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The world is a truly fantastic, colourful and dangerous place for kids to grow up in. The playground has to be an equal inspiring alternative, where kids can learn to assess risks in a safe environment. We meet boys who like pink and girls who like climbing trees. Why only play on a steel frame in a sandbox, when you can play in a moon rocket and a princess castle, or in a giant spider with enormous mushrooms, or dive into the deep in a submarine? The fantasy is infinite.

A good playground should inspire kids to move. The swing and the ropeway are classical playground elements where you can feel the joy and the tickle in your stomach just by looking at them. What makes a playground GREAT is that kids are not able to figure it out just by looking at it. They have to explore it. When they are running or climbing through the playground there is not only one right way. They have to consider a lot of options and paths, assessing their motor skills and safety. This creates continuos movement and a lot of fun.

A playground can be an essential part of a childhood, inspiring and reflecting the challenges of the physical world. It is a place where you meet new friends and develop your ability to socialise with other kids. And equally important, it is time spent away from the computer getting your pulse up!

The playground appearance in the urban landscape has become a valued part of city planning today. We would also like it to be an icon or social meeting place in the community. The playground should be a magnet that attracts children and adults walking by: Wow! I want to spend time there with my child.


对于孩子们的成长来说,整个世界充满了幻想、色彩以及冒险精神。游乐场是整个世界的缩影,应该具备儿童世界的一切性质, 在这里,孩子们可以在一个相对安全的环境中接受并体验各种具有一定风险的活动。在实际生活中,我们也能碰到喜欢粉色的男孩, 喜欢爬树的女孩。如果能够在登月火箭或公主城堡中玩耍,或是在巨型蜘蛛和蘑菇游乐场中嬉戏,或是在深海中潜水,还有哪个 孩子愿意在沙坑中的钢架上攀爬呢?孩子们的想象空间是无限的。 一个完备的游乐场能够主动鼓励启发孩子们去运动。通常一个游乐场应该配备秋千和索道,孩子们一看到秋千和索道,就会 感受到从心底迸发出来的欢快和喜悦。当然一个游乐场设计的成功与否,并不在于孩子们看过后是否能够记得它的轮廓和设备, 而是需要孩子们去亲身体验,去感受。孩子们在游乐场里疯狂地奔跑,攀爬,嬉戏,正确的游戏方式并不唯一。孩子们应该利用 自己的运动技巧和安全概念,去主动探寻各种不同的选择和方式,这样能够持久地保持运动的兴趣。 游乐场是孩童时期必不可少的一个组成部分,能够启发并反映孩子们身体机能不断成长的过程。孩子们在游乐场中能够遇到 很多新朋友,在不知不觉中培养与其他孩子们进行交流的能力。同样重要的是,在这里孩子们远离了书本,远离了计算机,嬉戏 的同时增强了身体素质。

Chris Razzell, ASPECT Studios




Play brings together all ages and cultural groups. While playing, children playfully train their motor skills and social skills. Play is deeply interwoven in our nature.

For centuries, play has been a self organising outdoor activity. Consiously creating space for play, however, is a rather new development. The increasing urbanisation, wealth and free time have turned play more and more into an age defined and regulated activity. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first specially designed and enclosed areas within the city boundaries were built. From the 1970s onward, the world of play has gradually been taken over by prefabricated, modulated playelements. On every corner of the street, on squares and in parks one sees the same kind of objects. They are not site-specific, nor do they stimulate play without boundaries or even fantasy.

However, an alternative trend has evolved since the beginning of the 21st century.This trend shows a shift towards play objects that are unique and that have become an integral part of the urban landscape they are designed for. This has, on the one hand, to do with the limited space in cities, and on the other hand it is a reaction on the standardised play which dominated the public space for such a long time.

Artists, landscape architects, architects and designers of all kinds have been given shape to these objects, all from their own perspective. The playgrounds vary from natural to completely artificial – and everything in between. Ranging from glorifying a complete tree trunk to an artistic playobject to an all-embracing play landscape, from one thin tube which combines all play elements to tectonic streetskate objects that turn a backstreet into a new neighbourhood meeting place.

According to Carve, playgrounds should be an integral part of public space. Places that are inviting and that can be discovered, providing space for different groups and ages and have multiple ways of usage incorporated. Great playgrounds create space for play and foster possibilities.

We are happy to be part of a publication that brings together so many different playgrounds that, all in their very own way, contribute to a play environment which is unique, stimulating and safe — showing the state of the art of today's playgrounds.


游戏可以让不同年龄不同文化阶层的人们聚集在一起。孩子们能够在游戏中锻炼身体技能和社交技能。从某种程度上说, 游戏与人类的本质深深地交织在一起。 几个世纪以来,游戏都是一种自发组织的户外活动。为游戏开辟一个专门的场地,则是一种新的发展理念。不断发展的都 市化、健康理念以及休闲时间等因素,逐渐将游戏的概念转成特定的年龄的规范活动。20 世纪初,在城市范围内出现了为游戏 而特别设计规划的区域。20 世纪 70 年代前期,有规划有设想的游戏理念开始逐渐上风。在街道的角落,在公园的广场上,总 是能看到千篇一律的游戏设施。这种理念并非因地因时而发生改变,也不是依赖设计的创意去激发人们对游戏的渴望。 然而,21 世纪初,一种新的趋势逐渐发展起来。这种趋势强调的是对游戏设施进行创意地改造,从而体现出设施的唯一性, 并能够成为城市景观的一个重要的组成部分。这样的理念可以在城市中一个有限的空间内实现,并对那些常年占据公共空间的 传统游戏设施的理念产生了巨大的冲击。 艺术家、风景画家、建筑师、设计师们都可以从自己的角度,对这些游戏设施提出自己的看法和建议。因此游乐场的设计 风格十分发散,从完全的自然设计,到百分百的人工打造,各不相同。有的游乐场利用了整个天然树干,有的人工打造了包含 各类游戏在内的设施,有的将各类游戏元素集中设置在管道中,也有的考虑了街道的整体构造,将整个街道改造成一个新的游 戏中心。 对于卡夫设计团队来说,游乐场应该是一个公共空间的组成部分,一个可以吸引各个年龄层的人们并能够提供各种游戏方 式的地方。一个成功的游乐场应该可以根据周边地势,设计提供合适的游戏空间。 我们很高兴为公众展示了世界上许多优秀的游乐场,在保证了游乐场的刺激性和安全性的同时,每个游乐场的设计都不尽 相同,都是独一无二的。

Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Marleen Beek, Lucas Beukers, Thomas Tiel Groenestege, Thijs van der Zouwen, Hannah Schubert






哥本哈根 Elverdals 操场及游乐设施


Elverdals playground and play sculpture in Copenhagen






Playground van Campenvaart



Melis Stokepark







Columbusplein 广场











Georges Henri Park






The Green Tube



The Spiral Tower of Copenhagen



Charlotte Ammundsens Square



Evelyn Court Playground






Palace Garden



The Parrot



Rasmus Klump



The Remisevænget




Square Beukplein



St. Mary’s Churchyard Park



The Cargo Ship



The Giant Spider



The Pike



The Shooting Star



The Striped Town in Malmö



Trinidad the Coaster



Van Beuningenplein

Theresienhoehe 铁路公园


Railway Cover Theresienhöhe

布加 2011 水系游乐场


Buga 2011



Cave For Kids



Margarinfabrikken Kindergaren






Public Playground Rotterdam



The Bonnevie Park



Vondelpark Towers



Water Playground



Atlantis-Spielplatz Berlin-Kreuzberg



Norwood Park Water Playground

North America 北美洲



Dorothy Curran Playground



Imagination Playground



Columbus Commons Playground




Primary Structure



Helen Diller Playground at Mission Dolores Park



Chop Stick

Oceania 大洋洲 贝尔斯·瑞奇公园


Bells Reach



Robelle Domain



Bicentennial Park Playground (Mount Chelsea)

“龙穴”—— 圣玛格丽特小学游乐场


“The Dragons Lair” - St Margarets Junior School Playground

Asia 亚洲 欢乐魔幻水立方


Happy Magic Watercube



Woods of Net

Latin America 拉丁美洲



Crocheted Jacaré Alligator Playground In São Paulo




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Europe 欧洲

Elverdals playground and play sculpture in Copenhagen 哥本哈根Elverdals操场及游乐设施 Designer Per Mejer Johansen & Cand.hort. Niels Bolt

Design Company Elverdal A/S

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

The playground and play sculpture is the result of the city municipality’s

shifts or a concrete forest and creates a visible fixing point to the large

ambition to create a unique and specially designed play sculpture that

scale of the park.

appears as a special attraction for the multicultural area Mimerparken in Copenhagen.

“Elverdals solution provides the opportunity to experiment, develop children’s curiosity, children’s imagination and allow the children to be

Elverdal A/S won the competition and designed and build the sculpture in

amazed, aware, strengthen, exercised and motivated to strengthen its

the summer of 2012.

social human characteristics by helping each other and interact with each

“The playground design is based in the area’s history and the last visible remains of the old rail tracks in the area. We were especially inspired by the trail tracks and decided to extend the tracks and bring them to life in a whole new playful dimension. ”

other across ages, gender and culture.” – Per Mejer Johansen Play elements as vertical nets, horizontal nets, slides, swings, balancing steps, hammocks etc. are connected into one single cohesive form. The

– Niels Bolt

playground also includes trampolines and playhouses.

The sculpture allows the old train tracks to rise suddenly into an urban

The playground strives to exercise and motivate all muscle groups on the

sculpture. The playground makes room for exciting and challenging play

children and help stimulate their balance, strength and motoric ability.

both vertically and horizontally. There is room for fun and fellowship across gender and age and between the children and adults.

They see the sculpture as a modern reinterpretation of the playground and allow the playground to be a unique modern inspiring place in the

The sculpture's large vertical concrete element brings association to rail


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操场和游乐设施的设计规划都是由于市政当局为了在哥本哈根 Mimerparken 地区创造出一个独一无二的儿童游乐设施。Elverdal A/S 赢得了 2012 年夏季 设计与建造雕塑大奖。 整个雕塑设计允许古老的火车轨道直接进入到城镇雕塑中。操场无论从空间上还是视野上都让人们感到非常的兴奋和刺激。这里有着无限欢乐的空间,在 儿童与成人之间,不同性别、年龄的伙伴在一起玩耍。 雕塑最大的垂直混凝土元素为栅栏的转换以及钢筋森林,在如此大的公园里创造了一个标志性的可看见的固定点。 游乐元素包括垂直网、平行网、梭梭板、秋千、跷跷板以及吊床,这一系列元素都集中地结合在一起。操场同时还包括蹦床以及游戏屋。 操场的设计立志于锻炼和激发孩童们所有的肌肉细胞,帮助刺激他们的平衡、力量以及运动能力。 他们把整个雕塑设计看作现代操场的新定义,使得整个操场在整个城市里变成了一个独特、现代且振奋人心的地方。

- 15 -

This small garden festival is based on a decentralised exhibition


concept. The main area of the garden exhibition is designed as a loop path from the core of the garden exhibition, the new Waldkirchen urban park, via old town to the characteristic areas


in and near Waldkirchen. As the main feature of the garden exhibition a new urban park was developed on the south-eastern designer

Rehwaldt Landschafts Architekten

Location Germany

edge of the old town, along brook Waeschlbach. The Waeschlbach

Photographer Rehwaldt Landschafts Architekten, Dresden

Area 75,000m2

landmark “Gsteinet”, flood plain forests and hillside meadows

valley features a variety of scenic and historic sites like the natural along Waeschlbach, as well as some protected habitats in an urban context. Within the structural facilities and design focuses the Waldkirchen’s characteristic location as part of the Bavarian Forest was respected. An additional focus of the garden exhibition is the garden “Bellevue” along the loop path. It represents the city’s character besides the other municipal open spaces place, cemetery, urban park and sports fields.

- 16 -

as market-

这个花园式公园的设计理念是在一个相对分散的展览会式 的概念基础上发展而来的。新的瓦尔德基兴城市公园的主体是 一个围绕中心的环形构造,位于瓦尔德基兴市区内,处于旧城 区的东南角的瓦什巴赫溪畔,与古旧的城区形成了强烈的对比。 城市公园的主要形式是一个花园展会。瓦什巴赫小溪沿岸风景 秀美,很多历史建筑矗立河边,周边还有多个自然保护区域。 从地理地形上来看,瓦尔德基兴城市公园应该属于巴伐利亚森 林的一部分。另外,贝尔维花园刚好处在环形的结构上。这里 代表了整个城市所独有的特征,能够代表城市其他的公共空间, 如集市、公墓、市区公园以及运动场馆等。

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Playground Van Campenvaart 宿营地游乐场 Landscape Architect Carve

Team Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Lucas Beukers, Renet Korthals Altes, Jasper van der Schaaf, Julieta Rioja Montero

Location the Hague, the Netherlands Photographer Carve

Carve was asked by the municipality of the Hague to design two “integrated play facilities”, playgrounds suitable for children with and without disabilities. Both playgrounds are designed with the capacities of children with a disability in mind, and not their limitations. Every child wants to explore its possibilities and wants to be able to extend its boundaries. Importantly, the playgrounds do not directly show that possible limitations (visual, auditory, physical and mental) have been taken into account. They offer increasing challenges for all children and thereby contribute to play without limitations.

location 2:Campenvaart

With a completely authentic language of form and choice of colour they stimulate curiosity and allow children to discover the extensive playing facilities by and with each other. This new playground is located on an existing lawn and shaped as a folded red blanket with a strong graphic character. By constructing creases between a ramp, several angles are created. The undefined possibilities of the field challenges the boundaries of both (partially) disabled and non-disabled children. Intersecting routes allow children with different abilities to meet and help each other. In the playing-field, different climbing grips and tactile elements have been added, as well as a moving rubber mat. Whisper tubes, a wide slide, a “concave” turntable and a hammock create additional play elements.

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地点 2:航行营地


斜坡 斜坡




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应海牙市政当局的委托,卡夫设计室设计了两个具有综合性娱乐设施的游乐场,为不同的孩 子们提供游戏场所。 两个游乐场根据孩子们的运动能力分别进行设计,特别考虑了那些有一定的身体残疾孩子们 的需求。孩子们可以无限制地在游乐场里进行探险活动。更为重要的是,游乐场不会在视觉、听觉、 肢体或者精神方面提出任何的限制,宗旨就是尽全力为所有孩子们提供一个无限制的游乐空间。 游乐场利用一切方式激发孩子们的好奇心,引导孩子们全身心地投入到游戏当中去。 新的游乐场位于一个大的草坪上,利用一道斜坡和几个不同的角度,整体上形成了一个红色 的折叠造型,带有强烈的图形效果。两个游乐场都带有各种不同的位置探险区域,孩子们可以通 过相互交叉的通道相互沟通,相互合作。设计师们还在很多不同的攀爬设施上面安装了很多类似 移动橡皮垫的触感装置,另外还有封闭式的管道、宽阔的滑梯、凹形转盘、吊床等。 1. base:one playground 1. 底部:一个游乐场 2. using existing slope 2. 用已有的坡道 3. folding in different slopes 3. 折叠成不同的坡道 4. accessible from both sides 4. 两边都可进入

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Melis Stokepark 炼糖公园游乐场 designer

Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Renet Korthals Altes, Jasper van der Schaaf, Amber van Capelle

design company Carve

Location the Netherlands Area 810m2 Photographer Carve

The playground consists of an ascending ring that is both a curving route to the slide, as a two-sided climbable boundary. The vertical outer wall is made of strips of wood with perforations and round climbing holds. The ring encloses an inner area with blue undulating playing slopes and a sandpit. Several passages lead to and from this inner area and offer their own seating and playing possibilities. The privacy of this inner play area offers a secluded spot for children who have difficulties keeping up in the big open spaces. The wooden wall with horizontal climbing routes and steep slopes create playing possibilities that each child, depending on his own skills, can use in different ways. Inside, around and on the ring is wide space for challenging active games, repetitive movement games (turning, sliding, jumping and swinging), construction play (sand) and for fantasy games (tunnels, platforms, shelters).

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01 01
























































03 A



02 D









02 O


02 B

02 E


plattegrond schaal 1:100 Alle rechten voorbehouden. Tekening is eigendom van Carve VOF te Amsterdam. Niets van deze tekening mag worden

1:10 (6째)

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视野 01 比例 1:100

视野 02 比例 1:100

剖面图 A-A’ 比例 1:100

剖面图 B-B’ 比例 1:100

1:10 (6°)

1:8 (7°)

1:10 (8°)

1:10 (6°)

1:8 (7°)

1:10 (8°)

1:13 (4°)

1:13 (4°) 1:8 (8°)





斜坡徒步旅行 比例 1:100

| ontwerp | |t| + 31|0|2 | kvk adam |

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- 36 -

细节图 01 比例 1:50


细节图 02 比例 1:50

的环形结构,同时环形的边缘既 是通向滑梯顶端的弧形通道,也 是两侧攀爬项目的边界。垂直的 外墙体由光滑的木板制成,上面 分布着各种穿孔和圆形的攀爬装 置。环形结构中间是一个蓝色的 呈波浪状起伏的坡度游乐空间以 及一个沙坑,几条人行小路穿梭 在其中。这里与通常的开放型娱 乐区域完全不同,为孩子们提供 了一个私密性很强的游乐空间。 木制的墙壁,配合各种从水平到 陡峭的攀爬路径,每一个孩子都 可以根据自己的能力,找到适合 自己的道路。在环形结构上方、 周围以及内部,设置了各种竞技 类游戏、各种重复动作的游戏(旋 转,滑动,跳动,秋千等)、建 筑游戏(沙雕)以及各种幻想游 戏空间(管道,舞台,隐藏等)。

细节图 03 比例 1:50 - 37 -

Wall-holla “墙趣”


Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Renet Korthals Altes, Jasper van der Schaaf, Amber van Capelle

design company Carve

Location the Netherlands

Photographer Carve

Wall-holla — a multifunctional playing structure. it is a crawl through maze, a climbing wall and a lounge object. It may function as a ball-catcher at the end of a football field. Because of its modular system, the Wall-holla can be made in different sizes, with various combinations. It can even be extended with a football goal, with slides or with fireman poles. The undulating ribbons create a vertical, ever changing maze, which turned out to appeal highly to children’s fantasy. The surface varies between soft EPDM, rope mesh and open grid (where appropriate) and encourages children to sit, walk, hang, swing, slide, run, jump, vault and hide. The structure stimulates the children’s sense of adventure and creativity: they climb outside, play hide and seek inside and come up with more games we can even think of. Originally designed as part of schoolyard project, the Wall-holla has become a stand-alone playground product, which has been applied in several playground designs.

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“墙趣”是一个多功能的玩耍结构,它是一个迷宫型的攀爬墙和休闲室,同时也作为足球场的球网。因为它是模块化的系统,所以“墙 趣”可以分成不同的形状大小,同时附带多种组合形式。波状的带条创造了一个直线型、变化多端的迷宫,看起来非常符合孩童的幻想。材 质表面在柔软的 EPDM 中有所区分,绳网和开放的网格可供孩童坐着休憩、行走、吊挂、摇摆、滑行、跑跳以及躲藏。整个结构激发了孩子 的冒险性和创造性:他们可以爬出来再躲进去,在里面寻找,甚至可以有更多的我们无法想到的游戏内容。这个项目只是操场设计的一部分, 所以也成为了操场设计项目中一个独特的案例,已经成功地被一些操场设计引用了。

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3. project location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands 4. site area: 8400m2 5. designer/architect: Carve, in collaboration with Marie-Laure Hoedemakers 6. carve team: Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Lucas Beukers

Bijlmerpark 碧姬摩尔公园

Sports and game esplanade The sports and game esplanade in the center of the park is implemented as a bypass of the main route: the circular pedestrian and bicycle parkroute. The esplanade embraces several elements: a ball court, the playing strip, the ‘king crawler’, a skatepark and a water and sand playground.

Urban restructuring Amsterdam Southeast Designer Collaboration Carve Marie-Laure Hoedemakers The Bijlmerpark is the main park in Amsterdam’s Southeast district “Bijlmermeer”. This 1960s and 1970sTeam modernistic suburb of Amsterdam, Location Amsterdam, the Elger Blitz, Mark vaninfrastructural der Eng, characterized by Netherlands high-rise residential’s and disjunctive Jasper van der Schaaf, Lucas networks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists where services and Area Beukers 8,400m were few and far between, had developed numerous social facilities problems by the end of the 1980s. Radical, integral restructuring process was initiated. The renewal of the Bijlmerpark is the final chapter in this process. 2

A move from quantity to quality has become the policy for the redevelopment. Bijlmerpark was both to remain the main park in the built-up area and was identified as a new residential environment with a program of approximately 900 dwellings. The main components are a park encircling a central sports facility and residential units along the flanks of the park. The concept reconfigures the spatial and social structure. The new housing is facing the park, providing eyes and ears on the park. The central position of the sports park keeps this facility within walking distance of the residents.

The paved multi-sports court includes a stage and ball-catchers with ‘professional’ grade boulder-routes. A series of yellow frames on bright and sparkling pink safety surfacing makes the playing strip, containing different types of rope bridges and a zipline connecting to the ‘king crawler’. The ‘king crawler’ structure is a multilevel playing wall that incorporates facilities for the playground manager and two public toilets. The playing strip is located at the foot of two rolling green hills with trees. On top of the hill a skatepark consisting of two connected pools is hidden, with banks and stairs coming down to ground-level again On top of the other hill one can find a water and sand playground, a colorful landscape for the youngest children with sandboxes and waterjets.

1. project name 2. completion d 3. project locati 4. site area: 84 5. designer/arc Hoedemakers 6. carve team: Lucas Beukers

Urban restructu The Bijlmerpark “Bijlmermeer”. T characterized b networks for pe facilities were fe problems by the was initiated. T process.

sport- and game esplanade

The Bijlmerpark is the main park in Amsterdam’s Southeast district “Bijlmermeer”. The sports and game esplanade in the centre of the park



is implemented as a bypass of the main route: the circular pedestrian and

A move from qu redevelopment built-up area an program of app The main comp residential units spatial and soc eyes and ears o this facility with

bicycle park-route. The esplanade embraces several elements: a ball court, the playing strip, the “king crawler”, a skatepark and a water and sand playground. The paved multi-sports court includes a stage and ball-catchers with “professional” grade boulder-routes. A series of yellow frames on bright and sparkling pink safety surfacing makes the playing strip, containing different types of rope bridges and a zipline connecting to the “king crawler”. The “king crawler” structure is a multilevel playing wall that incorporates facilities for the playground manager and two public toilets. The playing strip is located at the foot of two rolling green hills with trees. On top of the hill a skatepark consisting of two connected pools is hidden, with banks and stairs coming down to ground-level again. On top of the other hill one can find a water and sand playground, a colourful landscape for the youngest children with sandboxes and waterjets.

- 46 -

bijlr bijlmerpark


01. 两个滑冰池 02. 体育场和体育塔台 03. 游乐地带 04. 主爬行器和游乐场理疗设备 05. 秋千之景 06. 喷水器和沙箱 07. 健身器材

- 47 -

01.disc parcours 01. 圆盘跑酷

02.climbingramp 02. 爬行坡道

03.crossed ladder 03. 交叉阶梯

04.swaying bridge 04. 摇摆桥


05.rope slalom 05. 绳索回转滑

06.tensegrity 06. 张拉整体



- 48 -

07.zipline 07. 滑索道

- 49 -

- 50 -

king crawler with storage and managers accommodation


01. 滑索道 02. 主爬行器 03. 滑行管道 04. 游乐场管理处 05. 游乐场调节贮存室 06. 秋千之景

- 51 -

- 52 -

碧姬摩尔公园是阿姆斯特丹市东南碧姬摩尔米尔区的主要公园。公园的中央是运动和游戏场地,旁边是主要的通道,环形人行步道和自行车道。 中央场地包括一个球场,一个条形游戏场地,攀爬王设备,一个滑板运动场地,以及一个水系和沙地游乐场。 塑胶球场包括一个看台和一个专业级的棒球场。条形游戏场地表面喷涂了明亮的粉色,场地上设有一系列的黄色支架,构成了不同类型的索桥 和索道,与攀爬王相互连通。攀爬王设备是一个多层次的游戏墙体,上面附有多种活动设备,旁边还设有两个卫生间。 条形游戏场地位于两座绿色小山脚下,山上种满了树。一座山顶上是滑板运动场地,包括两个遮蔽的相互连通的水池,附有堤坝和台阶,直通山下。 另一座山顶是水系和沙地游乐场,五颜六色,是孩子们玩沙、玩水的好地方。

- 53 -

- 54 -

- 55 -

- 56 -

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Columbusplein Columbusplein 广场 Designer Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Renet Korthals Altes, Jasper van der Schaaf, Amber van Capelle Photographer Carve

Design Company Carve Location the Netherlands

The elongated square seems to be divided in two parts by the 1980’s building in the middle, on the south side characterised by its green appearance and on the north by a already existing playground. By giving up the road in front of the primary school and integrating it into the square, the Columbusplein can now also function as an extension for the adjacent schoolyard, which was already too small. Asphalt surfacing is the binding component connecting the two sides of the square and is a perfect material to skate, roll and bike on. The five-metre wide sidewalks around the asphalt form a recognizable barrier for children. Providing more than enough space and at the same time preventing the children from running on the surrounding streets, without the use of fencing. All street furniture, playground equipment and ball catchers, and also the integrated building for the “squaremanager”, were specially designed for this situation. On a formal level, everything had to answer prescriptions concerning the historical urban background of the square. And, moreover the children’s needs and wishes.

- 58 -

细长的广场似乎被在中间的于 20 世纪八十年代建成的楼分为两部分,南侧的特征是绿色的外观,北侧是一个现有的操场。把小学前面的路整合进广场,columbusplein 广场 现在也可以作为相邻学校的扩展操场。整个广场铺满了沥青材料,这是一种适合滑冰、翻滚和骑自行车的完美材料。五米宽的人行道周围的沥青形成一个可识别的屏障。提供足 够多的空间,同时在没有围栏的情况下,防止儿童跑到周围的街道上。所有的街道设施、游乐场设备和栏板,还有“广场管理”综合楼,是专门针对这种情况而设计的。在形式 层次上,解决方案需围绕着广场的城市历史背景,同时要考虑儿童的需要和愿望。

- 59 -

安装井 40x40x3 带有焊接口

支柱(4 条) 组合框架,电镀的


安装尺寸 48.3x2.65 骨架管和带三元乙丙橡胶的镀锌并涂层的 3mm 铁




opbow toren 01 U 型塔


管道 40x40x3 带有焊接的固定支架 多孔板


托盘 组合框架

下管 60.1x3.65 带焊接的附件


algemeen detail 整体细节 - 60 -

- 61 -

- 62 -

Doorsnede A-A schaal 1:50 剖面图 A-A 比例 1:50

Plattegrond schaal 1:50 平面图 比例 1:50 Alle rechten voorbehouden. Tekening is eigendom van Carve VOF te Amsterdam. Niets van deze tekening mag worden gekopieerd of ge(re)produceerd, op welke wijze dan ook, zonder voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van de eigenaar.

Alle rechten voorbehouden. Tekening is eigendom van Carve VOF te Amsterdam. Niets van deze tekening mag worden gekopieerd of ge(re)produceerd, op welke wijze dan ook, zonder voorafgaande schriftelijke toestemming van de eigenaar.

- 63 -

- 64 -

play(2 to 6) 2~6 岁儿童的游乐区

play(6 to 12+) 6~12 岁及以上儿童的游乐区

sports 体育场

square manager




fencing 围栏

plants 植被

existing tree 现有树木

relocated tree

planting 植被


new trees 新树

park seating 公园座椅

sheltered seating 遮荫处座椅

relax seating 休息处座椅

group seating

seating 座椅


sports seating 体育场座椅

intimate seating 亲密座椅

- 65 -

- 66 -

- 67 -

Beetsplein 比特斯普林 Designer NL Architects, DS Landschapsarchitecten

Area 9,400m2

Location Oud Krispijn, Dordrecht, the Netherlands

Photographer NL A, DS L and Aeliane van den Ende

Consecutive Concentric zones develop from private around the edges to public in the centre. The outer ring consists of miniscule front gardens and hedges followed by the pedestrian walk, a strip of Perpendicular Parking, the street, an informal area with benches and trees, the plectrum shaped 3D Lawn, the warped concrete Ring and finally the Center Court. In order to reinforce the “green” effect the lawn is “inflated”; by pumping up the meadow a 3 dimensional green sculpture comes into being. The Centre Court is an asphalt circle with 3 overlapping playing fields for soccer, basketball or volleyball. The centre court is wrapped by a warped concrete ring with a diametre of 30 meters. The ring is 3 metres wide. It follows the amplitude of the hills and is as a consequence divided into three segments. The “grandstand” is facing southwest to enjoy afternoon sun. Another part is dedicated to small children and includes some sitting facilities, a “chat box”, a slide, a “cave”, and a mini climbing wall. The third segment is a lengthy bench and Bike Slide.

starting point - 68 -



- 69 -

设计师将这个区域设计成一个连贯的同心圆环状的结构, 从比较私密的中心,向外围公共区域形成一种发散的氛围。 最外围的圆环包括小型的花园和低矮的灌木树篱,向内分布 设有人行步道、一块垂直分布的停车场、街道、带有座椅和 树木的休闲区、3D 琴键造型的草坪、曲线造型的混凝土圆环 以及位于中心的中心庭院。为了突出草坪的绿色效果,设计 师们利用 3D 雕塑的手法,在视觉上对草坪进行了膨胀化的修 饰。中心庭院是由沥青摊铺而成,整体呈圆形,由足球、篮球、 排球三个不同的运动场地构建而成。中央庭院四周围绕着一 个混凝土环状结构,3 米宽,直径达到 30 米。这个环状结构 呈现一种弯曲变形的造型,顺着山势的走向分为三个部分。 正面部分朝向西南,正对着下午和煦的阳光。旁边是专门为 小朋友们准备的活动区域,这里设有很多的游乐设施,包括 一个休闲小屋、一个滑梯、一个模拟山洞以及一个小型的攀 爬墙壁。第三部分是一个带有长条休息座椅的自行车运动场 地。

plan 1:500 平面图 1:500

- 70 -

construction hill 1:500 建造坡 1:500 - 71 -

sections 1:200 坡面图 1:200 - 72 -

elevation ring 1:200 立面环 1:200

- 73 -

construction ring 1:500 建造环 1:500

- 74 -

- 75 -

- 76 -

lamp pole 1:100 电杆 1:100

- 77 -

details 1:100 细节图 1:100 - 78 -

- 79 -

Norteland 罗特兰德乐园

designer Studio Dass

area 120m2

Location Portugal

Photographer Susan Röseler

Norteland is a special place where the rainbow is always shining. Inspired by the rainbow, the rounded shapes of Norteland resemble elements of landscape: small mountains, houses, trees, lakes. These abstract forms encourage kids to seek new meanings and images. Also with the variety of games and activities, stimulates the senses of children and fosters the physical, cognitive and social development, to grow healthy and in harmony with their environment. The playground has also inclusive equipment, so that all children, even those with physical impairments, may have equal access to play. More than a playground, the Norteland is a unique and innovative space thought and done for children, now and in the future.

- 80 -

- 81 -

罗特兰德乐园是一个彩虹照耀的特殊地方。受“彩虹”元素的启发,有一些类似于景观中的一些元素:如小山、房屋、树木、湖等。这些抽象的 模型鼓励儿童探索新的意义以及愿景。参与的游戏以及活动,能激发孩子感官同时促进体格、认知以及社交关系的发展,让其健康地与环境协调一致 地成长。为了让所有的孩子,甚至身体有缺陷的孩子有同样的玩耍机会,乐园还配备了一些特殊设备。这不仅仅是个游乐场,罗特兰德乐园还是无论 在现在或者未来,都是一个独一无二、专为孩童打造的创新空间。

- 82 -

1.High Board 高处跳板

4.Colors of Rainbow

2.Game Zone


5.Landscape Color

3.Stay Space


6.Volumes and Color Plate




概念 Concept


elevation 立面图

- 83 -

plan 平面图 - 84 -


AZUL 蓝色 - 85 -



- 86 -




- 87 -

Georges Henri Park 乔治·亨利公园 designer

design company

CLIENT Bruxelles Environnement (IBGE)

Photographer Cyrus Paques, Maïlys Eberlin

Murielle Dasnoy, Christophe Mercier

Suède 36 Architectes

Location Brussels, Belgium

The playground of Georges Henri park is found in a green and densely populated neighbourhood. The project was conceived on the basis of a participative process. During these workshops, the children principally created abstract forms. On the basis of these creative forms, Suede 36 determined the elements that stimulated the imagination. It is therefore possible to invent a greater universe with the same environment. The children preferred supple forms, plastics, ergonomics and vibrant colours. However, in order to integrate softness in the park, the architects chose an exterior in natural wood, whereas the interior is painted in sharp primary tones. The playful structures made of plastic materials discretely punctuate their composition. All of the children do not come from the same universe. In addition to the usual “sportive”

sensations, Suede 36 also proposes elements for dreaming or playing:

Getting lost in a maze, hiding in a carpet of colors, walking on a sidewalk in the shape of a cloud... The different sections are not clearly separated. Without compromising security, the children of all ages mix with each other. For example, instead of there being fences, the playful structures for the oldest children are simply given more difficult access.

- 88 -

- 89 -

- 90 -

- 91 -

- 92 -

乔治·亨利·公园游乐场建在一个绿色和人口稠密的居民区。对于该项目的想法是通过一系列参与的过程才产生出来。在研讨会上,孩子们是以抽象形式创建的。在 这些创造性的形式的基础上,Suede 36 决定做激发想象力的元素。因此,设计了一种类似于宇宙的环境。 孩子们更喜欢柔顺的形式、塑料、人体工程学设计和鲜艳的色彩。然而,为了整合公园的柔软性,建筑师选择了一个天然木材的外观,而内部的画有鲜明的主色调。 由塑料材料制成的俏皮结构离散在周围。 所有的孩子来自于不同的宇宙。除了通常的“嬉戏”的感觉,Suede 36 还提出做梦或者玩元素:在迷宫中迷路,隐藏在地毯的颜色,在云的形状行道上行走…… 不同的部分没有明确分开。在不危及安全性的情况下,所有年龄的儿童都可以在此游乐。

- 93 -

- 94 -

- 95 -

Brumleby 布鲁姆比游乐场 Designer Monstrum

Area 250m²

Location Denmark

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

Brumleby is one of Copenhagen’s architectonic culture gems. The objective of the playground was to add an element to Brumleby that would reflect the nature of the neighbourhood as well as turn everything topsy-turvy. The idea of the playground is to create a piece of the old Brumleby. The Brumleby


playground had to be a pretty sight for the adults, and funny to play in for


the little ones and, preferably, remind us of the fantastic history of Brumleby.


Everything is allowed. There are climbing grips on the walls, slides from the


windows, and balancing lanes from house to house. The children can rush in


and out, and up ad down. This is without being told-off and without risking


the safety of the kids. The playground also includes a combination of rollover


bars, seesaws and the-ground-is-poisonous tracks.The Brumleby playground


consists of three houses, and a baker and an ice-cream booth. The fall surface


around the houses consists of cast rubber. A the-ground-is-poisonous snake


has been set up next to the small village. Two of the snake bends give room


for a swing set with a bird’s-nest swing and two normal swings.


- 96 -

- 97 -

The Green Tube 绿色管道 designer Marleen Kaptein, Stijn Roodnat

Location the Netherlands

design company Kaptein Roodnat

Photographer Bas Princen

Designer Kaptein Roodnat made specifically for elementary school. The Paradise artwork of a few hundred metres on bright green beaten hollow steel tube, which have taken possession of the school and the auditorium. This design for an elementary school includes a yellow-green tube that winds around the grounds and takes different forms and functions. The tube starts at the main entrance where you can hold him as a railing and then meanders across the schoolyard. He transforms himself into a jungle gym, a football goal, a slide, a basketball pole and a spiral seating. At one time, the tube also goes through the inside wall, there in the auditorium to serve as a stage and


grandstand and curtain rails and benches. At times it is busy


at school as a whole slew of kids almost unnoticed in a long


line connected to each other. The Tube is a great success


among the children of the Hague school and in 2007 was

于看台、窗帘导轨和长凳。此项目是海牙小学一个成功的典范,并荣获了 2007 年“荷兰鹿特丹

nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize.


- 98 -

- 99 -

- 100 -

- 101 -

The Spiral Tower of Copenhagen 哥本哈根螺旋塔广场 Designer Monstrum, GHB Landscape Architects

Area 1,300m²

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer Monstrum

The playground is designed as an urban playground, where the children will learn about the historical facts about some of the city’s famous towers. The playground is built around five of Copenhagen’s most famous towers: Town Hall Tower, Our Savior Church, Round Tower, The Marble Church and the Exchange Tower. The towers are part of a motor challenging playground, and among other things using technology that provides for high physical activity. The Round Tower is 5.5 metres high, 3.3 metres in diametre, with an interior ramp, which winds 2.5 times around the tower to get to the lookout platform with a small planetarium. Going down you can take the slide or rope bridges to the town hall tower. Or climb the silhouette of the city to Our Savior’s Church and play on the church bells.

- 102 -

- 103 -

- 104 -

这个广场的设计目标是一个典型的大都市广场,为孩子们提供一个与城市著名高塔亲密接触,同时领会城市历史的一个场所。整个广场围绕在哥本哈根市最著名的 五座高塔周围:市政塔、救世主大教堂、圆塔、大理石教堂以及交易所高塔。这些高塔都成为了大都市广场的一部分,配以各种高科技设施,为人们提供了一个活动的 场地。圆塔高 5.5 米,直径 3.3 米,内部有一条螺旋斜坡,经过两圈半的旋转直通上方带有天文台的观景平台。人们可以从高塔上方通过滑梯或者索道的方式顺势而下, 或者沿着通道直接攀爬到救世主大教堂,敲击教堂的大钟。

- 105 -

Charlotte Ammundsens Square 夏洛特·阿姆森游乐场 Designer 1:1 landskab, Morgen Arkitekter

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer 1:1 landskab

Floorplan 平面图

- 106 -

The square is divided into several areas: A classical “Copenhagen square” with sett stone paving, a recessed ball court surfaced with black asphalt, a playground with black rubber surface and a white rocky landscape — concrete elements which forms a three-dimensional urban cliff landscape, inspired by the Japanese stone gardens thus contrasting the dark playing field. The ball court and playground is recessed to the level of the street of Noerre Soegade and is terminated by a wide stairway up toward the street of Nansensgade. On the classical Copenhagen square, one can sit and enjoy food from the café of the Cultural Centre, while looking down over the ball court and the rocky landscape. The rocks can be used for climbing, biking and skating as well as sitting or Iaying.

夏洛特·阿姆森游乐场由几个不同的区域构建而成:一个由石板铺成的 典型的哥本哈根式游乐场,一个黑色沥青地面的休闲球场,一个黑色的塑胶 操场,以及一个白色岩石为主的景观区域——利用混凝土元素构成的一个三 维悬崖式的城市景观,灵感来自于日本矿石公园,与深色的运动场地形成鲜 明的视觉反差。休闲球场和塑胶操场与诺伊尔索佳德大街相连,顺着一道宽 敞的阶梯路,向上直通南森嘉德大街。在典型的哥本哈根式游乐场上,人们 可以坐在这里一边享用文化中心里的咖啡屋提供的各种美食,一边俯视球场 和岩石景观。这些岩石景观区域还可以作为攀爬、自行车以及轮滑运动的场 地,同时为这些运动者们提供休息场所。

- 107 -

- 108 -

Section-elevation A-A 剖面 - 立面 A-A

Section-elevation B-B 剖面 - 立面 B-B

- 109 -

- 110 -

- 111 -

Evelyn Court Playground 伊芙琳广场庭院 designer Erect Architecture CLIENT The Learning Trust, London Borough of Hackney

Location London, UK area 496m2 PHOTOGRAPHER James Whitaker

The Evelyn Court play area is an extension to an existing earlyyears playground located in a high density housing estate in Hackney. The only existing green space is situated on a raised level adjacent to the existing playground and was fenced off and inaccessible to the community. Their main objective was to link the levels, create a new playable entrance into the estate and to open up the whole of the green space for use by all age groups. The design comprises of a series of geometrical mounds of different character. They are made out of timber, climbing nets or are soil filled and offer interesting spaces on top, underneath and in between for play as well as socialising.

- 112 -

- 113 -

Evelyn Court Playground. Sections 2. 伊芙琳广场庭院 剖面图 2.

- 114 -

- 115 -

伊芙琳广场庭院位于伦敦哈克尼社区的一个高密度住宅项目中,是一个原有广场的改建延伸部分。 广场上仅有的一块绿地地势很高,紧邻原有的广场,四周由篱笆环绕,行人从这里无法直接进入社区。 伊芙琳广场庭院项目的主要目的是将不同水平高度的地块有机地融合在一起,同时为住宅项目开辟了一个新的出入 通道,还可以为不同年龄的人们提供一个休闲娱乐的绿色空间。 广场庭院中利用木料搭成了一系列不同几何造型不同建筑风格的模块,有的是可以攀爬的网格,有的则用泥土填充, 在模块上方、下方或者模块之间形成了各式各样的娱乐互动空间。

- 116 -

- 117 -

Maialand 玛雅兰德游乐场

designer Studio Dass

area 120m2

Location Portugal

Photographer Susan Röseler

Maialand is a playground designed by Studio Dass, inspired by nature and forest. The theme of the nature and the design of the playground reflect the local rural context where it is located. It is also a key theme for the children’s education, that increasingly lose their relationship with nature. Through playing, it will help them to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our forests and animals and, importantly, to live a sustainable life, environmentally friendly, and thinking about the future of our planet. The playground is divided into two zones, the “Forest” and the “Tree House”, each designed to target different age groups, so when the children grow up they always find new challenges. Green, the colour of nature, is present throughout the park, on the pavement as roots and in construction as trunks and branches that grow vertically between the existing building.

- 118 -

玛雅兰德游乐场由戴斯设计公司设计建造,设计灵感来源于自然和森林。游 乐场设计的自然主题反映了当地美丽的田园风光。同时这也是游乐场设计理念赋 予儿童教育的一个主题思想,增加孩子们与自然接触的机会和时间,让孩子们逐 渐意识到保护自然、保护森林和动物的重要性,提倡可持续性的生活习惯、环境 友好的理念,为我们生活着的这颗星球尽自己的微薄之力。整个游乐场可以分为 两个部分,森林和树屋,适合于不同的年龄段的群体,随着孩子们逐渐成长,总 是能够发现新的挑战。绿色,是森林的颜色,在小路的地面上,在建筑的树干里, 还有垂直生长在建筑之间,贯穿着整个公园。

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Palace Garden 皇家花园

designer Carve

Location The Hague, the Netherlands

Team Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Renet Korthals Altes, Jasper van der Schaaf, Milan van der Storm, Thomas Tiel Groenestege

area 250m2 Photographer Carve

The Palace Garden in The Hague is a historical royal garden, situated behind the royal stables of “Paleis Noordeinde”. The garden with its wide lawns, water features and majestic old trees was once owned by the royal Dutch family. Today it functions as a public park, in the green lacking city centre of The Hague. Carve was asked by the city council to design a playground especially for the youngest of age (children between 1-6 years old). A sculptural character and the preservation of the authenticity of the garden were specific requirements for this design to meet. The design involves a simple play structure of several white spheres, which are connected by curved tubes. Swinging, sliding, rocking, together with the sloping safety surface the pearls form an adventurous play area, providing various play functions and an atmosphere where children might find their imagination stimulated. Meant as an appeal to the sense of touch, the different materials give a different tactile sensation. The stainless steel tubes change temperature easily and have a hard, shiny polished surface, while the rubber coating of the pearls feels warm and has a softer surface. Placed in a corner of the park, the structure keeps clear of the broad lawns of the old garden.

- 122 -

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

draaiparel schommelparel duikelparel schommelparel klimparels

6. 7. 8. 9.

wipparels evenwichtparel draaiparel gluiparels

1. 扭转珍珠

6. 前后摇动珍珠

2. 摇摆珍珠

7. 平衡珍珠

3. 翻转珍珠

8. 扭转珍珠

4. 摇摆珍珠

9. 粘合珍珠

5. 攀爬珍珠

- 123 -

皇家花园坐落在荷兰海牙,是一座历史悠久的皇家园林,位于“诺尔登德宫”皇家马厩的后面。这座长满绿绿葱葱的草坪、到处是水景设计且拥有众 多参天大树的皇家花园曾经专属于一个荷兰皇室家族。如今,被认作缺乏绿化植被的荷兰海牙的公共花园。 市政府邀请 Carve 景观建筑设计公司为那些儿童,尤其是为那些年幼的儿童(一至六岁之间的孩子)设计一个游乐场。然而这个游乐场里的地景雕塑 设计特征完全满足了这个花园设计的要求,保持了花园的原貌。 设计包含了一些简单的构造和一些白色的球体,并用弯曲的管道连接起来。这些弯曲的管道活泼地、变化地、摇摆地交织在一起,以一定倾斜的角度 平稳地从一个一个“珍珠”过渡到地面上,为这座花园提供了很多娱乐功能,为儿童提供了一种充满想象力的氛围。 这就意味着这个设计的触感,由于材料的不同给人以不同的质感。不锈钢管道温度易变换,具有坚硬的、有光泽的表面,然而橡胶涂料着色的“珍珠” 更加的温和,具有更柔和的表面。 该设施坐落在公园的一个角落 , 使这座园林不会显得太空旷。

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- 125 -

The Parrot 鹦鹉游乐场

designer Monstrum

area 200m2

Location Denmark

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

Have you ever wondered about the brutal castle-like gate on “Istedgade” and what it really leads into? It reminds most of all a set design from a knight castle movie. But here is hiding West boroughs secret green oasis, with space for promenading couples and playful children. The “Shooting forest garden” was previously a shooting practice area for the king of Denmark back in 1500. They would gather on a playful Sunday where trigger-happy shooting brothers would target practice on wooden parrots on stilts. Inspired from history of the area. A parrot has gotten off its stilts and sits in the middle of the square ready to take off. It is a new central play element on the playground subdivided internally into levels. Outside the parrot there are climbing and running routes. The large tilted deck on the tail runs up the back and is ideal to play on. On the parrot there is fitted a double slide where you can slide down with a friend. There are small entries on the side and around the bird.

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你曾经见过这么野性十足的城堡大门的造型么?通往什么地方?这里的一切都仿佛是骑士电影里城堡的设计造型。其实这里是隐藏 在西部自治区里的秘密绿洲。这里是为闲逛的情侣和玩耍的孩子们提供的休闲场所。1500 年以前,这里是丹麦国王狩猎的皇家狩猎森林。 通常在周日举行射击大会,射击目标是摆放在高处的木制鹦鹉。 根据当地的历史风俗,设计师们建造了一个鹦鹉造型,不是摆放在高处,而是坐落在场地中央,这里成为新的游乐场的中心。鹦鹉 的外围是攀爬设施和跑道,鹦鹉的尾部向上翘起,顺着这里可以迅速爬上鹦鹉的背部。在鹦鹉造型的背部是一对滑梯,朋友们可以成双 结对地从上方一起滑下。鹦鹉造型的侧面和周围,设置了很多进出通道。

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Rasmus Klump

The Danish Rasmus Klump cartoon story tells a story of adventure, about Rasmus and all his good friends. They sail their good ship Mary to discover new land, solve problems for new friends they meet on their journey, build


things, trade, and play together.


Jumana J Brodersen & Monstrum

Area 1,000m2

Location Denmark

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

At Tivoli, you can become part of the Rasmus klump adventure and meet his friends. Their ship Mary has stranded on an island. Jumping, swinging and splashing around it. Mary is resting firmly on the side, which appear to be one of Rasmus’s good friends “the whale”. Visitors are splashed with water when

源自丹麦的拉斯姆斯·克鲁姆普系列故事讲述了一段有关冒险 的人生奇遇。 拉斯姆斯和他的朋友们乘坐玛丽号远航, 去寻找新大陆,

the whale blows air through the breathing hole. There are sprays of water everywhere.


There are many fun challenges. You can jump from rock to rock in the


shallow water. Or get lost in the small forest of seaweed, or climb into the


light house and get a great view of tivoli and take the fireman's pole down.


Around Mary’s hull you can climb the low-hanging ropes down the hull sides.


Or hide in the landmark across the ship. In the ship Mary you can climb


through the chimney barrels and take the slide down from the roof or escape


on to the raft.


With ice and blue water, Pingonisia is the home of the penguins. It is an


ideal spot for the youngest children. The water drops are tiny, and the


slopes are very gentle. You can hide behind the waves, take the small slide

平格尼西亚是企鹅的故乡, 这个区域落下的水滴很小, 坡度非常缓和,

down or jump on chunks of ice. The seats around the Pingonisia playground


area, makes it an ideal resting place for the parents. Here you can easily


observe the curious small children exploring the world of Rasmus klump in


the pleasantly inclosed play area.

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- 135 -


The Remisevænget

经历了一次整体的整修工程,一条新的都市地铁线就铺设在附近。周围 是一片经过重新设计的广场庭院,带有长椅和坐凳的小路把草地分割成






Area 200m2

Location Copenhagen, Denmark

Photographer Ole B Nielsen


分布十分出人意料。这里有两个相互联系的建筑,附带有平衡杆、滑梯 成了一个自上而下的完整的攀爬体系。

The buildings association, “Remisevænget” at “peter lykkesvej” in Copenhagen, was undergoing a major renovation while the new metro subway line was being established near by. The courtyard environment has been redesigned with small green areas intersected by trails with benches and seating areas. In the middle of it all MONSTRUM designed a new playground reflecting the new metro subway. A Metro train has broken up through the ground, so the houses felt over and become completely surprised. The playground consists of 2 organic houses associated with balancing bar, a slide and a metro train car. The houses are mounted with climbing grips in combination with windowsills and doorframes, forming climbing routes up to the houses.

- 136 -

- 137 -

Square Beukplein 比欧普勒广场 designer Carve

Team Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Milan van der Storm

Location The Hague, the Netherlands

Photographer Carve

Together with local residents, Carve redesigned the Beukplein (“BeechSquare”) in The Hague. By closing the street at the long side of this triangular square, the square has grown bigger and has become more cosy at the same time. The playing object with climbing, swing and slide functions is situated in a maze of coated steel poles, on an undulating purple surface. Boulders have been placed as informal sitting and playing elements. As a finishing touch, trees and additional furniture were placed. The trees are in bloom three out of four seasons; because of this, the square is framed by an abundance of colours throughout the longest possible time of the year. All trees are surrounded by seating to create more than enough space for all locals to hang out and enjoy their new square.

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- 139 -

与本地的居民一起,Carve 景观设计师设计了海牙比欧普勒广场(又名“Beech-Square”)。在接近这个三角广场街道的尽头,街道变得越来越宽敞。那些可以攀 爬、摇摆以及滑行的器材置于镀层钢杆中间,位于紫色波澜起伏的表面。岩石在这里充当了座椅以及可供玩耍的设置。作为最后的润色,绿树以及其他的设施也增加进 来。这种树木四季常青,正因为如此,这个广场常年被各种丰富多彩的颜色所包围。所有种植的绿树都是为了让本地居民闲逛时更好地享受这个足够宽敞的全新空间。

- 140 -


人行道 瓷砖 玄武岩石 30x30x5 顺砖式砌合

街道 烧烤砖块 红色,卵石大小 12x20x6cm 人字形图案

边界 混凝土带 混凝土灰色 28/10x30

高处停车场 烧烤砖块 红色,厚形 手肘形连接

广场 烧烤砖块 红色,厚形 21x6,8x7cm 人字形图案

人造革皮 三元乙丙橡胶 紫色

- 141 -


广场 烧烤砖块 红色,厚形 21x6,8x7cm 人字形图案

边界 混凝土带 混凝土灰色 28/10x30

人行道 瓷砖 玄武岩石 30x30x5 顺砖式砌合

St. Mary’s Churchyard Park

In 2007, Southwark Council re-landscaped St. Mary’s Churchyard with the financial


to make the park a safe, accessible, and desirable place for the community. These

assistance of the London Development Agency as part of the Elephant and Castle Regeneration Scheme. The key design goals for St Mary’s were to reorganise the park while retaining its positive historic qualities, link the park to the city, incorporate healthy existing trees into the design, work with the historic railings, and ultimately goals are achieved by incorporating park access, safety features, and activity into the design. While working on the site construction, workmen came across a number


Area 10,000m2

of old vaults and burial plots. These were carefully recorded by an archaeologist and

Martha Schwartz Partners Photographer Martha Schwartz Partners

Location UK

an open space for the use and enjoyment of children and the greater public. The site

left undisturbed. Today the site remains a consecrated ground and continues to be has won the British Association of Landscape Industries Award for Regeneration.

- 142 -

- 143 -

英国伦敦萨瑟克区委员会得 到了伦敦经济发展署作为大象与 城堡再生计划的经济支持,要重 新改建圣玛丽教堂墓园。此次改 造的主要目的是重新规划墓园的 同时让其保持一种正面的历史价 值,与整个城市融为一体,植入 壮硕的现有灌木,采用栅栏包围, 这样就使得整个社区变成一个安 全、易进入且令人向往的地方。 此项目施工时,工人发现这里有 许多墓穴和墓地。这里被考古学 家重新规划了一下,且尽量遵循 之前的地貌。如今这个地方仍然 是一个神圣的地方,亦是儿童以 及市民玩乐的地方。这个项目赢 得了英国景观协会颁发的重建奖。

- 144 -

- 145 -

The Cargo Ship 货轮项目游乐场 designer Monstrum

Area 300m2

Location Sweden

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

The cargo ship project was developed in collaboration with Höganäs municipality in Sweden as part of a general renovation of the area, to provide activities for children and adults visiting. The playground is designed to fit into the maritime environment around the grass area at the marina. A huge cargo ship has wrecked in a giant storm and is now on the ocean floor next to a lighthouse. Everything is chaos, survivors are moving on a dangerous route between loose boxes and driftwood. Inside the hull they are exploring dangerous adventures and balancing on debris to get to safety at the lighthouse, away from danger at the ocean.

- 146 -

- 147 -

- 148 -

货轮项目游乐场是地区重建规划项目的一部分,属于瑞典哈格纳斯市政当局联合开发的项目,主要 目的是为大人和孩子们提供一个娱乐活动的场所。 整个游乐场在草地上模拟了海上运输中一次危险的环境。 巨大的货轮在一次巨大的风暴中损毁,沉没在一个灯塔旁边的海底深处。所有的物品一片狼藉,幸 存者们顺着一条危险的通道通行,两边是松散摞放的箱子和木材。在货轮的内部,他们经历了一系列的 危险路程,在残骸中不断前行,最终抵达安全的灯塔,摆脱了来自大海的危险。

- 149 -

The Giant Spider 巨型蜘蛛游乐场 designer

Monstrum, Henrik Jørgensen Landscape

Area 500m2

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

Location Denmark

The enormous spider, with a height of 4.8m over the back, allows you to climb into the body of the spider like a tree house. We have outfitted the interior of the spider with a warm LED light, which gives a warm glow at night. The spider has a web between her legs that allows you to climb from leg to leg. Steel bars are fitted in between her legs, for arm traveling. There is a fireman pole shaped as a new fresh web coming from the bud of the spider’s body. The eight eyes on the spider’s head are LED

巨型蜘蛛游乐场,建筑总高 4.8 米,人们可以沿着建筑的外沿利用攀爬的方式进入游乐场的

spotlights, which lit up at night and lid the area in front of

内部,如同爬树一般。设计师们在内部设置了大量的暖色 LED 灯光照明,打造出了一种温暖的夜

the spider. Next to the spider are three big mushrooms,


of which one is quite monstrous with a slide. Behind the


spider, there is a forest of large straws of grass, made

新网,实际上是一个消防用攀登支架。蜘蛛头部的八只眼睛都是 LED 射灯,入夜时照亮蜘蛛前方

of rubinia trunks. The straws are painted in a two-color


shade of green to give the impression of movement.


The ropes between the trunks offer exciting climbing


possibilities. Including a long ropeway taking you across


a lawn to a distance place.

过草地通向远方。 - 150 -

- 151 -

The pike is covered with planks with spaces that make it easy and fun to

The Pike

climb on. The Pike is approximately 12m long, 2m high and 2 metres wide. An arrangement of about 32 tree trunks is painted as seaweed. They are


all entangled in typhoon rope that makes out small routs around the pike. There is a pole slide down from the back of the pike. The Pike is a very

designer Monstrum

Area 300m2

voracious and ferocious fish that eats everything in its way. In the year of

Location Sweden

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

weighed more than 1/4 ton. The fish skeleton was exhibited in Mannheim

1230 a German Emperor captured a pike that was over five metres long and Cathedral in Germany. It was later discovered that it was fraud! Or was it! ... Because NOW it is said they have caught an even bigger pike in Stockholm, which is over 12 meter long and are more ferocious... Or is it just Talk! … See for yourself!… Watch out kids, it’s very hungry!

- 152 -

梭鱼游乐场的建筑外部铺设了很多木板,方便人们在上面攀爬。 整个梭鱼建筑长约 12 米,高 2 米,宽 2 米。将 32 根巨大的树干粉刷 成海藻的造型,利用粗大的绳索纠缠在梭鱼的周围,形成一条条狭窄 的小路。梭鱼尾部有一条滑梯顺势而下。 梭鱼是一种贪婪成性而又十分残忍的鱼类,几乎可以吃掉能够吃 到的所有东西。公元 1230 年,一个德国国王捕获了一条巨型梭鱼,长 度超过 5 米,体重达到 250 公斤。随后这条梭鱼的骨骼还存放在德国 慕尼黑大教堂进行展览。后来人们发现鱼的骨骼居然是赝品!现在据 说人们捕获了一条更大的梭鱼,就在瑞典的斯德哥尔摩,超过 12 米长, 极度凶残!当然,这也可能只是传说……欢迎大家亲自来看看这条巨 型梭鱼……照顾好孩子们,它很饿哦!

- 153 -

The Shooting Star 流星幼儿园


Monstrum, Henrik Jørgensen Landscape

Area 400m2

Photographer Ole B Nielsen

Location Denmark

The kindergarten “shooting star” has children aged 1-6 years. The playground is divided into different areas, so there is room for both riding a bike, play ball, crawling and digging in the sandbox. The old climbing frame had to be replaced as well as the entire playground area had to be renovated. The globe is like a small tiny playhouse up in the air sitting on a small structure with a table and benches. The globe has connection to the rest of the playground with a climbing net, a fireman's pole and a monkey bar. The globe is constructed in larch planks with painted surface showing an ocean and continents. In the

流星幼儿园接受 1~6 岁的儿童入园。幼儿园操场分为几个不同的区域,分别是可供骑行自 行车、球类活动、爬行以及挖沙的沙箱区。原有的旧攀爬架子已经换成崭新的,整个操场也经过

middle of the Antarctica below the globe there is a small


hoist for sand and water going from the table below up to


the inside of the globe. Around the globe there is a biking


lane in wavy wood planks running along the fence with a


small guardrail and small exits. It must be fun running on


the bike.

- 154 -

- 155 -

The Striped Town in Malmö 马尔姆条纹小镇游乐场 designer

Location Sweden

design company

Area 1,600m2

Caroline Larsson, Amalie Bo Monstrum

Photographer Monstrum

The playground consists of a small striped town on the fringe of the forest with a large


spider in the middle. The children coming out of the forest can run in a circle, around


on the wavy wooden bridge, and they can only escape the spider by running into one


of the houses. Later, the children play shop at the ice cream booth or play princess


for a day at the castle. A traffic jam may occur when the older children arrive and put


their moon cars on the bridge, but all problems can be solved with a little diplomacy.


The town consists of five small houses of different shapes and sizes built on piles,

不过孩子们很快就会很好地解决这个小问题。小镇中有 5 座小屋,

and each with their own identity. The houses have been painted in the same colour


inside and outside. All the houses are connected by tube telephones. It is best to call


first! The houses are also connected to each other by a long wooden bridge rolling


like a wave through the town, giving the youngest children balancing challenges,


and challenging the older children on their bicycles. At the centre of the town stands


the large spider. The spider and the slide make up the large climbing equipment


challenging and inspiring the older children and forming a visual contrast to the small


cosy houses. Furthermore, the playground has a sandbox, swing frames for a bird's-


nest swing and two normal swings, and custom-designed tables and benches.


- 156 -

- 157 -

- 158 -

- 159 -

Trinidad the Coaster 特立尼达海滩游乐场 designer Monstrum

Area 1,300m2

Location Denmark

Photographer Monstrum

Trinidad is a playground for children aged 2-5 years. The playground is kept close to the ground with a focus on balancing play and fast routes around the playground, calling for “don’t touch the ground”game. Sdr. Boulevard, an old train track cutting through the neighborhood, was in 2006 completely renovated by the municipality of Copenhagen and became a narrow but very long park.

特立尼达游乐场是 2~5 岁孩子们的游戏天堂。游乐场中央是平 衡游戏区,周围是快速跑道,游戏的名称是“不要接触中心区”。

An oasis of hotspots for old and young. Monstrum’s contribution was a wrecked

紧邻游乐场是一条名为斯德尔的林荫大道,2006 年经过哥本哈根市

coaster. The inspiration was that in the 19th century, this was the coastline of


Copenhagen but not any more. The captain on the coaster didn’t realize that.


The coaster is lost on a sand dune and is broken in half. Around the wreck

感来源于 19 世纪哥本哈根海滩原型。当时这里的海滩逐渐废弃,市

lies pieces of the cargo spread out in a jumble of boxes and logs. A bit away


from the coaster a raft has just been completed and is now the only chance of


escape. The coaster is fitted with climbing grips on the side of the ship. Ropes


run from the bow to the masthead and down in the water behind the ship. The


raft is made from rubinia logs with a small a mast and two boxes on the deck.


- 160 -

- 161 -

van beuningenplein amster Van Beuningenplein

location: Amsterdam

realisation: 2010

client: Municipality of Am

范·博宁根广场 designer Collaborator Dijk&Co landscapearchitecture and Concrete Architectural Associates

Team Rob van Dijk, Erikjan Vermeulen, Bram de Maat, Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Jasper van der Schaaf, Milan van der Storm

Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Area 9,500m2


1800 1800 - 1900 1900 - 1945 1945 -

The square was aimed to introduce a new positive liveliness into the district. This time for everyone, safe at night, inviting children to play and citizens to find their personal place to pause, relax, to give room to engage, interact and leaving room for the unforeseen. The most important demand was to keep all existing large trees around the square which meant the new parking garage had to be carefully fitted in, leaving more space on street level for public use.

AMSTERDAM amsterdam 阿姆斯特丹

The “van Beuningenplein” was officially opened May 2011 and has

van beu

been nominated for the biennial “Gouden Klinker” award 2011 and the 1915

“Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2012”.

- 162 -



n amsterdam

nt: Municipality of Amterdam

area: 9500 m 2


800 - 1900

900 - 1945

945 -

before BEFORE 改造前


van beuningenPlein

after AFTER 改造后


1983 - 163 -

Previous s an early 20t cent years t urban renew vation. A lot public space the “van Beu incomes and The van Hal ingenplein” bourhood, w The “van Be by cars, fen isolating a f surrounding the “van Be to any cutti make use of a no go area

aim interve ed to constr genplein”, re and creating constructed area was to The square w liveliness in safe at night to find their room to eng


平面图 比例 1:50

区引入一种崭新的积极活泼的生活态度。 对于社区的公众来说,在晚上,为公众提 供一个安全的休闲社交空间,为孩子们提 供玩耍的场所。 范·博宁根广场设计方案最重要的 一点,是要保留广场周边所有的大树,因 此新的停车场需要谨慎设计,从而将更多 的街道空间保留给公众使用。 范·博宁根广场于 2011 年 5 月正式 对外开放,同时荣获了两年一度的古登克 林克奖 2011 年度奖和 2012 年度阿姆斯特 丹建筑设计大奖。 视野 比例 1:50

剖面图 比例 1:50 - 164 -

- 165 -

- 166 -

- 167 -

playing area


4-12 years

4-12 岁

cut outs for playing elements and trees 分解用以安置游乐设施和树木

undulating playing surface EPDM rubber 三元乙丙橡胶


concrete stairs/sit elements all around 四周布有混凝土阶梯和座位

solitary playequipment age 4 to 8 (typen in overleg met de buurtkinderen) 4-8 岁儿童的独立游乐设施 (和其他儿童一起游玩)

sandpit with playequipment 带游乐设施的沙坑

large platform climber with slide 带滑坡的大型平面滑行器

hammock island 吊床岛

small platform with slide 带滑坡的小平台

dish for waterplay 4-8 4-8 岁儿童嬉水盘

large swings 大型秋千

- 168 -

平面图 比例 1:100

- 169 -

sport area


waterplay and small sport area 嬉水和小型体育场所

concrete skate obstacles / stairs / sitting element 混凝土滑冰障碍 / 楼梯 / 座位

large sport area 大型体育场所

ramp weelchair access 轮椅可进入的斜坡

sitting element ballcatcher



large sport area (size 24×14m.) lowered divers ball sports 大型体育场所(24x14m) 低处跳水球类运动

multifunctioneel area waterplay and sports 嬉水和体育多功能区 panna goals 通玩渠球门

waterplay 嬉水

skatearea 滑冰区

skate-obstacles ballcatcher

- 170 -



平面图 比例 1:100

- 171 -

Railway Cover Theresienhöhe Theresienhoehe


designer Topotek 1

Area 16,800m2

Location Germany

Photographer Hanns Joosten

Railway Cover Theresienhöhe is conceived on this extraordinary site between Bavaria Park, Theresienwiese and West Park. The train tracks beneath the large concrete cover constituted the starting point for the project design developed in collaboration with Rosemarie Trockel and Catherine Venart. Alluding to the trains travelling beneath it, a series of play boxes were installed on the cover; this procession of containers transports material, in a figurative sense, the powers of the imagination like a toy box. This newly-developed site incorporates three materials which can also be identified as elements of landscape: a sports and playing area of rubberized tartan, a grass moraine and, between them, a large expanse of sand and gravel. A pine grove accentuates the slightly curved north perimeter of the track.

- 172 -

- 173 -

siteplan 总平面图

- 174 -

- 175 -

Theresienhoehe 铁路公园游乐场建在巴伐利亚公园、特蕾莎广场(Theresienwiese)和西园之间的这个非同寻常的地方。火车 轨道在大型混凝土盖板的下方构成与罗斯玛丽特洛柯尔和凯瑟琳 Venart 的合作开发在项目设计的起点。为了配合其下运行的火车, 一系列游乐盒分别安装在地面上。列队的集装箱运输材料,在比喻的意义上,像一个玩具箱。这个新开发的地方集成了三种材料,也 可认定为景观元素:运动和橡胶格子,草碛面积,还有在它们之间的一大片的砂石。

- 176 -

- 177 -

- 178 -

- 179 -

Water is ubiquitous at Deutsches Eck in Koblenz where the

Buga 2011

two rivers, the Rhein and the Mosel, meet and join to one. The starting point of Atelier Dreiseitl’s work was to develop a place to experience water, incorporating the theme of the two rivers,


the Rhein and the Mosel. It was thought to present different landscape and water characteristics of the rivers and hereby work designer

Atelier Dreiseitl

Area 1,111m2

on the differences between the two rivers. In addition, beside the

Location Germany

Photographer Atelier Dreiseitl

exhibition ship would display the work of the water federation and

permanent construction of this water playground, a temporary ship administration to visitors.

- 180 -

- 181 -

- 182 -

- 183 -

- 184 -

莱茵河与莫泽尔河交汇于德国科布 伦茨的多伊奇斯·埃克地区,这里充满 了水元素的气息。设计师们的最终目的 是充分结合这两条河流,打造一个可以 亲身体验自然水系的地方。在这里可以 找到各种不同的自然景观和水系环境, 同时还可以体会到两条河流的差异。另 外,除了一些永久性的建筑之外,设计 师们还设计了一条临时性的展览船只, 用于向游客展示水域和船只管理方面的 知识。

- 185 -

Cave For Kids 儿童探险洞穴 Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter


Area 16m2

Location Trondheim, Norway

Photographer Grethe Fredriksen

The inspiration for the project comes from natural caves, offering qualities such as collection of sunrays and rain, hiding and climbing. The structure is a 50m3 cave for kids, built on a limited budget using left-over material to form a secretive, spooky space. Constructed by 1,5 tonnes of pre-industrial waste the space is hollowed out by subtractive manufacturing technology, and glued up by layering the material and reconstruct the milled cave. The material is open cell XP foam, clean preindustrial waste from production processes of automotive (dashboards, doors), confection (shoes), and industrial packaging. This raw material is left over, collected from various foam-manufacturers throughout Europe, scrapped in smaller particles and then thermal bonded in manufacturing into end product. This procedure avoids the material from getting land filled or burned.

- 186 -

儿童探险洞穴项目的初衷来源于自然洞穴,其中包含了很多自然探险元素,如阳光、雨水、躲藏、 攀爬等。设计师们经过谨慎规划,利用有限的资金预算就完成了整个项目。整个洞穴项目长 50 米,施 工中使用了很多废弃材料,最终营造出这个充满了神秘,幽深,令人毛骨悚然的洞穴空间。设计师们利 用先进的挖掘技术进行洞穴挖掘,然后使用了超过 1.5 吨的工业废弃材料,对洞穴进行分层改建。这种 材料主要是一种绿色无污染的塑胶泡沫原料,用于制作汽车仪表盘和车门、鞋底以及用于工业包装。各 个塑胶泡沫生产厂商在整个欧洲收集废弃的材料,粉碎成十分细小的颗粒,经过热处理重新生产加工, 获得施工所使用的产品。这种废弃物重新利用,避免了通常的填埋或者焚烧处理,达到了理想的环保要求。

- 187 -

- 188 -

- 189 -

North America 北美洲

Dorothy Curran Playground 桃乐茜·卡伦乐园 designer ICON Parks Design

Location USA

Photographer ICON Parks Design

The design of Dorothy Curran Playground encourages wheelchair access to the core play areas through accessible ramps and walkways. Transfer stations have been incorporated to encourage handicapped children to further explore their play environment, strengthening their bodies and freeing their minds of the shackles that restrict their movement. Braille and signing diagrams are depicted on activity panels to encourage children to learn to communicate better with those of special needs. Fragrant plants have been included in a rain garden to enhance the experience of blind explorers. Dorothy Curran Playground’s nautical theme takes inspiration from its close proximity to Boston Harbour. The play equipment has been designed in the form of an old sailing ship and a lighthouse. Special attention has been given to pavement colour, painted graphics and flowing shapes to strengthen the allusion to water. The spray feature has been crafted as large seaweed that comes to life when activated by the children. A teeter boat and a musical turtle reinforce the theme.

- 240 -

桃乐茜·卡伦乐园 - 241 -

桃乐茜·卡伦乐园的设计支持整个椅车能够通过坡道以及人行道到达游乐场的中心区域。变换的场景使得这些孩子可以发掘更多游 玩场所,增强他们的体魄,在受束缚的活动中释放他们的思想。盲文和签名图镶嵌在活动面板上,鼓励那些有特殊需求的孩子能有更多 的交流。雨花园种植有芬芳的植物,可以提高盲童的游玩体验。桃乐茜·卡伦乐园航海主题的设计是受临近的波斯顿海湾的启发。游乐 设施以复古的船只和灯塔的样子为造型。路面的颜色颇具特色,绘制的图案和流动的线条暗指流水。喷泉是以海藻的形式设计的,玩童 使得这一设计更具活力。跷跷板似的船只和一个音乐海龟强化了这一主题。

- 242 -

- 243 -

- 244 -

- 245 -

- 246 -

- 247 -

Imagination Playground 幻想乐园

协 同 纽 约 市 政 府,Rockwell 设 计 师 在 曼 哈 顿 中 心 开 发 了 第 一 个 名 叫 “Burling Slip in 2010”小场地特殊项目。这个场所包括一座斜坡、一个沙坑、 一个滑梯、渗透式的水渠、爬绳、桅杆、滑轮以及一片树林。根据 Burling

designer Rockwell Group

area 1,207m2

Slip 的成功建设,Rockwell Group 设计出了一个更加便利、具有扩展性的项

Location USA

Photographer Frank Oudeman, Blandon Belushin, Chris Amaral, Tom Moore


目“幻想乐园”。这个项目为社区提供了一些可移动且随时可以收缩的设备, 得成百上千的公园、学校、儿童乐园变得更加有活力,也扩大了全球儿童以及 社区的交流空间。

In partnership with the City of New York, Rockwell developed the first sitespecific Imagination Playground in Manhattan on a small area of land called Burling Slip in 2010. The permanent location features a ramp, sandpit, slide, cascading water channel, rope climbing structure, masts and pulleys, and a listening forest. Following the success of the Burling Slip location, Rockwell Group subsequently developed Imagination Playground in a Cart, a more portable, scalable model of Imagination Playground. This provides communities with a movable kit of parts that can instantly transform smaller, unused spaces into dynamic play spaces. These cost-effieienct , easy-to-install playgrounds have since enlivened hundreds of public parks, schools, facilities, and children’s museum, increasing access to playspaces for children and communities across the globe.

- 248 -

- 249 -

地界线 出口

具体界 限线

具体界限线 面积 矩阵 1. 入口

5. 私语围栏

2. 节桅杆和滑轮的沙坑

6. 聆听林

3. 水上剧场

7. 连接处

4. 乌鸦网

- 250 -

- 251 -



8 个主块

4 个长块

5 个小芝士块

2 个十字型齿轮 8 个栓子 2 个斜槽

4 个直通道 5 个小栓子

10 个带孔的模块

10 个正方形土块

2 个四叶齿轮

4 个吱吱响的铰链

5 个镍

2 个拱槽

4 个弯曲通道



- 252 -





- 253 -

Columbus Commons Playground 哥伦布下议院游乐场 Architect Koetter | Kim & Associates (Design Architect), CSO Architects (Local Architect)

Photographer Susan Fleck, Copley Wolff Design Group, CSO Architects

Location Columbus, Indiana, USA

The redesigned playground is approximately 350m2. The central feature within the new 12m-high space is a sculptural, custom-designed Tom Luckey climber. The surrounding playground contains fully accessible multiple levels with various climbing mounds, tunnels, slides, maze walls, a net, and block climbers, and spinning elements. The larger lower level is for children ages 5-12. A separate, raised toddler area was also developed in the new design. All of these areas and all their play components are intended to provide a fully inclusive play environment. The sentimental favorite, a 8m-long horizontal red fiberglass play tube from the original playground built in the 1970s, has also been replicated as a new vertical icon in the playground space. 游乐场约 350 平方米。在中心位置是一个新的 12 米高雕塑。游乐场包含了多层次的各 种爬道、隧道、滑梯、迷宫墙壁,网以及块状的登山板和旋转的游戏元素。规模较大的低层 是为 5~12 岁儿童设计的,一个单独凸起的学步区域是新设计开发出来的。所有这些区域都 方便,目的是提供一个全面包容性的游戏环境。保留了原来的一个一个 8 米长的水平红色玻 璃游乐管,重新作为在操场上一个新的垂直标志。

- 254 -

- 255 -

- 256 -

- 257 -

- 258 -

- 259 -

Primary Structure 原型 Artist Jacob Dahlgren

Area 100m²

Location USA

Photographer Wanås Foundation

This work consists of 104 parts made with 18 colours mounted on a foundation measuring 10.5 x 10.5 metres. It is installed in nature, making it very visible in the woodland terrain. The sculpture looks like it is made of oversized toy building blocks, although some parts defy gravity as they hover over the ground. “Primary Structure” is in fact an endless sculpture; the different parts seem to be engaged in a constructivist ballet. The

这个设计是以 18 种颜色 104 片装好的 10.5 米 x 10.5 米宽的模型打造的。这个装

whole structure is in fact based on a rectangular shape


of specific dimensions – 27.5cm x 27.5cm x 11.0cm.


This shape is then repeated. The simplicity of the


basic idea isn’t visible in the finished sculpture, on the

上基于一个 27.5 厘米 x 27.5 厘米 x 110 厘米宽的长方形,且设计在不断地重复这种

contrary – the large colourful playground come sculpture


looks like a geometrical riddle.


- 260 -

- 261 -

Helen Diller Playground at Mission Dolores Park 米申·多乐斯公园中的海伦·帝勒游乐场 Creativity and safety were driving forces behind the


Location USA

design company

Area 9,000m2

playground equipment. The vision came first then a safety

Photographer Jesse Goff Photography, Steven Koch, Christopher Olin, Andrew Poelvoorde(aerial)

recommended modifications. Much of the equipment, the

Steven E. Koch, FASLA Koch Landscape Architecture


design of the Helen Diller Playground. The landscape architect designed an almost entirely custom suite of consultant examined the proposed custom equipment and 40 foot long super slide, the 6 foot wide family slide and the natural stone climbing sculpture, reference the immediately surrounding landscape and effectively use the site’s natural topography.

- 262 -

- 263 -

- 264 -

Š Martin Kyle-Milward Rendering

- 265 -

海伦·帝勒游乐场的设计宗旨首先是创新,而后是安全。 设计师们设计了一个几乎是完全典型的游乐场配套设施。大 多数的传统设施,包括 40 英尺长的超级滑梯、一个 6 英尺 宽的家庭滑梯、一面粗糙的攀爬石墙,有效地利用了游乐场 上的自然梯度,与周围自然景观融合在一起。游乐场的设计

© Steven Koch

十分注重人性化,绝大多数的配套设施包括中央的高坡都设 置了轮椅专用的通道。

- 266 -

- 267 -

Š Martin Kyle-Milward Rendering - 268 -

- 269 -

Chop Stick 筷子树屋 designer Visiondivision

Area 1,700m2

Location USA

Photographer Eric Lubrick (IMA), Donna Sink, Visiondivision

Visiondivision was commissioned by the Indianapolis Museum of Art to


create an innovative concession stand for the 100 acres: The Virginia B.

为占地 404,685 平方米的弗吉尼亚州费尔班克斯自然公园设计的一个新颖

Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. The raw material we selected is a 100-foot

独特的标志性建筑。设计师们采用了一整棵长达 30 米的北美鹅掌楸树的树

yellow poplar tree. After debarking, pieces of wood are extracted from the


suspended tree and used for each of the components of the concession


stand; structural support of the construction, pillars and studs for the


kiosk, swings under the tree for kids, chairs and tables to be placed under


the tree’s crown, from which special fixtures made out of bark pieces will


hang. The delicate balance act of the risk of weakening the hovering tree


with taking cuts from it versus having to have a certain amount of wood to


stabilizse and construct the kiosk and carrying the load from the tree itself


was very challenging. Many days was spent with the structural engineer


trying different types of cuts in a computer model to optimise the structure. All these alterations really just made the project more beautiful since the design became more refined in terms of more balanced proportions.

- 270 -

- 271 -

- 272 -

- 273 -

- 274 -

- 275 -

Oceania 大洋洲

Bells Reach 贝尔斯·瑞奇公园 Designer AECOM/Eureka Landscapes/Urban Play

Location Australia

Photographer Jason Daley

Bells Reach features fluid, open spaces and multi-level play integrated with a custom-built landform. The play space has been designed to provide three-dimensional, 360o activities and to encourage creative play. The summit can be reached in numerous ways and is also accessible via ramp, meaning children of all ages and abilities can play atop. A complex multilevel climbing net provides a physical challenge for active children, while a giant tunnel runs through the landform, creating a passive play space and improved access to all areas of the playground. While the play space was designed for users of all ages, the concept design was developed to also provide scaled activities and ageappropriate challenges to make the play experience more enjoyable for every user. The park also features recreational and retreat facilities for older children and adults, including a ping pong table and handball and bocce courts.

- 278 -

- 279 a e c o m + S T o c K L a N D + U R B a N P L aY

- 280 -

- 281 -

- 282 a e c o m + S T o c K L a N D + U R B a N P L aY







A E C O M + S T O C K L A N D + U R B A N P L AY

元素: 1. 攀爬网 2. 摇摆墙 3. 声呐发生管 4.1-3 岁儿童区 5. 自定义伸缩绳索游戏或可造游戏


6. 可通往伸缩墙的滑坡

自定义游乐空间 比例:1:100

7. 可通往伸缩墙的索桥 8. 带灯光也可无灯光的管道

- 283 -

aecom + STocKLaND + URBaN

aecom + STocKLaND + URBaN

- 284 -

- 285 -

- 286 -

设计师们顺延四周的地形,将贝尔斯·瑞奇公园打造为一个呈流线型、多层次分布的整体构型。围绕着中心地形,公园四周秉承着蓝色的主题,为公众 提供了一个三维视角,360o 全方位的娱乐空间。人们可以通过不同的路径爬上公园的最高处,一种是类似乌鸦巢穴机构的层状攀爬网络体系,一种是利用手 脚攀爬的绳梯,一种是利用橡胶登山绳,一种是呈锯齿状的阶梯,还有一种是斜坡步行道,可以供不同年龄的人们轻松走上山顶。下山则可以利用不锈钢多 层开放滑梯或者隧道式的封闭滑梯直接滑至山下,另外还有一条巨大的地下走廊由上而下贯穿整个山体,不但提供了一个特殊的娱乐场所,另外还设有四通 八达的通道通向各个活动场地。公园还为不同年龄的孩子们开辟了一块特别场地,鼓励孩子们在这里进行适龄的活动,如攀爬、探索自然、荡秋千、滑滑梯等。 公园为大一些的孩子们和大人们提供了休闲娱乐的设施和场地,包括一个兵乓球台以及手球和地滚球场等。

- 287 -

Robelle Domain 罗贝里辖区游乐场 designer Vee Design/JMAC Constructions/Urban Play

Location Australia Photographer Jason Daley

Robelle Domain features an engaging and innovative children’s playground that sets a new standard for advanced playgrounds around the world. The play area encourages health, movement, learning and social integration by combining exciting electronic games with challenging outdoor play equipment. With its day-night versatility, low running costs, intuitive layout and high quality, ICON electronic play equipment appeals to children and adults alike. In an age where childhood obesity is an epidemic, this is where innovative design makes a real difference. The park also features water-park play facilities, all-ability play equipment, walking trails and cycling paths, and an amphitheatre. 罗贝里辖区游乐场是一个充满了创新精神和吸引力 的儿童游乐场,为整个世界开创了一个高端游乐场的标杆。 游乐场利用户外运动设备与电子游戏之间的竞争,提倡一 种健康、运动、学习和社交的理念。游乐场通宵营业,项 目繁多,运行成本低廉,规划直观,服务品质极高,加上 高端的游戏设施,无不吸引着大人孩子前来游玩。在这个 孩子们普遍身材肥胖的时代,罗贝里辖区游乐场无疑开创 了一个与众不同的开端。游乐场里面还设有水上游乐设施, 全能型的游乐器材,步行小径,脚踏车道,以及一个圆形 MASTER PLAN 总平面图


- 288 -

- 289 -

- 290 -

































48 37














































17 17









Public toilets Kiosks and ancillary Gum tree seating plaza Art lawn White Gum lookout deck Ipswich Springfield story walk Picnic public toilet Viewing deck and shelter Underpass pedestrian link Existing pedestrian underpass Eco Pole art feature Possible public bus stop Gully lawn meadow Stage access path Vehicular entry plaza Rainforest Urban forest Pebble plaza





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Community events and market Common events and car park arrival plaza Hoop pine walk Kick-about lawn (possible future pool area) Sculptural grass mounds Events picnic - barbeque lawn Hilltop art look-out Woodland picnic - barbecue lawn Gully picnic – barbecue lawn Picnic area car park and entry Grass Swale “Tree trunk” feature pedestrian bridge “Gum tree” feature arbor Gully seating terraces Entry plaza with signage Woodland forest Rocky creek bed White gum terraces Lagoon lookout deck and shelter Waterfall lookout jetty and shelter Gully walk Rainforest stream Fern lagoon Lower pool Waterfall Urban lake Urban cascades Floral terraces Ridge lookout plaza and landmark structure Floral gardens and art lawn Entry plaza and cascades lookout deck Pedestrianised vehicular bridge Lakeside viewing terraces Lakeside promenade Family water-play space Public toilets and food kiosk Landmark commercial site Entry plaza Upgrade existing pedestrian bridge Car park and entry plaza Pedestrian suspension bridge Hilltop plaza “Tree-top” timber walk Lake boardwalk Entry plaza Regional playground








































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Bicentennial Park Playground (Mount Chelsea) 拜森泰尼亚尔公园游乐场(切尔西山)

Designer Jeavons Landscape Architects

Client City of Kingston

Location Melbourne, Australia

- 296 -

Bicentennial Park Playground is a major regional playground in

bulrushes form a central, arching spine connecting the sand play area

Chelsea, a bay side suburb in the City of Kingston, to Melbourne’s

to other parts of the space. Over time, planting will further enhance


this feature transforming it into a green tunnel.

The focal point of this playground is the twin yellow slides on Mount

Swinging is well catered for with a range of different swing seats,

Chelsea. The rest of the playground wraps around the slides providing

a liberty swing and a 6m high giant swivel swing. The new Chelsea

an assortment of whimsical elements for all ages and abilities. The

Express play train is an upgrade of the original.

paths form a seamless circulation system for movement between quirky spaces that bristle with open ended play elements, art works and planting.

The inclusiveness of the overall design has been achieved in an understated way that does not “scream” out to the visitor but is a subtle, unifying feature noticed and highly valued by those who need

The “smurf” village is highlighted with musical elements and a

it. Apart from the many inclusive play elements, all picnic shelters,

sculptural cow that randomly farts, burps or moos when triggered.

seating and social areas, drinking fountains and toilets are fully

The large sand play area has beautifully carved timber sculptures,


boulders, loose pebbles and a raised sand play table. Sculptural

- 297 -

拜森泰尼亚尔公园游乐场在切尔西是一个主要的游乐场,墨尔本南部的金斯敦市海湾边的郊区。 这个操场的焦点是切尔西山上成对的滑梯。操场的其余部分环绕着滑梯,为不同年龄的孩子提供了各种各样奇形怪状的游乐元素。这样一个路径形成了一个无缝的循环系 统,古怪的空间塞满了开放式的游戏元素、艺术作品和植物。 “蓝精灵村”突出了音乐元素和一个雕塑牛,当有人触摸它时,它会打嗝或者哞哞叫。 大型沙盘游戏区有雕刻精美的木雕像,石头、松散的砾石和凸起的供玩沙的桌子。雕塑的芦苇形成一个转接口,连接玩沙子区域到其他部分的游乐空间。随着时间的推移, 绿色植物将进一步增强这一特点将其转化为绿色隧道。 一个高 6 米的巨型旋转秋千配备了一系列不同的秋千座椅。新切尔西快速游乐列车是对旧的游乐列车进行了升级。现在允许摇摆驾驶室连接到摇曳的守车包容性的发挥。 一个包容性的游乐场以朴素的设计,游客来到这里不会尖叫出来,但是人们会喜欢它的精巧的设计和统一的功能。除了许多包容性的游戏元素,所有的野餐亭、座椅和公 共领域、饮水机和卫生间都是完全无障碍的。

- 298 -

- 299 -

- 300 -

- 301 -

“The Dragons Lair” - St Margarets Junior School Playground “龙穴”— 圣玛格丽特小学游乐场 designer

Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects

Location Brisbane, Australia

Photographer Imago Photography

- 302 -

The theme for this playground was derived from the schools mascot, a “Dragon”. The dragon materialises in physical form as a large friendly faced sculpture that winds itself around the perimeter of a lawn area, appearing above and then disappearing below the level of the ground. An iconic structure as well as an interactive play element “the dragon” forms the focal point of the playground. Spinning of “the dragon” is a richly themed and intensive use playground incorporating “Dragon Scale” handball courts, a Love Heart sandpit, hitting walls, produce gardens, orchards, free play lawn areas, seating nooks and fixed play equipment. Changes in level were utilised to construct miniature amphitheatres an outdoor teaching court as well as slippery slides and scrambling boulder steps. Forest paths and hidden gardens complete the picture. Existing trees were retained where possible to provide natural shade. Extensive new native tree plating to the west will afford shade from the westerns sun in the future. An understory planting of contrasting foliage plants gives the playground a lush subtropical feel. Coloured concrete paving and splashes of bright paint colour have been used to brighten the playground and to create a sense of fun and playfulness.

- 303 -

现有树木得保留 能遮荫 果树 椰树 下层植被 草坪 彩色的混凝土路 踏脚石 特色铺路 座位 探险小径 / 林中小道


踏脚石小路 滑坡 沙坑


小屋子 / 平台


楼梯 座位凹处 龙雕塑


菜园 果园 篮圈

固定的游 乐设施

重击墙 棚架 / 铁丝网




手球场 现有楼梯 硬地面区

座位凹处 秘密花园 圆木座椅 灌木小道

查理大楼 多功能区 小路 达尔大楼 阶梯

椰子林 竞技场

滑坡 龙尾

- 304 -

- 305 -

- 306 -

这个操场的主题来自学校的吉祥物“龙”。龙的头部以雕塑的形式呈现,龙的身子随着地面起落缠绕在草坪周围。“龙”这样一个标志性的结构同样作为互动游戏元素 形成了操场上的焦点。 这个操场包括了“龙鳞”手球球场、爱情心沙坑、攀岩墙、花园、果园、草坪、休息角落和固定的游乐设备,“龙”操场是一个丰富的主题和集约利用操场。斜坡处有 微型露天剧场的户外教学小院以及滑梯和巨石楼梯。最后还有森林小路和隐藏的花园。 现存的树被保留下来以便形成树荫。操场的西边种植了丰富的原生树就是为了挡住西边来的太阳光。与林下层种植的观叶植物相对比,给操场带来茂密的亚热带感觉。 铺路的彩色混凝土和波纹油漆的明亮颜色照亮了操场,也带来了一种乐趣和嬉闹的氛围。

- 307 -

Asia 亚洲

Happy Magic Watercube 欢乐魔幻水立方 Designer Forrec Ltd (Water Park Design)

Location China

Architects of Record CCDI

Area 13,006m2

Original Building Architects PTW Architects

Photographer Grischa Rueschendorf

- 310 -

As the home of swimming and diving events for the 2008 Olympics,

lighting is added, to create a moody underwater fantasy. These

the Beijing Water Cube has been recognised as an international

abstracted elements are playful enough to create excitement, but still

architectural icon. When Forrec was chosen to design a water park

sophisticated enough to complement the geometry of the architecture.

within this famous structure, it was clear that they would have to create

The lattice enclosure also presented some major challenges. Where

a world-class design solution. To create a truly distinctive experience,

many indoor water parks have slides and towers that extend beyond

Forrec designers took their cue from the bubble-lattice space frames

the building enclosure, the Water Cube’s structural skin could not be

that form the building’s structure and outer skin. Light filtering through

penetrated, so all elements had to be confined within the building

the double membrane suggests an “underwater” environment, so

envelope, without feeling cramped or crowded. The solution was to

the design team expanded on this idea to simulate the feeling of an

carefully consider all three dimensions of the space — not just the

underwater tropical lagoon. Large abstracted aquatic elements –

plan — and to combine the attractions and thematic elements into one

colourful air bubbles, seaweed, coral and jellyfish — “float” within the

enormous, spectacular, interwoven composition.

space, creating a dynamic watery atmosphere. At night, theatrical - 311 -

- 312 -

- 313 -

- 314 -

- 315 -

- 316 -

- 317 -

北京水立方是 2008 年北京奥林匹克运动会水上项目包括游泳和跳水比赛的主场馆,是世界公认的标志性建筑之一。弗里克建筑设计室是水立方的主要建筑设计方, 承担着在这个举世闻名的城市中提供一份世界顶级的建筑方案的重任。为了体现建筑方案的独具一格,弗里克设计室从水中的气泡阵列中得到了极大的启发,最后在建 筑的整体结构以及外表面都采用了这一解决方案。阳光经过双层膜的过滤,可以形成一种类似水下的环境氛围,因此设计团队进一步扩展了这一创意,模拟出一种类似 热带环礁湖的水下环境。大量抽象的与水有关的元素,包括五颜六色的气泡、海藻、珊瑚、水母等,仿佛漂浮在水立方的内部空间中,构成了一幅动态的水中环境。入夜, 在夸张的灯光系统映衬下,整个水立方呈现出一种光怪陆离的水下迷幻色彩。这些抽象的水中元素能够极大地激发人们的想象空间,同时又利用复杂的视觉效果对建筑 整体的简单造型进行了有效地补充。另外,这种闭合式的气泡阵列设计还面临着很多的挑战。很多市内水上乐园都建有滑梯和高台,甚至突出在整个建筑之外,而水立 方中的表面结构不透明,所有的元素都限制在建筑内部。为了避免狭窄和拥堵的感觉,只有对内部空间的三维结构进行详尽的设计,不仅是设计方案,还需要将各种迷 离动人的主题元素进行有机地结合,最终构成一个宏大与壮观交织在一起的迷人建筑。 - 318 -

- 319 -

- 320 -

- 321 -

Woods of Net 木网 ARCHITECT Takaharu+Yui Tezuka/Tezuka Architects

Location Ninotaira, Hakone Kanagawa Japan/ inside of Hakone Open-air Museum

STRUCTURE ENGINEER Norihide Imagawa/ TIS&Partners

Site Area 1,875m2

Artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam (artwork)/Interplay Design&Manufacturing

Building Area 528.5m2 Photographer Katsuhisa Kida/FOTOTECA

- 322 -

This is a permanent pavilion for a net artist, Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam.

into a CNC milling machine capable of carving shapes to the precision of

The artist knitted the net entirely by hands, which is designed for children

0.1 millimetres. The carpenters then finished the pieces, lifted them by

to crawl in, roll around, and jump on the net. It was easy for us to see

a crane, and joined them utilising the very same techniques carpenters

the artwork being outside even when it cannot be exposed to rain or

used four hundred years ago.

ultraviolet light. We wanted to design a space as soft as the forest where the boundary between outside and inside disappears. The space attracts people like campfire. The children play inside of the net just as fire and parents sit around and lay on the woods.

The structural engineer, Professor Imagawa, developed a cuttingedge structural analysis programe specifically for the pavilion. The program analysed this new bending joint system overcome the variable characteristics of timbers. Through his analysis, he proved the traditional

The structure is entirely composed of timbers without any metal parts. 320 cubic metre of timber members are used and there is nothing same among all the 589 members. The latest structural programe was developed for the pavilion, but the joint techniques are derived from thousands years old Japanese wooden temples in Nara and Kyoto. As long as the proper maintenance is done, it is capable of existing over 300 years. This is the oldest and the latest structure in the world.

technique was structurally sound. The members are solely connected by dowel pins and wedges, this Japanese traditional method could not be employed a few years ago under the strict japanese building codes. Each member has a different size in order to carry different kinds of loads from different directions. Each member has a complex shape so that water easily drains to prevent the wood from warping.

The entire structure was designed on a computer. The data was loaded

- 323 -

site plan scale 1:500

这个是由艺术家 Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam 设计的展示馆。艺术家亲手编织了这个作品,使得孩童可以在里面爬行、打滚甚至跳到网上。这是一项在户外显而易见的艺术 作品,即使它不能曝露在雨中或者有紫外线的地方。设计师想设计一个像森林一样的柔软空间,即使外部和内部的界限消失,可空间很吸引人们。比如举办营火会等活动,孩 童们在木网的里面玩耍,家长们可以坐在一边或者躺卧在木网上。 整个雕塑由木材制成,完全没有金属等材质。由 320 立方米的木材组成,并且在这 589 块木材中完全没有一样的。这个项目是由凉亭演变而来的,并且结合了多种技术, 由奈良和京度许多寺庙衍生出来的。只要加以适当的检修,可以维持 300 多年之久。这是世界最古老且最先进的雕塑。 整个雕塑是由电脑设计完成的,所有数据都上传到一个 CNC 铣床,它可以使想要雕刻的形状缩小到 0.1 毫米之内精确值。然后木匠修饰那些零件,并且用起重机一个一个堆砌, 采用了木匠 400 多年前使用的一模一样的技术。 结构工程师 Imagawa 为展示馆研发了一种新锐的结构分析项目。项目分析了这个新的弯曲连接系统,并且成功地使得这些变化多端的木材连接在一起。通过他的分析,他 证明传统的技术是具有非常合理的结构的。 每一块木材都承担了不同方向的重力,每一块木材都有一个极其复杂的形状,这样雨水才不会轻易地渗透到里面,使木材不易变形。

テント:酸化チタン光触媒コーティング膜材/ CMX220

テント接合ジョイント/鋳鉄/ FC350

ダグラスファー/チークオイル塗布 H : 360∼520 mm W : 220∼360 mm


楔/ダグラスファー ジョイント用ダボ /ダグラスファー /直径:W/2

基礎接合ジョイント /鋳鉄/ FC350

ウレタンマット敷設の上 ウレタン皮膜吹付け 融雪用温泉溝


コンクリート 金ゴテ仕上げ

浸透側溝/ネトロンパイプ/砕石 雨水排水用溝 ▽GL


剖面细节图 - 324 -

帐篷 / 二氧化钛光催化 剂涂层膜

将帐篷的接头连接起来 / 生铁

花旗松胶合木 / 柚油表面处理 高度:360~520mm 厚度:220~360mm 网格艺术品 / 由艺术家设计

地基连接点 / 生铁 带热水的排水道用以融化积雪 聚氨酯泡沫垫上的 尿烷喷涂泡沫

渗透排水 / 穿孔排水管 / 砂砾 混凝土压光面



木材接合销 排水斜坡



- 325 -


- 326 -

- 327 -

Latin America 拉丁美洲

Crocheted Jacaré Alligator Playground In São Paulo

在三个星期的现场开发过程中,并在合作者“crocheteiros”钩编的帮助下, 该操场由北卡罗莱纳州的腈纶纱与巴西丝带完全覆盖,奥莱克克鲁称之为“融合 多元文化”,鳄鱼形的外观设计者是玛西娅·玛丽亚·贝内文托。


Developed onsite over the course of three weeks with the help of “crocheteiros” crocheting collaborators, the project unites north Artist OLEK

Location Sao Paulo, Brazil

carolinian acrylic yarn with brazilian ribbons in what olek calls

Photographer Lost Art

a “multicultural mix” that completely covers the exterior of an alligator-shaped playground designed by márcia maria benevento.

- 330 -

- 331 -

Atelier Dreiseitl Atelier Dreiseitl is an award-winning, sustainable landscape


architecture practice. They are a multidisciplinary team specialised in the synthesis of landscape architecture, art & urban design, environmental technology and urban hydrology.


30 years of experience has created a portfolio of outstanding projects with high aesthetic and cultural value. The scope of the practice’s work includes water sensitive urban design, streetscapes, masterplans, parks and plazas, and down to the applied scale of swales, biotopes and building-integrated rainwater recycling systems.

Plancontext Topotek 1

The bureau was set up in 2000 and is owned by Christian Loderer and Uwe Brzezek. The name “plancontext” stands

To p o t e k 1 i s a l a n d s c a p e

Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH

for “planning in context”, for individual solutions that give an

architecture studio that

unique and innovative space. Plancontext does design publice

specialises in the design and construction of unique urban

parks, housing projects and garden shows. It also focuses on

open spaces. Founded by Martin Rein-Cano in 1996, the

design of exceptional playgrounds in recent years to provide

studio’s roster of German and international projects has

the playable foundation for kids to adventure and discovery.

ranged in scale from the master plan to the private garden.

Featured playground equipment is specifically customised by

Each project strives to respond to site conditions and


programmatic necessities with a compelling concept, high quality of design and efficient implementation.

Koch Landscape Architecture

Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter

Koch Landscape Architecture (KLA), founded in 2000 by Steven Koch, FASLA, is based in Portland, Oregon. Steven has

Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter is an

a unique knowledge base gleaned from working with nationally

Oslo based practice established in 2006, by architect and artist

renowned landscape architects. KLA is a full service firm that

Marit Justine Haugen and architect Dan Zohar. For Haugen/

works both as a prime and subconsultant on projects.

Zohar, architecture is by its nature, earthbound. Drawn by and for people. In their work Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter aim to question relationships between architecture, function and art, by integrating the disciplines of landscape — architecture and

Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects


Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects is a dynamic firm of talented Landscape Architects committed to ensuring that

Forrec Ltd.

every project they are involved with is

Forrec Ltd. is a global leader in the

enthused with design flair for which they

planning and design of themed

have become renowned.

attractions, entertainment facilities

The success of the business has been their ability to come up

and themed environments. With

with individual and fresh designs, pushing boundaries where

built projects in more than 20 countries, their range of

we can and always searching for the best design solution. We

services, record of accomplishment and wealth of expertise

continually explore the link between “art” and “landscape”

are unparalleled. Over the past 40 years, the Forrec team

often blurring the boundaries between the two to create works

has planned and designed theme parks, retail developments,

of art in a landscape medium.

entertainment centres, water parks, resorts and leisure communities, as well as museums and science centres all

This approach has led over a period of 25 years to the creation

around the globe. Forrec’s vision is a world that works, plays,

of landscapes of enduring quality and style. Our work has

shops, and lives in places that are smarter, more productive

won numerous awards and is regularly published in industry

and totally people-centred.

journals, books on landscape design and lifestyle magazines.

- 332 -


Robert Skitek

Carve is a design and

Robert Skitek was born on June 24th,

engineering bureau that

1975. From 1994 to 1999, he studied

focuses on the planning and development of public space,

at Silesian University of Technology in

particularly for use by children and young people. The bureau

Gliwice. Since 2001 he has run his own

was set up in 1997 by Elger Blitz and Mark van der Eng.

studio RS+ Robert Skitek. Rewarded and

Over the past fifteen years Carve has grown into a company

honored several times in competitions, including the mention

within which several design disciplines meet, from industrial

in the “Architecture of the Year in Silesia” in the category

design to landscape architecture. They consider playgrounds

Young Artist of Architecture in 2008. Studio realised mostly

an integral part of public space. Carve strive for playgrounds

single-family houses (including M house in Tychy, XV house in

to be inviting places to be discovered; providing room for

Cracow, 69 house in Cracow) and the interiors.

different groups and ages, and several forms of use.

Elverdal Elverdal develops a wide range

Erect Architecture

of exciting playgrounds in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Erect Architecture is an award-winning team of architects

Elverdal, in collaboration with the customer elaborately

founded in 2003 by Barbara Kaucky and Susanne Tutsch.

design the playground elements in the playground, taking

They have developed an expertise in the field of community

interaction with the local environment.

into account the child's development, play and learning, and

architecture, culture, education and play. The social aspects of architecture and inhabitation by the users are their core concerns in creating environments people enjoy being in.

Bekkering Adams Architects Bekkering Adams architects is an

Studio Dass

internationally operating, dynamic and

The studio Dass exists in Lisbon

versatile architectural office, looking and

since 2008 and was founded

working with an open mind towards they future society. The

by Architect David Seabra and

founders, Juliette Bekkering and Monica Adams, share a

Designer Susan Röseler. Dass is an interdisciplinary studio

fascination for enhancing the urban environment. Together

whose projects blur the frontiers between architecture, design,

with an enthusiastic team of architects and designers they

urbanism and communication. With different backgrounds and

work on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong

specialisations from its elements and collaborators, create

identity. Research plays a key role in the office. The office has

spaces and objects that tell stories. Their architecture and

a special interest in sustainability and the potential of public

design projects are integrated solutions of investigation to

and collective space in the contemporary transformation

new context, function, and detail challenges.

processes of they cities. Over the years a distinct oeuvre has been established, characterised by iconographic and characteristic buildings. The commissions vary from complex building assignments to concept development. The work of Bekkering Adams Architects

NL Architects

has been published in a wide range of renowned national and

NL Architects is an Amsterdam based

international architectural reviews and books. Various projects

office. The three principals, Pieter

have been nominated for national architectural awards.

Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk and Kamiel Klaasse, officially opened practice in January 1997, but had shared workspace already since the early nineties. All were educated at the Technical University in Delft.

Studio hp A/S

NL Architects aspires to catalyse urban life. The office is on

Studio hp AS was established

a constant hunt to find alternatives for the way we live and

in 2002. The two owners,

work. How can we intensify human interaction?

MLArch Hettie Pisters and

Currently the office is involved in “numerous projects in

MArch Dr. Ing. Ole M.ystad, are both university professors. In

various stages of development”, including residential projects,

addition to the partners the firm counts 3 landscape architects

cultural facilities and sports buildings. Early 2007 the office

and 3 architects. Studio hp AS values width and complexity

won the prestigious competition for the so-called Groninger

in its projects, and the office portfolio spans from gardens to

Forum: an exhilarating mixture of library and cinema and

parks, urban planning and building design; all with a particular

museum. Construction has started since mid 2012.

focus on the interface between ecology and economy.

- 333 -

Tezuka Architects

Kaptein Roodnat

Kaptein Roodnat

With spatial designs that are skillfully integrated with the outside environment, their designs range from private houses to community buildings. Their most important

Kaptein Roodnat is the Amsterdambased firm of Marleen Kaptein and Stijn Roodnat

They have worked together since graduating from the Design

works are the Roof House, in which daily

Academy in 1999. With their “Klimglijklauterhangzitvoetbal

life expands onto the roof, and the Echigo-

toneelbuis” in 2007 they were nominated for the Rotterdam

Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science,

Design Prize. Kaptein Roodnat have made interior designs

which can be buried under 5m of snow. The Fuji Kindergarten

for such clients as Martinez Gallery, New York, Pediatric 2000

takes the form of a 200m-circumference oval-shaped roof

childrens’ clinics in New York, and Mandarina Duck, Paris.

space. Woods of Net, 320 cubic metre of timber members are

Commissioned by Kunst en Bedrijf, Kaptein Roodnat worked

used and there is nothing same among all the 589 members.

on the total design for the waiting areas of the Spaarne Hospital in Hoofddrop.

Monstrum Christian Jensen founded MONSTRUM in 2003.

Jeavons Landscape Architects

Ole and Christian studied at Copenhagen

Jeavons Landscape Architects is an

The two passionate spirits Ole B Nielsen and

Royal Academy of fine art.

award winning, landscape architectural practice, known for their high quality,

They believe that a playground should be a reflection of the world surrounding us. We see the world as a place full of

detailed and customised landscape

color. MONSTRUM meet boys that like pink and girls who

design in natural environments, parks, children’s spaces,

like to climb in trees. Why only play in a sandbox when you

sensory gardens and other sites in the public domain.

can be an astronaut on the way to the moon, or smugglers

With more than 30 years’ experience in their field, they have

in a submarine, or riding a giant spider, or get eaten by an

developed skills in working with numerous community groups

enormous snail, or even rule the kingdom from a princess

and individuals on important, unique and complex projects.

castle. The fantasy is infinite.

They work in urban and rural settings all over Australia. Their

As artists and designers, and through their experience with

designs respond to the people, landscapes, environments

building theatrical set-designs, they have the knowledge to

and circumstances to create thoughtful, unique outcomes for

combine elements where not only physical activities and play

every project.

evolves but also include a visual story that creates a space where fantasy thrives.


Martha Schwartz Partners

Visiondivision is an architecture firm founded in Stockholm, Sweden by

Martha Schwartz Partners is a leading

Anders Berensson and Ulf Mejergren

i n t e r n a t i o n a l p ra c t i c e w h o s e w o r k

in 2005. Since then, the office has

focuses on activating and regenerating

been operating in The Netherlands,

urban sites and city centres. Situated

Mexico, Bolivia, USA and Argentina with great success.

at the intersection of landscape, art, and urbanism, Martha

Visiondivision deals with all kinds of architecture and design

Schwartz Partners has 20 years of experience designing

problems and with any client, always with the promise of

and implementing installations, gardens, civic plazas,

making it top shelf. The office does not have a fixed design

parks, institutional landscapes, corporate headquarters,

idea. Things that make visiondivision stand out in this

master plans, and urban regeneration projects. MSP is also

business is their braveness, cleverness and ability to think

working with cities at a strategic level as they take a view


to sustainability at a city or regional scale. MSP’s work demonstrates a deep commitment to the urban landscape and public realm as the platform for sustainable cities that are healthy across all aspects, sectors, and domains of urban life.

Urban Play

Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten

Urban Play Pty Ltd specialises in the design

In 1993 Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten was founded

and development of children’s playgrounds,

by the Dresden landscape architect Till Rehwaldt. Main

overseeing the process from supply and

sectors of scope of work are public open space planning,

installation to maintenance and repair.

recreation and leisure facilities and urban planning. Two

Based in Brisbane, with a regional office

offices (Dresden and Beijing) are working on miscellaneous

in Bundaberg, Urban Play collaborates primarily with Local

thematically and regionally diverse projects. For Rehwaldt

Government Authorities, State Governments, schools and

Landschaftsarchitekten, taking part in design competitions is

private developers throughout Queensland, the Northern

an ambitious recurring challenge. Most of their projects have

Territory, and northern New South Wales.

been generated through this kind of planning process.

- 334 -

ICON Parks Design (IPD) ICON Parks Design (IPD) is a sole

Rockwell Group

proprietorship directed by John Ryther,

With a desire to create immersive environments, Rockwell

whose designs are known for unique

Group takes a cross-disciplinary approach to its inventive

decorative ironwork for gateways, fences

array of projects. Founded in 1984 by David Rockwell, and

a n d f o u n t a i n s . I P D ’s w o r k h a s b e e n

based in downtown New York with satellite offices in Madrid

primarily in the public sector creating civic

and Shanghai, the firm specialises in a wide array of project

plazas, streetscapes, bikeways, parks and playgrounds in

types, from hospitality, cultural and healthcare, to educational,

Boston and its outlying communities. IPD has also worked

product, and set design. Crafting a unique and individual

internationally in Jordan, Iran and China on projects ranging

narrative concept for each project is fundamental to Rockwell

from new towns for laborers to high end communities and

Group's successful design approach. From the big picture to

villas for the wealthy. Mr. Ryther is known for his work on

the last detail, the story informs and drives the design. The

Heritage State Parks, where he interprets history through

seamless synergy of technology, craftsmanship and design

everyday park elements such as play equipment, pavements,

is reflected in environments that combine high-end video

fencing and signage.

technology, handmade objects, special effects and custom fixtures and furniture.

Suède 36

Copley Wolff Design Group

The business was created on rue de Suede,

Copley Wolff Design Group is a landscape architecture

36 in Saint-Gilles near the town centre.

and planning firm located in downtown Boston, MA. The

Murielle Dasnoy and Christophe Mercier

firm specializes in the planning and design of academic,

develop projects and a reflection into the

housing, green roof, corporate, institutional, mixed-use,

process of gestation of the city. They are

park, streetscape, and children's play and discovery projects

an eclectic firm who often relies on the citizens’ participation

throughout the country. A number of their projects focus

for supporting their analysis and their creativity.The agency

on placemaking, integrating art into the landscape, cultural

works on many levels. A cross of projects of urbanism and

and historic interpretation, environmental education, and

architecture. For many years now, they are interested in public spaces, and playgrounds in particular. Their team vary

community participation.

the collaborations with designers, artists or specialists of re-

Founded in 1990, CWDG believes in the power of people and


place and members of the firm collectively work together to create memorable places for our daily lives, celebrations, and recreation.

Jacob Dahlgren

Copley Wolff Design Group is a SDO-certified Woman-owned

Jacob Dahlgren was born in Stockholm

Business Enterprise (WBE).

in 1970. Like all of Dahlgren’s works, I, the world, things, life shuffles cultural and social codes, art speak and its habitual reading habits, as lightly as a


pack of cards. He is an eclectic artist in

Olek was born Agata Oleksiak in 1978

the straightforward sense of the dictionary definition, and he

in Poland. In 2000, she received a BA in

creates meanings by combining things that already exist. He

Cultural Studies from Adam Mickiewicz

is clearly an urban artist, who finds abstraction in his own

University in Poznan, Poland and relocated

everyday life, in products and adverts, in car side panels,

to New York City, where she is currently

in the symbol language of the street, in people's clothes

based. Olek’s work has been exhibited

and in various structures and patterns associated with the

in galleries, museums and public spaces worldwide and featured in numerous publications such as The


New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Newsweek/Daily Beast, Village Voice, Artinfo, PBS, CNN,

1-1 landskab

CBS, ABC and NBC. Olek is the recipient of the Ruth Mellon Award for sculpture in 2004, In Situ Artaq award (France) in

1:1 landskab is a dynamic landscape

2011, and a grant in 2011 from the Lower Manhattan Cultural

architectural firm founded in 2004. The

Council (LMCC) for performance in public space. Olek’s

company is working with a wide range of

residencies have included Sculpture Space in 2005, Instituto

landscape projects from private landscape

Sacatar (Brazil) in 2009 and AAI-LES in 2010.

gardens to private and public spaces in cities and larger planning projects. 1:1 landskab works in the belief that the landscape is an essential value-adding component of any existing and new human habitation. They produce pragmatic and poetic solutions, focussing on luxuriance, simplicity and contrast.

- 335 -

后记 本书的编写离不开各位设计师和摄影师的帮助,正是有了他们专业而负责的工作态度,才有了本书的顺利出版。参与本 书的编写人员有: Jeremy Ferrier Landscape Architects, Kaptein Roodnat, Bas Princen, Henrik Jørgensen Landscape, Imago Photography, Plancontext, Lichtschwärmer, Topotek 1, Hanns Joosten, NL Architects, DS Landschapsarchitecten, Eric Lubrick, Donna Sink, Urban Play, Vee Design, JMAC Constructions, Jason Daley, Jeavons Landscape Architects, Carve, Marie-Laure Hoedemakers, Elger Blitz, Mark van der Eng, Milan van der Storm, Jasper van der Schaaf, Thomas Tiel Groenestege, Dijk&co Landschapsarchitectuur, MONSTRUM, Ole B Nielsen, Atelier Dreiseitl, Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter, Grethe Fredriksen, 1:1 landskab, Morgen Arkitekter, Visiondivision, Koetter | Kim & Associates, Susan Fleck, Copley Wolff Design Group, CSO Architects, Renet Korthals Altes, Amber van Capelle, Olek, Lost Art, ICON Parks Design, Per Mejer Johansen & Cand.hort. Niels Bolt, Elverdal A/S, Erect Architecture, Murielle Dasnoy, Christophe Mercier, Suède 36 Architectes, Cyrus Paques, Forrec Ltd, PTW Architects, Grischa Rueschendorf, Steven E. Koch, Koch Landscape Architecture, Jesse Goff Photography, Christopher Olin, Andrew Poelvoorde, Rockwell Group, Frank Oudeman, Blandon Belushin, Chris Amaral, Tom Moore, Studio Dass, Susan Röseler, Studio hp AS Landscape+Urbanism, NAV Arkitekter AS, Jiri Havran, Barbara Kaucky, James Whitaker, Eveline van Egdom, Lucas Beukers, Julieta Rioja Montero, Jacob Dahlgren, Wanås Foundation, Monica Adams, Juliette Bekkering, Bekkering Adams architecten, Digidaan, Jumana J Brodersen, Martha Schwartz Partners, Takaharu+Yui Tezuka, Tezuka Architect, Norihide Imagawa, Katsuhisa Kida/FOTOTECA, RS+ Robert Skitek, Robert Skitek, Jakub Zygmunt, Szymon Borczyk ,Maciej Papiurek, Krzysztof Wacek, Anna Terentjew, Tomasz Zakrzewski, Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten, Dresden, Concrete Architectural Associates, Rob van Dijk, Erikjan Vermeulen, Bram de Maat, Caroline Larsson, Amalie Bo, GHB Landscape Architects, Marleen Kaptein, Stijn Roodnat 本书的译者为大连工业大学外国语学院的何心、孙巍。

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this book, especially all the artists, designers, architects and photographers for their kind permission to publish their works. We are also very grateful to many other people whose names do not appear on the credits but who provided assistance and support. We highly appreciate the contribution of images, ideas, and concepts and thank them for allowing their creativity to be shared with readers around the world.

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