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March – May 2016

Humane investigators work to end cruelty and suffering It all begins with a call from a concerned citizen. “You’ve reached animal services, rescues and emergencies at the Hawaiian Humane Society. How may I help you?” asks a dispatcher who is ready to send a humane investigator anywhere on Oahu where animals are in need. “We receive a wide variety of calls, from animals in distress to cruelty tips to barking dog complaints,” said Hawaiian Humane’s Field Services Manager Harold Han. “We really never know what the day has in store. And no matter the nature of the call, we’re ready to make a difference and help.” For instance, humane investigators responded to a cruelty case in Haleiwa where more than 25 dogs –


mostly poodles bred for sale – were living Lily, one in filth without of the dogs food and water. rescued from the van, Several of the was adopted by the Fremgen family of dogs were Kaneohe. She now pregnant, and enjoys playing with toys all day and sleeping many of them in a warm lap had matted at night. fur covered with feces. They were treated for a variety of health issues and placed in protective care with Humane Society foster families. In another call for help, a frantic woman reported that three of her cats were missing over a period of a few days. Police determined that a neighbor admitted to having trapped and released them miles away from their caregiver where they were left to fend for themselves. Hawaiian Humane Society charged the man with abandonment. Another case involved a report of animal cruelty in West Oahu. A man and his four dogs were


living in a van on an abandoned property. The van was filled with trash and feces. The dogs, covered in fleas and ticks, were suffering from skin conditions and hair loss due to malnutrition. Unable to provide for his dogs, he entrusted them to the care of the Hawaiian Humane Society to find new families. “Cases like these make the long days worth it,” said Han. “Rescuing animals and seeing them placed with great families makes this work especially gratifying.”

President’s Letter

Conservation and humane ethics… it shouldn’t be an either/or The Hawaiian Humane Society believes that all animals, regardless of species, should be treated humanely since animals feel pain and suffering equally. We do not subscribe to a value system in which animals are classified as native, introduced, injurious or invasive – a hierarchy in which the protection of certain animals comes at the suffering of others. Recently, the target has been on cats with the introduction of Senate Bill 2450 at the State Legislature by the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). The intended purpose of this bill was to ban the feeding of cats, which DLNR defines as “predators.” The proposal, which was drafted in the name of conservation, would have condemned free-roaming cats to death by starvation and criminalized those who feed them. Thankfully, a large number of advocates, including cat colony caregivers and animal welfare organizations, testified against the bill and it failed to move forward. Certainly, there are more humane and compassionate solutions: enforcing existing laws, teaching owners to keep their cats indoors, increasing education and reducing cat colonies by employing the strategy of trap, neuter, return and manage. These alternatives have proven to work elsewhere. For any method to be successful, cooperation between landowners, conservationists and responsible cat colony caregivers is essential. This September, Hawaii is hosting the International Union for the

Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This will be the first time the convention is held in the U.S. The IUCN has listed “feral Pamela Burns has cats among the served as most harmful President and CEO since invasive species 1990. globally.” We will continue to raise awareness and insist that humane ethics become part of the conversation when discussing ways to protect our environment. I hope you also will join me and speak up for all animals in response to policy proposals or headlines. During my time as CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society, I have seen many different animals targeted in the name of conservation, including cats, pigs, sheep and mongooses. If we are going to pick winners and losers among species, we must always be mindful of the ethical implications of those choices and of the methods we select to carry them out. “The question is not, ‘Can they reason?’ nor ‘Can they talk?’ but rather, ‘Can they suffer?’” (Jeremy Bentham, 1748-1832). Our actions should always be guided by the goal of creating a more humane existence for all who share the planet. By working together, we can make Hawaii a better place for animals and people.

Pamela Burns President & CEO 2

Pamela Burns President & CEO Jacque Vaughn Community Relations Director Editor Brandon Bosworth Kevin Kawamoto Tim Ruel Contributors Masako Dix Dave Greer Daylin Pelletier Hailey Schoch Lizzie Valleriani Photographers Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2227 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2247 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2222 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

In Our Backyard

A walk in the dog park, unleashed It is a great ambition of the Hawaiian Humane Society that someday dogs will be welcome in all parks, either on or off leash. In the meantime, there are still several great places for dogs to unleash and let the fur fly free. An afternoon off leash in a dog park has unparalleled physical and mental benefits for your pet. With five dog parks on Oahu, here are a few tips to make the most of a visit. 1. You’re in charge. Dogs need to come when called and see you as the leader. 2. Body talk. Be mindful of body language in order to ensure positive play. Well-socialized dogs play well and exhibit relaxed ears, wagging

Oahu’s off-leash dog

tails and may “play bow” with their front end down to the ground. Upset dogs hold their tails at half-mast or between their legs, ears pinned back and pupils dilated to show the whites of their eyes. parks

Ala Wai Dog Park Bark Park – Diamond Head Road Hawaii Kai Dog Park Moanalua Dog Park Mililani Dog Park For more info on dog-friendly parks and beaches, visit HawaiianHumane.org.

3. Focus on Fido. It’s easy to get distracted by so many frolicking canines, but keep focused to scoop his poop and be mindful of his

tension and stress to maintain control over interactions with other dogs and people. 4. Avoid issues. Refrain from taking an unspayed female or unneutered male to the dog park. Females can get pregnant and intact males can experience social problems. 5. Stay healthy. Make sure his vaccinations are current and complete especially for puppies, younger than 6 months of age, who have not been fully vaccinated against parvovirus, which is readily transmitted by grass.

Watching cat videos can help boost energy levels Cat owners already know the positive feelings that their feline friends bring into their lives, but did you know the same emotions can arise by watching cute cat videos online? That’s what a researcher at Indiana University Bloomington’s Media School found after surveying almost 7,000 people who watched cat videos on the Internet and asked them how the activity affected their moods.

they felt a boost in their energy levels, increased their positive emotions and decreased negative feelings. It was also found that there were more than 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube in 2014, with almost 26 billion views and that cat videos had more views per video than any other category of YouTube content. Viewers admitted that they often viewed the videos while at work or when studying.

The researcher found that the online videos do more than entertain. Viewers said 3

Quality of life is high priority in animal welfare As an organization that runs a spectrum of about 30 programs, from caring for homeless animals and people’s pets to people-pet visits to hospitals, it can be challenging to discern what the Hawaiian Humane Society stands for. What connects all of these services?

Originally developed in the 1960s and 70s, these principles were created by a council in the United Kingdom and later refined in America to address the welfare concerns of animals in agricultural settings. Yet they have far-reaching applications beyond factory farming.

While programs and services have changed to meet the needs of the times, improving the quality of life of animals is a constant value that has transcended time. Ending suffering has been a hallmark to its work to improve quality of life. This has been the guiding force of all of its animal welfare ambitions.

Quality of life for animals has become an important and complex discussion in many contexts – not just for agricultural animals. It has become a topic explored in cases of animal rescue in which animals are found in deplorable conditions, such as hoarding and shelters The Hawaiian in which animals are Humane Society kept living in solitary believes that all animals are entitled confinement because to the five they are dangerous or fundamental unadoptable. freedoms.

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare have defined a creed that many organizations across the nation have embraced. These include: freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom to express normal behaviors; and freedom from fear and distress.

The Hawaiian Humane Society believes that all animals must live with dignity and hold the Five Freedoms in high regard as “quality” and “life” are two words that must be inseparable.

Hopping herbivores with a heart for family Bugs Bunny, Peter Cottontail and that rascal with the pocket watch who led Alice down the rabbit hole captured the imagination of many generations of children. The reality of rabbits is equally as fascinating, and here are a few little known facts. Rabbits are amazing companion animals that are born without fur and whose hearts furiously flutter between 130 to 325 beats per minute. A female rabbit is called a doe and a male is a buck. A young rabbit is called a kit or kitten. They self-groom like cats and can even get afflicted with hairballs. Also, like cats, they can be litter trained. More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America.

They are often available for adoption at the Hawaiian Humane Society. They sit patiently in their condos twitching their noses, eager to convince prospective families that their house would smell better with hay and that they love to lay on warm laps while the family watches television.

These companion animals have been known to follow their owners throughout the house and beg for affection. It’s no wonder that these creatures are only second in popularity to cats and dogs as pets.

If they could speak, they would certainly share that they are highly intelligent and Consider your lifestyle and social animals. Careful, a rabbit’s needs steady handling before adopting one. is important with Adoption fee is $40 and all rabbits are rabbits as their strong sterilized at the legs can injure their Hawaiian Humane spine if they are able to Society. kick when lifted. 4

Music video spotlights shy animals for adoption There are always a few animals who take months and months to get adopted. They are often shy and refuse to come to the front of the kennel to wag their tail and charm potential adopters. In need of a front man, those awkward but lovable pets found a voice with singer and songwriter Jason Lent who produced a humorous and heart-felt video in their honor.

Homeless Hermin’s story made its world premiere on Hawaii News Now’s Sunrise show and on its Facebook page in October. “We wanted to create a video that people could connect with and hopefully inspire them to adopt their next pet,” said Lent.

The story has been viewed more than 35,000 times and won third place in the 2015 national PSA competition held by the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators and Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

As president of Lent Enterprises, Lent runs a marketing company and he and his daughter Zoe have made volunteering a father-daughter affair at the Humane Society. Lent teamed together with Kelii Grace, Alice Inoue, Alan Pollock and Larson Talent Agency to develop the video. The video tells the story of Homeless Hermin, the dorkiest dog at the shelter, who is actually a human in a dog suit. He’s a wailing wallflower who gets overlooked by prospective adopters.

View the video at the Hawaiian Humane Society’s YouTube channel.

Seeking pin-up pets for 2017 calendar Have a pet who loves the limelight? The 2017 Pets in Paradise calendar is looking for great shots of pets in paradise.

All pets are welcome in the Hawaiian Humane Society’s calendar contest for a $25 donation per photo entry. The three submissions with the most votes win a variety of prizes, including a professional photo shoot, a Gibi GPS tracking device and will be featured in the print edition calendar. Photos can be submitted beginning April 15 and votes can be cast until May 31. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to enter. Photos must be horizontal, in crisp focus and available at a size of at least 1 megabyte and 300 dpi for calendar consideration. Contact 356-2225 or visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information.


Neighbors can resolve barking dog issues with tact and diplomacy On Oahu, an estimated 43 percent of households have dogs, and nothing travels faster in the trade winds than the voice of a barking dog. Excessive barking can create a neighborhood war that can lead the most courteous neighbors into a courtroom drama that can only be resolved by a judge. Hawaiian Humane Society’s humane investigators often act as mediators to resolve barking dog complaints.

A happy and tired dog is quiet. Dogs who get enough exercise generally tend to bark less.

“De-escalating such situations is possible with early intervention, dog owner education and the willingness of neighbors to work together,” said Hawaiian Humane’s Field Services Manager Harold Han. Understanding why dogs bark Barking is simply speaking just like people do. Dogs like to communicate for a variety of important reasons that could include potential danger, a trespasser, hunger, thirst, boredom or loneliness. He may also be joining in the chorus of neighborhood dogs. However, excessive barking can make enemies out of neighbors and training a dog to bark less takes time, patience, work and practice. Natural human instinct is to shout at a barking dog to “Be Quiet!,” which is counterproductive as a dog interprets a person’s elevated state and vocalization as joining in. Shouting may incite him to bark more. So owners must assess their own behaviors to see how they are influencing their dog’s reactions. The Humane Society offers a list of

trainers who can help. Call 356-2219 for the list, which is also posted at HawaiianHumane.org. Positive reinforcement training can include offering treats and praise when he’s quiet and desensitizing or removing triggers. Indoor dogs can’t be triggered by a pedestrian. Another successful tip is to give him a frozen Kong filled with peanut butter when leaving the house so departures are perceived as a good experience. A tired dog is happy and quiet. This may mean owners end up getting in shape with a furry workout partner that includes long walks or jogs, visits to a dog park or romps on the beach. Meeting a dog’s exercise needs is key, as is ruling out medical issues by having him evaluated by a veterinarian. Day care is another excellent option to keep him active and socialized. How to Approach Neighbors Approach is critical to success when confronting a dog owner. 6

The Mediation Center of the Pacific suggests adopting a calm, non-threatening demeanor with carefully chosen words that are free of exaggeration. The goal is to ensure the complaint is openly received and that the pet owner does not become defensive in which they shut down and no longer hear the concerns. “Often, people don’t realize their dog is barking while they’re away,” continued on page 7

An alternate solution Citronella anti-bark collars work by dispensing a spritz of scent that’s considered a humane deterrent to interrupt a dog’s barking. Collars are available for purchase at the Humane Society. When available, a collar can also be loaned for two weeks. Call 356-2218.

Neighbors can resolve barking dog issues with tact and diplomacy dog is the offender, but this is not the time to confront the neighbor with evidence such as recordings, according to mediation experts. Instead, give the owner time to digest your concerns and consult with family.

continued from page 6

said Han, who suggests starting off by saying, “I’m not sure if you’re aware, but your dog has been barking. I’m frustrated because I can’t sleep.”

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, an intervention from a mediation center can be the next step. If you’re still unable to arrive at a resolution, call Hawaiian Humane Society’s Rescue and Investigations team at 356-2250 for more help.

Try to offer solutions. Be empathetic and open as the dog owner may have just moved in or is experiencing changes to routines. The neighbor also may be in denial that her


Facebook forum aims to unite cat caregivers At community conferences held by the Hawaiian Humane Society, attendees had one request in common: Oahu cat caregivers wanted a hub to call their own. Those who care for free-roaming cats often are independent operators who tend to the needs of hungry, homeless felines who have multiplied exponentially in Oahu neighborhoods. Caregivers, asking for a gathering place, made a request that the Humane Society eagerly accommodated. The Humane Society established the Hawaii Feline Forum in 2014 and within a year, nearly 500 people have gathered to this Facebook hub to join the conversation. People are sharing tips, from where to get the best deal on cat food to the secrets of success in trapping cats. Other communities’ experiences and pilot projects are also hot topics. Most recently, the benefits of collaboration have started to

2 for 1 Sterilizations Two free-roaming cats can be sterilized for the price of one this month. Call 356-2200 to borrow a trap and to schedule a surgery.

percolate. Caregivers are organizing trapping events and supporting one another to carve out success one cat colony at a time. Myranda Silva has used the forum to organize aid for the cats at Pearlridge Center. She has rallied a group of strangers she met on the Facebook forum who were willing to crawl into a canal together to trap more than 50 cats for sterilization. Silva estimates there are more than 100 cats hiding in the canals and living at the shopping mall. “It’s just impossible to make a difference on your own in these kinds of situations. The only way to tackle this is teamwork and that’s why the forum is a huge help,” she said. Oahu’s cat overpopulation is not new to the island. In 1861, Mark Twain 7

wrote upon his arrival to Hawaii that he saw “individual cats, groups of cats, platoons of cats, companies of cats, regiments of cats, armies of cats, multitudes of cats, millions of cats … ,” What has changed since the 1800s are the resources available to address cat overpopulation such as spay/neuter services and a better understanding that heroism is within all to make a difference. The Hawaii Feline Forum will continue to stand as a gathering place where cat people can come together to tackle the issue of an estimated 300,000 free-roaming cats on Oahu. There are so few resources community-wide that are devoted to this issue. So the lion’s share of the solution is going to rely on caregivers, creativity and collaboration.

Hawaiian Humane partners with Institute for Human Services to provide pet health for homeless Several dogs and cats were provided with vaccinations, microchips, a health exam and advice to the owners preparing to move into housing provided by the Institute for Human Services. Hawaiian Humane Society, which provided the services, states

that pets of homeless people are often well cared for.

One of the greatest barriers to getting homeless people with pets off the streets and into housing has been a “no pets allowed” policy at many shelters, according to Humane Society’s Policy Advocate Mary Steiner. Under more Dami Lobario and liberal policies of Diesel recently the Housing First moved into Mauliola philosophy, which has Housing Navigation Center. proven successful in cities across the nation, homeless residents are welcome to come as they are. That means with pets in tow at the Hale Mauliola Housing Navigation Center on Sand Island, as long as their animals are socialized and of good temperament. Dami Lobario, who moved into the housing navigation center in January, felt a weight lift off her shoulders when she learned about the

pet policy. Lobario and Diesel, her 5-year-old dog, have lived together on the beach and in a van since 2011. “I was so worried about leaving him alone that I couldn’t go to job interviews and I couldn’t find housing that would allow him,” Lobario said. “I would rather stay homeless than give him up.” Diesel’s companionship, often providing laughter on the hard days, is what has kept Lobario positive through the years. The National Coalition for the Homeless estimates that 5 to 10 percent of homeless people across the country own a cat or a dog. Partnerships are making great things possible in addressing the issue of homeless in Hawaii, according to Kimo Carvalho, Director of Community Relations at the Institute for Human Services. “We couldn’t do this without the support of the Hawaiian Humane Society that gives so generously of their veterinary services and guidance on pets in housing.”

Subaru shares its love of animals Hawaiian Humane Society was included in Subaru Hawaii’s 2015 Share the Love campaign in which donations were given for every qualifying Subaru car sold in November and December. Subaru Hawaii also held an adoption event in December at the Humane Society. A total of 26 animals were adopted. Subaru also supplied each adopting family a $25 gift certificate to the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Servco Subaru’s Variable Operations Manager Jason Uejo, Hawaiian Humane Society’s Events Coordinator Ashlee Drake Berry and Director of Development Lisa Fowler, and Subaru Hawaii’s Vice President Roderick Saunders.


Waggin’ Tales A very meowy Christmas A round of applause to Santa & Mrs. Paws, Ward Village Shops and King Intermediate School for hosting Pictures with Santa Paws – a twoday event that raised almost $6,000 for animals.

A fruitful harvest Mahalo to Aloha Harvest for donating four pallets of dog and cat food. Going for the gold A gold medal to the partners and volunteers who helped make Canine Game Day a success. Hundreds of dogs and people enjoyed the games, food and fun.

Veterinarians for the animals Mahalo to the Honolulu Veterinarian Society members and their families for spending a day on campus to help groom dogs and socialize small animals.

Campbell for a Cause Paws up to Campbell High School for hosting the Pause for Paws Pet ID and Adoption event. Forty-six pets were microchipped and four pets were adopted at the event.

Making the grade for animals Straight As to the members of Iolani School’s Animal Welfare Alliance. Students from grades 9 - 12 collected toys and supplies for the animals.

Be my Valentine A round of barks to petco for rallying all of its Oahu stores to support Hawaiian Humane Society’s Doggie Speed Dating event hosted at its Ewa Beach and Beretania locations. Five cats and 21 dogs found new homes.

Carrying the banner All paws up for Pacific Asia Design Group president Ann Matsunami and her team for the creation of the construction banners on display at the Hawaiian Humane Society.

Cutting a rug Three cheers to American Carpet One for hosting an adoption event at their store in December in which eight dogs and five cats were adopted. The company sponsored advertising on the front page of the Honolulu StarAdvertiser and paid for all adoption fees.

Bark the runway Mahalo to Neiman Marcus for strutting their animal love by hosting a holiday adoption event at their store in November. Eight animals were adopted.

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Ellen M. Koenig Memorial Fund Sidney Stern Memorial Trust G.N. Wilcox Trust Christine Curatilo Karen Curry Nancy & Roy Dacuycuy Katherine Daido Dorothy Dale Paula Daligcon Russell Dang Harold & Floralei Darcey Roxanne Darling Colette Davis Zan Dawson & Nani Lindsey Miyo Deal Christy Decker Georgette Deemer Jason del Mundo & Jamie-Lyn Yoshida Henry Dela Cruz Mae Dela Cruz Lisa DeLong Nicholas & Leslie Detor Steven Dewhitt Milton Diamond Concetta DiLeo Millie Dillard Cheryl Dillon Ray & Marchen Dingle Franklin & Annette Distiso John & Jane Dodson James Doherty Audrey Doi Dean & Marjorie Doi Elizabeth Dolan Robert & Praneet Donle Terry Donohue Joanne Dougherty Jeremy Dowling & M. Murakami-Dowling Patrick & Cathryn Downes Dr. Tung’s Kathleen Draper Thomas Drazin Shirlynne Dredla Corinne Drew Lyle & Brenda Du Pont Pat & Grace Duarte Wayne & Bonnie Duarte Sharon Ducosin Marilee Duffy Shawn Dunn & Melissa Mansfield Warren Duryea Robert & Shirley Dusendschon


Henry Eng Nicole Engel-Nitz Ernestine Enomoto Isami Enomoto Lester & Patricia Enomoto Randy & Janice Enos Richard Enright Charles & Cynthia Erlinger Edsel Eshima Antonio Espiritu Kathy Esposito-Mason Michael Fagundes Michele Faller Korleen Farley Gail Farley Thomas & Barbara Farrell Maria Felix-Neal Timothy Fern Doris Fernandez Everett Fernandez Anthony & Shelley Ferrara Dale Fey Kaori Fiack Patricia Field Joy Fischer Vasanti Fithian Judith Flanders Estelito & Terri Ann Follante Daniel & Corrie Fong Eric & Raynette Fong Joseph & May Foo Robert Foo Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching Ken Myers & Vickie Francis-Myers James & Yoshie Fromm Alton & Sandra Fujii Garrett & Terri Fujii Masako Fujii Muriel Fujii Randy Fujimori & Janet Clark Benjamin & Laura Fujimoto Sandra Fujimoto Wesley & Jennifer Fujimoto Jill Fujino Renee Fujioka Gary Fujisawa Harold & Jan Fujise Roy Fujisue Joseph & Helen Fujita Milton & Amy Fujita June Fujitani

Brian Fujiwara Julie Fujiwara Steven Fujiyama Peter & Gretchen Fujiyoshi Howard Fukuda Marion Fukuhara Richard & Shirley Fukuhara Christine Fukumoto Loretta Fukumoto Barry & Cheryl Fukunaga Dennis & Annette Fukunaga Jane Fukutomi Brent Funakoshi Jill Funasaki Juanita Funn Dolores Furumizo Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Denise Furuya Howard Furuya Lincoln & Helene Furuya John & Hsiu Mei Furuyama Fumio Fuse Hana Gabrielson Richard Galang & Julie-Ann Won Michael & Cheryl Gallagher John Galliano Juanita Galvizo Howard Gardiner Josephine Gardner Rev. Larry A. Gardner Bill Garnett & Audrey Newman Barbara Garringer Howard & Maryellen Garval Brandi Gary & Eddie Leonard Alexander Gaston Beau & Marjorie Gaza Harriet Gee Lynette Gehring Robert & Cynthia Geiling Jean & Henry Geis Francis & Jayne George Maimona Ghows Gregory Gibbons & Peter Fujieki James & Patricia Giblin Sharon Gibo Patrick Gilbert Bernard & Lyra Giorgio Kimberly Gleason Signe Godfrey Chris & Debra Godwin Dorothy & John Goetzinger Dorothy Goldsborough Linda Goldstein Mary Gomes Jasmine Gonsalves Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Fred Goo J. Goodman Pamela & Troy Goodman Louise Goodspeed Bobby Gordon Lois Gordon Marjorie Gordon May Goto Colleen Goto-Ono Alan Gottlieb Joan Gouveia Taro & Helen Goya William Goya Robert & Carol Ann Graham Pamela Grant Shirley Grant Stella & Kika Grantham Cheryl Gray James Gray Noriko & Jimmie Gray Green Nest Foundation Laurie Grier

Michele Grill-Sherman Steven Grimes Lori Gross Michael Gross Jerome & Dorothy Grossman Leslie Gruszie Jovencio Guerrero Paula Gum David Gustafson Sherie Gusukuma Carol Hagino Timothy Hagino Thomas & Shigeko Hahn William & Diane Hahn Emily Halas Mary Halcro Guy & Joyce Hamada Nadine Hamada Jared Hamamoto Keith & Janice Hamamoto Patricia Hamamoto Tomeo & Jane Hamanaka David & Helen Hamasaki Pat Hammers Paul & Susan Hangai Shelby Hankee Gregory & Wendy Hanna Steven & Sherry Hansel Darryl Hansen Patricia Hansen Jeffrey & Lorena Hanyu Joyce Harada Lisa Harada Ryan & Susan Harada Hannah Haraguchi Joyce Harano Harbor Shores Apartments Carole Harrison Ann Hart Linda Hartle Daniel Hartline Frances Hartmann Robert Hartsfield Terri Harvey James & Patricia Harwood Tomoko Hasegawa Charlotte Hashimoto Eric Hashimoto Richard & Amy Hashimoto Ronald & Joycelyn Hashimoto Harold & Yvonne Hashizume Irene Hatakenaka Joy Hatakeyama Inez Hatori Hawaiian Electric Company Andrea Hawkins Curtis Hawkins Edwin Hawkins Clifford Hayashi Norman & Edlyn Hayashida Stephen Haynes Deborah Hazama Jerome & Darlene Heck Audrey Hedani Wendy Hedani Linda Hee John & Lea Heide Ralph Heidenreich Mary Jane Heilbron Michael Helms Michael & Lotus Heltz Virginia Henderson Willliam Henne Cynthia Henrickson Gary & Jennifer Herald Lynda Heran James & Fabienne Herold Mary Herrera Eileen Herring

David Hester Robert Hew-Len Alden & Audrey Higa David Higa David & Patsy Higa Linda Higa Warren Higa Ross Higaki & Ann Nakahara-Higaki Cheryl Higashida Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Stephen & Terrie Higuchi Keith & Jill Hijirida Todd Hilmes George & Kay Hino Dr. & Mrs. Roy T. Hirakawa Eric Hirano Lynn Hirano Tomie Hirano Misti Hirasa Dalton & Joanne Hirata Glenn & Sonia Hirata Misako Hironaga Valerie Hironaka Roy & Emi Hirono Brandon Hirota Linda Hirsch Greg & Lynn Hiyakumoto Elyne Hiyane John & Jeanette Hoag Peggy Hoefer Ted & Marilyn Hoffman Fumiko Hokada Bill & Sharon Holaday Thomas & Layla Holden Joe & Suellen Hollars Edwin Hollmann Lt. Col. & Mrs. Miner E. Holloway, II Cari Ann Honda Diane Honda Lynn Honda Margaret Honda Sadao & Jean Honda John Hoogsteden Walter Horie Mary Ann Horii Brian & Carole Horiuchi Hosoi Life Plan Karen Howell Charlie Howland Alfred Hu Dean Hu Kristine Huffman Isabella Hughes Francis & Serena Humay Mark Hunt Molly Hunt David Huntley Kiley Hyatt Bennett Hymer Barbara Ichishita Roderick & Victoria Ignacio Julie Ann Iguchi Charlene Ikeda Julie Ikeda Mathew Ikeda Diane Ikegami Clark Ikehara Frances Ikehara Ben Imada Lynn Inafuku Toshio & Doris Inafuku Jan Inao William & Susan Indich Laurence & Joanne Ing Theodore & Liane Ing Lance Inouchi Dora Inouye


Hoichiro Inui Craig Iriye & Julie Shioshita Lars Isaacson Joy Ishibashi Conrad Ishii Sean Ishii Wayne Ishii Elaine Ishikawa Michael & Julie Ishioka Island Insurance Foundation LeeAnn Isobe Margaret Isonaga Carol Ito Gordon Ito Ken Ito & Elizabeth Hokada Lisa Ito Kenneth Iwai Gertrude Iwaida Tiffany Iwamoto Dennis & Lois Iwata Iris Izuka Dana Izumi May Izumi Neal & Reiko Izumi Wayne Izumi Jane Jackson Carl & JoAnn Jacobs Raymond & Deborah Jahaaski Sudhir Jain Florence Jakahi Gary James Catherine Jenkins Gordon Jeynes Jerome Johemko & Chiye Wenkam Gary & Melanie Johnson Gregory Johnson Louise Johnson David & Chiyono Jones Karen Jonesremigio Melanie Jordan Dennis & Joyce Josiah Brian Joy & Bonnie Cooper Christina Alfred Juan Janet Judwin Raymond & Corinne Kagemoto Clifford & Aileen Kajiwara Edna Kajiwara Kakaako Kitchen Judith Kakazu Terri Kakugawa & Colin Tamashiro Wanda Kakugawa Amruta Kalvit Bradley Kam Elaine Kam Jeffrey & Sue Kam Russell Kam Wendell Kam Alfred Kamae Cesley Ann Kamanu-Mahaulu Haruo & Esther Kameoka Lenore Kami Preston & Cynthia Kamikawa Gail Kaminaga Kumiko Kaminaka Robert & Shirley Kamins Derwin & Deborah Kanayama Gary & Jo Kanehiro Myrna Kaneko Pamela Kaneko Calvin Kanemoto William & Kathleen Kaneshige Donna Kaneshiro Joan Kaneshiro Martin & Marie Kaneshiro Sydney Kaneshiro Clyde & Judith Kanetake Maj. Alexander K. Kaonohi, Jr. USMC Ret.

Crystal Kapua Clifford Karimoto Elizabeth Karimoto Eric & Teri Kashiwamura John Katahira Alan & Lori Kato Dennis Kato Elane Kato Janet Kato Yuko Kato Stanley & Debra Katsura Dagmar Kau Ana Kauwe John & Roberta Kauwenaole Toshiko Kawai Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Clifford Kawamoto Jane Kawamoto Virginia Kawamura Andy & Jill Kawano Lance & Aoi Kawano Stacey Kawano Galbraith & Janet Kawelo Arlene Kaya-Tamon Michael Kaye Tracy Kazunaga Jonathan & Goldie Kea Marilyn Keau Richard Keawe Judith Kele David Keliikuli Christopher & Pamela Kelley Johnny Kelly Curtis & Cynthia Kenmotsu Thomas & Virginia Kenney Zena Kenyon Robin Ketterer Patricia Kido Michael & Susan Kihara Rhonda Kihara Scott Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Leslie Kikuta Robert & Velmar Kila Colleen Kim Craig & Lisa Kim John Kim Misuk Kim Myong Kim Robert Kim Stephanie Kim Lawrence & Charleen Kimata Calvin Kimura Sasha Kimura Stanley Kimura Mark & Terry Kimura Deb Kinder Elizabeth Kinsler Brian Kirsch Caroline Kishida Theodore & Alice Kishimori David & Frances Kitabayashi Allan & Hilda Kitagawa Roy & Therese Kitagawa Hisao Kitamoto Susan Kitamura Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Gordon & Linda Kitsuwa Keiso Kiwada Charlene Kiyabu Evelyn Kiyabu Sharlynn Kiyabu Kathleen Kiyuna David Kleeman Sandra & Douglas Klein Kloeckner Metals Corporation Arthur Kluvo Laurie Knych Jane Kobashigawa

Glen & Alys-Jo Kobayashi Dr. Arthur & Valerie Kobayashi Carolyn Kobayashi Harry Kobayashi Mary Kobayashi Jo Ann Kocher Clifford Kodama Kenneth & Inez Koga Milton Koga Ruth Koga Claire Kogasaka Stephen Kogman Dennis & Barbara Kohara Wayne Koide Lisa Koishigawa Karen Koizumi Janice Koki John Koller Ginger Kolonick Gayle Komata John & Kalowena Komeiji Amanda Kondo Myra Kong Eleanor Konishi Candace Konjevic John Koon & Donna Revard Kathryn Koos-Lee Gail Kop Kop Distributors Blanche Kort Scott Kortvelesy Minnie Kosasa Jane Koseki Aileen Kozai Diana Kozuma George Krasnick Barbara & Stanley Krasniewski Evelina Krout Benjamin & Diane Kuahine Lily Kuba Dexter Kubota Mark & Linda Kuklinsky Norma Kukona Calvin & Leslie Kunihisa Clayton Kunitake Winston & Jacquelyn Kupau Joy Kuraoka Melvin & Karen Kuraoka Clifford Kurata Alvin & Kay Kurio Kelvin & Phyllis Kurio Kelvin Kurisu Marvin & Patricia Kurisu Florence Kuroda Naomi Kuroda Akihiro & Masami Kurokawa Faith Kurooka Beth Kurren-Cox Mona Kushimaejo Darlene & Quin Kutara Alisa Kuwahara Eric Kvick & Nancy Sidun Tim Laborte Rudolfo Lacad Doris Ladd George & Harriet Lai Jacob Lai Valerie Lam Doug Lamerson Barbara Lancaster Brian Lane Lynn Lane Jean Lang Rich & Suzanne Langford Len & Terri Lantych Peter LaRocca Sumi Larrabee Karin Larson Gilbert & Marion Larson

Alexander Lau Brian Lau Christine & Henry Lau Licia Lau Merilee Lau Monique Lau Carole Learnard Kumi Lederer Anne Lee David Lee Deanna Lee Jae Hang Lee Juliet Lee Justin & Linda Lee Ki Lee Linda Lee Morris & Hiroko Lee Nathan & Jonel Lee Peter & Tania Lee Rebecca Lee Tommy & Lori Lee Waymond & Verna Lee Worldster & Patricia Lee Johanna Leiato Bob LeMaire & Irene Igawa Cynthia & Veronica Lenci William Leonard Bonnie Leong Denis & Diantha Leong Don & Elaine Leong James & Jeri Leong Oren Leong Wendell & Paulette Leong Sandra Leong Lisa Lepere Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Mary Lee Lew Richard & Rosann Lewis Yvonne Lewis Steve Licari Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind Juliette Ling Steven & Phaedra Link Shirley Lipman Mary Jane Lipp Barbara Littenberg Marcia Little Leighton Liu Everett Lo Lorinda Locke Randall Locke Logic Technology Development Jeffrey & Jan Loo Lisa Ann Loo Walter & Joyce Loo Robin & Harold Loomis William & Carol Loose Bob LoPresti Iris Loui David Louie Linda Louie James Louis John Love Wilma Lovell Roberta Lovely Merrilee Lucas Brett Hazama Lum Frances Lum Georgianna Lum Leighton & Valerie Lum Steven Lum Lori Lundberg John & Violet Luuwai Paul & Kaoru Lyddon Dylan & Lisa Mabuni Dale & Victoria Machado Euphe Machida Ian MacNaughton Helen MacNeil


Charles Macniven Valerie Madamba Diane Maeda Janice Maeda Thomas & Ellen Maeda Colin & Brenda Maglasang Lois Magnussen Katherine Malheiro Alexander & Clarita Malinao Diane Malinovich Peter & Mary Jane Manabe Dennis & Daphne Manago Cheryl Mann Jon & Sellina Mann Steve & Jane Mann Beverly Mar Janis Marchant Laurie Marcouiller Thomas & Donna Mark John & Stephanie Marrack Robert & Deborah Marshall Perry Martin Douglas Massey & Gisele Fournier-Massey Kevin Masuda Carol Masutani Andrew Matayoshi Margaret Matayoshi Bruce & Mary Jo Matheson Matthew & Ellen Matoi Kylie Matsuda-Lum Joanne Matsui Donald Matsumori Andrea Matsumoto Annette Matsumoto Curtis & Ann Matsumoto Glenn & Jo-Ann Matsumoto Kaori Matsumoto Robert & Chiyoko Matsumoto Iris Matsumura Carol Matsunaga Raymond & Jane Matsuo Ronald Matsuo Roy & Joyce Matsuo Leighton Matsuoka Sharon Matsusaka-Brewer Carol Matsuyama David Mau & Jan Hirakawa Douglas Mau & Maude Nakasone Sharlene Luke Mau Janna Mauliola Robert & Cornelia May Julie Mayeda John McAbee Wayne McCall Floyd & Ann McCoy Elizabeth McCutcheon James & Susan McDonald Janis McEldowney Margot McFedries Michael & Ramona McGuire Mavis McGurn Anne McKay Mark McKeague Rebecca McKinney Mae McKnight Henry & Patricia McPhillips Michael Meagher Janice Meguro Danny Melton Thomas Mendes Joni Mendoza Richard Mengato Gerald & Connie Meredith Jean Merlet Mike & C.J. Merrill Patricia Middlesworth Michael Migita Audrey Mijo

Alice Miles Andrew & Lee Miller Michael Miller & Sharon Shimono William Miller Scudder & Ruth Miller-Briggs Lance, Jennifer & Sarah Mills Richard & Hanae Mills Richard & Janice Mills Faith Milnes Eileen Min Irma Minami Marvis Minami Hiram Mineshima Bert & Joni Mishima Richard & Ann Mitchell Edwin & Ellen Mito Pamela Mitsumura Mark Mitsuyasu Miyabara Associates Harry & Ethel Miyachi Allen & Sue Miyahara Dori Miyamoto George Miyamoto Howard & Mildred Miyamoto Richard & Phyllis Miyamoto Wendy Takako Miyamoto Michael & Mona Miyamura Alison Miyasaki Kenzo & Florence Miyasaki Jan Miyashiro Yoshiye Miyashita Sandra Miyoshi Jody Mocarski Paula Mochida Midori Mochizuki Janet Moelzer Michael Molloy Veronica Molyneux Rita Moniz John & Melinda Montgomery Kathy Moor Robert Moore Teresa Morales Michael Moreno John Morgan Arthur & Val Mori Debbie Mori Sandra Moribe Roy & Aileen Moriguchi Melvin & Carolyn Morikami Charles & Millie Morikawa Kent & Majel Morimoto Michael Morioka Aiko Morita Dale Morita Randall & Merle Morita Robert & Karen Morneau Alfred & Nancy Morris Karen Morrissette Stephen Morse Jim Morton Allan & Paulette Mossman Albert Motooka Lorraine Mow Regina Mow-Galletti Philip Mowrey Barbara & Lawrence Mukai Shayna Mukai Patricia Muneno Stanley & Judith Murai Akinori Murakami Dennis & Darlene Murakami Donald Murakami Lynne Murakami Melvyn & Sadie Murakami Ivan & Jane Muraoka Eloise & Conrad Murashige George & Bonnie Murphy Richard Murphy

James Musgrave Winston Myers Terri Naauao Rebecca Nadler Carol Nagano Darryl Nagano Peggy Naganuma Eric Nagao & Lauren Yee Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Eleanor Nagata Stephanie Nagata Jeanne & Dennis Nagatani Michael Naito Roy & Shirley Naito Gail Nakada Carolyn Nakagawa Joy Nakagawa Edwin & June Nakahara Ronald Nakai Margaret Nakakuni Loui Nakama Samuel & Jolene Nakamatsu Carole Nakamoto Adele Nakamura Beatrice & Thomas Nakamura Kyle & Carol Nakamura Gail Nakamura Gail N. Nakamura James Nakamura Lorene Nakamura Marc Nakamura Nao Nakamura Ronald Nakano Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka Debbie Nakashima & Garrett Tamura Jo Ann Nakashima Shayanne Nakashima Lynn Nakasone Walter & Gail Nakata Thomas & Cheryl Namiki Nadine Nanbu Milton & Nancy Napuunoa Kay Lani Naquin Winnie & Joel Narusawa Sharon Nashiro Gerald & June Naughton Jemal & Atsuko Ned Eric Nedzweckas Edith Neff Bradley Nelson & David Lammay Steph & Chris Nelson Michelle Nerlin Nicole Nestel & Andrew Cuniberti James & Shirley Newman Debra Ng Wing Ng Richard Ngo Nichiyo Air Service Bruce & Sandra Nicholl John & Aileen Nielsen Pamela Niesz Paul & Claudia Nihei Dennis & Gail Niimi Yu Ning Alice Nishi Edward & Mary Ann Nishida Janis Nishikawa & Richard Hanson Charles & Maud Nishimoto Warren Nishimoto & Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto Kareen & Patrick Nishimura Ruth Nishimura Shirley Nishimura Daikichi & Joyce Nishita Mitsuo Nishiyama Shirley Nishizawa Susan & Marvin Nitta Stephen Noble

Andy & Eleanor Nobu Alan Nobunaga & Annette Sato Janet Nohara Greg & Julie Noji Cathy Nonaka Reginald & Lyn Norimoto Peter & Lois Nottage Dennis & Norma Nouchi Jared Noyama Janeen Nozaki Joseph & Alice Nunogawa Joyce Nunokawa Ratna Nuti Steven & Dagmar Oato Gary & Kelly Oba Janis O’Bara Russell Oberther & Shirley Schick Michael & Patricia O’Brien Kenneth & Elaine Ockermann Marianne & Thomas O’Connell Brian O’Connor Cynthia Oda Herbert Oda Todd & Joy Oda Yoso Odo James & Violet Ogata Lynn Ogilvie Ann Ohata Frances Ohira Martha Ohtani Edwin & Marion Oka Mark & Frances Oka Howard Okada Victoria Okada Ernest & Judy Okado Karl Okamoto Sidney & Fay Okamoto Miles & Mary Okano Osmond & Elaine Okazaki Alan & Audrey Okemura James & Laverne Okimoto Harold & Betty Okimura Glenn Okino Pauline Okino James & Grace Okita Denise Okuhara Yoko Okumura Gary & Dale Oliva Carlos Omphroy Velma Omura Nick Ondrejka Shizuko O’Neal Sandra Ongie Sandra Onishi Charlene Ono Linda Mae Onomoto Kimberly O’Quinn Alvin & Doreen Orita David & Patricia Osaki Gail Osakoda Jamie & Pauline Osborne Mike & Sheryl Oschin-Goodman Timothy Oshima Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Debra Oshiro Kenneth & Amy Oshiro Stanley & Jean Oshiro Walter & Joyce Oshiro Helen Otoshi Gerald Ouchi & Barbara Sano Sheila Ouchi Randy Overton Janis Owen Marie Owens David & Heather Oyadomori Terry & Kaylene Oyama Yumi Ozaki Elviradale Pacarro Lori Pacarro


Daniel Pacheco Louise Pagotto Glenda Paige Diane Paiva John Pampalone & Connie Yu-Pampalone Anita Pane’e Carolyn Pang Vincent & Catherine Pang Judy Park Robert Pascua Ronaldo & Joy Pascua Wayne & Lanette Pascua Stephanie Pauling Pearl Properties Robert Pedigo Julie Pelletier Lee & Betty Peppell Robert & Patricia Peters Linda Peterson Vladmir & Helen Petrovitch Pets Are Inn Nancy Pflueger Hiroko Phan Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Jessica Phromsiri Anthony & Marilyn Picard Christopher & Carole Picciotto Helen Pierce Mae Piimauna James & Jaylene Pilgrim Joseph Pires Dianne Pitman Carl & Natalie Pitre Mary Ann Plahy-Walker Dave & Pat Poe Tim & Laura Poell Attilla Pohlmann Gilbert Ponce David Porteus Pakinee Portmore Alexis Pospischil Alvin Potts Brian & Denise Poziembo Margaret Pratt Jerry & Diane Prior Redfield Proctor John & Linda Puu Sandra Pyun Ted & Leilani Quong Monica Ramirez Alejandra Ramos Jonathan & Suzanne Ramos John & Myrna Ramsey Jerry & Cheri Rauckhorst James & Rachel Ray Laura Ray Enid Rayner & John Mickey Carl Reber John & Be Regan Christine Reiter Josephine Reiter Camille Rellinger Karen Renard Lois Resler Gary Rezentes Roy & Brenda Rezentes Kimi Richardson Alison Rieser Ken & Linda Rietfors Cathy Ringer Elaine Ringor Rodney Rivera Patrick & Lavern Roberts Thomas & Elaine Roberts William & Emi Robillard Michael Robinson Joan Rohlfing Gayle Rojas

Fred & Harriet Rokero Scott & Ingrid Rolles Cynthia Rosebrough Michele Rosenblum Louis Rosof Sharon Ross Kyle Rothenborg Angela Rother Andrew Rothstein Linda Rowan Royal Hawaiian Properties Ronaldo & Donna Rumbaoa Mary Rupard Ann Russell Irene Ryf Cori Sadanaga Lila Sagon Debra Saiki Mel Saiki Dennis Saito Gail Saito George & Pauline Saito Glenn & Susan Saito Itsuo & Ross Saito Eugene & M.H. Sakae David Sakamoto Diane Sakamoto Leighton & Sharynne Sakamoto Milton & Lani Sakamoto Warren Sakamoto & Raynette Takizawa Latonia Sakata Christina Sakomoto Bert Sakuda Walter Sakuda Sandra Salisbury Jeannie Salmon Namie Salz Philip Sammer Sharon Samson Francis & Patricia Santos Gordon & Joanne Sasaki Melvin, Allison & Gavin Sasaki Patricia Sasaki Gil & Shareen Sato Jeffrey Sato Ken & Jean Sato Mitsuko Sato Momoe Sato Phyllis Sato Janet Satogata Ward & Valisa Saunders Eugene Savio Mariko Sawada Sandy Schafer Harold & Joyce Schatz Charles Schenck Jan Schmidt Frances Schneider Makoto Schoening Jane Schoonmaker Cindy Schoonover Eric Schroeder Darrell Schuetz James & Bettye Schuler Paul Schultz Sally Schultz Robert & Ester Schumacher Dr. Nancy Sculerati William Seemann Karen Segawa Justin & Faith Seguirant Jennifer Seibold Becky Sekioka Tiffany Sentani Al & Connie Serafin Albert Serion & Eileen Hirono Fabiana Servantes Christine Seta

Diane Sether Danielle Sevilla Arthur Shak John Shen Stanley & Theresa Shibata Harry & Doris Shibuya Janet Shiga Karen Shigematsu Helen Shigemura Michael Shigeta Doreen & Joe Shimabuku Gerald Shimabuku Lily Shimabukuro Masayoshi & Juliet Shimabukuro Marc Shimamoto Toshiko Shimata Masayuki & Frances Shimazu David & Karen Shimizu Diane Shimizu Lauren Shimizu Reid Shimizu & Joy Kamae-Shimizu David & Elsie Shimokawa Davis & Olinda Shindo Patricia Shine Daniel Shinego Rodney & Sandy Shinkawa Emiko & Kazuhiko Shiraya Charlene Shiroma Cynthia Shiroma Mark Shiroma Terrence Shive Jennifer Shoma Steven & Laura Jeanne Short Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Joseph Sileo Alma Silva Clifford Silverstein Earl & Nancy Simao Kevin Simon Thomas Simpson Stella Sin Arleene Skillman Joan Skinner Helen Skov Geoffrey Slater Victoria Slovak Nancy Smiley & Kelly Griffith Chris & Janet Smith Dexter & Dawn Smith Douglas & Kelly Smith Kimberly Smith Marilyn Smith Douglass & Charlene Smoyer Arthur & Beverly Soares Cecilio Soliven Diane Sonoda Leilani Sordillia Catherine Sorensen David & Valerie Sorensen Source It Jaime Souza William & Caroline Spencer Miki Sprout Tita Stack David Stampe & Patricia Donegan Lance Stanley & I Ching Chen Stanley Lee & Allyson Stebbins Ronald & Joan Stebbins Jonathan Steiner Mary Steiner & David Atkin Steinke Brothers General Contractors George & Kaye Stender Lawrence & Lucinda Stenek John Stephens Craig Stevaux Patricia Stevens

Randall & Misako Steverson Roberta Stibbard George Stillman David & Mary Stock Michelle Stone Angela Stotts Nicole Stucki Student Animal Legal Fund Lisa Sue Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Alice & Florence Sugimoto Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto James & Brenda Sugita John Sullivan Kenard Sumida Naomi Sumida Estelle Sumimoto Evan Suzui Brian & Carolyn Suzuki Randal & Joyce Suzuki Gwen Suzuki-Oishi Robert & Sharmaine Swisher William & Mary Lou Swope Aileen Sylva Ed Sylva Nicola Szibbo Thomas Taam Jed & Eva Taba Craig & Joanne Tachibana Sandra Tadaki Alison Taira Ronni Taisee Keith Tajiri Malcolm & Cathy Tajiri Roger Takabayashi Yoshiko Takagi Ann Takahashi Susan K. Takahashi Susan T. Takahashi Ted Takahashi Laura Takai Theodore & Sarah Takai George Takakawa Carol Takaki Craig Takamiya Kathy Takamoto Lauren Takaoka Georgia Takasane Richard Takata Brian & Wendy Takatsuka Thomas Takayama Darrell Takebayashi James Takeyama Harry Takimoto Sherrie Takushi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera Emily Tamanaha Monique Tamanaha Yasu & Tammy Tamashiro Anne Tamori Ellen Tamura Patsy Tamura Bee Tan Kong Tan Benjamin & Dawn Tanaka Carolyn Tanaka Earl Tanaka Rylan & Sandra Tanaka Sandra Tanaka Sandy Tanaka Walter Tanaka Wayne & Claire Tanaka Lisa Tanga Richard & Ellen Tangonan Helen Taniguchi Todd Taniguchi Ray Tanimoto Russell & Joyce Tanji Suzanne Tanori


Bert & Karen Taoka Yuko Taroski Cheryl Tassano Ronald & Angie Tateishi Tessy Tateishi Steven Tavares Lloyd & Constance Teixeira Kyle Tengan Sadako Tengan Lorraine Teniya Alvin Tenn Shoji Teramoto Scott Teraoka Steven Teraoka The Shidler Group Patricia Ann Thomson Mary & James Thrash Patricia Ann Tierney Nettie Tiffany Rene Tillich Ivy Timpe Curtis & Lorraine Togami Mike Toibin Charlotte Tokunaga Ella Tokunaga Barazandeh Toler Steven & Faye Tom Noe Noe Tom James & Mona Tomasu Kathy Tomasu Lew Tomimatsu Carol Tomioka Barbara & Rodney Tomishima Russell Tomishima Jann Tompkins Carl Tonaki David & Sheri Lee Tongg Velma Topas Raymond & Sharman Torkildson Roy & Jeanne Toshi Allan & Betty Totoki Sharilyn Toyama Susan Toyama Alice Toyooka Val Tracey Margaret Trevor Mary Trinies Mark Troedson Pamela Troy Shirlee Trozzi Takashi Tsuhako Thomas Tsuhako Marilyn Tsukenjo Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Shelly Tualla Tania Tudor Richard Tuggle Robin Turner Laura Uber Masaru Uchida Gilbert & Lorraine Uehara Eugene & Dorothy Uemura Thomas & Hazel Uemura Arthur & Julie Ugalde Sue Umeda Paul Unkrur Alison Uyeda Bette & Alexander Uyeda Franklin & Harriet Uyeda Craig Uyehara Elisa Uyehara Joyce Uyehara Keith Uyehara Machiko Uyehara Seisuke Uyehara Nancy Uyeno Rodney & Lori Uyeoka Gregg & Janet Uyetake Kristina Valentine

Barbara Jean Van Scoy Lothar & Cheryl Varady Michele Velasco Roland Veon Maria Verzon Nelson & Sue Ellen Viernes Riza & April Villa Bertha Villanueva-Shertzer Joanne Villegas & Colleen Hironaka Anne Virnig Grace Visaya Cristina Vocalan Linda Vollert Robert & Kelli-Ann Voloch Warren & Lydia Von Arnswaldt Allan Vosburgh Michael Wagner & Kay Yumoto-Wagner Susan Wahl Lehua Wainee Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital Randy & Mariko Wakaki Jane Wakukawa Myra Wakuzawa Melinda Walker Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Eileen Wallenhorst Michael & Laurie Walsh Bernard & Joleen Walthall Marie Wang Sarah Wang Wendy Wang Rebecca Ward Michael & Susan Ward Linda Warrick John Washburn Washington Middle School Richard & Carole Wasnich Douglas & Geraldine Watanabe Roy & Paulette Watanabe Marilyn Waterhouse Wendell & Judith Weatherwax Linda Weeks Erin Weigel Camille Weindl Miyo Wenkam Karl & Sheila Wensel Faith Wenzl Truman & Pamela West Arthur Wheeler Helga Wheeler Holly Wheeles Samuel & Glenda White Carol Whitesell Robert & Seiko Whittier Charles & Jeanne Wichman Michael & Barbara Wilcox Sherill Wilcox Myra Williams Jay & Lei Wilmoth Marisa Wilson Cindy Winegar John Wingbert Clayton & Ginger Winger Jean Wittmaack Julia Wo Keith Wolter Adam Wong & Arlene Tanaka Chadwick & Gayle Wong Erica Wong Melvin & Gloria Wong Howie Wong Justin Wong Kevin & Cathy Wong Linda Wright Wong Lorraine K. Wong Lorraine L. Wong Ruddy & Gwendolyn Wong

Sharane Wong Cheryl Wong-Gohler Winston Woo Workplace Solutions WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff Foundation Christopher Wyckoff Jane Wylie Sueo & June Yamachi Hubert Yamada Joan Yamada Stuart & Sue Yamada David Yamagata Amy Yamaguchi Kimo & Susan Yamaguchi Lois Yamaguchi Sally Yamaguchi Alan & Daphne Yamamoto Carol Yamamoto Jodi & Dean Yamamoto Matthew & Winifred Yamamoto May Yamamoto Michael Yamamoto Patricia Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Stephanie Yamamoto Verna Yamamoto Charlotte Yamane & Volker Hildebrandt Gerald & Sandra Yamane Li-Ann Yamashiro Jayna Yamashita Naomi Yamashita Jerry & Caryn Yamauchi Vanessa Yanagawa Richard & Angel Yanagihara Randal & Joyce Yanagisawa Akio & Frances Yano Albert & Helen Yap Alvin Yasuda Ellen Yasumoto Peter Yasutake Frederick & Maryanne Yearian Christie Yee Rodney & Frances Yee Roy & Andre Yee Theresa Yeung Patrick Yim Mona Yogi Audrey Yokota Wayne Yonehara Gary & Christine Yonesawa Audrey Yoneshige Michael Yoneshige Diane Yorita Tony & Jill Yoshicedo Cheryl Yoshida Linda Yoshikami Roy Yoshikane Eugene & Elaine Yoshimi Andrew Yoshimoto Joyce Yoshimoto Keith & Marian Yoshimura Elisa Yoshinaka Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Joan Young Joni Young Miki Young Patrick & Sirinuch Young Randolph & Rose Young Russell & Amy Young Allen & Annie Yuen Colleen & Derek Yuen Robert Yuen John Zabriskie & Leslie Harakawa Jerry & Sharllet Zak Ed Alan Zane Frederick & Eva Zane

Jovita Zimmerman Stanley & Janet Zisk Dahlia & George Zotos

In Honor of People Sydney Akase Diane Farias Kecia Ayabe Kathleen Rowlands Doris Bakken Rebecca McKimm Mary Book John Konjevich Brock Family James & Allison Brock Stanley Cadwallader Meng Dynasty Louise & Buddy Preuss Ginny Tiu Yet Sung Ching Carol Chun Greg, Kristen, Caitlin & Po Chun John Chun Ellen Corrie Laurie & Leland Lee Mr. & Mrs. T. Peyton Coyner Robert & Carol Keane

Mark Linscott Laura Walters Raymond Lyau Beverly Page Rebeckah Lynn Robert Mitchell Andrew Muccio Leah Muccio Jessica Nakashima Dennis & Janice Nakashima Wayne & Kay Nakashima Dennis & Janice Nakashima Linda Nelson Margaret Elizabeth Frantz Gordon Pang Gerald & Selma Pang Alex Rodriguez Carma Bamber Larry Rodriguez Janice Vincent Erica Rogers James & Erica Rogers Chaco Sato Pauline Sato Karen Scharff Kevin Gregg

Sharon Culp Brian Gustafson

Madeline Scherman Howard & Elizabeth Keller Gail Myers

Linda & Terry Fitzpatrick Betty Long

Les & Laura Sherrill Beverly Nagel

Richard Fujie Gwen Fujie

Calvin Shiroma Millicent Wright

Tony Gairnese Judith Jones

Russell Shoji Clifford & Stephany Hong

Robert Gordon Lawrence Gordon Gregg Haines Kimberley Haines Chris & Hannah Hanson Edward Hanson Aiko & Stacie Ho, Bert Kido, Tanner & the Nagano Clan, & Saundra Keyes Eric & Leslie Ann Kawamoto Irving Jenkins Luella Kurkjian Keith Kaneshiro Jennifer Watanabe Caitlin Kelly Kevin Kelly Diane Kimura Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Bill Kleinenbroich Jonathan Gillentine Holly Melissa Kruse Sandra Rosete Dave, Sue & Jeff Larsen Melanie Meinken Dan & Jennie Lau Andrew Tang


Lori Lee & Donna Curry Linda Pacheco & Judy Szpak

Ron & Joan Stebbins Hans Treuenfels Charles & Jane Stover Richard Stover Ginny Tiu Keith Kaneshiro & Charlene Abe Raymond & Trudy Okada Martin & Jeanette Rinehart Richard Smith & David Griggs Jennifer Trevino Emme Tomimbang Burns Ginny Tiu Sally Treuting, Elizabeth Siegel & Anne Wall Sally Lynn Ruth Tschumy William Tschumy Rianna & Willie Williams Bob & Victoria Kenneally Chase Evan Zavakos Janice & Christian Zavakos Ed Alan Zane & Children Lydia Chock Rick Zwern Ginny Tiu

In Honor of Pets

Maya Paul Nakatani

Alani Lamphier Terii Lamphier

Mitzi & Friends Lisa Lewis

Athena Stebbins Ronald & Joan Stebbins

Ollie, Mary & Max Linda Flinn

Azuki Bean & Ozoni Nakagawa Kris Nakagawa

Oscar Goto Kylee Goto

Bear, Atty, & Ella Chun Roslyn & Daven Chun Bertolli Horikoshi Ben Dookchitra Bodacious Tata & Little Boy Naomi Wasano Boomer Hada Derick Hada Bullet & Thomas Michael Cripps Shiloh Jordan Casey & Nicky Hada Patrick & Joyce Hada Chini & Wedgie Burzynski John & Megumi Burzynski Connor Rillamas Cynthia Rillamas Elsie Klim Don & Blanche Klim Gracie & Thor Ellinwood Denise Ellinwood Heather Bellinger Jan Bellinger Hina, Chi & Kea Sallas Keoni Sallas Jamocha & Bella Ricky Oyama Jerry Mitchell Barry Mitchell Kapono Tavares Steven Tavares Kitty Bennett Rona Bennett Koa Lyman Ellison Lyman Koda Russell & Delaine Ige Lanikai WWD Gills-Hughes Nancy Gills Lydia Moyer Carey Moyer Macavity Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Maggie & Hannah Pang Laurena Wong Maggie, Duce & Hana Olson Tracey Olson Majesty Steven & Deborah Knight Malia & Sandie Toni Fujita

Pono Au Hoy Maria & Richert Au Hoy

Joyce Charlton Karen Agena Lorraine Aoki Joyce Doi Virginia Dunn Drew Jackson Faith Kanno Leilani Mayekawa Joy McLaughlin Liane Mizokawa Laura Morimoto Richard Morris Raynette Nagamine Edward & Gayle Pei Leanne Redona Fe Saludes Lydia Takenishi Sherilyn Tamayose Kenneth Tanaka Grant & Jin Hee Uyeno Angie Yamaguchi Eric Yee

Reba Jahren-Conrad Hope Jahren

Clarence Ching Carolyn Ching

Rusty The RMR Group Samuel Sprocket Wong Linda Wright Wong

Melvin Chow Beverly Chow Linda & Robert Kidani Dorothy Myrdal Kathy Wooldridge

Smokey Candace Konjevic

Mona Cordeiro Glenn & Inge Cordeiro

Spice John Adolph & Linda Aono

Reid Krucky Anton Krucky

Stubby Tomoko Honda

Larry Ehukai Mehau Sheila Watumull

Tiki Ho Paula Ho

Alfred Fernandes, Jr. Mary Ann Fernandes

Valentino Gibson Deborah Gibson

Warren Leong Joseph Alameda Timothy Chang Frank & Lillian Chang Heather de la Garza Kathleen & Leroy DeCaires Marc Delay Janis Endo Wendell & Eunice Enomoto Liane Fujii Gregg Hamamoto Mikki Hanamoto Laraine Heirakuji Chase Hiyakumoto Amy Izumihara Ronald & Lynn Kikawa Jodi Lam Constance Leong Susanne Millard MK Development Consulting Beverly Muta Patricia Nakagawa Naomi Numazu Steven & Linda Onosaki Kathie Oshima Pacific Administrators Pacific Building Materials Kyle Pang Lena Ranit Gerri & Lee Shinsato Michael & Laurie Walsh Karen Yasukawa Darin Yokoyama

Robert Flating Vinnie Shimabukuro

Wayvern Watase Leinee & Paul Watase

James Loo Jeffrey Loo

Yuriko Fujioka First Insurance Company of Hawaii

Dora Lum Lawrence & Charleen Kimata

Mister Frodo Kristin Herrick

Pele Faith Milnes Piper & Rory Patrick & Catherine Geraghty Poka Ford Poka Dan Abrahamsson

Winston Korr Joshua Korr

Papa Tad Kiyota Derek & Evelyn Kiyota Tom Lalakea Lynn Lalakea Gail Lau Johnson Lau

Elizabeth Gamiao Reid Furutani

Lawrence Makishima Ellen Yee Winifred Yee

Karin Gassner James & Dawne Browne

Helen Mayeda Julie Mayeda

Myrtle Harmon Amy Mizuno

Rose Ann McLane & Lucy Bill & Nancy Woodhams

Stanley Higashi Charlaine Higashi

Mimi Milo Christina McCabe

Elizabeth Hino Sharon Wong

Eloise Monsarrat Henry & Patricia McPhillips

Marcia Hollenberg Steven Lindell

Alice Armando Stanley & Theresa Shibata

Janice Moon-Morishige Kenneth & Marion Harada

Herbert & Jeanette Inouye Lawrence & Gale Park

Alan Asuncion Mark Quiming

Edwin Naito Beatrice Han

Jerry Jackson Nancy Katayama & Beverly Angel

Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon

Janet Jensen Candy Aluli

Mildred Shigeko Kawana Nishimura Marriott International

Gerald Baker Lloyd & Kae Baker

Ameeta Kalvit Amruta Kalvit

Zelma Boldetti Alice Folkart

Frank & Mildred Kam Christopher Kam

Eugene Burbige Raymond Raible

Carolyn Kato Rodney & Evelyn Yamamoto

The Yahoos Au Cynthia Au Yuki & Chibi Wallace & Carolyn Towata Yumi Goya Beverly Page

In Memory of People

Kalina Chang Jim & Sharon Hawkins


Auntie Noriko Tamiko Pelos Santos Esther Okada Bernard & Pamela Lum Nicholas & Timmy Palumbo Carola Wilson Sebastian Park Shay Park

Joe Porto Lynn Porto

Henry Wharton Amy Wharton

Cece Morita

Albert & Katherine Roemer Nancy Roemer

George Yamamoto Sueko Yamamoto

Celes, Terra & Mog Higaki

Jerry Rozmestor Duncan Brown

Miwako Yorita Pamela Yorita

Champagne Ann

Randall Sakai Diane Sakai

In Memory of Pets

Julie Savio & Jacob Person Elizabeth Dunn Adele Sawada-Omori, Walter Omori & Mike Wagner Deborah Key Sarah Seal Andrew Cece Carrie Henry Chris Shigeo Paul & Violet Yoshimura Barbara Tilley Pamela Burns Balbi Brooks Stacy Hadano Sharon Iwashita & Takeno Kubo June Koshiba Sumi Makey Shaunagh Robbins Carl & Lu Seyfer May Von Barbara Valk Robert & Marjorie Weible Marianne Witherwax Ellen Yasumoto Shirley Todd Ronald Todd John Troutman Garrick Higuchi Kim Stryker Patricia Vanderbeck Paul & Penny Novy Robert & Alice Webb Steve Webb

Abby Parker


Cecelia Ann Deen Charlie Kono

Moana Lani Spa Chaz

Charlaine Higashi Cheddar Hartle

Brett & Niranda Hartle Erika Hartle-Schutte

Abby Phillips

Chevy Chase

Alex Miller

Susan & Richard Miller Ali’i

The Fraser Family Alphonse

Mary Macmillan Amarook Zakimi

Zayne & A. Zakimi Angel Boy Hao

Daris & Patricia Hao Arnold Hayashi

Linda Hayashi Baghirah Miller

Susan & Richard Miller Benji

James & Mary Ann Bell Leslie & John Bingham Mary Lou & John Brogan Pamela Burns Business Consulting Resources Theresa Cablinga Patrick Chang Edith Chave Lois Taylor Clarke Byron & Sue Fujie Jane Fujimoto Jeffrey & Rhonda Griswold Francis Haines Jack & Myrtle Harmon Mark & Diane Hastert Julia Ing Cynthia Johnson Howard & Elizabeth Keller Myrtle Kim Alan Kobayashi Peter & Mary Lewis Frances Lui-Kwan Barbara Marumoto Robin Midkiff Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall Martha Lee Mullen Wendy Munetake Howard Okada Marian Okada Walter & Gayle Ozawa Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Emma White Seymour Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser Lois Shimabukuro-Miyake Vivien Stackpole Paula Myers Sussex Ginny Tiu Joyce Voelker Robert Weyand Wendell Wo

Cody Higaki

Joan Parker Dias Pamela Burns

As a long-time animal lover, Mary Foster Weyand provided leadership, guidance and support to the Hawaiian Humane Society while serving on its Board of Directors from 2004 to 2015. Mary and her husband, four-star Army General Fred Weyand, were named 2009 Hawaii Outstanding Philanthropists for their passionate service to the community. Mary’s love of animals will always be treasured by the Hawaiian Humane Society ohana.

Robert Morita

Gareth & Anna Yokochi Bibidi, Bobidi & Boo

James & Sharon Kitazaki Blaze Wilson

Terry Wilson Blueford

Jerald & Etsuko Plett Bogey & Dizzy Cruz

Albert & Luain Cruz Brandi

Royce Jones Bratt

Bill & Elaine Lindsey Braveheart

Marilou Brownlie Bud E. Marshall

Chuck & Diane Marshall Buddy

Brian & Pam Takeda Buddy Ozawa

Walter & Gayle Ozawa Bugsey Domingo

Patricia Domingo Bully, Sophie & Sparky Morimoto

Kent & Majel Morimoto Buster

Bruce & Diana Sneddon Caesar

Ellen Kaneshiro Candy Saiki

Mel Saiki

Joanne Weldon Chewey MacDonald

Diane MacDonald Chocolate & Scooter Wong

Helen Wong Coco Purdie

Robert & Cheryl Purdie Cody Maeda

Michael Maeda Cookie Gilding

Gregory & Monette Gilding Daisee May

Rhoda Lum Dickens Rodriguez

David & Diana Melone Ditto

Michael Hofmann E’ala Marakami

Glen & June Matsumoto Eve Barut

Jorene Barut Fearo Gilding

Gregory & Monette Gilding Flavor Sawai

Rebecca Sawai Fluffy

Bob & Eileen Nakamura Fluffy Sugiyama

Roy & Patricia Sugiyama Forest Lee

John Adolph & Linda Aono Fred Howard

Jane Okuno G.P. Waniya

Wesley Waniya & Karin Fujitani Goliath Villarreal

Rafael Villareal Gordy Novak

Carole Scharfenberger Gracie Ryan

Lisa Ryan Ha’ena Walker

Jan Chouljian Hekili Ahuna

Annette Ahuna Hobie Parker

Emmaly Calibraro Hoku

Masaji & Mary Ann Saito


Hoku Garcia

Maika’i Simon

Princess & Makana Tarnay

Thor & Pepe

Winton & Sandra Schoneman

Theodore & Judith Simon

Charles & Arleen Tarnay

Christopher Perry

Honu Meyer

Makana Doty


Tiffany Keahiolalo

Lena Onishi-Meyer

Hal Taylor

Michael & June Awai

Ana Kauwe

Ilima Cape Breton

Malie Endo

Pua, Noki, & Jewel


Ken Ito & Elizabeth Hokada

Vernon & Marina Endo

Kathleen Domen

Calinda Goo


Marley Machamer

Pumpkin Ebert

Tiger Mehnert

Ginger Chock

Lance & Nancy Machamer

Erik Ebert

Bettina Mehnert


Maysie Harley

Pupule Veitch

Tigger Yasuhara

Douglas & Cathy Davenport

Clark & Sue Jennings

Joanne Veitch

Kari Yasuhara


Mele, Max & Sadie Osborne

Remington Suzuki


Diane Lord

Gerrit & Gayle Osborne

Brian & Carolyn Suzuki

Leilani Schuman

Jack Jurkens

MeMe Tano

Rocky Boy & Nahenahe Kaai


Barbara Jurkens

Kenneth & Caroline Tano

Allyson Kaai

Peter & Janis Ching

Jackson McIntosh

Mia Haigh-Bishop

Rocky Valenti

Tobi & Mia

Kandis McIntosh

Kelly Taylor

Philip & Patricia Valenti

David & Cheryl Soong


Miho & Micah

Roxie Harada

Toby, the Awesome Cat

Sandra Kowen

Victoria Sakai

Kathleen Kosaka

Jamocha Taima

Miki & Cashoo Lum

Bernard & Kara Gorgonio Ryan & Susan Harada

June Taima

Dorinda Lum

Sachi & Buster

Naomi Namba

Jayd Luis

Mimi Hadley

Janice Luis

Kevin Hadley


Mischa Cox

Alvin & Karen Scott

Beth Cox

Kalani Foltz

Misha & Kula Horst

Jack & Michele Foltz

Eric & Mandy Horst

Kalo Purdy

Miss Pebbles Tom

Brenda Ching

Michael & Marlene Tom

Keanu Yabui

Misty Takaki

Bryant Yabui

Racheal Takaki

Keo & Nani Petersen

Misty, Odin, & Audrey

Sharlyene Petersen

Rodney & Cherie Imai

Keoki, Pua, & Hoku

Mitsie & Mindy Mabe

Cynthia Shiroma

Kurtis & Susan Mabe

Kibbles Onaga

Mo Tucher

Marsha Onaga

Frederick Tucher

Kihei Favrow

Mokihanalani Chun

Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet

Mark & Vanessa Van Doorne Mollie Smith

Shadow Gutierrez

Mollie Smith

Shelby & Sammy Okino

Pamela Burns

Kelvin & Patsy Okino

Momi Chase

Sissy Morton

Charles Moffat

Ronald & Kathleen Morton


Skitterbug, Izzy, & Chiku McDonough

Kiko Honda

Margaret Honda Kiko Whittle

Miriam Whittle Kiliki Henry

Sharon Brown-Henry Koa & Ziggy Reed & O’Malley

Shawn & Angela Reed Koa Kam

Lawrence & Clara Kam Kobe Hester

David Hester Laika Sputnik Space Dog

Michael Morioka Salty Sasaki

Denise Sasaki Sam

Donald Fujimoto Sam Andrade

Susan Onishi Andrade Sammy Nolin

Patricia Nolin Saru May

Kenneth & Melanie May Sasha Williamson

Lillian Williamson Sassie Ormand

James Ormand Scooter Fong

Daniel & Corrie Fong Ricarte Gutierrez

Genevieve Salmonson

Brenda McDonough

Nani & Kuma Fiddler

Alan & Joslyn Fiddler

Smokey & Fluffy D’Amato

Kristina Inn

Nani Okumura

Ruby Okumura

Squeaky, Sheba, & Salem Llewellyn


Sharon Llewellyn

Chris Myrick

Sayoko Blodgett-Ford

Oscar Chang

Loki, Winnie, Jack. Wiskers, Sweetee & Bunny Ayers

Ozzy Ferrara

Starduster Lightner-Porter

Delta Lightner

Gordon & Louise Chang

Margene Ayers

Linda Ferrara

Lucy, Pogo & Moki Pang

Patches Henne

Rosemary Pang

Willliam Henne

Lux Portfolio


Katelyn Stevens

Andrew Johnson

Maggie Bishop


Kathleen Wong

Kenneth Iwai

Maggie Ralya

Princess Farias

Jacqueline Ralya

Diane Farias


Paul & Loc Nelting Sunshine, Sydnie & Java Kikuta

Paul & Judith Kikuta Sylvester Yatchmenoff

Roshal Yatchmenoff Taj Sakaba

Monica Kawamata Tank Ghelfi

Thomas & Ernell Hallaman


Tomo Tuffy Hirae

Marsha Onaga Tugger Wilson

Trudi Vetter Tux & Zippy Reinhardt

James & Kathleen Reinhardt Tux Stobie

Lynette Stobie Tweety Soares

Joy Soares Umi Fast

Kathrine Fast Waldo

Eric Firing Walter Quiggle

Carole Scharfenberger Whiskers Nullet

Kathleen Nullet Wishbone Bruhn

Tevet & Marsha Bruhn Zeke

Thomas & Shirlee Cunningham Zeke Jones

Pamela Burns Ginny Tiu

2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004


Car donations & license plate decals help animals If the 2016 new car models have you itching for a new ride, here’s a great way to do something good for animals and take the hassle out of selling your used car. Donate it to the Hawaiian Humane Society and enjoy a tax deduction. Or show your love for animals with a Hawaiian Humane Society license plate decal. Fees are $30.50 for a new decal and $25 to renew annually.

Visit HawaiianHumane.org or contact 356-2207 for more information on these programs.

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Hawaiian Humane Society March-May 2016 Newsletter  

Stories and news from the Hawaiian Humane Society - Oahu's only animal shelter that welcomes all.

Hawaiian Humane Society March-May 2016 Newsletter  

Stories and news from the Hawaiian Humane Society - Oahu's only animal shelter that welcomes all.