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July – August 2019

A day in the life of a shelter veterinarian A day in the life of a Hawaiian Humane Society veterinarian is busy, challenging and rewarding. With an average of 70 animals daily welcomed into the Society’s care, and the addition of pet animals brought to the Community Spay/Neuter Center for surgery, the demand for care is enormous. Shelter medicine attracts a special breed of veterinarian with a deep love and respect for animals. Dr. Kasey Carter Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kasey’s love for animals began early on in his childhood. “I’ve always loved animals. Growing up we always had a lot of animals in my house. Even though we lived in Tuscon, Arizona, we had every kind of breed of dog you can imagine. We had skunks, pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, jerboas … even monkeys.”

(For those not in the know, jerboas are a long-legged rodent with large ears originally from the deserts of the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.) Originally an engineering student, Dr. Kasey discovered his true calling when he switched to veterinary science. Working at animal shelters while he was in vet school, he learned a lot about cat respiratory diseases and the unique challenges shelters face when treating and caring for animals. “Shelter medicine is different than small animal practice or emergency medicine, or specialties like internal medicine or cardiology. We see many more animals in the shelter and I feel like I am able to have more of an impact on the animals’ lives,” said Dr. Kasey. Hawaiian Humane veterinarians spend the majority of their day in surgery

Dr. Kasey Carter spends most of each day spaying/ neutering animals who will be made available for adoption.

or completing health checks. Surgery can include everything from eye surgery to dentistry to sterilization. The veterinarians also treat diseases including heart worm, skin issues, respiratory infections and other ailments daily. Then there are the days when unusual cases end up in the care of the Society’s veterinary team, such as a four-week-old kitten named Phoenix. Phoenix was rescued from a brush fire in West Oahu by a member of the Honolulu Fire Department, who immediately called the Hawaiian Humane Society for help. Phoenix’s whiskers had been singed off, his black and white fur was crispy and short and his paw pads were blistered. Dr. Kasey’s first concern was to figure out how much pain the little cat was in. After administering antibiotics and pain medication, Phoenix’s spirit seemed to perk up. Soon, his appetite rebounded and he was on his way to recuperating in a foster home. “Most of these animals don’t have owners or homes so we need to be their voice. When I leave at the end of the day, I’ve helped animals that really needed it and helped to alleviate animals’ suffering,” said Dr. Kasey. Dr. Carlene Takushi Veterinarian With the longest tenure of the Society’s three full-time veterinarians, Dr. continued on page 4

CEO’s Message

Embarking on new beginnings New beginnings happen every day at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Every time a child takes home her first pet, a family chooses to foster a litter of kittens or a veterinarian tends to an injured dog or cat, it creates a new opportunity for animals to thrive and find happiness. It’s amazing to think of how many fresh starts have occurred right here, thanks to the employees and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to advancing Hawaiian Humane's mission. Over the past 136 years, countless animals have been rescued from homelessness or abuse; sheltered, fed and cared for. From these new beginnings, thousands go on to find happy endings in permanent homes with loving families. Now, it’s time for the Society to undergo a rebirth of its own. Any longstanding organization, especially one with an eye toward the future, should always be looking to improve and evolve its practices. As interim CEO, I’m proud to be a part of the change as the Society writes the next chapter in its story. Earlier this year, I was asked to come to the Hawaiian Humane Society, joining a team of experts to take a close look at the organization’s operations. We made several recommendations for expanding or updating the Society’s policies and procedures for euthanasia, assessing animals and working with those who need a little extra care or training prior to adoption. We worked closely with Hawaiian Humane's board of directors to lay the foundation for these changes. Some improvements have already been made to enhance the safety and well-being of our employees and the welfare of the animals in our care. Other changes will occur as part of a long-term approach

Martha C. Armstrong Interim CEO Stephanie Kendrick Interim Community Relations Director Editor Jeff Chung Ryan Pang Amanda Shillinglaw Photographers

to animal care to ensure the Hawaiian Humane Society can continue to serve the community for years to come. I welcome the opportunity to be a part of this organization's evolution. I have had the great privilege of working in animal welfare and shelter management for 40 years. During that time, I’ve worked with many passionate and caring individuals, including many at the Society, to help improve the lives of animals. I look forward to working with the dedicated employees and volunteers during this exciting time of growth and transformation. As always, we are grateful to have the continued support of our donors, volunteers and the greater community. Mahalo to each and every one of you for standing by our cause and supporting our vision to create a brighter future for Hawaii’s animals.

Martha C. Armstrong Interim CEO 2

Published quarterly by the Hawaiian Humane Society. 2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826 Phone (808) 356-2200 Fax (808) 955-6034 HawaiianHumane.org Animal Rescues & Investigations 356-2250 Dog Licensing 356-2200 Donations & Gifts 356-2213 Education 356-2206 Events 356-2225 Hike Club 356-2222 Lost & Found 356-2228 Neuter Now 356-2200 Pet Adoptions 356-2218 Pet Loss Support Group 356-2222 Volunteer Programs 356-2222 Community Spay/Neuter Center 356-2255 The Hawaiian Humane Society is an education and advocacy organization that also shelters, protects, rescues, reunites and rehomes animals. It is Oahu’s only open-admission shelter that welcomes all animals. Visit HawaiianHumane.org to learn more.

In Our Backyard

Kitten season brings more mews kittens require round-the-clock care, including bottle feeding and potty training. When kittens are healthy Although and large enough, you may be tempted at about eight to rescue a litter of kittens you ďŹ nd in your weeks old or two backyard, keep in mind pounds, they may that their mother is likely nearby taking be sterilized and a break. adopted to new families.

As the days grow longer and warmer, felines are increasingly inspired to prowl for mates. And thus, kitten season begins. Although cats breed year round in Hawaii, the Hawaiian Humane Society receives an influx of kittens from late spring to early fall — sometimes hundreds each month. Community assistance is vital to protect these vulnerable animals, but if you discover kittens, sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Although intuition may scream to save apparently abandoned little bundles of fur, first watch and wait. Mothers can be gone up to eight hours at a time finding food, shelter, relieving themselves or taking a break. Unless they are in immediate danger, resist separating babies from their mother. She offers their best chance at a healthy life.

To support community members caring for kittens, the Society has assembled hundreds of kitten kits filled with items needed to nurture young kittens successfully. They include kitten milk replacement and nursing bottles. Kits are distributed at no cost to those interested in taking on the challenge of providing intensive care to unweaned cats.

Should you take on the responsibility of caring for kittens, be prepared to see the intervention through. Newborn

For more information on how to help kittens, visit HawaiianHumane.org/Kittens.

Did you know? The Free-Roaming cats who call Oahu home comprise a diverse population that includes lost or abandoned pets, pets allowed to roam and animals who are unsocialized to humans. Volunteer caregivers often provide outdoor cats with food and trap them for spay/neuter surgery so they cannot breed. An ear notch, on the left for male cats and the right for females, is a sign that a cat has been sterilized. Ear-notched cats who are socialized to humans are regularly available for adoption at the Society. Adopters can take pride in helping these friendly animals, who may have survived tough times, by giving them a loving home. All animals remain available for as long as it takes them to find a family.


Continued: A day in the life of a shelter veterinarian continued from page 1

Takushi has been helping animals for more than 25 years at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Her day is usually filled with spay/neuter surgeries for shelter animals, as well as caring for those with illnesses or injuries. She has been involved with many individual special cases that have recovered and been adopted. However, it’s the big rescues that she has been a part of that will always stick with her. “I’ve been a part of rescues that have had dozens of dogs that had been neglected to hundreds of dogs subjected to puppy breeding operations. And every time I think I’ve seen it all, another investigation comes along that astounds me.” Dr. Takushi was one of the main veterinarians working at the Society’s veterinary clinic for the Waimanalo dog rescue, which included more than 100 dogs saved from a puppy mill; and a case in Haleiwa, where over 30 dogs were left in a home with no food or water. No matter how many investigations she witnesses, it never

ceases to amaze her that people can treat animals so cruelly. “Although I’ve seen many shocking things in my decades-long career, it really makes it a lot easier to know that there are many good people out there,” said Dr. Takushi. “We really come together as a community to assist these animals and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been at the Society this long – because we can and will help." Dr. Nikki McGreevey Community Spay/Neuter Center Veterinarian Dr. Nikki’s experience includes specialization in large animal and neonatal internal medicine, which has given her a broad knowledge in treating a wide variety of animals. Part of what she loves about her job at Hawaiian Humane is how it’s constantly evolving. “I always like to learn more. With veterinary medicine, there is always new research coming out and better ways to do things. I’m passionate about constantly improving upon the work that we do,” she said.

Dr. Nikki’s day begins at 7:30 am. She works primarily with clientowned animals on an appointment basis. “We have a certain number of appointments, and as they come in, I do a basic wellness exam, looking at their heart and lungs, gum color, making sure that overall they are healthy. If I find a heart murmur or respiratory disease, which is common in cats, I contact the owner with our recommendations,” she said. Following initial exams, Dr. Nikki usually conducts surgery at around 8:30 am and finishes at 1:30 pm. Each animal takes a couple of hours to wake up and the staff checks on them every 10-15 minutes before their owners pick them up at 3:30 pm. The Society’s veterinary team credits Hawaiian Humane’s many donors with making it possible for them to help so many animals. “Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to help the animals that come in and need it the most. We’re able to take care of them and get them back out to healthy and happy homes,” said Dr. Nikki.

Phoenix was found at the site of a brushfire in West Oahu. After treatment he went to a foster home to recuperate from his injuries.

Dr. Kasey emphasized that education and community engagement are as important to his team’s work as medicine.

“We’re the only openadmission animal shelter on Oahu so it’s really important that we work with and for the community. Our goal is to build awareness so people see the value in the health and well-being of animals. It’s being that voice for the animals who aren’t able to speak for themselves. It’s why we do the work that we do, because the good far outweighs any challenges we may face.” 4

Volunteer Highlight: Rosemarie Grigg Rosemarie Grigg is more than a volunteer at the Hawaiian Humane Society. As the facilitator for Hawaiian Humane's monthly Pet Loss Support Group, she’s a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and a comforting presence for individuals grieving the loss of a beloved companion animal. Rosemarie began running the group 20 years ago, after graduating from her UH master’s program in clinical psychology. “It was a perfect fit — it combined my clinical experience with my love of animals and my desire to help people,” she said.

Every October, Rosemarie Grigg, center, and the Pet Loss Support Group form a team for the Society’s PetWalk.

Animals have always been an important part of her life. As a young girl growing up in California, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She moved to Hawaii in 1989 with her mother and has adopted several pets from the Society over the years.

“There’s so much joy and love, and sadness as well. It’s a safe environment to share one’s story,” Rosemarie said.

Today, Rosemarie is a behavioral therapist who works with developmentally disabled individuals. She is a passionate volunteer who gives her time to several causes, including Friends of the Library and WINGS, an after-school group she founded for students with autism. Despite her busy schedule, she looks forward to her time at the Society every month.

Group members develop a special bond from their shared experience. Every October, Rosemarie and her group form a team for the Society’s PetWalk. In celebration of Rosemarie’s 20 years of volunteer service, previous group members put together a scrapbook filled with photos, stories and kind words to express their appreciation.

“It’s so gratifying and amazing,” she said. “To see people come together and be there for each other. That’s why I keep doing it and will keep doing it as long as I possibly can.”

Rosemarie considers herself lucky to do what she does. “It’s a beautiful thing, a witness to the love of animals,” she said of her group. “It doesn’t matter if the animal has fur, or feathers, or whatever. It’s all about the love.”

The group varies by month, welcoming new group members who have recently experienced a loss, as well as some who come back frequently to help others and continue their grieving process. They talk about the stages of grief, share photos, tell stories, cry and even laugh.

The Pet Loss Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Hawaiian Humane Society administration building's reception area conference room. It is free and open to all members of the community. Call 356-2222 to attend.

Gift for new monthly donors This year, celebrate summer in style while supporting animals in the community. During July, become a monthly donor to the Hawaiian Humane Society with a gift of $19 or more and receive a limited-edition Hawaiian leaf print umbrella, generously donated by our friends at Crazy Shirts. This gift is our way of saying “Mahalo!” to friends like you for giving shelter to Hawaii’s animals in need. Sign up today by visiting HawaiianHumane.org/Monthly or by calling 356-2213. While supplies last.


Humane education is high priority The Hawaiian Humane Society’s education team partnered with Waianae High School students in April for the latest edition of Pet Kokua, a regular West Oahu event aimed at helping people and pets. Services offered at Pet Kokua included on-site pet microchipping by Windward Community College’s veterinary technician program, spay/ neuter certificates, food from the Hawaiian Humane Pet Food Bank, customized pet ID tags

and pet nail clipping by Mauka to Makai Mobile Pet Grooming. The Society’s humane investigators were also on site handing out leashes and collars and answering questions about their scope of work. About 200 people attended the event and were educated about animal welfare. Sixty-six pets were microchipped and 85 spay/neuter certificates and 824 pounds of pet food were distributed at the event.

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual Mission PAWsible contest wrapped up this spring with more than 200 entries from all over the island. Oahu middle and high school students submitted entries in the categories of creative writing, digital art and traditional art that reflected this year’s theme: Hawaiian Humane’s mission to promote the human-animal bond and humane treatment of all animals. Malisa L. from Kapolei High School chose to highlight pets being included as part of the family.

Thirteen new students joined the Teens4Animals Council, a group of teens representing public and private schools across the island that advocate for animals. In addition, four council members from last year’s 2018 – 2019 council have returned as part of the Teens4Animals Council leadership team, including our Council President Kylie Alarcon, Vice President Taylor Moniz, East Oahu Representative Michelle Matsumori-Kelly, and West Oahu Representative Manowai Lenchanko.



Rescued dogs get their day in court On an early October morning in 2016, Hawaiian Humane Society investigators and Honolulu Police Department officers waited outside of a property in Waianae. As daylight began its ritual infiltration of the dark, the pungent scent of animal waste permeated the air. Not even the salty scent of the nearby ocean could mask the aroma. It was just a hint of what they would see once the gates opened. The scene was shocking. Hundreds of dogs barked from desolate cages and makeshift shelters. Some were tethered on short chains. Others roamed free in the bare dirt. Surfaces throughout the property were covered with feces and urine. Many dogs were sick, others emaciated. Humane investigators would go on to rescue more than 300 dogs over two days. A puppy was discovered dead in a crate with its littermate and mother. An examination by the Society’s veterinarians would prove it to be the deadly parvovirus. Rodents and other vermin scurried freely in open bags of rotting food and around staff members as they began to load dogs into rescue vans.

Einstein, a Waianae Rescue dog, now enjoys spending days hiking with his family.

community events manager for the Hawaiian Humane Society. “The Society hopes that their stories will compel community members to report cruelty and negligence they see in their neighborhoods and prevent situations like this from reoccurring.”

Hundreds of people from the community volunteered to house and provide supplies for these dogs for six months before the Hawaiian Humane Society was granted ownership of the animals and allowed to find them permanent homes. More than 300 new families were created over the course of three months; a triumph for staff, volunteers and the dogs who forged unmistakable bonds.

Hawaiian Humane is grateful to the prosecutor’s office for its perseverance on this case, as well as the staff, volunteers and other community members who assisted with the rescue.

On May 9, 2019, David Lanny Moore was found guilty on 24 counts of animal cruelty in the second degree. His mother and the owner of the property, June Moore, was found guilty on one count of animal cruelty.

The Moores are scheduled to be sentenced on July 17. If you suspect animal cruelty or neglect in your neighborhood, please call 356-2250 or visit HawaiianHumane.org to file a report. All tips are investigated.

“We are pleased that the jury recognized the seriousness of the inhumane cruelty perpetuated on the animals in this circumstance,” said Suzy Tam, communications and

$20 Microchips Every Day Get your cat or dog microchipped at Hawaiian Humane for $20, which includes registration in Oahu’s microchip database. No appointment is required. Walk-ins are welcome any day of week between noon and 4 pm at the Adoptions or Admissions centers.


Are you ready for a disaster?


The 2018 hurricane season produced a few near misses for the state, including Hurricane Lane, which dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Hawaii Island, triggering flooding and landslides. Experts at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center warn that this season, which runs from June through November, will bring about warm waters like last year, providing fuel for strong storms. Pet owners should be prepared at all times in the event of a natural disaster or personal emergency. Know the location of your nearest shelter and have a pre-packed emergency kit for both your family and your pets. Remember, if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet. Never leave your pet behind. For more information, RECORDS visit HawaiianHumane.org.



A disaster preparedness kit for your pet needs to include: RECORDS


A 14-day supply of food and water in sealed containers. Don’t forget to pack a can opener

Photographs of each pet

A crate or carrier with an attached ID card for each pet, large enough for him to stand up and turn around

A leash and collar with updated ID and license tags

Bedding, towels, toys, treats, food and water bowls


Vaccine records and other veterinary information

A pet first aid kit

Medications, grooming supplies, cleaning supplies for crates/litter boxes

As designated first responders, the Hawaiian Humane Society partners with the City & County of Honolulu to assist in disaster planning and response. The Society supports the community and emergency shelters islandwide with volunteers and emergency supplies. For more information on becoming an emergency pet shelter volunteer, call 356-2216.



Loyal Friend: For the love of animals John Sawyer began donating to the Hawaiian Humane Society soon after moving to Hawaii in the 1970s. His support started around the time he adopted his first pet from the Society, a German Shepherd. He has remained a donor for decades because he believes in the Society’s commitment to caring for animals.

“I’m really an animal lover. I think it’s very sad to see animals who are not treated well,” he said.

Today, John and his wife Laurie have four pets, three of whom are Hawaiian Humane alum. There’s Kiki, who lived on the streets of Waikiki before making her way to the Society; Pi‘o, a poi dog with a brindle coat and huge ears; and Lulu, who stood out to him at the cat house because “I was looking for an older cat, because I’m old.” Their other cat, Brunswick, is a neighborhood stray who adopted them. John and his wife grew up with pets and raised their children with pets as well. Now, as a retired teacher, he enjoys passing that experience on to his grandchildren. His granddaughter was with him when they decided to add Lulu to the family. John has many fond memories of visiting the Society. He jokes that his wife won’t allow him to visit

more, because every time he does, he comes home with a new pet.

When his daughter found a stray kitten and nursed it back to health, John took the kitten to the Society’s Spay/Neuter Center. “I was so impressed with Dr. Kasey, the vet who performed the procedure,” he said. “He explained exactly what was going on and how to care for her. You could tell he cared deeply for the animals.” When his family adopted Pi‘o, the staff members suggested he bring Kiki in for a meet and greet to make sure the two dogs would get along well. “They had a grassy area set up where Kiki and Pi‘o could meet. I could tell right away they were going to be OK.” He makes it a point to support the Society after all these years because he cares about the work it does and the people who do it. “Hawaiian Humane Society does a really good job of taking care of stray animals. Every time I go, I’m very impressed with how it’s done. Everyone who works there is so nice — the people at the desk, the handlers, the vets. It’s a great place.”

Holoholo Check out these upcoming events and more at HawaiianHumane.org.

Microchip Madness

8th Annual Makapuu Sunset Benefit Hike

July 1 – 31

Saturday, July 27 • 5:30 to 7 pm Makapuu Lighthouse Trail

Microchip your cats and dogs this July for only $10 thanks to an islandwide partnership with Oahu’s veterinarians. View a list of the participating clinics at HawaiianHumane.org and make an appointment for your pet today.

Step out for the Hawaiian Humane Society’s Annual Makapuu Sunset Benefit Hike on Saturday, July 27, at 5:30 pm. Bond and get active with your pets while enjoying views of Windward Oahu, from Hawaii Kai to Waimanalo and Kailua. All proceeds benefit Oahu’s animals. For more information about the hike, email events@hawaiianhumane.org. 9

Tuxes & Tails purrs with

The Great Catsby The Hawaiian Humane Society’s annual event at the Royal Hawaiian raised much needed funds to help Hawaii’s animals. Tuxes & Tails 2019: The Great Catsby featured cocktails with canines, a sumptuous gourmet dinner, an exciting live auction and dancing with music by Jordan Segundo with Casey Fortuno.

2019 Committee Members Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy Event Co-Chairs Ginny Tiu Table Sales Chair

Steven Prieto, Shelley Cramer, Ava Cramer, Ginny Tiu, Richard Kennedy & Board Chair Bob Armstrong

Anna Meng Auction Chair Bob Bean Frances Bean Barbara Campbell Vicky Cayetano Shelley Cramer John Doty Mi Kosasa Susan Kosasa Patty Kort Meredith Low Catherine Nadeau Elizabeth Rice Grossman

Larry Rodriguez Patricia Rodriguez Naomi Salaviera Annie Stamps Karen Tiller Jack Tyrrell Tammy Uy Alan Yamamoto Jeffrey Yip Kathleen Yoshinaga

Lulu, a Hawaiian Humane Joy Ambassador

The Royal Hawaiian lawn dazzles in the twlight.

Five hundred guests celebrated the human-animal bond.


Mahalo to Tuxes & Tails 2019 Table Hosts Presenting Sponsor Saks 5th Avenue Talk of the Town Bob & Kelly Armstrong Bob & Frances Bean Charlie Bean Joan & Jan Bellinger Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mi Kosasa Mary Philpotts McGrath/Alice Robinson Schuler Family Foundation Ginny Tiu in loving memory of William & Patricia

Putting on the Ritz Elizabeth Rice Grossman Susan Kosasa Jim & Lynn Lally Simplicity HR by ALTRES Carol Ann & Mark Solien

The Cat’s Meow Aon Hewitt/Linda Lee • Duke, Angel, and Ruby Armstrong • Lauran Bromley Barbara Campbell and Catherine Nadeau • Governor Ben & Vicky Cayetano • Central Pacific Bank City Mill Company, Ltd. • Leslie Disney/Charlyn Honda Masini • EY • First Hawaiian Bank Laurie Foster in memory of Mary Weyand • Steve & Gloria Gainsley • Ginny’s Angels • Halm’s Enterprise Hawaii Gas • Hawaii Pacific Health • Suzanne & Dimitri Haniotis Corine Hayashi in honor of H.T. Hayashi Foundation • Honda Windward • Howard Hughes Corporation Island Insurance Company, Ltd. • PAD Group & Design Team • Party Animals – Roxie, Rudy & Beau Wayne PItluck & Judy Pyle • Mark & Karen Polivka • Annie Stamps & Dustin Ridgeway Stanford Carr Development, LLC Jack & May Tyrrell/Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation The Cades Foundation UHA Health Insurance United Laundry Services Rick Zwern & Karen Huffman

The Bee’s Knees

The live auction was one of the many exciting fundraisers that night.

Cades Schutte, LLP • Crazy Shirts • James Campbell Company • John & Tina Doty First Insurance Company of Hawaii Insurance Associates • Kaiser Permanente Diane M. Kimura, Andrew R. Meade – Merrill Lynch MW Group, Ltd. • Sofos Realty Corporation Rebecca S. Ward • Yamamoto/Uy 11

Finding homes for felines In June, the Hawaiian Humane Society officially started its newest adoptions partnership with Hawaii Cat Café, a Kapahulu business dedicated to finding new homes for felines with the perfect blend of food and fun. The Hawaii Cat Café is Hawaii’s first and only cat café and offers handcrafted beverages and European style pastries in the company of Hawaiian Humane Society cats who are all available for adoption. The focus of the café is to find more homes for more cats and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership. Potential adopters get to know the cats' personalities in a fun environment. All cats available for adoption at the café are spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, flea-treated and vaccinated.

“We’re always striving to place more cats in homes and this partnership just made sense,” said Jenny LeMaster, adoptions and admissions manager at the Hawaiian Humane Society. “At the Hawaii Cat Café, cats have a large, safe, clean environment to socialize with both people and other cats. It allows people to really get to know the animals they are looking to adopt." Reservations at the Hawaii Cat Café are recommended as a limited number of people are allowed in the cat lounge at a time, but walk-ins are also welcome. For more information, visit HawaiiCatCafe.org or schedule your own play date today!


Q&A: Ask a humane investigator

Q: A:

County of Honolulu law for a dog to bark constantly for 10 minutes, or unprovoked for 30 minutes on and off, to the disturbance of others. The Society will help to resolve complaints by working with pet owners on how to remedy the situation. Unresolved and persistent barking can lead to fines and court appearances, but you must be ready to provide a statement and testify in a court of law.

Hawaiian Humane Society’s humane investigator Officer Ling leads the Field Services team. With more than 17 years of experience enforcing animal laws on Oahu, Officer Ling provides expert information for pet owners regarding how to be a responsible pet owner and follow the laws of the City and County of Honolulu.

Q: A:

I was jogging in my neighborhood when my neighbor’s dog ran up and bit me. What can I do?

Call the Honolulu Police Department to file a report. Make sure you get whatever medical attention is necessary and request documentation. This can be included in the case report. If the dog bite results in bodily injury to you, the dog owner could be found guilty of a petty misdemeanor and fined no less than $500 and jailed for up to 30 days.

My neighbor’s dog barks all night. What can I do about it?

The first step is to talk with your neighbor. He may not know that his canine companion is making so much noise as he may be away at work. If that doesn’t work, we suggest reaching out to the Mediation Center of the Pacific, which can help with resolving barking dog issues. Its experts advocate that neighbor-toneighbor disputes can often be resolved with the right approach in which the goal is to ensure the complaint is openly received and that the pet owner does not become defensive. Call 521-6767 for mediation support.

Q: A:

My neighbor feeds cats. Is this legal?

As long your neighbor is not feeding on private property without permission, it is legal to feed Free-Roaming cats in the neighborhood. You may want to consider finding out if your neighbor practices Trap-NeuterReturn-Manage, an effective and humane strategy that helps to stabilize the population.

If mediation does not work, you may also file a complaint with Hawaiian Humane. It is against City and

SAVE the DATE PetBlock Paina 2019 Sunday, October 13 • 5 – 8 pm Victoria Ward Park Mark your calendar for the Hawaiian Humane Society’s 29th annual community fundraiser. This year’s event will take place at Victoria Ward Park in Ward Village. Humans and their four-legged friends are welcome to attend and enjoy food, shopping and fun activities from various vendors. All funds raised go toward helping the animals.


Waggin’ Tales Boy Scouts give back Two paws up to Boy Scouts Troop 425, which gave back to Oahu’s animals by making dog beds from scratch, using their own handiwork and materials, and hosting a donation drive in which they collected supplies including food, toys, blankets and treats. One of their members, Vinny B., earned his Eagle Scout Award for his work. Giving thanks to Ruby Tuesday Hawaii Three cheers to Ruby Tuesday Hawaii and local owner Rick Nakashima for sharing aloha with the Hawaiian Humane Society and Oahu’s animals during their annual “Giving Thanks” program. Ruby Tuesday Hawaii donated pet food to the Society’s Pet Food Bank, which helps Oahu’s pets and owners who may be going through hard times, and also cooked Thanksgiving meals for the Society’s staff. Towels, towels and more towels After what started as a small callout reached across the island, a massive mahalo goes out to the community for its generosity in bringing towel donations to help the animals in the Society’s care. Individuals to corporate and community groups have all sent or dropped off donations, including The Kahala Hotel & Resort, Hokulani Waikiki, Trump International Hotel Waikiki, Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort and United Laundry. The outpouring shows the great support we all have for helping Oahu’s animals.

Pet Expo draws animal lovers from across the state A round of ap-paws for the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association for donating exhibition space to the Hawaiian Humane Society at the 2019 Hawaii Pet Expo. It was great to see all of the animal lovers, pet owners and furry companions alike! Sit, stay and save for adoptions Mahalo to American Carpet One for sponsoring adoption fees at its June 15 “Sit, Stay & Save” adoption event. With the return of this event, another nine dogs and five cats found their new families.

Aon Hewitt gets down and dirty for the animals Mahalo to our fur-iends at Aon Hewitt for stopping by the Hawaiian Humane Society and volunteering their time at Hawaiian Humane’s Moiliili campus. The group helped with dog walking, cat house cleaning and small animal enclosure cleaning. All of their assistance was truly appreciated by the animals!


Gifts of Love

We gratefully acknowledge donors who have given $100 or more from February 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019

Fat Cats & Top Dogs $10,000 +

Bob & Frances Bean Joan Bellinger City Mill Company, Ltd./ Chung Kun Ai Foundation Leslie Disney Christina & Randall Hause Hawaii Pacific Health Joyce Family Thomas & Mi Kosasa Jim & Lynn Lally Petco Foundation Mary Philpotts McGrath Rainee Barkhorn Charitable Foundation/Jack & May Tyrrell Alice Robinson Schuler Family Foundation Carol Ann & Mark Solien Ginny Tiu

Animal Champions $5,000 +

Graham Burns & Erika Sox Cades Schutte, LLP Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration John & Christina Doty Nick & Koren Dreher First Insurance Company of Hawaii James Campbell Company Lila Jong Kaiser Foundation Hospitals/ Kaiser Permanente Ben & Miriam Lau Riki & Karen Morimoto Mark Polivka & Karen Tiller Elizabeth Rice Grossman Steven & Pamela Sofos Rebecca Ward

Best Friends $1,000 +

Animal Arts Lisa & David Asakura Bank of Hawaii Foundation Albert & Dolores Bediones Tim & Jeanne Brauer Barbara Campbell Gov. Ben & Vicky Cayetano Patricia & Cedric Choi

Linda Chow & Julie Padron Coffman Engineers William Coleman & Chris Frendreis Shelley Cramer Peter Drewliner Joshua Feldman Randal Fujimoto Elizabeth Honzik Deborah Isler Kathleen Kagawa Diane M. Kimura & William J. Nagle, III Randy King Susan Kosasa Nathaniel Lam Clifford & Adrienne Lau Worldster & Patricia Lee Klaus Manderscheid & Amy Meng Andrew & Kerri Meade The Meng Dynasty Stephen & Susan Metter Michael B. Wood Foundation MW Group David & Kellyn Okabe Gary & Lori Okamoto William & Hope Oliver Melissa Pavlicek James & Cherye Pierce Steven Prieto & Richard Kennedy Susan & Alvin Shishido Sharon Twigg-Smith Leslie & Annie Usui Wilhelm Group Wilson Okamoto Corporation Wy's Galleries Ronald & Judy Yamamoto Glenn & Kathleen Yoshinaga Paula Yoshioka

Devoted Companions $500 +

Carol Ai May & Michael May Anne Namba Designs Gina Anonuevo Jeffrey Bartlett Bill Wyland Galleries Ann Botticelli & Vance Martin Kenneth & Joan Brown Tom Calame Mike & Joyce Ching Erin Claggett Julie Dueno

An r o f s o t Au

Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Gifts February 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019

Elizabeth Flora Deinert Leonilda Kekuewa Chang Thomas & Katherine Keller Jack & Marie Lord Susan Mahn Madelyn Ross Elma Taylor Mary & Paul Wagner Nina Zamecnik Chip & Ruth Fletcher Dennis & Marge Francis James & Priscilla Growney Dede Guss George & Cheryl Hetherington Hirokane & Tsukamoto Charitable Foundation Charles & Mildred Ikehara Mike & Sandra Irish Sean Ishii Denis & Ella Isono Patsy Kalawaia Lorraine Katsumoto John Larson Cathy & Darrell Lee Kathy Merrill-Kelley Michael & Mona Miyamura Ken Okamoto Alan Phillips & Audrey Buyrn Angela Pratt Lawrence & Patricia Rodriguez Sacred Hearts Academy Chuck & Vivien Sted Samantha & Scott Sutherland Ayako Yamada

Guardian Angels $100 +

Kammie Aguada-Nakaue & Dwayne Nakaue Dale & Katherine Aina

imals. Turn your

David Aiu Yoji Akaboshi Sokichi & Sharon Akana Charles & Laurel Aki Roy & Stephanie Akita Ada Alamani Julia Alamani Chiara Albertson Stuart Aldrich John Alexander Reynold & Laverne Alexander Alexander & Baldwin Joanne Amaki Elizabeth & Thomas Amuro Jeanne Anderson Robert Anderson & Amy Watabayashi Sven & Alisa Anderson Jennifer Aquino Rena Arakawa Sandra Arashiro Renee Archer Nakashima Chu Cha Asam Wesley Asari Karl & Linda Asato Associated Rental Services Marian & Wilben Auyong Michael & Lillian Babcock Frank Baensch Bruce Barben Kenneth Barclay Diane Barrett

old wheels into their meals.

Donate your car and help care for animals. Call 356-2213 or visit HawaiianHumane.org.


Gabriele Barthlen Cory Beall Bert & Stacie Beaman Todd Bedford Mary Ann Belke Jan Bellinger Catharine Bello Eric & Chiho Bercovici Harry & Jean Bjornson Dale Bordner Hannah Borges Vicki Borges Gillian Boss Boy Scouts of America Troop One James Bragaw Peter Breeze Brenda's Hair Salon Jacquelyn & Ernest Brezeale Rodrigo Bristol & Zita Cruz-Bristol Richard & Julie Brock Burnette Brown Ronald Bunn John & Carol Burke Tai Busk Janis Calton Lowell & Charlotte Cambra May Campbell Stephen & Ruth Canham Randy & Lheanne Carbonel Career Development Center of Hawaii Ignacio Cariaga Jessica Carpenter Sherry Carpenter Stanford Carr Paula Carroll Yoni Cassel Catherine Caudle Tom & Byrde Cestare Elizabeth Chang Howard & Eleanor Chang Mimi Charette Wieland Chee Claire Cheeley Clyde & Lisa Chena Freddie Ching Laurie Chivers Dexter Chock Timothy Choy Grace Chu Paulette Chun Sandra Chun Summer Chun Mele & John Climaldi Steven Colon & Carrie Hermstad Jennifer Conkel Patricia Cornish Costco Wholesale County of Hawaii Rex & Veora Courser Susan Courtney Merle & Doris Crow Susan Cuizon Charles & Deborah Cullison Peter & Shirley Dawson James Day Jennie De George Jeffrey & Karen Deer Karen Degner Donald & Brenda Deryke Jo desMarets Bernard Dier Bruce Dillon

John & Jane Dodson Dolby Linh Du Quach Marilee Duffy Samuel & Kathy Dunn Mike Ebinger Molly Emmons Jason & Dawna Emoto Kara England Eleanor Fahrenwald Brandt Farias Mark Favrow & Nancy Brouillet Christopher Ferry Denise Fisher Joan Florence Elisia Flores Annette & Robert Floyd Kalei Fojas Valerie Foree Michael Formby Lisa Fowler & Barry Ching John Fritz Alton & Sandra Fujii Donald Fujimoto Gary Fujisawa Ernest H. Fukeda, Jr. Jon & Susan Fukuda Jodi Fukumoto Brian & Jane Fukunaga Ann & Ted Fukushima Brent Funakoshi George Furtado Ed Furuike Glenn & Janice Furuta Gary Furutani Kathy Gadaingan Troy Gallegos Hugh Galt James & Gayle Geiger Jocelyn Geltmacher Francis & Jayne George Manfred & Carol Gerstl Carmen Geshell Diamond & Tea Giacomelli Garnet & Lois Giles Giza Makana Fund/ Hawaii Community Foundation Mark Glen Brian & Dawna Gomes Carole Gomes Lenny & Jenny Gonzales Stephen & Barbara Goodman Eden Goto Eleanor Goto

Pamela Grant Shirley Grant Harvey & Rae Green Jeffrey Grimmer Ted & Christine Grisell Jeffrey & Rhonda Griswold Brian Guillotte Jim Guss Beverly Haid & Sue Hillmann Guy & Joyce Hamada Keith & Janice Hamamoto Wesley Hamasaki Shelby Hankee Steven & Sherry Hansel Darryl Hansen Dean Harada Scott & Sue Haraguchi Tomoko & Mason Hasegawa Sharon Hata Hawaii Gas Shelley & Charles Hawkins John Hayakawa Kathleen Hayashi Naoki Hayashi Michele & Dale Hays Audrey Hedani Gerald Hee Vincent & Sandy Hee William Henne Susan & Arthur Henry Robert & Suzanne Hew-Len Charlaine Higashi Conrad & Lindee Higashionna Frank, Sandi & Alex Hino George & Kay Hino Eric Hirano Gladys Hirano Lisa Hirano Tomie Hirano Harriet Hirata Harriet Ho Bill & Sharon Holaday Jana Holden Carol Hoopii Charles Hoover Lauren Horikoshi Alika Horner Marie-Sol Howard Monique Hsia Claire Hughes Calvin & Mildred Ichinose Jackie & Salah Ihsan Donna Ikeda-Simmons Amy Imaguchi

Community Spay/ Neuter Center is open The Hawaiian Humane Society is now taking appointments for its Community Spay/Neuter Center. Sterilization services are available for pet dogs and cats and for Free-Roaming cats. To schedule an appointment call 356-2255 or visit HawaiianHumane.org


Myles & Kathryn Inouye Sherilyn Iona Kanoe Iseri & Gary Ida Joseph Ishida Kenneth & Sharon Ishida Clifford & Lorraine Ishii Jason Ito Lisa & Daryl Ito Janie Iwai Steve & Nancy Iwamoto Elsie Iwatani Dana Izumi Cynthia Johiro Gary & Melanie Johnson Louise Johnson Patricia Jones Carlson Joy Bonnie Judd Janet Judwin Arnold & Dianne Kajioka Wanda Kakugawa Paulo Kamakeeaina Thomas Kamikawa Gail Kaminaga Kumiko Kaminaka Ruthie Kaminskas Diana Kamiyama Keith & Velma Kaneshige Kenneth & Amy Kaneshiro Troy Kaneshiro Ralph & Jan Kanetoku Mary Kanno Arlene Karioka Hanna Kath Yuko Kato Christine Katsura Robert & Marcy Katz Thurston & Ellen Kawada V.C. Kawakami Heidi Kawasaki Ivan & Joyce Kawazoe Jonathan & Goldie Kea Richard Keawe Donald Keliinoi Alex & Stephanie Kendrick Randall Kido Michael & Susan Kihara Robert & Hope Kihune Chi Kim Florence Kim Duke & Deanne Kimhan Ronell & Stuart Kimura Edwin & Mona Kini Daniel & Kathryn Kirley

Tadayuki & Susan Kitamura Herbert & Karen Kitazaki Sandra & Douglas Klein Laurie Knych Dean Kobashigawa James & May Kobashigawa Marilyn Kobata Glen & Alys-Jo Kobayashi Christopher & Rika Kohiyama Jimmy Komatsu Howard & Yuriko Komori Roy, Marian & Robin Komoto Yuka & George Kon Ko Olina Operations Gail Kop William Koppenheffer Patty & Roger Kort Barbara Krieg Christine Kubota Takeo & Barbara Kudo Barry & Wanda Kugiya Harry Kupihea Melvin & Karen Kuraoka Clifford Kurata Lisa Kuwasaki-Kim Sandra Kwock-Silve Richanne Lam Rachel Lange La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls Kelly & Patricia LaPorte Michael Lastor Terese Leber Laurie Lee & David Wong Charlotte Lee & Ann Hanson Creighton & Linda Lee Dong Jin Lee Helen Lee & Nathan Nelson Howard & Teale Lee Li-Po Lee Patricia & Gregory Lee Robert & Andrea Lee Romy Lee & Marvin Chang Tommy & Lori Lee Harvey & Agatha Leighnor Richard Leon Alan Leong Don & Elaine Leong Krystal Leskovic Mahealani & Mapuana Lew Peter & Mary Lewis Richard & Rosann Lewis Barry Lightner Dee Lim Chia Hsing Lin Darcy & Scott Lindamood Barbara Lindblom Alan & Patricia Ling Gregg Lizenbery Paul & Naomi Loewe Betty Long Lisa Ann Loo Thomas Loudat Gordon & Junko Lowry Jean Lucas Marjorie Lui Madeline Lum Timothy & April Luria Paul & Kaoru Lyddon Sidney Lynch Reta Maag Tracy & David Mackenzie Elizabeth MacNeill Benedict & Gail Madriaga Sheila Maedo

Bill Maliglig & Gordon Wong Lisa Mann Robert & Deborah Marshall Perry & Leann Martin Suzanne Martin Margaret Matayoshi Dana Matlin Matthew & Ellen Matoi Winifred Matsumoto April Matsumura Roy & Joyce Matsuo Gay Mattson Dudley Maynard James & Susan McDonald Patti McElaney Rosemarie McElhaney Mary McGowan Charles McKay Madeleine McKay & Michael Titterton Rebecca McKinney Peter Meagher Alysha Meighan Kyle Meisner Nikki Meloche Carol Ann Melvin Sherrie Menor Mid Pacific Pest Control Charles Miller & Stephanie Marshall Markham Miller Michael Miller & Sharon Shimono Joanna Milo Betty Min Maggie & Teri Min Bruce & Cyndee Mirante Kathryn & Morris Mitsunaga Mark & Carol Mitsuyasu Harry & Ethel Miyachi Warren Weber & Jennifer Miyahira Dori Miyamoto Takeshi & Fay Miyamoto Wilbert Miyasato Jeri Miyashiro Caspelich Sandra Miyoshi Clyde & Victoria Mizumoto Walter Mizushima Esther Moniz Rita Moniz Willson & Sally Moore Art & Val Mori Debbie Mori Holly Morikami Lynette Morimoto Howard Morinaga Stanley & Jane Morishige Akiko Morishita Alfred & Nancy Morris Harry & Michelle Morris Steven Morris & Renee Ramsey Mary Moscovic Samuel & Jan Moyer Patricia Muneno Ronald & Nancy Murakami Glenn Muramoto Helen Muroda William & Connie Muse Gail Myers Terri Naauao Catherine & Dave Nadeau Roy Nagamine Cary Nagano Eric Nagao & Lauren Yee

Donate in honor of your best friend, furry or otherwise.

Dean & Gayle Nagasaki Stephanie Nagata Lisa Naimer Roy & Shirley Naito Howard Najita Arthur & Irene Nakagawa George & Susan Nakagawa Edwin & June Nakahara Jean Nakama Loui Nakama Dean & Dora Nakamaru Bob & Eileen Nakamura Donald & Myungsun Nakamura Hideko Nakamura Daniel Nakandakari Ronald Nakano Bruce & Vanina Nakaoka Herbert Nakashima Joji Nakasone Maude Nakasone Scott & Kathleen Nakasone Walter & Gail Nakata Raymond & Winnie Nakatsu Nancy Namiki Wilma Namumnart David & Marlan Nashiwa Sheri & Urban Nelson James & Shirley Newman James Carlton Nichol Claudia Nihei Michael Nii & Jill Kimura Nii Nike Yu & Chun Ning Edward & Mary Ann Nishida Jodi Nishida Ralph & Bette Nishida Randy Nishii Dennis Nishimura Robert & Naomi Nishimura Alan Nobunaga & Annette Sato Janet & Todd Nohara John & Suzanne Noland Harry & Charlene Nonaka Nancy Nott Jared Noyama Christine Nozawa Ratna Nuti Terri O'Connell Merilyn Oda Nancy Okamoto Edlin & Donna Okamura Patricia O'Kane Osmond & Elaine Okazaki Kazuo & Yuko Oki


Gary & Sun Hyang Okimoto Jean Okumura Velma Omura Elgine Onaka Diane Ono Scott Ono & Laurie Fukumitsu Kimberly O'Quinn Rowena & Henry Ornellas Clement & Beatrice Oshiro Patricia Oshiro Sheila Ouchi Delbert Ouye Craig & Wendy Oyadomori Yukio Ozaki Mel & Nancy Pace Daniel Pacheco Francis & Florida Padron Neolani Paet Bonnie-Lee Pang Charlie Parker & Rebecca Selley Sally Parker Jon Pegg Donald & Melanie Pendleton Robert & Patricia Peters Pets Are Inn Annette Platt Mele Pochereva John & Lori Popovich Hiroko Powers Harold Prados Anthony Prater A.C. Quackenbush Susan & James Quimby Glen Rapoza Anne Rauh Joel Raynold Chaitanya & Maile Reddy Roy & Brenda Rezentes Ribbon Productions James Richards Daniel Robertson Margaret Robideau Blaine Rogers William Roome Nestor Rosario Linda Rowan Rowland Family Libby Ruch Saba Russell Mel Saiki Latonia Sakata Michael Sakuda Naomi & Luis Salaveria Ken & Jean Sato

Consider donating your HawaiianMiles to Hawaii’s animals. At the end of the year, Hawaiian Airlines will match up to 500,000 miles to help the Hawaiian Humane Society raise funds through auctions and fundraising prizes. Your donation of miles supports the more than 30 programs and services the Society offers. Mahalo for your support! Visit HawaiianHumane.org for more information. Robert Saucerman Mary Sauvageau Eugene Savio Surita Savio Mariko & Koyo Sawada Ernest & Vicky Saxton Joyce & Norman Say Laurel Schatz Eric & Lissa Schiff Barbara Schilling Daniel & Evelyn Schwarz Justin & Faith Seguirant Al & Connie Serafin Ben & Chris Severson Mike & Carolyn Shaff Michael Shigeta Bert & Sharon Shiira Michael & May Shim Dennis & Patsy Shimane Calvin & Carol Shimomura Douglas Shiraki Alice Shiroma Mitsunori & Kakuko Shoji George & Cheryl Shon Eric Kvick & Nancy Sidun Tiffany & Tucker Siegfried Stella & Hoover Sin Gilberte Smith Piilani Smith-Kozibroda Jack Smyth Patrick & Marion Snyder Beverly Soares Lisa Spencer Ulrich & Carol Stams Piilani Staszkow Fraser Ronald Stebbins Mary Steiner & David Atkin John & Ruth Stepulis Mary & Scott Stewart Michelle Stoe Susan Stuart Wilson Lisa Sue Dean & Wanda Sueda

Diane & Robert Suehisa Susan Sugai Paul & Ann Sugibayashi Gregory & Peggy Sugimoto Jane Sugimura Randal & Joyce Suzuki Yukiyo Tachikawa Ruth Tagawa Mae & Andrew Tajiri Takahashi Family Alan Takahashi Susan Takahashi Tod & Annette Takahashi Kyung Ja Takara Roy & Donna Lee Takara Sharon Takasaki Darrell Takebayashi Randy, Eliza & EJ Talavera David & Susan Tamanaha Gary & Myra Tamanaha Brian Tamashiro Celia Tamashiro Leony Tamura Stanley & Dianne Tamura Sean & Carolyn Tanabe Sandra Tanaka Brett Tanigawa Lynn Tanioka Bert & Karen Taoka Raymond & Florence Tarasawa Shaen & Laura Tarter Daryl Tawata Joanne Taylor Nana Thain Kyle Thompson Tiffany & Co. Nettie Tiffany Howard & Vivian Todo Laurie & Bradley Tokeshi Lynn & Danny Tolentino James Tollefson & Nadine Shigezawa Kevin, Faith & Joshua Tom

Myron Tom Jann Tompkins Carl Tonaki Ernest Tong Dwight & Marcia Toyama Thomas & Sharl Tsukano Richard & Atsuko Tsuruda Arthur & Angela Tulak Sara Uchihara Claude Uehara Grace Ueunten University Health Alliance Lloyd Uradomo Glenn & Bernice Uto Machiko & Kenneth Uyehara Katherine Uyeno Marion Valle Michele Velasco Ethel Veniegas-Alama Agnes & Eric Vetter Joseph Vierra Riza & April Villa Mayumi Villiatora Alan & Michelle Vuong Myra Wakuzawa Wes & Geri Wakuzawa Jeffry & Claudia Wallace Denise Walterhoefer Marie Wang John Washburn Gary & Pat Wassel Roy & Paulette Watanabe Sueko Watanabe John White Carol Whitesell Robert & Seiko Whittier Robert & Stephanie Wight Donald & Yilan Wilcox Gary Wild Craig Williams & Jessica Chau Jennifer Williams Shelley Wilson Judith Wolfe


Danny & Lorrie Wong Kathy & Erik Wong Lorraine Wong Sharane Wong Andrea Woods Artesha Woodworth K'Olmos & Khayden Kaanoi Chatt & Janice Wright Linda Wright Wong Martin & Jean Wyss Carol Jean Yakuma Miles & Miko Yamabe David Yamagata Alan & Daphne Yamamoto George & Carlene Yamamoto Rodney & Frances Yamamoto Charlotte Yamane & Volker Hildebrandt Lauri Yanagawa Minyi Yang Wei Wei Yang Andrew Yani Albert & Helen Yap Alvin Yasuda Martha Yent Cyndee Yonehara Diane Mei Ling Yorita Karl & Elinor Yoshida Bert & Jeanette Yoshinaga Glenn Yoshioka & Ann Whang-Yoshioka Pamela & Jon Yoshioka David & Lydia Yoshishige Marvin & Deborah Yoshizumi Beth Ann Young John Zabriskie & Leslie Harakawa Elizabeth Zeone

In Honor of People Bob Armstrong Charles Whitten Henry Boland Zoe Williams Betty Crisman Chutima Leider David Griggs John Linder Carol Sallas Victoria Kenneally Mom, Dad & Toby Mary Newell Mary Ann Barnard Beverly Page Raymond Lyau Sue Palumbo & The Cat Clinic Timothy Choy William Prideaux Lawrence & Charleen Kimata Elizabeth Rice Grossman Timothy Choy Ginny Tiu Richard Smith & David Griggs

In Honor of Pets

Coco Robert & Cheryl Purdie Cosmo Denise & Bradford Hachat Hoku & Junior Aaron & Joann Fujii

In Memory of People

Terry Anspach Terri Hunting Penny Lew John McComas & Christine Kobayashi Nancy Azama Takata Lincoln & Helene Furuya Brad Bailon Allan & Frances Bailon Rosalione Ballungay Ray Ballungay Pamela Burns Cynthia & Edwin Kobatake Pamela Chang George & Ipolani Bailey Cynthia & Richard Chun Kara Foster Katrina Koh Sharol Lynne Chavez Shawn Hackler Patrick Chun Margie Abe Jean Arakaki Gwen Barba Hayley Barrett Michael & Debra Bringman Lynne Chang Franklin Chang Willis & Beverlyn Ching Young & Kyong Cho Choi International Benson & Angela Choo Steven Chow Scott & Lynda Chun Finance Factors Foundation Dale & Linda Fong Rodney & Staci Fong Cathy Frances Myles & Robyn Fujimoto Howard & Audrey Hee Pamela & Brent Honda Alvin & Donna Ige Lois & Carlson Kam Kyle Kanishige Lauren Kawachi Fred Kenison Kei Kido Kenneth Kiyabu Wesley Kobayashi Vicki Lau Clinton & Patricia Lee Wellington Lee Jaimee Manago Wayne & Shirley Matoi

MC Holdings Company Andrew & Lee Miller Robert Miyasato Gail Morimoto Ross & Dayle Murakami Debra Nakamura Herbert & Ethel Otaguro Kynan Pang Sally & Arata Phan Michael & Mona Sakai Susan Shintani Geri Shiroma Jed Sueoka Morgan Sumimoto Lisa Tarumoto Leila Tokita Clifford Tong Eric Tsugawa Paul & Cenisaliza Vella Mark & Eunice Wakatsuki Lisa Wong Sam Yee Ethel Yoshimura William Yuen Diane Yuen Praywell Ron Fujikake Oliver Family Ayako Fujio Amy Ige Carol Jean Yakuma Nari Hamlin Davey & Marinela Meguro Terri Jerome Tina Alonso Sales Force Mary Ellen King Marc Naughton Bridget Zuver Reid Krucky Dana Anderson Lillian Lee Castilliano Clark Barbara Sherry Chiho Lyons Christine Fiedorowicz Eaton Magoon Jr. Surfside Hawaii Paul Pelekai Laurie Pelekai Betty Rego Rianna Williams

Kenneth Rogers Charles Maurer Mary Ortel Myles Sakai Jo Ann Sakai Sarah Seal Jason Seal Kurt Sonoda Beatrice Sonoda Shirley Wetzel Kathleen Villiers Anne Villiers Patricia Zane Manuel Buenconsejo Chunmay Chang Rebecca Ching Gladys Evenson Cynthia Goto Catherine Goto Randolyn & Jim Grobe Thomas & Joyce Kaulukukui Patrick & Maile Lam Tsutayo Ono Judith Ooka Amy Taniguchi Esther Viros Ruthann & Gregg Yamanaka Elizabeth Yee Deborah Young Milton & Jonna Zane Ed Zane

In Memory of Pets

Chaz Charlaine Higashi Chibi & Yuki Wallace & Carolyn Towata Chuppy & Nina Steven & Tokiko Bazzell Fat-Girl, Kila & Mana Christie Aki Gambit Vernon & Marlene Souki Hunter Timothy Choy Icee Cayetano Ronald Chandler & Kenneth Cayetano Worldster & Patricia Lee Robert & Ester Schumacher Jigs & Kea Chris & Win Kitaoka Keanu Yabui Bryant Yabui Keiki Girl Lois Gordon Keoki Alvin & Mary Oyadomari Kimo & Koi Herbert & Kyung Hee Hinazumi Lachlan Marla Peele Lehua Hulihee Rick Ornellas Lexi Gary Edwards & Lisa Brewer

Aiko & Simba Nicole Nakaoka

Loliana & Makana Steven & Angel Augugliaro

Ally Oliver Oliver Family

Miu Miu Cayetano Robert & Ester Schumacher

Anela Tanouye June Kuramoto

Pomai David Ernce

Ashley & Fluffy Monica Furuhashi

Prince Bobby Gordon

Buddy Fukio & Diane Minami

Snoopie Goto Colleen Goto-Ono

Champagne Cecelia Ann Deen


2700 Waialae Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96826

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Honolulu, HI Permit No. 1004


Help shape the future of the

Hawaiian Humane Society

Our mission of creating a compassionate and humane society for animals and people is sustained by generous pet lovers who believe there must be a place where all animals are welcome and receive the care they need. When you make a gift to the Hawaiian Humane Society through your estate plans, you help ensure that we’ll be here – committed to the welfare of animals in Hawaii – for many years to come. For more information about making the Hawaiian Humane Society a part of your legacy, please call 356-2213 or email giving@hawaiianhumane. org. If the Hawaiian Humane Society is already a part of your estate plans, please notify us so we can recognize you as a member of the Helen Kinau Wilder Legacy Society.

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Hawaiian Humane Society July 2019 Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society

Hawaiian Humane Society July 2019 Newsletter  

News from the Hawaiian Humane Society