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FALL 2022

People for animals. Animals for people.


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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization that is a resource for all animals. Hawaiian Humane Society is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Visit for more information. 2 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

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Wednesday: Pet and FreeRoaming cat appointments Thursday: Pet and FreeRoaming cat appointments Friday: No pet or FreeRoaming cat appointments (mass trapping day) Saturday: Pet appointments only, No Free-Roaming cats Check for drop-off and pick-up times as well as holiday hours.

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YOUTUBE PARTNER ADOPTION LOCATIONS We are honored to partner with Hawai‘i Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.

PAW PRINTS TEAM EDITOR Jessica Tronoski, Communications Manager

PHOTOGRAPHER Audrey Esperat, Social Media Coordinator

WRITERS Stephanie Kendrick, Director of Community Engagement Thomas Hanns, Communications Coordinator


Paw Prints is published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Waialae Ave. Honolulu, HI 96826. Issued 10/1/2022 (FY23-2).

A MESSAGE FROM ANNA All of Hawaiian Humane Society’s staff and volunteers play a variety of roles in support of our broad scope of work. That diversity is one of the joys of working for an organization that is active in serving our community every single day. My role is no exception, but unlike our field services team, I don’t often get directly involved in animal rescues. On a recent weekend, however, I got to experience the intense reward of personally helping an individual animal in distress, just as good Samaritans do in our community every day. On the way to the windward side of O‘ahu with my family, we spotted a dog running along the side of the road. Seeing no human nearby, we pulled over and my daughter and I leapt out to try and secure the dog. The young, medium-sized dog was very scared, so my husband and son stayed in the car to minimize the number of people confronting the pretty, black hound mix. My daughter got to exercise her animal body language and handling skills, and stuck with me through the entire process. We had snacks in the car and ample amounts of meat and cheese were employed in winning the trust of the young dog. My daughter volunteered her belt as a makeshift collar and leash. Once we had the sweet girl secured, we called our dispatch number and humane investigator Audrey Foster drove out to scan the dog and, finding no microchip, took her back to campus for care. Now named Ellie – though we considered “Prosciutto” after her fondness for our snacks – she was awaiting spay surgery at the time of writing this letter for publication. This experience, and especially being able to work with my daughter to help an animal in need, was a profoundly moving one for my family. But it was no

different from the acts of compassion that result in so many animals being rescued from danger. Members of our community, perhaps even you who are reading this right now, have had this same experience. You help to rescue animals in distress and get them back to their owners, or into our care. You show love and compassion to the lost and abandoned every day. And so does our staff. Being able to be a part of the work our team does every day was and is a gift. Creating a Socially Conscious Animal Community requires that we all work together to help animals and pet owners in need. As we celebrate animal welfare best practices in this issue of Paw Prints, I am excited for our future. With your help, I know Ellie will be joined by so many more animals who are met with compassion in their time of need. Mahalo for your commitment to protecting our fellow creatures.

Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

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Best Practices lead to the best outcomes! Animal welfare is an ever-evolving, ever-innovating world that is continuously improving upon itself in order to make the world a better, more humane place for pets (and people) to live. As we strive to create a truly humane society here on O‘ahu, nation and industry-wide best practices are the benchmarks we aim for across all facets of our organization, from animal care and veterinary services, to volunteer programs and community engagement. Below are just a few key areas where we have implemented animal welfare best practices this past year. Kitten Season Preparation and Community Support Kitten Season is a time of year known to animal welfare organizations across the country when the weather gets warmer and cats on the landscape begin

Animal Care Best Practice: What is a Kuranda bed? A Kuranda bed is a dog bed that is created specifically for dogs in a shelter environment. This bed is made of durable (read: chewresistant!) materials that are easy to clean, keeping our dogs off of the floor and in comfortable, sanitary conditions. Kuranda beds can be donated to Hawaiian Humane by visiting the link on our wish list at HawaiianHumane. org/Wishlist.

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

to reproduce. This consequently leads to dramatic increases in the number of kittens admitted to the shelter. This year, we took a good, hard look at how we were preparing as a shelter, as well as the ways we were supporting the community, and how we could improve. We started with revamping our educational materials and resources to support people and animals in the community. We created high-impact and easy-to-follow visuals for physical distribution as well as use on our website and social media platforms. We also reevaluated and ramped up the contents of our Kitten Kits. These were made available to the public at no cost and enabled concerned community members to easily provide in-home care for found kittens until they were able to be admitted to the shelter for spay/neuter and adoption. Foster Care Training and Events Fostering a pet helps keep the shelter population low and helps the pets in our care get ready for adoption, especially the ones that need just a little extra TLC. This year during National Foster a Pet Month, we partnered with our friends at Petco Love to host our very first series of Foster Care Open Houses. Interested community members were invited to campus to learn more about our foster program and what it means to be a foster pet parent, chat with staff and current foster volunteers, meet kittens currently available for foster, and much more.

The turnout was remarkable! We welcomed 25 new foster care volunteers to our program and placed 32 kittens into loving foster homes JUST through the weekend event! We also recently launched our Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, which is a group of volunteers focused on helping us care for neonate kittens. From fostering a neonate kitten with a hui of friends, to rallying a supply drive, to spreading the word, the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is trained and dedicated to supporting this especially vulnerable population. In August, we hosted our first Neonate Foster Care Training for those interested in joining the IBKC. 40 members of our animal-loving community attended the training to learn how to care for neonate kittens and even got hands-on practice feeding bottle babies!

Animal Care Best Practice: Why do we ask for donations of shoe/small cardboard boxes? Cardboard boxes help improve cat welfare in the shelter environment by providing hiding places/safe spaces and reducing stressful exposure to stimuli.

For more information on becoming a foster volunteer, visit Conservation and animals in the landscape As a part of our I pledge to be a Pono Cat Parent! commitment to the humane treatment of ALL animals, Hawaiian Humane works with conservation partners on education and communication around issues like Free-Roaming cats. One such project, the Signed, Pono Paws campaign, recently released Pono Paws Pono Cat Parent Pledge the Pono Cat Parent pledge. It encourages pet owners to keep their cats happy, healthy and safe indoors; a practice that also protects wildlife and the environment. For more information about the pledge, email You can make a difference throughout the life of your cat by ensuring it is able to express its natural behavior and instincts without harming the unique animals and habitats of Hawaiʻi. You can become a Pono Cat Parent! Take the pledge and help spread the word about the actions you take to keep your cat happy and healthy, while also caring for wildlife and our ʻāina. As a Pono Cat Parent of ________________ I will … (your cat's name)

Ensure my cat has a happy home for life Keep my cat safe indoors Provide an enriching home environment Spay/neuter and microchip

Dispose of litter in the garbage

Learn about the unique Hawaiʻi wildlife Pono Cat Parents protect

Community members meet kittens in need of fostering at our very first Foster Care Open House!

Veterinary Care Best Practice: Vaccination upon arrival. As a part of a series of improvements at Hawaiian Humane in 2021, we began vaccinating all cats and dogs upon arrival at the shelter. Although this costs roughly $65,000 per year to provide, it prevents the spread of common diseases and keeps our shelter population safe and healthy!

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HAPPY TAILS A harrowing rescue leads to the sweetest reunion for Sophia and family! One beautiful day in August, Jacquie and a couple of her friends were looking for dolphins a mile off the coast of Hawaii Kai. They were enjoying the waves and keeping a keen eye for marine life when one of Jacquie’s friends spotted what appeared to be a “white piece of meat,” as she described it, floating in the 60-foot deep ocean water. Jacquie looked closer and realized that it was actually a cat, trying with all its might to keep its head above the waves. It was clearly struggling and exhausted. Jacquie and her crew of caring individuals immediately jumped into action. They scooped up the frightened cat from the side of their boat. The poor creature was so shaken that it was challenging to get it on the boat, but the cat immediately collapsed from exhaustion once it was safely aboard. Jacquie could tell that it was a fighter. As anyone would be, Jacquie was confused about how a cat was so far out into the ocean. She was even more shocked to find it alive. Jacquie realized the cat probably needed medical attention and wanted to save its life. She got a cat

A pet microchip is a small device that holds a unique ID number for your pet. It is required across the state of Hawai’i that all owned cats and dogs have a microchip registered with the owner’s current contact information. A microchip is no larger than a grain of rice and is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades. A microchip is only as good as the information registered to the associated ID number, which can be read by an animal welfare organization or veterinary center with a microchip scanning device. It is the quickest Sophia's loving family.

carrier from her local pet store and took the cat immediately to our Admissions Center. Our veterinary services team took immediate action to see if the cat needed any emergency medical attention. Fortunately, aside from being highly stressed and fatigued, she was not found to have any significant medical issues. Soon after, this lucky cat was evaluated and scanned for a microchip.

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

and most efficient way to be reunited with your pet should they get lost.

her cat was found, she rushed to Hawaiian Humane and Sophia was quickly reunited with her family.

This lucky cat not only had a microchip but was also currently registered to someone who lived in Hawaii Kai! We discovered the cat’s name was Sophia and we immediately contacted Jon and Noosha, the registered owners. When Noosha received the call, she was shocked. She had been desperately looking for Sophia with her husband and son for over two months. Their family adopted Sophia in July 2020.

This reunion came at a time when they needed it most. Around the time that Sophia escaped, Noosha was diagnosed with an illness requiring a long and difficult recovery. She was scheduled to begin treatment the week Sophia was found. Their family is now whole again, and they can work on healing together.

Jon said that Noosha and their son tirelessly looked for Sophia when she went missing. They used community apps and even put up "Missing!" posters around their neighborhood. So as soon as Noosha was notified by us that

Jon says Sophia is no longer interested in going outside, and is content with cuddling with his son and playing with Noosha. We send a heartfelt mahalo to the good Samaritans who saved this cat from the ocean’s depths and reunited her with a family that missed and needed her dearly.

Noosha and family pose with Sophia (FKA Liana) before taking her home.

Advocacy update: Visiting Veterinarians bill passes into law! Act 71 (formerly SB2798) formally became law on June 17, 2022, and authorizes the Hawai‘i Board of Veterinary Medicine to grant temporary courtesy and relief permits for outof-state veterinarians, permits licensed veterinarians to practice veterinary telemedicine and allows for international veterinary school graduates to qualify for the licensure examination. This measure gives state regulators the ability to ensure that out-of-state veterinarians who want to practice temporarily in Hawai‘i are qualified to do so. Visiting

veterinarians provide vital services including assistance with animal rescues and disaster response; high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter; relief for private-practice and shelter veterinarians; and access to specialties unavailable in the state. Thank you to our steadfast community of animal advocates who helped make this possible! Not yet an advocate but interested in supporting Hawaiian Humane Society’s missioncentered public policy efforts? Sign up for our advocacy email list at or email

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More than a trend,

TikTok powers community engagement! At the tail end of 2021, Hawaiian Humane jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak, and joined the masses on TikTok! While it is undoubtedly the hottest new app out there, TikTok is more than just a trendy Gen-Z video sharing app – it is also an incredibly powerful tool for marketing and communications that allows for deeper community engagement and community expansion! We are able to strategically create original content that relates to trending topics or audio clips, connecting us to a worldwide audience of animal lovers and supporters of our cause. In the 10 months since the launch of our account, we have gained 40.8K followers and our videos have been collectively viewed 16.3 million times! Through this platform, we have built relationships with other animal welfare organizations across the country and caught the attention of online influencers and companies such as Bretman Rock, EJ Marcus, Barkbox, and more! Most importantly, our content has resulted in tangible, almost immediate results for those who matter most – the animals in our care!

8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

One of many examples is Billy, a sweet but shy pit bull mix, who was a long-stay resident of our adoption center, and just needed a family to give him a chance to come out of his shell. We decided to feature Billy in a 3-part video series on TikTok, showcasing his personality and desire to find a new home. Billy’s first video tugged hard on the heartstrings and immediately went viral, garnering over 5.1 million views, over 626K likes and 2,600 comments of followers sending well wishes to Billy and asking for updates on his journey! Billy’s second video was viewed over 500K times, and caught the eye of a family who immediately fell in love with him through the screen and commented that they wanted to adopt. The couple came to visit Billy in person the very next day and made it official – Billy was adopted thanks to the power of social media! We updated our TikTok community on Billy’s adoption in the third and final video, much to the delight of 90K likes and 818 happy commenters. Be sure to follow all of our social channels for more stories like Billy’s, updates on Hawaiian Humane happenings, upcoming events and more! You can find us on TikTok as @HawaiianHumane.


Treat your dog with homemade goodies It’s almost the holidays and while you’re baking treats for loved ones, don’t forget your four-legged friends! These homemade dog treats make great stocking stuffers for your pup, or gifts for fellow dog moms and dads. The recipe comes from Hawaiian Humane’s education program, “Paws for a Cause” and is approved by our Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Carter. Tools: • • • •

Large mixing bowl Spatula Spoon Silicone bone-shaped mold (or create your own holiday-themed shape!)

Ingredients: For treats: • 2 cups whole wheat (or regular) flour • 1 ½ cups milk • 1 tablespoon baking powder • 1 teaspoon salt • 1 egg, beaten

Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit Add all ingredients into a large mixing bowl Mix ingredients until well-blended Add mixture to molds Bake for 25-30 minutes Mix ingredients for frosting in a separate bowl When treats are done and cool, decorate with frosting 8. Freeze extras to save! We recommend packaging these treats in sandwich bags labeled with the date they were made and all ingredients used.

For frosting: • 12 ounces nonfat cream cheese • 2 teaspoons honey

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t f i G y a d i l Ho Guide! Fun Apparel!

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10 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

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More Ways to Shop & Support! Mahalo nui to these retail partners who are donating portions of their proceeds to Hawaiian Humane Society.

Shop with Amazon Smile! (make sure you designate Hawaiian Humane Society as your nonprofit of choice!)

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rld's O W s m a J m o r f l e r a App Sea Grass Collection! Paw Prints | 11


We’re almost there! Help us “Grow Our Love for Animals” at our new West O'ahu campus! As construction of Hawaiian Humane Society’s second location in West O'ahu nears completion, we are excited to invite you, our dedicated supporters, to become a permanent part of this new, impactful place! The “Paving the Way for Our Future” campaign offers animal lovers an opportunity to sponsor and personalize large pavers that will be featured along a

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

central pathway that winds across the new campus. For more information on how to support our new second campus through a gift to our capital campaign, please call our Capital Campaign Coordinator, Hayley Civian, at 808-356-2286 or email HCivian@

Construction update photos as of September 2022.

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New tools to help pets see faster relief Imagine that feeling you get when there’s a hair or eyelash in your eye. It’s usually quite unpleasant, even mildly painful, but you’re able to wipe it away or flush your eye with water for relief. For a cat or dog, keeping the hair out of their eyes is a bit harder, especially if they have a congenital condition with their upper eyelid called eyelid agenesis. Eyelid agenesis is a condition in cats where they are born without proper eyelids. It usually affects the upper eyelid, causing fur from the face to come in direct contact with the cornea. Not only is this

uncomfortable, but it can also cause corneal ulcers and other, more serious, problems with their vision. The most effective way to treat this issue is to perform a surgery called cryoepilation. This safe and effective procedure freezes and destroys the hair follicles surrounding the eye so they will not grow back and cause discomfort and secondary complications. Until recently, animals with this condition at Hawaiian Humane would have to be sent to an outside veterinary ophthalmologist, a veterinarian specializing in treating conditions with the eyes. This took time and created logistical challenges due to the time and coordination it takes to outsource surgeries and medical procedures. But that all changed recently, to the relief and excitement of our veterinary services team!

now perform cryoepilation right here in our own shelter veterinary center without having to transport animals to a specialist! This allows us to get cats with eyelid agenesis treatment and relief faster. Having the tools necessary to perform specific surgeries for conditions we see regularly, as well as reduce recovery time needed post-surgery, helps the animals in our care get on the road to adoption and into loving homes much more quickly!

We are happy to announce that thanks to several donors, we can

WAGGIN’ TALES Recently in August, 40 students from Hawai'i Baptist Academy had the opportunity to visit our campus, meet our adoptable animals, and complete a service learning project! The students took a tour of our campus and even got to meet some of our adoptable animals, including some very adorable puppies! They also worked on a service learning project creating dog and cat toys, as well as creating drawings encouraging visitors to adopt. We have been enjoying hosting student groups back on campus again–if you're a youth educator and want to get involved, send an email to 14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Supporter Spotlight Bob Bean supports our future with planned giving When long-time supporter and board member Bob Bean first stepped onto our Mō'ili'ili campus in 2007, his first impressions of the shelter were a bit unsettling. “The facilities needed some major updates and improvements in order for the animals to live more comfortably in Hawai‘i’s warm climate," he said. Since then, Hawaiian Humane Society has made many improvements and has grown to serve and find loving homes for almost 22,000 animals per year, provide comprehensive community education programs, and tend to community needs through our Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Center, and outreach efforts through the Pet Kōkua program. These services and programs will grow even more when we open our West O'ahu campus in Spring 2023. It’s this type of innovation and progress that Bob had in mind when he decided to become a member of the Helen Kīna‘u Wilder Legacy Society several years ago. Named in honor of animal rights advocate and Hawai'i’s first female police officer, the Helen Kīna‘u Wilder Legacy Society honors and thanks those who include Hawaiian Humane Society in their planned giving. Serving on our board of directors since 2007 and recently named Director Emeritus, Bob knows the enormous amount of funding and resources needed to serve the animals and people of O'ahu.

up, placed into foster care, and supported to find a new loving home. Animal lovers since childhood, and experienced pet-owners themselves, Bob and his wife Frances became active in their work with Hawaiian Humane through their connections with other board members and spending time with former President and CEO Pamela Burns. As pet parents to pup Charlie, Bob and Frances reflect on the importance of pet owners ensuring that preparations for their beloved animals are considered in their estate planning. “Pets are an important part in the lives of our kūpuna for so many reasons. Providing companionship, purpose and love – it’s crucial that we all have a plan to provide for our pets after we are gone," said Bob. To learn more about planned giving, the Forever Loved Pet Program, or the Helen Kīna‘u Wilder Legacy Society, please contact our Manager of Major Gifts and Planned Giving, Jennifer Bauer, at 808-356-2252 or via email at

“The Hawaiian Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations do a lot for our society. Planned Giving is a great way to help sustain these important causes and give animals a voice," said Bob. One of the reasons donors reach out to us to initiate planned giving is so that they can provide arrangements for their beloved pets in the event of their passing. The Hawaiian Humane Society offers a program called Forever Loved, where owners can make special arrangements for their pet to be picked

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Big Hearts Help Big! Our Volunteer of the Month program recognizes outstanding volunteers that go above and beyond for the animals in our care. They are nominated monthly by fellow volunteers and staff members for their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission.

June 2022 - Marc M.

July 2022 - Darlene O.

August 2022 - Jerry F.

We asked Marc what he most looks forward to as a Foster Volunteer and he said, "I look forward to new fosters getting to meet my grandmother and Benji, our first foster dog that we decided to adopt."

"I look forward to having conversations with the amazing staff and volunteers at the Humane Society as well as seeing the sweet animals. love to hear stories about animal situations and rescues with the knowledge that they are now being well cared for at the Hawaiian Humane Society," Darlene said when asked what she looks forward to most when volunteering at Hawaiian Humane.

When we asked Jerry what his favorite part of his role is, he said, “My favorite part of being an Adoptions Assistant is greeting everyone who is a possible parent to adopt the animals and I enjoy all the wonderful staff I work with. I learn something new every time I come on my shift.”

Foster Care Volunteer Volunteer for 8 years

Foster Care and Laundry Volunteer Volunteer for 1 year

Adoption Assistant Volunteer Volunteer for 6 months

Thank you Marc, Darlene and Jerry for all the love and care you continuously show to our community and the animals in our care!

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Volunteer “Classifieds” We love our volunteers at Hawaiian Humane and they help us care for the animals in a multitude of ways! We are currently searching for additional volunteers for the below positions! Admissions Greeter The Admissions Greeter is responsible for assisting admissions staff by providing a highlevel of customer service for patrons seeking our services. Admissions Greeter Volunteers must be 18 years or older. Foster Care Our Foster Care Volunteers help animals in need of temporary tender, loving care. Shelter animals in need of care may be too young, underweight, ill, injured, recovering from surgery

or require more socialization before being ready for adoption. Fostering is a wonderful way for the whole family to get involved! Children learn responsible pet ownership and get to participate in the experience! Dog Walking Dog Walking Volunteers provide daily exercise and interaction with adult dogs by taking them on walks. Independent volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Adult/Youth teams allowed; must be at least 8 years of age. For more information on volunteering at Hawaiian Humane and a full list of open positions, visit

HOLOHOLO NEX Adoption Events

Hawaiian Humane will be popping up at the Navy Exchange to bring adoptable pets to loving families! Where: Navy Exchange Mall at Pearl Harbor When: Every third Saturday of the month from 10 am 2 pm

Virtual Pet Loss Support Group

Find comfort and compassion after the loss of a pet in Hawaiian Humane’s Virtual Pet Loss Support Group, facilitated by counselor Rosemarie Grigg on the first Tuesday of every month via video conference. To RSVP and receive the link to join the private virtual meeting, please email

Holiday Readers of the Pack

Readers of the Pack is BACK, and just in time for the holidays! Students grades 1 - 5 will be invited to read their favorite holiday stories to our animals available for adoption as well as enjoy fun holiday-themed activities and treats! Where: Hawaiian Humane’s Mō‘ili‘ili Adoption Center When: December! Stay tuned to Events for updates on event details.

Where: Virtually, from the comfort of your own home! When: Every first Tuesday of the month from 6:30 7:30 pm

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PetWalk is back and better than ever! We are excited to announce that PetWalk is back LIVE at Kapi’olani Park on October 29, 2022, 8 am - 12 pm! PetWalk is Hawaiian Humane Society’s signature annual community fundraiser that raises critical funds for our organization and the animals we serve. We’re excited to say that this year’s PetWalk is back in-person! Gather all your furry friends to celebrate the occasion and help support our over 30 programs and services!

How Do I Register?

Register through our PetWalk 2022 website. Once confirmed, participants will receive information regarding collecting exclusive swag. We encourage participants to engage with us on Hawaiian Humane Society social media pages. PetWalk 2022 website:

Register as an Individual Walker

As an Individual Walker, you can set up your personal walk page and begin fundraising for Hawaiian Humane Society. With paid registration you will receive a PetWalk 2022 T-shirt and exclusive sponsor swag! You can also set up a personal fundraising goal and have the opportunity to receive great Mahalo gifts in recognition of your fundraising effort.

Register as a Team

Register as a Team Leader for a walk team and begin fundraising for Hawaiian Humane Society. Recruit friends, family, and/or co-workers to join your team. Set a team fundraising goal and encourage all team members to contact friends and family to request support or conduct a fundraising activity. All team participants will have the opportunity to receive great Mahalo gifts in recognition of their fundraising efforts.

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Enter your family in our Costume Contest! Our popular PetWalk costume contest is back in person! We will have multiple contest categories at this live event, so enter your family and pets for a chance to win some great prizes!

Pet Costume Contest Categories: Most Creative Best Duo Judge's Choice

Human Costume Contest Categories: Most Creative Best Duo Judge's Choice

PetWalk Categories: Best Pack (largest team) Best Dressed And more!


ALOHA Collection goodie bag, Kualoa Ranch Gift Certificate, Paws for Portrait LLC professional photo session, Yoga Room Hawaii Gift Certificate, and more!


All pets are welcome You must be present at the event to participate

Support Local!

Mahalo to our participating vendors: Ports + Paws Nummy Nums Kapolei Pawcuterie Hawai’i K9 Secret Service VERC HiCravings LLC And more to come – check PetWalk website! Reach out to our Special Events department at to learn about how you and your business can get involved and support O’ahu’s animals! And of course, BIG mahalo to sponsors Ginny Tiu 'Ohana, Subaru Hawaii, Lynn and Bruce Gibson Family Foundation, Honda Windward and many more for generously helping us make this a PetWalk to remember!

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Keep pets safe during upcoming holidays We say it every year, but it’s worth repeating. As we gear up for the holiday season, don’t forget to keep pet safety top of mind! The end of the year is a time for joy and fun. From Halloween’s delicious candy and Thanksgiving’s decadent meals, to the delight of unwrapping presents for the holidays – all these fun family activities can turn sour if your pet gets into something they are not supposed to. Prevention is the best way to keep your pet safe, and it’s important to remember to be mindful of activities that can pose a greater risk to your pets. Follow some of our basic pet safety tips to help limit holiday hazards during joyous celebrations. Halloween means candy and costumes. Kids love to collect candy from school or neighbors to eat and share with friends. Although sharing is a positive lesson to learn, teach them never to give candy to pets. Candy should be stored in a pet-proof place and not left around for the curious snouts to sneak a treat. If you don’t want your furry friend to miss out on all the fun, pick up some petfriendly holiday-themed treats from your local pet store, or bake your own (see page 9)! If your pet is overly anxious or frightened by the doorbell, or even people in Halloween costumes, ensure they have a safe space to stay until the festivities are over. This reduces the stress and overstimulation a pet may experience. The spooky season may be fun for people, but can be a traumatizing experience for pets. Thanksgiving is a great way to get together with extended family,

enjoy a meaningful meal, and express gratitude for each other. Keep a careful eye on your pets during holiday feasts. Fatty and sweet treats can make your pet ill and cause potentially serious health complications. Also, never give your pet cooked bones as they can splinter when chewed and become a choking hazard or cause serious internal injury. Gifts bring joy, even to our animals, but be sure to keep wrapped gifts out of reach and dispose of bows and ribbons immediately after unwrapping. If ingested, string and ribbon can block your pet's digestive system, potentially resulting in the need for expensive surgeries. Even the most wellbehaved pets are tempted to play with ornaments and tinsel, so be sure to pet-proof your décor, and don't forget to secure your Christmas trees properly to prevent them from falling over! New Year’s Eve in Hawai‘i is both memorable and exciting. Plenty of families go to see planned fireworks displays, and it’s no secret that unplanned fireworks can be expected islandwide. However, pets and fireworks have never been a good combination. The loud booms and flashing lights of fireworks can scare pets into running away, and they can even jump high fences when frightened. Keep your companion animal in a safe place indoors, and do not leave your pet unattended outside, especially in the days/evenings leading up to the new year. Ensuring

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

your pet has proper identification, like a microchip and a collar with an ID tag, will help you reunite with them faster if they become lost. Accidents can happen even if you take every precaution to ensure your pet is safe. If your pet is injured or displaying abnormal behavior, contact your veterinarian right away and know where to take your pet for emergency services. If you find a lost pet, bring them to Hawaiian Humane Society's Admissions Center, where they can be reunited with their owners. Immediately call Hawaiian Humane at 808-356-2228 if your pet is lost and file a Lost Pet Report. You may also fill out a report at Keep these holiday tips in mind when planning your holiday celebrations. Stay tuned to Hawaiian Humane's social media for more safety tips during this festive time of year!

GIFTS OF LOVE We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from May 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022.

Helen Kina‘u Wilder Legacy Society

John Farrington Lord-Struthers Family Trust Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation

Pack Leaders $10,000 +

Anonymous (2) Bob & Kelly Armstrong Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano Emmett R. Quady Foundation Carol Jones & Larry Jones/ The Larson Jones Family Trust Ginny Tiu Bank of Hawaii Foundation The Robert and Betty Wo Foundation Stanford Carr Development Stoebner Family Charitable Foundation

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Dr. Eric & Lori Ako John & Sue Dean Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman Ernst & Young LLP

Animal Heroes $2,500 +

Daniel Arita Graham Burns & Erika Sox Lori Cabreros Daniel & Grace Kagehiro Patsy K. N. Kalawaia Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Jon Simmons Ronald & Judy Yamamoto AmazonSmile Foundation Recovery Law Center

Best Friends $1,000 +

Violeta Arnobit Albert & Dolores Bediones Molly F. Cherry Amy S. Ching Darryl Choy William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Michael Deluca James & Vickie Farmer Gary & Jennifer Herald Christina Iwaida Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Gary & Lori Okamoto William & Hope Oliver Roy & Sandra Pfund Martin & Jeanette Rinehart Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Susan H. Shishido John & Taeko Skinner Rebecca Ward

ALTRES & Simplicity HR Case Family Fund Crazy Shirts Koaniani Fund Mauka Lani Elementary School Pounce Hawaii, LLC Wilson Okamoto Corporation

Devoted Companions $500 +

Anonymous (1) Randall Akee Muriel Belaski Joan S. Brown Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana Neil & Liz Char Stewart Chun Erin Claggett Timothy A. Craig Ather & Marivic Dar Jasmina Dobinchick Michael A. Ebinger Tochiho K. Enomoto Nola R. Epp Elisia Flores John & Teri Fritz Karen S. Fujimoto Janie H. Iwai Stephen E. Joseph Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Linda J. Katagiri Rev. Nobuharu Kato Wilfred & Jewel Kawano Melanie Kido Coral C. King Kelvin & Joni Kurisu Michael & Joyce Lighthill Betty B. Long Cynthia A. Lum Ann H. Michaud Amy S.K. Miyamoto Joanne M. Nakamura Gordon Nihei Steven & Dagmar Oato Richard & Melva Okazaki Robert & Dawn Pascua Linda J. Rowan Gerda & Clarence Sakamoto Frances K. Schneider Susan L. Smith Rebecca & Ivan Tamanaha Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Kathleen S. Tanna Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Lucy C. Toma Carol C. Tomioka Floraine Van Orden Allan R. Vosburgh Karin Washington Jiamin Wu Joshua Young Hwarang Ohana Youth Organization

Guardian Angels $100 +

Anonymous (8) Arthur Aarona Roy & Amy Abe Ryan Abella Donna Agas Russell Ahana Dale & Katherine Aina David D. Aiu, Jr. Roy & Stephanie Akita Rene N. Akiyama Ada Alamani Steven & Lea Albert Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz Reynold & Laverne Alexander Joanne S. Amaki Nicole Amano Hiroko & James Amsbary Elizabeth Y. Amuro Richard & Ethel Anbe Shelly A. Andrews David & Sharon Ansai Paul S. Aoki Marc & Florence Aoyama Victor Y. Aragaki Carol N. Aramaki Sandra H. Arashiro Steven Y. Arashiro David & Jong Astin Alexandra B. Au Frederick & Julienne Aulwes Jane Austgen Marian & Wilben Auyong Marvin & Audrey Awaya Kandi Ayakawa Ursula Baensch Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey Allan & Frances Bailon Angela Ballard Maureen & Robert Ballard Susan M. Ballard Sandra & Jose Ballina Kenneth J. Barclay Patti Ann Barney Joanna L. Barroga Tammy & Christopher Bayer Cynthia B. Bayless Bert & Stacie Beaman Marilyn S. Beardsley Bill & Janet Beaulieu Mark Behrang Shannon Bell Eric & Chiho Bercovici Marian Bernal Wendy Besse Ronald S. Biho Tracie Black Robert Boesch Joan Bogner-Lyons Steven & Debra Bookatz Gillian Boss Joseph M. Boyce Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale William & Faith Bright James & Kathleen Brown

Mark & Martha Brown Robert & Susan Brown Jocelyn & Seth Buckman Jolene Bueno Karin & Bari Buzzard Nicomedes & Bernadette Cabe Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Ken A. Cabreros Janis A. Calton Charlotte Cambra Ignacio M. Cariaga Thomas R. Carpenter Paula S. Carroll Kasey Carter, DVM Shayna Carvalho Catherine Caudle Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr Rose & Donald Chambers Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Karen & Eugene Chang Natalie S. Chang Sybille E. Char Mimi A. Charette Phillip & Faye Chase Kimberly K. S. Chee Wieland C. Chee Nancy & Shun-Lin Chen Po Shu & Doris Cheng Earl & Vera Cherry Sandy P. Chikasuye Freeman & Winona Chin Wanda China Cyrus & Masumi Ching Frederick & Ann Ching Jack A. Ching Mike & Joyce Ching Willis & Beverlyn Ching Faye Chiogioji Elisa L. Chong John & Rosalind Chong Judy & Peter Choo Heidi Choy Jeffrey & Carol Choy Kwai & Jocelyn Choy Steven Choy Michelle L. Christensen Constance & Winston Chun Lisa Chun Lorrie Mae Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Sandra H.S. Chun Jo & Margarita Chung Joseph & Irene Chung James Cigan Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Scott Clark Glenna & Don Clegg Mr. & Mrs. Steve Colon Juliette Cooke Dorothy C. Cooper Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Amy Corrales Robert L. Cox Earle M. Crabe Judy Crawford Douglas A. Crosier

Paw Prints | 21

Susan L. Cuizon Cynthia Cullen-Sotelo Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Donald & Yoko Dandurand Timothy David Diana Davids Elaine Davidson Tara Davis Donna Dedrick Karen Degner Ronald & Michele DeMello Walter & Peggy DeRamos Edward Diehl Diane Dizon Dale L. Doi & R. H. Doi Katherine M.K. Dombrigues Marilee E. Duffy Phillip Dunkelberger Jon & Mary Lou Earll Leeanne Egan Carrolyn H. Emoto Elaine E. Enokawa Lester & Patricia Enomoto Kathy Esposito-Mason & William Mason Marivic Estrala Eleanor Fahrenwald Michele & Dennis Faller James Favaloro Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Everett V. Fernandez Diane Ferreira Christopher J. Ferry Paula Fitzell Kalei Fojas Joseph Francher Jamie Franklin Jenny Franklin Susan Jean Freitas Gwen Fujie Gail K. Fujimoto Wayne T. Fujimoto Craig M. Fujino Harold & Jan Fujise June N. Fujitani Michie & Tetsuji Fukuda Kent & Kayleen Fukuhara Pauline Fukumura Susan S. Fukunaga Linda N. Funai Vicki & Vince Galam Anthony L. Garcia, Jr. Samantha Garcia Tim Garrard

Francis & Jayne George Moheb & Nancy Ghali Maimona Ghows Grace N. Ginoza Patrice M. Gionson Kimberly L. Gleason Fumi Goings Lenny & Jennifer Gonzales J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman Bobby R. Gordon Carrie D. Gosiaco David & Angela Goya Genevieve B.K. Goya Pamela J. Grant Harvey & Rae Green Rose L. Greenwell Francine M. Grudzias Delphina E. Guerrero Jovencio & Varne Guerrero Craig & Wendy Guro Kimberley Haines Martha & Duane Hamada Sidney G. Hamada Sybil & David Hamada Cleyo Hamamoto Keith & Janice Hamamoto Wesley & Jill Hamasaki David & Gay Hanawahine Shelby M. Hankee Dean A. Harada Ann Y. Harada-Goodell Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Robert D. Hardy Rosemae Y. Harrington Clyde Haruno Irene E. Hatakenaka Joy S. Hatakeyama Clark G. Hatch Theresa Hawthorne Melvyn Hayamoto Cody Hayashi Denise Hayashi Deborah J. Hazama Mark Heckman Vincent & Sandy Hee Mary Jane Heilbron Ronald Heim Virginia G. Henderson William T. Henne John W. Henry Susan & Arthur Henry Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga Mary & Yoshiko Herrera Eileen C. Herring

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Petra & Kevin Herzog Cheryl Hewett David M. Higa Charlaine T. Higashi Jay & Esther Higashi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Esther Hilea Manuel G. Himenes, Jr. DVM Gladys Y. Hirano Michael & June Hirano Ian & Misti Hirasa Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima Glenn & Sonia Hirata Jamelle K. Hirayama Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Kay & Kelly Hironaka Arnold HIrotsu Harriet & Brenda Ho Faith K. Hoo Shawn Hooton Brian & Carole Horiuchi Yoshimi & Takumi Horiuchi Stella & Yutaka Hotta Timothy & Mary Houghton Jaymie Huihui-Lono Sharon W. Iao Eugene M. Ichiyama Irene T. Iha Michelle Iha-Yu Donna May Y. Ikeda-Simmons Darlene & Rodney Ikegami Don & Karen Ikoma Rodney & Cherie Ann Imai Lynn M. Inafuku William & Susan Indich Michiyo & Yukio Inoue Gary & Kim Ishii Helen & David Ishii Sean Ishii Elaine Ishikawa Shari Ishikawa Margaret M. Isonaga Gary & June Isono Lisa & Daryl Ito Marsha E. Ito Stephany & Ronald Ito Elsie K. Iwatani Amy K. Izumihara Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Judith S. Jakobovits Thomas & Sarah Jenny Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson Jacquelyn Johnson Norman Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen David & Chiyono Jones Helen A. Josie Josypenko Richard J. Jozaitis Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Christine Kaizawa Luana & Elliot Kalauawa Virginia A. Kalvelage Sally Ann K. Kamae Esther T. Kameoka Roslyn & Christopher Kanae Garret & Katherine Kanai Laura A. Kanda Pamela & Michael Kaneko Beverly & A. Kaneshiro Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Dwight & Suzanne Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro

Alyssa & Andres Kaopio-Lopez James & Valerie Kardash Ted Kashiwamura Kalika Kastein Toshiko Kawai Susan Kawakami Jean K. Kawamura Elizabeth Kawana Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano Michael Kawano Stacey Kawano Richard Kawawaki Galbraith & Janet Kawelo Susan K. Kaya Arlene A. Kaya-Tamon Michael D. Kaye Alvin & Corinne Kazunaga Jim & Sue Kelly Stephanie L. Kendrick Scott Keopuhiwa Curtis & Lucille Kern Gerald H. Kibe Valerie & Robert Kidani Diane D. Kiefer Jennifer Kihara Michael & Susan Kihara Sandra E. Kim Ronell & Stuart Kimura Roy & Gloria King Gloria S. Kishi Jane T. Kitazaki Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Sandra & Douglas Klein Megan & Bernhard Kloetzel Kurt K. Kmett Steve & Deb Knight Jane K. Kobashigawa Inez Koga Karen & Gerald Kogami Claire M. Kogasaka Jodi Kohagura Karen Y.W. Komatsu Dawn Marie Kopp Blanche L. Kort Susan M. Kosasa Nanci Kosten & Terrance Mulberg Diane Kuahine James & Jean Kubo Sharon Kugisaki Barry & Wanda Kugiya Gerald & Lorna Kuniyuki Keana Kupihea Robert K. Kupukaa Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Vivian M. Lai Jim & Lynn Lally Rachel A. Lange Len & Terri Lantych Gilbert & Marion Larson Peggy A. Latare David & Patrina Lavarias Alan Y. Lee Jacqueline Lee Juliet & Michael Lee Keith & Velma Lee Kenneth A. Lee Kyle Lee Olivia Lee Summer K. Chun Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Lisa T. Lefebvre

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022. Bonnie R. Leong Edna Letson Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Timothy J. Lien Barry E. Lightner Yoshie Lillmars Dr. Whitney & Mrs. Harvalee Limm Cheryl Lindsey Leighton K. Liu Everett Y. Lo Jacqueline L. Loo Sandra A. Loo Richard McDowell & Darlene Loo-McDowell Raymond D. Lowman Carol & Lawrence Lucero Theresa & Layne Luke Elwood & Heather Lum Charles Lunson Dr. Douglas & Mary Luther Patti Lyons Kurtis & Susan Mabe Leslie E. MacDonald Benedict & Gail Madriaga Janice K. Maeda Colin & Brenda Maglasang Daniel M. Mahoney Michael Maii Earlynne F.K. Maile James Makuakane Alexander & Clarita Malinao Bryan D. Man John & Donna Manning Stephen J. Marcuccilli Laureen & Bryan Marino John Marn Katherine Masaki Sharon Y. Masuda Andrew T. Matayoshi Margaret F. Matayoshi

Kathryn & Robert Matsui Jeremy Matsumoto Myra N. Matsumoto Winifred M. Matsumoto Raymond & Jane Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Dennis K. Matsuura Domingo Matute Shayne Mau Heather McCafferty Tim & Jill McDonald Patti McElaney Janet E. & L.K. McElheny Mark McKellar Ann K. Mee Thomas & Melvine Mendes Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Barry & Linda Meyers Myron & Shanon Miho Mark Mikasa Andrew & Lee Miller Richard & Hanae Mills Joanna & Esau Milo Harvey & Christine Minatoya Nancy Minuth Dr. Randy T. Mita Jeffrey T. Mitsuda Glenn & Elaine Miura James & Janet Miura Gordon M. L. Miyahira Lisa T. Miyakado Dori M. Miyamoto Jan & Ken Miyashiro Linda A. Miyashiro Senator Norman & Harriet Mizuguchi Walter M. Mizushima Christopher & Suk Cha Mohr Yolanda M. Mondo

Marc & Dawn Morikami Renee L. Morikawa Kiyoko & Maki Morimoto Lauren Morisato Conrad & Aileen Moriwake Harry & Michelle Morris Sally W. Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Susan & Kevin Mulkern Patricia A.C. Muneno Brian Muranaka Claire & Michael Muranaka Ivan & Jane Muraoka Jared Murayama Helen A. Muroda Linda Musto Myra L. Myatt Jean K. Myers Charles & Linda Nagamine Cary Nagano Stephanie E. Nagata Shirley Nagatoshi Jerry & Carol Nakagami Frederick A. Nakahara Margaret H. Nakakuni David & Lynette Nakama Dennis & Arlene Nakamoto Doreen & Marc Nakamura James H. Nakamura Lorene Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Thomas Y. Nakano Dennis & Maureen Nakashima David & Marlan Nashiwa Amy & John Naylor Jemal & Atsuko Ned Anna Neubauer & Eldred Bristol James & Shirley Newman Debra F. Ng Mylinh T. Nguyen

Karen Nielsen & Daniel Zurbriggen Nikki L. Nielsen Claudia L. Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei Derek Nishida & Billy-Joe Smith Edward & Mary Ann Nishida Janet & Clifford Nishihara Eileen Nishikawa Charlene Nishimura Jon & Cynthia Nishimura Lara Nitta Susan & Marvin Nitta Wallace & Jana Nitta Andy & Eleanor Nobu Janice & Ernest Nogawa Chris Nonaka Lanny & Mary Ann North Edwin H. Nose Nancy Nott Craig H. Noyama David O’Connor Alvin & Lynn Ogi Joyce K. Okahashi Neal & Amy Okamoto Ethan M. Okamura Patricia F. O'Kane George & Ann Okano Gerard Nihous & Mari Okazaki Kristi Okimoto Alice S. Okouchi Susan & C.K. Okuhara Yuko F. O'Leary Walter & Charlotte Olmos Tracey & Bill Olson Malcolm & Avis Onaga Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy Ann K. Ono David Y. Onoye Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Georgiana & Samuel Oshio

"Round-Up" your spare change to help animals in need. Round up your everyday credit/debit card purchases to the next dollar to support O‘ahu's animals, every cent helps! To sign up, donors need to: 1.


Go to Go to and click the "Donate" button. Then click "Round-Ups." Or, scan the QR code below. Connect an eligible card Create a donor account and then link an eligible credit card that you'd like to use for round-up donations. You can set a monthly cap on donations and can change that amount at any time. The minimum monthly donation amount is $9.99, or only $0.34/day.

After signing up, you will: 1.

Make purchases with that card Purchases made on that card will "Round-Up" to the next dollar as change which you can see in your donor account.


Change is donated monthly "Round-Up" change from your card purchases accumulates and then is donated on the last day of the month. You will receive a text each month the day before your change is donated, letting you know the total amount you'll be contributing!

Scan here to sign up today!

Paw Prints | 23

Roy & Darlene Oshiro James & Cion O'Sullivan Kathleen K. Ota Helen S. Otoshi Delbert W. Ouye Linelle & Jared Page Pualani Paiaina Brijette Palaroan Edward R. Pang Chew Lorna Park Carol & Jere Parker Kelly D. Parks & Maureen A. Kelley-Parks Gary & Kiyoko Parson Presentacion Pascua Wayne & Lanette Pascua Michael & Nicole Pedersen Jon H. Pegg, M.D. Roxanne Perreira Dr. Robert & Patricia Peters Sheila J. Petersen Kirtland Peterson Chuck & Diana Petranek Kristina & Michael Phillips Robert Pierce Dr. Cassandra Pinnick Randy K. Pisani Puaolena Pittman Gilbert Ponce Harold Prados Lei Pyne Ted & Leilani Quong James & Cindy Ralar Liang Rasachack Jerome & Cheri Rauckhorst Robert T. Reeves Mathew Reith Parichat Remis Cary Reynolds Paul & Jessel Riccardini Kori L. Ricci Marie Rivet John Roberts William & Emi Robillard Priscilla Rodriguez Douglas Rollick William H. Roome David & Carol Root Ned & Iris Rowley Judith Rubano Donna & Robert Ryan Lila & Arthur Sagon Melvin H. Saiki Gail M. Saito Glen & Christine Saito Sheila L. Y. Sakashita Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Ross & Karen Sakuda Benjamin & Marilyn Salvador Philip E. Sammer Alberta L. Sanders Patrick A. Santos Bryan K. Sasaki Cecelia M. Sasaki Jed & Lynda Sasaki Matthew A. Sasaki Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Renee Y. Sato-Yuen Eugene Savio George Schmelzer & Judith Inazu Winton & Sandra Schoneman Daniel T. Segawa

Karen Y. Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Franklin & Beverly Seki Charles & Valerie Seminara Stanley & Theresa Shibata Michael & May Shim Lorna S. Shima John Shinsato Stacey S. Shinsato Cynthia Y. Shiraishi Tamae Shiraishi Douglas S. Shiraki Elaine Y. Shiraki Frank M. Shiroma Robert & Mimi Shiroma Daniel & Esther Shishido Laura L. Shun Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Sylvia K. Silva Andrew M. Singer Marc Skinner Victoria & Timothy Slovak Kimberly Smith Beverly J. Soares Chloe Song Catherine A. Sorensen Mary Spadaro Caroline P. Spencer Piilani E. Staszkow Fraser Christina Stefanov Roberta & Sheldrake Stibbard Lynette C. Stobie David & Mary Stock Stephanie A. Strickland David & Tammy Stumbaugh Lisa & Robert Sue Diane & Robert Suehisa Franklin & Carol Suenaga Myron H. Sueyoshi Susan Sugai Cathy & Selvestre Suguitan Edward & Sandra Sulliban Lori Ann & Jay Sunakoda Nicole Sy Alberta Taguchi Lynn & Craig Taguma Faye K. Taira Todd Tajiri Lornna & Chris Takahashi Susan T. Takahashi Tod A. Takahashi George & Grace Takakawa Kathy S. Takamoto Tracy Takano Ann Y. Takayesu Sandra Takeda Roy Y. Takekawa Joyce Takemori Gale & Calvin Takeshita Susan H. Takumi Jane Takushi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Ronald I. Tamashiro Leila Tamayori Jan & Benjamin Tamura Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe Rylan & Sandra Tanaka Sandra S. Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Emogene & Roy Taniguchi Ray Tanimoto Lindsey Tanna Tanya Tano

24 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Bert & Karen Taoka Arleen & Charles Tarnay Robert & Karen Tasaka Norman I. Tatch Martin & Debra Tatro Candace S. Taylor Trisha Taylor Lloyd & Constance Teixeira David & Thelma Tengan Eric Terashima Steven Teruya Asako & Alfred Teves Charlie Teves Ellen L. Thorson Mary & James Thrash Karena R. Tigrett William & Patti Tildsley Calvin W. Titus, III George Tokunaga Diane Tom Myron & Carol Tom Irene Toma Jean Torikai Jo Anne K. Trask Timothy & Helen Tricas Charlotte M. Trotter Pamela E. Troy Colleen K. Tsuda Dick & Cassy Tsuda Thomas H. Tsuhako Lori Tsukamoto Gordon & Janice Tsumoto Matthew Uechi Linda & Darryl Uezu Arthur & Julie Ugalde Roy H. Umeda Francis Gerald Unabia Barbara Underriner Donna Y. Usagawa Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Shane & R. Lyann Vagay Marion Valle Dr. Lothar & Cheryl Varady Michele Velasco Trudi B. Vetter Wendy Viellenave Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki Myra N. Wakuzawa Wes & Geri Wakuzawa Kerry Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Judi S. Walsh Jacqueline T. Waltjen Marie & Valerie Wang Vanessa Wang John S. Washburn Alan & Elaine Watanabe June T. Watanabe Roy H. Watanabe Sueko Watanabe Erik Webb Debra Weinberg-Newton Rachelle & James West Alan & Jennifer Whinery Dorrel Whinery Iwalani D. White Philip A. White Robert & Seiko Whittier Gaylord & Carol Wilcox Gary & L.S. Wild Coralie & W.L. Willett Craig Williams & Jessica Chau

Cynthia J. Williams Don Wilson & Agnes Tauyan Melanie Wilson David & Arporn Winsko Charles Wirta Judith Wolfe Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Amanda Wong Howie Wong Joseph & Janet Wong Linda Wright Wong Naomi Wong Vernon Wong Lawrence & Nadine Woode Robert Wright Angel & Dale Wyatt Carol Jean Yakuma Fawn Y. Yamada David M. Yamagata Amy M. Yamaguchi Lois H. Yamaguchi Shirley Yamaguchi Amy Yamakawa Karen Y. Yamaki Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Roger Yamamoto Charlotte Yamane & Volker Hildebrandt Sandra M. Yamane Amy Yamasaki Harvey & Carolyn Yamasaki Roxanne Y. Yamashiro Paul S. Yamauchi Gail Yip Judith S. Yogi Leatrice H. Yokoi-Moon Katherine Y. Yokoyama Cyndee Yonehara Cyrilla S. Yonehara Wayne K. Yonehara Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Elden Yoshida Karl & Elinor Yoshida Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka Harriet T. Yoshizaki Andrea Young Dennis & Lee Young Hyman & Sabrina Young Ivan Young Joni Young Lena N. L. Young Samuel Young Vivian W. Young Clayton & Elva Yuen Janice K. Yuen Leona N. Yuen Huimei Zhu Art of Aloha Damien Memorial High School Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd. Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate, Inc. Myztic Coons, LLC PayPal Giving Fund PetCareNow, Inc. Snobby Cats Waikiki Elementary School

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022.

In Honor of People Bernard A. T. Lee Pat Takato Bill & Heilwig Nations Marc Nations & Patricia Wells

Leina'ala Bright, Chip Ko, & Laurie Kim Stephanie L. Kendrick Lorraine Rezents Thomas Crowley May Yoshioka Bryant K. Yabui

Halle & Cooper Joni Gross

Milo Donna, George & Emma Smawley

Hapa Ann Livingston

Missy Amy & Terry Yonashiro

Happi Julia C. Wo

Moa Rebecca J. Buijten

Jackson Alvin & Karen Scott

Mochi Charlie Laureen K.K. Wong

Kailee Russell & Cindy Inouye

Nani Andrea Matsushima

Carol Dee Nishimura Susan W. Tom

Mildred Ikehara Geri K. Kimura Jody Taira

Carolyn Oliver Phyllis G. Oliver

Millie Rose Ahloy James K. Ahloy, III

Kena & Kihe Bridget A. Wong

Nikki Portland & E.J. Mendivil

Connor & Carter of Shafter Elementary School Lex Brodie's Tire Company

Skipper Jones Chuck & Skipper Jones

Keoki Donald & Yoko Dandurand

Ola, Riggs, & Benjamin Victoria Olsen

Kiki Thomas T. Adachi

Ollie Israel Nicole Salisbury

Koi & Kimo Herbert & Kyung Hee Hinazumi

Peaches Ruth Pagell

Lacey Angela O'Malley Reed & Shawn Reed

Piko Hanohano Davidson Gina Davidson

Dr. Carrie White & Dr. Jenna Dinstell Linda, Howard & Mori Tanaka Dr. Kasey Carter Ginny Tiu Eileen K. Bull Lori Vadnais Ginny Tiu Marvin & Sandra Fong Richard Smith & David Griggs Laurie & Leland Lee George Ueki Hays Alexander Sheryl L. Nicholson Jazzy Justin Killingsworth Steven Adair Hill Jenny Chinn Erik Tvede Joan Ken Coleman

Tadashi Yamamoto Ricky Miyamoto Debra Wada Tena Ritchhart Dona, Ethan & Wade Stewart-Ho Zale Hisashima Norine Hisashima

In Honor of Pets Arabella Quinabo Edgar Quinabo & Frankie Ruggles-Quinabo Blackie & Pretty Ingrid Hirazumi Callista Martha Chantiny Candi Melvin H. Saiki

Joe Yee Laurie & Tom Mann

Charles Henry Banana Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei

Judyann Matsuoka Caressa Matsuoka

Chase Wallace & Carolyn Towata

June Alves Brian Willever

Einstein J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman

Karen Yabui Bryant K. Yabui

Hage Daniel & Grace Kagehiro

Lady Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip Leo & Spot Elna & Luke Nagasako Ethan Nagasako Lucy & Max Corrine A. Yamane Luke Day 2022 Trenton Wailehua Madeline Horton Junie Hayashi Maggie Yong Ming Foo Maka'ala Cynthia Shiroma Max Sasaki Jed & Lynda Sasaki Midori Joan Lukas & Seamus Kearney Miki MacDonald Diane & John MacDonald

P-Nut Adam & Lounalyn Myers Pohaku & Nahe Everett V. Fernandez Poki Jeffrey B. Skydell Pookie Rockne & Wendy Tokumine Puma Viengkham Sundara Ringo Saba S. Russell Roxy Sandy Williams Scaliwag Duncan R. Brown Smiggy Tamburello John & Marlene Donnelly Willow & Mikey Linda & Glenn Tatsuno Yackey Doodle, Mahi, Timmy, & Pop Tart Douglas K. Lamerson Zorro Dr. Patrick J. Gilbert

Leave a Legacy When you make a gift to Hawaiian Humane through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii – for many years to come. For More information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, call 808-356-2252 or email

Paw Prints | 25

In Memory of People Alfred B. Fernandes, Jr. Hualani J. Fernandes Barbara M. Tomishima Jean M. Bart Cedric & Calvert Chun Thomas & Alvena Fukuhara David & Helen Hamasaki Charles T. Iida Kay Kawakami Faye & Eric Nonaka Mr. & Mrs. Dennis K. Shimizu Shitabata Family Robert Suehiro Rodney H. Tomishima George & Elaine Urabe Calvin Yukihiro

Joseph Serna Valerie Schmidt

Virginia Bail Gloria Higbee-Henderson

Cappy & Smoky Carolyn & Sanford Ching

Ken & Grace Kaneshiro Byron & Joy Sakamoto

Virginia Bail & her dog Willo Deborah Bail Friends & Family of Virginia Bail

Casper Lisa, Robert, & Buffy Sue

Kenneth C.C. Chang Catherine L. Cooke & Senator Les Ihara, Jr. Leonard & Sherry Leong Kaylene Yee Leslie Ann Takaki Dayle N. Liu Mabel Chang Lydia A. Faletoi Danny & Joanne Lopez Mareno Gulisao Laurie A.L. Adams

W. Travis Lau Esther Lau Wilfred Iwai Judy T. Iwai

In Memory of Pets "Cat" Burgel Levy

Marichu Scott & Anneliese Chun Iris V. Stepanic

Ava Kloetzel Kylee Plummer

Bert Shiira Sharon M. Shiira

Marjorie F. Y. Ziegler Douglas K. Lamerson

Bandit, Duchess, & Bear James & May Kobashigawa

Betty White & Doris Day Susan B. Schotters

Mary Rogers Charissa Wahwasuck-Jessepe

Bella, Mitzi, & Bud E. Chuck & Diane Marshall

Boysie Chang Lydia M. Gibson

Mildred Ikehara Gary & Sandra Isono Mildred M. Q. Chang Curtis Daehler & Angela Su Gerald & Selma Pang Mildred M. Q. Chang Revocable Living Trust

Bitsy Linda S. Higa & Sophie

Mona Link Leaugeay C. Buck

Brandy & Taisho Harold & Jan Fujise

Oma Rana Indru Watumull

Buddy Craig Williams & Jessica Chau

Pamela Burns Ivan & Patricia Ketterman

Buddy Hamamoto Keith & Janice Hamamoto

Patricia Janet Mills Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills

Buster Jinx Nancy L. Pearce

Raymond Baker Joyce Baker

Buttercup Paul Skarpness

Robert Leo Simmons, M.D. Valerie Boulware Patricia Carlson Georgianne Hartwell Margaret Powers Elizabeth A. Simmons Karen Simmons

Cali Lam Mary Ann H. Fernandes

Carol Oki Carolyn E. Oki-Idouchi Charlene Mclean Beth Ann Shropshire Cheryl Palesh Alan & Lori Kato Ching Yu Chen Francine Y. Sunada Chuji Tanino First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd. David Y. S. Yee, D.P.M. Karen R. Tashima Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips Eugene Villaluz Chris Anjo Georgia & Bobby Rex Elder Barbara Jean Van Scoy Harry Ueshiro Lynn Ueshiro Helena Shigeo Matsushima Henry & Iris Aurio Herbert & Soonie Bisol Iris Park

Robert M. Chapman Evelyn & Sunao Soga Lianne & Jon Yamamura

James Gibson Roxanne Y. Yamashiro

Roberta Y.Y. Lau Thomas A. Lau

Janet & Murphy Nohara Lesley Yost

Stanley Higashi Charlaine T. Higashi Suzanna Hahn Liang-Hsien E. Hahn

Janet Tomimatsu Lambert J. Yamashita Jean Caldwell Marchant Jeanne & Robert Anderson Andria Benner Robert & Lori Harrison Patrick Perkins Jesse Ikei Kenneth & Diane Okimura Lois S. Ikei

Suzanne Y. Murakami Carol Takaki & Shirley K. Matsumoto Tadashi Yamamoto Lawrence & Carolyn Okinaga Ursula Yee Judi Basolo

26 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Blue Victoria James & Ann Olson Bonkers, Princess, & Elvis Mary J. Josol

Cat Mali Leighton & Valerie Lum Chibby Kealani B. Labrie Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata Chloe Jennifer L. Baker Chloe Timothy Peris Choko George & Haesuk Idemoto Coco Chanel Robert & Cheryl Purdie Cocoa & Snickers Shibuya Kyle Shibuya Cowboy & Prince Bobby R. Gordon Daisy & Molly Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Daisy Burns Jennifer Chiwa Dakota Bryant K. Yabui Davis Pacheco Daniel J. Pacheco, Jr. Domino Lauren R. Shigekane Ebi-chan, Hanako, & Jiro-kan Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Ekolu & Pono Lois & Roy Ishihara Fluffy Bruce & Sandra Nicholl Fluffy & Ashley Furuhashi Monica M. Furuhashi

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022. Luckie Troy H. Fujimoto

Roddy & Maka Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura

Lucky da Kat Raymond & Py Martin

Rose Thomas G. Mendonca

Maggie Lonna & John Sherwin Maka Michelle Blomgren Makanui Wong Linda Wright Wong Makapai Majel A. Morimoto Mana Canady Darrah & Daven Keomaka Mariko & Emiko Lorraine M. Iwasaki Max John W. Mount Frankie & Molly Robin Van Eps

Kainani Rowe Iolanda M.P. Kerfoot-Rowe

Fredericka, Pee Wee, Harvey, Wally, Lance, & Rocky Mark & Margaret Burgessporter

Kaipo'i Baba Nathan & Dannalei Baba

Mickey Bruce McEwan Miko Kimberly Seay Misha & Patti Frances N. Maekawa

Fudge D. Hodge Lauren Hodge

Kapo, Wanaele, Kala, Kaluhea, & Mookaula Dory M. West

Fuzz Butt Richard & Milagros Griggs

Kekala, Tita, Aka, & Ele Linda S. Ahue

Miss Kitty Janet E. Carpenter

Gabriel Allen & Tammy Perry

Keku'a & Pumkin Rita U. Moniz

Molly & Noelle Pamela McKiddie-Stearns

Giovanni & Marco Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall

Kelani & Paris Yatomi Patricia N. Hisamoto

Mylo Brian Fujiwara & Keith Pedro

Girlie (Mama Dog) Jessica Saludes

Kiara Cary & Cheryl Nomiyama

Nacho & Crissy David & Elsie Shimokawa

Goku Higaki-Wells Joanne H. Abe

KiKi Katherine M. Loo

Nani Edward R. Lee, Jr.

Gucci Dawn S. Smith

Kila Raquel Hicks

Nike Glen & Linell Goya

Hamlet Scot & Val Oishi

Kimo Elizabeth Y. Amuro

Norton, Oliver, & Molly Mary A. Artese

Harley Stephanie & John Kirimitsu

Kindee Waterwings Isaac Ganeko

Pepin & Coco Burkeen Donna K. Burkeen

Hau'oli Lucky Harry Kurashige Paula S. Kurashige, P.T.

Kirra Nagata Alyssa Nagata

Pili Robin & Glenn Fujinaka

Indy Bindi Anne Virnig

Kitty & Koa David & Patrina Lavarias

Pippa Marianne Adkins

Ipo Green Michael Hofmann

Knych Family Pets Laurie C. Knych

Poka Gary A. James

Isabella Veronica C. McLaughlin

Koa Chinen Burt & Carolyn Chinen

Pomai Patricia Ernce & Cindy Namahoe

Jiro Cat Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka

Kuau, Koko, Kala, & Tabby Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz

Porter Victoria Olsen

Junior & Jackson Letitia P. Bailey Kahani Sue, Pualani, Kamana, & Duke Lehua Ii-Michaelson & Geoffrey Michaelson

Kuma Yokoi Roy J. Yokoi Kushman Isabelle & John Rivera Lillie Mae Moskovitz Ralph & Stephanie Simmons

Miss Katie Linn S. Alber

Rutten Korinda Kim Sabrina & Jasmine S. Mark & Linda Kuklinsky Sammy Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Schatzi David Barud Shadow & Chanel Gay H. Joyo Shaggy & Tachi Doris M. Ladd Shiro, Kuma, Kuro, Toby, Kiko, Haku, Mango, Paka, Noel, & Skippy Stanley & Sheri Ann Kajioka Snoopie Colleen F. Goto-Ono Spuds, Pugs, & Cocoa Abe John & Cathy Shiraishi Tako Harriet & Ivan Matsumoto Tashi Fujio Ernestine K. Enomoto Tazz & Scooby-Doo Diane Kodis Teiti Betty M. Pedro Tobi Jennifer & Dominic Yamashita Toby, Coco, & Brandy Susan B. Schotters Wailea George & Ipolani Bailey Woods Family Pets Laura F. Woods Wuzzy Bunny Annalea Kim Yeti Catherine Devaney Zaba Stephen & Ruth Canham Zoey Arleen T. Y. Akamine

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Puna Chillingworth Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Rachel Muenster Leia Muenster Rocky & Nahe Allyson Kaai

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