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The Hawaiian Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond and the humane treatment of all animals.


Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to being the animal welfare organization O‘ahu’s animals need and deserve by embracing an animal sheltering model called Socially Conscious Sheltering. With the eight tenets of Socially Conscious Sheltering as a compass, Hawaiian Humane is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, ethical decision making, mutual respect, continual learning and collaboration.


The Hawaiian Humane Society is a non-profit education and advocacy organization that shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. Established in 1883, it is O‘ahu's largest animal welfare organization that is a resource for all animals. Hawaiian Humane Society is not a chapter of any group as there is no national humane society. Visit for more information. 2 | Hawaiian Humane Society •



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PARTNER ADOPTION LOCATIONS We are honored to partner with Hawai‘i Cat Cafe, Pounce Hawaii, Aloha Kitty Cafe and select O‘ahu Petco locations who feature adoptable pets from Hawaiian Humane Society.

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On the cover: Buzz, the inspiration for “Buzz’s Law,” detailed on page 12. Paw Prints is published quarterly by Hawaiian Humane Society, 2700 Waialae Ave. Honolulu, HI 96826. Issued 10/1/2021 (FY22-2).

A MESSAGE FROM ANNA Faithful readers of our Paw Prints will have read several articles about our shelter veterinary program over the past year. We’ve shared about our dental program that helps improve the lives of our animals, and helps new adopters avoid costly medical bills, and we’ve also discussed the lifesaving benefits of amputation surgeries. Significant medical interventions such as these are critical pieces in the full spectrum of services and support available to the animals in our care. A modern and robust veterinary services program is central to delivering on our mission. It is because of our community that we are able to do this. Shelter veterinary medicine is a unique calling, and is a specialized field of its own with a very specific set of challenges. These include: a very high volume of animals needing service, little to no medical history available for the animals in our care, often severe injuries or health issues due to neglect or abuse, the realities and risks of infectious diseases spreading in a shelter population, behavioral issues and resource constraints. Our dedicated veterinary services team navigates these challenges every day, managing both individual and population health with a focus on giving the animals a better quality of life while in our care and in their new lives with loving families. Our laser-focus on saving lives requires our veterinary team to be innovative and creative, working with our partners in the animal welfare and care community as well as with other teams at Hawaiian Humane to come up with effective responses to significant challenges.

populations. Our veterinary team moved quickly to work with our operations team and partners to isolate the infected cats, provide care and support where possible, revaccinate cats in our care, and conduct additional testing to identify any cats who may have been infected. We were able to successfully avoid a destructive outbreak and very quickly contain the spread of the virus, resulting in many cats’ lives being saved. In this case, our veterinarians were performing the role of epidemiologists, identifying a disease and moving quickly to protect our entire animal population, including exposed cats. This education and experience is vital to a successful shelter medicine program and we are so fortunate to have the team and resources to do so. I’ve worked in veterinary medicine and animal welfare since I was in high school and I’ve seen the field of veterinary shelter medicine evolve and modernize, enabling the animal welfare field to have dramatically improved outcomes for our animals. Our own Hawaiian Humane Society veterinary services mirror this progress, and I’m very proud of our team and the daily impact we are having in the lives of the animals in our care and beyond. In this issue you’ll hear directly from our veterinary services team about why they chose the field of shelter medicine, and what inspires them every day to step up to the challenge. I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Anna Neubauer | President & CEO

A recent example is an outbreak of panleukopenia that occurred in some of the cats in our care. Panleukopenia is an infectious feline-specific virus similar to parvovirus in dogs, which has a high mortality rate for cats who contract it. While we vaccinate all of our dogs and cats on intake, it can take time for a full immunity to develop and we unfortunately saw some limited spread within one of our cat

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The special calling of shelter veterinary medicine Working in shelter medicine is a special calling. It requires compassion, creativity, tenacity and a commitment to producing the best outcomes for animals in your care. Paw Prints sat down with members of the Veterinary Services team to learn more about them.

Kasey Carter, MS, DVM Chief Veterinarian Paw Prints: Please tell us what drew you to be a veterinarian and about your path into the field? Dr. Carter: As a child our family had a lot of animals including many different breeds of dogs. We had afghan hounds, malteses, pit bulls, labs, shar peis, min pins and bull dogs. We even had skunks and jerboas, two monkeys, and pot belly pigs. I was exposed to animals growing up and they were a comfort for me. I started in college planning to be an engineer, but I pretty quickly discovered it wasn’t for me, so I went for a veterinary science degree at the University of Arizona. I then went to Colorado State University (CSU) and got a masters in biomedical science with a veterinary interest. And then to vet school and graduated in 2013. Paw Prints: Shelter medicine is a unique field within veterinary medicine. What steered you towards shelter medicine? Dr. Carter: In veterinary school I volunteered at the Larimer Humane Society, and that started my interest in shelters. Then I got into a study with one of the veterinarians at CSU on shelter cats with URIs (upper respiratory infections). The cats we studied were at Dumb Friends League, a shelter in Denver, and had all been through treatment and were still sick, so there was a chance that some of the cats would have been euthanized because they weren’t responding to treatment. 4 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

As part of our study we brought them back to our CSU treatment area and gave them additional care with the result that almost 100% of those cats healed up and were eventually adopted. That’s what got me started with Dumb Friends League. When I went there, I would do the study for a few hours, and when I was done, the veterinarians would mentor me and teach me how to do surgery. After graduation, they created an internship program and I became their first veterinarian intern. Six months into my internship, they hired me as a staff vet. Paw Prints: Can you tell us of something that’s personally rewarding and that keeps you doing what you do? Dr. Carter: Big picture, knowing the number of animal lives you get to touch in a day is what keeps us here. Shelter vets are able to directly help 40-80 animals per day; a larger number than many other veterinary medicine specialties. It’s rewarding to know the scope of what you are able to do as a shelter vet and the impact you are able to make, to help these animals that otherwise don’t have help from anywhere else. They don’t have owners, so we are their caretaker and we do what’s right for them. Paw Prints: Tell us about your pets. Dr. Carter: I have two dogs, named Kevin and Frank. They were both shelter dogs from Dumb Friends League. We also have Patrice who is a 16 year old obese tortie cat, and cancer survivor with an autoimmune disease, who came to Hawaiian Humane through the Hawaii Cat Foundation. Paw Prints: What do you do to decompress from this rewarding but intense work? Dr. Carter: It’s kind of funny, but to decompress from work and the animals here, I go home and rely on my pets to be there for me. And they always are. I think from my childhood, that’s where my love for animals came from, they were always there for me. I also like to skateboard, go to the beach, and eat good food.

was very shy when he arrived at our shelter and had a prong collar left on his neck. No one knew if Makana was even friendly at the time, so I took the initiative to go into his kennel and remove his collar. Makana immediately started licking my face as I removed the prong collar. Makana proved to be difficult to walk since he pulled really hard. Given my comfort with large breeds and my background in animal behavior, I would walk Makana whenever I could. Our bond grew, and from the time I first leashed him, Makana became “my dog” during his stay at the Humane Society. Paw Prints: Do you have any pets?

Chun Tam, Veterinary Services Assistant I Paw Prints: What inspired you to work in the veterinary field? Chun Tam: I was inspired to work in the shelter veterinary field when I first started working in the Hawaiian Humane Society admissions department. During my time in Admissions, I was partnering with the Veterinary Services team. I remember one time someone on the veterinary team showed me how to properly give an animal medication orally. A few years after that lesson, I used that same technique to administer charcoal pills into a husky and shepherd that had possibly ingested a foreign object. The technique that tech had taught me saved both of their lives. As of today, I have been on the Veterinary Services team for two years. Paw Prints: Can you share stories of any animals that stood out to you? Chun Tam: Primo is a very special Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff. He initially came in as a stray during the pandemic in the first half of 2020. His owners were contacted and they decided to surrender Primo to the Hawaiian Humane Society. Upon arrival, Primo had bilateral cherry eye. To complicate matters further, Primo was very pushy, chewed on leashes when he was frustrated and enjoyed jumping on people. This made treatment and any interactions with him very difficult. Fortunately, Primo is motivated by human interaction. Through patience and perseverance, Primo eventually learned manners and basic obedience. After his surgery Primo went to a foster home and was later adopted by another family who welcomed him into their home. Another dog that I will always remember is Makana. Makana is a 105-pound German Shepherd. Makana

Chun Tam: I don’t have any pets at the moment, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about the lives that I have touched like Koa and Angel the Rottweilers, Max and Sophie the Dobermans, Primo or Makana.

Robert Buntz, DVM Paw Prints: What got you into the veterinary field and where did you go to school? Dr. Buntz: I really enjoy the medicine aspect. I like working with animals. It just made sense to mix the two. I spent a few years in the army, then did undergraduate at Arizona State and vet school at Colorado State University. Paw Prints: What brought you to Hawai‘i? Dr. Buntz: I was stationed here when I was in the army and always wanted to come back. I like surfing. Paw Prints: What made you interested in shelter medicine specifically? Dr. Buntz: Really just getting to do the most good. I feel like in shelter medicine there is a really big potential for doing a lot of good. And maybe more than other fields in the past couple of years, it’s seen the most improvement in the quality that can be provided. For example, all the dental work we are able to do, and the upcoming installation of our X-ray machine.

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Continued: The special calling of shelter veterinary medicine Paw Prints: Is there a part of the work you do that’s especially rewarding to you? Dr. Buntz: When you get a complicated case and get a good outcome it makes everyone very happy. Paw Prints: Is there anything you would want your friends or family or public to know about this job? Dr. Buntz: I think some people might think it’s playing with puppies and kittens all day. While we do get to play with puppies and kittens, a lot of it is taking care of the very sick and injured animals no one else is taking care of. I think that’s the most compelling and important part of the role. Paw Prints: What do you do to relax? Dr. Buntz: Hang out with my dogs and surf.

Tatiana Reyna-Gomez, Veterinary Services Manager Paw Prints: What drew you to veterinary services? Tatiana Reyna-Gomez: I actually stumbled on it accidentally. I wanted to be in animal care and started in Admissions at Hawaiian Humane. After a few years in Admissions, the next step of my growth was the medical aspect. I’m drawn to the excitement and energy of an emergency clinic. After two years as a vet tech I was invited to be Veterinary Services Manager

6 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

and I’ve been in this role for a year and a half. There are always new challenges and new aspects to consider. I’m in love with shelter work. Paw Prints: What excites you about your current role? Tatiana Reyna-Gomez: I’ve learned a lot about leading people. One of the key things I’ve learned is that unless you care for the people, the animals will not benefit. I get a lot of excitement and satisfaction from putting together a team that really flows well. Paw Prints: What do you want the public to know about the shelter world? Tatiana Reyna-Gomez: In the work we do, we see a lot of difficult things. We sometimes see people going through difficult times. In my early days in Admissions, one of my peers told me that we aren’t in a position to judge people. We don’t know what they are going through, if for example they are having to surrender a pet. But it takes a lot of bravery to be kind. Paw Prints: We know you have a lot of pets. Tell us about them. Tatiana Reyna-Gomez: I have four dogs. Three little ones and a pitty mix. I also have two cats. One of them was a free-roamer that I socialized. The other is a foster-fail. I have two rats. I love rats. Paw Prints: What do you do to decompress after a busy day at the shelter? Tatiana Reyna-Gomez: I love gardening and relaxing outside in my garden with my animals.


HAPPY TAILS Five years later – three tales of rescue and new beginnings This October marks five years since Hawaiian Humane Society and the Honolulu Police Department received the call to rescue over 300 dogs and several rabbits from inhumane living conditions in the Waianae area of west O'ahu.

Animals on the property, then known as the Friends for Life “No-Kill” Shelter, were found covered in feces and urine and in overcrowded cages that restricted the dogs’ ability to stand up and turn around. Pet waste was also found in water bowls and food dishes, with rats and mice feeding off of open bags of rotting food throughout the ‘shelter.’ To say the conditions were deplorable would be an understatement–some of the dogs rescued suffered debilitating skin disorders, had open wounds and pressure sores and others were malnourished and starving. Some were in such critical condition, they required immediate emergency medical attention from local veterinary hospitals. Our entire team and community of advocates answered the call, without hesitation. Eighty-five staff members and 461 volunteers dedicated more than 9,000 hours to feed, clean and socialize the rescued animals.

As we reflect on the events from five years ago, we are once again overwhelmed with the sincerest gratitude to our generous community who donated muchneeded volunteer time and opened their homes to allow the dogs to heal, both physically and emotionally. In honor of the anniversary of this memorable rescue, we touched bases with three families who took in and fell in love with some of the rescued dogs.



Trey first met Clifford, a 100-pound bully mix rescued from Friends for Life, as a temporary employee at Hawaiian Humane. While on a tour of campus, Trey recalls seeing Clifford in his kennel where he was refusing to eat or interact–he was sad and depressed. While hesitant to climb in a kennel with a large dog with a history of neglect, Trey made a point to sit in the kennel with Clifford, get to know him and take him for walks. Little by little, as they built trust and friendship, Clifford became what Trey called a “100-pound lap dog that loved butt scratches”! Their bond grew stronger each day and when given the opportunity, Trey decided to foster, and then permanently adopt Clifford, the gentle giant (just like his namesake). Trey shared that Clifford has been the perfect fit for his family. He is “good, healthy and getting old but still loves those butt scratches!”

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Continued: Five years later – three tales of rescue ... When Sophie first met her new family, she was friendly but a bit cautious, particularly of men, and was startled by loud noises. However, she had no trouble making herself at home and settling into a new routine. It has taken time, but with a lot of patience and TLC from a wonderful family, Sophie has transformed into a sweet dog who loves wrestling with Ruth’s son, riding in the car, going on walks and at the top of her list, eating! Ruth says, "Ours is now HERS and she has us very well trained!"




Upon rescue, Max was in rough shape. In addition to calluses on his bottom from sitting on cement for extended periods of time, missing part of his left ear and poor dental health due to lack of care and poor nutrition, Max was also fearful of sudden noises, rustling of leaves and cars passing by. After five years of loving care and adventures with his new family, Max is now reportedly a playful, confident and happy pup that loves car rides to the North Shore, adventurous hikes in the woods, running and doing zoomies in low tide, hunting for crabs and barking at little fish in the ocean, trying his paws at SUP and being tucked in at night in his own room. “Max has brought so much joy to us and we enjoy life through his eyes,” says his adopter, Margarita Chung. “He is living his best life!” To learn more about Max’s story, check out page 14.


During Sophie’s initial days in our care, she was visibly sad and would sit in her kennel quietly, despite the chaos going on around her. Ruth was a volunteer at the time and, upon checking on Sophie, was appalled to find that the dog was infested with ticks and could barely walk. It broke her heart to learn that Sophie also had a blood infection, was malnourished and had lost most of her fur due to a bad case of mange. As weeks of Sophie's medical treatment went on, Sophie and Ruth formed a special connection. When Sophie was ready for foster care, she naturally went home with Ruth ... and never left! 8 | Hawaiian Humane Society •



Keep holiday festivities fun with these Holiday Pet Safety Tips! The holiday season is an exciting time filled with joy and celebration for many families across the island. From the pleasure of eating Thanksgiving dinner with the family to the excitement of gifts and merriment, we find plenty to be grateful for during these challenging times. However, celebrations for people oftentimes create seasonally unique hazards for your pets that could sour your holiday festivities. This holiday season, remember to be mindful of activities that can pose greater risk to your pets. Follow some of these safety tips to help limit the holiday hazards your pet is exposed to during joyous celebrations. Despite our best efforts, man's best friend can sometimes get a little too familiar with the holiday dinner plate. Keep a careful eye on your pets during holiday feasts. Fatty and sweet treats can make your pet ill and have the potential to cause serious health complications. Also, never give your pet cooked bones as they can splinter when chewed and become a choking hazard or cause serious internal injury. Gifts bring joy, even to our animals, but be sure to dispose of bows and ribbons immediately after use. If ingested, string and ribbon can potentially block your pet's digestive system resulting in the need for expensive surgeries. Even the most well-behaved pets are tempted to play with

ornaments and tinsel, so be sure to pet-proof your decor and don't forget to secure your Christmas trees properly to prevent it from falling over! Keep your companion animal in a safe place indoors, and do not leave your pet unattended outside, especially in days/ evenings leading up to the new year. New Year's Eve is a popular time for both planned and unplanned fireworks on O'ahu. The loud booms and flashing lights of fireworks can scare pets into running away, and they can even jump high fences if spooked enough. Ensuring your pet has proper identification like a microchip and a collar with an ID tag will help you reunite with them faster if they become lost.

injured or displaying abnormal behavior, be sure to contact your veterinarian ASAP. Lastly, if you find a lost pet, bring them to the Hawaiian Humane Society's Admissions Center, where they can be reunited with their owners. Immediately call the Hawaiian Humane Society at 808-356-2228 if your pet is lost and file a Lost Pet Report. You may also fill out a report at Keep these holiday tips in mind when planning your holiday celebrations. Stay tuned to Hawaiian Humane's social media for more safety tips during this festive time of year!

We know that sometimes accidents happen. If your pet is

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FY 2021 Highlights Animals Served by Pet Food Bank:


Average Cost of Care per Pet:

Total Pets Fostered:

$550 Total Animals Spayed/Neutered:


12,975 Total Number of Animals Transferred:

Total Animals Adopted:


849 Miles Driven by

Humane Investigators: 131,323 10 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Advocacy Update: We did it! Hawai‘i passes five new laws, strengthening protections for animals state-wide In December of 2020 a small stray dog came to Hawaiian Humane’s Mō‘ili‘ili campus in rough shape. She had no identification, her hair was badly matted and she had a prolapsed eye, meaning one of her eyes had popped out of its socket.

shattered limbs, prolapsed eyes and other painful but not lifethreatening conditions can now be treated immediately,” said Dr. Kasey Carter, chief veterinarian. “This is a huge win for the animals we see everyday.”

By law, Hawaiian Humane would not have legal custody of her for 48 hours. Since no owner could be reached, our chief veterinarian could not secure permission to sedate her and perform an enucleation surgery, which would remove the damaged eye and set her on the road to recovery. Our staff took measures to ease her pain and waited out the hold period.

Act 91, which had the strong support of the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association, also requires veterinarians to report suspected animal cruelty to law enforcement.

Named Ariel by our staff, she was unclaimed and finally got the care she needed. Act 91, signed June 25 by Governor David Ige, would have allowed our team to operate two days earlier, which they badly wanted to do.

“Veterinarians and their teams are, in many cases, frontline witnesses in suspected animal cruelty cases,” said Harold Han, field services manager. “Mandatory reporting will help to protect our entire community and fosters a culture of ‘see something-say something,’ which is crucial to community policing and safer neighborhoods.”

“With this new law, animals who come to Hawaiian Humane with

The law has enormous potential to protect people as well as animals. Research stretching back decades has established links between violence against animals and the abuse of people.

Act 31, signed June 7 by Governor Ige, prohibits animal sexual abuse in Hawai‘i, making it the 48th state to pass such a law.

Ariel upon arrival to Hawaiian Humane's Veterinary Center.

“By getting SB343 signed into law, we’re better able to protect both animals and those most

vulnerable, our keiki,” said bill sponsor Sen. Mike Gabbard. While it’s an issue no one wants to contemplate, there is online evidence that animals suffer sexual abuse in every county in our state and that people travel to Hawaii to commit these reprehensible acts. Gabbard cited evidence of the strong link between animal sexual abuse and child sexual abuse, child pornography and other violent crimes as reasons for his support. “There’s been a growing awareness of the need to do more to protect our animals. For many, our pets are part of our ‘ohana,” he said. “The aloha spirit should extend to all living beings.” “Hawaiian Humane could not agree more,” said President & CEO Anna Neubauer. “Throughout its history, Hawaiian Humane has advocated for vulnerable people as well as animals. These new laws continue that legacy,” she said. Public Policy Advocate Steph Kendrick thanked all of the lawmakers who helped to advance animal welfare this session, as well as our dedicated advocacy volunteers. “The Hawaiian Humane Society is committed to improving animal laws, but we can’t do it alone,” Kendrick said. “We can only succeed in protecting animals if we can show that the community stands with us.”

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Continued: Advocacy Update: Hawai‘i passes five new laws Hawaiian Humane board member Melissa Pavlicek and her team at Hawaii Public Policy Advocates played a vital role in advancing our legislative priorities this session. She shared a new technology platform with Hawaiian Humane this year that made it easier for its volunteer advocates to communicate with lawmakers. “By building capacity and working together as a team, I have no doubt that Hawaiian Humane advocates will continue to help policy leaders make changes that promote animal welfare,” Pavlicek said.

Buzz’s Story

The passage of Act 182, which prohibits the unsafe tethering of a dog and the unsupervised tethering of puppies, marked the culmination of several years of work by Hawaiian Humane and other dog advocates across the state. The dogs who will benefit from this strengthening of our animal cruelty statute have one of their own to thank. His name was Buzz.

Nathan Nielson adopted Buzz from a fosterbased trainer after Buzz’s owner failed to come back for him. Nielson’s wife, Kim Vo, said they aren’t sure about his history prior to that, but he had scars on his head and chin, and his bottom lip had been badly torn. Other dog trainers have told them he had the demeanor Nathan Nielson and Kim Vo adopted Buzz, who was of a dog used to bait possibly used to bait fighting dogs. fighting dogs — a lot of fear-reactivity, but no aggression. One of those friends was Rep. Scott Nishimoto, sponsor of the bill that “He was just so gentle and wouldn’t became Buzz’s Law. “I wasn’t a dog fight back,” Vo said. person before I met Buzz,” he said. When Nielson’s friend left her job Buzz joined Nielson and Vo’s family at the Capitol, Nishimoto offered when he was about 8 years old. to take over bringing Buzz to Their home is right across the street work because he had seen what a from the Capitol and a friend of difference being there had made Nielson’s was the office manager for the fearful pup. Nielson and Vo, for Rep. Nicole Lowen at the time. despite barely knowing Buzz’s new She started taking Buzz to work. protector, gave Nishimoto a key to While he was very timid at first, word about Buzz got around and he started making friends. Continued on page 14

New animal laws We are celebrating five new animal laws supported by Hawaiian Humane and our community advocates. Act 31 establishes the crime of sexual assault of an animal. Act 91 protects veterinarians from civil liability for rendering emergency aid to an animal and requires them to report suspected animal cruelty. Act 182 prohibits the unsafe tethering of dogs and the unsupervised tethering of puppies.

12 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Act 142 strengthens enforcement of wildliferelated regulations. Act 160 bans the import for sale of cosmetics developed or manufactured using animal testing. To help with future policy campaigns, sign up for our advocacy email list at or email your contact information to Advocacy@

Supporter Spotlight Max, Margarita and Jo Chung make the perfect family of animal advocates! If you've visited our Mō'ili'ili campus, chances are you've seen Max walking the campus as he's been coming to work at the Hawaiian Humane Society with his dog mom, Margarita "Mar" Chung, for the last few years. Seeing them on campus together, walking sideby-side, one can visibly see the bond that they share. It is a bond that has been nurtured since their paths crossed at Hawaiian Humane. Mar and her husband Jo lived in Chicago for over 30 years. Though they enjoyed living in the "Windy City," they shared a lifelong dream of moving to Hawai‘i. It was about five years ago when they decided to make the move and turn their dream into a reality. Once they settled into their new home on O‘ahu, Mar knew she wanted to continue her volunteer and philanthropic work with animals on O‘ahu. As an animal welfare advocate, she spent many years volunteering for an animal shelter in Chicago. Mar researched her opportunities and identified the Hawaiian Humane as an organization with which she could volunteer and quickly signed up. A couple of months after she joined the organization, an "all hands on deck" call was made to staff and volunteers while working a shift. She learned that an emergency rescue was underway, and the shelter needed to immediately prepare for the admission of 331 dogs. Mar jumped into action, cleaning kennels and assisting where the need was greatest. Learning of the many tasks to be completed, Mar called Jo to ask for his help. Without hesitation, he joined Mar at the shelter. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his decision to join the volunteer efforts set a new path in their life journey. Over the next few weeks, Mar and Jo spent their volunteer hours walking the dogs and helping them

Mar and Jo Chung love going to the beach and hiking with Max.

adjust to their new surroundings. On one fateful day, Max was included on Jo's walk list. After their first walk together, Jo knew Max was special and developed a soft spot for him. "I recall secretly telling Max that if he becomes available for adoption, we're going to take him home!" shared Jo. On the day the dogs were available for adoption, Jo kept his promise. He called Mar and asked her to meet him at the Adoptions Lanai to introduce her to Max. After hanging up the phone, she was in shock and thought to herself on her walk over, "Are we adopting a dog? I wasn't even thinking of adopting a pet." However, when she entered the Lanai, Max walked up to her and laid his head down by her feet. In an instant, Max won her heart.

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HOLOHOLO 2022 Pets in Paradise Calendar Contest has a record year!

Thanks to generous donors like you, our 2022 Pets in Paradise calendar contest had a record year! More than $48,000 was raised to help local animals and over 600 participants and voters engaged with the contest.

Mahalo to our photographers Kelli Bullock Hergert, Stephen Haynes and Robin Underberg and a big thank you to our generous sponsors that helped to make this event possible: Air Service Hawaii • Altres • Crazy Shirts In Loving Memory of BJ and Miu Miu Cayetano

Meet our winners:

In Loving Memory of Buster Cayetano & Summer Tiu In Loving Memory of Icee, Snowy, & Houdini Cayetano Lychee Ross • Petco Love • Piki and Sunny Lee Rainee Barkhorn Charitable / Jack & Mary Tyrrell

Alumni – Jacob

Cat – Bunny

Dog – Ellie

From page 12 their condo and Buzz continued charming the Capitol staff. “I think Buzz has more friends at the Capitol than we have friends all together,” Vo said. When Buzz died in December at about 15 years old, Nishimoto pledged that this was the year to get a tethering bill passed. “His early

Other Animal – Moon

Recovery Law Center • The Ginny Tiu Ohana

life is heartbreaking to think about,” Nishimoto said. “I didn’t want that to happen to any other dog.” Buzz is deeply missed by his family and many friends. “I had him for 7 or 8 years, so about half of his life. Hopefully it made up for the first half,” Nielson said.

“These animals that are there (in shelters or rescues) may have a colored past, but that does not define who they are. They can overcome that and they have so much to give,” she said. “People always say Buzz was so lucky to have us, but I think we were lucky to have him.”

Vo would like Buzz’s story to encourage other people to adopt pets.

Nishimoto was also grateful for Buzz’s influence on his life. “He made me a better person.”

From page 13 When Mar and Jo brought Max home, they described him as being skittish, scared of the rain, and sensitive to even the rustling of leaves. They knew that it would take time to gain his trust. Over the years, Max blossomed in his family's care. Today, he loves going on hikes and to the beach. He especially enjoys accompanying Mar to the Hawaiian Humane Society, where she is now employed as the coordinator for the Development Department. Max also joined the team and serves as the Department's ambassador. He spends his time greeting people and spreading good cheer and willingly accepts love and healthy treats as compensation. The journeys traveled by Max, Mar, and Jo to the Hawaiian Humane Society were vastly different, but they commonly found a new home in their final destination. Today, Max, Mar and Jo are lovely examples of the human-animal bond and living the island life together. 14 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Max has inspired the Chungs to want to be part of more positive outcomes at Hawaiian Humane.

All the Pawsabilities Register as an Individual Virtual Walker As an Individual Virtual Walker, you can set up your personal walk page and begin fundraising for the Hawaiian Humane Society. With paid registration this year, you will also receive a PetWalk 2021 T-shirt and exclusive sponsor swag.

We're excited to announce that PetWalk is back! PetWalk is Hawaiian Humane Society's signature annual fundraiser that raises critical funds for our organization and the animals we serve. This year, we will conduct the event virtually with fun and unique opportunities to support the Hawaiian Humane Society. Gather all your furry friends and celebrate the occasion!

Register Today! PetWalk 2021 website: When you walk with us virtually, you can walk on your own time, on your favorite path, with your pet, family, friends and colleagues! Register to participate through our PetWalk 2021 website. Once registered, participants will receive confirmation and information on collecting their PetWalk swag. Additionally, registered PetWalk participants will be automatically entered into our weekly HawaiianMiles drawings. We encourage participants to engage with us on social media @HawaiianHumane #HawaiianHumanePetWalk and enter our social media giveaways for a chance to win even more great prizes!

Register as a Team Register as a Team Leader for a Virtual Team! Recruit friends, family, and/or co-workers to join your team. Set a team fundraising goal and encourage all team members to contact friends and family for support, or conduct a fundraising activity. All participants will have the opportunity to receive great mahalo gifts too! Enter your pet in the Pet Costume Contest Our most popular PetWalk activity is back in virtual style. Register your pet to be a contestant in the Pet Costume Contest through the PetWalk 2021 website. This year, we will invite the top 10 costume contestants to walk the stage at our PetWalk live stream on Saturday, October 30. Contestants have the chance to win great prizes, including a Crazy Shirts prize pack. Pet Costume contest entrants will also receive a Hawaiian Humane Society pet bandana just for entering (available while supplies last).

Support our PetWalk Partners This year, we have partnered with local businesses to host partner events where the community can support local businesses and the Hawaiian Humane Society at the same time. Mahalo to our partners Purvé, California Pizza Kitchen and Honolulu Beerworks for partnering with us for PetWalk 2021. Check out the “Partner Events” page on the website to learn more about the special events. Reach out to the Special Events Department at to learn more about how your business can get involved and support O‘ahu’s animals!


Please tune in to our live stream at 9 am to catch the action of the Pet Costume Contest streaming live on Hawaiian Humane Society's Facebook page.

Paw Prints | 15

GIFTS OF LOVE We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021.

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy

Jane N. Koseki Margaret S. Van Poole Foundation


LB Charitable Foundation

Pack Leaders $10,000 +

ABC Stores Bob & Kelly Armstrong Suzanne Diamond Haniotis & Dimitri Haniotis Emmett R. Quady Foundation Elizabeth Rice Grossman Hokulani Malia Fund Mike & Sandra Irish James Keller Thomas & Mi Kosasa Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Joe & Teresa Moore Melissa T. Pavlicek & Stephen Teves Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Carol Ann & Mark Solien Ginny Tiu Arthur & Ruth Ushijima

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Bob & Frances Bean Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano Mike & Joyce Ching Crazy Shirts Darin Hisanaga Cyn Hottendorf Helen A. Josie Josypenko Marilyn & Steve Katzman Susan M. Kosasa Wayne Pitluck & Judith Pyle Diane L. Radcliffe John & Linda Spadaro Mrs. Joyce L. Stupski United Laundry Services, Inc.

Animal Heroes $2,500 +

Charlene Abe & Keith Kaneshiro Peter Breeze Graham Burns & Erika Sox Dr. Arthur & Bonnie Ennis Foundation Daniel Hall Gary & Jennifer Herald Dennis & Elaine Kato Martha & Roger Khlopin John & Kumi Lederer Kim & Kevin Matsubara David & Kellyn Okabe Tara Rowlette Alex & Scott Stanyon The Master's Touch, LLC

Stanley Uyehara Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

Best Friends $1,000 +

Satoru Abe Air Service Hawaii ALTRES, Inc. Carma L. Bamber Darcy & Scott Barnhardt Lindamood Todd Bedford Tim & Jeanne Brauer Lonnie & Leslie Briggs Carol Jones & Larry Jones/ The Larson Jones Family Trust Joe & Laura Chavez Claudine Cheng Linda Chow William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Lance Collins Ather & Marivic Dar Tochiho K. Enomoto Enterprise Rent-A-Car James & Vickie Farmer Ken & Linda Fong Michael Formby & Peter Lee David & Angela Goya Dede & Barron Guss Jeffrey & Kathleen Hutter Christina Iwaida James Jennings Lezlee & Henry Kaaihue Kathleen Kagawa Patsy K. N. Kalawaia Marjorie Kashiwada Rev. Nobuharu Kato Roger Kelly Koaniani Fund Creighton & Linda Lee Whitney & Harvalee Limm John & Allison Lyles Michael B. Wood Foundation Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Cary Nagano William & Hope Oliver Katie Pickman Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/ Jack & May Tyrrell Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Recovery Law Center Sacred Hearts Academy Serendipity II Fund Susan H. Shishido Jon Simmons Dennis Smith Maria Ver Rebecca S. Ward Courtney Watkins Ronald & Judy Yamamoto

16 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Devoted Companions $500 +

David Acklin Aileen Arakawa Satomi Arbeit Manami Ato Jay & Stephanie Azama Ray D. Ballungay Cydonie Cabael & Roman Apana Darrah Canady David Cantrell Jeff & Kimberly Case Ruth Chang Jo & Margarita Chung Erin Claggett Timothy A. Craig John & Christina Doty Dennis & Dolores Dyer Mary Ann H. Fernandes Sarah E. Fincke Roger Fogleman Stephen & Gloria Gainsley Lana Hash Linda E. Hayashi Junie Hayashi Katharine Hermann Hildgund Jewelers Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino Charlyn Honda Masini Joe Hong Brian & Carole Horiuchi Shari Ishikawa Francis & Marion Kaneshiro Christopher Kasperowicz Linda J. Katagiri Lorraine Katsumoto Jonathan & Goldie Kea Laraine & Chester Koga Patty & Roger Kort Mona R. Kushimaejo Jacqueline Lee Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Steven M. C. Lum, M.D. Leighton & Valerie Lum Malama Aloha Fund Leslie Martin Sharon A. Matsunaga Yayoi Matsuzawa Lillian & John McCarthy Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Meng Dynasty Stephen & Susan Metter Sharon Miyashita Majel A. Morimoto John & Suzanne Noland R. R. Okubo Rockygirl Osaki Chong Paul T. Osugi Troy & Trudy Otsuka Abigail Rose Paul Skarpness Emilie Smith Michael & Linda Smith Gary Sprinkle & Pamela Young-Sprinkle Rie & Riana Steward James & Linda Stragand

Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Mary & James Thrash Carol C. Tomioka Shana Tong Dorothy T. Urada Tammy L. Uy Alex B. Walter Leila Werner Alan & Jennifer Whinery Michael Whipple Charles K. Whitten Carolyn I. Yamane

Guardian Angels $100 +

Anonymous (3) Louis Abaya Randall & Brenda Abe Roy & Amy Abe Ryan Abella Nhieu & Joseph Abraham Wendilee Adkins Donna Agas Christine J. Ah You Audrey W. Ahana Lei Ahu-Isa Dale & Katherine Aina Greta Aipia Camille K. Aiu David D. Aiu, Jr. Paula M. Akamine Boyd Akase Gwen A. Akimoto Lynn Akina Roy & Stephanie Akita Ada Alamani Steven & Lea Albert Hays Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Juanita & Mark Allen Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Aloha Dog Joanne S. Amaki Lilah & Edmund Amoy Hiroko & James Amsbary Elizabeth Y. Amuro Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori Richard & Ethel Anbe Dana Anderson Shelly A. Andrews Gina W. Anonuevo David & Sharon Ansai Paul S. Aoki Sparky Aoki Marc & Florence Aoyama Jennifer A. Aquino Victor Y. Aragaki Jo-Ann H. Arakaki May Arakaki & Richard Rita Valerie & Brandon Arakaki Sandra H. Arashiro Steven Y. Arashiro Howard & Lynn Arimoto Stella L. Arine Theresa Armbruster & Dolph Hornbruch Michael D. Armenoff

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021. Lisa & David Asakura Wesley Asari Mary Aspegren David Astin Alexandra B. Au Frederick & Julienne Aulwes Jane Austgen Michael & June Awai Laurie Aweau-Nii Craig Azama Ursula Baensch Elizabeth & Cordell Bailey Allan & Frances Bailon Margaret & Richard Baker Angela Ballard Susan M. Ballard Ashley Ballesteros Toni Baran Kenneth J. Barclay Joanna L. Barroga Gabriele M. Barthlen Tammy & Christopher Bayer Ann & Martin Beach Shyaliana Beall Bert & Stacie Beaman John Beck Albert & Dolores Bediones Mark Behrang Robert Bejach Shannon Bell Eric & Chiho Bercovici Ronald S. Biho Rey Bisnar Laurel Boden Gillian Boss Ann M. Bouslog James Bragaw Sherilyn R. Braunthal Michael I. Brede Michael & Debra Bringman James A. Brock, D.V.M. Harrison & Pamela Brooks Fred E. Brummer Jocelyn & Seth Buckman Ronald R. Bunn Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Taylor Cable Steven & Andrea Calhoun Anastacia & Baltazar Calixterio Janis A. Calton Charlotte Cambra J. Frisbee & Susan Campbell

Jennifer & Donald Campbell Ignacio M. Cariaga Laurine & Melvyn Carino Mark Carkin Thomas R. Carpenter Paula S. Carroll Alaine G. Castro Sonya Y. Catiggay Marissa Cayetano Ross Rowena Cerretti & John Kerr Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Carolyn M. L. Chang Kathryn L. Chang Warren Chang & Ruth Foster-Chang Michelle Chapman Julie Chappell Jones & Hank Jones Marvin & Frances Char Mimi A. Charette Phillip & Faye Chase Wieland C. Chee Jung & Shun-Lin Chen Po Shu & Doris Cheng Diane E. Chinen Valerie & Takao Chinen Clarice K. Ching Evan Ching & Cathy Kawano-Ching Frederick & Ann M.S. Ching Masumi & Cyrus Ching Pandy M. Ching Reney Ann Ching Willis & Beverlyn Ching Derrick & Gwen Chock Keith & Peggy Chock Mona K.O. Chock Elisa L. Chong Britni Chong-Kee Andrew & Andrea Choo Judy & Peter Choo Keith & Stella Chow Colleen Choy & Michael Motoda Heidi Choy Steven Choy Constance & Winston Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Kelley Chun Fat Alexander & Janice Chung Annie & Les Chung James Cigan Robert C. Clifton Ana Colbridge Carrie Colon

Edna M. Colon Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Raynold J. Correia Melissa A. Cowles Earle M. Crabe Douglas A. Crosier Catherine Cudlin Susan L. Cuizon Charles & Deborah Cullison Patricia W. Culver Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Daniel J. Curtis Zina J. Dabney Chester L. Dal Santo Dorothy & Paul Dale Joseph Daoang Donna Dedrick Karen Degner Donald & Brenda Deryke Jo desMarets Julie Dinnage Diane Dizon Clyde & Winifred Doi Michelle & Floyd Domingo Joanne Dougherty Charlotte J. Duarte Marilee E. Duffy Phillip Dunkelberger Michael Dunn Richard & Brandyn Dunn Frank Duran Gwendolyn Duran-Gardner Claire D. Duvauchelle Jon & Mary Lou Earll JoAnne H. Ebba Molly M. Egged William K. Ellwin James & Kristin Elsea Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Carrolyn H. Emoto Lester & Patricia Enomoto James & Chikako Epure Karen A. Essene Eleanor Fahrenwald Michele & Dennis Faller Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Willie Feagaimaalii Maria Felix-Neal & Charles Neal Jane S. Festerling David & Anne Figueira

Paula Fitzell Richard Flagg & Alberta Freidus-Flagg Clara & Eric Flower Cindy S. Fomenko Valerie A. Foree Alexis Freeman Dawn & Dexter Freitas Valerie & James Frohardt Robyn & Christopher Frost Alton & Sandra Fujii Garrett & Terri Fujii Harold & Lorenne Fujii Gail K. Fujimoto Wayne T. Fujimoto Bert & Sharon Fujinaga Craig M. Fujino Ione T. Fujio Jon & Susan Fukuda Vernon Y. Fukuda Kent & Kayleen Fukuhara Ann Fukushima Glenn & Janice Furuta Denise Furuya Suzanne Gabaylo & Debra O'Donnell Jana Gaison-Terukina Vicki & Vince Galam Kaiya Gales Anthony L. Garcia Jr Philip Gardner Mara & Alexander Gaspar Jimmy Gastro Beau & Marjorie Gaza Francis & Jayne George Gregory & Monette Gilding Patrice M. Gionson Renee & Dennis Gomes J. Stephen & Barbara Goodman Bobby R. Gordon Peggy & Bob Gordon Lelani Gorgonio Carrie D. Gosiaco Linoma & Gary Gragson Robert & Carol Ann Graham Pamela J. Grant Barry & Dianna Graves Harvey & Rae Green Jennifer Grieco Elizabeth & Alan Gromko Joni Gross Delphina E. Guerrero

WAGGIN’ TALES In August, Freddy and Lily from our special events team joined Bloomingdale’s employee morning huddle to pick up donations collected through their employee “The Big Giveback” donation campaign. They brought along Moana, a pup from our adoption center to help collect towels, pet food and animal products valued over $500! Mahalo Bloomingdale’s Hawai‘i!

Paw Prints | 17

Cliff & Nancy Halevi David & Annie Hallstein Keith & Janice Hamamoto Laurie H. Hamano Wesley & Jill Hamasaki David & Gay Hanawahine Shelby M. Hankee Sydney K. M. Hankey Steven & Sherry Hansel Dean A. Harada Irene & James Harada Ann Harada-Goodell & Roger Goodell Jillian Haraguchi Wendy Haraguchi Harbor Shores Apartment Hotel, Ltd. Rosemae Y. Harrington Frances & Duane Hartmann Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Leslie & Betsy Hata Irene & Jesse Hatakenaka Clark G. Hatch Hawaii Agriculture Research Center Curtis J. Hawkins John & Linda Hayama Mary Jane Heilbron Ronald Heim Virginia G. Henderson William T. Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Matthew Hergert Pamela Hermes Petra & Kevin Herzog Margarete Hester Darlene Higa David M. Higa H. Kenji Higaki Charlaine T. Higashi Skip Hill Mark & Marsha Hirae Eric T. Hirano Gladys Y. Hirano Tomie T. Hirano Iris & Y. Bart Hirashima Glenn & Sonia Hirata Lian K. Hirata Ian Hirokawa & Minette Ferrer Kay & Kelly Hironaka Ann Hisanaga Siriporn Y. Hogan Francine W. Honda Karen Ho Hong Carol Hoopii Stella & Yutaka Hotta Timothy & Mary Houghton Susan House Sean Howard Colin Hunter Lisa M.L. Hutchinson Eugene M. Ichiyama Susan & Roy Idemoto Irene T. Iha Darlene & Rodney Ikegami Jesse & Lois Ikei Lynn M. Inafuku Helen T. Inazaki Sandra & Melvin Ing Helen & David Ishii Kylie Ishii Denis & Ella Isono Gary & Sandra Isono Stephany & Ronald Ito Judy T. Iwai

Peggy Jackson Kyle Jacobi Judith S. Jakobovits Dr. Gary & Melanie Johnson Norman Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen David & Chiyono Jones Norman Juan Janet Judwin Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Melvin & Geraldine Kai Arnold & Dianne Kajioka Kaylene Kajioka Priscilla M. Kalbrener Elaine K. Kam Rob Kam Sally Ann K. Kamae Susan Kamei Gail N. Kaminaga Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Paula K. Kaneaiakala Earl & Erin Kanehira Dale T. Kanehisa Pamela & Michael Kaneko William & Kathleen Kaneshige Beverly E. Kaneshiro Donna & Eric Kaneshiro Gary T. Kaneshiro Felix A. Kang Mary K. Kanno Alyssa & Andres Kaopio-Lopez Trevis Kapua Gladys Nakamura Kasai Kristen A. Kashima Linda & Gerald Kashinoki Kalika Kastein Karl T. Katsumoto Dagmar L. Kau Clayton Kauhane Daniel Kawaa Toshiko Kawai Duane & Darlene Kawamura Michael Kawano Laurie A. Kawasaki Susan K. Kaya Richard N. Keawe Dr. Howard & Elizabeth Keller Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Troy Kerstetter Valerie & Robert Kidani Diane D. Kiefer Robert & Hope Kihune Lori Kim Lynn T. Kim Daniel Kimura Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III Roy & Gloria King Gloria S. Kishi Susan S. Kitamura Lloyd & Faye Kitaoka Jane T. Kitazaki Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Sandra & Douglas Klein Nora Knock & Stanley Benito Laurie C. Knych Erica & June Kobashigawa Jane K. Kobashigawa Carolyn K. Kobayashi Glen & Alys-Jo Kobayashi The Honorable Ann H. Kobayashi George H. Kodama Diane Kodis Lisa Kogachi

18 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Kent & Nancy Koike Mark Komatsu-Yonezawa Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Dr. Steven & Estrellita Komura Candace A. Konjevic Jennifer L. Koos Blanche L. Kort Aileen Kozai Cindy N. Krantz Kerry & Darlene Krenzke Wilma & Howard Kubo Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Judith S. Kunitake Dayle & Kevin Kuniyuki Gerald & Lorna Kuniyuki Linda & Warren Kurata Evelyn Kurogi Melanie Kuroiwa-Steiner Gerald W.G. Kwock Christopher & Abigail Kyea Jim & Lynn Lally Rachel A. Lange Rich & Suzanne Langford Len & Terri Lantych Gilbert & Marion Larson Leigh Lasher Geoffrey & May Lau David & Patrina Lavarias Calvin & Tammy Lee Jennifer Lee Juliet & Michael Lee Linda K. Lee Robert H. Lee Robert Lee Stephen & Karen Lee Summer K. Chun Lee Tommy & Lori Lee James Leenman George Leong Timothy J. Lien Regina Lin Teri Locke Paul & Naomi Loewe Jacqueline L. Loo Jeffrey & Jan Loo Katherine M. Loo Lisa Ann L. Loo Thomas A. Loudat Cynthia Louie Raymond D. Lowman Gary L. Ludewig Dallas & Marlene Lum Charles Lunson Margaret Maaka Layne & Evelyn Machida Marissa Machida Benedict & Gail Madriaga Douglas Maea Janice K. Maeda Michael Maii Sean Majer Danielle Makainai Bryan D. Man John & Donna Manning Jennifer Manuel Stephen J. Marcuccilli John & Stephanie Marrack Boyd Marumoto George & Joan Masaki Sharon Y. Masuda Andrew T. Matayoshi George & Lynn Matsuda Kelli E. Matsuda Milton & Laura Matsumoto

Tyler M. Matsumoto Winifred M. Matsumoto Roy & Joyce Matsuo Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Dennis K. Matsuura Gay Ann K. Mattson Domingo & Mila Matute Cynthia & Roger Mau Catherine F. McElwee Jean McIntosh Mark McKellar Rachael S. McMahon Kathlyn McRae James & Ann Mee Kathleen S. Meier Keith & Sandra Menchavez Thomas & Melvine Mendes Eddie & Selene Mersereau Glenn & Gayle Mifune Randall Mikuriya Andrew & Lee Miller Markham Miller & Sophie Saito Joanna & Esau Milo Pam Milroy Erin Minaya Dr. Randy T. Mita Gale Mitchell Jeffrey T. Mitsuda Lowell & Beverly Miura Harry & Ethel Miyachi Janice Miyahira Lisa T. Miyakado David T. Miyamoto Gary S. Miyamoto Susan S. Miyamoto Ruth Mizumoto Roy & Audrey Mizushima Walter M. Mizushima Charles T. Mizuta MMM Family Foundation Yolanda M. Mondo Rita U. Moniz Patricia A.L. Moore Howard N. Morinaga Dr. Naomi F. Morita Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Yvonne & James Morris Terri Morrison Veronica & Robert Morse Mary & Sharon Moscovic Martha S. Mueller Ken & Noreen Mumaw Hideo & Teruko Murakami Brian Muranaka Claire & Michael Muranaka Ivan & Jane Muraoka Herbert & Ethel Nada Stephanie E. Nagata Jeanne N. Nagatani Kenneth & Doris Nagatani Lea Nagoshi Jerry & Carol Nakagami Vance & Sarah Nakagawa Edwin & June Nakahara Margaret H. Nakakuni Lucille Nakamoto Sato Gail Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Irene & Kelley Nakano Grant Nakashima Lynn & Jay Nakasone Pamela & Shannon Nakata Thomas & Laverne Nance

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021. David & Marlan Nashiwa Jemal & Atsuko Ned Anna Neubauer James & Shirley Newman Debra F. Ng Mylinh T. Nguyen James Carlton Nichol Carol Nichols Claudia L. Nihei Gordon & Anita Nihei Ralph & Bette Nishida Janet & Clifford Nishihara Eileen Nishikawa Marleen Nishimiya Evan Nishioka Kylee Nishioka Janet & Todd Nohara Joleen T. Nomura Edwin H. Nose Joseph & Alice Nunogawa Charlotte M. Oates Gary & Kelly Oba Anna Ochoa Keith Oda Albert K. Ogata Alvin & Lynn Ogi Scot & Val Oishi Brian & Gwen Okahara Neal & Amy Okamoto Angela C. Okamura Richard & Linda Okamura Kenneth & Diane Okimura Walter & Charlotte Olmos Victoria Olsen William Olson Velma H. Omura

Ernest & Eufimia Ongoy Ann K. Ono Scott Ono & Laurie Fukumitsu Linda Mae Onomoto Gerrit & Gayle Osborne Timothy J. Oshima Raymond & Amy Oshiro Wayde T. Oshiro James & Cion O'Sullivan Helen S. Otoshi Laurie S. Oue Delbert W. Ouye Daniel J. Pacheco, Jr. GieGie Pagan Pualani Paiaina Donald & Lynda Paishon Nicole Paishon Diane & David Paiva Bonnie-Lee S. Pang Darlene Pang Lorna Park Natalie N. Pascua Robert & Dawn Pascua Wayne & Lanette Pascua PayPal Giving Fund Pearl Properties, Inc. Elizabeth Pereira Jonathan Peters Sheila J. Petersen Kirtland Peterson Nancy D. Pflueger Ross Allen Phillips Dr. Cassandra Pinnick Janna Plant & Tim Vanderveer Allan Pollack Gilbert Ponce

Harold Prados John & Linda Puu Edgar Quinabo & Frankie Ruggles-Quinabo Monica Ramirez Doreen Raymond Robert T. Reeves Fred Regal Wolf & Diane Reitsperger Cary Reynolds Paul & Jessel Riccardini William & Emi Robillard Timothy & Meng Roe Brigitte Rolph Caryn E. Rosen Linda J. Rowan Heather Ruth-Durham Ann Ryan Donna & Robert Ryan Michael & Tracie Ryan Lila & Arthur Sagon Mel H. Saiki Melvin & Merle Saito Eugene & M.H. Sakae Robert & Julie Sakai Byron & Joy Sakamoto Dora & Eugene Sakata Randolph & Stephanie Sakauye Kathleen T. Sako Richard Sakoda Marie & George Samudio Patrick A. Santos Jed & Lynda Sasaki Matthew Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Wallace K. Sato

Renee Y. Sato-Yuen Eugene Savio Rudy Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Ernest & Vicky Saxton John & Sylvia Schneck Winton & Sandra Schoneman Andrew & Kristin Schumacher Nanette Sciulli Chong Sun Scott Justin & Faith Seguirant Mary & Ronald Seiple Franklin & Beverly Seki Noreen & Richard Seubert Danielle & Geovani Sevilla Lonna & John Sherwin Stanley & Theresa Shibata Michael K. Shigeta Michael & May Shim Lorna S. Shima James & Elsie Shimabuku Blaine & Alpha Shimizu Mark & Bernadette Shimono Davis & Olinda Shindo Stacey S. Shinsato Cynthia Y. Shiraishi Douglas S. Shiraki Elaine Y. Shiraki Geraldine E. Shishido Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Beth Ann Shropshire Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Peter S. Sigouin Kimberly A. Simao Patrick Simonds Shelley Simpson

Crazy Shirts debuts a new Adopt-A-Dog design, just in time for holiday shopping! The newest Adopt-A-Dog design is here and we’re in love! The message of inspiration behind the design is “because animals bring so much joy, you’re in for the ride of your life when you adopt a pet.” The “dog club” can be seen riding in style in the design. The Short-Sleeve Hawaiian Humane Adopt-A-Dog “Sidecab Dogs” Blue Hawai‘i Crewneck T-Shirt gets its unique color from real blue Curacao liqueur and is made from 100% cotton. Proceeds from Crazy Shirts “Adopt-ADog” and “Adopt-A-Cat” T-shirts go directly to support Hawaiian Humane Society and the animals we serve.

Paw Prints | 19

Leaving a legacy Recently, Owen Terada fulfilled a wish to honor his beloved cat, Blackie, in a very special way. Over thirteen years ago, a striking “tuxedo cat,” originally adopted from Hawaiian Humane by another family, found his way over a mountain ridge and into Owen’s heart. Blackie and Owen became the best of friends and that first encounter turned into an eleven-year friendship until Blackie passed away a couple of years ago.

miss him dearly. That is why I feel indebted, happy, proud and grateful to leave his legacy and that this home will continue to benefit the many homeless cats who come through here.”

As an animal advocate, Owen wanted to do something special to give back to other cats who are waiting to find a new home in the same cat house that had once provided food, warmth and shelter to his beloved Blackie. Owen’s generous support made the rededication of Cat House Green possible, and will help provide other cats like Blackie the care they need before finding a new home. In the spirit of paying it forward, Owen said, “Blackie had a great impact on my life and I

John & Stephanie Sims Robert & Gail Skillman Gail Slawson & Michelle Eich Gilberte & Ronald Smith Kimberly Smith Lori A. Smith Beverly J. Soares Kathryn & Warren Soma Hae-Suk Son Catherine A. Sorensen Lisa K. Spencer Natalie A. Spencer Deborah L. Stampfle Lynette C. Stobie George & Maria Sally Stone Robert Strand Stephanie A. Strickland Lisa & Robert Sue Myron H. Sueyoshi Alan & Fay Sugahara Susan Sugai Gail R. Sugita Edward & Sandra Sulliban Barbara A. Sullivan John Sullivan Donna Jean & Reginald Sunada Zavier Supebedia Ashley Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Ed Sylva, Jr. Lynn & Craig Taguma Robyn Taira Yoshiko & Osamu Takagi Carol & Herbert Takahashi Lornna & Chris Takahashi Tod A. Takahashi George & Grace Takakawa Kathy S. Takamoto

Tracy Takano Jolie & Dayle Takaoka Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Ann Y. Takayesu Sachiko Taketa Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Elizabeth K. Tam Jan & Benjamin Tamura Sherolyn & Timothy Tanabe Ai Tanaka Alvin & Angeline Tanaka Annie M. Tanaka Carey Tanaka Carolyn F. Tanaka Francis Y. Tanaka Rylan & Sandra Tanaka Sandra S. Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Glenn T. Tango Kris Taniguchi Stephen & Kimii Taniguchi Ray Tanimoto Roy H. Tanimura Russell & Joyce Tanji Tanya Tano Arleen & Charles Tarnay Karen P. Taroc Shaen & Laura Tarter Candace K. Tasoe Ronald & Angie Tateishi Candace S. Taylor Joanne & Bruce Taylor Mihoko & Kevin Taylor Danielle Taylor Stephens David & Thelma Tengan Aulii Tenn Linda K Teruya Asako & Alfred Teves

20 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Monica & Carrielee Texeira Marillyn H. Thompson Ellen L. Thorson Moqian Tian William & Patti Tildsley Judy & Harold Tobin Bernadette & Robert Todd Therese Tokumi Juanita Y.M. Tom Ronald & Caryn Tomishima Burton & Carol Tomita Lauren Toribio Susan Toyama Vector M. Tsuha Janis & Dennis Tsuhako Takashi Tsuhako Thomas H. Tsuhako Stephanie & Reed Tsumoto Arthur & Angela Tulak Dawn Uchida Sara C. Uchihara Florence B. G. Udani Grace & Mark Ueunten Danielle Ulmann Roy H. Umeda Robin Underberg Donna Y. Usagawa Bette & Alexander Uyeda Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Rowena Valencia Marion Valle Mark & Vanessa Van Doorne Floraine Van Orden Mardell A. VanderBrink Lindsey James Vegas & Jantseen Peelua-Vegas Michele Velasco Sean & Sheri Viernes

Reed Villanueva Linda Virtudes Michelle Voeller Gayle E. Volger Sandra L. Vyvoda Akiko & Daryl Wakatsuki Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Marilyn F.S. Wallace David & Daralee Wang Kelly Wang Marie & Valerie Wang Sarah O. Wang John S. Washburn Alan & Elaine Watanabe Dan & Gerri Watanabe June & Jeffrey Watanabe Shelly K. Watson Quentin Watts Erik Webb Christine & Michael Weis Rachelle & James West Iwalani D. White Robert & Seiko Whittier Ronaele & Henry Whittington Donald & Yilan Wilcox Gary & L.S. Wild James S. Williston Don Wilson & Agnes Tauyan David & Arporn Winsko Charles Wirta Judith Wolfe Alfred & Laurie Wong Gregory & Sharon Wong Janice S. Wong Kathrine Wong Liane & Albert Wong Linda Wright Wong Naomi Wong

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021. Lawrence & Nadine Woode Robert Wright Carol Jean Yakuma Jean & James Yamada Lillian M. Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada David M. Yamagata Amy M. Yamaguchi Mika Yamaguchi Alfred & Jocelyn Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Roger Yamamoto Corrine A. Yamane Jennifer A. Yamashita Paisley Yamashita Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Wei Wei Yang Neal & Marian Yasuda Mahealani Richardson-Yasutake & Michael Yasutake Peter Yasutake Mary Ann Mei-Wan Yip & Wing-Cheung Yip Ronald & Pranom Yogi Caron Yokoyama Eric & Ashley Yokoyama Henry D. Yokoyama Cyrilla S. Yonehara Wayne K. Yonehara Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Elden Yoshida Keith & Marian Yoshimura Glenn Yoshioka & C. Ann Whang-Yoshioka Jean Yoshioka Kayoko Yoshioka David & Lydia Yoshishige Ivan Young Vivian W. Young Clayton & Elva Yuen Janice K. Yuen Karen Zabriskie Jasmine Zamora Dee Anne H. Zobel

In Honor of People Ann Barbara Ho Yee Rodney Kam Anna Meng Kathleen & Norman Wat Betty Hing On Lau Cheung Winnie & Helen Maria Chen Robert & Grace Cheong Joseph Cheung Nancy Cheung Peter L. Y. Cheung S. Y. Cheung Kathleen Chui Kayo Estes & Cecil Riter Neil & Carol Furuya Walter & Anne Keamo Lau Wah Leung Robert M. Littlejohn Krystyna Mautra Lisa Okahashi The Harwardt Family Joanna & Ching Wong

Beverly Shiroma Robert K. Sumida Blue Victoria James & Ann Olson Brigitte Lindsay Stambaugh David Nichols David R. Nichols Dede Guss Cynthia Jordan Ethel M. Teruya Rosemarie & Stephen Love Ginny Tiu David Griggs & Richard Smith David & Kellyn Okabe Wallace K. Tsuha Jade DeBone Donald & Carol Johnston James & Sally Meakin Patricia Litfin Jennifer Espiritu Kasi Chu Joanne Morine Skudlarick Norma L. Matsukawa Josephine Tsark Joann U. Tsark June Justice Eiland Robert Justice Kaden H. Jayson Tokuhara Kristina Viloria Karen Chang Ginny Tiu Lauren Siok Ing (Oei) Shak Dennis & Rena Hwang Lillian Kashiwabara Jeanette Roberts

Shelley Cramer Bob & Frances Bean Ginny Tiu Susan Kosasa Carol Ann & Mark Solien Toby & Jasmine Lui Marjorie Y. Lui Truman Sheila K. Mackertich Val Ford Kowal Helen Wong Vicky Cayetano Wallace K. Tsuha

In Honor of Pets

Angel Keystone Susan McCormick Apple Mar Faye F. Mar

Scott Miyake Scott & Cindy Miyake

Lucy Doris M. Ladd Malunui, Coco, Snoopy, & Radar Melody Mahi Miss Lucy Jasmina Dobinchick Mitzi & Bella Chuck & Diane Marshall

Patches Kylie T. Matsuda-Lum

Beau & his new Ohana Catherine & Dave Nadeau Bella Kyle & Kimery Ushijima Bossy Cat Sandra & Donald Harvey Brownie Matthew Heise

Coco Ryan & Claire Nakamoto Winton & Sandra Schoneman

Rob Marsden Katie Brooks

Lappy Lorrie Chun

Baron Von Curly Asplund & Sir Tiger Asplund Lenny A. Clairmont

Mark L. Tracey Jaysen Piche

Risa Lee Desiree & Daniel Lagasa

Kona John Brown

Murasaki Jo desMarets

Chica, Mia, & Anngurl Arleen M. Pacheco

My Parents Eddie & Selene Mersereau

Koko Cecilia Lewis

Bailey Keith & Amy Young

Maria Davis Wendell Davis

Michelle Garcia Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto

Kena & Kihe Bridget A. Wong

Mr. Bubbles Carl K. Chien Susan McCormick

Ch. Maja Santana Live at the Fillmore Christy Burke

Michael Toyama Nathan B. N. Chong

Kaua L.K. Gomes

Bagel Ashley Schofield

Lyle K. Oshita Michael Bridge

Mi Kosasa Vicki Borges Adrienne & Joseph Dworak Rick Ornellas Ginny Tiu

Kamuela Sayre Loretta Ables Sayre

Copper & Snowball Ramona Ching Yanai & Laine Ching Yanai

Peaches Ruth Pagell Polu Sharon Anderson Princess Dennis A. Bernard Radar Philip Berran Riley Brown David Brown Rose Thomas G. Mendonca Iris & Ward Takamiya Roxy-doodle Jo Wakayama Ruffi, Kalani, Mahina, Nalu, & Kai Lisa Robinett Rusty Gaessner Betty Ross

Daisy Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann

Shelby Cindy Asuncion

Duke the Wonder Dog Irma E. Jimenez

Spooky, Tigress, Minho, & Yuki Dean & Dora Nakamaru

Girlie “Mama Dog” Jessica Saludes

Toby & Nori Paul & Sybil Saito

Hachi Hamada Betty K. Hamada

Wiki Wadahara John & Shelley Wadahara

Henry Patti Ann Barney Iba “George Clooney” Abbot Brigitte Abbot Kailani Robert Darling & Janice Schneider

Paw Prints | 21

In Memory of People

James C. Gibson Lydia M. Gibson

Thomas Tsutomu Mizuno Susan S. Kitamura

Chuanyi Zhang Sishi Yang

Aimee A. Tonaki Gerald & Selma Pang

James C. Wo Cynthia K. Au Laureen K.K. Wong

Tim Guard Devon A. Guard

Coco Burkeen Donna & James Burkeen

Alfred B. Fernandes, Jr. Hualani J. Fernandes

Jenny Hedani Theresa Hara

Vivian Ezawa Susan Ezawa

Coco Chanel Robert & Cheryl Purdie

Angel Ramos Michael D. Clark

Jessica Massengale Aya & Karl Achiu

Yaeko, Wicket, & Koa Ono Marlene McKenzie & Yaeko Ono

Cookie Chang Jerilyn L. Chang

Annette Takahashi Tod A. Takahashi

Joanne A. Bowers Mark B. Bowers

Barbara B. Tilley Barbara B. Valk

Joy Nishimura Joanne & Clyde Matsui

Bernadette Foley Michael D. Foley

Kahu Lisa Ann & Brian Kiuchi

Betty Torigoe Karen C. Torigoe

Lawrence J. Kobashigawa Anna Y. Kobashigawa

Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon

Mabel Chang Lydia A. Faletoi Danny & Joanne Lopez

Cara M. Chapman Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi Jeffrey & Rhonda Griswold Denice Kelly Evelyn & Sunao Soga Shelley M. Soga Lianne Yamamura Casey Beck Diane & Roy Pyles Charles Walter Weatherwax Jr. Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Clyde Kazuo Sato David & Elsie Shimokawa Doug Russell Luke Fadem

Alika, Kekoa, & Nani Paul & Krist Tanaka Amigo Kiyota Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Ashley & Fluffy Monica M. Furuhashi Babe Donald M. Fujimoto

Marina “Chicky” Young Alan Ho & Sylvia Liang-Ho Shirley Yuen

Baby Bootz Jacob Nakajima

Masami Nakahara Sheryl Nohara Miles Okano Mavis & Neil Niino Pamela Burns Dr. Douglas & Ms. Linda Vincent Patricia J. Mills Lance, Jennifer, & Sarah Mills

Eileen Gesell Nancy L. Gills Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Patsy Maclvor Kathleen & Robert Maclvor

Emi Hata Gary & Akemi Simon

Paula Tedrow-Sauvageau Mary Sauvageau

Ernest Tottori Ann K. Kinoshita

Perdita Dobinchick Jasmina Dobinchick

Fred K. Rokero Harriet J. Rokero

Phyllis Adam Rosemary C. Adam-Terem

Genevieve Salmonson The Honorable Ann H. Kobayashi

Raymond & Janice Lui Gwendolyn H. L. Lum

George & Kay Hino Theresa & Layne Luke

Richard Nagashima Euphemia E. Nagashima

Harold & Roberta Lee Michael & Joanne Mikami

Sheryl Suzuki Susan S. Kitamura

Helen K. Yap Albert T. Yap

Stanley Higashi Charlaine T. Higashi

Iris Yasue-Kang Richard M. Fujie, Jr., DVM

Sue-Ann G. Kobatake Kenneth J. Kobatake

Jack Parsons Katrina Thies

Suzanna Hahn Liang-Hsien Hahn

Edie Akiko Kimura Daniel Kimura

Ali Jan Inao & Cathy Tsuyuki

Marichu Scott & Anneliese Chun Iris V. Stepanic

Patsy Aoki Angel Sibyl Albano Beverly Angel CF Properties & Management LLC Jerry & Edna Jackson Janice Kamada Kim Itakura Maxine Murakami

Dr. Leonard N. Case, DVM Piilani E. Staszkow Fraser

In Memory of Pets

22 | Hawaiian Humane Society •

Bannor Helen H. Yu Bay Andrew & Kerri Meade Beanie & T.C. Louise Pagotto Billy Bob Ho Alan Ho & Sylvia Liang-Ho Ginny Tiu Birdie Hamasaki June S. Kuramoto Botai, Titus, & Dayton Alan Y. Lee Bozo Phillip B. Mowrey Bucky Margaret A. Pratt Buddy Charlie H. Teves Buffy Gina W. Anonuevo Buster Cayetano Ester Schumacher & Jennifer Trevino Ginny Tiu Caley Noyama Craig H. Noyama Cali Cat Shipp Wanda Shipp Caramel & Cookie Claire M. Kogasaka Care Bear Kenneth A. Lee CEO Myra L. Myatt Chibi John Koo Kurumi Rodney & Fumiyo Tanaka

Cowboy & Prince Bobby R. Gordon Daisy Burns Jennifer Chiwa Dakota Yabui Bryant K. Yabui Dede James & Renee Evans Dewey Kevin M. Roddy Dixie & Rocky Allen Juanita & Mark Allen Fluff & Pebbles Eugene & Elaine Yoshimi Fredericka, Pee Wee, Harvey, Wally, Lance, & Rocky Mark & Margaret Burgessporter Ginger & Sammy Kenneth H. Keough Gumby, Tanuki, & Kuri-chan Carol A. Takaki Happy & Joy Dean & Donna Fujita Heart Kaena Kelekolio Henry Nita Perkins Hobo Kitty Cynthia Davis Hokulani & Coco Bear Zale M. M. Hisashima Honey Girl Franklin & Ernesta Masagatani Houdini Cayetano Ginny Tiu Ipo Ross & Karen Sakuda Isabella Veronica C. McLaughlin Jack Rodriguez Nick & Koren Dreher Jessica S. Enos Mary Ann H. Fernandes Garret & Terri Fujii Susan M. Kosasa Ginny Tiu Jackpot Dennis & Jozet Yoshitake Jinx Danny & Lorrie Wong Junior & Jackson Letitia P. Bailey Kea Nekoba Roxanne, Robert, & Camryn Nekoba

Acknowledgment of gifts from May 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021. Keiki Girl Lois A. Gordon

Max John W. Mount

Ola Goto Ginny Tiu

Kekala, Tita, & Aka Linda & Keith Ahue

Mele Kalikimaka Sybil & Chester Kahapea

Peaches. Lucie, & Koa Sandra M. Yamane

Keola Darrell Kikuchi

Mele Tottori Ann K. Kinoshita

Pepe & Mea Bruce Behnke

Kiki Vicky E. Stewart

MeMe Caroline & Kenneth Tano

Pokey Jean McIntosh

Kimo Steven & Dagmar Oato

Mika, Stretch, & Miki Suzanne & Chris Gilleres

Ponce Family Pets Gilbert Ponce

Koa Florence & Yukio Kawakami

Miki Nonaka Theresa & Layne Luke

Koda Gonzales Macy Lee

Miki, Koa, & Mozzi Margie Leong

Popcorn, Tippy, Muffin, Hobo, Buster, & Delilah Deborah L. Stampfle

Koko Gerard Nihous & Mari Okazaki

Miko Kimberly Seay

Koko McLain Ginny Tiu

Mochi Mukai Douglas & Betty Mukai

Kugiya Family Pets Barry & Wanda Kugiya

Mojo Mary & Yoshiko Herrera

Lacee Raenell Bergantz & Stuart Copp

Molly Mary A. Artese

Lily Constance A. Hassell

MoMo Emily W. S. Kwan

Lucky Ken Yonezawa Darryl & Paula Yonezawa

Mozart, Kiwi, & Pepper Jonathan & Cora Cho

Lucy A. Pepper Karin & Bari Buzzard

Muggins Sally M. Belles

Lulu Pamela J. Roth

MurderCat Mindy Uyesugi

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Nala Young Michael & Jo Ann Young

Mak Emilia Reeves

Obi Peterand Leslie Galloway

Sassy Girl Moheb & Nancy Ghali

Probie Lee Tanimura Pudders & Kasha Torigoe Karen C. Torigoe Pyewacket Kelly Frances & Duane Hartmann Quintus Oda Keith Oda Rocco Tiu Ester Schumacher & Jennifer Trevino Ginny Tiu Roxy Galam Anna Neubauer Ginny Tiu Rudy & Blackjack Tony Ganeko & Marvis Minami Sammy Wendell & Bonnie Oda Sammy & Joey Lisa Brewer & Gary Edwards

You did it! We’ve reached our X-ray match goal!

Schneider Cayetano Ester Schumacher & Jennifer Trevino Ginny Tiu Sebastain Onouye Carole & Edward Onouye Ginny Tiu Shiro, Kuma, Kuro, Toby, Kiko, Haku, Mango, Paka, & Noel Stanley & Sheri Ann Kajioka Simon Maribeth Greene Star, Holly, Tani, & Rascal Vivian & Kent Tsutsumi Summer & Zoe Tiu Vicki Galam Suzie Michael Morioka Sweetie Ariyoshi Umeki Ginny Tiu Tashi & Shaggy Doris M. Ladd Teiti Betty M. Pedro Toffee, Buddy, & Toto Walter & Gayle Ozawa Zoe Ruth L. Limtiaco

We make every effort to ensure that our information is accurate. If you have any questions, please contact

Board member Ginny Tiu and Carol and Larry Jones tour our soon-to-be radiology room.

Our new X-ray equipment is on the way! Soon, we will be able to diagnose and treat animals on the spot, which will shorten the time it takes for an animal to receive life-changing care and will allow us to help them without the need to transport them to another location for emergency medical care! Mahalo to everyone who supported our Spring Match Challenge! We raised $100,000, which was matched by board member Ginny Tiu and Carol and Larry Jones.

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2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

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November 30, 2021 It's so easy to help the animals! Starting on November 15th, you can text GIVE4PAWS to 243725 to donate. All gifts will be counted towards our GIVING TUESDAY goal!