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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profi t education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization helping local pets and people in need. Visit for more information.



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Paw Prints is published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Wai‘alae Ave. Honolulu, HI 96826. Issued 5/8/2024 (FY24-4).

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Welcome to the latest edition of Paw Prints, which highlights the many ways that our work supports paws in paradise.

As a friend of Hawaiian Humane, you know that your generous contributions give animals a second chance to find a loving home through pet adoption. In this issue you will meet Richmond, a senior pup who found his new home through our Couch Crashers program.

More than 30 programs and services are offered by Hawaiian Humane to advance our mission to promote the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.

This edition of Paw Prints tackles one of the biggest threats to the human-animal bond, the lack of access to pet-friendly housing. We talk to landlords who welcome pets and other advocates to showcase the advantages of having pet owners as tenants.

National research by Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, which surveyed 1,299 tenants and 551 property owners/managers in 2019, found that:

• On average, residents in pet-friendly housing stay 21% longer than those in non-pet-friendly housing. This translates to residents staying about 10 additional months.

• 83% of owner/operators say pet-friendly vacancies are filled faster.

• 86% of owner/operators believe they have a positive relationship with most tenants who have pets.

• 95% of resident pet owners are perceived to be nice, friendly, caring and good people by their neighbors.

We supported three bills at the Hawai‘i Legislature that would have improved access to housing for pet owners and helped keep families together. While those measures have failed to meet important deadlines, others that would advance the humane treatment of animals continued to make progress at press time. Those include bills that would ban backyard surgeries on pets and provide better law enforcement tools to address dangerous dogs.

This edition also highlights our behavior program, which contributes to the humane treatment of animals by providing enrichment to help reduce the stress of being in a shelter environment. The observations made by the staff and volunteers in the program also allow us to learn more about our animals so that we can match them with the right homes.

From animal care and veterinary services to advocacy and education, your financial contributions fund a diverse scope of work that is committed to making our community a paradise where paws thrive.

Mālama pono,

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Paws in Paradise: Advocating for Pet-Inclusive Housing and Resources in Hawai‘i

Shelters nationwide have been persistently overcrowded for more than a year; Hawai‘i has not been immune to this crisis. Adoptions have stagnated, but animal intakes continue to rise, causing shelters and rescue organizations across the state to feel the pinch of resources strained to the brink. Families who have been forced to make the difficult decision to surrender their beloved pets frequently cite the lack of affordable, pet-friendly housing in Hawai‘i.

The scarcity of accommodations that welcome furry companions poses a significant challenge for residents and their beloved pets, but it also serves as a missed opportunity for landlords and property managers.

A groundbreaking national study conducted by the Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that residents in such accommodations tend to stay longer, vacancies fill faster, and the relationship between owners/operators and pet-owning tenants is overwhelmingly positive. These findings debunk common misconceptions and highlight the untapped potential of pet-inclusive communities.

Jennifer Wood, a local landlord and devoted pet owner, understands the profound bond between humans and their animal companions. Having navigated the challenges of finding pet-friendly housing firsthand, Wood is passionate about championing change in the rental landscape.

"Pets bring incredible happiness to their owners," she says. “I've always had pets throughout my life, and it's not always easy to find pet-friendly housing. Now that I'm on the other side, with a place that I can rent out, I want to share that opportunity with other pet owners to have a place where they can keep their animals in a safe and comfortable home, and keep their family together. I do find that people who are good pet owners, who care for their pets, will likely be good renters too, and care for the home.”

With a blend of personal experience and professional insight, Wood advocates for transparent communication between landlords and tenants, emphasizing the importance of pre-lease pet introductions and adherence to pet rules for a harmonious living environment.

Jennifer Li, a real estate broker who serves as our PetWalk Committee Co-Chair, is invested in the issue and says this is deeply personal.

“Growing up in Hawai‘i, I've experienced the difficulty of owning a pet as most housing wasn’t pet-friendly. As a realtor now, my clients and I are faced with this challenge of finding pet-friendly housing, specifically in Honolulu,” says Li. “Researching pet policies is included in home searches or having to move to a neighborhood that's more pet-friendly ends up becoming the only solution. Because I am challenged with this issue on a daily basis in my career, I strive to seek opportunities to make an impact in our real estate industry to loosen building/landlord rules, and create more pet-friendly options.

"What I also feel is not discussed often enough are the benefits of a furry friend as moral, mental and emotional support that they provide. As a pet owner for the majority of my life, each animal I owned provided companionship, love and alleviated stress that sometimes human-to-human connections can't provide. If animals can be allowed on planes, hospitals,

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
Jennifer Wood with her dogs, Stilton, Koa, Kui and Cooper

correctional facilities, it should not be an issue to have animals in residential areas.”

Li is familiar with the resistance to pet-friendly housing from the industry’s perspective. "Landlords, homeowners associations (HOAs) and property managers often cite concerns about property damages and additional expenses as deterrents," she says. These apprehensions, coupled with a lack

of awareness regarding the demand for pet-friendly accommodations, perpetuate the shortage of housing options for pet owners.

To address this pressing issue, Li proposes a multifaceted approach that encompasses legislative incentives for landlords, collaborative efforts between policymakers and housing authorities, and educational campaigns to promote responsible pet ownership and the benefi ts of pet-friendly communities. By fostering a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals, Li believes that Hawai‘i can pave the way for a more compassionate and inclusive rental landscape.

In addition to systemic changes, both Wood and Li emphasize the importance of individual responsibility and proactive measures for tenants seeking pet-friendly housing. From enrolling in pet obedience training to purchasing pet insurance, tenants can enhance their prospects of securing accommodations for themselves and their furry companions in Hawai‘i's competitive rental market.

At its core, the movement toward pet-inclusive housing embodies a fundamental shift toward inclusivity, compassion and community well-being. By embracing the joys of pet ownership and advocating for change, Hawai‘i has the opportunity to redefine what it means to live in paradise – for human and animal inhabitants alike.

To learn more and find additional resources, visit .

Understanding Pet-Friendly vs Pet-Inclusive Housing


Dogs/cats generally allowed

Multiple breed restrictions

Dogs over a certain weight restricted

Pet fees required

No pet amenities


Dogs and cats allowed

No breed restrictions

No weight restrictions

No unreasonable pet fees

Basic pet amenities

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Jennifer Li with her dogs, Hana and Lani.


Home is Where the Heart (and Couch) Is: Richmond’s Couch Crashers Journey

Sometimes what you think you want, isn’t actually what you need. For one O‘ahu family, this sentiment led them to Richmond, a 3-year-old hound, and changed their lives forever.

Maila Gibson and Kelii Bandmann stumbled upon Richmond’s previous Couch Crashers journey on Facebook through a friend. Drawn in by Richmond’s charm, they decided to foster him through Hawaiian Humane’s Couch Crasher program, a short-term foster program designed to provide a staycation for shelter dogs. Maila thought their Couch Crasher experience would be straightforward. She anticipated a week or two with a new family member, adoption nowhere on her radar. Her husband, Kelii, felt otherwise. Standing on the Adoptions Lanai at the Mō‘ili‘ili Campus, he knew in his gut: Richmond would not be returning.

Having Richmond at home was a dream for his new foster family. His well-behaved nature quickly won over everyone – including his new furry foster siblings! Despite initial reservations about fostering due to having two smaller dogs at home, Maila and Kelii were surprised at how Richmond fi t in and positively impacted their entire family. Maila appreciated how Richmond's presence made their lives more active, and even gave their senior pups a lesson in patience while exhibiting puppy tendencies himself.

When the couple looked out over their backyard and saw Richmond playing – his joy contagious - they realized Richmond had become integral to their family, completing their household in ways they hadn’t expected and now could not imagine living without.

On the day Richmond was scheduled to return from his foster home, the family piled into the car, walked through the big green gates of our Mō‘ili‘ili Campus, and were handed Richmond’s Couch Crasher report card to fill out. They filled out his adoption form instead.

Maila and Kelii encourage others to embrace the temporary nature of Couch Crashers. "I think it’s

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society •


Golden Years, Golden Bond

At 95 years old, Norman discovered the perfect companion: a 9-yearold dog named Brownie.

After losing his dog just two weeks earlier, Norman felt a deep longing for companionship and knew he wanted to adopt an older dog with a gentle disposition. Hawaiian Humane’s Seniors for Seniors adoption program supports just that kind of intention with waived adoption fees.

Fate intervened when Norman crossed paths with Erin Clemons, Hawaiian Humane’s Manager of Special Events and Corporate Sponsorships. Erin felt a special

connection to Brownie and envisioned him in a loving home with a cozy bed and a caring owner. When Norman expressed his desire to adopt a senior dog, Erin knew that Brownie was the perfect match.

Norman credits two individuals with inspiring his choice to adopt Brownie. First, his daughter, who has adopted all of her pets and encourages others to do the same. Second, Erin, who presented the ideal opportunity at the perfect moment.

In less than six months together, Brownie has seamlessly integrated into Norman's home. With free rein of the house, Brownie enjoys napping on the couch, making friends with the neighborhood kids, and basking in the warm Kailua sunshine.

For Norman, the greatest joy of adopting Brownie is the companionship and affection they share. Norman recognized his own limitations in keeping up with a younger pet and believed his lifestyle wouldn't be fair to a puppy. Not only is Norman able to meet Brownie’s needs, but Brownie is able to meet

perfectly okay for anybody looking to Couch Crash for the sake of the dog’s well-being, to help socialize the dog, then bring them back," Maila said. "[The dogs] are not mad when they return to the shelter. It's okay if you can’t keep them; just be prepared to fall in love," she added.

The couple also stressed that the feedback fosters give on their Couch Crasher’s behavior outside of the

Senior for Seniors

Did you know? Seniors 55+ who adopt a dog or cat 6 years or older enjoy 100% waived adoption fees!

Norman’s as well. They share similar energy levels and have established a daily routine, finding contentment in a leisurely morning walk around an empty ballpark, tranquil moments at home, and ending their day with a short stroll in the evening.

Reflecting on his newfound routine, Norman said, "I didn't just save Brownie; he saved me, too. I probably wouldn't have gone on walks if it wasn't for him.”

Norman's experience exemplifies the mutually enriching bond between pets and their owners.

Norman encourages other seniors considering adopting a pet to opt for an older dog with a known history and temperament. With a puppy, the uncertainty can be daunting. Brownie, described as an older dog seeking a quiet home, has lived up to his description, bringing joy and companionship into Norman's life.

shelter environment is crucial in supporting Hawaiian Humane’s efforts to match them with their new ‘ohana.

In animal rescue, stories often unfold in unexpected ways. Richmond’s story shows the benefi ts of staying open to the unexpected. Unlocking the potential of a shelter dog and growing together brings a joy you won’t find anywhere else.

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Empowering Enrichment: How Hawaiian Humane is Enhancing the Lives of Shelter Animals

The Hawaiian Humane Society recently introduced two pivotal positions at our Mō‘ili‘ili Campus: dog enrichment coordinator and cat enrichment coordinator. While our organization has always prioritized dog and cat enrichment, establishing these specialized roles has enabled us to delve deeper into planning and implementation for the benefit of the animals in our care. Tia Montoya and Brianna “Bri” Mendonca, who both began as animal caregivers, have flourished in their new roles.

Tia, Dog E n richment
Bri , Cat E n richment

Tia: I joined in January 2023 as an animal caregiver and officially transitioned into the dog enrichment coordinator role in early January 2024.

Bri: I started as a dog walking volunteer in August 2022, then moved to Animal Care and interacting with cats in June 2023.

Paw Prints: It’s clear that you’ve hit the ground running to build up these new programs in a very short amount of time. What are some key things you would like to highlight about your respective enrichment program?

As enrichment coordinators, Tia and Bri are instrumental in addressing the emotional and mental well-being of the animals in our care. They provide opportunities for the expression of natural behaviors specific to each species, with the objectives of reducing stress, enhancing behavioral health, and nurturing emotional wellness. Ultimately, this approach aims to minimize the risk of illness and foster socialization, friendliness and adoptability.

We recently sat down with Tia, dog enrichment, and Bri, cat enrichment, to gain insight into their roles in catering to the needs of our animals.

Paw Prints: When did you come on-board with Hawaiian Humane and when did you transition to your current role?

What is Fear Free ® ?

Founded in 2016 with the goal of alleviating fear, anxiety and stress in pets, Fear Free® is a leading online education resource for veterinary professionals, animal welfare

Tia: Definitely that we have a lot of new dog walker volunteers onboarded. Our bandwidth is wider than ever before. Twenty new volunteers have been scheduled or are scheduled for their mentor shift. The new training class that we give is very in-depth to ensure our new volunteers are comfortable, confident and, most importantly, safe. There’s more accountability and structure with this new program, and it allows us to better track our dogs’ progress and increase the likelihood of them getting adopted.

Bri: We have an amazing group of volunteers. We started with only eight, and now we have more than 40. It’s been fantastic to see so many people eager to help. Each volunteer comes in to enrich the lives of our cats on the adoption floor, looking out for medical or

organizations and pet owners. It prioritizes in-shelter/inhome enrichment and positive reinforcement training to equip pet professionals and owners with the tools they

need for their pets’ physical and well-being to flourish. Visit for resources to set your pet up for success in your home.

8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

behavioral concerns and coaxing shy cats out of their shells. Through these activities, they get to know the cats well and help match them with adopters, ultimately reducing stress and the likelihood of illness.

Paw Prints: Where do you see the dog/cat enrichment program going from here?

Tia: When we have more volunteers onboard, we want to do more individualized care. We want to better support dogs that need extra enrichment. Full enrichment plans can include a puzzle or slow feeder every day, peanut butter/wet food KONG, and at least one or two walks a day.

Bri: Currently, I’m focusing on cats that are under medical or stray holds and are not yet available for adoption. Eventually, volunteers will be assisting with them, particularly in helping our fearful or shy cats or those awaiting medical clearance. Typically, cats in medical isolation or with ringworm receive minimal interaction aside from essential animal care. However, with volunteers, they'll receive much-needed socialization, which aids in faster recovery by reducing stress and also prepares them for transitioning to the adoption floor once medically cleared. This socialization also helps them adjust to the shelter environment. My aim is to align everyone with the Fear Free® method,

Enrichment Tips

Dogs: Think outside the walk! Give your dog some extra mental stimulation by making a foraging box. Get a clean, large cardboard box that is low enough that your dog can jump inside or reach the bottom. Stuff it with newspapers and high-value treats or toys that your dog loves, then let them forage. This fun, interactive enrichment tool activates their natural behaviors, tires them out and busts boredom. This can be an every day game, but is also a great way to exercise your pup indoors if it’s raining outside.

Cats: Allocate a minimum of 30 minutes daily for interactive play or activities that cater to their preferences. Enhance their environment with scratchers and provide variety by rotating between different toys.

working toward its implementation for all the cats on campus.

Paw Prints: What do you find to be most rewarding about your role?


Absolutely seeing animals progress for the better while in the shelter. We often see dogs who come in and are terrified and they just need a little nudge in the right direction. When they get adopted, it’s the most rewarding thing.

Bri: Definitely that I have a behavior program in place for some of our more fearful and less social cats. By the time they complete the program, they become super cuddly, friendly and outgoing cats. They’re incredibly sweet and even greet me at the front of the kennel when I approach. Watching these once shy cats come out of their shells is the most rewarding aspect for me.

Mahalo to Tia and Bri for establishing these invaluable enrichment programs and laying the groundwork for the Dog and Cat Enrichment Coordinators that have recently been hired at our Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opili!

Enrich the lives of dogs or cats by becoming a dog walker or cat enrichment volunteer! Learn more at

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PetWalk! The Pam Burns Years Book Release Commemorates 27 Years of Dedication to Animal Welfare

The family and friends of long-time Hawaiian Humane Society CEO Pamela Burns have honored her life and work with the publication of “PetWalk! The Pam Burns Years.” The glossy, hardcover book’s release was timed to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the organization she held dear.

Donors to the Pam Burns Fund were invited to a book launch party in March that included tours of the Hawaiian Humane Society Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opili. Pam spearheaded the creation of the new campus from vision through land acquisition and design. Its completion and service to the community is an enduring part of her legacy.

The book chronicles the 27 remarkable years Pam Burns served as Hawaiian Humane’s president and CEO, and as a national and international animal welfare leader. Rich in pictures and Pam’s own words, it honors her dedication to creating a more compassionate community for people and animals.

A long-time friend of Pam’s, David Shapiro, celebrated the book in his Dec. 17, 2023, Honolulu StarAdvertiser column. “It caught her essence so well through her writings and comments of those who knew her that it was almost like chatting with her again.”

The 184-page coffee table book was edited by Pam’s husband Irv Jenkins and designed by family

friend Cindy Turner of Turner and de Vries publishing. It may be purchased at

Donations to the Pam Burns Fund, which supports programs associated with the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Ginny Tiu Community Spay/Neuter Centers, may be made at

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Kila’s Rescue Story

Keeping O‘ahu’s pets safe takes a village, as demonstrated in January of this year.

It was supposed to be a routine evening stroll around their Wai‘anae neighborhood for Kila, an 8-month-old pit bull terrier, and her owner. Instead an adventure leading to a harrowing rescue began when Kila caught sight of a chicken that she thought would be fun to chase, which is exactly what she did. In her rush of excitement, Kila’s leash escaped her owner’s hands.

Kila rushed after the chicken, straight into an open storm culvert. Kila followed the chicken for several yards, not realizing that the culvert got narrower and narrower the further she went. That’s when she got stuck.

Her owner tried to follow her and to coax her out, but when those attempts proved futile, Kila’s

owner called 911 to request help. Hawaiian Humane Society Field Services officers were dispatched to the scene, where they assessed the situation and requested the assistance of the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD).

Wai‘anae Fire Station 26 responded.

A long ordeal ensued, with HFD personnel alongside Kila’s owners

Super Puppy Bowl Takes Over the Kosasa Family Campus

at Ho‘opili

What could unite 49ers and Chiefs fans? Puppies, and we had the ultimate touchdown!

We were thrilled to partner with KHON2 on the KHON2 Super Puppy Bowl this past February. We transformed our Lucas Classroom into the ultimate fur-filled gridiron for a riveting live broadcast, where puppies and longstay dogs that were available for adoption were featured against the beautiful backdrop of our Kosasa Family Campus. We’re grateful to KHON2 for this opportunity to promote pet adoption, as well as our new home in ‘Ewa Beach!

digging to retrieve Kila - all the while, speaking comforting words to allay her fears. Thankfully, Kila was pulled to safety and she was happily reunited with her beloved family.

Mahalo to the incredible team at Honolulu Fire Department Wai‘anae Fire Station 26 for helping to rescue Kila!

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Supporter Spotlight

Larry Rodriguez

Larry Rodriguez got involved with the Hawaiian Humane Society shortly after moving to Hawai‘i in 1981 when business meetings with client Wade McVeigh kept straying into dog stories.

Wade was on Hawaiian Humane‘s board at the time and was looking to wrap up his service. When asked if he would consider being a candidate, Larry jumped at the chance.

More than four decades later, he continues to serve the animals of O‘ahu.

“Most people know me because they think of me as someone who's interested in animal welfare,” Larry said, though he also supports a variety of local social service and educational institutions.

“I try to bring whatever expertise I have in fundraising to help those organizations,” he said.

With his business acumen and community ties, Larry understands the challenge of asking for funding for animal welfare amid competing

priorities. He frames his requests in the context of recognizing other needs while highlighting the critical role of Hawaiian Humane.

“I don’t say we need all your money for animals. I say we need some money, here's what we think is reasonable,” he said.

How a society treats animals reflects its overall strengths or weaknesses, he said. “If you're good to the animals, you’re going to be good to each other.”

Larry said his main satisfaction in supporting Hawaiian Humane is selfish, though others may reject that term.

“My most satisfying experience has been being there to adopt animals that needed homes and fi t into my life and my wife's life.”

Dogs like Chuckie, a wire fox terrier who was so severely beaten his spine was crushed. Initially thought to be too badly injured for a good quality of life, instead he became one of the first dogs in Hawai‘i to have wheels.

Over the years, Chuckie built up his front legs and chest and could run circles around other dogs in his cart. After a news story on Chuckie, other people started getting wheelchairs for their dogs.

“It was fabulous,” said Larry. “I don't take any credit for any of that. All I take credit for is the fact that he was just a great little animal.”

Or dogs like Jacob, who on his first post-adoption veterinary visit turned out to be in kidney failure. The clinic said he wasn’t going to last and treatment would be expensive.

“I said that’s all right. He’s mine now. I won’t give him up as long as I can do things to make his life OK.”

“To me, that's what is satisfying, being able to participate in that. And for me selfishly getting the

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

benefit of picking that little monster up and having the benefit of his companionship.”

His love of special needs dogs inspired Larry to start Max’s Fund at Hawaiian Humane in 1998 to provide resources for dogs who need extraordinary medical care before they can be made available for adoption.

The fund was named in honor of Max, a Hawaiian Humane alumnus who had diabetes. He died three years to the day after Larry adopted him.

Maxie, the fund’s first recipient, needed intensive veterinary care after the little Pomeranian’s abuser broke both of her front legs.

“Supporting Hawaiian Humane makes me feel very, very good because I see the results of our work,” said Larry. “Community support has its ups and downs in the moment, but over the decades the studies that we’ve done show it’s consistently positive. Knowing that

Leave a Legacy

When you make a gift to Hawaiian Humane through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawai‘i – for many years to come.

For more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, call 808-356-2252 or email

the community cares about us drives my own personal commitment to achieving the mission.”

The staff’s commitment also inspires Larry’s support.

“The beauty of being associated with our organization is it is not just a job for the staff. It is something they believe in,” he said. “If most corporate organizations had employees that cared about their organizations as much as the people here care about the Hawaiian Humane Society, we’d have a whole different economy.”

Larry has seen enormous changes in animal welfare in Hawai‘i during the past 40 years; both in terms of Hawaiian Humane’s policies and services, and in terms of people’s attitudes toward animals.

He is optimistic that through education, spay/neuter and strategic programs, we will continue to make progress toward more compassionate treatment for animals.

“We'll continue to evolve about who we are and what we are and how we serve the community and the companions that we care so much about.”

Max's Fund

Join Larry in supporting Max’s Fund and help dogs in distress. Make a contribution today at maxs-fund or scan this QR code to get started.

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From Advocacy to Action: Championing Change in Support of Laws for Paws

Thanks to the dedication of our community advocates, we were able to build awareness of the importance of animal welfare during the 2024 legislative session.

Bills were considered to:

• Increase access to petfriendly housing

• Strengthen penalties for animal cruelty

• Punish cockfighting

• Ban amateur pet surgery

• Improve enforcement of dangerous dog issues

• Require accountability from businesses that sell animals for profi t

• Expand park access for leashed dogs

We were also able to defeat a measure that would have

banned the feeding of “feral” animals within a certain distance of public-school campuses. Lawmakers instead urged the Department of Education to work with volunteer caregivers to spay/ neuter Free-Roaming cats and address nuisance issues. It was thrilling to see such support for TNRM among our elected officials!

Deliberations were ongoing at press time. The Legislative session concludes on May 3. To get the latest news, check out the summer edition of Paw Prints or visit and select “Become an Advocate” from the “Get Involved” tab to see updates on our 2024 advocacy initiatives.

14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
HPD Chief Joe Logan and Hawaiian Humane Director of Community Engagement Steph Kendrick speak at a press conference for HB 1980 and HB 1580.

Pet Kokua in the Community

Our Pet Kōkua Outreach team continued to expand its reach within the community this spring, seeking to connect pet owners with compassionate resources. The team hit the ground running in January with the expansion of our Virtual Pet Loss Support Group from once a month to twice a month under the compassionate guidance and dedication of Hawaiian Humane’s 25-year veteran volunteer, Rosemarie Grigg.

In February, our Joy Ambassadors completed visits to four different clinics within the VA Pacific Islands Healthcare Systems. Sharing the benefi ts of the human-animal bond with veterans caught the attention of some new friends from the Elks Lodge 616, who made a generous donation in support of the program in February, sponsoring the rollout of all new Joy Ambassador vests for our furry volunteers and educational materials. Mahalo to Elks Lodge 616 for their generous support!

Additional highlights include:

• 45 pets were served at the annual James Campbell High School (JCHS) Pause for Paws event on Feb. 24 in ‘Ewa Beach, with complimentary wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping and flea/tick preventatives provided. Mahalo to JCHS faculty and students, Dr. John Haddock, DVM, Dr. Maya Hester, DVM of VCA Waipahu Animal Hospital, and the Windward Community College (WCC) Veterinary Technician program and students for making this event possible!

• 24 pet ID tags, 18 pounds of dog food, 19 bags of dog treats, 25 food/water bowls, 22 leashes, 19 collars, 23 dog waste bag rolls, and information on Pet Food Bank and spay/neuter resources were distributed to pet owners in need at the Ka Po‘e o Kaka‘ako (KPoK) Service Fair, which took place at the Ho‘okahi Leo (Hawai‘i Health & Harm Reduction Center) kauhale on March 24.

Learn more about Hawaiian Humane’s Pet Kōkua Outreach program at

Pet Food Bank

In calendar year 2023, our Pet Food Bank – a free resource to the community, offering dog and cat food to those experiencing pet food insecurity - served 2,935 people and 13,382 pets! people

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Big Hearts Help Big!

Our Volunteer of the Month program recognizes outstanding volunteers that go above and beyond for the animals in our care. They are nominated monthly by fellow volunteers and staff members for their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission.

December 2023 - Karen S. Cat Enrichment Volunteer Volunteer for 21 years

We asked Karen what advice she would give to a new volunteer, and she responded, “My advice to a new volunteer would be to latch on to another volunteer for your first few shifts if you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself in your new role. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of another volunteer or staff member if a patron asks you something and you’re not sure of the answer. Don’t feel embarrassed - volunteering is an ongoing learning process. I’m still asking questions after almost 21 years!”

January 2024 - Sarah Super Hero Volunteer* Volunteer for 7 months

When asked what her favorite part of her role is, Sarah said, “My favorite part of my role is that I am always doing something different every week and there are lots of tasks to complete so there is always something to be accomplished.”

*As Hawaiian Humane’s capacity crisis persists and the number of animals in need of care reaches unprecedented numbers, the Super Hero Volunteer position was developed to support our Animal Care team during this critical time of need.

February 2024 - Aimee Mari Foster Care Volunteer Volunteer for 2 years

When we asked Aimee Mari what advice she would give to someone just joining our volunteer team, she said, “be prepared for nice surprises. We found ourselves fostering eight guinea pigs at one time, six of whom were babies from birth, and it was an amazing experience I will never forget.”

Thank you, Karen, Sarah and Aimee Mari for all the love and care you continuously show to our community and the animals in our care!

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Volunteer “Classifieds”

We may be biased, but we think our volunteers are the best. We could not accomplish our mission without the support of our volunteers. Want to join our team? We are currently searching for additional volunteers for the positions below.

Dog Walking

These volunteers provide daily exercise and positive socialization by taking adult dogs on walks, which plays a critical role in elevating the mental and physical well-being of the dogs in our care. Flexible shifts available in the morning or evening at both our Mō‘ili‘ili Campus and Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opili.

Kosasa Morning Cat Crew

Calling all feline fanatics! We are recruiting rock star volunteers to support our Animal Care team by assisting with cleaning our Cat Pavilions in the morning, prior to campus opening to the public.


These volunteers assist with creating a warm, clean, comfortable environment by serving the critical role of preparing bedding and maintaining laundry loads of fresh, clean towels, toys, linens and blankets.

Foster Care

Foster volunteers help animals in need of tender, loving care. They provide temporary homes to shelter animals that may be too young, or are in need of recuperative care or socialization before adoption. With the start of kitten season, we are especially in need of neonate kitten foster volunteers.

For more information on volunteering at both of Hawaiian Humane’s campuses, visit

Join Us for a Kitten Shower

It takes a village to support the hundreds of abandoned neonate kittens that come to us in need of round-the-clock care every year.

Being so young with weak immune systems means these kittens are exceptionally vulnerable. Keeping them separate from our general shelter population and providing them with a safe, secure environment as they grow is critically important, which is why neonate fosters are so crucial.

Hawaiian Humane provides all of the training, supplies and veterinary care for our fosters –we just need YOU and the gift of your time and compassion! There are so many ways to make a lifesaving difference today:

• Join our trained force of neonate foster volunteers that we affectionately call the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee! Apply today at foster-care.

• Donate much-needed supplies to our Kitten Shower Amazon registry at

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Tuxes & Tails

2024 – A Tail of Two Cities

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s signature gala, Tuxes & Tails, took place on April 20, 2024 at the 'Alohilani Resort Waikīkī Beach. This year’s theme, “A Tail of Two Cities,” was designed by Cathy Lee Style and welcomed nearly 600 guests raising a record $1.5 million for animals in need. Special thanks to this year’s Event Co-Chairs, Shelley Cramer, Mi Kosasa, Gary Oda and Kelly Sanders, Table Sales Chair, Ginny Tiu, Auction Co-Chairs Yvonne Morris and Stacy Nakano, and our fabulous Event Committee.

Tuxes & Tails raises important funds for O‘ahu's animals and commemorates the organization’s lifechanging work. A village brought this incredible benefi t to life, and we offer a big mahalo to our ‘ohana of sponsors, companies, auction donors and dedicated volunteers who made this evening possible.

Title Sponsor

Dr. Thomas, Mi, & Mr. Bubbles Kosasa


Jim & Lynn Lally / Diane Chen Koch-Weser

Literary Gem

Allied Builders Systems

ALTRES, Inc • Bob & Kelly Armstrong

Robert & Frances Bean • Charlie Bean

Jan Bellinger – In Loving Memory of John, Joan, & Amber Bellinger

Castle Resorts Hawai‘i

Central Pacific Bank

Domino’s Hawaii

Elizabeth Rice Grossman / Larry & Patricia Rodriguez


Honda Windward

Saks Fifth Avenue

Ginny Tiu – In Loving Memory of

William & Patricia Tiu

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society • HOLOHOLO
Photo by Matt Satterlee Photo by Crystal R Photography Photo by Crystal R Photography Photo by Crystal R Photography

Classic Novel

Dr. Graham Burns & Dr. Erika Sox

Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano

Irene Dopkowski Trust • First Hawaiian Bank

Alan & Sylvia Ho / Jade Dynasty

IBEW Local Union 1186 • IMAGINE IF, LLC

Lifeline Fire & Security, Inc

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Stanford Car Development, LLC

Timeless Tale

Atlas Insurance Agency, Inc

Bank of Hawaii • City Mill Company, Ltd

John and Christina Doty/Jeff rey and Karen Deer

Ernst & Young LLP • Ginny’s Angels

Halm’s Enterprise / Diamond Head Seafood Co. / D.Otani Produce

Beth Hansen / Tracy Fong

Hawai‘i Pacific Health • Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc

Hogan Financial Group / Hogan Consulting Group

Steve & Marilyn Katzman

Jason & Beverly Kravitt / Margery Bronster & Kenneth Robbins

Dr. Nathaniel Lam / Dr. Carrie White

Matson • Merrill Lynch & Andrew Meade

Harris Nakamoto • Pet Hospitals of Hawaii

Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation / Jack & May Tyrrell

Recovery Law Center

Starn O'Toole Marcus Fisher/Hunt Development

Stephen Teves & Melissa Pavlicek

Cha Thompson / Carroll Takahashi

Tihati Productions, Ltd

VCA Hospitals

Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital

Becki Ward / Rick Zwern & Karen Huff man


Tim & Jeanne Brauer • Gail Dean

Ernest Fukeda Jr • Kevin Sumida Auto Repair

Lauren Wright

Décor Sponsor

Wabi Sabi Hawaii, LLC

Entertainment Sponsor MW Group, Ltd

Bar Sponsor

Ledbetter Family Foundation

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Photo by Matt Satterlee Photo by Photo by David C. Livingston Photo by Crystal R Photography Photo by Photo by David C. Livingston

Pets in Paradise 2025

Calling all pets in paradise! The Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual calendar contest is back. It will launch on June 1, 2024, and voting concludes on June 30, 2024. By entering with a small donation, you get the chance to have your pet featured in our calendar while supporting more than 30 life-changing programs and services. Submit your pet’s photo for $25 and ask your friends and family to vote for them for $1 per vote.

There will be three categories this year, “Dog”, “Cat” and “Other Animal” (this category includes rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc). The Top 5 Dogs, Top 5 Cats, and Top 3 Other Animals will be featured as a “Pet of the Month” in our 13-month calendar!

Stay tuned for more information via our website, . For sponsorship inquiries or questions about the contest, please email the Special Events Department at

Save the Date!

PetWalk 2024 is coming up Oct. 26

PetWalk is back on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2024, at Kapi‘olani Park! Hawaiian Humane’s signature community fundraiser provides for the care of the thousands of animals we serve. Gather all your ‘ohana, furry and feathered friends and celebrate the occasion while supporting our programs. Keep an eye out on our social media and website for more information.

Interested in becoming a sponsor or a vendor at this event? Please email the Special Events Department at events@ to learn how you can get involved!

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
Photo courtesy of Paws for Portraits, LLC


Launching the 2024 Mission PAWsible Art Contest!

Calling all creative minds in grades 6 - 12 on O‘ahu!

The Hawaiian Humane Society proudly announces the return of our annual Mission PAWsible Art Contest, inviting students to embark on a creative journey with this year’s theme.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show or tell us about kitten season on O‘ahu. With the imminent arrival of kitten season, a time of heightened importance for understanding and managing O‘ahu’s Free-Roaming cat population, this year’s Mission PAWsible Art Contest aims to illuminate the challenges faced by these feline populations and inspire compassionate action within the community.

“We believe in the power of art to evoke empathy and spark change,” said Anne Mukai, manager of education programs for Hawaiian Humane. “This year’s Mission PAWsible Art Contest encourages O‘ahu’s youth to delve into the world of FreeRoaming cats, exploring their origins, and envisioning compassionate solutions to support and manage their population. We’re excited to see the imaginative interpretations that students bring to this year’s contest.”

Students are invited to express their creativity and submit their artwork across four categories:

• Traditional Art (drawing, painting, etc.)

• Digital Art (photography, animation, video, graphic design)

• Creative Writing (poetry, short story - no longer than 500 words)

• NEW! 3D Art (ceramic, wood, metal, sewing, etc.)

Prizes await the most outstanding entries, with two grand prize winners selected from each category - one from grades 6-8, and one from grades 9-12 - for a total of eight grand prize winners. Each winner will receive a $150 debit gift card and a Humane Achievement Award. Honorable mentions will also receive surprise prizes for their exceptional contributions.

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on adherence to the contest theme and submission guidelines, creativity, clarity of message and visual quality.

Submissions are open now through May 31, 2024. For detailed rules, submission guidelines and to enter, visit missionpawsible.

Paw Prints | 21


We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $500 or more from November 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024.*

Helen Kina‘u Wilder

Legacy Society

Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation

Maria Da Silveira Trust


Banfield Foundation

Bissell Pet Foundation

Central Pacific Bank

John R. Halligan Charitable Fund

Laura J. Niles Foundation

Pedigree Foundation

PetSmart Charities

State of Hawaii

Pack Leaders

$10,000 + Anonymous (2)

Bob & Kelly Armstrong

Jan C. Bellinger

Karl & Alice Blade

Antoinette G. Brown

Graham Burns & Erika Sox

Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano

Suzanne Diamond Haniotis & Dimitri Haniotis

Stephen & Gloria Gainsley

Lila Jong

Susan M. Kosasa

Steven & Jill Loui

Patricia A. L. Moore

Riki & Karen S. Morimoto

Linka C. Mullikin

David & Kellyn Okabe

Arthur & June Shida

Ralph Vaughn

ALTRES & Simplicity HR

Armstrong Foundation

Atlas Insurance Agency, Ltd.

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health USA, Inc.

City Mill Company, Ltd. / Chung Kun Ai Foundation

First Hawaiian Bank

Hawaii Pacific Health

National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii

Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/ Jack & May Tyrrell Wabisabi-Hawaii, LLC



$5,000 +

Anonymous (1)

John & Sue Dean

Devon A. Guard

Nancy Hall

Gary & Jennifer Herald

Kathryn Hu

Tim Johnsson

Walter K.H. Kam

Arnold Martines & Thuy Hong Nguyen-Martines

Robert Pierce

Mike Regan

Ginny Tiu

Stephanie Westhelle

Crazy Shirts

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Ernst & Young LLP

L&L Hawaiian BBQ

The Cades Foundation

Animal Heroes

$2,500 + Anonymous (3)

Randall & Brenda Abe

Joanne Dougherty & Steven Chang

H. Dwight Damon

Dennis & Dolores Dyer

Ken & Linda Fong

John & Teri Fritz

Helen A. Josie Josypenko

Violet A. Lui-Frank

John & Suzanne Noland

Diane L. Radcliffe

Robert Robnett

Jon K. Simmons

Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda

Jennifer Taylor & Paul White

Alexander C. Waterhouse Sr. Foundation

Dave Foster Builders, Inc.

Grace and Richard Okita Foundation

Best Friends

$1,000 + Anonymous (9)

Claudia Akroyd & Robin Cababa

Eve G. Anderson

Andrew & Mineko Beaman

Emmalisa H. Bledsoe

Rodney B. Boychuk

David T. Brown

Tina A. Brown

Caleb & Jane Burns

Mike & Joyce Ching

Darryl Choy

William Coleman & Chris Frendreis

Ather & Marivic Dar

Phyllis & William Dendle

Christine M. DeTommaso

Robert & Praneet Donle

Denise & Ace Ellinwood

John P. Emery

Brandt G. Farias

Darleen Fontanilla

Mary Louise Foy

Hisako Frohlich

Elaine & Wayne Fujimoto

Marion & G. K. Fukuhara

J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman

Marjorie M. Gordon

Stacy Hadano

Aaron & Tammy Hamada

Lynda & Paul Heran

Letitia Hickson

Elizabeth J. Honzik

Lynn M. Inafuku

Christina Iwaida

Dennis & Elaine Kato

Lisa K. Kim

Janice Kimura

Harriet H. Kirihara

Robert & Adelaide Kistner

Derek & Evelyn Kiyota

Jacqueline V. Kubo

Carolyn C. Lalakea

Sandra A. Leong

Deborah C. Love

Helen S. MacNeil

Michael A.T. Maeda

Anthony Makuakane Potter

Barbara & Timothy Mathews

Bruce & Cyndee Mirante

Dr. Randy T. Mita

Bruce & Joy Morimoto

Thomas & Verna Muraoka

Anne & Cat Murphy

Carla & Robert Myers

Bob & Eileen Nakamura

Marjorie S. Norstrom

James & Karin Nutter

Barbara Nylund

Edwin & Marion Oka

Lawrence & Carolyn Okinaga

William & Hope Oliver

Lori Pacarro

Jason Pierce

Pakinee & Ralph Portmore

John & Linda Puu

Alan Richards

Charles & Wanda Rokero

Maile & John Romanowski

Raynard Sebastian

Susan H. Shishido

Kumar Srinivasamurthy

James & Linda Stragand

Dennis Streveler

Reynold O. Suenaga

Jane Sugimura

Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka

Lucy C. Toma

Alfredo & Belen Udani

Jessie Varble

Margaret S. Walker

Peter & Sue Ann Wargo

Linda G. Warrick

Jay & Lei Wilmoth

AECOM Technical Services, Inc.

Akira Yamamoto Painting, Inc.

Elite Pacific Construction

Hawaiian Telcom

Honolulu Beerworks

Michael B. Wood Foundation

PayPal Inc.

The Jack Peterson and Vanessa McCoy Peterson Foundation

The Master's Touch, LLC

Devoted Companions

$500 +

Anonymous (19)

Kimberly A. Aguon-Zehner

Carol Ai May & Michael May

Arleen T. Y. Akamine

Richard & Ethel Anbe

Jeffrey S. Andrews

Gina W. Anonuevo

Deanne August

Margene A. Ayers

Shannon Bell

Francie E. Boland

Jacob Braithwaite

Suzanne Brazeal

Eleanor & Lonnie Briggs

Bruce & Lynne Burns

Mike & Lisa Byam

Molly F. Cherry

Erin Claggett

Eloise & Jerry Coiner

Rita A. Coyle

Jane B. Culp

Laurie T. Dechant

Ben Dookchitra

Thomas Drazin

Michael A. Ebinger

Kyung Hae Eichler

Donnie Esposito

Samuel Finkler

Herbert & Barbara Fujikawa

Susan M.A. Fujita

George & Lei Fukuhara

Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga

Robert & Cynthia Geiling

*For a more comprehensive list of donors visit

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Charlene Gerard

Julieann Getman

Lydia M. Gibson

Jay Grekin & Judy Stubbs

Priscilla Growney

Hannah & Willard Haraguchi

Godwin & Barbara Hashimoto

Katharine Hermann

Eric T. Hirano

Glenn & Sonia Hirata

Alexander & Anukriti Hittle

Stephanie Hong

David & Ellen Huntley

Jeffrey & Kathleen Hutter

Risa Imai

Millie Inamine

Marshall & Ardine Ingraham

Lars Isaacson

Janell A. Israel

Terry R. Joiner

Chuck & Skipper Jones

Bette Kalohi

Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath

Clyde & Judith Kanetake

Ralph & Jan Kanetoku

Calvin Kasashima

Leatrice Y. Kato

Henry & Pearl Katsuda

Lorraine Katsumoto

Stacey Kayden

Dawn & Philip Keat

Saundra E. Keyes

Mandy Kiaha

Bruce Minsky & Connie Kissinger

Kenneth J. Kobatake

Lisa Kogachi

Richard & Susan Kowen

Jayaram Krishnaswamy & Michiko Fukumoto

Anton, Julie & Kyle Krucky

Ricky & Ethel Kubota

Mona R. Kushimaejo

Geoffrey & May Lau

Jim & Penny Lawhn

Geraldine Lee

Qili Lin

Sharon S. Llewellyn

Patsy & Thomas Lum

Vivian Ma

Mary & Michael Macmillan

Alexa Madeiros

Jamie Marchetti

Alan Matsui

Sharon N. Matsusaka-Brewer

Dennis K. Matsuura

Jaime A. McCarthy

Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng

Cindy Mikami

John Mitchell

Scott & Cindy Miyake

Michael & Mona Miyamura

Sandra S. Miyashiro

Upcoming Events

Virtual Pet Loss Support Group

Find comfort and compassion after the loss of a pet in Hawaiian Humane’s Virtual Pet Loss Support Group, facilitated by counselor Rosemarie Grigg on the first and third Tuesday of every month via video conference. To RSVP and receive the link to join the private virtual meeting, please email Outreach@

Where: Virtually, from the comfort of your own home

When: Every first and third Tuesday of the month from 6:30 –7:30 pm

Senator Norman &

Harriet Mizuguchi

Wayne Moore

Leia Muenster

Ken & Noreen Mumaw

Eloise & Conrad Murashige

Carolyn H. Nakagawa

Joanne M. Nakamura

Lynn & Jay Nakasone

Daikichi & Joyce Nishita

Harriet Naomi Nortman

Steven & Dagmar Oato

Lily Ochoco

Ruby Okumura

Michael Omiya

David & Heather Oyadomori

Chris Pangilinan

Robert & Dawn Pascua

Jon & Ellen Polokoff

Jeffrey & Sandi Portnoy

James & Cindy Ralar

Samantha Rigby

Fe O. Rodillas

Pamela J. Roth

Linda J. Rowan

Scott Saiki

Victoria K. Sakai

Glenna & Don Shaw

John & Linda Spadaro

Nora Takahashi

Brian & Nancy Tamashiro

Suzanne & Matthew Tanori

Kirsten Theisen

Keiki Critter Summer Camp

Hawaiian Humane is launching an all-new summer camp program, inviting keiki ages 7-14 for a behind-the-scenes experience at our Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opili. Activities will include games, special interactions with pets and Joy Ambassadors, and fun presentations. Registration is $200/child and is open through May 26 at HawaiianHumane. org/summer-camp.

Where: Hawaiian Humane Society Kosasa Family Campus at Ho‘opil

When: June 3-7 (open to children ages 7-10) and June 1014 (open to children ages 11-14)

Ronald Todd

Steven & Faye Tom

Bob & Lynne Toyofuku

Thomas H. Tsuhako

Terry & Cheryl Tyler

Leslie & Annie Usui

Allan R. Vosburgh

Brittany Wake

Johnny & Bubba Walker

Carol Jean Yakuma

Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa

Neal & Marian Yasuda

Debby Yee

Carol Young & John Prest

Alexander & Baldwin

Ka'ohao Public Charter School

Leahi Swim School, Inc.

Serendipity II Fund

Synthetik Applied Technologies

The Aloha Bears

The Gloria Sun Eng C. Uy Trust

The Swinerton Foundation

Wai Kai Farmers Market

We’re going on the road! Hawaiian Humane is collaborating with Wai Kai Events on selected Thursdays for dog adoptions. Whether you’re looking for a new family member or are in the mood to pet a pup, come down on the following dates from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and show your support to the animals!

Where: Wai Kai

Where: July 11, 2024, Oct. 3, 2024 and Dec. 5, 2024

Paw Prints | 23


We gratefully acknowledge gifts of $100 or more in tribute from November 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

In Honor of People

Alan Leong

Sam Young

Alvin & Karen Scott

Danielle Grieco

Andrea Cohen

Janet Greene

Barron & Dede Guss

Pamela Verrey

Bess Burke

Liam, Sarah & Lena Burke

Brandy Shimabukuro

Disney Worldwide Outreach

Cathy Lockett

Brieanne Lacaillade

Chris & Hanna Hanson

Edward W. Hanson

Chris & Tabatha Murphy

Mark Murphy

Colette Pentecost

Richard & Jill Pentecost

Cristina Miliaresis, DVM

Gary & Jennifer Herald

Darlene Ogoshi & Hawaiian

Humane volunteers

Mavis H. Nikaido

Dr. Arleene Skillman

Charlotte J. M. Tanaka

Dr. Kim Berran

Philip Berran

Dr. Sox & the staff of VERC

Clifford & Stephany Hong

Erik Nagley

Pamela A. Stevenson

Francine Fujinaka

Karen C. Torigoe

Sandra S. Torigoe

Gavin & Jen Nihei

Sergio George & Julina Abcede

Georgann Wachter

Daniel Wachter

Ginny Tiu

Kathleen K. Adachi

Bob & Kay Hampton

Ouida & James Morris

Andrew Schumacher & Dr. Kristin Moore

Jennifer Trevino

Ruth & Art Ushijima

Glenn Kinoshita

Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Helen & Bob Ahn

Robin & Glenn Fujinaka

Jen & Gavin Nihei

Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino

Jenn Koos

Brent Koos

Jennifer & Matt Moran & Koenig

Al & Joyce Winters

Jessica & Bentley Chang

Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Jodi Lam

Kathleen K. Adachi

John & Barbara Rozzi

Julie Marciel-Rozzi

JT & Ethan Hickox & Sedona Lawson

Sandra Lawson

Kekoa Walton

Christen A. Kobayashi

Ken & Sandra Fukuji

Bryant K. Yabui

Dona te Your Car

Your used car is their ride home! The Hawaiian Humane Society invites you to cash in your cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and even airplanes to help animals in need. We now partner with CARS, to make the process even easier for our donors.

How to Donate? Apply online at or call 855-500-RIDE.

Kevin Nakagami

Lois Maeda

Kobe Kobella

Alison Sih

Kona Litrell

Deborah Brown

Macky Kirsch

Brian Kirsch

Macy & Ken Muller

Lisa Carpenter

Maddy Gonzalez

Peggy Anderson

Mano Abamonga

Keith & Sandra Abe

Mark & Carol Solien

Bonnie D. Lang

Martha Vetter

Carl & Paula Vetter

Meg Ryan

Michael Pelzner

Members of Chun Kerr LLP

Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara

Mosaic Pacific Investment Advisors

Matthew Tanaka

Mya & Mortimer Amerio

Elyse Nelson

Our Lord, Jesus Christ

Kyle M. Ida

Richard Day

Leanne Day

Robert W. Purdie, Jr.

Cheryl S. Purdie

Rocky Amundson

Dana Potter-Amundson & Richard Amundson

Rose Ann McLane

Nancy A. Woodhams

Sangha Webster Schultz

Susan Webster Schultz

Scott McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett

Charles & Claudia Johnson

Stan Schab

Carol J. Holverson

Stephanie & Felipe Westhelle

Dana Kemmerling

Steve Douglas

Linda Douglas

Taryn & Daniel Nakamura-Lum

Calvin Choy

Dr. Whitney & Mrs. Harvalee Limm

Janice K. Lum

Su Meisenzahl

Russell & Amy Young

Vicky Cayetano

Patrick O'Reilly

Ruth & Art Ushijima

Wallis Wake

Leisha Bento

Wayne & Kay Nakashima

Dennis & Janice Nakashima

Zale Hisashima

Norine Hisashima

In Honor of Pets

Alex, "Papa's Girl" Wilson

Martin Wilson

Bear, Atty, & Ella Chun

Roslyn & Daven Chun


Gregory & Sharon Wong


Frederick & Maryanne Yearian

24 | Hawaiian Humane Society •
Paw Prints | 24


Matthew Mench


Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Clouseau & Kitty Crew

Nancy A. Woodhams


Steve & Deb Knight

Ele'Ele & Nani

Janet H. Youth


David Sayre & Loretta Ables Sayre


Faith A. Castaldi


Bobby R. Gordon


Robert S. Phillips


Alvin & Karen Scott

Kamalani Aina

Dale & Katherine Aina

Kanani Kalea Koa Noe & Weezy

Stuart & Cindee Shinn

Kaua Gomes

Ku'umeaaloha Gomes


Jacquelyn P. Jaeger

Kitten & Mai Tai Smith-Baier

Erin Billmayer

Koa (Copper) Mora

Susan Mora

Kona Aoki

Designs 'n Gold

Lexi & Saylor

Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki


Jean & David Lang


Michael Nevin

Lucy, Roo & Nala

Christie & Joseph Yee

Mimi & Sumo

Robert Yamauchi & Charlotte Carter-Yamauchi

Mochi, Moana & Marley Wyman & Wilson & Andy Nishimoto

Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto


Dr. Jacqueline R. Maly


Miwa Kaleimoana Nagata


Marcus A. Bembenista

Randy Benfield

Jason Birdsall


Dale K. Bordner

Stevie Wonder

James Murray


Spencer Lau

Tehani & Kiki

Beatrix Takenaka-Meyer

Tennesse Molly

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Toby Kobashigawa

James & May Kobashigawa


The Master's Touch, LLC

In Memory of People

Amy Purtzer

Richard Heltzel

Angel Lemus

Oren & Joann Leong

Aya Taguchi

Geraldine E. Shishido

Beatrice & Ralph Ishibashi

Vance M. Ishibashi

Bernice Y. Masuda

Kevin M. Masuda

Beverly Haid

Sue Hillman

Beverly S. Ashford

Lawrence & Clara Kam

Bobbie Tam

Gregory & Lynn Tam

Brad Bailon

Allan & Frances Bailon

Carol Merrell

James M. Merrell

Carol Payne

Deborah L. Stampfle

Carole Bojan Miller

Faith Milnes

Chase Evan Zavakos

Janice L. Choate-Zavakos

Chibi Robillard

William & Emi Robillard

Chico & Elmo Guarin

Amy Guarin

Christy Wittenbrink

Jerry Chang

Clarence, Alfred & Manuel Souza

James Souza-Hall & Sharone Souza-Hall

Clayton E. Winger

Ginger Winger

Corrine Trendle

Linda Hartle

Daphne Kaneshiro

Troy K. Kaneshiro

David Larsen

Pamela A. Larsen

Dickey Hamasaki

Herman Chang & Dora Young

Doreen Lung

Deborah Lung-Placek

Douglas A. Philpotts

Chikako Tomita

Dr. Livingston Wong

Linda Wright Wong

Edna Chiurco

Lorie A. Pias

Elizabeth Kam

Ronda Layne

Ellis Walton

Christen A. Kobayashi

Eloise Monsarrat

Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Emma Yanagihara

Ronald Yanagihara

Erin Runge

Kim Runge

Errol Chang

Lawrence & Charleen Kimata

Ethel M. Teruya

Rosemarie & Stephen Love

Evelyn & Ted Araki

Stephanie Araki

Faye Sanae Morimoto

Gerald & Selma Pang

Gail Kaleikini

Craig C.K. Kaleikini

Gail Teshima

Carolyn D. Nakagawa

Gerald Meredith

Connie G. W. Meredith

Geri Baenen

Gwen Fujie

Goma Endo

Vernon & Marina Endo

Greg Mun Biu Tong

Thomas A. Lau

Harriet Gee

Patricia A. Gee

Helen Nitahara

Heekum Kim

Henry & Nancy Lam

Maxine & Lloyd Baba

Hideo Takahashi

Peter & Julia Notarianni

Irene Trumper

Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura

Jack Wilkes

Kris Ashdown

Jacquelyn Kupau

Sheila Hoota

Moke & Glori Ino Strassberg

Steven Takushi

James Eastman

Jonee Grassi

Jane Higdon

Lee Ann Errett

Janet A. Loo

Sandra A. Loo

Janet A. Waki

The Waki Family Trust

Janvier Kubota Takahashi

Carole Hayashino

Jo Pruden

Lynne Ellen Hollinger &

Patrick Roberts

Joan Duprey

April M. Putnam

John C. Magin

Judy Magin

John Groves

Linda J. Katagiri

JonJon & Lia Fukunaga

Wanda Y. Fukunaga

Joseph Serna

Lee Medema

June Hana Kobashigawa

Coralee & Erica Kobashigawa

Suzanne P. Thompson

June Takata

Linda A. Takata

Kaoru Sato

Hidemi Sato


Sharon Mendoza

Katherine Uyeno

Stacey G. Shimomura

Kathy Morton

Ronald & Kathleen Morton

Kazuko Ikeda

Charlene K. Ikeda

Ken Fullick

Jennifer Fullick

Kika Kama Kui

Bridget A. Wong

Kiliki & Mikilima Henry

John Henry

Mabel Chang

Danny & Joanne Lopez

Madisson Imada

Elizabeta Nemeth

Mahina Robinson

James W. Robinson

Maile Orta

Wendy Orta

Majik Brodziak

Lana & Jon Brodziak

Malie Endo

Vernon & Marina Endo

Mapuana Gusman

Gregory & Sharon Wong

Marilyn Boock

Jamie R. Gigante

Mary Philpotts McGrath

Vivian Higuchi

Chikako Tomita

Michi Okamoto

Lee Higa-Okamoto & Eli Okamoto

Mikey Acohido

D'Arcy Kerrigan

Miki MacDonald

Diane & John MacDonald

Miles Ibara

Maelin Ibara

Miles Okano

Mary A. Okano

Millie Rose Ahloy

James K. Ahloy

Paw Prints | 25

Mitsue Ibara

Lynn Ibara

Mr. Schultz

Daniel Ports

Nala Aiu

Ralph Vicens

Nancy Tsui

Richard Bordner


Richard & Susan Dole

Pamela Burns

Suzanna Allen

Carolyn C. Carley

Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano

David & Susan Chandler

Jennifer Chiwa

Ivan & Patricia Ketterman

Woo Ri Kim

The Honorable Ann H. Kobayashi

Susan M. Kosasa

Jane M. Luiso

Alice D. Lunt

Audrey L. Mueh

Winston D. Myers, Jr.

Gary & Barbara North

Michael & Marlene Tom

Juli M. Walters

Dan & Gerri Watanabe

Charles R Wichman

Janet H. Youth

Pacific Gallery & Frames

Pamela Ryan

Isobel L. Ryan

Pani Chang

Mitchell & Linda Chang

Patsy Luckel

Donald & Carol Johnston

Pearlie Yu

Mihae Yu

Peyton Barlos

Vivian Barlos

Pono Shigemura

Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura

Raymond D. Lowman

Lynne Ellen Hollinger & Patrick Roberts

Reid Krucky

Edward Bugarin & Carol Jaxon

Richard T. & Kazue Morisawa

Joanne Nakamoto

Richard, Renee & Raynette Leon

Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Robert C. Lee

Patricia OMalley

Robert Flating

Vinnie Shimabukuro

Roberta Lau

Thomas A. Lau

Ron Hooper

Diane V. Hooper

Sakae Matsuura

Walter & Jane Ouye

Irrevocable Trust

Sean Blumberg

Bruce Blumberg

Shizuko Tsuruda

Roy & Marsha Ninomiya

Sonny & Ula Acoba

Hali'a Acoba

Stephen T. Nakano

Ronald H. Nakano

Suzee Robinson

Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark

Tao Smith

Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Thomas Serocca

Mrs. Thomas Serocca

Tora Yee

Rita Nuci

Travis Lau

Melissa-Iris Lau

Vovo Akiona

Anona Gabriel

Yoshi Gunn

Anna Gunn

Yoshinobu Oshiro

Ellen E. Kitamura


Memory of Pets


Joann Y. Komata


Dorene K. Yamamoto

Amber Bellinger

Ginny Tiu

Ashley Kondo

Randall & Sadie Takehara


Kellyann K. Kobayashi


Dawn Hofmann & Michael Lampman


Eileen Wallenhorst

Bandit Herron

Brenda Herron

Barkley & AJ

Franklin & Annette Distiso

Beamer Blue Victoria

James & Ann Olson


Larry & Melissa Lamerson

Bella Dog & Tippy Cat

Shirley Schick

Bella Natori

Dr. & Mrs. Darrell T. Natori

Belle Niesz

Pamela S.M. Niesz

Benny, Max, Sasha & Ikaika

Leona G. Auerbach

Big Mo Buxton

Justin J. Buxton

Blackhawk Pilot

Christine A. Valles


Vernon & Melaney K. Sato

Boomer Hada

Joyce A. Hada


Phillip B. Mowrey

Brandy, Poochie, Coco & Toby

Susan B. Schotters

Brody & Poki

William Thomas


Lisa & Robert Sue


Hiroko Suzuki & Jack Borzych

Buster & Tiguan

Bruce & Diana Sneddon

Buster Jinx

Nancy L. Pearce

Buttercup Skarpness

Paul Skarpness

Celes, Terra, Mog & Gau Higaki

Cody Higaki

Cha Cha Shibata

Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Charlie Charles/Keily

Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Charlie Vannatta

Janice & Wayson Vannatta

Charlie, Gus & Jack

Wilfred & Jewel Kawano

Chibi & Yuki

Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Chili Pomeranian

Shaotran Family Foundation


Jed & Eva Taba

Chun Family Pets

Cynthia & Richard Chun

Coco Chanel

Cheryl S. Purdie

Cowboy & Prince

Bobby R. Gordon


Laurie & Stanley Chow

Dai-chan & Ebony

Masami Ito


Francine L. Yee

Daisy, Michi, Merigold, Rascal & Toby

Lari Anne Siu Kamei

Dixie & Rocky

Juanita & Mark Allen

DJ, Scooby, Max & Thunder Silva

Mary L. Silva

Crum & Forster

Duchess, Bandit & Bear

James & May Kobashigawa


Jocelyn, Doug, & Nathan Wong


Ginny Tiu

Dusty & Cricket

Robbie Dingeman

Ebi, Hana & Jiro

Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka


Jeffrey Vanderburg

Enzo Loos

Erin Light-Loos

Frankie, Chocolate, Scooter & Simba Wong

Helen N. Wong

Frosty, Tisha & Charmer

Samuel & Kathy Dunn


Allen & Tammy Perry

Ginger Sasafras Withy

George T. Withy

Giovanni & Marco

Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall

Gumby & Laddie

Carol A. Takaki


Sarah Beamer

Harley & Koa

John & Carla Margenau

Hemi Todaro

Roshal & Michael Todaro

Herbert, Soonie & Buttons Bisol

Iris Park

Hershey & Hansberry

Lynette Williamson

Hina Alama

Derick T. Hada


Ellen C Okazaki


Christie & Joseph Yee

Hoku & Katsu

Paul & Krist Tanaka

Hoku Eberly

Allison P. Eberly


James & Sharon Kitazaki


Constance A. Hassell

Ipo Feary

Dancetta Feary

Jazzy de Vries

Cindy Turner

Jippy, Treeva & Echo

Lori Y. Tengan


James & Vickie Farmer


Deborah & Ronald Salazar

Joey Kano

Carissa Kano

K.C. & Ellie

Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro

Kala Simao

Walter & Glenda Simao

Keela Borreca

June & Richard Borreca

Keiki Hong Wright

Lauren R. Hong Wright


Pomai Todd


Flora & Paula Higuchi

26 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Kippy Wong

Corey & Yukie Wong

Koala, Brownie & Tama

Sandra & Kurtis Tsuha


Seth M. Reiss

Krazy Kat

Shirley Schick

Ku, Nalu & Bully Ornelles

Linda Ornelles

Lani & Mia Chinna

Joseph J. Larnerd

Lani & Mojo

Joyce & David Gilbert

Lani, Sandy & Maile

Diane M. Maeda

Leia Atkinson

Deborah & Bob Atkinson

Lola & Muffy

Rodney & Lori Uyeoka

Lola Guss

Ginny Tiu

Lucky Francis & Caroline Oda


David I. Dawley

Lucy Naka

Martha & Duane Hamada


Lonna & John Sherwin


Steve & Deb Knight

Mak Reeves

Emilia Reeves

Makai Dog, Pukiawe & Mauka

James C. Richardson


Linda Wright Wong


Toni R. Fujita

Mallow Urahama

Yukie Urahama

Max Lori Yamane

Max, Jax, Kula & Makina

Dean Kissinger


Maxie, Zeke & Macavity

Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham

Mica & Kimo

Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto

Miki & Cashoo Lum

Dorinda Lum

Miko Seay

Kimberly Seay

Miss Katie

Linn S. Alber

Mochi Sandrich

June Sandrich


Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi


Michael Morioka

Mork Sprague

Shari Sprague

Mossy Pila

Ann Y. Harada-Goodell

Nala Ann Young

Michael & Jo Ann Young

Nani & Kili Fiddler

Alan & Joslyn Fiddler


Norma F. English

Nikki, Fluff & Pebbles

Eugene & Elaine Yoshimi

Nikki, Petey, Kasie & Kimmie

Allan & Hilda Kitagawa

Norton & Oliver

Mary A. Artese

Ockermann Family Dogs

Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Odie Tanaka

Delbert & Ann Tanaka


Monica Ramirez

Oreo & Junior

Wayne Niide


Marilynn M. Matsumoto

Patches Oshiro

Harris & Joan Oshiro


Ruth Pagell

Pearl Edwards/Brewer

Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer

Pepper, Kiwi, Mozart & Kinako

Jonathan & Cora Cho

Peppercorn Greene

Leihulu Greene

Pico Feighny

Michael & Hie Feighny

Ponce Family Pets

Gilbert Ponce


Gloria Fowler

Posey Akiyama

Gabrielle Akiyama

Pua & Jewel

Kathleen D. Domen

Queen Maggie

Jessica Haselby

Remington Suzuki

Brian & Carolyn Suzuki


James & May Kobashigawa

Rocky, Nalu & Koa Keala

Denise & Joseph Keala

Roxy Roo Kumamoto

Taryn & Khloe Kumamoto

Rudy & Blackjack

Marvis Minami & Tony Ganeko

Saja, Matty, Ossian, Mr. Cookie, Kaikane, Samurai Yong Ton, Pua o Kaaawa & Clio Kim

Mary J.K. Kim

Sammy Evers

James & Gail Evers

Sandy & Winkie

Carol Nishiyama

Scruffy Kamiya

Clarice S. Kamiya


Capt. Duncan R. Brown

Senna, Mittens & Cubby

Laura A. Nagata

Simba & Babe

Karen Robertshaw

Snoopie Goto

Colleen F. Goto-Ono


Lara Wilcox


Paul & Jessel Riccardini


Alvin & Karen Scott


Thomas G. Mendonca

Stella Andrews

Nona A. Andrews

Stetson Marks

Caralyn & Michael Merrill


Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip


Dana Potter-Amundson & Richard Amundson


Spencer Dung


Betty M. Pedro

Teri & Lucky

Andrew H. Rothstein

Tiffany, Miki & Joey

Thomas A. Lau


Diane Lau

Tracy & Karen

Gary & Barbara North


Lisa M. Lewis

Viggo Margol

Kanoe Margol

Woofie & Mittens

Shirley C. Matsuura


Jean & David Langi

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Paw Prints | 27
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The 2024-2025 Teens4Animals Council application period is now open!

Calling all O‘ahu high school students aged 15 and older! Are you passionate about animal welfare? Are you committed to serving our community? The Hawaiian Humane Society invites you to apply for our Teens4Animals Council for the 2024-2025 school year! As a Teens4Animals Councilmember, you’ll have the opportunity to develop, promote and lead school and community animal welfare initiatives and events, all while forming friendships with like-minded peers.

Learn more and apply by June 9, 2024, at

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