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People for animals. Animals for people.


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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization that is a resource for all animals. Hawaiian Humane Society is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Visit for more information. 2 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

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PARTNER ADOPTION LOCATIONS We are honored to partner with Hawai‘i Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.

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Paw Prints is published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Waialae Ave. Honolulu, HI 96826. Issued 1/1/2022 (FY22-3).

A MESSAGE FROM ANNA If you visit our campus on any given day, you’ll see a flurry of activity: our animal care team feeding and caring for the animals, our adoptions representatives helping potential adopters, our field service officers bringing in found strays, our communications team taking videos for social media, our veterinary team providing life-saving surgeries and so much more. And, in all this activity, you are guaranteed to see one of the key reasons for our success – our volunteers. I’ve written before about how caring for our island's animals has to be a community effort, and it’s our amazing volunteers who really are the face of our animal-loving community. The range of areas they support is quite amazing (and growing). You can find our volunteers walking dogs, doing administrative work, washing laundry, bathing dogs, working with the pets of O’ahu’s unsheltered community, caring for our Petco adoption cats, staffing our pet food bank, greeting visitors, supporting our veterinary services team, gardening, providing cat enrichment, taking professional photos and fostering pets. We truly believe that volunteering not only helps the animals, but also brings joy and fulfillment to those that volunteer. Over the past two years we’ve thought a lot about how to grow and improve our volunteer program. And when some of the pandemic restrictions made it a challenge to offer our full range of volunteer opportunities for a few months, we used that time to rebuild, and have come back strong with many new and exciting opportunities for volunteering. I love that we are able to have volunteers of almost all ages support us. One of my favorite things to see is our parent-child teams at our Petco partner stores cat adoption stations. If you come at the right time, you will find them cleaning, feeding, socializing and playing with the cats. Volunteer parents tell us that

Scouts from Troop 329, including Eagle Scout candidate Kazu Kawasaki, worked to beautify one of Hawaiian Humane's gardens. See more on page 11.

their children love this experience and learn a lot from having a consistent responsibility to care for the cats. Our featured story in this edition focuses on our volunteer program: our amazing volunteers, some of the roles and how they support our mission, and how to volunteer yourself. I’m so grateful for our volunteers. They are critically important to saving lives and finding new homes for the animals, and supporting our community and families in need. As our volunteer programs grow and improve, we will continue offering you new and exciting opportunities to join our ‘ohana and make O’ahu a great place for animals and people. I hope you will enjoy all the stories in this edition. Thank you for caring about all the beautiful animals with whom we share this island.

Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

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Volunteers help make our world go ‘round! We love our volunteers and we are so grateful for the tremendous part they play in our mission to help Hawai‘i’s animals. In this article we’ll share a brief history of volunteering at Hawaiian Humane, where we are today and the very bright future we are all working toward. At our very roots we are volunteerdriven. In fact, in 1883, we were founded by 350 concerned citizens (volunteers) who understood what our volunteers today know: that to truly build a society that takes care of its animals, you need the committed involvement of community members. The pandemic of course brought shutdowns, limitations and put a pause on our plans as we had to limit the number of volunteers on campus and had

to completely close non-essential volunteer roles. But we used the opportunity to step back and evaluate our volunteer programs to ensure it was best serving our organization as well as our volunteers. Our volunteer services team, while quickly adapting to virtually supporting volunteers and recruiting for essential duties, also sought ways to provide more structure and improvements to the volunteer program as a whole. Every department also spent months updating and improving their training programs and reorganizing their volunteer roles. We also recently launched new, as well as revamped, roles such as admissions and adoptions greeters, and dispatch call center support. We know we have volunteers and potential volunteers of all ages, skills, and interests, and we want

to provide those opportunities to them, and also extend our reach with their help. Our volunteer manager, Christina Morisato, is focused on creating more volunteer opportunities for young people: “We’re excited about our plans to create more volunteer opportunities for 8 to 17-year-olds. Being able to volunteer and contribute at these ages is very important for development, and our young volunteers impress us daily with their passion and dedication to the animals. We love to see families working together. It’s a great way to bond with your children around shared giving.” We asked Ai Cheung and her daughter Bianca (12) what they like about their experience as an Offsite Cat Adoption volunteer team. Bianca first decided to volunteer when she found a book about an 11-year-old who volunteered. We asked her what she did as an offsite cat volunteer: "First, I get the keys and I let the cats sniff me, and then I check and clean the litter box, change the towel, give them treats, and replace the water and food. I also play with them." Bianca shared with us what she enjoys about volunteering to care for animals:

Volunteers pause for a quick photo between tasks during Volunteer Appreciation Week in April 2021.

4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

"I enjoy volunteering with my mom. I really love animals and I get to understand and connect with them more and that makes me happy.

Photo: Joe Head

Volunteer dog walkers like Janeane make sure our dogs get the exercise and enrichment they need!

Volunteers help us keep our kennels and adoption runs clean.

A volunteer dog walker takes a moment to care for a senior dog while on a stroll through our Adoptions Center.

They are helping me smile." Ai says that her previous experience of volunteering in Japan was more around one-off events like a marathon, but that volunteering consistently with her daughter is very special to her. She told us:

animals in our care. Our volunteer services team is focused on continually improving the volunteer experience at Hawaiian Humane. We are adding roles, improving processes, communicating better and creating new ways of recognizing and celebrating our amazing volunteers.

facility will offer a range of our services, and with them, many more opportunities to volunteer. If you’ve always wanted to explore our many volunteer options, including fostering, please visit

"This year, volunteering really changed my life. I’m a busy mom, and when Bianca brought this volunteering thing to me, I saw it was an opportunity to share time together. We are happy knowing we are helping the animals stay healthy and get adopted."

One big development we are excited about is the upcoming opening of our West O‘ahu campus. This new

We’re so grateful to all of our volunteers. You truly make life better for our island’s animals. Check out our first “Volunteers of the Month” on page 12!

We are so grateful for volunteers like Ai and Bianca! There are many visible roles for our volunteers such as dog walking or greeting, but we also have many volunteers who work in areas that the public doesn’t see. We have volunteers who do hundreds of loads of laundry, work alongside our veterinary service team, and of course, in a role that is so very critical to saving lives, fostering animals. We are so grateful for every volunteer who gives their time and shares their aloha for the

Photo: Joe Head

There are always towels to fold at Hawaiian Humane and veterinary clinic support volunteer, Janice, helps keep them ready for the next animal in need.

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HAPPY TAILS Two “Tails” of patience and perseverance!


Gali is an 11-year-old male Airedale Terrier mix who came to the Hawaiian Humane Society in October 2020 due to trauma and neglect. Radiographs showed bruising to his lungs, moderate osteoarthritis of his joints and a healed leg fracture that had been previously fixed with a metal plate. Gali also had mild dental disease with a fractured canine tooth, ear infections and was very overweight.

After several months of searching, a family opened their hearts and home to Gali. According to his new family, he snuggled up to a new toy on his comfortable dog bed on his very first night with them. He now loves his walks around the neighborhood, playing with his

Our veterinary services team placed him on pain management medications and monitored him while his bruised lungs healed. We also treated his ear infection, and placed him on a special diet to help lower his weight and alleviate his arthritis pain. The care of a loving foster volunteer helped to improve Gali's quality of life before making him available for adoption. During that time, he would intermittently limp due to arthritis. He was treated with additional medication, which significantly helped ease his pain. Gali also lost 25 pounds, making it easier for him to get around. Gali's health eventually improved, but he was in the shelter environment for a very long time. We give animals at Hawaiian Humane as much time as they need to find the perfect home, no matter how long they’ve been with us. Team members and volunteers would spend many days sitting with him–a beloved senior dog who quickly became a team favorite. He showed affection to everyone and loved the company of all who would give it. 6 | Hawaiian Humane Society •


tons of toys and of course, all the pets and scratches. He also loves attention and gets very jealous and will bark if his new family is watching TV or on their phones (AKA not paying attention to HIM!). His family also reports that Gali has made an excellent beach buddy! Gali has been through a lot, but it warms our hearts to know that a family will show him the best life has to offer him in his golden years. Every dog deserves the best, and our team feels grateful to be a part of the successful bond between humans and animals.

a caring family that will show him a lifetime of love and affection. Our veterinary services team treats many animals every day. They have to make quick decisions to save as many lives as possible. Each day brings a variety of stresses involved in saving animal lives, but with that comes the reward of giving every animal a chance for happiness. Nothing beats giving animals the chance to find new families that promise to provide them lifelong care and love!



Sometimes an animal needs a little extra TLC before they become available for adoption. That was especially the case for a dog found in Waianae. Stoker, a 2-year-old Pitbull Terrier mix, was covered in ticks when our field services team found him. He was in a considerable amount of pain when he came to Hawaiian Humane. Stoker was weak and frail due to anemia caused by his severe tick infestation. Although he seemed sad, he still wanted to socialize and had the spirit of a survivor. The number of ticks was in the hundreds, and our veterinary services team knew that he needed treatment immediately. His heart-wrenching condition was long and hard to treat. Although he was put on medication to help kill the ticks, our veterinary services team had to spend hours removing them by hand. Stoker had dozens of ticks per leg and an unbelievable amount in his ears.


After all the ticks were removed, Stoker was cleaned up and given a soothing bath. His personality began to shine through almost immediately. He was interested in playing and wanted to eat like a puppy. Weak from his medical condition, he needed all the food he could get to gain back his strength. His ears and body may have been scarred, but he had such a good spirit and loved the attention from team members. Once he was on the mend, Stoker was made available for adoption. A loving family brought their dog to Hawaiian Humane to meet with Stoker and see if they would become pals. After a short warming-up period, the two dogs seemed to get along well and his new family was happy to help Stoker fully recover and become a part of their family. They didn't mind his scarred ears and body, and they loved his friendly and playful personality. Thanks to the quick action of our veterinary services team, Stoker will live a happy life with another dog and

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Pet Kokua steps up for our neighbors in District 9 Earlier this month, our Pet Kōkua outreach team held a mass pet food distribution event for residents of District 9 on O‘ahu. Made possible by a Grant in Aid from the City & County of Honolulu, our team was able to distribute 1,656 pounds of food to families in need during a two-hour event! Stay tuned to our website for more information on our Pet Kōkua program and upcoming pet food distribution events and wellness clinics for houseless pets. Anyone on O‘ahu needing assistance feeding their pets can

visit our Pet Food Bank at our Mō'ili'ili Campus or our Waipahu Outreach Center at the Filipino

Advocacy Update The 2022 legislative session opens January 19 and the Hawaiian Humane Society needs your help to improve the lives of the animals in our community. Critical issues include: • Spay/neuter funding • Protecting dogs and people • Veterinary care On Tuesday, January 11, Hawaiian Humane will host a virtual advocacy kickoff event to discuss city and state policy priorities for the coming year. To get involved, visit and select “Become an Advocate” from the “Get Involved” tab to sign up for our community advocates email list. 8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Community Center. Hours of operation are listed on our website for both locations.


Reasons To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy teeth means better breath Better organ health

February is Pet Dental Health Month!

Avoid large veterinary dental bills later Prevent other health problems Prevent pain Prevent tooth loss Avoid Periodontal Disease Brushing twice a day helps your pet avoid tooth decay, loss and gum disease. Ask your veterinarian for more information. Paw Prints | 9


Our Radiology Room is up and running! Since our last issue, our veterinary services team has been busy setting up our new radiology room and making sure staff is trained and credentialed in the new X-ray machine’s use. Now that it’s up and running, we are able to diagnose and treat animals on the spot, which significantly shortens the time it takes for an animal to receive life-changing care. We are now able to help animals in emergent need without having to transport them to another location for specialized diagnosis and medical care! Mahalo to all who supported our Spring Match Challenge, including board member Ginny Tiu, Carol and Larry Jones and an anonymous donor who all matched the $100,000 raised and made our Radiology Room possible! When asked about how the new radiology room changes their work, veterinary services manager, Tatiana Reyna-Gomez, stated, “It's cut out the middleman and it’s given the veterinarians, I think more than anything, peace of mind. Because we have more resources, we've been able to do more."

X-ray machine, we were able to determine what was going on and treat him much faster."

"Just last week, there was a dog that came in and we were unsure of his injury. It turned out there was a bullet in his leg, which we only found because we were able to take an X-ray. We ended up amputating his leg. The dog is doing great now and is recovering. Because we now have our own

10 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

"A few months ago we had a puppy come into the shelter who consumed a binder clip. The metal part of a binder clip got stuck in his throat. We were able to immediately get an X-ray of it, find it and take him straight into surgery to remove it. The binder clip could have killed the puppy, but the X-ray machine allowed us to move things along much more quickly to get him the care needed immediately."

Supporter Spotlight Eagle Scout candidate helps Hawaiian Humane Society improve its image The Hawaiian Humane Society’s garden area recently received a makeover thanks to the generosity of Hawai‘i Boy Scouts Troop 329, and in particular Scout Kazu Kawasaki. Kawasaki, a 17-year-old senior at Hawaii Baptist Academy and the son of Hawaiian Humane Director of Finance Laurie Kawasaki, explored project options to pursue his Eagle Scout rank, the highest rank awarded by the Boy Scouts. Upon hearing about a garden area in need of a refresh on Hawaiian Humane’s Mō‘ili‘ili campus, Kazu, who had no landscaping experience, went to examine the potential project and began to research what it might take to revive the area. “The focus of an Eagle Scout project is to demonstrate all of the leadership skills you have developed through your years of scouting experience,” explained Keith Kwan, Scoutmaster of Kazu’s Troop. “You have to plan, raise funds, and execute a service project for a nonprofit organization. The Eagle Scout candidate works with our Eagle Scout project coordinator to ensure their project is attainable based on the scout’s project plan. Still, it’s really up to the scout to develop that plan and then manage it to its successful completion.” After meeting with the Humane Society’s project manager to receive approval for his proposal, Kazu set out to meet with local landscapers and his uncle, an architectural landscaper, to gain expertise on the needs and challenges he might face. He learned about using different types and sizes of plants to create visual contrasts and integrating rocks into his design. He reached out to Leilani’s Nursery in Waimānalo and received plant donations. He also enlisted support from Jocelyn Cheng, an artist and amateur gardener who donated plants and helped at the project site.

Scout Kazu Kawasaki and Troop 329 recently gave Hawaiian Humane's garden area a beautiful makeover.

On-site labor for the project was provided by 13 other scouts and 8 adult volunteers from his troop who, under Kazu’s supervision, worked over two weekends to remove existing plants and roots, condition the soil for the new plants, and paint the fence behind the planting area. The adult Scout volunteers brought the tools needed for the project. “Volunteers are one of Hawaiian Humane’s greatest assets, and it would be nearly impossible to maintain our property at a welcoming and enjoyable level for visitors and our animals without their support. We’re grateful to Kazu and Hawaii Boy Scouts Troop 329 for their compassionate actions and for caring to make a difference,” said Anna Neubauer, President & CEO of Hawaiian Humane.

Continued on page 12 Paw Prints | 11

Big Hearts Help Big! In Fall 2021, we started a Volunteer of the Month program to recognize and shine a light on outstanding volunteers that go above and beyond for the animals in our care! They are nominated monthly by fellow volunteers and staff members alike for their dedication, passion and commitment to our mission. Here are a few of our outstanding volunteers who have been recognized so far!

September 2021 – Stanley S.

October 2021 – Linnelle T.

Stanley was our very first “Volunteer of the Month” in September 2021! Stanley received numerous nominations (in the form of “Ap-paws Cards”) from fellow volunteers and Hawaiian Humane staff that all spoke to his kindness, dedication to the animals and positive spirit. Below are some of the amazing things that volunteers and staff had to say about him:

Linnelle has been volunteering for several years in the Spay/Neuter Center as well as special events, laundry and more! Linnelle received numerous nominations from fellow volunteers and staff that made note of her especially kind spirit, positivity and hard work.

Dog Walker Volunteer Volunteer for over 7 years

“Stan has the magic touch when it comes to handling the dogs. I often see him interacting with timid dogs by getting down at their level and speaking compassionately to the dogs… He is patient and kind, and an all-around good human being!” “What I love about Stan is that he goes above and beyond to help the dogs that are scared, shy and timid… Such a big heart, compassion, love, and care for our animals!”

From page 11 “At first, it was challenging not knowing where to start,” said Kazu, who, after high school, plans to pursue a degree at University of Hawai‘i and to one day become a physical therapist. “I had a plan on paper, but seeing that plan turn out even better than what I had envisioned was cool. I couldn’t have done it without all 12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Spay/Neuter Clinic Volunteer Volunteer for over 16 years

"Linnelle constantly goes above and beyond what her role of a volunteer calls for. She always goes the extra mile to make sure the Spay/Neuter Center is fully stocked..." "I admire Linnelle's consistent positivity she brings every shift!" Thank you Stan and Linnelle for your unwavering dedication, love and passion for our animals!

the support from others I received. This project and my other scouting experiences have helped me to develop leadership skills and values that will help me in my future.” With volunteer leadership projects like these, there’s a bright future ahead for Hawai‘i’s youth, animals and our community.

Our volunteer program is growing!

Check out some of the new and exciting positions. Pet Food Bank – Waipahu Outreach Center Manage the Pet Food Bank donations that are received and assist with distribution. Admissions Greeter The Admissions Greeter volunteer will be responsible for assisting admissions staff by providing a high-level of customer service for patrons seeking our services. Adoptions Greeter – New position! The Adoptions Greeter volunteer will assist the adoption team in the Adoption Center by greeting patrons and assisting them with their needs

which includes explaining the adoption process or directing them to the right department. Shelter Veterinary Clinic Support – New position! The Shelter Veterinary Clinic Support volunteer will assist our veterinary services team with the care of animals before and after surgery, support general cleaning of kennels and organize and maintain surgery and recovery areas. Visit or contact for more information.

Save the Date for 2022 Tuxes & Tails! We are excited to announce that Hawaiian Humane Society’s premier Tuxes & Tails gala event will be held in-person on Saturday, April 9, 2022 on the beautiful grounds of The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki. Themed “There’s no Place Like Home”, the 2022 gala event is being co-chaired by Stanford and Kathy Carr. The Carrs have been supporters of the Hawaiian Humane Society for a number of years and we are excited to have them on board to help create a memorable and impactful event. Tuxes & Tails annual event raises funds and celebrates the year-round life-changing work of our organization. For table sponsorship information or to learn more about how to get involved, reach out to our manager of special events and corporate partnerships, Lily Williams, at 808-356-2247 or via email at lwilliams@

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HOLOHOLO PetWalk Fundraising Exceeds Goals! Mahalo for stepping out for O’ahu’s animals! We may not have been able to walk side-by-side and tail-by-tail with you, but together we raised more than $272,000. Funds raised will provide safe shelter, life-saving veterinary care, rescue during an emergency event and so much more for local animals in need! Mahalo to our generous sponsors for their support: Grand Champion: Ginny Tiu ‘Ohana Best in Show: Subaru Hawai’i Top Dogs: Charlie Bean’s Team, Crazy Shirts, Honda Windward, Lynn & Bruce Gibson Family Foundation Pack Leaders: Frontline Gold, Heartgard, Nextgard, Jack Tyrell & Company, Ruth Ushijima, The Rodriguez Pack, Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner on behalf of Community Kōkua Foundation for Fire Safety & Recovery, Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center Fat Cat: G70 Round of Ap-Paws: Enterprise Rent-a-Car

From left to right: Yao Yao Liu, Tammy Uy, Bobbin Talbano, Ambassador Salmon, Moune Talbano, Anna Meng, Frances Bean, Larry Rodriguez, Susan Kosasa, Patricia Rodriguez, Lillian Williams , Judy Hui, Crystal Hoh, and Grace Kam.

Tod’s Ala Moana Supports PetWalk 2021!

Tod’s Ala Moana, featuring Italian-made luxury leather goods, is a long-time PetWalk supporter. This year Tod’s hosted a private shopping experience to raise funds for Hawaiian Humane and PetWalk 2021. Shoppers were hosted for lunch at Macaroni Grill where presentations were made by Tod’s & the Hawaiian Humane Society. Then these lucky shoppers enjoyed a private shopping experience at Tod’s Ala Moana. The event raised $1,500 for O‘ahu's animals and helped us reach our PetWalk fundraising goal. Thank you to Tod’s for your partnership and support!

Mahalo to Crazy Shirts for Sponsoring the PetWalk Pet Costume Contest! Although PetWalk was virtual this year, we invited a few of our pet costume contestants down to the Hawaiian Humane Society to strut their stuff live for our 2021 PetWalk video! Crazy Shirts graciously sponsored the Pet Costume Contest and winners were gifted a coveted Crazy Shirts prize pack. Mahalo to our contestants for making the virtual event fun for viewers and to Crazy Shirts for their continued sponsorship of the PetWalk Pet Costume Contest!

14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Deck the Howls 2021 helps make spirits bright! In early December, our education team welcomed keiki back to campus for our highly anticipated annual Deck the Howls event! Keiki grades 1-5 read their favorite stories, donated by Books4Keiki, to the animals available for adoption and helped us make spirits bright by decorating kennel cards. Reading to the animals helps to bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets, and it nurtures empathy in children. We saw that in action as each animal quieted down to listen to the stories being read. It warmed our hearts to see even the most rambunctious dogs with their head on paws, listening intently. Our Teens4Animals Council volunteered at the event to make sure everything ran smoothly. Mahalo to all the families and volunteers that made Deck the Howls such a success this holiday season!

Teens4Animals Council member finds a new feline best friend “Aloha! My name is Kylie and I’m a part of the Teens4Animals Council at Hawaiian Humane! I love the community events and the support we are able to provide for other animal lovers and pet owners. At our most recent event, Deck the Howls, keiki came to campus to read books to the animals to spread the holiday cheer! I assisted with the sign in-table and afterwards, I was able to go into the cat houses to monitor the kids (and see the cats!). While there, I fell in love with my new friend, Brutus. I knew I couldn't leave without him, so I returned the very next day to adopt him and give him a forever home! Brutus has already found comfort in his new home and there are many animals that could find comfort with you! Adopting Brutus was probably one of the best things that happened for me this year because he brings so much joy to me and my family. Hawaiian Humane provides many services to people and their animals and I am so happy to be part of their Teens4 Animals Council! I am grateful to Hawaiian Humane for providing us teens great experiences and the chance to interact with animals, and the community. I would definitely recommend joining Teens4Animals to any animal-loving teen that is willing to put in some work!” Paw Prints | 15

GIFTS OF LOVE We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy

Frank F. & Katharine L. Woodford Trust


Banfield Foundation Best Friends Animal Society First Hawaiian Bank Foundation The Redducs Foundation

Pack Leaders $10,000 +

Atlas Insurance Agency, Ltd. Graham Burns & Erika Sox James Campbell Company, LLC Carol Jones & Larry Jones/ The Larson Jones Family Trust Helen A. Josie Josypenko Marilyn & Steve Katzman Jim & Lynn Lally Dr. Whitney & Mrs. Harvalee Limm Lynn & Bruce Gibson Foundation Naomi & Luis Salaveria Servco Foundation Stoebner Family Charitable Foundation Ginny Tiu University Health Alliance Ruth & Art Ushijima VCA Animal Hospitals

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Anonymous (1) Alexander C. Waterhouse Sr. Foundation APM Cares, Inc. Tim & Jeanne Brauer Leavitt, Yamane & Soldner, on behalf of the Community Kokua Foundation for Fire Safety & Recovery Crazy Shirts First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd. Stephen & Gloria Gainsley J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman Gary & Jennifer Herald Dr. Darin & Ann Hisanaga Walter K. H. Kam Jodi Lam & Timothy Takaezu Gabe & Shirley Lee Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/Jack & May Tyrrell Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center by Ethos

Animal Heroes

Devoted Companions

G70 HMAA William McCorriston Cleighton & Sharon Pang Surf Line Hawaii The Central National Gottesman Foundation

Anonymous (1) Marianne Adkins Natalie Arrell Albert & Dolores Bediones Black Sand Publishing, in collaboration with Heather Brown Joan S. Brown Chad & Stephanie Buck Molly F. Cherry Geraldine C. Choy Brandon R. Chun Christopher Chung Jo & Margarita Chung Erin Claggett Cynthia Cullen-Sotelo Jasmina Dobinchick Dr. Tung's Inc. Thomas Drazin Dennis & Dolores Dyer James & Chikako Epure Becky & John Faunce Mary Ann H. Fernandes Richard Fucik Robert & Cynthia Geiling Richard Smith & David Griggs Dede & Barron Guss Hawaii Baptist Academy Ronald Heim Yolisa Ishibashi Sean Ishii Nicholas F. A. Kawakami Estelle Kelley Kay Kelly Carolyn K. Kobayashi Susan M. Kosasa Janis Lai Judith Gordon Leon Sandra A. Leong Vernon & Sherrie Ling Kevin Lui Mary & Michael Macmillan Helen S. MacNeil Arnold Martines & Thuy Hong Nguyen-Martines Philip M. McCaffray Su Meisenzahl Ann H. Michaud Amy S. K. Miyamoto Bruce & Joy Morimoto Bryan Mukai Joanne M. Nakamura Grant Nakashima Margaret O. Nakashima Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Shirley S. Nishizawa John & Suzanne Noland Marjorie S. Norstrom Steven & Dagmar Oato Lori Pacarro Robert M. Pedigo Lisa Powell Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy John & Linda Puu Charles Rabon

$2,500 +

Best Friends $1,000 +

Bailey Allen Gina W. Anonuevo Bob & Kelly Armstrong Emmalisa H. Bledsoe Marcus & Emma Boland Stan Cadwallader Erika Cayetano Stewart Chun Gretchen & Duane Cobeen William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Daniel Delbrel Nick & Koren Dreher Tochiho K. Enomoto Andrea Fleig Ken & Linda Fong Elizabeth Rice Grossman Homesmart Island Homes Lehua Ii-Michaelson & Geoffrey Michaelson Denis & Ella Isono Barbara S. Jurkens Patsy K. N. Kalawaia Martha & Roger Khlopin Thomas & Mi Kosasa Nathaniel K. Lam, D.V.M., D.A.C.V.S. Alexander Lau Chi Ming & Cecilie Lee Creighton & Linda Lee Lee Bentley Shinn Family Fund Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind Mary McGowan Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Audrey L. Mueh Mark M. Nakatsukasa Norman & Bonnie Nam William & Hope Oliver Pacific Cost Engineering, LLC Laeton & Lena Pang Pounce Hawaii, LLC Purvé Donut Stop William Quinlan & Rita Chang-Quinlan Martin Rabbet Rosemary Fazio & Dr. David J. Randell, M.D. Timothy & Meng Roe Daniel Roselle Dawn & David Shimabukuro Susan H. Shishido Jon Simmons Chuck & Vivien Sted Glenn & Debra Weinberg

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

$500 +

Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Elizabeth & Richard Riegels Kelvin Ro Linda J. Rowan Dr. Thomas H. Sakoda Frances K. Schneider Lauren R. Shigekane John A. Skinner Snobby Cats Carol Ann & Mark Solien James & Linda Stragand Brian & Nancy Tamashiro Ellen & Jason Tamura Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Melissa Pavlicek & Stephen Teves Allen & Michele Thach Tammy L. Uy Rebecca S. Ward John S. Washburn Wilhelm Family Fund Cindy Winegar Stanley S. Yamaoka

Guardian Angels $100 +

Anonymous (5) Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro Ryan Abella Milton J. Ackerman Reynaldo Ader Bret Adkins Ashley Adkins-Painter Leslie T. Afuso Russell Ahana Lei Ahu-Isa Dale & Katherine Aina Greta Aipia Thomas Aitken Camille K. Aiu David D. Aiu, Jr. Paula M. Akamine Sokichi & Sharon Akana Jesse M. Akasaki Linda K. L. Akiyama Rene N. Akiyama Ada Alamani Reziel Alarcon Benjamin & Clemencia Alcaraz Reynold & Laverne Alexander American Express Hiroko & James Amsbary Elizabeth Y. Amuro Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori Richard & Ethel Anbe Frank M. Anderson Roy & Arlene Ando Janet Andres Jim & Ernie Annis-Veniegas Janel Antoine-Jones Edwin & Dianne Aragaki Victor Y. Aragaki May Arakaki & Richard Rita Grant Y. Arakawa Carol N. Aramaki

Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. Sandra H. Arashiro Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot Sandra & Donald Armstrong Winston Ashizawa Mary Aspegren David & Jong Astin Hiram & Jane Au Frederick & Julienne Aulwes Jane Austgen Marvin & Audrey Awaya Laurie Aweau-Nii Lester Ayakawa Star B. John & Joyce Bae Catherine Bagnara Virginia P. Bail Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey Angela Ballard Maureen & Robert Ballard Susan M. Ballard Ray D. Ballungay Josefina Baptiste Kenneth J. Barclay John Barkai & Linda Martell Darcy & Scott Barnhardt Lindamood Joanna L. Barroga Gabriele M. Barthlen Tammy & Christopher Bayer Nadine Bayne Mona W. Beard Shannon Bell Marcus A. Bembenista Dana L. Bennett Eric & Chiho Bercovici Lani & James Bergstrom Ronald S. Biho Jason Birdsall Winona Blanchard Kari & Terence Block Luanne Bongiorno Skip & Marilyn Boock Richard Bordner Gillian Boss Lee Ann H. Bowman Joseph M. Boyce James Bragaw Elena & Dennis Bransfield Sherilyn R. Braunthal Peter Breeze & Troy Otsuka Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale

Michael & Debra Bringman Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol Lani Broadbent Richard & Julie Brock Harrison & Pamela Brooks Paul Brown Patricia Bruce Tevet & Marsha Bruhn Jocelyn & Seth Buckman Jolene Bueno Robert & Frances Bunn Ronald & Willette Bush Karin & Bari Buzzard Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis A. Calton Vann C. Camacho Christopher & Denise Camara Charlotte Cambra Nadyne V. Cano Louise J. Canon Priscilla M. Cappis Kathryn Carey Ignacio M. Cariaga Norman & Evelin Caris Judy S. Carlisle Thomas R. Carpenter Constance K. Carr Paula S. Carroll Jennifer J. Cartwright Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Susan Castro Sonya Y. Catiggay Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr Rose & Donald Chambers Jody L. Chandler Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Carolyn M. L. Chang Karen & Eugene Chang Natalie S. Chang Warren Chang & Ruth Foster-Chang Yung-Yu L. Chang Reginald & Kim Chapman Linda Char Mimi A. Charette Wieland C. Chee Nancy & Shun-Lin Chen

Po Shu & Doris Cheng Earl & Vera Cherry Valerie & Takao Chinen Carolyn & Sanford Ching Clarice K. Ching Dennis & Eunice Ching Donna Ching & Skip Bittenbender Jack A. Ching Masumi & Cyrus Ching Robin R. Ching Willis & Beverlyn Ching Chun-Jung Chiu Jennifer Chiwa Derrick Chock Mona K.O. Chock Edward & Margaret Chong Judy & Peter Choo Dora Choy Heidi Choy Paige H. Choy Steven Choy Cynthia Chun & Elliot Dela Cruz Michael & Evelyn Chun Sandra H.S. Chun Sylvia J. Chun Chiyo & Charles Churchill James Cigan Robert C. Clifton Cynthia D. Collinvitti Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Lyle & Songkyu Combs Jennifer Conkel Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Amy K. Corbisier Glenn & Inge Cordeiro Ashleen Cordero Patricia & Harry Cornish County of Maui Susan Courtney Sachiko Cox Rita Coyle Earle M. Crabe Aaron Creps Douglas A. Crosier Susan L. Cuizon Charles & Deborah Cullison Alan & Pulani Cumpston Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Andrea Cyriacks Donald & Yoko Dandurand

Ather & Marivic Dar Diana Davids Mark & Janie Davis Thomas J. Davis Gail Dean Taryn Dean & Harry Antipala Michael & Kelly Deese Karen Degner Lisa DeLong Donald & Brenda Deryke Jo desMarets Jocelyn Dewitt Buddy & Lily Dinh Diane Dizon Kathleen D. Domen Juliet B. Domingo Michelle & Floyd Domingo Marilee E. Duffy Hugh & Jennifer Duncan Marilyn F. Dunlap Denise DuPont Claire D. Duvauchelle Christina Dwight Jon & Mary Lou Earll Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Leeanne Egan James & Kristin Elsea Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Matthew & Louise Engstrom Lester & Patricia Enomoto Heather Eustaquio Laura B. Evensen Michele & Dennis Faller Richard & Gail Farley Joyce T. Favorite Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Kathy Fay Alex Fergus Tanya Fernandes Everett V. Fernandez Patricia M. Fernandez Lynette L. Fernandez-Pao Jane S. Festerling Richard & Cathleen Field Paula Fitzell Joseph & Linda Flanagan May Fujii Foo Yong Ming Foo Doris & Bruce Forbes

WAGGIN’ TALES In October 2021, we were in urgent need of towels for our animal care, veterinary services and adoptions teams and Hilton Hawaii not only heard our call, but also took action by donating 250 towels to our shelter! Towels are frequently used to clean, shelter and help pets stay comfortable and warm while recovering from surgery. Mahalo to Hilton Hawaii for stepping up for our island’s animals in need!

Paw Prints | 17

Keiki line up to read their favorite holiday story to the animals at this year's Deck the Howls event. Michael Formby & Peter Lee Brenda & Lawrence Foster Teresa M. Fowler Damian Franzke John & Teri Fritz Masako & Arvin Fujii Hazel K. Fujimoto Ione T. Fujio Rodney & Carolyn Fujita Sheila S. Fukuda Marion & G. K. Fukuhara Jennie & Dean Fukumoto Susan S. Fukunaga Cheryle & Charles Furuya Lisa Gainsley Vicki & Vince Galam Richard J. Galino Anthony L. Garcia, Jr. Samantha Garcia Beau & Marjorie Gaza Francis & Jayne George Terrence George Gregory & Monette Gilding Katsuko M. Ginoza Elizabeth Goei Peter Ono & Luanne Goodness-Ono Louise F. Goodspeed Bobby R. Gordon Peggy & Bob Gordon Eleanor Y. Goto Richard & Rona Gowans David & Angela Goya Genevieve B.K. Goya William T. Goya Loreen Granger Pamela J. Grant Dr. Werner & Katherine Grebe Harvey & Rae Green Linda Green Jill & David Grey Ted & Christine Grisell Joni Gross Delphina E. Guerrero Morena & Chester Gullett Jim Guss Jonathan & Patti Guss Zachary Guss

Sherie & James Gusukuma Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann Lisa & Stephen Haley Diane & James Hall Linda M. Hamada Keith & Janice Hamamoto Patricia Hamamoto Wesley & Jill Hamasaki Liz Hamilton David & Gay Hanawahine Shelby M. Hankee Steven & Sherry Hansel Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd. Jack B. Harmon Robert Harrington Rosemae Y. Harrington Allison Hart Tomoko & Mason Hasegawa Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Irene E. Hatakenaka Clark G. Hatch Marjorie L. Hatfield Hawaii CPCU Society Chapter Cynthia Hawkins Sidney & Marsha Hayakawa Howard T. Hayashi Kathleen K. Hayashi Deborah J. Hazama Vincent & Sandy Hee Suzette & Sean Heely Mary Jane Heilbron Steve & Jenny Helms Lori Ann Hendry William T. Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga Eileen C. Herring Vernon & Atsuko Heu Alden & Karen Higa Darlene Higa David M. Higa Charlaine T. Higashi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Fay A. Hill Steven Adair Hill Lance Hirai

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima Dalton & Joanne Hirata Russell & Mei Lan Hirata Robert & Hazel Hirayama Kay & Kelly Hironaka Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto Brian & Jennifer Ho Kristen Holdaas Lt. Col. & Mrs. Miner E. Holloway, II Joanne Holmberg Diane V. Hooper Sheila Hoota Stella & Yutaka Hotta Marie-Sol Howard Sean Howard Karen & James Howell Lorna J.G. Hu Dudley Hulbert & Sono Hirose-Hulbert Siana Hunt David & Ellen Huntley Hannah Hurvitz Grace L. Hutchinson Lisa M.L. Hutchinson Sharon W. Iao Roy & Sandra Ichinose Eugene M. Ichiyama Sheri K. Iha Don & Karen Ikoma Joanne & Thomas Imada Wesley & Iris Imamura Carrie A. Inada Wayne & Janet Inagaki Gary S. Inamine Juliane & Wesley Inouye Russell & Cindy Inouye Renee Iseke Neil & Brenda Iseri Conrad & Cheryl Ishii Lynn Y. Ishii Shari Ishikawa Carol Ishinose Ellice Isle Margaret M. Isonaga Lloyd & Amy Itagaki Candace & Roy Ito Lisa & Daryl Ito

Stephany & Ronald Ito Ivy K Realty, LLC Judy T. Iwai Lester A. Iwamasa Brian M. Iwasaki Elsie K. Iwatani Amy K. Izumihara Jacquelyn P. Jaeger Judith S. Jakobovits Rex Jakobovits David & Virginia Jellings Barbara R. Jennings Thomas & Sarah Jenny David & Marlene Johnson Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson Judy Johnson Norman Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Bob Jones & Denby Fawcett Dr. & Mrs. John Jones Lee Ann Jones Nicolette F. Jones Ryan Jones Cynthia Jordan Cathy E. Joseph Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Janet Judwin Colette M. Jungles-Galarsa Lacey Kaawaloa Christine Kaizawa Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Wanda & Alden Kajioka Lloyd & Caroline Kajiwara Sonia & Michael Kajiwara Milton & Florence Kakaio Wanda L. Kakugawa Luana & Elliot Kalauawa Douglas & Phyllis Kam Young Sally Ann K. Kamae Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Guy & Gail Kamitaki Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath Gary & Jo Kanehiro Luke Kanehiro Holly Kaneko Mark Kanemori Kelvin & Kumiko Kaneshiro Kanu Hawaii Alyssa & Andres Kaopio-Lopez Linda & Gerald Kashinoki Kalika Kastein Eileen & Lance Kato Leatrice Y. Kato Christine Katsura Dagmar L. Kau Daniel Kawaa Gail T. Kawaguchi Toshiko Kawai Michael Kawano Richard N. Keawe Dr. Howard & Elizabeth Keller Clay M. Kelley Johnny Raymond Kelly Michael & Allaine Kelly Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Elspeth J.C. Kerr Sandra & Richard Kersten Elliott Khlopin Gerald H. Kibe Derrick & Lynn Kida

Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. Diane D. Kiefer Damien T. K. Kim Melanie Kim Michael & Zachary Kim Vernon & Jane Kim Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III Ronell & Stuart Kimura Patrick & Sherri Kingsbury J. C. Kinsler Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Sandra & Douglas Klein Susan Klein Marcia & Leonard Klompus Laurie C. Knych Chaz Kochel Lisa & Ben Kodama Diane Kodis Frederick & Jaynee Koga Lisa Kogachi Kalen Konishi Ronelle K. Kopp Blanche L. Kort Ian Kosasa Nanci Kosten & Terrance Mulberg Cindy N. Krantz Alexander R. Krause Teresa Y. Kubota Kathleen R. Kuhn James S. Kumagai Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Carol A. Kunishi Clifford & Kay Kurata Linda & Warren Kurata Amy & Roy Kurihara Alvin & Kay Kurio Evelyn Kurogi Darlene & Quin Kutara Gregory & Marcella Kuwazaki Taylor & Peter Kwak

Christopher & Abigail Kyea Jill LaBoy Vivian M. Lai Larry & Melissa Lamerson Florence Lamoureux Teri Landean Rachel A. Lange Len & Terri Lantych Gilbert & Marion Larson Shirley Larson Betty A. Lau Licia L. Lau Selina Lau Thomas A. Lau David & Patrina Lavarias Ellen & Jeffrey Layaoen Gabriela A. Layi Truc Thanh Le Tina Leathers Terese A. Leber Edgar & Amy Lee Juliet & Michael Lee Kyle Lee Robert H. Lee Romy Lee & Marvin Chang Summer K. Chun Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Tong Chun & Grace Lee Jennifer LeMaster Lillian A. Leong Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Richard & Rosann Lewis Timothy J. Lien Barry E. Lightner Chia Hsing Lin Leighton K. Liu Teri Locke Betty B. Long Jay K. Lontayao Jeffrey Loo Lisa Ann L. Loo

Sandra A. Loo Raymond D. Lowman Theresa & Layne Luke Brett Hazama Lum Karen Lum Lynnette M. Lum Claudette S. Lundin James & Charmian Lyons Kurtis & Susan Mabe Alyssa MacDonald Marissa Machida Sheila K. Mackertich Elizabeth M. MacNeill Valerie & Edwin Madamba Benedict & Gail Madriaga Sheila N. Maedo Daniel M. Mahoney Danielle Makainai William Maliglig & Gordon Wong Alexander & Clarita Malinao Ellen S. Mann Jon & Selina Mann Nedra Manson Robin & Daniel Marcom Karen Marenco Thomas & Donna Mark Jeanne Y. Marn James Martin Charlyn H. Masini Carol M. Masuda Richard & Lynnette Masuda Andrew T. Matayoshi Margaret F. Matayoshi Kelly Matson Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Kevin & May-Lynn Matsumoto Tyler M. Matsumoto Wayne Y. Matsumoto Winifred M. Matsumoto Sharon A. Matsunaga Raymond & Jane Matsuo

Roy & Joyce Matsuo Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Dennis K. Matsuura Domingo & Mila Matute Scott Mcadam Lucy & Michael McCurdy Tim & Jill McDonald Patricia J. McHenry Jean McIntosh Mark McKellar Pamela McKiddie J. Steven McMullen Vera E. Medina Ann K. Mee Danny & Yong Melton Keith & Sandra Menchavez Freidalane C. Menezes Anna Meng & Mike Hogan Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Margaret Meng Julie Mercer Glenn & Gayle Mifune Myron & Shanon Miho Hokulani Milden Susanne M. Millard Andrew & Lee Miller Brook & Diana Miller Coralie & Rick Miller Joanna & Esau Milo Marvis Minami & Tony Ganeko Dr. Randy T. Mita Jerrie Mitchell Dyan Mitsuyama Mark & Carol Mitsuyasu Glenn & Elaine Miura Harry & Ethel Miyachi Gordon M. Miyahira Sarah D. Miyahira Lisa T. Miyakado Dori M. Miyamoto Gary S. Miyamoto

It’s an easy way to support us and it’s a tax savings for you when you rollover your IRA distribution directly to Hawaiian Humane Society. You’ll incur no taxes on the income and your IRA funds will go straight to the animals. Call us at 808-356-2213 or email us at and we’ll help you make it happen. Our animals in need thank you! Please check with your financial advisor about your distribution requirements. The IRS does not allow a tax deduction for IRA transfer gifts.

Paw Prints | 19

George Miyamoto & Jacqueline Ferguson-Miyamoto Hayami Miyasato Jacob Miyasato Mika Miyasato Walter M. Mizushima Charles T. Mizuta Paula & Joel Mochida Barbara Montpas Ernest L.L. Moo Pearl B. Mori Marc & Dawn Morikami Ryan & Sun Morikawa Karen H. Morimoto Roy & Carmen Morioka Dr. Naomi F. Morita Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Lorraine Y. Mow Ritchie & Sunny Mudd Bryan Mukai Victor & Wanda Mukai Dorothy K. Muncy Stanley & Judith Murai Gail M. Murakami Claire & Michael Muranaka Gerald & Lillian Muranaka Lydia Murashige Sophie Musbi Doris & Ricci Nabarro Charles Y. Nagamine Holly Nagamine Cary Nagano Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Stephanie E. Nagata Janel Nagatani Shirley Nagatoshi Lisa Naimer Gail A. Nakada Vance & Sarah Nakagawa Edwin & June Nakahara David & Lynette Nakama Daniel Nakamitsu Dennis & Arlene Nakamoto Gail Nakamura Susan S. Nakamura Velma M. Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Nicole Nakaoka

Jo Ann E. Nakashima Lynn & Jay Nakasone Stanley & Setsuko Nakasone Raymond & Winnie Nakatsu Ken & Lauren Namba Nancy K.Y. Namiki Wilma K.Y. Namumnart David & Marlan Nashiwa Gerald & June Naughton Jemal & Atsuko Ned Anna Neubauer & Eldred Bristol James & Shirley Newman Catherine Ngo Mylinh T. Nguyen James Carlton Nichol Julie Nichols Sheryl L. Nicholson Matthew Nickel Claudia L. Nihei Wayne Niide Ethel Y. Nishida Teri Nishida Theodore M. Nishijo Kay F. Nishimoto Carol Nishiyama Michael & Diane Nishizawa Wallace & Jana Nitta Theresa Noa Joleen T. Nomura Edwin H. Nose Dennis & Norma Nouchi Craig H. Noyama Kathy Ochikubo Brian T. O'Connor Wendell & Bonnie Oda Sun Ye Ogata Alvin & Lynn Ogi Frances A. Ohira Dane Okada Raymond & Trudy Okada Neal & Amy Okamoto Patricia F. O'Kane Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Pauline N. Okino Ruby Okumura Yoko Okumura Dale & Gary Oliva Tracey & Bill Olson Brendan Ong

Deck the Howls 2021

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Alberta Ongies-Vincent Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy Ann K. Ono Judith S. Ooka Alvin & Doreen Orita Toshie Osborn Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Timothy J. Oshima Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Roy & Darlene Oshiro Terron Y. Oshiro Tina Oshiro James & Cion O'Sullivan Sanford T. Ota Alvin & Mary Oyadomari Pualani Paiaina Steven & June Pang Edward R. Pang Chew William P. Pardie Ken Park Lorna Park Michael & Joanne Parker Andrew & Rosanna Partika Natalie N. Pascua Robert & Dawn Pascua Wayne & Lanette Pascua Christy Anne J. Passion Donald J. Patten Stephen Pauelua Catherine Payne PayPal Giving Fund Michael H. Pecsok Ramon Peralta Vivian Perla Dan & Paula Perry Ronald & Quy Perry Sheila J. Petersen Kirtland Peterson Ting Petty-Akamine & Sukanda Petty-Akamine Chatlaoong Nancy D. Pflueger E. Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Kristina Phillips Ross Allen Phillips Robert Pierce Kyle T. Pizarro Gilbert Ponce Melissa Popejoy Alvin G. Potts Harold Prados Liang Rasachack Zsuzsa Rastegar Pegge Rawlins Emilia Reeves Lisa Reid Cary Reynolds Tracy S. Reynolds Roy & Brenda Rezentes Bettylou Ricarte Brian Richards Isabelle & John Rivera Marie Rivet Michiyo & Sheldon Robbs Conrad Rodenbeck John & Linda Rodrigues Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Charles & Wanda Rokero Lynette Y. Roster Elena Roud Michael Rovner Donna & Robert Ryan Melvin H. Saiki

Gail M. Saito Eugene & M.H. Sakae Robert & Julie Sakai Byron & Joy Sakamoto Sumitoshi Sakamoto Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Helen T. Sako Kathleen T. Sako Benjamin & Marilyn Salvador Sharon L. Samson Ivan Sanches Laura J. Sanches Holly M. Santoki Jean Santos & Kenneth Gilbert Patrick A. Santos Colleen & Lance Sasaki Fred & Charlotte Sasaki Jed & Lynda Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Gilford & Shareen Sato Linda & Gary Sato Momoe Sato Roy & Shirley Sato Terry Savage & Joseline Jaramillo Eugene Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Sharon Sawamoto John & Laurie Sawyer Ernest & Vicky Saxton Calvin & Cora Say Cynthia D. Scheinert Kristy Scherman Dee Dee Schneider Betty Ann Schoeppner Robert & Susan Schultz Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Eric & Sue Anne Schumacher Robert & Ester Schumacher Gail S. Myers Carl W. Scott Karen S. Seddon David & Sheila Seeholzer Justin & Faith Seguirant Al & Connie Serafin Diane M. Sether Elizabeth L. Shelley Lonna & John Sherwin Stanley & Theresa Shibata Ellen Shikuma Michael & May Shim Trisha Shimabuku-Fish Jason Shimada Masayuki & Frances Shimazu Janet & Benjamin Shimizu Karen Shimizu Marian K. Shimizu David & Elsie Shimokawa Alan & Ember Shinn Stacey S. Shinsato Cynthia Y. Shiraishi Frank M. Shiroma Daniel & Esther Shishido Terrence D. Shive Julie Shohet Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Susan Sie Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Frederic & Lori Sigler Sylvia K. Silva Doreen Simmons Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Daniel & Raccine Singer

Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021. Donald & Yolanda Six Arleene D. Skillman Shawn E. Slocum Kimberly Smith Carol D. Smyth Patrick & Marion Snyder Beverly J. Soares David Soon Marlene M. Souki Lisa K. Spencer Spirent Communications Michael Springhetti Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle Miriam Stark Xavier Staub Mayumi Stiteler David & Mary Stock Michelle Stofle Benedyne & Pomai Stone George & Maria Sally Stone Marianne Stone Stephanie A. Strickland Curtis Daehler & Angela Su Lisa & Robert Sue Susan Sugai Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Gail Sugimoto Leong Karen & Paul Sullivan Nathan Sult & Beth Tarter Loreanna Sunada Lori Ann & Jay Sunakoda Yumi Suzuki Ed Sylva, Jr. Moune & Bobbin Tabalno Dale Tagami & Dirk Fukushima Tanya Tagami & David Karl Faye K. Taira Alan & Lorna Takahashi Beatrice Takahashi Lornna & Chris Takahashi Ted T. Takahashi The Takahashi Family Tod A. Takahashi George & Grace Takakawa Jill M. Takamatsu Kathy S. Takamoto Teri Takemoto Laurie Takemura Sachiko Taketa Linnelle L. Takeuchi Rodney & Amy Takeuchi Lauren Takushi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Gina Tali-Etienne Gregory & Lynn Tam James K. Tam Linda Tam Mark & Suzy Tam Nelson & Gail Tamashiro Jan & Benjamin Tamura Arlene N. Tanabe Carolyn & Sean Tanabe Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe Catherine & Richard Tanaka Sandra S. Tanaka Emogene & Roy Taniguchi George C. Taniguchi Katherine Y. Taniguchi Kimii Taniguchi Mark T. Tanji

Tanya Tano Bert & Karen Taoka Arleen & Charles Tarnay Jean A. Tateishi Ronald & Angie Tateishi Linda & Glenn Tatsuno John & Anne Taylor Lloyd & Constance Teixeira Karyn Elizabeth Tercy Susan & Paul Teruya Katrina Thies Kyle A. Thompson Ellen L. Thorson Mary & James Thrash Ivan Tilgenkamp Ivy & Ronald Timpe Wallace & Priscilla Tirrell Samuel Tiu Bernadette & Robert Todd Ella & Edward Tokunaga Juanita Y.M. Tom Mike & Marlene Tom Myron & Carol Tom Noe Noe Tom Burton & Carol Tomita Jann S.H. Tompkins Tammy & Jason Tootell Shirl & Eric Torngren Brigida Torres Jennifer Trevino Timothy & Helen Tricas Robert Tronoski Veronica Tronoski Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida Joyce & Blaine Tsugawa Sandy Tsuhako Takashi Tsuhako Thomas H. Tsuhako Gene & Evelyn Tsuno Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Arthur & Angela Tulak Aileen Uchida Cheryl & Rick Uchida Sara C. Uchihara Trudy T. Uechi Grace & Mark Ueunten Joan E. Uhlfelder Kellie & Bart Ulansey Ulu I Ka La'au, LLC Roy H. Umeda Robert K. O. K. Umiamaka Donna Y. Usagawa Glenn & Bernice Uto Alison A. Uyeda Bette & Alexander Uyeda Lester & Janice Uyeda Ashley Uyehara Craig S. Uyehara Lori Y. Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Myrna S. Uytingco Marion Valle Michele Velasco Liz Ventura Mark Verrey Pamela Verrey Sean & Sheri Viernes Gayle E. Volger Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Theone I. Vredenburg Tobie Wada Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki

Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Jane T. Wakukawa Myra N. Wakuzawa Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Chad & Christine Walton David & Daralee Wang Marie & Valerie Wang Wesley H. Waniya Christie Wash Roy & Paulette Watanabe Sueko Watanabe J.D. & Julie Watumull Fely D. Wayfield Erik Webb Deborah & Wesley Wee Gary A. Weisman Jill & Herb Wheatman Jaclyn & Andrew Whelen Alan & Jennifer Whinery Edwin White John A. White Donald & Yilan Wilcox Gary & L.S. Wild Craig Williams & Jessica Chau Don Wilson & Agnes Tauyan David & Arporn Winsko Judith Wolfe Jana Wolff Alfred & Laurie Wong Howie Wong Kathy & Erik Wong Linda Wright Wong Lloyd & Geraldine Wong Naomi Wong Priscilla & Paul Wong Lawrence & Nadine Woode Robert Wright Dingyi Wu Angel & Dale Wyatt Martin & Jean Wyss Carol Jean Yakuma Charlotte N. Yamada David & Erin Yamada David M. Yamada Mr. & Mrs. Daryn A. Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada David M. Yamagata Amy Yamakawa Debra T. Yamaki Carol K. Yamamoto Ray & Pauline Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Roger Yamamoto Stephanie Y.S. Yamamoto Ruthann & Gregg Yamanaka Lori Yamane Harvey & Carolyn Yamasaki Jill & Marvin Yamasaki Charlene M. Yamashiro Peter & Diane Yee Ronald K.B. Yee Roy & Andre Yee Drake K.C. Yim Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Cindy M. Yoshida Elden Yoshida Linda Yoshikami Glenn & Carolyn Yoshimoto Keith & Marian Yoshimura Patsy & Yoshiharu Yoshimura

Carolyn A. Yoshioka Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka Ivan Young Merryl Young Sharon Young Irene & Vernon Yu Lily & Patrick Yu Joyce K. Yuen Loretta & Curtis Yuen

In Honor of People

Anna Meng Elizabeth Merrill & Michael Uherek Dr. Arleene D. K. Skillman Charlotte J. M. Tanaka Brent & Katelyn Asato Russell & Debbie Asato Caroline Scudder Dave & Sandy Scudder Damon Martin AskVet DPR IAN (Christian Yu) Kylie Ishii Employees of EnviroServices & Training Center, LLC EnviroServices & Training Center, LLC Ernest Tottori Miriam M. Tottori Evi Perlitschke Markus Krebs Ginny Tiu Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Diane E. Chang Yue-Sai Kan Thomas & Mi Kosasa Carole & Edward Onouye Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman Henry Caressa Matsuoka Jack & Linda Jennings Leisa K. Gebhard Karen Yabui Bryant K. Yabui Maria Villa & Chanel Krystal Kakimoto Mary & Vinny Scalone David Scalone Meg Semaru Sandra Y. Rosete Michael & Eliza Bridget Ornelas Val Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer Yanagi Ohta Ostrander Family Zale Hisashima Norine Hisashima

Paw Prints | 21

In Honor of Pets Alice Katherine Mori

Armadillo Aloha Kitty TNR Asato Family cats Cynthia & Earl Asato Capitol Auto’s cat Meena Charucksiri Charlie Bean Bob & Frances Bean Chase Donna M. Correia Cloe Christy R. Enright Cooper Katrina & Jon Reinecke Copper & Snowball Yanai Freeman & Winona Chin Cow Lindsey Lowe Eddy Martin AskVet Ginger Bobby R. Gordon Griffey Tracy McDowell Gunnar Ushijima Michael & Susan Fujii Leanne Hirata Lori Ige Joe Nave Eileen Odama Bobby & Iris Ushijima Jasper Tsugumi Hasebe Kauakilihune L. K. Gomes Kuau, Koko, & Tabby Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz Lexi & Saylor Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki

Neo Miles & Miko Yamabe

Glenna Murphy Gregory & Sharon Wong

Perdita Dobinchick Jasmina Dobinchick

Ola & Riggs Victoria Olsen

Grace Nakamatsu Martha & Duane Hamada

Randolph Young Rose Young

Princess Myron & Cileen Yamashita

James Mee Robert Akimoto Sylvia Ching Dorothy Yee-Wilfred Y.S. Yee Residuary Trust & Dorothy A. Yee Revocable Trust Joyce Eshima Darrel & Janet Fujii Charles Yee, Jr. Francine L. Yee Shirley K. H. Yee

Dr. Richard Lawton, D.V.M. Glenn Muramoto & Jayne Asakura

Pua & Pups Toni Baran Sachi Gail Y. Mikasa Sandy Sarah Bauer Sherman Timothy & Sarah Howell Stoli, Pepe, Ipo, & Mama Bear Marlo Parisi Zoe & Blue Dalton & Joanne Hirata

In Memory of People

Alan Y. Morimoto Mary Margaret Caragan Rand Morimoto Ann Marie Hebard First Hawaiian Bank Annette M. Takahashi Tod A. Takahashi Avon Potter, Ron Potter, & Janis Potter Allen Ginger & Tony Allen Tracy & Steve Friedmann

Carroll Leilani Schuman Anni & Björn Ahlstedt Linda F. Miyashiro Sheila Watumull Ching Yu Chen Francine Y. Sunada Dave Mori Katherine Mori David R. Bowley Jacob Bellenghi Dr. David Y. S. Yee, D.P.M. Karen R. Tashima

London Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki

Edith Kimura Irene Takata

Lucy Doris M. Ladd

Edwin Masaji Sato Mildred M. Au

Maile, Tina, & Malia Neill & Isobel Ryan

Edye Odo Diane & Chris Odo

Mame Chang Vierra & Einstein Izumo Patsy M. Izumo

Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Murasaki Jo desMarets

Karen Akemi Olanda George & Julie Ann Kino Kathy & Steve Berg Christy R. Enright Kellie M. N. Sekiya Audrey E. J. Ng Laura Thompson Ann C. Yuen Leslie Evan Correa Dorothy Wright Marichu Scott & Anneliese Chun Iris V. Stepanic Pamela Burns Ivan & Patricia Ketterman Dr. Douglas & Ms. Linda Vincent

Robert Popov Kerry Guerreiro Ronald Hisashi Ushijima Michael & Susan Fujii Leanne Hirata Lori Ige Joe Nave Eileen Odama Bobby & Iris Ushijima Shirley Ann Tavares Wetzel Anne E. Villiers Kathleen Villiers Tsugio Inouye Frances Inouye Violet M. Masuda Violet Masuda Revocable Living Trust Walter Zensho Kobashigawa Alvin & Lois Yoshioka Wayne Matsuda Randall Ching & Rosanee Oda-Ching William F. Geenty Allen & Claire Okamura

Pat Luckel Donald & Carol Johnston

Bryan D. Cabalce Terrance D. Cabalce

Little Guy Jones Mia Riley

Maxie Steven & Danel Licari

Jeannette Kawauchi Tyler & Sharlene Tsuda

Richard Steven Rose C. Jeanette Magoon Trust

Frances Cropsey Gail S. Lindsey Frank Mattos Liane & Paul Briggs Charles K. Whitten

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

GoodPup helps us offer a new perk for dog adopters! New dog parents now receive a free week of online dog training with our partners, GoodPup! If you then decide to continue with training, our special link gets you a 20% discount on training for life! Just check your adoption packet for the GoodPup flyer with our special QR code/URL to sign up! What's even better, for every membership started after the free trial, Hawaiian Humane receives a $50 donation from GoodPup!

Acknowledgment of gifts from August 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021.

In Memory of Pets Abloh Carolyn Agbunag

Aloha & Chase Aspril Catenacci Remedios Aspril & Conrad Catenacci Amy John & Ruth Stepulis Angel Karen Bauder Anna Diane M. Maeda Apple Carole Rice Batman Michael J. Nolan Baxter Sliger-Corrales Gail F. Sliger Bear Mary Barthel Bear & Baron Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Belle Tamashiro Jerrod & Vanessa Tamashiro Benji & Maya Representative Calvin & Cora Say Billy Bean Gima Orin & Sandra Gima Brandi Joanne & Clyde Matsui Brandy, Toby, & Coco Susan B. Schotters Budda, Turbo, & Kris Sharon & Ray Michimoto Candy Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka Casey Gary & Myra Tamanaha Chelsea Claveria Abigail A. Claveria Chibi Mandy Kiaha Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata Chibi, Shabi, Mimi, & Bubu Helen K. Kikuchi Chuppy & Nina Steven & Tokiko Bazzell Cole Carole Petricek Daisy & Molly Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Daisy, Gracie, & Beau Linda G. Warrick Duchess, Bandit, & Bear James & May Kobashigawa

Elvis Lew Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Fluffy & Ashley Monica M. Furuhashi Gabriel Allen & Tammy Perry Hanako Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Harley Stephanie & John Kirimitsu Hoku & Ali Charles & Mildred Ikehara Hookelakela Lynette & Eric Wong Jack Wilfred & Jewel Kawano Kahu Lisa Ann & Brian Kiuchi Kiani Bernard K. Chun Kimmie, Kasey, Petey, & Nikki Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Kona Ohta Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Kuro James & Yoshie Fromm Loki Faith Milnes Lucky Maimona Ghows Macchia Susan M. Kosasa Madra Jessie Mitchell Majesty Steve & Deb Knight Maka Laurie & Phil Manandic Malia Michael Hofmann Martini Kathleen Wong & John Bishop Max Rodriguez Martin & Donna Melone Max White Kami White Mei-Ling Jamey Lau Mele Ernest & Miriam Tottori Mi Amigo Franklin Y. C. Chang Milo, Jet Li, Ace Fujii, Killer, Muffin Michael & Laurie Walsh Miss Kitty Janet E. Carpenter Moi Herbert & Kyung Hee Hinazumi

Deck the Howls 2021 Molly Jason, Erin, Penny & Ruby Aono

Scruffy Kamiya – "Little One" Clarice S. Kamiya

Nibbles Steven & Gail Tokuda

Sebastian Onouye Carole & Edward Onouye

Nikki Thomas Oguro

Shaggy Doris M. Ladd

Nikko Karen & Karl Okamoto

Shiro & Koro Frances A. Yamada

Norton Mary A. Artese

Smokey & Mano Myron & Cileen Yamashita

Nyanko David & Chiyono Jones

Sommy Catherine A. Sorensen

Ollie Linda Flinn

Spot, Kaili, & Chance'um Carol Hoopii

Oreo & Honey Girl Terry Omine

Stella Dorothy & Paul Dale

Peaches, Lucie, & Koa Sandra M. Yamane

Sundae Chong Laurel A. Johnston Martin Mori

Peanut & Mr. Bailey Coral C. King Ponce Family pets Gilbert Ponce Porter Victoria Olsen Reffa Trozzi Shirlee & Andrew Trozzi Remington Suzuki Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Rocky Glenna K. Clegg Rocky Trisha Shimabuku-Fish Rocky Raccoon Faye H. Haraguchi Sami & Riley Rachel M. Ray Sammy Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Scooter Chun Arline Y. Chun

Taisho & Brandi Harold & Jan Fujise Teiti Betty M. Pedro Tina Kluvo Arthur Allen Kluvo Tinkerbell Schuman Anni & Björn Ahlstedt Linda F. Miyashiro Sheila Watumull Tobie Sherry Hong-Grogan Tucker, Zoey, & Scrappy Shirley & Ronald Kondo Wailea George & Ipolani Bailey Whipper Wesley Kitajima & Beverly Zane-Kitajima

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