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India: Kangana wants to tickle the funny bone of fans Pg 7 If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion. —George Bernard Shaw

IN BRIEF Laden in Pak: CIA World’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan’s rugged tribal areas, CIA chief said today, even as he claimed that the Al-Qaeda is probably at its weakest point since 9/11 with only 60100 militants left in Afghanistan. “I think the estimate on the number of Al Qaeda (in Afghanistan) is actually relatively small. There’s no question that the main location of Al Qaeda is in the tribal areas of Pakistan,” CIA Director Leon – (PTI).

Goa: KRC cancels, diverts Pg 3 several trains

Bus owners call for stir on July 5 HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 27

Demanding immediate removal of Transport Minister Sudin Dhavalikar, private bus owners have called for a one-day token strike on July 5 in protest against the government’s failure to revise the ticket price. “The last time the tickets price was hiked was in December 2008, more than 18 months ago when the diesel price was Rs 35.33 per litre,” the All Goa Private Bus Owners Association Secretary Sudip Tamankar told Herald after the meeting held in Panjim. The secretary added, “Today the diesel price is Rs 40.27, an increase of Rs 4.94 and still the government is unmoved.” “We are facing hardship due to this government attitude and have decided to go on a one day strike on July 5 if the government fails to meet our demand,” he said adding “If the government does not pay heed even after that we will go on indefinite strike.” Tamankar said that the bus

owners also understand the problems the general public will face due to the hike. “We don’t want to trouble the public much and hence we have demanded hike of just 20 paise per kilometre,” he said. He stated that last time they had given a call for indefinite strike from May 25 but the director of transport convened a meeting a day before and convinced them he would resolve the issue within 15 days. “However, till date they have not taken any decision,” he said. The association also demanded immediate removal of Dhavalikar saying he is insensitive to the problems of the common man. “Neither is he concerned about us nor the common man,” Tamankar said adding “Whenever we go to meet him he just does not give us an appointment.” He said Dhavalikar has not kept his promises of giving new tyres to the bus operators or declaring the business as an industry.

Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh meets US President Barack Obama at Toronto, Canada.

Washington at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, with the theme Recovery: New beginnings. Countries like Britain, France and Germany want a quick end to the stimulus so that government deficit does not shoot through the roof but nations like India and the United States are favouring a calibrated exit. There is also no consensus on the proposal for a tax to fund

NCP to name new chief in two days HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, JUNE 27

The new State president of the Nationalist Congress Party(NCP) will be named within two days, a senior party official said here today. NCP Secretary in charge of Goa desk Prakash Bhinsale speaking to Herald, after the NCP core committee meeting said the meeting was to discuss on various issues concerning the party, including appointing new president and the reconstitution of Goa Unit. “We had a core committee meeting to discuss issues on

bail out of banks, a move India is opposed to. While Britain has already levied a tax, France and Germany are pushing for it. Calling for a much more calibrated exit from stimulus by other advanced countries, Singh favoured a “carefully differentiated” approach reflecting the circumstances of individual countries saying “we have a much greater risk of deflation than inflation”. “The central problems we face today is how to ensure protection of global growth in a situation where markets have become very nervous about debt sustainability, especially in some countries in the Euro Zone. “Concerns about debt sustainability normally suggest a need for fiscal contraction. But circumstances are not normal. The recovery is still fragile and private demand in the industrialised countries simultaneously, could provoke a double dip recession,” he said. His speech was heard with rapt attention at the summit being attended by world leaders.

Professionals group to oppose migrants cap PTI LONDON, JUNE 27

An influential group representing professionals from India and other non-European Union countries will challenge the temporary annual migrants cap of 24,100 to be announced by Home Secretary Theresa May tomorrow. Amit Kapadia, director of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) Forum that fought a successful legal challenge against immigration rules, said the government’s move to impose an “illogical” cap will be opposed. “Any such cap will affect Indian professionals because most non-European Union migrants to the United Kingdom come from India. But we will oppose and lobby against any

illogical number or cap that the government may seek to impose,” he told the Press Trust of India. Placing the cap at 24,100 between now and April 2011 means that British employers will not be able to employ any Indian and other non-EU professionals once the limit is reached. Kapadia said any knee-jerk attempt to impose a cap will hurt the British economy and will be opposed by British business and industry. A spokesman for London Mayor Boris Johnson also expressed opposition to the annual cap. “A crude cap could be very detrimental to the free movement of the talented, creative and enterprising people who

2 brothers drown at Verla quarry HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, JUNE 27

An English supporter cries while holding a glass of beer as England crashed out of the 2010 World Cup round of 16 football match against Germany. (Right): For the Germans it’s party time. A supporter holding her vuvuzela and shoes goes ecstatic and runs on to the pitch at Free State stadium in Bloemfontein. Germany won 4-1.

PM for a more calibrated exit from global stimulus As differences persisted among the G-20 countries on the exit policy, India today warned developed countries against cutting back on public spending in the wake of the European crisis, saying it could trigger a “double dip recession”. Advocating a “much more calibrated” exit from the global stimulus, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the G-20 Summit here that the global recovery “is still very fragile” and therefore there was need to give primacy to consolidating the recovery while taking measured steps to deal with the sovereign debt problems. The economist-prime minister also called for firmly resisting threats of new protectionist measures in industrialised countries and existing barriers to trade, especially those affecting developing countries. There is no unanimity on when and how to withdraw the stimulus for global recovery that was agreed in London last year at the summit, the fourth of its kind in two years starting from

Sports: Superb Saina records hat-trick Pg 13


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pRiCe Rs. 3.00 (air Surcharge Rs. 1.50) pages 18

have enabled London to be such a dominant global force,” he said. Sections of the Cameron government and sections of British trade and industry have opposed the annual cap plan on the ground that the British economy will ultimately suffer if employers are not allowed to hire the right kind of professionals from abroad if talent in certain sectors is not available within the country. The agreement between coalition government partners Conservatives and Liberal Democrats says: “The government believes that immigration has enriched our culture and strengthened our economy, but that it must be controlled so that people have confidence in the system.”

State online lottery does not toe the line: Centre BY SURAJ NANDREKAR PANJIM, JUNE 27

Within a month of its beginning, the State online lottery has come under the cloud of controversy with the Centre stating that the State lottery is defying the directives and legislations of the government of India regarding the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 Lotteries Regulation Rules 20 and Lotteries Regulation Rules 2010. A letter dispatched to the State chief secretary by the joint secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, government of India, Dr Nirmaljit Singh Kalsi

been found that some Itheoft has the lottery schemes run by State do not conform to the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2010 particularly rule 3(6) and 3(14). —Ministry of Home Affairs letter

has demanded an explanation from the State on the running of the lottery. “It has been found that some of the lottery schemes run by the State do not conform to the Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2010 particularly rule 3(6) and 3(14),” the letter, a copy of which is in possession of Herald, says.

The lottery rules prohibit double, triple digit lotteries, which has also been banned by the Central Government in with effect from April 1, 2010 due to the vulnerability of poor, gullible people of India. In furtherance to the said Act of 1998, the government of India, made and published The Lotteries (Regulation) Rules 2010 effective from April 1, 2010 whereby the State governments are prohibited to offer a prize on a lottery or in an online lottery, on the basis of single, double or triple digits in any form, (Continued on page 10)

In a tragic incident, two brothers drowned at a stone quarry at Naikwaddo, Verla Canca, on Sunday afternoon. According to Mapusa police, the incident occurred when Yasin Mehboob Sheikh (9) and his brother Faiyaz (12) along with their three friends, all from Khorlim-Mapusa, had gone for a picnic at the abandoned stone quarry at Verla Canca on Sunday morning. Due to heavy rainfall during the last two days, water had accumulated in the abandoned stone quarry and hence it was not possible to determine the actual depth of the quarry, police informed. Police further stated that at about 12.45 pm, the boys after playing for a while entered the quarry for a swim. Yasin and Faiyaz went towards the corner of the quarry and drowned. The other three boys shouted for help, but by the time the (Continued on page 10)

Wow!! One more case of ‘Lack of Evidence’ and imagine he got lot of girlfriends living in US, Canada, Europe, Australia....


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GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010


Cooperative societies demand scrapping amendment to Act HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

HIGH MAST, LOW LIGHT: Reader JoeGoaUk took this photograph of Miramar beach, which experiences complete darkness at night or dim light at best, as seven out of nine floodlights on the high mast are not functioning.

Streetlights in daylight? Pravin U Sardessai, Adpai

On 13 June, the high mast at Tisk in Ponda was on as late as 8am in the morning. As per the rules, it is supposed to be switched off at 6am sharp. Precious power was wasted for at least two hours. It is the negligence of the concerned linesmen on duty that led to this unnecessary waste. Why don’t the higher authorities in the Electricity Department take such irresponsible linesmen to task? Very often, this strategic high-mast is on during daylight, and a huge quantity of power gets wasted. This should not be repeated in the days to come.

Asserting that the Amendment to Section 59 of the Co-operative Act will spell doom for the cooperative movement in the State, representatives of various credit cooperative societies have demanded the government to scrap the Amendment forthwith or face a stir. A meeting of representatives of various credit cooperative societies held in the city here on Sunday have opposed the amendment and have decided to call on Cooperation Minister Ravi Naik and other officials to withdraw the amendment. Chairman of the Quepem Credit Cooperative Society Prakash Velip, who took the initiative to bring under one banner heads of various cooperative societies, said the meeting firmly opposed the Amendment

in the interest of the cooperative movement. He said the Amendment mandates a Board of Director of a cooperative society to sign a bond stating that any loss accruing to the society during his tenure should be recovered from him. “This is not a healthy trend for the cooperative movement in the state. The Amendment making the Directors liable to make good any loss is not acceptable. How can a director be made responsible for any decision to sanction a loan. There can be a good loan, which can turn sticky later. The director cannot be held responsible for the loss”, Velip asserted. He said unlike the corporate, a board of director of a credit cooperative society is not paid for his job and does the honorary job without much expectations in the in-

terest of the community. “If the Amendment is not scrapped, no person will come forward to take part in a cooperative movement and will not take any risk in a decision making process’, he added. Velip claimed the Amendment was passed without any debate in the Assembly and said the government should delete the same in the coming Assembly session, beginning from July 19. The meeting also took objections to the rules framed by the government under the Amendment and vowed to take the matter to the courts if the government fails to withdraw the Amendment and rules. Representatives of around 40 credit cooperative societies attended today’s meeting and have resolved to lead a delegation to the cooperation minister Ravi Naik before the ensuing Assembly session.

Colva hotel accused of discharging sewage into storm water drain


Footpath from Sinquerim to simmer Romualdo Fernandes, Candolim

Two criteria must be fulfilled when planning for a pedestrian footpath that is contiguous with a road: a) The road must be wide enough not to block traffic when a vehicle is parked. b) There must be space for a footpath without reducing the road width. The stretch of road from Sinquerim to Calangute has been earmarked for ‘road widening’ for the past 15 years. The authorities have delayed this for reasons best known to them. Now, the construction of a pedestrian footpath has made the existing road even narrower. It could not cope with the existing traffic even earlier. How will it do this when it is narrower? In my opinion, the whole exercise is a retrograde step in development. It shows bad planning and misuse of public funds. When a vehicle is parked on the road, traffic snarls take place, blocking the traffic, even though this is the tourist offseason. What will happen when the tourist season commences? It is now the monsoon. If it rains continuously, the footpath will cause water-logging at various stretches, since there is no proper drainage arrangement. Pedestrians, watch out. Wear gum boots, lest you contract leptospirosis! I have travelled abroad extensively. Everywhere, the roads are at least 15 metres wide, with properly demarcated parking areas. Pedestrian footpaths are parallel and at the outer periphery of the roads. Drainage vents are provided. The width of the footpath is at least three feet, all along its length. Here, the footpath has no drainage outlets. At some places it is so narrow that I wonder whether a pedestrian will be able to balance, much less walk on it. The concrete juts out in such a fashion that it reminds me of Egyptian pyramids. The Calangute panchayat, on the other hand, has done well by not going ahead with the proposed footpath. Trying to solve one problem at the expense of another is not a solution at all!

T B Cunha statue fountain Augustus Alphonso, Vasco

The recent hue and cry about the Dr T B Cunha statue in Vasco getting wet from the newly installed fountain is easily solved. It is disrespectful to see the statue being drenched by the fountain. But there is no need to remove it. Instead, the water pressure could be reduced to limit its height (1 to 3 metres off the ground), or by widening the holes of the fountain spouts.

National Highway blues Wellington Cout, Canacona

The number of road accidents caused by trucks and cattle is on the increase on National Highway 17. The number of trucks plying on the road has increased enormously. The truck drivers seem peculiarly averse to observing the rules of the road. Often, they are not sober enough to drive, especially on their way out of Goa. Overloading and speeding come naturally to them. They have this itch to overtake other vehicles regardless of the width of the road. The transport authorities should make it statutory for every truck to be fitted with a speed control device and a recording instrument that keeps track of the stops, time of starting and arrival, and details of the highest speeds reached in the trip. The numerous cattle that use the road as a stable, especially during the nights, is the main cause of accidents. The cattle owners concerned should be heavily penalised.

Dangerous buildings Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Many of the buildings in Vasco belonging to the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) and rented out for residential and commercial purposes are in a very dilapidated condition. Most of them have not been repaired for over 35 years. One such building on Swatantra Path poses a danger to pedestrians, as its broken windows are hanging precariously and can fall off because of high wind during the monsoon. The Vasco Municipality has been collecting rent from the tenants who, I believe, have been quite regular in paying it. The MMC should repair this and its other buildings on a war footing, so that the lives of the public are not endangered. The local MLA should direct the Vasco Municipality to properly maintain the buildings it rents out. Do you have a complaint against some authority or service? Are there any violations of the law that you would like to bring to the notice of the public? Do you have any suggestions for improvement and/or redressal of services? If you do, then write to us at With the aim of improving the quality of our civic life, every Monday Herald will publish the best letters on these subjects received during the week. This is in addition to our regular ‘Letters to the Editor’ column.

Skeleton found at Priol cashew plantation

The water nullah which was used by the hotel to discharge sewage waste. HERALD REPORTER MARAGO, JUNE 27

Even as the Goa State Pollution Control Board warned hotels and restaurants dumping waste into the Colva creek, a hotel establishment was accused on Sunday for discharging sewage into a storm water drain, which finally found its way into the sea. The incident evoked strong reaction from local NGOs and elected representatives, who had demanded stern action against the hotel. Colva Civic and Consumer Forum secretary Judith Almeida said the hotel has discharge waste into the water nullah and later even disposed off waste in the water body. “Upon receiving information, we visited the beach and found human excreta floating in the sea water. We will demand from the Goa Pol-

lution Control Board action against the hotel establishment”, Almeida said. Almeida said the discharge of sewage waste into the water nullah comes at a time when the Goa State Pollution Control Board had a meeting with the hotels and restaurants to check discharge of sewage into the creek. The incident also evoked reaction from the panch members, who called for action against the establishment. Colva was in the news in recent times after the Pollution Control Board warned of an epidemic if urgent steps are not taken by the government agencies against the hotels and restaurants discharging waste into the Colva creek. In fact, based on the directions from the Pollution Board, the Colva village Panchayat had

Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

issued notices on 34 establishments, some of whom have denied of the charges of discharging sewage into the creek. Meanwhile, the flying squad made its presence felt in Colva on Sunday morning following complaints of land filling in the village. The flying squad visited the village following a complaint received from the Colva Civic and Consumer Forum over the land filling. The flying squad told the Forum that the issue of land filling will be raised before the deputy collector for further action. Fo r u m s e c ret a r y J u d it h Almeida told Herald that the NGO would also raise the issue of land filling of the land with waste with the Goa state Pollution Control Board.

Farmers resolve to oppose govt’s plans to acquire agricultural land HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

The farming community has vowed to protect their motherland by taking all necessary measures and resolved to oppose tooth and nail government’s plans to acquire agricultural lands in the villages. At a meeting organised by the Saipem Tollem Xetkarancho Ekvott to protest against the acquisition of fields admeasuring 2.72 lakh square meters for the expansion of the Margao sewage treatment plant, the farmers warned the government not to take the people for granted and said the deliberate acquisition of large ecosensitive lands is a lethal assault on their environment, their lives and the future of Goa. They pointed out that the Goa government has initiated a number of senseless acquisition of agricultural lands all over Goa and observed that all ongoing government projects have been planned only in eco-sensitive lands, which are also used as agriculture lands by the farmers. On the question of acquiring 2.72 lakh square meters of land for the expansion of the sewage treatment plant, the farmers pointed out that the STP can be expanded in the existing land without going for additional land, said Jose Paul Coutinho. He demanded to know the need for the additional land when the existing STP has a capacity of 7.5 MLD and the

Ponda Police on Sunday morning recovered a skeleton from a cashew plantation at SangavPriol. After being alerted about the skeleton by one Ajit Shengi Sangoankar, Ponda police rushed to the site. Police have sent the skeleton to GMC Hospital at Bambolim. Meanwhile, the informer also told the police that his father Prabhakar was missing since the last one-and-half month and a complaint was lodged with Ponda Police. PSI Laxi Amonkar is investigating the case. Meanwhile, Ponda Police have recovered a female body at Upper Bazaar, Ponda, on Sunday. Police further informed that the woman seems to be a beggar. Police have sent the body to GMC Hospital at Bambolim.

Agitated Areal members resort to Gandhigiri

Sao Jose de Areal gram sabha members with placards at the meeting on Sunday. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

Sao Jose de Areal gram sabha members on Sunday resorted to Gandhigiri by offering the Sarpanch Liberata Travasso a flower bouquet for getting the village youth arrested by the police on a “false” complaint. At the gram sabha meeting on Sunday, agitated members came in large numbers with placards and vowed to protect the village from destruction. Amidst the discussion on the arrest of the village youth, a woman gram sabha member stood up and walked to the Sarpanch before offering her the bouquet for arresting the youth. In fact, today’s gram sabha meeting centered on the complaint lodged by the Sarpanch against the village youth, who are members of the gram sabha. Gram sabha members have submitted around 100 questions to the Panchayat on the issue of arrests of the village youth by the Sarpanch. The members grilled the Sarpanch over her complaint against the village youth, and charged her for supporting mega housing projects and scrap yards. The gram sabha members also took the Sarpanch to task for not lodging a police complaint against a mega housing builder on the changes made in the survey plan vis-à-vis the approach road. During discussions, the gram sabha members were informed

Chandor demands correction of ward transfer into another p’yat HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

Agitated gram sabha members of Chandor Village Panchayat on Sunday demanded immediate correction by the election officials the transfer of an entire village ward into the neighbouring Guirdolim panchayat. The meeting demanded that the Chief Electoral Officer set in motion the process to correct the mistake by deputing an election team to the village to take the photographs of the voters and fill up the election forms. A couple of gram sabha member even threatened to boycott the coming Assembly polls if the mistake by the election officials is not rectified. The villagers pointed out that the talathi due to oversight transferred the entire ward of Cavorim-Chandor village panchayat comprising of Igorjebhatt and Culsabhat into Guirdolim village. Sarpanch Derrick Braganza Pereira admitted of the mistake

committed by the talathi, but said the election officials are demanding that voters from the two wards fill up the necessary form to make the required correction.

The meeting demanded that the Chief Electoral Officer set in motion the process to correct the mistake by deputing an election team to the village to take the photographs of the voters and fill up the election forms. But, this was questioned by the members, who demanded to know why the people waste their time, energy and money in filling the forms and travel to Margao to make the corrections. The Gram Sabha constituted the Garbage Management Committee comprising of all the seven panchas of the village and an additional member from each of the seven wards as per the assurance given by Sarpanch

SSC grading system: GHA to train teachers A section of the farmers who attended the meeting at Rosary school hall, Navelim on Sunday. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

sewage entering the plant is hardly 1.5 MLD. In his address, Sidharth Karapurkar said the Goa government has not even cared for the letter written by the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh on the question of acquisition of agricultural land for development projects. A woman from Davorlim said the government is going ahead with the acquisition of 1.20 lakh square meters of Communidade land despite objections from the farmers. She said the land in question was preserved and protected by their forefathers for the benefit of posterity and vowed to fight till the last till the government scrap the land acquisition process. Cladias Dias charged the government for bulldozing in acquiring agricultural fields at Navelim opposite the Margao railway stations when the

farmers are cultivating the fields since the last several decades. George Barretto called upon the farmers to maintain unity against the government’s moves to acquire agricultural fields in the villages. He warned the government not to test the patience of Goans, saying the people will unitedly oppose acquisition of fields under the guise of development. Melvyn Pereira spoke on pollution of the Saipem lake and how farmers are forced to stop farming due to pollution Sandeep Kamble from Mopa spoke of how the government is acquiring land when there already exists an airport in the state. Saying that Goa being a small state does not require two airports, Kambli said the government will close down Dabolim once Mopa becomes a reality.

that the Panchayat has lost cases before the Director of Panchayats on the housing projects, but the members have demanded that the Panchayat challenge the orders by filing an appeal in the High Court. The meeting also demanded action against a fibre glass unit set up in the village, saying the unit will affect the villagers and contaminate the agricultural fields. The Sarpanch later told newsmen that though the gram sabha members have charged for lodging a false complaint against the village youth, she stood by the complaints, saying the contents mentioned in the complaint are all facts. On the accusation that the Panchayat has failed to crack a whip against the scrapyards, the Sarpanch maintained that she has so far removed four scrapyards, adding that the process is on to initiate action against the remaining yards. Gram sabha member Freddy Travasso said the gram sabha members have demanded immediate action against the fibre glass unit. He claimed that the Panchayat has issued an NOC to set up a workshop, but the owner is operating a fiber glass unit, affecting the residents and polluting the fields. He accused the Sarpanch for not taking up major issues plaguing the villagers and demanded that the Panchayat go in appeal against the orders of the Panchayat Director of Mega housing projects.


The Goa Headmaster Association (GHA) has decided to train teachers in connection with the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary’s (GBSHS) decision to implement the grading system at SSC from this academic year. According to GHA President Mario Quadros, the association has received demands from its affiliated members to train the high school teachers on the board’s decision to introduce grading system for SSC students from this academic year. “Accordingly, we have decided to organise a three-and-a-half hour workshop to all the aided high schools in the taluka,” said Quadros. These workshops are planned at three different centers from July 5 to July 8, where a headmaster and a senior teacher from the respective aided schools have been to participate in the workshop.

The participating headmasters/teachers should bring writing material as well as the handout supplied by GBSHS to their respective schools while attending this workshop, which will take place from 9 am to 12.30 pm. These workshops are planned at St Mar y ’s Convent High School (Mapusa) on July 5 for the aided schools from Bardez, Bicholim, Pernem and Sattari talukas, at Dr K B Hedgewar High School (Panjim) on July 6 for aided schools from Ponda and Tiswadi talukas, at Fatima Convent High School (Margao) on July 7 for aided schools from Salcete and Canacona talukas, and at Fatima Convent High School (Margao) on July 8 for aided schools from Sanguem, Mormugao and Quepem talukas. “Those teachers attending the workshop are then expected to brief all other teachers who attend to subjects in Std X in their respective schools,” said Quadros.

Derrick Pereira at the special meeting convened by the Ganv Bhavanho Ekvott. The Garbage Management Committee will now meet on July 11 to discuss the all issues relating to garbage segregation and setting up of composting bins in the village. The rising incidents of housebreaking thefts in the village also figured at the gram sabha meeting with members demanding that the police intensif y patrolling to kept the miscreants at bay. The Sarpanch assured to take up the matter with the local MLA and Urban development Minister Joaquim Alemao.

Tree crashes on house at Majorda HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

A huge tree came crashing down on the house of one Bernard Fernandes at Majorda causing destruction of property. While the fire services put the loss of property to Rs 35,000, the owner has claimed that the property worth Rs 3 lakh was destroyed in the incident. The mango tree got uprooted on Sunday morning and landed on the house. The fire services later removed the tree lying on the house.




GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

CM calls urgent meet to streamline long-neglected CCHC functioning HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

With Canconcars calling for a Canacona bandh on Monday, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat held an urgent meeting with the Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane, senior officials and elected representatives in the district collectorate here on Sunday morning in a bid to streamline the functioning of the long-neglected Canacona Community Health Centre. After the meeting, the Chief Minister said the high-level meeting has taken a host of decision to ensure that doctors and other ambulances are made available at the health centre on a priority basis. “We have decided to fix the timings of doctors posted at the Canacona health centre. They will have to work from morning 9 am to evening 4.30 pm. This will help in streamlining the functioning of the centre”, Kamat added. On the question of posting additional doctors to man the hospital, given the fact that doctors are not willing to work in Canacona, the Chief Minister said advertisements to recruit doctors will be published not in Goa media, but in neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. “The government is sincere that there should be adequate doctors to man the health centre. The advertisement will be published by Wednesday ”, he added. The Chief Minister also an-

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat briefing the delegation from Canacona on health care measures taken by him at the District Collectorate, Margao on Sunday. Photo by Kathy Pereira

nounced that a new ambulance for the Canacona health centre, saying this will materialize in the next 15 days. Taking into account the complaints that kidney patients have to travel to Margao in the absence of requisite facilities, the Chief Minister said a blood storage facility will become a reality within the next 15 days. “This blood storage facility will help kidney patients. They need not come to Margao after the facility takes shape”, he added. He said the demand for a hearse van to transport the dead will be met by the Canacona

Municipal Council. Saying that the government means business in respect of providing basic infrastructure at the Canacona health centre, the Chief Minister said he along with the Health Minister will visit the Health Centre to ensure that all decisions taken at today’s meeting are implemented by the health officials. The Health Minister, Vishwajeet Rane told newsmen that he has asked the health officials to compile minutes of today’s minutes by Monday so that all decisions are implemented on a priority basis.

The Chief Minister said today’s meeting was attended by the elected representatives, including Canacona MLA Vijay Pai Khot, ZP members Dayanand Pagi and Krishna Velip, former Minister, Sanjay Bandekar, sarpanchas and panchs from the Canacona. When asked whether Monday’s bandh will be called off by the residents, the Chief Minister said the elected representatives are satisfied over the decisions taken at the meeting, adding that he would ensure implementation of the decisions in a time-bound manner.

Despite Kamat’s assurance, CHWC to go ahead with agitation HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, JUNE 27

Despite positive response shown by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, Canacona Health Welfare Committee (CHWC), which is almost in disarray, remained defiant and decided to go ahead with the planned road blockade agitation on Monday. After over 50 citizens met Kamat at Collectorate (South) on Sunday morning, CHWC at the poorly attended meeting on Sunday evening has decided to go ahead with the planned agitation. The CHWC has demanded that the chief minister visit Canacona to assure and inform his plan of action in bringing the long-awaited upgradation and improvements in the working of Community Health Centre Chaudi. The CHWC meeting also criticized all those who met Kamat and declared their so-called settlement meeting with the chief minister will have no bearing on the agitation by the people of Canacona. CHWC Chief Diogo D’Silva said: “Canacona people are with us, we will take up the challenge till the end and come what

Bus operators concerned over reports on nationalisation of routes

may we are going ahead with the agitation till a final solution is coming forth from the government.” The only prominent elected members that received favours was Poinguinim MLA Ramesh Tawadkar who along with Gaondgonrim Sarpanch Vishant Gaonkar was present at the meeting, which was attended by around a dozen of other concerned citizens. Twadakar reaffirmed his support to the struggle called by CHWC. Some members were critical of all those who met Kamat, when it was decided in the previous meeting that no such request will be entertained by CHWC till the chief minister himself comes to Canacona during Monday’s agitation. “We cannot call those who met Kamat on Sunday as members of CHWC,” thundered others. Interestingly, the divide between two BJP MLAs seems to have widened too far, as Poinguinim MLA despite not seeing any support for the cause taken-up by CHWC continued to vouch himself as strongly as before, while none in the meeting directly

named Canacona MLA Vijay Poi Khot who despite his earlier promises deserted CHWC to their own fate. The meeting however decided to stage road blockade agitation on Monday at only one location, nearby to CHC, Chaudi, fearing there may not be expected response at earlier planned different locations in Poinguinim, Karmalghat, among others. Later, some people were seen taking rounds in Chaudi town requested shopkeepers and other business establishments to keep their shutters down on Monday in support of their agitation call. Meanwhile, according to reliable sources, the authorities are planning stringent action against any trouble makers on Monday. It is reportedly learnt that police will be deployed in strong number, deputing a minimum of 10 PIs in Canacona to take care of the intended agitation by CHWC. “Stopping highway traffic is not permitted at any cost and anyone resorting to such gimmicks will be booked and tried for criminal offence as per the law of the land,” informed a source.

Residents resolve not to allow NH4A pass through Corlim


The bus operators have expressed concern over media reports vis-à-vis probable nationalisation of various State routes, as no private buses will be allowed to operate. Presently, the Panjim-Margao and Panjim-Vasco routes are taken over by the State-owned KTCL buses. Speaking to reporters at Marcaim on Saturday, Transport Minister Sudin Dhavlikar said many routes in the State will be nationalised, but added that with improper infrastructure available in the State, nationalisation of routes will not be possible at this stage. “We need proper infrastructure and once ready, many routes will be nationalised. Government is ready for such a step, but will only go ahead once infrastructure is ready,” said Dhavlikar. Dhavlikar also said State has agreed to pay Rs 5 crore to the Kadamba Transport Corporation to operate buses procured under the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Development Mission. “The buses are lying idle in a private yard at Dhulapi near Banastrim Bridge. The State government has decided to sanction Rs 5 crore to the KTC so that buses which are lying idle can be put to use. The funds which the KTC is awaiting will be routed to the State government,” added Dhavlikar.

North Goa MP Shripad Naik addresses residents of Corlim at a meeting in Corlim Panchayat hall. Photo by Kanzil Rodrigues HERALD CORRESPONDENT OLD GOA, JUNE 27

Residents of Corlim and Corlim Citizen Civil and Consumer Forum (CCCCF) members on Sunday resolved not to allow NH4A to pass through Corlim village. This was decided at a meeting convened by CCCF at Corlim Panchayat hall in Corlim, which was attended by North Goa MP Shripad Naik, former Cumbarjua MLA Nirmala Sawant, NH17 Porvorim Action Committee Chairman Fatima D’Sa, Forum Chairman Alexander Gomes, Forum Secretary Baptist Pereira and others. Speaking at the meeting, North Goa MP Shripad Naik said: “Time has come for every one to join hands and fight the NH4A, which would cause a lot of destruction, as none of the villagers seems to be taken into confidence.” “Being MP, I was also not taken into confidence. Though we are not against future

prospects, but it has to be done in the right way by taking the people into confidence. Therefore, we will all oppose the NH4A tooth and nail,” stated Naik. In her speech, former Cumbarjua MLA Nirmala Sawant said: “If one goes to see the speed of a national highway, then a common man will not be able to cross from one side to the other. Therefore, there is a need for the NH4 to divert from the present route.” Porvorim NH17 Action Committee Chairman Fatima D’Sa said: “The State government does not have the right to pass NH4 through Corlim, which is densely populated.” She also asked the locals to be united to see that the highway does not pass through Corlim. Forum Secretar y Baptist Pereira said: “If NH4 passes through Corlim, it will not only have impact on the houses along

the highway, but will also have impact on Corlim village, as the highway will have a divider which will divide Corlim village into two.” Meanwhile, Cumbarjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar, who was not present at the meeting, told Herald over the phone that he would once again take up the issue during the Assembly Session. “But, I will definitely not support the Forum in taking a diversion route from the fields of Carambolim village.” Madkaikar told Herald. It may be recalled that CCCCF members feared that 40 houses would be demolished along the highway. The CCCCF members in a bid to save these houses, had suggested that authorities should instead divert the highway from Old Goa through the fields of Carambolim and Corlim, before connecting it towards the highway at the Banastarim Bridge.

MMC meet to decide on new commercial hub, freezing development in Margao HERALD REPORTER

MARGAO, JUNE 27 Will Margao opt for a freeze in development in the existing city and opt for a new commercial centre to act as a new central business district of the future in a bid to rid the Commercial capital of congestion? Answers to the crucial question whether the city will opt for a freeze on development and a new commercial hub at the Ambaji-Davondem area will be decided at a meeting of the Margao Municipal Council scheduled on Monday. An unwilling Margao Civic body has included in its agenda the City Development Plan (CDP) prepared by the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC). The CDP has received a nod from the GSIDC Board and the government has been pushing the Margao Civic body to give a green signal for the Plan – which has raised many an eyebrow in the corridors of

MGP will not be merged with another party: Sudin HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, JUNE 27

Transport Minister Sudin Dhavlikar has stated that MGP will not be merged with any party and will continue building it in the State. Dhavlikar was reacting to media reports that MGP was pressurised to merge with the Congress party, soon after Babush Monserrate and Vishwajeet Rane joined Congress. Speaking to Herald at Marcaim on Saturday, Dhavlikar said they are not going to merge with any party and will continue building MGP in the State. “MGP is the oldest party and in no way we will merge it with any party. We are in a process of rebuilding our party and there is no question of merger. No one can pressurize us,” said Dhavlikar.

KRC cancels, diverts trains due to soil slippage HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, JUNE 27

The Konkan Railway Corporation has cancelled and diverted several trains due to soil slippage between Thokur-Kankanadi (Mangalore Jn.) section of Southern Railway on June 26. T h e M a n g a l o r e - Ve r n a Mangalore Passenger train and the Kochuveli-LTT Garib Rath Express have been cancelled. Trains diverted by Southern Railway via Shornur includes the Kochuveli-Chandigarh-Kerala Sampark Kranti Express, Ernakulam-NZM Mangala Express, Kochuveli-Bikaner Express and TVC-LTT Netravathi Express. KRC senior Public Relations Manager, Baban Ghatge has said that the NZM-Ernakulam Mangala Express, Hapa-Tirunelveli Express and LTT-TVC Netravathi Express have been diverted via Margao-Londha route. Trains regulated or rescheduled area the LTT-MAQ Matsyagandha Express, which has been terminated at Surathkal. The MAQ-LTT Matsyagandha Express will start from Surathkal. Ghatge has requested passengers to check the train timings before undertaking the journey so as to avoid the inconvenience.

the Municipal body. Amongst the host of suggestions mooted by the CDP to “decongest” the core city is freeze development in the city. The plan has suggested a stop to issuance of any permission for any building or for expansion of any existing building within the city. Also, the plan has suggested no change in use should be permitted within Margao city and regulations made to enforce proposals. The CDP has suggested development of a new commercial centre with excellent infrastructure and an enabling environment to act as a new central business district of the future. The development of this alternative magnet, the plan says, will ease pressure on the existing infrastructure, adding that the alternate magnet can be coupled with certain incentives to attract people from the city core towards it. For those affected by the no development regime on the Margao city, the plan has recommended that they be allowed to convert unutilised FSI into Transferable Development Rights (TDR). These TDRs then can be used at the proposed new business hub on any plot for construction over and above the FSI available as a virtue of purchase of that plot. The plan says this measure is an incentive for the affected parties, adding that the government may provide other incentives which it deems possible in lieu of the TDR. The plan has raised many

questions in the corridors of the Civic body. During the interaction with the stake holders, MMC Chairperson Savio Coutinho had maintained that the freezing of development within the city and moving it outside would not help solve the problem as all important buildings will move out eventually and the demands shifts to these new areas. He had also raised the issue of agricultural land with regard to the proposed development of a new commercial development. He had also emphasised on the fact that decentralisation is ver y important within the purview of the 74th Constitutional Amendment. Questions are raised in Municipal circles whether the increased FAR mooted in the plan for people affected by the no development regime will in reality help the city’s decongestion or benefit the powerful builder’s lobby. Apart from the freeze in de-

velopment and a new commercial hub, the CDP has suggested construction of a ring road and western bypass, besides shifting of petrol pumps and city bus stand from the city’s central core. Sadly, it’s over a decade now since the proposals to build a ring road and shift petrol pumps was passed by the authorities, but the ground reality remains unchanged till date. Incidentally, though the GSIDC through Architect Rahul Deshpande – who has drafted the CDP – made a power point presentation for the benefit of Margao Councillors – many a city father is still unaware of the intricacies of the Plan and its effect on the city’s future planning.



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GOA, MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010

S H O RT TA K E S Water tank, pipeline opened

Quepem school lacks toilet facilities since five years Teachers, pupils answer nature’s call in open herald COrresPOndenT QUEPEM, JUNE 27

PWD Minister Churchill Alemao inaugurates the new pipeline at Shirgao in the presence of MLA Anant Shet. Photo by Vishant Vaze

MAYEM(HC); PWD Minister Churchill Alemao recently inaugurated 300 MLD water tank and 200 mm DI pipeline at Shirgao-Bicholim. The 300 MLD water tank and 200 mm DI pipeline has been installed at the cost of Rs 2 crore as a solution to the water crisis faced by villagers from Shirgao for the last many years. Speaking on the occasion, Alemao said his mission is to develop every segment of the State and to provide helping hand for the neglected segments of the community. Mayem MLA Anant Shet, Shirgao Sarpanch Hemlata Gaonkar, Mayem Sarpanch Anita Naik, senior engineer Anand Wachasundar, Devasthan President Babuso Gaonkar and others were present on the occasion. In his speech, MLA Anant Shet congratulated Alemao for commissioning the project, which will solve water crisis of Shirgao village. Dignitaries in their speeches put forward their demand for providing other basic amenities like bridge, roads for Shirgao village, etc.

Awareness meet at Aldona

Sarpanch of Aldona, Dilip Haldankar addressing the awareness function on vector borne disease at the Aldona Institute.

PANJIM(HND): As a part of the late evening behaviour change communication meetings, the Primary Health Centre, Aldona in collaboration with NCUI Project, Goa, organised an interactive session for all the self help groups under the jurisdiction of PHC Aldona, at the Aldona Institute, recently. The chief guest was the Sarpanch of Aldona, Dilip Haldankar. The power point presentation on how to control the spread of vector borne diseases was delivered by Dr Roshan Nazareth, Medical Officer, PHC Aldona. The Lady Mobiliser NCUI project Goa, Hemashree Gadekar, was present and also compered the function. Among those present on the occasion were the Extension Educator, Shridhar Acharya, PHN Maria Antonia Braganza among others. Around 30 participants took part in the programme, says a press release.

Film ‘Janma’ wins award

CANACONA(HC): Film Janma produced by Goan filmmaker Tapan Acharya won the second best film award with social message at the recently held Dada Saheb Falke Marathi Film festival at Prabhadevi-Mumbai. For the first time, two Goan producers bagged two different awards in two different categories. Another film Hello Gande Sir, produced by Goan producer, also bagged award for second best commercial film at the same function. Tapan Acharya This is the fifth award that Janma has won in different categories in this award season, including the best debutant producer by Maharastra Shashan, best film with social message by Kaladarpan. Tapan Acharya, hailing from Canacona and who has made debut as producer with his film Janma in the Marathi film industry at a very young age is all thrilled. “I am honoured with the highest dignitary award at this age, it is quite encouraging, people usually struggle to make it to this award but by God’s grace, mine and my team’s efforts were recognized,” he said.

Customer meet at BoB Vasco PANJIM(HND): Bank of Baroda (BoB), Vasco-da-Gama branch recently organised a Customer Meet at its premises. S D Inamdar, Assistant General Manager and Regional Head for Goa and Western Maharashtra Region speaking on the occasion highlighted their various products and services offered by the Bank. He also stressed on customer focused initiatives taken by the Bank through its various technology based and other products and utilities particularly electronic delivery channels and e-products. H H Patil, chief manager proposed the vote of thanks.

School are expected to inculcate the values of hygiene and cleanliness, but the Government Primary School at Deao-Quepem has forced teachers and students to urinate in the open space due to lack of toilet facilities. Despite being located barely 200 mts from the heart of the Quepem offices of the PWD, Quepem Municipal Council (QMC) and mamlatdar, the school’s request for a toilet has fallen on deaf ears since the last 5 years. Speaking to Herald on the condition of anonymity, a teacher in the school informed that the lone toilet, which was provided to the school, was constructed about 40 years and is beyond use since the last 5 years. “Apart from students answering their nature’s call in the open areas, even we teachers have to answer nature’s call in the open a re a s , ” s a i d t h e t e a c h e r. Presently, there are four teachers

ROs/AROs for civic polls herald news desk PANJIM, JUNE 27

The State Election Commission has appointed officers as Returning Officers and Assistant Returning Officers for the ensuing general elections to the municipal councils to be held in October, 2010. Pernem- Deputy Collector and SDO Pernem Sub Division and Mamlatdar of Pernem Taluka, Mapusa – Deputy Collector and SDO Mapusa Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Bardez Taluka, Bicholim – Deputy Collector and SDO, Bicholim Sub– Division and Mamlatdar of Bicholim Taluka, ValpoiMamlatdar of Sattari Taluka and head clerk in the office of the Mamlatdar of Sattari Taluka, Margao – Deputy Collector and SDO Margao Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Salcete Taluka, Cuncolim- Deputy Collector and SDO Margao Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Salcete Taluka, Mormugao – Deputy Collector and SDO Mormugao Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Mormugao Taluka, Sanguem- Mamlatdar of Sanguem Taluka and Aval Karkun in the office of the Mamlatdar of Sanguem Taluka, QuepemDeputy Collector and SDO of Quepem Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Quepem Taluka, Curchorem Cacora- Deputy Collector & SDO of Quepem Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Quepem Taluka, Canacona- Deputy Collector & SDO of Canacona Sub – Division and Mamlatdar of Canacona Taluka have been appointed. These officers have been advised to prepare wardwise list of voters on the basis of the electoral rolls of legislative assembly constituencies which are in force as on June 1, 2010.

The dilapidated toilet at Government Primary School, DeaoQuepem. Photo by John Fernandes

teaching in the school, all of whom are women. Sources informed Herald that teachers and parents since the last 5 years have been constantly requesting the PWD and QMC authorities to provide a new toilet or to repair the existing one, but their de-

mands have been left unanswered. “In the absence of toilet, we teachers cannot maintain civic sense. When teachers are not maintaining civic sense, how can teachers teach the students about civic habits,” asked another teacher.

herald news desk PANJIM, JUNE 27

'International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking' was observed at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts & Science with an interactive session between resource persons, Dr N N Sawant and Dr Uma Masur and students of Chowgule College conducted in the college auditorium. The theme of the day was ‘Think Health Not Drugs.’ Dr Uma Masur, speaking on the occasion briefed the gathering on how drugs are obtained and methods of distribution in our nation. Dr N N Sawant also spoke on addiction. Earlier, the coordinator of this awareness drive in the College Captain Gunaji Desai, In charge NCC Infantry Wing of the College, welcomed the gathering, introduced the guest speakers and explained the importance of the Day. Sargent Radha Shinkre and Sargent Maria Vanessa Braganza presented mementoes to the resource persons. Cadet Under Officer Omkar Sawant compeered the programme and Company Quarter Master Raj Borkar proposed the vote of thanks.

Sorry state of affairs at Mapusa police station herald COrresPOndenT PORVORIM, JUNE 27

Though the workload of Mapusa Police station has increased enormously during the last 10 years, but the building premises of the police station continues to remain the same, as the working conditions are appalling and not supportive to the staff. In all, 19 panchayats Bastora, Uccasaim, Palye, Canca-Verla, Aldona, Pomburpa, Camurlim, Guirim, Moira, Sirsaim, Assnora, Colvale, Nadora, Pirna, Revora, Sodiem-Siolim, Nachinola, Parra, Tivim and Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) come under the jurisdiction of Mapusa Police station. Besides the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mapusa Police station is manned by 133 police personnel, including one police inspector, eight police sub inspectors, four assistant sub inspectors, 17 hawaldars, 95 police constables and eight women constables. Since some staff is required to be deputed to unsanctioned duties like hospitals, courts, etc, the workload on the remaining staff at the police station increases. During the calendar year 2009, in all 283 crimes were registered under Indian Penal Code and 3,515 minor crimes were reported at Mapusa Police station. Considering the current workload, the police station need more staff for its smooth

Mapusa police station.

Photo by Anil Shankhwalker

and efficient functioning. In the existing building, offices of Traffic Police Department, Wireless Section, CID Department and Home Guard Section are also located. Thus, over 175 staff are working in the building. The toilets are in a pitiable condition. The condition of the lock-up cells for holding the criminals remanded to police custody is also not good. Home Minister Ravi Naik during his visit to Mapusa police station last year had announced that the government will demolish the existing building of Mapusa police station and reconstruct new one, but it appears no steps have been taken in this regard as yet. Speaking to Herald on the

condition of anonymity, one policeman said: “We are working in pathetic condition. Even toilets are not good. We are forced to go to the nearby police quarters to answer nature’s call.” “The bushes have grown up in the area where unclaimed vehicles have been dumped and due to unhygienic conditions, mosquitoes have increased and as such the staff working at night shift finds it difficult to work,” said the policeman. Sources in the police station said it was decided to shift the existing police station to Azilo Hospital building once the new District Hospital built at Peddem starts functioning. The District Hospital building is ready, but no one knows when it will begin operations.

Yog, Science camp organised for Colva residents

Students Council installed at Pilar school

herald rePOrTer VASCO, JUNE 27

An eight-day free Yog and Science camp for the benefit of people from Colva was recently organized by Mahila Shakti Abhiyan, Rotary Club of Colva and Zilla Parishad in association with Goa Patanjali Yog Samiti. The people benefited with the learning of pranayama, asanas, mudras, yogic exercise, knowledge of home remedies for some common illness and medicinal values of herbs, plants and trees in their own backyard and surrounding vicinity. Mandal Prabhari Namdev Chopdecar conducted the shivir, Yog teachers Rosy Dourado and Rhudhh Chopdecar assisted at the shivir, while Rotary Club of Colva President Audrey Mesquita e Vaz, Mahila Parishad President Nelly Rodriguese and Ryan Vaz helped in organizing

People from Colva take part in eight-day free Yog and Science camp at Colva beach.

the Yoga camp. As a goodwill gesture, Audrey Mesquita e Vaz offered her terrace top for regular Yoga classes, while Ryan Vaz and Glenda Fernandes have been appointed as deputy Yog teachers, who will

herald news desk PANJIM, JUNE 27

M i n i s t e r f o r Pa n c h a y a t s , Manohar Azgaonkar assured the people of Chandel -Hasapur areas of Pernem taluka to use his good office to extend the benefit of various government schemes to them. Azgaonkar was speaking at a function organised to disburse cheques of financial assistance amounting to Rs 1.50 lakh to 57 affected farmers from

Attack on Belgaum cops: 16 TN students released herald COrresPOndenT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

A group of 16 students from Tamil Nadu, who had attacked four police personnel attached to Belgaum Railway police station on the Vasco-Chennai train, were released on conditional bail by Judicial Magistrate First Court fourth court in Belgaum. It may be recalled that all the students were travelling from Vasco to Chennai on June 16 when they entered into a clash with the police on the train when it reached Castle Rock. In the clash between police personnel and students that took place in the Vasco-Chennai Express train, four police personnel were severely beaten up by a group of students. A police constable was seriously injured while an ASI, a Havaldar and another police constable received minor injuries. The police personnel were attached with Belgaum Railway Police station. The police have alleged that the students were drunk and carrying Goan liquor with them. The police personnel were beaten up so badly by the youth that they were admitted to hospital after the train arrived in Hubli. The students alleged dur-

conduct regular yoga classes. Rodrigues, Vaz, along with the managing committee members were present at the concluding session of Yoga shivir. Rotary Club Colva President proposed the vote of thanks.

Chandel -Hasapur areas of Pernem taluka whose paddy and other crop plantations were damaged by bison’s during the last year. The financial assistance was given as compensation under the Forest Department scheme. Pandurag Parab, Chairperson, ZP North Goa, Santosh Malik, Sarpanch of Chandel and Shri Prabhu, Range Forest officer were present on the occasion.

herald news desk PANJIM, JUNE 27

Fr Agnel Higher Secondary School, Pilar, organized a glittering swearing in ceremony as part of the installation of the students council consisting of 28 members voted by an electoral strength of 550 students. The chief guest, Sunita Vernekar administered the oath of office to the General Secretary, Jason Aguiar, XIIth Arts and to the Asst. General Secretary, Elton Coutinho, XI A.E. T. The other office-bearers are: Marleta Rebello, XII O.S.S. (Cultural Secretary), Nikhil Sawant, XII Commerce (Discipline Secretary), Mariola Pereira, XII C.T. (Cleanliness Secretary), Marlyn Moreno XII Insurance (Cooperative Secretary), Ainsley Antao XII Science (Sports Secretary). The chief guest in his address, requested the students to take of the opportunities offered to them. The Principal also motivated the students. The function was marked by a cultural event to honour all the council members. The highlight of the cultural programme was a beautiful and touching rendering of the world famous ‘Heal the World’. To enhance the students creative talents, the occasion was also marked by a ‘best out of waste’ competition. Students made attractive and enchanting show pieces, flowers and toys out of plastic waste, which was market worthy. An ‘anti-Drugs and anti-illicit trafficking day’ was also organised with the students conducting an awareness drive through colourful and educative posters. The G S proposed the vote of thanks.

ing the clash the police personnel tried to rob them in the pretext of checking the luggage, which forced them to attack the police, who were in civil dress. Some of the police personnel were beaten up by the students even after the train came to a halt in Hubli. The students given bail are B Naveen, Balaji Murthy, M Muragapan, Madankumar, J Samiulla, Gopalkrishna, Vanashi Krishna, Clement, Yuvraj, Dineshbabu, M Mahesh, S Imam, B M Sharanraj, P Balaji, Kuppan and B Gopinath. Hubli police were able to trace the students at Yashwantpur Railway station, Bangalore, on June 17. After a case was registered against all of them the same day, they were sent to judicial custody in Belgaum till July 1. In the meantime, an application was submitted by them through Adv Dinakar Shetty of Belgaum to JMFC fourth court, Belgaum, soon after they were sent to judicial custody. The students have been granted bail while the court has collected their identity cards, residential addresses, driving licenses, etc. Adv Shetty and parents of all the students bailed the students out.

UHC Vasco gears up to curb vector borne disease herald rePOrTer VASCO, JUNE 27

Dr Lohia’s birth celebrated Minister assures benefits of govt schemes MAYEM(HC): The birth anniversary of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia and Goa Revolution Day were recently celebrated at Late Baba Sawaikar Senior Citizens Centre, Bicholim. Former North Goa MP Adv Amrut Kansar was the chief guest for the function, while founder president of the Centre Ramakant Shetye, senior writer Chandrakant Gawas and Dattaram Shetye were present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Adv Kansar highlighted the works of Dr Lohia by narrating entire history of Goa liberation movement. Earlier, Adv Kansar garlanded the portrait of Dr Lohia. Deu Pal compered the function, while Dattaram Shetye proposed the vote of thanks.

Anti-Drugs Day organised at Chowgule college

After learning a lesson from last year’s outbreak of the vectorborne disease in Vasco, the Urban Health Centre, Vasco (UHC) is geared to curb breeding of mosquitoes in the port town. In a coordinated operation, the UHV along with municipal workers lifted nearly three-andhalf truckloads of abandoned tyres from Pixem Dongri, Khariwado, Chicalim and New Vaddem. Nearly two trucks of tyres were found in Pixem Dongri in Vasco. Besides, the abandoned canoes at Khariwado shore that were filled with rainwater were also emptied. However, the UHV officials were forced to take police protection, as slum dwellers of Pixem Dongri did not allow the officials to take tyres, as they are used to place on a rooftop to protect roof tiles and asbestos sheets from rough winds during monsoon. “We have lifted nearly two truckload of tyres from Pixem Dongri, while one more truck of abandoned tyre from Chicalim and half load of tyres from Vaddem were lifted,” informed UHC Head Dr Vikash Kuvelkar. Places like Mangore, Khariw a d o , N e w Va d d e m a n d

Chilcaim had reported a number of Chikungunya cases last year, which had put the authority in an embarrassing situation. Dr Kuvelkar further informed that the dreaded vector-borne disease occurs when mosquito breeds in stagnated water, which gets accumulated in abandoned tyres, utensils, flowerpot, bottles, coconut shells, etc. He said awareness among people and their cooperation is vital to ensure that vector-borne disease is put under control. The cleaning drive will continue for few more days in the outskirts of port town and people have been asked to cooperate with the health authority. Meanwhile, lifted abandoned tyres have been stored at MMC godown, which will be later handed over to the recycling agency in Margao, as the agency has been assigned the contract of recycling abandoned tyres by the State government. The agency collects tyres from different parts of the State and later exports it to Tamil Nadu for recycling purpose. Dr Kuvelkar acknowledged the assistance of municipal workers and police protection, without whom it was impossible to trace such huge loads of abandoned tyres.

‘Bicholim road needs urgent attention’

The main road near Shantadurga Circle at Bicholim developed pot holes. Photo by Vishant Vaze herald COrresPOndenT MAYEM, JUNE 27

The main road at Bicholim, which has developed potholes, has been causing inconvenience to the motorists and school students. Councilor of Bicholim Municipal Council Bhagwan Harmalkar said the road near Shantadurga Circle needs urgent repairs. “The concerned authority has not taken any responsibility to repair the road,” said Harmalkar. The students studying in Shantadurga High School, Bicholim, have been also facing a hardship, as they have to use the road to proceed to the school and their residences.

DIP’s album release in Panjim herald news desk PANJIM, JUNE 27

An audio album on national integration produced by the Department of Information and Publicity in association with Tomazinho Cardozo will be released at a function which will be held at auditorium no 1 at Maquinez palace on June 28 at 5 pm. Minister for Water Resources Filipe Neri Rodrigues will release the album while Secretary for Information and Publicity Narendra Kumar, IAS will preside over the function. Before the function at 4.30 pm, a programme of Konkani songs of Anthony San, Anicet, Sonia Sirsat and others will be presented. This is for the first time an album of Konkani songs on national integration on Western style music is being produced, says a press release.



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GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

People of N K’taka to intensify agitation

Farmers protest rally on July 5 HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

People of North Karnataka plan to intensify their agitation for the immediate implementation of the controversial Kalsa-Bhandura water diversion project. Farmers from all the talukas in Belgaum and Dharwad districts residing across the banks of River Malaprabha will be staging a massive protest rally on July 5, to compel government of Karnataka to complete the ongoing work on the project and also stop the work of laying pipeline to supply water to Hubli-Dharwad cities. The farmers have claimed that politicizing of the issue has caused unwarranted delay in the implementation this project that should have been completed by now. However, though Karnataka Government is claiming that the project is being implemented for satisfying the drinking water needs of Hubli-Dharwad twin

townships, if one goes by the statements of Vijay Kulkarni who is heading the agitation, it seems that the project is also being implemented for irrigation also. At a meeting in Ulavi village near Saudatti on Friday, Kulkarni blamed the lack of political will

KALSA-BHANDURA PROJECT in implementing the project. “While work on Kalsa is on the verge of completion, commencement on the Bhandura part has been delayed due to the clearance from the forest authorities. When thousands of trees are fell for constructions of new roads, why government is delaying the work on this project which is being implemented for irrigation and providing drinking water to Hubli Dharwad,” Kulkarni was quoted while addressing farmers who had gathered there. It may be recalled that former

irrigation minister of Karnataka and State BJP president K S Ishwarappa , MP Prahlad Joshi and other BJP leaders during their State level BJP convention in Belgaum in June first week. Kalsa-Bhandura issue was one of the main agenda of the two day State BJP Executive Committee meeting that concluded June 8. “Is there a need of forming a tribunal to resolve the issue as this is a drinking water project,” asked Prahlad Joshi had asked referring to Centre’s decision to form a tribunal to resolve the Kalsa-Bhandura issue. Meanwhile, the fact that farmers would be holding the protest rally on July 5, experts feel that it left for the Goan authorities to establish whether the Kalsa-Bhandura water diversion project is being implemented genuinely for providing of drinking water or it is being implemented for irrigation also.

K’taka Legislature session expected to be stormy PTI BANGALORE, JUNE 27

The monsoon session of the Karnataka Legislature beginning here from tomorrow is expected to be stormy with the opposition Congress and JDS having a host of issues including the recent resignation by Lokayukta Santosh Hegde, to corner the ruling BJP. Hegde, a former Supreme Court judge known for his fight against corruption, had announced his resignation criticizing the BJP government for its "indifferent attitude" towards the Lokayuka institution and fighting corruption. His resignation on June 23, two days ahead of the BJP completing two years in office, came as a jolt to the B S Yeddyurappa government. The controversy surrounding the alleged misuse of funds collected for flood relief by the Congress and "favouritism" resorted to by BJP in awarding compensation besides retaining more than Rs 400 crore funds raised through donations for relief works in its coffers, would

nThe Congress and JDS will certainly display unity in pulling up the government for its "failure" to provide relief to those ravaged by the floods in SeptemberOctober last year in 15 districts even after ten months. be another issue that would trigger pandemonium in the House. The Congress and JDS will certainly display unity in pulling up the government for its "failure" to provide relief to those ravaged by the floods in September-October last year in 15 districts even after ten months. Several donors who assured government that they would build houses were yet to fulfil

their promise and even the much touted Rs 500 crore investment promised by three Bellary Ministers -- G Janardhana Reddy, B Sreeramulu and G Karunakara Reddy-- had not provided any succour to families displaced by floods. The three mining magnates went on a parallel foundation stone laying ceremony spree, after they launched a revolt dem a n d i n g Ye d d y u r a p p a ' s ouster,last year. The party's central leadership had to step in to bring about a rapprochement between Yeddyurappa and the dissidents and defuse the crisis confronting BJP's first independent government in the south. Yeddyurappa has already admitted to the delay and has promised to complete construction as early as possible. Illegal mining, allegations of rape against former minister H Halappa, Nithyanand issue, and a cheating case filed against Social Welfare Minister D Sudhakara are also expected to figure at the session that will last till July 30.

Church fetes elected p’yat reps RGUHS providing lease of life of Hindalga, Benkanhalli to doctors across Belgaum HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

Bishop Peter Machado, Fr Freddy Raj, Renu Pandurang Gurav, Umesh Chopade and members of Hindalga and Benkanhalli gram panchayats during the felicitation. HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

Bishop of Belgaum Rev Dr Peter Machado has stated that elected representatives irrespective of their caste, creed or party belong to the people of their respective areas. He was speaking at a felicitation function that was organized at St John the Baptist Church, Ganeshpur, in honour of the newly elected members of Hindalga and Benkanhalli gram panchayats. This was for the first time in the history of Belgaum such a felicitation function was organized by a Catholic Church for the elected gram panchayats representatives. The Christians of the parish have thus set a new trend in enhancing the inter-religious relationship. Extending his blessings and hearty congratulations to the newly elected members, Bishop Machado urged them to use this opportunity to understand the needs of the people of the area and utilize their posts for the overall development of the area.

In his welcome address, L Rodrigues who also anchored the function emphasized that as the citizens of the area, the Catholic community feels honoured to felicitate the elected representatives. “As the rightful citizens of the area, we understand our responsibilities and also have our right over the elected representatives,” he said. Hilda Pereira who congratulated the representatives on behalf of the Catholics of the area said the Christians of the area expect the representatives to render unbiased service to the community. St John the Baptist Church Parish Priest Fr Freddy Raj who presided over the function extended his blessings to the members and wished them success in their tenure as the members of Panchayat. “Though we are Christians by faith, we are also proud citizens of India. We have been serving the nation without any discrimination and would assist and extend cooperation to the elected representatives to execute their

duties,” said Fr Raj. Dattaji Kanurkar expressed his gratitude towards the Christian community for the felicitation and said the Hindu community in the area does not believe in the discrimination of caste and creed. “The members would perform their duty with the cooperation of the people of their respective wards,” he said. Benkanhalli Panchayat President Umesh Chopade also expressed his gratitude for the felicitation. President of Hindalga GP Renu Pandurang Gurav, Vice President Ramchandra Annappa Mannolkar, President of Benkanhalli GP Umesh Chopade, Vice President Krishna Katamble and the members of both the gram pamchayats were felicitated on the occasion. R M Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks. The function concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. Catholics from Ganeshpur, Hindalga, Saraswatinagar, Mahalaxminagar, Laxminagar were present.

Govt plans 3 lakh SHG in State by 2015: Minister HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

Karnataka Cooperative Minister Laxman Savadi has stated that the government has set a target of forming at least 3 lakh selfhelp groups in the state by 2015 and disburses more than Rs 5,300 crore loans through them. “The government has already disbursed about Rs 509.52 crore loans at an interest of 4% to about 1.57 lakh self help groups in the state during the last two years and the department has brought several changes in the cooperative sector as per the recommend a t i o n s o f Va i d y a n a t h a n Committee report,” he said. Savadi told reporters in Athani that his department has completed about 74 of the verification of records of cooperative organisations in the state during the last two years and taking measures to constitute 11 cooperative courts for the im-

n The government has already disbursed about Rs 509.52 crore loans at an interest of 4% to about 1.57 lakh self help groups in the state during the last two years and the department has brought several changes in the cooperative sector as per the recommendations of Vaidyanathan Committee report. mediate disposal of over 76,874 pending cases in the sector. He said a total of 2.9 crore people had taken membership in the 34,863 cooperative organisations in the state which had a working capital of about Rs 38,249 crore with them. The minister further said his department collected about Rs 78.01 crore deposits, which had been collected from 62.75 lakh beneficiaries under the government-sponsored Yashaswini programme and

the government provided Rs 60 crore aid to the programme. “A sum of Rs 109.63 crore had been spent towards beneficiaries’ healthcare under Yashaswini,” he said. “The cooperative department had plans to set up one cooperative credit society for every Gram Panchayat in the state besides bringing an amendment to Karnataka Apartment Cooperative Societies Act on the line of the one presently in force in Maharashtra state,” added the minister.

KSRTC ordered to pay Rs 11 lakh as compensation HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, JUNE 27

What could be termed as a trendsetting decision, a Fast Track court here has ordered Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC ) to pay Rs 11.5 lakh as compensation in an accident case.

The First Additional Fast Track Court on Friday ordered the KSRTC to pay Rs 11.5 lakh to the family of the victim, Shamrao Shetti of Mumbai. Shamrao, an industrialist from Mumbai, was killed when his car collided with the KSRTC bus

near Kittur on May 4, 2008. Shamrao died on the spot while Rajeevi and Dhananjay Shetty sustained serious injuries. The judge has also asked the KSRTC to pay Rs 85,000 to Dhananjay Shetty. The compensation is to be paid within a month.

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) has given a big lease of life to doctors across the state by allowing them to take up PhD soon after they complete their graduate degrees. So far, the doctors who completed their post-graduate degrees in medicine only were eligible to do the research. Announcing this at a press meet in Belgaum here, RGUHS Vice Chancellor Dr Ramanand Shetty said a large number of doctors holding graduate degrees like MBBS, BDS, etc, who were unable to get PG seats would be eligible to take up PhD in a particular subject from January 2011. “The decision taken on Tuesday by the university syndicate will help many graduate doctors to achieve perfection in their field of choice. Due to various commitments, many PG holders in the field of medicine are unable to enroll for PhD in the state. Within the next six months, the university will create all needed guidelines and procedures to make way for the enrolment of graduate doctors for PhDs,” he said. The university would set stringent guidelines for the PhD aspirants to ensure that their research works were accomplished effectively. “The medicine degree holders will have to work in the field of research or with the research institutes at least for a year before taking up PhD. To ensure that only committed doctors (degree holders) enrolled for PhDs, the university will be holding a ‘pre-PhD’ examination for the aspirants,” he said. “Already, several medical colleges in the state have welcomed the decision of RGUHS and come forward to launch research laboratories,” he added.

The doctors with either MBBS, BDS, etc, degrees with them who successfully completed their PhDs would be able to work in the research centres. “However, their degrees could not be equated with those completing the PG courses in the field of medicine. The degree holders with PhD will not be eligible to take up the teaching jobs in the field but would have many other opportunities in the field. The decision to allow them to take up PhD has been taken considering the inability of a large number of degree holders in medicine to get admissions for PG courses,” Shetty said. “To cope with rapid development in the field of medicine, the university felt that the students of medicine should be promoted in the field of research and decided to attract them to PhD courses,” he said. He further said the university also decided to revamp the syllabi of various diploma courses in medicine besides launching a PG course in radiation physics. ‘The university syndicate also passed resolutions to start some fellowship programmes as well,” he said adding that within the next few months, all the decisions taken in the syndicate would come into force. Commenting on whether all the 640 colleges coming under RGUHS were functioning satisfactorily, Shetty said although many colleges lacked infrastructure and facilities the university had been keeping a tab on their functioning and initiating measures to ensure that all the colleges imparted quality education to the future doctors. “Due to stringent guidelines of the government, it is difficult for the university to directly disaffiliate or initiate action against a particular col-

lege. Measures are being taken to maintain the standard of education in all the institutes in the state,” he said.



GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

CPI (M) activitists burnt an effigy of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to protest the fuel price hike by the government, on Sunday in Jaipur.

Metro coaches lowered on tracks, to be assembled for trial run PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 27

For the first time in its history, DMRC lowered four Metro coaches on to the tracks at Lajpat Nagar station where they will be assembled before the trial runs on the Central Secretariat-Badarpur line begin in the first week of July. The coaches, which were brought through trailers from the Mundka Standard Guage depot, were lowered on the inclined ramp between Jangpura and Lajpat Nagar by using a 270 tonne crane, which was equipped with a special adjustable boom which helped in quick stabilisation of the coaches on the track. The coaches, each weighing 42 tonnes, were lowered one after another during the operation which started at around 11 PM last night and ended at 4.10 am today, DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal said. The 20.16-km Central SecretariatBadarpur corridor will be thrown open to the public in September, a month ahead of the Commonwealth Games. DMRC had to lower the trains at the Lajpat Nagar station as there is no other way that the coaches can be brought to the station. Trial runs on the Central SecretariatBadarpur Standard Guage line will start in phases from July first week and will go on till the line is thrown open to the public in September, a month before the Common-

wealth Games. DMRC officials said the lowering of trains were a peculiar move since they do not have any other entry point. The coaches will now be assembled on tracks at the Lajpat Nagar station and the trial runs will begin after July 5 from Central Secretariat-Lajpat Nagar section once the signaling and other works are completed on the 9-km section. "The operation was a great engineering achievement as the coaches were stabled on a gradient (inclined) of about 4 per cent. Generally, the rail coaches are stabled on a straight surface," Dayal said. Two battery operated shunters were used to prevent the coaches from sliding down backwards on the incline. These shunters then pushed the coaches to the Lajpat Nagar Metro station where the coupling will be done, he said. The entire exercise will help the DMRC save at least a month's time to meet its Commonwealth Games deadline. This was the first-ever operation in India where Standard Gauge Metro rail coaches were lifted by cranes and stables on the inclined tracks, he said. "Meticulous planing of over six months was done to implement the operation smoothly. All Cargo, a specialized agency was roped in to carry out the operation. About 400 people including DMRC engi-

neers worked round the clock to implement the operation successfully," Dayal said. DMRC's Director (Electrical) Satish Kumar, Director (Rolling Stock) H S Anand and Director (Projects) Kumar Keshav personally supervised the entire operation. Central Secretariat-Badarpur line will be the last corridor of DMRC's Phase-II project to be opened. The line saw the worst accident in July last year when an under-construction bridge collapsed killing seven people. For the lowering of train, traffic on one side of the road from Jangpura flyover to Moolchand was halted for about 6 hours from 11 pm to 5 am. The timing of the operation was planned on Saturday night and Sunday morning to reduce inconvenience to the public, Dayal said. In normal course, the trains would have been kept at the Sarita Vihar Depot located in the Central Secretariat-Badarpur line and then brought into the section for trials. However, as the construction of the Depot and other portions of the line is taking time this special method of lifting coaches by crane has been adopted by DMRC so that trials can begin early on the already completed section. Central Secretariat–Badarpur Metro corridor is 20.16 kilometres long and has 16 stations.

Women beaten up, cops refuse to accept plaint PTI YAVATMAL, JUNE 27

A woman of Junoni village under Mukutben Police Station was allegedly beaten up by a group of four persons in a field yesterday, and the police have said to have showed their apathy by refusing to accept her complaint. The Police Station Officer (PSO) Dnyaneshwar Ghuge allegedly not only refused to accept the victim Sulbha Anil Bankabut's complaint but also shouted at her. According to Sulbha, she was busy in her farm yesterday when four persons-Ashok Bankar, Sandhya Bankar, Vidhyacharan Banker and Manju Bankar to her and picked up a quarrel over the land dispute. Sulbha was alone and taking that as an advantage the four began to beat her up mercilessly and she sustained injuries on her head, shoulders and face. There was bleeding profusely from her nose and mouth due to the thrashing. She reached Mukutben Police Station in the same condition and tried to lodge a complaint. However, the PSO Dnyaneshwar Ghuge allegedly tried to shout at her instead of accepting her complaint. When she insisted, he started recording her statement but it was not in tune with what she said, the victim alleged. "The injuries were on vital part of her body

and hence it was cognizable offence. However, the PSO preferred to register a non-cognizable offence," she alleged. "I will represent my case before the SP of Yavatmal for justice and it is my request that the higher authorities to order an impartial probe into the incident and the guilty be brought to law. "I also demand for appropriate action against the PSO Dnyaneshwar Ghuge for giving protection to the accused," Sulbha said. It may be recalled that one hapless tribal woman was thrashed, kidnapped and attempted to outrage her modesty by an autorickshaw driver of Patten while another tribal woman, one of the beneficiaries of the Government sponsored Karmavir Dadasaheb Gaikwad Savalamban Va Sabalikaran yojana, was not only thrashed but also paraded on the road till the police station in Sadoba Sawli village under Parwa Police Station on June 24 and 25 respectively. In both the cases, the role of police was questioned. The miscreants have close proximity allegedly with the peoples’ representatives of the region. The public by and large expressed deep concern over the growing atrocities on women in the district owing to the indifferent attitude of the police who are expected to be their protector.

Kangana wants to tickle the funny bone of her fans PTI MUMBAI, JUNE 27

Shedding her intense on-screen image, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranuat is trying her hands at comedy and this time wants to tickle the funny bone of her fans. The actress, who has changed her gears, has two-comedy films this year - Anees Bazmee's 'No Problem' and Anand Rai's 'Tanu Weds Manu'. Both the films are set for release this year. "It's really fun doing comedy films, everything around you is amusing. But it is not easy to make people laugh holding their stomach. Even though you don't have funny dialogues but seeing

your appearance people should start laughing," Kangana told PTI here. Earlier Kangana had done heavy duty and psychotic roles in films like 'Gangster', 'Who Lamhe', 'Life in a Metro', 'Fashion' and 'Raaz'. "Doing comedy was a new experience for me. The world of comedy makes you crazy. There are situations when you yourself can't control your laughter but you have to and concentrate on making others laugh, which is not easy," Kangana said. 'Tanu weds Manu' is a romantic comedy film directed by Aanand Rai, and produced by

Mukesh Talreja. It stars Madhavan and Jimmy Shergill in the lead roles. While another film is, 'No Problem', a comedy directed Anees Bazmee and produced by Anil Kapoor. It stars Sanjay Dutt, Akshaye Khanna, Sushmita Sen, Anil Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Paresh Rawal and Neetu Chandra. Kangana, who is sharing screen space with Paresh Rawal in 'No Problem' said, "He is one of the finest comedian the industry has. His timing, the spontaneity is really awesome. In every film his way of making people laugh is different. People start laughing even before he says anything."

Sena MP ridicules attempts of ‘Thackeray jodo’ PTI MUMBAI, JUNE 27

Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has mocked at attempts to bring together the party's executive president Uddhav Thackeray and his estranged cousin and MNS chief Raj Thackeray. Responding to the recent 'Thackeray jodo' campaign launched by few Shiv Sena activists, Raut who is the executive editor of the party mouthpiece "Saamna" said in his weekly column "If you are a Shiv Sainik, there is no need to worry about those who have run away ditching the Shiv Sena. Only thing you have to do is to unite under the saffron flag and also take the new generation along with you,". Referring to the campaign, he said nobody among those who have initiated it would be able to explain what do they mean by 'Thackeray jodo abhiyan'. Raut said the proponents of the campaign have referred to the coming together of Mukesh and Anil Ambani in the interest of their business and that the Thackerays also should do the same. "Who would not like if Raj returns to the party. But it was Raj who had left on his own", Raut pointed out. "I have seen the pain in Balasaheb's eyes when Raj left. Raj helped the Congress by splitting Marathi votes. The 13 MLAs of MNS have split Sena votes. The Assembly election trend was not replicated in the recent Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai municipal elections which means that the MNS has not gained at the grassroots. Whereas the Shiv Sena's cadre and mass base at the grassroot is still strong," Raut observed. Referring to leaders like deputy chief minister Chhagan Bhujbal who have supported the 'Thackeray jodo campaign', Raut said it is surprising that people who have quit the party are showing concern about its future.


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Anti Defection Law: The Goa Angle

Vol No CX No: 165 Goa, Monday 28 June, 2010


The myth of petrol subsidy

The Anti-defection law deserves a new look, states Adv. CLEOFATO ALMEIDA COUTINHO

race up to tighten your belt. Prices of essential commodities are already increasing at around 20 per cent per year. Now, be prepared for this to increase by another 3 per cent, following the recent petrol and diesel price hike. That, in a word, is the real commitment of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government to its most famous mascot, the ‘aam admi’; to hit him/her where it really hurts, on the stomach! Now, everybody will have to pay more to travel to work, whether they go by two-wheeler or by bus. The bus fare hike, under discussion for the past few weeks, will only get steeper. Be prepared to pay more for food, whether it is in restaurants or in the market. Prices of pulses and vegetables are already sky-high, the cost of transporting them and of growing them will now go up. Fuel prices affect all, as the cost of transporting anything and everything goes up. How justified is this hike? What about all those advertisements in the newspapers that say the government is hitting you ‘for your own good’, and that the people who use petrol and diesel should pay for it, rather than the ‘aam admi’ taxpayer, who foots the bill for the subsidy? Everyone uses fuel, either directly or indirectly, and there is absolutely no merit whatsoever in the government’s contention. When we buy petrol for our two wheelers, we are paying no less than Rs14.78 per litre in taxes as excise duty. Diesel has a relatively more modest central tax of Rs4.75 per litre. In addition, we pay Sales Tax to the state government and octroi to the Municipality. But, please note here, the excise duty on Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) used in jet aircraft, is just Rs3.60 per litre. If anyone, the so-called government of the ‘aam admi’ is subsidising the wealthy air traveller, rather than the suffering common man! The ‘aam admi’, who travels in buses or two wheelers, and the farmer who uses diesel, gets no real subsidy. In fact, the alleged subsidy is entirely a myth; a fraud on the part of the government. It treats the taxes we pay separately, and does not count them towards the cost of the fuel it sells us. During the year 2009-10 (as per provisional figures for April to December 2009), the petroleum industry paid the central government an estimated Rs56,365 crore in duties, taxes and cess. Over the same period, the government’s subsidy to the petroleum industry – including the oil bonds issued to oil marketing companies (OMCs) – was an estimated Rs14,058 crore. The subsidy was just 25 per cent of the petroleum industry’s collections in duties, taxes and cess. This means that for every Rs100 that the ‘aam admi’ pays as taxes, (s)he gets just Rs25 as subsidy. Who’s subsidising whom? If there was no tax on petrol and diesel, we could buy both at around Rs35 per litre. Yes, that’s roughly the price Americans pay for it in California, the state with the highest fuel prices in the US. Crude oil costs around $77 (Rs3,700) per barrel (158.76 litres). The crude oil price of petrol per litre therefore comes to around Rs23.30 a litre. Refining it to petrol or diesel costs around Rs6.52 a litre. Adding 10 per cent in taxes, margins for the producers and retailers, and the cost of transport, it could be sold profitably at around Rs35. The problem is, there is absolutely no transparency in fixing fuel prices, nor any scope for competition, as all players are PSUs barring Reliance, Essar and a few others. Basically, the aam admi is being made to pay heavy taxes on petrol and diesel, far in excess of the subsidy (s)he gets. The government uses this money as in other areas, and insists that in addition to these heavy taxes, we should pay the market price for petrol now, and for diesel in the near future. Where’s the justice in that?


ith Babush Monserrate and Vishwajeet Rane joining the Congress party, what has been speculated, has happened. Babush Monserrate who was elected on the UGDP ticket, has not resigned his Taleigao Assembly seat, while Vishwajeet Rane has quit the Valpoi assembly seat to render the Assembly on the Congress party ticket. The debate on whether Mr. Monserrate should have resigned and/or whether the UGDP could be merged without the UGDP as registered with the Election Commission of India, may look academic, but such debates contribute to the evolution of the law. The North Eastern states and the State of Goa have contributed much to the evolution of the anti-defection law in the country. Since the states were small, the legislature parties were small, and splinter the groups, smaller. It became easy to manage splits, and, instead of individual defections, groups defected. The net result is that the concept is split, is done away with. Our state must also be complimented for showing another way – of members resigning and re-contesting to become ministers, since the anti-defection law does not bar such members from being MLAs. The Parliament may take note of that syndrome, now that Karnataka has followed us in that direction. The appropriate remedy may be, barring such members from being members of the house for a fixed period of time. That Goa has been a laboratory for various tests under the anti-defection law, has never been in doubt. The Supreme Court judgement in the Ravi Naik (AIR 1994 SC 1558) case settled the matter pertaining to the split (then existing in the Xth Schedule). In the matter of Dr. Luis Proto Barbosa (AIR 1992 SC 1812), the Hon’ble Supreme Court held that the exemption to the Speaker on the Xth Schedule would not be available when the Speaker defects from the party to which he belonged, and resigned from the office of the speaker thereafter. In yet another judgement, Dr. Kashinath G. Jalmi (AIR 1993 SC 1873), the Supreme Court held that the Speaker of the assembly has no power of review. A new dimension has been added by the case of Mr. Monserrate by him not resigning from the Taleigao seat and continuing as the member of the house. Probably, Mr. Vishwajeet Rane is

Changing Perspectives

Political Play unable to take such a bold stand. His father, being the Speaker of the House and in case of a disqualification petition, a father sitting on his son’s disqualification hearing would be another first for our State, which has been rightly avoided. As I pen these lines, it is not clear whether the case is that of a merger of the UGDP (original political party) as defined in the Xth Schedule or a case of joining the Congress party. In either of the two cases, the matter has to be referred to the decision of the Speaker, who functions as a tribunal in the matter pertaining to disqualification under the Xth Schedule. It is only the State Congress President who has claimed the merger, while Mr. Monserrate has preferred his joining to a ‘return of the prodigal’. What that means may be known only if one gets to know all about his communication with the Speaker. The anti-defection law has a number of lacunae. It could be argued disqualification in case a member joins another party is automatic, and that there is no escape from that without a case for merger being made out. But then, the matter has to be adjudicated by the Speaker. And, unless the speaker adjudicates on the issue, a member

functions as an MLA. The other debate is on the question of the impact of a merger, if a stand of a merger is taken. Two issues come to fore, one, whether the merger can take place without the UGDC as registered with the Election Commission of India taking a decision of its merger. Sec. 4 saves a member from disqualification, in case the original political party merges with another political party. However, at clause 2 of paragraph 4 of the Xth Schedule, it is stated, “the merger of the original political party of a member shall be deemed to have taken place if, and only if, not less of two-third of the members of the legislative party concerned, have agreed to such a merger”. The argument is that two-thirds of the legislature party ought to ratify the decision taken by the original political party (parent party). This argument is on the basis of the use of the words ‘original political’ party in the Xth Schedule and the demeaning provision using the legislature party. In case the argument that the original political party has to first take a decision of merger, which can only be ratified by the Election Commission of India, would mean that the Election Commission

Of India should also take a decision on the merger which requires ratification by the two-third members of the legislature party. The Xth Schedule does not speak of the Election Commission of India. The words ‘original political party’ and ‘the legislature party’, though defined in the Xth Schedule, has no reference to whether the representation of the Peoples Act, under which the parties are registered and the Election Commission of India, which registers the parties. In the case of Mayawati v/s. Markadeya Chand, Justice Thomas who held certain MLAs belonging to the Bahujan Samaj party being disqualified, said that in case of split, two conditions should apply 1) that a claim that the split in original political party, resulting in the constitution of a group and 2) that group ought to be one-third of the members of such a legislature party. That the party as registered in the Election Commission of India should split, which should be reflected in the legislature party, has not been held to be a pre-condition, even for split. In the same judgement, Justice Srinivasan holds that the original political party and the legislature party be distinct. That was the question of the split, which no longer exists in the Constitution. If the deeming provision for a merger is taken to account, it could be construed that for the purposes of anti-defection law, that the merger has taken place and that the group constituting two-thirds would not suffer disqualification. In the case at hand, the member being the sole member of the party, could claim such a merger to save his disqualification. But then, the original political party as registered with the Election Commission of India, shall continue to be so registered. The problem with the law is the adjudicatory process created through the office of Speaker. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has held the speaker to be holding a high, important and ceremonial office, he being very embodiment of propriety and impartiality on the basis of position of speaker in England, without taking into consideration the realities in our state and country. The Anti-defection law deserves a new look with the adjudicatory machine handed over to an impartial body, probably the High Court, to give a time bound judgement.

Some thoughts about Nadia

Question: Why did Nadia keep Ratol in her house? Answer: Because she was scared of Mickey Mouse! Mobile phone messages of this kind have been doing the rounds in Goa; and Goa is a deeply religious state. Both the large communities, Catholics and Hindus, visit their churches and temples very dutifully. All religions and spirituality teach us that death is the only truth. All else is ‘maya’ or illusion. In the ancient story of the Trojan War, Achilles the Greek hero commits the gravest of all sins, as believed by the Greeks – the sin of disrespecting the body of the Trojan warrior, Hector, whom he has just defeated in war. Achilles drags the body, tied to his horse and desecrates not just Hector, but ‘death’ itself. We seem to be doing something similar to Nadia. Of course she did not have the stature of a Trojan hero, but the point is not her greatness or ordinariness. The parallel is in ‘death’ itself, which unites us all and is our common fate, no matter how great or small we might be. In all civilisations, the dead are duly buried, cremated or otherwise laid to permanent rest, with elaborate rituals and rites. Death has such a finality and sanctity that wisdom tells us not to revile or

criticise the dead. They have gone away from our realm to another, or into nothingness; we do not know. Most of us, including me, did not know Nadia. Whatever her virtues or vices might have been, she is a person who chose to end her life and one does that only in an extreme situation of helplessness and angst, or when the known world itself seems so alien that an unknown death seems a relief. People who are devious, street smart and cunning do not commit suicide. It is only the ones who are so out of sorts with the way their life turned out – because of their own choices or because of others – who take such a step. When they feel they cannot change their plight, they would rather die than compromise with the existing situation. Maybe if Nadia had a confidant or a real friend, she could have made the choice to live and fight it out. Since we do not know, we have no right to pass judgement. More important, it is inhuman to mock and scorn the dead, as these text messages seem to be doing. It reveals a certain callousness towards other human beings, crassness, and an inhumanity that we all should be ashamed of. A dead person is not a specimen on a laboratory table, for us to dissect or study and then pass profound moral judgements. What

By Sajla Chawla

has hardened us so much that we can no longer feel what the war poet, Owen, terms ‘the reciprocity of tears’ or the ability to empathise and grieve at the loss or suffering of another human being? If we cannot feel compassion, let us at least not make the life and death of a young woman a mockery. Often many of us firmly lock the skeletons in our own cupboards, sit on high moral pedestals and pass moral decrees. A similar thing could happen to us, or our children, or someone we care for. A small quirk of fate; a wrong choice; or just chance could have put any of us in a similar situation. We are just lucky that it did not. Or is it that we get voyeuristic and sadistic pleasure out of prying into other people’s lives, if only to feel complacently safe that it did not happen to us? Maybe that is the reason Reality TV is so popular in our society. It gives people a chance to live vicariously without ever personally taking any risks; sitting smug and vindicated in their living rooms while others suffer and cry. We are all meagre, small, frail and mortal people. Let us recognise the fallibility in each of us and be more forgiving and compassionate to the people who could not cope with what life brought their way. We would not find it so easy to ridicule Nadia if we all realise our own mortality.

Letters to the Editor In western countries, when a corruption charge surfaces against a political personality, (s)he resigns from the post so that an independent and impartial investigation can be conducted to find out the truth. However, we have a different culture regarding corruption. The accused vehemently denies any wrongdoing. (S)he will not resign from the post even when there is reasonable suspicion of involvement. If (s)he is a part of the ruling dispnsation, the veracity of the allegation is unlikely to be ‘found’ till another party comes into power. In spite of Supreme Court directives, our premier investigating agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), unfortunately, dances to the tune of the government in power. A case will be filed, then withdrawn or diluted, depending on which side the accused is on. The rule of law is applicable to ordinary mortals like us, whereas our political masters are apparently above the law.

troversial Chief Minister Digambar Kamat against women – those who visited him in his office on behalf of village groups of Goa, who he told that he does not require their votes, as well as against women in general, saying that they should not enter politics, are expected. The fact is that Kamat is all for non-Goans, because he depends on the votes of migrants in Margao. In the Secretariat, he has appointed Anupam Kishor as Joint Secretary (Debt Management) and Director of PPP, and has given him several other charges, as if there are no capable Goan officers. In this, he has blocked the promotions of several Goan officers. The chief minister has bad advisors, including his OSD Verlekar, who thinks he is the de facto Chief Minister of Goa. Our chief minister thinks he is the CM of Margao, and is not ready to help people of other constituencies. The High Command should change the chief minister and also Goa Congress President Subhash Shirodkar, who does not have any following. Otherwise, the Congress is doomed in the next election.

CM for non-Goans

CM unaware?

Corruption, Indian style S N D Poojary, Miramar

Loyola Mascarenhas, Goa Velha Recent statements made by our highly con-

Smile with Smitha

C Da Costa, Margao Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has mastered

Smitha Bhandare Kamat

Letter of the Day

Goan Tolerance

Arwin Mesquita, Abu Dhabi

There is currently a lot of criticism about the ‘tolerance’ of Goans, as they are in increasing numbers speaking out against the fast deterioration of Goan culture and identity with the rapid influx of migrants and the fast changing demographics. I do appreciate that tolerance is the need of the hour to make the world a better place, but let us put tolerance into a correct perspective for Goa. Nobody can dispute the enormous tolerance and hospitality exhibited by Goans, simply from the fact that around 40 per cent of the population of Goa is non-Goan. I would like for the critics to compare this with the demographics of other states. If they keep silent, it is because they don’t face the same crisis. As Goans, we should continue to be tolerant, respectful and hospitable to all people. But this does not mean it is wrong for us to put in safeguards right now to reverse the erosion of Goan identity and protect Goan interests. In the UAE, where I temporarily reside, the vast majority are non-nationals. Many are allowed to even buy land, but restrictively. This country in its wisdom has put in fair safeguards to ensure that the UAE will always remain with its own people. We are all Indians, but India is made up of so many cultures and identities, each of which has a right to be preserved and protected. Even European governments today realise that there is a logic in migrant control, and are converting Europe into a sort of fortress, with increasingly tighter immigration policies. Those being accepted are made to undergo compulsory integration into the local population. In the homes that we live in, we can and should be very tolerant and hospitable to our guests, or any person for that matter. But does this mean that we should give away our homes to them? Surely, nobody will dispute this! the habit of ducking responsibility and providing lame excuses whenever he is caught on the wrong foot (which happens quite often). He bowled another of his googlies when he recently told the media that he was not aware of Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco’s written request for a judicial inquiry into the death of his close “family friend”. This, despite there being a written acknowledgement from the CM’s offices on a copy of the request filed by Mickky. Is the CM trying to say that despite being in Goa, he is not in touch with happenings? If so, he is leaving too many gaps in the administration. It is very unbecoming of a CM not to be in touch with his office.

change, but the mindset remains. The focus has not shifted to providing citizen-centric police service – the police still sees its role as protecting the interest of the current masters, however illegitimate and even unlawful they may be. This needs to change urgently. The need for reforming the police system in India has been recognised for years. The transition from colonial rule to democracy did not bring about any improvement in the functioning of the police and its public image. The Goa government needs to supervise the police to promote professional efficiency and ensure respect of the law at all times.

Police ‘pida’

Changing colours

Socorro D’Souza, Fatorda

Rocky Dias, Raia

The mindset of the police in our country continues to be frozen in the pre-1947 colonial period. The faces of their masters may

The approach of our government towards development lacks long-term perspective. Suggestions made to the government are

readily accepted, but never implemented. Erratic supply of water and electricity; no proper roads or satisfactory transport service, have become endemic. Even the suggestions made by Maharashtra ex-DGP P S Pasricha have been shelved. The central road research institute’s presentation, made in 2009, is now being used for preparing a report on the road traffic scenario. The laxity of the government on core issues like criminal offences, not only drains states funds, but also plays with the lives of the people, causing untold suffering. There is an urgent need to inculcate the values of honesty, responsibility and time amongst both our police and our politicians. It is time to join hands and unite. Win the election with thumping majority with Goan votes to save Goa!

Sancoale is first Lawrence Fernandes, Sancoale Hats off to Robert Castellino for his wellsaid letter ‘Watch Out’ (Herald, 27th May). He is very right in saying that it won’t be long before the migrants realise that they do not require Goan politicians to represent them. Our Sancoale village has eleven wards. Six out of eleven were true blooded Goans and one of them, a woman of course, could have become the Sarpanch of the village. But, for better or worse, we got a migrant illiterate woman as Sarpanch. We have almost 10,000 migrant voters in our village so it may not be difficult, sooner or later, for a migrant to become our MLA. Prince Jacob in his tiatr ‘Zaiat Zage’ (Wake Up) has shown this clearly. So also Roseferns in his tiatr entitled ‘Ami Goenkar, Tumi Konn?’ Blessed Joseph Vaz and Prof Dharmanand Kossambe are illustrious sons of our village. So is Brahmanand Sancoalcar. And now, we have a non-Goan Sarpanch. Rest of Goa, please note, Sancoalcars are leading the way! Letters should be 150 words or less in length, and should have the writer’s name, address and telephone number. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for size and readability, and to delete any personal attacks or libellous /objectionable matter.

Paths of Wisdom The Lady and the Ogress A man who was becoming impatient with his wife for their being childless. At the same time, his wife was becoming increasingly anxious because of this problem. Fearing that her husband would one day abandon her, she coaxed him into taking another wife. But each time she learned that the new wife was pregnant, she caused her to miscarry by putting some drugs into her food. The second wife eventually figured out what was going on, but it was too late to do anything about it, for she was already near death’s door from being poisoned so often. Before she finally died, however, she swore that she would pay the first wife back for all the suffering she was caused should their paths cross again in future lives. And indeed their paths did cross again. Once they were reborn as a cat and a hen, and another time as a leopardess and a doe, and each time they were after each other’s offspring, creating more and more hatred between themselves. Finally, they were reborn as the daughter of a nobleman and an ogress. One day, the ogress in all her fury was chasing after the nobleman’s daughter and her baby. The mother, in desperation, fled to the monastery where the Buddha was staying and begged the Buddha to save her child from the hungry ogress. The Buddha, instead, admonished her, as well as the ogress, for the folly of their unabated vengeance. He then related to them how their mutual hatred began and how, because of that hatred, they had been killing off each other’s babies in their successive lifetimes. He made them realize that hatred only caused more hatred, and that hatred ceased only through goodwill and compassion. The two women felt great remorse for their past actions and forgave one another. Hatred in the world is indeed never appeased by hatred. It is appeased only by loving kindness. This is an ancient law. (Source : Dhammapada Stories)

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GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

opinionatEd Britain, France back India’s the politics of NH17 at porvorim BY SOTER D’SOUZA

The imbroglio over the National Highway 17 alignment and widening never seems to get resolved. It now seems to be the turn of the Porvorim residents to display scare crows to drive away the National Highway Authority of India from persisting with the present alignment. The line up of prominent citizens flying the flag of revolt against the present alignment of NH17 at Porvorim is very interesting. We do agree that the passing of a National Highway through the belly of Goa's tiny and populated villages and townships is complete insanity and absurd planning. This heartless and never ending development does evoke strong emotions in us Goan residents to see our villages torn apart in the name of national interest. But, the proposal for this controversial NH17 alignment has been in the pipe-line for over three decades, though a 55 metre wide stretch of road was never envisaged then. Even when the draft of the Regional Plan 2021 was sent to the Village Panchayats for suggestions and scrutiny, these affected residents seemed least interested in attending the Gram Sabha meetings and registering their objections on the present NH17 alignment. Probably, they were under the illusion that certain influential persons lined up along the NH17 would successfully stall the process of widening of NH17 at Porvorim by pulling the strings directly in New Delhi, as they have been doing all these years. The bottle neck at Porvorim Bazaar which has resulted in loss of precious lives and limbs over the years is a manifestation of the clout wielded by certain vested interests. Now that they have been trapped in their own game, it appears that efforts are on to camouflage private interests as public interest. At the same time, it is also not the case that there does not exist some genuine cases affected by this proposed alignment, the politics behind the NH17 alignment at Porvorim is not as simple and innocent as it is made out to be. Real estate players, politicians and businessmen are faking their personal interests as public interest. Huge buildings have been erected within the 45 metre line despite there being a ban on construction in force for several years. Based on a mere undertaking in an affidavit wherein a builder has agreed to demolish the building if at any time the space is required for road widening, the Town and Country Planning Department has granted the N.O.C. for constructing a showroom at Porvorim. Another such project involving an influential politician from South Goa is under construction after forcefully suppressing objections from the Village Panchayat Secretary on the 45 metre ban and resorting to various pressure tactics to obtain the clearances. In the last several years, several residential houses along NH17 have been converted for commercial purposes without following the law. Would these political, medical and builder celebrities have cared for the interests of the suffering public had the NH17 alignment not affected their private interests? It is this conniving and conspiring between those with vested interests and the Town and Country Planning Department that has complicated the issues around the present alignment. After reaping huge profits by ignoring the development laws along the NH17, these very forces are propagating the re-alignment of the NH17 through virgin areas thereby fuelling speculation on land prices in those areas. It is perfectly alright for them, if other poor people lose their houses and land in case of a re-alignment. The politicians and contractors would also be ever too happy to construct a third bridge across Mandovi River. The hypocrisy of these selfish forces does not end here. It is not the case that there did not exist any plans for a proposed 45 metre NH17 by-pass on the western side of the present NH17. But this proposed alignment was systematically made to disappear even after protests from some citizens as early as 1995. Thereafter, the BJP government which was in the know of the problem in fact gave further legitimacy to these irregularities to benefit certain builders. Now, the truth seems to have caught up with the perpetrators of this fraud and those citizens who had protested and even gone to Court over this issue are still alive to narrate the conspiracy story. In and around the same time, a ten metre wide proposed road on the eastern side of NH17 was also made to disappear after it was denotified by the TCP to favour real estate developers. Again, these influential persons preferred to feign ignorance. And all through this drama, the presently affected politicos, medicos and residents just watched the fun. Probably, if today the private interests of these very residents were not affected, they would have turned round and labelled the protests of others as anti-national and anti-development. But Goans have short memories and their emotions get easily exploited as and when required by crooked politicians and the land mafia. Therefore, before any decision for realignment of the NH17 at Porvorim is made, the Government must order a CBI inquiry to ascertain how public interest was sacrificed for private profits and book all the government officers involved in doing away with alternative options on the NH alignment. Only then will the real truth be exposed. The proposed 45 metre by-pass alignment which originates from Porvorim Bazaar and meets the CHOG(M) road must be revived. So also, all projects constructed within the existing 45 meter road widening line of NH17 while the ban was in force must be demolished. This would be a just solution to the hypocrisy of some opportunistic forces that now put on the mask of innocent affected residents to oppose the proposed widening of NH17 at Porvorim.

case for UNSC membership PTI TORONTO, JUNE 27

Britain and France have voiced their support for India's case for permanent membership of the UN Security Council and favoured deepening of bilateral ties between them. The backing from countries came during a bilateral meeting the new British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy had with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh late last night ahead of the G20 Summit. This was the first meeting Singh had with Cameron after his election as British Prime Minister and congratulated him on his victory. Singh extended to him an invitation to visit India which he accepted and would be coming in July. Cameron had visited India in 2006 as a leader of opposition. Prime Minister Singh told him that he was looking forward to Cameron's visit to India. India and Britain had raised their bilateral relationship to a strategic partnership level in 2006 and both the leaders agreed that there was huge potential to expand relationship in trade and human resource development. Trade between the two countries is estimated at USD 13 billion and UK is the fourth largest

n The backing from countries came during a bilateral meeting the new British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy had with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh late last night ahead of the G20 Summit. single investor in India. India also has considerable investment in Britain. The British Prime Minister said that he would welcome more Indian students to come to Britain for studies. The two leaders shared the views on the G20 Summit. Singh told him that concerted efforts were needed by all countries to see that global recovery was consolidated as at the moment it was seen to be tentative. The British Prime Minister underlined the need for reforms of the international financial institutions and the UN. "The British Prime Minister supported India's case for per-

Cop, Naxalite killed in Bengal encounter PTI KOLKATA, JUNE 27

A policeman and a Naxalite were killed during an encounter near Kalaboni jungle in West Bengal's West Midnapore district today. Security forces comprising a joint team of CRPF and state police have recovered the body of a Naxal after the gunfight that lasted for more than seven hours, a senior officer said. A state policeman was martyred in the encounter. Following a tip-off about a

Maoist squad hiding in Ghrito Kham area near Kalaboni jungles, the joint forces surrounded the area and launched an operation last night, Superintendent of Police Praveen Tripathy said. As the forces, comprising Specially Trained Armed Company (STRACO) jawans, moved towards the area this morning, a fierce gun battle broke out between them and the ultras leading to the death of a jawan -Md Isahurul Islam (27) and injury to three-four jawans, Tripathy

Can a student opt for subjects like Physics, Economics and Sanskrit together at ClassXII or under-graduation level? Such multi-disciplinary subject combinations, which have been denied to students in most of the state boards and universities, could be a reality soon. The HRD Ministry wants to give students the flexibility of having multi-disciplinary subjects from streams of Science, Arts and Commerce together at Class-XI, XII and graduation. The move has been initiated by HRD Minister Kapil Sibal who has been insisting on making education more student centric and promoting creativity. The ministry has set up a ten-member panel, headed by S C Khuntia, Joint Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, to suggest on allowing flexibility in subject combinations to students at senior secondary and graduation level. CBSE Chairman Vineet Joshi is the member convener of the committee which will submit its report by September this year, a senior CBSE official told PTI. The matter was discussed at a meeting

said. The STRACO force is deployed in the Maoist-affected belt of West Midnapore close to Lalgarh. The slain jawan Islam hailed from Manikchak in Malda district. The encounter took place barely 10 days after the killing of eight Maoists, including three women, in an encounter when security personnel raided a Naxalite hideout in Ranja forest under Salboni block on June 16.

A man with his child crosses the water logged on the streets, after the water of inundated floods in Mahananda enters in the area at Champasari Utpal Nagar, in Siliguri on Sunday.

Tamils should have autonomous state within united Lanka:CPI-M PTI MADURAI, JUNE 27

CPI-M Parliamentary Party leader Sitaram Yechury has said that Sri Lankan Tamils should have an autonomous state within a united Sri Lanka. "Within united Sri lanka,Tamils should have a separate the federal set up in India.Tamils should be

given autonomy within the framework of united Sri Lanka and not on the basis of a unitary nation. The term united is different from unitary," he said. The Lankan government should address the humanitarian problem faced by the Tamils and work towards a political solution to the long pending problem of Tamil minority, he said at a seminar organised by CPIM on finding a solution to problems faced by the island Tamils here yesterday. "They should pay attention to resettling the Tamils, providing relief. They are now living in poor conditions The Sri Lankan government must agree for an international supervisory mechanism. It should also allow international agencies to create conditions of resettlement of Internally displaced persons and that process must be started forthwith." Any attempt to bring de-

mographic change by asking the majority population to migrate to minority area should be discouraged as it would cause tension in the future, he said. The Island government must introduce welfare measures and help the Tamils start farm operations and continue their studies. Simultaneously complete autonomy should be granted to the Tamil speaking areas in the north and east on basis of federal principles, he said. Tamil must be again introduced as an official language of the island nation to restore confidence among the Tamil speaking population, he added. Later, participating in a protest organised by the party against the fuel price hike, Yechury said the date of announcement of fuel price increase coincided with the date of announcement of emergency 30 years ago.


Life returned to normal in the Kashmir valley on sunday, after two days general strike in protest against the alleged Human Rights (HR) violations and killing of youths by the security forces.

Multi-disciplinary subjects could be reality soon PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 27

manent membership of the United Nations Security Council," an external affairs ministry spokesman told reporters. Prime Minister Singh also had a warm meeting with French President Sarkozy recalling his visit to India in January 2008. He extended a fresh invitation to him and his wife Carla Bruni to visit India again. President Sarkozy recalled Prime Minister's visit to France in July last year where he was the guest of honour on the occasion of French national day. French President had made a special gesture of inviting 400 personnel of Indian Armed Forces to take part in the parade on the occasion. During the meeting Sarkozy said he wanted India to play a critical role in world affairs and not just in G20. He supported India's case for permanent membership of UNSC and its role in counterterrorism. Sarkozy and Singh discussed the G20 Summit whose chair will pass on to France after November this year when Seoul hosts a summit. Sarkozy said he wanted to consult India in forging a vision for G20. The two leaders also discussed bilateral cooperation and reviewed the trade ties between them. France is fifth largest trading partner among the European Countries with India.

n The ministry has set up a ten-member panel, headed by S C Khuntia, Joint Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy, to suggest on allowing flexibility in subject combinations to students at senior secondary and graduation level. of vice chancellors and school principals held here on January 27 this year. At present, students are able to study subjects of science, commerce and social science together at Class-XII level in certain boards like CBSE and ICSE. However, such combination is not allowed by the state boards. Similarly, universities mainly allow students to either prefer Science, Commerce or Arts streams at graduation level. Students are not able to pursue multi-disciplinary subjects together. The committee will also suggest mechanisms for comparing results of students under different boards.

This step assumes significance as experts feel there is huge discrepancy in the evaluation and examination systems of different boards, the official said. There are allegations that competency level of students securing same percentage of marks in different states is not necessarily equal. The committee will study the evaluation and examination systems of different boards and suggest mechanisms for inter-board comparability of results. Introduction of core curriculum at ClassXI and XII and national level entrance test for under-graduate programmes will be among the other issues before the committee. Introduction of grading system and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluations at Class-XII will also be looked into by the committee. Other members of the committee are Joint Director- NCERT, Secretary GeneralCouncil of Boards of School Education in India, Vice Chairman-UGC, Director-IIT Kanpur, Chairperson-Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, Principal Secretary (School Education)-West Bengal government, S Sathyam-former secretary to Government of India and H S Srivastavaformer HoD, NCERT.

Experts inspect Sun temple to prevent water logging PTI BHUBANESWAR, JUNE 27

With water-logging posing a serious threat to the historic Sun Temple at Konark, an expert team sent by Orissa government inspected the heritage site to examine the drainage system there. A six-member team comprising engineers and officials from the government and state-owned Orissa Construction Corporation (OCC) yesterday visited the 13th century monument, about 65 km from here, official sources said today. As incessant rains for the last couple of days kept the world famous Sun Temple submerged disappointing tourists, members of the expert delegation said a plan to drain out water accumulated around the structure would be submitted soon. Since Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) looks after preservation of the historical monument, the team is expected to present the proposed plan for its concurrence, they said. It is proposed to construct a concrete drain measuring about two km to connect the monument site with a nullah, close to Bhubaneswar-Konark road, a senior official said adding the idea is to drain out water from the temple to the nullah. According to conservative estimates the work is expected to cost about Rs one crore, sources said. Since there is a protected area with a radius of 120 metres around the structure, ASI should either build the portion of the drain falling in this zone or allow the state government to construct it, they said. Following the spot inspection by the expert team at the world heritage site, the state government is likely to convene a joint meeting very soon to finalise the plan to prevent water-logging around the monument, an official said. Concrete steps would be taken to put in place an effective drainage system, he said.

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GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

FROM PAGE 1 NCP to name new chief...

how to strengthen the party in the State,” Bhinsale said. On the appointment of the new State president, he said, “I am holding one to one meetings with various key members of the party and a decision in this regard would be reached very soon.” According to sources in the party, the secretary had individual meetings with acting president Dr Carmo Pegado, Surendra Sirsat, Dr Prafful Hede, Rajendra Ghate, Avinash Bhosle, Ulhas Naik, Suresh Parulekar and Pandurang Raut. Although Bhinsale refused to divulge any details, sources said Revenue Minister Jose Philipe D’Souza is tipped to be named the next president. “Jose Philipe is the consensus candidate for now,” sources told Herald. Apart from Jose Philipe, who has expressed reservations taking over the post, names of Ulhas Naik and Suresh Parulekar are also being discussed, sources said. Sources continued that the reconstitution of the Goa unit of the party and especially the appointment of a full-fledged president is pending with the high command for nearly eight months now.

State online lottery...

as laid down in Rule 3(14). The Act also clearly mentions that no prize can be offered on any pre-announced number. “The online lottery is clearly a violation of Rule 3(6) as number of draws far exceed the limit. Moreover the players choose one of the options out of many and pay separately for the same,” the letter says. Further, the letter says, “The results of online lottery also show that these are in fact double digit lotteries in the garb of four digits.” “In view of the above you may send a detailed explanation on the operations of the online lottery scheme by June 30,” the letter to the chief secretary says. However, despite the letter by the Home Department to government indicating violation of the rules, the officials are tightlipped on the said issue without taking any action to stop these illegal lotteries. When contacted Director of Lotteries P S Reddy told Herald, he has no knowledge of the letter and also denied any illegalities in the online lottery. “I have no knowledge of the letter and also we do not operate any two or three digit numbers,” Reddy said adding “Our online lottery is four digits.” However, the letter clearly states under the garb of four digits illegalities are being carried out. Along with Goa, the letters have also been sent to State governments of Nagaland, Sikkim and Maharashtra, which are also running the online lotteries. It is known that the poor labour class is more prone to play on those tickets, whose prizes are based on single, double or triple digits draws . It is well known that a public member would definitely like to invent new circumventing methods to flout or violate the rules and regulations but in this unique case, the State government is adopting dubious methods to defy Central legislation.

2 brothers drown...

locals could arrive at the site, the two brothers met their watery grave. Mapusa Police Inspector Rajesh Kumar along with his staff rushed to the spot and summoned the fire personnel, who later fished out the bodies. Mapusa police, after conducting the panchanama, have sent the bodies to Goa Medical College College Hospital at Bambolim for autopsy. Police Sub Inspector T Dhawasker is investigating .

Briton rapped for hoax bomb call on Indian Mission PTI LONDON, JUNE 27

An inebriated Briton who made a hoax call to amuse himself that a bomb was about to explode outside the Indian High Commission here has been penalised but spared a prison sentence. Stephen Ridout, 44, admitted during a trial at the Bournemouth Crown Court that he made two bogus emergency calls on the evening of October 8 last year. An unemployed person, Ridout is a resident of Witchampton

in East Dorset. Ridout made the two calls within minutes of each other to the emergency number 999, but the call handler quickly realised the situation and calmly handled the call without triggering an emergency response. The court imposed a 12month community order and told Ridout to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work. Prosecuting lawyer Jenny Rickman said Ridout's mobile phone number had been "very familiar" to Dorset police after he had made numerous calls from 2007. She said: "On this occasion he made two calls, within minutes of each other, indicating that a bomb had been placed outside the Indian mission in London and was ready to explode. It was apparent from the call handler's attitude he was not taken in by it at any stage. He told Ridout he was going to terminate the call and there was no emergency response." In Ridout's defence, lawyer Robert Griffiths said his client had been drunk but later accepted his conduct had been "unacceptable".

Pak not to ban hate speeches PTI ISLAMABAD, JUNE 27

Pakistan has virtually ruled out barring Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack of 2008, from giving inflammator y speeches targetting India. "In a democracy, there is freedom of expression in Pakistan as in India. There are all sorts of people making all kinds of speeches. There are people with extremist views in both India and Pakistan.... and there is nothing you can do about it. There are views being expressed in Pakistan that I can do nothing about," Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told reporters here last night. He, however, said the "positive" thing is that the views of extremist elements do not reflect that of the majority opinon either in India or in Pakistan.



GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

Protests turn violent at G-20 summit

A protester with a bandana over her face confronts a riot police line-up on Bay Street during demonstrations at the G8 and G20 Summits, Saturday, June 26, 2010 in Toronto. AGENCIES TORONTO, JUNE 27

Hundreds of demonstrators protesting the G-20 global economic summit in Toronto broke windows and set fire to some police cars during a noisy march near the site of the summit Saturday. At least 75 people are in custody and police said there would be more arrests. A column of thick black smoke rose from the burning police cars in a chaotic scene that included throngs of police in riot gear and many protesters. Police said some were anarchists, wearing black clothing, including masks. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair

said his officers were pelted with rocks and bottles, and used teargas to control one large crowd. He said the violence may not be over. "I do not believe the individuals bent on vandalism and violence in our city are finished with their intent," Blair said. "And so we will remain vigilant, and we will be on the street all night and all tomorrow in sufficient numbers to deal with these individuals." Toronto Mayor David Miller said a few hundred people were responsible for the violence, out of thousands of marchers. He said people were welcome to express their views peacefully,

but his city would not tolerate violence. This is the most intense protest so far associated with the G-20 summit in Toronto, but there have been a series of sometimes colorful marches, over several days. Marchers have been complaining about everything from pay for public employees to expensive housing to the excesses of capitalism. Summit organizers have been so concerned about security that they have spent around $1 billion and brought in thousands of police from across Canada to strengthen the city and provincial police forces here.

Polls open in Guinea for presidential election

Policeman killed in Bosnia blast REUTERS SARAJEVO, JUNE 27

An explosion at the police headquarters of the central Bosnian town of Bugojno killed one officer and injured another early today, officicals said. ''An unidentified explosive device went off during the morning shift at 0830 hrs IST when about 25 policemen were in the building,'' a local police officer told Reuters by telephone. He said it was unclear whether the device, which also caused serious damage to nearby buildings and vehicles, had been planted or thrown at the police station. ''Such terrorist attacks represent a jeopardy for the whole of society and we have to energetically stem this evil which is threathening the lives of our people,'' Bosnia's Security Minister Sadik Ahmetovic told state television.


A meeting of the leaders of BRIC countries was called off here after Brazilian President Lula Da Silva cancelled his trip to Canada for the G20 Summit due to floods in his country. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Lula were to meet in the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) forum after a G20 working dinner hosted by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the summiteers here last night. The meeting was however called off as Lula cancelled his visit to oversee the rescue effort back home. The occasion would have also provided an opportunity for Singh to have interacted with the Chinese leader.

Britain's third in line to the throne Prince Harry (centre) speaks to UNICEF female personnel while on a tour of UNICEF offices during his visit to New York.

N Korea rejects UN truce talks over ship sinking REUTERS SEOUL, JUNE 27

North Korea said on Sunday it was ready for direct military talk with South Korea to discuss the sinking of one of Seoul's warships, but only if the armistice commission overseeing the Korean War truce does not get involved. South Korea has accused the North of sinking the Cheonan, and killing 46 sailors, after a multinational investigation con-

Czech Prez to appoint PM today

cluded that a North Korean submarine had torpedoed the corvette, an incident that has ratcheted up tensions on the peninsula. North Korea has denied involvement, saying the investigation was a fabrication. It has also threatened military action if it is punished by the United Nations for the incident. South Korea said this week it has not given up on trying to persuade the U.N. Security

Iranian scientists say they have developed a way of using a simple blood test to predict accurately when women will reach the menopause, offering the chance for women to plan for family and career far in advance. The test, which measures levels of a hormone produced by cells in the ovaries, was able to predict the age at which women

mand'," it said. A multinational team from the U.S.-led United Nations Command is probing whether North Korea violated the Korean War armistice by sinking the Cheonan, a probe the North has denounced as a "bogus mechanism." North Korea's military has proposed sending a team of military inspectors to review the multinational investigation into the Cheonan's sink-

Pak starts resettling tribes

Supporters of Guinea's presidential candidate Alpha Conde, leader of Rassemblement du Peuple de Guinea (RPG), gather to welcome him at Conakry.

injured at least 20 people. United Nations SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon has urged Guinea authorities to ensure "credible and peaceful elections." The West African country has been run by two presidents who ruled with an iron fist and suppressed human rights. A military junta seized power in 2008, after the death of President Lansana Conte. Original junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara went into exile after being shot

and wounded by an aide late last year. His successor, Sekouba Konate, set up the current transitional government. General Konate and other interim leaders are not eligible to run in the election. A candidate needs to win a majority of the vote Sunday to be declared president. Guinea's electoral commission has proposed July 18 as the date for a run-off vote if one is needed.

Czech President Vaclav Klaus will name Civic Democrat leader Peter Necas as the next prime minister tomorrow ushering in what should be the country's strongest govt in a decade. ''Tomorrow at 10 am I will name Peter Necas as prime minister,'' Klaus said today in a live television interview. Necas is leading coalition talks with two other centre-right parties, TOP09 and Public Affairs, after the three won a combined 118 seats out of 200 in a May 28-29 election with pledges of austerity and fighting corruption. Necas has said he wants a deal by early July so a new government can prepare a cost-cutting 2011 budget, although talks between the parties have dragged on because of disputes, one being over who should run the key finance ministry. Klaus accepted the resignation of caretaker Prime Minister Jan Fischer on Friday ending a more than year-old interim cabinet that led the country after the collapse of the previous centre-right administration.

Pakistani tribesmen displaced during a major offensive against the Taliban in South Waziristan last year, are heading back to their native villages. AFP PESHAWAR, JUNE 27

Pakistan on Sunday launched a process of resettling tens of thousands of tribesmen displaced in a major offensive in the Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan last year, officials said. Pakistan's military launched a sweeping offensive into South Waziristan last October aimed

Thousands march to free Israeli soldier AFP MITZPE HILA, JUNE 27

Thousands of people joined Gilad Shalit's family for a mass march from northern Israel to Jerusalem on Sunday to mark four years since the young soldier was captured on the Gaza border. Wearing white T-shirts and baseball caps emblazoned with the slogan "Gilad is still alive," at least 2,000 demonstrators joined the family as they began walking from their home in Mitzpe Hila near the Lebanese border. The aim of the march is to ramp up pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government to reach a prisoner swap deal with the Hamas rulers of Gaza, who have held the soldier at a secret location since June 25, 2006. Some carried banners reading "It's time to bring Gilad home," others held Israeli flags as they set off on the 200-kilometre (120-mile) trek, which is expected to take around 12 days.

An Israeli activist holds a placard during a protest in March calling for the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Most had a yellow ribbon tied around their wrist or onto their backpacks -- yellow being the colour of the campaign for his release, an AFP correspondent at the scene said. The protesters are accompanying parents Noam and Aviva Shalit and their two other children on a cross-country march to Jerusalem where they will set

up camp outside Netanyahu's residence. "I will not return home without Gilad," vowed his father as they set off for the coastal town of Nahariya, some 15 kilometres (nine miles) away. "We have waited four years and Gilad is still waiting -- those who sent him there must bring him home."

reached menopause to within an average of 4 months, according to data to be presented at the conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Rome tomorrow. ''The results ... could enable us to make a more realistic assessment of women's reproductive status many years before they reach menopause,'' said Ramezani Tehrani of the Shahid

Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, who led the study. Experts commenting on the work agreed it was promising, but said its findings would need to be confirmed in larger trials. ''The possibility of an accurate predictor for menopause is very exciting. People have been looking for something like this for years,'' said Dagan Wells of the Nuffield Department of Obstet-

rics and Gynaecology at Oxford University. The average age for menopause is 51, with ovulation in most women ending sometime between age 40 and 60. But it can happen later or earlier, making it difficult for women who want to develop a career before having babies to know how long to wait. Tehrani's team took blood samples from 266 women aged be-

ing, but South Korea has rejected that call and demanded the North make an unconditional apology and a pledge to end provocations. President Barack Obama said after meeting South Korean President Lee Myungbak on the sidelines of the Group of 20 leaders in Toronto that the North will face consequences for the incident, pressing for a Security Council condemnation.

Kyrgyzstan to extend curfew AGENCIES OSH, JUNE 27

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said more than 2,000 people had joined the march. "We have closed off the main roads because there is such a large number of them," he said. Friday marked four years since the soldier, now 23, was captured by militants from the Islamist movement Hamas and two other Palestinian groups in a deadly cross-border raid. Since then, Shalit has had no contact with his family or the International Committee of the Red Cross, a move slammed by Human Rights Watch as cruel and inhuman. As the demonstrators set off, Netanyahu insisted his government was pursuing all avenues for Shalit's return and urged the international community to step up diplomatic efforts to that end. "The government and security officials continue to work at all times by open and covert means for the return home of Gilad Shalit safe and well," he told reporters at the start of the cabinet meeting.

Scientists find way to predict timing of menopause REUTERS LONDON, JUNE 27

Council to adopt a resolution against North Korea over the navy ship's sinking. "If the South Korean authorities respond to our proposal, we will promptly come out for a working contact for the opening of the military talks," the North's official KCNA news agency said. "The US forces side should no longer meddle in the issue of the North-South relations under the name of the 'UN Forces Com-



Voters in Guinea are heading to the polls to elect a new president, as the West African nation is holding its first free elections since independence more than half a century ago. Sunday's vote is meant to restore civilian rule in Guinea after 18 months of a military-led government. Officials hope it will be the country's first free and fair election since independence from France in 1958. Twenty-four candidates are seeking the presidency, but only a few are expected to be strong contenders. The three front-runners in Sunday's vote include opposition leader Alpha Conde and former prime ministers Cellou Dalein Diallo and Sidya Toure. Observers say the campaign has been relatively positive and peaceful, but violence broke out Thursday in Coyah, a village east of the capital, Conakry. Fighting between supporters of two Guinean political parties, the Union of Republican Forces and the Union of Democratic Forces,

BRIC meeting called off

tween 20 and 49 who were also taking part in another study called the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study, which started in 1998. They then measured concentrations of a hormone called the anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) that is produced by cells in women's ovaries. AMH controls the development of follicles in the ovaries from which eggs develop.

at wiping out the nerve centre of the main Taliban faction behind a wave of attacks that have killed about 3,400 people since July 2007. The government has now set up two centres for registration of people who want to resume normal life in the rugged mountainous region, local administration official Mudassar Riaz Malik said.

Thai tourist boats collide, 42 injured

More than 40,000 families or some 300,000 people fled their homes during the offensive in the area, which was known to shelter battle-hardened Uzbeks and Arabs with links to AlQaeda. The military is now pursuing insurgents believed to have fled to the other six districts that make up the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

Kyrgyzstan's authorities intend to extend a curfew imposed in the country's south over recent ethnic clashes and temporarily lifted over a referendum on a new constitution until August 10, AKI Press reported on Sunday, referring to interim Prime Minister Roza Otunbayeva. Clashes between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, who account for about 15% of Kyrgyzstan's population, broke out in the southern Kyrgyz city of Osh on June 11, lasting several days and spreading to nearby Jalalabad. According to the latest data of Kyrgyzstan's health ministry, the death toll in the southern Kyrgyz ethnic clashes has risen to 283 people, while the number of injured stands at 2,238, including 1,047 hospitalized and 1,190 patients who received outpatient treatment. The situation in Kyrgyzstan remains highly volatile, and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) proposed on Wednesday sending international police to prevent the spread of violence in the Central Asian republic.

Bangla strike hits normal life



Forty-two people were injured after two boats carrying Thai and foreign tourists collided in the Gulf of Thailand near an island famed for its wild parties, police said Sunday. The boats were ferr ying tourists to and from Pha-ngan Island, site of "full moon" parties that attract thousands of young, mostly Western tourists each month. Police Lt Pongkajorn Sukrasang said the boats collided and overturned around midnight Saturday, throwing the passengers into the rough sea during a rainstorm just off the island. Two Thai brothers were listed as missing but were reportedly sighted later on the island, Pongkajorn said. Thirteen of the injured remained hospitalized Sunday afternoon, he said. The passengers included tourists from Britain, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, Norway and Malaysia, he said. "They're lucky because all were wearing lifesaving vests. Most of the injuries were minor," the police officer said. The monthly parties on the island, 670 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of Bangkok, are ravetype gatherings fueled by drugs and alcohol and have become associated with crimes such as rape and theft because of their freewheeling atmosphere. Police said the accident had little effect on the party.

Normal life in the capital and much of Bangladesh was disrupted today as the main opposition BNP enforced a nationwide general strike to oppose the ruling coalition's policies, including "compromising national interests" by inking deals with India. Hundreds of paramilitary troops and policemen today patrolled the streets in the capital following reports of violence as former premier Khaleda Zia-led opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party today enforced a country-wide dawn-to-dusk general strike. The strike is part of the BNP's campaign against alleged misrule of the ruling Awami League party. It also accused the ruling coalition of "compromising national interests" by inking deals with India earlier this year. It accused the government of suppressing the opposition.

According to reports, activists of BNP torched at least five vehicles last night, causing burns to two people, in an apparent attempt to create panic among the public to successfully enforce the strike against the Hasina-led government. "Although no clear evidence has emerged that the opposition is involved in the typical prehartal violence, it would be widely perceived as BNP's bid to instill fear and panic towards a successful hartal," a private news agency BDNews24 reported. The State-run BSS news agency reported that over 100 activists, including five senior BNP leaders were arrested from different areas of the city as the city witnessed clashes between the BNP cadres and the baton wielding police. Witnesses said the activists tried to vandalize vehicles in Maghbazar area though most vehicles were off the road,


Biz12:SUNDAY-Pg-12 6/27/2010 6:42 PM Page 1



GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010

In the process of fine tuning the final draft of the Direct tax code another step has taken, with the government putting out its views of several of the contentious provisions of the first draft. Let us look at some of these. When the draft Code was announced, the first aspect that all were happy about was the low rates of taxation. Income up to 1.60 lakh was to be exempt and from 1.60 to 10 lakh, the rate was 10% while from 10 to 25 lakhs it was 20% and above 25 lakhs the rate was 30%. The rates were indeed moderate and most of the stake holders felt happy that India would have a fairly low rate of taxation. This second discussion paper now states that the rates of taxation as also the exemptions will be decided while finalising the legislation. Thus both the rates of taxation and the deductions will remain in

Mutual Fund Scheme Name A

Deciphering the DTC

before. NO TAXATION ON SAVINGS One of the major changes that the DTC was to bring about was, to tax savings when these were withdrawn. Thus under the original proposals investments in Provident Fund and Life Insurance qualified for a deduction for tax purposes, but these were to suffer tax when these were withdrawn. In view of the fact that India still does not have social security schemes like many other developed countries, the EET method that was earlier proposed is being dropped and the existing mode of taxation where the withdrawal of savings is also tax free will continue. This is indeed a fair reversal, since savings are normally withdrawn during old age or in times when the money is needed such as time

Key to abbreviations: R Price: Repurchase Price; S Price: Sale Price; (D): Dividend; (G): Growth NAVs (Rs)


AIG India Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) India Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) Infrastructure and Economic Reform - Regular (D) Infrastructure and Economic Reform - Regular (G) Axis Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Tax Saver Fund (D) Tax Saver Fund (G)

12.12 12.12 9.11 9.11 10.65 10.65 11.24 11.24


Baroda Pioneer ELSS 96 24.52 Growth Fund (D) 27.95 Growth Fund (G) 49.62 Infrastructure Fund (D) 10.03 Infrastructure Fund (G) 10.03 Bharti AXA Equity Fund - Eco Plan (Bonus) 17.20 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (D) 12.10 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (G) 17.20 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (QD) 13.22 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 17.12 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.06 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) 17.12 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (QD) 13.17 Focused Infrastructure Fund (D) 10.19 Focused Infrastructure Fund (G) 10.19 Focused Infrastructure Fund (QD) 10.19 Tax Advantage Fund - Eco Plan (D) 12.05 Tax Advantage Fund - Eco Plan (G) 22.13 Tax Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.03 Tax Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (G) 22.07 Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund (D) 89.96 Advantage Fund (G) 153.71 Basic Industries Fund (D) 30.00 Basic Industries Fund (G) 99.97 Basic Industries Fund - Trigger Plan (D) 10.80 Buy India Fund (D) 23.96 Buy India Fund (G) 39.46 Commodity Equities - Global Agri - Retail Plan (D) 12.99 Commodity Equities - Global Agri - Retail Plan (G) 12.99 Commodity Equities - Global Commodity - RP (D) 11.51 Commodity Equities - Global Commodity - RP (G) 11.51 Commodity Equities - Global Metals -RP (D) 13.10 Commodity Equities - Global Metals Plan -RP (G) 13.10 Dividend Yield Plus (D) 14.79 Dividend Yield Plus (G) 78.81 Equity Fund (D) 71.68 Equity Fund (G) 254.90 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 22.14 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan A (G) 82.14 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan B (D) 12.42 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan B (G) 12.42 India GenNext Fund (D) 14.28 India GenNext Fund (G) 21.96 India Opportunities Fund - Plan A (D) 18.82 India Opportunities Fund - Plan B (G) 51.68 Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (D) 13.14 Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (G) 16.92 Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (D) 12.14 Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (G) 12.65 International Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 8.05 International Equity Fund - Plan A (G) 8.05 International Equity Fund - Plan B (D) 8.79 International Equity Fund - Plan B (G) 8.79 Long Term Advantage Fund (D) 12.43 Long Term Advantage Fund (G) 13.46 Long Term Advantage Fund - Series 1(D) 11.96 Long Term Advantage Fund - Series 1(G) 11.96 Midcap Fund - Plan A (D) 25.00 Midcap Fund - Plan A (G) 106.56 Midcap Fund - Plan B (D) 13.45 Midcap Fund - Plan B (G) 13.45 MNC Fund (D) 83.57 MNC Fund (G) 194.20 New Millennium (D) 13.24 New Millennium (G) 19.06 Pure Value Fund (D) 15.44 Pure Value Fund (G) 16.48 Special Situations Fund (D) 9.65 Special Situations Fund (G) 9.65 Tax Plan (D) 44.74 Tax Plan (G) 12.75 Tax Relief 96 (D) 83.31 Tax Relief 96 (G) 11.24 Top 100 Fund (D) 14.44 Top 100 Fund (G) 20.79


Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (Bonus) Emerging Equities (D) Emerging Equities (G) Equity Diversified (Bonus) Equity Diversified (D) Equity Diversified (G) Equity Tax Saver (D) Equity Tax Saver (G)

suspense until the final copy of the act is put before Parliament. This has led to a certain amount of confusion in the minds of stakeholders since they would not know the rates of taxation. This is a throwback on the days when rates of taxation were what made the annual budget a piece of talking point. TAXATION OF COMPANIES Several corporate entities as well as their associations have argued forcibly against the introduction of an asset based MAT. There were several arguments against this method. Several government companies would be also adversely impacted since several of them have assets worth several thousands of crores, and these would have to pay substantial tax. Government has now reverted to an income based method of MAT. Thus taxation of companies in the case of MAT will continue as

17.65 14.56 21.09 23.58 23.55 51.78 20.05 24.35

Infrastructure (D) Infrastructure (G) Multicap (D) Multicap (G) Nifty Index (D)

17.52 21.99 13.73 14.80 18.47


DWS Alpha Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) Alpha Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) Alpha Equity Fund - Wealth Plan (D) Alpha Equity Fund - Wealth Plan (G) Investment Opportunity Fund - Regular Plan (D) Investment Opportunity Fund - Regular Plan (G) Investment Opportunity Fund - Wealth Plan (D) Investment Opportunity Fund - Wealth Plan (G) Tax Saving Fund (D) Tax Saving Fund (G) DSP BlackRock Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) Focus 25 Fund (D) Focus 25 Fund (G) India T.I.G.E.R. Fund - Regular Plan (D) India T.I.G.E.R. Fund - Regular Plan (G) Micro Cap Fund - Regular Plan (G) Natural Resources & New Energy - Regular (D) Natural Resources and New Energy - Regular (G) Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (D) Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (G) Small and Mid Cap Fund (D) Small and Mid Cap Fund (G) Tax Saver Fund (D) Tax Saver Fund (G) Technology.Com - Regular Plan (D) Technology.Com - Regular Plan (G) Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G)

16.32 74.98 13.05 15.61 25.67 37.06 12.83 16.77 12.67 13.55 48.56 15.36 10.27 10.27 18.82 46.17 15.32 13.41 13.41 28.18 80.84 15.13 16.50 12.21 16.40 23.62 32.34 20.99 93.37


Edelweiss Absolute Return Equity Fund (D) Absolute Return Equity Fund (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan B (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan B (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan C (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan C (G) ELSS Fund (D) ELSS Fund (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan A (D) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan A (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - plan B (D) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan B (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan C (D) Escorts Growth Plan (D) Growth Plan (G) High Yield Equity Plan (Bonus) High Yield Equity Plan (D) High Yield Equity Plan (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Leading Sectors Fund (D) Leading Sectors Fund (G) Power and Energy Fund (D) Power and Energy Fund (G) Tax Plan (D) Tax Plan (G)

10.80 10.80 13.20 13.21 13.25 13.25 13.28 13.28 18.37 18.38 10.89 11.95 11.86 11.86 10.57 12.45 75.21 13.09 11.51 13.07 8.63 8.63 10.96 10.96 13.87 17.30 11.32 48.27


Fidelity Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) India Growth Fund (D) India Growth Fund (G) India Special Situations Fund (D) India Special Situations Fund (G) India Value Fund (D) India Value Fund (G) International Opportunities Fund (D) International Opportunities Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund (D) Tax Advantage Fund (G) Fortis China-India Fund (D) China-India Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Future Leaders Fund (D) Future Leaders Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Sustainable Development Fund (D) Sustainable Development Fund (G) Tax Advantage Plan (ELSS) (D) Tax Advantage Plan (ELSS) (G) Franklin Asian Equity Fund (D) Asian Equity Fund (G) Build India Fund (D)

20.81 32.88 11.36 11.36 15.76 17.38 10.62 10.62 12.45 12.45 18.24 20.32 8.56 8.56 11.60 16.68 10.66 31.53 9.07 9.11 9.58 18.41 11.12 12.21 10.66 13.39 10.04 10.04 11.84

of illness or family celebrations. Thus taxation of these savings is not advisable. In the earlier draft, retirement benefits such as gratuity, amounts received under a voluntary retirement scheme, the encashment of leave and the commutation of pension were to be exempt it they were put into a proposed Retirement Benefit Account. However withdrawal of the amounts from the retirement benefit account would have been taxable. The discussion paper taking a view that saving will not be taxed, has also decided to shelve the proposed Retirement Benefit Ac-

Build India Fund (G) FMCG Fund (D) FMCG Fund (G) India Bluechip Fund (D) India Bluechip Fund (G) India Flexi Cap Fund (D) India Flexi Cap Fund (G) India High Growth Companies Fund (D) India High Growth Companies Fund (G) India Opportunities Fund (D) India Opportunities Fund (G) India Prima Fund (D) India Prima Fund (G) India Prima Plus Fund (D) India Prima Plus Fund (G) India Smaller Companies Fund (D) India Smaller Companies Fund (G) India Tax Shield (D) India Tax Shield (G) Infotech Fund (D) Infotech Fund (G) Pharma Fund (D) Pharma Fund (G) Templeton India Equity Income Fund (D) Templeton India Equity Income Fund (G) Templeton India Growth Fund (D) Templeton India Growth Fund (G)

11.84 38.22 60.90 39.08 195.24 14.87 29.36 11.87 11.87 14.10 29.35 40.54 260.21 26.87 200.11 12.48 13.48 30.98 188.46 19.27 56.64 30.97 58.52 14.07 18.12 53.29 113.29


HDFC Capital Builder Fund (D) Capital Builder Fund (G) Core & Satellite Fund (D) Core & Satellite Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Long Term Advantage Fund (D) Long Term Advantage Fund (G) Long Term Equity Fund (D) Long Term Equity Fund (G) Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (D) Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) Premier Multi-Cap Fund (D) Premier Multi-Cap Fund (G) Tax Saver (D) Tax Saver (G) Top 200 Fund (D) Top 200 Fund (G) HSBC Dynamic Fund (D) Dynamic Fund (G) Emerging Markets Fund (D) Emerging Markets Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) India Opportunities Fund (D) India Opportunities Fund (G) Midcap Equity Fund (D) Midcap Equity Fund (G) Progressive Themes Fund (D) Progressive Themes Fund (G) Tax Saver Equity Fund (D) Tax Saver Equity Fund (G) Unique Opportunities Fund (D) Unique Opportunities Fund (G)

24.79 102.35 21.07 37.06 46.08 250.71 31.40 80.19 11.65 11.65 36.74 125.53 12.40 14.99 14.09 14.09 15.26 26.91 60.57 215.60 45.44 192.23 9.60 9.60 8.80 8.80 26.28 97.36 16.23 32.56 13.49 21.97 11.19 13.16 12.86 13.95 10.26 10.26


ICICI Pru Banking & Financial Services - Retail Plan (D) Banking & Financial Services - Retail Plan (G) Discovery Fund (D) Discovery Fund (G) Dynamic Plan (D) Dynamic Plan (G) Emerging S.T.A.R. Fund (D) Emerging S.T.A.R. Fund (G) Equity Opportunities Fund (D) Equity Opportunities Fund (G) FMCG Fund (D) FMCG Fund (G) Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (D) Focused Bluechip Equity Fund (G) Fusion Fund (D) Fusion Fund (G) Fusion Fund Series - III Retail Plan (D) Fusion Fund Series - III Retail Plan (G) Growth Plan (D) Growth Plan (G) Indo Asia Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) Indo Asia Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (D) Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (G) Power (D) Power (G) Services Industries Fund (D) Services Industries Fund (G) Target Returns Fund - Retail Plan (D) Target Returns Fund - Retail Plan (G) Tax Plan (D) Tax Plan (G) Technology Fund (D) Technology Fund (G) R.I.G.H.T. Fund (D) R.I.G.H.T. Fund (G) IDFC Classic Equity Fund - Plan A (D)

15.85 15.85 20.63 45.30 18.63 98.83 16.61 33.35 11.56 12.39 34.33 60.04 14.55 14.55 13.18 13.98 12.18 12.18 18.81 124.46 9.73 9.73 12.03 28.68 16.41 104.76 12.35 16.42 12.87 12.87 19.50 130.77 15.33 15.33 11.29 11.29 14.45

count Scheme. Thus retirement benefits will continue to be exempt as there were earlier,. Personally I was a little worried about this move, I was fortunate to have received all my retirement benefits tax free; but several who would be retiring shortly were wary of this provision where the amounts that they were looking forward to receiving would be subject to tax. Perquisites received in lieu of salary are taxed at present. These will continue to be taxed under the DTC. The appropriate rules regarding the valuation of these perquisites

Classic Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan B (D) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan B (G) Imperial Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Imperial Equity Fund - Plan A (G) India GDP Growth Fund (D) India GDP Growth Fund (G) Premier Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Premier Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Small & Midcap Equity Fund (D) Small & Midcap Equity Fund (G) Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (G) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (G) ING C.U.B. Fund (Bonus) C.U.B. Fund (D) C.U.B. Fund (G) Contra Fund (B) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Core Equity Fund (D) Core Equity Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Domestic Opportunities Fund (D) Domestic Opportunities Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan A (D) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan A (G) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan B (G) OptiMix Retireinvest Fund - Series I (D) OptiMix Retireinvest Fund - Series I (G) Tax Saving Fund (Bonus) Tax Saving Fund (D) Tax Saving Fund (G)

19.96 12.27 14.96 10.33 12.30 15.24 18.44 13.07 15.13 24.01 29.63 14.23 17.24 13.23 13.38 14.65 18.30 13.72 13.72 16.75 12.23 16.75 15.92 13.58 15.91 18.88 35.68 19.79 21.79 13.42 35.54 16.19 20.38 10.55 10.55 10.77 12.05 12.05 27.65 13.62 27.61


JM Agri & Infra Fund (D) Agri & Infra Fund (G) Basic Fund (D) Basic Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Emerging Leaders Fund (D) Emerging Leaders Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Financial Services Sector Fund (D) Financial Services Sector Fund (G) HI FI Fund (D) HI FI Fund (G) Large Cap Fund (D) Large Cap Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Multi Strategy Fund (D) Multi Strategy Fund (G) Small & Mid-Cap Fund - Regular Plan (D) Small & Mid-Cap Fund - Regular Plan (G) Tax Gain Fund (D) Tax Gain Fund (G) Telecom Sector Fund (D) Telecom Sector Fund (G) JP Morgan India Tax Advantage Fund (D) India Tax Advantage Fund (G) India Equity Fund (D) India Equity Fund (G) India Smaller Companies Fund (D) India Smaller Companies Fund (G)

2.97 2.97 12.24 17.52 5.65 5.65 8.12 8.10 14.71 36.12 9.27 9.27 5.58 5.58 13.55 18.43 17.50 25.54 13.56 14.58 5.90 5.90 7.28 7.28 7.50 7.50 13.76 17.00 11.42 12.30 7.34 7.34


Kotak 30 (D) 30 (G) Contra (D) Contra (G) Emerging Equity Scheme (D) Emerging Equity Scheme (G) Indo World Infrastructure Fund (D) Indo World Infrastructure Fund (G) Lifestyle Fund (D) Lifestyle Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Select Focus Fund (D) Select Focus Fund (G) Tax Saver (D) Tax Saver (G)

30.78 97.60 18.23 20.83 11.51 11.51 7.14 7.14 10.79 12.46 16.73 24.05 14.21 43.93 11.09 11.09 10.71 17.49


L&T Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Global Advantage Fund (D) Global Advantage Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Hedged Equity Fund (D) Hedged Equity Fund (G)

9.87 9.87 7.07 10.20 16.94 35.86 9.27 13.06

will be formulated. The discussion paper has now clarified that the valuation of a rent free house as a perquisite will not be computed on market value. For it this was introduced several employees of private companies would be paying a substantial amount of tax on the rent free houses provided by their employers. TAXATION OF HOUSE PROPERTY In the draft Code, house property was to be computed at 6% of the rateable value or the cost of construction. There were several representations against this method since in many states the concept of rateable value does not exist and taking 6% of the cost of construction would discriminate against recent acquisitions by house owners. The discussion paper now pro-

Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) Multi-Cap Fund (D) Multi-Cap Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Small Cap Fund (D) Small Cap Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (D) Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (G) Tax Saver Fund (D) Tax Saver Fund (G) LIC Infrastructure Fund Series 1 (D) Infrastructure Fund Series 1 (G) MF Equity Fund (D) MF Equity Fund (G) MF Growth Fund (D) MF Growth Fund (G) MF India Vision Fund (D) MF India Vision Fund (G) MF Opportunities Fund (D) MF Opportunities Fund (G) MF Tax Plan (D) MF Tax Plan (G) MF Top 100 Fund (D) MF Top 100 Fund (G)

7.58 7.58 21.78 37.74 14.39 18.05 18.70 42.68 5.80 5.80 15.06 20.49 14.15 15.23 9.30 9.30 9.94 25.22 10.86 12.25 8.56 8.56 10.04 17.64 9.93 27.73 8.06 8.06


Mirae Asset Global Commodity Stock Fund - Regular Plan (D) Global Commodity Stock Fund - Regular Plan (G) India Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (D) India Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (G) Morgan Stanley A.C.E. Fund (Across Capitalisations Equity) (D) A.C.E. Fund (Across Capitalisations Equity) (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G)

10.92 10.92 13.89 14.97 14.02 14.02 19.32 59.27


Principal Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Emerging Bluechip Fund (D) Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) Global Opportunities Fund (D) Global Opportunities Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Large Cap Fund (D) Large Cap Fund (G) Personal Tax Saver Fund PNB Long Term Equity Fund - 3 yrs - Series 1 (D) PNB Long Term Equity Fund - 3 yrs - Series 1 (G) PNB Long Term Equity Fund - 3 yrs - Series II (D) PNB Long Term Equity Fund - 3 yrs - Series II (G) Resurgent India Equity Fund (D) Resurgent India Equity Fund (G) Services Industries Fund (D) Services Industries Fund (G) Tax Savings Fund

16.12 21.84 23.75 30.01 15.50 15.50 23.13 51.04 18.65 27.22 92.85 11.19 11.19 11.46 11.45 12.38 87.13 12.22 13.79 73.79


Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund (D) Long-Term Equity Fund (G) Tax Saving Fund (D) Tax Saving Fund (G)


20.17 20.00 20.01 20.02

Reliance Banking Fund (Bonus) 86.20 Banking Fund (D) 34.39 Banking Fund (G) 86.20 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail (Bonus) 80.52 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail Plan (D) 47.53 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail Plan (G) 80.52 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (B) 12.11 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.11 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (G) 12.11 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 14.79 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) 14.79 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) 14.79 Equity Linked Saving Fund - Series I (D) 13.54 Equity Linked Saving Fund - Series I (G) 13.54 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 32.49 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (D) 22.95 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (G) 32.49 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 75.73 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (D) 55.96 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (G) 456.53 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 11.28 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (D) 11.28 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (G) 11.28 Long Term Equity Fund (D) 14.94 Long Term Equity Fund (G) 14.94 Media & Entertainment Fund (Bonus) 28.16 Media & Entertainment Fund (D) 20.25 Media & Entertainment Fund (G) 28.17 Natural Resources Fund (Bonus) 9.57 Natural Resources Fund (D) 9.57 Natural Resources Fund (G) 9.57 NRI Equity Fund (Bonus) 36.85 NRI Equity Fund (D) 21.93 NRI Equity Fund (G) 36.85 Pharma Fund (Bonus) 52.92

poses to drop the computation of gross rent at 6% of the cost of construction. It has also brought back the deduction on account of interest, subject to a ceiling of Rs 1.5 lakh but this deduction will be within the overall totality of deductions whose ceiling will be decided later. CAPITAL GAINS Under the revised scheme, Capital gains will be treated as income from ordinary sources in the case of all taxpayers including non-residents. Accordingly capital gains will be tax at the rate applicable to the taxpayer as against a lower rate as per the present Act. In the case of listed equity shares held for less than one year, capital gains will be allowed a certain deduction without the benefit of indexation and be treated on par with other income sources. FII FUNDS Many FII have been investing

Pharma Fund (D) Pharma Fund (G) Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (B) Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (D) Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (G) Regular Savings Fund - Equity Option (D) Regular Savings Fund - Equity Option (G) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (G) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (D) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (G) Religare AGILE Fund (D) AGILE Fund (G) AGILE Tax Fund (D) AGILE Tax Fund (G) Banking Fund - Regular Plan (D) Banking Fund - Regular Plan (G) Business Leaders Fund (D) Business Leaders Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Mid N Small Cap Fund (D) Mid N Small Cap Fund (G) PSU Equity Fund (D) PSU Equity Fund (G) Tax Plan (D) Tax Plan (G)

39.47 52.92 12.08 12.08 12.08 22.73 29.17 15.22 19.52 43.98 42.72 261.89 5.92 5.91 6.78 6.78 13.59 17.52 11.75 11.75 12.11 15.66 12.04 12.04 11.92 11.93 8.31 8.31 13.38 13.38 13.29 13.29 10.68 10.68 13.66 16.50


Sahara Banking and Financial Services Fund (D) Banking and Financial Services Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure - Fixed Pricing Option (D) Infrastructure - Fixed Pricing Option (G) Infrastructure -Variable Pricing Option (D) Infrastructure -Variable Pricing Option (G) Midcap Fund (Bonus) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) Midcap Fund (Growth Auto Payout) Power & Natural Resources Fund (D) Power & Natural Resources Fund (G) Star Value Fund (D) Star Value Fund (G) Super 20 Fund (D) Super 20 Fund (G) Tax Gain (D) Tax Gain (G) Wealth Plus - Variable Pricing Option (D) Wealth Plus - Variable Pricing Option (G) Wealth Plus Fund - Fixed Pricing Option (D) Wealth Plus Fund - Fixed Pricing Option (G) SBI Blue Chip Fund (D) Blue Chip Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund - Series I (D) Infrastructure Fund - Series I (G) Magnum Comma Fund (D) Magnum Comma Fund (G) Magnum Contra Fund (D) Magnum Contra Fund (G) Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (D) Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (G) Magnum Equity Fund (D) Magnum Equity Fund (G) Magnum FMCG Fund Magnum Global Fund (D) Magnum Global Fund (G) Magnum Midcap Fund (D) Magnum Midcap Fund (G) Magnum Multicap Fund (D) Magnum Multicap Fund (G) Magnum Multiplier Plus (D) Magnum Multiplier Plus (G) Magnum NRI - Flexiasset Plan (D) Magnum NRI - Flexiasset Plan (G) Magnum Pharma Fund (D) Magnum Pharma Fund (G) Magnum Tax Gain Scheme (D) Magnum Tax Gain Scheme (G) One India Fund (D) One India Fund (G) Shinsei Industry Leaders Fund (D) Industry Leaders Fund (G) Sundaram BNP Paribas Capex Opportunities Fund (D) Capex Opportunities Fund (G) Equity Multiplier Fund (D) Equity Multiplier Fund (G) Financial Services Opportunities - Retail Plan (D) Financial Services Opportunities - Retail Plan (G) Growth Fund - Regular Plan (D) Growth Fund - Regular Plan (G) India Leadership Fund - Regular Plan (D) India Leadership Fund - Regular Plan (G) Media & Entertainment Opportunities - Retail (D) Media & Entertainment Opportunities - Retail (G) PSU Opportunities Fund (D)

17.02 26.90 29.21 77.90 12.23 16.73 12.66 17.24 29.49 15.78 29.49 29.49 12.88 12.88 11.78 11.78 11.16 11.17 15.79 35.41 20.39 20.39 19.72 19.72 12.32 14.14 10.07 10.06 15.98 23.66 25.77 56.17 16.12 36.32 31.07 41.18 26.27 29.40 52.59 16.87 21.99 13.47 17.72 56.84 80.05 27.82 27.72 34.54 41.79 40.18 58.94 10.95 10.95 10.70 10.70 13.05 24.78 10.98 13.46 13.73 17.27 11.55 86.49 12.00 39.13 11.95 15.14 10.16

in the Indian stock market. The gains from their trading are generally being treated as income from capital gains. But recently some of these FII’s have claimed that they are in the business of trading, thereby treating their income as business income. The Code will deem the income of FII’s to be income from capital gains. This will avoid litigation over whether income of foreign funds is business or capital gains. This second discussion paper does address many of the concerns put forward by the stakeholders against the original draft. The only area of concern is the rates of taxation. Would they still remain low or would the rates be hiked once the bill is before Parliament. (The author of the column is a retired Chief Commissioner and the views expressed, his personal.) PSU Opportunities Fund (G) Rural India Fund (D) Rural India Fund (G) S.M.I.L.E Fund - Regular Plan (D) S.M.I.L.E Fund - Regular Plan (G) Select Focus - Retail Plan (D) Select Focus - Retail Plan (G) Select Midcap - Regular Plan (D) Select Midcap - Regular Plan (G) Select Small Cap Fund (D) Select Small Cap Fund (G) Select Thematic Energy Opportunities Funds (D) Select Thematic Energy Opportunities Funds (G) Tax Saver (OE) (D) Tax Saver (OE) (G)

10.16 12.88 14.14 12.42 31.94 10.86 83.84 17.50 140.04 12.60 12.60 8.30 8.30 11.15 41.60


Tata Capital Builder Fund (D) Capital Builder Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Equity Management Fund (D) Equity Management Fund (G) Equity Opportunities Fund - Plan A (D) Equity Opportunities Fund - Plan B (G) Equity P/E Fund (G) Equity P/E Fund - Trigger Option A 5% (D) Equity P/E Fund - Trigger Option B 10% (D) Growing Economies Infrastructure - Plan A (D) Growing Economies Infrastructure - Plan A (G) Growing Economies Infrastructure - Plan B (D) Growing Economies Infrastructure - Plan B (G) Growth Fund (Bonus) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (D) Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (G) Life Sciences & Technology Fund (D) Life Sciences & Technology Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Pure Equity Fund (D) Pure Equity Fund (G) Select Equity Fund (D) Select Equity Fund (G) Service Industries Fund (D) Service Industries Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (D) Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (G) Tax Saving Fund Taurus Bonanza Fund (D) Bonanza Fund (G) Discovery Fund (D) Discovery Fund (G) Ethical Fund (Bonus) Ethical Fund (D) Ethical Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Star Share (D) Star Share (G) Tax Shield (D) Tax Shield (G)

13.80 14.78 14.08 16.00 21.82 30.65 13.21 14.23 21.57 78.90 45.24 39.65 40.09 11.11 11.11 11.81 11.81 38.99 17.16 42.90 22.01 33.43 16.93 16.93 35.38 66.44 16.35 17.38 37.34 94.11 44.01 61.35 19.18 23.90 15.07 15.07 43.46 40.59 40.32 15.06 15.05 22.40 16.80 22.41 14.23 14.18 37.04 52.61 19.56 33.00


UTI Banking Sector Fund (D) Banking Sector Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Energy Fund (D) Energy Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Equity Tax Savings Plan (D) Equity Tax Savings Plan (G) India Lifestyle Fund(D) India Lifestyle Fund(G) Infrastructure Advantage Fund - Series I (D) Infrastructure Advantage Fund - Series I (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Leadership Equity Fund (D) Leadership Equity Fund (G) Long Term Advantage Fund (D) Long Term Advantage Fund (G) Long Term Advantage Fund - Series II (D) Long Term Advantage Fund - Series II (G) Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme Master Plus Unit Scheme (D) Master Plus Unit Scheme (G) Master Value Fund (D) Master Value Fund (G) Mastershare (D) Mastershare (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) MNC Fund (D) MNC Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G)

21.39 36.85 12.60 13.64 14.63 29.50 12.82 11.32 43.95 49.73 15.98 37.58 10.74 10.74 8.94 8.94 19.93 34.99 13.64 14.71 12.32 12.32 13.49 13.49 46.01 55.46 76.93 22.38 48.75 29.45 49.89 22.72 30.53 36.29 54.00 12.95 24.24



SPORTS GOA, Monday, 28 June, 2010

Superb Saina records hat-trick PTI JAKARTA, JUNE 27

Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal notched up an incredible hattrick of titles by successfully defending her Indonesia Open Super Series trophy with a hardfought win over Japan's Sayaka Sato here today. The top seeded world number three defeated her unseeded but resolute rival 21-19, 13-21, 21-11 in a roller-coaster encounter that lasted 45 minutes. This was Saina's third successive title, having won the Indian Open Grand Prix at home and the Singapore Open Super Series tournament last week. This is also the 20-year-old's third Super Series title overall. In a see-saw battle, the 19year-old Sato matched the defending champion shot for shot for most part of the opening game but was undone by her own mistakes at crucial junctures. The first game that lasted 14 minutes had both the players tied 11-11 at one stage and though Saina remained ahead for most part after that, a gritty Sato did have her share of chances. Leading 20-18, Saina could have finished it off on her own serve but she handed Sato a chance by hitting the shuttle wide. But Sato could not capitalise and smacked a forehand into the net to give Saina the opening game. The second game saw Sato making a comeback with the change of ends also leading to a change in fortunes. The Japanese proved to be the more dominant

of the two players in these 15 minutes as she raced to a 4-9 lead. Sato sent down some powerful shots from the baseline and Saina could only watch as they fell out of her range. The frustration of being outwitted by a rival ranked 26th in the world showed when Saina clinched her fist at one of Sato's unforced errors.

Pat from Manmohan PTI NEW DELHI, JUNE 27

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today congratulated badminton sensation Saina Nehwal for winning the Indonesian Open Super Series at Jakarta, her third international title in-a-row. "Saina has shown spirit, determination and skill in winning the championship, her third major international title in three weeks," Singh said. The Prime Minister also said that Saina had done the country proud and is a role model for the youth. “Her game was a little different from what I saw when I faced her in 2008. She had a lot of different strokes which troubled me but I was confident," Saina said. Shaken by the setback, Saina roared back in the decisive third game. The Indian took a comprehensive 11-5 lead but continuing her never-say -die attitude, Sato reduced the margin to 9-13.

Sao Jose Areal into semis soccer


Sao Jose de Areal registered a narrow 1-0 win over Gumboots Boys,Orlim to storm into the semi-final of Gumboots Boys football tournament organised by Gumboots Boys of Orlim at church ground, Orlim on Sunday. Gumboots Boys who enjoyed a slight edge in both attack as well as defence came close to surging ahead but striker Alister Saldanha was the culprit as he muffed a sitter with only the rival goalkeeper at his mercy. At the other end, Sao Jose de Areal did not lag behind with their forwards creating many forays into the rival territory

but their attempts at goals were thwarted by the Gumboots defenders. Sao Jose de Areal struck the match-winner midway through the first half when Shelton Fernandes unleashed a stiff grounder which gave no chance to the rival goalkeeper. Stung by the setback, Gumboots Boys tried their best and nearly found the equaliser but Melwyn Coutinho fumbled, shooting wide from hand-shaking distance. Gumboots Boys came strongly in the second half but they failed to get past the Sao Jose de Areal rearguard. Sao Jose de Areal had a couple of chances to inflate their tally but their forwards frittered away even when ideally placed to score.

The Indian, however, was in no mood to slip up and emerged triumphant after reeling off four successive points. A jubilant Saina let out a huge scream after winning the title, which also made her richer by USD 18,750. Sania’s ranking is expected to shoot up further and she said even the number one spot is not far from her grasp. “The rankings keep going up and down depending on the wins and losses. It's a really good time for me because I am playing well, winning tournaments. But I have a lot more to prove. The number one spot is not too far," she said. Saina said she is now focussing on the World Championships and the Commonwealth Games. “The World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games are important. I am very happy that I am coming up in rankings but for me it's more important to win the tournaments," the indomitable Hyderabadi said. Asked whether she expected the unbeaten run, Saina said, “I never expected to win three tournaments in-a-row and this has helped my confidence. It's a memorable victory for me. I really enjoyed every day of being here," she said. Looking back at the match, Saina lauded her spirited rival. “The first game was close. Sato gave a tough fight. In the second game she was very strong and I couldn't defend. But in the third game, I caught her on the net," she said.

Taylor to captain New Zealand AGENCIES AUCKLAND, JUNE 27

Ross Taylor has been appointed New Zealand captain for the triseries in Sri Lanka in August. The National selectors have rested two key senior players in regular captain Daniel Vettori and Brendon McCullum for the tournament in Dambulla, which also involves India. Vettori and McCullum have both been granted paternity leave and will also spend their time off reconditioning themselves for the busy season ahead. Fast bowler Kyle Mills will be Taylor's deputy. Squad: Ross Taylor (capt), Kyle Mills (vice-capt), Grant Elliott, Martin Guptill, Gareth Hopkins (wk), Nathan McCullum, Andy McKay, Jacob Oram, Jeetan Patel, Jesse Ryder, Tim Southee, Scott Styris, Daryl Tuffey, BJ Watling, Kane Williamson.


Saina Nehwal kisses her gold medal after winning the women's finals of Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series 2010 badminton tournament in Jakarta on Sunday.

n I never expected to win three tournaments in-a-row and this has helped my confidence. It’s a memorable victory for me. I really enjoyed every day of being in Jakarta. -- Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal

PY Nuvem tame Varca SC soccer


Parish Youth of Nuvem hammered Varca Sports Club 5-1 in 39th Custodio memorial football tournament at Raia ground on Sunday. Varca started with just eight players with the other three joining after 10 minutes of play. They led 1-0 at the interval. Joe Colaco put Nuvem into the lead in the 8th minute, collecting the ball in the Varca half. He hoodwinked two defenders before deftly placing the ball beyond the reach of goalkeeper Reagan Alemao. Varca had a chance to equalise in the 14th minute but Villroy’s header was pushed out by goalkeeper Floyd Colaco. Nuvem had total control after

Visitacao Lobo felicitated


Yesteryear’s ace footballer of Parra, Visitacao Lobo was felicitated by villagers of Parra. The first-ever Goan international footballer Visitacao, a resident of Lobo vaddo, Parra was first selected to represent India on their goodwill tour of Russia in 1970. Visitacao represented Institute Saldanha, a Second Division Leaque team in 1962 and thereafter made a switch to the then popular First Division Club, Benfica

Football Club of Mapusa in 1965. His penchant for goals caught the eye of the Sesa Goa team, then in the Second Division which offered him an opportunity and it was the mercurial striker that helped Sesa Goa to jump into the First Division and emerged league champs that too without a coach. After glorious 17 years with Sesa Goa, Visitacao hung his boots in 1983 aftrer a memorable 20-year football career. Visitacao represented Goa in

Santosh Trophy making his debut in the high profile tourney in 1968 in Bangalore and was a regular member for almost a decade thereafter having represented the State at Assam, Chennai, Punjab and Kerala events. Visitacao was the first Goan footballer to score a hat-trick in Santosh. It was against Kerala in Assam in 1969. And that was the turning point in his career which forced the National AIFF selectors to pick him for the

Goodwill Tour of Russia thus making him first-ever Goan international footballer. Visitacao was felicitated at the hands of Sarpanch of Parra, Benedict D'Souza in the presence of the Parra villagers, including the panchayat members and various personalities. Benedict welcomed the gathering. Delilah Lobo proposed the vote of thanks. Others who spoke were Jerome Nogueira, Claude Pacheco and Soma Bagli.

the break and a fine cross from Richard Colaco was powerfully headed by Tony Colaco but Reagan deftly punched the ball out. Richard Colaco again took a powerful shot which got deflected into the goal off Quelon Alemao of Varca. A 38th minute thunderbolt from midfield left Reagan stranded in the goal as the ball flew into the net for Parish Youth’s 3rd goal. Varca were tormented by Parish Youth forwards and Milagres increased the score for Parish Youth. Varca got the consolation goal through Alvito Carvalho. Rowilson Borges got Nuvem’s 5th goal.

34th Cana Benaulim soccer: Sporting Club of Davorlim v. Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim, St John Baptist ground, Dando –Benaulim, 4.45 p.m Gumboots soccer (quarters): M. Brothers, Sanguem v. Real Benaulim ,Varca, church ground, Orlim, 4.30 p.m.

Dilip Sardessai award HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, JUNE 27

The Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs (DSYA) will select an outstanding sportsperson for conferring the 3rd Dilip Sardessai award which carries a cash prize of Rs 2 lakh. Eligible sportspersons who have excelled at any recognized international competition in 2009-10 may apply through their respective association. Application forms may be collected from Gurudas Bandodkar, APEO in-charge, DSYA, Campal during working hours. The last day to submit forms is July 16. Visitacao Lobo being felicitated by Benedict D’Souza, Parra Sarpanch.

Saligao Utd lift Bandodkar Shield HERALD REPORTER VASCO, JUNE 27

Saligao United Sports Club emerged champions in 37th Bandodkar memorial soccer tournament organised by Baina Sports Club shooting out Nagoa Sporting Club via the tie-breaker 4-2 in the finals at MPT ground, here on Sunday. The match did not rise to the expectations as the teams failed to produce a result till the end of regulation time. It was midfield play most of the time with stray moves from both sides. Only during last ten minutes, Nagoa earned corner kicks which, however, failed to produce any result. In the tie-breaker, Saligao were successful with four of

their five kicks through Trevor Dias, Ligorio Alvares, Andrew Rodrigues and Martinho Fernandes with M.A. Francis’ try being saved by Nagoa Sporting keeper Nandan Simepuruskar. Venacio Gonsalves and Saish Palyekar were on target for Nagoa while Stanley Coutinho’s shot was saved by Dietman Fernandes the keeper of Saligao while Lawrence Rodrigues shot wide. Cash prizes were awarded to semi-final losers, Don Bosco Oratory and United Club of Nerul. Following individual cash prizes were awarded. Highest scorer of the tournament Pradip Chopdekar of Nagoa Sporting Club. Team scoring most goals Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda.

Best goalkeeper of the tournament Dietman Fernandes of Saligao United. Best discipline team Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda. Best performing team F.C. Siolim. Upcoming player Pradip Chopdekar of Nagoa. Saligao United were richer by Rs. 40,000 while Nagoa had to be content with Rs. 30,000. Revenue Minister, Jose Philip D’Souza, Milind Naik, MLA gave away late Geraldo Pereira Trophy to Saligao United and late Roque (Babush) Machado Trophy to Nagoa Sporting Club. Industrialist Narayan Bandekar handed over take away trophies. The Bandodkar memorial shield was handed over to Saligao United by Shashikala Kakodkar, ex-CM of Goa.

McCullum quits keeping in Tests

Scholarships were awarded to Ulhas Arolkar for securing highest marks in SSCE from Baina area and Rohan Naik for securing highest marks in science section from MES College. S p o r t s m e n f ro m B a i n a , Prakash Naik (ex-international footballer), Socrates Carvalho (ex-National Footballer) and founder member of Baina Sports Club and Shadab Jakati (Ranji and IPL player) were felicitated. Earlier the final was kicked off by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in the presence of Jose Philip D’Souza, Sashikala Kakodkar, Milind Naik, Narayan Bandekar, Simon D’Souza, Dilip Parulekar, MLA, Sameer Kakodkar, Rajan Bhosle.

England win series AGENCIES LONDON, JUNE 27

England weathered a dramatic late collapse to beat Australia by one wicket with five balls remaining and seal the one-day series in Manchester. The tense victory gave them an unassailable 3-0 lead with two dead rubbers to follow in London. The Aussies, put into bat after England won the toss, were bowled out in 46 overs for just 212 as England, led by Graeme Swann's 4-37, excelled on the field. (S Watson 61, Paine 44, Clarke 33. Swann 4-37, Anderson 3-22.) England then collapsed from 185-4 in the 42nd over to 203-9 but Tim Bresnan kept a cool head to seal the win.( 214-9, 49.1 overs). Andrew Strauss laid the platform with a calm 87 with eight fours. E Morgan 27, Pietersen 25. Tait 3-28, Bollinger 3-20.

New Zealand's hard-hitting batsman and wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum has decided to quit wicketkeeping in Test matches to prolong his international career but will continue to do so in 50-over games. From now onwards, McCullum will seek place in the National Test side as a specialist batsman. ''I have talked to a lot of people about how they went about extending their international careers, including some prominent former and current wicketkeepers,'' McCullum was quoted as saying by the 'Australian Associated Press'. '”I am passionate about playing for the Black Caps and by limiting my keeping to the shorter forms of the game it increases my chances of prolonging my career,'' he added. On McCullum's decision, New Zealand coach Mark Greatbatch said he and his fellow selectors understood and supported his choice. “Brendon has stated he wants to play cricket for New Zealand for as long as possible and that is really encouraging,'' Greatbatch said. “I know he has had trouble with injuries that are related to keeping and therefore understand his decision to stop keeping in Test cricket.” “He is a really talented player and we want him to be part of the Black Caps set-up for a long time to come.” “But Brendon clearly understands he will only be considered as a Test batsman on his long-form batting performances,'' he added.

Sania, Bhupathi lose AGENCIES WIMBLEDON, JUNE 27

It was a disappointing day for India at Wimbledon as Sania Mirza crashed out of the women's doubles and Mahesh Bhupathi exited the mixed doubles event after second round defeats. Already out of contention in the singles event, Sania and her Dane partner Caroline Wozniacki lost 67(0), 3-6 to the 11th seeded Zimbabwean-Slovak pairing of Cara Black and Daniela Hantuchova. There was more disappointment for India as Bhupathi and his American partner Liezel Huber went down 2-6, 6-3, 3-6 to Russians Dmitry Tursunov and Vera Dushevina in the mixed doubles. Bhupathi, however, remains in contention in the men's doubles, having advanced to the third round with Max Mirnyi of Belarus.

South Africa in tight spot AGENCIES BARBADOS, JUNE 27

South Africa were 46 for two in reply to the West Indies' modest total of 231 at the end of the first day's play in the third and final Test in Barbados on Saturday. Captain Graeme Smith was unbeaten on 35 at the close, with nightwatchman Paul Harris two not out for the visitors who are 10 up in the series. Alviro Petersen fell for one when he skied a pull off paceman Kemar Roach to Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Hashim Amla followed for five after cutting spinner Sulieman Benn's first ball straight to Brendan Nash. Earlier, off-spinner Johan Botha was the chief destroyer with four for 56 as West Indies were bowled out in 73.5 overs. Dwayne Bravo top-scored with 61 and Narsingh Deonarine made 46. Fast bowler Dale Steyn picked up three for 37 including the prize wicket of Chris Gayle for 20 when the skipper played the ball on to his stumps.

Vettel rules in European GP

Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel celebrates after the victory. REUTERS 1 Germany VALENCIA, JUNE 27 S Vettel 1:40:29.571 2 Great Britain Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel L Hamilton 1:40:34.613 won the European Grand Prix 3 Great Britain on Sunday while McLaren's J Button 1:40:37.229 Lewis Hamilton doubled his 4 Brazil championship lead by finishing R Barrichello 1:40:50.198 runner-up for the third year in5 Poland a- row. R Kubica 1:40:51.693 Formula One world champion 6 Germany Jenson Button finished third for A Sutil 1:40:54.739 McLaren after an afternoon full 7 Japan of incident, controversy and unK Kobayashi 1:41:00.536 certainty at a street circuit that 8 Switzerland has offered few thrills in the S Buemi 1:41:00.870 past. 9 Spain Hamilton, who had started F Alonso 1:41:02.380 the day three points clear of his 10 Spain team mate, now has 127 points P de la Rosa 1:41:11.985

to Button's 121 after nine races with Vettel on 115 after chalking up his second win of the season. While Vettel thrust himself back into the thick of the title chase by leading from pole to chequered flag, team mate Mark Webber provided the day's big drama when he walked away unscathed from a massive crash. The Australian's car was launched vertically into the air after slamming into the back of Heikki Kovalainen's Lotus, the Red Bull twisting in the air and landing upside down on the nose and roll bar. The safety car was deployed for four laps after Webber's accident, triggering a drive-through penalty for Hamilton, who was judged to have illegally overtaken as it exited the pit lane. To the fury of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who was immediately behind and found himself held up by the safety car, Hamilton had built up a sufficient margin that he was able to take his penalty and still retain position. The drive-through, on the 27th of 57 laps, still took the

sting out of what might have been an enthralling battle at the front as Hamilton chased his third win in-a-row. Alonso, who finished ninth in front of his home crowd, could still end up having the last laugh, with nine drivers -- including Button -- taking the chequered flag under investigation by stewards for driving too quickly when the safety car was on track. Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, last year's winner for champions Brawn GP, finished fourth for Williams with Poland's Robert Kubica fifth in a Renault. Germany's Adrian Sutil was sixth for Force India ahead of Sauber rookie Kamui Kobayashi who completed all but the last four laps on one set of tyres and was running as high as third. The Japanese passed Alonso on the last lap and then Sebastien Buemi's Toro Rosso into the final corner. Spaniard Pedro de la Rosa made it a double points finish for Sauber in 10th place. Germany's seven-times champion Michael Schumacher finished 16th for Mercedes.

Petzschner stretches Nadal World number one Rafael Nadal had to fight his way through yet another five-set marathon on Saturday, finally wearing down German Philipp Petzschner 6-4, 4-6, 6-7, 6-2, 6-3 to reach the fourth round at Wimbledon. Nadal, taken the distance by Dutchman Robin Haase in the previous round, had never before had to win two five-set matches to reach the last 16 in a Grand Slam before. The Spaniard, who could not defend his Wimbledon title last year because of a knee injury, was not moving freely. He kept having to call for the trainer and looked in discomfort toward the end of the epic encounter. Nadal moved one step closer to another dream final against Roger Federer -- but it was a

draining match to take him into the second week. Next up for Nadal is the unseeded Frenchman Paul-Henri Mathieu. Nadal strongly denied that he was being coached on centre court and said he would take the accusation up with the tournament supervisor. Briton Andy Murray’s Wimbledon challenge gathered pace as he cruised past Frenchman Gilles Simon 6-1, 6-4, 6-4 and into the last 16. American Sam Querrey advanced to the fourth round after defeating unseeded Belgian Xavier Malisse 6-7 (4), 6-4, 6-2, 5-7, 9-7. Sharapova had a much tougher time before eliminating Barbora Zahlavova Strycova of the Czech Republic 7-5, 6-3 to get to fourth round for the first time since 2007. She will meet Serena Williams.

Faleiro’s rasping drive hit the crosspiece and off the rebound striker Vincent Dias slotted past the rival goalkeeper. Betalbatim regrouped quickly and took the fight to the rival camp and found the equaliser when striker Denzil Rogtao’s reverse kick beat the Fatorda goalkeeper all ends up off a throw in taken by Cajie Fernandes. Don Bosco Oratory were a dominant lot in the second session with their forwards and midfielder s working in tandem and harassing the rival defenders with well orchestrated raids. Don Bosco Oratory snatched the lead six minutes after the restart when Joel Camara punished the rival goalkeeper with

a snap shot after he received a through pass from Cliff Baretto. Betalbatim did not give up and Luis Rogtao cancelled the lead following a defensive lapse. Spurred by the equaliser, Betalbatim went all out in search of the matchwinner as Hayston D’Costa bulged the net off a pass from Joe Max. Don Bosco Oratory made concentrated efforts and went all out into the attack and nearly found the equaliser but Jermio Fernandes under the Betalbatim bar was outstanding as he denied Francis Andrade and Charlton Fernandes a goal each. At the stroke of full time, Mahadeo Talwar spurned an easy chance shooting wide from the resultant spot kick.


Betalbatim rally to oust Don Bosco Oratory inter-village soccer HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, JUNE 27

Betalbatim Sporting Club came from behind to defeat Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda 3-2 to enter the quarter-final of 34th Cana Benaulim inter-village football tournament organised by Cana Benaulim Sporting Association at St John Baptist ground, Dando – Benaulim on Sunday. The teams displayed an attacking brand soccer right from the word go and there were many thrills at either goal. Don Bosco Oratory took the lead when the match was 17th minutes old as defender Michael

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GOA, Monday, 28 June 2010

Oral Health Care –I


lucrative profession , dentistry is focused and is focused on maintaining oral health. Anyone who’s ever had a toothache knows what dentists do.

The Work

Dentistry provides surgical, medical and other forms of treatment for oral and dental disorders and diseases. Dentistry includes examining of the oral cavity, the ‘roof ’ of the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, straightening teeth, extractions of teeth that cannot be saved, or might spread an infection to the rest of the mouth., fillings in the treatment of cavities, replacement of extracted teeth through surger y or other processes, cleaning of the patient’s mouth and teeth, corrective work to align or straighten teeth, dentures, i.e. The making and fitting of false teeth, preventive work, which is probably the most important task, and involves routine check-ups for both adults and children, providing preventative care and advice.


Nowadays due to an increase in the importance of oral health and the introduction of new fields like aerodonetics (care of gums and the diseases that might afflict them), oral pathology (diagnosis for diseases that affect the mouth ), Endodontics (diagnosis and treatment of injuries that are specific to the dental nerves and pulp matter inside the tooth), Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology ( study and research of the causes, processes, and effects of diseases with oral manifestations), Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (taking and interpretation of conventional, digital, CT, MRI, and allied imaging modalities of oral-facial structures and disease), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (diagnostic services and treatment for injuries, diseases, and defects of the neck, head jaw, and associated structures), Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (diagnosis and

treatment of problems related to irregular dental development, missing teeth, and other abnormalities), Pediatric Dentistry (treatment of children from birth to adolescence), Periodontics (corrective surgery on gums and supporting bones to treat gum disease),

and jaws) dentistry offers bright future to all the candidates. The dentist’s task also include computers and magnetic resonance imaging, trauma surgery, implants, tissue grafts and laser surgery to correct them. Dental Assistants and Hygienists in addition to assisting the dentist during a variety of procedures By Maria de Lima Pereira such as clean and Prosthodontics (restoration scale teeth, place temporary filland replacement of teeth dam- ings, does other specific tasks aged by decay, lost from trauma including taking and developing or disease, with fixed or remov- dental radiographs (x-rays), sterable appliances constructed with ilizing instruments and equipnewly developed dental mate- ment and making impressions rial), Dental Public Health ( de- of patients’ teeth etc. velopment of policies and programs, such as health care Personal Skills Today Dentists must have an reform, that affect the community at large), Orthodontics artistic sense besides scientific (straightening and aligning teeth knowledge. He is the scientist

dedicated to the highest standards of health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all oral diseases and conditions. He must have an artist’s aesthetic sense as well to realign an entire jaw or to brighten one tooth, to help patients look their best. It is a very hard working profession that requires craftsmanship and skill as much as theoretical knowledge. The foremost attribute required for a good dentist is patience, stamina to work hard for long periods, good health, power of concentration, manual dexterity and accuracy. Besides these they must have a keen eye for detail, ability to memorise and recall scientific facts, comprehensive medical understanding, cool temperament and strong interpersonal skills. The best dentists are skilful communicators and their analytical and logical .

Coaching Classes To The Rescue By Caetano de Abreu


t is an unquestionable fact that today, imparting knowledge in schools is not what it was deemed earlier, where quality of education surpassed even what was tabulated in the text books with its pinpoint precision and accuracy, thus making students feel wanted and not dejected which is the present scenario. It is a known fact that today’s teachers do not have the zest and neither the will to teach students the basic quantum of knowledge to make students comprehend the basic reality over the subject matter which in the present world is a much needed attribute to procure a successful future. In today’s world most teachers are unconcerned about what they are teaching in order to prepare their students face future eventualities as long as their stipends are monthly met. With the neo world becoming far more pragmatic, stressful and demanding, its quality lies in the hands of the children to find ways and means to fulfil their earnest desire to acquire a quality education and not the haphazard one which is usually found in the Academia. And, what should be the action initiated to acquire that elusive knowledge which most often than not cannot be found in the classrooms? Enrol oneself for some comprehensive and self-educative studies in Coaching Classes commonly known as Tutorials, to garner that specific and applied knowledge which is a must for a brighter outcome in future. The Government is implementing some foolish Acts to educate the child to face all the odds brought forth in this world not realizing that wrong-doings are emanating from their own departmental backyards where quality is supplanted by quantity, giving leeway for coaching classes to flourish with no qualms discussed nor questioned in sotto voce. Parents wrapped up with their own professional careers do not have time to produce that quality home-education which is so much desired. Thus the best

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation


ogical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LDI) is one of the sections of CAT and various other competitive exams. Dashmi S. Kamat, who recently secured admission into Goa Institute of Management talks about how to go about tackling this section. However, as most people who answer these exams are worried about the other sections - Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Ability - LDI is often neglected during the preparation process, even though LDI is a section in which a lot of marks can be scored. It is a section that is becoming increasingly more important in the competitive exam scenario today with 50per cent of the total questions being from this section in exams such as JMET. Hence it is imperative that one does well in LDI. LDI in general is basically divided into two broad categories. The first of these categories is Logical Reasoning (LR), where a question is generally presented in the form of a puzzle with some data missing. The examinee has to find the missing data or deduce the solution to the problem using the data that is provided. This section generally has questions in sets of 3-5. However in CAT 2009, the questions did not follow this pattern,

being individual problem questions. However as the difficulty level of CAT ’09 was significantly lower, the fact that the question pattern changed was compensated for. To do well in LR, you need to have a lot of practice. Solving LR questions gets you in the groove and this in itself makes solving LR questions easier. Many times an LR question may be one that you have never seen before. Practice however gets you thinking towards the right solution to most problems. A good strategy is tabulating the given data and filling in the missing data. Another important point when dealing with LR problems is time management. Many times, a problem may seem doable. However if after 5 minutes of attempting the problem, you still have no clue about what to do, it’s time to move on to the next question. Getting into an ego battle with questions will only serve to damage your attempt. Always read the questions well to ensure that you don’t spend time and effort on unnecessary deductions. LR is mainly a battle that tests your thought process and your time management skills. The second category of questions that appears in LDI is Data Interpretation (DI). These ques-

tions are generally based on graphs, charts and diagrams. This section seems hard because the figures that normally accompany these questions appear complicated. However DI questions are easier than they appear. Also appearing in sets of 3-5 even in CAT ’09 where they ap-

peared in sets of 3, around twothirds of each set is can be done immediately. The other onethird may be slightly trickier or more calculation-intensive, but being quick with numbers and fast with calculations should get you through easily. However if you are uncomfortable with solving these questions, it would be wise to leave the tricky questions and attempt only the easier ones. Of course, you will also need to understand the basics of graphs, the different types of charts, and how to decipher

complex looking diagrams. Sometimes you may encounter questions that involve the correlation of two or more charts and graphs. To tackle these problems, formulating simple equations that represent the problem data is a tried and tested method. To do well in DI, a skill that is extremely important is that of approximating numbers to simplify calculations. Also many times what the question asks is much simpler upon analysis than what it seems to be at first. Spend 15 seconds on each question initially asking yourself “What am I supposed to really find out”. That will save you a lot of time later. Know your tables well. That is something often ignored but very essential. These skills get built up only by constant practice. Coming to some more general tips on doing well in LDI, allocate a fair bit of time to LDI. If you think you are strong at LDI, you can maximize your score in this section, and if you think you are weaker in LDI, then, well, you will need the extra time. Managing this time is also highly important. Make sure you go through all the questions in the section. You don’t want to be spending too much time on one question only to

find out at the end of the paper that there was an easy set of questions that you overlooked. Double check your answers if you have the time especially if you have approximated during the problem or if the options are close to each other. Make sure you have read the question well and know exactly what’s needed of you. Also use the options to your advantage. Sometimes you may have a case where two out of four or three out of five options to a question can be easily eliminated. Use this to your advantage to save time and be more accurate. Lastly, seek help if you need it. Preparing for CAT while studying in groups is advantageous especially in LDI where many people solving a problem can draw out different approaches to the solution, leading to better results and faster study. Ultimately however everyone has to find what works best for them. It is only through practice and some innovation that you can be successful in Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation. T.I.M.E. (Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.) is India’s No. 1 institute for MBA entrance exam preparation. Contact Details: Panjim : 0832-6514248 Margao: 0832-6484468.

Overcome Miscommunication With Colleagues


he "open office" format has been becoming more and more popular with companies these days. Whether you work in "Cubeyville" (the cubicle village) or in an office where it has offices but an open format, you have experienced the ups and downs of the open office. In the open office format, you co-workers are more accessible. There is the opportunity for

more open communication. However, there are some things that make this layout less than ideal. Some of those things are beyond your control, but there are some things you can do to make life easier for you and all those around you. The first thing to keep in mind is how much of your personal life do you want your "neighbours" to know. Noise travels

quite well in these environments. If you are making several personal phone calls throughout the day, everyone around you can hear every last word. There is no privacy. There are things people around you just do not want to know such as your medical history, the current drama in your family, and other issues past. Also if you make several personal calls telling the same story through out the day, your co-workers will tire of hearing about it. Try to keep your personal business from being common knowledge. Personal phone calls need to be made during work hours. It happens. However, when you must make them use your cell phone and maybe try to find a place that isn't so "public" to make the arrangements. Do you really want your life to be on display for everyone to hear. Personal conversations are not always limited to calls. Some-

times you may have a co-worker you are sharing this information with. Just remember as you two are going on about these things, everyone else can listen along. The other point with this is that working in this environment already has a large level of distractions. You can hear everyone and everything around regardless of personal or business issues. Additional distractions for your co-workers can lead to less productivity. The next issue is the food issue. Just because you love a particular food, does not mean the rest of the office does. Eating at your desk may save time, but the odours from your meal may be over powering. Be considerate of your office mates when selecting your lunch. The last thing to keep in mind is that there are things you do not have any control over. Undoubtedly you are going to discover that the one girl who

always complaints about not having enough time to get her work done, spends her whole day on the phone with her friends and family. Not to mention she takes at least an hour and half for lunch each day. You will find there are people whos work ethic and working behaviors are in contrast to yours. It happens. Life isn't perfect and the neither is the workplace. You need to pick your battles. Are the distractions minor, or are they keeping you from doing your work? If they are minor, suck it up. If it affects your work, then you need to do something about it. Do you find yourself having to cover for the person while she spends all day making doctor's appointments on occasion or daily? What are the circumstances? If you make yourself miserable by getting upset about every little thing, that can be distracting to you and to your other co-workers.

option are the coaching classes were the tutors will find the requisites to provide their wards with those basics opportunities abjured in the classrooms to allay the apprehensions encountered throughout the curriculum. It is true in this context that a child faces a dilemma in class when a particular subject is non-comprehensible and the teachers are indifferent to that plight impounded upon the helpless child, even more as the callousness is palpable which leaves the child is in a quandary and ultimately faces failure during the final examinations. At the coaching classes, where they are paid handsomely, the system is variant to the needs of a child. Thus the education imparted comes with a glossary of things and events and the child gets his/hers due education which he/she could never get at school. This is the reason coaching classes are prospering; not because the subjects are taught with diligence but because personal attention is provided, which is note found in the classroom. The Coaching Classes or Institutes conduct regular classes and provide daily practice and

problem solving, and with rigorous training students are ready to take on the world. Undoubtedly, coaching classes provide the best in the educational infrastructure, dedicated Faculty who give students personal attention, and curriculum to help students comprehend and like a subject and thus concentrate on and do well in his/hers studies. Evidence of which can be seen when the final results are finally announced. The entire curriculum is aligned with essentials required with competitive exams, keeping in mind the pattern of various examination conducted by various Universities or School

Boards of Examinations. The end result is what counts. The only grouse about coaching classes is the dearth of Play Time which develops a child’s mental and physical attributes. However, in keeping with the mundane routine of things, it seems to be the done thing. Nevertheless it is the final happiness that counts when everything has failed and coaching classes are not in any way connected with child’s failure and this where they come to the rescue of helpless students to unload the burden of heaviness with rightful insight of the future to come where education is the actual essence and no to be taken in paradox.

Co-Workers: Friends or Enemies-III


he road to hell is paved with good intentions. So even if you try to keep the peace and be a team player, you can never be too good. But you must be cautious and professional in your work and while dealing with your colleagues. Stay alert. An unkind word may have been spoken in frustration or the heat of the moment. It may be an important indicator of some deeper issue, or it may mean nothing at all and will be forgotten by the beginning of the next workday. It’s better to assume the best, no matter what your initial reaction may be. After all, if it turns out to be nothing, you will have preserved both a friendship and a working relationship. And if it turns out to be a problem, you can deal with it with a cool head. This works just as well if you aren’t trying to make your co-worker your best friend, but it is especially important if you are attempting to make them part of your social network. Don’t be afraid to apologize and/or admit that you were wrong. Again, it shows that you are the bigger person. Also, it gets a dialogue going. If issues

fester too long without any words of compromise or explanation spoken, it will only become harder for the two of you (or however many are involved in the argument) to work together. Sometimes, it’s up to you to clear the air. If the argument is over something work-related and it has become obvious that no compromise will be reached, don’t hesitate to get someone else’s opinion on the matter. Another co-worker, a supervisor, or even the boss can tell you what they think would be best. Try to talk to someone who can be objective. Don’t look for someone else that you are friends with just to make sure that they’ll side with you; this will only serve to further enrage your coworker, and they will remember the incident the next time the two of you need to work on something together. If you have tried to befriend someone and they have continued to act coolly toward you, don’t take offence. It’s likely that they simply prefer to keep their personal and professional lives separate. As long as they haven’t directly done anything harmful to you or your career, there’s

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no reason to overreact. Do what they have probably been doing in regard to your overtures of friendship: remember not to take it personally. If you manage to maintain a friendly relationship with your co-worker(s), getting a daily smile, word of encouragement, or bit of gossip from them can make all the difference in brightening your day. But don’t depend too heavily on it, and remember that they need to get the same things back from you. If they’re having problems at home or are stressing out over a project at work, they likely won’t feel like cheering you up and will probably need a friendly smile sent their way. Just as it would be a bad idea to become too dependent on something your co-worker does, watch out for them becoming too dependent on you. Having a friend in the office can make it far too tempting to rely on them for assistance in arguments with other co-workers and other slippery situations. Make it clear from the outset that neither one of you should use the other’s friendship in such a manner. It would put a strain on everyone involved.

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career Quest

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Goa Monday 28 June 2010

Ways to become Why do we have rules?-I N a good dad I By Caetano de Abreu

t is generally assumed that mother runs the household while father provides the necessities. Thus, in unison, the family lives in perfect harmony, uncontested with the tides and changes of times. This firm belief emanates from times immemorial when the couple after betrothal used to confine the wife to the kitchen while the master of the house was out the whole day venturing to bring home the bread. The wife’s role in the entire process was acclimatized to be domestic with no say in the finances nor in any proprietarily matters which was the prerogative of the husband who in his turn was entitled to dominate the proceedings encountered to give financial status to the family, which in other words meant that he was not at all involved in educating nor raising any offspring reared

through that happy union, as that seemingly was the realm of the housewife. Right now we are young, although this semblance of understanding might not carry far reaching consequences. But still, being juniors we should realize while conceptualizing that the world is fast becoming a changed entity and that both husband and wife should be involved in raising that child when we become parents. The method is not difficult although controversial in a sense. However after rationalizing we can put our foot forward and say that child is ours being the fruit of conjoined labour and no one can say or utter anything otherwise. It is tacitly understood that although our parents went through the time elaborated process we now are global children where co-ordination and co-opera-


Charles Pinto (13), Std VII, St Rita’s HS., Colvale

tion with various mediums of understanding should be adopted for our own future and that of our new-born child as the modern concept expresses that if dads get more involved in fatherhood, a new world will emerge to bring the rightful image of absolute happiness. It is perfectly understood that paternal parenting emanates fear and anxiety to the maximum with new fathers not knowing what is all about and neither do they know how to thread into that alien world although realization will strike them when the joys unfound are ultimately revealed. It is said that although males wants to become fathers they are still unaware about the implications rendered for they do not know how to take care of the child in its infancy nor about the needs of expenses to raise the child, which earlier was presumed to be the domain of the mothers. When man become the father there is a total change in his lifestyle with child calling the shots and the man unable even to show who is in command, as he is no longer responsible just for himself but also for the entire family. Biology has decreed that females are the ones much more involved in reproduction and child bearing than are males. Culturally too the pregnancy is in the ambit of woman’s business which can be explained that man even though he is eager to help he becomes just a wimp with no gump-

tion to do the needful. Paediatricians opine that man should fully participate right from the onset of the pregnancy by undertaking and fulfilling wife’s picas and unlimited needs as human requires more nurturing than any other animal. It is pointed out, women have evolved a psychology that is concerned with a father’s ability to help out with this gargantuan task, using his strengths and protective abilities. In the early stages the modern father helps to understand the nauseas, vomiting, and backaches that the pregnant women endures before that natal period and may or may not enroll in prenatal classes although these classes can help to know what to expect and thus relate and participate better. It is symbolic to understand that when the child in his mother’s womb a father must whisper sweet nothings and must palpate his unseen child as this process will evolve a mutual understanding, love and respect between a child and his/her father. In actuality clinical studies reveals that fathers too experience hormonal changes during and soon after wives’ pregnancies which was undertaken in studies where it was found out that male testosterones dropped significantly after the birth of the child. Thus I can summarize that father’s involvement in raising the child will always be a moment to be cherished eternally.

ow that school has reopened, the first difference children notice between holiday time and school life is the presence of rules. Most children hate rules and constantly grumble at having to observe the rules. Although rules may seem oppressing to some, it could help to understand why we have rules in the first place. Let us imagine for example there were no rules at home and we could sleep at any time, not clean up or watch movies all day. The first reaction would be “Wow! Awesome!” Well this at first might seem great but it assumes that you are the only person in the world. But what would happen if your parents too decided not to work or cook and sleep all day. Who would then cook, clean the house or earn the money? Similarly at play, we might imagine we would get to play on the swing all day, or watch our favourite cartoon or music all day long. But what if someone bigger and stronger than you, came along and wanted to sit on that swing or worse still pushed you off it. What would happen, if your friends or elder siblings’ choice of cartoon and music was different from yours? I bet the first reaction would be “that is so unfair”. But that is precisely what rules do, they set out directions and guidelines so that things are fair and safe and accidents are avoided. Some rules are official, they are laws and everyone must obey them. Different countries and different states may have different rules. For example different states have different speed limits. But there are also rules which are universal, such as the respect and rights of dignity of a

human being. Different families too may have their own rules for example what time the members must return home by, or how much TV each one is allowed. They is no one size fits all,

crossing a busy road, or putting on a seatbelt should not be compromised. All rules offer us a choice, either to obey or disobey, follow blindly, follow because we are forced to or follow

No running in the classroom and inside other school buildings, helps us make sure people do not get knocked down! Some rules help us to do things . If we are learning to

for some rules are adaptable and give choices and some are not adaptable and do not have choices. Most rules can be made adaptable for common activities example we may do our homework before our bath or after our bath, or we can choose to eat carrots instead

them because we believe in them. If we want others to follow our rules from within, it is only fair we try to explain to them the reason behind them.

play a musical instrument we might have rules about when and where we can practice and how long we need to practice each day. We might have rules for doing homework and rules for using the computer. Doing our homework regularly, helps ensure we are ready for the next days lesson, and helps us practice and understand concepts deeper so we are not stressed just before the exams.

of peas. But rules which involve the safety or life or a person are rigid, and are meant to be followed. For example, the killing of a person is never acceptable. There is no compromise. Similarly holding a child’s hand whilst



Pooja V navgekar, Std V Our Lady of Lourdes HS., utorda

Varchas B Gawas (6), Std I, Happy Kids Panjim

A BRIGHT DAy PLOuGHInG THE FIELD FROG AnD DuCK Sherwin Fernandes (11), Std VII, Assumpta Convent HS., Sarzora

Earl Smith Azavedo (12), Std VI, St Britto’s HS., Mapusa





MONGINIS TWO BEST CREATIVE ME ENTRIES  Earl Smith Azavedo (12), Std VI, St Britto’s HS., Mapusa wins a gift voucher of Monginis worth Rs. 125/-

 Varchas B Gawas (6), Std I, Happy Kids Panjim wins a gift voucher of Monginis worth Rs. 75/-

Aren D’Mello noronha (6), Mater Dei Institution, Saligao

Some common rules are: Rules for learning at school There are rules at school to help us learn. We must be quiet and listen when the teacher is talking to us or else if we all speak together the place will be like a fish market and we will not be able to hear what he/she is saying. Similarly we must all be on time and go inside our classes when the bell rings after break or in the morning so classes can start on time and we do not distract others when they are concentrating or working. In the library there are rules for borrowing books and for looking after books so everyone can get a turn.

Rules for fairness Some rules help to make things fair for everyone. We can have rules to make sure everyone gets a turn. And we can have rules to make sure everyone gets a fair share of a treat. There are rules for packing up after we have been playing and rules for helping with jobs around the house so that everyone does their share of the work.

A SwAn Aldrin Fernandes (13), Std VIII, Mount Mary’s HS., Chinchinim

Colour Me


GOA, Monday, 28 June, 2010

Kewell hits out at refs after exit


Australian striker Harry Kewell has claimed that international referees are biased against the less celebrated teams and that FIFA needs to do something about it. In an interview for Australia's

News Limited newspapers after the Socceroos' early exit from the World Cup, Kewell, who was shown a red card in the Group D clash against Ghana, said his country had been treated unfairly. He said Australia had been on the end of six bad calls in seven World Cup matches, dating back to a foul on goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer in their 2006 World Cup opener against Japan that went unpunished and led to a goal. "What are FIFA doing about it when teams like us are getting hammered and the bigger teams don't?" he said. "We've been told to play the game fair, and I think we do. "Nothing against the bigger teams, but they're allowed to do it because of who and what they are." In the wide-ranging interview,

Kewell defended much-maligned coach Pim Verbeek, who has taken most of the blame for Australia tumbling out at the group stages in South Africa. He conceded Verbeek was "rattled" after the opening 4-0 loss to Germany, but said he regrouped well for the two subsequent matches, the 1-1 draw with Ghana and the 2-1 win over the Serbs. And he said if Australia had managed to squeeze into the next round, the Dutchman would have been a national hero. "I do believe the Germany game rattled him and hit him for six," Kewell said. "I think he was all over the shop for a bit, but he composed himself well enough for the Ghana game. "We worked so hard and, to be fair, two decisions killed him.

W AvINg F lAg

But he can walk away with his head held high. "Everyone killed him after the Germany game but if he got through to the last 16, he would've been one of the greats. It's on a knife's edge." The 31-year-old said Verbeek's only failing was to misread the mood of the Socceroos, who wanted to play an attacking game against Germany. "We don't fare well in defensive organisation -- we go out there to try and run over teams and that's probably why Guus (Hiddink) had such a good stint," Kewell said. "He let us off the leash and let us go wild. "I'm not saying that Pim totally restricted us, but sometimes you need to gamble." Kewell said he was aiming to play on for Australia until the 2014 World Cup.

A soccer enthusiast from Siolim took the Sao Joao festival revellers by surprise playing the vuvuzela brought all the way from South Africa.

Photo: Rozario Estibeiro

Final chapter is yet to be written: Bradley AFP IRENE, JUNE 27

There is more to come from the United States football team despite their heartbreaking 2-1 loss after extra-time to Ghana in their World Cup Last 16 clash on Saturday, coach Bob Bradley said on Sunday. The 52-year-old Princeton University graduate - who guided the USA to the final of the Confederations Cup in South Africa last year - insisted that there was a bright future for the team after the initial disappoint-

ment had passed over their exit. "Ultimately that excitement turned into disappointment," Bradley said. "But hopefully the final chapter is not yet written." Whether he will be the man to write that chapter is open to question as he was opaque over his future. "At this moment there have been no conversations (between himself and the federation). "Both sides probably need time and you go from there. Over time there will be discussions. There's a process. At this

point it's too soon after the final whistle." Bradley, who has been in charge since 2006, said he would certainly be open to offers from abroad should they arise. "I've always enjoyed new challenges. I believe that is what life is all about," he said. "I have enjoyed the opportunities I've had along the way, As I move forward there will always be an open mind in that regard. "I've always enjoyed new challenges but I've always said from

day one I consider coaching the national team a great honour." Bradley has already started thinking about the US squad he select in an August friendly against Brazil in suburban New York, but has gone no further in the analysis of the next fouryears than he would have normally. "In any situation you start projecting what the team can be like in four years," he said. "There are conversations with players. There are players who can help the team but you're not sure

what that will mean in four years' time. "It's an ongoing process. You are constantly thinking about how things will move along. We will go forward and continue to look at all of that." The US squad can take some solace in the boost in interest in the sport by fans in America. "Without a doubt the game has grown in our country," Bradley said. "We understand every four years that growth will be put to the test by the results of that World Cup.

Best is yet to FAN PICS come: South Koreans REUTERS PORT ELIZABETH, JUNE 27

South Korea’s defeated team wasted no time in converting their pain into pride after Saturday’s World Cup elimination by Uruguay, vowing to return to the next tournament a stronger side capable of beating anyone. The Koreans lost 2-1 in a game in which at times they dominated, battling to the end for a win that would have put them in their first World Cup quarter-finals on foreign soil. “I’m really happy with the boys,” said Scotland-based midfielder Ki Sung-yong. “We showed that Asian football is good enough to play against the world.” Coach Huh Jung-moo admitted his team had much room for improvement, especially in defence, but said he was proud of his talented players’ spirit and determination. “They never give up, whatever the situation. They always rise up to the challenge, that kind of tenacity comes from Koreans and I really want to congratulate them,” coach Hun Mong-joo said. “I do feel quite hopeful because our players are improving year-on-year and the game is getting better and that is something that I can complement.

German supporters celebrate their victory against England.

O oooooh Wooooooh, Ooooooh Wooooooh….. (2) Give me freedom, Give me fire, Give me reason, take me higher. See the champions, take the field now, unify us, make us feel proud. In the streets our hands are lifting, as we lose our inhibition. Celebration, it’s around us, every nation, all around us Sing forever young, singing songs underneath the sun Let’s rejoice in the beautiful game, And together at the end of the day. We all say (Chorus (2x): When I get older I will be stronger They’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag And then it goes back, and then it goes back And then it goes back, and then it goes Oooohhh, Oooooooooh wooooohh, Oooooooooh wooooohh…. (2x) Give you freedom, give you fire, give you reason, take you higher See the champions, take the field now, unify us, make us feel proud In the streets our hands are lifting, as we lose our inhibition, Celebration, it’s around us, every nation, all around us Sing forever young, singing songs underneath the sun Let’s rejoice in the beautiful game, And together at the end of the day. We all say (Chorus (2x) O oh ho o oo h h Wo o oh Ohohooooh Wooohoooh… (2x) We all say (Chorus (2x) O oh ho o oo h h Wo o oh Ohohooooh Wooohooooh And everybody will be singing it O oh ho o oo h h Wo o oh Ohohooooh Wooohooooh And we all will be singing it. -- By K'naan

Honda, Hernandez most fouled and fastest AFP JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 27

Japan's Keisuke Honda proved such a handful for defenders in the World Cup first round that he was the most-fouled player, according to official FIFA statistics released on Saturday. The enterprising Japanese have clearly been wreaking havoc with opposing defences as the second most-fouled star is teammate Yuji Nakazawa. At least they didn't have to cross paths with New Zealand as two of their stars were found to have committed the most fouls - Rory Fallon 15 in total ahead of 13 by teammate Chris Killen and Abou Diaby of France. As for the fastest player on show to date, that accolade goes to Mexican "Little Pea" Javier Hernandez, the future Manchester United man reaching a top speed of 32.15 kph, ahead of 31.57 kph for A v r a a m Pa p a d o p o u l o s o f Greece. Meanwhile, four strikers are neck and neck in the race for the Golden Boot for tournament top scorer.

A US fan dances prior to the pre-quarter-final match between USA and Ghana. A young supporter of England, with the English flag painted on his cheek and a Mohawk hair style.

An English supporter cheers prior to the match.

US former President Bill Clinton stands in the tribune with officials prior to the start of their match against Ghana.


GOA, Monday, 28 June, 2010

America can’t Spain hold no fear for Portugal’s Simao South catch Europe,


Portugal winger Simao knows his side will be facing one of

the best teams in the world when they confront Spain in the World Cup last 16 in Cape Town on Tuesday, but insists they have no fear. "They're one of the best teams in the world," said Simao on Sunday. "They have a style of play like Barcelona, with lots of players from Barca, who play with two or three touches of the ball. "But it's 50-50. Without showing them a lack of respect, we're not scared at all. We've got a great team too. And to become better, we have to beat Spain. They're champions of Europe, but we have our own qualities." Spain have already been beaten at the tournament, losing 1-0 to Switzerland in their Group H opener, and Simao says

the key to defeating Vicente del Bosque's men is to put them under pressure and strike on the counter-attack. "You have to be aggressive. I don't mean committing fouls, but pressure the ball carrier and play our own game," said Simao, who plays for Spanish club side Atletico Madrid, with whom he won the Europa League last season. "They like keeping the ball, but it's not always the team that has the ball that wins. For the tactics, I don't know. It's the technical staff that decide." Simao says Portugal will take heart from Switzerland's shock victory, but says they will not emulate their tactics to the letter. "They were a well-organised team," he said. "We'll defend well, but we're

not going to play like Inter Milan against Barcelona (in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, when Inter defended on the edge of their penalty area after being reduced to 10 men)." Spain's 2-1 defeat of Chile in their final group game gave them top spot in the pool and ensured they avoided Brazil in the second round. Portugal were drawn in the same group as the five-time champions and secured a 0-0 draw when the sides met in their final Group G match. Having already come up against Brazil, Simao believes his side are just as capable of making life uncomfortable for Spain. "It's normal that they (Spain) want to avoid Brazil," he said. "But we're strong as well and I think we'll give them at least

as many problems. Instead of talking about Spain all the time, we need to focus on ourselves." Portugal's chances of success depend to a certain extent on the form of their star forward and captain Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid superstar played from the left against North Korea but was deployed as a lone striker in the draw with Brazil. He has only scored once so far, in the 7-0 thrashing of North Korea, and Simao believes he must be given freedom on the pitch to express himself. "My opinion is that Cristiano must be free on the pitch," he said. "But (Portugal coach) Carlos Queiroz, who knew him well at Manchester United, knows that, everyone knows that."

Prez prayers answered Alonso a serious doubt by Ghana success for Portugal clash REUTERS RUSTENBURG, JUNE 27

The President of Ghana led his nation’s soccer squad in prayers on Saturday shortly before they beat the United States 2-1 to reach the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time. John Atta Mills spoke to the players in the dressing room, giving them a pep talk before they prayed together, Ghana Football Association, Vice-President Fred Pappoe told Reuters. “It made a lot of difference to the boys,” said Pappoe, who is also head of management for the Black Stars. “We always pray - before a game, in the bus, in the hotel and also on the pitch before each half and afterwards, no matter what the result. “But to have our President here and sitting in the stands next to (FIFA president) Sepp Blatter was a solid moralebooster for the team. When

he came to the dressing room, to see the boys, and to pep them up, it meant a lot.” “He said some prayers with the team, a special word of prayer just before the game when they went on to the pitch and it made a difference.” Ghana, who face Uruguay in the quarter-finals at Soccer City in Johannesburg on Friday, are the only African team still in the tournament following the group stage exits of hosts South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Their emotional extra-time win at the Royal Bafokeng stadium sparked wild celebrations as the players ran round the field with the South African and Ghanaian flags amid a riot of vuvuzela-led noise. Pappoe said the Ghana players were all fully aware of their extra responsibility now they were seen as representing the African continent.

Injured Ghana goal hero faces race against time REUTERS RUSTENBURG, JUNE 27

Ghana goal hero Kevin-Prince Boateng faces a week of intensive therapy in a bid to get fit for the World Cup quarter-final after suffering a hamstring injury. Boateng scored a fifth minute goal on Saturday to set his side on the way to a 2-1 win over the United States in their second

round match in Rustenburg but later limped off in the second half. Coach Milovan Rajevac said the Germany-born midfielder would face intensive treatment in a bid to be ready for the match against Uruguay at Soccer City in Johannesburg on Friday. Boateng was among several Ghana players limping after the exertions of the extra time triumph over the Americans at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium. “Boateng was injured against Germany already. It is going to be a huge problem to get him ready for the next game,” said Rajevac. Rajevac said there were also other players with niggling injuries. Dede Ayew will also miss the match through suspension after picking a second caution of the tournament. “We are going to see how the players react in the next days. For me the priority now will be

to try and get them all ready for Friday. There is a lot of work ahead for the medical staff.” The Serbian-born coach praised the efforts of his players who he said had learnt how to compete. “We played in the African Nations Cup this year without eight important players and managed to reach the final. The team learnt how to compete. The most important thing at this level is to know how to compete,” he said.


Spain midfielder Xabi Alonso is a serious doubt for the European champions’ last-16 clash against neighbors Portugal after spraining an ankle in Friday’s 2-1 win over Chile. Alonso, who has been in solid form alongside Sergio Busquets as one of coach Vicente del Bosque’s two holding midfielders, went over on the ankle late in the first half and had to be replaced by Javi Martinez in the 73rd minute. “There are serious doubts over whether he (Alonso) can play on Tuesday,” Del Bosque said on the Spanish soccer federation’s website ( on Saturday. “He is undergoing treatment and we’ll see whether he is in good enough shape,” he added. “If not, someone else will take his place.” Victory over the Portuguese in Cape Town would set up a

Torres will hit top gear: Martinez AFP POTCHEFSTROOM, JUNE 27

Fernando Torres is in good shape, despite looking sluggish so far at the World Cup as he comes off ankle surgery in April, midfielder Javier Martinez insisted on Sunday. Liverpool's Torres has yet to score - Spain owed their qualification for the last 16 primarily to three goals from his sidekick David Villa - and coach Vicente del Bosque took him off during the decisive 21 win over Chile which secured the European champions' passage. Yet Martinez says that "El Nino" is in good shape. "It is not easy to come back off the kind of injury he has had - but I think he's recuperating well" from his ankle problem. "He'll be back on his best form in the coming games," the Athletic Bilbao player told reporters at team headquarters in Potchefstroom, south west of Johannesburg. "He is still bringing a lot to the table for us with his versatility, losing his marker - that's all a boon for us," added Martinez. Spain take on neighbours Portugal in the round of 16 on Tuesday in Cape Town.

quarter-final against Paraguay or Japan and Del Bosque’s side, one of the pre-tournament favorites, could meet either Ar-


Thomas Mueller

of Germany who scored a brace against England to take his team into the quarter-finals

gentina, Mexico, England or Germany in the last four. Del Bosque said he had full confidence in Martinez, who was a surprise inclusion in the squad, and predicted the 21year-old had a long career ahead of him in the national side. “We have to gradually give him more experience and he’ll be a very important player,” the coach added. Del Bosque said after the win over Chile that he was concerned about Portugal’s team as a whole and not just forward Cristiano Ronaldo, adding he had been impressed by their performance in Friday’s 0-0 draw with Group G winners Brazil. “No, I am concerned about Portugal,” he said at a news conference when asked about Ronaldo, who plays with Spain internationals Iker Casillas, Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Raul Albiol and Alvaro Arbeloa at Real Madrid.

Don’t blame us for ticketing scams: FIFA REUTERS JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 27

FIFA hit back on Sunday at critics who blamed soccer’s world governing body for fans and companies losing millions on World Cup ticketing scams, which have left many seats empty in the stadiums. South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper reported that petrochemical giant Sasol and dozens of South African and foreign fans have lost more than 6.5 million rand ($852,500) in World Cup scams after buying tickets from illegal dealers. “We have no specific comments on the issue of buying tickets outs i d e F I FA c h a n n e l s , ” F I FA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said at a media briefing on Sunday, adding that FIFA should not take the blame for millions lost by fans and companies. “Honestly, we have published I don’t know how many warnings before the competition, even before 2006.” Clifford Green, a lawyer for FIFA and its hospitality affiliate Match, told the Sunday Times that this week he handed police a dossier of affidavits from seven companies on their huge losses. FIFA this week named Norwegian company Euroteam, which operates websites, as selling tickets illegally. ILLEGAL TICKETS

Danish national Michael Bakkerstrom and German Siv Anne Basley appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court this week for allegedly selling tickets illegally for Euroteam. Despite the crackdown, Euroteam put an advert in the Sunday Times’s sister newspaper, The Times, on Friday, saying: “World Cup 2010 Tickets. All matches including the final.” A tiny note on the advert says the firm is not affiliated to FIFA and all orders are subject to Norwegian law. “No one should buy tickets outside the official channels. First, you put yourself in an illegal situation and, second, you might not enter the stadium,” Maingot said. This is little comfort to Sasol Oil, a unit of Sasol, which is reported to have lost 3.3 million rand in the ticketing scam. Jacqui O’Sullivan, Sasol’s spokeswomen, confirmed the company was defrauded of millions by illegal ticketing dealers. “I cannot comment further on a legal matter,” O’Sullivan said, when asked whether Sasol was planning to sue the company that sold them illegal tickets. The Sunday Times said other comapnies that made statements to the police on their ticketing woes include a firm in Johannesburg, which lost 2.8 million rand after buying 80 tickets, including hospitality.

Plane carrying fans lands on highway AGENCIES JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 27

A small aircraft carrying South African fans to the World Cup match between Germany and England has made an emergency landing on a major highway

leading to the host city of Bloemfontein. Police superintendent Sam Makhele said there were no injuries among the six people aboard the plane or in the vehicles on the N1 highway

that had to veer out of the plane’s way near midday Sunday. Makhele said the pilot of the plane, which was carrying a family group from the city of Benoni, had reported ex-

periencing technical difficulties. Traffic was halted for a while, but Makhele said the highway was reopened after the plane was moved to the side of the road.

says Maradona


Argentina coach Diego Maradona believes South America will never catch up with Europe despite the continent's stunning success at the World Cup in South Africa. South America had five representatives in the competition and all five made it to the knockout stages, with four of them winning their groups. Meanwhile European heavyweights Italy and France were not only knocked out but also finished bottom of groups including such minnows as New Zealand and hosts South Africa. Seven of the 13 European teams bit the dust in the group stages and only Germany, Spain and Holland won their groups. Even so, the club game in Europe is so much stronger and there is so much more money in competitions like the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, that Maradona believes South America will always lag behind. "I don't think we will ever be a bigger powerhouse than Europe," he said. "What we have to do is build America and make coaches of lesser countries understand that we must have a clear line for kids coming up. "We'll never be bigger than Europe but we will have good players and we must also pay attention to youth leagues and make kids dream of playing in Europe and being ready.

"But they should be in the right condition and (Europeans) shouldn't be grabbing kids at 15 years old who have no idea of what it takes to play in the (European) leagues. "Even 16 and 17 year-olds can't do that but in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay everyone accelerates things. "But a child must know what a football player must know because otherwise this is like stealing money from people. "South America must go on doing what it's doing and the premium is knowing that we are giving great players to teams of clubs all over the world and they are making great money. "But you should also know that these players, when they make it to their own national team, they have our support and affection."

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GOA, MONDAY, 28 JUNE, 2010


Ref blunders, Germany humiliate England AFP BLOEMFONTEIN, JUNE 27

Germany inflicted England's record World Cup finals defeat on Sunday after a 4-1 victory in their last 16 match that was

overshadowed by one of the worst refereeing mistakes in the tournament's history. Germany's superior movement and ruthless finishing made them worthy winners on

Ghana................2 USA........................1 Germany............4 England.................1 Argentina...........3 Mexico...................1

an afternoon when England's defending was shockingly sub-standard and their talisman, Wayne Rooney, once again failed to deliver on the game's biggest stage. But there is no saying what would have happened if England had not been denied a goal that would have levelled the match at 2-2 just before half-time, when a Frank Lampard shot bounced off the underside of the bar and landed a yard over the goalline. Matthew Upson had just headed England back into the match after Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski had given Germany a 2-goal advantage. Two second-half goals for Thomas Mueller enabled the Germans to run up their most convincing win against their biggest rivals, but they were both scored on the counter-attack as England sought an equaliser they should not have been obliged to chase. Referee Jorge Larrionda's misjudgement was all the more in-

explicable because he was wellplaced to see the incident. Yet, after looking across at his linesman, he waved play on. England coach Fabio Capello said that the Lampard moment was the turning point. “The Lampard incident was one of the most important in the match," said Capello. “The referee made one of the biggest mistakes, but Germany are a great team, we were caught out on the counter-attack. This is football. Little things make all the difference." The controversy over the incident will rumble on but England will also have to ask themselves some hard questions after what was, at times, a shambolic display. Klose was delighted with his team's efforts. “We were aggressive from the first minute, unlike (L-R) Germany’s defenders Philipp Lahm, Jerome Boateng, strikers Lukas Podolski, Stefan Kiessling, midfielder Piotr Trochowski and goalkeeper in the Ghana game (which Ger- Manuel Neuer celebrate victory at Free State stadium in Mangaung/Bloemfontein. many won 1-0). The win was is the semi-finals at least. That's first-time pass, the Bayern Mu- Ham defender nodded in. Bastian Schweinsteiger did highly deserved," said Klose. what we want to reach." nich midfielder broke into the Lampard himself came ago- most of the leg work through the “We have always said our goal England's vulnerability at the box before switching the ball to nisingly close to an equaliser inside left channel before switchback had been exposed early on Podolski, who beat James at his seven minutes after the restart, ing the ball to Mueller who beat and, after goalkeeper David James near post from a tight angle. hammering a free-kick from James at his near post with a had denied Mueller, Klose exNeuer pulled off a superb re- nearly 40 yards against the bar fiercely struck drive from 12 yards. ploited it to get on the end of flex save at close range to pre- with Neuer struggling to cover. The fourth was virtually a carbon goalkeeper Manuel Neuer's upfield vent Lampard finishing off James Germany centre back Arne copy, although this time it was punt to give Germany the lead. Milner's low cross just before Friedrich, who had already been Mesut Ozil who wreaked havoc John Terry allowed the ball to Upson gave England a lifeline. booked, was fortunate to stay after latching on to a punted clearfly over his head and Klose outGermany's goalkeeper had on the pitch after a cynical body ance towards the left touchline. muscled and outpaced Upson been impressive up to then but check on Rooney. The Werder Bremen star powbefore flicking the ball past James his lack of experience showed The resulting free-kick was ered away from Gareth Barry with the outside of his boot. when he charged off his line and blocked by the German wall and with ease before cutting in to Mueller did the damage for got nowhere near the cross from Germany immediately swept up- the box to present Mueller with Germany's second. Taking Klose's Steven Gerrard that the West field to claim their third goal. the simplest of a tap-ins.

Tevez puts Argentina into last eight FP JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 27

England’s Frank Lampard’s half volley lob crashes off Germany’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer’s crossbar and bounces a foot over the goalline a clear equaliser, which was not given by the referee.

Gyan fires Ghana into quarters AFP RUSTENBURG, JUNE 27

Ghana’s Asamoah Gyan scored three minutes into extra time to send Africa’s last World Cup contender into the quarter-finals with a 2-1 victory over the United States on Saturday. The Black Stars booked a lasteight meeting with Uruguay. Ghana become only the third African team to reach a World Cup quarter-final, matching the


achievements of Cameroon in 1990 and Senegal in 2002. "I am the happiest man in the world," said Gyan. The Black Stars, who also defeated the Americans to eliminate them from the 2006 tournament at the group phase, are the last of six African teams that began the first World Cup on African soil. Kevin-Prince Boateng gave the Africans the lead in the fifth minute but the Americans, who fought back to draw after falling behind against England on the same pitch two weeks ago,

equalised in the 62nd minute via a Landon Donovan penalty. Former US President Bill Clinton and British rock legend Mick Jagger watched as four-time African champion Ghana denied an attacking US side the decisive goal late in normal time, setting the stage for two 15-minute extra-time periods. The wait for the game's pivotal moment lasted only three minutes. Ghana's Andre Ayew launched a high, bouncing pass upfield to Gyan, who tried to keep control as he was bumped into by

US captain Carlos Bocanegra -Gyan's friend and team-mate with French club Rennes. Gyan came away with the ball and met it on the bounce two strides later to blast a left-footed shot over US goalkeeper Tim Howard for his third goal of the tournament, taking him to a share of the lead in the goalscoring chart. The Black Stars, whose only goals before the match had come from two Gyan penalty kicks, had to be wary of a US side known for late-match dramatics.

Dutch wary of Slovakian spirit AFP DURBAN, JUNE 27

The Netherlands play surprise package Slovakia in a round of 16 match here on Monday, wary of a team spirit that saw the unheralded side beat defending World Cup champions Italy in the group stage. "Slovakia will be tough," Dutch striker Robin van Persie warned. "They showed really good spirt and hung in there against Italy and it was a great result for their country.” "So far, it's looking good for us, but we can still improve on


bits and team's win pieces." o v e r I t a l y, Arjen Robben v D u t c h said that the Marek Hamsik coach Bert After Arjen Robben's delightful game against van Marwijk cameo against Cameroon, the Bay- the Azzurri added: "This ern Munich winger stands a good h a d " re a l l y is an oppo - chance of playing a significant pushed the nent we must chunk of the game against Slovakia, limits of Slonot underesti- who conceded five goals in their vak football". mate. We can- group phase. Slovakia's captain and “ W e ' v e not b e playmaker Marek Hamsik pulls the done it once nonchalant." strings for his team in midfield and and we hope Slovakian will have to get them moving for- to do it again. striker Robert ward as they did in their shock vic- We hope to Vittek, who tory over defending champions play against scored two Italy to make any inroads into a H o l l a n d i n goals in his Dutch team oozing class up front. the way we

played (against Italy), but they are one of the favourites." If there were any lingering doubts over his injury, Robben erased them in emphatic style with a trademark contribution to the Netherlands' winning goal, slamming a shot against the post with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar burying the rebound. "We made it clear at the start that we would be taking this tournament one challenge at a time, and now we will focus on Slovakia and Slovakia alone," said Robben. "I'm already looking forward to it."

satisfaction after any of his side's am certain that Brazil will be three performances here so far ready," he said. even though the South American "We have done what we exgiants are undefeated. pected to do so far and now we Dunga will welcome back have to focus one game at a midfield pair Kaka and Elano for time and continue to improve Monday's match at Johannes- game by game." burg's Soccer City. Kaka served The return of Kaka and Elano a one-match ban after being sent will boost Brazil, says Inter off against the Ivory Coast while Milan's Cesar. Elano was ruled out through in"They are both crucial players jury. for us and it will be good to Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar believes it will TODAY’S MATCHES be a difficult test against Netherlands v. Slovakia, Chile, but says his side 7.30 p.m. have to keep improving. "Now a new and more Brazil v. Chile, complicated stage in the 00.00 hours competition begins and I

have them back in the team for our next game," said the Inter Milan player.

Chile look to topple mighty Brazil AFP JOHANNESBURG, JUNE 27

Chile will be out to derail Brazil's drive towards a sixth World Cup title here on Monday when the South American teams meet in a last 16 round showdown. The Chileans are at the World Cup finals for the first time since France 1998. Chile's progress means there are five South American teams in the Round of 16 and midfielder Rodrigo Miller, who score Chile's consolation goal, said it means a lot to the fans as they bid to topple the world's highest-ranked side. In contrast, Brazil coach Dunga has yet to grin a smile of


Brazil striker Luis Fabiano scored twice against Ivory Coast and will be aiming to add to his tally against Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, who can expect a busy evening at Soccer City against Brazil's potent attack. The South American giants have failed to get out of second gear so far at South Africa 2010, but should have too much fire-power in their squad to be seriously threatened by the Chileans.

Argentina will meet Germany in the World Cup's quarter-finals after striker Carlos Tevez struck twice - once controversially - to seal a 3-1 win over Mexico in Sunday's round of 16 match. Goals by Manchester City's Tevez and Real Madrid's Gonzalo Higuain, his fourth here to become the tournament's topscorer, means Diego Maradona's Argentina will now meet the Germans in Cape Town on Saturday in the last eight. Mexico forward Javier Hernandez gave his side brief hope when he turned his marker in the 71st minute and smashed his shot past Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Romero, although it was too little, too late. Argentina were not to be denied, but Tevez's first-half strike was awarded in controversial

circumstances as replays showed he was off-side when world footballer of the year Lionel Messi gave him the final pass. The Manchester City star's shot was saved by Mexican goalkeeper Oscar Perez, but Messi followed up and chipped Perez for Tevez to head home. The Mexican defence complained bitterly that Tevez was off-side, but Italian referee Roberto Rosetti allowed the 26th-minute goal to stand despite the furore caused by a replay of the incident on the stadium's giant TV screens. Things went from bad to worse for the Mexicans on 33 minutes when defender Ricardo Osorio's pass went straight to Higuain, who slotted past Perez

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to make it 2-0 at the break. Tevez settled the matter with a breath-taking strike on 52 minutes which he rifled into the net's top right-hand corner from just outside the penalty area, giving Perez no chance.

The Manchester City star came off in the 69th minute to make way for Juan Veron just as Argentina's Martin Demichelis cleared off the line before Hernandez scored Mexico's consolation.



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