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Hawaiian Humane Society

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July – September 2013

130 years of service to animals and people On July 24, 1883 the Hawaiian Humane Society was born from a small gathering of citizen advocates who believed a dedicated and organized effort was needed to improve the lives of animals. King Kalakaua was one of these founders.

In September 1883 the Saturday Press reported: “Captain Mehrtens of the police has been appointed special agent of the Humane Society. It is difficult to understand how he can be an efficient policeman and still have time to work up cases of cruelty. It is hoped that he will bridge this difficulty and render effective service in this noble cause in which he is engaged.” From its first cases of neglected cattle and beaten horses in the late 1800s to the Waimanalo puppy mill case of 2011, the Humane Society’s mission has remained steadfast: to promote the human-animal bond and humane treatment of all animals.

Clara Carpenter and Rhoda Thayer display the Humane Society banner while Arthur McCormack “Mr. Mac” and a junior member look on. Circa 1930.

The Society has always been about people as much as animals. In the early 1900s, the humane treatment of women, children and the mentally ill were also a part of the organization’s mission. Early humane agents visited mistreated children and removed them from their homes if necessary. Such was the case of a 3-year-old girl who was neglected and given alcohol by her mother. Children were adopted from the Humane Society and placed with loving families. Agents also escorted young women out of bars and brothels and into reform facilities. Continued on page 3

President’s Message Successful session results in passage of key bills Strengthening Hawaii’s laws has always been a priority for the Humane Society. Several animal-related bills at this year’s legislative session are likely to become law. The snare bill establishes mandatory reporting of cats and dogs captured in a snare or trap to the county’s animal services agency. It also prohibits the use of snares, conibears, steel-jawed traps, and foot- and leg-hold traps in residential areas.

In April, the Hawaiian Humane Society rescued a cat in Mililani that had suffered from such a device. These snares and traps are archaic, inhumane and are not currently in use by any state or federal agency. They are prohibited in a number of states. The animal prohibition bill establishes a mandatory prohibition on those convicted of first degree animal cruelty. It will ensure Pamela Burns President and CEO

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43 dogs rescued from Halawa home On May 14, 2013, the Hawaiian Humane Society investigated a tip about dogs living in deplorable conditions. As a result, 43 Pomeranian dogs were surrendered to our care from a Halawa breeder. Although the dogs came in with a number of health-related issues and severe matting, all of the dogs have now found new adoptive homes. A

few dogs required extensive health care and monitoring and as a result, were cared for in foster homes. Following the rescue thousands of calls flooded the Humane Society from those wishing to adopt. The Society hosted a two-day adoptions event, opening its doors early to those interested. More than 750 prospective adopters attended,

with some camping out in front of the Humane Society overnight. In order to ensure all those interested had a fair chance, the Society used a numbered ticket system. The numbers were drawn randomly. This process enabled those with the lucky number to have first choice to adopt. Each family was required to meet with an adoptions advisor to ensure they were ready for a lifelong commitment. Many of the dogs were older than 10 years old. The last Pomeranian found a loving family at the June 16 “Who’s Your Daddy?” adoptions event sponsored by Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford. In addition more than 10 other shelter dogs and kittens found families that day. The Halawa rescue sheds light on the need to require inspection of the living conditions of high volume commercial breeders. For two years consecutively, legislative proposals to regulate large commercial breeding operations in Hawaii have failed.

Humane Society investigators found 43 Pomeranian dogs living in deplorable conditions.

Successful session results in passage of key bills Continued from page 1 that those convicted of cruelty to animals will not be able to own their own pet for a period of time.

A bill to regulate commercial breeding operations proposed by the Prosector’s office did not pass this session.

We believe that pet owners will now have more housing opportunities because of the pet deposit bill, which allows for a landlord and tenant to negotiate a pet security in an amount not to exceed one month’s rent. 2

The mandatory sentencing bill makes animal cruelty a felony crime when 10 or more pet animals are involved. And, lastly, the victim restitution bill will allow for organizations such as ours, involved in animal cruelty cases, to recoup expenses in caring for the abused. Mahalo to all who supported with testimony to give the animals a voice.

130 years of service to animals and people Continued from page 1 In the 1930s the Humane Society advocated for organizations and efforts devoted entirely to social services so that the Society could focus on animal issues. Animal advocate Helen Kinau Wilder of the prominent Wilder family was the Society’s first deputized officer. The responsibilities of rescue and protection were no longer assigned to the Honolulu Police Department. Her work, and that of the first full-time humane investigator Chang Apana was groundbreaking. Other humane officers such as Rose Davison and Lucy Ward found themselves in the thick of cruelty: chasing dog poisoners, solving a case of a horse dragged by its neck and thrown off a 100-foot cliff and advocating for the protection of overworked, starving and injured animals and transport of livestock on ships. Finding a need to house the growing number of homeless dogs and cats,

the first animal shelter was built in 1925 at Pohukaina and Koula Streets in Kakaako through land donated by Victoria Ward. More than 5,000 cats and dogs arrived in its first year. By 1938 the Humane Society had outgrown its Kakaako shelter and moved to Moiliili, a neighborhood where it remains today. The initial location on Kalele Street housed 13 cat pens and kennel space for 115 dogs and averaged about 1,000 visitors every month. Victoria Ward’s daughter Lucy Ward served as a humane investigator and later became the organization’s executive The public now had a officer. Honolulu Star-Bulletin followed her fight against permanent home for cruelty and in 1914 reported on her man hunt to find lost pets, adoptions, dog poisoners: “Miss Lucy Ward has commenced an or to surrender sick or investigation with the Honolulu Police to find a dog poisoner whose working resulted in six deaths. Miss Ward declares injured animals. The that such a person should immediately be placed in jail.” shelter was relocated to its present location in The Society’s mission requires the early 1940s as the Kalele quarry much more than operating a became valuable to the war effort. quality shelter. Programs such as microchipping, sterilization, foster care, pet visitation and a pet food bank were developed as a result of the organization’s commitment to education, advocacy and outreach. Continuing to protect the most vulnerable remains at the forefront. Current services and programs are a reflection of the changing needs of our community and continued growth of the organization is inevitable with over 60% of Oahu households now residing with pets. The Humane Society’s team of about 75 professionals and 600 volunteers is excited about what the future will bring in service to animals and people. 3

Investigators respond to horse neglect case In February, the Hawaiian Humane Society was called to a case in Kunia involving three horses. Two out of the three horses were severely underweight. The owner had recently started an unauthorized “horse rescue program” but was unable to provide adequate food and veterinary care. Our investigators negotiated a surrender for two of the horses and arranged for immediate transport to a private boarding facility in Barber’s Point. We asked Dr. Manny

Himenes, an equine veterinarian, to evaluate both horses, and unfortunately, one horse had to be euthanized. The other was placed on a strict feeding schedule and was adopted and is doing well. The owner was given an animal cruelty warning citation for all three horses that mandated following a veterinarian recommended feeding schedule for the remaining horse. The owner also agreed to regular unannounced inspections by our humane investigators.

Students win in Pet Power contest and meet The Green Congratulations to this year’s Pet Power winners in the video, poetry and photography categories. Check out the winning entries at

High School Division Jasmine Guarnes – Photography Carole Kau – Poetry Kevin Alcantara, Anthony Antonio and Melvin Bergado – Video

Middle School Division Diane Kim – Photography Tatum Samson – Poetry Danielle Pratt, Alexis Klimpl, Jackie Hee, Tia Marie Makainai, Alma Tuquib and DeAnna – Video

Treat your dog or cat to a homemade snack There’s nothing like treating your pets to a delicious and nutritious homemade snack. Here is a simple recipe to make treat time special for your pet. Pet Cookies 2 cups wheat germ 3 (2.5 ounce) jars strained chicken baby food 1 tablespoon water

Photo by Jeff Chung

Pet Power High School winner Jasmine Guarnes with members of reggae band The Green.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a medium bowl, mix the wheat germ, baby food and water together. Add more water if necessary to form a dough. Roll dough into 1 inch balls and place on cookie sheet. Flatten slightly with a fork dipped in water. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes in a preheated oven.

It’s A Date

Microchip Madness All through July, get your cats and dogs microchipped for only $10 thanks to a partnership with veterinarians island wide. Make an appointment at a participating clinic listed at

For more on these and other events, visit Join us at nearly 200 events every year.

PetWalk – Magic Island October 6 • 7 am Registration Mark your calendar for Hawaii’s zaniest charity walk to benefit the Humane Society. Visit hawaiianhumane/petwalk2013 to create your personal fundraising page.

Wags for Wednesday The Humane Society has launched “Wags for Wednesday,” which offers halfprice adoptions on all animals. It’s the one day of the week when the Society offers its widest variety of pets for adoption. Make every Wednesday wonderful and encourage your friends and family to consider adoption.

High tech pet Is boredom a problem for your pet pal? Introduce them to a couple of free, interactive iPad apps. Cat Toy and Touch Paw are two popular games that allow your cat and dog to choose critters to chase and score paw points. Download games from the internet.

ID with bling Just the thing for a pampered pooch. Custom collars never looked so chic, especially with an ID tag with your telephone number. $12 for collar. $3 per letter.

©Trixie + Peanut, Inc. Photo by L. Irrizarry


Every dog has its day: opt to adopt Paris Hilton’s pet store puppy may have been in vogue years ago, but was rife with controversy once it was discovered her dog darling was from a puppy mill. Flash forward a couple of years and celebrities are now ga ga over shelter pets. Today’s madness is all about the mutt. “Hawaii’s people have long regarded the power of the poi dog,” says Hawaiian Humane Society’s community relations director Jacque LeBlanc. “Whether they’re called hapa-heritage dogs or designer dogs, mixed breeds charm us like no others.” The Society has seen its dog adoptions rise from about 2,500 in 2009 to 4,500 in 2012. A number of factors support the emerging trend. Hollywood celebrities like George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey, Ryan Gosling, Drew Barrymore and Hawaii’s own Carrie Ann Inaba are advocates for shelter adoption – declaring that “rescue” is their favorite breed. Growing awareness of the plight of pet overpopulation and homeless animals has elevated the cause, along with lifestyle movements that foster an appreciation for a life of less excess and waste. Why spend thousands of dollars to obtain a furry friend when thousands of animals await loving homes?

More than 100 animals seek families at the Hawaiian Humane Society every day.

Humane Society. Adoptions are held at six PETCO locations on Oahu and at PetSmart in Mililani. Many celebrities, and the general public, realize that purchasing purebred puppies from a store rather than a reputable breeder may fuel an industry that caters to the bottom line and not the welfare of those animals.

No longer is it a must to have or seek out that purebred companion. A loving addition to the family can come in many forms. “People are looking to make a connection Photo by wag and snap photography with an animal, which instead, choose to partner with local isn’t necessarily tied to a pet shelters to sponsor pet adoption particular breed,” says LeBlanc. events. PETCO and PetSmart are two shining examples of what Trend or no trend, adopting a dog partnerships can accomplish. In the or cat that yearns for a home is a last year both national chains have win-win for both animal and owner. adopted out more than a thousand Make the next member of your animals locally for the Hawaiian family one that you’ve adopted.

Major retailers with a social conscience are also fueling the trend. Many pet stores no longer see dogs and cats as profitable inventory, and

Photo by Rita Coury


Helping the lost find their way home A lost or missing pet is a traumatic occurrence for both owners and animals alike. For the lucky, more than 3,000 find their way home every year. Nearly all of these family reunions are because pet parents armed their furry family members with an ID.

and cast his flashlight back and forth in search of the animal. That’s when he spotted an injured, shivering dog submerged up to her neck in water, which was caused by heavy rains. Shuggie’s little metallic ID tag attached to her collar flickered in the light. She was hoisted to safety and went home that day to her family.

In January, dogs Lizzie and Kabuki escaped from their home and ventured up a Waialae hillside and got lost in dense brush and pouring rain. Our investigators climbed slippery rocks – falling in sink holes with no visible ground – to save the exhausted dogs who had ascended a slope they couldn’t back track. There was one singular thought that both rescuers shared, “I hope these dogs have ID.”

We’ll never be able to teach our pets how to find their way home. It’s up to pet owners to ensure pets are always dressed with a collar and ID tag. Licensing dogs will identify the legal ownership of an animal on Oahu. Additionally, although microchips never need to be replaced, it is important to keep your microchip contact information updated with the Humane Society in order to ensure your pet’s quick return.

The dogs were rescued. Although they had no collars or tags, they did have microchips, which identified them as 4-year old Lizzie and 9-year old Kabuki. Both went home later that day.

Meanwhile, 20 miles away in Ewa another rescue was in progress. Frightened by a leaf blower, Shuggie bolted from home and headed down Fort Weaver Road. Heartbroken and desperate, the Mink family had canvassed the area to search for the missing pet to no avail. That’s when the Humane Society got the call from the Honolulu Police Department. A dog had been struck by a car and he slipped down a storm drain. As our rescuer descended in to the drain, he muttered a short prayer, “Please let this dog be alive and with ID.” Our rescuer dropped 8 feet underground

Summer shines on the animals Summer is a time for adventure and is a great season to spend more time with the animals. Whether it’s sharing a nap with your cat in their favorite sunny spot or taking your dog on a hike, there’s nothing like summer to bond with those who love you so. Visit for a list of dog-friendly beaches and parks. And, if you see dogs in hot cars, go to nearby businesses to ask for assistance to find the pet owner, or call 911 immediately. Cars in the summer time can heat up quickly. 7

More than 5,000 missing lost and found animal reports are filed with the Hawaiian Humane Society every year. Let this be the year when every lost pet finds his way home.

Tuxes & Tails 2013 raises more than $545,000 than $9,000 for the animals through ticket sales. The evening’s top seller was dinner for 16 guests at Jim Nabors home featuring the culinary creations of Sheraton Waikiki’s Colin Hazama. The live auction offering sold for $25,000 to Jim Schuler.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s April 2013 gala at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel raised a record-breaking $545,000 for the animals. Barkapalooza featured a festival of fun including cocktails with canines on the Royal Lawn, a gourmet dinner and rock music. Our most generous sponsors of the evening included Humane Society friends Bob and Frances Bean, Ginny Tiu, Barry and Viriginia Wienman, Pam and Mike Jones, Joan Bellinger and The Schuler Foundation. Together, they contributed more than $120,000 to the evening’s success. Nearly 500 attended the event.

Led by Jim Nabors and Stan Cadwallader, next year’s event “Bow Wow to Hollywoof: A Night at the Acatemy!” is set for Saturday, April 5. Anna Meng will chair the auction and Ginny Tiu is leading table sales. Table sponsorships are available at $25,000 and $10,000 and the highly anticipated event is expected to sell out by end of this year. Call 356-2225 for more information or visit the Humane Society’s event section at

Special thanks to so many who contributed their time, talent, goods or services including Chanel for their dazzling donation of a luxury watch, with raise more

Mark & Karen Polivka, Ginny Tiu, Pamela Burns, Humane Society President & CEO

Jim Schuler won a dinner at the home of Jim Nabors during the live auction.

Our committee members made it all possible! Mark Polivka Event Chairperson Ginny Tiu Sponsorship Chairperson

Pamela Burns Sharon Brown Bruce Chahanovich John Doty Ernie Fukeda Jenny Gonzales Elizabeth Rice Grossman Karen Huffman Sandy Irish

Richard Kennedy Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Lynn Lally Naomi Loewe Cindy Mackey Anna Meng Steven Prieto Larry Rodriguez


Patricia Rodriguez Karen Tiller Marlene Tom Joyce Tomonari Jack & May Tyrrell Annie Usui Jo Anne Vieira Rick Zwern

Special mahalo to our Barkapalooza sponors Doggone Rock Stars – $25,000 Table Sponsors Bob & Frances Bean Ginny Tiu / In Loving Memory of William & Patricia Tiu Barry & Virginia Weinman

Pitch Purrfect Pooches – $15,000 Table Sponsors Bob & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger Schuler Family Foundation

Crooning Kitties – $10,000 Table Sponsors Catherine Conrad Dr. Richard & Elizabeth Grossman Jack Tyrrell & Company / Jack & May Tyrrell Jade Dynasty / Alan & Sylvia Ho Kalaeloa Partners Susan Kosasa / Mark & Carol Ann Solien Dr. Thomas & Mi Kosasa Tom Markson & Jan Gardner Mark & Karen Polivka Alice Robinson

Harmonizing Hounds – $5,000 Table Sponsors Bob & Kelly Armstrong / Paul & Naomi Loewe • Bank of Hawaii Cades Schutte • Stanley Cadwallader & Jim Nabors The Cat Clinic / Dr. Sue Sylvester-Palumbo • Governor & Mrs. Benjamin Cayetano • Central Pacific Bank Chanel • Chris & Marcia Croft • Chris & Kimberly Dey The Dolores Furtado Martin Foundation • DTRIC Insurance Ernst & Young • Family Health Hawaii • First Hawaiian Bank Peter Fong & Kathleen Yoshinaga • HMSA • Honolulu Home Loans Hunt Companies / KMH • Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle III Jim & Lynn Lally • Mr. & Mrs. Watters O. Martin, Jr. The Pacarro Group / The Dotys • Pacific Asia Design Group / Animal Arts Place, Mary Philpotts • MW Group Gil and Shareen Sato / Gilford Sato & Associates, CPAs Sofos Realty Corporation Dr. Lawrence K.W. Tseu & Dr. John Henry Felix / HMAA Zephyr Insurance Company • Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Peter & Luanna McKenney, Mary Philpotts McGrath, John Dinsmore, Kristin Meehau, George James, Karen Lee


The Giving Tree raised nearly $11,000 with attendees donating towards services and supplies for the Humane Society.

Auction donors raised the woof at Barkapalooza Alan Wong’s Honolulu Alaska Airlines Alice Inoue Life Guidance Aloha Petroleum Aloha Y’all Kitchen American Airlines

Friends of the Hawaiian Humane Society Georg Jensen go! Airlines Jenny & Lenny Gonzales Grand Wailea

Jeri Lynch Macy’s Mama’s Fish House Restaurant and Inn Manoa Valley Theater Marie Louise Fine Garment Cleaners Allen Martin Charlyn Honda Masini McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii McKinley Motor Service Jonathan & Malia McManus Mermaids Hawaii Michel’s at the Colony Surf Mike Sapp Fitness Lance Mizumoto Paula Monma Morimoto Waikiki Mountain Apple Company Mountain Thunder Jason & Raylene Nagai Neiman Marcus Network IP Nancy A. Noel Terri Ann Otani Owen and Owen Photography P.F. Chang’s Waikiki Palace Hotel, A Luxury Collection Property Michael Paolercio Jim Pappas Paul Brown Salon Pebu Skin PLACE., A Design Atelier by Philpotts Mark & Karen Polivka Pure Joy Day Spa Dr. Christopher & Judie Racine Restaurant Suntory Elizabeth Rice Grossman Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Roots & Relics Marissa C. Ross Royal Hawaiian Center / The Festival Companies

2014 Tuxes & Tails Chairs Stan Cadwallader & Jim Nabors with Jack & May Tyrrell Anne Namba Designs Wesley Asari Assagio Bistro - Kahala Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel Baci Bistro Barking Dog Blankets Bob & Frances Bean Dolores Panilio Bediones Big City Diner Bishop Museum Brasserie Du Vin C.S.Wo Gallery Stan Cadwallader & Jim Nabors Café Laufer California Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas Calvin & Susie’s Chanel Chelsea Enterprises Dr. Timothy Y.C. Choy Christina Skaggs Contemporary Paintings City Mill Company Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa Cleveland Estate Cycle City John Dean Michael DeLa Cruz Desert Island Restaurants DFS Hawaii Diamond Head Theatre Dogwalker, etc. Dr. Gene & Cecilia Doo Doraku Sushi John & Tina Doty Down to Earth All Vegetarian, Organic & Natural Dustin Ebesu Elite Limousine Service Carmen Emerson-Bass First Hawaiian Bank

Group III International Halekulani Beverly Hartig Lum Chris & Kevin Hause Hawaii Opera Theatre Hawaii Pet Nanny Hawaiian Airlines HawaiiGAS Naoki Hayashi Chef Colin Hazama Heaven on Earth Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort Ron Hirano Robert M. Hogan Hotel Renew Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach Ilima Hotel Inspiration Furniture Inu Inu Island Gold Collection Denis Isono Izuo Brothers Limited Lisa Marciel Izuta Jael Collins Blazquez Art Jamba Hawaii Janny Glass Ka’anapali Beach Hotel Kahala Shell Rapid Lube & Car Wash Dagmar Kau Richard Kennedy & Steve Prieto Jinja Kim Kim Taylor Reece Ko Olina Golf Club Calvin Kumano Kyo-ya Hotels & Resorts Lanikai Bath and Body Le Bistro Worldster & Patricia Lee Rochelle Lum

Rutherford Hill Winery, Napa Valley Sabrina’s Restaurant Salon + Spa - Marsha Nadalin Sandy’s Pottery Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar Craig Shikuma Stage Restaurant Superb Sushi Moune Tabalno Tamura’s Fine Wine & Spirits Tango Contemporary Café Tea at 1024 Terry Bear Bear’s Pet Sitting Service The Cheesecake Factory The Fairmont Orchid - Hawaii The Kahala Hotel & Resort The Liljestrand House The Mandalay Restaurant The Meng Dynasty The Modern Honolulu The Scent Atelier The St. Regis Princeville Resort Tiffany & Co. Times Supermarket Ginny Tiu Dr. Calvin Tokumoto Michael & Marlene Tom Tori Richard Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk University of Hawaii Athletic Department Vive Hotel Waikiki W Scottsdale wag and snap Pet Photography Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa WDI International Whole Foods Market Kahala Rianna Williams Wright Collection Lauri Yanagawa Yank Sing Restaurant

Humane Society President & CEO Pamela Burns, Bob & Frances Bean, Edna Wong


PetSmart Charities fund $35,000 partnership to sterilize community cats The Hawaiian Humane Society and Cat Friends have teamed up to help community cats. The goal is to perform 1,000 free feral feline sterilizations to cats residing in zip code 96819. And that includes several neighborhoods outside of Kalihi including Mapunapuna, Sand Island and parts of Moanalua. All sterilizations will be performed at Cat Friends clinic on School Street throughout 2013. Community cats are free roaming, feral or abandoned felines that share our neighborhoods. Every cat deserves a lap and those that don’t, need our help. Visit to borrow a humane trap and learn more about Trap, Neuter, Return and Manage.

Bank of Hawaii employees give back A big mahalo to the employees of Bank of Hawaii for their generosity to help animals and people. Edna Abreu Dean Akimseu Martina Amano David Anderson Kanoelani Angel-Mawae Randy Au May Lei Barros Karen Bell Wendy Bisol Sharlene Bliss Roxann Bulman Raymie Camara Melissa Casteneda Noelle Catalan Susan Chan Donald Charles Joanne Chee Lee Ann Chinen Michael Ching Darrick Ching Glen Chong Nina Daniels Zachary Denzer Anthony DeSanctis Therese Dickerson Trevor Durham Jonathan Enos

Stafford Kiguchi Mina Kim Lori Ann Kiyabu Alison Kiyotoki Alton Kuioka Robert Kurisu David Lammay Carole Lau Jimmy Leung Christian Look Janis Loventhal Kent Lucien Maritess Magtanong Naomi Masuda Jason Matsuda Mary Matsuzaki Margaret Meagher Pamela Moy Jon Murakami Kimi Nakagawa Steven Nakahara Brigitte Newcomb Nina Nuuanu Janis Okamoto Douglas Okamura Laurie Ornellas Julia Osthoff Carmel Pagente Cheryl Polendey Chelcy Reyes Melyssa Sato Sean Scott Casandra Seid Darin Shigeta

Diane Erbeznik Estela Felipe Dawn Furumoto Enrique Geronimo Jennalyn Gomes Sheila Gomes Barbara Gurney Briannan Hall Lily Hamilton Peter Hayase Mary Jean Helser Merilee Hendrickson-Flores Angela Henken Rachel Hester Brandi Hino Laurie Hites-Ferrell Lorene Hofbauer Barbara Ichishita Tani-Lyn Inayoshi Craig Ito Elaine Johnson Jill Kagihara Joyce Kamahele Wilma Kanda Robin Kaneshiro Gail Kansako Cindy Kato


Claire Shimizu Guy Shinagawa William Shiroma Cheryl Shozuya Denise Smith Francene Sur Maude Tanaka Georgette Tanaka Michelle Torres Jessica Weaver Cori Weston Robert Wheeler Ashley Wilson Susan Wong Cynthia Wyrick Lyleth Yacapin Scott Yoshihara Renee Yoshimura-Valdez Teri Lynn Young

American Marketing Association honors the animals The Hawaii Chapter of the American Marketing Association has selected the Hawaiian Humane Society as recipient of its 2013 best nonprofit marketer of the year award. The trade association of Hawaii’s marketing

professionals selected the Humane Society for “its creative and expansive programs through broadcast, print and online media to promote its social mission to make a difference in the lives of animals and people.”

Photo by AMA Hawaii Chapter

Hawaiian Humane Society’s Community Relations Director Jacque LeBlanc (left) accepts the award.

Gifts of Love We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more between February 1, 2013 – May 15, 2013.

Alan Ho & Sylvia Liang-Ho Mike McKenna’s Windward Ford

Kris Kim Steven & Estrellita Komura Jodi Lam Amy Mandersheid Chi Ming Lee Pacific Telecard & Wireless Richard & Jill Pentecost Mark Polivka & Karen Tiller Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Alvin & Susan Shishido Steve & Pam Sofos Chuck & Vivien Sted Sue Sylvester-Palumbo JoAnna Tomuro Dennis Tsuhako & Carol Asai-Sato Barry & Virginia Weinman Mark & Kimberly Yamauchi

Best Friends

Devoted Companions

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 +

Bob & Kelly Armstrong Petco Foundation Alice Robinson James & Bettye Schuler

Animal Champions $5,000 +

$1,000 +

American Carpet One Bank of Hawaii Employee Giving Campaign Robert & Frances Bean Robert & Sydna Becker Buddy Ellis & Kimberly Carson Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano City Auto Supply William Coleman Herbert & Nancy Conley William Darrah Kevin & Beverly Dawson Jason Dylik First Insurance Company of Hawaii Laurie Foster Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Hilton & Summer Gardner Rosemary Griggs Tim & Devon Guard Russel Hata Mark & Shawn Hurt Hawaii Pet Nanny Tim Johnson Donald Johnston Michael & Pamela Jones Brian & Shannon Kelly

$500 +

Charles Alexander Mary Ann Barngrover Dennis Bernard Pamela Burns Jo Frasier Girl Scouts of Hawaii, Troop 591 Hawaii Performance Mustangs Hilton Waikiki Beach James & Joan Kinney Jeffrey & Catherine Kissel Jim & Lynn Lally Sheree & Levani Lipton Sean & Leigh Martin Janis McEldowney Michael McElroy Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Regino Moreno George & Bonnie Murphy Laeton & Lena Pang Margaret Pang Pearl City Highlands Elementary School Punahou School 4th Grade Jim & Puchi Romig Sacred Hearts Academy Earl & Sue Shimabukuro Laura Smith

Richard Smith & David Griggs Bill Stiles Mark & Carol Solien Rodney Tanaka Jay Tanonaka Alexandra Tateyama Darwin Thompson Hans & Debra Tobler Michael & Marlene Tom Joanne Weldon Thomas Yue

Guardian Angels $100 +

Roy & Amy Abe Robert Adams Sophie Adversalo Leslie Afuso Mary Afuso Doi Mary Agor Jay Agustin Yolanda Ahana Dale & Katherine Aina David Aiu Robyn Akahoshi Florence Akana Terry Akana Jon Paul Akeo Charles & Laurel Aki Jessie Aki Gwen Akimoto Rene Akiyama Deborah Aldrich Hays Alexander Rena Alexander Leslie Allen & Milton Ebesu Georgiana Alvaro Joanne Amaki Warren Amaral Hiroko Amsbary Richard & Ethel Anbe Jeanne Anderson Kenneth & Emile Andrade Shelly Andrews Jane Aoki Teruo Aonuma Betty Arakaki Toshuke & Muriel Arakaki Robert & Edith Araki


Steven Arashiro Renee Archer-Nakashima Shachar & Heidi Argov Anna Arita Edmond Arquero Leslie & Millicent Asari Jay & Karen Asato AT&T Employee Giving Campaign David Atkin & Mary Steiner Benjamin Au Hiram & Jane Au Sharon Au Ward Au George Auyong Michael & June Awai Marvin Awaya Carrie Ayabe Sidney & Gloria Ayabe James & Edna Ayling Nancy Ayotte Michele Bachman Frank Baensch Allan & Frances Bailon Joyce Baker Judd Baker Marshall & Carolyn Ballou Bonifacio & Elizabeth Banuilos Kenneth Barclay Joanna Barroga Suzie Bass Michael & Diko Bates Towar Bates Thomas & May Battisto Steven & Tokiko Bazzell Thomas & Jill Beaupre Renee Becht Betsy Behnke Roger & Masako Bellinger Jane Bellomy Lily Bender Troy Benevides George Benskin Lisamarie Bensman Eric & Chiho Bercovici Steve & Kathy Berg Stan Bergstrom & Suzanne Varady Nandini Bhattacharjee Matthew & Jennifer Bielik

Ronald Biho Jacob & Pongsuwan Bilmes Danielle Bird Karin Bjorkman Glen & Janell Blackmon Henry Blakstad Roger Blankfein & Ingrid Carlson Carol Blumlein Stephen & Michele Bokolas Robert & Michelle Borja William & May Borthwick Gillian Boss Douglas & Bonnie Bowles Karen Bow-Villanueva William Braig Brenda’s Hair Salon Phillip & June Brieske Faith Bright Dianne Brookins David Brown Donald & Misao Brown Padmani Brown Robert & Mieko Brown Richard Bruce & Janet Joseph Jon Bryan Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Mark & Margaret Burgessporter Mary Burlison Claire Butler Denise Buto

Danelo & Ann Canete Lynn Cardella Beverly Cardinal Career Development Center of Hawaii Ignacio Cariaga Adam & Jodi Carlson Gerald & Sherry Carpenter Julio Carrillo Patricia Carroll Lani Carson Marley Carter Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Linda Cezar Aaron & Amilia Chan Elizabeth Chang Franklin Chang Gordon & Louise Chang Kathryn Chang Lucille Chang Rahul Chattergy Kimberly Chee Wieland Chee I-Ching Chen Maria Chen Clyde & Lisa Chena Molly Cherry Caden & Alden Chew Sandy Chikasuye M.G. Chillingworth Elanor Chinen

Continuing Trusts February 1 – May 15, 2013

Elizabeth Flora Deinert Trust Thomas J. Keller Trust Fund Jack and Marie Lord Fund Susan Mahn Fund Madelyn Ross Fund Elma F. Taylor Fund Mary and Paul Wagner Charitable Fund Frank F. & Katharine L. Woodford Trust

Bari & Karin Buzzard Teresa Calabrese Susanna Caldwell Vann Camacho James & Phoebe Campbell John & Susan Campbell

Eve Chinen Valerie Chinen June & Shannon Ching Robin Ching Ronald & Lita Ching James Chinn

Jennifer Chiwa Herbert Chock Elsie Chock Malcolm & Maya Chong Viola Choriki Calvin & Janet Chow Keith & Stella Chow Mel & Beverly Chow Darryl Choy Helen Choy Raymond & Sandra Choy Steven Choy Sharon Chuang Arline Chun Bernard Chun Summer Chun Sharon Chung Erin Claggett Barby Clarke Connie Lee Clinton Jerry Coble Peter Colarusso Coldwell Banker, Kahala Mall Aloha Coleman Marysia Coleman William & Pearl Coleman Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad John & Joni Conklin Carol Cook Clara Cook Leslie Cook Marion & Dorothy Cook Charles & Sue Cooke Clifford Cordeiro Corepower Yoga Jean Cornuelle Chantelle Corpuz Mark & Gail Cosgrove Armand Cote Richard Cox Sachiko Cox Earle Crabe Timothy Craig June Marlene Cristea Diana Cummings Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Christine Curatilo Karen Curry Marilynn Cutter Dorothy Dale Georgette Deemer Jason del Mundo & Jamie-Lyn Yoshida Ronald & Michele DeMello Donald & Brenda Deryke Robert & Justina Desuacido Heather Diamond Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz Joanna Dillon Ray & Marchen Dingle James Doherty Kathleen Domen Samuel & Lily Domingo Dian Althea Dooley Patrick & Cathryn Downes Paul Drewes Peter Drewliner Laretta Dubin Harriet Dunn Samuel & Kathy Dunn Robert & Shirley Dusendschon Jon & Mary Lou Earll John Edwards Judy Eko Kendra Elieff


Denise Ellinwood William Ellwin Marion Elniski Denise Emsley Karen Essene Eleanor Fahrenwald Roxanna Faith Michele Faller Elyse Farley Gail Farley Thomas & Barbara Farrell Sonia Faust Diane Fedor The Feed Trough Doris Fernandez Paul & Patricia Fernandez Jane Festerling Jay & Sharon Fidell Harry & Jane Field Karen Field Reiko Flannagan Jim & Joan Fleming Joseph & May Foo Rebecca Ford Regina Foster Scott & Tina Frank Betty Fraser Harry & Carol Friedman Valerie Frohardt Aaron & Joann Fujii Bradley Fujii Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Donald Fujimoto Andrea Fujinaga Ione Fujio Renee Fujioka Alexa Fujise Harold & Janet Fujise Joseph & Helen Fujita Wesley & Jean Fujita Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Jon & Susan Fukuda Michael & Jan-Marie Fukuda Michie Fukuda Brian & Jane Fukunaga Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Ann Fukushima Ted Fukushima Tiare Fullerton Edward & Grace Furukawa Gary Furutani John Fushikoshi Robyn Galliano Pat Gardner Beau & Marjorie Gaza Harriet Gee Robert & Cynthia Geiling Philip & Monique Gevas Christopher & Amy Gibo William & Wendy Golz Carole Gomes Troy & Pamela Goodman Marjorie Gordon Kev Gorton Charlyn Goto Eleanor Goto Emiko Goto Galyn & Wayne Goto Colleen Goto-Ono Joan Gouveia David & Angela Goya Stella, Kika & Ipo Grantham James Gray Great Dane Club of Hawaii Mae Ellen Green Bill Guy & Louise Yardley

Stacy Hadano Thomas & Shigeko Hahn William & Diane Hahn Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann Lyle & Sandra Halverson Guy & Joyce Hamada Roger Hamada & Lisa Okino Jared Hamamoto Keith & Janice Hamamoto Tomio & Jane Hamanaka Rosaline Hammond Paul & Susan Hangai Gregory & Wendy Hanna Steven & Sherry Hansel Kenneth Hansen Dean Harada Ryan & Susan Harada Scott & Sue Haraguchi Harbor Shores Apartments Albert Harris Donald & Mae Harris Sandra Harvey Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Irene Hatakenaka Mary Joan Haverly Curtis Hawkins Ayako Hayashi Clifford Hayashi Junie Hayashi Lanette Hayashi Audrey Hedani Miharu Herbic Melvin & Lucinda Herolaga James & Fabienne Herold Mary Herrera Leonore Higa Shigeo & Florence Higa Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Herbert Hinazumi George & Kay Hino Sachiko Hirai Patricia Hirano Glenn & Sonia Hirata Lei Hirokane Wayne Hirota Alvin & Claire Ho Casey & Goldie Ho Timothy Ho John & Jeanette Hoag Bill & Sharon Holaday Joe & Suellen Hollars Edwin Hollmann Honolulu Plastic Surgery Honolulu Veterinary Society George Hopkins Brian & Carole Horiuchi Stella Hotta George Hudes Francis & Serena Humay Lu & Judd Hummel David Huntley Mark Hurning IBM Carol Ide Julie Ann Iguchi Jo Ann Iha Charlene Ikeda Roy & Cassy Ikeda JoAnn Ikehara Dennis & Ann Imamura Wayne Inagaki Jan Inao Helen Inazaki Laurence & Joanne Ing Theodore & Liane Ing Marshall & Ardine Ingraham Dwight & Masako Inokuma

David & Janet Isaacson Neil & Brenda Iseri Walter & Frances Ishida Jill Ishihara Lance Ishihiro Brian & Lynn Ishii Ronald & Lorene Ishimaru Samuel & Amy Ishimura Margaret Isonaga Denis & Ella Isono Dayna Itano Gordon Ito Jessie Ito Gertrude Iwaida Tiffany Iwamoto Marsha Iwane Linda Iwasaki Dana Izumi Gary James Richard & Judi Jinnai Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam David & Marlene Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Jacquelline Johnson Lawrence & Claire Johnson Louise Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Celia Jones Corinna Jones Ronald & Patricia Jones Sean & Michelle Jones Helen Josypenko Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Daniel & Grace Kagehiro Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Ronald & Barbara Kahapea Melvin Kai Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Wanda Kajioka Kurt & Keri Ann Kajiyama Patsy Kalawaia Denis Kam Lissa Kam Herbert Kamakeeaina Heather Kaman Edward Kamei Jonah Kamelamela Kenneth & Elaine Kamemoto Aiko Kameya Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Thomas Kamikawa Myrna Kaneko Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Jennifer Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Karla Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Kenneth & Betty Kaneshiro Lisa Kaneshiro Raymond Kang Clarence & Janet Kanja Cynthia Kapahu Hanna Kath Alan & Lori Kato Elane Kato Nobuharu Kato Robert & Atsuko Kato Yuko Kato Yoshio & Lorraine Katsumoto Clayton & Jaimie Kau Logan Kauina Florence Kawakami Tsukumo & V.C. Kawakami Lori Kawamoto Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano

Bequests February 1 – May 15, 2013

Pauline Cleveland Gerald Harwood Gloria Rabot Ross Kawano Peter & Dorothy Kawaoka Jennie Kawelo-Polani Susan Kaya Barry Kayano Richard Keawe David Keliikuli David Kellogg Robert & Sumiko Kelly Paul Kennedy D’Arcy Kerrigan Robert & Hope Kihune Sandra Kimura Mildred King Roy King Dan & Kathryn Kirley Susan Kitamura Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Charlene Kiyabu Estelle Kiyama Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Peter Klein Megan Kloetzel Laurie Knych Jane Kobashigawa Marilyn Kobata Carolyn Kobayashi Dustin & Karina Koda Sarah Koenig Lori Koennecke Ruth Kamuri Koga L. Kogachi Claire Kogasaka Kent Koike Lisa Koishigawa Karen Koizumi Kazumi Komiyama Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Eleanor Konishi Aiko Kono Jensen Kono Christine Koo Deborah Koochi Kop Distributors Dorothy Marianne Korsey Alvin & Blanche Kort


Roger & Patricia Kort Susan Kosasa Thomas & Mi Kosasa Suzette Koyanagi Aileen Kozai Donald Krug Leonard & Rosalie Kryston Lily Kuba Takeo & Barbara Kudo Joanne Kumamoto Joy Kuraoka Stanley & Helen Kurashige Alvin & Kay Kurio Evelyn Kurogi & Sandra Taga Eldena Kuroiwa Mona Kushimaejo Eric Kvick & Nancy Sidun Ernest Lai George & Harriet Lai Jacob & Vivian Lai Helen Lam Guia Lasquete Andrew Lau Licia Lau Merilee Lau Thomas & Cheryl Lau Richard & Jane Lawton Le Jardin Cupcake Club Carole Learnard Craig & Penni Lee Deanna Lee Denny & Alice Lee Jin Sook Lee Ki Lee Lauren Lee Nathan & Jonel Lee Patricia Lee Ronald & Deanna Lee Terry & Chelsea Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Ann Leighton Darryll Leiman Paul Lemcke & Kumiko Naiki Patricia Leong Michael Leung & Kelly Kobayashi-Leung

Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Mary Lew Richard & Rosann Lewis Liholiho Elementary School Barbara Lindblom Priscilla Lindsay Marcia Little Erinn Liu Gregg Lizenberry Maury Lorey Alyce Loui Marjorie Lui Theresa Luke Nancy Lum Steven Lum Ronald & Laura Lundy John & Violet Luuwai Joseph & Mariko Lyons M Street Investments Dylan & Lisa Mabuni Diane MacDonald Helen MacKay Mary Macmillan Edward & Mimi MacNaughton Janice Maeda Moira Maeda-Nakamine Ronald & Mary Jane Makua The Malterre Family Jon & Sellina Mann Steve & Jane Mann Downey Manoukian Julie Mansell Beverly Mar Marcus & Associates Jeanne Marn Vance Maruyama Gladys Masagatani Nancy Masaki Les & Joni Masutani Margaret Matayoshi Matthew & Ellen Matoi Kaori Matsumoto April Matsumura Raymond & Jane Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Carol Matsuyama Gay Mattson Douglas & Maude Mau Tamarin McCartin Frances McClurkin John & Elizabeth McCreary Mavis McGurn Edward McInerny Jean McIntosh Mel Mckeague Rebecca McKinney Gay McPhail Henry & Patricia McPhillips Janice Meguro Richard & Kimie Meguro Richard Scott Mejia Sacha Mendelsohn Karen Mendreshora Freidalane Menezes Amy Meng Gerald & Connie Meredith Eddie & Selene Mersereau Mariska Meyerman Barry & Linda Meyers Patricia Mickelsen Michael Migita Mid Pac Petroleum Vicki Millard Kathleen Mills Richard & Hanae Mills Faith Milnes Betty Min

Sharon Minichiello Sue Mita Edwin & Ellen Mito Robert & Joann Mito Pamela Mitsumura Mark Mitsuyasu Harry & Ethel Miyachi Ann Miyahira Raymond & Florence Miyahira Howard & Patricia Miyake Howard & Mildred Miyamoto Ryan Miyamoto Kenzo & Florence Miyasaki Wayne & Ingrid Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Stanley & Iris Miyata Roy & Audrey Mizushima Walter & Helga Mizushima Willi & Janet Moelzer Kelly Molnar Kathy Moor Patrick Moran & Joyce Gaza-Moran Marcia Morgado Debbie Mori Roy & Aileen Moriguchi Majel Morimoto Derrick Morishige Karen Morrissette David Mowat Charlotte & Russell Mukai Shayna Mukai Gloria Munson Stanley & Judith Murai Dennis & Darlene Murakami Melvyn & Sadie Murakami Richard & Lois Murakami Ricky & Faye Muramoto Leighton & Diane Muranaka Stanley & Gail Muranaka Marian Muraoka Ann Murata Helen Muroda Gail Myers Winston Myers Lance & Zoe Nabarrete Alice Nagano Peggy Naganuma Eric Nagao & Lauren Yee Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Laura Nagata Roy & Shirley Naito Jerry & Carol Nakagami Karen Nakagawa Edwin & June Nakahara Margaret Nakakuni Loui Nakama

Richard & Kehaulani Nakamoto Aaron Nakamura Bambi Nakamura Herbert & Betty Nakamura Jenna Nakamura Kenneth & Karen Nakamura Melvin & Nancy Nakamura Ronald Nakano Thomas Nakano Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka Dennis & Maureen Nakashima Gail Renee Archer Nakashima Milton & Nancy Napuunoa Steven Narrance Charles Narusawa Sharon Nashiro Gerald & June Naughton Jemal & Atsuko Ned Martha Neumann Marina Newby Kathleen Newkirk James & Shirley Newman Ho Leung Ng Elizabeth Nguyen-Wu Sheryl Nicholson Bob & Roberta Nickel Gordon & Anita Nihei Stanley & Carol Nihei George & Yukie Nishihara Robert & Naomi Nishimura Karen Nishizawa Shirley Nishizawa Bert Nobriga Alan Nobunaga & Annette Sato Janet Nohara Greg & Julie Noji Joleen Nomura Cathy Nonaka Gary & Barbara North Lanny & Mary Ann North Nancy Nott Jared Noyama Thinzar Nyun Gary & Kelly Oba Oceanic Welding Herbert Oda Wendell & Bonnie Oda Bill Ogan Keith Ogasawara & Jan Kobayashi Mayumi Ogawa Wendy Ogawa Alvin & Lynn Ogi Michael Oh Martha Ohtani Edwin & Marion Oka Victoria Okada

Autos for Animals Donate your used, running vehicle to help the animals! Call 356-2213 or visit for details.


Ernest Okado Nadine Okahara Debra Okake Nancy Okamoto George & Ann Okano Osmond & Elaine Okazaki Richard & Melva Okazaki Alan & Audrey Okemura Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Harold & Betty Okimura Jean Okumura Kyle Okumura Ruby Okumura Catherine Oliver William & Hope Oliver Powell & Jeanette Onishi Charlene Ono Linda Onomoto Stanley & Judith Ooka Kimberly O’Quinn Richard Ornellas Masao Osaki Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Timothy Oshima Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Roy & Darlene Oshiro Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano Delbert Ouye Katharine Owen Craig & Wendy Oyadomori Pacific Gallery & Frames Louise Pagotto John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone Gerald & Selma Pang Michael & Joanne Parker Nalani Parry Robert Pascua Ronaldo & Joy Pascua Sharon Pattison Scott Paul Pearl Properties Celest Pearsall Donald Pendleton Lee & Betty Peppell Robert & Patricia Peters Sheila Petersen Leslie Gruszie Pham Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Nyra Phillips Ross Phillips Helen Pierce Paul & Laura Pladson Michiko Porter Raymond & Suk Yon Porter Scot Porter & Delta Lightner Brian & Denise Poziembo Pamela Princenthal Jerry & Diane Prior Patricia Prukop Stanley Pusieski & Ann Ludeman Monica Ramirez Alejandra Ramos Anne Randall Tiare Rebuldela Makakaualii Rego Iain Reilly William Remus Rita Reyes Gary Rezentes Roy & Brenda Rezentes Paul & Jessel Riccardini Ryon Rickard Jacqueline Rinn John Roberts Thomas & Elaine Roberts

Thomas Roberts Daniel Robertson Margaret Robideau William & Emi Robillard Conrad Rodenbeck Eddy & Malaya Rogers Roosevelt High School Interact Club David & Carol Root Michelle Rosenblum Donna Ross Betty Royce Libby Ruch Harry Russell Mel Saiki Glen & Christine Saito Florence Saito Jan Sakamoto Robert & Jan Sakamoto Kathleen Sako Bert Sakuda Michael Sakuda Walter Sakuda Philip Sammer Sharon Samson Louise Samuel Daryl & Leona Sanborn Laura Sandrock Cathleen Sanpei Francine Joy Sapla Gilford & Shareen Sato Ken & Jean Sato George & Joy Saunter Ernest & Vicky Saxton Norman Say William Schaake & Johannah Eltink-Schaake Carole Scharfenberger Laurel Schatz Ronald & Michelle Schmidt Frances Schneider Cindy Schoonover Robert & Susan Schultz Robert & Ester Schumacher Monica Schwartz Teri Scott Stanley Seo Fabiana Servantes Kim Shelton Mary Sheridan Stanley & Theresa Shibata Ronald & Mary Shibuya Janet Shiga Kimberly Shigematsu-Mull Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Harry Shimizu Lauren Shimizu David & Elsie Shimokawa Julie Shimokihara Herma Shinkawa Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa Kathryn Shioi Cynthia Shiraishi John & Cathy Shiraishi June Shiroma Jennifer Shoma George & Cheryl Shon Derrick Shono Frank & Jane Shuller Anthony Silva James Silva Mary Silva Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Gail Slawson & Michelle Eich Douglas & Kelly Smith Kimberly Smith Debra So

Grants February 1 – May 15, 2013

Elinor Patterson Baker Trust PetSmart Charities Sophie Russell Testamentary Trust Arthur & Beverly Soares Thomas Sofos Farrah Song Diane Sonoda Candice Soquena Leilani Sordillia Jaime Souza Alan Spector Arthur & Roberta Sprague Barbara Springer Karl & Carole Stahlkopf John Stallman Deborah Stampfle Stanford & Sandra Staunton Lee & Allyson Stebbins Peter Steiner John Stephens Randall & Misako Steverson Douglas Stewart Paula Stewart George Stillman David & Mary Stock Amy Stratton Michael Street Kenneth & Margaret Stromgren Nicole Stucki Success Dynamics Lisa Sue Alan & Fay Sugahara Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Jamil & Kathleen Sulieman Xenia Suworowa Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Glenn & Beverly Suzuki Ralph Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Gwen Suzuki-Oishi Robert & Sharmaine Swisher Dale Tagami Irene Taguchi Faye Taira Janet Takahara James & Leatrice Takahashi Susan Takahashi

Tod & Annette Takahashi Masao & Tomiko Takai Clifford & Janice Takano Lauren Takaoka Roy & Juanita Takara Carl & June Takata Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Ann Takayesu Dennis Takeshita Jerald & Elizabeth Takesono Sachiko Taketa Sherrie Takushi Townsend Takushi & Joanne Brykczynski April Tamada Jerry & Gail Tamanaha Monique Tamanaha Jerrod & Vanessa Tamashiro Ellen Tamura Neal & Gail Tamura Deborah Tanabe Richard Tashima & Michelle Bowerman Earl Tanaka Rylan & Sandra Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Sidney & Vickie Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Lynn Tanioka Doss Tannehill David Tanoue Bert & Karen Taoka Susan Taormina Yuko Taroski Harold Tarumoto & Laverne Tokunaga-Tarumoto Ronald & Angie Tateishi Edward & Marcia Taylor-Kaneshige Lloyd & Constance Teixeira Lorraine Teniya Elaine Teramoto Robert & Setsuko Teramoto Scott Teraoka


Minoru & Kay Teruya Anatsada Thongkopphet James & Mary Thrash Rene Tillich Rodney Timario Kathleen Tirrell Ginny Tiu Ross & Sharon Togashi Michele Tokuda Patricia Tokunaga Shirley Ann Tokunaga Lynn Tolentino Tualua Tolua Emily Tom Francine Tom Juanita Tom Noe Tom Linda Tomei Carol Tomioka Russell Tomishima Lynn Tomokiyo Daniel & Kay Tompkins Karen Torigoe Lois Torikawa Bruce Tornquist Roy & Jeanne Toshi Ernest & Miriam Tottori Wallace & Carolyn Towata Russell & Pamela Toyooka Leslie & Barbara Tracy Corrine Trendle Victor & Iris Tsuha Thomas Tsuhako Donna Tsutsumi-Ota Melissa Tyree Ken & Claire Uechi Lynn Ueshiro UH Dance Sue Umeda Arthur & Ruth Ushijima Dennis Uyehara Seisuke Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Paul Uyeshiro Ruth Uyeunten Paula Valorose Mark & Vanessa Van Doorne Camille Van Marter Herbert & Floraine Van Orden Carla Van-Vliet VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital Alejandro Vidal Ivy Vinayaga Douglas & Linda Vincent Grace Visaya Rose Vitug Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Dennis & Pauline Wachi Joshlyn Waikoloa Randy & Mariko Wakaki Roberta Wakisaka-Fellezs Myra Wakuzawa Wesley & Geraldine Wakuzawa David Walsh Juli Walters Marie Wang Sarah Wang Linda Warrick John Washburn Muriel Watanabe Neil Watanabe Reid Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Wilfred & May Watanabe Albert Wataoka Web One Linda Weeks

Camille Weindl William Wells Chuan Wen Miyo Wenkam Faith Wenzl Truman & Pamela West Wilma Westin Arthur Wheeler Helga Wheeler Laura White Van Whiteman Charles Whitten Robert & Seiko Whittier Gary Wild Rianna Williams Timothy Williams & Laurie Doerschlen William Wilson Cindy Winegar Ron Winkleman William Wise Judith Wolfe Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Danny & Lorrie Wong Erica Wong Howard Wong Kathleen Wong Kenneth Woo Kevin & Cathy Wong Laurena Wong Maynette Wong Sharon Wong Darin Wright Linda Wright-Wong Carol Yakuma Miles & Miko Yamabe Sueo & June Yamachi Charlotte Yamada David Yamagata Amy Yamakawa Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Brenda Yamamoto Chris & Dale Yamamoto George & Carlene Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Corrine Yamane Cynthia Yamane Harvey & Carolyn Yamasaki Yuzuru & Alice Yamasaki Charlene Yamashiro Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Kathleen Yanagihara-Brooks Renee Yanagisawa Akio & Frances Yano Beverly Yap Alvin Yasuda Kari Yasuhara Donald & Annette Yasutake Frederick & Maryanne Yearian Christopher Yee & Linda Wong-Yee Kwock & Janet Yee Michelle Yee Nelwyn Yee Elissa Yellin Martha Yent Patrick Yim Cyrilla Yonehara Wayne Yonehara Audrey Yoneshige Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Diane Yorita Russell & Gail Yoshida Leslie & Catherine Yoshino Bryant Young Calvin & Leslie Young

Edward & Marina Young Joni Young Mihae Yu Janice Yuen Stanley & Janet Zisk Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Karen Scharff Alan & Sandra Scharff

Julie Har’el Dale Yashiki & Fern Nozawa

Ginny Tiu Andrew Schumacher Paul & Mary Tholl

Hiroyo Inouye Yumi Ozaki

Joy Yasuda Francine Joy Sapla

In Honor of People

In Honor of Pets

Stan Cadwallader & Jim Nabors Robert & Frances Bean Pamela Burns Alan & Laticia Edmonds Nancy Heck Amy Meng Ginny Tiu

Angel David & Karen Kondo Bishop & Samson Jana Holden Dobie Richard & Marvela Satake

Vicky Cayetano Worldster & Patricia Lee Ginny Tiu

K.C. Ellie Keith Kaneshiro & Charlene Abe

Nick Dreher Schuler Family Foundation

Kalihi Kitties Terry Akana

Renee Fujii Bill & Karen Barr Shelly Choy Randall DeGuzman Jeffrey & Patti DeGuzman John Fleckles The Hammel Family Abigail Holden Anne Horiuchi Valerie Iinuma Ozzie Kotani Paul Lindley Kelly Nakasone Beryl Pomeroy Michael Sittman WM Grix Art Glass Sara Yamamoto

Kekai Jodi Heverly Primo Craig Takamiya Putz Lynn Lane Spotty Gayle Pingree Taylor Curtis Dennis Forster Toto & Angie Louis & Mary Furtado

In Memory of People

Joyce Hada Derick Hada Moumen & Holly Hajji Thomas & Mi Kosasa Hawaiian Humane Society Staff Francine Joy Sapla

Alice Armando Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Mike Hogan Robert & Frances Bean Amy Meng Ryan Nakaima Paul Hogan & Siriporn Newsham Frank Okimoto

Thomas Bailie Mary Jane Brown Peggy Carlson Martha Norton Paul Renard Sally Schultz

Sandra Ing Herbert Matsuo

Wanda Carlson G. Takayesu & Son

Pamela Jones Katayoun Issari

K.Y. & Ellen Chang James & Lydia Gibson

Raymond Lyau Beverly Sin Len Page

Irene DuPont Louise DuPont

Mike McKenna Cynthia Foster James Pflueger Lyle Oshita Michael Bridge

Al Fernandes Mary Ann Fernandes Mary Louise Foley George & Bonnie Murphy Tomiyo Fujiwara Brian Fujiwara

Ann Sakamoto Helen Kohashi


Riley Jaschke Pamela Burns & Irving Jenkins Juli K. Walters Carolyn Kato Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto George Kelai, Jr. Bank of Hawaii Robert Kerr George & Bonnie Murphy John Kobayashi Roy Miller Nancy Kwok Janet Agena Ross Christensen Richard Chung Peter Dobson & Priscilla Chung Cuc & KC Fok Litheia Hall Kenneth & Sharon Ishida Robert & Marion McGlone Sharon Minichiello Mavis Nikaido Chris & Anna Strawn William & Margaret Won Mike & Robyn Wong Tim & Janet Yee Marna Slocum Frank Slocum Gail Lau Johnson Lau Michelle Lebb Law Offices of Edward Lebb Valentina Lui-Kwan First Insurance Company of Hawaii Vernon Lum Stacy Armstrong Michael Obligato Len & Terri Lantych Esther Okada Bernard & Pamela Lum Kay Okada Beatrice Chong Eleanor Pence Drudi Johnston

Reid Krucky Memorial Tributes The family and friends of Reid Krucky have made gifts to help the Hawaiian Humane Society in his memory and in celebration of his life. Brant & Stephanie Ackerman Jeffrey & Sandra Agader Andrew Ah New Terence & Ann Akamine Tim Akamine Charman Akina Janis Akuna Donald & Susan Anderson Taylor & Julie Anderson Jeffrey Arce John & Janice Arizumi Kevin & Sandy Avery Carol Baptista John Beck Fred Benco Carlton Bennett Becky Birch Martha Black Michael Broderick & Maile Meyer Darrah Brown Eileen Bull Robin & Valerie Campaniano Cheryl Campbell Paul & Lindsey Carry Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Rex, Sandin & Ryder Chang Michael & Amy Chinaka Michael & Ruth Ching Patrick & Marybeth Ching Jonathan & Cora Cho Michael Chun Clinton & Suzanne Churchill Robert & Edwina Clarke Dennis Conway Arthur & Berit Costas Warren & Karen Daspit John & Sue Dean Francis Dela Pina & Doreen Tavares Walter & Diane Dods Mitchell & Barbara D’Olier Davis Douglas Davis & Linda Douglas Pat & Grace Duarte Kerri Duyne Kenton & Hannelore Eldridge Neal & Amber Eshima The Evans Family Robert & Mija Fagerson Thomas Films Linda Foley Edward & Patrice Fukada Grace Fukunaga Kumiko Fukunaga Gary Galiher & Diane Ono Howard & Maryellen Garval Linda Gee Michael Gold Daniel Gunderson & Cathleen Kelihoomalu Lisa Halvorson James & Barbara Hamlin Michele Hanapi-Auna Julie Haraga Bob & Lori Harrison Warren Haruki Joni Hashimoto-Kim & Family Alan & Estelle Hayashi Glenn & Gaye Hayashi

Leona Hee Lucille Hee David & Nery Heenan Carl Hennrich & Alice Kuo-Hennrich HiBEAM Ron & Sanne Higgins Betty Hirai Karen Hirota James & Nancy Hodges James Howell Joseph & Donna Hu Richard & Mina Humphreys Dennis & Rena Hwang Carol Igarashi Louise Ing Glenn & Keiko Inouye Kazuo Inouye Myles & Kathryn Inouye Jon & Valerie Ishihara Brian & Cathy Iwai Carol Jaxon Timothy Johns Rex & Virginia Johnson Lisa Kakazu Clement & Terrie Kamo Chris & Mae Kanazawa Neal & Lynette Kanda Faith Kaneshiro Wilfred & Brenda Kanno Dean & Duska Karamehmedovic James & Linda Kasper Albert Katsuyama Gary Kawakami Marsha Kitagawa Dorrine Kitamura Joel Kobayashi John & Elizabeth Koby John & Kalowena Komeiji Florence Kono Paul & Lisa Kosasa Paul & Christine Kosnik Candice Kubo Kenneth & Janice Kunichika Walt & Shirley Laskey Julie Ledgerwood Pat Ledgerwood Clarence & Elsa Lee Cynthia Lee Rob Lester Lanette Low Warren & Carolyn Luke James & Lori Lum Sandra Lum Thomas & Kristi Lundell Steven Marcus Larry & Karen Marietti Brian & Gina Marting Rodney & Lena Matsumoto Cynthia Mauliola Theodore & Mary Mauliola Carol Ai May Gregory & Heather McMackin Sharon McPhee Darcine Mead Bill Mills K. Mills Wayne & Colleen Minami Dmitrius Mitte

Glenn Miyataki Steven Mizokawa Mike Mohr & CFM Orson, Karen & Christopher Moon Rodney & Cheryl Moriyama Kerry Mow Philip Mow Jerome Muller Lionel & Godfreida Muller Kerry Nagai Alan & Gwynne Nakamura Coleen Nakamura Joan Namkoong Jimmy Narita Ronald & Suni Nasuti Nicholas & Monica Ng Pack Nhan Nguyen Katie Nicoara Linda O’Day Gayle Ohashi Gary & Lori Okamoto Lawrence & Carolyn Okinaga Dianne Okuda James & Patricia O’Malley Wayne Omori Carole Kai Onouye Sarah Orlando Richard Ornellas Alan & Jo Ann Oshima Ellen Ostler Carol Owen Debra Oyadomori Richard Palma & Alease Irons-Palma Cynthia Pang Glenn & Jennie Pang Jeffrey & Deborah Pang Linuce & Jeanette Pang Robert & Doris Pang Wilfred & Laura Pang Eric & Lianne Pearson David & Kathleen Pellegrin Donald & Mary Perry Michael & Judy Pietsch Michele Pourjalali Kenneth Quon Timothy Raver John Robinette Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Jean Rolles Richard Rosenblum Susan Saito-Lee Keith & Lisa Sakamoto Steven Sakata Kay Sasaki Paul & Cynthia Schuler Servco Insurance Services Servco Pacific Glenn & Mary Sexton Cuyler Shaw Joanie Shibuya Sharon Shigemasa Cecilia Shikuma Shawn Shimabukuro John & Rose Simonds James & Gwendolyn Smith Nathaniel & Catherine Smith Robert Smith

Judy Sobin Earl & Sandi Stoner Susan Sumida Gayle Sunabe Marianne Susinetti Steven & Cheryl Tagawa Wendell & Valerie Takata Taketa Family Fund Denise Tanaka Richard Tanaka Gerald & Mary Jane Taniguchi Glenn & Natalie Taniguchi Theta Chi Fraternity Shelley Thompson Linda Timucin Joanne Toledo Hamm Gale Tomino Kent & Jean Tsukamoto San & Loretta Tuan Timothy & Sandra Tuitele Kirk & Ruth Uejio Nadine Uratsuka Allen Uyeda Keith & Jo Anne Vieira Rick & Sharilyn Wagatsuma Roger & Jenai Wall Douglas & Geraldine Watanabe Jeffrey & Lynn Watanabe J.D. & Julie Watumull Rann & Gina Watumull Barry & Virginia Weinman Cori Weston Jameson Whalen David & Frances White Lance & Marcy Wilhelm Stewart & Carol Williams Joseph & Linda Wills Thomas Witten Kathleen Wo Michael & Cynthia Wo Robert & Paulette Wo Rolf Wolters William & Margaret Won Alvin & Donna Wong Dexter & Rosalind Wong Elaine Wong Gail Wong Steven & Georgia Wong Tracy Wong Wymond & Sandra Wong John Wright & Verlieann Malina-Wright Mark & Ruth Yamakawa Arlene Dee Yamamoto Ruthann Yamanaka Karl Wilson & Alayne Yates Edwin Yee Bruce & Paula Yokochi Hoyt Zia & Leigh-Ann Miyasoto

Joe Porto Lynn Porto Catharine Ryan Walter & Barbara Ball Bay Shore Fire Dept. Band Bay Shore Hook & Ladder Co. #1 Michael Bunbaum Nancy Chamberlin Melinda Juliano Marc & Maryann MacDonell Jill MacGregor Dawn Moccio Renee Perras Eloise Pile Stephanie Sloan Eleanor Scheihing Mark & Carol Solien Daniel Shapiro Ginny Tiu Susan Mary Sessolo Louis & Mary Furtado Elizabeth Sonoda Roy & Stephanie Akita Sudie Bettie May Arnold Takemoto Vivian Lai Lorraine Tateyama Alexandra Tateyama Kevin Wada Aileen Wada, Sassy & Scooter Edward Wilcox Marlene Wilcox Betty Wrixon Joseph Wrixon Chase Zavakos Steven Milter & Nadine Macnish Dean & Marilyn Orr Renee Swiecilo Bernice Zwern Pamela Burns Ginny Tiu

In Memory of Pets Atticus Katherine Litzelman

Keoki Laurel Cates

Queenie Bernard & Pamela Lum

Keystone Bruce & Vivian Ettinger

Roddy & Maka Helen Shigemura

Koa Bear Stuart & Katie Rinehart

Sadie Robert & Rita Merriam Jamie & Pauline Osborne

Lilo James & Barbara Hamlin

Beaux Gail Myers

Mae Faith Milnes

Blaize Anonymous

Maile Litheia Hall

Blue Eric & Patricia Nagata

Makana Steven & Angel Augugliaro

Brando Ken & Debra Takahashi

Chloe Grace Okamura

Marca Pamela Burns Jennifer Chiwa Jacqueline Gravener Denise Okuhara

Cody Gordon & Janice Tsumoto

Max Kay Kelnhofer

Duchess Kathleen Kagawa

Mele Aina George & Lei Fukuhara

Gedde Kelly Taylor

Mele Girl Claire Loo Hoy

Gia Aston SMR Team

Miko Kimberly Seay

Gizmo Jamie & Pauline Osborne

Milo Thomas & Ernell Hallaman

Gypsy William & Lyn Pendragon

Mota & Mota Jr. Stanley & Esther Koga

Hillary Norma Gose

Nikki Janet Tagawa

Ipuna Samuel & Kathy Dunn

Noa Gregory & Wendy Hanna

Jordan Jeannie Ayresman-Horie

Olapa Lani William & Lyn Pendragon

Junior Reid Sasaki & Lance Kimura

Paniolo Ki Lung Chan

Kai Mary Ann Fernandes

Pip Jack & Janet Covington

Kayla Eileen Adachi

Pua Clifford & Elaine Tamanaha

Bubba Jeanelle Horner

Sammy Jean Sato Scooby Malia Espinda Shaggy Doris Ladd Snuggles June Kuramoto Spanky Lynn Porto Star Ruth Gerrity & Faith Milnes Sunni Kimberly Smith Sunshine Love & Sydnie Paul & Judith Kikuta Ua Blanche Suematsu Wicket Yvonne Lewis

Pamela Burns President & CEO Jacque LeBlanc Editor Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 946-2187 Fax (808) 955-6034 On Oahu, the Hawaiian Humane Society shelters, rescues, adopts and welcomes all animals all day and every day. 100% of your gift stays in the islands for the benefit of Hawaii’s animals and people. As an independent non-profit, we receive no funds from mainland animal welfare organizations.


2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, HI 96826

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004

Art for animals a success. With nearly 4,000 votes, Hale Kula Elementary School won first place in our Great Responsibility Poster Contest. Winners won a $60 certificate at the yummy new restaurant Monkeypod Kitchen in Ko Olina. Spay & Neuter Supporters. Special thanks to Buca di Beppo and Consolidated Theatres who donated prizes for our Get Your Fix quiz. A “date” to remember. February’s Doggie Date Night at Aloha Stadium was a huge success as we raised $5,500. Thank you to coordinator Tammy Kubo and all our partners and supporters who enjoyed a night out with their pups. Vrrroom for the animals. Two paws up for Mike McKenna’s successful Mustang Madness event. They raised $1,600 for the animals. Girls Power for the homeless. Thanks to Girl Scouts Troop 84 who donated towels, dog treats, and their time.

Mahalo to Sephora Waikiki for their “Values Inside-Out” program. The limited-edition cosmetic bag filled with goodies made its debut in June with proceeds benefiting the animals. Look for more information on future events at including “Smooches for Pooches” on July 25th at the Kalakaua store. Winner found for Pet ID Promotion. Congratulations to our Collar It! quiz winner, Samantha Huffman. She learned about the importance of Pet ID and won a $20 iTunes gift card. Sunny Day for the shelter. Mahalo to our solar friends at Bonterra for donating a solar water heating system for our laundry and dishwasher center. Media feature furry guests. Mahalo to KITV’s Pets on Set for their weekly feature of pets seeking homes and Star-Advertiser’s Pet Ohana which spotlights animals every Tuesday. Birthday blessings. Jaymie, Sunny and Aulani collected $400.00, towels and peanut butter for the animals in lieu of gifts at their combined birthday party.

Hawaiian Humane July Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society for July-September 2013.

Hawaiian Humane July Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society for July-September 2013.