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Sports: Milito fires Inter to Champions glory Pg 18 The only cure for grief is action -- G H Lewes

IN BRIEF ICICI acquires Bank of Rajasthan In a move that would help it expand overnight by 25 per cent, the largest private sector bank ICICI today announced to acquire Bank of Rajasthan through a no-cash merger deal that is valued at about Rs 3,000 crore. The acquisition, approved by the boards of the two entities, would be executed by ICICI by offering its 25 shares for every 118 shares of BoR. -- (PTI)

The Voice of Goa — Since 1900 panjim, monDaY, maY 24, 2010

Business: Ambanis bury differences Pg 13

pRiCE Rs. 3.00 (air Surcharge Rs. 1.50) pages 18

India: Is 40s becoming the new 20s in Bollywood? Pg 9


Heart-rending scenes were witnessed a day after the dreaded crash. Relatives went through an agonizing experience of identifying charred bodies. In one case two families from Kerala claimed the same body. So far 128 bodies have been identified and handed over to the families, 12 are yet to be identified and post mortem is being carried out on 18 bodies ‘Black Box’ retrieved. What it suggests: Pilot may have attempted a final thrust to take-off seconds before the crash

AI announces compensation Air India announced an interim compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of the victims, above 12 years of age, Rs five lakh for those below 12 years and Rs two lakh for those injured. PTI MANGALORE, MAY 23

Investigators today retrieved the ‘Black Box’ from the wreckage of the ill-fated Air India Express which is expected to throw light on what went wrong in Saturday’s crash that left 158 people dead. The Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) and the Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit (DFDAU), which record cockpit conversation and all technical details, have been traced from the debris of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft which overshot the runway and burst into flames after plunging into a ravine. The throttle in the cockpit, which was extricated from the debris, was found in a forward position suggesting that the pilot may have attempted a final thrust to take-off seconds before the crash.

Knife, spoon removed from lady’s tummy (PTI) AZAMGARH, MAY 23

In a bizzare incident, a knife, spoon and a pair of toothbrushes were recovered from the stomach of a 25-year-old mentally un s t a b l e w o m a n when she was operated upon at a private nursing home in the city. Seema, mother of two children, was admitted to the nursing home on Saturday after she complained of severe stomach ache, Dr Amir Alam, who conducted the operation said. He said after the woman was admitted, her X-ray report indicated the presence of some objects in the stomach. “ Things taken out from Seema’s stomach include a sixinch knife, four-inch long spoon and two toothbrushes of six inches each,” Alam said, adding that the woman was recovering well.

A Civil Aviation Ministry statement in Delhi said that the CVR was affected by fire but was expected to yield the desired information. While the CVR captures radio transmissions and sounds in the cockpit, such as the pilot’s voices and engine noises, the DFDAU records short-duration flight parameters. However, search for the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) continues, the statement said. Airline officials had earlier claimed that this too had been recovered. The DFDR records actual flight conditions, including altitude, airspeed, heading, vertical acceleration and aircraft pitch. The instruments will be brought to Delhi tomorrow to be examined by Air Safety Directorate of the DGCA to ascertain the causes for the crash, official sources said. In Mangalore, Air India CMD Arvind Jadhav announced an interim compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the kin of the victims, above 12 years of age, Rs five lakh for those below 12 years and Rs two lakh for those injured. “This will be over and above the relief of Rs two lakh to the families of each victim announced by the Prime Minister,” he told reporters here. He said while 128 bodies have been identified and handed over the families, 12 were yet to be identified. Post mortem was being carried out on 18 bodies. Teams, probing the worst air tragedy in the country in a decade, continued sif ting through the wreckage to find

Women mourn after the identification of the dead bodies on Sunday.

Naval officer Dilip Donde, who became the first Indian ever to circumnavigate the globe solo on a sail boat, today gave entire credit to his “fine” vessel for realising his dream and said this is the biggest achievement of his life. “I could not have done it without this fine boat.... I was quite convinced that anybody can do circumnavigation in a boat like this. I think entire credit goes to Mhadei that made my voyage successful and my dreams come true,” Donde said. Mumbai harbour wore a festive look with colourful sails fluttering from different types of sail boats as Indian Naval Sailing Vessel (INSL) Mhadei sailed by Donde, who embarked on the voyage on August 19 last year, touched base back in India

A child who was among the eight survivors being An official inspects recovered apparatus from the wreckage of a crashed plane in Mangalore. given medical attention.

all material required for the investigation being carried out by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Experts of the US Federal Aviation Authority, Boeing and air safety firm Kenyon will be as-


sisting in deciphering the Black Box and the CVR. A forensic team from Hyderabad carried out DNA tests on the bodies that have been charred beyond recognition. 158 people, including six




Malgonda, Yogesh had strong links to Sanatan Ashram, Ponda Involvement of Sanatan Sanstha sadaks in bomb blast in Margao and planting of bombs at Sancoale Malgonda Patil, Yogesh Naik, Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar are sadaks from Sanatan Sanstha Sanatan Sanstha was against Narkasur contests and organised martial training in the property at Dhamse, Valpoi till 2005

Further, it has been established that Malgonda Patil was

staying in a room along with other “sadaks” for the last four

Mhadei team ecstatic KIRTH GEORGE PANJIM, MAY 23

Mhadei – the 56-foot beauty, custom built for undertaking the maiden solo circumnavigation under sails and the first of her kind in India was constructed in Goa at the island of Divar by Aquarius Fibreglass. An ecstatic Ratnakar Dandekar, director of Aquarius Fibreglass in a telephonic conversation with the Herald (Continued on page 10)

at the Sunk Rock Light House. The 42-year-old naval officer steered into the Mumbai harbour yesterday and was received by Vice President Mohammed Hamid Ansari, Naval chief Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma and

missed a flight until yesterday. “God has given me a second life,” said Philip. “I was supposed to go at 1.15am, but by mistake I thought it was 1.15pm. By God’s grace, like that it happened.” “I am for 29 years working here,” she said. “This is the first time God made me misunderstand. I don’t know how it happened.” Philip had planned to see her two adult daughters, who are postgraduate students in Mangalore. “I was thinking the flight was in the afternoon,” she was quoted as saying by ‘The National’ newspaper. “I packed everything and I slept.” After a peaceful night, she got a message in the early morning from her daughter alerting her to the crash. “I (turned) on the TV and I saw there was an accident. On every channel they were showing my name. My mother was calling from India, my brother was calling from America everyone was calling and crying. They all knew I was coming today but they didn’t know the correct time. (Continued on page 10)

It was a final call for AI steward crew were killed in India’s worst air disaster in a decade when Air India’s budget carrier’s flight IX-812 from Dubai crashed at the Bajpe airport yesterday morning after overshooting the (Continued on page 10)

years. Deceased Malgonda was associated with outdoor department of Sanatan Sanstha, which deals with preaching the public on religious issues and education, sentiments and spiritual science. It has been further revealed that the martial training used to be conducted in the premise of Pandurang Marathe for the members of Sanatan Sanstha. NIA investigations have further revealed that the sadaks of Sanatan Sanstha are involved in bomb blast in Margao and planting of bombs at Sancoale. Investigations has further revealed that accused Malgonda Patil (28) was admitted in Sanatan Sanstha during the (Continued on page 10)

First Indian solo sailor to compass the globe PTI MUMBAI, MAY 23


It was nothing less than a miracle or perhaps beginning of a ‘second life’ for the nine people who did not show up at the airport here to board the ill-fated Air India Express flight that crashed in Mangalore killing 158. The nine, who either missed or decided not to board the flight, are Merwyn D’Souza, Vasantha Shetty, Thresiamma Philip, Mohamed Ashfaq, Husna Farheen, Sanjeeva BabannaHegde, Louiscarlo Vincent Gera r o , S t e v e n Re g o a n d Kunhikannan Chandu. Thresiamma Philip now believes in miracles as she had missed the Flight 812 after mistaking the departure time as 1.15 pm instead of 1.15 am. The news of the plane crash in Mangalore yesterday came as a profound shock to Philip, 50, and other ‘No-Shows’. Philip, a nurse who for 29 years has lived in Dibba al Hisn, an enclave of Sharjah on the Indian Ocean, travels to see her family in India two or three times a year. She had never

Malgonda, Yogesh linked to Sanatan Ashram: NIA Charge sheet filed by the National Investigating Agency (NIA) may not have directly indicted Hindu rights organisation Sanatan Sanstha in the Margao bomb blast case. But, all investigations carried out by the NIA into the bomb blasts have unearthed close links the accused persons had with the Sanatan Ashram at Ramnathi, Ponda. Investigations by the NIA into the bomb blast show that accused Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik were from the Sanatan Sanstha Ashram. A perusal of the charge sheet indicates that both Malgonda and Yogesh were linked to the Sanatan Ashram.

Lucky nine who missed death

Naval officer Dilip Dondeon board Mhadei.

his family members. “I would train others who are willing to go for solo sailing. But not to Chinese,” he quipped, responding to a query. “This is biggest achievement. I don’t think I will be having anything bigger than this,” the naval of-

ficer told PTI. “When I reached various ports in foreign countries during my solo sailing, many people had asked me how many from India had earlier done such individual sailing. I told them that I am the first one from India

who is doing this. They did not believe it,” Donde said while sharing his experience after he returned from 276-day voyage. “They expressed surprise that how come the country that has millions of people could not find one person for such task for so many years,” said Donde on board INS Mysore. “I may go for another attempt,” Donde said, adding the task could not have been completed without the support of his family and the Navy. Recounting the difficulties he faced during sailing, Donde said, “Once the steering of the boat had given some trouble. Sometimes, the sea remained rough. Several living creatures in the sea have surprisingly looked at me. Many a time, the temperature inside the boat refused to come down below 32 degree Celsius at any time.”


Mohammed Ali, a flight steward with Air India, had resigned from the national carrier to join the hotel industry last week, but fate had something else in store for him. Twenty four-year-old Ali, hailing from Bhopal, was one among 158 people who died in Man-

FIR against Gurung, Giri in Tamang case PTI SILIGURI, MAY 23

Gorkha Janmukti Morcha President Bimal Gurung and its General Secretary Roshan Giri have been named in an FIR filed by the police in connection with the murder of Gorkha leader Madan Tamang. Charges of conspiracy have been brought against the two besides Gurung’s wife Asha, the chief of Gorkha Nari Mukti Morcha, the outfit’s Press and Publicity Secretary Harka Bahadur Chettri, Vice-President Amar Lama and GJM Police Wing GLP’s ‘commandant’ Ramesh Aley in the FIR filed at Darjeeling Police Station, IG North Bengal K L Tamta said today. The Inspector General of Police said seven others were named in the FIR for murder. He did not name them. Police had yesterday said that 45 people have been arrested in connection with Friday’s killing of Tamang.

galore air crash yesterday. Ali, who was serving notice period and was stationed at Mangalore airport, was asked to report for the MangaloreDubai flight at the last moment after one of his colleagues failed to turn up, his family members said. He had joined Air India as (Continued on page 10)

Woman rams car into auto, 2 killed A 30-year-old woman, who was allegedly driving in an inebriated state, rammed her speeding car into an autorickshaw, killing two persons and injuring two others in Delhi Cantonment area. The incident took place in Gopinath Bazaar in south-west Delhi at 11:30 pm last night, a senior cop said. -- (PTI)

You can stand by your statement sir!! You really don’t depend on their votes and you need not care...


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GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

Politicians warned not to support Churchill takes dig at detractors, asks mega projects against people’s will to show performances in Agonda HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, MAY 23


Expressing solidarity with Carmona villagers in their battle against the Raheja project, village groups from across Goa warned the political class not to push mega housing projects against the will of the people without taking the infrastructural requirements into considerations. Representatives of village groups and local villagers assembled near the Raheja property site Sunday evening and expressed their opposition to the housing project, saying the project would only outnumber the local populace. They raised apprehensions over the laying of a pipeline by the Mumbai-based builder inside the property connecting to River Sal, demanding clarification from the builder and the local panchayat whether the pipeline is meant to drain sewage or surface water. “We do not know whether the pipeline will drain monsoon water or sewage into the River Sal. This should be immediately clarified by the local Panchayat body and the PWD Minister”, demanded Carmona Panch member Orland Da Silva, who had recently come under attack from PWD Minister and local

Village groups of Goa along with Carmona villagers at the Raheja property at Carmona. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

MLA Churchill Alemao for opposing the project. Referring to the assembly of local villagers and activists from across Goa at the site, Orlando conveyed a message loud and clear to the PWD Minister that the housing project is not only being opposed by the locals but by people across Goa. “Raheja had planned to build 700 apartments on the huge property at Carmona. If not for the opposi-

tion from the locals, the local populace would have been outnumbered by outsiders”, he said. The Panch member reiterated his stand that the property bought by Rahejas should be sub-divided into small plots and sold to the local. “I had supported a housing project in the very same property before Rahejas came in the picture because the property owners

Villagers demand to know who should feed ‘the pig’ HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MAY 23

PWD Minister Churchill Alemao’s recent statement that Goans cry like pigs has invited strong reaction from the village groups of Goa. Taking strong exception to the statement, the village groups carried a pig – attired in a colorful costume – in a vehicle near the Raheja property site at Carmona on Sunday evening and demanded to know who should feed the pig. Activist Zarinha Da Cunha demanded to know from Alemao whether the pig should be fed by the Rahejas or who else tell who should provide the feed. “Churchill should

Locals against garbage dumping sites at Raia HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MAY 23

Raia villagers on Sunday opposed identification of sites for garbage dumping and treatment of waste saying they don’t want mini Sonsodo in their village. At the gram sabha meeting held on Sunday, the members raised their apprehensions that that site identified by the panchayat will turn into another Sonsodo. The garbage sites could not be identified at today’s meeting as the villagers apprehended will create problems like Sonsodo in neighbouring Margao. In this connection, the members have asked the panchayat body to seek all details of the High Court order on identification of sites for garbage disposal. Members sought to know whether the high court has issued directions to identify the land just for garbage dumping or the treatment of the waste. After much discussions on the garbage situation, the gram sabha asked the Panchayat to make it mandatory for individual houses and bungalows to have their own garbage pits before issuance of occupancy certificates. As far as multi-dwelling units are concerned, members that the no occupancy certificate should be issued to the builders until composting units are set up in the complex. The m members further stated that the panchayat body should issue the occupancy certificate after inspecting the housing complexes vis-à-vis implementation of the garbage composting pits. The four-lane project also came for discussions wherein members demanded from Sarpanch Savio Gomes the resolution taken by the previous gram sabha on the vigilance probe into the project. The sarpanch informed the gram sabha that the vigilance has acknowledged the letter written by the panchayat body for a probe into the four-lane project and hoped that a fullfledged inquiry is initiated into the project.

The live pig which was carried by the village groups. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar

explain whether the builder who is building the project in Carmona is from Goa or outside and why he is sup-

porting the outside builder. If he cannot explain, the Minister should quit”, she demanded.

wanted to develop the property into small plots with preference for Goans”, he said. In her address, Colva Civic and Consumer Forum Convenor Judith Almeida accused the politicians for not being interested in the village development. “They are more interested in filling their pockets. They talk about development of buildings, but we want development of human beings. Is there enough infrastructure to host huge projects when there is no solution for the garbage and sewage disposal”, she asked. She conveyed a message to the politicians that they and their families will suffer for making the Goan people suffer for working against the local populace. Alemao’s statement that the Raheja project would create vacancies for watchmen did not go down well with the village groups, who demanded to know from the PWD Minister whether any of his relatives would work as a watchman. The village groups of Goa later visited Palkuta in Orlim village, where the local villagers have been waging a sustained battle against a mega housing project. Representatives of the village groups were shocked to see the violations, including the passing of two different construction plans.

Officials test Quepem bridge for load and feasibility HERALD CORRESPONDENT QUEPEM, MAY 23

The Indian Road Congress (IRC) Class A load testing of Quepem Bridge over Kushawati River was carried out on Sunday in utter dissatisfaction of members of Quepem Taluka Mining Affected Peoples Front (QTMAPF). The testing was carried out to verify the safe loading capacity of the bridge, which is calculated as 16.5 tonnes. The load and feasibility testing which was carried out by Goa Engineering College, Farmagudi, was headed by Dr C S Gokle and his team. The testing commenced at about 8 am and concluded at 1.30 pm. QTMAPF members, at whose instance the load and feasibility testing was carried out, objected for the trucks to be used for testing, as trucks were hired from a mining company. The Front members alleged that the mining company has a direct interest in not having proper testing of the bridge. The Front members demanded Executive Engineer P T Parker to weigh the trucks before using it at an independent weigh bridge. However, the demand was re-

jected by the executive engineer saying that it will delay testing process and requested the members to take the trucks for testing after the testing was over. However, when the four trucks used for testing the bridge were taken for weighing at Cacora, it was found that the total weight of the trucks used was less by over 5.16 tonnes. The weight of the four loaded trucks, which were used for load testing of the bridge, was shown as 76,920 kgs of which deflection of the bridge was shown as 7-8 mm, although the actual weight of all the four trucks used for testing was 71,760 kgs,

as weighted at GIDC Cacora. The Front members claimed that if the weight of the tucks was exact, then the deflection would have been much higher. Meanwhile, since the bridge was closed due to testing, people from Quepem were put to a lot of hardship, as it was a Sunday Bazaar in Quepem town. Villagers had to walk a long distance to reach the bazaar. Speaking to reporters, Dr C S Gokle, head of civil department of Farmagudi Engineering College, said his department will submit the load and feasibility testing report of the bridge to PWD on May 24.

Attacking BJP and some local persons for criticising Agonda panchayat for lagging behind in road repair works, PWD Minister Churchill Alemao took a dig at detractors to show their performances rather than simply wag their tongue against a performing local body and the Congress government. Alemao was speaking at a short function at Agonda panchayat on Sunday morning to inaugurate the much-awaited hot-mixing work of village roads. The function was also attended among others by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat. “Our boneless tongue keeps on wagging many things, but only a man of action does the things, which Congress government and PWD ministry did during the government led by Digambar Kamat,” Alemao told the residents of Agonda. “I challenge anyone among you to show us if BJP government did road works in Canacona in the magnitude it is being done now with aam admi Chief Minister Kamat at the helm of affairs,” he said. “Amchi aad (bone) naslele jiben thodeam lagim fokot ulounk zata, punn perform korunk zaina (before this Kamatled government, BJP ruled our

Bus overturns, 17 passengers injured MARCEL (HC): About 17 passengers were injured after the bus in which they were traveling overturned at Arla-Keri, Ponda, late Saturday night. According to Ponda police, the accident occurred when all the 17 passengers were returning to Curti after attending a function at Keri. On reaching Arla, the bus (GA-05, T-0296) overturned. Police said 14 passengers escaped with minor injuries, while three passengers Sanjay Gaonkar (25), S Kutakar (5) and Reshama Gaonkar (2) were discharged after medication at GMC Hospital in Bambolim. Bus driver Mahadev, who fled from the site, was later arrested by Ponda police.

Miraculous escape for driver as car turns turtle

MARCEL (HC): A car driver had a miraculous escape after the car which he was driving turned turtle near Shree Sateri Temple, Bhoma-Ponda, on Sunday. According to reports, the accident occurred when the car (GA-01-E-38030 was proceeding towards Ponda. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the speeding car lost control over the vehicle and dashed against a two-wheeler which was parked along the road. Later, the car brushed against compound wall and turned turtle. The car driver escaped unhurt.

Archbishop-Patriarch Felipe Neri Ferrao on Sunday released the Pastoral Letter to priests, faithful and people of goodwill in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. The Archbishop-Patriarch presided over the concelebrated Mass at the Miraculous Cross Church, Old Goa, which was attended by hundreds of people, including priests and nuns. Archbishop-Patriarch Filipe Neri Ferrao dedicated the Pastoral Year 2010-11 to Blessed Joseph Vaz, Patron of the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman whose 300th death anniversary will be celebrated during this

PWD Minister Churchill Alemao speaks at a function in Canacona. Photo by Kathy Pereira

Fernandes for not getting the village roads hot-mixed for the last three years. Canacona MLA Vijay Poikhot was conspicuous by his absence, but Quepem MLA Babu Kavlekar filled up the void and made good use of his presence by informing that Quepem got the maximum mileage by the governance by Kamat-led government. “I have eight panchayats to look after in Quepem, all getting due attention of the government, the same benefits will be also extended to Khola village,” said Kavlekar. Khola ZP member Krishna Velip, Agonda panchayat acting sarpanch and deputy sarpanch

Gulshan Guru Bandekar, panch and ex-sarpanch Jovi Fernandes, Panchas Tipu Pagi and Milagrinha Fernandes were present on the occasion. Later, Chief Minister Kamat, PWD Minister Alemao, EDC Chairman and Quepem MLA Babu Kavlekar among others proceeded to inaugurate hotmixing plant. About 6 kms of road in Agonda beginning state road from Panna to Saleri Bridge and internal road from Panna to Church and church to Val-Aframent and Church to Dhawalkhazan is taken up for hot mixing at an approximate cost of Rs 4.5 crore.

Navelim farmers protest against govt move to resume work in fields

Farmers from Navelim and Rawanfond protesting with banners and placards in the fields. HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MAY 23

Farmers from Navelim and Rawanfond on Sunday bitterly protested against the government’s decision to resume construction work in the fields opposite the Margao railway station to rehabilitate displaced migrants. Armed with placards, the farmers shouted slogans against the government not to destroy their livelihood and called upon the Goans to wake up and protect their agricultural land from acquisition and destruction by the government. President of Navelim Xetkarancho Ekvott D P Pednekar said around 36 families are eking a living on the agricultural fields and lamented that the fields have been illegally ac-

quired by the government to create migrant shanties. “How can the government acquire the fields and hand over the same to the migrants to build houses. The entire area will be converted into a slum”, he warned and reminded that the Chief Minister had promised to the farmers 11 months ago that the fields will not be taken away from them. A local Pobrina Faleiro questioned the government’s rationale in acquiring the fields of Goans and handing them to the migrants. “This is blatantly illegal. The government should open their eyes. We will cultivate the fields this year too come what may ” she vowed and lamented that the police have been deployed in the area to protect the migrants. Convenor of the Navelim Civic

and Consumer Forum Joseph Vaz said the construction activity on the fields is underway when the farmers are bracing up to cultivate the fields. He reiterated the demand for the return of the fields to the farmers and rehabilitate the displace migrants on barren and unused land instead of forcibly taking away lush green agricultural fields of Goans. Saying that the government appears hell bent in acquiring on the agricultural fields, he warned that the people of Navelim and across Goa are ready to fight to save their agricultural fields. “This will turn a battle to save Goa. The Chief Minister should listen to the prayers of the farmers and return their fields before the situation goes out of hand”, he warned.

Davorlim vows to Purmetachem fest oppose govt proposal celebrated at Margao HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MAY 23

The gram sabha of Davorlim panchayat on Sunday has vowed to oppose government’s proposal to acquire 1.20 lakh square meters of land for a multi-utility project and acquisition of fields for kabrastan in the village. Acquisition of land for the education hub and the multi utility project came up for discussions

at the gram sabha meeting held on Sunday, wherein members opposed the land acquisition proposal. On the garbage front, the gram sabha has resolved to seek affidavits from builders on the question of septic tanks, soak pits and garbage disposal before issuing occupancy certificates. During discussions on garbage disposal, the gram sabha members adopted a resolution making it mandatory for the builders to file an affidavit stating that the occupancy certificates would be revoked if the builder violates the conditions on septic tanks, soak pits and garbage disposal. During discussions on the garbage disposal, it was felt that the village would require land admeasuring 5000 square meters for dumping and treatment of the waste. Sarpanch Francsico Sebestiao Dias said villagers of Davorlim are opposed to the acquisition of village land for the education hub and the kabrastan. “Why are they only eyeing on land in Davorlim for these projects, when they would be set up elsewhere”, he demanded to know. Former Sarpanch Sandeep Verlekar said the villagers have resolved not to allow the government to acquire land for the education hub and the kabrastan.


Since Quepem Bridge was closed for traffic, a handicap boy crosses the bridge. Photo by John Fernandes

Archbishop releases Pastoral Letter HERALD CORRESPONDENT OLD GOA, MAY 23

State, let those people show us how many roads repairs and hotmixing jobs they did during their term of governance in Canacona,” thundered Alemao. As if taking a cue from PWD minister, the chief minister said: “My government did more works and expended more state resources for the benefit of people living in taluka’s like Canacona and Sanguem, both of which are represented by nonCongress legislatures.” “It’s only because my government is aam admi government and we don’t believe in governing on political lines. Even though representing legislatures doesn’t belong to my party, my government belongs to the people,” stated Kamat. Earlier, former minister Sanjay Bandekar lauded the government for timely coming out in support of panchayat, when some disgruntled elements within villagers were building a discord against the panchayat for non-performance, when every possible thing are done by the panchayat. “Executing of these major works is not the duty of panchayat, but passing of due resolutions and reaching out the same to the government,” Bandekar told the gathering responding to criticism against former Agonda sarpanch Jovi

pastoral year. In his Pastoral Letter, the Archbishop has stated about some important and different spheres of one’s life and which the Church in Goa remembers about some of the historical events and days. “The Holy Eucharistic, which is the source and summit of Christian life, on November 25, this year, will be 500 years since the first mass was celebrated on Goan soil,” states the letter. “The Seminary of Rachol is the cradle and nursery of priestly vocations and on November 1, this year it will be the fourth centenary of laying of the foundation stone of its Church,” stated the Letter. “ Re m e m b e r i n g B l e s s e d

Joseph Vaz, who was a man of God, a servant of Church and Patron of Archdiocese, the Church will celebrate the 300th death anniversar y year of Blessed Joseph Vaz on January 16, 2011.” “With this celebration in mind and with a special focus on the life and the Ministry of Joseph Vaz, the Church has formulated the theme ‘Witness to Christian values in the footsteps of Joseph Vaz’.” Speaking to Herald, Archbishop Ferrao said: “We are very happy to dedicate the coming Pastoral Year to Blessed Joseph Vaz as we will celebrate the 300th death anniversary of Blessed Joseph Vaz on January 16, 2011.”

“The theme chosen for the Pastoral Year is ‘Witness to Christian values in the footsteps of Blessed Joseph Vaz’. We hope that the Pastoral Year will be truly fruitful from spiritual point of view to the Church in Goa,” said the Archbishop. Miraculous Church Administrator Incharge Fr Eremito Rebello said the letter has been written by Archbishop-Patriarch Felipe Neri Ferrao with a special focus on Blessed Joseph Vaz so that people of Goa may walk in the footsteps of Blessed Joseph Vaz. “Every chapter in the Pastoral Letter speaks about the incidents of Blessed Joseph Vaz, the things which we need to imitate,” said Fr Rebello.

People buying dry fish at Margao on the occasion of Purmetachem fest. Photo by Santosh Mirajkar HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, MAY 23

The Purmetachem fest was celebrated with great pomp and gaiety at the Holy Spirit Church, Margao on Sunday. The Chancellor of Goa Archdiocese Fr Manuel Ubaldo Dias was the main celebrant of the concelebrated high mass. In his homily, he spoke of the Spirit of Goa acting in the history of man kind and of the Church. “The Spirit gave rise to the beautiful universe. The apostles and the missionaries were guided by the Spirit in their struggle for the transformation of the world. The venerable Joseph Vas was guided to the distant lands of Ceylon by the Spirit who strengthened him during his tough missionary life. We also need the inspiration of the Spirit in our decision-making. We ought to put ourselves and our talents at the service of our brethren. Let us continue our struggle of justice and truth with the shield of the Spirit”, Fr Dias said. Thousands of people from Salcete thronged the Old market of the city for shopping to make provision for the monsoons. Dry fish, solam were the most sought after items in the crowded fair on Day one, even as the traffic police had a hard time to control traffic in the old market area.




GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

Sub-committee to monitor implementation of NSDP HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MAY 23

In pursuance of the initiative taken by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, the State government has constituted a Sub- Committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary of the State to monitor the p ro gress o f d if f erent schemes for effective implementation of the National Skill Development Policy (NSDP) at the State level. Directorate General of Employment and Training under Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE), Government of India in pursuance of excellence in vocational training has developed a new strategic framework for skill development in close consultation with industry, State

Governments and experts. Skill Development is concerned with imparting acquisition of knowledge, skill and attitudes immediately before, during and between the periods of work. While basic literacy is must, Skill Development is necessary for growth of the individuals as well as the country. And whereas India’s 11th plan indicate that generation of productive and gainful employment with decent working condition on a sufficient scale to absorb our growing labour force must form a critical element in the strategy for achieving inclusive growth. The thrust is given on creating pool of adequately skilled personnel in appropriate num-

bers, in line with the requirement of ultimate users and enhanced quality training of the labour force, according to a notification issued by Craftsmen Training. The Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) in partnership with International Labour Organization (ILO) have developed a National Skill Development Policy. Prime Minister desired that State Level Missions be constituted under the Chairmanship of Honorable Chief Minister and a sub-committee headed by Chief Secretary. The Sub-Committee consists of Secretary (Finance), Secretary (Craftsmen Training), Secretary (Labour), Secretary (Industries), Secretary (Education), Chairman

Revised dates and time for GSAMB poll declared HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MAY 23

G P Naik, Collector, South Goa District, Margao, has declared the revised dates and time for various stages for the election to the Goa State Agricultural Marketing Board. As per the schedule, June 4 will be the last day for receiving nomination papers from 10 am to 1 pm in the Office of the Deputy Collector (Revenue) and Returning Officer, 2nd Floor of the Collectorate of South Goa, Margao. Scrutiny of papers will take place on June 7, from 10 am while the last day for withdrawal of nomination papers will be on June 10, from 10 am to 3 pm. The final list of contesting candidates will be published on June 11.

Works sanctioned for repair, desilting: CM HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, MAY 23

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat has claimed that the government has sanctioned all works that require repair or desilting after the last October floods created havoc with natural resources like rivers, nullahs, fields and other exigencies, which will be completed before the onset of monsoons. Kamat was responding to local scribes’ queries on premonsoon arrangements in Canacona during the sidelines of hot-mixing of road inauguration at Agonda on Sunday. When asked specifically to clarify on the clearing of sand dunes and siltation accumulated at the mouth of Talpona River, he said: “Work may have been delayed but we have already sanctioned this work for Rs 34 lakh, it will be soon taken up and completed.” When asked whether there is any confusion over jurisdiction of river mouths, as reportedly made out by some locally based offices, Kamat said: “It’s the job of Water Resources Department and only WRD will carry out disiltation or any other related works pertaining to rehabilitation of October floods fury on natural sources.” A source in WRD office had earlier informed that Captain of Ports is the authority in river mouths and upper river portion up to the reach of saline water, who has been informed to take up desilting of river mouths.

Santa Cruz gram sabha postponed HERALD CORRESPONDENT MERCES, MAY 23

Already behind schedule in holding the gram sabha, the Santa Cruz panchayat had to postpone its meet scheduled on Sunday due to a power shutdown in the area. It may be recalled that Santa Cruz panchayat having failed to convene the gram sabha in April was directed by the BDO to hold the meeting on May 23. However, with no power in the area and with hot and humid conditions prevalent, some villagers suggested that the gram sabha be postponed since it would be difficult to conduct it in such an atmosphere. The meeting will now be held on June 6.

The election will be held on September 19, from 8 am to 5 pm in the office of the Mamlatdars of the respective Talukas in North and South Goa Districts. Counting will take place on September 20, 2010 (Monday) in the hall of Government Multipurpose Higher Secondary School, Borda, Margao. Note: The candidates who have already submitted nominations as per earlier notified dates are not required to submit nominations afresh and nominations already submitted will be considered good, G P Naik,

Collector South Goa District, said in a notification issued here. This notification has come in furtherance of the one issued earlier this month under subrule (1) of Rule 43 of the Goa, Daman and Diu Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Rules, 1969. It may be recalled that the High Court of Bombay at Goa, has disposed off Writ Petition No. 393/2010 vide order dated May 20, 2010 with a direction to notify the revised Schedule of Election to Goa State Agricultural Marketing Board, Arlem, Salcete-Goa.

(CII), President (GCCI), President (GSIA) – all members and Director (State Directorate of Craftsmen Training) as Secretary. The mandate of Sub-Committee is to set a target of Skill Development at State level. This Sub-Committee will submit the road map for Skill Development to Skill Development Mission headed by Chief Minister of Goa. It needs to promote commitment by all stakeholders to own Skill Development initiatives. The manpower includes manpower mapping at State/Nation/International level and devising financing mechanism i.e. fix the Fund availability sources e.g. from State Government, Government of India/World Bank, Corporate Sector through Public Private

Reservation for SC, OBC in institutes

PANJIM (HR): The government has announced that there would be not less than 2% reservation for Scheduled Caste (SC) and 19.5% to OBC of the total seats for admission in all courses in all aided and Government educational institutions in the State of Goa with immediate effect. The notification is issued by the Social Welfare Director N B Narvekar.

Partnership mode. To implement different suggestions received from National Skill Mission time to time. It also includes setting up of monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of information and to prepare work plans to meet sector specific skill sets. It is also required to implement Skill Development under Modular Employable Schemes and to develop/modify curriculum in view of future need of skilled manpower. It also includes conducting training for self employment/entrepreneurial development. As per the notification, the meeting of the Skill Development Mission shall be as frequently as may be felt necessary and otherwise at least once in three months. The non officials members who attend the meeting shall

be paid a fixed honorarium of Rs 400 (Rupees Four Hundred only) per meeting and no other TA/DA shall be payable, the notification said.

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GOA, mOndAy, 24 mAy, 2010

ShOrT TakES Fadte panel victorious

VASCO (HR): The Amar Fadte panel was victorious at the elections to the Goa Shipyard Employee Co-operative Credit Society (GSECCS), winning seven of the nine seats contested to the board of directors. Besides Amar Fadte, others elected on his panel were Narayan Borkar, K C Selvaraj, Mahesh Chavan, Bhaskar Sail, Baburay Naik and Cupertino Colaco. Shrikant Naik and Santosh Naik were elected from the opposite panel. It was for the first time that the State government appointed an election commissioner to conduct the elections, which took place at the Gomant Vidya Niketan, Margao.

Rajiv’s death anniversary

GPCCMD Chairman Saifullah Khan hands over a drilling machine to a needy person on the occasion of 19th death anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

VASCO (HR): Goa Pradesh Congress Committee Minority Department (GPCCMD) commemorated the 19th death anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at GPCCMD office, Baina-Vasco, on Friday. Addressing the gathering, GPCCMD Chairman Saifullah Khan lauded the vision of Gandhi, who wanted India to be a strong nation. “His bold decision on IT and communication sector has created revolution, as the country is immensely benefiting today,” said Khan. On the occasion, Khan distributed drilling machine to a needy person. Sewa Dal officer bearer Hussain Nabi Shaikh, retired teacher Budan Shaikh, Fatimabi, Lalita Nabi Shaikh, Santosh Naik, Hanumanta Koti, Moula Ali Shaikh and Ismail Mamlekar also spoke on the occasion.

Marcaim Block Congress vows to win back Marcaim seat HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARCEL, MAY 23

Marcaim Block Congress members have vowed to win back Marcaim seat, which has been consecutively won by MGP’s Sudin Dhavlikar since 1997. The members have urged Congress leaders to look seriously in the functioning of Marcaim Congress Block. Incidentally, the meeting which was organized by Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress to observe Saad Bhavana Diwas in memory of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was largely attended. The meeting was also organized to declare Marcaim Panch Urmila Naik as the new Marcaim Block Mahila president, which was unoccupied for many years. It is a known fact that MGP has gained good support in Marcaim constituency, which was evident from the turnout, which even Congress members at the meeting claimed that if the meeting was organized by MGP, then there would have been a large turnout but its not so with Congress meetings. Congress members have urged its leaders to take Mar-

caim constituency seriously and to restart political activities. “Our Marcaim constituency is not backward and has seen development when the seat was with Congress. Now things are different here. People do not attend Congress meetings but when it is called by the sitting MLA, then the crowd is more,” said senior congress leader Madhukar Naik. “It could be due to fear, but I do not understand why anyone has to fear from someone. Our Congress party has to seriously take up the issue and provide helping hand to our sincere Congress followers,” added Naik. Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress President Monica Dias urged congress members, especially women, to work dedicatedly to regroup the Congress party in Marcaim constituency. “I know and can very well understand political situation in Marcaim. It can be changed provided our women take the lead. We especially women need to stay united and surely Congress win will be on the cards,” said Dias.

Yoga, Pranayam camp

MAYEM (HC): Patanjali Yog Samiti in association with Bharat Swabhiman will organize a Yoga and Pranayam camp from May 24 to May 29 at Hanuman temple in Sudhnagar-Bordem, Bicholim, from 7 am to 11 am. The training will be imparted on yoga, pranayama, self defence, rangoli art, pencil drawing art, personality development and other subjects. Only 50 participants will be selected on first come first serve basis. Further details are available with Sandesh Barajankar (9823524743) or Bhartesh Gulnavar (9823661489).

PANJIM (HND): WEE Attitudes Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Care and Education will launch its operations with a workshop on the creation and use of puppets on May 29 from 10 am to 4pm at Be-Attitudes, Bhatkar vaddo, Porvorim. Participants will learn how to use low cost and even some ‘waste’ material like toothpaste cartons, paper plates, socks, paper bags, string, used pens, sticks, etc to make attractive and innovative puppets like dancing puppets, box puppets, head puppets, etc and also different types of puppet theatres that can be used as teaching aids by teachers / parents of preschoolers. The workshop will be conducted by Nadisha Coelho and is open to all teachers and parents of pre-schoolers. Those interested call Anna Coelho on 9326128259 or 2410565 by May 25.

Advocate Gokuldas Naik addresses a gathering. Photo by Anil Shankhwalker HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, MAY 23

Legal Adviser of Penha-daFranca panchayat Gokuldas Naik has advised parents not to impose their desires on their children, but should identify their talents and help nurture them. “Children should be given freedom to decide what they want to do. This will help them work harder and shine in their

career if it is something of their choice,” said Naik, while addressing a function organized by the Penha-da-Franca library at the Community Hall at AltoBetim to celebrate its fifth anniversary. “Participation in the competition is more important than winning it. Everybody can’t win and participation helps one identify one’s deficiencies. If these deficiencies

Understanding and treating Schizophrenia HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, MAY 23

Every year World Federation of Mental Health observes May 24 as World Schizophrenia Day. The importance of this day is to make the public aware about this chronic mental illness in order to detect early, treat early, rehabilitate and most importantly to remove the stigma about schizophrenia in the society. What Is Schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is an illness due to problems in the way the brain normally functions. As a result, person with schizophrenia has experiences which seem completely real to him/her but are hard to understand by other people. Since the affected person cannot fully explain what is happening, it is not easy for other people to realize that many of the odd or upsetting things that they do are caused by the illness. Schizophrenia is a relatively infrequent illness - about 1 in 2000 people suffer from it at any point of time. The illness starts mainly in young people between the ages of 15 and 30; however, it may start at other ages as well. Both men and women develop the illness. In schizophrenia, the interaction of mental functions is disturbed in various ways. The word schizophrenia does not mean "split personality" What are the important symptoms of Schizophrenia? Symptoms vary greatly. Common & important symptoms of schizophrenia are:

BEHAVIORS: Spending a lot of time by themselves and not interacting with family members or friends like before; becoming suspicious and getting into arguments with family members, friends and strangers for no obvious reason; not taking care of their personal hygiene or their clothes; talking to themselves; changes in their sleeping patterns like staying up late at nights or spending a lot of time in bed; not making eye contact while speaking or speaking in a strange way that others cannot follow THOUGHTS: Having odd and unusual beliefs that people (neighbors/ family members) are planning to harm him/ her; that people are talking bad things about him/her behind their backs; that people can read their minds; That he/she is receiving special messages from the TV or radio; having difficulty in thinking logically; difficulty in concentrating and remembering things; becoming uninterested in things that they would do enthusiastically earlier SENSATIONS: Hearing voices talking to them when no one is around; unusual taste or smells; unusual sensations in the body EMOTIONS: Being angry or fearful most of the time for no obvious reason; being sad and unhappy most of the time; being dull and showing little reaction to things happening around them SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Being isolated from family

Ponda Municipal Council’s ex-chairperson Sanjay Naik and a close relative of Home Minister Ravi Naik is learnt to be the contender for the Congress ticket to contest from Marcaim constituency. Goa Pradesh Congress Com-

mittee President Subhash Shirodkar also urged Congress members to continue working wholeheartedly and Marcaim is not neglected by the Congress. “Apart from terrorism, we also have to fight against political terror and hope with posi-

tive attitude you yourself can do it. There is no need to fear anyone provided one is in the right path. Stay united and work dedicatedly and the victory will be yours,” said Shirodkar. In his speech, Home Minis-

Parents advised not to impose Computerise title documents, their desires on children MP tells State govt


Workshop on puppets

Home Minister Ravi Naik and Subhash Shirodkar garlands the portrait of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at Marcaim. Photo by Amresh Parab

ter Ravi Naik said: “Government has made various schemes for poor and especially women so that they need not rely on anyone else. There is a growing trend, where politicians take advantage of the poor and make them handicapped by giving them money. This should be stopped.” Earlier, the Ponda Block Congress observed death anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, which also marks anti-terrorism day at Ponda. Members paid tributes to late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and vowed to fight against terrorism and spread peace. An oath was taken by members during the ceremony. Home Minister Ravi Naik said anti-social elements in the name of religion and God wants to spread terror and urged people not to fall prey to such tactics. “Anti-social elements want to spread terror in the society in the guise of religion and God. We must not fall prey to such tactics. We should stand united against such forces and defeat them in spreading terror,” said Naik.

members and friends; not wanting to attend family functions; being less caring towards their spouse and children WORK PERFORMANCE: Not wanting to go to work or college; Losing their job and spending time at home; not carrying out daily household activities as before However, there is no one symptom or test that can be used to identify someone as having schizophrenia; usually a combination of the symptoms and the time that they have been present for (at least more than a month continuously) are taken into account for this purpose. What could cause Schizophrenia? Scientists generally agree that schizophrenia is a condition that could be found to have several causes. It is generally accepted by researchers that differences in the brain — chemical or structural, or both — may play a part in the disorder. Genetic research also suggests that while no one gene has been found for schizophrenia, several genes may cause a predisposition that can be triggered by certain stressful life events. Schizophrenia is not caused by: evil spirits, black magic/witchcraft, ‘fate’ or ‘bad karma’ or studying too much. What can be done to manage the illness better? Schizophrenia can be treated quite effectively with a number of treatments. However, there is no single treatment that can ‘cure’

schizophrenia. Instead, like other diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, schizophrenia is best treated with both medicines and changes in the person and family’s behavior and lifestyles. Schizophrenia needs to be managed over a period of time. As a family member you can help a person suffering from schizophrenia get better gradually by: Understanding the illness better: Encouraging him/her to meet with the treating doctor regularly; encouraging him/her continue with the medicines as prescribed; helping him/her get back to his/her usual roles as far as possible; taking care of personal health and well being; feeling confident to deal with the stigma and discrimination that you might experience Sangath a non-governmental, non-profit organization committed to improving health across the lifespan is currently engaged in a wide range of health related activities across the state of Goa and provides a suite of community based services for people with schizophrenia through trained community health workers supervised by treating psychiatrists. This is carried out as a part of the COPSI (Community care for People with Schizophrenia in India) project which seeks to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of a Collaborative Community Based Care for improving illness symptoms and social functioning in people with schizophrenia.

are removed, the child would stand a chance to win the competition in future. Hence, students should not get discouraged if they fail to win in any competition,” Naik said. Claiming that children are different in nature, Deepak Gaad said parents should to analyze the child’s aptitude before shortlisting a career. On the occasion, prizes were given to winners of different competitions organized by the Penha-da-Franca library. In the drawing competition, the winners in the age group (6-9 years) were Ashish Rath (first), Deepakkumar Gupta (second) and Laukik Satardekar (third), while consolation prizes were awarded to Ratna Rajput, Pawan Kudalker and Tijaswani Punaji. In the age group 10-12 years, the winners were Aishwarya Rath (first), Jodan D’Souza (second) and Aishnna Suneja, while consolation prizes were awarded to Paul Ann, Sriram Khadilker and Novni Kamat. Penha-da–Franca Sarpanch Gopal Sawant was also present at the function. Earlier, Kashmira Sawant welcomed the gathering and compered the function, while President of Penha-da–Franca Library Rajesh Volvoiker later proposed the vote of thanks.

SENA president urges cadets to serve society HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, MAY 23

President of State Ex-Cadets NCC Association-Goa (SENAGoa) said that the members of the association have come together to make it a vibrant organisation which will not only take up activities for the cause of ex-cadets but also serve the society. He said, ex-cadets are a trained manpower and they will work along with police and civil defence in case of emergencies. “The ex-cadets and cadets have also been requested to be in touch with EMRI 108 and help those in distress,” he added. Adv Bhosle also expressed happiness that the SENA has been registered under the Societies Registration Act and soon SAG’s affiliation will also be sought by this association. Adv Bhosle thanked the Inspector General of Police S Sundari Nanda for her inputs and positive approach towards involving the NCC cadets and the ex-NCC cadets to help the police in emergencies. He has urged all the NCC and the exNCC cadets to be responsible and look out for suspicious activities and suspicious persons in their localities, suspicious people frequently visiting restaurants, cyber cafes, guests visiting hotels, abandoned bags, brief cases, abandoned toys and report the same to hotline toll free number 1093. Ex-cadets wishing to join SENA may contact International Centre-Goa at Dona Paula for forms or contact Secretary Pramod Naik on 9765404392.

MP Shantram Naik addresses a meeting of District Level Review Committee of banks at Margao. Also present are Additional Collector Prasanna Acharya, NABARD deputy General Manager Uday Kadam and District Manager Arvind Velingkar. HERALD NEWS DESK PANJIM, MAY 23

MP Shantaram Naik urged the government to urgently undertake the task of computerising old documents of title and deeds registered before SubRegistrars in the State. Naik further said that computerised records of title deeds will help, both the banks and the customers, in the matter of loan transactions. He was speaking after inaugurating a meeting of South Goa District Level Review Meeting of Banks organized by State Bank of India. Naik said that Form I & XIV in the Survey Record do not constitute a title, and therefore, scrutiny of titles becomes

essential for the banks, and as such an easy access to the title documents alone can make banking system run smoothly. He also urged the banks to guide the customers on tax implications while obtaining loans and also while making deposits. Citing an example of a private bank using ‘goondas’ to recover loan, Naik suggested that that if any such instance is proved in case of a banking institution, its license should be cancelled. Naik further advised the SBI to hold two district level conferences, jointly under auspicious of banks and the government, to guide the people on the availability of bank-

ing facilities. Additional Collector of South Goa Prasanna Acharya said that every order of rejection of loan must be a speaking order, explaining in details, reasons for rejecting a loan. Deputy General Manager of NABARD Uday Kamat said that areas in Goa, not covered by banking system have been identified and that banking facilities will soon be made available in those areas. He also said that NABARD will organise a training camp for the state government officials, so that they become more familiar with the banking system and the facilities available. District Manager of SBI Arvind Velingkar welcomed.

Lifeguards arrive to man deserted Agonda beach

Lifeguards along with rescue tubes and a walkie set stand by a temporary shed at Agonda beach. Photo by Kathy Pereira HERALD CORRESPONDENT CANACONA, MAY 23

The tourism season may have virtually come to an end, but lifeguards have finally arrived to guard the deserted Agonda beach. A group of 12 lifeguards employed by Dhristhi Special Response Safety Pvt Ltd, mostly consisting of local lads led by a captain, have descended on Agonda beach since Thursday. In the absence of any tourists on the beach, the six teams consisting of 2 lifeguards each armed with one walkie-talkie unit have been constituted and stationed at six different locations of the 3

kms long beach of Agonda. Incidentally, the lifeguard tower is yet to be erected and lifeguards have erected temporary sheds to take respite from the scorching sun on the beach, even as the beach wore a deserted look on Saturday afternoon. “We don’t expect any problem during the remaining period of this tourist season, or during monsoons, as there are hardly any people entering the sea in the danger zone areas, which we have marked with red flags,” informed one lifeguard, who earlier deputed at Benaulim beach after his appointment by Dhristhi six

months ago. “Once the new tourism season commences, six more lifeguards will be added to the station. This will help us keep a proper watch on any drowning incidents,” informed another lifeguard. Interestingly, there is no sign of erection of a lifeguard tower on Agonda, even though sources had earlier indicated that out of the previously proposed two towers, only one is now planned for Agonda beach. Earlier, sources had informed that the tower installation party, citing objections from some locals, had left the village shore after they were reportedly refrained from carrying tower erection works at a certain beach spot. When contacted, panchayat officials informed that the tower erection party has to stick to the spot (government property) marked for installation of lifeguard tower, to which even an NOC has been granted to Dhristi. “However, the installation party reportedly tried to erect the tower at some different location, to which some people objected. But if people still object to the installation of tower in the panchayat-marked government property, then police protection should be sought,” informed a panchayat source.




GOA, mOndAy, 24 mAy, 2010

RSS calls for national debate on OBC census UNI NAGPUR, MAY 23

Strongly opposing the castebased census, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) today called for a national debate on the issue and demanded for OBC census. Stressing the need for a wider discussion on the issue, RSS Secretary General Bhaiyyaji Joshi, told newsmen here that a wider discussion for fixing the criteria for other backward classes (OBC) was necessary to bring uniformity across the country. He said, ''It will be improper to make any decision on the issue without consultations on a wider scale at the national level, and without consulting various social groups.'' He said while the RSS was not opposed to noting the category like Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe during the census, it was against noting individual castes, as it was

against the spirit of the Constitution and would damage national integrity. He said RSS felt noting the caste during the census would go directly against the casteless society imagined by the father of the Constitution, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. Ever since its foundation, the RSS has been working towards national integration beyond the divisions of caste, he said. When it was pointed out that the BJP, a part of the Sangh Parivar, was supporting the demand for an OBC census, Joshi said that the party was a political outfit and worked in its own way. Joshi said it would be detrimental to the country’s security and safety if the multi-purpose identity cards were issued on the basis of the National Population Register (NPR). This was so because there was no provision in the NPR to identify foreigners living in India illegally,

Gujarat, Maharashtra ink pact on interlinking rivers UNI THANE, MAY 23

The Pinjal Irrigation project, which was dropped in 1984, has come alive once again with signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Centre this month. The Pinjal Link Project was signed by Union Minister for Water Resources Pawan Kumar Bansal, Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan, in the presence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on May 4. Once completed, this project will help uplift the economy of predominantly tribal area of the Thane district. In 1976, the Centre had approved the Pinjal major irrigation project to provide water for the purpose of agriculture to 121 villages of Wada and Jawhar taluka (including the present Vikhramgad taluka), sources said. The process of acquisition of land for the project had also begun but in 1984 the entire project was shelved as the Maharashtra government refused to undertake the project and requested the Centre to cancel the project. The agreement has been culmination of the joint efforts of the Central government and the governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra to initiate the process of preparation of Detailed Project Reports of these two links for providing benefits

Belgaum colleges told to observe norms HERALD CORRESPONDENT BELGAUM, MAY 23

The Pre University Education Department has issued stringent orders to the PU colleges in Belgaum to observe norms set by the department to avoid malpractices and confusion among students. In a press release, Deputy Director G H Kattimani has directed colleges to charge only Rs 15 for admission forms and not to make purchase of prospectus compulsory. Colleges have been instructed to set up a separate counter for the sale of prospectus and forms while a notice board stating ‘purchasing the prospectus is not compulsory’ should be also displayed near the counter. The colleges have also been asked to display the information of the number of seats available in the college, which in any case should not exceed 80 in order to maintain quality of education imparted. Colleges have been ordered to fix the last date to accept the timing, which should be fixed between 9 am and 4 pm on all working days. Moreover, though the official date of starting the date is June 7, the date of admitting new students can be extended till June 15 without late fees and June 30 with late fees, which should not exceed Rs 300. Colleges have been also directed to admit students based on merit and to adhere to the caste reservation policy of the government. However, nothing has been mentioned about the accepting of donations.

to the people of the areas at the earliest. The proposed DamangangaPinjal and Par-Tapi-Narmada links are two Inter Basin Water Transfer links concerning Gujarat and Maharashtra. While the Damanganga-Pinjal link mainly benefits Maharashtra, the Par-Tapi- Narmada link would mainly benefit the regions in Gujarat. Damanganga-Pinjal link envisages the transfer of surplus water of Damanganga basin available at the proposed Bhugad and Khargi hill dam sites to Pinjal reservoir for augmentation of water supply to Greater Mumbai city. All the three reservoirs will be connected through tunnels -- Bhugad-Khargihill (length 16.85 Km) and Khargihill-Pinjal (length 25.70 Km) for the transfer of about 909 Million cubic meter of water annually.

he pointed out. The multi-purpose identity card should, therefore, be issued only after verifying the citizenship status, he demanded. Replying to questions, Joshi said ‘same blood’ (‘sagotra’) marriages were a personal and social matter, not a governmental issue. ''Some people have demanded a law on it, but a practical approach should be adopted,'' he said. He, however, declined to answer questions pertaining to the recent visits by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Uma Bharti to the RSS headquarters here, by merely stating ''they were personal visits''. Joshi demanded that the Centre should resolve the crisis in Manipur. Condemning the blockade of the two main highways towards Manipur by extremists, Joshi said this had thrown normal life out of gear and pushed up the prices of essential commodities. The Centre and the state governments should make efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, he added.

7/11 blasts trial to resume today PTI MUMBAI, MAY 23

Nearly four years after the 7/11 serial train blasts, the trial in the case is all set to resume tomorrow in a special MCOCA court here against 13 arrested accused, alleged to be members of the banned terror outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). The Supreme Court had in February 2008 stayed the trial, after one of the accused, Kamal Ansari, approached the court challenging the constitutional validity of a particular section pertaining to insurgency in the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). However, the SC this year on April 25 dismissed the petition and had vacated the stay on the trial. "All the 13 accused would be produced before

the special MCOCA Judge Y D Shinde tomorrow. The court would ask if they have appointed any lawyers to defend them after which summons to witnesses would be issued," special public prosecutor Raja Thakare told PTI. The first witness in the case, a police sub-inspector, had deposed before a special MCOCA court after which the accused had approached the SC. The accused had earlier refused to appoint lawyers demanding for the case to be transferred to a regular court and not before the special MCOCA court. The 13 accused have now approached the Jamiat-e-Ulema Hind, a Muslim organisation that arranges legal aid and which in turn has contacted several criminal lawyers to defend these suspects.


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GOA, MONDAY MAY 24,. 2010

RSS functionary murder case shut PTI MHOW (MP), MAY 23

The Dewas police has closed the case relating to the murder of high profile senior RSS Pracharak, Sunil Joshi about three years ago. Dewas Additional Superintendent of Police, Tilak Singh said that "the case was investigated for a long time but had to be closed as we did not meet with any success." However, the case is still pending with the police which can reopen investigations on the day it gets some clue, he said. Joshi was killed in 2007 in Chuna Khadan area falling under Dewas Industrial Area Police Station. According to police, unidentified persons fired two rounds from point blank range in darkness when he was walking towards a house in the locality while leaving his punctured motorcycle near a roadside shop. Hearing the bullet sounds, people living in the nearby

houses and passersby gathered and he was taken to the hospital. He died on the way and the doctors declared him brought dead. Senior leaders of BJP and RSS of the region gathered at the hospital and a large number of people took part in his cremation. Some local supporters of Joshi tried to build a memorial at the spot where he lost his life but on the directions of senior leaders, it wasn’t done. ZCZC Joshi was unlike other RSS Pracharaks as he was the main accused in the brutal murder of senior Congress leader, Pyar Singh Ninama who was said to be close to the then Chief Minister, Digvijay Singh. Joshi was also allegedly the guide and master of Sadhvi Pragya, the key accused in Hyderabad Masjid blast that claimed many lives. The motorcycle recovered from the blast site was found

People shielding themselves with umbrellas during rainfall in Srinagar on Sunday, resulting in considerable drop in the temperatures in the Kashmir valley.

IN  BRIEF Four children electrocuted

SAHARANPUR: Four children were electrocuted when they were bathing in a canal under Kotwali Dehat police station area today. Police said the incident occurred at Salempur Bhupdi village. The four children died after a high voltage electric wire fell on the canal. Two buffalos were also killed in the accident. The children died have been identified as Shubham, Anikesh, Azibur Rahman and Yusuf. Later the villagers protested against the incident and blocked the highway demanding compensation from the district authorities.

Two die after consuming poison

AMBALA Two teenaged girls died while the third one was referred to a Chandigarh hospital in serious condition after all the three consumed raw mangoes sprinkled mistakenly with some poisonous substance instead of salt in village Bargarh under Naraingarh sub division yesterday. One of the deceased girls, Binder, a class V student, had come to spend vacations with her aunt, and the second, Sunita, was daughter of a villager Babu Ram. The third girl, Aanchal, also a class IV student, was still struggling for life at the Chandigarh hospital. All the three had plucked the mangoes from village trees and sprinkled them with the unknown substance.

MLA booked for holding rally

MUZAFFARNAGAR: A case has been registered against 24 people, including an MLA and a former minister, for staging a protest rally without permission, police said here today. Police have registered a case against 24 people, which included Samajwadi Party MLA Imran Masood, former party MLA Virendra Thakur and former Minister of State for Animal Husbandry Virendra Singh for holding the rally without permission and blocking roads at Jharoli village in Saharanpur district yesterday, they said. SP workers staged a demonstration and disrupted traffic to protest allotment of land of farmers to Dalits at the village, police said.

Twelve killed in road mishap

GOALPARA(Assam), MAY 23 Twelve people, mostly children, have been killed and three others injured when a truck mowed them down in Goalpara district late last night. The accident occurred when the truck driver lost control of his vehicle and hit the children, killing nine of them on the spot and critically injuring six others, at Lella on NH37 at 11pm, superintendent of police Luis Aind said.

Trader leader shot dead in Sopore

SRINAGAR, A local traders federation leader was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Sopore town of north Kashmir today, police said. The gunmen sprayed bullets on Ghulam Nabi Khan, 42, in the main chowk of Sopore at around 11 am, they said, adding he died on the spot. A hunt has been launched to nab the culprits. No militant outfit has so far claimed responsibility for the act, police said.

Leopard mauls three persons

Chhapra (Bihar): Three persons, including a child, were today mauled by a stray leopard in Anandpur village in Sonepur subdivision in Saran district, a forest official said. The leopard attacked Rajendra Prasad Yadav, Ashok Paswan and a child Chandan Kumar, while retreating to the forest adjacent to Gandak river after it was chased chased away by the villages, a forest officer L P Singh said. The three were admitted to a nearby hospital with multiple injuries, he said. Singh said the leopard may have strayed into the village in search of food. The forest authorities were trying to trap it with the cooperation of the local people. --Agencies


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Bringing St Inez Creek To Life

Vol No CX No: 134 Goa, Monday 24 May, 2010

Wanted: better opposition


St. Inez Creek has served as a drain for fresh water during the monsoons writes DR. JOE D’SOUZA

here have been attempts to suggest that mega housing units and garages in and around the “Detailed Project Report” (DPR), subPanjim is anyone’s guess . However, the victims mitted to the sub-committee JNNVRM on of flooding, garbage related epidemics, water borne diseases and nature’s retaliation. would be the “Water-Body”; the St. Inez Creek, has been he speculation these days is about the “lady friend” of a subverted and shelved by “scientific experts” the Panjimites, although it is better late than never. politician who allegedly attempted to commit suicide. present on the JNNURM sub-committee (Jawaharlal Since Central Government has accepted our Elsewhere, the trend continues of catching politicians Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission), thus proposal to establish St.Inez as a creek and support off-guard for their stray comments, and then pillorying and denying Goa the much needed JNNURM funds reit with funds, we must do our bit in Goa to cornering them. Whether he really said it or not, and whatever quired and available for the purpose. allow JNNVRM to release funds according to the he meant, Digambar Kamat will go down as the chief minister rules governing the water body schemes. Inadvertently, the reports in print often tend who allegedly said he did not depend on Goan votes. Once St. Inez creek is officially Gazetted as a to suggest wrongly, that the experts on the panel Emotive issues are easy to campaign with. Even the mere together with other experts on water bodies from creek; we could work to remove encroachments, threat of a former chief minister bathing before a government NIO, PWD and Engineer of repute Mr. Valaulikar prevent greedy real estate lobby from not only office—to protest the water shortage our high-rainfall State are delaying the submission of the St. Inez reclamation of water bodies releasing sewage, faces—is quick to make news. Incidentally Parrikar was himself creek project report to New Delhi to acquire the dumping garbage and thus pushing the Panjimites the victim in translation, when his “rancid pickle” comment 17 crores funds, waiting to be released by JNNURM into the jaws of epidemics, death due to flood created a major storm some months back, and no amount of cell on urban development in the Urban Develand pestilence. clarification or explanation would undo the damage while he opment Ministry’s office in New Delhi. The systematic damage done by the real estate was in the running for a top BJP party post at the national level. and commercial lobby of “so called “ renowned Unfortunately, for Goa, and particularly for PanGiven human nature, it’s easy to get worked up over some- jim, the St. Inez Creek has been purposefully and builders”, active in Panjim has also to be checked thing that rakes up our sentiments. This is all good and fine; deliberately termed as a nullah by the vicious systematically and countered in a scientific manner. even the media, always searching for a talking point, are real estate lobby, far too rich and too strong for The DPR on St. Inez creek cannot be transmitted satiated for awhile. But we could well be missing the wider petty and meek environmentalists. to New Delhi for funds, if the creek is still going point in the process. to “go to the dogs” with illegal slums, encroachAlthough over the last two decades, research For one, we’re losing out on substance in debate. A comment articles have been published on the importance ments, sewage releases and without setbacks for uttered on the spur of the moment is easier to package as a of water bodies, mangroves and low lying areas allowing beautification, strengthening and connews-story, but larger issues of malgovernance, questionable around Taleigao, Miramar, Campal, St. Inez, Patto taining the creek boundaries and also ensuring decisions, corruption, privatisation of common property, im- low lying reaches, St. Cruz, Mala and Merces, we that sewage and garbage is not released into the Civic Matters balanced growth within Goa, and unfair policies towards less- have seen a systematic reclamation, garbage creek, thus leading to siltation, stagnation, polinfluential sections are simply getting swept under the carpet. dumping siltation and real estate conversions of lution and death of the Creek. One politician gets targeted for his alleged sexual liaisons, almost entire water bodies in and around Panjim. pepared by Consultant Wapcos to be transmitted creek turns, giving the St.Inez creek the dubious As such vested group around hotels and other another for the doings of his son. Other kin of politicians get This has rendered Panjim acutely prone to flood- to New Delhi for JNNURM if the basic requirements distinction of being a cess pool, a sewage and commercial complexes are interested in sectoral garbage dump yard. From the upstream reaches cleaning up of creek waters of silt, sand and polfor the declared water body are not met? dragged into the debate, when they have the wrong ‘friends’ ing, land slides and destruction. St. Inez creek has been a water body from at Nagali Hills, from the foot hills of Goa University, lutants so that yachting boating and other activities on Facebook. And so it continues... One cannot avoid the conThe real estate lobby in collusion with politicians clusion that politicians get into the mess when they are on the and corrupt bureaucracy in government offices, time immemorial. There has been diurnal tidal Dona Paula plateau, Taleigao, KamraBhat, St. Inez around the hotel are allowed to take shape. How‘wrong’ side of the fence, but can get away with anything have allowed the dumping of garbage and con- flushing far beyond Kamrabhatt in Taleigao. There and Panjim, the St. Inez creek has served as a ever, JNNVRM would not allow funds to be drawn when supporting the ‘right’ party in power. struction debris, thus blocking free flow of water, were canoes, small boats venturing into the creek drain for fresh water during the monsoons and and utilized only for prosperity of a few vested At the one level, the moral and sexual ethics of our political choking of streams, drains and placing out of gear during Portuguese rule far into creek; far into as a tidal estuary receiving water from the seas interest groups, if the upstream residents around class is seen as important. The unstated logic is that if politicians the retention, balancing and water holding capacity the St.Inez, water front and water way, commerce during high tides and cyclonic storms. Kamrabhatt do not benefit from tidal flushing Unfortunately NGPDA, TCP and local self gov- and if water from Tigur Baim Nagali Hill and other used to flourish, let alone marine biodiversity can’t be honest in their relationships, they will not honour during high tides, heavy rainfalls and tsunamis. their wider commitments and responsibilities to society. The last nail in the coffin of the woes of Pan- and fisheries which prospered into the inland waters. ernment have failed and are to be blamed for al- catchment areas are not allowed to flow freely It is ridiculous that Michael D’Sousa the Secre- lowing reclamation of water bodies, mangroves into the creek and prevent pestilence, disease But there is another side to this reality. Good men can make jimites, is that in the name of St.Inez nullah terrible political leaders, and vice versa. Franklin D. Roosevelt beautification plan, the rich and corrupt real tary of Coastal Zone Regulatory Authority is wak- and low lying fields around St.Inez, Taleigao, Pan- and flooding. is said to have been associated with crooked politicians, con- estate lobby has started concretization, building ing up to the reality so late and wants to know jim etc., for personal gains. It is heartening to Unscientific haste would generate into waste. sulted astrologers, had two mistresses, was a chain smoker roads and developing the land close to the creek after 50 years, if St.Inez creek is a nullah. He like learn that Central Vigilance is seized of the high Every year, crores of rupees from the coffers of and drank eight to ten martinis a day. Winston Churchill is boundary, even encroaching it by procuring per- all the dubious governmental officials has become level corruption which has allowed indiscriminate the Water Resource Department, CCP, PWD and known to have used opium in college. Adolf Hitler, on the missions from NGPDA, TCP, Panchayats and Cor- a victim of choice or force, of the charms of the filling up of land meant for agriculture, mangroves other government agencies, are wasted in temother hand, was a decorated war hero, a vegetarian, didn’t poration, thus legally and officially performing real estate lobby which is materially rich and men- and wet lands in Goa, which would result in the porary desiltation and rejuvenation programmes smoke, and hadn’t have any extramarital affairs. External ap- the “last- rites “of the last remaining water body tally strong to change a creek into a drain or nullah. Mithi River scenario, witnessed in Mumbai in 2005 of the St. Inez Creek, which is today termed by Over the last 30 years, illegal huts, big hotels, Those who have been the beneficiaries the of builders and vested group as a nullah or sewer, pearances can be deceptive. at St. Inez. The point here is that by judging politicians on emotive How can a sub committee with experts on this residential and commercial units have been re- conversion of water bodies and low lying areas to allow drainage of sewage and building activities issues, we are losing the chance to evaluate more deeply their subject, ever allow a DPR (Detailed Project Report) leasing sewage and dumping garbage into the into hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes, around and across the creek. deeds and misdeeds, which will come back to seriously affect our generation and many future generations of our descendents Wise Counsel yet unborn. Politicians in the Opposition, specially given the two-party By Arlette Azavedo dominated situation in Goa, tend to be focussed on one goal. That is, getting into power. It is time Goa woke up to the udgments and criticism are as hurtful to oneself as they are to place." And since we can never be in exactly the same place and of is, the image of that person you have unconsciously formed. reality that, for the State to go ahead, we need a credible others. Some people judge others as a projection of their own life circumstance as another person, we are never allowed to judge The right way to interact with others is to be aware of one another. lobby of concerned citizens, academics and professions that self-judgments; they see in others what they don't like in them- anyone. But this doesn't mean we should be so open-minded that Only such awareness allows us to see without judging. You can't takes up serious issues and focusses not just on the fluff. selves. Some people have low self-esteem and a negative perspective we blindly accept anyone or anything. We can judge not the judge someone that you are consciously aware of. If you're aware The responsibility of framing the debate properly lies not about many things in life. Some use arrogance and belittling person, but their actions. In spite of their mistakes, we can still of them, you are present to their hidden inner state, and if you're just on the formal Opposition and even the media, but also on others to temporarily feel better or more important. Finally, none see the best in people, love them, and care for them. Like we do present like that, you don't want to do anything to add to their pain. citizens who appreciate how important a goal this is. God doesn't make decisions the way we do. People judge by of these tactics help that person truly feel better, as they carry the with our children. Who knows their flaws better than us? Yet we Depending on what you read, you could get very conflicting negativity with them, even after throwing it at someone else. The love them. Only God can truly judge a person, and His judgment outward appearance, but He looks at a person's thoughts and inversions these days about chief minister Kamat’s statement only way to find peace and happiness with others is to love and is unique to the individual, not based on a formula. tentions. He instructs us to stop judging others, and we will not on women and politics. Did he mean that women should raise accept them as they are. The best way to start is by loving and acMany a times we consider ourselves to be wicked. It is a mistake be judged, for others will treat us as we treat them. Whatever their economic standards, when he asked them not to run cepting oneself. To stop judging others, first stop judging yourself. even to judge ourselves. We all err in judgment, but each one of measure we use in judging others, it will be used to measure how after politics? Was he trying to “dissuade women from joining Become mindful of self judgments and criticism and choose to let us is created in God's image. To label ourselves "stupid," "bad," or we are judged. The Bible teaches us “not to worry about a speck politics”, as one women’s issues campaigner put it? these go. Learn how to love yourself by releasing past mistakes, "worthless," is counter to His plan. Each person was created with in your friend's eye when you have a log in your own. How can you We can argue till the cows come how about words, meanings, accepting present flaws, and focusing on the positive. No one is infinite potential. When you make a mistake, stop. Clear it up, and think of saying, `Friend, let me help you get rid of that speck in intended meaning and semantics. But the reality is more im- perfect. Everyone has their set of weakness and faults, just as they get back on track. Don't let one mistake diminish the good person your eye,' when you can't see past the log in your own eye? portant. Even if such controversies create a good news-story have their skills and strengths. This combination is what makes that you know you are, and the greatness that God knows you can Hypocrite! First get rid of the log from your own eye, then perhaps or two, building a better State -- including one where women each one unique. We should always give others - and ourselves - achieve. Often we look at a person and rush to judge him or her. you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend's eye. get more access to power—isn’t going to come from the head- the benefit of doubt. We don't know who the better person is There's pain there and all you can see is the other person as the Let’s live by gently being a little bit more sympathetic towards lines alone. really; we can't judge someone "unless we've arrived in his or her cause of the conflict you feel. The truth is, all you stand in judgment others. Treat others as you want to be treated and as Jesus wants it.


Judge Not Others…


Solve water woes Michael Vaz, Merces Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink, seems to be the cry of people in many places in North Goa, especially around Porvorim. Sad to say, this is not the first time that people have come on the streets protesting on the water woes, rather it has been a perennial problem in these areas. What is shocking to note is that whereas in the neighbouring States the water problems are due to acute shortage of water itself, in our State it is due to some manmade problems, though the nature has been bountiful to us. The PWD on its part has clarified that the delay in the commissioning of the water treatment plant at Assonora is the main hurdle. They have assured that the problem will be partially resolved by the end of this month and that the plant is proposed to be fully completed by December 2010. Let us hope that this summer would be the last of its kind at least as far as the water problem is concerned. That apart, it was appalling to note that the power interruption at the water plant was another reason for water scarcity. This situation has to be tackled tooth and nail by all concerned. Water being an essential commodity, every effort should be mobilised to ensure its smooth availability. Apart from

underground cabling, even an additional circuit can be thought of for such critical installations to ensure steady power supply.

CM blurts the truth S Kamat, Alto Betim The comments made by the CM to a bunch of women activists that he is not dependent on their votes shows you the true attitude of our politicians to the aam admi. The common people are there just to be used at election time and then discarded by the wayside. Specific to Digambar Kamat for all his protestations that he has the best interest of the aam admi at heart, it is said that a man speaks the truth when he is under pressure and that is when what is on top of his mind comes out. Thus Digambar Kamat has spoken the truth in this instance and shown himself to be a true blue politician. He knows that his political longevity does not depend upon the people of Goa but on money power and how much his backbone can bend when he meets the Congress High Command.

Stem the flow Cedric Misquitta, Oman With regards to the recent happenings in the State, it must be said that some sort of

Smile with Smitha

By Smitha Bhandare Kamat

Letters to the Editor

Letter of the Day

Appoint Lokayukta court Paul Fernandes, Chinchwada, Chimbel The recent tirade of Aires Rodrigues against Winnie Coutinho was a good fight in the principle of judiciary, the exposure of corruption, and so forth. And, hopefully the above case has opened the eyes of the judiciary that everything is not well within its system. However, it should not be left in the hands of self-benefitting individuals to clean the judiciary of corruption. In this context, I demand that the Goa government immediately set up a Lokayukta court, which is a specialized court to deal with corruption that will not only keep a tab on corruption in judiciary but also in government offices. The above recommendation was made by MGP leader M S Prabhu in the year 1983, however, till date the setting up of Lokayukta court has been kept in abeyance. Maybe, corruption has become so deep-rooted that the government is afraid of getting exposed if a Lokayukta is set up. Also, a litigant should be allowed to appear in person – which is not allowed in certain courts in Goa – instead of depending on advocates to represent him. Hoping that better sense prevails and the present government gives due consideration to the above aspects. control mechanism needs to be put in place. All political parties need to prepare a memorandum to the Centre to demand autonomy for the Goa in view of alarming rise in the number of Indians coming over either to stay in the State or to tip themselves on alcohol. They don’t match with the Catholic environment and cannot get along with the population and therefore simply stating that Goa is also a State of India should not be a reason to accept anyone. It is simply to stem this development that we need to give thought to the fact that these so called visitors may need entry passes in the future at the borders. Law to this effect will have to be enacted.

Donation fee for education! Jurgen G, UK/Benaulim I had been a while in Goa, reading the daily newspaper, whilst lazying around in my sis's pad at Benaulim. It pains me to see citizens of India fighting each other over the education of their child. Well, I've been witness to an admission process of my sister's kids and it was just so atrocious and shocking to hear the Headmaster of a school in Mar-

gao demand Rs 1 lakh as donation fee against which an amount of Rs 75,000 was paid. Shocking and disgusting, I call it, cause back in the UK, every child has the opportunity to avail of free education in school, at the highest level (professional course excluded) and back here in Goa (India), foreigners aside, schools have the cheek to close their doors on children whose parents do not wish to donate any amount. So do they call this donations or admission fee? Puzzling and disgusting, as I am sure the government officials are in the know of such things going on. Whilst corruption in all countries do exist, I think it is worst still here, as the law makers not only make a mess in the law and order situation of the State with drugs, rape cases and other crimes, but sadly choose to meddle in the field of education. So does Goa stand a fine chance of yet another award ‘the most corrupt state’ in the country and possibly the world.

Dictators of democracy Denby Leitao, Lotoulim A letter titled ‘Wastage of Power’ (May 22)

called for pre-informed shutdowns in Varca and Orlim. But listen out people the electricity department doesn't have to do this. Why? Because the AE of Aquem says “I am not responsible and there is no rule that we have to supply 24 hrs electricity,” and he adds, “I can shut the line down without the need of informing the people.” These two statements are shocking, aren’t they? First 'Digu Bab' saying he doesn't need our votes and now the AE saying this. We need to wake up people. These people think they own the whole system. The government is no longer the public servant, but dictators of democracy.

Never-satisfying greed P K Pal, Panjim The news, ‘Oceans may be devoid of fish in 40 years, the UN study’ should be an eye opener for the ‘fishitarians’ in general and Goans in specific. The only thing left with the fish eaters is to eat fish day and night, morning and evening so that their neverending fish hunger is satisfied before the D-day. The situation that is going to come after 40 years is the result of greed of humans who have been going against the environmental warning. We have been not only ignoring vital environmental requirement, but also ignoring the warning and law of the marine department, government, insurance companies, etc and keep on fishing even in the breeding season of the fish. We have never taken cognizance of the nature and environment. The human greed has climbed up to such a level; we have gone completely blind to see the future. This is not only in the matter of fishing but also in all the matters in preserving nature and mother earth.

Letters should be 150 words or less in length, and should have the writer’s name, address and telephone number. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for size and readability, and to delete any personal attacks or libellous /objectionable matter.

Paths of Wisdom An Ocean Of Kindness By Sri Chinmoy

Some people may be rich, but they may not give money to others. Some rich people, on the other hand, do give money to the poor and needy. Kaji Mohammad Maharshin was a distinguished and highly learned man. At the same time he had a heart that cried all the time for the poor, the destitute and the needy. He was great, very great. Yet greatness itself was not enough for him. He became the living embodiment of goodness as well. Every night he used to go out and help the poverty strickenOne particular winter night he saw a beggar woman in the street with her children. They had neither food nor clothing. There was nothing to protect them from the heavy rain, and they were crying bitterly. He became very sad and asked them whether they had eaten anything. They replied, "No, father. For the last three days we have had nothing. Upon hearing this he felt extremely miserable and immediately offered them some money "I am giving you money, true. But tonight, at this hour, it will be so difficult for you to get food even with this money. So this money you can use tomorrow during the day. Tonight, I shall bring some food to you." Then he went out into the rain and walked alone for about two miles to where he was able to buy food from a store. He then offered this food to the mother. He was considerate to the needs of the poor and helped them unreservedly. Each night he walked along different streets of the city to find poor people to give them money and the necessary help. During the day he had no time, because he worked extremely hard for his living. But in the evening he would turn to his own special work, which was service to mankind. In him the poor people of India found an ocean of kindness. His heart's magnanimity touched the whole of Bengal.

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Winnie silence, a sign of guilt By Aires Rodrigues


t the very outset your editorial titled Campaigning, In Style stating that a section of the media have been gunning for Mrs. Winnie Coutinho, is very unfair. While you have been quick to condemn the ‘media trial’, you apparently forgot the role played by the media in serving justice in the Jessica Lal murder case. In this case as in the others, justice would have been perverted by the powers that be, were it not for the public pressure exerted through the media. True, there is a need for systemic checks and balances (that work), the absence of which cannot be an argument for allowing corruption to go unchecked. It is obvious in Mrs. Winnie Coutinho’s case that the checks did exist, but the powerful political arm checkmated it. Mrs. Winnie Coutinho had a right to defend herself. She could have placed her side of the story and fought back. But she chose to stay quiet and slip off into the wilderness by resigning. This is a clear admission of guilt. She knew very well that she had no case to defend. Union Minister for Law and Justice Dr. Veerappa Moily recently said that persons with doubtful integrity should not be made judges. Mrs. Winnie Coutinho’s name could in no way be considered for appointment as Judge of the High Court and for that matter for any judicial position. I have nothing personal against Mrs. Winnie Coutinho, but one must have the courage and conviction to speak up in public interest even at the risk of getting one’s fingers chopped. Every allegation I have made against Mrs. Winnie Coutinho was based on documented evidence which I have obtained from the Government itself under the Right to Information Act. Helmet issue: It has been and continues to be my stand that helmets alone will not save lives. We need to make our roads safer and usher proper traffic management to control the number of accidents. Church case: You have also referred to the Ribandar Church case where I focussed on an individual priest. I did so and had to nail the priest who had allegedly molested an innocent 13-yearold girl on Christmas eve in the Church premises. On my relationship with Mr. Manohar Parrikar, we may have deferred on various issues but one cannot deny the good Mr. Manohar Parrikar has done to Goa and Panaji in particular. I do not believe in petty politics and have friends and good relations with persons in all political parties You have also referred to the case of the politician’s son. This case was handled by me as an Advocate and not as a campaigner. Every lawyer is within his rights to take up or withdraw from any case. And in that particular case I acted within my rights. It is unfair to state that in my past campaigns I have been targeting individuals, rather than issues. I am happy that as I turn 50 next week I have taken up an equal number of issues over the years. While highlighting an issue it’s bound to hurt some individuals. The recent case at hand is the clean up of the IPL where Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi have had to bear the brunt. You need to weed out the rotten individuals to get to the bottom of any issue.

Pg9 Indian skies still dangerous for air travellers PTI NEW DELHI, May 23

The Mangalore air-crash has proved, if proof were needed that Indian air space remains a dangerous place for air travellers. The first reports have indicated that the accident may have been caused by pilot error. This is because pilot behaviour has been under investigation in a number of cases in recent months which could have led to accidents but fortunately didn't. The Directorate of Civil Aviation revealed last month that it was investigating 15 near misses - incidents in which planes flew dangerously close to each other - and several cases in which pilots reported drunk for duty. The number of near misses in 2009 was disclosed in response to an RTI reply to Abhishek Shukla, but the DGCA

More BSF men to be roped in to fight ultras PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

The government is likely to rope in about 10,000 more BSF personnel to strengthen anti-Naxal operations in Chhattisgarh and Orissa, which have witnessed a spurt in violence. Official sources said said five battalions (5,000 personnel) of the BSF would be inducted into the operation for now and another five thousand would be added later.The force already has about 10,000 men taking part in anti-Maoist operations. The sources said the number of Border Security Force (BSF) personnel is being increased to strengthen operations in Chhattisgarh and Orissa. The BSF had played a crucial role in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, where security forces have been able to inflict heavy damage on the Naxals, they said. A number of Naxals were apprehended there, besides large areas reclaimed from the Maoists' clutches.

did not reveal the dates on which the incidents took place, the airlines involved or action, if any, taken against the airlines and the pilots involved. A near miss may be caused by many factors, one being lack of coordination between the Air Traffic Controller and the pilot, one or both of whom could be working under conditions of extreme stress. Another factor is the burgeoning number of flights flying in and out of the major airports, caused by the induction of numerous low cost airlines. For example, on an average day, Indira Gandhi International Airport at Delhi handles over 700 flights which carry more than 62,000 passengers. In 2002-03 the same airport was handling only about 77 flights a day. Has the ten-fold increase in passenger traffic been accom-

panied by a concomitant upgradation of faciltites related to air safety, experts ask? Similarly, Mumbai airport handles 600 flights per day now compared to only 96 flights per day in 2002-03. A major accident was averted at the Mumbai airport recently when a Kingfisher Airways flight, carrying 30 passengers and crew, was asked to abort take-off minutes before a GoAir plane was cleared to land.


Bollywood's 'Mr Perfectionist' Aamir Khan can be trusted to bring any character to life but playing a 24-year-old engineering college student at the age of 44? Well, people had their doubts until '3 Idiots' happened. The actor played the endearing character of Rancho aka Ranchhoddas Shamaldas C h a n c h a d a ka P h u n s u k h Wangdu with such elan that it is difficult to imagine anyone else in the role. Aamir is not the only actor to defy age in Bollywood. Be it romancing actresses half their age or doing dare-devil stunts, Bollywood stars have turned the clock back. The top slot of the industry is dominated by three Khans -Shah Rukh, Aamir, Salman and Akshay Kumar. All these stars

are in their 40s but age seems just a number for them. Salman and shirtless scenes go together but Shah Rukh, 44, took the concept of six-packs to the next level by revealing a

Politicians will never erase poverty: Jha PTI BHOPAL, MAY 23

The new Madhya Pradesh BJP president, Prabhat Jha said here today that politics cannot be cleansed of corruption unless it acquired simplicity. “Rich politicians who stay in palatial houses can talk of removing poverty but they will never be able to do so,” Prabhat told PTI. He also said that a government should not be thought of as a means of acquiring money but rather as a system for serving the people especially the poor. The new State BJP President said that in his view, putting up hoardings, featuring political leaders was nothing but a sheer waste of money. “Similarly using many garlands for politicians at functions was also wasting money in a big way. Instead of garlanding politicians, people would be better off offering flowers at temples,” he said. The new Madhya Pradesh BJP president said that his party workers should never be wor-

ried about the things that the Congress had done in the past. “It is important that BJP workers managed to forge a new identity for the party that was acceptable to the people at large.” The Madhya Pradesh BJP president said he understood that when people turn up to felicitate him these days, they were not felicitating Prabhat Jha but the post he held now. “There was nothing wrong with this as the post was permanent and the people who hold it come and go," Prabhat said. He said that the first test for him as the Madhya Pradesh BJP President would be the June 23 civic elections in Ujjain. The Madhya Pradesh BJP President said that there was no need for politicians to flaunt the money at their disposal. “During the freedom struggle Mahatma Gandhi may have used the money given by people like Jamnadas Bajaj and G D Birla but he never used them as such," Prabhat explained.

toned body for Farah Khan's 'Om Shanti Om' where he romanced with the then 18-year- old Deepika Padukone. While waterfall scenes are generally reserved for leading ladies in the industry, Khan reversed the trend by putting himself as the pin-up with 'Dard-e-Disco'. The actor is credited for sparking a trend of six-pack abs amongst the youngsters and un-

BJP executive meeting next month in Bihar


Questioning the government's approach towards Naxalite problem, members of an official panel that had gone into extremism issue have said instead of it telling the ultras to abjure violence, both sides should declare a ceasefire and create an atmosphere for talks. “If the government is serious enough to alleviate the tribal problem, then it should persuade the Maoists to come for talks,” former IAS officer Debabrata Bandopadhyay, chairman of the panel, told PTI. The Planning Commission had set up the expert group on Development Issues with the Causes of Discontent, Unrest and Extremism in May 2006. The panel has already submitted its report on Development Challenges in Extremist Affected Areas. Observing that the government is taking a “wrong approach”, Bandopadhyay said, “The government should not speak of (Maoists) abjuring violence. Both sides should go for a ceasefire and create a con-

wittingly becoming the face of many a new fitness shops that sprang up post the movie. Not the one to be left behind, Aamir Khan developed eight packs for his character of a revengeful tycoon, suffering from short term memory loss in 2008 blockbuster 'Ghajini'. It took 13 months of workout, with a daily regime of about four hours, for Aamir to achieve the chiselled look. But the actor, who is known to go to extreme lengths to fit into his characters, gave up his muscular look and piled on

Ministers told to avoid going out at night PTI BHUBANESWAR, MAY 23

With Maoists stepping up activities in the wake of joint operation, the Orissa government has issued advisory to its ministers not to undertake road journey at night in Naxal-infested districts, official sources said. “In the existing scenario ... it is imperative to apprise political leaders, including ministers, to avoid road journey during odd hours of night, especially in Maoist-infested areas from security point of view," a Special Branch report to the Home Department said. Based on the report, necessary advisories have been issued to all ministers and other important dignitaries, a senior Home Department official said. ducive environment so that they can sit for talks. “Both should leave aside

pounds to play Rancho' in 3 Idiots Aamir has now embarked on a new fitness regime to cut out the extra flab. He has been sharing his dietary plans with his fans on his Facebook page and blog. Akshay, who is known as the 'Khiladi of Bollywood', is enjoying the best period in his career. The actor has been doing fourto-five movies a year and delivering back-to-back releases. The 42-year-old actor's five films are currently into post production-- 'Action Replay', 'Khatta Meeta', Patiala House, Tees Maar Khan and Thank You. One of the fittest stars in Bollywood, Akshay is known to do all his stunts. Some of the other latebloomers in the industry are Arjun Rampal, Irrfan Khan and Saif Ali Khan, who are enjoying a peak in their careers.

14 cheetals died in Gwalior zoo Alarmed by the cheetals' death we had called Uttar Pradesh's Bareli based Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) team which had taken blood samples of


A two-day national executive meeting of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would take place here from June 12 to discuss strategy for the assembly election in Bihar due towards the end of this year. Senior party leaders L K Advani, opposition leader in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj, her Rajya Sabha counterpart Arun Jaitley, former national president besides, party president Nitin Gadkari would attend the meet, BJP National General Secretary Dharmendra Pradhan said today. Pradhan and party National General Secretary (organisation) Ram Lal reviewed the preparations for the meet attended among others by state BJP President Dr C P Thakur, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi and State ministers, Nand Kishore Yadav and Ashwani Kumar Choubey. Asked whether Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi would also be attending the meeting, Pradhan said that all the BJP chief ministers would be attending the meeting.

directly impacts flight safety and aviation authorities around the world, including the International Civil Aviation Organisation, mandate a zero tolerance to alcohol where pilots and cabin crew are concerned, experts say. “The rules prescribe that there shall be no trace of alcohol in the blood of the pilot and the cabin crew. Alcohol in the blood numbs the senses and dulls the reflexes and increases response time. The effect of alcohol is much more at high altitudes,” former Director General Civil Aviation Kanu Gohain told PTI. In response to an RTI question, the DGCA did not specify whether the pilots were detected before they boarded the aircraft and whether they were prevented from operating a flight after alcohol was detected in their blood sample. The nature of the action taken against the pilots was also not revealed.

Persuade Maoists to come for parleys: panel

Is 40s becoming the new 20s in Bollywood NEW DELHI, MAY 23

Even the VVIP flights have been endangered by pilot error as demonstrated by a near miss last year when an Air Force helicopter carrying President Pratibha Patil landed on the same runway from which a Delhibound Air India aircraft with 150 passengers was about to take off. The pilot of the Air India plane had applied emergency brakes and aborted take off. “DGCA needs to carry out serious investigations and punish

the guilty in such a way that the incidents are minimised,” a former civil aviation regulator said. “But most often the pilots are only taken off flying duties for a brief period and then they are back" he said. Similarly with regard to pilots reporting drunk for duty the DGCA also revealed last month that "during last one year, total number of 42 alcohol-positive cases were detected.” Once again the DGCA did not give details of the pilots or the names of the airlines involved, except to say that action “is taken against the crew members as per regulatory provisions”. The DGCA is the regulatory body for civil aviation in India and is responsible for monitoring pilots and ensuring safety of operations. Drunkenness among pilots


Nearly 14 cheetals (spotted deer) have died in a municipal corporation-run zoo in Gwalior district in last two months due to suspected outbreak of a disease, officials said today. “The last cheetal died on May 15. We kept it in a freezer and carried out post-mortem on May 18,” the Gwalior Zoo Curator A K Mithas told PTI. Jabalpur-based State Veterinary University's Wildlife Department head Dr A B Shrivastava who carried out the postmortem on the cheetal is yet to submit the autopsy report, he said.

cheetals. The results of these blood tests are awaited, Mithas said. “We suspect that outbreak of some disease has caused the deaths,” he said. IVRI team has suggested us to shift the existing zoo, which is spread in an area of eight hectares, to some other area which can provide a better habitat to animals, the official said. Mithas said the zoo has adequate number of sheds including natural ones for the animals to rest in summer season. “We have water sprinklers to keep the zoo cool,” he added. With the death of around 14 cheetals, the population of spotted deer has now come down to 34 in the zoo, the officer said.

some of their demands and agree on a negotiable situation. Naxals have to shelve the aim of seizure of power for the time being and negotiate with the State in the interest of thousands of poor and innocent families,” said Bandopadhyay, who had played a key role in the Left Front government's 'Operation Barga' on land reforms. Maoist leader Kishenji had said earlier that his outfit was ready to sit for talks on the basis of the recommendations made by the Bandopadhyay Committee. Prakash Singh, former Uttar Pradesh DGP and a member of the committee, told PTI that the government's move should be more calculated and wellplanned. “The government should be open for talks, but the offer should not be given at the wrong time. The home minister's offer for talks just after the Naxal attack at Dantewada was unjustified,” he said. “If the government is ready to speak with terrorists of Kashmir, the ULFA in Assam and ex-

Couple found dead

A newly-wed Sikh couple from Kurukshetra in Haryana were found dead under mysterious circumstances at the railway platform The couple were found lying still at platform no 1-A, where trains going towards Pathankot usually stop. (UNI)

tremists all over the country, then why are they not speaking with ultra-Leftists?" The Maoists have control over large parts of the country and so the option of negotiations should always be kept open, the former DGP felt. Singh said, “If the Maoists believe that they have the people's support then they should prove it on the floor of the house. “Let Maoist leaders like Kishenji contest elections and become the chief minister of West Bengal or any other State, but killing people cannot be a solution to the problem,” he said. Terming the Maoist problem as a “political” one, Bandopadhyay said, “The tribals are suffering from injustice for long because of the failure of the administration to implement pro-

tective regulations in scheduled areas resulting in land alienation, forced eviction and dependence on money lenders.” He said that over 2.40 lakh out of 8 crore tribal population in the country have been displaced and not yet been rehabilitated. “Police operation cannot solve the problem.” Even after a year of extensive operations, very few hardcore Maoists have been arrested, he said. “The arrested persons are mainly tribals who went to them (Maoists) for some purpose.” The government, Bandopadhyay said, should first implement the laws meant for the welfare of tribals and wean them away from the Maoists. The government then would be in a position to dictate the agenda and then only it could persuade the Maoists to come


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GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

Ethiopians vote in national elections REUTERS ADDIS ABABA, MAY 23

Ethiopians voted today in national elections that are expected to return long-serving Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to power in the first ballot since a disputed poll in 2005 turned violent. The opposition admits it has little chance of victory but says that is because the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has tightened its grip on power and routinely intimidates and jails its critics. The EPRDF says it has won popularity during a period of economic growth by building roads, hydropower dams and supplying electricity to villages in a country where nearly 10 per cent of the population needed emergency food aid last year. Thijs Berman, the European Union's chief observer, said his impression from a visit to a polling station in Addis Ababa was “very positive” and that the turnout there was already 60 percent by 11 am (1330 hrs IST).

From Page 1 Lucky nine who missed death “I was thinking, ‘My God, if I was there.’ I have no words to say. People are coming to greet me. I don’t know how to express my emotions. I was praising God like anything you don’t know. I was shouting with joy. I caught my son and hugged him.” Philip had earlier booked her flight for Thursday but her husband persuaded her to change her ticket to Saturday so that she could take some rest before travelling. She said her husband felt that he would have been responsible, had she been on the doomed plane. “He said, ‘How I would suffer, all my life would be spoilt. I changed the date and if something happened to you.” Philip said she was even more determined now to get back to Kerala to see her mother and family. She booked a ticket to go last night. “Nobody can believe it, it is actually a miracle from God.” The timing of the flight also may have saved the life of 26-year-old Vasantha Shetty, a mechanic who repairs air conditioners at the Fortune hotel in Dubai. He was watching news of the crash yesterday morning when he decided to re-check his travel plans. He had told friends in Dubai and family in Mangalore that he would be arriving soon for his sister’s wedding, at the end of the month. He discovered he had a ticket for yesterday’s flight. But he had become confused and thought he was on a flight today. On the flight manifest, Shetty was a “No Show”. Yesterday, as friends visited him, he realised how fortunate he was. “This is the greatest gift of God,” he was quoted as saying. “After this I spoke to my parents. Now I don’t want to talk to anybody. I am unable to speak about this. I am really upset and this is really sad.” Kunikannan Chandu, 51, was forced to cancel his flight by his office, which did not approve his leave because some urgent work had come up. Yesterday, Chandu said he felt he has been given a new life. “Almost everyone on the flight has died. It’s just destiny that I did not take that trip,” he said. Chandu, who is from Kerala, works as a supermarket administrator at the Lulu Hypermarket in Al Qusais, Dubai. He cancelled his ticket on Friday evening. “I was going to India to arrange admissions for my son in India who just completed his 12th grade exams,” he said. The images of the crash and bodies being pulled out of the debris have left Chandu horrified to think what might have happened had he been on the aircraft. “My family and children are here and I can’t imagine what would have happened,” he said. Asha Hegde said her husband, Merwyn D’Souza, always flew to his home city of Mangalore on overnight flights from Dubai, and was booked to travel on the flight IX 812 yesterday. But at the last minute, he changed his mind and booked a later flight with another airline, she said. “He just said, ‘Let me stay with my family and I will go later,’ and booked a later flight,” she said. They woke up at 6.30am to news of the tragedy and soon after received calls from panicked relatives in Mangalore who thought D’Souza was flying but did not know that he had changed his itinerary. “His name is still appearing on the flight manifest, which is very distressing, but we feel so very lucky,” Hegde said. “By the grace of God, we have two children who are studying. One is at college. We have all been glued to the television all day for the news. All we can do is pray,” she was quoted as saying.

Mhadei team ecstatic

said, “No credit should be taken away from Cdr Donde, the sailor is as important as a reliable boat – it is a 50:50 partnership.” “There were a lot of apprehensions prior to the voyage and successfully completing it is a great feeling, it feels wonderful,” added Dandekar. Dandekar who was part of the support team traveled to Freemantle (Australia), Christchurch (New Zealand) and Cape Town (South Africa) where the boat was spruced up for the next leg.

Malgonda, Yogesh year 2005 on the recommendations of Ms Madhuvanti Pingle of Miraj unit of Sanatan Sanstha Ashram. He was a Bachelor of Arts and was detailed for preaching the readers of Kannada weekly Sanatan Prabhat. He used to visit the residences of the readers for the said purpose. Previously, he was in the management looking after the coordination of members of the Ashram. Malgonda had worked in Miraj Ashram for six years before joining at the Goa Ashram. An active member of Sanatan Sanstha, Ponda, he was involved in the publicity of Sanatan Sanstha and used to hold Satsang at various places and stayed at Abhiyasika/Sant Kakshay of Sanatan Sanstha Ashram building, Ponda. The NIA further stated in the charge sheet that accused Malgonda Patil, Yogesh Naik, Vinay Talekar, Vinayak Patil, Dhananjay Ashtekar and Dilip Mangaonkar are sadaks from Sanatan Sanstha. It has said that Malgonda Patil was a managing trustee of Dharma Prachar Sabha, a trust of Sanatan Sanstha and was also an active sadak, who attended the management of Sanatan Sanstha at Ponda. The charge sheet further states that Sanatan Sanstha was against the holding of Narkasur competitions. The charge sheet states that accused Dhananjay Ashtekar from Ratnagiri had visited Sanatan Bharatiya Mudranalay, Nessai during June 2009 and had thereafter visited Sanatan Ashram and stayed there for more than 10 days. Ashthekar later met Malgonda Patil at this room, which is close to the room of Jayanth Balaji Athawle in the first floor of the Ashram during June 2009. Saying that Sanatan Sanstha is an organization showing extreme interest in the matters of Hindu religion, the charge sheet says that Sanatan Sanstha organised martial training in the property at Dhamse, Valpoi till 2005.

It was a final call for AI steward

flight steward in 2008, they said. He had resigned last week to join hotel industry, they said. Ali’s father Mohammad Shawar Ali, a retired bank employee who was in Delhi at the time of accident, is understood to have left for Mangalore, they said. Ali had last visited his family on May 19.

Nightmare amidst the dead

8,000 feet runway. Eight persons had a miraculous escape. Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel said a human error factor cannot be ruled out but made it clear that the report of the DGCA inquiry should be awaited before coming to any conclusion. “You cannot rule out a human error factor. Certainly all parameters looked normal for a normal touchdown,” he told CNN-IBN. Patel also said he had spoken to DGCA to go into issues relating to small and difficult airports. An official spokesperson said the analysis of the CVR and other instruments of the aircraft would take about a fortnight. The analysis of huge amounts of records emanating from the CVR, DFDAU or DFDR would take a couple of weeks. The DGCA has appointed its Director Air Safety Bir Singh Rai as the Inspector of Accidents to carry out the enquiry assisted by other experts. Meanwhile, the tapes retrieved from the Air Traffic Control tower at Bajpe airport have been replayed and a detailed analysis was being carried out, the Civil Aviation Ministry said. Besides, preliminary probe of navigational, aerodrome and runway facilities, existing at the time of the incident, has been completed, it said, adding that all records pertaining to the aircraft, engineering, operations, training, fire-fighting and allied services have been taken over for detailed analysis. All the eight survivors of the crash were responding well to treatment at various hospitals here. Doctors said the victims who had suffered cuts, bruises and burn injuries, were out of danger. Heart-rending scenes were witnessed at the local hospitals as grieving relatives collected the victims’ mortal remains. In one case, two families from Kerala claimed the same body and authorities said it will hand over only after a DNA test. The bodies of four crew members were among those yet to be identified. The DNA samples of all the unidentified bodies have been sent for testing to Hyderabad. Dazed relatives and friends of the victims thronged the Government Wenlock Hospital and made efforts through the night at the mortuary to identify their near and dear ones, many of whom were charred to death. Air India arranged for counsellors for the relatives of the victims as well as their own crew and staffers, who were traumatised and shocked by the scenes of devastation. Regarding the compensation package, Air India said it was in talks with insurance companies, including Reliance Insurance and General Insurance Company. The airline said it had made arrangements to provide coffins to family members of the victims to shift the bodies after identification.

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GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

One more detained in Pak for Times Square plot PTI ISLAMABAD, MAY 23

Pakistani police have detained another man on suspicion of having links with Pakistani-American terror suspect Faisal Shahzad, who allegedly tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square in New York, from a market in the heart of the federal capital. Over two dozen policemen, some in civilian clothes, raided the posh Kohsar Market on Friday night and took the man into custody, officials and a witness were quoted as saying by the Dawn newspaper today. The man put up some resistance, which led to an exchange of harsh words. He was handcuffed and taken in a vehicle to an undisclosed place. Before the raid, police cordoned off the Sector F-6/3 area, which has several embassies and residences of diplomats. According to witnesses, the man in his mid-30s came to the market at about 7 pm local time and sat in an open area. He remained busy with his mobile phone, calling or sending messages, before the raid at about 10:30 pm, they said. A police official denied that any arrest had been made from Kohsar Market but said that security in and around Sector F-

6/3 was tightened on Friday night and police carried out snap checking. Officials told the newspaper that the arrested man, who is yet to be identified, might be among some people picked up by an intelligence agency for alleged links with Faisal Shahzad, the son of a former Pakistan Air Force officer who has been held in the US in connection with the failed May 1 attack in Times Square. Media reports have said that the ISI is conducting the investigation into Shahzad's links and contacts in Pakistan. There has been no official word on this issue. Seven men have either been picked up or gone missing since May 10 in Islamabad, including Suleman Ashraf, the son of the owner of 'Hanif Rajput Catering Service', and Ahmed Raza Khan. It is believed all these men have been detained by intelligence operatives for alleged links with Shahzad. Ashraf allegedly provided financial help to Shahzad when he was studying at the University of Houston. 35-year-old Ashraf returned to Pakistan from the US in 2001 after getting a bachelor's degree in computer science. He was last seen by his family when he left for his

office at about 11 am on May 10. Faheem Khan, a cousin of Ashraf, said he was a liberal person who regularly offered prayers and was fond of music and movies. He said that since his return to Pakistan, Ashraf had not visited the US or any European country. Ashraf also did not travel to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa or any tribal area. Khan said a case was registered against unidentified persons by police after his cousin went missing. Ashraf's wife also lodged a complaint on May 19 with the Supreme Court's Human Right Cell about his disappearance, he said. Ashraf's father has said his son had no relations with Shahzad. The US embassy in Pakistan has issued a warning to US government personnel and American citizens about terrorist groups forging links with the Hanif Rajput Catering Service. However, unnamed security officials have been quoted in media reports as saying that Shahzad lived in Ashraf's house in Islamabad for some time. Norwegian mobile operator Telenor has said one of its employees in Pakistan had been detained by authorities over the bomb plot.

Mob kills 3 in Nigeria REUTERS JOS, (Nigeria), MAY 23

Youths hacked to death three Muslim herders in central Nigeria and burned their bodies, days after a curfew was lifted in a region where hundreds have died in religious violence this year. Military officials yesterday said the three herders from the Muslim Fulani ethnic group were searching for lost cattle when they were set upon by Christian Berom villagers in Tusung, some 40 km south of the Plateau state capital, Jos. A Reuters witness saw three bodies, slashed with what appeared to be machete blows and burned beyond recognition, at the Nigerian Air Force hospital in Jos, where they were brought from Tusung by soldiers. “The three Fulani men were said to have contacted some soldiers to escort them to search for their lost cows,” one senior military official said. “But from nowhere, Berom youths armed to the teeth appeared and started unleashing havoc,” he said, adding three soldiers who were under orders not to shoot following the end of the curfew were also injured.

Nepal police arrest Indian Minister

Cuba has agreed to move political prisoners held in far-off jails to facilities closer to their hometowns and transfer sick prisoners to hospitals, a dissident said, following talks between Catholic Church leaders and President Raul Castro this week. Guillermo Farinas, on a hunger strike for 88 days demanding ill prisoners be released, yesterday told Reuters in a telephone interview that he received the news from a bishop who visited him in the hospital where he is being fed intravenously. A Catholic Church source, speaking on condition his name not be used, confirmed what Farinas said. “Everything appears that is what will happen,” he said. Cardinal Jaime Ortega and Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba Dionisio Garcia, who heads the Cuban Bishops' Conference, held a four-and-a-half-hour meeting with Castro in Havana on Wednesday which they both described as positive.

Irish police said they arrested two men as part of a probe into dissident Republican militants active in Northern Ireland after catching them making explosives from gas cylinders. A 1998 peace agreement largely ended three decades of violence between predominantly Catholic groups who want a united Ireland and mainly Protestant unionists who want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom. But militant splinter groups have stepped up attacks recently. Northern Irish police have beefed up their street presence due to increased paramilitary attacks and they are getting assistance from police in the Republic of Ireland, where the militants have many of their bases and criminal activities which provide their funding. “The men aged in their 30s and 50s were arrested following a search of an outbuilding at Mount Pleasant, Dundalk, Co Louth,” police yesterday said in a statement, referring to an area just south of the border with Northern Ireland.


A view is seen of the site where a passenger train derailed in Dongxiang county, Jiangxi Province on Sunday. A passenger train in eastern China's Jiangxi province has derailed, killing at least 10 passengers and injuring 55, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.

Cuba to improve conditions of prisoners: dissident REUTERS HAVANA, MAY 23


Train derails in China, 10 dead


Nepal police have arrested an Indian minister who had entered the country with her armed security guards, and handed her over to Indian police, local newspaper reports said here today. “Vidhya Chaudhary, Women and Social Welfare Minister of Uttar Pradesh, had already entered 22 km beyond the border, when Nepalese police spotted her. On interrogation, her security guards told Nepali authorities, that they had entered Nepal inadvertently,” Nepal news quoted police as saying. Nepalese police called the nearest police station in India and handed over the minister and her security guards to them. Ms Chaudhary was elected as Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Azamgadh Constituency of Uttar Pradesh representing Bahujan Samaj Party.

2 held in Ireland, explosives found

Farinas said Prelate Juan Dios Hernandez, the auxiliary bishop of Havana, brought him the message from Ortega after the cardinal was informed by the government that measures were being taken as agreed in the meeting. “These are first the transfer of all the prisoners to their respective provinces of residence, and the transfer also of all sick prisoners to hospitals,” Farinas said. He said he was told a second meeting would be held next week toward “resolving the situation of the prisoners.” There was no immediate word from Cuban officials. Wednesday's meeting was the Cuban Catholic Church leaders' first talks with Castro since he took over the presidency of the Communist-ruled Island from his ailing elder brother Fidel Castro in 2008. “The Church is interested in there being some kind of relief in the situation of the prisoners, which could include the freeing of some of them, and that is what we’re talking about,” Ortega said during a news conference on Thursday.

He said the subject was being discussed seriously, but neither he nor Garcia offered specific details of what steps the Cuban government might take over the political prisoners. The cardinal added the talks would continue. The rare meeting, which received wide coverage in the official media, followed Ortega's successful mediation between the Communist authorities and female relatives of imprisoned dissidents earlier this month hat allowed them to resume weekly arches without being harassed by government supporters. The Vatican's foreign minister, Archbishop Dominique Memberti, is due to visit the island next month as Cuba is facing increasing economic difficulties and international attention on human rights abuses in the country. Political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo died in February after a hunger strike. Memberti is expected to press authorities to release political prisoners whom the government brands as mercenaries and subversives in the pay of the United States.

A passenger train in eastern China's Jiangxi province has derailed, killing at least 10 passengers and injuring 55, Xinhua news agency said today. The train, heading from Shanghai to the resort city of Guilin in the southwest region of Guangxi, was caught in a landslide as it passed through the city of Fuzhou in Jiangxi's stormhit mountain districts in the early hours today. Xinhua said it was not immediately clear how many passengers were onboard, but the number of casualties was expected to rise. Heavy storms throughout Jiangxi over the past few days have destroyed farms and flooded towns and villages, forcing the evacuation of 44,600 local residents, Xinhua said.

US environment chief to visit Gulf, oil spill spreads REUTERS VENICE, MAY 23

The top US environmental official was to visit the Gulf Coast today as energy giant BP Plc scrambled to contain a widening oil spill. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson planned to return to the Gulf to monitor the EPA's response, while Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was to travel to the BP Command Center in Houston to get an update from the federal science team working on the problem. The two Cabinet members' missions underscore the rising political and economic stakes for the Obama administration in dealing with the environmental disaster, which grows worse as oil gushes from a ruptured well on the sea floor. Salazar was also to address the media the day after US President Barack Obama blamed the spill on “a breakdown of responsibility” at BP. Obama also unveiled a commission to investigate the disaster. The Democratic president, in his weekly radio and Internet address on Saturday, said off-

shore drilling could go forward only if there were assurances that such accidents would not happen again. The spill has raised major questions about Obama's earlier proposal to expand offshore drilling as part of strategy to win Republican support for climate change legislation. Analysts say mounting ecological and economic damage could also become a political liability for Obama before November's congressional elections. While also promising to hold Washington accountable for proper oversight of the industry, Obama ramped up pressure on companies linked to the spill: BP, Halliburton and Transocean Ltd. “First and foremost, what led to this disaster was a breakdown of responsibility on the part of BP and perhaps others, including Transocean and Halliburton,” Obama said in his toughest remarks yet on companies linked to the spill. “And we will continue to hold the relevant companies accountable,” he said. BP stocks have taken a beat-

ing in the markets in the month since the well blowout and rig explosion that killed 11 workers and touched off the spill. Its share price shed another 4 percent on Friday in London, extending recent sharp losses. Sheets of rust-colored heavy oil are clogging fragile marshlands on the fringes of the Mississippi Delta, damaging fishing grounds and wildlife. Many believe it has already become the worst US oil spill, eclipsing the 1989 Exxon Valdez accident in Alaska. In his executive order announcing former Demo cratic Senator Bob Graham and former EPA chief William Reilly would co -chair the commission, Obama also made his first reference to the possibility of a criminal probe. BP made no immediate comment on Obama’s suggestion that it was to blame for the deep-sea disaster. But the company’s chief executive, Tony Hayward, said he welcomed the establishment of the commission and pledged to work with its cochairmen.

Bangkok residents sweep away remnants of riots Reuters BANGKOK, MAY 23

Hundreds of Thai volunteers take to the streets alongside city municipal street cleaners to clean up after wees of red shirt anti government occupation and street battles, in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday.

Thousands of Bangkok residents, angered by the riots that devastated their city, used razor knives today to scratch off antigovernment posters and brooms to sweep away tonnes of rubbish left by protesters. The army ended months of street rallies by “red shirt” protesters on Wednesday, using armoured personnel carriers and automatic rifle fire to evict them from the large parts of downtown Bangkok they had occupied. A wave of arson and rioting, the worst in the country's modern history, broke out as the red shirts withdrew. “I think the red shirts are

not Thai people because they destroyed things, they destroyed Bangkok, they destroyed Thailand,” said dress

shop owner Kasana Opasthanakoon, as he inspected the destruction in Bangkok’s commercial centre.

A police spokesman said the cylinders had been modified to carry explosives. Irish national broadcaster RTE said the two six-foot cylinders found in a trailer had their tops cut off for use either as improvised mortars

to launch an attack at Northern Irish police or other targets or to make a large bomb. “Gardai (police) foiled what is believed to be a major dissident bombing operation,” RTE said on its website.


Biz12:SUNDAY-Pg-12 5/23/2010 9:15 PM Page 1



GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

Kabab Factory eyes UK, Southeast Asia PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

Restaurant chain The Great Kabab Factory said it is scouting for partners in British and Southeast Asian markets to accelerate its overseas expansion. The chain, which currently operates six restaurants in West Asia, besides 12 others in the country, said it plans another 10-12 outlets in international markets by 2012 and is exploring the franchise and joint venture routes for this. "International markets would be a major area of focus for us in the next couple of years. Our priority is to make forays into the markets of England and the Southeast Asian nations," The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) director for brand development Ashna Kapur said. She said the company is in talks with a couple of local players in those markets for starting operations. "We are mainly interested in tak-

Mutual Fund Scheme Name

Key to abbreviations: R Price: Repurchase Price; S Price: Sale Price; (D): Dividend; (G): Growth NAVs (Rs)


AIG India Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) 11.77 India Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) 11.77 Infrastructure and Eco Reform Fund - Regular Plan (D) 8.91 Infrastructure and Eco Reform Fund - Regular Plan (G) 8.91 Axis Equity Fund (D) 10.38 Equity Fund (G) 10.37 Tax Saver Fund (D) 10.82 Tax Saver Fund (G) 10.82


Baroda Pioneer ELSS 96 23.83 Pioneer Growth Fund (D) 27.25 Pioneer Growth Fund (G) 48.37 Bharti AXA Equity Fund - Eco Plan (Bonus) 17.55 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (D) 12.35 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (G) 17.55 Equity Fund - Eco Plan (QD) 13.48 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 17.48 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.31 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) 17.48 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (QD) 13.44 Focused Infrastructure Fund (D) 10.24 Focused Infrastructure Fund (G) 10.24 Focused Infrastructure Fund (QD) 10.24 Tax Advantage Fund - Eco Plan (D) 12.28 Tax Advantage Fund - Eco Plan (G) 22.56 Tax Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.27 Tax Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (G) 22.50 Birla Sun Life Advantage Fund (D) 87.21 Advantage Fund (G) 149.02 Basic Industries Fund (D) 29.55 Basic Industries Fund (G) 98.48 Basic Industries Fund - Trigger Plan (D) 10.63 Buy India Fund (D) 23.45 Buy India Fund (G) 38.63 Commodity Eq - Global Agri Plan - Retail Plan (D) 13.50 Commodity Eq - Global Agri Plan - Retail Plan (G) 13.50 Commodity Eq - Global Multi Commodity Plan - RP (D) 12.12 Commodity Eq - Global Multi Commodity Plan - RP (G) 12.12 Commodity Eq - Global Precious Metals Plan -RP (D) 13.09 Commodity Eq - Global Precious Metals Plan -RP (G) 13.09 Dividend Yield Plus (D) 14.21 Dividend Yield Plus (G) 75.73 Equity Fund (D) 70.23 Equity Fund (G) 249.77 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 21.54 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan A (G) 79.89 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan B (D) 12.07 Frontline Equity Fund - Plan B (G) 12.07 India GenNext Fund (D) 13.97 India GenNext Fund (G) 21.49 India Opportunities Fund - Plan A (D) 18.84 India Opportunities Fund - Plan B (G) 51.73 Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (D) 12.93 Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (G) 16.64 Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (D) 11.94 Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (G) 12.44 International Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 8.27 International Equity Fund - Plan A (G) 8.27 International Equity Fund - Plan B (D) 8.64 International Equity Fund - Plan B (G) 8.64 Long Term Advantage Fund (D) 13.23 Long Term Advantage Fund (G) 13.23 Long Term Advantage Fund - Series 1(D) 11.66 Long Term Advantage Fund - Series 1(G) 11.66 Midcap Fund - Plan A (D) 24.84 Midcap Fund - Plan A (G) 105.88 Midcap Fund - Plan B (D) 13.36 Midcap Fund - Plan B (G) 13.36 MNC Fund (D) 78.59 MNC Fund (G) 182.62 New Millennium (D) 13.13 New Millennium (G) 18.90 Pure Value Fund (D) 14.79 Pure Value Fund (G) 15.79 Special Situations Fund (D) 9.66 Special Situations Fund (G) 9.66 Tax Plan (D) 44.03 Tax Plan (G) 12.55 Tax Relief 96 (D) 81.23 Tax Relief 96 (G) 10.96 Top 100 Fund (D) 13.99 Top 100 Fund (G) 20.15


Canara Robeco Emerging Equities (Bonus) Emerging Equities (D) Emerging Equities (G) Equity Diversified (Bonus) Equity Diversified (D) Equity Diversified (G) Equity Tax Saver (D) Equity Tax Saver (G) F.O.R.C.E Fund - Retail Plan (D) F.O.R.C.E Fund - Retail Plan (G) Infrastructure (D)

16.76 13.84 20.02 23.00 22.97 50.52 19.67 23.88 11.86 11.85 17.11

Infrastructure (G) Multicap (D) Multicap (G)

21.48 13.39 14.43


DWS Alpha Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) 15.86 Alpha Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) 72.87 Alpha Equity Fund - Wealth Plan (D) 12.69 Alpha Equity Fund - Wealth Plan (G) 15.18 Investment Opportunity Fund - Regular Plan (D) 25.27 Investment Opportunity Fund - Regular Plan (G) 36.48 Investment Opportunity Fund - Wealth Plan (D) 12.63 Investment Opportunity Fund - Wealth Plan (G) 16.51 Tax Saving Fund (D) 12.47 Tax Saving Fund (G) 13.34 DSP BlackRock Equity Fund - Institutional Plan 11.82 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) 47.38 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) 14.99 India T.I.G.E.R. Fund - Regular Plan (D) 18.32 India T.I.G.E.R. Fund - Regular Plan (G) 44.93 Natural Resources and New Energy Fund - Regular Plan (D) 12.76 Natural Resources and New Energy Fund - Regular Plan (G) 12.76 Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (D) 27.03 Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (G) 77.52 Small and Mid Cap Fund (D) 14.75 Small and Mid Cap Fund (G) 16.09 Tax Saver Fund (D) 11.82 Tax Saver Fund (G) 15.87 Technology.Com - Regular Plan (D) 23.61 Technology.Com - Regular Plan (G) 32.33 Top 100 Equity Fund - Institutional Plan (D) 12.28 Top 100 Equity Fund - Institutional Plan (G) 12.28 Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (D) 20.18 Top 100 Equity Fund - Regular Plan (G) 89.80


Edelweiss Absolute Return Equity Fund (D) Absolute Return Equity Fund (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan B (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan B (G) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan C (D) Diversified Growth Equity Fund - Plan C (G) ELSS Fund (D) ELSS Fund (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan A (D) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan A (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - plan B (D) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan B (G) Nifty Enhancer Fund - Plan C (D) Escorts Growth Plan (D) Growth Plan (G) High Yield Equity Plan (Bonus) High Yield Equity Plan (D) High Yield Equity Plan (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Leading Sectors Fund (D) Leading Sectors Fund (G) Power and Energy Fund (D) Power and Energy Fund (G) Tax Plan (D) Tax Plan (G)

10.56 10.57 12.85 12.85 12.89 12.89 12.92 12.92 17.73 17.73 10.46 11.48 11.40 11.40 10.15 12.40 74.92 12.84 11.29 12.82 8.54 8.54 10.53 10.53 13.65 17.02 11.15 47.52


Fidelity Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) India Growth Fund (D) India Growth Fund (G) India Special Situations Fund (D) India Special Situations Fund (G) India Value Fund (D) India Value Fund (G) International Opportunities Fund (D) International Opportunities Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund (D) Tax Advantage Fund (G) Fortis China-India Fund (D) China-India Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Future Leaders Fund (D) Future Leaders Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Sustainable Development Fund (D) Sustainable Development Fund (G) Tax Advantage Plan (ELSS) (D) Tax Advantage Plan (ELSS) (G) Franklin Asian Equity Fund (D) Asian Equity Fund (G) Build India Fund (D) Build India Fund (G)

19.80 31.29 10.88 10.88 15.19 16.75 10.34 10.34 12.10 12.10 17.36 19.34 8.14 8.14 11.17 16.06 10.31 30.49 8.75 8.79 9.22 17.71 10.61 11.65 10.16 12.76 9.73 9.73 11.41 11.41

FMCG Fund (D) FMCG Fund (G) India Bluechip Fund (D) India Bluechip Fund (G) India Flexi Cap Fund (D) India Flexi Cap Fund (G) India High Growth Companies Fund (D) India High Growth Companies Fund (G) India Opportunities Fund (D) India Opportunities Fund (G) India Prima Fund (D) India Prima Fund (G) India Prima Plus Fund (D) India Prima Plus Fund (G) India Smaller Companies Fund (D) India Smaller Companies Fund (G) India Tax Shield (D) India Tax Shield (G) Infotech Fund (D) Infotech Fund (G) Pharma Fund (D) Pharma Fund (G) Templeton India Equity Income Fund (D) Templeton India Equity Income Fund (G) Templeton India Growth Fund (D) Templeton India Growth Fund (G)

34.65 55.21 38.15 190.56 14.47 28.58 11.74 11.74 13.88 28.88 46.99 251.88 26.46 197.08 12.12 13.09 30.30 184.32 18.70 54.96 29.14 55.06 13.96 17.98 52.12 110.80


HDFC Capital Builder Fund (D) Capital Builder Fund (G) Core & Satellite Fund (D) Core & Satellite Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Long Term Advantage Fund (D) Long Term Advantage Fund (G) Long Term Equity Fund (D) Long Term Equity Fund (G) Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (D) Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund (G) Premier Multi-Cap Fund (D) Premier Multi-Cap Fund (G) Tax Saver (D) Tax Saver (G) Top 200 Fund (D) Top 200 Fund (G) HSBC Dynamic Fund (D) Dynamic Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) India Opportunities Fund (D) India Opportunities Fund (G) Midcap Equity Fund (D) Midcap Equity Fund (G) Progressive Themes Fund (D) Progressive Themes Fund (G) Tax Saver Equity Fund (D) Tax Saver Equity Fund (G) Unique Opportunities Fund (D) Unique Opportunities Fund (G)


23.68 97.77 20.46 36.00 44.12 240.08 29.69 75.82 11.30 11.30 34.91 119.27 11.73 14.18 13.41 13.41 14.77 26.05 57.92 206.15 43.43 183.76 9.40 9.40 26.88 93.97 15.65 31.39 13.47 21.95 10.84 12.74 12.69 13.76 10.16 10.16

ICICI Pru Banking & Financial Services Fund - Retail Plan (D) 15.85 Banking & Financial Services Fund - Retail Plan (G) 15.85 Discovery Fund (D) 20.16 Discovery Fund (G) 44.26 Dynamic Plan (D) 18.02 Dynamic Plan (G) 95.62 Emerging S.T.A.R. Fund (D) 16.41 Emerging S.T.A.R. Fund (G) 32.96 FMCG Fund (D) 30.16 FMCG Fund (G) 52.74 Focused Equity Fund (D) 14.10 Focused Equity Fund (G) 14.10 Fusion Fund (D) 12.81 Fusion Fund (G) 13.59 Fusion Fund Series - II (D) 11.41 Fusion Fund Series - II (G) 12.24 Fusion Fund Series - III Retail Plan (D) 11.81 Fusion Fund Series - III Retail Plan (G) 11.81 Growth Plan (D) 18.31 Growth Plan (G) 121.17 Indo Asia Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) 9.42 Indo Asia Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) 9.42 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (D) 11.94 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (G) 28.46 Power (D) 16.04 Power (G) 102.43 Services Industries Fund (D) 12.18 Services Industries Fund (G) 16.20 Target Returns Fund - Retail Plan (D) 12.42 Target Returns Fund - Retail Plan (G) 12.42 Tax Plan (D) 18.99 Tax Plan (G) 127.40 Technology Fund (D) 14.68 Technology Fund (G) 14.68 R.I.G.H.T. Fund (D) 10.91 R.I.G.H.T. Fund (G) 10.91 IDFC Classic Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 14.25 Classic Equity Fund - Plan A (G) 19.69 Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan A (D) 11.82

ing the franchise route and appointing master franchises for both markets. However, we are also ready to explore formal joint ventures if the location and partners are right," Kapur said. TGKF is owned by the Delhi-based AB Hotels, which is the owner of the Radisson Hotels properties in Delhi and Varanasi, and RHW Management Services. The chain ventured overseas in 2007 and now operates six outlets in West Asia, including three in the UAE, and one each in Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia. The Manama, Bahrain-based conglomerate Jawad Business Group is the master franchise of TGKF in West Asia. Kapur said the chain, which specialises in over 450 varieties of kebabs, along with assorted breads, pulses and rice dishes, expects to capitalise on the significant Indian diaspora in Britain and Southeast Asia.

Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan B (D) Enterprise Equity Fund - Plan B (G) Imperial Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Imperial Equity Fund - Plan A (G) India GDP Growth Fund (D) India GDP Growth Fund (G) Premier Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Premier Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Small & Midcap Equity Fund (D) Small & Midcap Equity Fund (G) Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund - Plan A (D) Strategic Sector (50-50) Equity Fund - Plan A (G) Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund (G) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (G) ING C.U.B. Fund (Bonus) C.U.B. Fund (D) C.U.B. Fund (G) Contra Fund (B) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Core Equity Fund (D) Core Equity Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Domestic Opportunities Fund (D) Domestic Opportunities Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan A (D) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan A (G) OptiMix Multi Manager Equity Fund - Plan B (G) OptiMix Retireinvest Fund - Series I (D) OptiMix Retireinvest Fund - Series I (G) Tax Saving Fund (Bonus) Tax Saving Fund (D) Tax Saving Fund (G)

14.41 9.94 11.84 14.92 18.05 14.85 14.84 23.12 28.53 13.89 16.84 13.07 13.21 14.48 18.08 13.54 13.54 16.55 12.08 16.55 15.50 13.22 15.50 18.20 34.39 19.30 21.23 12.94 34.27 15.85 19.95 10.32 10.31 10.53 11.78 11.78 26.83 13.21 26.79


JM Agri & Infra Fund (D) Agri & Infra Fund (G) Basic Fund (D) Basic Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Emerging Leaders Fund (D) Emerging Leaders Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Financial Services Sector Fund (D) Financial Services Sector Fund (G) HI FI Fund (D) HI FI Fund (G) Large Cap Fund (D) Large Cap Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Multi Strategy Fund (D) Multi Strategy Fund (G) Small & Mid-Cap Fund - Regular Plan (D) Small & Mid-Cap Fund - Regular Plan (G) Tax Gain Fund (D) Tax Gain Fund (G) Telecom Sector Fund (D) Telecom Sector Fund (G) JP Morgan India Tax Advantage Fund (D) India Tax Advantage Fund (G) India Equity Fund (D) India Equity Fund (G) India Smaller Companies Fund (D) India Smaller Companies Fund (G)

2.91 2.91 12.27 17.57 5.60 5.60 8.02 8.00 13.90 34.15 9.33 9.33 5.61 5.61 12.85 17.48 17.77 25.93 13.39 14.40 5.78 5.78 7.31 7.31 7.09 7.09 13.27 16.39 10.96 11.81 7.07 7.07


Kotak 30 (D) 30 (G) Contra (D) Contra (G) Emerging Equity Scheme (D) Emerging Equity Scheme (G) Indo World Infrastructure Fund (D) Indo World Infrastructure Fund (G) Lifestyle Fund (D) Lifestyle Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Select Focus Fund (D) Select Focus Fund (G) Tax Saver (D) Tax Saver (G)

29.52 93.59 17.57 20.07 11.05 11.05 7.06 7.06 10.39 12.00 16.05 23.07 14.80 42.63 10.69 10.69 10.42 17.02


L&T Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Global Advantage Fund (D) Global Advantage Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Hedged Equity Fund (D) Hedged Equity Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Midcap Fund (D)

9.74 9.74 6.94 10.01 16.41 34.75 8.90 12.55 7.35 7.35 21.38



Aegis Logistics ION Exchange Sharp India Shriram EPC Bharat Bhushan Bombay Dyeing Canara Bank Lloyds Steel Coromandel Agro Sun Pharma Madras Cements Sundaram Brake Future Capital GMR Infra NRB Bearings Tata Chemicals Tata Power Orbit Exports TV Today Hitachi Home Parle Software Hotel Leela Ramco Inds Ramco Systems Source:

PRINCIPAL MUTUAL FUND has announced the appointment of PVK Mohan as Senior Fund Manage - Equity. Mohan has over 16 years experience in equity research and fund management. In his previous assignments he has worked with IL&FS and IL&FS Mutual Fund, DSP BlackRock Investment Managers and ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company.

Midcap Fund (G) Multi-Cap Fund (D) Multi-Cap Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Small Cap Fund (D) Small Cap Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (D) Tax Advantage Fund - Series I (G) Tax Saver Fund (D) Tax Saver Fund (G) LIC Infrastructure Fund Series 1 (D) Infrastructure Fund Series 1 (G) MF Equity Fund (D) MF Equity Fund (G) MF Growth Fund (D) MF Growth Fund (G) MF India Vision Fund (D) MF India Vision Fund (G) MF Opportunities Fund (D) MF Opportunities Fund (G) MF Tax Plan (D) MF Tax Plan (G) MF Top 100 Fund (D) MF Top 100 Fund (G)

37.04 14.04 17.62 18.18 41.49 5.72 5.72 14.45 19.67 13.77 14.83 8.99 8.99 9.59 24.33 10.47 11.80 8.44 8.44 9.70 17.04 9.52 26.58 7.80 7.80


Mirae Asset Global Commodity Stock Fund - Regular Plan (D) Global Commodity Stock Fund - Regular Plan (G) India Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (D) India Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan (G) Morgan Stanley A.C.E. Fund (Across Capitalisations Equity) (D) A.C.E. Fund (Across Capitalisations Equity) (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G)

11.12 11.12 13.51 14.60 13.70 13.70 19.08 58.55


Principal Dividend Yield Fund (D) 15.69 Dividend Yield Fund (G) 21.26 Emerging Bluechip Fund (D) 23.24 Emerging Bluechip Fund (G) 29.37 Global Opportunities Fund (D) 15.40 Global Opportunities Fund (G) 15.40 Growth Fund (D) 22.68 Growth Fund (G) 50.06 Large Cap Fund (D) 19.33 Large Cap Fund (G) 26.11 Personal Tax Saver Fund 89.28 PNB Long Term Eq Fund - 3 Year Plan - Series 1 (D) 10.98 PNB Long Term Eq Fund - 3 Year Plan - Series 1 (G) 10.98 PNB Long Term EqFund - 3 Year Plan - Series II (D) 11.33 PNB Long Term Eq Fund - 3 Year Plan - Series II (G) 11.33 Resurgent India Equity Fund (D) 12.14 Resurgent India Equity Fund (G) 85.44 Services Industries Fund (D) 12.44 Services Industries Fund (G) 14.03 Tax Savings Fund 72.45


Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund (D) Long-Term Equity Fund (G) Tax Saving Fund (D) Tax Saving Fund (G)


19.63 19.47 19.50 19.51

Reliance Banking Fund (Bonus) 85.00 Banking Fund (D) 33.91 Banking Fund (G) 84.99 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 78.37 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail Plan (D) 46.26 Diversified Power Sector Fund - Retail Plan (G) 78.37 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (B) 11.46 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (D) 11.46 Equity Advantage Fund - Retail Plan (G) 11.46 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 14.42 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (D) 14.42 Equity Fund - Retail Plan (G) 14.42 Equity Linked Saving Fund - Series I (D) 13.16 Equity Linked Saving Fund - Series I (G) 13.16 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 31.66 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (D) 22.36 Equity Opportunities Fund - Retail Plan (G) 31.66 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 73.65 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (D) 54.43 Growth Fund - Retail Plan (G) 444.02 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) 11.12 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (D) 11.12 Infrastructure Fund - Retail Plan (G) 11.12 Long Term Equity Fund (D) 14.41 Long Term Equity Fund (G) 14.41 Media & Entertainment Fund (Bonus) 27.13 Media & Entertainment Fund (D) 19.50 Media & Entertainment Fund (G) 27.13 Natural Resources Fund (Bonus) 9.60 Natural Resources Fund (D) 9.60 Natural Resources Fund (G) 9.60 NRI Equity Fund (Bonus) 35.82 NRI Equity Fund (D) 21.31 NRI Equity Fund (G) 35.82 Pharma Fund (Bonus) 49.32 Pharma Fund (D) 36.78 Pharma Fund (G) 49.32 Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (B) 11.51 Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (D) 11.51

BIRLA SUN LIFE MUTUAL FUND has extended the NFO closing date of Birla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Fund Series- 2 by 10 days. The NFO will now close on May 31, 2010. Hence, the NFO of Birla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Fund Series - 2 is open for subscription from April 21- May 31, 2010. ESCORTS MUTUAL FUND has approved May 27, 2010 as the record date for declaration of dividend under Escorts Income Plan. The face value of per unit is Rs 10. The quantum of dividend will be Rs 0.07 per unit as on the record date. TATA MUTUAL FUND launched new fund named as, Tata Gilt Mid Term Fund, an open ended debt scheme investing predominantly in government securities. The NFO price for the scheme is Rs 10 per unit. The NFO opens on May 20 and closes on June 17, 2010. The minimum subscription amount is Rs 10,000 and in multiples of Re 1 there after. For additional investment by existing investor after the scheme reopens for ongoing transactions Rs 1000 and in multiple of Re 1 thereafter. Exit Load: 2% if redeemed on or before 5 years from the date of allotment. Nil, if redeemed after 5 years from the date of allotment. The fund manager will be Murthy Nagarajan.

Quant Plus Fund - Retail Plan (G) Regular Savings Fund - Equity Option (D) Regular Savings Fund - Equity Option (G) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (D) Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund (G) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (Bonus) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (D) Vision Fund - Retail Plan (G) Religare AGILE Fund (D) AGILE Fund (G) AGILE Tax Fund (D) AGILE Tax Fund (G) Banking Fund - Regular Plan (D) Banking Fund - Regular Plan (G) Business Leaders Fund (D) Business Leaders Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Mid N Small Cap Fund (D) Mid N Small Cap Fund (G) PSU Equity Fund (D) PSU Equity Fund (G) Tax Plan (D) Tax Plan (G)

11.51 22.05 28.28 14.74 18.91 42.03 40.83 250.29 6.08 6.06 6.95 6.95 13.53 17.44 11.26 11.26 11.55 14.93 11.78 11.79 11.44 11.45 8.06 8.06 12.87 12.87 12.64 12.64 10.22 10.22 13.09 15.81


Sahara Banking and Financial Services Fund (D) Banking and Financial Services Fund (G) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure - Fixed Pricing Option (D) Infrastructure - Fixed Pricing Option (G) Infrastructure -Variable Pricing Option (D) Infrastructure -Variable Pricing Option (G) Midcap Fund (Bonus) Midcap Fund (D) Midcap Fund (G) Midcap Fund (Growth Auto Payout) Power & Natural Resources Fund (D) Power & Natural Resources Fund (G) Star Value Fund (D) Star Value Fund (G) Super 20 Fund (D) Super 20 Fund (G) Tax Gain (D) Tax Gain (G) Wealth Plus - Variable Pricing Option (D) Wealth Plus - Variable Pricing Option (G) Wealth Plus Fund - Fixed Pricing Option (D) Wealth Plus Fund - Fixed Pricing Option (G) SBI Blue Chip Fund (D) Blue Chip Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund - Series I (D) Infrastructure Fund - Series I (G) Magnum Comma Fund (D) Magnum Comma Fund (G) Magnum Contra Fund (D) Magnum Contra Fund (G) Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (D) Magnum Emerging Businesses Fund (G) Magnum Equity Fund (D) Magnum Equity Fund (G) Magnum FMCG Fund Magnum Global Fund (D) Magnum Global Fund (G) Magnum IT Fund Magnum Midcap Fund (D) Magnum Midcap Fund (G) Magnum Multicap Fund (D) Magnum Multicap Fund (G) Magnum Multiplier Plus (D) Magnum Multiplier Plus (G) Magnum NRI - Flexiasset Plan (D) Magnum NRI - Flexiasset Plan (G) Magnum Pharma Fund (D) Magnum Pharma Fund (G) Magnum Tax Gain Scheme (D) Magnum Tax Gain Scheme (G) One India Fund (D) One India Fund (G) Shinsei Industry Leaders Fund (D) Industry Leaders Fund (G) Sundaram BNP Paribas Capex Opportunities Fund (D) Capex Opportunities Fund (G) Equity Multiplier Fund (D) Equity Multiplier Fund (G) Financial Services Opportunities - Retail Plan (D) Financial Services Opportunities - Retail Plan (G) Growth Fund - Regular Plan (D) Growth Fund - Regular Plan (G) India Leadership Fund - Regular Plan (D) India Leadership Fund - Regular Plan (G) Media & Entertainment Opportunities - Retail (D) Media & Entertainment Opportunities - Retail (G) PSU Opportunities Fund (D) PSU Opportunities Fund (G) Rural India Fund (D) Rural India Fund (G) S.M.I.L.E Fund - Regular Plan (D)

16.73 26.44 28.47 75.94 11.93 16.32 12.34 16.80 28.30 19.22 28.30 28.30 12.75 12.75 11.52 11.52 10.69 10.69 14.98 33.61 19.14 19.15 18.53 18.53 11.97 13.73 9.99 9.99 15.66 23.19 24.94 54.36 15.76 35.53 29.71 39.38 23.57 28.26 50.54 19.94 16.76 21.85 13.18 17.34 54.01 76.07 27.20 27.10 32.18 38.94 38.69 56.77 10.61 10.61 10.31 10.31 12.80 24.27 11.03 13.52 13.53 17.03 11.29 84.46 11.51 37.65 11.79 14.94 9.89 9.88 12.37 13.58 12.35

S.M.I.L.E Fund - Regular Plan (G) Select Focus - Retail Plan (D) Select Focus - Retail Plan (G) Select Midcap - Regular Plan (D) Select Midcap - Regular Plan (G) Select Small Cap Fund (D) Select Small Cap Fund (G) Select Thematic Energy Opportunities Funds (D) Select Thematic Energy Opportunities Funds (G) Tax Saver (OE) (D) Tax Saver (OE) (G)

31.79 10.84 83.65 17.01 136.14 12.46 12.46 8.07 8.07 11.05 41.23


Tata Capital Builder Fund (D) Capital Builder Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Equity Management Fund (D) Equity Management Fund (G) Equity Opportunities Fund - Plan A (D) Equity Opportunities Fund - Plan B (G) Equity P/E Fund (G) Equity P/E Fund - Trigger Option A 5% (D) Equity P/E Fund - Trigger Option B 10% (D) Growing Eco Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (D) Growing Eco Infrastructure Fund - Plan A (G) Growing Eco Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (D) Growing Eco Infrastructure Fund - Plan B (G) Growth Fund (Bonus) Growth Fund (D) Growth Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (D) Infrastructure Tax Saving Fund (G) Life Sciences & Technology Fund (D) Life Sciences & Technology Fund (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) Pure Equity Fund (D) Pure Equity Fund (G) Select Equity Fund (D) Select Equity Fund (G) Service Industries Fund (D) Service Industries Fund (G) Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (D) Tax Advantage Fund - 1 (G) Tax Saving Fund Taurus Bonanza Fund (D) Bonanza Fund (G) Discovery Fund (D) Discovery Fund (G) Ethical Fund (Bonus) Ethical Fund (D) Ethical Fund (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Star Share (D) Star Share (G) Tax Shield (D) Tax Shield (G)

13.53 14.49 14.92 15.83 20.90 29.35 12.70 13.69 21.68 77.53 44.22 38.75 39.18 10.78 10.78 11.50 11.50 37.25 18.41 40.99 21.52 32.69 16.40 16.40 35.26 66.23 15.95 16.95 36.24 91.33 43.29 60.35 19.25 23.99 14.58 14.58 42.47 39.04 38.79 14.92 14.91 21.33 15.99 21.34 14.25 14.21 35.71 50.72 18.88 31.85


UTI Banking Sector Fund (D) Banking Sector Fund (G) Contra Fund (D) Contra Fund (G) Dividend Yield Fund (D) Dividend Yield Fund (G) Energy Fund (D) Energy Fund (G) Equity Fund (D) Equity Fund (G) Equity Tax Savings Plan (D) Equity Tax Savings Plan (G) India Lifestyle Fund(D) India Lifestyle Fund(G) Infrastructure Advantage Fund - Series I (D) Infrastructure Advantage Fund - Series I (G) Infrastructure Fund (D) Infrastructure Fund (G) Leadership Equity Fund (D) Leadership Equity Fund (G) Long Term Advantage Fund (D) Long Term Advantage Fund (G) Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme Master Plus Unit Scheme (D) Master Plus Unit Scheme (G) Master Value Fund (D) Master Value Fund (G) Mastershare (D) Mastershare (G) Mid Cap Fund (D) Mid Cap Fund (G) MNC Fund (D) MNC Fund (G) Opportunities Fund (D) Opportunities Fund (G) Pharma & Healthcare Fund (D) Pharma & Healthcare Fund (G) Services Industries Fund (D) Services Industries Fund (G) Top 100 Fund (D) Top 100 Fund (G) Wealth Builder Fund (D) Wealth Builder Fund (G)

22.28 36.66 12.24 13.25 14.19 28.64 12.37 10.92 42.35 47.92 15.52 36.50 10.29 10.29 8.76 8.76 19.22 33.74 13.24 14.29 12.00 12.00 44.87 53.05 73.59 23.66 46.72 28.47 48.23 22.17 29.80 34.13 50.78 12.74 23.86 28.14 34.48 23.86 55.50 21.40 26.07 14.31 15.27

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GOA, MONDAY, 24 MAY, 2010

A time for rest and recommendations

The month of May is indeed a lean season for most tax departments. Both the officers and staff believe that they have toiled hard at the end of the financial year collecting every penny that was due; they are entitled to take a break for summer, to be spent with family, children or on an overdue vacation. This is time for housekeeping tasks in most tax officers, the time when transfers are effected, AGT or annual general transfers in tax parlance; so that the officers and staff transferred can pack bag and baggage to settle in at their new posts. For in a different station, one has to search a house, school for children, lobby for a suitable post at the new location and come to find one’s place at the new station. Taxmen can spend quite a few taxing days during this period, when their secure lives tumble into turmoil of uncertainty. At the ministry this is also a lean period, now that the new Finance Act is in place. This is time when the Parliamentary committees meet to quiz the Minister and officers on questions that confront the public. DTC VeRsus GsT The Finance Minister while confident about bringing to law the new Direct tax Code, was a little reluctant to comment on the passage of the new GST. For as he mentioned at a meeting recently, that in the case of the Direct Tax Code he was the sole master, but in the case of the GST, there were 28 masters, the different states. The final draft of the DTC will soon be in public domain and the taxpaying public will have some idea as to the final contours of the things to come. Would the contentious issues such as taxing of long term savings, MAT on asset value, and the power of the assessing officer to invoke provision of anti-avoidance be retained? We will have to await the final draft. GST on the other hand has little movement forward for many reasons. The minimum threshold and common rates are still in the process of evolving. Further the states are still not sure whether losses on account of the introduction of the GST will fully be compensated by the Centre. Also the legal and constitutional requirements are still in the nascent stage. It appears unlikely that these issues will be resolved by next April. But the introduction of these new taxes will give a fillip to tax revenues and enable government to bridge the fiscal deficit. The Finance Minister is confident that the tax-GDP ratio will increase from its current 11% level to around 15% in the coming years. Interestingly enough the ratio between direct taxes and the GDP has increased substantially and is now around

Ambanis bury differences PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

In a major development, the two Ambani brothers--Mukesh and Anil -- decided to bury their differences and create an environment of harmony, cooperation and collaboration between their groups. "All existing non-compete agreement between the two groups executed in January 2006 cancelled," Anil Ambani group said in a statement. The harmony comes within a few days of the SC declining to give any relief to younger brother in the gas dispute.

6.2% as against the ratio between indirect taxes and the GDP at 5%. This is indicative of the fact that is a developing economy; direct taxes will be a dominant revenue earner for government. THe ANNuAL RITuAL OF FILING ReTuRNs In order to reduce the use of paper as also the inconveniences in receiving and storing paper returns, government is encouraging the filing of returns online. Companies and firms who are required to be compulsorily audited are required by law to file their returns online, whereas for individual the filing of online returns is optional. The tax department has a portal at that allows a person to e-file the return. With the new ITR 1 available, salary assesses can electronically file their returns. Probably with easy filing of returns, many of the services provided by consultants would become obsolete, but this is still a distant prospect. For those who do not have a digital signature, it is necessary to also file ITR-V. This is a paper verification that is required to be printed and sent to the CPC at Bangalore. The site gives precise instructions on how to take a copy of the Form and where to send it. At the ground level, many assesses have still to take to e-filling since many of small and medium business men and the salaried class is still not computer savvy, but hopefully in times to come, income tax payers will be file their returns in the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days, when one would have to stand in a queue to file one’s tax returns! Of the 35 million returns filed each year only 48 lakh returns are filed electronically. One of the concerns by many is how safe is the process. With cyber criminals hacking into web portals, many wonder whether their income data sent to government is in safe hands. The tax department has now clarified that the security certificate has been updated and that the facility for e-filing of returns for 2010-11 can be done without difficulty. Yes this is time, when salary earners, pick up their tax deduction certificates and rush to their consultants asking them to prepare their returns and have them ready before the end of July the last day for the filing of returns. Well July is still a long way off, and one can safely take a holiday and come back to think about the task of having your returns ready before the due date. (The author of the column is an Income Tax official.)

Mangalore crash puts focus on infra, safety ReuTeRs NEW DELHI, MAY 23

The air crash in Mangalore that killed 158 people has underlined fears about safety gaps in the country's booming airline industry and raised doubts about whether infrastructure can keep pace with rapid economic growth. It was not clear what caused Saturday's crash, but pilots and aviation experts say regulatory oversight of safety and quality control are often poor. Staff training standards are also falling, they say. Although India has had few major accidents in recent years, some half a dozen mid-air misses over the past year has underscored that safety issues exist. Last year an Indian Airlines plane with about 150 passengers on board barely avoided a collision with an army helicopter that was part of the President's entourage in Mumbai. Media regularly reports about routine checks finding pilots reporting drunk for duty and in one instance last year pilots and crew were involved in a mid-air scuffle, leaving the aircraft to fly on its own for sometime.

Forensic officials inspect the wreckage of the crashed Air India Express passenger plane in Mangalore.

"The Air India Express crash was waiting to happen," said A. Ranganathan, an airline safety consultant and pilot instructor. "Safety standards in Indian aviation have been on the wane for the last six years. Efforts being made to correct the drift, but the systematic rot is so deep ... we are not likely to see any improvement in safety unless drastic changes are made."

Sustained robust growth has put more money in people's pockets, spurring air travel and an exponential growth in the number of low cost airlines. Domestic passenger traffic has tripled and international traffic doubled in the past five years. But infrastructure may not have kept pace and a shortage of staff may be stretching both airlines and traffic control staff.

GSPC to start overseas upstream arm in 2-3 yrs PTI MUMBAI, MAY 23

Energy conglomerate, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC), plans to start its upstream overseas arm in the next two to three years to look after its global oil and gas explorations, a top company official said. "We are likely to start an upstream overseas arm in the next two to three years. The overseas arm will look after our international exploration activities within the group," GSPC's MD, Tapan Ray, said, adding "as soon as these overseas blocks start production, we will be

able to launch the company." However, the company has not decided any name for the company yet, he said. Currently, GSPC has 11 blocks across four countries. "We commenced our overseas exploration activities in 2006 and now we have exploration blocks in Yemen, Egypt, Indonesia and Australia," Ray said. The Gujarat-based public sector company is also planning to hit the market with its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in June-July. GSPC proposes to raise between Rs 3,500-4,000 crore,

one of the largest offerings by any state-owned entity so far. The company has decided to offer 44.80 crore equity shares, or 16.70 per cent of its total equity of Re one each. GSPC will utilise Rs 1,280 crore for developing the Deen Dayal West field in the Krishna Godavari basin while another Rs 1,220 crore will be utilised towards pre-payment of loans and the remaining Rs 566 crore for exploration and development in 2011, Ray said. GSPC is the flagship concern of the GSPC Group involved in exploration and production of oil and gas.

States, Centre yet to agree on GST structure PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

Though the Centre and states officially exuded confidence in meeting the revised deadline to roll out GST from the next fiscal, an agreement over the structure for the proposed indirect tax system does not seem to be so easy. While the states have proposed two rates for goods under GST on the grounds that necessary items should attract lower rate, the Centre has suggested one rate, saying a two-rate structure would pose problems. Opposing the Centre''s proposal, Madhya Pradesh finance minister Raghavji at a meeting of the empowered committee of state finance ministers on


Gold, diamond expo in city PANJIM (HBD) -- Chintamanis is organising a Gold & Diamond Exhibition 2010 from May 25 to 27 between 10.30 am to 8 pm at Hotel Mandovi, Panjim. An offer of 50% off on diamond making charges and 25% off on gold making charges is available. Also, bullion zone where gold is available at less than bank rate can be purchased in the form of gold coins and gold bars from 1 gm to 1 kg. A systematic gold investment scheme on payment of Rs 2000 per month for 2 years and get 25 gms at the end - that’s 1gm free – can also be availed.

Toyota Q World held

The Etios sedan being unvieled

PANJIM (HBD) -- Toyota ‘Q’ World, an exhibition of their product line up in India, was held in Goa, recently. Almost 3500 car enthusiasts and potential customers actively participated in the event. The exhibit included an array of 8 vehicles. Toyota Etios concept was the highlight of the event along with the Hybrid vehicle Prius and newly launched Prado diesel. Among the other vehicles displayed at the venue were Camry, Altis, Innova and the popular SUV Fortuner. Exclusive customer engagement events were also held for fun and entertainment of the visitors, these included Bollywood dancers, live band, African dancers and a host of other activities for both the days. The event also heralded the entry of ‘Etios’ concept, the vehicle which will be entering the mass volume segment very soon. Toyota currently has it’s presence in Goa with Sharayu Toyota at Kesarval and shall be soon introducing a second facility at Colvale, Bardez by June 2010.

Friday said Centre''s suggestion will burden the poor. "Almost half of the population do not get the required basic necessities of life. In this context, the suggestion of the Centre for a single GST rate for both the daily necessities and the luxuries defies logic," he said. Arguing that the empowered committee should stick to the rate structure proposed in the discussion paper, Raghavji said, "changes in the taxation policy which are likely to adversely affect the living

Toshiba to invest $10 m in notebooks PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

Toshiba India, the Indian subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, will invest USD 10 million (about Rs 47 crore) this fiscal in the personal computer business to revamp its brand in the Indian market. The company, which has an existing lineup of nine notebook models (SKUs), plans to introduce 30 new models of computing devices in the Indian market over the next two months. "We have been present in India for some time with our laptops. But over the next one year, we will expand our business, presence and brand here," Toshiba India Director (PC Division) Tengguo Wu told PTI. The company has earmarked USD 10 million for the purpose, Wu said, adding that the money will be invested in retail expansion, increasing the product line and brand-building initiatives.

conditions of the poor cannot be justified in the name of convenience of administration. "Not agreeing with the suggestion of the empowered committee, the Centre had argued that a two-rate structure for goods is likely to result in inversions in the duty structure with raw materials and intermediates attracting higher rate and finished goods lower rates. This is will scuttle the very objective of the new indirect tax regime as the intention is to apply the lower rate to only ne-

cessities. Also, currently services are chargeable at a single rate. Adopting a dual rate for goods would generate a similar demand for services too. Both the Centre and the states have, however, agreed on the single rate for services. The Centre and states also do not agree on the threshold, the level below which tax would not be levied. The states have called for Rs 10 lakh threshold for state GST and Rs 1.5 crore for goods

under the Central GST. They also want high threshold for services under Central GST. But the Centre is for a uniform threshold for both goods and services for state GST and as well as Central GST. Commenting on the issue, Bihar Dy CM and MF Sushil Modi said, "there is almost consensus among the states that those having turnover below Rs 10 lakh should be kept out of state GST and those below Rs 1.5 crore under the Central GST. But the Centre is not agreeing to this."

PSU banks to re-launch common entrance exam PTI NEW DELHI, MAY 23

State-owned banks are likely to re-introduce the system of common entrance tests for officers and employees, a move that would help lenders standardise recruitment process and fill up vacancies faster. "We are working together with the Indian Banks'' Association (IBA) to have a common exam for the entry level officers and clerks," Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Director M Balachandran told PTI. The institute, promoted by PSU banks and the Reserve Bank, has been rendering assistance to the financial sector in activities of employee selection, promotion and placement. Earlier, there was regionwise selection of entry level bank officers through Banking Services Recruitment Board (BSRB), which was discontinued, as requirements of banks came down with computerisa-

tion a few years ago. In 1978, 15 BSRBs were established to have a uniform standard and eligibility criteria for recruitment of personnels, including clerks. As per Indian Bank Chairman and Managing Director T M Bhasin "IBA and IBPS are working on some half yearly exam system to create a talent pool for the sector." With this, there would be standardisation of educational qualification and examination system and they will form a panel. For officers it would be an all India panel and for workmen a state level panel, he said. IBA has circulated the scheme to the banks for their suggestions, Bhasin said, adding senior or specialised officers, however, would be inducted by individual banks. A large number of employment opportunities have emerged in the banking sector owing to branch expansion by

various lenders, business growth and aggressive marketing, a senior bank official said. There are 27 public sector banks including six associate banks of State Bank of India (SBI). However, State Bank of India and its associates conduct their own exam and their service conditions and benefits are also different from other public sector banks. SBI plans to hire about 27,000 people this year to fill vacancies across different divisions. "This year we have plans to recruit 20,00022,000 people in the clerical posts and 5,500 people at the probationary officer level," SBI Deputy Managing Director and Group Executive Anup Banerji had said a few months ago. As part of its strategy of enhancing focus on rural operations, SBI plans to deploy 2,000 probationary officers in rural areas, Banerji had said.

Bharat Forge looks for US footprint PTI MUMBAI, MAY 23

Bharat Forge Ltd, the flagship company of the USD 2.4 billion Kalyani Group, is looking at increasing its manufacturing footprint in the US market, a top company official said. "We need to expand our manufacturing footprint in the US market as we have a small plant at Michigan," Bharat Forge's CMD, Baba N Kalyani said. "We haven't got a right op-

portunity to expand in the US market, but in the near future we hope to expand our footprint in traditional areas (automotives)," Kalyani said. The company already has a large footprint in the European market. "Our focus is to expand our business in Europe, where we have capacities. We may expand in automotive-related activities in Europe," he said. Commenting on its China operations, Kalyani said the

company has a large footprint and the Chinese plant was scaling-up. The company, however, had no plans to set up manufacturing units in Brazil and Russian markets, where it had entered last year, he said. Asked on capex plans, Kalyani said that the company has small capital expenditure plans this year and was looking at investing more in the nonautomotive sector. The company sees a huge potential in the power sector

estimated at Rs 2,000 crore and plans to scale up its capacity of turbine generators. The company's joint ventures with Alstom, Areva and NTPC are on track, Kalyani said. The company has entered into two JVs with French power company, Alstom, to manufacture power plants equipment-basically turbines and generators and associated auxiliaries for super critical power plants at Mundra SEZ of Mundra Port in Gujarat.

Indian Commercial Pilot Association said in a statement 78 percent of crashes took place due to fatigue-related human error. "You also need to augment the strength of air traffic control which is stretched," Kapil Kaul, head of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation in South Asia, told Reuters. "DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN" The hill-top airport at Mangalore, the site of Saturday's crash, had other geographical challenges, and critics say the runway, though adequate for landing the Boeing 737 that crashed, was not long or wide enough to leave any room for error. "This was no accident, but the direct result of the deliberate failure of officials at the high levels," said a statement of Environment Support Group which had sought to block the construction of the runway. While it was yet to be established if the accident was re-

lated to wider problems in the country's aviation industry, experts say a lack of training, overworked staff and inadequate infrastructure only compounds the situation. For instance, only seven radars serve Indian air space and only big airports have the latest low-visibility landing systems, a senior official of the Airports Authority of India said. "A disaster was waiting to happen and we have been very lucky to have had no major accidents in the past 10 years," the official involved with aviation security said on condition of anonymity because of the issue's sensitivity. In April 2008, then director general of civil aviation, Kanu Gohain, told the Mint newspaper that India had just three inspectors for 10 commercial airlines and 600 planes. That number has now gone up, but many remain undertrained and a backlog of lapsed inspections may take years to clear. A 2006 safety audit by the International Civil Aviation Organisation listed India as worst on "technical personnel qualification and training". As the airline sector expanded, a shortage of pilots was met by hiring foreign pilots, some 565 of them flying now. But the government has ordered airlines to replace them with Indians by next summer, raising concerns about how the country will be able to produce enough qualified pilots so quickly. There are also calls to make inquiries into air accidents transparent. "To my knowledge in the last 50 years no inquiry report has been made public," Kaul said. "There is also the need for an independent safety board."

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CAREERS & EDUCATION Act Now, For Goa GOA, Monday, 24 May, 2010

By Christina Pinto ife happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement. ~Alfred Adler When we become followers, it is prudent to consider actions over words least we are influenced by oily speeches tainted with phony sentiment. It is necessary to be wary of such characters because they do nothing to assuage problems instead are foremost in furthering their own cause, advocating wrongful behaviour and driving rifts, tearing the bonds of peace. Greatness personified are the people who comprehend the potency behind their words and appraise each one before speaking, lest insurmountable obligations fall upon them. It is ingrained in every mere mortal to speak about the pertinent issues and the overcoming of adversity. To voice and share innermost thoughts has established the human relationship that has lead humankind on the path of progress and maturity. The persons who have helped to the above facts are not known as inspirational speakers but by a more relevant and empowering term, they are called leaders for a purpose. A leader needs only to earn the trust, participation and interest of their followers to share their goals. People oblige because their promises are cradled with meaning. Diligent involvement is the essence that breathes life into their speech and manner, thereby influencing o t h e r s t o m a ke t h e r i g h t choices. Remembered are the people who have inflicted change with



their thinking. Admiration falls on the persons who have made a difference with their conduct. It is never a war of words but a confrontation of deeds. Only through motion can there be drastic upheaval of injustice, callous and abhorrent circumstances. Our minds may speak against this travesty but character emerges when voiced with physicality. Every emotion can be substantiated with action thus lend-

ing substance to the feeling. Displaying altruism, honour and integrity in the face of tribulation is a test of these virtues, which can be said to be inherent and lasting. Rebuke or esteem, hatred or love, acceptance or fear, can be gained or lost based on the perception of our actions and not our words. Words are fleeting but actions are engraved in the minds of people when they think of what the events have truthfully represented.

Hypocrisy has met with disdain throughout history and evicted from the framework of society for its devious, conniving and manipulative nature. Trust being a precious commodity cannot be secured by a capricious tongue and a deceitful heart; it is the personality of a person who is voluble without action. It is a daunting task but ultimately to fully realize the importance of our verbal skills,

especially when delivered to others, we must stand an examination of them. Empathy and sensitivity are inculcated in a mind that knows the difficulty in treading the difficult path. There are professions that demand people to behave like rolemodels if they want to succeed, especially if one is holding a higher position, then it is vital that there are our own induced restrictions in place to set standards for emulation. Role mod-

els are the important cornerstones of society; they are the ones that illustrate how the path of success is won simply by feats of courage, resilience and uprightness. The future generation can aspire to these principles and lead the procession for an honourable society but they need guidance, from involved individuals, who exhibit the merits, hence giving cause for improving life. It takes one person to undertake the challenge, to decide that there is an endeavour worth aspiring to because it offers a realm of possibilities. Possibilities are opportunities waiting to be made available to all. They cannot be reached if no one aims for them or if their importance is negated. Nothing can change if there are no determined, unyielding forces to enforce and bring the idealism to life. The picture of Goa is often painted as a serene environment of culture, beauty and tradition. However, the perception of reality belittles the fantastic lingering description of our beloved state. Corruption is rob-

It’s Career Playtime

o you love children and playing with them? Do you have an aesthetic sense, great visualization, terrific imaginations and innovative thinking; love to work with your hands and create something new and attractive? Then why not think about putting your talents together to create a wonderful world for children while helping them to play and learn through something they just love–toys-by becoming a toy designer?


Play is recognized as a vital part of learning and growing. Toys attract babies and kids and games are an important part of play and an invaluable to a child's development. It helps them relate to their parents and peers, it helps them understand their place in the world. Toys expand their realm of imagination, and toy designers have an important role in both the entertainment, and education of children.

Trends & Technology

Successful toy designers keep abreast of trends and issues affecting the toy industry. Issues may include government regulations about toys, copyrights, new materials that could make a toy cheaper to produce or more popular to use, and related social trends that might make a toy more or less popular. The trend of making the toys has taken a tremendous change. Toy industry is experimenting a lot to develop new type of toys for the coming generation. Automatic cars, robots, guns etc are more preferred by the new generation. New technology used to make toys has made them more attractive and provided the means

to the interests of children. They need to spend a lot of time watching children play so they can create new ideas for children's toys and think about modifications to existing toys or games. They need to make sure their toy designs are safe for children, and that they only use materials that are approved by safety regulations. They must hence be good artists, able to conceptualize three-dimensions in their head as well as on paper; understand technological applications to toy making; have knowledge of Believe It toy history, art, carpentry, Even former aerospace work- sewing, and metalwork; child ers, NASA scientists and race psychology, sociology, anthrocar designers have in fact en- pology, business, merchandisjoyed their careers so much that ing, and administration. Soft skills include good written, interpersonal and visual skills as By Maria de Lima Pereira they're required to explain technical and manuthey become designers of a dif- facturing toy concepts to ferent type after retirement. non-technical team members What do all these people really and upper-level management. consider when deciding what types of careers they can make their second claim to fame in? Believe it or not they choose toys. Why you ask? Well because they can put their full creativity into it without hard core project managers debunking their concepts and designs.

to improve their quality according to the changing environment. The knowledge of electronics and mechanical has helped to improve toys immensely. Sound effects create a good impact on children and they enjoy the imitation of original sounds to create a magical effect. Lighting effect attracts and amazes children. The colour combination and quality of paints and the materials used to make the toys is essential for the purpose of selling the toys in different parts of the world.

Toy designers should have a working knowledge of computers, as well as graphic art or design and drawing skills and computer design programmes, as well as a good working knowledge of computers. Since most toys are now first generated through various computer programmes before they are actually physically made by having the ability to do these themselves the toy designer can speed up the development process.

The Work

Toy designers create new and unique toy concepts, activities, and games for children and adults. They then bring these ideas to life for a client or market them to manufacturers. They create toys like board games, puzzles, computer games, stuffed animals, remotecontrol cars, infant toys, and dolls. They work with a variety of materials including injection moulding, polymer clay, plastic, rubber, vinyl, plush, metal, wood, computers, and electronics and even different types of


Toy designer can become entrepreneurs and start up their own toy design and manufacture company, or work full-time with a well-established toy manufacturer. They can get into industrial design, furniture design, or apply their artistic talents to illustration or animation. They can also be lecturers.


Understanding child psychology and mind reading capability is required to develop toys. The likes and dislikes of the people living in a particular region are also responsible for better sale of toys. Everyone has a favourite toy from their childhood. Maybe it was a doll that talked when they pulled a string. Maybe it was a pirate ship made of interconnecting blocks. Maybe it was just a stuffed teddy with black button eyes and soft brown fur. Whatever it was, it was cherished and it was brought everywhere. The more children like their toys, the more successful the toy designer who created them was. Toy designers should also be a bit of a child themselves, and use their childhood experiences as inspiration for your designs!


Skills & Education

A toy designer is a very creative individual that is able to develop a completely new type of toy, game or children's activity, and then bring it to life. This means drawing, sketching or making a computer model of the concept, deciding how to make each detail, and then creating a prototype of the toy and originality and an ability to relate fabrics and stuffing. They must ensure safety of the toy they develop and use only approved safety materials to be able to be sold. They may sketch their initial ideas by hand, create computer models or sculpt in plastic-clay. Toy designers then create a prototype of the toy (usually a physical model or computer-animated graphic), which they show their manufacturer. Merchandising is an important part of modern day marketing, and particularly for children's movies, music and entertainment toy designers are in demand to create promotional merchandise such as toys, games and novelty items so an interest in marketing is a plus when pursuing a career as a toy designer.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a focus on Interactive Multimedia design allows students to integrate information technology into a variety of other areas including animation, graphics and music. The BA in Digital Media with a specialization in Game Development can be a great way for students to launch a career in game design. Students interested in designed computer applications, Internet media, and a variety of other interactive environments will be well served with this BA degree. Bachelor of Science in Game & Simulation Programming. This degree will prepare students for entry level positions in the video gaming industry. Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design is a very practical course that gives student the opportunities needed to develop their skills in both artistic ability and computer technology. The Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design is a great career for those students that enjoy creativity and also enjoy working with the latest in technology. National Institute of Design: Toy Design (Eligibility - BE, B. Arch, Design/Child Development.)

bing the people and the filth is overtaking the land. There is the persistent notion of what we loved about the state but how long will that be authentic. As monetary hunger ravages the land and a few rush to its aid, soon the only available cause for preservation will be memories. There is so much to be lost if Goa is allowed to be swept by the tide of commercialism. Development is welcome but not at the cost of the sanctity of the land and the people who depend and care for it. Cost is evidently present in all worldly transactions as is balance, if the latter is not maintained then there will be consequences, which include disturbances to peace and stability that it may create upheaval in many lives. There are facets of life that should be cherished and protected because they are important for the future generation. Tales can relate the youth to our heritage but more so, the visible grandeur will help them understand the uniqueness of their mores. It is dependent on what the future is assigned with, whether the consensus is, the richness

of the past should be aligned with the opportunities the present offers or if the past will be forgotten to satisfy the indulgent. Indulgence is a hollow word that doesn’t fulfil what the human spirit craves, a nurturing environment for the body and mind. By forgoing the beauty of our heritage, we are resigning ourselves to a barren future where the callous entity of commercialization reigns without the lustre of values, ethics or conviction in our land and its people. Everything worthwhile needs to be sustained by nurturing hands, if we comprehend the value of our vibrant Goa, then shouldn’t the value be protected at the earliest. Time affords no comfort for those that are weakwilled or indecisive on what is the true importance at the present moment. It is not just imperative to say “We love our Goa, she is her own individual that we appreciate,” we have to embody the love into deeds that will display the essence of pride and adoration having the potential to provide the only genuine benediction.

The essence of a night’s sleep By Caetano de Abreu


here is an old saying which expresses if you want your child to grow in robust health free from all the ailments and worldly maladies a fitful sleep is essential and much needed therapy to keep any doctor away. As per the survey conducted by Philips Healthcare as duly mentioned in the Reader's Digest India, people do not seem to take sleep in the right prospective as their findings amongst 5600 people aged between 35 and 65, across Indian cities reveals 93 percent of the Indians are sleep deprived, getting less than eight hours daily of undisturbed sleep, while 58 percent feel that their work suffers due to that dearth, with many falling asleep while working. And, yet there is 11 percent of office workers who take leave to go home thanks to the drowsiness suffered while working due to that deprived sleep factor with people willing to wager any amount to obtain that much coveted sleep. As per the Philips Sleep Survey, brought forth by the same family magazine, it states that 71 percent of the people wakes up anywhere between one to three times during the night while 63 percent showed a remarkable high risk of obstructive sleep apnea, a condition characterized by pauses in breathing during reverie which can lead to heart ailments and subse-

quently can also a trigger massive coronary thrombosis. It is said that people with chronic sleeplessness do not wish to listen to their own body functions although there are problems galore faced by the sleep-deprived people such as poor concentration habits in their work section, emotional stress factor, high-blood pressure clubbed with cardiovascular symptoms on the verge of aggravating with disastrous results, obesity, and diabetics which can occur if one adjusts to live like a couch potato. This sleep -deprivation factor known as Insomnia creates undue havoc within your ability to work with a constant lethargy to discourage from doings things that you enjoy, which is to be related to a form of trouble to fall asleep or early waking after a fitful night and when you don't get fully rested, which can jeopardize your working hours. It is said that there are alternative remedies to treat insomnia with one of them emphasizing to change our patented life-style which is acquiring more bad than good. In our perennial life style it is recorded that a child requires 12 to 14 hours of sleep while an adult needs just about 6 to 8 hours. The catch point is that while the child obtains the necessary sleep time it is the adult entrapped with confounding

stress and daily confrontations that is subject to the present mal-intent which is taking the toll on his otherwise healthy life care.It is not necessary only to frequent the advertised diet clinics or health gyms, however what is necessary is precise balance over health care habits, which in present circumstances is nearly negligible. Primarily sleep disorder is fanciful term to apply to anything which is not directly proportionate to any of our daily problems, thus the dilemma rises in how to go about and the ways and methods to prevent the reoccurrence of that malady which is unevenly jeopardizing our job prospects. Some clinical psychologists claim that sleep deprivation is your body's way to express that something is not right, thus you toss and turn. It can also be said that when you carry certain stimulus while sleeping it causes stress which does not induce a peaceful sleep and thus makes the same harder which analytically can be termed as a combination of two factors which are initiating and maintaining a constant flow of sleep. I am not here to conduct a therapy on sleep-inducement, however ail that I can say is to have positive thoughts and replace the negative for a restful sleep.

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Goa Monday 24 May 2010

Radiate Love From Within The Beauty of a Cascade A

thing of beauty is a joy forever. And once the eyes have beheld the resplendent and charming beauty of a waterfall, – its picture is etched in the soul forever. A Waterfall Is… A waterfall is usually, a sharp fall of water, most likely found on a river. It is usually a geological formation resulting from water, often in the form of a stream, flowing over an erosion-resistant rock formation that forms a sudden break in elevation. Some waterfalls form in mountain environments where erosion is rapid and stream courses may be subject to sudden and catastrophic change.

By Caetano de Abreu


owadays a wants everything that may not be available, or perhaps what is available on the market shelves or otherwise, unrealistic about the consternation that it may cause in the loving home comfort with everything flung at random, with poor parents being at the mercy of the child’s tantrums albeit to rectify the right from wrong which they have to endure valiantly to inculcate the love which deep within they know that it will flower vibrantly and unselfishly when the child attains the age of maturity and uncompromised wisdom. All said and done, the justification does not arise by endowing unrequited love on the ones that may not deserve so but parenthood gives that Nelson look and permits the sibling to do what they please to do. However, the jump from teensdom to adulthood is fraught with disparities and nothing can prepare them when uncaring situation emerges and all because the parents did not prepare them for the kind of eventualities - which is definitely no parental fault but that of the child alone. To commence with, I must

state that love is just not in giving but also in receiving within proper proportions if not more, because parents deserve it as they have undergone mystical and mythical pains to rear the child and thus whatever the love they beget should be rightfully theirs irrespective of what people might say. Nevertheless, the major contingencies that a parent faces when raising the child is playing to the uncalled gallery when the child exhibits its inane ability to create pains all around with the parents adhering to that destructive upheaval and accepting what should not be accepted. For instance can anyone request the child to tidy his/her room, which resembles a pigsty, and laugh about nonadherence of parental plea and bamboozle the diktat with a shrug and scorn as if the parents should do their bidding and not the other way around? Did any parent teach their wards about the joy of planting and nurturing the greenery which surrounds their abode of love or should the attitude be we are living in an apartment and any potted endeavour is not our concern thus why should it be our child’s concern? Did any parent educate their children to be kind to any animal so as to emphasize the term “give in buckets but take nothing” or did they encourage to hurl stones and let their maim be permanent as that pain is for them to bear the brunt and

GANESHA Shelton Albert Almeida (12), Std VII, St Rita’s HS., Colvale



not for human beings to nurse and care those dumb animals. Did the parents encourage their children to establish a like-minded social network and enjoy the fruits of economical co-existence, or rather did the parents inculcate the norms of social studies and science which is paramount in today’s intrepid world where uncouthness is the day’s catch-word? This and many other things come to mind when the expression over good parenting is relevant to proper upbringing of a child. I concur that modernity is sated with ignominies and infirmities which the parents has to endure if at all they should be proud of their siblings with the basic tutorials

ingrained with the most loving methods and not by the rule of hazardous things which can make the child see the negative aspect of the entire procedure. And, for this a parent must ensure that a child admires and believes that parental rearing is the foremost method of education which has to be nonpareil in the grander scheme of things to come, beginning with, a child should radiate love from deep within and not surreptitiously if at all we should be happy and contented over a job well done and for that we should be united as parents and let not our personal quibbles or divorce proceedings come in the way of educating our own child.

A GET-TOGETHER Rudresh Farjand (10), Std IV, St Joseph’s School, Sao Jose de Areal




MONGINIS TWO BEST CREATIVE ME ENTRIES  Tristan Rodrigues (11), Std IV, St Joseph’s School, Sao Jose de Areal wins a gift voucher of Monginis worth Rs. 125/-

 Rudresh Farjand (10), Std IV, St Joseph’s School, Sao Jose de Areal wins a gift voucher of Monginis worth Rs. 75/-

Vertical Height Waterfalls are most commonly measured by their vertical drop. It could be anything over 10 to 15 feet tall. Some waterfalls in the world drop at least 300 feet, or have a large volume and drop at least 32 feet. Waterfalls of largely varying height can be found in the same local areas. It all depends on the kind of topography.

Jewel of the Konkan

CINDERELLA & PRINCE CHARMING Nyra Rego (10), Std V, Fatima Convent HS, Margao

A BIRD HOUSE Tristan Rodrigues (11), Std IV, St Joseph’s School, Sao Jose de Areal

Waterfalls commonly form where water rushes down steep hillsides and quickly erodes the rocks. The height and number of waterfalls along a stream or river depends upon the type of rocks that are being eroded by the water.

Among Goa’s most famous landmarks is the Dudhsagar Waterfalls. It is not only one of the highest waterfalls in the country, but also amongst the top 100 highest waterfalls in world. Its name "dudhsagar", in Konkani, literally means "sea of milk" and derives its name from the foamy waters of the fall. Water plummets hundreds of feet(drops to 600m) in cascades, forming one of the most spectacular of all natural phenomena in Goa. After pouring across the Deccan plateau, the headwaters of the Mandovi River form a foaming torrent that fans into three streams, then cascades down a near-vertical cliff face into a deep green pool. Situated on the eastern border of Goa and Karnataka, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls takes a steep plunge 2000 feet down in the wooded mountains of the western Ghats. This beauty lies in the Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary, 60 kilometres from Margao - 10 kilometres from Collem Railway Station. The old Vasco Castle Rock Railway actually passes over the falls on an old stone viaduct, but has been closed for the past three years. The view from the top of the falls is breathtaking. It overlooks a steep, crescent-shaped head of a valley carpeted with a pristine, blissful and breathtaking tropical forest, with crisscrossing streams. The fall's surrounding area form a good picnic spot – preferably for an entire day. The falls look even better at dawn. But its glory is seen during monsoon when its fall turns to a giant rush of water, cascading down from the mountains behind it. Dudhsagar is only accessible on foot or by jeep.

Verticality / Slope All cascades are waterfalls (but not all waterfalls are cascades). Though the falls are nearly vertical, the official name suggests the falls are cascades. Like the height of a waterfall, the slope of a formation which can be considered a waterfall can vary depending on the region. Waterfalls must be in constant contact with bedrock (if not freefalling. Measurement “What is considered the top and what is considered the bottom?” The top of the waterfall must be at a distinct transition between a relatively shallow pitched section of stream and a relatively steeply pitched section of stream. This is usually accompanied by an increase in velocity, agitation and aera-

tion of the water, causing it to turn frothy, if not white. The bottom of the waterfall, if not vertical or nearly vertical must be at the end of a distinct stretch of bedrock based cascades. If the bedrock terminates and a talus slope begins, the waterfall will end at the beginning of the talus slope. If the waterfall transitions from a steep pitch of bedrock to a shallow pitch of bedrock in a concave manner, with a slope decreasing in a near exponential fashion, the bottom of the waterfall is considered to be the point at which the stream is no longer agitated to the point of aeration, or to the point where the bedrock ends.

A HOUSE Shenaya Pereira(8), Std III, Mary Immaculate Girls’ HS, Panjim

MICKEY & MINNIE Sindhu Kumar(7), Std II, Manovikas EMS, Margao

DUCKS IN A POND Shafila Fernandes, Std V, Our Lady of Lourdes HS., Utorda

Colour Me

BEN 10 Suraj Borkar (13), Std VII, St Anthony’s HS, Margao

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GOA, Monday, 24 May, 2010

Churchill Brothers lucky to hold East Bengal Churchill…2



Kolkata giants East Bengal dazzled but allowed a sure victory

to slip from their clutches as they settled for a 2-2 draw with Musli Power Churchill Brothers in an ONGC I-League match at Nehru Stadium, Fatorda on Sun-

day. Churchill Bros were leading 1-0 at half time. East Bengal began on a promising note and time and gain put Churchill defence under pressure. For the visitors, Mehtab Hossain, Syed Rahim Nabi and Beingachho Bekhokhei worked effectively in the midfield to feed Alvito D’Cunha and Budiram Tudu, who kept the rival defence on their toes.

Former champions Churchill Bros were a pale shadow of themselves as they were completely off-colour and were unable to strike a rhythm. Striker Budiram Tudu wasted an open chance after a floater across the Churchill Bros goal by Alvito. East Bengal could have taken the lead in the 9th minute but Beingacho Bekhokhei was the culprit as he delayed in

cracking at the rival goal after he was fed on a platter by Budiram Tudu. East Bengal nearly found the mark in the 15th minute but Alvito’s right footer came off the right post off a Behhokhei pass. A couple of minutes later Churchill’s goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya came to his side’s rescue diving at the feet of Budiram Tudu.. In the 27th minute, Beingaichho blew away an easy chance, shooting over from five yards after a Harmanjot Singh Khabra assist .

East Bengal defenders Nirmal Chettri and Uga Okpara provided little room for Odafa but their citadel fell in the 36th minute when right wing half Reisangmi Vashum gave a claver pass for Odafa, who turned around and beat East Bengal goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh. Churchill could have crossed with a 2-0 cushion but Odafa blasted wide at the stroke of lemon time. Crossing over, East Bengal mounted pressure but captain Syed Rahim Nabi’s smart header was tipped away by Churchill goalkeeper Arindam.

Churchill Bros doubled the lead in the 55th minute through a spot kick. Following an Odafa well measured pass, Ogba Kalu moved inside the rival box but East Bengal goalkeeper Gupreet caught Ogba’s leg and referee Dinesh Nair without hesitation pointed to the dreaded spot. Felix Chimaokwu made no mistake with the resultant spot kick. East Bengal fought back and midfielder Mehtab Hossain’s snap shot struck the right post and went in, in the 57th minute. East Bengal were back on level terms in the 67th minute when left wing back Bein-

gaichho was brought down by Churchill Bros defender Raju Yumnam inside the box. Substitute Sanju Pradhan made no mistake with the penalty kick beating Arindam. East Bengal were unlucky in the 73rd minute when Sanju Pradhan unleashed a 35-yard shot which beat the rival goalkeeper and bounced off the crossbar after Baichung Bhutia’s pass . At the other end, East Bengal goalkeeper Gupreet blocked Ogba Kalu’s rasping drive. Beingaicho wasted a gilt-scoring opportunity off Poibiang Poshna.

Churchill Bros’ Naveen exercises adequate control against an East Bengal player at Nehru Stadium, fatorda, Margao on Sunday. Photo: Third Eye

St Rock YC ahead atlanta georgia cup HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, MAY 23

St Rock Youth Club, Majorda prevailed over Enfermos Sports Club 53 via the tie-breaker to march into the quarter-finals of Atlanta Georgia Cup inter-village football tournament organized by Enfermos Sports Club at Rosary ground, Navelim on Sun-

day. The teams wee tied 1-1 at full time. Agnelo Fernandes put Majorda into the lead in the first half while Jaison Pereira equalized for Enfermos in the second half. In the penalty shoot-out, Lenson D’Costa, Primson Rodrigues, Agnelo Fernandes and Franky Silva netted for Majorda while Richard Coutinho and Jaison Pereira converted for Enfermos.

Sai Avtar advance sai avtar super cup


Sai Avtar Sports Club, Anjuna managed to register a narrow 4-3 win over Football Club of Siolim to enter the quarter-finals of Sai Avtar Super Cup soccer at Anjuna Gymkhana ground, Tembi on Sunday.

Mumbai Marathas top

Saprem Diukar and Christopher D’Souza (2) scored in the first session saw which saw the Anjuna side leading 3-0. Siolim were a transformed unit on crossing over and they levelled terms through Claudio Ro d r i g u e s ( 2 ) a n d P r a v i n Gaunkar. In the dying minutes, a long ranger from Rajesh Shirodkar put his team into the driver’s seat.


The Mumbai teams led by Mumbai Marathas won the honours in Indian cyber gaming championship organised by Re-Inforcement , the gaming event specialist in association with Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) at Palmarinha Resorts, Calangute. The 3-day championship concluded with a fierce contest between the two Mumbai teams going neck-and-neck in the dota category while in the cod category it was the Mumbai Marathas who got the better of Delhi Kings. In the individual category, it was Naveen Uraon and Lalit Rao who won the honours in the track mania and FIFA Cup to represent India at the World Championship in track mania and FIFA World Cup category. Besides, Naveen, Lalit, Honey Mehra and Puneet Sangolekar also secured all sponsored trips to Paris to watch the Electronic Sports World Cup games scheduled later this year. The two international sponsors representatives Ryan Chua of Razer (Singapore) and Crane Chen of Cooler Master (Taiwan) who were in Goa were impressed with the performances and hoped for better results in the future.

St. Anthony soccer: Blessed Joseph Vaz, Sancoale v. Rebello Pandal, Curtorim, Firguem Bhatt ground, Goa-Velha, 5 p.m. Santa Cruz Youth Cup soccer: Merces v. Arambol, St Cruz ground, 4.15 p.m. Atlanta Georgia Trophy soccer: Ambelim SC v. Youth of Manora, Raia, Rosary ground, Navelim, 4.30 p.m. Late Pramodini Dattaram Palyekar soccer: Sodiem Siolim v. Candolim SC, St. Anthony ’s Church ground, Siolim, 4.30 p.m. Sai Avtar Super Cup soccer: Saligao United v. Sangolda Lightning, Anjuna Gymkhana grounds, Tembi, at 4.45 p.m. Varca Panchayat cup soccer: Parish Youth, Nuvem v. Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda, Varca ground, 4 p.m. Late Vailan De Melo all-Goa volleyball: Da Cruz v. 6 TTR Bambolim; Beta 6 v. Cacra Sports Club, Vanxem Loutolim, 7 p.m.

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GOA, Monday, 24 May, 2010


Young Strikers lift Coca-Cola Cup HERALD CORRESPONDENT MARGAO, MAY 23

Decisions on captain, keeper made: Loew REUTERS COLOGNE (Germany), MAY 23

Germany coach Joachim Loew has decided on his captain for the World Cup and his firstchoice goalkeeper but will first inform the players before making his choices public, he said today. Germany captain Michael Ballack sustained an ankle injury in Chelsea's FA Cup final win over Portsmouth last week and will miss the June 11-July 11 World Cup in South Africa, joining injured goalkeeper Rene Adler on the sidelines. Adler was replaced by Bayern Munich's Hans-Joerg Butt, who was initially seen as third choice, but a strong season has put the 35-year-old in contention for a starting spot. ''We are clear about our decision regarding the team captain and the goalkeeper questions,'' Loew told rep o r t e r s f ro m t h e team's training camp in Italy. S t r i k e r Miroslav Klose, midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and defender Philipp Lahm are potential captains. Goalkeepers Tim Wiese of Werder Brem e n , Schalke 04's Manuel

Neuer and Butt are the contenders for the starting spot with Neuer the favourite. Butt, however, has played a superb season with Bayern as they won the domestic league and Cup double and were runners-up in the Champions League. Loew said he would first inform all his players before announcing his decision, probably on Thursday. Bayern Munich's seven international players, who lost in the Champions League final to Inter Milan 2-0 on Saturday, will join the squad on Tuesday and Wednesday. Loew must drop three players from his provisional 26man squad before finalising the squad by June 1. ''This is an extremely difficult situation because I have seen that all players work unbelievably hard, they are eager to learn, are constantly alert and they are investing everything they have in training,'' Loew said. ''At the moment I must be honest. I cannot decide who will go home,'' he said. Germany face Ghana, Australia and Serbia in the tournam e n t ' s group stage.

Young Strikers, Benaulim prevailed over Sirlim Sports Club via the tie-breaker 3-1 to emerge champions in the the finals of Coca-Cola Celebration Cup under-16 inter-village football tournament at Navelim on Saturday. Young Strikers won Rs 50,000 while Sirlim had to be content with Rs 25,000. The teams were level 1-1 at full time. Earlier in the semi-finals, Sirlim Sports Club blanked Sai Avtar Sports Club, Mapusa 3-1 while Young Strikers scored a hard fought win over CDJ, Ribandar 1-0. Sirlim, comprising mainly Chinchinim players, showed plenty of character and dominated the proceedings. They took off in an attacking mode and maintained momentum right through with strikers Tunard Fernandes, Cletus Pereira combining well with the midfielders. The defence marshalled by Waldney Barretto showed fine anticipation and alertness as he came up with timely tackles to frustrate Brendon Fernandes and Faisaly Bepari. Although Sirlim set the pace, Young Strikers fired the first salvo but captain Brendon’s snap shot missed the target narrowly. Sirlim spearheaded by Tunard dominated and thrice got a close look at the rival goal. Sirlim Sports Club nearly found the mark as following a

Young Strikers, Benaulim, winners of Coca-Cola Celebration Cup under-16 inter-village football alongwith Churchill Alemao, Savio Messias, T Krishna Kumar, Milind Pingle, Ajit Jha, Joyonto Chaudhury, Sanjeev Marya, John Dias, Anthony Pango, Schubert Furtado at Navelim on Saturday.

flag kick taken by Stanley Fernandes, Tunard’s smart header beat Benaulim goalkeeper Shilton Fernandes but Meldon D’Silva effected a goalline save, heading the ball out.

Stanley Fernandes muffed a sitter late in the second half when he ballooned over from handshaking distance after being fed by Tunard. In the ensuing tie-breaker,

Brendon Fernandes, Meldon D’Silva and Faisaly Bepari were on target for Strikers while Cletus Pereira was the lone scorer for Sirlim. The tournament was organ-

UC Nerul claim Novino Gold Trophy Sethi, administrator of Lakhanpal Novino, Tiwary of Novino and Agnelo Fernandes MLA. Ramkrishna Kerkar, ex-sarpanch of Candolim was also present. Bruno D'Souza compered and proposed the vote of thanks. Earlier, the chief guest and other dignitaries were introduced to the players by the organising committee members Lourenco Fernandes president of Candolim Sports Club, Patrick Gonsalves (treasurer), Stanley Fernandes (secretar y) and Vinayak (sports secretary).


Sangolda Lightning trounced Sai Avtar, Anjuna 3-0 to lift the Nagoa-Arpora Panchayat Cup inter-village soccer at Salt Lake ground, Arpora on Saturday. Anjuna dominated the initial proceedings but failed to score. A good move by Anjuna in the 10th minute saw Lazar missing the mark narrowly. Another good move was missed by Anjuna for wards in the 18th minute of play. Sangolda did not lag behind in attack and off a good move found the net through Agnelo Quadros in the 22nd minute. Goaded by the success, Sangolda continued attacking and could have doubled the lead if not for Sadab Shaikh’s shot which hit the post and rebound into play. At the stroke of breather, Llyod Mascarenhas doubled the lead for Sangolda. Down by two goals, Anjuna tried to pull one back but were unable to find the net. Saprem Diukar and Lazar worked hard to score for Anjuna but their ef-

forts proved futile. With few minutes remaining, Llyod made the issue safe for Sangolda beating the Anjuna keeper. Sangolda were awarded Rs.25,000 while Sai Avtar, Anjuna had to be content with the runners-up trophy and Rs.15,000. Following individual prizes were awarded: Best goalkeeper: Devraj Tari (Sangolda Lightning). Best defender: Amar Haldankar (Sangolda Lightning). Best forward: Saprem Diukar (Sai Avtar). Best half: Llyod Mascarenhas. Best player of the tournament: Agnelo Quadros. Best losing team: Candolim Sports Club. Agnelo Fernandes, MLA was the chief guest and gave away the prizes in the presence of Abeline Menezes, guest of honour, Michael Lobo, Zilla Parishad member, Agnelo D'Souza, sarpanch of Nagoa-Arp o r a Pa n c h a y a t , A n t h o n y Menezes, Agostinho D'Souza, Cleofas Fernandes, Krishnakant GovekarSalim Sayyed welcomed. Sanjay Diukar proposed the vote of thanks.

The Nerul captain receiving the trophy from Fr. Robin Rodrigues in the presence of Agnelo Fernandes, MLA, Pradip Sethi. HERALD CORRESPONDENT CALANGUTE, MAY 23

United Club of Nerul got the better of Adarsh Yuvak Sangh 9-8 via the sudden death tiebreaker in the finals and won the glittering Novino Lakhanpal Gold Trophy in the finals of intervillage football tournament organised by Candolim Sports Club at Dr. Gustavo Monteiro Stadium, Candolim, on Sunday. In an exciting match witnessed by a large number of spectators, both teams began on a promising note and missed a couple of scoring opportunities in the initial stage. However, it was in the last five minutes that the match became lively with counter-moves by the teams. Nerul keeper Hanson D'Sa effected two superlative saves off Francis and Avelino to keep his goal intact. Action soon moved to the other end with Adarsh keeper Lawrence saving a shot from Melvyn Lobo and blocking a re-

bound from Charles Pereira. Changing over, the teams continued exerting pressure. A good try by Avelino of Adarsh was once again saved by the Nerul keeper while Hassan Naik failed to connect a good pass to score for Nerul. A couple of goods moves were missed by both the teams with Charles Pereira of Nerul and Melvyn D'souza of Adarsh failing to score from hand-shaking distances. The winners were finally decided on penalties. The first five kicks failed to yield any re-

sult and the match went into sudden death. Nerul kept their nerves to win the sudden death tie-breaker 98. Benit D'Souza, Xavier Clemente, Agnelo Lobo, Melvyn Lobo, Russel Fernandes, Charles Pereira, Michael Monteiro, Hassan Naik and Sydon Monteiro converted for Nerul while Avelino Fernandes, Francis Fernandes Jr., Nakul Arlekar, Siddesh Kesarkar, Mauvin Britto, Francis Fernandes, Melvyn D'souza and Mohan found the mark for Adarsh. Following individual prizes

were also awarded:First scorer of the finals Avelino Fernandes (Adarsh Yuvak Sangh). Best goalkeeper Hanson D'Sa (United Club of Nerul). Best half Siddesh Kesarkar (Adarsh Yuvak Sangh). Best forward Sydon Monteiro (United Club of Nerul). Best defender Benit D'Souza (United Club of Nerul). A special prize was awarded to hardworking Ramchandra Kandolkar of Candolim Sports Club. Prizes were given away by chief guest Fr. Robin Rodrigues, parish priest of Our Lady of Hope, Candolim, guest of honour Pradip

National Games secretariat HERALD SPORTS DESK PANJIM, MAY 23

The Government today constituted the National Games secretariat to finalise various activities of 36th National Games 2011. The Games secretariat will function from the office of Sports Authority of Goa at Campal for a period of three months

beyond the event or as the government decides. The Chief Secretary, S. K. Srivastava will be the director general/chief executive officer of the secretariat, while Dr. M. Modassir, secretary sports will function as joint director general/chief operating officer. Dr. Susana de Sousa will function as deputy director general (op-

ised by Coca-Cola India in partnership with Goa Football Association (GFA) to promote football and identify promising talent at the grassroots level. The winning team was felici-

erations) and V. M. Prabhudesai as deputy director general (infrastructure and planning). Anand Sherkhane and Anupam Kishor will be deputy directors general in-charge of finance and PPP cell respectively. The government will also appoint an advisor to the secretariat to look after the work of National Games secretariat.

Sunami-I, winners of cricket tournament alongwith the guests at Ona, Maulinguem. Photo: Vishant Vaze


Nanus Killers of Valpoi receiving the prize from Haji Sadru Agab at Valpoi on Saturday. Photo: Ashraf Khan

Nanus Killers, Valpoi won the allIndia floodlit tennis ball cricket tournament organised by Valpoi Sports Club-Dubai (VSC Dubai) in association with Citizen Sports Club, Valpoi at Nuha and sons ground, Nagvem-Sattari on Saturday. In the finals, Nanus Killers defeated Kamaxi Sports Club, Po n d a . The winners were awarded Rs.50,000 alongwith a trophy while the runners-up had to be content with Rs.25,000 and a trophy. The semi-final losers, Siddu Parvesh Cricketers and Ganjeshwari Sports Club received Rs. 5,000 each alongwith trophies. Following individual prizes were awarded: Best batsmen Manoj of Nanus Killers. Best bowler Nitesh of Kamaxi Sports Club, Ponda. Man of the series, VSC Dubai champ award Punaji of Nanus Killers. Haji Sadru Aga was the chief guest and gave away the prizes in the presence of guest of ho-

nour, Haji Zameer Shaikh and special invitees Shaikh Badruddin and Haji Jaffar Aga. Valpoi Sports Club-Dubai president, Azim Aga, vice-president, Shaikh Yussuf, team manager, Atiq Aga, team captain, Shaikh Javed and members Rizwan Shaikh and Asif Shaikh spoke. The Sattari taluka toppers of Std XII from all streams were felicitated. The president of Valpoi Sports Club-Dubai informed "Herald" that the funds raised by Valpoi Sports Club-Dubai for the last so many years are being utilized solely for the welfare of the needy students and destitute people of Goa. "We’ve already provided some Goan schools with water filters and we also plan to provide poor students with school uniforms which will be given away shortly. If any needy student needs financial help for further studies, they may contact any member of Valpoi Sports Club-Dubai,” stated Azim Aga.

Sunami emerge champions HERALD CORRESPONDENT MAYEM, MAY 23

Sunami-I, Ona Maulingem, emerged champions in 10-overs cricket tournament “NPLT-10” organized by Naughty Boys of Ona Maulingem at Ona Mauligem ground on Sunday. They defeated Shack Stars from Ona by 15 runs. Ona Maulingem Kudchirem sarpanch Shiva Gaonkar, gave away the cash prizes and trophies. President of Nestle workers union, Dhiraj Bhide, Hanumant Chari, Vinod Shirodkar, Shivanand Bandekar, Nana Tate and Suresh Tate were also present. Audumbar Lockale of Shack Stars was named man-of-the match while Ankush Gawas of Sunami-I was declared man-ofthe series.

tated by PWD Minister, Churchill Alemao, Savio Messias, Secretary, Goa Football Association, T.Krishna Kumar, CEO, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd. (HCCBPL), Milind Pingle, region vice-president, HCCBPL, Ajit Jha, vice-president, corporate affairs, HCCBPL and Joyonto Chaudhury, general manager, HCCBPL. Also present was ace Indian footballer and Arjuna awardee, Baichung Bhutia, along with the under-16 Indian football team players. Excited at winning the finals, Brandon Fernandes, captain of the winning team said, “It is a proud moment for us to have won the finals of Coca-Cola Celebration Cup. It is our perseverance and team work that has helped us win the finals. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank our coach Cajetan Fernandes for guiding us to this win. A big thank you to GFA and Coca-Cola India for organizing such a wonderful tournament. It truly gives young footballers like us a platform to showcase our talent.” The tournament was organized from 21 April to 22 May. A total of 62 matches were played involving 48 village teams and there was a participation of 672 young players in the seven-aside format.

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Young Strikers lift Coca-Cola Cup Pg. 17

Churchill Bros lucky to hold East Bengal Pg. 16

Milito fires Inter to Champions glory

Mourinho poised to leave Inter on enormous high REUTERS MADRID, MAY 23

Inter Milan's team celebrates with the trophy after winning the UEFA Champions League final football match against Bayern Munich at Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid on Saturday. REUTERS MADRID, MAY 23

Inter Milan reached the summit of European soccer for the first time in 45 years when Diego Milito scored two superb goals to give them a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich in an enthralling Champions League final. The 30-year-old Argentine scored after 35 and 70 minutes to seal a deserved victory for Inter at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and complete an unprecedented treble for a Serie A club following their Italian league and Cup double. It was also a personal triumph for Inter's masterful coach Jose Mourinho who became only the third man to win the European Cup with two clubs. World Cup-bound Milito, who had spent much of his career as a journeyman striker, has reached the heights this season with 22 goals in his first Serie A campaign for Inter. He scored the goal that clinched the Italian title last weekend, got the winner in the Italian Cup final and sent the Inter fans wild in Madrid with a clinically-taken opening goal

that set them on their way to their latest triumph. ''It's a joy I've never experienced. It's incredible. I am so happy for Inter because we wanted this so badly. We are so happy and it's a unique sensation,'' Milito told reporters before surprisingly being coy about whether he will stay at the club. ''Let's see,'' he said before joining the celebrations which lasted for almost an hour after Inter received the cup from UEFA president Michel Platini, whose idea to switch the final from a Wednesday to a Saturday was rewarded with a memorable occasion. He said he wanted more children at one of Europe's great showpiece occasions and the kids of the Inter players were still playing with the gold celebration bunting on the pitch until way past their bedtimes as their dads celebrated victory. The disconsolate Bayern players, who had already won a domestic league and cup double, were denied a first treble for a German club and could only ponder what might have been. Milito set Inter on their way

when he nodded goalkeeper Julio Cesar's long punt down to Wesley Sneijder, ran on to the Dutchman's pinpoint through ball and shimmied to make space before lifting a shot into the net over Hans Joerg-Butt.

n It's a joy I've never experienced. It's incredible. I am so happy for Inter because we wanted this so badly. We are so happy and it's a unique sensation. -- Diego Milito

Amla, de Villiers guide Proteas to victory

South Africa’s Hashim Amla celebrates his century. AP NORTH SOUND, MAY 23

Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers scored hundreds as South Africa defeated West Indies by 66 runs in their rain-affected one-day international. Amla anchored the top half of the South African batting with 102 from 109 balls, and de Villiers kept the momentum going with the same score from 101 balls, as the Proteas, put in to bat, reached 280 for

seven from their rain-reduced 48 overs on a slow Vivian Richards Cricket Ground pitch on Saturday. South Africa then dismissed West Indies, who had been set a Duckworth/Lewis target of 288, for 215 in 44.1 overs to clinch a 1-0 lead in the fivematch series, which continues on tomorrow at this venue. Morne Morkel was the most successful South African bowler with three wickets for 40 runs

South Africa: Hashim Amla b Rampaul 102, Graeme Smith c Ramdin b Bravo18, Jacques Kallis c Rampaul b Bravo 1, AB de Villiers c Sarwan b Taylor 102, JP Duminy b Rampaul 15, David Miller not out 23, Johan Botha b Bravo 3, Ryan McLaren c Gayle b Taylor 1, Dale Steyn not out 2. Extras: 13. Total: 280 for 7. Overs: 48. Fall of wickets: 1-53, 2-57, 3-186, 4-240, 5-259, 6-265, 7-268. Bowling: Jerome Taylor 10-0-62-2, Ravi Rampaul 10-1-46-2, Darren Sammy 20-25-0, Dwayne Bravo 10-0-40-3, Nikita Miller 7-0-46-0, Chris Gayle 5-0-27-0, Kieron Pollard 3-0-19-0, Narsingh Deonarine 1-0-13-0. West Indies: (Target revised to 282 off 48 overs on Duckworth/Lewis system) Andre Fletcher c Kallis b Steyn 3, Chris Gayle c Botha b Morkel 45, Dwayne Bravo c de Villiers b McLaren 15, Ramnaresh Sarwan b Morkel 38, Narsingh Deonarine c Kallis b Botha 26, Denesh Ramdin b Steyn 17, Kieron Pollard c McLaren b Morkel 44, Darren Sammy c Kallis b McLaren 2, Nikita Miller not out 13, Jerome Taylor lbw b Botha 0, Ravi Rampaul c Smith b Tsotsobe 3. Extras: 9. Total: 215 all out. Overs: 44.1. Fall of wickets: 1-4, 2-44, 3-69, 4-130, 5-140, 6-192, 7-197, 8-203, 9-205. Bowling: Dale Steyn 8-0-37-2, Lonwabo Tsotsobe 6.1-0-34-1, Ryan McLaren 91-37-2, Morne Morkel 8-1-40-3, Johan Botha 10-0-47-2, Jacques Kallis 3-0-18-0.

His second goal was also superbly taken leaving Bayern defender Daniel Van Buyten bamboozled and beaten before firing past Butt into the far corner of the net. Before the decisive second

from eight overs, while Dale Steyn, Ryan McLaren, and Johan Botha collected two wickets apiece. "We want to play well, and we want to win this series," said South Africa captain Graeme Smith. "We want to have a very successful tour of the Caribbean. I have said this a number of times. We have a lot of bouncing back to do, following the Twenty20 World Cup, and we want to do it well." "This is just the first match, and the matches are very close together, so recovery is going to be important to us being successful." West Indies captain Chris Gayle, whose 45 from 39 balls was the home team's top score, felt let down by the batting again. "It's one of those things that we can't seem to catch a break with our batting, so we will have to go back to the drawing board," said Gayle. "We are not going to give-up. We know that we are not playing good cricket now."

goal, Bayern twice came close to an equaliser through striker Thomas Mueller and pacy Dutch winger Arjen Robben. Inter also went close to more goals, especially from Sneijder just before halftime, but they were denied by some excellent goalkeeping from Butt. With one end of the stadium decked out in the red of Bayern and the other filled with blueand-black clad Inter fans, both teams made a cautious start on a balmy Madrid evening. The build-up was dominated by the coaching duel between Bayern's Louis Van Gaal and his one time Barcelona assistant Mourinho but almost from kick- off it was clear both coaches had given the same instructions to their team -- go for goals. Mourinho opted for a threeman attack of Samuel Eto'o, Goran Pandev and Milito while Van Gaal, without suspended playmaker Franck Ribery, trusted his attack to Ivica Olic and Thomas Mueller with Hamit Altintop and Robben providing the ammunition. Inter's attempts obviously

The IPL saga continues to get murkier with former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns initiating legal action against Lalit Modi for alleging that he was involved in match-fixing. Cairns was removed from the list of players at the third IPL auction in January, with Modi stating that he was removed due to his involvement in match fixing. The Kiwi had threatened legal action at that time and has finally decided to keep his word. ''I'm currently an interested bystander.” ''We are still trying to have Modi served with papers. We're going through that process in India but it takes time to get through the court system. We're waiting for him, though,'' Cairns told the told 'New Zealand Herald'. ' If he decides to go to the UK we'll have him served there but it is so difficult to know his movements -- especially with all the turmoil he's embroiled in. It's frustrating but we've initiated the process and just have to wait,'' he added. The former all-rounder lamented that the ugly controversy prevented him from bowing out of his illustrious career on a high.

n I'm coach of Inter not Real Madrid. I'm very proud now of being Inter coach. If I become Real coach it's because the club (Real) wants the same as me.

Venus makes a good start

Cairns takes legal action against Modi UNI WELLINGTON, MAY 23

proved more fruitful but even before Milito put them ahead, their attack looked sharper and they always seemed the more likely to gain the early advantage. Eto'o and Milito were a constant threat to the Bayern defence, while Olic and Mueller ultimately made little impression even though Robben toiled hard on the right wing and provided them with several opportunities. Fears the game might turn into a sterile, defensive affair were unfounded and Inter, who won the European Cup in 1964 and 1965, claimed a long overdue third crown with a performance of passion, skill and rugged flair. Their display was typified by excellent skipper Javier Zanetti who will never forget his 700th match for the club. Mourinho will also never forget what might be his last match in charge of Inter as he followed Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld as the only coaches to win the European Cup with two different sides following his success with Porto in 2004.

Enigmatic Jose Mourinho, with a smile on his face but a tear in his eye, looks poised to quit Inter Milan after sealing his place as a truly great manager with a second Champions League title. ''Should I change teams my career won't change. Next year I could face Inter. If I go to play at the San Siro, I go to play at home,'' he told a news conference having earlier given conflicting signals on his future to television stations. ''I'm coach of Inter not Real Madrid. I'm very proud now of being Inter coach. If I become Real coach it's because the club (Real) wants the same as me,'' he added. Mourinho, who became only the third coach to win the European Cup with two different clubs having triumphed with Porto in 2004, said he had not held talks with Real but could do ''after tomorrow''. Inter, winners of the trophy in 1964 and 1965, were starved of European Cup success having last been in the final in 1972. In two years Mourinho has moulded Inter into a team which is hugely difficult to beat thanks to their rock solid defence and deadly counter-attacking play. His relationship with the club looks to be heading for a very amicable divorce, even if he will be glad to leave the demands of the Italian game where he was criticised by the media and punished with touchline bans for his trademark antics. As if to say goodbye, he e m braced c l u b presid e n t

Massimo Moratti after his side lifted the trophy to a huge firework display and an equally spectacular flash of camera bulbs. ''It was an unstoppable hug. More than the words it was the hug. It was an incredible wedding between us. He wanted me a few years ago when I was at Chelsea. He tried again and I went and maybe he had a feeling I could give him his dream,'' he said. His players certainly believe Mourinho is moving on with captain Javier Zanetti saying he had told them he was leaving. Brash Mourinho always likes the last word, however, and he is plotting more Champions League success if he signs for Real. ''Few have the privilege of winning it. It's an even bigger privilege winning it twice. I can win a third, a fourth, a fifth time but I don't think the feelings will be different,'' he said. ''The feelings are joy and happiness and a tear if I leave.''


Venus Williams took the French Open stage dressed for a Paris production she hopes will run a full two weeks. Wearing a lacy black “CanCan” corset with spaghetti straps and red trim, Williams choreographed a 6-3, 6-3 victory over longtime foil Patty Schnyder in the opening round Sunday. The outfit will be tough to top in the fashion department, Venus Williams of US celebrates a point against Patty Schnyder of Switzerland.

Somdev crashes out AGENCIES PARIS, MAY 23

Somdev Devvarman crashed out of the French Open after he went down fighting 3-6, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3, 3-6 to world number 65 Marco Chiudinelli of Switzerland in the first round of the French Open singles event. The match, which saw fortunes swing from one end to the other, lasted for close to four hours. It was Somdev, who led the head-tohead count 1-0 before this meeting, but luck just did not seem to favour the Indian today. Somdev, ranked 109, had earlier become the first Indian in 13 years to make the men's singles main draw of the French Open. Leander Paes was the last Indian to play at Roland Garros in 1997 when he reached the second round.

and Williams may be difficult to defeat on the scoreboard. Her 27-4 record this year is the best on the women’s tour. Last week Williams climbed for the first time since 2003 to second in the rankings, trailing only younger sister Serena. Defending champion Svetlana Kuznetsova also advanced, while 2009 quarterfinalist Victoria Azarenka was eliminated. Winners on the men’s side included Robin Soderling, hoping to mount another run at Roland

Garros after upsetting four-time champion Rafael Nadal in the fourth round last year. Kuznetsova was sweating at the start. She lost the first six points and first three games, then swept nine games in a row and beat Sorana Cirstea 6-3, 6-1. Soderling enjoyed a faster start, winning the first nine games. He dropped only nine of 58 points on his serve and defeated wild card Laurent Recouderc 6-0, 6-2, 6-3. Nadal, now 31-1 lifetime at Roland Garros, is again the tour-

nament favorite and wouldn’t meet the No. 5-seeded Soderling until the final. Azarenka, seedeed 10th, lost to Gisela Dulko 6-1, 6-2. No. 15seeded Aravane Rezai of France, coming off a victory over Venus Williams in the Madrid final, beat qualifier Heidi El Tabakh 6-1, 6-1. Varvara Lepchenko won an all-American matchup, ending a streak of seven consecutive losses in Grand Slam matches by beating wild card Christina McHale 7-5, 6-3.

24 May, Herald Publication  
24 May, Herald Publication  

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