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Permeable Groundscape

The Overall Plan 总体平面图

VOL. 1


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规划与设计 上 (


VOL. 1


城市综合体 规划与设计 ( 上 )



城市综合体规划与设计 ( 上 ) 高迪国际 HI-DESIGN PUBLISHING 编 卢晓娟 崔倩 张彩霞 李宁 李彤 王玉婷 译


序 言


Blocks Shaping - City DNA Obsessed with a city, we always indulge in its streets and lanes,

index and colorful lines, but is the planning of people’s behaviors

crushing on the events there, the people we meet there, its image

and corresponding carriers: squares, buildings or parks; high or

and scent and its hilarity and peace. Where does the complicated

low; sparse or dense, making the city lively. As for building, its

and unspeakable charming of these blocks ---Venice Square, New

fundamental meaning also shouldn’t just lie in the design drawing.

York Time Square, Avenue des Champs Elysees and Seine River,

The comprehensive and high level thoughts which interact with

Ginza and even in the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival actually

the city space should be involved in the design to produce desired

come from?

buildings with smooth forcades, different view angles, distinct

Obviously, a charming block can’t come into being depending

spaces and pleasure.

only on one business, or the government’s guidance, or residents’

As an architectural firm committed to combine concepts with

spontaneous behavior. It exists among the city veins like the complex

practical results interactively, LOA, in all projects that it has, tries

properties of DNA,.

to take city spaces into consideration and make people resonate to

As it begins to become extroverted from being a “space container”

it. The designs and practice of the Song of Yangtze River in Wuhu

and also be a carrier defining streets and even the space image of a

and the North Gate Street in Yiwu are the examples of this idea.

city, “architecture” is given a broad meaning. When the diversity of

For “HOPSCA”, we will not have a discussion about whether it is

the needs of local residents’ daily life and temporary visits comes to

made by business operations or by government for the moment. As

some extend and becomes more complicated, the inner space and

architects--- important participants in city shaping, we see that many

outer space of a building will become one at certain level. Thus, a

factors such as city, society, industry and people as individuals are

lively block comes into being. Here, the city context, the functions

all involved in the constructure design. Can such designs bring us

of projects and people’s behaviors integrate with each other. Every

back to the origin of architecture?

great and orthodox theories about architecture and city planning is

We hope that our planting of interfaces and spaces may give

tested in blocks by people’s physical and psychological criteria.

users and owners’ happiness, interaction and even thought. The

Experience and interaction are topics of the age today and blocks

expression of form is not our goal, but just a method. Interfaces full

are just the most suitable space carriers for them. Regardless of

of tension will lead new experiences about spaces; the taste of the

the shared spaces, indoor pedestrian streets, half outdoor gray

random forms, the co-existence of strange and familiarity all hope to

spaces that architects are keening on, or the setback restriction, the

evoke the nature of building in outerspace---the feature of focusing

index of height, density and plot ratio that the planning department

on the expression of emphasized interspace has changed and has

sets up; or the streets that art youth are crushing on, all of them

been extended with the changing times, and the outer forms of

actually are pursuing a kind of space that suits people' purpose and

buildings are also shaping the block spaces. The exterior features

communication. In the book Great Street written by Alan Jacob, it

of buildings are not just confined in the expression of construction

says that---“The best are as joyful as they are utilitarian. They are

details and the sense of beauty of materials, only the attention and

entertaining and they are open to all. They permit anonymity as well

the expression to experience and interaction may convey the new

as individual recognition. They are symbols of a community and of its

meanings that building forcades and the overall designs carry.

history; they represent a public memory. They are places for escape

The design of an individual building should be done with a new

and for romance, places to act and to dream.”

concept and pay more attention to the city. "HOPSCA"design desires

Then how should we realize it in design? For planning, its

width and depth, which will make it a DNA mark of the city with

fundamental meaning shouldn’t lie in the using of different kinds of

distinct features and flourishing vitality.

林沨 /Lin Feng LOA 建筑事务所创办人 /Founder of LOA 主持建筑师 /Chief Architect 国家一级注册建筑师 /Class One Registered Architect

塑造街区——城市的 DNA 我们迷恋一个城市往往沉醉在她的街头巷尾,迷恋于那 里发生的事件、接触到的人、影像与气味、狂欢与宁静等。

那么在设计层面上,我们该如何实现它呢?就规划而言, 其根本的意义不应是各类指标和红绿蓝线,而应该是规划人

威尼斯广场、纽约时代广场、巴黎香舍丽榭大道和塞纳河畔、 的行为,并设计与之对应共鸣的载体:或广场或建筑或公园、 东京银座,甚至,还有清明上河图中描绘的图景,这些街区




显然,魅力街区不是依赖于单一商业、或是单一政府导 向、或是单一居民自发行为能产生的,她带有着如同 DNA 一 般复杂的属性,存在于城市血脉中。 当从“空间的容器”这样偏重内向的性格开始外向型变 化,并成为定义街道甚至城市空间形象的载体的时候, “建筑” 被赋予的意义变得更加广域。当在地居民的日常生活、短暂 访客的使用等需求的多样性到达一定浓度,且日趋复杂的时 候,建筑创造的内部空间和城市规划定义的外部空间在某一 个层面上将必然互通一体。于是,富有生命力的街区出现了。 城市的文脉肌理、项目的自身功能以及人的行为在这里交汇 共融。建筑与城市规划的各种宏大而正统的理论们都在以人 的物理、心理尺度为根本判断的这里——在街区——被见证 是与非了。 体验和互动是当今社会性的时代话题,而街区恰恰是承 载这类行为最合适的空间载体。不管是建筑师热衷的共享空 间、室内步行街、半室外灰空间;还是规划部门执著的退让 红线、控制高度、密度、容积率指标;还是文艺青年们迷恋 的街巷廊道等等,其实最终要追求的是一种适合人使用与交 往的空间。阿兰 •B• 雅各布斯《伟大的街道》中曾经这样描 述——“最好的街道既是令人欢欣的,又是实际可用的。它 们充满趣味,并且向所有的人开放。它们包容陌生人的相逢,

度的与城市空间互动的思维应该带到设计中,其行为带来的 结果:或流畅或聚合、或仰视或俯瞰,或醒目或融合的空间 才会合理有序,给人喜悦。 LOA 作为一间致力概念和实效互动结合的建筑事务所, 我们试图在接触到的项目中,设计都能带来城市空间的思考, 引起公众共鸣。芜湖长江之歌和义乌北门街区块综合体的建 筑设计实践,代表了我们的这种思路。对于“城市综合体”, 我们暂不讨论它到底源于商业操作还是政府语境,作为建筑 师——城市塑造的重要参与者,我们看到城市、社会、产业, 以及个体的人等多种因素在此都被牵连其中。依托于这样一 类项目的设计,是否能将我们的设计回归本源? 我们植入的界面和空间是希望引起使用者和所有者的愉 悦、互动甚至思考的。形态的表述不是目的,而是一种手段, 富有张力的界面带来空间崭新的体验,形体的自然随机带来 的趣味,恰到好处的陌生感和熟悉感并存,由此希望唤起建 筑在外部空间态度上更本质的认知——建筑注重内部空间表 达这一特征随着时代变化并延展了,建筑之外部形态也在塑 造着街道空间。建筑的外向型属性不只限于构造细节和材料 美感的表达,对体验和互动的重视与表达才是建筑立面乃至 设计整体所承载的新意义。 以规划的思维、城市的视角来面对单体建筑的设计,赋






DNA 印记。




A New Challenge for Mixed-Use Development in the 21st Century As an architect, our mission is to create a city which places

associated transportation network is a major source of street

better planning and living space ahead of stylistic choices.

side air pollution and other environmental impacts, and those

By 2050, it is estimated that approximately 6.2 billion people

who live in such cities are often adversely affected by poor

will live in urban areas. This staggering figure will undoubtedly

air quality. Any new development model must address these

trigger a series of problems and challenges for any cities,

environmental aspects alongside economic, community and

especially the ones in developing countries. China's Premier

cultural aspects. Transit-oriented development (TOD), is one

Li Kequiang mentioned in a 2013 speech that “another 20

way to address a number of these challenges and TODTOWN

per cent of China’s population will make its way towards the

in Shanghai Minhang is one such development.

closest urban centre over the next decade”.

Providing comprehensive-use development, transportation

To put the situation in perspective: 20 per cent of China’s

infrastructure and public amenity spaces, TODTOWN

population is about 276 million people which equals to

consists residences and serviced apartments, a hotel,

approximately 80% of the United States’ population, these

offices, retail and public spaces, on top of public transport

individuals will be migrating from rural areas to the top 50

infrastructure (trains, buses, taxis and carparks). The design

largest cities. If you simply evenly divide these people into

of the development prioritizes the efficient integration of the

50 cities, this means that each and every city will have to

transport hub with all community needs. An elongated retail

accommodate, on average, another 5.52 million people.

mall forms the centrepiece of the TODTOWN design, which

This influx of humanity will not only place huge demands on

connects and unifies the disparate parts of the site.

infrastructure, public amenities and transportation networks;

Of course, we do not want these future mixed-use

it will also have enormous and detrimental impacts on the

developments to be identical across every city, providing the

environment. Careful planning is needed to solve these

same shops and the same experience; A Transit-Oriented

problems holistically, and it is we architects that will, as

Development should not eradicate the local culture and

never before, play a vital role in mitigating the many impacts

community. As architects, our duty is to balance the need to

of increasing urbanization.

address environmental and spatial problems while mitigating

Probably the best way to reduce our impact on the

the consequence of increasing urbanization, ensuring that

environment is through a new high density development

local culture and community needs are properly preserved

model, incor por ating a combination of mixed-use

and serviced and after that, paying attention to the stylistics

development, integration with efficient transportation


networks and community development.

Finding this balance is perhaps the biggest challenge for 21st

In any high-density city, the built environment and its

century architects working with mixed-use developments.

吕庆耀 /Bryant Lu 吕元祥建筑师事务所副总裁 /Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu & Partners

21 世纪综合体开发面临的一项新挑战 作为一名建筑师,我们的使命是设计一座拥有完善规






到 2050 年,全球预计约 62 亿人口将居住在城市。对 于任何城市,尤其是处于发展中国家的城市而言,这个庞 大的数字毫无疑问将引发一系列的问题和挑战。中国国家 总理李克强在 2013 年的一次讲话中提到“在下一个 10 年, 共有 20% 的中国人口将迁居到最近的城市中心。” 具体来说:五分一的中国人口约为 2.76 亿,相当于美 国人口约 80%,假设这些人从乡村平均地迁居到最大的 50 个城市中,这意味着每个城市将不得不容纳平均 552 万人。 人口的涌入不仅对基础设施、公共便利设施及交通网络提 出庞大需求;同时,它将对环境产生巨大的负面影响。要 全面地解决这些问题,谨慎周详的规划是必不可少的。而 我们这些建筑师将在缓和日益加快的城镇化所引起的影响 中,发挥前所未有的关键作用。 其中一个减少对环境影响的最好方法,就是通过一个 崭新的高密度开发模式,引入一个集高效的交通网络和社 区开发相融合的高强度综合体。 在任何高密度城市中,建筑环境和相关的交通网络是

式(TOD),便是解决这类挑战的有效方案,而位于上海闵 行区的莘庄站体复合城 TODTOWN 就是此开发模式的一个样 例。 TODTOWN 提供综合性住宅区、交通设施和公共福利服 务和各种生活消闲所需的空间,除公共交通基础设施(火车、 公共汽车、出租车和停车场)之外,还包含服务式公寓、酒店、 写字楼、零售以及公共空间。设计优先考虑交通中心与社 区需求的高效融合。一个长形的大型购物中心为整个核心 项目,以两手互握的设计概念构想出发,重新整合了闵行 区的交通网络,成功把南面和北面的住宅区连接起来。当 然,我们并不希望每个城市的综合体开发模式如出一辙, 以公共交通为导向的开发模式更不应该旨意消除当地文化。 作为建筑师,优秀的城市设计固然重要,但更重要的,除 了帮助缓和日益加速的城镇化所引起的恶果,更要平衡解 决环境和空间的问题,确保当地文化得以保育,满足和响 应社区的需求。 对于 21 世纪从事综合体开发的建筑师们而言,寻求这 平衡也许是我们最大的挑战。

目 录


Shishi Yangneiting Complex 10



Changchun Tangren Complex 46






钦州商业综合体 II




DUO 综合体


Yinchuan Huifeng Cozy City 106


Wuhu Commercial Complex

Duo 136


Mei Mei City Commercial Square

Sanya Luna River Project By China Railway Property

Todtown 122


Qinzhou Commercial Complex II

North Gate Street Complex In Yiwu Zhejiang 86

Transportation Hub Urban Complex, Kunshan

Shenzhen Bay Sueper City



Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center

The:Square3 156



Shenzhen Bao'an District Central Park,Centralcon Group 186





Prince’s Building

Jun’an Plaza Concept Design









Bengbu Paramount 244

Guangshanghui Corporate Headquarters 广商汇企业总部基地


Changchun City Flourishing Center

Upper Hills

Shenzhen Qianhai Exchange Plaza 250


Shanxi International Financial Street


Index 276


Shishi Yangneiting Complex 石狮洋内亭城市综合体


Location Shishi, Fujian Province, China



98,086 m2 (Project area) 424,127 m2 (Building area)

RM Architects + J.A.O. Design


The project is located in the new northern district of Shishi. Benefiting from the integrative development of Quanzhou Bay Rim, the project site occupies the north gateway location to Shishi City radiating the surrounding regions including Quanzhou and Jinjiang. It covers a total land area of 98,086 square meters with an overall floor area of 424,127 square meters. In an aim to create regional iconic images, the project has adopted the concept of eco-city and highlighted the philosophy of sustainable development. On the one hand, we use innovative approach to break the foursquare layout and shapes, and instead bring in the curves to create a flowing, natural, organic and flexible exterior image and internal space. On the other hand, we appropriately applied energy conservation techniques including vertical greening, natural ventilation, water circulation and alternative energy, etc. The concept and exterior image have been in total accord with the modern and vigorous urban building clusters. In the master planning, we divided the site into east and west sections. The east section is adjacent to the main road and is designed to be commercial and office areas, demonstrating the iconic feature of the project. The west


section is close to the residential community in the west and the park in the north, and is designed to be residential area with top quality living environment. Between the sections are a vehicular path running through the site and a clubhouse serving both the residents in community and clients from the outside, both working as the separation of two sections. Hotel office building is at the northeast corner of the site, together with other three SOHO office buildings to have become the landmark of the city. The various skylines combined with the commercial demonstration along the shopping center, providing an attractive city image. The commercial street goes from south to north between the public buildings area and residential one through the entire site, together with the shopping mall at the southeast corner to have shaped a continuous and complete commercial block. The commercial type of ground-floor stores along the two sides of the street is also applied, which is in compliance with the consumption habits of Shishi citizens. The residential area in the west is placed in an embracing layout with a park in the center, taking consideration of the privacy. The ground floors of the residential building are of commercial use ensuring the mix-use functions of the plot.







本案位于石狮的北部新区,得益于环泉州湾同城一体化的发展,占据了从北部进入石狮的城市门户位置,并可辐 射泉州、晋江等周边区域。总用地面积为 98,086 平方米,总建筑面积为 424,127 平方米。本案以创造区域地标意象 为宗旨,从生态城的立意出发,充分体现了可持续发展的设计理念。一方面,运用富有创造性的手法,打破了方正平 直的布局和造型,曲线的运用带来了流畅、自然、有机而富有变化的外部形象和内部空间;另一方面,在设计中恰当 地运用了立体绿化、自然通风以及水循环、新能源等节能技术;内在理念与外在气质形象的和谐统一,营造出极具现 代感的、生机勃勃的城市建筑群。 规划中将场地分为东西两区,东区临近主要道路,设计为商业办公区,展现出本案城市地标的特性;西区临近西 侧住区和北侧公园,设计为住宅区,创造高品质的居住环境。东西区之间,以穿越场地的车行道路和同时服务住区内 外的会所作为两个区域的分隔。酒店办公综合楼位于场地东北角,与三栋 SOHO 办公楼构成城市地标,丰富的天际 线结合购物中心沿街的商业展示,带来富有吸引力的城市形象。风情商业街自南向北从公建区与住宅区之间贯穿整个 场地,与位于场地东南角的购物中心一起形成连续完整的商业街区;采用街道两侧商业形式,符合石狮民众的消费习惯。 西侧住宅区采用大围合的布置,中间为花园,别具私密性;住宅楼一层为底层商业,从而确保地块具备混合使用的功能。







Shenzhen Bay Sueper City 深圳湾超级城市

Location Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


Design Team



UNIT (Urban New Idea Team)

Luca D’Amore, Stephanie Leboeuf, Alan Leiro Padilla, Chenglei Su, Xiaoyu Hu, Peiqi Yan

Partner in charge Moyang Yang

2,000,000 m2

Shenzhen Municipality

Super Metropolis With the ever increasing city density,the living space has been extruding straight from the ground up into the air to satisfy the need of dwelling area. And then those skyscrapers just seem like isolated islands. Creatively,we design a street in the air at the height of 150 meters to connect those separated ones and form a second ground street system, all for presenting a real sky city. “This new urban typology, the cloud-street, offers the same diversity as the ground street does, creating new possibilities for urban types of space. Here, we have diverse social activities at the height of 150 meters in the sky, which include shopping 23

mall, restaurants, recreational areas, meeting space, exhibition hall and fitness and entertainment facilities, etc. This new urban typology offers the unprecedented energy and fresh possibilities. Man and Nature Central park is such a place, where natural landscape, cultural facilities, underground transportation facilities, commercial activities and other social events are mixed together. It is a gathering place in this district, as well as the super connector among facilities for underground transportation and business and culture. People can enjoy the beauty of natural scenes and the convenience of public facilities in such a highdensity city.


Circulation 25

central park

超级都市 随着城市密度不断地增长,城市变成了向空中挤出 的城市,摩天楼变成了一座座孤岛。我们创造性地在 150 米高空用一条空中街道链接这些孤立的摩天楼,在空中形 成第二地面街道系统,从而实现一座真正的空中城市。 空中街道这种新的城市空间类型,提供了和传统地 面街道一样的多样性,并且创造了新的可能性。在这里, 多元化的社会性活动,如购物、餐饮、休闲、会议、展览、 健身娱乐等被抬升至 150 米高空,并连接这些摩天楼, 这种新型的都市空间类型,为高密度城市带来了前所未有 的活力和新的可能性。 跨界自然 中央公园将自然景观元素、文化设施、地下交通设施、 商业活动以及社会事件高度混合。它是整个片区人流的汇 集场所,同时也是地下交通设施、商业文化设施的超级连 接体。在这里人们可以享受原生态的自然景观又拥有高密 度城市各种便利的公共设施。


Connection Program 27




section 31

Transportation Hub Urban Complex, Kunshan 昆山人民南路交通枢纽城市综合体项目

Location Kunshan, Jiangsu


ACO Architects & Consultants



Bocheng Engineering Technology Company

78,000 m2 (Commercial Site Area) 117,000 m2 (Residential Site Area) 32


Chongbang Group

The project has a site of 195,000 m2 with a GFA of 794,000 m2 including 334,000 m2 commercial area and 117,000 m2 residential area. Kunshan possesses the traditional features of Wu culture - people, art, mountain and water merging the unique three treasures of Kunshan: Kunshan stone, wild Chinese viburnum and twin lotuses which constitute its own charming historic and cultural features and that’s where our design concept comes from. Adhering to the design concept of modern fashion and national culture, the project emphasizes the modern sense of the building by integrating fashionable elements and national cultural features in detail. Through special treatment of architectural space, lighting glass and roof greening and creation of exterior landscape and waterscape as well as the decoration of the traditional design and color of building façade, traditional and modern cultures of Kunshan are well exhibited. The integration of a series of lights, materials, patterns and water ensures double effect of day and night and highlights the design concept of the project and shows the modern Jiangnan features in 21st century.





项目总用地面积为 195,000 平方米,其中商业部分为 7.8 万平方米,住宅部分为 11.7 万平方米;总建筑面积,商业部 分为 33.4 万平方米,住宅部分为 46 万平方米。 昆山本身具有吴文化的传统特点——人、艺、山、水, 融合昆山特有的三宝:昆石、琼花、并蒂莲,构成了它独具 魅力的历史风貌和人文要素,而我们的设计理念正来源于此。 项目正是遵循现代时尚与民族文化相结合的设计理念,整体 突出建筑的现代感,融入动感强烈的时尚元素,同时在细节 上融入民族文化特色,通过对建筑空间、采光玻璃、屋顶绿 化的处理,以及室外绿化和水景的打造,加之对建筑立面传 统图案和色彩的点缀,折射出昆山的传统和现有文化。最终 通过一系列的光线、材料、图案、水面的相互结合、映衬, 实现白天、夜晚的双重效果,突显了项目的设计理念主旨, 体现出二十一世纪的现代江南特色。











ජᏖ䘧䏃 62+2ࡲ݀ߎܹষ

Ҏ㸠⌕㒓 ौ䋻ऎߎܹষ

䔺㸠⌕㒓 ഄ䴶㞾㸠䔺ԡ

ഄ䪕キߎܹষ ഄ䴶‫ذ‬䔺ԡ



















































81 图例:















3-3剖面图 儿童房






3-3剖面图 81








地下车库 82





峨眉山路立面图 84 沿街立面图(二)





Changchun Tangren Complex 长春唐人中心综合体

Location Changchun, Jilin, China


CCI Architecture Design  & Consulting Co., LTD.



107,671 m2


Changchun Tangren Complex is located in Lvyuan District Changchun City, Jilin Province, with the Haoyue Road to its north, Guihua Road to its south, Xinyang Road to its east. Surrounded by favorable commercial atmosphere and convenient transportation, as well as supported by First Auto Work(FAW) plant in the south, this area has become a historic, vast-scale and mature residential area. To the north is the green and lush Changchun Park, the thirdlargest park in Changchun city with pleasant environment, across the street. And Jinjiang Plaza, a trading area, has already begun to take shape to its southwest. This project covers an area of 107,671 square meters and the unit size is 451,870 square meters,which includes the functions like large-sized department stores, recreation center, outdoor pedestrian streets, boutique residence, high-end housing, schools, etc. Upon completion, this area will make Changchun an integrated city center with commercials, entertainments and living spaces. This design introduces the idea of “White mountain and Black water”. The White mountain and Black water respectively refer to the Changbai mountains and the Heilongjiang river, which is from The History of Jin Dynasty•Centuries: “Jurchens was born by the side of Huntongjiang river and on the Changbai mountains. Huntongjiang river is also called the Heilongjiang river, and this is how “White mountain and Black water” comes from.” Changchun is like a pearl on the hinterland of the Northeast plain in China. And the white mountain and black water endows Changchun a unique character. The concept of "White mountain and Black water”

用地现状图 48

runs through the whole design. Exterior facades are designed with perforated metals as the appearance of the commercial buildings, which makes the project as integrated and rolling like mountains; the gradually changed texture shows the layering among short-or-longrange mountains. Glass walls give an image of flowing water, disappearing or reappearing, which adds a sense of dynamic to the broad and smooth “mountains”. Towers follow the same concept, in streamline design, as the the commercial buildings; but their textures are in their own style, which seeks harmony but not uniformity with commercial buildings. The combination of “real” perforated metals and “virtual” glass walls presents an image of "White mountain and Black water”, which is like a charming Chinese painting. The design of th commercial pedestrian streets is like flowing rivers running towards the inner plaza with elegant curves and a wide vision, which leads people to the central part of the project. The roads in the residence are like streams, running meanderingly. It forms a center landscape as an organic part in the surroundings rather than an unheeded green land. It also connects each building like pearls, let residents could not only enjoy the convenient transportation but also stay away from the noise and enjoy the green land. Rivers and trickles co-exist respectively, but in the same river system, interlaced and inseparable, forming an integrated and living organism. “Why is the water so clear in the dyke , for the fresh water comes from the spring head.” Changchun Tangren Complex is like a running water nourishing this land.


技术总平面图 49















项目占地面积 107,671 平方米,建筑面积 451,870 平方米,包










山黑水”即长白山和黑龙江,出处于《金史 • 世纪》:“生女








“白山黑水”的概念贯穿于整个项目的设计之中。外立面 设计主要以穿孔金属板作为商业部分的表皮,使项目整体如山


“问渠哪得清如许,为有源头活水来。”长春唐人中心综 合体项目犹如一渠活水,滋养着这一方土地。










商业一层平面图 56


商业三层平面图 57

住宅 A 标准层平面图


住宅 F 标准层平面图


Qinzhou Commercial Complex II 钦州商业综合体 II

Location Qin Zhou, Guangxi, China





Atelier Alter

410,000 m

Guangxi Song Yu Enterprise Group


Atelier Alter


总体平面图 The project, within the new town, is located on a vital communication line that links the old and the new town. It is in a core region which connects the sports center, political center, commercial and residential area. It serves as the point of junction of the axis of linking the old and new town and of the political and business activities. With gyms in the north, there is a flow of sports recreational crowd. In the south is the high-end business office area, and there is a large number of high-end consumers. Residents mainly stay in the southeast. In addition, there is an important green axis starting from No.2 plot in the project. There is a comprehensive, multi-level flow of people. The key of the project is how to integrate the streams of people. Take-in City Square The project designs several concave architectural spaces to form a traditional city square to bring the

urban elements and consumer flows into them. At the same time, the squares are built on stilts and connected. On the one hand, it will strengthen business comprehensive ability between squares; on the one hand, it will increase the business exposed area. At the same time, the method of the ground floor construction on tilts turns the outside green axis resources into resource advantage of this location. Streets and Lanes Street and lane shopping mode caters more to citizens, while for businesses, its shortcomings lie in the quick drains of passenger flow. Enclosure design not only preserves the architectural features of the street and lane shopping patterns but also minimizes the loss of visitors. Surrounded by streets and lanes, visitors who come for the first time will have a new and deep impression.


系统分析图 62


建筑体量与周边环境关系 63

本项目用地位于联系旧城新城的交通要道上,在新城区内,由位于连接体育中心区、 政治中心区与商务、住宅区的核心地段,是联系新旧城区、政治商务板块两大轴线的交叉 点。北邻体育馆群,有大量的体育娱乐型人流;南邻高端商务办公区,有大量高端消费人 群;东南有居住区人流。此外还有一条重要的绿化轴线起始于本项目的二号地块。综合性、 多层次行人流兼备。如何将各个层面的人流来源整合是本项目的关键。 “纳入式”城市广场 本方案利用几个内凹型建筑空间,形成传统的城市广场,将几个方面的城市要素与消 费人流纳入其中。同时使用底层架空的手法,将这几个广场统一联系起来,一方面加强各 广场之间商业综合消化能力,一方面加大了商业的营业暴露面。同时,底层架空还将地段 外的绿化轴线资源转化成本地段的资源性优势。 街与巷 街与巷的购物模式虽然更加迎合市民,对于商家来说,其缺点往往在于流失过快的客 流。围合式设计不仅使街与巷购物模式的建筑特点得以保留,还以建筑围合的形式最大限 度地减少客人的流失。配以包围的街与巷,给予初次光临的客人别有洞天的深刻印象。





商业街东北向入口 66


商业街西北入口 67




商业综合体南向人视 69

Mei Mei City Commercial Square 衡阳美美世界城市商业广场

Location Dalian, Liaoning Province, China


Laguarda.Low Architects, LLC



Yitian Group


320,000 m2


Hengyang Meimei world city commercial plaza is a superlarge urban compound complex, which consists of the red star macalline international furniture MALL, the soft outfit MALL, the international building materials brand blocks, the household creative center, the SOHO refined decoration apartments, the children’s recreational center, the riverside leisure business street and the high-end residential area.. It shapes an urbanized, modernized informationalized and intellectualized architecture image. Commercial design combined with the project location and site conditions, with a reasonable advanced architectural planning and design, creates architectural spaces of multi-ground-floor three-dimensional commercial blocks. It is an internationalized modern architecture cluster. And it proposes the "1.5 street" concept, that is, to let the main street drive the less prosperous street. The designer’s purpose is to make the project into a shopping park with landscape all around and a modern lifestyle center which leads the urban development. This case is positioned as a key international complex in Hengyang area and a one-stop business center with business of all kinds and business formats for building 72

materials.It is also a new business landmark in Hengyang city, which has gained popularity and become the new landmark of Hengyang. Three deign strategies: 1. According to the altitude difference of the external roads around the site, the project creates several entrance squares in various elevation and multi-ground-floor threedimensional blocks by the reasonable setting of the interior land levels to improve the commerce accessibility and to increase the values of the basement and the shops on the second and the third floor. 2. The concept of "1.5 street" was proposed to break the independent and negative streamline relationship between the front inner street and the rear one. Between the main street and the secondary street, theme squares were built to balance the length of the secondary streets to enhance the commercial atmosphere. 3. Because of the very long moving lines of the whole commercial street, the strategy of "one step , one scene" was adopted to make the commercial nodes attractive and enrich the colorful experiences of landscape shopping park. It strengthens the co-movement among commercial buildings and creates an outdoor platform for commercial display .





衡阳美美世界城市商业广场是集红星美凯龙国际家居 MALL、 软 装 MALL、 国 际 建 材 品 牌 街 区、 家 居 创 意 中 心、 SOHO 精装公寓、儿童娱乐中心、滨河休闲商业街、高档住宅 区为一体的超大型城市复合建筑群。塑造了一个都市化、现代化、 信息化、智能化的建筑形象。商业设计结合项目定位和基地条件, 以合理超前的建筑规划设计,营造多首层立体商业街区的建筑 空间,国际感十足的现代主义建筑集群,并提出主街带次街的 “1.5 条街”概念,将该项目打造成一步一景的景观购物公园, 引领城市发展的现代生活方式中心。 本案定位为衡阳区域核心国际级综合体,建材全业种全业 态的一站式商业中心,构筑起衡阳城市全新商业地标,聚集商


业人气,形成衡阳新地标。 设计三大策略: 1、结合基地外围道路的高差,合理设置基地内部场地标高, 形成多个不同标高的入口广场和多首层立体街区,提高商业可 达性,提升地下室及二三层商铺价值;2、提出以建材街区为主, 配套商业为辅的 1.5 条街概念,打破前后两条内街各自独立的 消极流线关系。主次街之间设主题广场,消融次街长度,提升 商业氛围;3、整条商业街动线较长,采用移步易景的策略,制 造话题性节点和丰富的景观购物公园体验,加强商业建筑之间 的联动性,营造室外商业展示平台。















North Gate Street Complex In Yiwu Zhejiang 义乌北门街区块商业综合体

Location Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, China


Chief Architect


Lin Feng


194,000 m2 (Construction Area), 48,783 m2 (Land Area)

The total floor plan 86





Yiwu North Gate Street complex is located in Yiwu city center, north of Gongren Road, west of North Gate Street, east of Xinma road, land area of about 49,000 square meters. The main features include: office buildings, hotels, commercial pedestrian street, shopping malls and so on. Land on the south side of Yiwu City Hall, the east is Intime Mall, enjoying Xiu lake district. Land surrounding the design has become more mature commercial, office, residential and other urban functions. By design we want to maximize the advantages of different plots around the interface with the city to form a favorable complementary. Our design will be arranged in a high-rise office block on the south side, formed along the main road of the city landmarks. The hotel is the main function of conjoined buildings

arranged in a relatively quiet west side, combined with the characteristics of a relatively narrow land east side of the hotel, taking advantage of the long side of the street, between the formation of the internal design of commercial pedestrian street and the hotel business Street, offers a wealth of office and hotel. The people will pass through the shopping street and be guided to the northern end. The Mall at north side will be a excitement as the ending of the commercial trip. The horizontal line of the façade with scattered building mass form a beautiful city skyline. And at builing roof.We also design roof gardens at different height levels, to bring green view for the city and build a fifth building interface. 89

设计概念 水平向流畅的曲线 行云流水 浑然一体

功能分区 1. 下沉广场 square

2. 商业内街 street

3. 品牌商场 retail

4. 餐饮娱乐 entertainment

5. 空中花园 roof garden

6. 写字楼 office

7. 高端酒店 hotel



城市天际线 92






义乌北门街区商业综合体位于义乌市中心,工人路以北,北门街以西,新马路以东。占地面积为 49,000 平方 米。项目主要涵盖了办公楼、酒店、商业步行街和购物中心等等。商业综合体位于义乌城市大厅的南端,东部紧邻 Intime 商场,秀湖街区。项目周围的地区已经成为更成熟的商业区、办公区、住宅区,还有其他更加完善的城市功 能。通过这一设计,我们想使界面周围不同的区块的优势得到最大程度的凸显,与城市形成互补。我们的设计将安 排在南面的高层办公大楼区,形成沿主要道路的城市地标。酒店是相连的大楼中主要的功能,位于西边一个相对安 静的地点,再加上酒店东部一片相对狭窄的土地,充分利用了街道狭长的优势。商业步行街内部设计结构 , 加之酒 店商业街,形成了办公区和酒店的混合。 行人穿过购物街,走到北头,商业街尽头的北部商场会让大家兴奋不已。外立面的水平线,加上分散的建筑群, 形成一个美丽的城市天际线。在建筑的屋顶,我们也设计不同水平高度的屋顶花园,来为城市增添一抹绿意,并且 构建第五个建筑界面。



Todtown 莘庄站体复合城

Location Xinzhuang Minhang, Shanghai, China


Ronald Lu & Partners



405,000 m2


TODTOWN is a comprehensive development built over existing railway and metro lines. It fulfils three main functions: comprehensive development, public transport infrastructure, and the provision of public amenities. The development is comprised of residences, serviced apartments, a hotel, offices, retail space and public amenity space, spread over a total gross floor area of 405,000 m2 in the heart of Shanghai’s Xinzhuang area. The ultimate aim of this project is to integrate the transport hub into the development with a high level of efficiency and quality. The existing site is a piece of land fragmented by existing railway and metro lines. For years there has been no connectivity between the northern and southern portions of the site. As a result, the surrounding transportation network has been placed under stress. TODTOWN will provide a road which bridges railway lines and re-stitches the site back together. This north-south road will relieve local traffic problems, fuse coherently with the network at the macro scale and create synergies in and around the development. With the introduction of a deck over the existing railway lines, the development provides a platform to build upon on, as well as a barrier to shield the project from train noise. This design also provides a 24-hour weather-proof transit hub experience for users. Travellers can comfortably 124

interchange between the metro station, train station and PTI or enter the development, all within a controlled environment. TODTOWN’s extensive 655m length allows the development to offer three civic squares located at the north, south and mid-point of the site. These squares break down the massive building volume and inject vibrant life and energy into the urban environment. TODTOWN introduces an urban oasis over the previously dull hard-landscape occupied by the railway infrastructure.

Master Layout Plan 总平面图





diagram 线图

莘庄站体复合城 TODTOWN 是在现有的铁路线和地铁线的基础上的综合开发区。它有 3 个主要功能:(一) 综合发展(二)公共交通基础设施(三)公共便利设施。 这个综合交通枢纽项目位于莘庄地区的中心地带,总建筑面积为 405,000 平方米,包含以下方面:住宅、服 务式公寓、酒店、办公楼、零售、公共便利设施。 项目旨在高效率高质量地把交通枢纽与综合发展区联接在一起。现有的中枢地区被铁路线路和地铁线路分割 开。长久以来,这种情况一直阻碍着北部与南部的联系,给周围其他的交通网造成了很大压力。 莘庄站体复合城 TODTOWN 在铁路线上架起了一座桥,重新连接了北部和南部地区。这条连接南北的路线, 缓解了当地的交通压力,在很大程度上与当地交通网融合在了一起,也给地区的开发区带来了许多活力。它在现 有的铁路线上引进了建筑平面。这就为所有的交通发展提供了一个平台,以及可在其之上进行构建。它还能屏蔽 所有火车产生的噪音。最重要的是,用者可享用全天侯防风雨的行人枢纽,让整个旅程畅通无阻。旅客可在地铁站, 火车站和 PTI 之间舒适地进行转乘,或在可控的内部环境下进入开发区。在整个广延的长度(655 米)内,莘庄站 体复合城 TODTOWN 还提供了三个市民广场,分别位于北部、南部和中部地区。这些广场划破了规模庞大的建筑群, 并给城市环境注入了生气和活力。 以前由铁路占据的地表景观很呆板、僵硬,而莘庄站体复合城 TODTOWN 为这 个城市引入了一个绿洲。


Offices and Serviced Apartments 辨公楼和服务式公寓

North Plaza 广场北侧


Residences 住宅


Serviced Apartments 服务式公寓


1/F Floor Plan 一楼 平面图

2/F Floor Plan 二楼 平面图

3/F Floor Plan 三楼 平面图


Residences and City Garden 住宅和城市花园


4/F Floor Plan 四楼 平面图

5/F Floor Plan 五楼 平面图

6/F Floor Plan 六楼 平面图


Duo DUO 综合体

Location Singapore





Buro Ole Scheeren

Buro Ole Scheeren

26,700 m2

M+S Pte. Ltd.



Ole Scheeren, Eric Chang

The design for DUO subtracts circular carvings from the allowable building volumes in a series of concave movements that generate urban spaces – a kind of “urban poché” that co- opts adjacent buildings and symbiotically inscribes the two towers into their context. By generating the massing through a subtractive process, the elevations of the new towers are reduced to slender profiles. Vertical facades rise skywards along the adjoining roads, while a net-like hexagonal pattern of sunshades reinforces the dynamic concave shapes. The duo of tower volumes is further sculpted to feature a series of cantilevers and setbacks that evoke choreographed kinetic movements of the building silhouettes. The buildings dematerialize as they reach the ground to provide a porous permeable landscape traversing the site. Leisure zones and gardens act as a connector between multiple transport hubs and establish a flow of tropical greenery and lively commercial activity, accessible to the public 24 hours a day. A plaza, carved into the center of the towers and integrating the neighboring building as part of its perimeter, forms a new public nexus between the historic district of Kampong Glam and the extension of the city’s commercial corridor. Multiple levels of vertical connectivity give access to large elevated terraces for the hotel and residents, a public observation deck and a sky restaurant atop the office/hotel tower, while establishing a direct connection to the adjacent underground MRT subway station. Vehicular traffic is lifted off the ground to allow uninterrupted pedestrian circulation. Extensive landscape areas at theground levels, elevated terraces, and roofscapes provide accessible green space equal to100% of the site area. The development incorporates environmental strategies through passive and active energy efficient design and naturally ventilated spaces. The building’s orientation is optimized to prevailing sun and wind angles, while the concave building massing captures and channels wind flows through and across the site, fostering cool microclimates within the shaded outdoor spaces. Embracing civic spaces in a symbiotic relationship with each other and thereby transforming the surrounding multivalent urban fabric, the two sculpted towers act as urban space generators.



Permeable Groundscape 为 DUO 所做的设计在可允许的建筑体积中去掉了圆形的雕 刻,使其呈一系列的凹型走向,从而形成都市空间——一种“城市 口袋”,即使相邻的建筑合作,两楼互相内切而形成这种场景。 通过减成法形成的建筑群 , 使这些新楼宇的立视图简化为细长 的剖面图。垂直立面沿相邻道路向空中直立 , 呈网状六角形的遮阳 板强化了动态凹型形状。高楼的楼体被进一步雕刻,使一系列的悬 臂梁和收进成为了特色 , 突显了精心设计的动态感的建筑轮廓。 建筑群在接近地面的同时变得非实体化,呈现出一种多孔渗 透性的景观,横跨了整个基地。休闲区域和花园连接了多个的交通 枢纽,并呈现了流动性的热带植被及繁荣的商业活动,一天 24 小 时都向公众开放。位于楼宇中心的广场,整合了邻近的建筑使其成 为周界的一部分,在甘榜格南历史区及不断扩展的城市商业走廊之

间,形成一个新的公共中心。多层次的垂直连接可使人们进入大型 高层露台、公共观景台及位于办公 / 酒店楼宇顶部的空中餐厅,同 时也恰好直接连接了相邻的地下捷运地铁站。车辆交通是脱离地面 的,这样不会干扰行人的流通。地面上多层次的广阔景观区域、高 层露台及楼宇顶棚提供了可利用的百分之百等同于基地面积的绿色 空间。 社区通过被动和主动性节能设计及自然通风空间,体现了其 环境战略的应用。将建筑的方向最优化,获得最佳角度,进而能够 最大限度地获得阳光和风,此外,凹形建筑群可捕捉并输送风流, 使其通过或横穿整个基地,在遮蔽的外部空间内形成酷爽的微气候。 这两个雕塑般的高楼,彼此依托,环抱着公共空间,从而改 变着周围多价的城市结构,宛如城市空间的发动机,发挥着其作用。


Civic Nucleus



Carved Elevations





Wuhu Commercial Complex 芜湖长江之歌高层住宅及商业综合体



Wuhu, Anhui Province, China


Chief Architect


Lin Feng 2

2,380,000 m (Construction Area)

The project is located in the Yangtze River in Yijiang District Wuhu city, at south side of city center, nearby the technology park and high Schools areas. At west side of our area along the river is urban landscape axis. The total river side length of the site is more than 1.5 kilometers. The project will be a new image of Yangtze River culture of humanism. The total project land is divide into 3 residential sites- A, B, C1 and Complex- C2 .The Site A with 17 high-rise residential towers has a total construction area of about 620,000 square meters. The each residential has excellent


Client Guodu

Riverview at . The complex C2 including five Stars Hotel, office buildings, shopping centers, condos will be built as a landmark of city with the height 260m. The tower group with 5 high-rise buildings show the cultural landscape of mountains and rivers. The shopping malls at 1-5 Floor is the Basement of the total elegant buildings, each building will be also organically connected through the underground leisure area , square and commercial pedestrian street etc.






湿地公园 基地 长 江





美国 LOA 建筑事务所 www.loaarchitects.com.cn





日照分析 150




项目坐落于芜湖市弋江区,城市中心 的南端,紧邻科技园以及高中学校区。西 边沿着河岸是城市景观的核心。该区河岸 总长度达 1500 多米,项目建成后会是长 江人文文化的新象征。项目总用地分成了 3 个 居 民 区, 即 A、B、C 区。C 区 又 分 为 C1 和 C2 综 合 区。A 区 由 17 座 高 层 住宅楼组成,总建筑面积约为 62 万平方 米。每座住宅楼都享有绝佳的沿河风景。 C2 综合区是集五星级酒店、办公大楼、 购物中心和公寓大厦于一体的城市地标性 建筑,高 260 米。由 5 座高楼组成的塔群 展示了群山与河流的文化景观。1~5 层的 购物中心作为总体雅致高楼的地基。每栋 高楼也将通过地下娱乐中心、广场以及商 业步行街有序地连接在一起。


C2 综合体总平面图 C2 综合体功能分布


C2 综合体剖面


Shenzhen Bao'an District Central Park,Centralcon Group 深圳宝安中洲中央公园

Location Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


Chief Architect



Australia PT Design Consultants Limited (PT Design) Shenzhen Zhongzhou Baocheng Properties Limited Company


Zhao Guoxing

90,836.24 m2 (Site), 406,000 m2 (Built)

Project Team

Chen Jihui, Feng Pei, Fu Yufeng, Chen Lin, Zhang Jianqun, Li Zhuo, Wang Ying

Located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen Province, this project is developed by Centralcon Group Shenzhen Baocheng Real Estate Co.Ltd and designed by Bai Tao. It is a rarely high-end flagship urban complex project, including noble residential areas, apartments and business parts, etc. In the contexts of urban renewal and the rapid development of new rail transit system, new transportation network makes the connection between the project and other areas of Shenzhen. The new trip modes also activate its flows and vitality. These advantages make the design be more inclined to create a multi-composite complex. Thus, this project is positioned as an“urban complex�. Each part of it is in a dynamic interaction of interdependence and mutual benefit, aiming to form a multifunctional and efficient complex. In the planning design, the landscape is the leading factor, whose theme is green and waterscape. And with the methods of borrowed scenery and landscaping, the design makes artistic landscape for the whole residential area and creates an elegant and peaceful living environment for successful personages in modern society. The concept of this project is about intensive and optimal land use. All buildings are built around the base to give an open yard green space and their flexible layout also offers themselves advantages like ventilation and lighting.

The parlor of each unit faces the major landscape; each unit has at least one living-room faces the south, with its large-scaled French window or bay window that will fully absorb the sunlight and give a good perspective of the fine scenery. Given the residents' unique preference for the cultural atmosphere of traditional streets, the design style of this project is Art Deco. Along the base and next to the main roads of the city, the ground floor business section forms such a functional space including outdoor shopping, recreation areas, restaurants, etc. The key to its design is to make the space more well-planned and comfortable, aiming to offer people the possibilities of various activities. The concept of this project is about intensive and optimal land use--business section and apartments are in a collaborative and centralized form; it pays special attention to the simple and integrated image of urban road surface; and it reduces the disturbance to rear residences. In terms of urban landmark and public construction, the design of residence area A and B are in more simple ,liberal, and commercial modern elegance style to highlight the terse, efficient, vivid and fashionable theme. The design of multi-moving-lines and multi-space creates a vibrant fashion shopping center, gives a new and modern business experience center in the old town, and also contributes to the upgrading of the urban core.


本项目位于深圳市宝安区,由深圳市中洲宝城置业有限公司开发, 由柏涛设计完成。此项目包括高尚住宅、公寓、商业等,是目前深圳罕 有的高端旗舰城市综合体项目。 在城市更新的背景下及新的轨道交通体系快速发展的背景下,新 的交通网络增强了本地块与深圳市内其他地区的联系,该区的人流及地 区活力也因新的出行方式而得到进一步提升,使本项目的规划更倾向于 创造多元复合的综合空间。 因此,本项目规划定位为“城市综合体”。 并在各部分间建立一种相互依存,相互助益的能动关系,从而形成一个 多功能、高效率的综合体。规划设计中在基地内部以景观为主导,采用 借景与造景的手法,并以绿色与水景为主题,充分构筑了住宅小区内充 满诗情画意的意境,为现代成功人士营造一个高雅,宁静的生活氛围。 本方案的设计思想为集约化节地型设计,建筑沿地块周边布置以 创造舒适开敞的大庭院绿化空间,灵活的布局为建筑自身的通风采光等 提供有利的条件,所有户型的厅均向主景观面,每户均有居室向南,采


用大面积落地门窗或凸窗,充分吸纳外界阳光及美景。基于此地区居民 对于传统街区的人文气息有独特的偏好,本方案建筑的设计风格为 Art Deco。 建筑底层商业沿地块周边布置,紧邻城市主要干道,形成了室外 购物、休闲、餐饮等功能空间,其设计核心是让空间功能合理而舒适, 以期为人们提供各种不同活动的可能性。 本方案的设计思想为集约化节地型设计,商业与公寓均采用抱团 集中式构图,注重城市道路界面的简洁、完整形象,并尽可能减少对后 排住宅的干扰。 在 A,B 块住宅地块设计从城市地标和公建化立面两个角度考虑, 采用更简洁大方,更商业气息浓厚的现代典雅风格,突出简洁,高效, 明快,时尚的主题。 多动线、多空间设计,营造一个富有活力的时尚购物中心,为 老城区贡献一个新的现代化的商业体验中心,促进城市核心区升级更新。




B 区规划结构分析图

B 区交通分析图


















Changchun City Flourishing Center 长春熙旺中心 

Location Changchun, Jilin, China


Ming Lai Architects Inc.

The site is located in Kuancheng district of Changchun city. Having a favorable geographical position, Kuancheng district is an important gateway of Changchun as well as a window to the outside world. The project takes the administrative center and the central park as its axis, making full use of the central park and the green belt around the city. The outlook of the existing commercial complex buildings seems conservative and dull, and this project’s aim is to reflect the trend of the times. The colorful appearance, which is very attractive to people, of these buildings will have a tremendous visual impact. The building facade interacts with the street space, forms a flowing rhythm and creates a landmark of the city. Taking the local culture and its climate conditions into consideration, the design of the facade stems from the rock cutting which has an abstract character of calmness, giving the buildings a feeling of power and highlighting the

dynamic sculpture sense of modern architecture. Podiums are mainly light-colored stones and blue-gray glasses. Walls which are inlaid with metal lamp chamfers give people a mature feeling, provide a unique and innovative visual impact, and make the commercial atmosphere prominent. The north side of the podiums faces the central park, and has a large LED screen on it. And it is just like a visual magnet, attracting people around and providing a festival atmosphere. The design of the tower facade is concise and grand, and those clean and neat lines create a strong sense of orderliness, making the overall buildings straight and majestic. In terms of material, the use of glasses and stones highlights the virtual-real contrast, and at the same time it increases the heat preservation and the energy saving. 215






基地位于长春市宽城区。宽城区地理位置优越,是长春市的重要门户和对外窗口。本项目以 宽城区行政中心及中心公园为轴线,充分利用中心公园和环城绿带资源。 长春市现有的大部分商业综合体的外观保守单调,本项目希望反映时代的潮流。借由建筑丰 富多彩的面貌,形成视觉的冲击力,吸引人流。立面与街道空间互动,形成流动的节奏韵律,创 造地标建筑。并在尊重当地文化及气候条件下,立面设计源自岩石的削切,抽象及沉稳的特质, 赋予建筑力量感,凸显出灵动的现代建筑的雕塑感。 裙房以浅色石材与蓝灰色玻璃为主,墙身镶嵌金属灯槽,表现出大气沉稳,独特创新的视觉 印象,商业氛围显著。裙房北侧面临中心公园,设计有大型 LED 屏幕,如同视觉吸铁石,聚集周 边人气,营造节日气氛。 塔楼立面设计造型简洁大方,干净利落的线条创造出强烈的序列感,使得整体建筑挺拔雄伟。 在材质上使用玻璃与石材以突出其虚实对比的关系,同时增加建筑保温性和节能性。




Shenzhen Qianhai Exchange Plaza 深圳前海交易广场



Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


Andrea Maffei Architects

Project Team 392,410 m2

Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Modern Service Industry, Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen


Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone is a commercial development in Shenzhen, China. Located at the west of Shekou Peninsula and encircled by Shuangjie River, Moon Bay Avenue, Mawan Avenue and Qianhai Bay, Qianhai covers an area of approximately 15 square kilometres (5.8 sq mi). The six lots forming part of the project area are part of a dense urban mesh, very regular and uniform that is characterized by square or rectangular blocks. The central position of the project area in the Gui Bay gave us additional confirmation about the need for an element able to create an identity to the entire district. All the major buildings of the project area are connected by this raised plaza. The first floors of these buildings are reserved for commercial activities. This therefore create a real “outdoor mall" which will let the square to be always busy and crowded, even on non-working days. The target was to organize the project according to four distinct levels, placed at different elevations: • A + 0.00 meters, a large park was created, a green lung available not only for the employees, but also for citizens

and visitors. Also in this altitude is located the first level of the commercial function as well as the accesses to the offices and other functions on the upper floors. • The second level is located at an altitude + 12.00m, and it is the real square for Qianhai, an architectural element that can give an identity to the site, which is the focus of the entire district, connecting the various functions. • The third level is that of mid-rise office buildings, with a height of 70 meters. This type of building is housed externally to the blocks, and performs the task of designing an urban front ordered but still characterized by a vegetation that enlivens the facades. • The last level is the one of the skyscrapers which are located in the central part of the project area and that as already pointed out are inserted on the raised plaza becoming a single organism cooperative. Each of these buildings has its own language and its own identity, because in this way it was possible to give the district a more vibrant and dynamic mood.




深圳 - 香港前海现代服务工业合作区是中国深圳的商业开发区。 位于蛇口半岛西部,被双杰河、月光湾大街、玛湾街和前海海湾所环绕。 前海占地约 15 平方公里。 项目区域中的一部分是六块地,是密集的城市网络的一部分 , 以 正方形或者矩形块为特色,呈现出规律和统一的特点。 项目区域在硅湾的中心位置使我们进一步确认了需要一个元素, 能给整个街区创造独特特征的元素。   项目区域中所有主要的建筑都通过这一凸起的广场来相互连接。 这些建筑的第一层是留作商业用途。因此创建了一个真正的“户外购 物中心”,从而使得广场上总是繁忙拥挤,就连不上班的日子也不例外。 项目目标是根据四个独特的水平面,将其放置在不同的高度,进 而规划这一项目 : • A+0 米,建造一个大型公园,一个绿色的呼吸器,不仅对员工 开放,还对市民和游客开放。同时在这一海拔高度上建有第一层次的


商业功能区,也有通往其他楼层办公室和上层其他功能区的通道。 • 第二层次位于海拔 12 米高度处 , 也是真正意义上的前海广场, 这一建筑元素给这一地区提供了身份认证,是整个区域的核心,连接 了各种功能区。  • 第三层是中高层的办公楼,高度为 70 米。这种类型的建筑位于 居住街区外部 , 并发挥着充当城市前端设计的职能,但仍通过使得外 立面充满生机的植被来突出其特征。 • 最后一层是位于项目中心区域的摩天大楼其中的一座高楼,正 如前面所说的那样,这些高楼被建在凸起的广场上,成为一个单独的 有机的一部分。  每一座建筑都有自己的语言和自己的身份 , 因为这样可以给该 地区一个更有朝气和活力的状态。





Guangshanghui Corporate Headquarters 广商汇企业总部基地

Location Sichuan, China


Ming Lai Architects Inc.


343,270 m2

The project plans to cover a site area of 333,333 m 2 (51% for financial and commercial services and 49% for commerce and residence). The floor-area ratio is 3.0. The gross floor area is about more than 1,000,000m2 and office buildings, hotels, commercial streets and residences will be included. The project locates in Guansheng New District in the Economic and Technique Zone in Guangan, Sichuan province. It is with Xiaoping Avenue of 70m wide to the north, Guansheng Avenue of 60m wide to the east, the branch of it of 30m wide to the south, and Binjiang Road of 45m wide to the east. The Qu River at the east of the project is wide with a majestic scenery. Locating in the northernmost of the Guansheng New District, it is necessary for the project to play a leading role well in driving the development of this district. Thus ,we design the 5# to be the high-end business core and 8# the headquarters zone respectively. And 11#, 14# and 15# will be waterfront residential zone. We strive to create a bustling area of Guangan in the future, providing complete commercial supporting, educational and recreational facilities. In the master plan, we first build nine high-rise buildings in 5# and 8# to create the main structure of the CBD, and then build detached supporting ones such as commercial and shopping center, conference center, entertainment center, banking and financial center, digital mall and parent-child center. At last, we combine all these with a residential area of more than 50,000m2 to build an international and ecological sub-center with humanity as well as with areas of distinct characters, ascending grade and outstanding themes. The gross floor area is 343,270 m2; ground floor area is 1,029,810 m 2; average volumetric fraction is 3.0; the average building density is 31.0% and the average green rate is 31.6%. And in which the residential floor area is 504,672 m2, 49% of the gross floor area; the commercial floor area is 525,138 m2 51% of the gross floor area. The highest building has a height of 99,2m.


本项目计划用地 500 亩(其中金融商服用地 51%,配套商住用地 49%)项目用地综合容积率 3.0。项目计划总建筑面积约 100 余万平方米, 计划建设办公楼、酒店、商业街及住宅。 本项目位于四川广安经济技术开发区官盛新区,北临 70 米小平大道, 西侧邻 60 米官盛大道,南侧为 30 米支路,东侧为 45 米滨江路。东面渠 江江面开阔,具有良好的江景视野。 本案位于官盛新区的最北端,需要扮演好官盛片区发展的排头兵的 角色。因此我们将 5# 和 8# 地块分别定位为高端商务核心区以及商务总 部汇。11#、14#、15# 定位为滨江生活社区。由此打造广安未来城区繁 华地带,为城市提供完备的商业配套、教育设施、休闲娱乐设施。


整体设计时,我们首先在 5# 和 8# 地块内设置 9 栋高层建筑烘托出 广安 CBD 商圈的氛围,其次辅之以配套的商业购物中心、会议中心、娱 乐中心、银行金融中心、数码商城、亲子中心等若干单体,最后联合 50 多万平方米的住宅小区,共同组成一个各区域个性鲜明、档次递升、主题 突出的国际化、人文化、生态化的广安城市副中心。 项目总建筑面积 343270 平方米,地上建筑面积 1029810 平方米, 平均容积率 3.0,平均建筑密度 31.0%,平均绿地率 31.6%。其中,住宅 建筑面积 504672 平方米,占总建筑面积的 49%,商业建筑面积 525138 平方米,占比 51%。建筑高度最高为 99.2 米。






















索 引

INDEX We would like to thank everyone involved in the production of this book, especially all the artists, designers, architects and photographers, for their kind permission to publish their


works. We are also very grateful to many other people whose names do not appear on the credits but who have provided assistance and support, for their contribution of images, ideas and concepts, as well as their creativity to be shared with readers around the world. 在此,我们非常感谢参与本书编写的所有人员,尤其是各位艺术家、设计师、建筑师和摄影师,他们授权我 们出版他们的作品。我们亦感谢为本书编写提供支持和帮助的人员,虽然他们的名字并没有出现在本书中, 感谢他们提供的图片、思想和理念,并将他们的创意分享给全世界的读者们。

The people involved in the book are: 参与本书编写的人员有:

Progetto CMR

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Progetto CMR, established in 1994 by Arch.

RM Architects (RMA), founded by two Italian

amphibianArc is an architecture design firm

Massimo Roj, is the largest Italian integrated

architects, Riccardo Minervini and Marco Vitali,

headquartered in Los Angeles, with branch

is located in Beijing, and is staffed by a team

office in Shanghai, China. Founded by Nonchi

of skilful and experienced architects, planners

Wang in 1992, the practice endeavors to

and interior designers from around the

synthesize between artistic expression and

world. The company is run by Arch. Riccardo

problem solving technique. Through a shared

Minervini and Arch. Marco Vitali who have

disclosure called Liquid Architecture, his work,

offices in Rome, Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul,

been working in China for almost a decade.

encompasses not only the curvilinear forms

Jakarta, Dubai, Chennai, Athens, Bahrain and

Their international professional experience

prevalent in contemporary architectural scene,

Singapore. Progetto CMR is a member of the

concentrates on three main core subjects -

but also ideogramic methodology which is the

Architecture (from Urban to Building), Interior

foundation of Chinese word making.

design firm, the only Italian company listed in the world‘s Top 100 architectural firms chart issued every year by BD magazine. Progetto CMR headquarters is in Milan, with

EAN (European Architects Network).

Design and Sustainable Design. RM Architects

In 2003, Progetto CMR began his operation

Since its founding, amphibianArc has been

specialises in Multi-purpose master plan and

designed a wide range of projects in both

in China, opening operative offices in Beijing

Architecture, including high rise buildings

the U.S. and China, including the award

and Tianjin, providing consultancy for urban

and public buildings. RMA has developed

winning Beijing Planetarium (AIA/LA awards,

many projects in luxury interior designs for

China Zian Tien Yo Award), Foshan Dongping

hotel, residential and retail, and tailor-made

New City Mass Transit Center (2011 MIPIM

project management programmes for the

and multi-disciplinary approach, its

Architecture Review Future Project Awards),

implementation in China of retail spaces for


and Hongxing Macalline Furniture Flagship

luxury brands. Sustainable design is also a

Store (2012 MIPIM Architecture Review Future

design team provides innovative design scheme

forte of RM Architects, with an experienced

Project Awards). The practice’s work has

team capable of implementing projects with

also been featured in publications including

a zero-carbon footprint through integrated

Architectural Record, Dezeen, LA Architect,

design applied to planning or single buildings.

and World Architecture.

planning, architectural design, space planning and interior design. Thanks to a multicultural

tailored to the needs of the Chinese market for residential, hotel, office, industrial and retail projects.

SPARK SPARK SPARK is an award-winning international design studio that creates distinctive buildings for our clients and great places for people. We focus on architecture’s potential to contribute positively to the experience of the city while addressing the pragmatic issues that govern each project. We work with the bold yet common-sense vision of enlarging the spaces of the city into our buildings, and of unfolding our buildings into the city – creating opportunities for layered experiences and engaging places. Our celebrated designs emerge from a detailed analysis of context, brief, and typology. Our multinational team of over 100 employees works synergistically, fostering our numerous perspectives on culture and varied professional experience to achieve rich, integrated design solutions that consider

Atelier Alter Founded in 2009, Atelier Alter is a pioneering

ACO Architects & Consultants

inter-disciplinary practice based in New York

Founded in 2004, ACO Architects &

and Beijing. Noted for designing from critical

Consultants (hereinafter referred

analysis of the site, Atelier Alter has been

to as “ACO”) is a reputable design

recognized by numerous awards, including

consultancy engaged in architectural

IDOL Gold Prize 2014, 2013 Awards by Lighting

design and engineering consultancy. ACO

Design Weekly, 2010 Excellence in Architecture

possesses national and international

Design of Fuzhou, etc.

business qualifications, such as level-A

Atelier Alter won the competitions to build Qujing Culture Center in 2009, and Senior Culture Center in 2010. The work of Atelier Alter has been published by press around the world, including A+A, Russian Design Hub, I’Arca International, HKPIP, il Nuovo Cantiere, etc.

and Singapore – we have created and delivered projects in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, and Australia. Each one has its own unique spark and manifests our

China, level-B Planning Qualification and Level-B Qualification for Preservation of Cultural Relics. The business scope of ACO ranges from architectural research, programming, consulting, urban planning, and architectural design to design

Whether it is architecture, landscape or urban

management. ACO is specialized in whole

project, the works of Atelier Alter strive for

process design and design management of

manifesting ideas about humanity, ideas

master planning, urban planning, residence

offering critic rather than imitation.

development and public service facilities (offices, retail buildings, hotels, and medical

the impact on all project stakeholders. From our four offices – in London, Beijing, Shanghai,

Comprehensive Design Qualification of

facilities etc), places of worship, cultural


relic preservation, cultural and educational building, landscape and interior design.

Laboratory for Visionary Architecture

desire to tackle and deliver on challenges that reflect the key global imperative of attaining a sustainable, life-improving environment for all. SPARK’s award winning projects include Clarke Quay in Singapore, the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal (MIPIM Asia Awards 2011, “Best Mixed-Use development”award), the Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur and the Raffles

Laboratory for Visionary Architecture [LAVA] Chris Bosse, Tobias Wallisser and Alexander Rieck founded multinational firm, Laboratory for Visionary Architecture [LAVA], in 2007 as a network of creative minds with a


research and design focus and with offices in

CAPOL was founded in November 2000 and

Sydney, Shanghai, Stuttgart and Abu Dhabi.

headquartered in Shenzhen. We operates

LAVA explores frontiers that merge future

through Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai,

technologies with the patterns of organisation

Changsha, Chongqing and Hong Kong regional

found in nature and believes this will result

office along with building industrialization

in a smarter, friendlier, more socially and

company, BIM technology & application

environmentally responsible future. The

institute and consulting engineering company.

potential for naturally evolving systems such

With its Class-A Comprehensive Architectural

as snowflakes, spider webs and soap bubbles

Design Qualification and Class-B Municipal

LOA is committed to the highest level of detail

for new building typologies and structures has

Planning Design Qualification, CAPOL now

and make this our standard for any project

continued to fascinate LAVA – the geometries

boasts about2,000 employees. Honored as

we immerse ourselves in and we are able to

in nature create both efficiency and beauty.

one of the Top 10 Privately Owned Design

comprehend the dynamics of putting together

But above all the human is the centre of their

Enterprises in China, as an Annual Industry

an innovative project at any level. We believe


Leader, as the Most Competent Company,

that a thorough understanding of the design

Structure, material and building skin are three

and as an Outstanding Private Company in

process will transform the client's desires and

areas LAVA believes that architecture can learn

dreams into a reality.

so much from nature.

LOA is a full service firm offering expertise in

Awards include the Australian Interior Design

commercial,Public and Residenrial Architecture

Awards, UN partnered ZEROprize Re‐

Deisign and Planing. LOA has completed

Skinning Award, I. D. Annual Design Review,

Projects with client such as the Comlex and

IDEA Awards, AAFAB AA London, Cityscape

High-rise Residential in Wuhu, Residential

Dubai Award Sustainability; commendations

Moonisland in Dandong, Complex inYiwu,

include Well Tech Award and Dedalo Minosse

Office block at Dianshan Lake in Kushan etc.

International Prize in 2011; and nominations

City projects in Ningbo and Beijing.


for the Iakov Chernikhov International Prize and the Index Award.

Engineering Exploration and Design.CAPOL enjoys a stellar reputation among well-known real estate developers, such as Vanke, CRC, Huawei, Longfor, Poly, China Merchants, CITIC, AVIC, Shum Yip, Kingkey, Gemdale, Excellence,Greenland, Franshion, HWL, Mapletree and so on, at the same time CAPOL engaged in fruitful cooperation with SOM、 Foster + Partners、RTKL、Nikken Sekkei、 CALLISON、BENOY、TFP、ARUP、JERDE and other top design companies in the world.

CCI Architecture Design & Consulting Co., LTD.

Australia PT Design Consultants Limited (PT Design)

CCI Architecture Design & Consulting Co.

Australia PT Design Consultants Limited (PT

LTD., formerly known as China International

Design) originated in Australia Peddle Thorp

Engineering Design & Consulting Co. LTD, has

Architects Group, which was founded in 1889,

a Class-A Architectural Engineering Design

and has always been at the forefront of the

Qualification authorized by the Ministry of

architectural design industry for over a century.


Buro Ole Scheeren Buro Ole Scheeren is an international architecture firm that practices architecture, urbanism, and research. The company was

PT Design has many excellent foreign and

CCI has 21-year experience in architecture

established by Ole Scheeren in Hong Kong and

domestic architects, international broad

design field and been mainly focus on

Beijing, together with long-time collaborator

design concepts and outstanding localized

commercial, cultural, educational, hotel,

Eric Chang. Both look back at an over 10 year

support teams. After over 15-year rapid

healthcare, industrial architecture design.

history of leading the design and execution of

development stage, our projects, till now, has

In 2012, CCI launched an international

some of the world’s most creative designs for

erected in 26 provinces and municipalities.

design studio, “tpod studio”, which is led by


Meanwhile, two branches have been set up

Todd E. Pilgreen, who is the former China

in Shanghai and Beijing. Supported by these

Director of the Jerde Parntership. With its

architects and experts, PT Design provides

prominent international design experience

decent professional architectural design

and solid local execution, CCI will provide a

service in a couple of scopes, such as sports

unique architecture design solution combined

facilities, hospitalizes and various types of

with first-class international standard and

residential projects. Pre-eminent, practical

competitive advantage for the marketplace.

and efficient design works are the principles;

CCI will always start from the balance of

design innovation and technical renovation

customer’s demand with architectural function

are treated tenets; established reputation has

and aesthetic needs, aim to realize the design

been based on technical reliability and unique

goal of the harmony between human and

design. With superior technical resources,

architecture, architecture and environment,

advanced computer skills and comprehensive

and strive to build exquisite architecture of the

experiences, PT Design has been specializing

time as its own duty.

in regional planning and architectural design in various scales and categories.

Buro-OS exemplifies Ole Scheeren’s ability to conceptualize iconic architecture and work at extreme scales. Current projects range from city-defining structures to small, intimate buildings and include Angkasa Raya, a 268 meter tall landmark building in the center of Kuala Lumpur; the large-scale urban development DUO in Singapore; MahaNakhon, a 310-meter mixed-use tower in Bangkok; a studio/gallery building for a Beijing-based artist; and the new headquarters for China’s oldest art auction house in Beijing. The Interlace in Singapore was recently awarded the inaugural worldwide Urban Habitat Award 2014 from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in recognition of its

For over 15 years in China, PT Design has

ground breaking contributions to the urban

successfully completed a large amount

realm and social sustainability.

of outstanding and remarkable projects and repeatedly been awarded by Chinese authorities. In this process, PT Design established a good relationship and in-depth

Ming Lai Architects Inc. Ming Lai Architects Inc. was established in

cooperation with the government, famous developers and design institutions. Major works are Shenzhen OCT Portofino, The Village of

2008. This fledging architectural company is

Vanke, Shenzhen CITIC Mangrove Bay, Beijing

headed by Ming C. Lai, who brings with him

CR Land Oak Bay, Dalian Oriental Xanadu,

a distinguished international portfolio. Prior

Huizhou Park Lane Harbor, Nanning Li Ning

to founding Ming Lai Architects Inc., he spent

Sports Park, Tianjin COFCO Experience Centre,

12 years with GP, an established American

Huangshan Land Liyang in Lane, Lushan Xihai

architecture company as senior architect and

Resort, etc. PT Design is able to provide a wide

project leader, playing a pivotal role as the

range of professional planning, architectural

designer and project manager for many large

design, residential design, and landscape

international projects.

design by utilizing a unique approach.

Ming Lai Architects Inc. provides service to

Advanced skills and comprehensive experience

large-scale mix-use development projects,

commit PT Design to provide a specialized

office buildings, star hotels, service apartments,

service for our clients worldwide.

Andrea Maffei Architects Architect of international experience from 1997 to 2003 he worked in Tokyo as an Associate of Arata Isozaki, with whom he designed the hockey stadium for the 2006 Turin Olympics Winter Games. Since 2005 he founded the Andrea Maffei Architects office in Milan. He signed the project for Citylife 50-story skyscraper, now under

corporation headquarters and many more. Its

construction, and the New Station of Bologna

distinctive style hints of the design philosophy

(90,000 sqm.). Since 1998 he writes articles

of master architect Mies Van der Rohe. To the

on CASABELLA Italian magazine, and he’s the

premise of rationality and economics, it is able

author of the monograph on Toyo Ito by Electa

to incorporate local culture and traditions with


the use of technological advances and ideas of sustainable construction to create simple, but elegant architecture.

Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP), established in

UNIT MAD Architects

Hong Kong in 1976, is an award-winning practice specializing in architectural and interior design and master planning. The firm has completed and is engaged in wide variety of projects, including large-scale integrated urban developments, integrated transportation hubs, commercial buildings, residential developments, and cultural and public developments. RLP has received over 60 local and international accolades for its exceptional projects, in particular the Zero Carbon Building, Academic 3 of the City University of Hong Kong, the China Resources Building and Pak Tsz Lane Park. The firm was ranked 51st on bd’s list of top 100 architects in 2015. RLP has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, housing its strong team of over 600 professionals. Committed to charity and social responsibility, RLP has been awarded the Caring Company Logo for five years in a row.

Laguarda.Low Architects Laguarda.Low Architects is an award-winning, international practice with the essential mandate of seeking a pure methodology toward the process of design. With over 80 design professionals in New York and Dallas, as well as abroad in Beijing, China and through the affiliate office of Laguarda. Low + Tanamachi in Tokyo, Japan, LLA shares an extensive knowledge of a diverse range of project types through a proven degree of experience. Ranging from Master Plans to Mixed-Use projects of varying scale and program, the work and experience of Laguarda.Low spans across four continents and continues to evolve. With the central idea of placing emphasis of design first through an inclusive process of developing ideas and possibilities, LLA is void of the undermining tendencies and bureaucracy that occur within the traditional practice. As such, the body of work that has been developed since the firm’s inception contains a strong lineage of highlevel design that is not defined through the eyes of a single aesthetic but rather a clear viewpoint that is rich with contextual, cultural, and programmatic understanding.

Founded by Chinese architect Ma Yansong in 2004, MAD Architects is a global architecture firm committed to developing futuristic, organic, technologically advanced designs that embody a contemporary interpretation of the Eastern affinity for nature. With its core design philosophy of Shanshui City – a vision for the city of the future based in the spiritual and emotional needs of residents – MAD endeavors to create a balance between humanity, the city, and the environment.

UNIT (Urban New Idea Team) is a Shenzhen based practice engaging in the fields of architecture, urbanism, and research. UNIT aims to expand the boundaries of architectural profession by privileging multidisciplinary interventions. Our work opens to a wider range of creative solutions to face the increasingly challenging contemporary urban condition. We do not regard the built form as the finality of our work , we'd rather create an evolving set of conditions, in which the building enrich its context and highlight under regarded physical

Globally recognized as a creative pioneer, founding principal Ma Yansong is a central figure in the worldwide dialogue on the future of architecture. Ma was named one of the “10 Most Creative People in Architecture” by Fast Company in 2009. He received the prestigious “International Fellowship” from Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 2011, and was selected as “Young Global Leader (YGL)” by World Economic Forum (Davos Forum) in 2014.

and metaphysical aspects of the built and to-

MAD has been commissioned by clients of various backgrounds for design in urban planning, urban complex, museum, theatre, social residence, old neighborhood renovation, and artworks. Current ongoing urban projects include Chaoyang Park Plaza, a mixed-use urban complex project located in the new CBD of Beijing; Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, a city-scale urban development of approximate 600,000sqm floor area in total; Huangshan Mountain Village, a master planning plus architecture design project with 450,000sqm site area. MAD’s signature cultural projects include Harbin Cultural Island (under construction), Pingtan Art Museum (in design development stage), Ordos Museum (completed in 2011), and China Wood Sculpture Museum (completed in 2011).

the A8 Music Group Headquarters in Shenzhen

MAD has on-going international projects located, respectively, in Rome, Paris, Japan, Chicago and Beverly Hills. In 2014, MAD was selected as principal designer for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago, USA, becoming the first China-based architecture firm to design an overseas cultural landmark. In the heart of Rome, MAD is designing a complex multifunctional courtyard building, which contains apartments, office space, and a chapel with total usable area of approximately 23,000sqm. In Paris, MAD placed first in a competition of 96 teams to build a residential complex on the right bank of the River Seine. In Japan, MAD delivered an organic design for a local education center. The firm’s latest commission is a 13,000sqm mixed-use residential complex in the center of Beverly Hills.

be-built environment. Our considerations for a better understanding of the phenomenon of urbanization and our willingness to implement poetic discourse and a critical approach orient our creation towards a better future. Founded in 2008 by Moyang Yang, the office has been involved in a large number of groundbreaking projects. Currently, projects under construction designed by UNIT include -a skyscraper reinvented as an analogy to musical composing interface; the World Footwear Industry Base in Southern China- a group of building recalling the process of shoemaking industry.

M.A.O. M.A.O. is a leading international architectural firm with creative ideals. Thanks to its outstanding achievement in such areas as urban complex, tour complex, commercial building, office building, high-end residential building and individualized development projects, M.A.O. has evolved as the preferred designer for developers engaged in such areas. M.A.O. as founded in 1994 established its branch, namely MAO (Shanghai) Architectural Consultation Co., Ltd. in 2000. It is a professional firm under the control of Mr. Mao Houde, a famous architect, specializing in urban planning, architecture design and landscape design based international architectural design firm. M.A.O. is in possession of a team of excellent professional designers boasting strong design capacity and abundant experience in domestic and foreign design. Up to the beginning of year 2012, M.A.O. had a total of about 160 employees, of which approx. 20 were foreign architectural designers; about 100 belonged to building and planning teams; around 40 were members of landscape design team. By dint of its unapproachable creativity and novel design concepts, M.A.O. has been widely recognized by well-known real estate giants and its competitors, having been highly reputed within the circle of architectural design and helped its employers to achieve farranging social and economic benefits.


Hopsca Planning & Design (Vol. 1)  

Hopsca Planning & Design (Vol. 1)