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September – November 2018

Every animal comes with her own story Piglet

On a sunny afternoon in May, Piglet, a 1-yearold brindle poi dog favoring an injured hind leg, was brought to the Hawaiian Piglet’s Humane kneecap repair Society’s was an extensive surgery covered by Admissions Max’s Special Fund, Center by which pays for her owners specialized medical who could no care. longer care for her. Despite her obvious pain, Piglet was thrilled to be surrounded by so many people who couldn’t resist petting the sweet pup and giving her lots of love. Veterinary staff at the Society suspected that Piglet’s injury was more than a simple strain. “Her knee was swollen and her patella, or kneecap, was loose,” said Dr. Carlene Takushi, a veterinarian with the Hawaiian Humane Society. Luckily for Piglet, her kneecap was not fractured, but repairing the torn ligament required specialized surgery. The Society’s veterinary staff made a request to have the procedure covered by Max’s Special Fund. Established by Larry and Patricia Rodriguez in memory of their beloved dog Max, the fund provides specialized medical care for dogs whose injuries or illnesses are

beyond the Society’s ability to treat in its veterinary clinic. The generous support of Max’s Fund contributors makes this type of advanced medical care possible.

Just a kitten herself at six months of age, Gaia and her litter needed extra time and attention before being made available for adoption. Chang had been a foster parent with the Society for two years and enjoyed the satisfaction of caring for nursing mothers and kittens. She said caring for Gaia and her litter was an easy decision to make.

Piglet’s knee was repaired and she was placed in foster care to rest and heal from her surgery. After several weeks, Piglet was made available for adoption and is living life to the fullest in her new home. All animals made available for adoption by the Society are spayed/ neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. But many, such as Piglet, require additional, Gaia was even extraordinary levels of found on the streets with her litter care by Hawaiian Humane of kittens. The feline Society staff with the famiy spent two weeks in foster care before support of community being made partners and generous available for donors. adoption.


Found on the streets of Waipahu, Gaia was brought into the Hawaiian Humane Society with a litter of kittens. When Society staff realized Gaia’s kittens were too young to be weaned, they reached out to foster volunteer Hanna Chang to provide a temporary home for the feline family.

“Gaia settled in pretty quickly as soon as I took her home. She was a bit shy at first but soon became very friendly and affectionate,” said Chang. Gaia spent about two weeks with Chang while her kittens were weaned and started eating solid food. continued on page 3

President’s Message

Adoption adds love to your life story Every animal welcomed at the Hawaiian Humane Society arrives with a unique story. Some are the short stories of puppies or kittens, some are the epic tales of senior pets. Some stories are marked by the compassion of a stranger, some by neglect. But as different as the stories may be upon arrival, the chapters written in our Adoptions Center are all full of love and happy endings. The hope that fills each guest as they enter our gates knowing that they are one step closer to finding a new family member. And the love that is shared between animal and human once a connection is made. The connection that will form a bond that completes a family and lasts a lifetime. In this newsletter we highlight some of the many stories that are created daily at our Moiliili campus. Stories that give animals an opportunity for a new life and community members the chance to experience the unconditional love of a pet. Our cover story shares the journey of Piglet, a one-year-old pup who arrived at the Society injured and underwent surgery, physical therapy and a long road to recovery before finding her new family. When Gaia arrived as a kitten at six months old she already had kittens of her own. After weeks of care with a foster family, each found a new home. After months of being spoiled by staff and volunteers at the Adoptions Center, Sissy found her family in an instant when they stopped by for a visit and

found “love at first sight.” Adoption can make a lifetime of difference for both you and your pet. With adult animals, there is no guessing at Lisa their size or personality. Fowler Many will come home serves as President already knowing a few & CEO. basic commands. Your relationship will only grow as you spend time training and bonding with your new family member. Pet lovers who choose to purchase an animal run the risk of supporting the breeding of animals purely for profit. Pets sold online or at pet stores often come from breeding mills where the adult animals are condemned to a life of isolation in dirty, cramped cages with inadequate food and veterinary care. If you choose to purchase an animal, a responsible breeder is not only interested in payment for the animal, they will ask about your lifestyle, living situation and experience as a pet owner to make sure the animal is going to an appropriate home. The adoptions staff at the Hawaiian Humane Society asks similar questions with the same goal. All pets available for adoption at the Society have been evaluated by staff with expertise in animal health and behavior. Dogs, cats and continued on page 3


Lisa Fowler President & CEO Allison Gammel Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Dave Greer Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2225 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2222 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit to learn more.

Adoption adds love continued from page 2

rabbits receive necessary care, including microchips, flea and tick treatment, vaccinations, and sterilization surgery. Choosing to adopt gives a homeless pet the chance for a lifetime of love and happiness. If you are ready to add a pet to your family, I encourage you to choose adoption and help a homeless animal fulfill their own story full of love and joy. With Aloha,

Lisa Fowler President & CEO

Every animal comes with her own story continued from page 1

“Fostering has been a great way for me to tie my love for animals and helping the community,” said Chang. Gaia and her kittens returned to the Society in early June to be spayed/ neutered and quickly found new families.

The Adoptions Center is a place of celebration where new families are made. Less obvious is the sometimes intense behind-the-scenes effort it takes to prepare animals for that opportunity to find a new home. To support Max’s Fund to help injured dogs like Piglet or to become a foster volunteer to help animals like Gaia, please visit

In Our Backyard

Hawaiian Humane Society FY 2019 Board of Directors Hawaiian Humane Society is pleased to announce its fiscal year 2019 officers for the Board of Directors: Robert H. Armstrong, chair; Eric Ako, DVM, vice chair; Mike Ching, treasurer; Rebecca “Becki” Ward, secretary and Lisa Fowler, president and CEO. Additional members of the Board of Directors include: Gina Woo Anonuevo, Robert R. Bean, Tim Brauer, John C. Dean, Nick Dreher, Elisia Flores, Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr., Elizabeth Rice Grossman, Pamela S. Jones, Mi Kosasa, Susan Kosasa, Stephen B. Metter, David Y. Okabe, Melissa Teves Pavlicek, Lawrence D. Rodriguez, Ginny Tiu, Virginia S. Weinman and Rick Zwern.

From left: New board members David Y. Okabe, Elisia Flores and Gina Woo Anonuevo are welcomed by board chair, Bob Armstrong.


Adoption Spotlight Sissy Leah Castillo wasn’t looking to adopt a dog when she saw Sissy’s picture on the Hawaiian Humane Society website last September. Yet, every time she viewed the animals available for adoption, Sissy’s photo would be starting back at her. “I just kept seeing Sissy on the website and I always wondered why she was still there,” she said. “I started talking to my family and my fiancé about getting a dog.” The family stopped by Hawaiian Humane just before the holidays on the way home from her daughters’ Tahitian dance class.

“We got there, we asked for Sissy and it was love at first sight,” said Castillo. “I think it was meant to be. She is perfect. She’s a good guard dog, she listens, she’s obedient. She’s very affectionate. When you pet her, she doesn’t want you to stop.” Sissy fit perfectly into the Castillo family and has been a significant member ever since. Castillo can’t imagine what life would be like if she hadn’t continually checked the Hawaiian Humane Society website or stopped by the adoption center “just to visit”. “She completes our family, that’s what I tell everybody.”


Luna Butters Miso

Miso never fails to brighten our day. We love her so much because she’s got such a big personality packed into such a small dog.

– Penny Adams


We adopted Bartholomew a little over 2 years ago and he has been the biggest blessing to my daughter and me. One thing that I find so funny is to this day he gives us little chin licks, and nose licks, and hand and feet licks. He’s the first cat I’ve ever had that licks you like a dog.


– Christina Leval

A passion for helping animals The desire to work hard and give back runs deep within the Pasion family. Laurice and Ernest have taught their three daughters Arlee (11), Mia (8) and Emelie (5) the importance of serving the community by sharing their time and talents.

From left, Ernest, Arlee, Emelie, Mia & Laurice Pasion enjoy helping Oahu’s animals.

Budding entrepreneur Arlee even started a business to support Hawaii’s animals. Armed with fistfuls of homemade hairpins and other accessories adorned with animal faces, she launched her business, Pasion for Crafting. “I really wanted to find a way to help the community and combine it with what I learned in school,” said Arlee. Her crafts are sold to friends and family with all proceeds donated to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Aside from creating appealing accessories to raise funds for the animals, Arlee volunteers at the Hawaiian Humane Society once a

week with her mom, Laurice, and her middle sister Mia. “We wanted to teach the girls work ethic,” said Laurice. “We’ve been so fortunate and wanted to make sure they learned how important it is to give back.” Arlee, Mia and Laurice can often be seen on campus providing enrichment to cats and handing out

Did you know? Did you know that Hawaiian Humane Society’s Humane Investigators are deputized by the Honolulu Police Department? This means that the Society’s officers are authorized to enforce animal-related laws on Oahu including nuisance complaints, stray dog calls and dog licensing violations. In addition, Hawaiian Humane officers are sanctioned to issue criminal summons for dangerous dogs, animal desertion and animal cruelty. For more serious felony cases, Society officers work with the police department and the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney to bring justice to abused and neglected animals.


towels to animals who need extra bedding and warmth. “Volunteering gives me a chance to bond with my daughters while helping animals,” said Laurice. The family plans to continue volunteering and to support the efforts of Pasion for Crafting. “We hope this will be a lifelong lesson for our girls,” said Laurice. “We plan on helping out as long as we’re able!”

Donor Spotlight: Inspiration to pay it forward a month. She began taking him on daily walks during breaks. They bonded quickly and she knew that he needed to be a part of her family. Soon after the Teens4Animals program ended Ishida-Norton and her mom, Jennifer decided to make it official and adopt Bruno.

In some ways, Amanda Ishida-Norton is just like any 17-year-old. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. She is looking forward to graduating from Kailua High School next year and loves spending quality time with her dog, Bruno. What you wouldn’t know by looking at her is her deep Bruno dedication and empathetic nature brings smiles to toward both people and animals. Ishida-Norton Ishida-Norton’s passion for every day and keeps her in creatures big and small has led positive her on a path toward becoming spirits. a marine veterinarian. Her compassion drives her to devote her time to the Hawaiian Humane Society. She has spent two years as a volunteer for the Society and launched a summer fundraising campaign that has raised more than $1,000 to help Hawaii’s animals.

She decided to she wanted to help by fundraising for PetWalk, the Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual charity walk. “What I love about the Hawaiian Humane Society is that animals waiting to be adopted can stay as long as they need to,” Ishida-Norton said.

“I started volunteering at the Hawaiian Humane Society when I joined the Teens4Animals summer program last year,” said Ishida-Norton. “My mom and I thought that this would get me out of the house, doing something I love to do, which is working with animals.”

To give her fundraiser a boost, Ishida-Norton decided to post on her social media pages and share the story of her journey with Bruno and her time at the Society. In response, many of her loved ones have supported her fundraising efforts.

During her two weeks with the program, Ishida-Norton met and fell in love with Bruno, a 60-pound senior dog who had been at the Society’s Adoption Center for about

For Ishida-Norton, the gratification comes not in the amount raised, but in knowing that the donations will go toward helping other families find happy endings like hers. “Bruno has done so much for me. That should be the way it is with all people and their pets.”

“Bruno knows when I’m upset and he brings me comfort. He helps to keep me positive,” Ishida-Norton said. “I really want other people to have that kind of a relationship with an animal, to have that type of companion.”

As part of the Teens4Animals Council, Ishida-Norton had the opportunity to be a spokesperson for the Society, along with council members Taylor Moniz and Aulii Silva.


Ishida-Norton has a few words of advice for others who want to give back but don’t know how. “I believe that everyone should take themselves out of their comfort zone and follow their passion,” she said. “You might find yourself planning on spending two weeks doing something you think you’ll like and end up loving it for two years. I know I’ll be a supporter for life.”

3 1 r e b o t c y, O

a d r atu

Why we support PetWalk

Earn incentives

Grand Champion

All mahalo gifts will be distributed at PetWalk while supplies last. Registered walkers who raise $500 or more are invited to the PetWalk VIP tent. The tent features complimentary food, drinks and fun items for people and pets.

“At the Petco Foundation, we are all for the love of pets. All for cozier naps, all for longer morning runs and all for Hawaiian Humane Society PetWalk Paina. Most importantly, we are all for saving lives. That is why every day, we work in partnership with animal welfare organizations across the country to help bring pets in need together with loving people. So on October 13, walk a pet, love a pet, save a pet.” – Susanne Kogut Executive Director of the Petco Foundation

For more information on Mahalo Gifts, visit


ave time – register online

Get ready for PetWalk Paina 2018! This year, we’re walking and wagging in Kakaako. Join us on Saturday, October 13, at 5 pm, for a stroll around Ward Village. Funds raised at the Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual event stay on Oahu to help local animals. Be sure to register for your fundraising page today! The celebration will continue at the first-ever PetWalk Paina block party at Kolowalu Park. Participants will enjoy a fun-filled evening with their pets featuring entertainment, contests, shopping and a variety of ono food and refreshments. For more information, and to create a PetWalk page of your own, visit

Kolowalu Park

“American Carpet One is proud to sponsor the Hawaiian Humane Society’s PetWalk Paina in their efforts to raise awareness and compassion in the community. As a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Hawaii since we opened our doors in 1974, we support bringing pets into your home by providing quality pet friendly flooring together with pet maintenance cleaning systems. With over 50,000 square feet of warehouse stocked up in inventory, we will always be able to meet your immediate needs. Along with being the only Honolulu flooring retailer who has expert installers employed by our company we can ensure the quality and level of service provided to you.” – Danielle Lum Marketing & Business Development Manager of American Carpet One “VERC is a proud sponsor of the 2018 PetWalk Paina. Brought together by our shared concern for animal welfare, and celebration of the human animal bond that exists between us and our canine and feline companions, we unite with our friends at the Hawaiian Humane Society, working in tandem to improve the lives of pets that depend on us for their well-being.” – Chris Frendreis Business Development Manager of Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center of HI

Best in Show

Pack Leaders

Media Hounds



Exercise is not just for the body The word “exercise” often brings to mind running, hiking or a fast-paced play session that leaves your pets panting. What many don’t realize is mental exercise can be just as satisfying for animals as a long run on the beach or a hike on the Makapuu Lighthouse trail. Pets recovering from medical procedures, kept indoors while owners are out of the house or cooped up inside on a rainy day can benefit from a variety of mental games that keep them engaged. Let them work for treats. Food puzzles are hard toys made of plastic or rubber that hold treats. The holes that dispense treats are small, so pets must shake, paw or roll the puzzle to coax out their snacks. Food puzzles require time, patience and problemsolving — all skills that are good for your pets and will help them enjoy quiet time alone. It’s okay to play with food. If too many treats are a concern, use mealtime to feed the body and stimulate the mind. Try feeding your dog in muffin tins. Disperse kibble in each hole of a standard-size tin and cover each hole with a tennis ball. The goal of the game is to encourage your dog to sniff for his food and dislodge the tennis ball so he can get to his dinner. Small dogs and cats can play

this game too using a mini-muffin tin and ping-pong balls. A kid’s game makes a great pet game. Teaching your pet how to play hide-and-seek is a great workout for mind and body. Play hide-and-seek either by hiding treats around the house, tucking a favorite toy away in crevices or even hiding yourself. This game is great for the whole family, can be played indoors or outdoors, and gives everyone involved lots of exercise and entertainment.

Teaching your pet new tricks is a great way to keep them mentally fit.

Training helps both people and pets. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your pet is a good training session. According to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, “Training builds your mutual bond, enhances the partnership and enriches the relationship you share with your pet.” Both cats and dogs can learn basic training commands such as sit and stay. If you are teaching your pets an

a l s . m i Turn your n A r o f s o t old w Au

advanced command, be sure to use high-value treats that will keep them motivated. Mental stimulation is as important as physical activity for pets. Spending part of each day on social enrichment, play, exercise and training will help your animal companions become more relaxed and settled pets.

heels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit


Ways to give Foodland gives aloha and puts food in the bowl In September, make a donation with the code 77200 at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms and the Foodland and Western Union Foundation will match a portion of your gift. Combined Federal Campaign salutes the animals This fall, military and federal employees can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign. Select charity 20356 to be an animal hero. Support the Society through Aloha United Way Donate through Aloha United Way by designating a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society with code 70540. To help the animals directly, enclose your donation in the envelope in this newsletter or make a gift online at Call 356-2213 for more information on how to donate.

Keeping the ones we love healthy Pets bring smiles to the faces of millions around the world. Did you know that they also can help to maintain our emotional and physical well-being? According to Harvard Medical School, pets can help to keep us physically healthy by increasing opportunities to get outside and exercise. There are also other health benefits to pet ownership. Having a pet is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Several studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-owners. This is likely due to both the increase in physical activity and the power of touch, as research has revealed that blood pressure decreases when a person pets a dog. Pets also are important as sources of social and emotional support in our everyday lives. The American Psychological Association said that based on a number of studies, pet owners were found to have greater self-esteem, tended to be less lonely, were more conscientious, were more extroverted, and tended to be less fearful and less preoccupied than non-owners.

Recognizing that pets need to be kept in the best of health and to be protected in the case of illness or injury, UHA has begun offering pet insurance through Pets Best, which reimburses up to 90 percent of veterinary bills. UHA will donate a portion of proceeds from each new enrollment to the Society. Visit

The positive impact of the human-animal bond is just one more reason to add a pet to your life. 11

Waggin’ Tales Crazy Shirts is crazy for kittens Thank you to Crazy Shirts for hosting and sponsoring adoption fees at its Pearlridge store in June where 15 kittens found new homes.

Tails were wagging at West Oahu Game Day Three cheers to all who attended West Oahu Canine Game Day 2018. A special thanks to the Society’s Teens4Animals Council, Pacific Roller Derby and the 84th Engineer Battalion for volunteering and helping to make the day such a success. Taking a walk for the animals Much aloha to the students of Mililani Middle School for helping the animals of Hawaii. They chose the Hawaiian Humane Society as one of the organizations to support during their walk and raised over $1,300.

Aon shares aloha for animals A warm mahalo to Aon Insurance for spending a day caring for the animals at the Hawaiian Humane Society. The group walked dogs, transported supplies and provided one-on-one companionship to animals on campus.

Holoholo Check out all of these upcoming events and more at

Pictures with Santa Paws

Alexander & Baldwin and Honolulu Federal Credit Union are partnering with The Hawaiian Humane Society this holiday season. To spread holiday cheer, they will be sponsoring our annual Pictures with Santa Paws event where you and your pets, naughty or nice, can have their holiday photos taken to benefit the Hawaiian Humane Society. Each sitting with a professional photographer includes access to digital copies of the photos for a $30 donation.

November 3 & 4

December 1 & 2

Hawaiian Humane Society, Moiliili

The Lau Hala Shops, Kailua

Call 356-2247 or email for more information.

Kapahulu-Moiliili Christmas Parade Thursday, December 13 • 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Celebrate the holiday season in our neighborhood of Moiliili on Thursday, December 13 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. We’ll pass out gifts to parade goers and share cheer with all our neighbors as we march in the parade. Come in festive fashion and even create a pet float to join our parade down the street. 12

We will rally at the front steps of the Hawaiian Humane Society at 5:30 pm and enjoy light refreshments before heading across the street to Kuhio Elementary. RSVP by emailing For more information, call 356-2245.

Preparing pets for a disaster The Central Pacific hurricane season runs from May through November, but disaster can strike at any time. All pet owners should have a plan in the event of a natural disaster or personal emergency. Your plan should include knowing the location of your nearest shelter and having a pre-packed emergency pet kit. Never leave your pet behind. Remember, if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet.



A disaster preparedness kit for your pet needs to include: RECORDS

A 14-day supply of food and water in sealed containers

A crate or carrier for each pet large enough for him stand up and turn around with ID card attached RECORDS

RECORDS RECORDS A leash and collar with updated ID and license tags

Bedding, towels, toys, treats, food and water bowls

Medications, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies for crates/litter boxes


As designated first responders, the Society partners with the City & County of Honolulu to assist in disaster planning and response. The Society supports the community and emergency shelters islandwide with volunteers and emergency supplies.

Vaccine records and other veterinary information

Photographs of each pet

Mahalo to all the volunteers and community members who helped oversee emergency shelters, assisted in preparations at our Moiliili campus and cared for the animals during Hurricane Lane.


Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from February 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 + Lauran Bromley Crazy Shirts Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Ginny Tiu

Animal Champions $5,000 +

7-Eleven Hawaii Bob & Frances Bean Crum & Forster Arthur & Ruth Ushijima Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center of Hawaii

Best Friends $1,000 +

Dawn Aull Carma Bamber Bank of Hawaii William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Enterprise Rent-A-Car Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki James & Priscilla Growney Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union Foundation Honolulu Federal Credit Union Hunet Global Creations Iolani School Deborah Isler Gary James Marjorie Kashiwada Rev. Nobuharu Kato Denise Keala Koaniani Fund John & Allison Lyles Thomas Mendonca Mililani Middle School Patricia Moore David & Kellyn Okabe Elizabeth O’Malley PetSmart Charities Carl & Lu Seyfer Susan & Alvin Shishido Stanley Uyehara Xtermco Ayako Yamada

Devoted Companions $500 +

Bob & Kelly Armstrong Henry & Etta Au Hoy Herbert & Leona Chock Catherine Chung Jo & Margarita Chung Daniel Delbrel Sarah Fincke Brian Fujiwara Girl Scout Troop #170 Giza Makana Fund John & Pam Haddock Robert Harrison

Linda Hayashi Charlaine Higashi Brian & Jennifer Ho George Hudes Kevin & Maria Inouye Patsy Kalawaia Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Christopher Kasperowicz James Kealoha Linda Koishigawa Asia Lanoway Creighton & Linda Lee Michael & Joyce Lighthill Reiko & Milton Matsuda Richard & Malia May Portland Mendivil Patricia Merideth Michele Meyer Ann Michaud Monsanto Edwin & Marion Oka William & Hope Oliver Roy & Darlene Oshiro Robert Pascua Pearl City High School Lisa Powell John & Diane Radcliffe Retail Merchants of Hawaii Jim & Puchi Romig Frances Schneider James & Bettye Schuler Servco Foundation Stanley Tamura Bert & Helen Tanonaka Linda & Darryl Uezu Aaron & Nina Ungerleider Dorothy Urada Voyager Public Charter School Rebecca Ward Stanley Yamaoka

Roy & Arlene Ando Shelly Andrews Janel Antoine-Jones Aon Foundation Marc & Florence Aoyama Vernon Aquino May Arakaki & Richard Rita Toshuke & Muriel Arakaki Kathy Arakawa Rena Arakawa Carol Aramaki Renee Archer Nakashima ASSETS School Hiram & Jane Au Roland & Kathy Au Sidney & Gloria Ayabe Michael & Lillian Babcock Frank Baensch George & Ipolani Bailey Nukilani & Norman Baker Ray & Rosaline Ballungay Kenneth Barclay Corey Barker Mary Ann Barnard Gabriele Barthlen Dale Bartolome Michael & Diko Bates Earl Batten Eugene Bayudan Orlando & Sachiko Benedicto Eric & Chiho Bercovici Tina Berg Violeta Bernard Gabrielle Biersach Ronald Biho Harry & Jean Bjornson Gillian Boss Danielle Bowers Peter Bowers James Bragaw Stephanie Breault Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale James Brock Richard & Julie Brock Harrison & Pamela Brooks Eileen Bull John Burback & Norma Pang John & Carol Burke Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra John & Susan Campbell Karin Campbell Barbara Campbell Danelo & Ann Canete Ignacio Cariaga Judy Carlisle Stacy Carnes Thomas Carpenter Paula Carroll Colleen Casey Sonya Catiggay Catherine Caudle Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Tesia Chang Candace Chase

Guardian Angels $100 +

Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro Michelle & Edmund Aczon Shunji Adachi Dale & Katherine Aina Nia Aitaoto David Aiu Robyn Akahoshi Linda & Noel Akamu Russel & Myung Akamu Terry Akana Gwen Akimoto Kikue Akiyama Ada Alamani Mary & Jay Alameida Hays Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Aliamanu Middle School Juanita Allen Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Warren Amaral Hiroko & James Amsbary Richard & Ethel Anbe Joanne Ancheta Tammy Andaya


Phillip & Faye Chase Wieland Chee Claire Cheeley Clyde & Lisa Chena Michael & Trudie China Yan Ching Chong Jonathan & Cora Cho Karen Chock Chae Wan Chon Calvin & Janet Chow Colleen Choy & Michael Motoda Heidi Choy Aran Chun George Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Sandra Chun Summer Chun James Cigan Cinnamon’s Family Restaurant Erin Claggett Stuart Clemons Peter Colarusso Guillermo Colon Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Janet Cooke Christopher & Patricia Cooper Louisa Cooper Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Patricia Cornish Nikki Correa Armand Cote Susan Courtney Brandon Covert Mark Cox Merle & Doris Crow Janis & Renato Cruce Albert & Luain Cruz Cheryl & Jeoffrey Cudiamat Sue Cullen Charles & Deborah Cullison Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Rinna Davis Nancy Dawson Karen Degner John & Jane Dodson James Doherty Keala Dolor-Tripp Kathleen Domen Mary Donovan Sheena Dornan Patrick & Cathryn Downes Dr. Tung’s Roxanne Draxler Marilee Duffy Gloria Dugay Melanie Dunlap Richard Dunn David & Mary Dunnavant Gwendolyn Duran-Gardner Robert & Shirley Dusendschon Dennis & Dolores Dyer Erica Dzikowski Jon & Mary Lou Earll Jo-Anne Ebba Alan & Elinore Eckel Darcy Edl Judy Eko Barbara Elkington

William Ellwin Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Denise Emsley Jennifer Engle Jordan English Ernestine Enomoto Kathy Esposito-Mason Stacy & Carl Evensen Chris Faildo Michele Faller Dee Farley Diana Faustin Haylee Faustin Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Derek & Cynthia Federman Kimberly Feng Everett Fernandez Christopher Ferry Jane Festerling Joan Fleming Helen Fong Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Patrick & Bessie Fowler Paul Franke Diana & Craig Franklin Lisa Franklin John Fritz James & Yoshie Fromm Carol Fujie Alton & Sandra Fujii Derek & Jean Fujii Linda Fujii Gail Fujimoto Karen Fujimoto Lindsey Fujimoto Reed Fujimoto Lynette Fujiyoshi Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Susan Fukunaga Shelley K Funasaki Louis & Mary Furtado Ed Furuike Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Mark Furutomo Allison & Blake Gammel Nanci Gandy Barbara Garringer Beau & Marjorie Gaza Patrick & Catherine Geraghty Leslie Gershoff Carmen Geshell Christopher & Amy Gibo Bernard & Lyra Giorgio Rachael Gonzales Eric Gonzalez Wende Goo Stephen & Barbara Goodman Lois Gordon Mark Gordon Carrie Gosiaco May Goto David & Angela Goya Genevieve Goya Pamela Grant Harvey & Rae Green Elizabeth Rice Grossman Delphina Guerrero Thomas Guerrero Joel & Elvira Guiang Morena & Chester Gullett Joann Gunda David Gustafson Sherie Gusukuma Liang-Hsien Hahn

Senchelle Haina-Sesson Napua Hakkei Pedro Halo-Arvizu Keith & Janice Hamamoto Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka David & Helen Hamasaki Liz Hamilton Toni Han Shelby Hankee Jean Hankin-Jones Gregory & Wendy Hanna Steven & Sherry Hansel Dean Harada Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Harbor Shores Apartments Melvea Ann Hardy Heather Harlow Jack & Myrtle Harmon Irene Hatakenaka Mark Hatori & Cindy Amimoto-Hatori Ayako Hayashi Michele & Dale Hays Gerald Hee Vincent & Sandy Hee Ralph Heidenreich Michael Heirakuji Michael & Lotus Heltz Virginia Henderson Willliam Henne Javier Hernandez Eileen Herring Alan Higa Roy & Doreen Higa Garrick Higuchi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi George & Kay Hino Sandra Hintz Eric Hirano Melissa Hirano Dalton & Joanne Hirata Ululani & Milton Hirohata Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Jacqueline Hironaka Phyllis Hironaka Paula Ho Peggy & Myron Hoefer Bonnie & Bruno Hofmann Bill & Sharon Holaday Valerie Hong Makaio Hopeau-Lampitoc Brian & Carole Horiuchi Marie-Sol Howard Ko Moe Htun & Susan Malterre-Htun Lorna Hu Marcelle & Karen Hughes Julie Hullerman Christina Hunt Zen Hunt Colin Hunter Brooke Ichiki Susan Ichinose Irene Iha Roy & Cassy Ikeda Charles & Mildred Ikehara Lynn Inafuku Helen Inazaki Marshall & Ardine Ingraham Dwight & Masako Inokuma Eric & Ann Inouye Jen Ishida Kenneth & Sharon Ishida Clifford & Lorraine Ishii Lynn Ishii Margaret Isonaga

Denis & Ella Isono Alfred Itamoto Eri & Yoshitaka Ito June Ito Lester Iwamasa Linda Iwasaki Chad Iwashita Val & Cynthia Iwashita Elsie Iwatani Patsy Izumo Eileen Jackson Jean Jakahi

Burton Kerbox Bob & Susan Kern Kathleen Kidder Michael & Susan Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Bernard & Nancy Kilonsky Jennifer Kilpatrick Florence Kim Launice Kim Loretta Kim Nathan & Dawn Kim Woo Ri Kim

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts May 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018

Francis Pickins Margaret Van Poole

Judith Jakobovits Rex Jakobovits Mary James Jessica Jewell Aileen Johnson Blake Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Shereen Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Karen Jones-Remigio & Rolan Remigio Edwin & Arlene Jouxson Allyson Kaai Nanette Kaaumoana Noel Kabasawa Jun & Mami Kagami Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Karl & Kathy Kageno Elaine Kam Jeryl Kam Jon & Esther Kamemoto Lenore Kami Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Kumiko Kaminaka James Kanae Earl & Erin Kanehira Dale Kanehisa Jared & Terri Kanemaru Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro James & Valerie Kardash Gladys Nakamura Kasai Peggy Katamoto Hanna Kath Yuko Kato Henry & Pearl Katsuda Lorraine Katsumoto Christine Katsura Dagmar Kau Toshiko Kawai Carl Kawakami Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Richard & Elaine Kawamoto Richard Keawe Howard & Elizabeth Keller Theresa & Melissa Kelly Joleen Kemper Alex & Stephanie Kendrick


John & Marilyn Kiner King Intermediate School Edwin & Mona Kini Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Ronald & Linda Kishimoto Lianne & Ian Kitajima Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Keiso Kiwada Kathleen & Thomas Kiyuna Sandra & Douglas Klein Pola Knight & MJ Pasual Jen-Ai Knotts Laurie Knych Laura Kobayakawa Ann Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Clifford Kodama Kenneth & Inez Koga Doris Kollars Laurence Kolonel Eleanor Konishi Amanda Korchia Blanche Kort Gretchen Kowalczyk Carl Kruse Benjamin & Diane Kuahine Gail Kumakura Mary Beth Kunihiro Ruth Kunishige Harry Kupihea Melvin & Karen Kuraoka Ronald & Lorraine Kurihara Lisa Kuwasaki-Kim Kealani Labrie Jim & Lynn Lally Terii Lamphier Rachel Lange Janice Langlas Len & Terri Lantych Michael Lastor David & Ann Latham Richard & Maude Lau Harry Laubach Carole Learnard Anne Lee Darryl & Doni Lee Tong Chun & Grace Lee Kenneth Lee Linda Lee

Lori Lee Craig & Penni Lee Bruce Leech Tisha Lehfeldt Gerald Lelesch & Toni Baran William Leonard Agnes & Wayne Leong Wendell & Paulette Leong Celia & Thomas Lepere Gail Lerch Steven Levinson Daniel Libutti & Mariana Gerschenson Steven & Danel Licari Barry Lightner Chia Lin Regina Lin

Sandra & Glen Moribe Howard Morinaga Roy Morioka Alfred & Nancy Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Pamela Moy Samuel & Jan Moyer Russell & Charlotte Mukai Patricia Muneno Donald Murakami Melvin & Karen Murakami Ross & Dayle Murakami Traci Murakami Karen Muranaka Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Michael Naito Edwin & June Nakahara Frederick Nakahara Harry & Hisae Nakahodo Margaret Nakakuni Jason Nakamoto Conklin & Lisha Nakamura David & Cindy Nakamura Dean & Denice Nakamura La Vernne Nakamura Daniel Nakandakari Thomas Nakano Dennis & Maureen Nakashima Herbert Nakashima Joji Nakasone Stanley & Setsuko Nakasone Wilma Namumnart Charles Narusawa Gerald & June Naughton Clara Nazareno Donald Nelson Martha Neumann James & Shirley Newman Debra Ng Traci & Sam Ng James Nichol Matthew Nickel Paul & Claudia Nihei Michael & Jill Nii Wayne Niide Yu & Chun Ning Eileen Nishikawa Roland & Ann Nishioka Kiyoko Nitz Andy & Eleanor Nobu Jared Noyama Cynthia Oda Diane Odo Edward & Susan Ohlson Lois Ohta Scot & Val Oishi Gloria & Vernon Okada Neal & Amy Okamoto Richard & Linda Okamura Gerald & Ruby Okano Joyce Okano Richard & Melva Okazaki Kazuo & Yuko Oki Terry Omine Elaine Onaga Jessica Onishi & Judy Jones Ono Kettle Pop Ann Ono Diane Ono Yin Oo Kimberly O’Quinn James Ormand Patricia Oshiro Franklin & Gayle Ota John Otaguro

Douglas Massey & Gisele Fournier-Massey Pamela Masuda Isao & Jane Masunaga Margaret Matayoshi Kylie Matsuda-Lum Glen & June Matsumoto Kaori Matsumoto Roy & Joyce Matsuo Stacie & Reed Matsuo Sharon Matsusaka-Brewer Dennis Matsuura Dani & Stephen McCarthy Arlene & Richard McCormack Kelly McCormick Floyd & Ann McCoy

Grants May 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018

ABC Stores ASPCA Hawaii Community Foundation Hickam Officers’ Spouses’ Club Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses Charity Association

Marcia Little Nanette Lontayao Sandra Loo Melinda Lopez Naomi Losch Thomas Loudat Deborah Love Cynthia Lum Madeline Lum Steven & Mana Lumpkin JoAnn & George Lumsden Claudette Lundin Timothy & April Luria Reta Maag Jon Maberry Virginia & Michael MacBride Layne & Evelyn Machida Sheila Mackertich Mary Macmillan Elizabeth MacNeill Kenneth & Melissa MacPherson Benedict & Gail Madriaga Janice Maeda Lois Maeda Thomas & Ellen Maeda Sheila Maedo Gemma Magnusson Daniel Mahoney Michael Maii Steve & Jane Mann Kwan & Helen Mao Robin & Daniel Marcom Kelly Marcoux Stephanie Marcum Jeanne Marn John & Stephanie Marrack Genie Martin Raymond & Py Martin Shawn Martin Mark & Danette Maruyama

Elizabeth McCreary Bruce McEwan & Lillian Cunningham Mary McGowan Sophia McMillen Michael Meagher Peter Meagher Leonard & Tokiko Meek Danny & Yong Melton Whitney Menchavez Joni & Justo Mendoza Freidalane Menezes Mike & C.J. Merrill Pamela Mew Mililani High School Andrew & Lee Miller Ronald & Elizabeth Miller Hilda & Clyde Min Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Janyce & Stuart Mitchell Jessie Mitchell Edwin & Ellen Mito Dennis & Chan Mitsunaga Kathryn & Morris Mitsunaga Lisa Miyakado Dori Miyamoto Linda Miyamoto Sandra Miyoshi Walter & Helga Mizushima Charles Mizuta Jody Mocarski Paula & Joel Mochida Kenny Mochizuki Midori Mochizuki Yolanda Mondo Esther Moniz Melissa Moniz Alexandra Montenegro Nadia Moore Karen Mori


Katharine Owen Byron & Kathy Oyadomari Walter & Gayle Ozawa Margaret Pahinui Laeton & Lena Pang William Pang Joan Parker-Dias Arsenio Pascua David & Joyce Patrick Donald Patten Susan Pauley Pearl Properties Michael & Nicole Pedersen Shawn Pedro Donald & Melanie Pendleton William & Lyn Pendragon Elizabeth Pereira Diane Peterson Helen Petrovitch Nancy Pflueger Mary Philpotts McGrath Charlotte Plant Janna Plant & Tim Vanderveer Annette Platt Vaughn & Melinda Plemer Tim & Laura Poell Josephine Poirier Gilbert Ponce Jennifer Potter Tom Powers Walter Preza Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy John & Linda Puu Josephine Quensell James & Cindy Ralar Kekoa Ramos Tobi Raynard Mark Richards Joey Riedel Jacqueline Rinn Jeanette Roberts Thomas & Elaine Roberts Daniel Robertson Glen Robertson Sylvia Rogers Valerie Roibal William Roome James & Shigeko Roser Phillip & Julia Rother Linda Rowan Karlyne & Kevin Sadanaga Glen & Christine Saito Eugene & M.H. Sakae Catherine Sakai Diane Sakai Byron & Joy Sakamoto Latonia Sakata Kathleen Sako Michael Sakuda Walter Sakuda Cindy Santana Francis & Patricia Santos Kenn & Kristen Saruwatari Janice Sato Mary Sauvageau John & Laurie Sawyer Laurel Schatz Evelyn & Gerald Schemmel George Schmelzer Darrell Schuetz George & Bridget Scott Jason Seal David & Sheila Seeholzer Gail & Jeffery Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Franklin & Beverly Seki

Al & Connie Serafin Ben & Chris Severson David Shapiro Sam & Pat Shapiro Dorothy Shigaki Marc Shimizu Douglas Shiraki Rocky Shiraki Frank Shiroma Randall Shiroma Terrence Shive Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Frederic Sigler Darnell Silva Frank & Diane Silva Sylvia Silva Ralph & Stephanie Simmons Simply Kennels & Training Arleene Skillman Robert & Gail Skillman R. Paige Slocum & Gregory Pang Victoria Slovak Donna Smallwood Dorothy Smith Patrick & Marion Snyder Arthur & Beverly Soares Steven & Pamela Sofos Lisa Spencer Arthur & Roberta Sprague Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle St. Anthony Parish School James Stamm Ronald Stebbins Jaclyn Stewart George & Joan Stillman Michelle Stone Sheila Streltzer James Campbell High School Curtis Daehler & Angela Su Kristine Suehiro Franklin & Carol Suenaga Myron Sueyoshi Susan Sugai Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Barbara Sullivan Walter Sullivan, Jr. Ed Sylva, Jr. Ruth Tagawa Terry Tagawa Alan Takahashi Ann Takahashi Warren & May Takahashi Roy & Juanita Takara Russell & Carroll Takasaki Sharon Takasaki Cory Takemoto Sachiko Taketa Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Mark & Suzy Tam Irwin Tamura Leony Tamura Alvin & Angeline Tanaka Annie Tanaka Carolyn Tanaka Delbert & Ann Tanaka Earl Tanaka Lauren Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Brett Tanigawa Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Raymond & Florence Tarasawa Sally Tarbell Ronald & Angie Tateishi Meleane Taufa Sadako Tengan

Aulii Tenn Michael Tereschuck Luana Tevaga The Pig & The Lady Mary & James Thrash William & Patti Tildsley Times Supermarket Samuel Tiu Kimo Todd Lee Ann Tokuda Steven & Faye Tom Francine Tom Juanita Tom Myron Tom Linda & Steven Tomei Carol Tomioka Daryl Tomita Raymond & Sharman Torkildson Olga Tran Pamela Troy JoAnn Tsark Colleen Tsuda Janis Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Cathy Tsuyuki Arthur & Angela Tulak LeeAnn Tuttle Robert & Therese Tyler Yuki Uehara Janice Uemori Thomas & Hazel Uemura Lynn Ueshiro Arthur & Julie Ugalde Ulu I Ka La’au Henry & Lee Urstadt Donna Usagawa Glenn & Bernice Uto Bette & Alexander Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Craig Uyehara Keith & Cynthia Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Grant & Jin Hee Uyeno Marion Valle Herbert & Floraine Van Orden Ann Van Osdol Janice & Wayson Vannatta Lothar & Cheryl Varady Michel Vasconcelles Michele Velasco Verna Victoria Joseph Vierra Riza & April Villa Theresa Viloria Jennifer & Bruce Vollert Charles & Barbara Von Arnswaldt Travis Vu Dan Wagoner Waipahu Elementary School Neal Wakabayashi Betty & Ronald Wakatsuki Myra Wakuzawa Melinda Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Marie Wang Peipei Wang Davy Warner Edwin & Corinne Watanabe James & Anita Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Sachi Watanabe June Wataoka Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Beatrice Wedemeyer Camille Weindl

Miyo Wenkam George & Mary Wessberg Holly Wheeles Alan & Jennifer Whinery John White Robert & Seiko Whittier Gary Wild Craig Williams & Jessica Chau Jennifer Williams Kathryne Williams Nora Williams Carola Wilson Charles Wirta Judith Wolfe Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Adele Wong Erica Wong Linda Wright Wong Andrea Woods Artesha Woodworth K’Olmos William & Helen Wynn Carol Jean Yakuma Charlotte Yamada Lillian Yamada David Yamagata Wilfred Yamaguchi Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Arlene Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Thomas & Jane Yamane Paul & Alma Yamashita Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Len Yamauchi Joan Yanagihara & Donald Mair Wei Wei Yang Beverly Yap David Yap Allan Yasue Tomoko Yatabe Glenn Yee Elissa & Albert Yellin Patrick & Santa Yim Mary Ann Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Amy & Terry Yonashiro Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Cheryl Yoshida Elden & Cheryl Lynn Yoshida Cindy Yoshida Gaylen Yoshida Eugene & Elaine Yoshimi Joyce Yoshimoto Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Pamela & Jon Yoshioka Daniel Young Lynette Young Patrick & Sirinuch Young Thomas Young Vivian Young Janice Yuen James Yuki Olivia Yule


In Honor of People Bob Bean Cheryl Bethe Merle & Werner Beuggert Stan Cadwallader Michael & Jennifer Carney Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Linda Chow & Julie Padron Mildred Cole Allison Daniel John & Sue Dean Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Lori Gallagher Rhanda Gumapae-McGuire Siriporn Hogan Marie & Ray Horikawa Monica Jennings Milton & Florence Kakaio Micah and Joelle Kane Henry & Pearl Katsuda Thomas & Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Clifford Laughton Richard & Cynthia Lee Frederick Livingston Sachiko Matsushita Hugh McKenzie, Jr. Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Meng Dynasty Diane Oh Young Raymond & Trudy Okada Terri & Brian Okada Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Charles Salmon Liann Seki Hank and Vivien Stackpole Joy Tanouye Ginny Tiu Sean Watabayashi Edna Wong Stephanie Yamaguchi Billy & Freshley Joette Hartman Dorothy Bloom Stephanie Cox Chandler Family Dana Chandler Elliott Hiro Dix Tomomi Arikawa Nazly Fuller Adam Kornblau Raymond Lyau Beverly Page Ute Regan Mary Pecot Reese Scott & Sharon Warner Jennifer & Edward Campbell Katherine Stringham Helen Suehiro Anne Tanabe

In Honor of Pets Angel Keith & Sandra Abe Daisy & Pepper Liam & Amber Martin Demi Steve & Deb Knight Foster Nancy Lyum Gracie, Thor, Streaker, Beardsley, Fred & Aka Denise & Bruce Ellinwood Haku Harlan & Collette Arakawa Hauoli Ruby Okumura Coco Kagawa Sheila Kagawa Murasaki Jo desMarets Rae Rae Carole Scharfenberger Sammy Laurie Hamano Scout Erin Marshall Skye Takushi Stacey Lynn Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata

In Memory of People Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon

Pamela Burns Thyrza Eyre Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company Winston Myers Ellen & Jason Tamura Rosaline Ching Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Yet Sung Ching Carol Chun Andrew Egseth Jr. Nikki Correa Gaylord & Joann Jentz Mark Fraser Katherine Mahoney Elizabeth Gamiao Katherine Taniguchi Karen Gassner James & Dawne Browne Mary Gladding Bacon Sherry Adams Lowell Angell Susan Bacon Barbara Biddle David & Laurie Callies

Mimi & Pat Campanella Deanna Chang Linda Ruth Chock Kelly Coleman Elaine Dunn Steven Edwards & Debbie Hornsby Patrice Eifling Daniel Gladding James Greenwell Lani Hearn Michael & June Hirano Lynn Hirashima Karen & James Howell Rodney & Cherie Imai Jane Kerns John & Allison Lyles Dennis Masui Leslie Matsubara Nancy & Andrew Morgan Rachel Moriyama Sandra Ohara Susan & Wendell Oi Brett Pruitt Victoria Rivera Judith Roy James & Carol Ann Rumford Melvin Sakai Laura Sato Kenneth & Barbara Stehouwer Gabriel Tuttle James Ward E.M. Wong

Jo Ann Beccaria Duncan Brown George & Hitomi Chan Irene Chang Malcom Chang Ryan Chang Clyde & Lisa Chena Philip & Gerry Ching Gloria Chock Dung Blanche Chong Dennis & Bernice Chong Cedric & Vreni Chun Jean Chun Myrna Chun-Hoon Daniel Clement Shirley Costa Iris Dowson Eugene Drzymala A K F Dung First Hawaiian Bank First Insurance Company of Hawaii Dawn & Dexter Freitas Albert & Louise Fu Lillian Fujihara Carolyn Fujioka Lawrence Fung Marvis Goo Mathew & Shelby Goo Bradford & Dale Harrison Hawaii Mega Corp. Frances & Vernon Hee Howard & Audrey Hee Ann Higashi Amona & Suzel Ho Joe Hollars & Suellen Kotake-Hollars Dennis & Sandy Hu I2C Realty Derrick Isono Val & Cynthia Iwashita Aiko Morita Caryn Morita Gerald Kim King Street Pet Hospital Alvin & Grace Kutara Debra Lau Merton Lau Clinton & Patricia Lee Elsa Lee Ernie & Gerald Lee Herbert & Millie Lee Denis & Diantha Leong Rose Leong Robin Leong Allan Lewis Sherri Loo Adele Low Howard Luke Warren Luke Tan Tek & Wai Ling Lum Karin Marcus Ernestine Marn Barbara Matsumoto Roy & Joyce Matsuo Adelyne Matsuoka Sharlene Mau Melvin & Nikki Nagata Nisei Building Maintenance Company Raymond & Tiare Ono Tsutayo Ono Ronald & Marjorie Oshiro Leslie Park Barbara & Richard Poe Anthony Poon

Shigeko Hahn Nancy Lyum Edward Katsuji Haneda Paul Huether Stanley Higashi Charlaine Higashi Raymond Hue Miriam Hue Jean R. Imamoto Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Glen Ishikawa Sandy & Kailani Huber Paul Izama Jane Toya Mr. Tony Johns Rance Cordeiro Minnie Kosasa John & Wendy Brizble Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Lawrence & Meredith Hall Hiromi Hayashi Lynn Ikei Susan Kosasa Dorothy Louie Stephen Morishige Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Gary & Karen Sato Ginny Tiu Lorraine & George Tokuyama Ulana Me Ka Lokomaika’i Ernie Veniegas & Jim Annis Dr. Timothy Lau Earl & Arlene Ah Moo Cathleen Ahn Edwin & Elaine Aoki Pearl Arashiro Marion Baricuatro


Loreen Quevido Samia Rashed Marion Sakurai Gordon & Betty Sam Richard & Althea Sato Marty Seltzer Roy & Constance Seu Vinnie Shimabukuro David & Elsie Shimokawa Verna Shiroma-Koyanagi Joan Silva Nora & Gary Suematsu Gail Sugita William Takabayashi Lawrence Takao Carol Anne Takenaka Walter Takeuchi & Sandra Yoshida Raymond Tam Laura Teramoto Alexander & Katherine Thompson Florence Tom T.M. & M.C. Tom Nadine & Stanley Uratsuka Patricia & Lyle Wagner Gabriel Wai Chiu Leonora Wee Rowena Wiedman Robert Wo Wendell Wo Alfred & Laurie Wong Eleanor Wong Gene Wong Lianne Wong Peter Wong Donna & David Woo Michael & Joanne Wood Gilbert Yamada Hal & Millicent Yee Jeanne Yee Sylvianne Yee Stephen Yoda Hatsue Mizota & Nathan Yoshioka at ProAm Golf Shop Alvin Young Lenore Young William Yuen Rhoda Zane Pamela Lum Bernard Lum Ross McClafferty William & Norma Geenty Gordon & Mary Hammond Sarah Yani Mike McKenna Melinda & James Cavanah First Hawaiian Bank Donald & Carol Johnston Steven Lim & Mary Miranda-Lim Marine Corps League Aloha Detachment Faye Miyasaki Rachael Sakuma Scott & Marianne Schultz Cynthia & Mickey Thielen Darryl & Donna Yamane John McLaren Mayor Kirk Caldwell & Donna Tanoue Jennifer Hong Dudley Hulbert & Sono Hirose-Hulbert Marci Johnstone Cheryl Karimoto Patrick & Maile Lam

Grant Loo Kent & Sharon Lucien Monica & Chris McLaren Lionel & Carol Meyer Gervin Miyamoto Matthew & Mari-Jo Schull Helen Shigemura Rosemary Stout Gerald Meredith Connie Meredith Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips Nade Mark Behrang Colleen Neuwinth Kathleen Wilson Colin Nishida Keith Horita Gail Nozaki Randall & Sadie Takehara Neva Rego Rianna Williams Kay Rock Kathleen Wilson Irene Shigenaga John Arita Michael Azama Sandra Barrett Muriel Berglund Ronald & Winifred Casuga Lei Cha Audrey Chigawa Warren Chung First Insurance Company of Hawaii Albert & Louise Fu Edwin & Vivian Hayashi Milton & Eloise Higa Ululani & Milton Hirohata Jan Iha Russell & Carolyn Johiro Nelson & Janice Jones Claire Kaneshiro Lillian Katahara Lane Kato Ji Sook Kim Steven Kondo Tim & Carolyn Laborte Sandra Leong Gayle Minakami Theresa Miyashiro-Sonoda

Loretta & Richard Mori Todd Motoyama Lynne & Barron Nagatoshi Joyce & Roger Nishimura Douglas Olson Linda Recarte George & Corinne Seymour F.H. & Carol Shigenaga John & Jennifer Shigenaga Joyce Shigenaga Paul Shigenaga Norman & Karen Shiroma Amy Toyooka Thursday Golf Gang Allen Uyeda Carl Watanabe Michael & Gail Yogi

Buddy, Sammi Jo & Riley Brian & Pam Takeda

Lily Sharon & Jerry Wilhelmy

Chiba Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Lily Sylvianne Yee

Chloe Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro

Maka, Roddy & Pono Helen Shigemura

Coco Francis & Elaine Okimoto

Makapai Majel Morimoto

Cowboy & Prince Bobby Gordon

Max Peter & Leslie Galloway

Lea Elfalan Howard & Lynn Arimoto Joseph Vierra

Eunji Dong Jin Lee

Miu Miu Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Ginny Tiu Jennifer Trevino Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Nyke Onishi Powell & Jeanette Onishi

Gibbs Jesse & Megan Collins

Opihi Michael Armenoff

Hatsu Cindy Sasaki & Greg Takeda

Bear Oyama Lori Galera Terry & Kaylene Oyama

Elsa, Cassie & Beemer Bert & Helen Tanonaka

Eric Shimizu Cynthia Shimizu Hazel Sonoda Barbara & Dean Yoshioka Kurt Y. Sonoda Beatrice Sonoda Jay Tanonaka Bert & Helen Tanonaka

Hoku & Fifi Frances Galdeira

Isamu Tokuhara Tokuko Tokuhara

Hookelakela Lynette & Eric Wong

Al Tomonari Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto

JD Stephen & Carol Ching

Betty Torigoe Sandie Torigoe

Josie Lawrence & Nadine Woode KC Bert & Karen Taoka

In Memory of Pets Alika, Kekoa, Nani, Yuki & Angel

Kala & Koa Anderson Ryan McGinty Kea Roxanne & Robert Nekoba

Paul & Krist Tanaka Apple Faye Mar

Keno Dana Bennett

Bear K Horton

Kula Kristy & Kevin Shiraishi

Bear Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Lani-girl & Chibi May Matsumoto

BJ Molly Egged

Lilikoi, Sinbad & Kumon Kathy Esposito-Mason

Buddy Roy & Donna Lee Takara

Lily Christine Fukui

Phuket & Petunia Ruth Pagell Prince Bobby Gordon Sydnee Yujin Ralar James & Cindy Ralar Shadow Kenny David & Marlene Johnson Shaggy & Tashi Doris Ladd Nachos Shimokawa David & Elsie Shimokawa Gucci Smith Dexter & Dawn Smith Snoopy, Tucker, Crispin, Marigold, Gemma, Tessa, & Pai Connie Meredith Spot & Frito John Oshiro Sweetie Kanthi De Alwis Taisho Harold & Jan Fujise Tashi & Shaggy Doris Ladd Teddy Brauer Ginny Tiu Tika Hae-Suk Son Trubl Lisa Lewis UH Campus Cats Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Wally, Serenity & Iris Dudley Maynard Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui


Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004

2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

October 13 • Kolowalu Park

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Hawaiian Humane Society September 2018 Newsletter  
Hawaiian Humane Society September 2018 Newsletter