” interested dance Robinson. We are minors. The goal of looking forward to futhe organization is ture projects that will to involve fellow bring our dancers todance and dance gether with the broader education students community. Lindsey Nicastro Student Teaching Photo by Allison Parsley in the dance education field through mentoring, fundraising, providing opportunities to learn and share information, attending and presenting at conferences, and networking. This fall select students will be attending the NDEO national conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In October 2010 the dance education program sponsored its first Professional Development Workshop, taught by master dance educator Martie Barylick, and attended by dance specialists from Long Island and New York City, as well as our dance education students. The title of the valuable workshop was “Risk-taking in the Adolescent Dance Class: Why is it essential? How do we encourage it?” This will be the first of many valuable opportunities for dance teachers here at Hofstra. Another recent initiative that will benefit the dance community at Hofstra and in the wider community, is that Hofstra’s School of Education, Health and Human Services has become a member of the Ken-

A valuable example of making connections is our continuing AHRC Choreography Program. This year, dance education majors Kristy Luise and Alexandra Joseph, assisted by Keyla Hiraldo, led workshops for twenty developmentally challenged adults and ten Hofstra dancers. Each semester they performed in front of the entire dance program, and friends and family. This program gives great joy to all the participants, while also providing valuable hands-on experience to our dance education majors. Christina Stampolis, ’10, attributes her participation in the AHRC Program as the key to immediately upon graduation getting the dance specialist position at The Lorge School in Manhattan. Last year was a fulfilling and exciting one, and we’re looking forward to the dance education program continuing to develop and thrive next year. - Anita Feldman Director of the B.S. in Education Dance Education Program 23

The Department of Drama and Dance

Dance Education Program 2011-2012 The B.S. in Dance, Dance Education, continues to thrive at Hofstra. In 2012, seven will graduate from the program, bringing the total of graduates of this new program to nineteen. They are teaching in public schools, private schools, and studios, or attending graduate schools. Many are bringing their dance students to Hofstra to become new dance and dance education majors. 2011-2012 started with a fun professional development workshop with dance educator Martie Barylick, titled “Creative Process for the Adolescent Dancer.” Dance teachers, Hofstra alumni, and current students had an opportunity to get to know each other, and came away with great ideas for teaching. Dr. Martha Eddy, well-known somatic expert, gave a professional development workshop, and worked with elementary students in the Plainview/Old-Bethpage School District on building community in the classroom through dance, under the auspices of our Kennedy Center Partnership. Several dance education majors had the opportunity to assist, and learn from her. The dance education club and student chapter of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), called T’DAA (Teaching Dance as Art), is now being led by junior Keyla Hiraldo. The goal of the organization is to involve fellow dance and dance education students in the dance education field through mentoring, fundraising, providing opportunities to learn and share information, attending and presenting at conferences, and networking. This fall five students will be attending the NDEO National Conference in Los Angeles. A proposal for a research project by Elizabeth Wehrman, with Keyla Hiraldo and Caitlin Rodriguez, was accepted for presentation at the conference. This is an exciting first, to have students presenting a paper at a peer reviewed conference. I will also be presenting a workshop titled “Dancing the Roots of Tap,” and will be part of a panel discussion following the airing of a documentary titled “Thinking on Their Feet: Women of the Tap Renaissance.” I am one of the featured artists in the documentary. A new program deepens our relationship with the National Dance Education Organization, the leading non -profit professional membership organization for dance education in the country. We piloted their new National Honor Society for Dance Arts Collegiate 24

Chapter of the NDEO, and graduated six dance and dance education majors with honors in the spring, 2012. Special thanks goes to Irene Cosmadelis, Sarah Kulchinsky and Katherine Mayo for their great organizational work. This will now be a permanent honor society at Hofstra. A valuable example of making connections is our continuing Hofstra/AHRC Choreography Program. This year, dance education majors Keyla Hiraldo and Priscilla Velasquez, led workshops for twenty-five developmentally challenged adults and fifteen Hofstra dancers. Each semester they performed in front of the entire dance program, and friends and family. This program gives great joy to all the participants, while also providing valuable hands-on teaching experience. Many dance and dance education students say it is the best part of their week. In the fall of 2012, Hofstra is excited to be once again hosting the presidential debates. All of the arts programs, the School of Education, and the history department, along with the Center for Civic Engagement, are collaborating on a day of performances that

Hofstra/AHRC Choreography Program

Poo-Wå-Bah, 2010-2012 highlight social issues in America. Over a thousand students from local K-12 schools will be in attendance. This will take place on October 15th , the day prior to the debates. As part of the day, the dance education program is producing a concert titled Democracy Dance Project 2012. Last spring, high school dance programs submitted works inspired by social issues. The dance education majors adjudicated, and chose six pieces to be performed, along with Hofstra faculty and student works. The dance education students will be introducing each work. We’re looking forward to initiating a new project this fall, presently titled Dancers in Schools. Hofstra dance and dance education majors will combine forces to provide lecture-performances and workshops to local high school students, run by adjunct Jean Benincasa. Dance education majors and graduates are busy spreading the word of dance all over Long Island and New York City. Priscilla Velazquez (junior) had an internship with choreographer Heidi Latsky at the Aaron Academy, a special education high school in New York City. Keyla Hiraldo (senior) is working with Susan Russo, at TAPA, a foundation and dance school for children with special needs. Lindsey Nicastro (2010) is teaching at P.S. 506 in Brooklyn, Kristy Luise (2011) is teaching at P.S. 268 in Queens. They visited the senior dance education majors last spring and gave them valuable information about getting a job and teaching in New York City. A video of their presentation is available to all Hofstra students. Melanie Picchioni (2012) will be a year leave-replacement at Syosset High School; Christina Stampolis (2010) is continuing to teach at the Lorge School in Manhattan, and will be starting graduate school in dance education at Hunter this fall. Rachel DeJesus (2010) owns and runs Long Island Danceworks in East Meadow, NY. These are just a few of the many from Hofstra who are bringing dance to new generations. And now, on to a new and exciting year. - Anita Feldman Director of the B.S. in Education Dance Education Program

Hofstra/AHRC Choreography Program 25

The Department of Drama and Dance

True Tales on Internet Gives Theatre Group Their Ideas

Hofstra Drama Department Performs for Island Trees High School

A group of students from Hofstra University, New York, have found an innovative method to source new stories. They simply browse the Internet for it. Using German playwright and theatre director Bertolt Brecht’s theatre techniques, they use personal stories from the net to create their plays.

On Thursday, March 10th, Hofstra’s Drama Department graced our stage with an outstanding performance of What Fools!

The Nameless Theatre Project was started by Keith Pinault, a theatre student at the University. “We wanted our shows to reflect the whole of the community we were working with (in this case, the students of Hofstra University) and not just the people who happened to show up. Our audience usually was made up of our friends. So, we use our blogs and YouTube to get people whom we don’t know or meet every day, to tell stories on how the community issues affect people personally. The Internet is a great way to gather information and it is a very democratic process. We tried to use this to our advantage,” says Pinault. They use the Internet contributor’s stories for something they call a Vox Pop Theatre, which is based on the format developed by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal, the founder of Theatre for the Oppressed. “It is essentially in a variety-show format and combines the two styles by using in-your-face sketches interspersed with ‘forum theatre’. This is a Boal technique that involves an audience’s story rehearsed differently. In our case, an Internet contributor’s story is used,” says Pinault. Through their project, they want to make the audience as well as the actors feel like a part of the larger community. “We are trying to get people to think of themselves in terms of larger communities, with the hope to see them fit in,” says Pinault. Published in The Sunday Guardian, India, 5/3/11

Nameless Theatre Project Rehearsal


An adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, What Fools! is a cutting of the original play designed to appeal to high school audiences. With a limited cast of six, the actors played multiple parts – complete with costume changes! Mrs. Roemer’s 10AP Prep students enjoyed the show immensely, and their praise for the performers was genuine. Not only were they impressed with how quickly the actors put the show together (one month) but they were also surprised at how easy it was to follow the complex plot. One student commented, that he “liked how they kept Shakespeare’s language while making the setting modern.” Another student shared, “This play was performed brilliantly, even down to the movements and actions of the characters. I loved how six people ultimately reenacted an entire cast of characters with a professional tone.” Yet another enthusiastic audience member relayed, “It was funny and kept everyone on their toes! I didn’t want it to end!” After the performance, the Hofstra cast conducted an informative question and answer session, during which they provided background on both acting and the show itself. Funded by a grant, the traveling group came to perform at no cost to us; however, according to our students, the performance was worth its weight in gold! We hope to have the traveling group return next year to perform Hamlet for our Juniors. Each year’s touring production is underwritten by the Dr. David Salten Endowment for Shakespeare Outreach.

Jean Dobie Giebel, Cast Members, and Island Trees Students and Teachers

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

In Memoriam: Richard F. Mason MASON--Dr. Richard F., 81, died November 26 at his home in Greenwich Village, New York City. A former Professor of Drama at Hofstra University, his teaching and research specialties were theater styles and forms, 20th-century drama, directing, acting, and cinema. After receiving a B.A. in Humanities from Boston College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin—interrupted by Army service in Korea—he came to Hofstra in 1964 and retired with emeritus status in 1993. He excelled as a director, staging over 100 critically acclaimed productions during his career at Hofstra and at summer theaters in Wisconsin and New Hampshire. To his legion of students and friends, he was a dynamic force, theatrical to the core, a brilliant film buff—the stuff of legends, and unforgettable. His immediate family survivors include his sister, Margaret Silletti, her husband James and sons Stephen, Richard, and Michael of Norwood, MA; his deceased brother Anthony Ardolino’s daughters, Julianna Fiore and Nadine Chiello of Taunton, MA; his cousin, Anna Mae Fioravanti of Arlington, MA, and her children David, Lisa Smith, and Gigi Lyons. As he wished, a memorial event is planned for early in the year in New York City.

“he was a dynamic force” So a day that began sadly in the past and commemorated Richard Mason’s 29 plus years at Hofstra and the enduring impact he had on numerous students, ended with future alumni (current students) having an opportunity to see a wildly funny film and meet with numerous alums, and hence a profoundly meaningful past energized a new generation of students. There is a closed group on Facebook that has posted hundreds of comments from alums regarding what Dr. Mason meant to them: http://

—Published in The New York Times on December 5, 2010 A memorial service was held in the John Cranford Adams Playhouse on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at which more than 180 alumni were in attendance doing honor to Dr. Mason, and at which more than twenty alumni spoke, performed or sang in his honor, while numerous slides produced visual reminders. Reminiscence influenced both the staging of the memorial service as well as the 4x8 sheet of plywood set across orchestra seats with a chair placed on top, in his conventional directorial position of authority. Following the service, a reception was held in the new Black Box Theatre. In the evening Phil Rosenthal (’81) screened his documentary, Exporting Raymond, a hilarious film about Everybody Loves Raymond being turned into a Russian sitcom—re-titled Everybody Loves Kostya. According to NPR: “When I got to Russia,” Rosenthal says, “They said to me, ‘Real life is terrible, why would we put that on television’?” Comedy ensues in a wonderful film that opened a month later in theatres across the U.S.

Richard Mason (right) with Marilyn Monroe, during his service in Korea, posted on the memorial website on Facebook

The Dr. Mason Directorial Perch, Complete with Extras


The Department of Drama and Dance

In Memoriam: Niles Ford Niles Ford was a dancer, teacher and choreographer with an extensive background in ballet and modern dance. He first started teaching and choreographing at Hofstra in the fall of 2009 and taught a variety of classes for both dance majors and minors. In the fall of 2010 and ’11, he choreographed two pieces for the Faculty Dance Concert, Fifteen Steps and We Are People. Niles was a powerful presence in the Department of Drama and Dance and inspired students to always do their best and to push beyond any self-imposed limits. He believed in all of us. We still feel his presence as we continue our work, but we miss his brilliant smile, his laughter and his love. Niles Below is an excerpt from an obituary written by Jennifer Dunning suffered a heart attack and died on January 14, in the New York Times, January 22, 2012. 2012 at the age of 52. He is survived by his With a long-boned body seemingly as pliant as warm taffy, wife, Jenny Taylor, and his two sons, Isaac and Mr. Ford was a dancer of quiet intelligence, understated sweetMalik. His company, Urban Dance Collective, ness and intense focus. Jeff Duncan, a founder of Dance Theais carrying on his vision and just returned from ter Workshop, was an important early mentor. So was Bill T. summer tours to Italy and Russia. Jones, at a time when a new generation of young black chorewas emerging and shaping a distinctive vision. ~quiet intelligence, understated ographers As a choreographer, Mr. Ford was drawn to political and cultural themes. His work, rooted in ballet, jazz and modern sweetness, and intense focus~ dance, paid homage to figures as disparate as Rod Rodgers, a gentle but demanding influence on Mr. Ford (''A Dream Deferred''), and Mumia Abu-Jamal, the activist and radio journalist who became an international cause célèbre after his conviction and imprisonment for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer in 1981 (''Dances for Mumia''). His ''Black and White and Blue,'' a vivid and poignant collaboration with James Adlesic from 1993, suggested two friends examining racism and homophobia through shared memories, conversation and arguments. ''In Search of the Invisible People,'' created with Nathan Trice and performed at Dixon Place in 2008 and 2010, explored the thriving club dance scene of the '70s and '80s. Evoking its subject in choreography, film clips and interviews with D.J.'s, ''Search'' also wove in political commentary that addressed the scourge of AIDS and saw damage done to a vibrant grass-roots art by the administration of Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in its crackdown on dancing in clubs and bars in New York that did not have special licenses. Born in Philadelphia on Nov. 28, 1959, Mr. Ford received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a master's from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. He trained in ballet with the teachers Walter Raines and Lupe Serrano and at Philadanco and the Boston Ballet, and studied choreography with Bessie Schonberg. He also taught dance at universities throughout the East. Mr. Ford received a Bessie Award in 1993 for his dancing in Merián Soto's ''Historias.'' His company performed and taught at the Open Look Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2009 and 2010. Photo by Julie Lemberger 28

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

Spotlight on…

Susan Van Allen (Van Benthuysen) ’80

An adventurous road has taken me from the Hofstra Drama department to becoming the author of 100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go. The Drama bug bit me in high school—I loved EVERYTHING about being in musicals and comedies at Shore Regional in West Long Branch, New Jersey (that’s “Shore” as in Down the Shore). But I didn’t imagine theatre would be my grown up job. I also was itching to travel. My mother was Italian American, and my maternal grandparents and relatives instilled in me a love and curiosity about Italy. Instead of going to college right away, I took a year off, worked at a plant store and sold Avon to get money for a trip to Europe. That summer I set foot in Rome for the first time, and my love affair with Italy began. I went to Hofstra as an anthropology major, drama minor. That lasted about two weeks. As soon

as I was cast in the Gray Wig production of Gypsy (directed by Andrew Glant ’76), I got swept up into the fun of the Drama Department, and there was no turning back. It was the family of students that drew me in. As drama majors we went through life’s dramas together—having a blast working on scenes for class and auditions, making costumes and sets to the soundtrack of the Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young. To this day, Hofstra has kept us together. I was just in New York at my classmate/apartment-mate Barbara Fasano’s cabaret show at The Algonquin, sitting in the audience with Rob Weiner (’80), Risa Bell (’80), her husband Jon DeVito (’81), and Peter Coyne. I was a character actress and got small parts in Rope and The Winter’s Tale (both directed by Dr. Richard Mason), and The Orchestra (directed by Dr. Miriam Tulin). I especially loved being in Rob Weiner’s directing project production of The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden, with Moira Wilson (’81), Drum Sullivan (’79), Michael Grant (’78), and George Gale—who sadly passed away in 1996. We were so fired up about rehearsing it that we figured out a way to break into The Little Theatre late at night—climbing through a window! I adored Prof. Howard Siegman’s classes—he introduced us to the classics—Strindberg, Ibsen, Chekov, O’Neill, Williams, Miller.

We’d all sit there riveted, with our Grand Teacher up there chain smoking and reading scenes aloud in his distinctive booming voice. To this day, whenever I sit through a production of one of those playwrights, I hear Prof. Siegman in the background. He was our own Alexander Woolcott. Also, there was a great Shakespeare teacher, Dr. Chalfant, who was so passionate about the Bard, steering us to fully experience the emotions in all of his plays. I have Dr. Mason to thank for turning me on (in Styles class) to the wild writings of Antonin Artaud. This was the late 70s and Artaud-influenced experimental theatre was flourishing in downtown New York. Rob Weiner and I would spend Hofstra weekends in Manhattan seeing shows at The Public, the Performing Garage and La Mama—blown away by such productions as Andrei Serbian’s Trojan Women. After graduation, while most of my classmates headed to New York, I moved to San Francisco and got involved performing in the exciting experimental theatre scene there. It was an “anything is possible” time, and many people were writing original plays or doing solo shows. I began to write monologues, which I performed with groups and then wrote and performed my own solo shows. My most successful one was Jersey Girls, about 5 ItalianAmerican women on the Jersey shore over a Mother’s Day weekend. I toured it to Seattle, New

“I loved EVERYTHING about being in musicals and comedies” 29

The Department of Drama and Dance

“Enjoy the process, the road that takes you to places beyond your imagination.” York, and Los Angeles, where I was thrilled for it to receive great reviews and play to sold-out houses. I was dividing my time between San Francisco and Los Angeles and auditioned for some TV. I made the choice: my true passion was writing. I was grateful to get a job on Phil Rosenthal’s (’81) sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. My first script was “Marie’s Meatballs”—the one where Ray’s wife tries to make meatballs that are as good as his mother’s. It all circled back to my ItalianAmerican roots. All the while, whenever I had the time and the money, I would travel to Italy. When my job on Raymond ended, I began full force on my “Passion for Italy” road. My travels there became more focused—I took language and cooking classes, went on biking and hiking trips, and visited all my relatives. It was natural to write about all this, and soon I began publishing on websites, and then got to perform pieces on National Public Radio’s “Savvy Traveler”. My stories got published in newspapers and magazines, like “Town & Country” and “Tastes of Italia”. Throughout my travels, whether I was with my husband, girlfriends, or solo, I was always amazed when I met women traveling there who told me, “Italy feels like home”. I understood this from Italian-Americans like me, but many of these women didn’t 30

have a drop of Italian blood in them. I came to understand that Women Love Italy, because Italy Loves Women—it’s a country that’s been glorifying the feminine for centuries. Happily I pitched the “100 Places In Italy Every Woman Should Go” idea

presentations and meeting so many who share my passion for Italian travel. I’m now working on another called “Hungry for Italy: Culinary Adventures in the Bel Paese,” about my experiences cooking in every region of Italy—from tossing pizza in Naples to stirring risotto in Milan. As far as advice, I remember being in a Siegman class where we were studying The Three Sisters. He was reading one of the scenes where the characters were longing to go to Moscow. He put down the book and looked out at us youngsters and said, “You know the dreams that you have now, those yearnings, you may think that they will all disappear when you get older. But the truth is, all through your life, you will always have yearnings, it is NEVER DONE.” I understand now what he was telling us. So I say, enjoy the process, the road that takes you to places beyond your imagination. There will be detours that may seem like huge obstacles. Stay hopeful and open to the surprising possibilities as you travel towards your dream.

to Travelers’ Tales and they said “Yes”. I was grateful for the chance to focus on Italian art that pays homage to goddesses, female saints, and the Madonna, AND to turn all those lists I’d been passing out to my friends over the years into advice about such things as shopping, beaches, gardens, and spas. I am amazed at the success of this book—and it’s been such fun bringing in my performance background to my

N.B. As you probably guessed, Susan wrote this herself—I will only add that it was a pleasure reconnecting with her after all these years and hearing about her “life after Hofstra.” When she’s not traveling to Italy, Susan is based in Los Angeles, with her husband, Jon Leifer. For more information about Susan and her book: —Anne Noonan

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012

Alums Working With Alums (and Others) Lindsay Mack (’07) stage-managed and Jason O’Connell (’93) performed in a production of Troilus and Cressida at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (Sept. ’10). Angela Allen (’06) was production stage manager and Julie Halston (’76) performed in a production of The Divine Sister at the SoHo Playhouse, NYC (Sept. ’10). Lauren Cook (’10), Georgia Nicole (Nikki) Dillon (’08) and Emily Hartford (’04) performed in the production of The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein at the Bax/Production Arts Exchange (Oct. ’10). Robin Flanagan (’81) and Giacinta Pace (’96) both work at the NY Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, NY. Laura Henry (’09), Christopher Johnston (’08) and Kelly Anne Wadler (’09) are all working with the Vissi Dance Theater, NYC. John Leone (’85) performed Songs My Father Loved at Feinstein’s, NYC which Robert Spiotto (’84) directed (March ’11). Nikki Dillon (’08), Emily Hartford (’04) and Rachel Pearl (’08) appeared in Dr. Frankenstein’s Magical Creature at the Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn, March ’11. Richard Ferraioli (’05) directed Fool for Love starring Kirk Gostkowski (’05) at The Access Theatre, NYC with Stephanie Stover Ferraioli (’06) as scenic artist. Michael Surabian (’90) did publicity for the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, Cape Cod and Jef Hall Flavin (’91) directed the Festival. Tom McGowan (’81) and Jeremy Cohenour (’01) did an all-star cast reading of Sunset Boulevard with the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. Brittany Fuerstenberg has worked as an intern for two years with Gia Pace (’96) and this summer Sarah Biesinger (’11) will be a stage management intern at the NY Renaissance Faire. Louis Aquiler (’09), Chris D’Amato (’09), Chris Dippel (Hofstra Adjunct professor), Ariana Murphy (’09) and Alexis Rhiannon (’09) were directed by Richie Pepio (’09) in Titanic and The Actor’s Nightmare for the Hyper Aware Theater Company (April ’11).


The Department of Drama and Dance

Alumni News Abatelli, Julie (Halston) (’76) - award winning comedy/cabaret performer and winner of four MAC Awards for her solo comedy performances; performed in Olive and the Bitter Herbs at Primary Stages, NYC (Aug. ’11); teamed with friend Donna Daley to write monologues for Show-Offs, a collection of 74 new actor-ready pieces; also reprised her role as Bitsy Von Muffling in the film version of Sex and the City; performed in The Divine Sister at SoHo Playhouse, NYC (Sept. ’10); did Chasing Manet at Primary Stages, NYC (March-May ’09); performed in Love, Loss and What I Wore with alum Susan Sullivan at the Westside Theatre, NYC (June ’11) Abravenel, Wayne (’77) - musical director. Accardo, Lauren Ann (’97) - married to Nicholas Novellino and living in Queens; appeared in an evening of dance entitled Eye Candy at the Merce Cunningham Studios. Addis, Deborah (Madison) (’77) - Vice President at PNC Bank for Public Affairs and Corporate Events; married to child psychologist, Ron Madison; twins, Charlie and Emily. Aderman, Shelli (’94) - she and her wife, Narda Alcorn, are moving to Chicago this summer, as Narda becomes the head of Stage Management at DePaul University; after 20+ years in NYC, Shelli is finding it exciting, yet terrifying, all at the same time; still dabbles in stage management every so often, doing an industrial or short-term gig here and there, but being mom to two of the cutest cherubs around has by far been her most favorite “gig” so far. Albrecht, Christopher (’74) - President and Chief Executive of Starz Entertainment, will also supervise the operations of the company’s production and distribution entities; former chairman and CEO of HBO; was named “Showman of the Year” by Variety. Allen, Angela (’06) - AEA stage manager; stage managed production of The Tales of Custard the Dragon at the Algonquin Theater, NYC. Alterman, Lydia (’74) (Gladstone) - played Mrs. Roosevelt in I’d Rather Be Right with Musicals Tonight! Dr. Merkle in Summer for Turtleshell Productions—April 28-May 15; Costumer for Light Opera of NY (LOONY)—6th production, The Student Prince, May 19; costumer for OnTour Theatre Co. at Calhoun High School, Merrick (Sal Salerno, director) Amato, Josette (’76) - international freelance company manager (with husband, Chris Dunlop ’72); works as a self-defense teacher. Ambrosio, Joan (’80) - married, two children, living in Pennsylvania Anker, Warren (’78) - was story editor, Fox Network’s Down the Shore. Arcuri, Vincent James (’93) - writes and produces “Hollywood Confidential”, a nationally syndicated radio program hosted by TV/Radio personality, Leeza Gibbons; is also a freelance writer and performer; his critically acclaimed one man show, Becoming Butch, premiered in Los Angeles to sold out audiences in March 2009; also writes his own column of personal essays also titled Becoming Butch, which appears monthly in Frontiers In L.A. magazine; for more info, log onto Arianas, Marcus (’87) - living on Long Island; son, Michael.


Artese, Dorie (’95) - married to Scott Mehling. Baecker, Kristin (Sparro) (’92) - Assistant Director of Education at New York City Ballet; married; performed at ACDFA in Boston. Bagaglio, Sylvia (’99) - PA for Voices From The Hill at the Connelly Theater, NYC; performed at the Stockwood Renaissance Faire in Hurley, NY. Baker, Jane (’84) - living in Vermont with partner, Sharon (a lawyer) and son, Sam; teaches at Putney School. Baker, Jennifer (’93) - freelance actress, Los Angeles. Baldwin, Doug (’74) - continues to live in Portland, OR, where he is a freelance writer; has authored three full-length stage comedies, a bunch of one-acts and is working on a new play about 9-11; no recent stage appearances, but you can catch a glimpse of him on DVD in the independent film The Music Within; many appearances in New York theatres, including Playwrights Horizons and the late, great Manhattan Punch Line (which was cofounded by Hofstra alum Steve Kaplan); has also appeared in feature films and television shows, as well as in many national TV commercials; has won several literary awards and grants. Balfour, Tracy (’86) -has been working in industrial advertising and also involved with publishing children's stories; living in Pennsylvania with husband, Tom, and two children. Bambino, Robert (’73) - paralegal, faculty Hofstra School of Continuing Education; Claims Manager/Loss Control Specialist with Wright Risk Management Co., Inc. Barbell, Elyse (Rudolph) (’84) - two daughters; Deputy Director, Literacy Assistance Center (NYC). Barbour, James (’88) - received Hofstra Estabrook Alumni Award ; played Sydney Carton in Broadway production of A Tale of Two Cities, and appears on audio and video recordings of the production; appeared in Lewis and Clark Reach the Euphrates (Los Angeles); played Thomas Jefferson in PBS’ American Experience profile of Thomas Jefferson; played the role of Leon Czolgosz in Broadway production of Assassins; appeared as Officer Lockstock in Broadway production of Urinetown; starred in Broadway production of Jane Eyre; played the “Beast” in NY production of Beauty and the Beast with Toni Braxton and Meshach Taylor; appeared in movie with Sally Kirkland called Twinkle Toes; played Billy Bigelow in Lincoln Center’s production of Carousel; TV credits include The District, Just Shoot Me, The Game, with appearances in Sex and the City. Bases, Patricia (’77) - scenic artist/technician. Bassani, Theresa (’91) - stand-up comic working comedy clubs, NYC. Beaudin, Jim (’92) - freelance actor, NYC. Bell, Richard (’66) - National Director, Young Audiences, NYC. Bell, Risa (’80 ) - married to John DeVito ('81) Bellissimo, Tina (’03) - appeared in The Good Doctor at Main Stage Theatre, LI. Belonzi, Elizabeth (’96) - played Portia in Merchant of Venice, NYC. Bennett, Dawn (Giovi) (’91) - married; M.B.A. from Adelphi University; currently Global Head of Human Resources for GlobeOp Financials, Inc.; living in Smithtown, LI.

Bensen, Sonja (’81) - policy analyst living in Washington, DC. Berbig, Ellen (’82) - Masters in Psychology, St. John’s University; worked as teenage counselor in LI schools; married with two children; presently living in Maryland. Berman, Fred (’94) - currently playing “Timon” in Broadway’s The Lion King at The Minskoff Theatre; filmed the role of “Tunch,” a lox-loving Russian janitor in the up-coming feature film, Putzel, with John Pankow and Susie Essman; award winning narrator of over 50 audio-books; participated in “The Actor’s Life” panel at Hofstra with fellow alumni Joan See (’55), Susan Sullivan (’64), Tim Errickson (’93), and Kelly Ruth Cole (’08); lives in NYC with his wife, Kate, and two amazing children, Benjamin and Isabella; still slightly more handsome than fellow alumni, Dan Matisa (’93); but only slightly. Berrios, Michael (’90) - freelance actor, NYC; married to fellow alum, Karen Gonzalez; they have three boys, Thomas, Noah and, Daniel. Bertolini, Michael (’78) - starred as Paul in the New York City revival of Carnival; also a leading baritone with the Light Opera of Manhattan and played the Pirate King in their Off-Broadway production of The Pirates of Penzance; has appeared on TV in One Life to Live and in commercials. Blais, Lon T. (’81) - married; English teacher, director at Pasteur Jr. High School, Queens; bicycled across America to raise awareness and funds for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America in memory of his father. Blayne, Stacy (’91) (Lane) - Manager of Theater Facilities, Hofstra University, was a communications major (film/television production) and drama minor while she was a student at Hofstra; is also the Associate Producer for Hofstra USA Productions; she and her husband, Keith, are the proud parents of Marissa and Shannon. Bleiweiss, Erin (Barry) (’96) - appeared in the Dante Project, Inferno: A Journey Through Hell. Blyskal, Bethany (’99) - married to Steven Affelt; teaching high school chorus and general music for first and second grade in the East Islip School District (Long Island); serves as co-director and pit orchestra conductor for the East Islip High School musical productions, where she hopes to incorporate some theater courses in the curriculum; still continues to perform with the Broadhollow Players. Bona, Mercy (’73) - performed in productions at American Stage Festival, Milford, NH; former President of Heathecote Art Foundation. Bonadio, Janice (’90) - teaching dance in NYC. Bordwell, Michael (’02) – M.S. in secondary education, Hofstra University; currently a full-time English teacher at JHS 113 in Brooklyn, NY; cofounded WhatFour Productions and currently serves as the Artistic Director; also serves as a company member for the American Theatre of Actors, The Manhattan TheatreSource and The Little French Church Players; has directed and acted for all of these companies as well as for several other companies throughout the city. Boring, Zannie (’94) - stage name Zannie Kendrick, living in LA; appeared in movie, Metal God. Bosco, Donna Marie (’93) - married, living in

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 New Jersey; owner of Donna’s Gotta Dance, Inc., Staten Island. Bozzone, Laura (’04) - appeared in As You Like It at the Theatre of the Church of Notre Dame, NYC (May ’10). Bradbury, Pat (’77) - working in publishing in California. Braglia, Robert J. (’77) - President, American Financial & Tax Strategies, Inc., a registered investment advisory firm. Branum, Beverly (’79) - freelance actress, stage combat performer, NYC; married, 2 children. Bray, Thom (’76) - TV writer, Evening Shade and actor; appeared in TV programs Riptide and The District. Brenner, Faye (’75) - currently the head of the International Baccalaureate Program at Robinson Secondary School, where she also teaches English; her son is a website designer in Manhattan and her daughter is a college student; currently resides in Old Town, Alexandria. Breslauer, Jeff (’76 Comm) - actor/puppeteer; performed with Gray Wig while at Hofstra; lives in Orlando, FL. Briggs, Kenny (’05 ) - appeared in and worked on music for movie project, Leave Me Behind. Brigman, James (’01) - is currently living in common-law bliss with fellow Hofstra alum, Lauren Walker (’02); he pays his bills by working as the General Manager of Becco Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen (hey, it’s CLOSE to Broadway); his most recent theatrical endeavors include costume designing The Wizard of Oz (a production in which he also played The Wicked Witch of the West), playing John Smith in the hilarious bedroom farce Run For Your Wife (nothing like getting paid to run around in your underwear); is a proud board member of The November 10 which is responsible for the largest summer theatre festival in Illinois (Festival 56); last summer directed Love’s Labour’s Lost. Broder, Amy (’02) - living in Hollywood, enjoying the sunshine; continues to audition and work in film, TV and commercials; more recently she has taken on a new and fabulous role as a Mom to daughter Sydney Faye, 9 months, who she shot a film with already (unknowingly pregnant, which explains why she was so sick on set); is looking forward to continuing her acting career in LA, with baby in tow! Brodesser, Dorothy (’81) married; started a theatre company called A.C.E. (Actors Collaborative Ensemble)—its inaugural production was called In Pieces; directed a production of Alice in Wonderland for the Boston Public Library Summer Reading Program; owned and operated The Actors Center, a full-service resource center dedicated to meeting the real needs of actors; in Boston has performed on stage in many venues including The Huntington Theatre-Studio 210, The Boston Center for the Arts, New Repertory Theatre; appeared in movies, The Crucible, Good Will Hunting, Original Sins. Brodkin, Sandra (’74) - director of and teacher at The Off-Broad Street Dance Center, Bloomfield, NJ teaching creative movement, ballet & tap; married, one daughter. Brown, Dorian (’02) is playing Elijah Wood’s sister in a new show for FX called Wilfred (premieres June 23) at 10 p.m.; female lead in ABC Family show, Roomates; other TV credits include Psych, Las Vegas, NCIS and Cold Case; married and living in California.

Brownlee, Johnathan (’89) - award-winning television programs have aired in over 40 countries around the world; won Best Host for the Canadian home renovation series, Johnathan Brownlee’s at Home; acting work includes, Seinfeld, Life or Something Like It, On Course, and Guest Book; currently Executive Producer of the feature film Decoding Annie Parker, shooting in LA summer 2011; will also be featured in the film—which is based on the true story of the discovery of the BRCA1 gene, proving hereditary links in women with breast cancer (and one of only 27 films to be selected for and awarded the California Tax Credit); he is also producing and directing a new political TV series, Wasted America, with host, Ben Stein, which combines live action and animated sequences; project shoots in Dallas and D.C. Would love to come back to Hofstra and work on another project. <> Bruffee, Matthew (’85) - Administrator for Dancers Respond to Aids, a program of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids, NYC. Budnick, Robert (’73) - professional musician, LI. Burstein, John (’71) - freelance actor, NYC; children’s shows, PBS. Burrows, Ann (’94) (Ann Adkinson) - moved to the Kitsap Peninsula of Washington State in summer ’09; graduated seminary, May 2010; married to Austin Adkinson. Bursztyn, Robert (’10) - was the Prop Master for the summer season at Gateway Playhouse, as well as the Gateway Haunted Playhouse of Horror. Robert went to Europe with Jean Anne Ryan Productions as a technician to load in and tech 4 shows for Oceania's new ship, The Riviera. After that he was the Prop Master with Aspen Opera Theatre Center with the Aspen Music School and Festival. He returned to Gateway to work the haunted house and he just received a position with Tinc Productions, to lead a crew in installing Christmas Decorations around NYC in places like the Chrystler Building and Macy's. Butera, Anthony (’83) – M.S. in elementary education, Hofstra ’96; teaching kindergarten on LI and directing high school plays; actor, Theatre Three, Port Jefferson where he starred in The Mystery of Irma Vepp; daughter, Bianca. Butler, Valencia (’84) - works for Broadway Video and is a freelance milliner. Cabballero, Evelyn (’98) - married to Thomas O’Donnell; had principle role on an episode of Law and Order. Camps, Carolina (NiNi) (’94) - playing guitar and singing with groups such as The Acoustic Girl Circle; also performs with her band, Love Pie up and down the East Coast; has recorded two CD’s; is part of ModMusic Records which consists of several artists and projects, one of which is the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Benefit CD, which is a compilation CD of singers/songwriters/bands from the northeast. Canese, Brian (’99) - married, son, Aaron; working backstage at the Playhouse. Canestraro, Michael (’86) - Master’s in theatre (C.W. Post); recently completed his tenth and final year as Director of Theatre and Dance for the William Floyd School District; his productions of Ah, Wilderness! and The Boys From Syracuse received 14 STARS Awards (Local Tony Awards) nominations, winning six including the Judge’s Choice Award for Outstanding Ensemble Acting for the cast of Ah, Wilderness! and the Innovation in Theatre Award for Outstanding Theatre Depart-

ment for the second year in a row; will return to the College Light Opera Company for his tenth season to stage Guys and Dolls and Kismet. Canestro, Joe (’94) - free lance actor, Long Island Cannon, Kevin (’77) - stockbroker. Capers, Kara (’99) - performed in the The Hoarde with the Vissi Dance Theatre, NYC. Capitulo, Valerie (’97) - performed in Eye Candy, an evening of dance, at the Merce Cunningham Studios, NYC. Caplette, Pam (Spaulding) - lives with husband, Scott, in Amsterdam, Netherlands; works in the Corporate Insurance Risk Management Department of ING. Carnelia, Craig (’69) - composer, singer, pianist, cabaret performer with Maureen Silliman; wrote lyrics for Broadway production of Imaginary Friends; co-wrote with Marvin Hamlisch the score for Sweet Smell of Success; wrote numbers for new version of musical Studs Terkel's Working for which he received a Tony nomination; was featured in a New York Times article entitled “Where Have All the Lyric Writers Gone.” Carine, Edwin T. - former Director of Admissions at Hofstra (’57-’66); was very involved with Drama Department; resides in Davenport, FL.; appeared in commercials, TV, film, and in many productions at Theatre Winter Haven in Florida, where he also wrote and directed the mystery play, Borderline; formerly practiced law in NYC as a public defender. Caronia, Nancy (’83) is a Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant in English at the University of Rhode Island where she serves on URI’s Common Reading Program—a freshmen initiative. She earned her M.A. in English from SUNY Brockport where she received the Blaine Delancey Memorial Award for her critical scholarship on Walt Whitman in 2008 and Bharati Mukherjee in 2009; the Calvin Rich Poetry Award in 2008; and edited a textbook on Korean theatre for SUNY Brockport professor of theater Oh-Kon Cho. Her creative writing appears in Don’t Tell Mama! The Penguin Book of Italian American Writing, The Milk of Almonds: Italian American Women Writers On Food And Culture (Feminist Press), and Coloring Book: An Eclectic Anthology of Fiction and Poetry by Multicultural Writers (Rattlecat Press). An essay, “Meeting at Bruce’s Place: Springsteen’s Italian American Heritage and Global Notions of Family” is forthcoming in the anthology Essays on Italian American Literature and Culture (Bordighera Press, CUNY) and her poem “Underworld” will appear in She is Everywhere: An Anthology of Writing in Womanist/Feminist Spirituality. She is currently co-editing a critical anthology, Personal Effects: Essays on Memory, Culture, and Women in the Work of Louise DeSalvo, with Edvige Giunta. Cassaro, Nancy (’81) - two children, John David and Alice; living in Pacific Palisades, CA; many TV spots, including Without a Trace; conceived and performed in Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding. Cassell, Kim (McGuire) (’94) - stay-at-home Mom to two beautiful girls—Megan (4 1/2) and Katelyn (3)—“I’m thoroughly enjoying my life of preschool, playdates and dress-up!” Also recently started a business selling children’s books from independent publisher Barefoot Books. Cassidy, Elayne (Nicholas) (’75) M.A. (’76) Associate Director Special Programs, Ithaca College; married to Bob; two sons—Tom with Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and Ben at NYU/Tisch.


The Department of Drama and Dance Chaiet, Whitney (’93) - lead understudy in touring production of The Rose Of No Man’s Land; working with the About Face Theatre Company, NYC as assistant to the Artistic Director. Chomo, Alicia Ann (’74) - independent voiceover artist for radio and TV, commercials and industrials; involved in community theatre in Wilmington, DE and on Board of Directors for the Children's Wing of the Wilmington Drama League. Chorney, Taryn (’97) - worked at Long Wharf Theatre as a directing intern and production assistant; currently teaching at Pomperaug High School in Connecticut and acting and directing for several companies in New Haven. Christ, Holly (’91) (Kearney) – M.A.T. in English (’95) Stony Brook University; special education teacher, Little Village School; summer theatre director at Long Island Day Camp; married, two children. Claire, Felicity (’05) - appeared in production of Merrily We Roll Along, 45th Street Theatre. Felicity is making her Broadway debut in Mamma Mia! at the Winter Garden Theatre, performing in the ensemble and understudying the role of Sophie Sheridan. Originally from Costa Mesa, California, Felicity has a B.A. in drama and English from Hofstra University. Proud member of AEA. Clark, Mort (’66) - Vice President, International Amateur Theatre Association; professor at Westchester Community College, Performing Arts Department. Clementi, Lisa (’04) - danced in Noemie LaFrance’s site-specific work Agora in ’05; was privileged to dance for Cirque-du-Soleil dancer Sheetal Ghandi, Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, Nai -Ni Chen Dance Company and KDNY Dance; was a guest artist with Naganuma Dance in summer of ’08; performed aerial and body balancing dance with Cirquetacular Productions in ’09 and is currently dancing with Sal LaRussa Dance Theatre and with Robin Becker Dance in her latest work Into Sunlight; works for Elliot Feld where she has the honor of scouting out children in the 5 boroughs of NYC for a scholarship program at Ballet Tech. Clifford, Jennifer (’98) (Ruffner) - still living in Chicago with husband Joe and their two daughters Isabella (5) and Sofia (20 months); currently the National Group Sales Manager for GFour Productions which produces Menopause the Musical and Motherhood the Musical; am also in the Conservatory program at the Second City Training Center and auditioning a ton.

Jennifer and Joe Ruffner with their children


Cluck, Diane (Hasser) (’97) - appeared in Yes Is for a Very Young Man at the Gowanus Arts Exchange, Brooklyn. Cocciole, Christa (’92) - did contact improv call with Stormy and Robin at Hofstra; living in Berlin; lived in Austria where she worked with a touring dance company which presented a political piece about Bosnia. Cohen, Adam (’03) - wrote The Cascade Falls which was performed in NYC; appeared in Truth Be Told, a workshop collaboration by Oracle Theatre, Inc. in Brooklyn; played Bob Dylan in the play Andy and Edie in NYC. Cohen, Jonas (’93) – M.F.A., Professional Actor Program, University of Nebraska; appeared in the musical The Mystery of Edwin Drood and in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night first at Idaho Shakespeare Festival and then at the Great Lakes Theater Festival (June-Nov.’09); has been appearing as an actor/musician in a series of roles including the musical play Love Jerry (New York Musical Theater Festival’s award for Outstanding Ensemble) and in the play Glorious! as Cosme McMoon at the Fulton Theater in Lancaster, PA; worked as the piano accompanist for Lake George Opera at Saratoga’s young peoples’ outreach program; did local TV, buses, and subway 9/11 health campaign ad; directs and teaches acting, auditioning, and styles at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Cohen, Robert (’76) - has directed, performed in, stage-managed and technically assisted productions of musicals in theatres and nightclubs in New York, New Hampshire, Washington, DC and San Francisco; worked in all aspects of theatrical production for New Playwrights Theatre of Washington, DC and in San Francisco Bay area; presently living in Bay Area of California and working at Grants for the Arts of the San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund which funds non-profit and cultural groups in San Francisco. Cohen, Stacy (’98) - teaching Gyrokinesis at the Universal Force Healing Center; performed with Liz Buehler/Gritty Cherries at the Atrium Theater. Cohenour, Jeremy (’01) - is working as an actor in Los Angeles; has had roles on Criminal Minds, Leverage, several episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the HBO hit series True Blood; appeared onstage at The Hollywood Bowl in an “All-Star” cast reading of Sunset Boulevard with the LA Philharmonic—the cast included Betty Buckley, Len Cariou, James Cromwell, Charles Durning, Bruce Davison, Hofstra Alum Tom McGowan (’81) and many more wonderful actors; it was directed by Tony Award winner Peter Hunt; Jeremy continues to study with various teachers and is part of a play reading group with David Rambo and Ted Heyck. Colby, Ronald (’60) - producer/screenwriter, LA. Coleman, Destin (’94) - free lance actor, NYC . Colin, Margaret (’79) - TV, film and stage actress; married with two sons, Sam and Joe; appeared in Arcadia at the Barrymore Theatre, NYC (Feb.-Mar. ’11); appeared in the Public Theatre’s Hamlet, NYC; appeared in Old Acquaintance at the Roundabout Theatre, NYC; Defiance at the Manhattan Theatre Club; Triptych at the Irish Repertory Theatre, NYC; A Day in the Death of Joe Egg; appeared in film Blue Car; performed in Temporary Help at the Women’s Project Theatre; starred in TV drama, Now and Again; played title role in Broadway production of Jackie. Collins, Jacqueline (’98) - Radio City Music Hall Rockette; also tours USA with the Rockettes.

Collins, Jennifer (’00) - directed John Katsberg in the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway One-Act Festival, NYC ; married to Isaac Rathbone. Contini, Anita (’61) - Vice President of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., the agency overseeing the renewal of Ground Zero and its memorial; in 1999 worked at Merrill Lynch as vice president for cultural sponsorships and global events marketing; in 1986, artistic director at the World Financial Center, bringing art downtown in the form of free exhibits, performances and lectures; founding director of Creative Time, a non-profit organization that borrows unused or vacant New York spaces for public art projects. Cook, Lauren (’10) - appeared in The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein at the BAX/ Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Oct. ’10). Cooper, Robin (’94) - President of Garfield Consultants, a non-profit consulting firm in Redondo Beach, CA focused on Children’s Charities; married to Eric Garfield and has two beautiful children, Kylee, 3 and Morgan, 1. Coppola, Francis Ford (’60) - wrote original screenplay for movie, Tetro, released June ’09; directed film, Youth Without Youth (Dec. ’07); received the D.W. Griffith Award from the Directors Guild of America; three of his movies were voted among the 100 best films by the American Film Institute; directed film version of John Grisham’s The Rainmaker; director Godfather movies, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Tucker: The Man And His Dream; his Godfather Trilogy was released as a special edition DVD; executive producer of a new UPN show, Platinum, about hip-hop lifestyle in NYC, (his daughter, Sophia, is a co-creator); received a Golden Eagle film award (Russia’s version of the Oscar) from President Vladimir Putin (Feb. ’05); owns a winery in Napa Valley and is a partner in a small, old-fashioned pasta factory in Brooklyn; owns lodges in Belize and Guatemala where (according to an article in the New York Times) one can experience “being at a private club for experienced travelers hip to the notion of exploring, preserving and celebrating the indigenous culture without sacrificing laundry service and a wine list.” Costigan, Kelley (’86) - completed M.Phil. in Shakespeare Studies in London; appeared in film Shakespeare In Love as a theatregoer; worked on Tim Burton‘s film Sleepy Hollow; living in Stratford upon-Avon with her partner, a lecturer in English at the University of Birmingham’s Shakespeare Institute in Stratford. Couba, Gregory (’96) - Assistant to the Director of the Theatre on Film and Tape Archive at the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center; performed in As You Like It at The Theatre of the Church of Notre Dame, NYC (May ’10). Craig, Lisa (’03) - performs with Saint Michael’s Warriors Dance Company, NYC. Crosby, Christopher (’97) - appeared in Gray Wig’s presentation, Tess, the Musical; performed at the Cultural Arts Playhouse, Bethpage, in a show entitled Songs for a New World; appeared in Tim Robbin’s movie, The Cradle Will Rock; appeared in The 24 hr Woman with Rosie Perez. Crouch, Traci (’93) - freelance actress, Boston. Cucco, Dawn (’87) - since graduation, has acted in over 20 productions in LI theatres. Cuenin, Carla (’92) - freelance dancer, NYC. Curran, Nicole (Moss) (’03) – M.S.W., Columbia University School of Social Work; Homefinding Recruiter in Foster Care/Adoption Department at

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 New Alternatives for Children; living in NYC with husband, John. Cutrona, Todd (’93) – M.F.A. in Theatre Management, Columbia University; new artistic director for the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre in Providence, RI; previously worked for Richard Frankel Productions, New York City. Dagavarian, Michele (Miller) (’77) - freelance actress living in Canada; Broadway shows include Joseph Papp production of Runaways; Fiddler on the Roof directed by Jerome Robbins; nominated for AMPIA (Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association) award for Best Actress in 1995 and winner of ITVA Golden Leaf Award for CPR video; married with three children: Ben and twins, Sam and Hannah. Dall, Robin (’87) – M.A. in Literature (’93); working as a Career Advisor at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. Daly, Christopher (’96) - completed Masters in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU; with his brother, has started a technology focused political consulting company, Daly & Partners; the short film he produced, Jagged, won several awards at the 2000 New York International Film Festival; continues to collaborate with friends in the New York City area on a number of upcoming film and theatre projects; he can be reached at D’Andrea, Jennifer (’98) - working as a dance instructor in upstate New York; also worked as adjunct dance faculty at Orange County Community College. Davenport, Curtis (’83) - freelance actor, LI. Davi, Robert (’72) - TV and film actor; appeared at Adams Playhouse in the world premiere of A Tribute to a Legend: Davi Sings Sinatra (July ’10); appeared as the villain Franz Sanchez in the James Bond film, Licence to Kill; appeared with fellow alum, Lainie Kazan, at the Adams Playhouse (fall ’08); participated in James Bond Conference at Hofstra (fall ’07); starred in NBC-TV show, The Profiler; appeared with Jamie-Lynn Di Scala in USA Network movie, Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss; special agent Johnson in Die Hard; and the singing Fratelli brother, Jake, in The Goonies; acted in, produced and directed his first feature film, The Dukes (’07). Davis, Chris (Keveney) (’04) - appeared in The Shaughraun at The Storm Theatre, NYC . DeBella, John (’73) - Z Morning Zoo, Philadelphia’s No. 1 DJ. deLuise, Danielle (’97) - married to Aaron Fix; living in Tucson where she works for Paciolan, a company that designs and implements automatic ticket sale programs. DeJesus, Erica (’01) - starred in An Occurrence Remembered, a modern dance and dark electronic musical at the Washington Square United Methodist Church, NYC; danced with Robin Becker and Company. DeGennaro, Judy (’81) - Advisory Programmer Analyst for Merrill, Lynch, NYC. DeGruccio, Nick (’83) - appeared in TV sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond; one of the leads in the film Time Warrior; national tour of City Of Angels; performed in LA company of Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding; long time member of the Colony Studio Theatre; living in Los Angeles. DelVecchio, John (’95) - wrote and performed in Veins and Thumbtacks at The Producers Club, NYC.

DeMontreux, Debbie (’92) - Manager of Packaging and Production for Bravo Cable Network and Independent Film Channel; voice-overs for Bravo and Cablevision. Denio, Andrew (’04) - living in California, where he is studying for a second B.A. in Physics. Denis, Dina (’02)- is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher from Queens, New York; is also a K-12 certified dance teacher who holds a Master of Arts in Dance Education from New York University; in 2003 founded Dina Denis Dance/Dance Into Light, Inc. which is a Queens based Modern Dance Company which produces original dance works of an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural nature; performed at benefit for Regional Craniofacial Center, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital (Feb. ’11); Women in Dance Project 2010 was performed in NYC in Dec. ’10; was the 2009 recipient of LaGuardia Performing Arts Center’s “Lab 101” award; was commissioned by Hofstra University to set a work on their students as well as perform in their Dance Program’s 25th Anniversary Concert; the company was awarded the 2010 Queens Council on the Arts’ Department of Cultural Affairs grant for the development and expansion of their senior center and nursing home program; the Company received the 2010 JP Morgan Chase Grant through the Queens Council on the Arts; Dina Denis Dance’s choreography and performance credits include “The Women of the Mahabharata” at the Roy Arias Theatre (NYC), “Rang de Nila” with visual artist Siona Benjamin at Princeton University (NJ), Rutgers University (NJ), Cherly Pelavin Gallery (NYC) among several others. Dina was a member of Joan Miller’s Dance Players for five years and performed at Columbia University’s Miller Theatre (NYC), The Duke on 42 nd Street (NYC), Lehman College (Bronx, NY), The Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre (NYC), and The Point (Bronx, NY); has also performed under the direction of choreographers, Robin Becker, Deborah Damast, Douglas Dunn, Sheila Kaminsky, Joan Peters, Joan Miller, Eleo Pomare, Martial Roumain, Abdel Salaam, Dr. Glory Van Scott, and Val Suarez, check out her web site Dennehy, Edward (’68) - directed Steel Magnolias at Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts, LI ; director, Hofstra USA theatre offerings. Dennehy, Elizabeth (’82) living in LA with husband, James Lancaster, and two boys, Jack (11) and Will (9); still working from time to time, most recently on an episode of the TV show, The Mentalist (April ’09); many TV commercials, including Campbell’s Soup. Dennehy, Sue Anne (nee Senff) (’69) - teaches in BOCES (Magnet School System on LI; appeared in Agnes’ Little War part of a One-Act Festival at Theatre Three, Port Jefferson, LI (March ’10). dePiggot, Jay (’96) - attended the University of Southern California’s graduate program in Cinema -Television Production. DeVito, John (’81) - prop master, Metropolitan Opera House, NYC Diamond, Harley (’79) - promoted to Chief, AntiNarcotics Strike Force, New York City Housing Authority; performed in Closer Than Ever, a musical revue of original songs by Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire (Nov. ’10). DiCandia, Denise (’86) - moved to Los Angeles with her photographer husband; pursuing a music career. DiConzo, Mark (’05) - starring in, and a choreographer for, the upcoming movie musical How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song; for the first half of 2011, Mark will be performing a one man show

and starring as Monty in Royal Caribbean International’s Broadway adaption of Saturday Night Fever; he recently served as the dance captain for Westchester Broadway Theatre’s original adaptation of A Christmas Carol. Dickens, Denise (’97) - living in NYC; married to James Nunzio Incognito; was on production staff of Unnatural Acts (June ’11), a new play about Harvard’s investigation and persecution of a group of gay students, at Classic Stage Company, where she is a member of the board. DiLeonardo, Melissa (Missy) (’99) – M.F.A., Acting, Goodman School of Theatre, DePaul University, Chicago (’07); worked at Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre Company; now a Group Fitness Coordinator, Northwestern University, Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor (ACE). Dillon, Georgia Nicole (’08) - appeared in Dr. Frankenstein’s Magical Creature at the Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn (March ’11) and in The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein at the BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange (Oct. ’10). DiMemmo, Diane (Vecchiarello) (’82) - married, two children; living in New Jersey. Dlugokencky, Paul (’82) - cartoonist whose work has been appearing in newspapers nationwide as well as in business, physics and new age journals; most recently had a full-page spread of his cartoons (re wind farms off Jones Beach) in the Opinion section of LI Newsday; also has done movie storyboards and some voice work for radio; living in Centerport, NY; runs a website, at Doerflein, Barbara (’04) - moved to Orlando, FL just after graduation; still working as a character performer at the Walt Disney World Resort and coordinating for Disney Magic Music Days. Donaghy, Tom (’83) - playwright whose works have been collected and published by Grove Press under the title The Beginning of August and Other Plays; his new adaptation of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard was done at the Atlantic Theater Company, NYC. Donelan, Amanda (’06) - appeared in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (as Mustardseed and The Philostrate) (April ’10) at The Wings Theatre in the West Village. Dorr, Michael (’90) - Editorial Director and Vice president, Cooper Square Press, NYC. Dotti, Kieran (’06) - produced movie project, Leave Me Behind. Douthit, Kim (’04) - Abingdon Theatre Co. (NYC) held a reading of her play, Business as Usual; appeared in Hamle (an abridged version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet) at the Actors Chapel at St. Malachy’s Church, NYC. Dowes, Missy (’09) - appeared in The Marvelous Wonderettes at the Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts, LI (July ’10) Downs, Robin (’90) - living in Amarillo, TX with husband Monty and son. Drake, Juliet (’02) - married to Shawn Hossain; finished tour of In My Grandmother’s Purse with Childsplay; then moved from Phoenix to San Antonio, where Shawn began his Air Force Psychiatry Residency; worked for the city teaching basic computer skills to seniors; now is working in a long-term industrial as a Standardized Patient for UT, enacting specific symptoms for the training and examinations of medical and nursing students; also diligently working on her online greeting card boutique;


The Department of Drama and Dance Dugal, Kevin (’87) - teaching at Bishop Kellenberg High School, LI; married; performs in community theatre. Dunatov, Lara Jane (’99) starred in one-act musical, Desiree of Beverly Hills (NYC); still with sketch comedy group called spurn with own production company called spurn Productions of which she is one of the founding members; produced short films and other theatre projects as well as their sketch show; producing a musical that is in the Fringe Festival this year called Genius Famous in which she will appear; was on Wheel of Fortune and dabbles in Hand Modeling from time to time; is a licensed real estate agent working in Manhattan. Dunlap, Drew (’08) - has worked both on stage and back stage at various community theatres in New York and Connecticut most recently at The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck. He currently lives in Margaretville, NY but will be attending The National University of Ireland at Galway’s Masters in Drama and Theatre Arts program in September ’11. Dunlop, Chris (’72) - international freelance company manager (with wife Josette Amato ’76). Durante, Jonathan (’99) - living in Los Angeles, working as a Private Banker for Wells Fargo; married to Corrinne; appeared in movie, LaLinea, with Andy Garcia; made Diet Dr. Pepper TV commercial; appeared in several indie movies; played role of Graziano in The Merchant of Venice which won critical acclaim in Back Stage West. Eck, Scott (’79) - has been traveling around the globe with The Laughingstock Company performing his most recent play Ice Cold Courage: The Shackleton Experience; still works regularly with Hofstra alums including Jill Keyishian, Owen O’Farrell, Bill McCauley, Michael Perlstein, and continues to give work opportunities to young actors everywhere; is in the process of writing a new show based on the Victor Frankel book Man’s Search for Meaning, as well as a new show called “Truth Against the World: The Vision of Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Scott Eck with Owen O’Farrell’s son Owen Matthew

Economou-Conlin, Elaine (’90) - married, living in Ann Arbor; works at the Musical Society at the University of Michigan; choreographing and performing there and in Chicago. Edwards, Susan F. (’72) - freelance actress, NY. Edwards, Vanessa (’97) - working for Jeff George Photographic; directed a short film entitled Little Red . . . or Grandma Likes Pie; acted in an independent film called Fear of the Dark shot on DVD. Ellison, Cori (’75) - consultant for Lincoln Center’s Art of the Song Series and Senior music Editor of Stagebill magazine; music journalist, lecturer, broadcaster and translator specializing in opera and vocal music; contributor to the New York Times, Opera News, and BBC Music and books such as The New Grove Dictionary of Opera


and The Compleat Mozart; Assistant Professor of Music at New York University School of Continuing Education; taught a distance learning course on “The Operas of Mozart.” Elmore, Amy (’92) - married, living in Chicago; sales manager at Showtime Networks. Emberton, Heather (Weiler) (’78) - son, Matthew; teaches at Circle of Dance, on LI and Arts-in -Education in NY; choreographer for Broadhollow Theatres. Enck, Elizabeth (’89) - Associate Producer, Business News Area, CNN. Engle, Deborah (Baum) (’01) - performed in The Baby Dance at Broadhollow Theatre, LI ; also Buried Child, at Queens Theatre in the Park, Flushing Meadows and The Good Daughter, at the New Jersey Repertory Theater. Engstrom, Kurt (’90) - living in North Hollywood, CA; played Security Guard on Lifetime TV game show, Debt. Epstein, Gary (’75) - talent and literary agent (Epstein-Wyckoff and Associates) New York and Beverly Hills. Eramo, Peter (’95) - after teaching high school English and theatre arts for nine years, moved (from New York) to Arlington, Virginia in November 2010 to work as the publicist for the Tony Award-winning Signature Theatre under the auspices of Artistic Director Eric Schaeffer; in addition, has been writing film reviews and commentary for the online entertainment magazine Brightest Young Things—as well as continuing writing on film for the Magic Lantern Film site (; last performed in Earth and Sky and as Bernard in Boeing, Boeing; hopes to get back on the stage in the amazing DC theatre community. Eskelson, Dana (’87) - appeared in Lascivious Something at the Julia Miles Theater, produced by Women’s Project and the Cherry Lane Theater (May ’10); played the mother in multiple Ikea TV commercials; appeared in A Perfect Couple at the Women’s Expressive Theater, Inc., NYC; appeared in After Ashley (with Anna Paquin and Kieran Culkin) at the Vinyard Theatre, NYC; appeared in episode of TV drama, Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Ey Robert (’74) - Reference Librarian at Wolf Block LLP in Philadelphia and sometimes New York. Falciano, Stephanie (’93) - professional Ballroom and Latin dancer/competitor; U.S. Latin top six finalist; planning to study in London with world champions; freelance actor in NYC; completed one year program at the School for Film & Television. Fallica, Carlene (’89) - exercise/dance specialist practicing in LI. Falzoi, Jill (’90) - working toward Master’s degree in Arts Performance at NYU. Farid, Riham (’96) - graduate, Hofstra Law School; married. Farrell, John (’83) - teaches voice privately and runs his own business, Music Production Services, creating vocal demos and music sequences to CD’s. Fasano, Barbara (’80) - cabaret singer, NYC; married to Eric Comstock; 2011 MAC Award nominee (major artist); performed at the Colony (Palm Beach, FL) Apr.-May ’11; performed songs from new CD Bitter/Sweet at the Met Room, Feb. ’11; she and her husband performed at the Café Sabarskay, NYC (Oct. ’10); at the Algonquin

Hotel in Helluva Town: A New York Soundtrack about which the New York Times said it is “a hotbed of pleasure”; This Thing Called Love at the Cooperstown Chamber Musical Festival (Aug. ’10); performed on a Cruise Gourmet Voyage to Paris (Apr. ’11); joined the cast of Sondheim Unplugged , NYC (Oct. ’10); performed at Metropolitan Room, NYC (Dec. ’09)—“Mr. Comstock and Ms. Fasano are turning the neighborhood into a hotbed of pleasure”—Stephen Holden, the New York Times; her CD, Written in the Stars, was awarded the 2007 Back Stage and Mac Awards for record of the year; recipient of two Back Stage Bistro Awards and MAC nominee; Hofstra Alumni Achievement Award.

Barbara Fasano and Eric Comstock performing at the NationalJazz Museum in Harlem

Barbara Fasano and Eric Comstock performing in Manhattan

Ferraioli, Richard (’05) - Masters in Performance Studies at Hofstra; Managing Director of the Queens Players, the resident company of the Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY; directed Fool for Love at the Access Theatre, NYC (Feb.Mar. ’11); opened a second theatre 3/4 round which seats 100 and in which Measure for Measure was performed (March ’10); Artistic Director of Variations Theatre Group (founded by fellow alum, Kirk Gostowski and him) to “provide opportunity for emerging artists to work on modern American classics and new works; also bringing theatre to underprivileged areas, hospitals and vet and retirement homes.” Ferrar, Gary (’06) - after interning for the Wooster Group, became the artistic director of The Hyper Aware Theater Company, which recently produced Time Traveling with Cannibals and Wild Blue, inspired by Steven Slater; directed When You’re 90, It Helps to Laugh for the Tiny Theater Festival at The Brick; currently developing loose adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe stories. Ferrer, Carmel (’82) - award-winning actress, active in Washington, DC area community theater; works at Nature Conservancy headquarters in Arlington, VA.

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Ferstand, Jessica Devra (’02) - is living in Los Angeles, California with her Domestic Partner, Jamie Derr. Just wrapped The Ultimate Fighter 13 for Spike TV as an Associate Producer; formerly, ABC’s True Beauty as Cast coordinator and Expedition Inspiration: A film about taking you body back from breast cancer as Production Coordinator; is gearing up for Discovery Channel’s, Sons of Guns as an Associate Story Producer; currently is working on her own Development Projects and has taught herself to play the Ukulele for nights around the campfire. Copy That! Fields, Michael (’70) - made the “Don’t Bust My Hump” flag in the shop; stage manager, Roundabout Theatre ’70-’71; stage hand, CBS Studios, ABC Scenic Shop and Broadway; radio engineer, CBS Radio Network ’75-’79; production supervisor, CBS ’79-’81; stage manager CBS, NBC, and WABC News ’81-’83; unit manager ABC News ’83-’84; manager EyePatch (in house Commercial Production and AV) Ogilvy & Mather Advertising ’84-’97; president, Spring Street Productions, Inc. ’97 -present (video, graphics, web sites); married to Nancy Hutchens, Ph.D., management consultant and author. Fine, Jared (’01) - is a theater professional who has worked in various realms of PR, Marketing, and Events in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Boston; was the Director of Project Development at PLUS Entertainment and a producing associate on Shout! The Mod Musical; as Managing Director of Banner New York, he produced and general managed productions of Cutman, a boxing musical and the award winning production of The Lightning Field at The Oval House in London; was Lead-Line Producer on The Ones That Flutter in spring of 2008 and Whore in 2009; is an active member of the NY and Boston Theater communities and has been on multiple judging panels for festivals, evaluation and award committees for Off-Broadway, Non-Profit and Experimental works including the FringeNYC Festival, Summer Play Festival at the Public Theater, and New York Theater Workshop; he is one of the founders of Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theater and serves on the board as Associate Artistic Director; most recently he has joined the Marketing Department at the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University. Fiore, Tracy (’99) - appeared on Regis Philbin show doing yoga; also danced with the Now Dance Co, NYC. Fischer, Stephanie (Estavez) (’80) - living on Long Island, two children. Flanagan, Robin (’81) - Equity Stage Manager, NY Renaissance Festival, Tuxedo, NY; CPA, Amex Finance Department; married to Dan O’Driscoll (stage combat); originated and performs with Crimson Pirates, a 12 person singing group, who have produced three CD’s. Flynn, John (’95) - continues to write, direct, and perform shows all over New York City, mainly at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater where the story-telling show he performs in and produces, The Nights of Our Lives, just celebrated its five year anniversary. That show toured Hofstra last fall, and he couldn't believe there is now more than one unispan, and that students can order sushi for dinner! You can visit his website ( Fogel, Erin (’04 ) - Twenty Seven Dresses (Shari Rabinowitz) is still actively running on cable; indie film Elliot Loves (Mrs. Mills) completes editing this spring and will begin running the festival circuit; filmed a role on Law & Order: SVU, episode: Wannabe (Samantha); obtained her Yoga

Alliance 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification this year and performed in the yoga music video, Peace Offering (where Erin is seen doing yoga on the 96th street subway platform), available on youtube. Follett, Richard (’81) - has returned full time to performing minstrel music; living in Virginia. Forand, Eric (’97) living in Astoria; certified personal trainer and full-time fitness instructor; performed in N.Y. premier of Charles Mee’s Big Love at Theater for the New City; appeared in a production of a new piece called Saving the Greeks, One Tragedy at a Time at the 14th Street Y, and was the assistant director/choreographer for Shakedown Street, a new musical which was part of last year’s Fringe/NYC Festival. Forrest, Beverley (’71) - still acting and modeling in NY; graduate of University of San Diego Law School; member of NYS Bar, works as temporary attorney on large litigation matters. Forsythe, Bart (’99) – Law degree from Washington and Lee Law School; Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives; previously Attorney Advisor, U.S. Department of Labor. Fox, Jenny (’94) - after three years as the Program Coordinator at New York Women in Film & Television, moved to Las Vegas with her husband, Aki, who is a musician with Blue Man Group; she is currently the Production Coordinator for the Dave Matthews Band and has toured as Natalie Merchant’s assistant (along with fellow alum, Megan Ingalls); when not on the road, she does Talent Supervising in Las Vegas and is on the Board of Directors of Women in Film Las Vegas; (she is listed in Las Vegas if you visit). Frances, Kim (’74) - regional theatre; stage manager at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Frankel, David (’75) - teaching Drama, St. Leo’s College, Tampa, FL. Frazer, Hallie (’78) - played Beatrice Carbone in Arthur Miller’s A View From The Bridge with Ross Valley Players in the San Francisco area (spring ’09); started a theatre group out of a local church in Berkeley, called “Theatre of the Sacred Soul”; has directed several fully staged productions, the latest being Miller’s The Crucible .

Hallie Frazer (right) in A View from the Bridge

Frederick, Virginia Ann (’76) - chiropractor, San Francisco; two children, Alex and Selena. Friedman, Janet (’72) - started an organizing business because of the lack of stage manager positions; has worked at occasional 1- or 2-day corporate events; traveled to Florida for an Ebay show; worked on Clinton Global Initiative, NYC (fall ’07); Assistant Production Stage Manager; Broadway production of 42nd Street; stage manager of industrial shows for companies such as IBM and Sun Microsystems, for which she has traveled to Hawaii and Vienna and most recently to Florida and California; established scholarship fund at Hofstra to honor late husband, Barry Andrew

Kearsley. Friedman, Peter (’71) - daughter, Sadie; living in NY; performed in The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World at Playwrights Horizons, NYC (June ’11); performed in play, Body Awareness, NYC (summer ’08); lead role new musical The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island (Or, the Friends of Dr. Rushower) at the Vineyard Theatre. (Jan.-Feb. ’08); played juror #10 (the bigot) in Roundabout Theatre’s critically acclaimed production of Twelve Angry Men; played Tateh in Broadway production of Ragtime, for which he received a Tony nomination for best actor; played recurring role in TV show, Brooklyn Bridge. Frucco, Jennifer (’94) - married. Fruchtman, Jacob (Jay Harron) (’76) - freelance actor, NYC and LA. Fuchs, Debbie (’75) - actress and stage manager; stage manager of Broadway’s Guys and Dolls; other credits include Off-Broadway Pageant, A Celebration at Carnegie Hall; Liza Steppin’ Out at Radio City Music Hall; has been freelance stage managing on many industrial and special events in NYC and around the country; just completed the Dance Project this past November for Carnegie Hall; is an adjunct professor at Wagner College, Staten Island; married to Arturo Porazzi - they have a teenage daughter. Gamboa, Juan Pablo (’88) - appeared in King of Texas, a made for TV movie based on King Lear. Garcia, Carol E. (’77) - freelance actress, dancer. Gardner, Sharon (Galuzzo) (’90) - married; two daughters, living in North Carolina, where she recently performed with an experimental scriptless group. Garino, Peter (’77) - was recently appointed Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Project of Chicago where he has worked as an actor and director since ’95; appeared in four Shakespeare Festivals at Hofstra (’74-’77); this season, appeared in Paradise Lost, The Rivals and played Cardinal Wolsey in Henry VIII; has recently facilitated his Sonnet Workshop and Page to the Stage Macbeth for the local public and private schools and colleges; has worked with the Steppenwolf and Organic Theatre companies, the Body Politic Ensemble, Pegasus Players and with the Oak Part Festival Theatre and Illinois Shakespeare Festival; directing credits for The Shakespeare Project also include Antony and Cleopatra, The Importance of Being Earnest, A Woman of No Importance, Pericles (’08 & ’96) The Taming of the Shrew, II Henry IV, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and his own adaptations of Shakespeare’s sonnets and songs, My Name is Will and The Rape of Lucrece (which premiered at Hofstra’s West End Theatre in ’76); attended the National Shakespeare Conservatory and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Illinois State University; is a member of Actors’ Equity Association, AFTRA and the Screen Actors Guild; lives outside Chicago with his wife Helene and son, Glen Thomas. Geary, Trisha (Gordon) (’01) - married; Masters in Theatre Education, Emerson University; now a drama teacher and director at Andover, MA private middle school; works with teachers to use drama as a learning tool within curriculum; in the summers has been working at the Boston Community Music Center as a drama teacher and director for children ages 4 to 15. Ariya Ghahramani (’09) - just finished a film with Anna Chlumsky (the girl from My Girl), a summer comedy (Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship, ’11), and shot a national commercial


The Department of Drama and Dance playing opposite Jimmy Fallon for Capital One; completed work on a staged reading of Urge for Going at The Public Theater; first feature film, Ken Kushner’s When the Devil Comes, and the Twentieth-Century-Fox television series New Amsterdam; appeared in The Kite Runner, opening the season at both Actors Theatre of Louisville and the Cleveland Playhouse (fall ’10); appeared in Rafta, Rafta at the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego (March ’11). Giaccio, Nadia (’01) - married; teaching Kindergarten at St. Mel’s School in Queens; opened her own dance school, Nadia’s Performing Arts Center. Giambalvo, Peter (’94) - living in Manhattan; has shifted his energy to a career in music; has a new pop/rock band that plays in NYC about once a month called “45 High”; is the vocalist and a songwriter for the band. Giampetro, John (’93) - see faculty bios. Giardina, David (’84) - invited to sing at the United Nations for UN Day; has written another children’s book and is working on new screenplay (an urban suspense thriller); recently launched a new website with a friend on spirituality and the origins of religious beliefs, knowsis; his book A Banana In My Pocket (but I'm still happy to see you) is now available to order; his feature film Taffy Was Born was picked up by a distribution company in LA. Giarratano, Elissa (Musumeci) (’80) - freelance actress, LI. Gimpel, Tim (’92) - danced in European tour of Forty Second Street. Ginsburg, Richard (’81) - he and his wife, Abby, have a daughter, Meredith, and a son, Maxwell; M.F.A. Brooklyn College ’92; Professor, Nassau County Community College; active in Gray Wig (Hofstra’s alumni theatre organization). Ginther, Amy (’05) -moved to Argentina for a while, came home for the Holidays, teaching English as a second language in Korea. Glant-Linden, Andrew (’76) - stage director, NYC and regional theatres; won Carbonella Award (Florida Regional Theatres) as Best Director for Man of La Mancha. Goldberg, Donna (’68) - lives in California; pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the California Family Study Center in N. Hollywood. Goldberg, Jamie (Jamie Karen) (’96) - appeared in Broadway production of Man of La Mancha. Goldstein, Geoffrey (’74) - banker, NYC. Goldstein, Ken (’97) - is the Assistant Professor of Set Design at SUNY New Paltz, and Resident Set Designer at Northern Stage. Regional design credits include Capital Rep, Skylight Opera, Barrington Stage Company, The Hangar, Orlando Rep, Opera North, The New York Theatre Institute and Seaside Music Theater. Some New York credits include numerous NYMF’s productions including POPArt, and Isabelle and The Pretty Ugly Spell, as well as Trojan Women: A Love Story, Orestes by Chuck Mee, and The Lady Next Door. M.F.A. in Set Design from Brandeis University (2000), member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829. Gonzalez, Karen (’93) - living on Long Island; has been doing production coordinating work in NYC; married to fellow alum, Michael Berrios; three sons, Thomas, Noah and Daniel. Good, Sharon (’72) - a Life, Career and Creativity Coach in NYC, is the author of book, Creative


Marketing Tools for Coaches; does coach training and teaches classes on career exploration for the Life Purpose Institute, New York University School of Continuing & Professional Studies, and the 92nd Street Y. Her website is Goodno, Karen (’01) - moved to Nashville, TN to pursue country music career. Gostkowski, Kirk (’05) - performed in Fool for Love at the Access Theatre, NYC (Feb-Mar. ’11); appeared in Hamlet at the Secret Theatre, LIC (Apr.-May ’09); appeared in True West at the Southampton Cultural Center, LI (April ’08); wrote, directed and stars in film Leave Me Behind, shot on Long Island and New Jersey which chronicles the last three days before a soldier is leaving for Iraq. Götz, Sonya (’91) - freelance dancer in NYC. Gouveia, Elisa (’06) - appeared in Hey You, Light Man! with the Firebrand Theory Theater Co., NYC. Granau, Patricia (Meade) (’81) - married with one child; commercials include Cheer Detergent, Wendy’s, Crisco Light; cast member of Tony ’n’ Tina's Wedding ’87-’90; does local theatre work; currently sings in Gospel Band on Long Island; teaches voice at home. Grant, Michael (’78) - technical director, NY Shakespeare Festival. Gray, Richard (’76) - currently Director of Operations for Wynn Entertainment; supervised installment of current show, Le Rêve; his work as Project Manager for theatre construction for Cirque Du Soleil’s O Theatre at the Bellagio resort, Las Vegas, earned him a Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Live Production (the themed entertainment industry’s equivalent of an Academy Award); oversaw construction of two theatres at Wynn Las Vegas; named Penn State College of Arts and Architecture’s Alumni Fellow for 2005; married to Tracy Sherritt Gray, two daughters, Abby and Zan. Grebner, Dawn (’89) - living in California; appeared in Hallmark commercial. Green, Amy (Garelick) (’80) - Ph.D. in Directing, CUNY; associate professor of theatre, John Jay College, Manhattan; wrote book entitled The Revisionist Stage: American Directors Re-invent the Classics. Green, Chester (’83) - married to Felicia Blaustein (’89); sound engineer, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts; tech director, Brooklyn Center Cinema; freelance sound designerBrooklyn Stage Company. Greene, Barry (’77) - works for Dept. of Health & Human Services, NYC. Grethen, Kim (’85) - “Happy. Living in the country, working in the business. All is right with the world.” Grilli, Gabriel (’93) - An actor, teacher director, and writer, Gabriel has worked at theatres across the country and internationally. As a teacher of acting and directing, he has headed classes and workshops at Acting Abroad (France), Berkeley Playhouse, Custom Made Theatre, Marin Shakespeare Company, New York University, The New School, The School of Visual Arts, Syracuse University, Pennsylvania State University and the Oxbridge Program at Trinity Hall (UK). A Bay Area resident since 2007, Gabriel has performed with 42nd St. Moon (Strike Up the Band, The Student Gypsy, Girl Crazy and Call Me Madam), Berkeley Playhouse (Peter Pan, Oliver), Pacific Coast Rep (Cabaret), 6th St. Playhouse (Becoming

Walt Whitman), Custom Made Theatre (The Old Neighborhood and Mr. Marmalade), PlayGround, Magic Theatre, Playwrights Foundation, Playwrights’ Center, The Media Factory, and the SF Fringe Festival. Critics hailed Gabriel’s Captain Hook as “hilariously elegant” and “visually magnetic.” Beyond Chron has called him “a compulsively good actor.” Gabriel worked extensively as an actor & director in NY, with companies including Manhattan Theatre Source, HERE, the Brick, Flying Fig, NY Fringe, Themantics Group, the Mint, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Theatreworks USA and others. He is a member of PlayGround, Actors’ Equity, and the Lincoln Center Directors Lab, and was a founder of the Stage Directors & Choreographers Foundation Artists’ Action Committee. Gabriel’s principal training was at Penn State University (M.F.A. Directing) and Hofstra University (B.F.A. Acting). Visit Grocki, Anthony (’84) - married, son, Conor; film editor for ten years doing feature films in NYC; has worked with Jim Jarmusch and the Coen Brothers; self produced a mock documentary, How To Visit New York, in which fellow-alum, Barbara Fasano appeared. Gropper, Joshua (Law School ’91) - played Claudius in Hamlet (Hofstra Shakespeare Festival, 1991); married; practicing law in NYC; does some stand-up comedy. Gross, Kimberly (Gillman) (’89) - married in 1996 to actor/writer/businessman Arthur M. Gillman; son, William; living in Westchester, NY; currently Operations Supervisor for a growing marketing firm in Pleasantville, NY; spends her “free time” on her expanding jewelry business. Guarnaccia, Greg (’94) - has traveled all over the world (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Amsterdam) with his own production company, Doubledge Productions, which does lighting, video, and multi media productions. Guglielmetti, Robin (Panagakos) (’93) - living in Staten Island and married to Hofstra alum, Nicholas Panagakos; has daughter, Tea; is a drama and dance teacher for the NYC Board of Education. Gunty, Lori (’84) - worked as a casting director and agent at J. Michael Bloom until ’98 when her first son, Brian, was born; twins Jeremy and Andrew arrived two years later; lives in New Jersey. Haggerty, Kyle (’06) - awarded “Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role” for The Hypochondriac at the IT Awards Ceremony (summer ’10); featured roles in TV shows, Kings and Cupid (fall ’09). Hakim, Rodney (’98) - is recently married and living on Long Island, and freelances in acting, directing, and writing for stage, screen, and print. Hall, Jeff (Flavin) (’91) - Associate Director of the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC.; directed The Broken Heart by John Ford at The Shakespeare Conference, NYC ; has been the Resident Assistant Director, having worked with Michael Kahn on Cyrano, Bill Alexander on Henry IV, and Mark Lamos on Midsummer; next season will direct As You Like It for the Kennedy Center in a co-production with the Shakespeare Theatre; formerly, artistic director of Outward Spiral Theatre Company in Minneapolis; worked for the Guthrie Theater, where he directed a newly commissioned play, The Stuff of Dreams which toured the mid-west for three months; Director of Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, Cap Cod, MA.

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Halston, Julie (see Abatelli) Hampton, Lynn Anne (’92) - living in Reno, NV with husband, Roger and daughter, Justine; is a stay-at-home mom and volunteers her time as a Children’s Advocate through Legislative Reform. Handler, Lee (’77) - deceased. Harger, Heidi (’97) - “still plugging away at her acting career though temporarily on a detour through nursing school so, hopefully, she can later afford to continue being a healthy, fed, and clothed actress”; played Sister James in an Equity production of Doubt with the Emerson Theater Collaborative in Mystic, CT; continues to work with Broadway Kids in East Lyme CT, a music theater school. Harris, Andrew (’05) - appeared in production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest , NYC (May ’09). Harron, Jay (see Fruchtman) Hartford, Emily (’04) - appeared in Dr. Frankenstein’s Magical Creature, Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn (March ’11); The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange in Park Slope (Oct. ’10); appeared in A Rope in the Abyss, NYC; also appeared in Night of Nosferatu, and in Land of the Undead, NYC . Hartmann, Sarah (’90) – M.F.A., Professional Actor Training Program, University of Delaware; performed in Bunbury at the Connelly Theatre, NYC; spent five seasons with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival; performed with the Texas Shakespeare Festival; spent three years as an adjunct faculty member at the Theatre Program at Roosevelt University in Chicago teaching acting and dialects; has done many commercials, industrials and print jobs; in Chicago worked at Northlight, About Face, Shattered Globe and Chicago Shakespeare Theatres; did national tour of Master Class as stand-by for Maria Callas; married to actordirector, writer, Tom Fiscella. Held, Dan (’72) - freelance regional theatre director, living in NYC; directs for Hofstra USA; Vice President for Creative Services for ADM Productions. Hellman, Ira (’85) - works in public relations at Money Magazine. Hemphill, Ryan (’03) - directed play, The Cascade Falls, (NYC); appeared in Figaro Gets A Divorce, Access Theatre, NYC; loan officer, Universal Mortgage, NYC. Henry, Laura (’09) - currently working as a dancer with the modern dance company, Vissi Dance Theater in Manhattan (; can be seen in all company works including renowned, “Amazing Grace,” and “The Hoarde”; working with graduates Kelly Anne Wadler (’09), Alyssa Litwin (’09), and Christopher Johnston, (’08) at Wingspan Arts. Hernandez, Selina (’99) - performed in a solocabaret entitled This is Me at the Triad, NYC; worked on production of Brunch, the Musical, NYC . Heverin, Kat (’07) - living in California and taking play writing classes; studying Shakespeare with Mary Lou Rosato; doing Tai Chi, performd at REDCAT ; performed in Erik Ehn’s new play, One Eye Gone; in spring ’09 played the mother in Equus; cast in UCLA’s production of Medea starring Annette Benning (September ’09). Hickman, Heather (’99) - after graduating from Hofstra, relocated to Los Angeles in 2004, where she worked in law firms until finally deciding to take the plunge and go back to school for her law degree; graduated from George Mason University

School of Law in Arlington, Virginia in May 2009 and has once again relocated to Los Angeles; currently is working as a contract attorney, focusing on commercial litigation, intellectual property and entertainment law. Higgins, Joe (’72) - freelance actor, San Francisco. Hirsch, Howard (’58) - advertising executive who switched occupations a few years ago and built his own theatre, Park Road Playhouse, in West Hartford, CT; married with three daughters and six granddaughters (one of whom is a Hofstra drama grad). Hoffman, John (’86) - living in LA and working in television; played Mad Hatter on Disney Channel series Adventures in Wonderland; co-starred in TV shows, Fortune Hunter and Courthouse; played Jeff Gilooly in Showtime movie Tonya: The Battle of Wounded Knee; co-starred with Diane Keaton in Disney Channel presentation of the film, The Northern Lights, which he co-wrote with fellow alum, Kevin Kane, based on a play he wrote and performed on both coasts, also directed by Kevin Kane; as a screenwriter, was given a two -picture deal with Touchstone Pictures. Hogan, Steven (’91) - freelance actor living in NYC. Holland, Ted (’77) - freelance actor, LA. Horan, Monica (’84) - married to Phil Rosenthal, two children, living in LA; (with fellow alum, Kevin Kane), recently visited Hofstra drama students, spoke to them and answered their questions; received Alumni Achievement Award from Hofstra at the annual awards dinner (Sept. ’08); moderated benefit performance of Everybody Loves Raymond, Inside The Writers’ Room which featured her husband, Phil on the John Cranford Adams stage at Hofstra; TV credits include playing Amy on Everbody Loves Raymond, Coach, Down The Shore, In Living Color and General Hospital; created the character “Madilyn Monroe” for Tony ’n’ Tina's Wedding; other NY/LA theatre credits include Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, And Then There Was Nun, American Splendor. Houck, Mark (’86) - freelance musician, NYC. Huber, Eugene (’69) - deceased. Hults, Stephen (’76) - deceased. Hurley, Gregg (’93) - married with two children; Assistant Director for Sight and Sound Theatres (religious plays) in Lancaster, PA, the #3 destination in the nation for theatrical tour groups. Hurley, James (’96) - living in Los Angeles; produced and performed in a new play, Exact Change, at the Elephant Performance Space, Hollywood. Iacangelo, Peter (’71) - married, three children, living in California; appeared in movie, The Fight Club, with Brad Pitt; recently finished writing his first book; appeared on Broadway in The Three Penny Opera, Blood Brothers; on TV in recurring role on Hill Street Blues; supporting role in the HBO miniseries, The Rat; appearances in The Practice, Becker, The Drew Carey Show, St. Elsewhere, Cagney & Lacey, Night Court, Cheers, Murphy Brown and on Down the Shore where he worked with fellow alums Phil Rosenthal (writer) and Tom McGowan (Eddie); works as volunteer with Special Olympics since 1981. Inabinett, Theresa (’91) - freelance dancer/ actress; appeared in Al Pacino's film, Carlito’s Way. Ingalls, Megan (’94) - (M.F.A., Scenic Design, Northwestern University ’97); freelanced and taught in Chicago; lived in New York City work-

ing as a scenic painter; toured as a production coordinator with Natalie Merchant, Ricky Martin and The Dave Matthews Band; married lighting designer, Jason Boyd; resides in High Falls, NY and teaches and designs at Ulster Community College. Ingram, Dan (’56) - awarded AFTRA Local’s highest honor, the Ken Harvey Award (May ’09); DJ for MTV, CBS-FM; vice president, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; freelance voice-overs. Jefferson, Nate - has small dance company in NYC. Johnson, Jessica (’02) - appeared in short film, Wannabe; was casting director for Off-Broadway play Andy and Edie, in which she also performed. Johnson, Mel, Jr. (’71) - appeared in Venus at the Martinson Theater of The Joseph Papp Public Theater, NYC; living in Los Angeles. Johnson, Michael (’89) - working as a probation officer and participating in community theatre. Johnston, Christopher (’08) - working at Wingspan Arts, NYC. Jones, Lauren (’02) - since getting married in ’07 has worked on all the NY soaps, including an under 5 on All My Children (scenes w/ Susan Lucci) and Guiding Light; also worked on EBRU TV’s series The Wisdom Tree, and the independent film Four Eyed Monsters; she and her husband produced and acted in their own film E-8 Think Tank, a CIA drama that has won awards at the Hoboken, Connecticut, and Queens International Film Festivals, and has gotten US and European distribution deals; they have formed their own production company, Next Evolution Productions, and have several projects pending. more details on website and the company’s site (http://, and http:// Jones, Robert (’95) - performed in production of Seussical; performed in production of The Wild Party with Columbia Stages Productions at the Riverside Church; did improv show, Sherpa w/ The Future Mrs. Goldman & Rouge Elephant, at Under St. Marks Theatre, NYC; has worked extensively in regional theatres. Jordon, Edward (’73) - documentary film director and writer; writer/director of the indie feature film, Bollywood and Vine; his award winning documentaries have been screened at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the National Gallery of Art and the American Film Institute. Jud, Edie (’79) - earned a Masters in Library and Information Science and is a library media specialist at IS78 in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn; has a house in south Freeport and still sees her core group of Hofstra friends with some regularity, Juli, Lonnie (’78) - Lighting Designer/Director CBS News; primarily responsible for the following “The CBS Evening News with Katy Couric; CBS News Special Events, which includes political campaigns, conventions, etc. Papal funeral, executions, disasters and their anniversaries; “CBS News —Up to the Minute”—the overnight news broadcast of CBS News; still resides in Brooklyn, NY with wife Debbie and two sons, Michael and Jonathan. Kaalund, Zakiya (’99) - originated and continues to direct UNIA (Unique Naturally Innovative Achiever’s) Dance School at a PAL center in Roosevelt, LI which she started as a senior project while at Hofstra; the program has more than tripled and has become a permanent program at the PAL; is also teaching at High School of the Hu-


The Department of Drama and Dance manities and the Arts in Queens; dancing for the Underground Dance Project which performs regularly at Tribeca Performing Arts Center, NYC; plans to begin attending NYU for master’s degree. Kahn, Madeline (’64) - deceased; starred with Bill Cosby in TV sitcom, Cosby, and in Mel Brooks’ film, Young Frankenstein. Kaiser, Amy Joyce (’97) - Director of Operations for the Yale Alumni Chorus Foundation, whose mission is to promote harmony through the universal language of music through international choral events, outreach, and supporting the creation of new choral work (; is excited to be singing again and have the opportunity to travel internationally, especially since she can’t seem to stay in one place for any length of time; prior to the chorus, spent a year as the Managing Director of the Orlando Shakespeare Festival and five seasons with The Pearl Theatre Company in NYC, ending her last two and one-half years there as the Managing Director. Kakiya, Nami (’97) - dancing with Rod Rodgers Dance Company. Kalinowski, Charles (’83) M.S., Brooklyn College; teaching science at Automotive High School, Brooklyn; took a school administrator certification program; lives on Long Island. Kane, Kevin (’84) – M.F.A. (Dance Choreography) UCLA; is currently a Ph.D. doctoral candidate in Cultural and Performance Studies at Claremont University; also holds an M.F.A. (Dance Choreography) from UCLA; with Monica Horan, co-founded and is the executive director of The Flourish Foundation—a nonprofit that supports arts and educational programs for youth in Los Angeles area; also with Monica, visited and spoke with Hofstra students in fall ’08; on faculty at UCLA in the Department of World Arts and Cultures where he designed and continues to direct the summer dance theater intensive program which brings high school youth from all over country to UCLA to study dance, theater, performance and social activism; also teaches Movement for Actors at The Atlantic Theatre Company Conservatory. Also recently: teaching residencies in performance and dance theater in Ghana and Hong Kong, and has presented papers in academic conferences in Hawaii, Washington. D.C., and Estonia. ( Kaplan, Leslie (’97) - completed professional writer’s program at USC. Kaplan, Steven (’73) - Artistic Director of The Punch Line, LA; founder New York's acclaimed Manhattan Punch Line; taught at UCLA, NYU, Yale; created the HBO Workspace, the HBO New Writers Program; taught Two–Day Comedy Intensive in NYC. Karatnytsky, Christine (’82) – Master’s in Library Science, St. John’s University ’84; Scripts Librarian in the Billy Rose Theatre Collection of the New York Public Library since 1984; lives in NYC and works often as a stage manager and production assistant; is always at the service of Hofstra faculty and students, should they need something from the NYPL. Karlya, Tom (’81) - appeared in New York production of Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding for 10 years; appeared in Exiled, NBC TV movie, The Bill Cosby Show, Spin City; wrote novel, Code 10-13, But They Don’t Fall Down; is Executive Producer of dLifeTV, which has garnered one Emmy Award nomination, thirteen Telly Award wins and three Freddie Award nominations in the last three years; married with 3 children.


Katz, Lisa (’90) – M.F.A. in Lighting Design, University of Cincinnati-College Conservatory of Music; living in Los Angeles. Katzman, Hal (’84) - living in NYC; working for a recording studio in Manhattan. Kaufman, Heather (’01) – Account Director at YARD (Marketing and Advertising), NYC.

Heather Kaufman (photo from Linkedin)

Kauffman, Kathryn (Seay) (’82) - lives in Dallas; produces reality shows, TV spots and videos for David Seay Productions with husband, David Seay; teaches acting and directs theater in Dallas; has served as a consultant on Jimmy Neutron. Kazan, Lainie (Levine) (’60) - singer, actress; appeared with fellow alum, Robert Davi, at Hofstra Playhouse (fall ’08); appeared on TV show Boston Legal ; performed “old standards” at Adams Playhouse; appeared in last episodes of King of Queens ; appeared in TV movie, The Engagement Ring ; played Fran Drescher’s mother on TV sitcom, Living With Fran; appeared in the film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Kearsley, Barry (’70) - deceased. Keats, David (’83) did NY Theater and independent film acting; recently moved to LA and was cast as the intern discovering Jet Li’s true identity in The One; won an Ensemble Acting Award from the LA Theater Critics for his starring role as Herbie Stemple in Night and Her Stars. Keigwin, Lawrence (’94) - founded Keigwin + Company in 2003; as artistic director has created 12 groundbreaking dances and led the company as it performed at theaters and dance festivals throughout New York City and across the country, including the Joyce Theater, Works & Process at the Guggenheim, New York City Center’s Fall For Dance Festival (Sept. ’10); created Keigwin Kabaret, a fusion of modern dance, vaudeville and burlesque presented by the Public Theater at Joe’s Pub and by Symphony Space.

Newsday entertainment article spotlighting Larry Keigwin, 7 March 2011

Keller, Heather (’98) - Currently on the webseries The Reel Housewives of Theatre West (http://; booked and shot Behind the Fake Music: (http:// which was on the cover of Best Week Ever; won Best Actress Award for Theatre American Season; won Best Actress from the Hollywood 24 Hour Film festival for her performance in Hattie Needs Rehab; had two plays she wrote produced at Theatre West in Hollywood, CA;. married on the beaches of Malibu CA (May ’09) to Brian McCarthy, writer and producer for such shows as Fear Factor, Wipeout, Tommy Lee Goes to College; just bought a new home in the hills of Los Angeles, CA; to send a message or to keep up with what Heather’s up to check out: Kelly, Dee-Dee (’83) - spokesperson (Nestle’s, et al); former co-host, Lifetime cable network show Attitudes. Kelly, Jennifer (’03) - toured with ARTSPOWER in The Little Engine That Could; married. Kelly, Lisa (’98) - played “Cassie” in A Chorus Line in Pensacola, FL. Kleen, Jenny (’94) - Master’s in Special Education, Fordham University; married Greg Keigwin in June; teaching in New York City. Klausen, Ray - set design for Broadway musical, Brooklyn. Kleiner, Sarah (’92) - married; living in New York. Knowles, Suzette (’90) - married to a musician and living in Tulsa, OK; is considering film school and would love to come back to NY; worked as a television producer and is now writing and performing music with her husband at area cafes and making an album. Koenig, Stuart H. (’61) - retired from teaching grades 5 and 6 after 35 years with the Bellmore School District. Kopie, Jeffrey (’86) - works for estate of the deceased artist, Donald Judd, in NY and Marfa, TX. Kraft, Ken (’74) - deceased. Krieger, Lynn (Wackstein) (’77) - Retired VP from Citibank and now lives in rural Hawaii on a Macadamia Nut Orchard. Kwanza, Kim (Huber) (’03) - married August ’08 to Brian Huber; teaching drama and English at Wantagh Middle School (LI), coaching a dance team, and directing the school musical. LaFrennie, Lisa (’88) - living in NYC; appeared in Guiding Light, Law and Order and has performed in many Off- and Off-Off-Broadway productions. Lanzarone, Megan (’08 ) - appeared in Treasure Island with Literally Alive Children’s Theatre, NYC (May ’09) , about which the New York Times said “. . . (she) makes a delightful hero.” LaPorte, Jennifer (’96) - pursued a Master’s degree in Health Administration at Hofstra. LaRussa, Salvatore (’00) - is a native New Yorker; premiered his first NYC season in 2004 which marked the start of his company, Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre; SLDT has performed extensively in New York City in traditional and nontraditional spaces, including Merce Cunningham Studio, the Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Auditorium, DEEP, Green Space, and Knitting Factory, and has been part of numerous festivals and symposiums in NYC and across the country, including the Emerging America Festival at the A.R.T. / Harvard University, Masculinity and Embodied Practice/ Movement Research & Urban Research Theater, Blooms Dance Festival, and the Queens Art Express; commissions and residencies have included Joyce Foundation/ Andrew W. Mellon Founda-

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 tion’s Mellon Anchor Tenant Program, Hofstra University, and Gritty Cherries Productions; LaRussa received critical acclaim in Dance Europe Magazine where Tim Martin writes, “…another example of LaRussa’s excellent sense of dance theatre”, named one of the Top Five Queens Trendsetters by the It’s Queens magazine and honored on NY1 News, Queens’ Person of the Week; has been a panelist for the Queens Council on the Arts and was featured in their artSPY Series: Dance in Queens; in 2009, LaRussa founded Salvatore LaRussa Dance Theatre – THE ACADEMY, a performing arts institution and home for his company in Middle Village/ Queens NY; LaRussa’s dance credits include Robin Becker Dance, Now Dance, La Compania, Michael Mao's ballet, Firecracker, and numerous projects with Broadway Choreographer, David Marquez, including Tom Sawyer (Broadway) and the Alan Awards. Larsen, Liz (’78) - appeared in TV show, Law and Order; played the promiscuous Honey in Broadway production of Bingo, about which the New York Times said “ . . . Ms. Larsen deserves credit for making audiences care about one of the oldest stereotypes: the dumb blonde . . .”; Tony nominee, 1992. LaSala, Kristen (’06) - worked on crew of movie Leave Me Behind. Lavin, Sean (’89) - he and his wife now live in Los Angeles; working as head of production for Waterland Entertainment Group, which produced a weekly national cable television show, In The Cellar, a half hour program similar to a TV news magazine show exploring anything and everything that has to do with wine. Lavner, Steve (’97) is Co-Owner of ZipthunkSound, a voice over demo and production studio, with fellow Hofstra alum, Fred Berman ( and Vice President and Senior Associate with executive search firm, Diversified Search. Since graduating Hofstra, Steve has played keyboards and guitar for bands Zipthunk! and Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday, opening up for such artists as Pat Benatar, The Psychedelic Furs and Sandra Bernhard. He also performed on Broadway as LeFou in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Steve is currently writing and performing songs for “Rockaroo,” a kid’s music group he hopes will someday open for The Wiggles at Madison Square Garden. He lives in New Jersey with his lovely wife Megan and their 2 dogs, Sam and Dink. Lawless, Jessica (’97) - appeared in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in South Florida. Lawrence, William (’67) - retired high school drama teacher, Farmingdale, NY; has done work Off-Broadway, regional theatre, TV commercials and is a drama and literature teacher at Elderhostels in the south. Layer, Michelle (’83) - news anchor, National Public Radio station and elementary school teacher, Buffalo, NY. Lazarus, Norman (’90) - left Walt Disney World Entertainment after six years and continued to work in corporate events; went to Dubai with Air Dimensional Design to work on the ground breaking ceremony for the Dubai Festival City; living in Pennsylvania. Lederer, Suzanne (Freilich) (’71) - freelance actress, living in Santa Fe; several guest spots on TV.

Leduc, Lindsey (’04) - member of Giordano Jazz Dance, Chicago, touring the globe and nationally; teaching and choreographing for Giordano Dance Center, Dancenter North and Stephanie’s Academy of Dance; soon to be married to Pedro Brenner. Lee, Peter (’61) - freelance writer, photographer and musician living in East Northport, LI. Leeds, Lydia (’77) - Executive Producer, CortesSeidner, Corporate Communications productions. Leek, Richard (’93) - living in Boston doing a lot of technical theatre work; Assistant Stage Manager on the Boston production of Tony ’n’ Tina's Wedding; electrician for Boston Chamber Theatre. Leone, John (’85) - teaches the Meisner Technique in NYC; performed “Songs My Father Loved” at Feinstsein’s, NYC (March ’11); appeared in Broadway production of Jersey Boys; TV show, Law and Order; in Broadway production of Les Miserables. Lermand, Barbara (’80) - Research Program Administrator for Leukemia Society of America; pursuing second Master of Arts in TESOL at Adelphi University; teaches English as a Second Language at LaGuardia Community College. Lerner, Robert (’81) - Detective, NYC Transit Police. Elliott Levine (’91) - is Education Strategist for Hewlett Packard and, not only drives educational leadership in the U.S. but has worked with ministries of education as far as Northern Ireland, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait and Australia. Elliott just hosted an event in Tucson, AZ called “HP Campus Legends”which garnered local and national sports media, working alongside such athletes as Kurt Warner, Rick Fox and Diana Taurasi. He recently assisted in the donation of computers to the Dionne Warwick Institute, an elementary school in East Orange, NJ where the famous signer attended as a child. He was one of her special guests at a Lincoln Center reception honoring her 50th anniversary in the entertainment industry. Elliott also just completed a photo and video shoot for HP and will be one of the faces for recruiting efforts worldwide. His 7-year old daughter Sierra is also catching the performing bug. Her second grade project, “Flat Stanley”—a paper doll—made its way to Hollywood this spring where it met and posed with all of the American Idol finalists backstage after the show.

Elliott Levine with Dionne Warwick

Elliott Levine with Rick Fox

Lewis, Cheryl (’89) - danced in Peter Pucci’s new Pucci: Sport at the Joyce Theatre, NYC. Lewis, Elizabeth (Betsy) (Moritz) (’86) - living in Westchester County NY; daughter Sarah is 17 years old, son Christopher is 15 years old; on several Theater Boards throughout the tri-state area and has done several local films and tons of local theater. Lewis, Irene (’63) - Artistic Director, Baltimore Center Stage; directed production of The Skin of Our Teeth with John Goodman for the New York Shakespeare Festival, Central Park. Lindemann, Dawn (Alger) (’96) - employed at Goodspeed Opera House, Haddam, CT (’96-’99) house manager at The Bushnell, Hartford, CT (’03 -’05); office manager, architecture firm, Bristol, CT; former member of Hartford Chorale; current member of Greater Middletown Chorale; chorus member of Evita; participates in local community theater. Lindsley, Meredith (’95) - attended Emerson College in Boston. Lombardi, Linda (’96) - after 15 years in Seattle, Linda traded one Washington for another and moved to D.C. where she works as the Associate Director of Marketing for Arena Stage; before leaving Seattle she directed a new adaptation of Sophocles’ Ajax. Loughead, Amy (’93) - actress living in NYC; starred in ’Night, Mother at the TBG Arts Center, NYC; appeared in The Fear Project at The Barrow Group (, an award-winning Off-Broadway theatre company in mid-town Manhattan: a reviewer from Backstage called her “glib” and a critic from Theatremania said her performance was played with “kooky charm”; also runs the professional acting school at The Barrow Group. Lowenthal, Joshua (’00) - Assistant Company Manager of Lincoln Center production of A Man of No Importance. Luckert, Lane (’81) - has appeared on stage in more than fifty productions, including True West, Beyond Therapy, The House of Blue Leaves and a critically-acclaimed thirteen-character performance in The Baltimore Waltz; credits include writing, directing, radio, comedy and teaching, as well as management positions with numerous theatre companies; has enjoyed a ten-year association with Madison Square Garden where he has lent his talents to A Christmas Carol, The Wizard of Oz, and the Rangers, Knicks and MSG Network; co-founded the Nathalie Ackerman Theater Arts Scholarship at Hofstra. Ludlam, Charles (’65) (deceased) - founder and former artistic director of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company in Manhattan; in February ’05 Lincoln Center Library hosted a panel on him and his company. Luise, Kristy (’11) earned a B.S. in Education, Dance Education May 2011, and now has a fulltime dance specialist job at P.S./I.S 268, a K-8th grade public school in Jamaica, Queens. MacDonald, Emilee (’00) - marketing director at Hippodrome State Theatre, Gainesville, FL. Mack, Lindsay (’07) - has been steadily working as an artist in NYC since graduation. Select NY Credits: Abigail Williams in The Crucible (The Gallery Players); Antigone in Anouilh’s Antigone (The Brecht Forum); Cinderella in Into the Woods (CNR Drama); Sydney Black/Brad in Death to Sydney Black (HERE Arts Center, Mainstage); Lindsay/Love in A Pale Horse . . . (Ontological-


The Department of Drama and Dance Hysteric Theater); staged readings at The Public Theater, terraNOVA Collective, Airmid Theater Company. In 2008, she co-founded White Apron Productions (a commedia dell’arte theatre company) with 7 other female Hofstra grads. The company has performed at Snapple Theater Center, The Kraine Theatre, and The Duplex. Lindsay is also the Social Media Director/Resident Actor, Choreographer for the NYC based theatre company, Everywhere Theatre Group. Lindsay has performed in 5 of their productions since meeting the company in 2009, and recently directed, choreographed, and costume designed ETG’s most recent show, The Internet (Incubator Arts Project, NYC, Sept. ’10) which received excellent reviews from The New York Times,, and Lindsay can be seen playing the role of Catherine Sloper in The Morningside Players’ upcoming production of The Heiress in January; performed in Dead People (July ’11). She currently resides in Brooklyn. Maco, Yves (’02) - teaching dance at Nassau and Suffolk Community Colleges. Mafale, Jay (’92) - freelance actor, stage manager and light board operator, NYC; paralegal for large NYC law firm. Mahone, Sloan (’87) - finished doctorate in Social History of Medicine at Oxford University, England; did postdoctoral work at Washington University in St Louis in African Studies and History. Malan, Season (Applelget) (’96) - lives in Richmond, VA with her husband Mathew and 9 month old son, Carter; stays in touch with friends and fellow Hofstra alum Christopher Daly (Drama), David Milowitz (Dance), Liza Fiorentino Griswold (Dance), David Nelson (Drama) and Eddie Duran (Drama). Maleos, Alex - appeared in Hamle (an abridged version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet) at the Actors Chapel at St. Malachy’s Church, NYC. Mallard, Taryn (’97) - married to Tim Reid, living in Providence, RI with their two children, Tyler and Taya; most recently starred in Evita at the Margaret L. Jackson Performing Arts Center about which Theater Mirror wrote “. . . a sensational Evita. This girl can sing, act and dance circles around anyone I’ve seen . . .”; performs with Tim in the music act, Tim & Taryn “Live Acoustic Duo”; they can be contacted at their website: Mancuso, Vincent (’84) - deceased, fall ’94. Mancuso, Don (’99) - performed in Cosa Nostra, a live piece about mafia films and directors such as Scorcese, Coppola and DePalma where he did scenes from Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather Part III; taking classes with Arthur Mendoza. Mandarano, Donna (’02) - stage manager, The Cascade Falls, NYC (’07). Marcello, Linda (’99) - after a successful career as a Broadway, Off-Broadway and touring stage manager on shows including Jesus Christ Superstar, Dinner With Friends, Time and Again, Seussical, The Lion King and The Producers, Linda has found a new passion in the wine business! In addition to buying and selling for Cabrini Wines in Manhattan, took classes at The Culinary Institute’s Wine Studies Center in Napa, CA and was a student at the International Wine Center in NYC. Marco, Jerry (’84) - living in NYC; M.F.A. in Acting, University of Texas (’96); currently working as a corporate trainer for Reuters; appeared in production of Twelfth Night, NYC ; wrote a oneman show about Edgar Allan Poe.


Markley, Patricia (’72) - see Voigt Dina Massery (’10) performed in a mystery with the Live IN Theater Company, NYC (June ’11). Matisa, Daniel (’95) - lives and works as an actor in New York City; after graduating with a B.A. from Hofstra, he received an M.F.A. from the Florida State University/Asolo Conservatory for Actor Training; has worked with New York’s Phoenix Theatre Ensemble several times, alongside alums Jason O’Connell, John Giampetro, and Michael Surabian; has worked regionally with Asolo, Tennessee Rep, Florida Studio Theatre, American Stage, Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, Pennsylvania Centre Stage, and many others; has worked with Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre for five seasons and Vermont Shakespeare Company for three seasons, acting and teaching Shakespeare workshops with both of those companies; he has been seen on the television shows Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Ed, Second Noah, The Cape, and SeaQuest, as well as in independent and industrial films; is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and the Screen Actors’ Guild and is the only legitimate child of Fred Berman. McCaffery, Claire (’88) - lives in Northport with husband Chris and operates an antique shop. McCaffrey, Rita (’91) – M.F.A. in Acting, Carnegie-Mellon University. McCormick, Jean (’93) - performed in a concert of classic standards and holiday music at the Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead (Dec. ’10); performed at Tokyo Disneyland in the Broadway revue, Encore; has spent many happy years singing on cruise ships while traveling through the Mediterranean and Europe; recently returned from performing with the original cast of Hairspray on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. McCrane, Barbara (’86) - freelance actor, NYC; teacher of the Alexander Technique; regional work at Pittsburgh Public Theatre, New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, Williamstown Theatre Festival; some soap and commercial work; married to Paul Rale, daughter, Hannah. McGowan, Tom (’81) – M.F.A., Yale; appeared in episode of Boston Legal; performed in Things Being What They Are at LI’s Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor; starred on Broadway in LeBete, for which he received a Tony nomination for Best Actor, a Drama Desk nomination and an Outer Critic’s Circle Award; received an OBIE for his role in The Food Chain; performed in Chicago on Broadway and Ivanov at Lincoln Center; after touring since 2009 as the Wizard in Wicked, he took on the role of the Wizard in San Francisco and now on Broadway (May ’11); played Kenny Daley for six seasons on TV sitcom, Frasier; most recently appeared on TV show Hot In Cleveland (’11); also appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond and other TV shows including ER, Judging Amy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hannah Montana; films include Birdcage, As Good As It Gets, Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle; After the Sunset (with Pierce Brosnan); regular player on the online poker website McGuire, Deirdre (’67) - see faculty notes. McHugh, Jim (’72) - Head, McHugh-Rollins— builds props for commercials, Broadway shows (The Phantom of the Opera), movies. McKeon, Sean (’97) - after Hofstra, attended Julliard for two years; got his AFTRA card from doing some work on All My Children; his last movie was Get a Grip; after acting, worked for NYSC; received graduate degree (Masters and a Specialization) from Stony Brook University

(Spring ’10). McLaughlin, Sue (’91) - dresser for Broadway production of The Lion King. Meckler, Amelia (’97) - living in Seattle; played Maxine in production of The Night of the Iguana; stage manager, The Last Night of Ballyhoo; directed The Merchant of Venice all for Greenstage. Melonopoulos, Alexa (’92) – Master’s Degree in Dance in Higher Education and Administration, NYU (’94); Director of Dance and Arts Department Chair at Miss Porter’s School in CT; on Board of Directors of the Connecticut Dance Alliance; still dancing professionally; member of the Judy Dworin Performance Ensemble (Hartford) since ’97; married Ron Fleury and living in Farmington, CT; “keeping the Poo-wabah tradition alive—my students and I do our ‘Poo -wa-bahs’ before every performance!”; 4 year old daughter, Thea Elaine. Michlin, Barry (’64) - Arm & Hammer Baking soda commercials for 9 years as well as film, TV and theatre; second career in photography— featured in Julia Childs’ book Cooking with Master Chefs, work exhibited at Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Mikoloski, Alicia (’95) - Supervisor at a National Broadcast Media buyer at Zenith Media Services; engaged to Brian; living in NYC where she still takes dance classes. Mikulewicz, Bil (’65) - married to an architectural lighting consultant, Sara Schrager; they have two daughters; working at CBS as a computer/designer television person in Production Services where he “sits in front of a computer, and for once in my life know more about something than anyone else around”; spent most of his career as a television designer beginning with scenery for Captain Kangaroo; worked at ABC designing mostly news and sports and designed Milennium New Year’s Eve set ; was the Production Designer for the World Wrestling Federation; also worked on soaps, morning shows, cable shows and as a union scenic artist. Miller, Julie (’02) - stage manager for Manhattan Theatre Club’s production of Sarah, Sarah; company manager for New York Stage and Film at Vassar; stage management work with fall tour of David Copperfield with Weston Playhouse; Story Salad Productions national tour of Tikki, Tikki Tembo. Miller, Mary Jane (’84) - Director of Organizational Partnerships, University of Nevada @ LasVegas. Miller, Neil (’77) - Executive Producer of Hairspray the Musical at Luxor, Las Vegas; Producer of “Ain’t Nothin’ Like the Real Thing” – A Celebration of 50 years of Motown, a touring production that had a long sit down in Atlantic City and Houston, Texas; current projects include a new concert venue and proprietary show called “SID” featuring the band Linkin’ Park; a new live stage production of the 60s television phenomenon starring the original MONKEES for Las Vegas; corporate work for Callaway Golf; project management and technical direction services for a new Bollywood themed amusement park in Mumbai, India. Mills, Patrick (’04) - full 100% transition to directing; directed over a dozen shows for many different NYC companies; some of the more exciting credits include The Flea Theatre, Diversity Players of Harlem, Noor Play Festival @ The Wings Theatre, The Midtown International Theater Festival @ The Mainstage Theater, Manhattan Repertory Theater Company, and American Thea-

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 ter of Actors; this summer, producing and directing a full length production for the MITF again!; also has real estate license and working under a NYC broker. Minardi, Victoria (’94) - Master’s in Teaching, Montclair University; married to Joshua Reed and “living happily in Hackettstown, NJ”; is a drama teacher at Sparta High School (she and her students attended a high school matinee of The Tempest (March ’09); performed in a production of the play, Rabbit Hole at the Black River Playhouse in Chester, NJ (March ’09). Minutillo, Joseph (’80) - high school drama teacher, Hampton Bays, NY; directed production of The Odd Couple at the Gateway Playhouse, Bellport. Miserandino, Christine (’99) - works in marketing but spends most of her free time volunteering for the Lupus Foundation of LI/Queens; still involved in theatre and enjoys stage managing and performing regionally; married to Vincent Coviello, a NYC firefighter; would love to hear from anyone: Moerk, Arne (’88) - freelance actor, NYC. Mogavero, Vincent (’01) - wire clerk for brokerage firm on the American Stock Exchange; performed at various Long Island community theatres, including playing Stanley in Neil Simon’s Broadway Bound; stage manager for NYC Dance Theatre’s production of Nutcracker. Monaco, Neil (’82) - acting coach; married to Leila Kenzle (of TV sitcom, Mad About You). Monti, Valerie (’89) - living in England with her husband and two children, Samuel, and Emily; received M.A. degree; directed and produced a production of Tartuffe. Monroy, Nicholas (’04) - appeared in Beyond Therapy at Arena Players, LI. Mooney, Maureen (’92) - received M.F.A. (stage management emphasis) from the University of Delaware Professional Theatre Training Program; living in Takoma Park, MD with five-year-old daughter, Maeve Catherine Mooney; currently Production Manager for the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center working as liaison for the academic units and the various shops; recently worked as Production Manager for Opera at Delaware and Associate Production Manager at the Williamstown Theater Festival; prior freelance Equity stage manager throughout the U.S. Moore, Robert (Oscar E.) (’67) - playwright whose work, The King’s Mare, was produced at the Caldwell Theatre Company, Boca Raton, Fl; co-wrote The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde, which was performed at the New York Musical Festival (Sept. ‘05); has written Unwanted-The Very Ugly Duckling and Pig O’ My Heart for children’s theatre and, with his collaborator, Michael Aman, wrote Masada, A Musical Drama developed at the BMI Musical Theater Workshop; Antigone—A Musical Comedy Tragedy and Trish at 10:00. Moran, John (’75) - insurance broker, investment consultant. Morgan, Tom (’68) - married (Terry), daughter (Heather—who made them grandparents last October); retired as Senior Layout Carpenter for Showman Fabricators, a IA local 4 shop in Brooklyn working on sets for CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC (worked with Pete Rosenberg). “I am enjoying retirement and enjoy seeing shows rather than building them. I highly recommend it.” Morley, Jennifer (’01) - works with The Figments Dance Ensemble, an educational program for children.

Morris, Peter Charles (’82) - M.F.A. in Theatre, Sarah Lawrence; M.A.T. in English, Manhattanville; playwright, educator, dog owner. Morris, Sara Renee (Razavi) (’06)- married her high school sweetheart, Mason, on June 25, 2011 in Cupertino, CA; is still acting at local theatres in the Bay Area while working her full time Executive Admin job at an IT Recruiting company. Her favorite recent roles include Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Kate in Love, Sex, and the I.R.S. Morrissette, William (’82) - wrote and directed Scotland PA, a movie based on Macbeth and starring his wife, TV star, Maura Tierney (ER); director at Sundance Film Festival; many TV commercials; appeared in TV-sitcom, Mad About You. Morton, Joe (’68) - TV and theatre performer, NYC; appears regularly on TV show, The Good Wife; starred in Stealth with Jamie Foxx; appeared with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman in John Woo’s Paycheck, Will Smith in Ali; Kevin Costner in Dragonfly and Gwyneth Paltrow in Bounce; Boston Legal (May ’08); one of the narrators on the Ken Burns documentary, Jazz, and the eightpart Speed; Executive Decision, The Astronaut’s Wife, Blues Brothers 2000, and Tap with Gregory Hines, and Gary Sinese’s Of Mice and Men; Tony Award Nominee for Walter Lee Younger in the musical Raisin; played Serge in Art on Broadway with Judd Hirsch and George Wendt, and later reprised the role on the London stage; played Colin Powell in David Hare’s Stuff Happens at the National Theatre of London; TV includes starring roles in Equal Justice, Under One Roof, and Tribeca for Fox (for which he also directed an episode); recurring role on Smallville and multiple episodes of CSI: NY and the pilot for NBC’s ERing.

Joe Morton in Newsday “It Happened on LI” article, 2/11/11

Moses, Rachel (’00) - married in May 2009 to Jesse: actor and Licensed Massage Therapist; living in NYC. Moynahan, Tom (’87) - is the Director of Creative Projects for The Shubert Organization; recent projects worked on include the Tony-winning musical Passing Strange and the Broadway revival of Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe; he currently resides in NJ with his wife, actress Liz McCartney, and their two daughters. Mueller, Catherine (’95) - with The Glass Contraption, a new work entitled The Triumphs and Disasters of Human Existence Put Forth for the Good People of Brooklyn and the Surrounding Boroughs, developed in part at The Orchard Project, presented at Jalopy Music Theater, Brooklyn, NY. Facedancing, our short film, received its premiere at the Maryland Film Festival in 2011; TGC also received residential/development grants from The Field and Brooklyn Arts Council. Please visit our company’s website at for more details on our

history, mission and outreach, as well as hilarious images and project descriptions, and original songs available for download; in 2009 Catherine completed a teaching apprenticeship with Master Clown and Director Christopher Bayes, currently Head of Physical Acting at Yale School of Drama, and has subsequently taught workshops in Physical Theater/Clown at various theater companies, universities, professional training programs, schools and community organizations throughout the country; continues to work in commercials, film and theater, and has been an actor, director, teacher, dramaturg and mentor with the 52nd St Project since 1999; is featured in the short film Blind Dates (dir. Juan Reinoso), currently gathering steam on the acclaimed website; is one of 20 selected to attend the 2011 Chicago Director’s Lab; also develops her own work outside of TGC. Myer, Heather (’02) - sound design for production of The Altruists at the Access Theatre, NYC. Myers, Benjamin (’09) - appeared in production of The Internet with the Everywhere Theater Group, St. Mark’s Church, NYC, (Sept. ’10); Nadler, Emily (Klein) (’86) - married; played Eva Peron in EVITA at the Airport Playhouse, LI; singer and free lance actor, LI. Nappi, Pat (’62) (see Zabak) Nassar, Mark (’80) - wrote and performed in The Mayor’s Limo at the Kraine Theater, NYC; cowriter of the interactive play, Bachelorette Party, performed at the Culture Club, NYC; the original Tony of Tony’'n’ Tina's Wedding (later played Tony’s father). Natoli, Deborah (’87) - married since ’95 to Illustrator/Writer Jim Keefe, (he is currently teaching at Hofstra’s Young People’s program on Saturdays); twins Sophia and Leonardo, daughters Tessa and Anna; living in Long Beach, NY. Nelson, David (’97) - living in New York; in San Francisco played Timber Tucker in An American Daughter; played Lorenzo in The Merchant of Venice; and performed in a production of Roberto Zucco: A Portrait of a Serial Killer at the Theatre Rhinoceras. Nelson, Wendy (’83) - married three children; keyboard player and vocalist for rock/pop/cover band, Rock Garden; volunteer for Scouts and PTA; currently working on benefit for the Long Island Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Progam. Newman, Adam (’04 ) - appeared in one-act festival Queens Players, LIC ; appeared in movie, Leave Me Behind (Aug. ’07). Nieporent, Amy (’92) - working as a Producer at NBC news in the documentary division; worked in documentary production for ESPN, The History Channel, CBS and Home Box Office; Steering Committee member for Brooklyn Dreamers, a fund raising group for Theatre for a New Audience, a company presenting Shakespeare and Classical Drama in NYC. Noda, Irene (’92) - attended Hunter College School of Social Work. Norcia, Patrizia (’75) - created one-woman show The World of Ruth Draper, recreating the great actress’ monologues; married to theatrical sound designer Duncan Edwards. Norlund, Chris (’98) – later graduated from Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania; wrote and directed a short independent film, Deception in 2011, planning next film for summer 2012; more details at Oberman, Brett (’94) - has worked professionally as an actor, director, choreographer, musical direc-


The Department of Drama and Dance tor, composer/lyricist, stage manager and designer; resides in NYC where he works at Keith Sherman & Associates, an entertainment PR company located in Times Square, whose notable accounts include the Antoinette Perry “Tony” Awards; has been staging musical numbers with the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus at Carnegie Hall. O’Connell, Jason (’93) -performed in production of Troilus and Cressida at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival (Sept. ’10) and the NewYork Times wrote of his performance “. . . a refreshingly straightforward Jason O’Connell . . .”; performed in The Lifeblood, the Last Days of Mary Stuart , Connelly Theatre, NYC; does stand-up comedy in NYC. O’Farrell, Owen (’79) - living in Carbondale Colorado (about 30 miles from Aspen), driving a bus for the Roaring Fork Transportation Agency, skiing whenever possible, and “loving being a single Dad to my beautiful son, Owen Matthew”— “ He is now the greatest production I’ve ever been involved with, surpassing Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.”

Owen O’Farrell and his son, Owen Matthew

O’Hare, Suzanne (’81) - married; graduated New York Law School (’05); working as Assistant District Attorney in Queens County, NY; was awarded the Hal Miller Weinstein Award by the Queens County District Attorney, one of only two awards ever conferred upon assistant district attorneys in that office. This award is given to the firstyear assistant district attorney with the most spirit, enthusiasm and dedication to public service; is now assigned to the Homicide Investigations Bureau, where it is her job to ‘see dead people’; performed in fellow alum Scott Eck’s company, Laughing Stock; member of comedy group, Bad Attitudes; performed for many summers at the Renaissance Fair, Tuxedo, NY. Oliansky, Joel (’59) - deceased; screenwriter, LA. Omar, Richard (’09) - performed in Bunbury at The Connelly Theatre, NYC (May ’07); teaches acting for the camera at The School for Film and Television, NYC. Ortiz, Lisa (’98) - doing animation voice-over work, including work on Pokemon, Slayers; appeared in production of Jungle of Cities. Overmoyer, Clarion (’06) - dressed the men's ensemble of Hair on Broadway; did student films, at NYFA and SUNY Purchase, an independent film with Junkyard Films called Hellmira' and a commercial with the Academy of Health Careers. Pace, Giacinta (Gia) (’96) - is a digital journalist who makes her home in New York City; she was born in Brooklyn, New York and was brought up on Long Island in a small town called Mastic; currently works for NBC News where every day is a new and exciting adventure; has been printed in several publications and websites including, Bibi Magazine &,,, Meth-

44, Q, Filmfare, Back Stage and The History Channel Magazine; writes regularly for’s charity section, “Giving,” and produces the weekly webpage “Cause Celeb”; in addition, she occasionally contributes video pieces to NBC Mobile’s News 2 GO and still photos to NBCU Photo Bank and The Today Show’s allDAY Blog; is a seasonal improv performer and stage manager for The New York Renaissance Faire and Forest of Fear Haunted House in Tuxedo, New York. Pagano, Alfred (’92) - attending Hunter College for an M.A. in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL); after graduation will most likely teach at the high school level. Pagano, Joseph (’79) - drama teacher, P.S. 150, Queens; on the Mayor’s team for creating a cummulative theatre curriculum for K-12 grades; was on Broadway in Lolita by Edward Albee and performed with Albee in Another Part of the Zoo, originating the role of Jesus. Pandolfo, Tony (’72) - working with the contestant departments of both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, CA; continues to dabble in acting whenever possible. Pakravan, Shahnaz (’79) - news anchor, CH 4 London; formerly host Network East, BBC TV. Panepinto, Dana (’05) - participated in the Shotgun Theatre Festival at the Gene Frankel theatre where her play, Roomies, won its evening and took third place overall; currently taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Paolantonio, Ray (’97) - works in Daytime Programming at CBS; played the lead in production of Wilhelm Reich In Hell! with the Son of Semele Ensemble, which was featured in an issue of American Theatre Magazine as one of the 12 hot young theatre companies in the U.S.; helped organize the Hofstra Comm School So Cal Alumni Chapter; is an active member of the L.A. Theatre League and the Actor’s Alley at the El Portal Center for the Arts; email: Parent, Matthew (’86) - Artistic Director, American Stage Festival, Milford, NH. Passuello, Al (Tank) (’63) - retired as Director of Playhouse Facilities at Hofstra. Pearl, Rachel (’08) - appeared in production of Dr. Frankenstein’s Magical Creature, Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn, (March ’11); appeared in production of The Internet with the Everywhere Theater Group, St. Mark’s Church, NYC, (Sept. ’10). Pearse, Jennifer (Haran) (’94) - working at DDB advertising, NYC; married to John Haran, two sons, Patrick James and John and daughter, Maggie. Pepio, Richie (’09) after graduating cum laude from Hofstra University’s B.F.A. Acting Program he has most recently been seen in Washington, D.C. with the Synetic Theater Company's Helen Hayes Award-Recommended production of The Master and Margarita at the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Lansburgh Theatre. Playing Pontius Pilate and various ensemble roles, the company was hailed by The Washington Post as “Rock Stars!” amidst a slew of positive reviews. Outside of Synetic, has performed with Washington Improv Theater’s iMUSICAL: The Improvised Musical; and last August had the opportunity to appear in the Upright Citizens Brigade Del Close Marathon. Perlin, Sarah (’07) - has been working as a freelance stage manager for opera and theater all over

the country; some of her past credits include Production Stage Manager for the World Premiere of Better Left Unsaid, a first of its kind interactive live, streamed play; TV/Production Stage Manager for Comedian Bruce Bruce’s taping of his live performance for his TV Special; Production Stage Manager for Commonwealth Opera Company, Production Stage Manager for Snow White with the New Acting Company; has worked as a stage manager on over 20 opera and theater productions; was also a production assistant on the staged readings of White Noise and Secondhand Lions, both of which hope for a Broadway run; along with stage managing, Sarah has worked on five feature films as an on-set PA, Camera PA and Stills Photographer; when not stage managing or working on films; she is a headshot and portrait photographer and has worked as a stills photographer for theater companies. Peros, Michael (’82) - appeared in production of The Good Doctor at Arena Players, Main Stage (Long Island). Persky, Diane (Rutkow) (’63) - advertising and marketing executive; own agency, P/R Associates; still active in theatre, has acted in several Equity showcases of original plays and in regional theatre. Peterson, Melinda (’71) - continues to do theatre at regionals around the country; performed on The Great Internet Broadcast, the first show produced for and performed live on the net. Phillips, Edward (’89) - lives in San Francisco with his partner of 18 years and works as the Contracts Compliance Officer for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority on the new Transbay Transit Center in downtown San Francisco. Pino, Catherine (’87) - married, two daughters; VP and administrator for a computer company in NYC. Pioreck, Katie (’05) - working in Group Sales at New York City Opera. Pioreck, Tom - working for Barnes & Noble at the Hofstra bookstore. Pisarra, Drew (’87) - conceived and directed a performance explosion, Colonus at Roulette Theatre, NYC; directed and adapted Yes is for a very young man featuring fellow alum, Diane Hasser (Cluck). Pittman, Alan (Stuart) (’91) - Director of Theatre Facilities, Hofstra University. Pizzolato, John (’01) performed in the Flea Theater’s production of a new musical comedy, JABU, NYC; appeared at Fez Café, NYC; appeared in an evening of original one-acts with the Emergence Theatre Group, NYC; performed original music at Cat Club on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood; appeared in Shadowboy at CSV Cultural Centre; still recording/performing original music, living/ working between NYC and LA and working sometimes as Marketing/PR Rep for Guido New York. Pokrovsky, Alexis (’67) - living in Paris, France; United Nations diplomat, responsible for coordinating UNESCO’s educational assistance programs and projects in developing countries; previously worked in Ghana; was also managing performing arts programs and projects for UNESCO for 10 years; “theater is still in my heart and blood - indeed, I have written and produced a play here in France (‘Crabes a la Coco’) and have ideas for others when I can find the time”; sends best wishes to the whole “playhouse gang.” Polk, Erin (’99) - telecommunications financial analyst, call routing analyst at 1-800-Flowers;

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 appeared in The Tempest at New York Institute of Technology resident theatre, A Small Company in America; appeared in Gray Wig’s production of An Inspector Calls. Poludin, Jessica (’04) - stage managed production of All for Love at the CenterStage/NY Theatre; was Assistant Director/Stage Manager for Wonder of the World with the Core Theatre Company, NYC. Pilo, Carlo (’69) has been running the allvolunteer Actors Theatre Playhouse out of Brattleboro, Vermont for the last thirty-five years, head quartered for the last twenty in a seventy-five seat black box in the ballroom of a deserted Grange Hall just across the CT river in NH; having way too much fun directing and producing just about anything he likes including Main Stage Productions, Staged Readings, One Act & Ten Minute Play Festivals and just generally exploring material with actors sitting around the office with Table Reads; when not engaged at the Playhouse, he enjoys a different class of people when he teaches Bocce Ball to the original Settlers, and plays Old Farts Softball (taught to him by the Techies . . . who can ever forget Dan Held’s catch of Tom Morgan’s long fly ball?) Loves seeing the “old gang” whenever in NYC and hearing everyone’s adventures. Drop a line at ( Pontillo, Larry (’78) - regional branch manager, Small Business Administration Disaster Loan Office, NYC; former Off-Broadway and Summer Stock producer; conceived production of Musical Chairs. Porazzi, Arturo (’73) - Production Stage Manager; recent Broadway credits include The Dancer’s Life with Chita Rivera and Xanadu; also 42nd Street, The Triumph of Love, Victor/Victoria, Jelly’s Last Jam, Me and My Girl, Singin’ in the Rain; for PBS: Liza Stepping Out at Radio City Music Hall and Sondheim, A Celebration at Carnegie Hall, as well as shows for the Office of the Mayor of New York City, Caramoor Music Festival, Carnegie Hall, HBO TV, ABC-TV; married to Debbie Fuchs (’75)—they have a 13-year-old daughter; also very active with industrials and special events; Arthur Ashe Kids Day for the USTA & CBS Sports; adjunct professor at Wagner College and has taught at Fordham University (Lincoln Center campus) and at UCSD. Porretto, Susan (Whalen) (’75) - working as a caseworker for Adult Protective Services in Nassau County; involved in Biblical research and “theatre-going” as much as possible—all this in addition to being a full-time Mom. Previti, Annette (’93) - living in Brooklyn; actor, artist and teacher; currently teaching drawing, painting and jewely making, along with Shakespeare monologues and Scene Study at after school program of St. Lukes School and MiniMasters Pre-School Academy; started new art program for children in Brooklyn (summer ’09). Primack, Karen (’79) - has “a wonderful partner of 14 years named Joan”; they have 2 children, Emily aged 6 and Rebecca aged 17 months; has worked with the MTA, NYC Transit Authority as an attorney since 1994 where she was the Senior Director of Field Operations for the Office of Labor Relations; recently was asked to join a new MTA agency entitled the MTA Bus Company as its Director of Policy and Procedure, where she works with senior management on formulating and implementing policies ranging from ethics to compensation/benefits to availability issues. Prince, Angel (’00) - lives in Hawaii with her husband, James where she teaches dance in Hon-

nokaa and Waimei. Proto, Steven (’89) - living in Los Angeles where he wrote and directed a documentary film, The Shoe Store starring Billy Wilder which was part of the Long Island Film Festival. Rapp, Jennifer (’03) - lives in Los Angeles and is completing a graduate level screenwriting program at UCLA; recently signed with a major commercial agent; also works in the development department of a leading independent film production company; has a supporting role in film, Prime of Your Life, which won several awards and was accepted to Cannes Film Festival; looks forward to producing her own projects in the future. Rappazzo, Cindy (’81) - married, living in Houston. Randsman, Peter (’75 ) - opera singer; sang at New York City Opera; presently owns business as agent and manager for 50 opera singers (Randsman Worldwide Artists Management). Rathbone, Isaac (’00) - appeared in Queens Players One-act Festival, LIC; directed Jon Katsberg and wrote and directed There’s Always a Band at the Samuel French Off-Off One Act Festival; married to Jennifer Collins (’00). Rebecca, Laura (’86) - After graduation, Laura spent six years in Los Angeles acting and teaching before returning to NY in 1994. She has been teaching Theater and Film at a local high school since then, and often brings her students to participate in the Hofstra Shakespeare Festival High School Scene Competition, She runs her own video production company, Olive Street Films, Ltd., and has produced films that have screened at Cannes Short Film Corner and the NY International Independent Film & Video Festival. She is married, lives on Long Island and has 3 rabbits, a cat and a pug named Elvis. Redmond, Rebecca (’02) – M.F.A. Costume Design, University of California, Davis; designed costumes for the musical Tom Sawyer at the Woodland Opera House; designed costumes for Mrs. Warren’s Profession at Shotgun Players in Berkeley (the first theater in the country to run on all solar power!) also designed their production of Macbeth directed by Mark Jackson (’09); hired as adjunct faculty at Folsom Lake College; worked on A Number with Capital Stage (Apr. ’08), voted Sacramento’s best professional theater company of 2006; married Joel Erb in 2004. Reid, Tim (’97) - lives in Providence, RI with wife, Taryn Mallard (’97), and their two children, Tyler and Taya; created theatre studies program at Hendrickan High School, where he has directed and choreographed several productions; Tim has performed in productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Evita, and The Crucible (Danforth); Tim and Taryn perform acoustic music throughout New England; contact them through their website: Reilly, David (’96) - Master's in Education, Queens College; tenured teacher in Bellmore, LI; received the highest honor the PTA can award an individual (The Life Membership Award); also received an award from the school district’s teachers’ union (Bellmore Faculty Organization), the President’s Choice Award; “I love my job!”; lives in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Reimer, Joie (’92) - graduate student in Dance Therapy in Washington, DC. Repole, Charles (’66) - Chairman of the Drama, Theatre and Dance Department at Queens College; past directing assignments include George M starring Joel Gray, Zorba starring Anthony Quinn,

and Call Me Madam starring Leslie Uggams; appeared on Broadway in Whoopee! (Drama Desk nomination) and Very Good Eddie (Tony nomination). Reser, Carolyn (’94) - reading specialist, Valley Stream Elementary Schools, LI where she is also involved with the Drama Club. Resinski, Rachel (Evans) (’89) – M.F.A. in Directing, University of Pittsburgh (’94); married to choreographer, John Evans and living in New Brunswick, NJ; currently Assistant Professor in the Theatre Department at Kean University in Union, NJ, where she works in the Theatre Education program which provides pre-service student teaching, training, and certification for prospective drama teachers and theatre educators; continues to design costumes for her husband’s pieces; provides audio-description of theatrical performances for blind and visually impaired audience members; before leaving the School of Performing Arts where she had been teaching for 5 years, Rachel brought her students to two Shakespeare Scenes Competitions at Hofstra, winning an award both times. Ricchiuti, Leanne (’07) - working full time at Time Warner Cable's YNN Albany/Hudson Valley station in Albany, NY (a 24-hour local news station); also working part time at CVS as their Photo Lab Supervisor. Rice, Dan (’06 ) - appeared in movie Leave Me Behind (Aug. ’07). Rick, Geraldine (O’Keeffe) (’87) - married to Richard (20 years), one daughter, Amanda age 15; published The Stork’s Revenge: My Struggles and Triumphs Over Post Partum Depression (’09); Volunteer of the Year (’09) The Postpartum Resource Center of NY; labor doula, postpartum care. Riendeau, Rachel (’06) - most recently was the lead role (Lula Bell) in Manhattan Children’s Theater’s original production of Lula Bell in Search of Santa; was also featured on episode 4 of HBO’s miniseries Mildred Pierce at the beginning of April; has been working as a model on the clothing website for Busted Tees and can been seen on the covers of photography collections of two renowned photographers; currently she is in a production of The Trojan Women, opening July 2011 at the Kraine Theater. Robinson, Heather (’92) - member of Ensemble Studio Theatre, NYC; appeared with fellow alum, Kevin Shinick, in sketch comedy show, Wanna Eat This? Rodgers, Adrienne (’01) - danced with Robin Becker and Company. Roman, Angela (’95) - living in Miami, FL since 1997; appeared in production of West Side Story; was featured dancer in productions of She Loves Me, Milk & Honey, Jesus Christ Superstar, Steel Pier, and most recently A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; working with an agent to do videos and industrials for FILA; previously was a dancer for the Regent Rainbow Cruise Line and the Naples Dinner Theatre in Florida; lectured and demonstrated for elementary and high schools throughout New York area. Rose, Brian (’72) - Associate Professor, Performing Arts, Adelphi University; thousands of performances at American Shakespeare Festival, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Classic Stage Company, Three Rivers Shakespeare, Manhattan Punchline, other Theatre Row theatres, Public Theatre, Kennedy Center, dozens of stock and regional productions; guest artist at Ithaca College, Trinity (San


The Department of Drama and Dance Antonio), U. Of Pittsburgh; two hundred media jobs for markets on five continents; M.A., Ph.D.; author of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Adapted (Greenwood); former lecturer at Cornell, Queens College and Adelphi University. Rosenberg, Ellen (’85) – “a little Off-Broadway, a little stand-up comedy”; assstant manager of a professional photo lab in NYC. Rosenberg, Pete (’76) - Senior Layout Carpenter at Showman Fabricators, a IA local 4 shop in Brooklyn; work includes sets for CNN, CNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC; since beginning of ’09 has been working at Fox Business supervising their new studio set installation; traveled the country for CNN’s presidential debates, leading the set installations; in between debates, ran the installation of the new Fox Business Network studios on 6th Ave.; built exhibits for the Museum of Natural History. Rosenfield, William (’76) - director of Artists and Repertoire, Broadway Division, RCA Records, BMG; producer CD issues, Broadway catalogue. Rosenthal, Philip (’81) - appeared in movie, Splangish and on Curb Your Enthusiasm; wrote (with two other writers from Raymond) a new CBS-TV pilot, Play Nice; creator/writer/producer of Emmy-award-winning sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond; did benefit performance of Everybody Loves Raymond, Inside the Writers’ Room at Hofstra’s John Cranford Adams Playhouse, moderated by his wife, Monica; named Alumnus of the Year by Hofstra University (Oct. ’05); writer for TV sitcom, Coach; married to Monica Horan, two children, Ben and Lili; he and Monica give a $10,000 per year grant for a talented comic actor or writer from the department. Exporting Raymond, a film written, directed and starring Phil Rosenthal—a comedy about working with Russians to convert Everybody Loves Raymond into a Russian sitcom—was given a special preview at Hofstra in March ’11 and opened in movie theatres in April ’11. Ross, Judy (Rosenbloom) (’73) - runs Trails West Travel Agency, LI. Roth, Judy (Wagner) (’95) - living in NYC; married, son Noah. Roy, Robin (’85) - lives in Los Angeles; married with four cats and two dogs; when she’s not acting, she’s working as a dog trainer; appeared in Betrayal, Closer, Proof, The Glass Menagerie, and others; many films; currently her TV series pilot has been optioned by a production company and is being courted by the networks! Cross fingers! AEA, SAG, AFTRA Rubeo, Chris (’88) - lives in Los Angeles where he does the whole writing/schmoozing/filmmaking thing. He made one feature (Hale Bopp and he’s hard at work on many new things at the moment. He can happily say he’s living in pursuit of exactly what he wants. ( Rubin, Alexandra (’09) - works for O & M Co., a NY Broadway Public Relations firm; participated in a reading of a new musical (with Mark Sanderlin) called At the Edge at Theater for the New City, NYC (Jan. ’11). Rubin, Jason (’69) – Ph.D. from NYU (’91); teaching at Washington College in Chestertown, MD and Loyola College in Baltimore; freelance director and set designer. Rubin, Don (’64) - living in Toronto; general editor of Routledge’s six-volume World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre, which took 15 years to complete; the series includes volumes on


Europe, The Americas, Asia/Oceania, The Arab World and the final volume is an International Theatre Bibliography; has traveled around the world the last dozen years lecturing on a range of topics; has been teaching Drama at York University in Toronto since 1969 and was chair of the Theatre Department for four years; spent several years as a theatre critic in New Haven and Toronto; founded and edited the Canadian Theatre Review from 1974-1982. Ruccione, Martha (Smith) (’41) - deceased. Ruekberg, Brad (’83) - living in Dallas; married to alum Penny Taylor (’84), ten-year-old daughter, Isabella who loves acting, singing, piano and ballet; has become president of Channel 3 Productions, and has continued to grow the company’s corporate and commercial accounts, as well as serving as director and DP on several direct DVD releases. Ruppert, Coleen (’97) - graduated Seton Hall Law School (May ’02); worked for a year clerking for a criminal court judge; now an Assistant Prosecutor with the Union County Prosecutor’s Office in Elizabeth, NJ; “my true claim to fame is being a student of the Honorable Terrence Flynn (aka John Flynn’s (’95) dad”; traveled to London last year; her email address is Rutheiser, Harvey (’60) - retired with wife, Audrey, and living in Shaftsbury, Vermont for the past fourteen years; have been involved with the Shaftsbury Fire Department as a volunteer fire fighter as well as being involved with the Shaftsbury Fire Departments Extrication Unit which utilizes the Jaws of Life for the safe removal of trapped passengers involved in an automobile accident; also a member of the Board of Directors of the Bennington Rescue Squad in Bennington, Vermont; been doing some acting as well and have appeared in Arthur Millers A View From The Bridge and the play The Man Who Came To Dinner at the Old Castle Theatre Company in Bennington, VT; also appeared at the Dorset Theatre Company in Dorset, Vermont in Tennessee Williams The Night of the Iguana; has two wonderful children and two outstanding grandchildren plus our terrific Leonberger dog, named M. Ruvolo, Mary (’86) - completed three-year national tour of Grease and joined the Broadway company for ten weeks; appeared in National Touring Company production of Wizard of Oz. Salerno, Sal (’76) - high school English & drama teacher, Calhoun High School, Merrick, LI; spent recent summers with Royal Shakespeare Company summer school attending seminars; brings his drama club to the Shakespeare High School Scenes competition, and inevitably wins a prize; usually manages to have one of his students major in drama at Hofstra. Samberg, Joel (’79) – continues to write for many magazines and newspapers; his “30th anniversary” profile of several 1979 Hofstra Drama Department graduates appeared in Dramatics Magazine last spring, and his emotional interview with actor Kathleen Turner appeared in Hartford Magazine last summer; in addition to his journalistic work, Joel writes websites, press releases and other corporate communications projects for companies and organizations throughout the Northeast; on behalf of his most recent book, Grandpa Had a Long One: Personal Notes on the Life, Career & Legacy of Benny Bell (BearManor Media), Joel was interviewed on radio shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Denver and other cities, and featured in several magazine articles; he is currently working on a novel and a play.

Sandella, Jennifer (’05) - recently returned from London where she received a Master’s degree from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art; is currently directing projects in NYC including this summer's Highway Blue with the Manhattan Shakespeare project; serving as Artistic Director and resident director for Random Access Theatre ( Sandler, Lyle (’82) - graphic artist, banking industry. Santeramo, Jordan (’01) – also graduate of Hofstra Law School; practiced law as a securities litigator; married with one daughter, Carly, and living in Merrick, LI. Santoro, Linda (Cummings) (’90) - married, living in New Jersey; runs a dance program for Montgomery Township. Sarchiapone, Josephine (’91) - freelance copywriter; happily living in Westchester with her husband, Michael, two daughters, Hannah and Katie, and dog, Max. Sato, Chika (’93) - returned to Japan to open a Dance Studio. Savage, Tom (’78) - wrote and composed music for Musical Chairs; author of Precipice and Valentine and under pseudonym T.J. Phillips wrote detective stories, Woman in the Dark and Dance of the Mongoose. Saylor, Shawn (’99) - married to Christine; worked at Hofstra for several years after graduation as Manager of Audio Visual Services. Schaub, Owen (’63) – M.A., Indiana University ’68, Ph.D., Kent State University ’78; professor of theatre at Butler University, Indianapolis since 1980; prior to 1980 taught at colleges and universities in Hawaii, Canada and South Carolina. Schachtel, Tara (Sands) (’97) -living in Los Angeles and hosting the television show Fridays on the Cartoon Network; performed Off-Broadway in The Counsellor-At-Law; voice-overs for radio and television commercials, video games, bookson-tape, and cartoons. Scheinbaum, Laura (’86) - M.S. Ed. in speechlanguage pathology; married to college sweetheart, Dan Dembling; they live in Albany, NY, raising their two talented boys. Scheele, Stephanie (’93) - married; teaching creative movement and pre-ballet classes to children in the Metro Washington, DC area. Scher, Cara (’90) - graduate student at Roosevelt University, Chicago (clinical psychology); performed at new Chicago dinner theatre in Gangster Town; performed for governor of Illinois. Schroeder, Heidi Kim (’72) - living in LA. Schulman, Susan (’64) - full professor at Penn State and Head of the Musical Theater directing program; director, Broadway production of Little Women; directed A Connecticut Yankee for “Encores!” at City Center and Time and Again at Manhattan Theatre Club; directed revival of Sound of Music at the Martin Beck Theatre, NYC and Man of LaMancha at Stratford, Ontario. Scoles, Kirsten (’04) - living in Hollywood; keeping very busy with lots of film/TV work. Schultz, Jacquie (’77) - regular on As the World Turns. Schwartz, Louise (VanBrink) (’70) - completed the Harvard Institute on the Media and American Democracy, a seven-day program at Harvard taught by senior faculty and joined by a number of America’s best known news reporters, editors, and media executives; was awarded a Fellowship from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation ena-

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 bling her to attend the Institute tuition free; at Oyster Bay High School, is the advisor to the school newspaper, The Harbour Voice, which won second place for feature writing in Newsday’s School Journalism Awards. Scibetta, Stacy (’88) - living in Brooklyn and working for Warner Brothers Record Company, Contemporary Music Department, NYC. Scott, Ivan (Scott MacDougall) (’93) - earned his Master’s degree in theology at the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in 2007 and is now a doctoral candidate and Teaching Fellow in the department of theology at Fordham University; is also Director of Grants for the Somaly Mam Foundation, an organization dedicated to eliminating sex trafficking, particularly in Southeast Asia. In June 2010, he married Michael Angelo, founder and creative director of Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor in New York City. (You can read their wedding announcement on the New York Times website!) Scott, Paul (’89) - under stage name of Paul Megna starred in the independent features Swerve and Serpent’s Breath; featured in independent feature Muscle Car, starring Catherine Bach; performed in the Season’s Theatre Group production of The Group and Afterwards at the Ensemble Studio Theater; held staged reading of his full length play, Skin the Sun, at New York Performance works. See, Joan (Palmer) (’55) - has been a working actor since the late 50s; has worked in television, theater and film and made over 200 commercials, on-camera and voice-over; founded and serves as Artistic Director of The School for Film and Television, NYC which is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre and specializes in training actors for film and television performances; the School is also a training studio for Hofstra’s B.F.A. theater students; its studios also serve the professional casting community who use the space to cast major motion pictures, theater and television projects. Segrete, Leslie (’98) - married and living on Long Island; carpenter, designer on TLC’s hit series While You Were Out and Trading Spaces; officiated at the Marcum Workplace Challenge charity race on Long Island (7/11); recently awarded the Girl Scouts’ highest honor, The Juliette Low Award of Distinction; designs, builds and executes projects to please the participating families and millions of her fans every week; also appeared frequently as a contributor for the Today Show; co -host of radio program The Money Pit, a nationally syndicated home improvement radio program heard on over 200 radio stations around the nation; named to Talks Magazine’s prestigious Heavy Hundred list of the “100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America:;featured in House Beautiful’s Weekend Shopper Column; Serabian, Lorraine (’62) - received Hofstra Estabrook Alumni Award; starred in production of Hello Dolly! for Hofstra USA productions; starred in production of Master Class; Tony nomination for role of The Leader in Zorba; Helen Hayes Award for Show Me Where the Good Times Are. Servello, Gina (Piggott) (’02) - is a dancer and performer for Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Magic; married to fellow performer David Piggott in 2005; recently purchased a house in Orlando. Shapiro, Bruce (’79) - independent TV producer; living in East Meadow, LI, married, two children. Shatraw, David (’84) - married; M.F.A. in Theatre, Asolo Conservatory, Florida State U.; ap-

peared in new USA TV show, The Starter Wife with Debra Messing (fall ’09); appeared in TV show, West Wing; major role in TV sitcom, Titus; appeared in NYPD Blue; appeared in TV show, One on One; numerous commercials and voice overs in NYC, including TGI Friday’s, Norelco, Rogaine, Bayer Cold Relief, and Nabisco cereals. Sheehan, Judith (’82) - does one-woman comedy show in NYC; wrote an original comedy entitled A Carole Christmas, which was produced at the Looking Glass Theatre in NYC. Shinick, Kevin (’91) received an Emmy award for writing the Robot Chicken Christmas Special and a second Annie Award for “Best Television Writing” for Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode III; created the new animated series, MAD for Cartoon Network, based on the iconic comedy magazine, and continues to lend his voice to characters on The Cleveland Show, MAD, Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum and the upcoming Looney Tunes Show; he and his wife, Eileen, welcomed their first child, Maisy Rain Shinick, into the world last September. Sica, Carol (’63) - Assistant to the President, Director of Special Events, Manhattanville College. Sigler, James (’81) - lives in New Jersey, is married to Karina and has a daughter Erica who is his pride and joy; is a Local 1 IATSE stagehand and has worked at the ABC Electric Shop, Good Morning America, Carnegie Hall, CBS, The Daily Show, Madison Square Garden and many other venues in NYC; looks forward to catching up with other Drama grads and can be reached by email at Silliman, Maureen (’69) - with Craig Carnelia, produced and recorded award winning cabaret show Pictures in the Hall. Silver, Marisa (’90) - attending University of Chicago Medical School. Simon, Patricia (Raifer) (’89) - married to Scott since 1996; daughter, Hope Melissa born in 1999; son Benjamin Paul born 2002; stay-at-home mom. Simons, Hal (’79) - director and choreographer; choreographed original New York company of Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding as well as other cities’ productions; directed and choreographed West Side Story, Joseph, Dames at Sea for Gray Wig; choreographed Cabaret and Fiorello! for Hofstra USA; directed Follies, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Chicago for Musical Theatre Southwest; choreographed The Cherry Orchard for the York Theatre. Skolnick, Marci (’03) - stage manager for production of Waiting for Godot at Center Stage, NYC. Smith, Eric (’97) - living in Chicago; after graduation, went to London, moved to San Francisco for about 4 years and then returned to the mid-west and ended up doing an internship at Milwaukee Rep 8-9 years ago; but found his way back and is now enjoying a fruitful artistic life; has worked steadily in the non-AEA scene; played Mosca in Valpone (Jan.’11); played Jamie Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey Into Night directed by Sheldon Patinkin for City Lit.; nominated for Jeff Award for principal actor (Musical) for The Glorious Ones. Smith, Julie Evan (’94) Julie relocated to Los Angeles in 2010. She recently shot an episode of the webseries Will Cook and is represented by Mavrick Artists. She is also working on her script for a one-person show, tentatively titled Book-AHolic. Smith, Laura K. (’88) - freelance actress and producer, Portland, Oregon.

Smith, Melissa Haley (’05) - appeared in Queens Players One-act Festival, LIC, (Jan. Feb. ’08); appeared in movie Leave Me Behind. Souveroff, Michael (Suvorov) (’88) - married; freelance actor, NYC. Spiotto, Robert (’84) – M.F.A. Directing, Catholic University, ’88; artistic director, Community Arts Programs, at Hofstra and executive producer, Hofstra Entertainment (formerly Hofstra USA Productions); had appeared in and directed many Hofstra productions since 1990; recent directing projects include Night of January 16 th, 1935: Word For Word; continues to tour in several one man shows celebrating Danny Kaye, Joel Grey, Harry Warren, Sholom Aleichem, etc.; was part of a story and featured on the cover of Newsday Act 2 (February 26); directed fellow alum John Leone in Songs My Father Loved—A Tribute to the Great Italian American Singers at Feinstein’s at the Regency in NYC.

Photo credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr. | Bob Spiotto, seen here at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse in Hempstead, has played roles from Sholom Aleichem in Shalom Sholom!, to the The Cat in the Hat in Seussical. (Feb. 17, 2011)

Sprung, Bonnie (’81) - fine art and computer artist, photographer, set and scenic design, personal trainer, actor; living in Florida; owns businesses Uniquely Sprung Art Studio and Muscular Motion Gym; set designer for the JCC of Greater Orlando, Mark Two Dinner Theatre, Osceola Center for the Arts; Florida Children’s Repertory Theatre, SouthernWinds Theater; currently chapter president of the Women’s Caucus for Arts Florida Chapter and on their National Board of Directors; check out Starr, Billy (Bo) (’67, M.A. ’69) - freelance actor; Goodfellas, Born on the Fourth of July. Starr, Michael (’73) - freelance actor; appeared in pilot of TV show, Life on Mars (’08); played recurring role of “God” in TV series, Joan of Arcadia; appeared with Gene Wilder in Murder in a Small Town; also appeared in Jersey Girl, Miller’s Crossing, Goodfellas, Born on the Fourth of July. Stegman, Richard (’81) - appeared in TV sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond. Steinman, Betty (’81) - graduated from the Columbia University School of Social Work in 1988 with a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work; went on to complete four more years of training in spiritual psychotherapy and energy work at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing; has a successful holistically oriented psychotherapy private practice in both Forest Hills, Queens and on Park Avenue in the city. Sternberg, Fern (Glazer) (’93) - married, living in Brooklyn; works for The Alliance for the Arts, where she edited a guide for the New York Times Arts & Leisure section entitled “Cool New York”; freelance work includes “History Roadshow,” a piece on preserving family history when moving from one home to another, which appeared in Who, What, Where Magazine; also did another piece on audio/video/film preservation for Family Tree Magazine.


The Department of Drama and Dance Steuer, Juliette (’90) - freelance actress, NYC. Stith, Nathan (’96) - completed his M.A. in Theatre in May 2011 from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Will begin work towards his Ph.D. in Theatre in Fall ’11; directed two one-act plays by A.R. Gurney at the University of Colorado, Boulder; a paper he wrote on “The Performativity of Filmed Reproduction of Live Performance” was published in the journal Theatre Symposium in the spring of 2011; will be presenting a paper on Stephen Sondheim’s musical The Frogs at the Association of Theatre in Higher Education’s annual conference in Chicago in August 2011; Nathan, his wife Sarah and daughter Zoe welcomed the newest addition to their family, Owen Briggs Stith on September 27, 2010. Stover, Stephanie (’06) - completed the scenic artist training program at Cobalt Studios; scenic artist for Fool for Love, NYC (Feb.-Mar. ’11); since graduating from Hofstra she has been working as the resident Charge Artist for The Secret Theater, an Off-Off Broadway theater in LIC, Queens; has also spent her summers painting across the country, most recently as the Indoor Scenic Charge for the Colorado Shakespeare Festival; married to Rich Ferraioli (’05) Stowe, Dennis (’91) - appeared in the ensemble of the Broadway revival of The Apple Tree for which he received Equity’s Gypsy Robe (Dec. ’06)—the Gypsy Robe is given to the cast member with the most chorus credits; also participated in a benefit performance of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and was a replacement member of the cast in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and was in the cast of Shrek: The Musical. Sullivan, Barbara (Drum) (’79) - freelance actress, NYC. Sullivan, Frederick J., Jr. (’82) - has worked for over 20 years with Trinity Rep. Co. in Providence, RI where he has played over 50 principal roles, including Harold Hill, Oberon, Touchstone, Scrooge, and Peer Gynt; this season played Tyrone in Moon for the Misbegotten, Falstaff in Merry Wives of Windsor; taking a world premiere play to the Humana Festival in Kentucky; is “having a great time acting, directing, and teaching acting.” Sullivan, Richard (’87) – M.F.A. (’92), Professional Actor Training Program, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Off-Broadway, understudied/performed the role of Alexander in Larry Kramer’s The Destiny of Me; has served on faculties of the Harwich Junior Theatre, the Academy of Music and is currently chairperson of the Drama Department at the Academy of Performing Arts. Sullivan, Susan (’64) - appearing in ABC-TV show Castle as mother/grandmother; starred in Buffalo Gal at Primary Stages, NYC (August ’08); starred in An Act of Love at Falcon Theatre, (March-April ’08); participated in a benefit reading (for the Drama and Dance Dept.) of Agnes of God (March ’07); appeared in TV drama, Brothers and Sisters ; TV sitcom Two and a Half Men; major roles in TV series Another World, Julie Farr, M.D., Falconcrest, Dharma and Greg (Kitty); performed in Off-Broadway production of The Fourth Wall; Emmy nominations for Rich Man, Poor Man Book II and Julie Farr, MD; appeared in film My Best Friend’s Wedding; performed with alum Julie Halston (’76) in Love, Loss and What I Wore at the Westside Theatre, NYC (June ’11); long-time Tylenol spokesperson; many stage performances on and off Broadway; makes ongoing contribution to the department by


funding the Susan Sullivan Award which is given out yearly at the department awards dinner. Surabian, Michael (’90) - received his B.F.A. from Hofstra University in 1990 and his M.F.A. from the Professional Theatre Training Program at the University of Delaware in 1995; has worked regionally at the Idaho and Texas Shakespeare Festivals and The Jean Cocteau Rep in NYC, where he spent seven years as a member of the acting company; along with a handful of his Cocteau colleagues, Michael founded Phoenix Theatre Ensemble and has been privileged to work on great new and classic plays, including An Enemy of the People, On The Verge, Broken Journey, The Trial, Wolfpit, The Sneeze, and Are You Now or Have You Ever Been; Michael is a part of the publicity team for the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival on Cape Cod (working with fellow alum Jef Hall-Flavin, the festival’s director), now celebrating its 6 th year. Michael is a vice president at Hunter Public Relations, where he has worked for 12 years. Szostak, Anita (’92) graduate, Colorado Institute of Art; freelance graphic designer/art director. Tafler, Jean (’79) - actress; married to actor/ writer John Ahlin; one daughter, Charlotte, who will attend Oberlin College this fall; has performed in plays & musicals regionally and in NYC with a smattering of film, TV and commercial work; has acted in 33 Shakespearean productions in roles such as Rosalind in As You Like It, Kate in Taming of the Shrew, Titania, Lady Macbeth and Goneril in King Lear; recent work includes: Lilli Vanessi in Kiss Me Kate with Orlando Shakespeare Theater, Angela in Seeing Stars part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and Margaret in The Lady’s Not for Burning with Parenthesis Theater Co.; will create the role of Catherine, the mother of Hannah Senesh in the premiere of the new play Hannah at Premiere Stages in September of 2011.Website:<> Tamburrelli, Karen (Karla) (’77) -married, son John Ethan; working actor in TV and film in Los Angeles; worked on TV show Brooklyn South; on Board of Directors for SAG and co-chair of SAG Awards Show 2000. Tarmin, Gregory (’84) - living in NYC; has PR firm, Tarmin Communications, which has a variety of clients from financial services to theatre. Tedford, Mary (’91) - freelance actress, NYC. Teitelbaum, Shari (’75) - worked with Jim Henson’s muppets. Taylor, Penelope (Ruekberg) (’84) - living in Dallas, TX and married to Brad Ruekberg (’83); 10-year old daughter, Isabella; copywriter at O’Connor, Maccioli advertising agency and freelance actress. Terry, Alan (’84) - doing pre-press photo work on publications such as National Enquirer, Soap Opera Magazine, South Florida Magazine and other regional publications. Theurer, Albert (’79) - sound engineer; head Althir Sound, NJ. Thomas, Heather (’01) - attending graduate school in Illinois to become a drama teacher. Thomas, Makeda (’99) - Artistic Director and Choreographer of Roots & Wings Movement, which has performed in cities from Maputo to Port of Spain; has presented work at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Chicago Women’s Performance Arts Festival, Teatro Africa (among others) and as a Cultural Envoy for the U.S. Department of State; as a performer, toured internationally with Urban

BushWomen, Rennie Harris/Puremovement; has conducted artistic residencies in Hawaii, research projects in South Africa and The Netherlands, and NYC Department of Education. Tibbits, Stephanie (Gomez) (’88) - living in central Massachusetts; studying and performing dance in Boston with a group of choreographers, while working as a sales representative for a national packaging company. Tilghman, Kim (’90) - teaching dance and working for an entertainment company in New Jersey. Timp, Patricia (’91) - working toward a Master’s in Dance Therapy at Hunter College. To, Tony (’82) - Assistant TV director, LA; one of the directors of HBO series, Band of Brothers. Torre, Marian (Waller) (’72) - director, Broadhollow Theatre, Gray Wig, LI. Toth, Jonathan (’01) - appeared in Danton’s Death with the Prospect Theater Company, NYC. Trapani, Lou (’69) – M.P.A., CUNY/Baruch College (’87); producing director and member of the Board of Directors of The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck, a new $1 million facility dedicated to showcasing Hudson Valley playwrights, designers, directors, actors, opera singers, classical dancers, concert performers, symphonic orchestras, string quartets, jazz trios, rock and roll bands, and performance artists. Tselepos, Andreas (’04) – M.F.A. in Theatre Directing at The New School for Drama (Actors Studio Drama School); back in Cyprus since last September; working as an actor at the National Theatre of Cyprus, (Cyprus Theatre Organization), where he took part in Emily Mann’s play Still Life, as Mark, directed by Korais Damatis (Oct.’10); in Feb. ’11 played Igor, in The Cactus Flower, a main stage production of the National; will play Pentheus in The Bacchae for the Summer production of the National, directed by Paollo Baiccio; also starring in a period TV series for CYBC, (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation), playing Kriton, the school teacher, in the TV series, Footprints in the Sand; also guest starring in another TV series at MEGA TV, playing Thanos in the TV series Naked Angels. Tucci, Paul (’03) - living in LA with his college roommate, Andrew Denio; performed the lead role in the LA stage premiere of Blood Is My Legacy; had a supporting role in a pilot for Nickolodeon. Turchetto, Liliane (’81) - married; performed in New York company of Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding. Turtola, Paul (’82) - teaching English at Joseph A. Foran H.S. in Milford, CT where he is also the drama and newspaper advisor; this past year did A Christmas Carol and Moliere’s The Miser. Urschel, Tanya (’93) – M.B.A. San Jose State University; works in San Jose at PayPal in the marketing department; still sings in Stanford University choirs. Vaeni, Kara-Lynn (’92) received her M.F.A. in directing at Yale, where she won the Kaufman Directing Award; directed I Know Why the Aliens Don’t Land (June ’07), written by her brother, Jeremy Vaeni and starring Jason O’Connell (’93); directed and taught at Hofstra (fall ’04). Van Albert, Janet (Replogle) (’82) - lives in Bethesda, MD with her husband, Michael, and young son, John Michael; earned her Master’s in Human Resources from the University of MD and is currently the Director of Human Resources for a local bank; in 2000, while pregnant, Janet and her husband created an award-winning production of Richard III; since then, theatre has taken a back

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 seat to motherhood. Van Benthuysen, Susan (Susan Van Allen) (’80) - See Spotlight Article. Varon, Susan (’75) - co-creator and original cast member Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding, performing in NYC, LA and Japan; recurring role on Everybody Loves Raymond; appeared in Law & Order, SVU, AMC, Coach, Yes, Dear, 100 Centre Street, Down the Shore, as well as the Golden Glove-winning HBO movie, Hysterical Blindness; was in Scorsese’s classic Good Fellas, and Changing Lanes with Sam L. Jackson; co-starred in the 2004 Sundance Festival, LBS. Van Clair, Joyce (’72) - living on Long Island; teaching Drama, Public Speaking and English at Clarke Senior High School (East Meadow); active in community theatre, worked at Gateway Playhouse and Gaslight Dinner Repertory Theater. Vatavuk, Anita (’95) - freelance actress, NYC. Vaughn, Megan (’02) - performed in Beyond Therapy, NYC at Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, NYC ; studying Interior Design at Hunter College. Vazeos, Larry (’90) - living in lovely Toluca Lake, Ca; does regular stand up comedy at LA Improv and LA Comedy Store; putting the finishing touches on a graphic novel he’s writing and illustrating called Is my being here an inconvenience. Vesper, Jennifer (Wagner) (’93) - living in the Florida sunshine and working at Tampa Theatre; married, one son. Vogeley, Mark (’82) - technical director, Little Shubert Theatre, W. 42nd St. NYC. Voigt, Patricia (’72) Markley - business degree; former Equity Stage Manager with experience in dinner theatre, regional theatre and opera productions; retired after 31 years with Kraft Foods (formerly Nabisco) career responsibilities ranging from salesperson to Director of Sales Communications; began working extensively with the Homeless in Cecil County, Maryland in an Emergency Shelter sponsored by the local Churches; traveled to Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany (May ’11) and then traveled through Germany and Switzerland; spent the summer in the Adirondack Mountains with a week in Maine in the fall; right before Christmas, mother passed away at home with hospice care; traveled again to Aruba in Jan. ’11 and visited with the Noonans and other lifelong friends. Volpe, Kim (Casalino) (’99) - earned a Master’s in Musical Theatre Performance from NYU; left her job as University Director of Public Relations at Long Island University to pursue her theatre career full time; living and working in Manhattan; performed off-Broadway in Back in Pictures, a revue of songs from classic movie musicals; played Gertrude in a regional production of Seussical (opposite fellow alum Robert Anthony Jones); and created the role of Amy in the East Coast premiere of a new Bacharach musical, Love Sweet Love; married to Pete Casalino . von Zerneck, Francis (’72) - producer, film and TV, Los Angeles; produced Day of Destruction, made for TV movie ; produced Scott Turow’s Reversible Error, with William Macy and Tom Selleck; The Mystery of Natalie Wood, directed by Peter Bogdanovish; Gracie’s Choice with Diane Lado, Kristen Bell and Anne Heche. Vourderis, Deno (’02) - working at the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island (and still doing Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding for fun).

Voutsas, Theodora (’98) - living in Greece where she worked with her father in a contemporary Greek comedy, did some TV and produced a movie; produced Boogie Nights at a Club in Athens. Wadler, Kelly Anne (’09) - working at Wingspan Arts, NYC. Waldstein, Karen (Wald) (’81) - married to Hofstra Communications alum, Matt Cohen; living in New York, worked on the TV show Spin City. Wagner, Thomas (’70) - freelance actor, New York. Walter, Nicole (Scalfani) (’00) - after graduation attended American Dance Festival on scholarship; performed with Dina Denis at the Mizel Museum in Denver, CO (April ’09); has danced with Now Dance and Oscar Valazquez (dancer/ choreographer from Mexico); currently dancing with Robin Becker; married and living in Queens. Wark, Jonathan (’85) - M.L.S. (’93) University of Rhode Island; living in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina where he is Director of Dare County Libraries. Weiner, Robert (’80) - working for estate of the late sculptor Donald Judd, NYC and Marfa, Texas. Werner, Jeannie (Dunkel) (’97) – M.S. in Education Counseling, Hofstra (’02); proud Mommy to Ethan Vincent born 7/25/06 & Jake Ryan born 10/08/09; teaching Tap, Ballet & Lyrical at a studio in East Northport, NY; choreographing and directing three of the Studio’s Tap Companies, ages 7-12 & Choreographing for Studio’s Competition Team. Weston, Joe (’85) - moved back to New York from Holland; directed production of Doughboy at the Henry Street Settlement Experimental Theater, NYC; starred in live talk show, On the Spot, in NYC. Wilgenkamp, Jan, Jr. (’62) - Music Ed major but involved with Drama Department during his time at Hofstra; appeared in Hofstra USA’s summer productions. Willette, Annie (’74) - married to Christopher Albrecht. Williams, Alia Faith (’98) - is one of 5 women playwrights creating short plays about the historic figure Beatrice Cenci (1577-1599) for the Belle Parricide project sponsored by the Georgetown Theatre Company; designed a banner that will be displayed on a lamppost in DC this spring as part of the Urban Forest Project; married, working as a software analyst designer; Williams, Denise (’84) - beauty consultant for Mary Kaye Cosmetic company; living in Westchester County, NY. Williams, Tammy (’92) - appeared in The Mystery of Edwin Drood with The St. Bart’s Players, NYC (April ’05). Wilson, Eric Emmanuel (’03) - living in Hollywood; busy working in the “Soap World” and always taking class and auditioning. Wilson, Moira (’81) - one of the creators of Tony ’n’ Tina’s Wedding; lives in Dallas with her son, Harrison; has appeared in numerous professional theater productions, TV spots and videos; recently produced the Off-Broadway production of Tuesdays with Morrie. Woehling, Cristy Ann (’93) - received her Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric at Miami University (Oxford, OH); currently teaching in the Composition Studies Program at the University of New Hampshire (Durham); married to Larry and moth-

er to Jackson. Wooster, Nikki (’94) - was contestant on TV show, Shipmates; married, living in New Hampshire Wright, Amy (’95) - is a proud business owner! In June 2008 she and two partners opened Classic City Arts, an organization dedicated to producing the classics on stage; CCA also produces musicals as well as non-classical works, but its dedication is to bring the classics back to the mainstream; CCA’s first production, Moliere’s The Bourgeois Gentleman opened in April 2009 and was a huge creative success; rehearsals are currently underway for Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure as well as a Cole Porter revue and The Who’s Tommy In Concert; in addition to theatre, also partner with Thrillahill Productions, an independent video production company, to provide actors, directors and writers with more opportunities via different varieties of media. Check us out at or find us on Facebook! Wysoczanski, Kim (’95) - married; dancing in Beauty and the Beast at Walt Disney World’s MGM Studios; performed in The Merry Widow with the Orlando Opera Co.; dancing in conventions shows; modeling for NIKE. Yusavitz, Sarah (’03) - Director of Development for Pig Iron Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA. Zaback, Patricia (Nappi) (’62) - Producing director, Broadhollow Theatre, LI.

Acknowledgements Again many people helped compose, edit and contribute to this issue of the Alumni(ae) Newsletter. Special thanks go to Anne Noonan for assembling and researching the multitude of entries and for following up leads, persisting and finally typing the text. Finally, thanks to all the faculty, staff and alumni(ae) who provided information about their colleagues and classmates. Drama Alumni Update Keep Us Informed! You heard from us, now let’s hear from you. What’s up? What have you been doing? How about letting us know? How about telling us about other alumni? It’s really easy. Just email us at … Make sure to “Like” the Hofstra University Drama and Dance facebook page.


The Department of Drama and Dance

Faculty, Former Faculty, and Staff Estelle Aden (Voice and Speech) retired; moved to Gainesville, FL where she has been doing community theatre; Estelle Aden Alpha Psi Omega scholarship awarded each year at the T.A. Dinner. Sherrie Basile - left the Drama and Dance Dept. and is now working in the Accounting Department. Robin Becker (Modern Dance, Choreography) founded Robin Becker Dance in 1987 and has enjoyed critical success with engagements at premiere New York dance institutions and festivals, including the Joyce Theater, the Harkness Dance Project, and three seasons at St. Marks Church -in-the-Bowery; her early career includes dancing as a principal dancer with the Eleo Pomare Dance Company for twelve years and also performing in the companies of Martha Graham, Pearl Lang, Ballet Etc., Los Angeles Dance Theater, Zvi Gotheiner, and as a guest artist with the Denishawn Repertory Dancers; her initial training was in Chicago, and upon moving to New York City, she studied on scholarship at the Martha Graham School and was mentored in choreography by Bessie Schonberg; in addition to choreographing for her company, she has been an artist in residence or invited guest artist at numerous locations and has served on the faculty of American Ballet Theatre, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, The Fiorello Laguardia High School of Performing Arts in New York City, the Princeton Ballet Society, and the Actors Studio; Robin holds a BA in Dance, an MA in Humani50

ties and is an accredited teacher of Continuum Movement and the Martha Graham Technique; she is currently on the faculty of Hofstra University and has presented workshops and master classes at several universities and national and international institutes, including teaching at the the prestigious Zenith Institute in Olivone, Switzerland for the last ten years; her work is informed by her extensive training in multiple forms of dance, bodywork, meditation practice, and Continuum, an innovative field of movement education based on the study of the body as a fluid system; her commitment to the exploration of movement, healing and spirituality permeates her work; she also serves as a Guiding Voice for Seven Pillars, a newly formed institute dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of spirituality. Stacy Blayne (Lane) ('91) (Manager of Theatre Facilities) was a Communications major (Film/Television Production) and drama minor while a student at Hofstra; is also Assistant Producer for Hofstra USA Productions; married to Keith Lane and parents of Marissa and Shannon. Stormy Brandenberger (Modern, Choreography, Dance Production) is a collaborative choreographer whose modern dance, multimedia collaborations and theater works have been seen in the United States and Europe; h choreography has been presented throughout New York City in such venues as American Place Theater, Cultural Project Theatre, Dixon Place, Dance Theater Workshop, Joe’s Pub at the Pub-

lic Theater, Ohio Theater, HERE, Performance Space 122, LaMama, Saint Marks Church Performance Space and Urban Stage, as well as the Brooklyn Museum, National Gallery for Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. and the Yale Repertory Theater; Stormy is a recipient of choreographic grants and fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, The Rockefeller Foundation, Meet the Composer and Creative Artist Project Choreographer’s Grant; recent projects include: Guest Panelist “A Long Table On Everything Lost,” 18th Annual Hot Festival NYC,’09; Artist Residency/ Choreographer at The University of Richmond, VA ’10 and the Hemispheric Institute for the Study of Performance and Politics at NYU ’11; Choreographer “Lost Lounge” Dixon Place, NYC, ’11 and Official Selection Sundance Film Festival, Madeleine Olnek, ’11. Jonathan Cantor (Acting for Non-Majors, Introduction to Theatre) - Jon is a native New Yorker, who has taught, acted, and directed throughout the U.S.; currently teaches at both Hofstra and Adelphi; has also directed for both: This Bud of Love (an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet for Hofstra) and In Search of a Goddess (a dance-theatre piece inaugurating the opening of the new Performing Art Center at Adelphi); Jon’s acting work includes stage, film, and T.V.; most recently he was in Epicene for NYC’s Directions Theatre, and the Indy short, The Bird and The Two Ton Weight; he has shot commercials for VW, Johnnie Walker, CBS

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Sports, and many others; has also been on the faculty of American Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Miami, Roosevelt University, and National Theatre Workshop of the Handicapped, to name a few. Darrah Carr (Adjunct Professor of Dance); M.F.A., New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts; Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University; currently pursuing doctoral work leading to a Ph.D. in Dance through Texas Woman’s University; has been active for nearly fifteen years in both the modern and Irish dance communities as a choreographer, dancer, educator, and writer; is the Artistic Director of Darrah Carr Dance and describes her choreographic style as ModERIN: a unique blend of traditional Irish step and contemporary modern dance; recent New York City performance highlights include: NBC’s “The Today Show,” a guest performance with the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall, The Duke Theater on 42nd Street, and Celebrate Brooklyn; Darrah Carr Dance has performed at venues throughout the United States including Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, The Yard at Martha's Vineyard, and The Goose Route Dance Festival; the company has toured internationally throughout Ireland and Canada; has been a Guest Choreographer at Adelphi University, Manhattanville College, and Queensborough Community College; is a respected scholar and has presented her research findings at the Congress on Research in Dance, the World Dance Alliance, and Dance Research Forum Ireland; has contributed numerous articles to Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit, Dance Studio

Life, Dancer and The Dance Insider; recently contributed a chapter to “Close to the Floor: Irish Dance from the Boreen to Broadway” published by Macater Press; is honored to be named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” by The Irish Echo and one of the “Most Influential Women of 2010” by The Irish Voice. Caroline Copeland (Ballet) received her M.F.A. in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College and her B.A. in Dance from Goucher College. She has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe with the New York Baroque Dance Company and has also performed with The Metropolitan Opera, Bronx Opera, and the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF). Her own choreography has been featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Public Theater, The Phillipszaal in Den Hague and she has directed and/or choreographed opera for BEMF, Bourbon Baroque, as well as Cornell and Hofstra Universities. Royston Coppenger (Play Analysis, Styles, Directing) was one of ten writers invited to develop original text for 1968, a new theater piece workshopped at Labyrinth Theater's Summer 2009 Barn Series; other recent credits include directing The White Devil for Hofstra, and The Two Widows and Don Pasquale for The Bronx Opera Company; has been hard at work on a new adaptation of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler which will be directed by John Gould Rubin in a site-specific production in New York City in Summer 2010; was recently promoted to full Professor at Hofstra. Rychard Curtiss (Lighting and Sound Design) is the Director of

Lighting at Hofstra University; teaches light design, sound design, drafting and stage management; recent Hofstra credits include lighting designs for The Skin Of Our Teeth, Footloose, and Ghost Sonata, Sound for The Tempest, and sound and multimedia design for The Great White Hope; has an MFA in Theatre Design & Technology from Northern Illinois University and a BA in Art History from Eastern Connecticut State University; professionally, his designs have been seen in NYC off-Broadway and at a variety of regional theatre companies around the country; recent professional credits include Stage Manager for Brave New World’s Celebrate Brooklyn production of Fahrenheit 451 and lighting design for the Bronx Opera’s production of The Two Widows; is a member of Actors’ Equity Association and the Stage Managers Association. Christopher Dippel - (Acting, Play Analysis) - adjunct assistant professor teaching Play Analysis, Acting, & Modern Drama; this year directed a senior practicum; attended the Providence Improv Festival with his theatre company, The New York NeoFuturists, where they performed their award-winning signature show, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, now in its fourth year in New York; also taught performance art workshops at Carnegie-Mellon University and the Broadway Training Center. Edward Elefterion (Acting for Non-Majors, Biomechanics) - is the Artistic Director and a founding member of Rabbit Hole Ensemble, a Brooklyn-based, notfor-profit theatre company; he was recently nominated by the 51

The Department of Drama and Dance New York Innovative Theatre (NYIT) Awards for Outstanding Choreography/ Movement for his work on Shadow of Himself. Awards: Outstanding Director, NYIT Award 2008; Outstanding Direction, Midtown International Theatre Festival 2007; recent work includes Doctor Frankenstein's Magical Creature; The Tragic Story of Doctor Frankenstein; Before Your Very Eyes (which he also wrote); Candide Americana (FringeNYC 2009); Shadow of Himself (world premiere by Neal Bell); Big Thick Rod (FringeNYC 2008); The Night of Nosferatu; A Rope in the Abyss (which he also wrote); Land of the Undead; The Transformation of Doctor Jekyll (FringeNYC 2006); and The Siblings (MITF 2006). directed the world premiere of Therese Raquin by Neal Bell in 1991 at New York University, and acclaimed productions of In the Jungle of Cities, Macbeth, and The Misanthrope; was a guest director at The Juilliard School in 1993 where he directed If She Screams by Stanton Wood; memberships: Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers (SDC), Lincoln Center Directors Lab; New York Theatre Workshop's artistic community: The Usual Suspects. Education: BFA from NYU's TISCH School of the Arts; MFA from Indiana University; has taught acting and other theatre-related classes at Hofstra University for the past 10 years and offers various theatrecreating classes in NYC. Timothy Fehmel (Former Assistant Director, Playhouse) Facilities Manager and Director of Studio Operations, Hofstra School of Communications; married, two children; received MBA from 52

Hofstra. Anita Feldman, M.A., (Director of the Dance Education Program; teacher of Kinesiology for the Dancer, Tap Dance I & II, Introduction to Dance Education, Technology for Dance Education). Feldman was one of the tap artists recently featured in a documentary by Jenai Cutcher, titled Thinking On Their Feet: Women of the Tap Renaissance, which premiered in New York City on April 2nd 2011 as part of the NewFilmakers Festival; presented a workshop titled What is Contemporary Tap at the National Dance Education Organization National Conference in Tempe, Arizona; this year she has been an active member of the new Kennedy Center Partnership between Hofstra’s School of Education, the Plainview-Old Bethpage School District, the Great Neck Arts Center, and the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. - to inaugurate this partnership, she led a lecture/performance and workshop at the John F Kennedy High School with fourteen Hofstra dance and dance education majors; also represented Hofstra at the annual Partnership Meeting in Washington D.C. For the 2011 Spring Dance Concert, and in honor of Hofstra’s 75th Anniversary, Feldman choreographed a new tap dance work titled Cage Meets Bojangles, for fourteen dancers and live music performed by seven musicians; continues to oversee choreographic workshops led by Hofstra students for adults from the Association for the Help of Retarded Children; beginning in 1983, Anita gained an international reputation as a leading innovator of tap dance, choreographing pieces in collaboration with new music composers that

incorporated electronics and the patented "Tap Dance Instrument," a wood and brass multitimbre floor; her company of musicians and dancers, Anita Feldman Tap, performed in the U.S., Japan and Germany at over 100 universities and festivals in both dance and new music venues, including the Colorado Dance Festival, the Boston Dance Umbrella, Dance Theater Workshop, the Whitney Museum, the American Dance Festival, the Village Gate, the Smithsonian, the Kitchen, the 92nd Street Y, Seibu's Studio 200 in Tokyo, Podewil in Berlin; and performances and radio and television appearances in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Bremen, Germany; her work has been supported by numerous grants, including six N.E.A. Fellowships, six NYSCA grants and two New York Foundation Fellowships; her book Inside Tap: Technique and Improvisation for Today’s Tap Dancer is published by Princeton Books. Giada Matteini Ferrone (Ballet) is a performer, dance educator and choreographer originally from Italy; Ms. Ferrone's performing career, which spans over 20 years, includes classical, contemporary, Limon-based and movement theatre works; she has been on the faculty at Ballet Tech, DNA, Peridance, Florence Dance Center and today teaches ballet at New York University and Hofstra University; Ms. Ferrone’s choreography has been presented at Saint Marks Church, Theatre of the Riverside Church, Purchase University, the Construction Company and the Rose Theatre at Lincoln Center; she has produced a benefit concert for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and a full evening, contemporary Nutcracker; Ms. Ferrone is the

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Artistic Director of Toscana Summer Dance, a new, threeweek dance intensive to be held in Italy this summer. Glen Fittin (Rhythmic Training and Accompaniment for Dance) trained in Classical Performance at William Paterson University. He has been an Adjunct Professor, accompanist/ composer at Montclair State University since 1993 and also at the Bates Dance Festival. He has served as a dance accompanist at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Rutgers University, New Jersey School of the Arts, Dance Space Center, and for the Paul Taylor Dance Company. He has composed music for Freespace Dance, Kim Whittam, Umoja, Art of Motion and Ruth Clark. He has also been a percussionist, rehearsal accompanist and workshop presenter for the Broadway production of The Lion King since 1998. John Giampetro is the principal director and a founding member of The Accidental Theatre Company. He has directed several of the company’s productions including Joan of Lorraine, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Miss Julie, and Toby Badger’s Southpaw Swing. John has directed for Actors Theatre of Louisville, Vermont Shakespeare Company, Galatea Theatre, and Vineyard Haven Theatre among others. Most recently he served as artist-in residence at Yale and taught master classes at Chautauqua Institution (summer ’08). He is co-Artistic Director of the Reading Series at Joe’s Pub @The Public Theatre, participated in benefit readings for the new Phoenix Theatre Ensemble, directed his adaptation of Winesburg, Ohio for Emory & Henry College, directed a radio

adaptation of The Tragedy of Tragedies, or, Tom Thumb the Great in which he played every character, and is currently developing and directing a musical for Broadway based on the life and music of Glenn Miller called At Last! Jean Dobie Giebel (Former Department Chair, Director; Acting, Play Analysis,) Executive Director of which exists to maintain a core group of producing professionals with a desire to foster new works, who are dedicated to the realization of the innovative art and professional development engendered through unique collaborations; Artistic Director of Fat Melon Productions, the producing arm of Previously Associate Director for The Mint Theatre and Riverside Shakespeare Company in New York; appeared OffBroadway, Off-Off-Broadway and in Regional theater; New York directing credits include productions at ATA Chernuchin Theater, New 42nd Street Theatre, The Mint Theatre, Pulse Ensemble Theater, and Riverside Shakespeare Company; administered the Harold and Marilyn Cohen Playwriting Competition and directed several Cohen Award winning plays for the Annual Samuel French Original Short Play Festival; she has served as a mentor in the Leadership Institute for the Association of Theatre in Higher Education. Recent Hofstra University productions include What Fools! A one-hour version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with 6 actors, Intimate Apparel and senior Honors Thesis Two Rooms. Recently directed Spring Awakening for Alumna Joan See at New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts. Her chapter

“Significant Action: A Unifying Approach to Acting” appears in Method Acting Reconsidered: Theory, Practice, Future (St. Martin’s Press, 2000). Jean lives in Levittown, NY with her husband Tim and her very best production: Amelia Louise, who is now looking at colleges! James P. Hart, Jr. (Production Manager/Technical Director) Jim originally hails from Southern California; while there, he received his bachelor's degree from Whittier College; He received a Master of Fine Arts degree in Lighting Design from the University of South Carolina, Columbia; has worked as the Technical Director for such theaters as Flat Rock Playhouse, The State Theatre of North Carolina; Porthouse Theater, in Ohio; and the Summer Theatre of New Canaan, in Connecticut; has worked as the Technical Director/Resident Lighting Designer for such theaters as The Burt Reynolds Institute, in Tequesta, Florida and Pirate Playhouse on Sanibel Island, Florida; has held positions at other academic institutions including Whittier College, Kent State University, University of Central Florida, and Salisbury University; at Hofstra this past year, while serving as the Production Manager for all of the departmental productions, Jim designed sound for Intimations for Saxophone; was Technical Director for Cabaret; designed lighting for Awake and Sing!; served as TD for the Music Department’s production of Don Giovanni; designed scenery for and technical directed this year’s high school tour of What Fools!. David M. Henderson (Chair, Department of Drama and Dance 53

The Department of Drama and Dance and Director of Scenic Design) received his M.F.A. in Costume and Scenic Design from Carnegie Mellon University in ’94; has designed for many companies across the country including the Seattle Group Theater, Honolulu Theater For Youth, Tacoma Actor's Guild, Pittsburgh's City Theater, American Studio Theater and the Bronx Opera Company; designs at Hofstra include scenery and costumes for Hedda Gabler and Romeo and Juliet, scenery for Twelfth Night and Camille and costumes for Hamlet; most recently he designed the scenery for the fall semester production of Cabaret and the spring semester production of Undeclared History. David's film, Ghost Story, won Best Short at the FAIF International Film Festival in L.A. and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dumpling won the audience Choice Award at the Brooklyn International Kids Film Fest. His most recent work to grace the film festival circuit is, On The Rocks: The Unsolved Mysteries of Jack and Sal. Episode 2, The Rusty Trombone. Anna Hillengas (Pilates) was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the Philadelphia area where she began her dance training with Gwendolyn Bye. She moved to New York City to attend Barnard College, where she earned a B.A. in Urban Studies while continuing to pursue dance and movement studies. As a dancer, she has worked with various companies/choreographers, including Sean Curran, Errol Grimes Dance Group, Nicholas Andre Dance, Redshift Dance, Lori Belilove & Co., and Mary Seidman and Dancers. Her own choreography has been presented at DanceNow’s RAW Festival, 54

Amalgamate Artists’ Series, WAXworks Series at Triskelion Arts, and Green Space Blooms, among other venues. Anna is a Certified Pilates Instructor and Instructor Trainer. She recently earned an M.F.A. in Dance at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. James J. Kolb (Dramatic Literature, Theatre History) directed the fall 2010 production of Clifford Odets’s Awake and Sing! in the Black Box Theatre; lectured extensively on Long Island on a wide variety of theatre, opera, and musical theatre topics. Diane Lichtenberger (Dance Program - major and non-major ballet) Retired May ’07. Rachel List (Director of Dance, Ballet) was a member of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and The Vanaver Caravan and is currently performing with the New York Baroque Dance Company; Ms. List has taught ballet on the faculties of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Queens College/ CUNY, Barnard College, Paul Taylor Dance Company summer intensives, the Bates Dance Festival, the Ballettakademien (Stockholm, Sweden) and DansProjektet (Copenhagen, Denmark) as well as at professional studios in New York City (currently at Peridance); she created numerous works for her own company from 1985-‘95 and has been a movement consultant/ choreographer for the Pearl Theatre in New York City as well as for the Bronx Opera; Ms. List has given master classes in Baroque dance at numerous colleges in-

cluding the Juilliard School, Columbia University, NYU, Swarthmore College, Vassar College, Bard Graduate Center, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Texas Woman’s University; she holds a BA from Empire State College/SUNY and an MFA in Dance from the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee. Judi Mark, a veteran dance educator, supervisor, and leader in the field, retired from the NYC Department of Education in February 2010 and began working as field supervisor of student dance teachers at Hofstra in the spring of 2010; has a B.S. in Education from Southern Illinois University, over thirty credits towards an M.F.A. in Dance/Choreography from U.S. International University School of Performing Arts, (which was interrupted by accepting a scholarship from the Martha Graham School in NYC), and an M.A. from SUNY Empire State College in Culture and Policy, with a focus on the arts; at Hunter College, earned an advanced credential in Administration and Supervision; is a certified dance educator in New York State and New York City and is credited with creating high school sequential dance programs at Sheepshead Bay H.S., Richard R. Green H.S. for Teaching, and Louis D. Brandeis H.S., as well as teaching dance at Marymount College; additional credits include the writing committee for the New York City Blueprint for Dance, facilitator for numerous NYC staff development days for Dance, and creating “Integrating Dance into the Curriculum”, a professional development course for the Department of Education;

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 this year she helped develop and administer the city-wide Dance Exam for selected high schools with sequential dance curriculums and facilitate a city-wide staff development day on a Merce Cunningham unit; her high school dance unit was recently chosen to be placed on the NYCDOE web site: http:// teachlearn/dance dance D. J. Markley (Design, Technical Theatre) - now retired after doing 135 shows in 35 years in the West End and Playhouse Theatres; DJ, his wife, Pattie Voigt (’72), and their dog Roxie, are actually nomads, living in Maryland in the colder months and in the Adirondacks during the summer; they also spend two weeks in Aruba in January, two weeks in Williamsburg around Thanksgiving, and travel a lot in between; for the past 4 years they have worked extensively with an Emergency Homeless Shelter sponsored by local churches in Cecil County, Maryland; the Markley’s also are primary caregivers for Pat’s 92 year old father and keep busy with church and volunteer commitments; DJ and Pattie also satisfied a long-held ambition when they saw the Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany in Spring 2010. Amy Marshall (Modern) was born in Kyoto, Japan and raised in Sandwich, New Hampshire, where she began her formal training in ballet and theater dance; she went on to study modern dance with Milton Myers and David Parsons at Jacob’s Pillow and graduated in 1992 with Honors from Goucher College with a double major in Dance and Theater; since then, she has worked

with Parsons Dance Company, David Storey Danceworks, Cortez & Company, and Taylor 2; in 2000, she founded the Amy Marshall Dance Company; for over ten years, the company has performed and led residencies across the United States, in eastern Europe, in China and in South America. Richard Mason, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus) deceased 2010 - see article elsewhere in this edition. Cheryl McCarron (Costume Shop Manager/ Costume Designer) for Hofstra has designed costumes for Iolanthe, Tartuffe, The Confederacy and many faculty dance concerts; other recent costume designs include: Half & Half (Penguin Repertory Theatre), All For Love, Artist Descending a Staircase and Anna Christie (Boomerang Theatre), Isabelle and the Pretty Ugly Spell (New York Musical Theatre Festival), On the Town and Sprang Thang (Amas Musical Theatre), Tom Jones (Dorset Theatre Festival) and the off-Broadway musical, Tails; earned her M.F.A. from Brandeis University. Maureen Connolly McFeely (Theater Appreciation, Theater Today) serves as dramaturg for Shakespeare Festival productions; continues to teach Shakespeare on campus and off, and to see and review as many Shakespeare productions as she can. Deirdre McGuire (’67) (Costumes & Set Design) retired spring ’07; doing freelance design work. Jason Melms (Ballet) began his performing career with Joffrey II, and soon after accepted a position

as a principal dancer with the Eglevsky Ballet; Mr. Melms danced numerous principal roles with Eglevsky Ballet as well as with Ballet Theatre Pennsylvania, The Virginia Ballet Theatre, Western Ballet Theatre and The Virginia Opera; he currently dances for the New York Baroque Dance Company; Mr. Melms has taught on the faculty of the USDAN Center for the Creative and Performing Arts under the direction of Dennis Nahat, as well as at Eglevsky Ballet, Western Ballet Theater, the Harrisburg Dance Conservatory, Ballet Tech, the Peridance School, and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Summer Program. Carl Morris Professor Emeritus (deceased). Jean Morris deceased (2011); was Box Office Manager of the Playhouse for 27 years at Hofstra. Anne Noonan (Department Secretary) retired in 2005 after 27 years at the Drama & Dance Department; was a union representative for Hofstra clerical workers; continues (from home) to be editor of The Poo-wa-bah; member of 9to5, National Association of Working Women, Women on the Job Task Force and a founding member of the Long Island chapter of the national association, CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women); she and her husband, Walter, traveled again to Aruba in the winter, where they spent time with DJ and Pattie Markley; also cruised to the Panama Canal in March; looks forward to traveling to Denver in May to welcome her fifth grandchild (a girl); enjoys playing golf, doing some volunteer work and going to shows and museums in Manhattan; in case you miss it 55

The Department of Drama and Dance elsewhere, her home email address (for PWB updates or just to keep in touch) is ADNPWB@AOL.COM Harriet Peters retired in December, ’96 but still active in the affairs of the Department. Ilona Pierce (Voice & Speech) M.F.A. in Voice and Speech Coaching and Training from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, with internships at The Juilliard School and Yale School of Drama; her BFA in Musical Theatre is from Ithaca College; has taught on the theatre faculties of The Hartt School at the University of Hartford and Ithaca College, and as associate faculty for the Canadian National Voice Intensive; roles as an actress include: Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest, Julie in Julie Johnson, Rosalind in As You Like It and Bette Davis et al in the one-woman version of Me and Jezebel; as a voice/dialect coach, has worked for Manhattan Ensemble Theatre, The Denver Center Theatre Company, Aspen Theatre in the Park and The Hangar Theatre; she and her husband, Erik, have two children: Maya and Dash. Susan Turner Radin (Adjunct Professor) is proud to be a part of the Dance Education Program of Hofstra University, teaching Teaching Dance at the Secondary Level and serving as a cooperating teacher to student teachers; received a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Political Science and International Studies from Boston College; after deciding to forego a career in law, Turner returned to N.Y. and received her MA in Dance and Dance Education from Columbia University, Teacher’s College; founded 56

Turner Dance in 1996 and has since performed Arts and Education programs featuring health and social issues throughout PA and NY schools and innovative dance concerts fusing modern dance, poetry, sculpture, and story in venues throughout the Northeast; in 1999, Turner Dance participated in an International Arts Festival European Cultural Arts Month; taught dance in the NYC schools for five years and currently is proud to teach dance in the Performing Arts Department of Walt Whitman High School in Huntington Station; her program was recently featured on Channel 12; has also directed and choreographed musicals in a variety of venues throughout Long Island; this year Turner has been blessed to have had her first child, a son, Quinn Robert Radin; as teachers and parents, our greatest achievements are the happiness and success of our children. Cindy Rosenthal (Professor of Drama and Dance); holds a doctorate in Performance Studies from NYU;. Hofstra directing credits include Undeclared History by Hofstra alum Isaac Rathbone, Nickel and Dimed and Six Characters in Search of an Author (Drama Department) and The Waiting Room, Beckett Shorts and Top Girls (New College); acting credits include New Jersey Shakespeare and the Bread Loaf Theater, Vermont, where she performed in Caryl Churchill’s Mad Forest (2010) and in A Streetcar Named Desire (2011); with James Harding, she coedited The Rise of Performance Studies: Rethinking Richard Schechner’s Broad Spectrum (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2011) and Restaging the Sixties: Radical Theatres and their Legacies

(Michigan, 2006); she co-edited Living on Third Street: Plays of the Living Theatre 1989-1992 (Autonomedia, 2008) with Hanon Reznikov; current book projects include Ellen Stewart’s La Mama: An Illustrated and Oral History--The First Fifty Years, a monograph analyzing Ellen Stewart’s life and work (forthcoming, Michigan); in Spring 2011, as part of Hofstra’s 75th Anniversary Celebration, she was conference co-director (with Robin Becker and Robert Westley) of INTO SUNLIGHT, an interdisciplinary conference exploring the impact of war on the social body, which was inspired by David Maraniss’ book about the Vietnam War, They Marched Into Sunlight. Dyane Harvey-Salaam (African dance, Modern) has performed on Broadway, in film, on television and on the concert stage; she has danced for major modern dance choreographers Fred Benjamin, Eleo Pomare, Alvin Ailey, Ze’eva Cohen, and Dianne McIntyre; she has appeared in Your Arms Too Short to Box With God, Timbuktu and The Wiz and she is a founding member of Abdel Salaam’s Forces of Nature Dance Theatre; her choreographic and teaching experiences have placed her at Princeton University, Howard University, the University of Florida at Gainesville, The Acting Company, the New Federal Theatre, and New York University’s Graduate Acting Program; she has received two Audelco Awards, The Monarch Merit Award, and the Ira Aldridge Award. Peter Sander (Scene Study, Shakespeare acting, Play Analysis) spent a very busy fall term directing and acting; directed the

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 first show of the season, Intimations for Saxophone, by Sophie Treadwell, which was written in 1935 and presented for the first time in 2005 by the Arena Stage; the Hofstra production was its second airing—spent the summer putting the script together from about four different versions; the final script differed markedly from the Arena Stage version; the production featured masks, lots of doubling and tripling of roles and had some of the same expressionistic elements as Treadwell’s best-known work Machinal; toward the end of the semester; participated in a joint venture of the drama program, the dance program and the Music Department in a performance of Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale: a piece for small ensemble, dancers, actors and a narrator, one of Sander’s favorites, ham that he is, he was asked and agreed to do all of the speaking roles; this spring in addition to teaching, he worked with his wife Mary Jane in reviving her one-woman version of Pride and Prejudice. Howard Siegman Emeritus) deceased.


Arthur Solari (Music Director for the Dance Program) cited by The New York Times as “virtuosic”, Mr. Solari specializes in music of various cultures and styles; he has collaborated with McArthur award-winning director and choreographer, Martha Clarke, on her three most recent original productions, Garden of Earthly Delights, Angel Reapers and In the Night; his varied background includes 20th and 21st century chamber music, experimental music, and multidisciplinary roles for theater, dance and film; performing and creating in

both established and avant-garde arenas, Mr. Solari has appeared throughout the world regularly with various esteemed groups and artists as conductor, percussionist, music director and sound designer; as a long time member of the venerable New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, founded by his mentor Raymond DesRoches, and leader of derivative groups under its auspices, Mr. Solari has performed hundreds of works including many world premieres by artists such as John Cage, George Crumb, Charles Wuorinen, and Steve Reich, to name a few; he most recently has been a guest of Jerome Begin’s The Left Hand Path Ensemble, Maya Trio, and Chris Peck’s Finger Ensemble among others; has also worked on feature films such as Cabin Fever, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and an upcoming HBO documentary film, Ultimate Wish; lastly, Mr. Solari is cofounder of the musical amplification electronics company, MagMa Technologies, inventing and developing amplification systems for acoustical instruments, working in collaboration with musician and composer Stephan Moore (of Hemisphere Speakers and former music coordinator the Merce Cunningham Dance Company). Maxine Steinman (Modern Dance) Maxine Steinman has been teaching the Limon Technique at Hofstra University for the past 11 years; iIn addition, Maxine teaches at the Limón Institute (at Peridance), The Ailey School, Montclair State University, and Marymount Manhattan College.; she has performed with Eleo Pomare as soloist for 12 years, Denishawn Repertory Dancers, Mafata Dance Compa-

ny, Robin Becker, Regina Larkin, Sue Bernhard, Spiritdance, and in the LINKS (Limón Initiative Nurturing Kids) Project with the José Limón Dance Company, among others; with a grant from the Brazilian Consulate, Maxine performed Dances for Isadora by Jose Limón in São Paulo, Brazil in a solo concert that included her own work as well as the work of other choreographers; was formerly the director of the LINKS Project for the Limón Foundation, and currently stages excerpts of A Choreographic Offering by José Limón for universities; her choreography has been presented by Joyce SoHo, Dance Space, the Dumbo Arts Festival, Teachers College, New Dance Group, Urban Artworks, Ballet Arts, The Limón Institute, The Field, Peridance, The 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center, in the 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Festival, and in theaters in the tri-state area; internationally, Maxine has been invited to Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Japan and Cyprus to teach, choreograph, and perform her work; she has also been commissioned to create works for Montclair State University, Hofstra University, Marymount Manhattan College, the Ailey School, and for conservatories in Spain, Brazil, and Taiwan; received a commissioning grant from the O'Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation to collaborate with composer Matthew Ferry on a piece called "Sense of Way", which premiered in 2009; the O'Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation awarded her a commission this year to collaborate with composer Dred Scott; Maxine holds a BFA in Dance from Adelphi University and an MA in Dance and Dance Educa57

The Department of Drama and Dance tion from Teachers College, Columbia University. Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez (Teaching Dance at the Elementary Level; Cooperating Teacher for student teaching) is a Dance Specialist at The Children’s School, a fully inclusive public elementary school in Brooklyn, New York; her accomplishments include the creation of a pre-K to Grade 5 curriculum in Creative Dance, overseeing the community’s arts partnerships, chairing the Arts Committee, and designing school-wide enrichment programs; The Founding Artistic Director of Soundance Repertory Company (1984-1999), Sandi’s choreography has been presented at venues throughout NYC and the Northeast. She is a co-author (with Katherine Gallant and Diane Duggan) of Dance Education for Diverse Learners: A Special Education Supplement to the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance, PreK-12. Her thesis research has recently been published in Dance: Current Selected Research Volume 7, edited by Lynette Young Overby and Billie Lepczyk. Donald Swinney (“Doc”) deceased; former drama professor and Director of the John Cranford Adams Playhouse. Miriam Tulin (Professor Emerita) deceased (’09). James VanWart (Professor Emeritus) living in Orlando, Florida, where he continues to freelance as an actor, teacher and director; still traveling as much as he can; recently went on a small expedition down the coast of Central America and Peru. Kirk Vichengrad (Non-major Acting) left Hofstra and New 58

York for Los Angeles where he has directed and taught a class at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts; shot a student film of the Mamet play Speed the Plow. Angela Visco (Department Secretary) started working at Hofstra in 2005; arrived at the Drama and Dance Department in January ’10 and “am loving every aspect of this department”; also has New York State license in cosmetology (2002). Lance Westergard (Director of Dance Program, Ballet) retired Dec. ’09. Robert Westley has performed, directed, choreographed movement and stage violence for theatres, opera houses and film companies across the country and for the past fourteen years has worked professionally as an actor and physical performer for stage and screen; recent choreography credits include the New York City premieres of Second Stage Theatre’s production of Butcher of Baraboo, directed by two time Tony Award winner Judith Ivey, DiCapo Opera Theatre’s Dangerous Liaisons and premieres of The Screams of Kitty Genovese, The Salacious Uncle Baldrick and Waiter, Waiter; other premieres include The Bigger Man at Los Angeles’ Circle X theatre and Gabriel’s Daughter for Central City Opera; his most recent theatre productions include the New York Theatre Workshop’s Thing of Dry Hours and the Keen Company’s Tea and Sympathy in New York City, Boston’s New Repertory Theatre’s A Skull of Connemara, and The Huntington Theatre Studio’s productions of Hot House, and Polaroid Stories; additionally Robert’s work has been seen at such venues as Na-

tional Lyric Opera of New York, Chautauqua Opera, The Lyric Opera of Chicago, The Lost Colony, The Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the New York Fringe Festival; he has worked on theatrical productions of Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story, The Fantasticks, Private Lives, Moon Over Buffalo, Noises Off, The Indian Wants the Bronx, Othello and Company, and the operas Tosca, I Pagliacci, Les Contes D’Hoffmann, Romeo et Juliette and Carmen. Film credits include The Key Man starring Hugo Weaving and Brian Cox, Eyeborgs starring Adrian Paul and Fall Down Dead with David Carradine and Dominique Swain. has taught and coached acting, theatrical movement and stage combat both nationally and internationally and has instructed at Boston University’s Theatre Conservatory and Opera Institute, the North Carolina School of the Arts, Denver Center for Performing Arts, Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, The Asolo Theatre Conservatory, the Manhattan School of Music, the University of Alabama, Temple University and numerous workshops and intensives in America and Great Britain. Robert is a recognized Fight Director and Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors and a member of both the Screen Actors Guild and North Carolina Stuntmen’s Association; he holds a Master of Fine Arts from Boston University’s School of Theatre Arts Professional Theatre Training Program and a Master of Arts in Theatre Studies from Northern Illinois University; currently, is the Artistic Director of GoodFoot Movement Productions which he co-founded.

Poo-Wá-Bah, 2010-2012 Karla Wolfangle (Modern Dance, Choreography) is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory of Music and danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company from 1981-1993; Ms.Wolfangle was also a member of the Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, the Boston Ballet, and was co-founder and co-director of the Cliff Keuter Dance Company.; she has been on the faculty of the National Institute of the Arts in Taipei, Taiwan, Harvard Summer Dance Center, the American Dance Festival, University of Maryland, Adelphi University and was Guest Artist in Residence at the North Carolina School of the Arts from 1995 to 1999; Ms. Wolfangle’s choreography has been presented in New York City at City Center, the Cunningham Dance Center, Dance Theater Workshop and the American Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive as well as at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in Massachusetts; in 1999, Ms. Wolfangle choreographed and performed in Woody Allen’s feature film Small Time Crooks; in 2000, she choreographed a revival of Fiddler on the Roof for the Greensboro Theater Company in North Carolina; allso in 2000, Ms. Wolfangle was invited to present her choreography as part of Paul Taylor’s 70th birthday celebration; currently, she is on the faculty at Hofstra University, Barnard College, and the New School, and she spends her summers teaching at the Kaatsbaan International Ballet Center.

Ballet Theatre’s teaching curriculum for Ballet Pedagogy. Mr. Zackery has worked with over 30 professional companies throughout his career, performing in concert dance as well as in the national tours of several Broadway shows. Recently, he has taken over as the Artistic Director of Urban Dance Collective, a contemporary dance company founded by the late Niles Ford. Mr. Zackery has been on the faculty of Broadway Dance Center, The Alvin Ailey Extension Program, and The School at Steps on Broadway and has given master classes and workshops in contemporary movement, jazz, tap, classical/contemporary ballet, and partnering in cities across the U.S. as well as in Germany and Russia. His choreography has been presented nationally and internationally.

Royce Zackery (Modern), a native of Atlanta, Georgia, received his B.F.A. from Southern Methodist University and his M.A. in Dance from New York University. He is certified in American 59



GRAY WIG ALUMNI THEATER COMPANY 2012 Membership Form The Gray Wig has a strong history of providing Hofstra University alumni with opportunities to participate in theater-related activities both on and off campus while raising funds for six scholarships awarded to Hofstra University students involved in the performing arts.

Membership Benefits Include: Subscription to the Gray Wig Newsletter which provides information on networking opportunities as well as alumni news and Gray Wig events Discounts on admission to all Gray Wig sponsored events as well as Drama and Dance Department productions Opportunities to work in all areas of productions with fellow alumni and current Hofstra students Advance notice of auditions and workshop enrollments

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The purpose of the Dance Alumni Association is to maintain the relationship that alumni have with their alma mater. This may be accomplished through social, educational, cultural, and career-oriented activities. The association will provide a forum for dance department alumni to communicate and maintain professional relationships. In addition, they will establish a relationship with the current dance department student population to provide career guidance and networking opportunities.

Annual Membership Contribution: $25 Membership Benefits Include: Email circles which provide information on jobs, performances, workshops and other dance-related issues Dance Alumni Newsletter for networking opportunities and other alumni news Discounts on admission to all alumni events To become a member of the Dance Alumni Association, complete this form and return with payment to: Dance Alumni Association Libby and Joseph G. Shapiro Alumni House 150 Hofstra University Hempstead NY 11549

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2013-2014 Season FALL A Lie of the Mind

SPRING The Comedy of Errors

By Sam Shepard Directed by Jean Dobie Giebel

By William Shakespeare Directed by Peter Sander

“Mr. Shepard’s richest and most penetrating play, a 20th-century masterwork of a family portrait to be compared with Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night and Harold Pinter’s Homecoming.” –Ben Brantley, the New York Times October 4-13, 2013 Black Box Theater, New Academic Building, South Campus

Based on a Roman comedy by Plautus and the inspiration for a 1930s musical comedy, The Boys from Syracuse, The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s most farcical plays. With two sets of twins Shakespeare is able to provide double the comedy, double the slapstick, double the mistaken identities, and double the fun. February 27-March 9, 2014 John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus

Gypsy: A Musical Fable

Hofstra Collegium Musicum

Book by Arthur Laurents. Music by Jule Styne. Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Directed by James J. Kolb

William E. Hettrick, Director

A musical about “the ultimate show business mother,” set backstage on the vaudeville and burlesque circuits of the 1920s and ’30s. Filled with an array of wonderful songs and considered by many critics to be one of the greatest musicals of all time. October 18-27, 2013 John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus

Something Wicked

Cloud Nine By Caryl Churchill Directed by Chris Dippel Challenging conventional notions of gender, racial and sexual identity, ranging from Act 1 in 19th-century colonial British Africa to Act 2 in London of the 1970s, Caryl Churchill explains that “The first act, like the society it shows, is male dominated and firmly structured. In the second act, more energy comes from the women and the gays.” November 8-17, 2013 Black Box Theater, New Academic Building, South Campus

Fall Dance Concert Choreography by Dance Faculty and Guests November 21-24, 2013 John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus

STUDENT REP (A Festival of Student Performances) A festival of student acting, directing and dance, under faculty supervision, presented over two or three days in early December. Further details will be mailed to subscribers and publicized at a later date. Black Box Theater, New Academic Building, South Campus Admission: Free

and One-hour adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth Directed by Ilona Pierce An excellent introduction to Shakespeare, suitable for young audiences. March 1, and 8, 2014 John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus

Don Juan Comes Back from the War By Ödön von Horváth Directed by Royston Carpenter In 1936, a Hungarian playwright, whose language was German, addressed the 17th-century legend of Don Juan and the “romantic” 18th-century operatic Don Giovanni in a 20th-century way, amidst the chaos of a world at war. April 4-13, 2014 Black Box Theater, New Academic Building, South Campus

Spring Dance Concert Choreography by Dance Faculty and Guests April 10-13, 2014 John Cranford Adams Playhouse, South Campus

STUDENT REP (A Festival of Student Performances) A festival of student acting, directing and dance, under faculty supervision, presented over two or three days in early May. Further details will be mailed to subscribers and publicized at a later date. Black Box Theater, New Academic Building, South Campus Admission: Free

Department of Drama and Dance Hempstead, New York 11549-1120

The Poo-wรก-bah Hofstra Department of Drama and Dance 2010-2012 Alumni Newsletter

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Hofstra University

Poo-Wá-Bah 2010-2012  

The 2010-2012 double edition issue of the Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance alumni publication.

Poo-Wá-Bah 2010-2012  

The 2010-2012 double edition issue of the Hofstra University Department of Drama and Dance alumni publication.