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October – November 2019

A gilded life for the golden years When beginning a search for a new dog, many people have visions of leading a squirmy 8-week-old bundle of fluff through their long journey through life. But many are surprised that when strolling through their local humane society they make a connection with an older animal; a wise senior pet who has learned her basic commands or even some nifty tricks. November is National Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month and below are stories of a few pets who are now living a gilded life for their golden years.

Meleana, a senior dog adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society, enjoys the beach life with her family

Her age did not stop them from wanting to bring her home and they made Meleana a part of their family that very day. Despite her 11 years, she still had a certain puppy-like spirit that was enchanting. Said Punilani of adopting a senior pet, “For people who are on the fence about adopting an older animal, I would tell them to first remove age out of your state of mind and instead really sit with them, one-on-one. See if there is a connection. Like they say, age is just a number and unconditional love is timeless.” Meleana is now living the life of an office dog, hanging out with Punilani in downtown Honolulu. Her mellow personality has allowed her to fit right in at the advertising agency from 9 to 5, then it’s off to home for a good night’s sleep from a hard day of napping at work.

Meleana An electrifying connection stopped Punilani Buakarnthong in her tracks. Punilani had stopped by the Hawaiian Humane Society for a meeting and decided to stroll around campus Dr. Kasey to visit the Society’s Adoption Center. Amongst the wideCarter, the Society's array of cats, guinea pigs and rabbits, there were also a chief veterinarian helped Pepe back to number of dogs that were clamoring for her attention. health. Pepe has his One in particular, a scruffy 11-year-old terrier mix forever home with with gentle, dark eyes made her stop short. Punilani Mark Recktenwald & Dr. Gailynn quickly called her boyfriend, Issac Kalahiki. That Williamson. afternoon they were back. “When we looked at Meleana’s face, especially her eyes, there was a connection that was electric,” said Punilani. “It felt like there was this gravitational force that was pulling us towards her which couldn’t be ignored—even if we tried.”

Pepe & Cassie Although bringing an older pet home from the shelter or rescue can have its own unique challenges, there are many families who are up to the task. Mark Recktenwald and Dr. Gailynn Williamson were hoping to find a dog that either was a senior or had health issues. At the time, there were two dogs continued on page 3

A Message from the Board Chair Not long after our founding, Helen Kinau Wilder was commissioned as the Hawaiian Humane Society’s first humane officer. In a career and life that boldly defied convention, Wilder was a passionate and effective advocate for animals. And now, these many years later, the Hawaiian Humane Society continues her work with the knowledge that to succeed in our mission, we must be bold and willing to change and learn. As an organization, the Society embraces a profound responsibility; to be the voice and protector of innocent creatures who need and deserve our compassion. We have made a renewed commitment to better fulfill that responsibility with your help. The need is immense. Every year we help tens of thousands of Oahu’s most vulnerable animals through our shelter and outreach work, but no organization can do this work alone. To do the best for Oahu’s precious animals, we must work together and share ideas, resources and expertise. My pledge to you as board chair is that the Society is not just committed to improving its own policies and procedures to better serve our animals and our community, we are also committed to being a better partner for groups who share our dedication to animal welfare. By collaborating with rescue groups, animal welfare organizations, veterinary professionals and the volunteers who support us all, we hope to better protect animals and create a more compassionate community. I was drawn to support the Hawaiian Humane Society 12 years ago by my deep love for animals and my concern for their welfare. My family includes a number of senior and special needs dogs fostered and adopted from the Society. I steadfastly support Hawaiian Humane’s commitment to welcoming all animals, regardless of

species, age or condition, and giving as many as possible the chance to find a loving home. We are always striving to make decisions in their best interest. I am filled with a deep sense of optimism for the future. The Hawaiian Humane Society is changing and retooling in ways that will allow us to deliver more for our island’s animals. We are prioritizing our spay/neuter efforts, our ability to deliver services where there is the greatest need and our effort to work with community partners. After a nationwide search, we are thrilled to welcome Anna Neubauer as our new CEO. Anna’s commitment to animal welfare experience in shelter operations, spay/neuter clinic management and progressive shelter policies, position us to do even more for Oahu’s animals. Under her leadership, our dedicated staff is determined to make the Hawaiian Humane Society a model of modern and progressive sheltering. Our board and executive team share that commitment and pledge to ensure that the Society is a truly great place to work. At our founding, 26 people joined King David Kalākaua to commission a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. In the 136 years since, Hawaii has changed. The world has changed, and through it all, the Hawaiian Humane Society has always risen to match the need. One thing is constant - our deep love for our precious animals, and Hawaiian Humane’s commitment to their welfare. I’m excited for all that we will accomplish together, and forever grateful to you, our supporters, because we cannot do our work and fulfill our mission without you.

Ginny Tiu Board Chair 2

Anna Neubauer President & CEO Daniel Roselle Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Nancy Bernal Amanda Shillinglaw Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2245 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2216 Community Spay/Neuter Center 356-2255 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

Continued: A gilded life for the golden years continued from page 1

that checked both boxes: 13-year-old Cassie and 10-year-old Pepe. Mark and Gailynn met Pepe and immediately fell in love with him. “Pepe had a few health issues when he came to the Hawaiian Humane Society,” said Dr. Kasey Carter, chief veterinarian for the Society. “He had keratoconjunctivitis sicca, otherwise known as ‘dry eye.’ Without treatment, it could lead to eye infections, pain, ulcers or blindness. Pepe also had luxating patellas, where the kneecap does not stay in its normal position. While it didn’t seem to be bothering him at the time, it could need treatment in the future.”

so well and is getting the medical treatment she needs,” remarked Ginny. “She has fit right in with her other dog siblings and is comfortably and happily living out her senior years with us. These precious animals have so much love to give, and no matter how much or how little time they have, they all deserve to be loved in return.” Cassie and Teddy are well on their way to living out their golden years in comfort, living the life they deserve with families who love them.

When board chair Ginny Tiu’s 16-yearold Pumpkin passed away, she knew that she wanted to give another dog the love and care he or she deserved. Knowing that 13-year-old Cassie, a Maltese with heart failure was still waiting for a home, Ginny immediately offered to taken her in. “Cassie is doing

Kupuna passed away in March of 2019. After his death, Kelli wasn’t sure what kind of dog she wanted. She began the Instagram feed Kupuna Canines as a way to help spotlight senior dogs who needed homes from various Oahu rescues and shelters. Kelli was also hopeful that she would find another canine companion.

Eightyear-old Alfie shows Kelli love on the day of his adoption.

It seemed that it was a match made in paradise. He was the perfect dog for Mark and Gailynn. “Pepe is doing great in his new home,” said Mark. “He is very sweet and follows us everywhere in the house. We renamed him Teddy, because he is such a teddy bear. We wanted to adopt an older dog who otherwise might not have a home.”

“He was a toothless, 12-year-old dog that was looking for a home,” Kelli remembered. “He was the perfect dog to help me get past my trauma. Kupuna was so loving and mellow – he came into my life at the right moment.”

In May, Kelli noticed there was a growing number of senior dogs available for adoption at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Albie was among five or six others who were looking for homes.

“Albie made eye contact with me right way,” said Kelli. “He Photo by listened. Albie didn’t react Nancy Bernal to anything going on in the Albie shelter. He wasn’t nervous, a little Kelli Bullock Hergert was also looking anxious, but not scared. I could tell he for a senior dog to adopt and came to came from a home that loved him. He love them in a special, unique way. checked all the boxes!” Traumatized after a series of bad dog bites, Kelli wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to bring another dog into her life. Always an animal lover, Kelli still received adoption alerts from rescues around Oahu. One dog in particular, Kupuna, caught her eye.

Seniors for Seniors The Hawaiian Humane Society offers special adoption rates for seniors looking to adopt a senior pet. The seniors-forsenior program waives adoption fees for anyone over the age of 55 who would like to adopt a pet age six and over. Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.


Today, Albie (now named Alfie) is settling in nicely. He enjoys trips to the beach with his family and still gets the zoomies around the house. Though there are some issues Albie needs to work through, he’s adjusting wonderfully to his new world. When asked about advice to other people considering adopting a senior, Kelli offered, “People say you only have such a short time with senior pets. I constantly say it is the quality and not the quantity. You don’t know how long you have with a pet – life happens. It’s never long enough, even if you have them for their whole life."

In Our Backyard

Hawaiian Humane Society FY 2020 Board of Directors The Hawaiian Humane Society is pleased to announce its fiscal year 2020 officers for the Board of Directors: Ginny Tiu, chair; Tim Brauer, vice chair; Mike Ching, treasurer, Rebecca “Becki” Ward, secretary, and Anna Neubauer, president & CEO. The board also includes: Eric Ako, DVM, Robert H. Armstrong; Gina Woo Anonuevo; Robert R. Bean; John C. Dean; Nick Dreher; Elisia Flores; Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr.; Elizabeth Rice Grossman; Pamela S. Jones; Mi Kosasa; Susan Kosasa; Stephen B. Metter; David Y. Okabe; Melissa Teves Pavlicek; Lawrence D. Rodriguez; Virginia S. Weinman and Rick Zwern.

Ginny Tiu has been elected as Humane Society board president.

Donor spotlight: Subaru Hawaii shares the love Local companies are often at the heart of non-profit organizations. Oahu corporations that support local animals and people help the Hawaiian Humane Society do more to rescue, reunite and rehome more pets than any other organization on the island. Since 2015, Subaru Hawaii has been collaborating with Hawaiian Humane in a variety of ways. From volunteering to sponsoring events, they have embraced the true kama’aina spirit of giving back to their community. “The Subaru Love Promise is a national campaign that is all about giving back to the community,” said Andrew Hanson, Subaru brand manager. “One of the Love Promises is 'Subaru Loves Pets,' and focuses on championing pet causes, and on a local level, we support organizations like the Hawaiian Humane Society for their tireless work with rescue and adoption.”

services the Society has to offer. Smiling Subaru employees can be found manning booths, helping with pet photos over the holidays and, of course, hanging out with animals. The staff enjoys volunteering at events, watching new families being created and being part of the Hawaiian Humane Society ohana. “Subaru Hawaii really enjoys the focus on strengthening the human-animal bond, rescuing, education, and just

Through their efforts with large fundraising events like PetBlock Paina and Christmas with Santa Paws, Subaru Hawaii raised more than $45,000; funds which go towards the more than 30 programs and 4

being out there in the community and partnering with businesses that share the same core values and mission,” said Andrew. “We are more than a car company. Subaru believes in being a positive force in the communities where we live and work, not just with donations, but with actions that set an example for others to follow.” If your company is interested in partnering with the Hawaiian Humane Society, email giving@ hawaiianhumane.org.


Q&A: Ask our Chief Veterinarian

Q: A:

Hawaiian Humane’s chief veterinarian, Kasey Carter, DVM, leads the Society’s veterinary team. With an extensive background in shelter medicine, Dr. Carter provides expert information for pet owners regarding the health, wellbeing and behavior of their animal companions.

Q: A:

Halloween is coming up soon. What are some precautions I can take for my pets?

One of the most important things is to keep your pets indoors; frequent visitors, costumes and the doorbell ringing often can frighten pets. During trick-or-treating hours, keep animals in a quiet room with the television or radio turned on low. Do not leave your pets outside and unattended as they may panic, escape and get lost.

I’ve heard many people say that all tortoiseshell and calico cats are females and that all orangecolored cats are male. Is this true?

Candy isn’t only upsetting to your pet’s stomach -- it can even be deadly. Chocolate can be toxic for pets, as can xylitol – a sugar substitute. Keep your candy bowls up high and call your vet if you think your pet has eaten anything toxic.

It’s true that nearly all tortoiseshell and calico cats are female. In my 15 years of veterinary medicine, I’ve only come across 3 male calico cats, two here recently at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Staff here at the Society were pretty excited as it’s so rare. Normal female cats have two X chromosomes (XX) and normal male cats have one X and one Y chromosome (XY). Male calico cats have two X and one Y chromosome (XXY). In humans, this condition is known as Klinefelter syndrome.

Remember that costumes can cause your pet to overheat. Be sure your pet is comfortable in his costume, especially if he’s joining you for the night and walking the neighborhood. Signs of overheating and stress can include heavy panting for dogs and open-mouth breathing for cats. And keep costumes away from candles.

Q: A:

A friend recently gave his pet bird to me and I noticed she was plucking out all her feathers! Why is she doing this?

Feather plucking can be caused by a variety of issues, ranging from allergies and malnutrition to parasites and skin infections. Stress also triggers this plucking behavior, which could be what is happening in a bird who has recently been rehomed. The best thing to do if you notice your bird is plucking is to visit your pet’s veterinarian to rule out any serious health issues.

On the other hand, while female orange tabbies used to be uncommon 20 years ago, we’re starting to see many more of them in the shelter environment. Twenty-five percent of all orange tabby cats are female, whereas only .03 percent of all calico cats are male.

Did you know? All emergency shelters opened by the City and County of Honolulu in the event of a natural disaster accommodate pets. Whether you are preparing to weather the storm at home, or go to an emergency shelter, your pets should be included in your plan. For a list of what to have on hand for your pet in case of emergency go to HawaiianHumane.org/Disaster-Readiness. The Society always needs more generous volunteers who are willing to commit to time away from their own homes and families to help out during disasters. To find out more about this important work, call 356-2216.


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Save time – register online Get ready for PetBlock Paina 2019! This year, we are throwing a wagging good party in Kakaako to celebrate funds raised for Oahu’s animals. Participants will revel at the largest pet-block party thrown in the history of the Hawaiian Humane Society. Due to safety reasons, the traditional walk portion of this event will be suspended this year, but guests and their pets will still enjoy a fun-filled evening featuring entertainment, contests, shopping and a variety of ono food and refreshments, including a beer garden sponsored by Golden Road Brewery and wine bar sponsored by Young’s Market.

be hosting an exciting competition to see which corporate and community teams raise the most funds. Each team will be awarded a plaque at PetBlock Paina and will be featured for a year on the PetBlock Paina “Paws of Fame” wall at the Society’s Moiliili Campus. Funds raised at the Hawaiian Humane Society's annual event stay on Oahu to help local animals. Be sure to register for your fundraising page today! The event is free to attend, but participants who pre-register for a $25 fee will receive a PetBlock Paina T-shirt and $5 Gift Voucher to use at any event vendor.

Join us on Sunday, October 13, at 5 pm, for the festivities in Ward Village’s Victoria Ward Park. Hawaiian Humane will also

For more information, and to create a PetBlock Paina page of your own, visit HawaiianHumane.org/PetBlockPaina.

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Ways to give Foodland gives aloha, puts food in the bowl – In September, make a donation with the code 77200 at any Foodland, Sack N Save or Foodland Farms, and the Foodland and Western Union Foundation will match a portion of your gift. Combined Federal Campaign salutes the animals – This fall, military and federal employees can donate through the Combined Federal Campaign. Select charity 20356 to be an animal hero. Support the Society through Aloha United Way – Donate through Aloha United Way by designating a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society with code 70540. To help the animals directly, enclose your donation in the envelope in this newsletter or make a gift online at HawaiianHumane.org. Call 356-2213 for more information on how to donate.

Waggin’ Tales Howls for Towels Thank you to the Kapiolani Community College staff who hosted the "Howls for Towels" drive. The staff collected bundles of towels to help the animals at the Hawaiian Humane Society!

Angels of music Three woofs for cast members from the Phantom of the Opera traveling cast and crew who volunteered their time on campus while on island. They spent time cleaning cat houses, walking dogs and even socializing with our sulcata tortoises and small animals. A healthier Hawaii for pets and people Mahalo to American Carpet One for sponsoring adoption fees at its June 15 “Sit, Stay & Save” adoption event. With the return of this event, another nine dogs and five cats found their new families. 8

Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from May 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019

Heroic Helpers $25,000 + Leslie Disney

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 + Dimitri & Suzanne Diamond Haniotis Howard Hughes Corporation Elizabeth Rice Grossman Stanford Carr Development Morrie Stoebner Arthur & Ruth Ushijima

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7-Eleven Hawaii Bob & Frances Bean Enterprise Rent-A-Car EY Insurance Associates Lawrence D. & Patricia I. Rodriguez Foundation Glenda Rother Karen Scharff Veterinary Emergency & Referral Center

Best Friends $1,000 +

American Carpet One Bank of Hawaii Emmalisa Bledsoe Francie Boland Rodney Boychuk Graham Burns & Erika Sox William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Ather & Marivic Dar Cheryl DeAngelo Michael & Anne DeLuca James & Vickie Farmer Mary Ann Fernandes Jerrold & Harlene Fuller Gary James Juanita Johnson Gerry Kaneshiro Marjorie Kashiwada Rev. Nobuharu Kato Jim & Nora Keller Carol Kleppin

Jodi Lam & Timothy Takaezu Leighton & Valerie Lum Reiko & Milton Matsuda Ann Matsunami & Edward Morris Henry & Judyann Matsuoka Patricia Moore New York Life Insurance Company David Nichols Deborah Park Mary Philpotts McGrath Daniel Roselle Iain & Linda Ross Susan & Alvin Shishido Silicon Valley Community Foundation Leslie & Annie Usui Stanley Uyehara Xtermco

Devoted Companions $500 +

William Borthwick Kenneth & Joan Brown Linda Chow & Julie Padron Brandon Chun Jo Chung Erin Claggett Julie Dueno Arletta Eldridge-Thompson Becky & John Faunce Sarah Fincke Fumio Fuse Maimona Ghows Junie Hayashi Robert Henricks Leonore Higa Charlaine Higashi Timothy & Sarah Howell Carrie Inada Sheena Joseph Patsy Kalawaia Christopher Kasperowicz Clyde & Sharon Kawahara Sandra Kim Christen Kobayashi Laraine & Chester Koga Jacqueline Kubo Carolyn Lalakea Jeff & Karin LeBlanc Tim & Jill McDonald Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Bruce & Joy Morimoto David Mowat

An r o f s o t Au

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts May 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019

James Abbott Patricia Zane

Grants Pearl Harbor Submarine Spouses Charity Association Randolph Murayama Rebecca Nadler Ronald & Sharon Nagasawa Nancy Napuunoa Shirley Nishizawa William & Hope Oliver Linda Ornelles Lori Pacarro Laeton & Lena Pang Franchesca Pauu Ross Allen Phillips Jerry & Lily Prentiss Thomas Sakoda David Shirai St. Francis School James & Linda Stragand Michael & Karen Street Ellen & Jason Tamura Rod & Fumiyo Tanaka Jill Thach Dorothy Urada Allan Vosburgh Thomas Yue

Guardian Angels $100 +

Brigitte Abbot Harriet Abe Michelle & Edmund Aczon Shunji Adachi Leslie Afuso Donna Agas Audrey Ahana Linda Ahue

imals. Turn your

Dale & Katherine Aina David Aiu Allan & Arleen Akamine Linda & Noel Akamu Rene Akiyama Valerie Ako Ada Alamani Julia Alamani Linn Alber Steven & Lea Albert Herman & Eva Allerstorfer Nicole Amano Charles & Carol Among Elizabeth & Thomas Amuro Michael & Hwa Ja Anahori Richard & Ethel Anbe Shelly Andrews Enrico & Maureen Angkawijaya Jonathan & Claire Aniya Carolyn & Nathan Aoyagi Marc & Florence Aoyama Victor Aragaki Clifford T. Arakaki & Mildred K. Arakaki Robert & Edith Araki Carol Aramaki Sandra Arashiro Steven Arashiro Brian Aratani Stephen & Susan Arbuthnot Renee Archer Nakashima Martha C. Armstrong Kenneth Aronowitz Karl & Linda Asato Alexandra Au

old wheels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit HawaiianHumane.org.


Roland & Kathy Au Tina Au Warren Au Henry & Iris Aurio Marvin & Audrey Awaya Arlene Ayakawa Michael & Lillian Babcock Marc Bagby Allan & Frances Bailon Carma Bamber Martin Banks Patricia Banning Kenneth Barclay Earlene Barnes-Anderson & David Anderson Gabriele Barthlen Frederick & Amelia Bautista Betsy Behnke Ricardo Benavides Orlando & Sachiko Benedicto Bonnie Beneke Steve & Kathy Berg Tina Berg Lani Bergstrom Stan Bergstrom & Suzanne Varady Philip Berran Ronald Biho Jason Birdsall Tracie Black Winona Blanchard Joan Bogner-Lyons Hannah Borges Gillian Boss Danielle Bowers Karen Bow-Villanueva Gregory & Jann Boxold Gregory Boyd James Bragaw William & Hiroko Bridges Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol James Brock Richard & Julie Brock James & Kathleen Brown Martha Brown Virginia Lowrey Brown James & Dawne Browne Jocelyn Buckman Christine Bullock Ronald Bunn Barton & Diana-Lee Bunney Robin Burrell Sherry Bush-Curtis Jeffrey & Lynn Cabebe Michael & Faye Cadonetti Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra Don Campbell John & Susan Campbell Phoebe Campbell Michael & Suzanne Cannon Randy & Lheanne Carbonel Ignacio Cariaga Jessica Carpenter Thomas Carpenter Don & Eunice Carroll Paula Carroll Santos Carvalho & Carla Dutro Sonya Catiggay Catherine Caudle Elizabeth Chang Eunjin Chang June Chang Yung-Yu Chang

Foster Volunteer it helps save lives

Foster volunteers are needed at the Hawaiian Humane Society and are an integral part of helping save more lives. Foster care volunteers house, feed, socialize, groom, and train animals. They also administer medications as needed. Learn more at HawaiianHuname.org/Volunteer.

Reginald & Kim Chapman Sheldon Char Phillip & Faye Chase Michael Cheang Warren Chee Wieland Chee Nancy Chen Melanie Chin Valerie Chinen Freddie Ching Jack Ching Robin Ching Aaron Chock Mona Chock Beatrice Chong Clifford Chong John & Rosalind Chong Andrew & Andrea Choo Alfred Chow Colleen Choy & Michael Motoda Raymond & Sandra Choy Alexander Christensen Kathleen Chu Frank Chuberko Cedric & Vreni Chun Cynthia & Richard Chun Michael & Evelyn Chun Sandra Chun Stewart Chun Summer Chun James Cigan Deborah Clark Wayne Clatte Brooke Cofield Peter Colarusso Magdalena Coleon Leroy & Lola Colombe Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Janet Cooke Stuart Copp & Raenell Bergantz Glenn & Inge Cordeiro Armand Cote Rebecca Covert Bonnivere Crabbe Merle & Doris Crow Judie Crummel Susan Cuizon Charles & Deborah Cullison Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Curtis Daehler & Angela Su Jessica Dang Judy Dang Russell & Gwen Dang Jayne Davis Cheryl DeAngelo

Maya Rose DeAngelo Dewain & Layla Dedrick Karen Degner Denise Dela Cruz Lourdes Dela Cruz Lisa DeLong Phyllis & William Dendle Donald & Brenda Deryke Richard DeSa & Lisa Holt-DeSa Jo desMarets Irene DeVirgilio Leanna Dezzani Disney Worldwide Outreach Pat Dixon John & Jane Dodson Clyde & Winifred Doi Dean & Marjorie Doi Gail Doi Linda & Don Donelson John & Marlene Donnelly Loretta Doon Joanne Dougherty Patrick & Cathryn Downes Nick & Koren Dreher Paul Drouin Linh Du Quach Marilee Duffy Joseph Dulik Phillip Dunkelberger Marilyn Dunlap Paddy Dunn Claire Duvauchelle Dennis & Dolores Dyer Jon & Mary Lou Earll Charlotte & Gitilio Ebana Gee & Charlotte Ebana Jo-Anne Ebba Mike Ebinger Kenneth & Hiroko Een Molly Egged Johannah Eltink-Schaake & William Schaake Phyllis Emerson-Salyers Carrolyn Emoto Denise Emsley Henry Eng Norma English Eric Enjada Elaine Enokawa Rachelle Enos Richard & Nancy Erickson Charles & Cynthia Erlinger Kathy Esposito-Mason Karen Essene Stacy & Carl Evensen


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Cheryl Ann Gomes Bryan Goo & Aimee Fujitani-Goo Stephen & Barbara Goodman Bobby Gordon Carrie Gosiaco Jasmine Goto David Goya Robert & Carol Ann Graham Pamela Grant Barry & Dianna Graves Harvey & Rae Green Ted & Christine Grisell Francine Grudzias Delphina Guerrero Morena & Chester Gullett Charlotte Gusler Robert Hackman James & Yoshiko Haioka Kristen Haire Dena Hamada Carolyn & Richard Hamilton Liz Hamilton Jerome Hamman Merrie Han Shelby Hankee Jaime Hanohano Steven & Sherry Hansel Kristeen Hanselman Dean Harada Irene Harada Keith Harada Ann Harada-Goodell Hannah & Willard Haraguchi Melvea Ann Hardy Jack & Myrtle Harmon Kenneth Harris Frances & Duane Hartmann Susan Hashimoto Rose Hata Leslie & Betsy Hata Irene Hatakenaka Mark Hatori & Cindy Amimoto-Hatori Mary Joan Haverly Hawaii Kai Barber & Styling Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation Hawaii Gas Hawaii Self Storage - Mililani Naomi Hayakawa Diane & William Heddaeus Mary Jane Heilbron Evelyn Hein

Virginia Henderson Jayne Henley-Davis William Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Eileen Herring Robert & Suzanne Hew-Len Audrey Hidano Hugo Higa Kathleen Higa Lianne Higa Roy & Doreen Higa Larry & Anne Higashi Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Corina Hill Mary Ellen Hill Sandra Hintz Eric Hirano Lei Hirokane Linda Hirsch Thomas & Layla Holden Alyce & Clayton Hong Jamie Hong Charles Hoover Brian & Carole Horiuchi Mariko Horswill Doris Hoshino Lorna Hu Christina Hunt Debra Hunt Zenaida Hunt Zhan Hunt David & Ellen Huntley Delaine & Russell Ige Roy & Cassy Ikeda Donna Ikeda-Simmons Jesse & Lois Ikei Lynn Inafuku Wayne & Janet Inagaki Helen Inazaki Marshall & Ardine Ingraham Frances Inouye Russell Inouye Eric & Ann Inouye Sherilyn Iona Neil & Brenda Iseri Helen Ishii Lynn Ishii Margaret Isonaga Gary & Sandra Isono Lloyd & Amy Itagaki Gary Ito Lisa & Daryl Ito Re Janie Iwai

Christina Iwaida Steve & Nancy Iwamoto Lei Iwano-Kiyabu Jacquelyn Izumi Amy Izumihara Patsy Izumo Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Jean Jakahi Judith Jakobovits James Jamilosa Joyce & James Jay Lisa & Glenn Jicha Charles & Claudia Johnson Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Annakaarina Jolkkonen Doris Jones Patricia Jones Sean & Michelle Jones Dennis Josiah Helen Josypenko Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Noel Kabasawa Jun & Mami Kagami Joanne & Bruce Kagawa Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Melvin & Geraldine Kai Dennis & Iris Kajikawa Sonia & Michael Kajiwara Rose Kakazu Brad Kam Alfred & Sally Ann Kamae Cesley Ann Kamanu-Mahaulu Esther Kameoka Shigeru & Kumiko Kaminaka Lynn & Elton Kamiya Lisa Kanae Margery Kanahele & Geoffrey Horvath William & Kathleen Kaneshige Dwight & Suzanne Kaneshiro Gary Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Karl Kaneshiro & Jamy Nakama-Kaneshiro James & Valerie Kardash Clifford Karimoto Linda Kashinoki Linda Katagiri Janet Kato Jefferry & Sandra Kato Yuko Kato Dagmar Kau

Leave a Legacy When you make a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii – for many years to come. For more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, please call 356-2213 or email giving@hawaiianhumane.org.


Jaren Kawada Richard & Elaine Kawamoto Laurie & Galen Kawasaki Galbraith & Janet Kawelo Susan Kaya Linde Keil Cynthia Keller Howard & Elizabeth Keller Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Kevin & Deborah Kern Nathan Kern-Ruesink Mandy Kiaha Gerald Kibe Valerie Kidani Robert & Hope Kihune John & Johnna Kim Launice Kim Lynn Kim Mavis Kim Duke & Deanne Kimhan Tammie & Patrick Kinerney Daniel & Kathryn Kirley Aileen & Steven Kisaba David Kisaba Wayne Kishi Ronald & Linda Kishimoto Allan & Hilda Kitagawa James & Sharon Kitazaki Sandra & Douglas Klein Steve Klein Laurie Knych Alex Ko James & May Kobashigawa Jane Kobashigawa Bert & Harriet Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Kellyann Kobayashi Koichi & Joyce Kobayashi Clifford Kodama Frederick & Jaynee Koga Inez Koga Lisa Kogachi Lyn Kokubun & Reginald Kokubun Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Blanche Kort Cindy Krantz Dennis Krill James Kubo Barry & Wanda Kugiya Marie Kumabe Ronald & Lorraine Kurihara Alvin & Kay Kurio Marvin & Patricia Kurisu Sheila Kurosu Rex & Ethel Kuwasaki Neuman Kwong & Leimomi Fukuda Brian Lane Rachel Lange Len & Terri Lantych Michael Lastor Bonnie Van Ieng Lau Gayle Lau Johnson Lau Anne Lee Charlotte Lee & Ann Hanson Craig & Penni Lee Dong Jin Lee Herbert & Millie Lee Kenneth Lee Linda Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Worldster & Patricia Lee

Consider donating your HawaiianMiles to Hawaii’s animals. At the end of the year, Hawaiian Airlines will match up to 500,000 miles to help the Hawaiian Humane Society raise funds through auctions and fundraising prizes. Your donation of miles supports the more than 30 programs and services the Society offers. Mahalo for your support! Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information. Tisha & Jason Lehfeldt Gerald Lelesch & Toni Baran Agnes Leong Bonnie Leong Catherine Leong Sharon Leonida Steven Levinson Mahealani & Mapuana Lew David Lewis Michael Lewis Laura Liana Michael & Joyce Lighthill Barry Lightner Chia Hsing Lin Gail Lindsey Karnie Lisle Marcia Little Charles Livermore Gregg Lizenbery Everett Lo Richard Lock & Jane Uyehara-Lock Betty Long Nathan Loo Sandra Loo Violet Loo Jerry & Debora Lopes Thomas Loudat Deborah Love Jean Lucas Bernard Lum Cynthia Lum Madeline Lum Claudette Lundin Charlene & Stephen Lung Timothy & April Luria John & Allison Lyles Timothy & Patti Lyons Kurtis & Susan Mabe Tracie & David Mackenzie Benedict & Gail Madriaga Janice Maeda Jodie Maeda

June Maekawa Benjamin Mahi & Pamela Liu Dennis Mahoney Michael Maii Lawrence & Annie Maldonado Bryan Man Sharole & Dan Manalo Jon & Selina Mann Steve & Jane Mann Beverly Mar Laurie Marcouiller Stephen Marcuccilli Thomas & Donna Mark Jeanne Marn John & Stephanie Marrack John Marshall Maydean Martin Boyd Marumoto Nancy & Walter Masaki Keith Mashiyama Pamela Masuda Carol & Robert Masutani George & Lynn Matsuda Barbara Matsumoto Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Vera Matsumoto Wayne Matsumoto Raymond & Jane Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Mimiyo & Ruriko Matsuoka Sharon Matsusaka-Brewer Ron, Cathleen & Ryan Matsuzaki Gay Mattson Dudley Maynard David McCaffrey & Deborah Luckett Tamarin McCartin Elizabeth McCreary Lucy & Michael McCurdy Elizabeth McCutcheon Richard McDowell & Darlene Loo-McDowell Patti McElaney

Mavis McGurn Margaret Mckernan Steven McMullen Nikki Meloche Freidalane Menezes Jean Merlet Pamela Mew Lisa Meyer Lynne Meyer Michele Meyer Myron & Shanon Miho Hokulani Milden Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall Ronald & Elizabeth Miller Stephen Miller & Mabel Trafford Joanna Milo Dean Minakami Dennis & Chan Mitsunaga Kathryn & Morris Mitsunaga Lisa Miyakado Wilbert Miyasato Dale Miyashiro Jan & Ken Miyashiro Sharyn Miyashiro Melvin & Jeannette Miyata Stanley & Iris Miyata Walter Mizushima Charles Mizuta Midori Mochizuki Betty Jane Moffett Namba Michael Mollohan Rita Moniz Jean Monma Angel Montaine Stella & Ronald Moon Johanna Moore Honiala Morales Melvin & Carolyn Morikami Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Mary Moscovic Sheldon Mow


Samuel & Jan Moyer Barbara & Lawrence Mukai Carrie Mukaida Edward & Carolyn Mulligan James Mun William & Cheryl Muneno Dennis & Darlene Murakami Gail Murakami Claire & Michael Muranaka Adele Muronaga Gail Myers Jean Myers Herbert & Ethel Nada Cary Nagano Dennis Nagata Laura Nagata Stephanie Nagata Jeanne Nagatani Rocchina Naipo Edwin & June Nakahara Jake Nakajima Margaret Nakakuni Alan & Gwynne Nakamura Kenneth & Karen Nakamura Terence & Patsy Nakamura Theta Nakamura Audree & Guy Nakanishi Ronald Nakano Dennis & Maureen Nakashima Maude Nakasone Stanley & Setsuko Nakasone George Nakasono Nadine Nanbu Gregory & Kyoko Narum Barbara Naukana Beverly Neese James & Shirley Newman Debra Ng Jonathan Ng Mary & Darryl Ng Christine Nguyen Marichit Nicolas Judith & Jack Nicpon Claudia Nihei Janet & Clifford Nishihara Eileen Nishikawa Sandra Nishimi Dennis Nishimura Kareen & Patrick Nishimura Judy Nitta Andy & Eleanor Nobu John & Suzanne Noland Karen Nordine Lanny & Mary Ann North Craig Noyama Janeen Nozaki Joseph & Alice Nunogawa Ratna Nuti Kristen Obara Cyrus & Janace Oda Wendell & Bonnie Oda Diane Ogasawara Alvin & Lynn Ogi Thomas Oguro The Ohana Foundation of the Ayco Charitable Foundation Ann Ohata Frances Ohira Gloria & Vernon Okada Neal & Amy Okamoto Richard & Linda Okamura George & Ann Okano Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto

Jennifer Okumura Reid & Stacie Okumura Cynthia Okuno Dean Omiya Carlos Omphroy Chong Suk Omura Jessica Onishi & Judy Jones Peter Ono & Luanne Goodness-Ono Kimberly O'Quinn Mark & Ok Sun Ortogero Timothy Oshima Bill Oshiro Raymond & Amy Oshiro Sanford Ota Solomon & Leonora Pa Daniel Pacheco Neolani Paet Debra & Ricardo Pagatpatan Louise Pagotto Stephanie Pak Donna Park Lorna Park Charles Parks Kelly & Maureen Parks Robert Pascua David & Joyce Patrick Stephanie Pauling Pearl Properties Michael & Nicole Pedersen Robert Pedigo Donald & Melanie Pendleton Thomas & Gordynne Perkins John Peters Cindy Petersen Sharlyene & Mark Petersen Pets Are Inn Anthony & Marilyn Picard Helen Pierce Lynette Pimenta Randy Pisani Alexis Pospischil Anthony Prater Frances Pueo Robert & Cheryl Purdie John & Linda Puu Monica Ramirez Glen Rapoza Linda Reis Marla Rellin William Remus Cary Reynolds Paul & Jessel Riccardini Kenneth Richter Billie Jean Ries Esther Roberts Daniel Robertson Kevin Roddy Timothy & Meng Roe Chloe Rose Phillip & Julia Rother Linda Rowan Ned & Iris Rowley Libby Ruch Saba Russell Nathan Saffery Mark & Dara Sage Mel Saiki Glen & Christine Saito Diane Sakai Robert & Jan Sakamoto Dora Sakata Latonia Sakata

Patricia Lynn Sakihara Kathleen Sako Jeannie Salmon Elizabeth Salvacruz Ken Salva Cruz Sharon Samson Drew Santos Gordon & Joanne Sasaki Richard & Marvela Satake Martha & James Sato Momoe Sato Renee Sato-Yuen Eugene Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada John & Laurie Sawyer Calvin & Cora Say Erwin Say Tricia Schroffner Robert & Susan Schultz Kimberly Seay Karen Seddon Yvonne & Carl Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Mary Seiple Franklin & Beverly Seki Jared Seminara Frances Serikaku Fabiana Servantes Diane Sether Douglas Shanefield Donna Shigemura & Lisa Shigemura Colleen Shigeta Michael & May Shim Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Richard & Geraldine Shimabukuro Beverly & Jay Shintaku Cynthia Shiraishi Tamae Shiraishi Frank Shiroma Vernon Shiroma Terrence Shive Mark & Cheryl Shklov Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji Sadie & Eugene Silva John & Stephanie Sims Paul Skarpness SLSS Partners Kimberly Smith Lori Smith Patricia Smith Charlene Smoyer Beverly Soares William & Marie Sode

Catherine Sorensen Lisa Spencer Therese Staszkow Ronald Stebbins Serena Stefanic-Phillip & Solomon Phillip George & Maria Sally Stone Marianne Stone Theola Striker Lisa Sue Jane Sugimura Barbara Sumida Clyde & Charlene Sumida Donnajean Sunada Suncrete Hawaii Jennifer Sur-Watanabe Ashley Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Max Sword Yukiyo Tachikawa Leroy & Marcia Taira Nancy Taira Ann Takahashi George Takakawa Janet Takamoto Kathy Takamoto Don Takara Greg & Itsumi Takase Richard Takata Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Ann Takayesu Denise Takayesu Wayne & Kathleen Takemoto Dennis Takeshita Sachiko Taketa James Takeyama Tami Takisaki Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Mark & Suzy Tam Tammy Tamai Jan & Benjamin Tamura Leony Tamura Benjamin & Dawn Tanaka Brenda Tanaka Janice Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Jennifer Tang Kimii Taniguchi Mark Tanji Suzanne & Matthew Tanori Raymond & Florence Tarasawa Sally Tarbell Jean Tateishi Sisilia Tauelangi


Mihoko & Kevin Taylor Lloyd & Constance Teixeira Sadako Tengan Aulii Tenn Valerie Terada Karyn Elizabeth Tercy Newton Termeer Karen Thompson Mary & James Thrash Carole Tibayan William & Patti Tildsley Samuel Tiu & Nicholas Winchester Charleen & Ted Tokunaga Diane Tom Jeffrey Tom Noe Noe Tom Gerald Tomihama Carol Tomioka Juanita Tom Ernest Tong Baptist & Jessica Torres Mark Tracey & Judith Kearney Johnny Tran & Trini Ko Paula Trask Bruce & Suzuko Tsuchida Mitsuyo Tsuchiya Dick & Cassy Tsuda Takashi Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Derrick Tsukayama Stephanie & Reed Tsumoto Vivian Tsutsumi Cathy Tsuyuki Joseph Tubito John Tuquero Paul Udell Dana Uehara Nelson & Donnamae Uemura Thomas & Hazel Uemura Amanda Ulrich Roy Umeda Henry & Lee Urstadt Donna Usagawa Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Lester & Janice Uyeda Keith & Cynthia Uyehara Lloyd Uyehara Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Karen Uyema Marion Valle Mardell VanderBrink Lindsey Charles Vause Michele Velasco

Rose Marie Vergara Agnes & Eric Vetter Trudi Vetter Michelle Viel Sean & Sheri Viernes Mayumi Villiatora Blane & Liane Viloria Kim Voigt Robert & Kelli-Ann Voloch Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Sandra Vyvoda John & Shelley Wadahara Waipahu Elementary School Allen Wallace Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Judi Walsh Denise Walterhoefer Sara Wandell Marie Wang Sarah Wang Jane Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Ruth Watanabe Corinne Waterhouse Connell Watkins Leon Waxer Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Debbie & Wesley Wee Dayle & Holly Wheeles Alan & Jennifer Whinery Iwalani White Patricia White Robert & Seiko Whittier Robert Wiemer Gaylord & Carol Wilcox Gary Wild Edmund & Barbara Wilkinson Craig Williams & Jessica Chau Jennifer Williams Ward Williams Judith Wolfe Brooke & Barrett Won Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Anthony & Alice Wong Audrey Wong Dorothy Wong Maynette Wong Michael & Annette Wong Naomi Wong Raymond & Carol Wong Stella & Alvin Wong Vernon Wong Andrea Woods Ramona Wood-Sword Linda Wright Wong Todd & Cynthia Wyrick Martin & Jean Wyss Carol Jean Yakuma Charlotte Yamada Lillian Yamada Roy & Sandra Yamada David Yamagata Stanley Yamagata Amy Yamaguchi Janis Yamaguchi Yamaki Medical Massage Alan & Daphne Yamamoto Amy Yamamoto Kevin Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Jill & Marvin Yamasaki Charlene Yamashiro Donna & Glenn Yamashita

Cindy Imai Sharolyn Kia Linda Kihune Karen Kobayashi Donald Mair Paulette Nakamura Sandra Pak Pauline Ramos Jennifer Senaga Cheryl Shoji Leimomi Silva Tracie Smith Karen Sutherland-Pahia Edwina Takaesu Joan Yanagihara & Donald Mair

Stephanie Yanagida Wei Wei Yang Albert & Helen Yap Beverly Yap Dale Yashiki & Fern Nozawa Allan Yasue Lynette Yee Elissa Yellin Theresa Yeung Margaret & Kevin Yogi Amy & Terry Yonashiro Cyndee Yonehara Cyrilla Yonehara Wayne Yonehara Darryl & Paula Yonezawa Diane & Hiroshi Yorita Elden & Cheryl Lynn Yoshida Keith & Marian Yoshimura Lanette Yoshioka Dennis & Jozet Yoshitake Jorena Young Mark Young Michael & Jo Ann Young Vivian Young Helen Yu Neal Yuda & Kathleen Yogi Janice Yuen Pauline Yuen

Ally Oliver Oliver Family Larry & Patricia Rodriguez Larson Charitable Foundation Richard Smith Ginny Tiu Ginny Tiu Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Mark Recktenwald & Gailynn Williamson Nikki Tsuchiya & Chad Imanaka Brittany Lum Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa Employees Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

In Honor of People Michelle Alves Elizabeth Farina Cheryl Renfer

In Honor of Pets

Alice Armando Stanley & Theresa Shibata Bob Armstrong Mary Steiner & David Atkin

Apollo & Mica Lisa Wong-Yamamoto & Lee Yamamoto

Cababa Family Elizabeth Wright

Buddy & Kit Kit William Higdon

Pamela Chang David & Karin Brown Karl Tavares May & Roy Uemura

Demi Steve & Deb Knight

Ann Egleston Pandy Ching

Einstein, Harley & Mame Patsy Izumo

Duane Chapman Melissa Mishler

Hawaiian Humane Society Staff Martha C. Armstrong

Gilly & Lani Leonard & Tokiko Meek

Kory Imamura Ron, Cathleen & Ryan Matsuzaki

Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui

Arlen Kam & Robert Nakamura Ken & Lynne Galal

Koko Henry Dela Cruz & Ursula Olds-Dela Cruz

Glenn Kinoshita Carol Ann & Mark Solien

Lilo & Roxie Derrick & Lisa Tanabe

Ruth Koga Barbara Marumoto-Coons Susan Kosasa Carol Ann & Mark Solien Richard Matsuda Lynn Ueshiro

Yumi Beverly Page

In Memory of People Sharon Azama Caroline Higa Steven & Lorene Kim Raymond Baker Joyce Baker Carole Beall Candace Bauer Patrick Chang Sharon & David Fairbanks Honi Lani Hearn Edward Kenney The Honorable Barbara C. Marumoto-Coons Signa McCormack Diane & Roy Pyles Geraldine Ralston Edwina Romig Linda & Steve Schultz Daryl Whitfield Judie Wolkoff Jean Yokoyama Pamela Burns Jennifer Chiwa Edward Kamei Ivan & Patricia Ketterman Dave Caroll Mary Steiner & David Atkin Pamela Chang Charles Crabb Pam Gomes Marie Mattson Alanna Ruszkowski Susan & Ronald Shima Judy Thompson Beth Chapman Carol Bork Melissa Mishler Jane Chitose Hirano Marcia Iraha Joanne Chorney James Saari

Miki Suzanne & Chris Gilleres

Patrick Chun David Dunham

Sachi Kay Hironaka


Whipper & Yogi Kitajima Wesley Kitajima & Beverly Zane-Kitajima

Lucy Girl Elayne Cho

Ollie Sandra Loo

Donna Noguchi Jacqueline Eppling

Waianae Rescue Dogs Laura May Taufaasau

Anneliese Chun Kathryn Chun Dudley & Nicki Foster Michelle Russell

Neko & Tika Hae-Suk Son

Kyle Nakagawa Boy Scouts of America – Troop One

Snickers Carol Tsutsui

Kleona Corsini Dr. Rigney Thomas Doyle Elke Doyle

Ayako Fujio Ione Fujio

Caycie Kai Andrew & Lee Miller

Leo Kuba Lillian Ferguson

Erin Gault Wayne Uehira

Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata

Luckie Troy Fujimoto

Suzanne Goodson Lori Robinson

Chipper Tarumoto Mary Ann Fernandes

Lucy, Shaggy & Tashi Doris Ladd

Stanley Higashi Charlaine Higashi

Coal Libutti Daniel Libutti & Mariana Gerschenson

Maggie Lonna & John Sherwin

Jane Higdon William Higdon Robyn Honnaka Martha & Duane Hamada Papa Tad Kiyota Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Charles Lau Betty Lau Thelma Madeiros Liam & Amber Martin Robert Miller Lillian Ferguson Jim Nabors Louise & Buddy Preuss Francine Joy Sapla Toby Napoleon Linda Eugene Sharon & Kenneth Kaneda Susan Schotters John Powers George & Suzi Powell Richard Sadao Kanbe Charles Whitten Harold Sato Deanna Sato Paula Stone Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Cosmos James Saari

Billy Gima Mary Ann Fernandes Brigsy Cahoon Dana Fieda

Patti, Princes & PT Miles & Reverie Suzuki

Hanaleia Fein Shelley & Michael Bloomfield

Pickles Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano

Hoku Gibson Marilyn Martinson

Pretty Girl & Teddy Gilbert Ponce

Icee Cayetano Alexander Tiu

Prince & Sammi Marie Ebesu

Jackson & Junior Letitia Bailey

Princess Chin Freeman & Winona Chin

Josie Lawrence & Nadine Woode

Pumpkin Tiu Danielle Bowers Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Jo & Margarita Chung Vicki Galam Allison & Blake Gammel Christina Hunt Laurie & Galen Kawasaki Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Woo Ri Kim Michaela Safford Andrew & Kristin Schumacher

Katie Robert Lee & Erin O'Donnell Lee

Koko Gaskill Gerard Nihous & Mari Okazaki

Betty Grable Janet Carpenter

Nohea Susan Garrett

Gabby William & Faith Bright

Daniel Wong James Campbell Company & Executives

Angus Tina Varble

Mojo Kono Kevin Kono

Frosty & Peti Karin & Bari Buzzard

Kekua & Pumpkin Rita Moniz

Ally & James Dorene & Greg Yamamoto

Mitzi Camille Weindl

E.T., Raider, Rajee, Sam, Sollie, Strawberry & Whiskey Eliashof Family

Timothy Wong Evelyn Black

In Memory of Pets

Mia & Misty Howard Hayashi

Dagwood Valerie Trotter

Kea Roxanne, Robert & Camryn Nekoba

Evelyn Yee Sheri Ogilvie

Napoleon Elvis Bradley Nelson & David Lammay

Cowboy & Prince Bobby Gordon

Barbara Tilley Floraine Van Orden

Kosaburo Yamashiro Linda Weinsteger

Majesty Steve & Deb Knight

Kuma Kurashige Ryan & Shari Kurashige

Adopt-A-Dog T-shirts Purchase a limited-edition AdoptA-Dog T-shirt and a portion of the proceeds will help Hawaii’s people and animals. Shirts come in a variety of styles and prints for men, women and children. Available at all Crazy Shirts locations or at CrazyShirts.com

Buddy, Riley, Sammi Jo & Tessa Brian & Pam Takeda


Mark & Suzy Tam Kelsey Tanouye Alexander Tiu Jennifer Trevino Shayna Vi Kyra Waller Regis & Tae Joan Gouveia Remington Suzuki Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Rose & Squeeky Thomas Mendonca Ruby Annabelle Okada Sabu & Chico Gilbert Ponce Saki Michael Armenoff Sammy Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Sara Barbara Dendle Snoopie Colleen Goto-Ono Spot Grace Ueunten Sweetie Arlene Horiuchi Sydney Daniel & Hang Galanis Taisho Harold & Jan Fujise Taro Melvyn & Shirley Minami Taro Linda Yoshikami Tofu Miyamoto Ryan Miyamoto Trubl Lisa Lewis Zoe Kawamoto Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Bruce, Sheri & Pikake Yamashita

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Hawaiian Humane Society October 2019 Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society for October-November 2019 Newsletter

Hawaiian Humane Society October 2019 Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society for October-November 2019 Newsletter