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December 2019 – March 2020

Foster care volunteers help thousands Fostering a shelter animal is an incredible act of compassion and love. By opening up their homes, our foster families transform the lives of animals, giving them the chance to grow in self-esteem, feel the love of a family, and socialize with other pets and children. They help prepare the pet for eventual adoption, often replacing shyness, fear or skittishness, with self-confidence. Foster families are critical to our mission and heroes to those of us who work in animal welfare. Here we profile five of our rock star foster volunteers:

also fostered seven dogs (several who were nursing mothers), and six kittens. A stunning number of fosters in three years. They were first motivated to foster when in their work for the City and County they began doing rescues with Hawaiian Humane and saw so many animals in need of care. While Tish and Nate take in many animals that need special care, they say it’s not a hardship. Tish explains, that for puppies that are recovering from ringworm, “It takes no more time than regular fosters. We aren’t scared of ringworm. The real reward is seeing them recover and go on to find loving homes.” Tish and Nate love all the pets they have fostered and keep photo albums of every one of them. They have even come to the Hawaiian Humane Society on adoption day and watched their little puppies find their new families.

Small Animals Expert – Monica Kawamoto Monica began fostering small animals and especially guinea pigs several years ago when both of her own adopted guinea pigs passed away within a couple months of each other. She wanted to continue to care for small animals, but she wasn’t yet ready to adopt again. She’s since fostered over 12 guinea pigs and rabbits. Her favorites are sibling foster babies who she describes as "popcorn" as they bounce around and play with each other. While letting go of them for adoption can be difficult sometimes, her love for these little creatures, and her desire to see them find new loving families, keeps her motivated. Puppy Experts – Tish & Nate Oshima Tish and Nate began fostering in 2016 and have since fostered 64 puppies, including many that were too young for spay/ neuter or that had skin issues such as ringworm. They have

The Kitten Specialists – Stephanie & Alex Kendrick Stephanie is the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Policy Advocate. She and her husband Alex have fostered dozens of kittens. She explains that’s she’s motivated by the delight of seeing continued on page 4

President & CEO’s Message Our pets are deeply connected into the very fabric of our lives. They are impacted by the choices we make every day. They are impacted by the laws we make, by the resources we invest in their care, by the choices we make over their reproduction, by the food we feed them, by the medical care we provide them and by the end of life decisions we make for them. This is as true for unwanted and homeless pets as it is for the pets in our families. It even extends to our vast community of Free-Roaming cats. We are O‘ahu’s only open-admission shelter, which means we take in any animal who comes to us. We know that we have a profound responsibility to diligently seek the best outcomes for them. This mission requires a lot from us. And one of the keys to succeeding will be to actively and transparently engage with our community. Every pet deserves care, respect and to be free from suffering. And members of our community need to know that the Hawaiian Humane Society is delivering on our part of that task. You need to know of changes we are making, of new policies, of our challenges and our successes. To guide us as we become the open admission shelter O‘ahu’s animals need, we are embracing a different animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. Animal welfare organizations and municipalities are adopting this thoughtful, compassionate and transparent model across the country. There are eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering which will guide everything we do, and I want to share

them briefly with you here: 1. Place every healthy and safe animal. Every single one. 2. Ensure every unwanted or homeless pet has a safe place to go for shelter and care. 3. Assess the medical and behavioral needs of homeless animals and ensure these needs are thoughtfully addressed. 4. Align shelter policy with the needs of the community. 5. Alleviate suffering and make appropriate euthanasia decisions. 6. Enhance the human-animal bond through safe placements and post adoption support. 7. Consider the health, wellness and safety of animals for each community when transferring animals. 8. Foster a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration. These tenets are informed by advances in animal sheltering, improved understanding of animal behavior and health in shelters, experience in community organizing, new communication technologies and a positive shift in the public perception of adopting shelter animals. If you want to know more about Socially Conscious Sheltering, please visit SCSheltering.org. I recently became Hawaiian Humane's president and CEO. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this gamechanging team. And as I get to know our staff, our volunteers, our board and our partners in the community, I’m inspired by how much impact we will make together. Our animals deserve the very best and we will be there for them.

Anna Neubauer | President & CEO


Anna Neubauer President & CEO Daniel Roselle Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Joseph Esser Photography Kristin Koss Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2245 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2216 Community Spay/Neuter Center 356-2255 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is O‘ahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

In Our Backyard

Meet the leadership team A warm aloha from our leadership team! We’ve welcomed many new additions in the past few months including our new President and CEO Anna Neubauer. They're excited to be part of this new chapter at Hawaiian Humane, and are determined to do their best to make O‘ahu a better place for animals. From left: KC Collins, director of development; Laurie Kawasaki, director of finance; Anna Neubauer, president & CEO; Natalie Spencer, director of human resources; Dr. Kasey Carter, chief veterinarian; and Daniel Roselle, director of community relations.

Families find joy in giving back together As the sun rises over Mō‘ili‘ili and morning maintains a firm grasp on the start of a new day, the cacophony of meowing cats, squeaking guinea pigs and the steady drumming of wagging tails can be heard throughout the Hawaiian Humane Society’s twoand-a-half-acre campus. Among the sounds are the happy giggles, warm undertones of soothing words and the click of leashes as they’re clipped onto dog harnesses for the first walk of the day. These are the daily songs of the Society’s volunteers as they support the many animals on campus. Volunteers are the backbone of many nonprofits, including the Hawaiian

Humane Society. From walking dogs, to inputting microchip information, handing out information at event booths and more, over 600 volunteers can be found in nearly every aspect of the Society’s programs. Although all types of people and groups donate their time to supporting animals at the organization, those who give back together as families are very special to the Society as its history includes the care of unwed mothers and orphaned children, and youth education has always been a priority for the organization. The Alarcon family has been volunteering with the Hawaiian Humane Society since 2015. From working at events to helping to advocate for animals, the entire family enjoys being a part of the Society ‘ohana. “Every time we volunteer at Hawaiian 3

Humane Society, it’s always for different events and responsibilities and roles and always an adventure,” said Reziel Alarcon, the matriarch of the family. “The days we volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society have been very meaningful and memorable to us.” Volunteering is so dear to this family that Reziel’s daughter, Kylie, is the president of the Teens4Animals Council and has been involved with the council for two years. She heads the group of youth who develop, promote, and lead school and community animal welfare initiatives and events throughout their one-year term. But helping as a family is what keeps this tight knit unit going. “Volunteering together as a family gives us an opportunity to give back to our community and spend quality time together,” said Reziel. “It’s hard to imagine doing anything else for fun! Especially with my family. It strengthens our family bond while teaching children the value of giving and sharing the spirit of Aloha. We’re continued on page 4

Continued: Foster care volunteers help thousands comes, their kittens have “dog-friendly” on their tiny resumes, making it even easier to find a new family.

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animals grow into confident individuals who are going to make other families happy. On the rare occasion that a very young foster kitten has health challenges, Stephanie and Alex have worked closely with our Hawaiian Humane veterinary services team to help them recover. They are experts at socializing kittens, and with two dogs in the household, when adoption time

We are so grateful to all of our amazing foster families who truly help save lives. Your love and Alex Kendrick care for the animals means enjoys spending so much to our staff, the time with his new adoptive families, and family member and former of course, to the pets foster kitten, themselves. Plissken.

Continued: Families find joy in giving back together him by stopping by Hawaiian Humane to adopt the third kitten. We got our cat literally from participating at a community event, which led to fostering and ultimately adoption!”

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here on the planet to help each other and to look out for each other.” Togetherness is also important to the Lenchanko family. Alice and her three sons, Manowai, La‘akea and Halemano all participate when volunteering at events, educating the community and even fostering. Sometimes, all three can happen simultaneously!

Alice remembered one particular day that blossomed into a multi-faceted volunteering opportunity: “At one of the events, a woman stopped by with infant For Alice and Manowai kittens. My oldest son Manowai, who is on Lenchanko the Teens4Animals Council, volunteered as a volunteering not only foster family for these little cats,” she said. teaches compassion,

For the Lenchanko family, volunteering as a team at the Hawaiian Humane Society allows the sons to develop an awareness of the issues animals in communities face, such as homelessness. That awareness and knowledge leads to animal advocacy, the desire to make a difference.

Reziel Alarcon agrees. “I grew up having pets around, since before I could walk. My family has always had pets in the house, especially dogs. Our family adopted three dogs from Hawaiian Humane Society. My extended family has adopted even more. We enjoy playing with the animals, meeting new people, and educating our community about animal care and other important issues concerning our furry family members.”

it also brought them a new family member.

The Lenchanko family ended up fostering three tiny kittens for two months. Manowai was determined this litter would survive and thrive – and they did! At the end of the two months, after being spayed/neutered, two of the kittens were adopted through the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Adoptions Center.

“Manowai ended up keeping one as an indoor family house cat,” said Alice, smiling. “He had bonded to one of the kittens and was so sad to let him go. I decided to surprise

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Hawaiian Humane Society, visit HawaiianHumane.org/Volunteer.



Q&A: Ask our Adoptions Manager

Q: A:

Hawaiian Humane’s adoptions manager, Jenny LeMaster, leads the Society’s adoptions team. With an extensive background in shelter operations and animal handling, Jenny provides expert information for pet owners on how to be prepared to bring an animal into your family.

Q: A:

I currently have a cat at home and would love to bring home a friend for her to play with. How do you recommend I introduce the two?

First impressions are critical to introducing cats to one another. This could determine how the cats get along in the future. Separate your resident cat from your new cat when you bring her home. They should be able to smell and hear each other, but not see each other. Feed treats and meals to both cats on the opposite sides of the door to allow them to get used to each other’s presence. After two to three days, switch the cats' locations so they can investigate each other's smell. If there are no signs of aggression, you can begin to allow them to see each other while still separated. If this goes well, after a few days, an actual introduction in a shared space can be made.

I’m thinking about adopting a pet from the Hawaiian Humane Society. What exactly comes with those adoption fees?

Animals at the Hawaiian Humane Society come with a lot of services! All dogs, cats, rabbits and male guinea pigs are spayed/neutered. Cats and dogs receive a full set of vaccinations, are dewormed and receive flea and tick treatment. Dogs receive a heartworm test and their first dose of hearworm prevention medication with us. Some dogs and cats even receive dental work or specialized medical care! We’ll also let you know if the animal has any medical or behavioral issues that we’re aware of, so you can make a decision that you’re comfortable with.

The most important thing is not to rush the introductions and to keep close observation on both cats so no fights break out. Hopefully, you’ll be well on your way to being an owner of two happy, confident cats.

Q: A:

Are the dogs at the Hawaiian Humane Society house-trained?

Some of the dogs available for adoption are housetrained. Our staff works on trying to maintain their training by taking dogs out for frequent walks and providing a turf-covered area to mimic the outdoors. However, because we don’t know their schedules, sometimes it may be hard to maintain their training and some dogs may have to relearn this behavior. Others come to us with no training, but can learn to be house-trained with consistent, positive reinforcement.

Did you know? The modern Hawaiian Humane Society is best known for its commitment to companion animal welfare, but it has a long history of protecting all animals from abuse. The early 1900s also saw campaigns to protect carriage horses, sea turtles, cattle and wild animals kept in captivity. Hawaiian Humane’s opposition to the abuse of circus animals began in 1924 and redoubled after the tragic death of Tyke the elephant in 1994. In 2018 that persistence resulted in a ban on importing wild animals for circuses and fairs. Hawaii was second only to New Jersey in essentially prohibiting circus animal acts. California followed in 2019. Promoting the humane treatment of ALL animals remains an integral part of the Society’s mission.


Thousands turn out for PetBlock More than 3,000 people and pets gathered at Victoria Ward Park for the Hawaiian Humane Society’s PetBlock Paina – the annual community charity event that supports the organization’s mission. Participants enjoyed food, fun and fur. Fourteen sponsors stepped up to support PetBlock Paina, including our Grand Champion sponsor, Petco Foundation, which has been the event’s presenting sponsor for the past seven years. Media sponsors Hawaii News Now and Summit Media teamed up to donate air time and publicity to help raise awareness for the block party and the Society’s work.

“We were very excited to throw the largest pet block party in the organization’s history this year and it was thrilling to see so many people join us, supporting the mission and becoming a community of animal lovers,” said Daniel Roselle, community relations director for the Hawaiian Humane Society. “This support allows us to continue our work to stop animal abuse, reduce pet overpopulation and educate people about responsible pet ownership. The contributions from this event are so important to help fund our programs and services that promote the humane treatment of animals and create a more compassionate community.”


Mahalo to our Sponsors Presenting Sponsor

Petco Foundation Ginny Tiu’s Team • Ruth Ushijima • Ward Village Crazy Shirts • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Veterinary Emergency + Referral Center by Ethos Health

Mahalo nui to these businesses and friends who donated or discounted their services. Accel Rentals Aqua Aston Hotel ATM Unlimited, Inc. Bank of Hawaii Edward Enterprises Hawaii Balloon Company Hawaii Doggie Bakery Hawaiian Ice Company L&L Hawaiian Barbecue Menehune Water

Charlie Bean’s Team • Golden Road Brewing Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Jack Tyrrell / Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation 7-11 Hawaii • Subaru Hawaii United Laundry Services • Young's Market

Hawaii News Now • Hawaiian 105 KINE


MW Restaurant Penske Poi Pounder Hawaii Rainbow Drive-In Simple Souls Snap & Cre8 Triple F Holdings Ulu's Lemonade Watanabe Floral

Leave a legacy of caring Every dollar you donate to the Hawaiian Humane Society stays in Hawaii to help the people and the animals in our community. There are many ways to provide support to the organization while furthering your own financial goals. Here are a few ways you can help: •

Leave a bequest – Remembering Hawaiian Humane in your will or trust ensures your love and care for animals will continue.

IRA & Retirement Plan Contribution – If you are 70½ years old or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society and receive tax benefits at the same time. You can contribute up to $100,000 from your IRA without having to pay income taxes on the money.

Life Insurance Policy – Gifts of a life insurance policy or proceeds from a policy that is no longer needed can also be an excellent way to give. You may be able to use life insurance to “replace” assets you donate to charity, allowing you to provide for loved ones and their charitable interests.

Honor a Loved One or Pet – For the person who has everything, a donation in honor of a loved one or pet can be a fitting gift this holiday season. Hawaiian Humane will send an eCard to notify the honoree of your tribute.

For information, call 356-2213 or email development@hawaiianhumane.org.

Keeping pets safe for the New Year On New Year’s Eve, fireworks will be lighting up the night sky all across neighborhoods on O‘ahu. Although dazzling, these displays can be scary for pets. Here are a couple of tips to help your furry companions stay calm and safe this holiday.

Resist taking your pet to fireworks displays. The explosive booms of the fireworks combined with being in an unfamiliar setting can terrify animals. If you’re not able to stay at home, consider boarding your pet for the evening.

Keep your pets indoors. Your pets will be most comfortable in a quiet, enclosed area or room in your house that will allow them to be unaware of the commotion outside. Soothe your pets by playing calming music in the background or turning on the television. Make sure to regularly check on your pets. Do not leave them unattended. Consult with your veterinarian if you are considering sedating your pet.

Update your pet identification. Be proactive this holiday season by making sure your pets have ID tags, microchips and, if needed, a license, all with current contact information. For those without, stop by the Hawaiian Humane Society to purchase ID tags, dog licenses and microchips. The law requires that all dogs who are fourmonths or older wear a valid license tag. This identifies you as the legal owner. 8

If you find a stray animal, bring him to Hawaiian Humane’s 24-hour Admissions Center, where pets can be reunited with their owners. Last year, more than 2,500 lost pets were reunited with their families. Call the Hawaiian Humane Society at 356-2228 immediately if your pet is missing and file a lost report.

Donor spotlight: Patricia Zane Patricia Fui Yu Zane was the youngest of her siblings, but that didn’t stop her from being the hub of her family. Patricia had a witty sense of humor, a creative mind and loved playing games. Always one to organize and plan for her family, Patricia enjoyed being around people. But one of her greatest passions was her love for animals. She was constantly surrounded by her beloved dogs, Scotchy, Kele and Charlie, bouncing around her with glee. And her love for animals extended beyond those that were in her family. She dedicated her free time volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society for many years. Patricia’s nephew, Dr. Alan Zane, DVM, pitched in at the Society on Sundays by helping with spay/neuter surgeries. He fondly recalls all of the

comments and questions he’d receive from his aunt. “During my time at the Hawaiian Humane veterinary clinic, countless people including the CEOs and directors; the veterinarians and technicians; the business office people; the donations and adoption workers would approach me and ask if I was related to Pat Zane. They spoke affectionately about Aunty Pat saying what a wonderfully cheerful and hardworking volunteer she was or how generous a donor she was.” This rang especially true when the Hawaiian Humane Society recognized her as Volunteer of the Year. Patricia Zane passed away in February 2019. As one of the last acts of her life, she continued to care for the

animals by leaving a generous bequest to the Hawaiian Humane Society. The Society thanks Aunty Pat for all she did for the animals she knew and those she never even met. Her legacy will continue for years to come.

Holoholo Check out all of these upcoming events and more at HawaiianHumane.org. hero for O‘ahu’s animals. Categories include Traditional Art, Digital Art and Creative Writing. Enter for a chance to win great prizes! Deadline is March 15, 2020. Visit HawaiianHumane.org/Education for more information and to enter today.

Mission PAWsible Contest November 15, 2019 to March 15, 2020

Students – your next mission, should you choose to accept, is to be an animal hero! Students in grades 6-12 are encouraged to enter the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Mission PAWsible Contest to tell us how you can be a

Advocacy Kick-Off January 9, 2020 • 6 pm • Hawaiian Humane Society

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual advocacy kickoff event will take place January 9, at 6 pm, at our Mō‘ili‘ili Campus. If you are already on our advocacy list, you will receive an email with details of the event in December. If you want to sign up to receive information of our efforts to advance animal welfare, please email advocacy@ hawaiianhumane.org.


An update on our progress As the year comes to a close, the Hawaiian Humane Society would like to share an update on the progress we’ve made this first quarter of Fiscal Year 2020. We are so thankful for the opportunity to transform this organization and create a brighter future for the animals and people of Hawaii. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been working on this year: Foster Programs We have doubled the number of animals in our foster program when compared to the same quarter last year. In actual numbers this means an additional 405 cats (+76.9%) and 142 dogs (+12.7%) and 28 small animals (+40%) were fostered between July and October 2019. There is room to do even more and so we are hiring an additional member to our fostering team. Animal Care and Veterinary Services Taking care of our animals properly begins with having the right number of people, so we are hiring four additional animal care positions, and nine new veterinary staff roles (assistants, technicians and a manager). We are also hiring a behavior manager and plan to create a behavior team in the future to better assess behaviors, allow more resources to work with animals who many need it and help prepare them for adoption. We are making sure that we follow best practices for animal sheltering in everything we do. Lots more to come on this.

Partnerships Historically, the Hawaiian Humane Society hasn’t always been the best partner to other animal welfare organizations in Hawai‘i. We are committed to changing that and have begun to work with, learn from, and share resources with other key organizations on O‘ahu. We are working with PAWS of Hawaii, an on-island resource for dogs who may thrive in a foster-type organization. This includes those who are fearful/shy and those with contagious skin conditions, like ringworm. To date, we have transferred nearly 30 dogs successfully to their organization. We still have a long way to go to improve on this, but are proud of the direction we are going in and thrilled with the first successes.

Saving More Lives We have lowered the number of animals euthanized by 23% from this same quarter last year. For cats, this means a drop of 28.6%, for dogs, 27.6 %. This is a result of increasing fostering for challenging health cases, more focus on improving behavior where possible, and greater investment in medical procedures leading to a greater percentage of our animals being adopted. More animals with ringworm, mange and other conditions are being treated than ever before. We are devoting considerable thought, effort, and resources to saving more lives. As we continue to make changes and adopt better practices, we know that we will continue to see improvements.

Funding We want to do more and collaborate more so we can care for more animals. This means that we will need to use more resources than ever before. Because of this, the Hawaiian Humane Society will be operating at a deficit this year. From hiring more staffing to looking at our current facilities to see how we can better house animals in our care, we want to ensure that the environment is as calm and comfortable as our space allows. We are committed to doing what it takes to achieve the best outcomes for all of the animals that enter through our doors, and those who need help on O‘ahu.

Adoptions We adopted out 14% more pets than the same quarter last year. This is the result of better promotion of adoption and better partnering, such as with Petco and Hawai’i Cat Café. We are trying everything we can to increase adoptions and are even piloting a program to transfer dogs and cats to the shelters on the continental US for adoption. Our first transfers of dogs were big successes.

These changes are just the beginning. We have a dedicated team of volunteers, staff, and board members who care deeply about our animals and want to be part of the change. Thank you for being part of our important mission. 10

Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from August 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019.

Heroic Helpers $25,000 + Saks Fifth Avenue

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 + Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Karen Scharff Ginny Tiu

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Alexander C. Waterhouse Sr. Foundation Bank of Hawaii Foundation Bob & Frances Bean Claudine Cheng Crazy Shirts Susan Kosasa Riki & Karen Morimoto Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/Jack & May Tyrrell Servco Foundation

Best Friends $1,000 +

Kimberly Aguon-Zehner Joseph Anastasio Bob & Kelly Armstrong Martha Armstrong & Bob Preddy Bank of Hawaii Tim & Jeanne Brauer Graham Burns & Erika Sox Christopher Caminos William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Daniel Delbrel Nick & Koren Dreher Dennis & Dolores Dyer Thomas & Sarah Fargo Lyn Flanigan Lehua & Geoffrey Ii-Michaelson

Chuck & Skipper Jones Walter Kam Dennis & Elaine Kato Marilyn Katzman Toshio Kawamura Jodi Lam & Timothy Takaezu Chi Ming Lee Creighton & Linda Lee Audrey Mueh Edwin & Marion Oka Richard & Jill Pentecost PetSmart Charities Michael Regan Elizabeth Rice Grossman Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Carl & Lu Seyfer Arthur & June Shida Susan & Alvin Shishido Alan Yamamoto Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Devoted Companions $500 +

Carol Ai May & Michael May Teodoro & Arcelia Andam Gina Anonuevo Mona Arizala Mike & Joyce Ching Jo & Margarita Chung Erin Claggett Wayne Clatte Robert Clifton Thomas Drazin Brian Fujiwara Ernest Fukeda George & Lei Fukuhara Robert & Cynthia Geiling Honodel USA Christina Hunt Charles & Mildred Ikehara Yolisa Ishibashi Sean Ishii Patsy Kalawaia Francis & Marion Kaneshiro

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts August 1, 2019 – October 31, 2019

James Abbott Guy Calhoun Kirkman Ross Moon

Grants Hawaii Community Foundation Walmart Foundation

Kenneth & Sue-Ann Kobatake Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Whitney & Harvalee Limm Darcy & Scott Lindamood Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Amy Miyamoto Majel Morimoto Stanley & Gail Muranaka Margaret Nakashima Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Ruth Okubo Rockygirl Osaki Chong Alan & Jo Ann Oshima Petco Foundation Paul Rabar Linda Rowan Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Frederick Sells & Linda Hoffman Bert & Helen Tanonaka Kathryn & Landy Wang Rebecca Ward Lorna Wong Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto Stanley Yamaoka

Leave a Legacy When you make a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii – for many years to come. For more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, please call 356-2213 or email giving@hawaiianhumane.org.


Guardian Angels $100 +

Milton Ackerman Dale & Katherine Aina David Aiu William & Naomi Akamine Ron & Arlene Akana Gwen Akimoto Lorinda & Clyde Akita Eric & Lori Ako Ada Alamani Julia Alamani Kylie Alarcon Reziel Alarcon Hays Alexander Richard & Ethel Anbe George & Alice Aoki Marc & Florence Aoyama Aileen Arakawa Renee Archer Nakashima Bruce & Brenda Asato Karl & Linda Asato Arlene Ayakawa James & Edna Ayling Carma Bamber Banan Josefina Baptiste Kenneth Barclay Barking Dog Blankets Gabriele Barthlen Patrick Baugh Jacob Beckelhymer Albert & Dolores Bediones Orpha Beirne Ronald Biho Jerry Blue Gillian Boss Danielle Bowers Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale Chad & Stephanie Buck Eileen Bull John & Carol Burke Peter & Claudia Butler Justin Buxton

Howard Gardiner Francis & Jayne George Girl Scout Troop 900 Helen Godwin Stephen & Barbara Goodman Carrie Gosiaco Alan & Annabel Gottlieb William Goya Pamela Grant Shirley Grant Harvey & Rae Green Delphina Guerrero Morena & Chester Gullett Aaron Guss Barron & Dede Guss Madison & Jorge Guss Lisa & Stephen Haley Thurman Hall Keith & Janice Hamamoto Reid Hamamoto Wendy Hamamoto Wesley Hamasaki Jerome Hamman Loren & Bonnie Hamilton Shelby Hankee Steven & Sherry Hansel Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Hawaiian Pentecostal Full Gospel Assembly Ayako Hayashi Leona Hee Vincent & Sandy Hee Ronald Heim Steve & Jenny Helms William Henne Susan & Arthur Henry

We would like to thank the generous community who gave back to the animals during Giving Tuesday 2019! Because of you, $56,000 was raised for the pets and people of Hawaii.

Janis Calton Vann Camacho Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Barbara Campbell Beverly Cardinal Career Development Center of Hawaii Kathryn Carey Ignacio Cariaga Denmarcus Carlos Sherry Carpenter Thomas Carpenter Constance Carr Paula Carroll Santos Carvalho & Carla Dutro Alfred & Sharlene Castillo Catherine Caudle Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Elizabeth & Myron Chang Franklin Chang Linda Char Wieland Chee Po Shu & Doris Cheng Elizabeth Cheng-Leever Cyrus & Masumi Ching Stephen & Carol Ching Jennifer Chiwa Verna Chock Thomas Choe Dora Choy Mary Ann Choy Judith Christensen Carol Chun Constance & Winston Chun Sandra Chun Summer Chun James Cigan Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad James & Irene Connors Coral Pacific Construction Edna & Dean Cost Melissa Cowles Susan Cuizon Alan & Pulani Cumpston Donald & Yoko Dandurand

Barbara & Dennis Davis Mark & Janie Davis Janice Dawson Karen Degner Nestor Del Rosario Donald & Brenda Deryke Jo desMarets Darryl Diaz & Gina Matsuzawa-Diaz Julie Dinnage John & Jane Dodson Keala Dolor-Tripp Melinda Dominguez Lindsey Dorrough Marilee Duffy Charles & Maybelle Duncan Phillip Dunkelberger Claire Duvauchelle James & Kristin Elsea Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Emmanuel Episcopal Church Ernestine Enomoto Nola Epp Richard & Nancy Erickson Frank Ethridge Thyrza Eyre Gina Farley Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Christopher Ferry Richard & Cathleen Field Mary Flynn Janet Frederickson Genevieve Freeman John Fritz Carol Fujie Karen Fujimoto Lindsey Fujimoto Carol Fujitani Marion Fukuhara Keith Fukumoto Susan Fukunaga Ed Furuike Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Denise Furuya Frances Galdeira

Kristin Herrick Eileen Herring David Higa Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Brian & Jennifer Ho Francine Honda Charlyn Honda Masini Kathleen Hong Marie-Sol Howard David Hudson & Dana Kokubun Claire Hughes Humbowbarks Siana Hunt Colin Hunter Terri Hunting Penelope & Melvin Hurst Roy & Sandra Ichinose Irene Iha Jackie & Salah Ihsan Charlene Ikeda Jesse & Lois Ikei Yoshinori Imagawa Amy Imaguchi Lynn Inafuku Kenneth & Carol Ishizaki Island Heritage Realty Eri & Yoshitaka Ito Itron Rex Jakobovits Aga Janocko Romella Javillo Richard & Judi Jinnai JJC Hawaii Gary & Melanie Johnson Jacquelyn Johnson Louise Johnson

Waggin' Tales

Committed to Hawaii Thank you to Hawaiian Telcom for being committed to Hawaii and volunteering to help the animals on Hawaiian Humane’s Mo‘ili‘ili campus. They helped with a variety of tasks, including dog walking, Kong stuffing and cleaning up around campus.


Annakaarina Jolkkonen David & Chiyono Jones Doris Jones Cathy Joseph Helen Josypenko Virginia Jungbluth Kathleen Kagawa Sheila & Gordon Kagawa Rodney & Marion Kaichi Dennis & Joyce Kajioka Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Dale Kanehisa Gary Kaneshiro Kelvin & Kumiko Kaneshiro Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Felix Kang Yuko Kato Christine Katsura Wilfred & Jewel Kawano Laurie & Galen Kawasaki Milton Kawasaki Ivan & Joyce Kawazoe Mary Keegan Clay Kelley Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Sandy & Richard Kersten Mandy Kiaha Robert & Hope Kihune Vernon & Jane Kim Ronell & Stuart Kimura Joann Kinmoto Robert Kinzie Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Gordon Kitaura Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Carol Kleppin Marcia Klompus Lisa Knecht Mike Kobayashi Gordon & Joanne Kodama Lynn Koga Doris Ann Kollars Laurence Kolonel John Konjevich Ronelle Kopp Barry & Wanda Kugiya James Kumagai Christine Kurashige Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Marvin & Patricia Kurisu Mona Kushimaejo Darlene & Quin Kutara Janet Kwak Gerald Kwock Rachel Lange David & Ann Latham Carole Learnard Jack & Charlis Lee Romy Lee & Marvin Chang Worldster & Patricia Lee Nicole Libarios Stephen Lilly Chia Hsing Lin Charles Livermore Cindy Logan Julie Loo James & Eileen Lota Jean Lucas Ashley Lukashevsky Lynnette Lum Claudette Lundin

Consider donating your HawaiianMiles to Hawaii’s animals. At the end of the year, Hawaiian Airlines will match up to 500,000 miles to help the Hawaiian Humane Society raise funds through auctions and fundraising prizes. Your donation of miles supports the more than 30 programs and services the Society offers. Mahalo for your support! Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information. Stacey Lynn Tracie & David Mackenzie Benedict & Gail Madriaga Jon & Selina Mann Grant Marcus Laureen & Bryan Marino Sean & Leigh Martin Carol Masuda Sharon Masuda Margaret Matayoshi Skye Matsumoto Pamela Matsuura Kathryn Maynard Julia Mayne Philip McCaffray Patti McElaney James & Joanna McGuirk Sean McLoughlin Andrew & Kerri Meade Su Meisenzahl Danny & Yong Melton Tara, Dagan & Sage Meredith Pamela Mew Teresa Miike Marian Milikaa & Sandy Birgado Brad Miller & Jacqueline Amai Joanna Milo Jerrie Mitchell Harry & Ethel Miyachi Ann Miyahira Jonah Miyahira David Miyamoto Dorothy Miyashiro Duane Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Steven Mizokawa Walter Mizushima Charles Mizuta Melissa Moniz Bernice Moon Kil Moon

Nancy Moore Pearl Mori Roy Morioka Christina Morisato Stanley & Jane Morishige Alfred & Nancy Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Will Morris David Mowat Ritchie & Sunny Mudd Anki Mukai Bryan Mukai Mark Mukai May Muromoto-Gander Catherine & Dave Nadeau Cary Nagano Stephanie Nagata Lisa Naimer Ronald Nakai Loui Nakama Ronald Nakano Thomas Nakano Pamela Nakata Gerald & June Naughton James & Shirley Newman James Carlton Nichol Sheryl Nicholson Claudia Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei Theodore Nishijo Alan Nishimura Dennis Nishimura Dennis & Amy Nishino George & Ruby Nitta Susan & Marvin Nitta Naomi Nortman Naomi Numazu Lily Ochoco Dave & Patricia Odan Brenda Ohama


Geraldine Ohara Raymond & Trudy Okada Darrell & Linda Okamoto Neal & Amy Okamoto Richard & Linda Okamura Pauline Okino Jane Okuno Dean Omiya Velma Omura Anna Ono Carole Onouye Kimberly O'Quinn Bridget Ornelas Ernest Oshiro Frances Oshiro Terri Ann Otani Helen Otoshi Donna Otto Daniel Pacheco Aurilio Padilla Ruth Pagell Robert Pascua Christy Passion Timothy Peris Dan & Paula Perry Helen Petrovitch Stacy Philippou Frances & Sylvia Plemer Poi Dog Treats Thomas Powell Anthony Prater Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy John & Linda Puu Linda Quinlan Ted & Leilani Quong Eileen Rawitz Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Farrah Rees Lisa Reid Wolf & Diane Reitsperger

Monique Rice Elizabeth & Richard Riegels Daniel Robertson Timothy & Meng Roe Alissa Rogers Barbara Rogers Renee Rokero Daniel Roselle Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise Saba Russell Latonia Sakata Bryan Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Andrew Sato Gilford & Shareen Sato Martha & James Sato Sherrie Sato Eugene Savio Kristy Scherman Madeline Scherman Bebe & Michael Schmidt Anna Schmit Robert & Ester Schumacher George & Bridget Scott Justin & Faith Seguirant Rya Sekimoto Helen Shigemura Michael & May Shim Dennis & Patsy Shimane Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Stanley Silva Doreen Simmons Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Thomas & Lynn Simpson SLSS Partners Richard Smith & David Griggs Beverly Soares Jill Sommer Sandra Spangler Douglas Spencer Lisa Spencer Natalie Spencer Ronald Stebbins Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip Jasmine Stevens Pablo Stewart Roberta & Sheldrake Stibbard George & Maria Sally Stone Myron Sueyoshi Karen Sullivan Garrett & Lila Ann Suzuki Linnaea Swayne Keir

Malcolm & Cathy Tajiri Lornna & Chris Takahashi Ted Takahashi Greg & Itsumi Takase Linnelle Takeuchi James Takeyama Ruby Takushi Ruth Takushi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Elizabeth Tam James Tam Linda Tam Leony Tamura Alan & Joni Tanaka Catherine & Richard Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Kimii Taniguchi Beth Tarter & Nathan Sult Candace Taylor Kyle Tengan Linda Teruya Mary & James Thrash Alexander Tiu Pat Tom Steven & Faye Tom May Tome Cheryl Toyama Joann Trask Jennifer Trevino Edward Trinnaman Pamela Troy Takashi Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Vivian Tsutsumi Joseph Tubito Arthur & Angela Tulak Amy Uchida Masaru Uchida Roy Umeda Henry & Lee Urstadt Bette & Alexander Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Kristen Uyeda Jon Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Philip & Patricia Valenti Marion Valle Trisha Vandevender Janice & Wayson Vannatta Michele Velasco Mark Verrey Riza & April Villa

Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer Mayumi Villiatora Neal Wakabayashi Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Renee Wanke John Washburn Patricia Watts J.D. & Julie Watumull Dory West Alan & Jennifer Whinery Carol Whitesell Robert Wicks Gary Wild Jennifer Williams Bill & Cindy Wilson JoAnn Wilson Charles Wirta Judith Wolfe Chadwick & Gayle Wong Danny & Lorrie Wong Eunice Wong Lloyd & Geraldine Wong Linda Wright Wong George & Mary Ann Wyman Carol Jean Yakuma Myra Yamada David Yamagata Alan & Daphne Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Sueko Yamamoto Ruthann, Gregg, Kelsey & Muffin Yamanaka Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Joan Yanagihara & Donald Mair Wei Wei Yang Tim & Janet Yee Darryl Yim Carl & Patricia Yorita Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Ivan Young Michael & Jo Ann Young Yolanda Ytac Helen Yu Lily Yu Joyce Yuen Winnie Yung

In Honor of People Thalia Burns Donna McNeiley

Amanda Chenoweth & Scott Vilona Kristeen Hanselman Richard Cheski Jarren Jinnohara Dede Guss Beatrice Burns Jonathan & Patti Guss Douglas & Phyllis Kam Young Susan Kazimirski Linda Martell Anna Resich Salon Mei Linda Sato Beth Saul Dee Dee Schneider Gail Tachibana Brigida Torres Glenn & Debra Weinberg Chris & Win Kitaoka Wayne & Patty Kano Mi Kosasa Ginny Tiu Janet Loo Sandra Loo Ellen Maeda Michael Doner Ritz-Carlton Residences Waikiki Beach Staff Ritz-Carlton Residences Waikiki Beach Mika Sasamoto & Paul Tauchas Scott Bowling Gary & Jennifer Herald David Riggs Yumeko Tochika Harrison White Jim & Kim Slagel John White Sue Sylvester-Palumbo Jennifer Baker Alan Takeda Ruth Goo Ginny Tiu Gemie & Ken Arakawa Bob & Frances Bean Marissa Cayetano Ross & John Ross Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Diane Chang Ather & Marivic Dar Paul & Lisa Kosasa Susan Kosasa Thomas & Mi Kosasa Elizabeth Morisada Mary Philpotts McGrath Steven & Laura Jeanne Short Richard Smith & David Griggs Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Katharine Gail Wilson Anna Abrams Ronald Johnstone


Foster Volunteer it helps save lives

Foster volunteers are needed at the Hawaiian Humane Society and are an integral part of helping save more lives. Foster care volunteers house, feed, socialize, groom and train animals. They also administer medications as needed. Learn more at HawaiianHumane.org/Volunteer.

In Honor of Pets Char, Harper, Jackson & Truman Crystal Yamasaki Ginger Bobby Gordon Hoku, Marshmellow & Stush Saskia Ishii Kermit Cedric & Vreni Chun Riley Gall Erin Gall

In Memory of People

Amelia Andrade Ralph & Margaret Kiessling Terry Anspach Terri Hunting Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon Joan Bellinger Joan Brown Jimmy Borges Vicki Borges Pamela Burns Winston Myers for Hair Pamela Chang Scott & Donna Sullivan Susan Chevalier Thomas Wheeler Yet Sung Ching Carol Chun Charles "Davey" Crockett Mona Beard Thomas Decano Lloyd & Kae Baker Charlotte Fox Erica Fox Barbara Smith

In Memory of Pets

Lionel & Nancy Furuike Ed Furuike Emi Hata Gary & Akemi Simon

Ace Fujii, Jet Li, Killer & Muffin Michael & Laurie Walsh Atlas Esser Bailey Meekins & Randy Allen Baby Joy White James Caswell Bear James & May Kobashigawa Beemer & Cassie Bert & Helen Tanonaka Benny, Ikaika, Max & Sasha Leona Auerbach Buddy Catherine Bagnara Buddy Fuzie Kenneth Uemura Cheeto, Garrett & Jake Tammy Bayer Cola Paul & Dorothy Aki Daisy, Nalu & Sammo Denise & Joseph Keala Eunji Dong Jin Lee Favilla Roxanne Yamashiro Fifi Lester Miyake Flora Martha Armstrong & Bob Preddy Gucci Dexter & Dawn Smith Gumby Carol Takaki Jack, Jill & Pol Maurice Tamura & Nita Williams Jojo Calvin & Diane Kameya Kai Rogers Daniel Rogers Koa Lisa Clearman Kobe & Pepper Chun Carol Chun

Douglas Hayashi Gregory & Sharon Wong Todd Hayashi Karen Anderson Robyn Honnaka Warren Loos & Claudette Ozoa Diane Kikuchi Paul & Dorothy Aki Lynn Koga Ted Koga Debra Matsukawa Robert Cullen Kay Mikuriya Randall Mikuriya JoElla Minton Louise Chung Judy Richards Duprey Family Sarah Seal Jason Seal Vincent Souki Carol Olsen Alan Takeda Frederick & Lillian Takeda Iris Tamura Jill Blaisdell E. & M. Hirotsu Jesse & Lois Ikei Lillian Nobunaga Don & Carolyn Sakai Steve Shimokawa Leonora & Daron Tong Elsie Tanaka Doreen Ayakawa Jay Tanonaka Bert & Helen Tanonaka Barbara Vaughan Joan Pratt

Yutaka Joseph Fujitani Richard & Noreen Van Horn Tricia & Matt Young


Lizzie Stanley & Janet Dalbec Majesty Steve & Deb Knight Margaret Peter & Adrienne Yoshihara Milo Michael Armenoff Mochi & Opihi Doreen & Larry Kelley Molly Keiko Aono Jason, Erin, Penny & Ruby Aono Morgan Nohara June Kuramoto Mudgie Everett Lo Nibbles Tokuda Steven & Gail Tokuda Pee Wee & Smoky Gilbert Ponce Pickles Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Ginny Tiu Pooper Robin & Daniel Marcom Princess Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Pumpkin Emanuel Paa Pumpkin Schuler Family Foundation Reese Karlee Palms Ricky Duprey Family Ricky April Putnam Roscoe Gail Tagashira Rusty & Sweety Service Air Conditioning & Plumbing Ruthy Leilani Ed Furuike Samm Christina Newlin Smudge Karen Scharff Olivia Yule Squeeky Thomas Mendonca Taro Michael & Joanne Mikami Tubby Boy Carol Bork Tucker Wendi Major Tyson Jo & Margarita Chung Wailea Bailey George & Ipolani Bailey Zeke Henry Wolter Zoe Ginny Tiu

2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826


Monthly Giving Matters

Did you know monthly giving is a charitable and convenient way to help the animals of the Hawaiian Humane Society all year long? Our monthly donors provide the consistent support that enables us to be there for homeless and abused animals each and every day. Sign up at HawaiianHumane.org or call 356-2213. You’ll receive an annual statement of all your gifts and you can cancel at any time.

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004

Profile for Hawaiian Humane

Hawaiian Humane Society News - December 2019  

Hawaiian Humane Society News - December 2019

Hawaiian Humane Society News - December 2019  

Hawaiian Humane Society News - December 2019

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