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STOP PORT MPT blocked from sea and land by Kharewado’s fishermen l

Canoes stop barges on sea l Tempos and jeeps block gate number 9 l Fishermen march to evacuate CISF from jetty l Fisherwomen carry on chain strike at MMC

TEAM HERALD VASCO, APRIL 15: Kharewado brought Vasco to a close today. Kharewado’s fishermen, battled on sea and land to stop port operations in a show of solidarity and might to protest their homes from getting demolished. They blocked main navigational channels and in the sea and road routes leading to

DEAD END: Fishing vehicles, tempos and pickups block the main entrance of Gate 9 at MPT.

Cruise liner diverted A cruise liner from Dubai carrying 2500 passengers scheduled to arrive at the Vasco port via Cochin has been diverted because of the ongoing unrest at the Vasco port. The liner carrying these tourists were scheduled to spend the entire day in Goa and set sail to Mumbai at 1700 hours on Saturday. Sources in MPT said that in addition to the monetary losses, this agitation will affect the State’s tourism and allied businesses.

TIDES TODAY High Tide: 0928; 2119 Low Tide: 0305; 1511

KAP IT: DM Fishermen ordered to clear channels Navy, Coast Guard called in TEAM HERALD MARGAO, APRIL 15: In a late night development, South Goa District Magistrate, Prasanna Acharya has issued directions to all vessels causing hindrances to the entry channel on the seaside of the Mormugao Port Trust. In the event the directions are not complied with by the vessel owners, the district magistrate has directed the deputy superintendent of police, Margao, to remove the vessels with the assistance of the Flag Officer Commanding Goa Naval area, Vasco, and the Coast Guard, with further directions to these two authorities to provide necessary deployment to execute the order without fail. The cost of the operation is to be borne by owners of the

vessels, Acharya added. The order issued at around 10.45 pm states that the mediation between the South Goa superintendent of police and striking residents have failed to break the ice and that the blockage of the river channel continued till 10.30 pm. “This cannot be allowed to be continued on a daily basis since rivers and water ways are the exclusive domain of the government”, Acharya stated in the order. Acharya stated that the MPT chairman has reported that obstructions to port operations have been advanced by the Kharewado residents who are purportedly on strike, by allegedly blocking the entry channel on the seaside to the Mormugao Port Trust by placing 100 fishing >Continued on pg 10


PORT OF CALL DAWN FRIDAY: 250 odd trawlers and equal numbers of canoes sailed from the jetty to drop the anchor to block navigational channel of Mormugao Port Trust and Panjim port at river Mandovi. 6.30 am: 12 tempos, a pickup and one jeep raced toward Gate 9 of MPT to block the roadway leading to the MPT port. 9.30 am: Vasco police along with traffic police cleared all blocked vehicles and made way for port traffic from Gate 9 10 am : Group of fishermen marched to Kharewado fishing jetty and forcefully evacuated a patrolling party of the CISF.

10 am: Fisherwomen staged demonstration outside Mormugao Municipal Council. 11 am: A group of delegates of KPA left for Panjim to meet the chief secretary. Initiative fails. All morning: MPT constantly in touch with chief secretary. 7 pm: Mormugao Deputy. Collector Johnson Fernandes along with Superintendent of Police South Allen D’ Sa and Mormugao Sub Divisional Police Officer, Deputy Superintendent of Police Mahesh Gaonkar speak to KAP delegates but failed to convince agitators.

the port, forcing activities in Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) to a grinding halt on Friday morning. Fishermen representing the ‘Kharewado Affected People’ (KAP) brought the port to a close causing a loss of around Rs 20 crore, according to the MPT In a manner reminiscent of a sea battle, nearly 250-odd fishing trawlers affiliated to

Goa Fishing Boat Owner Association (GFBOA) along with equal number of canoes from various canoe associations from Vasco and Baina also sailed early Friday morning to anchor and block entry of barges at the entry point at MPT and also to block the Mandovi river from the Panjim port. Besides, the prominent road route from Gate 9 of

port was also blocked at 6.30 am, as over 12 tempos and jeeps were parked in front of the gate for over three hours before the Vasco traffic police cleared the area. With the opening of Gate 9, it was a major relief, as general cargo including containers, coal and coke cargo from berths 10 and 11 made its entry in the port. >Continued on pg 10




This special commercial was shown in the earlier ODP as well. There’s no change in the provision made in the revised Outline Development Plan in Margao. -- Sandeep Surlekar

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

I have not withdrawn myself from politics. When I took the decision to join politics, it was because the people invited me to do something for the community. -- Dr Hubert Gomes

Commercial interests park themselves in Margao’s ODP Savio Dias

Two leaves needs one man The two leaves symbol is desperately looking for the sign of one man. A charismatic leader to revive the party and back its recognition both electorally and in the minds of the people The UGDP, the traditional holder of this sentimental symbol plans to contest all 40 seats to garner the much needed six percent of the votes to get its recognition back. But Secretary General Anacleto Viegas may have to contend with the Mickky Pacheco factor in the polls. The flamboyant former Tourism Minister has so far not shown any inclination to embrace his party. He may play spoilsport and take UGDP’s votes, as Viegas believed Churchill’s Save Goa Front did in the last elections.

ladies Special The Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress Chief Monica Dias was in Delhi this week ostensibly to attend the annual Mahila congress conference of the National Mahila Congress. But, Monica is believed to have not left a single stone unturned in support of her claim for the Fatorda ticket with the national mahila chief and whoever that mattered in Delhi. That’s not all. Monica is believed to have demanded minimum four tickets for the mahilas in Goa – two each in North and South Goa – in constituencies represented by the BJP. Incidentally, Monica’s visit to Delhi was keenly watched by her rival ticket aspirant from Fatorda. But, her visit to stake claim for the ticket has left even other politicos guessing – whether Monica is really claiming for the Fatorda seat or has something to do with the Rajya Sabha polls due within the next one year.

CO brothers, no longer brothers-in-arms The Congress is not the only party divided over the medium of instruction row. The controversy has come to haunt the United Goans Democratic Party leadership as well. Remember, UGDP leaders Anacleto Viegas and Radharao Gracias, whose wives are sisters, moved across Salcete’s countryside 20 years ago to demand English as the medium of instruction. Well, two decades down the line, there’s no change in Radharao’s stand on the issue, but Anacleto has done a re-think. Today, Viegas has come out strongly in support of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction and has even regretted his decision to campaign for English 20 years ago. Will this ideological difference between the two top most leaders have any bearing on the future of the regional party, only time will tell.

Alemao motto: enemy’s enemy is my friend The presence of the Alemao brothers Churchill and Joaquim at the market complex inauguration at Nuvem has raised a few eyebrows. The Alemao duo used the platform to take digs at Mickky Pacheco, who has set his eyes on Nuvem in the coming polls. But, what’s intriguing to note was the presence Joaquim Alemao, who inaugurated the market complex. Joaquim, sources say, has not forgotten or forgiven the local MLA and Environment Minister for initiating action against his mines in South Goa two years ago. But, that he accompanied his elder brother to Nuvem is not out of love for the local MLA, but to checkmate Pacheco, who has been working overtime against the Alemao’s in the constituencies of their interest.

it’s an ‘english’ summer in Salcete Congress heavyweights from Salcete have suddenly realized that the ongoing agitation in support of English as the medium of instruction has refused to die down even after the government opted for a status quo on the medium of instruction policy. But, what has begun to give sleepless nights for the Congress heavyweights is the decision by former Tourism Minister Mickky Pacheco to make common cause with the parents demanding English. Barring Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat and Damu Naik, Congress MLAs or Ministers from Salcete can ill afford to oppose English as MoI as that would only invite political backlash from the constituents. Well, for the moment, the Congress leaders appears treading a cautious path with Pacheco literally taking on Churchill Alemao on the issue every day, aware that a slip may cost them dearly in the polls.

This portion of the land acquired for parking being shown as special commercial with 250 FAR in the Margao ODP. The ODP in blue color, showing the parking lot as special commercial. guilherme AlmeidA


hat does a “special commercial” zone got to do with a land acquired purely for vehicular parking?. That’s the question doing the rounds in the Commercial Capital with the Outline development (ODP) for Margao showing a whopping 250 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) on a portion of

the land acquired by the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) at the Old market, Margao for parking. The SGPDA had acquired the area at the PDA market complex with the specific purpose of developing the land for vehicular parking. What, however, has raised eyebrows is that a portion of the land – located right overlooking the

water tank in the PDA complex – has been shown as special commercial, with questions raised whether the land in question would be developed for commercial use with the participation of private players. When questioned, SGPDA member Secretary Sandeep Surlekar has feigned ignorance on the purpose behind earmarking a portion of the parking lot as special com-

mercial. “This special commercial was shown in the earlier ODP as well. There’s no change in the provision made in the revised Outline Development Plan”, he said. When further questioned, Surlekar said the PDA has no plans for the moment to develop the land for commercial use. Incidentally, this prime land acquired for vehicular

parking has been eyed upon by real estate sharks under the guise of privatization. In fact, during the tenure of Babush Monseratte as the Town and Country Planning Minister, there was a overt and covert move to utilize half the parking area for commercial purpose, leaving the balance land for parking. This proposal had indeed found a mention on

the ODP, before protests by the NGO and the local media forced the government to do a re-think on the issue. Sadly, though the land in question was acquired for vehicular parking more than half-a-decade ago, neither the PDA nor the government has given a serious though to developing the land for parking till date.

People in Benaulim seem to be living in fear: Gomes The good dentist wants Benaulim to show more teeth

Dr Hubert Gomes, the dentist turned politician from Margao has decided to contest the assembly elections from Benaulim and even take on Churchill Alemao’s daughter Valanka. But he suddenly announced his temporary withdrawal from politics. Guilherme Almeida finds out why. Herald: A little over a year ago, you had announced your entry into politics firmly setting your eyes on Benaulim. But, at a recent media briefing announced your temporary withdrawal from politics, why? Hubert: I have not withdrawn myself from politics. When I took the decision to join politics, it was because the people invited me to do something for the community. In the last three months, however, I have realized that people are scared to come out

openly in my support. This is my biggest drawback. If people come out in my support, I will contest the polls. This open support is missing as the people seem to be living in some kind of fear. I cannot lead the people who are silent. They have to come out openly. Herald: Initially, you had enjoyed the backing of Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco in your plan to contest from Benaulim. What went wrong? Hubert: It’s true that

Mickky was backing me initially. But, the Benaulim MLA was insisting that I should tell my sister, Maria Rebello, who is the Chairper-

son of South Goa Chairperson to come out in the open in support of my candidature. But, I told him that it is not possible for me to pressurize my sister to back my candidature since she has been a long time supporter of the Alemao’s. This strained my relationship with Pacheco. Herald: Many attribute your decision to temporarily withdraw from politics to your frustration and dejection over the lack of support to your movement against the government decision to

lease out the Benaulim grounds to Churchill brothers. Hubert: To be frank, I am very disappointed with the response of the people. The people are silent that the ground meant for the children of Benaulim has been snatched away from them. In fact, I am very dejected that people are silent and indifferent. If I have to fight a big giant, I need the open support of the people and senior politicians. Fighting the big giant all by myself is a difficult

task. Herald: Do you think there’s still room for professionals to make a mark in today’s Goan politics? Hubert: I feel that Goa needs people with a clean image, good administrative skills and experience and a vision. Politics is certainly different from profession. To excel in politics, you need the support of the people and cannot rely on silent supporters. IN politics, you need to have people who will openly back you up.

Zalor beach battle reaches Collectorate They both love their Zalor beach and will leave no stone unturned to prove it is theirs. For twenty years the panchayats of Carmona and Varca have fought over which panchayat’s the beach actually lies. The battle has now reached the South Goa collectorate. Team Herald gives you a ring side view.


he two-decade old battle for “Zalor beach” area between the warring villages of Carmona and Varca has finally landed in the South Goa district Collectorate. Laying its claim on Zalor – a small pocket of land consisting of a beach on the VarcaCarmona village border --the Carmona village Panchayat has moved the district Collector for re-survey of the

area at the earliest. Not to be left behind, Varca Panchayat is bracing up to fight the legal battle, claiming that Zalor beach area has never been a part of Carmona and was an integral part of the revenue village of Varca. Says Additional Collector Y B Tawde: “My office has received a petition from Carmona village Panchayat for re-survey of the Zalor area. Based on the petition, I have

started an inquiry as per the law. Reply has been sought from the Varca village Panchayat as well”. The issue of “Zalor” has been hanging fire over two decades now, with the matter pending before the Director of Panchayats for a decision. The issue crops up occasionally when the jurisdiction of the Panchayats comes into play over constructions and CRZ violations.

What has brought the issue to the centre stage once again was the decision by the Carmona gram sabha to take a morcha to the Collectorate if the petition was not disposed off at the earliest. Says Carmona Sarpanch Estaquio D’Costa: “The matter was discussed at the gram sabha meeting, wherein members asserted that the areas of Zalor ward of Carmona village have been

wrongly shown as part of Varca village. The fact remains that this area had always belonged to Carmona village. Therefore, it is clear that these areas and survey numbers 123, 124 and 125 which are shown in the village Panchayat of Varca should be corrected via a resurvey”. His Varca counterpart, Vincentina Fernandes, however, disagreed. “There is a total misconception between

Zalor ward of Carmona and Zalor beach area falling in Varca. Zalor area basically falls in Varca, more particularly in Fatrade and the local people who have their residential houses in that locality call the same area as Zalor. Let me make it clear that this Zalor area belongs to Varca, while the Zalor ward falls within the Panchayat area of Carmona. We will fight till the last to protect our land”



Not only the title of the poem is verbally abusing women but it also derogatorily describes a prostitute. The entire poem has insulted women living in Goa and elsewhere --- dr Pramod Salgaonkar

Barged ouT

M Prabhav


20 cr loss and a security concern: MPT

TEAM HERALD VASCO, APRIL 15: MPT Chairman P Mara Pandiyan said the port on Friday incurred a loss of about Rs 20 crore due to the agitation by the Khariwado Affected People (KAP), while two vessels were damaged by agitators who hurled stones and bottles. “We have not yet decided whether to lodge police com-

plaint, as a report has to be forwarded to the ministry of shipping, he said while speaking to Herald along the sidelines of the 126th anniversary celebration of Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) at Deepvihar Secondary School Ground, Headland Sada, on Friday. He said that all navigational channels were blocked and loading stopped. Meanwhile sources

in the government informed that the MPT chairman has expressed serious concern about the security to the port to the chief secretary, who held a high level meeting to clear the port for operations this afternoon. Friday’s agitation by KAP marred the 126th anniversary celebration of MPT. To make matters worse, none of the dignitaries attended the function.

Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, South Goa member of parliament Francisco Sardinha, Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza, Mormugao legislator Milind Naik and Chief Secretary Srivastava were scheduled to attend MPT’s annual day function. But none of them turned up at the meeting, except for a few officers of MPT, navy and coast Guard. Pandiyan’s speech was

virtually a appeal for talks between stakeholders to resolve the grievances of the Khariwaddo residents. “The MPT has no intention to harm the interests of anyone, as the port wants to walk along with all the stakeholders and the affected people. For every problem, there is a solution, which comes only when affected parties sit across around the table to deliberate on the problem,” he said.

No ‘action’ till govt says roll to dMd TEAM HERALD PANJIM, APRIL 15: “Goa meri jaan, jannat ki shaan, par yeh jannat main bhi saamp phaste hain aur kya daste hain”-Abhishekh Bachchan’s dialogue in Dum Maro Dum. The essence is this. “Goa my love, the pride of paradise, but snakes too get stuck in this paradise and they really do sting.” The story of the tryst with this paradise, with the proverbial snakesdrugs, sex, mafia is a brutal reality which Dum Maro Dum portrays, in perhaps stark nakedness. A reality, which many in Goa want to see. In the reel life of Dum Maro Dum, the Rohan Sippy thriller is scheduled to release on April 22. But multiplex owners are circumspect about any over the top pre-publicity in Goa, given the government forming a committee to judge the film and take a final call. Goa’s leading screening facility, INOX multiplex, equipped with four screens, has decided to wait and watch. Joseph Pereira of INOX Goa has said that they

will screen it only if State government’s committee led by Information and Publicity Secretary Rajiv Verma gives its nod. “We don’t want to take a

chance. We are waiting for the committee’s decision. If the movie gets a go-ahead, we will screen the movie, or else, we won’t,” he said. He has informed his company of

Women organisations up in arms against Shivdas’ ‘vulgar’ poem HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 15: Goa Konkani Academy President and Veteran Konkani writer N Shivdas is likely to be in trouble for his controversial poem ‘Chedi’, which is a part of his book ‘Saarth Dukkhaart’. Various women organizations in the state have gunned for Shivdas’ head demanding that he be asked to step down from his post for penning and publishing such ‘vulgar poem which insults the womanhood.’ Chedi, in Konkani means prostitute. “He has stripped women’s image in his poem ‘Chedi’. He has maliciously described

the character of women in the poem,” Auda Veigas, Bailancho Ekvott chief, told a press conference. Viegas was flanked by other women activists including former chairman of Goa State Women’s Commission Dr Pramod Salgaoncar, activist Tara Kerkar of Savera organisation, Jyoti Kunkolienkar and others. They demanded that Shivdas should tender public apology for his poem, which is in bad taste. The activists have said that the poem will carry wrong impression on the school and college going children, whoever will read it. “Not only the title of the

poem is verbally abusing women but it also derogatorily describes a prostitute. Even a Court does not call a ‘sex worker’ as prostitute. The entire poem has insulted women living in Goa and elsewhere,” Salgoankar said. The enraged women activists have demanded the government to withdraw the books already released in the market and remove the page which has the poem. They have also demanded the government not to grant any assistance to the writer. The activists have sought intervention of Goa State Women’s Commission in this matter.

the developments in Goa. Posters of this move star Abhishekh Bachchan and Bipasha Basu with Deepika Padukone doing an item number to the remixed tunes of the classic Dum Maro Dum song from the movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna Usually, a week before the release of a film, posters and banners surface publicizing its release. But for Dum Maro Dum, there is no visibility. At Osia Multiplex in Margao, the management seems to be with fingers crossed. One of its representatives told Herald that they have yet been given publicity materials for the movie. The multiplex managements are nonetheless happy that the publicity has indeed aroused curiosity among the people which will draw crowds to theatres to watch the movie. “Although we start advance bookings on Wednesday (for weekly Friday release), we have already been getting phone calls for advance booking,” said an official at Osia.

For Goan theatres and multiplexes, non-screening of the movie is not a new affair. Earlier, Da Vinci Code (English movie) had to be called off due to intense protests for hurting the religious sentiments. My Name Is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan was also protested after its release but it did not stop the multiplex from continuing screening the movie. However, Samraat Theater at Panjim is optimistic that the movie will be given a go-ahead as the filmmakers have withdrawn the ‘objectionable dialogues.’ “The bottom-line is that filmmakers have deleted the objectionable portion from the movie so I don’t believe there is any opposition to it now,” Samraat proprietor Praveen Zantye said. Zantye, known as the cashew king of Goa, said that his theatre displayed dum by showing the movie’s promos. But Goa may still have to wait for a final call for action to see the thriller not to speak of Deepika Padukone’s curves tattooed with a king cobra.

Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) has been bearing the brunt of angry fishermen yet again and this is the third such major protest by fishermen in recent times to have paralysed operations at the port. “The first agitation took place in 1994, when agitated fishermen paralyzed port operations to meet their demand of having fishing jetty along the Khariwaddo shore,” informed angry fishermen, Mariano Fernandes. “At about 2 am, tripartite Memorandum of Understating (MoU) between Goa Fishing Boat Owner Association (GFBOA), State government and port was signed that stated that fishing jetty would be constructed at Khariwado shore and survey would be conducted to

MARGAO, APRIL 15: PWD Minister Churchill Alemao has said that Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat will have to accede to the demands of parents to make English as the medium of instruction at the primary level. “I have told my Chief Minister as well as the AICC Observer for Goa to sit with the parents and take a decision. I along with Joaquim, Alexio, Alex, Agnelo are supporting the demands of parents”, Alemao said at the annual award function organized by Dalgado Konkani Akademi at the Ravindra bhavan. The PWD Minister came down heavily on Arvind Bhatikar for his statement

HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 15: As expected the screening of the Dum Maro Dum movie for the high level government committee would be done in Goa, on Monday (April 18) and not in Mumbai. A member of the committee stated that the theatre at Maquinez palace will be used as a facility to screen the movie for the committee headed by Information Secretary Rajiv Verma. “The committee head contacted the producers of the movie who agreed to screen the film in Goa. They will be coming with the movie prints for its screening here,” Information & Publicity Director Menino Peres said. Fox Star Studious India Pvt Ltd, which is the distributor for the movie, will be flying down to Goa on Monday morning. The committee will give its view on the movie to the Censor Board and also to the Union Information

DKA chief for Konkani, but which a choice HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, APRIL 15: Dalgado Konkani Akademi on Friday said the medium of instruction at the primary level should be in Konkani by giving an option to the students to choose either Devnagiri or Roman that those demanding English as the medium of instruction have been doing so to become ayas, butlers, cooks and drivers and called upon Bhatikar to close down his English medium school if he is concerned about the regional languages.

ascertain the structures along the Khariwado,” added Fernandes. However, the intensity of second agitation on February 11, 2008, was much higher in comparison with the one in 1994 and the present one. At that time, nearly 14 different associations involved in port and fishing business came under the banner ‘Mormugao Bachao Abhiyan’ (MBA) and completely paralyzed the port operation for three days. All the three routes -- sea, rail and road were blocked for three days. Once again, similar tripartite MoU was signed at the Secretariat in the presence of then port minister Micky Pacheco. It stated that the existing fishing jetty would be immediately repaired and until new fishing jetty not constructed, fishermen and their structures would not be demolished.

Distributor to fly down to Goa for screening DMD

CM has to accede to parents’ demands on medium: Churchill HERALD REPORTER

We don’t want to take a chance. We are waiting for the committee’s decision. If the movie gets a go-ahead, we will screen the movie, or else, we won’t --- Joseph Pereira of INox

Fishermen fury, a third time HERALD REPORTER

Boats blocking the channel at MPT port to prevent iron ore laden barges from entering.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

script. Akademi president Premanand Lotlikar said that since the Akademi is working towards the promotion of Konkani in Roman script, the government should give the option to the students to study Konkani in roman script at the primary level. Alemao also took a dig at Pundalik Naik and Uday Bhembre for sharing a dais with Marathi language stalwarts like Shashikala Kakodkar and accused both Bhembre and Pundalik for denying Roman script 23 years ago.

and Broadcasting ministry. The fate of the film is also relied upon the High Court case filed by a media professional in the High Court, which will be hearing the case on April 18. Here also, the petitioner has suggested the film be screened before the division bench of judges.

Russian rape case: notice on John’s bail stayed HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 15: In a temporary relief, Supreme Court on Friday granted stay on Bombay High Court’s suo moto notice seeking to cancel bail of John Fernandes, accused of raping a Russian woman at Colva in 2009. Fernandes, on Wednesday, had moved to the Supreme Court challenging the suo moto notice issued to him by Bombay High Court at Goa. In the application before the bench, he had also pleaded for anticipatory bail in case his bail is rejected by the High Court. Fernandes, who was released on the bail after almost his year long stay in the Judicial Custody, was issued show cause notice by the High court on April 6. The court had asked him ‘why his bail should not be cancelled.’ The petition for cancellation of bail will come up before the bench on April 19.



They have agreed to settle demands like hike in subsidy, stopping of harassment by Kadamba Transport Corporation buses, financial assistance to purchase ATM machines for issuing of tickets in the buses and others — Sudip Tamankar

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

We are not against the demands raised by the Association. Many of the demands are genuine and needs to be addressed immediately, but we object to the style of Tamankar’s functioning — Bus operator Manuel Rodrigues

Operators blow whistle on bus stir Lukewarm response HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 15: The indefinite strike call given by private bus operators today was called off following a string of assurances given by the Transport Department. The private bus operators claimed that their strike was 90 per cent successful while the Transport Department said that the strike had no impact as hardly 20 per cent of the buses were off the road. The strike, which many feared would cripple life in the State, was curtailed halfway through in the afternoon by private bus operators who claimed that they were satisfied with assurances of the Transport Director Arun Desai. All Goa Private Bus Owners Association (AGPBOA)

General Secretary Sudip Tamankar, who was fasting below the Transport Department office, said that department has assured to settle their demands immediately. Tamankar, who was jubilant after meeting the director, said that the department has agreed to meet most of their demands. “They have agreed to settle demands like hike in subsidy, stopping of harassment by Kadamba Transport Corporation buses, financial assistance to purchase ATM machines for issuing of tickets in the buses and others,” he said. Desai, on the other hand, said that ‘he has not agreed to all the demands but had assured them to place them before appropriate authorities.’ “Their demands would

South operators defy strike call HERALD REPORTER MARGAO, APRIL 15: Defying the bus strike call given by the All Goa Private Bus Owners Association, most of the private bus operators refused to keep their buses off the roads on Friday, with the bandh call having little effect on normal life and activity in South Goa. Private buses on the Margao-Davorlim housing board were off the road, as evident by the absence of the hustle and bustle at the Margao old bus stand. Bus owners also preferred to keep their buses off the road on the MargaoCanacona route as attempts were made to enforce the bandh along the NH-17 at Paddi and Karmal ghat. However, private buses operated on the SanguemQuepem-Margao, Cavelossim-Colva-Margao, Betul-Chinchinim-Margao route like any other day, while stray incidents of threats to private bus operators were reported from the Cuncolim police station area. The Cuncolim police arrested two drivers of private buses, Pralesh Desai and Nilesh Naik under preventive detention for stopping Road King bus along with eight others at Bhuinsa. Police said the miscreants fled away from the spot, by leaving the two-wheeler and the duo were nabbed after a hot chase by the men-inuniform. Private bus operators later called on the

Cuncolim PI Nelson Albuquerque for the release of the two bus drivers. The duo later moved the court of Sub-divisional Magistrate, Margao for bail. The Cuncolim police also rushed to Paddi near Karmal ghat in the morning following information that miscreants were threatening private bus owners on the Canacona-Margao route from plying their buses. Assistant Director of Transport Prakash Azavedo said the day began with around 60 per cent of the private buses operating on various routes in south Goa. “The percentage rose to nearly 75 per cent around noon”, he said, adding that only the Margao-Davorlim Housing Board route was affected by the bus strike. Replying to a question, he said barring the Davorlim route, private buses plied as normal in the district. Azavedo said he would submit a detailed report to the Transport Director on the buses which failed to operate on Friday for further action. Bus operators, who did not support the strike, accused Sudip Tamankar for taking decisions without taking all the bus owners into confidence. “We are not against the demands raised by the Association. Many of the demands are genuine and needs to be addressed immediately, but we object to the style of Tamankar’s functioning”, said bus operator

be placed before the State government. The department cannot take a decision,” the director said rubbishing bus operators’ claims that he assured to fulfill all their demands. Even as the parleys between the striking bus operators and government began in the afternoon, the State witnessed a mixed response for the strike. Panjim bus stand wore a deserted look but city buses were still plying packed to capacity. As most of the buses preferred to stay off the road, people were seen waiting for hours for buses to come. Few private buses, disrespecting the strike, were seen plying on the PanjimDona Paula and PanjimChimbel routes, but failed to

cater to the demands of the public. “The strike was 90 percent success. We managed to get response from maximum number of bus operators. Hardly 50 buses out of 1400 were running in the State,” Tamankar told reporters after withdrawing his fourday-long hunger strike. The Transport Department, however, has said that the strike was not successful. “Majority of the buses were running in the State except for those under AGPBOA banner. KTCL has also providedadditional force in use,” Desai added claiming that there were hundred per cent private bus attendances in places like Margao, Sanvordem, Vasco, Quepem and Sanguem. Earlier, in the morning,

Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) buses came as a sigh of relief to many passengers travelling outside the city. The corporation which normally runs around 300 buses, today plied 375odd buses to curtail the shortfall. Rather than using 50 buses from its additional quota, the corporation also diverted its inter-state buses on State routes. The bus strike, which was observed across the State, to some extent had shown its impact in the capital city with the number of two and four wheelers going up unexpectedly since morning. There were traffic jams in the city as the incoming flow of vehicles had increased. Attendance in private and government offices was also affected due to the strike.

Sachin Ambdoskar

SAME OLD STORY: An elderly woman waits patiently for the arrival of a bus at the KTC bus stand in Panjim.

HERALD NEWS BUREAU PANJIM, APRIL 15: The strike call of All Goa Private Bus Owners Association turned out to be a damp squib, with private bus owners providing service to the commuters in many parts of the State. PERNEM The bus strike had a partial impact in Pernem taluka. According to Pernem Police, no untoward incident related to the strike was reported from any parts of taluka. Government and private offices functioned normally, but strike had little impact on government offices, as many people reported for late to work. Since there is vacation, there was no impact on schools and colleges in Pernem taluka. KTC had a busy day as it tried to minimize the impact of private bus operators. Police were seen stationed at various points in the taluka. CANACONA The bus strike virtually had little or no impact in Canacona, even as few buses were forced to stop en-route to Margao early Friday morning. However, the private bus transport functioned normally via Agonda-KholaCanaguinim-Betul route unaffected throughout the day. The private bus transport via the national highway was affected for most of the day, after some private buses were initially forced to abandon their journey en-route to Margao. However, it had very little or no impact on commuters, as people could easily handle the situation with alternate arrangements. Most buses started its journey as any other day at their regular timings, however private bus operators complained of forcibly being stopped at Cuncolim. Some operators also complained to RTO Quepem that few of them were forced to abandon their trips at Gokuldem, Barcem, Padi, while still others from hinterlands of Canacona taluka thought it wise to discontinue their trips at KTC bus stand after learning of coercing moves on the route. BARDEZ The strike call of All Goa Private Bus Owners Association evoked partial response in Bardez, as some private

bus owners provided their service to the commuters. Even though Friday was the working day, the strike did not have crippling effect on the city. Mapusa Friday market was as usual and no effect was seen on commercial activities in Mapusa market. All the shops in Mapusa were open and the attendance in offices was normal. However, due to limited number of buses plying on the roads, commuters had to wait for longer period for the buses, both at KTC bus stand and on the roads. Private buses were seen plying along the routes of MapusaPanjim, Morjim-Siolim-

GU exams postponed HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, APRIL 15: The Goa University had to postpone their scheduled all postgraduate and undergraduate examinations scheduled on Friday, in view of all Goa strike called by the private bus operators. The university has informed that the revised date for conduct of the examinations will be communicated to the colleges. Mapusa, Mapusa-Aldona and Mapusa-Calangute. The Kadamba Transport Corporation had made arrangement of extra buses to avoid inconveniences to the people. Buses which are affiliated to the North Goa State Carriage Bus owners Association (NGSCBOA) were seen plying on the road. DySP Sammy Tavares had deployed sufficient police at Kadamba bus stand and at strategic locations to maintain law and order in the city. MERCES It was business as usual for the Chimbel bus operators as they defied the strike call of All Goa Private Bus Owners Association, and all the buses, barring the one owned by AGPBOA general secretary, were in operation along the Panjim-Chimbel route. The assurance from Old Goa Police to the Chimbel bus operators to report any untoward incident also gave a much needed boost to the bus owners to ply their buses

without fear. However, most of the bus operators operating along the Panjim-Curca-Telaulim route kept their buses off the road and only two buses were operational in the morning, which were however taken off the road in the afternoon, affecting the commuters on this route. On the Panjim-Santa Cruz-Bambolim route, the commuters were not affected much as KTCL put their mini-buses in operation. BICHOLIM The bus owners’ strike received mixed response in Bicholim taluka, as some private buses were seen plying. However, many people were affected due to the strike call. In the morning, a huge crowd was seen at the bus stand. Fearing untoward incident, several people preferred to take a leave. In the morning, along with the KTC buses, some private buses were seen plying along the Valpoi-Panjim route. There was rush in every bus. The most affected were the people from villages like that of Narve, Mayem, Kudnem, Surla, Pale, Pilgao, Menkurem and Latambarcem, where there were very few or almost no buses. Since people were aware about the strike, several of them started early from home. College students from Bicholim who were answering their exams in some of the colleges in Mapusa went to the college, but due to poor attendance the colleges postponed the exams. VASCO The indefinite strike called by All Goa Private Bus Owners Association hardly had any impact on the commuters in port town of Vasco. Private buses were seen plying on the outskirts of Vasco city area like New Vaddem, Birla, Bogmalo, Mangor, Baina, Headland Sada and Bogda. However, buses along all the routes, except for Headland Sada and Bogda, were plying on the roads, causing little problem to the commuters. He claimed that strike was a total failure in Vasco, as most of the bus owners cooperated with the transport department. [Inputs from Anil Shankhwalker, Arun Naik, Kathy Pereira, Manuel Vaz, Taurappa Lamani and Samir Umarye]

Headache after head injury for stranded revora boy GERARD D'SOUzA MAPUSA, APRIL 15: The world seemed different to Vishnu Kubal. This wasn’t the unusual busy Friday market day at Mapusa. He moved out of his hospital, discharged after being treated for a head injury, Kubal was looking forward to home. But getting there became a nightmare. After a fifteen minute trek from the Asilo Hospital to the Mapusa bus stand Kubal saw a bus stand devoid of buses and the crowds that were stranded there, were scrambling frantically for the sporadic Kadamba buses plying and the odd private bus that made its presence felt. With no Kadamba Transport Buses plying to Revora and the only link - private buses on strike, he had no way to go home. Kubal did the next best thing, wait.

Still groggy from the smell of formalin and clutching the back of his head Kubal sat at the bus stand trying to figure his way around a worn-out mobile phone in a bid to get in touch with his people at home. There was no one to pick him up since the entire family being busy in the fields especially since the Rabi crop is near harvest time and neither is hiring a taxi within their means. “I tried getting in touch with my people at home but to no avail. I have been sitting here since morning,” Kubal says speaking to this reporter around lunchtime. Kubal’s fate was compounded by the fact that no Kadamba buses ply between Revora and Mapusa even on regular days. His village, which relies entirely on private bus operators for public transport, was cut off completely.

People from that village had to rely on their private vehicles, with many opting to stay at home. “Earlier there used to be Kadamba buses plying up to 6 trips a day. But then fierce competition with private buses led to the buses running empty after which they were withdrawn,” Mandrekar a bus conductor with the KTC, who was standing nearby said. People from Pernem, Bicholim, Valpoi, Aldona, Siolim, Keri, all had at least the odd Kadamba bus plying. A couple of private buses helped ferry those from Vagator, and Calangute areas. But for people from Revora, Pirna, Uccassaim, there was no means of public transport. But that also meant they did not reach town only to find no means to go back.


goa SNAPSHOT Book release at Margao

We have been complaining for the last 10 years, but government is not doing anything to either repair the faulty and inefficient Bhandaras over which salt water easily overflows the other side, contaminating the localities. ---- Peter Baretto

Saline water turning fields into salt pans: Canacona farmers HERALD CORRESPONDENT

Kathy Pereira


PANJIM: Innovative Techniques, a book by Artist, Lamp Maker, Designer and Writer, Soumyajit Choudhary will be released by the Creator of Ancestral Goa, Maendra Alvares, on April, 16 at 5.30 pm at Word Ventures (Publishers and Allied Services) located on the First Floor of the Reliance Trade Centre, Margao. After the release, this beautifully illustrated book on the art of making paper lamps will be available at a discounted price. Presently working as the Head of Department, Fine Arts at The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi, UAE, the author, Soumyajit is a talented artist from New Delhi. Besides being a Publishing house, Word Ventures also houses a Christian Resource Centre which has a fantastic collection of Christian books, movies, music and gifts.

Govt okays draft agreement on Princess removal HERALD REPORTER PANJIM APRIL 15: The government today gave its final nod to the draft agreement to be signed with M/s Arihant Shipbreakers Pvt Ltd for the cutting of the River Princess. The agreement is now expected to be signed on Monday. The drafting of the agreement has taken more than four months. It may be recalled that the government had decided to award the contract to M/s Arihant Shipbreaker Pvt Ltd way

back in November last year, after the party quoted the lowest of Rs 99 crore to get rid of the damsel in distress. Speaking to Herald, Director of Tourism Swapnil Naik said that the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary reviewed the agreement and approved it without any changes. “The agreement has been approved, it will be signed on Monday,” Naik said. With this there are no obstacles left in the signing of the tender.

Children’s park in Mapusa cries for attention

Shiv Sena along with children submit a memorandum to MMC Chief Officer H Toraskar. HERALD CORRESPONDENT PORVORIM, APRIL 15: The Children’s Park at Ektanagar, behind Bank of India, Mapusa, is in a deplorable condition. The state of the park is such that swings are broken and other play instruments are not in working condition. Besides, the children’s slide has become rusty and ripped open at the bottom. It may be recalled that the foundation stone of the children’s park was laid by the then chief Minister Ravi Naik on July 31, 1991, and the Northern Planning and Development Authority in collaboration with Lions Club of Mapusa had developed the park. Then panchayat raj minister Surendra Sirsat on November 19, 1998, had inaugurated the park in the presence of the then chairman of Mapusa Municipal Council and present Mapusa

MLA Francis D’Souza. However, due to nonmaintenance of the children’s park, the condition has become pathetic. The surrounding of the park has turned into a dumping site for rubble and garbage. The lawn, small trees and benches have disappeared, giving the park a shabby look. Shiv Sena Ad-hoc member Philip D’Souza along with the children residing in the housing Board called on MMC Chief Officer H Toraskar on Friday morning and handed a memorandum demanding repair of the play instrument and restoration of the Children’s Park. The Shiv Sena also requested the chief officer to employ a caretaker and a security at the park. Since vacation has started and there is no other source of recreation for the children residing in this area, prompt action from MMC has been sought by Shiv Sena.

dents of Sadolxem-Canacona have complained that government apathy is turning their paddy fields into salt pans, besides killing their natural water resources. About 100 people from Sadolxem on Friday complained that saline water during high tide has been overflowing into the Bhandaras and has destroyed their paddy fields, besides killing their fresh water resources including their house wells. “We have been complaining for the last 10 years, but government is not doing anything to either repair the faulty and inefficient Bhandaras over which salt water easily overflows the other side, contaminating the localities,” complained a local, Peter Barretto. “The salinity can be felt everywhere in our locality,” added Barretto. Another resident, Diogo

The saline water contaminated paddy fields on the bank of river Talpona. De Silva, said: “We are only given assurances, but our problems are not solved and we are left to face these disasters every year now.” “Due to the entry of saline water, our house wells get contaminated at this time of the year and we have no other alternative than to use the water, but than again our plants and other plantations is seriously affected,” added De Silva. Incidentally, a source from

Water Resources informed that there are five sluice gates which exists one each at Batti, Muthal, Kotwadi and two at Sadolxem in these residential localities. But since the unprecedented Canacona floods left heavy siltation on this river beds, saline water easily enters the other side, especially during high tides. The desiltation may be one of the requirement to ease the

Dr Salkar accuses govt of victimisation HERALD REPORTER PANJIM APRIL 15: Dr Shekar Salkar, who had accused President of the Goa Cricket Association (GCA) Dayanand Narvekar of forging his son’s birth certificate to get him in the under-15 cricket team, has now accused the government of victimizing him. Besides he has also accused Narvekar of diverting GCA funds towards his family. “Narvekar’s wife has floated a sports company and all GCA equipment is being bought from that company. Besides, his daughter runs a health and fitness centre and the equipment there too has been provided by the GCA. Beside he has a treadmill which he uses at home, which has also been bought with GCA money,” he alleged. “GCA players are also regularly being sent for check up at that centre for which his daughter gets a monthly stipend of 21,000 for the checking of players,” he said. Addressing a press conference, Dr Salkar, an oncologist and also a member of the Goa Cricket Association, further said the government has begun probing him and his NGOs for financial irregularities, which amounts to victimisation. “The Goa government and Narvekar are systemat-

ically pulling me down. They are attacking me from all quarters, from the moment I exposed the scam. Even they are looking into NOTE finances,” Salkar said. Dr Salkar is the General Secretary of the National Tobacco Eradication Organisation, and has in the past filed complaints against several high-profile film stars for smoking in public places in violation of the ban on smoking and spitting in public places. In December last year, Salkar had accused Narvekar, who is also a former BCCI VP and deputy chief minister, of fielding his son Ganeshraj, at the under15 level by forging his birth certificate, twice. On another occasion, Narvekar had fielded his son under the name ‘Anish’, to ‘sidestep’ a BCCI rule, which allows a player to play at the under-15 level only once. Salkar had filed a criminal complaint accusing Narvekar, his wife and Ganeshraj of forgery, but according to him, the police and the Board of Control for Cricket in India, to whom he had also sent a complaint, of not acting. “The police are making me collect evidence and corroborate it, when it is in fact their job,” he said. “All they had done was fine him Rs 5,000 for, for

North taxi owners invite CM, MLA for meet HERALD REPORTER PANJIM APRIL 15: The North Goa Tourist Taxi Owners have, for a change, invited the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes to be chief guest for their meeting to be held on April 17 at Shri Zambleshwar Temple Hall, Calangute. The purpose, they say is to

thank both for passing most of their demands. “This (meeting) is to thank the chief minister and other related ministers and government transport officials for passing most of the demands and asking (their) help for future plans of the association,” a press note released by General Secretary of the Association Vinayak Nanoskar reads.

what is a criminal indiscretion,” Salkar said.

problem, besides, the bhandaras of these sluice gates used to be previously maintained by local farmers cultivating their paddy fields, which is no more a practice now. Since these fields are not cultivated, the sluice gates are not maintained and the fresh problem arises. Sources further informed that Canacona floods have left heavy siltation on river beds and water easily rises high during hide tide and enters the other side over these Bhandaras.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

Narvekar’s wife has floated a sports company and all GCA equipment is being bought from that company. --- Dr Shekhar Salkar



After vetting the rules or Right to Education, the implementation will take atleast one year as the necessary infrastructure required for it is not in place in the State. -- Education Dept

BICHOLIM: A 65-year-old man person from KudchiremBicholim committed suicide by consuming Ratol on Friday. According to reports, Surya Vithoba Gawas, who was ill and being treated for several aliments including diabetes, blood pressure and some other illnesses, committed suicide after getting fed-up with his illness.

Law dept vets Locals win battle against mining co rules, paves way for RTE Act

Tourist drowns off Vagator beach


SNAPSHOT Man consumes Ratol, dies

CALANGUTE: A 40-year-old tourist from Hyderabad drowned at Vagator on Friday afternoon. According to Anjuna Police, the incident occurred when Amrendra Rao along with his five other friends had gone for a swim. Police informed that a group of six friends had arrived in Vasco on Thursday and visited Vagator on Friday morning. The lifeguards helped in the operations while 108 Ambulance was also pressed into service. Rao was declared dead before being rushed to the hospital. PSI Sinari is investigating the case.

Health camp held at Colva

PANJIM: A mobile health camp was recently organised at Infant Jesus HS, Colva by Primary Health Centre (PHC), Cansaulim, under the Directorate of Health Services. Over 350 persons benefited from facilities such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Pap Smear and consultations in ophthalmology, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, ENT, medicine, pathology, ayurveda, homeopathy, diabetes and dentistry, apart from general checkup. MLA Benaulim, Francisco Mikky Pacheco, the chief guest, inaugurated the camp and the mobile van by cutting the ribbon and breaking the traditional coconut. He urged the people to take maximum benefits of mobile health camp. Fr Diago Fernandes, ZP Member, Nelly Rodrigues, Sarpanch Colva, Suzi Fernandes and CMO Dr Ravindra Nadkarni were also present.

Summer courses for children

PANJIM: Courses for children in personality development, confidence building for exams and other social situations and in conversational English, Portuguese and French will be held from May 1 to 31 from 10 am to 12 pm. Each course will be of 5 days duration. Those interested may contact Prof Agnel Crasto at the Institute of Personality Development, Pinto Chambers, Block A, 2nd Floor, Menezes Braganza Road, Panjim; ph 2435838/ 9420818302.

Lok Adalat at Ponda

PANJIM: Ponda Taluka Legal Services Committee will organise a Mega Lok Adalat with regard to cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act on April 21 from 10 am onwards in the Court of Senior Civil Judge, and JMFC Ponda. Public may apply to the court to place their matters under the said section.

Examination Notification

PANJIM: Students of FYBA/SYBA/ BSc of Dhempe college of Arts & Science who have not cleared their backlog papers of Sem I, II, III may fill their forms April 21 to 28 between 10 am and 12 pm for the forthcoming supplementary repeat exam which will commence from May 5. Last date for submission of forms is April 28.

Speech workshop for stammering

PANJIM: The India Stammering Association (TISA), in collaboration with the Goa YMCA Toastmaster Club will hold a three-day communication workshop from April 22 to 24 at Goa YMCA, Opp Parade Ground Campal from 9.30 am to 5 pm for those who stammer and wish to learn news techniques for improving their speech. For details and registration call Harish on 9823211467, Farida on 9822686297 or YMCA on 2227112.

Way of the Cross at Chaudi

CANACONA: Parishioners of Chaudi will hold its annual traditional live Way-of-the-Cross on Good Friday morning. According to sources, the procession with one of the parishioner arrying the Cross and few other youth imitating the roles of Jesus’ others companions and tormentors will commence from St Teresa of Jesus Church, Chaudi, on Good Friday morning. The procession will wend its way through Ponsulem,and dramatize the act of Jesus crucifixion tion in the Mastimoll Chapel.

Special mass for aged at Chaudi

CANACONA: Parish of St Teresa of Jesus Church, Chaudi-Canacona, will hold a special mass for the aged and sick on Palm Sunday at 9 am. According to sources, St Vincent De Paul Society, a parish body associated with the old, sick and poor brethren in the parish is annually observing the Palm Sunday with special prayers for their health and peace. St Vincent de Paul, Chaudi, will be making especial arrangements for transporting the sick, old and needy people to the church, if previously informed..

Driver dies of heart attack HERALD CORRESPONDENT BICHOLIM, APRIL 15: Passengers of a Maruti van escaped unhurt after the van driver suffered a heart attack and died in the vehicle. According to reports, one Shamsundar Kusta Shiolkar from Shivolkarwada-Mulgao was driving the car from Ponda to Bicholim.

After crossing the Sarmanas ferry, Shiolkar began to feel uneasy and slowed the car. The passengers offered him some water to give him some relief. But Shiolkar got sudden heart attack and died in the vehicle. Bicholim PSI T P Walke conducted the panchanama and later handed the body over to their relatives.


PANJIM, APRIL 15 :It was a

PANJIM, APRIL 15 : The state law department has finally vetted the rules for Right to Education (RTE) act in the state, which paves way for its implementation across the schools. Education department officials said that after vetting the rules, the implementation will take atleast one year as the necessary infrastructure required for it is not in place in the state. The department has decided that the RTE will be in force from the academic year 2012-13 in the state and in the meantime, all the schools will be equipped with the infrastructure. Interestingly, the RTE has agreed that medium of instruction should be in Konkani and Marathi and the recent rules have not changed the stand of the government, officials said. RTE also makes it compulsory to have full day schools in the state. “For that we required fa-

cilities like grounds, toilet and enough classrooms. The state government will have to work out infrastructural requirement,” a senior official said. Sources stated that it is likely that Goa will not merge fifth standard into the primary education as it will have to reshuffle the existing system. “Currently, first to fourth is primary school and if we include fifth standard then we will have to have one additional class and also an extra teacher,” official said. Official said that the rules will be now forwarded to the state government for its approval and for the subsequent notification of the rules. Meanwhile, gearing up for the implementation of the RTE Act, the Directorate of Education has also begun the process of appointing 331 additional teachers in government primary schools to resolve the problem of single teacher schools in Goa at the primary level.

Chorao demands four ferryboats HERALD CORRESPONDENT OLD GOA, APRIL 15: The Chorao Panchayat has demanded four ferryboats along the Chorao-Ribandar ferry route within two days, failing which they have threatened to agitate along with residents. Chorao Sarpanch Salvador D’Cruz, Deputy Sarpanch Requeta Colaco, Panchas Shrijaya Haldankar, Madhuri Kubal, Nilma Volvaikar and Prasad Chodankar, ex-sarpanchas Shrikrishna Haldankar, Rama Kubal and Sanjay Kalangutkar met Captain of Ports James Braganza on Monday and handed over a memorandum to him. The delegation in the memorandum highlighted how villagers are facing hardship due to inadequate ferryboats plying along the route. The delegation also brought to the notice of Captain of Ports that ChoraoRibandar route is one of the busiest routes in the State. “Due to our previous agitation, a fourth ferry was earlier sent to ply along the route. River Navigation Min-


ister Sudin Dhavlikar had assured that the ferry service along the route would improve,” stated the memorandum. “But for the last six months, people are facing a lot of hardship as sometimes, 1-2 ferries ply along the route,” added the memorandum. “The two ferries ‘Pednem’ and ‘Colva’ that are plying along the route are inadequate to cater to the commuters,” stated the memorandum.


victory for the long drawn battle for Gawanem, Sattari villagers when Mines and Geology department asked Chowgule & Company’s mining site in their village to be closed for not having proper environmental clearances.

Mines director Arvind Lolienkar issued the order to stop operation at this mine site, which had attracted anger from the locals. The mine site that was extracting around 1300 tones of iron ore every day had no Air and Water consent. The company was asked to immediately stop its operations as it does not have clearance under Wildlife Protection Act 1972. They are also asked to produce the Air and Water consent licences, which are mandatory for the functioning of the mine. The department through its independent inquiry had also confirmed that the mine was partly operating in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and also in the government owned land in the village.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

For the last six months, people of Chorao are facing a lot of hardship as sometimes, a couple of ferries ply along the route. But the two ferries that are plying along the route are inadequate to cater to the commuters.

The villagers were up in arms against the mine since and long and had even recently blocked the mining trucks. Police cases were filed against the village leaders by local Police Inspector. The agitation which was restricted only to Sattari spilled over to the capital city after mines department through its own report concluded that the operations of this mine should be stopped. The team of mining department officials in their ‘fact finding report’ had said that the mining was happening without proper environment clearance and the air and water consent for the mine had expired almost a year ago. A delegation of villagers along with environmentalists including Claude Alvares and Dattaram Desai on Friday went to the office of Mines director questioning him why the closure order was not given for the mine. After initial dilly dallying by the officials, who insisted that it was for Goa Pollution Control Board to stop the operations, Lolienkar finally agreed to issue the order.




“ biznews

SNAPSHOT Hu pitches for Asia's rise

BEIJING: Chinese President Hu Jintao today pitched for rise of Asia asking the countries in the region to shelve differences, seek common ground for common security and inclusive development. "As the trend toward multi-polarity and economic globalisation deepens, the people of Asia have the major task of maintaining both development and stability," Hu said at the annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), a Chinese backed interactive Asian organisation modelled on World Economic Forum of Davos in Switzerland. "Asians belong to one family," Hu said. "We need to translate diversity of our region into a driving force for more dynamic exchanges and cooperation, increase mutual understanding and trust, and take our cooperation to higher levels," he said. The Asian countries need to "seek common ground while shelving differences and enhance common security," reject the Cold War mentality and zero-sum approach, and advocate a new security concept that features mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and coordination, Hu said.

Lagu Bandhu opens showroom

A section of the new Lagu Bandhu showroom. PANJIM (HR): Lagu Bandhu, a Mumbai-based jewellery store, has moved its Goa showroom next to Hotel Delmon in Panjim. The showroom was earlier located at Navelkar Trade Center. Traditionally known for their expertise in pearls, Lagu Bandhu has now emerged as a diamond destination as well. “Our latest foray has however been in plain gold jewellery. It will be hallmarked and available in 22 carats. 24 carat gold coins too can be purchased here,” said Dilip Lagu, MD, Lagu Bandhu. “Apart from the wide range of readymade jewellery we take pride in making made to order jewellery. Our goldsmiths are the best you can find in the country and their craftsmanship is very good,” said Lagu. “The showroom in Panjim is looking to cater to the needs of the entire state. For other cities like Margao, Mapusa and Ponda, we will be holding exhibitions fro time to time,” he added.

Birla Sun Life MF launches ETF PANJIM: Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund launches Birla Sun Life Gold ETF, an open ended gold exchange traded fund. The new issue will be open from April 25, 2011 to May 9, 2011 at a face value of Rs 10 per unit. The investment objective of the scheme is to generate return which is in line with the performance of gold, subject to tracking error. No exit load will be charged. The fund will be managed by Satyabrata Mohanty and benchmarked against the prices of physical gold.

Infosys reported 14% jump in consolidated net profit for Q4 ended March 31, 2011, less than the market expectations. The board declared a final dividend of Rs 20 per share on every share of Rs 5 held.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

Opportunities are perishable and have a short time span in which an entrepreneur should exploit it, whereas ideas are infinite with no sell by date. -- Nigel Cabral


Helping ideas evolve Herald Pics

An idea can make you rich. The journey between the idea and the ultimate goal is what makes an entrepreneur a successful one. At the Young Entrepreneurs Forum, Nigel Cabral and his fellow members strive to make sure that Goan entrepreneurs get their fundamentals right. Kirth George finds out more n How did the idea to start the Young Entrepreneurs Forum germinate? When I returned to Goa from California in 2008, I was interested in meeting and networking with other entrepreneurs in order to share information and exchange ideas. Over the past few years I came across many young entrepreneurs, who were interested in starting new business but lacked the resources to pursue their ideas. When I realized that there wasn't an organized forum for such activities in Goa, I decided to initiate one for the development of entrepreneurship as well as to provide a platform to enable young entrepreneurs to launch businesses, gain access to a mentor, exchange ideas and network with each other. n Are the youth in Goa open to entrepreneurship? I have met many budding entrepreneurs in Goa. We had organized a seminar for entrepreneurs called the YEF e-posium on March 12, 2011 and it was very well attended by current students. We also organized a business

plan competition and we received over 60 business plans from young Goans. There were some venture capitalists present at the event and they were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the business plans received from Goa. Our society can do a lot to stimulate entrepreneurship. n What needs to be done to make entrepreneurship a viable option? Government policies can do much more to create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Decisions such as creating favorable tax structures, deregulating certain industries and supporting research can aid in establishing a base upon which opportunities can be built. Similarly, the way our colleges and universities teach business management courses affects approach to entrepreneurship. We also need a change in our mindset so that young graduates are encouraged to give entrepreneurship a try and understand that failure in a new venture is an acceptable option. Being an entrepreneur is not for

everyone, but I have met many young people in Goa who have ideas that could evolve into the large enterprises of tomorrow. n What is the kind of help you provide? We provide a forum to network and share business ideas, discuss financial and business funding issues as well as discuss problems affecting your business. We also provide access to a mentor who is a seasoned business veteran. Once the GCCI sets up the business incubator we will also provide access to the incubator for setting up your business. I am also in the process of setting up a business angel network for Goa. Once this is established we will be able to provide a funding source for entrepreneurs that can compete with the traditional venture capital model. n Do you mentor just about anybody who comes up to you? If not, what do you look for before accepting to help an entrepreneur? It really depends on what stage the entrepreneur is at. Currently, most of our mem-

DREAM BUILDER: Nigel Cabral takes a breather from consulting with budding entrepreneurs bers have functioning business, but I have met some people who only have a business plan. I would encourage anyone with a valid business opportunity to come and attend our meetings. It is important to distinguish between an idea and an opportunity here as opportunities are perishable and have a short time span in which an entrepreneur should exploit it, whereas ideas are infinite with no sell by date. n What in your opinion is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs today? From my personal experiences, the definition and embodiment of entrepreneurship is very different between the US and India. In the US, one takes it for granted that upon incor-

poration one can move into an office and have the basic utilities functioning 24x7. In India, if one is able to raise some initial funding, moving into a facility is a non trivial task, not to mention the infrastructure issues. Whether it's dealing with landlords who change the terms of the contract after the contract is signed, to greasing the palms all along the way to get everything from network connectivity to electricity, getting a business up and running is a much tougher proposition in India than in the US. n Why should youngsters try to become entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the economy. It can also be a very rewarding option both

monetarily and mentally for people that take the plunge. For many people, the dream of being the boss and being financially self sufficient is enough to stimulate the process. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach, and leadership balanced. Entrepreneurial leaders inject imagination, motivation, commitment, passion, tenacity, integrity, teamwork and vision. They face dilemmas and must make decisions despite ambiguity and contradictions. Very rarely is entrepreneurship a get rich quick proposition; rather it is one of building and continually renewing long term value and cash-flow.

HDFC Bank opens 3 branches in Goa HERALD BUSINESS DESK PANJIM, APRIL 15

HDFC Bank, the country’s second largest private bank, inaugurated 3 branches in the Goa at Cuncolim, Sanquelim and Marcela. Amongst the private banks, HDFC Bank currently has the largest network of branches in the state. The new branches will offer its customers world-class banking services under one roof ranging from basic services such as savings account, fixed deposits, current account, mutual funds, lockers, NRI services, demat to sophisticated direct access banking channels such as ATM, PhoneBanking, NetBanking and international credit and debit Cards. Navin Puri, country head, Branch Banking from Mumbai said, “HDFC Bank has been strategically expanding its reach and we see high market potential in this region, hence it is important that we further strengthen our presence in emerging markets like Goa. With signs of growth now visible in the region, the requirement of banking services will play a critical role. The new branches will offer our customers a wide range of banking services, using the finest technology.”

Aston Martin's design director, Marek Reichman speaks about the limited edition 'ONE-77' car during its launch in Mumbai on Friday. UK-based Aston Martin joins Ferrari, Maserati and Volkswagen AG's Bugatti and Lamborghini units in India with the company launching three models for the country's sports car enthusiasts. The company will sell the V8 Vantage, priced at Rs 1.55 crore, the Rapide at Rs 2.15 crore and the One-77 for Rs 20 crore.

Inflation rises to 8.98%; more rate hikes on card A model displays a helmet during the combined Taiwan Electric Car Show and the Taiwan Motorcycle show at the World Trade Centre in Taipei. Some 647 boothes from two hundred and thirty-four companies took part in this four-day international exhibition.

Sensex falls 310 points PTI MUMBAI, APRIL 15

The BSE Sensex fell 310 points to 19,386.82 on lower-thanexpected Infosys results for the fourth quarter, while higherthan-projected inflation numbers further fuelled investor fears of hike in interest rates. Infosys Technologies, which has the second heaviest weightage in the 30-share BSE index, was the top loser from the Sensex pack, falling 9.59 per cent and dragging down the index by nearly 195 points.


Driven by increase in prices of food and manufactured goods, inflation soared to 8.98 per cent in March raising fears of yet another hike Aban Offshor, 691, 704.9, 679.95, 693.8 Abb Ltd., 804.05, 824.85, 797.25, 818.7 Abg Shipyard, 392, 395.45, 386.2, 388.7 Acc Limited, 1102, 1123.6, 1097, 1113.4 Adani Enterp, 648, 651.9, 641.2, 643.6 Aditya Birla, 891.35, 894.5, 877.1, 883.65 Allahabad Ba, 221.05, 227.5, 221.05, 222.45 Alstom Proje, 600.5, 602.8, 586, 588.85 Ambuja Cemen, 152, 153.5, 149.65, 150.6 Andhra Bank, 148.95, 151, 147.5, 147.8 Ashok Leylan, 55.5, 55.75, 55, 55.05 Asian Paints, 2617, 2634.9, 2576.15, 2620.85 Axis Bank Li, 1426.05, 1457.9, 1421.6, 1429.9 Bajaj Hindus, 79.9, 81.9, 79.25, 79.85 Bank Of Baro, 976, 994, 972, 983.9 Bank Of Indi, 485.95, 492.45, 482.75, 488.1 Bharat Elect, 1838.65, 1868.1, 1825.05, 1840.5 Bharat Forge, 360, 361.7, 356.85, 359.85 Bharat Petro, 595.6, 603.5, 590.5, 599.4 BhartiAirte, 369.4, 376, 367.45, 372.4

in key policy rates by the Reserve Bank next month. Headline inflation, measured by movement in wholesale prices, at near 9 per cent in March was much above the RBI's projection of 8 per

Bhel, 2234.9, 2243.7, 2197.25, 2227.9 Bhushan Stee, 495.4, 520.8, 495.35, 517.55 Biocon Limit, 378.75, 379.8, 370.3, 373.6 Bombay Dyein, 394.7, 400.9, 389, 391.05 Bosch Limite, 6480, 6480, 6330, 6362 Brigade Ente, 99.85, 100, 97, 97.65 Cairn India, 344, 345.9, 338.25, 339.3 Canara Bank, 642.75, 654.4, 639.1, 651.85 Central Bank, 145.2, 146.8, 143.3, 144 CenturyText, 380, 384, 367.85, 371.3 Cesc Ltd, 312.05, 319.95, 310, 313.3 Chennai Petr, 227, 232, 226.2, 230 Cipla Ltd, 325, 325, 320, 321.65 Colgate Palm, 904.05, 928, 880, 896.85 Container Co, 1276.4, 1305, 1255.15, 1283.4 Crompton Gre, 284, 292, 283.1, 290.85 Cummins Indi, 678, 686.8, 671.6, 680.8 Dabur India, 103.6, 104.75, 102.5, 103.2 Deccan Chron, 85.45, 85.7, 81.55, 83.55 DishTv Indi, 68.8, 70.1, 67.6, 68.15

cent. As a result, experts feel the central bank may take further steps to tame rate of price rise at its annual policy to be announced on May 3. As per the official data,

Divi’s Labor, 709, 710, 700, 701.65 Dlf Limited, 251.85, 254.7, 242, 244.85 Dr. reddy’s, 1645, 1659.9, 1636.05, 1654.25 Edelweiss Ca, 39.85, 39.95, 38.55, 38.85 Educomp Solu, 464, 474.8, 458.1, 464.55 Eih Limited, 90.15, 91.7, 88.75, 90.75 Engineers In, 300.3, 301, 296.1, 298.2 Essar Oil Lt, 136.5, 138.45, 134.3, 135.05 Essar Shippi, 103.05, 107.2, 101.65, 102.7 Exide Indust, 144.4, 144.4, 140.1, 140.85 Federal Bank, 433.4, 449, 431.6, 444.9 Gammon India, 123.5, 125.9, 120.5, 121.3 Glaxosmithkl, 2125, 2140, 2100, 2104.9 Glenmark Pha, 297, 299.6, 294.15, 298.45 Gmr Infrastr, 42.5, 42.9, 41.7, 41.9 Godrej Indus, 192.8, 193.8, 187.5, 188.25 Grasim Indus, 2550.6, 2563.85, 2508, 2521.9 Great Offsho, 287.6, 296, 283.25, 288.65 Gtl Infra.Lt, 38, 38, 37.6, 37.75 Gujarat Mine, 141, 145, 139.25, 143.95

Gujarat N R, 55.8, 56, 55.05, 55.45 Gujarat Stat, 101.25, 101.25, 99.25, 99.7 Gvk Pow. & I, 29, 29, 27.9, 28.2 HclTechnolo, 499, 499.85, 479.1, 482.7 Hdfc Bank Lt, 2375, 2392, 2344, 2363.1 Hdfc Ltd, 715.3, 723.25, 702.65, 706.7 Hero Honda M, 1750, 1848, 1740, 1831.75 Hindalco in, 208.05, 213.45, 208.05, 210.2 Hindustan Co, 39.3, 39.3, 38.25, 38.4 Hindustan Ma, 62.15, 68.7, 62.1, 67.35 Hindustan Pe, 357.5, 365.8, 356.25, 361.6 Hindustan Un, 281.65, 283.3, 272.85, 275.05 Hindustan Zi, 145.5, 146.6, 142.6, 143.45 Housing Dev, 185.9, 190.25, 182, 188.25 Icici Bank L, 1119.95, 1139, 1098.25, 1101.7 Idea Cellula, 66.7, 67.25, 65.55, 66.75 Ifci Ltd, 55.7, 56.9, 55.55, 56.3 India Cement, 102.4, 102.7, 99, 99.3 India Infoli, 76.2, 76.8, 73.6, 74.05 Indiabulls F, 171.95, 176.4, 161.35, 164.35

food articles group became expensive by 9.47 per cent, cereals by 3.96 per cent and, rice and wheat by 2.69 per cent and 0.75 per cent, respectively. Despite the eight consecuIndiabulls R, 148.25, 150.6, 146.15, 149.25 Indian Bank, 234, 237.4, 231.35, 234.2 Indian Hotel, 89.3, 89.8, 87.2, 88.15 Indian Oil C, 330.8, 331.7, 326.8, 329.6 Indian Overs, 156.3, 156.75, 152.9, 155.05 Indus Dev Ba, 147.1, 149.8, 146.6, 147.35 Indusind Ban, 281.95, 283.4, 275.1, 279.95 InfosysTech, 3296.15, 3298.6, 2977.5, 2989.5 Infra. dev., 160.5, 160.5, 156.25, 157.1 Ispat Indust, 23.8, 24.25, 23.6, 23.75 Itc Ltd, 190.1, 192.65, 188.65, 191.5 Ivrcl Infras, 91, 93.35, 87.4, 89.45 Jai Corp Lim, 186.05, 192.8, 152, 186.85 JaiprakashA, 98.65, 101.85, 97.1, 99.5 JetAirways, 472.85, 472.85, 462, 467.65 Jindal Saw L, 204.05, 204.65, 196.1, 202.55 Jindal Steel, 681.15, 686.65, 668.1, 672 Jsw Steel Li, 962, 973.4, 952, 958.25 Kotak Mahind, 453.95, 460.7, 449.3, 451.95 Lanco Infrat, 43.9, 44, 42.5, 42.85

tive hikes in key policy rates by the RBI since March 2010, inflation has continued to remain significantly above the comfort level of 5-6 per cent. "Inflation has been a con-

Larsen &Tou, 1712.35, 1768, 1706.1, 1727.65 Lic Housing, 226, 231.7, 224.1, 226.7 Lupin Limite, 415.4, 415.5, 407.25, 410.9 MahanagarTe, 49, 49.9, 48.35, 48.7 Mahindra & M, 723.3, 734.9, 718.2, 724.45 Maruti Suzuk, 1270.5, 1284, 1255, 1257.2 Max India Lt, 164.05, 168.35, 164.05, 166.95 Moser-baer (, 46.2, 46.4, 44.45, 44.9 Mrpl, 71.3, 72.5, 69.75, 71.05 Nagarjuna Fe, 30.85, 31.65, 30.4, 31.25 NationalAlu, 98, 98.4, 97, 97.3 Neyveli Lign, 113.6, 113.75, 111, 111.45 Ntpc Ltd, 186.15, 187.25, 184.5, 185.4 OilAnd Natu, 288.55, 289, 281.7, 286.05 Omaxe Limite, 137, 137.9, 134.25, 135.25 Oriental Ban, 378.35, 381.9, 371.5, 373.5 Pantaloon Re, 282.05, 285, 275.3, 277.4 Parsvnath De, 46, 46.5, 44.75, 45.1 Petronet Lng, 132.65, 134.7, 131.1, 133.3 Power Grid C, 105.05, 105.7, 104.65, 105.05

cern. It has not come under control as much as I had hoped. There is a need to use fiscal and monetary policy to get rid of supply constraints wherever they exist," Montek Singh Ahluwalia said.

Praj Industr, 79.7, 81.45, 77.55, 78.25 Ranbaxy Labs, 467.75, 467.75, 460.2, 462.95 Reliance Cap, 613.7, 620.9, 607, 608.35 Reliance Com, 108.2, 109.85, 107, 107.5 Reliance Ene, 1111, 1164.99, 1111, 1130.01 Reliance Ind, 679.9, 689.55, 670.1, 674 Reliance Ind, 1018.65, 1024.85, 1005, 1020.95 Reliance Pow, 132.2, 133.25, 130.55, 131.3 Rolta India, 152.05, 152.85, 144.5, 145.55 Satyam Compu, 77, 78.15, 76.4, 77.5 Sesa Goa Ltd, 320.55, 323, 315.2, 316.1 Shipping Cor, 115.45, 115.7, 114.15, 114.8 Siemens Ltd, 860, 882.7, 810.3, 854.35 Sintex Indus, 161.25, 166.25, 161.2, 165.25 Sobha Develo, 300.05, 300.1, 293, 295.5 State Bank O, 2818, 2849, 2795, 2808.15 SteelAuthor, 171, 171, 168.1, 169.8 Sterlite Ind, 172.85, 172.95, 170.25, 171.45 Sun Pharmace, 444.5, 449.75, 438.5, 439.75 SunTv Netwo, 432.55, 433.85, 423.25, 423.85

Tata Communi, 258.55, 263.2, 257, 261.2 Tata Motors, 1249, 1269, 1228.5, 1235.85 Tata Power C, 1310, 1320, 1302, 1306.4 Tata Steel L, 634.4, 638, 628.2, 630.6 TataTeleser, 18.1, 18.15, 17.75, 17.85 Tech Mahindr, 734.15, 744.45, 728, 732.3 The Ge Shpg., 276.1, 283.85, 274.05, 278.6 The Phoenix, 200, 201.5, 197.6, 200.55 Titan Indust, 3885, 3926.85, 3832.6, 3895.45 Triveni Engg, 99.65, 101, 96.5, 96.85 Uco Bank, 116.2, 121.3, 115.75, 120.15 Union Bank O, 344, 349.7, 341.05, 343.2 Unitech Ltd, 45.1, 45.65, 43.85, 44.2 United Phosp, 153.8, 154.5, 150, 153.5 Videocon Ind, 197.5, 199.8, 193.75, 197.4 Vijaya Bank, 89, 91.2, 88.7, 89.6 Voltas Ltd, 176.25, 179.3, 172.6, 175.2 Wipro Ltd, 468, 472, 448, 449.8 Yes Bank Lim, 337.7, 341.1, 325.5, 330.35 Zee Entertai, 126.2, 127, 123.5, 124.6

Goa I Saturday April 16, 2011



t’s this machine we have got used to. It works on Christmas, does not have a hang-over on New Year, doesn’t get wet or fall sick. And it’s better than dad. It gives us money without asking us why. But Automated Teller Machines have expanded from just machines that dispensed cash from your bank account the bank itself. Even in Goa, where the local bank manager and staff in local bank are still friends and a walk to the bank is still social exercise and not a financial one, ATM’s have proliferated. “In fact, ATMs can be customised to perform any required banking function. It is essentially

Why would we risk our lives for those coconuts, my sons ask me. They prefer to remain unemployed, but do not want to climb trees. — Ravi Shanu Gawde

The ATM has now become a part of our regular lives. Now, with the facility to withdraw from almost everywhere, banking is a breeze. Kirth George unravels the mysteries of the ATM and discovers its potential a software program that needs to be developed to display the required menu and options on the ATM screen,” says a bank manager. According to a national survey, 95 per cent of bank customers use ATMs, 60 per cent use it at least once a week. In Goa too, the number of customers using ATMs are very high, but the ATM is still not being used to its optimum level. “90 per cent of the customers here use the ATM merely as a cash dispensing machine,” said another bank manager. The usage of ATMs has increased considerably after bank customers were given the flexibility of using ATMs of other banks. And this has been made possible by five

major interbank ATM networks operating in India (National Financial Switch, BANCS, Cashtree, Cashnet and Mitr) apart from multinational interbank networks, like PLUS and Cirrus. While interbank networks provide capabilities for all ATM cards within the same network to use other banks’ ATMs


that belong to the same network, the services vary. For instance, when a person uses their ATM card at an ATM that does not belong to their bank, the basic services, such as balance inquiries and withdrawals, are usually available. However, special services, such as the purchase of mobile phone airtime, are usually not

accessible to ATM cardholders of banks other than the ATM cardholders of the acquirer (the bank that owns the ATM). Many banks charge a fee ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 50 to users of cards that do not come from their own bank. But after RBI intervention to lower the cost-to-customer, all banks allow the first five transactions per month at a non home ATM for free. Banks are now trying to educate customers on various other service requirements that the ATM can fulfill, without having to go to the bank. Services may vary from one bank to another but today, customers can use ATMs to order their cheque books, transfer Sachin Ambadoskar

Toddy tapping and coconut plucking was a way of life in Goa for padelis until a few years ago. Today, this dangerous climb up the towering palm trees no longer attracts the next generation of climbers. Bharati Pawaskar meets some of the old timers who are keeping the tradition alive


More women should come forward to avail the government incentives to exhibit their art and earn — Suchita Malkarnekar

Any time. Any place. Anything!



t’s a job that involves climbing up to reach the top every day. But it’s an art which is on its way down. Goa’s coconut pluckers, seen for so many years climbing up and down trees, an image transfixed in time and a potent symbol of the Goan way of life, are a dying breed. There is no new generation of young men taking after their fathers. “I may climb a coconut tree for a few more years, until my limbs give up,” says 69 year old Gajanan Janu Velip from Nuvem in South Goa, who climbs 50 trees a day earning Rs 520, while working in two shifts – 8.30 am to 11 am and 2.30 pm to 5 pm. This goes on for a week or a fortnight, depending on the number of trees at the farm. Coconut plucking is done four times a year – March, May, August and December. While March and May is comparatively the peak season for bumper crop, the August and December yield is comparatively less. Padelis work for eight to nine months in a year, even in the monsoons. But, Gajanan may be the last of the breed. Coconut plucking is getting tedious day by day and the traditional padelis who climb tall palms trees with ease and bring down coconuts in heaps, are a rare species in Goa now. “Why would we risk our lives for those coconuts, my sons ask me. They prefer to remain unemployed, but do not want to climb trees,” says Ravi Shanu Gawde, 65, whose father and grandfather were also padelis. Hailing from Kevan in Rivon panchayat, Ravi’s three educated sons are in their late twenties. The only bread earner in the family of five, Ravi is happy that the rates for coconut plucking are up now. “Two years ago we used to get Rs 300. Years before that, I have even worked for Rs 30 a day,” he reminisces. “This year, the wholesale rates are between four and seven rupees per coconut, depending on the size, a few years ago it was only two rupees,” says Pravas Naik of Nanu Farms, who has 3000 coconut trees that are around 50 years old. The people at Nanu are planting new palms and plan to replace the present ones after the newer start bearing fruit in a few years time. However, as Pravas admits, coconut growing and plucking is getting harder due to lack of labour and mite disease. “Rats eat coconuts, so padelis get five rupees per rat as incentive if they kill it,” says Ramkrishna Vasudev Vaze, the manager of Nanu Farms. While there are hydraulic platforms used to plucking coconuts at a low height, they need a wide space between palms to do the work. Padelis cut leaves, spray medicines and kill rats from tree tops, too. But, how long will it be before the machines take over completely, due to the scarcity of the padeli?

A nutty story!

Goa grows 3 varieties of coconuts – While Benaulim (medium size, elongated shape nut) and Juvem-Calangute (big size, round shaped nut) starts yielding fruit in 7-10 years at the height of 50 ft and above. Madurai (small size, number of nuts more per tree) starts bearing fruit in three to five years at the height of around 15 ft. There are some who are experimenting with this newer variety, in the bargain replacing older palms that eliminate the need for padelis.

LOSING ALTITUDE: This might not be a familiar sight in a few years

Pics: Sachin Ambadoskar/Herald

MONEY DISPENSER: People line up outside an ATM in the heart of Panjim funds, deposit cash, recharge their mobile phone pre-paid connections, pay utility bills, handle mutual fund transactions and a host of other services. The survey also states that, of the value-added services, bill payment is the most used service, followed by prepaid mobile recharges. “What the ATM has also done is made banking, at least for most purposes, a 24-hour 365day service,” says a local businessman, who visits his ATM almost every day to avail of some service or another. The cross usage of ATMs is also an opportunity for banks to earn extra revenue. So the current number of about 600 ATMs in Goa is expected to rise even further.

IT via ATM This month, the government permitted payment of income tax through ATMs. Only Union Bank of India (UBI) is offering the service as of now UBI debit card holders need to register on the lenders website to validate the PAN (Permanent Account Number) or TAN (Tax Deduction Account Number) The customer can go to the ATM, surf the Income Tax menu and ask for the tax amount that is to be paid.


Quilt India movement Suchita Malkarnekar, a housewife from Goa, has literally warmed up to a great inspirational idea, turned it into a business and empowered many housewives to earn a decent income. Bharati Pawaskar meets the lady draped with success


lower division clerk at the Popular High School in 1983 is now a subject of inspiration and many case studies by MBA and commerce students. She is a designer of a different sort and walks a different catwalk – on the ramp of life. Her models – middle class housewives who make designer quilts, which now sell all over India and even in Portugal and America. But the story of Suchita Malkarnekar and her journey of draping quilt lovers is the stuff true inspirations are made of. It’s a story of grit, of success and above all, of belief. She has created a platform for more than 30 housewives, her teammates, to earn decent and guaranteed income per month. Each of them earns Rs 300 to 500 per piece, depending on the design, and a total of Rs 3000 to 7000 per month. Her company, Tanvi Collections, gets a lot of overseas orders and thus, Suchita has turned an art into a commercial business, the profits of which go back to those who make the business, the ladies. “I don’t change my rates too often, even if the rate of cloth goes up. When my rates increase, my team mates too get their due share,” says Suchita. These housewives have been with Tanvi Collections for the last 10

Sachin Ambadoskar

COZY AND WARM: Suchita, along with her nieces, wrapped in some of her creations

years. So how did it all begin? She started selling garments at home on a small scale and the business picked up after about four years. Slowly, she gained enough confidence to quit her job and invest half of her Provident Fund money – Rs 1.5 lakh – into her business. Soon, she took part in her first exhibition, organised by All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) at Menezes Braganza Hall in Panjim. During the five days she sold stuff worth Rs 1,00,000. The investment proved to be wise and there was no looking back thereafter. For garments to quilts, Suchita purchases her cloth from a wholesale market in Mumbai, cuts them in different sizes and

distributes these pieces to different women in South Goa with the required designs. She also sells her quilts in exhibitions and at Prachi Creations, her shop in Margao, which opened in 2004. Over the years, she has participated successfully in more than 150 exhibitions in and outside Goa. “More women should come forward to avail the government incentives to exhibit their art and earn,” adds Suchita. Her business skills have been a centre of attraction and she has been invited by colleges to share her experiences with commerce and MBA students, something that no textbook or a college lecture can. This is the real designer stuff!



Cameron seeking race hate: Cable AGENCIES LONDON, APRIL 15: Britain’s coalition suffered its most significant political split yesterday after the Liberal Democrat's Business Secretary, Vince Cable, accused Prime Minister David Cameron of inflaming racial tensions with his speech on immigration. Dr Cable said Mr Cameron's warning on the speed of immigration was inflammatory and very unwise and suggested it was calculated to win votes in next month's local elections. "I do understand there is an election coming," Dr Cable said, "but talk of mass immigration risks inflaming the extremism to which he and I are both strongly opposed." Dr Cable was campaigning yesterday and received a huge amount of support from Liberal Democrats' activists for his immigration

stance. Those close to him insisted his comments had not been premeditated. They said that just as Mr Cameron was free to put forward Conservative policies outside the coalition agreement, so Dr Cable was entitled to hit back. The Business Secretary also claimed that Mr Cameron's pledge to cut immigration to tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands was not part of the coalition agreement: "It is Tory party policy only." Lib Dems' leader Nick Clegg was sent a text of the speech in advance, which is an unusual move for an electioneering event, and had "noted but not approved" the contents of it. Mr Cameron hit back by reminding the Lib Dems that government policy on immigration had been signed off by Mr Clegg inside cabinet committees.

Rockets fired at Israel end lull in violence


JERUSALEM, APRIL 15: Palestinians in the Gaza Strip fired two rockets into Israel on Friday, police said, ending a lull in cross-border violence since an informal ceasefire took effect earlier in the week. Israel often responds to such attacks with air strikes in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. An Israeli police spokesman said two rockets were fired in the direction of the southern Israeli cities of Ashdod and Ashekelon. Violence flared last week after Hamas militants fired an anti-tank rocket across the border at an Israeli school bus, critically wounding an Israeli teenager. Israel retaliated with air and ground strikes, killing 19.

Cameron’s warning on the speed of immigration was inflammatory and very unwise and suggested it was calculated to win votes in next month’s local elections. -- Dr Cable

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

India hopes that the US would grant it access to Rana so that he could be questioned further on the conspiracy behind the 26/11 attacks in which 166 people were killed.

India to seek access to question Rana PTI ASTANA, APRIL 15: India on Friday hoped that the U.S. will provide it access to Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Hussain Rana, arrested in Chicago over the Mumbai attacks, in the wake of his claim that he provided support to 26/11 terrorists at the behest of Pakistani government and ISI. Rana’s statement has only confirmed further what India has always maintained about the involvement of Pakistan’s ISI in the 2008 terrorist attack, sources said. They said India hoped the U.S. would grant it access to him so that he could be questioned further on the conspiracy behind the 26/11 attacks in which 166 people were killed. Earlier, the U.S. had granted India access to Rana’s associate David Coleman Headley, an LeT operative who has confessed to plotting the Mumbai attacks.

FACE OF TERROR: A courtroom sketch of terror suspect Tahawwur Rana. The Pakistani-Canadian terrorist revealed ISI and Pakistani links in Mumbai terror attacks. At the same time, the sources said the dialogue process initiated with

Pakistan recently would not be affected by this development.

The request by Indian investigators to question Rana was sent to authorities in the U.S. after gathering evidence about his involvement in the planning of the 26/11 attacks and a reply from Washington is expected by May-end. The request was sent under the Mutual legal Assistance Treaty between the two countries. In New Delhi, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Thursday that there is no dilution in India’s position that all those responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks should be brought to justice expeditiously and the on-going dialogue with Pakistan will seek to address the country’s terrorism-related concerns. “It is our expectation that all those responsible for the Mumbai terrorist attack will be brought to justice expeditiously. This position is shared by the international community at large, particularly those countries whose nationals were killed during this horrific attack,” the Ministry said.

‘Early African tongue is mother of all languages’ AGENCIES NEW YORK, APRIL 15 : The world's 6,000 or so modern languages may have all descended from a single ancestral tongue spoken by early African humans between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago, a new study suggests. The finding, published Thursday in the journal Science, could help explain how the first spoken language emerged, spread and contributed to the evolutionary success of the human species. Quentin Atkinson, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and author of the study, found that the first migrating populations leaving Africa laid the groundwork for all the world's cultures by taking their single language with them—the mother of all mother tongues. "It was the catalyst that spurred the human expansion that we all are a product of," Dr. Atkinson said. About 50,000 years ago— the exact timeline is debated—there was a sudden and marked shift in how modern humans behaved. They began to create cave art and bone artifacts and developed far more sophisticated hunting tools. Many experts argue that this unusual spurt in creative activity was likely caused by a key innovation: complex language, which enabled abstract thought. The work done by Dr. Atkinson supports this notion.

His research is based on phonemes, distinct units of sound such as vowels, consonants and tones, and an idea borrowed from population genetics known as "the founder effect." That principle holds that when a very small number of individuals break off from a larger population, there is a gradual loss of genetic variation and complexity in the breakaway group. Dr Atkinson figured that if a similar founder effect could be discerned in phonemes, it would support the idea that modern verbal communication originated on that continent and only then expanded elsewhere. In an analysis of 504 world languages, Dr. Atkinson found that, on average, dialects with the most phonemes are spoken in Africa, while those with the fewest phonemes are spoken in South America and on tropical islands in the Pacific. The study also found that the pattern of phoneme usage globally mirrors the pattern of human genetic diversity, which also declined as modern humans set up colonies elsewhere. Today, areas such as sub-Saharan Africa that have hosted human life for millennia still use far more phonemes in their languages than more recently colonized regions do. "It's a wonderful contribution and another piece of the mosaic" supporting the outof-Africa hypothesis, said Ekkehard Wolff, professor emeritus of African Languages at the University of Leipzig in Germany.

All 11 BJP MLAs resign after cross voting in J&K AGENCIES JAMMU, APRIL 15: A day after seven Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislators voted for the ruling National Conference-Congress alliance candidates in the Jammu and Kashmir legislative council elections, all eleven BJP legislators resigned from the assembly. The upper house legislators' act of political betrayal and hobnobbing with the ruling alliance evoked widespread condemnation not only from various political parties but also from within the party.

Girls of Dai ethnic group celebrate the Water-Sprinkling Festival in Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna, southwest China's Yunnan Province, on Friday.

2G scam: Bicker over PAC probe PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 15: It was an all-out war between the ruling coalition and the opposition in the Public Accounts Committee meeting today over the probe into the 2G spectrum scam forcing cancellation of questioning of top officials, including Cabinet Secretary and Prime Minister's Principal Secretary. As a result the scheduled questioning of CBI Director A P Singh and Attorney General Goolam Vahanvati today was postponed as was the hearing of Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrashekar and Principal Secretary to Prime Minister T K A Nair scheduled for tomorrow. Following the fracas, Joshi did not address a press conference which he does usually after every sitting. "The Committee has decided not to have a press conference," he told reporters. The Committee will now meet April 21 to decide whether further witnesses should be called. What was simmering for long spilled over into an open war today with Congress and DMK members questioning PAC Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi of BJP as to why the inquiry into the

spectrum scam be continued because the matter was subjudice. The debate, sometimes heated, went on for over three hours in all. In an unusual occurrence for a Parliamentary Committee proceeding, even a division was taken on whether witnesses should be called. In the vote seven members belonging to the Opposition favoured calling witnesses while five of the ruling coalition voted against and Law Secretary D R Meena, already summoned, was called in to depose. Congress members K S Rao, Navin Jindal, Arun Kumar Vundavalli and Saifuddin Soz and DMK's Tiruchi Siva were among those present from the ruling side. The 22-member Committee has seven representatives from the Congress, four from BJP, two each from AIADMK and DMK, and one each from Shiv Sena, BJD, JD(U), SP, BSP and CPI(M). One seat is vacant. At the outset, senior Congress member K S Rao said since the 2G spectrum issue was sub-judice, the PAC should not call witnesses to depose before it.

FROM PAGE 1 STOP PORT The agitators gave vent to their fury, after accusing MPT and the State government, particularly Chief Minister Digambar Kamat, of failing to resolve their grievances to safeguard their structures along the Kharewado shore and other demands. In a coordinated pincer movement, After sealing off all the routes to the port, KAP members and agitators then marched to the fishing jetty to actually evacuate the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) from there. Meanwhile fisherwomen marched to Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) for their chain strike which was staged outside the MMC building. Though the agitation was largely to paralyze port operations, some agitators had verbal clashes with CISF stationed at the fishing jetty. Fishermen warned the CISF to immediately vacate the jetty or they would be forced to take law in their hands. In a stray incident, one furious fisherman from the mob flung an empty bottle on the CISF but the issue was brought under control. Sensing the heat of agitation, MPT Chairman Mara Pandiyan, was in constant touch with the chief secretary since morning. Other stakeholders in the port - Goa Barge Owners Association and exporters, were also concerned with the blockade.

KAP IT: DM trawlers, 20 barges and 40-45 motorboats. “The chief secretary along with other officials of the government tried to resolve the imbroglio by mediating with the striking residents on Friday at 12.30 pm to find out an amicable solution to the problems faced by the residents, which has failed to break the deadlock”, Acharya added. While issuing the order under section 133(A) read with section 142 of the Criminal Penal Code (Cr PC), Acharya said “It is necessary and expedient to remove the blockade on priority basis which is of national importance and pride”, adding that the blockade is required to be removed immediately without further delay as issuing a notice of hearing would cause unnecessary delay and inconvenience to the general public.



The popular outrage against high-level corruption and the strong urge for a corruption-free government has definitely worked in favour of the LDF in Kerala. — Prakash Karat

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

Time has come to change the government in the state. I appeal to the people to vote for the Congress-Trinamool Congress alliance. Centre has given enough funds to the state, but its results are nowhere to be seen. — Sonia Gandhi

SNAPSHOT Farooq Abdullah hospitalised JAMMU: Union Minister and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah was today hospitalised after he suffered a bout of vomiting. 73-year-old Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, was on his way to Kala Kendra to attend a function in Vikram Chowk area of the city, when he suffered a bout of vomiting. He was rushed to Gandhi Nagar hospital, officials said. Doctors hospitalised him and some tests have been conducted on him, they said, adding that he was put on drips immediately. The condition of Abdullah is stable, doctors at the hospital said.

Houses gutted in Srinagar SRINAGAR: A major fire broke out in the densely populated Habba Kadal area here in which several houses were gutted, police said. No causality is, however, reported so far, they said. The fire broke out from a house in Habba Kadal and soon engulfed the nearby houses, officials said. So far, three houses have been gutted in the fire and the blaze is spreading to other houses, they said. Fire tenders have been pressed into service but the narrow lanes in the area is causing difficulty in bringing the blaze under control, they said. The entire area is in danger as the houses are old, mostly made of wood, and constructed very close to each other, they said.

Cops suspended; accused ends life AZAMGARH: A murder accused allegedly committed suicide in police custody following which three policemen, including the SHO, were suspended and an FIR was lodged against them, officials said today. Kamlesh (40), picked up by the police for interrogation in a murder case, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself in the lockup yesterday. Taking note of the incident, DIG, Azamgarh, Rajkumar suspended the SHO Vijay Singh and two constables Vinod Tripathi and Mohan Lal. An FIR has also been lodged against them. The body of Kamlesh has been sent for post-mortem after which cause of his death could be ascertained, the DIG said.

Protests over Ambedkar statue GHAZIABAD: A statue of B R Ambedkar was vandalised by unidentified persons at Muradnagar here, leading to tension in the area, police said today. According to police, when the followers reached the block development office to pay their tributes to the leader on his 120th birth anniversary yesterday, they apparently found his statue damaged, agitated over which they jammed the national highway and indulged in stone pelting. Police brought the situation under control by repairing the damaged portion of the statue, besides assuring the crowd of replacing it with a new one. The Ambedkar statue which was installed here around 20 years ago has not been unveiled till date due to a pending court case. Every year followers of the Dalit leader pay their tributes by uncovering it for a brief period, police said.

Lightning claims 17 lives in K’taka BANGALORE: As many as 17 people died in lightning strikes and unseasonal summer rain-related incidents in Karnataka in the last four days, officials said today. While lightning claimed 14 lives in nine districts, house collapses triggered by heavy rains left three persons dead, revenue officials said here. Yesterday alone, seven persons were killed in lightning in different places, they said here. Hassan district accounted for maximum of three deaths due to lightning strikes followed by Shimoga, Chamarajanagar and Haveri (two each) and Ramanagara, Bellary, Bagalkot, Dharwad and Gadag one each. House collapses killed two persons in Ramanagara and one in Udupi, the officials said. In Yembhatahalli in Bijapur district, about 35 houses were damaged in the heavy rains, but no casualties were reported, they said.

Constable killed in Manipur

IMPHAL: A constable of Manipur Police was killed and some other police personnel were injured today when rebels attacked the convoy of an MLA in Ukhrul district, officials said. The militants attacked the security guards of an Independent rpt Independent MLA Wungnaosing Keishing at Yaingaipokpi area in the district when he was going to attend a public function. While Keishing escaped unhurt, the constable was killed and some other security guards escorting him were injured, officials said, adding the assailants escaped in broad daylight. Keishing, who hails from Ukhrul district, has been demanding creation of a district (his Phungyar assembly constituency) out of Naga-majority Ukhrul district.

A bride sits with her groom during a mass marriage ceremony for some 187 low-income couples from the India-Pakistan border area at Gurdwara Baba Jallan Dass in the village of Naushehra Dhala, some 50kms from Amritsar on Friday. Marriage is a costly affair in India prompting some parents to have their children married at mass marriages, allowing them to save money on organisational costs. This mass marriage function was organized by Pehalwan Kanwarjeet Singh Sandhu.

MP police profile Christians, circular withdrawn after protests

Hazare’s aides close to BJP, says Digvijay


PTI BHOPAL/NEW DELHI, APRIL 15:The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh was in the eye of a controversy over a police circular to profile Christians and churches in the state but the move was dropped following protests by members of the minority community. The controversial circular directing all police stations in MP to profile the Christian community has been withdrawn by the Police Head Quarter (PHQ), official sources said in Bhopal today. The circular was issued recently by the PHQ directing all police stations in the state to find out the total number of Christians in the

state, their financial status and places of stay, the political patronage they enjoy,

mediate withdrawal of the circular, sources said. The spokesperson for

The circular was issued recently by the PHQ directing all police stations in the state to find out the total number of Christians in the state, their financial status and places of stay, the political patronage they enjoy, the source of funding of Christian schools and the number of existing and under-construction churches in the state, the sources said. the source of funding of Christian schools and the number of existing and under- construction churches in the state, the sources said. The move evoked sharp criticism from the community whose leaders met the State Director General of Police (DGP) S K Raut to register their protest following which the PHQ ordered im-

Catholic Bishops Conference of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh Father Anand Muttangal while terming the issue as serious demanded a probe into the matter and also wanted to know the purpose behind issuing such a circular. “It appears there was some ulterior motive behind the issuance of such a circular,” he said.

NEW DELHI, APRIL 15: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh today called Gandhian Anna Hazare a “naive and simple-minded villager” and cautioned him to be careful about people close to him as they have “their own cause” to push. He also questioned the inclusion of father- son lawyer duo of Shanti and Prashant Bhushan in the ten- member joint drafting committee on Lokpal Bill. The Congress leader disapproved of Hazare’s threat to go on protest if Parliament does not pass the Lokpal Bill by August 15 and his praise for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi saying that the veteran Gandhian should be careful of what he was speaking.

SC grants bail to Binayak Sen PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 15: Binayak Sen was today granted bail by the Supreme Court which observed that no case of sedition was made out against the rights activist who was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by a Chhatisgarh court. “No case of sedition is

made out,” a bench comprising justices H S Bedi and C K Prasad observed while granting bail to 61-year-old Sen, who was also held guilty by a trial court in Chhattisgarh for helping naxalites to set up a network. Sen has challenged his conviction and life sentence before the Chhattisgarh High Court which had refused to

SC-appointed panel finds illegal mining in K’taka PTI NEW DELHI, APRIL 15: A Supreme Court-appointed committee has found largescale illegal mining in Karnataka, particularly in Bellary forest region, in connivance with officials and politicians, after which the apex court sought a response from the state government. The report by the apex court-appointed Central Empowered Committee over mining in Bellary region in Karnataka during 2003 and 2010 highlighted that Karnataka government has failed to take any action against the massive illegal mining which continued in 2009-10 despite a report by state Lokayukta. “Illegal mining on a massive scale took place partic-

ularly during 2009 and 2010 in the forest area, even after the filing of the report by the Lokayukta, Karnataka,” said the CEC adding “the forest cover in these areas, as seen from the satellite imageries, have been wiped out”. Admitting the report, a special forest bench headed by Chief Justice S H Kapadia issued a notice to the state government and sought its response on the committee’s findings including the export of 304.91 lakh metric tonnes of iron ore, valued Rs 15,245 crore, without valid permit between 2003 to 2010. Bellary region assumes importance because of the business of powerful mining magnates and politicians Reddy brothers in the area.

suspend the punishment pending the appeal. The bench, which preferred not to give any reasons for granting bail, said, “We are a democratic country. He may be a sympathiser (of Naxalites) but it did not make him guilty of sedition. “He is a sympathiser. Nothing beyond that,” the bench said, perusing the affi-

Sonia for change of regime in WB PTI JALPAIGURI, APRIL 15:Congress President Sonia Gandhi today stressed for a change of regime in West Bengal, saying that the Left Front Government had failed to utilise Central funds given to the state for its development. “Time has come to change the government in the state. I appeal to the people to vote for the Congress-Trinamool Congress alliance,” Gandhi said in her first election rally here in support of the Congress and Trinamool candidates. “Kendra ne is rajya ko kafi dhan dia hai, lekin iska asar kahin nahi dikha (Centre has given enough funds to the state, but its results are nowhere to be seen),” she said.

davit filed by the Chhattisgarh government opposing his bail. “The worst can be said that he was found in possession of general documents (relating to Naxal activities) but how can it be said that such possession would attract the charge of sedition. How can you lay the charge of sedition?” the bench asked.



The summit aims to boost cooperation and dialogue in various fields between the leaders of the three countries that have a big responsibility for the stability and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region. — Yukio Edano

Goa, Saturday 16, April 2011

I mean, we would be a nation of potholes, and our airports would be worse than places that we thought — that we used to call the Third World, but who are now investing in infrastructure. — Barack Obama

Thousands protest against Syrian regime AFP DAMASCUS, APRIL 15:

Thousands of protesters massed in the restive Syrian city of Daraa after weekly Muslim prayers today as a global outcry widened over a deadly crackdown on antiregime demonstrators. Activists said up to 3,000 protesters marched to the centre of Daraa and more were on their way to the southern city, where security forces shot dead at least seven people last Friday. “Between 2,500 and 3,000 people showed up at Al-Saraya

area in the centre of the city, chanting slogans in favour of freedom and against the hostile regime,” said the activist on condition of anonymity. Security forces watched on as the protesters chanted “Death rather than humiliation!” he said, adding that other demonstrators were “going to come from nearby villages.” Hassan Berro, a rights activist in the northeastern city of Qamishli, said some 5,000 people emerged from a mosque there on Friday to demonstrate in solidarity with people of Daraa and Banias. Banias, home to Sunnis, Alawite Muslims and Christians on the Mediterranean coast, is

another key protest centre where government forces killed at least four people when they strafed a residential area with bullets on Sunday. Daraa, some 100 kilometres south of Damascus, has

“With our souls and our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you Daraa,” the protesters shouted in Qamishli, waving Syrian flags. Another 4,500 people also demonstrated against the

Daraa, some 100 kilometres south of Damascus, has become the focal point of anti-government protests marred by deadly violence since the political unrest erupted in Syria a month ago. become the focal point of anti-government protests marred by deadly violence since the political unrest erupted in Syria a month ago.

regime in the three Kurdish neighbourhoods of Raas alArab, Amuda and Derbassiye, near Qamishli, Berro told AFP.

In Homs, baton-wielding police waded into a crowd of around 4,000 people who had begun demonstrating after prayers and chanting “freedom, freedom,” political activist Najatai Tayara told AFP by telephone. And about 50 protesters clashed with police in Barz, near Damascus, throwing stones at them before scuffles broke out, said rights activist Abdel Karim Rihawi. The latest demonstrations came a day after Syria announced an amnesty for

scores of prisoners detained since the protests erupted and as it unveiled a new cabinet to replace the one that quit last month. Separately today, the Syrian authorities freed a poet and a blogger who were arrested last month, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. “The security forces released at dawn today the young blogger Ahmad Hadifa who was arrested on March 23 because of his activities on Facebook,” it said.

SNAPSHOT Six police stabbed in Jordan

AMMAN: Police today fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration by Islamist Salafists in the northern city of Zarqa after six policemen were stabbed and another 34 were also injured, spokesman Mohammad Khatib said. “Forty policemen were injured, including six stabbed as they tried to disperse a demonstration by Islamist Salafists in Zarqa,” Khatib told AFP. He said police “had to fire tear gas after a group of Islamist Salafists attacked some citizens following their demonstration in Zarqa, accusing them of being atheists.” The Salafists have been demonstrating over the past few weeks to demand the release of Islamist prisoners.

Australian escapes jail term SYDNEY: An Australian woman who left her maggotencrusted mother to waste away in a heap of her own faeces on their kitchen floor escaped a jail term on Friday. Polish-born Mary Pyrczak, 51, left her mother, 72, with gangrene, maggots in one of her feet and her toes blackened and mummified, on the floor of their Melbourne home in November 2008. Pyrczak, who suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and a long-standing phobia of medical professionals, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Discovered in a filthy, stained gown and covered with blankets when Pyrczak finally called an ambulance, Kateryna Pyrczak was stiff, emaciated and unable to talk. She died in hospital later the same day.

Pope John Paul shrine opening

Libyans hold pictures of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi as they rally at his residence in Tripoli early Friday.

Leaders say Gaddafi’s future ‘unthinkable’



leaders of Britain, France and the United States said a Libyan future including Muammar Gaddafi is “unthinkable”, as the defiant fistpumping strongman toured the streets of Tripoli. Western powers struggled meanwhile to stay united over a NATO-led air campaign that has so far failed to budge Gaddafi from power. In a bid to put on a united front, however, British Prime Minister David Cameron, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama penned a joint article dismissing a Libyan future with Gaddafi

as “unthinkable” and saying his staying on would represent an “unconscionable betrayal” by the rest of the world. “It is unthinkable that someone who has tried to massacre his own people can play a part in their future government,” said the article, which appeared Friday in the London Times, The Washington Post and French daily Le Figaro. Responding, Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha said calls for her father to step down were an insult to all Libyans. “To speak of Gaddafi’s resignation is a humiliation for all Libyans,” she said in a brief statement at her father’s Tripoli residence before hundreds of young supporters late Thursday. Her father had earlier in the day toured the streets of the capital in an open-top 4x4, sporting shades and a hunting hat and hailing bystanders with clenched fists. “God, Libya, Muammar and no one else,” supporters chanted as loud explosions

rocked the Bab al-Aziziya neighbourhood home to Gaddafi’s residence and a base for most foreign journalists in the capital. NATO initially denied it had again bombed Tripoli, but an alliance spokesman later acknowledged that raids had targeted the outskirts. “Late mission reports from pilots returning from Libya indicate there appear to be two additional strikes that were conducted at targets closer to the city of Tripoli,” a NATO official told AFP on condition of anonymity. Cracks opened up in NATO as Washington rebuffed French appeals for more assistance with the enforcement of the UN Security Council resolution authorising all necessary means to protect Libyan civilians. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe made a personal appeal to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Washington to resume major air raids in Libya, but he said his plea was rebuffed.

17 wounded in Indonesian mosque attack



cide bomber killed himself and wounded at least 17 people when he detonated explosives at a mosque in an Indonesian police compound, the first such attack on a mosque in the country, police said. The bomber struck at the start of the Friday prayers, and was himself praying until the explosion at around 12:15 pm (0515 GMT) in the prayer room of the police headquarters in the city of Cirebon, West Java province, they said. “The blast occurred at the beginning of the Friday prayer,” Indonesian police spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said. “The man was praying in the third row. Suddenly there was a blast,” an eyewitness named Anton was quoted as saying by Detik news website. The bomber, who was wearing dark clothes, died immediately and the explosion injured several local police officers — including the Cirebon police chief — who were praying around him.

MANILA: The first shrine to John Paul II in the Catholic Philippines will be inaugurated next month to coincide with the late pope’s beatification, the organiser of the project said Friday. The shrine will be in a small town about three hours’ drive from Manila where John Paul said mass for thousands of Vietnam War refugees during a visit in 1981, Bataan Technology Park vice president Amado Sanglay told AFP. Sanglay said the shrine, which was being built with the support of the local Catholic community, would feature a statue of John Paul and a replica of the stage from where he celebrated mass.

Mubarak may face death if found guilty: Report AFP CAIRO, APRIL 15:Egypt’s

ex-president Hosni Mubarak, detained pending a probe into corruption and state violence, may be jailed or hanged if found guilty of ordering the killing of demonstrators, state media said Friday. The state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram quoted the head of Cairo’s appeals court, Zakaria Shalash, as saying that Mubarak may face execution after a trial he expected to last at least a year. Mubarak and his two sons Alaa and Gamal were remanded into 15 days custody this week after prosecutors launched a probe into violence against protesters during an 18-day popular uprising that forced Mubarak to resign on February 11. A corruption panel will begin questioning them next week on suspicion of graft, the newspaper reported. Shalash said the testimony by Mubarak’s former interior minister Habib al-Adly, who himself is on trial on charges of ordering the shootings of

anti-regime protesters, made Mubarak an accomplice if proven. Adly said he was ordered to use violence against protesters by the former leader. “If proven, he (Mubarak) will receive the same punishment as the person who carried it out and it could reach execution if it is proven that peaceful demonstrators were killed with premeditation,” he said. Mubarak may receive life if shown there was no premeditation in the deaths of the protesters, he added. An estimated 800 people were killed in protests that toppled the veteran leader. Mubarak may also be sentenced to three to five years if it was proved that violence he ordered maimed protesters, Shalash said. None of the suspicions that led to Mubarak’s detention have so far translated into charges. He is in a hospital under police guard after suffering a heart attack and his sons are being held in a Cairo prison.

Republicans will make US ‘Third World’ nation: Obama

AFP CHICAGO, APRIL 15: US President Barack Obama accused his Republican foes of

wanting to turn the United States into a “Third World” country Thursday as he rallied support for his re-election campaign.

The attack came a day after Obama savaged Republican budget plans and unveiled his $4 trillion deficit reduction drive that aims to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans in order to preserve key social services. The debate over fiscal policy will prove critical to the 2012 campaign, and Obama sought to frame it as a “stark choice” between investing in the future or watching the country fall apart. “Under their vision, we can’t invest in roads and bridges and broadband and

high-speed rail,” Obama told a select group of the Democratic faithful at the second of three fundraising events in his hometown of Chicago. “I mean, we would be a nation of potholes, and our airports would be worse than places that we thought — that we used to call the Third World, but who are now investing in infrastructure.” Republican plans to shrink the reach of government is “not a vision that’s impelled by the numbers” but a “choice” to give a trillion dol-

lars in tax breaks to the rich rather than ask those who have been “blessed” to “give a little more,” he said. Obama said his vision was one of an ambitious, compassionate and caring America “where we’re living within our means but we’re still investing in our future.” “If we apply some practical common sense to this, we can solve our fiscal challenges and still have the America that we believe in,” Obama told supporters at Chicago’s N9NE restaurant.



Cricket South Africa (CSA) was ordered to reinstate its former president Mtutuzeli Nyoka with immediate effect, the High Court in Johannesburg ruled on Friday. He was removed from his position in February after a vote of no confidence. However, Nyoka took CSA to court claiming the correct procedure had not been followed.

Carmona Boys champs HERALD SPORTS DESK Panjim, April 15: Carmona Boys defeated St Mathew’s, Azosim 7-6 via the tiebreaker to lift Villagers of Goa Velha Super Soccer Cup at Goa Velha ground recently. There was no score at half time. Carmona netted three goals in a span of seven minutes and bounced back after a 3-0 deficit. The teams custodians did well to keep the scoresheet blank in the first half. Changing ends, St Mathew shot into the lead when Sidney Gonsalves shot on target off a pass from Newton. In a solo run, Newton doubled the score for St Mathew much to the cheers of St Mathew’s supporters. Just before the cheers

could die down, Newton once again dribbled the ball well, offering it to Vicky who made no mistake in netting St Mathew’s third. With seven minuets to go for the final call, Romeo scored Carmona’s first in a goalmouth melee. Romeo was at it again when a brilliant pass helped Valent make it 3-2. With just a minute to go, Jesmon Afonso handled the ball in the danger area and Royston coolly slotted it home. In the tie-breaker, Royston, Romeo, Alex and Mohammad netted for Carmona while Newton, Stanley and Sidney scored for St Mathew. Following individual prizes were awarded: Best defender – Stanley Pires (St Mathew). Most promising

The capTain of Carmona Boys receiving the winners trophy from Francis Silveira in the presence of Antonio Silveira at Goa Velha ground recently. player – Alex Ambrose (Carmona). Best goalkeeper – Mohammad Shaikh.

Francis Silveira, St Andre MLA was the chief guest and gave away the prizes in the

presence of Antonio Silveira, ZP member.Agnelo Fernandes compered.

Adarsh Yuvak oust Candolim sail into semis Ambelim HERALD CORRESPONDENT

Calangute, April 15: Adarsh Yuvak Sangh trounced Ambelim Sports Club 4-1 to move into the quarter-finals of Nerul Cup inter-village football tournament organised by United Club of Nerul at Dr Gustavo Monteiro Stadium, Candolim, on Friday.

Adarsh led 1-0 at break. Adarsh began on a promising note and shot into the lead through Clyde Dias. Changingover,Adarshscored three more goals when Clyde Dias netted two and Romeo Monteiro one. Mohan reduced the margin for the losers.


I-League : Dempo v. Indian Arrows, Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, 4.15 p.m. GFA Second Division North play-offs: Laxmi Prasad SC v. Goa Police SC, Duler Stadium, Mapusa; Sao Minguel de Taleigao v. Penha de Franca, Taleigao ground. Kick off 4 p.m. GFA U-18 Second Division: Paradise SC v. CDJ Ribandar, Taleigao ground; Goa Velha SC v. Vasco SC, Batim ground; Cuncolim Union v. Salcete FC, Cuncolim ground; Davorlim SC v. Orlim SC, Rosary ground. Kick off 4 p.m. GFA U-14 South Zone finals: Vasco SC v. Betalbatim SC, Curtorim ground, 4 p.m. Cruz memorial soccer: Sanguem Boys v. Youth Club of Davorlim, Carmona panchayat ground, 4.30 p.m. Cavelossim Panchayat Cup soccer: Wilfred Leisure SC, Curtorim v. Union of Chinchinim, Fr Druston and Wellington ground, Cavelossim, 4.30 p.m. Aldona Panchayat Cup soccer: Sai Avataar SC v. Siolim Sodiem SC, Calvim, Aldona, 4.30 p.m. YSC inter-ward soccer: United Friends, Mapa v. Holy Cross, Soncrem, YSC ground, 3.30 p.m. YSC All-Goa soccer: Margao Footballers v. Assolda Boys, YSC ground, 4.30 p.m. Curtorim Panchayat Cup soccer: Nuvem SC v. SSC, Loutolim, Curtorim ground, 4.45 p.m. Conceicao Colaco memorial soccer: Santa Cruz Club of Cavelossim v. Don Bosco Oratory, Fatorda, Assolna ground, 4.45 p.m.

Panjim, April 15: KJ’s Juniors defeated Vasco Rebels 40-24 in the inaugural match of All-Goa YMCA basketball tournament at Porvorim court on Thursday. KJ’s Juniors Eric Vaz was well supported by Gavin Silveira, while Vasco Rebels’ Abhinav top scored with 12 points. In another match, Porvorim Basketeers beat Raptors 39-13. Craig Menezes scored 11 points and Algernen D’Mello eight. Kink Duarte (14) and Brian Colaco (7) scored for Assailants while Shawn Soares top scored for Savio Rebello Boys with 12 points.

Calangute, April 15: Candolim Sports Club got the better of Nagoa Sporting Club 5-4 via the tie-breaker after a goalless draw to move into the semi-finals of Rusi Daver Rolling Trophy inter-

village football tournament organised by Adarsh Yuvak Sangh at Saligao Sporting ground, on Friday. In the penalties, Stanley D'Silva, Shankar Palienkar, Manuel Crasto, Samir Nair and Macson Vaz converted for Candolim while Sanjay

Narrow win for Churchill U-18 HERALD CORRESPONDENT Margao, April 15: Churchill Brothers defeated Brazil Football Academy 2-1 in GFA’s U-18 First Division League at Cansaulim ground, on Friday. The teams were tied 1-1 at half time.

The teams began cautiously and it was Churchill who took the lead through Agnelo Fernandes. However, their joy was short-lived when Brazil fought gallantly and created many openings and equalized when their striker’s shot

deflect off a rival defender and landed into the net. Crossing over, Churchill showed greater urgency and called the shots against the rival citadel. Their persistent forays paid off when Savio Fernandes’ snap shot beat the rival keeper.

Dempo Juniors pip Sesa FA HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, April 15: Dempo Sports Club Juniors got their GFA U-18 First Division campaign off to a good start with a 2-1 victory over Sesa Football Academy Juniors, at Duler Stadium here on Friday. Dempo led 2-0 at the breather. After the breather, it was a different story as Sesa came

close on more than one occasion, while the Dempo players seemed to be tiring as the game progressed. Dempo took the lead in the 15th minute when Aniston Fernandes got up off the ground after being fouled, to convert a confident penalty into the top corner. Seven minutes later, Jesmon Carvalho sent in a de-

Goa Veterans beat Hyderabad HERALD SPORTS DESK Panjim, April 15: Goa defeated Hyderabad by 6 wickets in South Zone Veterans cricket tournament at Panjim Gymkhana ground, Campal, Panjim on Friday. Hyderabad won the toss and elected to bat. Hyderabad set a target of 164 for 5 in 20 overs. Daniel Manohar 55 off 38 balls with 9 fours and 1 six, Arvind Shetty 66 off 47 balls with 1 four and 1 six, C V Anand 16 off 18 balls. Bowling: Manish Pednekar 4-0-30-2, Debashish Bagchi 4-1-32-1, Prashant Kakode 4-0-32-1. In reply, Goa were 165 for 4 in 19.3 overs. Debashish Bagchi 56 off 35 balls with 5 fours and 2 sixes, Rajesh Ghodge 31 off 19 balls with 3 fours and 1 six, Yeshwaat Barde 28 off 26 balls with 3 fours, Sandeep Signapurkar 16 off 19 balls, Balkrishna Misquin 16 off 14 balls. Bowling: Swaroop 4-0-232, Chetan Joshi 4-0-39-1, C V

Kudalkar, Stanley Coutinho, Lawrence Rodrigues and Rajesh Pomburpekar were on target for Nagoa. Candolim Sports Club will now take on Sodiem Sports and Cultural Association in the semi-final on April 18.

Goa’s Debashish baGchi receiving the man-of-thematch trophy from Prasad Fatarpekar at Panjim Gymkhana ground, Campal, Panjim on Friday. Anand 2-0-11-1. Goa’s Debashish Bagchi was adjudged man-of-thematch. Later, Tamil Nadu beat Karnataka by 85 runs. TN won the toss and elected to bat. They set a target of 199 for 4 in 25 overs. Raj Kumar 101 off 74 balls with 11 fours and 3 sixers, M P Balaji 28 off 28 balls with 2 fours, P R Venkatsubramaniyam 33 off 18 balls with 3 fours and 2 sixers, K S Srinivasan 10 off 13 balls, N Ragavendran 18 off 11 balls with 3 fours.

Bowling: Murli 4-0-27-2, Sadik Quilla B 5-0-39-1, Sandeep 5-0-40-1. In reply Karnataka reached 114 for 8 in 25 overs. Pravin 43 off 39 balls with 6 fours, Sandeep 23 off 26 balls with 3 fours, Mukesh 18 off 28 balls with 1 four, David Johnson 12 off 18 balls with 1 four, Sadik 14 off 20 balls with 1 four. Bowling: K Srinivasan 51-14-2, C Krishnan 5-1-28-1, Chandramoli 5-0-24-2, Raghvendra 2-0-8-1, Mukesh 3-1-14-1. TN’s Rajkumar was adjudged man-of-the-match.

lightful cross which Edberg Sequeira connected to with a solid header to double Dempo’s lead. Thirteen minutes after resumption, Sesa’s Mario Lobo sent in a teasing cross from the right which eluded the Dempo defence and Sesa substitute Rolan Almeida struck to pull a goal back.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

It is upto the BCCI and SLC to negotiate on this (date of return). We as players have to abide by the decision of our Board -- Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara


sports SNAPSHOT Wind surfing camp at Dona Paula

3-a-side soccer in Qatar

Swimming classes at Peddem PANJIM -- The Sports Authority of Goa will conduct their 2nd summer vacation learn-to-swim classes at Peddem swimming pool complex, Mapusa from April 26 to May 15. Mornings: 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. (gents and children), 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (ladies and children), 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. (children). Evenings: 3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. (children), 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (children) and 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. (gents and ladies). Details may be obtained from the SAG reception counter on 2257981 between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

Vasco win; Sesa beaten Panjim, April 15: Vasco edged past Techno Aryan 32 and qualified for the main round of Second Division ILeague at Race Course Stadium, Madurai, Friday. They eld 2-0 at the break. Joel Sequeira put Vasco ahead in the 20th and Joy Ferrao made it 2-0 in the 33rd. Koko Sakibo scored

Vasco’s third in the 55th. Babatunde John reduced the margin in the 66th and Stanley Cyprian scored Aryan’s second at the fag end. Sesa Football Academy were beaten 1-4 by Josco FC. Augustin Fernandes was Sesa’s lone scorer after Josco had taken the lead.

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Panjim, April 15: He applied for the post of GFA Executive Secretary on April 8. His application was placed before the Executive Committee members on Friday evening. Eight members voted for him, thus giving him a clear 8-0 majority as

there was no opposition since four members abstained and two had left by the time the voting took place. Both vice-presidents could not attend the meeting and there was no need for president, Shrinivas V Dempo to exercise the right which he made it clear he would do so only in case there would be a tie. So, Alberto Colaco got the much-awaited, official nod finally. The eight who voted for Colaco: Schubert Furtado, Lawrence Gomes, Prakash Naik, Sanjeev Nagvekar, Benjamin D’Silva, Uday Lingudkar, Babli Mandrekar, Gajanan Kerkar. The four who abstained: Savio Messias, Anju Albu-

HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Panjim, April 15: The appointment of Alberto Colaco as GFA Executive Secretary has been challenged by Sporting Clube de Goa citing deviation of the procedures. Victor Fernandes, Sporting’s vice-president, stated that public money of GFA was used over the last five months in advertising for the post, creating a panel to interview and select a candi-

date after interview and shortlisting a candidate, Kennedy D'Silva. “The GFA has by-passed the procedure, by appointing a person who has shown no interest in the post advertised, by not applying for it and not being interviewed for it. Such a deviation has not been approved by the Executive Committee,” stated Victor. Victor pointed out, “The Central Information Commission in a number of re-

2011 I-League from September Pro Clubs regulations to be revised Panjim, April 15: Isreal Gurung and Gouramangi Singh both of Churchill Brothers have been suspended following two yellow cards for the critical match against Salgaocar Sports Club on April 17, according to AIFF Disciplinary Committee. Sunday’s match is totally crucial for Churchill Bros as this is their last chance to keep their hopes of winning the league title alive. Salgaocar, too, will be keen on garnering full points so that they can continue to stay atop. The key contest is expected to provide fireworks aplenty as both teams are in the race for the coveted crown. A defeat for Churchill could well

mean the end of the road to reach the top. A houseful is expected at the Sunday Derby since the stakes are too high for both teams, but more so for the Varca-based outfit. Only one hopes, that the match officials will act with total impartiality and neutrality. Meanwhile, the AFC Adhoc Committee for Indian Professional Football which met in New Delhi on Wednesday under the chairmanship of AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam and attended by AIFF president, Praful Patel, who is the deputy chairman, alongwith FIFA Executive Committee member Manilal Fernando, some prominent Indian club owners and officials pro-

Pressure is normal: Karim HERALD CORRESPONDENT Margao, April 15: The home match loss to Air India last Monday will continue to rankle in Salgaocar Sports Club’s Moroccan coach Karim Bencherifa’s mind for some time now as their comfortable lead over their nearest rivals, evaporated overnight. Whether it was over confidence, which many believe it was, Salgaocar had no business to lose to bottom ranked Air India. And it will take no less than a win on Sunday to ensure they increase their gap and then continue taking every match thereafter with seriousness if they are

keen to win their maiden ILeague title. “The loss has not affected the boys but we will miss the services of midfielder Rocus Lamare on account of a double booking. However, the good news is the return of defender Jaspal Parmar after serving a onematch suspension. The spirit in the team is good and I hope they carry it into the match on Sunday. It is never easy to play against a team like Churchill Brothers. Pressure is normal. Salgaocar is a big club with big ambitions and we have talented players,” Bencherfia told Herald on Thursday evening.

querque, Alirio Lobo, Wolwyn Menezes. The two who left the meeting before the voting: Anthony Pango, Bishut Themudo. The two vice-presidents who could not attend today’s meeting: Elvis Gomes and Lavinio Rebello. The voting took place, although it was not listed in today’s agenda as some members objected to the minutes of the last meeting. As per the minutes, the resolution for the appointment of Colaco as the Executive Secretary was proposed by Benjamin and seconded by Lawrence which was adopted by 8 for and 7 against. It was also stated that the president abstained from voting and

would cast his deciding vote only in case of a tie. That the voting in the first place never took place and that the minutes did not reflect the true happenings of the last meeting was accepted, when some members pointed that the minutes were wrongly minuted. Subsequently, the minutes were modified and duly accepted by all persent. When some members insisted that the voting should then take place today, it was objected by some members on the ground that the matter was not listed on the agenda for the day. That apart, they cited that it would not be according to the accepted parliament

Sporting cry foul over selection

2 Churchill players suspended in Sunday Derby against Salgaocar HERALD SPORTS REPORTER

Without India there can be no football in Asia. We will work hand in hand to achieve our goal. Since we last met we have achieved a lot. -- AFC president Bin Hammam

Colaco applies, gets GFA post

PANJIM -- The Goa Beach Sports Academy has extended their wind surfing camp at Hawai beach, Dona Paula to prepare the youth for the National wind surfing championship in 2012 under the guidance of Donald Coelho and Charlie Rodrigues. The equipment will be provided by the academy. The regatta will be held on April 16 and 17. Details may be obtained from Donald on 9822122171 or Charlie. PANJIM -- Friends Circle of Qatar will organise their 3-a-side football tie-breaker on April 29 at Ahmed Bin Hanbal Independent Secondary School, near the mall, Qatar at 4 p.m. Individual prizes will be awarded. Details may be obtained from Philip Fernandes, Designer Tailors on (Qatar) 55890361, 66094080 or 55208751.

Ajay Maken, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, said the Government of India supported football. “The government is behind football and we will do all we can to develop the sport. In due course.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

posed that the deadline for the clubs to improve their stadiums would be July 2011, following which another inspection of the clubs would be undertaken in July-September 2011. Thereafter, the ILeague’s 2011 season would kick off in September 2011. The regulations will be revised to ban the registration and participation of ILeague clubs in other leagues other than the ILeague and that players registered with I-League clubs will not participate in the local leagues. With all the matches at present being organised by the local football association, the committee proposed that

cent decisions on sports associations and federations had declared them to be public authority covered under the RTI Act. More recently, the Sports Ministry has cited the October 26, 2010 decision of the Kerala High Court which declared officials of Kerala Cricket Association as public servants. The appeal against the High Court order was dismissed by the Supreme Court.” “The High Court of Kerala SATURDAY’S MATCHES

Dempo v. Indian Arrows Viva Kerala v. Mumbai FC Chirag v. Mohun Bagan SUNDAY’S MATCHES

Churchill v. Salgaocar ONGC v. JCT HAL v. Air India the clubs should start implementing the home match operations, including and not limited to ticket sales, match operations, and security. Bin Hammam said the commitment of the members and the AIFF was spurring professional football in India. “I believe that since we last met we have achieved a lot,” said Bin Hammam. “I appreciate your commitment and dedication because without this, no improvement can take place. In my capacity as AFC president, I am very much committed. Without India there can be no football in Asia. We will work hand in hand to achieve our goal.”


Pune FC v. East Bengal

Ferrari Boys up Panjim, April 15: Ferrari Boys defeated Mauricio and Sons via the tie-breaker in Cruz Memorial soccer at Carmona panchayat ground on Friday. There was no score at full time. In the tiebreaker, Angelo, Dejohn, Dayson and Arron converted for Ferrari boys while Bala and Babro converted for Mauricio. In another match, Stars of Forgottem defeated Colva Youth 1-0. Anthony netted the match-winner.

in a case related to State Cricket Association, has ruled that the Associations/ Federations are required to perform public duties by virtue of holding their offices and hence, are public servants,” remarked Victor. Victor stressed that the appointment had been done in an irregular manner. “We shall be constrained to place the matter either in appeal or for arbitration,” summed up Victor.

procedure and that at least one member who was present at the last meeting had sought leave of absence for today’s meeting. Some members felt that it was not right to accept Colaco’s application of April 8, now, since interviews were already held earlier and he did not respond to the advertisement. The entire procedure had to be started all over again and only then his application entertained, many observed and added that the methodology could be challenged. During the discussions, Pango and Themudo left the meeting. When put to vote, the majority will prevailed and it was 8-0 in favour of Colaco.

Colaco will be appointed initially for a one-year period and his performance reviewed thereafter. He will be entitled to travelling allowance since he has been permitted to continue as consultant for Taj TV for which he gets Rs 50,000 and also the consultant for the Astro Turf in India under the AIFF’s Vision India project (FIFA). He has been permitted to continue as the SAFF Secretary since it is a honorary post. He will relinquish the presidentship of Salcete Football Club. It may be recalled, Colaco was some years ago, the secretary of GFA earlier as well as AIFF secretary until last year.

Candle-light match at Nehru Stadium


Panjim,April15:WithnofloodlightsinsightatNehruStadium, Fatorda,sincetheSAGdecided tocanceltheproposalfloatedfor the same recently, the GFA resolved to hold a match under candle lights on April 23. Irked over the non-availability of floodlights which is affecting football matches and coming in the way of hosting big international

events for nearly seven years now, the GFA will ask the affiliated clubs to use candle lights when the GFA team takes on a Press XI at 6.30 p.m. after the I-League match on April 23. The SAG is learnt to have put off their proposal for installing floodlights since the Nehru Stadium will undergo major renovation in view of National Games and Lusofonia Games to be held in Goa.

Dempo confident against Arrows HERALD CORRESPONDENT Margao, April 15: Defending Champions Dempo Sports Club find themselves in a must-win situation against Indian Arrows in the crucial I-League encounter at Nehru Stadium, Fatorda on Saturday at 4.15 p.m., if they want to keep their hopes alive of defending the title. But Dempo are determined to register a win against the Indian Colts tomorrow. Mediocre show against Viva Kerala in the previous match saw their fortunes dipping. The fact that the players were all geared up for Saturday’s match was evident with the way they went about the training session at University ground, Taleigao on Friday. There was an air of confidence in whatever they tried at the training session and there was nothing to suggest that the defending champions would adopt a safety approach on the morrow. Dempo will start with all

three foreigners. Ranty Martins will lead the team and Brazilian Roberto Mendes da Silva will spearhead the attack. International Climax Lawrence will marshal the midfield alongwith Clifford Miranda, Peter Carvalho and Ogba Kalu. The back four will see international Mahesh Gawli, Valeriano Rebello, Debabrata Roy, Iranian Rouhollah Samiena or John Dias. Domnic Noronha continues to nurse injuries. International Subhasish Roy Chowdhurry or Laxmikant Kattimani will be under the bar. Dempo currently occupy the fourth spot with 38 points from 19 encounters while India Arrows are on the ninth position with 23 points from 20 encounters. Dempo coach Armando Colaco believes in free-flowing football and for that to happen, he needs his boys to get into rhythm. He kept reminding his boys that the team cannot afford to relax at any point in the match. “More importantly we

should be tactically disciplined,” Colaco said. Colaco said that they will play their usual game. “We have to focus in winning three points and also try to create chances. We have to stay focused,” Colaco pointed out. India Arrows coach Desmond Bulpin is aware of Dempo’s capabilities and put his players through a strenuous training session at Nehru Stadium, on Friday. He made them try out different attacking strategies, worked on shooting from dead ball situations and various set pieces. At the end of the practice session, Bulpin seemed quite satisfied. “We expect a hard game against Dempo. They have foreign players and National players in their team, which will give them an edge,” Bulpin said. “The morale of the players is high and they have the psychological advantage but this won’t stop us from picking the three points,” Bulpin stated.

Photo: Third Eye

Margao SPortS Club, 2010-11 GFA’s First Division League champions who earned a promotion to 2011-12 Goa Professional League at the felicitation function alongwith Sports Minister Babu Asgaonkar, Damu Naik, MLA, SAG’s Executive Director V M Prabhudesai, former minister Luis Alex Cardoso, president of the club, MMC chairperson Sushila Naik,vice chairperson Gonzago Rebello, GFA Executive Committee members Anthony Pango, Bishut Themudo, Schubert Furtado, Lawrence Gomes, Benjamin Silva, MMC councillors and others at Borda, Margao on Friday. Socorro Barreto compered. Alex Noronha proposed the vote of thanks.



Former­women's­hockey­coach­MK­Kaushik­has­been reportedly­cleared­of­allegations­of­sexual­harassment. The­Union­Sports­Ministry,­while­absolving­Kaushik­of any­charges­of­sexual­harassment,­held­him­guilty­of using­‘inappropriate­language’.

Nadal extends run as Federer falls

Bopanna & Co storm into semis


AGENCIES Monte Carlo, April 15: The India-Pakistan tennis duo of Rohan Bopanna and Aisamul-Haq Qureshi advanced to the semi-finals of the Monte Carlo ATP Masters tournament, shocking second seeds Daniel Nestor and Max Mirnyi in the quarter-finals on Friday. The 'Indo-Pak Express' overcame a strong fightback from the Canada-Belarus pair in the second set to win 6-1, 7-5. The match saw six aces being hit by Qureshi and Bopanna, one less than their opponents, and the Indo-Pak Express saved all four break-points they faced, while Butorac and Julien saved all but one of their 12 break-points, which led to their defeat in the second set.

Monte Carlo, April 15: Top seed Rafael Nadal won his 35th consecutive match at the Monte Carlo Masters by crushing Ivan Ljubicic 6-1, 63 on Friday to set up a repeat semi-final with resurgent Andy Murray. Murray has recovered from a four-match losing streak to record third victories in the principality. The Scot put out Portugal's Frederico Gil 6-2, 6-1 to reach his second semi-final in the last three tournaments here. He lost to Nadal at the same stage in 2009. "We both played well in the second set," said the Scot. "I had started to find the right way to play against him. "I got close, but I have to play better than that if I want to win. "I always enjoy playing on clay, but I've never felt confident with my movement here. Now I'm feeling a lot better. "I played well in my three matches, it's a great start to the clay season. I have to play well if I'm to get a win against Rafa." Like Roger Federer, who was beaten 6-4, 6-4 by Jurgen Melzer, Nadal was tested by windy conditions. Melzer, a straight-sets loser to Federer three times last season, will play his semi-final against Spanish fourth seed David Ferrer, who beat Serb Viktor Troicki 6-3, 6-3. Nadal improved to a phenomenal 37-1 record at the venue, with his only loss coming to Guillermo Coria on his debut in 2003.

Clash of colours - blame it on poor communication HERALD SPORTS REPORTER Mapusa, April 15: Dempo Sports Club U-18 coach Mathew D’Costa has said that he was more than willing to play the match between Dempo Sports Club and Brasil Futebol Academia on Thursday at Taleigao ground had his opponents been wearing all the same colour jerseys. He also maintained that he was contacted by the GFA to wear blue. The match was not played on Thursday as both teams turned up wearing blue jerseys. The Herald has a copy of the fixture

list (printed on April 4) which clearly shows Dempo as the home team with white in brackets by their name which is usually their away colour, while the away team Brasil had blue by their name. After Herald contacted the GFA agegroup competitions co-coordinator, he concluded that that he had phoned Dempo and told them to wear blue, but did not get around to informing Brasil to wear a different colour other than blue, being the away team. In a compromise, BFA coach Seby Rodrigues instructed his players to put on bibs, which he had only seven pur-

ple and three red, but the Dempo bench preferred that the bibs be all of the same colour. Seby suggested they could start with seven players and a goalkeeper, until the same colour bibs could be brought. By this time the other BFA coach Daryl D’Souza who had just come from the GFA office and double- checked the draw which showed his team should be wearing blue, did not feel his team should start with eight players as he still believed his team should be wearing blue. In the end the match was called off by the Match Commissioner as it was 4.30 p.m.

Margao Advocates Team ‘A’ led by Vivek Naik and Margao Court Staff at the 1st 5-overs limited tennis ball cricket tournament organised by Margao Advocates at SAG football ground, Fatorda, Margao.

Nitish, Tatvesh, Riddhi, Aditee win


Panjim, April 15: Margao lad Tatvesh Sawant grinded top seed Raj Aryan of his accelerated dragon in 62 moves in the 4th round of State U-11 boys and girls chess selections by Rotary Club of Margao in associa-

tion with Goa Chess Association on Friday. Tatvesh surprised M Bharath in the 5th round playing the alekhine defence and won in 63 moves. He now shares the lead with Nitish Belurkar also on five points. Nitish defeated Anant Prabhudesai and Shane Braganza

in the 4th and 5th rounds. Following the leaders are K Tushar, Raj Aryan, M Bharath, Aniket Naik, Sahil Shetty, Anant Prabhudesai, Pranav Naik and Shane Braganza on four points each. Aston Dias and Vaibhav Pednekar are on 3.5 points each. At the end of the 4th

round in the girls category, Aditee Prabhugaonkar , Riddhi Zantye and Swera Braganza were the winners. Closing in on the leaders on 3.5 points is Urvi Bandekar. Aishwarya Thorat, Shambavi Gaonkar, Faiziya Khan and Akanksha Naik are on three points each.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

I­have­‘no­problem’­if­Chelsea sack­me­at­the­end­of­the season.­If­they­are­not­happy, they­can­change --­Chelsea­manager­ Carlo­Ancelotti

New Zealand hire Buchanan AFP Wellington, April 15: Former Australian national coach John Buchanan, who guided the side to three World Cups, was confirmed Friday as New Zealand's new director of cricket. His brief is to design the blueprint for a consistent coaching philosophy across the country, implement a talent identification programme and oversee the selection panel. "John's appointment is an exciting one for New

Zealand Cricket. He has a great cricketing pedigree and will provide outstanding leadership as NZC look to move forward," New Zealand Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan said. During Buchanan's eight years at the helm of the Australian side from 1999-2007, they won three World Cup titles, and won a record 16 consecutive Test and 23 consecutive ODI World Cup matches. The 58-year-old Queenslander said he was proud to take up a "challenging role" in New Zealand.

"New Zealand Cricket has a proud history and it is a true honour to be given the responsibility," he said. "I want to be part of the next successful era and am committed to building sustainable high performance for New Zealand Cricket." Buchanan most recently acted as a consultant to England as they prepared for their successful Ashes series against Australia.

Portugese trio enter semis AGENCIES



Birmingham v. Sunderland Blackpool v. Wigan Athletic Everton v. Blackburn West Bromwich v. Chelsea West Ham v. Aston Villa


Arsenal v. Liverpool


Newcastle v. Man Utd


Chelsea v. Birmingham Tottenham v. Arsenal

Paris, April 15: Portuguese trio Porto, Benfica and Braga reached the Europa League semi-finals in contrasting styles as Europe's second-string club competition produced another goal feast on Thursday. Porto completed their demolition of Spartak Moscow by following up last week's 5-1 in Lisbon with a 52 victory in Moscow in their quarter-final second leg to complete a 10-3 aggregate win. Benfica went through with an impressive fightback at PSV Eindhoven where they went 2-0 down in 25

minutes but hit back to draw 2-2 and reach their first European semi-final for 17 years 6-3 on aggregate.

In complete contrast, Braga, Liverpool's conquerers in the last 16, went through with a goalless draw at home to Dynamo Kiev, qualifying on away goals after their 1-1 draw in

Ukraine. Braga held on despite having Paulo Cesar sent off before the half hour. Spain's Villarreal will be the odd ones out after coming from behind to win 3-1 away to Twente Enschede for an emphatic 8-2 aggregate win. A final between former European champions Porto and Benfica is on the cards with Porto facing Villarreal in their semi-final and Benfica meeting Braga. Striker Radamel Falcao took his Europa League tally to 11 goals this season as he was among the scorers on a chilly Moscow evening for the recently-crowned Portuguese champions.


sports Gambhir, Kallis strike quick fifties

World championship leader Sebastian Vettel set the pace in practice for the Chinese Grand Prix, topping the timesheets in both sessions in Shanghai on Fri­ day in his speedy Red Bull. Vettel has been the dominant force in the opening two races of the year, winning in Australia and Malaysia from pole position.

There is too much cricket being played and the situation needs assessing to avoid player burn-out -- England off-spinner Graeme Swann

KKR end Royals’ unbeaten streak AFP Jaipur, April 15: Jacques Kallis and Gautam Gambhir hit impressive half-centuries to guide Kolkata Knight Riders to a nine-wicket win over Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League on Friday. South African Kallis topscored with a 65-ball 80 not out while skipper Gambhir made an unbeaten 75 off just 44 balls as Kolkata achieved

a 160-run target with nine deliveries to spare for their second win in three matches. The pair added 152 for the unfinished second-wicket stand to ensure an easy victory for their team. Left-handed Gambhir, caught off a no-ball when on 66, cracked one six and 11 fours, including four boundaries in an over from seamer Amit Singh. Kallis hit two sixes and seven fours in his third successive half-century.

It was the first defeat in three matches for Rajasthan, led by former Australian legspinner Shane Warne. Kolkata spinners Yusuf Pathan (2-4) and Shakib Al Hasan (2-31) earlier shared four wickets to restrict Rajasthan despite a 25-ball 35 not out by New Zealander Ross Taylor. Off-spinner Pathan bowled former India captain Rahul Dravid (35) and then held a return catch to

account for Ashok Menaria (27) in the same over to put pressure on Rajasthan. Bangladesh left-arm spinner Shakib struck with his third delivery when he had opener Amit Paunikar (nine) caught by Kallis. He then got a big wicket when he bowled Australian all-rounder Shane Watson for 22, which came off just 13 balls with the help of two sixes.

Team is winning and that's more important, says Gambhir

Sachin heroics go in vain


Kochi stun Mumbai by 8 wickets AFP

Jaipur, April 15: Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir emphasised on the importance of clicking together as a team after his side's nine-wicket win over Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in Jaipur on Friday. The dashing left-hander smashed a 44-ball 75 but, instead of basking in glory, attributed the victory to team effort. "I'd rather think about the team first than about myself. The team is winning and that's more important," Gambhir said when asked about the decision to let Manvinder Bisla open the innings instead of himself. "Bisla's done well, he has given us two good starts in the last two matches. That's the team's strategy," he added. "I have been hitting the ball well, except for the first match, when I batted at number six. Hopefully I can continue." Kolkata beat Rajasthan black and blue and Gambhir was in agreement with that. "We dominated the entire game. We bowled, batted and fielded well," he said. Gambhir is expecting bigger turnouts at the Eden Gardens, the team's home ground, for their coming matches.

Kolkata Knight Riders captain batsman Gautam Gambhir celebrates victory over Rajasthan Royals at the Swai ManSingh Stadium in Jaipur on Friday.

Goa I Saturday 16, April 2011

Mumbai, April 15: Brendon McCullum and Mahela Jayawardene hit robust halfcenturies as Kochi Tuskers Kerala posted an eightwicket win over Sachin Tendulkar's Mumbai Indians in the IPL on Friday. Skipper Tendulkar hammered an unbeaten 100 off just 66 balls for his maiden IPL hundred to help his side reach 182-2 before Kochi achieved the stiff target with six balls to spare for their first win in three matches. New Zealander McCullum cracked a 60-ball 81 while Sri Lankan Mahela Jayawardene hit 56 off 36 balls before being yorked by compatriot Lasith Malinga, but not before the pair had put on 128 for the opening wicket. McCullum hit two sixes and 10 fours and Jayawardene nine fours. Ravindra Jadeja (25 not out) finished the match with

Watson recently smashed a record 15 sixes in his career-best 185 not out in the

second one-day international against Bangladesh in Dhaka.

SCorEboArd Rajasthan Royals: A Paunikar c Kallis b Hasan 9, R Dravid b Pathan 35, A Menaria c and b Pathan 27, S Watson b Hasan 22, R Taylor not out 35, J Botha not out 14. Extras: 19. Total: 159 for 4. Fall of wickets: 26-1, 78-2, 79-3, 124-4. Bowling: B Lee 4-0-29-0, L Balaji 4-0-31-0, J Kallis 4-0-31-0, S Hasan 4-0-31-2, R Bhatia 1-0-12-0, Iqbal Abdulla 20-14-0, Yusuf Pathan 1-0-4-2. Kolkata Knight Riders: M Bisla run out sub (Fazal) 1, J Kallis not out 80, G Gambhir not out 75. Extras: 4. Total: 160 for 1. Fall of wickets: 8-1. Bowling: A Menaria 2-0-18-0, A Singh 2.3-0-26-0, S Watson 2-018-0, N Doshi 2-0-23-0, J Botha 2-0-13-0, S Warne 4-0-28-0, S Trivedi 4-0-34-0. Man-of-the-match: G Gambhir

Sachin is India's most popular on Twitter AGENCIES New Delhi, April 15: After smashing most of the records on the field, India's cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar has scored a hit off the field too. This time on Twitter. Tendulkar surpassed former Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor's following on the social networking site on Thursday with 983,174 followers. And the number is growing. Tharoor currently has a following of 980,263 people. Twitter has become a buzz word of sorts these days with celebrities rushing to grab an account and many having a following that runs into millions. Tendulkar is India's most popular on Twitter However, Tendulkar is still far from being the celebrity with the maximum numbers of the followers. Lady GaGa currently tops the list with over nine million followers.

two successive sixes off leftarm spinner Ali Murtaza as Mumbai suffered their first defeat in three games. Tendulkar, needing 10 runs off the last four deliveries of the innings to complete the century on his home ground in Mumbai, hit two fours and took two singles off seamer Vinay Kumar. It was heart burn for Tendulkar whose spectacular knock, in which he threw caution to the winds towards the end and came up with unorthodox shots, went in vain. Sachin smashed three sixes and 12 fours, reaching his hundred off a single off the last ball of the Mumbai innings. The Tuskers, who had lost their opening two games in their debut season, started the run chase promisingly when McCullum, dropped on zero by Rohit Sharma off Malinga at slip, punished the Sri Lankan pacer with a flurry of fours, three in all, in the bowler's second over.

SCorEboArd Mumbai Indians: D Jacobs b Gomez 12, S Tendulkar not out 100, A Rayudu run out (Hodge) 53, K Pollard not out 0. Extras: 17. Total: 182 for 2. Fall of wickets: 61-1, 177-2. Bowling: RP Singh 4-0-15-0, V Kumar 4-0-48-0, T Perera 4-0-38-0, R Gomez 3-0-29-1, R Jadeja 4-029-0, R Powar 1-0-12-0. Kochi Tuskers Kerala: B McCullum b Malinga 81, M Jayawardene b Malinga 56, R Jadeja not out 25, B Hodge not out 11. Extras: 11. Total: 184 for 2. Fall of wickets: 128-1, 156-2. Bowling: L Malinga 4-042-2, M Patel 3-0-15-0, A Murtaza 4-0-37-0, K Pollard 3-0-43-0, Harbhajan 4-0-33-0, R Sathish 1-0-11-0. Man-of-the-match: B McCullum

Gilchrist, Sangakkara all CSK, RCB keen to get set for a pitched battle back to winning ways PTI Hyderabad, April 15: After breaking the home-jinx with a 33-run win against Royal Challengers Bangalore yesterday, a confident Deccan Chargers will take on Adam Gilchrist-led Kings XI Punjab, who are equally on a high after their splendid victory over Chennai Super Kings. One can expect a cracker of a contest at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppal tomorrow, as both teams square off after recording convincing victories in their previous matches after not so great starts. Interestingly for both 'keeper captains Kumar Sangakkara and Gilchrist, it

TodAy’S FIxTurES

Chennai Super Kings v. Royal Challengers, 4 p.m. Deccan Chargers v. Kings XI Punjab, 8 p.m. will be a reversal of roles as they will be pitted against a

side they have captained during the last season. While Gilchrist was Deccan Chargers skipper for the last three editions, Sangakkara had unsuccessfully led the KXIP during their worst ever finish last season. One side, it will be a test of leadership skills for both Sangakkara and Gilchrist while on the otherhand, the likes of Bharat Chipli and Paul Valthaty will like to show world that they can consistently come good at the big stage. For KXIP, the match against defending champions Chennai after being crushed by Pune may just be the shot in the arm they required after what transpired throughout the last season.

PTI Chennai, April 15: Defending champions Chennai Super Kings will like to shrug off their disappointing loss against the Kings XI Punjab as they take on Royal Challengers Bangalore in their third IPL match here tomorrow. After winning a thriller against Kolkata Knight Riders in the opening encounter of IPL by two runs, the CSK were in for a rude shock after having scored 188 when little known KXIP opener Paul Valthaty single-handedly guided his team to a six-wicket in Mohali last Wednesday. Even their opponents RCB who started their campaign with convincing vic-

tory over Kochi Tuskers Kerala have somewhat lost the plot with back-to-back defeats against Mumbai Indians and Deccan Chargers respectively. Both teams will be desperate to get back on winning track in the match that will be played at the Chepauk tomorrow. While batting isn't concern for CSK as most of the toporder batsmen barring Suresh Raina have had one decent knock in the last two games, it's the bowling that will be a concern for the defending champions. Skipper Dhoni will surely find it as a relief that Australian seamer Doug Bollinger who was nursing an ankle injury is back.

AGENCIES New Delhi, April 15: Retired spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan on Friday slammed Sri Lankan Cricket Board for asking its players to return home midway through the Indian Premier League for a tour to England, saying the No Objection Certificate had per-

mitted them to play till May 20. "I think the board (SLC) has given them permission till May 20. I don't know what happened suddenly. The players were told to come on May 5. It is the fault of SLC because they signed the NOC till May 20 so if they change it to May 5 it is something

wrong," Muralitharan, who quit international cricket after Sri Lanka's defeat to India in the World Cup final early this month, said. "Players will get demoralised because if they go back on May 5 they play half of the IPL and they are going to miss a lot. SLC should have informed

the players earlier, then the IPL franchises would understand and everyone would understand," he said. Muralitharan said that the incident could spark "friction" between cricket boards of the two countries and SLC would lose a lot financially if it antagonises the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI).

CMZ / GOA / 09

Muralitharan slams SLC for calling back players magnetizm at work

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Saturday, 16 Apr 2011








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GOA’S HEARTBEAT Dhanvteleak ekuch vatt, sodhteleak dha vatto - Anonymous

Mountaineering, Scuba diving and Writing…



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Measure not the work, until the day's out and the labour done, then bring your gauges - Elizabeth Browning

From a wonderful childhood filled with picnics, fishing and trips into wildlife sanctuaries in Nairobi to studying psychiatry at NIMHANS in Bangalore to getting into the world of rock climbing, trekking and mountaineering at Nepal to scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to penning in Goa, Belinda Viegas has always done what she loves doing. She chats with Herald on her latest book all set for release this evening…

circumstances in our life that colour our sense of who we become. It is not who we really are. We need to get out of this trap and connect with who we are rather than BY CHRISTINA VIEGAS with who we think we are. Unfortunately, our very society is geared in a manner HERALD FEATURES where we don’t discover who we really are. Right from young, we are never given the elinda is in the news for the launch of her book, ‘The Cry of the Kingfisher’ this evening at Goa Chitra. An unusual chance as our very education system is a kind of madness. It is only about academics; story on the lives of three women in Goa, the novel is drawing a lot of attention. The eminent Dr Maria Aurora Couto talents are neglected. We are never allowed to discover what we are happy doing.” had this to say, “An honest and courageous exploration of complexities of the human mind…” Inform Belinda that Belinda for sure has ensured she does what she loves and thereby she finds happiness the very title of her novel is intriguing as in Goa people consider the cry of the kingfisher to be a bad omen and in what she does. This adventurous lady has done mountaineering and trekking in promptly she enlightens, “Yes, this is the very reason why I adopted the title. I always wondered how people could Nepal. Her very first stint in scuba diving was on the Great Barrier Reef, but Belinda conjure up something so bad about such a beautiful bird. I want them to realise and change their perception of this beautiful says, “Personally, I think the reef of the Andaman islands are spectacular.” She continues, bird and understand how the cry can be good and speak of hope.” “I practise my psychiatry only in the mornings. If I did it in the afternoons also, I know Is that what she is trying to say in her novel? That there is hope from the insanity of life? The reply is, “Yes absolutely. My I would surely burn out. And I make the time for cycling, sailing and occasional treks.” novel is about insanity and hope. It is a warm and inspiring story despite dealing with strong issues.” On one hand she is into adventure activities that give her an all-time high with peaking Belinda’s ‘The Cry of the Kingfisher’ is set in the sunshiny, verdant haven of Goa and it deals with the inner and outer forces adrenaline and on the other hand she has to stay calm listening to her patients. How in life that make and break three different women. It is about evolving from heart-wrenching and painful experiences and does she balance this? Belinda elucidates, “Everything boils gaining freedom from the expectations that have always shackled them, freedom to be themselves. down to happiness. If you are happy doing something, then And why has she chosen three women for the plot? Was this a conscious decision? Belinda says, “When I start writing, I you are calm and relaxed. If you are unhappy, you are anxious. myself don’t know how the story is going to conclude. That is the way I write. When I started penning the story, the The same goes for both - my adventure activities and my characters started fleshing out and they happened to be three women, that’s it. It just evolved naturally.” practice.” And how real are these three women? How much experience did she draw from the resources of her profession as psychiatrist? And the final message to the readers is impacting, “Whatever A person who sees people everyday struggling to battle their inner fears that have magnified due to rejection, abuse – both you do in life, ultimately everyone is looking for happiness. physical and emotional, lack of love, and so much more! According to the writer, “They are fictitious characters born in my own And this is got not by seeking happiness outside of ourselves but by realising our inner potential. imagination. They are not based on anyone in particular. But yes, in life we experience so much that by default you And it is never too late to do this.” draw from those experiences and from the wealth-spring of knowledge inside of you.” (The book launch will take place at Goa Chitra Museum, Benaulim this She expounds further, “All my three characters have a very difficult life with problems at home. evening at 5:15pm.) Through them, I want to reach out to readers and make them understand that it is the problems and


It All begins with Creative Experimentation

Carpet of Gold


Photo by Siddesh Mayenkar

Woman sun drying paddy on one of the by-lanes of the city

Karnataka recreating its Own ‘Goa Beach’

Every form of music initially started off been experimental, accidentally discovered by or presented to people. The backthought of being accepted, either by likeminded musicians or the general population is usually on a musician’s mind. Here is more on that


BY CLARON MAZARELLO any are of the opinion that they do not like ‘commercial music’. Commercial music generally implies music that has a money-making system attached to it, music that is available in the market. Experimental musicians always begin with a small audience. If it manages to connect with a large musical audience a new musical sound gradually becomes commercial. “It is the story of many-a-musician. The creative kinds have to go commercial and give up what they’d really like to play, in order to make a living,” comments one such musician. To come up with something new always bears the risk of being accepted or not. In addition, the ratio of listeners stuck with classics vis-à-vis those looking for something new are extremely lopsided. However a mindset prevalent in these times is that of making music that people would generally like – playing to the galleries, in other words. This makes many artistes and various public mediums like television and radio, produce or play a style of music that most would be comfortable with. Any familiar sounds and most easily get comfortable. Later, much of it sounds the same and we begin to look out for something new to our auditory inputs. And life goes on. Getting oneself new music to listen to every now and then is nonetheless quite important for many. Apart from the few who have the world at the click of a mouse, the medium that gets music connected to the locals is the radio. Apparently, till today, parts of India are connected with this medium that

early 300 km from Goa’s southernmost beach of Agonda, Karnataka is in the process of recreating a ‘Goa beach’ of its own. The difference, according to officials, is that Karnataka’s sunsand adaptation would be a safer place, well-planned, organised and remarkably sanitised as compared to the beaches of Goa, which are slipping into decadence owing to years of neglect. The Karanataka government is expecting the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project to change the face of beach tourism in the state, which is otherwise known for its rich heritage and sandalwood and, in recent times, rampant mining. “Safety and security of tourists are prime on our agenda. We have well trained lifeguards – trained by Surf Life Australia. Through strict vigilance we have been able to clear the beach of all anti-social elements,” stated Yathish Baikampady, the project’s chief executive officer. “Today we have graduated into total beach management. We are perhaps the only organisation in India that has experience in total beach management, right from safety, security, environment protection, beach upkeep and maintenance, beach vendor management, water sports and everything connected to the beach,” Baikampady claimed. Sanitation has top billing on the agenda, he stressed.

makes it the most widespread medium around. In India however, Bollywood music has dominated the circuit with maximum coverage for itself via all the mediums. “The only culture America is known for is its pop culture,” is a line often heard. This reminds one of the line “please don’t put your life in the hands of a rock and roll band, and give it all away,’ from the song ‘Don’t look back in anger’ by a band named Oasis. It cautions weak personalities who would probably hang on to the lyrics of a song (or even the dialogues of a movie for that matter) and believe it to be the word of God. It lyrically explains the concept of the entertainment industry influencing one’s life and vice-versa. However while entertainment is for everyone, the Goa Fashion Week just upped the ante for those into fashion. “Although most of these fashion shows mostly exhibit clothes only affordable by the wealthy, we got to see some interesting work and effort here at this fashion extravaganza,” commented one who graced the event. While these might be a few questions in the minds of many, courtesy the page 3, local tailors can have a field day imitating designs. Then again as Arjun Sen, founder guitarist of band HFT playfully says, “There is really no such thing as an original idea. Any novel content is influenced or inspired by anther previous idea.” Any ideas?

According to him, “even the ice ‘gola’ (crushed ice on a stick dipped in flavoured syrup) served here is made from zero-bacteria cube ice and it has been a trademark of the beach.” Tourists at the Panambur beach are not even allowed to chew ‘paan’, a tradition in parts of Karnataka. What is it that made Panambur follow the Goa model? Baikampady said: “Goa has its own unique brand image. If the beaches in Karnataka develop a certain level of tourism friendliness and tourism related facilities, both the regions may prosper.” The relatively cosmopolitan crowd from Mangalore, around 300 km from here, continues to be one of the main tourism sources for the Panambur beach. Beach weddings, family and corporate events are next on the agenda for the beach resort. “We are committed to maintaining the cosmopolitan culture Mangalore has to offer. Today a boy and a girl can come to the beach and enjoy the sunset in each other’s company undisturbed. Voyeurism is snuffed in the bud. Anyone taking pictures discreetly of others without consent is reprimanded and pictures removed from their camera,” he said. (Courtesy: IANS)











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info ‘nf’un zone

Saturday, 16 Apr 2011

WHAT’S UP IN GOA?? ‘The Cry of the Kingfisher’ the book by Belinda Viegas will be launched on April 16 at 5.15pm at Goa Chitra, Benaulim. Call 6570877. ‘Beyond Snake Wrangling’, a workshop to learn more about snakes, conducted by Herpactive will be held on April 23 and 24 at the Mhadei Research Center, Chorla Ghats, Mhadei. E-mail Call 09822586918. Special Summer Cooling Camp, organised by Wildtrek will be held on April 28 at Coorg, Madikeri, Kushalnagar and Dubare Elephant Island. Registration closes on April 20. Call 9822123458 ‘Swaranjali-II’ a musical concert organised by Caculo will be held on April 16 at 4pm at the Kala Academy, Campal-Panjim. Call 2420452. ‘The European Influence in Goa and the German contribution to the Indo-Portuguese Trade in the 16th – 18th Centuries’, a presentation by Luis de Assis Correia will be held on April 29 at 5:30pm at Fundação Oriente, Fontainhas-Panjim. Call 2230728 or 2436108. The Italian Film Festival: A Tribute to Mario Monicelli, organised by the International Centre Goa and the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is underway till April 17 from 6.30pm onwards at the ICG, Dona Paula. Call 2452805, 2452809 or 2452810. A book club meet discussing Jeff in Venice and Death in Varanasi by Geoff Dyer will take place on April 20 at 8.15 at the Literati Book Store, Calangute. Call 2277740. ‘Role of Lok Yukta in Good Governance’, is the topic of the lecture to be delivered by Justice (Retd) N Santosh Hegde, former Justice - Supreme Court on April 25 at 6 pm at the International Centre Goa. This is the first in a series of 12 lectures. It is organised by






email us at:

HOROSCOPE the International Centre Goa and V M Salgaocar and Brothers Ltd. Call 2452805, 2452808 or 2452810. ‘The Art of Story Telling in Cinema’, a workshop on editing and post-production organised by the Entertainment Society of Goa on April 18 and 19 from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm at Maquinez Palace, Entertainment Society of Goa, Panjim. E-mail Tiatr Day, organised by the Kala Academy will be held on April 17 at 5.30pm at the Kala Academy, Campal-Panjim. Call 2420456. COCO’JU, the Coconut and Cashew Fest ‘11, organised by Ancestral Goa, Big Foot, Lotoulim will be held from April 30 to May 2 from 9am to 5:30pm at Ancestral Goa, Big Foot, Lotoulim. Call 2777034. Pundalik Naik Natya Mahotsav 2011 a 5day state level theatre festival and one-day theatre artists meet, organised by the Cricketer Shubham Naik Trust-Pundalik Naik Natya Mahotsav Committee will take place from April 12 to 17 at Shiroda, Sanguem, Canacona, Sattari and Mandrem-Pednem, the Committee’s centres in Goa. A theatre workshop for children between the age group 8 to 16 years, organised by the Bal Bhavan, Campal-Panjim is underway till April 26 from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. Registration closes on April 13. Call 2226823 ‘Tuberculosis’, is the topic of the interactive session on the upcoming series on health co-organised by the International Centre Goa and Manipal Hospital Goa, to be held on April 16 from 4pm to 5pm at the International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. The speaker is Dr Haradatta Karande, Consultant Chest Physician, Manipal Hospital Goa. Call 2452805 to 2452810. ‘Indradhanush’, a 3-day cultural festival, organised by the Ganga-Zuari Academy will be held from April 22 to 24. There will be competitions in the areas of dance, singing, essay and drawing. Call 9822486204

Feed off the energy of the people around you today to get 21 Mar - 19 Apr the attention you crave. Can you put off your own business for just one more day? Maybe two? It's a great time to score points with friends and colleagues, as you can get quite a bit more done for them than you could for yourself.

Taurus Try not to rush through the boring stuff just to get to the good stuff 20 Apr - 20 May f a s t e r t o d a y. Your routines are somewhat less important than usual right now, so see if you can just move ahead with them while still taking time to deal with interruptions or surprises. Excitement is its own reward.

Don't be surGemini prised if your curiosity gets the better of your sense of propri21 May - 20 Jun e t y n o w. S o much amazing energy is coursing through you that some of it can't help but power up those around you. It should be a fun day for almost everyone, though anyone with major responsibilities could be a downer.

What you set in motion is well on its way toward being completed. You can't 22 Jun - 23 Jul undo it. Deal with your home life today -there's just too much going on there to pay as much attention to work or other matters. Once your domestic issues are more or less settled, all is well.

Every day matters, but today could be pivotal. You're reaching a critical point. 24 Jul - 23 Aug You know that things are going your way today -- but only if you're clicking with the right person or people. Fortunately, that's insanely easy for you, so mix it up and reap the benefits.

Life will be easier if you recognize that where you are is a very 23 Aug - 22 Sep good place to be. Impulsive behavior of all kinds is trouble today -- but especially when your credit cards are involved! Find a new trick to keep yourself from flushing away that bonus (or, worse, your savings).

If you want to see real results right now you will have to roll up 23 Sept - 22 Oct your sleeves. Your energy is too good to be contained, so make a point of shaking things up with friends, customers or random strangers on the train -- they all need a dose of your super-flirty ways!

Scorpio You're ready for an emotional challenge and you're ready to 23 Oct - 22 Nov be an excellent partner. You may have a really hard time reaching a decision today -even if you were sure you knew what you wanted just yesterday! It's just one of those days when information overload leads to indecision. It'll pass.

Sagittarius Shed your skin

Capricorn Delays and disruptions m i g h t a ff e c t where you 22 Dec - 20 Jan s p e n d y o u r money and your time today. It's an excellent time to think big -- in terms of your career, that is. If you are perfectly satisfied, then you can devote your energies elsewhere, but if not, you can make great progress right now.

Aquarius Today is the perfect time to stop following your emotions 21 Jan - 19 Feb and listen to l o g i c . Yo u r brainy energy surprises no one today -- you're often the smartest person in the room -but you may still find new ways to amaze and delight. Your insights are deeper than ever, so share them!

Just like the little engine that could, you need to keep chug20 Feb - 20 Mar ging and plugg i n g n o w. Watch out for friction between you and your mate or a close colleague at work. You can deal with anything that arises, but only if you both see it for what it is: growing pains. Things are getting better!



and start acting more like you feel today -- an23 Nov - 20 Dec nounce who you are. You should find that your people are all taking your side -- more so than you would have expected. Your social bonds are strong, and making your position stronger as a result. Live it up!





DID YOU KNOW? RMS Titanic had sisters!

pennant Pronunciation pen-uhnt Function Noun Meaning 1: a long, tapering flag or burgee of special significance, borne on naval or other vessels and used in signaling or for identification 2. any relatively long, tapering flag Example Sentence Little Andy fastened a red pennant to his new bike and sped off for a ride.


While the tragic fate of the RMS Titanic is well known, not many know that that grand liner had sisters! The Titanic was the second of three large liners intended to work the Southampton-New York shuttle service. The sister ships were planned to be near identical. Launched on October 20, 1910, Olympic was the first of the trio. Under the command of Captain E J Smith, who was later to command the Titanic, she sailed on June 14, 1911. After the Titanic disaster, Olympic underwent various safety improvements. Her last voyage ended in Southampton on April 12, 1935. Britannic started life under the cloud of the Titanic disaster. In appearance she resembled the Titanic but had much more prominent lifeboat davits. Though launched on February 26, 1914, she was requisitioned as a hospital ship becoming HMHS (His Majesty’s Hospital Ship) Britannic on November 13, 1915. On November 21, 1916 Britannic struck a mine in the Kea Channel, Aegean Sea. Despite her improved safety features, she began to sink in a cruel copycat of her sister’s end four years earlier.


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“It was such a lovely day I thought it a pity to get up.” – W Somerset Maugham

DAILY GROOK KID SKID by Francis Rodrigues kids are running wild home folk too lenient, who spoils the child? i think it's apparent!




Tongue Twister Saturday 32° C | 25° C Dawn 05:59

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Sunrise 06:21

Sunset Dark 18:50 19:12

Moon rise 17:08 Moon set High —

Low 03:03

Vincent vowed vengence very vehemently


17:50 1920 21:00 Gangaajal 10:10 12:35 14:50 17:05 19:05 21:00 23:30

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Drag Me to Hell The 6th Day Hollow Man Hollow Man 2 Universal Soldier 3 New Police Story Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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The Benchwarmers Slumdog Millionaire Hisss Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Sasural Genda Phool Saath Nibhana Saathiya Saath Nibhana Saathiya Saath Nibhana Saathiya Saath Nibhana Saathiya Saath Nibhana Saathiya Navya Navya Navya Navya Navya Gulaal Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Love U Zindagi Sasural Genda Phool Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla Pyar Mein Twist Comedy Ka Maha Muqabla

10:00 Saas Bina Sasural 10:30 Saas Bina Sasural

Last ‘Riddle Me This’ Answer: Art and Jim (names sound like school periods)

18:50 Urban Legends: Final Cut

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20:00 Chandni Chowk To China 16:00 Kshatriya 20:00 Phir Hera Pheri

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What’s the center of gravity?

TIDES High Low High 09:34 15:22 21.21

D Tide timings are for Mormugao Harbour. For Panjim/Calangute add 20 mins. For Colva add 30 mins

11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00

C.I.D C.I.D Adaalat C.I.D C.I.D. Khatarnak Mujrim C.I.D. Khatarnak Mujrim Adaalat Comedy Circus Ke Tansen C.I.D

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Chhoti Si Zindagi Movie Movie Dance ke Superstars Kahani Ab Tak

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Instructions for Sudoku 9 x 9 letter: To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes


HERALD CROSSWORD - 835 Across 1- Sounds like a kitten; 5- Body of honeybees; 10- Comply; 14- Netman Nastase; 15- Brief appearance; 16- Projecting edge; 17Person who owns a plant nursery; 19- Actress Petty; 20- Black Sea port; 21- Elderly person; 23Arranged in order; 25- A Simpson; 26- "Filthy" money; 28- Cedes; 31- Adhesive; 34- Back part of the foot; 36- Farewell; 37- Eternity; 38- Circular; 40- Besides; 41Aristocratic; 43- Look after; 44Mid-month times; 45- In danger; 47- Prevail; 49- Little bits; 51- Material for roofs; 55- Artillery; 58Pantry; 59- Boy or man; 60- Writing desk; 62- Ancient Athens's Temple of ___; 63- Caper; 64gently cooked steak; 57- Prefix with plasm; 61Bay; 65- Beatty and Rorem; 66- Brown ermine; Narrow inlet; 67- Revenuers, for short; Down SOLUTION - 834 1- Legendary ruler of Crete; 2- Dodge; 3- Electrician, at times; 4- Permanently attached, to a zoologist; 5- Haphazard; 6- Method; 7- Rifle adjunct; 8- Kingdom; 9- Second day of the week; 10- Constrained; 11- Any plant of the pineapple family; 12- Green land; 13- Primordial giant in Norse myth; 18- Biblical birthright seller; 22- Threesome; 24- Build; 27- Conger catcher; 29- Sand hill by the sea; 30- Lather; 31- Actress Rowlands; 32Spoils; 33- Uninhibited; 35- Hermit; 38- Jai alai basket; 39- Person's individual speech pattern; 42- Pride woman; 44- Infringe; 46- Topeka's state; 48- Capricorn's animal; 50- Smell; 52- Expression peculiar to a language; 53- Audacity; 54Fresh; 55- Arabian sultanate; 56- Describes a












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Saturday, 16 Apr 2011

Afsar Hussain appointed Expert Member for Tagore Commemoration Grant Scheme



Goa YMCA Toastmaster’s organise Youth Leadership Programme

HERALD FEATURES he Ministry of Culture, Government of India, New Delhi has appointed Afsar Hussain, prominent theatre Director and Chief of Repertory Company of Kala Academy Goa as an expert Member for considering the projects for sanction of grant under the Tagore Commemoration Grant Scheme 2011-12. Prominent lyricist, writer and director of the Indian Film Industry, Gulzar is the Chairman of the Committee. Hussain is a graduate of National School of Drama, New Delhi. He has directed more than 30 plays in Konkani, Marathi a Hindi. His plays have been selected in the National Theatre Festival organised by National School of Drama, Nehru Centre Mumbai, South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur, West Zone Cultural Centre Udaipur, Kerala Sangeet Natak Academy and Central Sangeet Natak Academi, New Delhi.


Feminine Force and their Artistic Expressions

HERALD FEATURES his summer vacation for the youth of Don Bosco began with a bang. The Goa YMCA Toastmasters, as part of their ongoing Club Social Responsibility, conducted an innovative and intensive Youth Leadership Programme for the Gavel Club Members of Don Bosco – an affiliate association of the Toastmasters International, under the umbrella of Goa YMCA Toastmasters Club. The youth were run through a gamut of leadership essentials and qualities as well as the ethical impact that they can convey through their leadership. They were also trained in communications skills viz preparing, delivering and evaluating speeches, effectively executing a tabled topic and conducting and participating in panel discussions. The participants who performed commendably were then presented with Leadership Certificates on successfully completing the Youth Leadership Programme. The Youth Leadership Programme was conducted by a team of Toastmasters with TM Farida Dias the Coordinator and TM Akbar Khan, TM Kailash Kattalay, TM Basil D’Cunha and TM Adolph Castellino.


Photos by Siddesh Mayenkar

Veenita Chendvankar

“This collection is natureoriented, with a strong female presence. It has seen me create my own forms of women, mostly tribal women of the Konkan region, with a focus on Goa and Maharashtra.”

Prasad Lolienkar

Kranti Chari

HERALD FEATURES eminine Force, a group painting exhibition bringing together the combined talents of three upcoming Goan women artists – Kranti Chari from Panjim, Veenita Chendvankar from Sangolda and Gayatri Sidaye from Ponda – opened recently at the Harshada Art Gallery, Campal-Panjim. Prasad Lolienkar, the director of the Directorate of Art and Culture inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of the beaming artists, their friends, family and guests. Barely two to three shows old, the three women are opinionated, confidant and as creative as they come. The three first met at the Goa College of Art in Altinho-Panjim during the course of their study there. Later, they decided to work on an exhibition that collected their artistic talents. Upon finding a subject – the female force – a common thread linking them all, the work began. The result is the exhibition, which will be on display till April 17.


Gayatri Sidhaye

“This is my first show. This collection basically depicts Goan culture, primarily through women figures. I believe women depict beauty and simplicity. They begin life and nurture it too. Painting women allows me to express myself the best.”

“My work is a play on lines, textures and forms, with the lines and forms sometimes overlapping. This is my fourth collection of works so far. When it comes to the viewer, all I want is for them to be aesthetically pleased by it. In general, Goan people are appreciating art a lot more than before. One factor causing this is the opening of new galleries in Goa.”

Kevin D’Melo


Teen Thay Bhai

Cast: Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, Deepak Dobriyal Director: Mrigdeep Singh Lamba Rating:


irstly, I wonder what prompted Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra to green-light the screenplay of Teen Thay Bhai? Even if he got fascinated by a fascinating concept, didn’t he realise that the screenplay was going nowhere? This also leads us to wonder how Mrigdeep Singh Lamba could have messed up this golden opportunity. With Mehra and PVR backing the project, three supremely talented actors on board and one of the best cinematographers in the business, how could he come up with this embarrassment of a movie called Teen Thay Bhai? This film is a shining example of a brilliant idea gone horribly wrong! Is blood really thicker than water? Can the lure of money bring together three brothers who can’t stand the sight of each other? Three down-ontheir-luck and out-of-money brothers meet for the reading of the will when their grandfather dies. And this is no easy meeting, because they hate the very sight of each other. Suddenly, there is hope for freedom – from money woes and from each other. They find that their grandfather has left them an inheritance that will free them of financial worries forever. But as always there is a catch. The brothers will get the multi-crore estate only after fulfilling a series of bizarre clauses set forth by their eccentric grandfather. Ideally, one would expect the three brothers to resolve their differences, after something dramatic occurs. But what transpires, more so towards the second hour, is absolutely heart-breaking. The writing is amateurish and the situations the three brothers land up in are so weird that you wonder, why am I devoting two precious hours of my life to this film? Om Puri is over the top. Deepak Dobriyal is theatrical. Shreyas Talpade tries too hard to make you laugh, although he gets to deliver some smart one-liners. Ragini Khanna adds a lot of freshness to her part. Yograj Singh is perfect. On the whole, Teen Thay Bhai is a terrible waste of a striking story. An exercise in boredom!


Cast: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Alfred Molina Director: Gore Verbinski Rating:


his week Johnny Depp and Gore Verbinski team up again for another wild ride – only this time they’re tackling an animated world with their latest creation Rango. This is one of those films that takes a number of wild risks along the way but succeeds in almost all of them. It’s safe to say that there was no lack of imagination or attention to detail that went into this film, despite its few problems. A very Johnny Depp like chameleon finds himself trapped in the desert and before he knows it he is playing the role of the unexpected hero of a nearby town giving him a new sense of purpose in life – the only problem is can he keep up the act long enough to save his fellow critters from bandits, corrupt politicians and more? Is playing the part enough? Or will he have to become it? The film starts off with a bang as we are immediately thrown into Rango’s unique world. We’ve got ourselves some action, plenty of comedy, even some self-deprecation from the filmmakers, and then a metaphorical conundrum to get us pondering – success! It’s nice to see an animation that’s like no other. Much in the way that Tim Burton broke boundaries with Nightmare Before Christmas, this film takes an equally large step but in a very different way. This film is dry, dirty, sometimes almost colourless, our lead character has tiny eyes instead of big round ones…It gives new life to this genre and shows us that not being perfect is sometimes the best thing you can do! Overall, this film begins by taking a huge risk and widely succeeds, but then regresses and becomes another action, adventure tale. If they just could have tightened up the story and been able to stick with the original concept, this film would have been almost perfect. Nevertheless, it was good – go for it. Courtesy: Sources










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Saturday 16 Apr 2011



SRK to give Akon’s Birthday Bash a Miss?

Minissha does the Bikini Act on Goan Beach


hahrukh Khan and singer Akon are said to have become close friends after the crooner sung a track in Khan’s upcoming movie Ra.One, but SRK has turned out to be an untrue friend. Well, reports claimed that SRK was organising a birthday bash for his foreigner friend at his residence Mannat on April 16, but when Akon said that he wanted to spend his birthday with friends and fans, the B-town superstar backtracked. “Since the singer wanted fans in attendance as well, it was obvious the party wouldn’t happen at SRK’s residence,” said a source, adding, “But it’s equally surprising that Shahrukh chose to go hunting for a venue and for sponsors (albeit unsuccessfully) that would spare him the costs of hosting the bash.” Now while Akon’s Ra.One friends won’t be there on his birthday, other celebrities including Sonakshi Sinha and Priyanka Chopra are expected to be on his new guest-list. Meanwhile, organisers for Akon’s Indian performances said that his Gurgaon concert would take place as planned, and everything was set. “It has been a complete pleasure working with the Gurgaon officials. We are looking forward to staging one of the biggest productions that Gurgaon has ever witnessed in recent times,” said Sujit Jain, managing director, Netsurf Entertainment.


here is a saying that states that ‘a woman’s world is centred on her, but most men’s worlds are centred on women’. Reinforcing that philosophy is the beautiful Bollywood babe, Minissha Lamba who will be featuring on the cover page of top men’s magazine Man’s World. Sizzling hot Minissha, complimented the sunny hot beaches of Goa well, dressed in nothing more than a bikini for all the shots. The theme was ‘Beach Sports’ and what better place than Goa! Minissha lit up the sets posing with a surf board, playing with a dog, underwater and many other styles accentuating the theme. The actress was totally enthusiastic about it all, being a beach person and intently loving sports. She loves being active and is also apparently quite the kite surfer, which obviously goes to show that this photo shoot must have been totally up her horizons.

d i s n o c r e p o o C y e l d a r B t s e i s u B s ’ r ered Summelywood l o H n i r o t c A


Reese mourns Loss of Privacy


here is no doubt that the Limitless actor Bradley Cooper is one of busiest actors in Hollywood these days. After topping the North American Box Office at the opening weekend of his most recent role as a Eddie Morra in Limitless, the actor continues to fly across continents for the global opening of the action-thriller film. Now the actor is set on hopping states and countries for the opening of his other film, The Hangover II scheduled to be released in theatres on May 26. Hangover 2 is the sequel for the smash hit comedy, The Hangover in 2009. Cooper plays Phil in the box office hit who travels to Thailand with his friends Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) for his wedding, only to end up entangled in a pre-wedding brunch that has unexpected repercussions in Stu’s own wedding. Cooper has his hands full already for Hangover 2 but the actor has found time to conduct meetings in hopes of bagging the lead role for 2012 remake of The Crow, originally played by Brandon Lee. No wonder Brad Cooper had no time for love and his career is seen as one of the reasons for his split from A-list actress, Renee Zelwegger before he hit the road to promote Limitless in early March.


eese Witherspoon seems like one of Hollywood’s most-together stars: she doesn’t have any drug scandals, she’s happily remarried to talent agent Jim Toth, and she’s a devoted mom to her kids Ava and Deacon Phillippe. Adding to that, she also features on the cover of May’s issue of Vogue. Talking about the burdens of fame and how much she misses her privacy, Reese says, I feel like an ingrate for even thinking anything isn’t good. I’m very, very, very lucky. But... umm... probably that I parted with my privacy a long time ago. We went different ways. And sometimes I mourn it. Sometimes I will sit in the car and cry, because I can’t get out. That’s the only thing: I mourn the loss of my privacy.”

Compassion, not Censure, restores Harmony at Workplace


ven a single act of support or compassion by a manager or co-worker can ease workplace tension. If management shows “an active interest in addressing underlying issues that prompted employee anger, perceptions of improved situations increase significantly,” says a new study from Temple University Fox School of Business. Challenging traditional views of workplace anger, Deanna Geddes, a Fox School professor, suggests that even intense emotional outbursts can prove beneficial if responded to with compassion. In a study of 194 people, the researchers found no connection between firing an irate employee and solving underlying workplace problems, according to a Temple statement. Geddes and her co-author Lisa T Stickney also found that even a single act of support by a manager or co-worker can ease workplace tension.

Anxiety can weaken Bones


Now, think of a Number and watch it dial

eware – anxiety now comes with a new risk: it weakens your bones! Researchers from Deakin in Australia and Norwegian universities analysed data of over 8,000 men and women from central Norway and found a link between depressive symptoms and reduction in bone mineral density. Participants underwent forearm bone mineral density scans. Deakin researcher Lana Williams said it was found that depressive symptoms and anxiety symptoms in men were associated with lower bone mineral density, said a Deakin statement. “There are several known risk factors for low bone mineral density, such as advanced age, gender (women are at greater risk than men), familial predisposition, low levels of sex hormones, inadequate calcium intake and vitamin D deficiency,” Williams said. “It is possible that poor mental health could be another one of these risk factors.” Recently, the possible association between psychiatric illness, particularly depression, and osteoporosis has been the subject of a growing body of research.

Editor –in-chief: R F Fernandes. Editor: Ashwin Tombat. Chief Editor-Features: Christina Viegas.


any find the act of dialing a mobile number too tedious and time consuming. US researchers have now figured out a way that relies on thought power alone to make such calls without lifting a finger. Users wear a specially designed headband hooked up to a Bluetooth device that wirelessly sends commands to a Nokia N73 mobile phone. The technology works by responding to cues from the brain and experts believe anyone with training will be able to master the technique. Tzyy-Ping Jung at the Swartz Centre for Computational Neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego, said the device relies on electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes on the scalp to work out what the brain is trying to say. Jung believes it could be 100 per cent accurate with just a bit of training. The breakthrough is likely to create safer hands-free mobile phones to help the disabled and elderly and help out professionals in high pressured working environments. Those used in the initial experiments were between 70 per cent to 85 per cent accurate when trying to dial a 10-digit phone number. Thought powered computers have been around for a while, however this is the first time it has been adapted for mobile phones. Regd Office: St Tome Road, Panjim, Goa. Tel: 6658512, 6658500, 2224202, 2228083. Fax: 2222475. Email: