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OBJECTIVES OF THE COMPETITION ➤ to promote the creation and development of new ventures at High Point University ➤ to provide University support and funding to the most innovative business ideas from undergraduate students ➤ to provide undergraduate student entrepreneurs with direct exposure to possible mentors and/or investors ➤ to provide students a forum outside the classroom where they can develop skills in “pitching” their business ideas to capital providers and entrepreneurs, and to receive constructive feedback – increasing the probability of the success of their ventures

SPECIAL THANKS TO BB&T FOR SUPPORTING THIS EVENT THANK YOU TO OUR EXPERT BUSINESS PLAN JUDGES Business Plan Judges Chris Caffey: CEO, Caffey Distributing and Carolina Premium Beverage and Craft Central Robert Finkel: Founder and CEO, Forbidden Root, LLC Peter Hollett: Owner, Thermo King Central Carolinas Gary Scott: President North America, TTI Floor Care Sutton Shaw: Executive Director, Big Red Barn Retreat and Owner, Boom, Inc. Coaches Prof. Kathy Elliott: Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Prof. D. Troy Knauss: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

AGENDA | 5:00 - 7:30 PM Welcome Message Dr. Jim Wehrley Dean, Earl N. Phillips School of Business at HPU Introductions of Sponsor & Judges Charlotte Thompson, Senior Co-President of the HPU Entrepreneurship Club Presentation of the Finalists Ryan Gilbert, Junior Co-President of the HPU Entrepreneurship Club Networking & Refreshments Cottrell Hall Kushner Networking Marketplace Awards Cottrell Hall Kushner Networking Marketplace

THE PRIZES Up to $25,000 in cash prizes may be awarded to the finalists.


Breezy Brush CeAnna Soper Like many new products, Breezy Brush was conceived through the frustrations of an everyday activity. Our founder and president, CeAnna Soper, noticed how messy her house bathroom gets with four girls sharing the same small space. This is where Breezy Brush was conceived. We are in the process of producing a hair brush with air vents that vacuums while you brush your hair. The detached and shedding hair is sucked into the hair brush through the air vents and can be emptied out easily after use. Breezy Brush has a patent pending. The goal is to produce a hairbrush that styles, collects the hair being brushed out, and ultimately eliminates the need to sweep or vacuum the floor after getting ready.

HotDawgCo/Thermo-Leash Jenna Tarantino We all know the saying, “hot enough to fry an egg,” but did you know that pavement can actually be hot enough to burn your pet’s paws? After experiencing this first hand with my own pet, my HotDawgCo has created a patented leash used to measure and alert dog owners about the dangerous ground temperatures to which their dogs’ paws are exposed. It is a preventative approach to limit burnt, blistered, and infected paws caused by unsafe temperatures. The Thermo-Leash contains infra-red thermometer technology to measure ground temperatures along with Bluetooth integration to send personalized alerts to smart phones, activating a warning when desired/harmful temperatures are reached.

Sow Joseph Cochrane-Brown The problem our company solves is to eliminate the frustration with how long it takes for students to create study guides and flash cards before tests. If the process is too tedious, the student may opt not to study the right things. From this observation we created Sow, as in, “You reap what you sow.” Sow is a mobile and web platform that takes any text, whether from your notes, textbooks, or pdf files and, in real-time, converts that information into study guides, flashcards, or multiple choice questions. As e-learning markets continue to grow above $160 billion, the opportunities in this market also grow. It is our goal to reach minimum viable product status, along with having consistent revenue within the next 18 months.


The Pong Pro Dylan Silber What game comes to mind when you think about a college party? Beer pong, right? Our product brings that fun anywhere! The Pong Pro, a patent-pending practice game table, helps users become skilled at playing the number one drinking game - but without the alcohol! Just as importantly, this game has the ability to compete with corn hole at parties, during tailgating, and in game rooms across America. As an added bonus, being skilled at beer pong can reduce the amount of drinking done by students. Parents and others will love it!


Pocket Profits Richard Pagano My company would like to impact young children from all socio-economic levels by increasing their understanding of money and finances. With a higher level of financial literacy, Pocket Profits can level the playing field for all children to make better financial decisions throughout their lives. Pocket Profits is a financial education game/service. Pocket Profits’ aim is to produce creative content so that learning finance can be engaging and rewarding to many American children. The company delivers educational value through a fun, animated learning series, coupled with online/mobile games for entertaining educational content. Each week, participants are rewarded for their success by giving them the opportunity to compete for real money. Partnering with community banks and credit unions, Pocket Profits can reach children and get them engaged in one of the biggest industries in the world at an early age.

STUDENT ENTREPRENEURS....IN THE RUNNING The following are other entrepreneurial companies introduced by our students this year. Airport Health Center Charlotte Thompson

iFilePro Rami Aoun

Extra Change Kayla Haigh

Airport Health Center provides secure access to showers, napping facilities, and a fully equipped work-out space for people waiting for connecting flights at international airports. ____________________________

iFilePro is a technology platform that allows users to create personal profiles on friends by filtering, capturing, and analyzing data that is and was shared with them across multiple devices and apps. ____________________________

Extra Change provides financial planning information and advice for college students through a dedicated website. ____________________________

Campus Connect Keegan O’Connor

Fountain eliminates the need to check multiple apps by including all of them on one social media app that allows users to communicate through professional discussions, publicly and privately. ____________________________

AM Visuals Matthew Greezicki AM Visuals is designed to service commercial and residential real estate companies in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina with aerial and land-based videography. ____________________________ Measured Medicine Maggie Donlon Measured Medicine offers premeasured single dosage cups, making liquid medications easy to travel with on aircraft in a carry-on bag. The meds are all in a ready-to-use form that can be taken any time and any place. ____________________________ Booze Box Chloe Headley Booze Box is a themed, all-inclusive cocktail kit that introduces customers to new types of liquors and mixes for gifts or events.

Campus Connect creates an online community of buyers and sellers on college campuses across the country where students can safely purchase goods and services from other verified students on their campus. ____________________________

Fountain Haoran Shi

Just in Time Parking Carlos Caetano

Connect Me offers the ability to connect its members by utilizing Bluetooth to act as a digital business card. ____________________________

Just in Time Parking is a safer, cheaper, and faster way to park, providing a range of parking options for anyone looking for a spot. It also allows people with residential or commercial properties to rent their parking spaces. ____________________________

POB Light Brittany McCoy

Pop and Fizz Anna Gilbertson

POB Light, the Prevention of Blinding Light, is a safe and legal light located on the rear of the vehicle that can be engaged manually to visually notify drivers behind you that their lights are impairing your driving abilities.

Pop and Fizz creates organic and natural bath bombs and shower steamers. The company donates 25% of the proceeds directly to animal shelters.

Connect Me Alex Hostetler


The Atlas Graham Atlee

The Barn Brandon Wolfe

University Jet provides chartering and coordination of flights of private planes for university students who are traveling to the same locations during vacation weeks. ____________________________

The Atlas is a cloud-based, crowd-sourced, threedimensional map of the world that will supercharge augmented reality content in a way that lets real developers build intelligent apps that people can view over the cloud for use anywhere. ____________________________

The Barn provides a place for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics to enjoy, work on, and/or store their vehicles without worrying about having enough space or the right tools to get the job done. ____________________________

Satoshi’s Ark Zach Zukowski Satoshi’s Ark is a digital crypto-collectible game that only exists on the blockchain. Players of the game will be able to buy and take ownership of the digital pets within the game and breed their pet animals with others to produce a unique offspring.

The MultiShoe Dylan Silber The MultiShoe is a shoe sole that clips in to replace a sole for different activities, or if it is just worn down.

ReWritten by Logan Logan Jones ReWritten by Logan is a clothing brand geared toward young women. It uses wordplay to create positive, empowering messages that alter previous misconceptions about women, often found on women’s clothing.

At High Point University, every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people.ÂŽ


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2018 Business Plan Competition  

2018 Business Plan Competition